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[x] Stay here.
[x] Nine Moons.

Ah, Nine Moons. The kitsune’s signature sexual technique, powerful enough to reduce any man to a groaning, quivering heap. It was a favorite of yours in your younger days, but Yukari never allows you to use it. But you’re far away from her now, and there’s a boyish futanari right next to you…

The thought makes your limp penis twitch. You can’t talk yourself out of it.

First, you remove the covers and stow them in a corner of the room. Yuyuko is still on her side, clutching Murasa to her chest. Her large, pillowy breasts are pressed tight against Murasa’s smooth, firm back, and their legs are all tangled together. You roll Yuyuko onto her back, which leaves Murasa pointing upwards with her erection nicely exposed. It seems to be begging for you to tease it.

You were surprised by how attractive you found Murasa’s body. Perhaps a smaller frame and a lean, firm body are a nice change from Yukari’s. She has a decent tan as well, which is surprisingly exotic in a land of pale-skinned beauties.

You lean over and touch your lips to Murasa’s. Her eyelids flutter open, revealing a pair of watery blue eyes that stare back fondly as her mouth comes to life. She tries to bring her arms up to hug you, but Yuyuko’s grip is too strong.

Murasa’s eager tongue breaks into your mouth. You suck it further in and grab it with your teeth, leaving it at the mercy of your own rougher tongue. She moans and struggles weakly as you tease it, but you won’t release her until you’re satisfied.

You reach down and dab a finger against Murasa’s urethra. The kiss did an excellet job of arousing her, so there’s plenty of precum to spread all over her shaft. After that, you hold it straight up and scratch the head and the frenulum.

Murasa’s watery eyes soften as the submissiveness from last night returns. Finally satisfied, you break the kiss and sit up at her side. Yuyuko seems to still be asleep, but you can never tell with her.

“Good morning, Murasa,” you say politely. Murasa simply nods back, still trying to catch her breath.

“This is rather energetic,” you say, gently stroking her penis. “Did I fail to satisfy you yesterday?”

“N-no, you were great! I just…”

“It’s fine. I’ll be happy to squeeze it out again.” Murasa nods slowly and settles back into Yuyuko’s grip with a mixture of eagerness and apprehension.

You close your eyes and let your magic power build up. It still hasn’t fully recovered, but you have more than enough for this. The power seeps into your tails, which shimmer slightly as they elongate and wrap around to your front like furry tentacles.

Murasa’s eyes dart between your tails as they sway in the air around her. She may be having second thoughts, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Yuyuko tightens her grip a little and opens one eye to wink at you.

“Uh, what’re you…?”

“Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it.”

Nine Moons!

Your first tail coils lightly around Murasa’s shaft. It’ll stroke her gently and ensure a constant stream of pleasure while the other tails go to more specialized tasks. The second one wraps itself around the base of her penis and ties a knot around itself, tightening until the head and the shaft swell up.

In addition to increasing Murasa’s sensitivity, the swelling of the head exposes Murasa’s urethra. The fine tip of your third tail starts to push into it, but Murasa lets out a yelp and writhes around to shake it off. You pull back for now, seeing as she’s given Yuyuko a reson to jump in as well.

“Mm? Wha’s happening?” she mumbles with feigned innocence. Murasa panics freezes in place.

“Ooh, that looks nice. Lemme help.” Yuyuko pins Murasa’s legs under her own and starts groping her small breasts. The extra restraint and pleasure leaves Murasa powerless to resist you; she simply stares back and moans quietly as Yuyuko kisses up and down the back of her neck.

Now you can continue. Your third tail returns to her urethra and teases the opening some more, constantly threatening an insertion but never going through with it. Your fourth tail joins the third one to tease the rest of Murasa’s swollen, sensitive glans, and the fifth one wraps itself around Murasa’s scrotum to stimulate it with endless waves of fluffy pleasure. You’re careful to stagger the movements of your tails to let the different stimulations peak at different times.

Now, your first tail loosens its grip to let the sixth tail slide through the coils and rub every inch of the back vein on Murasa’s penis, with the tip twisting itself into a fine point to drill into her frenulum. That part’s especially effective; it’s all you needed to use on Murasa last night.

Your seventh tail brushes against Murasa’s anus. It’s supposed to just tease her like the third tail, but Yuyuko reaches down and spreads Murasa’s asshole wide open. It seems to be begging for a penetration, and you can’t help but slide long tail deep into Murasa’s ass. She arches her back and cries out in a husky voice, and you feel her penis start to twitch. Yuyuko turns her head and plugs her mouth with a kiss before she loses it completely.

“You aren’t going to cum already, are you? Don’t you want to feel them all?”

Murasa nods weakly, and you stop everything except the tail in her rectum while she takes a deep breath. The moment she nods at you to continue, your tails resume their attack with renewed vigor. You’re fully erect now as well; your thick, majestic penis makes Murasa’s seem rather pitiful, especially when it’s all bound up by your tails.

Once the first seven tails are in place, victory is assured. The last two simply speed up the process. Your eighth tail coils around the shaft alongside the first, ensuring the last visible bit of skin beneath your mass of fluffly tails. Your final tail constricts the scrotum, shaft, and head, making all the other ones on her penis even more effective.

Murasa did better than most men to last this long. You lean back onto your hands and close your eyes, enjoying Murasa’s moans while your tails give her all the squeezing, thrusting, rubbing, and stroking she can handle. Yuyuko seems to be giving Murasa’s dripping pussy some attention as well.

An idea strikes you as Murasa goes over the edge with tears in her eyes, and you have your tails point Murasa’s cock straight at yours. Hot splashes of cum quickly cover your penis, and you stroke it in as more sperm covers your abdomen. The smell is wonderful.

Once you’re satisfied that your tails have wrung out everything they can, you slowly withdraw them and let them return to normal. Then you scoot closer to her and wave your hard penis in her face.

“Your sperm sullied my penis, Murasa. Won’t you clean it off for me?”

With a submissive nod, Murasa sits up and starts licking your penis clean. The coating of sperm is quite thick, so it takes several passes with her tongue to fully remove it. Yuyuko teases her in the meantime, taking full advantage of her heightened sensitivity after the orgasm.

The dream is a distant memory now. You pat Murasa’s head and kiss her as she finishes and go off to get dressed. Your penis will have to content itself with this for now.

“So, what are the two of you planning to do?” Yuyuko asks over breakfast. Murasa still seems troubled, so you answer first.

“There is nothing for me at home right now. I will stay here until my Mistress requires me.”

Yuyuko nods and turns to Murasa, who glances around for a while longer before answering.

“Uh… I really dunno. I guess I’m gonna have to go back home at some point, but it’s gonna be tough when I do. Byakuren might just brush me off, or maybe she’ll get angry at me and kick me out. I’m still kinda scared.”

Yuyuko responds quickly. “Well, there’s no need to rush in and hurt yourself, is there? Perhaps you should stay here longer to prepare yourself.”

Murasa glances at both of you. “… Yeah, that sounds good. I really like it here, with the two of you…” she blushes as the sentence trails off. You can’t keep yourself from hugging her.

After breakfast, everyone goes their separate ways. You walk to one of the castle’s several gardens and heave a deep sigh as you sit down on the edge of the walkway.

Murasa and Yuyuko have helped keep your mind off it, but you’re still troubled by-wah!

Two gloved hands creep under your clothes and settle on your breasts. Your heart leaps in your chest as they get to work squeezing and kneading you, and you can barely contain your excitement when Yukari’s head pops up in front of you.

“My, what has my shikigami been up to?” she asks in her teasing voice. After a fiece pinch to both nipples, her hands withdraw and reunite with her body as she steps out of a gap. She’s wearing her purple dress today, giving you a wonderful view of her breasts as she stands in the garden below you with her arms crossed under them.

Wait, you’re supposed to be answering her!

“U-Um, well, you didn’t seem to need me for anything, so I…”

“Came here instead. And had plenty of fun, by the looks of it. You even managed to make this stubborn thing ejaculate.” Her hands skillfully expose your penis, which was finally starting to soften up. A few quick, frictionless strokes make you rock-hard again, but she does nothing beyond that.

“S-so, what brings you here, Mistress?” you ask with the firmest voice you can manage.

She heaves a small sigh, making her breasts rise and fall dramatically. “Well, I think I’ve been a little too cold towards you lately. I am still a little disappointed, but I don’t want it weighing down on you. So, I wanted to come and apologize, and offer you something as an apology.”

A small gap appears at the tip of your penis, pressing something soft and warm against it.

“You don’t mean…?”

“That’s right. I hope you enjoy it.”

The gap descends and swallows your penis, transporting it to a place that feels like heaven. Hot, soft walls close tightly around the whole length of your shaft, coating every inch of it in hot, delicious juices. The walls throb in time with Yukari’s heartbeat and constantly stimulate you with dozens of gentle twitches.

You’ve dreamed about this for ages.

Yukari closes her eyes and purrs happily, then laces her fingers with yours and leans over to kiss you. You would love to simply let her play with you, but your tongue rears up and attacks hers out of instinct. As her warm saliva trickles down your throat, the gap starts sliding up and down your penis. Your penis twitches forcefully at the smalles movement inside of her, so long, steady strokes like these leave you drowning in pleasure.

Yukari sits down at your side and puts a hand over yours. If not for the subtle twitching of her thighs, it would be impossible to tell that she’s pleasuring herself with a thick nine-inch cock.

You notice a large bulge between Yukari’s legs. She gives you a grin, and the tip of a penis appears in front of you and smears precum all over your lips. You part them to accept it, and you’re forced to open as wide as you can and turn your head up to accept a thick shaft that fills your mouth and takes up several inches of your thoat. Her pussy continues its assault in the meantime, nearly making you lose your focus and choke on her.

“Oh, you took it all. Very impressive!”

Moaning a quick thanks, you close your eyes and use your tongue to feel all around her penis. After a few seconds, you realize that it’s an exact replica of yours.

“It feels wonderful inside of me, so I thought you’d like to try it as well.” The penis starts thrusting in time with Yukari’s pussy, filling your throat as you fill your mistress. You keep your tongue pressed against the underside and suck on it as hard as you can, tightening your throat until it crushes her thick shaft. Like your tongueplay, she’s engrained this so deep in your memory that you can do it and breathe without thinking.

Suddenly, the sensations on your penis change. It’s in a different hole now; there’s more suction than before, and something rough is pressed against the underside…


Yukari chuckles behind her hand and puts your cock back in her pussy. The normal thrusting resumes, and you fall on your back and straighten your throat to let Yukari fuck it more easily. Her hands reappear at your breasts as well, gently massaging your fiercely hard nipples. You could spend hours enjoying this pleasure…

Yukari lets out a groan and floods your mouth with sperm. The sudden flow catches you off-guard, and you just barely keep from choking as you sit back up and start swallowing before it overflows. Yukari’s pussy clenches up and coils tightly around your penis in the meantime, and its convulsions last for over a minute. After you’ve finished with her penis, you close your eyes and enjoy the fantastic pleasure while her beautiful moans fill the air.

Unfortunately, your penis is far from satisfied. It would take at least another round of sex of that caliber to bring out your own orgasm. You look pleadingly up at Yukari, who removes you and grins with a hint of cruelty.

“Oh, that wasn’t enough? Well, I’m a busy woman. You’ll have to find another way to cum.”

You open your mouth for a helpless whine, but Yukari seals it with a quick, affectionate kiss. “But, it doesn’t seem like that will be difficult. Stay here and enjoy yourself, Ran.” With that, she sinks through the floor and leaves you alone.

Alone, highly aroused, and very disappointed.

She could have had the courtesy to clean you off, at least. You wipe off her juices with a finger and quietly lick them up, then close your eyes and hope that the throbbing subsides.

This throbbing reminds you of something. What was it, again?

Youmu. The guinea pig. The first draft of the spell was a little too powerful, and her whole body twitched with her penis. It took half an hour to wring out all of her sperm; Yukari set up a gap inside of you, and you lost yourself in pleasure as you rode her, letting her fill you up again and again…

This isn’t helping. You put your penis back under your clothes and slowly rise to your feet. The bulge is extremely noticeable, so you try to hide it by leaning forward as you stumble back into the halls.

As you wander around, the sound of muffled moaning draws your attention. You stop to listen, and it repeats itself several times. Your penis urges you to investigate, so you cautiously walk through the halls until you reach a door that’s slightly ajar and peek through.

Youmu is on her hands and knees, wearing a collar on her neck and receiving Murasa’s cock from behind. Both girls are blushing deeply, though Youmu’s is far deeper. Murasa moans constantly while Youmu simply pants, trying and failing to concentrate.

Your first thought is to abscond, but your penis forbids you to leave. Instead, you step away from the doorway and lean against the wall nearby, still listening to Murasa’s voice and steady slapping and squelching of their sex. One of your hands comes up to your chest, and the other one gently strokes your penis through your clothes. This feels wrong, but you can’t stop yourself…

Yuyuko’s standing in front of you. Somewhat surprisingly, she’s still clothed. You don’t know wheter to run or kiss her, so she chooses the latter option for you. Her flowery smell and her soft, gentle tongue calm your nerves somewhat. She gives both of your breasts a gentle squeeze before reaching down to expose your penis. Murasa and Youmu continue unabated.

Yuyuko moves behind you and continues her teasing, making you shiver as she runs her nails up and down the vein on your penis. “My, you’re certainly worked up. Did somebody have a little fun with you?” she whispers. You can only moan weakly in response, prompting her to start squeezing your glans as well. Her other hand wraps around your shaft and gently strokes it.

Murasa’s moaning seems louder than before. The low-pitched, tomboyish sound makes you sink deeper into desire. Yuyuko removes her hand from your glans and uses it to massage your scotum You want to be the one who’s making Murasa moan like that. You want them all to lose themselves in ecstasy while you pleasure them and cum inside of them, firing dozens of long, thick shots…

Yuyuko puts her arms around your waist and hugs you close to her. The sounds from the next room are becoming increasingly high-pitched.

“Murasa’s giving Youmu a sex-lesson right now. We can join her if you want.”

That sounds lovely.

[ ] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[ ] Starting right here with Yuyuko.
[ ] They can do whatever they want, as long as you get your release.
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.
Myon time soon?
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.

The unusual pairings in this are my favorite part of the story.
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.

Starting with tailsex and ending with lust-crazed Ran? This update rocks.
[x] They can do whatever they want, as long as you get your release.

Can we see the lead-up to this from Murasa or Youmu's perspective? Please?
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.

Everybody's getting loved tenderly.
[x] Closing votes. TopRan with Yuyuko subscene wins.
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Sidetracked by Katawa Shoujo.
There's something familiar about these two...
File 134639647628.png - (55.61KB, 180x300 , char_rin.png) [iqdb]
Is that so?
[x] You’ll use them all until you’re satisfied.
-[x] Starting right here with Yuyuko.

You gently pull Yuyuko’s hands off of your penis. She purrs with curiosity at first, but it turns to a yelp when you turn around and pin her against the wall. She seems only slightly surprised, though, and her mouth accepts your tongue the second it touches her lips. Her delicate tongue seems like it should be no match for yours, but it keeps slipping away whenever you to pin it down. Somewhat frustrated, you break the kiss and tighten your grip on her wrists.

“Will you mind if I use you first?” you ask. The lust in your voice is obvious.

Yuyuko smirks back. “Well, I can hardly resist you.”

You undress Yuyuko with a few swift movements, leaving her completely exposed to your gaze. Her pale, slightly flushed skin almost shines in the Netherworld’s strange light, and her massive breasts rise and fall in time with her breathing. A playfulness in her soft pink eyes contrasts with her nervous face, almost daring you to drive her crazy. She isn’t Yukari, but there’s no denying her beauty.

And she’s all yours.

You start by using a finger to inspect her pussy. She’s nice and wet already, likely due to what’s happening on the other side of the door. You think you can arouse her further, though, so you start sliding the finger back and forth inside of her and scratching her clitoris.

Yuyuko’s delicate, refined moaning is a pleasant sound, so you add another finger and stir her up for a while longer. The tips of your nails scrape gently at her walls as you push your fingers deep inside and twist them around, savoring the lewd squishing noises you create.

As your pace quickens and your scratching intensifies, Yuyuko’s moans become so loud that you’re forced to kiss her to keep Murasa from hearing. There really isn’t much danger, but you’re excited by the thought of secretly having sex with Youmu’s mistress while she’s so close by.

Your penis twitches impatiently, wanting a taste of the bliss your fingers are enjoying. Yuyuko only gets a second of rest as you pull back to spread her with both thumbs and line yourself up. This time she’s the one who plugs your mouth as you slide your entire length inside, growling quietly at the pleasure.

You can’t suppress a shudder as Yuyuko’s pussy easily accepts you. She feels just as you remember from last time: not especially tight, but extremely soft and dripping with hot, wet juices. She’s had to stretch slightly to accommodate you, but that’s less than a trifle for her. The look on her face tells you that she’s equally happy with your penis.

You put your arms around Yuyuko’s back, and she leans away from you to hold up her breasts. Using only the tip of your tongue, you trace the edges of her areolae and press into her hardening nipples until they’re fully erect. Then you bring out more of your tongue and give them rough lashing you grind against her walls. She responds well to that, so you press her hips tight against yours to intensify the grinding and give her nipples some gentle bites as well. By the time you’re finished, she’s trembling visibly and spurting long jets of warm, smooth milk at the slightest touch. She squeezes her breasts together to let you drink from both nipples, and you continue your nibbling as you drink your fill.

Just being inside Yuyuko isn’t enough anymore. You turn her away from you, and she bends over further and plants her hands on the wall. Putting your hands on her waist, you drive your cock back into her and start your thrusting in earnest.

You’re tempted to use your full strength immediately, but that needs to wait. For now, you move as cautiously as you can manage, trying to find any sensitive spots you can exploit. The size of your penis makes it an awkward process, so you can only pinpoint two. Yuyuko’s large, soft buttocks press into your waist with each thrust, and you can’t resist slapping them a few times to make them jiggle.

A loud cry from the room interrupts you. You and Yuyuko both pause to listen to the husky, drawn-out moaning that follows. The door’s too far away to look through, so you close your eyes and try to imagine the scene. Murasa’s sperm rushing out to fill Youmu’s insides, Youmu’s walls tightening and contracting until they’re molded to every contour of Murasa’s penis, Murasa’s ecstasy as she finally gets her release…

Your grip on Yuyuko tightens until it’s strong enough to leave marks on her pale ghostly skin, and the rest of your strength goes to your hips. You start pounding mercilessly at the soft, warm body in front of you, no longer caring if anyone can hear you moan.

Yuyuko’s luxurious pussy shudders continuously, barely able to withstand the pleasure as your thick length fills it two times per second. Her hot juices branch off into a network of small streams as they run down your thighs and legs. The slapping and squishing are loud on their own

You bend over to reach Yuyuko’s breasts and start milking her as you thrust, pinching them each time your glans kisses her cervix. Her milk spurts at a single spot on the floor, forming a noticeable dark spot before you get the idea to force them into her mouth. Your speed suffers from the extra effort, but the two-pronged stimulation makes up for it; Yuyuko’s pussy clings even tighter, and her quivering legs seem like they’re about to give out.

After swallowing a cup’s worth of her own milk, Yuyuko pulls her head back to speak in a voice that quivers like the rest of her body.

“Ran, I’m going to…”

You’ve already planned this part out. Pulling out for just a moment, you turn Yuyuko around and lift her off the ground. Her legs and arms cross around your back as your hands slide down to her ass, grabbing it tightly to slam her back onto your cock. The pleasure from the impact makes her go limp in your arms, and you resume your thrusting before she can fully recover. Your thrusting is even stronger in this position, since you can pull her whole body onto your penis as you ram it into her.

Your fingers reach out automatically to spread Yuyuko’s asshole. You could fill it up with a few tails, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll need them. You bury your head in Yuyuko’s hair instead, taking in the scent of her sweat and her flowery perfume as her hot, soft walls coil around you.

Yuyuko’s arms move up to your head to pull it into a long, desperate kiss. You find that her tongue is much easier to pin down after a round of brain-melting sex. Swallowing her torrent of moans, you watch her eyes soften and point upwards as you finish her with a sharp, precise thrust.

You break the kiss to let Yuyuko’s cries echo throughout the mansion. She puts all of her remaining strength into hugging you, and you’re forced to sit down with her to handle the constant convulsions of her pussy. Those wonderfully soft walls seem to coil around you try their best to squeeze out your sperm, but you’re still pitifully far from the edge. It still feels exquisite, though. You return her tight embrace and bring her head down to rest on your shoulder.

While Yuyuko’s pussy continures its massage, you notice Murasa and Youmu’s heads poking out of the doorway. They’re both blushing quite deeply. Youmu pops out of sight almost immediately, but Murasa lingers just long enough to make eye contact. Without thinking, you give her a predatory smirk.

Yuyuko finally reaches the end of her orgasm. She seems fairly incoherent now, so you set her down and kiss her cheek before undressing and entering the room alone.

Youmu and Murasa hadn’t figured out what to do next. They’re huddled together near the middle of the room, reluctantly clutching each other for safety.

“Well.” You cross your arms under your breasts and approach them, tails pointing sharply in the air. Your penis, still rock-hard and dripping with Yuyuko’s juices, bounces lightly with each step and throbs with hunger for more girls to ravish.

“Did you like watching me do that to Yuyuko? Were you hoping I would do the same to you?” you ask. Your voice has a rich undercurrent seduction that you haven’t heard in ages.

Murasa and Youmu seem to shrink beneath you. You haven’t felt this kind of excitement since before you met Yukari; it’s making your body tremble so much that you’re afraid of falling down, but there’s nowhere to go but forward.

“So? Do you want me to--”

“Ran, you’re scaring them to… You’re scaring them!”

The three of you glance over to see Yuyuko in the doorway. She’s still naked and dripping with milk and fluids, but she seems just as energetic as before. It must be nice to be immune to exhaustion.

You confidence suddenly falters at Yuyuko’s words, but her frown quickly changes to a gentle smile. She pushes you onto your knees and sits down with Murasa and Youmu, putting her arms around both of them. Youmu clings to her immediately, but Murasa’s more interested in you. Her penis is hard again already, still shining from her conquest of Youmu.

“Ran’s very worked up right now. You don’t mind helping her out, do you, Murasa?”

“Ah… No, not at all.” Somewhat dazed, Murasa crawls over to you and gently grasps your penis. You’re breathing too deeply to return her nervous smile, so you just nod at her and stroke her hair. Her session with Youmu seems to have taken a lot out of her, but she can take another round.

Murasa stares at your penis for a moment longer, trying to come to terms with its size and eagerness. Finally, she brings her head forward and plants a kiss on the tip. Her lips come away stained with juice and precum, which she licks up before coming back to try and suck on it.

You put yourself in a more comfortable sitting position while Murasa’s lips work their way down your shaft. Her mouth is quite moist and pleasantly warm, but she can only fit half of your penis inside before it touches her throat. You reach out for a consoling head-pat, but she brushes your hand away and takes a deep breath as she aligns her mouth and her throat.

“M-Murasa, you’re…?”

“Mm.” Murasa’s eyes are suddenly filled with resolve. You feel compelled to hold your breath as she starts pushing your penis into her throat. She gags a few times as the glans passes the back of her tongue, but she refuses to let that stop her. She must have experience. Yuyuko and Youmu stop their whispering and caressing to watch her as well; the tension hangs in the air like a thick fog as Murasa works in the last few inches.

Finally, Murasa’s lips touch your hairless abdomen. Your glans and half of your shaft are packed into her hot, tight throat, feeling an intense pressure on all sides as her throat struggles to deal with something it wasn’t meant to accommodate. Murasa looks up to your eyes and sucks quietly, and you feel a strong pull along the entire length of your cock.

“That’s… amazing, Murasa.” You ruffle Murasa’s hair, and she responds with a long, cheerful moan that vibrates all around the top half of your penis. She closes her eyes and starts to alternate between sucking and moaning, gently moving her head back and forth and pressing her tounge against your shaft. Her hands come up to your scrotum to knead it in time with her suction. You briefly wonder how she’s breathing before you remember that she doesn’t need to.

With Murasa taking care of your penis, you look up to Yuyuko and Youmu. Youmu’s still visibly flushed and breathing heavily from her previous exertion. She sits in Yuyuko’s lap with her legs slightly spread, showing you a persistent trickle of sperm from in between. At first glance, you find it strange that she’s completely flaccid; it takes another look for you to see the clear device enclosing her shaft. It wasn’t there the last time you saw her.

Murasa grunts to signal that she’s pulling back. It takes her half a minute to safely remove herself from your shaft. Her saliva, mixed with the fluids left over from Yuyuko, gives your penis a renewed sheen.

While Murasa’s recovering, Youmu crawls onto the other side of your lap and quietly insinuates herself. Murasa concedes some space to her, and they both start to clean your penis with their mouths. Yuyuko gives you a playful wink, likely wishing she had a penis of her own.

Murasa’s tongue is fairly rough compared to Youmu’s, but she’s learned to use that to her advantage. Her technique starts with a long, slow, somewhat abrasive lick, then follows it up with a flurry of kisses. The treatment leaves your shaft slightly more sensitive and highly receptive to the touch of Youmu’s smooth, soft tongue. Despite their earlier friction, they seem to get along well together.

Yuyuko sits down next to you and gives you a gentle kiss, wrapping an arm around your back to grope one of your breasts. Your hard nipple tingles in delight as she rubs it with a soft, skilled finger.

“I told Youmu she should practice with larger ones, too. She’s willing to give it a try, but I think she’s a little scared of it.”


Yuyuko leaves your side and comes down to your crowded lap. Murasa and Youmu move their bodies aside to make room, and you’re struck with inspiration. With Yuyuko’s help, you have the girls reposition themselves so you can finger them both while they lick you. Murasa’s helpless against two of your precise, experienced fingers, but Youmu manages to hold out fairly well.

Now, Yuyuko pulls up her breasts and presses them against your cock, letting it sink a little into her tantalizing cleavage. Even hers isn’t enough to smother your shaft completely, but Murasa and Youmu are happy to take care of the exposed tip. Yuyuko leaves her tongue out of it, happy to slide her breasts up and down while the girls do their best to lick you without accidentally kissing each other.

You can feel the warm milk trickling out of Yuyuko’s nipples and smearing itself all over your shaft. The constantly-shifting stimulation on your glans forces you to constantly twist your hips; Youmu’s smooth tongue glides all over the second Murasa’s rough one leaves it.

The only outlet for your frustration is Murasa and Youmu’s pussies, which quiver helplessly under your attention. You decide to add some tails in as well. Murasa gets two around her shaft and one on her scrotum, while Youmu gets one for each testicle and another one to tease her urethra.

Murasa’s licking quickly falls behind. Taking that as your cue to move on, you withdraw your fingers and tails and direct her gaze at your eyes.

“You seem to be getting close, Murasa. Would you like to finish with something larger than my fingers?”

Murasa glances down at your throbbing penis and agrees, blushing even deeper than before. You can’t suppress a smirk.

“You seem to want it more than I do, though. Why don’t you put it in yourself?”

Murasa groans, but she’s too aroused to refuse. You lead Murasa away from the others and lie down expectantly, getting the distinct impression that Yukari is rubbing off on you. Murasa straddles you and pulls your penis straight up, trembling with anticipation as she pushes the engorged tip through her labia and starts carefully lowering her hips.

Youmu’s eyes widen at the sight. Your penis seems too large for Murasa’s small, sensitive pussy, but she grits her teeth and fights off the trembling as she takes it inch by inch. Halfway through, she has to close one eyes and start controlling her voice.

You can’t keep yourself from teasing her. Your tails reach out and tickle Murasa’s feet and legs, threatening to make her lose her strength and fall the rest of the way onto you. Suppressing laughter and moans at the same time, she hurries through the last four inches. When she reaches the base, she shudders visibly and lets out a loud sigh of relief.

You sit up and treat Murasa to a leisurely kiss her while her pussy reacquaints itself with you. Her walls are snug and somewhat rough, offering a nice contrast to Yuyuko’s tenderness. Fortunately, there’s enough lubrication that the squeezing and texture aren’t a problem.

Over to your right, Youmu watches the two of you in amazement. She seemed completely in awe of your penis before, and now the sight of the whole thing inside Murasa has her panting with arousal and disbelief. Yuyuko hugs her from behind and starts teasing her body, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples and bulging scrotum. Another wet spot has formed on the floor beneath her.

You turn back to Murasa and step up your tongueplay, easily dominating her submissive mouth and making her shiver as your nails trace a path down her back to her asshole. She presses it against your fingers with a timid moan, but you aren’t interested in playing with it. Instead, you turn her around and put her on all fours, in the same position Youmu was in. This is not lost on Murasa, who whines quietly until you silence her with your cock.

Murasa isn’t as experienced as Yuyuko, so you take a moment to ease her into your rhythm. She’s eager for pleasure too, though, and it’s not long before she’s thrusting back onto with strength equal to your own. Her walls respond to each thrust with a satisfying shudder, and you both fill the air with loud, shameless moans.

Even this isn’t enough. You can feel yourself coming closer to orgasm, but that wonderful release is still agonizingly far away.

Eventually, Yuyuko and Yomu come to join in. Yuyuko puts Murasa on her knees in a frog-like stance, with her ass raised just enough to let you keep thrusting. This position makes Murasa’s penis much more accessible, and Youmu crawls between her legs with a determined look.

“Y-Youmu? You’re not going to--Aah!” Murasa clenches up as Youmu kisses her penis. From your vantage point slightly above Murasa’s shoulder, you can easily watch as Youmu starts giving her some slow, fairly clumsy fellatio. Yuyuko crawls up at her side to coach her in a gentle voice, occasionally taking Murasa’s penis for herself to make a point. Youmu focuses entirely on the lesson, doing her best to ignore Murasa’s ragged moans completely.

You slow down for a while to let Yuyuko and Youmu work, but your desire eventually forces you to speed up again. Your tails reach around and haphazardly wrap themselves around Murasa’s penis, forcing Youmu to back off and watch. Your hands move up to Murasa’s small breasts and torture her rock-hard nipples to complete her ascent into ecstasy.

Crying out your name, Murasa comes to an earth-shattering orgasm. You pull her back into your lap and continue your groping, wanting to prolong her bliss for as long as possible. Yuyuko pushes Youmu’s mouth onto Murasa’s exposed glans, forcing her to drink the entire load. Judging by Youmu’s expression, she has yet to grow fond of the taste.

After giving your penis a powerful massage, Murasa collapses in a daze. She seems to have had all the pleasure she can handle.

“Well done, Youmu! Now there’s just one more thing for you to try.” Youmu’s small semblance of composure disappears as Yuyuko turns her to face you and pulls her legs up over her head. The position fully exposes Youmu’s crotch, letting you give her a close examination.

The cage is closed tightly around Youmu’s limp penis, preventing her from achieving the slightest amount of stiffness. A small silver padlock rests near the base, but you can’t see a key anywhere. There’s probably an interesting story behind how this became affixed to her.

Youmu’s penis is secondary, though. You’re more interested in the twitching pussy hiding under her swollen balls. It’s a very bright pink, still stained with white from earlier. You can tell from here that sex with her will be a tight fit.

However, you haven’t even found out if she wants it. You look up to see the fear plain in her wide-open eyes. The panic’s mixed with arousal, though. You move your head next to hers and whisper into her ear.

“Is this okay, Youmu?”

She’s too afraid to respond.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” It almost pains you to say that, with your penis so close to orgasm and a tight, wet pussy in front of you. Youmu still doesn’t respond, so you decide to try something different.

“Remember the last time we did this? You enjoyed that, right?”

Youmu nods slightly and relaxes a little, blushing slightly at the thought.

“This is just practice, like then. Just see if you can handle it, and we’ll stop if you don’t like it.”

It seems she’ll permit you to use her. There’s still the issue of your size, though. She can’t change her body as freely as Yuyuko and Murasa can, so there’s a good chance you’ll hurt her.

You stay frozen with indecision until Yuyuko brushes her lips against Youmu’s other ear. “It’ll fit if you stay calm, Youmu. Just concentrate as hard as you can,” she says reassuringly.

Youmu nods and closes her eyes. Her breathing slows to normal speed, then slows even further. Her calmness seems to spread to the world around her, gradually draining away its color. Time itself steps back.

Youmu gives you the smallest nod, and you lean back to start feeding your penis into her slit. The inches go in slow enough that you can count them off. One, two, three, four, five, six, s--Agh!

Youmu’s focus shatters when your tip presses into her cervix. Her mouth breaks open in a silent cry, and all the color comes rushing back as her pussy clamps down with incredible force. The pressure is painfully intense, keeping you from moving your penis at all.

You stroke Youmu’s hair to help her relax. The tightness gradually recedes to something more bearable, like the tight grip of a schoolgirl on her boyfriend’s arm. You aren’t eager to repeat that, but her flushed, tear-stained face is too cute to keep you from teasing her.

“Hmm, you’re sensitive there?” You grab the exposed part of your penis and move it back and forth to rub her cervix, getting a few silent squeals and contractions in return. Afterwards, you move to grab her thighs, but Yuyuko slides your hands away.

“She’s fragile. Let me take care of the moving for now.” Yuyuko pushes you onto your back and eases Youmu into a kneeling position, her hips pushed down as far as she can manage. You see Yuyuko put her hands around Youmu’s ass before she sits on your face and blocks your view.

The legs pressed tight against the sides of your head would obstruct a human’s hearing, but your fox ears come out of the top where nothing’s blocking them.

“She’s big, isn’t she? You’ll need to be very careful when you deal with a cock like this.”

Yuyuko pulls Youmu up and down a few times. You can’t hear any reaction from Youmu, but the twitching of her walls tells you all you need to know.

“There, does that feel good? Try doing it yourself.”

Youmu’s hands press into your chest as she picks up the rhythm. Her body is still tense and unsteady, so she has to move slowly to keep herself from clenching up. With her walls pressed so tightly against you, it seems like your penis can sense everything from her heartbeat to her nervous breathing.

Now that Yuyuko finished speaking, you grab her ass and start licking her dripping slit. Your sex with her left a large mess of arousal to clean up, so your tongue is never short of work. Youmu slowly rides you the whole time, steadily becoming more and more passionate in her movements. She seems to be avoiding contact between your glans and her cervix, but she accidentally touches them from time to time. A shock seems to run through her each time it happens.

Yuyuko moans in a relaxed voice and compliments both you and Youmu’s technique, grinding against your mouth to stimulate herself further. As the delicious minutes drag on, she leans forward to play with Youmu’s mouth. Then the only sounds are the squishing of your penis into Youmu, the gentle moans and smacks of their kissing, and your own licking and sucking.

You’re finally close to release now. You can feel the orgasm bubbling up in your penis. Impatience takes over, and your tails come up to wrap a makeshift harness around Youmu’s waist and thighs. Taken by surprise, she doesn’t know how to resist as your tails forcefully pull her up and down, giving her cervix a thorough grind each time. You can’t see her face, but she’s almost certainly going mad with pleasure.

While Youmu’s convulsing pussy drives you closer and closer to the edge, you wrap your arms around Yuyuko’s thighs to pull her close to your mouth. Your rough tongue digs deep into her soft folds and roots around savagely, abandoning all semblance of technique. Yuyuko moans enough for both herself and Youmu and gives in to your tongue, not moving until you feel the first tremors of Youmu’s orgasm coiling around your penis. This time, your own release joins it.

You and Youmu and Yuyuko all lose it at the same time. Yuyuko wrests herself from your grip to let Youmu collapse on top of you, and you clutch her tightly and growl in contentment as your penis clenches up and blasts your sperm all over her insides. Her pussy milks your penis for all it’s worth, but it doesn’t have anywhere near enough room. With Murasa’s load already inside of her, you quickly fill her up and force her stomach to expand to accommodate your flood of sperm. An amazingly perverted mixture of surprise and pleasure covers Youmu’s face as she feels herself stretching.

Yuyuko switches places with Youmu on your penis, sighing happily as it fills her with the load she deserves. Her soft, gentle pussy wrings out your sperm as well, still convulsing from the orgasm you gave her with your tongue. Then, to your surprise, Murasa pushes Yuyuko off and tries to drink the rest. A fair amount spills out from between her lips, but she’s able to keep swallowing until you’re finally finished. Yuyuko licks up the overflow and cleans out Murasa’s mouth with a kiss, and both of them promptly collapse onto the floor.

It feels as though every ounce of strength has left you. Now that your urges are gone, the world seems so peaceful.

Looking down over your breasts, you can see Youmu’s soaked and twitching pussy leaking thick globs of sperm. The swell in her abdomen is slowly receding, but there’s still plenty more from you and Murasa inside of her. It’s a satisfying sight, but you feel a twinge of guilt as well.

Youmu’s life has become strange and confusing since she grew her penis, and her frustration is manifesting itself in dangerous ways. Perhaps your duty is to stay here and help her come to terms with herself.

But then Murasa’s arms close around you, making you turn to her as she lets out a little sound and snuggles closer. Her lean body is soaked with sweat, and her breath smells strongly of your sperm. She’s much younger and weaker than you, but you feel a strange respect for her. Perhaps her struggle with her loyalties can teach you something important.

When Murasa decides to leave…

[ ] You’ll stay here.
[ ] You’ll follow her.
Huge update is huge.

[x] You’ll stay here.

Youmoe is the star of untitled futa Youmu story.
[x] You’ll follow her.

Murasa could use some company and the help.
[X] You’ll follow her.

The Captain can't do it alone.
[X] You’ll follow her.

Youmu smut is relatively common, while Murasa smut is relatively rare. Besides, Murasa needs more lovin'.
[x] You’ll stay here.

[x] follow


What about Shikieiki smut?
[x] You’ll follow her.
Even better, though I'm a bit conflicted on BAD END Shikieiki. On the one hand, I like her dominant; after all, she is the Highest Judge of the Court of Paradise. On the other, I'm not too into that whole corruption angle. Well, whatever. If I had my druthers there'd be a Satori/Shikeiki scene, but you and I both know that's never going to happen. At any rate, I'm happy with the story as it is.
That would be interesting. I can't see how it would happen but I can't help but hope.
Maybe Satori would see with her powers that Shiki had tons of built-up sexual energy, because after all she can't screw her subordinates. Satori would then offer to help, and all our dreams would become reality.

However, this has no bearing on this story, therefore:
[X] You’ll stay here.
Youmu scene is best scene.
Poor Youmu. Given an uncontrollable dick she didn't want, her crush locks it up, and now the first person she fucked is leaving her for someone she considers her inferior.

The softest dick.
We solve the incident. Youmu either gets it gone or she gets happy end.
[x] You'll follow her
[x] You'll follow her.

The one to heal Youmu's heart can only be Komachi. Doing the rebound/healing thing with Ran might be nice, but let's face it, there's no substitute for lazy shinigami love.

In a story where nearly everyone has a penis, I can't understand why there's not been MORE of this.
Desperately hoping for more.
Closing votes, following wins.

I wasn't into cumflation until I watched Tentacle and Witches the other day.
[x] You’ll follow her.

Perhaps Youmu doesn’t need your help. She already has Yuyuko to watch over her, and she seems to be involved with someone else as well.

Murasa, on the other hand, has no one else to support her. You might not be allowed to confront Byakuren directly, but you could still accompany Murasa and provide her with advice and training.

If this turns out as you expect, she’ll certainly need it.


A big part of the audience has come to like you. Some of them respect your victory over Yamame, some of them cheer for you because Orin told them to, and you’re sure some of them just like to watch you suffer. You’ll take whatever support you can get.

So, it’s finally time to meet Koishi in person. She doesn’t seem too bad, but it’s pretty annoying how she refuses to tell you anything. If you win this fight, though, you’ll be free to wring the information out of her sensitive little body.

You can’t let down your guard, though. She seems to have some weird mind-control powers that let her beat Parsee and Okuu, and she’ll probably do everything she can to make you her playthi--



Or maybe she’ll walk right into you. You aren’t sure how to respond to the head pressed into your breasts, so you ruffle her hair a bit and gently push her away. She skips back to her starting place and spins around a few times, happily shouting your name. Her other eyes are practically sparkling, and her smile looks like it’ll jump off her face.

“Komachi-Komachi-Komachi! You made it! You’re here!”

You slowly rub the back of your head while she continues her dancing and babbling. It doesn’t show any signs of stopping, so you feel like you have to interrupt her.

“Uh, hey, this isn’t really that big of a deal, is it? It’s not like you can’t meet me elsewhere.”

Koishi stops mid-twirl and pulls her hands under her chin. “Oh, but this is so much fun! We’re gonna have a sex-fight now, and I can tease you as much as I want!”

“Oh, you’re confident,” you say with a grin. Koishi narrows her eyes, and her childish excitement matures into something more dangerous.



Koishi jumps to the side and disappears off the face of the earth. You don’t mind not seeing her, but it’s the fact that you can’t even feel her distance that’s worrisome. Only a handful of people can do that.

You’ll just have to find her by sight. You catch faint glimpses of her greenish-silverish hair as you glance around, but you can never quite pinpoint her location. Her innocent giggling surrounds you, though, so you try lunging at the sound. All that gets you is an armful of air.

“Sorry, too slow!”

This is the same thing she did to Parsee. You can’t let yourself get frustrated.

“I learned a lot from watching you, Komachi. Like, how your breasts get real sensitive when nobody’s milked them…”
You feel a sharp pinch on each nipple. You look down and swat at them, but nothing’s there. Your breasts do feel pretty sensitive, now that she mentions it.

“…And the best way to play with your pussy…”

A bunch of small fingertips press into your most sensitive spots, briefly stunning you with pleasure. You reach down to pull them out, but they disappear too quickly.

“…And the number of fingers I can fit in your asshole!”

It’s three. They thrust once and pull out before you can spin around to face her.

She isn’t there.

She isn’t anywhere.

No, calm down. If you panic, you’ll play right into her--Agh, the ass again!

“You’re not gonna win if you don’t fight back, Komachi.”

You snort at the air in front of you. “And you think you can beat me with this?”

“Nah, not not like this. I can beat you once I hit your secret spot, though~!”

“My ‘secret spot’?”

“Yep! Everyone has a secret spot. If you hit them there, they can’t move at all. You can go your whole life without finding it, but I’m really good at guessing it! In fact, I bet yours is riiight… here!”

One of Koishi’s small fingers jabs a very specific spot on your left thigh. Your body goes rigid, and you start to lurch backwards.

“Yep, that’s it!”

You land roughly on your back, making your limbs splay out from the impact. Koishi comes into view and leans over you with that manic grin back on her face.

“Caught you~! Now, where should I-ghk!”

You didn’t have to grab her neck, but it’s pretty satisfying. You grin up at her.

“C’mon, you think I was born yesterday? There’s no such thing.”

Koishi did not expect you to know that.

“A friend of mine taught me all about chi flows and pressure points. If you wanna lock up someone’s whole body, you gotta do a lot more than that.”

Koishi tries to force out a nervous chuckle. You toss her flat onto the ground and make her stick there; she can’t disappear if she can’t move, right?

This would be a prime opportunity for a dom-footjob, but Koishi doesn’t have a penis for you to play with. Come to think of it, she’s the first Undergrounder you’ve seen without one.

“So, you were wondering where to begin?”

Koishi’s lips move a little, and a strange sadism awakens inside you. Just making her cum doesn’t seem like enough anymore. A cruel grin spreads over your face.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t begin with you. I’m not gonna touch you ‘til you’re begging for it.”

You sit down where Koishi can see you and start slowly stroking your clit and your labia. Gentle shivers run through you in response to the gentle, teasing pleasure, and you can see a deepening blush on Koishi’s pale cheeks. When you can’t wait any longer, you dive in with two fingers and start fingering in earnest, changing your angle on each thrust to hit a different set of sensitive spots.

There’s a visible trickle out of Koishi’s pussy. She’ll crack any second now. Until then, you can probably add another finger and play with your clit, too…

You close your eyes and lose your concentration as a strong wave of pleasure ovewhelms you. When you open them again, Koishi’s gone.

You feel kind of stupid now.

You glance around in a panic, but you don’t find her until she catches you off-guard with a forceful kiss Her tongue is nothing compared to Okuu’s or Yuugi’s, but she moves it so fast that it’s like you’re dealing with two at once. It takes all of your concentration to keep up, which is why it takes a while to realize you should just push her away.

In the meantime, a small hand pushes yours aside and digs into your pussy. Koishi only uses three fingers, but it feels like she’s somehow hitting every sensitive spot inside you. You fall back onto the ground and twitch in pleasure as Koishi dominates your body for a full minute.

Finally, you find the strength to pull out her hand and push her head away. Her lips form a sentence again, and you’re suddenly struck with an idea. You feel really hot and excited.

“Hoho, you shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m gonna drive you crazy.”

You push Koishi onto her back and pull her legs up over her head, making her pussy point straight up in the air. After a few teasing licks, you squat down and press yours against it. There’s a squishy sound as your juicy slits connect, and you exhale happily as your warmth mingles with hers.

“Ha! You don’t stand a chance against this, do you?”

Koishi nods and mouths something. The fight’s as good as over.

You put your hands on Koishi’s thighs and start grinding against her pussy. Your clitoris rubs roughly against her soft, wet labia and her own rock-hard clit, making her tremble happily. You’re pretty sensitive now too, so this is good enough to make you twitch and gasp constantly. Koishi feels even better, though.

Since you’ll definitely win, there’s no harm in playing with yourself a little, right? Without breaking your rhythm, you bring your hands up to your breasts and start stroking your hard nipples. They’re really sensitive now, tingling wonderfully at the slightest pinch. Your milk is backed up again and begging to come out, but Koishi’s mouth is too far away. You bring your nipples up to your own mouth instead and suck a little to get them going, then let them drop down and squirt out a little as they slap against your body.

The trickle of milk keeps your nipples hot and tingling, so you move your hands elsewhere. One of them grabs Koishi’s thigh to give you more leverage for grinding, and the other one goes to your ass. One finger doesn’t feel like enough, so you add another one and masturbate in time with your thrusting.

All the sensations have your mouth gaping open. You’re starting to get close to the edge, but Koishi’s so close to cumming that you’ll win any second now. Even though you can’t hear her voice, she keeps telling you that--Wait, wait, wait.

Something’s not right here. Why are you so eager to masturbate in the middle of a fight? And why do your thoughts keep changing whenever Koishi… Aha!

You close Koishi’s lips and lock them shut with your powers. Her eyes widen in terror.

“Mmmf! Mf! Mmf!” Koishi squeezes her eyes shut and tries her hardest to speak, but her mouth doesn’t budge at all. A haze seems to lift from your mind, and the crazed heat recedes from your body. You allow yourself a little chuckle.

“Aha, so that’s your game. Made your suggestion a little too obvious, though, didn’t you?”

Koishi desperately shakes her head, like that’ll somehow convince you. You dismount her and put her in your lap.

“Now how about I really make you feel good?”

You slide a hand down to her crotch and slide a finger into her soaked pussy. The tribadism did get he pretty worked up, so you add a few more to fill her up completely. Her lips suppress a high-pitched whine, and she quickly loses her strength as your skilled fingers pump away.

You start brushing Koishi’s clit with your thumb while you use your other hand to grope her tiny breasts. You can feel a tiny bit of softness when you press into them, but there’s hardly any swell to her chest at all. She must be really jealous of you; who knows what she would’ve done after she beat you?

A minute or two passes while you wear down your helpless opponent. At the last second, you let her open her mouth, and she screams your name as she goes over the edge.

Koishi’s walls contract hard enough to crush your fingers and keep you from pulling them out. Ignoring the pain, you lay her out on the ground and kiss her through her orgasm. Her moans are deep and passionate, and she stares up into your eyes with something that seems like love.

The orgasm finally ends, letting you withdraw your sticky fingers and stand up triumphantly.

“Komachi is the champion!” Satori announces. The crowd goes wild. You indulge them with a few waves before it occurs to you to check on Koishi. Not surprisingly, she’s already gone.


Before you can give it any more thought, you’re mobbed by your fellow competitors. The flurry of hugs and kisses and breasts makes it feel like there’s half a dozen of them grabbing you at once, but it turns out to just be Yuugi, Yamame and Okuu. Orin and Kasen stand off to the side, trying to see who can cross her arms and pout harder.

“That was great!”

“I knew you could do it, Komachi!”

“Rematches for everyone!”

You hug them all at once and laugh with them. You just beat the whole Underground at sex, didn’t you?

Satori comes over to break up the crowd. She doesn’t look very imposing next to Yuugi and Okuu, but they seem to respect her.

“Congratulations, Komachi. Please, come with me.”

You wave to your friends as Satori leads you to the podium and crowns you with a wreath of some sort. The gnarled, flowerless wood it's made of is probably steeped in symbolism, but you really couldn’t care less.

After a short speech about how great you are and how the whole Underworld should live up to your example, Satori takes you to a quiet place in the Palace. The faint smile she had on before fades away.

“You’ve done very well, Komachi. You heard that there would be a special prize for the victor, correct?”

Did you? The signups feel like they were months ago.

“I assure you, you did. I would like to confer it immediately, but it will be rather… strenuous. Perhaps you should have some rest beforehand.”

Well, you could use some gentle sex and a bath and a nap, but if she’s got something incredible waiting for you….

[ ] Go ahead with Satori.
[ ] Take a break first.
-[ ] With Yamame.
-[ ] With Yuugi.
-[ ] With Okuu.
-[ ] With write-in.
[X] Take a break first.
-[X] With Orin.

It won't win, but I sure can vote for it!
I was thinking the same thing!

[X] Take a break first.
-[X] With Orin.
[x] Take a break first.
-[x] With Okuu.

Maybe We'll catch her with Kasen and threesome time.
[X] Take a break first.
-[X] With Okuu.
[x] Take a break first.
-[x] With Yuugi.

Who knows if Koishi might jump in with anyone we choose.
[X] Take a break first.
-[X] With Satori.
Set lewd thoughts to maximum!
[X] Take a break first.
-[X] With Satori.

"Hmm, I suddenly feel like having sex."
[x] Take a break first.
-[x] With Okuu.
[X] Take a break first.
-[X] With Orin.
[X] Take a break first.
[X] With Orin.
Closing votes, Orin wins.

Should have seen it coming.
Still can't get the Orin obsession we got now...
Don't say we when you aren't talking about yourself. Watching Orin struggle with her feelings for Komachi is great. Everyone else already likes her, except maybe Satori.
you're speaking only for some people. I still haven't gotten quite over her nasty attitude earlier and consider it too early. But what can I do against a bandwagon?
Consolidate the opposition votes. Non-Orin votes outnumbered Orin votes by six to four, but because they were distributed across three different characters none could form a plurality, and thus lost.

However, it'd require some people to compromise what they really wanted with something they wanted more than Orin, and it'd require opposition voters to organize in the first place, but it's still a possibility that exists within the realm of reason.
If it's any consolation to anyone, I was going to vote for Orin but thought 'hey wait, Satori's right here, let's just bang her in the hallway or something'.
[x] Take a break first.
[x] With Orin.

“Oh? Hmm, and with her.” Satori’s intrigued, but she seems a bit unhappy. “Well, I won’t keep you. Please come to my room later tonight.”

Wait, her room?

“I’ll explain it then.” Satori walks off, leaving you alone in the hall.

Alone and naked.

Looks like you’ll have to start with the bath. You start heading back towards the recovery room, where your clothes and scythe are waiting for you. A number of spectators pass you on the way, and most of them keep a respectful distance while they ogle you. Their attention is kind of nice, so you stick your chest out a little more and start swinging your hips as you walk. You’re a role model now, after all. You’d better act the part.

A bunch of younger-looking girls stop you and ask to feel your breasts. You let them get a few squeezes and assure them that they’ll be just as busty as you one day. One of them seems particularly shy and smitten, so you give her a little drink, too. That’ll probably stick with her for a long time.

Then a less-respectful youkai jumps you from behind and tries to put it in. You turn sideways and use your powers to blast her into a wall, and nobody else tries anything after that.

Finally, you reach the recovery bath. Some of the orderlies, Mao included, are using it to reward themselves for their work, and they don’t mind your intrusion in the slightest.

“Hey, does someone mind cleanin’ me off?”

Mao and two other similar-looking girls jump up at once to take care of you. You sit down on a stool and relax while they reverently scrub off your body, quietly competing with each other to be the one who can soap up your front and sneak in a bit of fondling. Their cocks are all a bit stiff, but you’re not in the mood for a foursome right now. No, you’d rather do something gentle with a girl you already know, like…

Orin? You’ve really been fixated on her lately. You can’t deny her skill, and it does seem like she could be decent if she just relaxed a little. But to do that, you’ll need keep pushing her and getting her all angry and aroused and blushing…

Yep, that settles it.

The girls can’t justify any more scrubbing. You thank each one with a kiss and slide into the water for a quick rest. The warm water encourages your mind to wander.

Koishi managed to get away from you, so you’re stuck waiting for her again. Why’s she so evasive, anyway? Maybe she feels nervous whenever she loses control of a situation. She seemed really eager to play with you while she was winning, and she escaped as soon as you grabbed her in that dream with Meiling.

Speaking of which, how’s Meiling doing? According to Koishi, she’s a futanari now. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to pay her a visit this is all over with. Maybe get a tour of that mansion, too.

And how exactly will you get this over with? You need to do something about Eiki, but should you go after Yukari, too? Would you even stand a chance if you did? You don’t like to admit it, but she’s pretty much unstoppable when she gets serious. Without some way to stop her powers, you can’t lay a finger on her.

Ah, well, you’ll worry about that later. After a few minutes of thoughtless relaxation, you get out, get dressed, and take your leave of the bath. All of the orderlies congratulate you again, and you toss them a jaunty wave as you walk out.

Now for the fun part. Using your distance-sense as a guide, you quietly make your towards Orin until you can hear her from around a corner. She seems to be talking to someone…

“No, no, it’s alright. There’s plenty of other times, right? We can just do it tomorrow.”

“I’m really sorry, Orin…” Oh, that’s Okuu.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll catch ya at the meal.” Orin’s distance to you starts decreasing. You back back to the other end of the hall you’re in and watch the corner intently. When she finally emerges, you distance-jump the whole way over and wrap your arms around her.


Her body jolts in shock. You glimpse a nice mixture of surprise and excitement on her face before she breaks your grip and hurls you away.

“Wh-Whaddaya want?” she shouts, pointing an accusatory finger. It’s aimed at your breasts at first, but she quickly point it further up. You get up and stretch lazily before responding.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted some more sex. I need to unwind from the tournament, and you’re really good at it…” You tug on the side of your robe, and her gaze nearly drowns in your cleavage.

“Hmph! Don’t think you can seduce like that again. I was… just tired last time, is all! No matter how much you beg, you’re not getting’ another piece of me!” She turns around to walk off in a huff, but you pull her back into your arms.

“Are you suure? I’ll let you use my breasts again.” You squish them into her back as seductively as possible.

“I’m supersure! Nobody in their right mind’d wanna use those oversized cowtits anyway.”

“Hmm, is that what you really think"...” Your hand brushes against a pair of bulges between Orin’s legs, and she grabs it a lot harder than she needs to. She seems to be trembling a little.

“You… You…!”

Orin kicks the nearest door open and throws you inside. It turns out to be an empty bedroom, and you stumble backwards until you fall back onto the bed. She follows you in and slams the door shut, then advances on you with an emotion you can’t quite place. Is she nervous or angry?”

“Where do you get off, teasing me like that! I’ve got a reputation here! If people see you doing that, they’ll…”

“They’ll be jealous of you?”

“No! They’ll think that we’re, I mean, they’re gonna, they’re gonna think I’m a pushover! I told them all I hated you!”

“So you don’t hate me now?”

“I--” Orin freezes with her mouth half-open. Her eye twitches a little, but that’s all the movement you see. You can almost hear her mind spinning into overdrive, though.

You take the opportunity to stand up and hug her; she starts to push you away on instinct, but something catches her at the last second. You pull her a little tighter, and her resistance gets weaker and weaker.

“Nothin’ wrong with that, Orin. Just ‘cause we used to be enemies doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Go ahead and use me.”

You back off from the hug and pull down your robe. The sight of your breasts stirs Orin to action. She lowers her head and gets you lactating, and her pouting loses some intensity at the first taste of your milk. Her rough tongue makes you breathe a little heavier, and your panting slowly grows into moaning as she gets more and more aggressive.

You sit down on the bed and stroke Orin’s hair while she plays with your breasts. She slowly drags her tongue back and forth over the nipple she’s drinking from and scratches the parts around it with her teeth, and she rapidly strokes squeezes your other breast to prime it for her mouth when she’s ready to switch. After switching back and forth a few time, she pulls off and brings her head up to your level. She’s smiling a little, and her tails are swishing back and forth.

“You’re gonna regret sayin’ that, y’know.” She pinches your nipples between the nails on her index and middle fingers and scratches the swollen tips with her thumbnails. You can’t keep from crying out in pleasure, and she dives in to plug your mouth with a kiss. Her tongue is as determined as her fingers, but you put your hands around her head and kiss her back with an equal amount of skill. To counter her advantage with your breasts, you reach down and start rubbing her vulnerable cocks, pressing the fabric of her dress against the two heads and twisting it around.

Orin keeps it up for another half-minute before giving up and falling onto her knees. You both take a moment to catch your breath, still twitching from the sharp pleasure you gave each other. Orin’s head is right at your crotch, though, so it’s only a matter of time until she shifts your robe aside and starts rubbing your moistened slit.

You undo your belt and let the robe fall onto the bed, fully revealing your body. Orin pulls her head back to take in the sight, and you coax her into undressing as well. Her lithe, fainly muscular body really is amazing, mixing athletic grace with the utter lewdness of her sizable breats and her eager twin cocks. There’s a tasty-looking blob of precum on the head of each one.

“Here, let’s do it like this.” You pull Orin onto the bed and lay on her on her back, then turn around and lie down on top of her. Her tongue finds your pussy immediately and carefully traces your slit while you lick off the heads of her cocks. Orin’s experienced enough that this comes naturally to her, but her breathing seems a little nervous.

“No need to be shy, Orin. Don’t you wanna drive me crazy?”

That convinces her. She digs into your pussy with two thumbnails and spreads it wide open, leaving it at her tongue’s mercy. Before she can start, you pull up your breasts and carefully close them around her cocks. Looks like your cleavage is just big enough to completely surround them both.

While you’re congratulating yourself on your size, Orin’s tongue thrusts into your pussy and breaks your train of thought. She holds you down by your ass and starts thrusting her head back and forth, keeping her tongue rigid and letting it scrape all over your walls. The rough, wet surface is unlike any tongue you’ve felt before, and your body trembles at the slightly painful pleasure. Your pussy clenches up all around her tongue, which only makes you more vulnerable.

It’s not like you’re helpless, though. You tighten your grip on your breasts and start stroking Orin’s cocks. The two shafts clearly enjoy the feeling, rushing to soak themselves in precum as fast as you can lick it up. You change your grip a little, pointing the tips inward so you can rub one of her cocks with your hard, milky nipples while the other one stays sandwiched between your pillowy-soft breasts.

Two titfucks at once must be a lot to handle. Orin’s fingers crawl up to your asshole and roughly tug it open, and she moves her head up to start licking you there while her thumbnails play with your clit. Your hole opens eagerly at her tongue’s insistence, and you hear her chuckle a little as she moves her mouth back and filles your ass with two fingers.

You won’t last much longer now. You drop Orin’s further cock and focus all your attention on her closer one, holding it in place with your mouth while you squeeze and stroke it with your breasts. They stay pressed together for the most part, but sometimes you quickly move them in opposite directions for a bit. They’re soaked in precum now, so the softness should be the only thing Orin feels.

Meanwhile, your partner keeps thrusting her tongue and fingers into your holes. She shows an impressive amount of dexterity as she rapidly switches her tongue between them, moving her head forcefully enough to ignore any resistance she encounters. Her sharp fingernails don’t let up for a second on your swollen, suffering clit, sending little shocks of pleasure through you with every scratch and pinch.

Your hands are twitching too much for you to control them properly, so you switch to hugging your breasts tightly and bobbing your head on the exposed part of her Orin’s cock. Fighting back the moans that leak out of your mouth, you suck powerfully on the tip and pick away at her urethra with your tongue. Her cock twitches violently when your tongue touches her hole, so you spread it with your powers and torture it even harder.

The pleasure builds up to a breaking point, and you and Orin cum at the same time. Your body heats up and starts throbbing right as her cock clenches up and rewards you with six powerful shots of thick, tasty sperm. You were planning to savor it, but pleasure coursing through you takes away your self-control and forces you to swallow every drop as soon as it enters your mouth. A hot, searing ecstasy seizes your holes at the same time, forcing them both to clamp shut and convulse delightfully. Your pussy forces out a considerable amount of juice, and you’re pleasantly surprised to feel Orin licking it up. You can feel a few moans vibrating around back there, too.

The pleasure gradually fades away, but you don’t feel like moving. Orin’s forced to roll you off so she can stand up and examine you. She seems pretty tired too, but her lower cock refuses to be forgotten. You get into a sitting position and smile up at her, unconsciously licking your lips.

Desire seizes her, and she grabs your head and rams her hard cock into your throat. The sudden penetration makes you gag a little, but this wasn’t completely unexpected. You close your eyes and suck forcefully, moaning when your throat closes around her glans. She’s only big enough to get an inch or two past your tongue, but that’s all you need.

Orin’s surprised by how easily you took that. You look up to her and give her a wink without stopping your mouth.

“You planned this, did you?” she asks with narrowed eyes.

“Hmmm?” The strong, sustained vibration makes Orin tremble.

“You can’t… You can’t use me that easily!” Orin tightens her grip and starts fucking your throat. She’s trying to make you gag, but she doesn’t know what she’s up against. You’ve been deepthroating since before she was born.

Orin’s shaft recklessly assaults your mouth. The wildly varying angles are hard to work with, so you graze the shaft with a bit of teeth if it comes in too far to one side. Your tongue stays glued to the underside of her cock, and you punish her with a lick to her exposed urethra whenever she pulls out to far. She thinks she’s in control, but you’re slowly training her cock to thrust exactly the way you want it to. By the time she goes over the edge, she’s carefully aiming each thrust and making sure there’s always enough in your mouth for your tongue and lips to play with.

Orin’s anger fades as she enjoys your mouth, until she’s panting openly and purring with every thrust. You coax her over the edge with some extra-strong sucking, and she buries her cock in your mouth to finish.

You can’t taste Orin’s sperm like this, so you use your powers to force her hips back instead. A second river of delicious cum flows down your tongue and into your stomach, and you find yourself moaning loudly as you swallow. It’s so thick but so easy to drink, and just strong enouth to fog up your senses and leave a nice salty aftertaste without bothering your tongue, and the shots are so strong and aggressive…

Aw, she’s done. You pull off of her cock and fall onto the bed with a delighted smile. Your holes are both exposed, but she’s satisfied enough to ignore them.

Orin can’t decide what to do next, so you use your powers to pull her on top of you. You don’t feel any resistance at first, but she finally objects when you settle into the bed with her and start pulling up the covers. You placate her for a bit with your breasts; there’s a long trail of milk running down each one, and she can’t keep herself from cleaning them up while you get settled. By the time she’s done, it’s too late for her to escape your grasp. You wrap your arms and legs tightly around her and smile invitingly, and another fierce battle rages inside of her. Eventually, she gives in and reluctantly hugs you back.

“You’re really good at this, Orin. Let’s have sex again sometime.”

There’s a long pause. You’re almost asleep when Orin finally responds.

“You’re pretty good too.”

Your dream involves Meiling again. You’re back at the cabin again, living out a pleasant life of self-subsistence and sex. It won’t last forever, so you both want to savor every minute of it. You’re about to sit down to a simple dinner with her when Orin bites you awake.

“Ow! Ow! You’re supposed to kiss me awake! Oww!” Worth it.

Orin looks up at you with a sour expression. Her red hair and twintails briefly remind you of your dream, but her rude voice breaks the illusion.

“I’m hungry. Let go of me.” Her words are unkind, but she’s still blushing and her breath smells like milk.

“Hey, I thought we were closer than that,” you say teasingly as you untangle yourself. Orin grunts and turns her head away. She continues to avoid your gaze while you dress yourselves and head off towards the dining hall.

Turns out that the after-tourney meal is a bit of a tradition. You and Orin and Okuu and Yuugi and Yamame all get to sit at the good table, and the food is noticeably better than usual. A small band sets up nearby and entertains you all with some pleasant music from a variety of myseterious instruments. You would’ve liked to bring Kasen along, but you didn’t have time to find her.

As the chamption, you’re graced with the Fifth Thigh of the Deep Sow. It’s delicious, but you’d rather not think about where it came from. There’s plenty of sake too, but you only drink a little. You feel like you should stay sober for your upcoming meeting with Satori, and Yuugi’s happy to use up your portion in a drinking contest with Yamame. Yuugi wins, of course, and it looks like the penalty game is going to be a lot of fun for both of them.

Orin’s had enough of you for now, so the two of you sit on either side of Okuu as usual. Okuu can sense that something’s changed between you and Orin, and it puts her in a festive mood. She enjoys a good few drinks and gets a bit flushed and giggly; you’re sure she’s fine, but you feel compelled to ask her if she’ll need any help getting to her room.

“Ah? Oh, umm.” she furrows her brow for a moment, then holds up a finger in realization. “Oh, yeah! I promised to spend some time with Kasen later. She seemed really nervous when she asked me.”

Ooh, there’s an interesting development. If Kasen’s after what you think she’s after…

[ ] Wish Okuu luck.
[ ] Offer her a pill.
-[ ] Milk Plague (7 left)
-[ ] Aphro Salve (8 left)
-[ ] Eyes (9 left)
[X] Offer her a pill.
-[X] Milk Plague (7 left)

Gee, Kasen sure did enjoy drinking milk earlier, didn't she?
[x] Wish Okuu luck.

I'd rather just keep them all for Komachi.
[x] Offer her a pill.
-[x] Milk Plague (7 left)

This should pay off when Komachi pays Kasen a visit again, hopefully soon.
[ ] Offer her a pill.
-[ ] Milk Plague (7 left)
[x] Offer her a pill.
-[x] Eyes (9 left)

Eyes have a different effect for every user and their effect when Komachi uses them doesn't seem terribly useful outside the tournament.
[x] Offer her a pill.
-[x] Eyes (9 left)
What did those do again?
>Satori’s intrigued, but she seems a bit unhappy.
Oh, someone wanted some shinigami love. We'll have to make it up to her later.
[x] Offer her a pill.
-[x] Milk Plague (7 left)
[x] Offer her a pill.
-[x] Eyes (9 left)
[X] Offer her a pill.
-[X] Milk Plague (7 left)
[X] Wish Okuu luck.

She's not nearly old enough to experiment with questionable Eirin-devised medications. Maybe when she gets another few centuries on her.
by your logic she's too young to have sex with various beings of various genders. Oh wait, too late for that.
It was a joke, it was a joke, geeze. I mean, the vote wasn't, but the justification was.
Closing votes, Milk Plague wins.
File 134823507675.png - (568.18KB, 600x872 , haven'tforgotten.png) [iqdb]
Busy week, just starting to write now.

In the meantime: are people eager to get out of the Underground?
I'm eager to see Komachi dream-stalked by Koishi for the rest of the story.
The underground and SDM are by far my favourites so I'm in no rush personally.
I'm in no hurry as it still feels nicely paced and not dragging on for too long (like DtRT's stint in the underground)
I'm cool with the pacing so far

And what's DtRT?
Do the Right Thing, a /th/ comedy that shits all over good pacing to fit in more jokes. This is why using acronyms for stories is stupid.
File 134826578149.jpg - (123.76KB, 885x458 , futo aheago.jpg) [iqdb]
That's gonna be fun, yeah. Personally, I'm eager to see how you're going to work the Taoists into the story, if at all, but I figure that they'll show up when and if they show up. No point in having them around when they don't yet make narrative sense.

At any rate, I'm not too bothered by our stay in the underground yet. It seems longer than it actually is, I think; reading back through it, the pacing doesn't seem off at all. It's just that, since we're following along in real time, it naturally feels as though it stretches out longer.
Ahh. Same thing I was going to wonder what the hell RiG was since I know at least three stories that are RiG. The same with Reina who's an OC from RiG shows up in a few stories in /at/ and I'm utterly lost at who she is and why she matters.
She has tits.

Well there's >>26784 and the fact that such things are arranged in IRC. But mostly being a female main character that's very attractive to boot.
I wouldn't be too fussed over a few more posts worth, particularly if they contained Okuu getting some more time with everyone's favourite shinigami.
And Yuugi, too.
At the same time.
Hint hint.
I was hoping for a Kasen/Okuu/Komachi threesome myself.
Not enough oversized dp.
[x] Offer her a pill.
-[x] Milk Plague.

“With Kasen, huh? That’s great! She’s a little shy, though, so be gentle. And if you wanna spice it up a little…” You hand her one of your pills. “Try swallowing this beforehand. I think she’ll like it.”

Okuu seems mystified by the pill, but she accepts it with a smile. “Okay. Thanks, Komachi!”

The party’s winding down, so maybe you should move on. Your pretty curious about what Satori has planned, too. You excuse yourself and accept a final round of congratulations before heading back into the halls.

Your distance-compass helps to point you towards Satori, but it doesn’t account for the palace’s arcane maze of twisting hallways. You have to ask for directions a few times, giving plenty of rumor-fuel to the people you talk to. That’ll be Satori’s problem.

Everything gets oddly silent as you approach Satori’s room. The stone walls seem to suck up the noise of the cheerful ruckus until there’s nothing left to hear but your own breathing and footsteps. Finally, you reach the end of a long, torch-lit hall and find a single door awaiting you. It’s not locked, so you let yourself in.

“Hello, Komachi. It’s good to finally see you here.”

Satori sits on a large circular bed in the middle of an exceedingly spacious room. The dozen candles arranged on nearby tables create a little island of light around her, but the don’t cast enough light for you to see the walls or the ceiling.

Satori’s dressed like she usually is, but she looks unusually flushed, and she’s shivering in spite of the warmth. It accentuates the paleness of her skin and the frailty of her small body. Her three eyes still have their steely glare, though. She starts to speak when she sees that your monologue’s finished.

“I see you’ve thoroughly enjoyed yourself in your time here. Becoming intimate with my pets, attending my festival, winning my tournament… You’re exactly the person I was hoping to find.”


“In truth, I arranged all of this in the hope of finding someone like you. Only someone with your skills is fit to handle the tournament’s prize.”

What, is it some kind of magical gimmick that sucks every available cock right into your--

“No, nothing like that. It is merely…”

Something kinda slimy touches your hand.

“… An introduction.”

Satori lets out a little grund, and you look down with a jolt to see a white tentacle coming out of a small rift in space. It coils around your wrist and slides up your arm, hugging insistently when you pull away from it.


The tentacle reaches your sleeve and recoils when it touches the fabric.

“I apologize. It was so eager, I couldn’t keep it under control.” Satori’s blushing harder now and fiddling with the buttons on her shirt. She didn’t actually explain anything, so you just keep looking at her.

“This… is my newest pet. It lives in a faraway place and uses these rifts to enter our world. From what I can tell, it is a massive creature, and these tentacles are only a small part of it.”

The tentacle on your arm doesn’t move, but other ones start to appear and sway around in the air. Satori’s clearly undressing now, but she’s trying to talk like you can’t see what she’s doing.

“Once every century, it searches our world for a female to carry its offspring. The mating process is quite taxing, however, so it uses a lengthy courtship process to find suitable mate. My abilities drew it to me, and it has continued to court me in the absence of a more suitable partner.” She removes her shirt as she says that, exposing a flat, pale chest. Several small tentacles start to stroke it, leaving small trails that shine in the candlelight.

“The creature is somewhat telepathic. It digs deep into your mind and uses these tentacles to fulfill your deepest sexual desires, over and over again. Once your mind is completely enslaved to the pleasure, it will take you away and impregnate you.”

Satori removes her skirt, and a handful of extremely thin tentacles dig into her pussy. She falls back and starts moaning and writhing on the bed as they probe around and dig into all of her most sensitive places. It looks like it feels really good…

A tentacle with a penislike tip comes up in front of your mouth. It looks so hard and inviting that you can’t resist giving it a little kiss. In return, it gently slides past your teeth and pours something sweet and fragrant into your mouth. The world spins a little when you swallow it, and the heat that’s started to build up in your body doubles in intensity. The tentacle withdraws afterwards, leaving you to lick off your lips to get a little more of the taste.

Satori looks really erotic right now. The tentacles are just teasing her, but she’s almost lost in pleasure already. The thought of what she’d look like if the creature used its full strength is…

“Hey, Satori. Why’d you want me to meet this thing?”

Satori needs a few moments to ready herself to speak.

“I’ve lost the power to control my desires. I can’t keep myself from having sex with it at every opportunity, and it’ll break me and take me away unless I can find a beter mate for it.”

You take an accusatory step forward. “So you want to make me its plaything to save yourself?”

Satori smirks.

“If it’s you, I think it could be the other way around.” The tentacles in her pussy reassert themselves, making her head jerk back and away from you. As you watch, a thicker one appears and starts thrusting into her pussy while the smaller ones keep digging inside her.

It’s getting really hot and hard to think. Your free hand wanders between your legs, but another tentacle grabs it and gently tugs it away. You struggle weakly while Satori moans shamelessly in front of you. She cums after a minute of thrusting, arching her back and crying out in guilty delight.

“Mmm! Ah… Please… More…”

Oh, what the heck. You’ll deal with the consequences later.

The tentacles relax their grip to let you undress. The moment your robe hits the floor, a dozen of them wrap around you and lift you up in the air. You’re feeling pretty weak, but you could probably shake them off if you really wanted to.

The tentacles pleasuring Satori stop and withdraw, leaving just a few wrapped around her arms and thighs. Some of her sense returns, and she walks over to your suspended body with a surprisingly naughty smile. You’d never have guessed she was capable of that kind of expression.

“Oh, you’ve decided to let it play with you? I’m glad. It was quite taken with your body the moment it sensed you, but it’ll need to perform a more thorough examination.”

Some of the tentacles let go of you and start rubbing every inch of your body. They leave a trail of pleasantly-warm fluid wherever they touch, and they’re about as soft as a girl’s hand. You can’t help shivering a little whenever they touch a ticklish spot and go back to inspect it further.

The tentacles stop dead when they reach your breasts. If they’ve only dealt with Satori so far, that’d make sense. A few tonguelike ones come out to play with your nipples, and the rest of the tentacles prod and poke curiously at your cleavage. Satori seems less amused at that.

“Honestly…” She reaches out and tries to squeeze both of them, but her small hands can’t quite manage it. The tentacles get the idea and coil around your breasts before giving each one an extremely tight squeeze. The pained sound you make teaches them to be gentler, and they settle into a steady massage and add two more tongue-tongues to play with your rapidly-hardening nipples.

“Ah, there we go. And there’s still the most important place…” Satori spreads your pussy, and a new tentacle emerges to examine it. You gasp quietly as it enters you without hesitation, quickly worming though your juicy pussy to your cervix. You start to relax when it touches you there, only to be shocked again when three small tendrils penetrate into your womb. It hurts a little, but then a strange pleasure overwhelms you as the tendrils start to run across the walls. You throw your head backwards and let out a few strangled cries, not able to accustom yourself to the feeling. The main tentacle starts thrusting as well, and the ones on your breasts get a little more aggressive.

This is what tentacle sex feels like, huh? The diversity of sensations is incredible. Your breasts are all bound up in soft, slimy tentacle-flesh, making the tips extra-vulnerable to the four tongues that ceaselessly lick them. The ones in your womb keep blanking your mind with unfamiliar sensations, and the flexible one in your pussy fills you up nicely no matter how you jerk your hips.

The cocktail of pleasure easily brings you over the edge, and the tentacles pause their assault and give you a sort of hug you while the convulsions work through you. When you finish, the ones in your womb finally retreat. The tentacle in your pussy keeps you under control with some slow thrusting, which stops you from jumping too much when you feel one touch your asshole.

Four tendrils tug your hole open, and a super-slippery tentacle slides in and quickly fills you up. It’s at leas a foot long. As the tentacles start thrusting again in a gentle aleternating motion, you see another bunch grab Satori and lift her up in front of you.

“What’s it doing now?” you ask.

“It needs a comparison.”

A shockingly thick tentacle covered in bumps appears and starts rubbing Satori’s tiny slit. Several tendrils dig into her pussy and spread it wide open, letting you all the way to her cervix before the huge tentacle-cock fills her up and creates a noticeable bulge in her abdomen. Her mouth and eyes shoot open as wide as possible, and her body freezes up for several seconds. Her face finally settles into an incredibly perverted grin.

“Ahaa… So full…”

The tentacles hold Satori firmly in place, and her face keeps changing between shocked pleasure and lustful delight as the tentacle slowly thrusts into her. This is her deepest desire, huh?

There’s plenty of pleasure for you, too. The tentacles in your ass and pussy are nice, but they suddenly seem suddenly seem a little inadequate; you want something like that driving you crazy, too…

Suddenly, the tentacle in Satori pulls out, making her cum again in the process. You’re confused at first, but it turns to enthusiasm when the one in your pussy pulls out as well. Still in the middle of her orgasm, Satori watches in surprise as her personal toy slams into you without hesitation.

Ahh, it’s incredible! Your pussy’s bigger than Satori’s, but the tentacle still gives you a nice stretching, and the little bumps rub against your sensitive spots and stretch you out even further. You tighten your pussy to make it feel even better and relax into the pleasure, letting your eyes roll up a little as it pounds into you with strong, decisive thrusts. The attention your asshole and breasts get as well is icing on the cake.

You sense something touching your mind as the new tentacle easily finishes you off. As you cry out again from your second or third orgasm, you can’t help but notice how attractive Satori looks right now. She has such a small, innocent body, but she’s covered in slime and panting so heavily and wearing a heavy blush. She looks so lonely with nothing pleasuring her…

“K… Komachi?”

The tentacles carry Satori closer to you, pressing her slit right up to your face. You lick your lips and dig in; she’s soaked with all the juices you could ask for, and there’s a sweet taste from the tentacles that complements them perfectly. You start driving her tongue into her to scoop out as much as you can, savoring the taste and the helpless moans she lets out. The excitement only makes your body more sensitive to the tentacles’ pumping and squeezing and rubbing, and you and Satori cum again in almost no time at all.

This time, you feel a clear presence in your mind. You can’t reach out and touch it, but you can tell that it’s watching and listening. It doesn’t judge, either. It’ll do whatever you want. Which means…

The tentacles release your arms and breasts and legs, dropping you onto the bed. It takes you a while to get up after cumming so much, and the thick tentacles still inside you doesn’t make it any easier. The thought of playing with Satori gives you plenty of motivation, though.

“This is amazing, Satori. I really like it.” Satori nods slowly, spooked by the dangerous lust in your voice. “Here, lemme show you my thanks~”

The tentacles spread Satori’s arms and legs and pussy. She’s too weak and aroused to resist, so she can only watch with fear and arousal as you pull out the tentacle from your pussy and line it up with hers.

“Th…That’s…No way…”

You jam it in with a single earth-shattering thrust. Her eyes roll back in her head as her body convulses in the tentacles’ grip, and the twitching and shuddering continues for nearly a minute. Then, just before she recovers, you thrust it into her again, and again, and again, and plug her mouth with kisses to enjoy the lovely moans she lets out. The tentacles caress both of you and fill up the rest of your holes, and she surrenders completely to the pleasure. You lose track of the number of orgasms that follow, but most of them are hers.

You and your new pet agree. She’s really cute.

[ ] Be Okuu.
[ ] Be Kasen.
[x] Be Kasen.
I'm kinda divided on this next vote but I think I'm gonna go

[x]Be Kasen

Kasen's an interesting case as well she's gonna be dealing with her own inner conflict and really her responses from her PoV with Okuu are bound to be golden. Just hope Okuu remembers how to spread the milk plague.

Also I'm not sure if the Tentacle Monster is Tied to Yukari theory is disproven or not with that last scene
[x] Be Kasen.
[x] Be Koishi

I don't care either way and wish to be the invisible girl. Is Komachi getting at-will tentacle rifts too much to hope for?
[x] Be Kasen
[x] Be Kasen.

I just think her point of view could be interesting
[x] Be Okuu.
Because Okuu is Olev.
[x] Be Kasen.

First-hand perspective of Kasen's morality and resolve crumbling? Yes, please.
I'm not even sure if it would be corruption.

In away with Okuu's purity it might be development of a new paradigm. Might loosen her up (in more ways than one) but I'm not seeing her becoming a slut or anything. Utusho might teach her somethings.
Unfortunately, it'd also be a first-hand account of Kasen's death. If she behaves in an un-hermit like fashion, she gets the axe, and Komachi'd probably be the executioner. So, a *little* bit of corruption'd probably be fine, but it'd most likely just be limited to freer or fewer inhibitions about casual sex. Much more than that'd be dangerous.
Except Komachi said to Tenshi in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody that she ISN'T the one who actually offs the person. She just ferries souls.

Tenshi: If a death god has come for me, then there's nothing more to think about.
Komachi: Well, claiming souls is out of my jurisdiction. I'm just a humble ferryman.

The others would be the one to go after Kasen. Hell she's not openly trying to kill her in Wild and Horned Hermit. But with just how incapacitated they are by Shikieiki right now they might not get to Kasen for a while.

Still I don't see this fully breaking the Hermitdom. I mean if anything she's doing it with the most pure one there.
It's also, y'know, a pretty chill porn story.
>Kasen's morality and resolve crumbling
Oh, not this garbage again.

[x] Be Okuu.
Votes closed. Kasen wins.
[x] Be Kasen.

You can’t put it off any longer. It’s time for your meeting with the raven.

There’s a chance that you might undergo a profound change, and it’s always frightening to give up part of yourself. But at the same time, you feel that change is necessary; even if you run away now, you won’t be able to forget what happened here and revert to your normal self.

No, the only choice is to go forward.

The youkai here aren’t fond of you, but they aren’t strong enough to do anything about it. Following their reluctantly-given directions, you find yourself in front of a nondescript wooden door, one of dozens lining a long stone hallway. A pleasant humming in a familiar voice leaks out from behind it.

You swallow, breathe deeply, and straighten your clothes before knocking on the door with your unbandaged hand. A cheery voice tells you to come in, prompting you to slowly push the door open.

The room inside is a barren, stone-walled affair. The plainness pleases you, but you’re disappointed to see how unkempt it is. Large black feathers litter the floor and the bed, and everything seems to have been hastily put in order. Okuu herself sits on the the foot of the bed, fully dressed and perfectly relaxed. You give her a bow.

“Good evening, Miss Reiuji.”

“Hi, Miss Kasen! Come in!”

She smiles with disconcerting radiance while you walk in, close the door, and seat yourself. Your critical eye notices an unnatural blush on her face; she seems to have been enjoying herself in an impure manner.

“How are you?” you ask.

“Really good! I just ate with Komachi and everyone else. You should’ve been there too, it was a lot of fun!”

You try and fail to picture yourself reveling with the rest of them. Some things will just never happen.

“So, you wanted to get to know me?”

“Yes, that’s right. You seem different from all of the others down here, and I wanted to get to know you better.”

Suddenly, her smile disappears. “Oh. That’s why?”

What? What did you-- oh, she thinks you’re talking about last year’s incident. Brilliant work.

“No, no! I meant that you seem more pure than your fellow youkai.”

Okuu’s frown disappears, but she’s still confused. “‘Pure’?”

“That’s right. You’re not driven by lust as the rest of them are, and you were the only one to encourage me when I went out to fight, and…” She has no idea what you’re talking about.

“… I think you have something important to teach me.”

“Really? You seem like a really smart person, Miss Kasen. It seems like you’d be the one to teach me.”

“Well...” She doesn’t think about these things the same way you do. She won’t be able to teach you with words.

So, you walk to the bed and sit down next to her. As you try to phrase your request, you remember something Komachi said once.

“Can you show me how you… make love?”

Okuu’s blush doubles in power, outmatching even your own. She glances up and down your body, then back to your eyes. As she examines them, her nervousness fades away.

“This is important, isn’t it?” she asks.

You nod once. “It is.”

“Okay. I don’t really understand, but I’ll help.” With that, she leans over and kisses you. It’s so sudden that your body freezes up in shock. Her tongue is large and warm, and you feel yourself shudder as it fills up your mouth. When she doesn’t encounter any resistance, she starts licking over your teeth and under your tongue, sending smaller shivers all through you.

You finally start trying to kiss back, but you can’t remember your technique through the swirl of arousal. Your tongue just scrapes ineffectually at hers, prompting her to pin it down and start leaking saliva into your mouth You try grabbing her head for extra leverage, but you can’t get your tongue out from underneath.

You’ve clearly been bested. Your hands drop from Okuu’s head, allowing her to pull away. You calm down your panting, take a deep breath, and shudder again as you swallow all the warm saliva she left in your mouth. Your underwear is becoming uncomfortably wet already.

Just when you think you’re recovering, her hand curls around your back and squeezes one of your breasts. She can’t help little chuckling when you yelp in surprise.

“You’re really uptight, Miss Kasen. We’re making love, remember? Try to relax.”

Try to relax. Accept the pleasure. Okuu slowly kneads your breast while you take several deep breaths. Your body starts to jump again when she kisses the back of your neck, but you keep it under control this time.

“There, that’s better. Let me make you feel good.”

Okuu moves her hand to your other breast and kisses her way up to your lips. Her tongue enters your mouth again, but you’re composed enough to meet it this time. By channeling some extra power into your tongue, you’re able to force hers aside and advance into her mouth. She sucks it in further with a cheerful purr, and your tongues enter into a mighty struggle while she keeps squeezing your breasts.

Okuu breaks the kiss with a smile. You’re proud of your performance, but that was only the very beginning. She gently pushes out her chest, and you take the hint to start unbuttoning her shirt, trying not to stare into the large red eye above her breasts. Each button reveals more of her impressive cleavage, and she seems to be breathing extra-hard to make it heave in an extremely lewd manner.

The shirt falls open. Her breasts are… very large, and very round. The torchlight colors them a deep orange, accentuating their smoothness. Your bandaged hand feels nothing, but your normal one trembles as it sinks into the softness. They feel similar to Komachi’s, but you’re no expert on breasts. You try to replicate the groping technique she used on you, but your unpracticed hands are much more awkward. However, she still purrs appreciatively and strokes your hair as you busily squeeze and knead.

Okuu’s hand moves to the back of your head and gently pulls it towards her chest. She lifts up one of her breasts, and you take the hint to close your mouth around the nipple. After a bit of sucking, something sprays onto your tongue. You pull back in surprise, and your blush deepens as a rich, complex bitterness settles into your mouth.

Okuu smiles innocently, leaking a small trickle of milk.

“Is it good?”

You nod slowly and go back for more. The spray resolves into a steady flow, but it’s coming too slowly for your liking. You suck as hard as you can to draw out more, making Okuu twist and moan until before she gets the idea to have you drink from her other breast as well. You grab them both and squeeze rhythmically, constantly swallowing to keep up with the constant flow of milk while her gentle moaning worms into your mind and intensifies the haze that’s settled over you.

You can’t stop drinking. The wonderful taste is one thing, but there’s just something about having a beautiful girl nurture you like this that’s irresistible.

She really is beautiful, too. Her purity keeps her body free from the lewdness that infects Komachi’s, and want to enjoy it more and more…

A strange heat in your breasts derails your train of thought. Come to think of it, it’s the same thing you felt with Komachi earlier. Could this be…?

You reluctantly pull away from Okuu’s soft, delicious chest and remove your tabard. Sure enough, a few wet spots have developed on the dress underneath. Okuu’s face brightens in recognition, and she eagerly helps you out of the rest of your clothes. Before you know it, you’re completely naked in front of her.

Your first instinct is to cover yourself, but she gently pulls your arms away. Her gaze isn’t lustful at all; she’s deeply appreciative of your body, and also eager to please it. Getting stared at like this isn’t so bad.

As expected, her eyes stop on your breasts. She wasn’t able to see you up close during your fight, so this could be her first time seeing nipples like yours. Small pools of milk have formed in the depressions, and you can feel more of it leaking unstoppably out of your breasts to match the flow from between your legs.

“They’re… inverted. The nipples are hidden inside,” you explain.

“Wow, really?” Without any warning, Okuu reaches forward and presses two fingers into one of the moist holes, roughly striking the tip of your nipple.

“Wait, wait, thaaats’ don’t do that!”

She pulls back and apologizes profusely while you catch your breath. You’re ready to move on to something else, but she gets another idea and grabs one of your breasts.

This time, she uses her mouth. Her large, moist tongue slides in and fills the depression, soaking up the pool of milk as it gently teases your nipple. The pleasure is very sharp, but it’s easier to bear when you have a warm, soft tongue stimulating you.

“Mm, it’s really sweet.”

Okuu turns around and crawls over you, letting her dripping breasts dangle above your head. You fit the two nipples into your mouth again and close your eyes, losing yourself in the flavor while she continues to tease your nipples and lap up your precious milk.

You’re getting very hot between your legs from all this. Okuu notices the subtle movement of your hands and crawls forward to get there first, making her breasts pop out of your mouth and leave a trail of milk down your body.

The view above your head is replaced by a a green skirt, with a strange bulge underneath. Aroused and curious, you remove the clothing and gasp when you see what it was hiding: a truly massive cock, eight inches long but only slightly erect.

Okuu lets out a nervous chuckle as the shaft lengthens and thickens before your eyes. “Ah, yeah, it’s really big. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.”

Okuu gets off of you and has you sit down at the edge of the bed before kneeling between your legs. You’d be embarrassed to say that you’re drenched right now, but knowing that this sweet girl will take care of it makes it less humiliating.

“You got like this from my breasts, right?”

Okuu closes her eyes and slowly licks up your slit. The feeling of her warm tongue gliding up your sensitive labia forces you to moan quietly. She licks again and again, more forcefully each time, until her tongue finally penetrates you and starts running over your folds. You clench up and moan again in surprise, making her stop for a moment while you accustom yourself to the feeling of her tongue inside you.

She brings up her hand and starts to stroke your hard clitoris in a steady circular motion. The sensation travels down to your pussy, forcing it to become to become extra-sensitive and extra-receptive to her tongue, which in turn makes your clit even harder.

Her burning orange eyes stare up into yours, soft with affection. You can’t help smiling back as her tongue penetrates even further and continues its rhythmic stimulation. Despite your arousal, your spirit is still relaxed.

The sensations between your legs keep growing and compounding on themselves. You fall onto your back as the pleasure intensifies and builds to a peak, twisting and moaning from Okuu’s steady licking.


Your pussy clenches shut and forces a powerful shock of pleasure through your body. Okuu pulls back to watch as you writhe around on the sheets, helpless against the feeling despite all your training. It’s a powerful orgasm, but you don’t feel the guilt you were expecting. This is definitely different from giving into your lust…

Okuu’s tongue in your mouth interrupts you. It’s coated in strange new tastes, and you don’t realize their source until you’ve already licked it clean. You feel a slight rush of embarrassment, but the sight of Okuu’s warm eyes makes it okay.

You break the kiss and sit back up. Okuu is completely undressed now, and it’s hard to ignore her fully-erect penis.

A strange excitement washes over you as you behold the throbbing shaft. It seems to be begging for attention, and you want to make her cry out just like you did. A sense of resolve grows inside you as you look up to Okuu’s face.

“Please, sit down on the edge.”

“Ah? Sure.” Okuu swings her legs over the side of the bed while you get on your knees in front of her. You want to do something to amazing, but you’re not sure what. The sight of Okuu’s imposing cock makes you wish you’d done more to practice your fellatio.

But you can do this. Calm down and think. What would Komachi do?

You start by shakily licking from the base to the tip. Your tongue runs out of saliva halfway through, so you coat it again and keep trying until you’re able to moisten the entire shaft. You find your breasts touching the base when your tongue is at the tip, so you try squeezing part of the shaft between them while you flutter your tongue over the head. Okuu tells you to go more slowly, and you settle into a rhythm of slowly stroking with your breasts while you coat her glans in long, sensual licks. The beautiful moans she lets out make up for any lingering shame you feel.

In fact, you want to do something even wilder.

Your heartbeat quickens as you grab the shaft ant point it straight towards you. You fit the tip into your mouth and get on all fours, not able to keep yourself from licking up the salty precum in the meantime. Okuu watches with a mixture of curiosity and amazement, blushing deeply as she realizes your intentions.

“Kasen, are you…?”


You take an unnecessary deep breath and start crawling forward, shivering as her cock fills up your mouth and starts penetrating your warm, tight throat. You moved beyond the need for air long ago, so you can take your time fitting it inside you. Okuu quietly moans your name as you swallow more and more, until you can plant a kiss on her waist.

Having something so huge inside you is amazing on its own; you shudder do imagine what it would feel like in a more sensitive place. The way it twitches along with her moaning sends shivers down your spine as well. The moisture is starting to spill out of your pussy, and you can feel a slight tingling as your breasts keep leaking milk onto the floor.

Now you need to actually do something with your mouth. You start with some gentle sucking, just enough to let Okuu feel it all along the length of her cock. She reacts well to that, so you suck a little harder and add in some gentle moaning as well. It’s strangely relaxing to be able to tease her all you want like this.

You start thrusting back and forth while you suck, staring up into her eyes just as she did to you. Her mouth hangs open as the sensations assault her cock, and she’ll occasionally twitch and moan and spray some milk from her breasts. Your tongue yearns to taste it again, even as it’s pressed against the wet, salty underside of her cock.

“K-Kasen, I’m gonna…”

You can imagine it. Okuu crying out in ecstasy, her thick sperm pouring straight into your stomach, her cock clenching uncontrollably as you massage it with your throat…

But another image competes with it. You imagine her whole shaft buried inside of you, making both of you embrace each other and lose yourselves with the slightest movement…

You stop sucking. Okuu’s moans die in her throat, and she shivers nervously as you pull off of her.

“Can you… put it inside of me, Okuu?” you ask. She takes a deep breath to calm herself.

“Are you sure? It’s really big…”

You nod silently.

“Okay. Lemme just get you nice and ready~”

Okuu pulls you up onto the bed and forces two fingers between your legs. Your thighs clamp together on instinct, pushing her hand even deeper inside you. The two fingers gently probe inside of you until she finds two spots that make you groan with the slightest touch. You give in and spread your legs, and she pulls your head back to kiss her while she stirs you up with firm, mechanical strokes.

Okuu holds you close with her rod, pressing her soft, milky breasts and her hot, throbbing cock against your back. The pleasure’s so intense and rapid that you can’t even twitch or writhe; your body stays completely still as the waves of pleasure wash over you. You break the kiss to moan Okuu’s name, and your body clenches up uncontrollably as another orgasm approaches, but it’s forced to relax again when she pulls out her fingers to pay you back for before.

“We’ll cum together. Are you ready?”

You nod and push Okuu down onto the bed. Her heaving, milk-smeared breasts shine in the torchlight, and her hard cock throbs rapidly just an inch above her stomach. You’re forced to stand up over her waist to get the tip between your legs. It’s warm and slippery in your hand, an easy fit for your drenched pussy.

You insert the tip and start descending to your knees. Okuu’s moaning rises in pitch as she appreoaches the edge, then stops abruptly when she finds herself unable to cum. You lower yourself a few more inches before stopping to address her.

“Ah, you’ve never done it with a hermit? This pussy has complete control over you. You won’t be able to cum inside until I allow you.” You can’t resist a little smirk, and you briefly worry that your powers will disappear again. But they remain; there’s no malice in your actions this time.

Suddenly on the submissive side, Okuu moans weakly as your pussy swallows more and more of her shaft. Your walls come to life and wriggle all over her cock, and your own pleasurable twitching magnifies the sensations. You’re both disappointed when you reach your limit with two or three inches left to go.

“Kasen, it feels amazin--” You cut her off and close your eyes to focus.

You’re a hermit, the apex of humanity. If you can tame dragons and survive on mist, you can surely accept a few more inches of penis. You just need to concentrate a little harder…

There! Charged with more power than ever before, your pussy stretches out to accept every inch of Okuu’s cock. A high-pitched cry rewards you, followed by another one as your cervix opens slightly and begins to suck on the tip of her penis.


Your vision clears after the exertion, allowing you to look down to Okuu’s face. The mixture of adoration and amazement you see is so pure and so loving that your body shivers in delight, forcing her to moan again as your walls shudder around her.

This feeling of fullness is amazing. Her penis fills every inch of your wonderfully sensitive pussy, and its throbbing echoes all through you. The intense heat fills your body and saps your strength, making you fall right into Okuu’s embrace; her softness and scent and warmth overwhelm your senses.

A moment later, you find yourself drinking Okuu’s milk again while she breathes heavily and strokes your hair. The taste is still irresistible. You lift your eyes without stopping your mouth and find her still wearing that innocent, heart-melting smile.

“Wanna keep going?”

You release her nipple and nod. It’s extremely tempting to just stay like this, but you need to see this through. You came here on a mission, after all.

Mustering up some more of your strength, you to push yourself up and settle back on your legs. Okuu’s cock shifts around and rubs your insides the whole time, so that you’re barely able to keep from collapsing again when you’re finally upright.

Your pussy tightens again as you refocus your powers, allowing you and Okuu to feel each other as closely as possible. Then you push against her stomach and rise off of your legs, allowing half of her cock to escape you. You feel every inch drag over your walls in minute detail, and you can only maintain the position for a second before you drop down again with a mind-clearing shudder. Your enhanced walls squirm fiercely against her length with every movement, making her moans loud enough to drown out your own. Neither one of you will cum until you say so, however.

You repeat the movement a few more times, nearly collapsing again on several occasions, before Okuu grabs your arm. She looks much more dazed than before, but she’s still keeping it together.

“You don’t need to strain yourself so much. Wanna let me do the moving?”

You have to admit that you’d like that. Okuu lays you on the edge of the bed, allowing herself to stand up while her cock stays buried inside you. She leans forward and offers you her arms; your normal arm grabs onto her rod, and your bandaged fingers lace together with hers. She tugs mightily on your arms to pull back her hips, and slams them back into you before you can recover.

Your eyes roll back as your mind whites out once again. Another thrust keeps your thoughts out of your reach, and she starts thrusting fast enough to keep your mind in a constant state of numbness. The only thing you can focus on is Okuu’s face as her mouth hangs open and she pants desperately to keep up with the pleasure and the exertion.

Many strange things drift through your mind while Okuu poinds away at you. For a moment, you think you can see the meaning of life and the path to godhood, but it disappears in sharp burst of pleasure from a powerful grind. If only you were more used to this…

Okuu thrusts enough to bring a normal person to orgasm three times over, but no amount of pleasure can overcome your powers. Eventually, she surrenders and falls onto you.

“I’m sorry… I can’t go on…” she pants. You reach up and pat her head with a limp, trembling hand. Her penis is begging for its reward, to soak every inch of the pussy it’s enjoyed so much. Even now, your walls and your cervix gently stroke and suckle it to keep her right on the edge.

The experience you just had was unbelievable. Your disciples weren’t able to give you such an incredible level of pleasure, and Komachi was too lustful to let you properly enjoy it. What if your sexual power is a tool for enlightenment, rather than punishment? If you can keep suspending yourself in this state of pleasure, who knows what insights you can achieve?

But the throbbing in your pussy forces the question away. You need your release as well, and to enjoy it with this beautiful woman. She certainly deserves it.

You crawl backwards to put your entire body on the bed before wrapping your legs around Okuu and grabbing her head for a kiss. As her tongue slides into your mouth, you permit the two of you to orgasm.

Okuu’s starts first. Her glazed-over eyes suddenly open wide as the pleasure explodes inside of her, and she breaks the kiss to scream with shameless pleasure. The first shot of her sperm blasts straight through your cervix into your womb, and the unexpected sensation catches you off-guard and hurls you into your own orgasm.

With the pleasure paralyzing you and Okuu pinning you down, you can’t do anything but squirm and moan and lose yourself in pleasure. Your mind is completely blank once again; the ecstasy has pushed everything else far beyond your reach.

Okuu’s cock won’t stop shooting. Your womb’s completely soaked now, but she can’t move at all to stop herself from pumping it full of hot, thick sperm. Your convulsing pussy isn’t helping things, either. With nothing else it can do, your womb stretches and expands until you could pass for three weeks pregnant. You can feel the liquid sloshing around inside of you and slowly draining out past her cock.

Okuu finally comes to her senses and slides her softening cock out of you. You powers relax as well, forcing out a large, embarrassingly pleasurable shot of sperm as your womb begins to contract. Your partner collapses next to you and gives you a gentle kiss before you close your eyes. You’re still twitching and feeling small aftershocks of pleasure, and it feels like it’ll be ages before you can stand again. You close your eyes and accept the embrace of sleep.

You finally managed to empty your mind, and all it took was loving sex with an underground youkai.

That’s too ridiculous.


Ah, Kasen’s pussy was amazing. You got to use it for so long, and it feels like you just came enough for three days. And she was so cute too, blushing really hard and moaning your name while she kept squeezing out your sperm…

She looks really peaceful right now, even though she’s still pouring cum onto the sheets. She looks kind of pregnant like that…

No, no, you just met her. It takes more than sex to tell if you love someone. Even if it was the best sex you’ve ever had.

[ ] But if you spent a little more time with her…
[ ] It wouldn’t work out anyway.

Okuu won’t be able to do much else if she starts spending time with Kasen.
Worth the wait. In part I like the pairing of Kasen and Okuu working to be in love just works out so well. It means we lose Okuu and Komachi sex...

I'm a romantic so...
[X] But if you spent a little more time with her…
Wow. Definitely worth the wait.

Orin would be livid if Kasen got Okuu. I'm honestly not sure if I consider this a plus or a minus. I guess I'll err on the side of keeping Orin somewhat happy.

[x] It wouldn’t work out anyway.
My. God. Yes.

All of my yes forever. This is fantastic.

[X] But if you spent a little more time with her…

Call me a hopeless romantic. Anyway, there are plenty of others Komachi can play with. I just wanna see where this goes.
[x] But if you spent a little more time with her…
[x] But if you spent a little more time with her…

I want to give it a chance and this isn't say Meiling (someone Komachi knew quite well). Komachi already has Yamame and Mokou more or less waiting for her.
>What would Komachi do?
>If you can tame dragons and survive on mist, you can surely accept a few more inches of penis.
[x] It wouldn’t work out anyway.
Can't bring myself to mess with Okuu/Orin.
[x] But if you spent a little more time with her…

Because this relationship is already beautiful and can only become more so.
[X] But if you spent a little more time with her…
[x] It wouldn’t work out anyway.
Closing votes, OkuuxKasen wins.
Update coming tomorrow, unless the storm interferes.
[x] But if you spent a little more time with her…

… Just paid her a visit sometime to see if she needed you to teach her again, and got to know her a little better, and cuddled her all night long…

Yeah, that sounds good. You’ll just hug her really tight now so she can’t get away before you ask her.

She smells really nice.


Hey, you’re trying to sleep off your tentacle-orgy here! Who’s making such a racket with all that moaning and sucking and squishing?

Wait, what?

You’re in a fancy Japanese room. Like the Hakurei shrine, but larger and cleaner and better-decorated. Right in front of you, Yukari’s lying down and getting a titfuck from a beautiful woman with purple-and-brown hair. They’re both naked.

Much like Yukari, the other woman’s unnaturally beautiful. She’s not quite as lean as Yukari, but that just seems to accentuate her pale body’s soft and inviting curves. Her oily breasts seem to be even larger than yours, able to completely envelop Yukari’s impressive cock in a slippery cage of softness. She handles them well, too; they hardly flop around at all as she quickly strokes them up and down and squeezes them together.

“You’ve become quite skilled at this, Byakuren,” Yukari says, blushing and grinning like she always does.

“I’ve had plenty of time to practice. They’re all developing splendidly.” Byakuren’s voice is serene and commanding, a sharp contrast to what she’s actually doing.

“And then you’ll turn them loose on the village?”

“Mm. The humans won’t stand a chance.”

Yukari chuckles to herself, but it’s cut off as she starts cumming. Byakuren presses down on her breasts to let herself wrap her lips around Yukari’s cock, and the whole thick load goes down her throat without the slightest difficulty.

“They’re pretty good, huh?”

You startle and whirl around to see Koishi standing behind you, smiling innocently with her hands behind her back.

“What’s going on?”

“We’re dreaming. I picked this time.”

You hear a lustful kiss behind you, followed by plenty of moaning and the unmistakeable sounds of sex.

“That’s Byakuren Hijiri. She got unsealed a while ago, and now she runs a temple in the village. She’s really good at magic.”

Hmm, Byakuren. Come to think of it, that name does sound familiar. Hadn’t the shinigami been gossiping about some woman who’d tried to cheat death?

“She met Yukari about a month ago, and they’ve gotten really close. In fact, she played a big part in this!”

You catch a glimpse of Yukari holding up one of Byakuren’s legs and going to town on her before the scene changes.

Now, Byakuren’s much more formal-looking, wearing a white dress with a black robe that criss-crosses over the front. She’s kneeling next to a familiar-looking kitsune, and they’re both reciting a high-level spell off of a strange floating scroll.

“You know Ran, right? She wasn’t strong enough to cast a spell that Yukari needed, so they had to get Byakuren’s help.”

“A spell?”

“Yep! One to turn every youkai into a--oh, hang on a second.” Koishi runs over to Byakuren for a bit and whispers something into her ear, and Byakuren works it into her spell.

“… Every youkai except the satoris into a futa. I think Sis is cuter without one.”

So this was Yukari’s doing. But you still have no idea why.

“What did they need the spell for?”

“No idea! It looks like fun, though.”

Ran and Byakuren reach the ends of their incantations. A firestorm of magic blasts out of Byakuren to spread all over Gensokyo, but Ran focuses all of her power into a gap that appears in front of her.

“Where’s that gap lead?”

“Ooh, I knew you’d ask! Come see!” Koishi runs over and leads you through, and you come out in a gigantic hall of ageless stone. Hey, you know this place.

“This is the far side of the--Eiki!”

She’s standing right in front of you, staring back defiantly at the gap. The magic’s trying its best to affect her, but she grits her teeth and holds it off as the swirl grows stronger and stronger. Finally, you hear a terrible crack as it overcomes her, and she collapses into a writhing heap. For the first time ever, you see panic in her eyes.

“Whoa! They just… Oh no. Ohh no.”

Eiki’s body turns to pure black and white, shuddering and convulsing and changing in front of you.

“Oh, you know what’s happening?”

You nod rapidly. Everything’s falling into place, and you don’t like it at all.

“They didn’t make her small just for kicks. Her body was carefully designed to contain her power and keep her sanity in check. And Yukari went and broke it.”

Eiki’s body is resolving into a human form. It’s similar to before, but much taller and bustier and more menacing and she has a thick powerful cock and ohgodshe’slookingrightatyou--

You wake up with a shudder. Koishi does the same and stands up in front of you, stretching and breaking out another smile.

“Well, there you go! We’re even now.”

As she turns around to walk away, you suddenly notice that you’re naked and chained to one of those X-frames. Also that your powers aren’t working.

“Hey, wait, what’s going on here?!”

Koishi turns around and grins at you with a teasing look in her eyes.

“Oh, yeah. You were really out of it after doing it with Sis, so it was easy for Parsee’s people to come in and kidnap you. She’s really looking forward to getting revenge on you, y’know. Looks like you’re gonna have a lot of fun!” She starts to leave again, and you shout after her.

“Can’t you help me out here?”

Koishi stops again and sighs. “I guess. But you’d have to make it worth my while. Maybe if you promised to be my pet for a while?”

What a way to wake up.

[ ] Accept Koishi’s offer.
[ ] Refuse.
[X] Accept Koishi’s offer.
[x] Accept Koishi’s offer.

Yes yes yes yes yes. A million times yes.
Well that's an interesting reveal. And explains why Koishi and Satori don't have them.

Why do I have BAD END vibes (or at least KOISHI END) vibes out of this...

KOISHI END can be nothing but good if that is the case.
If any choice is giving off bad end vibes, it's the one that involves staying here and taking it from Parsee. I hope it isn't an immediate Koishi end. That would mean less Koishi, and that's bad.

I feel so sorry for Reimu. And Marisa. And Sakuya. Apparently half-phantoms count as youkai, but not full ghosts (Yuyuko). I wonder whether gods were affected? Moriya might have gotten off free.
Dammit. I knew it. Yukari's badly miscalculated this one, and she's going to wind up paying for it. Along with everyone else.

[X] Accept Koishi’s offer.

This option sounds like a lot of fun.
How is giving people dicks supposed to go wrong? Rampant impregnation? What a problem.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Yukari helped fix the Yama when she got whatever she's aiming for with this incident.
[x] Refuse.
Uh, yeah, remember the whole tentacle god thing? Parsee ain't got shit on that.
Besides, we might even be able to get it to help us! That would be fun.
[X]Accept Koishi's offer
The problem, as I see it, is the potential disaster awaiting when the judge of the dead has her reason overrun by base desires.

Alternately, that Eiki - and pretty much all of the powerful elements of the cast, for that matter - will be too busy obsessing about fucking to notice when Yukari and company decide to make their move.

[X] Accept Koishi’s offer.
Don't forget Shikieiki's army of Shinigami that she has controlled.
yeah, Yukari's plot is threatening to screw things up to an extent that not even Reimu could easily fix and for no seemingly good reason.

It makes me wonder what's next: Teaming up with The Watatsuki sisters?
Votes closed, Koishi wins.
[x] Accept Koishi’s offer.

“… Okay.”

“Really?! Yay! This is going to be so much fun! I’ll be right back.”

Koishi skips out of the room, leaving you alone in the cell.

It’s pretty small and dark. Probably a holding cell rather than one to live in.

You’re attached pretty securely to this x-frame thing; getting out would be a cinch with your powers, but there’s no chance of escaping without them. Parsee probably drugged you, like you did to Mokou that one time.

That was nice. Maybe you should visit her again once you get out of here.

Or, actually, what should you do? Fixing Eiki won’t be easy. It might be more than even Yukari can handle. Maybe you should try to get Ran or that Byakuren woman or both of them to undo the spell? It’d be nice to work in a visit with Meiling, too.

Hey, maybe your new pet help can help you out. You cast around with your mind and quickly brush up against its consciousness. You try to explain that you need to get down, but it seems to interpret that as a request for kinky sex. The air around you starts distorting, and it’s just seconds away from attacking before you finally manage to make it back off.

Looks like it’s only good for sex. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just--

“Komachi~!” Koishi busts through the door again, carrying a large sack behind her. She sets it down and runs up to you with a ring of keys.

“Lemme get you down from there.” Koishi quickly releases you, unlocking your legs first so you can land gracefully on the floor. You seem to have been up there for a while; your limbs are pretty stiff.

“Thanks, Koishi. So, I’m your pet now?”

“Uh-huh! Let’s get you dressed.” Koishi goes over to the sack. You expect her to pull out your clothes, but she comes back with a green collar instead.

Well, that’s only to be expected. She giddily fastens it around your neck and reveals a handful of pills.

“It’s time for you to take these again, right?” Koishi feeds them to you one by one, and you feel the familiar tingling in your breasts, eyes, and mouth as they take effect. She returns to the sack and roots around inside, and you start to get the feeling that you won’t be getting your clothes back.

“I don’t want my pet doing it with everyone she sees, so I’m gonna plug up your holes. For the first one…” She pulls out a large black dildo and a small piece of paper. “Spread your legs for me, Komachi.”

Well, it’s too late to say no. No matter what happens, it’s probably better then what Parsee has planned. You sit back and open your legs, and Koishi crawls right up to your pussy. She can’t resist giving it a few licks with her small, nimble tongue, and you’re nice and wet when she starts sliding in the dildo. It’s about eight inches long, but otherwise unremarkable.

The insertion takes three minutes. Koishi keeps giggling and sliding the dildo back as she gradually works it in; if she were any more forceful, she’d just be fucking you with it. You’re forced to let out a few quick moans, but they don’t seem to alert anyone.

Koishi finally finishes when you’re halfway to cumming. Your pussy’s about as full as it can comfortably get, and the base of the dildo’s about even with your slit. Koishi charges the paper with a bit of her power, and it lights up with a network of bright red runes.

“Reimu’s been using these a lot lately, so I borrowed a few. They’re fun!”

She smacks it on between your legs, completely covering your clit and your pussy. It adheres to your skin with a tingle and starts radiatiating a strange warmth. You shift your legs a little, but you can’t make the heat go away.

“It’ll fall off on its own in a few hours, but it’s stuck there until then and keep on chargind you with heat. You’ll niice and sensitive when it’s done. Now, for the other two holes…” She pulls out a red ball-tail and a bitgag, and you can’t help a nervous chuckle as you turn around and spread your ass for her. She’s really getting into this.

Koishi starts pushing in the tail. The beads aren’t too large, but they still stretch your ass a little and give you plenty of stimulation as they slide into you, making your pussy quiver pleasurably as well. It’s a surprisingly long string; she must shove in a dozen of them before you finally feel the thick plug at the end. Your insides tighten around the beads, ripe for further stimulation if she ever decides to pull them out.

“Hmm, not bad at all! Can you wag for me?”

After a moment of hesitation, you try swinging your ass back and forth. The balls bend with you, but the dildo isn’t as kind.

“That was really good! You’re a natural at this, Komachi!”

Koishi moves over to your front and opens your mouth a little to put in the gag. It’s shorter than a ballgag, so your jaw should have an easy time with it. In fact, you might even be able to talk while it’s on--

“Hey, pets don’t get to speak!” Koishi sees you opening your mouth and smacks you across your ass. The impact gives you a sharp sting of pain, which forces your holes to tighten around the toys and send a pleasurable shiver through your body.

Koishi’s words suddenly seem obvious. Of course you’re not allowed to speak.

“Oh, you liked that?” Koishi spanks you a little more and gets the same reaction each time, but she manages to keep herself from going all-out. You need a few seconds to catch your breath after that. She’s breathing quickly and shivering with excitement as well.

“Almost done! Now you just need to sit up for a bit…”

You get on your knees and put your hands on the floor between your legs. Your breasts get squeezed between your arms, but it seems like the natural thing to do.

Koishi stares in awe at your breasts for a while; it’s fairly chilly in here, so your nipples are hard already. She spends a minute rubbing and pinching them, and you groan a little in response. You can feel the milk starting to build up inside them.

“Now, try these!” Koishi produces a pair of clamps on a chain and attaches them to your nipples. You let out an appropriately animal-like yelp at the pinching, but it’s not as painful as you expect. She lets the chain drop, and it tugs gently on your breasts as it swings back and forth.

Koishi gives the chain another flick and steps back to survey her handiwork. You’re naked except for a collar, there’s a long ball-tail in your ass, your pussy is filled with a dildo and sealed shut with an aphrodisiac charm, and there’s an insistent pair of clamps on your nipples.

It’s going to be a strange day.

“Okay, all ready! Let’s get out of here.” You stand up on all fours, and Koishi’s about to sit down on your back when Parsee throws the door open and marches inside. Needless to say, you jump back in terror.

“Welcome, Koma… chi?” Parsee’s triumphant voice fades away as she glances around in confusion. At first you think she’s surprised at how you look, but it appears she actually can’t see you. Koishi wouldn’t let her fun be ruined like that.

Parsee’s eyes narrow with suspicion. Judging by the tight latex costume and the crop in her gloved hand, she had big plans for this. Just as she starts backing out of the cell, Koishi gives your tail a twist and forces out a perfectly-audible yelp.

Parsee stops and walks back into the room, glancing around carefully once again. You try to stay perfectly still and silent, but Koishi kneels down behind you and starts rubbing your clit through the charm. Even with the paper in the way, it feels more sensitive than usual, and it takes everything you have to keep from moaning again.

Parsee’s eyes pass over you right when Koishi gives your clit a sharp pinch. You bite your tongue in desperation, and the sound mercifully dies in your throat. Parsee finally looks away and stalks out of the cell, calling loudly for a guard.

“Okay, time to leave.” Koishi plops down on your back and grabs your leash. “Giddyup!”

Trying not to think about how ridiculous this is, you hurriedly crawl out of the room as a youkai girl runs over and has a quick, heated exchange with her mistress. She runs away yelling that a prisoner’s escaped, and the hall explodes in shouting and clattering. Seems like nobody wants to be punished for this.

“Ooh, we’d better get out before they lock the door. Hurry, Komachi!”

Koishi’s pretty light, so crawling around isn’t too difficult. It’s the toys that are bothersome; the tail and dildo assert themselves if you move your hips too much, and you can’t keep your breasts from swaying back and forth and pulling the chain along with them. You’re still aroused from what she did earlier, not to mention the nervousness that comes from crawling around naked in a place like this.

Your body wasn’t built to let you run on four legs, so you have to settle for a fast crawl down the long, poorly-lit stone hallway. More youkai run past you, but they all subconsciously get out of your way. Just when you’re getting used to the strangely-pleasurable discomfort of crawling like this, you reach a staircase.

Koishi swings her legs around to straddle you and grabs your shoulders. She’s not giving you any help, so you grit your teeth around the gag and do your best to hustle up the stone steps without losing your grip. Your breasts bounce painfully as you scamper up, so you have to keep your back down low to make the chain drag along the steps. It still aches, but it’s the lesser of two evil.

Thankfully, you reach the top without bumping into anyone. From there, it’s just a short sprint out the massive front doors. The combination of exertion and stimulation has made it pretty hard to breathe; when you finally get clear of the mansion, you collapse into a gasping, quivering heap, embarrassingly close to cumming.

This isn’t going to be easy.


That was fun!

Okay Komachi, you can stand on two legs again.

You get off of your ped, and she slowly stands up and stretches. The stuff inside her keeps making her twitch and moan through her gag, and she’s pretty much blushing permanently.

“Mm… Nn… Hahh…”

Ah, she’s too erotic! You were going to hold off until you reached the city, but you’re gonna have to play with her right now.

[ ] Make her cum from her ass.
-[ ] With a rimjob~
[ ] Spank her until she cums from it!
[ ] Spank her until she’s about to cum from it!
[ ] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?
[ ] No, she shouldn’t cum yet. Make her eat you out instead.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?

Sounds like a sexy challenge.
[X] Spank her until she’s about to cum from it!

Orgasm denial is fun!

As expected, Koishi is awesome.
[x] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?

That was better than I hoped it would be and this vote cannot possibly end poorly. Koishi~
[x] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?
Foo. I wanted to break Parsee.
We might get a chance later? Revenge for attempting to get revenge. We need to get revenge on Satori too; it was her negligence that led to the situation.
[X] Get her to the edge by playing with her breasts.
[x] Maybe Having milky breasts could be fun
[x] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?

Challenges are for accepting.
[x] Spank her until she cums from it!
[x] Spank her until she cums from it!

>Judging by the tight latex costume and the crop in her gloved hand, she had big plans for this.

Hmm, a bit of regret here.
[x] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?
Does it make me a bad person to want to see all of this done to Komachi in successive posts? Seriously, this Koishi rocks.
Closing votes, breasts wins.
[X] Get her to the edge by playing with her breasts.
[x] Maybe Having milky breasts could be fun
[x] Can you make her cum just from her breasts?

Sounds like a fun challenge! And it’s not often that you’ll have such a nice pair of breasts to try it out on, too~

You have Komachi sit down against the mansion’s outer wall. The ground here is made of warm, smooth stone, so it’s not dirty or uncomfortable. There’s also a weird greenish light that makes everything clearly visible.

Komachi’s still catching her breath from before, and the gasping makes her huge breasts rise and fall hypnotically. She belongs to you right now, so you stare at them for as long as you like. The clamps are keeping her pink nipples nice and hard, and a bit of redness tinges her semi-tanned skin.

As you watch, a drop of saliva drips down from her gag and glimmers invitingly in her cleavage. You dive in to lick it up without thinking, pressing your face into her breasts in the process. They’re so soft and pillowy that you have to purr and nuzzle them for a while before pulling back. The slight saltiness of her skin tastes nice, too. You start running your tongue all over her breasts, leaving long shiny trails of saliva while you stroke them with one hand and gently tug the clamps’ chain with the other.

Komachi’s head gradually tilts back, and quiet moans start finding their way out around her gag. She shifts her hips back and forth unconsciously, gently stimulating herself with the toys you put inside her. You can’t help drooling a little at the sight.

But you’re just getting started! Now that she’s in the mood, you reach out and give her nipples a fierce pinch. The clamps dig in forcefully enough to make her squeal, but you ignore her protests and keep your fingers pressed together for a full three seconds. Then you take the clamps off and dive right in with your mouth.

Komachi’s really sensitive after that, so she can’t help moaning as you trace your tongue in little circles around her areolae, just barely not touching her nipples. The milk inside is just begging to come out now; when you finally put your mouth around one of her nipples for a gentle suckle, it spurts out so forcefully that you almost choke on it. At the same time, Komachi lets out a long, delicious moan that makes you shiver.

You never got a chance to try her milk during the fight, so you suck extra-hard now to make up for it. It’s just as sweet and creamy as you imagined, and it flows out into your mouth almost as fast as you can drink. In the meantime, you tease her other nipple relentlessly with your fingers.

Your hands are pretty small, so you have to rely a lot on your fingers for groping. You’ve come up with what you call your “four-finger system:” flick your index finger back and forth, pinch and tug with your thumb and middle finger, then press your ring finger into it for some scratching. And repeat.

The teasing is a lot for Komachi to handle, especially while her other breast’s getting such a wonderful milking. Her moans take on a more pleading tone, but she has to keep begging for a full minute before you finally give in.

You pull your milk-stained lips away and move to her other nipple, which seems hard enough to bust through fabric. Just blowing on it is enough to make her twitch. You’ve teased her enough for now, so you finally give it the kiss it’s been waiting for, with some teeth thrown in for good measure.

Komachi’s whole body clenches up this time, and she lets out a shamelessly loud moan as her milk erupts into your mouth. You swallow it and suck down the thick flow that follows, not letting go until it’s ebbed to a more reasonable level. You hate to tear yourself away from this delicious milk, but it’ll take more than breastfeeding to make her cum like you want.

So, you’ve got her lactating now, and she’s definitely on her way to cumming. The charm between her legs evaporates all the moisture that touches it, but you’re sure she’d be a mess there otherwise. You’re pretty wet yourself, and your panties don’t have any magic like that. You’re gonna need a real game-changer to pull this off, but you have a good one in mind.

Komachi’s cloudy-eyed daze breaks up when she sees you pick up the clamps again. She tries to back away, but you’ve already got her up against a wall. There’s nothing for her to do but reluctantly stick out her chest and let you put them back on. Each clamping elicits a violent twitch.

You make Komachi scoot forward to let you kneel down behind her. Your arms go under hers, feeling their way to her supersoft soft chest-pillows once more. Putting your hands on the sides of her breasts, you press them together and squeeze.

Komachi nearly screams as the milk forces its way through her tightly-clamped nipples, intensifying the pleasure from the milking at the price of some extra pain. You start rhythmically milking her breasts, and the same sensation attacks her again and again as her milk squirts out to cover her legs. She shudders and groans nonstop, and you can just imagine the tears in her eyes.

You want her to feel even better, though, so you let up for a moment and lean in to whisper into her ear.

This feels really good, doesn’t it? The little sting of pain makes the pleasure a lot sweeter. In fact, it hardly even hurts at all, doesn’t it?

You kiss Komachi’s neck and squeeze again, and this time she arches her back and lets out a high-pitched squeal. Now she’s feeling nothing but pleasure. After another fifteen seconds of that, she’s right on the edge.

You go back to Komachi’s front and look her over. She’s blushing heavily and drooling out the corner of one mouth, and her breasts are leaking uncontrollably through the clamps. Her chest and her legs are covered in it.

Now for your favorite part! You take the clamps off again and go back to groping Komachi’s breasts. They’re definitely more sensitive than when you started, especially her nipples. Part of you just wants to make her cum already, but it’s too much fun to tease her with light, feathery stroking from all ten of your fingers. She’s not tied up or anything, but you already told her subconscious that pets can’t resist or disobey their masters, so she doesn’t even try to do anything about it. She’s using her hips to masturbate, though, so you have to be careful not to play with her too much and accidentally finish her.

After a few minutes, the pleading look in her unusally-submissive eyes gets to be too much to bear. You reach up and remove her gag, then bring her back to the very tip of the edge by rubbing her milky nipples together. You tighten your grip on her breasts and push both nipples up into her mouth, and her own tongue sends her over.

You did it! No need to restrain yourself now. You keep your hands in place and squeeze out a few mouthfuls for Komachi to drink before stepping back to let the orgasm run its course. Without a gag to restrain her, Komachi’s moaning echoes all over the cave. She falls sideways onto the ground and thrashes around helplessly, giving herself extra waves of pleasure as her holes twist and contract around the tail and the dildo. At one point, her ass is pointing right at you, and you can’t help smacking it and giving her another five seconds of delight.

When Komachi finally wears herself out, her body’s coated in sweat and milk, and she’s making the most deliciously perverted face. Your pussy’s throbbing unbearably now.

“Ah, I can’t stand it! Make me cum right now, Komachi!” You drop your panties and lift up your skirt, and your pet immediately crawls over and digs in with her tongue. She doesn’t show any hesitation at all, digging around fearlessly inside of you in spite of what she just experienced. You clutch her head tightly and grind against her mouth, and your own orgasm comes in no time at all.

Your eyes roll up a little, and you fall onto your knees and cry out as the pleasure shoots through you like lightning. Just when you think it’s fading away, Komachi kisses you and sends you over the edge all over again. A second wave of delight leaves makes you shiver and shudder uncontrollably while you play with Komachi’s hot, wet tongue.

A long, thin string of saliva connects your mouths when you finally break the kiss. Komachi seems a little confused about why she did that and why this is all turning her on so much, but that gets driven away when you tacklehug her and cuddle for a while. She’s really soft and warm, and you can’t pass up the chance to use her body as a pillow.

But there’s no time to fall asleep. You get up just as quickly as you got down and pull your soaked panties back on. Komachi’s still dirty with a bunch of different fluids, but you decide not to clean her off. She’ll only be getting messier, after all~

“Okay, let’s get going! We still have a lot to do before I let you go.” You put Komachi’s gag and clamps back on, grab the leash in one hand and your sack in the other, and set off for the city.

It doesn’t take long for the familiar lights to come into view. Now that Sis’s party is over, the city’s back to usual hustle and bustle. The youkai here work hard and play hard, and since there’s no day and night underground, ther’s always a party going on somewhere. You land in the middle of a busy street and instruct Komachi to start walking on all fours again.

Nobody pays you any mind as you start walking at a leisurely pace while humming a little tune, leading your pet along behind you. She looks really out-of-place here, naked and wearing all those toys and crawling through a crowd of ordinary people.

Your powers keep the two of you mostly invisible, but they’re not perfect. The occasional pedestrian catches a glimpse of you and Komachi and turns her head to stare, but the two of you always vanish before it really registers. You’ve masturbated here before, so you’ve already got this figured out.

Komachi doesn’t, though, and she’s getting increasingly uneasy as she sees the heads turning towards her.

“Is this turning you on, Komachi? There’s an awful lot of people here, and who knows what they’d do if they saw a naked pervert crawling past? Underground youkai get horny really easily~”

That’s such a cute blush.

“It’d be too bad if my powers stopped working, huh?”

Komachi’s sure you wouldn’t do that, but it still makes her a little more nervous. By the time you get out of the street and into a quiet corner of a public park, she’s panting more than you’d expect from a little walk.

You tie her leash to a bench and instruct her to sit. The position makes her breasts get squshed out between her arms, and you give each one a little squeeze before continuing.

“I’ll get you something to eat, Komachi. Be a good girl and stay here.”

Komachi nods, then realizes that whe won’t be invisible if you’re not with her. Her pleading whimpers sound lovely, but you ignore them as you skip off to the market. She’ll probably be fine.

There’s a lot of good stuff for the taking here, but you’re not interested in any of the food. Instead, you wander around until you find a young delinquent-type with long black hair that covers one eye and an obvious bulge in her skirt. Her name’s Nozora. You’ve played with her a couple of times already, and her cock’s on your A-list.

“Hmm, just going shopping? You’re having a pretty boring dream. Why don’t you come with me instead?

Nozora slows to a stop and gives you a single absentminded nod. This has all happened before, and the results were enjoyable, so she doesn’t need much convincing.

You have her follow you while you pick up a two more playmates: a blonde lesser succubus with a thing for breasts named Kyrie, and Fuuka, a short, red-haired oni with something to prove. Kyrie and Nozora are both tall and busty, and all three of their cocks are nice and thick and good for at least two shots each. They don’t pay much mind to anything while you pick up an empty cup and lead them back to the park; they’re mostly just wondering when the sexy part’s going to start.

Looks like nobody molested your pet while you were away. Running away didn’t cross her mind, either. She tilts her head with curiosity when she sees who you brought back, and Kyrie and Nozora seem kind of interested in her.

“I found a nice meal of sperm for you, Komachi! Hold on while I get them to fill this.” You hold up the cup for her. “I’d let you join in too, but it looks like you don’t have any holes open.”

You start undressing while the other girls pull out their cocks, and Komachi looks a little downcast as she realizes that she’ll only get to watch you use them.

Maybe you’re being a little too cruel.

[ ] Nah.
[ ] You could take off her gag and let her suck someone off, at least.
[ ] Maybe she can join in as long as she doesn’t use her ass or pussy.
[ ] Oh, let her use everything but her pussy.
[ ] Tie her up even more and let them cum all over her~
[X] You could take off her gag and let her suck someone off, at least.

Three bellyfuls, please.
[x] Tie her up even more and let them cum all over her~
Messy messy~
[x] Maybe she can join in as long as she doesn’t use her ass or pussy.
[x] Maybe she can join in as long as she doesn’t use her ass or pussy.
[x] Nah.

Komachi is going to hog all the dicks at this rate.
[X] Nah.

They're good for two rounds aren't they? She can join in for the second.
[x] Tie her up even more and let them cum all over her~

Sure, a warm, soft pillow is nice... but a warm, soft, gooey pillow is even better.
[X] You could take off her gag and let her suck someone off, at least.
[x] You could take off her gag and let her suck someone off, at least.
[X] You could take off her gag and let her suck someone off, at least.
[x] You could take off her gag and let her suck someone off, at least.

But not before you tease her a little.

Once you’ve taken off the last of your clothes, you kneel down in the middle of your three playmates and get a taste of each one of their cocks.

Nozora’s first. She works out a lot, so her cock always tastes a bit salty. It’s also the longest at about nine inches, and you can’t complain about the thickness either. It smells like she’s already had sex with one or two girls today, too. And she didn’t take a bath afterwards. It seems like a waste to lick all of that up at once, so you only lick off the bottom half.

Next, you move on to Kyrie. There’s nothing special about the size of her cock, but it leaks out these amazing succubus pheromones that make your head swim when you taste them. Your mouth gets extra-watery after a few licks, and you’re bobbing your head on her shaft before you know it. She’d get too carried away if you let her play with Komachi, so she’ll have to make do with you.

After a few more seconds of sucking, you tear yourself away from Kyrie’s delicious cock and turn to Fuuko. Hers is too thick for your loli-mouth, so you grab the hot, pulsing shaft with both hands and gently lick it all over. You’re sure it feels really good, but she’d never let that show; it bothers her that her cock came out a few inches shorter than Yuugi’s, so she’s been trying to act tough to compensate. Her balls are large and powerful, though. She’ll probably cum as much as Nozora and Kyrie put together. You give them both a squeeze while you lick up her urethra, and she can’t suppress a small shudder.

You’ve covered Fuuko’s cock in saliva, so you pull back and rub it in forcefully with both hands, mixing it up with her precum to make a bubbly, slippery lubricant. Nozora and Kyrie’s cocks get the same treatment afterwards. Nozora smirks a little as she watches you work, and Kyrie can barely contain her excitement. When you’re finished, their cocks are all shiny and throbbing and ready to go.

Off to the side, Komachi’s staring with obvious longing. There’s a far-away look in her eyes, and she’s drooling a little onto her breasts. Your pussy tingles a little at the sight. Part of you wants to keep denying her, but your other idea is more appealing. Seeing the champion turned into a cum-dumpster is just too exciting!

“Aw, you wanna join in that much, Komachi?”

She snaps back and avoids your eyes as she nods weakly.

“Hm? I don’t think I caught that.”

She shuts her eyes and nods more forcefully, making her blush twice as strong.

“Okay!” You lead everyone over and take off Komachi’s gag. Her mouth is nice and juicy now, and you’re tempted to make her eat you out again, but you settle for a quick, sloppy kiss instead. By the time she gets her tongue up, you’ve already had your way with her.

“You can give Nozora here a blowjob while I get the rest of them ready. You’re just a toy for her, though, so don’t move a muscle.” After whispering a few instructions to Nozora, you head back to your other two playmates. It’s a shame that Komachi won’t be able to watch you, but Nozora should give her a good workout.

Now, why don’t we enjoy ourselves?

The other two girls take that as their cue to go active. Kyrie starts first, sweeping you up and kissing you with an eagerness that makes Fuuko back away. Your mind blanks out for a bit when her smooth, skilled tongue shoots into your mouth, and you come back to find her warm saliva trickling down your throat. The kiss continues while she sits down and puts you in her lap, running her smooth hands all over your body and warming it up wherever she touches.

Your tongue is faster than hers, but all the stimulation from her hands and the kissing is making it hard to stay coordinated. Her lovely golden eyes are distracting too; they’re teeming with lust, and her gaze is so strong that you can’t look away.

Kyrie gives your ass a few long, sensual squeezes, then digs into both of your holes. Her fingers alternate their thrusts, giving you a constant burn of pleasure as their power seeps in and makes your holes more sensitive and flexible. The stimulation and the pheromones start to lull you into a trance, but Fuuko gets impatient and yanks you out of it.

You’re pulled back into Fuuko’s lap, and you find a rock-hard penis waiting for you there. You rise up and spread your asshole for her, and she grabs you by the shoulder and slams you straight onto her cock.

The explosion of pleasure almost makes you cum immediately. If Fuuko had made the slightest attempt to please you, she would’ve finished you easily. Kyrie watches your shocked almost-orgasm-face in amusement and slowly crawls towards you as you adjust to the thick cock inside of you. Your asshole is stretched really wide, but it doesn’t hurt at all. You can feel every curve and vein of Fuuko’s hot cock, and just her throbbing is enough to make you feel good.

Fuuko tries to put you on all fours, but you don’t have the strength to hold yourself up. Grumbling with disappointment, she lies down on her back instead. You slump back onto her toned body, and she wraps her arms around you and starts thrusting. It’s a really tight fit, so she can’t go too fast, but her cock’s so incredible that you’re constantly shivering and moaning. Your asshole tries and fails to close itself up every time Fuuko pulls out, only to get slammed and stretched all the way out again.

You still have a horny succubus to deal with, too. Kyrie crawls on top of your naked, helpless body and claims your mouth for herself. She’s perfectly positioned to fuck your pussy too, but she chooses to tease it with one of her hands instead. Her fingers are really smooth and nimble, and her golden nails are long and well-kept. Some fingers rub while others scratch, giving your slit and your clit a warm, tingly pleasure that’s nothing like what your asshole feels.

Your mouth and you pussy don’t hold her attention for long, though. True to her nature, she moves to your chest and starts attacking with her mouth. Her soft, wet tongue immerses one nipple in warmth and pleasure while her juicy fingers stroke and pinch the other. Her saliva does the same thing as Komachi’s, so your nipples are extra-sensitive when she’s through sucking on them, enough to make you arch your back helplessly when she pinches them both at once.

Fuuko doesn’t want to be forgotten, so she tightens her grip and picks up the pace a little. You can feel a big orgasm welling up in your asshole, separate from the teasing pleasure you’re getting from Kyrie. They’re both wonderful, though.

Kyrie’s reached the limit of what she can do to your loli-breasts. That’s not going to stop her, though. Her hands start glowing with a golden light, and Fuuko stops to watch as Kyrie presses them into your breasts and shoots you full of succubus-power.

You feel a weird ka-fompfing, and suddenly you’ve got a huge rack. Well, relatively huge. Even though they’re a few sizes too big for you, they don’t hold a candle to Komachi’s. They still feel warm and soft and heavy, though, and you can’t help a perverted smile as you reach up and squish them.

Kyrie brushes your small hands aside to give you a real groping. Your breasts seem to be perfectly sized to let her grab and tease their whole surface at once. She warms you up with a few sensual squeezes before sliding her hands all around them and lapping at your rock-hard nipples Fuuko starts up her thrusting again, too. Your asshole clenches up powerfully enough to make you blank out whenever Kyrie gives you an especially strong burst of pleasure.

A minute later, Kyrie starts wanting to feel good herself. She crawls up to straddle your waist and squeezes her slippery cock between your new breasts, carefully adjusting her grip so she can scratch your nipples with her thumbnails while she pounds away at your cleavage. You stare up at her blissful face and plant a little kiss on her glans at the end of each thrust, getting a taste of delicious precum each time. Her succubus-musk makes it impossible to think, especially with Fuuko churning up your insides like that. You already gave the girls their instructions, though, so it’s okay to just relax and give in to the pleasure, making sure that Komachi can hear your moans.


You stay perfectly still like Koishi told you to, but you can’t help shivering while Nozora inspects your body. You’re completely on display for her, so it’s hard not to feel like you’re just a piece of meat.

Finally, she comes back to your front and holds up her long, thick, dripping cock for you, drenched in mouth-watering smells of sweat and sex. You’re dying to taste it, but she teases you for a bit by rubbing it against your lips and holding it right up to your nose to make you drown in the smell. You let out a pleading whine, and she finally parts your lips and fits the tip inside.

You squeeze your lips together and lick it off without restraint. The mixture of sweat and juices and saliva and precum is just as delicious as you imagined, enough to make you shudder happily. Koishi must have left it for you to enjoy. She’s so considerate.

Once her glans is clean, Nozora puts a hand on your head and steadily pushes her whole thick length through your lips. It fills your mouth and clears your tongue easily, forcing you to turn your head up and let another two or three inches into your throat as well. Once it’s all inside, you close your eyes and swallow, sending a wave of pleasure rippling down the shaft.

Nozora smirks and purrs quietly. She has a lot of experience, so she doesn’t find this amazing like some girls do. She slowly runs a hand through your hair while you stare up submissively into her eyes and rub your tongue along the bottom of her cock. Her hot precum’s still leaking out, and you can feel it running down your throat and right into your stomach.

Nozora’s hand reaches the back of your head. She tightens her grip there and slowly pulls her cock back out, making you shiver as it passes over your sensitive tongue. You take a deep breath and kiss the tip when it’s all out, and she promptly shoves it all the way back in. You keep from gagging on it, but your eyes still get a little teary as you recover and start sucking again.

Nozora thrusts like that a few more times, making you grunt as your breasts jiggle with each impact. It doesn’t take her long to notice that the clamps tug sharply on them when they bounce. A cruel smile spreads over her face, and she puts her other hand on the top of your head and sharply pulls it towards her. The chain swings forward to tug powerfully on your nipples right as her cock rams into your throat. The long groan you let out in response is all the reason she needs to keep doing it.

Now Nozora stands perfectly still, pulling your head back and forth to make you do all the work of fellating her. After a minute, she gets another idea and uses feels around between your legs with a foot. The charm surprises her, but she recognizes the dildo and pushes it straight up into you with her big toe, grinding the tip into your cervix. It’s a small movement, but it feels good enough to mess with your concentration; your pussy is getting really hot and sensitive, just like Koishi said.

A loud cry interrupts the two of you. Even though you can’t see through Nozora, it’s obviously Koishi’s orgasm. Her voice is beautiful, but it makes you sad that you weren’t the one to make her cum. You’d do a better job than those other gir--kk! Sorry, cock in your throat.

Nozora grins again and speeds up her throat-fucking Each thrust gives you a mouth and throat full of cock, followed by an embarrassingly pleasurable pinching and tugging on your nipples and a hot burst of pleasure in your pussy. Then you get to suck on her cock while she pulls your head back out and teases your pussy some more, and she gives you brief breathe before it starts all over again. The pleasure she’s giving you must be nothing compared to what she’s feeling.

Nozora opens her mouth to start panting, and you can see the telltale twitching of her hips and thighs. You close your eyes and prepare for your reward, but she pulls her cock out of your mouth right before she’s about to blow.

“Sorry, not yet~!”

Koishi’s kneeling in front of you, still breathing hard and blushing heavily from her afterglow as she strokes Nozora’s cock. Nozora goes over the edge with a quiet moan, and her dripping cock shoots a large, thick load into the cup Koishi was holding earlier. It’s already about a third full, and Nozora’s load brings it up to halfway. Her sperm’s a bit from the rest, and they all swirl together as Koishi gently shakes the cup before putting it down.

Speaking of gentle shaking, Koishi has an impressive set of breasts now.

“Hmm, surprised?” Koishi grins and hugs your head, forcing it into her soft cleavage. It’s definitely the real thing. “I like yours better, but these are nice. In fact…” She takes the clamps off of your aching breasts and bends over for a drink. Her mouth was made for this, so you can’t help moaning as she runs her tongue over both of your nipples in a figure-eight pattern and sucks intensely. Your milk’s happy to come out as well after all of the bouncing Nozora put you through. Did that make it any frothier?

Koishi only drinks for a little bit before leaving your soaked nipples behind and pushing her own into your mouth. The skin tastes surprisingly sweet, and her nipples seem to be larger than yours. You close your eyes and suck gently, and she lets out a cute little moan when the milk starts to flow.

Your gentleness fades once you get a taste. It’s sweet, but surprisingly salty as well, like a mixture of milk and sperm. It’s amazing. You shudder and push your head forward, trying and drink as much as you can. Is this how Kasen felt when she tasted yours? You can’t stop.

Koishi purrs happily and pats your head, and you keep moaning and drinking hungrily until her breasts get pulled out of your mouth. You open your eyes to see Nozora and the blonde girl each taking one for themselves.

“Sorry, looks like that’s all you get. Why don’t you play with Fuuka now?”

The red-haired girl steps in front of you, blocking your view with an extremely thick cock. You can’t help shivering as she presses it against your lips.


“Hey, that’s enough!” You pull Nozora and Kyrie off of your dripping breasts. “At least put your dicks in me before you start doing that!”

Your breasts feel pretty good, though. It’s too bad that they’re only temporary. You’ve heard that stronger succubi can make small permanent changes, but those have all but disappeared.

The two girls convene and quickly reach an agreement. Kyrie lies on her back and has you straddle her waist while Nozora kneels behind you. Kyrie’s hands cup your ass, and she uses her powers to fix up your asshole after the pounding it got from Fuuko. Your orgasm from that was incredible even though they didn’t cum with you; it would’ve been amazing to feel her blasting your asshole full of cum while Kyrie’s delicious load splattered all over your face as well, but you had other, better plans.

Kyrie and Nozora make you blank out and shudder as they penetrate you at the same time. Nozora’s long cock digs deep into your freshly-tightened asshole, and Kyrie’s gives your soaked pussy the stimulation it’s been begging for. Nozora keeps a firm grip on your ass, holding it in place as she carefully pulls back and thrusts in. Kyrie bucks her hips up into you at the same time, and you cry out happily and blank out again.

Since Nozora’s holding your ass steady, Kyrie’s free to go after your breasts. She wraps her lips around both of your nipples and uses her hands to milk your breasts with rough squeezes, repeatedly filling her mouth with your freshly-made milk. The plague gets her going too, but she doesn’t pay it any mind as she keeps dominating your pussy.

Her pheromones soak your walls as she thrusts, making you more and more sensitive each time. Her technique grows more elaborate at the same rate. She’s obviously upset about not getting to play with Komachi, and she’s taking it all out on your pussy, effortlessly chaining together quick thrusts and long, torturous grinds. Nozora’s a little more straightforward, but she has a way of abruptly changing direction mid-thrust that keeps your ass alert and vulnerable.

Both of these girls are experts, and you’ve completely removed their inhibitions. It’s tough to keep from giving in again as their cocks thrust you full of pleasure, but you find a new source of strength and interest when you glance over to Komachi.

Looks like your pet’s having trouble with Fuuko. She’d be able to handle that cock easily if she could use her breasts or her powers, but neither one’s available right now. It’s too thick even for her to deepthroat, so she can only suck desperately on the first three inches or so. You don’t have anything better to do with your mouth…


“Lemme give you a hand, Komachi. Fuuko’s a little too big, isn’t she?”

Koishi’s right next to you, still getting churned up by the other two girls. You sigh with relief as she grabs the cock in front of you; you’d been afraid of what this oni girl would do to you if you didn’t please her enough. You’re sure you could do it if you weren’t restricted like this, but your memory’s getting kind of hazy.

Koishi traces the curves of the oni’s swollen glans with her small, nimble tongue, gradually working her way towards the urethra. In the meantime, you lick all over the shaft again before moving down to her scrotum. Her balls are pretty impressive; she must have made a large contribution to the contents of that cup, and she has a lot more ready to go. You shiver at the thought of the meal that awaits you.

Suddenly, Fuuko grunts and pushes Koishi away. Must not have liked the urethral play. Koishi comes back around the side to share Fuuko’s balls with you, and you each take one into your mouth for a round of intense licking and sucking. The position presses your nose right into Fuuko’s crotch, forcing you to take in deep breaths of her musk.

Next, you and Koishi kiss each other around Fuuko’s shaft. It’s thick enough to keep your tongues mostly separated, and Koishi slides her head back and forth along its five-inch length. You stay determined to keep chasing after her, and you feel a short tingle of delight whenever you manage to touch her warm, wet tongue.

Your game continues until Koishi breaks off and cries out ferociously as powerful orgasm grips her. The two girls pull out of her and leave her to thrash around in ecstasy on the ground. You’d go over and hold her, but she told you not to move and Fuuko still needs to be served. Her moans assault your ears while you suck forcefully on the tip, finally bringing the stubborn oni-cock to the edge.

Koishi pulls it out of your mouth again and finishes it off with a few quick strokes, and you watch in amazement as a huge load blasts into the cup. Fuuko narrows her eyes and grunts quietly, but you’re sure it feels a lot better than she lets on.

After twenty-some seconds of shooting, Fuuko runs out and falls onto her back. Nozora and the other girl come up next and stroke themselves over the edge, filling the cup the rest of the way with their own thick loads. The blonde girl’s cum smells delicious, and you unconsciously move your head towards her cock until Koishi pushes you away.

Their cocks go limp as well, and the three girls dress themselves and depart without a word. Nozora seems to wake up and glance back when she’s halfway to the gate, but she can’t see you anymore.

“Ahh, that was fun. They’re all really good. And look how much they came for you!”

Koishi holds up the glass for you. It’s a fairly large one, but those three filled it right to the brim with thick white sperm. Just the smell of the three girls’ cum mixed together is enough to disrupt your thinking, and your lips fall open and your mouth starts to water as Koishi brings it up to your face.

“Okay, drink up~”

Koishi presses the glass to your lips and tilts it up sharply. The mass of sperm starts flowing into your mouth, but it’s too thick to really pour out. Still, there’s so much of it that you have to swallow rapidly to keep it from overflowing your mouth.

And it just keeps coming. Fuuko’s load alone would have been enough, but there must be three times that here. Your mouth and your throat get completely coated in it, and you find yourself shuddering uncontrollably as the mixture of flavors flows continuously over your tongue and sloshes around in your stomach. At this rate, you might end up…

“Just a little more! Hang in there, Komachi!” Koishi tilts the glass even more, and the remaining sperm quickly floods your mouth. You hold it in for a while to savor it one last time, then swallow it all in three quick gulps. Each gulp makes your pussy convulse with pleasure, and the third one’s strong enough to send you over the edge.

Your pussy clenches up powerfully around the dildo, and your ass follows it a moment later. The pleasure will only get stronger and more embarrassing if you move, so you try to stay in your dog-like position and ride it out. Koishi’s not okay with that, so she pushes you onto your back and slams her knee against your pussy. Your breasts squirt a little from the powerful shock of pleasure, which makes you body go out of control and start writhing around helplessly. Koishi grabs your wrists and holds you down, kissing your sperm-soaked mouth and swallowing your moans for a full minute.

It takes a long time for the pleasure to peak, and even longer for it to fade away completely. If your pussy gets any more sensitive, you’ll start chaining orgasms from that.

Now that you’ve calmed down, Koishi carefully cleans out your mouth with her tongue, finding little pockets of cum hidden around your gums and under your tongue. Her thoroughness makes you tremble a little, but you’re pretty well spent for now.

Koishi pulls back and looks you over as her breasts glow softly and change back to normal. You’re probably flushed through by now, and you haven’t managed to stop lactating yet. She starts to blush as a nervous smile spreads over her face, and one of her cords twists itself into a little heart.

“Komachi…” Koishi bends over with her lips parted and a strange look in her eyes, and your heart leaps at the thought of what she might be doing. You part your lips and nervously close your eyes, but she jolts back at the last moment and shakes herself back to normal. “C’mon, Komachi! We’re not done yet.” She puts your gag and clamps back on, whispering something into your ear as she does so, and then dresses herself and picks up her sack. She’s having some trouble standing after all that, so she decides to ride on your back again.

You’re happy to carry her. She is your Master, after all.


Ahh, nothin’ like a good after-afterparty. Now that you’re conscious again, you’ll...



You’re sprawled over a pile of cushions in a bar somewhere. It’s not the last one you remember, but that’s hardly surprising. Everyone else already woke up and left.

Komachi’s new, though. She’s kneeling in front of you with a nervous look on her face, wearing a gag and some clamps and a tail and a collar. There’s a little piece of paper tucked in there...

Please ravish me, Yuugi!

… And the handwriting’s way too girly to be Komachi’s. Still, it’s not like she’s tied up or anything, so this is probably all consensual. She does look pretty appealing wearing nothing but sex toys and sitting in a submissive pose like that, and you do happen to have a case of morning wood…

[ ] Sure, you’ll ravish her.
[ ] You're tired. Make her do all the work.
[x] Sure, you’ll ravish her.
[x] Sure, you’ll ravish her.

Well of course.
>succubus magic
What. Koakuma is going to be fun. If we see her. Who am I kidding, there's no way this will end without an SDM lap.

[x] You're tired. Make her do all the work.

Lazy oni are the best oni.
[x] Sure, you’ll ravish her.
Brace yourself, ferryman, you're about to get slammed.
[x] You're tired. Make her do all the work.
[X] Sure, you’ll ravish her.

This rapid perspective switching pleases me.
Ravish wins.
[x] Sure, you’ll ravish her.

“Heey, Komachi.” You push yourself into a sitting position and try to ignore the dizziness that attacks like a swarm of flies. Your erection pops up to create a very noticeable bulge in your skirt, and you’re sure Komachi can see it through the kinda-transparent fabric. Her eyes are certainly glued to it.

“Nice of you to come visit. You’re in the mood for some kinky stuff, huh?” You beckon her with a finger, and she crawls nervously into your reach. You pat her head a few times before pulling her up into your lap. Her bust squishes out against yours, and your cock presses into her soft stomach through your skirt. She’s warm.

Komachi whines softly as you run your hands over her body. She doesn’t have the world’s smoothest skin, but her curves are amazing and she’s nice and soft all over. The slight tan she has makes her pretty exotic for an undergrounder like you.

And then there’s her breasts. Just as big as yours, but softer and more sensitive, with perfectly-sized areolas and hard pink nipples. You give the chain on her clamps a relatively gentle tug, and the quiet moan she lets out is priceless.

She’s all yours right now, so you linger on her breasts for a while. Your powerful hands give them a thorough groping from every angle, but you can’t get enough of how your hands just sink in and make her breasts bulge out between your fingers. Her feminine blushing and moaning makes your cock harder and harder, and you’re sure to grind it forcefully against her stomach to let her know what’s in store for her.

Time to move on. You smile at Komachi as you take off her clamps, but she knows not to be too relieved. Next, you reach back and fish around in your pile of cushions until you find a small bottle of lube. It’s almost empty after last night, but there’s enough to cover Komachi’s breasts. You dig in with your hands and forcefully massage it all in, sliding your hands all over and rubbing every inch of her amazing rack. She closes her eyes and purrs dreamily; she probably hasn’t been felt up this thoroughly in a long time, and it helps that there’s a bit of aphrodisiac mixed into the lube.

That gag looks nice on her, but you can’t kiss her while it’s on. You consider removing it, but then you get another idea.

Komachi’s eyes shoot open when she feels your tongue on her cheek. You lick slowly up the side of her face, making sure she feels as much of your long, rough oni-tongue as she can. She responds with a mixture of surprise and embarrassment and arousal; it’s a little strange, but you really feel in control of her when you do it. Just for good measure, you top it off with a little pinch to her nipples.

You’re hard enough to break a diamond now, and these hot, slippery tits are begging for more. So you lay Komachi on her back and let her watch while you pull off your clothes, saving your skirt for last.

All that groping really got your blood flowing, so you’re already flushed and a little sweaty. Your cock’s fully erect when you unveil it, standing up at a slight angle and throbbing hard enough to bounce gently in the air. It almost looks too massive to be sticking up in the first place. You give it a few strokes with your lube-soaked hands, making it slick and shiny before you kneel down to straddle Komachi’s chest.

Komachi reaches up and pulls down your cock, holding it in place until you can close her breasts around it. They’re tough to keep a hold of, so you really have to squeeze them together.

And, wow. They’re soft enough to mold perfectly onto your cock, but warm and wet and heavy and as well, and you have them pressed together hard enough that you can feel her rapid heartbeat. Your oversized cock’s a good match for these oversized tits; your glans just barely protrudes from between them, right where she’d be able to kiss it if she could use her mouth.

You don’t feel a hint of resistance as you slide your cock backwards out of her breasts. It goes back in with a loud, squishy thrust, and you follow it up with dozens more. She’s given you permission to use her, so you don’t show any restraint in mauling her tits with your cock and your hands.

Komachi doesn’t have anything to do herself, so she just stares down at the tip of your cock as it thrusts right towards her face, over and over again. You’re not sure what’s going through her head, but the sight makes her blush even harder. Getting used like this must really be turning her on.

It’s great, but you feel like you could make it feel even better. So, you put Komachi on her knees and stand up in front of her, squatting a little to put your cock level with her breasts. After teasing her rock-hard nipples with your cock for a bit, you grab them both and thrust it straight in between them, marveling at the sight of your thick shaft disappearing into her abundant cleavage.

You can’t fit your whole length in there, but you do get to sink most of your cock into that deliciously slippery softness. It’s easier to thrust in this position, so you start fucking her tits with oni-level speed and power, filling the room with grunts and squishing. Komachi looks on with perverted fascination, probably too awed by your strength to do anything but watch.

Your cock lasts for another delightful minute before Komachi’s breasts finally bring you over the edge. You slam into them one last time, then pull out and finish yourself with a few strokes. Your cock clenches up tightly and stays clenched all throughout your orgasm, firing almost a dozen shots to cover Komachi’s face and breasts in hot, thick oni-cum. You try to aim carefully to hit as much as you can, and you succeed in staining almost every inch of skin from her hairline to her nipples.

When you finish, Komachi opens her clean eye and glances down at her cum-soaked breasts before looking up to your cock. Judging by the way her eyes go all fuzzy, she must love the smell she’s immersed in. If it wasn’t for the gag, she’d probably lunge forward and suck you dry. As it stands, though, she can only beg for more.

Unfortunately, it feels like you can only go one more time; last night must have taken a lot out of you. You’ll have to make this one count.


Yuugi needs a minute to catch her breath, and you aren’t sure whether you should feel relieved or dismayed by the sight of her softening cock. That can’t have been all she was capable of, right?

Right. Yuugi opens her eyes and grins sharply, and her cock reverses its decline.

“There, that was a good warm-up. Now the fun really starts.”

Yuugi puts you on all fours and sits down behind you. A powerful hand closes around the base of your tail, and she twists it in a forceful half-circle. The beads all twist with it, spreading the already-breathtaking pleasure over every inch of your asshole.

The base of the tail is about as thick as Yuugi’s cock, but there’s a depression right in the middle for your anus to squeeze to it doesn’t get stretched out. Yuugi tries to pull it out gently, but it’s too thick to come out easily. Your anus clenches up automatically in response, which only makes it worse when she uses some of her oni-strength and yanks the plug right out, along with the two beads behind it.

The explosion of pleasure in your ass is amazing, but it’s the corresponding shudder from your pussy that pushes you into blank-out territory. It’s more sensitive than ever now, and the heat inside is only getting stonger. When you come to, you find that your arms have given out and your ass is pointing up in the air.

Yuugi doesn’t let you rest for long. The next five beads come out steadily, each pop giving you a little burst of pleasure while the rest drag along your sensitive insides. Your voice leaks out after the second one, and you can’t stop moaning once you start.

“Huh, this is a pretty long one.”

Yuugi’s gotten impatient, so she plants a foot on your ass and tugs the last five beads out all at once. The push sends you flat on your stomach as your asshole clenches up for ten seconds straight to catch up with what happened. You try to keep the thrashing to a minimum, but you can’t help twisting your hips a few times and stimulating yourself with the dildo. Yuugi stays back until the pleasure’s had its way with you, leaving you sweaty and panting and hungry for more.

“Hey, don’t cum already! I haven’t even started yet.” Yuugi pushes a nozzle into your ass and squirts in the last of her lubricant. Then she tilts your whole body up, and you feel the warm liquid running all the way down your stretched-open hole. Your walls grow even hotter, and the anticipation quickly becomes unbearable. You need her cock inside you right now.

Yuugi grabs your wrists and crosses them behind your back, holding them in place as she lines up her thick, pulsing tip. Even after all this foreplay, your ass still isn’t loose enough for her cock, but she seems too impatient to do more. A loud grunt is all the warning you get before she slams her hips forward with all her might.

For a moment, everything dissolves to pure white, and you can’t feel or think of anything. Then you hear yourself screaming and feel the intense combination of pain and pleasure in your asshole. The stretching’s definitely uncomfortable, but it doesn’t seem like she tore anything, and the pleasure’s just getting started. It flows out from your asshole to every corner of your body, making it feel like every nerve clenches up in uncontrollable delight. Your scream changes to a long, perverted moan, and your asshole gradually settles around the long, thick cock buried inside.

Yuugi’s legs pin down your own, and she holds both of your arms in a single hand. Her other hand moves up to hold down your head, making you completely restrained. She’s breathing rapidly, and her cock’s twitching with excitement. She was a born top.

“Get ready, Komachi. I’m gonna give you the ravishin’ of a lifetime.”

Now that she’s penetrated you, Yuugi can move fairly easily. Your asshole still needs time to adjust, though, so the first dozen thrusts are a little too painful to enjoy. But when you get used to it, the pleasure’s amazing. Your asshole’s gotten really sensitive, and she pounds it with more than half of her cock each time. It rubs constantly against the dildo in your pussy, forcing you to clench up and stimulate yourself down there as well.

Your face is still covered in her cum from before, too. You can’t get away from the incredibly thick scent, and having it splattered all over you while she uses your assholemakes you feel really submissive. If you didn’t already belong to Master, you’d seriously consider becoming Yuugi’s pet instead.

Yuugi’s enjoying herself, too. She’s already figured out to angle her cock downwards to attack your pussy, but she’s also searching for sensitive spots in your ass. It’s hard to do that with an unwieldy cock like hers, though, and even her normal thrusting is enough to make you cum in minutes.

Wait, you’re cumming already?


You are! Yuugi stops moving and holds you firmly in place, leaving you helpless against a cascade of pleasure from both holes at once. Whenever one of them seems to calm down, a powerful convulsion from the other one gets it going again, consigning you to another eight seconds of moaning and trembling. You lose count of the number of times your asshole squeezes Yuugi’s cock in a desparate attempt to close itself.
When it finally ends, you’re shocked to feel Yuugi start moving again. You forgot that Yuugi’s far from satisfied. She stands up with her cock still inside you, then pulls up your legs and hugs around your thighs, putting the whole weight of your body right on her cock.

Yuugi’s powerful arms hold you in place as she rapidly thusts up into you, endlessly scraping your hot, soaked walls. Her satisfied purring seems like nothing next ro your desperate moans. You feel another orgasm building up, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it; even if you were allowed to resist, it feels like all your strength has left you. You’re just Master’s sex pet now, free to be used by whoever she wants…

And you love it! Submitting like this makes you unbearably horny; your body’s so sexy and sensitive, and it’s amazing just to wonder what they’ll do to it next. You moan in delight and relax into Yuugi’s grip, begging her to pound you as hard as you can. She puts a little kiss on your neck and happily gives you all the brain-melting thrusts you can handle.

Your nipples are rock-hard, and your breasts bounce a little with each one of Yuugi’s thrusts. They’re still soaked in Yuugi’s cum, and the smell fills your nose with every breath you take. Even though your asshole’s in heaven, it’d be great if you could play with your breasts, but Yuugi’s busy and you can’t move your arms…

“Want some help with those, Komachi?”

Master! She was probably watching the whole time. You moan happily at the sight of her, and she bounces forward to bury her face in your chest. After a bit of nuzzling, she pulls back and gives your nipples the pinching they were begging for. She tugs and rolls and scratches them with her small, nimble fingers, giving you a delicate stimulation that’s not at all like what Yuugi did and not at all like the ravishing your asshole’s getting. You feel even more sensitive now that Master’s watching, and she seems to want you to feel even better.

“Cum again, for me, Komachi.” Master pracitcally punches the charm on your pussy, ramming the tip into your cervix right as Yuugi plunges into you.

Cumming again! Both of your holes clench up like they’re trying to crush what’s inside, forcing you to arch your back and cry out in shameless ecstasy. Yuugi grinds into your asshole while Master keeps playing with the dildo, ensuring that your holes keep shuddering and convulsing for almost two minutes. Your loud, breathless moans fill the room, and you put as much into them as possible to let Master know how much you love this.

Your body’s covered in sweat when you finish, but Yuugi still isn’t done. This time, she just lays you on your back and sits up as she thrusts into you. Her cock’s as incredible as ever, but it fades into the background when Master crawls over you.

“See how excited you’ve gotten me, Komachi?” She lifts her skirt, and you see that her beautiful pussy’s completely drenched. “I wanna feel good too.”

Master removes your gag and sits down on your face, and her skirt settles down to enclose your head. Her delicate smell fills the space and mixes in with Yuugi’s, forming a combination that all but wipes out your thinking. You reach out with your tongue and reverently clean up around her pussy, savoring every bit of her juices. She shakes her hips at you when you’re done, and you reach your head up to penetrate her with her with your tongue like Yuugi did with her cock.

You hear a high-pitched squeal, and Master’s hands grab you through her skirt to let her start riding your mouth. Somewhere far away, Yuugi keeps pounding at your devastated asshole, her cock growing harder and twitchier by the moment.

You’re lost completely to the pleasure now. All your thoughts and worries disappear as you focus on the simple task of licking Master’s pussy, digging around inside for sensitive spots, flicking at her clit whenever she pulls back, and drinking the endless flow of delicious juices. Your body gets hotter and hotter, and your excitement builds along with everyone else’s, filling the room with moaning and grunting and squelching, until finally…


Master drenches your face in girl-cum, and your body tightens up all at once. The first of a dozen strong shots of sperm blasts into your asshole, which milks Yuugi’s cock with a ferocity that leaves both of you breathless. Your pussy goes off on its own as well, convulsing so intensely that it feels like you’re having two orgasms at once. And above it all, you hear Master’s delighted moaning, which fills you with a happiness that makes everything else twice as enjoyable.

You lose track of time while you’re wrapped up in pleasure. Eventually, Yuugi’s huge cock finally pulls out of your ass, leaving it full to the brim with sperm. Your anus can’t even begin to close right now, so a lot of it just pours out and forms a thick pool in front of you. It’ll be a hours before you can move again. Master gets off of you and bends down to start licking off your face, but even she can’t keep you from passing out.

[ ] Be Nue.
[ ] Be Yukari.
[ ] Be Byakuren.
[x] Be Byakuren.
[x] Be Nue.
[x] Be Nue.
[x] Be Nue.

Only Nue can grasp the true from of Nue's cock.
[x] Be Nue.
Let there be tentacles!
[X] Be Nue.

This should be interesting.
[x] Be Nue.

Let's try something new.
[x] A Nue Challenger Appears.

Wonder if we can get Koishi end....
[x] Be Nue.

Ahh, that was a good night’s sleep. It’d be nice to stay in bed for a few more hours, but you should probably get to business. It’s been a few days already, and you don’t want to disappoint Byakuren.

Really, you don’t.

You pull off the covers and get out of bed, leaving your partner from last night to her sleep. You liked her figure, but she was a bit of a quick-shot. She’ll probably leave that part out when she tries to tell everyone how she totally scored with Komachi Onozuka.

It’s a nice body for sex, but you’ll need to change to something else. Walking around as the Underground’s sex-champion isn’t very stealthy. You need a form that won’t draw too much attention, but one that people recognize. How about…

How about that raven girl? Nobody’s gonna mess with her.

You tap into your powers and start altering your form. Your size and bust stay about the same, but your body gets a good deal heavier as your right leg gets all blocky and a pair of wings sprouts out of your back. A red jewel forms above your cleavage, and your right arm turns into a big useless hexagonal rod. The rod seems inconvenient, but you guess it is pretty cool to have an arm cannon.

And, of course, you sprout a huge cock. There’s no way it’ll fit in your panties, so you get rid of them and let it flop around in your skirt. Okuu probably has a better way of dealing with it, but whatever.

You turn around and examine yourself in a mirror, twirling around and appreciating your curves. Aside from the weird parts, it’s a pretty amazing body. You had a great time with her back at the party; once you’d squeezed out all of her sperm, you triple-penetrated her with two cocks and a tentacle and fucked her senseless. She was really out of it by that point, so she probably doesn’t remember.

Her moans and cries were real, though, and you don’t really care if people remember you or not. Well, except maybe for Byakuren…

Ah, gettin’ sidetracked. There’s work to be done. You start to walk towards the door, but you lose your balance and nearly fall over when your left foot doesn’t come up like you expect. It’s not actually made of rock, but it’s still heavier than you’re used to. You quickly do a few laps around the room to get used to it, hoping the noise doesn’t wake your partner.

She doesn’t stir at all, though. Must’ve had a lot to drink before you picked her up. Once you can walk without embarrassing yourself, you open the door and stride out into the hall.

It’s pretty quiet here now that the party’s over. You already know your way around the Palace, so you don’t have to worry about doing your best Okuu impression and asking someone for directions. Instead, you just smile as innocently as you can as you make your way towards the heart of the labyrinth. At the end of a long, silent hall, you find the heavy wooden door to Satori’s room.

Seems like there was a rough night in here. The bed’s a mess, and Satori’s naked, passed out with her legs wide open, and covered in slime. You worry for a moment that Komachi never came, but there’s a telltale depression in the mattress, and this seems to have been even more intense than what Satori usually does to herself. The creature’s probably found a new partner.

Komachi’s nowhere to be found, though, and it’s not like her to leave someone in bed. Wonder what happened there?

Well, it just makes your job easier. You pull a little scroll out of your back pocket and lean over Satori, whose eyes flutter open when you cast a shadow over her face.


You can’t resist an out-of-character smirk as you flick the scroll open. Satori takes a sleep spell to the face, and the scroll follows it up firing off a magical signal flare.

You chuck the paper and change your body back to normal, sighing as your proportions shift back to your preferred levels. It’s like putting on your favorite pair of shoes.

Yukari insisted that you were the only person who could do this. Must not have wanted Satori finding out about her plan. She also insisted that this was an integral part of it. In all the time you’ve been around, you’ve never dealt with a scheme this… strange.

And Byakuren’s up to something odd, as well. The youkai at her temple have all been screwing like rabbits, supposedly for “training”. Most of them don’t mind, but it doesn’t seem Byakuren-like at all. That bothers you, for some reason.

Oh, and here’s your two bosses now. They seem to have dressed themselves and stumbled through the gap in a hurry.

“Well done, Nue!” Byakuren says, ruffling your messy black hair. You blush a little, but that’s only because you didn’t expect it. It’s not like you were hoping she’d do that or anything.

Yukari just snorts. She would’ve liked for you to do this faster, but you decided to wait until that tentacle monster was out of the picture. It had “complications” written all over it. And you got an excuse to stay for the party.

“Is something wrong, Yukari?” Byakuren asks as she opens her scroll to the futa-spell.

Yukari turns away and makes a noncommittal sound. Byakuren puts the scroll down and walks over to hug her, but you’d rather not watch that part. Instead, you focus on towelling Satori off and arranging her in a slightly-less-lewd position. She’s pretty underdeveloped for a youkai, but that’s kind of attractive in its own way. That small, pale body seems really fragile, and you’re not sure if you’d rather tease her or drive her wild.

Your attention goes back to the women when you hear Yukari mention something about Komachi.

“Lost track of her? How strange. That’s hardly a problem, though, is it?” Byakuren says in her kind, reassuring voice. In the back of your mind, you think that Yukari is the last person who needs to be reassured.

Yukari sighs. “I suppose not, but…”

“It’ll be fine. You should relax, Yukari~” The two of them start making out, so you tune out again.

Back when you met Byakuren, you were lucky to get a peck on the forehead, and she never even let anyone scrub her back. It was fun just hanging out and playfully trying to seduce her, but then Yukari went and took out all the fun.

Oh, the scroll’s about done reciting the spell.

“Hey, Byakuren, the spell’s ready.”

“Ah, thank you, Nue.” Byakuren disentangles herself from Yukari and directs the magic at Satori. A beam of light shoots out and covers the pink-haired girl’s crotch, making her blush and squirm in her sleep. She lets out a few moans and breathes heavily as her nipples harden, and you find yourself fidgeting impatiently. You’re definitely gonna go with “tease”.

The light dissipates with a fancy f’sham, making you the first person behold Satori’s brand-new cock and balls.

They’re not very impressive.

She is rock-hard, though. Yukari comes over for a quick examination, satisfying herself that it is, indeed, a dick.

“That will do.”

“Wonderful! She’s the last one you need, correct?” Byakuren brings her hands together and smiles.

Yukari nods. “It’s down to her and the goddess. Though, I’m curious how you missed her in the first place.”

Byakuren brings a hand to her mouth. “It is strange. I’m sure I said to target every youkai in Gensokyo…”

Yukari narrows her eyes and thinks. If she comes up with anything, she doesn’t tell you.

“Oh, well. I believe you can handle the rest, Nue. Once you’re finished, I have another task for you.”

Whatever you say, ma’am. You hide your sarcasm behind a smirk and a nod. Then Byakuren comes forward and hugs you, and your coolness goes out to lunch.

Why does this always happen? She’s so warm and soft, and your head’s right in her breasts. You were brimming with confidence a second ago, but now you can barely stand straight. You could rape her to pieces if you wanted, so why do you feel like she’s out of your league? You’re acting like an otaku who just got asked out by cheerleader!

“You’re doing very well, Nue. Soon, Gensokyo’s future will be secure.” Byakuren releases you and follows Yukari through a gap, leaving you alone and embarrassed with Satori.

Bah, you’ll worry about that some other time. Right now you’ve got a cute girl in need of harvesting to deal with. You just need to make her cum a few times, right? She’s waking up now, so you’d better figure out what you want to do.

[ ] Use her pussy.
[ ] Ride her.
[ ] Tentacles.
[ ] Write-in.

[ ] Do it as yourself.
[ ] Do it as write-in.
[x] Ride her.
[x] Do it as Koishi.
[x] Mount her, but move slowly until she wakes up. THEN ride her for all she's worth.
[x] Do it as Koishi.
Can't resist sisterly love~
[x] Do it as Satori.

I already voted, but I feel compelled to toss this idea out there.
[x] Tentacles.
[x] Do it as Satori.

This is what happens when you hang around tentacle monsters.
[x] carefully ride her while keeping her asleep

[x] then wake her up with a Koishi Magnum
[x] Do it as Satori.
I wonder how annoyed this will make Koishi?
[X] Wait for her to wake up.
[X] Do it as yourself.
[X] Ride her.

It could be interesting.
My money's on 'very'.
[X] Do it as yourself.
[x]Ride her softly, then add tentacles to the mix as she wakes.
[x]As Satori.

>>27661, you are full of inspiration.
How about...
[X] Use her pussy, ride her, AND tentacles.
[X] Do it as yourself.
[x] Tentacles.
[x] Do it as Satori.
[x] Tentacles.
[x] Do it as Satori.

Sure, why not?
Satori's response to Nue's tentacles: Eh. I've had better.
[X] Ride her.
[X] Be Satori at first.
[X] Reveal yourself as Nue, halfway through.
Just a suggestion...
[x]Ride Her
[x]Do it as Satori
[X] Use her pussy, ride her, AND tentacles.
[X] Do it as yourself.

Rather cross I think. Koishi as a Party member out of this?
Okay, votes were kind of a mess.

Not everyone voted for an action, so I'm tabulating action votes and identity votes separately.

Under that method, the winners are:
[x] Ride her.
[x] As Satori.

I'll go with that for now, but if you want I can instead count each combination as a different choice. Under that method, Tentacles/Satori would win.
I was hoping for a plain Nue and Satori scene; hopefully, we can still have one. However, this scenario looks pretty interesting as well.
Honestly I was hoping riding her and tentacles weren't mutually exclusive.
And 'Harvesting' is brought up again...

So what the hell are they harvesting? It can't just be as simple as sperm right?
[x] Ride her.
[x] As Satori.

Your eyes and mouth shoot open, like you’ve suddenly been pulled out of a deep, freezing pond. Your eyesight is dim and unfocused at first, so you squint and concentrate until it resolves into… yourself?

“Hello, there. You certainly took your time waking up.”

What is this? There’s a naked girl straddling your waist, and she looks exactly like you, down to the third eye. But you can’t sense her thoughts at all. Are you dreaming? Is this a hamfisted expression of an internal monologue? You can definitely feel her weight, and the warmth between her legs feels nice on your…

Your penis? You have a penis now; it’s painfully hard, and this girl’s sitting right on it. She notices where you’re looking and presses down with her hips, increasing the pressure and rubbing it with her warm, slippery labia.

“You seem to have missed a lot while you were asleep. You can just read my mind and catch up, though, correct?”

You can’t, and she knows. Your silence tells her all she needs to know.

“Oh, how unfortunate. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be squeezing you dry now. I hope you don’t mind being your own first,” she says with a consescending chuckle.

This mysterious you raises her hips and points your cock straight up towards her pussy, giving you a clear view of its unspectacular length. It’s within your power to force her off of you, but you have so many other questions that it takes a low priority. Also, the heat on your urethra feels irresistible…

She licks her lips and starts her descent. Your penis is slowly engulfed by her hot, tight walls, hugging you close enough to mold around your cock. A gentle pulsing massages the parts she’s swallowed, and trails of hot juice run down from her lips to warm the rest of your shaft. The penetration goes on for over a minute; you’re only four inches, but she moves impossibly slowly, and you’re dying to know how it feels to have the whole thing inside…

She reaches the base with a triumphant sound, enclosing the last of your shaft in her folds. Even without her moving, the heat and the throbbing are more than enough to stimulate you. Does your pussy really feel this amazing? Did it feel this every time it used you?

“Hah… Ahh!” Your resistance suddenly gives out, and a powerful wrenching takes over your cock, forcing your whole body to shudder with pleasure. You feel something thick shooting through it, and the other you smirks as your uncontrollable cock fills her with sperm. Strangely, you never feel any of the five shots running back down from her womb.

“Oh my, just from putting it in.” She reaches back and squeezes your testicles with her (your) warm, delicate hands. “Ah, but there’s plenty to go. Could you try to last longer this time? I’d like to enjoy myself.”

You try to ask something, but a moan forces the question aside when she suddenly tightens up. Now your cock almost feels strangled by her walls, and it can feel their every bump crease in excruciating detail.

Bracing herself against your body, she starts to slowly move her hips up and down in a straight line. It’s the simplest motion imaginable, but her pussy’s so hot and tight that you can only last through six of them before you lose it again. The tight, wrenching pleasure shoots thorugh you even more strongly than before, forcing your nipples and your clitoris to stand on end while another load disappears inside her. The ecstasy eventually fades from your cock, but the rest of your body stays hot.

The other Satori picks up again as soon as your convulsions finish. Cumming twice seems to have improved your endurance, but her pussy still feels divine as it rhythmically strokes and squeezes you. You feel like you could lose it again at any moment. Your shaft is completely coated in hot juices, and her pussy makes a perverted squishing sound each time she presses it against your hips. She seems to be blushing and making a few sounds herself.

“Mm, we’re so sensitive. Even a small one like this feels good.” To emphasize the point, she slams down on your cock and nearly brings you back over the edge.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. You’d be doing the same thing if our positions were reversed.”


“You’ve freed yourself from that creature, but you haven’t been freed from your lust. You’re feeling it now, aren’t you? That unbearable lust that only it could satisfy? You’d even ride this pitiful cock if it could get you off.”

… She’s right. Your sex drive grew stronger and stronger when you had the creature to play with, and it won't just go away now that Komachi's taken them. An unstoppable heat's already throbbing in your pussy, and the rest of your body isn’t far behind. But instead of a mass of tentacles eager to cater to your every desire, you only have this clone of yourself and her hot, tight pussy.

It really is an amazing pussy. Now that you’re descending into lust, she starts riding you without restraint and moaning cruelly as she pleases herself. Her walls are stroking you at handjob-speed, fast enough that your penis only feels a blur of incredible tightness.

Your cock shoots out another load, but the pleasure there only makes the rest of your body hotter. You start pinching and twisting your nipples, but your two hands aren’t enough; you need something to pound all of your holes and caress your whole body, making you shiver in a dozen places at once…

The other Satori suddenly arches her back and cries out herself. Her pussy tightens up even further and milks you with its hot, velvety walls while she pinches her clitoris. The intense stimulation makes your still-sensitive cock chain into another orgasm, one that forces out every drop of your sperm and makes you blank out even as it compounds your fiery desire. Your voice leaks out and joins hers, but your helpless moaning is nothing like her sultry purrs.

Finally, the orgasm subsises. Your penis and testicles ache from being milked dry, but the rest of you is still throbbing with near-bottomless lust. Your partner dismounts you and heads for the door.

“Wait!” You hold out a desparate hand, and she turns back with a look of mild disgust.

“Are you really that desparate? Surely you can do better than playing with yourself.”

You’re fairly sure her third eye winks as she steps out and closes the door behind her. You roll out of bed and stumble after her, but the long, doorless hallway outside your room is empty when you reach it.

You’ve likely gone mad, but you’ll worry about that after you’ve gotten a long, thorough fucking.

Sex. You need sex!


What’s the world coming to? First your best buddy’s too busy to sleep with you, and now that green-eyed megabitch thinks she can bust in here whenever she wants.

And that’s not even mentioning the whole business with Komachi, who’s just… Agh, you don’t even want to think about her right now. You don’t want anything to do with those enormous breasts and that hot, wet mouth and those tight, slutty--Dammit!

You liked things the way they were. Why’d they have to change? Why can’t you stop it? Why does part of you not want to stop it?

Oh, there’s Satori. Maybe she can… Nope, she’s screwed up too.

She looks like she can barely stand, braced against a wall as she stumbles down the hall naked. And is that a limp dick between her legs? You’re pretty sure she didn’t have that the last time you saw her.

There’s no mistaking the sight and smell of Satori’s intense arousal. She brightens up and rushes over at the sight of you, and you just stand there awkwardly until she closes the distance. You let her fall onto you, and she buries her head in your breasts while her delicate hands start massaging between your legs.

Normally you’d be a little surprised, but after all this other crap you’re just curious to see what happens.

Yeah, maybe that’s how you should think. If the world’s going to turn everything upside down, you can at least enjoy the ride.


… Huh?

You’re all alone. It’s really foggy, and there’s roses everywhere. Where’s Master?

You get up and start wandering, but you get lost in no time. There’s nothing here but fog and roses and gray stone walls.

Then you wavy, distorted voice.

“What’s the point? I wanna be friends with everyone, and this stupid thing’s making them all hate me!”

That one’s Master’s! You try to head towards it.

“Koishi, please…”

And that sounds like Satori.

“If that’s how it’s gonna be, I don’t wanna be a satori!”

“No, wait, Koishi--!”

Then Master starts screaming. You rush over as fast as your arms and legs can carry you, and you eventually emerge in a big grassy space. Master’s safe and sound, sitting in a fancy chair at one end. She’s really fixated on the other side, but nothing’s there. Or maybe something was there until a little while ago. She looks unhappy, but then she notices you and jumps in surprise.

“Wah! Komachi?”

You slowly crawl over to her chair, trying not to startle again. She settles down a little and gives you a cautious pat on the head, which turns into a full-blown ruffle.

“Mm. You’re a good girl. I guess I let you in by accident.”

You put your head in Master’s lap, and she strokes your hair fondly while she speaks.

“You’re really lucky, you know. You’ve got such a sexy body, and you make friends wherever you go. I wanted to do the same thing, but I ended up like this instead. I can play with whoever I want, but they hardly ever remember me. And I’m always afraid they’ll get mad when they find out about it.”

Master points your head up and stares into your eyes. Hers are a pretty green, but they seem sad and cloudy now.

“It made me really happy when you agreed to be my pet. I’ll never be like you, but at least we got to play for a while. Today was a lot of fun.”

Master bends down and kisses your forehead. Her lips are warm, and it makes you blush.

“But I can’t keep you forever, can I? You deserve more than this.”

[ ] You guess so.
[ ] But you like being Master’s pet!
[x] You guess so.

I'm guessing the other is an end?
[X] But you like being Master’s pet!
Koishi End: Might as well get it

So Harvesting makes them sex obsessed maniac. Guess it harvests their inhibitions(?) So why does Yukari need that?
Edit: well the Sex Mania kind of leaves them to question what the hell happened and why it happened as well they just need a good fuck to get fixed up.

The question is why isn't Okuu Sex crazy?
[x] You guess so.
-[x] But there's no reason you can't come back and play.

Gah, I want to let the plot move along but I don't want to abandon Koishi.
I would suggest it going for '[x]How about you come along then.' As it might lead to her becoming a 'party member'

But I already voted for what I think is Koishi end.
[X] But you like being Master’s pet!

I want to see Koishi End too.
[x] But you like being Master’s pet!
[X] But you like being Master’s pet!
[x] But you like being Master’s pet!

Koishi end, best end.
The lust was the tentacle's fault, as Nue said. The harvesting is sperm-collection via well-placed gap. All to fight Gensokyo's declining birth rates, naturally.
[x] But you like being Master’s pet!
Closing votes. Koishi end forthcoming.

Also, is it time to give this story a name? Feel free to post suggestions.
"Untitled Komachi Story"

"The Harvest"?

"Komachi in Futa-Land?"
set sail for dick
"Komachi does Gensokyo"?
"Unlimited Cock Works"
Yes, perfect.
That's dumb.

"Komachi's Strange Adventure"

or if you're being goofy

"Komachi Onozuka's Hard, Throbbing Adventure"
>"Komachi Onozuka's Hard, Throbbing Adventure"
I giggled. Seconding this.
>"Komachi Onozuka's Hard, Throbbing Adventure"

We may have a winner.

It... it's perfect.
Though I admit to finding the story via untitled futa youmu I couldn't agree more with

>"Komachi Onozuka's Hard, Throbbing Adventure"
[x] But you like being Master’s pet!

“… Why not? I like being your pet, Master.”

“Eh?” Master’s eyes go wide as she tilts her head. Her heartbeat’s suddenly faster.

“It’s so exciting belonging to someone else, and you made me cum from all kinds of things I’d never do by myself. It’s a lot more fun than being on my own, so I wanna stay with you!”

Everything’s quiet. Master stares at you for a long time, but then she smiles wider than you’ve ever seen and hugs you. She cries a little, too.

“Okay, Komachi. We’ll have lots of fun together!”


You would’ve been happy to drop everything and settle down with Master, but she decided to have you continue with your quest. You did it with a lot of other girls, but Master was always right there with you, watching and masturbating or joining in herself.

The two of you fixed Eiki with the help of some friends (one of them didn’t make it), and things went back to normal. After giving her a thorough punishment, you went back to your job. Master spent most of her time wandering, but she came back to play at least once a week. Sometimes she’d strip you and take you on a walk through Gensokyo, sharing you with whoever she felt like or setting you up as a village cumdump. You’d need a whole day to recover after that.

Your time with Master was always incredible, but you were never allowed to cum without her supervision. The days you spent waiting for her were long and frustrating…


Ahh, that’s another long day of work over with. Right as you step off your boat, a hot tingling starts between your legs, forcing you to lean on your scythe and stifle a moan. You’re gonna do it with Master tonight!

You start running home, stumbling a little here and there, but someone snags you halfway through. There’s only one person it could be.

“You’re always in such a rush to get home, Komachi. Haven’t you considered the example this sets for your junior shinigami?”

Aw, it’s Eiki. You turn around and bow for her, wishing she still had a dick for you to play with.

“Just because of what you did for me, you think you can…”

Why doesn’t nodding faster make her go faster? And the vibration’s getting stronger…

“… And that collar is a clear violation of our dress code…”

She must think you’re blushing because you’re embarrassed. Embarrassed people don’t usually pant like this, though.

“… Think on that for now. I’ll expect better from you tomorrow.”

Before your “Yes’m” even reaches her ears, you’ve dashed home and shut the door behind you. The vibration increases again as you pull off your clothes and collapse on the bed.

You’d masturbate yourself unconscious now, but there’s not too much you can do. The vibrators are locked away behind a thick chastity belt; it’s a special one for futas that has a hole for your cock and balls, and they’re stuck in their own cage.

So, the only things you can play with are your breasts. You cup them from below and squeeze roughly, fitting your index fingers into the golden rings Master put through your nipples.

The vibrators get stronger again, rattling around and rubbing together inside you. You arch your back and gyrate your hips incessantly, trying to aim them at your sensitive spot while you maul your breasts. Squeezing and rubbing your nipples isn’t enough, so you gently twist both rings for an intense twinge of pleasure.

You’re working up a sweat from all this thrashing and moaning, and you can vaguely hear Master breathing hard as well. Knowing that she’s watching makes you torment yourself even harder, trying to give her the best show your body can put on.

Just as you’re finally reaching the edge, vibration stops. You pause in mid-squirm before slumping down in disappointment, but then Master kisses you out of nowhere. The soft touch of her lips easily sends you over.

A high, strained moan squeaks out of your mouth as your pussy clamps shut. Master turns the vibrators to maximum, making them rattle around hard enough that they’d flop right out of you if the belt wasn’t holding them in place. Waves of pleasure wash all through you, making you cum and cum for minutes. It feels amazing to be someone else’s plaything.

Once you’re finished, Master finally comes into view above you, dressed like she usually is. The heart in her cord is really big today.

“Hi, Komachi!” She kisses you again, making your brain short-circuit for a bit while her tongue runs over your teeth. She kinda smells like ashes, but you don’t mind. No matter who she does it with, you’ll still be her favorite.

“Have you been a good girl for me?”

You nod hard enough to make your twintails bounce. It wouldn’t be too hard to get out of these belts, but Master would be disappointed if you did, and nobody else can satisfy you anyway. You can’t get off unless it makes Master happy.

“That’s great! Now, why don’t you clean up the mess you made down here?”

Master sticks her tongue out a little and lifts her skirt for you. She’s not wearing any panties, but she does have on a tight-fitting pair of silky black stockings. Her juicy, freshly-churned pussy looks delicious, but you can’t help nuzzling your head against her warm, smooth legs first. They’re so beautiful and delicate…


Ah, you got a little carried away. You go for Master’s pussy, but she closes her legs before you get there. Looking up, you see she has a hand on her chin and a grin on her face.

“Though, actually…” Master pushes you back and pulls a key from around her neck. Just the sight of it is enough to make you twice as horny as before. She uses it to unlock the cage around your penis, and a fierce erection bursts out as soon as it’s off.

Your cock comes to eight inches long, and just a little thicker than usual. Specially-made. Master stares in awe at the throbbing length and the drop of precum on top, unconsciously opening her mouth and coming closer and closer until you can feel her breath on the tip. Then she remembers her plan and snaps back to normal, just a second before she would’ve started sucking. You’re not sure if you should be disappointed.

“Right! If you like my stockings so much, why don’t we do this?”

You kneel on the floor next to the bed while Master sits on the edge, with her feet right at cock-level. She starts grinding one of her heels into your shaft, eventually adding in the rest of her foot as well. It’s impossibly smooth, and soft, and warm, and the pressure feels really good. It occurs to you that maybe you should be embarrassed about having your cock stepped on like this, but that thought disappears when she starts stroking you with her foot and curving her toes around your glans.

“Lick me too.” She lifts her skirt again, and this time you bury your head in the space between her legs. Your mouth presses right against her juicy slit, covering it with sloppy licks and kisses.

Your precum’s almost pouring out now, quickly soaking Master’s stocking as she rubs it back and forth over your extra-sensitive glans. Her other foot joins in after a minute, pressing into your balls and holding your cock in place while the first one slathers your shaft in precum.

You part Master’s small labia with your lips and work your tongue into her hot, tight pussy. Ever since you got this cock, the place between her legs has seemed even more amazing. Whenever you eat her out, you can’t help thinking about how it would feel to fuck her, making her cum again and again while she squeezes you and coats you with these delicious juices and cries out your name…

Ahhn, the vibrators! They’re only moving a little, but the stimulation makes your cock even harder, and you have to stay still to keep your cock between Master’s feet. She lets you struggle for another minute before squeezing her feet together around your thick, slippery cock, one on top and one from below, and stroking as fast as she can. Her thighs are pressed tight against your ears, but you can vaguely hear her moaning.

“Komachi! Komachi!”

Master grabs your head with both hands and presses it into her crotch as she screams with pleasure, encouraging you to push your tongue in as deep as you can and stir her up with all the thrusting and wriggling you can muster. Her feet twitch off of your cock as her toes curl up, but the sound of her ecstatic voice is all you need to cum.

Master’s orgasm brings you over the edge with her, and your hot cum splatters all over her sweaty stockings as her juices blast over your face. The combination of her scent and some extra stimulation from the vibrators makes your pussy cum as well, and the wrenching pleasure forces your cock to clench up even tighter and fire out a few more shots. Koishi’s legs relax as her own orgasm finishes, letting you fall onto your back to ride out the last few crests of pleasure.

Master’s black stockings are covered with white sperm all over, from her knees down her calves to the dripping soles of her feet. You’d be happy to try and clean them with your mouth, but she just rolls them off and tosses them aside along with the rest of her clothes.

The sight of Master’s elegant body on full display makes you spring up immediately, both from the floor and between your legs. You snatch her up and kiss and caress every inch of her body, including her warm neck, her small breasts with their bright-pink nipples, her juicy pussy, and her pale, delicate toes. She’s trained you well for this, so you have her trembling and moaning happily the whole time. Your cock hardens easily from her reactions, eager to let out more of your backed-up sperm and please her even more.

You finish with a long round of tongueplay. The room fills with sucking and smacking as Master dominates your mouth with her nimble tongue, occasionally pulling back a little to nibble on your soft lips. You could probably put up a better fight if you wanted to, but you love how it feels to have her licking over every inch of your mouth and sucking on your tongue. When she breaks the kiss, a long string of saliva stretches out between you.

“Wanna cum for me again?” Master asks, running a small finger up your still-soaked shaft. You nod submissively, and she gives you that mischievous grin. “Okay. Let’s use your pussy this time.”

Master pulls out another key and takes off your other belt. A huge scent-bomb goes off as she removes it, filling the air with days’ worth of pent-up arousal. She takes a deep breath and purrs her approval before getting down to examine your vibrators.

Your ass is empty, of course. Both the six-inch vibrators are in your stretched pussy, one behind the other. The belt held them in place, but now the bottom one’s peeking out between your labia, coated with a dozen layers of pussy juice.

With a cat-like grin, Master grabs the first vibrator and pulls it out. Its coating lets off some steam as it’s exposed to the air. She puts the tip in her mouth and sucks hungrily, quickly moving from licking to a moan-filled deepthroating that makes your cock throb with envy.

You start shrinking your pussy back to normal, but Master orders you to stop. She heads over to her sack and finds a crotch-harness, built to accept your vibrator as a strap-on. She snaps the vibrator into place and pulls the harness on, trembling a little as it’s two internal dildos slide into her ass and pussy.

Still laying back, you pull your knees up to your head, presenting both of your holes and your penis while your breasts puff out between your tights. Master sets the vibrator still inside you to low power, enjoying your quiet groans while she ponders how to fuck you. Eventually, she settles on sliding her new cock back into your pussy, where it touches the other vibrator and presses it right into your cervix until you moan your submission and beg for more.

It doesn’t seem like Master would have the strength for a high-speed fucking, but looks are deceiving. She sets a relentless pace from the very first thrust, leaving you twitching and gasping for air in seconds. The front half of your pussy quivers endlessly as it gets pounded relentless by her cock, and the back half is constantly burning with pleasure from the other vibrator, which gets jolted against your walls or right into your cervix each time she thrusts. The rest of your body’s free for her to play with as well; she starts out stroking your slippery cock and squeezing your balls in time with her movements, but she can’t resist the siren call of your chest for long.

Leaning forward without slowing her hips, Master slides her index fingers into your nipple-rings and sinks her hands into your breasts. The rings magnify every little squeeze and tug from the groping that follows, making your nipples ache with pleasure after just half a minute. The thrusting and jolting and tugging she’s giving you all please you on different wavelengths, so your moans and expressions keep changing based on which one is most powerful at the moment. She definitely loves the show.

Master’s blushing as hard as you now. She crawls forward and lies down on top of you without moving her hands, pressing her stomach into your slippery cock and focusing all of her strength in her hips while she squeezes your breasts for leverage. Her cock shlicks into your drenched pussy twice a second while her hands knead and squeeze your breasts nonstop. It’s the kind of rough treatment your body’s been begging for all week. You lift your head to kiss her, and she holds your eyes in a lustful stare while she licks all over your helpless mouth and swallows your moans. She’s controlling you in so many places at once now…

You’ve reached your limit. Master slams into you one last time and turns both vibrators to maximum, flooding your pussy with pure, undiluted pleasure. A wrenching orgasm takes you over your pussy, and your cock gets dragged into it once again. Your eyes roll up while you thrash around uncontrollably in the grip of an intense, full-body throbbing that makes your whole body burn with pleasure. Master strokes your cock with both hands and keeps the vibrators at full power full the whole time, compounding your own convulsions with fresh waves of pleasure. You know she loves watching you lose it like this, so you don’t show any shame or hesitation as you clutch the sheets and arch your back and cover yourself in sperm.

Eventually, Master stops stimulating you and lets the pleasure ebb away. You fall onto the bed as an exhausted, sweaty wreck. Leaving both vibrators inside you at minimum power, Master takes off the strapon and slowly crawls up your body, licking up your cum as she goes.

You’d normally be done now, but your sex drive just spins out of control whenever you’re with Master. The huge orgasm you just had is already a fading memory. Master’s pussy is level with your cock by the time she reaches your breasts, and the warm touch of her labia is enough to get you hardening again.

Master purrs and nuzzles against your breasts, smearing some cum on her face in the process and licking up the rest. She spends a long time on each of your nipples, sucking and kissing them and pulling the rings with her teeth. Your cock throbs hungrily the whole time, teased by the sensations from your breasts and the vibrators and the warmth between Master’s legs. If you could still lactate, she’d have all the milk she wanted right now. Eventually, you start shifting anxiously.

Finally, Master raises her head to address you. She’s smiling really wide.

“Wanna cum inside me, Komachi?”

She’s gonna let you? You know she already knows the answer, but you nod your head off anyway.

“Okay! Don’t cum until I’m ready, alright?” Master sits up and holds up your cock with one hand. You’d like to just jam it in her and fuck her senseless, but she loves feeling it slowly fill her up. You sigh quietly and surrender to the long, teasing penetration you’re sure to get.

Master always has trouble putting in the tip, since you’re so big and she can’t see what she’s doing. Her hot pussy rubs against your glans for an agonizingly long time as she keeps misjudging the angle and slipping off of you. When she finally gets it right, the real fun begins as she descends super-gradually through minutes of random up-and-down movements.

You weren’t lying about your penis being specially-made. It’s perfectly sized to fill her pussy to the very brink, with its curves and veins arranged to rub her in all the right places. You’re the one overwhelming her at first as your cock spreads her open and stretches out her deepest places, but then her pussy finally adjusts and wraps up your cock in its hot, slippery folds. Both of you end up twitching and moaning while you get used to it.

“No matter how many I try, yours is always the best, Komachi,” Master says with a happy blush. You smile wide at her compliment.

Master plants her small hands on your stomach and pushes herself up. The fit’s so tight that she has to push really hard, squeezing you all the way while your cock rubs her most sensitive spots. By the time she’s all the way up, she can only hold it for a second before falling all the way back onto your cock, making both of you blank out and cry out with pleasure. It really feels like you’re connected to her, and the connection feels so amazing…

Master’s still panting when you come back to reality. She lifts her head out of your breasts and pouts with frustration.

“I wanna get ravished, but it feels to good for me to keep moving. Let’s switch.”

Your cock leaps at the prospect. Careful not to hurt her, you lay Master on the bed and stand up at the edge, reversing the position the two of you were in before. She laces her slender fingers with yours to give you some extra force as you fight against the friction and suction of her pussy to give her the fucking she wants.

Your knees almost give out the first time you thrust into her. It feels too good for you too, but you’re a shinigami. It’s not hard tap into your powers and fix the distance between your knees and the ground to keep yourself upright. While you’re at it, you start thrusting by changing the distance between your tip and her cervix. It’s a lot easier than using your hips, and the way her velvety walls scrape all over your cock as you shoot past them incredible for both of you.

Master’s eyes get foggy and roll up a little as she loses herself in pleasure, spasming wildly each time your cock slams into her tight, sensitive pussy. You find yourself losing your strength and tumbling forward, but you catch yourself with your arms just in time. The sight of your jiggling, swinging breasts right in front of her face eventually rouses Master to start tugging and twisting the rings, adding a new layer of intense pleasure to the already-unbelievable tightness and softness and heat in her pussy.

“Master, I can’t…”

“It’s fine. I came a few times already.”

You use your powers to thrust as fast as you can, filling the room with noises that would make Eiki faint. Koishi’s cries reach entirely new octaves along with yours; everything’s fading away now, and you can’t feel anything but this brain-melting pleasure and the simple joy of submission…

“I love you, Komachi!”

The words open a floodgate inside you. Your cock and balls and pussy all clench up painfully, and a river of cum starts pouring into Master’s pussy while an electric pleasure shoots through your cock and pounds every inch of with delight. Her loli-pussy fills up quickly, but she locks her legs around you when you try to pull out with the last of your strength. You’d crush her if you fell forward, so you use your powers to hold yourself upright, still pumping out sperm and making her stomach expand while she cums again herself and squeezes you even harder. Your face is twisted with pleasure, but she just smiles wide with her tongue hanging out.

It’s not until there’s an obvious bulge in Master’s stomach that she lets you pull out and shoot the last of your cum over her body. Finally spent, you collapse on the bed next to her and watch as your sperm pours out from between her quivering legs. The smell is amazing.

Even though you coated Master in sperm inside and out, she’s the one in control. She’ll always be your Master no matter what you do, and you love it that way. Free will didn’t feel nearly as good.

“I love you, Master…?” You reach out for her hand, but she isn’t on the bed anymore. Glancing around, you find her standing in front of you, still slightly inflated. She’s wearing a dangerous grin, and holding a pink onahole in one hand and a ball-tail in the other.

“That makes me really happy, Komachi! As your reward, you won’t be getting any sleep tonight~”

Very Very Nice!
I wonder if we get Koishi teammate still. And someone keeps dying. Can't be Koishi, Can't be Yamame. Hmn... Wonder if its Nue?
As always, Koishi is great. Nice work.
[x] You guess.

As fun as this was, you have other things to do and other girls to play with. Master nods sadly when she sees the look in your eyes. You don’t want to see her like that.

“But I really liked being your pet! Can we do it again sometime?”

“… Really?” That brightens her up.


Master wipes a tear from her face and hugs you, rubbing her face against yours.

“Okay, Komachi! It’s a promise!”

Agh, your head! It feels like someone wrote a novel on your brain and then crossed the whole thing out.

Looks like you’re still in that bar, sunk deep into a pile of cushions. Splatters and sex toys litter the floor, and there’s a naked Koishi in your arms. She’s awake already, watching you with misty eyes.

“Do you feel normal now, Komachi?”

Well, you’re not calling her Master, and you don’t feel a pressing need to glorify her in everything you do.

“I think so.”

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Koishi climbs off of you, allowing you to rise unsteadily to your feet. Your ass still hurts a little, and your breath reeks of sperm. And you don’t have any clothes. Fortunately, Koishi can keep people from noticing.

The two of you head back through the city, chatting all the while. Some of the stories she tells would make a normal person's head spin, but you can just laugh at them. Especially the one where she screwed the whole Yakumo house without Yukari noticing.

When you reach the Palace, Koishi gives you a good scrubbing and runs off to get your clothes and scythe while you soak in the bath. You check around, but none of your friends are available; Yamame’s gone, Okuu and Kasen have gone someplace far away, and Orin and Satori seem to be really close together somewhere else in the palace. It’s probably time you went back to the surface.

Also, that charm still hasn’t come off. The heat inside you has gotten to the point where it tingles just standing still, and walking around is getting pretty difficult. Once the charm comes off, you'll probably need to cum at least four times before your your pussy will settle down. Koishi would be happy to screw your brains out again, but you do have other options. Mokou might like another visit, or you could drop in on Meiling and try out her new cock. You have a new pet that would take care of you, too…

Yeah, you'll need to take care of this before you decide how to carry on with your quest.

Koishi wants to go aboveground too, so the two of you take the elevator up together. Partway through the ride, you realize you’re still wearing the collar she gave you, and she flashes an overly-innocent smile as you take it off. While you’re at it…

“Hey, when’s this charm gonna come off?”

“Mm, should be soon.” Koishi looks away, then snaps her head back in excitement. “Oh! And I know someone really fun we could play with when it does!”

Hmm. What are you going to do?

[ ] See what Koishi’s planning.
[ ] Do it alone with Koishi.
[ ] Let your pet take care of you.
[ ] Visit Mokou.
[ ] Visit Meiling.

Picking Meiling, now or in the future, will start an SDM arc.
[x] Visit Meiling.

It sounds like it's been a while since komachi visited Meiling.
[x] See what Koishi’s planning.

>misty eyes
Damn it. I want to leave her with something nice. Plus the ever-alluring ~mystery partner~.
[x] Visit Meiling.
If only to see perverted Sakuya.
[X]Visit Meiling.
I want an SDM Arc.
We're leaving Koishi if we're starting the SDM arc, aren't we..."

I wish we could take her to Koakuma and give her a permanent size upgrade...
[x] See what Koishi’s planning.

Because Koishi is great and I want to see what she has in mind. And then I want to visit Meiling, as in immediately after.
[X] Visit Meiling.
Although, we could visit Koishi, and bring along Satori, Koishi, and the others, and THEN head to SDM.
[X]Visit Meiling.
[ ] Visit Meiling.

China time? China time.

Meiling x Komachix Sakuya
[x] See what Koishi’s planning.
File 135508060515.jpg - (163.04KB, 850x850 , ;_;.jpg) [iqdb]
Meiling wins.
if Mokou wanted votes she should have mentioned a Mokou arc
If Meiling wasn't a choice, I'd have chosen Mokou. If a similar choice comes up after the SDM route then I'm definitely picking her.
Don't worry Mokou. We'll come back. With friends

After the SDM arc, we should pay Mokou a visit to help her relax. Maybe Meiling would like to help out. It would be a valuable learning experience for Mokou.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?
[x] Visit Meiling.

You’ve spent enough time with Koishi, and you’re curious how your old friend’s doing.

“Sorry, I think I’ll go somewhere else. Maybe next time.”

Koishi’s not pleased, but she still smiles.

“Okay. See you, Komachi!”



Knock knock.

“Miss Patchouli!”

Knock knock knock.


Knock. Knock.

You throw in a kick for good measure, the library’s door doesn’t budge. It doesn’t even make a satisfying sound; everything just fzzes against the barrier. You won’t be able to get in unless someone opens it from inside.

And silence reigns once again. You let out a loud, frustrated sigh and walk away.

The mansion seems much more ominous than it used to. The candles cast long, flickering shadows over every surface, but they do nothing to light up the twisting path in front of you. The clacking of your shoes on the hard stone floor disappears into the depths of the manor, where the madness-architecture twists their echoes into a strange, unnatural wailing.

The hallways stretch on for miles, covered in doors that just open into walls or into other hallways. You haven’t seen the basement in ages; it’s almost as if it’s just disappeared altogether. Miss Flandre must be terrified…

Ah, you can’t take this! You’re going to confront the Mistress, right now. The mansion does its best to thwart you with circular hallways and Escher stairs, but its traps are no match for you if you concentrate. In minutes, you force it to submit and lead you to its innermost section.

There. The enormous crimson doors to the Mistress’s chamber, surrounded by enormous curtains and statues. You don’t stand a chance against her, but what else can you do? You take a deep breath, clench your fists, and--

“The Mistress is not to be disturbed.”

There’s a knife against your neck, with a blade is like a cold razor. The slightest movement could cover the floor in your blood.

With a deep, careful breath, you move your eyes to the right, following the knife to its source.

Sakuya. She seems to get more beautiful every time you see her. Smooth and flawless skin, silver hair arranged into perfect twin braids, and a perfume with more fragrance than the most magnificent garden. But those red eyes are as cold as ice. She’s changed.

“Sakuya, this isn’t right! Can’t you see Mistress has lost it? You can’t… You can’t stay with her!”

The words bounce right off of her. Something drops in your stomach.

Sakuya tightens her grip on the knife, making it wobble the tiniest, deadliest bit. Her other hand holds her watch far out of your reach, with her thumb poised on the button. Your reflexes can’t do anything against that.

“The Mistress is not to be disturbed, Meiling. Return to your post.” And then, with her head turned away, so quietly you can barely hear it, “Please.”

You stay still for another minute, but there’s no way for you to beat her. Slumping back in defeat, you turn away from the Mistress’ door. The foyer’s right in front of you, and Sakuya’s already gone. You walk unsteadily out the front door, still trembling from having that knife at your throat.

On the other side of the gate, you slump against the outer wall and heave a deep sigh. It flies away on the wind, leaving you in silence once again.

The lake is still today. All the fairies disappeared a week ago, right after the storm of magic swept through. It’s not surprising that they’d want to explore their new bodies, but you didn’t expect them to stay at it for this long. It’s a shame; you always liked to watch them frolicking on the lake.

You close your eyes, and Sakuya’s scent drifts back to your mind. It’s the most beautiful thing you’re ever smelled. Even now, you can’t help stiffening a little as you picture her beautiful legs, her lovely smile, the one time you got a peek up her skirt… Gah, you’re under attack!

Your hand shoots up to crush the attacker’s. You step forward and pull it over your head to slam her into the ground, hard enough to make ripples through the grass and scare off a flock of birds.

Hah. Well, at least you stil-- Ah, it’s Komachi!

“Komachi! I’m sorry! Are you okay!” You bend down and watch nervously as her eyes roll back down into place. Her mouth opens slowly and lets out a long, low-pitched groan.

“I’m so sorry!” Passing over her (incredible) breasts, you put a hand on her chest and close your eyes to focus on the chi inside her. It’s a familiar feeling. You know her body inside and out, so it’s easy to find the disrupted flows in her back and strengthen them to stop the pain.

Komachi coughs and sputters, and finally rises to her feet with a shaky smile. She’s slightly larger than you in most respects, and her hair’s a shade lighter. Her bobbles twinkle nostalgically as they catch the midday sunlight, and her cleavage is ever-present as always.

“Good to see you too, Meiling. How are ya?”

She’s so beautiful.

You fall into Komachi’s arms and start crying. You can’t help it. It’s obviously surprising, but she recovers quickly. One of her arms goes around you while the other one rests on your head, gently stroking your beret back and forth. Her soft breasts cushion you and absorb your sobs. It’s such a familiar softness, and her robe smells so nostalgic…

You can’t keep it up forever. Eventually, you lift your head to see Komachi’s gently smiling face. She’s blushing more than you’d expect.

“Wanna go inside?” she asks.

“… Mm.” You turn around and go on ahead, opening the gate for her and leading the way to your guard-shack. It’s very small, just big enough for a bed and a closet. You spend all your time outside, so it’s never bothered you. Komachi sits on the bed next to you, and you rest your head on her shoulder.

You’re getting hard again

[ ] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
-[ ] … But no penetration.
[ ] Cuddle.
[ ] Write-in.>>26277
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle
Oh dear. This look quite bad.

[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle

Alas, I can't think up a good write-in for poor Meiling. She needs some sweet love.
[ ] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle

So the question becomes is Patchouli trapped inside or trying to find a fix and is in DO NOT DISTURB MODE?

We know Yukari is messing around as per the BE YUKARI scene with Flandre and conspiring to do something wicked...
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle
>All the fairies disappeared a week ago
Fairy arc when?" Uh... Meiling. Yeah. I care about her. Totally.

[x] Komachi lets her new pet comfort Meiling.

Old friend, meet new friend.
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle
oh god so much sad
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle

>implying Patchouli is no youkai
She's probably getting the hell fucked out of her by Koakuma with some magical SCIENCE done at the side.
True. Probably reading while riding a cock. Thankfully all the books are stain proof due to enchantment.

I wanted a fairy arc too. Well, as long as were here...
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle
Comfort/Cuddle is the winner.

Yeah I realised the reference after I voted.
Komachi's not going to MASTER OF ROMANCE herself is she?
[x] Please comfort me, Komacchan.
[x] Then cuddle.

Things have been so strange lately. You want something nice and familiar to comfort you. Maybe she can take care of this thing between your legs, too.

You lift your head from Komachi’s shoulder and look pleadingly into her eyes. She knows the look very well. Her eyes seem different today: their red’s a little darker than usual, and it’s hard to look away from them.

“You sure?” she whispers.

Not really. But you want her right now. Holding you, kissing you, loving you…

Saying nothing, you move your head up and press your lips into Komachi’s. She nods and turns her head, opening her mouth to receive your tongue. You slip it in and probe around until her own tongue rises to meet you.

It’s so soft, and she moves it with such confidence. You’ve both memorized each other’s tactics, so you can just put your tongues on autopilot and let them wrestle for a few minutes. In the meantime, Komachi pulls you into her lap and puts her arms around your back, pressing you into her warm, soft body. Her breasts squish into yours, spreading out a little while your firmer bust retains its shape. You’ve grown used to having the second-largest chest in the mansion, so it seems unusual to be on the losing side of a hug like this.

Komachi’s more aggressive than you’d expect from someone who’s just helping a friend. She must want this too. Your cock’s only getting harder now that it’s pressed against her, so you stop moving your tongue to move things along.

Komachi wouldn’t just let you off like that, though. She presses your head tight against hers and licks all over your teeth and your tongue, making you shiver as she fills your mouth with the taste of her saliva. Your mouth seems to get more and more sensitive, to the point where you’re almost moaning just from getting kissed. To finish, she lets out a long, low moan that vibrates through your mouth and down your throat. Combined with the look in her eyes, it’s enough to make you ruin your panties with juices.

Komachi releases you, and you don’t waste any time in removing her sash and pulling open her robe. Even though you’ve seen it hundreds or thousands of times, her body’s still breathtaking. Huge, round breasts, soft like marshmallows, the slightest tan, and a pink, juicy slit between her full thighs. She smiles seductively and reaches out to you with both hands, prompting you to bury your head in her breasts. They’re as soft as the Mistress’s pillows.

After a round of nuzzling, you hold one from underneath and lick your way up to her hard nipple, teasing it with your tongue just the way she likes. Breathing heavily, she grabs your head and presses it into her breast, forcing the nipple into your mouth. You tighten your lips and start sucking, and…

There’s milk? It tastes really good. Smooth, and sweet, and a little creamy. You wouldn’t expect anything less. The flow’s pretty generous, so you just focus on drinking and teasing her nipple some more and letting that wonderful taste cover your mouth.

However, the sight of Komachi’s hands moving between her legs still catches your eye. Reaching down, you brush them aside and stroke her slit yourself. She gasps just from that, so you suck a little harder and start rubbing her lips in earnest. Her breathing speeds up immediately, and her thighs twitch powerfully under you. There’s enough warm juice rushing out to make your hand all sticky.

You drive your finger inside her to finish, and she lets out a loud, husky cry as her whole lower body clenches up. Your finger gets stuck for a second, and the feeling of her hot walls clamped up all around it makes the bulge in your dress even angrier.

Komachi’s orgasm passes quickly. You leave her milky nipple and look questioningly to her eyes, and she smiles and laughs in response.

“Really sensitive right now. Could you do some more?”

Your cock leaps at the question, but you don’t want to involve it just yet. You’d prefer to have a taste of nostalgia first.

You part Komachi’s legs and kneel down in front of her. She spreads herself wide open, treating you to a lovely view of her soaked pink folds and her extra-sensitive clitoris. Her juices are splattered all over her thighs, and the smell of arousal is intense. You go straight for the source, planting a kiss right on her pussy and covering your lips in sticky, delicious fluids.

Komachi stifles a cry, but not for long. You press your lips against her labia to form a seal and suck out her juices as your tongue shoots out and caresses her insides. Her folds part slightly with the help of her powers, making it easy for you to move your tongue inside her and rub it against her most sensitive spots. Every inch of her pussy is coated in thick, tasty juices; it’s like they’ve been building up inside her all day. She’s really hot inside, too.

Komachi holds you in place with one hand and strokes her clit with the other, repeatedly moaning your name as you lick her through another two orgasms. With each one, she squeezes your head between her thighs and squirts some juice into your mouth, which you swallow quickly before resuming your tongueplay.

After the second orgasm, her hands don’t have the strength to keep you at her pussy. You take the opportunity to go after her clitoris instead. It’s pretty swollen already, so you don’t have any trouble gently grabbing it with your teeth. Komachi gasps and jumps again, and you tease her clit ever so gently with your tongue while two of your fingers thrust into her. She ascends the curve to orgasm yet again, and you suck her clit and slam in your fingers to take her the rest of the way. She arches her back hard enough to throw you off, so you wipe off your mouth and watch as she throws back her head and moans your name in delight.

Just like old times. You always loved making her cum like that.

Komachi falls back onto the bed, flushed all over. The breast you were sucking on before is dripping with milk, and she’s drooling out the corner of her mouth. The sight makes your erection twitches painfully to remind you of its presence. Komachi smiles at the obvious bulge in your dress and beckons you closer. She sits back up and undresses you as easily as you undressed her, letting your dress and underwear drop to the floor to reveal your naked body. She runs her eyes all over it to confirm that it hasn’t changed before settling her gaze on your cock.

It’s harder than you’ve ever seen it before. The length and thickness are both average, but right now it’s so hard you feel like you could fuck for days. Komachi seems happy with it as well, reaching out with one hand to cover it in feathery-soft strokes from five fingers at once. Now it’s your turn to hide your moans, twisting uncomfortably while she plays with your penis. Your precum quickly soaks both your shaft and her fingers.

Looking over her again, you can’t help imagining all the wonderful things she could do to you. Right now, though, you just want to feel what it’s like to cum inside her. Komachi’s pussy still isn’t satisfied, so you allow her to skip the foreplay and guide you between her legs. As she holds you in place, you squeeze her thighs with your shaking hands, take the deepest breath you can, and drive yourself in with a single powerful stroke.

Right away, you’re assaulted with a pleasure so strong you can’t comprehend it. Your cock suddenly feels like it’s three times as hard, and then it starts throbbing in the most wonderful way as your sperm shoots out in powerful bursts. Komachi’s walls clamp shut around you as she cries out from yet another orgasm, holding you in place with her arms and her pussy until the flow of sperm dries up.

Even after the shooting stops, it takes a while for you to come back to reality. That was your first ejaculation, and having a tight, wet pussy like Komachi’s to accept it is just…

Komachi’s mouth interrupts you. You kiss back on instinct, feeling a strange pleasure in your mouth as she licks it all over.

You can recognize the folds and creases of her pussy from all the times you fingered her, but it feels completely different with a penis. She’s completely soaked as expected, and there’s this amazing heat that covers your cock and forces it to get hard again. The tightness is just a little more than enough to hold you in place, and she seems to be sucking gently on your cock even though it’s not moving. You’re rock hard again already, and your recent orgasm only makes you want to feel it again. All of your other problems seem distant in comparison.

You try to move your hips back, but they suddenly won’t budge. Komachi must be using her powers. You break the kiss to give her a questioning look, and she smirks and lifts her breasts in response.

How mean, holding your cock hostage like this. It feels great just being inside of her, though, so you won’t complain too much You open your mouth expectantly, and she squeezes her breasts together to fit both nipples in your mouth. The one you used previously continues its flow, but the other one blasts out a small jet of milk when you get it going. It must have gotten impatient while you were playing with its friend

As soon as you swallow your first mouthful of milk from both breasts, you feel something changing inside you. It’s in your own breasts; they’re shifting and heating up, and something’s flowing through towards your nipples…

Ah, you’re lactating too! A small burst shoots out of each nipple, leaving two wet splatters on Komachi’s stomach. Your cock twitches as a sharp pleasure stings your nipples, nearly sending you over the edge.

You stop drinking and take a few deep breaths, milk dribbling down your lips while the unstoppable and really pleasurable flow from your breasts continues. Your cock’s still trapped in Komachi’s pussy, kept right on the verge of orgasm by the gentle pulsing and sucking. As you’re still taking stock of yourself, Komachi grabs your breasts and pulls them forward.

She wraps her lips around your nipples and stares up into your eyes. There’s something strange about her eyes; something in your body clenches up as you stare back, but you’re too captivated by the pleasure to pursue it.

Your hips suddenly come free, and you pull back and slam into her immediately. A strong wave of pleasure washes over you, but you don’t cum immediately like you expected. Three more thrusts feel just as good, and you still feel right on the brink. You can’t look away from Komachi’s eyes, either. She bucks back to match your rhythm, moaning into your breasts as you thrust again and again. Your breasts feel more sensitive with each passing second; Komachi’s mouth doesn’t give them a second of rest, and the thick flow of milk stimulates them from within. There’s the wonderful If you can’t cum soon, you’ll…

Komachi closes her eyes and lets go of your breasts. The orgasm she’d been holding off suddenly strikes with a vengeance, forcing you to collapse on top of her as your cock clenches and shoots even harder than before. Your nipples happen to land right on top of hers, and they dig into each other unbearably and cover your chests with milk. She hugs your back and squeezes you tight, moaning your name in a sultry voice as she convulses herself and milks out all the sperm she can handle. It overflows her pussy and sprays all over both your thighs, but she keeps your cock deep inside her until you’re finished.

It would have been perfect, but then you went and thought of Sakuya at the last second. While you’re out here letting Komachi fuck you senseless, she’s…


Meiling pulls out and rolls off of you with a groan while you breathe a sigh of relief. That last orgasm was enough to finally get rid of the heat in your pussy. That was fun; maybe you’ll need to hit up Reimu for more of those charms.

Unfortunately, Meiling’s problems aren’t so easily solved. You grab her and pull her in close, letting her settle her head into your breasts like she always loved to. She takes a deep breath and nuzzles them with a sad-sounding purr.

You rotate yourself to lie normally on the bed, bringing Meiling with you and putting a protective arm around her back. She crawls forward to get her head on the pillow with yours, and you use your other hand to stroke her hair with slow, lingering movements. It’s long enough to reach her ass, with two long braids in the front. You’d say it’s a shade lighter than yours, light enough to pass for orange on a bright day.

You stay in the bed like that for a while, but she doesn’t say anything. Maybe the sex just made things worse. If things have gotten this bad for her, you kinda regret not seeing her more often. You don’t really know anything about this place, so you don’t have any idea what’s wrong.

Meiling doesn’t seem to be falling asleep. Maybe you should get her up for a bath.

[ ] They have one in the mansion, right?
[ ] A trip to the hot springs might be nice.
[x] They have one in the mansion, right?
[x] A trip to the hot springs might be nice.

It'd be more relaxing and it might get Meiling to open up about the problems in the mansion.
[x] A trip to the hot springs might be nice.

I'm hoping we'll meet someone else at the hot springs.
>second-largest in the mansion
Who's first?
Sakuya. Or Patchy.

[ ] They have one in the mansion, right?
[x] A trip to the hot springs might be nice.
Forgetting Koakuma?
Hot springs wins.
[x] A trip to the hot springs might be nice.

Maybe it’ll help if she gets away from the mansion for a while.

Leaving Meiling on the bed, you get up and look through her closet. Under a stack of spare outfits, you find a wooden bucket containing a pair of towels and some sponges. They don’t seem well-used; maybe the baths in the mansion come with their own.

You pull out the supplies and turn to Meiling, giving her a good view of your soiled body. Your chest and stomach are soaked with two kinds of milk, and there’s a huge mess between your legs. Her sperm still hasn’t finished leaking out.

You give her a gentle smile.

“C’mon, let’s wash off. I know a good place.”

After a moment, Meiling smiles back and rises to her feet, just as messy as you are. Her cock’s limp for now, but you’re sure it could go for a few more rounds.

You lead the way out of Meiling’s house, still naked. She follows and grabs your hand as you lift off the ground a ways to distance-jump on over to the geyser.

The humidity hits you like a wet, smelly blanket. This place is sweltering compared to the lake, and the sulfurous smell’s not great, either. Can’t beat the water, though.

You put down the stool a few feet from the water. Meiling sits down and lets you pour a few buckets over her, soaking her long hair and covering her skin with shiny trails of water. Then you pick up a sponge and get to work scrubbing all over her firm, toned body.

Like yours, Meiling’s body seems like it was built for sex. Her style’s more forceful, though. With her strength and her powers, she can force anyone to cum in less than a minute from the most intense, concentrated pleasure they’ve ever felt. That was all she could do when you first met her, but you taught her to be just as good at teasing. Her powers also let her keep you on the edge for as long as she wants, magnifying the pleasure from every touch and caress until you’re begging to cum, at which point she switches back to aggressive and makes you cum so hard you can’t stand for an hour.

You chat a little during the washing. She’s not eager to talk about her place, so you regale her with tales of your hard, throbbing adventure. She listens in amazement thoughout, and she finds the part with Mokou especially interesting. Seems Meiling wouldn’t mind giving her a little “flexibility training.”

And it’s time to switch. You hand Meiling the sponge and take her place on the stool. She gives a careful, reverent scrubbing, checking every inch of your body for changes. The new tricks you showed her before must have gotten her curious.

You were the dominant partner in your relationship, so she usually gave you this kind of treatment. It all started when she challenged you to a match; after you trounced her with your powers, you helped yourself to her body as your prize, and the sex was incredible for both of you. She begged you afterwards to take her as your student, and the relationship deepened from there.

All done. You rinse each other off and head over to a pool to soak. The water’s hot and relaxing like before; it really hits the spot after the workout you’ve been through today. Meiling sighs and tilts her head back, taking in the afternoon sky above her. It’s hard to tell if she’s thinking or not.

Nothing happens, so you try sneaking up behind her and putting your hands on her shoulders. She’s surprised at first, but she quickly settles back to let you work. Meiling’s definitely the better masseuse. Thanks to her powers, she can loosen you up completely with just a touch. Still, after all the times you’ve tried this with her, you’ve gotten pretty good yourself. You draw a line of kisses up her neck as you work out the kinks in her back, getting a few gentle purrs in return.

When you finish, you put your arms around her stomach and draw her into a hug. She’s firm, and you’re soft.

Finally, she smiles. It’s a warm, loving smile, with centuries of affection backing it up. You always can’t help blushing at the sight of it. Meiling snuggles up against your chest to let you hug her a little tighter, and you stay like that for a long time, breathing in each other’s scents and letting the water soothe your worries away.

If you close your eyes, it’s just like old times. The two of you were really into each other for a while there, but your passion was too intense to last forever. Trying to recreate it would only end in failure.

So, you eventually have to snap her out of her happy trance and bring her back to the present.

“… Can you tell me what’s wrong, Meiling?”

Meiling breathes deeply, and her smile fades away.


She takes a while longer to get ready.

“I really like it at the mansion. The mistress gave me my job there about a hundred years ago after she beat me in a fight. She can be a little full of herself, but she cares about all of us. Her little sister’s really cute, too.”

“There’s also a magician there. She and the mistress are old friends. I’ve been trying to help her exercise, and she’s tried to teach me a little magic. I don’t think it’s working for either of us, but it’s still fun to hang out with her. And she has an assistant that you’d just love.” You tilt your head at her, getting a sly grin in response.

“And then there’s the head maid, Sakuya Izayoi. She’s only a human, but she’s… amazing. She has to look over the whole mansion, but she’s always perfect, and always smiling. Her food’s delicious, she never slacks off, she’s young and beautiful…”

Meiling starts to drift into a fantasy-world, but you pull her back out of it.

“Right. I’m proud to be there, protecting them all. Everything was perfect until a week ago.”

“That’s when you grew your cock?”

“Yeah. So did all the fairies who work in the mansion. They all got pretty frisky, but Sakuya straightened them out. I think the magician, her name’s Patchouli, might’ve gotten one, too, but it’s hard to tell with those baggy clothes she wears.”

“So, it was alright at first. Just a little wilder than normal. But then, a few days after that, almost everyone disappeared. The Mistress and her sister stopped coming out for walks, and Patchouli sealed herself away in the mansion’s library. Sakuya didn’t know what was happening, either. She went off to bring the mistress her dinner, but she…”

Meiling shudders.

“… The next time I saw her, she was different. I think the mistress did something to her. She was cold, and violent, and she wouldn’t listen to me at all. All the maids are gone, too, so the mansion’s really quiet and scary. What if I’m next? What if it never goes back to normal? I don’t know what’s going on, and I feel like I can’t do anything!”

Meiling falls into your arms and starts crying again. She’s such a strong, cheerful woman, but Yukari’s scheming has reduced her to this. Your resolve strengthens as you stroke her wet hair.

“Don’t worry, Meiling. I’ll help you.”

The sobbing stops, and Meiling lifts her head.

“… Huh?”

“I’m gonna help get your life back, Meiling. I’m not leavin’ ‘til everything’s sorted out.”

“K… Komachii!” Meiling hugs you hard enough to hurt and starts a fresh round of tears.

You do have other things to do, but you can’t just leave your old pal like this.


Hey, who’s that off to the right?

Looks like there’s two women bathing in another pool off in the distance. They’re both redheads; one has long, bright-red hair, and the other’s is shorter and darker and shaped into… twintails? Wait…

“H-Hey, is that her over there?”

Ran glances over.


“Uh, should we, should we go over and greet her? She’s kinda… mn… important, right?”

“She is, but she also seems to be occupied. More importantly, your training is far from complete.” Ran squeezes her breasts together to emphasize point, forcing you to arch your back and let out a little cry as the softness envelops your cock. “How will you challenge the Myouren Temple if this is all you can handle?”

You’re sitting on the edge of a pool, with your legs danlging in the water. Ran’s kneeling in front of you, continuing the “training” she’s been giving you since you left the Netherworld. You managed to endure her mouth for five minutes this morning, so now she’s moved on to paizuri.

Ran slides and squeezes her breasts around your cock for a while longer, using both the soft flesh and her hard nipples to stimulate you. You thought titfucks were pretty simple, but Ran’s proved otherwise; she can make it feel completely different just by changing the amount of pressure or the direction of her movements or the part she’s rubbing against you. Not to mention all the tools she use on your sensitive tip in the meantime: her hands, her nails, her lips, her tongue…

Ran stops teasing you and puts your cock in a tight breast-grip. You’ve survived this long, but now comes the hardest part. She’ll do her best to squeeze out your cum now.

Your feet shift nervously in the water as Ran strokes her breasts up and down, gradually increasing the speed and the pressure. They feel amazingly warm and slippery when they’re soaked in the spring-water like this, and her hot breath tickles your glans whenever it peeks out of her soft prison.

Knowing that you have to endure it makes it even harder to resist. You shut your eyes and clench up every part of your body, trying to hold the pleasure at bay as you count off the strokes. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteenineteentwenty!

Your hips rear up at the last stroke, and you feel the sperm rising in your cock, but then you focus as hard as you can and slam them back onto the ground.

Ran’s not moving anymore. You made it! The slightest movement will make you burst, but you managed to survive a full paizuri-onslaught.

Ran glances down at your twitching cock and nods in approval.

“Well done, Murasa. Shall I drink your sperm now?”

There’s no need to answer that. Ran lowers her head and licks slowly around your glans, making your whole body shiver with anticipation. Then her tender lips close around you tip, and you go straight over the edge.

It’s your fourth or fifth orgasm for the day, but it still feels amazing. Ran crushes your shaft between her breasts while she sucks on the tip, doubling the pleasure you feel as your cock throbs wonderfully and sprays a thick load all over her mouth. The sight’s probably incredible, but you’re too busy falling back and moaning at the sky to look at her.

Ran swallows and releases your cock, then pulls you down off the edge and embraces you. You close your eyes and nuzzle against her neck as the warm water covers you, and she puts her arms around your back to pull you tight against her heavenly body.

It’s hard not to notice her erection. Her cock’s the most stubborn you’ve ever seen; you tried your hardest to make her cum yesterday, but she fucked you so hard you passed out before she could finish. The feeling of long, thick cock pressing into your stomach reminds you how much further you have to go.

Even though there’s all this other trouble, spending time with Ran is nice. You hope you can keep seeing her even after this is all over. Nobody can replace Byakuren, but…

Ran notices your new erection, and the hug suddenly ends. She pushes you against the side of the pool and turns around, letting eight of her tails shoot out to restrain you. The ninth one curls around the base of your penis and points it straight towards her spread pussy.

“You’ve rested long enough. Next, I’ll train you for vaginal.”


Okay, all dressed and back at the gate. Meiling’s almost bursting with excitement now, telling you everything about the mansion as fast as she can. You’re missing quite a bit of it, but you can’t bring yourself to make her slow down.

Right now, your objective is just to gather information, preferably by encountering one of the mansion’s denizens. Unfortunately for Meiling, that’ll probably be easier if you go in alone. She’s just been getting the cold shoulder, but they shouldn’t just ignore a lone stranger coming in.

It’s late afternoon now. Meiling says the mistress is a vampire, so you’d be more likely to encounter her if you waited until nightfall. You could go in now and just try to track down that maid, or you could hang out here with Meiling for a while.

[ ] Go in now.
[ ] Spend some more time with Meiling.
-[ ] Let her show you the gardens.
-[ ] Spar with her.
-[ ] Play with her cock some more.
--[ ] Optional write-in for how.
-[x] Play with her cock some more.
--[x] Introduce her to our new pet.
[ ] Go in now.
[x] Spend some more time with Meiling.
-[x] Spar with her.

Murasa's having a training arc. How cute. She thinks she won't fail horribly and need Komachi to save her.
[x] Go in now.
[ ] Go in now.
[x] Go in now.

Gather information while Remilia's still sleeping. Might encounter Sakuya, too.
[x] Spend some more time with Meiling.
-[x] Spar with her.

I think a good spar will help get Meiling in a more normal state of mind, that and Komachi could use it as well.
Hang onto your butts, Komachi's going in.

This'll be it for thread 5.

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Man that branch you actually justify a silent protagonist!
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Never gets old.
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Why did you change it? Something about Komachi make the plot work out better? Or is it just the chest?
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