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I bring my feet to my chest, curling up as the midday sun shines down upon this land, Gensokyo. Although my tail lazily jumps back and forth, I keep one eye open on a special prize.


A shrine maiden. The shrine maiden. She doesn’t get much free time between her chores. I used to just sleep here to be more lazy during the day, but I got to know her better. Always brushing past me, although that is not to say she ignored me, she was just always busy. She’d sweep the compound, repair the stairs, fight a Youkai, bandage her wounds, and come back for an interview with that Tengu. All in a single day. And after that she’d sit down, almost nodding off as I pretended to be asleep. I’d see her getting ready to go inside to sleep another day, and I’d move, just a bit, out of the way so she wouldn’t have to step over me.

She brushes past me, broom going to both sides, and I immediately roll over as she passes again, getting where I was just laying.

Diligent Reimu.

Gentle Reimu.

Calm Reimu.

Dear Reimu.

She has a slight sway as she continues. Her hips go this way, then that way… it presses upon her outfit, giving a bare outline of her features. I’d like to see that. I’d like to see her without it. I’d be gentle. I’d only touch what she wanted me to touch. I’d grab it, squeeze it, listen to her squeals as I smelled her lovely scent…




I spring up and run inside to the sound. Bits and pieces are scattered everywhere, and Reimu is holding her hand, with some blood.

“I… are you?”

I don’t know how to help, I just know that I want to. I try to help her with her finger, but she holds it towards her chest with a scowl on her face. I try to help pick up the plate instead, but to my surprise it crumbles into more pieces as soon as I touch it. Reimu exasperatedly gasps as I try to pick up the biggest pieces, and they just continue to fall apart. She lets go of her finger and I try to help with that, instead, grabbing it and making sure it’s held tightly, but she jerks away and yells in pain. Oh no…!

“Stupid cat!”

She hits me at the of the head. Stupid cat, stupid cat. Just a stupid cat, is that what she thinks of me?

I smack her back before I even realize it, biting my lip in anger. What does she think I…

“You, you…”

She says back to me, surprised as she rubs her cheek. Stupid cat. I know, Reimu. I know. The tears already welling up. Stupid cat, getting upset. I know she doesn’t know, but she just… I should have told her. She just thinks I’m a stupid cat. A freeloader who just hangs around to steal.

I don’t look at her. I don’t look at the walls or the ceiling, just the floor as I turn around and run. I run out of the courtyard and down the stairs, wiping at my tears with my sleeve, but more tears come. I want to go home.

I want to go home, and I want to ask what my masters think. They know everyone much better than I could, and they’ll know. But I can’t go home, here. I can’t go back, there. I have to go the long way. It’s a long way through the forest, up the mountain, and back down through it. But by then, my tears will have stopped.
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Nobody watches these old entrances anymore, and I slip past Yuugi and Kusime and Parsee easily. I don’t want any of them to ask why I’m not coming from the shrine. I don’t want to have to answer why I’m not coming from the shrine.

It’s a long way, though, longer when I keep taking detours around people. My feet ache, my legs hurt, and my stomach has flutters. My eyelids droop even as I pass the ancient city of Oni. I struggle past the Earth Palace’s gates, and turn away from my master’s room, electing to catch some sleep before a difficult conversation. I go past the kitchen areas, the extra rooms, the kitchen… Huh, where is my room? It should be… ugh. It’s not there. I was sure of it. This place is so big. Too big. I’m not going to search all night. I just need to lay down. A nice table. A nice, comfy table.

Comfy and soft and slightly warming to the touch. Nice and gentle, with a whiff of something sweeter. I run a hand down to my thigh, already a bit excited at the prospect. I push my skirt out of the way as I back down a bit off the table, planting my chest on it and slowly grinding forward. I can feel myself tense as it roughly rubs against me, but I bring my mind back to Reimu and push myself off, then back again. I can feel myself groan as it violates me, and I bring my hand up to my chest and play with myself as I grind back and forth. Reimu would do that. She’d whisper softly in my ear and grab my breasts as she ran herself along my crotch. She’d tweak my nipple, and play with my breasts, just like this.

“Just what are you doing?”

A voice interrupts me as a hand grabs my neck. Strongly, but just enough to subdue me. My master.

“I w-was just getting to sleep!”

“You reek of sex. Don’t lie to me.”

She brings her free hand down between my legs, giving me quite a shock as she does what the table did not, playing around with my clit.

“I was was just…”

She doesn’t give me a chance to answer, bringing my arms back and tying them off before bending me over the table. She doesn’t let me resist, keeping a hand on my back even as she smacks my ass. I yelp as my bottom stings, and she smacks it again.

“Bad cat. You will only tell me of your pleasure. I will reward you.”

She brings her hand down and pushes aside my panties, forcing a finger inside me and stirring around my insides. I have to bite at the edge of my shirt as she pushes me between extreme pleasure and slight pain. Eventually I can’t help it, letting out a soft mew as she switches to two fingers.

She brings her head down next to my ear, pushing my hair aside with her wet hand.

“See. You’re a smart cat after all.”

How does she- She can’t possibly know that.

I open my eyes. Satori isn’t there. My hands are not tied. My panties are not…


I sheepishly readjust my clothing and decide that I’m not going to get any worthwhile sleep here, and really… I don’t want to have to deal with my master, the mindreader. It would make it easier to tell her, but she’d play upon my fears. I think. I hope not, but I think so, and I don’t want to deal with that.

I don’t want to deal with any of this.

Maybe Koishi will have a better idea.
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I creep through the silent mansion as I look for my second master. She has a bed, but doesn’t use it. I’ve found her, before, in the oddest of places. And they say us cats find odd places to sleep. I am all the more surprised when I open the door to her room and there she is, facing away from the door, but sleeping and laying there all the same. It’s almost too easy. I can never find her when I want to.

I take one step into the room and I know something wrong. Hands grab at me. Suddenly, a dozen men are upon me. This isn’t what I wanted, what I was looking for. The men are naked, and quickly they are gently removing my clothes, leaving me bare naked as they place me on the bed next to my master. They pass around my underwear as indistinguishable faces shift in and out of the crowd. One brings his hands down, playing with my nipples as I give a small moan. Another uses this opportunity to get inside my mouth, deeply kissing at me.

The two work me over, neither allowing me respite as they dually stimulate me. By the time I bring my hands up to shield my breasts and face, I am nothing but a quivering, moaning wreck.

I am roused to attention as one drags a finger down my stomach, drawing lower and lower until his fingers bristle over my crotch. He pauses a moment to run a finger through the hairs before moving on to my clitoris. I almost move to stop him before a wave of intense pleasure washes over me as he plays with my sensitive parts. My legs fall open as my back arches and I let out a silent moan.

My eyes roll over in pleasure as I see the grinning, faceless men above me. I barely feel a prodding below the waist before I am stirred as he enters me. My lower body tightens and I bring a hand down to rub at my crotch as pleasure overwhelms me. Yet all I can think about is the men above me. Grinning, enjoying this, enjoying me enjoying this. I shouldn’t enjoy this. I don’t want this thing inside me, I want a woman. I want fingers. I want a tongue. I want someone who’s felt the way I feel and I want to show her how I feel, and her to show me how she feels. I want Reimu.

I reach out with my hand and place it upon my master’s shoulders. I can feel the pleasure abating as I deny the fantasy, and when I blink my eyes I find myself standing above her, with all my clothes, hand on her shoulder.

I decide not to wake her.
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There’s only one person left that I know will comfort me, or at least not hurt me. I blink through bleary eyes as I guide my way down the lonely corridors by holding the wall. I spy another empty, secluded table and consider laying down, but I remember how well that went last time. I need proper sleep. A soft bed, a fluffy pillow, and a warm body. I just wish the last one was Reimu.

I burst through the door, too tired to knock.


I blurt something out without thinking, getting two steps in before collapsing half into my friend’s arms, half onto her bed. She gently picks me up, bringing my legs up to the bed even as my eyes are too tired to remain open. She pulls back, and I lazily open one eye just in time to see her take her shirt off, breasts bouncing slightly. I realize I’ve never actually seen her without her outfit on, before. I close my eyes again as she takes off her skirt, butterflies forming again in my stomach as I can imagine what I didn’t see.

She lays down next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist as she pulls up the covers. She doesn’t even ask what’s wrong. She just knows that I’m hurting. Okuu’s always been there for me…

She grabs me closer, pulling me towards her warmth even as my head is pressed into her breasts. Her wonderful breasts. Her large breasts. Her mesmerizing breasts. I try not to think about the way they slight sway as she takes off her clothes, or how they’d glisten under firelight or how they’d feel between my hands. She’s always been there for me. Even now, when Reimu’s not.

I can feel her soft breath upon my back. I can feel the warmth of her body pressing against mine. Even as she drifts into sleep I can’t stop thinking about turning over and repaying her for everything she’s done for me. I’d push her over onto her back, press her breasts up and down as I kissed her upon the lips. And when she’s ready, I’d go down to between her legs and really repay her.

I slide a hand down, under my skirt.


I grab her arm and place it upon my breast as my fingers dance. I can hear Okuu breathing slightly faster, and I pretend she’s just as excited as I am. I place my hand over hers and grab at my breast even as I rock back and forth in her grasp.


I gasp in excitement, only to lose my breath in the act. Okuu. Not even her real name. A pet name, a friendly nickname, one we use because we’re friends. We’re friends. I’ve always liked her, but not like this. This is just desperation. I know who I love. I know who I want. I know I want Reimu to caress my breasts as she toys with my crotch. I want her to whisper soft things in my ear as she dominates me. I want her to shriek in pleasure as I service her. I want to lay with her without my clothes on, without my back to her, with our breasts together. I just want Okuu to be there when I fall and scrape my knee.

I slide out from under my friend’s arm, carefully arching over her as I get out of bed, set on what I have to do. I only hesitate at the doorway for a second to turn around and crouch down to deliver a kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you, Okuu, now I know what I need to do.”
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I creep out of the drained Geyser to an early morning sky. Red and blue and purple clash amongst the clouds as the green mountain serves as both a backdrop and foreground. I think something silly, like the clashing colors represent my feelings, but I put those sort of thoughts out of my mind.

I hold a basket close to my chest, careful not to expose it to the winds or a sudden fall. Although it’s early morning, I can see a lantern already hung at the front of the shrine building that serves as her home. She’s up, even this early.

Diligent Reimu.

Gentle Reimu.

Calm Reimu.

Dear Reimu.

I find myself standing there, in front of her door, reciting all the positive qualities of her. Caring, gentle, nice, polite, easygoing, beautiful, fit-

The door opens. She seems as surprised as I am. I hope she’s not mad, I won’t let her be mad!

“I got you this thing and this other thing and these bandages because I was worried about your finger and I made you mad and I’m sorry and- eep!”

I get so excited trying to push the basket into her chest that I basically throw it at her and let it go. It spills all over the floor, all my careful preparation going to waste. I shriek and bend down to put it back together before she touches me shoulder.

“No. I was wrong, actually.”

She brings me up, hugging me. I’m so confused I almost forget to return it until she’s letting go of me, but then I grab her and hug her as tight as I can. I hold on to her even as she brings a hand up and runs it through my hair. We stay like that for what it seems like an entire minute before I let go. I look away, she looks down, and squats to pick things up. I can’t let her do that by herself, so I too squat down, only for her to glance at me, perhaps a little too low. She looks back just as quick, though, and it seems she’s a bit happy with herself.

We put the things back in the basket, but a jar is broken, bits are scattered apart, and the whole thing is a mess. Reimu doesn’t seem to mind, holding it close to her chest.

“Would you like to come inside, Orin? I have a bit of breakfast that I didn’t finish, and it seems you could use it.”

I can feel my ears perk up without even trying to. I hurriedly put my hands onto my hand to pat them back down and nod, accepting her offer. She twirls out of the way, putting the basket aside, clearly more interested in me. It’s a little exciting, but at the same time I don’t understand her. I catch her eyes staring at my rear as I prepare to sit, and it’s a bit nerve-wracking to sit there as she watches me eat. We stare at each other across the room as I slowly munch on the rice crackers she has left. The tension is nearly unbearable. I want to tell her how I feel, but it seems she’s already judging me. She’s playing it aloof, and I don’t know what she wants. I don’t even know if she’s interested in me like that. I don’t-

Reimu crosses the room in two stops and bends down, putting her face right in front of mine. I blink, and she smiles.

“You’ve got something on your face.”

I freeze up, just sitting there perfectly still as she brings a finger to my lip. She brushes over it, seemingly purposefully slowly, and again. She seems to let it linger for a second before bringing it down my chin.

“I got it.”

She gives such a smile that can’t help but smile back. And I find it incredibly stupid that I’m smiling at her after she had to wipe off my lip for me because I was too occupied thinking about her. I can feel the smile fall off my face as I hang my head in my own shame.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“It’s just I…!”

My feelings pile up in my chest, and I consider saying everything at once before I bit my tongue. Just as quickly, my shoulders sag back down, even lower than before.

“You’re tired, aren’t you?”

My tail swishes across the floor as she leans in close to the side of my face, whispering.

“A smart cat would take my offer.”

She brings her arms around me, under my own. I am half-carried and half-stand over to her sleeping bag. She sets me down on my side, again putting her hand through my hair as I lay there, heart starting to race. She continues playing with my hair as she whispers into my ear.

“I didn’t mean to yell at you, and especially not to hit you, Orin.”

I can feel her hand finish playing with my hair, rubbing my shoulder and brushing down my arm. I lay there, unwilling to resist, unwilling to move, lest I ruin the moment. She presses up against my back, cooing.

“Please, if you feel the same way I do, let me do this for you.”

The hair on the beck of my neck stands up as she leans in, bring her hand over me to my breasts. An entire day’s stress melts away as she plays with my breasts, and I can’t help but give out an audible sigh as she squeezes one of them. I stretch as she brings her other arm underneath me, gently playing with my breasts and alternating between squeezing them and playing with my nipples.

I allow myself one last wave of pleasure as she gently massages them, and then carefully grab her hands and roll over. This time, I don’t allow her to resist. I put my hand to her cheek and bring her face towards mine before kissing my love. She doesn’t pull back, allowing me to take the reins. I gently roll my dear over, sitting over her. We stop for a moment as both of us catch our breath and I look into her bright, brown eyes. Her face makes me want to just bend down and nuzzle against her neck, but there’ll be time for that later.

I gently tug at her shirt, pulling it up and over her head. I let out a small gasp as I see her bare skin underneath, the perfectly rounded breasts topped with small pink nipples. I quickly give her the same treatment she gave me, stopping only to bend down and kiss at her lips before moving to nibble on her ear. I relish her wondrous breasts as I focus on making her moan, little fidgeting of her body as she moves in pleasure telling me how well I am doing. I’m so focused on playing with her breasts that I gasp in shock as I feel two of her fingers inside my panties. She grazes my opening, and we quickly establish a rhythm. I buck my hips as she inserts a finger, and she hurries the pace every time I flick her nipple. We rock back and forth for a minute before I cry out loudly and my panties are soaked through. I collapse onto Reimu’s chest, breathing heavily.

She gently lets herself out from under me before rolling me onto my back. She gives a mischievous smile and a press upon my lips before bringing her face down to my waist. I give a gasp of shock and grab at my face as her tongue roughly plays with my snatch. I enjoy it for a few minutes, shrieking as she peaks pleasure in me, before she finishes. She looks up at me with that same devious smile before wiping her lips and pulling my panties down, off my legs. She seems to look me over for a second, embarrassing as it is. My legs wide open, but she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. I close my legs and lean forward to hold her and reciprocate, but she pushes me off.

“Let’s try something else.”

She softly whispers into my ear. She stands up and takes off her lower garment, then her bloomers and stands before me naked. I stutter, trying to think of something to say before simply reaching behind my back and undoing the tie on my dress. She leans in to me, grabbing the dress and slowly pulling it off my body. I squirm at the sight of her lusting eyes, but it just seems to further excite her as she slows my undressing even more. With my dress off, she looks expectantly at my bra and raises an eyebrow. I stand and slowly undo it for her as she watches with an increasingly interested look. I drop it beside me and we both stand there, naked. I had glimpsed the tone of her body before, but all I could think now is how lovely she looked.

She takes my hand, and I take her hand, and we lay back down on the floor. She takes the lead, and runs her hand along my thigh before coming to rest near the ankle, where she lifts one leg of mine slightly. She scoots herself in under this, bringing her other leg over mine. I can feel the warmth of her snatch against mine, gently brushing against each other as we just try to position. With a set of panting, we’re ready, but she grabs my arm and brings me closer for a second to stare into my eyes. I stare back, entranced as she strokes my cheek.

“I love you.”

I don’t know which one of us says it first, but we both say it. I feel embarrassed for a moment before she brings me in for a kiss, and then lets me go back to a resting position and takes the lead. I cry out in pleasure as she grinds against me, evidentially enjoying it just as much with her cries of ecstasy. She expertly rides the waves of pleasure, pausing for just a moment of a second to let me catch up, and then back to grinding me. Holding my leg in her hands, she increases the pace, crying louder and louder as I approach climax.

We both reach it together, our moans joining as we soak the floor. I collapse, exhausted, and my love crawls up to meet me. She presses her breasts against my back, cooing softly in my ear as she strokes my hair. I sit there for a moment, taking in her, and now our, wonderful smell, before turning over and pressing my chest against hers.

I could lay here forever.
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Oh no! A pastebin containing the outline for any interested parties!

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Man, I'm such a sucker for stories like this. Wonderful work!
Too lewd for me

Loving, caring tenderness. D'awww.

It's not often one sees Rin up in the shrine where she lazily rests.
It's rare to see a loving non bitchy Orin in /at/.

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