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26093 No. 26093
Old thread: >>22441

No. 26094
File 134440568189.jpg - (378.55KB , 1280x720 , pwdl045_avi_000596062.jpg ) [iqdb]
No real downloads to start with, but info instead.
If you can't wait for someone to get pwdl043, 044, and 045, her name is Haruna/Hina Maeda and she does uncensored.
No. 26100

i need this
No. 26101
they're not cosplay sets but if you search her name you can find torrents and multi-part zips.
No. 26138

Who has this? please.
No. 26150
Any news on the new Touhou Cosplay Festival? AKB-040. When is it coming out?
No. 26166
No. 26167
Thanks mate.
No. 26182
File 13447825554.jpg - (140.90KB , 600x339 , 00015532_s2.jpg ) [iqdb]

Password (without spaces): tsun tsun oni oni
No. 26184

No. 26185
Password doesn't seem to work. Any idea why?
No. 26187
Did you remember to write it without the spaces? Hint, direct copypasta will NOT work.
No. 26194
Yes I did. I don't know what's wrong man. Oh well.
No. 26205
Worked fine for me.
No. 26208
File 134483759151.jpg - (152.25KB , 800x498 , cosk003pl.jpg ) [iqdb]
The pictures in >>25054 and >>26093 is Chika Arimura and does other stuff too.

The pics are presumably part of this included pic and it's apparently out.
No. 26219
File 134486632397.jpg - (21.42KB , 208x277 , 5004d4568d8e0_main.jpg ) [iqdb]
Available here
No. 26229


You don't have permission to access /a/product/COSMAX0365 on this server.
No. 26230
i got the same 403 as >>26229.
No. 26238
Just xenophobic Japs blocking foreign IPs.


Not sure if fake:
No. 26243
Well much as I know Chika Arimura is a very gorgeous lady.

How's the news on the narumi lain sets?
No. 26248

Heh you posted this after I tried dl'ing it. Fake.
No. 26249
? so not the only eh
No. 26275

any other uploaded place? since that requires a membership or something.
No. 26287
File 134529908193.jpg - (178.64KB , 800x538 , AKB-039_02.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26297
Well, that was one of the most awkward trailers I've watched in a while.
No. 26345
IT's only available at certain times, try again later
No. 26347
i think its just a fake
No. 26348
If he's referring to FC2 >>26345 is correct. You either need to hit the site when japan isn't or get a premium account.
No. 26360

I suggest Jdownloader if you have problems with timing out.
No. 26363
Unable to connect somehow. Can you reupload somewhere?
No. 26364
jDownloader says the file is offline
No. 26372
It's now mirrored on mediafire. Check /jp/ upload list for link.
No. 26373
File 134574771175.jpg - (174.73KB , 800x537 , dadsadasdsada.jpg ) [iqdb]
%83%AC%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A4%E3%83%BC%E6%97%A9%E4%B9%99%E5%A5%B3%E3%83%A9/ Fake?
No. 26375
Adultjav is fake.
No. 26386
No,it's true.
No. 26412
Confirmed for not working after downloading.
No. 26415
sounds like your file have shadow-bunshin.

No. 26421
File 134607747037.jpg - (486.80KB , 795x1200 , FAR_2943.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26430
Dead Link.
No. 26431
It works. You just need an exhentai account.
No. 26434
You can also replace "exhentai.org" to "g.e-hentai.org"
No. 26436
More sexy goodies!
No. 26437
Thanks a lot.
No. 26470
please c82 lenfried dvd torrent
No. 26536
File 134675871570.jpg - (300.49KB , 533x800 , 18980GOODS_IMAGE_SAMPLE2App.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26552
File 134685665656.jpg - (1.14MB , 1200x1800 , 004.jpg ) [iqdb]


Password (without spaces): tsun tsun oni oni
No. 26553
Thanks a lot!
No. 26568
It's just a sample...
No. 26574
File 134693377538.jpg - (1.22MB , 1200x1800 , 107.jpg ) [iqdb]



Same password as above >>26552
No. 26578
1st file link is dead...
No. 26583

Lord. Why even bother making a video if it's going to be that short?

Still, thanks for the upload.
No. 26600
From what google translate tells me on the getchu pages, the maker is still editing the whole thing.
No. 26609
me too...

upload once again?
No. 26620
They're still up, I don't know what to say other than to fix your internet or something.
No. 26628
File 134710743787.jpg - (560.82KB , 800x1202 , 043.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26675
Me too,I don't know what's wrong...
No. 26684
is this fake or not
No. 26685
jav4share is fake
No. 26687
actually, any download site without preview,you can count it as fake site. so need no ask.
No. 26743
Is there any reliable method to find pinkywebdl's works?
No. 26754
No. 26755
Anyone know how to get an account on this site?
seems to have lenfried touhou dvd.
Can't read chinese
No. 26758
I just checked PD and found that there are finally a few new Pinky releases. I just hope they will be distributed properly unlike some other webdl, which is sitting idle at 33% since months.

Lenfried C82 Touhou DVD was already posted in the previous thread:
No. 26759
that was to one of her latest photosets
NOT the videos
No. 26766
Well, this torrent contains the Video:

It's the several (C82)[Heru3 (lenfried)]幻想活劇 東方恋蓮録.partX files.
No. 26767
I can't seem to find a working link or torrent bd of cosplay festival 3, does anybody know of one?
No. 26768
The first result in Google i get for typing in "Touhou cosplay festival 3" gets me several working links.
No. 26769
Yes. But not for the blu-ray.
No. 26774
Who has this?
No. 26781
If not totally out of the way
someone able to get this?
No. 26790
File 134838075242.jpg - (1.22MB , 1200x1800 , touhoureimu_0084.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26791
Whoa, where did this come from?

Do you have the video that comes with it?
No. 26793
A video came with this?
No. 26805

there's supposed to be a 28 min MPEG
No. 26817
No. 26871
Got another one from @factory
No. 26877
File 134898072824.jpg - (718.92KB , 1200x1800 , alice_of_the_east_0137.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26879
File 13489845363.jpg - (265.89KB , 802x538 , 1348926869678.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 26880
DAMN you work fast
also possible to see if really were movies that came with those?
No. 26884
Does any non japanese toho cosplay porn exist? Just wondering
No. 26885
How much non-japanese cosplay porn exists in general?
No. 26887
File 13490085135.jpg - (234.30KB , 560x420 , 00018142.jpg ) [iqdb]

(without spaces) Password: tsuntsun onioni
No. 26889
It`s broken.
No. 26890
Worked fine for me.
No. 26891
do these need to be merged I wonder?
No. 26892
No. 26893
I didn't really need to do anything beyond downloading all the files and using winrar to extract.
No. 26896
omg thanks so much
No. 26899
File 134907129477.jpg - (196.29KB , 800x441 , 55hitma151pl.jpg ) [iqdb]

You're welcome.
No. 26903
I am slightly disturbed at the Koishi cosplayer.

No. 26904
I think there's only 2 different actresses on that video
We couldn't have found it on nyaa without you
No. 26905
You know it.
No. 26910
I don't see why you assume that
No. 26911
File 134914821663.jpg - (86.97KB , 800x538 , IB-ROOM-001.jpg ) [iqdb]
This comes out in November I think.
No. 26913
Huh, strange. The official website lists two actresses, yet every vendor selling it lists six. I actually like that Koishi though, she's sexy. Hatate too.

I'm going to be sorely disappointed when I find out what their other works are but hey.
No. 26917
Actually posting links to nyaa is a good thing, I for one don't constantly trawl it for material so whenever someone finds something new (hopefully) I certainly don't mind them posting a link here.
No. 26919
can somebody repost videos by コスプレぱんぱん please?
No. 26921
File 134918686414.jpg - (1.14MB , 1200x1800 , touhoureimu_0128.jpg ) [iqdb]
The vidya of this pic.


(with no spaces) password: tsu nt sun on i o ni
No. 26924
File 13491997854.jpg - (249.30KB , 560x420 , 10446GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
It has, if it is コスプレイヤーズセックス!まじかるさくやでぱん.
If you take out what has not been uploaded yet, I also need to upload.
No. 26928
I'd say thanks but something that happened to me there's specific filetype and can't open it
is there something extra to be done?
No. 26929
Is that Lenfried again?
No. 26930
Whoops sorry no I fixed that
No. 26939
Still say unknown archive or damaged to me.
No. 26960
Not touhou but possible?
No. 26961
ew, not touhou
No. 26962
so definite no huh?
ah well
No. 26963
A Sakuya set? Seems interesting.
Click for image and see the knives.
Oh dear God, kitchen knives? Really?
Want for set completely gone.
No. 26964
They're cheaply-made plastic knives not kitchen. The chrome paint doesn't reflect correctly for them to be made of metal.
No. 26967
Thanks. I dislike this set even more now.
The /k/ommando within me is upset.
No. 26968
There is no set. It's just one of the random images associated with the AV, what little screenshots of the AV (since no one has it) don't involve knifeplay.
No. 26969
Moving on....
No. 26970

Mostly softcore lesbianism, no nudity.
No. 27008

Who has this? Thanks.
No. 27016
Another @factory
looks good!
No. 27028
File 135018450050.jpg - (170.38KB , 560x420 , 11.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27031
Looks like the links are dead already. Mediafire threw me this error.

" Archive Download Blocked

The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of broken or encrypted archives and the limit for this file has been reached. This file may only be distributed from a premium account.

We have informed the owner that sharing of this file has been limited and how they can resolve this issue."
No. 27032
Damn, any other file host recommendations?
No. 27036
depositfiles, rapidgator, filefactory are 3 i've been getting AVs off of lately

I'd go with depositfiles first

4shared might also work if you don't mind having to sign in to download stuff
No. 27037
Part 1 still works.

Maybe some of the files actually are messed up, this "ARCHIVE DOWNLOAD BLOCKED" thing isn't too recent so it's not like they're intentionally cracking down on these files.
No. 27038
>Part 1 still works
no dice for me, sadly.

>Maybe some of the files are messed up
Might be true. Uploader, try rearchiving and reupload again. If it still doesn't work, try a different uploader.

Alternately, a torrent would be okay too.
No. 27039
yeah torrent is probably safest, the main problem is seeding but it's not like most of our files went undeleted
No. 27047
How about changing the file extension so that MF doesn't realize it's an archive? Or does it look in the file code itself?
My recommendation would be:
a) Make encrypted archive
b) Remove extension and any traces of it from the filename
c) Split it
d) Maybe replace the .001 etc with .a, .b, .c
People will go through a lot of renaming (1 minute, not more), but D/L from MF will still be faster than from other hosts. Torrents loose their charme when they are stuck at xy%.
No. 27048
I would say that what they are most likely doing is just comparing the filename. Actually examining the file, beyond maybe the header information, would probably be too resource intensive.

The best way to find out is to just do some testing. Start with regular split archives and see how many downloads they can get before expiring. Then experiment and see if anything will let you exceed that limit.
No. 27063
File 135030176976.png - (313.52KB , 500x375 , aa.png ) [iqdb]

No. 27065
What's the actual contents like?
No. 27067
No. 27068
No. 27070
Oh my god, thank you SO much you mofo.
No. 27091

These files are blocked on MF too. Can you please repost the video? Tnx
No. 27092
What is the password?
No. 27093
sorry, I was able to understand
No. 27096
anyone got their hands on this yet?
No. 27122
Anyone manage to grab the stuff from >>23812
before it went down?
No. 27127
File 135115870538.jpg - (290.41KB , 1663x2500 , marisa034.jpg ) [iqdb]
cooming soon in new server all archives, sorry but MF and getchu delete my archives and my extension has been banned yep .akari is a extension LOL
No. 27129

Thanks mate
No. 27133
No. 27136
File 135126442747.jpg - (84.67KB , 560x420 , 19675GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]

Looks good
No. 27199
Looks available
No. 27201
Thank you.
No. 27217
So webdl33 and 46 are available on PD since a few weeks, wonder why nobody upped them yet. I might seed them later.
No. 27228
File 135158485627.jpg - (101.75KB , 499x750 , tumblr_mcgkmwYvL11rssczco1_500.jpg ) [iqdb]
anyone know how to get the password of this file
if anyone knows haganlo fast to avoid being deleted

are from this website
No. 27230
It's just the preview that you can download from any of the selling sites once it's out.
No. 27231
File 135159195868.jpg - (286.55KB , 560x393 , 19521GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]

Dang, apparently she retired and her sets are gonna go out of print?
No. 27250
Well, that's too bad. Maybe she's getting married or something?

Someone needs to get this set, then. I'm willing to get that Yuyuko one and share it if someone will step up for this.
No. 27251
I find the idea of "out of print" quaint and adorable. And infuriating.

We live in an age where computer technology can instantly and perfectly duplicate any digitized media. No work of art, pornographic or otherwise, should ever go "out of print" or be unobtainable ever again ever.
No. 27256
I was thinking it was because she doesn't want pictures of her almost naked self in provocative poses on the internet. But then there's the fact that her pictures will still be on the hard drives of thousands of perverts (myself included.) And if they're around, they'll still be posted and everything.

It does seem like a stupid idea, yeah.
No. 27264
Yeah, theoretically.

In practice, we're missing half her sets, and if anyone has them they're not sharing, ever.

I'd go for some older sets, but not this Patchouli one because for some reason Rebellart is very cautious in not letting her have a nipple slip or anything.
No. 27297

No sign of ROOM002 either
No. 27303
No one try for other @factory sets recently?
No. 27306
Dunno if it was you or someone else but thanks to whoever!

No. 27308
File 135205516242.jpg - (397.91KB , 1024x1775 , (C82) [Heru3 (lenfried)] lenfriedom! type-MV_avi_t.jpg ) [iqdb]

Lenfried Maid DVD movie AVI:


adf.ly to cover MF links coz i wanna make sum money lol
No. 27311
bypassed lol
No. 27315
Was actually going to get this but getchu wouldn't even accept my card. When I tried out another one it worked just fine. Why getchu, why are you so selective
No. 27316

bypassed or not, that's not really my concern.

lol statistics:

Country Views
Japan 55
United States17
Korea, Republic Of6
Hong Kong3
Proxy Traffic3

Funny, I thought Japan would be the least to download illegally because most people say japanese are pretty touchy when it comes to copyright material.
No. 27325
File 135213103085.png - (36.51KB , 878x511 , stats.png ) [iqdb]

lol hahaha stats are great
No. 27326
Oh my, that IS quite an interesting statistic. How the hell have we managed to attract so many japanese here?
No. 27327
Easy. We offered them Japanese porn.
No. 27329
>Japanese porn
Way to dehumanize.
No. 27331
File 135217041677.jpg - (473.37KB , 928x1600 , C82Lenfried.jpg ) [iqdb]
C82 Lenfried movie Touhou version:


bypassed again...
No. 27332
Does she piss herself in this one too? :(
No. 27333
This file is set to private. Only the owner can access it.
No. 27334
Those files are set to private, thus unaccessible.
No. 27335
Here as well.
No. 27338
Torrents for both Lenfried videos are up on nyaa. People should switch over to torrents instead of using shitty filehosters.
No. 27339
Except both of these were put up months ago.
No. 27340
Wake me up when Lenfried actually shows something of interest.

I've seen one nipple out of her, ever. The pussy tease is nice but it gets old after the millionth photo.
No. 27341
I personally don't really care about the porn content, but a more rich set of wardrobe would be appreciated. Also, why do so many cosplayers do constrain themselves to doing just reimu, sakuya, remilia and patchouli? It's not like there's a lack of potential characters to do now is there?
No. 27342
Those are probably the most recognizable ones, all of them from the first Windows game
No. 27344
Which was not the point.
No. 27345
Ok well I finally got some stuff figured out and broke down and bought some things. Not quite what I expected but still not too bad.
If there's any problems let me know and I'll try to upload my next free day.
No. 27346
Chance you can get last of the @factory sets?
No. 27351
Thanks mate
No. 27352
Does this include the extra gig file linked in the .txt?
No. 27353
Which ones in particular?
I didn't even see the txt file there, but yes it is there though I am not sure if anyone else can download it.
No. 27357
No. 27359
namely this one

would want to say one of the other non-touhou sets but that'd be derailing the thread
No. 27362
File 135233160981.jpg - (144.25KB , 560x420 , fapfapfap.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 27364
Bummer. Was about to download part 10 and then mediafire blocked it
No. 27365

Mirror for Part 10
No. 27366

Split Archive Blocked
The file you attempted to download is an archive that is part of a set of archives. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached. MediaFire understands the need for users to transfer very large or split archives, up to 10GB per file, and we offer this service starting at $1.50 per month.

We have informed the owner that sharing of this file has been limited and how they can resolve this issue.

Still have questions or do you think we've made an mistake? Check our knowledge base for more information or contact us about it.

Thanks anyways, mate.
No. 27367
Huh, weird.
28 will be up soon on the same folder.
No. 27368

Thanks for your effort
No. 27369
Man, mediafire is awful for giant archives now, it's confirmed

Could you reupload this on like ryushare or a nyaa torrent if you can please
No. 27372

Why does she show her pussy explicitly and get things stuffed into it, but puts pasties over her nipples?

That's very baffling and annoying.
No. 27373
...and seems to have suffered the same fate as well. Why am I not surprised. It would be awesome if you could reup somewhere, but I totally understand if you don't want to do it.

Speaking of which, the files over at >>27345 seems to persist. This may be because it's a premium account, or, thinking more wishfully, that MF doesn't delete split files, they only go for split archives. In which case we should exploit this in the future. *nudge nudge wink wink*
No. 27375
Are any of these in torrent form?
No. 27377
Sorry if this has been discussed before but I haven't been around since Cosplay thread 1. Is there anyway to just buy the damn ピンキーweb stuff without needing a Japanese Credit Card? Finding a copy online of the newer stuff is next to impossible.
No. 27381
It's because Pinky tries to report it as soon as they find their stuff uploaded, and the Japanese have a new copyright law which made harsher fines for those uploading content illegally.
I've been able to buy a couple using a debit.
No. 27382
So you got a non-japanese debit card and it works at dl.getchu?
No. 27384
I bought something from dl.getchu through a third party once by giving them access to my account, and since then my US credit card has worked perfectly fine there. Could be that I got marked down as legit Japanese the first time and it doesn't bother to check where the card originates from now.

Unfortunately, I'm broke.
No. 27385
There's no shame in telling the net that you're a neet, bruh.
No. 27388
Realized I wasn't even putting a name into the name box. But yeah, I bought the Remilia sets and some more with a US card. It is a visa I think, though some assholes at my bank thought there was a fraud attempt for a while. I got the Flandre one too though, if anybody wants that.
No. 27390
File 135244684638.jpg - (533.77KB , 1200x1800 , photo_6900.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nah, I wish I could just be a neet. Spending all my money on school and anime cons instead.

Have the afformentioned Lenfried nudity. I have no idea how this actually made it into the set with how teasy she is, but I like it.
No. 27391
You have no idea how badly I hate those pasties. It's horrible.

I am obsessed with finally seeing this woman's breasts. Fuck.
No. 27392
Got any details about third parties that can help? I'm getting pretty desperate for some of those ピンキーweb videos...
No. 27393
there's more than one in the same set

i think there were nipples in her marisa set, but nothing else i've ever seen
No. 27394
Holy shit, downloading from getchu is ridiculously slow.
No. 27395
I used http://www.m-world-service.com/

Guy was really nice, and the charge for using the service wasn't too bad all things considered, especially if you only have to do it once. Just send him an email about it, tell him you'll give him your dl.getchu username/password and he'll buy it so it's credited to your account.

Worked for me, anyway. It was quite a while ago, but I doubt anything's changed that would prevent it now.

None of them are nearly as good as that, though. She needs to just show the things. I don't anticipate her sets nearly like I used to because I know it's just gonna be the same tease with no substance. She's cute as hell, but you can only coast so far on that.
No. 27396
Do not you know where to find this is someone I really want?

No. 27397
Thanks mate, but I managed to get a friend to use his credit card (which for some reason worked) so managed to get one of them. Downloading really slow though...
No. 27399
reported for violation. Maybe you should up to ryu or something.
No. 27402
Wow, and here I am nearly finished with parts 8 and 9. Dammit.
No. 27410
japan pls go
No. 27415

This looks damn good. Need another source for that.
No. 27425
If you could share the Flandre set, that would be absolutely wonderful.
No. 27433
File 135269461424.jpg - (289.58KB , 560x384 , 19158GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here you are good sir. I also went ahead and uploaded the extra videos that came in the text with it.
Also uploaded the Remilia set extra files separately for those too lazy to open the text and download it themselves. Enjoy.
No. 27434
Thanks. Hope mediafire doesn't say nope again
No. 27435
How many people have told you that you're awesome? Because you're awesome.
No. 27436
No. 27438
You guys do realize that mediafire allows unlimited simultaneous connections, right?
No. 27442
However, mediafire does not allow unlimited downloads on split archives. Once it's been grabbed by enough people, no one can download it without paying money.
No. 27444
Down again.
Please someone torrent webdl28 and 32. Then I can torrent webdl33 and 46 too.
No. 27445
28 can be found easily already
No. 27446
46 pls
No. 27447
Found a tad bit more information on this, though nothing on where you can download it or anything. Does look pretty nice too, but the site where you CAN buy it looks loaded with text and I am not in any kind of mood to even try digging through it all.
No. 27448

File Removed
No. 27449
next time try ryushare or something, hell i'd do it myself but unfortunately i deleted all the 10 parts in favor of the completed file
No. 27450
File 135281199027.jpg - (229.98KB , 1051x721 , uzuki.jpg ) [iqdb]

you may want to close up on some pics, she's showing a little more skin and teasers than previous sets.


3 parts, enjoy
No. 27451
I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't Christmas today. Thanks for posting these videos!

In the spirit of the upcoming season, I've decided to put up some content as well. I posted the Yuyuko set on e-hentai here >>27306. But there's also a little making-of video that came with it. Just ten minutes long, but nice anyway. As usual with this model, it's a huge tease. But some people like that (for example, me.)


I can post the pictures that came with the set on mediafire if someone here can't deal with e-hentai. I also have some more stuff I'll put up later.
No. 27452
There are full-on shots of her nipples multiple times in that video, as well. The set gets pretty risque near the end, but it's even better in motion.
No. 27455
File 135286773074.jpg - (0.99MB , 1067x1600 , 192.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have to admit, I didn't catch anything like that. You must have better eyes than I do. There are definitely a few such shots in the picture sets, though, I know that much.

Speaking of, here are links to the pictures in the set, because sometimes e-hentai is a pain. It's not a split file, so you can just dump all the folders into a single one or whatever.



Yuyuko with a bottle of cheap sake. That's what I want for Christmas.
No. 27456
File 135288752525.png - (827.10KB , 720x480 , vlcsnap-2011-11-19-17h35m20s200.png ) [iqdb]
No. 27457
File 135290033780.jpg - (1.40MB , 1500x1000 , sukebealice152.jpg ) [iqdb]
Very nice. I don't get why she's always covering them. I'd say self-consciousness, but getting almost naked in front of the camera and selling the pictures isn't something a self-conscious person would do. Oh well.

Here's an Alice set. This time the file is split. Most of the 2GB filesize is taken up by video.











No. 27458
'File belongs to a suspended account'. Looks like you may have upset someone.

Thanks for uploading the set, even though it's gone before I could get it; it's the thought that counts. We just need to find another filehost...maybe try ryushare like people have been suggesting?
No. 27460
I think I got all the parts except for the first (filesize is 53 meg. I'm assuming that's not correct; either way the combined archive doesn't work). If someone reuploads that I could try making a torrent.
No. 27462
Well, shit. According to the suspension letter I got from Mediafire, they don't allow pornographic material. That must be the problem. Either that or it was reported by someone from getchu.

Every file should be 200 megs except for the last one, which is 66. Here's the link to the .001 file:


I can also reupload the Yuyuko video if anyone else wants that, but I'll have to split it.
No. 27463
There's also a chance that since mediafire sees referrers that they've locked on to this site, which might cause quick link kills on its own.
No. 27464
>not copying urls to the address bar
No. 27465
>not writing links with ttp://
No. 27466

Someone else can put it on nyaa/whatever if they want.
No. 27469
I would very much appreciate it if you reupped the Yuyuko video. Zippyshare is better than Ryuushare. No timer and fast download. Main downsides are max 200 meg files and automatically deleted if more than 30 days pass between downloads.

PS. Arai Yami's nipples are also visible in her Super Sonico set.

PSS. Could somebody give me a password hint for >>27028. It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out.
No. 27470
same password as in good oni's posts
No. 27471
Yuyuko video repost here -


Is she really retiring, anyway? I wish she'd done more than one video.
No. 27472
I found short ass-shaking video and a short tit-shaking video (both clothed) on Nico, but no one has the original sets they came from
No. 27474
No. 27475
File 135295798921.jpg - (350.32KB , 533x800 , r04_012.jpg ) [iqdb]
Videos of this set

No. 27476
IIRC she released a set with the word "Final" in the title, but you know the Japanese and their Engrish. On her blog she recently apologized for not writing much, then I'm not sure of the next line but I think she denies the rumors of her retiring.

She mentions her BRS set was banned from Comiket for looking a "bit dangerously ecchi". It sounds like that was the last Comiket for her, but I'm not sure. She wants us to buy DL verions, so apparently she's not pulling her sets from Getchu.

A modesty policy would explain why cosplayers began running the raunchier Cosholic event concurrently with Comiket. She also spoke with Tanaka Mana at C82, so is that girl also active after all?
No. 27477
what is the pass?
No. 27478
who has this?

No. 27480
No. 27488
No. 27491
File 135315654199.jpg - (265.21KB , 550x378 , 18526GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]

Does anyone happen to have this set? It looks pretty nice.
No. 27492
File 135315735251.jpg - (303.83KB , 960x540 , 37.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27493
Vidya for that pic
No. 27494
>You have reached your daily limit of entering captcha codes.
Can you try using multiple hosts? Because this is just ridiculous.
No. 27497
Sendspace & Deposit are less nasty and accept larger files.
No. 27533
File 135341607969.jpg - (462.63KB , 720x1080 , f1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27535
Where is the source?
No. 27542
It's like people don't have http://exhentai.org/?f_doujinshi=0&f_manga=0&f_artistcg=0&f_gamecg=0&f_western=0&f_non-h=0&f_imageset=0&f_cosplay=1&f_asianporn=0&f_misc=0&f_search=Se
arch+Keywords&f_apply=Apply+Filter&advsearch= bookmarked or something.
No. 27606
File 135393744453.jpg - (101.18KB , 560x420 , 19729GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27607
Where do you get the files? Are they on Share or PD?
No. 27608
No. 27609
Can you reupload to some other service? Rapidgator is... suboptimal.
No. 27610
Nine parts but eight links?
No. 27611
depositfiles or mediafile pls
No. 27624
1fichier, 2shared and Filetrip are faster and no waiting times between downloads. Mediafire has become a lot more proactive about DMCA notices so not a host I'd recommend anymore.
No. 27625
Does any have any of the tanaka mana videos saved? Absolutely desperate to get any of them.
No. 27626
So... the video is 8 parts or 9 parts?
No. 27633
File 135402334315.jpg - (159.07KB , 1024x646 , room006_mp4_thumbs_[2012_11_27_21_33_53].jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry, part 8 is dead, reuploading...
No. 27647

No. 27653

I'm guessing these files are not compatible to the Rapidgator links am I correct?
No. 27666
Dunno, but I'm getting a wrong password error from a mixed set.
No. 27667
Not compatible
No. 27669
Could you upload part 8 of rapidgator links?
No. 27671
No, it's gone
No. 27743
what is the pass?
No. 27774
Password (without spaces): tsun tsun oni oni
No. 27778
No. 27794
Sorry,but the password is wrong...
No. 27795
No. 27796
If you fed him any more, he'd burst.
No. 27908
http //dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0020005&cirid=1604&cp=&c=
No. 27909
Thread is autosaging, new thread soon when someone has a post to share
No. 27916
any working/non fake link for cosk003?
No. 27917
any working/non fake link for cosk003?
No. 27918
Just what I'm broken
depositfiles want. depositfiles is Believable
No. 28054
New thread
No. 28906
No. 28907
No. 28908
No. 29233

password pls
No. 29755
No. 30027
No. 30705
File 136829646144.jpg - (48.89KB , 500x699 , 4a54gfre88gvfa.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 31711
No. 31732