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Random tales of the horny heroines you know and love. Also taking requests, but updates are like the author: capricious and transient. Enjoy.

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"Please give me another chance," Sakuya cried desperately, groveling on her hands and knees like a dog. "I'm better than that other shrine girl, I promise! Please I'll do anything! If you want ditzy I'll be ditzy! If you want a 'good girl' then I'll be one! If you want a slut I'll do it now! I'll give any service you desire! So please..." her voice lingered until it fell into a violent sob.

With an arrogant sigh ZUN drunkenly sauntered across the floor. "There there, my dear meido. You'll get your chance. But in the mean time, prove your devotion. Show me how much you wish to be a main character again." Sakuya’s crestfallen eyes slowly traveled up the length of ZUN until she stared into a pair of soulless inebriated orbs. With tears of shame and joy trickling down her flawlessly face she rose to her knees, nervously sliding her skirt between the lacy stockings covering her shapely legs.

"You know what to do." ZUN cooed with a hint of malicious joy as the elegant but eternally stained servant began unbuckling his pants with her long graceful hands. "Yes...master." Sakuya’s voice was a juxtaposition of hollow despair and eternal gratefulness. Her will was long before broken with the news of new danmaku shooter; soon too would be her hymen. As Izayoi’s eyelids closed and face grew into a twisted expression of repulsion and ecstasy, she opened her small mouth to run soft pink lips long the length of her creator’s eagerly throbbing dick. The last sight this blue and white glad maid saw was a monument of her failures and victories staring right back at her. Redemption and damnation filled her mind as the sick salty taste of a man filled her senses. She began to choke at the shock of it, but primal instincts deep inside urged her on. Teeth shakily ran along the bottom of his member as Sakuya’s mouth shuddered with the rest of her body. A small bit of sticky hot juice shot forward, covering her tongue like a smothering sinful drug. The pre-cum tasted retched, but the more Sakuya was repulsed the more she craved it. All logic left her as she moaned unconsciously, vibrating the gift that rested within her oral service.

With a gasp the bespectacled Asian grabbed Sakuya by her silver pigtails and pulled hard, thrusting his pillar of might to the back of her throat. Fear took her as she automatically jerked away from this foul rod of intrusion, but ZUN simply yanked back her hair with sadistic amusement. The technique was amazing, and so it only took a few more panicked convulsions from this newly acquired sex slave to bring forth a climax. Sakuya gurgled and sputtered as his burning sticky essence poured down her throat. She drank it all in without question, mindlessly sucking down every bit she could. When no more semen could be spilled into the charming whore’s mouth he released her. The Scarlet Devil’s retainer collapsed against the hard floor with animalistic gasps and groans. The buttons of her blouse came apart, exposing a pair of firm petite breasts with sharply erect and sensitive nipples.

Oozing with lust and clumsy fervor, ZUN reached beneath Sakuya’s short skirt and forcefully tore away a pair of soft black panties with a mighty snap. The cloth fell lifelessly away like a discarded shell, revealing a pearly strip of hair which glistened amongst the shining trails of Sakuya’s feminine juices. These small streams slowly slid along her luscious thighs down to the frilly stockings which hung inches away. Oh yes, this would be a night to remember. The Moriya priestess with so very eager when she approached him; she was so vigorous with misplaced ego and determination to be seen on the game cover no matter what the cost. But still fallen woman who had known the thrill of spotlight and the shame of shadow understood the score. She appreciated the full impact of the situation and without hesitation threw away her own pride and chastity for a second chance to be worshiped as a practical goddess by the fans. Yes, the night flower truly is most beautiful in the waning shine of the sixteenth night’s moon. Her name’s kanji was surely poetry to this. And as ZUN forced his engorged manhood between Sakuya’s swollen vaginal lips, he reveled in this small tight victory and began wondering whether the red-and-white or black-and-white would be this zealous to regain their titles when the 13th game was released.
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Likely next up: A vampiric double feature.
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And please excuse the typos/grammar if there are errors. Its drunken editing as well.
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Has there ever been a Yuuka sexcapade?

By golly, I sure would love one of those.
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There has never been a Medicine scene, and the odds of it happening do not seem particularly good. For that matter, the odds of a Three Mischievous Fairies (particularly Luna and her love of bitter things) scene aren't particularly good either.

If you write either, I shall love you forever.
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Speaking of dolls, our first love from FLA never got the chance to be tenderly loved.

Requesting tender loving for Shanghai.
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Requesting Sanae tender loving.
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>A vampiric double feature

No. 2606
Do want foursome with the three mischievous fairies, probably after a mischief gone wrong.
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>Medicine scene

A man experiencing his last moments: utter joy in dolljoint delight mixed with terrible pain as his toxified flesh rots.
No. 2616

Come now, I'm sure Medicine can control her poison well enough to avoid damaging her lover. Or at least hit him with poisons that have practical effects.

"This poison will make you last a long time, so... all night... with me..."
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>requesting Kuuchan as the filling for an Aki sandwich

No. 2618

Either this or the three fairies.

Or Hell, why not both?

Fairies want to play a trick on a human. Medicine overhears and says she knows a good one. Once the fairies has cornered the human, the misanthropic Medicine takes the 'trick' far further than the fairies could have expected, both horrifying and intriguing them.
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Say, by Kuuchan, do you mean Okuu/Utsuho?
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Kuuchan is the nickname of Cu'chulainn, the player character of YMLA.

I miss him.
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I wasn't around, so what's YMLA?
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Youkai Mountain LA. obviously on /youkai/, by Tetrominon!qIDtlWKoxU. Check the sticky on /th/ if you want to read it, but it was abandoned.
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Since Doujin still hasn't gotten around to turning this into a proper story instead of an IRC short despite saying he would shortly after this topic existing, might as well get around to posting it finally
[16:46] <%DrDoujin> You find a crazy cosplayer in a parking lot. What do you do? http://zip.4chan.org/jp/src/1239044713780.jpg
[16:48] <%DrDoujin> You tell her to get outside more, noting that her skin is fucking pale. She grins maliciously with long sharp fangs, then giggles childishly. Slowly she begins to circle around you, skipping lightly. What do you do?
[16:52] <%DrDoujin> You watch curiously was she twirls around you, in and out of the shadows of the dimly light parking lot like a shark circling it's prey. "Those shoes must be a pain to walking in" you mutter. She giggles again, then slips out of her ruby red slippers. Her frilly white socks slowly grow dingy as she continues to prance about. What do you do?
[16:59] <%DrDoujin> Those dirty socks, they are an eyesore. Each step defiles them. "Hey baby, you shouldn't do that to your socks." She laughs differently this time and stops. Facing you, shy lies down on her back and lifts a skinny pale white leg high into the air. Her fingers dance through the air, up past the creamy thighs, to the sock, and slowly pull it off. She switches legs and begins to do it again. What do you do?
[17:13] <%DrDoujin> "Hey!" You suddenly shout. She pauses, foot still hovering in the air. "Let me get that for you," you say cooly as you walk up to her. She doesn't move, she just lays their waiting. Anticipating. The white sock acts like a shining beacon, hanging at the each of the streetlight's reach. Everything else is dark and hidden. You can't see her face anymore, but
[17:15] <%DrDoujin> you get the feeling that she isn't unhappy about this. You stand before her. Slowly your fingers come down to brush against her leg, fingers like waving tendrils floating in a sea. You touch her skin. Its softs. Very soft. But cold. Oh god, its ice cold. She giggles.
[17:19] <%DrDoujin> The sock tangles halfway off her tiny porcelean like foot. "Holy shit, girl you are freezing! You should get indoors and warm up. She says nothing. She doesn't move. She justs lays their before you, leg extended up to you. The red skirt has slid down down her milky thigh, and in the bare minimum light you swear you can see a pair of crimson lace panties.
[17:19] <%DrDoujin> [] Take sock off. [] Pull sock back over her foot
[17:25] <%DrDoujin> You shiver as your hand slides along the cool skin, savoring the silky skin as your heart beats faster in a sort of anticing worry. Slowly, you pull the frilly sock off, exposing her small white toes. The toenails are painted blood red, creating a strange feeling in your mind. Red on white...
[17:26] <%DrDoujin> Slowly, subtly as if it were a ghost or wraith, the foot slides down against your chest, brushing up and down. Up and down. The cold penetrates through your shirt, but you don't care. The small shapely foot and leg just keep sliding up and down, each time getting lower until she reaches your crotch. She begins to circle it.
[17:30] <%DrDoujin> The foot slides up to the buckle of your pants, and undoes it. With amazing dexterity she pulls down the zipper, exposing your gray man boxer briefs. You start to lose focus, but try to stare at her face. But its so dark, she is in your shadow from the parking lot lights. But very faintly, there is another light. A rainbow of lights, puslating weakly from the wings of her costume.
[17:32] <%DrDoujin> and in that dim light, you can just make out her face. It is contorted, twisted in a cruel lust. She grins mischiviously, baring even more pronounced fangs. Roll for Constitution.
[17:32] <Moborg> Who's got the Highest luck stat here at the moment?
[17:33] <Moborg> Screw it, I'm rolling
[17:33] <Bastille|laptop> !catball roll 1d20+5
[17:33] * Catball --> "Bastille|laptop rolls 1d20+5 and gets 24" [1d20=19]
[17:33] <Bastille|laptop> You rang?
[17:33] <%DrDoujin> wow, nice roll
[17:38] <%DrDoujin> Her face is not that of an innocent girl. It carries something frighting. Something primal. A hunger for something, but you can't quite tell what it is. Your body suddenly tingles as adrenaline shoots through your veins, commanding your body to run and run fast. But you remain still, showing only a hint of panic through your rapid breathing. She raises an eyebrow curiously, then smiles. The light pulsates slower now, but brighter. Focused.
[17:41] <%DrDoujin> You are so transfixed upon her face, that you don't even noticed her other leg rising up from the dirt to pull down your pants, which now rest at your knees. Effortlessly slow, the legs begin to wrap around you from leg to back. Jaws of a great beast slowly closing around its prey. What do you do?
[17:47] <%DrDoujin> You accept your fate calmly, enjoying that even though you will be devoured, its by a beautiful beast. God its beautiful, you never stood a chance. Her legs finish wrapping around you, and slowly pull toward her. You drift down into outstretched hands with razor sharp red nails. Her wings shine bright now, casting moments of brilliant light amongst the darkness like a heartbeat. She licks her soft lips and bites them in anticipation.
[17:48] <Bastille|laptop> Oh wait, she still has her panties on doesn't she Doujin? We'll have to fix that
[17:49] <%DrDoujin> You aren't falling down, you are simply falling into her. Gravity is gone, replaced by the pull of this girl, this creature. Finally you come face to face with the beast. Long blonde eyelashes bat over her piercing red eyes. Suddenly she isnt cold anymore. No, you feel warm. Everything feels so warm, its like you are just oozing warmth over her.
[17:50] <Bastille|laptop> Damnit, just too late to unleash [x] Use your remaining bro power to remove her panties and enter that mouth
[17:51] <%Mode> You'd fail anyway.
[17:52] <Bastille|laptop> Hey, we were able to get a 19 on our con roll
[17:52] <Bastille|laptop> I think we should go with a dex roll now to see if we can remove her panties before she bit us
[17:53] <Bastille|laptop> !catball roll 1d20+5
[17:53] * Catball --> "Bastille|laptop rolls 1d20+5 and gets 25" [1d20=20]
[17:53] <Bastille|laptop> See
[17:53] <Bastille|laptop> We remove them
[17:56] <%DrDoujin> You rolled a natural 20. You not only manage to remove her and your own undergarments, you both get off before she even has a chance to bite you.