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“Heeey, Harrrdwood-san, let’s fuck,” she giggles, words slurred from drink, her body in a suggestive pose, straddled over your waist.

“Hinanawi-san, are you sure?” you struggle to remember your Japanese through the haze of alcohol clouding your higher cognitive functions.

“Ten-shi-chan!” she insists, pulling herself up along your chest, the soft fabric of her push-up bra feathery against your bare skin. She prods your nose with her forefinger and breaks into a fit of giggles. Her small breasts press down against you as she pushes her perfect derriere up in the air and kick her legs about idly. A tiny line of material runs between two round globes, utterly failing to hide anything.

“Tenshi-chan, you naughty girl,” you join her with a silly laugh of your own. “And naughty girls must be punished!” With that, you give that alluring ass a playful slap. The alcohol tells you that you are a brilliant bastard for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

Tenshi squeals in surprise, soon giggling again. She looks up at you, biting her lip. “Tenshi is a naughty girl! Please spank Tenshi again!”

“Bend over!” You command, getting to your feet and helping her up as well. The two of you stumble towards the western-style bed, while easily defeating the vile machinations of the room, which is trying to trip you by swaying this way and that. Finally Tenshi manages to collapse on the bed, lying down with her stomach resting against the edge of the mattress. She reaches for one of the pillows and tucks it between her inner thighs to prop her rear up invitingly, while her legs hang over the edge.

Smack! You punish the naughty girl for her many transgressions. With each spank a cute squeal leaves her lips. “This is for wearing perverted panties!” Now both of her cheeks are smarting and slowly turning red. Slap! “And this is for dyeing your hair blue!” For good measure you grab a handful of her long, metallic-blue hair and tug, forcing her to lift her head. You glance down and notice a damp spot on her thong. Spank! “And this is for liking your punishment! Start counting!”

“Three!” She utters in a cross between a moan and a cry.

Slap! “Wrong! Start at one!”



By the time she gets to ten, her ass is bright red, her thong is positively soaked, and even your hand is starting to sting a little. “Obviously, this is not enough,” you announce, deathly serious. “This calls for…” you pause for dramatic effect.

Tenshi cranes her head back to see what the holdup is. “What?”

“The rod of punishment!” You pull down your boxers and whip out your iron-hard rod, resting its impressive length on the crack of her ass.

“That – that won’t fit!” She protests weakly, having second thoughts now that it has become clear exactly what she has gotten herself into. Thus it is strange how her hands are reaching back to spread her cheeks, the thong a thin black line that doesn’t even cover her quivering rear entrance completely, like an inadequate censor bar.

“Too late!” You declare and tug her thong down to mid-thigh, just enough to get it out of the way. She shifts nervously, her thighs clenched around the pillow. You grab her hips to hold her still and prod several times until finally the head of your member finds her slit. She feels heavenly, her walls wet and willing around you. Instead of thrusting in deeply, though, you simply rub it about in shallow motions until you judge that your member is sufficiently lubricated. “Are you ready to face the rod of punishment?”

“Mmf!” The girl has already wrapped her arms around the second pillow and bitten down on it pre-emptively, from the muffled sound of her voice. You take that as a yes and spread her sore cheeks wide while your cock pushes against her tight ring. You increase your efforts and are rewarded by the sensation of a tight hole being punished by being forced to stretch around your rod. “Mmmfff!” She screams, her face buried in the pillow.

You place your hands on the sheets on either side of her body and bend over her. Rocking slowly, you make shallow thrusts inside her ass, enjoying yourself and letting her get accustomed to your girth at the same time. “Hinanawi-san, you’re really tight…” you whisper in her ear. When she starts to push her rear up against you whenever you thrust inside her, you use more force, driving your member deeper inside and her hips down harder against the pillow between her legs. She whimpers into her pillow as you get close to burying your entire length inside her, and the tightness and warmth makes your breath catch in your throat as well.

When you finally manage to work your whole cock in between her stretched sphincter, you pause for a moment to bask in the victory, admire your handiwork, and savour the feeling. Then the real fucking begins in earnest. From the way she tightens up around you and the way her juices stain the pillow, the naughty girl is enjoying her so-called punishment as much as you are, if not more. You grit your teeth and try your best to outlast her, a challenging endeavour to say the least. Fortunately she does climax first, and relief and pleasure floods through your body as you let go and spill your seed deep within her bowels.

Worn out by your exertion, you collapse on top of her, your softening member gradually being squeezed out of her hole. “Hardwood-san, you were wonderful,” she purrs dreamily. You roll over to the side and spoon, cuddling.

Before you can reply, though, drowsiness overtakes you and you fall asleep.



The annoying alarm isn’t helping the situation what with hammers going haywire in your head and all. You instinctively reach out towards the source of the noise and feel the outline of an alarm clock, along with – eureka! – a large protrusion that must be the snooze button. Indeed, when you press down on it the incessant beeping noise is replaced with blessed silence.

Opening your eyes, you instantly regret it as painfully bright light streams into your eyes through the open window, making your headache worse. You close your eyes and try to get up, but there is a weight on your chest. Taking a calculated risk, you turn your face away from the light to avoid its blinding vengeance and crack one eye open to see a pretty girl cuddled up against you in her sleep, one arm draped over your chest. An errant strand of blue hair lies across her nose, fluttering whenever she breathes out. You smile to yourself and gently brush it away.

The memory of the previous night returns to you, bit by bit. It was a Friday evening and you, Max Hardwood, exchange student, had gone out to sample the Japanese nightlife. You met Hinanawi-san in a nightclub and regaled her with your stories of gaijin life in the far-away US of A over drinks. One thing led to another, and she invited you to her apartment... you smile again, remembering her perfect ass.

That means that today is Saturday, and you don’t have classes on Saturday. Hinanawi-san’s sleeping face is rather cute. You glance at the clock. 7:16am.

[ ] Wake Hinanawi-san up.
[ ] Let her sleep in.

No. 25397
[x] Wake Hinanawi up.

Avoid those "san" suffixs, please.
No. 25398
[X] Wake her up.

Agreed. Suffixes tend to get annoying in english, much like when people type out ~ze for Marisa.

Overall I did like it though, looking forward to more.
No. 25399
Sage for shitbunny.
No. 25401
[x] Let her sleep in.
-[x] Consider going back to sleep.

Waking someone else up, who he barely knows, at such an ungodly hour? That's just rude.
No. 25403

[x] Let her sleep in.
No. 25404
>>25397 here.
Changing my vote to:
[x] Let her sleep in.
I forgot to consider the time when I voted. I though it was later.
No. 25406
>feels heavenly

I see what you did there.

[x] Let her sleep in.
No. 25407
[x] Let her sleep in.
No. 25421
The style is clearly not perfect ("Hey, Nice Guy-san"), but that story has one good point: it's right up my alley.
Keep on StoryBunny.
No. 25424
[X] Let her sleep in.
No. 25487
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[x] Let her sleep in.

You decide to do the girl a favour and let her sleep in. Still, your throat is parched and your head is pounding, so you really should do something about that. Carefully so as not to wake her up, you lift her arm off your chest and slip off the bed as quietly as you can. Hinanawi stirs, though her eyes remain closed. “I’m coming… just a few more minutes…” she murmurs in her sleep, shifting slightly under the blankets before her breathing becomes soft and regular once more.

Now that she’s sound asleep again, you take the opportunity to look around the apartment. It’s a tiny affair, made a little more spacious since the wall between the living room and sole bedroom has been knocked down. Now it resembles a hotel room, somewhat. There is no television, but one wall is taken up by a retro-looking hifi audio system that looks like it was transplanted right out of the eighties. On stands beside it are a lacquer-black electric guitar and a gleaming saxophone, polished to the point that the room is reflected on its body.

Further, you lay eyes on your target: the kitchen, in particular the faucet and precious water. You fill the nearest glass you can find with the frothing liquid, in which bubbles disappear as fast as they form, and take a long deep drink of cold refreshment. With that immediate need met and your headache a bit less severe already, you head next door to take care of some other business.

Yawning widely as you come out of the bathroom, you look over Hinanawi’s sleeping form thoughtfully and wonder whether you should take your leave quietly or rejoin her in bed. You shrug and decide to catch a quick nap, and maybe even have breakfast, before you go. You climb back into bed, trying to be as undisruptive as possible. It is easily large enough for two people, strange given that all signs you have seen so far point to her living alone.

Despite not waking her up, your return to bed must not have gone unnoticed by Hinanawi in her sleep, because she holds onto your arm and pulls you close with a subconscious giggle. You wonder what manner of pleasant dreams she is having, as you close your eyes and resolve not to get up again until a more reasonable hour…


“Hardwood! Wake up, Hardwood!” Somebody is shaking you by the shoulder and telling you to get up. You stir groggily, cracking one eye open – the sunlight! Your poor eyes! – slowly registering the presence of Hinanawi.

“What is it?” You manage to croak. She appears to have gotten dressed already while you were sleeping. A blue and white outfit, a hat with peaches on it – “Nice cosplay,” you grin, sitting up in more ways than one. There’s either a large object in your boxers or you’re happy to see her.

She tosses a bundle at you; you catch it in your lap before you realize it’s your discarded clothes from the previous night. “Put it on – wait, nevermind, just hold on-“ Her eyes are staring at a point beside you, and you turn your head to see what her gaze is fixated upon: the bedside alarm clock – except that now it’s not so much a clock as it is a countdown timer, with red glowing digits counting down on the digital display. Three, two, one…

You feel a wrenching sensation and a moment of dizziness; the apartment spins around in a blur before you are deposited in another world. The bed has been replaced with a large rock, rough against your bare legs. The walls and ceiling are gone, and in their stead are trees and open sky. A whistling breeze blows between the branches, raising goosebumps on your skin and making your nipples hard.

Something feels wrong about that last bit and you glance down at your mostly naked form.

“Not again,” you groan in a girly voice as you see that once again you are in possession of two full, round breasts that you would definitely appreciate if they were on another girl. As is, even you have to admit that your rack is impressive. You immediately cup your crotch and feel a slight measure of relief when you confirm that you have kept your so-called “rod of punishment” that you put to such effective use last night. Your feelings are tempered when you realize that you also have equipment of the opposite sex down there.


Your yell of indignation rings everywhere and you can almost swear that it even echoes faintly off the distant mountains.

“Back in Gensokyo, huh.” You sigh in acceptance and start putting your clothes back on with some difficulty. For one, your shirt is especially snug around the chest, to the extent that the outline of your nipples tents the fabric.

“Um… Hardwood…” Hinanawi speaks up nervously. You had almost forgotten that she was there! She looks startled and shocked, even though you were the one teleported into another world and turned into a futa, not her.

“Hinanawi Tenshi, right?” You look at her once more as you pull up your jeans. Definitely her, or a very thorough cosplay. Your jeans are also a little tighter around the hips than before. You start looking for your socks and shoes, only to find that they apparently haven’t made the trip with you. It seems like you’ll have to go barefoot for a bit. At least the grass looks soft enough.

She nods. “Pardon me, but you seem more nonplussed about this than I am.”

“It’s not the first time I came here,” you shrug and get up. “Let me guess, your alarm clock was also a teleporter – or gapper – or whatever – to travel between the real world and Gensokyo.”

“Yeah…” she nods again.

“And you woke up late this morning, just before the clock was set to teleport, so all you had time to do was grab some clothes. You meant to have the alarm wake you ahead of time to prepare, but you slept through it.”

“How did you know?” She blushes.

“Well…” you shift your weight awkwardly. “The alarm went off, all right, but I turned it off and let you sleep in. So, sorry about that.”

“Ah – oh, I see. It’s all right, I guess. No harm done, except you didn’t have time to get out of the way and you got sucked in here as well.”

“Don’t worry about it. I had some unfinished tasks from last time anyways.” You look around, not recognizing the landscape. “Any idea where we are?”

“I’ll take a look!” She jumps in the air – all of a few inches, and comes back down to earth. She jumps again, and gravity prevails once more. Now with a serious expression, she bends her knees low and jumps as high as she can, but the third try is as futile as the previous two. “Damn it! Why can’t I fly?”

You jump experimentally as well and are not surprised when you fail to take to the skies. “You know, last time I was here, only the birds and tengu could fly, and they had wings for that. Everyone else walked or rode.”

“Rode what?” Tenshi shoots you a strange look, still hopping as though expecting to be able to defy gravity any moment now.

“Horses, of course,” you answer matter-of-factly.

“There are no horses in Gensokyo!”

“What do you mean, of course there are. It’d take months instead of weeks to get around otherwise.”

Tenshi stops in mid-jump and stares at you crossly with her hands on her hips. “What are you talking about? Okay, so I never walk when I can fly, but it can’t take more than half a day to get anywhere on foot! Gensokyo is tiny! Cramped! It’d fit inside New York with room to spare!”

“Are you really Tenshi Hinanawi or just a really good cosplayer?” You raise an eyebrow incredulously.

“Of course I am the real Tenshi!” She stamps her foot, crosses her arms, and pouts, looking for all the world like a child throwing a tantrum – which, to be fair, she probably is. “Okay, I admit the last couple of years I went sightseeing around the world. But when I left, everyone could still fly! And there. Were. No. Horses!”



The two of you turn in the direction the neigh originated, just in time to see a horse, saddled and bridled, but without rider, gallop by.

“Do you hear that?” you ask rhetorically.

“Yeah.” Tenshi gives up on her argument for the moment.

“That” is the sound of shouting, screaming, and shots being fired, getting steadily louder and closer. Soon you see about a dozen fairies on the run come into sight from between the trees, who barely give you a second glance as they flee. Shots ring out and the occasional unlucky fairy disappears in a flash of light and burst of sparks. A bullet zips by your face, too close for comfort, and embeds itself in the trunk of a tree behind you.

You duck belatedly and pull Tenshi down after you, who seems unsure of what to do. Before you have time to decide your own move, it is the fairies’ pursuers appear: a pair of rabbits in humanoid form, given their tell-tale ears, which are crooked. They are dressed in tattered gray fatigues and holding long bayonetted rifles. As surprised to see you as you are to see them, they halt their chase and turn their attention upon you. One is fiddling with her weapon, maybe trying to unjam it, but the other lines you up in her sights and pulls the trigger.

Click. Your heartbeat resumes furiously.

“Stop and surrender!” the soldier rabbit shouts at you as she fumbles for a fresh clip from her ammunition pouch.

[ ] Surrender.
[ ] Run!
No. 25488
[x] Run!

No. Lunarian army stop existing immediately.
No. 25489
[X] Run!

They already tried to shoot us. Time to run.
No. 25490
[x] Surrender.

Who am I kidding there's no other option than this one.
No. 25491
And here I was hoping we were done with the mess that story had become.
No. 25537

"surrender" just means "hold still while they reload"

Damn bunnies.
No. 25538
[X] Run!

Surrendering while she fumbles for ammunition? Do bullets take you prisoner?
No. 25540
[X] Run! Duck, Run!
No. 25541
[x] Run!
No. 25658
Calling it for
>[x] Run!