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[x] Go back out because of the tentacles

Something inside your head is a little bit off. In fact... you think you know what it is.

You remember that part where Mental Parliament freaked out and spazzed out and ran for the doors? Everyone left. Except for one. And she barred the doors. And she's batshit insane.

She goes up to the Speaker's flipped desk, and picks up a gavel. “Motion to go back outside to the tentacles?”

She runs back to her desk, raises her hand, and shouts “Seconded!”

Running back to the Speaker's desk. “The motion is seconded. All in favor?” She pauses for a moment. “Aye!”

“All against?” Silence. “The ayes have it.”

With that decided, you lurch to your feet. The zombie girl lets out a sigh of relief. “Man! I'm glad that's o-” She gets most of the way into her sentence. And then you shoot her right in the head. She collapses, the life having fled her eyes. You toss the gun aside, and methodically start pulling the marble plinth away from the wall. Then, that done, you open the doors.

The jellyfish is waiting outside for you. Excellent.

If someone who knew you well were to look upon you at this moment, they'd be shocked. Your face, normally so vibrant and full of energy, is flat and expressionless. Your eyes, without a flicker of amusement.

You step outside, and the jellyfish swings a tentacle at your head, in a slap. The blow lands on your face with a crack, and your face feels as though it was set afire by the impact, while you stagger to one knee. The tentacle comes back around.

This time, you're ready. You catch the tentacle in mid-strike. And squeeze. The jellyfish squeals and attempts to pull away. Oh no. No, you're not going anywhere. You pull the tentacle hard, with your right hand, and throw out a spray of danmaku right into the jellyfish with your left. The combination of the impact and pulling its tentacle is too much for the jellyfish to stand right now, and it collapses to the ground, stunned.

At this point, you drop the tentacle to the ground, disdainfully. “What a shame. You'll do, though.” Your voice is alien, cold and razor sharp. With a quick flick of your hands, your tank top is off, with your t-shirt still beneath.

One step closer to the jellyfish on the ground. You wonder if it's realized what you've got in store for it yet. “Probably not. You are, after all, just a dumb monster.” Your voice cracks like a whip in the hands of an extremely disappointed mistress. One more step. Your hands undo the button and zipper on your skirt, and it falls aside as you continue walking forward. Your blue-and-white striped panties are now visible.

And at this point, you think that the jellyfish begins to understand. But the jellyfish does not like it. Does not want it.

You don't care. It doesn't get a choice.

You remove your t-shirt, revealing two smooth, supple breasts encased in a delicate white bra. While you're doing that, you step out of your shoes, and kick them viciously at the jellyfish. “This is going to be fun for me. You? Maybe not so much.”

Now all that's left on is your kneesocks, bra, and panties. And you're right in front of the trembling jellyfish. Ever so slowly, you lean down, giving the jellyfish a view to die for. Your cleavage is exposed. Your face, flushed. Legs, long, lithe, and strong. And the tiniest puff of a rabbit's tail on your perfectly formed ass. You lean down, real close, staring into the jellyfish. It doesn't have eyes, but you think you can still make this work.

“Now. Remove my bra.” Standing up straight, you pour your will into your gaze, and the jellyfish spasms once. Then, tentatively, it raises a tentacle, and ever so slowly, slides across your skin, to the hook in the back.

Slap. You slap the tentacle away. “No! More forceful!”

Again the tentacle comes in, faster this time. Still it is not good enough. You see that you will have to instruct.

You grab the tentacle. “No. Stop.” Ever so slowly, you work the tentacle under the front strap of your bra, and place it in between your breasts, so that it is between you and the frame of the bra. “Good. Now. Pull. Quickly!”

The jellyfish obeys, and your bra snaps, and falls off. The pain from the strained buckles breaking and whipping across the skin of your back is ambrosia. You gasp in sudden pleasure. Your nipples, exposed now, are pink and erect. Your breathing speeds up. A bit of sweat starts to bead on your skin. “Good. Like that.” You then proceed to throw both of your arms out to your sides. “Now. Wrap your tentacles around my wrists.” Again, the jellyfish tentatively starts to slide over your skin, starting from each nipple, out to your armpit, and caressing the inside of your elbow. A moan escapes your lips.

“No. Wrong.” Again you slap the tentacles. Again they recoil. You lean forward again. With your voice low, husky, and dripping with loathing, “You are pathetic.” Your voice shifts quickly into the shout of an angry schoolmistress. “Now do it right! Do it harder!” The tentacles of the jellyfish whip out, and grab your wrists, and bind them together. And haul you upright, hard. Your breath catches you in your throat. Now we're getting somewhere.

“Pull me up.” The jellyfish finally seems to get it, and yanks you into the air, hard. The sudden pain from the pull in your shoulder blades is edging you closer, ever so slowly. “Now. Whip me.” Another of the many tentacles slaps across your flat, taut stomach, and leaves a quickly reddening mark. “Ahn~ Again!” Slap. “Again!” Slap. This continues until you're well and out of breath. And you've broken out into a very hot sweat, the points of your nipples trembling slightly. You hadn't noticed it, but one of the tentacles is now wrapped around your left breast, squeezing softly. You notice now, and moan slowly.

“Now. Grab my ankles.” The jellyfish hesitates for a moment. “Do it!” Tentacles wrap around your ankles, and force your legs apart. “Ohh~” Your voice is no longer the controlled icy spike it was, now with lust invading it with every heavy breath you take.

In the most commanding whisper you can manage- “Now. Remove my panties.” Two tentacles fly up your legs, brushing across the inside of your knees as they go, and they hook under the straps of your panties, on your hip. And then pull outwards, simultaneously, and snap. The snap of the elastic waistband of your panties against your skin makes you gasp again.

You hang there, forced into immobility by the tentacles wrapped around your wrists and ankles, breasts heaving from your breathing, as your vagina is exposed for the taking, slick from both sweat and need.

And you continue to hang there. The tentacles hesitate once again. “What are you waiting for?! DO IT!” Your voice, raw from the shout, does what it needs to. And a tentacle slides quickly up the inside of your leg, and inside you.

Your vision goes red from the pleasure and pain, as your body arches into a bow. There's just so much of it, so fast, and it's pressing against the walls of your pussy from the inside. Slowly, ever so slowly, the tentacle begins to withdraw from inside you. No. Unacceptable. You force your legs closed, and the tentacle stops. And then slowly, ever so slowly, edges back in. “Hah~ You're, you're- hah~ not getting out of this~!” Triumphant, you release your grip on the tentacle with your thighs. And the tentacles on your ankles pull sharply and force your legs open once again. Excellent. It's learning.

As you moan, the tentacle increases its rhythm and force, as multiple other tentacles start to crawl over you, touching every surface of your skin. One flicks your nipple, and you gasp in pleasure. “Faster.” Obligingly, the jellyfish picks up the pace. “No. Faster.” And faster yet. “No! Faster, damn you!” And as you're writhing in agony and ecstasy, you can feel it. Like a wave crashing on a beach. Except the tsunami's coming in. Your breath becomes quick, ragged gasps. “Faster!” You're not aware of anything now, except the ecstacy.

The tsunami breaks, and the force of your orgasm tears your limbs free as you scream. You land in a shuddering heap on the ground, gasping and shaking. The jellyfish has taken all of its tentacles off of you, obviously glad to be done. You take a deep breath, compose yourself, and stand up. And stare right at the jellyfish that's trying to edge away. “Stop.” It stops. “I'm not done with you yet.” You point at it forcefully, and your breasts sway. “You will stop right there until I tell you otherwise.” Like a beaten puppy, it obeys.

You stalk majestically over to your discarded skirt, clad only in your kneesocks. And rummage inside it until you find your pack of cigarettes. You draw one out, and pull the lighter you keep inside the pack out as well. Slowly, sensually, you put it to your lips. And light it.

You take a deep, slow drag, and exhale the smoke out, slowly. As the smoke curls around you and frames your ears in a smoky silhouette, you stalk back over to where the jellyfish is, trembling, where you told it to stay.

“Acceptable.” You remove the cigarette from your mouth, and crouch down to its level. “But you made a mistake.” The jellyfish cringes, and you spin the cigarette, to instead of between your index and middle finger, it's between your index and thumb. And you're holding it like a needle. “Do you know what that is?” The jellyfish whimpers. “You never pulled my ears. I like having my ears pulled.” You frown at it. “Do you know what the punishment is for disappointing me?” If the jellyfish could cry, you're sure it would now.

“I know what it is.” And then you start to grind the lit end of the cigarette into the tender flesh of the end of one of the tentacles. The jellyfish screams, and tries to force itself away. But you've got it pinned to the ground with just your cigarette, and it can't get away. It writhes and screams in pain, until the cigarette goes out, extinguished by the jellyfish's scorched tentacle.

You stand up once more, and flick the cigarette disdainfully onto the jellyfish's pitiful form. “Now get out of here. And go clean yourself up.”
I feel dirty and used and I want more.
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Femdom tentacle porn. Holy shit.

Now how the hell am I going to find more of this?
File 134094207875.jpg - (10.25KB, 200x200 , Scruffy.jpg) [iqdb]

This is a great day indeed.
ReisenXJellyfish OTP.
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Oh god I didn't think you'd actually do it Reisen I'm so sorry-

Wait. What. What is this.
Good god you actually did it.


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I'm glad you guys liked it. It was my first attempt at writing H. I doubt I'll have another opportunity like this one to write something like this, but we'll see what comes.
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You reach up and stroke Sanae's silky green hair back from your face, and put it behind her ear, lightly touching it all the way down.

“So, Sanae, what's a girl like you doing on a girl like me?”

She puts a finger to your lips. “Shh. You don't want to be waking the other two up.” She looks over to the Reimu and Marisa pile. “Though I doubt anything short of the end of the world would wake them up. They are both heavy sleepers normally, and with enough sake...”

“So why aren't you asleep?” Your hand continues to trace slowly down her neck.

“I had... other plans.” She starts tracing a circle lazily with her finger on your chest. In fact, she's circling your areola perfectly, above your clothes. “Yeah. Plans.”

God, you hope that she can't see you blushing a furious red color in the pale moonlight. “But, but I... and you've been drinking!” Your protests sound weak and hollow even to your ears.

“Oh? What's your point?” She stops tracing her finger around your nipple, and squeezes gently. “If you're that bothered, you should stop me.” She leans down to your neck, and gently drags her tongue along it, sending shivers down your spine. “If you can, of course.”

“But, but I-” You keep trying to protest, but the words seem to catch in your throat.

“Oh, it's about butts, is it? Is that why your hand's on mine?” You didn't even notice that your hand had found its way onto Sanae. Damn subconscious! You immediately pull your hand off. Sanae stops licking your neck for a moment, and pulls her face back up where you can see it. “Aww, why'd you have to go and do that? Now I'm going to have to pout at you.” Her lower lip comes out slightly, the beginnings of a pout forming on her face. “Do you really want to be known as the girl who made Sanae Kochiya pout?”

“No- I- I don't want anyone to know- um, anything! I don't even-” You're gesticulating wildly with your arms, and Sanae pins them both down to the floor with her own.

“Oh, hush. Now put that hand back where it was. Where it belongs.” You oblige her, and place your open palm back on her well-formed ass. Below the skirt you can feel the small ridge of her panties, and you squeeze. “Better. Now, what to do with your other hand... Ah, I know.” She moves your other hand to the side of her face, cupping her cheek. “Now draw me in for a kiss~”

“Ah! I- why are you-” Again she stops your protestations with a slightly quivering lower lip. Your heart just melts at the sight, and can't stand to deny her. So you draw her in, ever so slowly, ever so gently, as her soft lips melt into your own. As the two of you kiss, you feel her hand slowly working its way down your shirt, to the bottom, and under it. Somehow, your hand has been doing the same- finding the opening to her skirt, and slowly moving up her milky white thighs. The stimulation from the slow, gentle movement causes you both to moan quietly- but since your mouths are locked together, it goes no further than that.

And Reimu and Marisa still continue to sleep.

Sanae's other hand is on the top of your head, rubbing your ear, setting all your hair on end. It's a glorious feeling. And Sanae is starting to slowly move up and down on top of you. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, your mouths part.

“Feeling a little handsy there, Reisen? Already going up my skirt?” A wicked smile crosses her face.

“And what about you, pervert? Hand up my shirt and everythi- oh~!” Sanae has worked your left breast free of your bra, and flicked your nipple.

“Oh, I think we found out how to stop you talking!” Well, that or her mouth, really. You wouldn't mind going back to tha- No, no no no no!

“We need to sto- ohhhhh~” Flick. “Sanae, I'm ser- oh~!” Flick. “But what if the- oh~” Flick. “But Youm- ohhhhhhh~” Pinch, twist.

“What about Youmu? I've watched the two of you together. It's almost sad, really. You're like a poor, lost puppy. And if she was so important to you, you wouldn't have a finger under my panties.” This is another thing you hadn't noticed. You've already worked one finger under the back of her panties, and have started running your finger down her well-molded ass. “You know she doesn't feel anything for you.”

“That- that's not tru- oh!” Flick. “Stop that! You don't feel anything for me!”

Sanae frowns. “Oh?”

You try to marshal your thoughts back into order. Be still, my beating heart. In fact, by where Sanae's hand is, she can probably feel it flutter- No! Stop getting distracted! “It was just the sake that's doing this!”

She chuckles, a low, throaty laugh. “Is that so? I didn't see you drinking until you blacked out, either. I also don't see you trying to stop me. Is that it? Do you want me to stop? You only have to say so, Reisen.” You're silent. “I can't hear you. What were you saying?” Still you say nothing. Sanae leans down, real close to your ear, where her warm breath tickles and excites you. “I see.” Flick. You gasp. And then she bites down on your ear, and a shiver runs down your entire body. “Oho, sensitive. I wonder...” Her other hand wanders down from your neck, down past her other hand upon your chest, and down to where your skirt fastens closed in the front. She begins to play with the top button of your skirt. “Well, Reisen? Last chance.” The top button is worked free.

“N-no...” Your voice is weak.

“No, what?”

“No, don't... don't stop.”

She chuckles softly. “I thought so.” She works the second button loose, and you find your other hand starting to work on the fastenings of her blouse.

However, before you or her can get started undressing each other in earnest, she leans back down on top of you, for another kiss. Her tongue explores your mouth, and demurely touches yours before retreating, beckoning you in, and you oblige her, putting your tongue in your mouth. After a moment of this, she withdraws from the kiss, but not without biting your lip. She sits up, and starts to work on getting the rest of your skirt unbuttoned and unzipped.

As she finishes this, and starts to slide your skirt down off your thighs, you place your hands on top of hers, to stop her. She looks up at you, and frowns again. “Trying to stop me again, Reisen?”

“No. Not this time.” You take your hands off of hers, and start undoing her blouse. “It's just fair that if you're going to undress me...” She smiles, both of your voices still whispers.

“Naughty bunny.” She makes no move to stop you, in fact, she arches her back to thrust out her breasts, so that you can see the tips of her nipples through her blouse. You unbutton it to her belly button, not quite all the way undone, and slip both of your hands in to cup her ample breasts, and give them a squeeze. She shudders in pleasure, and stifles a moan.

“No bra, Sanae? And you call me naughty.” You bend at the waist to bring your face into her chest, and bite a nipple. She sits back on her haunches, straddling you now, to give you the opportunity to do this. And then... “Well, this is something I've wanted to do for a while.” You place your face directly between her breasts, and blow air through your mouth as you move your head side to side.

Sanae is shaking with repressed laughter. “You motorboating son of a bitch. Well, I never.” In response, she takes her hands, and starts to pull your blouse open, only barely managing to keep from ruining the buttons. She reveals your pert breasts, only partially contained by your white lace bra, under the pale moonlight, and makes a dive herself for them.

“Eep!” You squeal, and roll to avoid being motorboated yourself.

Sanae misses, and comes back up with a mischievous smile. “Gonna play it that way, are you? Okay, then.” Quick as a flash, she slides back, and finishes yanking your skirt off, revealing your blue-and white striped panties. “I want to ask, Reisen, and this might sound a bit creepy, but do you even own any different styles of panties?”

You think for a moment. “Well, there's the black lacy ones, and the ones with the bunny on the front, and-” You gasp as the trap is revealed, as her expert distractionary ruse bears fruit. Your panties removed, and her head thrust quickly between her legs, as she motorboats your vagina.

Your voice comes out as a hissing whisper, as you try to avoid laughing out loud. “God damn it, Sanae!” She just laughs, and her tongue flicks out to tease your clitoris. “I- Ohhhh~” Sanae's an expert with her tongue, and you don't want her to stop. Not for a moment. You begin to writhe under her tutelage, and shove your clenched fist in your mouth to muffle your moans of pleasure. Your other hand, of course, is tightly wound in Sanae's emerald locks, and judging by the enthusiasm that Sanae applies to her task, she enjoys having her hair pulled.

As your breath starts to come faster and faster in ragged gasps, Sanae abruptly stops. She looks up at your pained face from between your legs, and smiles impishly. “I just got an ideaaaaaaaaa~”

“God, why did you stop, Sanae?” This turn of events is... frustrating, to say the least.

“Because it's a good idea!” With that, she discards her blouse on top of you, and prances over to where the sake is, clad only in her skirt and panties, naked from the waist up. You toss her blouse to the side, and watch as she skips deftly over the still-sleeping pile of Reimu and Marisa, breasts jiggling in the moonlight as she lands lightly on her toes. She grabs the sake, and one double-sized glass. And skips back over to you.

She motions to you to sit up, and you do. Sitting inside your legs now, as you've got yours wrapped around her, she fills the glass, and downs it quickly, and pulls you savagely and quickly in for a kiss. This one is different- she hasn't swallowed the sake, and the alcohol burn fills both of your mouths, and your tongues find each other in the fire. You both swallow at once, and your mouths clear of the sake. You separate from each other once more, to find that within the burning haze of the alcohol, you two have managed to cling together, chest to chest. And Sanae managed to completely undo and remove your bra in that instant. Damn, she's good.

All those thoughts in your mind stop immediately as she slowly moves her torso side to side- her nipples, erect and hard flick against yours, and you both tremble in the shared ecstacy. And again, you realize- something isn't fair. Sanae's still got her skirt on. That's got to be rectified. With one hand you push Sanae back to the floor, and she gasps as she falls back, her head landing a mere inch from Marisa's foot. You drag her a bit back to your side of the room, and she giggles. Because you dragged her by the skirt. Which is now off, revealing her panties of purest white.

“White, Sanae? Really? They've even got a little bow on the front of them.”

“S-shut up!” She covers her face with her hands. Oh, so she CAN blush. The thought of that just excites you more, and you pull her panties off quickly, and cast them off to the side. This time, the one diving between legs is you, and the legs belong to Sanae- long, pale, and beautiful in the moonlight. And your tongue flicks her clitoris- stiff and excited, as Sanae gasps in pleasure. You'd once upon a time wondered if Sanae dyed her hair green. Unless she takes her dye job REALLY seriously, you're pretty sure it's natural now. Under the caresses of your tongue, Sanae starts to gasp and writhe back and forth. “N- no, more, finger...”

Oho. Is that what she wants? You slide two fingers into her pussy, wet with lust, and start to playfully wander the warm, wet playground that is Sanae. Her voice is gone now, just muted moans and ragged breath, and she starts to arch under you. Her butt rises, and she starts to shake and tremble tremendously. Time to push her over the edge. Ever so lightly, ever so gently, you nibble her clitoris. And this pushes Sanae over the edge. She stifles most of the moan- but not enough that you can't hear just how cute her voice is in orgasm. Her face is slick from sweat, and her breathing makes her chest rise and fall alluringly. She looks up at you, and smiles. Then, quick as a flash, tackles you. “You're not getting away that easy, Reisen.” Somehow, you don't think you wanted to get away. Her fingers slide down your neck, down your chest, down your stomach, like feathers of finest down. And the electric tingle of her fingers stays with you, right until she slides them between your legs. This is like an electric shock, being plugged directly into the main.

Your back arches, and you gasp. Once again, trying to keep from waking Marisa and Reimu, you put your fist in your mouth. Her tongue starts to play a virtuoso number on you, and you can feel the waves building. She continues, with the same rhythm, with the same speed, with the skill of an expert and a silk touch. She keeps you riding the edge, yet denying the orgasm.

Finally, with one swift movement, she stops.

And then nibbles your clitoris, and you're really glad you have your hand in your mouth, otherwise your moans would have woken up anyone, no matter how deep of a sleeper.

And then you have the naked, warm, sweaty body of Sanae pressed upon and on top of you once more, and she pecks you on the mouth. “I'm glad we got to do this, Reisen.”

“...Me too.”

“D'aww, the bunny does love me.”

“S-shut up! What if they wake up and see us like this?” Reimu and Marisa are still fast asleep, but... the two of you are in a bit of a compromising position. What with being entirely naked, on top of each other, sweaty and flushed. Right.

“So, we'll just go take a bath, out in the springs. Together.” She winks and smiles at you. “Besides, we're both girls, right? That's what girls do, in hot springs. And maybe we'll have enough time in there to do this again before they wake up.”

She stands up, and leads you out to the spring by the hand. Maybe one more time won't hurt, right?
Reisen can't have normal nice things. Sexy nice things only.
Reisen and Sanae? An unusual and rare combination there. Thumbs up
I think this is brilliant, and you should feel good.
You just don't stop, do you?

You are excellent.
I vote that this one is actually canon.

And yes, this is very good and you should feel good.
D'aww. I'm touched.
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Holy wow more of this forever please yes.
I heard in the comment section that you were quite good.

Waddoya know, it's true
I can't help but to feel Sanae stole Reisen from Youmu, though it might be common fanon affecting my thinking.

which choice is this based off of exactly?
File 134281027263.jpg - (761.09KB, 1200x848 , welcome to eientei.jpg) [iqdb]
Sanae can't steal what Youmu doesn't have (yet? anymore?).

I'm partial to ReiTewi fanon, myself. The pairing doesn't have a ghost of a chance in this story. That makes me sad.
Yeah, probably not. Sorry!

File 134571221734.jpg - (595.30KB, 832x482 , e8e96ecc27fed0c984f9a21592c7defd.jpg) [iqdb]
A branch from >>/th/159905 :

[x] Reisen

This is the worst day ever. The absolute worst. First you get a letter that you can't even read. That was delivered to someone else who's not you. Second, well... the second thing is that Youmu shot you down, as hard as possible.

Bad things tend to come in threes, right? With your luck, the next thing that will happen is that Sanae will leave you.

And that thought freezes you for a moment. Because if she actually saw you confess your love to Youmu... she probably will. Goddamnit, dammit, dammit, dammit! You're such a fool! This realization just leads to more crying and unhappiness and rabbit-shaped ball of misery. This is not your day. This is not your day at all.

As you're bawling in the light of the half-moon, a comforting hand draws you in for a one-armed embrace to a warm, familiar person who's just sat down next to you. It's very familiar. You raise your head towards them, and as you're wiping tears out of your eyes, you say, hopefully, “Sanae?”

It's not Sanae. You look into... a mirror? No, no, that's not right. Red eyes, purple hair, bunny ears, and the same clothes that you're wearing right now?

“Who- who are you?”

She just cocks her head and looks at you.

“Are- are you me?”

She puts a finger to her lips and looks upwards in thought for a moment. As you occasionally do. But with her other hand. Then realization dawns on you. It's you. From the mirror. You point to her. She points to herself. You point to yourself. She also points to you, and nods.

Oh God. The only person to come and comfort you is yourself.

You are the loneliest little rabbit ever.

As if she'd picked up on those thoughts, Mirror Reisen pecks you on the cheek and picks you up. Well. You hope she's taking you back to your room. You just want to go to sleep and make all of this go away. You just want it all to go away. You're more tired than you imagine, because the next thing you remember is Mirror Reisen setting you down on the bed. You must have fallen asleep in your arms. Mirror Reisen is about to walk back into the mirror, when you sit up. “Hold on.”

She turns to you.

“I... I just... thanks.”

She shrugs, with an expression that you clearly read as 'Anytime.'

A thousand possibilities race through your mind in an instant, and almost as quickly, you select one. “Hey. Come here.”

She looks at you, and walks towards you.

You gesture to your lap. “Sit on my lap.”

She gives you a sideways glance, and does so.

“Now... close your eyes for me.”

Again she does as you ask. This is when you surprise her with a kiss, deep and with tongue. Her eyes snap open almost immediately, and focus on your own. Slowly, they soften, and close again. She presses against you harder, and her hands travel up your sides in an embrace. Yours are holding her around her waist, to you.

You're not sure who makes the first move, but suddenly both of you are furiously trying to remove the others' clothing. Mirror Reisen stands up, and pushes you onto the bed, and then leaps on top of you. At this point, you're both missing your shirt, and your bra is halfway undone, while hers is roughly pushed above her round, familiar breasts. She unclasps her own bra, and tears yours off. The feeling is exhilarating, and you can feel your heartbeat speed up. You can feel hers as well, as you're kneading her breasts strongly.

Your breasts never felt like this- it's always been the sort of thing where when you touch yourself, you can never surprise yourself. But this time, this time you can. And since she's you, she knows exactly what you want.

So she bites and pulls your ears. You gasp in pleasure, and start to moan. A wicked smile flashes across Mirror Reisen's mouth. She unbuttons your skirt, and yanks it down along with your underwear, exposing your pussy to... well, yourself. She gets right down to business with your... her tongue, and you oblige what you know she wants by pulling on her ears as she does that. You can feel her breath speed up on your sensitive clitoris, and it's energizing for both of you.

Suddenly, Mirror Reisen stops. She looks at you with a mildly embarrassed expression, and she won't meet your eyes.

“Why did you stop?”

She doesn't say.

You decide that fine, you'll take the offensive. You swiftly unbutton Mirror Reisen's skirt, and silently, she seems surprised and tries to stop you. You won't be deterred so easily. You've been pantsed enough by Tewi to know what you're doing. Her skirt is gone, along with her underwear, revealing...

Wait, what? A penis?

“Hold on. Hold the fuck on. When did you get a penis?”

Mirror Reisen says nothing, and just blushes.

You think for a moment. This is perfect. This is the best situation. “Hey. Stop being embarrassed.” She doesn't say anything, or look at you. “I want you to get over here, and fuck me.”

She looks shocked, as if she didn't expect you to be so immediately accepting. You could see the bits of hope on her face beforehand, hoping that you wouldn't be disgusted. That, and the fact that her penis was engorged, throbbing, and ready to rock.

You pull her down on top of you, and guide her inside you. You... she has a bigger penis than you expected. It strains your vaginal walls, and you can just barely get the tip to hit the back wall of your womb. In short: perfectly sized for you. You ease her out slowly, and elicit a gasp from you and yourself. Slowly, slowly at first, in the perfect rhythm that only two people who have known each other their entire life could, and your bodies begin to bead with sweat.

Faster, and her breathing becomes more impassioned. Faster, and your awareness starts to focus to a point. Faster, and her eyes become even more alluring. Faster, and your vision starts to turn red. Both of you close your eyes in the throes of ecstasy, and for you, there is only her penis, and for her, there is only your pussy.

Your entire body begins to tingle, as though an electric current is starting to flow through you. You can feel Mirror Reisen beginning to tighten up, as you do. The moment is about to come. And without even a question or doubt in your mind, you know that this is going to be perfectly simultaneous.

The thrusting crescendos to your climax, and a lance of hot semen squirts into you during your throes of orgasm. You and she are grasping each other so hard as to draw blood from your nails digging into each others' backs.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the moment of orgasm passes, and you're both breathless. She lying on top of you, while she's still in you. You don't want that moment to end. It's... beautiful, in a sense. You feel complete.

And then a thought strikes you.

...What happens if you get pregnant?

You fix Mirror Reisen with a steely glare. “I expect you to take responsibility, you know!”

She only responds with a bewildered look.
>'get over here and fuck me'
>'take responsibility'
>no 'my hips are moving on their own'
Congratulations. You just literally fucked yourself Reisen. Wait what?
You deserve so many medals for this story.


>you're hitting my womb
>I'm going crazy
>I want your __________
>I'M CUMMING!!!1!!!1onehundredeleven
>I came just from __________

Although seriously, how could you forget "my hips are moving on their own". Really. Booooooooooooooo.

As for the story itself, intentional hentai parody aside (at least I hope it was parody)... I'm not sure what to think of it. Too confusing, couldn't fap, but an interesting read nonetheless.
I don't actually tend to read H doujins so things like "my hips are moving on their own" have been something I've just completely missed. Also I would hope Reisen fucking herself would be a bit confusing. It was probably confusing for her.
....is it bad that I want to see >>26369 continued in some way? My boners and feels are all criss-crossed.
I will say that I expect Reisen and Mirror Reisen to probably pay a visit to a certain jellyfish sooner or later.
File 134993512875.jpg - (320.58KB, 857x857 , 566169781be6a66a9b0427f6070599c2.jpg) [iqdb]
From >>/th/161937 :

'HEY. LISTEN.' That fairy. That fairy. That fairy that fairy that fairy THAT FAIRY THAT FAIRY THAT FUCKING FAIRY.

“Hey. Luna.” Your voice betrays no hint of the rage seething just below the surface. “Hold out your hand for me.” She looks at you oddly, but obligingly holds out her right hand, palm up. Slowly, ever so gently, you grasp her wrist with your left hand. And you raise your right to your cigarette. Quick as a flash, you're grinding the lit end of your cigarette into Luna's open palm.

Slowly, ever so slowly, as Luna screams and fights unsuccessfully to free herself from your iron grip, you lower your face to be within a centimeter of her own. “Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” Luna stops screaming, and her eyes lock onto yours, filled with fear and tears.

You find this incredibly arousing. “Take off your dress, Luna.”

Her voice is a terrified whisper. “W-what?”

You shout in her face. “GET NAKED! NOW!” You release her wrist, in anticipation of watching her nervously undress in front of you. Instead, she lets out a surprised “eep!” and tries to fly away.

Oh, good. I like it when they run.

Luna flies up, and you run after her. She sees you tearing through the forest after her, easily keeping pace with her frenzied flight away from you. Her face takes on more and more panicked tones as she tries, unsuccessfully, to put any distance at all between you and her.

She looks away, and you take this moment to jump from the ground, onto a tree branch, which you vault off of at her.

Just before you land on her, she chances a look over her shoulder once again, and sees you flying at her. “You can FLY!?” The bewilderment is obvious in her voice.

A predatory smile creeps across your face. “No. Jump good.”

And you crash down upon her, planting your feet in her back, as you surf her down to the ground. She lands with an audible THUD. No cracking noises, however. That's good. She'll need all her bones for what you're going to do to her.

Before she gets the chance to do anything at all, you set upon her like a rabid animal, tearing the clothes from her, to expose her milky white skin, and impeccably white underwear... and is that a training bra?

Oh, oh hahahahahaha, fairies. Oh, fairies. Poor Luna. No chest to speak of.

She again tries to wriggle free, but this time you're on top of her, pinning her down with the full weight of your body, as you lay on top of her. She tries to scream, but your hand is over her mouth immediately. “Shh. Shh, shh, shh. Just let it happen.” You then pull your handcuffs from your belt (the best gift Kotohime ever got you,) and handcuff her hands behind her as you roughly flip her over. The fear in her eyes is even more pronounced, with a hint of pain from her crash landing and the handcuffs digging roughly into her skin.

Her voice is a broken whisper. “What- what are you doing?”

You smile, showing all your teeth, as a wolf would to its prey, and say nothing. You just remove one last bit from your pocket: a ball gag. This will keep her from screaming. You like it when they scream, it's just that... having her scream here would be inconvenient.

Yes. Nobody is going to take your fairy that you rightfully caught away from you. You tear her bra off with your teeth, revealing two tiny, tiny mounds. More like mosquito bites, but, eat what you kill, right? Your mouth and your teeth go directly to one, and bite and suck. Luna twists under you, and you can hear her gasp through the ball gag. While you're doing this with your mouth, your hands are tearing off your own clothes, without regard for buttons, or zippers, or anything. Your jacket, in two pieces. Your shirt, all the buttons torn off. Your skirt, the zipper broken. None of this matters. What matters is that you've won the hunt, and you're going to enjoy your prey, goddamnit.

Your hands, having stripped yourself down to the black bra and panties you wore today in hopes of seducing Sanae, move hungrily down the little fairy's body until it reaches her panties. You try to pull them off, but she crosses her legs and tries to fight you. A feisty one, this fairy. You remove your mouth from her breast, and move your face right up to hers, nose-to-nose. “Are you defying me?” She just glares at you, tears in her eyes. “Okay, then. I have something for you when you defy me.” You reach over to where you discarded your clothes, and pull out the cigarette pack again. Luna's eyes widen, but her resolve holds firm. A cigarette is drawn out slowly, ever so slowly. Luna stays resolute, but you can see her face going whiter. You put the cigarette to your mouth and idly flick the lighter on and off. Luna relents, and relaxes her legs.

“Good girl.” You pull her panties all the way off, and, without moving your face from hers, start to trace a circle around her clitoris with your finger. She trembles at your touch. You smile. “Do you want more?”

She pauses for a long, long time. Her head ends up moving in the tiniest of nods. “Such a naughty fairy. I thought so.” One finger begins its internal exploration of Luna, and she starts to twitch. You can hear her moan softly through the ball gag. And now, you really, really want to get at that cute little mouth of hers. You gently unclasp the ball gag, and remove it from her mouth, tossing it aside, your mouth now on hers, your tongues fighting, and loving, inside. Her breathing speeds up as you work a second finger into Luna- she's exceedingly tight, but you don't feel any trace of a hymen. She's definitely not a virgin, you can tell that much. You pull your mouth back again. “Naughty, naughty fairy.”

She gasps, and in a tiny voice, says, “Please... please, I've been bad, please punish me...”

Oh, oh yes, this is a good fairy. Maybe you'll keep her. You work a third finger inside her, and she jolts up, bowing, pressing her body tightly against yours. You feel yourself begin to get excited- you've already worked two fingers into yourself without even noticing it.

You can hear Luna's breathing speed up, and she's moaning roughly now. She's near climax. Perfect.

You remove your fingers from her suddenly, and she turns a plaintive gaze on you. “No, no, no, don't stop, please don't stop...”

You hold up your three wet fingers from inside her. “Lick these clean, and maybe I'll consider it.” She obligingly begins to suck on your fingers, and you use your free hand to take off your bra and panties. “Now, since you've been a good girl, Luna, you deserve a reward.” You get up off of her, and turn around, ass to her face, and your face to her pussy. She pauses for a moment, and then starts to work her tongue around your vagina. Without any prompting at all! This is a good pet. You then put three fingers back inside Luna- and tease her clitoris with your tongue. She pauses a moment in ecstasy, and then resumes her tongue work with even more energy.

You can feel her working her tiny tongue inside you a little bit- she may be small, but her tongue is expert, and longer than you'd thought. Oh, that's glorious. You can feel the warmth spreading from your pussy outwards, contrasting with the chill of the autumn air on your skin.

You can feel her breathing speed up, hot and raw on your pussy. She's having the same effect on you, as you feel yourself slipping closer and closer to the edge. This continues, and you've lost all sense of time- there is only Luna's tongue, and her pussy. Your universe has contracted to two discrete, wet, extremely sexy points.

And then Luna stiffens beneath you, and her tongue stiffens inside you- this is enough to send you over the edge, as she falls over it herself. The two of you are locked together in orgasm for what feels like eternity, and suddenly as it came, it's over. You and Luna are limp, sweaty, and panting.

She's lying on the ground, eyes closed, panting, as you roll off of her. You rummage in your clothes for the handcuff key, and release Luna's hands. She nods her thanks to you, and rolls over on top of you to embrace you.

Lying here in the middle of the forest with a new fairy, you can't help but think that you may have an excellent new pet.
File 134997471214.jpg - (52.59KB, 524x797 , I Came.jpg) [iqdb]
*slow fap*
Well plaid sir, well plaid. Speaking of which, Yuuka next?
File 135028475566.jpg - (1.20MB, 1000x1500 , 23ad7f3886d196c4354e52b03d2b865d.jpg) [iqdb]
Honestly, she's pretty much a non-entity in the Favors story. More than likely not. Sorry!
So I'm a pretty terrible person, and I've come up with an idea for another terrible porn short thing. I just need to think of a touhou to put in it, and so I thought to myself, why not ask here?

Pretty much anyone will do, I just want to write someone that's not Reisen. That's pretty much it.
Make >>26999 happy. Do Yuuka.
[X] Tewi
File 135357178065.jpg - (340.52KB, 628x802 , 30708044_big_p2.jpg) [iqdb]
Give Renko or Maribel some love, who knows what might happen!
I don't like the idea of porn that accepts interchangable Touhous.
Kanako. We don't see a lot of her.
File 135359037062.jpg - (522.01KB, 712x800 , 1267abcf9ac82157b3db9aba12d59672.jpg) [iqdb]

[X] Call out for Tewi.
Yea that really suggests its super generic... Admitted the shorts here tended to be generic
We haven't had any (Good) Yukari porn in a long time.
Or any good Keine porn.
Rabbit, you write good porn. Write some porn.
[x]That Kazami girl.

I don't think he plans to completely write it as "insert name here", but more that he has an idea that isn't restricted to a particular Touhou, and he'll frame it around the one in question in the end.

Or something, I dunno, I have confidence.
Yeah, that. I should have been more clear.
Just copypastaing this in from the contest thread so I have all my porn in one place, I guess. Don't get too excited, it's nothing new.


“Look, Ruukoto, I asked for you from Yumemi for a reason.” Reimu folds her arms over her chest and glares at me.

“But Reimu, I've been cleaning the shrine, just like you asked!” The implied slight on my cleaning abilities is unpleasant. I know that I'm not the best, but I try!

She shakes her head. “That's not it. I appreciate the cleaning, even though you're a bit... enthusiastic about it,” she says. So I accidentally, while cleaning the donation box one day, might have been scrubbing it a little too hard, and possibly creating a friction-induced fire, which then proceeded to spread to the torii over the box, and would have burned the whole shrine down if not for the quick actions of Suika, but that could have happened to anybody! Honest. “I got you for another reason.”

She then walks over to me, and grabs my left breast. She scowls at my lack of reaction. “See? Nothing! Yumemi promised me a sexbot, and you don't even react!”

“Reimu, it's just a coolant pod. What do you expect me to do?”

She's not happy. “A coolant pod? A COOLANT POD?! Jesus, at least fake it for me!”

“But, uh, I don't know what to do!”

She sighs heavily, the forever underappreciated and overworked miko. At least that's the image she tries to protect. She's bad at it. “Look, I want you to moan when I grab your breast.”

“Coolant pod.”

“BREAST. It's a breast, not a coolant pod. Stop thinking of yourself as a robot for once.”

I shrug. Well, she's the boss, so... “Okay. I'll try.”

Reimu cracks her knuckles. “Alright. Let's do this.” She grabs my left breast again. Then she looks up at me expectantly.

Oh! Right! I'm supposed to moan. “Ahn.”

“Is that it? Is that your best?”

I still don't know what she even wants. “I guess so?” She squeezes my coolant pod again. “Um. Uhn?”
Reimu buries her face in the palms of her hands, in despair. “I'm sorry, Reimu. I just don't... just don't get what it is you want.”

“I want you to act like you're feeling something!” Reimu's exasperation is evident in the way she's thrown up her hands and simply given up. “I don't want someone that will lie back and think of England!”


“Figure of speech. Look, I'll have to show you.” She cups her hands around her mouth. “Oi! Suika! I need you to help me with something!”

A tiny oni with disproportionately large horns swaggers in, smelling strongly of alcohol. Of course I don't know what alcohol 'smells' like, but I have enough aerochemical sensors to be able to tell. “'Sup, Reimu?”

“Suika, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to get naked for me.”

Suika shrugs. “Kay.” She's obviously used to Reimu asking things like this. She shrugs out of her tattered shirt, undoes her belt, and drops her skirt. She's not wearing anything underneath. I believe this is called 'going commando'.

Reimu turns to me. “Now, I need you to watch this. Take in what Suika does.” She turns to Suika, and roughly pushes her down. I know Suika is strong enough, easily, that if she doesn't want to be moved, she doesn't move.

Suika flops down onto the futon that Reimu had laid out on the shrine's tatami mats. “Pomf~!” She giggles.

Reimu stops suddenly, in the middle of kneeling down to Suika. “Pomf? Really? For fuck's sake, Suika! I'm trying to teach Ruukoto here to be a sexbot! I don't want her pomfing the whole time! Kills my ladyboner.” She then proceeds to give me a pointed glance.

“Pomf~!” Sometimes, I just can't help it. Poking fun at Reimu is the best.

She just glares at me, and I can't stop the smile from spreading across my face. “I'll deal with you later. For now...” She holds up two fingers. “Hey. Suika. Think of a number between one and three.”

Suika thinks for a moment. She's genuinely thinking this over. How much has she had to drink? “Um... Two?”

“That's right! Two pong!” Reimu strikes like a cobra, sliding those two fingers inbetween Suika's legs fast as a flash.

Suika's back arches. “Ahh~! Not so fast, Reimu!”

Reimu looks at me again. “See? Like that! Though I wonder what is actually between your legs, if I can even actually do this to you.” I shrug. Best to keep her guessing. Never show your whole hand. She then proceeds to finish kneeling down between Suika's legs, and brings her mouth to Suika's crotch. Her tongue flicks out with a speed only an expert can achieve.

Suika tries to pull away at first. “Mm~ Reimu, you're going too fast! I can't... I can't last!” Reimu says nothing, just puts one hand on Suika's flat chest, and starts kneading her nipple between her fingers. “Ah~ no, don't~!” Suika's legs embrace Reimu, who draws in a bit closer, so that Suika can wrap her legs entirely around Reimu's neck. Reimu is trying to pass this whole thing off as an 'educational experience' for me, but I can tell she's starting to get aroused herself. Her face is flushed, and her breathing is sped up... not quite as much as Suika, but I think Reimu's saving herself for later.

“Mmm... Reimu, you make me so horny~!”

Reimu abruptly stops. “A pun? Really? God DAMN it, Suika! I'm trying to teach her to be a good lover by using you as an example, and then you go and throw out puns!”

Suika can't contain her laughter, and I can see it shake her entire tiny frame. “What? Don't you like my magnificent rack?” She breaks down into more hysterics.

“I hate you so much, Suika.”

“But Reimu, that's... that's the whole point!” By this time, tears are coming to her eyes, she's laughing so hard.

“Suika, this is not the situation to do this in. Seriously, stop with the puns.”

“You could... you could...” Words are hard for Suika as she's trying to get them out between gasps of laughter. “You could say that... that it's the wrong tine!”

“Fuck you, Suika. Fuck you.” But Reimu's trying her hardest not to laugh now. But it's starting to crack.

“Aren't you doing that right now?” Suika is still gasping from laughing so hard.

“Okay. You know what? Either this stops, or we find out how many dicks in your mouth it takes to shut you up.”

“More than you've got!” Suika is cracking up again, but this time she's interrupted mid-laugh by a gasp of pleasure and pain, as Reimu tweaks her clitoris.

“This works just fine too. Now are you going to behave?”

Suika giggles. “If I say no, are you going to punish me?”

Reimu sighs, and simply dives her head into Suika's crotch. I believe the technical term for this technique is “muff diving”.

Suika moans and squirms, but Reimu keeps up the pressure. This continues for some time, and upon conclusion, Suika's body bows, and she screams in pleasure, before collapsing into a sweaty, trembling heap. Reimu pulls her fingers out, and points directly at me. “That! That is the kind of response I want from you!” She gets up, leaving Suika in the last tender grasp of the orgasm that rocked her body, and strides over to me. Her finger pokes me directly in the chest. “I'll teach you yet.”

“But, Reimu, I don't...”

She pokes me again. “No. Shut up. You're a fucking nuclear-powered robot maid. You're a nuclear-powered fucking robot. And now, you're going to get naked for me.”

I shrug. “Okay.” She's the boss. I untie and drop the white frilly apron that she wants me to wear around the shrine first. Next comes the headdress, I reach up to- “No. Leave that on.” Fine, I guess the headdress doesn't come off. So, I undo the straps in the back of my blue dress, and that drops to the ground. My skin is a pseudo-plastic: it feels almost exactly like real skin, and even has a nice, peach tone. Yumemi went all out on me. I reach behind me to undo my frilly black bra's hook- “No. Stop. Slower. Sexier.”

I pause. “What does that even mean?”

“It means you need to take it off slowly, and tease. Don't undress like this is some sort of sterile, boring thing. Put some soul into it.”

“Well, some people have made the argument that robots don't-”

“Shut up, and get naked. Better, this time.” She's staring intently at me. I suppose I'll try, but I'm not sure what she wants. So, I bend at the waist while undoing my bra with one hand, and as the straps slip off the back, I hold the front of the bra with my other hand, hiding my coolant pods- er, breasts- from view. Slowly, slowly I straighten up, and at the same time, bend my knees down, to a kneeling position in front of Reimu. Slowly, I slip the bra off- revealing one nipple at a time. They're pink and perfectly round- I'd always wondered why Yumemi bothered to include them. Apparently there are some things she expected that she'd never told me about.

“Good. Panties next.”

I think this is a good time to interject. “Why are you the only one clothed here, Reimu?”

She thinks about this for a moment. “I hadn't realized that yet. Good on you for pointing it out. Now, pay attention.” Reimu starts by raising both of her hands above her head, together. This reveals her armpits- Suika can't stop from staring at them. She slowly, slowly lowers her hands, still together, while moving her hips back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm. As her hands reach her blouse, they slowly part it to reveal the sarashi beneath. Her blouse falls open, revealing a toned, athletic stomach. Still continuing the rhythm of her hips, she turns partway to me, meets my eyes, and smiles devilishly as she undoes the clasp to her skirt.

I'd always pegged Reimu as the type to wear a fundoshi, but this is dispelled before my very eyes as her skirt drops to the ground around her, forming a curtain she kneels over. She bends over backwards, giving me a very good look at her perfectly white panties. She then slides one leg out, then the other- leaving her bowed backwards, thrusting her chest forward. She spreads her legs into a split position, and works her upper body back up. While she'd done that, she grabbed the loose end of her sarashi- and slowly, ever so slowly, undoes it. As that tiny strip of fabric works its way around and around her delicious breasts, her cleavage makes an appearance. She affects an embarrassed expression- but then smiles wickedly once again as the rest falls off, revealing two perfectly shaped handful-sized breasts, with proud, erect nipples.

Wow. I didn't think that could have an effect on me. I'm a robot, and now I want to fuck her. Reimu's got a surprise coming...

“Now. Before I show you my prize, we're getting you all the way naked. Because I'm your master. Now, panties off!”

Being a robot has given me exceptional flexibility and balance- I raise up on tiptoes, and slide my panties down just a tiny bit, to show the mound. Then a little bit more, so I can work one leg completely through it. One leg out, and back down. My hands are holding the panties still there, providing an illusion of modesty- but Reimu can't see anything yet. I think I'm doing it right. Slowly, ever so slowly, I raise my other leg, and let the panties slip down to my foot. Which I then proceed to use to kick the panties onto Reimu's face.

She picks them off her face and discards them, a smile on her face. “Well done, Ruukoto. I think you're learning yet. But what's this?” She's pointing at my crotch. There's nothing there but for a button, being that I'm a robot, and don't procreate.

“Oh, this button? That's to extend the auxilary heat sink.”

“Extend, eh? Let's push it.” Reimu pushes the button, and the auxilary heatsink extends from between my legs, about ten inches out. “That's no heatsink. That is, straight-up, a penis.”

“What? No, it's for if I need to get rid of excess heat in a hurry.”

“It's definitely a penis. Yumemi totally gave you a retractable penis.” She licks my heat sink. “Even tastes like a penis. Oh Ruukoto, you didn't even know. This is beautiful.” Before I know it, she's got her mouth around it- and it sends an electric surge through my body. Who knew that touching my heat sink would have such effects? Reimu works her hand down her panties, and with her other hand, she guides it into her mouth, where she works it with her expert tongue, and a little bit with her teeth. The teeth, those... those feel excellent. Oh.

“Ah... Reimu, I... uh.~...”

She smiles. Her eyes meet mine, and they're delighting in the mischief her tongue is wreaking on me. She removes her mouth from around me, and her panties are already on the floor, and her pussy is wet, slick with desire. She places a finger under my chin, and draws me to standing. “Now. Grab my legs, and pick me up.” I oblige her, and pick her up, and she spreads her legs around me, as I raise her to me. She giggles girlishly, and grabs my heat sink, as she guides it within herself. “Ah- ahn~. So warm, Ruukoto. Don't tell me it can expand inside too, can it?” I shake my head. “Ah well. Can't have everything.” She works the entirety of the shaft inside her, and a tremble shakes her entire body in pleasure, from the tightening of her thighs, to the smallest tremor that shakes her nipples. Her breathing speeds up. She kisses me roughly, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth- it's designed to be human, down to the teeth and tongue and everything.

God damn, I was designed to be a sexbot.

I reciprocate, and walk over to a wall- the better to prop her up on. She wraps her arms around me, the sleeves of her miko's uniform still on. The brush of the fabric contrasts with the softness of her skin, and it's a beautiful feeling. She leans against the wall, and I start, slowly at first, thrusting inside her. She's still not released me from the kiss, so I can feel her moans, instead of just hearing them. Her breath, hot on my neck. She removes her mouth from mine for just a moment. “Faster, Ruukoto, faster. I know you can do it.”

She asks, and I'm glad to oblige her. She starts to writhe in ecstasy in my arms, and on my penis. I can feel her heartbeat- she's grabbed one of my hands and pressed it against her breast, and I can feel her begging for me to knead it, and I do. Her breast fits perfectly in my hand, and her nipple is hard to the touch.

Reimu's reaching orgasm soon. I can feel it. She removes her mouth from mine again. “Ruukoto... faster... harder...” Again I ratchet up the speed, and an electric feeling runs up my spine. This... this feels good. “Ruukoto- I'm- I'm gonna-”

Oh man. Can't miss this opportunity.

“I'm coming!” Reimu begins to tense, and I lean into her just as she crests the wave, and whisper into her ear: “Pomf.”

“Wha- ahhh~ oh, you, ahn~ I hate, hate, ahh, you...” She's angry, trying not to laugh, and orgasming all at the same time. Finally, her surge of feeling stops, and she's limp and panting in my arms. I slowly slide out of her, and gently put her down, the better to come off that post-coital high. “I hate you so much, Ruukoto.”

I smile. “That's what you get.”

There's a tapping on my shoulder, and a small, naked Suika has her hands on her hips, and is looking up at me. “I get a ride too, right?”
File 135875708281.jpg - (171.28KB, 600x848 , d71a98dd3ad9464f48c15de483eb2451.jpg) [iqdb]
That bitch was crazy. You've spent the last couple of hours hiding, hoping she doesn't come back. That was probably one of the least pleasant experiences of your life. The burn didn't help. She does all that, and then uses her cigarette to burn you? You'd cut a bitch if you ever saw her again.

If you ever saw her again and were not immediately shaking in fear. You know how you are. It's not a pleasant thing. Well, she's gone now. You can go back to your pleasant underwater village. You can continue your life. You can find a cold shower to hide in and hope that the soiling goes away but it never does it never does it never does no matter how much you scrub you never become clean-

-and suddenly you're home, with all your parts, your tentacles, your thoughts, even the burn. But you're not shaking anymore. And that's good. That's progress.

Then, suddenly, music. Humming. It doesn't sound like her. Be still, mine racing heart. Do jellyfish even have hearts? It suddenly depresses you a bit that you don't know these significant details about your own physiology. Anyway. The important thing is that it isn't her. You peek around a corner, to see where the humming is coming from.

She's smiling. That's all that matters at first. You can calm down now. You take in the green hair, the... well, frankly out-of-date plaid vest and skirt, but who takes fashion advice from a jellyfish? She's walking down the path, between the cottages without a care in the world, but she... she just seems so nice. She seems like someone you don't need to be afraid of. That being settled, you decide not to chase her out of your underwater residence.

...It's not really underwater if there isn't any water, is it? Semantics. This temple is kind of a weird place anyway.

While you were thinking, the woman's sat down next to you. “Hi!”

That's... that's just such a cheery tone of voice. You feel your tension flow out of you.

“So what's up? I was going for a walk, when I decided to come into this cave. Why is it, I wonder, that I can breathe underwater?”

You do your best to shrug, but you can't really speak to her, lacking a mouth.

“Well. It's not even really underwater, just full of underwater creatures-” she pokes at a fish floating by, “and there isn't even the resistance that water would have. It feels just like air. Does it feel like air to you?”

You're a jellyfish. When was the last time you knew what air felt like? This has been your home since... well, you can't even remember since when.

She reclines back, setting her parasol beside her, and making a cradle for her head with her hands. “I'm Yuuka. This is a nice place you've got here. I'd rather there be more flowers, but...” She gestures towards the seaweed waving gently in the currents on the reef. “This is a pretty nice place.”

We sit there, in companionable silence, for what feels like an hour. You look towards her, and she's got her eyes closed, smiling. She sits up, stretches, and turns to you, a soft smile on her face, and slightly rustled hair from the... grass? Why is there grass here, underwater? Beside the point. “I think... I think I'll be coming back here again. I hope to see you again, Mr. Jellyfish.” She stands up, pats you, and strolls off back towards the entrance.

You feel a strange longing as she leaves.

The last couple of days have been bright and airy, a very nice complement to the way Yuuka made you feel. She's the only one who's not been afraid of you. And she's come back a couple times since then, occasionally bringing you flowers.

You did some poking and prodding to find out whether or not you have a heart: you don't. But this doesn't mean you don't feel: quite the contrary. Whenever Yuuka comes by your spirits lift. And you forget, temporarily, about her.

Today is one of the days Yuuka should be coming by: and just as expected, she does so.

“It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes byyyyy~”

She's even got a great singing voice. It's beautiful, really.

Last time she was here she was playing with your tentacles, and found the cigarette burn. Her face visibly darkened. “Who did this to you?” she asked. “Why would anyone...” That was probably the only time you ever saw her angry. “I'll bring something to make it feel better. I promise.” It felt better just having her hold it, but you had no way to tell her that. It's a shame you haven't had a way to tell her how you felt.

She's skipping down the path, picnic basket in hand, parasol in the other, while she sings a song you've never heard before. But you'd have no objection to her playing it again, Sam.

She comes to you, and sets the picnic basket down with her parasol. “Let me see it.” You hold your burnt tentacle out to her. She gazes seriously at it for a little while. “I've got just the thing.” She bends down, holding your tentacle with one hand, and rustling through her basket with the other. It's okay, nurse, all you have to do to make it feel better is just to continue holding it.

She pulls out a small salve, and applies it to the burnt area: it's pleasantly cool. She then wraps it with a white bandage. “There. That should make it feel much better.” She looks up at you and smiles. “I'm glad I could do a little bit to help.” She kisses it, and looks back up at you, blushing a little bit. Okay. This is too much for any one jellyfish to stand. You sweep her off her feet, and she gasps, followed by giggling, and more furious blushing. She obviously knows where this is going.

You open one of the cottage doors, and float inside, fair-skinned maiden in tow.

“Ah- ah! Harder!”

Yuuka's clothes are spread all over the cottage's foyer, vest on the coat rack before she got frantic, skirt just past the coat rack, as you tore it off, shirt on the couch, discarded quickly as she worked at it to get naked, bra in the doorway between the kitchen and sitting room, panties in the kitchen sink, and naked, writhing Yuuka on the kitchen table.

“You... you knew I wanted this, didn't you...” Her hands are on one of your non-burned tentacles, doing her best to shove it deeper into her pussy- you're already bumping against her back wall, but that's not stopping her. “Ever... ever since I... ahh~ since I saw those... those tentac~ah, AH~” This last exclamation is punctuated by her pussy clenching on your tentacle like a vise, as the convulsions of an orgasm rock her body, droplets of sweat flying from erect pink nipple.

After her convulsions have died down, she hungrily eyes you and licks her lips. She then pulls your tentacle out of her vagina and jumps on you, breasts squishing into the soft jelly that you're made of, as she does her best to kiss where she thinks your face is. She's nowhere near close, but it's the thought that counts, right?

“Take me again.” She's nowhere near done, as she slowly sucks on the burnt tentacle- her tongue traversing the line of the bandage ever so delicately. The slight sting of the burn combined with the beautiful feeling of her tongue sends what feels like an electric jolt through you. It's a beautiful feeling. She laughs, a bright bell-peal of a laugh, when she realizes what that does to you.

Her tongue goes up the tentacle, to where it goes under the bell of your body- she doesn't follow it all the way in, which is probably a good thing, but bites the edge of the bell playfully, and growls cutely at you. One of your tentacles is working its way down her chest, in the cleft of her breasts, flicking her nipples, making her gasp in pleasure. You'd heard biting ears works wonders too, but... you're kind of lacking any methods of biting. Or are you?

You set a second tentacle up to her left ear, and very, very gently, administer a sting. Her entire body convulses, her head bent back. She pulls her head back to a normal position after the wave runs through her: her grin is wider than ever. “Do it again!”

You do it again. “Ah~ ahhhhh~” She's grinning happily, hair in a wild mess around her face, eyes bright as the sun: it's the most beautiful thing you've laid, uh, eyes on. “Now put it in me again! I want you to fill me up!” That said, she roughly grabs a tentacle and begins to guide it in. Your pleasure is directly derived from hers- the flush of her pale chest, the heaving of her ample breasts, the tightness of her vagina- all of these add to your experience. Slowly, slowly you rhythmically move the tentacle in and out, supporting her only with other tentacles- she's floating on a bed made of you, as though she were underwater- and you can hear her breath come slowly and deeply. You keep the same speed, but don't withdraw as normal, instead, you push in all the way to the wall, and you hear her gasp in pleasure. You slowly withdraw, and she jolts once. She's not over the wall, but you know how to play her, like a virtuoso knows their instrument.

And such beautiful music she makes! You slowly up the tempo, her breathing crescendoing, as she begs for more. “Faster,” she whispers. “Faster,” she begs. “Faster.” You oblige her, only the tiniest bit every time.

Her face becomes even more flushed, her hips all aquiver as you draw out slowly. She's riding the wave now- you've kept her there for as long as you wanted. You know that you could make her orgasm whenever you felt: you've been as the tide, receding just before it breaks over the shore.

“No, no... don't stop.” Oh, dear Yuuka. I wasn't going to stop. Quickly, you make one final thrust into her, all the way, and she simply moans in pleasure, as she's subsumed in the ocean. After a few perfect moments, it breaks, and she's reduced to a quivering wreck in the grasp of the orgasm you've just given her. “Ah~, ahhhh~, ahn~”

She stops quivering, panting heavily from the exertion, and you slowly, gently, lovingly pull out. Yuuka looks at you, with that same bright happiness in her eyes, her hair mussed in a halo, caught by the light streaming in through the window. She hugs you, and kisses you again.

“I'm so lucky to have met you, Mr. Jellyfish.” She sighs a contented sigh, and nuzzles and cuddles you in her bed of tentacles.

“So, shall we go again?”

Having satisfied your dear Miss Kazami, the two of you are back, lounging in the streaming sunlight, filtered by the water into a rainbow of colors, in your underwater paradise, back in the same spots you were when you met.

Again the happy silence. You feel complete in her presence, as though she fills a hole torn in you by her. “You'll never need to worry again, Mr. Jellyfish. I'll always be here for you.”

And I you, Yuuka.
Also, vote for another Touhou, and I'll write them a scene.

Mindrapist Ran.
Nooooooooooope. No Ran. Because you can't have nice things.

Just because I would find it hilarious.
Do not forget the cigarette if this wins.
[X]Reisen X Yukari

Because I'm curious as to how this would work.
Honestly I'd be up for more of the ongoing adventures of Ruukoto the SEX ROBOT.

Coming to your town... Do you wanna get down?
Forgot to vote so
[x]Ruukoto the Sex Robot.
How nice.


It's clear she can't take her out while she's conscious. She has to fuck her to sleep.
Dohohoho, do I eye pre-nupital arguments?

Both of you need to write more porn though.
[x] ReisenxYukari

Nice reversal of fanon characterization
[X]DrunkenIku x Reisen.

You KNOW you want to make it a noncanon sidestory. The scarf. Imagine the applications!

THIS. Is has so much potential for sheer hilarity. Besides, Iku's not in nearly enough porn.
[X] Rin x Mima.
Rin Satsuki or Rin Kaenbyou?

...Or both?
File 13592288237.jpg - (217.88KB, 850x1376 , sample-34b2b8434d5ab8da5dd87fd74a25d7ab.jpg) [iqdb]
Hers is the drill that will pierce the bunny?
File 136547911542.jpg - (0.98MB, 2496x1254 , 9d92bc43a9fbf11e4fa54f5f6919c01a.jpg) [iqdb]
“No. No, no, no, no, no. I will not.”

“Then I'll have no other option than to revoke your license and strip you of your title.”

“Go ahead. I still won't.”

“I'll have to find a replacement... Miss Iku seems like she'd be a good fit. Good track record and all.”

You are Eiki Shiki, the Yamaxanadu of Gensokyo: it's a small post, but the bizarreness of it makes it a highly regarded one. And you are not going to let Iku have it.

“No. You've overlooked it for this long, why are you bringing it up now?”

“Certain, ah... personages have brought your lack of attention to your certifications to my attention. And I simply cannot let those heavenly representatives leave without something to show them, can I?”

You shake your head. “Can't... can't I renew something else? As a show of good faith? I'll, uh...” You rack your brain looking for a good crime that you might be overdue for. “I could smuggle drugs?”

“You know you already renewed your smuggling certification only a few decades ago.”

Dammit. He saw through that right quick. “Is it... is it really that important?” Now you're just grasping at straws.

“You know how important it is. You can't judge someone properly without walking a mile in their shoes. Or leather thigh-high boots, as it were.”

You cradle your head in your arm, resting it on the desk, in a posture of defeat and resignation. “Is there no way I can get out of this?”

A long pause. “It's been more than a millenium, Eiki. You're at least 900 years overdue. I've overlooked it for so long, but... well, we could put you back on the beat, that'd keep you from having to renew it.”

“And do what? Play honeypot again?”

You can hear him shrug over the line. “What can I say? Your legs were perfect for it.”

“Ugh. Ugh. Ughhhhhhhh.” You sigh heavily into the reciever, hoping that he'll take pity on you. Silence is your only response, though. “Fine. I'll... I'll send you proof through the usual channels.”

“That's my girl. Always knew I could count on you.” You hang up the phone. You're wondering how you're going to break the news to Komachi, but... you really, really don't want to. Especially since you know precisely how she's going to take it.

You look up, having heard the sound of your private office door open. Komachi is standing there, shit-eating grin and all. “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii~!”

You don't raise your head off the desk, instead you go back to the 'head down and hope everything goes away' position. Komachi is not going away. “Hi, Komachi.”

“Whatcha doin'? Talking on the phone? With who?”

“None of your business.”

A slight jar of your mahogany desk tells you that Komachi has planted her ample assets directly on the corner of your desk, and is not leaving. “Was it the boss?”

God damn it. “Yes.”

“What'd he have to say?”

You look up, at Eiki's flushed, happy face, leaning down to yours, giving you a, uh, full view of Komachi's bosom. “You already know, don't you?”

She hops up, giddy. “Oooh! Ooooooh! Which one is it?”

“The... ughhhhhhhh. The 'whips and chains' one.”

“Yaaaaaaaaay~!” Komachi starts dancing around your small office. “I know just how we can do this! I've got boots and belts and whips and handcuffs and all sorts of other fun things!”

That's not even the worst part, Komachi. “There's more.”

Komachi gasps. “More?!”

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. “We have to videotape it. Have to check that 'exhibitionism' box.”

If anyone could explode from joy, it'd be Komachi, at that very moment.

“This isn't necessary.”

Komachi's just smiling away at you, with barely-contained glee. “This is the bare minimum I will accept from you.”

“Surely you can't be serious.” You gesture to yourself: bedecked, starting from the thigh-high black leather boots, with a stiletto heel for good measure, followed by just a slim sliver of milky white skin, before it comes to a tight, short pair of black leather hot pants, with a whip hanging from one of the belt loops, and handcuffs from another. Above that is again, nothing but your skin, leading to a simple strap that barely covers your nipples- you had to fight Komachi for this concession to your modesty. It kind of squeezes your small breasts, and you can see the outline of your nipples through the leather. Finally, she required you to wear long, black gloves that come to your bicep- a classy touch, but you think that the next time you go to a formal occasion, you'll pass on the gloves.

“I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.” She giggles. “At least not without whipping me first.” She digs through her purse- she's got a bag full of this stuff, if you could believe it- and pulls out a thong. Leather, of course. But it has....

“I am not wearing that.”

“Yes, you are!”

“I refuse. Do you see what is on it?”

“Of course I do!”

“Well, I'm not wearing anything with- with that!”

Komachi smiles wider. “With whaaaaaaaaat~?”

“You know what!”

“No, I don't. I'm a pure and innocent maiden.” She's dressed like one, too- white, flowing dress, with flowers in her hair. You're reasonably certain she's not wearing anything under it, though.

“Fine! I am not wearing a strap-on penis!”

Komachi smiles knowingly. “Yet. So when are you going to open the door?”

You cross your arms. “When I'm good and ready.”

“Or how about now!” Komachi reaches past you for the knob, and throws open the door, videocamera in her other hand. Within the room- oh for fuck's sake. Komachi redecorated it as a dungeon. On one side is a blue haired girl in a set of stocks, and completely naked, but for her hat, adorned with peaches. “Oh no! The Mistress Eiki has come to punish me!”

You look, no, glare at Komachi, who can't stop grinning. On the other side, chained to the wall, also completely naked, is a head-wing adorned succubus. Koakuma licks her lips. “Oh, she has, has she? Delightful.”

Talking to me like that? Unacceptable. Your compromising position forgotten, and Komachi's camera also forgotten, you stalk over to Koakuma, heels tapping on the stones of the floor. You reach her, and slap her across the face. She looks shocked for just a moment, and then she smiles lazily. “Can I have some more, guv'nor?”

You glare at her. “You will address me as Mistress Eiki.” You look down at her chest: flushed red in the center, and her breasts, while not Komachi-sized, certainly outsize yours. But her nipples are erect. Sinful. You grasp one between your fingers and squeeze.

“Ah- ahn~” She moans in your grip, and as you twist it, she sucks in her breath between her teeth. As you are disciplining the succubus, a voice comes to you from the other side of the room. “M-mistress? Have you forgotten about poor, defenseless Tenshi?”

You turn to her, and march over to her, unlooping the whip as you go. “I have not forgotten. I will get to you in my own time.” You crack the whip over her soft, pink ass, and she cries out. “You will not presume to call upon me.” You snap your fingers with your free hand. “Komachi. Bullet.” Komachi digs in her purse, and tosses you a small silver cylinder. You catch it with that hand, all without removing your glare from Tenshi's eyes. You twist it to its lowest setting, and walk around directly behind Tenshi, while putting your whip back away.

“Wh- what are you doing?” Tenshi's voice sounds hopeful.

You slap her ass with your open hand, and she gasps. “You will address me as Mistress, or Mistress Eiki. Is that clear?”

You can see her ass shake as she nods. “Yes, Mistress.”

“What I am going to do is leave this with you while I tend to the succubus.” You start pushing the silver bullet inside her pussy with one finger, and it vibrates while you do so. Tenshi is trying to hold in her voice, but you can hear her start to breathe more heavily. “If you please me, I may consider allowing Komachi to turn it to a higher setting. But only then.”

Tenshi only nods again. “Good.” You turn back to the succubus. “Now. You. Koakuma.” You gesture to Komachi. “Clothespins.” Komachi tosses you a pair of wooden clothespins. You look at her erect nipples and spit on them in disgust. “Sinful. Simply unacceptable. Well, I have just the thing for you.” You attach a clothespin to each nipple, and Koakuma shudders in response.

“Oh- oh, that hurts...”

You slap her face again. “Did I or did I not tell you to refer to me as 'Mistress'?”

She smiles defiantly. “You did.”

And you slap her once more. This time she moans. “And you still do not. Tenshi!” You turn to her, your shoulder brushing against one of the clips on Koakuma's nipples, sending her body trembling once again. “What would you suggest we do about this?”

“Ah...” Her breathing colors her voice. “Could you not simply gag her, Mistress?”

You turn back to Koakuma, and lean right in to her face. “An excellent idea. Komachi?” She tosses you a ball gag. As you go to affix it to Koakuma, she bites her mouth down on your index finger and begins to suck. You allow this to go on for a moment, but not any longer. You pull your finger from her mouth, and wipe it upon her chest. Your saliva and hers mix together between her breasts. You say nothing else, just finish putting the ball gag on. Koakuma can no longer smile, but you can see it in her eyes.

Tenshi's voice is tentative. “M-mistress? Did I please you?” Did she please me? Entirely not sufficiently. But...

“Komachi. Turn it up. I leave how much to your judgement.”

Komachi smiles wickedly, and does so. Judging by how she cranked that dial, and how Tenshi reacted with a gasp and a long moan of pleasure, she turned it all the way up for just a moment. “As for you, Koakuma... I think I know what I'm going to do. Komachi. The black one.”

Komachi tosses you a large black dildo- it forks at one end, so as to fit in two separate places at once. Koakuma's eyes widen, as you kneel down and begin to slide it in. Her thighs instinctively close around your hand, with her pussy juices dripping upon your hand. You slap her ass, and she opens her pale white thighs again, revealing her pink pussy and asshole. You slowly, slowly work it in both holes, and when it's fully inside, halfway down the entire thing, you flip a switch, and its ends start slowly rotating around inside her, stirring inside her. But you have not turned on the vibration. Not just yet.

You leave Koakuma there, leaning heavily against her chains and the wall, and you can see her nostrils flare as she starts to breathe heavily. Back to Tenshi you go, but for her front this time. The stocks are about her neck and arms, leaving only her head and hands facing you. “Mistress?”

You place one finger on her lips, shushing her. You then remove the finger, and replace it with your mouth, kissing her, tongue on tongue, hers submitting to your will. She moans strongly, and you can guess that Komachi's turned up the vibrator inside her. You just grab her hair with one hand, and pull back on it, while kissing her.

You break the kiss, Tenshi's eyes on yours, full of lust, while you realize that during this whole exchange, your other hand has been down in your pants, playing with yourself. You turn to Komachi, who's set the videocamera on a ledge, catching this whole scene, with one hand down under her skirt, the other clutching at her breast. You point at her. “Stop that this instant.” The command in your voice is such that she does so instantly, and you walk over to her, and press her against the wall, kissing her roughly, while tearing her dress off of her at the same time. As the soft white fabric tears away, it only serves to confirm what you'd already guessed- she's not wearing anything underneath.

As Komachi presses back against you, her nipples brushing against your leather chest strap, you realize something. You're the most dressed one in the room. That simply will not do. You step back from Komachi. “Komachi. The strap-on. The one with the internal attachment.” Komachi's eyes light up. She'd not even barely begun to hope that you'd go for the double-headed one like you just did, but... Well, she deserves something for her hard work in arranging all of this. While she's digging for that, you walk back over to Koakuma, who's breathing heavily and starting to sweat. You turn on the vibration for her dildo, and she starts to moan loudly, muffled by the ball gag.

You leave her there, and as you're walking over to Tenshi, start to undo your shorts: which is simple, just a button and a zipper. You leave the fly wide open, teasing with a small vertical strip of hair, perfectly groomed and trimmed. You release Tenshi from the stocks. “Tenshi.”

She stands up, and rubs her ass. “Mistress?”

“Go and pleasure Koakuma. And you are not permitted to remove the bullet from inside you.”

“A-at once, Mistress.” She hurries to obey, as you undo the strap, and free your modest breasts, while stepping out of your shorts. You take the thong from Komachi, and work the inside side inside you, slowly, savoring the feeling, as you close the clasp, securing it to you tightly. You look at Komachi, the fires of lust burning strong in your breast. “Bend over.”

Within moments you've got Komachi bent over a table, as you're pounding her in her vagina, and she shrieks a little in pleasure every time you slide in and out. Your thong is just loose enough to transfer some of the feeling to you through its dildo- but you don't stop. Instead, you reach forward and grab a double handful of delectable Komachi bosom, squeezing the soft flesh and feeling the nipples under your fingers. Tenshi's released Koakuma from her chains, and the two of them are rolling around on the floor in a 69 position, fighting for dominance, who gets to be on top. The two of them are rolling and squealing and sweating, both of their bodies glowing from their inner heat.

Komachi reaches back and touches a button on your thong- suddenly, both dildos begin to vibrate. “It vibrates on both sides!?” This is a shocking revelation for you, but you're not able to focus your thoughts, as a wave of lust and feeling washes over you. Now there's nothing but the sweet feeling of the soft, moaning Komachi in front of you, and the sound of a celestial and a succubus locked in tantric combat, and you're going in, and out, and in, and out and in and out and in and out and in~

The four of you find release at almost the same time, Komachi shaking all over as the convulsions of orgasms rack her bodies, Tenshi and Koakuma's voices raised to fevered screams, and the wave of orgasm washing you to the post-coital sea- and then you look up, straight into the camera, and blush a furious, deep red.

“I can't believe I did that.” You're sprawled out on your desk again, garbed in the robes of your office, back with your head on the desk, in the classic position of defeat and resignation.

Komachi laughs. “It was good for you! You need to relax from time to time.”

You stretch, and lean back in your chair. “I guess.”

Komachi comes to sit on your desk. “See? You don't feel nearly as tightly wound as you did before, do you?”

You sigh. “I guess not.” A companionable pause follows. “You'll take care of the video, right?”

Komachi nods. “Of course. You can count on me.”

“It's important to me that it gets where it needs to go, and nowhere else. Is that clear?”

“As the Sanzu River.”

“Komachi, that river is red.”

“And clear!”

“Whatever. Just, just get it taken care of.”

Komachi hops off your desk, spins on her heel, and throws you a snappy salute. “Aye, mistress!”

“Please don't do that.”

“You got the video?”

“Right here, Iku. You got the money?”

“You bet I do. New albums coming out?”

“Yep. This'll keep me in new releases for at least a year.”

“Well. Well done, Komachi.”

“Thank you. I always make sure to put this video out where it needs to go for my purposes.”


Iku will be next, I guess. Probably. Unless you guys have other ideas?
Send me that video, Iku! Haha
Awesome. Needed Tenshi and Koa clinging to Eiki afterwards, though.
That was fantastic. And yes, some Iku would be wonderful.
File 136555046095.jpg - (9.53KB, 131x225 , eiki too lewd.jpg) [iqdb]
Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.
This interpretation is bad and you should feel bad. Which you do, but you wrote and posted it anyway, which is even worse!
Gonna second this one...
This doesn't even feel like its an Eiki. It just feels like its Eiki in name only. Rather weak story.
I have at no point ever denied being a terrible writer.
I don't feel you did very well on the "forced corruption" theme of the original idea and, by extension, the underlining purpose in writing any scene involving Eiki in her canonical role as Judge of Paradise.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the scene in a more general sort of way and, if I may be so bold after offering such stark criticism, would also like to request an Iku scene next.
Just read Patchy Quest, find myself in the mood for Patchy/Marisa if it happens to strike your fancy.
There was actually significantly more written reinforcing that idea, both as an overall thing to the scene and more upon the beginning upon the entrance to the "dungeon". But it was unfunny and boring and so I cut it.
And that's it?
>reading Patchy Quest
words cannot describe your taste.
File 136564785314.jpg - (49.82KB, 640x480 , mah turf.jpg) [iqdb]
nigga this my turf, son

step off, bro or i will wriggity wreck you
What's it about, and what's wrong with it?
At times it was called "Yukkuri Breeding with Patchouli"
I thought that was only 1 side story with the rest being "the SDM is full of evil assholes"?
If we go into all that was wrong with the story, we'd put this thread into autosage.
Give me a paragraph. Yukkuri breeding makes it sound endearing. Unless he means the Yukkuri are breeding with her. I don't want to read it and end up disappointed!
It's not, Kahi's Patchy is very ice cold and sees them more as a curiosity. And the first bit is anything but pleasant.
Main Character fucking Yukkuri is another of his quests....
I think this is as good a time as any to say that I will more than likely not write any kind of yukkuri sexual shenanigans. Seriously they're like Asian bean burritos. That shit will burn your dick.
As bad as that sounds remember that anon voted repeatedly for it to happen, there is blame to be shared all around for that debacle.
True though Anon has been known to voting for crazy things just to see if the author does it. It's also why you shouldn't put down options you don't intend on writing.

As far as Shi-City quest goes, it gets WORSE
To answer your question, Patchy quest is a twenty-odd thread quest about Patchy planning to teach at Hogwarts. It's so slow its still days from start of term, bit has excellent adventures with and characterization of Tewi and Marisa and Koa, pretty good stuff with Reimu, the SDM crew, Yamome, Eiren and the youkai mountain priestess.

Interactions with the Harry Potter cast are solid across the board. I do skip all the yukkuri stuff, though.
Guys, this thread isn't here to talk about Kahi. Take it somewhere else.
“You mean to tell me that Yumemi gave Reimu a sex robot maid and all I got was this?” Marisa looks at the open box, crowbar discarded after the lid was pried off. Her mouth is a disappointed pout.

“DO NOT ASK US WHAT WENT INTO HER DECISION-MAKING PROCESS. HER DREAMS ARE NOT A PLACE WE WANT TO EXPLORE.” Marisa turns to face the five boulders arranged next to the box, having delivered it to her house.

“How did Yumemi rope you into delivering this, anyway? It's not like you to leave the Dream World.”


“Fine. But I don't know what Yumemi expects me to do with a missile.” Marisa fiddles with her single braid as she taps her foot impatiently. “Maybe dismantle it for parts? I'm sure the mini-Hakkero could be modified to be fueled by plutonium...”

“P-please don't do that!” a voice states.

Marisa jumps back, and looks at the Five Magic Stones. “Was that you?”


“It was me,” the missile squeaks. “I, uh, please don't dismantle me!”

Marisa brushes the hair out of her eyes, and tries to put on a brave face with a knowing smirk. Unfortunately for her, the corner of her mouth is trembling a bit, shattering the illusion. “Who are you?”

“I'm, uh, I'm Mimi!”

“Mimi, eh?” Marisa crosses her arms and thinks for a moment. “What... what do you do?”

“Well, uh, I'm a missile!”

“A missile.”

“Yeah! An ICBM! I don't think I'm very good at it though, I don't want to blow up...”

“WHAT IS AN ICBM?” the Five Magic Stones interject.

“Y-you know, like, the things that fly and go boom. An intercontinental ballistic missile!”

Marisa shakes her head. “No, no, no,” she mutters under her breath. “Yumemi would never send me something like that...”

“But I am! Yumemi even told me I was an ICBM!”

“Intercontinental ballistic missile,” Marisa continues to mutter. “Intercontinental... ballistic... machine?” She stops in the middle of her musings, eyes wide open in a revelation. “Intercontinental Boning Machine!”


Marisa plants one foot forward, one arm thrust out, finger pointing at the missile still in its box. “I heard about Ruukoto from Reimu! There's no way you're not a sexbot! Or, uh, in this case, a sex missile.” She sizes up the missile. “You're a little too big to fit inside me, though,” she says to the eight-foot-tall rocket.

“Insi- what?!” Mimi squeaks out in shock.

But Marisa's already turned to the Five Magic Stones. “You can change your size, right?”


“No. Shh now. No questions. Can you change the size of Mimi here?”


Marisa's already unbuttoning her vest. “Do it, then!”


“Look, buddy, I got plans for you too, but you gotta help me out here before I can get to you.”

“OH- OH DEAR,” the Stones reply.

The Stones work their magic on Mimi, shrinking her down to a much more manageable size of about a foot in length. During this, Marisa is continuing to disrobe, tossing her apron aside, covering one of the stones. Her white blouse and black skirt is cast aside carelessly and with haste, revealing Marisa's small breasts held in check by a black star-print bra, with her narrow hips embraced by similarly-printed panties.

She bends down, exposing the hint of curves on her finely toned ass as she reaches past her long, white thigh-highs to undo her black mary janes quickly. That done, she tosses them aside carelessly, and reaches for Mimi.

“Do you, by chance, vibrate, Mimi?” Marisa whispers to the now-ensmallened ICBM.

“I- I- uh, c-can rotate?” Mimi is shaking as much as her voice is as she says this to Marisa, who smiles and licks the nosecone, while fondling it in her still-gloved hands. She tugs at one of the strings of her panties, untying them as they fall apart, and onto her wooden floor.

“I think that'll do just fine, Mimi,” she breathes.

“What are you do-” and Mimi's voice is muffled, as Marisa slides the nosecone into her moistened pussy, past the lips, and exhales shudderingly.

“J-just a bit too big, Stones,” she moans.


Marisa shakes her head as she slowly starts sliding the rest of the still-protesting Mimi into her vagina. “N-no, that- ah! This is, mm, just fine,” She turns to the Five Magic stones, lust in her eyes, an ICBM between her legs. “I need- mm! I need you five to, ah, get yourselves connected together in a string,” Marisa says.


“Shh. No questions. Only doing. Get to it.”

The Five Magic Stones float off to acquire materials in her house as she slowly works Mimi in and out of her vagina, breathing becoming more ragged and heavy. She slides Mimi out and licks some of her juices off of Mimi's nosecone. A bit drips down to the stabilization fins at the base of the rocket, which are twitching nervously. “Enjoying yourself, Mimi? Not everyone gets the chance for the Kirisame Grand Tour.”

“I- I demand you stop, this instant!” Mimi's voice is more tremulous than before. There is a slight tinge of arousal, though, and Marisa hears it.

“Ah, you're enjoying this too. I knew it! I knew it! Yumemi can't possibly engineer something that can't be used like this!” Marisa laughs in triumph, a laugh that turns quickly to a moan of pleasure as she thrusts Mimi back inside her.

Soon enough, the Five Magic Stones return to see a flushed Marisa, gasping in pleasure, with Mimi's muffled squeaks of little rocket lust.

Marisa's eyes light up in joy upon seeing the Five Magic Stones shrunk down, and tied together with strong string. “Perfect!” she exclaims. She releases Mimi, leaving her inside her to rotate and vibrate, and panting, holds her hand out to the Five Magic Stones. They obligingly allow her to take hold of them.


“Why, Stoney, plug the other hole, of course!” Before they can even protest, Marisa crams the first Magic Stone into her tight asshole, and shudders as it is taken in, the resistance followed by the easy sliding of the second half of the stone making her quiver in pleasure.


“No! No, shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Get in! Shut up!”

Marisa shoves the second and third in, faster than the first, and cries out in pleasure, as the three stones begin to fill her up.

Her one hand, that had been unconsciously playing with her small breasts, teasing the nipples, slides down her body to play with her clit, as Mimi continues to rock, vibrate and roll inside her. Marisa is panting very heavily, straining for release, but fighting it back as much as she can.

“M-marisa!” Mimi exclaims. “I don't know- ah! I don't know how much more of this I can take!”

“Hold ou- oooh,” Marisa responds. “Hold on just a little longer-”

Marisa places the fourth Magic Stone inside her, string and final magic stone dangling from her clenched butt.

She works the fourth Magic Stone in and out, in rhythm with Mimi, as she plays with herself. “M-Marisa!” Mimi exclaims.

“MISS KIRISAME!” the Magic Stones boom from within her butt.

“A-ah!” Marisa screams. “I-I'm comi-”

“M-my warhead is detonating on its own, Marisa!”

Marisa's eyes open wide, in simultaneous shock and sexual release. “Wha-”

The resulting blast wave shattered windows all across the Human Village, five miles distant. The explosion was visible from the Hakurei Shrine. And the blast crater was half a kilometer in diameter.

Ruukoto would later remark on the vast quantity of heat vented at that time.
Don't mind me, just putting my stories I had in the contest into this thread.


“And then they fucked.” Akyuu raises one eyebrow, and stares directly at the fidgeting, blushing Kosuzu.

The silence is long and awkward, with Kosuzu fidgeting under her steely gaze.

Finally, Akyuu breaks the silence. “Is this what you'd call good writing?”

Kosuzu's voice is a stuttery squeak. “I... I thought you could... you know, help me proofread it?”

Akyuu looks back down at the manuscript, and clears her throat. “I put my pen0r, and yes, that's pen0r written with a zero, into her vagoo.” She pauses, gives Kosuzu a meaningful look, and then continues. “It felt really good, putting my meat sword into her meat scabbard.” Akyuu shakes her head. “This is crap.”

“B-but I... It would feel good, right? To have a... a...” Kosuzu trails off, embarrassed.

“Penis, Kosuzu. You can say it. Repeat after me. Penis.”

Kosuzu whispers inaudibly.

“I can't hear you. Penis!” Akyuu says, louder than the last time.

“P... penis,” Kosuzu mumbles.

“Louder! Penis!” Akyuu shouts.

“Penis,” Kosuzu says, ears redder than Komachi's hair beads.

“Penis!” Akyuu shouts at the top of her lungs, to the point where Kosuzu is certain that everyone within a mile of Suzunaan heard. She cringes visibly.

“Pe- Look, Akyuu!” Kosuzu shouts, trying to change the subject away from one that involves loudly shouted genitalia. “Can you help me or not?”

Akyuu rubs her chin thoughtfully, staring at the manuscript. “Well... There are problems. You repeat yourself far too much to make this an enjoyable read. Meat sword and meat scabbard? I, for one, am a fan of other words than penis or vagina, keeps it from sounding clinical, and spices it up. But these just suck. They're not even funny. 'Hyper Weapon' is funny. 'Meat sword' is not. If you're going to use the term 'meat sword', you've got to build it up. It's like a pyramid, you put the top on without the base.”

“How would you use it?”

“Depends on the tone you're going for. But since you used 'meat sword' at all, I'll assume you were going for comedy. So, let's see. 'Her lower mouth hungrily swallowed my meat sword, as a starving orphan would devour takoyaki. It was the kind of thing, where I was mildly surprised that it didn't come back, hat in hand, and in a touching British voice, say in a quaver, 'M-may I have some m-more, sir?'” Akyuu sighs. “We're probably going to have to chuck the whole thing and write it anew.”

Kosuzu is shaken by the pronouncement- it's as though Akyuu was a policeman at her door, informing her that her child had died in a terrible accident. For Akyuu, this was more of an act of mercy- unplugging the story-Schiavo, saving it from its pain.

“I've got a few questions for you.”

Hope sparks anew in Kosuzu's breast, the thought that the story isn't actually dead bringing light to her eyes. “Oh? Please, ask!”

“First of all, why do you have a penis in this story?”

Kosuzu immediately blushes a fiery crimson again. “B-because... I wanted to think about how that would feel... You know, see how the other side lives and all that?” She looks up at Akyuu shyly.

Akyuu snorts. “More like how the other side fucks.” Kosuzu gasps a little bit at the use of profanity. “Second question. Why did story-you put your penis into me?”

Kosuzu looks down at her folded legs, underneath the kotatsu, ears burning and fingers poking against each other. “I-I- You're my best friend, Akyuu. I... I wouldn't trust anyone else.”

Akyuu picks up the manuscript. “Trust anyone else to, and I quote, 'give her my first-time baby juice. I heard it tastes like cherries.'”

Kosuzu silently waits, shame across her face, embarrassment written into every line of her features, the pain of rejection displayed prominently in her slumping shoulders. “I... Akyuu,”

“Shh,” Akyuu says, reaching across the kotatsu and placing one elegant finger on her friend's soft lips. “Look at you, jumping to conclusions already. Me, reject you? Perish the thought.” Kosuzu looks up and smiles, seeing Akyuu pulling her kimono down, to reveal a hint of milky-white shoulder under the cloth. “Also, 'baby juice' does not taste like cherries. Even if the guy had been eating nothing but cherries for the week before. And, just like penis and vagina, you can use the word 'semen'. It's porn already, you're not going to offend anyone.” She pauses. “But don't call it sperm. Sperm are the things in semen. There's a clear distinction.”

Kosuzu chuckles. “Pedant.”

Akyuu smiles, and withdraws her finger. “Besides, I think yuri is a more... pure form of love, anyway. No need for fake dicks. Er. Well, I mean, I'd still use a fake dick. I've got a great big double dildo that I've been wanting to try.” Kosuzu is wide-eyed and trembling. “Well, first, we'd have to take off our clothes. We can figure it out from there.”

“T-take off our clothes?”

Akyuu rolls her eyes. “I'm helping you write your crap-ass porn, Kosuzu. Learning by doing is the best way.” She stands up, walks around the kotatsu, and kneels behind Kosuzu. Her whispered breath tickles Kosuzu's ear. “And I'm the best teacher in all of Gensokyo.” She hooks a finger under Kosuzu's chin and draws her in for a long kiss, Akyuu's expert tongue dancing with her inexperienced one. Like any good dancer, Akyuu can make up for inexpert stumblings on the part of her partner. And make it look good. More importantly, make it feel good.

The two separate in the kiss, a string of saliva trailing between them, broken by Kosuzu trying to speak. Akyuu once again puts a finger to her lips. “Shh. Don't talk. Just get naked.” Kosuzu frantically tears at the bow on the front of her apron, in her haste to get naked, and flings it aside. Akyuu grasps Kosuzu's hands in her own, sotfness against softness. “Slow down. Don't you know that the majority of the story is in the tease? Once you get into actual fucking, the story's as good as over. Take it slow. Enjoy the moment.”

Akyuu slides around to face Kosuzu, kimono already loosened, showing the white of her shoulders and the barest hint of her bosom, and the wonders that lie within. “Now. Reach around me, and undo my obi.”

Kosuzu leans in, arms going around Akyuu, making sure not to touch her, with a hint of trembling to them. Akyuu frowns. “No, no. This won't do. Relax. Take a deep breath.”

Kosuzu nervously chuckles. “H-heh, okay, I, haah,” and she takes a deep breath, inhaling the sweet floral scent of Akyuu, so close to her. She smells of lilies. Kosuzu reaches forward again, and then Akyuu suddenly presses Kosuzu's face into her chest. “Eep!” Kosuzu squeaks, and her hands freeze.

Akyuu chuckles, a sultry sound. “Surprised? Well, don't stop. This won't be your last surprise tonight.” Kosuzu swallows nervously, and grasps the loose ends of the obi, and pulls them to untie it. The obi falls, and Akyuu's kimono loosens along with it.

Kosuzu pulls her hands back, and starts to move them towards Akyuu's chest, obviously going to grab her breasts. Akyuu chuckles at Kosuzu's clumsy groping through her clothes, and then Kosuzu tries to slip a hand under Akyuu's kimono. “No. Stop,” Akyuu says, commandingly. “Sex is a give and take. And, well... I'm going to take the liberty to do this.” Akyuu's hand had snuck under Kosuzu's skirt while she was preoccupied with Akyuu's breasts, and one long, delicate finger, and the impeccably purple-painted nail atop it teases Kosuzu's clitoris through her wet panties with the lightest of pressure. She gasps in surprise. “D-don't! My... my dirty place!”

Akyuu groans in displeasure. “Never use that term. Ever. Seriously, it sounds like a terribly-translated foreign porn rag. You can call it a pussy. Maybe a vagina, but that's really clinical if you use it too often. It stops looking like a word.” Each of these sentences was punctuated by a pressing of Akyuu's finger into Kosuzu's still en-pantied vagina, soaking it further. She chuckles as each of these elicits a gasp and shudder from Kosuzu.

“Sensitive, eh? I wonder what happens if I do this.” Akyuu grasps Kosuzu's panties firmly and pulls them down to her knees, where Kosuzu squeezes her legs together in astonishment and embarrassment. “Now, to touch directly, where feels best?” She moves her finger in lazy circles around Kosuzu's slit, playfully tangling her fingers in pubic hair, while Kosuzu trembles.

When Akyuu's finger traces over a small bump, Kosuzu yelps. Akyuu laughs. “Oh, you like it here, do you?” She continues to tease the squirming Kosuzu, until she's had enough.

She jumps on top of Akyuu, and pins her to the floor. “My, my. So assertive. See? A good story doesn't have one person taking the lead the whole time.” Akyuu smiles. “Even good rape stories don't do that.” She thinks for a moment. “But then it ends up not really being rape.”

Kosuzu turns white as a sheet and stutters out, “A-am I... r-ra-” and Akyuu silences her with a chuckle, and a soft stroke on the side of the head.

“Kosuzu, you couldn't rape me if you tried. Where's that assertiveness I just saw? Turns me on.”

“F-fine!” Kosuzu shouts, and roughly pulls Akyuu's kimono open to the waist. “N-no bra? How lewd!” she squeaks.

Akyuu rolls her eyes. “You don't wear a bra under a kimono, stupid. Now give it a nibble.” Kosuzu jumps a bit with how forward Akyuu is being. Her stories were never like this! She aggressively dives down and bites Akyuu's pink nipple.

“Ah!” Akyuu cries, “Not so hard! What are you doing, trying to bite it off?”

Kosuzu looks up, tears in eyes, nipple in mouth. “I-I, don't know...” Akyuu sighs, and rolls Kosuzu under her. She unbuttons Kosuzu's blouse slowly. “Don't need this,” she says, as she bares Kosuzu's bra and small breasts to her eyes. She reaches down and plucks Kosuzu's panties off of her legs. “Don't need these,” she continues.

Kosuzu's bra is small, to match her petite breasts. Pure white, with a pink bow in the middle. “Could you get any more cliché?” Akyuu realizes something, and looks over at the panties she threw away. “Striped. Of course. Would it kill you to try something new? Oh, I know striped panties are a classic, but...” Akyuu sighs. “You've seen one pair, you've seen them all, you know? Flandre has this one pair of panties that are pink and have 'Hello Cherry Boy' printed on the back. Adorable, really.”

She leans down, and grasps the small bit of connecting fabric between the cups of the bra with her teeth. Deftly, with one hand she lifts Kosuzu off the floor slightly, and uses the other hand to unhook her bra, and tosses it aside, as a horse would toss its head. “Now, gently, Kosuzu,” she says as she teases Kosuzu's nipple with her tongue, before lightly grazing it with her teeth. Kosuzu's nipple hardens and stands proud, as Kosuzu's breath becomes more ragged and gasping. Akyuu slips one hand under Kosuzu's skirt and into her. She gasps and twists under Akyuu, as her expert fingers do their work.

“Akyuu, I...” Kosuzu places her hand on the chest of Akyuu, and squeezes, bosom soft beneath her fingers, with a little bit of hardness from the tip of the nipple.

“My, getting familiar, are we?” Akyuu leaves the one hand on her chest, but guides Kosuzu's other hand between her legs. Unlike Kosuzu, Akyuu shaves, and Kosuzu's hand slides up her leg, through her juices, until suddenly Kosuzu thrusts four fingers into Akyuu's tight pussy.

“Ahn~!” Akyuu gasps. “You dirty bint!”

“No panties either, Akyuu?” She just laughs in response.

She laughs, and moans as Kosuzu clumsily moves her fingers within her. The two of them writhe against each other, and Akyuu leans in for a kiss, as their breasts brush against each other. When their nipples touch and flick, both of them shudder in sudden pleasure. Kosuzu keeps into the kiss, but removes her hand from within Akyuu, to remove the rest of her kimono. Akyuu moves to help, eager to have Kosuzu back inside her. When that's done, Kosuzu slips her fingers back into Akyuu's pussy, easier this time.

Akyuu simply tears Kosuzu's skirt off, breaking the button off. “Hey!” Kosuzu protests. “I like that skirt!”

Akyuu laughs, and slaps Kosuzu's thigh. “Shut up,” she says, playfully.

Kosuzu growls, pulls Akyuu in for a rough kiss, and rolls over to put Akyuu on the bottom once again. Her moans are muffled by having Kosuzu's mouth on hers.

The two of them are locked in a passionate kiss, hands moving more quickly, exploring pussy, clitoris, and the ample breasts of Akyuu, and the smaller, petite bosom of Kosuzu.

They move faster and faster, breathing becoming more and more ragged, passions enflamed, and occasional tongue-biting. The bit of blood just turns them more on, and it doesn't take long until their moans turn louder and louder, and as Akyuu's back arches in orgasm, Kosuzu does the same, clenching Akyuu's hand in between her thighs in a smooth, soft vice grip.

Through it all, they don't part the kiss until the crashing wave of the orgasm has swept over them both, and slowly they relax, and part lips. Kosuzu's eyes are gazing into the satisfied and slightly mocking purple gaze of Akyuu.

“How was I?” she asked.

Akyuu smiles. “I do believe your writing will take a turn for the better.”

Kosuzu breaks into a bright smile, white teeth contrasting with her flushed face. “I'm- I'm so glad, Akyuu. I've always- always wanted to do... this... with you.”

“Do what?” Akyuu responds, mockingly.

“Do... this,” Kosuzu says, evasively.

“Say it.”

“I... wanted to... f...”

“Wanted to what?”

Kosuzu blushes furiously, but says it brazenly and loudly, doing her best to break her inhibitions. “I- I wanted to fuck you in half, Akyuu!”

Akyuu laughs. “My, so bold!” Her expression turns devious, and focused on the sweaty, naked Kosuzu atop her, as she caresses her soft butt, tracing flowers on her twitching, callipygian ass.

With a pinch, Akyuu says, “We could do some more... research, you know.”


“I've got this great double dildo that I've been wanting to try out...”
“Wakey wakey, Tewi.”

You grumble out a response. “Don' wanna.” Something feels off, but you're tired and you don't care and all you want is to just go back to sleep.

A light tap on your forehead. “Go 'way,” you say. But the tap has illustrated an odd point- normally a tap wouldn't move you out of your bed. But you're moving all the same.

Swinging, even.

The next tap is just as light. But significantly more painful. A burning tap on your arm. “Aaaaaaaaaaigh!” you scream, and your eyes open wide.

A rabbit girl, smiling cruelly, a just-put-out cigarette in her hand. And she's upside down. Or, more accurately, you're upside down. She flicks the cigarette butt into your face and smiles even wider. “Morning, Tewi.” Fuck you, you think. It's the middle of the goddamn night.

“Reisen,” you grumble. “I can understand the trap, a snare trap, very classic. But why the burning and the cigarette?” You look around you. To most, it would look like an endless forest of bamboo with no obvious paths, completely lost. That's why it's called the 'Bamboo Forest of the Lost', you guess. Of course, you figure out within a few seconds where you are.

Not really helpful, though.

She crouches down, to put her face on a level with yours, dangling a foot or so above the ground. “Why the burning and the cigarette? I could ask you the same sort of questions. Why the hammers? Why the being left in a snare trap for two days with my hands tied? Why the goddamn punji trap, Tewi? Do you know how much that shit hurts?”

She stands up and draws a second cigarette from the pack she's keeping between her breasts. With two fingers, she puts it in her mouth, and flicks her Bic to get a light. “Called a friend today, Tewi. Told him he was going to show up or I'd be very displeased. He's not really a fan of me being displeased. Kind of invested in that, really. Didn't work out so well for him last time.”

You stare at her blankly, racking your brain to try and think of who her friend could be. What's more, you're trying to think of who could possibly be her male friend. She just stands there, that maddening smile on her face, cigarette between her lips, and the smell of tobacco in the air.

At least she doesn't smoke menthols. Those smell like utter ass.

You decide to go on the offensive a bit- despite your tenuous position, you can't let her control the whole game. That'd just be against your whole thing. “Ex-boyfriend of yours, Reisen?” She just stares at you with those red, cold eyes. “Ex, of course, because you can't keep a man. 'Frigid bitch', one would say. Then you'd overcorrect on the next, and you'd be 'the stupid bunny only good for her sex appeal'. And you'd ping-pong between relationships because they'd leave you.” Reisen is saying nothing, but she's staying stock still, not smoking her cigarette, just staring. The bamboo rustles in the distance. “Hey, remember that time you were interested in a person and they shot you down, hard, in public? Remember that? Because I do. Man, it was great. Let me down from here, we can go home, we can watch it, we can laugh. Well. I can laugh. You can cry.”

She slaps you, hard, in the face. Pushed a few buttons there, you think, as you spin from the force of the slap, smug grin on your face.

The bamboo rustles again, closer.

“So what'd you promise your ex-boyfriend, Reisen? A pity fuck? Could he even feel it, between his probably tiny dick and your worn-out, stretched-out pussy?” You don't really enjoy doing this to Reisen, but the bitch burned your arm. And then slapped you.

Oh, and trapped you out here. Somehow. Your mind's kind of fuzzy on that one but that's probably the worst offense.

She relaxes, realizing that she should let your words roll over her. “No,” she says, giving each word a loving treatment despite the fact that her smile is completely gone, “I promised them you.” With one hand, she reaches up and tears your dress off, exposing you, hanging upside down in a bra and panties- both white and boring, as you weren't expecting to get any action tonight.

Tonight's looking up.

“Hey, Reisen. I gotta get in the mood, you know what I mean? Do me a solid and slap me again, yeah?” She slaps you again, harder this time, and you're spinning on the rope. “Ohhh yeah. That's the stuff. You know I'm into rough stuff, Reisen, but I'm not really a M, but, well, you already took the S spot tonight.”

She just glares at you, and looks into the bamboo. Which is still rustling, but even closer.

“Reiiiiiiiiiisen~.” you singsong. “I'm in the moooooood and there's nobody plaaaaaaaaaaying with meeeeeeeee~”

And then the bamboo parts to reveal an extremely large jellyfish. Man, you think, that's gonna plug a lot of holes.

“Hey! Asshole!” Reisen shouts. “What took you so goddamned long?!”

The jellyfish cringes at her shouting, and looks back into the bamboo forest, as if contemplating escape. “No you fucking don't,” Reisen says, and punctuates that statement by throwing one of her shoes at it. “You get your stupid tentacle monster ass over here and rape that rabbit!”

“Hey big boy~,” you say. “I'm Little Bunny Foo Foo and I've been a baaaad girl.”

Reisen rolls her eyes, pulls off her other shoe, and hurls it at you. It hits you on the arm and sends you spinning again. “Ahn~”

The jellyfish meanders its way over to you, reluctantly, and waves its tentacles in the air menacingly, but you can tell it's not putting much feeling behind it. It reminds you of a wacky waving arm-flailing inflatable tube man.

“Stop fucking around and slap her!” Reisen shouts. The jellyfish... sighs? Can a jellyfish sigh? It sighs, and slaps you across your bare belly.

“Harder!” both you and Reisen yell, at the same time. She glares at you. You give her a bright smile. The jellyfish gives up, and slaps you again. That one stung. You're going to have welts after this, you think. Ohhhh yes.

“Hey,” you say to Reisen, “You said it was here to rape me. So why am I still semi-clothed and not having my holes violated?”

Reisen smirks. “You look like you're enjoying this a bit too much. So I've got an idea.” She removes her lit cigarette from her mouth and flicks it at the jellyfish, who flinches quite a bit. Someone's afraid of Reisen's cigarettes. “I think I'm going to leave you hanging there for a bit while the jellyfish and I have some fun. Right in front of you.”

Oh, okay. That's some goddamn grade-A bullshit right there. It was just starting to get good! Hell, your panties are even a little wet!

Reisen unbuttons her skirt, and lets it fall, revealing striped blue panties. You roll your eyes and groan. She walks slowly, slowly to you, and undoes the cufflinks on her shirt, and lets her sleeves fall around her wrists loosely and sloppily. As she bends down to your face, her hands undo her necktie a bit, and the top two buttons of her shirt, giving you a view to true happiness. Her breasts are sitting there, barely contained by her bra. Which is also blue and striped.

“Christ, Reisen, do you have any other sets of underw-” and then your voice is cut off by Reisen roughly kissing you, and sliding one hand down your panties. Or up, as the direction would be, because you're still hanging here, upside down, with your hands tied. Her tongue is magic, fighting yours and forcing it down. Of course, you're doing your best to struggle, but not win. That girl's gotta have her victories when she can, you know?

Her finger runs down your slit, and she flicks your clitoris with her fingernail, perfectly manicured. As a shiver runs down your spine, you gotta admit, the girl knows her stuff.

And then she stops. Leaving you even more aroused than last time.

Reisen parts from you slowly, and then turns to the jellyfish. “Strip her and shut her up.” The jellyfish complies, hooking a tentacle under your bra and just pulling until the hooks break, with them slapping into your back as they let go. Shit, you could get used to this.

Another tentacle slowly slides under your now-soaked panties, while a third forces its way into your mouth. If that's how she's going to play it, who are you to argue? A little forced fellatio never hurt anyone. The tentacle in your mouth shivers when you bite it lightly, as the tentacle under your panties simply rips them off.

In retrospect, it's probably a good thing you weren't wearing your good lingerie. That shit's expensive and all your clothes are in a torn and somewhat damp heap. The tentacle in your mouth draws back, but you try to keep it in, sucking as hard as you can. It makes a popping noise as it finally pulls itself free.

Reisen slaps the tentacle, hard, and the jellyfish squeaks in pain. “I see a problem here. Do you? She's naked and aroused, and she's the one who's supposed to be punished. I'm still mostly clothed.” The jellyfish just trembles a bit in fear. “Fix it!” she shouts.

The jellyfish obliges, and slaps her full-force in the face in its haste to strip Reisen of her clothes. She grins maniacally, and bites the tentacle, hard. The jellyfish squeals and tries to pull itself away, but she's grabbed the tentacle with both hands now. “The hell are you doing?! Take off my clothes and fuck me already!”

With several pops, the buttons on Reisen's shirt break as it's roughly pulled from her. The sleeves tear off, as she refuses to let go of the tentacle she's got. Her bra is broken in twain, as her breasts spill out into the moonlight, pale skin and bright pink, perky nipples being the vision of heaven that they are. Finally, her stupid, common blue striped panties are roughly pulled down her legs, and she steps out of them, daintily, so as not to harm them.

She lets go of the tentacle, and walks back over to you, her panties in hand. She bends down and drapes them over your face, and you can smell her. Crazy bitch is turned on by having a tentacle monster abuse her. You, you have discerning taste. You're turned on by having both a tentacle monster and a bunny girl abuse you.

You blow the panties off of your face, and see Reisen's frown. She slaps you again. You moan in pleasure. “So when are we getting to the raping and the hole-filling, Reisen? Because I tell you what, I'm excited.”

She opens her mouth to speak, but her voice is cut off by a moan, as her whole body is thrust forward. It seems the tentacle monster dispensed with the foreplay, probably with the intent of getting this whole sordid episode over faster, and jammed two tentacles into her, roughly. She smiles cruelly at you, her breath hot and ragged. “Ah... I thought, ahn, thought that you could use a bit of, oh, yes, time to cool down.”

Which is bullshit. “Fuck you!” you shout. “Fuck you, fuck me!”

She kisses you lightly on the nose. “No.”

The next fifteen minutes are the most frustrating minutes of your life. You can't even masturbate to this- your hands are still tied. Reisen and the jellyfish are having rough, brutal sex in front of you, with Reisen having all the fun. Tentacles binding her limbs while two more attack her from below. Having her breasts slapped. Never seems to try and pull her ears, though.

The orgasm shakes Reisen's body as she contorts against the restraints, and the jellyfish sets her down softly. She stumbles and falls to her knees. “How you doin' over there, Tewi.”

“Fuck you.”

She looks up at the Jellyfish who seems annoyed that this still isn't over, and nods. “Okaaaaaaay~”, and with that one word, there's one tentacle jammed roughly in your vagina, a second right up your ass, and a third in your mouth.

Fucking finally. Jesus.

You try to moan, but your voice is muffled by the tentacle in your mouth. But you can hear Reisen moaning, as she's right in front of you, being hoisted by a pair of tentacles herself, going for round two.

Another tentacle slaps you hard, right across your rock hard nipples. There are tears in your eyes from the pain, but it's a damn sight better than just letting Reisen have all the fun.

You breathe harder and harder, trying to match your breathing to the irregular thrusting of the jellyfish's tentacles, but they're all going at their own rhythm. You can feel yourself clamping down on all three holes- as the jellyfish rides you harder and harder, faster and faster.

You can feel the wave building. You can feel Reisen's second orgasm through the tentacles, as she comes a second time. The jellyfish slaps you again and pulls one of your ears, and you scream into the tentacle.

You scream and you scream, because your body is covered with red welts from all the slapping, because having your ears pulled hurts, and because the jellyfish's tentacles are filling you up inside, from entrance to womb.

Reisen's already smoking a cigarette and watching you, watching you build to your orgasm but you don't care, you're going to lose yourself in the pain and pleasure and it-

just stops.

The jellyfish stops moving inside of you, as you're about to climax. Just... stops.

No more slapping. No more thrusting/

You can feel yourself falling away from the precipice. No. No. No no no no no no nonononononofuck!

Slowly, ever so slowly, to avoid overstimulating you and pushing you over the edge, the tentacles withdraw from within you.

They all pull out, and you've got the absolute worst case of blue balls you've ever had in your life.

Reisen takes a drag on her cigarette. “You like it?” she asks.

Now you have tears of desperation in your eyes, and a ragged edge to your voice. “Let me finish, god damn you!”

Reisen takes her hand, and flicks your clitoris. You shudder all over, but it's not enough. It's not fucking enough! “Nah,” she says, slapping you gently on the cheek. “I think we're good here.” She turns to the jellyfish. “Fuck off,” she says, and gestures into the forest. The jellyfish scrambles all over itself to get out before she changes her mind.

“I think I'll leave you like this, Tewi.” She takes another long drag on her cigarette, and starts getting dressed again. “I'll come get you in the morning. Probably. Maybe.” And she leaves.

Leaves you all alone, unfulfilled, and with no way for you to finish.

The calmness of the night is broken by a plaintive cry. “Reisen, you're such a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!”

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