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Sup, t-p. First time writing adult Touhou stuff. Trying out some Chen/Orin antics.

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How many times had Ran put this breakfast together?

Ever since she’d taken Chen in, Ran had been something akin to her mother. They’d played out this routine more times than she cared to count. It was a distraction from her work that she’d have never accepted in her youth, but after years of repetition it felt like a natural part of her life.

When she had taken in a young nekomata to serve under her, Ran’s daily routine was flipped on its head. The young girl barely knew how to stand, let alone act like a mature youkai. She taught the girl that clawing at table legs was frowned upon and there were appropriate places for her to relieve herself. She taught her to dress, dine, read and write. When the girl seemed just about civil, Ran taught her in the art of magic so she could become a suitable apprentice.

But there were certain questions that had never come up in Chen’s training. Ran had seen it once or twice - the glimmer of interest and desire in the girl’s eyes, her tails swishing left and right as an impatient purr dripped from her lips. The look had frightened her. It spoke of carnal urges that didn’t belong on a girl her age. Now and again Ran would see her poking at her chest and grumbling, or rubbing at her inner thigh with one of her tails.

As Chen’s master, Ran held a great deal of power over her. With some studying and the appropriate rituals, the fox managed to suppress Chen’s urges without the cat even noticing. She took care to keep the girl from coming into contact with anyone that might be a poor influence, and repeated the ritual whenever it seemed to be wearing off. Chen remained the playful child that Ran always thought of her as.

It was only a precaution she took once a decade. It was practically at the back of her mind now. So she was unprepared for the sight that welcomed her when she stepped into the dining room.

“Morning, Che-”

Ran froze in her tracks, the tray dropping out of her hands. Chen was sitting on the other side of the room in her undergarments. Her tails flapped about wildly, and her face was crimson. She panted like she was persistently out of breath.

“R-Ran-shama...” Her eyes seemed glazed over, like she could barely see. “I’m hot...really hot...”

Her legs were outstretched, as if to display her crotch to anyone looking. Her tongue hung out as she continued to gasp, uncomfortable in her own skin. Behind her vest, Ran could see the cat’s erect nipples pressing against the cotton.

“Chen!” Ran hurried to her servant’s side, holding her close. As soon as she felt the heat of Chen’s breath on her cheek, she realised her mistake. The cat clung to her like a vice, pressing their chests together.

“Nyaaaahhhn~...” Chen began to squirm about, grinding her breasts against her master’s. She locked lips with Ran and shoved her tongue into her mouth.

“M-Mmmhh!” Ran tried to struggle away, but Chen held onto her with primal desperation. Ran would have to hurt her to get her off, but that might make things even worse. She tried to shake her head to mark her discomfort, but Chen ignored her.

The cat’s tails came to life as she pushed Ran to the floor. They started to prod under Ran’s dress, poking lightly at her crotch. Ran flinched at the touch, giving off a pained yelp.

Please, Chen, don’t touch me there!

Chen’s eyes were flooded with desire as her tail started to crawl into Ran’s bloomers. The fox winced as she waited for the sensation to strike her, a feeling she hadn’t experienced in a century.

Then at the last minute, Chen flopped to the floor.


Ran sat up, rubbing at her lips to get the taste of Chen out of her mouth. The cat had abruptly fallen to her side, snoring lightly. She still fidgeted and grumbled, but she was a lot less aggressive than she’d been before.

But how-

Of course. She didn’t have to ask. Ran hung her head as she heard the sound of a hole opening in the air behind her.

“You should thank me, Ran. A crueler master would have had you suffer the consequences of your actions.”

Yukari Yakumo stepped out of the boundary, hanging over Ran. She was slow to anger, and that made her temper even more frightening to the fox. She bowed her head immediately.

“I know what you’ve been doing to her,” Yukari said, pointing her parasol at the slumbering Chen. “You’ve abused your power, Ran. When I took you on as my servant, did I suppress your sexuality?”

“No, but-” Ran shook her head fervently. “She’s so young, Yukari-sama. I don’t want her to-”

“Remind me, Ran.” Yukari silenced her servant. “When did you perform this ritual for the first time?”

It took a while for Ran to remember. It had been so long ago she had almost forgotten.

“...Fifty years ago.”

“Precisely.” Yukari tapped her parasol’s tip against the floor to emphasise the point. “She’s had more than enough time to grow. For fifty years you’ve been trying to subdue her animal urges, but they’ve been getting stronger and stronger. Now the dam has burst, and her desires are almost insatiable.”

Ran’s eyes began to water. She knew the ritual was a temporary measure at most, but she wanted to wait until Chen was ready to make the choice herself. But the girl had always been a child in her eyes, always would be-

Because I’ve been holding her back.

The realisation was a sledgehammer to Ran’s brain. She turned about towards her master and fell to her knees, putting her face against the floor.

“Please forgive me, Yukari-sama! I’ve failed as Chen’s master, but I promise I’ll make up for it!”

She lay prostrated on the ground for half a minute before Yukari finally responded.

“It isn’t me you should be apologising to, Ran.”

Of course. It was Chen’s life she’d intervened in. Ran looked back at the nekomata, still growling in her sleep as her tails curled around her thighs.

She had to fix it, Ran thought to herself. She had to let Chen embrace her womanhood at last. There was only one problem.

“Yukari-sama...” Ran hung her head in shame. “I don’t think I can give her the experience she needs.”

It had been a hundred years since Ran had given herself to another. It had been rough, and she’d let him do most of the work. She couldn’t consider herself even remotely talented when it came to sex, and she didn’t want Chen’s first time to be clumsy and amateurish.

“I didn’t think you could,” Yukari said. She reached down and gave Ran a pat on the head. It pleased the fox more than she wanted to admit. “That’s why I won’t be asking you to.”

“Eh?” Ran looked backwards, eyes widening. “Then are you intending to do it yourself?”

“Don’t be silly.” Yukari ruffled at the fox’s hair, her fingers sneaking under Ran’s hat. “I’m too old for that sort of thing nowadays. Though I do have someone in mind...”

She looked off into the distance with that giddy look she got whenever a plan came together. “If I’m right, we’ve just stepped into the kasha mating season. And that satori from the underground has a pet who doesn’t get out much...”



Orin grumbled out a purr as she stalked around the floors of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. For the last week, she’d felt a familiar sensation overtake her body, a heat that demanded to be released. She’d been through the cycle long enough to know how to subdue it - in particular, it helped to put a tail into A Private Place Tails Weren’t Made To Enter.

“But it feels so impersonal...”

As much as Orin enjoyed a good personal session, there was only so much pleasure she could find in screwing herself. There was always a lingering desire to lay with another living creature and, well, fuck like animals. But there wasn’t really much for her to work with down here.

Okuu had been her first port of call, but the raven seemed oblivious to the nature of sex entirely. Maybe that whole fusing-with-a-god thing had put her beyond such mortal desires. Next was her mistress, but Satori insisted that the relationship between pet and master had to remain platonic. Koishi would have been more willing to go along with it, but she never visited any more.

Orin twitched. It had been a few days since she’d last masturbated, and she was starting to look at anything vaguely shaped like a phallus in a new light. As her breath warmed up, she skipped over to the sitting room to try and appease her mistress.


Satori was ignorant as Orin entered, her eyes locked on the book in her hands. She was often reading stories like this, and she seemed to be looking through a new one every week. Sometimes Orin even walked in on her writing something of her own. Given that the kasha had never learned to read, she’d never found out what exactly Satori was so entertained by.

“My answer is no,” Satori answered, before Orin could get the question out. The cat almost fell to the floor in frustration.

“But Satori-samaaaaaa, I wanna do someone really bad!”

“I told you already, you’re banned from mating with other kasha. There are viruses going around, and I don’t want you falling ill. And I can tell you’ve been thinking of sneaking out, so don’t bother with that either.”

Orin fell to her knees, bowing towards her mistress. “C’mon, you can’t just lock me away when I feel like this! Even if I can’t screw a kasha, surely there’s someone else I can-”

“Like who?” Satori finally looked up from the book, her glare catching Orin head-on. “I doubt you’d survive intercourse with an oni, and the rest of hell isn’t much better.” She sighed. “If you want some assistance, I can have some toys from the surface sent to you.”

Orin shook her head, her braids practically whipping into her face. “But it’s not the saaaaaame...”

Satori didn’t understand, Orin thought to herself. She could keep control of her desires, but for animals it was different. She was built to want sex, and the longer she didn’t get it the hornier she felt. She started rubbing at her crotch uncomfortably as she turned towards the door. Maybe she’d take her mistress up on that offer for now-


As Orin moved towards the door, the air in front of her tore in half. She stumbled backwards as a violet gap appeared in the room. Satori threw the book into a distant corner, standing up as a figure emerged from the boundary.

“Morning~” A blonde-haired woman sauntered out of the gap, swinging her parasol about like she was part of a dance number. Her eyes fell onto Orin with glee, and the kasha’s tails stood on end.

“You...” Satori maintained her composure as she approached the newcomer. “You were the shrine maiden’s companion when Utsuho was acting unruly, correct?”

The woman brushed it off. “Companion isn’t the right word. I’m more of a parental figure.” She looked back to Orin, her eyes digging in like she was searching for something in the youkai’s soul. She smirked as she found what she was looking for. “And on that note, I have a granddaughter who needs some help.”

Satori furrowed her brow, her third eye peering into her guest’s mind. A few seconds later, she nodded in understanding.

“I see. Perhaps this will work out well for all of us.”

The woman nodded in agreement. Both of them looked to Orin, expecting her to chime along. Neither of them seemed aware (or even interested) that she had no idea what the two of them were talking about.

“Uh...you’re not selling me into slavery, are you? Because I swear that mess in the kitchen was an accident-”

“It’s nothing like that.” Satori ruffled at her pet’s hair, scratching behind the kasha’s ears. “Yukari-san here just wants you to do a little favour for her.”


“That’s right.” Satori gave the cat a good, long hug. “She’s got a cat of her own who’s going through her first time. She needs you to, well...satisfy her.”

Orin felt her blood warm up.

“Is she hot?”

“It’s not my place to say,” Yukari answered, “but I think you’ll find her to your liking.”

Was this a hallucination? She’d been looking for an opening for days, and now one had literally appeared out of thin air. She was probably going to wake up after this with spoiled sheets and a lingering sense of shame.

But to hell with it. She was going to enjoy it while she lasted.

“Well, if it lets me get this outta my system, how can I say no?”
No. 24985

Chen felt hazy as she came to her senses. She was lying in one of the siderooms of the Yakumo family manor, tucked neatly into bed in her sleep.

She felt like she’d been dreaming. She had imagined being surrounded by other nekomata, men with large...she wasn’t sure what they had between their legs, but she remembered liking it. Was that normal? Ran-sama had never mentioned it to her.


Chen felt hot again. She pulled the covers away, trembling as she felt her breasts perk out again. She’d woken up like this yesterday, but she’d done what she could to hide it - after all, she didn’t want to worry Ran-sama. But the feeling only got stronger and stronger, and the scariest part was that Chen had no idea what it was. She shifted between feeling like wanting to touch herself to wanting to mount someone and...and do what? What did she want to do?

She brought a pillow to her face to muffle her cry. She was lost and frightened and Ran-sama wasn’t helping her. She’d tried to talk, but the passion had taken over, and...she couldn’t bear to show her face right now. She curled up into a ball, her tails wrapping up in each other as she sniffled into the pillow.

“...Be gentle with her, okay? And if things go well, my little reserve is just beneath the bed.”

Chen’s ears perked up. Yukari-sama was talking to someone outside the door.

“I’ll do my best, but...well, I can’t promise I won’t be a little rough.”

The other voice was unfamiliar. As the door opened, Chen was painfully aware of how little she was wearing. She grabbed the blanket and shielded herself with it.

A young woman with long, red hair in two braids came into the room. Those ears, that tail...a nekomata? No, that was wrong. She had human ears as well. A kasha, then. What was she doing here?

“Morning,” the woman said, the words tumbling clumsily from her lips. “Your name’s Chen, right?”

Chen nodded, but continued to glare at the kasha. The Yakumo household wasn’t used to guests. The woman grit her teeth.

“Sheesh, talk about a tough audience.” She cricked her neck and leaned over the back of the bed. “Name’s Rin. Rin Kaenbyou, but most folks just call me Orin.”

She offered a hand out to Chen. After making sure the blanket was secure, Chen took it and shook her hand.

“Um...Orin-san, what are you doing here?”

Chen was expecting a coherent answer, something enlightening and fulfilling. She was not expecting Orin to take her dress off.


Chen only got a glimpse of Orin before she buried herself beneath the covers, but the picture was burned into her eyes. The kasha’s supple curves, clearly visible behind her bra and panties, her entire body appealing in ways Chen could barely understand. She felt the heat rising in her, feelings she couldn’t grasp threatening to consume her.

“Oh, jeez. I overdid it, didn’t I?”

She heard Orin take a seat beside her on the bed. Chen poked her head out from the blanket, keeping her eyes shut as her face continued to burn. Orin gave the girl a pat on the head.

“Sorry if I was so forward,” the kasha said. “I heard that you were feeling funny, and your master told me you could use some help.”

Chen’s eyes widened. This woman wanted to help her? Could she make the funny feeling go away?

“C’mon, look me in the eye.” Orin pulled close for a moment, rubbing noses with the nekomata. Chen shook her head wildly.

“N-No...if I do, I’ll-”

“It’s okay.” Orin’s voice was soothing but authoritative as she pulled away. “You don’t need to fight it.”

Her words were an ice in Chen’s blood, cooling the flames running through her body. She found the nerve to peek out. Orin made no attempt to conceal herself as Chen opened her eyes properly.

“What do you think?” Orin smiled, her tails swishing about as she leaned forward. Chen had no clue what she was meant to say in response.

“You’re, um...pretty?”

Pretty wasn’t really the word Chen was looking for. She wanted something better than pretty. Beautiful? No, that wasn’t it. It was something more basic, more primitive. She was heating up again as her mouth bobbed open and shut.

“You mean sexy, right?” Orin said, filling in the blank for her.

Chen let the word bounce around her lips. Seck-see. It had a nice ring to it. It seemed to click with what she was looking at. Orin’s body was definitely very seck-see.

“Your turn.” Orin pulled the blanket away while Chen was unprepared. The nekomata shielded her chest on instinct, ready for the kasha to laugh at her.

“Eh...not bad.” The kasha purred. “You look like a sexy young woman yourself.”

Chen’s face felt ready to erupt. She felt flattered, but that seck-see word just made her blood boil again. She realised she was staring at Orin’s breasts and not her face. Worse still, she realised she was okay with that.

“OK, Chen, we’ll start slowly.” Orin came closer, hanging over her. Her eyes glimmered with anticipation. “Is it okay if I, uh...touch you?”

Was it okay? Ran-sama said not to let strangers close, but a voice at the back of Chen’s mind implored her to give in. Still feeling red-hot, she managed a tiny nod.

“Good.” The kasha’s mouth curved into a smile as she pulled closer. Their lips met, and Chen felt Orin’s warm breath push into her mouth. Without thinking, she leaned forward and started to kiss back.

“Mmh, nnnh...”

Chen wrapped her arms around the kasha, panting into the kiss. This felt good in a way she couldn’t describe, but at the same time it felt like only the tip of the iceberg. She looked longingly into Orin’s eyes, silently asking for more.

The kasha answered by placing her hands on Chen’s small chest.


Chen let out a muffled yelp as a wave of emotion ran through her. Her back tensed as Orin began to knead at her breasts, each touch firm but careful. She twitched around on the bed, overcome by this new feeling coursing through her veins.


The heat in her body was intensifying, but this time Chen welcomed it. Every finger, every stroke, every kiss Orin offered her brought pleasure to the young nekomata. She brought her tongue forward, kissing Orin more intimately now. The kasha responded by flicking and pinching at Chen’s nipples.


Now Chen was outright moaning. She clung to Orin for support, trying to wrap her legs around the kasha’s waist. Orin smirked as she pulled out of the kiss at last, gasping for breath as she kept rubbing at Chen’s breasts.

“Haah...so, how’re you feeling?”

Chen needed a moment to find the words amongst her panting. She felt warmer than ever, but it wasn’t enough.

“I...I want more...” She looked up pleadingly at the kasha. There was further to go. She felt it in her bones. Orin nodded, bringing a hand down to grab at Chen’s thigh.

The hand cupped around Chen’s crotch, and the nekomata let out another gasp. She jerked her head up and down as quickly as her neck would let her.

Please...please, touch me there!

Orin growled in excitement as she pulled Chen’s bloomers away, exposing her privates. The kasha brought a hand down, her thumb rubbing gently at Chen’s clit. The cat spasmed, her arms splaying out as excitement leaped onto her face. She squealed like a child.

“Oh, so you like that?” Orin’s grin grew mischievous. She crawled backwards down the bed, grabbing Chen’s legs and holding them upright. She held her face in between, hanging inches over Chen’s pussy.

“In that case, I’ll bet you’re gonna love this!”

Before Chen could ask, Orin buried her face in her privates. Her tongue began to lick at the nekomata’s pussy, slurping and sucking at the damp folds with muffled grunts of enthusiasm.


Chen clawed at the bed, legs twitching as Orin continued to lick at her. Her tongue jumped in and out, licking at her pussy’s lips and innards one after the other. Chen felt her insides squelching down on the kasha’s tongue, wave after wave of pleasure slamming into her body.


All Chen could think to do was cry her lover’s name. Orin’s mouth was preoccupied, but Chen saw a cheeky glint in her eyes. The kasha continued her assault on Chen’s body, pushing her tongue deeper and deeper inside with every thrust.

Chen was on fire. Sheer ecstasy ran through her blood. Her hips began to buck forward as she felt a force growing between her legs. She flailed her legs about, but Orin ignored her warning.

If she doesn’t stop, I’m gonna...I’m gonna explode!

Orin’s tongue finally pushed in as far as it would go, thrusting deep inside Chen’s pussy.

The world came apart in front of her eyes.


She screamed at the top of her voice, hips thrusting out as the world spun around her. Something was leaking out of her pussy, and the heat in her body seemed to fade along with it. She could hear the happy slurps and gulps of Orin swallowing her juices, the kasha’s tails standing on end with excitement.

When the feeling stopped, Chen fell powerless onto the bed. Orin let Chen’s legs drop, wiping at her face as she came to lean over again.

“Sooo? How did that feel?”

What was Chen meant to say? It had been more intense than any feeling she’d ever experienced in her life. Never in her time as a shikigami had anything managed to fill her with so much joy. It had been a beautiful experience.

But at the same time, she felt like it wasn’t enough. There was a lingering heat still lurking in her body. She wanted to go again, and again, and again, until her body was unable to continue.

Unable to find the words, Chen simply settled for pulling Orin close and kissing her back.


The kasha moaned into the kiss, pushing her tongue into Chen’s mouth. The pair let their tongues run along each other as Chen rolled around on the bed to bring Orin beneath her.

She wants this.

Chen had seen the excitement in Orin’s eyes from the beginning. It wasn’t fair to make this a one-way deal. She undid Orin’s bra, squeezing and rubbing at Orin’s breasts as she pressed the kasha against the bed.

From then on, it was a race. Orin brought her hands up to tease at Chen’s chest. They held their deep kiss, feeling hotter as they were filled up by each others’ breath. Both of them were moaning at full volume, legs flapping about as the bed rocked beneath them.

An idea came to Chen. Keeping her hands to Orin’s chest, she used her tails to pull down the kasha’s panties. One tail lingered above her pussy, ready to strike. Orin’s eyes widened as she saw what was about to happen.

She cried out as Chen’s tail powered into her pussy.


Orin returned the favour, bringing a tail around and thrusting it into Chen’s privates. Chen felt herself being satisfied on three fronts at once, attacked by Orin’s tongue, her hands, her tail. Her entire body trembled with pleasure as she did what she could to return the gesture.


Orin’s face flashed red as her hips began to buck. She was almost at her peak. Chen felt that same power building up between her legs as she shoved her tail deep into Orin for the finishing blow.



They broke out of the kiss in unison, gasping for air to scream with. Chen felt her tail growing sticky as she climaxed for the second time. She squirmed her tail inside to help Orin through her own orgasm, panting and gasping as that same feeling of wonder flooded her muscles.

Orin looked up at her with lust in her eyes. Chen knew that as she looked down, her face was mirroring that expression. The heat wasn’t gone yet, and she wasn’t going to stop until she’d drained every ounce of love from her body.

“I...haah...” Orin brought a hand down the side of the bed, pulling out a purple box filled with all sorts of toys Chen didn’t recognise. “I think we’re gonna be here a while, so I’d better teach you everything I know.”

Chen purred in consensus as she looked into the box. She wanted to put half of these things inside her, and the other half inside Orin. She bounced up and down, unable to contain her excitement.

This was going to be a fun afternoon.


“Oh, my. Looks like they’ve found the toys I left them.”

Yukari giggled like a schoolgirl as she sat outside, hearing the two girls moaning through the walls. Ran was sitting across from her, head still drooped in shame. The sound of her shikigami squealing in joy next door was probably not helping in that regard.

Satori sat against the other wall, still reading the same book as before. She seemed unfazed by the entire affair. Yukari stood above her, peering down at the words.

“Ah, so it’s one of those lecherous novels the tengu love so much.” She put a hand to her chin, leaning closer to examine the prose intently. She pouted. “I don’t understand. How can he ‘love her lovingly’?”

Satori ignored her. Either she didn’t care for Yukari’s criticism or she’d learned not to show it. Either way, she was no fun to play around with.

“Anyway, if they’re in for the long run then Chen might get all those urges out of her system.” Yukari took her seat next to Ran again, taking her shikigami’s hand. “You should be ready to give her the talk when she’s done, alright? If she’s still conscious by then.”

Ran didn’t answer. She was pale, like this morning’s antics had drained the colour from her face.

“Sorry, I think I misheard that.” Yukari put her hand under Ran’s chin and bobbed her head up and down. “Yes, Yukari-sama,” she said in a whiny imitation of Ran’s voice. “I’ll do what I can to make up for my transgressions like a good shikigami would.”

Ran didn’t even respond to that. Yukari began to sulk.

“You all need to lighten up, you know? It’s just sex.”

No reply. Yukari gave up and sat with her back to the door. At least the two cats knew better than these old women...
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Hey, that was pretty good. Third person, past tense, and honorifics are all rare here, but you made them all work pretty well. A relatively non-sex-crazed Gensokyo was an interesting change of pace, too. My main criticism is that Ran got too much attention. It was good for setting up the plot, but she went through a whole character arc before we got to the sex scene, which was the real point of the story.

I don't know how much feedback you'll get here. CYOAs get much more of a response than shorts do.
No. 25011
I was disapointed that nothing happened with Ran and that things were sort of obviously railroaded to Chen/Orin. Something tells me that Chen'd rather have Ran despite whatever lack of experience.

The actual scenes were pretty nice, a bit more detail wouldn't hurt though. But your scenario writing could use some work.
No. 25016
Am I the only one who's uncomfortable with that kind of relationship? Ran, in terms of relationships, is sort of like Chen's older sister, or even her mother depending on how you see it. It doesn't feel right.

Then again, I have some extremely deviant doujins so I have little if any place to talk.
No. 25017
It's hard to really sum up how being a Yakumo Shikigami works, but it's not blood bound nearly enough to have the westercrest effect or whatever take place.