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previous topic: >>23408

since the last thread has reached the second page, heres the new one.

No. 24978
in >>24960, anyone else find it wierd how yukari never takes off her gloves or thighhighs?
No. 24980
Not in the least, it's hot, even if nonsensical.
No. 24982
Ugh, that picture...and I'll be seeing it for months...
No. 24987
to quote a danbooru commenter:
Yup, it's just a penis...
If only it were something exciting.
No. 24988
I'd expect a lot more surprise from Sanae looking at a penis coming out of her breast.
No. 24989
Shes probably thinking. "What a turn off.Why do I always get draw with these random faceless guys I don't care for?"
No. 24991
Not really though if it was in color, it'd make things hotter as they'd highlight what's not covered (breasts, ass,etc)

There are better Sanae paizuri pics out there.
No. 24994

Don't worry, I'm sure CGRascal will get to it in no time.
No. 25000
I hope not... Rather see someone who isn't mentally challenged take it
No. 25002
File 133959914999.jpg - (140.92KB , 600x800 , 1832gou.jpg ) [iqdb]
fakepucco is remodeling his blog soon and all of his old posts are going to be deleted. So, for those here who like his work, I've uploaded an archive of EVERYTHING on his blog. Touhou, non-touhou, worksafe, adult, and, yes, his scat.

No. 25007
Is this indexed so I know what I'm getting or am I going to open random folders then suddenly scat?
No. 25008

Just an unsorted dump of his site, hence the warning.
No. 25014
File 133961950714.jpg - (1.03MB , 2000x1500 , DSCN0645.jpg ) [iqdb]

Updating this from the last thread, new stuff came in. These are just hard copies, I'm going through the scannable stuff with previous buyers already.
No. 25038
i find this one refreshing somehow. considering how often people are portrayed as "sex gods", its nice every now and then seeing some who flat out suck at it.
No. 25039
Hell with how old Yukari is you'd think she'd have plenty of chances to perfect her technique. Guess the rest was of them are too nice to flat out tell her that she sucked!
No. 25040
Is there anything else like this but less extreme? Where it's sort of awkward but still enjoyable for both?
No. 25043
File 134003178041.png - (724.22KB , 804x604 , 1339943095028.png ) [iqdb]
No. 25046
I realize it's not a doujin (rather it seems to be an artist cg), but I want to look into how to get into this file for Hidawari (Sunlight Yellow) Touhou Nouryoubon:


Can anyone help me figure out the password?
No. 25047
somehow i can't see the full version of this uploaded anywhere, only the trial
No. 25048
File 134005927326.jpg - (107.91KB , 1000x720 , 1321290757469.jpg ) [iqdb]
The password is:
Tip: you can usually use Google on the filename to find such passwords.

004.png was broken, at least for me, so ignore it if it says the password may be wrong. Also the whole thing is on the high-res *booru so you can fix the broken image from there if necessary.


Enjoy your half-naked wet Touhous.
No. 25049

That's disappointing, I was expecting more based on the fact that there is this one that didn't show up in the download:


Unless that was actually a photoshop all these time.
No. 25051
Maybe not, there's a couple more full nude ones.


Maybe yes, tagged photoshopped.

No. 25052

On the other hand, actually, the omake pages do have Marisa and Sanae in full nudity in the download. So I wonder where the rest went if that Alice page isn't a photoshop.

So I just checked the mugimugi page on it and it had 32 pages, and I counted 28 pages if you add together the things like 04-05, so there's missing pages from that download unless they were white pages.
No. 25053
I find it hard to believe that a couple of pages were ignored. Maybe a case of >>24831 who knows, maybe the book is findable somewhere, it's pretty old though.
No. 25116
I really don't know how they fucked that up. I've noticed a few that DesuDesu that they seemed to mail it in and just made stupid mistakes that looking it over again would pickup.
No. 25122
On that note...recommend me another translator. Saha doesn't know Touhou, and Desudesu is being to disappointing, to often.
How's this FUKE guy? I've seen him around lot lately.
No. 25125
He's fairly good, but not all that well-versed in Touhou from what I've seen. Or maybe he just hasn't done many Touhou doujinshi. Either way.
http://fuketranslation.fakku.net/ is his site.

And there's always Glasnost. He proved himself conclusively with his retranslation of Rapid Rabbit's Byojo no Sho.
No. 25126
>And there's always Glasnost.
He's also translating about as fast as he's updating. Personal issues, etc. Don't expect anything out of him right now.

Fuke doesn't take commissions, so all you can do is make requests and hope he accepts them. Which he has done a few times for touhou stuff. I'd recommend trying to figure out what he likes before requesting stuff.

Assuming you got >>25114 done, keep in mind you can tell him about issues you find. He hasn't even posted it on his site yet. Stuff like "You have a typo on this page..." "The tense is wrong here, should be 'has' instead of 'have'", "The accepted translation is 'hermit', not 'pilgrim'", etc. The sooner the better, doubly so if you can get a list in before you send payment.
No. 25128

Oh dear, not Karen-chan's pet!
No. 25131
I can't take rape doujins seriously anymore. They're so over-the-top and nonsensical that I can't help but laugh.
No. 25134
...I didn't even notice that. Ugh.
How did he even trick her into thinking he stole one of her pets? Can't she keep track of them?

I did. I don't think he took it seriously.
And yeah, Glasnost won't work. I might as well learn Japanese and do it myself.

Recommend me some more.
No. 25135
Yeah, that's why you gotta do it before sending payment. Then he's kinda fucked up if doesn't.

Biribiri exists, although I didn't like the one time I used him. He insisted I pay up front before he even started, asked for a personal payment, and didn't even fucking tell me when he was done, let alone give me a chance to nitpick. He was pretty damn cheap, though.

chocolate scans also "takes commissions", but again I can't recommend them. Send an email to one of the account on their page, no response for a month. Sent one to the other and was basically told "Yeah, we're pretty busy. There's two people in front of you, so don't expect anything for a month. Try someone else". Naturally, they never responded.

They did give this link though: http://yqii.fakku.net/links

Tonigobe, tried asking him for one. Actually got a response from this guy but said he'd take several months to get to me. I also checked out some of his releases and the english was pretty damn awkward; not CGRascal bad but worse than I'd want to spend money on. Which is odd because it sounded like he was a native speaker. He also doesn't do futa, if that's a concern.

Just tried Ryuu no Tamashii and it looks like their site got hacked; shit gave me a threat warning. I don't recommend trying there.

Check out the yqii link for others. I can't speak for any of them.
No. 25136
What about Afro Scans?
No. 25138
>I am just an editor. I can’t translate at all. If you want just text translations, you’d have to go and talk to a translator-for-hire.
No. 25139
Oh. Darn.

Why are all the good translators part of LWB? Frustrating...
No. 25143
because people will gladly pay for rape
No. 25144
LWB does not work on commission. Everything they do is for free, because they wanted to do it.
No. 25149
Yet I hear about various rape doujins being commissioned, such as Extend Party 3. The less said about the doujin, the better.
No. 25153
Extend Party (all three of them) was SaHa. And I wasn't aware of the ending to 3 before I sent that to him.
No. 25287
I love the title of this book.

Also...just about everyone reading this can grab stuff off exhentai and translator sites and put it on mediafire just as easily as I can. And yet they aren't; both the translation thread and upload thread are frozen solid. Why?
No. 25288
fear of having their accounts suspended and the fact the original guy who did that got his suspended. And you can't just simply reupload the same RAR file after it gets taken down, you'd have to add a file or two to make it seem different.

people would have to be careful about naming the rar files so it's not anything that draws attention.
No. 25291
So rename them and use dummy accounts.
No. 25300

Alternatively, you could learn to use Share and PerfectDark... That's where most of these come from anyway.
No. 25301
Renaming alone is kind of useless since it doesn't change the checksum of the file, which I'm pretty sure they track. You'd need to add like a dummy text file to the archive file to make it check out.
No. 25304
File 134133028269.jpg - (205.64KB , 740x1036 , 28376293_big_p4.jpg ) [iqdb]
An upcoming doujin starring Mystia and Kyouko, AND Byakuren in the background? Not really much in the way of good Mystia doujins besides Albatross, looks promising. Sanzoku no Uta just gets better and better...

No. 25308
File 134134622933.jpg - (602.53KB , 700x969 , 28386493_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Every Comiket, there are a few very good-looking Patchouli tentacle doujins. And every Comiket, they remain unscanned.
No. 25311
It is shameful how few doujinshi actually get scanned at the end.
No. 25312
I get feeling disappointed, but shameful? Fuck no.

Slut Byakuren and group... at least it's likely to be scanned.
No. 25313
I think he means "oh, what a shame that these things don't get scanned".
No. 25315
how many are already scanned?
No. 25319
There are a ton of his works that aren't scanned. Don't get your hopes up.
No. 25322
It's understandable. Doing it requires undying selflessness (or financial compensation).
No. 25323
And a scanner.
No. 25327

Sanzoku no Uta is fucking awesome. A personal favorite of mine.
No. 25332
A few have been scanned though there's only three, 2 of them being Alice-related.

On a side note, I'm still hoping for someone to scan the remaining I'm doujins (the first momiji one and the Reisen one if it came out)
No. 25333
I have 8 that are scanned, and I could 13 touhou h doujins on doujindb. I'd say that's pretty good.
No. 25427
File 134174708335.jpg - (1.21MB , 1000x1395 , 0[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm currently wondering if the 2nd skin vol 5 is going to be found anywhere. According to the author's blog - http://nyankonome.blog.shinobi.jp/ it was out on 2012/5/27. It's rather niche so I don't know if it'll get picked up to be scanned; Sadly, I have no idea where to get it from myself or how to do so.
No. 25429
None of the previous ones were scanned, they were the dlsite releases. But that's a technicality, whatever little comfort I can give you is that 3 or 4, whichever one was the one released in 2011 spring reitaisai also took until after the summer comic market to get out in the wild internets.
No. 25432
No. 25433
Speaking of scans, if this week goes well I'll have another 15 titles to dump in the raws thread.
No. 25434
No. 25466
I finished seven today, sent two to editor, he will be getting six more tomorrow. I'll pick another 15 books out and get right on those as well.

Next pile will have the two books with Reimu and Sanae in wedding dresses, though.
No. 25475
As in those next 15?
No. 25480

This pile of books is almost done (just need to unbind and scan a few).

The next pile of 15 has been picked out now and includes the two books with Reimu and Sanae in wedding dresses that people kept asking about ages ago.

I hope to have 6+ more books posted today.
No. 25508
Nice! Very Nice.
No. 25510

I was quoted a time table of two weeks for those two books. Expect things on my end to slow down a tad, but I want to clean my desk off (15 books, not counting what other editor is doing) by the end of the week.
No. 25533
That's not really mind break. If you've read other doujins with Suwako by that circle, she's already like that.
No. 25535
I was referring to the tentacle monster messing with her head.
No. 25542
How the hell did this shit get a sequel?
No. 25543

Because the artist enjoyed their concept enough to further flesh it out and draw it again.
No. 25545
That artist likes making slutty characters, though the ending was a bit through provoking.

'Yukari' revealing herself as Maribel and saying Gensokyo wasn't destroyed but rather gensokyo absorbed reality. It's a small grade mindfuck if you ask me.
No. 25546
Huh, what are you talking about, the first book was great, and the second one was even better, looking forward to the final issue.
No. 25547
The backstory for that doujin is that Gensokyo was destroyed by doujin, and therefor all the Touhou turned into sluts. The whole "Gensokyo absorbed the outside world" revelation means jack shit. It's not even recognizable as Gensokyo now; it might as well have been destroyed.

I can literally think of no worse story for a Touhou H doujin than that. You know those terrible "fans" who only care about Touhou for it's porn? This is them in doujin form.
No. 25548
Sounds about right

Answer: Money. People want to buy it. Thus Money. Just pump out these and people just eat it up.
No. 25551
Gettin' mad at porn.
No. 25552

I think it's more of this guy just enjoys skanky as hell girls. Look at all of his work, both on pixiv and what he sells. There's no disconnect between it, this is just his thing. He digs skanky as fuck girls.
No. 25554
Exactly. To me his name was synonymous with shanks.
No. 25555
Rightfully so. Most touhou porn is fucking trash can food.
No. 25556
What kind isn't?
No. 25557
Stuff by the circle I'm. Cute soft touhous having loving sex.
No. 25558
You sick fuck. I bet you love missionary.

Seriously, that stuff doesn't turn me on at all. Good to know someone's enjoying it.
No. 25560
Yes AND it sells quite well too. So he gets his cake AND eats it too. Its win-win for him
No. 25561
Meh... First one was better.
No. 25562
Wonder if Holocaust and Nanjing Massacre drop in the "Delusions" thing was more telling of the author's personal views than anything... A bit disturbing if they are...
No. 25563
His sense of humor, maybe.
No. 25564
Expanding on this one.

The action in this one jumps around too much as its trying to focus on TOO LARGE A CAST and honestly you don't get to see much other than asses and oral. His shoehorning in a plot honestly was detrimental to it.
No. 25567
This is a reason why I don't usually enjoy orgies, or generally when the pages-to-characters/situations is too low. Too much to do, too little time. Not as immersive.

I might as well ask what circles generally do nice H.
No. 25570
Of course this leads to them either making pages complete and utter messes by splattering subscenes all over the place (usual with RANDOM ROTATION!!) Or doing the very forced 'lineup' shots. Lineups beforehand with them all naked or as an ending post action thing works but the copy paste in a row with floating dicks in them just doesn't work for me.

This one could have done better with the characters:pages ratio by skipping the pointless plot that built up to the sex and dreadful the M Night Shyamalan style 'WHAT A TWIST!!' ending that is all but an asspull. Just do porn without plot. You're obvious not good at doing plot. Also what good is a Gensokyo where everyone's powerless again? It just makes it Gensokyo in name only and the same with the characters!
No. 25572
Aya was still able to fly in the first one, so that's either a retcon/inconsistency or they're not entirely powerless.
No. 25573
You might be right. I'm just going by what's spoken by them so maybe they're just thinking it but it's still mostly INO honestly.

Still not a fan of the OMG WHAT A TWIST he was trying for it feels utterly forced and badly handled.
No. 25584
It scatters around a few meme references. That's less INO than most Touhou doujins.
No. 25585
>mostly INO
>less INO

What the hell is INO?
No. 25586
in name only
No. 25587
Also his entire premise falls apart honest as well Kanako brought it up in SoPM

"Wishing they were there does not equal believing they exist. "I wish they existed, but there's no way they do" is how they think. Let's take shrines as an example. Gensokyo's shrines are inhabited by gods, humans visit them to show faith to the gods, and the gods that receive the faith bestow some mystic power to the humans. This is called a blessing."

On the topic of Orgies and presentation: 04U's Toshima Tachi no Kyouen series I think did it better than a number of others as it does it as a series of focuses on the individuals and avoids the whiplash effect.
No. 25588
That and the artist doesn't go about yanking them out of Gensokyo and retains a good deal of the characters' original charm.

On the matter of skanky touhous, I feel such a thing negates what's charming about them in the first place. Most of us don't have to go far to see a skanky girl as there's no lack of them in bars, nightclubs, etc.

Despite this, there are some who find the concept very attractive.
No. 25589
3D pig disgusting.
No. 25590
I'm honestly shocked there was more outrage over the guy's 2nd doujin than the first as even the covers of both accurately show that you'd be getting.

I'm not sure if there was this much outrage over extend party 3 even.
No. 25591
We tried to collectively FORGET that existed.

I'll agree there but in terms of layout and execution you could use that as an example of "How to do a good Orgy story"
No. 25592
Neither of the covers show that doujin destroys Gensokyo and turns everyone into sluts.
Some slutty Touhous is one one thing, ALL Touhous being slutty because absolutely everything else about them, not mention Gensokyo itself, was destroyed by us jacking off...that's another thing entirely. The book goes out of it's way to destroy everything related to Touhou besides porn. And people like this shit.
I can accept mind break. I hate it, but I can accept it. But I can't accept this.
No. 25597
File 134269860692.jpg - (513.17KB , 1149x836 , what the fuck.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shikieiki's whole freedom spiel really put me off. That left me scratching my head. She went on about humans forcing views onto others, and I kept thinking, "Lady, you're the Highest Judge of the Court of Paradise. Your JOB is forcing your views onto others." I got a chuckle out of this, though, just because of how stupid and insane it was.

I actually dislike mindbreak and rape more, especially in the context of Touhou, because they're all hilariously overpowered. No-face assholes can't do squat to 'em. No-face males is another thing I dislike, to be honest. That's part of why I enjoy Nounai Ekijuu's Nanashi series, because the lead male has a face and some kind of personality.
No. 25598
File 134269941048.jpg - (414.40KB , 1129x1600 , 008.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Nounai Ekijuu's Nanashi series
You mean Nounai Kanojo.

This is Nounai Ekijiru.
No. 25599
Ah, that's right, please excuse me. I misread it in my archive.
No. 25600
it's a terribly easy mistake to make.
No. 25610
Hey man that's a damn fine series too!

Yea I can't figure what's the deal with either of those things honestly. You'd expect more BAD END for the rapists. I mean Its what under 5% of the rapist getting that?
No. 25611
File 134275059065.jpg - (799.49KB , 1433x2023 , 00022.jpg ) [iqdb]
Killing rapists is the kind of thing I'd like to see more of. In most cases it's hilarious/awesome.

But it's not sexy. Keep in mind that most R-18 doujinshi are intended as erotica, thus you're going to mostly see things that are intended to be sexy. There are certainly exceptions, e.g. the more plot focused porn doujins, but most are just going to be sex.
No. 25612
File 134275701499.jpg - (1.80MB , 4000x1500 , sales.jpg ) [iqdb]
More stuff arrived, and I have more doujin hardcopies to sell. Posting this with permission again, basically an update to >>24912. Everything is $10/ea, except for group #2, far left (with the five girls), which is $20.

I also have a Yukari dakimakura from Verdant Force that I'm selling for $140 with free shipping in the US: http://i.imgur.com/dr85w.jpg Opened, displayed and photographed, handled with gloves and stored. Not slept with or anything.

If you want something, pop in #touhouporn on rizon and mention it!
No. 25613
ParanoiaCat does do the Good/Hopeful end for the victims. Also usually a DYNAMIC ENTRY!!! for the rescue.
No. 25835
Sorry for bothering here. I was redirected to this thread. ( I hope this is the doujin discussion thread) I wanted to know does anyone here have the latest Reverse noise doujin:

例大祭新刊「Fairy On Demand

I really love the art of this artist. Maybe it is the eyes that somehow manage me to read his stuff.
No. 25836
Not yet but I'm sure someone will scan it sooner or later.
No. 25837
If anything MORE of any of Reverse Noise's stuff needs to be scanned. Because I do love his work. And that wonderful Koakuma stuff he did
No. 25838
I can't think of much by that artist that isn't scanned...

...so I wouldn't worry. Give it time.
No. 25839
I would be worried if someone managed to unscan one of his doujinshi.
No. 25882
can anyone download this from any of the links? i can't seem to get them to work http://sharpietranslations.blogspot.com/2012/07/everyones-favorite-modest-masochist.html
No. 25883
Rapidshare tends to be the best out of the uploadmirrors links. Somewhat slow at times, but no captcha or other bullshit.
No. 25884
It may do for doujins but for larger things, it just wouldn't do.
No. 25885
I know, but Sharpie just uses uploadmirrors. So there's really no good option, just a "less shit" one.
No. 25961

I'm assuming you're doing that to prevent mediafire from deleting your files. Just a heads up: passworded archives are against the tos, so it's just as likely to get deleted as porn that they can access.
No. 25972

This just came in the mail today. I'll try to get to it quick.
No. 25976
File 13439322011.jpg - (1.79MB , 3000x3100 , DoujinshiFull3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here's an update on the scanning front. I've been busy with personal stuff. I just got an R9 package. This is the new massive compilation image of what I have. The current total count is 183 books.

I color-coded three sections. The green section in the upper left are books that just arrived today. The red section in the bottom right is what's currently on my desk to be scanned. The blue section in the bottom left are books that are still for sale to be scanned.

If you see something that is already scanned, let me know so I can wipe it off. Reverse is scanned and is a shitty scan so ignore that.
No. 25984
Very first section, these got scanned.
No. 25985
Let's see...

Top row in green: Satori Santa is scanned.
The Kasen one in middle row, first one in green is scanned.
The Patchouli one with big breasts, firnt one bottom row in second group in green, scanned too.
The Koakuma one in same row is scanned too.

In blue group, the Dream C Club one from bottom row right, is scanned.

By the way, I see a Alice and Shinki one in those that isn't in any colored area. Any chance it will be scanned?
No. 25986
Middle-left section, far-right with Orin and Satori is scanned too.

Everything that isn't bordered is in the queue to be scanned. Red border is what is being scanned next.
No. 25988
File 134394333318.jpg - (1.70MB , 3000x3100 , DoujinshiFull3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Updated picture, leaving the above for posterity. And yes EVERYTHING HERE is slated to be scanned. The colors are only there for pointing specific cases out.

Removed a few things mentioned in irc but not here, as well.
No. 25990
If everything is to be scanned, then...

Right side, second group from top. Bottom row. There's one with big-breasted Suwako and Kanako and a Byakuren one right next to them. Both are already scanned.

Left side, second group from top, top row. The Fate/Zero one with Saber and Irisviel on the cover is already scanned too.
No. 26003
Ootsuki Wataru's Pleasure Ground.


Ootsuki Wataru's stuff in general. HELL YEA!! Just hope they don't get CGRascel'd...

3rd group down. Middle row. 1st in from the left. Is that the illusive Raping the Bridge Princess 1? If so Queue that to a damn good translator ASAP!

God damn. I ever meet you man I owe you a beer!
No. 26046
File 134412909750.png - (1.15MB , 882x906 , cirno pulling you into Gensokyo.png ) [iqdb]
I spy one of this artist's doujins. Nice, I remember liking the sample.
No. 26058

Fan of that artist, huh? Have a thing:


Also, C82 order has been placed. Lot of great stuff in there, including new books from Kougeki.
No. 26078
I think the best description of that one is "Well That happened"

Also never knew Jiang Shi worked that way...
No. 26129

Well I can not wait till it is uploaded ^^
No. 26131

Anything by this artist show up in any sort of piles (or the upcoming ones)?
No. 26132
There's only one of them left on Toranoana.


Why does Merlin get so much lovely stuff anyway.
No. 26135

I got most of my shit handled, so I'll be focusing on scanning very heavily for the entire month starting tomorrow. So don't worry!
No. 26136
Because she's happy and soft.

Too bad not much of it gets scanned compared to all the Lunasa stuff.
No. 26137
File 134462195738.jpg - (367.92KB , 782x1087 , 29231923_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
looking forward to Aya Shachou's C82 release (picture relevant). also been meaning to ask this: any one know if this C81 doujin pictured in >>21327 got uploaded/scanned?
No. 26139
It didn't. A travesty, I know.
Patchy gets so many good-looking doujins that never get scanned.
No. 26140
yet she has a good number that do unlike some characters.
No. 26147
No. 26169
The world needs more scanned Parsee works!
No. 26172
Parsee is among the disadvantaged characters too, thanks for reminding me.
No. 26176
Affirmative action doujin scanning policies, yes please. My favorite characters have historically been discriminated against by artist and scanner alike.
No. 26177

Please don't suggest copywrite infringment so casually. If you want to read them, you need to pay like the rest of us hardworkin citizens.
No. 26178



you're funny, man.
No. 26190

You're funny.
No. 26240
Doujin fans are so entitled, it's painful.
No. 26251
The Grand upload begins.

This shit's gonna be good!
No. 26258

If you are referring to me, I'm expecting to put out 15 more books by the end of the week, roughly. And 50 in total by the end of the month, give or take.
No. 26259
So as he says, the grand uploading cometh.

As for you, you got your wish, sort of. It's only half by that artist...
...and it's the usual cheerless rape-breaking.
No. 26260

I'd consider the grand upload to be if I somehow had all 150ish books done and shat them out on the board. I have a long way to go.

Current count is 161 books, I'm giving 30 to another scanner and should have 50 more done this month. But I've got some C82 stuff coming (not much, maybe 20 books total?) and I'm waiting on a personal package of ~100 books, of which only God knows how many I'll sell for scanning. Plus me hemorrhaging my personal collection for space/cash. Yeah, there's still a lot to get through.

Will be posting 3 books today, and getting 3 off to my editor-buddy.
No. 26264
Right side, top group, second row.
The third one with Keine with glasses got uploaded today on exhentai.
No. 26265
By the editor.

So that's part of the scanning.
No. 26266

It's also the wrong version because my editor doesn't level and clean the edges, I do.
No. 26268
For future reference, which names should I look out for to avoid making that mistake?
No. 26269

I don't upload anything on E-H. My editor goes by 'Super_Hornet' on E-H and has apparently been uploading inferior versions (no leveling/cleaning) for a while! The CORRECT versions have been upload by 'Lolotax', who has been pulling them off Share after I do them.

I will be doing ALL of the editing myself from now on, so this won't ever be an issue again. I already pulled the stuff off Dropbox that he was supposed to do and I'll be editing it tonight.
No. 26270
Gotcha. I figured Lolotax was the guy who did the best uploads since I looked at Super_Hornet's uploads and man they were bleached to hell and back.
No. 26271
Lolotax is just pulling them from Share. Once the editing is complete for the doujinshi, !lggAzV5pXw posts them in the doujin thread and I upload them to Share.
No. 26272

They look bleached because they are unleveled. The light from the scanner bed hitting the paper results in a lighter image, so you level them.
No. 26274
Ahh Never did much scanning of things like that so Wouldn't know about that
No. 26403
Has anyone spotted tamakko's new compilation doujinshi of the 2nd skin series or the new one by hikari no tomoshibi in the wild?
No. 26462
File 134635671467.jpg - (624.43KB , 1950x888 , newbooks.jpg ) [iqdb]
Been occupied with rl lately, so no new scans up. I will be starting again next week. C82 box came in, here's what has been added. 3-4 of these are staplebounds so expect them fast.
No. 26463
>More from Ootsuki Wataru
No. 26464

After I clean mroe of my desk off I am literally going to do a week of just his books adn get them all up so that cgrascal can ruin themeveryone can enjoy them!
No. 26465
What's with the black boxes?
No. 26467
Stuff that was already scanned
No. 26468
Here's someone ELSE can do it and give a PROPER translation.

Also what happened to the translation of >>25503 ? Delayed? If its a good translator could you try and get the guy to work on the Ootsuki Wataru stuff?

Here's to hoping CGRetard gets hit by a truck
No. 26469

He had to move. He'll have it done Soon.
No. 26477

That Desuno!! doujin you had is now already scanned and uploaded to as of today:


Just letting you know if you still want to scan and send that doujin to an translator.
No. 26510
fits most of my fetish needs perfectly then. (which are usually at odds with my Obsessive Compulsion for things to adhere to Cannon).

it's a real shame considering the artist is real good, and (like many good artist), i don't think any of his works have been uploaded (even if there aren't that many).
also it saddens me that only a hand full of yukarigawa yumiya's Doujin's have been translated. (as far as i know, only Rough Sketch 3 and Shinsei Romanticist.)
No. 26512
Amazingly this is mostly consensual (the guy wasn't really complaining) consider this artist's usual works
No. 26514
Hell NO rape OR mindbreak which made my jaw drop.
No. 26547
Not sure what translation works better.

Still its a very soft work and really the last pages are very good. Never expected Shikieiki to look that good pregnant
No. 26595
Before you shell out the money for a translation job, try to find the compilation tamakko released in c82 of the entire series (so far at least). The guy redrew plenty of the older material for it so it'd definitely be a better shot than doing the individual issues.
No. 26602
>I was wondering who was uploading them on E-H since it's hard to keep track of doujinshi. Lolotax was the one responsible for uploading, but I want someone else to beat him in terms of uploading doujinshi since I'm a member there.
Lolotax just uploads stuff he gets from share. He's never going to upload a translation. I assume that you want to upload the translation yourself when it's finished for the credit; just tell the translator. Most paid translators don't upload their own stuff to e-hentai anyway.

There's desudesu and saha. I really can't think of anyone else accepting commissions right now. Both have issues;
>SaHa seems to have better knowledge of Japanese but almost no knowledge of Touhou. He's at least better than "This is probably another character from the series, but I don't know who" now. Desudesu also isn't nearly as busy as SaHa; SaHa seems to have a perpetual backlog of over a month. Desudesu also is cheaper and uses a less intrusive watermark.
No. 26607
No one has uploaded Tamakko's C82 compilation yet. Hopefully it will show up soon since his C83 doujin features the Yakumos.
Wish I knew Japanese so I can upload stuff before lolotax does. Thought SaHa and desudesu are the most common when it comes to commissions. There's Sharpie, Chocolate, Trinity, Pinapples,FUKE, Genesis, The Lusty Lady, biribiri, thetsuuyaku, and Yuri-ism. Hard to choose from translators.
No. 26608
Almost all of those don't do commissions. Chocolate does, in theory, but I sent them a request once and they said "Yeah, we're pretty full. We got two books in ahead of you, so we won't be available for a few months. Maybe then." And of course they never got back to me.

biribiri does do commissions, but I don't recommend him.
No. 26610
Ah, well I don't have much of a choice. At least it's better than CGrascal when it comes down to 2 who do commissions.
No. 26611
You shouldn't even be considering CGRascal as an option. His work barely qualifies as a translation, and is right up there in quality with machine translations.

Your options are pretty much SaHa, desudesu, and biribiri. I'd just stick with desudesu, since he's cheaper and actually knows stuff about touhou.
No. 26612
That bad huh? Why does Doujin-Moe hire him sometimes? They got other translators there.Might as well get desudesu as soon as I can find Tamakko's C82 compilation.
No. 26613
It is a mystery.

However, I've seen their non-CGRascal translators do shoddy work, so maybe doujin-moe just doesn't give a fuck about quality and wants the cheapest options possible.
No. 26614
>biribiri does do commissions, but I don't recommend him.
Why not?
No. 26615
He insisted on payment up front, sent as a personal payment, and didn't even tell me when he was done.

He was pretty cheap, though.
No. 26616
If it's just a compilation, why do you want to see it?
No. 26617
Tamakko has redrawn his earlier volumes and added guest artists in them. His C82 doujin was all sold out by then.
No. 26624
Oh, son of a bitch. I wish I'd known that a couple weeks ago.

Well...I'll get 2nd Skin 5 uploaded sometime. That's something.
No. 26626
But it's already been uploaded. See >>26592
No. 26631
Oh, damn it. I mean, yay!
No. 26633
might be relevant.
Also: whoever uploaded 2ndk skin vol.5 in e-hentai deleted it, beats me why.
No. 26634
2,625 yen for 152 pages. It's pretty expensive but it is possible to buy it. Problem is that I have to get someone who knows how to order from the site, scan the pages, and upload them.
No. 26636
Someone reuploaded Vol.5 on E-H. Goes by the name of Zakuzelo.
No. 26637
Another place to download 2nd Skin Vol.5
No. 26638
2nd Skin Vol.5
Someone deleted it here. Reposting it.
No. 26644
Was page 32 supposed to be upside down?
No. 26646
So! Volume 5 is the last 2nd skin, so now's the time to commission it...but there's also a compilation of it with better(?) art and whatnot?
Ugh. What to do...
No. 26648
I stick with the compilation since the redrawn works are much better and has guest artists in it. Of course, you need someone to scan, upload, edit, and translate the whole compilation which is the cost of an h-manga commission.
No. 26651
Commissioning all five books would probably be the same as commissioning the compilation. Unless the compilation is shorter overall, in which case fuck that.
Regardless, I'm pretty eager to get this translated (though it'll still be awhile before I do anything,) and waiting for something to maybe get scanned doesn't sit well with me.
Has anyone found the compilation on melonbooks?
No. 26652
Can't find it on Melonbooks but the compilation _was_ on Toranoana, it's sold out now. I think this is it anyway.

No. 26653
While we're on topic, anyone seen these?
No. 26655
Second one is getting scanned. Dunno about the rest.
No. 26657
Corrected one page that was upside down.
If you got the money and time, you can commission all 5 volumes of 2nd Skin if you wish. Tamakko really did improve his artwork in his C82 doujin compilation and teases us with Yukari for his upcoming C83 doujin.
No. 26664
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=16594982 i know this is not-h but suppossedly this was out in reitaisai 7.
No. 26669
... CG Rascal got a version of it up. Is your guy still doing his translation?
No. 26670
He has no qualms about retranslating CGRascal's stuff, so don't worry about it.
No. 26672

Yes. He emailed me tonight apologizing saying he was like 95% done and it just needed editing, pretty much. He also dislikes cgrascal, so never fear!
No. 26676
Just checking. Tell him that the wait is very tempting. Also what's the other one he's working on anyhow?
No. 26677

The Shuz book right below Stiel's.
No. 26703
Since people are probably wondering where the fuck the scans are from me, here's the new scanning schedule:

Sunday: Edit and upload books in the morning, unbind 6-12 books over the course of the day.
Mon-Sat: Scan 1-2 books per day over course of the week, totaling the amount unbound.

Repeat ad infinitum. Will keep a steady pace with minimal burnout. I've got some books to post up this Sunday after I edit them, maybe 6 of 'em, including the new Shimoyakedow book.
No. 26704
To FUKE: Excellent Translation! Hope you do some more Touhou Translations in the future man. You rock!
No. 26732
That links to >>26322
No. 26734
File 134783412352.jpg - (1.43MB , 1071x1520 , 13478200166.jpg ) [iqdb]
As usual, dropping the non-touhou books in the general discussion thread.


I got more than four titles done this week, but three of them are going to be translated within a few weeks!
No. 26739
File 134789794638.png - (660.73KB , 1659x575 , week1.png ) [iqdb]
This week's scans to be done. Should be up Sunday.
No. 26792
A bunch of worksafe books from the images above. The adult ones will be posted in the proper thread later.

[えあxぐら] カリスマじゃない!?

[えあxぐら] ゆうかりんはゆうかりんだよね?

[夕凪雑貨店] 夜の幻想郷探訪録弐~もしも貴方が幻想郷に迷い込む程度の能力だったら~
No. 26808
File 134843946177.png - (675.04KB , 1680x581 , week2.png ) [iqdb]
This week's scans to be done. Should be up sooner because I plan on binge scanning/editing tomorrow.

Also, please keep the random 'This is awesome!' posts to this thread and not the upload thread, if you'd be so kind.
No. 26810
Excellent set coming up.

Looking forwards the Meiling-Sakuya one. High quality futa upload? Thank you very much
No. 26812
At last!
No. 26813

I can not wait till the reverse noise doujin is going to upload. Well at least I have something to look forward this week.
No. 26814
This has some duplicate pages: 18 & 20, 19 & 21 are the same
No. 26815

Thank you, let me see what happened. It's possible that I just got distracted and re-scanned the same set of pages.
No. 26818
File 134850213472.png - (744.34KB , 1680x570 , week3.png ) [iqdb]
Fuck it, here's week 3. Today is a productive day because I have terrible taste in video games. If I get everything done, I should:

Have week 2's books posted tonight*.
Have week 3's books unbound.
Have the covers for weeks 4 & 5 scanned and pictures posted.

If you see something in the weekly pictures that has been scanned already, tell me.

(*Depends on other factors beyond just scanning/editing)
No. 26819
The Ootsuki Wataru set FINALLY!

Also the "Duplicate" scans tend to of a higher quality/resolution than the originals.
No. 26820
Anyone know if these were scanned or uploaded somewhere?

No. 26821
I thought I'd ordered that first one, but apparently not. Think I might have seen it in some scanning batch somewhere, but I'm probably wrong.

Second isn't scanned, but it's on a DL site, so it's not going anywhere.
No. 26822
File 134851797289.jpg - (581.36KB , 1071x1520 , 001.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just another worksafe book. Gonna fall short of goal, will have 6-7 done today. Got pretty much everything else done though.

No. 26826
Has anybody located scans for this one? The first part was quite excellent so I have been a bit surprised that nobody's picked up this latter one.
No. 26827
To this dumbass.


Register for g.e-hentai.org login there. Problem solved.
No. 26853
NightHead S&K and the Musashidou book were taken for translation. 6 more books to be posted by Sunday.
No. 26854
God I hope others get good translations too.
No. 26855
Ok. Why are there adds on exhentai?
No. 26856
So they can make money. Duh.
No. 26857
An oversight, probably. Changing other stuff and accidentally leaving ads enabled.
Exhentai exists because advertisers hate loli/shota/beast stuff. As far as I know that hasn't changed.
No. 26858
Apparently, they're gone now. Thank christ.
No. 26859
might be some gaps in adblocker's program as I've seen a few ads pop up on other sites.
No. 26938
File 134932644897.jpg - (132.74KB , 840x962 , 28145313_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
This guy took down most of his R-18 stuff yesterday. Did anyone save any sets?
No. 26940
No, but some of them will be on *booru sites and the like. Also I strongly recommend finding a mass downloader if you're fond of a specific artist, instead of leaving things to chance like that.
No. 26944
File 13493863369.jpg - (154.64KB , 1080x990 , 7998ed45bd5d1c5414cc15922575b1d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I normally do, but the Patchy set I'm most concerned about was up about a day before he took everything down. I didn't save it in time.
No. 26946
could have sworn i downloaded all of his pixiv H works, but strangely the folder i had it in has just dissapeared...also >>26940 what mass downloader would you reccomend?
No. 26947
Ugh, figures. Checked your recycle bin and stuff?
No. 26948
couldn't find it in the recycling bin, but i did find a site that has some of the images from the set you're looking for:
also, i was eventually able to find the folder, but nearly every thing in it has gone missing (pretty much everything he deleted from his pixiv)which has me both annoyed, confused, and suspicious.
No. 26949
File 13494684957.jpg - (196.77KB , 1080x990 , 30220649_big_p34.jpg ) [iqdb]
How strange.
Aaaaugh, most of the set's there...EXCEPT for the sex toys part, which was the part I liked the most by far. That's just cruel.

However, the source links on that site (http://i2.pixiv.net/img56/img/walzrj/30220649_big_p2.jpg and so on) still work, and you can change p2 to pX and get all the pictures that way, even the ones that arn't on Rule 34 or Pixiv or anything. Very, very interesting...
No. 26950
What I'm using, and the only one I know of is pixiv downloader. It's fairly powerful but a hassle to use and keep up-to-date. Less hassle than saving manually though.

Looks like you got lucky with that.
No. 26951

It's giving me a 403 error when I try and do that trick - looks like they fixed that. That or I don't understand how this works at all.
No. 26952
Working fine for me. The artist name (walzrj in this case) has to match too.

I did? I got it working on other stuff too. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=3650244 was smart and used the same name as his old account, though, so no luck there. Ugh. Looking for any of his old work too, by the way.
No. 26953
have to agree with >>26949 that the best parts are missing, but as for the trick, i gotta agree with >>26951, i keep getting a 403 error.
No. 26954
File 134948559359.jpg - (168.56KB , 1080x990 , 30220649_big_p31.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I don't know what to tell you guys. Just found out about this today.

Here. It's the Patchy set, the Reisen set, and the Seiga set. http://www.mediafire.com/?gus9i82gubc9o3k
No. 26974
Making up lost time this week. Expect a lot of books, minus the ones that will get picked up for translation.
No. 26981
Ootsuki Wataru upload done.

Now hope we get the good translators lined up for this.

No. 26982

Not done. Still have one left. Maybe fri/sat.
No. 26983
Still today is a good day and 橋姫侵触 is the long lost "Raping the Bridge Princess" which people couldn't find for the longest time.
No. 26984
File 134987088375.jpg - (719.19KB , 1071x1520 , 001.jpg ) [iqdb]
This was taken for translation. More books going up in a bit.
No. 26988
Should have another 6 books done today if all goes well. Will be rephotographing the current piles and posting more upcoming weeks soon as well. Lots of good stuff to come.

While I'm here, I've got the remnants of what hasn't been purchased: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=6tSmg2XC

If someone is interested in one of these being done, they're all $10 except for the 158pg SRW book which is $20. Get with me on IRC if you're interested.
No. 27009
File 135006308279.png - (503.16KB , 1260x440 , week5.png ) [iqdb]
Next week's work, though it may come sat/sun.
No. 27010
Fuck yeah more Leimkiss. Someone really likes barista... His stuff has always seemed boring to me.
No. 27011
Barista so far has only done one one doujinshi that interested me, schrödinger, the marisa one. So yeah, agreed for the most part.
No. 27013

That's me, actually. Every Barista book there was sold out of my personal collection, heh. Though I guess that means the buyer also likes Barista, so... Well, there you go. This is all of the Barista in my piles. With that said his newer stuff is kind of disappointing, though. He moved to almost all B&W, and puts out a lotta short one-offs with Shota x Big Tittied Touhou Girl of his choice.
No. 27014
The designs of the girls are blurring together into just change head and maybe throw a designating accessory on them and its the same shota design (Which made me at first think there was some sort of continuity)
No. 27015

Is there a continuity? I have no idea. But yeah his work is getting really same-y, which is a shame because I generally like his aesthetic. It's kind of like how Houtengeki was same-y as fuck, but then got better, except in reverse.
No. 27030
I'm really hoping someone who 1) has a working understanding of the English language, 2) has working understanding of Japanese, 3) Ability to actually use photoshop/GIMP/MSPAINT 4) Actually gives a fuck retranslates 'Say the Word'
No. 27040
There's a way to ensure that, you know.
No. 27043
Speaking of good translators, there's a surprise in the translated thread. And another one to come, hopefully later today.
No. 27061
If there was more variety to the designs the Koishi one could have been kinda more of a standout as the entire idea of her just wandering around with her ability, expanding it over a guy who she wants to fuck and doing it in public is actually a kinda neat concept that can be expanded off of but since he's done the formula with his stuff so much it just loses that potential. Kinda sad.
No. 27109
>*apparently mediafire blocks the file from being downloaded if there’s a word “sex” in it.

Even more restrictions
No. 27150
New thread: >>27145