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Kasen puts a hand on her hips and watches you with narrowed eyes. You can feel the contempt shooting out of them.

“Well, aren’t you confident. You think you’re so much better than us, huh?”

“I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself. If you do not change your ways, you will meet with a terrible end.”

“Yeah? I’d say the only bad end is gonna be yours.” You raise your hand into the air, and a host of angry evil spirits assembles above you. This must be the hermit who’s been picking them off. They advance and form a circle around her, but she ignores them and fiddles with her bandages instead.

You bring your hand down and point right at Kasen’s pussy. “Go get ‘er!”

Your spirits charge in all at once. At the same moment, Kasen’s arm bursts open in a cloud of black smoke. The lead spirits crash right into it, and everyone else backs up when they start screaming. You all watch in horror as they dissolve into nothing.

Kaz! No!

What the hell? He’s dead!

She’s a demon!

Run for it!

You’re left alone with Kasen. The cloud recedes back into her arm, but she’s made her point. A nmoment later, it hits you that the ones she hit are gone for good. Danmaku just knocks them out, but that was…

“What was that for?! You didn’t have to kill them!”

“They are the spirits of sinners who have escaped their rightful punishment. Destruction is a merciful sentence.”

You were right! You really can’t trust these people.

“Oh, now you’ve done it!” You go to all fours and charge at Kasen, leaping right on top of her and getting an armful of… nothing? What? She was right there!

A pair of fingers slams into your unguarded pussy. A searing bolt of pleasure shoots your body, forcing you to double over and fall to the ground. You look up with blurry eyes and see Kasen standing over you, holding two wet fingers up in the air.

You roll away from Kasen and scramble to your feet. She stands perfectly still and watches you coldly, daring you to try that again.

Even for a hermit, this girl is something else. You can’t beat that kind of power head-on, but maybe if you expose a weak point…

“Hey, Kasen. What’re you even doing here, anyway? We were just mindin’ our own business until you showed up.”

“Can’t you see that ‘your business’ is the path to destruction? I would just as soon seal you all away and be done with it, but I’m giving you one last chance to repent.”

“Whaddaya mean?”

Kasen’s eyes widen with excitement. She raises one finger and takes in a deep breath in preparation for the longest and harshest sermon of her life. Just as planned.

“Gotcha!” You leap onto Kasen and jab three fingers into each of her concave areolae. The sensation stuns her for a bit, letting you dig around frantically until your nails close around a pair of hard nubs. You tug on both to expose her nipples, which turn out to be unusually long. They seem to be pretty good weak points too, judging by her reaction. There’s all sorts of ways you could torture these.

You shouldn’t have admired your handiwork. Right before you can jump back to safety, Kasen’s fingers hit your pussy again and make you crumple to the ground. That thrust was even stronger than the last one, making your whole body go clench up and go limp while your cocks spurt out some precum.

“I can’t say I’m surprised.” Kasen rolls you onto your back and pins your legs under hers. You try to push her off, but it’s like trying to move a boulder. She grabs both of your wrists with her normal hand and uses her other one to align your lower cock with her warm, damp pussy.

“My fingers won’t be enough. You deserve a more thorough punishment.”

Kasen drops onto your cock. You kind of start to feel something, but then a searing burst of ecstasy pushes it all away. Your vision whites out, and for a moment you’re left ina white space with nothing but pleasure. In the distance, you feel your body thrashing around helplessly.

The experience ends as quickly as it began, and you find yourself back on the ground and sweating profusely. Somehow, you didn’t cum from that.

Your attention turns to your penis, and you discover that Kasen’s pussy is incredibly complex. It must have twice as many creases as a normal one, and she’s tight enough that each one is pressed right up against your cock. She could make you cum without even moving.

She rotates her hips a few degrees, and her walls come to life and rub all over your cock. The pleasure isn’t soul-rending like before, but it still makes your penis twitch painfully. The excitement only lasts for a second, though, and you’re no closer to cumming than you were before.

“This hole is meant to be a tool for enlightenment, but I can use it for punishment as well. You won’t be able to ejaculate without my permission. In a few minutes, you’ll go mad from the pleasure and become completely submissive.”

Kasen starts pumping her hips up and down, making her breasts jiggle around above you. Her pussy squirms around continuously as it slides up and down your shaft, not giving your cock a moment of rest. Every inch of your penis is drowning in pleasure, but your orgasm seems completely out of reach. Getting fucked like this without release is really going to break you; you can feel your mind slipping already.

You try not to look at Kasen, but she grabs your head and forces you to stare into her eyes while you moan helplessly. Each one of her thrusts blurs your vision, but you can feel her cold stare even when you can’t see them. A blush and a smirk slowly creep onto her face.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you want to put it inside me? Go on, defile me with your sperm.” Kasen gives you a long, merciless grind and tightens up even further. She lets out a short laugh at your reaction, but it changes to a gasp as her strength suddenly disappears.

Kasen falls onto you as light as a feather, and the pressure on your cock recedes. You quickly roll her over and get on her back, pinning her arms and legs like she did to you and pressing her head into the ground. You’ve dealt with enough hermits to know what just happened.

“That wasn’t very hermit-like, Miss Kasen. Looks like somebody wants me to teach you a lesson!” You’ll take care of that and then some.

You push two fingers from your free hand into Kasen’s asshole. She grunts in pain at first, but her discomfort vanishes after a few thrusts. Spreading your fingers reveals a bright pink hole that contracts in time with her breathing. You bring your hips forward to penetrate her wet pussy and her tight asshole all at once. This time she’s the one who blanks out with a delicious squeal.

Now that Kasen’s subdued, you start churning up her insides at twice the speed she was using. Her pussy is looser and less lively than before, but it’s still a top-rate cunt. Her ass seems to have less experience, quivering and clamping down on your cock every time you move. Even though her body’s going crazy, Kasen keeps herself from moaning and mutters something under her breath.

“Hey, how’s it feel, Kasen? Are you gonna cum from being raped by a dirty underground youkai?”

Your cocks have a fair amount of stamina left, but Kasen’s holes are quickly stripping it away. Now that her powers are gone, she can’t stop you from cumming inside her anymore. The thought of getting her pregnant pops into your head, and it flips some kind of switch inside of you. You tighten your grip on her head and speed up your thrusts, panting hungrily with your tongue hanging out. You’ll fill her up and break her and keep her as your slave, and then--

Kasen’s chanting reaches a climax. You slam your cocks into her as hard as you can, but the orgasm you expected doesn’t come.

Kasen breaks your grip and flings you away. When you finally stop rolling from the momentum, you see her standing over you with folded arms. Looks like she’s been forgiven.

“How dare you tempt me! Sinful creature. I will end you now.”

Kasen plants a foot on your chest and raises the other one for some kind of Heavenly Stomp of A Thousand Ejaculations. Your adrenaline kicks into full gear, and everything seems to slow down for a bit. There’s no way you can beat her in a straight fight when she’s all hyped up like this. You’ll have to bet everything on a single gambit.

Guys! give me a hand!

No way! I’m not ready to die again!

If I don’t stop her, she’s gonna kill every last one of you!

Alright, Orin! I’ve got your back!

Yeah, me too!

And me!

A handful of spirits come back to attack Kasen one more time. They try to swoop straight at her and swerve off right before she smokes them, but they don’t all quite make it. Still, they manage to distract her long enough for you to jump up and pinch her nipples as hard as you can. Even with her crazy hermit powers, the stimulation’s still pretty powerful.

You shove Kasen’s long nipples into your mouth and roll them between your sharp teeth while you lick them, keeping her stunlocked with pleasure. You start pumping a few fingers into her pussy too, but it’s not enough to stop her from coming to her senses. Shaking all over and panting raggedly, she wraps an iron hand around your neck and starts pulling you off. Her face is set in stone, but you see some uncertainty in her eyes.

“You… You won’t…”

Well, it was worth a try. Looks like your buddies re-died in vain. As a final screw-you, you pinch Kasen’s clit and give her nipples a hard bite.

And it works. A scream erupts out of her mouth, and her hand stops choking you and falls away. You cough and sputter for a bit and look up see her lying flat on the ground in front of you, still twitching and panting from her orgasm.

“Orin wins!”

The stands burst into cheers like you just saved the world. Which you kind of did. You raise your hands and wave to them, basking in their adoration.

After a while, the noises take on a darker tone. They want you to punish Kasen some more. You lean over her and break her trance with a few light slaps. She snaps out of it with a look of confusion, which quickly turns to terror when she remembers what happened.

“You lost, Kasen. Time for me to claim my prize.”

Kasen’s too frightened to respond, so you pull her to her knees and shove your upper cock down her throat. She doesn’t even try to bite you. All the excitement you built up comes surging back, and you cum like a hose after just a few thrusts. You dig your fingers into her hair and hold her head tight against your crotch, not letting her breathe until she’s swallowed every drop. She collapses onto the ground when you let go, revealing her pussy in the process. You get down and slam your lower cock into her, forcing the air right out of her.

“What were you saying before? That I should ‘defile you with cum’? That sounds really good right now.”

Kasen’s pussy is back at full strength again, but it just makes you feel even better now that you’re in control. She uses her powers to deny you for a bit, but you just keep pounding her until she gives in. You can’t resist laughing cruelly as you go over the edge.

A wave of relief washes over your thighs, making your pussy throb pleasantly while your cock fires out another load. You force your tongue into Kasen’s mouth while you fill every crevice of her pussy with your hot, sticky cum. She looks up to you with glassy eyes, as angry at herself as she is at you. When your penis is satisfied, you pull out and leave a delicious creampie for her to remember you by.

“Some hermit you were. You’re not even worth raping anymore.”

You strut away with a warm glow of satisfaction. The guys Kasen busted won’t be coming back, but at least you managed to avenge them. Now you just need to beat Komachi, and the underground will be safe again.


Okuu doen’t exactly applaud Orin’s behavior, but she doesn’t seem too worried for Kasen either. Even if that was standard treatment for losers, Kasen won’t take it lightly. You excuse yourself from the stands and hurry over to see her.

There’s a wall in the middle of the recovery room that splits it into two parts, with a separate bath for each contestant. You head over to Kasen’s side and find her submerged to her neck. It takes her a moment to notice you, and she isn’t very happy to see you.

“Oh, Komachi. Come to mock my failure?”

“C’mon, Kasen. I came ‘cause I was worried about you.”

“Why? I’ve become a slut now, just like you.”

“Whst do you mean?”

“I should have won that match. It was within my power to resist her, but I gave in to the pleasure instead. I deserve everything she did to me.” She sinks down a bit further and lets out a bubbly sigh.

This is a watershed moment for Kasen. Orin definitely needs to be punished for what she did to Kasen, but it was just a game. Kasen doesn’t need to beat herself up for feeling good. You can sense that she still has her powers, so the gods must not care how musch sex she has. Maybe you can convince her that sex for pleasure isn’t so bad.

[ ] Get her back to normal.
[ ] Corrupt her a little.
[ ] Write-in.
[X] Corrupt her a little.
[x] Get her back to normal.
[X] Corrupt her a little.

[x] Corrupt her a little.
[x] Corrupt her a little.
[X] Corrupt her a little.

As if we would really go the other way.
[x] Get her back to normal.
Kinda tempted to go that way but having her set to Normal again gives us an ally against Shikieiki BUT if we can corrupt her a little AND keep her power...
[x] Get her back to normal.

Well this is a token resistance but BSD might prove us wrong and not have the sex option be bad. I still remember what happened with IMN.
[x] Get her back to normal.
[x] Corrupt her a lot.

Stop killing Orin's friends, you jerk.
I find it odd how you find her sympathetic as she doesn't seem to hold others that highly.

BSD is pretty relaxed and not an asshole with that sort of thing. It does say 'a little'.
[x] Corrupt her a little.
[x]Corrupt her a little.
[x] Corrupt her a little
[x] Corrupt her a little.

Huh. I like Kasen even less now.
[x] Corrupt her a little.

Just a little, no harm having sex for fun.
[x] Corrupt her a little.

One taste, and you'll never go back, even if you wanted to... so might as well go all the way
[x] Corrupt her a little.

One taste, and you'll never go back, even if you wanted to... so might as well go all the way
[x] Corrupt her a little.

One taste, and you'll never go back, even if you wanted to... so might as well go all the way
Closing votes. Even without the triple-post, Corruption wins.
[x] Corrupt her a little.

One taste, and you'll never go back, even if you wanted to... so might as well go all the way
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Oh god, what have you done?
[x] Corrupt her a little.

You crouch down on the end of the bath and put a hand on Kasen’s head. “Don’t you think you’re taking this a bit too seriously, Kasen?”


“Sure, Orin’s gonna get what’s coming to her, but it felt good when you came, right? What’s so bad about enjoying it?”

Kasen smacks your hand away. “A hermit is above such base and carnal pursuits.”

You run a few fingers up Kasen’s spine, just out of her reach. “Hmm, really? Seems like you didn’t lose your powers when Orin got you. I don’t think anyone minds if you have a little fun on the side while you’re seeking enlightenment. What’s the harm?”

Kasen pulls away from your fingers and turns to face you head-on. “K…Komachi, please! I failed this time, but I’m not that sort of person!”

“Didn’t you just say, ‘I’m a slut now, just like you’?”

“I was exaggerating! I didn’t really--”

You undo your belt and toss off your robe. Underwear is a distant memory for you now. You put a hand on one hip and smirk at Kasen, who jerks her head away from you. Most of the way.

“Then, my body doesn’t appeal to you at all, right? And you don’t get turned on by watching this?” You sit down on the changing bench and spread your legs, gently stroking your pussy with two fingers. Kasen keeps her head in the same position, and a rosy blush spreads across both your faces as you moan in your most sultry voice. She isn’t giving, so you start fingering yourself more forcefully and groping your chest.

“Mm, playing with myself feels so good. Won’t you let me make you feel good too?”

You start panting and moaning while your limbs twitch with pleasure. Seems like having people watch you masturbate is a real turn-on.

“Fine! Come in here and play with me! Just… If it’ll make you stop that shameful display…”

“Ahaa.” Kasen brings a hand to her mouth as she realizes what she just said. In the back of your mind, you wonder if your eyes pill helped convince her.

You slide into the water and hold your sticky hand up for Kasen. She’s repulsed at first, but you slowly coax her into tasting your juices. Soon her tongue is running all over your fingers.

“It’s a nice taste, isn’t it?”

Kasen pulls off sharply. “Hmph.”

“That was a good start. Now drink from these.” You push your breasts out of the water and rub them against Kasen’s cheek. She saw you lactating back when you fought Yamame, so she knows what you mean. Once you force her up against the edge of the bath, she plants a hesitant kiss on one nipple and closes her mouth around it. A bit of milk leaks into her mouth, and her eyes widen in shock when she tastes it. You purr happily and you push your breasts against her face to encourage her. Soon your milk is pouring out into her mouth, and she can’t stop herself from swallowing it as fast as you can let it out.

“Tastes a lot better than Orin’s cum, doesn’t it? Here, have some more.” You push your other nipple into Kasen’s mouth and lean your head back, staring off into space while she drinks insatiably with a fiery red blush. Looks like you’ve gotten her addicted to breast milk, if nothing else.

Your breasts start to ache after a while, so you cut Kasen off and make her sit on the edge of the bath. Her nipples have receded again, and the depressions in her areolae have filled up with milk. You stand up to put your head level with her breasts and lap it all out, making sure you dig your tongue in to tease her nipples. The taste is surprisingly sweet for such a sour girl.

Kasen’s nipples are her weak point, so you’ll be giving them a lot more love. You spread her areolae with your fingers and use your powers to pull them out, forcing her to gasp and shoot out two long jets of milk. She would probably agree that the sight of such long, hard nipples dripping with milk is inexcusably lewd. You help yourself to a long drink and tease her clitoris with one finger while you give her nipples three coats of saliva. She shivers and moans nervously while you do so.

Kasen’s given up on resisting, but you need to do more to make sure this sticks. Her memory of this encounter has to torture her at night and force her to play with herself in a vain attempt to relive it. Then, when she realizes her fingers can’t compare…

Your aphrodisiac needs some time to work is magic. In the meantime, you spread Kasen’s pussy and find that it’s thoroughly drenched.

“D-don’t get the wrong idea! It was just in the water, and…”

You lean over and press your tongue against her exposed walls. They’re coated in a sweet, syrupy liquid, and they wriggle with excitement as you slowly lick your way up. You finish with a kiss on her clit and grin up at her.

“Doesn’t taste like water.”

Kasen’s retort dies in her throat when you go back to licking. She’s excited enough as is, so you don’t show her the full extent of what your tongue is capable of. Just some simple licking is enough, with a bit of penetration so you can get more of her juices. You make sure her clit gets a nice dose of saliva and lose yourself in the taste and scent for a bit. If hermits weren’t meant to have sex, they definitely wouldn’t have such delicious pussies.

Once you’ve cleaned Kasen out, you pull her back into the water and sit down next to her. It’s time to finish her off. She looks up like she wants to say something, but she doesn’t know what she wants anymore.

Kasen obediently lifts up her breasts when you ask her to. You grab the closer nipple with your mouth, and your free hand goes around her back to milk the other one. She muffles a scream when she discovers how sensitive her nipples have become, and her body goes limp when you pinch her clit. You squeeze the base of one nipple with your teeth while you torture the rest with your tongue and roll the other one between your thumb and two fingers. Your other hand focuses entirely on her clit, scratching and rubbing and pinching it with all five fingers.

“Komachi… I’m… I’m going to…”

You stare into Kasen’s eyes and give her one last burst of pleasure. Her body tightens up in anticipation, but nothing happens. She slumps back with obvious disappointment. You step back to appreciate your work, and she looks back at you with a dazed confusion.

“Why are you looking at me? You can finish by yourself.”

Kasen shakes her head and whines desperately. Making herself cum would be completely inexcusable. You reach forward and put a finger on her clit, but only so you can keep her teetering on the edge.

“You can brush my finger away too. What’s it gonna be? Make yourself cum or let all this excitement go away?”

Kasen needs a minute to think before she reaches down and grabs your finger. You’re disappointed for a second, but then she tugs on it to force your nail deep into her clit. You close your eyes with a smile, and she remembers just in time to muffle her scream as she falls into a world of pleasure.

You scoop Kasen up and put her in your lap while the orgasm quakes through her body. Her shuddering and moaning lasts for minutes; you wonder if she cums even harder than Mokou, and make a note to find out sometime.

Kasen sinks into the water when she’s finished, but you grab her before her head goes under and carry her out of the water. You lay her out on the bench and put her head in your lap, wiping away her tears and stroking her hair.

“There, see? And you’re still a hermit.”

Kasen’s eyes focus on your breasts before moving up to your face. “I…You… That… I need to think about this.”

“Sure thing. Let me know if you need to do any more ‘tests,’ okay? And I can hook you up with a cock if you want, too.”

“Ah…” Kasen hadn’t gotten around to thinking about those. You dry off, put your clothes back on, and leave her confused and blushing. You’d call that a successful corruption.


Mao keeps a nervous watch over the ready-room. She knows there’s someone really important here, but she keeps forgetting who it is. You’re naked except for your third eye, which isn’t covering anything important. She’s still satisfied from what she did last night, and the lingering pleasure covers your skin in a nice, tingling warmth. You close your eyes to savor it, kicking your legs back and forth under your seat while you wait.

A surge in emotion outside tells you that it’s finally time to go. You jump up and give Mao a pat on the back as you leave.

“Keep up the good work!”

She says, “Thank you,” and bows in the wrong direction. It’s the thought that counts.

You walk calmly into the arena. Maybe half the people actually notice you, and the rest wonder what the first half is cheering about. Komachi sees you, though. You knew she would. She’s a really fun girl, and you can’t wait to play with her in the finals.

You smile and wave at Sis, but she ignores you. She hasn’t talked to you at all since she got her new friend, and she hasn’t even let you play with it. She’s your sister, though, so you can forgive her.

Oh, and here’s Parsee, your playmate for right now. She’s usually wearing a lot of nice clothes, but she’s still really pretty without them. Not surprising, since she spends at least an hour getting pampered every day. You got her servants to do it to you once, and it was really nice. Especially the sexy part. Her penis is really big too, but it never gets hard ‘cause she thinks it isn’t classy. It’s a surprise she hasn’t chopped it off yet, to be honest.

Parsee finally notices you. She’s surprised to see you at first, but then she narrows her eyes like she always does. You tilt your head and smile back at her.



Neither one of you moves at first. You both like to settle things by talking when danmaku doesn’t work, but she’s way outclassed.

“Oh, my opponent is the elder Komeiji? It’s an honor,” she lies. “Wouldn’t you rather be at the podium with your sister, though?”

Aw, she’s trying to control you. You’ll play along for now.

“Well, now that you mention it, she does have a nice seat up there…”

“I think so too, Koishi. You deserve to be up there, watching the rest of us struggle like animals.”

Here’s the part where you go mad with jealousy and quit the tournament to get back at your sister. She has this kind of conversation all the time, only it usually ends with people paying her to ruin the other person’s life.

“You’re right, Ms. Parsee. I’m reeally jealous of her.” You see a glimmer in her green eyes, but then she realizes something’s wrong.

“But, I don’t want to get in the way of you losing.”

Parsee pretty much says a question mark.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“No, I--”

“Want to win and make everyone jealous of you, so you can control them all. Especially Yamame and Komachi. But that isn’t what you really want.” Your face gets a little rapey. You can’t help it.

Parsee goes “?” again.

“Right now, you have almost everything you want. Life’s boring when there’s nothing to strive for, isn’t it? It’ll be the same way once you win. So I think the real reason why you entered is so you can lose and be jealous of all the attention the winner gets. Then you can put all your effort into breaking her down, and it’ll be just like old times!”

The “just like old times” line gets her, but she shakes her head.

“That’s… You’re just trying to confuse me. I won’t fall for that!” Parsee charges you, but she kind of loses track of you halfway through and misses by a few feet. She stops and looks around in confusion, and you get behind her and grab her wrists.

“Your aim was way off, Parsee. You’re not even trying, are you?”

“Get off of me!” Parsee hurls you away, and you gracefully twirl through the air and land on your feet. She tries to grab you for a few more minutes, but she keeps missing. You get bored pretty quickly.

“This isn’t working. Maybe you could seduce her with that big cock of yours?” you say to Parsee’s subconscious. The idea pops into her head a second later. She stops her flailing and looks down to watch her penis come to life. It’s a new experience for her, and she’s too busy watching it to notice you walk up to her. As soon as all eight inches are fully erect, you tighten your third-eye-cord around the base. She grunts and jerks her hips in surprise, but that only makes it hurt more.

“This is a nice thing you have here, Parsee. Can I play with it for a bit?” Without waiting for an answer, you kneel down and close your mouth around the shaft. It’s really thick, and your mouth is pretty small, so you can only fit about half of it inside without deepthroating.

Parsee’s cock is already letting out its delicious precum; her pussy might be unstoppable, but she’s still an inexperienced quickshot with her penis. You lick the head clean and suck patiently until the pleasure makes her fall onto her back. Her mind’s swirling with a delicious mixture of pleasure and anger.

Parsee could get free if she really wanted to, but she prefers to believe she can’t escape this. Now you just have to decide how you’ll make her cum.

[ ] Your mouth!
[ ] Your hands.
[ ] Sumata?
[ ] Make her masturbate!
[ ] No, use your feet.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Make her masturbate!
[X] Make her masturbate!
[X] No, use your feet.

Because socks.
Well I guess that theory I had last thread I thought Parsee had penis envy. Guess I was wrong
I'm tempted to add a write in about playing off of any breast envy but I don't think it'd work with this Parsee for whatever reason. That and I don't know how to exactly go about it.
[x] Make her masturbate while you tongue-fuck her ass.

Because that would be hawt.
[x] Make her masturbate!

Forced inexperienced futa masturbation. Yes.
[x] Make her masturbate!
[x] Make her masturbate!
[X] No, use your feet.
[x] No, use your feet.

Trample her.
[X] No, use your feet.
[X] Make her masturbate!
[x] Your Mouth!

Oral to Vagina, Make her masturbate her cock
[X] Your mouth!
[x] Make her masturbate!
Closing votes. Forced masturbation with no add-ons is the winner.
Spending a month in another country. Might be a while before I update again.
Ouch. Welp, have fun!
[x] Make her masturbate!

Good idea, you!

Parsee’s in a bit of a daze, so now’s a good chance for something fun. You put both sides of the cord in one hand, freeing up the other one to trace the curves of her penis. The cords have made it all red and swollen, so it’s really thick and squeezable and dripping with salty precum. Epecially around the head. Your mouth starts to water, but you shake it off. You can’t waste your chance to play with Parsee on a blowjob.

You ease Parsee to a sitting position and put one of her hands on her penis, keeping a hand under her chin to keep her from looking down. Her hand twitches with uncertainty while you lean in close and whisper into her subconscious.

“Koishi just grabbed your penis. Can you feel it?”

A few seconds later, Parsee relaxes her hand and shoots you an angry look. She prefers to believe that the hand isn’t hers, and you’re just helping her along.

“Mm-hm. Her grip’s really tight. Now she’s sliding her hand up and down and smearing your juices all over your cock…”

Parsee’s movements become frictionless after a few strokes. The stimulation makes her shudder and let out a quiet groan, but the hand doesn’t slow down. It doesn’t have any reason to, since she thinks it’s yours.

You have a free hand, so you help yourself to Parsee’s breasts. They’re smaller than Komachi and Okuu’s, but they’re both reeally soft. Squeezing one is like grabbing a handful of jelly. You kiss one of her nipples and pinch the other one while she keeps stroking herself, complementing her groaning with a quiet purr.

You hear some confused muttering from the audience. A lot of the spectators can’t even see you, so to them it looks like Parsee is just flailing around and masturbating. It’s too bad that her whole fan club came to watch.

Parsee’s getting used to this, so you raise your head for more orders.

“Now she’s using her other hand too.” Parsee puts in on by herself. “The right one’s squeezing the head and twisting around, like that, and the other one’s still stroking you. She’s good at this, isn’t she?”

The extra stimulation is almost too much. Parsee falls onto her back again, stroking furiously and breathing in short, tortured gasps. She’s so caught up in the pleasure that she doesn’t notice you release her penis. She’s blushing harder than she has in decades, and her beautiful green eyes are all clouded over with tears. You have to start touching yourself too, just to give yourself a taste of her pleasure.

“Now… she’s doing it however you like best. She figured it out somehow.”

Parsee pauses to think, then moves her right hand to her pussy. Three fingers dig into the soaked hole and churn it up with quick, efficient motions while a long green thumbnail plays with her clitoris. Her other hand keeps working her shaft, flying up and down and catching a bit of the glans with each stroke. After a quarter-minute of hopeless, ladylike moans, she turns her head and stares angrily at you.

“You… You won’t get away with…”

You widen your grin to maximum rapeface and switch back to your normal voice.

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who’s masturbating.”

Parsee’s eyes snap wide open. She jerks her head down and tightens her hand around her cock, but she’s too late to stop herself. A dozen bursts of thick white semen cover her tummy and her big, heaving breasts.

Up at the podium, Sis lets out a sigh.

“Koishi wins.”

You wink at Parsee and lick off some of her cum. It’s first-rate stuff, just like the rest of her body. She raises her head to make you the target of her eye-twitching rage, but she doesn’t see you. In fact, she can’t even remember who she lost to. All that jealous rage can’t just go away, though, so she glances around desperately to find someone else to be angry at. You helpfully point her towards the red-haired shinigami in the stands.

That sounds like fun.


Parsee whips her head around a few times before settling her gaze on you. Her eyes seem to catch the light perfectly and fire a beam of pure, focused rage right at your face. It’s so intense that your heart skips a beat, and you have to put up a hand and turn away.

“Komachi?” Okuu asks from beside you.

“Uh… I dunno, Parsee was...” She’s leaving now. What was that for? You didn’t have anthing to do with whatever just happened between her and Koishi.

What’s the deal with that girl, anyway? First she shows up in your dreams to say hi, and now she’s raping minds in this tournament. Is she hoping she’ll get a chance to fight you?

Ah, you can worry about that later.

You’re sitting between Okuu and Yamame. Kasen ran off after you left the bath; she’s close enough that she must still be underground, but you can’t tell exactly where she is. Orin’s on Okuu’s other side, as usual, and Yuugi is watching the ring intently from the front row. She jumps up and heads off with a wide smile the second Mao appears.

Okuu stands up to leave too, and Orin claps her on the shoulder.

“Better not lose, Okuu. We gotta have a rematch in the finals.”

“Same here,” you say, tossing a confident glance at Orin. Okuu thanks you both and leaves, and you and Orin promptly scoot to opposite sides of the stands. Parsee’s going to want plenty of room.


You’ve heard about the hell raven who almost blew up the world, but you haven’t had a chance to fight her. It’s only been a few months, and things got in the way. Important boozethings.

Once you’re naked, you pass the time with a few stretches. The orderly’s obviously impressed with you, so you put on a good show for her. She’s not strong enough to have sex with, but she’s free to admire you. Maybe you’ll inspire her to work out a little more.

When it’s time for the match to start, you’re limbered up and ready to go. You haven’t had a good sex-fight in ages, and you can’t be losing in the first round. You slowly saunter to the center of the ring, tossing smiles and finger-points in all directions. You’re pretty popular here, but Okuu’s got plenty of admirers too. The cheering from both factions together is almost deafening.

Ah, and here’s Okuu. She’s a pretty girl. Tall, well-built and busty, but still pretty feminine. Just a bit smaller than you, which is actually pretty impressive. She’s got a club for a right arm, and another one between her legs. One of her feet is stuck in a rock, but the mobility boost from her huge wings might make up for it. You can see an unusual kindness in her eyes, but there’s plenty of fighting spirit there as well. It probably ran out of control when she first got her power.

You roll your neck in a slow circle and give Okuu a toothy grin.

“Let’s give ‘em a good show, alright?”

Okuu shifts to her weight onto her rock foot and puts up her arms, club in front. A wide smile spreads over her face, and her eyes light up with excitement.


Welcome back!
[x] Okuu
oh god you're baaaack

Everyone important's hopes are riding on Utsuho. I can't resist crushing them.

I can't resist.


Forget the tide.
Closing votes. UTSUHO REIUJI has the most.
Hold up, was this vote about who wins or whose eyes we look out of?
I voted for Utsuho to win. I didn't vote for this.
I was voting under the impression that who I voted for was going to be the winner, not some perspective change.

This switcharoo is thoroughly horseshit. Why the hell should we trust whatever options you put forward in the future?
I'll think on my vote, but you should have been clearer on this, otherwise it looks like you're just fucking around with the readers.
From the whining I assume he posted an update where the winning vote decided perspective and she happened to lose?
I caught that before it was deleted. It was shitty, but I'm glad you recognized the error so quickly. This is coming from someone who voted for Yuugi, as well.
That was a bad idea, and I apologize for misleading you.


Yuugi lowers her head and charges right at you. You try to smack her away with your rod, but she expected that. She swats it away before you can put any force into the swing, then follows up with a punch to your stomach.

It’s just a play-punch, but it’s enough to knock the wind out of you. Yuugi wraps an arm around your back and grabs your cock really hard with the other one. She tries moving her hand back and forth, but your cock isn’t slippery enough for it to work. It mostly just hurts.

You can’t pry Yuugi off with your free arm, so you throw yourself forwards to tip her over. Her grip on you loosens when she hits the ground, and you jump off with a wing-flap and land on your feet. She gets up and laughs.

“Hey, not bad! Show me some more.”

It’s your turn now. You run straight at Yuugi to make her put up her guard, then double-jump over her and spin around as you land. Right before she turns around, you hug her and pin her arms at her sides. Instead of stroking her cock, you reach up and grope one of her breasts, flicking a finger back and forth over her nipple while you roughly squeeze the rest. It’s a little firmer than yours, but about the same size.

Your grapple doesn’t last long. Yuugi twists to the right and hurls you forwards, and you lose your grip and go flying. You land safely nearby, only for her to grab your waist and tackle you to the ground.

Yuugi’s head ends up right next to your cock, so she kisses the tip and presses her breasts against the shaft. It feels nice, but now isn’t the time for that. You grab her horn and push her off before she can put it in her mouth.

“Aw, I was lookin’ forward to that,” she says with a grin, rubbing her chest against your cock.

“Maybe later, okay?” You bend forward and give Yuugi a hot, wet kiss. It disrupts her concentration just enough for you to throw her away. The two of you get up and clash together; you lace the fingers on your left hand with hers, and her other hand grabs the end of your rod. You stare into each other’s eyes as you try to push each other over.

Yuugi’s really strong, but so are you. She would probably beat you eventually, but she doesn’t have the patience for that. Instead, she lowers her head and points her horn at the right side of your face.

If you tilt your head to the left, she’ll pull you in that direction and throw you onto the ground. So you should move your head left but shift your weight to the right to counter her throw. But if she knows that you know that, then she’ll pull to the right instead and get you anyway. But you know that she knows that you know, so…

You use your rock-foot to knock Yuugi’s legs out from under her. She falls to the ground and pulls you down on top of her, and you take the chance to shove your cock into her pussy. You can only fit two thirds of it, but that should be enough. She’s really tight, but wet enough that you can move.

“Aha! How’s that?” you say triumphantly. Nobody can stand up to a cock like yours, right?

Yuugi puts a finger to her lips.

“Eh, I’ve had better.”

Her pussy tightens up like a vise. It hurts and feels good at the same time, and you let out a surprised squeal.

“You’re not any thicker than normal, and a long one’s no good if you can’t fit it all inside.” Everyone you’ve done it with took the whole thing, so you forgot that was a problem.

“Here, lemme show you how it’s done.” Yuugi rolls over to put you on the bottom and pins your arms and legs with her own. You struggle against her grip, but the sight of her hard, thick, dripping cock takes your strength away. She laughs again as she pulls off of you and lines up her cock to penetrate you.

Yuugi’s cock is the biggest one you’ve had. Your pussy stretches painfully to fit it, but the way her cock rubs against everything at once makes your mind go blank. It parts your walls and goes in deeper and deeper, until the tip presses against your womb and pushes it back to make room for more cock. You close your eyes and shiver as the last of it goes inside, throbbing and eager to ravage you.

“Hey, hey, we’re just gettin’ started! Don’t pass out now.”

Yuugi pulls back as slowly as she can, letting you feel how your eagerly your pussy clings to every bit of her cock. When everything’s out but the head, she slams it back in. Everything goes white for a second and your own cock clenches up with pleasure, making you let out a helpless squeal. Yuugi laughs and does it again and again, moving her hips faster and twisting her hips a little more each time.

Every burst of pleasure takes away a little more of your strength. You’d normally love what Yuugi’s doing to you, but you just feel despair instead. How can you fight against something that feels this good?

Yuugi starts groping your breasts too. Her hands are big enough to squeeze them all at once. She presses them together, tugs on your nipples, and covers them in gentle bites, all without stopping her penis. Your body responds eagerly to everything she does, and your mind’s about to give in to her too.

You can’t look at Yuugi anymore. You turn your head and close your eyes, but that makes her go even faster. You just want it to be over now.

“Don’t give up, Okuu!”

“You got this!”

Hm? That’s… Komachi and Orin! They still believe in you. And they’re right! You can’t give up now.

You close your eyes and find the fire deep inside you. It gets stronger and stronger as you focus and stoke it, growing from a tiny flicker to an all-consuming flame. Then you open your eyes, and…

“Wow, that’s really hot. It feels… Huh? Agh!”

A fiery explosion engulfs your body, too hot even for an oni to handle. Yuugi pulls out and jumps away in shock, but you’re perfectly fine. You catch your breath for a few seconds, and then start your counterattack.

You burst up out of the flames and crash onto Yuugi from above, hard enough for her to crack the ground when she falls. Arranging yourself to sit on top of her, you put three fingers in her pussy and thrust as fast as you can. She got pretty wet from using you.

Yuugi moans in confusion at first, but it only takes a minute for her to get better and start stroking your cock. There’s enough juice on it that she can give you a proper handjob, and her tight grip feels really good now.

You’re not sure if you can outlast Yuugi, so you knock her arm away with your rod and stand up. Yuugi starts to do the same, but you drop to your knees and put her cock in your mouth instead. You can only fit half of it, but you try to make up for it with a lot of sucking and tongue, like Komachi does. You bring up your hand and start fingering her again, focusing on the weak points you found last time. She shudders and moans in her powerful voice, and she needs a moment to decide to fight back.

Yuugi finally gets the willpower to push you off, but you were ready for that. You bring up your rod as you’re pushed away and press an edge against her labia, pulling up sharply to stimulate her clit. She doubles over from the pleasure, but she still manages to grapple with you when you attack her again.

You lock eyes with Yuugi as you grab hands and struggle like before. Her grin’s as excited as ever, and her cheeks are really red. She’s probably as close to cumming as you are.

“That was impressive! Think you can do that again?”

Your answer to that is… Atomic Headbutt!


Yuugi clutches her face and falls onto her side. The surprise value made that a lot more effective. Seeing your chance to finish her, you kneel down and put a hand on each of Yuugi’s legs. You push the bottom one down, pull the top one way up, and bring your pussy in close, concentrating hard to make fill up with heat. Suddenly, the whole audience gets excited starts whispering.

“She’s charging up! Is… Is that?”

“It is!”

“The Atomic Tribber!”

You wish Orin had given it a better name. In any case, you pin Yuugi’s hands under your feet and stand up a little, pulling your hips back as the fire reaches a breaking point. Her vulnerable pussy is just a few inches below you.

“Take this!”

You pull Yuugi’s legs towards you and propel yourself downwards. She struggles as hard as she can, but her body’s completely restrained. Your pussy crashes into hers and blasts it full of searing heat, creating a visible burst of red. She lets out a loud grunt that turns to a scream as the pleasure consumes every part of her body.

Yuugi collapses underneath you. A thick white jet shoots out of her cock, followed by five or six more, and she shakes and moans the whole time. Your body relaxes at the sight. You let go of her and collapse with a sigh, leaving her to her orgasm while you cover your eyes and breathe deeply. Your cock calms down quickly now that the excitement’s over.

“Utsuho wins!” Satori calls out from somewhere.

You open your eyes and see Yuugi standing over you, flaccid and still leaking cum. She pulls you up easily and claps you on the back.

“That was great! I’ve never felt anything like that. We’re havin’ a rematch real soon, okay? I gotta find a way to beat that move.”

“Sure thing, Yuugi!”

Yuugi leads you to the recovery room, and she decides to get a separate bath from you. You understand.

The baths here are always nice. You lower yourself into the warm, fragrant water and close your eyes, but you only get a moment of rest before Orin scrambles through the door.

“Hey, Okuu!” she says breathlessly. Komachi bumps her out of the way and says the same thing. It seems like they raced each other here.

You smile at both of them.

“What’s up?”

Komachi responds immediately. “Oh, well, the first round’s over now, and I was wonderin’--”

We were wonderin’--”

“We were wonderin’ if you wanted to have some fun here before lunch.”

“Yeah, didn’t see you get off back there, and we might as well celebrate while we’re all still winners.” Orin and Komachi stare at each other.

They look like they’re trying to be friends, but they’d get really competitive if you let them both have sex with you. Maybe you can make them get closer instead…

“Wow, you two are getting along really well! I guess there is something I’d like to do, but it’s kind of perverted.”

“C’mon, you know that’s fine. What is it?” Orin asks, cutting Komachi off.

You take a deep breath. “Well, I’d like to watch and masturbate while the two of you do something intimate.”

Orin’s smile falters. “… ‘Intimate’? Like, between me and her? Together?” she asks.


There’s nothing wrong with skinship, right?


All the air goes out of the room. Okuu thinks the two of you are great pals who agreed to come see her together. That’s not quite what happened. You and Orin slowly turn to look at each other, then back at Okuu’s expectant smile.

“Uh, are you sure? We’re gonna fight each other in the next match, and just the two of us making out is kinda…” You trail off at the sight of Okuu’s eager nodding. It was worth a try.

No good will come of refusing Okuu, but there’s no way you’re letting Orin inside you. Guess you’ll just have to suck it up and…

[ ] Jack her off while she fingers you.
[ ] Sixty-nine her.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Sixty-nine her.
[x] Jack off both her cocks from behind while she rubs you with her tails.
[x] Attempt to paizuri both cocks with some moderate effort.

I would be tempted to try doing it so good it'd distract her, but she might find a way around it.
[X] Jack off both her cocks from behind while she rubs you with her tails.

Liking this.
[X] Jack off both her cocks from behind while she rubs you with her tails.
[X] Jack off both her cocks from behind while she rubs you with her tails.

This is brilliant.
Closing votes, double handjob vs tailsex wins.
[x] Jack off both her cocks from behind while she rubs you with her tails.

Might as well do it on your terms. Maybe you can embarrass her.

“Alright, sure! C’mon, Orin!” You take off your clothes as fast as you can. Orin does the same a second later, and you pounce on her the moment she’s naked. She lets out a yelp as you hug her from behind and point her to Okuu’s right. She’d normally try to get out, but you can’t be fighting in front of Okuu.

Orin’s body has the kashas’ signtature sleekness and athleticism as. There’s plenty of musculature packed away in her lithe frame, but it doesn’t show like it does on Yuugi. If she wanted to, she could jump clear across the room or punch a hole in the wall with equal ease. Even though her breasts are smaller than yours, you have to admit that you’re a bit jealous. All the more reason to drive her crazy.

You wrap a hand around each of Orin’s cocks. You’re surprised to see that they both have some precum, but you seem to be getting a bit wet too. Not gonna think too deeply on that. You squeeze out some more of the salty stuff and and rub it into her cock before you start your stroking in earnest.

You’ve had plenty of practice with both hands, but you’ve never done anything quite like this before. You usually use your left hand for reach-arounds, so the right one’s a little less coordinated. You make up for it by slowing down your left hand and focusing more on the glans with your right. The difference is pretty hard to detect, though, especially for someone who’s getting two of your handjobs.

Orin acknowledges your hands with a quiet grunt. She’d like to leave it at that, but you keep milking her until you force out a few moans. She’s not too happy about that.

“Hey, lemme make you feel good too, Komachi!” Orin says with a vicious edge. She reaches back and uses both hands to spread your pussy wide open. You realize what she has planned just as a rough, bristly tail forces its way into you. The hairs are all pointed towards the tip, so the penetration makes them spread out and scratch all over your walls.

Your pussy shudders violently in surprise. The stimulation from the hairs is a bit painful, but the pleasure form the friction easily overpowers it. Orin scrubs her tail back and forth as she works it into you, giving your whole pussy another pleasant scratch with the slightest movement.

“How d’you like my tails, Komachi? Okuu’s had plenty of fun with them.” The first tail reaches your cervix and settles down. You only get a second to rest before another one attacks your clitoris, making your body clench up as those rough hairs scrape over your most sensitive spot. You give Orin’s cocks a hard squeeze to let her know how you feel.

You’ll need to step it up too. You try moving both hands together, but alternating your strokes seems to better match Orin’s tempo. Her cocks are both soaked in precum now, and they twitch constantly in your grip. It seems like you should be able to disrupt her concentration by blinding her with pleasure, but no amount of stroking stops the constant shifting friction on your clit and your pussy.

All of this seems to be achieving its purpose, at least. Okuu slides her body back and forth underwater while she watches you with a ferocious blush. Judging from the way she’s moving, she must be grinding her pussy against her rod while she strokes her cock.

“Okuu’s really gettin’ into it. We make a good couple,” you whisper sarcastically.

“Ah, shut up n’kiss me.” Orin leans her head back and turns it towards you, and you press your puckered lips against hers. You almost use your tongue out of habit, but you stop yourself just in time.

You and Orin both moan enthusiastically before breaking the kiss with an audible pop. You pull her in a little closer and speed up your rhythm, making sure to touch every part of each cock with each stroke. You’re both moaning constantly now, but neither one of you wants to show weakness by cumming first.

Orin’s tails suddenly withdraw. You know you haven’t beaten her, and she confirms it a moment later when she hits your pussy with both tails at once. They seem to be twisted together now, giving you a little more girth to cling to tighten around while her hairs scratch you as forcefully as ever. The pleasure forces you to slump onto her back, but you don’t let up with your hands for a second.

“I’m gonna cum, Komachi!” Orin announces. Her voice is dripping with exaggerated affection.

“Me too!” you cry out. Orin turns her head and lowers her voice.

“Point me at her!” she whispers urgently.

“Fat chance.”

Orin pinches your clit in response, sending you over the edge ahead of her. You ram a few fingers into her pussy to finish her off as the first tremor takes you.

Orin’s cocks start firing a pair of fragrant white streams. She lets go of you and tries to to direct them at Okuu, but you quietly wrestle her in the other direction even as your body quakes with pleasure. She uses the two tails inside you to take out her frustration, and all the scratching and thrusting makes your orgasm a half-minute longer. The pleasure is just a nuisance to you, though.

You and Orin finish and collapse to the ground, both exhausted and panting. You were the first one to cum, but she didn’t get to cum on Okuu’s face. You’ll call that even.

Speaking of Okuu. You look over and see that she’s she’s still playing with herself in the same spot. She’s going slower than before, though, so she’s probably close.

“Still need to cum, Okuu?” you ask with a tired smile.

Okuu snaps out of a little trance. “Ah, yeah. Do you two wanna share it?”

Not really, but that’s the best you’ll get.


Okuu stands up and reveals her magnificent cock, twitching frantically and ready to blow. You and Orin crawl over and start licking it immediately, competing with each other for the head. Your lips and tongues touch as you fight over it, but you don’t mind. Because it’s for Okuu, that is, not because…

You’re so focused on the competition that Okuu’s orgasm catches you off-guard. She moans loudly in her cute voice and pushes her cock into your mouth, giving you delicious reward for your effort. You close your eyes and calm down as you drink it down, but she pulls your head off before you’re satisfied and gives the rest to Orin. Judging from the hazy look in Orin’s eyes and the way she licks her lips afterwards, she enjoys the flavor as much as you do.

Okuu gets out of the bath and starts drying herself off. You and Orin find your clothes and get dressed, avoiding eye contact and silently agreeing to never speak of this again. You think she left a few hairs inside of you.

“Mm, that was nice to watch. You two really wanted to please each other,” Okuu says dreamily.

“Uh… Yeah. We really did,” Orin says. It’s mostly true.

A loud growl from your stomach cuts the conversation short. Okuu perks up when she hears it.

“Oh, let’s go get lunch! It’ll be a while before the next round starts.” Okuu cinches her cape and leads you out of the room.


Elsewhere, about a day ago…

[ ] Be Ran.
[ ] Be Minamitsu.
[ ] Be Yuyuko.

You’ll see all three of them.
[x] Be Minamitsu.
[X] Be Ran.
[x] Be Yuyuko.
[X] Be Ran.
[x] Be Ran.
>Because it’s for Okuu, that is, not because…

[x] Be Cheeeeeeeeen.
[x] Be Yuyuko.
[x] Be Minamitsu.

Can't wait to see what she's like.
[X] Be Minamitsu

Because she is underappreciated and underutilized. The other two choices are 'big names', comparatively speaking. I don't think we've had a Minamitsu H scene before, period. I'd love to see BSD's take on her as well.
[X] Be Minamitsu
[X] Be Minamitsu

I love Ran, but this is nice and novel.
[x] Be Minamitsu.

Comparatively-more-obscure characters? Yes please.
[X] Be Minamitsu
Minamitsu wins.
[x] Be Minamitsu.

Myouren temple’s been a bit strange lately.

No, wait.

Myouren temple has lost its mind.

It started with the dick-growings. That part was cool. Yours wasn’t especially big, but you got to fool around with Shou and Ichirin and the rest. Turned out you were second-best at sexy stuff, after Nazrin. Not that any of you were experts.

Then Byakuren showed up.

Now your dicks are apparently the “vehicles upon which a new era will arrive,” and she’s been making all the youkai fuck nonstop for training. You’ve got an idea of what she has planned, and you do not like it at all. It’s nice that she’s excited, but this is too extreme.

Good news is, you don’t have to participate. No place in her plan for a spirit. That’s a relief, but just hanging out and watching all the time is making you feel useless again.

So, you’re thinking of going somewhere else for a while. Somewhere far away.

You’ve heard that the Netherworld’s a great place to hang out. The ghosts there love to party, and the princess is a real looker. It seems strange for an earthbound spirit like you to visit there, but it’s certainly possible. Byakuren’s made a lot of things possible.

Part of you wants to confront her about what she’s doing, but you’re too afraid of getting kicked out. Without the temple, you’re nothing.

Anyway, that’s why you’re floating in front of this big honkin’ gate in the sky. A nice bunch of poltergeists gave you directions. There’s nothing to gain from standing around, so you head up and over like they said. It seems stupid, but it works.

The Netherworld is… actually pretty nice. Giant cherry trees, elaborate stone decorations, soothing purple sky. You could get used to this. You can hear a lot of merrymaking off in the distance, but this giant staircase here is relatively quiet.

Lots of wispy little ghosts float around everywhere. You reach out to one of them, but it shrinks away from you. It must be able to tell that you don’t belong, even though you’re dead.

Can’t dwell on that. The princess likes company, she’ll be happy to see you. Her place must be at the top of these steps. You draw the attention of more ghosts as you start flying up, and they come over to play a friendly game of danmaku. They’ll danmaku with anyone. They’re a pretty good challenge, and you’re starting to enjoy yourself when a boss appears.

You weren’t sure what kind of opponent you expected, but a short human girl was definitely not it. What’s with the phantom following behind her? Is it a pet, or…?

The girl floats backwards at your speed without saying a word, just staring at you with narrowed eyes. Her plain green clothes and short silver hair give her a strict, no-nonsense appearance, and she definitely doesn’t want any nonsense from you.

“… What’s wrong? Is something on my face?” You try cracking a smile.

“You don’t seem fond of company.”

“I just got here, though. It’d be a shame to leave so soon.”

“I’ll just go ahead and make myself at home. If you want me to stay, don’t say anything.”

She pulls out a wicked pair of swords and points them in your direction. No, she’s not letting you through without a fight. That’s fine; nothing wrong with a good scrap!

You set your dipper to “danmaku” and start swinging bullets at her. The curtain of watery destruction hides her from view, so you fly backwards to give yourself time to react in case she bursts through and charges you.

… And that’s exactly what happens. You pull up your anchor just as she unleashes a fearsome air-rending triple-slash. You manage to block all three of them, and then she’s gone again, firing at you from somewhere behind your bullets. Her little wave-shots seem to be leaving marks on your skin. Your body’s just a spiritual construct, so that’s a bit worrisome.

Your first barrier’s almost in pieces. You pull out your trusty Sinking Anchor, but hesitate before declaring it.

This girl’s actually damaging you somehow. You can handle her normal bullets, but you don’t want to think about what that other attack could do to you, even with a spell barrier in the way. You’d better skip the small stuff and pull out all the stops. And this card.

Ghost: Dipper Creeping Close!

Your ghostly nature comes to the fore, turning your body a flickering green. A timer starts ticking off in the back of your head as you teleport around and fire out in blue circles. You aren’t quite able to hit her, but at least the card makes you completely--what happened to all the color?

The girl charges you faster than you can see and cuts everything in half. Like, literally everything. Yourself included. You clutch your chest instinctively, but there’s nothing for you to bleed. Or to clutch, really; you’re missing quite a bit of your lower body. Your senses give out as everything explodes into pain, and you’re vaguely aware of your body hitting the hillside.

Something bright and beautiful opens up before you. Nirvana. You want to reach out and touch it, but something holds you back. It’s… Byakuren and the rest. It wouldn’t be right to leave them forever like this. But, the light is so--

Too late. It’s gone. The pain’s peaked, but it’s not in any hurry to leave. You try opening your eyes again and find a blurry green-and-silver figure standing over you. Your vision clears a little more, and you realize that her katana’s pointed right at your neck.

Pretty crappy vacation.

You look up and wait for the girl to end it, but a mature female voice interrupts her.

“Youmu! Are you bullying the spirits again?”

The girl’s steely death-glare turns to the exact opposite. She sheathes her blades in the blink of an eye and backs away with her hands up, fidgeting and fretting as fast as can be.

“Honestly! What would Miss Yuyuko think if she heard about this?” The woman lands next to you and kneels down to examine you.

She’s… Wow, she’s beautiful. Her skin is almost pale enough to pass for a ghost’s, and her face is smooth and flawless. Her glittering golden eyes are soft with concern, complementing the more yellowish hair that spills out from under her poofy two-pointed hat. The hat’s kind of silly.

She quickly looks you over, shifting enough to let you see a few fluffy tails, then sits back up and sighs. “If you’re still here, you’ll recover. You’re quite strong to survive a direct hit, though. Where did you come from?”

The pretty woman is talking to you! Say something! No, wheezing is not enough! Try harder!

“M… Myouren…”

The woman’s eyes widen. “Ah, I see. You’ve grown strong under Byakuren’s tutelage.”

What? Does she know Byakuren? Then, does she know anything about what’s happening? Why’s she here, of all places? And how did she scare the crazy sword-girl like that? And why does she smell so nice?

Then, there’s another voice. Still womanly, but higher-pitched.

“Oh? What’s all this?”

You look towards the voice to see another amazing woman. At first glance, she’s tall and imperious, surrounded by groveling spirits. But a second glance shows that she’s gentler than that; her eyes are soft and caring, and a smile hides behind her closed fan. Her fancy blue yukata hides most of her body, but the swell of her chest is hard to ignore.

Despite your condition, you feel an urge to get on one knee for her. Byakuren earned your respect, but this woman just naturally deserves it somehow.

The first beauty responds to her. “She lost a fight with Youmu. It should have been fatal, but she’s a strong one.” It’s silly, but you brighten up a little at the compliment.

The pink-haired goddess sits down on your other side with a concerned face. It doesn’t suit her.

“Does it hurt?” she asks, indicating your missing torso. You nod quickly in response, hurting too much to worry about looking cool for her. The soft gaze of her bright pink eyes make you feel strangely submissive.

“I see. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” She leans over you and puts a hand on your chest, letting her huge breasts rest on your arm. They are the softest things.

Something thick and relaxing hits you like a bag of morphine, and the world gets dark and far away. It kind of reminds you of the time when you died, with everything drifiting away in the current. There’s nothing to be afraid of this time, though. You don’t have a life to lose. A lazy smile spreads over your face as the pain disappears, and the ghost-goddess meets it with one of her own.

“I wasn’t aware you could do that, Miss Yuyuko,” the golden-haired woman says from a hundred miles away.

“They won’t die if they’re already dead. It just feels calming to them.”

You can’t stay awake any longer. It’d be nice if you could wake up to…

[ ] The gold-haired woman.
[ ] The ghost woman.
[ ] The girl.
Also: Today marks the story's first birthday.
I discovered a couple things with this update. My dislike of Murasa's design does not translate to a non-visual medium, and a Murasa that knows her place is incredibly satisfying.

[x] The ghost woman.

Congratulations on dragging your story outlasting this long. Here's hoping this either manages to cross the finish line or continues until it stops being fun.

>The hat’s kind of silly.
Yes. Yes, it is.
[x] The ghost woman.
[x] The ghost woman.
[X] The ghost woman.

[x] The ghost woman.
[x] The ghost woman's breasts.
[X] The ghost woman.
[X] The ghost woman.

No other option will do.
[x] The ghost woman.

It must be so!
A pure, untainted tide carries the ghost woman to victory.
[x] The ghost woman.

You tilt your head towards the ghost woman with the last of your strength and fall into oblivion.

Not much to do in oblivion.

You feel a mild tingling in your legs. That means you have legs, so that’s good. Big improvement over last time. You open your eyes to find yourself in a comfy futon in a generic Japanese room. Your clothes are all in one piece, and your weapons are laid out to your left.

“Hello there. How are you feeling?” asks a gentle, womanly voice. It’s the ghost woman, reclining at your other side and watching you with a kind smile.

Are the two of you alone in here? You are. Stay calm. Don’t embarrass yourself.

“Uh, hi. I’m good now. Thanks.”

“There wasn’t any time for introductions earlier. I am Yuyuko Saigyouji, princess of the Netherworld. This is Hakugyokurou, my home. I hope you find it to your liking.”

“Nice to meetcha, I’m Minamitsu Murasa. You can call me Murasa if you want, it’s less syllables.” (Hey, you pronounced your name right!)

“It’s a pleasure, Miss Murasa.” She gives you another one of those smiles, and you smile back automatically.

“I must apologize for the conduct of my gardener, Youmu Konpaku. She’s rather wary of outsiders, and she has an unhealthy tendency to act violent towards ghosts.”

Oh yeah, the swordsgirl. You kinda lost track of her when the bombshells started showing up. Wait, she’s a gardener? How’s that work?

“I’ve given her a proper punishment, but you deserve some compensation as well.” She smirks, and your metaphysical heart skips a beat as she puts a finger on your chest and slides it down between your breasts to your crotch.

“Would something with this be sufficient?” she asks, with a new edge of lust.

You swallow and try to keep from nodding your head off.

“Y… Yeah.”

Yuyuko smiles again and casually undoes her obi. The sides of her kimono fall open to reveal her breasts, every bit as smooth and pale and round you imagined. She scoots closer and presses one of them against your face, letting the bright pink nipple find its way into your mouth. You tighten up your lips and start sucking, flicking your tongue out for a little taste of her skin.

It’s… She’s lactating? And enjoying it, too. You switch from teasing the nipple to actually drinking, trying to pull out as much of the smooth, sweet milk as you can.

“Feel free to drink as much as you want, Murasa. Now…”

Yuyuko pulls off the covers, flips up your skirt, and tugs down your panties without ever stopping her hand. Five fingers curl around your cock, one after he other, and gently slide up and down. Her touch is enough to make you leak precum like crazy; her cleavage blocks your view, but you can picture those pale, delicate fingers all stained with it. She lubricates you with a few shiver-inducing swirls of her hand, then starts pumping away.

The first five strokes are really tight and fast, but Yuyuko’s hand calms down after that. Three of her fingers back off, leaving just the thumb and index finger pinched together around your shaft. Those two fingers move steadily up and down with a fairly tight grip while her breast leaks endlessly into your mouth.

Each stroke brings you a bit closer to cumming, and your cock starts to twitch impatiently. Yuyuko chuckles to herself and picks up the pace while pillowy breast absorbs your moans. Your mouth is coated with the taste of her milk.

Yuyuko keeps speeding up as your moans get higher and higher, then slides her fingers right off when you hit the edge. The orgasm you expected fails to materialize, and you stare up in dazed confusion as she sits up again.

“Mm, so strong and eager. You’re ready to cum?”

That’s more of a statement than a question. Her voice is a lot less proper-sounding now.

“Then, where would you like to ejaculate?” She pulls her clothes off the rest of the way, and your eyes dart all over to try and take in every detail at once. “You can do it anywhere on me… Or in me.” She runs a finger along her slit as she says that.

Yuyuko’s body is flawless. Nothing but radiant pale skin everywhere, with generous curves in all the right places and all the right directions. One breast drips with milk and, and there’s a good bit of moisture coming out from between her legs.

And, finally, you reach her pussy. She spreads it wide open when she sees you watching; it’s as pink as her nipples and completely soaked through, quivering slightly as you watch. Your cock twitches eagerly at the sight.

“… Inside, please.”

This time, she grins. “Certainly.”

Yuyuko pushes your legs together and straddles your waist. She picks your cock up out of its pool of precum and presses it against her slit, making the hot juices inside leak out and run down your shaft.You can feel your orgasm waiting on the other side of that entrance.

At the last second, you decide to try and survive it. You grit your teeth and clench up your whole body, just in time for a rush of wetness and heat that’s too strong to understand; your cock spasms right to the point of orgasm, but misses it by just a hair and settles back down.

Yuyuko’s pussy is amazing, just like the rest of her. The soft, moist flesh molds perfectly onto your cock, pulsating gently and filling it with warmth. It’s the exact amount of stimulation you need to stay right on the edge; the slightest movement in any direction will send you over. You open your eyes and look through fresh tears to see an amused grin on her face.

So, what now? You’re too close to cumming to have sex with her. Well, you can still enjoy yourself.

You reach up and get two handfuls of Yuyuko’s bountiful chest. This is the biggest one you’ve ever worked with, plenty bigger than Ichirin and Shou’s; the only match for this would be Byakuren at full power. Yuyuko’s nipples squirt out little jets of milk when you pinch them, leaving a warm pair of wet spots on your shirt. Yuyuko purrs happily at your haphazard groping, either because you’re doing well or because she just likes the attention.

“Something for you, too.” Yuyuko moves your balls to the side and slides a finger into your pussy. You expect that to be the end of it, but she’s so slow and gentle that the insertion doesn’t even make you twitch. She keeps fingering you in this slow and subtle movements, teasing your pussy without transferring any pleasure to your cock. Part of you wants to just cum already, but another part wants to hold on. Eventually, the first part wins out, and Yuyuko removes her fingers.

“Ready to cum now?” she asks as she licks them off. You nod weakly in response.

“Okay. Just a bit longer.” Yuyuko gently removes your hands from her breasts, then reaches down and grabs your shoulders. Slowly and carefully, she lifts you upright, bringing your head closer and closer to her glistening pink lips. You close the last of the distance yourself and mash your lips against hers.

It’s the warm, slippery touch of her tongue that does it. You feel a little spike of pleasure as you go over the edge, and a thick, relaxing satisfaction follows as your cum lazily spurts out into Yuyuko’s pussy. She hardly seems to notice it, but the walls tighten up and suck on your cock like they’re trying to milk you dry. You play with her plush tongue and stare submissively into her eyes the whole time, feeling like you’re melting in her arms. This is what sex with a goddess must feel like.

You run out of sperm at some point, and Yuyuko sets you back down on the bed. Your cock comes out soaked in juices and cum, and she gives you a tantalizing taste of her warm, nimble mouth as she cleans it off. Then the lust disappears from her eyes, and she’s back to her normal self.

You keep catching your breath while Yuyuko puts her kimono back on. It’s really pretty thin; you see enough curves that you can clearly imagine how her body looks underneath.

“Hmm, I’ll need a bath now. Why don’t you join me? My other guest is there as well.”

Her other guest must be…

“O… kay.” You rise unsteadily to your feet, get your stained clothes back in order, and follow Yuyuko into the hallway with all the poise you can muster. Yuyuko walks breezily ahead of you, calling out a loud but playful “Youmuuu~”

Your assailant is waiting for you when you reach the washroom, wearing just a sarashi and fundoshi. She bows stiffly to both of you and runs off to get some soap and water, leaving you alone with the princess again.

You’re about to ask where the towels are when Yuyuko disrobes shamelessly in front of you. Your eyes instantly glue themselves to her, updating your records of the body you just saw a few minutes ago. There’s a thin trickle of cum running down one thigh.

Time for you to undress now. You tear your eyes off of Yuyuko and look straight down while you tug off all your clothes. You can’t help blushing as her eyes run all over you. You like to think you’re pretty lean and fit, but it’s hard to compare to her heavenly figure. Especially when it comes to breasts.

Youmu comes back and vigorously washes her mistress. She’s quick and efficient, but she seems a bit nervous as well, like Yuyuko might grope her at any second. Which wouldn’t surprise you. The only pause is when she reaches Yuyuko’s cum-stained thighs.

Youmu finishes and starts to head off, but Yuyuko grabs her by the wrist.

“You need to make amends with our guest, Youmu. The least you can do is wash her.”

Youmu lowers her head and nods, then comes over to you with a new washcloth. She’s a lot more docile when Yuyuko’s around, but there’s something dangerous in the look she gives you. You let out a yelp as she starts washing with a vengeance, scrubbing like she’s trying to clean the skin off your bones. The sandpaper-like strokes are amazingly painful, but she is moving pretty quickly. It’s only about a minute before she finishes, leaving you red and aching but clean. She starts to head off again, only to get hugged from behind by her mistress.

“I’ll spend some time with Youmu here. Go on ahead, Murasa.” Yuyuko nods at the exit with a smile that you can’t quite decipher.

You aren’t too eager to spend more time with Youmu, so you hurry on out to the bath. It’s large enough to hold a small party, fenced off by walls of bamboo with the soothing purple sky spread out overhead. You forget all about the pain when you see the your yellow-haired savior reclining in the water with a few empty bottles floating next to her. You slide into the pool as quickly as you can and cautiously work your way towards her.

Her hat’s off now, letting you see the pointy yellow ears underneath. She’s definitely a kitsune, then. From what you can see above the waterline, her body is more powerfully-built than Yuyuko’s, but a scholarly bearing offsets the raw strength. The drink’s given her a bright pink blush, which just emphasizes how pale the rest of her is.

Oh, shoot, she’s looking at you. Introduce yourself!

“Uh, hey there! I’m Minamitsu Murasa, you can just call me Murasa if you want. I work for Byakuren, over at Myouren Temple.”

Ran stops breathing for a moment, but she snaps out of it with a little head-shake. “A pleasure. I am Ran Yakumo, loyal servant of Yukari Yakumo. My surname is assumed.” The sake doesn’t seem to have affected her speech at all; she sounds like she could launch into a math lecture any moment.

Also, Yukari Yakumo? That name sounds familiar. Whoever she is, she must be a really big deal to have someone like this working for her.

“Well, nice to meet you!” You put on what you hope is your most charming sit down as close to Ran as you can without making it awkward. You’re naturally drawn to those golden eyes, but they have to fight with her cleavage for attention. She’s at least as big as Yuyuko, and you can just barely see some aerola at the tips of those huge breasts when she leans back. It’d be great if the water was clearer, but at least it hides the erection you just grew.

She still smells really nice.

A ghost comes by and gives you and Ran some floating trays of food. Thankful for getting something to do, you mutter a quick prayer and dig in. It’s shockingly average. Not much better than temple food. Is this what the princess eats?

Ran glances over and sees the surprise on your face. “Not very impressive, is it? This isn’t Heaven, after all.”

You reply with a little chuckle and take a swig of the sake. That’s certainly drinkable. Ran lapses into thought and eats with a little frown and a furrowed brow. She looks really elegant like that, holding her fancy chopsticks with long, slender fingers that taper off to the fine points of her dark blue nails.

Eventually, you stop admiring her and break the silence.

“Hey, uh… Thanks for saving me. I wouldn’t be here without you.” You offer her a bow of thanks, barely keeping your hair out of the food.

“Hm? Oh, that wasn’t any trouble. I’m just sorry I couldn’t have come sooner. Although… if Youmu had slain you, your soul would have reached Nirvana. Would you not have preferred that?”

You already figured that one out. No need to hesitate. “Nah. I can’t just leave my friends like that. I have forever to get enlightened, but they won’t be around that long, y’know? And I owe a lot to my boss, Byakuren. It wouldn’t be right to skip out on her.”

Ran thinks on that for a moment, then smiles. “It’s nice to be useful to someone you like, isn’t it?” She sighs, and her smile turns kind of sad.

“Somethin’ bothering you, Ran?”

“Hmm…” Ran examines you some more, thinking carefully before she starts to speak. “Oh, I’ve been feeling a bit useless lately. Mistress Yukari required something of me for her latest project, but I wasn’t able to fulfill her expectations. She was forced to alter the plan, and she’s hardly spoken to me since.”

Your chest warms up with sympathy. “She must mean a lot to you, huh?”

“I’m her shikigami. My only purpose is to serve her.”

Well, this is… You can actually help with this. You quickly pull a little speech together, hoping to goodness that it doesn’t suck. It seems strange that you’re preparing to lecture someone you just met, but you can’t stop yourself. Is it because you want to tell someone how you feel, or because you want to score points with her? Maybe both.

“… Well, I don’t know how it is with you, but I’m just one of dozens of youkai who follow Byakuren. When I first joined her, I wanted to do everything for her, but it was always crowded around her, you know? Sometimes I’d go for weeks without talking to her. But she always cared about me, and she knew that I was trying to help her however I could, even if it was something small.”

Hearing yourself say that, running from Byakuren doesn’t seem like such a good idea. But what are you supposed to do instead?

Seems like you gave Ran something to think about at least. She mouths “something small” to herself as she stares off into space. A minute later, she fixes her brilliant gaze back on you.

“You seem troubled yourself, Murasa. Does something bother you as well?”

Whoa, did she read your mind?

“Haha, yeah. I went and said all that, but I don’t really know how I’m supposed to help Byakuren right now. She’s come up with a crazy scheme that I really don’t like, and I don’t know if I’m supposed to go along with it or try to turn her away. What’s it really mean to be her follower?”

Looks like that struck a chord with Ran too. “Hmm. I’m not sure if I know the answer to that either.” She chugs some more sake and blushes a little harder as she gives you a shy smile. “But, perhaps, for now, we could comfort each other? Maybe we can find an answer together.”

You quickly re-close your jaw. Did she really just ask for that? There’s an odd sort of desperation in her eyes that she was hiding before. You can’t refuse, so you scoot in a little closer and mirror her expression.

“Sure, Ran. That’d be great.”

Ran grabs your head with a pair of trembling hands and pulls you to her mouth. You moan as soon as you feel her soft lips touch yours, and it gets louder when her powerful tongue slips in to dominate your mouth. Even after what you did with Yuyuko, this seems like a dream.

One of your hands happens to touch Ran’s crotch, feeling something thick and hard. This is… Wow, this is really big. Ran breaks the kiss and looks away nervously.

“Ah, that’s… Yukari made it extra-large, I think, to punish me.” Ran’s definitely skilled, but she’s acting nervous. Maybe she only ever does it with that Yukari woman.

“Hmm, what do we have here?”

The noise startles both of you. You turn around and find that Yuyuko snuck up on you somehow. She’s had a bit to drink herself.

“My two guests are getting quite intimate. You wouldn’t mind if I joined in, would you?” she asks in her sexy-voice.

Ran seems relieved to see Yuyuko, and you aren’t passing up the chance for this kind of threesome. You both nod your agreement, and Yuyuko gives you each a short kiss. Ran slowly pulls you into her lap while you grope Yuyuko’s breasts, and Yuyuko leans past you to tongue-fence with Ran once you’re in place.

Two pairs of huge, soft breasts press against you from both sides. Ran’s massive cock throbs against your ass with quiet urgency, and Yuyuko skilfully teases your own penis with the tips of her fingers and nails. She switches away from Ran and gives you another mouth-watering kiss while Ran licks up the back of your neck with her rough, nimble tongue. You can feel a few tails creeping towards your penis…

[ ] Suggest moving to a room.
[ ] Stay right here.

Anything you really want to do with them?
[ ] Write-in.
[ ] Give in.

Write-ins may be incorporated even if they don’t get a majority.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give Ran a double-titfuck with Yuyuko.

Murasa's might be small, but...
Staying here means more chance of Youmoe walking in. Plus, water is hot.

Ran JAMMING IT IN probably goes without saying.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.

They look set on using their impressive racks on Murasa and that's okay with me.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Get Ran's cock out in front, and start sucking it. Use Yuyuko's tits to titfuck it.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Get Ran's cock out in front, and start sucking it. Use Yuyuko's tits to titfuck it.
-[x] Let Ran's tails pleasure you while you suck.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.
Disappointed that I am literally the only person who wants this to end up with Minamitsu sleeping in their arms.
I'd gladly do that if it didn't mean giving up a shot at trolling Youmu. I'm in your bath, fucking your princess and kitsune, and you're going to have to clean the mess up. Again.
Wouldn't Youmu wind up cleaning up no matter where they do it?

[X] Suggest moving to a room.
[X] Give in.
That or possibly dragging Youmu into it.
Changing sheets is easy. Bath water, on the other hand... I don't know what they do to clean that stuff, but it's probably more labor-intensive. And there's the fact that it isn't supposed to be soiled in the first place.

Trolling her by dragging her into it. She doesn't want anything to do with Murasa.
That assumes Yuyuko wouldn't nudge Youmu into making amends in some sexy way.

Man, I am ALL up for some sexy, Yuyuko-sanctioned Youmu punishment time. Sex and payback in one wonderful package? Yes, please!
I don't know if turning Youmu submissive would have cured her superiority complex, or whatever it is she has, but I regret not trying when we had the chance after seeing how she treats her inferiors.

>“Oh, I’ve been feeling a bit useless lately. Mistress Yukari required something of me for her latest project, but I wasn’t able to fulfill her expectations. She was forced to alter the plan, and she’s hardly spoken to me since.”
What was that, I wonder? Ran and Yuyuko both seem to know more about what's going on than Murasa, it's kinda a shame we're her. Yuyuko in particular is completely inscrutable.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.
[x]Stay right there
[x]Daisy Chain. Ran into Murasa into Yuyuko.

Yeah, I can't say I like the way she treats other ghosts.

Though, rather than superiority, she might act like that out of an inferiority complex, bullying and killing ghosts to feel in control. A little reeducation could do her some good, either way.
Either that or get her to reveal her frustrations with Yuyuko as it's likely the cause.
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.
Closing votes. Winning combination is:

[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.
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Spent the week studying for a standardized test. It'll be a while yet before I update.
Good luck
[x] Stay right here.
[x] Give in.

These women are too much for you to even try to handle. Might as well give in now and save yourself the trouble.

You slump back against Ran’s chest and open your mouth a little further. Yuyuko presses her face into yours to get her tongue in as deep as she can, making you shiver uncontrollably as she licks all over your teeth and under your tongue. At the same time, Ran keeps kissing your neck and shoulders while her tails cover your thighs and creep slowly towards your penis.

Yuyuko breaks her kiss and grabs Ran’s cock with two fingers. Your mouth feels lonely without her soft tongue writhing around inside.

“You want to put this inside her, right? You’ll need to do more than kissing to get her ready.”

“… Mm.” Ran’s tails tighten around your thighs and pull them up and back, lifting your legs up out of the water. Yuyuko nods in approval and slides two fingers into your pussy without even checking where it is. This time, she tries to stimulate you as much as possible. Her movements aren’t fast, but they’re steadier and more experienced than what you’re used to, and her fingers press against a different pair of sweet spots each time they go in. Soon your juices are flowing past her fingers and tainting the bathwater.

Meanwhile, the tails wrapped around your thighs extend their points to your hard cock. Under the water, they feel like the tips of fine paintbrushes, all gently tickling your shaft and glans and urethra. Some free ones curl around your balls to give them a little massage as well. Ran’s cock throbs under you all the while, impatient to have its turn with you.

Aside from a few quiet moans, you’re silent through all this. Yuyuko’s beautiful face and soft rosy lips are just a foot away, but Ran’s arms are so tight around your chest that you can’t get your head over to kiss her. She just churns up your pussy and watches your helpless reactions with a look of perverted satisfaction.

Yuyuko withdraws her hand and pulls it up to her face, licking off anything that wasn’t washed off by the water. Ran takes that as a signal to pull her tails away and lift you up by your waist. You feel your body come to rest at the tip of her cock, and your stomach turns over nervously.

“Is this okay, Murasa?” Ran whispers.

“… Yeah.”

Yuyuko helps fit in the tip. Ran tightens her grip and starts pulling down, slowly but firmly.

Yuyuko got you really wet, but it’s still tough fitting Ran’s cock inside. It stretches your walls out farther than you thought possible and scrapes over all sorts of nice spots as it digs further and further into you. No matter how much you twitch or moan, Ran doesn’t slow down until the whole thing’s finally inside you, with the knocking on the door to your womb. Your body finally relaxes, leaving you limp and panting in Ran’s arms.

The stretching doesn’t hurt too much. Your pussy keeps trying to close itself up, but it just can’t make Ran’s cock any smaller no matter how hard it squeezes. Your cock actually hurts a little more; that minute of penetration made it harder than rock. Six of Ran’s tails creep around and encircle it one at a time until they form a tight, furry onahole. Two more go back to massaging your balls, and a ninth one runs up through the tube and dedicates itself to your frenulum.

“Start slow, Ran. She’ll need a while to get used to you.”

Ran nods to Yuyuko and tightens her grip. She lifts you up by almost a foot and pulls you steadily back down, twisting her hips from side to side as she does so. Her tails stay tightly wrapped around your cock and slowly shift around as well. Your pussy lights up with a constant burn of pleasure, while your cock shivers under the attention of nine tails at once. Ran starts her next stroke as soon as you touch the base, not giving either of you a second to rest.

Yuyuko sits up on her knees and hefts her breasts out of the water.

“Here, one for each of you.” She shoves a nipple into your permanently-open mouth and holds her other breast up for Ran. Judging by her reaction, Ran uses a bit of teeth. You close your eyes and suck gently to draw out a steady flow of milk while she masturbates with both hands. Her breasts are large enough that you can keep the nipple in your mouth while Ran moves your body up and down.

Yuyuko’s milk is beyond delicious, but you have to pull away. You’re moaning so much that you’re afraid you’ll choke. Yuyuko seems to understand.

“Hmm. Ran, could you stop and let go for a second?”

It takes a minute for Ran to process that, but she eventually complies. Yuyuko picks you up, turns you around, and sticks you back onto Ran’s cock. When your vision clears, you see Ran’s glittering eyes just inches away from you. She’s blushing just as hard as you are.


You wrap your arms and legs around Ran’s back, forcing her breasts to puff out against your chest like a pair of pillows. It flips some kind of switch inside her, making her dig her fingers into your ass and starts fucking you at full strength. Your body’s as light as a feather to her, so she can lift you up to the tip and slam you back down twice a second. It feels so good it almost hurts, and you have to cry for her to stop. When your voice finally gets through to her, she stops abruptly and starts apologizing profusely. Any more and your cock would’ve exploded onto her stomach.

“I’m sorry, Murasa! I just… You hugged me so tightly, I…”

“S’okay. Just go a little slower.” You give her an open-mouthed panting smile, and she stares at you in delight for a second before kissing you.

You and Ran fill each other’s mouths with moans and stare into each other’s eyes, each contributing your movements to a steady, pleasant rhythm. There’s nothing to stimulate your cock right now, but your pussy is giving you all the pleasure you need. Now that you’re used to it, the way Ran’s cock fills you up is just fantastic. None of he ones back at the temple can compare. Her tongue’s just as good as Yuyuko’s, too, and even more forceful.

Suddenly, a sharp spike of pleasure drills into your ass. You jump out of your trance with a loud yelp and see Yuyuko grinning at you with one arm around your back. Her other arm reaches around Ran’s to grope one of her breasts.

“Watching and masturbating isn’t much fun. Let me join in, too.”

Ran nods to herself and stands up, lifting you out of the water with her. She lays you down at the edge of the bath with your legs dangling into the water and resumes her thrusting, going a bit more slowly now. The air is cold against your wet skin, but Ran’s thrusting warms you right back up. It’s a lot louder now, too; there’s no water to muffle the sound of your pussy sucking on her cock as it squelches around inside you.

Yuyuko enjoys your face for a bit before covering it with her ass, pressing her pussy right against your mouth. An intoxicating smell seeps out from inside, and your tongue comes out on its own to lick up the hot, delicious flow. She plants her hands on your chest and squeezes the small breasts she finds there while she grinds back and forth on your face. She’s probably making out with Ran, too.

Ran’s hand moves to your cock and gives it five quick pumps while she grinds against your cervix, bringing you right to the edge. You moan in anticipation of your orgasm, but she doesn’t finish you off. Instead, she and Yuyuko both dismount you, leaving soaked and powerless. Ran has a slightly apologetic look on her face.

“Um… You felt wonderful, Murasa, but I’m not ready to finish yet. It’d be a shame to waste your sperm, so… Perhaps you could cum inside me?” Ran eases you back into the water and bends herself over the edge. Her balls flop down over her throbbing cock, and she spreads her soaked pussy with eight blue nails.

You want to tease her a little, but the sight’s too much to resist. Without thinking, you grab her ass and bury your cock inside her. You lose control before you really even feel her, and her hot, smooth walls clamp down on you to squeeze out six long, satisfying shots of sperm. When it seems like you’ve finally hit the crest, Yuyuko digs her fingers into your vulnerable pussy to force out even more. Your cries fill up most of the air, but you hear a few low moans from Ran as well.

You pretty much fall out of Ran, landing in Yuyuko’s embrace. A thick white stream leaks out of Ran’s pussy. She turns around and sits back down in the water, a little dazed from having so much sperm pumped into her, and Yuyuko’s suddenly all over her. You stumble back to the edge and sit down a few feet to their left.

“You still need to cum, right? We have to keep attacking your cock, or you’ll never get off.” Before Ran has a chance to respond, Yuyuko starts to mount her.

Yuyuko’s voice reaches a new octave as her body descends into the water, twitching and shaking all over. A beautiful pink blush blooms on her pale skin. She exhales loudly when she reaches the base, then leans over to whisper something to Ran. Ran glances in your direction before making her response. Yuyuko seems to approve.

Yuyuko and Ran look away from you. Their eyes meet, and they grab each other’s heads for the most passionate kiss you’ve ever seen. Their heads tilt back and forth as they grind their lips together, mingling loud smacks and slurps with deep moans. A long, thick trail of saliva runs down from the space between their mouths and onto their tightly-packed breasts. From the way their noises keep intensifying, it seems like they keep outdoing each other every few seconds. The sight is more than enough to bring new life to your cock.

Yuyuko and Ran finally end their kiss, and starts thrusting immediately. This angle gives you an excellent view of Yuyuko’s jiggling breasts as she bounces up and down, throwing her head back and moaning in delight. Her breasts spray milk all over Ran’s chest, but neither one of them pays any attention to that. It bothers you to see it all go to waste, though…

You crawl over and put a kiss on one of Ran’s breasts. The tastes of sweat, milk, saliva, and bathwater mingle on your tongue. Ran turns her head from Yuyuko to watch thoughtfully as you run your tongue all over her rack, digging down to the waterline to get at her nipples as well. You didn’t think that breasts could be so delicious.

While your head’s down at breast-level, Yuyuko stops moving and presses hers against the back of your head to smother you in Ran’s cleavage. It’s not too bad.

“If you like them that much, why don’t you go sit on the ledge?” she asks in a suggestive voice. There’s no way you can resist finding out what she means.

You lift yourself up onto the edge, presenting them with another erection. Yuyuko and Ran pause their sex to reposition themselves on either side of you and squeeze your cock between their two sets of breasts, making you exhale in awe as the heavenly softness presses against the shaft from all sides. A warm trickle of milk provides sexy lubricant, and the two women move their breasts up and down in unison while they kiss each other some more.

The sight of your cock in the middle of those huge, perfectly-symmetrical breasts makes you shiver in delight. The soft flesh is pressed tight against every inch of your shaft, with a few hard nipples caressing your shaft as well. Yuyuko and Ran keep moaning even though their hands are busy with the titfuck, so they must be doing it with just their hips at the same time. You reach out and stroke their hair while they go at it.

After a while, you start to get jealous of the fun they’re having with each other. Before you can voice that for yourself, though, Yuyuko breaks the kiss and looks up to you. Is she a sex-psychic or something?

“I want something in my ass, too, Murasa,” she says, staring at you with an unbelievable amount of lust. You can’t disobey her at all now, so you slip into the water behind her and find something nice and soft to grab onto.

Ran reaches over and spreads Yuyuko’s asshole for you, and you line yourself up and plunge right in. Yuyuko accepts you with a dreamy moan and clamps down on your cock, sucking the whole thing inside her and crushing it from all sides. It’s incredibly hot inside her, and so tight that you can just barely manage to thrust for her.

You decide to alternate your thrusts with Ran’s. She’s going at a really fast pace, and you can feel her hard cock rubbing yours through Yuyuko’s walls. The pleasure from Yuyuko’s tight, greedy asshole is hard to stand, but Yuyuko keeps encouraging you to hold on for just a bit longer. You’d probably go mad from getting fucked like she is, but Yuyuko handles it just fine.

You notice Ran staring at you over Yuyuko’s shoulder. She licks her lips and claims your mouth again, and a few of her tails reach around Yuyuko to caress you. You’re next, her eyes seem to say.

The double penetration finally overwhelms Yuyuko’s resistance. She lets out a complex, melodic moan and clamps down so hard you can’t even move. The sound and Ran’s kiss and the tightness drag you over the edge with her, and her asshole doesn’t release you until it’s extracted another plentiful load of sperm. She only needs a minute to recover before she gracefully dismounts the both of you and uses her hands to inspect Ran’s cock.

“Not even with that?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Yuyuko.”

“Mm, that’s fine. We’ll just need to go all-out. Bend over, Murasa.”

“Wha?” Yuyuko puts you in the position herself and digs a few fingers into your ass. There’s another nice burst of pleasure, but you’re more concerned with the way her fingers are dig around inside you. You let out a dozen back-arching moans before she stops and spreads you. You look back and see Ran walking up to you, and her thick glans presses against the entrance a few seconds later. Your hole’s still far too small to let it in.

“H-Hey, wait! There’s no way that’ll --”

Yuyuko puts a finger on your lips. “It will if you think it will. Your body isn’t real anymore, right? You can change it if you try hard enough.”

Well, it’s worth a shot. You close your eyes and try your hardest to accept the idea that Ran’s cock can fit in your ass. And, surprisingly, it works; your asshole suddenly widens somehow, and the thick shaft at the entrance starts working its way into you.

It’s still a really tight fit, though. Your fingers and toes curl up uncontrollably, and your body spasms continuously. Yuyuko and Ran both hold you down until your body finally goes limp and surrenders, and Ran inserts the last of it without any trouble.

Ran’s hands move down to spread your pussy, and you don’t understand why until a pair of tails penetrates you. Your asshole clenches up on reflex, making you blank out when it convulses around Ran’s huge, thick cock.

Your pussy’s never felt anything so soft before. The tails are soaked with bathwater, but they still brush against your sensitive spots in a way that cocks can’t duplicate. A third one slides in to join the other two, and they start moving around inside of you like a bunch of tentacles.

After another humiliating round of pleasure, the tails stop moving and coil together. Ran pulls them out along with her cock, fighting against the suction from your walls for every inch, and slides everything back in at the same rate. Your body just melts with pleasure.

You can hear the loud smacks and slurps of a kiss going on behind you. You steal a glance backwards and see that the other six tails are all busy with Yuyuko. All this tail-fucking seems like second nature to Ran.

The pleasure forces you into a daze for a while, with the pleasure from each thrust echoing all through your body. It ends when you find your face buried in Yuyuko’s pussy, with her hand gently holding it in place.

“You’re just drowning in pleasure, aren’t you?” she asks as you lick her. You can’t do much but moan back. “I want to see you do it even more, though. You’re so cute, I might have to keep you for myself.” Yuyuko pushes you upright into Ran’s iron grip. She spreads her pussy with one hand and grabs your cock with the other, slowly bring the two together while Ran keeps pounding away at you..

“Hey, wait, Yuyukoooo…” Your protests melt away as Yuyuko’s pussy swallows your cock. It’s softer and gentler than her asshole, but its slippery walls coil around you in their own aggressive way.

Your holes might as well be Ran’s property now. Every one of her thrusts forces another weak moan out of you and pushes your cock deep into the hot, wet plush of Yuyuko’s pussy. It’d be really embarrassing if anyone from the temple saw you like this, but you can’t help yourself. These two women are just irresistible.

Yuyuko falls on her back and pulls you down on top of her, forcing you to move your hips to please her while Ran keeps drilling into you. Between her ecstatic moaning and the quiet growls coming from Ran, you figure that everyone’s on the edge, yourself most of all. It’s a miracle you lasted this long.

Ran finishes it with an earth-shattering thrust, and all the built-up pleasure blooms into… something wonderful. You let your mouth hang open as you bask in the warmth, feeling your whole body clench and unclench in it grip. A hot river of cum pours into you and floods your ass, and Ran does the same for your pussy once your ass is full. That’s not enough either, so she makes Yuyuko’s asshole hold the last of it. Meanwhile, Yuyuko’s pussy milks out every last drop of your cum while she kisses you with a level of skill you can’t begin to understand.

You black out for a bit and wake up in Ran’s arms, still in the bath and still full of hot cum. Her spent cock rests peacefully against yours.

“Did you like that, Murasa?” she asks. Even though she’s tired, her voice still retains its poise.

There’s no way to say anything back without making the biggest understatement in the Netherworld, so you just nod submissively. Ran purrs quietly and strokes your hair.

“I’m glad I could at least do that much for you. It’s my fault you came here in the first place, though.”


“If I’d been a little better at magic, then Yukari wouldn’t have had to make Byakuren to do all this.”


Well. In defiance of every ounce of common sense you have, you’re back at the ring. Everyone’s coming back from lunch now, ready for the second round of matches. If you remember correctly, the next one is between Komachi and Orin. You were hoping Komachi would be available, but this should be worth watching.

There are only three people in the stands. The monstrous oni sits at the bottom level and watches the ring with bestial excitement, and the raven girl sits further up with the tsuchigumo close by. The blonde youkai with the green eyes is nowhere to be seen.

The raven catches sight of you and waves you over with a kind smile. You try your best to return it as you walk up to her. You won’t be getting away now.

“Hi, Miss Kasen! Where have you been?”

You were about to, but something made you stay behind. Something about what you did with Komachi…

“… Oh, nowhere special.”

“Okay. Komachi and Orin are gonna fight now. It’s gonna be really good!”

You take your seat and try to calm down. Now that you’re here, you aren’t sure what to do. You want to try Komachi’s kind of sex again, but what exactly does that entail?

[ ] One-on-one with her, like before.
[ ] You need to try the penis she offered you.
[ ] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…
[x] You need to try the penis she offered you.
[x] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…

>She’s strikingly pure for an underground youkai. Perhaps she would… No, that won’t do. You can’t be thinking like that.
Kasen needs to think like that.
[x] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…
[x] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…
[x] You need to try the penis she offered you.

I'll admit, I was kind of against the idea corrupting Kasen. But then I thought: "So, what would corrupted Kasen be like?"

...BSD, if Kasen giving in means Kasen returning to acting like an oni should, this idea has my unwavering support.
[x] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…

Purity, even down here?

Must investigate.
[x] You need to try the penis she offered you.

I'm all for some more corruption!
[X] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…

Did we just BAD END Murasa?
In what possible way is being fucked stupid by Ran and Yuyuko 'bad'?
we don't know if she's an Oni yet so it's a foolish thing to assume.
[X] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…

I cannot resist this choice.
Disregard it...I read too much into this...

[x]Notice that satori with a purple third eye who's sitting next to you
[x] You need to try the penis she offered you.
[x] You need to try the penis she offered you.

Could someone please pass the penis? I've heard it's really good.
Wow, you don't know a damn thing about Kasen, do you? Go look her up on the wiki.
It's only been hinted at and for all we know, BSD might be going in another direction.
His direction is that she's a hermit, uncomfortable with her sexual desires. Because that is sexy. Her status re:onihood doesn't have much relevance to this story.
[x] Closing votes. Okuu wins.
[x] Actually, you were hoping to try it alone with this raven…

If she can remain pure at heart while surrounded by such depravity, then Komachi might be right. Maybe you can enjoy sex while you pursue enlightenment.

“Say, Okuu.”

“Hm?” She smiles and aims her burning eyes right at you. Her skin has the purity of fired clay, and her shockingly lewd breasts seem to be doing their best to stand out through her modest clothing. You lean closer to her ear to keep your words from the tsuchigumo.

“Would you mind if I…” How are you supposed to do this? Can you just casually propose sex in this place? That seems like what Komachi would do, so maybe you can.

“… If I came to your room tonight?”

“Because I’d like to get to know you better!”

A little request like that was enough to get you all bothered. Okuu is surprised, as you expected, but she gently grabs your arm before you can run away. The kind smile she gives you makes your heart skip a beat.

“Okay. I might be pretty tired, though.”

“Th-That’s fine. As long as you can.” You gingerly settle back into your seat, blushing profusely and avoiding the eyes of both women. Instead, you focus on the arena, where Komachi and Orin have taken their places.


At long last, you and Orin are facing each other on the field of battle.

“This is great, isn’t it?” she says with a wide, dangerous smile. “We can go at it all we want, no questions asked. And everyone’s watching.”

“The best place for you to get your revenge, huh?”

“Ohoho, you don’t know the half of it. After what you did to Okuu? I’m gonna make you my personal fuck toy. And you’re gonna love it.”

You harden your voice. “Okuu gave me her permission, Orin.”

“She’s too naïve. You’re scopin’ this place out for the Yama, aren’t you? And havin’ some fun with everyone ‘fore you drag ‘em all off to Hell.”

“Wow, you’ve really lost it. Guess I gotta rape some sense into you, huh?” you say, getting in a fighting stance.




Orin knocks you to the ground faster than you can think and forces her lower cock into your pussy.

“Hey, hey, you’re not supposed to give in so easily!” she taunts, rubbing her upper cock against your clit while the other one thrusts into you. There’s nothing special about its shape or its size, but you get the feeling that her technique is her strong point. Right now it’s just an annoyance.

You hurl Orin meters away and fix the distance, making her stand still while you get back on your feet. The two of you can’t get any closer or further away like this.

The two of you slowly circle each other, fighting a war of dramatic gazes while you’re held apart by the invisible barrier. Orin stays tense and alert as she waits for the situation to change; you can probably use that to your advantage.

You start to reduce the distance, and Orin starts swinging at you immediately. Unfortunately for her, you don’t pull her in all the way. Her hands flail about just in front of your face, but she can’t quite manage to reach you. Her attack stalls when she notices that, and that’s when you finish pulling and knock her flat.

Orin’s body adhere to the ground as soon as it touches. You cross your arms over your chest and walk up to her with a smile that’s slightly more sadistic than you’d like. You can’t help it.

“Alright, are you gonna calm down now?” You slip a foot between Orin’s cocks and use it to stroke the one closer to her body. The other cock gets in the way, but you just stick to the basics: use lots of pressure, keep the heel off the shaft, and fit it between your big toe and the little one next to it. Orin seems to be enjoying it a little more than she should; you give her an accusatory look, and she just smirks even harder.


Suddenly, something hot and thick rams into your pussy. The shock of pleasure makes you double over with a loud cry, and it thrusts desperately until you force it out with your powers. Looking between your legs, you see that it was… a dick-shaped evil spirit? How clever.

Orin’s still where you left her, with a sly grin on her face. “Pretty good, huh? You can’t catch ‘em in time if they show up right next to ya!”

A second ghost-dick penetrates your ass. It doesn’t have to worry about silly things like “lubrication.” You scare that one off after it gets in a couple of thrusts, but another pair comes to attack both holes at once. Orin’s getting a real kick out of this, isn’t she?

You keep working Orin’s cock with your foot and pushing back the spirits as they attack, focusing closely on your lower body to catch them as soon as possible. She’s found a way to fight back even when she can’t move, but it won’t be enough to stop you.

“C’mon, Orin. You really think that’s going t-mgph?” Another sprit catches you off-guard and forces itself into your mouth. You’d forgotten to watch out for that part. You think it’s just another dick at first, but then it shoots deep into you and grabs ahold of your soul.

That’s bad.

For a second, it feels like your body’s full of ice. The chill fades, but you stay rigid. Your arms don’t work. Your legs don’t work. Your powers don’t work. You can’t do anything but think, and it seems like something’s entered your mind as well. You make a panicked effort to do something, anything at all, but your body’s no more responsive than a statue’s.

Then it starts moving on its own, seeming to pull you along with it. Your brain flips a few switches to release Orin, and you stand perfectly straight with your arms at your sides while she gets up off the ground, grinning wider than ever.

“Ahahaha! Looks like someone underestimated me, huh? Now my spirit’s in complete control of you, and I’m controllin’ him, so…”

“You can make me do whatever you want,” your voice finishes, calm as can be.

“Yep! We’re gonna have lotsa fun together.” She pinches your nipples and rolls them between her sharp red nails. Your moans come out just fine, and cheers and whistles rain down from the stands.

“Now, why don’t you let me get a good look at you?” You respond immediately by holding up your breasts and smiling. Orin licks her lips and plants a rough kiss on each one, making sure to scrape her tongue over your sensitive nipples.

Once your milk’s flowing in a thick stream, Orin steps back to let you flaunt yourself some more. Your body stumbles through an impromptu dance, gyrating and jiggling and thrusting all around, before settling down on the ground with your legs wide open. You reach down to spread both holes with your hands, and Orin moves her head close enough for you to feel her hot breath.

Orin presses her tongue against the very bottom of your pussy and slowly drags it upwards, rubbing the rough surface against as much of your exposed walls as she can. The pain’s far outmatched by the pleasure, and you squirt some milk into her hair as you throw your head back and moan. When she finally reaches your clit, she switches to her teeth and nibbles a bit more roughly than you’d like. Your inability to resist the pleasure seems to make it stronger, to the extent that you can hardly see straight.

You need to come up with a way to get out of this. You can’t control your powers, and you can’t do the “flash with the color of judgment” thing either, but you can still think. There has to be a weakness here. Maybe the--mghf!

A mouthful of cock derails your train of thought. Orin has you sitting up on your knees, fingering both holes while you suck her upper cock and stare up at her face with soft, submissive eyes. You’d like more than anything to bite down. Orin puts a hand on your head and slides it back and forth, going in as far as she can without inconveniencing her other penis.

Your fingers are going on autopilot, enacting the routine you’ve used to please yourself tens of thousands of times before. But, it seems like someone else is doing it to you this time. Someone with an exhaustive knowledge of your ass and pussy. A powerful smell is coming out of Orin’s cock and floating up to your head, scrambling your thoughts even further.

“Hmm. Actually, I have something better than your fingers. Free up those holes for me, Komachi.” Your arms retreat behind your back, and your own powers lock them in place. You holes only get a second of rest before a pair of vigorous ghost-dicks starts using them. They seem even more energetic than the other ones, spinning around inside you to grind continuously against your walls while they thrust with reckless abandon. Their aim stays true no matter how much your body twitches and shudders, and you give Orin’s cock a thick coating of moans. It’d be nice if she lost control and exploded in your mouth, but she seems to have plenty of endurance.

“Oh, these guys are great. They decided they wouldn’t move on from this world ‘til they lost their virginities, and I’ve been carrying ‘em around for an occasion like this. Isn’t it nice that you’re helpin’ them out?”

Orin switches the cock in your mouth and starts fucking your throat, making the first one slide up and down your face between your eyes. The two cocks she has fucking you are too much to handle; they feel like they’re perfectly sized for the holes they’re using, and they’re so hot and rough that it feels like your body’s melting. Orin’s laughter, the spirits’ lustful panting, and the bloodthirsty cheers from the audience all weigh down on your mind, threatening to break you as soon as you cum. You make one last effort to move your body and slump into acceptance. Looks like this is--

The ghost-cocks stop moving and pulse inside you, trying their best to squirt out long streams of non-existent cum. Orin senses it and stops moving.

“What, that was it? You lousy buncha quickshots!” The spirits float up in front of her and apologize repeatedly. “Oh, don’t ‘felt too good’ me! You’re ghosts, for cryin’ out loud!” You patiently suck her cock and lick her glans through the whole exchange.

After some more shouting, Orin shooes the spirits away and pulls her cock out of your mouth. “Bah, shoulda seen that coming. But, that’s not so bad. I wanted to finish you myself anyway. Get in a nice position for me, Komachi.”

Orin lets go of your head. You turn around and lie down on your stomach, folding your legs and pushing your ass up into the air. She grabs it eagerly and digs her nails deep into it, growling happily as she double-penetrates you.

A high-pitched moan squeaks out of your mouth. The other cocks were great, but Orin’s feel even better inside you. They’re both warm and hard, and not desperate to use you. You discover with some level of shock that part of you wants them to dominate you and use you and fill you up with cum.

“Now, how long is this gonna take?” Orin starts fucking you in a steady, irresistible rhythm. Most double-penetrating cocks alternate their strokes, but Orin’s move in perfect unison, hitting you with a searing burst of pleasure every other second. The impacts are the best part, but she also moves just slowly enough that your insides cling to the shafts as she pulls out. Your hips start chasing them and grinding against her, and you’re not sure if that was your idea or hers. You’ll only last another minute at this rate.

[ ] You gotta do something!
[ ] You can’t…
[x] You gotta do something!

She didn't make it this far just to lose to Orin.
>You discover with some level of shock that part of you wants them to dominate you and use you and fill you up with cum.
Sounds good.

[x] You can't...
[X] You can’t…
[x] You gotta do something!

We can't lose this! Can't Komachi, I dunno, de-possess herself or something?
[x] You gotta do something!
[x] You can’t…
[x] You gotta do something!

Dont lose now after all this!
[X] You can’t…
[x] You gotta do something!
[X] You can't...

This looks like a good normal end to me. Komachi quivering in pleasure as she gets filled to the brim with load after load of cum sounds delicious.
[X] You can't...
[x] You can’t...
[x] You can’t…

You can't... go wrong with two redheads paired up together.
[x] You gotta do something!
[x] You can’t...
[X] You can't...

Lovely lovely~
[x] You gotta do something!

Meh... If Orin and Komachi were more friendly to each other, then maybe...
[X] You gotta do something!
Not like this.
[x] You gotta do something!
Call for help?
[x] You gotta do something!

Orin's too much of a psychotic bitch right now for me to accept losing to her.
[X] You can’t…
[x] You gotta do something!

We can't let our journey end here! Stand and fight!
[X] You gotta do something!

Call for Tewi.
Why not let it end here? It didn't stop the last several times we ended it.
[X] You gotta do something!

You can do it Komachi, I believe in you!
Because Orin isn't being nice? No way I want to see her win here.

[X] You gotta do something!
[X] You can’t…
[X] You can’t…
>other writer posts shortly after update with a vote for Orin
>couple people suggest a normal end.
I see what's going on here. Why are you guys trying to cost us an extra scene? It's pretty obvious this is a normal end.
[x] You can’t…
Well well...
[x] You can’t…
[x] You can’t...
[X] You can't...

...well, can you?
Sure is suddenly tons of votes.

Aside from a few couple hour breaks, voting has overall been pretty smooth and consistent.
I don't buy it. The votes are way too close one to another for me to believe someone isn't cheating.
[x] You can’t…
[x] You can’t…
More like a Bad End.
(I didn't even consider that possibility when I voted, it's been so long since the last one I'd forgotten all about it.)

But supporting that theory, look at the writer who voted for it. That dude won't even touch bad ends, so why would he vote for this if it was?
[x] You can’t…
Kasen is in this? How did I miss that? I'm suddenly interested.

What's she do in this story? Don't worry to much about spoilers.
Because he doesn't write this story and he doesn't know how it will turn out? Unless the different writers keep each other informed about their plans I assume he doesn't know much more than the rest of us. Hell, I'm interested in seeing how the giving up option turns out but I won't vote against the option I want on the assumption that we'll get both anyway.
[x] You can’t…
[X] You can’t…
[x] You gotta do something!
Maybe you should try reading the thread. And maybe the last thread, too.
Closing votes. Komachi can't.
Come on Kasen Interrupt!
[x] You can’t…

You can’t resist her. Even if she wasn’t in control of your body, you wouldn’t want to push her away. Her cocks just feel too good. You moan shamelessly through the last few thrusts and cry out in delight as your orgasm starts.

Orin’s cocks unload a pair of huge loads into your ass and pussy. Both holes go completely out of control and convulse with irresistible pleasure for minutes on end, obliterating any self-control you had remaining. You can’t think about anything but Orin’s delicious cocks and the thick sperm that’s filling you up.

Your body collapses with a shudder as Orin finishes cumming and pulls out. Your own orgasm assaults you for a while longer, like it’s trying to rub in how badly you lost. The spirit sinks deeper into your soul, permanently asserting its dominance. Not like you’d resist it. You’ve been corrupted, and it feels wonderful.

Behind you, Orin bursts out laughing. She’s loud and kind of high-pitched and triumphant, like she can’t believe this is really happening.

“Haha! I did it! I really did it!” Cheers and whistles fill the air as Orin waves to her audience with a huge smile on her face.

“And now… And now you belong to me, Komachi. Let’s get you cleaned off.”

Orin struts out of the arena as jauntily as ever, with you following behind on all fours. It only seems natural.

In the bath, Orin cleans you and subjects you to a thorough examination, paying special attention to your two cum-soaked holes and checking inside and out for sensitive spots. When she’s satisfied, she has you sit down on the edge and spread your legs for her. Your pussy gets wet automatically at the prospect of another fucking.

Orin lets out a low whistle. She seems a little nervous too. “Wow. Your body was just built for sex, wasn’t it? It’d be a shame to let it go to waste.”

Orin stands up and comes closer. Her cocks are both hard and ready again, and she gently rubs one against your clit as she speaks.

“Well? Want me to fuck you again? You’re gonna have to beg for it, y’know.”

That’s fine by you. You spread your pussy and your asshole and stare longingly into her eyes.

“My slutty holes want another taste of your cocks, Orin. Cum inside them as much as you want.” It’s embarrassing, but every word of that is true. You’ve really lost it, haven’t you?

“Hah! And you were so defiant a few minutes ago. Alright then, how about… this?

You’re expecting a cock in each hole again, but Orin sticks them both into your pussy instead. Your powers kick in and stretch it just enough to accommodate them. She pulls back and thrusts again at full speed, making you throw your head back to cry out in amazement.

You’ve never had a perfectly-synchronized double-vaginal like this. The two cocks mercilessly stretch your hole as they plunge in and out of you, rubbing your cervix in two spots at the end of each thrust. A thin stream of drool leaks out of the corner of your mouth as you moan in Orin’s face.

“Look at you! You don’t care about anything but my cocks, do you? Well, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” Orin runs out of taunts and starts blushing as she stares at your flushed face. She shakes it off and focuses on her thrusting for a while, but her eyes are drawn back to the sight of your glazed-over eyes, your glistening, panting mouth, and your huge breasts squirting milk as they bounce up and down.

Eventually, she gives in and kisses you.

A warm pleasure spreads from your lips to the rest of your body, making your pussy feel extra-sensitive to Orin’s continued thrusting. Her rough tongue slides into your mouth and asserts its control, rubbing forcefully over the sensitive skin. Suddenly coming to her senses, she pulls away and wipes her mouth off with one hand before digging her fingers into your thighs and finishing you off.

Two huge loads of sperm blast into your soaked pussy, quickly overflowing into the water. The first shot forces you straight into an orgasm that blanks out your senses, leaving you all alone in a roaring sea of pleasure. The wonderful squeezing in your pussy goes on for ages.

Orin pulls out and steps back to admire you. Your upper body’s covered in sweat, your breasts are still spurting milk like it’s going out of style, you pussy’s gaping open and leaking thick globs of cum, and a smaller load’s still leaking out of your ass.

“Your cocksh are wonderful, Orin,” you say dreamily, trying to look at her though a haze of tears.

Orin nods to herself and runs over to her clothes to pull out a red collar. She fastens it securely around your neck, and it instantly feels like it belongs there. You smile at her, and she smiles back.

“There y’go. Now you belong to me.”


After that, you became Orin’s sperm-slave-pet. She got a big room in the palace and had you live there when she didn’t need you.

Every day, she’d feed you your meals with a side of sperm and take you for a walk through the city. Sometimes she put you against a wall and did you in public, but she didn’t let other people join in. It always felt amazing to have everyone watch you and see how much you belonged to her.

Later she’d take you to the bath carefully and scrub you over, making sure to clean out all the cum left inside you. You’d lovingly wash her as well and clean her feet with your tongue. At the end of the day, she’d fuck you nonstop until her balls were completely empty, which could take more than an hour if it’d been really stressful. Afterwards, you’d hold her close and kiss her forehead while she drifted off, snuggled up against your soft, warm body.

You caught glimpses of Yuugi and Yamame sometimes, but you didn’t care about them anymore. They weren’t as strong as beautiful or as good at sex as Orin was. Okuu was there too; she seemed kind of sad whenever she saw you, and she started avoiding you after a while. You thought she would’ve been happy to see you and Orin getting along so well.

Orin was haughty and gloating for the first few days, and then she changed to being playful and kind of affectionate. But something changed all of a sudden, and she started acting really angry and fucking you harder and harder until you almost passed out from the pleasure. You were worried that you’d done something wrong, but she’d just insult you whenever you asked about it.

After a week of that, she sat you down one day and stared into your eyes with a mixture of embarrassment and disgust. She said,

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Komachi. You’re a worthless slut who doesn’t even deserve to be my sex slave, but… I kinda like you.”

There was a brief silence, and then you jumped on her and hugged her and didn’t get off until she’d fucked you senseless. After that, she always smiled warmly and stroked your hair and kissed you during sex. You were really happy. But then…


Orin hasn’t been spending time with you lately. She just leaves you your food and does you once before bed. You’re not allowed to masturbate, so there’s nothing to do but wait here and let the desire eat away at you. You draw yourself into a ball on the bed and close your eyes with an unhappy sigh.

A loud slamming sound startles you awake. Orin’s in the doorway!

“Hey, Komachi-machi! I brought you a friend to play with!” Orin tugs on a leash in her hand, and a familiar face stumbles into the doorway, naked and blushing and hiding her naughty bits. You can’t believe your eyes.

“Kasen!” You jump up and run over to glomp her. She tries to resist you, but your hug’s too forceful and eager. “Did you come to be Orin’s cumdump too?”

Kasen starts nodding with erratic, jerky motions, but then she breaks free of something and shakes her head emphatically. “No! No, I don’t…” Orin sticks a few fingers into her pussy, and her protests dissolve into moans.

“I caught her snoopin’ around here. I’ve been tryin’ to make her my pet all week, but she doesn’t wanna go along with it,” Orin says, casually stirring up Kasen’s pussy.

Now here’s something that doesn’t make sense. “Why don’t you want to belong to Orin, Kasen? It’s so much fun!”

With quite a bit of effort, Kasen tears herself away from Orin and stares angrily at you. “I came to bring you back, Komachi! Nobody else can stop the Yama, and you need to--”

“Oh, I don’t care about that anymore. It’s a lot more fun staying here and being Orin’s sex toy.”

Kasen looks hurt. “Komachi, you--”

You plug up Kasen’s mouth with a kiss. She’s not going to listen unless you show her how much fun this is. A complaint dies in her throat, and she resigns herself to what’s happening.

Orin steps back to give you free rein. You run your hands all over Kasen’s lean, smooth, flawless body, making sure to get a few good handfuls of her plump ass and her round, firm breasts. She quivers eagerly under your touch; her mind doesn’t know what she wants, but her body sure does.

“Here, Komachi.” Orin tosses you one of your old pills. A familiar tingling starts up in your breasts when you take it. That’ll help!

After another minute of kisses, you let go of Kasen and hold up your breasts. “You don’t know what you’re missing, Kasen. Remember that time we did it in the bath? You loved the taste of my milk back then. Come have some more~” You give them an enticing squeeze.

Kasen trembles a little as she stares intently at your nipples. You can feel the milk all backed up behind them, eager to burst out into her mouth. The memories take control of her, and her resolve melts away.

“Not my fault,” she mutters as she accepts both of your nipples. Your milk gushes out in two eager streams, and Kasen’s eyes go wide as the taste comes back to her. You let out a happy little moan, bot from the pleasure of getting milked and from seeing Kasen enjoying herself.

“Orin’s cum tastes even better, you know.”

You walk backwards to a chair and sit down, using your breasts to lead Kasen after you. She kneels in front of you and sucks hungrily with a deep rosy blush, ashamed that she can’t pull herself away. Soon, she’ll see that there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

When Kasen’s finally had enough, you turn her around and sit her down in your lap. Orin walks up and goes right for her breasts, which start lactating on their own once they feel the rough touch of Orin’s tongue. Orin drinks from one and uses her nails to torture the other, swishing her tails through the air as she laps up Kasen’s milk.

You use your fingers to check out Kasen’s pussy. It’s really hot and tight inside, and she isn’t even trying. This was meant to be used as Orin’s cocksleeve. You get to work on loosening her up, extracting plenty of moans from her gaping mouth in the process, and Orin uses her free hand to start on Kasen’s asshole.

“Komachi, I can’t control myself…” she says in a weak voice.

“That’s fine. You can just leave it all to Orin.”

You and Orin stop at the same time, leaving Kasen right on the edge. She moans and tries to struggle, but she can’t move her body at all. Orin brings her hips forward and lines her cocks up with Kasen’s eager holes.

“I’m only gonna make you cum if you beg for it, Kasen,” she grins.

Kasen looks back at you, but you just smile seductively. Orin does the same, a little more sadistically. Finally, in a shaky, hesitant voice, Kasen speaks.

“P… Please… Please defile me, miss Orin.”

Orin lets out a burst of cruel laughter and buries her cocks inside Kasen, who screams out in pleasure as a massive orgasm takes hold of her. The waves of ecstasy make her clench and curl every part of her body while her breasts spray Orin’s chest with milk. You keep your arms tight around her the whole time, planting little kisses on her neck and teasing her nipples. Orin stays firmly inside of her as well, not pulling out until the last tremors finally fade away.

“It felt good to give in, didn’t it?” you ask quietly.

“Mm. Now I’m just like you.” You turn Kasen around and kiss her again, and her tongue comes after yours with newfound vigor. She still has a lot to learn about tongueplay, and you can’t wait to teach her.

“Hey, girls. Wanna give your mistress some attention?” Orin’s lying down and watching you from the bed; both of her cocks are rock hard and begging for attention.

An idea forms in your head. “Okay! Lie down across from me, Kasen.” You bend over the edge of the bed to get between Orin’s legs and squeeze your breasts around one her lower cock. For Kasen to mirror you, she has to lie on top of Orin and leave her pussy completely vulnerable. Orin purrs appreciatively and digs her hands into Kasen’s ass, squeezing and slurping loudly as she eats out her new toy.

“C’mon, Kasen, we gotta please her too,” you say. Kasen hears you through the fog of pleasure and closes her breasts around Orin’s other cock. You press your breasts against hers and start moving them up and down, encouraging her to do the same. Whenever she gets off the rhythm, you punish her by striking her nipples with your own.

You and Kasen quickly cover Orin’s cocks in milk, which makes it easy to stroke them. Kasen’s breasts are smaller than yours, but they’re a lot firmer. Orin should like the contrast.

As Orin’s tongue works its magic, Kasen’s pleasure-soaked face gets hard to resist. You start kissing her without stopping your titfuck, and that seems to make her moan even louder. It’d be nice if you could feel that good, too.

“Komachi, I’m going to… Nn!” Orin sends her over with a pinch on the clit.

You plug Kasen’s mouth with a kiss while her orgasm quakes through her body. A bunch of deliciously deep moans spill down your throat, and you swallow them hungrily as you stare into her hazy eyes. You hate to admit it, but she might have more potential than you. Maybe.

Kasen’s out of commission for the moment, so you push her away to get both of Orin’s cocks between your breasts. You use your powers to force your breasts adhere to them and stroke up and down as fast as you can; Orin gives in with a little growl, and two jets of thick cum erupt out of your cleavage. You firmly attach your mouth to one of them and swallow just enough to leave your mouth full of hot, salty sperm; the other one splatters all over Kasen’s stunned face, soaking her in the musky scent.

Ooh, now it’s time to get Kasen addicted to cum. You open her jaw with one hand and press your mouth onto hers, tilting her head back a little and letting the cum flow gently into her mouth. She can’t do anything but swallow again and again, and she pants with her tongue hanging out when you pull away.

“Not bad, huh?”

Kasen looks down at the soft cocks between your breasts and licks her lips without noticing.


You greedily clean off Kasen’s face while Orin crawls out from under her. Right when you finish, you feel Orin’s hands grab your ass with their usual ferocity. A reinvigorated cock rubs eagerly against your slit.

“You’ve been a really good girl, Komachi. Lemme reward you.” Your pussy’s already drenched and your asshole’s been nicely trained, so Orin double-penetrates you with no trouble at all. The familiar pleasure shoots right through you and grabs ahold of your mind, leaving you unable to do anything but moan as her cocks grind against your most sensitive spots two at a time.

“Aah, Orin’s cocksh are sho good!”

Orin lets out a playful laugh and speeds up to her usual pace, making your eyes roll up as you drift into your own little world. Kasen slowly recovers and watches the huge shameless smile on your face with amazement. One of her hands travels between her legs, but she finds that she can’t make it touch her pussy. Instead, she’s forced to look up at Orin with a level of submission you didn’t think she was capable of. The softness in her eyes, the blushing, the quivering lip…

“U-Um, can I… Can you fuck me too, Miss Orin? Please?”

Orin pauses long enough for you to regain your senses. “Hoho! Well, since you asked so nicely… Do you mind, Komachi?”

You’d rather not give up any of the cocks inside you, but you can bear it if it’s for Kasen.

“It’s okay. I want her to feel good too.”

You roll over to face upwards and pull Kasen on top of you, stacking up four holes for Orin to use as she pleases. She slips a cock into each of your pussies, and Kasen clenches up with pleasure as it parts her sensitive folds. Orin’s really lucky, getting to use two top-class cunts at once.

Orin closes her eyes to appreciate the two of you for a while, then puts her hands on Kasen’s ass and starts moving. You and Kasen both moan steadily as she makes your holes beg for more with masterful grinds and slow, teasing thrusts with the occasional fast one thrown in.

You’re free to make out with Kasen all you want. Her breasts press right into your own, forcing your nipples to rub together and get each other all milky, and you can rub your clit against hers if you move your hips just right. She’s obviously enjoying every second of this, and so are you.

After a while, you break your kiss with Kasen to ask an obvious question.

“Hey, Orin. Who feels better?”

“Hm? Well, let’s see.” Orin pulls out of both of you and puts both cocks into Kasen, making her shriek with pleasure. Kasen melts in your arms as Orin works her over, squeezing Kasen’s ass with one hand and holding a finger to her lips with the other.

“Well, Kasen’s really hot and tight, but…”

Orin switches girls and gives you a taste of both cocks. You tighten up both your holes and drown in pleasure while she gives them a thorough examination, thrusting and grinding at every speed and angle imaginable.

“Ah, but you’re tight too, and slippery, and soft… Ah, I like ya both.” Orin switches back to the double-pussyfuck, ending Kasen’s moment of respite.

“Heey, Kasen.” You hold up your breasts and press the nipples together. Kasen closes her eyes and drinks deeply, moaning quietly as the taste coats her mouth and mixes with the lingering saltiness of Orin’s cum. Her drinking and moaning continues until Orin shoves a few fingers up her ass.

Kasen arches her back and cries out, spilling some milk out of her mouth in the process. Then she turns her head to look at Orin, who greets her with a sly grin.

“Ooh, you really like that, huh? Then, take this! And this!” Orin spreads her fingers and pumps away at Kasen’s asshole while she thrusts, reducing Kasen to a helpless moaning heap.

“Feels amazing, doesn’t it?” you whisper.

“Don’t want anything else but this,” she mutters.

“Something for you too, Komachi!” Orin spreads your asshole with her free hand, and her two tails coil together and thrust into you. Now it’s your turn to go wild, with the tails shifting around all through the length of your asshole and constantly scratching your sensitive walls.

You and Kasen are completely at Orin’s mercy now. Nothing else matters, as long as she keeps making you lose your mind like this. You couldn’t be happier.

“Alright, here it comes! Get ready!” Orin drives her cocks and tails and fingers deep into you both and gives in to the pleasure. You and Kasen go over the edge exactly when she does, and you clutch each other and scream until you get the idea to kiss each other.

Waves and waves of cum flood your quivering pussy while Orin’s tails shift around inside you, prolonging your orgasm by minutes. Kasen goes through the same thing above you, but she keeps cumming long after you and Orin are finished. When the kissing gets old, you just hold her close and stroke her hair. Cumming like this is the only thing she cares about now.

When you’re finally able to stand again, you crawl over to Orin, who’s admiring you both from the chair. You start cleaning up the cock she used on Kasen, and Kasen comes up and takes the other one for herself. There’s still a bit of sperm left inside, and it’s covered in an extra-thick coating of Kasen’s delicious juices. You can taste some of your own on there as well. Orin picks up the two leashes and smiles down at the two of you as you suck her cocks in absolute contentment.

“Man, you girls’re amazing. I couldn’ta asked for a better pair of fuck-sluts.”

Kasen blushes a little, even though her mouth is closed tightly around Orin’s cock.

“I’ve had enough of the palace. We’re gonna get a nice place in the city, and the two of you’ll be my wives. Can you imagine that? Teasin’ each other when I’m not around, and havin’ dinner ready when I get back, not wearin’ anything but aprons. It’s gonna be great.”

Orin’s cock is clean now, and halfway-erect again already. You pull off of it and look up to Orin’s face.

“Hey, Orin, do you like Kasen too?”

Orin chuckles to herself. “Yeah, I guess so. I’ll take good care of you both, okay?”


>but… I kinda like you.”
I like where this is going!
>Kasen shows up
I don't like where this is going!
Skimmed a bit.
Ugh, corruption. Fuck that; I'll pass.
I read it all... and got depressed some. Orin's still the same complete bitch yet people seem to like her (see her win over Kasen)
Soooo... now what? Story over?
Did you not read the last thread? We already got a MOKOU END and a YAMAME END.
Oh right. I had a derp.
Great piece of work as always, BSD. Good stuff. Can't wait to see how the other side of things turns out, too!

The irony here is absolutely palpable. I love it.
Yea I really don't like this Orin at all. Utter Bitch.
I'd argue bad end on par with the Shikieiki Bad End
[x] You gotta do something!

Focus! If you can think, you can fight. You’re lucky to be able to think ar all, though. If you were a youkai, this would be over already… Wait, that’s it! The spirit’s half-merged with with you, so he can probably read your mind. You just need to ignore the pleasure for a bit and concentrate on…

Hell. The new one. The one thing a wandering spirit fears the most. With good reason, too. You caught a glimpse once when Eiki was sending some poor sap off there, and those three seconds were enough to scare you away forever. Every second felt like a day, just because there were so many terrible details to take in: gaping mouths filled with endless rows of teeth, bottomless pits of boiling eyeballs, flaming whips made from the bones of infants…

And there’s no way to escape. You just spiral further and further downwards forever into more darkness and pain and fire, and it keeps getting worse and worse.

Wanna know what happened to the last guy who possessed a shinigami?

An ear-piercing scream rips through the air. It’s yours at first, but it turns into a high-pitched wail as the spirit tears itself from your body and shoots out through your mouth, fleeing right through the ceiling on its way to who-knows-where. Looks like Orin couldn’t control him well enough. You can picture her grin fading away behind you.


Your powers fire up with a vengeance and send Orin flying away from you. She lands on her back and skids for few feet, kicking up an impressive cloud of dust. She sticks, of course.

The gnawing feeling in your soul is gone, and everything from your eyebrows to your toes obeys you once again. You cover your holes and take a few moments to relax and clear all those strange thoughts from your mind. Another few seconds and she would’ve had you.

Time to end this. You carefully crawl over to Orin and sit right on her stomach. It’ll be hard for her to jam anything in you like this.

Orin seems pretty worried, but she’s trying to cover it up with defiance. She spits at you right on cue, and you dodge it with a casual tilt of your head. You start reaching back to finish her, but you find that you can’t go through with it.

Orin thought she had a good reason to fight you. Beating her won’t really change that, will it? She’ll just come after you again someday, and the next time won’t be an officially-sanctioned sex-match.

You take a deep breath and look into Orin’s eyes.

“I’m not trying to destroy the Underworld, Orin. Haven’t any of your buddies seen the Yama lately? She’s gone off the deep end. If she was going to knock this place over, she wouldn’t need my help.”

A spirit floats up and whispers something in Orin’s ear. It doesn’t seem to change her expression.

“And I’m trying to stop her, not help her. I know we have our differences, but that doesn’t mean we need to kill each other, does it? Don’t we both want the same things? To protect this place and making Okuu happy?”

Orin just stares. Even if she agrees with you, she can’t just admit it and change her tune, especially not in front of a whole crowd of spectators. You should respect that.

“Okay, how about this? We’ll fight for a bit longer, no powers this time. If I beat you, we have to make up.”

“What, and you’ll trust me?” Orin says, less defiantly than she could.

You flash a smile. “Suppose I do.”

It’s not like you have anything on the line here. Getting Orin off your back is more important than some tournament.

Orin thinks it over for a bit and busts out a grin. “Fine. Better than losin’ like this. I’m not just rollin’ over, though.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way.” You pull Orin to her feet, wary for any sudden attacks, but nothing assaults you. The two of you go back to your starting places; Orin’s swagger is back, and the swishing of her thighs and her tails and her firm ass is surprisingly appealing. She turns around and crouches, ready to pounce at the drop of a hair.

This is a little nostalgic. Sometimes you and Meiling would wrestle like this when you were both ready to cum. Loser had to make dinner.

When you’re ready, you shake your chest at Orin a little.

“Alright, Orin! If you want some of this, come get it!”

You turn sideways immediately, figuring Orin will go straight for you. You guess right, and you just barely dodge Orin’s faster-than-thought lunge and grab an arm as she goes by. She’s pretty light, so it’s easy to swing her in a circle and hurl her away. She lands on her feet, but you chase after her and grapple her as soon as she stands up. You manage to grab both of her wrists in one hand, and you start pumping at her upper cock with the other one. The lower cock’s easier to reach, but it’s too risky to go after; stimulating that one makes it easier for her to cum inside you.

After five strokes at maximum speed, you let go and spin Orin around. She was just bringing up a leg to trip you, so she loses her balance and falls on her back instead.

Here’s your chance. You drop down perpendicular to Orin’s crotch and deepthroat her upper cock from the side, putting all your strength into sucking and desperately bobbing your head up and down. If you can just get in a few seconds…

Couldn’t make it. Orin grabs your head and throws it away so forcefully you wind up on your back.

“Nice try, Komachi!”

Her upper cock is the one that’s ready to blow, so she needs a few extra seconds to line up for a double-penetration. You take the chance to squeeze her cock with one hand and start pumping it again, trying your hardest to squeeze out her cum. She shrieks with pleasure and rams her lower cock into you, but the pleasure’s not enough for either one of you. Your fingers bring her over the edge, and her upper cock sprays a thick load all over your front while the other one twitches in frustration.

One of her shots happens to land in your mouth. It tastes…

Unbelievable. You got a little taste from Mao last night, but it’s even better when you drink it straight from the source. It’s so much hotter like this, and the heat really brings out the saltiness and reduces the thickness by just enough to make it flow steadily down your throat when you swallow...

And it’s gone. Your body is coated in that delicious smell, but you can’t lick it off while you’re in the open like this.

“Komachi wins!”

Orin takes her defeat with a smile, but she sticks her tongue out and thrusts you to the edge before pulling out.

The audience isn’t sure what to do. Orin gives them a thumbs up, and they start applauding.

“You were really good, Orin,” you say as you rise to your feet. Orin quickly glances at you.

“… You too.”

You and Orin help each other to the recovery room and use the same bath. You wash her cum off of yourself with a hint of regret while she goes straight for the tub. You can’t help but notice that one of her cocks is still hard.

“So, ready to be friends?” you ask with a smile. Orin snorts and smirks back.

“Don’t get ahead a’yourself, Komachi. The best you’re gettin’ is rivals.”

“Rivals, huh? That’s not too bad.” You sink into the water at a respectful distance and try to relax.

It’s not easy. The taste of Orin’s sperm still lingers on your tongue, and your pussy’s aching for release after that pair of edgings. You need to do something about this.

[ ] Take care of it yourself.
[ ] Ask Yamame for help.
[ ] Ask Yuugi for help.
[ ] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.
-[ ] Optional write-in for wording.
Reads to me like Orin is the way to go here. Patch some more holes, maybe bring down the bitch level a bit more. Now that she understands what Komachi is going for.

[X] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.
[x] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.
-[x] Use your breasts before the main event, and tell Orin that Okuu enjoyed it very much.

This'll help patch things up and I'm certain inspiring Orin to work on her paizuri would prove enjoyable to Okuu in the future. Reminding her about Okuu's pleasure would be a good thing as before this point she seems more intent on her own pleasure.
[x] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.

[x] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.

Hell yes. This is much better.
[X] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.

No 'hard' feelings.
[x] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.
-[x] Use your breasts before the main event
But don't mention Okuu, that's probably still a sore point.
I'm not sure about that, I'd think on the current tone of things, Orin'd take that as a challenge than an insult. It's up to the writer to determine the final tone of that write in.
Closing votes. KomachixOrin wins, and I'll throw in some paizuri without mentioning Okuu.
[x] Offer to take care of Orin’s erection.

Strike while the iron is hot, they say. You need to get her used to sex with you if you want this development to stick. It’ll also take care of your leftover frustration.

You look over to Orin; judging by the light blush on her face, she might have the same problem as you.

“Still horny?” you ask playfully.

Orin’s head jerks over. Looks like you were right. “Wh-What’s it to ya?”

“Mm, just wondering if you wanted a titfuck.”

Orin figures you’re trying to get a rise out of her, but she can’t hide a glance at your half-submerged breasts. You pull them further out of the water and wink at her as you squirt out some milk.

Orin grudgingly stands up and walks over. Her lower cock is still nice and hard, bouncing around with each step while her flaccid upper cock flops around on top. She stops right in front of you, giving you an eyeful of her cock before kneeling down in front of you. It looks delicious.

You grin at Orin, but she averts her eyes and focuses on your breasts. She cups each one with a strong, nimble hand and starts groping like it’s the only thing she knows. Her fingers dance over the surface and give you two full squeezes per second and scratching a little with her nails each time. They quickly fill up with warmth, and your milk starts flowing uncontrollably onto her fingers.

Orin expression stays flat as she works you over, and she shakes her head in a way you’d expect from Kasen. Seems like she can’t believe she’s doing this, but she also can’t stop herself. You allow yourself a bit of a smirk.

You’re panting openly by the time Orin finishes her inspection. She tops it off with a few solid pinches for each nipple and a sampling of your milk with her rough tongue. The taste makes her tails twitch happily.

Orin backs off and stands up, still holding your breasts. She stares at you again, as if to say, “What’s the catch?”

“There’s no catch,” you smile back. She sighs and thrusts her cock between your breasts, panting a little and squeezing them together to feel as much softness as she can. Her cock’s hot and slippery with precum.

“How’s it feel?” you ask. Orin closes her mouth and takes a deep breath.

“… It’s alright.”

Orin tightens her grip and starts pumping away at maximum speed, churning up her precum until it’s all bubbly and spilling out of your cleavage. The friction feels nice against your tender skin, but it’s not giving you anywhere near the kind of pleasure Orin’s feeling. She doesn’t seem to care about pleasing you now; her face is deeply flushed, and she’s trusting quickly like she wants to get this humiliating act over with. You can’t have that.

“Hey, slow down for a second.” Orin’s hands pop off your breasts, and her hips shoot back so quickly she almost falls over. This has the unmistakeable feel of a catch, so she gives you an accusatory glare. In response, you put up your hands and move to sit on the edge.

“I was gonna let you cum inside me too, but you were gonna finish before I offered.”

Orin looks away.

“Don’t you want that?” You spread your pussy invitingly. There’s a clear, viscuous liquid flowing out that definitely isn’t water. Orin eyes turn towards it even as she aims her head away.

“You know how good it felt. Why don’t you enjoy yourself?”

Orin slowly kneels down and crawls over, hiding her body under the bathwater.. Eventually, she’s so close that you can feel her hot breath on your exposed walls. She takes a good, long look at your pussy, debating the pros and cons of consensual sex with her new rival. Eventually, she reaches a decision.

“… Fine. I’ll make you cum so hard you won’t be able to stand!” Orin jumps to her feet, causing a dramatic splash in the process, and rams her cock into you with the same speed she showed in the fight. Your body convulses from the sudden injection, giving Orin’s cock a few delightful squeezes in the process.

You’re both still pretty sensitive. Orin wants to savor this, so she gets a firm grip on your waist and starts thrusting in slow, careful strokes. Each thrust rubs over several sensitive spots as her cock winds its way into you, and she makes your whole pussy clench up in pleasure when she tops it off with a long, sadistic grind. Once she has that figured out enough to put it on autopilot, she leans forward to drink from your bottomless supply of milk, pinching a nipple between her sharp teeth while her rough tongue constantly rubs the tip.

Orin probably isn’t aware of it, but she’s doing an excellent job of focusing on her partner’s pleasure. Your moaning gives her a nice ego boost, too. However, you need to show her what you’re capable of so you can keep her coming back.

While Orin’s busy twisting her hips at the end of a thrust, you bring your legs out of the water and lock them around her waist. That’s mostly for show, since you also fix the distance to make it impossible for her to pull out. She pushes against you with all her might, but there’s no escaping your pussy.

“You’re bein’ too nice, Orin! Let me have a turn too.”

You tenderize Orin’s cock with a few squeezes, then hit her with a high-speed rendition of the handjob-from-your-pussy trick. Her mouth falls open when she feels your walls stroking her, and you take the chance to go in for a kiss. It’s more playful than romantic, with each of your tongues trying to win a sloppy fight with ill-defined rules. You wouldn’t want to deal with that rough tongue of hers all the time, but it’s a nice change of pace.

Orin figures out that she can still twist her hips up and down and resumes her grinding; your pussy’s tighter against her cock than before, so it’s even more effective against you. She brings a hand down to scratch your sensitive clit as well, and you respond by tightening your grip and adding a second stroke-ring in your pussy.

You’re both nearing the ends of your ropes. You undo all your distance-fooling and break the kiss with Orin, who tilts her head at you in confusion.

“Your sperm’s delicious, Orin. Can you cum in my mouth? I promise I’ll swallow every drop.”

“You asked for it.” Orin can’t resist a compliment like that. She sends you over the edge with a few quick strokes, then jumps up onto the floor with you and shoves her cock in your mouth.

A bit of deepthroating finishes Orin off. She pulls back to your lips and starts cumming in long, forceful shots, adjusting her aim after each one to coat every inch of your mouth.

It’s heavenly. Your pussy clenches like it’s trying to squeeze out all the stress from the fight, sending wave after wave of pleasure shooting all through you. At the same time, Orin’s sperm flows through your mouth almost constantly; the taste fogs up your mind and makes the your orgasm penetrate even deeper, until your whole body and mind are throbbing in delight. As you finish your sultry moaning and pass into the afterglow, you lick all around your mouth and find some extra pockets of sperm between your lips and your teeth.

You slide back into the water and close your eyes, but Orin practically smacks you awake.

“Hey, c’mon! Okuu’s gonna start fightin’ soon!”

“Right, right.” You follow Orin out of the bath on you’re dressed. She’s still blushing, and she looks at you with a kind of disbelief, like she can’t believe how good she made you feel.

At the stands, you find an unexpected sight next to Yamame.

“Kasen! You’re back!” You can hardly believe your eyes.

Kasen acknowledges you and lets out one of her famous sighs. She seems to be embarrassed this time, though, not disappointed like usual.

“This is none of your concern, Komachi.”

“Really? ‘Cause it seems like--”

Kasen shuts you up with a glare. Her embarrassment only makes it scarier. She doesn’t object to you sitting between her and Yamame, though.

You turn your head to Yamame, who greets you with a congratulatory kiss. It’s nice and long and wet, with your tongues slowly dancing together while you stroke each other’s hair. Too bad you can’t tell if Kasen’s watching.

“You did really good, Komachi. If you’d lost, I wouldn’t’ve able to play with you again,” she says cheerfully. You wink back at her.

“It’ll take more than that to break me.” You look over to the brackets and see the current matchup. “Hey, Yamame. Do you know anything about this Koishi girl?”

Yamame furrows her brow and brings a hand to her lips. “Hmm. Not a whole lot, no. She’s pretty mysterious. I know she’s Satori’s little sister, but she hardly ever comes to the palace. Most of the time she’s out wandering Gensokyo. They say you can’t see her unless you're looking right at her and you know she’s there, and she can show up in people’s dreams to play with them. She’s a bit of a nympho, too.”

You’re relying on someone like that for information, huh? Well, she doesn’t seem like she’s too tough once you get ahold of her. You’ll squeeze it out of her soon enough.


Mao doesn’t see you this time either, but that’s okay. You’re used to it. There was one person in the Human Village who didn’t see you for a whole week, even though you were living in his house and sleeping with him. You played with him in his dreams, though, and when he finally noticed you in the morning…


“Hi, Koishi!”

“Oh, hi Okuu!”

You forgot to stop walking and walked right into her. Okuu’s breasts are nice and soft; you nuzzle them a bit before you go back to your place. She seems really fired up, almost staning on the tips of her toes and rock.

“Sorry Koishi, but I can’t hold back. I wanna fight Komachi in the finals!”

Hey, that’s your line! “Nuh-uh! I’m gonna be the one who plays with her!”

Okuu smiles wide as she shifts her weight back and puts up her arms, making her breasts and her huge cock jiggle a bit. You don’t have anything to jiggle, but you put ‘em up anyway.


“Here we go, Okuu! Give it everything you’ve got!”

“Okay~!” A big fireball charges up at the tip of Okuu’s rod. She double-jumps up and fires it straight down.

“Wait, I meant--”

KAPOW! The explosion’s just big enough to miss the stands, and it sends you flying into the wall. If you’d had any clothes on, they would’ve burned right off. You’re fine, though. Even you can handle a little nuclear explosion.

Okuu lands and triumphantly puts her hand on her hips. “Aha! You can’t dodge something that hits everywhere!”

While you’re pouting and rubbing the back of your head, Okuu runs up and grabs you from behind, lifting you up and using her rod to pin you against her chest. Her hot cock throbs against your smooth back, and her breasts press against your head from both sides. There’s no squirming out of her grip, but you kick your legs at the empty air anyway.

Your pussy’s extra-small, so Okuu can only fit one of her fingers in at first. You clamp down on it immediately, but she manages to keep thrusting and wriggle it around until your juices are flowing steadily. Then she puts another one in and starts hunting for sensitive spots, making you writhe around in her grip as her thick fingers mercilessly probe you. In response to your moaning, she purrs happily and pushes your head further into her cleavage.

Okuu’s fingering gets a little better with each thrust. Soon, she’ll figure out the most sensitive spots in your pussy and hit them all at once, and then you won’t stand a chance.

You can’t let her keep this up! Komachi’s waiting! Quick, think of something!

(By the way, you’re just going to underline everything you say into people’s subconsciouses from now on.)

“Umm…Umm… My pussy is the same as Komachi’s!” you shout at Okuu’s subconscious. Her conscious mind accepts it, and her fingering pattern immediately changes to something more bearable. Now you just need a way to--

“That should be enough.” Okuu lays you on the ground facing up and kneels down in front of you. What’s she trying to… Why’s she lining up her cock?

“W-w-wait! You’re not gonna put that in me, are you?”

Okuu smiles innocently. “Don’t worry, it’ll fit.” She feeds the tip into your pussy and starts pushing her hips forward, not minding the resistance from your tiny hole. For the first six inches, it feels really good, stretching your pussy to its maximum and giving you something hard and warm to clench up around. Then it hits the end of your pussy, and Okuu presses hard against your cervix like she’s trying to fuck your womb, too.


Okuu’s eventually persuaded to stop, and you pout at her with tears in your eyes.

“Okuu, that’s way too big! Why did you think it would fit?”

Okuu’s face goes blank. “Um? Um, I… I thought it would… stretch, somehow,” she stammers.

Stretching? Oh, Komachi’s pussy has distance powers. You’re even more jealous of her now. Not like Parsee jealous, though. You just really wanna play with her body.

“Why did you think it would do that? Is this some kind of magical rubber-pussy?!”

“I don’t know!” Okuu looks like she’s about to cry. You reach up and pat her on the head after you take a moment to move your hips and enjoy the half-cock inside you.

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m gonna have to punish you now, though.” For her punishment, Okuu lets you swap places with her. Now she’s lying on the ground, and you’re sitting on your knees with half of her cock inside you. The other half’s all coated with juices, so you grab it with one hand and start stroking it.

“How’s this, Okuu? Getting stroked while my loli-pussy squeezes the rest?”

You start moving your hips up and down, and her shaft rubs against every inch of your sensitive walls. The pleasure makes them clamp down even harder, to the point where it’s hard to move sometimes. Okuu probably feels even better, though. She moans happily as you pleasure her and seems to give in. But you feel something rumbling underneath that.

Suddenly, Okuu presses a burning-hot finger right into your clit. A searing pleasure shoots all over you, forcing your whole body to shudder and clench up. You try to squirm away, but the finger stays firmly attached no matter what you do. The struggling makes Okuu’s cock rub all over your insides, too.

“I wanna make you feel even better, Koishi,” she says with a mischevious smile.

Okuu forces you to turn around on top of her cock, which makes your eyes roll up with pleasure. When your moaning finally dies down, she pushes you onto the ground, gets up on her knees, and sticks that pair of burning fingers into your ass. You let out a high, strained moan in response, folding back your legs and curling your toes. With this much pleasure going into you, she doesn’t even have to worry about holding you down.

Okuu starts carefully fucking your delicate pussy while her fingers stretch out your asshole with quick, merciless movements. Your asshole clenches so tightly that Okuu’s fingers seem to pull your body back and forth, forcing you to thrust back against her cock while she slides it into you. The only way you can fight back is by moaning repeatedly at her subconscious.

This is the best asshole in the world! It’ll feel amazing if you use it!

Okuu finally gives in and pulls out when you’re down to your last minute of resistance. You take a deep breath in your moment of rest, but it only takes her a second to aim the tip of her cock at your asshole. You’re all stretched open and ready for her, but the insertion still isn’t easy; she has to kneel pretty far away from you, she only has one hand, and she’s still new to this. Here’s your chance!

You need to aim a little higher, Okuu!

She jerks her cock up at the last second and completely overshoots you. While she’s still surprised, you throw all your weight at her and manage to knock her on her back. Without wasting a second, you straddle her again, spread your cheeks, fit the tip into your asshole, and impale yourself on her cock.

You and Okuu both scream in pleasure as your asshole swallows eight inches in a few seconds. A bunch of juices squirt out of your pussy onto her stomach, and a burst of precum shoots up out of her cock.

This is better. Your asshole’s the one you use for sex, so you can handle the pleasure better and make Okuu feel better too. You settle onto your knees and start riding her huge cock like it’s nothing, squeezing extremely hard every time you slide down.

You put both hands down on the ground, and find Okuu’s balls nearby. An idea pops into your head.

“Hey, Okuu, has anyone squeezed your balls before? It feels really good, you know.” You squeeze each one with a different hand to illustrate your point. Okuu’s subconscious tells her it feels good, so she moans loudly and clenches up inside you. Not bad!

Your asshole and your hands have Okuu paralyzed with pleasure now. You put on a wide grin and keep riding her, roughly massaging her balls with both hands. Her tongue’s hanging out of her mouth, and her big breasts jiggle a little as she weakly thrusts back into you. It’s too bad you can’t let her cum inside you.

“Aah, Koishi… I’m gonna cum, Koishi…”

There you go. You pull off and start stroking Okuu’s cock to finish her, but nothing comes out. That’s not good.

“Sorry, I lied! I’m gonna cum inside you now.” Okuu pushes you over and lines her cock up again. This would be it, but…

Whoops, too high! Okuu’s cock slides right up over your pussy, and you grab the tip with your mouth while you squeeze her balls with all your might.

“Ah, Koishiiii!”

You take a shot of Okuu’s thick cum on your face and let the rest of it blast into your mouth. It’s really tasty and you try to drink it all, but a bunch spills out and covers your chest. You’ll need to have Okuu clean that off with her tongue.

You use your milk Okuu’s balls dry with your hands and suck out her cum to the last drop. When she finally collapses, you stand up and wave to the mostly-confused crowd.

“Koishi wins,” Sis announces. She seems a little impressed, but maybe you’re just imagining it.

Okuu needs another minute to calm down before she can stand again. She’s smiling when she does.

“That felt really good, Koishi. You better fight hard against Komachi, too!”

You give her a big hug that smears her chest and thighs in cum, and the two of you head off to the bath together. You were a bit worried there, but you beat her! And Komachi beat Yamame and Orin, too. Next round, you’ll get to tease her as much as you want.

Meanwhile, back at the ghost-ranch…
[ ] Be Minamitsu.
[ ] Be Ran.
[ ] Be Yuyuko.
[X] Be Minamitsu.

Great as usual, BSD.
[x] Be Yuyuko.

Poor Okuu... and I was looking forward to a Komachi vs Okuu match.
[x] Be Ran.
[x] Be Ran.
[X] Be Yuyuko.
[x] Be Ran.
Needed more cumflation but whatevs.
[X] Be Minamitsu.

I really liked your segment from Murasa's perspective. We don't see enough of her.
[x] Be Ran.

Keep it up, BSD. Would love to see some girl-on-girl rimjobs.
[x] Be Ran.
[x] Be Ran.

Impressive as always.
[x] Be Minamitsu.

Time to put a little (more) Captain in 'em.
File 134457249632.png - (949.46KB, 729x857 , does she taste like it though.png) [iqdb]
[x] Be Minamitsu.

Time to put a little (more) Captain in 'em.
[x] Be Ran.
...how embarrassing. I can't delete the boring, pictureless version that somehow got posted during weird connection bullshit time.

They're both mine, so obviously, only count one of them.
[x] Be Ran.
Closing votes. Ran wins.
[x] Be Ran.

“If I’d been better at magic, then Yukari wouldn’t have had to make Byakuren to do all this.”

Murasa’s expression turns blank. Part of you immediately regrets telling her, but you’re sure this is the right thing to do. If you don’t tell her now, it’ll only be more difficult later on.

One awkward second follows the last. You let go of Murasa so she can run if she wants, but she stays nestled in your lap with her arms around you. Eventually, she looks up tilts her head, silently asking you to go on. You take a deep breath and continue your explanation.

“Yukari needed a spell that would transform every youkai in Gensokyo. I tried doing it alone, but I lacked the necessary expertise in modification-type spells. Yukari was forced to enlist Byakuren’s aid, and she had to corrupt her to secure it.”

“C… Corrupt her?”

“It was not a violent corruption. Byakuren has simply been led astray.”

Murasa lapses into thought for a while longer, still holding you tightly.

“…Well, it wasn’t your idea, right?”

“It wasn’t,” you say a little too quickly. Murasa nods slowly, and you put your arms back around her. Another minute passes, shrouded in silence.

“If I beat Yukari, would Byakuren go back to normal?” Murasa finally asks.

“Perhaps, but you stand no chance by yourself. My mistress is far stronger than Byakuren. And if you were to challenge her, I would be obligated to fight against you.”

“Ah. Then, that means I’ll have to…” Murasa drops her head onto your breasts and lets out a deep sigh. The mood is somber, but you’re secretly excited that she didn’t reject you. You’re somewhat ashamed that that’s the case.

She seems to be finished for now. You bring a shaky hand out of the water and pat her head.

“You must be tired, Murasa. Why don’t we go to bed now?”

She brightens up a little. “Okay.”

Yuyuko has already left, but she’s made it clear the two of you are to sleep with her. Murasa’s still having some difficulty walking, so you carry her out of the bath and dry her off yourself, cleaning out as much of your sperm as you can. Yuyuko also said you would all sleep naked, so you only put on your outer garments and carry the rest.

As you help Murasa towards Yuyuko’s bedroom, your ears prick up at the sound of a familiar voice. You could recognize that voice from miles away.

“… another day or two, and tell her about a certain shinigami when she leaves.”

Yuyuko’s voice is harder to understand. You definitely hear some chuckling, followed the quiet smack of a kiss.

You finally reach the door and open it. Yuyuko, lying alone in the futon, smiles warmly and beckons you over. You undress Murasa and lay her down, and Yuyuko immediately snatches her up. The two of them cuddle aggressively while you take of your own clothes and snuggle in at Murasa’s side. The futon’s just large enough for the three of you.

“Comfortable, Murasa?” you ask. The close quarters force you and Yuyuko to press your breasts against her firm body. She’s a bit shorter than both of you.


You consider apologizing again, but decide to kiss her instead. She happily accepts the caress of your lips and fondly licks your tongue before drifting off to sleep. Yuyuko gently pats her on the head.

“I thought you only slept like that with Youmu,” you say with a small smile.

“There’s just nobody else I can do it to. All my other friends are grown-up and busty.” She pouts and gives one of your breasts and accusatory poke, forcing you to chuckle. The two of you share a refined, womanly kiss and close your eyes to sleep.

Rather than dreams, you’ve trained yourself to have flashbacks. They help you go over important moments and search for new details, but you can’t consciously choose which memories you revisit. You’ve been seeing this one for several days in a row.

The air is thick with the feel of magic. You and Byakuren stand side by side, both chanting the spell that her scroll is showing you. Her voice is normally mature and motherly, but it becomes much deeper for magic. When she’s resplendent and sheathed power like this, you can see why so many youkai follow her.

Your two chants diverge as you aim your spells at separate targets. Byakuren declares that hers shall affect every youkai in Gensokyo, great and small, and mutters something else at the end. Just for an instant, you notice someone else at the edge of your vision.

But that’s all secondary. You muster all of your concentration and direct the entirety of your immense power at the Supreme Judge of Paradise, Eiki Shiki.

A gap opens in front of you to bring the magic straight to her. You can’t see through the chaotic mass of darkness and eyes, but you can sense your power spilling through and swirling around your target. It barely does anything at first, even when you’ve expended enough to kill a human ten times over. You grit your teeth and unleash even more, until the magical conflagration is even stronger than the one that Byakuren has unleashed.

Finally, just as you’re about to faint from exertion, you sense a terrible crack of something not meant to be cracked. It only lasts for a second before healing itself; your magic finds its way in and does its duty, but a terrifying power forces its way out as well. It directs its all-seeing gaze at you and expresses its gratitude.

You jolt awake here, as usual. It’s happened enough times that you can suppress the shudder and keep from waking Murasa.

The three of you are in the same position as before. Six or seven hours have passed. Yuyuko’s arms are still tight around Murasa’s torso, and Murasa’s head is pressed against you just under your chin, tickling you with her messy black hair.

You cautiously reach down and find that Murasa has developed a textbook case of morning wood. Taking care of it should calm you down.

There are more than a few ways to make her ejaculate, though, and Yuyuko will likely join in if you do it here. However, you would prefer not to use your own penis. If last time was any indication, satisfying it will take far too long.

[ ] Stay here.
[ ] Take Murasa elsewhere.

As for what you’ll do…
[ ] Fellatio.
[ ] Paizuri.
[ ] Rimjob and handjob.
[ ] Ride her.
[ ] Nine Moons.
[ ] Write-in.
[X] Nine Moons.

Clearly the only choice. If you don't know what this is, it can be summed up as 'TAILS!'.
[x] Stay here.

As for what you’ll do…
[x] Paizuri.

I don't mind if tails win either.
[x] Stay here.
[x] Nine Moons.

Tail sex while Yuyuko watches? HELL YES!

Also, I'm getting a slow, sick feeling that maybe, just maybe, Yukari finally overstepped herself here.
that wasn't obvious? the fact Shiki Eiki was affected so much generally means the frame work of things is pretty boned until Komachi fixes it.
[x] Stay here.
[x] Rimjob and handjob.

That is my fetish.
>abomination being unleashed
Satori's tentacle monster, is that you?
[x] Stay here.
[x] Rimjob and handjob.
[x]Nine Moons
Touch fluffy tail.
[x] Stay here.
[x] Nine Moons.
>Yukari needed
Uh. Okay. So she actually has a reason for dicks everywhere.
This is far more concerning than if she'd done it for shits'n'giggles.
Men have become imaginary in Gensokyo. We realize this when we visit genderswapped Rinnosuke in thread 20.
[x] Nine Moons
[x] Stay here.
[x] Nine Moons.

Yukari's fooling around may have doomed us all.

This is Yukari you're talking about. If she wanted to have a gigantic gangbang with everyone in Gensokyo, but needed them to all grow dicks first, well, there's your need.

Yukari's just fucking around again. As usual.
Maybe, but the Yukari PoV from way long ago mentioned harvesting. That implies a goal beyond fucking around.
Theory: Yukari's being manipulated by that thing was that was going after Satori.

Going after the major power brokers and getting them under her control is kinda ominous

Reimu, Yuyuko, Byakuren, Kaguya, Shiki Eiki. All are leaders. She doesn't have Remilia yet (Flandre's going to be used to for that) and she hasn't gotten Satori. The status of the Taoists are unknown.

Do we actually know what happened to Reimu? I don't recall if anything was said.
Swore I saw Reimu mentioned... or was it a commenter theory...

Still Yukari having gotten Youmu and making her mute so she wouldn't raise the alarm might fit the theory. (Hence Yuyuko's line about Yukari making Youmu lewd back in thread 1)
Reimu was only mentioned briefly in one of the endings, namely that she rubbed Komachi's pregnant belly. That's about it.
Dunno about Reimu but Yuyuko doesn't seem to be affected at all (It's implied that her and Komachi had occasional flings for a long time)
Closing votes. Stay here/Nine Moons wins.

This marks the end of the thread.


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This pleases me.
New thread is >>26277.

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