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This marks day 13 in the story.

Reminder: There are no bad ends unless you do something horrifically stupid. There are a large variety of normal ends that I would encourage you to actively seek. With that said, there are only two final ends to the story. Everything else will result in 'Go back X'.

Current goal: Ascend youkai mountain and meet up with Kanako. Help Kogasa overcome her problems with Sanae.


[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.



Not just a simple admiration, or physical attraction, but a deep and powerful love. You can feel an itching desire in the back of your mind to settle down with her. You can't say exactly why, but it feels right. You need this woman, Kasen. You lean in to kiss her lips.

Kasen brings a finger up to stop your progress. “You are an odd one. But your heart is in the right place,” she says with a smirk. She places a hand on your chest and gently pushes you back. “You have a journey to continue, do you not?”

She's right. You have somewhere to go. You aren't sure where it is, but you can feel it tugging on your spirit. But you don't want to leave Kasen. You look at her pathetically.

“You shall see me again,” she says. It feels reassuring to hear that from her. “Go, continue on your path, spirit.”


Your eyes slowly refocus on your surroundings. You're collapsed on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. Your sore, drained cock empties a final squirt into Kasen's tight pussy. She loosens up slightly and your softening penis slips out from her body. You groan tiredly, exhausted both mentally and physically. Even though you hardly moved, the amount of energy you used was immense. Kasen lets out a satisfied sigh and finally opens her eyes. She stands up effortlessly, seeming to not be fazed in the least by the experience. “I apologize, I had forgotten how much of an impact such rituals would have on the inexperienced.”

“It's okay, Kasen,” you say, letting out a deep breath. There isn't much else you can think to say at this time; your mind is still reeling from the experience. You relax your body and glance toward Yumeko. She looks frightened and concerned for you.

Kasen rolls her shoulders briefly, loosening them up. She leans down and picks your body up from the floor. She's quite strong, but that doesn't come as a surprise to you.  Most of the people you've met have had misleading appearances. “Please come, Yumeko,” she requests politely, starting for the stairs. Yumeko bolts up from her position outside of the circle and follows along.

Moments later, the three of you are in a small guest room. Kasen gingerly places you on top of a neatly made futon. “I will prepare something to aid in your recovery. Watch him while he rests,” she says. Yumeko nods and kneels at your side as the hermit exits the room.

“Are you all right? Does it hurt? What happened?” Yumeko asks you.

You stare at her and blink a few times, surprised by the sudden flurry of questions. “Relax, Yumeko, I'm fine,” you say, letting out a long sigh. “It doesn't hurt, it was just exhausting.”

“I, I'm sorry,” she stutters slightly. “It was just a shock, the whole thing didn't look like much, but then seeing you like this...”

You smile warmly at her. Every time she shows such care and concern, it touches your heart. “Come here, Yumeko,” you say, gesturing at her. Yumeko nods and leans in closer to your face. You reach up and slip an arm around her neck, pulling her head to your chest. She lets out a surprised gasp and and opens her lips to protest. No words come out, though, and she closes her mouth a moment later. “Thank you,” you say, mussing her blonde hair with one hand.

It is funny how being separated from Yumeko has brought you closer to her than you've ever been. She sighs and rubs her head against your chest affectionately, not unlike a cat. “May I make a request?” Yumeko asks, speaking quietly. You give her a nod. “Could you find more time to train? I like this.”

You laugh softly. “I'll try, Yumeko. But we could do this while I'm sleeping, you know.”

She nods into your chest. “Yes, but it won't be the same.” You sigh, stroke her hair some more, and close your eyes. Despite her best efforts, she might be developing feelings for you. Things always seem to be complicated. Yumeko slowly pulls her head away and sits back up.

Your mind drifts back to the experience you just had. You felt something powerful for Kasen. Is it wrong to be doing this with Yumeko right now? As if on cue, you can hear Kasen enter the room.

“Thank you, Yumeko. Would you mind leaving the room for a few moments?”

“What for, Kasen?” Yumeko asks politely in return.

“I wish to discuss his experience, it will not be long,” Kasen answers. You open your eyes; Kasen is standing in the doorway with a cup of tea in hand. Yumeko nods and silently leaves the room. The door closes behind her, and you hear the soft click of a lock. Kasen moves to your side and settles in, offering you the tea. “Drink, and we will talk.”

You nod and take the teacup, sipping from it. The taste is sweet and very strong, but you can't place exactly what it is. Regardless, you can feel your strength returning within moments. “What is that?” you ask.

“It is something special,” she replies with a wry smile, taking the teacup back. “Do not drink too much.” You aren't going to question her on that.

“So, you want to talk?”

“Yes, I do not mean to pry, but I was curious about what you saw,” she answers, speaking in a more cautious tone than you've come to expect from her.

You nod slowly and sit up. She winces ever so slightly as you move. “Well, I'm not sure how much there is to tell. You had just finished introducing yourself, and then we had sex.” Kasen nods expectantly. “It was kind of strange, you lost your composure for a bit, but then caught yourself.”

Kasen's lower lip twitches as you recall her slip. “Yes, I apologize for that. Was there anything else?”

“You mentioned I had to continue on my journey, or something to that effect, and...” You pause, thinking to yourself. Should you mention your emotions at the time?

Kasen's soft voice grabs your attention once more. “And?” she asks, watching you intently. She is quite interested in everything you have to say.

You swallow and continue. There is no reason to hide anything from her. “My spirit felt something when it looked at you,” you start. She tilts her head curiously. You let out a nervous chuckle, and a blush begins to cover your face. “It was love, Kasen.”

Her eyes widen slightly in shock, and she opens her mouth. Before speaking, however, she takes in a deep breath to regain her composure. “Love? Are you sure that is what your spirit felt?”

“Yes, Kasen. An undeniable, powerful feeling of love. At the time, I wanted to stay with you, I didn't want to continue on my journey.”

Her lip twitches again. She is clearly surprised by this, but she is doing her best not to show it. “Yes, I suppose you did have that look on your face at the time.” Kasen lets out a long, soft sigh. “You made an attempt to kiss me then as well.” The edges of her lips curl upward. “You have a good heart,” she adds with a chuckle.

“I still want to,” you blurt out. The comment takes Kasen by surprise, and a deep blush covers her face. “Kiss you, that is. If you don't mind.”

She pauses briefly. “I suppose I can indulge that desire,” she says, her voice betraying her own needs. You sit up and place a hand on the side of her face, gently stroking her cheek. You bring your lips nearer to hers, and Kasen shuts her eyes. Without further hesitation, you kiss her; she lets out a soft moan and relaxes her body. After a few moments, you break the kiss and settle back down. Kasen opens her eyes. “Does that satisfy your curiosity? How does it feel?”

“It didn't feel quite the same as with my spirit, but...”

“I am not surprised, as you are currently separated,” she interrupts. “But, I enjoyed it,” she admits. You enjoyed it as well, and you could see yourself with this woman. She is straightforward and honest, and you know she would treat you well. “There is one thing I would like to add, however.”

“What's that, Kasen?” you ask.

She clears her throat. “Our physical forms are not always completely honest. They are deceiving things that lie to ourselves and others, no matter how honest we may try to be,” she begins, pausing for effect. “Our spirits, however, are the ultimate truth. If your spirit felt love, then perhaps it was fated to be so.”

“So, wait, we're fated to be together?”

“It is possible. I will have to think on it. You will be seeing me again, so there is no need to rush.” She told your spirit that it would see her again, too. Was she talking about your physical form at the time? “We will discuss it the next time you visit.” Kasen stands and turns away, heading toward the door. Upon reaching it she pauses briefly and half-turns toward you. “Yumeko will be returning to your body soon, so this would be the best time for me to say that I would not object to your advances,” she says, offering a warm little smile. She opens the door and leaves without another word.


Not a complete update, but I felt it was worth getting up to this break point. Will be trying to finish up wed/thurs.
>> No. 23914
I have a question for my readers: How would you feel if I dropped the CYOA format for everything but choices of where to visit next?

I have a few reasons for doing this. The primary reason is that I have some great ideas I'd love to write, and I think I'll be able to refocus if I can just go for them without worrying about where the votes lead. I think it'd result in an overall better story, as well, not just straight up smut. It is a porn story, but there are a lot of story elements I've had to gloss over in favor of writing sex scenes. Partially my fault due to offering those choices, I admit.

I'd lose some reader interaction, which is important to me, but I think I can produce better work if I cut out a good portion of the choices. The 'where to go choices' are the biggest ones, however. They may not seem like much, but consider this: If you hadn't visited Shinki first and gotten the sword, what would've happened with Kogasa? How about the bar earlier? A lot has hinged on the fact you made that choice first. That's just one example, but it is a big one. A lot of the smaller choices are things that affect dialogue, some story elements, and how characters feel about you. It would basically boil down to giving you guys the biggest choices, but all of the small ones would default to the 'best' option.

In addition to the above question, I want to share some of my plans for the story:

1. Finish through Ten Desires, up until the next choice of where to go.

2. Stop updating for a week or two and instead focus on going through the entire file and rewriting old segments, trimming fat/culling useless paragraphs and lines, fixing terrible grammar/formatting issues and just generally updating things to my current style.

3. After that is done, I am going to pay BSD to go through my entire file and proof read/copy edit it. I will be returning to updating the main story at this point. BSD and Patch are my primary proof readers, and they do a fucking excellent job.

What do you guys think?
>> No. 23915
I certainly approve of getting money, but it seems like taking away voting would make the story less engaging. I'd feel less invested in Rick if I didn't have any control over him.

Although, if no votes mean the story will update a lot quicker...
>> No. 23916
File 133411156840.jpg- (103.43KB , 600x338 , bad touch incoming.jpg ) [iqdb]

And as for the question, sure I don't mind one bit since I have faith in your ability to tell a tale, although other people may not like it, since the ability to make choices and the illusions of having any choice at all are important to a lot of people, and sometimes to the point of blatant irrationality.
>> No. 23918
If you feel you can make a better story without reader input aside from the majour choices, that may be the better way to go. However, I would suggest still leaving the option for smaller things, like the positions in which Aya was fucked, the order in which you might focus on girls in a location with two or more, etc.
>> No. 23919

The story actually has a general skeleton to it. I have story elements in place, things I'd like to see happen, both in terms of sex scenes and regular story content. It certainly isn't 'seat of my pants' by any means, though spur of the moment ideas are always coming to me. It is fun seeing how reader votes can deviate from that, but after over 2 years of doing this... I kind of just want to focus on getting the story worked through and putting out the best end result I can.

As for the little details like position and stuff, that's not a bad idea, when applicable.
>> No. 23920
If you honestly feel you've got to go on auto pilot, go ahead, but for god's sake, try not to have 40-60% of the story being about things up Rick's ass.
>> No. 23922

Here are characters that may end up putting something in his ass:

Alice (maybe), Aya, Eirin, Iku, Kanako (maybe), Lily Black, Mima (teasing, no penetration), Mokou, Nitori, Nue, Ran, Remilia, Orin (not femdom), Rinnosuke, Sanae, Seiga (maybe, just fingers at the most if that), Hourai, Yukari, Youmu, Yuuka.

List is not final. May not all be full on penetration, some may be just teasing or rimming.

That's, what, 20 characters? And I have about 85 in my story plans file. So that's about 24%, assuming ALL of them do it.
>> No. 23929
I would prefer to keep the choices we get still, if only for the chances to explore the various endings we still get.

And the smaller choices still are rather nice to have as it lets us feel like we still have a big choice in where we want the story to develop compared to just the big choices.
>> No. 23931
Yeah, how would we get the normal ends without choices beyond where to go? I think this is more an issue of having the right choices at the right times, maybe less often, but not taking them out altogether. Don't give a choice when it's just going to be [ ] more story [ ] more sex, there's plenty of sex in the story already. The choices should influence the story, not skip over it.
>> No. 23932
You still get the normal ends. I don't have a complete solution for them, but right now I think I'd point out where they would occur and pare them off into my side story thread.
>> No. 23934
Also I am going to write a little today but not much, I'm working on editing some scans and Legend of Grimrock releases at 1 pm today, so I'm going to play or stream that since I've actually got free time.

Speaking of scans, I've been really fucking busy lately so it is hard for me to sit down and edit them. If someone here knows their way around Paint.net or Photoshop and is willing to edit the scans get with me on IRC. I have somewhat specific instructions for doing the edits, but if you come up with a more efficient way for the same result I am all ears.

Will require you to use SpiderOak, a service similar to Dropbox although with larger capacities. I'll give you a referral for an extra 1gb of space for both of us so I can stick more doujin scans on it. I'll scan books, number them, drop them in a folder with the '[Circle] Title' format and stick them in SpiderOak for you to edit.
>> No. 23943
File 133418099611.png- (1.00MB , 1275x1578 , 23742162.png ) [iqdb]
Can't wait to get back to Nue. Great things are in store.
>> No. 23955
I'm ok with autopilot, as long as we FINALLY get to the moriya shrine. It's been one distraction after another on top of massive delays.
>> No. 23957
I don't mind leaving the choices to things like destinations and positions. Since you already have a plan in place, it'll flow more smoothly if you don't have to make it fit with votes.


This is my fetish, so I approve of this list!
>> No. 23960

The idea with each arc is to work through the entire cast, more or less. So yes, each arc will have 'distractions'. The basic idea behind this story from the get-go was 'write H scenes for the entire windows cast'. As for the delays, some are my fault, some are life. Life takes precedence over me writing porn.


I'm going to toy with clipping out a number of votes from here on out. Aside from the guaranteed choices of where to go* I'll offer position choices where relevant and if I stumble over something I feel needs a choice.

*You're going to TD next regardless, though, Yukari already set it up by taking Nue off.
>> No. 23961
Hooray, an update!

Now, as for the suggested new way of doing it...
As long as we finally get to Kanako, I suppose I'd be fine with it (assuming we'd still get the normal endings and all that).

Because I really want to get to Kanako, soon as possible.
>> No. 23965

You are still getting the normal endings. I will point out when they would have occurred and then pare them off into the one-shot thread. I still really want to write them, I have a file full of the damn things.
>> No. 24011
>> No. 24088
I'm interested in reading ending too.
I have no idea about choices. They add the feeling of interactivity, but I suppose being without them is okay too. Sometimes majority decides on choice I may not like and that can make me (and I suppose I'm not the only one) frustrated.
>> No. 24089
I'm working on the next chunk. I'm going to try and put out 2-3 updates a week. I will be pulling back on the number of choices, but I'll leave the major ones (where to go next) intact, as well as the suggested 'choose a position' if it is relevant. If I feel anything else warrants a particular choice I'll put one in. Like I said, you'll get the normal endings either way, I've already put the ideas together for a ton of 'em.
>> No. 24422
It's coming slowly, but it IS coming.
>> No. 24675
So...how's life treatin' ya?
>> No. 24706
Month and a half of no Mind the Gap makes me a sad panda. Writefag hit a writer's block?
>> No. 24710
An update every two three days. More like an update two three month. Ehhh....
>> No. 24713
You have no idea how hot the hate I have for you burns right now.
>> No. 24715
Hi, yes, I'm here. Do you guys want the long, E/N filled wall of text explanation for what's going on, or the short 'I'm working, really!' response?
>> No. 24716
Personally knowing that you're around is enough for me. If you feel like explaining the situation then please do but you don't need to go out of your way to do so otherwise. You're alive, around and still intending to write so I'm happy.
>> No. 24736

I'll keep it down to a few major points.

First, I'm kind of burnt on writing H-scenes. Those Momizi shorts I started? Yeah, I literally blew through the non-H portion then hit a rock wall. I'm thinking of just writing all the non-H parts of the story up and then marking off where H-scenes would be and dropping them in SCD with a link to the relevant story post.

Second, my life situation is changing. I've been taking care of someone for 3 1/2 years now, and that came to a close this past week. Good news? I'm 'free' from that job. Bad news? I've still got a shit ton of stuff to do in getting both houses cleaned up and then start job hunting.

Third, it's just getting really hard for me to sit down at the PC for long stretches of time. The more active I've gotten, the less I want to sit at the PC. Right now my priorities for life look something like... Lose weight/Exercise > Job hunt > Clean > Scan > game/write/draw/everything else.

Also, a couple people asked me about my diet and stuff a few months ago. I've lost about 60 pounds in 14 weeks. Feels good, man.

tl;dr I am here, I check the site daily, I want to write, I've got a lot going on and I am a tad burnt on writing sex.
>> No. 24737
>I've lost about 60 pounds in 14 weeks.
What diet is this? I've been looking to lose weight myself.
>> No. 24738

Low carb. Pulled most of my info from the Atkins site, SA's low carb thread (before it was gassed for being full of creepy bacon-worshippers) and this: http://josepharcita.blogspot.com/2011/03/guide-to-ketosis.html

The short version is I went from eating 3500-4000 cal/day and feeling really hungry, to eating about 1200-1350 cal/day and being a-okay with it. The first 4-5 weeks the weight rolls off due to no longer retaining tons of water.

It's not magic, but if you aren't into veggies and such (i can't stand most of 'em), it can do right by you. All reasonable diets work as long as you keep calorie counts down, it's just a matter of what suits your tastes.
>> No. 24753
Much appreciated. Good luck with the writing and everything.
>> No. 25156
This may be a bit late, but I wouldn't mind fewer votes at all. I still might like the feeling, or at least the illusion, that we retain some sense of democratic influence beyond merely where we're going next, but you don't need to hold a vote as often as you were doing. Just every once in a while would be enough, or more frequently on relatively trivial things that won't actually impact the story much.

Do you GM/DM, by the way? One of the greatest techniques to master when dungeon-mastering a tabletop roleplaying game is to give the players the illusion of choice while still maintaining direction of the story. Sometimes your players will come up with something really great, though, and you have the flexibility to incorporate that, which is why you need the illusion. And it does need to be an illusion. Players, more than nearly anything, like being in control, but that doesn't always lend itself well to the game. So you make them feel in control without actually handing over the reigns, so to speak.

If possible, I'd like you to try something similar, or else, as I mentioned first, do still meaningful while somewhat fewer choices.
>> No. 25269
I don't remember all the details, but I had a dream a couple nights ago that this story had started updating again.

That's kinda sad, really.
>> No. 25400
I will probably pick this back up when...

1. I finish all of this fucking scanning.

2. I hit my weight goal and can slip into just maintenance mode.

3. I get all of my other affairs settled, including money and making our house not be a mess.
>> No. 25420

Good luck with that, but there's no rush. I wasn't trying to pressure you or anything, I just thought it was an amusingly mundane thing to dream about. My subconscious must not be very creative.
>> No. 25430

Wasn't in response to you directly, just mentioning it in general!
>> No. 25469
Not every dream can be a breakaway hit full of subtle plot twists, elegant prose, unusual creative fire, and excessively surreal landscapes. Most of the time you dream about stupid shit like waiting for the airplane to take off or worrying about your friends or whatever.

I'm happy to hear that you haven't dropped off the face of the earth. The fact that this story is on your list at all, let alone at the enviable position of 4, is heartening, and I'm even more happy to hear that you're getting things straightened out.
>> No. 25515
Whew, finally caught up! (My body hurts)
Wish ya luck in life and I'll be hanging around in IRC~
>> No. 25518

Goddamn it.
>> No. 25526
All of my white-hot fury. All of it.
>> No. 25531
Yes because that was such a large bump.
>> No. 25532
All bumps are the same size. That's the point of a bump. No matter how long the field is, they all shoot the thread up to the top of the board, be it a stupid eight-word bump like yours or a full story update. Saying that your bump was a small-one is a non-sequitur. It doesn't make sense. It's completely irrelevant. Your bumping the thread at all put this thread at the very top, creating elation followed by crushing disappointment in all those who saw it and assumed that, finally, it had begun updating again.

You stupid sod.
>> No. 25616
File 13427950602.jpg- (1.94MB , 6675x3000 , DakimakuraJuly20th.jpg ) [iqdb]
I got stuff recently and I like sharing it because, hey, I know a few people here are interested. Have a big ass picture that I had to shrink/dump quality on to fit in the board's file size limit.
>> No. 26460
So...any news?
>> No. 26738

Scanning and other stuff. I do want to continue, I've got plenty of ideas. Just not the time & not the drive right now. I have been hit with inspiration though, so once I get some more time I may try my hand at drawing and see if a change of medium makes things easier.
>> No. 26770
Having just now finished reading through the story thus far, I have a few comments for you.

1.) On moving to a low-option format: Please, do what you like.

2.) I was very impressed by your plot and characterization. The porn didn't do much for me, but I kept reading for your plot.

3.) You've managed to make Nue my favorite character, displacing both Patchoulli and Yukari. Congratulations.

I await your next update warmly. Thank you for writing.
>> No. 27045
Thanks for the feedback! I do look forward to returning to writing (or using another medium). I want to handle these scans first and get some life-stuff settled before I get back to it.

p.s. I should have an art-related surprise in the near (month?) future that has to do with Aya.
>> No. 28071
I'm getting a tablet for Christmas. I do want to continue this story in some form, even if it's drawing it. Though I'm not aiming for an Eastern style, so not sure how much that'd interest people. Plus I need to, you know, get good at it.
>> No. 28085
As long as we can get this to continue, I don't care what format or art style is used.
>> No. 28137
File 135645272564.jpg- (404.99KB , 844x626 , DSCN1220.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sweet, now I can draw Rick taking it in the pooper.
>> No. 28534
I'd love to see you continue this story. I miss Nue.
>> No. 28553
Yeah, I'd love to see this story continue - Yukari is fantastic, and Kanako awaits.
>> No. 29333
I had some inspiration. Would you guys be okay if I skipped ahead a bit and got 'some' writing done at least, even if it's just one character's segment?

Also, sorry to get hopes up by bumping this, but I wanted to get feedback before the inspiration left me.
>> No. 29334


Any writing is welcome, especially if it helps you get your inspiration back. With the quality you've shown in the past, anything from you is something to look forward to.

(Maybe if I compliment you, you'll start writing this story again).
>> No. 29335
Maybe in the Something Completely Different thread, possibly? It's great if you've struck inspiration, and I'd like to see you write again, but in all honesty I have been looking forward to the Moriyas.
>> No. 29336
I agree though I don't think it's too late for the shrine proper to be retooled if that's your issue.
>> No. 29337

Well, it's still part of the main story. I guess I could put it in SCD and then, when I get there in the main story, re-post it in the MTG thread for the sake of continuity.
>> No. 29339

Whatever works. I just REALLY want to see you write again.
>> No. 29340

Right, that's what I'll do. I think you guys will like what I have in mind. My inspiration included a bit of a personality change from my original ideas, but the general plan stayed the same. I'm normally rather subtle with hints, but I'm too excited for that. I hope you guys like spiders.

Also, nothing will be going in Rick's ass.
>> No. 29341

Spiders? But wha-


>> No. 29342
>Also, nothing will be going in Rick's ass.
>> No. 29343
Speaking of things going in asses, this is a long shot, but is anyone familiar with any english-speaking artists that draw effeminate guys or traps regularly and do it well? I'm looking for artists to commission. Might as well ask, no matter how much of a stretch it is.
>> No. 29356

Don't worry, I feel the same way. Still, I think we can all agree that seeing the story resume is WAY too great for any little details like that to get us down! I've certainly missed it far more than any of the other stories I've seen go into hiatus or abandonment around here!

Awesome to see you getting back into the saddle, my friend!
>> No. 29414
Wasn't there some sort of Momiji short promised for SCD at one point?
>> No. 29417

There were a lot of things promised for SCD at one point. Also, first post is comin' slow but steady.
>> No. 29543
This is going slow but decently. I'm juggling a few other things at the same time too (rl stuff not writing) so I don't have a lot of sit down time, but I'm actually enjoying writing again.
>> No. 29774
Still working on it. Just... slow. Getting back into the swing slowly.
>> No. 29904
No, not here with an update, sorry! That's still a WIP. Lately I've been thinking about setting aside some cash from my regular commissioning and paying an artist to do a short comic (5-10 pg) based on one of the scenes from my story. Both as an apology and as a thank you to you guys. I'm not sure what artist, I'm currently looking around. If someone has ideas let me know, but preferably someone who speaks good English because of the complexity involved.

If I can find an artist I'm going to push ahead with the idea. It won't be for a while though, cash is tight and I already have most of it promised to artists for other commissions.

With that said, I plan on letting my readers vote for what scene they'd like to be turned into a short comic. What do you guys think about this idea?
>> No. 29907

This would be unthinkably awesome.

My vote would be the bathing with Nue scene. Because Nue.
>> No. 29912

Sounds cool. I guess I'd like to see the Orin scene, but that might be too complex for 5-10 pages.
>> No. 29913
How about the first scene with Yukari, as she established what was going to happen, what lay in our future?
Either that or Shiki.
>> No. 29914
I'd like to see the first scene with Ran.
>> No. 29915
Haha, hold up, let me find artists and stuff and then we'll work out a scene to go with. Everyone has a different favorite probably so we'll try to figure out the 5-6 most popular picks and then run a vote from that.

Personally if I had my pick it'd be Aya since I feel that was my best scene, but I'd probably just do that on my own later once I've gotten more practice with my tablet.
>> No. 29916
Yukari futa scene.
>> No. 29917
Shinki scene.
>> No. 29920
Ran futa scene! :>
>> No. 29921
No seriously, hold on and stop voting for the moment. I was just asking if you guys liked the idea (which it seems you do). I'll do an 'official' voting thing once I come up with an artist (or artists) and run them by you guys, figure out prices, etc. Gotta fit this into my finances and figure out when it'll happen.
>> No. 29923
I don't recall this happening.
>> No. 29924

We know, we're just reminiscing about happy times. So many happy times.

...Did I mention how much I miss you?
>> No. 29925
File 136387354041.jpg- (1.12MB , 900x1350 , 187036.jpg ) [iqdb]

I've... missed you too? Let's not get too creepy here.

Speaking of commissioning things, these are the kinds of things I've been having commissioned in the mean time. It's way cooler than importing because I get to support artists directly and meet new people while at it!
>> No. 29931
Faustsketcher eh? Good choice. He does pretty nice work.
>> No. 29932
Damn, That's a nice commission. How much did that set you back?
>> No. 29933

$25, I split it with three other people. He's doing Sarja and Katt next. Basically I stopped importing stuff and started pouring the cash into commissioning artists I like from HF (and some off pixiv).
>> No. 29993
File 136424564639.png- (155.45KB , 289x510 , yo dude fingers point what.png ) [iqdb]
>I've... missed you too? Let's not get too creepy here.
>everything goes into MC ass all the time
>worried about homo
>> No. 30007

It was meant jokingly and had less to do with sexuality and more of random strangers on the internet.

Also I might be selling some of the commissions I've had done in order to fund further comms. They'd be $85+5 shipping a piece, which is well under import prices. If anyone is interested lemme know and I'll post a list of what will be sold once I discuss it with a few other artists.

As for the comic thing, so far I'm looking at http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/MelkorMancin/profile and http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/faustsketcher MelkorMancin would be $110-140 a page and I dunno about faustsketcher. I'm still investigating other options too.
>> No. 30008
>$110-140 a page

Single page comic, got it.
>> No. 30009

Yeah that's quite a bit. But his work is good (he's doing a commission for me at the moment) and that cost is for full color.
>> No. 30012
Christ that's highway robbery....
>> No. 30013

Nah. Highway robbery is an artist who asked me $2,000 for a dakimakura commission. For a non-commercial piece at that.
>> No. 30018
You're joking right? That's obscene!
>> No. 30020

It's a dakimakura, it had better be obscene or else what's the point?


But yeah, $2000 is overkill.
>> No. 30026

I wish I was joking. I really wish I was.


The average price tends to hover around $100. I've gotten some done for closer to $50, and I've paid some artists $300. The good news is that when I finally print all of these, I get a nice distributor discount. So all in all, averaged out over time, this ends up far, far cheaper than importing ever was.

Anyway, I'll talk to faust on skype next time he's on and see what he'd charge for comics.
>> No. 30031
File 136441323348.jpg- (919.90KB , 1200x1500 , 69366342d5e2da807e8cbd937d090cc6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bad news: Faust won't do comics. He feels they take too much time over his normal work because he's terrible at paneling.

Good news: Faust says I can sell Maou (>>29925). If anyone here is interested, I'll be posting details in a few places later and I can link it here. Price will be $85 + 5 shipping in the US.

Interesting news: You like Mima? I fuckin' love Mima. I'm having a Mima commission done soon. It will include sweaterboobs. Pic related.
>> No. 30032
>You like Mima? I fuckin' love Mima.
Always knew I liked you for a reason.
>I'm having a Mima commission done soon. It will include sweaterboobs. Pic related.
Yep. Always knew.

So how's that update coming along? Someone has to ask.
>> No. 30033

Slowly. But it's coming. I just keep getting sidetracked by other things (and I need to pick scanning up this week again).
>> No. 30034
http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/PrivatePomegranate/profile Also this is the artist doing Mima. Don't know how much appeal his style will carry here, but I felt he'd do a great Mima (as well as the other characters I offered).
>> No. 30036
>You like Mima? I love fuckin' Mima.

Fix'd that for ya.
>> No. 30074

What do you guys think of this artist for the comic? $60 a page, to be adjusted based on complexity. I've worked with her before and she's fantastic: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/MissNips/193973/Dakimakura-Neptune-PurpleHeart
>> No. 30075


Absolutely. I would so read a comic with this artist.

And fap to it. But that went without saying, I'm certain.
>> No. 30083
$60 a page for how many pages?
>> No. 30084
As awesome as the art would be, is 60$ a page a realistic budget for this project?
>> No. 30085
$60 a page is much more reasonable than $120+ a page. That's just for however many pages the scene takes. I figure it'll be 5-10 pages. She seems like the best choice for this. If there's no serious dissent in the next few days I'll open a vote. I think the only thing I'd not want to do are the loli scenes.
>> No. 30087

Understandable, that. Fortunately, there's just so much to choose from.
>> No. 30089
Right, so, talking to MissNips, she has a current (long) comic project that she estimates will take another 16 weeks or so. That's fine by me, I wanted to get through the next 3 dakimakura commissions from her (Nowi, Sona and Wynne) first anyway, and then set aside some cash for her to do maybe two pages at a time. I'll open voting/discussion in a day or so. What I am thinking is that I'll ask in general what everyone would like to see, take the 5-6 most popular choices, run them by MissNips to see if she would drop any of them based on content not to her taste, and then hold a vote for the remaining. If anyone has a better idea let me know!
>> No. 30122
Alright, let's go ahead and start the first round of voting. Try to be sorta specific if the character has more than one scene. If you say 'a yukari scene', well that doesn't help. Only restriction is no loli. On the 12th I will close this initial round of votes, take the top 6 and continue as I said in my prior post.
>> No. 30123
I'm tossing my hat in and voting for the scene in the bar with Komachi and the others, in particular her paizuri scene with Rick.

For a second option, any of the Nitori scenes would be awesome.
>> No. 30124
Primary vote is the bathing in the stream scene with Nue. Hot as hell in my opinion.

Secondary votes are the duel-sex with Shou, and being claimed by Momiji.
>> No. 30126
Primary vote for the beginning scene with Yukari, where she gaps Rick, fingers him and then fucks him.

And if we get secondary votes then I'll pick the Aya scene where we try and fail to blackmail her.
>> No. 30127
I guess I'd go for the Aya/Hatate scene. It was pretty emblematic of the story as a whole.

Or, maybe some hybrid of the two Shinki scenes.
>> No. 30129
Primary Aya scene, the one where Hatate joins in.

Secondary Yukari Futa scene.
>> No. 30130
That duel-slash-sex with Shou as primary, and being claimed by Momiji as secondary.
>> No. 30131
Primary the scene in the bar with Komachi and the others

Secondary the early breastfeeding scenes with Byakuren
>> No. 30132
>I guess I'd go for the Aya/Hatate scene. It was pretty emblematic of the story as a whole.

>> No. 30133
Primeary, Ran's first scene

Secondary, Byakuren's scene
>> No. 30162
Didn't expect the primary/second thing. Guess I'll count the primary as 1 and the second as 0.5. Keep on votin'. If you voted before I opened them (like in the initial sudden burst of interest), vote again.
>> No. 30169
Primary is the Nue stream scene. You can never have enough Nue.

Second would definitely be Shou duel sex.
>> No. 30177
My primary vote is the Aya/Rick scene where he fucks him/her/preferredpronoun while sitting in the chair.

Secondary vote is the Nue bathing scene.
>> No. 30184
Primary vote for the Shou fightsexsexfight.

Secondary vote for delicious Byakuren milk.
>> No. 30186
[1] Komachi, bar scene and the sex afterwards.

[2] Shou duel sex.
>> No. 30188
I vote for the consummation of Rick and Kogasa's love oh wait, that hasn't happened yet. But I would really, really like to see the "now your sword and my umbrella are friends" moment illustrated.

Okay, then. Primary: the "mommy" scenes with Byakuren. Secondary: the first major bath scene with Yukari.
>> No. 30193
Primary: the milk-fueled sex romp with Byakuren and Kogasa.

Secondary: Ran's handjob/tailfuck scene.
>> No. 30202
Agreeing with the Friends scene although I'd be cool with Either of the Byakuren scenes. Milk. It does a body good
>> No. 30205
Did anyone else forgot about the Shinki scenes?
>> No. 30230
Primary: One of the scenes with Shinki

Secondary: Ran's tailfuck scene
>> No. 30260
Two days left. I smiled when I read the suggestion of doing the sword x umbrella scene. I enjoyed writing that one.
>> No. 30290
Primary: Ran's tailsex scene

Secondary: The first Yukari scene
>> No. 30353
Oh yeah, I forgot to close this and tally votes. Whoops. Eh, I'll do it tomorrow and then email MissNips back ASAP with links to the top 6, see if she wants to throw any picks out, then come back for the 'final' vote.
>> No. 30362
I'll throw in a vote for the Aya/Hatate scene. One of my favourites in the story yet.
>> No. 30363
Here's the top 6, primary votes counted as 1, secondary as 0.5.

Aya/Hatate threesome: 4.5
Shou fight/sex: 3.5
Komachi/others in the bar: 3
Byakuren motherly scene(s): 3
Bathing w/ Nue: 2.5
Mixture of Shinki scenes: 2.5

Tallying the votes was kind of weird and some stuff wasn't 100% clear, but I did my best. I'll talk to MissNips and see what she says, then open the next vote a bit later.
>> No. 30417
File 136681772430.jpg- (1.33MB , 1063x1594 , medusa.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update on the comic stuff yet. As for the Yamame post, I've got it on hold at the moment while I try to catch up on scanning. I'm waaay behind in that department, and still have ~70 books to do. Also, while I'm here, have a commission that was finished recently.
>> No. 30782
MissNips will be busy for a while. Good news is that I am on track financially to finish up my projects at the end of August (or sooner) and start saving for the comic. In a month or so I will follow up with her and then get the second vote rolling.

While I am here, have a human Mamizou, from the manga:


And a Mima:

>> No. 34018
Eight months to the day since anyone even posted here, much less an update? Sigh...
>> No. 35438

No pregnant Akyuu.

No bondage with Kanako's shimenawa.

No threesome with Tenshi and Komachi.

No reunion between Shinki and Alice.

No yaoi with Rinnosuke.

*sigh*... I really wish I could've had a chance to tell him that he didn't have to overwork himself for our sake. He seemed to have less-than-confidence in his material, even though it was amazing.

Please come back, guy. I know there's a lot of people who'd love to see you come back.
>> No. 35442
What >>35438 said.

Coooome back. We miss you.
>> No. 35474
I'm still around, I just don't really look at /at/. I have had some life priority changes and I don't really see myself writing this further at this time. There are moments I sit down and think 'it'd be really cool to do this scene', but then I just can't get motivated.

Nothing came of the MissNips comic thing since she stopped replying to me.

Part of the reason I stopped is because I felt like, in order to portray the scenes I wanted, I had to 'over-write' them. I reached a point where I started saying 'if I could draw this instead...'

You might see something out of me in the distant future, but it probably won't be writing. Might not be exclusively Touhou either.
>> No. 35488
I did not bump this thread, there were posts added afterward which were deleted. Sadly, the board still doesn't show email for tripcodes.
>> No. 35563

Well, there goes the last remaining hope that kept me coming to this site. Guess there's nothing here for me anymore, then.

From things you've said in the past, it sounded like you already had many scenes planned out to some degree. If you're officially abandoning us, maybe you'd like to share some brief summaries of the ideas you had for future scenes/girls? Who knows, maybe some other writer will take over the story and use them someday. Hopefully.
>> No. 35593
Yeah, all I really want to do is be able to read the scenes you originally had in mind. I know you wanted to cut out some of the choices because of how burnt-out you were feeling, and I'm sure most people wouldn't mind, just as long as we have a chance to get to know each Touhou (or at least, all of the ones you feel comfortable writing).

Besides, it's not like a story heavy on the dialogue and light on the choices is automatically going to be bad (Lotus Pavilion and Being Meiling ones are good examples).
>> No. 35602
You forgot:

Why doesn't Rick have a shirikodama/hitbox?

Who was intruding on Rick's dreams?

How will Kogasa and Sanae react to one another?
>> No. 35607
It will be a surprise
>> No. 35612
>>35563 here.


That's not really what I meant. I wasn't even asking him to write any scenes, just to make a list of bullet points with very short summaries of what the scene would've contained. Nothing detailed, just the general idea.

Hell, even if he doesn't want to do that for all the different scenes he had planned, I'd be happy with just a short overview of where the plot was going and how it was supposed to end. A little closure would be nice, is all.
>> No. 35786
I guess you could always ask him to post them here...

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