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The hostess leads you through a dimly-lit hallway.

“Is this your first time in the back lounge?” she asks.

It is.

“Then, I hope this is the first of many enjoyable visits. Our girls are among the most beautiful in Gensokyo, and our complimentary aphrodisiac will keep you erect for as long as you wish. You may do anything on our menu without protection; you are all free of diseases, and they have their own methods of contraception. However, the girls would prefer that you not choose the same thing twice.”

“Ah, and the rumor you may have heard is true. If all four girls agree to it, you can end your visit by having them all at once for free. They expect you to do something for them first, however.”

The hallway ends at a door. There’s a slit to look through, but the hostess blocks your view. She knocks twice and turns back to you.

“Allow me to explain our specials. For our ‘sampler,’ your orgasm will be prevented while each girl spends two minutes with you. The last one will drink your sperm, so you may decide on the order beforehand. ”

“Additionally, Miss Houjuu is offering a special service. She claims to be one of the few people alive who can perform it.”

“Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the girls are all here of their own volition. They’re all quite powerful, so we couldn’t keep them from leaving if we tried.”

The hostess looks back through the slit. “They’re ready now. Please, enjoy your visit.”

She holds the door open for you. You step past her into a plush room covered with rugs and lit by a dozen yellow lanterns. Four girls are lined up in front of you, all on their knees with their heads bowed to the floor.

“Welcome home, Master!” they all say in unison. As they sit back up, you realize that they’re the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen. Each one is far beyond anything you could have imagined; even the pictures didn’t do them justice.

The girls stand up and move to a large couch that takes up the center of the room. It’s about as long as two futons, and the two ends each curve around a table. You take a moment to survey them once they’ve settled down.

A small girl with black hair and red eyes sits alone at the table left-side table. Her flat chest and pale skin make her seem fragile, but her smile hints at a predatory nature. She wears a black nightgown that’s just barely opaque, along with a pair of black stockings. The space between the two garments gives you a glimpse of pale thighs and a lacy pair of black panties.

A red-haired woman lies on her back in the middle of the couch with her arms behind her head. Her long hair cascades over the side of the pink cushion, contrasting beautifully with her light blue eyes. Her only clothing is an elegant green Chinese dress and a green beret. Her long, toned legs are completely bare, and an amazing bust strains against the fabric of her dress. She smiles gently and winks at you before turning her head away and closing her eyes.

Two girls sit at the right-side table. On the left, a blue-haired and aqua-eyed woman reclines with a pipe. Her light blue clothing doesn’t seem especially scandalous, but it clings to her curves in a way that shows you every detail of the shapely body and modest breasts underneath. With the pipe held delicately between her manicured, blue-nailed hands, she exhales a cloud of sweet smoke and smiles seductively though the haze. Her dress is hiked up enough that you could see between her legs, but the table blocks your view.

The last girl sits at the very edge of the couch with her legs resting on the table. The black wings and red tokin hat indicate that she’s a tengu, but she’s far more beautiful than any tengu you’ve ever seen. An undersized white button-up shirt and a black micro-miniskirt just barely cover her perky breasts and her firm ass. Her lightly-tanned thighs, framed between her skirt and a short pair of black thighhighs, seem to be begging for a squeeze. She’s still wearing her red geta, and a camera sits on the table next to her.

The medicine from before is taking its effect; the strongest erection you’ve ever had in your life strains fiercely against your pants. They must all be able to see it.

You have 6,500 to spend. The lounge is yours for the night, so there’s no need to rush.



Nue Houjuu

Aya Shameimaru

Seiga Kaku

Hong Meiling


Talking to the girls
Fellatio or Paizuri
Threesome option
Vaginal or Anal
Threesome option
S&M play
Nue Special

*All girls are here of their own free will.

Interesting concept, let's see where this goes!

[x] Talk with the girls.

>“Ah, and the rumor you may have heard is true. If all four girls agree to it, you can end your visit by having them all at once for free. They expect you to do something for them first, however.”

We should get all four of them, so let's talk to them and find out what they want, for starters.
[X] Talk with the girls.

Well, I just think that, if you're going to screw someone, you might as well get to know them a little first.
[X] Talk with the girls.
Threesome shows up twice, just saying.

[X] Talk with the girls.

Like it's said, there's no rush.
[X] Talk with the girls.

Oh my, this looks interesting.

One of them is under fellatio or paizuri. The other is under vaginal or anal. They both have different prices.
[x] Talking to the girls.

Let's be civil first.
[x] Talk with the girls.
Interesting to see how this story turns out. Hopefully it won't die like all the others.
I'd be down with talking to the girls first.
Kind of hoping we can end up with either a Seiga or a Nue scene, here.
[X] Talk with the girls.

Whoa...this one looks interesting.
I'm very curious as to what this 'Nue Special' could be.
Writer here. I'm going to call the votes for "Talk to the girls." I can't say I'm surprised it's unanimous.

Let me clarify the rules for threesomes, too. As >>23872 pointed out, there's two different options: one where both girls do fellatio/paizuri, and one where both girls do vaginal/anal. If you wanted to, I guess you could have one girl do F/P and one girl do V/A for 1,500. Also, aside from the sampler, each item follows a general rule of "one ejaculation per girl."

Putting on a tripcode too, because saying "Writer here" is a bad way to identify myself.
[x] Talk with the girls.

You try to maintain your composure as you walk to the left side of the couch. The flat-chested girl puts on that same dangerous smile and pulls herself sideways onto your lap as soon as you sit down. She wraps her delicate hands around your neck and stares up into your eyes with the opposite of innocence.

“Hmm, starting with me? You must be pretty brave. My name’s Nue Houjuu. A lot of people are afraid of me, but I can make you feel really good if you want.” She glances over to the other girls. “Much better than they can.”

Nue moves one of your hands to her chest. Her clothing is so thin that you can feel her body right through it. As you gingerly stroke her hard nipples with a nervous finger, her chest starts pushing against you. After a moment of observation, you realize that her breasts are somehow growing right before your eyes. You cradle them with one arm as they continue to slowly expand.

“Surprised? I’m a shapeshifter. I can be any kind of girl you want… ” Nue pushes a finger into your mouth. “… And more.” The finger changes into a tongue and starts exploring the inside of your mouth. You try to engage it with your own tongue, but it’s much nimbler than you are.

Nue rubs one of her soft thighs against your penis while she plays with your mouth. You were incredibly hard already, but the girl’s smell and warmth make you even more excited. Her finger-tongue makes you groan with pleasure as it explores every corner of your mouth, and even the gentle rubbing from her thigh seems heavenly.

Nue’s breasts finally stop expanding before your arm gives out under their weight. They’re not any bigger than the red-haired girl’s, but they seem impossibly large on Nue’s small body. You wish you could see them, but her flimsy clothing just barely hides them from view.

Nue changes her extra tongue back to a finger and moves it up to her mouth. She purses her lips and slowly pushes it inside, and cleans off your saliva with a show of head-bobbing and loud sucking.
Once her finger is cleaned off, Nue falls away from you onto her back. Her nightgown is just wrapped around her huge breasts now, giving you a clear view of her garter belt and panties. There’s plenty of radiant skin to look at as well. You can’t help reaching down to touch her, but she grabs your wrists and quickly shakes her head.

“I’ll be the one who decides what you can touch. I’m sure you won’t mind.”

Nue’s breasts recede into her body as she holds your hands, and her nightgown falls back down over her panties. You can still clearly visualize what was underneath. She pulls on your arms to get herself upright again and glances toward the rest of the girls.

“Guess I shouldn’t keep you all to myself. Not yet, at least. I’ll be waiting.”

Nue sends you off with a peck on the cheek. For some reason, that quick touch of her lips seems just as erotic as a regular kiss. The spot where she kissed you stays warm for several minutes.

The red-haired girl seems to be dozing. The bottom of her dress falls entirely between her legs, putting their entire length on display. Her eyes snap open as soon as you approach to get a better look; she jumps you faster than you can see, and you’re suddenly on top of her and tangled up in her arms and legs. She presses your head against her breasts and strokes your hair as she introduces herself.

“Hey, nice to meet you. You can just call me Meiling.” She speaks slowly with a Chinese accent, so Japanese probably isn’t her first language. It adds a hint of exoticism to her amazing body.

You try to move, but Meiling seems to have restrained your entire body. The only thing you can do in this position is rub your head against her breasts. They’re some of the softest things you’ve ever felt, and perfectly suited to her body; if it weren’t for the dress, you could just bury your head in between them.

“Pretty good, huh? I can give you an amazing titfuck if you want, but I’m just as good with my mouth.” An image of Meiling squeezing your cock between her breasts and licking the tip passes through your head, making your penis twitch against her firm thigh. You can imagine how the skin would feel against your penis, but you can’t get your pants off to try it for real.

“Ah, and that’s not all. I can do this too.”

Meiling lays a hand on your back. Just for an instant, your whole body throbs with unbearable pleasure. You look up at Meiling in confusion.

“Chi manipulation. It can’t do everything, but I can do some fun tricks with it.”

Meiling closes her eyes again, and a less intense heat spreads through your penis. It twitches and contracts as if you were having an orgasm, and you imagine yourself shooting a series of loads all over Meiling’s body. Her legs, her feet, her face, her breasts…

“Can you imagine what it’d be like if I did that while you were inside me? I’d give you a nice massage you with my pussy while your cock kept throbbing like that. And then if you started moving…”

The images are too much. You start grinding against Meiling’s thigh with a quiet whine, making her laugh and get rid of the heat. She strokes your head for another minute before somebody behind you catches her attention.

“Oh, hey! You want a turn with him now?” Meiling turns you around without releasing you from her grip. Her warm body presses insistently into your back as she sits you up. The blue-haired woman kneels in front of you, surrounded by a cloud of smoke. The smell makes you feel a little light-headed, but she doesn’t seem affected at all.

With your body restrained by Meiling, you can’t do anything but watch as the new woman looks you over. Eventually, she looks up at Meiling with a smile.

“Oh, my. He’s much cuter than the last one.” Unlike Meiling, her speech is refined and elegant. There seems to be an undercurrent of seduction to every word she says, though.

“You say that about all of them, Seiga,” Meiling replies. Seiga answers with an ladylike giggle.

Seiga draws herself back up and addresses you for the first time. “My name is Seiga Kaku. You seem like a rather lively one.” She spreads her hands on the couch and crawls into whispering range, giving you an excellent view down her dress as she does so. The tops of her milky-white breasts are clearly visible, but you can’t quite see the nipples. Her flowery perfume mixes with the smell of the smoke.

“Well? How do I look?” she asks softly. “Getting some nice ideas about what you want to do to me?” One of her long, light-blue nails touches the head of your cock through your pants. It comes away with a thin string of precum. Seiga holds her finger up to the light and examines the moisture, then looks back to you with a naughty smile.

Seiga goes back to her knees and scoots forward. Meiling’s hands slide up your chest and stroke your nipples as Seiga carefully presses one of her palms into your shaft. She closes her hand and slowly moves it up and down, caressing your sensitive cock with the rough fabric of your pants. A fiery blush spreads through your face, and your hips quiver with excitement. Everything about this woman is beautiful, from her eyes to her carefully-styled hair to her rich, inviting lips.

Still stroking you with one hand, Seiga grabs her pipe and breathes deeply though the stem. Turning back to you, she opens your mouth with her other hand and gently blows the smoke into your face. It’s far more concentrated than the secondhand smoke you were breathing until now; the sweet smell overpowers your senses and leaves you in a daze, helpless to resist the pleasure from her hand. She isn’t even trying, but you’re already--

Seiga stops a few seconds before you lose it. She’s smiling cruelly when your eyes refocus. “Oh, were you hoping I’d let you cum? I’m afraid I can’t do that here. You know what to do if you want more.” She puts a hand under your head and scratches under your chin. For a second, it seems like she’s in complete control of you. Your penis does not complain.

Seiga turns away, and Meiling hugs you to remind you she’s still there. “Same here. I’ll take really good care of you if you pick me,” she says in a sisterly tone. She finally releases you and gives you a moist kiss on the neck to remember her by.

You take a moment to recover before heading to the end of the couch. The tengu girl had something to drink while you weren’t looking, and her face seems slightly flushed. She invites you to sit next to her and forcefully hooks an arm around your neck.

“Hey, ‘bout time you got here! I’m the pure and honest Aya Shameimaru. Nice to meetcha.”

Your gaze falls to Aya’s breasts. Her tight-fitting shirt presses them close together, and her hard nipples are clearly visible through the white fabric. She has the top two buttons undone, both to give you a tantalizing glimpse of her cleavage and to let her access the the notebook held between her breasts.

The scant clothing leaves Aya’s smooth, lightly-tanned arms and thighs completely visible. She has a strong outdoorsy smell, too; if you close your eyes, you can clearly imagine yourself standing next to her high on a mountain.

Aya doesn’t mind being examined like this. She takes a drink from her mug and licks her lips while you stare. A moment later, she puts on a wide grin and shoves the mug against your lips, forcing you to drink the rest. The alcohol’s powerful taste and smell leave you paralyzed for a moment while she laughs cheerfully.

“Tengu sake is pretty strong, huh? Still weaker than what the oni drink, though.”

You notice that your right hand is curved around Aya’s back and resting on one of her breasts. The drink emboldens you to give it a slow squeeze. She lets out a slow, teasing moan as your fingers sink in. You let go and try rubbing a nipple through her shirt, and that time the moan seems genuine.

Aya smiles lazily and moves to sit on your lap, crossing her legs around your thighs and crushing your erection with her ass. Even through two layers of clothing, you can tell that it’s amazingly smooth and firm. She puts your left hand on her other breast and plants her hands on your knees, encouraging you to keep groping her while she grinds against your crotch and moans quietly.

Your penis feels like it’s melting under the pressure of Aya’s body. You get more aggressive with your hands as your excitement grows, pressing her breasts together and forcefully pinching both of her nipples. Aya just moans louder and grinds harder and faster. At this rate--

Seiga shoots you a fearsome glare. You freeze up in fear and confusion, making Aya pause a moment later. She follows your gaze to Seiga and lets out a little groan as the woman turns away.

“Hey, I was enjoying that!” Aya shouts angrily. Seiga ignores her, so she turns to you instead. “I did a little ‘expose’ on a friend of hers last week, and she’s been wanting revenge.” Aya gets off of you with a disappointed sigh.

“Nobody’s going to spoil things if we do something alone, though.” She smirks at you and caresses the top of the camera. “I’ll make you a nice scrapbook, too.”

Aya doesn’t seem very submissive.

“Oh, that reminds me.” Aya perks up and grabs the camera off of the table. “Right now, I’m trying to get material for a report on that unknown youkai.” She nods at Nue. “I know she’s got some crazy bedroom tricks, but I haven’t been able to see anything.” She leans closer and speaks in a conspiratorial whisper. “If you do anything with her, can you leave the door open a crack? It’d mean a lot to me.” She draws a finger up your shaft as she speaks, closing her fingers around the precum-soaked head. You find yourself sweating from the intensity of her gaze.

Aya gives the head a long squeeze with all five fingers, keeping her mouth close enough that you can feel her breath on your lips. Ten seconds later, she moves away and changes back to her normal smile. “Don’t be a stranger, okay?”

You turn around to get off the couch, but Aya taps your arm as you’re standing up. You look back and catch the briefest glimpse of a white pair of panties with a clearly visible wet spot. She drops her skirt with a pleased giggle.

Your penis has had all the “talking” it can handle. You really need to cum now.

(6,500 remaining.)
Fucking amazing update, I love where this is going. As for the choices...

I'd say we should start with the Nue Special, for a number of reasons. For starters, the Nue Special is pretty suspect. I mean, it's the only item on the list unique to a girl. I'd say that right there is cause to think it'd lead into figuring out her request. Next, we know what Aya's and Seiga's desires are; Aya wants to spy on Nue, Seiga wants to punish Aya. This gets Aya's taken care of right now.

[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.
Can't really argue with that logic, plus shapeshifter sex seems like it'll be DAMN awesome.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.

Yeah, why not.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.

I feel like the sampler would be a better starting point, but a Nue is fine too.
--[x]Meiling drinks

The sampler seems like the best way to start if we want all four girls. Grabbing Nue first and selling her out to Aya might annoy people. Better to get them all into the mood a little.
--[x]Meiling drinks

I'm down.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.

They seemed all in the mood already, and the only girl who cared at all about Aya was Seiga. I'm sure we'll be helping Seiga give Aya what she has coming to her. Personally, I think the sampler is just a trap to waste money.

[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.

After we get done with Nue's special service, we can turn the knowledge of Aya's actions over to Seiga, providing blackmail material and probably getting her request taken care of.
Or we go threesome with both of them and let Seiga work out her frustration directly.

This sounds awesome, I can get behind that. But I'd still like a shot at Aya one on one. Maybe something like vaginal with Aya, then threesome with Aya/Seiga, anal on Aya and let Seiga get a go at her pussy? Some DP punishment there.
Gonna call the votes now. We're going to get the Nue Special and give Aya a chance to peek.

This'll be a pretty wild first scene.
[X] Nue Special
--[X] Leave the door open.

You can’t hold back your curiosity. Nue flashes that unsettling grin when she hears your choice.

“That’s your very first choice? You really are brave.” Nue grabs your hand and starts leading you away.

“Hey, wait!” Meiling calls out. You and Nue both stop and turn around to see her walking towards you. Nue smiles with recognition.

“Oh, yeah. Thanks, Meiling.”

Nue hands you over to Meiling, who spins you around and hugs you from behind again. Her hands both slide down your chest and press against your erection. She takes a deep breath, and a strange sensation flows through your penis. It’s not pleasurable like before, but it doesn’t hurt either. It just makes you feel… solid? Your body stops its constant shaking, and you no longer feel like you'll explode from the slightest bit of teasing.

Meiling removes her hands and exhales triumphantly. “There, you can last a lot longer now. It won’t be any fun if everyone makes you cum it in a few seconds, right?”

This feels a lot better. You start to thank Meiling, but she silences you with a finger to your lips.

“It’s okay. This makes it better for us, too. But, if you really wanted to thank me…” Meiling puts her mouth right up to your ear, tickling your neck with her hair. “… You could show me a little excitement.”

Meiling hands you back to Nue without another word. Nue resumes her grinning and leads you through a sliding door behind the couch. You enter a surprisingly modest Japanese bedroom; a few lanterns high on the walls provide plenty of light, and the only furniture is a futon and a chair in the middle. Nue goes in ahead of you, so it’s easy to leave the door slightly open without her noticing.

Nue pushes you down onto the futon and throws her nightgown in your face. She has her panties off by the time you pull it away, leaving herself naked except for the stockings. She has the body of an innocent teenager, but that’s the only innocent thing about her. With her panties gone, you can see that her mons bulges out slightly to give you a clear view of her thin, hairless slit. Her tiny breasts are visible now as well; the faint curves near her bright pink nipples make you remember her expansion from before and wonder what her larger chest looked like.

She puts on a few poses for you: crossing her arms behind her head and pushing out her chest, turning around and bending over to look at you between her legs, and sitting down in front of you with her knees drawn to the sides of her chest. You’re certainly aroused by the display, but the excitement seems more manageable now.

“Alright, now you show me yours.” Before you can do anything, Nue yanks down your pants to free your rock-hard penis at last. She pulls it down with one finger and comes in closer to inspect it, close enough that her soft black hair brushes against your chest.

“Not bad! I’ll be able enjoy this. Now, why don’t we get started?” Nue pulls your pants the rest of the way off and chucks them across the room. A moment later, she does the same for your shirt. Next, she makes you lay back and spread your legs as wide as you can. As she scoots up eagerly to your crotch, it hits you that you’re completely defenseless. Nue laughs when she sees you shiver.

“Sorry, too late for second thoughts. You’re mine now.”

Nue closes a thumb and forefinger around the base of your cock and points it straight up, pressing the palm of her other hand against the tip. Then her hand starts to melt, covering your cock in a viscous black fluid. The sight is unsettling, but you’re even more afraid what she might do if you move.

Nue’s arm continues to dissolve, covering your scrotum and the whole area around your penis. The fluid is quite warm, and it doesn’t feel unpleasant to have your cock immersed in it. Nue finds your conflicted face amusing. The melting stops and reverses when she drips onto the futon; some of the mess retracts and re-forms her arm, but the part around your genitals wriggles around and solidifies. She leaves your ass untouched.

When Nue’s body finally settles down, your cock and balls are encased in a hot, skintight prison that fits you like a second skin. The rubbery material that forms the cage is an inky black with swirling shades of gray. She’s connected to the mass by her wrist, which rests near the base of your penis.

You hear a faint click in the distance.

“How do you like my special service? I’m in complete control of this stuff around your penis, so I have all kinds of ways to make you go crazy.”

The cage secretes a warm lubricant onto your cock that gets rid of every trace of friction. Then it starts moving and shifting around, dragging the rubbery surface all over your penis and scrotum. While the whole cage rotates in a slow circle, smaller parts of it twist and untwist to hit parts of your cock with more intense bursts of stimulation. It’s especially active around the head, which doesn’t get a moment of rest. The cage hungrily absorbs all of the precum you let out.

Nue watches you closely at first, but she turns away once she’s seen your reaction. Her other hand travels between her legs to gently trace the outline of her delicate slit. She closes her eyes and moans quietly, seemingly ignorant of what she’s doing to your cock at the same time. She opens one eye and grins when she sees you watching.

The cage stops moving and tightens up a little, forcing some of the lubricant out onto your stomach. It gets even tighter near the head of your penis and pulls the rest upwards, as if she’d pinched its tip. The squeeze relaxes and repeats after a second; it feels like the cage is sucking on your cock while it’s wrapped tightly around you. Meanwhile, a different part pinches your scrotum and forces your balls to bulge out underneath. Nue applies the same sensation to each testicle, making it feel like there’s three mouths sucking you at once. The tightness and suction feel amazing, but your orgasm still seems far off. You relax your body and let a smile cover your face.

Nue acknowledges your surrender with a grin and spreads her pussy for you. You can only watch and moan as she digs in with two fingers, churning herself up with incredibly rapid movements. Even though your penis feels great right now, you can’t help wishing you could be inside of her too.

The sucking stops on your shaft but grows stronger around your balls. A small part of the cage, about the width of one of her fingers, tightens up around the base of your cock and moves quickly up and down your shaft. Another round of lubricant makes it completely frictionless. That feels really nice on its own, but then two more tight spots appear and stroke you as well. It’s suddenly much more than you can handle; you arch your back and try to pull away, but there’s no escaping from this cage of pleasure. Your cock clenches up helplessly, preparing to release the huge load that Nue’s drawn out of your balls.

Nue stops masturbating for a moment and “Hey, you lasted a pretty long time. It would’ve been over in a few seconds if it hadn’t been with Meiling, though, so don’t get cocky. I’m gonna finish you off now.”

The cage stops torturing you and lies still. You sweat with nervous anticipation while Nue taunts you with a fiendish smile. Suddenly, the whole cage starts vibrating forcefully. Your sensitive cock is no match for the powerful stimulation that hits every corner of your penis at once and drives you over the edge.

Just as you feel your climax beginning, the cage tightens painfully around your shaft and stops your orgasm. Your cock clenches and throbs with an excruciating mix of pain and pleasure, failing to shoot out a single drop of sperm. Your body slumps back in defeat.

“We’re not done quite done yet. I’ll let you cum once you make me feel good too.” Nue kneels down on top of you and presses her drenched pussy into your face, keeping her arm connected to your penis. A thick stream of piping-hot juices flows into your mouth as quickly as you can drink it. Nue grinds against your face while you do your best to lick her pussy, and her cage switches randomly between every technique she’s used on you.

After a minute of domination, Nue stops moving and lets you dig into her with your tongue. She’s close to the edge, so it only takes a little to make her cry out and coat your face in her juices. She lifts herself up slightly and lets you watch her pussy twitch and contract as the tremors of pleasure run through her.

When her orgasm subsides, Nue gets off of you and moves back between your legs. “Not bad,” she says with a smile. “I’ll take your sperm now.” She moves her arm forward and has it absorb the cage, taking your penis along with it. The restraint on your cock disappears, and she sends you over the edge with three short bursts of vibration.

A huge load erupts into Nue’s arm. The contractions in your cock are so powerful they almost hurt, and your back arches painfully on its own. The orgasm seems to last for minutes as Nue squeezes more than a dozen shots out of you.

Nue’s arm wriggles around your penis and releases you after absorbing every drop of juice. There’s no trace of sperm on her body, but she licks her lips with a satisfied smile. You’re surprised to find that your strength returns quickly; after a few minutes of resting with Nue on top of you, you feel almost fully recovered.

“… Hey.” Nue’s voice is unusually serious. You look down and see an nervous expression on your face.

“That felt really good, right? I can do a lot more for you, so… Could you stay with me a bit longer?”

Nue was so dominant just a moment ago, but now she’s suddenly flipped. You don’t think she would fake this kind of vulnerability.

(5,500 remaining)

*If you want an extension, choose a different service for the same girl. Standard rates apply, and more than one extension in a row is bad form.
[X] Vaginal sex with Nue

Even though we can't see her face, I know I couldn't say no to it. Besides, if that was her handjob, I REALLY want to see what she does with her pussy.
[X] Vaginal sex with Nue

Let's move one girl at a time... Or rather, you know, get everything we want to do with one girl done before drifting onto the next. Keep this nice and smooth and flowing.
[X] Vaginal sex with Nue

Mmmm... Is this her request? That would make two down fast. We have an idea of what Seiga want and Meiling's request is still not clear.
Again, fucking fantastic update. Now we've got one of the girls finished and we have a clear direction on two of the others. Meiling is still unclear, though.

Nue, she flat out wants an extension. Judging by some of the wording, I'd say the best thing to do here is give her a proper fucking. Vaginally, of course. The wording I'm getting at is: "you can’t help wishing you could be inside of her too." She gets to be taken care of, and so do we.

Next up, Seiga wants to punish Aya, that's pretty apparent. I think we should give Aya a proper fuck on good terms before we turn her over to Seiga. That's the least we can do, right?

Meiling, we've still got no idea what we're going for. Maybe it will make itself clearer as we continue.

So, from what I'm seeing, here's what I'm thinking:

We've gone with Nue's special and taken care of Aya's request. Let's go with some straight up sex with her here. Nothing special, since we just did something out of the ordinary. Vaginal would put us at 1750 spent in total.

After we're done with Nue, vaginal with Aya. I say vaginal specifically since we only get one, and I suggest anal with Aya in the next paragraph. If Seiga wants a shot at Aya, we should give Aya a good time first, right? That'd give us 2500 spent.

Next, threesome vaginal/anal with Seiga and Aya. Anal for Aya and vaginal for Seiga. This should let Seiga punish Aya, maybe with a strapon and some DP? Here we've got 4250 spent and we've got three of the four girls satisfied.

There's 2250 left from here, which should be more than enough to satisfy anything Meiling is gunning for.

What do you guys think?

Oh, and with that all said:

[X] Vaginal sex with Nue.
Long wall of text is long, but seems like that'll be a good plan to follow. And even though we won't purchase the sampler option, if all goes well we should get something even better for free, and with lots of love.
[x] S&M play with Nue.
Meh, the long post is so terminally vanilla.

We just did something not-vanilla, and while the choices sound vanilla, do you really think the writer would make them drab and uninteresting, given what he has written already?
I know, partly I'm having an allergic reaction to how bland the massive suggestion was.

I trust the writer to make it more than interesting. Besides, it isn't like there is a shortage of fetish fuel on the boards. If anything, I think something a bit more 'normal' would be a nice change of pace from tentacles-everywhere, things-in-butts-and-fetishes-everywhere and giant-futa-dicks-everywhere. Well, and our dead Reimu-slutting-it-up-everywhere story.
Beast returns



The Komachi story.
Yes, because tentacles, things going up peoples asses and futa are the only fetishes out there... Well, I suppose you might think so if you just looked at modern /d/, but trust me, there's a ton of variety. Also, we'll get plenty enough regular boring stuff in this story even if we don't oversaturate it.
[X] Vaginal sex with Nue

Consensual sex in the missionary position for Nue?

How kinky.
When you say S&M, that means Nue is the one who ties someone else up, right?
Just want to make sure I understand this.

The roster in the first post says what roles the girls will take.
Nue is being kinda vulnerable, don't think S&M really makes sense here...
We have a clear winner, so I'll call it now for Nue vaginal.
Nue is supposed to be dominant, though.
File 133433180217.jpg - (190.32KB, 870x675 , 045da1edb988c698dbf1a86a823c7b86d43e0ad4.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Vaginal with Nue

A warm smile spreads across Nue’s face when you ask for an extension. She strokes your cheek and gives you a hot peck on the lips.

“You really wanna stay with me?”

You do.

Nue hugs you. “That makes me really happy. Most people are afraid to do anything with me, and the rest run away as soon as our session ends. So when you just stayed here and let me lie on top of you, I felt like I couldn’t let you go.”

Nue’s smile adds strength to your new erection. She gently strokes it with a finger.

“Ah, you’re rock hard again. That means you like it when I tease you, right?” Nue gets on her knees and above your penis and holds it straight up, less than an inch from her puffy labia. The wet heat of her pussy wafts out onto your cock.

“You’re never going to forget how this feels.”

Nue jerks her hips downwards, taking the head into her pussy. The slippery walls close gently around you, covering the tip with a warm fluid that drips down the rest of your shaft. letting out a teasing moan with every new inch that enters her. her soft pussy lips flatten themselves against your body when she finally reaches the base.

You both take a moment to get a feel for each other. Nue pussy isn’t as tight as the cage she used earlier, but the texture is more complex. The walls seems to be slowly shifting around you, gently stroking your shaft even when she isn’t moving. She twists her hips from side to side and slowly rises off your cock until just the head is left inside her. Then she slams her hips back down with a loud moan and starts riding you in earnest.

Nue was focused on teasing you before, but this time she seems genuinely aroused. Her pussy doesn’t torment you with pleasure like her special service did, but feeling the warmth of her body on your cock and knowing that you’re the one making her moan like that is satisfying in its own way.

Nue slides her hands up your chest to play with your nipples. She just strokes and pinches them at first, but then she melts the tips of her index fingers and puts them in the same cage she used on your cock. The cages alternate regularly between suction and vibration to make your nipples harder and more sensitive than they’ve ever felt in your life.

Your body seems to be under her control now, so Nue speeds up and closes her eyes to focus on her own pleasure. With your enhanced endurance, you’re free to thrust back and enjoy her tight, wet pussy without fear of a premature orgasm. Eventually, she stops moving and looks at you with a mixture of arousal and concern.

“Hey, your cock feels really good, but I need something extra to get me off. Can I torture you some more?”

Without waiting for an answer, Nue takes in your whole penis and closes her eyes. Something inside of her encircles and your shaft and tightens painfully around it, especially just below the head. She puts on a lazy smile and moves up halfway to show you what she’s done.

Your penis is imprisoned in a cage of tight black rings, one for each inch of your shaft. They’re all connected to a spine on the other side that pinches the back vein closed. The rings are too small for your penis, but you can’t calm down and shrink to their size while you’re being squeezed and by Nue’s hot pussy. Your penis is just a sex toy for her like this, and the constriction makes your whole cock extra-sensitive.

“This is one of my favorite tricks. You can’t cum while you’re wearing this, and you can’t leave my pussy either,” Nue says proudly. She goes back to riding you at the same speed as before, and the stimulation is much stronger for both of you.

The rings are thin enough to leave most of your penis exposed. You seem to be able to feel every bump and crease of Nue’s pussy, and she keeps changing it around so that no two thrusts feel the same. An inescapable feeling of submission floods through you.

Something soft and bumpy descends from Nue’s cervix. It closes tightly around your swollen head and fuses with the ring underneath, flattening itself against your glans. A moment later, the whole thing begins to suck forcefully and rotate around your head, draining out your precum while the bumps scrape over your exceptionally sensitive skin. It isn’t attached to Nue’s pussy, so it stays locked in place while she bounces up and down to torture the rest of your bound cock with her hot, tight walls.

Nue’s arousal has turned to absolute bliss. Binding up your cock like this seems to have given her a whole new level of excitement. It’s great that she’s enjoying it, but you feel like you’ll lose your mind if this assault of pain and pleasure continues. Each thrust of her wonderful pussy makes your cock strain painfully against the rings.

You reach out towards Nue, who snatches your wrists without breaking her stride. She opens her eyes for a condescending grin, but she slows down and pays closer attention when she looks into your eyes and figures out what you want. With a delighted smile, she guides your hands the rest of the way to her waist.

You tighten your grip on Nue’s body and start thrusting into even faster than she was. She throws her head back and moans in delight as you pound her delicate body, nearly losing your mind from the excruciating feeling. As intense as it is, you prefer taking her on your own terms to letting her keep you like that for as long as she wants.

It seems to take forever, but your desperate movements finally bring Nue over the edge. The cage vanishes into her pussy after her first intense contraction. The part on your head gives you one last pull before popping off and retracting, letting you fill up her whole pussy as it shifts and convulses around you. It feels like you don’t have a drop left in you by the time she finishes, but you’re sure there’ll be just as much built up by the next time you cum.

Nue pulls smoothly off your cock and stands up to stretch, seemingly unfazed by her orgasm. A thick white stream trickles out of her pussy and down the side of one thigh. She has a wide, satisfied smile when she returns to your side.

“Ahh, I feel really relaxed now. I’ll tease you some more later, if you want.” She opens your hand and gives you her panties. “They’ll just get dirty if I put them on, so you can keep them for now. Proof that you satisfied me.”

Nue hugs you tightly from the side for a while. She gets up to leave before you can accidentally fall asleep; you remember about Aya and glance over to the door in a panic. Fortunately, it’s closed all the way now. Nue won’t know anyone was watching. She pulls on her nightgown, which doesn’t quite hide her sperm-soaked pussy, and tosses your clothes back onto your lap.

“I know the next girl’s just gonna take them off, but you shouldn’t walk around naked.”

Nue waits while you dress yourself and opens the door back to the lounge for you. Outside, you see Seiga and Meiling chatting at one table while Aya scribbles furiously in her notebook at the other. She raises her head and winks at you while Nue isn’t looking.

Nue might be satisfied, but you aren’t. The sight of the other three girls has given you another stubborn erection.

(4,750 remaining.)
No kissing? Probably due to it still being business, maybe if we get the fivesome scene we'll get some sweet kisses from Nue. With that said, following the plan above seems like a good idea, so let's see how grateful Aya is feeling.

[X] Vaginal sex with Aya
That is probably the best Nue scene I've read to date. Fucking incredible, thank you.

[X] Vaginal sex with Aya

So much for vanilla sex, right?
[X] Paizuri with Meiling

This is amazing.
[x] Vaginal sex with Aya.

Thanks for the work, this has been awesome so far.
[X] Vaginal sex with Aya
[x] Vaginal sex with Aya

Well, Nue is probably an exception to all things.
[X] Vaginal sex with Aya

Looks good to me.
Err... Weren't we supposed to go threesome with Aya and Seiga to do something for Seiga?

Read one of the posts made above, guy had some decent ideas on story flow. I think that's why we're all going with Aya vaginal now, before she's mad at us.
I'd be fine with Aya after this - but can we get S&M after that for Seiga?
I'm kind of interested in seeing if she's going to want to 'punish' us for picking her after 2 others.
Meh. Sorry, but I'm not interested in that kind of play. I won't vote for it.
Is it strange that I'm listening to Comatose by Skillet while I read this?
Sounds good to me.
Calling votes now. The master plan takes another step forward with Aya vaginal.
File 133445559436.jpg - (214.50KB, 720x880 , 661b24c30a560f51af78161b980c3576849f7901.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Vaginal with Aya

Aya picks up her things and vaults over the back of the couch. She clops over and falls onto you, pressing her firm breasts against your chest and reaching her head up for a brief kiss on the lips. Everyone else seems a bit jealous, so she hurries you back to the room and shuts the door.

Inside, Aya gives you a kiss on each cheek and backs away with a smile. The long heels on her geta make her a few inches taller than you.

“I got some really great shots of Nue thanks to you. Her body’s really something, huh? It’ll be a tough act for me to follow.” Aya bends over and pulls her panties smoothly down her long legs and over her geta. She tosses them aside and sits down on the chair, raising one foot onto the seat and holding her skirt up with two fingers. Her crotch seems to be thoroughly soaked, but you only catch a brief glimpse before she drops her skirt again. You look pleadingly to her face, making her grin and tug you forward by your shirt. You stumble forward right into kissing distance, and her tongue runs all over the inside of your mouth before you realize what she’s doing. She leaves a string of saliva between your mouths when she pulls back.

“Okay, let’s fuck.”

Aya lays down on the futon and pulls her knees to her chest, exposing her pussy along with her asshole. The film of liquid covering her labia glimmers in the lantern-light. She reaches over her thighs and spreads her pussy wide open, letting you see deep into its bright pink interior. You can’t resist grabbing her and digging in with your tongue; her juices have a stronger flavor than Nue’s, but they’re no less delicious. Your tongue gets a fresh coating each time you scoop it into her pussy.

Aya twitches and moans quietly for a minute before putting a hand on your head and pushing you away. “Hey, hey, you don’t need to worry about how I feel. My pussy’s just a sleeve for your cock right now.”

You can’t deny how eager your erection is. Aya keeps herself open with one hand and grabs her camera with the other while you take out your hard cock and line the dripping head up with her pussy. You plant your hands at her sides and penetrate her with the whole thing at once, making her clench up hungrily around your shaft. The strength of the squeeze catches you off-guard, and Aya catches a perfectly-timed shot of your reaction.

“It’s really nice, isn’t it? The other girls can do weird things with theirs, but mine’s got them beat for raw tightness.”

You feel out Aya’s pussy with a few unsteady strokes. It sucks your cock in the opposite direction whenever you move inside her, like it’s begging for you to thrust harder. There’s more than enough lubrication for you to comply. Aya pants happily as you pick up the pace, but she eventually stops you with a leg-lock. Your cock twitches and feels numb for a moment when the friction disappears.

“Pull out for a second. I wanna try something else.”

You muster the willpower to tear yourself away from Aya’s pussy, and she helps you to your feet and guides you into the chair. You settle in and watch as she puts on a naughty smile and slowly opens her shirt, taking longer and longer with each button. After a minute of watching her while your cock throbs impatiently, her shirt falls open to show you the entirety of your cleavage. She pulls it further open to show you her erect red nipples as well. Her breasts are perfectly round and impressively perky, seemingly defying gravity to hold themselves up. They’re just big enough to fit in your hand, too. You squeeze one with your palm and flick your thumb back and forth across the nipple, drawing out a low moan.

Aya glances down to your cock, wet with her juices and throbbing in midair. She silently asks if you want to be inside her, and you silently reply that you do. She throws off everything but her shoes and stockings and turns around, pushing her shapely ass out towards you reaching between her legs to pull your cock forward with her graceful fingers.

You relax and moan contentedly as Aya lowers herself onto you. When you’re all the way inside her, she grabs her camera again and turns it around to take a picture of both of you. She wraps her other arm around your neck and smiles shamelessly into the flash.

“Now, why don’t we continue what we were doing earlier? Before Seiga interrupted us.”

Aya pulls your hands onto her bare breasts and grabs your knees, shifting her weight forward so she can push all of it back onto your cock. She starts grinding against you like before, but this time her pussy sucks and squeezes on your cock while her smooth ass rubs against your stomach. She lets out a long, strained moan as she rubs her cervix against the tip of your cock.

Aya twists and swirls her hips while she slides back and forth, rubbing the head of your cock against every corner of her tight pussy. The agitation makes her hot juices overflow and trickle down your scrotum. It’s hard to control your trembling hands, and you keep pinching and squeezing her breasts much harder than you were trying to. She doesn’t seem to mind at all.

You cock is getting impatient with Aya’s slow teasing. It feels great, but you could be feeling even better. You slide your hands down to Aya’s waist, and she stops moving to let you stand up and turn her around. She wordlessly plants her hands on the seat and happily accepts your cock as you start pounding her from behind. The constant thrusting makes her pussy even tighter and hungrier, forcing you to put a lot of effort into each thrust.

You can’t see Aya’s face or breasts in this position, but you can grope her ass as much as you like. The firm surface yields just a bit when you give it a gentle slap, and it’s large enough to bulge out between your fingers when you grab it tightly.

Aya’s twitching asshole seems to be begging for some attention. You dig in with both thumbs and pull on the rim while you thrust, making her throw her head back and moan in delight. With a little more tugging, it becomes loose enough that you can see its spotless pink interior.

You move one hand forward to tighten your grip on Aya’s waist and push your other thumb into her ass after each thrust. Her moans go up an entire octave in response, making you feel a need to see what kind of face she’s making.

You try to get down on the futon without leaving Aya’s pussy, but your sweaty hands slip off of her. Your cock falls out of her as you stumble and fall backwards, landing face-up in on the futon.
Aya laughs and takes another picture. You’re vulnerable to a counterattack in the position, but she doesn’t step on your penis or anything. Instead, she just lies down on top of you and stares into your eyes as she guides you back into her pussy. Her face is flushed through, and her hot breath makes you shiver as she comes closer to whisper in your ear.

“Make me cum really hard, okay? I love it when you’re rough with me.”

Aya reaches back and spreads her asshole for you, wide enough that you can squeeze in two fingers. She lets go when you have half their length inside and grabs the sides of your head. Her gaze has an odd mix of assertiveness and vulnerability, as if she’s completely in control and under control at the same time. She presses her lips against yours and slips in her tongue while you put an arm around her back and ravish her ass and pussy.

You’re inexperienced with kissing, so you let Aya take the lead in your mouth. Her hot, nimble tongue dances in circles around yours as her saliva drips into your mouth. You focus mainly on sucking and swallowing; whenever you try to do something with your tongue, Aya pushes it aside and licks it all over. You’ve never had a kiss like this before. Or a woman like this, for that matter.

It’d be nice if you could get an alternating rhythm with your penis and fingers, but your lust is too powerful for you to bother coordinating them. Aya’s body seems to demand that you pound both of her holes as hard and fast as you can.

Aya doesn’t slow down with the kiss, but her eyes glaze over with pleasure. You’re fingering her ass from above and thrusting into her from below, so she isn’t sure if she should buck her hips up or down. Moving downwards makes your fingers scrape the sensitive walls of her ass, and your penis strikes an exceptionally sensitive spot in her pussy if she moves up. Eventually, she just gives up on moving and lets you drive her crazy anyway.

Aya’s pussy clenches up more desperately with every thrust, wrapping its soaked walls around every contour of your penis. It feels wonderful, but Aya seems to be on a completely different level. She finally breaks off the kiss and raises her head to let out a long moan that starts low and rises to a scream when you take her over the edge. Her asshole crushes your fingers together so tightly that you can’t pull them out.

As Aya starts cumming, you realize that you’re right on the edge as well. You were so focused on pleasing her that you didn’t even notice. You manage to survive the first intense contraction, but the dozen that follow easily finish you off. Your mouth hangs open along with hers as your balls empty out their freshly-made sperm, and she has you put up a peace sign while she takes a picture of both of you mid-orgasm.

Aya settles into her afterglow with a contented hum, wrapping her arms around your back and pressing her lean, firm body into your chest. Minutes later, she jerks her head back up.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.”

Aya reaches over to her shirt and pulls a film canister. She presses it into your palm and closes your fingers around it with a blushing smile. Maybe it has what you did with Nue?

“I need that back, but you can keep it for now. It’s thanks for what you did for me.”

Aya puts on a thoughtful expression while you shove the canister into a pocket. You never took off your pants in all of that. Finally, she speaks.

“I’m interested to see how you handle the four of us at once, so I’ll give you a little tip. Meiling seems really kind and sisterly, but she has a competitive side too. She told you she wanted some ‘excitement,’ right?”

That’s right, she did.

“Ah, that girl. She’d get what she wanted more often if she was more specific, but I guess seeing what you come up with is part of the fun for her. Basically, she just wants to do something more interesting than regular sex. Letting her compete with another girl usually does the trick, but you might be able to get her going with some kinky stuff too. Make sure she’s on the bottom, though.”

You understand what Aya’s saying, but her pussy is still a distraction. Its warm, gentle pulsing teased out another erection while she was talking. She notices the hard length inside of her and widens her smile.

“Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Wanna do something else with me?”

(4,000 remaining.)
Very nice, now that we know a bit about what Meiling wants, lets take care of Seiga.
[X] Threesome, vaginal sex with Seiga, anal sex with Aya.
Oh oh oh, I got it.

We have 4000 left. With threesome, we go down to 2250.

Here is what I propose we do with that money left.

Paizuri threesome with Seiga and Meiling for competition. 1000 left. With that left, S&M play with Meiling, with her on bottom like Aya suggested. Does that sound alright?

But for now, let's make Seiga happy.

[X] Threesome, vaginal sex with Seiga, anal sex with Aya.
[X] Threesome, vaginal sex with Seiga, anal sex with Aya.

Kinda scary how Anon are moving as a collective in this story. Usually vote wars and spam posting ruins threads like this.
I suspect that it's because there's a clear goal to reach to make them fall in line with the rest.
Great job on the Aya scene. Now we've got the last objective laid out: Either have Meiling challenge someone to a contest, with you in the middle of it all, or dom the fuck out of her.

With the 2250 left after the Seiga/Aya threesome, I'd actually like to see Meiling vs Nue in an oral contest. Nue definitely has some amazing oral tricks since she can do literally anything with that tongue of hers. It'd give Meiling a great challenge, and satisfy her.

At the rate we're going, we're going to cum inside three of the four girls. I wouldn't mind seeing us do four for four on that by fucking Meiling in the pussy. But hey, S&M may have that too, so I don't know. That and writer has proved that his 'vanilla' scenes aren't so vanilla.

[X] Threesome, vaginal sex with Seiga, anal sex with Aya.
But we already had Nue twice. As said, it would be bad form to call her again.

Then again, there's no reason to not try this at the finale...

>and more than one extension in a row is bad form.

In a row.
Ah, my bad. Still, I think Seiga would prefer not to be called only once. And with how she seemed during the talks, I see her as more competitive than Nue.
[x] Threesome, vaginal sex with Seiga, anal sex with Aya.
If we have and S&M scene, could we have it with Seiga or Nue instead of Meiling?
Did you read what Aya said? No. It will be with Meiling.
Yes, I did, and nowhere does it say we have to do it with her.
>“I’m interested to see how you handle the four of us at once, so I’ll give you a little tip. Meiling seems really kind and sisterly, but she has a competitive side too. She told you she wanted some ‘excitement,’ right?”

>That’s right, she did.

>“Ah, that girl. She’d get what she wanted more often if she was more specific, but I guess seeing what you come up with is part of the fun for her. Basically, she just wants to do something more interesting than regular sex. Letting her compete with another girl usually does the trick, but you might be able to get her going with some kinky stuff too. Make sure she’s on the bottom, though.”

> kinky stuff too. Make sure she’s on the bottom, though.”

I would LOVE to hear how you managed to think it doesn't have to be with Meiling.
Because we don't have to do as she suggests, in fact we don't have to do /anything/ with her at all.

So you don't want the group sex scene from completing all of the girl's requests?
Not really, group sex always sacrifices quality for quantity. Even more so in a story. I'll pass.
You shouldn't assume so much about things, just because crummy VN #43543543543 did as such doesn't mean this guy will.
I personally think you should give the writefag a chance. If he fails, well, you can blame it.
In other words, I should choose an option I favor less because the writer might not fuck it up because he doesn't suck? Wait what?
Vote for whatever you like. That's the point of voting.

If you don't want to go for the 5some, then don't.
From the sound of it your reason for not wanting a 5some was "Hurr durr more is worse derp" and I attempted to tell you that writers around here are better than what you've likely seen.
Are you suggesting that /at/ is an elite board?
[X] S&M With Seiga.

Way I see it, we'd learn what they've got available, and then we can use some of that on Meiling.
Saves us some money too, I think, which we can use on Meiling.

Not that guy, but I think he was just saying that the average writer here probably shits out something better than the average generic VN. We've got our share of bad writers (couple who quit whose names i can't remember, blackamethyst, hartmann, etc.), but plenty of great ones. Not just on /at/, but over the years we've had some spectacular work pop up.
Okay, time to call votes. Aya/Seiga threesome wins.
>bad writer
Nice opinion you have here.
Though I hesitate to shit up this thread: yes, blamethyst is a bad writer, simply because she has MASSIVE ego issues and won't accept advice or critique. Whenever any is given, she just retreats into her shell and ignores or dismisses it with glib remarks. And thus her writing shall always remain mediocre at best.
Oi. If you really want to do your thing here, sage your post. Thank you.
[X] Threesome, anal sex with Aya, vaginal sex with Seiga.

“Oh? Hmm.” A smirk spreads across Aya’s face. “Okay, you can wait here. I’ll get her.” Aya slowly pulls off of you and throws on her shirt and her miniskirt, then kisses you on the cheek before leaving. She closes the door behind her, muffling the voices you hear on the other side. She returns with Seiga a minute later.

Aya and Seiga help each other out of their clothes. Seiga has nothing under her dress, so her only clothing is a pair of white knee-highs, a pair of red strings tied around her calves, and an ornate golden hair-stick. Seiga and Aya’s breasts are about the same size, but Seiga’s are softer and less perky. Her pale body lacks Aya’s fitness, but its many curves have an elegance borne from decades or centuries spent indoors. You can only guess at the skills that such a life could have taught her.

Aya sits sideways on your legs and traces a finger down your chest. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Seiga sneak over to a closet and pull out a large wooden box, which she carries over to the chair.

Aya bends down for a quick kiss and pulls away with a smile. “So, which one of us do you want first? Or would you prefer that we--Eh?” Seiga pulls Aya’s arms behind her back, and you hear a pair of clicks. The sound seems to make Aya’s heart skip a beat

“Hey, what are you doing? He didn’t ask for--”

“We’re allowed to do anything we want to each other. Toys are fine as long as long I’m the only one who uses them, right?”

Seiga pulls Aya’s jaw down and shoves in black gag. It covers everything on her head below her nose, and there’s a detachable plug in front of the mouth. Aya tries to shout, but it comes out unintelligible.

“You saw this coming, didn’t you? I saw what you wrote about my Yoshika, and you were just spying on Nue as well. Somebody needs to teach you a lesson in manners.”

Instead of protesting, Aya blushes and looks away. However, the timidness disappears when Seiga pulls a large black paddle out of the box. Aya yelps and tries to flee when she sees it, but there’s nowhere for her to run. Seiga fetches her out of a corner and sits down in the chair, laying Aya face-down across her lap. Aya tenses up and shuts her eyes, but Seiga just strokes her ass with the paddle and chuckles.

“I was just trying to scare you, Aya.”

Aya relaxes a little and opens one eye, and Seiga seizes the opportunity to land a textbook smack on her ass. The gag dampens Aya’s scream, but it’s still perfectly audible.

“And you were right to be scared.”

The first strike took out Aya’s defenses, so she’s helpless to resist the next twelve whacks from the paddle. Your penis seems to get harder with each one of her screams, some of which seem suspiciously moan-like. When Seiga finally relents, Aya’s ass is a deep red and her face is wet with tears. A thin stream of drool drips out through the rim of her gag.

“Come, now. Is that all it took to break the great Aya Shameimaru?”

Aya knows that Seiga wants her to say no, but her pride forces her to act defiant. Seiga laughs with amusement and turns to you.

“You’ve been nice and patient. Why don’t you join in now?”

Seiga makes Aya kneel down and bend over in front of her, presenting you with an excellent view of Aya’s rosy ass. Seiga pulls out the plug to reveal Aya’s gaping mouth and pushes the tip of one foot into the hole, forcing Aya to lick her toes. She closes her eyes and puts on a self-satisfied smile.

You run a nervous hand over Aya’s cheeks. The spanking has made them much more sensitive, to the extent that Aya quivers from the slightest touch. They’re unusually warm, too. Eventually, your hands travel down to her asshole, still slightly open from what you did with her before.

“Use this.” Seiga switches the foot in Aya’s mouth and tosses something into your hands. It seems to be a bottle of lubricant, with a pointed nozzle. You get Aya to point her ass upward and push the tip into her hole, squeezing out a fair amount of liquid and making Aya moan into Seiga’s foot as it travels deep down into her. You set the bottle aside and dig in with two fingers to massage it into her walls. Repeated thrusting makes them quite slippery and loose enough to accept something larger.

You pull your hard cock up past Aya’s cum-stained pussy to her asshole. You spread the hole with both hands and penetrate her with surprising ease. The lubricant clings to your cock and makes it easy enough to move, but her walls seem determined to crush your cock into paste. The cheeks are too sensitive to use as a grip, so you put your hands on her waist instead.

The situation is making you feel a little more sadistic than usual. You can’t stop yourself from thrusting mercilessly into Aya’s ass, and each contraction gives you a sense of satisfaction in addition to the pleasure. As tight as it is, her reactions make it seem like she might cum before you do.

The sex has made Aya’s tongue uncontrollable and useless for cleaning, so Seiga pulls her legs up and uses Aya’s back as a footstool.

“Here, you can lick them too.”

Seiga’s slender feet are colored the same as her deliciously pale breasts, and her carefully-kept toenails have the same light blue polish as her fingernails. Her toes are all covered in a thin sheen of saliva, which adds Aya’s smell to the strong perfume. You find your head spinning when you bend over to taste them. Disobeying Seiga doesn’t seem like an option.

You start by swirling your tongue around Seiga’s big toe. The flowery perfume rubs off on your tongue, in addition to the taste of Aya’s mouth. You take the whole thing into your mouth and suck eagerly, careful not to scrape it with your teeth. Seiga smiles and nods once in approval, and you quickly work your way through the rest of her toes and lick up the soles of her feet. Part of you is embarrassed that you’re doing something like this so eagerly, but that only makes you more excited. Fortunately, you have Aya’s tight asshole to satisfy your desires.

Aya seems to be getting used to the pleasure. Her asshole’s twitching is more controlled and regular, and she’s thrusting back onto your cock. Seiga does not approve of this.

“Stop thrusting for a minute.”

You and Aya both slow to a stop and watch as Seiga straps on a black dildo. You aren’t sure, but it seems to be a bit larger than your penis. She pushes Aya upright against your chest and spreads the tengu girl’s legs, leaving her drenched pussy completely vulnerable. Aya breathes quickly and moans a weak protest, which Seiga ignores as she slides in the whole thing without any problems. Both of Aya’s holes clench up in response, giving your cock a nice squeeze. Seiga grinds cruelly against Aya’s cervix, forcing her to shake her head to beg Seiga to stop the pleasure.

“Why are you complaining, Aya? Don’t you love being fucked like a slut? If you don’t, I can change that.”

Seiga pushes you and Aya onto your backs and starts ravishing Aya’s pussy. Her fake penis lets her move as fast as she wants without worrying about cumming early. Not wanting to be left out, you grab Aya’s breasts and start thrusting on your own. The lubricant is starting to wear out and the new stimulation has made her ass feel even tighter, so you can only manage about half of Seiga’s speed. Each thrust is pure delight, though, and you can feel the strapon rubbing you through Aya’s walls as if Seiga was trying to stimulate you as well.

Aya only lasts a minute against the two of you. She certainly enjoys your cock, but there’s no question that Seiga is the one who brings her over the edge. Her asshole seems to coil up around you, milking out a generous amount of cum. Each throb of your cock forces it to bulge against her tight walls, which rub every inch of the sensitive surface. You squeeze her breasts tightly as the sensations take hold of you, and Seiga takes the opportunity to tease Aya’s nipples with her tongue.

Seiga pulls out the dildo, soaked in Aya’s juices and your leftover cum from last time. She puts a hand on Aya’s head and shoves the rod into her mouth, making Aya gag briefly when it touches the back of her throat. Aya lets out a number of slutty sounds as she tries to suck on the dildo, and it’s clean of everything except her saliva when it comes out.

Seiga pulls Aya off of you and dumps her into the chair. She takes the handcuffs off, but Aya doesn’t have the strength to resist while she’s free. She lets Seiga lock her wrists back together behind the chair’s back and under the armrests. Next, Seiga pulls out three pieces of rope. She spreads Aya’s legs and ties each one to a chair-leg, giving you a clear view of Aya’s gaping cum-soaked pussy and asshole. The last piece of rope goes around the back of the chair and above and below Aya’s breasts, forcing them to bulge out slightly. Aya’s body is completely on display for you, and there’s no way for her to hid it.

“I doubt you can get up to any trouble like that. Oh, and we can’t bear to forget about this once it’s over.” Seiga picks Aya’s camera up off the floor and snaps a few pictures of her helpless captive. She takes the film for herself before turning back to you.

“Now, as for you…” Seiga scratches under your chin again. “You did this on purpose so I could have a shot at Aya, didn’t you? I suppose you deserve a reward for that.” You feel a spark of happiness, but it fades when she finds that you aren’t hard and ready for her. You flinch nervously when she looks back in disapproval, but her face turns to a smile.

“Oh, that’s fine. I’ll enjoy getting you hard, too.”

Seiga slips behind you and grabs your penis with both hands. It twitches immediately in response to her soft touch. She strokes slowly with a few fingers at first, but she switches to a full hand and starts scratching the sensitive head as it gets stiffer. When you’re almost fully hard, she starts sliding both hands down the shaft, one right after the other. The leftover lubricant and your own sperm and precum let her move her hands as quickly as she wants.

You can’t take your eyes off Aya, who still hasn’t recovered from before. She watches dreamily, still breathing deeply to recover from her orgasm. The sight of her restrained body is almost as arousing as Seiga’s handjob.

You’re quivering and panting by the time Seiga takes her hands off of you. She crosses back to your front and grabs your head for a kiss, forcing her hot, soft tongue into your mouth. You can’t think of anything to do but suck on it and caress it with your own tongue, and she seems to approve of it. After a few moments, she breaks the kiss and turns around to push her ass out towards you. Without asking or getting her permission, you dig your hands into her soft cheeks and ram your cock into her pussy.

You don’t know what you were expecting, but you didn’t think that Seiga’s pussy would be so loose. You’re disappointed at first, but then you notice how soft her walls are and how your cock seems fully immersed in her warm fluids. You thrust slowly and shiver as her soft folds caress the whole length of your cock.

“Not what you were expecting? It’ll feel amazing if you thrust as hard as you can. Here, grab me like this.” Seiga has you put your hands behind her knees and lift her off the ground. She’s impressively light, but her entire weight seems substantial when it’s all focused squarely on your cock.

You tighten your arms around Seiga and put all your strength into thrusting. The looseness makes it seem like you have to move extremely fast to enjoy yourself, but her soft walls give you a lot of stimulation when you do. As you keep thrusting, you realize that her pussy’s gradually getting tighter while you thrust harder and harder. You feel like an animal being led towards a trap, but it feels too good for you to slow down. You can only react with excitement to what might happen if she captured you.

Seiga moans constantly, but her voice is so deep and controlled that you can’t tell if she’s being condescending. You try to thrust even harder to make sure she’s enjoying it, but nothing gets her to change her voice. It makes you feel a bit of doubt and emasculation to go along with the pleasure.

Aya seems to have recovered now. She watches the two of you with a heavy blush and struggles weakly against her bindings. It seems like she’s trying to escape at first, but then you see her arch her back and rub her labia against the seat. She can’t quite get her clitoris to touch it.

“Oh? We just gave you such a hard fucking, and you want to cum again?” Seiga asks. Aya looks away. “Well, I suppose I can indulge you. Be careful what you wish for.”

Aya looks back to Seiga in confusion. You hear a strange pinging sound, and Aya’s eyes widen up in shock. Both girls go limp for a moment, and then Seiga jerks back to life with a surprised moan.

“Eh? What’s this?” Seiga asks in a shaky higher-pitched voice. You finish the thrust you were working on, and she screams in pleasure. Her pussy suddenly clenches up around you, pressing all of its soft bumps and creases right against your penis. You thrust again, more slowly this time, and Seiga lets out a ragged moan as her whole body quakes with pleasure.

“H-How can she be this sensitive? No, wait!” Seiga’s voice dissolves into incoherence as you pick up your thrusting. You’re pretty sure you know what’s going on, but your desires haven’t changed. Seiga’s body jerks and twitches all over, and her pussy clenches up with each thrust. The hot fluid flows continuously over your penis and leaves a warm trail down each leg.

Aya seems completely unperturbed by the situation, somehow managing to look calm and composed while tied to a chair and drooling down her neck.

The pleasure from just thirty seconds of sex is too much for Seiga to handle. She throws her head back and moans helplessly in preparation for another orgasm, but you hear another ping before it hits. You pause while she goes limp in your arms again, and she finishes the moan in a deeper voice when she comes back to life. Aya starts up with another confused moan, glances all around, and slumps back in disappointment. Seiga’s pussy loosens up as she takes a deep breath.

“Oh, you were hoping you could feel one of my orgasms? That wouldn’t be much of a punishment.” Seiga pulls her head back and puts a wet kiss on your cheek. “You did well too. I suppose you deserve to cum inside me.”

Seiga gets off of you, only to turn around and jump back into your arms. She hugs your back with her arms and legs, flattening her soft breasts against your chest. Your hands settle on top of her ass. She stares up into your eyes with a smile and a hint of a blush.

“Don’t worry about me. Use my body however you want.”

You squeeze as tightly as you can and slam your hips against Seiga’s. She moans in delight and presses her lips into yours, exploring every corner of your mouth while you lose yourself in pleasure. Now that you know she can feel it, you’re going to make her cum as hard as she can. Her pussy gets tighter with each thrust until it’s almost on Aya’s level, and her walls extract a heavy toll of pleasure for every single movement inside of her.

Seiga opens her eyes and silently permits you to cum. You lose it instantly and explode inside of her, and she lets you unload for a few seconds before starting her own orgasm. Her pleasure must be incredibly intense, but she just tilts her head back and closes her eyes with an satisfied smile while her pussy convulses wildly around your cock. Her pussy seems to take control of your own orgasm, milking out shot after shot of freshly-made sperm until you feel completely dried out again. You collapse onto the futon, feeling weak and dominated but satisfied.

To your surprise, Seiga takes a minute to cuddle with you. She runs her nails all over your body and licks slowly up your neck to reach your face. You open your lips and accept an affectionate kiss, and she gets off of you with a smile.

The gentleness disappears when Seiga walks back to Aya. Aya cringes nervously and tries to curl up into a ball, but she’s still tied up.

“Now then, would you say you’ve learned your lesson?” Seiga asks in a teasing voice. Aya nods frantically. Seiga chuckles quietly and pulls a red collar and leash out of the box.

“I’m sure you have, but you seem too cute to let go of. We’ll be even once you’re been my pet for the rest of the night.”

Aya nods timidly and stretches her neck to accept the collar. It’s a stark contrast to how she acted when you first met her, but she does seem to have some submissive tendencies. Maybe this is her chance to live out a closely-guarded fantasy.

Seiga finishes untying Aya, who kneels down immediately and starts cleaning up her mistress’s creampie. Seiga rests a hand on her pet’s head and turns to you with a slight blush.

“I haven’t had my extension yet, have I?” she asks with a grin.

(2,250 remaining.)
[X] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Nue.

This seems good.
Caught this right before bed, great work as always. Getting behind the Meiling vs Nue bit.

[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Nue.

Finishes the last request and leaves us with 1,000 to do some S&M or something else.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.

While Meiling versus Nue might be hot, Seiga seems to want an extension as well. This still leaves us with 1000 for an S&M Session with Meiling, which would mean we had equal time with everyone.
[x] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.

As much as I like Nue, she's already had two goes. We shouldn't play favorites too much, especially when Seiga is being pretty clear about wanting an extension.
[x] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.
[x] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.

With just enough left for some kinky action.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.
[x] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.
[X] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.
[X] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.

I desire breasts.
[x] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.
[X] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Nue.
Notice that both Nue and Aya gave us something, as proof we've satisfied them. Seiga didn't give anything yet, which means she isn't quite satisfied yet. So to have all girls, we need an extension with Seiga.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.

Sorry, Nue, but the mission comes first.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.

I want to see them swallow.
This guy has a good point. Thus, Meiling/Seiga threesome.
[x] Threesome, Oral with Meiling vs Seiga.
[x] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.

I could pretend to have some sort of explanation here.

To satisfy everyone, why not do both?

These girls have boobs, it would be a waste not to use them.

The price says Oral or Paizuri. We'd need to pay twice for both.
Oops, forgot about that stuff.
Anyone else thinking we may have a case of votespam here for oral vs paizuri?
I'm calling the votes now. Meiling vs Seiga paizuri wins.

I had a moderator check the votes too, and they're clean.
File 13349820237.jpg - (454.74KB, 850x775 , sample_52e1975843705fdec273737bcff54c42.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Threesome, Paizuri with Meiling vs Seiga.

Seiga puts on a knowing smile. “Hmm, I see. Going to cause a little ‘excitement?”’

Seiga grabs the leash and leaves the room, Aya following behind on all fours. She closes the door again and muffles the conversation, but you’re pretty sure you hear her say, “Play nice with Nue.”

The door opens again. Seiga comes in holding hands with Meiling, who has an eager grin on her face. She stands politely off to the side while Meiling bends over you.

“You want to see if my breasts are better than Seiga’s, huh? She’s always a good opponent.” Meiling bends down further, brushing her hair over your chest. “This’ll be exciting,” she whispers. The tone sends a shiver down your spine.

Meiling delicately opens her dress and lets it fall to the ground. Not surprisingly, she’s naked underneath. She isn’t wearing any stockings, either, so she’s completely nude once she takes off her beret. She puts her hands together behind her back and smiles proudly while you look her over.

Meiling’s breasts are a few sizes larger than Seiga’s, perfectly round and fairly perky despite their size. The skin and nipples are darker than Seiga’s as well, matching Meiling’s slight tan. You can’t see a single tanline on her. Subtle hints of musculature cover her body, just clear enough to tell you her strength without distorting her womanly overall figure. Her pussy bulges out from her waist on a small mound, and you can clearly make out a pink slit between her slightly-spread legs. She checks you out at the same time, and her expression turns to concern when her gaze travels over your penis.

“Oh, Seiga forgot to clean you off! Let me take care of that.”

Meiling lies down in front of you and takes your whole cock into her warm mouth. It hasn’t been cleaned since you were with Nue, so all sorts of fluids have accumulated around the shaft and the head. She licks everything off with a few swirls of her large, agile tongue and slowly pulls her head up, pausing at every inch for a quick suck. She finally lets go of your cock and swallows with a flourish as it slaps back onto your chest. A strange warmth shoots through you as you look into her eyes.

The two women now focus their attention on undressing you, leaving you naked in seconds. Seiga presses a bottle into your hands.

“We’ll need this perform at our best,” she says. “Why don’t you take care of putting it on?”

You look down and examine the bottle. It looks similar to the lubricant from before, but the top is a flip-open cap rather than a nozzle. Seiga puts herself in your lap and pulls your arms under hers, giving you clear access to her breasts. You open the cap with a thumb and pour a small line along her chest.

The oil is amazingly slippery, and slightly warm to the touch. You take your time spreading it around Seiga’s breasts, sliding your hands all over them until their size and texture is engrained in your memory. Once they’re fully covered, you try giving them a squeeze; your fingers sink deep into the skin with the slightest pressure. Your cock twitches at the thought of having these wrapped around it.

Seiga’s breathing grows slower and deeper as the massage continues. You pinch one of her nipples out of curiosity, and her body twitches against yours as she suppresses a moan. You try pinching some more while you squeeze her other breast, and she eventually permits a quiet sound of pleasure to escape her lips.

“There’s a little aphrodisiac mixed in,” Meiling says. She’s been watching with obvious excitement. “Even Seiga can’t control herself when you put it on her.”

Seiga’s breasts are ready now, but you don’t want to stop groping her. You spread your fingers open to grab as much of her breasts as possible, squeezing and stroking and pinching them to your heart’s content. In return, Seiga reaches down and squeezes your ass between her soft cheeks, slowly moving up and down while you play with her breasts. Her ass is impressively warm and soft, but her breasts must feel even better.

Meiling eventually makes you stop. Seiga gets off of you with a mixture of relief and disappointment and sits off to the side to calm down, her breasts shining in the lamplight.

Meiling sits in your lap facing you, locking her legs around your back and putting her hands on the ground to push her chest out towards you. Her breasts jiggle with the slightest movement and heave slowly with her breathing. They aren’t twice as large as Seiga’s, but you can’t stop yourself from using twice as much lubricant.

You reach out with two trembling fingers and spread the oil down the tops of Meiling’s breasts, pressing your fingers into her as you move them. Her breasts aren’t quite as soft as Seiga’s, but they’re still easily some of the softest things you’ve ever felt. You spread the oil around the rest of Meiling’s cleavage, using your whole hands this time. You have to lift them up to get at the undersides, and even their hefty weight is arousing. Meiling watches your blushing face with a wide smile the whole time, breathing heavily with excitement.

With the initial coating complete, you grab Meiling’s breasts from the sides and give them a hard squeeze. You slide your hands down them a few centimeters at a time, stopping frequently to dig your fingers into the soft, slippery flesh and let it fill your hands. You finish with a sharp pinch to both nipples, and she lets out a loud, shameless moan. Her blush is heavier than Seiga’s now.

You open your mouth to suck on Meiling’s large red nipples, but she plugs your mouth with a kiss instead. Your hands twitch and slide all around her breasts as her tongue swirls around inside your mouth. It isn’t forceful and dominant like Seiga’s, but she still seems to be in control. Your hard cock is just inches away from her pussy, but it’s trapped under her body.

“I think we’re ready to begin now,” Seiga says impatiently.

Meiling breaks the kiss. “Hm? Yeah, I guess so,” she says, dripping saliva from her lips. She stands up and has you use her firm, shapely ass to wipe the oil off your hands. You can’t resist giving it a little smack, and she responds with a good-natured giggle. She seems much more excited than Seiga, nearly trembling as she stands in front of you.

“Okay, whoever makes him cum the fastest wins. I think we have a stopwatch around here…” Meiling rifles around in the box and comes up with a circular device, probably kappa-made. “Here we go. We can interfere with each other too, but that’s lower-body only.”

Seiga nods quickly as Meiling speaks. This seems to be familiar territory for her. “It won’t be an interesting contest if we have nothing at stake. What should we wager?” she asks.

Meiling puts a finger to her mouth. “Hmm. We already have a pet going around, so… Maybe some one-on-one time another night? Winner can make the loser cum three times however she likes.”

A constellation of possibilities spreads out before Seiga’s eyes. She smiles and nods.

Meiling and Seiga play a game of janken. Seiga’s paper beats Meiling’s rock, and Seiga decides to go first. She advances on you eagerly, but Meiling holds her back.

“Wait, wait, we forgot something.”

Meiling rests a hand on your throbbing cock and takes a deep breath. All the excitement seems to flow right out of you, until it’s just barely erect.

“He was halfway there already. Were you hoping you could just finish him off?”

“Hmm.” Seiga smirks, and they share a quick laugh.

“Okay, start now.” Meiling presses a button on the top of the device.

You spread your legs on the futon and lean back onto your arms, but Seiga pushes you flat on your back. She lifts your cock with two fingers and puts the head between her soft lips, closing her jaw so the tip presses against her teeth. She sucks gently as an afterthought while she spreads her breasts and brings her chest forward. When your penis is right up against her body, she lets go with her mouth and slaps her breasts together all at once. The softness suddenly envelops your whole cock, making it clench up with pleasure.

Seiga puts her hands on the sides of her breasts laces her fingers together, lining her nails up in two diagonal rows. Her breasts envelop the whole shaft in softness, leaving the head and a little extra poking out the top. She moves her whole body upwards, and her breasts slide up your cock without the slightest bit of friction. You let out a groan as the soft, warm flesh rubs against the sensitive head.

Seiga starts to quickly slide up and down, pressing her breasts tightly together to make sure you don’t slip out. Each movement squeezes a bit of precum out of your twitching cock, which she eagerly laps up when she descends.

Meiling steps into view behind Seiga and gets on her knees with an eager grin. Seiga doesn’t notice until two of Meiling’s fingers enter her pussy, which makes her seize up with a surprised moan. She glances back without moving her breasts, exchanges a look with Meiling, and turns back to you with a derisive snort. She resumes her paizuri at an even faster speed, but Meiling’s fingers keep making her lose her coordination.

A minute later, Seiga’s shaking too much to keep up the rhythm. Meiling’s fingering must really be something. Seiga stops moving and slides a finger from each hand up to your glans, carefully planting her nails on the surface and pulling them apart to spread your urethra wide open. She crushes your shaft between her breasts and digs into the hole with her tongue, making you shudder and moan as a strange new pleasure shoots through you. She relents after a few seconds and sucks normally on the head instead, draining your precum right out of you. Your cock is throbbing eagerly, but you can still last a while longer. Did Meiling boost your endurance even higher?

“Hmm, I’ll need to do something more drastic.” Seiga looks up to you. You hear a faint tinkle as her eyes flash purple, and your body suddenly goes numb. The feeling returns fairly quickly, but you can’t move anything other than your head.

“I know a position that’ll make you feel amazing, but nobody ever wants to try it. Not until I make them, at least.”

Seiga releases your cock and stands up, forcing Meiling to withdraw. Your body gets up and moves on its own, stepping over to the chair and kneeling backwards on the seat. You can’t see Seiga in this position, but you can feel her as she kneels down behind you and pulls your penis straight downwards. Her breasts follow a moment later, squeezing the shaft as forcefully as before to keep it from flipping back up to your chest. She can’t lick the tip like this, though; the head’s coming out of the bottom of her cleavage, so her mouth is at your…

Your hands reach behind you and spread your ass. That alone is enough to make you nervous, but then your fingers crawl down to your asshole and tug on the rim until it’s wide open. Seiga chuckles cruelly as you shiver in anticipation, unable to move your vulnerable body. It’s a good thing they cleaned you out before you came here.

Seiga lets you sweat for a moment longer before penetrating your ass with her tongue. Your sensitive walls contract immediately, and your cock clenches up between her breasts. She slides her chest up and down without moving her head, assaulting your cock with the same soft pleasure as before while her tongue roots around in your asshole. You’ve never been stimulated like this before, let alone in the middle of a titfuck. The sensations from your asshole seem to flow straight into your cock, making it twitch and spasm while it’s massaged by Seiga’s breasts.

Seiga seems to have protected herself from Meiling’s prying fingers, so Meiling steps in front of you and watches your face instead. She seems more aroused than ever, and you’re surprised to see her reach down and stroke her clitoris with one hand while she watches you shudder and groan.

It’s embarrassing to have somebody watching while Seiga does this to you, but the humiliation only makes you harder. Seiga keeps torturing you with her wet tongue and her soft, slippery breasts, moving faster and penetrating deeper into you with each passing second. It’s a relief when your resistance finally gives out.

Meiling hits a button on the device as soon as your first cry pierces the air. Your asshole tightens up and contracts just as pleasurably as your penis, expelling Seiga’s tongue. Seiga pulls back and forcefully strokes your cock, wringing out every drop of cum she can get and catching it in her hand. You hear her slurp it up loudly when you’re finished, and your body finally comes back under your control. You slump down weakly in the chair, not bothering to get in a more comfortable position.

Meiling stops playing with herself and goes over to Seiga. “That was amazing! I didn’t know you could keep him under control without looking into his eyes.”

“That’s normally the case, but he didn’t struggle like they usually do. He must have been unusually submissive,” Seiga says smugly. You look away with a blush.

“Alright, my turn now. It’s going to be tough to beat that.” Meiling turns you around in the chair and lays a hand on your sticky cock. This time it hardens under her magic touch, going from half-size to fully erect in a few seconds.

Seiga takes the device out of Meiling’s hands and presses a different button before starting it again. She licks some extra sperm off of her fingers as she watches you.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you. Cum a whole lot for me, okay?” Meiling asks with a wide smile and obvious arousal. The warmth from before shapes itself into a strong desire as you stare into her beautiful blue eyes. You felt plenty of lust for the other girls, but this seems slightly deeper.

Meiling lifts her breasts up and drops them onto your crotch, crushing your penis under their weight. She puts both arms on top and presses down on her breasts while rocking her body back and forth, making them slide back and forth over your hard cock. The pressure on one side is nice, but having those breasts surrounding it and squeezing from every side must feel heavenly.

The desire is clear on your face. Meiling stops moving and smiles up at you. “Should I make you feel even better?” she asks with feigned innocence. You nod quickly, not able to hide your own blush. She repositions her breasts and pulls your cock up between them, surrounding the shaft with that wonderful, slippery softness. You can just see the tip leaking into her cleavage, but she can reveal the whole head by pressing down on her breasts.

“Oh, and that’s not all.” Meiling spreads her fingers and closes her eyes. A moment later, her breasts become much warmer, almost as hot as Seiga’s pussy. The heat makes your cock even more sensitive, and you can suddenly feel the softness in minute detail along every inch of your shaft. You tilt your head back and let out a quiet moan.

“Do you like it? I’ll start moving now.”

Meiling grabs her breasts from below and slides them all the way to the tip of your cock, exposing your shaft to the relatively cool air. When she drops her breasts back down, they’re immersed in the heat and sensitized all over again. She starts up a quick up-and-down rhythm, rubbing her nipples against your chest as she moves. Her eager, panting face only strengthens your desire, encouraging you to moan without any reservation.

Seiga gets on her knees behind Meiling and attacks her with a finger from each hand. The thought of those long nails sliding around and scratching at Meiling’s walls makes you shiver. Meiling starts moaning as soon as Seiga touches her, but she doesn’t slow her rhythm at all.

Meiling’s paizuri gradually becomes more complex. Her breasts are large and slippery enough that she can move horizontally as well, moving her chest back and forth in a subtle sawing motion as she slides up and down your cock. Occasionally, she stops moving altogether and digs part of your cock out of her cleavage, leaving your shaft to melt between her breasts while her equally-hot mouth and tongue lavish attention on the tip. The excitement in your cock grows and grows, but it wants to feel even more before it’ll give up your sperm.

All the sensations leave your mouth hanging open and leaking a continuous stream of moans. Meiling reaches her head up and purses her lips, and you bend yours over to meet her. She bounces her breasts up and down while you swirl your tongues together and swallow each other’s moans. The kissing sends a different kind of excitement through you, one that amplifies the pleasure from her breasts.

Seiga glances at the device. “Oh, my. You only have two minutes left, Meiling. Will you be able to finish him at this rate?” she says, twisting her fingers around in Meiling’s pussy As good as it feels, you’re not sure if she can. Meiling takes a deep breath, looks back to Seiga, and then up to you.

“You want me to make you cum, right?” she asks breathlessly. You nod again. The desire is almost uncontrollable now.

“Okay. Fuck my breasts as hard as you can and spray it all over me.” Meiling pulls away and lies on her back and uses her arms to press her breasts together and form a channel in between. Without any instruction, you get on top of her and slide your cock right between them. The hot, slippery softness swallows your shaft up completely, enveloping even the head.

Meiling gives you a smile and a wink, and your cock clenches up with desire. Right now, the only thing you want is to cover her face with your cum. You plant your hands at the sides of her head and start thrusting into her cleavage as hard as you can. Moments later, Seiga parts Meiling’s legs and attacks her pussy with the strapon from before. You were blocking Meiling’s line of sight, so the penetration catches her off guard. Her whole body jumps underneath you as she lets out a loud moan.

“Ahh, Seiga, that’s…”

“I couldn’t resist. You’re so cute when you’re excited, Meiling.”

Seiga’s words resonate with you. Without slowing your thrusting, you reach down and pinch both of Meiling’s nipples, making her interrupt her moaning with a cry.

“Noo, not you too,” she moans. You can see in her eyes that she’s loving it, though. You roll each of her thick nipples between two fingers and pull on them as you thrust in time with Seiga, driving yourself recklessly towards the edge. Whether it’s for your sake or Meiling’s, you can’t say.

The blissful look on Meiling’s face is what sends you over the edge. You push your cock as far into her cleavage as you can, and the head emerges at the other end to splatter your cum all over Meiling’s face and hair the floor surrounding her. She goes over the edge at about the same time, closing her eyes and moaning sweetly all through your orgasm. One of your shots lands right in her mouth, and she swallows it without a second thought. She opens her eyes and breathes deeply at the end, surrounded by the smell of your sperm. You find the sight deeply satisfying.

The excess heat disappears from Meiling’s breasts, allowing you to finally bring yourself to pull out. That mixture of heat and softness will stay in your memory for a long time.

Seiga comes over and holds the device in front of Meiling’s face, still wearing the dripping strapon. Meiling laughs happily when her eyes focus on it. “Hey, I did it! That was really close, though.”

“I’m sure I could have won if he hadn’t been so eager.” Seiga turns to you with a smirk. “You wouldn’t happen to have any feelings for Meiling, would you?” she asks teasingly. You blush and look away for the second time, but for an entirely different reason.

When you turn your head again, Seiga’s cleaning Meiling off. She wipes off half of the cum to feed to Meiling, and licks the other half off for herself. There’s still some in Meiling’s hair when she finishes, but her face is spotless. Meiling looks over to you and smiles warmly.

“Thanks, that was a lot of fun. I need to give you something now, right? Hmm…” Meiling picks up her beret with two fingers and plops it onto your head, chuckling as you adjust it.

“Ah, that’s right. I’m satisfied as well.” Seiga pulls the stick out of her hair, which stays perfectly undisturbed. Seems the hair was holding the stick, and not the other way around. “I was prepared to give you this after Aya, but I thought I’d wait and see what you wanted afterward.”

You crawl over to your pants and carefully slide the stick into your pocket. It seems fragile, but Seiga wouldn’t have given it to you if she was worried about breaking it. The beret might as well stay on your head.

You’ve gathered a token from each girl, which seems to suggest that you’ve unlocked the fivesome. The hostess said it’ll end your visit, though.

“Well, I’ve had my fun for now. I’ll see you again soon.” Seiga cleans off her breasts and dresses herself and turns to leave, but Meiling grabs her by the arm. Seiga turns around and grins.

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten. We’ll have plenty of fun later, won’t we, Meiling?” Meiling nods, and Seiga leaves you alone with her.

Meiling lies on her stomach on the futon, smiling gently and kicking her legs in the air while her breasts pillow out beneath her. She seems much calmer now, but you can feel your desire flaring up again. The desire from earlier has weakened, but it hasn’t gone away.

(1,000 remaining.)
Can we vote for one more then then the fivesome?
[x] S&M with Meiling as sub.

Also, excellent update.
[X] Vaginal sex with Meiling
Time to give her some tender loving, she deserves it.
[x] S&M with Meiling as a top.
[x] S&M with Meiling
[X] Vaginal sex with Meiling

I'd think she'd like this more now that her competitive streak's been fulfilled.
[x] S&M with Meiling on bottom
[X] Vaginal sex with Meiling

>So to have all girls, we need an extension with Seiga.

>“I was prepared to give you this after Aya, but I thought I’d wait and see what you wanted afterward.”

What was that you were saying?
Because scorning her by not giving her an extension would have still let her feel like giving us her item, sure.
[x] S&M with Meiling on bottom
[x] Vaginal sex with Meiling
[x] Vaginal sex with Meiling
[x] S&M with Meiling subbing

We've been submissive enough ourselves, time to actually control one of the girls.

Of course, we don't need to be mean or anything, just in control. We can certainly making it very loving. Just dominant.
[x] S&M with Meiling as sub.
[x] Rope, and as much of it as there is available.
[x] S&M with Meiling subbing.

I had wanted to do S&M with Aya, but this is just as good.
[x] Vaginal sex with Meiling
[x] Vaginal sex with Meiling.
[x] S&M with Meiling on bottom

I assume we'll still be having sex, just with some extra... embellishments.
[X] Vaginal sex with Meiling
[x] S&M with Meiling subbing
X] Vaginal sex with Meiling

Because Meiling treated us well, so we should treat her well.
[x] (Loving) S&M with Meiling on bottom
-[x] But vaginal will still be involved.
[X] Vaginal sex with Meiling
I wonder if there will be a sequel with different characters.

Amending my vote to include (Loving) SM as well. Because pain and humiliation are not the only ways to do things. The more sensual side has it's appeal as well.
[X] Vaginal sex with Meiling
[x] S&M with Meiling on bottom
[x] Vaginal sex with Meiling
Closing votes. Meiling vaginal wins.

I'm happy to see I have so many readers. You guys are great.
I'm given more to suspect the same people are voting over and over.
Just wanted to say: I LOVE what you've done here! Definitely some great writing!

Incidentally, I don't suppose you'll do a side-story where we get to see Meiling 'taking her winnings' from Seiga, if you know what I mean?
It's possible.
Don't worry, guys. Almost done.
Good to know you haven't died horribly.
File 133547172579.jpg - (224.68KB, 850x850 , 783dcedd4a2d265dfd3237e15e963645.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Vaginal with Meiling

Now that Seiga has left, you can focus your full attention on Meiling. Your gaze travels slowly up her body, following the curves of her legs and ass and back and noting the large, glimmering breasts pressed against the futon. Your stomach knots up while you stare at her; you can’t let her go yet.

You make your choice, and Meiling’s smile widens.

“That’s all? You just want sex with me?” she asks teasingly.

You thought about trying S&M, but it didn’t appeal to you as much as this did. Regular sex just seems right somehow.

“You were really eager to cum with my breasts before. Was Seiga right? Did you get a crush on someone in a place like this?”

You open your mouth, but you don’t know what to say. You really don’t know what you’re feeling. It seems stronger than ordinary lust, but Meiling is no ordinary woman. You definitely want her, though. That much you’re sure of.

Meiling reaches out and puts a hand on your cheek. “I think I’ve felt that way before too. It’s confusing, isn’t it?” She pulls you onto the futon and crawls on top of you, pressing her warm body down into yours. It’s hard to think in this position. “Let’s have sex and see what happens. If that feeling goes away, then you just wanted my body, right?” That logic seems questionable, but you’re not going to question it.

Meiling grabs your penis and uses her powers to get you hard again. Your erection comes easily, but the heat keeps coming in and making your cock even bigger and heavier until it reaches its absolute limit. It throbs hungrily between Meiling’s thighs, and the whole surface seems more sensitive than usual.

“Ah, it got really big. It’ll feel amazing inside of me, don’t you think?” Meiling crosses her legs to make her thighs squeeze together around the shaft. They’re firmer than her breasts, but they put a lot more pressure on your penis when she tenses them up. She slips her arms under your back and gives you a long kiss while she treats your cock a slow, sensual squeezing.

Meiling’s thighs and pussy are soaked already. The competition must have excited her even more than you thought. The fluids make for a good lubricant, letting Meiling move her hips up and down to stroke your cock with her thighs. You can clearly feel her labia pressing against your penis, but you can’t get the right angle to penetrate her. Even if you could, her kiss seems to taken away all of your strength. There’s nothing to do but lie here and drown in happiness while she plays with your mouth and your penis.

Meiling grabs your tongue with her teeth and hungrily sucks off your saliva. You stop breathing in surprise and exhale loudly when she releases you. She laughs gently and changes her rhythm from up-and-down to back-to-front, like she’s rolling your penis between her thighs.

“You’re making a cute face. Do you want to put it in now?” she asks without stopping the grinding. You nod as hard as you can before she even stops speaking. “Mm, I want it too. Let me show you a good position.”

Meiling leads you to the chair and has you sit down with your legs spread. You were in this same position when she used her breasts a little while ago, and the memory makes your cock twitch in anticipation. Meiling sits in your lap facing you and grabs your penis between her index and middle fingers, rubbing the tip against her dripping slit. There isn’t a hint of teasing in the smile she gives you, and she drops all the way to the base a moment later.

An intense burst of pleasure makes you blank out. A few seconds later, you start feeling her pussy in bits and pieces. First, an overwhelming, barely-tolerable heat. She must have used the trick from before on her pussy, and the heat brings your swollen cock to an entirely new level of sensitivity. Second, you realize that her walls are clenched up tightly around your shaft. You think she’s naturally like that at first, but she relaxes her grip a moment later. She’s still pretty tight, though, and her walls threatens to crush your penis again at any time. As she relaxes, you become aware of all the slippery folds and creases inside of her. The slightest movement makes them shift around and caress every inch of your penis.

You close your eyes and slump back, drinking in the feeling and listening to Meiling’s excited breathing. She strokes your hair and caresses your face in the meantime, waiting patiently for you to adjust. Eventually, you open your eyes to see her breasts hanging in front of you.

Meiling lifts her breasts to your mouth, and you start sucking on one immediately. Nothing comes out, but you still like the slight taste of sweat on her skin. You try biting down a little, and she clenches up with a small moan. After she relaxes again, you run your tongue all over her breasts and press your head in to enjoy their softness. The oil has a slightly flowery taste that mixes with her salty sweat.

It’s wonderful just sitting here and playing with Meiling’s breasts, but your desire won’t let you sit still. You feel like you need to give her as much pleasure as she’s giving you. You dig into her ass with all ten fingers and pull upwards while pulling your cock down and out of her, shivering as her pussy attacks with pleasure every inch of the way. When the head is the only part left inside, you pull down and slam your hips back into hers. You’re able to ride out the pleasure this time, and you get a nice moan out of her as well.

“That’s good. Do it just like that.” You start repeating the motion, with Meiling adding her own strength. Each impact is powerful enough to make you both seize up with pleasure when it hits. You can feel an orgasm welling up, but you’re able to keep yourself under control when you stare past her bouncing breasts to her face. The thought that you can give her that much pleasure fills you with a warm satisfaction, and you want to make her feel even better.

Meiling sees you staring and leans down to kiss you, forcing you to shorten your thrusts so her head stays in place. You’re well-acquainted with each other’s mouths at this point, but the desperate tongueplay is still a fresh experience.

Suddenly, Meiling stops moving and makes you do the same. She lifts you out of the chair without removing your penis and lies down on the futon, quickly locking her arms and legs around you. Her hands dance over your back until she presses a finger into a very specific spot on your neck.

“Ah, here it is. You can’t cum as long as I’m pressing here.”

You try to move, but you can’t break out of Meiling’s grip.

“Remember what I said when we met? I wanna try it now.”

Meiling’s pussy contracts sharply around your cock, making your whole body twitch with pleasure. It loosens up again and comes back with a gentle, repetitive squeeze while it pulls at your cock from all directions. It seems like something Nue would do, but this is pure muscle control.

You were amazed already, but Meiling has more tricks to show you. She starts squeezing with different parts of her pussy, alternating the pressure between the upper and lower halves of your cock. Part of you really wants to cum, but it looks like you won’t go over the edge until Meiling’s ready. You make your best effort to just relax and enjoy the massage. Still, the constant teasing on your sensitive cock makes you start sweating and trembling. You put a pleading kiss on Meiling’s neck and let out a little whine.

“Can’t bear it? You can move if you want, but don’t cum until I’m ready.”

Meiling uncrosses her legs a little. You pull out as far as you can and brace yourself for another thrust, but she forces you back in on her own and lets out a warm moan from the impact. Her pussy greets you with another round of squeezing, not letting up its massage for a second.

Meiling’s legs scissor back and forth to guide you through a round of intense thrusting. Your penis was begging to for this a moment ago, but now it’s getting more pleasure than it can handle. Each movement feels like it’ll bring you over the edge, but snap back from the brink each time. Eventually, you get somewhat used to it and focus on pleasing Meiling, finding an angle she likes and hitting it with every single thrust. Your movements are much more fluid this time, filling you both with a continuous stream of pleasure rather than a series of bursts.

The pleasure makes Meiling relax her arms enough to let you get at her breasts, and you press them together to suck on both nipples at once. She arches her back and tightens up like a vise when you bite down on them, and her moaning suddenly changes to a quick, wordless panting. You’re both quivering immensely at this point, but you help each other keep up the rhythm.

Meiling finally cries out and moves her hand, opening a floodgate inside you. She forces your head down onto her breasts and nearly crushes you in three places at once as your plus-sized cock empties out into her, clenching so forcefully that it’s almost painful. You hug her back and moan her name into her soft cleavage, feeling something hot and beautiful inside of you to go along with the pleasure.

Your orgasm comes to an end, and Meiling’s arms fall off of you. You push yourself up and stare down at her sweat-covered body. Her watery eyes are glazed over with a thin film of tears, her mouth is stuck in a wide, panting smile, and her huge breasts heave with every one of her deep breaths. Your desire has been replaced with a deep satisfaction. Maybe you just wanted to please her after all.

You fall back down and cuddle with Meiling while she recovers. Your budget is all but exhausted, but there’s one more thing you can ask for.
That was amazing. Thanks.
Absolutely fantastic.
Five some time, though I wonder if something more results or not....
[x] Fivesome with the girls.

Just for the sake of consistency!
[x] Fivesome with the girls.

Time for the Grand Finale.
[x] Fivesome with the girls.

Oooooh shit.
The vote of confidence passes, but there's something else I'd like to hear about.

As you might have guessed, this scene is going to be very long. Do you want to get it all at once, or would you prefer that I split it into two or more parts?
If it's long as in a week or so before the whole thing is done, then yeah, give us sections.

But if your definition of long is like three-four days I think we can wait.
All at once. My body can take it.
Make it big and long and oh, so sweet. My body is ready.
All at once.

Pieces would just be teasing us.
All in one go, of course
Okay, I'll post it all in one go. I have 2400 words so far, and that's probably a little over a third.

(The longest so far was 3805.)
[x] Fivesome with the girls.

You’ve done something to please each one of the girls. Now it’s time to claim your reward.

Meiling kisses you on the forehead. “Mm, a good boy like you deserves something nice. But, you need to go outside and prove that you’ve pleased everyone first.”

You get off of Meiling and notice her dress on the floor nearby. She tilts her head and smiles when you offer it to her.

“I’ll just be taking it back off, but okay.” Meiling stands up and stretches, not minding the thick stream that trickles down her left thigh, and quickly puts her dress back on. You note with some satisfaction that she smells strongly of your cum now. You pull on your clothes, adjust your beret, and step outside.

The lounge is as calm as ever. Seiga sits at one end of the couch, filing her nails with the leash in one hand. Tracing the cord to its source, you find Aya acting as her footstool. Nue sits alone at the other end of the couch, watching a teapot on a small portable stove.

The girls all look up and watch you as you make your way to Seiga’s table. Nue scoots over next to Seiga, Aya sits up on her knees, and Meiling leans over the back of the couch.

You reach into your pockets and dig out the three tokens inside: Nue’s slightly-moist panties, a canister of compromising photos, and an intricate golden hair stick. Dropping the beret on top makes four. Each girl smiles in recollection as you produce her item.

“Aha, you did it! I knew you would,” Nue says. “I could tell after what we did together.” Aya and Seiga nod in agreement.

“That settles it. Is the drink ready, Nue?” Meiling asks. Nue nods and runs over to the other table to pour out a mug of tea. At least, you think it’s tea. The smell and color are entirely new to you. You take the cup from Nue and stare into the liquid.

“You’re probably tired after cumming so much. This should keep you going for a while longer.” Meiling grabs the bottom of the cup and pushes it to your lips. It’s disconcertingly thick and probably the bitterest thing you’ve ever tasted, but your strength starts to come back as soon as you swallow.

“Oh, it’s rare for them to drink it all in one shot,” Seiga says with a hint admiration. You can’t tell if she’s serious or not. “Well, there’s no reason to hold you up any longer. Let’s begin.”

Nue jumps over the couch without taking her panties and heads into the room with Meiling. Seiga takes a longer path, leading her pet around the edge of the couch. You follow behind them and close the door behind you.

Aya’s already naked except for her collar, so Seiga permits her to help you undress while everyone else strips in front of you. Aya steals a kiss on your cheek before returning to her mistress’s side.

The girls are all breathtaking on their own, and the sight of all of them naked at once is almost too amazing to be real. Even moreso with the knowledge that you’ve cum inside each of them already.

The girls all strike poses for you. Meiling leans over and winks as her breasts hang down beneath her. Aya turns around and pulls one of her cheeks to the side, showing you a trickle of cum from both holes. Nue sits down on the floor with her knees drawn up and sticks out her tongue as she parts her legs. To outdo the rest of them, Seiga sits in the chair with her arms over the back and spreads her legs to present her entire body. You let your gaze travel slowly over each of them, trying to memorize every detail you can find. You’ll want to remember this scene whenever you masturbate.

Meiling straightens up and grabs you from behind. You don’t put up any resistance as she lies down on the futon with her arms still around you, presenting your body for the other three girls to enjoy. Her body has just the right level of firmness to make an excellent cushion.

Meiling covers the back of your neck in kisses while Seiga and Aya suck on your nipples. Off to the side, Nue sucks hungrily on your fingers. A minute later, Meiling reaches the side of your head and nibbles on one of your ears while Seiga traces her tongue down your chest.

Nue crawls closer and starts licking your cheek. You break off from Meiling to try and kiss her, but she dodges away and pulls Aya’s head up to shield for her. Aya’s surprised when your tongue shoots into her mouth, but she quickly accepts it and gives you a taste of her super-fast tongueplay. Meiling joins back in soon after, forcing the three of you into a deliciously sloppy three-way kiss.

Seiga reaches your limp penis a few seconds later. Her soft tongue gives your shaft a leisurely bath, and it quickly hardens under her warm breath. Nue joins her, and they lick it together for a while before splitting it between them. Nue closes her mouth around most of the shaft and splits her tongue into four parts, licking it from every side at once while she bobs her head and sucks. With some help from Seiga on your scrotum and the sweet taste of Aya and Meiling’s mouths, your erection becomes ferociously hard.

Seiga yanks Aya away from your head. The two of them lie down and pull their breasts up to the sides of your cock, but Nue interrupts them before they touch you.

“Hey, wait! I can do it too.” Nue brings her hands to her chest and grows a pair of breasts as large as Seiga’s and Aya’s. Seiga smirks in amusement and moves between your legs to give Nue some space. Spaced evenly around your crotch, the three girls pull your cock straight up and smother it with their breasts.

Your cock sticks straight up between three wonderful sets of cleavage, and you can clearly feel six hard nipples poking the shaft. The head pokes out clearly from the soft mass, perfectly positioned for a tongue attack. Seiga smirks at you and takes the lead, apparently highly experienced at this.

Seiga pushes forward to make her soft breasts completely envelop your shaft. She presses them together and starts stroking it with her chest like before, but this time she leans her head back to let Nue and Aya work on the tip. Their nimble tongues dance all over the head and cover it in saliva within seconds.

After ten slow strokes, Seiga passes your cock to Aya for the same treatment. Aya’s breasts are firmer and her movements faster, like she’s trying to get back at Seiga by making you feel better. Nue and Seiga both go after your urethra; Nue splits her tongue into two thin parts that spread it wide open for Seiga to attack with her full strength.

Seiga extracts a copious amount of moans from you before letting Aya turn your cock over to Nue. Nue’s breasts seem even softer than Seiga’s at first, but they become impossibly firm and heavy a few strokes later. She keeps altering the firmness at random, leaving you unsure what kind of stimulation the shaft will get next. You can depend on Seiga and Aya’s tongues to drown the tip in pleasure, though. Each girl takes half and tries her hardest to stimulate it, and the winner is obviously you.

Seiga take your penis back and starts the cycle over again. It speeds up considerably once Nue and Aya get a hang of the movements, so that each girl only gets a few seconds to titfuck you before handing it off. Your head sinks into Meiling’s cleavage as you twist around and moan, making you lose sight of the spectacle. You can tell the girls apart just by their breasts and tongues, though, so it’s easy to visualize what’s happening.

The pleasure stops when you’re fairly close to cumming. You sit up to see what’s happening, helped up by Meiling. She lays a hand on your chest, and your cock suddenly heats up.

Seiga nods once and presses her chest against your cock as hard as she can. Nue and Aya follow suit to pin it between the three of them, and the three of them start moving up and down together. That much soft flesh pressed against your sensitive cock is too much for you to handle, especially when they start teasing it with their nipples as well. It only takes five pumps to bring you to the edge, and they all lick the head at once to finish you off.

The first shot goes at least a foot into the air and lands squarely on Aya’s face. Nue takes the next few, and Seiga catches one as well before plugging the source with her mouth. You fill it up with the rest of your load, and she pulls off to share with Nue once she’s finished. Aya’s sad that she doesn’t get any more, so Nue takes pity on her and shares some. A round of face-licking follows to clean off everything else.

Eventually, Seiga yanks Aya over. She spreads her legs and points a finger downwards, and Aya wordlessly lowers her head and starts lapping at her mistress’ pussy. Seiga lies back and closes her eyes with a smile as Aya puts her arms around Seiga’s thighs and grabs her ass, pulling her forward to dig in even deeper.

“Mm, that feels amazing. Would you like to try it?” she asks. You aren’t sure what she means, but then she turns her head and stares right at you. Her eyes flash green, and you hear a faint tinkle.

Suddenly, you’re looking at your body from another spot on the floor. An intense pleasure suddenly attacks you, and you look between your legs to discover that Aya is eating you out. You moan loudly and bring a hand to your mouth, and the sight of your long blue nails confirms your suspicions.

Aya stops her tongue and raises her head. She finds an explanation in your confused face, smiles, and goes back down to lick your slit. You can feel every detail of her tongue as she slides it up and down, keeping the tip just inside your labia. You glance over to your body to find it sitting alone on the futon. Seiga smiles and masturbates at a leisurely pace, apparently right at home inside you.

Meiling and Nue figure out what’s going on and move to either side of you. Nue lengthens her nails and grabs your breasts from behind. She gropes them for a bit before giving both nipples a cruel pinch that makes you arch your back with a yelp and squirt onto Aya’s face.

Next, Meiling leans over and kisses you. You feel like you can at least handle this, but you find that your tongue is too flimsy to put up a fight. Meiling pushes it aside and takes control of your mouth, and even the feeling of her tongue is enough to make you seize up with pleasure.

Aya spreads your pussy with two thumbs and slides her tongue deeper into you, sucking out your fluids while it squirms across your walls. Meiling breaks off so everyone can hear your delicate moaning and moves to your chest, closing her mouth around one of your nipples while Nue takes care of the other. To complete the image, Meiling makes your clitoris extra-sensitive and lets Nue tease it with her sharp nails. Your body quakes violently as it’s assaulted by one strange pleasure after another, and you reach an orgasm in no time at all.

Your whole body seizes up with an unbearable heat. Instead of a familiar ejaculation, you feel your pussy tighten up and contract with impossible force, coating Aya’s face with fluids. Every inch of your body feels incredibly sensitive, and Meiling and Nue take full advantage of it to prolong your orgasm even further.

As the searing pleasure finally starts to fade, you find yourself back in your body with a hand on your penis. It’s slick with precum, and you feel halfway to orgasm already. In front of you, Seiga takes a deep breath and sits up as if nothing happened.

“It’s a wonderful body, isn’t it? It feels even better when you know what you’re doing.”

If you were that sensitive, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from spending every waking moment masturbating.

“I didn’t ask your permission for that, so I’ll make it up to you now.” Seiga gets on her knees and pushes her ass out towards you, spreading her dripping pussy with two delicate fingers. “Fuck me as hard as you can.”

Seiga doesn’t bother hiding her pleasure as you penetrate her; the thought of how good this must feel for her makes you shiver. You dig your hands into her soft, round ass and pound away at full strength, determined to give her the brain-melting pleasure she wants. Her pussy goes to full tightness immediately and soaks your penis in hot juices while the soft walls force more and more pleasure onto you.

“Yes! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

The slapping and squelching fills the room, joined a moment later by Seiga’s ecstatic screaming. The pleasure blurs your vision and makes your body quiver all over, but there’s nothing to do but keep thrusting.

Somehow, Seiga cums before you do. The first convulsion annihilates your resistance with a heavenly burst of pleasure, and a seemingly bottomless reserve of sperm starts pouring into her. Seiga pulls slightly forward with each shot, freeing up more space in her pussy so she can take every drop you have. She drops to the ground with a loud groan when you finish, filled to the brim with your cum. It doesn’t seem like she’ll be getting up for a while.
You collapse onto the futon to catch your breath. The girls stayed back to give you some space while you were taking care of Seiga, but now they come over to you and surround you with gentle caresses and kisses. You open your eyes a minute later to see Aya grinning just inches from your face.

“It wasn’t very nice selling me out to Seiga like that, you know?” she says. Then she brings the paddle into view. You jerk up and back away, but you wind up right in Nue’s arms. She easily wrestles you onto her lap and exposes ass.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be even after a few smacks.”

Meiling shows up in front of you, but she just sits there and smiles sympathetically. She might find this too exciting to interfere. The situation somehow gives you an erection, and Nue grabs it tightly with one hand and points your cock straight downwards.

Aya sets herself up behind you. You can’t get a good look at her, so there’s no way to know when the paddle’s coming. She rubs it against your ass before pulling it back, and a few nervous seconds pass before she finally gives you forceful smack on both cheeks. Fortunately, she’s merciful enough to avoid your scrotum.

A sharp, stinging pain shoots through your cheeks, making you struggle against Nue with a loud cry. Nue tightens her grip on your cock and holds you firmly in place, and another three smacks pass in quick succession. You’re left aching and gasping for air, but your penis feels undeniably good when it clenches up in Nue’s hands.

“Okay, just one more.”

You can handle one more.

“Wait, let me do something.” Meiling comes over and lays a hand on your ass. It quickly grows even hotter, and you can tell that it’s much more sensitive. Suddenly, you’re no longer sure if you can handle one more.

“Thanks, Meiling. Here goes!”

This time, the pain shoots through every inch of your body, and your limbs all spasm in different directions. Nue squeezes your penis with both hands and wrings out a shamefully large amount of precum. You stay tensed up for a few seconds after the pain stops, breathing quickly with tears in your eyes. Nue rolls you off onto your back, and Aya comes back empty-handed with a blushing smile.

“Ah, that was satisfying. But, let’s forget all about that now. I just wanna make you feel good.” She crawls on top of you, but stops halfway and brings a finger to her lips.

“We’ve already done it in both holes, though, and I just used my breasts. Oh, but you haven’t tried my throat yet!” Aya gets onto her knees and smiles expectantly while you rise to your feet. There’s still a painful ache in your ass.

“I won’t bite you or anything. Shove the whole thing inside.” Aya opens her mouth as wide as she can and sticks out her tongue, holding against her lower lip with one finger. You lay the head on the warm runway, and she holds it in place with her wet lips while you grab her head with both hands and pull forward.

Aya sucks your cock into her mouth as you push, and you don’t feel a hint of teeth. Most of the shaft stops in her wet, velvety mouth, The last few inches push through into something hotter and tighter. Aside from a brief grimace when it first enters, Aya accepts it without any complaints and stares lustily into your eyes. You remove one hand and tighten your grip with the other, and she encourages you with a long moan that vibrates around the tip of your penis.

You bring the bottom of your palm to Aya’s forehead and slowly push her head back. She sucks on your cock the whole time, pressing her tongue against the sensitive underside as it slides backwards and leaves a trail of precum. After a pause to let her breathe, you move your hand to the back of her head and pull her back onto the shaft in in quick motion. You tense up with pleasure as the tip rams into her tight throat again, and she lets out a happy moan. Getting used like this is really turning her on.

You get into a careful rhythm of pushing Aya’s head back and forth and gently thrusting your hips. She swirls her tongue all over the shaft whenever you move and sucks forcefully enough to make her throat tighten up around the head whenever you’re all the way inside her. It’s hard to tell whether you prefer this or her pussy.

Nue and Meiling have been watching from the sidelines for a while, but they decide to jump in now that you’ve settled down. The girls hug Aya from both sides; Nue has a natural penis now, and Meiling’s wearing the strapon.

“No need to masturbate, Aya. We’ll make you feel even better,” Nue says. With a mouthful of cock, Aya can only respond with an eager moan.

Nue motions for you to let go of Aya’s head. Meiling lies down underneath Aya and pulls the tengu into her arms, smoothly penetrating her a moment later. Aya closes her eyes and moans contentedly, and the moan changes to a cry when Nue shoves a slippery cock into her ass. She arches her back as the first wave of pleasure washes over her, then settles submissively into Meiling’s grip. The two girls start thrusting into her in an alternating rhythm, and it takes a while for Aya to pull her head up and accept your cock again.

Aya’s blowjob is much more haphazard now. She still keeps her teeth off your shaft, but her sucking and tongueplay are both more frantic. You speed up a little as well, urged on by her enthusiastic moans. The pleasure seems to have driven all the strength out of her body, except for what’s needed to please you.

Judging from Nue’s reactions, her penis must be about as sensitive as yours. She wears a wide smile with her tongue hanging out and stares off into space while she churns up Aya’s ass. You want to lean over and kiss her, but you’re not sure if your mouth can reach. She seems pretty evasive about kissing, too; you haven’t had one on her lips the whole time you’ve been here.

At the end of one of your thrusts, you feel Meiling’s mouth close around your balls. You can’t quite pull away when it’s holding you like that, so you stay still for a while to give Aya a chance to suck without interruption while Meiling licks all over your scrotum.

Nue senses that you and Aya are both near the edge and speeds up her thrusting so she can cum with you. Aya opens her mouth to moan in surprise, but she quickly gets herself back under control and deepthroats you with renewed urgency. Meiling stops moving and lies still, probably regretting that she can’t join in as well.

Nue manages to make herself cum with a bit of extra masturbation, driving Aya right over the edge in the process. Your cock stifles her moans with a flood of cum from your own orgasm, and her eyes glaze over as the taste and smell of your cum mix with the pleasure in her other two holes. You leave your cock inside until the throbbing stops and pull out at the same time as Nue.

Aya gulps everything down and takes in a few loud gasps, then rolls off of Meiling and drifts off with a smile on her face. You sit back on the futon to recover.

Meiling sits up on her knees with an incredibly deep blush. She clearly found all of that arousing, but she didn’t have a real penis to enjoy it with. Eager to help out, Nue pounces and hugs her from the side, sucking on one breast and reaching around to massage the other. Meiling moans softly and tears off the strapon, letting Nue dig into her pussy with two fingers. Meiling’s response is quiet and happy at first, but she suddenly cries out and starts shaking a few seconds later. Nue must have deployed her powers; the thought of what she could do to a sensitive pussy makes you shiver.

“Hmm, there’s still a lot of cum in here. Mind if I take it? He can just fill you back up,” Nue asks. Meiling exhales and nods, not in any mood to speak at the moment. She closes her eyes and shivers wordlessly as Nue absorbs your old load and licks her lips.

Meiling’s pussy spreads wide open, seemingly of its own accord. You can clearly make out her cervix, and her twitching walls are a patchwork of pink and black. Nue’s fingers must have melted onto them.

“Why don’t you try sticking it in?” Nue asks. “It’ll be like you’re doing both of us at once.”

Watching Meiling squirm with pleasure like that got you hard again in no time. You scoot forward and pull Meiling into your lap, sucking on her nipples to while she lifts herself into position. You hold your cock straight up for her, and she descends onto it like before. This time is slower, though, and the pleasure’s spread out enough that you can hold onto your senses.

Both girls sigh happily at the penetration. Meiling’s pussy still hot and tight and sticky, but now you can feel a number of rubbery patches as well. They interrupt your train of thought with a burst of vibration, and Meiling amplifies the tingling pleasure by clenching up around you on reflex. You and Meiling both let out a little cry, and Nue puts on a self-satisfied grin.

You tighten your grip on Meiling’s ass and start thrusting, helping yourself to her breasts while you’re at it. Meiling’s pussy feels just as good as before, but now Nue’s shifting around inside her and vibrating at random as well. Nue seems to be the one in charge, just using Meiling’s pussy as a tool to squeeze out your cum. Meiling doesn’t sound like she minds being used, though. This must be very exciting for her.

Nue pushes Meiling down and straddles her mouth, still keeping her hand connected to Meiling’s pussy. You tighten your grip on Meiling’s thighs and increase the speed and strength of your thrusts, as eager to please Meiling and Nue as you are to cum inside them. Nue closes one eye and
moans happily from a stimulation that only she can describe.

This is your chance. You lean over and plug Nue’s gaping mouth with a kiss. It takes her by surprise, but she doesn’t pull away. In fact, she seems to have been waiting for this moment. Her tongue splits apart and coils your own, then re-forms into one piece to leave it trapped inside. She puts her free arm around your head and holds you in place, sucking with her tongue and the rest of her mouth and making Meiling’s pussy vibrate continuously.

Your mouth and your penis both feel heavenly. Even after everything you’ve done, you can say with certainty that this is the best pussy you’ve ever felt. In fact, it’s quite possible that it’s the best one you’ll ever feel. Not even Seiga’s was better.

Nue has both you and Meiling under control, and she ensures that the three of you cum together. Her body stifles Meiling’s moans and your own, and she keeps your mouth pressed firmly against hers even as her body trembles with pleasure.

Nue’s substance covers your glans and adds some vibrations to your already-incredible orgasm. She swallows about half of your load before breaking up and leaving Meiling’s pussy entirely; she reforms her fingers outside and breaks the kiss at last, watching intently while you give Meiling her share of cum.

A bit of sperm leaks onto the floor when you pull out of Meiling. Nue gets off of her to reveal a dazed but happy expression on her face. She smiles and nods once before closing her eyes, leaving you alone with Nue.

Nue’s orgasm didn’t slow her down at all. She hugs you immediately and licks her way from your mouth to your ear.

“You still have some more cum left, right? You’re gonna shoot it all out now.” She pulls back to grin at you, but it fades to something more thoughtful.

“I can’t make your cock feel any better than I just did, though. Ah, but I can make something else feel good…” Nue slides a hand down her stomach, drawing your attention to her penis. It looks remarkably similar to yours. You back away nervously, but she slips behind you easily and puts you on your knees, letting out another predatory laugh.

“You’re scared of what I’m doing, but you aren’t scared of me. That’s just how I like it.”

Your wrists and ankles sink into Nue’s body, leaving you unable to move. Nue puts another kiss on your neck and presses her thumbs against your asshole until they just barely penetrate it. They shift and lengthen inside of you, changing into a pair of long, thin rods that reach deep into your body. Your body goes rigid at they work their way into you; the sensation is hard to describe, neither pleasant nor painful. The rods secrete some kind of lubricant that quickly soaks your walls, and she spreads them apart to pull your entire hole open at once. You can feel it twitching and shaking with the rest of your body.

Nue brings her hips up to yours. The hot, throbbing tip of her cock just touches your gaping rim, leaking a tiny bit of fluid into you. There’s no way to escape it, so you just stay still. You wish you didn’t have such a powerful erection.

Everything’s so slippery that the penetration is a snap. Nue’s cock scrapes over your virgin walls as it relentlessly pushes deeper and deeper into you. The stretching of your walls is fairly painful, but there’s a strange pleasure mixed in as well. The feeling makes your body twitch all over, but Nue holds you firmly in place.

Once the whole shaft is inside you, Nue’s fingers withdraw from your asshole and change back to normal. Your asshole automatically tightens up around her penis.

“Probably hurts a little. Lemme train you real quick.” Nue moves her hands to your hips and gives you a few slow thrusts, leaking something cool out of her cock. It makes the aching disappear while your asshole adjusts to the size of Nue’s penis, and you start to feel an undeniably intense pleasure as it rubs gently against your insides. You’re soon forced to start moaning, and Nue takes that as her cue to speed up. You almost blank out from the first quick thrust, and you arch your back with a strangled cry when two more follow it. Your penis swings wildly about with each impact, leaking precum all over the floor.

There’s no way to resist Nue, so you tilt your head up and lose yourself in the pleasure while Nue pounds away at you. You can feel a powerful orgasm coming, and you can’t help but wonder how your body will react. However, Nue slows down well before it hits.

“Oh, I shouldn’t make you cum too fast. They want a piece of you too,” Nue says. You look down and find the other girls lying in front of you, staring intently at your penis. Seiga glances up and winks at Nue.

“We’ll take care of him here. Don’t give him a second of rest,” she says.

Nue’s index fingers extend themselves to your penis and melt together, forming into a ring that tightens up painfully around the base. Sex with Nue isn’t complete without some kind of cock restraint, it seems.

Seiga nods in approval and starts sucking your cock. Nue’s forceful thrusts push you in and out of her mouth, so she doesn’t have to move her head at all. After five thrusts, she turns your shaft over to Meiling, and Aya gets a turn after that. Your swollen penis feels every detail of the girls’ mouths, from their soft lips to their nimble tongues to their warm saliva. Seiga’s is soft and silky, Aya’s is fast and merciless, and Meiling’s is warm and gentle.

The girls move on to something else when Aya’s finished. Seiga and Aya get on either side of your cock and kiss each other around your shaft while Meiling takes care of the head. This setup is a little more delicate, so Nue slows down her thrusting to carefully guide your cock through Aya and Seiga’s mouths and into Meiling’s. She grinds cruelly against your ass at the end of each thrust to make up for it, rotating her penis in slow circles so it constantly stimulates you. The pleasure turns into an unbroken warmth that creeps into every corner of your body. The pleasure outweighs the pain by a large margin, and you relax completely and resign yourself to the girls’ whims.

“Mm, that’s a good boy,” Nue says.

Aya, Meiling, and Seiga split your cock up between them. One girl teases the head and one sucks on your balls while the third one licks your shaft, but they change places and kiss each other so often that it seems more like a free-for-all. Meanwhile, Nue speeds up her movements without changing her technique. There’s no way for you to ejaculate, but a separate orgasm’s about to happen in your ass. Nue sends you over with a single sharp thrust, and the other girls back off to watch.

Your asshole goes out of control and squeezes Nue’s penis as hard as it can. It’s like what you felt in Seiga’s body, but the pleasure snakes over and tortures your bound penis as well. It’d be spraying semen all over the place if not for Nue, who makes sure that not a single drop leaks out. Her cries and moans tell you she’s cumming as well, but her penis doesn’t do a thing. Maybe she figured an anal creampie would be too much. The contractions seems to last for ages, prolonged by some extra thrusts from Nue. When it finally subsides, she pulls out and leaves your asshole wide open and your penis throbbing impatiently.

“That felt great, didn’t it? And you can still cum with your penis too. Shoot it out it all over us now.” Nue frees your cock and moves to your front while Meiling gently massages your balls. You can tell from here that this orgasm is going to use up everything you have left.

The girls all get on their knees in a row, closing their eyes an opening their mouths to wait patiently for you to reward them. You rise unsteadily to your feet and put a hand on your penis, and the sight of their submissive faces lets you cum with a few strokes. Your penis tightens up and starts ejaculating in powerful streams.

The first girl in line is Seiga. You hold your cock close and blast your cum all over her face, feeling a bit of satisfaction when it makes her flinch. Next, you step to your right and angle it downwards to cover Meiling’s breasts. She lets out a little whine at not getting any to drink, so you put a thick shot right in her mouth as well. For Aya, you cover her hair as well as her face and mouth; she won’t be able to hide what she’s done with you until she takes a long bath. Lastly, you shove the tip into Nue’s mouth and coat every inch of it with your last few spurts. The flow subsides, she sucks out the last of your cum with a quiet moan.

You’ve gone through the last of your strength. The girls are probably about to do something sexy with your sperm, but you can’t even stay awake and watch. You fall backwards and lose consciousness before you hit the futon.


You stir awake some time later. You’re on your back on the futon, and the girls are all sleeping around you. Seiga has a tight grip on one of your arms that pushes it between her breasts, Nue is curled at your feet, Meiling is at your side with her arms around your chest, and Aya’s right on top of you. It’s a pleasant position to be in, but there’s no response from your penis. You feel like it’ll be a month before you can get it up again.

Aya opens her eyes and gives you a sleepy smile. “Hey there. Guess you gotta get goin’ now, huh?” she whispers. She’s probably right.

“It was really nice playing with you.” Aya kisses you on the neck and stands up. There’s an oddly shiny patch on her hair. You extricate yourself from the other three girls and get dressed, share one last embrace with Aya, and exit through the lounge.

You find the hostess waiting for you at the end of the hall.

“Your performance was very impressive, especially for your first visit. The Mistress has seen fit to grant you this.” She presses something into your hand. You hold it up to the light and see that it’s a bronze coin with an engraving of a flower.

“Should you ever decide to return, the entrance fee will be substantially lower, and there may be other benefits as well. We all hope to see you again.”

You thank the hostess and step out into the blinding daylight.

Bravo, Bravo! ... I must say, this was a delightful story you made. While a sequel may or may not be in the works, either way, you get a 10 out of 10 from me. STill, a few things intrigue me... the bronze coin... I wonder what benefits it brings... and this place has a mistress as well. I wonder who it is... oh well, those questions may or may not be answered.
Wow... I am applauding you so hard right now, sir. Damn fine writing. DAMN fine. Personally, I hope to read more from you. Much more.

Hey guys I heard group sex scenes reduce quality!

Fantastic, looks like it all worked out nicely. Look forward to discerning your clues again if there is a next time.
Speaking of clues, wasn't it a tad easy? It's nice we could get this finale, true, but I wouldn't mind working my mind a bit more for it.

I mean, we went for Nue first because Aya already said what she wanted and also said what Seiga wanted in the same update. Nue's request was obvious after her first scene. And Aya made clear what Meiling wanted. So yeah, a bit too easy.
Good show, guys. This was a lot of fun to write, and you were a great audience.

>>24395’s point is certainly valid, but it would have been a shame to see you all fail. You could consider this an easy mode run.

If I do write a sequel, it won’t be happening anytime soon. I’m not sure if anything I can write could live up to what you’re all imagining.

(Although, I would entertain the prospect of somebody else writing one.)

If anyone else wants to respond, these are the questions I have.

-What part(s) did you like the most? The least? (Personally, I liked solo Meiling the least. Took me forever to write.)
-Did the goals add to or detract from the experience?
-What services not on the menu would you have liked to see?
-Supposing there was a sequel, what girls would you want it to have?
the goals were interesting though it sometimes felt tacked on.

I'd like to see a better variety of girls. Some loli build, some normal, and some shapely. That and having some specialists in them, like Alice (hands), etc.
Thank you very, very much. Great show overall. Consistent updates, high quality, solid construction. Best thing on the site in a long while (in my opinion, of course.) Overly long response warning~

> -What part(s) did you like the most? The least?

Hard to say. I liked the tricks that Nue, Seiga and Meiling were able to do. They added a lot of spice and surprise to the scenes while still being... how to put it, plausible enough for my imagination to not be overextended. Aya's solo scene felt somewhat bland in comparison, and now that I think about it, so did her character in general. Not that she was bad, mind, but nothing about her really stood out in personality or sexuality. The prose and description were great, but dialogue could use a little work in some places to sound more natural.

> -Did the goals add to or detract from the experience?

Half and half, depending on what experience we're talking about. One of the big lessons of THP's history is that trying to set "difficult" goals for voters just doesn't work. People get confused, every choice gets analyzed to death, fights break out, it's a bad idea all around and I can't think of a single attempt that worked out in a way that satisfied both the writer and the general audience. If you're gonna have goal-based voting at all, it has to be really easy and braindead obvious, or at least some sort of no-lose scenario.

Of course, you clearly knew this going in and managed to convey what the 'right' choices were very clearly. But even with that, there was another consequence that I haven't seen illustrated anywhere else as well as this thread did. Goal based votes make most readers not vote. When they aren't too obscure, they're too obvious. Most of the choices were the first one to five people to read the update going "yes, we want to pick the options that will lead us to the fivesome, next scene please" and that was that. The instant we got to a choice that could be voted on by personal preference, though, look what happened! Vote numbers exploded to the point people thought they couldn't possibly all be legit. But they were. You really had that many active readers all along - there just wasn't any reason for them to vote or speak up.

That digression aside... I still don't know. The goals definitely helped frame and direct the storyline, but they also took a lot away from the participation aspect. I liked how it turned out, but maybe there could have been more opportunities for audience preferences, or even direct requests for certain things people wanted to see, without distracting from the main goal. Like, well, like your next question here.

> -What services not on the menu would you have liked to see?

SEIGA'S BODYSWAPPING. Hotter than a hell raven and we barely scratched the surface of it. More generally, something unique to each girl - it wound up not making a lot of sense that Nue got her own special item but no one else did, when Seiga and Meiling at least were capable of things just as kinky. Maybe S&M could have been Aya's unique thing. As far as real answers though... dunno, the existing options cover everything vanilla pretty well. Like watersports would just fit under S&M with an audience note. Maybe more explicit multi-girl options?

> -Supposing there was a sequel, what girls would you want it to have?

Hahaha, you expect to get a useful answer from the crowd on this? What girls would YOU want it to have? Anyone can work, as long as the writer themselves is into them enough to write 'em.
Yuugi, Suika, Orin, Okuu, Tenshi, Flandre, Patchouli, Marisa, Yuka, Mokou, Keine, Sanae and her goddesses, Alice, Shinki, Youmu, Yuyuko, the Prismrivers, and the Aki sisters.
Maybe I should write something with some of these myself? Hmmm....

Good show, sir.

>Supposing there was a sequel, what girls would you want it to have?

Any Touhou B-cup or less.
>-What part(s) did you like the most? The least? (Personally, I liked solo Meiling the least. Took me forever to write.)
The Nue scenes were hot as hell, particularly when the MC finally got into a kiss with her. I also did like the solo Meiling scene, primarily because I felt that she'd earned herself a good, hard, satisfying fuck, and the MC delivered.
>-Did the goals add to or detract from the experience?
I thought it helped, give something to shoot for aside from just "Vote for your preferred fuck scenes" in which case I would've gone for Nue and Meiling almost exclusively.
>-What services not on the menu would you have liked to see?
More girl exclusive ones, Seiga's bodyswapping, an erotic massage from Meiling (happy ending, of course), S&M with Aya are all options. There's even some threesome exclusive possibilities, bits like the Nue/Meiling combo done during the fivesome, things like that.
>-Supposing there was a sequel, what girls would you want it to have?
This'll be different for EVERYONE, but for me? Koakuma, Patchouli, Yuyuko, Yukari.
Parts I like most/least: Nue, Nue, my God, NUE! That was frickin' fantastic. Also, the bodyswap trick of Seiga's forcing a man to feel unfamiliar sensations... Yow. As for what I liked least... Tough call. The solo with Meiling was kinda generic, but I still kinda liked it...

Goals: I liked them. Made things more interactive, but to encourage more voting, maybe make there more than one way to make each girl happy? This would encourage participation and allow for flexibility in choices.

Services: As has been stated, I'd like to see more girl-specific options. Meiling's chi usage, the Seiga bodyswap... maybe mid-air with Aya? Just to make things fun.

Girls you'd like: Personally? Sakuya (she can STOP TIME, imagine what she could DO TO YOU), Yamame (tied up in her web, anyone?), Momiji (you could put her on a leash and play) and Okuu ('cuz I like Okuu.)
I liked the Talk with the girls update and am disappointed that it was not taken advantage of more often. Teasing is best.
Parts I like most/least: The fivesome scene was incredibly well-done, and showed that group sex doesn't always have to be badly written. Aya solo was as well-written as the rest but a little bland.

Goals: I liked the idea as it gave us a clear path to follow. But on the same note, if there's a sequel perhaps have more than one possible goal to create the option of choice.

Services: Gonna join the chorus saying that there should be more girl-specific options.

Girls you'd like to see: Personally? Sakuya, Utsuho, Nitori, and Wriggle.
Parts I like most/least: Nue was absolutely fantastic, Meiling solo was kind of meh.

Goals: The "end goal" was kind of pointless and distracting, and tingled peoples "gotta catch that ending" senses a bit too much. Once you add such an obvious thing, the weak minded readers are bound to fall for it and so it becomes pseudomandatory even if you meant it as a voluntary thing. If I ever write anything I sure as hell am going to use that trick to railroad the shit out of a situation if it ever becomes necessary.

Services: Cannot offer any specifics, but something out of the ordinary would be nice, Nue style maybe.

Girls you'd like: Alice, holy shit. Think of all the potential with her puppeteering. Makes Seigas scene seem downright ordinary.
Parts I like most/least: Liked the kinky details so most scenes were good, also like details from different positions (the Aya solo was good for that). On the other hand the solo with Meiling was a little on the short side. Also the prices were a little high for the amount of money we had, I would've liked to do more.

Goals: Needs to be less specific. As in more than one way to succeed with each girl, and more than one result at the end (depending on how many girls you 'complete' and possibly how you do so). Such as a a special event at the end depending on how you did and with who, but arranged so that there was no real wrong answer.

Services: More girl-specific options using their special abilities and as I said before, make them cheaper. Possibly a "rent for the evening" or a bundle price so that there's more for less.

Girls you'd like: I'd like to see Sakuya and Keine. Possibly Yukari and Ran too.
Here with some more details.

>What part(s) did you like the most? The least?

What I liked best?: Hard to say it was pretty enjoyable for the first part

What I liked the least? The whole MC getting fucked in the ass part (there's enough of that in MtG for all of THP)

That and how there wasn't anything from the Meiling solo thing, but that's nitpicking.

>Did the goals add to or detract from the experience?
Sort of though some did feel terribly tacked and and didn't exactly use the girls' strengths. It did well to promote trying out different girls.

>What services not on the menu would you have liked to see?

Hard to say, you covered most of the typical ones. Perhaps a "Special" (reflecting a girl's specialty outside of the usual options)

>Supposing there was a sequel, what girls would you want it to have?

Personal preferences? Komachi (though this might have a bad taste due to certain doujins), Alice, Yukari, Tewi, Orin.

But in general a better variety of specialty and figure types as the mostly shapely selection wasn't bad, but better variety would make them stand out more.

For the guys talking about Okuu, I doubt she'd agree to something like this without being tricked.
>What part(s) did you like the most? The least? (Personally, I liked solo Meiling the least. Took me forever to write.)
My personal favorite was Seiga.
What can I say?
I like the dominant ones.

>Did the goals add to or detract from the experience?
Kind of felt they removed something from it, since everyone kind of just went with one guys ideas until the end.

>What services not on the menu would you have liked to see?
I was pretty content with the options we got; the BDSM option was my favorite, and beyond that there wasn't much else I would've wished.
...Though, yeah, Aya grabbing us and fucking in the sky would've been fun.

>Supposing there was a sequel, what girls would you want it to have?
I've honestly never seen her in anything on here, which is a damn shame.
>I've honestly never seen her in anything on here
On the subject of multiple goals, perhaps if one girl was favored a bit more over the others, the ending would focus more on her and her fetishes. Just for the sake of variety.

For example, an interesting (albeit somewhat frightening) character to have in this setting would be Yuuka, who would undoubtedly be QUITE dominant. An ending focused on her would, I don't know, involve her making everyone else her pet for the night. So yeah, the character would wind up co-dominated alongside the other girls. Whether this is a GOOD or BAD END is pretty much a matter of taste...

On the other hand, I have a hard time seeing Yuuka in this sort of setting, but again, just an example.
>Kanako never used

And that writer is working on getting to her. Slowly, unfortunately.
Hey, guys. I feel like writing a one-shot. Does this place have any sort of "h-scene wish-list" that I can look at?
There would be so many wishes that you wouldn't even know where to start if such a thing existed.

How about an anal scene with the guy taking it up the ass?
How about you cover that Meiling bondage scene? Voting got real close on it after all, so plenty of people are interested in seeing it.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't YOU writing something where this happens quite often?
I feel like that would be too much.
A Kanako BDSM story?

Hoooooooooooo boy.

Not going to speak for Anon as a whole here, but I would love to see vanilla Patchy. I don't think she's received that much love on /at/, despite a lot of doujin obsession over her.

Why vanilla? Because I'm a traditionalist, damn it. That being said, some exploration of her magic in the bedroom might be interesting.

That, or more Ten Desires. You did Seiga, which was excellent, but there are still others. Oh, and Kogasa. Do want more Kogasa love.

Write something with a character who is normally overlooked in porn. Medicine, or Wriggle, or Daiyousei, or Shizuha, or Kisume, or Tojiko, or etc.
Agree with him.
more Vanilla Meiling wouldn't be bad at all.
I'll agree with that guy. Something using unused characters would be nice.

So long as it isn't like >>24829. There's more than enough of that in his own story.
Go back to bed, Pettan.
Medicine is my least favorite Touhou, and I'm not at all interested in Kisume or Daiyousei. Or Kogasa and Kyouko, for that matter. I do like Wriggle, Shizuha, and Kanako, but I feel like I'd need a longer story to give them a proper treatment. Futo seems really annoying to write, and I just don't have any ideas for the other TD characters. I feel like I've done enough Meiling, too.

So, I think I'll go with 'vanilla' Patchy. I have a good idea for her.
When talking about patche, it has got to be uretha, yes?
I wish to voice my support for Kanako. Whether Soft and vanilla, passionate, rough and dominant or BDSM doesn't matter. Though I'm lying a bit, I would rather see something warm than another bitchboy and assrape. This board already has enough deviance in porn, while clearly lacking in consensual things.
Patchy is nice too.
You do know that there's nothing automatically non-consensual about BDSM, don't you?

He never implied it, at least from what I'm reading.

>passionate, rough and dominant

None of those necessarily imply BDSM is nonconsenual. Just saying.
It's certainly not vanilla or commonly kind/caring. But I wouldn't mind a Kanako scene that didn't have ropes/BSDM for the sole sake of having them (or "lolkanako has a rope so let's use it on herlol")
You do know the usual meanings put into consensual and BDSM? If you are so picky, you can say sensual and caring as opposed to pleasure through degradation and submission.
>while clearly lacking in consensual things
I think the implication was pretty blatant.
Patchouli's coming along.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh... I can't wait! Poor poor Patchouli never gets any kind of attention on the board when it comes to romancing...
File 133938845060.jpg - (292.29KB, 500x700 , 0260edbfbb9199388c4f2ef8bdfb30af94b1ef37.jpg) [iqdb]
Awwww yeeee patchy.
Goddamn it why did you bump I thought the Patchy update was done. Sage, people.


Image search says that is actually a Kaguya. Whoops.
Closest thing ATM is the Eldest Scarlet, and that's on a 2 week hold.

Well with the lighting and how Jema draws Patchy, it's a very easy mistake to make.
Haha oops. Sorry.
Is saging that important on this slow board?
As was mentioned, the main complaint is that if you don't sage people will see this thread at the top and think it got updated.

So especially between "votes called" and the next update, please try to always sage.
File 133960244217.jpg - (379.53KB, 540x690 , 84740d38a3235eaaa05c9b6396fcf636.jpg) [iqdb]

You look up and open your mouth to respond. Before you can say anything, Patchouli leans across the table and presses her mouth against yours, slipping her tongue right past your teeth. The softness and warmth on your lips and in your mouth send a shiver up your spine, making you moan quietly as you start licking and sucking her tongue.

You slide the empty wineglasses away and reach across the table. Patchouli reaches up and grabs them both, lacing her fingers with yours and digging in slightly with her nails. They’re each twice as long as the fingertips they cover, painted with swirls of purple and lavender and encrusted with small gems.

You and Patchouli pull on each other’s hands and turn your heads sideways, deepening the kiss even further. This took you completely by surprise, but you’re certainly going to enjoy it as much as you can. You force Patchouli’s tongue back to the middle, and the two of you and start kissing more equally. Quiet moans come from both mouths as your tongues dance about and swirl together.

Minutes later, the kiss ends. You both keep your tongues extended and suck gently as you pull your heads away. Patchouli grins at you and tightens her grip on your hands, moving her head next to your ear. You glance down and see that her breasts are resting on the table, but her baggy clothes make it hard to tell just how large they are.

“Would you like to come to my bedroom?” Patchouli asks in her quiet, authoritative voice. It sounds more like an order than a request. You nod weakly, and she stands up and pulls you out of your chair. She puts an arm around your back and leads you through the endless rows of bookshelves, gently rubbing your erection the whole time. Her glistening lips are just inches away, but you’d wind up having sex right here on the floor if you kissed her now.

Finally, you reach an ornate door on the library’s wall. Patchouli produces a golden key from her mantle and turns it smoothly in the lock, pushing the door open and pulling you inside.

Patchouli’s bedroom has the same pale yellow lighting as the rest of the library. She invites you to sit on a large four-poster bed and gives you another quick kiss before disappearing into her bathroom. You take the chance to undress, leaving your clothes in a pile next to the bed before lying back down. Your erection throbs quietly as you wait.

You’ve dreamed of something like this ever since you started working here. Patchouli’s words were always businesslike, but sometimes she’d quickly caress your hands while speaking or whisper them into your ear. The romance books she sometimes sent you after made you suspicious as well. When she sent her other servant away for the night and asked if you wanted some after-work drinks, your mind started racing immediately. Now you’re lying naked on her bed, waiting to see what she has in store for you.

Just as your eyes start wandering, the bathroom door clicks open and makes you jump. You slowly turn your eyes to the doorway and watch as Patchouli steps out with surprising grace, looking more beautiful than anyone you’ve ever seen. She stops halfway to the bed and puts her hands up in her hair, turning around a few times with a self-confident smile and moving her hips in slow circles. You’ve seen an occasional smirk or grin from her, but never an out-and-out smile.

Patchouli’s usual pajama-like outfit is gone, replaced by a transparent purple babydoll with black trim and a matching pair of lowlegs. You were sure she had a nice figure underneath her pajamas, but you hadn’t dared to think she’d be like this. Her pale, mature body has just a hint of pudge, which only helps her huge breasts with their pale pink nipples and the deliciously plump ass that her panties do nothing to hide. The whole display leaves you sweating and trembling and painfully hard, and it only worsens as she slowly walks up and sits down next to you with that same blushing smile.

“Is it everything you were hoping for?” she asks. You gulp and nod quickly, and she rewards you by gently grasping your penis. Her hand is wonderfully soft. “I should hope so. Once we’re finished, you’ll belong to me.”

Patchouli closes one of her hands and holds it up in the air. It flashes red and blue as she mutters a brief incantation, which causes a thick, clear liquid to leak out between her fingers. You collect some of it in your hands and discover that it’s a warm, oily lubricant. She opens her hand and points it downwards, letting the oil flow to the tips of her nails before it falls to your hands in five small streams. When the flow stops, Patchouli uses her clean hand to pull open her top and guides your hands to her breasts.

You swallow again and push your hands forward. They sink almost an inch into Patchouli’s pillowy breasts until the oil makes them slip away. You slide your hands around them in slow circles, flicking your thumbs over her nipples until they harden and stand straight out.

Patchouli grabs your cock and coats it in oil with a few quick twists of her hand, leaning in for a kiss at the same time. Your hands close tightly around her breasts on reflex, and she gives you a quiet, appreciative moan. She changes her grip to squeeze your shaft with a thumb and forefinger and starts to slide her hand up and down, keeping you rock-hard while you grope her.

You try pinching both of Patchouli’s nipples and pulling them towards you, rolling your fingers at the same time. She arches her back and moans happily, prompting you to pull her breasts up and attack her nipples with your mouth. You suck hungrily and tease them with your teeth until her hand closes around your balls. A quick, painful squeeze convinces you to back away; you’re worried that she might be angry, but she’s still wearing the same smile as before. Your balls stay firmly in her grip, though.

Patchouli uses her other hand to examine your cock. She runs her fingers over the head, scratches up and down the shaft, squeezes it a few times, and bends it backwards, nodding to herself the whole time.

“You have something nice here. I wonder how hard it can get?”

Patchouli holds her hand open a few inches from your cock and chants another spell. Your penis flashes brown for a moment, and something firm and solid seems to flow into it. It reaches a painful but exciting level of hardness. She gives it a little flick from the side, which makes it wave back and forth in the air. The hardness is almost painful, and a stream of precum leaks continuously from the swollen head.

Patchouli licks her lips and plants a wet kiss on your glans. You groan quietly when you feel the soft texture of her lips, and loudly when she swallows half of the shaft. She goes right into a steady head-bob, swirling her tongue in tight circles and taking a bit more of your shaft each time her head goes down. She hardly flinches when the tip brushes against the edge of her throat, and a few seconds later she’s swallowing the whole shaft each time she goes down.

You suddenly notice that you can’t feel an orgasm coming. A bit of confusion creeps into your moaning, which makes Patchouli stop and chuckle around your cock. She lets out plenty of saliva as she pulls off, leaving a string that connects her tongue to your urethra.

“Ah, you noticed. My earth magic makes you as hard as rock, but you can’t wring sperm from a stone, can you? I might get rid of it if you please me first.”

Patchouli climbs on top of you, pinning you to the bed while she turns around and presses her soaked panties into your face. Her warm, soft breasts land on top of your cock, and she presses down on top of them to crush it under their weight. After a few seconds of staring, you open your mouth and press it against her panties, licking all over them to try and feel what’s underneath. You make out the outline of a bump and two folds, but the taste of fabric isn’t very appealing.

You carefully close your quivering jaw around the fabric, trying your hardest not to bite the sensitive flesh underneath, and pull it a few inches away from her pussy. She makes a pleased sound and slides them the rest of the way off, setting her bare pussy in front of your face a few seconds later. You can’t clearly tell the color in this light, but it’s pink and gaping slightly open, leaking something clear onto your neck. You grab her ass with both hands and dig in to her pussy with your tongue.

Patchouli’s musky taste and scent quickly fill your head. Once she gets over the initial shock, she grabs your cock with two fingers and lifts it up through her breasts. The softness now attacks your shaft from all directions, as if she was trying to crush it between two pillows. Her tongue flicks down and hits your urethra as well, and she takes a moment to suck on your engorged glans before pulling back to start stroking with her breasts.

The only way to get your mind off the pleasure is to focus on Patchouli’s pussy. Your tongue can feel a maze of bumps and creases inside her, and the thought of how it must feel on your penis sends a shiver down your spine. You can’t reach her clitoris in this position, so your hands slowly creep up to her asshole instead. The soft friction on your cock pauses as you tug at the rim of her hole, and the sound of a moan makes it through the thighs clamped around your head. You work a fingertip into her and keep up the pressure with your tongue, and she goes over the edge almost immediately.

Patchouli’s legs suddenly fold up into the air, and you see her toes curl above you as her pussy sprays a warm liquid onto your mouth. You relax your neck and lick your lips while her pleasure runs its course. Your penis is still trapped between her breasts, and you can feel the warmth of her moans on your glans.

Patchouli finally settles down and crawls off of the bed. You scoot forward to the edge, where she kneels in front of you with a satisfied smile.

“Not as good as my other servant, but you were nice and eager. I’ll give you your reward now.”

Patchouli dismisses the magic with a few strange words and a wave of her hand. Your cock softens somewhat, but it’s no less excited. She gently runs her nails all over your cock, chuckling as you tremble and groan in response. The teasing goes on for another minute, with your penis right on the edge the whole time. Then, without any warning, she grabs your it by the base and rams it down her throat.

The burst of pleasure makes you cum immediately. A huge, thick load blows straight into Patchouli’s stomach, making her gag a little as her eyes fog up with pleasure. She pulls halfway back after the first two shots and lets the rest of your cum spill out onto her tongue. It sits there for a few seconds while she savors the taste, and then she pulls off of you and gulps it all down in three swallows. Tears form in the corners of her eyes, and she opens her mouth to pant happily.

You pull Patchouli onto the bed. She lies on her back and holds out her arms, and you happily sink into her embrace. The two of you close your eyes and breathe deeply, occasionally letting out a quiet sigh. You nearly fall asleep there, but she awakens you with a peck on the cheek.

“That was very well done. You’re an excellent catch.” She allows you a moment to bask in the praise before continuing. “This mansion is full of beautiful women, though. How can I be sure they won’t steal you away?”

You start formulating a heartfelt answer, but she interrupts you.

“I’ve already decided on that. I just need to show you such incredible pleasure that you won’t even think about them. ”

Patchouli sits up and straddles your thigh, quickly warming it with her juices. She slowly slides her hips back and forth as she pulls up your half-erect cock.

“It supports one enchantment quite well. How well can it handle two?”

Patchouli casts two spells this time. The first one is the same as before, but her hand flashes silver the second time. You sprout another enormous erection, and a sharp feeling flows through your penis at the same time. It’s painful at first, but it fades to more of a faint ache as the new feeling works its way out to the surface. Dozens of small bumps appear all over your penis, each rising a few centimeters above the skin. Their appearance is somewhat disquieting, but you decide you like them when Patchouli scratches one and gives you a pinprick of intense pleasure.

“Wonderful,” Patchouli says lustily. She reaches for her pussy, but reconsiders and turns around instead, still pressing herself into your thigh. You hear her cast another spell, and one of her hands comes around drenched in her special lubricant. She spreads her ass with her dry hand and plunges two soaked fingers into the hole that you stretched out for her. Her face is hidden from you, but you can hear her deep moaning and feel the sudden rush of juices down your thigh. You try to watch her whole display without blinking, and your eager cock throbs painfully the whole time.

After using two pairs of fingers, Patchouli decides that she’s ready. She wipes the rest of the oil off on her ass and turns around to face you, scooting backward and squeezing your cock between her soft, slippery cheeks.

“Now, would you like to see how it feels?”

Patchouli seems as anxious to try this as you are. You nod at her as fast as you can and beg a little for good measure. She lifts herself up on her knees and spreads her ass with two hands, positioning the hole right on the tip of your rough, thick penis. It gives her asshole a little kiss before she jerks her hips downwards.

Patchouli arches her back and moans as soon as the tip goes inside her. She pauses and takes a deep breath to collect herself, leaving your glans all alone in her tight, slippery hole.

She soon resumes her descent, twitching and moaning non-stop as your cock ruthlessly carves a path through her tight asshole. It seems like the bumps on your shaft can feel every single crease inside her, and she seems to be just as sensitive, if not more. After a minute, she finally reaches your hips and slumps over with relief. Her asshole stops quivering and tightens around your cock, enclosing each one of your bumps in its own slippery prison while the whole shaft gets a loving squeeze. If it wasn’t for the magic, you would have lost it when you were halfway inside.

Patchouli rights herself and quickly twists her hips to one side. You both let out a loud groan, and her asshole twitches forcefully before molding itself onto your cock again. She repeats the motion a few more times, getting more and more accustomed to the pleasure until it only gives her a brief shiver.

“Does it feel amazing?” she asks, still grinding on top of you.

It does.

“Can you imagine having sex with anyone else?”

You can’t.

“And, will you… Mmm… Will you serve me for the rest of your life?”

You most certainly will.

“Good boy.” A new kind of warmth creeps into Patchouli’s smile. That seemed to mean a lot to her. You get the feeling that you would do anything for that smile.

Suddenly, without thinking, you confess to her. An icy terror shoots through you as soon as you do, but it’s too late to stop yourself.

“… Oh? Oh, my.” Patchouli stops moving, and a sadistic gleam shines in her eyes. Your stomach lurches in the silence that follows, but you can’t look away. Even when she isn’t moving, her asshole’s throbbing still stimulates you.

Patchouli slowly inclines herself towards you. Her breasts are the first thing to touch your chest; when she notices the contact, she grabs them and rubs her hard, slippery nipples against your own. After she gets a few moans from you, she removes her hands and finishes her descent, squishing her breasts against your chest as her head comes into kissing range. Her whole body is quite warm, but it’s her hot breath on your lips makes you sweat.

Patchouli opens your jaw with one hand and possesses your mouth. You wrap your hands around her back and run them through her silky hair while your tongue darts about frantically in her mouth, desperate to soak up as much of her affection as possible before this night ends and she returns to normal. She forces you to swallow some of her saliva, and you can feel its warmth as it runs down your throat and settles into your stomach.

Without breaking the kiss, Patchouli starts moving her hips forward and back in slow, fluid movements. The air outside her asshole feels uncomfortably cold on your cock, which clenches up repeatedly as she rakes the sensitive bumps across her smooth, slippery walls. You both moan into each other’s mouths, but you seem to do a lot more than she does. You relax your grip and lose yourself in her beautiful eyes, feeling like your body and soul are both under her control.

Patchouli removes her lips with one last smooch and smiles lazily at you in triumph, pushing her hips all the down to bury your cock inside her.

“I didn’t expect you to go that far, but I don’t mind. Go ahead and make love to me.” Patchouli rolls over to put you on top. Free of her considerable weight, you raise yourself onto your hands and admire her body once again.

You cautiously grab Patchouli’s ankles and push them over her head, then slide your hands down to just below her knees. She makes a few surprised sounds as you put her into position, and you sense a bit of nervousness in her breathing. She goes along with it, though, as eager to see what happens as you are. It seems strange to be on top for once; you’re briefly frightened of disappointing her, but then you remember that you just need to please her. Right now, you feel like you were made for that purpose.

You put your hands on Patchouli’s waist and start thrusting in earnest. The pleasure’s intensity catches both of you by surprise, but you tighten your grip and keep moving. You won’t able to cum until she lets you, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Each stroke plunges your whole cock into her, and your bumps torture every inch of her sensitive walls. Her pleasure quickly exceeds her own expectations, and her eyes grow hazy with tears as she clutches the sheets and cries out.

She’s too proud to tell you to stop, though, so you keep on pounding away. Her breasts still jiggle quite a bit, even when framed by her legs. She restrains them with her hands and carelessly kneads them. You reach up with one hand to pinch a nipple, and she closes one eye and moans as she pinches the other one. Then she swats your hand away and brings them both to her mouth; they stifle her moaning, but the look in your eyes tells you she’s in heaven.

Patchouli’s pussy constantly squirts onto your cock as your thrusting continues. The soaked and quivering lips are extremely inviting, but her tight asshole is doing more than enough to please you. You press a thumb into her clitoris and finish her with a few quick, sharp thrusts.

Patchouli’s eyes and mouth open wide. She shrieks in ecstasy and goes limp, then moans lustily as her ass convulses around your cock. You’re so sensitive that it seems like you can feel her orgasm as well, but you don’t get any sort of release. You can’t think of anything except for how wonderful it would be to cum inside her. Remembering that the only way to do that is to please her, you flip her over and dig your hands into her large, soft ass.

Patchouli’s orgasm is on its last crest when you start pounding her again. She shrieks and starts to beg you to stop, but the pleasure forces that thought out of her mind. She pushes herself up with her hands and starts thrusting back onto you, making her breasts sway back and forth below her. Her long purple hair falls away to her sides and exposes her flawless pale back to the gentle lamplight.

Your penis is ablaze with pleasure. There’s hardly any friction at all now, so you’re free enjoy her asshole as intensely as you want. You don’t feel any failed orgasms, just an endless flow of pleasure. The only thing better than this would be…

Patchouli screams from another orgasm. It’s the third one you’ve heard tonight, but you’ve felt some contractions that might have been climaxes as well. You stop and let the ecstasy work through her, planning to hook her right at the end like before. Before that can happen, however, she pulls off of you and turns around. Her body is coated with sweat, her asshole is still gaping open, and her thighs and pussy are a mess of juices. Her blush is at least twice as strong as it was the last time you saw her face, and a shining stream of saliva runs down from the corner of her mouth.

Patchouli takes a few deep breaths to try and collect herself. You stare at her and try to do the same, but it doesn’t help much. Her body is simply irresistible, and it’s all you can do to keep yourself from mounting her and fucking her pussy as well.

“That’s… That’s enough.” Patchouli’s breasts heave with each breath. “You… The pleasure must have been unbearable. How could you keep moving?”

She already knows the answer. A tired smirk forms on her lips.

“If you’re going to be so forceful, I might end up falling for you too.” She leans over and dispels your enchantments. You don’t feel as powerful without them, but it’s nice to know that you can cum again. Next, she gently grasps your scrotum and casts another spell. It swells up and starts aching, and your urge to cum seems to double. A small spurt of precum escapes from your cock.

Patchouli reclines back and lays a hand on her abdomen. It flashed red, and she lets out a little squeal as her magic takes effect. She spreads herself with two fingers, letting a small cloud of steam escape from her glistening pink insides. Finally, she looks up at you with a mature, lusty expression.

“I want you to give me all of it. Fill me up and cover me with sperm.”

You knew she would say that, but you still feel a jolt of excitement. She pulls out a strip of lace and ties it around the base of your cock, making it redden and swell a little further. You spread your legs to make room for your enlarged scrotum and brace yourself with your hands as she mounts you. A sweltering heat flows out from inside her.

Patchouli gives you a deep, sloppy kiss as she drops herself onto your cock. You lose control immediately as her soft walls close around you, crying out into her mouth when you feel your penis clench up. Her ribbon keeps your cum inside, though, and the feeling retreats a second later. Instead, you feel a sweltering heat in her pussy that seems to spread throughout your body.

You grab Patchouli’s ass and pull her down the rest of the way, forcing out a loud shriek. She closes her arms and legs around your back and stares deep into your eyes. At the same time, her red-hot pussy throbs with desire while its soft folds caress your penis. She wants something, but she won’t say what.

On a hunch, you give her a single thrust and whisper into her ear that you love her. A powerful shiver runs through her and makes her pussy clench up, so you do it again and again and get the same reaction each time.

“Yes… More… Please, more…”

You fall forwards and tighten your grip on Patchouli’s sturdy frame, still stirring up her pussy as fast as you can. The intense heat in her drenched pussy makes your cock feel like it’s melting inside of her, and every other thrust gives you another half-orgasm. To make sure she loses herself completely, you grab her breasts and suck on both of her nipples, letting her use her legs to guide you while a mess of moans pours out of her mouth.

“I… I…!”

Patchouli’s orgasm interrupts her. The strength fades from every part of her body except for her pussy, which squeezes you even harder than her asshole did. Her cries seem loud enough to echo through the whole mansion.

Fortunately, she managed to take off your ribbon beforehand. A thick, languid ecstasy spreads through you. Your eyes roll up as your long-awaited release arrives, and your swollen balls start unloading to Patchouli’s pussy in long, powerful squirts. It eagerly milks your cock and devours six or seven shots before it’s full. You aren’t finished after that, so you pull out and shoot the rest out onto her beautiful pale skin, coating everything from her face to her breasts to her feet. She has a wonderfully satisfied look on her face, but your vision fades away as you stare at it.

You awaken in a tub of warm, sweet-smelling water. Patchouli’s body supports you from below, and her hands dance idly over your chest. You crane your head backwards to look at her, and she’s ready with a kiss. The touch of her soft lips makes you remember everything that happened; suddenly, she seems more like a goddess than a mistress. Your body slumps into a more submissive posture, and she breaks the kiss with a chuckle.

“You’re really hopeless, you know.”

Your blush comes back, but you aren’t ashamed of your feelings. Patchouli kisses you some more and caresses your body.

“But, I suppose I’m slightly fond of you as well. You’re still my property, though.” She gives your genitals a little squeeze, but they’re too tired to react. Not that it matters; if she wants to use you again, she can just use her magic to make you hard and fill your balls with sperm.

“But, you can take the lead next time. You’re quite enjoyable when you’re excited.”

Patchouli carries you out of the bathtub and uses some magic to dry you both off. You follow her back into the bedroom, where she settles into the bed and invites you to lay on top of her. The bed’s curtains close themselves with a snap of her fingers, leaving you both in darkness. She pulls up the soft covers and gives you one last kiss before letting you settle your head into her breasts.

“Work hard for me again tomorrow.”
Probably the best thing I've read on this board to date. Fucking fantastic.
Holy shit... I don't think I've seen such an Awesome Patchouli update!

It was a bit too dom like for something vanilla, but this is just nitpicking. Interesting use of her magic though.
Lucky Bastard.
Good God, that was amazing. I... just... wow.
One of the best stories I've read in a long time
Manly tears, dude. Manly tears.
I am amazed. This is... well, it would be an insult to call it anthing less than a masterpiece. I'd love to see more of your works in the future. From the ending, it seems the relationship between the protagonist and Patchouli still has room to grow and deepen. The possibilities for a sequel are there, but then again, that's up to the decision of you, the author. Whatever step you may take next, I'll welcome it.
Thanks for the praise, guys. I'm happy to see that my effort paid off.

I'm thinking of writing a CYOA with Suwako and Kanako next, but I might not have enough time.
Try not to put too much on your plate. It'd be better for you to do so when you have the time and energy needed to make it shine.
Yes, please.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with her.

I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening!!!

Yes, just yes, I would die a happy Anonymous...

Kanako is meh. Please don't assume all of Anonymous is represented by the two posts above this.
Now it's three posts, bitch.
I don't think that can be said as she never got a good proper showing as it's either been overly kink'd up or she gets overshadowed by someone else.
Looks like I won't have enough time to write it at the level of quality I want. Sorry to get your hopes up.
I'll write it someday, though.

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