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Does anyone have torrent of this? Does anyone even know the name? I really need this.

No. 2350
22nd of may. Not out yet.
No. 2357
>No Flandre
>No Cirno
>No Akyu
>No Suwako

No. 2358
File 124232968975.jpg - (105.43KB , 1021x672 , flandre_sakuya_sex1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2362
File 124234599158.jpg - (60.38KB , 450x650 , 1237200086421.jpg ) [iqdb]
No Orin and Nazrin too...
No. 2367
no Ran no China... I'm sad...
No. 2369
File 124246041132.jpg - (16.72KB , 256x352 , LULZ!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ran = Furry
No. 2384

U R an idiot.
No. 2386
Also, can someone please give torrent/rapidshit after it gets out?
No. 2388
I'll check share but don't expect it right away.
No. 2389
What assurance do we have that they're of legal age?
No. 2390
Probably none.

What's the japanese title for searching? Anyone have it?
No. 2391
found it?
No. 2392
Yeah, looks like someone already made a torrent, but of the ISO. Damn, that was fast.
No. 2393
I suppose this is what people who have learned moonspeak are for.
No. 2394
Fast, yet doesn't really worth downloading around 7GB....
I'll wait for the first 700mb-1.4gb rip, it's bound to pop up soon, maybe even today.
No. 2395
2 gigabyte encodee, from Share.

No. 2396
It's actually pretty long, so I don't think a smaller encode is likely to show up.
No. 2397
.......You were saying?
No. 2398
>I'll wait for the first 700mb-1.4gb rip
>2 gigabyte
>I don't think a smaller encode is likely to show up

See it yet?
No. 2399
Is there a non-torrent version out yet?
No. 2400
Anyone downloaded it yet? is it any good?
No. 2401
I just went through it, didn't really watch it because, well, it isn't worth watching.
Eirin is pretty much the best of them all, the actress is really cute and looks beautiful as well.
Reimu looks wierd, didn't bother to watch.
Sakuya looks REALLY bad, like an indian.
Marisa was overall great, i'd hit that, definetly.
Alice- Hillariously BAD. only good thing about it was to see her masturbating with her grimoire, which made me spray my juice all over the place through my nose.
Aya- BAD. not worth mentioning.
Youmu- after demonstrating some really bad kenjutsu form, i can say she was really cute, has the cutest voice, and i'd advise her to stop with the sword-masturbation.

bottom line-
this isn't porn, it's comedy.
No. 2402
>this isn't porn, it's comedy.
Like anyone expected anything different when it first appeared.
No. 2403
File 124304627289.jpg - (483.56KB , 650x838 , 40f7ca9b861263e09ecd95d9039af1a2d9b15cdc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Marisa = the best part?
No. 2406
Yeah, with no doubt.
No. 2407
Torrent not working
No. 2410
/r/ Screenshots with the Marisa
No. 2411
No. 2434
File 124339877940.jpg - (41.98KB , 656x368 , thewitchbrewmeaway.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2435
What the fuck is this shit.

I don't even. Why do you even.
No. 2437
File 124342522540.jpg - (512.88KB , 1070x1515 , 1242580052024.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2467
Is that a no on the RS?
No. 2468
It's two gigabytes. Even on megaupload you'd have to split it into 2 links.
If you can't use torrents, learn to use share.
Hash for the AVI in the torrent is 1b6521b709e15dd6bb9d570923dbd9e74edca156
No. 2472
I'll admit to being a total newb. How do I do this?
No. 2473
File 124443530974.jpg - (205.14KB , 1203x598 , share.jpg ) [iqdb]
Surprisingly, wikipedia of all places has some pretty good links for getting started.
I use EX2. I don't know how different the UDP version is.

I'll give some basic info for stuff that took me a while to get. You should be able to get an English interface, making setup much easier.
First you need to setup clusters. From the initial node list, you connect to other nodes with the same clusters. i.e. two people with "東方" as a node will connect. You can have 5 nodes, so choose them for what you're looking for. I use share for doujin games (同人ゲーム) primarily. I would recommend using "DVDISO", "AV", "DVD", "東方", and "TMA". I'm no expert on choosing clusters however, so I'm sure there's a better set. Note that quotes aren't needed since all of those terms are a single word.
Normally you'd search for files by entering phrases under "Keyword:". ID should be blank unless you only want files from a specific uploader (i.e. my 東方 tab is actually all files from 上海蓬莱TTbU8Tm5yq)
However, you have a hash, so you want a trigger. Goto the Triggers tab and click Add Trigger, then paste in the hash under "Hash". Leave everything else blank. When you connect to someone that has that file in their database, the download should start automatically, removing the trigger as well. It'll show up under Downloads and show the progress. From there you can just wait. It's a popular enough file so you shouldn't have issues with incomplete downloads.
No. 2475
Why thank you, helpful anon!
No. 2476
Some potentially useful clusters for share:
漫画 manga, 成年コミック adult comics, 一般コミック general (Non-porn comics, if you're looking for some regular stuff, check both this and manga for maximum spread.), ゲーム games (I was absolutely shocked once to find a certain old paradox game on share when all bt trackers were useless. So if you're all out of options when hunting for something rare, this might come in handy.) 18禁ゲーム 18+ games, porn that is, 同人誌 doujinshi, 音楽 music... and so on, you can probably catch some more useful clusters by following the nodes-tabs contents, but those were the ones I mostly use.
No. 2526
File 124571585469.jpg - (160.88KB , 1000x688 , 1245701304239.jpg ) [iqdb]
Do want!
No. 2530

Expect to never, ever see her show off the goods, or participate in any sort of sexual endeavor. She's a fucking cocktease.
No. 2531
damn, that's a nice costume. the hair is shit, and 3d is pig disgusting, but that patterned fabric gives me a boner.
No. 2532
agreed 100%
I would buy those clothes.