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23408 No. 23408
the last thread is no longer bumping so here's your new thread.

No. 23409
anyone know what the name of this is in japanese?
i'd like to put up the proper title.
No. 23415
Last thread
No. 23418
Title is
JPN: これを機に反省してください。
Romaji: Kore wo Ki ni Hansei shite Kudasai.
Eng: Please Take The Opportunity to Reflect On This.

(The 機 may mean "opportunity", but it may also refer to lives in a video game.)
No. 23419
Is that thread only for 18+ doujin/artist discussion?
No. 23421
Well as it's the 18+ board, ummm, yeah. You wanted to say what?
No. 23422
It's for 18+ touhou discussion. It doesn't strictly need to be doujinshi or artists. But if it isn't related to porn somehow this is hardly the best place. Story discussion also belongs either in the story thread or maybe on /blue/.
No. 23430

It's furry, but it's consensual happy sex. I'm not sure how I feel.
No. 23431
Disgusted by the happy sex, I should hope.
No. 23433
You're quite welcome.

Also, I should note that after reading it, I have found that >>23414 is not a Touhou doujinshi.
No. 23435
>Excellent grades, cute, good personality. Azusa such a hero.
I'll be damned. It looked so much like Alice I thought it was just mistagged.
No. 23436
File 133118281850.png - (148.69KB , 506x1400 , 0006.png ) [iqdb]
I like pervy shiki. not sure why.
No. 23438
Possibly because it's something we wouldn't expect from someone like her?

Of course in most stories, typically the most uptight person is secretly depraved or something.
No. 23455
A fair assumption, and she really does look a lot like Alice.
No. 23458
Alice's style of hair/hairband/etc isn't that rare as there's a few characters that look rather similar. That one Helatia character, Natilia from Tales of the Abyss, etc.
No. 23480
File 133152583894.jpg - (140.04KB , 1128x636 , oregon trail.jpg ) [iqdb]
How romantic~
No. 23481
>Yukari bean sprout
Does anyone have atlas installed? This just reeks of machine translation with a user dictionary. I'm curious as to how atlas would translate that original sentence.
No. 23484
I love the cover, and the art style. But not the group rape, how unfortunate. The translation is wretched too.
No. 23485

Are we sure it's even really rape? Because, I mean, CGRascal. I think someone 'might' retranslate it. I ran it by a translator but they were busy, so I'll talk to them about it again.
No. 23486
It actually should be "Purple bean sprout", since Yukari and purple have the same kanji character. And purple bean sprout is a Patchouli nickname. The funny thing is, you can't make that kind of mistake with a machine translator.

It's just a pet peeve of mine, but I don't understand why he just half translated the title. "Eggshell Maternity" makes a whole lot more sense, and does carry a reference in the dialogue.
No. 23487
Yeah, I'd say it's pretty clearly rape of some form even going by the raw.

Actually, I'd assume you couldn't make that mistake WITHOUT a machine translator. That's why I asked about ATLAS. You can add words as names to the dictionary, e.g. "紫" -> "Yukari" as a proper noun and it does a decent job of translating it. My assumption is that he has atlas or another program set up with such a dictionary and just blindly inserted the machine translated text in.
No. 23495
Sometimes it's hard to tell with the japanese as even most consensual sex might come off as such at a glance. I'm going to wait until a translator that doesn't suck does it.
No. 23496
>Medicine restricts the body, imprisoned one in a box, and crammed that being in a cramped cellar. Someone has only been buried alive?
No. 23497
Also, as someone who can read Japanese, I can confirm that it is indeed rape. But no, I don't have any interest in translating that doujin.
No. 23499
Forced pregnancy isn't something worth translating anyway. Hate this theme in touhou doujin.
I did not like this doujin at all.
No. 23500
Whiny babies ITT
No. 23501
From what I saw, it references another work titled Cradle. Not sure what happened in that and Patchouli makes remarks about Koakuma doing something else (which caused Patchouli to be bedbound)
No. 23502
Admittedly I had to laugh at the Intro of the 3rd Guy.

CGRascal Folks!
No. 23503
Disregarding rape-face porn and all that, Patchy does not look very willing compared to Koakuma. Also another comment: the continuity between pages seems all over the place.
No. 23508
Yea pages 2 and 3 seem like they should be somewhere else in the story. Even the raws I'm looking at have the same issue. Was it that the raws were confusing too?
No. 23509
I think that was intended to be a preview before the introduction. I've seen it in other doujins, IIRC including >>23011.
No. 23510
File 133164474098.png - (801.97KB , 1402x2000 , [A-ieba K-iu] Rankaku Maternity__016.png ) [iqdb]
I was actually talking about how she's getting held down by them all, then just left to lie there (picture related), then suddenly dick. It's very very jarring. Obviously the first couple of pages are just foreshadowing.
No. 23511
Good point. Although that one is a different scene for its opening (Or a flashback to the first one which we can't confirm). Other one seems to be part of the existing story.
No. 23521
You know, We need to gather a group of translators and start a dedicated project to retranslate EVERYTHING CGRascal has done and petition to get all of his shit removed from e-hentai and exhentai. He just doesnt deserve the title of 'translator' when all he does is make it slightly understandable to those who dont know japanese and cant read the raws.
No. 23522
>slightly understandable
Is that how you say "turn an unreadable moonrunes book into a freaking shitload of nonsensical sentences looking like some kind of political speech"?
No. 23523

I told Glasnost that I want to pay him in about 6-7 months to go through and retranslate everything touhou related that CGRascal has done. I still am not sure if he realizes just how serious I am.
No. 23525
Retranslating his stuff will not get his stuff removed from exhentai. Nothing of his that has been retranslated has been taken down. Petitioning exhentai to remove them will be as effective as petitioning anyone else.

If you really want to get his shit removed I imagine the best chance would be to try to prove conclusively that he is not actually translating anything himself and is simply using translation software such as ATLAS or google translate. And I mean actually prove it, not just insist over and over that his translations read like google translations, actually show that it is possible to take Japanese text and produce his "translations".
No. 23528
All Touhou only? Or everything? Either way enjoy throwing a huge ton of money at a solution that won't work. Be selective for goodness sake, and just do the really bad ones.
No. 23530

Just touhou stuff, I don't care about the rest. And someone reminded me that he does NTR and such. I'd pick and choose, but it's more of a personal thing of seeing him ruin books I like. I just want Glasnost to fix them. There is no solution, cgrascal doesn't give a fuck.
No. 23534
Got another metric fuckton of doujinshi to scan in the mail today. I'm going to try to get pictures tonight and attempt to scan. Haven't gotten anything out in the last week and a half due to really hectic personal shit, so hopefully this week I can finish up the three I've already unbound.
No. 23536
I figured that would be the case, that's quite reasonable. Any idea what you'll be starting with?

No. 23539
It turns out there's a Shimoyakedou not yet translated: A Meiling/Sakuya one (some futa).
No. 23546
The editor seemed to be doing a halfway decent job. No obvious case errors and typos
No. 23547
>retranslating his stuff wont get it off exhentai

I think >>23522 said it well enough: Most of the time its barely understandable, if not at all. He is by far, The worst translator ANYONE has ever seen at this point in time, and as such his work should not be allowed anywhere. At least, That's how I see it.
No. 23549
That is a good one. Someone needs to get to it before CGrascal fucks it up.
No. 23550

Huh, a link to this one? I don't remember this doujin at all.
No. 23555
odd no one put it here... but i saw it on Exhentai, though if it was released close to some other stuff so it might have gotten overlooked for various reasons, possibly backlash on it being a common pairing

(C80) [Shimoyakedou (Ouma Tokiichi)] Kouma Meisaku Gekijou
(C80) [しもやけ堂 (逢魔刻壱)] 紅魔めーさく劇場 (東方)
No. 23561
see >>16933

Also, CGRascal usually doesn't do futa.

Having opinions is fine. Expecting other people to share your opinions is not. Exhentai is not going to suddenly delete his uploads simply because you think his work should not be allowed anywhere.
No. 23570
Oh it was in japanese... no wonder it didn't come up on /rs/.

Well it sounds like something one could pay someone to do.
No. 23577
File 133186017428.jpg - (1.89MB , 4327x1350 , 001.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another doujin collage with too much flash and some blur. Not pictured: I bought an extra copy of http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001047481_bunsiti_ninsin.php and I will be scanning it later this year and having it translated. Some of the stuff here isn't touhou or even 18+, obviously. I'm going to sort out the non-glossy, numbered pages into the current to-do pile too.

A couple things to note:

First, there is one more small order coming (like, five books max), and that is it until C82. If I can get the time back and get my ass in gear I should finish ~120-130 more books by C82. Aside from these few books I am not taking ANY MORE ORDERS until then.

Second, I am restricting some of what I will scan. Lolicon and shota are out for purchases after this order, not for personal reasons of distaste (I like them), but more out of concern of tightening restrictions on that kind of material. In addition, ordering rape doujins for scan will be a case by case basis. This IS a personal distaste.

Third, if the fuckoff huge doujins that people keep on ordering prove to be really, really difficult to unbind, I am not going to do them in the future. For now I will do my best to get the giant books scanned.

If time permits, I'll get three books done this weekend and try to get into 5-6 a week.
No. 23578
>Aside from these few books I am not taking ANY MORE ORDERS until then.
Damn it, damn it, damn it.
No. 23579
While it sucks that you're not ordering anymore until after c82, I can understand why - all these doujins are a big hit to your wallet even if you have a good deputy.

On the other hand, what five books did you order in that small order?
No. 23581
I see a BRS doujin in there. Since its not touhou where are you going to put it up when you get to it?
No. 23584

Sorry man, been offering for months.


First, let me make it clear: Of the $2000 to $2500+ that has been spent on these, I spent maybe $30. These orders are all by various users of /at/, for the purposes of me scanning them and uploading them for /at/ and on my blog.

Those 5 books haven't been ordered because one is not released and doing it early fucks with costs immensely.


I made a scanning blog, it will be posted there and probably get dumped on e-hentai and a few other places. Same deal with the worksafe doujins (no idea if there is a worksafe doujin thread on THP, I haven't read outside /at/ in years).
No. 23585
Voile would be the ideal place for non-hentai doujinshi. But no, there is no non-H doujin thread in /gensokyo/ or anything.
No. 23586
that means you should start one then.
No. 23588
Would it be out of place to have a new thread for posting CG sets and other miscellaneous stuff that are not doujinshi?

Right now whoever is posting that stuff is doing it on the raw doujinshi thread. Not that I don't love that the posting is being done, but some discretion in our hamburger might not be too bad when it comes to staying on top of stuff.
No. 23590
>that means you should start one then.
Why? Why make a thread on /gensokyo/ when Voile exists?

>Right now whoever is posting that stuff is doing it on the raw doujinshi thread.
That would be me. What's wrong with posting it in the doujin thread? I consider CG sets to be similar enough to doujinshi to belong in there, and things like games I've been posting in >>13371.
No. 23591

I don't speak for anyone but myself, but I agree with the above. I think things are a-okay as they are. n's CG works are images with a bunch of text over it. Doujin comics are... images with a bunch of text over it.
No. 23592
File 133190129211.png - (620.00KB , 1120x1120 , 25495792.png ) [iqdb]
That, and CG works are pretty easy to tell apart, it's just the way they look. If anything, indicating it's a CG set will do, they aren't that common anyway.

Damn fine collection there sir.
No. 23593
> indicating it's a CG set will do
Look for the RJ######. It might get cut off from the subject field but not in the mediafire filename.
No. 23597
It's not a reliable indicator though, there's been several doujinshi in the past few months posted that had the dlsite item ID. Not that many I give you, but explicit tagging wouldn't be too bad.
No. 23598
And games are a bunch of pictures and text bound together with a script and movies are pictures with optional text displayed sequentially. You can always find similarities between classes of media like that. Still it can occassionally be useful to classify them discretely for archival etc purposes.
No. 23599
RJ means that the file originated from dlsite. This is mostly CGSets (and games, videos, etc, but those aren't in the doujinshi thread), but yes it does include some regular doujinshi.
Many doujinshi with the RJ will also have "DL版" or DL Version. Not all, but if it says DL版 it is a regular doujinshi as I don't think I've ever seen a CGSet use DL版.

If you want to really avoid CGSets for whatever reason, just don't download anything with RJ but without DL版. If you're still not sure just look at the covers. It's not hard to tell doujinshi from CGSets apart.

Regardless, I'm not going to start posting CGSets into a different thread.
No. 23600
>Sorry man, been offering for months.
I know, and I just decided to get together the stuff I missed in the first order. Blaugh.
No. 23605

These three doujinshi were posted by a script I've been working on to semi-automate posting doujinshi from share. In addition to posting them here it also does some processing on the archive:

BMPs are converted into PNGs
Filenames are fixed for CDisplay (1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10 becomes 01, 02 etc)
Duplicate file names are made unique; again this is for CDisplay
All of the files are moved into a single directory if not already
Crap like 東方 エロ is automatically stripped. In the future I plan to have it read things like ふたなり or スカトロ and mention in the post that it contains futa or scat
The dimenions of all images are taken and clustered, which is used to make the "24 pages at about 1033x1500" bit
The archive is rebuilt as a .rar regardless of original extension

Comments on the output or any problems with the processing I'm doing, anyone?
No. 23606
Really appreciate your work!
No. 23609
Nice work.
No. 23610
Sounds quite excellent, looking forward to spotting bugs.
No. 23612
I can't find the RAW for that. Did you buy it yourself? If so, could you post it in the upload thread, and do you mind if I put it on Share?
No. 23613
It's straight off pixiv.

Now that I look at the raw again, I realize that the text boxes were transparent in the original. I also realize that the solid grey boxes in the translated version look fucking awful.
No. 23614
Ah, thanks. Figured it was a dlsite thing.

He didn't warn you he was going to do that? Damn, that sucks.
No. 23629
It's always sad when a good circle decides to just start doing mind break.
No. 23630
You mean like >>4914?
No. 23631
Well, I mean...gets more mind breaky as time goes on.
No. 23632
Although to be fair, how many doujins has the circle made that does not have mindbreaking at all? Probably too few and you would be able to count on one hand, but I can't remember which one if it even exists at all.
No. 23633
The (untranslated) iku one didn't look much like mind break.
No. 23638
Not at ALL expected from what we have on the cover!

A very enjoyable surprise!
No. 23639
that artist's trend leans more towards gangbang, thus another one isn't shocking. It'd be more horrifying if "I'm" went about making a mindbreak one.

There was another collection Odin made with various doujins including 1-2 Touhou ones.
No. 23642
File 133215902718.jpg - (1.15MB , 2008x2965 , 008.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah. It has kinoko no Sasoi 1 and 2, the rest is non-touhou stuff.

The existing scans for 1 and 2 seem fine, but I can post this if you want.
No. 23733
>Hina One
At least the bastards got what was coming to them. A pity their deaths weren't a bit more excruciating

>Tenshi one
So is this guy's Trademark fugly males or something? Every one I've seen from him features em.
No. 23736
Fat ugly guys and cute touhous in swimsuits.
No. 23737
File 133313201397.jpg - (225.64KB , 556x1000 , yuugi2_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]
It... It's almost six feet tall. It's almost as tall as me. You don't hold Yuugi, she holds you.
No. 23738
Braggart. Though I do rather like the one on the right.

Also this place got quiet what happened.
No. 23739

I'm not bragging, I just saw it on one of the dakimakura blogs and wanted to share it because it's Ario. And it is fucking huge.
No. 23741
Well, shit. Now I want one.
No. 23742

Here's the item page. If you need a deputy service, I've been using this guy for almost 3 years now:

http://japanauction.byethost11.com/ (his site appears to be down at the moment, though)

If you don't have a pillow, you can either get a cheap one from ebay for $20-25 or an expensive one from Japan for $70+shipping (so like $110). I have both kinds, the one I bought from ebay is big and puffy, the Japanese kind is more flat.
No. 23763
File 133340955928.png - (10.88KB , 777x418 , fuckdamnshitcunts.png ) [iqdb]
Well, that's another huge batch of dead links now.

Fortunately I saved everything when mu got shut down. I can reupload everything, but I'm definitely not going to try mediafire again and most other hosts I've seen are shit.
No. 23764
What happened, exactly? Someone reported you?
No. 23766
I don't think so. I'm guessing they performed an audit due to the mu takedown and investigated my files, then suspended my account after finding 100+ tos violations (got an email for each one).

I've gotten DMCA takedown notices before and my account had a lot of traffic (1.2M downloads when I checked friday, probably close to 50 TB transfer). I imagine they considered my account to be high-risk for involving them in legal trouble so they auditted all my files.
No. 23767
Short of a mass torrent or a dedicated website to host this stuff (at a cost), I'm not sure if there's a good place to host these doujins anywhere.
No. 23769
well I'd imagine anything with a particularly dirty title to really set off some flags.
No. 23770
so should we start listing which posts still work just so we don't have to worry about replacing those?
No. 23771

Problem with that idea is that one of the anonymous here had the largest part of all the mediafire links here, so it effectively took out more than 90% of the links here, and any of these still standing is probably going to get audited to death.
No. 23772
Dark times, these. At least there's still exhentai.
No. 23774
I'd go with the torrent.

Might also be a good idea to cross-link to exhentai.
No. 23775
beaten to the latter suggestion, I see.

Anyway, I wouldn't really discount the possibility that someone did actually send all those DMCA notices. The case has happened many times where some griefing hikikomori sent fake DMCA takedown requests to filehost sites, and the filehost would knee-jerk and pull the files before vetting the source of those notices.
No. 23777
I thought it was more a case of MF folks looking around found a massive account with tons of files, looked one up, saw "rape" on one of the names.

Maybe a buddy was right in renaming certain files to avoid such responses.
No. 23778
DMCA notices give a different message, explicitly stating that it was a DMCA and who sent it. This just said tos violation.

>The file ((C79) [魔法力学] なかだされてげんそうきょう Maniac -なかだされて幻想郷⑧-.rar) violates the MediaFire Terms of Service. Due to it being distributed from your account, it has been removed. Also, a Strike has been placed against your account and can lead to a termination of service.

Actually, all the files that got removed on friday had sex-related terms (rape, anal, orgasm) in them. Then on monday they moved onto everything else. I hadn't noticed that.

I've been uploading since darth tohru ran off. All of his links are dead. All of my links are now dead. There's a handful in the untranslated thread I didn't upload (any in the format "title 【circle】" are not mine), and Meiling posted most of his translations into the translated thread. I'd say 99% of the remainder is now deleted.

Everything is probably already on exhentai, but personally I despise that site. I don't consider torrents to be practical either for individual releases. Maybe for the entire collection if anyone wants that, though I'd need someone to recommend a tracker.

What I would consider to be the best solution is a site built specifically for touhou doujinshi, using P2P like gnutella or something to distribute the archives so the load isn't on the server. This approach would also allow for better automation, better categorization, and grouping translated and untranslated together on a single doujinshi page. Of course the downside to this is that people would need to get together and build the damn thing first.
No. 23780
Is this the end of the doujins threads?
No. 23781
Might be the reason why that uploader dude got banned. They're continuing the campaign.
No. 23782
We could also set up a darknet with a program like retroshare. Would at least make it far less probable that we get shut down. The only major problem is that either we make ourselves vulnerable by posting one or more node links here, or construct the network over IRC. (In which case I doubt that many would bother with it. Unless of course we get a ton of early activity that rapidly expands the network and makes it more palatable.)
No. 23783
Shotgun hosting with obvious names

Putting up THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A PORNO NAME kinda is a give away
No. 23784
Well we do have two working models: Touhou Lossless Music Collection and Gaku Touhou scanlations.

I'm not too worried what you come up with as long as they don't require too much specialized setup (port forwarding for example) and if a special client is needed, I am against anything that isn't open source and cross-platform.
No. 23785
Your examples are both torrents, correct? I don't know anything about the lossless collection since I don't listen to touhou music. Gaku uses mediafire and self hosting for new releases, then periodically updates a torrent for older stuff, right? That still would require some form of hosting for new releases.

I honestly don't know much about darknets. All I've used is Share, torrents, and kazaa way back when. It does sound like retroshare would work well. I'm sure it would still require port forwarding; I don't think it'll really be feasible to avoid that.

In all honesty if doujins are hosted completely outside of big services like mediafire, depositfiles, and the like, I don't expect any legal trouble. Doubly so if the domain prevents google indexing to prevent authors from googling their titles and stumbling upon it.
No. 23786
Hosts on its own servers, periodically moves them to a torrent. Also puts them on various filehosts.

It's a torrent. The actual process for organizing and ripping all that music is undoubtedly more complex, I don't know what they do there.

Looks like something for closed communities, and also that trust is important inside the network, much more so than an anonymous P2P.
No. 23788
>Looks like something for closed communities, and also that trust is important inside the network, much more so than an anonymous P2P
Yeah, that's probably not going to be useful then. I'd like something closer to share, actually. Along the lines of 'connect to this dedicated node, which will connect you to everyone else, and then you can view all the files.' and, if necessary/useful, keep a list of hashes on a separate website.
No. 23791
Not sure if careful renaming would help with that now that there's some suspicion on the guy's account.
No. 23792
Combine Naming + new accounts (Small ones Maybe 10 uploads per)
No. 23793
Renaming a filename doesn't work. You have to change the contents of the compressed archive somehow in order to change the md5 hash, or else Mediafire will recognize it as the same zip under a different name.
No. 23795
If possible, I would prefer to avoid renaming files because it would be much more annoying/harder to find the doujins you want.

The effort to implement this plan is very time consuming and difficult to manage. It's best to steer away from these hosting sites instead of trying such roundabout methods.
No. 23798
most other hosting sites life are shit in many ways, often with limited downloads for free members and other BS limitations.

Well there's always Exhentai (in before some elitist thing against it)
No. 23799
In after, you mean.
>but personally I despise that site
No. 23800
ExHentai has some important uses (reverse image searching, sampling) but it's quite poor for downloading from. Additionally, takedowns are still a worry, though admittedly a lot less than say for Mediafire and the like.
No. 23801
How about something like Puush?

$15/year for unlimited storage, and I believe the owner is the same guy who made Osu!. I doubt he would care too much about piracy.
No. 23802
Put them into dropbox?
Easy to distribute and get a decent amount of space to upload
No. 23803
Put them into dropbox?
Easy to distribute and get a decent amount of space to upload
No. 23834
You have to change the extension from .torrent.unkown to .torrent if you want it to work.
Also, 10GB? Sorry, I can't seed that much.
No. 23835
Save-as and rename, although I don't think it matters.

You don't need to seed. I just need someone to start downloading from me because I'm not sure people can connect to me.
No. 23841
I have still been able to help share even without a forwarded port, but it's not as good. Also it looks like the torrent works, I'm downloading from it.
No. 23843
Here's the torrents.


Untranslated is everything that was pulled from my folder before it got nixed, everything I pulled from Kyon's folder, and a handful of new stuff that wasn't ever posted on here.

Translated should be absolutely everything, save for a few potential recent CGRascals that I've been assured will be re-translated - or maybe they already were, I can't remember if it was more than just the two kuronishiki. There's also two doujinshi in here that were never posted; "(Reitaisai 8) [Yashiya] Chotto Ecchi na Flan-chan Kahitsushuuseihan" and "(Reitaisai 7) [LOLIPOP COMPLETE] Remilia Size".

I'll seed until the torrents become stable and will leave my computer overnight at least today. If anyone wishes to try to take over distribution, I recommend you get these in full. I'm not going to do any more unless a really good solution is proposed

Anything involving free public filehosts is going to have the same problem as mediafire
Anything involving paid public hosts is still going to have the same problem as mediafire, and I'm not about to spend money on something I view as inferior to mediafire.
Torrents are terrible for single releases. This is my opinion; if you disagree you're free to make them yourself.
No. 23851
We know that all of his stuff got nuked because of English titles containing things like rape, sex, etc. and Mediafire is protecting themselves from litigation. Conversely, my links are still active. Likely because I didn't have many and the titles are all in Japanese.

I realize the md5 checksums would be the same, so 'renaming' by itself is a pretty silly idea! However, wouldn't a combination of using the Japanese titles and altering the md5 checksum be viable? It would be as simple as adding a single pixel to a single page and repackaging the archive under the Japanese title. This would prevent them from automatically flagging it based on a recognized checksum.
No. 23854
I'm sort of curious, how do we know that the English titles are what got these files removed? I think the idea of somebody uploading hundreds of doujins scares them more.
No. 23855
The email account tied to the mediafire received a little over 100 emails, each saying:

The file (filename) violates the MediaFire Terms of Service. Due to it being distributed from your account, it has been removed. Also, a Strike has been placed against your account and can lead to a termination of service.

10 were sent on 3/30 (friday), the remainder on 4/2 (monday), all sent just before 5 EST.
All of the files removed on friday contained one or more of the following: orgasm, xxx, anal, rape. This is not the case for the files taken down on Monday; the first is "(例大祭8) [烏賊輪] 魔法使いの大切なもの.zip", and as far as I know that doesn't even contain any offensive Japanese keywords.

This is not the only account that got targetted; desudesu's public mediafire account (but not the one for commissioners) was terminated.
No. 23889
You wouldn't have to go as far as modifying any of the files within the container, just add a txt file with some random gibberish or an artist/english title/translator.
No. 23891
I still have a backup mf account that I was saving translated titles to (No I won't share it)
No files have been deleted from this.
All of the files in this folder were added using 'add this item to my account'.
Desudesu's second mf account is still active

From this, I believe it is safe to conclude:
mediafire is not actively searching out "porn" terms like rape terms in filenames.
They are not checking for matching filenames
They are not checking for md5 hashes
They are not checking uploader IPs
They are not checking their records for 'save this file to my account' or website referrals.

As such, doing anything to change the files or names is a waste of time because they are not explicitly targetting either. The most likely reason it was targetted it because it was a high traffic account that had received multiple DMCA takedown notices. The rape/orgasm/xxx files were just deleted first because they're a good starting point; it was already being auditted. Any replacement account made for uploads will also get lots of traffic, making it more prone to be examined. As such there's no way to specifically avoid any red flags like "this account has a file we've blacklisted" because these flags do not appear to exist. That is why I do not feel mediafire, or any other related service, is a feasible options for uploading at this point. Any account made will probably get closed sooner or later.
No. 23906
File 133409902774.jpg - (235.43KB , 556x1000 , yuugi2_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]

Following up on this, Ario finished it already. Damn that guy is fucking fast.
No. 23910
That artist's pretty nice.

Also you saw the Aya Shachou Maribel right? I'm assuming it's a work in progress, and not the final one.

No. 23912

Of course. Can't wait to buy one for myself and Patch. Yes, it is a WIP. Aya Shachou is fairly quick, I figure they'll finish it in a week or two. I expected they'd do a Maribel after putting Renko up, so hooray.
No. 23954
About >>23366 it looks like the rascal got to it first. Joy.
No. 24007
Good news, I found someone to work on editing the scans since I've been busier lately. I'll be unbinding/scanning, they'll be editing.
No. 24025
so how do we obtain the recently added ones that only have the list of numbers in them?
No. 24026
Those are share hashes.

No. 24060
Share Hashes? never heard of those until now.
No. 24066
Hopefully someone ELSE translates it as well. Why can't he just do those dime a dozen gangrape/mindbreak stories and leave the good shit alone
No. 24070

I could use a crash course on how to set this up. Site has a lot of broken links.
No. 24072
Share is a program that you run, like BitTorrent. I have no interest in closed source sharing applications so look it up yourself or hope someone else on here will help.

I thought Sharpie was supposed to be doing that one since >>23368 and also because he did >>23089

Regardless, I wonder how he's managed to keep at it like that for so long. And then get sad that he got the persistence gift.
No. 24074

I'll help.

1) Obtain share here: http://p2p.ayrezonline.com/?page_id=34

2) Setting up which port you want to use for Share.

For the most part you can just follow the tutorial provided in the link, but there are a few things I would change. When setting up the port that you want share to use, I would suggest not using port 1214, unlike what the tutorial recommends. Instead, I suggest using a port somewhere around the range of 50000. The copy of share provided in that link will have already been set up to use port 1214, so to change it you would go to settings>general settings>network. After setting up which port you want share to use, you'll have to forward that same port by logging into your router or modem. If you don't know how to do this, you can just google the model of your router. If you've ever played online games, you've probably had to forward your ports at some point or another.

3) Setting up clusters.

Clusters are basically search terms that help you to narrow down what you're looking for. Given that this is a touhou H board, I recommend using the following clusters: 東方 (touhou), 同人誌 (doujinshi), HCG (obvious). This helps share determine where it should direct you.

4) Setting up nodes.

Pretty much the equivalent of bittorrent's seeds. To use nodes, you would find a list of them off google and then copy/paste it to a notepad. From there, you would save the file as nodes.txt, then go to nodes>add node>load from file>select the file you saved with notepad. This link contains some of the nodes that I use: http://share.mudaijp.com/ It's the random lines of gibberish and numbers that you would copy to your notepad.

5) Downloading from hash codes.

Once you've set up your ports, clusters, and nodes, restart share. From here go to nodes and press the connect button and you should see some activity. If not, then check to see that your ports are forwarded, firewall, etc. After all that's done, you're probably eager to download from some of those hash codes you've seen floating around lately. To do this, you're going to go to triggers>add trigger> and where it says hash, enter the hash code you're interested in. Sometimes it takes awhile for share to actually start downloading since it needs to find a node that has the files you want, so it might be a good idea to enter multiple hash codes.

It took me some time to get it right, but so far I've been able to download from every hash code that was posted in >>22004 So hopefully this works for everyone else too. I could try upload this stuff onto mediafire if you guys want, but I'm not sure how long it'd actually stay up there.
No. 24075

Thanks for the node list. That helped me get the ones that I wanted.

In the interest of making these easier to find, you might consider uploading the ones that you've found to a different filesharing website that's not so strict like 4shared.
No. 24078
Thank you very much for this. It's been years since I've had Share on either of my computers and I've been meaning to put it on this one. This will be extremely helpful.
No. 24081

Actually I am pretty sure Glasnost was going to do the other. He might still do it, I'll have to ask him.


A link to this needs to be included in every future iteration of this thread's OP. Thanks.
No. 24087
Also to add to this listing, no idea what the version from his link contains, but if all you have is the exe, you also must configure folders, especially download and cache, upload is less important, before the program works.

Also as a correction, nodes are /not/ like seeds. The network is fully decentralised and all nodes have their own caches, node lists etc and as such there's no such thing as an absolute seed, that would require having all files on the network. Needless to say that's not happening. But any node can be at any moment a seed or downloader for any number of files.

Do note that the program automatically seeds all files you have downloaded, and also there's a diffuse functionality, which at least supposedly distributes file sections to the network's other nodes, but you'll only know what you've downloaded via that mechanism if you happen to search for it.
No. 24090
File 133461074580.png - (677.08KB , 608x1587 , 3b6dce03782118b930b2443f7cc41674.png ) [iqdb]
I see, thanks for clearing that up. I'm still a bit new to this whole share thing myself, so please forgive me if some of my terminology was wrong.

For those who couldn't get share working, I'm uploading the more recent stuff that only had hash codes onto 4shared. It's going to take awhile, but once it's finished I'll post the links in the usual thread.

I also have the majority of the stuff that was posted in the both, the current as well as previous upload threads as well so if anyone has any requests, I could probably help out as long as it's for something that's no longer available in the original mediafire links. Tell me what you guys think.
No. 24091
File 133461206489.jpg - (258.66KB , 694x1000 , mery_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]

Following up on this...

It's done. Yay. Aya Shachou is awesome.
No. 24092
He's into rape and drugs. So your mileage may vary.
No. 24093

No. 24096
Since you're uploading stuff, why not take over the thread completely? I'm on IRC if you have any questions about Share.

In the mean time, more hashes.

No. 24097
I don't know of any places where I can reliably find hash codes for touhou-related doujins yet, but once I do, I wouldn't mind uploading stuff on a regular basis. It would also help if people are willing to feed me codes as well.

I'll give it a shot with the batch of hash codes that you just posted, however it's not my intention to be a completely new replacement for our previous anonymous uploader. Mainly because I don't think I can live up to the same standards that we're all used to in terms of frequency and volume. I'll try to do what I can for you guys though.
No. 24098
Jump on IRC and I'll tell you anything you need to know. It's not very difficult once Share works, just tedious.
No. 24099
Sure, as soon as I figure out who to talk to. I've never actually used IRC before and I'm not sure if it's socially acceptable to just start, y'know, talking about uploading porn in the middle of everyone's conversation. Yeah, I know. I suck at internets.

In the meantime, I finished downloading the hashes you posted and am now uploading the stuff.
No. 24101

Don't join #thp for this. Get in #touhouporn.
No. 24115
Am I the only one who found the spikes digging into the Third Eye to be rather disturbing?
No. 24117
Yeah, this artist usually goes the extra mile like that. I know he did another doujin involving a Yuki Onna getting tentacle raped in a 90° sauna.
It's right up by alley, honestly, so long as he keeps staying away from mind break endings.
No. 24120
But that ending seems to imply its Round X and that it's going to happen AGAIN and a AGAIN and AGAIN until the break happens. Which sorta is just as bad if not worse
No. 24123
Maybe it will, maybe it won't.
Suwako DID say she'd let her go, and apparently gods don't lie. Maybe she'll dump her in front of her house after the next round. Or maybe she won't; maybe Suwako is a liar and is going to just keep on raping her. Maybe it doesn't matter, and Satori will break in the next round anyway. Maybe she'll be rescued, maybe she'll break free herself.
It's an open ending; not a very hopeful one, but open nonetheless. With the vast majority of rape doujins, the girl breaks, throws away her old self, starts begging for cocks...and that's it. She's not coming back. But if that doesn't happen on paper...who knows?

If it helps, there's a sequel, which looks to be more of the same. I'd commission that too in a heartbeat, but...it's a novel.
No. 24124
Actually it seems judging by a quick check of their website, that the circle has made at least 4 satori-centric books, two of which are novel types. Do you happen to have any of the other 3 available as a raw? I'm not getting hits on Share...
No. 24125
Oh, geez, they did? Got a link to the circle's site?
I've just got the one just translated and one of the novels. Here's the latter: http://www.mediafire.com/?n15r3iyo1o47z78.
No. 24140
Sure, here:
h**p://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~yoru/ (Breaking the link to avoid backtracking here, for obvious reasons.)
As you can see under circle->historical products pages 5 and 6. Two of them we've got already, but the plain satori no heya (aka not the sanae one, it's on p5) is still missing, along with the probably not that intersting こぴ本 one.
No. 24167
Share refuses to work for me. So the hashguy isn't helping me.

Just spread it over an number of throw away accounts.
No. 24172

I would try uploading nagiyamasugi's doujins (the most recent stuff posted as hash codes) to a secondary mediafire account, but share is being incredibly stubborn for me as well.

On that note, sorry for the lack of mediafire/4shared uploads for the past few days (I don't actually know if anything new has been uploaded though). For whatever reason, Share is being a pain and won't stay connected even after checking my ports, updating nodes, etc. As someone who wanted to make access to Touhou-related porn easier for everyone, this is mildly embarassing.
No. 24174
Share always disconnects with a port error for me if I'm behind any kind of NAT. So basically if you have any ISP that doesn't provide you with a proper internet connection, you're fucked. I so fucking hate ISPs that do that, but what can you do, it's fashionable because it "protects" the customer slightly from attacks and allows the ISP to save on used IP addresses. (Something that wouldn't be the least bit of a problem if everybody used ipv6, but we couldn't possibly have nice things, otherwise herp derp.)
No. 24180
Considering most ISPs were created before IPv6 was drafted it makes sense they haven't made the crossover.

And even then people still will be using NAT/PAT with IPv6 for Intranets as it helps allowing port filtering and simplify firewall rules.

Shareguy just make fucking 4share accounts or MF accounts with dummy email accounts for quick throw away names. I mean seriously?
No. 24268
damn. the final image with patchouli watching koakuma raping her while she sleeps is so heartbreaking. and im guessing the final part is showing that patchouli is pregnant too?
No. 24271
i'm still having problems setting up Share. at the moment i'm having problems setting up nodes. this program is kind of starting to get on my nerves.
No. 24273
That's not something you see everyday. Still quite a fun little sequence. Why am I thinking of an old story La Tentacule (Which I really wish got translated)
No. 24284
I'm fairly sure it is, though I can't find it off the top of my head and a google search. I'll see if I can't reupload it.
No. 24363
Would appreciate it man.
No. 24376
Normally I'd only have begrudging interest in this, given the mind break and Alice's above-average characterization before it, but this time, everything else is enough to make me genuinely like the book despite the ending, though it would still be better without.
I like a mind break book. I think that's a first.
No. 24381
Yea I'd agree it would have been better without that

Also the extended translation has Remilia pointing out a Plothole in the afterward explanation/back story of the tentacle creation. Don't do that! Bad things happen when you do!
No. 24385
That's not a plot hole. That's Remilia poking fun at how Patchy "subdued" the tentacle beast that only attacks witches.
No. 24436
I wonder if it's time for me to search for doujins from Comic1☆6 which happened on 4/30.

Is there any list of the circles attended the event there?
No. 24609
Reitaisai looms. Exciting~
I'm going to need a scanner, just like last comiket. Who wants to step up?
No. 24613
>I'm going to need a scanner, just like last comiket. Who wants to step up?
Could you elaborate on that?
No. 24616

He's asking because I've decided that, after I scan the existing load of books, I'm not doing it any more. Not due to lack of interest, but more of because I started doing it and then life suddenly got busy and when dealing with people's money I don't want to put delays on that sort of thing.
No. 24619

Well, if someone is interested in doing this, I might pick up a dozen or so books myself.
No. 24620
Considering that nobody else does this, I don't think anyone minds the delays that much.
No. 24624
File 133755356411.jpg - (603.18KB , 700x990 , 52fd0c42935cc315b75f1abfeff8c7da.jpg ) [iqdb]
I read some threads back that this would be the most appropriate place to ask for this so, I'd be grateful if anyone would be kind enough to share some info on this doujin
No. 24625
The problem with delays is that you run the risk of doujinshi you purchased being scanned on their own, making your purchase largely a waste of time and money.

If something is scanned and readily made available, it's much less likely that someone else will buy it and scan it. Hopefully they will instead buy and scan something that isn't available.
No. 24626
If you want to be sure, wouldn't it be worth the risk?
No. 24627
If it's something you're REALLY looking forward to and don't mind paying roughly twice what the Japanese due to shipping costs and fees, sure.

Personally, I'd rather make certain that the money I'm spending is actually getting me something.
No. 24630

Yes, this is a large portion of why I feel bad. I'm going to get these books done, but there will be (and has been some) some wasted money involved. Unfortunately, even if I was able to get a book done every day there would still be some waste.
No. 24631
True enough. But beggars can't be choosers.
No. 24632
Not really, not if you're aware of things likely to get scanned or not.

Example: Mind break rape doujin no. 2343345436545454 will likely get scanned

Cute heartwarming consensual sex doujin won't be likely scanned.
No. 24633
Yap yap yap yap yap. Whine whine whine whine.

Would you like to have some fine wine with that whine?
No. 24634
Personally, I'd rather have the physical copy available in addition to the scans.
No. 24635
Good luck getting a decent scan without wrecking the book.
No. 24636
I was stating fact, and this thread is made to voice opinions.

I mean after all Chikura's infamous mindbreak doujins get scanned without fail while various artists with consensual doujins get somewhat passed up if not completely.

While the overall picture is more balanced, but in Touhou, the scales tip towards non-consensual in what gets scanned.
No. 24637
I have bought things that were already scanned, or very likely to be. But mostly I buy things because nobody will scan them, and frankly most people won't care about.
No. 24641

You are right, you do have to 'destroy' them for good scans, but...

Every staple-bound book I have scanned has been easily repairable. You simply gently dislodge the staples in the binding (there are two), scan them in, put them back together and slip the staple back into the binding and crimp it once more. Good as new.

Every glue-bound book I have scanned has been repairable to 'serviceable but not collection-quality'. What I've been doing with the scraps is putting the pages back inside afterward and leaving some sort of object on the book in order to bend it back into place. Then you just staple it. Obviously won't work on very large books.

With that said I have three unbound books waiting on a scan the moment I have time to sit down and do it.
No. 24656
File 133772781552.png - (1.81MB , 1275x1754 , Image.png ) [iqdb]
Oh Moehina Kagaku, you and your heavy-handed glue and crooked pages. Never change!
No. 24657
Damn, that's rather headdesk worthy. Not sure how many books this affects but this is rather frustrating, actually. I would be raging at this if I were scanning such a book, tbh.
No. 24658

If you looked closely at the other books I scanned from them, the border is slightly darker than the rest because I fixed it by hand. Can't really fix the crookedness though. On the bright side Moehina Kagaku always has those thick ass borders so it isn't a huge deal.
No. 24659
>Koa Focused work
No. 24660
File 133775087273.jpg - (214.27KB , 1337x920 , aya in the dark.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why is this mind break? Why is this artist suddenly doing mind break?
God damn it.
No. 24661
It's not that sudden, he seems to have descended the dark road of Aya rape/mindbreak. Including having a human somehow tie her up and overpower her. Tying up a Tengu of her strength shouldn't really be possible.
No. 24662
He's done rape before, but not mind break. That's part of what made him so good.
No. 24663
on his pixiv page there's a second series of the rapist and Aya where she seems to be perfectly broken and willing to do what he wants and in the latest one Momiji and Hatate find the house... and wound him badly, They then find Aya Masturbating.

Despite how sad it is, I found it sort of hot... and on some level the fact I got turned on disgusts me.
No. 24668

Thinking on this some more, I may be willing to do small (20-30 items) orders in the future. The future being after I have completed the existing scans. Nothing huge (the two major orders were about 80 books each), and with three limitations:

1. No lolicon. I have nothing against it, but I just don't want to handle it.

2. Non-consensual will be on a case-by-case basis. No offense to one of the buyers, but half of the stuff you bought turns my stomach. I'll scan it regardless, though.

3. No more of those giant ass compilations.
No. 24669
I know. That's what I was talking about.

Well, that's good news. Except for that second point.
No. 24670
>Implying there's a lack of rape doujins
No. 24676
So is anyone interested in volunteering to acquire and scan any doujinshi?
No. 24704
A very nice find and well Non-Loli Akyuu works are quite appreciated. Rather light but in a way she DID get what she wanted even though he was a bit reluctant.
No. 24717
anyone know if this has been uploaded yet? http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=25843582 i swear i remember seeing it somewhere but it might have been a peview. its alice and ichirin having lots of anal fun.
No. 24718
Raws are up on ge but not here

Weirdest justification for writing a H-Doujinshi Ever. Refer to page 4

Also was it all a dream in the end?
No. 24719
Anyone seen these two out there yet?
No. 24721
I haven't commissioned anything in a while...
Are there any doujins you've looked at lately and wondered "Why the hell isn't this translated?" Point them out to me. Ideally something lighter/happier; I've already got some ideas for the dark side of this batch.

And don't say 2nd Skin. I've already got an eye on that; just can't decide between desudesu and SaHa to translate it.
No. 24722
SaHa seems to have better knowledge of Japanese but almost no knowledge of Touhou. He's at least better than "This is probably another character from the series, but I don't know who" now. Desudesu also isn't nearly as busy as SaHa; SaHa seems to have a perpetual backlog of over a month. Desudesu also is cheaper and uses a less intrusive watermark.
No. 24723
You got KOTI's '1 day my maid' or .7's Futanari Sakuya-san 2' I'd be interested seeing those
No. 24724

La Tentacule, the "Reimu/Renko becomes half tentacles and sexes up Yukari/Maribel" one. I think it's at >>12988 but I'm not sure if the link still works or not.
No. 24725
Dead Link but I'd be all for seeing that one translated!
No. 24726

Well, not bad...

Try harder.
No. 24727
[閃光カンパネラ] パチュリー様とさくやさん

or (例大祭5) [少年病監] 境界遊戯 式の弐
No. 24729
SO is this a guessing game or what?
No. 24730
nice choices there. I'd be all for the Koa/Sakuya/Patchouli one getting translated!
No. 24731
I've asked to get this translated before, but haven't seen it happen. It's about Mystia and the other members of team 9, in some group sex.
No. 24733
I found an english translation here.

Not sure if the translation is any good, but there you go, an english version of it. Should I try and find others?
No. 24734

If nothing else, it was translated by someone that doesn't know anything about touhou and couldn't be bothered to google the names.
No. 24735
on page 3, "we've brought along Mokou-tan!"
anyone know what Mokou-tan is refering too? I doubt mokou is actually here. if she is though, WHY THE FUCK WASN'T SHE IN IT!
No. 24744
Bleh. Nothing like his other work.
When did this come out? Did he do this before or after...say...that Oni doujin he did?
No. 24745
It's a series. 1: Tengu. 2: Oni. 3: Eientei. 4: Yakumos. They came out in that order too. And what are you talking about it being different? Looks like the same colour sex+group sex as usual.
No. 24746
The poster should be aware that he can delete his posts.
No. 24748
my post must have glitched when i put it up. i deleted the blank one.

agreed, it feels like their standard "fuck unwilling but still slightly willing girl until she becomes dependent on my penis"

it was like that in the oni one with kasen, and it was like that with both momiji and hatate in this one.
No. 24750
This one had a slightly mind-breaky tone to it. It just felt more like I lighter Tiramisu Tart than his later stuff.
Makes me wonder if that Aya set he drew is really worth translating...
No. 24751
>Tiramisu Tart
Not even close.
No. 24752
Very, very light.
No. 24754
Yea... you don't throw that comparison out lightly.
No. 24755
...I know, I know. It was the first thing that came to mind.
No. 24757
indeed, compared to what we usually see, the oni/kasen and the Tengu entries are infinitely light as the feeling of "mind break" isn't really there... and it comes off as "romancing with the penis"

Though in his erogame series, some of the sex is a tiny bit forceful like the Wriggle scene I saw on danbooru.
No. 24758
I don't know. It's not as dark as everything else, but I still felt the breakage in the tengu one, if only a little.
The oni one was fine.
No. 24781
No. 24782
I saw Itou Life's newest doujin, which has Nitori for once. My only complaint is that she seems to have a tsundereish personality, which doesn't exactly seem Nitori-ish.
No. 24783
Dat ballcrushing.
No. 24795
File 133871801457.jpg - (196.23KB , 645x907 , 230-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's his gimmick, I'll live with it though, it's nice and cheerful. Also the rascal got to it already.
No. 24813
File 133877432054.jpg - (576.14KB , 1123x1600 , megane_00.jpg ) [iqdb]
On the subject of Itou Life...I'm absolutely positive I've seen this doujin with Wriggle, Patchy, and glasses translated before, but now I can't find it anywhere. Help.
No. 24816
Yes it was, but it's pretty old, and unlikely to still be on any file hosts. Should be in a torrent somewhere. It's also on ExHentai.


How to bypass the panda.


I do recommend you figure that site out, it's hopeless for downloading but is good for browsing, and especially reverse image searches.
No. 24817
>itou life (5)
That explains why wasn't finding it. Oh, exhentai...
Thanks. I like these older Itou Life doujins than the newer femdom stuff.
No. 24818
You do know that "itou" is the correct romanisation, don't you?
No. 24820
...I don't follow.
No. 24821

Except there's a tag named ito life and it had more numbers in the () than the tag with NO typos. So he's not wrong in that fact, and that it's Exhentai's fault for allowing the typo to go through and mess up search results.
No. 24823
>>24821 here.

Blah, I had a typo in the number and meant >>24818 here.
No. 24826
the more recent stuff isn't really femdom, just girls being assertive, there's a difference between the two. Now the latest From SCRATCH doujin, now that's femdom.
No. 24831
I unbound and started scanning this:


I've seen some embellishing on pages, but this thing is downright lying. It's 12 pages inside, 14 if you count back/cover. The site claims 20. What a crock of shit.
No. 24833
File 133882254430.jpg - (918.72KB , 2142x1521 , 002-003.jpg ) [iqdb]
This look okay? Did my best to align it/clean it, but not all of the stuff matches up perfectly. Some parts do, others don't.
No. 24838
File 133882579651.jpg - (102.29KB , 918x652 , 0e40d34b4570666977a84d47d9681720.jpg ) [iqdb]
Melonbooks says 20 too, how odd. I even checked my copy and even when counting each image as two pages, it's 12.

The black looks fine but the colours have a patchy appearance, and as a result, look washed out, but I'm guessing that's unavoidable and has to be edited out?
No. 24839

This is likely a result of the scanner. You'd probably need to pay a professional to fix it, I sure as hell can't.
No. 24840
I checked the doujinshi mugimugi site and it claims 16 pages, but apparently you guys only got 12 pages for that one... So uh, I'm not sure if it's scamming so much as it's a typo.
No. 24841

12 interior, 2 front/back (Japan always counts covers), 2 blank white pages is 16. It's just a tad annoying given the price of the book.
No. 24842
I'd count the covers, they're sometimes nice to look at.

I think that's all then, they'll be fine as raws thank you.
No. 24843

I have no issue with counting the covers, though counting the completely blank pages (interior of cover usually) is silly.

In any case, maybe someone more skilled will step up and I'll give them the unedited scans. We'll see! The art is quite lovely.

Speaking of scanning, will be kicking it into high gear this week. I finished two books today, other needs to be edited by partner. I've got six more in the pipe, though one is non-H and one isn't Touhou. Going to try and scan 6-10 books in every week, if not more. See how much time I can get in a day to do it.
No. 24851
Yeah, Itou life doesn't use that style too often but it's certainly lovely and soft.
No. 24853
Next up in the pipe, once my editor pal gets to them: Flandre x Tentacles, Moehina Kagaku Yukari book (scanning this now), crossover book, futa/big tits BRS book, some mostly worksafe Remilia book with a few nude pages, and finally a 70-ish page book of Sakuya x Futa Meiling consensual/happy sex.

If people want it, I'll leave a link to the BRS book in this thread, but it doesn't really belong in the other ones obviously.
No. 24859

5th group in the center is scanned already unless that's a different version.

No. 24860
4th group middle right is already scanned too.

No. 24861
This can go on for a bit longer though. Also pre-emptively asking, can we please have a picture of not-Wriggle next time?
No. 24864
File 133891903217.jpg - (1.23MB , 2142x1521 , brsmadoka.jpg ) [iqdb]
IRC said I should just dump the non-touhou books in the autosaged discussion thread. So here, have a Madoka futa and BRS futa book!

No. 24866
are all of the ones without the X's eventually going to be scanned and uploaded?
No. 24867
No. 24868

Everything there was bought by other people for me to scan, edit and upload.
No. 24869
im dissapointed this turned into random tentacle rape instead of flandre rapping sin sack. it was a nice role reversal idea.
No. 24874
Id it be rather tentacles then generic random guy doujin #12456443
No. 24875
And consider the name of the damn thing
No. 24887
File 133900940283.jpg - (1.00MB , 2000x1500 , DSCN0607 - Copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Deleted the prior post I made about this. Sorted out the things I am willing to scan. I'm asking for at-cost value, so about $9-12 per book. If anyone is interested in getting these scanned, hop on #touhouporn on irc and let me know.

If you see something here that is already scanned, let me know and I'll remove it. Also, the lone book on the far right is 20-25 pages of text with 3-4 images. I'm willing to scan it if people are interested, but I imagine they aren't.
No. 24902
What do the green Xs mean?
No. 24903
Someone else has offered to buy it to be scanned.
No. 24905
I don't remember seeing a link to the one in the top section Middle row. In one from the left or has that not been uploaded?
No. 24906
File 133904019421.jpg - (244.67KB , 1200x830 , 東方アヘ顔合同_000.jpg ) [iqdb]
you mean this one?
No. 24908
Thanks that's it
No. 24912
File 133908176091.jpg - (958.40KB , 2460x1845 , J6E7i - Copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Last of the stuff for scanning has been picked up. If anyone wants the hard copies from these, let me know. $10+s&h each except for row 3, columns 2 and 4 which are $20 (they're 80-100+ page books).
No. 24919
Hot fucking damn! Now to pray a GOOD translator gets this one...
No. 24971
>Itou Life
I need to get out of here before I do something dumb
No. 24972

I actually sold it I just haven't updated the image. So don't worry, you're safe.
No. 25467
File 134187929878.jpg - (1.86MB , 5250x950 , 133884917337.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 25468
File 134187933987.jpg - (1.74MB , 4327x1350 , 133884919444.jpg ) [iqdb]