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[x] She is crazy and scary, but you shouldn’t just take it. At least try to fight back.

“G-get off!” You struggle your arms and manage to stick an elbow in Sakuya’s gut. It wasn’t very solid but it was enough to distract her and let your break your arms free. You whirl around to face her. Your robe fell open in the struggle, with your cock halfway out of your underwear, pointing up half-stiff. You consider making yourself more not-naked, but she’d probably stab you as soon as your hands were occupied.

“What the hell are you doing?” you shout.

“Winning.” She smirks and folds her arms, cocky enough to take the time and pose dramatically.

Oh, hell no. You pump your chest out and send two thick tentacles careening towards her. She hops back and flicks her wrists, sending four knives that cut gashes along the limbs. The cuts mend themselves almost instantly, but the stinging pain lingers. Not wanting to try that again, you pull the tentacles back in. There’s an eerie moment of silence as Sakuya stands there, twirling a knife in her hand, wearing a smirk that clearly says ‘Check. Your move.’

‘Right, frontal assaults don’t work very well.’

If I wasn’t in pain and slightly worried about this woman I’d make so many jokes about ‘frontal assaults.’

‘The hell do you mean, slightly?

Your eyes dart around the room. No tables, no furniture, nothing to use for cover. Sakuya stands there, impatiently tapping her foot. You tell yourself to stay calm. If she’s confident enough to wait for you to strike then you better make sure it counts.

Seeing nothing around you, you look up at the ceiling. It’s about twelve feet high, not ridiculously out of reach like in the great hall. It gives you an idea - a crazy one, but better than nothing. You swing your arm and launch a sticky tentacle to the ceiling. Tenta catches on immediately and reels in slightly, just enough for you to take a running jump and swing through the air. Knives whiz past your ear, obviously just another trick shot on Sakuya’s part to emphasize how futile it is to fight her, and breaking your concentration at the same time.

Trying to stay focused, you shoot a tentacle at Sakuya as you swing past her. She swings her arm in an arc, a silvery blur of a knife slashing about halfway through the tentacle. It hurts like all hell, but Tenta must’ve been prepared for it, as the gash fuses shut as soon as it opened.

Tenta takes control of the tentacle and tries to whip it around behind Sakuya, changing its direction faster than you think would be possible. Instead of making another slash, she raises her arm in a block, holding her knives pointed out and ready to skewer the tentacle. You don’t even notice what she’s doing before the tentacle retreats.

You raise your feet just in time to hit the wall as your swing carries you to the end of the room. Your feet hold to the wall for a split-second, just enough time to jump off of the wall and dive at Sakuya.

You immediately realize how dumb that probably was as Sakuya raises her knives, ready for you to fall on them, but she sheaths the knives immediately when she sees you flying toward her. She must’ve realized any attempt at knifing you would probably kill you, or at least horribly mutilate you, and that isn’t what she wants. Instead, she just teleports to the other end of the room, leaving you about to collide face-first with the ground.

A wiry tentacle jets out to the side of the room, fastens to the wall, and rapidly starts retracting. Your feet barely connect with the floor as you start running straight towards Sakuya. You barely have time to process everything that happened before you’re halfway across the room.

Do a dropkick NOW!

You jump up and stick both your feet forward. To your surprise, your kick connects with Sakuya’s arms, held up in a cross to block. Even with her blocking, the sheer force is enough to knock her on her back. You land with your feet just above her head. Not wasting any time, you grab her wrists and hold her to the floor.

That was… what, four seconds? If this was any situation you would be so goddamn pumped at how awesome that was, but right now you’re on such an adrenaline high you can barely think.

“Are we DONE?” you shout, not being able to think of any better questions.

“No.” Sakuya’s grin only appears for a moment before she vanishes from under your grasp. The sharp point of a high-heeled shoe digs into your back and knocks you to the ground.

You roll over, your robe flopping open and lying on either side of you. Before you can sit up, Sakuya swings her hand and knives skewer their way through your robe, embedding themselves in the ground and pinning you to the floor by your chest. More knives hit the narrow targets of your loose sleeves above and below your arms, leaving them outstretched and pinned down.

You grit your teeth. You want to scream in frustration, this isn’t fair. But then again, that was the whole point, this woman doesn’t want a fair fight. The impotent feeling of defeat starts to gnaw at you.

“Such a shame. Defeated so easily.” Sakuya chuckles while she presses her high-heeled shoe against your stomach. You struggle to get up, not caring about your robe anymore, but you’re lying at such an awkward angle you can barely move.

“Just stop struggling. It’ll make things easier for you.” Sakuya stands over your head. You get a clear view up her skirt at her black, lacy panties, thin enough that they’re semi-transparent. She’s wet enough that her panties are clinging to her pussy, the curves of her thick curtain-like labia sticking out just barely over the hem of the fabric, a tantalizing glimpse of pink next to the mesh black. A thin strip of carefully-groomed silvery pubic hair is visible poking out just above the top of her panties. Her fingers wrap around her panties and pull them down her thighs, then down her legs and onto your face, the smell of her feminine juices overpowering your senses.

“Look at how wet you made me.” She steps away from you, grinning wide enough to show every one of her teeth. Pinching your nose shut, she shoves her panties into your open mouth. Her nectar has a strong scent and flavor, slightly acidic and almost tangy. She takes her maid headdress off and ties it around your mouth, keeping her panties trapped in your lips.

“Now that you’re properly restrained…” She steps back to straddle your thighs, her skirt brushing against your skin. “It’s time for me to take my prize from you.” Her hand wanders under her skirt and finds your cock, hidden under the layers of her dress. She shifts her hips, and the head of your cock is suddenly swallowed in an intense, warm pleasure. Sakuya tightens her face and lets out a soft moan. A feeling of contentment spreads from the head of your cock down to your hips, like putting on a warm blanket during the winter.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Sakuya flashes a smug grin. “And I’m just getting started. I’ve learned all sorts of nice tricks over the years.” Her skirt billows as she pushes her hips down, making her squirm and moan again as her pussy makes lewd gurgling sounds from taking you in. In one smooth stroke, she’s taken you all the way to the root, her labia brushing against your crotch. Even though you can’t see them, you can feel that they’re plump and warm, tickling the base of your cock.

“You’re mine now, trapped inside my pussy.” Her voice is noticeably more breathy now, and her grip tightens on your stomach. With a grunt of effort, she flexes her pelvic muscles. A tightness squeezes around your cock. Sakuya flexes in a steady rhythm, massaging your member from the very tip down to the root.

“It’s… ahh… wonderful, isn’t it? A spineless weakling like you doesn’t deserve to feel my perfect pussy.” She leans over you, her breath smelling of fresh roses as it washes over your face. You shut your eyes and squirm.

“Mmh… are you scared?” You feel a wetness against your cheek and realize Sakuya’s licking your face. She presses her tongue over your closed eyelids, almost like she’s hunting for your tears.

She grinds her hips in a steady circle, up and down, back and forth, while she keeps massaging you. Your cock throbs and aches, ready to shoot any second, but you restrain yourself.

“You’re… mnf… so close already. I can feel you trembling.” She slams her hips down in a quick thrust. Her eyes lock onto yours, and she casually brushes her hair out of her face while she keeps grinning at you in victory. “You’re not just a weakling, you’re sloppy too. Ready to cum just minutes after I started.” She punctuates her words with quick, powerful thrusts, playing with your trembling cock. She undoes the cloth around your mouth and pulls her panties out, now caked with your saliva. “Now admit you… ah… want to fill me with your cum.”

“I-I… I…” as good as she feels, you’re not going to admit defeat.

“Well? Answer me.” Sakuya changes her rhythm to a rapid shaking, it makes you convulse with pleasure, but aside from your moans, you keep yourself from saying anything.

“Hmph. You’re a weakling, a quick shot, and now a sore loser too?” Sakuya lifts herself up, and you feel her warm pleasure leave you. Your cock pops free of her, throbbing and aching to return inside. Silky strands of juices trail from your cock to her dress, now sticky and smeared with a mix of her juices and your precum. “You’re just the worst.” She whips her panties against your face. They connect with a wet slapping sound, leaving thick globs of fluid on your face.

“You don’t deserve my perfect pussy.” She grabs your chest and pulls you up, your robe ripping to shreds from the knives. She lifts you up to your knees and crouches down behind you, snaring her arm around your wrists. Her other hand, still carrying your panties, drapes them over your cock. The mixture of saliva and Sakuya’s juice makes it cling to you. A tight cloth wraps around your wrists.

“You’ll just cum in my panties, like the useless pervert that you are.” With your arms now restrained, Sakuya takes her other hand and slides it down your back. Her finger slips between your rump and prods your asshole. You instinctively clench up, your cock twitching in reflex to the stimulation. Her finger shoves its way inside through your clenching.

“Listen to you, grunting and moaning like a dog in heat.” Sakuya chuckles. Her hand reaches around and wraps over the panties stuck to your cock. She strokes them along your length, the sticky juices making thick, wet slurping sounds. “Now cum on your knees, you filthy dog.”

As if she’d timed her stroking perfectly, the pressure builds up in your cock as she whispers in your ear. Strands of ropy cum squirt out and land on the floor in a puddle. Even as your energy leaves you and you collapse backward against Sakuya’s shoulder, she continues to jerk you and wriggle her finger around inside your ass.

“Now then…”

A loud slam makes your ears ring in pain. You jerk away from Sakuya violently and fall head-first onto the floor. As you turn your head up, you see that the source of the slamming noise was the door. Remilia’s standing in the doorway, glaring daggers at Sakuya.

“Sakuya. Izayoi.” A bitter venom drips from Remilia’s voice, making Sakuya’s entire body freeze. She hops to her feet and stands at attention.


Remilia stomps up to Sakuya and, with a raise of her hand, slaps her hard across the face. The slapping sound echoes through the room. Sakuya suddenly looks as timid as a puppy, Remilia’s hand leaving a bright red mark on her cheek. Remilia crouches down and yanks the restraints off of your wrist.

“Are you alright?”

“I… think so.” You nod and stand up. Remilia grabs her maid by the ear and tugs her toward the door. The difference in height makes Sakuya double over as Remilia tugs on her.

“Then come with me, please.” Remilia nods at you. You climb up to your feet and follow her, not saying a word. Remilia navigates through the mansion and finds the room she was looking for after just a few minutes of painfully awkward silence. She pushes the door open with her free hand, revealing a luxurious living room. A fireplace, already lit with a small fire, sits on the far end of the room, surrounded by a set of comfy-looking red chairs and a few end tables. Bookcases and cabinets line most of the walls.

Remilia drags Sakuya up to one of the bookcases and grabs the edge of it. With surprisingly little effort, she pushes the entire bookcase to the side, revealing a hidden closet filled with whips, chains, leashes, and anything else you could imagine being used in restraining or torturing someone.

“I am very disappointed in you, Sakuya.” Remilia lets go of her arm to grab a ball gag and long length of leather from the closet. Sakuya just lets her arm dangle by her side, making no move to run for the door or attack anyone. Standing on her tiptoes, Remilia shoves the ball gag into Sakuya’s mouth, then roughly grabs her arms and ties them tight together, the strip wrapping around her arms from her wrist up to just below her elbow. She pushes Sakuya face-first into one of the couches, and gives her a hard slap on the ass for emphasis.

“My guest and I will…” Remilia clears her throat and gives Sakuya the same glare from before. “…deal with you in just a moment. For now, we have matters to discuss.” Remilia takes your arm and takes you out of the room, into the hallway. She shuts the door behind her and glances up and down the hall, making sure you and her are the only people around.

“I sincerely apologize for what Sakuya has done to you. As her mistress, I hold myself responsible for her actions, and they cast a bad light on the entirety of the Scarlet estate.” She bows deeply and holds the position for a few seconds. You’re not quite sure how to respond, but judging by Remilia’s face when she straightens back up, she’s nowhere near done talking.

“This mansion is… different. It’s like a play, here. Sakuya and I are involved in a long play, without a stage or an audience, and we do things and say things to each other with the implicit knowledge that they’re merely lines and directions. But Sakuya…” Remilia sighs through her nose and shakes her head, like a mother scolding a troubled kid. “I swear, sometimes that girl can’t tell fantasy from reality. While that doesn’t justify her actions, it helps to explain them.”

She gestures at the door. “When we go back through that door, the curtain will rise again, and the show will go on. No matter how you feel about what has happened here, you will be an unwitting actor. Remember that.”

She turns and reaches for the knob, then holds the door open for you in a gesture of apology. You walk in and Remilia follows, shutting the door behind her. Sakuya has stayed in her position the whole time, face-down on the couch, ass sticking up in the air.

“Now then, with our discussion out of the way…” Remilia grabs Sakuya and turns her around, then pushes her back onto the couch in a proper sitting position.

“What do you think we should do with this rebellious maid?” Remilia strokes her chin, looking up at you with a grin like a kid who just got a new toy. “I’m sure your powers give you plenty of options.”

You put your hands at your hips and grin. Remilia was right, already you’re starting to feel like you’re just an actor right now. And it’s time to play your part.

[ ] Let’s make this quick… and rough… and very sexy.
[ ] Sakuya’s been a very bad girl, don’t you think?
[ ] Does milady have any suggestions?
[ ] Well… (write-in)
[X] Ask Remilia to point out Sakuya's weak points, use that knowledge to edge her until she is begging for you to stick your dick in her pussy and a myriad of tentacles in other orifices.
I'm still upset about the blatant votespam actually affecting this update.

[x] Sakuya’s been a very bad girl, don’t you think?
-[x] Let’s make this rough… and very sexy.

There's a reason the options are separate, please just vote for one. Also,


Isn't edging getting kind of old? I don't want to stomp down on a write-in but try and be creative.
[x] Let’s make this rough… and very sexy.
[x] Does milady have any suggestions?

Let's see if Remilia has any great ideas for Sakuya.
[X] Does milady have any suggestions?
[x] Does milady have any suggestions?

She knows Sakuya best.
The edging with Remilia was to blow her mind with pleasure, it was a treat. With Sakuya it's meant to be a light torture, not ever letting her actually cum until she's apoligised and is left begging you and/or Remilia to let her finally go over the edge.
Oh, and I updated the .txt file. I forgot to stick it in the OP so here you go!

[x] Let’s make this quick… and rough… and very sexy.

Rape the maid

Inb4 those angsty "anti-rape" white knights show up.
[x] Sakuya’s been a very bad girl, don’t you think?
[ ] Sakuya’s been a very bad girl, don’t you think?

Some people say revenge is better cold-served, I disgress.
Thank you so much, the story list isn't updated as fast as I'd like.

Yeah, that's my bad. I completely forgot about it. I'll try to remember to put it in the OP for each thread from now on.
[]"What you made us feel wasn't very nice, but you don't deserve the same treatment you just did to us", then release her and walk outside and pretend to go away from the room

She might be well refined, but we'll see how long that lasts when you give her some guilt and attack her character.
I agree with >>22907 but I think the vote could use a little refinement.

[x] "Despite the fact you abused and tortured me, I have no desire to treat you the same way.
Live with the knowledge of your sin."
[x] Does milady have any suggestions?
[x] Sakuya’s been a very bad girl, don’t you think?
I think...

[x] Sakuya’s been a very bad girl, don’t you think?

I can't even imagine what it would be like to be this beta.
[x] Does milady have any suggestions?

I'm sure Remi's got some sexy ideas.
[x] Let’s make this quick… and rough… and very sexy.
[X] Does milady have any suggestions?
With the tie now broken, I'm closing the votes.

[x] Does milady have any suggestions?
I dunno, after reading this update I'd be beta as fuck for Sakuya. Shit was hot as hell.
Bah. Dominating the dominant is a hundred times hotter than submitting. Role reversal is always delicious.
where are updates?
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[x] Does milady have any suggestions?

“Well, milady... might you have any recommendations?”

Remilia grins, her lips rising up to show more of her fang-tips. She seems like the person who’s always ready to give her opinion, no matter the subject.

“Ah, I suppose I can assist you,” she announces with another theatric stroke of her chin. She steps forward and cups Sakuya’s chin in her hand, tilting it up just a bit to lock her eyes on hers.

Her smile curls up a bit more, and her eyes narrow to thin slits, the bright red of her irises still shining out from them. Even with as much as she’s hamming up her role as the one in charge, she exudes a cold, sinister aura of dominance as she keeps her eyes trained on Sakuya’s, holding her chin tighter as she tries to turn away.

“My mansion has a reputation to uphold.” She bites each word, almost spitting them out while keeping a level, quiet tone. “My guest came here expecting to be treated with dignity and esteem, and instead you have abused him. You will be payed back in kind." She turns to you. "Isn’t that right?”

“Um, yes. Of course!” you almost stammer. This sudden fierceness from her shocks you, given how she was grinning like a puppet-theater villain just a few moments ago. Either she’s got a lot of pent-up anger at her maid or she really is good at acting.

Remilia lets go of Sakuya’s chin, looking at her with expectation. The maid’s eyes timidly drift away from both of you, almost bashfully.

“Nothing to say for yourself? Not even a pitiful attempt to justify your shameful conduct?” Remilia hisses, obviously upset by Sakuya’s silence.

She grabs Sakuya’s shoulders and drags her up off the chair, then down to the floor in one fluid motion. With her arms still restrained by the leather straps, her shoulders hit the ground and her ass sticks up in the air. Her skirt sinks slightly between her cheeks, just a hint of her bare pussy visible between her legs from this position.

Remilia grasps the hem of her maid’s skirt. “Then we have no choice. You’ve brought this upon yourself.”

She flips it up, exposing everything below her waist in a sudden flash. Her pussy’s not quite sopping wet but visibly moist, with the juices smeared around between her thighs. Her pussy-lips are thick, slightly swollen and flushed. They hang like pink, fleshy curtains around her pussy, the area around her hole still reddened with lust from taking you earlier. The hood of her clitoris is barely visible beneath her lips.

You hadn’t gotten a good view of her ass before, but now that it’s exposed you can see it’s very nice. Pale, smooth, thick enough to stick out in a nice, round curve, while still being tight and toned. Those hourglass hips stick out in a shape that seems like a pair of hands would nestle into them perfectly.

“You know, I'm quite disappointed in you, Sakuya. I've placed so much trust in you, and what have you given me in return?" Remilia’s face curls back into a snarl.

She raises her hand and brings it down hard against Sakuya’s right cheek. Her hand connects with a loud, solid slapping sound, making Sakuya’s ass-meat jiggle. Sakuya lets out a yelp of pain, muffled by her ball gag. Her hips shiver slightly from the sudden spank before returning to a rest.

"Nothing but embarrassment, that's what!”

The vampress grins as she leans onto Sakuya’s back. She runs the middle finger of her other hand along Sakuya’s pussy, coating it with the juice smeared all over the inside of her thighs. Her finger slides up the back of her thighs, between her spread cheeks, and prods against her anus. Realizing what her mistress is about to do, Sakuya squirms and tries to pull away.

“Ah, ah, ah. No running.”

Remilia presses harder against Sakuya’s back and loops her arm under her body, squeezing her close. Her other hand tickles at Sakuya’s hole, running her finger over the creases and lines, delicately poking it as if trying to coax it to open up by itself.

“You need to have a taste of the humiliation you’ve forced me to endure.”

With a thrust, Remilia’s finger buries itself into Sakuya’s asshole up to the first knuckle. Sakuya breathes in sharply at Remilia’s finger suddenly entering her, spreading her open. Slowly but forcefully, Remilia pumps her finger back and forth, digging in deeper until her knuckles are buried between Sakuya's cheeks.

The maid quivers all over as Remilia's finger reaches as far as it will go. She bucks her hips in rhythm with her mistress's finger as it moves in and out of the tight ring of her anus. Her grunts of pain quickly start sounding more sultry, mixed with muted gasps of pleasure.

“Oh? It almost seems like you’re enjoying having your asshole violated like this.” Remilia twists and grinds her finger inside Sakuya. “We can’t have that, can we?”

The vampiress pulls her hand back, briefly pulling her finger out before thrusting two fingers all the way in. Sakuya’s ring spreads open further as the full length of her mistress’s fingers fill her. Rather than thrusting, Remilia grinds her fingers inside Sakuya, making small strokes to tickle her inside walls.

Sakuya whimpers softly with each stroke, her cheeks shuddering against Remilia’s hand. As Sakuya lets out a high-pitched moan, Remilia straightens up and shakes her head, looking like she just came out of a trance.

“Ah, but I seem to have forgotten myself.” Remilia retracts her fingers and lets go of Sakuya. She shakes her head, much of the malice in her eyes having disappeared.

“It’s you who Sakuya has abused, not me. Her punishment should be left to you.” She steps aside and gestures at Sakuya as if showcasing a work of art. “The lady is yours to do with as you wish.”

You step forward and peel your robe off your shoulders. It’d probably just get in the way. Remilia hums in interest as she looks your naked form up and down, seeing it in clear light for the first time. Rather than embarrassing you, Remilia’s approval just makes you more eager to dive into her maid. Seeing her doubled-over and restrained like this is making your instincts run wild.

Resisting the urge to just dive right in, you kneel down by her legs and hungrily grab twin handfuls of her ass. You run your hands all over her, feeling the give of her soft, smooth flesh between your fingers as you dig into her. She gives a slight yelp of pain as you squeeze the red hand-mark on her right cheek.

“Hum, I think the maid needs some more spankings. Her right cheek looks so lonely without a partner.” You pinch the red mark and tug on it, making her yelp again.

Taking a deep breath to prepare yourself, you raise your arm high. You bring it down like a hammer and slam it against Sakuya’s ass, hard enough to make your hand start stinging. The effect on Sakuya’s ass is spectacular. Sakuya buries her face against the floor and lets out a few muffled whimpers. Drops of moisture trail down her thighs as the blood rushes to her skin, forming a second large hand-shaped imprint on her other cheek.

The bright red mark on Sakuya’s right cheek could use a partner. You raise your arm and slap Sakuya against the other cheek with enough force to make your hand sting. Sakuya presses her face against the floor and whimpers a few times, her hips shivering and her pussy moistening further as a second hand-mark forms on her other cheek.

Hmm, looks like you’re both having fun. My turn to join.

A purple vein moves down your shoulder, to your forearm, then pops out into a thin, sinewy strand as long as your whole arm. You wave your arm like swinging a whip and the tentacle makes a satisfying ‘thwack’ against Sakuya’s ass. The flesh of Sakuya’s ass ripples all the way down to her thighs as she screams. Her knees slide down and her hips hit the floor. A bright red mark runs across her ass, bridging the two hand-marks together.

The tentacle breaks off of your wrist and wraps around Sakuya’s hips. It tightens rhythmically like a snake strangling its prey, the thick tentacle sinking into Sakuya’s soft flesh with each pulse.

Now, I’m still a bit spent after last night. It’s time to recharge.

A tangle of tentacles pull out from you and land on Sakuya’s back. They wriggle over her, covering most of her body. You can feel some of them squirm their way under her dress and press against it, ripping open the buttons on her shirt while others yank open the knots on the back of her apron. The outer layers of her dress fall off her, and her blouse spreads open to reveal a black, lacy bra, with frills similar to the ones on her panties. It quickly falls off of her shoulders, giving you your first peek at her breasts.

Much like her ass, her breasts have a smooth, milky pale complexion. They’re a bit smaller than they looked over all that clothing, but still enough to make a squeezable handful. Her nipples are a soft pink color, the size and shape of a pencil eraser, but just a bit longer. They’re surrounded by small, bumpy aerolae, a bit smaller than a quarter and only a shade pinker than the rest of her skin.

“Ahaha, look at how stiff you are!”

Remilia chuckles to herself as she kneels down and pinches one of Sakuya’s nipples between her thumb and finger, giving it a sharp twist. Sakuya lets out a grunt, pleasure noticeably mixed in her voice. Her back arches, making her ass stick further up in the air, shivering against the tentacles still crawling over her back and legs.

“Oh? Don’t tell me you enjoy being abused, Sakuya. Are you really getting off on the two of us tying you down and making you our toy?” Remilia pinches her other nipple and tugs and twists on each of them like milking a cow. Sakuya squirms like an eel against the floor from the teasing pleasure.

“Nnf! Ahm-mmf-hmm-mmf!” Sakuya cries out in a vain attempt to speak.

“What a shame. How can you hope to be a proper maid when you can’t even keep your filthy perversions in check?” Remilia grinds her fingers against Sakuya’s teats, bringing out another wave of shivering and pleasured moans from her maid.

Enough waiting. I’m going in.

Two tentacles crawling along Sakuya’s back slip between her thighs. One forces its way into her pussy, sliding in easily with all the lubrication. Another prods against her ass, the opening having been loosened just enough thanks to Remilia, and spreads her open as it dives inside.

Sakuya screams from having both her holes invaded at once. Even though she's gagged, a clear edge of fear and surprise can be heard in her voice. Her whole body clenches and clamps down almost painfully on the two tentacles. They don’t seem to care, and merely push even harder. The sticky lubrication oozing from them is thick enough that it drips down in gooey globs down her legs. They churn inside her with an almost mechanical precision, forming a steady rhythm with one pulling back while the other thrusts forward.

You can feel the silky-smooth texture of Sakuya’s pussy through the tentacles, and her asshole has a similar smoothness to it, so soft that even with her clenching your tentacles almost seem to sink into them. You grunt out loud from the pleasure and sink to your knees, your hands grabbing onto the cheeks of Sakuya’s ass for support.

“Hmph. Look at you, squirming about like an undisciplined wretch.” Remilia says, giving Sakuya’s nipple one last harsh twist to punctuate her question.

“Pull out for a moment, please. This will be a good lesson for the maid.” Remilia leans to you and whispers in your ear.

The tentacles, to your surprise, pull out of Sakuya and give her a moment of breathing room. Remilia leans back down near Sakuya. She grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her head up off the floor.

“You remember the most important duty of a maid, don’t you? Or have you forgotten even that basic rule?” Remilia reaches down to fiddle with the binding on Sakuya’s arm, pulling them off after a moment. She puts her hands to the ground and tries to push herself off, but Remilia puts her heel squarely between the maid’s shoulderblades and forces her back down to the ground.

“I didn’t say you could move. If you’re in such a hurry to be done with, then why don’t you make this easier for our guest?” Remilia sneers.

She digs her heel deeper into Sakuya’s back. “Go on, show our guest how desperately you want to service him, and obey his every whim.”

Hesitantly, Sakuya reaches back between her legs, sliding her hands up her thighs until they come to her pussy. Her fingers carefully part her meaty lips, holding them open to let you see inside her. Her pussy is spread open wide from Tenta. It twitches open and closed hungrily, as if begging for you to stick yourself right back in.

Licking her lips, Remilia bends down and undoes the strap on the ball-gag. It clatters to the floor, followed by a pool of spittle as Sakuya starts coughing and gasping for air.

“Speak!” Sakuya barks, grinding her heel painfully against Sakuya.

“P-please use me, honored guest.” Sakua stammers, digging her fingers into her thick pussy-lips to spread herself open further. “Fill my holes with your cock and your tentacles, pump me full of your cum. Punish me for being a naughty, slutty failure of a maid.”

As soon as Sakuya’s done speaking, a tentacle crawls over her shoulder, sliding up her neck, then under her chin, and finally pressing against her open mouth. It dives inside at a slightly sideways angle and buries itself between her cheek and her teeth. Her mouth bulges out enough for you to see from behind, the tip of the tentacle pressing out against it with each thrust.

You push your hips forward and dig your erection into Sakuya’s thighs, hungry for feeling more of her.

‘C’mon, man. Don’t I get one of these holes?’

The tentacle inside her pussy flattens out and pushes against the top of her, leaving a pink, twitching gape of her pussy underneath it.

Room for two.

‘What? I’m not sticking my dick next to a tentacle!’

Why not? We’re kinda the same person anyway. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to pull out anytime soon, heh.

‘Dammit, Tenta…’

Ah, hell. You only live once.

You lift your hips up and slip your tip against Sakuya’s hole. Her loose, wet pussy almost sucks you in on its own, comfortably loosened enough that you’re in her to the root with barely a push. The tentacle inside her goes back to its round shape, now smaller so that both of you can fit. It continues thrusting, the slippery feeling oddly nice rubbing against the top of your shaf- oh, dammit, Tenta.


Trying not to think about that, and instead think about her soft, puffy insides slithering against your cock, you grip her ass a little harder and slam your hips against her. You soon make a rhythm with Tenta, pushing as he pulls back, constantly stimulating her and stretching her out.

“Mmh! Mmh!” Sakuya screams in overwhelming pleasure. The mixture of her juices and the slimy lubrication for the tentacles is so thick it starts dripping freely down onto the floor, splattering against your hips as you ram her. Her body tightens, in a different way this time. She’s clenching her muscles as if consciously resisting the pleasure, trying vainly to stave off an inevitable climax.

Not to be denied, a small tentacle thinner than your pinky finger slides between Sakuya’s legs and wraps around her defenseless clit. The length constricts around the hood of her small clit, peeling it back to the base while the tip nuzzles against her exposed, sensitive nub. Sakuya’s hips bob and sway, following the motions of the tentacle rubbing her clit, making your cock swirl inside her.

All the combined squeezing and shaking and moving brings you to a crescendo of pleasure. You fall onto Sakuya’s back and move your hands to her hips, bucking forward and slamming her deep against you until you can feel the base of the other tentacle pressed against your crotch. With a guttural grunt, your seed comes erupting out into the deepest parts of her insides. It all comes squirting out, one shot after another, overflowing inside her pussy and flowing out down her thighs, far more than you had expected.

Your climax comes to an end, and you lean back and pull out, exhausted in every sense of the word. The tentacles seem to be far from done, though. As if on cue, the tentacle in Sakuya's mouth pulls out to coat her face in thick gobs of its own sticky, cum-like fluid.

She coughs and splutters, the tentacle’s cum drooling out of her mouth. Her lips shiver, drawing in thin breaths, as if breathing deeply would be too much effort. She must be practically breaking herself, trying to resist her climax. The tentacle around her clit squeezes rhythmically, and the tip dips in between her clit and its hood, swirling around to touch every nook and cranny.

Sakuya screams, a loud, sharp scream of release as she constricts in ecstacy. Her body spasms as her scream trails off to a low, long moan. She goes slack and lies down against the ground as her orgasm slowly comes to an end. The tentacles give a few final thrusts for emphasis, ejecting the last of their fluids, then slither out of her with a wet slurp.

The room comes to a sudden silence as you lean back and sit down on the floor. A thick pool of cum, sweat, lubrication, and whatever those tentacles released is staining the carpet by you. Sakuya pushes herself off the ground and stands up, wincing slightly from soreness. Her legs hobble as she struggles to keep her balance. She makes a vain attempt to make herself look presentable, buttoning her blouse and adjusting her skirt. Almost every inch of her cloathing is soaked through and stained.

Ah, the signs of a job well done. You can practically hear his self-satisfied smile in your head.

The sudden sound of someone clearing their throat dramatically makes you look up. Oh, right, you’d almost completely forgotten that Remilia has been here the whole time.

“Well then,” she shakes her head, her short-cropped hair swishing past her eyes. “I’m afraid it’s time to discuss this matter more seriously.”

Sakuya nods, her face pursed in shame and guilt suddenly. Her mistress turns for the door, and Sakuya follows. As Remilia opens the door, she turns to you and nods.

“It may be a bit. Please, make yourself at home. Someone will be along in just a moment to attend to you, and make you more...” She waves at your torn, wet clothes. “...presentable.”
The room is completely still again. The only sounds you hear are crackle of a single mostly-burned log in the fireplace and the ticking of an old grandfather clock. A sudden knock on the door breaks the silence, and you hastily pull your robe closed just as a familiar-looking fairy flies in.

She’s small-statured with short-cropped dark hair. A pair of glasses with thin wire frames resting squarely on her nose, the round rims going down to the tops of her cheeks. A bundle of cloth tucked under her arm - well, not really ‘tucked,’ since it’s almost as big as she is.

“Prima.” You finally put a name to her face.

“Primavera, actually. The mistress sent me here to take care of you.” She glances away in an embarrassed half-smile. “And, um… I lost my glasses this morning. That’s why I wasn’t…” her voice trails off into a mumble.

She hastily floats down to the floor and throws the bundle of cloth onto the floor. She picks up the top of it, which turns out to be a towel, with a comfortable-looking robe underneath.

“A-Anyway, here, use this to... er... well, clean yourself up,” she mutters, taking great care not to look at your soaked clothing and half-exposed private bits under the rips in your clothes.

She tosses you the towel, then turns around and covers her eyes. You strip down again and wipe your crotch area clean. It feels almost sickeningly gooey and slimy as you rub the towel between your legs. No wonder you’ve been taking so many baths lately.

Once that’s done, you give your underwear a quick wipe-down to at least make it stop dripping and slip it back on. It’s still wet, but it’s at least wearable now.

Next, you pick up the neatly-folded robe by the collar and let it flip open. It’s got a red-and-black checkered pattern, with lines of gold thread running between the squares. You slide your arms into it. The sleeves go all the way down to your wrists, which you’ve never really seen in a robe before. Rather than hang loose, the sleeves stay close to your arms like a shirt would. The belt has a gold-plated clasp on the front, with the letters ‘SDM’ engraved in big, loopy letters on it. You loop the belt through the clasp and tighten it snug.

“Okay, it’s safe.”

Primavera opens her eyes and turns back to face you. She breathes a small sigh of relief when she sees that you are, in fact, clothed. She looks at the towel and old robe on the ground, piled up near the puddle of sex fluids, and cringes. She gingerly reaches out towards the clothes, then pulls back as if the clothes would leap out and smother her with nastiness if she tried to grab them too fast. After several more back-and-forth attempts, she manages to pinch the robe in one hand and the towel in the other.

“Eeeuuggh... I’ll just be off now, then.” Her face scrunches like she just smelled a skunk.

She flies for the door, floating low enough that the bottom of the robe brushes across the ground. She struggles to open the door with her hands occupied, but manages to do it with her feet after a few tries, and zips out of the room.

Now changed, you decide to take advantage of Remilia’s offer and help yourself to whatever you can find. After what you’ve just been through you could use a chance to relax. Nestled between two of the bookcases is an elaborate liquor cabinet, with a row of snifters and glasses hanging from small hooks on the top, and rows of unlabeled browns, whites, reds, dark yellows, and even one rather dangerous-looking green.

You grab a glass and decide to take a chance with one of the lighter browns. You pull off the stopper and take a sniff of the drink. The hazy scent of alcohol makes your nostrils sting. It smells like it’s strong enough for medical purposes. Regardless, you pour a few splashes of the drink into your snifter.

Now stocked with a drink, you turn your attention to the cabinet standing next to it. The shelves are about the size and shape of a regular bookshelf, but the entire outside is coated in glass. Stocked inside it are what must be hundreds of brown tubes, some of them thicker than your thumb and some of them as thin as a pen. You think you’ve seen them before… Cigars, that’s what they’re called.

You tug open the handle to the cabinet and grab a middle-sized cigar at random. You snap the container closed and pull open the wooden drawer underneath it, looking for a light. In addition to a pack of matches, there's a small wooden box with a v-shaped blade in it sitting amongst the other neatly-organised implements in the drawer. Trying to remember what you saw way back when a friend scored a few cigars from Yukari-knows-where, you use the device to snip off a notch at the closed end of the cigar.

That seemed like entirely too much effort, and you briefly think that this stuff had better be worth getting almost killed and fumbling around for a good ten minutes with globes and boxes and drawers. Though, if it’s in the Scarlet Devil’s personal collection, you'd assume it’s probably top of the line. Drink in one hand, cigar and matches in the other, you plop down in the nearest couch and set your spoils on the endtable, which thankfully has an ashtray.

You decide to start with the cigar, popping one end in your mouth as you flick one of the matches alight and hold it to the other end. Trails of smoke float up from the tip, so you figure it’s lit and suck in some smoke. Just one puff gives you a surprisingly heavy dose of tobacco, and you have to resist coughing from the thick smoke. You hold it in your lungs for a few seconds, then blow it out in a thin cloud. It makes a satisfying swirl in front of you, and almost instantly you can feel your mind start to cloud and buzz pleasantly, your muscles relaxing and letting you slack deeper into the chair.

You set the cigar in the ashtray and decide to try a sip of the unspecified-but-heavy drink. Putting the glass to your lips, you tip in a big mouthful and swallow it down. Even though you’re no stranger to beer and wine, the drink leaves an alcoholic burn in your throat that catches you off-guard. Once the tingling goes away though, it leaves behind a nice aftertaste, nutty and a little sweet.

You follow up with another puff of the cigar, now taking the time to get a feel for the flavor. It’s almost… fried-tasting, in a good way. It leaves a slightly spicy tang on your mouth when you breathe out another plume of smoke. The overall impression is a bit like that cheap (but great) Hunan food stand you went to once, with the added bonuses of tobacco and not feeling like your mouth is on fire.

‘…So, then.’ You decide to strike up a conversation with Tenta. You’re not sure why – and you vaguely have the feeling you’re ruining an otherwise relaxing and indulgent moment – but it feels like the right thing to do.

Yeah... hell of a day so far.

You take another pull of your cigar. Now that you’re more used to it you can hold a lungful of it for a good few seconds, letting the pleasant tingle spread through you. You watch the swirls of smoke twirl and mix together as you breathe out. Your mind’s still buzzing with thoughts, but it’s a bit more quiet now.

‘I wish I could just do this. Just... sit in a nice comfy chair with a drink, talk, relax. You probably just can’t wait to find the next warm hole to stick things in.’

Can’t deny the truth.

“Oh, come on.” You say it out loud without really meaning to. You’re just so spent after everything that happened, speaking mentally would take too much concentration at this point.

What? Still bent out of shape over Li’l Miss Ice-Bitch?

“Yeah, I’m ‘bent out of shape’ over almost getting killed and then getting pinned down and ridden by her. I’m ‘bent out of shape’ from this whole goddamn mansion being insane and fucking with me since the moment I stepped inside.” You lift up your glass and chug the rest of the spirits in one big mouthful to make your point. You breathe in through your nose, the alcohol thankfully making you calm down almost immediately.

“I thought this would be awesome, you know? Just, go around and fuck everyone.”

Yeah... even when you’re as great as I am, you have problems to deal with.

You’re too tired to bother getting angry again at Tenta being a dolt. You sigh, pinch your cigar between your lips, and breathe in. There’s been a question stewing in your head for a while now, and it’s about time you asked it.

“Did you... do that kind of stuff to people?”

It’s kind of an obvious question, and one that you feel like you should’ve asked days ago. There’s an assumption of how a tentacle monster is going to operate, but Tenta was so… well, such a goober most of the time that you never felt the need to ask. As much as you've learned about him, it would be dumb of you to think you'd know everything after only a week of knowing each other.

What? No. Straight-up, no. That wasn’t how I did things. I mean, shit, I get off on my partner’s pleasure, and thinking you’re gonna die doesn’t really get most people rarin’ to go.

“What about Reiko?”

The question kind of slips out by itself. That question, too, seems like a pretty obvious one, but with everything that’s happened you’ve never gotten a moment’s rest to just talk to Tenta. He doesn’t seem too eager to answer it.

There’s a long pause while Tenta mulls over the question, thinking to himself hard enough to make the roots on your chest swell slightly. You take another puff of your cigar, a sizeable hunk of ash now formed on the end. You tap it off into the ashtray and lean back into the chair.

That was... a mistake. Goddammit. I didn’t... it just... ffffuck. I didn’t even want you to see it, that story just sort of… popped out.

“What, did you think if you never told anyone it’d just go away?”

I don’t... you... rrgh... He sighs in frustration. Tenta’s flustered enough for even his thought-words to become scattered and broken. You’re awfully astute for a farmer, aren’t you.

But… I’m never gonna do that shit again. Ever. I don’t want Shiki any angrier at me. What’s done is done, and I’ve learned my lesson. Good lord, I don’t want to be sealed again.

You don’t really say anything in response. Hell, what can you say? And why didn’t Reimu mention it at all when you met her? Wouldn’t she have killed Tenta the second she saw him?

Oh shit, speaking of sex and violence. A realization hits you like a slap to the face. You came inside Sakuya. It was easy to forget, having gotten so used to youkai. If having children with human partners was easy for them, you'd probably see more half-youkai running around. But Sakuya's a human, so...

This could be bad. Really bad.

Pfft, relax. As if the great mini-bar of sex fluids would let you knock her up.

Your voice drops down to a mutter. “You mean… you did the thing? The jizz thing?”

Yep. One hundred percent baby-proof.

“Oh Shizuha, that’s a relief."

Wait a minute. Come to think of it, you wonder if Remilia even thought of the same thing. It doesn't seem like something she would particularly worry herself about on a regular basis.

"Should we tell Remilia?”


“Tell me what?” Remilia’s voice purrs to you from behind the couch.

You sit up and turn around in shock, but by then she’s already in front of the chair. You sheepishly sit back down and face her. She seems to take this as an invitation, and climbs up into your lap, facing you. It doesn’t really feel like she’s coming on to you, it feels more like a sisterly gesture than anything else.

“It’s fine. We all have our secrets to keep, after all.” She giggles, almost too soft be heard, and rests her chin on your shoulder. “Mind if I have a puff?”

“Er, sure.”

Remilia slides her hand along your arm, still draping the cigar in the ashtray. Her palm brushes against the back of your hand as she pinches the cigar from you and brings it to her mouth. Turning around to sit back in your lap, she takes a long drag off of it. She holds it in for a few seconds, blowing out a perfect ring of white smoke as she exhales.

You slide your hand under Remilia’s arms and hug her gently, patting her stomach. She hums happily and leans back against you. She’s short enough that the top of her head is almost under your chin. The two of you sit like this for a few minutes, happy to share a peaceful, almost picturesque moment of silence, save for the soft crackle of the fire, the ticking of a clock, and Remilia’s soft breath.

“I’m... truly sorry about what Sakuya did,” she says all of a sudden, sounding markedly more timid than earlier. She sets the cigar aside and shuffles around, pressing her knees on your thighs, showing you a worried half-smile as she holds her small, cool hand to your face. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

You don't answer right away. Some part of you wants to say that Sakuya hasn't been punished enough, but you realise that's just your feelings of outrage talking. You know you shouldn’t snap at Remilia, she’s the one who rescued you.

“I won't lie to you, I won’t be over it anytime soon,” you answer calmly.

Remilia nods in agreement. “And I feel much the same."

The confidence returns to both her smile and her voice. "You should be glad to know Sakuya will be spending a few months living in the basement. There will be absolutely no tolerance of guests being harmed.”

She pushes herself off of your lap and starts to fuss with the liquor cabinet. She looks over the various bottles and eventually decides she’s satisfied with one.

“I’d like you to have this." She presents you with the bottle. "A small token of apology. I don’t want you to think I’m taking this lightly.”

“Um, thank you.” It’s a nice gesture, though you really wish it was under different circumstances. Regardless, you stand up and take the bottle from her.

“Well, that’s settled. For now, at least. I believe we should be going.”

She nods at you and walks to the door, holding it open for you. She really does seem to be torn up about the whole ordeal, if she’s showing you this much courtesy. With a silent nod of thanks, you follow Remilia out into the halls.


Meanwhile, in a house in the Forest of Magic…

You drum your fingers on your desk, letting out a small grunt in frustration as you realize you’ve read the same page about the applications of beeswax as a magical conduit and still don’t remember a word of it. You’re too busy thinking about, well… him.

Has it really only been a few days? It feels like you’ve been together for weeks. Months. You’ve never really been in a relationship since a long time ago. You fooled around a bit with another young magician, but that never went beyond some kissing with him. Yet all of the sudden, a farmer winds up on your doorstep, shabby-looking and dirty, and before you know it you’re in the bedroom together.

In a way, it’s wonderful. He brought out a side in you that you’ve kept bottled up for so long. You felt so free, so liberated when you made love with him. When he saw your fetishes and embraced them. It’s almost scary how fast your perspective changed. Is everone else like that too? From the way Yukari acted at the meeting, it’s as if every woman in Gensokyo was taking a number and lining up to get their turn with him.

You wonder if… hmm. You think back to fooling around with Sunny. Was that just you getting caught up in the moment?

You snap the book closed. You should pay Marisa a visit. To talk. You hurry out the door and take the quick trip to Marisa’s house, only to find a note pinned to her door.

“Well, it seems I am away! Perhaps I’m out in a newly-discovered ancient ruin, digging up long-lost treasures hidden within its walls. Perhaps I’ve found another flying ship, and am deep in its belly, making off with all kinds of loot! In any case, I’m not here right now. Don’t try stealing my stuff, there’s traps everywhere. <3”

Well, that wasn’t what you had planned. You make a quick mental list of other people you could visit. After a moment of thought, you decide on…

[ ] Byakuren. She’s a pretty friendly woman, from what you’ve seen.
[ ] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.
[ ] Go back home for now. With Aya’s article, someone’s bound to drop by with… lots of questions.
[x] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.

[x] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.

Curious about what'd happen with Keine.
[x] Byakuren. She’s a pretty friendly woman, from what you’ve seen.
[x] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.

Glad to have you back.
[x] Byakuren. She’s a pretty friendly woman, from what you’ve seen.

Bya always good for a shoulder
[x] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.
Yay, you're back~

[x] Go back home for now. With Aya’s article, someone’s bound to drop by with… lots of question.
[x] Go back home for now. With Aya’s article, someone’s bound to drop by with… lots of questions.
[x] Byakuren. She’s a pretty friendly woman, from what you’ve seen.
[x] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.

Mmm, sexy teacher...
[c] Keine. She's probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.

Teach me, Keine-sensei!
Closing votes!

Alice is off to visit Keine. To talk! Y'know, talk about relationships and such. And not make out with her.


No sir.
Well, damn. Seems my updating schedule has ground down pretty slowly. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm working on my story. I've just had more responsibilities (working almost full-time now in addition to correspondence courses and doing some business-from-home stuff) that've made my free time less and less, and given me less energy and motivation to write at the end of the day when I finally get to breathe.

I love writing this story though, and refuse to let it die. Sage for not an update.
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[x] Keine. She’s probably the most level-headed person in Gensokyo.

Keine, the schoolteacher in the human village, comes to mind. She’s not exactly a close friend like Marisa, you usually only see her when the two of you are dealing with whatever catastrophe decided to stroll into Gensokyo that week. Still, you’ve always felt a bit of a personal connection with her, since you’re both humans who became youkai. Not to mention that you’re both two of the most level-headed people in Gensokyo.

Er, not to pat yourself on the back or anything.

In any case, she seems like the type of woman who’s always ready for a friendly chat, and more importantly, can be trusted with a secret. You return to the air, soaring higher than laste time to make the trip to the village.

It was… what, a few years ago that you last saw her? Ever since you became a youkai, you sense of time has become distorted. Days, weeks, years - they’ve all started to blend together. Plus, you’re still distracted with thinking about being tied down.

“Ahoy, there!” a voice calls up to you from below.

You roll to a halt in midair and notice someone flagging you down from the gates of the human village. You’ve reached the village without even realizing it. You float down next to him, feeling a little bashful for almost flying right in. The guard visibly relaxes as you touch down next to him.

He certainly looks the part of a guard: tall, thick-chested, with a dirty-brown tan from head to toe. His red vest, which matches his short, baggy pants, billows out slightly, showing a bit of sweat-stained sarashi underneath. A long spear and the armor he’s probably supposed to be wearing are lying unused against the fence behind him.

You give a polite, apologetic bow to the guard. “Sorry for trying to intrude.”

“No worries, youkai flying over the village just make us a little nervous.” He gives a good-natured chuckle, seemingly more amused than anything else by the though of an attacking youkai. “But you don’t seem the troublemaking type, Miss… Margatroid, right?”

“That’s right,” you answer, a bit surprised that he knows your name. “I’m just here to speak with Miss Kamishirasawa.”

The guard smiles happily at hearing her name. “Oh, Keine? Sweet lass, that one. D’you know where she lives?”

“Actually, directions would be nice.”

He gestures behind him into the village. “Head down the main road, take a left when you get to the crossroads with the big town garden. If you see the school, she’s just past there. Should be a sign, can’t miss it.”

“Thank you very much.” You nod again and walk past him. He gives a friendly wave before turning his attention back to the skies.

Following his directions, you decide to walk rather than start floating around and draw even more attention to yourself. Even though it’s not a market day, there’s still a buzz of activity. A pair of old people are sitting on the side of the street, smoking from long metal pipes, deeply involved in a board game. A blacksmith is hammering noisily at his latest work. A group of women sit next to each other, mending clothes and chatting in the fresh air.

You’ve never quite been used to the sights and sounds of everyday life, even before you were a magician, but over the past few days you’ve become a bit more relaxed with it – along with many other things. You’re surprised that nobody seems to pay you much mind, but you realize pretty quickly that neither fancy clothing nor magicians are unique around here.

As you reach the center of the crossroads, there’s a thick garden surrounding a tall, sprawling statue of a dragon. It’s up on its hind haunches, tongue half-out, thick, bushy eyebrows furrowed. A tiger youkai you vaguely remember is seated on the grass, surrounded by young children, talking about youkai and humans getting along. She gives you a friendly wave upon noticing you. You return the wave and give her a smile, then get back to walking.

The number of buildings thins out as you follow the straight road. You pass a large building on the right of the street. Though not fancy, it’s pretty well-maintained. There’s a fresh white coat of paint over the walls, and a large sign saying “Hieda School of History” in ornate calligraphy hangs over the entryway. Nice as it is, it looks like it could’ve just as easily been a mill or a shop or a brewery or just about anything. According to the guard, Keine’s house should be just past here.

Not too far away from the school is a large garden. Neat rows of glowing, shining colors: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and eggplants. It’s very well-kept, probably not large enough to be a family business but large enough that it must take a lot of time. A row of flowers lines the end of the garden, bringing even more red, yellow, and purple colors.

Just past the garden is a small, rinky-dink looking house. The bamboo shade is drawn completely shut over the front window, and the candles on the porch are unlit, making it look abandoned. Were it not for a sign saying “Kamishirasawa residence” hanging over the front door, you probably would have just passed by.

You walk up to the door and give it a knock. There’s no response. It makes sense that, with the curtains drawn and the lights off, she’s probably not at home. You’re about to turn and head back when you hear a rustling sound from inside. The bottom of the shade rises up and a pair of eyes peers at you for a split-second before the shade snaps back down again. There’s another set of hurried rustling sounds, followed by the clinking sound of glass on glass. This really isn’t the reception you pictured; Keine never seemed the type to hold secrets.

A few seconds later, the door opens to reveal Keine in the flesh. One of the first things you notice is that she’s a few inches taller than you, your eyes meet her chin when you’re looking straight ahead. The second thing you notice is that she’s an absolute mess. Her silvery hair is tousled and messy under her hat, the blue streaks in her hair going every which way. Her dress, in addition to being a little too small for her and clinging to her skin, is askew on her shoulders. Her eyes have the puffy redness that comes from too much crying.

“I-I’m sorry, is this a bad time?” You lean back away from her, feeling awkward and more than a little guilty for stumbling into her in the middle of something obviously unpleasant.

“No, not at all! Please, come on in.” She chirps. A thick, acidic sour smell fills your nose when she speaks. Her face is forced into an obvious smile, more like a skintight mask than an actual face.

She turns around and gestures for you to come inside. There’s a thick floormat in the middle of the living room with two pillows around it, taking up most of the floorspace. A few stacks of papers line one end of the mat, along with books and writing materials.

She takes a seat by the floormat, taking the papers and putting them on the floor beside her in an oddly stiff motion. She flashes her forced smile at you again and motions for you to take a seat. Feeling that it’s too late to back out now, you sit down.

“So, what can I do for you?” she says, somehow breaking an awkward silence where there was none.

“Oh, I was just thinking we could talk.” You glance at the floor, feeling even more embarassed for coming now. As much as you want to just get up and leave, you resist.

“Oh, alright. Would you like some tea?” Keine drums her fingers on her lap. Her forced sociability is getting harder and harder to ignore.

“No, but thank you.”

“Okay then.” Keine scratches the back of her neck. Apparently you just cut off her last route of escape. She caves in, shrugs, and slumps her posture. “Then, how are things?”

“Things are… going. It’s been quite a ride.”

“Ah, that’s right. You’re with the…” She nods her head, trying to find the right word to sum up your current relationship.


“How’s that going? He isn’t being weird to you, is he?” Keine narrows her eyes with a stern look very fitting of a schoolteacher, ready to march right up to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and waggle her finger at him right now if need be. You smile a little, reassured by the more natural expression on her face.

“No, nothing like that. Well, obviously it’s weird, but he hasn’t been forcing me into anything.”

“Well, if it ever gets creepy, you can come to me.”

“That’s sort of why I’m here, actually.” You smile shyly, feeling more like a student than a friend coming to talk. “I just figured it’d be nice to have someone to talk to about the whole thing.”

“Ah… well, I don’t know how much help I can be there.” Keine makes a self-depricating chuckle.

“It’s weird, you know?” You prop your hands on the floor and lean back. “I thought by now that relationships would be a lot simpler than magic.” You share her chuckle.

Keine gives a sympathetic “aww” and shuffles around the floormat to sit next to you. She puts an arm around your shoulder, now fully in the role of the caring, concerned schoolteacher. “Does it bother you how he’s going out, you know, with everyone around?”

You breathe in through your nose, wishing you had accepted that cup of tea so you could take a moment and sip at it to gather your thoughts. “I won’t lie, it bothers me, but I feel like that’s just the jealousy talking. I mean, who knows? Maybe the old sort of watching someone from afar, the will-we-or-won’t-we… maybe it doesn’t have to be that complicated.”

“Yeah. I suppose you might have a point.” Keine’s mouth tightens into a straight line. Her brow clenches, half-angry and half-focused. She sits like that, looking straight ahead for a long moment, obviously lost somewhere deep inside her mind. The two of you sit in silence for a few painfully long minutes.

“Keine, are you okay?”

“Of course.” She looks at you, chewing her lip so hard it looks like she’s going to bite it right off.

You don’t seem very okay.”

Keine shuts her eyes and looks away, suddenly ashamed of herself. “I’m sorry. I’ve never been a very good liar.”

You shift around to face her body and put your arms around her waist. You pull her in close, making her soft belly press against you, and gently pat her back.

“’Hugs are the best therapy.’ That’s what you told me, right?”

Keine’s silent for a long moment, but eventually drapes her other arm over your shoulder and returns your hug. She holds onto you for dear life, hanging her head down to rest on your shoulder.

“Rinnosuke…” she mutters into your ear.

“The shopkeeper?”

Keine draws in a deep, shuddering breath. “I’ve known him since we were both kids. He… I always loved him, ever since I was a child I’d daydream about us getting married and raising a family.” She blubbers, stopping only to breathe in again. “I always thought he was so wonderful and kind and if I just tried hard enough I could get him to love me.” Her words trail off into sobs, and she nestles her head deeper against her shoulder, muffling her whimpers.

“It’s my fault.” She whispers into your shoulder. “It’s my fault for being silly and thinking I could make someone love me if I tried hard enough. I’m just a frumpy old schoolteacher.”

Suddenly, it becomes clear what she’s talking about. The last time you saw Rinnosuke, he was arm-in-arm with Yuugi at Yukari’s party. You hadn’t given it any thought since then, but it seems like the word got around pretty fast.


You look down at her. She glances up at you, eyes wet with tears, silvery hair messy and tousled, just generally looking like a mess. Her mouth hangs slightly open, shaking just a little with her deep breaths.

Looking into her tearful brown eyes is like a mirror to your past self. The loneliness, the tears, the hopeless feeling that maybe there's nobody out there who really cares about you - you've been there before. The impressions of those emotions begin to bubble up in your chest, aching like a long-faded scar at the sight of her sad expression.

You want to let her know that there's at least one person who cares. There's a chance it may not work, but you'll damn well give it your best shot.

You close your eyes and lean forward. In a split second, your nose is pressing into her cheek. Just after that, you feel your lips touch hers. Your eyes close as you make contact with her, making you navigate by feel alone. Her lips are moist and soft, squishing as you lean forward a little more and slide your tongue into her mouth. There’s a tangy, sweet taste on her mouth much like you smelled earlier, definitely the taste of wine. You tilt your head forward, dancing your tongue over hers.

Your eyes drift back open, and for a split-second you’re staring right into Keine’s eyes, snapped wide open in an almost horrified look. You jerk your head away, realizing what you just did. You break the hug, scramble to your feet, and move past Keine to the door. Your face is so hot it feels like it’s burning.

“R-really, I should just go, I’m so sorry, I didn’t… I mean… I have no idea why I did that.”

Keine’s sitting completely still exactly where you left her, pressing a hand to her lips. Her eyes meet yours and you freeze on the spot, mid-step, staring back at her. As much as you want to just run out the door, you know things will only get worse if you do. At the same time, some part of you realizes that you really enjoyed that kiss, more than you expected.

Keine runs a hand past her cheek, brushing the loose strands of silvery hair out of her eyes. “That was… wow. That’s a new one.”

“I’m so sorry, I swear-“

“Alice.” Keine looks up at you, her face tightened like it’s trying to rebel against every word she says. “If I told you I enjoyed that, would you think I was… weird?”

Well, even if you weren’t expecting it, that’s probably the best response you could hope for.

You shake your head, trying your best to answer the question calmly. “No, not at all. I mean, I’m the one who started it.”

Keine stands up and gets as close to you as she dares. “Well, that’s good. Because, um… if we kept going…” there’s a strangely hopeful note to her voice. “…I wouldn’t mind that.”

She takes a step closer to you, then reels back like someone pulled her away. “No, I shouldn’t. I mean, you’ve already got someone… right?”

You step forward and slide your arm around her waist again. You may not have come here for any sort of physical intimacy, but right now, that’s what your body wants. You’ve realized you think Keine is beautiful, and beneath her skittish embarrassment, you can feel that’s what she wants too. You’re done lying to yourself.

“Please don’t tease me, Keine. If you’re ready to do this, then I am too.”

Keine purses her lips, mulling over the thought for a long moment. You can see the apprehension in her eyes, but you can also see something else. Desire. The need to be close to someone. She doesn’t just want you, she needs you.

“I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. But… I think I’m ready for this.”

She slides one arm up your back until it goes past your neck. A gentle pressure pushes against the back of your head and pulls you against Keine’s lips. Her tongue slips into your mouth and gives you a clumsy, obviously inexperienced kiss. You roll your tongue over hers and caress its underside, eager to show her what a proper kiss feels like.

Your hands drift down her back, eventually reaching her buttocks. You give them a squeeze. Her hips are wide enough that your fingers sink into her backside, walls of flesh on either side of your hands telling you that there’s more than a handful to grab. Keine whimpers into your mouth, excited just from the simple act of squeezing.

Your hands rise up to around her waist and pull her in tight against you. Her thick, round breasts smother yours, pressing against them in an oddly pleasurable way. You pull even harder against her until her stomach and hips smother more of you.

Keine breaks the kiss. “Alice, maybe I should-“

“Ssh.” You cut her off with a curt finger against her lip. “Don’t worry about anything. Just enjoy the moment and let me make you feel good.”

Her face squirms nervously. Somewhere in the back of your mind you think you may be being a bit rough with her, but you’re too caught up in the moment, too lost in this woman’s soft body to care. You put your hands on her shoulders and guide her down onto her back. Her arms splay out above her head, her hat tumbling off her head, letting her hair fly freely over her face.

You brush the hair out of her eyes and lean down for another kiss. Your lips rake over hers, pinching around her tongue and sucking on it. Her soft, happy whimpers tickle your ears, urging you to go on further. You let go of her tongue and lean back. She lies there on the floor, arms still draped above her head like a napping cat, pleasure growing in her face. She’s putty in your hands.

You wonder if this is what you look like when you’ve been draped over the bed, ready for sex. The look of curious wanting, the heavy breaths making her chest rise and fall: it all reminds you of yourself in that same situation, and how good it felt to have someone inside you, close to you, pleasing you.

You grab the knot of her ribbon and tug it open, her collar loosening and unfolding itself, like it’s presenting the cleavage of Keine’s thick, round breasts to you. You pinch the top button on her collar and undo it. The fabric spreads apart, eager to have more breathing room. Her cleavage presents itself to you, a v-shape of pale, round flesh, eager to have more room to hang free. You undo the second button, making a small ripple travel throughout her breasts as they stretch out and make themselves comfortable, showing small streaks of blue veins run along her skin. You undo the last button, making her breasts strain to get out. Her dress must have been tighter than it looked.

You unfold her collar, tugging it down beneath her bust. You eat up her bare chest with your eyes. Her areolae are a light, creamy pink color, so thick and puffy that they actually smother her nipples. There’s a small pursed hole at the top of them, where you presume her nipples are hiding.

“I’ve never seen anything like these,” you mutter to yourself.

“Ah, don’t…” she whimpers. Her lips curl down in shame.


“It’s just… they’re…” Red color flushes into her cheeks. “So weird, aren’t they?”

“They’re certainly different.” You smile up at her. “But I still want to play with them.” You must look like an absolute loon right now. Still, the promise of playing with her breasts has made the fear and anxiety slip away from Keine’s face.

She leans back, a little bit more relaxed now, and rests an arm under her breasts like she’s presenting them to you. You trace your finger around her plump areola before pressing at the tight hole. You lightly pinch the mound of her areola and peel it back like a foreskin, turning it inside-out to reveal the tiny nipple hiding inside. Keine makes a quick shiver from her nipple being exposed to the open air. If it’s hidden like that most of the time, it must be awfully sensitive.

You spread your mouth and lower your face against Keine’s breast, tingling a little with excitement at being so intimate. Every little sensation, the wet sound of your lips parting, Keine’s soft shivers of excitement, is urging you to keep going. The smell of Keine’s skin fills your nose. There’s a faint saltiness of sweat mixed in with her natural odor, and a hint of a fresh, earthy smell. The smell of fresh tomatoes and cabbage, the smell of hearty homemade soups.

Slowly and carefully, your lips meet her breast. Her plump mound moves past your lips and into your mouth, the soft nub of her nipple landing against your tongue. You run your tongue along her nipple in one smooth stroke, coating it with saliva. Even one simple lick was enough to make her moan happily. She tightens her chest in response and presses her bust deeper against your face.

In response, you suck on her nipple and pull it into your mouth. She lets out a yelp of pleasure as your teeth scrape against her areola, her skin stretching out to fill your mouth. You swirl your tongue in quick circles around her nipple, wanting to please her more and hear more of her pleasured moans and squeaks. The effect on her is intense, her head tilts back, her hands grip the floor, and her lips tighten as she lets out another yelp.

Her excited, almost confused-sounding squeaks of pleasure only egg you on to do more. You slide your hand down from Keine’s chest, feeling its way down her soft belly to finally grab a handful of her thick, smooth thighs. Her legs clench instinctively, squashing your hand in their pillowey softness. You knead her thigh-meat as you continue to suckle against her breast, bringing out a chorus of whimpers, moans, and hums. Her legs loosen and her knees drift apart. Your hand inches up between her legs.

“Mh, wait.” Keine puts a hand on your arm suddenly, barely managing to speak through her moans.

“What’s wrong?”

“We should probably go to the bedroom first.” Her voice cracks a little, you’re not sure if it’s from embarrassment or the lust getting to her.

“You’re right.” You grin even harder, as if you could give your enthusiasm to her and make all her fears disappear.

You rise up onto your feet, glancing out the window for peeping toms even though the curtains are drawn. You offer Keine a hand, which she gladly takes. As soon as she’s on her feet, her knees wobble slightly like they’re made of jelly. She leans against the wall to steady herself.

“Whew…” she sighs, continuing to be surprised at how good she’s feeling. Your eyes can’t stay away from her breasts, jiggling as she steadies herself. You only now notice that her left one, the one you’ve been sucking, is a little smaller than her other. The asymmetry, with one nipple standing proud and free, slick with saliva, and the other still puckered inside its cover, is sexy in a strange, beautiful way.

Keine takes a few steps towards her bedroom and your eyes briefly meet. You get another tingle of excitement and expectation, the thrill of experimenting with your body and someone else’s. The corners of Keine’s lips pull up into a sincere, beautiful smile as she leans closer to you. Her arm brushes against yours, and your hands meet. The two of you lock your fingers together as Keine pushes open the door to her bedroom. With the sun setting outside and the curtains drawn inside, it’s almost too dark to see inside.

“Here, one second.” Keine lets go of you and walks somewhere into the room. There’s a clicking sound, and a lamp flickers to life, illuminating her room. Keine’s on her knees above her bed. It’s small, down directly against the floor with a thick quilt over it. It looks like it was definitely designed for one. You crawl onto the bed and climb next to her. Before you can put your hands on her, she puts hers against your shoulders.

“I want to… undress you first.” She blurts out before you can change her mind.

“Okay.” You smile.

Shaking with the mental effort, she grabs the bow around your collar and tugs it open, letting it undo itself and hang over your shoulders. Her hands close around the top button of your dress. Her trembling makes it difficult for her to undo your buttons, though she manages to do it after a few tries. She remains absolutely focused on your pale skin slowly revealing itself under your dress as she works the buttons further down. With the third button undone your bra is clearly visible, a thick white with purple frills at the top.

Once the rest of your buttons are handled, she pulls your collar aside and lets it slip off of your body. You raise your arms and slide your dress off of your body to spare her the embarrassment of having to tug it off herself. She absorbs your figure, looking you up and down with a hint of jealousy in her eyes. She crawls forward and reaches a hand behind you, finding the clasp of your bra and fiddling with the hooks. After a second you feel the slight pressure on your breasts release as the clasp pops free and let your bra fall down to the floor.

All that’s left now is your panties. You lean back and spread your legs, displaying the inside of your thighs. Keine gets on all fours and crawls up close to you. Her finger loops around the edge of your panties. She’s trembling so hard she practically smacks you as she pulls it down past your knees. She glances at your now-bare crotch, then jerks her head away, as if she just suddenly stumbled into her room and found you naked on her bed.

“You’re b-beautiful.” She stammers. She hazards another glance back at your nude form, a bit of jealousy mixed in with her surprise and admiration.

“You are, too.”

“W-well, my turn,” she chuckles awkwardly and leans away, getting back up on her knees.

“Hang on.”

You put a hand on her right breast and palm it, sinking your fingers into her skin. You wriggle your finger against the tight hole on her breast, tracing it in circles around her areola, still trapping her nipple inside.

“I want to let your partner out.”

You tickle the underside of the mound. She lets out a quiet squeak and shivers, making her breast quiver like gelatin. You plant a kiss on the underside of her breast and poke it with your tongue, pulling some of it into your mouth. Your hand drifts towards your crotch, quite moistened by this point, and you absentmindedly start to rub your pussy, dipping your finger just barely between your labia and sliding it back and forth.

“Mmnh… It’s coming out…” Keine groans.

Her mound quivers and shudders like it’s about to burst, unraveling itself just a little. You tap against the hole and run your finger over it, giving it just a little tug and pulling the nipple out fully. The pleasure makes her go weak in the knees, wobbling in place. She falls onto her knees, then flops back onto the bed. You climb on top of her, stroking yourself more aggressively now, letting your finger slide inside yourself. You tickle the walls of your pussy with the tip of your finger as your mouth finds Keine’s nipple again, continuing your licking.

You bring out your hand, now coated in your juices, and slide your hands under her loosened dress. You pull it down past her arms, lifting her legs up as you pull it off of her. Her belly now hangs free, not quite enough to dangle but enough to leave pleasant handfuls all over her. Even with her jelly, there’s a noticeable curve to her waist, helped by her voluptuous chest and thick, round hips. Her legs are pressed together, her plump thighs rubbing against each other. You hungrily dive your face against her ponch, too distracted to finish undressing her. Her belly squishes around your face, much softer than any bed you’ve ever slept on. It’s like she’s your own personal cushion.

“Do you really… ungh…” Keine mutters.

You tilt your head up, propping your chin on her stomach and giving her a leery, lusty grin. “Do I really what?”

“Do you really… like this?”

“What, your belly?” You grab a handful of her, kneading and massaging her.

“I mean…” Keine puts a hand to her face.

You decide to prove that you like it with your actions. You rapidly plant one kiss after another along her tummy, still squeezing and rubbing her flesh with your hands. You rake your teeth along the skin just under her navel, then pinch some of her belly into your mouth and suckle on it with even more love and excitement than you showed her breasts. Even if she’s been embarrassed about her body this whole time, you couldn’t care less. You’re going to love her, fondle her body and please her until she loves herself.
You grab twin handfuls of her belly and dive your face between your hands, pressing the handfuls of her against your head, smothering yourself as much as possible in the overpowering warmth, smell, and squishy softness. You shake your head against her, sending ripples through her belly. A wetness presses against your collarbone, nestled between her thighs. That’s right, as much as you could spend all day in her belly, it’s time to take this further.

You pull your head away from her stomach and slide down between her thighs, sticking your rear up in the air as you slide back. You face meets her panties, now with a thick damp spot between her legs. You scrape your teeth across the hem of her panties, lifting them away from her to reveal a patchy, whispy tuft of white hair all around her crotch. You pull her panties a little way down her thighs with your teeth, then let go and use your hands to finish the job.

Thick, plump lips of flesh surround her labia, smothering them from view. You put a finger on either side of them and spread them apart, revealing the pink, twitching walls of her sex. Keine lets out a whimper of either embarrassment or lust – you don’t care either way, her voice sounds so distant when you’re buried in her thighs, this close to her most intimate place. You spread her mound further until her clit is revealed, bright red and half-sheathed in its hood, a round nub poking out inside the loose flesh.

You poke at the top of her clit and peel the hood back with one smooth swipe of your finger. Keine’s whole body shakes just from the act of spreading. Her hips clench and press against your hand, begging for more of your touch. You run your fingers back and forth over her clit, rubbing it back and forth, almost batting it between your fingers. Keine spasms, alternating between tensing every muscle in her body and going totally limp from your touch.

“Oh guh… oh god… slower…” She’s hyperventilating, her belly rising and falling rapidly with each breath. You slow your rubbing down just a little, still being plenty rough with it.

“That’s… aangh… so good…” Her voice is high and breathy, all she can manage to squeak out between gasps and whimpers. You can feel the moisture spreading from her crotch, sticking to your fingers. You wriggle your hand around beneath her panties, bringing your finger near her pussy and keeping your thumb against her clit. Your finger slides in easily up to the knuckle. It’s very… comfortable, in a way. You can feel her thick, round mound as your hand presses against her, even softer than her belly. Just the insertion makes her pussy shiver and clench around you. You quickly slip in another finger and begin to pump them back and forth, rubbing your thumb in quick circles against her clit.

Keine goes wordless, leaning her head up in absolute bliss. She’s completely at your mercy. You pull your hand out, soaked wet all over, and quickly yank her panties down to her knees. Before she can say anything, you dive between her legs, her round thighs acting like welcoming padding as your lips meet her wet, trembling pussy.

You hungrily slurp at the juices pouring from her, licking her up and down from the base of her pussy up to her clit. Her juice has a sharp, almost metallic taste that makes your mouth feel like it’s tingling. After a moment it leaves a sweet, tangy aftertaste on your mouth. You press your lips against her nub and lap your tongue at it. The swollen, engorged bit savors every moment. You lap at her crotch, rubbing your tongue over the soft patches of hair around her pussy, licking up and down her thick mound-lips.

“Oh god oh god oh god, Alice…” Keine moans.

You don’t respond, you just continue to lavish her with attention. Being this close to her is intoxicating. You slide one hand between your thighs and arc the other one up around your hips. You tickle at your pussy, now thoroughly soaked, and press three fingers inside yourself, stretching out your slender hole just a little. Your other hand darts between your buttocks and gently tickles at your asshole, making your pussy clench against your fingers. The feeling of fullness is almost enough to distract you from Keine’s pussy, but you keep yourself focused on her, licking everywhere between her thighs as you pump your fingers inside yourself and rub and tap at your asshole.

“Alice, please, it’s too much!” She shouts.

You force yourself to pull away from her. By this point she’s leaking enough juice that it’s starting to pool around her thighs, staining the quilt beneath her. Her eyes are wide in surprise, the deer-caught-in-a-trap look is back on her face.

“I didn’t… that’s…” She struggles to find the right words. “…with your mouth? But I mean, isn’t that…”

Even if you should probably feel a little guilty for this, her embarrassment is just adorable. That, and the thought that you’re driving her half-crazy with pleasure is wonderfully exciting. You lie back down on her, greeted by her familiar softness, and shimmy up her until you’re looking into her eyes.

“Alright, if it’s embarrassing you, how about I try something else?”

Not even bothering to wait for an answer, you reach down and spread her legs slightly apart, letting you rest your legs between hers. Yes, you think to yourself, this is the best way to do it: nestled right against her, your face against her neck, body-to-body. You move your hips around, experimenting to try and find a way to make both of you feel good. The hair around Keine’s crotch tickles at your clit. You shift again, and your clit smacks against hers, pressing into the swollen nub.

“Gack!” Keine yelps, clenching her legs against your side.

“There, isn’t this nice?” You coo against her shoulder. You grind your hips slowly, flicking your clit against hers just hard enough to tingle with pleasure. Keine wraps her arms and legs around you, trapping you against her.

“Oh, you like it?”

“Don’t stop,” is all Keine manages to get out.

That’s all the encouragement you need. Your grinding gradually speeds up into a short rocking motion. You press your lips to Keine’s neck, planting tender kisses along it and nipping at her. Her shaking grows more and more violent, making your clits dance together faster and faster.

“Alice.” Keine leans her head up to your ear. “Alice, this feels so good.”

“I love you, Keine.”

Keine’s fingers dig into your back, grabbing your shoulderblades. You nip at her collar, shaking and shivering just as much as she is. You feel so content, surrounded by the safety of her body. You grab handfuls of her jelly-belly again, squeezing and kneading her in rhythm with your grinding. You can feel your fingers dig into her skin, tugging on her as the pleasure builds up inside you.

“Alice… Alice, I’m going to…!”

Keine lets out such a scream, if you hadn’t seen her you would’ve thought someone was trying to kill her. Her hips start thrusting against you hard enough to make your body bouce against hers. Her fingernails dig into your back hard enough to scratch you.

Her thrusting slows until she goes limp, loosening her grip and letting you roll off of her. The bed’s so small that your back hits the wooden floor. You lie there without saying a word for a long time, listening to Keine gasp and try to catch her breath. Once she’s calmed down, she turns back to face you, now beaming with a lovely afterglow. She wordlessly puts her arms around your shoulders and pulls you back on top of the bed. She slides one arm under you and drapes her other over your side.

“Yes, hugs really are the best therapy.” She giggles to herself and nuzzles her cheek against your forehead.

She holds you just like that, not moving. In just a few minutes her breathing slows and her grip loosens. She’s asleep – she must’ve worn herself out. Actually, a nap sounds good right about now…

Your eyes snap open what feels like a few seconds later, but you know some times has passed. Keine’s nowhere to be seen. You groggily roll up and notice the lantern is still on, showing you that your clothes are folded up in a neat pile next to you. They must’ve been a little too close to the action, they’re moist to the touch all over. You half-consider going out into the living room naked, but instead decide to see if there’s anything wearable nearby. You see an open chest next to the bed, with a neatly-tucked sky-blue yukata inside. Thinking it’s better than nothing, you take it out and slip it over your shoulders, tying it shut. Thanks to the size difference it’s pretty loose, and the hem is just barely above the ground.

“Are you awake?” Keine’s voice calls from outside the door.


The door opens showing Keine, dressed in a yukata almost exactly like the one you just put on. All the excitement and afterglow is gone from her face. She looks like the embarrassed, self-loathing ‘frumpy old schoolteacher’ that greeted you when you first came in.

“I’m sorry, Alice.” She stares at the floor.

“Sorry for what?”

“I barely even know you! And I just… just slept with you! I’m not that kind of person, I swear, it was just a moment of weakness, and you were so kind to me, and…”

You glance away from her. It’s hard to watch her beat herself up like this.

“It’s my fault too, Keine. I… forced myself on you.”

Keine shakes her head, not letting you take any of the blame. “No, I wanted it. Even if I shouldn’t have. I just…” she screws her eyes shut. “I don’t want to lose another friend because of this.”

You give her a moment to compose herself, waiting until she opens her eyes again.

“Keine, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. I’m willing to forget all about this if you are.”

“Is it really that easy? Can we just go ‘oh, that never happened’ and go on with our lives?”

“We could try. Youkai lifespans and all that.”

Keine lets down her guard and chuckles. “Maybe… but I suppose moping won’t help anything.”

“That’s right.”

“God, this feels so awkward…”

“Why, Keine! Funny seeing you here! It’s been forever since I last saw you, how have you been?” You say in mock surprise, standing up and giving a friendly half-bow.

Keine lets out a snort of laugher. “Now you’re just being silly. But… I’ve been doing well, thanks.” She returns your bow. “Say, I was thinking of going to the bathhouse tonight. Would you like to come along too?”

“Sure.” You laugh, glad to have the issue mostly settled.

“Alright then, sounds good.” Keine turns away, glancing over her shoulder to see if you follow. She guides you out of the house and into the streets.

With the sun down, it’s almost completely dark outside save for the moonlight and the lanterns dotted around the village, advertising tea shops and pubs.

“Have you ever been to the baths?” Keine asks.

“A few times, a long time ago. I haven’t done much in the village since I finished my training.”

“Well, you can always count on me to be your tour guide.” She giggles.

“By the way, your garden’s beautiful.”

“Thanks! It’s as much my pride and joy as my students, haha. Ah, here we are.” Keine points to a lantern at the end of the street, with ‘hot springs’ written across it.

You and Keine step inside and immediately feel the moisture and heat from the nearby springs cover your skin. A friendly-looking old woman behind a small desk waves you in. Her gray hair is done up in a thick bun behind her head, and a green yukata with lots of extravagant flower details covers her body.

“Evenin’ Keine!” She grins, showing surprisingly well-kept teeth. “Got a friend today?”

“Yep.” Keine seems to take some pride in having a friend with her. She fishes some coins out of her pocket. You almost want to slap yourself on the forehead for forgetting to bring money, but Keine seems more than happy to pay for you. She thumbs through the handful of coins and plunks down about half of them on the table. You make a mental note to return the favor somehow later.

“Thanks much. I won’t bore you with the usual drill, you can just go on in an’ enjoy.”

You follow Keine through a short hall into the changing room. Even though it was too long ago to remember much, you can still tell this place hasn’t changed in the slightest since you were here last. You take off your robe, this time giving Keine some respectful privacy as you tuck your yukata to the side and cover yourself with a towel. The two of you walk to the spring, a big open-air room with a rocky pool in the middle, surrounded by stools, spigots, and bars of soap.

“Hey, Alice!” a gruff, yet cheery voice to your right calls at you. You turn to see the orange-haired tiger youkai from before sitting on one of the stools, legs splayed. Your eyes drift down for a fraction of a second before you force yourself to make eye contact.

“Didn’t think I’d see you ‘round here. C’mon and take a seat.” She pats the stool next to her.

Trying not to stare at her lean, toned stomach or the firm, round breasts and shapely hips she has despite her figure, you take a seat next to her. Keine sits down beside you, much more comfortable with bath houses than you – though she seems to have noticed your accidental stare and gives you a disbelieving smirk. You make a mental note of Shou’s body. Just in case.

“Sorry, but I don’t think I caught your name,” you say, hoping a little conversation will calm your mind down.

“Hm? Oh, right. I’m Shou Tomaru, one of lady Hijiri’s oldest disciples.” She seems to enjoy telling people that, since she flashes a proud grin at you. She starts to wash herself without a care in the world, grabbing a rag and soaping up her breasts and the insides of her thighs. You tell yourself to focus, keep calm and just think about other things. You’re here to get clean.

“And over there is my lackey, Nazrin, hah.” Shou points behind her at a short, lithe girl with conspicuous mouse ears and a gray, whip-like tail. She has a distinctly youkai body, with a childlike physique and a thin layer of baby fat, though her lean face and wrinkles on her forehead show that she’s certainly seen quite a few years. You get the feeling Nazrin is glaring at Shou more often than not.

“I believe you mean ‘caretaker,’” she grumbles.

Shou guffaws in response. “Good one. Hey, by the way, could you scrub my back?”

Nazrin lets out a weary, do-I-even-have-a-choice kind of sigh and plucks Shou’s washcloth from her hands. She gets to work on Shou’s shoulders, working her way down her back.

“Ohhh yeeeeeeaaaaah, that’s the ticket.” Shou grunts happily, curving her back and almost seeming to grow three inches as she stretches.

You set to washing yourself. Within just a minute or so, Nazrin is finished with her boss’s back.

“Ahh… now give their backs a scrub too.” Shou gestures at you and Keine.

“What? Why?” Nazrin glares yet again.

Shou shrugs. “Cos I can make you.”

“It’s all right, we can do each other,” Keine butts in before Shou can abuse her disciple any further. You cough into your hand to hide your laugh from Keine’s choice of words.

She picks up a rag and starts tending to your back. While it certainly feels nice, it doesn’t feel as sexual as you were worried it would. It’s been a long time since anyone scrubbed your back.

Shou, meanwhile, is finished with her back-scrub and stands up, strolling to the spring. Nazrin sighs and holds up her rag.

“Uh, boss?”

“Hm? Ah, right, haha.”

Shou laughs it off and takes the rag from Nazrin, giving her a rub-down. Keine’s finished with your back by now, so you turn around, take a rag, and start to return the favor. Halfway through your scrubbing, there’s a small splash followed by a loud, distracting groan as Shou slips into the water, loudly making it known that she likes it very much.

“Now this is how to spend an evening. Forget meditation.”

“Are you sure about that?” Nazrin says with a sardonic grin.

Shou waves her hand dismissively. “Pff, you know what I mean.” She reclines, sinking down into the bath. “You need to loosen up a little, Naz. That’s why we came to the springs, right?”

Nazrin’s tail curls up as she rolls her eyes at her boss. She dips a toe into the spring, going slow as she gets used to the heat. She does seem to relax a little once her legs have made it in. She slides next to Shou, though not close enough to touch, and sinks in up to her neck. Her tail uncurls, the tip swishing happily just above the water.

You and Keine have finished your cleaning, so you head over to join in the relaxation. The water’s scalding hot as you dip your foot in, so you take your time letting yourself get used to it. Once it’s no longer hot enough to sting, you slide further in. It’s deeper than it looked, you’re up to your chest before you’re sitting comfortably on the edge.

“So Allie, what brought you here?” Shou asks. “I don’t see you much around the village.”

“Oh, I just thought it was time to connect with some old friends.” You smile at Keine, who’s just gotten into the water.

“Ah, you know Keine?” Shou grins. Seems hearing her name makes just about anyone in Gensokyo smile. She’s distracted with a thought and turns to her lackey.

“Oh hey, Naz. Did you remember the…?”

“Ugh, yeah. One sec.” Nazrin grudgingly gets out of the warm water and walks off.

“We brought some sake. I think we’ve got enough to share, too,” Shou explains. “Anyway, how’s it going?”

“Oh, the usual.” Keine shrugs, rubbing the back of her neck. “How’d it go in the town square?”

“Went pretty well, if I say so myself. Call me pompous but I think the temple’s doing good things for the village.”

“I’m glad. Byakuren’s a wonderful woman, isn’t she?”

“Yeah.” Shou beams with pride. “Speaking of which, Alice. Lady Hijiri says she hopes to see you again sometime. I think she’s taken a liking to you.”

“I’m back.” Nazrin announces her return with the same put-upon expression she’s worn this whole time, now carrying a tray with a jug of sake and a stack of small cups. She steps back into the pool, carefully balancing the tray and setting it afloat by Shou.

“Ahh, now we’re talking.” Shou lays out four cups and expertly fills each one with sake in four quick motions. “Feel free to take some, it’s on us. S’good stuff.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I think I’ll pass for the moment,” Keine says. After all that’s happened, drinking is probably the last thing on her mind.

“Ah, that’s fine. Alice, you want any?”

“Sure, why not?” You take one of the cups and smell the sake. It’s cloudy, and has a sweet, grainy smell to it, with a hint of fruit. You tilt it up and take a mouthful. It’s just as sweet as it smells, and the zing of the alcohol isn’t too harsh. It’s chilly, too. It must’ve been on ice until Nazrin brought it out. The coldness makes a nice complement to the warm water.

Time seems to fly as you relax in the spring, talking, sharing laughs, and just spending a fun, normal evening with friends – though the tension between you and Keine, along with Shou and Nazrion’s almost comedy-duo-esque silent bickering, keep it from being too normal. After a while, and another few cups of sake, you notice your skin has started to wrinkle from the water, and the sky has gotten worryingly dark.

“I think I’ll be heading out now,” you announce. “I have to make it back to my house.”

“Ah, yeah. It’s getting a little late. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, it was good to see you!” Shou grins.

“I’ll see you later then, Alice. You should visit again sometime.” Keine shows you a half-smile, obviously genuine but with a few traces of anxiety. It says, ‘please do come by for tea, but I’ll be stone-cold sober and probably reciting sutras.’

You excuse yourself and lift yourself out of the bath, making your way back to the changing room. You quickly towel off and put Keine’s yukata back on. That’s two favors you owe her now. With a wave to the attendant as you pass by, you step back out into the night-time buzz of the village, ready to get home and put this short but eventful day behind you.
File 133490577417.jpg - (16.16KB, 469x320 , 1288128939607.jpg) [iqdb]
Alice x Keine. This place definitely can benefit from Alice x Keine. Hoping to see more of Alice's misadventures POV.
I don't know if its been said but you give some amazing descriptions.
Keine. Crying. Rinnosuke must die.
If anything Rinnosuke may be forced into this situation. Remember Tenta couldn't tell the Oni no. When an Oni wants something. An Oni TAKES it.
As seems typical for Yuugi, it's likely that she did indeed force herself on Rinnosuke, though the events that transpired at the party make it clear that there exists a consensual element to their relationship at present. Naturally, this does not exonerate him from the crime of not showing love to Keine, but it could be the case that we lack the full picture. The only thing we know about their relationship (or lack thereof) is what Keine has told us after all, and what little information we gleaned there painted the picture of a rather one-sided infatuation. Following that, the possibilities seem to point to Rinnosuke simply never having knowledge of Keine's feelings and thus never reciprocating accordingly. Therefore, completely faulting either party stands as a logical difficulty given the lack of complete understanding.
For a long term relationship Rinnosuke may prefer a partner who is making the first move or more dominant.

Keine may have not made the first move or made an aggressive enough move to draw his attention as the man may be a little slow to pick up the cues and thus an Oni being EXTREMELY forwards about their intent could get past his possible oblivious nature.

Time will tell
File 133551961845.jpg - (223.44KB, 650x918 , Farewell_for_now_SDM.jpg) [iqdb]
Remilia retraces her steps through her labyrinth of a mansion. You follow at her heels, clutching your consolation bottle of liquor in your hands. She walks in silence, even her footsteps barely making a sound on the soft red carpet.

You try to think of something to say, but nothing comes to mind. Your whole stay at the mansion has been so surreal that it feels like a dream fading from your memory. Not to mention, as soon as you get back to home Yukari will probably whisk you away, sending you off to your next ‘adventure’ – a thought that leaves you with a fair amount of dread if this trip is any indication.

Well, lesson learned. Next time we’re gonna assert our territory right away. Hey, we’re the guests, right? So it’s gonna be on our terms from now on.

‘Just… please stop talking.’

A light tap on your shoulder draws you away from your conversation. Turning around to see who it is, you're greeted by the smiling, perpetually drowsy-looking face of Sanya who's fluttering right next to you.

"Prima said I should find you 'cause your new clothes are all ready to go," she informs you in her sleepy, yet oddly cheerful drawl.

"Ah, that's right," Remilia says, "we can't have you running around in a bathrobe, now, can we?" She chuckles daintily at the thought. “Plus, while you're getting that sorted, I have just enough time to take care of something."

"Uh…” You really hope this ‘something’ doesn’t involve you. The last thing you need right now is to get sidetracked again.

The vampiress waves her hand to dismiss your concern. "Last minute business, that's all.” She turns and starts walking away at a surprisingly fast pace. “Go get dressed, and I'm sure I'll be done soon enough to see you off."

And just like that, Remilia’s left you standing in the hall with Sanya. Oh well, might as well go get some decent clothes while you're at it. She does have a point about the bathrobe even though you kind of like it.

Sanya holds her hands behind her back, beaming at you. “Oh, hey… I wanted to thank you for before.” Her droopy eyelids eyes flutter happily, “it was nice.”

“Aww, you’re welcome.” You can’t help breaking out in a stupid-looking grin.

She snatches up your hand and tugs on it. "Now c’mon, let’s go see the wardrobe!"

Leading you by the hand, Sanya guides you through the halls. Even if she still looks as drowsy as ever, she does seem to have a certain spring in her step now. After another series of twists and turns, you pass what you remember being the door to the dining room and go a bit further down, finally coming to an ornate set of wooden double-doors with golden handles.

"Here we are!" Sanya says, grabbing the handles and throwing the doors open.

You're almost floored by what you see. "Holy…”

When you think ‘wardrobe’ you usually think of a trunk by the bed, or maybe a small closet. This, though, is a room all its own, and a big one at that. By the looks of it, your whole house could fit in here with room left over. Half of the wardrobe is taken up by Remilia’s clothes alone: rows of dresses and blouses, a bookshelf-sized collection of shoes, and easily a dozen jewelry boxes, complete with a full-length mirror. Even for someone like Remilia, this is going pretty far.

The other, noticeably smaller section of the wardrobe has a large set of replacement maid uniforms, a few purplish sets of what look like especially fancy pajamas, and an assortment of red dresses, smaller than any of Remilia’s. Further down is a collection of miscellaneous clothes with a plaque saying “For Guests” hung above it.

Out in the middle of it all is a large three-way mirror which Sanya pulls you over to. You must admit, no matter how comfy this robe is, when you see yourself in it you know it’d be weird to be walking around in it. Just for a laugh, you lift up one of the sleeves of your robe and flex your arm, taking a good look at your muscles.

"Not bad, if I say so myself.”

Sanya stands on her tiptoes and squeezes your bicep. “Yowza.” She giggles.

Round two? Round two, round two!

‘Dammit man, I’m not letting us get distracted again.’

Ughhh, then why are you dicking around and flexing? Don’t you realize we could be balls-deep in her by now and-

‘For fuck’s sake, can you shut up about sex for five goddamn minutes?’ you snap.

Tenta chooses not to respond. He’s probably giving you the silent treatment. You have a feeling if you could see him he’d probably be crossing his arms and pouting like a spoiled kid. Well, whatever. It’s about time you got a moment of peace from his yammering.

With that taken care of for the time being, you move your hands to your belt buckle before glancing at Sanya, who’s still standing there, watching your every move. You shrug your head towards the door, but she doesn’t budge. She either doesn’t get the gesture or is just choosing to ignore you. Or both.

“I, uh, I’m gonna get naked now, y’know.”

“Mind if I watch?” Her eyes are actually open now, practically twinkling with excitement. She’s obviously itching to get another look at what’s underneath your clothes.


Well, it’s not like it’s the first time she sees you naked. Although, given the way she’s looking at you, and how adorable she is, if you don’t hurry up with this you might very well give in to the temptation of ‘round two’. You undo your belt buckle and loosen the robe. Before it can even fall off your shoulders, Sanya grabs the collar of it and tugs it off of you, leaving you standing there in your underwear. She flutters over to one of the clothing hangars and starts trying to hang it up, struggling with the robe that’s taller than her entire body. She looks away from the hangar and nods at you.

“Keep goooiiiiing,” she says with a singsong twirl in her voice.

"Really?" you ask with a bit of a frown, tapping the hem of your underwear.

“Aww, are you getting embarrassed?” She chuckles. “If you don’t hurry, I might have to give you a little ‘helping hand,’ ehehe.”

“Okay, jeez…”

Deciding it's probably not worth getting too ruffled over, you sigh, slip your underwear down to your ankles and step out of them. It’s around this point that you realize Sanya didn’t bring you any clothes, and feel a bit like a fool for just standing there stark-naked while she finally manages to get the collar of your bathrobe folded over the hangar and hangs it up on the rack. She looks your naked body up and down, holding her hands excitedly. Her stare is surprisingly lewd for a fairy. She even gives an appreciative eyebrow-waggle. You think about plums to keep yourself from getting hard.

“So uh, my new clothes…”

"They'll be here soon enough. Prima's just gotta put some finishing touches on them."

"She makes clothing?” you say in an attempt to draw her attention away from your cock.

"Yup! She does a lot of uh, what do you call it… tailoring! She tailors of our clothes and some of the mistress's too." She spins in place, showing you her uniform, a little smaller than a human-sized one. Her wings buzz as she shows you her back, and she glances over her shoulder to show you her happy smile again. "Since I don't fit the regular uniform, she made all of mine special just for me.”

"Come to think of it, you were wearing a bigger uniform... uh, earlier, weren't you?"

Think of plums. Think of plums.

"Oh, that's 'cause I forgot to do the laundry again," she says, lightly bonking herself on the head in mock self-chastisement. "Sometimes I just borrow uniforms from the chief... hmm?"

Sanya’s interrupted by the doors to the wardrobe opening again. Primavera floats in with all the pieces of your new outfit draped over her arm. She freezes in place upon seeing you yet again, and her eyes slowly drift down towards your waist. Her face flushes with red as she sees that, yes, your dick is hanging out for all to see. She jerks around and covers her eyes with her free hand.

"Sanya!" she snaps, "Couldn't you have at least waited until I left?"

Sanya giggles at her friend's embarrassment. "That’s why you knock before coming in, silly. Besides, it’s not your first time seeing it anyway.”

Prima blushes even harder until her ears are glowing red. "Th-That's different!" She tosses the clothes over her shoulder in your general direction. “Anyway, h-here you go.”

Her work now done, Primavera yanks open the door and dashes out without another word. Sanya giggles at her friend’s prudishness. Even if you feel a bit sorry for Prima, you laugh along with Sanya. Faeries are weird sometimes.

You bend over and rummage through the clothing lying in a pile on the floor. You hear Sanya giggle again as she notices your butt is sticking out. You pick out the underwear, a white affair, and slide it up your legs. It’s tighter than what you’re used to in a comfortable sort of way. Seems like it’s designed for keeping all your bits and pieces in the right place, anyway. Next, you take the shoulders of the red shirt on the pile and hold it up to examine it. It’s red, of course, and a bit like the shirt Alice lent you way back when. It’s sort of… folded down the front, doubling over itself a couple times.

“It’s a pleated shirt,” Sanya chimes in, noticing your confusion. She points at the left armpit. “There, see? There used to be a rip there, and Prima mended it up good as new!”

You take a closer look at it. Sure enough, you can see a few lines of stitches along the armpit. “How’d it get ripped?”

Sanya grins and puts a finger to her lips. “That’s one of mistress’s secrets.”

Well, that sounds pretty ominous. Another reason to get out of here soon. Though, knowing Remilia, it could be a lethal secret or a sexy secret just as easily. You slide it over your shoulders, doing up the buttons down the middle. It goes down past your waist, ending in stylish tails of fabric. You pick up the pants: black and very crisp-looking, like they’ve never been worn before. You slip them on. There’s a belt to go along with the pants, a dark brown with gold designs sewn into it. That just leaves a pair of socks and snazzy leather shoes. The shoes are a little tight, but not too bad. The socks are comfy as hell, though.

Sanya gives you a round of applause as you check out your new outfit in the mirror. Even if they’re pretty weird and not what you’re used to at all, you look pretty stylish in them. Hell, maybe you could even pass for an aristocrat. You remember hearing some song from the outside about the ladies loving a well-dressed guy, so you should be pretty well-off in that regard. A knock at the door brings you away from your self-admiration.

“My business is finished. You may come out as soon as you’re ready,” Remilia calls to you through the door.

Sanya nods at you, then flutters to the door and opens it up. In addition to Remilia standing on the other side of the door, you can also see the very familiar grinning face of Marisa in her usual floppy hat and thick black dress. The wrist shackles are a new addition, though - as are the splotches of dirt and the rips going down her apron and the outer layer of her dress. Linda’s there too, holding onto her shoulder and doing her best impression at a cold, businesslike stare.

Marisa couldn’t look less fazed by her current state, though. Despite looking like a prisoner of war, she’s grinning from ear to ear. “Hey there, if it isn’t Alice’s loyal boy-toy! I’d give you a wave, but y’know…” she shakes her wrists, making the chains jangle loudly. “…I’m a little tied up at the moment. Pffthahaha!”

“Cut it with the small-talk, prisoner.” Linda glares at Marisa. Her ‘prisoner’ looks back at her and scowls, starting an impromptu staring contest. They lock eyes for several long seconds, leaning closer and closer until their noses are almost rubbing.

“Boo.” Marisa blows into Linda’s face.

“Yipe!” Linda shrieks and flies backwards, not stopping until she’s halfway down the hall.

“Bwahaha! That’s what I thought!” Marisa lets out another loud guffaw. Remilia sighs and presses a finger to her forehead, looking like she’d rather be doing anything other than sharing the same space as this straightman-stooge duo.

“Wait, so you’re the ‘black-white’ that Linda mentioned earlier?”

“The one an’ only. Patchy’s got a lot of good books for research around here. I come in and take some when I need ‘em for research. It’s an unspoken agreement. Very unspoken.”

“Well, in any case, we should be going.” Remilia glares up at Marisa before turning to the fairy soldier. “You may go, Linda. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Yes’m!” Linda calls, giving Remilia a salute before scampering off down the hall, most likely just going to play in one of the empty rooms again.

Remilia starts walking down the other end of the hall, motioning at you to follow. Worried and curious about her ‘visit’ to the mansion, you walk alongside Marisa as you make your way around.

“You, uh… you doing okay, Marisa?” You ask.

She beams back at you. “You bet!”

After a moment, she notices your lack of a smile and sees what you’re getting at. “Oh, worried about the clothes an’ stuff, right?” She pinches her dress, feeling one of the holes. “Yeah, that was just me and Sakuya foolin’ around.”


You tense up at the mention of her name, worried that Marisa got the same treatment you did. Remilia’s shoulders twitch at the subject being brought up, but she keeps walking.

“Oh, yeah. We’ve got the routine down pat by now. And lemme tell you, my ass is gonna be sore for the next few days.” She guffaws again.

You stop mid-step, taken aback by her total lack of concern at being chained up and probably molested by that insane woman. Before Marisa can say anything else, Remilia whirls around and levels her eyes with her, giving her a look that clearly tells her to stop the current topic of discussion.

“I’m afraid that’s a rather sensitive subject for our guest.”

Marisa raises her eyebrow at Remilia, opening her mouth like she's about to say something, but she stops short. She cocks her head and glances up at you with a sheepish half-smile, apparently her way of saying, 'I don't get it, but sorry, I guess.'

Shaking Marisa's careless remark off, you continue on down the hallway. Marisa remains pretty quiet, probably feeling deflated after getting somewhat told-off by Remilia.

Whoa dude dude dude. I know what’ll cheer you up. Succubus alert, straight ahead.

‘Oh god, no. No no no no no I don’t want to do this right now.’

Sure enough, as you follow Remilia through a set of doors into the main hall, the first thing you notice is a woman with strikingly red hair standing right in front of your field of view with her back turned to you, handing off instructions to a group of faeries. As much as you’d like to just look away and ignore her, your eyes latch onto her as soon as you realize she’s there. Her hair goes past her waist, obscuring much of her clothing. You can still make out that she’s wearing a white dress shirt and a black skirt that looks a tad shorter than it should be, the tails of a vest sticking out just above it. A pair of bat-like wings poke out over the top of her head along with a similar, much larger pair on her back, and a spade-tipped tail pokes out under her skirt, curling up and swishing lazily back and forth.

Yes yes god yes YESSSSS

She turns around when she hears you come in. As much as you’re fed up with thinking about sex for the day, her sexuality still hits you like a wave when you see her from the front. The top few buttons on her shirt are undone, giving you a glimpse of something black and lacy around her thick, pert breasts. Her snug vest squeezes her chest together, making those rounded handfuls stick out like it’s presenting them proudly to the world. Her skirt, in addition to being quite short, hugs the curves of her hips, cupping her shapely derriere like it’s a counterweight for her chest. Black stockings run up her legs, stopping just a half-inch short of her skirt and giving you a tantalizing glimpse of pale thigh.

She makes a beeline for you once she spots you, butting in front of Remilia. She stands well within your personal space, showing you a smile that’s equal parts cute and lusty.

“Ah, if it isn’t our latest guest,” she whispers in an airy, playful lilt. Just hearing her voice makes you tingle with excitement. There’s a smell on her breath that reminds you of sweet exotic spices, licorice and cinnamon and who knows what else. The scent is as intoxicating as her body. “Are you leaving already?”

No, not at all!! I totally have ten minutes to spare! I-I mean an hour! No, two hours! No, the whole goddamn week! Tenta stumbles over his own words, apparently forgetting that this woman probably can’t hear him.

“Koakuma…” Remilia rolls her eyes at the succubus.

“Aww, but Mistress, can’t I have just one minute to introduce myself?” the succubus whines, pouting, showing her moist, tender-looking lips. Everything this woman does turns you on more and more, no matter how much you want to leave, or how scared you are that she’ll just steal your soul if she gets you in bed.

"Fine," Remilia huffs, waving her hand as if to say, 'Get on with it, then.'

The succubus turns her attention back to you, the playful smile returning to her face. “My name’s Koakuma, but you can call me Koa… or anything you want, really.” She giggles and slides a finger through one of the gaps on your shirt. “I heard you have all sorts of… special powers.” Her finger tickles the roots on your chest. They rumble happily, just about ready to just break through your shirt, grab her, and pull her onto your cock right this moment.

You freeze on the spot, not sure if you should play along for now, shove her off of you, or what. She notices your worry and breathes a sultry “aww” into your ear. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite… unless you ask nicely, hehe.”

Koakuma.” Remilia clenches her fists, dangerously close to losing the calm-and-collected air she’s been trying to maintain.

Koakuma straightens up and pulls away from you. “Yes mistress?”

“I believe one of the faeries has a question for you.”

The succubus closes her eyes and frowns. As she turns around to deal with the fairy, she’s greeted by Prima, still as red as a ripe tomato with embarrassment. Seeing who it is, the playful grin pops back up on her face.

“Yes, dear? What do you need?”

“W-w-what should I d-do with these old c-clothes?” Prima shakes in place, ready to explode with embarrassment.

Still keeping one hand against your chest, Koakuma takes the clothes draped over Prima’s arms and brings them to her face, taking a deep whiff of them. She looks almost punch-drunk as she hands them back to Prima. “Mmmh… just take them to the laundry room for now.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed, by the way.” Koakuma pinches one of Prima’s cheeks, chuckling playfully.

“AnywayImustbegoing” Prima turns and flies away from her grasp, leaving the conversation as fast as she can.

Koakuma taps your shoulder and winks at you. “And I’ll be seeing you later, esteemed guest.” She graces your ears with one last melodious giggle before taking her leave.

Her buttocks waggle back and forth with each step. She’s almost – no, she’s definitely trying to draw your stare. And as much as you know what she’s doing, and as sure as you are that she’s just trying to lure you into some sort of trap for later, your eyes follow her backside as she sashays out to some other part of the mansion.

Oh my god man, this is like three fantastic women you’ve made us pass up in the space of fifteen minutes. I swear to Minoriko, and all that is holy, man, we’re going to finish what we’ve started or die trying.

‘I get the feeling we’d come closer to the latter here.’

With the distractions now gone, Remilia starts walking down the hall again. The faeries all scatter somewhere to go pretend they’re being useful.

“Koakuma isn’t as… predatory as she seems, I assure you,” Remilia says, glancing at you over her shoulder. “She’s just excited is all, considering she’s going to be in charge while Sakuya’s serving her much-deserved time.”

Remilia reaches the ornate double-doors leading to the outside, knowing exactly where to stop despite looking back at you the whole time. She grabs the handle and yanks the door open, moving it with ease despite it being twice as tall as her.

You instinctively shield your eyes, expecting the noonday sun to come in, but as soon as the doors are open the only lights outside are a row of torches around the mansion walls and a shining half-moon. Meiling is sitting out by the gate, sipping from a mug of something or other.

“Oh, damn it all,” Remilia mutters to herself. She digs out a silver pocketwatch – with Sakuya’s name very clearly inscribed on the back – and flicks it open. She grumbles at the watch as if blaming it personally for the current time and stows it back in her pocket. Meiling notices the three of you standing there at the gate and comes over to you, but Remilia starts speaking before Meiling can do anything.

“I can’t apologize to you enough, honestly. This whole trip has been a disaster, and I’m sorry you had to have gone through this.” She takes your hand. “Please, if you are ever to return here, I promise you will be shown nothing but the highest care and courtesy.”

You can’t think of a good response, and probably won’t be accepting her offer anytime soon. Still, if the Scarlet Devil herself is practically begging for your forgiveness, you should acknowledge it at the very least. You give her a somber nod, and she lets go of your hand and steps aside, letting a misty-eyed Meiling get close to you.

“Are you alright? I heard what happened, and... I…”

“I’m… yeah, I’m okay.” You nod, bristling a little just remembering what happened. Thankfully, Meiling’s friendly face helps to take your mind off of it. She pulls you in for a hug, patting your back in an almost motherly gesture.

“Welp, it was great seeing you all,” Marisa calls from behind you, breaking the silence. She walks past the two of you, probably taking some perverse pleasure in ruining the moment. “Hah, I see my broom is in the usual spot.”

Meiling pulls away from you, looking a little fidgety from her sudden display of concern. Marisa reaches for the broom before noticing the shackles are still binding her arms. She fishes for something inside her apron pocket and pulls out a very small key.

“Thanks fer-“ Marisa’s cut off as Remilia whooshes in front of her and snatches the key from her hands.

“I’ll be having a talk with Sakuya about security matters too, it seems,” she grumbles. She takes Marisa’s wrist and unlocks the shackles, letting them drop to the floor.

“Can’t win ‘em all, I guess. Anyway, toodles!” Marisa grabs her broom and hops onto it in one quick motion.

“Wait, hang on!” You reach out for Marisa before she can take off.


“You’re just gonna leave me to go walking around in the forest, at night, all alone?”

Why are you such a loser?! You keep forgetting that you have an awesome, powerful youkai grafted right on your chest. Hell, I bet all the small fries out there’ll have a red carpet rolled out for us if we go strolling through the forest.

“Oh huh, right,” Marisa says, scratching her head. She turns to the gatekeeper. “Hey Meiling, would ya mind taking this guy home for me?”

Meiling shakes her head in surprise and looks over at you. “I-I mean, I could… if you don’t have anyone else to give you a ride…” She shrugs in a poor attempt to look casual about it.

“’Course, if you give me a few slugs of that hooch you got there, I’d be more than happy to let you hitch a ride on the Marisa Express.” Marisa pats her broom.

Oh, or that could happen. I take it back, kid. You should make yourself look like a wuss to get sympathy rides more often. Then we can take another kind of ride.

‘I liked you better when you were squealing like a little girl over that succubus.’

Shaddap and make a decision.

[ ] Choo choo, Marisa Express.
[ ] Sorry, I'm gonna have to go with Meiling on this one.
[ ] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.
[x] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.

Mystery option
[x] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.

Unexpected encounters sounds like the way to go.
[x] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.

Fuck yes, small fries.
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.

I'm so sorry, Meiling.
[c] Choo choo, Marisa Express.

I cannot resist. Also, Koakuma scene when?
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.
Marisa tiems~
[x] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.

>“Oh, yeah. We’ve got the routine down pat by now. And lemme tell you, my ass is gonna be sore for the next few days.”
I'm trying to imagine Farmanon's face as he's listening to Marisa.
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.
We'll get back in half the time and twice the danger!
You don't want to be attacked by fairies and youkai? You don't want to teach them discipline and respect during a hardcore "whip and release" class?

If so, I don't understand you at all.
[x] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.

I am hoping for a RANDOM ENCOUNTER with a strong youkai. Like Yuuka.

[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.

Yes please.
>You remember hearing some song from the outside about the ladies loving a well-dressed guy, so you should be pretty well-off in that regard.

...cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man?
[x] Nah, roughing it sounds like the most reliable option.
[x] Sorry, I'm gonna have to go with Meiling on this one.

... Guess I'm the odd man out.
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.

Never enough Marisa.
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express.

.. it seems like she knows exactly whats she's getting into.. should be fun!
Closing votes! Wow, I haven't had a chance to say that in a while. Feels good.

Anyway, [x] Choo choo, all aboard the Marisa Express!
File 133559672714.jpg - (486.54KB, 700x660 , 13386719.jpg) [iqdb]
Please let there be mid-air sex. Logistics be damned
File 13387092957.jpg - (346.30KB, 611x1019 , Glasses_Okamisty.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Choo choo, Marisa Express

You take a moment to weigh your options. As sweet as Meiling is to offer, she doesn’t seem to leave the gate much – assuming she even does – and wandering through the forest late at night sounds like the worst thing to do with your time right now. On the other hand, Marisa's bound to know the forest like the back of her hand considering she lives there. Though spending all that time alone in a nutty place like this has probably taken its toll, caring is a hard thing to do right now. Crazy or not, getting home at a reasonable pace takes priority now.

“Yeah, I s’pose I’ll hitch a ride with you, Marisa,” you say, giving an apologetic glance at Meiling. She shrugs and shakes her head, not taking it as a big deal. You’re glad she understands. If the circumstances were different you’d be glad to spend some more time with her, but it’s just been one of those days. Or nights.

“Though, um,” the gate guard speaks up, “I’m going to get a vacation soon, so… if you get a free day or two, I’d love to meet up with you again.” She flashes you a timid smile, glancing away coyly like asking her crush out on a first date.

“Sure. Can’t really promise anything though, since I’m gonna be very… busy for a while. But yeah, I’d be glad to meet up again.”

“Thanks. Take care, then.” She gives you a friendly pat on the shoulder before turning away and returning to her post.

“Oh, get a room, you two,” Marisa says with a snigger.

You roll your eyes at Marisa gleefully ruining your moment. “Har har.” You glance back to give Meiling a wave goodbye and turn to Marisa.

“Well… let’s go, I guess.”

“Uh, what about our deal?” she asks, pointing to the bottle in your hand.

“What, now?” you ask.

“Uh, yeah? That was the deal, wasn’t it?”

“I thought you meant after getting me home! I’m not gonna ride with a half-drunk pilot!”

“Uh, I can handle my liquor just fine, dad.” She scoffs, rolling her eyes at you.

Remilia butts in between the two of you and shoves a small glass hip-flask into Marisa’s hand. “Here. On the house.” You can hear the iciness drip from her voice.

“Hah, squeaky wheel gets the grease!” Marisa flicks the top open and takes a swig, shivering with happiness.

“Mmm, deelish!” She closes up the hip flask and hands it back to her. “You’ve got the best stuff, Remi.”

“Yes, thank you,” Remilia says as if she wasn’t even listening.

Marisa kicks her broom up in the air. It cartweels in the air before leveling out parallel to the ground, bobbing up and down in the air a little. She lifts her leg and steps over the broom, straddling it like a horse. She looks back at you and pats the end of her broom. “Now, c’mon, kid. If you’re that worried about the alcohol then you’ve got a solid ten minutes ‘fore it kicks in.”

No sense in backing down now, you guess.

Mirroring Marisa, you straddle the back end of the broom. You shift around a little, clumsily carrying the globe of liquor in your arms while trying to hold the broom at the same time.

Marisa sighs. “Want me to get that? This is gettin’ a little sad.”

“I’m not that gullible, but thanks.”

“Hey, I’m just sayin’, Alice’d probably get mad if I accidentally killed her hubby dropping him off my broom.”

“Ah… fine. But I want it back.” You hand the bottle to Marisa.

“Duly noted.” She snatches it up and drops it into one of her largest apron pockets.

As soon as the bottle is stowed away and your hands are on the broom, it rises up with a jerk, putting more pressure on your tenders than you’re comfortable with. As it climbs up, you lean forward and grab Marisa’s waist, holding close to her for support. As you look down you can see you’re already far above the treetops, the gigantic red mansion disappearing off behind you. The wind sprays down on your head, half-blinding you with your own hair, and it rumbles in your ear, sounding like you’re suddenly in the middle of a thunderstorm.

“Hah. First time on a broom?” she shouts over the roar of the wind.


“So, that’s a yes. Don’t worry, kid…” Marisa lifts her arms off the broom and grabs her hat, flopping in the wind. The broom wobbles like a rickshaw as she leisurely takes her time pulling her hat down on her head. “I’m always gentle when I take someone’s first, bwahaha!”

Aww, yeah. You’ve made the right choice.

‘The hell I did! Oh sweet merciful Kanako, please, if you can hear me, I just want to go five hours without fearing for my life!’

Marisa grabs back onto the broom, laughing up a storm at your reaction. You shut your eyes and grab hard onto her waist. The rushing wind thankfully drowns out your timid squeak. You squeeze onto her hard enough to pull her closer to you and feel her hips meet yours.

Oh my god, this ass.


I can’t really feel much from under all those clothes, but, oh man, from what I’m feeling this has got to be the biggest, roundest ass for miles. Just think about that to calm down: big, round, juicy bubble butts.

‘Are you craz- whoa, it’s working.’

The mental image of a thick, plump butt, surrounded by curvy hips and a bare, smooth back appears in your head. You imagine nestling up to it, kissing those pillowy cheeks and nuzzling your face in their inviting softness. Maybe Tenta’s just being more of a bad influence than normal, but it’s a pretty soothing image all the same.

“Whoop, Mystia’s stand is open!” Marisa shouts, breaking you out of your comforting ass-visions and reminding you that, yes, you are on a stick of wood hurtling through the sky.

The broom dives sharply, practically going into a freefall. You scream and clench the broom with your legs, but the fall lasts for only a half-second before it turns into a controlled descent. Just like that, an updraft makes your shirt ripple and your feet hit solid earth. You jump off the broom, falling to the ground on all fours, ready to kiss the ground for being solid and safe and not at all crazy.

You briefly look up from your earth-worshipping to yell at Marisa. “The hell’s wrong with you?! I could’ve died!”

Marisa laughs, very amused by your terror. “Pfft, that’s what they all say.” She gives you a few sarcastic pats on the back. “Yer just not used to it. C’mon, some grub’ll calm you down.”

She offers you a hand, which you only take after giving a few more thankful prayers to the ground. It takes you a moment before you realize that Marisa’s dragging you off to another delay on your way home. Well, damn.

Although, something does smell really good.

Once you’re back on your feet and out of the brush, you see what Marisa landed for: a good sized foot cart sits out in the middle of the clearing, looking like someone just dropped it there out of the sky. Even if it’s got wheels, it looks to big and clunky for your average human to pull around. A big red lantern with 'Grilled Eel' written on it in thick, careful handwriting lights up your surroundings, and there's similarly-colored curtains with the same disclaimer hanging all along the stand.

Right as you get seated, a happy voice pipes up from behind the seemingly-abandoned counter. “Welcome, customers!”

A familiar youkai appears from underneath the food stand to greet you, two tall mugs of beer in hand. It takes you a moment to recognize her as Mystia since looks completely different from before: Her short pink hair is pulled up in a handkerchief, showing you every spot of her pale face with a light dusting of buckwheat-colored freckles, and her thick dress has been swapped for a plain brown kimono, the short sleeves rolled up to her shoulders. For the first time, you realize she has a pretty lean figure - save for the small but noticeable bump around her stomach, which she’s loosened her belt to make room for. She wasn't kidding when she said it was time to go have kids.

There’s a clattering noise as she straightens up. “Oh, darn it,” she mutters and sets the mugs on the counter, then dives back under it. She comes back up a second later with a small pair of light pink half-rimmed glasses perched on her nose. The frames are so thin you’d have to stare for a bit to even notice them.

She adjusts her glasses as she stands up, her face tightening into a scowl when she sees Marisa. Then, just as quickly, her expression changes into unpleasant surprise when she sees you.

“H-hey there! Glad to see you’re doing okay, ha ha!” she says, laughing nervously like she’s half-expecting you to grab her again. Considering how your past couple of meetings have started, you don’t blame her.

You shake your head. “Don’t worry, I’m not here for that. Actually, wait, why am I even here?” You shoot a dirty look of your own at Marisa.

“Food an’ booze? Why else?” She shrugs.

“Well, anyway!” Mystia chimes, shifting right back into an upbeat mood, “As a thank-you for the ingredients, how would you like some grilled eel on the house?”

“Ooh, sounds great!” Marisa says, eager to steal the offer.


Mystia leans forward and scowls at the witch, though between the glasses, the handkerchief, and her short, pink hair, it couldn’t look anything but adorable. “I believe you still owe me for last time.”

“Hah, right. Uh…”

Marisa reaches into her pocket and digs out a very crumpled bill. She slaps it down on the counter and smooths it out, showing an elaborate drawing of the Hakurei shrine surrounded by a forest, the words ’10,000 Yen’ written on the top. Wow, what kind of tab was she running at this place? And where does she get that kind of cash to begin with?

Suspicious of an actual payment from Marisa, Mystia picks up the bill and holds it up to the lantern-light, inspecting it closely for any traces of forgery. The light reflects off her glasses, obscuring her face as she carefully feels the thickness of the bill.

“Sheesh, you could’a made us all dinner in the time yer taking,” Marisa scoffs.

“Oh, hush,” Mystia shushes the witch without looking up. Her feathery ears droop down as she focuses on the abacus, flicking beads back and forth as she goes through the numbers on the parchment. For such a plain-seeming youkai, she’s awfully industrious.

“By the way, the glasses are a new thing,” you say, trying to break the silence.

Mystia’s ears perk back up and she stows the bill somewhere secret under the counter, taking just one more moment to glance over the abacus and mentally check her math.

“Oh, right…” Mystia glances to the side, and a hint of red color appears on her cheeks. “My, um… my eyesight’s kinda bad, so I got these from Kourindou to help me read…” Her voice trails off into an embarrassed mumble.

“They really suit you.”

Mystia’s frown turns up into a shy smile. “Thanks.”

“So, my tab.” Marisa butts in. She probably gets her jollies by ruining peoples’ moments.

“Yeah, you’ve covered it. Just barely,” Mystia says in a defeated tone.

Marisa grins. “Great! Then I’m starting a fresh tab. Thanks fer being such a good host.” She picks up the mug of beer that had been sitting on the counter and takes a swig, then stamps it back down and lets loose with a loud, rumbling belch.

Mystia sighs, knowing full well it’ll be months before Marisa pays up again. “Of course.

Perking back up, she turns to you and smiles again. “Now, how about my offer?”

You had figured that you’d politely deny her offer, but your stomach grumbles as you remember the last thing you had to eat was the waffles this morning… or was it evening? In either case, getting home can wait a little bit, and good food and beer sounds like just what you need.

You smile back. “Sure, sounds tasty.”

“You’ll love it. I’m sure you’ll be coming back once you get a taste of this.”

Mystia cheerfully hums to herself as she sets to work on the food. She pulls up a bucket full of ice and raw eels, already de-headed and gutted, ready to be cooked. You add ‘where in Gensokyo did she get a bucket of shaved ice in the early fall?’ to your ever-growing list of questions about youkai. Nevertheless, she picks up a nicely-sized pair of eels and skewers them clean through.

“Oi!” Marisa pipes up, “Throw some a’ those bad boys on the grill for me too, eh? An’ keep the beer coming.” She raises her now-half-empty mug, waving it in Mystia’s face and generally acting like a professional lush.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the demanding witch, Mystia takes the mug and sets it aside for the moment. She picks up a piece of chalk and scribbles some numbers down on the chalkboard behind her, writing in big, curvy letters. Once she’s got Marisa’s new tab started, she skewers a few more eels and sets them all on the crackling grill. A pleasant hiss and the smell of cooked seafood start to fill the stand.

With the eel now going, Mystia quickly re-fills Marisa’s mug, sliding it over to the grinning witch, who gives her a cheeky wink as thanks before diving into her fresh beer. Mystia shakes her head and jumps back to tending to the eels, fanning the flames and coating the skewers with sauce.

Remembering your own beer in front of you, you bring it to your mouth and take a sip. It’s crisp and light, the perfect sort of beer to enjoy with dinner or late-night munchies. You heave a sigh, letting yourself finally calm down. The cool night air mixes with the warmth of the grill and the steam coming off a pot of rice, reminding you that you’re finally back out amongst normal life. Or whatever passes for normal around here.

As if answering some prayer you don’t even remember offering, Mystia sets down a clay plate piled high with edamame between you and Marisa. Maybe Kanako heard your words after all.

“Here, might as well have these while you’re waiting. They were meant for someone else, but…” she gives an exasperated groan. “Ugh, that girl. Running off on her tab just ‘cause she sees someone coming.”

“Wow, does anyone actually pay for their food around here?” you chuckle and take another sip of your beer.

She sighs again and shakes her head. "Nah, it's not like she meant to run. She's just... well, she can be pretty shy, let's put it that way." She levels yet another dirty look at Marisa. "And a certain someone hasn't helped."

“Who ya talkin’ about? Li’l Miss Shinybutt?” Marisa asks, nibbling away at those lovely salted beans.

Mystia puffs her cheeks out and sticks her arms at her sides, balling her hands into fists. “I told you to stop calling her that! She’s very sensitive about it!”

“Hahaha, get a load of this: queen of the small fries thinking I care what she says!” Marisa laughs and lets loose with another belch, her mug now empty. The alcohol must be kicking in. The hair on Mystia’s ears perks up in indignation, and she covertly scribbles a few extra charges on Marisa’s tab when she isn’t looking.

“Who’re we talking about, though?” you ask, hoping to steer the conversation away from an argument – or worse, knowing Marisa.

“Wriggle, a firefly youkai.” Mystia answers after taking a deep breath. “She hangs out here all the time. That is, when a certain someone isn’t here to bully her and scare her off.”

“Comes to the forest a lot. She an’ Mystia an’ a couple others are kind of a team. You might’ve seen her before: short green hair, black antennae, kinda runty.” Marisa adds, ignoring Mystia. “Oh, she’s got a really shiny little butt too. It lights up when you smack it!”

“Sheeeesh!” Mystia puffs her cheeks out again.

Ohohoho! I shall make a mental note of that.

“I’m jus’ messing with ya.” Marisa raises her arm to try and pat Mystia on the shoulder, then realizes she’s too far away and pats the countertop instead.

Mystia shakes her head, realizing the witch is far too soused to say anything sensible. She gives her tummy a pat, gently rubbing herself like she’s trying to soothe the eggs inside her.

“You doing okay?” you ask.

"Yep. The little babies are growing so fast." Mystia smiles wide, beaming with pride as she gives her tummy another gentle rub. She turns her wide grin to you. "Thanks for the practice, by the way.”

“No problem.” You return her grin.

You must admit, you’re more than willing to ruffle those ears and stroke those fluffy, feathery wings again. Especially in that food-stand outfit of hers. Even though it’s about as plain as an outfit can be, it gives her a very homey charm which suits her pretty well. You could watch her like this all day - humming a happy tune as she takes a brush and coats the skewers of eel in a sweet-smelling sauce…

“Oh? So the two of you have a li’l history, huh?” Marisa elbows you jovially in the ribs. “You’re marking yer territory all over Gensokyo.”

You chuckle. “Well, maybe a little.”

“Though, er,” your voice drops to a hushed, almost confidential tone and whisper at Mystia, “those kids aren’t mine, right?”

Mystia lets out a high, musical laugh. “No, silly! You couldn’t give me any little chickies no matter how hard you tried, sorry.” Even her jibes have a friendly sing-song tone to them.

Psh, I already told you, right? Mini-bar of sex fluids?

‘Never hurts to be sure. Especially with your track record.’


Hah. It’s strangely satisfying to get at Tenta like that.

“Oh, I just remembered!” Mystia perks up again, her feathers ruffling hard enough to blow a light breeze against your face. “I’m putting your plums to good use.”

She hefts up an earthenware jar from somewhere down below, setting it on the counter. Tilting it towards you, she takes a weight out from inside of it. For a second, you're not quite sure what she's trying to show you, but you quickly catch on: Sitting down in the jar are your plums, packed in salt, not too far into the pickling process.

You flop back in your seat. "Pickled plums, huh?" you remark, doing your best to hide your slight disappointment.

Didn’t she say something about desserts? Granted, the plums you grow are too sour for anything other than pickling and making wine, so that would never work, but you’re still underwhelmed. Probably a case of not thinking things out too well.

“Yep!” Mystia grins. She beams proudly, her ears twitching up and down.

It’s hard to be impressed at her ability to pickle plums, but she seems to be bursting with pride over it, so you’re not going to be the one to disappoint her. Besides, she looks too adorable to let down. You just hope she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t wind up poisoning everyone with moldy plums later on.

Her attention suddenly switches back to the grill. "Oh, right, those eels are just about ready."

Mystia fetches a couple of small dishes and forks up a bit of pickled cabbage onto both, setting them in front of you. Then, she grabs two large bowls off of the shelf next to her and loads them both up with a few scoops of rice. She gives the eel skewers one more turn-over before picking them up and laying them across the rice.

She carries the two bowls over to you and Marisa, giving you another flash of her grin, bright and cheery enough to practically be a light source on its own – though you also notice she seems to have given Marisa all of the smaller eels.

“Mmkay, eat up and enjoy!” She sings.

Not wasting another moment, you and Marisa take your pairs of chopsticks and dig in. The eel is downright delicious, and a perfect partner for more chugs of your beer. Mystia tends to the two of you while you eat, topping off your beer as you drink. Though Marisa’s the one blowing through the alcohol like it’s her first drink in days.

Halfway through your meal, you hear the telltale rustling sound of a pair of wings touching down behind you. Mystia’s eyes rise up from yet another beer she’s pouring for Marisa and look over your shoulder. Standing not too far behind, not saying a word or even making eye contact with anyone as she walks up to the stand, is a blue-haired youkai. Judging by her wings, she’s probably some kind of bird. You remember seeing her before, taking a moment to run through your memory as you chew on some rice.

Ahh, that’s right.

"Hey, it's the youkai who didn't want to eat me," you say through a mouthful. You’re a bit surprised to hear yourself chuckling at the idea of being eaten. Already it’s getting hard to remember you used to just be another farmer who had nothing to do with most youkai, instead of, well…

Having the skeleton key to every pussy in Gensokyo, courtesy of yours truly?

‘...sure, let’s go with that.’

The bird youkai continues to ignore you and walks up to the counter. "I left something here," she says in a quiet tone bordering on a whisper, barely audible over Marisa’s loud slurping.

Mystia’s ears perk up again in a realization of something. “Ah, that’s right! Just a sec.”

Sliding Marisa’s mug back to her, she picks up a well-worn book lying by the chalkboard and hands it to the blue-haired youkai.

“Thanks,” the bird youkai whispers again. She turns to leave, but Marisa’s hand claps down on her shoulder, preventing her from going.

“Hey, what’s the rush? Pop a squat, have some beans n’ beer.”

Marisa slides the now-mostly-empty bowl of edamame at her. The youkai keeps her mouth shut, instead choosing to plop herself down at the other end of the stand and open her book to a dog-eared page.

“Pfft!” Marisa rolls her eyes at the youkai. “Shows what ya get for tryin’ to be friendly.”

The youkai looks up from her book just long enough to frown at Marisa.

“Ohh, right!” Marisa suddenly remembers something and laughs out loud, slapping her knee. “Yer the one from Kourin’s place, hahaha. Hey, don’t take it personally. S’just business and stuff.”

Seems like every youkai in the forest has some sort of beef with Marisa. It isn’t surprising, given that a random laser of hers blasts through the village at least once a week.

“Hoo boy, what happened?” You know you’re probably digging your own grave by asking, but your curiosity gets the better of you.

“She blasted me,” the youkai says with a scowl, focusing on her book as if she could make the two of you disappear if she thought about something else hard enough.

“Huh. How come?” you ask Marisa.

She shrugs, smirking and looking away like she's trying to play innocent. "She grew back, didn't she?" That doesn't have anything to do with your question, but that's probably the best you'll get out of her. You can picture her frying ants with a magnifying glass as a kid.

In any case, you probably can't have much of a conversation with someone when they're sitting next to their sort-of-murderer, so you silently return to your food. Marisa sees she won't get another word out of the bird and does the same, noisily licking the sauce off of a picked-clean skewer.

Mystia chews on her lip, visibly bothered by the rather awkward silence. She props and elbow on the countertop and leans close to the side of your face. “Sorry. Tokiko doesn’t do well around strangers. Or… anyone, really. Things seem to happen to her a lot,” she whispers.

“It’s alright, I didn’t take it personally,” you whisper back after taking a second to swallow your mouthful of eel and cabbage.

“Huh, got all quiet now,” Marisa says to herself. She stands up from the bench, wobbling in place, and raises her hand in the air. “Barkeep! We need sake!”

Mystia stifles a giggle as she rummages beneath her seemingly never-ending countertop and brings out a white jug labeled “sake” and three shallow cups. She pours each one full with a few good swigs worth of sake and slides one to Tokiko, whose attention goes completely away from her book for once. She nods at Mystia and picks up the cup. She crosses her legs as she takes a sip, looking oddly dignified as she flips open her book again and rests it in her lap, taking another sip of her sake and shivering a little as it goes down.

“Seems like you’ve got more alcohol than eel back there,” you say with a chuckle. You take your own dish and bring it to your lips. It’s pretty run-of-the-mill sake with a plain, everyday flavor, but still good enough to enjoy on a cool night like tonight.

Mystia gives a bit of a self-deprecating laugh. “Well, that’s one way to make money around here.”

She leans against the wall, getting the first chance to be off her feet since the two of you got there. She pats her belly softly and lets out a tired, happy sigh. It’s easy to forget she’s carrying eggs with how bright and energetic she is, but even youkai strength has its limits, it seems. She sings a soft, wordless lullaby as she rubs her stomach, sliding her back down the wall until she’s sitting down.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’m gonna take a quick nap,” she says dreamily.

She unfolds her wings, just managing to not knock over anything in the stand, and wraps them around herself in a makeshift cocoon, only a glimpse of her handkerchief and pink hair visible over the top. Within just a minute, a soft whistling sound comes from her wings as she drifts into a peaceful sleep. Her wings twitch a little, but other than that she barely moves.

You set back to your food, but Marisa suddenly puts a hand on your forearm. She looks up at you with a lusty wide-mouthed smirk, her face completely flushed from all the booze. Your chopsticks clatter to the ground as she wordlessly pulls your arm to the bench and slides your hand dangerously close to her leg.

“Go,” she whispers.
File 133870937050.jpg - (0.97MB, 1600x1200 , Did_I_mention_Marisa_has_a_nice_butt.jpg) [iqdb]
Her grip loosens on your arm. You begin to tremble a little, your pulse quickening. You'd been half-expecting this since the moment you decided to take a ride with her, but doesn't make it any less thrilling as your hand disappears under the hemline of her dress. You find your way to her bare thigh, slender with some toned muscles as your feel your way up her.

Marisa’s grin just gets wider as your hand travels over another layer of fabric underneath. A pair of poofy, loose-fitting bloomers from the feel of it. You reach the top of her thigh and grab onto her, slipping your hand under her bloomers and wedging it between her hips and the back of the bench.

Oh my god, THIS ASS.

‘God, yes, for once I agree with you.’

Her rump feels so soft and juicy, your hand practically sinks into it. You dig your fingers into her skin, feeling it pillow out around your fingers like a loaf of bread rising. Marisa lets out a small satisfied "mmf" and presses her head against your shoulder, her poofy witch hat sliding up her head. The feeling of her soft, frizzy hair brushing your skin just seems to further excite you.

You turn towards her and wrap your other arm around her waist, yanking her up into your lap. Your other hand dives under her dress, squeezing onto her other cheek, spreading them apart as you fondle both sides of her rump.

“Oh, man. Amazing,” you moan softly, pressing your chin against her shoulder.

Marisa giggles, her golden yellow eyes sparkling with a fae-like glimmer. "Damn straight."

You press your lips to her neck and kiss her, running your tongue over her soft skin, taking in the taste of her flesh with relish. She might've been locked in a dungeon for a couple of days, but she smells so delectable right now. Her hips grind against yours, loving every second of your attention. Pinching her skin between your teeth, you lightly nibble on her neck.

"Nnf, fuck," Marisa groans, wrapping her arms around your chest. "Let's do this."

She puts a hand on your arm again, pulling it around her ass until it rests in her lap. She pushes your hand under her bloomers, almost shoving it between her legs. You can feel the moisture forming between the folds of her hot little pussy, the small patch of curly, wispy hairs growing on her crotch, her thin lips spreading apart at your touch.

“You have no idea how much I want you in me right now,” she almost hisses, her voice tickling your spine. Letting out another lustful moan, she roughly mashes your hand into her crotch, hooking a finger under to tease her clit. She knows what she wants, and you’re pretty well ready to give it to her – the tingling of blood flowing to your crotch can attest to that.

Before you can get too lost in Marisa, you glance up and remember that you’re sitting in the middle of a food stand. You look to your left and your eyes meet with a very, very embarrassed Tokiko, her pale face flushed completely red. She squeaks as she looks at you, forcing herself to bury her face in her book, shaking back and forth in her hands.

“Maybe we should take this somewhere else,” you mutter into Marisa’s ear.

“Hee hee, yeah.” Marisa lets out a low, rolling giggle and looks over at Tokiko, who refuses to look up from her book. “Let’s take this somewhere private.”

She stands up from the bench, taking a few seconds to wobble and find her balance through the mix of alcohol and sexual excitement – probably more of the former. Once she’s grounded, or at least close to it, she grabs your arm and walks away from the stand at a brisk pace, almost wrenching your arm to make you follow. You stumble behind her, leaving Tokiko and a sleeping Mystia in peace, though Tokiko might be scarred for life judging by her face.

Marisa snatches up her broom and leads you away from the lights of the stand, towards the forest. The two of you hurry into the thick of trees until the lanterns have disappeared from sight and your only light is the eerie glow of the moon. Pretty soon, the moon is all you can clearly see, making the whole moment seem dangerous yet magically exciting at the same time.

All of the sudden, as you reach a small, shady area of the forest, Marisa stops right in front of you. You accidentally walk right into her backside, making the both of you stumble. She lets go of your arm and whirls around to throw herself around your waist. You fall to the ground, pulled down with surprising force by Marisa. She wastes no time crawling on top of you and straddling your hips.

She grabs your head and pulls your mouth close to hers. You part your lips, breathing heavily, waiting for her to close the distance. With the same roughness as when she pushed you down, she presses her lips against yours and jams her tongue into your mouth. It squirms around in your mouth before curling around your own tongue, snatching it up and drawing it out between your open lips. She sucks on your tongue, running her lips along it as her teeth gently pinch you.

She pops her lips off of your tongue. Her breathing is rough and ragged with excitement, filling your nose with the smell of beer and eel and soy sauce. “Tentacles, huh?” she pants. Her lips slam against yours for a deep, rough kiss before pulling away just as quickly. “Sounds like fun.”

Her wide hat falls off of her head, showing her long, youthful blonde hair rolling over her face. Her roughness almost seems to vanish. Those twinkling yellow eyes and blonde hair with a single braid make her look like a naughty kid again as the moonlight shines around her. You put your hands under her dress and hungrily grab her bloomers, yanking them down to her knees. You practically paw at the thick, plump handfuls of her ass-meat, kneading it in your hands, working your fingers up to explore every inch of it.

“God, your ass…” you moan.

“Mmnf, it’s great, isn’t it?” Marisa says, sliding a hand down your chest until it goes past your belt, then down to your pants. Instead of slipping her hand into your waistband, she rubs her hand against your bulge, stroking your member under your pants as it stiffens up more.

“My. Ass. Is. Perfect.” Marisa emphasizes each word with a squeeze of your cock, egging you on further.

Ungf, yeah. Enough playing around. She’s as ready as we are. Let’s speed this up, shall we?

Tentacles press up from your shirt, popping open the buttons without slowing down. They slip under Marisa’s collar and start exploring, two of them stopping to play with her breasts. Unlike her ass, her chest is small, firm, and pert, with stiff little nipples, perfect for the tentacles to tease. Another tentacle runs down her chest and curls around her, slipping between her crack and rubbing against her asshole. The last one slides between her legs, slipping over a patch of pubic hair and sinking into her small mound.

You lean up and bring your lips back to her neck. She moans happily as you nibble at her tender skin, the tentacle flicking back and forth against her pussy-lips, teasing her, making her shiver as her lips are swatted back and forth.

Hee, this girl is fun to tease.

The tentacle slows down its swatting until it rests on top of her pussy. Not to be satisfied with just teasing, it presses against the entrance to her hole, prodding it roughly to try and spread it apart.

But what a girl like her really needs is a nice hard fu-

"Mmn… wait.” Marisa grabs at the tentacle and pulls it away from herself like it’s a leech.

“H-huh?” you stammer, loosening your grip. Your tentacles slither off of her, retreating back to you in a limp, defeated motion.

“Guh, sorry, man. I got a li’l carried away.” She leans away from you, propping herself up with her arms. “Listen, yer a great guy and all,” she shakes her head like she’s waking up from a dream, “but I’m not gonna risk havin’ a kid yet.”

Oh, that’s right. You’d gotten so used to being with youkai that pregnancy was the last thing on your mind.

“No, it’s okay, I can-“ you try to blurt out something about your ‘mini-bar of sex fluids,’ but Marisa cuts you off.

She looks at you solemnly. “I’m serious. Not this time.”

“But…” She leans forward and puts a hand on your chest, then pushes your back to the ground suddenly. Before you can say anything, she grabs your belt and unbuckles it, yanking your trousers down and letting your cock spring free. Her serious look fades into a grin as she turns around and flips up her dress to show you her bare ass, thick and pale. “I have a perfectly nice little asshole here.”

You mean I… but…! Butt! Anal sex, yes! I am completely okay with this.

Marisa turns back around and gets on all fours between your thighs, looking like a tiger ready to pounce. “First, let’s get you ready,” she purrs.

She presses her face against the base of your cock and rolls her tongue up your length. You moan, curling your toes a little as Marisa licks up and down you in long, slow, strokes, wrapping her tongue around your shaft, getting every inch of it wet with her saliva. It doesn’t take long for you to swell and stiffen up, growing against Marisa’s face.

She laughs softly, absolutely loving your reaction. “Good, isn’t it?” She slurs her words as she keeps her lips on your dick. She pops your head into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth, making loud slurping noises as it slides against her cheek.

“Yes, god yes,” you groan.

“Hee.” Marisa smiles, happy to know she’s the one in control. Her tongue flicks against the underside of your head, bringing a shiver out of you with each lap against your cock until you’re fully stiffened.

“There, that should do it,” she says, still grinning, brushing the hair back out of her eyes and giving your cock an admiring glance. She spits right into your tip, letting her saliva run down its length.

Her prep work now finished, Marisa crawls away from you and gets up on her knees. She turns around, pointing her ass towards your face, and draws close to your lap. Spreading her cheeks apart, she sits on your lap. Her thick rump wraps around your cock, slick with her spit. Once she’s wriggled around and gotten herself comfortable, she leans back a little and grabs your wrists, pressing them to the ground right next to your stomach.

“Hope ya don’t mind if I help myself.”

The tight button of her asshole presses against your shaft as she grinds her hips, slowly rubbing up and down, kissing the underside of your length. As she shifts down, your entire cock is swallowed up between her cheeks without even penetrating her. She groans softly, obviously enjoying the warmth and the rigid pressure of your cock between her ass-meat.

Her hands keep your arms pinned down, but your tentacles have no such trouble. They slither out again, excited at the prospect of Marisa’s butt, and crawl up her body. They slip around her back, two of them returning to her breasts and circling around them, closing in on her nipples. The almost needle-thin points wrap around her nipples and tug on them, stretching her small breasts out.

“Yes, yes, ungh.” Marisa shakes her hips in time with the tentacles’ tugging, giving you a double burst of pleasure. Her hands grab harder on your wrists.

Taking that as a request, the tentacles around her nipples pull on them with even more force, twisting them slightly. She groans again and takes a hand off your wrist, slipping it between her legs and starting to play with herself. You slide your free arm around her waist and pull her closer to you until her thick, round butt sinks against your lap, smothering your thighs.

“You love it, don’t ya?” Marisa whispers, turning her head halfway towards you, her eyes brimming with lust.

“Mmf.” You can’t bring yourself to say much more than a moan. She’s too close to you to rub her like before, so you grind your hips and press your tip into her skin, simply enjoying the feeling.

“Ya gonna cum?” She licks her lips loud enough to make a soft smacking sound.

You haven’t reached your peak yet, but you’re getting surprisingly close. You kiss the back of her neck as you answer, “I’ve got plenty of time.”

“Then hang on a sec.”

Marisa stands up, a few trails of saliva running from your cock to her cheeks. Her skirt quickly slips off onto the ground as she undoes it, letting her bare ass hang completely free.

Flashing you her cheeky grin again, she grabs her juicy asscheeks and almost thrusts her rear end right in your face. She spreads them apart right in front of you to give you a good look at her small, twitching pink bud of an anus, her spit smeared all around it. Lower, you can see the bright pink lips of her pussy, slick with juice, along with a whispy, budding patch of dirty blonde pubic hair. After only a little bit of play, she's looking pretty moist already.

“Let’s get serious now.” She leans down until you can see her face between her legs, still grinning like a devil, her long hair falling down her face onto the ground.

You spring forward, launching yourself face-first into her ass, hungry to please her. Any worries about nasty surprises are long gone. She may be a human, with all the biological ‘activities’ that involves, but you’re so lost in your love of this beautiful, shapely rump that you just want to put every part of your body against it.

You lick against the inside of her ass, slowly making your way towards her creased little hole. Her cheeks squeeze against you from all the tender attention, covering your senses in the raw, salty smell of her crotch.

She leans back until she’s half-sitting on your face, forcing her anus against your open mouth. “Ever licked an ass before?” she drunkenly coos, shaking her hips, batting your face with her ass-meat.

Spurred on by her invitation, you experimentally lick at the ring of her anus. She flinches a little, and you feel her asshole pucker and tighten from the stimulation. Getting a feel for it, you lick her hole from top to bottom, sticking your tongue out and lapping at her. The creases of her anus fold back a little as you keep at her, coaxing it open.

Hey, don’t forget her pussy.

‘Ah, right.’

You hug Marisa’s hips and slide a hand between her legs. As your fingers trace their way up her thighs you can feel the juice smeared around her pussy, covering her mound. You press your middle finger between her lips and dip right into the source of her wetness. You continue to lick at her anus, pausing to take a nibble at her meat a few times, and press your finger hard against her pussy. Your finger slides in easily, your fingertip fitting inside her, then up to the knuckle a few seconds later.

Now ready to go further, you take your other hand and grab at her ass, your thumb right next to her tight ring. You spread her ass to the side, forcing her ring open just a little, and prod your tongue against it. Her ring clenches harder, almost pushing your tongue right back out, but you keep at it until the tip of your tongue is fit snugly within her tight asshole.

Oi, hey. Let me at ‘er.

Another tentacle, about as thick as your finger, slips out amongst the branch of tentacles already sprouted from your chest. It rides up Marisa’s thigh, circling around her leg as it slides behind her at the bottom of her ass. You pull your face away, not wanting to be near a tentacle with a mission.

The thing about anal sex is…

The tentacle moves up between Marisa’s crack and starts to ooze out a sticky lubrication like it’s sweating, dripping down her leg and coating everywhere the tentacle touches.

…you can never have enough lube. So, that said, you keep busy with her pussy while I finish preparing.

Well, that does seem pretty win-win. You get on your hands and knees and crawl between her legs. Marisa bends over again, bringing her face right next to yours.

“Hey there, sailor.” She leans forward to give you a quick peck, running her tongue against your lips.

“You taste like my ass,” she says.

“…is that bad?” You can’t help but laugh. But, hey, what good is sex if you have to be serious the whole time?

Marisa leers at you like a dirty old man. “Not at all.”

“Good.” You hold her head and pull her to your face, kissing her from upside-down. The tops of your tongues rub against each other, your head against Marisa’s chest from the odd angle. You break the kiss, and Marisa straightens up, almost straddling your head.

Before you can start licking her, another tentacle slides out of your shirt and grabs her leg. It lifts her leg up and aside to make her light pink pussy-lips spread open right above you like flower petals. Marisa lets out a low, husky giggle at Tenta.

‘Was that really necessary?’

Leg-lifting is always necessary.

You must admit, though, Marisa’s new position does make it even easier to get at her. You press your mouth to the mound around her pussy, her thin lips parted thanks to her open legs. You plant delicate kisses along her mound, running back and forth over it. Then, pressing your face almost flush with her crotch, you gently bring your teeth to her labia and give them a light nibble.

“God, yes, unnngh.” Marisa shudders with pleasure, her flesh quivering against your face.

Keep going.

‘What, you aren’t going in yet?’

I have reasons for this. Sexy reasons. You’ll love ‘em.

‘No, not that. I was just surprised you had any patience.’

Har har. Quality anal sex needs patience, Captain Jam-it-in.

‘Alright, whatever. We’ll finish this discussion later.’

You flit your tongue against her hole, prodding her lips apart and lapping at the nectar dripping out from her. She’s tangy and a little bittersweet, her taste is absolutely addictive. Hungry for more of her, you press your tongue into her hole. Her pussy gives way, letting the tip of your tongue slide in. You tilt your head back a bit, angling your face so that you can push in just a little bit more of your tongue.

Now, I do believe we are ready. Ready to put things in that glorious butt.

A black sphere pops off of your chest, detaching completely from your body. It slides out between the open button-holes of your shirt, letting you get a good look at it: perfectly round and about as big as a chicken egg. Buzzing like a hummingbird, it hovers in the air. It smacks against Marisa’s ass, sinking into the softness of her cheek-meat, and lazily rolls itself towards her asshole. As it reaches her puckered hole, it presses hard against it.

“Ngh.” Marisa grunts as the ball prods against her anus. Even with the lube, it’s having some trouble fitting.

“Here, I’ll help.”

Still on your knees, you shuffle back behind Marisa. Grabbing her arms, you give her a gentle tug. She gets the hint and gets on her knees, the ball still grinding against her. You grab her ass with one hand and spread her anus like you did before, pressing a finger against the ball with your other hand.


‘Shut up, I’m trying to help.’

You’re just so easy to throw off your groove, heh.

You shake your head to clear it and prod at the ball again. “Looks like your little friend can’t quite get in.” Putting two fingers against the ball, you push until you feel her ring start to give. The ball glides in part of the way, straining her tight hole open. Marisa’s hips twitch and the inside of her ass squeezes against the ball, pushing it back out a little, which just makes Tenta push even harder against her. The widest part finally goes through, and the ball disappears inside her with a small popping sound.

Her soft pink hole is left slightly open, pulsing a little and showing just a glimpse of the dark purple ball trapped inside her. Now that her anus isn’t trying to force it out, it rolls deeper inside her. It disappears past her opening, still leaving her ring a little spread. It starts to vibrate inside her, rubbing aggressively against her walls. Her ass clenches again, instinctively trying to push the ball out like a bucking horse. The ball holds steady, refusing to give and continuing to roll around inside her.

“Ohh… ohhhh, fuck me, that’s good.”

Marisa falls onto her hands and knees. Her hips shake back and forth at the mercy of the sphere. You climb up against her back and put an arm on the ground, half-spooning her. As you work yourself back up to her ass, you can feel the ball squirming inside her. The sensation tickles your tip as you bring it to Marisa’s waiting hole.

Wrapping an arm around her hip, you pull her against you. Your tip slides into her, still tight enough to clench against it. You pull back a little and then push again, gradually working more of yourself into her bit-by-bit. With every extra bit deeper your length goes, her anus almost pulses in rhythm with the buzzing of the tentacle-ball, squeezing every part of your shaft tightly. The vibrations of her walls play with your cock more and more until your tip bumps into the ball, sending a shiver down your spine as you feel yourself touching Tenta.


‘I swear, man.’

Heh heh.

Ignoring Tenta, you push your tip against the ball again. The shaking plays with your sensitive head, batting it around inside Marisa. Trembling, almost ready to cum, you pull Marisa hard against you, forcing more of your meat inside her. You push the ball deeper inside her until it seems to hit an end. Her asshole clenches like crazy, almost shoving you out.

“Oh guh- oh god don’t go any further,” Marisa grunts. It’s clear from her tone that she’s not just playing.

Hah. I bet she’s never had it all the way to her sigmoid colon.

‘Her what?’ you ask, shifting your hips back to loosen the pressure.

It’s the place where the rectum curves around to the sma-

‘Nevermind, I don’t want to know in so many ways.’

At least Tenta’s distractions are enough to help you last longer. Without his dumb jokes, you probably would’ve cum already.

You slide your hips back and give Marisa some breathing room, letting her anus relax until the clenching doesn’t hurt anymore. You work your way back in, leisurely enjoying her ass while the ball constantly stimulates her. Taking your hand around her waist and sliding it between her legs, you bring it to her tiny clit, red and throbbing with excitement. Spreading your fingers in a v-shape, you pinch it between your knuckes, rubbing and rolling it between your fingers.

“Mmmmh! Oh, ahhhh… I’m g-gonna cum, keep going!” Marisa shouts, sweat dripping down her face.

“Me too! Marisa!” You shout her name and thrust again, rubbing your fingers back and forth.

On a whim, you pull out of her asshole and nestle between her crack. You slam your hips against her cheeks, the lubrication letting you slide your cock back and forth furiously between her wet, quivering ass, her pucker throbbing against your underside.

“Guh, I’m cumming!” you almost scream. A spurt of cum erupts out of your cock and splashes against her ass and lower back, landing all over the top of her dress.

Finally hitting her limit at almost the same moment as you, Marisa lets out a loud yell as her body convulses with a powerful orgasm. Her hips smack against you, and her asshole clenches hard enough to force the ball out with a wet slurp, banging into your dick on its way out. You collapse on top of Marisa, feeling her hum with excitement as her climax runs its course.

She shivers for a long moment, basking in pleasure as you force yourself to concentrate and keep rubbing her clit until her gasps and yelps settle down to moans. You pull your hands away, completely spent, and lie next to her.

“That. Was. Great!” Marisa laughs, turning over and smothering your face with rough kisses. Your only response is to pull her closer to you, even though you’re both flushed, hot, and sticky with sweat.

The past hour or so of activity catches up to you as you lie there with Marisa. Between the flying, the drinking, and the sex, you barely have the energy to speak above a hoarse whisper. Your eyelids suddenly feel like they’re made of lead.

“I think I’m gonna fall asleep,” you mutter to Marisa.

As soon as the words are out of your mouth, you fade into a deep, inebriated sleep right there in the forest. The last thing you hear before you fade off into the dream world is Marisa’s loud, satisfied laughter echoing in your head.
When you open your eyes again, you’re sitting in a chair in the forest. Huh, cozy.

There’s a bed in front of you, neatly made and propped up on short wooden legs like Alice’s bed. Marisa arcs down from the sky and lands right next to it, a green-haired youkai trapped under her arm. She’s dressed rather plainly – at least, you think it’s a she - in a white blouse and baggy, ill-fitting black shorts, with two small sticks poking out of her head. It takes you a moment of staring before you realize that they’re antennae.

“Have mercy!” the youkai says in a girly squeal, sounding kind of like she’s reciting lines for a play. And poorly, at that.

Paying no heed to the bug youkai’s cries, Marisa throws the youkai onto the bed. “Never! You’re mine, Wriggle Nightbug!”

Instead of acting like there’s any sort of danger, Wriggle rolls over on the bed and sticks her hips out at Marisa. “Kyaah, don’t throw me so roughly!”

Marisa grabs Wriggle’s shorts and yanks them down – curiously, she doesn’t have any panties on underneath. Any doubt of Wriggle’s gender disappears as her body is exposed, revealing a thin slit, already puffy and red. Not only that, but her shorts were hiding a set of surprisingly wide, curvaceous hips, topped with a round, fondleable butt, even if it’s on the tiny side.

“You’ve been a naughty little youkai,” Marisa says with a sneer as she climbs onto the bed. She hoists Wriggle up by her shoulders and drapes the youkai over her knee. “And we all know what punishment bad bugs get!”

Wriggle shakes in place, squirming half-heartedly to try and escape Marisa’s grasp, but she holds tight onto her. “Ah-ah-ah, no escaping,” she coos mockingly. Her hand swings up and slaps down hard against Wriggle’s ass.

“Kyaah!” Wriggle screams, squirming under the witch’s arm. Her ass lights up like a miniature evening sun, flickering for a few moments as Marisa’s hand slides away.

Wriggle whimpers. “Please… have mercy…” She looks awfully pitiable, and knowing Marisa, Wriggle could probably use a helping hand right about now.

As soon as you start to move, Wriggle’s body seems to shimmer in front of you, like the reflection of the sun off of water. The vision passes before you can even blink, but you’re left with an odd feeling. You don’t know why, but the vision just seemed… right. It tells you Wriggle is perfectly fine with what Marisa’s doing to her. In fact, she’s quite aroused by it. It would explain her bizarre behavior, at least. Not sure what to make of it, you sit back down in your chair and decide to just enjoy the show.

“No mercy for weak little runts like you.” Marisa raises her hand again and brings it down hard on Wriggle’s other cheek. It lights up just like the last one did, leaving a bright red hand-mark after the glow fades. Moisture starts to glisten visibly off of Wriggle’s pussy.

“Oh? Are you enjoying this?” Marisa asks, slipping a hand down between Wriggle’s legs. In one solid push, her middle finger invades Wriggle’s tight hole all the way up to the knuckle.

“Aaagh!” She grunts and arches her back at Marisa’s rough treatment of her pussy. The witch’s hand grinds and twists, working her finger deeper inside her prey. Completely at Marisa’s mercy, Wriggle’s mouth dangles open, her tongue hanging out in pure ecstasy.

Marisa pulls her finger out as quickly as she stuffed it in, now slick and dripping with juice. She marvels at how wet her finger is from Wriggle, stretching a thin thread of fluid between her thumb and finger, amused by her effect on the bug youkai. “Well, if you like it so much, I won’t hold back.”

Thwack! Her hand taps Wriggle's rear end even more fiercely than the last time, making her cry out even louder and her cheeks glow brighter. The firefly youkai shudders hard, squirming around on top of Marisa's lap, burying her face against the sheets.

“This’ll teach you to mess with me!”

Thwack! Thwack! Marisa lays two quick smacks across Wriggle, one after the other, making her cheeks light up in tandem. Wriggle grabs handfuls of the sheets and clutches onto them for dear life. Her head shoots up from the bed, twisted in an expression somewhere between agony and sheer bliss. She lays slack-jawed, her tongue dangling sloppily out of her mouth, leaking a slight trail of drool down her chin.

Marisa laughs derisively, grabbing a handful of Wriggle’s hair and holding her head up, stuck in her blank expression of painful satisfaction.

“Hah. Did you really just cum?” Marisa says with another snide laugh. Wriggle can’t work up a reaction. All she can do now is merely gasp for breath and accept her tormentor’s ‘abuse.’

A soft ripping sound from behind you makes you spin around in your seat and look away from the fun. In the blink of an eye, flash of purple fabric whips past your eyes and disappears in a vortex - a familiar-looking rip in reality itself.

“Ga-buh!” You splutter as your eyes snap wide open, jerking your head forward. Almost in a panic, you try to bolt upright, but a pair of slender arms keep you pinned against the bed.

Wait, the bed?

With your eyes now open, you realize several things one after the other. First, you overdid your drinking, and even the light glow of the setting evening sun feels like fingers jabbing your eyes, along with the general feeling of someone banging a hammer around inside your head – along with aches in your gut to top everything off. Second, you are indeed back in your home, lying in your bed. Third, someone is lying on top of you. Judging by those gem-like purple eyes and that long, silky blonde hair, it could only be one person.

“…gap youkai…” you groan. Of all the people to wake up to, it had to be her.

Though, she looks very different from what you remember. Her face has the lean, round look of a child’s, her long blonde locks covering most of it. It’s not just her face, either. Looking down, you see her body has changed too: the fertile, womanly curves you remember have somehow been replaced with a waifish frame with long, willowy arms and legs. If anything, she looks more like she could be Yukari’s daughter than Yukari herself.

Can she reproduce? There’s a scary thought.

“What,” you mutter, with too many endings to that question to be more specific.

“Mornin’ sunshine,” she croons. Even with her new look, the same sultry, domineering voice floats from her lips. She leans in and gives you an affectionate peck on the nose, then sits up, straddling your chest.

“This is the last thing I need right now, you know,” you grumble, even though you know what you need or want is the last thing on Yukari’s mind.

Yukari frowns. “Aww, don’t be that way. I know some things went wrong at the mansion.” She looks down at you pityingly, softly stroking your cheek with a gloved hand. “But it was all a fluke, I assure you.”

“A fluke?” You sit up with a jerk, shoving Yukari away from you. “A fluke?! You call getting attacked and molested a fluke?” you snarl. “I thought I was gonna die, or worse! I’m lucky I didn’t!”

“Yes…” Yukari’s expression looks sincerely remorseful for once, instead of just being patronizing.

“I was keeping an eye on you the whole time, honest. I went to Remilia as soon as it happened, but that damn woman and her watch…” Yukari glares angrily off to the side, as if telling a nonexistent Sakuya where she can and should put her watch.

“Honestly though, I neither planned nor hoped for it, and I stopped it as soon as I could.” She inches back towards you, rubbing her hand along your shoulder.

“Fine. Whatever. So, where are you going to throw me next?” You drape an arm over your eyes, amazed to hear yourself sound so passive and submissive. The rapid lurching between highs and lows has left you a bit of an emotional wreck. To make things worse, you feel Tenta stirring around inside your consciousness. Oh goody, the gang’s all here.

Huh, what’d I miss? Yippee! It’s Yukar…

Tenta notices your complete lack of enthusiasm. Um. Am I interrupting something?

You heave a woe-is-me sigh, which sums up your feelings pretty well.

I’ll just, uh… wait here, then, and not say anything.

You feel Yukari’s weight back on your stomach, straddling you again, and you take your hand away from your eyes.

“Well… would it help if I told you to remember the good times? You know, like all the cute little fairies you got to deflower?”

Yukari runs her hands along her chest and waist, using her new body as a visual example of a fairy. “With their perky, sensitive little nipples…” She tugs the collar of her dress down, exposing one of her tiny breasts. Her chest is flat, almost child-like, with firm nipples the same color of ripe cherries. “They’re so nice and lovely.” Yukari pinches herself, rolling her nipple around between her fingers.

“And their plump little pussies… Mmm…” Her other hand disappears under her dress. “With fat, pink mounds…” She leans back, her dress tantalizingly rolling up her legs to reveal the garters connected to her stockings. Underneath her dress, she shows off a pair of white lace-patterned panties, so thin they leave very little to the imagination.

“Topped with a teeny little clit…” She tugs her panties down, showing you her own thin slit, with a small hooded nub at the top. She runs a gloved finger along her slit, slowly rocking her hips back and forth on top of you. “So eager for you to-“

“Okay, yeah, I get it.”

Yukari frowns and stops playing with herself. “I’m just trying to help, that’s all. Wouldn’t you like to have those three cute little fairy maids all to yourself? Show them all sorts of kinky things…?”

She pauses a minute, her eyes glazing over. “God, I’m horny now.” You clear your throat, breaking her from her trance, and she covers herself back up.

“That’s not the point.” You shut your eyes, trying to drive away the wonderful visions of ‘playing’ with Sanya, Prima, and Linda. “And how do you know all this stuff I did? Were you watching me the whole time?” you nearly shout.

“Oh, my, was I?” Yukari covers her mouth with a now-slightly-moist hand, looking like she just let some big secret slip. “Remi may have filled me in on some of the details later.”

You’d ask for her to promise that anything like what happened with Sakuya doesn’t happen again, but you can’t trust her any further than you could throw her. Though, with her smaller body you could probably get another meter out of her now.

“Oh, okay. Tell you what…” She leans down next to your face, almost in cuddling-position. “It’ll take a day or two to get your next little ‘visit’ ready. I’m going to make sure everything checks out, make sure all the people who might… yeah… are kept away from you. So no matter what happens, you’ll have time to, ahem, catch up with the wifey.”

She slides her knee between your thighs and starts to stroke her leg against your crotch. Although you really don’t want anyone touching you right now, for several reasons, it does feel pretty nice. Your dream must have stayed with you as you woke up, since you can feel you’re already stiff down there. “Of course, I can always give you some extra time off, get some… practice… with the friends you’ve made. Y’know, if you want.”

She strokes your cheek again, her leg pressing a little harder against your groin, drawing a soft groan out of you. “I’m… open to suggestion, hee hee.” Yukari lets out another sultry giggle.

[ ] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.
[ ] No thanks, let’s hop right into it.
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

We have Alice to spend some time with, a milk-fairy to pick up and her friends to deflower. All good reasons for some time off.
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

All aboard for Alice and Sunny.
[x] No thanks, let’s hop right into it.

We've got bigger fish to fuck.
[X] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

We have territory to mark.

Plus, you know, our girlfriendwife to bond with. Might be nice to just spend some time with her.
[X] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.
[X] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.
[X] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

After all the fun that happaned, i think it's better to take some nice days off. Besides, i can't get enough of Alice and Sunny!
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

I wonder if Alice will bring Keine home.
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

>Without his dumbawesome jokes, you probably would’ve cum already.
>"Yep. The little babies are growing so fast." Mystia smiles wide, beaming with pride as she gives her tummy another gentle rub. She turns her wide grin to you. "Thanks for the practice, by the way.”
Mystia's precious egg-laying scene, please.
[y] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

Reluctantly voting for the days off option.
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.
[X] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

Poor alice is probably having some separation issues going on right now, we must be there to relive her of those worries!
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.
Closing votes! Our hero will take some time off and catch up with some old friends.

(I won't take a month to update this time promise)
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

A small break from the Gensokyo Sex Tour might be a nice change.
Will be nice just hope we'll get another shot at scoring with Koakuma.

But yes Alice probably is wanting to make up for lost time
File 134025110223.jpg - (271.83KB, 850x892 , Yukari.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Yes, please, some days off sound nice.

“Alright, leave me alone for a few days.” You sigh and roll over – easier said than done with her on top of you – and try to pull the covers over your head. Unfortunately, they only reach up to about your chest. Grumbling, you look up and see that Yukari’s got the rest wedged behind her legs.

"Aww, poor baby," she lilts, leaning over in front of your face, making silly kissy-faces at you. "Does it need a nap so it can be all not-cranky?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, it does. So let me sleep this off before you send me off to fuck wolverines or whatever," you almost snarl.

With it being sundown already, today’s already a total wash for you. Sleeping off your hangover is the best you can hope to do right now. Yukari’s weight rolls off of you, giving you a split-second of hope that she’ll actually leave you alone.

That moment is fleeting, since the covers come flying off of you.

You sit up just in time to watch your covers fly into a purple gap. “Hey!”

“C’mon, I’m trying to apologize, dear,” Yukari coos. She gets on all fours at your feet, crawling up to you and pushing gently against your chest. Her small, gloved hand smoothly slides down your shirt until it rests on your waistband.

“Besides…” With a delicate, rehearsed ease, she pinches the button on your pants and pops it open. Slowly, your morning wood strains against your briefs as she pulls down the zipper, straightening up inch by inch until it’s standing tall like a flagpole. “…didn’t you hear me say how horny I was?”

“Oh, s-so this it’s all about you now, is it?” you snark.

“Mmh, now when did I say that, love?” Yukari plants another gentle kiss on your cheek as her hands gently wrap around the hem of your underwear.

As much as you try to be snide, you know it’s an act, and you’re pretty certain Yukari knows too. She even seems downright eager to play the role of the perky little fairy with a sugary smile. All she needs is a pair of cute little bug-wings…

‘Dammit, what have you done to me? I’ve turned into some kind of fairy-lusting pervert.’

What did I do? More importantly, what’s wrong with fairy sex?

You'd respond to that, but it hits you that the time to argue this point probably would have been about a week ago, before you decided to go toying with Sunny. With a sigh of resignation, you concede, 'Fine, whatever, let's see where she's going with this.'

Fine, by me, Tenta says with a vaguely sinister laugh.

In a flash, Yukari tugs your underwear down, letting your cock pop out tall and proud, swaying back and forth from the sudden removal. You're fully hard now, the covering of your foreskin peeled back fully to show your tip, already glistening with precum. Just the sight of your wood gives her a shiver of excitement. She brings her gloved hand to her mouth and runs her tongue along her palm, licking her gloved hand up and down to coat it with saliva.

She pauses to suckle her middle finger. “Mmmh…” she moans happily, shoving her finger back and forth inside her mouth.

She pops her finger back out of her mouth, closing her hand around your cock. “Quite the dream you had, by the way.” She runs her thumb in circles around your head. “Wriggle is such a cutie, though. I can’t blame you for wanting to slap those tender little cheeks.” She gives your cock one quick tug, making your hips jerk like she gave you an electric shock.

“Nnf,” you grunt and sit halfway up. Yukari taps your chest, motioning for you to lie back down.

“Ah, ah, just lie back and let-me-do-all-the-work.” She follows each word with another quick pump along your shaft. The luxurious soft silk of her gloves is like a lubrication all on its own. Biting your lip, you lie back down and accept Yukari’s attention.

"Ah, that's right! I almost forgot, how silly of me." She sits up and takes her hands off of you all of a sudden.

"H-Hang on, now!" you start to protest.

"Don't worry, I'm not stopping. There's just something I need to help make the moment complete."

She wipes her hand along your pants, cleaning the spittle off of it before she fishes a small violet-colored... box-thing out of her pocket. She flips it open, revealing a black screen on top and rows of buttons on the lower half. You remember hearing about it before, a 'sell phone' or something. It’s the outside world’s answer to telepathy, if you remember right.

Yukari fiddles with the buttons and brings the phone to her ear. Noticing your staring, she puts a hand to the phone and smiles at you. “Just ringing my faithful servant, don’t worry. She’s taking care of my place, probably eating fried tofu and reading magazi- heeeey, Ran!”

Just like that, her attention is right back to her phone. A high-pitched buzzing comes out from the other end of the phone, like a bumblebee trying to mimic human speech. Slightly angry human speech. Yukari bites her lip as she resists the urge to laugh.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be on the pot!” she says, her screwed-up face making it obvious that she’s not really sorry for anything.

Very angry human speech.

“No, nobody’s listening! You’re such a worrywart, honestly. It’s not like they’d even care if you were shitting. Or pissing. Which one is it?”

She leans the phone away from her as the buzzing sound practically explodes from the phone, her laughter harder and harder to stifle.

“Anyway, I need the bottle. Yeah, that one. No, no, you can finish your business first. I’m not that much of a slave driver.”

Yukari leans over and dangles her legs over the edge of your bed, ready for a longer conversation. “Hey, don’t forget to wipe. Did you get any on your tail?” Yukari jerks the phone away again as a loud rumble of buzzes fly out of it, taking a few precious seconds to laugh up a storm with her mouth away from the phone.

“I’m just looking out for you, hon. Honest. Okay. Yep. That one, yeah. One sec.”

Yukari traces a finger through the air, cutting another rift through it. It opens itself up until it looks big enough for you to squeeze through.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

A pale, slender hand with long nails shoots out of the gap, holding a glass bottle. You lean forward to try and get a look through the gap, but Yukari pushes you back from it. The hand dumps the bottle into Yukari’s lap and pulls back.

"Sorry about that. But Ran would probably kill you if she saw you and knew you just heard her pooping," Yukari whispers at you with a prankish giggle. She closes the gap with a twirl of her finger and picks up the bottle. "Now... where were we?"

Hee hee, I remember Ran. She’s so easy to embarrass. Didn’t really see much of her, though, since Yukarin usually kept me busy.


Yeah, my pet nickname for Yukari, heh. Ungf, man, the things she could do with those gaps…

‘I am NOT sticking my dick in a gap.’

“Now, let’s get back to the fun.”

Yukari slips her gloves off of her hands and tosses them on the floor without a care. Beneath her gloves, her long, slender fingers are perfectly manicured. She pours out a hefty dollop of sticky oil onto her bare hand and throws the bottle aside with the same lack of care as her gloves. She smears the oil between her hands, letting it ooze down her arms as she makes sure to get every inch of her covered.

“You enjoyed doing this with the gatekeeper, didn’t you?”

She presses her hands against your crotch. Her fingers rub against the base of your crotch as she smears the oil everywhere between your thighs. She cups your balls in her hand, squeezing them ever so gently and running her fingers over them, making sure to get every nook and cranny coated with oil.

“There was so much sticky lube everywhere…”

She jiggles your balls, bouncing them up and down. They land against her fingers with a soft wet slap, teasing your sensitive loins, aching from any touch.

Now finished rubbing you down, she gets up on her knees and all but tears her her clothes off. The way she slyly smiles at you as she slips her dress off her shoulders, those shimmering amethyst eyes locked with yours, makes you ready to do anything with her, not caring about her terrifying power and just about every rumor you’ve heard of her. You unbutton your shirt and let it dangle apart, revealing your chest to her.

“Hmmhmm, interesting.” Yukari grabs the shoulders of your shirt and tugs it down your body, exposing your bare chest. She pushes you back against the bed and climbs on top. Her hand leave sticky trails on your chest as she mounts you, her bare ass nuzzling your cock as she sits on your stomach.

“I’m glad to see you couldn’t resist my charms.”

Yukari lies down on top of you, propping herself up on her elbow. She plays with a strand of her hair, letting the warmth of her body slowly melt onto you. Her stiff nipples poke against your stomach as she rests completely against you, her chin buried against your chest, her velvety hair splaying out over your sides.

Her slender thighs suddenly close around your cock. Her thin slit, hot from her playing with you, sinks against the top of your length. As she squeezes your shaft, your tip pokes out from between her legs. Her pert little butt grazes your tip as she slides her hips back. The sudden warm pleasure makes your mouth hang open.

Your mouth hangs open from the lovely pressure against your crotch.

“Makes for an awfully nice apology, don’t you think?” She shifts her hips up, running the sticky oil against you. She leans against you hard enough to push your tip between her slit, not quite penetrating her but sinking your head in the warm flesh of her mound. She drops her hip back down. Your cock pops out from inside her, trembling between her thighs.

“F-fuck…” you moan.

Heee, this is new. I missed, you, Yukarin! There goes Tenta squealing like an overexcited kid again, just like when you met Koakuma.

A tentacle pokes out of your chest and slithers towards Yukari. “Hmm, sorry.” Yukari flicks a finger in front of the tentacle, making it stop in the middle of its slithering as it bumps right into a gap.

Ow. I think that just goes into the ground. Tenta gets the point, and the tentacle crawls back into you.

“This is just me teasing a silly little human. You’ll have your time later, love.”

But, but!

“Good things come to those who wait, you know,” she says with a wink, planting a kiss against the roots on your chest.

“What was… that about t-teasing?” you grunt.

“Oh, yes. Did you really think I was just going to let you cum?” Yukari grins devilishly and puts her bare hands around your chin.

"No matter how much you beg..." Yukari traces her finger along your chest and pumps her hips up again. You stifle a gasp as her pussy smothers your head, her warm lips spreading as they travel up and down your meat. “...I'm not letting you cum.”

Hahaha. Played.

“So you’ll be a good boy and hold it in, won’t you?” She grinds her hips, the oil making wet squelching sounds as her lips slither around your shaft and the tight kernel of her clit presses against your base.

“Why won’t, unf… you let me?” You force the words out through your groans of pleasure.

“Hmm, because I can,” she replies with a prankish grin.

She slides a hand over your mouth, cutting off your groans. The sound of your muffled voice seems to excite her, as she starts to hop gently up and down, the back of her pussy grabbing onto your tip with every bounce, flicking your head as it pops out each time.

Your cock is throbbing painfully between her legs, pressing against her skin with each pulse. You can feel it swelling, on the verge of exploding your semen between those wonderful legs.

But just like that, she stops. “Mmm, alright. That should be enough.”

Just as she promised, Yukari takes her hand away from your mouth and rolls away from you, leaving your cock trembling in the air.

“…that’s just cruel,” you pout, not even bothering to sit up.

“Aww, but you wouldn’t want to ruin Alice’s present, would you?” Yukari giggles and puts a finger to her lips, as if this ‘present’ was some actual wonderful secret. She bends over and picks up her dress. You can’t help but watch her cute, pinchable buttocks stick up, coated with oil. Her panties climb up her legs, clinging to her crack from all the slippery oil.

As she starts to put on her dress, you realize she’s most likely serious and set to buttoning up your shirt. She picks up her dress and slides it on in one smooth motion, then fiddles with her gloves and mob cap as she waits for you to finish your buttoning. You cover your stiffy back up with your underwear, taking care not to zip your pants right over your member as you do up your pants.

“Oh, that’s right. Before I forget…”

Now fully clothed, Yukari waves her hand above your bed and opens another gap. A slender metal pipe falls out, along with a pouch of tobacco and a few handfuls of coins, rumpled bills, and a nugget of silver. It takes you just a moment to recognize it as your stuff.

“Hey, what the-!” A gruff female voice calls out from behind the gap, and a tanned arm reaches down out of it. The arm flails for your stuff, despite being a few feet too high off the bed. The gap starts to close, so the arm smartly ducks back through. You don’t even want to think about what happens if a gap closes around a body part, eugh.

“A certain little witch helped herself to your stash after she brought you here,” Yukari says, amused with the thought of someone rummaging through your house while you’re passed out.

“Oh. Well, uh. Thanks.” You aren’t sure how to react to the gap youkai actually doing you a favor.

“Okay, let’s go!”


And you’re falling now. Apparently she wasn’t used to being nice either, so she figured she’d send you through those damn purple eyes again to make up for it. You shut your eyes tight, not sure which is worse: the vertigo of falling through nothingness with your eyes shut or the creepiness of keeping your eyes open and seeing all that purple.

You land on your feet and stumble onto all fours. When you open your eyes again you see the familiar white walls of Alice’s house.

“Hey, you’re getting the hang of that.” Yukari puts a hand on your back and helps you up.

“Yeah, thanks,” you scoff.

“And now, I shall take my leave.” Yukari spins in place, winking out of existence as she twirls into another gap.

Well, damn. But at least you’re back at Alice’s house now.

Well, yay.

You figure you probably shouldn’t just let yourself in, so you peer in through the window. No sign of Alice, as far as you’re able to see. Several dolls are flitting about in the kitchen doing something: dusting the countertops, washing dishes. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much activity.

The thought suddenly hits you that you don’t even know what Alice does on a day-to-day basis. Sure, you have a vague idea of it, and you’ve only known her for a little over a week, but it still feels kinda odd to realize that.

Putting those thoughts out of your head for the moment, you decide to try the door anyway. Sure enough, it's unlocked, so you open the door and step inside. The second you set foot past the doorway, the dolls dusting the dining room stop in place, and slowly turn around to look at you. Or rather, their heads turn completely around on top of their necks.


They stare at you for a few seconds, hovering completely still in the air. You expect one of them to shout “Intruder!” or start dog-piling you, but they instead just turn their heads back around and set back to work.

A doll you actually recognize comes fluttering down the stairs: Shanghai. As soon as you make eye contact, she holds up a tiny doll hand in a ‘please wait’ gesture and digs into the satchel around her shoulder. After a minute of searching, she finally turns up the right cards and holds them up to you. The first merely says, "Welcome back," while the other reads, "Alice missed you."

"Aww, thanks," you say, reaching out to pat Shanghai's tiny head. Your hand covers her entire face, so you take extra care to be gentle as you give her hair a quick ruffle. "I missed Alice too."

Though her face can’t show any emotion behind her glass eyes and thin painted-on smile, the way she bobs back and forth just a little lets you know she really is happy to see you, and even happier to get her hair ruffled. She stows the cards back into her satchel and rummages around for another one. Once she has the right one, she leans forward and puts a hand on her forehead, lifting her bangs out of the way of her forehead. ‘Kiss please?’ the card says, with a doodle of a smiley face under the words.

‘This doll’s gonna give me a heart attack one of these days.’

You bend down a little to get closer to the doll and pucker your lips, planting a quick kiss on her forehead. Even though you know her face is just made from fabric, it still has a warm, skin-like feel to it. Shanghai clasps her hands together under her chin and sways back and forth. If she had a voice she’d be giggling up a storm right now.


You hear the click of a door handle as the door to Alice’s room swings open. Apparently fond of changing outfits, she’s wearing a sky-blue yukata now. You can’t help but notice it looks out of place on her, the sleeves go past her wrists and the fabric sags a little around her belt, as if it was made for someone twice her size. She never struck you as the type to wear second-hand clothes, even if they do look pretty comfy.

“You’re back.” Her face turns up into an awkward smile.


And just like that, the conversation ends.

You scratch your neck, sheepishly looking around the room. Alice stares down, suddenly very interested in the floorboards as a light red tint colors her pale face. With the way you’re standing there on opposite sides of the room trying not to look at each other, it suddenly feels like you’re total strangers rather than, well…

Before you can finish your thoughts, Alice breaks the silence. “Would you like some tea?” she asks. You expect Shanghai to set to work on it as soon as she asks, but when you look to the side you realize the doll has floated off elsewhere.

“Yeah. That’d be nice.”

Without a word, she sets a pot of water on top of her stove. She taps the wood lying inside the stove and it sets alight by itself. With how most youkai use magic (along with most humans, honestly), it’s easy to forget it actually has its everyday uses. You take a seat at the table, desperate for something to say.

“The yukata is new. It looks nice on you.”

Alice flinches and almost drops the tea leaves she was fiddling with. Not the right thing to say, apparently.

Try as she might to sound unaffected, her words get caught in her throat. "Th-Thank... you," she manages to choke out. She keeps her eyes focused on the teapot as she waits for it to work up to a boil.

"Alice, hey," you say, putting your hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Yes. I mean, no. It's just..."

She lets out a long, heavy sigh, turning around to look you in the eyes for the first time since you got home. It's easy to forget you've only known her for a few days, barely over a week. She already feels like home. She leans over you and hugs you around the shoulders, pressing her forehead to yours.

“I’m glad you’re back,” she says, her soft breath blowing onto your nose.

“Me too.” You put your arms around her waist, holding the soft, loose fabric of her robe.

"This is so weird." She chuckles under her breath, her smile slowly brightening up, becoming warmer, more genuine.

"It really is," you say, shaking your head and breaking into a smile of your own. You bring your hand up to her hair and run your fingers through it. It’s a strange thought, but her soft silky hair feels so safe right now. It's the first thing that's felt 'real' to you ever since you got out of that mansion.

“You smell really nice, by the way.” You smile and kiss her nose.

You plant a quick kiss on the tip of her nose. "You smell really nice, by the way."

Alice chuckles again. "Thank you." She lowers herself down and sits sideways in your lap. Thankfully, in all the awkwardness of your reunion, your formerly raging erection's had a moment to settle down, so she isn't sitting on any big bulges.

"So, how, um... how was it?" Alice asks somewhat hesistantly.

"Hoo boy." You sigh and shut your eyes, leaning against her forehead. "That's a pretty long story. Mind if I tell you later tonight?"

"Oh, um... okay." She sucks on her lip, looking a bit surprised to hear that answer.

Neither of you seem quite sure of what to say after that. You suspect she probably has more to say to you, and you've definitely got a few yarns for her, but now isn't the time. A few moments pass in silence before Alice looks over at the pot on the stove.

"Anyway, the tea's probably ready now."

Giving you a little peck on the cheek, she jumps up off of your lap to go see about the tea, the pot having reached a nice rolling boil by now. She takes it off of the fire and fetches a few cups from her cupboard.

"So, did you have any plans for tonight?" you ask.

Alice thinks for a moment. "Not really. I was just doing some studying when you came in. You did make it just in time for dinner, though."

[ ] Why not help Alice out with dinner?
[ ] Let's spend some time with the dolls and leave the cooking to Alice.
[ ] Hmm, what was Alice studying?
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

Yeah, yeah, Shanghai is heart-attack-inducingly adorable, I get it... but leaving Alice alone too often is just pleading to get her all pissed off with us. And I like this Alice.
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

The study and dolls can wait after Alice.
[x] Hmm, what was Alice studying?

Just because.
[X] Let's spend some time with the dolls and leave the cooking to Alice.

doll route best route
I wonder if she was trying out clothing made for someone else, such as perhaps Yuyuyko.
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?
Dolls can come later, Alice comes now.

[x] Hmm, what was Alice studying?

/at/ sure does love cooking.
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

Lovey Dovey
[y] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

Damn it Mystia stop being so damn cute and Shanghai's going to give me heartattack. I'm here to fap now daaaaw!

Also :
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

We DID miss her, didn't we? Quality time~
>fairy-lusting pervert
Fairies getting so much attention is my favorite thing about this story.
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?
Let's try and work in some sexual harassment to cover the awkwardness.
Closing votes!

[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

It's super-dynamic cooking time.
File 134164396664.jpg - (261.44KB, 749x901 , Shanghai_feeding_Alice.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Why not help Alice out with dinner?

The sudden grumbling of your stomach helps you realize that, once again, you've managed to go the better part of a day without eating. That's no big surprise since you spent most of the time sleeping, though the whole hangover thing didn't just do wonders for your appetite.

"Dinner, huh?" you remark. "That sounds good about now, actually."

Yep, sleepin', eatin' and fuckin'. Yer a youkai now.

'Shaddup, I'm still human enough.'

"What'd you have in mind?"

“Oh, nothing special. Just a simple mushroom stew.”

She half-smiles and sets a steaming cup of tea in front of you. You nod in thanks, and she turns around and gives the counter a steely look, rolling her sleeves up to let the stove know it’s about to face some cookery. Her pale shoulders are surprisingly cute, though. They remind you a little of Mystia, which gives you a twinge of guilt.

Blissfully ignorant of your thoughts, Alice flits about the kitchen, getting some mushrooms here, some onions there, some carrots and leeks. Realizing that you're not doing much of anything yourself, you catch her as she pulls out the cutting board. "Mind if I help?" you ask, hoping some relatively normal bonding will help clear the air a little.

"Hmmm.” She sucks on her lip. “Oh, I don’t see why not,” she says after taking a moment to mull it over.

She takes a knife out of the wooden block near the stove and sets it next to the onions. "Here. You can do these, and I'll get the other stuff."

“Ah, sure.”

You stand up from the chair and move to the counter, practically shoulder to shoulder with Alice. As soon as you set to work on the onion, Alice gets to work on something else, not giving you more than a glance.

'Eesh, this is just how I was afraid it was gonna be.'

What? Don't like onions? Snrk.

'No, dipstick, I'm talking about how... y'know, how weird everything feels right now. I mean, I was getting my dick rubbed by Yukari, what, five minutes ago?'

And why does that matter? It's not like you're really cheating on Alice or anything. You two'd have to be a couple for that, right?

‘That’s the problem. I don’t even know what she thinks this is. It feels so… weird.’

Well, do you like her?

‘I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.’

Then if you wanna tell her you’re serious, go wraps your arms around her and let your fingers do the talking for you, heh.

‘Wow, and here I almost thought you were being serious. You had me worried for a second. Though, wait.’ You chop off the top of the onion and set to work peeling the skin off. ‘Come to think of it, what was up with that dream last night, with the weird, like… aura thing around Wriggle?’

Oh, well. It’s kind of a sixth sense for me. I can tell when someone’s getting off, and I’m not talking about boats. Tenta takes a second to laugh at his own bad joke.

You’re less than amused. ‘I never thought you were.’

…anyway, as I was saying, you could probably see it in your dream ‘cause of weird dream magic or whatever the hell. I dunno. We’re practically joined at the hip. In at least a few senses.

‘Oh, huh.’ You chop your way through the first onion while Alice hefts up an empty pot onto the stove.

‘Then, uh… is there anything you can see about Alice right now?’

Nah, it doesn’t work like that, only sexy pleasure. Now, if you started fingering her…

‘Not yet.’

Thankfully, Alice is too involved with getting everything ready to notice your little inner scuffle, and you finish cutting up the onions quickly.

“Okay, put them right in, if you would,” Alice says, sliding the pot to you.

You lift up the cutting board and scrape the onions into the pot. Alice sets the wood alight underneath the stove and pours some oil into the pot.

“It’s nice having someone to do grunt work.” She smiles with a soft chuckle and sets a smell handful of carrots by the cutting board.

“Aww, I’ll be your errand-boy any day.”

She lifts a hand to her mouth, laughing again. “Thanks.”

In spite of her smile, you still can’t help seeing how downcast she looks. Is she really that attached to you, or is something else going on? Is she on her period? Do magicians even have those?

Y’know, orgasms help with those.


S'true! For a girl on the rag, nothing helps better with the cramps and stuff like a couple of good 'gasms.

Just hearing about that makes you shudder, almost nicking your finger as you chop at the carrots. ‘No thanks. Blood doesn’t really do it for me. I mean, not that kind of blood.’

Tsk, what a fair-weather lover.

‘And just how the hell do you know all that, anyway?’

You know damn well how.

“Are you alright?”

You wince again as Alice’s voice jostles you back to reality. “U-um, yeah. Sorry.” You can feel your face get hotter as you force a smile.

Shrugging it off, Alice glances away and absent-mindedly stirs the onions in the pot. You set back to chopping the veggies in silence. Not quite the romantic dinner you were hoping for.

Alice peers into the pot and takes the spoon out. “Alright, looks good. Let’s put those in.”

You lift up the cutting board and scrape the veggies into the pot. They land in with a sizzle, mixing in with the now-browning onions. Meanwhile, Alice fiddles with the jars of herbs next to the stovetop, mixing a pinch of this and a pinch of that together in a small twine bag. You watch quietly as she works as if she was all by herself, pouring in some water, a small basket’s worth of mushrooms, and the bag of herbs into the pot.

“Now it just has to cook for an hour or so.” Alice turns her head to look at you as she stirs the pot.

Dude. Now’s your chance.

Figuring Tenta’s right in his own roundabout way, you slip your arms around Alice’s waist, hugging her from behind. Your chin brushes against her hair. Alice tenses up for a split-second when your hands touch her but quickly lets herself relax. She lets go of the spoon and leans against you, melting into your embrace.

She turns around in place and nestles her head on your shoulder, her nose pressing against your neck. Her robe spreads open a little as she rubs against you, a sliver of pale skin peeking out, along with only the slightest hint of pink lacy fabric.

You bring your hands to her head and stroke her hair. Your fingers glide over her silky locks, smoothing her hair against her head. She sighs softly, some of the tension going out of her body as she drapes her arms against your side. You rock back and forth gently, shifting your weight from foot to foot and swaying Alice in your arms like some slow sort of dance as you run your fingers through her hair again.

“Did you miss me?” you whisper.

Alice sighs again, rocking back and forth against you. She’s quiet for long enough that you’re worried she isn’t going to answer, until she tilts her head up a little and mumbles a dreamy “yes” into your ear.

Good sign.

Taking what might be an unnecessary risk, you tilt your head towards Alice and press your lips to her cheek. You hold the cheek-kiss for a few seconds, waiting to see if Alice shoves you away or shakes her head or tells you to stop.

Fortunately, she doesn’t.

Woop woop!

“I missed you too.” You smile and climb your arms up her back, squeezing her chest closer to you. Her robe falls off her shoulders, exposing enough of her pink bra that you can see the red frills running along the top. She pulls away from your grip and straightens her robe up, covering herself again. A red tint starts to show itself on her cheeks.

“Er, sorry.” You apologize without really knowing why.

“You don’t have to apologize… I mean, it’s been a strange time for both of us.”


You aren’t sure what ‘strange times’ she’s been through. Waiting for you to come back from a mansion’s worth of sex was probably pretty strange, granted – though that just sets you back to wondering how serious she is about you. Content to just hold her, you sit there for a while. The pot starts to gurgle as the stew works up a healthy boil, the fire making a nice source of warmth in the cool night air.

“I should go stir the pot,” Alice says after a moment.

“Okay.” You nod.

Alice slides off of your lap and straightens her robe again, folding it tightly across her chest. You lie back against the chair, letting yourself just relax and enjoy the moment.

A clattering sound wakes you up with a start a few seconds later.

“Huh? What?” you stammer.

At least, you thought it was a few seconds. The first thing you see when you force your eyes open is Alice ladling out spoonfuls of piping-hot stew into a pair of bowls.

Heeheeheee. Tenta lets out his distinctive schoolboy-esque giggle when you wake up.

You shake your head, still feeling a bit drowsy. 'What's going on?'

Oh, nothing! Tenta lilts.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Alice says with a smile. She turns back to spooning out the soup, giggling quietly to herself. “I’ve never seen someone fall asleep so easily.”

You hold a hand to your mouth as you let out a big yawn. “It’s always been my specialty.” Your weird sleep cycle didn’t help either, but you decide not to remind Alice of that.

Yeah, might be a good idea.

‘Hm? What’re you talking about?’

Alice turns around and gives you a shifty, almost knowing look, but snaps her attention right back to the pot when your eyes meet.

‘Erm… did you see anything happen while I was napping?’

Oh… yeah… Tenta’s voice goes solemn for a moment.

‘That doesn’t sound good.’

You swallow your nervousness as she sets a steaming bowl of thick brown stew in front of you, then sets one for herself across from you. She hands you a spoon and sits down, looking a little more energized now.

Well, let’s just say… Tenta’s voice cracks a little and his voice goes higher. She was stealing glances at you while you napped – and then some. Apparently she thinks you smell really good, hehe. She’s hungry for some mushroom stew of her own, if ya catch my-

‘Really? That’s great!’ You cut Tenta off before he can finish his dumb joke. ‘How into it was she?’

She was diggin’ it. I think she has a weakness for musky man-smell.


You almost do a fist-pump, but catch yourself just in time as Alice glances at you, waiting for you to take your first bite. Speaking of mushroom stew, you remember that you’re damn hungry. You don’t even wait for the stew to cool before scooping up a healthy spoonful and popping it into your mouth. Alice watches eagerly as you chew it, waiting for your reaction.

“Mmm, it’s good!” you say with enthusiasm, swallowing a mouthful of the hearty stew. You’re not kidding either. It may be close to typical home fare for you, but she still puts her own tasty touches in it.

“I’m glad you like it.” Alice beams and takes a spoonful of her own, savoring the taste for a moment. She seems pleased with the results and lets out a hum of satisfaction.

“You take your cooking seriously, huh?”

She beams. “I love cooking. It’s like making dolls, it’s satisfying to make something of your own.”

“And even better when it’s delicious, right?” You grin back at her and take another bite.

“Aww, thank you.”

Alice beams with pride. Her smile finally looks relaxed and natural again, and just seeing her smile seems to make her cooking that much tastier. You eagerly work your way through the food, neither of you saying anything for a while. It reminds you of the first time you met, when you had to force every word out of Alice’s mouth. Now, though, you don’t mind the silence. It isn’t awkward or uncomfortable, it’s just two people sharing a nice meal.

If the way Alice is looking at you is any indication, she’s pretty comfortable too. Well, maybe ‘comfortable’ isn’t the right word. With the way she’s smiling coyly at you every time your eyes meet and watching your plate, it’s as if she’s eagerly waiting for the meal to finish – in a good way. It doesn’t take too long: soon, all that’s left on your plate is a small puddle of sauce.

Alice’s plate still has a few bites left on it, and she seems to have had her fill since she’s lazily stirring her food instead of eating it. Spying an opportunity, you reach across the table and scoop a spoonful of carrots and mushrooms out of Alice’s plate. She reels back like she just saw a bug on her plate, and you pop the food into your mouth with a satisfied smile.

“Mind if we share?”

Alice puts the back of her hand against her mouth and giggles. “You could’ve at least asked first.”

“But it was more fun to see your reaction,” you fire back, grinning ear-to-ear. You make another bee-line for her plate, but Alice swipes her spoon against yours, swatting it away like parrying a sword strike.

“Ah-ah,” she tuts. “How about I feed it to you?”


“Sounds great!”

Alice smiles and scoops up some food, twirling her spoon in the air. “Alright, close your eyes and say ‘ahh’.”

“Aah…” You shut your eyes and lean towards Alice, hanging your mouth open. A few seconds pass with nary a spoonful in your mouth.

Yeah, she’s takin’ her sweet time.

Another second and you can smell the stew and feel a wisp of steam wafting into your nose. The very second you start to close your mouth, the smell suddenly moves away. You snap your eyes open just in time to see Alice slurping the mouthful of stew into her mouth.


“Gotcha.” Alice giggles again as she chews on the delicious taste of victory.


“Tsk, so cruel.” You cross your arms and pout.

“It was more fun to see your reaction.” Alice sticks her tongue out at you through her wide smile. There’s the Alice you knew. Not afraid to be silly, no matter how refined she might seem on the outside.

You’d have offered to clean the dishes, but a pair of dolls has already beaten you to the punch, springing to life from the counter and landing by Alice’s plate. One of them grabs her spoon and heaves it into the plate, then they both heft up the plate and cart it off, looking more like they’re carrying heavy piles of lumber instead of a simple plate. Another pair of dolls walk over your arms as they do the same with your plate. Their soft fabric feet kind of tickle.

Shanghai’s sitting on the countertop when you glance over, though she isn’t doing anything to help the other dolls, just swinging her feet lazily. When she sees you looking at her, she sticks her arms out and makes a slow half-clapping motion.

“Huh?” you ask, even though you don’t know how she’d answer.

“Shanghai!” Alice says, sounding a little irritated.


“No, it’s nothing.” Alice shakes her head. When you look back you see Shanghai doing the same motion much faster now, almost forcefully. Seeing it’s not working, she points at you, taps her face on the soft pink line where her lips would be, and points at Alice.

“She wants us to kiss?”

“Yes.” Alice blushes.

“You don’t want to?” Considering the hungry look she’s been giving you this whole time, you’re surprised to see her suddenly acting so shy.

“It’s just weird, having your dolls tell you something like that.”

Shanghai springs up like she sat on a thumbtack and flies away, evidently thinking that you two will do it if she leaves you alone. Or rather, pretends to leave ou alone. She turns and heads up the stairway, but a few seconds later her head peeks out from behind the wall.

Alice scowls at the doll. “Shanghai…!”

The doll refuses to budge, looking pretty dead-set on watching the two of you.

“Oh… fine.” Alice admits defeat.

She stands up and walks across the table. You get up just in time for her to lean in and plant a kiss on your lips. Even though it’s quick, it still makes you tingle with excitement.

“There… happy?” She tries to sound annoyed at her doll, but she can’t hide her broad grin.

You look back at Shanghai, now waving a small paper sign saying ‘Yaaaaaay!’ She stows the sign away and pulls out another one. She spreads the other sign open and shows it to you: ‘More, please?’

“Hourai!” Alice calls.

Before you can wonder if Alice has taken a liking to shouting out random words, a doll appears hanging upside-down next to Shanghai. She’s got a small bonnet and a face that, despite being two glass beads and some paint, still manages to carry a very bored look. You remember it was the one who cleaned up the mess when you were here with Sunny. Apparently fond of being no fun, she puts Shanghai in a full Nelson and drags her up the stairwell kicking and flailing.

You stifle a chuckle at the dolls’ antics. Alice looks much less amused as she lets out a sigh. “Sometimes I wonder about those two. They’ve turned out so differently.”

“I didn’t know your dolls were so… advanced.” You’re surprised to hear her talking about them like actual flesh-and-blood children.

“Those two are different. It’s, erm… well, it’s a bit of a long story.”

“Oh.” You scratch your head. “…interesting.”

“But they’re gone now,” she says, her voice suddenly taking on a huskier tone.

She puts a hand on your chin and turns your head towards her. There’s a deeper tinge of red in her face now, and her dark green, almost moss-colored eyes gleam lustily at you. Her eyes close and her lips part, waiting for you to make the next move. For just a split-second, she shimmers in front of you, the same shimmer you saw in your dream last night.

You wrap a hand around her head and pull her right against your mouth. You slip your tongue between her lips and feel your mouths mingle as you kiss her deeply. Your other hand crawls down her backside, holding her by the waist.

Alice lifts a leg up and wraps it around you. You grab onto her thigh, holding her up as her other leg squeezes tight around you. Her legs cross around your waist as you hold her up. She hugs you tightly, clinging to you as you wobble a bit to hold her up.

Noticing the door to her bedroom is ajar, you push it open with your foot and carry her into the room. Still locked in a passionate kiss, the two of you fall down onto the bed. You peel the yukata down off of her shoulders, revealing her pink bra again.

Running a hand under her back, you grope at the clasp of her bra. You try to unhook it, but you’re so caught up in the moment that your hands are trembling with excitement, so you wind up fumbling with it for a bit.

‘Goddamn, how do women put these on every day.’

Pfft, you need more practice, boy.

A few seconds of fiddling later, the hooks come loose, letting her bra spread open. Unable to wait long enough to pull it off all the way, you just shove her bra aside as you dive face-first into her cleavage. You plant a few kisses along the space between her breasts, working your hand further down, slipping it under her yukata. Sinking a finger against her panties, you can feel that she’s already slick with moisture down there.

“Ooh, you’re nice and wet.”


If she’s this wet already, she must really be feeling it. That, or she was off having some fun while you were asleep.

Pfft, I would’ve told you about that if I saw.

Anyway, in either case, Alice is just begging for some attention.

Ready to satisfy her, you slip one of her nipples between your lips and roll it around in your mouth, suckling it and flicking your tongue directly against it. Meanwhile, your hand slips beneath her panties. A few days’ worth of stubble tickles and scratches your hand as you sink your palm against her soft flesh.

“Nngh, wait.” Alice puts a hand on your head.

You look up from between her breasts. “Hmm?”

“I want to hear about your stay.” She grins down at you as she strokes your hair, looking downright punch-drunk with lust.

Hooooly shit. Score.

This is almost too good to be true. You take your hand out of her panties and lean up a little, planting tender kisses up along her neck as you take a moment to think.

Sure, you’ve got quite a few nice memories from the mansion – the lovely red-haired gate guard, those cute little fairy maids, and of course, the Scarlet Devil herself. At the same time, though, Sakuya’s cruel smirk still looms over your other memories, reminding you that it wasn’t all fun and games – it disturbed you pretty deeply sometimes. Not to mention, there’s still the question of Alice wearing an oversized yukata and mentioning ‘strange times’…

[ ] Tell her a sexy story about…

[ ] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.
[ ] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
[ ] …stuffing Remilia.

[ ] Tell her about Sakuya… even if you have to ruin the moment.

[ ] Ask for a sexy story from her first.
[x] Ask for a sexy story from her first.

Then if applicable,

[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
[x] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.

Meiling needs more love in general.
[x] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.
I'm afraid of the Sakuya story not ruining the mood.
Very afraid.
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.

Must pick fairy option.
Alice is familiar with faeries. Let's tell her a detailed story about them, because we already know she's experimented with faeries herself. Let's not boast about anything else, lest she take that in the wrong way, but do mention them for honesty's sake so that she can't accuse us of hiding anything from her later.

[X] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
-[x] ... but mention your other misadventures in passing for completion.

stay on target
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[X] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
[x] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.

That was good.
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[X] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
And giving Alice ideas about morning head can only lead to good things.
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.

This is my favorite story on all THP. Thank you for being consistently awesome.

AliceTentfarmer is my OTP, and more 'wrestling' could always make things better.
any reason why no one else wants to ask Alice about her sexy tales?
Our tales are sexier.
[X] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
[X] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.

Because Alice has a demonstrated interest in fairies. Namely: Sunny. Let's give her ideas!
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
[X] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[X] …two cute little fairies waking you up.
[X] Ask for a sexy story from her after.

I'm surprised to see a post during EVO. A good one too!
[x] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …’wrestling’ with Meiling.

Am I the only one that thinks the whole Sakuya thing wasnt really that bad?
Not the only one, I thought Remilia was being playful/sarcastic when she was so apologetic over it. Also was surprised that the MC was /that/ traumatised over it.
[x] Ask for a sexy story from her first.
[X] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[x] …two cute little fairies waking you up.

Fairies are the best.
perhaps so as it was rather clear Sakuya was stepping over some lines.

And I thought Remilia was being upfront with her apology.
Stepping over lines, sure, I'll give you that, but there was nothing that would have triggered my "dude, what the fuck"-alarms.
[X] Tell her a sexy story about…
-[X] …two cute little fairies waking you up.

Give her ideas!
EVO's over, so it's time to close votes!

[x] Tell her a sexy story about fairy maids.
File 13452683614.png - (407.23KB, 640x600 , ARoleReversalIsAlsoGood.png) [iqdb]
[x] Tell her a sexy story about...
[x] ...two cute little fairies waking you up.

That maid's cruel, leering smirk flickers through your thoughts. Being pinned down and violated, degraded, and made to feel helpless was a grave enough insult, but living with the aftermath is worse. You can still vividly recall those streaks of silver, the terrifying realization that you were closer to death than ever before. She may have not been aiming to kill you, but it sure felt like she was.

And all for what? Some stupid 'play' that you fell into, just by being in the mansion. Then you turned right around and went along with it, taking part in Sakuya's 'punishment'. While it may have satisfied your need to vent your anger, you sure don't feel any better for doing it. That trip really brought out the worst in everyone, including yourself.

Before you can keep on beating yourself up, Alice starts to talk. "Are you alright?"

Looking back at her, she gives you a concerned frown. Without even realizing it, your face had become twisted in anger and your fingers were digging into your palm. You take a deep breath, telling yourself to calm down.

"Yeah, I'm okay," you mumble out, looking off away from her.

Alice reaches a hand up to your head and strokes your hair. "We don't have to do this tonight if you don't feel up to-"

You cut her off with a quick kiss. "No, I'll be fine, really. I just need a sec."

"If you say so," she says with a quiet giggle, stroking your cheek gently.

You lean against Alice and take another moment to think about your escapades at the mansion. As much as you'd like to vent about everything that went wrong, this is no time for that. This moment is all about you and Alice, and you're going to spend it cherishing her and making her feel good. If that doesn't fit the old adage of living well being the best revenge, you don't know what does.

Though that doesn't exactly give you any ideas for sexy stories.

Remilia, maybe? That was pretty neat with the covering in tentacles and stuff.

'Oh, god, no. Awkward, unfulfilling sex with my body getting possessed? No thanks. Oh, and I'm still mad about that, by the way.'


'Hmm... Meiling was quite nice, though. Ooh, and the fairy maids.'

Yes! Fairy maids are good. Especially since Alice has taken a liking to Sunny.

Ooh, that's right. Remembering how Alice sat on Sunny's face and drank from her nipples helps to take away the unpleasant thoughts. Yeah, you can definitely do this. You start to grin, genuinely this time, and lift yourself up off of Alice's chest.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." Alice smiles in excitement.

You grab her wrist and take her hand off of your cheek. Holding her arm at her side, you paw at the strap of her bra and yank it up her free arm.

"Whoa!" She yelps in surprise as you yank the straps of her bra off of her arms, ready to ravish her. You fling it across the room, landing somewhere on the desk and lie on top of Alice. Your chest sinks against the softness of her body.

"After a long night of absolutely ravishing the Scarlet Devil, I'd turned in for the night..."


'Don't you even start.'

Sorry, please continue with your absolute ravishings and turning ins.

Alice lets out a quiet snort of laughter, silently agreeing with Tenta that you're coming off pretty hammy. You sigh and feel some of the drive go out of you. That's two false starts now.

She forces her grin away. "Sorry, keep going."

Dude, just drop your voice down a little, kinda growl at her. And let your hands do some of the talking too.

You follow his instructions, lowering your voice and speaking from the bottom of your throat. Just as you'd hoped, your voice now comes out in more of a husky growl. "We'd had a wonderful time, and I even let her have a delicious taste of flesh..." You press your mouth against the base of Alice's neck and pinch some of her soft skin into her teeth. The lovely fresh scent of clean linens and cotton mixed in with the smell of her sweat greets you as your front teeth dig into her skin.

"...just like this." You bite at her, sinking your teeth down against her skin. She breathes in sharply, making her chest press against yours. You suck at the skin on her neck, hard enough that you know you'll form a hickey later on.

You pop your mouth off of her, leaving a sticky trail of saliva from your lips, and lean in close against her ear. "But, the fun was just starting," you continue, nibbling at her earlobe. "When I woke up in the guest room, there was a special treat for me. Five cute fairies, dressed up in maid uniforms, staring at my cock in awe."

Alice lets out a soft, happy sigh when she hears about fairy maids. She turns her head towards you, nuzzling her cheek against yours, eager to hear what comes next.

"You like fairies, don't you?" you croon. "You would've loved these ones – especially this one really cute, dark-haired girl. The others called her Prima, but I found out later that her name's actually Primavera."

Careful, you're losing her. Less small talk, more dicking.

"Anyway, she was a short little thing, even for a fairy. But, oh, she had a tight, squeezable little butt." You slide your hand down her chest, down the side of her waist, and down to her hips. You grab her and lift her side up just a little, letting you wrap your hand against her rump. You sink your fingers into the familiar softness of her ass, just a handful, all yours to enjoy.

"While the others were arguing about who was going to ride my dick, she hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties..."

You hook your finger around Alice's panties and tug them down to her thighs. A few strands of moisture follow her panties as you expose her. Setting your attention back to her bare buttocks, you grab a handful again and pull it to the side, letting your fingers dance around the inside of her ass-meat.

"...and gave me a peek at that nice little ass of hers. Just like that. As if it was just part of the job." Your fingers go further down between her cheeks, and you tap your finger against the ring of her anus. Alice squirms a little at your sudden attention to her ass, but she lets out a soft moan all the same.

You laugh quietly. "It looked like a pretty tight fit. She even said she'd 'used' it before and offered to let me have a go at it."

"Tempting as it was, though, I was more interested in her partner, Sanya. She told me she'd never done it with anyone, but she wanted her first time to be with me." It's a little silly hearing yourself say that, and you can't help but wonder why Sanya would do what she did. Chalk that one up to 'fairies are dumb'.

You bring your hand away from her ass and caress her hips while you keep talking. "She was pretty tall, she had more curves than I’d ever seen on a fairy. She even had a set of nice, plump little tits." You put your hand to her chest and cup her breast, gently squeezing her and flicking your finger across her nipple. "Squeezable, and..." You pinch her nipple between your fingers, tugging it up enough to stretch out her breast. She lets out a light yelp of pleasure. "...so pinchable."

"Mmhh..." Alice smiles, looking like there's nowhere in the world she'd rather be than right beneath you. "What did you do to her?"

"Well, her cute fairy slit was so small and tight, it couldn't take my cock at first." You slip your other hand down to Alice's bare thighs and put your fingers between her legs. Your fingers sink into her small, puffy mound, teasing the lips of her pussy. "So, Prima knew just what to do, though. She got behind her and started rubbing her to help loosen her up."

You sink your hand against her crotch. "Just like this." Curling your middle finger up, it easily slides right into her hungry, waiting pussy.

"Mmh, ah!" she moans.

Alice squeezes her legs together and grinds her thighs against your hand. She's all yours - just some foreplay squeezing and a single finger is already making her squirm and writhe with happiness. You plant a row of kisses across her bust, stopping to nibble her nipples.

I can help, right? After all, Sanya had four loving hands on her!

'Um...' While that may be true, you had kind of pictured this being between just you and Alice. Then again, watching Alice moan happily beneath you just makes you want to please her more, and she does deserve a nice gift for having waited so long.

You turn your hand over, your palm now on the top of the bed. A tentacle just a little thicker than a finger curls in a spiral around your bicep, working its way down to your palm. It slides just above your finger, poking and nudging Alice's clit while you work your finger in and out of her.

Alice leans forward and opens her mouth. She hangs her tongue out, panting just a little, her hot breath tickling your face. Rather than give her what she wants right away, you lean in and nibble her chin, then work up a little and pinch her bottom lip between your teeth. Finally, you pull her mouth to yours and tilt your head, closing your lips together.

You bring your hand up from her breast to cradle her head, tilting her mouth against yours. You lean forward, pushing her down onto her back again, and work a second finger inside her pussy. Tenta, noticing her breasts are now free, starts to bring out another tentacle. Unlike most tentacles that just ended in a blunt tip, this one spreads open into a flower-like mouth, with tiny rubbery puckers dotting the inside.

'Yikes, are you gonna eat her whole or something?'

Heh. No, I'm just picking up the slack. These titties need some special loving.

The tentacle latches onto her breast, and the puckers set to work, each one nibbling on her skin like a hundred tiny mouths. The effect is instant, Alice shivers and clenches her gut, leaning up against you and grunting happily against your lips. The walls of her pussy squeeze you, like a mouth suckling on your fingers. Not letting up, you keep pumping your finger in and out of her vigorously.

Not leaving your assault unanswered, Alice slips a hand against your body, sliding beneath the tentacles, under your shirt, and down to the hem of your pants. She rubs the firm, stiff bulge under your pants. Once her hand finds your button, she pinches it between her fingers, almost tearing your pants off as she yanks the button open and pulls your zipper down.

Her hand dives beneath your pants and grabs onto your cock. She peels the last little bit of your foreskin back and starts to firmly stroke your shaft. Even with as roughly as she handles you, her hand has a skilled, elegant touch, the hands of an artisan. Her long, slender fingers work up your shaft and play with your head. She runs her fingers over the hole right on your tip for a bit, then works down, caresses your underside, ever-so-gently squeezes your balls.

Determined not to be outdone, you set your hand straight against her pussy and drill your fingers deep inside her. You wriggle your fingers around as you push in and out of her, her sticky juices slurping against your fingers as you push in to the knuckle. The tentacle against her clit splits open at the tip, forming a small mouth-like opening and latching onto her most sensitive spot, sucking away on it. Her eyes open wide in shock and pleasure, and her grip tightens on your member.

Let's do this.

A third tentacle comes out, sliding under Alice's arm, down to her thigh, and goes right underneath her rump. It nestles between her cheeks, and Alice tenses up as it prods her asshole. At the same time, you pull your fingers back and slip a third one into her pussy, feeling her soft, sopping wet hole loosen itself to let you in.

"Oh, f-fuck!" Alice grunts, then tightens up again, surprised to hear herself say such a thing.

"Don't you... unf, love it?" You grin, grunting your words out from the wonderful feeling of Alice's hand, working your three fingers around inside her as the tentacles play all over the rest of her body. She almost gives in and lets herself go limp with ecstasy, but forces herself to focus, rubbing your cock and smearing your dripping precum over your shaft.

The tentacle beneath Alice's rump flicks back and forth against her anus, soaking it with the familiar lubricating goo. She clenches and bucks her hips up, making your fingers squelch inside her. The tentacle slides back and forth against her tight ring, stimulating it until it loosens enough to let Tenta inside.

The tentacle easily spreads open her hungry, waiting hole, and gets swallowed up just as quickly past the second ring inside her ass. Smooth bumps form along the shaft of the tentacle, giving Alice even more pleasure when it thrusts inside her. She breathes in a deep, long gasp and her eyes go wide. Her hand around your cock goes limp as she takes a long moment to just enjoy the feeling of her asshole being filled.

Tenta thrusts deeper inside her, driving her deeper into her overwhelming pleasure. She lets out a series of short, quiet squeaks while you make sure to keep working the front, the bucking of her hips making your fingers churn inside her.

'Wow. She really does like the butt stuff.'

What, you forgot about the dog 'tail' already? I swear, what would you do without me?

The tentacle slows up a little, letting Alice catch her breath. Once her head's back down from the clouds, you pull your fingers out of her pussy and take her wrist. You slide her hand back under your pants to your cock.

"I think you have some unfinished business."

Alice wraps her fingers around you again, this time holding you from the top, lining her fingertips up along your underside. Once she starts to stroke you again, you press your hand back against her pussy. You line three fingers up along her slit and push inside her, greeted with a wet squelching sound and another happy shiver from Alice.

Once your fingers are in comfortably, you wriggle them around inside her, poking and prodding at her sticky flesh. Appreciatively, her strokes get faster and faster. She grips you tighter, her strokes getting rougher and rougher as she rubs your precum up and down your shaft. Your hips thrust forward with each stroke as she grips onto your red-hot cock.

Each throb and pulse of your member strains against her hand. You shut your eyes and bite your lip. Your day's worth of cum, pent up from your dirty dreams and playing with Yukari, aches in your balls, ready to release at any second.

"Alice... Alice... Alice!" You roar and feel your muscle control slip away from you as your orgasm takes over your body. You thrust your fingers sloppily in and out of Alice, filling the room with wet, slurping, churning sounds. She grips onto your cock as your seed finally shoots out right onto her belly, splattering up to the underside of her breasts. She keeps stroking you through your orgasm, making your hips shake as your slippery cum lets her rub your sensitive cock even faster.

Ngh, fuuuuck, I can't hold it in either!


The tentacles latching onto Alice suddenly plump up and grow wider, and you realize they're about to cum too. The one inside her ass pulls out suddenly, the new thickness almost forcing it out by itself. It nestles itself between her rump and slides back and forth as it releases its load, staining her back with a thick, heavy burst of cum. It feels just as good as cumming by yourself, and you almost lose your balance and fall off the bed. A second tentacle, the one playing with her clit, shoots right after, showering her pussy with even more thick seed. The flower-like one latched onto her breast joins in, oozing out small globs from each of the suckers, coating her chest in a glaze of cum.

The sudden release, like four orgasms at once, leaves you gasping for breath. But Alice keeps stroking you all throughout your climax, holding onto your sensitive, softening cock and stroking it from base to tip, the lubrication of your semen letting the skin slide faster than ever.

You pull your hand out of Alice's pussy and grab her hand, prying it off of your member. "Okay, whew, you can stop now. It's pretty sensiti-"

Before you can finish talking, Alice grabs your head and pulls you down against her stomach, getting your face all sticky with cum. You cough and sputter as you accidentally breathe in some of your cum through your nose, sending a burning sensation through your nostrils.

"Who said we were done?" she says, suddenly wearing a wicked smirk, like the kind you imagine you had on just a few minutes ago.

"Whoa, what?"

Alice puts a hand at the base of your neck and runs her fingers up through your hair. "Don't you owe it to me as a little favor for leaving me all alone?"

Despite how surprising her change in mood is – or maybe because of it – her suddenly taking the reigns fills you with excitement. You were already planning to collapse from exhaustion, but Alice is right. It's your turn to return the favor after painting Alice's body with cum.

"Go on, clean up your mess." Alice puts a finger on your cheek and swipes up a finger-full of your cum, then presses it to your lips. The thought of eating your own jizz weirds you out for a second, even though it's not your first time, but you figure you owe it to her to try. You part your lips, letting her push her finger into your mouth. The taste is salty, almost savory, though slightly bitter. Not what you expected at all from the cheesy smell you're used to. It's no grilled eel, that's for sure, but it doesn't make you want to gag either.

You lick her finger clean, giving it a suckle for good measure. She seems to like that, as she pops her finger out, wipes your other cheek, and sticks her finger back in. As soon as you've licked her clean again, she takes her hand out and puts it back on your head. She pulls you against her belly again, making your nose sink into her soft stomach.

You don't even have to be told what to do. You lap at her belly, running your tongue underneath her ribs and scooping up a healthy dollop of jizz. You work your way across her, going down to flit your tongue over her navel, then moving back up to nibble on her breasts as you clean off the tentacles' cum – which, much to your surprise, tastes oddly like a thick sugar-water. Probably something to make girls more eager to swallow it, which weirds you out a little, since you're the one drinking it in this case.


Putting that thought aside, you keep licking up and down Alice's breast, lapping up the thick dollops of cum. You flick your tongue over her nipple, opening your mouth and letting the fluid ooze back onto her breast before you wrap your lips around her teat and slurp it back up, suckling at her pink nub while you gather it back up.

You pull your head up, now with a mouthful of cum that you're not quite sure what to do with. The answer to your question comes suddenly as Alice leans up and presses her lips to yours. You open your lips to kiss her on reaction and feel the thick, syrupy fluid poured out from your lips into her mouth. She lets out a happy hum of surprise, tasting the sweet flavor of the tentacle's cum for the first time.

She tilts your head back and leans over you, pouring it past her lips and back into your mouth. In return, you move your tongue past her lips, swapping the thick juice again between your mouths. Alice swallows her share, not breaking the kiss with you. You gulp down your own mouthful, feeling the sticky fluid travel down your throat. As soon as both your mouths are empty again, Alice breaks the kiss and puts her hands on top of your head.

"Now, for the next spot." She puts some pressure on your head, pushing you down against her belly. You get the hint and shimmy down past her soft body, past her navel, until you're between her legs. You bury your face against her thighs, greeted by the sight of her red, puffy lips, swollen thick with lust and shining with fluids. You lick at her pussy-lips, pressing your tongue below the base of her pussy and lapping all the way up to her swollen clit.

After a few strokes, you smother your face right against her crotch. You flit your tongue back and forth against her mound, flicking the lips of her pussy. Turning your mouth, you get your face even closer to her pussy, wriggling your tongue over her lips until it's wedged between the bottom of your tongue and your bottom teeth.

You test the waters first, gently putting pressure on her lip until it's pressed against your teeth. Alice tightens her hips and breathes in sharply. A little more pressure now, and your teeth scrape ever-so-lightly against the inside of her lip. Alice shivers and breathes in even deeper, her chest jutting out as she holds her breath. She grips the sheets as you pinch your upper teeth onto her labia and flick your tongue back and forth over the bit of skin inside your mouth.

Feeling a little bolder, you pull your head back a bit, giving the lip held between your teeth a firm tug. Alice winces and gasps sharply, almost like she's in pain, but rather than push you away or tell you to stop, her thighs tighten around your head.

Enjoying her reaction, you pull the stretchy skin into your mouth. The residual flavors of tentacle cum and her own love juices mingle together.

Hungrily, you clamp your mouth around both of her lips, sucking on them, becoming more and more lost in her musky scent. And it just keeps getting stronger as you continue to lavish her pussy with affection, her juices flowing more plentifully. Your head swims in bliss. There's nothing you love more than the smell of Alice. It makes you want to go even further, and run your tongue all over that round red button of hers until she howls with pleasure.

You loosen your mouth and let go of her lips. Alice runs her fingers down to the back of your head and curls her fingers around, grabbing a handful of your hair and lifting your head up. Her other hand goes to her belly. Her middle finger goes right to the top of her pussy, and she runs it over the hood of her clit, peeling it back to show you her small button, red and thick and ready for you. She lets go of your head for now, trusting that you know what to do.

Your lips latch onto her skin and suck her clit into your mouth. You flick your tongue across her clit in quick, repetitive strokes, while your fingers play with the skin around her pussy, poking at her mound. Your fingers draw closer and closer to her pussy until you're stroking at the skin around her red, hanging lips.

"Yes! Yes! Right there!" Alice shouts out between heavy, heaving breaths of pleasure.

She grabs your head again and pulls your face deeper against her until you can barely breathe. You keep rolling her small bean around on your tongue, bringing out even more gasps and moans from her. Her hips grind and twist against your mouth. The rough stubble of her pubic hair scratches your face, far more sexy than you ever thought her pubic hair could be.

"Oh god, oh god, keep going!"

Egged on by her moans, you go even faster, flicking your tongue and rubbing your fingers rapidly up and down and around her pussy. She's so close, you can feel it. You work a hand under her ass again, and shove a finger into her loosened, cum-soaked asshole.

That did the trick. Alice goes breathless suddenly, her eyes roll up in her head and her legs rise up and clamp around your head. Her thighs squish against the sides of your head, smothering you as deep as they can against her soft, squishy crotch until your nose is buried in her mound.

"I'm cumming!" Alice shrieks.

You keep flicking at her clit throughout her climax. Her juices smear all over your chin as she tightens her hips, digging her thighs deeper against your head as she hyperventilates with her orgasm. She keeps going for a solid minute, forcing you to breathe in the overwhelming musky smell of her pussy through your nose.

Finally, her breathing slows down, and the fingers on your scalp loosen and let go of your hair. You pop your lips off of her and let out a long, content sigh. Your tongue is aching and sore now, along with your fingers and hips and most of your body, but damn was it worth it.

Beads of saliva drip down her skin when you pull away, shimmering a little in the lantern-light. Oh, that's right. The sun's down, but there are some lit lanterns in the room, either lit by themselves or by some very quiet dolls. You get onto all fours and climb up the bed. The sheets are damp, messy, and cold to the touch, but Alice doesn't seem to mind. She has a spent, serene smile when you climb up to the pillow and plop down next to her.

You spend a few moments just enjoying the beautiful post-orgasmic silence. Still, there's about a million questions whizzing about in your head right now, and you'd like to ask about at least one of them. "Um, so, Alice..."

Before you can say anything further, Alice lets out a long, drawn-out yawn. "Sorry, can it wait til tomorrow? M'pretty tired," she mumbles.

You had really hoped the two of you could talk a little now that you've had your little moment together, but she does have a point. Better to talk about important things when both of you are wide awake.

"Yeah, I guess so," you answer quietly.

Alice chuckles softly, barely louder than a whisper. "Thanks."

Satisfied that the conversation is finished, she leans in and plants a quick kiss on your cheek. Her head hits the pillow, and she quickly closes her eyes, drifting off silently. It doesn't take long for her to start snoring softly. She really was more worn out than you.

Get some rest too, kid. You've earned it. And, boy, do we both need it.


Without another word, you roll over and put your arm around Alice, nuzzling your head to her chest. You may have a lot on your mind, but that can wait until tomorrow. For now, you're content to listen to the sound of Alice's heart steadily beating, her chest rising and falling with each shallow breath.

Apparently, you're not as good as falling asleep quickly as you thought. You spend a few minutes staring at Alice's sleeping face, waiting for sleep to come to you.

It's also been like six hours since you last slept.

'Gah, right. Damn. Hey, that reminds me, am I gonna have another crazy dream?'

Probably, given our luck.

'Well, at least make it a nice one, okay? I don't want to see you fucking mutilated princesses or whatever that one thing was about.'

I'm not some kind of dream-conductor, man. Besides, all she had was some bruises an-

'No. Stop. No bruises.'


Deciding that he's done talking, you feel Tenta's presence grow lighter inside your head. With that done, you take one last glance

Deciding that he’s done talking, you feel Tenta’s presence grow lighter inside your head, leaving you alone with Alice. You watch her as her breathing lifts your head up just a little with each slow, shallow breath, gently rocking you like waves on water. Soon enough, your eyelids start feeling heavy, and you quickly join Alice, finally drifting out of consciousness.
Happy one-year anniversary of The Beast Returns to Gensokyo! There’s no option this update, so I thought I’d take this chance to have a Q and A with you guys. Feel free to shower me with praise give me feedback on how I’m doing, if you like the options, stuff like that.
I love you.
Not really a fan of the femdom stuff, but it's not like I can't just scroll past it.
Other than that, it's good. WRITE MORE NOW.
I mean, uh, if you want.
Well, you writing is excellent. You deliver hot sex while still allowing some genuinely sweet moments between the characters.

Personally, I'd some more stuff involving Alice and Sunny, and maybe a bunch of dolls and fairies, but you gotta parcel that stuff out.
I can't help but to think imminent fall out between tenta and the protag. Happy times over, sad times come. Yet it's been a year since you wrote this. On average THP writers don't stay longer than that. Can you keep up before the story climaxes?
Femdom good. Fairies good. Tenta cracking jokes constantly good. Plum farmer is a bland protagonist, but that's probably intentional, so whatever.

More chances for lolis to win democratic contests please.
It's good.
I love the characterization and humor in this story. Goes with the hot sex scenes like PB and J. Femdom and faeries are more than fine too.

There doesnt need to be a fallout. We just need to explain that while suddenly exploding into a thousand tentacles is no big deal to a tentacle monster, its boner destroyingly, terrifying to a 'normal' human.
I must say: try not to have this story be to femdom as Mind the Gap is to the MC getting pegged by various things. It's a good way to cheapen it.

I never asked for Alice femdoming us
Shut up, Wiseman.
Great story. Not big on femdom, but the light vore with Remilia was interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that.
Gotta love Tenta's wisecracking attitude and tendencies. I rapport between it and the main character leads to amusing scenes and such.

Also with the F-Dom issues look who did it to us. Someone who cheats with Timestop and a pair of Oni Devas.

The Fairies were so amusing to deal with. Wonder if we'll see Tenta break out the more 'advanced' functions of his minibar.
Good story. Write more. Femdom is hot, although using it sparingly is much better than having it all the time.
Best parts: characterization and character interactions, and the way you make use of a lot of concrete details in scenes.
Worst parts: (potentially) dream sequences and the dips into grimdark plot. Related to what >>26293 mentioned, sometimes it feels like the story is teetering on the brink of "Tenta possesses the protagonist for reals and/or does something truly horrible." That sort of development would kill my interest in the story immediately, so, um, please don't.
Well, since no one else is going to ask any questions, I'll start.

How did Tentanon know what Wriggle looks like despite never meeting her?

And how come kink-juice hasn't been mentioned in a while? Does Alice still not know about that?
>Does Alice still not know about that?

I'm pretty sure it was mentionned in the meeting, so she should know.
Oh, you're right. I simply forgot.

My other questions still stands, though.
The kink-juice is part of the "mini-bar of sex fluids", I believe. There hasn't been a reason to mention it specifically.
Probably since the MC doesn't even ask Tenta about it anymore. And those who are with him lately wouldn't need it. Or Tenta's not bringing it up.
Pretty much what this guy said, only with an addendum that updates are rare enough that a femdom update inevitably leaves my boner disappointed.
It seems strange to me that people specifically dislike femdom. Wouldn't it make more sense to dislike domination in general? Arousal is weird.
Not really, it's the difference between being a dom and a sub. Generally in my experience you only get off on being controlled or being in control, and only one of those will have any appeal to you. Femdom is fine if it's between lesbians, just not when it's "my" partner doing it to "me".
Switches like both, but usually one at a time.
I am now realizing that I've never seen a threesome with someone dominating someone dominating someone else. I wish to be the middle person.

I always thought it was more of a person's inability to view the opposite gender as an equal or superior in any fashion. Most of the people I've known on a personal level who were vehemently offended by the idea of femdom were also the kind of men who treated their girlfriends/wives as glorified sandwich-bearers.
The issue isn't femdom itself but how often it's starting to come up and that it wound up bleeding into the last Alice scene a bit (it evened out in the end)
This too. We established back in the first thread that Alice was a closeted sub even before we came along and worked our magic on her. For her to switch on us now for no readily-apparent reason feels... inconsistent.
Yeah, that's (delicious) role-reversal. It's kind of hard to overturn established roles if there are no roles established to overturn.
Her being so forwards might be tied to her missing him. Or an aftermath of her sex with Keine making her unsure of herself and leaving herself in doubt. So her being aggressive and wanting to have sex with the MC reaffirms to her that 'Yes I am Straight', or she just was horny and really wanted to get screwed.
You guys must have a different definition of femdom than I do, because I've only seen two cases of outright femdom in this entire story: Yuugi/Suika and Sakuya. Everything else was basically just Tentanon being passive or just going along with things, which is something that he's pretty much been doing on a higher level for the entirety of the story.
>How did Tentanon know what Wriggle looks like despite never meeting her?

That’s… a good question, actually.

‘Marisa gave a brief description of her, and I filled in the details from there. Does she look like what I pictured? Must’ve been a lucky guess.’

Lucky and sexy. Unf, childbearing hips.

>And how come kink-juice hasn't been mentioned in a while? Does Alice still not know about that?



‘It’s your-‘

You should-


I mean, you’re her hubby, right?

‘She’s probably got a pretty good hunch of it. And she was at he meeting way back when and everything. But we never sat down and had a talk about it. We should do that. Sometime. Eventually.’

>Happy times over, sad times come.

‘Uh... Tenta?’

Pffffft. If I was gonna turn on you, I would’ve done it a long time ago. Besides, this is workin’ out pretty well.

‘Aww, we’re almost like friends now, aren’t we?’

I-it’s not like I like you or anything…

>Femdom discussion

Going out of character for this one. When you guys say ‘femdom,’ what are you talking about? Do you think the stuff with Alice was femdom? Because that’d be a pretty lenient definition.

Anyway, keep the questions coming, and thanks for the delightful ego-stroking feedback!
I kinda wonder if our farmer will have a chance to sit down and talk with Tenta about the future. Considering some of the things that happened at the SDM, he seems to be heading towards getting sealed again at this rate. Any chance to find him a hobby or something other than sex?

If it was femdom, it was an incredibly lenient version thereof. I'd call it 'assetive.' Yuugi's ass-horning and Sakuya's...uh...were really the only examples I saw.
Also, Tenta and Tentanon answering questions together is hilarious.
Uh, what? What exactly did happen in SDM that would get tenta sealed?
The body-hijacking and rough sex with Remi, presumably. Although none of that would warrant sealing, since Remi wasn't unhappy with it and Tenta didn't go on a murdering rampage while in control.
Probably more of the former than the latter. By all indications, most of the issues that led to Tenta being sealed were of consent more than anything. That's what the Reiko flashback would seem to indicate, anyway.
Uh, wasn't remilia pretty much goading us on to do harder stuff? It could be that my memory's failing me since the lazy update rythm of the story means that it's been ages since it was written, but at least that's my recollection of it.
I can't quite recollect either. I can specifically remember that she liked it, which was the point I was trying to make.
it was sort of out of the blue on a character better known for being submissive. That and some were hoping for something a bit more loving/tender than kinky.
Well, you can go fuck yourselves then. Normalfags have just about every other story on the site to fap to. Don't ruin this one too with your bullshit.
The irony in saying that is that this is probably the most vanilla of the active stories on /at/, tentacles withstanding. No futanari, very little rape, heavy M/F vanilla sex focus...
You haven't read the story really as for one, Alice is basically Tentanon's love interest. (Sunny's a sort of odd inbetween of friend and lover) And I assume people voted to take a break to spend time with Alice and the fairies.

And the only story more vanilla than this is winemaker. All the other running stories on /at/ are kinkfests.

Winemaker's semi-active if we consider how quick this updates.
>posting on /at/
Yea if anything Alice was missing having time with him and wanted to make up for lost time. So her taking the lead works since she KNOWS he'll be going on his tour again and won't he be back for a bit. So why not press to get that intimacy while she has a chance?
But didn't Farmanon request some time off from Yukari? Granted, Alice doesn't know that quite yet (at least I don't think) but she has a few days before we go off to bang YoumuYuyuko.
She might only think its a very short time before he leaves again and doesn't want to miss her chance. So make the most of it
So, are you still around?
Not the author, but I have it on good authority that he's still around and active. Hush-hush stuff going on behind the scenes and all.
File 135665893586.png - (55.38KB, 1920x1200 , 0da056bdcc2a7afbcf54d1ec284580a6589294ef.png) [iqdb]
Is this still up and running? When there's an update, where can we find it? And is there a place with an updated document of the story?
First, sage goes in the email field, not a fake email.
Second, if you had looked at the posts right above you, you'd know that an update was inbound, right to this thread.
Third, you can find the rest of the story in the storylist, at the top of the page, to the right of /blue/ and /rs/.

Thank you for reminding me to update that. As for the update, your choice on whether or not to believe me, but it won't be until at least after New Year's. Be patient.

Waiting Warmly~
just read through everything, and hope it continues. Soon? Please?

Keep up the good work

Also, Tenta is a bro
I sure hope this guy hasn’t stopped upda-

Oh, right. Crap.

First of all, I owe a big thanks to my audience for being polite. It’s been far, far too long and y’all have resisted the urge to yell for updates or run me off, and I appreciate it. I could go into detail about what’s been stalling me, but the important thing is the new update is going through its final polishing and spit-shining and it should be ready to post by the end of the week.

Secondly, I’ve had a lot of time to play video games think about the direction I’m taking this story. It might be a bit surprising when it finally comes out, but you have my word that it’s not going to turn into a right-choice-or-lose situation or a TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. It’ll be the same sexy hijinks you know and love, but now with some more direction and character to it. Hopefully this will be the only time I have to bump my thread after so long without an update.

See you soon!
A question: What happened to drive you off of IRC?
>needing reasons to get off of THP IRC
It's the hardest, most annoying clusterfuck I've ever seen and I've been to the /gsg/.
I wasn't quite referring to #THP.
IRC is for gaylords, I'd rather smoke weed tentacle Toohoos.

Welcome to every half-decently populated IRC ever.
File 135970442143.jpg - (200.08KB, 638x687 , sample-951270ece657ca0d9e234bdd90dfaa01.jpg) [iqdb]
A great deafening roar and a wave of intense heat beats against your body, breaking you from your daze. Your vision is consumed with the bright white light. Your ears ring from the noise. In an instant, the dark bamboo clearing you were standing in is now a miniature sun.

Crack! Bang! The sounds of bamboo lit ablaze echo across the clearing. The air goes thick with smoke, making your eyes water and your lungs sting. You stumble forward, hoping to find cool, clean air. Instead, when you make it through the cloud of smoke you run right into a face-full of ashes. You fall to your knees, coughing out the gunk in your throat and waiting for your eyes to unfog.

Once you're back on your feet and you've wiped the tears away, you can see the backside of the white-haired vagrant-looking woman -- Mokou, you think it was. You hadn't realized how long her hair was before. It nearly covers her entire back, stretching down to her ankles. She's hunched over on her knees, grabbing at something.

"What the hell just happened?" you sputter through your coughing.

Mokou whips around to face you. She looks like something out of a ghost story: orange fires eating up her shirt and a pile of ashes in each of her hands. Her red eyes gleam with a possessed-looking glee, as does her wide grin.

"Oh, hey, there! Lookin' for yer reward? Here ya go, help yerself!" She throws the ashes into the air, leaning back and howling with laughter.

You step back away from her, wondering if you've fallen into some elaborate trap and are now face-to-face with some terrifying fire incarnate. Her laughter gets cut short as she finally notices that she's on fire. She pats the flames out as casually as someone swatting away mosquitoes, still giggling to herself, but much quieter now.

"Ahh, whew... that was better'n usual," she sighs.

She takes some deep breaths and leans against a nearby bamboo tree, getting herself back to something resembling sanity. Oddly enough, even though her shirt's been chewed to tatters by the fire, her pants and hair are just fine except for a few patches of soot. Now that you can hear over Mokou's laughter, you notice the fires have started to die out by themselves, with no pops and cracks to distract you.

Distract you from what? You think about her 'reward' comment and remember why you're here. There was a bet between her and the now-deceased woman that looked like a princess. Whoever lost would be your plaything for the night. And you weren't gonna back down from a chance to fuck a princess.

"A pile of ashes ain't much of a reward," you grumble and shoot her a scowl.

"Yeeeaaah, got a li'l carried away there. What can ya do, though?" she quips and shrugs her shoulders. She grins again, still looking a little scary but much less so.

Now that she's done cackling maniacally, you can properly size her up. Your eyes wander down to the burn-holes in Mokou's shirt, taking in the sight of her exposed chest. Her breasts are nothing real special in the size department, but they do look nice and firm, with fat nipples standing at attention. Just the slightest bit of a nub juts out of the puffy areolae -- the type of nipple you'd love to twist and nibble on. Not to mention her hips. Not fantastic, but definitely good. There's the slight hourglass curve of a woman's body, but her shirt also reveals the firm stomach of someone living in the rough.

Her hand reaches down into her baggy pants. Before you can get too excited that she's volunteering as a substitute reward, she fishes out something about the size of her fist wrapped up in a talisman. She peels it open like a fruit, revealing a handful of rolled-up tubes of paper with little flecks of brown leaves sticking out of either end -- cigarettes, by all appearances. She plucks one from the bundle and pops it between her lips. With a flick of her finger, a small flame rises up from her fingertip and sets the end of the cigarette alight.

"Want one?" she says, her voice cracking a little.

"No, thanks." You need your breath fresh for kissing.

"Mmkay. Suit yerself." She wraps up the cigarettes and stuffs them back into her pants. Her hands are still trembling with her post-fight glee as she takes her first long, deep drag.

With the first pull of smoke, she closes her eyes and slides down to a sitting position against the bamboo. Wisps of smoke drift out of her mouth like a dragon's breath as she hums to herself in satisfaction. "Fuck you, Kaguya," she mutters under her breath.

Curiously, your wandering gaze hasn't drawn any comment from her. Then again, it's quite obvious the two of you are in completely different worlds at the moment.

"So, uh... you really hated that woman, huh?"

"Shhh. Smoking after murdering her is my sacred ritual."

They've done this before? Even the strongest human would be done for after something like that. You don't give it much thought before your eyes drift back down to her exposed chest again.

Looking at her, you can see the faint, tell-tale glow of arousal coming off of her. The fight must've gotten her juices flowing. Any questions you had quickly drift out of your head as you realize it's your perfect chance to try and warm her up.

You sit down next to Mokou and cross your legs. There's still no reaction from her, she's too busy pulling the cig out of her mouth and blowing more smoke out from her nose.

You slip your hand under her raised arm and cup her right breast. Her eyes flutter open for the first time in minutes. She slowly looks down at your hand, then shuts her eyes and relaxes back against the bamboo. She chuckles with a country-bumpkin edge, blowing out the last wisp of smoke in her mouth.

"Got a one-track mind, don'tcha?"

As far as you're concerned, that's an encouragement. You spread your fingers apart and sink your hand against her breast. There's just enough softness to fit in your hands, squeezing her plump nipple between your fingers and tugging just a touch on it, not enough to shock her but enough to give a pleasant tingle.

This position is too awkward to get any serious work done, though. Mokou's smile finally looks less terrifying now, so you must be plying her up quite nicely. You work an arm behind her back and lift her over towards you. She's willing to see where you're going and leans over towards you, putting her back against your chest. Now, you've got plenty of access.

You get your left arm around her and let her other breast join in the fun. You pinch her juicy teat between your thumb and finger, giving it a squeeze and a tug while you fondle her other breast. Now that she isn't busy with a cigarette, she lets her arms go slack, as if telling you to do as you like. And that's an invitation you can't pass up. You reach down, moving for the hem of her pants.

"Hey, hold up."

"Huh?" Damn, you should've known there'd be a catch.

Mokou looks around her. "Fuckin' on top of a pile a' ashes ain't my idea of romantic." She brushes your hands away and stands up.

"We're still doing it though, right?" you ask as you get to your feet as well.

She snickers and grabs your wrist. "Sure, whatever. Now, c'mon, try haulin' ass instead of grabbin' it fer once."

She yanks on your arm, nearly pulling you down. You have no idea where she's taking you, all the bamboo in here looks exactly the same, and it's all growing so densely you can't see more than a few feet past your face. Not that you could see very far to begin with; the trees are choking out any last traces of the moonlight. The path Mokou's leading you on gets even thicker with bamboo until you have to turn to the side and shimmy your way through the last stretch of forest.

Eventually, the two of you pop out of the forest into a small clearing, obviously man-made. A sliver of moonlight comes back, letting you see the mouth of a cave in the middle of the clearing. Honestly, though, it looks like less of a cave than a hole carved out of a small boulder. Sitting just outside it is a fire-pit circled by rocks, with a good-sized helping of wood piled a careful distance away.

"Welp, here we are. Hole sweet hole," Mokou says, and she lets go of you and bends down to pick up a hefty piece of firewood.

"This is where you live?" you ask in shock. Even you allow yourself some frills, like having a roof over your head that isn't made of solid granite.

She pauses to roll her eyes at you before pitching another log into the pit. "What, never seen a mansion before?"

While she's busy with the fire, you decide to have a peek at the inside of Mokou's stately 'mansion'. There isn't a single thing worth noting: no food, no trinkets, not even a bedroll. Just a human-sized hole and some dirt. And you thought you were low-maintenance.

"You some kind of ascetic or something?"

"Sure, why not." Another log, another roll of her eyes.

"Wouldn't think you'd need a campfire with the stuff you pulled back there."

"Yeah, that's the thing about fire. Not really easy to control. Damn near burned the whole forest down last time I tried keepin' a fire with just my magic. Fell asleep with a big ball a' flame in my hand." She laughs dryly to herself while she finishes setting up the logs just right. "A'right, this should do it."

She brushes the soot and bark off of her arms and lights up one of those troublesome balls of fire she just mentioned. She flicks it into the pit much like how she flicked the cigarette away. The logs all set alight, working up a roaring fire far faster than a normally-lit firepit would.

With the new light, you can get the best look at Mokou that you've had all night. Her hair isn't silver, but actually a very light, subdued shade of violet. You can see now that her tan spreads under her shirt, making the soft pink color of her teats stand out even more. Her stomach is even more toned than you thought at first. She doesn't have a six-pack or anything, but the fire highlights the shallow nooks and chasms running up and down her waist, perfect for licking and dipping your tongue into. Even her exposed armpits look nice: slender with a nice curve to them, just a few fine hairs sprouting up. Best of all, she's got a coy, playful smirk across her face now.

"See? Got a li'l ambience now."

Now that she's had a bit of time, she's getting into the mood. She slips her thumbs under her suspenders and pulls them off her shoulders. Her baggy pants slip down past her thighs on their own. Instead of panties, a hint of soft pink shows itself between the tails of her shirt, with a trail of thin, wispy white hairs running above it. Her thighs are just as sun-kissed as her stomach, save for a loin-cloth-shaped strip of pale skin running across the top of her hips. It's almost artistic: a perfect, pink little entrance, framed between her shirttails and pants, just a thin line of white skin for contrast.

There's not much chance to enjoy it, however, before she rips her shirt off of her shoulders, popping the stray button or two still attached on her torn-up shirt. Instead of simply setting it aside, she flings the shirt into the fire. The flames swallow it up, brightening the surroundings for a second.

She steps up to you and wraps an arm around your waist before you even even untie your robe. She opens her lips and leans in close to you, the smell of tobacco-breath wafting out of her mouth. For a split-second she stops, her eyes scan your face up and down and her lip trembles just a bit. If you didn't know better you'd swear she looks just a little vulnerable.

As if hearing your thoughts, she makes an effort to prove you wrong, wrapping her lips around yours, fishing out your tongue and pinching it between her teeth. Closing her eyes, she grabs a fistful of your robe and tugs you towards her. You follow her guide, slipping your arms under hers and falling onto the ground on top of her. She squeezes you even tighter and rolls over, putting herself on top. Her lips keep playing over your tongue, and you return the favor, trading love-bites over each other's tongues. Your hands wander over her bare back, following the valley of her spine down to her buttocks. Much like her chest, her ass is mostly lean, with firm muscles mixed with a bit of nice, kneadable fat that your fingers can fit around perfectly.

You break away from Mokou's and playfully flick your tongue over her lips. "Let's go further." You trace over her cheek with kisses, ending up at her ear. "I want to feel your whole body."

Mokou nods and wordlessly climbs off of you. She reaches down and undoes the knot of your robe, spreading it open without breaking eye-contact. As she leans back down against you, her stiff nipples scrape over your chest and her thighs press against your hardening cock, sinking it against your stomach. Rather than go face-to-face, she nestles her head by your chin and curls up against your neck. Her impossibly long hair splays out over your body like a thin drape, going all the way down to your calves. It feels pleasantly soft, though rather coarse and springy to the touch, almost reminiscent of a bed of grass.

You plant a row of kisses across the top of her head. Her hair has a slick, smooth quality to it, leaving a thin greasy taste on your lips. A lot of people would probably find it nasty, but you're not a lot of people.

"Comfortable?" you ask with a short chuckle.

She wriggles on top of you, finding the perfect position to cuddle up to your chest. "Mmhmm."


You've never been much for the slow, romantic stuff, but you'll admit that there's something quite nice about this. Even though, to be perfectly honest, this woman doesn't look like an amazing lay, her careful and calm approach does send tingles all through you. Naive village girls are one thing, but it's good to have someone who's actually a bit of a challenge.

"So..." she hums.

"Ah, sorry. I'm not much for words." You smirk and plant a hand on her back. As you focus on your fingers, they lengthen out and change texture, becoming slick and rubbery tentacles.

"Hmmhmm, I see."

Your fingers slip under her hair and crawl down her body. She seems to appreciate the touch, letting them roam over the small of her back, but she tightens up when they reach her rear. One finger slithers down between her cheeks and another onto her thigh, and her face suddenly sours.

"Hey, now, slow down there, horndog."

Mokou plucks your hand off of her back like a mess of seaweed and sets it aside. You let out a quick 'Pfft!' almost without realizing. You're trying to be good, honest, but you're definitely not renowned for your patience.

"C'mon, now," she says with a soft laugh, "I didn't say that was a bad thing." She snuggles closer to your cheek and nips at your earlobe. You can hear her soft breathing vibrate against your ear.

She presses her face to your chest and slides down you, running trails of her hair all down your body, covering it like a thin - and slightly slick - blanket. She stops when her face is at your thighs, hovering just above your cock. Her face is half-hidden between her hair, revealing just a bit of her devious smile beneath her iris-colored hair. Propping herself up on one elbow, she wraps her hand around your shaft, pointing your still-sheathed tip at her mouth. You feel her stiff nipples poke against your thighs as her mouth lowers and her tongue flicks over your exposed head. Her tongue presses ever-so-lightly against your pisshole, lapping up some of the precum oozing out.

"Mmmh," you grunt. You happily accept her licking and treat yourself to a handful of her hair, pressing it to your face and taking a few deep whiffs of her raw, ruddy scent.

Mokou takes her hand off of your cock and presses her face against your thigh. The warmth and softness of her cheek greets your crotch, tickling your member with her steamy breath. Her tongue feels even more pleasant and hot as it runs up and down your shaft. It's remarkably nimble, wrapping around and getting her sticky saliva all over.

Just as your tip starts to peek out from beneath its cover, Mokou gets up on her arms again and climbs up you until she's right back where she was. The shallow crevasses of muscle along her stomach press against you, massaging you gently as she breathes in and out. The slippery trails of her saliva coat your cock, and the fine strands of her hair tickle your sensitive parts. When she tilts her hips up, arching her body in a soft C-shape, your exposed tip is buried in her navel for a split-second before flicking back out and rubbing over her stomach again.

Her face changes just a hint. Maybe it's the slight tilt to her smile, or the way her shoulders lean forward. Whatever it is, the meaning's clear: She's ready to go all the way. Call it a sex-god's intuition. She slides up your body, stretching her torso and tilting her hips closer to you. Your cock scrapes through her thin brush of pubes, then over her clit, and finally springs free between her legs, moving for her pussy as it stands up straight and enjoys its new freedom as if it had a mind of its own.

Mokou reaches down between her legs and grabs you by the base, pointing you towards your goal. She moves down just a bit and suddenly your cock is sinking against her soft mound. Her pussy's slick with moisture, hot and waiting to be filled. Another gentle slide down and the head of your cock is swallowed up by her pussy.

She may act like she's totally in control, but it's obviously been a while since her last roll in the hay. Her pussy is tight; it grips hard to you and almost pushes you back out. Mokou winces, not in pain but from surprise at her lack of preparedness. She moves up just a bit and grinds her hips forward, making your cock pop out of her and rub her slit.

She places her hands on your chest, bracing herself. Sure, you could whip out some tentacles or set your fingers to work, but why bother? She obviously knows just what she wants, and if she wants to be on top and ride you, well, you'll just lie back and enjoy it. She runs a few more kisses along your cock before she lifts her hips up, positioning herself to try it again. She puts a hand against her thin lips and spreads her fingers, stretching her entrance open.

This time, you go in much more smoothly. Mokou gets to enjoy herself now that she's good and ready, letting out some hums of pleasure and licking her lips. She takes her hand off of her pussy and slaps it back onto your chest. Leaning close to you, she lowers her hips a bit more and takes in more of you, letting out another soft moan. She shifts a little this way, a little that way, figuring out just where she wants to be before she bobs her hips and works you in deeper. The motion sends a ripple through her hair, making the talismans crinkle softly.

"Mhh, mhh." Mokou rolls her head side to side, swaying in tune with the bobbing of her hips.

Her eyelids flutter, then shut closed in enjoyment as she rocks on top of you, shifting her weight back and forth, almost making you roll over. She brushes her hair away from her face, making it wave hypnotically. It's as easy on the eyes as her pink, perky nubs and her firm tummy.

Now feeling confident again, she braces herself and shoves herself downward, taking in as much of you as she can at once. Your tip hits a sudden obstruction at the back of her pussy, and she tightens up and jumps like she just sat on a hot stove. She clutches her stomach and doubles over on top of you.

"Ow, fuck," she grunts through her clenched teeth.

Poor girl must've overestimated herself and taken you all the way to her womb. From the looks of it, her body is still trapped in an awkward half-grown teenage state. You don't feel any blood, so it's no reason to stop, just a slight change in the game plan. You lean forward and sit up, raising your chest until you're rubbing against Mokou. Your new position pulls your cock back just a bit, letting her sit comfortably on top of you with your cock just beneath her deepest parts. You grind forward, not quite hitting her wall but poking and prodding the sensitive flesh around it. Mokou wraps her arms around your waist and grabs your back, tingling with each poke against her deep insides.

You lean in, planting a few short kisses on her neck and grunting in her ear with the sounds of good sex. Much as you enjoyed letting her take the lead, you're much more in your element now that you've got her squirming in your grasp.

"Mmm," she grunts again. She rolls her hips in a circle, making you touch a different part of her pussy with each thrust: grinding one side, then the other, then in front towards her stomach, giving every inch of her some attention. Her pain now forgotten, she nuzzles her way across your face and runs her tongue over your lips, smearing them with saliva. You let your tongue out and wrestle with hers.

She grips one of your hands and pulls it to her stomach, then pushes it through her thin patch of pubic hair and down between her legs. You don't need instructions to know what she wants. Her stiff, perky nub tells you everything you need to know. You test it, tapping your finger on it to see how she reacts. She sways happily and gives your tongue another flick, telling you she's got room for more.

"Think you can handle the real deal?" you whisper to her with your best husky voice.

"Bring it on," she says, looking at you through her fluttering bedroom-eyes - though there's still a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Well, you can't have her doubting your abilities!

"I've got all sorts of nice little tricks up my sleeve," you rumble into her ear. Magical energy fills your veins all the way to your fingertips. You press on her button and release a good dose of the juice you've got stored up. It travels into her clit like a tiny bolt of lightning, sending a shock of pleasure through her pussy.

"W-whoa!" Mokou yelps. Her pussy clamps down tight around you and her thighs grip onto you for support. She jerks her hips up, nearly lifting you off the ground. The intense pressure sends you into spasms, making you rub and poke her cervix even harder, making her tighten and squeeze you again.

Mokou grabs you by your waist and pulls you onto your side, bringing your shoulder to the dirt. Her legs clamp around you, squeezing your hips together until her pubic hairs tickle your crotch. Your swelling, throbbing cock is stuck deep inside her now with no way out. You nudge closer to her and ever-so-delicately prod her cervix again. Your skills pay off, and instead of wincing in pain she instead shudders and digs her fingers into your back.

"Nice, isn't it?" you say through deep, gasping breaths.

"Ohh... oh, wow." Her mouth hangs open in lust.

You give her clit another playful zap. Her entire body tightens up and forces your cock harder against the firm, rubbery gate at the back of her pussy. Mokou grits her teeth and scrapes her fingers harder against your back, torn between dull pain and sharp, burning pleasure.

"Nnnnff, fuuuuck..." Mokou grunts, rolling her hips in a circle as you stretch out the deepest parts of her pussy.

Your cock is agonizingly stiff, and your balls are sensitive and tight. You don't have much room to move, so you resort to grinding rapidly against her, tickling your head and nudging it against her cervix. Finally, you bite your lip and let out with your nerve-tingling orgasm.

"Unghf, cumming!" you grunt and hug tight to Mokou's body, rubbing your flesh against hers. You let loose deep inside her tight, embracing warmth, shooting out thick gobs of your special cum until it leaks out around the lips of her pussy.

Thankfully, you're made of much sterner stuff to be taken out by a single orgasm. Now that you've had your release, you can focus your attention back on the woman gasping, shivering, and moaning in your grasp. As soon as your seed is done shooting out, you keep thrusting against her, leaning further back with your strokes to churn up your cum inside her.

You press her stiff red clit and, instead of one big zap, give her lots of little tingles, bouncing your finger up and down. The magical energy spreads through her nerves, making her clench her pussy again, squeezing out your hot, bubbling cum.

"F-f-fuck, yes, keep going," Mokou pants, letting out a high-pitched squeak with each touch. Her face is as red as her little clit, with beads of sweat running down her cheeks and forehead as she gasps for air.

You help yourself to her open mouth, slipping your tongue in and giving her plenty of those kisses she seems to love so much. She ruts her hips against you, nearly sucking the air out of your lungs with her gasps of lust. Her pussy quivers and spasms, kissing your cock and asking it to finish the job and send her to heaven. Each buck of her hips makes her juices squelch and squish and drip from her thighs.

With one last zap to her clit, Mokou clenches her stomach and goes silent. She freezes in place for a second then explodes with bliss. Her lips sink into your lower lip as orgasmic spasms course through her body. You let go of her pleasure-spot and wrap both your arms around her, holding her tight against your body as she shakes and quivers, letting out quiet, dreamlike moans.

She clenches her thighs and grinds her hips furiously, rubbing her pussy against your sensitive shaft so fast you nearly cum a second time. You hug her tight to you, letting her climax run its course as she squirms in your grip. You kiss your way even faster up and down her neck, as if trying to tame her. Despite her fierce reactions, she doesn't let out much more than a series of soft moans and sighs, as if she was dreaming.

Her shivers get slower and weaker as her orgasm winds down and finally ends. She simply lies there in your arms for a long time, breathing in deep through her quivering lips. You give her hair an affectionate pat and a kiss on the cheek.

"Mmkay, you can take it out now," Mokou breaks the silence with a chuckle.

"Ah, right." You chuckle back and loosen your arms. Your cock slithers out of her with a wet slurp, letting the rest of your load - much more than any human could manage - trickle out of her. She takes her arm off of you and rolls onto her back, looking up at the stars and smiling.

"Whew! Shit, kid, that was the real deal." She shifts around until her head is resting sideways on your chest. "Do me a favor, though, would'ja?"


"Use those tentacles 'a yours to fetch me a smoke."

Ah, now she wants some tentacles. The sex wasn't half-bad, so you suppose you'll oblige her. You wag a finger at her discarded pants and send a little helper out. It slithers around inside her pants, discovering a concealed pocket holding the papery lump. You drag it out and drop it on Mokou's stomach.

"Thank ya kindly."

She picks out a cigarette and sets the rest of the pack at her side. She pops the smoke between her lips and flicks it alight, drawing in a long drag. A thick smoke cloud drifts down over the two of you when she exhales.

Now that you've eased back into your senses, you can smell the burning tobacco and pine wood, and hear the familiar sound of summer cicadas. You wonder if there's a cicada youkai somewhere out there and if she'd make that sound in the sack. That'd be awfully annoying. Or maybe it'd turn you on, who knows. Mokou, meanwhile, has smoked her cigarette down to a stub while you've been lost in your thoughts. She flicks it into the fire, where it lands with a sizzle.

"So, I gotta ask," she says, giving you a second to turn your attention back to her.

"What's that?"

"Y'know what you said? That you'd fuck th' loser?"

"Ahh, yeah." In the fog of post-coital pleasure, it takes you a minute to remember how this all started. You can't help feeling that this conversation is going nowhere good.
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Mokou reaches down and pulls out another cigarette from her stash, putting it in her lips and lighting it right away. "If one of us wound up bein' some kinda fucked-up bleedy corpse, would you still do it? Or like if we got our arms blown off or something."

You bite your lip. How do you even answer a question like that? "Um, damn, hadn't even thought about that one."

Mokou chuckles, obviously at your expense. "Why'd you even agree to something like that, then? What'd you think would happen?"

"Hey, one thing just lead to another." You shake your head, trying to keep your voice even.

Mokou laughs again. "Oh, okay."

Any remainder of a smile on your face disappears. "You slept with me anyway." The only reaction that gets from Mokou is a loud snort and a snicker. Dammit, that sounded like a good comeback in your head.

"C'mon, you don't need to take it all personal. I was just wonderin'."

"Just a mystery of life, I guess," you grumble. You push Mokou's head off of you and start to get up.

"Hey, don't be like that." Mokou sits up and puts a hand on your wrist. Her face looks somewhere between dismissing and annoyed, but her eyes are a little too wide to hide her trace of sadness. It's a tempting offer, but it's too little too late.

"Sorry. Things to do, people to see." You shrug her hand off of you and pick up your robe, fitting it back over your shoulders and making yourself decent again.

Mokou reaches for you again but quickly realizes the futility and lets her arms drop to the side. "Well, if you're sure," she sighs and starts to dress herself back up.

You turn away from her and start walking. Even though you don't know left from right out here, picking a direction at random is better than staying. As you reach the edge of the clearing, you can't resist turning around and taking one last look at Mokou. She's already dressed herself back up and left the campfire. All you can see is her hair sticking out of the opening of the tiny little cave she calls home.

The minute you're away from Mokou, you break out in a sprint. The bamboo keeps getting in your way, forcing you to weave this way and that, snagging your feet with every step. You don't know why, but you feel like you need to get out -- and fast. However, you're apparently not fast enough, and your legs get tangled up in a pile of leaves and vines. You fall right on your face like an idiot, getting a mouthful of leaves and dirt to boot.

You spit the grime out of your mouth and roll over onto your back. For some reason, your heart is racing, but you feel too tired to get back up. Through the bamboo, you can see some of the stars up in the night sky.

They really do look nice. You can see why Mokou liked them.

You lay there and catch your breath. Maybe you don't have to get out of here. You've slept in worse places. If you can just tune out the sound of the cicadas, you might be able to fall asleep...



"Hrrn-ffgh?" you sputter and snort.

Reality hits you all at once as you return to the land of the waking. You jerk your head up, then lay right back down. Your head feels like it's been pumped full of air. A few minutes pass with you just lying there, eyes closed, before the buzzing and ringing finally comes down to a manageable level.

You open your eyes again. 'Did you say something?'

Tenta waits a second before responding.

Er... where's Alice?

That's right, you're alone in the bed. And it's damp. And sticky. The remnants of your little night-time romp with Alice stain the sheets. You smack your lips and taste something bitter on the tip of your tongue. Not just morning breath, either. The rest of the details of last night come to mind, and you feel a little weird. You make a move to go get some water, but you flop around and nearly fall out of bed. That was the last thing you forgot: you're still dressed.

Your pants are dangling half-off your legs, trapping you by your knees. You wrestle with them, wondering how in the hell people in the outside world can wear them every day. They eventually capitulate, and you can strip back down to your undies. You aren't sure what to do with your discarded clothes, so you just leave them in a pile by the bed. Now, time to find Alice, along with some fresh clothes.

You let yourself out into the dining room and see Shanghai there, floating around on her usual errands. She seems different, though -- her floating seems awfully slow and sluggish. Maybe she's just waking up too. For all you know, even dolls need to sleep.

"Morning, Shanghai!" you call to her in an attempt to be perky. Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to pay you much notice. You aren't sure if she's self-aware enough to ignore you on purpose, but it sure seems like it.

You try once again to get some kind of response from her. "Do you... uh, know where Alice is?" She stops in midair, points to the ceiling lazily without even glancing up at you, and goes back on her way.

"Um, thank you, Shanghai." You figure it can't hurt to keep being polite before you wander up the stairs.

You can hear the muffled sound of splashing water as you head up the stairs. So she's taking a bath. Maybe she'll let you join in again. Not that you're feeling especially frisky now, but it's always a nice treat to snuggle up to her. You wouldn't turn down a few good morning kisses, either. After brushing your teeth, of course.

Apparently, though, none of that is going to happen. When you find the bathroom door, there's a sign with 'DO NOT DISTURB' written in big, clear red letters hanging off the doorknob. For a second, you consider ignoring it and knocking anyway, but then you remember you're the only other person here save for the dolls. If the sign wasn't aimed at you, who else could it be for? A twinge of panic hits you as if you were jabbed in the stomach with a needle. Did you do something last night without realizing it?

'You didn't grope her in her sleep again, did you?'

Not this time. I'm as confused as you are.

You put your hands on your hips and harumph at the door, letting it know your feelings about this whole thing. Predictably, it doesn't respond, so you decide to leave it be and head back down the stairs. A cup of water or some tea might settle the unpleasant feeling that's crept into your stomach.

Back downstairs, Shanghai's nowhere to be seen now. In her place, you spot the other big one - Hourai, wasn't it? - working with another doll to heft up a glass bowl full of oats. Even though it's not that big, they struggle to get it up, their flimsy arms shaking under the weight.

"Here, I can get this."

You pinch the edge of the bowl, lifting it easily with just two fingers. Hourai and her partner get on either side of the bowl and nudge you towards the bubbling pot of water on top of the stove. They tilt the bowl up, pouring the oats into the pot with your help. Once it's empty and much lighter, they slip the bowl out of your hand and place it back on the counter.

Hourai brushes the crumbs off of her dress and turns to you. Maybe it's just the way her face is painted, but her gaze isn't particularly friendly. For a second, you're afraid this is about to turn into the second disappointing encounter of the morning. She suddenly points behind you, and you quickly realize what she's getting at: Sitting on the tabletop is something you haven't seen in a while.

It's your own robe, made of worn but sturdy linen in a light gray color after years of use. It's no fine silk, but it still feels comfortable and familiar when you slip your arms through it. You take a seat, feeling a little more awake now that you're dressed. The smaller dolls move around the house and open the curtains above the countertops. The sun's just rising outside, letting off a nice purple color. You take a deep breath and let the cool morning air tickle your lungs, waking you up further.

While the little dolls are getting Alice's house ready for another day, Hourai places a kettle on the other half of the stovetop and bustles about getting some tea leaves. She turns around and glances at you for a second, then sets her attention back on the stove before you can even get a good look at her expression.

She opens up the spice cupboard and gets out a doll-sized jar of cinnamon, then empties out a measure of it into the oatmeal. Next, she takes the tea leaves and dumps them into the kettle. Watching her move, you get the feeling she and Shanghai do most of the work around here. She glances back at you again all of a sudden. You look away by reflex, feeling awkward for staring so long. When you look back at her, you see her pointing behind herself at the now-boiling kettle.

"Oh, yes, I'd like some tea. Thank you," you say with an awkward, forced laugh.

Hourai nods and fetches some cups while the other dolls start getting out wooden spoons and bowls. Once everything is out, the dolls all gather on the handle of the kettle and pull it forward with their combined strength, pouring out fresh tea into a waiting cup. Hourai picks up the cup and saucer. Unlike the bowl, she seems to be able to carry it over just fine on her own.

"Thanks." You pick up the cup and take a look at what she brought. The tea has a light red, almost ruby color, and when you take a whiff you can smell something pleasantly sour and citrusy. It seems exotic and probably expensive, a little too nice for a daily breakfast tea.

Exotic, expensive, fancy... all words that make you think of the Scarlet Devil Mansion all over again, which brings your mind right back to Alice. The dots quickly connect in your head: You just got back from fucking your way through the Scarlet Devil's mansion. Who could blame her for wanting to be by herself?

You're overthinking this, dude. Maybe she was just taking a dump.

'I heard her splashing, though.'

A really, really beefy dump.


You look up from your cup of tea to see Hourai still staring right at you. Her shoulders droop like she's lost all energy in them then pick right back up. It's almost like a fairly convincing imitation of a sigh. Is she pitying you? You take a sip of your tea, hoping that's what she wants. It really is a nice, spicy cup of tea, though.

Hourai shrugs, still giving you that seemingly pitying look. You can almost hear her calling back 'Yeah, but what can you do about it?' as she floats back over to her breakfast duties. You have a few more sips of tea, and your thoughts once again move back to Alice.

Even if she was going to be upset with you - and understandably so, you have to admit - why would she be fine with you heading out in the first place? She didn't exactly love it when Yukari dragged you off, but she at least seemed to accept it. But what are you to her, then? Come to think of it, what is she to you? You rub your temples. At this rate, you might have to take up meditation.

There is some truth to what Tenta said, though. Overthinking things is the last thing you need to be doing right now. All you can do now is wait for her to come down to breakfast. Hopefully, the two of you can actually have a discussion and sort all this out easily. By the time you polish off your tea, the floorboards upstairs start to creak, and a few seconds later you see Alice peek out of the stairwell.

"Morning," you say with a nod.

Alice nods back politely but doesn't say a word. She takes her seat across from you, clasping a book to her chest - some obscure magical tome, from the looks of it. Still without a word, she sets the book on the table and starts reading.

"Getting a bit cold," you remark in an attempt at drumming up a conversation. You try to take a casual sip of tea only to remember your cup is gone. Hourai must've taken it when you weren't looking.

Alice looks up from her book and flicks her fingers. The dolls on the counter hop up and swiftly fetch two bowls of steaming oatmeal for you. She takes a moment to fiddle with her hairband and stir her food before looking back at you.

"Ah, yes," she says at last, "now that you mention it, the weather has been a little odd lately, hasn't it?"

"Mhm." You nod, happy to hear her talk. You take a bite of your food. It's a lot grainier than rice, and the taste is a lot sweeter and earthier than any porridge you've had. It's not bad, though.

Alice's attention wanders back down to her book. You watch her eyes flick back and forth over the pages, drumming your fingers on the tabletop, trying to think of something else to say. "Got plans for today?"

Alice purses her lips. "Nothing much, really," she responds without looking up from her book.

"Anything you want to get done?" There has to be something that'll make her engage with you.

"Nothing in particular. Research, mostly."

This is aggravating. Talking with Alice right now is like talking to a brick wall. It's starting to remind you of... well, the first time you met her. She's even reading a book like she was that time. But you don't want to go back to being just another stranger. You know you're more than that to her, so why isn't she showing that?

To your surprise, Alice suddenly looks up at you and breaks the silence. "That festival will be happening soon, won't it?"

"Yeah. It's gonna be a big one." Only Yukari knows why it started, but you know it's meant to celebrate the anniversary of some peace agreement between humans and youkai. Of course, over the years it's become more of an excuse for drunken revelry.

"That's probably a pretty busy time for you, isn't it? Do you sell a lot of plums around this time?"

"Yeah, I-" You stop yourself from answer mid-sentence. Something doesn't feel right.

"I mean, erm... I don't sell them myself, I sell them wholesale to the merchants, so... er..."

"But you still have to harvest and deliver them, right?" There's a certain edge to her voice now. Try as you might to dance around the subject, you're caught now.

"Yeah, but- I-I mean, things have been changing so much, and... well, that was before I had you in my life!"

Alice shakes her head. "I'm not a child, you know. You don't have to patronize me."

That sickening feeling from before grips your stomach. Your face feels hot, and there's an unbearable pressure in your ears.

"I didn't mean it like that, and you know it!" you shout before you can hardly think about what you're saying.

The dining room falls dead silent, your words lingering for a few seconds. Alice's head droops back down, and she locks her eyes on her book.

"...Alice?" you stammer.

She doesn't say anything. After a few seconds, she turns to another page. Her hands tremble a little as she fiddles with the corner of the page. Her eyes are hardly even scanning the book anymore.

"Alice, I'm sorry."

You lean in a bit to try and get a better look at her face, but she puts an arm on the table and shields her eyes with her hand. You open your mouth again, but before you can get a word out Hourai appears in front of you and shuts your mouth for you. Her tiny doll fingers squeeze your lips together in one hand while she points sharply at the door with the other. You nod for lack of a better response. Even if you don't want to leave, getting in a fight with the dolls would likely only make things worse.

Hourai leads you to the door by your lip. You open it for her, but you can't resist taking one last glance back at Alice. She's still hunched over at the table, eyes hidden. You think you see her shiver just a little before Hourai tugs your lip again and forces you to step outside the house. Once you're outside and out of Alice's line of sight, Hourai lets go of your lip and pushes the door closed with a click.

"What was that about?" you whisper at her.

Hourai answers you by gently tackling your chest and putting her arms around your neck. Her soft cheek brushes yours, and she pats your back lightly. It takes you completely by surprise, but you put your arms around her as well. You'd never have thought of her being this affectionate. She might be mute, but her actions say more than enough. You know she's on your side.

She breaks the hug and follows it up with a pat on your head. You sigh, a little calmed down, but you still want to rush back in and talk to Alice. You take a step towards the door. Hourai cuts you off and crosses her arms in an X-shape.

"C'mon, isn't there anything I could do right now?"

Hourai puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head. She looks over at the door and then back to you. Her face is back to that old, familiar defiant look. There's no need for words. It's all very clear now.

[ ] Screw what Hourai says. Go back in and set things straight.
[ ] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.
[ ] I'll do what Alice says, but I need to have the last word.
Damn, my dirty talk fetish is worse than I thought. I can't fap to this. Well worth reading regardless. DRAMA!

[x] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

Live by plums, die by plums.
[x] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.
It's been so long that I've completely forgotten the characters, no fucking clue why Alice is acting the way she is so a default vote for this.
I don't have time to check now, but did he ever invite her to the festival? Is there some way we can get Hourai to tell her? Besides that, we should probably leave this to Hourai.
[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

Lets just leave her alone for the time being. Trying to force an answer out of her will only lead to complications down the road.

Also, MOKOU!!! Pity it wasn't Kaguya though.
[x] I'll do what Alice says, but I need to have the last word.

Our pride won't allow us to get away without at least apologising again!
What do we have to apologize for?
Remember that part where we kind of yelled at Alice? That's not exactly a reasonable and mature response.
So, you want to pop back in to patronize her for the sake of your pride? That doesn't seem mature or reasonable.

Apologize, sure, but do it after giving her some space.
[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

Odd. Let's just give her some space for now.
[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

If nothing else, we wouldn't want Alice to be the only one financially supporting the relationship. We could even save up to buy a nice gift as part of the apology.
[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

I suppose we just have to wait.
[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

I have to say, offering to give up your livelihood to stay with her just plain didn't make sense, from an in-character standpoint. He should have been offering his own place - you don't generally invite yourself places, after all.
[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

I hope there's a good point to this and not drama for its own sake. That and no point in opposing the bandwagon.
Even with Alice missing us, I don't think there should have been this much of a mood whiplash in one night. It has to be more than plums. Still...

[x] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest
Did you not notice the Tenta dream? She's afraid of commitment. Why, I don't know, and there's probably more to it than that.

If it weren't for her cute dolls, I'd be happy to see her take herself out of the story. Not that there'd be much of a story without her...
What does the dream have to do with whatever's going on with Alice? The whole cold shoulder was rather abrupt compared to before the hiatus.

Also did we check on Sunny yet?
>What does the dream have to do with whatever's going on with Alice?
Nothing. But when you've got a seemingly unrelated story next to something that needs explaining, they're probably related. Reinforces themes, and shit.

And yeah, it's abrupt. This story resuming after months is abrupt. But we were told we were going to get "added character and direction." Alice (temporarily?) reverting to an old, comfortable persona after waking up covered in I can't remember what and having a nice relaxing bath doesn't seem that unbelievable.
Closing votes!

[X] Do what Alice says. There are plums to harvest.

I had Alice's reaction planned out for a while - and it was part of the reason this update took so long; I was planning out the reaction, the reasons behind it, and Alice's character. I was asking myself a lot of the questions Tentanon was asking this update.

I'm going to go into details below and reveal a couple behind-the-scenes things and talk about my interpretation of Alice. It’s not the full picture of her, and it won’t spoil anything major, but it’s still like the Bradygames Guide to Alice, so read at your own risk.

So, Alice. From the canon material, she seems designed to be Marisa's foil - level-headed where Marisa is outspoken and a little crazy, but also reclusive and cautious while Marisa hasn't got a shy bone in her body. They even differ in their magical practices. While Marisa seems to just have an innate knack for magic, which she'd certainly need to kick so much ass through her teenage years, Alice went the old-fashioned way through decades of study and focus, even taking the major step of abandoning her humanity and becoming a youkai.

Now, that takes a certain kind of mindset. Alice strikes me as someone who prefers to cut unnecessary ties. She became a magician youkai just slightly before the idea of youkai and humans maybe getting along on a large scale got much momentum. She lives away from the village in a forest filled with noxious mushrooms. She even devoted a lot of her studies to the crafting and controlling of dolls so she needed to rely even less on people.

In other words, you have someone with very little experience with social conflict and the nitty-gritty of relationships. Of the people she sees, it's usually strangers who probably aren't going to be up in her grill for giving them room and board.

This, in essence, is why Alice was comfortable with letting Tentanon go off and fuck other people. She's forcing herself to view him as a stranger for fear of getting too invested in him. And now that she's feeling a touch of attachment to him - and coming to grips with her own sexual exploration - she has to make decisions. And that's big and new and scary to her, and in the back of her head she's worried she's just stringing Tentanon along.

Tentanon, meanwhile, has stumbled into a relationship that sounds like something out of a storybook - the humble plum farmer, low in status but with a heart of gold, woos a magician who would probably be an aristocrat if she wasn't busy avoiding the rest of the world. He's been getting ahead of himself, and he feels like he needs to 'protect' the relationship or Alice is just going to up and leave him.

They're both irrational, confused, and a little ugly on the inside - but that's love.

A nice study and insight into what's happened here. I like it and really it does make a good deal of sense
A good character analysis OP. What else do you write?
That helps put things into perspective

Ah. This puts things into perspective.

Incidentally, did you always intend for Alice to become such a central character, or did it just happen?

When I just started the story I didn't have much in mind aside from tentacles. Around the time I started to take my story seriously, though, I saw there was a lot of potential for a relationship there and Alice is delicious.


This is my first story so far, but I'd be willing to-

What else does he write? Why, it would take a thousand scribes to put my life’s work to the written word!

‘Tenta, are you going to do the thing?’

In fact… you could say…

‘Tenta. We agreed you weren’t going to do it.’

I am the very model of a modern monster tentacle,
to my advances women often find themselves amenable
I’ve sampled all forbidden fruits from Singapore to Portugal,
And nary have I ever left a willing maiden virginal!

‘I hate you.’

I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters biological,
I’ve read the works of Gräfenberg – I’m even pedagogical!
I’ve studied on the tensile strength and average depth of cavities,
Cavities… cavities… Help me find a rhyme for this.

‘You could always just stop. That’d be nice.’

Ooh! My information aids me in my journey for depravity!

‘Why are you doing this.’

What, you won’t play the role of my chorus girls? Oh well,
My finesse in all romance ensures my exploits are consensual,
My total lack of shame has cured so many problems menstrual,
If I were a religion, I would be quite ecumenical,
I am the very model of a modern monster tentacle!

‘What about Reik-‘

Don’t ruin my moment!

Ahem… my culinary skill concerns the spit-roast and the sand-a-wich,
My tentacles have snuggled up in every type of o-ro-fice,
I stretch and change to perfectly fill every single sexy niche,
But I’m not sure of Alice, I think she turned into quite a bi-


Moving on, time waits for no one! IIIIIIIII’m…
Vasco de Gama of the world of sexual ex-plo-ra-tion
Vatsyayana has got nothing on my carnal compilations
I’ve slept my way through faeries, maidens, spirits, and the goddesses,
I’ve… ahh, piss. I’ve dug myself into a hole with this one…

‘Does that mean you’re done? Also, this has terrible meter.’

[i]My energy is unmatched by a thousand young Adonises!

I know of Heaven’s masochist and of the nudist kitsune,
I’ve savored tasty armpits from the lineage of Hakurei,
I’ve had a sixty-nine with Cirno’s strongest set of genitals,
I am the very model of a modern monster tentacle!

‘Enough already!’

I love you dirty bastards far too much.

What new madness is this, then? I like it.
when I read all that, I could only imagine Tenta with the voice of Mordin Solus and singing that in the tune of the scientist Salarian.

also waiting warmly for new update
>to the tune of scientist salarian

You uneducated heathen bastard, that tune is "Modern Major General" by Gilbert and Sullivan.

In other news, I think I may love you op.
>Tenta randomly breaking out into patter song
I came.

Also, bantering between Tenta and Tentanon is good. Especially outside the story.
Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and be silly, eh? I love it.
OP, you the shit
And I say again, Tenta is a bro. I would love to go out drinking with this motherfucker anytime
I hope we can check on the fairies after farming some if not having them help for some "rewards"
Recruit Fairies to help with Tentabro getting action being the payment!
I bet a certain miko wouldn't share that sentiment.

I agree. Sanae is too pure to agree with such lewd thoughts.
Ooh, that's a problem Tenta can fix.
Somehow, I doubt she's really that innocent.
I was talking about a different miko a few hundred years ago, you dolts.
File 136264046974.jpg - (1.44MB, 800x1143 , A Slice of Tentanon's Life.jpg) [iqdb]
You stare at the door for a good long minute. All it took was a few deep breaths and a moment to think, but already your thoughts of forcing your way back in the door and talking to Alice seem like a silly anger fantasy. Probably for the best, too.

You look back to Hourai, tilting your head down like a chastised puppy. "Alright, you win."

She gives you a reassuring but slightly smug 'Told you so!' nod.

"Well," you say with a bit of hesitation, "I guess I'd better be off, then." You pull yourself away from the window before you can see anything to make things more awkward.

Before you can leave, Hourai pulls a folded up piece of paper from inside her apron-pocket -- the old map you left behind in your last outfit. Without even noticing, you were about to leave with only a vague knowledge of where you were going.

You take it from her and scan over it. A note on the lower left catches your eye: 'It'll be okay.' They're small words of encouragement, but they're enough to draw a big grin out of you.

You give Hourai an affectionate pat on the head. Her features soften a little, and she gives a parting wave as she floats back into the house.

You turn on your heel and take a few steps away but can't resist taking one look back in through the window. You can just make out the bobbing heads of some dolls and some wooden spoons. They must be cleaning up from dinner. You weren't sure what you wanted to see, but for some reason it's a little disheartening.

Hourai shoots you another glare from the doorframe, half sympathetic and half frustrated. You can almost hear her voice, probably like that of a strict calligraphy teacher: "What did you expect, a memorial service for you?"

Right, lingering won't solve anything. You turn away and walk until the trees have blocked out Alice's house, which isn't particularly difficult in the Forest of Magic. You unfold the map and have a serious look at it again to plan out your path. Alice's place isn't very close to anything of note, though that probably doesn't mean much for someone who can fly at will.

Tenta snickers. Speaking of which, why not go find Marisa while you're at it? You could always hitch a ride.

'I got my fill of flying with her, thanks.'

Hey, at least there was a nice, soft landing. He breaks into a wheezy cackle that sounds like a typical dirty old man.

'Your jokes are horrible today, too.'

Ah, c'mon, I'm just trying to lighten the mood a bit.

You appreciate the effort, but you just wish it was from someone you weren't magically attached to. You do have one thing on your side, though.

Trekking through the forest seemed like it would be dark and scary and add more weight to your spirit, but now that you get a chance to see it in the morning, it's almost like a normal forest. The sun shines through the trees, warming your face. There's even a road a stone's throw away from you.

Checking the map again, you notice you're not too far from the Misty Lake right now, which means Remilia's mansion isn't that far either. It almost feels like something that should bother you, but it's honestly hard to get real worked up.

You're more worried about the lengthy walk ahead of you. This road leads you southeast, and after a while, you'll arrive at the big -- and only -- crossroads in the forest. From there, you take a left and head due east, which will take you right back to the village. Then it's a good half-hour to Houfumura.


'I'm not looking forward to it either.'

However grueling it sounds, this is the real start your trek. Luckily, the forest seems fairly calm in the daytime. There's really not a whole lot of activity except for the buzz of insects and the occasional chirping of birds. That moldy smell still lingers in the air. It used to bother you, but you hardly notice it anymore.

It gets more and more humid as you walk over the road, like you were walking from spring into summer. It isn't too hot, so it's at least tolerable, and you reach the crossroads in good time. Shortly after, the forest tries your patience further by turning the ground wet and spongy. It only takes a short time before your feet and sandals are all caked with mud.

After some slogging, you start to notice hoofprints in the mud, fresh enough to have little pools of water in them. Following them with your eyes, you see four people fiddling with a puddle of water as their horses graze on nearby foliage. One of them looks like some kind of official, though you only say that because he isn't doing anything but watching the other three. If he is in charge, he was smart enough not to wear any official-looking clothes on a trip through the mud. The others are messing with the ground, feeling the wet earth and scribbling down some notes.

What's the good in poking at some dirt?

'Hell if I know. We're nowhere near the closest settlement, so I dunno why these guys are even...'

You stop mid-thought, realizing that one of them is staring straight at you. Immediately, you snap your head away from him. Then, worrying he thinks you're on the lam or something, you look back at him and force out a pleasant nod as you walk past. He nods back and goes back to scribbling.

Are all humans like that around each other, or are you just weird?

'I beg your pardon?' you ask, a little testily.

Just saying, man. Who gives a fuck about some random yahoos on the road seeing you for a few seconds?

You squish further through the mud while you think of a snappy response.

'Some of us have to get along with people, y'know.'

I prefer to get inside them. You have to admit that for a dirty chuckling lech, Tenta's quick on the draw.

You keep heading east, counting the hoofprints as you go to give your mind something to do. Tenta sings some perverted tunes to himself out of boredom. They sound like something you'd hear from a gang of sailors. As he reaches the third chorus of a song about swimming with bowlegged women, the wetlands turn back into flat, walkable earth. You stomp the mud off of your sandals, though you really wish you'd thought to bring along a towel or something.

Not far after that, the vegetation around you gets much thinner. The trees around you stop as if someone drew a line in the ground and said trees can't grow past there. You must be getting close to the village, or at least out of the forest.

People come into eyesight around you, making the short pilgrimage from their respective settlements into where all the action is. A lot of them look out of place, probably hunters and trappers coming out of the woodwork for the festival coming up. You try to act casual and not draw any attention to yourself, but you don't really need to bother; everyone's too busy with their own things. Now on nice stone-marked roads, the walk goes quickly with only a few more lewd songs and grouses from Tenta.

It's not long before you can see the massive stakes that make up the town's wall, giant logs sharpened to a point and stuck in the ground. Bits and pieces of the wall are half-covered in stone, a project that's been 'in progress' since longer than you can remember. Peddlers and food-pushers are everywhere around the walls, bustling around like ants on a hill, offering snacks to anyone with a free hand. Even though you don't have any money on you, and probably look like a vagabond, some of them set their sights on you.

You're in the middle of turning down an offer for 'choco bananas,' whatever those are, when a rapid creaking sound and a shout of "HEADS UP!" draws your attention. Just as you turn around, a human cannonball collides with your chest. You stumble backwards and nearly fall over, but the poor sap who ran into you takes the fall like a kick to the head and splays out on his back.

He's a shrimpy guy, almost still a kid, and with the thick load of books tied to his back with rope he looks like an upturned turtle as he flails his legs. You offer him a hand and he gladly takes it before he gets trampled by all the passers-by.

"Ahhh, crap," he grumbles to himself and checks the load on his back. The construction was sturdy enough that the books are a little dirty but not much worse for wear. Once he's satisfied, he turn around and waggles a finger at you.

"Hey, man, watch where you're going! If I mess up these books I'm in for a-" His face goes slack in surprise as he gets a good look at you.

"Tenta? The Tenta?"

All of a sudden, he's leaning uncomfortably close to you. "Uh, do I know you?" you ask, leaning back to get away from the smell of body odor.

"Nope! But, shit boy howdy, I sure know you!" He reaches a short arm into the pack over his shoulder and takes out a wadded up old newspaper.

You let out a snort of laughter when you see the word "Bunbunmaru" across the front of the paper, then remember your little 'interview' with Aya. Right there on the front page is that familiar picture of you holding your robe open, tentacles bared. You're surprised someone recognized you but a little more surprised to find someone who reads that paper dutifully enough to remember it.

"Don't laugh at Miss Shameimaru!" the kid bristles. "She gets a bad rap, but she's... she's working hard to bring us, y'know... news! And she may be a tengu, but she's still a real looker!"

Ah, there's the real reason. He flips the newspaper over to a picture of Aya in a pose more fitting for a kabuki actor than a journalist. The camera pays a lot of attention to her long legs and round hips covered in pantyhose, probably a cheap way to get more 'readers'.

Before you can say anything, the kid leans into your face again. "But I don't gotta tell you, do I? You probably got to know that b-body of hers quite well, eh? How was it? Do her b-boobs feel as nice as they look?"

"Whoa, hey, easy!" You squirm back again and accidentally elbow someone in the chest. Being around this kid is a constant fight for personal space. "Getting a little personal for someone you just met, aren't you?"

"Sorry, right, sorry, I just..." he splutters. You can almost see his brain melting from thinking too hard about Aya's tits.

This kid probably hasn't felt a pair since his momma nursed him.

He slaps himself on the side of his head, giving himself a wake-up call. "Anyway, crap, I gotta run. Boss Mootori's gonna have my ass if I come back late again."

He gets ready to run off, then stops himself mid-stride. "Oh, almost forgot! My name's Tomaru. I do odd jobs for Suzunaan carting books around and stuff. Pop in if you're in the village sometime. I'd be really honored get a few lady-slayin' tips from the master!" He caps it off with a wink and thumbs-up.

"Yeah, sure."

"Great, thanks so much! I mean it!" he calls back.

Just as quickly as he crashed into you, he's hurtling back into the village, pack of books creaking as they bounce on his back. You give him about thirty seconds before he falls over again.

Ah, the innocence of youth.

'You're telling me. Yeesh.'

Really, though, getting all hot-and-bothered over those moderately-above-average tits instead of that nice firm, toned ass? Kid needs to get his priorities straight.

You've got other concerns on your mind right now. The village has always been a busy place, sure, but it's absolutely jam-packed right now. You could've sworn there were a few more days until the festival, but then again, festivals have never been particularly formal here. Or short. You push your way through the crowds up to one of the guards keeping an eye on all the traffic.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" you holler. "Have you seen people coming in from Houfumura?"

The guard thinks for a moment. "Y'mean the big shipment?" he shouts back over the noise of the crowd. "Nah, not yet, I don't think."

That means you just might have some time. Pushing through the crowds would take too long, and it'd be just as quick to go around the village instead. You break off from the throng of people and vendors into the less-travelled open fields and start hoofing it, making a straight line for Houfumura. Roads be damned.

As you enter the last leg of your journey, your fear comes true. A steady train of carts and beasts of burden kick up dust and make a racket that you can hear as soon as they're in view. There's even a handful of guards in chain-armor jackets riding alongside it.

Your stomach immediately knots. This isn't just any old caravan. This is the caravan, the big pre-festival trade when merchants come in with bags of money and buy up everything edible. You knew you were a couple days behind, but you didn't think it was going to turn out this bad.

One of the guards catches catch sight of you and shoots you a glare. You keep a safe, nonthreatening distance away from them so they don't randomly decide you're a bandit and hassle you. The caravan goes on and on, one cart after the other, all loaded with food. Between all the people and the bright colors of the fruit, it almost looks like a travelling circus. It's even got a crowd of followers behind it, chasing the lingering smell of freshly-picked fruits and veggies.

So... are you screwed?

You sigh to yourself. 'Nah, I'm just gonna have to haul it all to the village myself and chase down the buyers. Worst part's gonna be the haggling, of course.'

Something tells me this isn't the first time you've done this.

Far from it. There's a reason your fruits are bred to last.

You start running over the familiar path back towards Houfumura. You almost have to elbow your way past some people headed towards the village. Some of them recognize you and offer help in the form of pointing and snickering.

You dash on past fields of bushes and vines before you make it into the settlement proper. All the plants are picked clean of veggies, beans and grains -- all except for yours, most likely. The smell of booze and the sounds of party music float out from the hamlet. Normally, you'd be excited about that, but now it just makes you dread the ribbing you're in for from your buddies.

Just as you feared, as soon as you reach the center of town you can see food carts and drinkeries set up everywhere. Good thing you already ate or the smell of frying meat probably would've driven you over the edge.

Someone spots you and nearly coughs up the mouthful of sake he's downing. "Heeeey, it's Kinkan! Right on time!"

Everyone sitting around him turns around to see you. They burst into laughter and mock applause.

"Kinkan! Enjoy your vacation?"

"Howdy, Kinkan! We were about to pawn yer stuff!"

Th' hell's a Kinkan?

'It's my nickname. Very long story.'

One of them stands up and claps the person sitting next to him on the back. "I told you! Five minutes late, damn near on the dot!"

The other fellow grumbles in mock anger and fishes some coins out of his newly-expanded purse. "Dangit, couldn't you have been just a little later?"

You plop down on one of the nearby benches and catch your breath. "Thanks for the touching reunion. Glad to know I'm worth at least 200 yen to you guys."

You eye the jugs of beer and liquor sitting all around you. As long as you've already messed up, you may as well take a moment to get some liquid motivation. Now if only you had some money. You rummage through your pockets just in case there's a bill you missed.

"First one's on me." The bet-winner slides a tall mug of beer over to you. "Least I could do to repay the favor," he says with a hearty laugh.

"Now that's more like it!" Free beer is always welcome. You kick up your feet and start sipping.

Off by one of the food stands, a familiar face catches your eye, slurping up a bowl of noodles. At least, you're pretty sure it's familiar. You pick up your beer and walk over to him.

"Tadashi? Holy hell, I almost didn't recognise you!" You're not kidding. All that's changed is a new wispy little moustache, but it's make him look a lot older, kinda dignified. You're pretty close age-wise, but he's always looked older and leaner than you.

He greets you with a thin smile. "Oh, welcome back."

It's surprising to see him back here. You heard he had a lead on an administrative position somewhere you'd never heard of, and since you hadn't heard from him in a week you figured he'd nailed it. He always seemed the type to make a good administrator: the quiet type, a little too bookish and reserved for life in the pickers. He's the kind of guy who'd take a few minutes just to tell you what he wants for lunch. It's a bit of a headache to deal with him sometimes, but that hasn't kept the two of you from being friends since you were both young pups.

You plop yourself onto an empty seat next to him and take another sip of beer. It's actually a nice turn in your favor, finding him here. His family has a couple cows they use for heavy-lifting work. One of them would come in really handy right now for moving your plums.

Given how he looks right now, though, you don't want to come right out and ask. He's seems a little out of sorts. Moreso than usual, actually.

"How's the family?" you ask, hoping some small talk will butter him up.

"Doing well. Mom's still at it, as usual."

You chuckle. "Still pestering you for grandkids, huh?"

"Mhm." He nods and slurps up another mouthful of noodles.

"How'd the harvest go?"

"Pretty good, can't complain. How was yours?"

"Well, that's why I'm here, funny enough."

His thin smile gets a bit thicker. "Why, surely you don't mean that you've missed a harvest day, do you?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm running on the new Kinkan calendar." You bop him on the shoulder. No matter what happens, everyone can still get some happiness from poking fun at your tardiness. "But, yeah, sorry to ask all of the sudden, but can I borrow one of your cows?"

"Sure, I can lend you Rafael for a bit. Just give me a few minutes to finish this." He sets back to his noodles, while you nurse your beer in the meantime.

I can't help but notice nobody's mentioning the tentacle beast that just came to liven up the party.

You adjust your collar on reflex, hoping nobody's noticing the purple roots on your chest. 'We're a little settlement of farmers. I doubt Aya even knows we exist, much less went through the trouble of sending her gossip rag down here.'

You pass a few minutes listening in on a nearby conversation while you finish your beer and wait for Tadashi to finish.

"Hey, don't kick yourself too hard for it," someone says loudly. "At least she didn't trample your crops, haha."

Another person hangs his head. "Yeah, it's my own damn fault for runnin' my big mouth like that."

The first one lets out a snort of laughter. "What, was the wife giving you a hard time about gettin' between the sheets with Minoriko? It's village tradition! An honored ritual!"

"Tell that to the missus."

"I would, but you beat me to it!" The first guy lets out a deep, drunken laugh.

Sounds like Minoriko really gets around. I wonder if she pissed in their mouths too.

'Minoriko's kind of a local icon,' you respond, ignoring the second half of the question. 'She likes to have lots of fertility rituals that're just an excuse to sleep around.'

Mmmm. Some fertility sounds nice right about now.

Tadashi polishes off the rest of the noodles and downs the broth. "Alright, ready to go?"

"Yeah. Thanks again, you're a lifesaver."

You're starving me here, man.

'Pipe down.'

"No worries," he replies.

He looks a little relieved to have an excuse to leave the crowd. You don't mind it either, to be honest. Plum farming may sound boring, but you could use some boredom right now.

It's not very far to Tadashi's place, but the silence still seems a little too loud. Even the sounts of partying disappear fast. With all the land farmed and empty it's almost like a ghost town. You break the silence, hoping the compliment will cheer him up.

"It's good to have you back."

He responds with a sad laugh. "Don't worry about me and the job. Internal politics, that sort of thing. It was nice, but I guess it wasn't meant to be."

Well, that's a bit of a downer. The two of you go back to silence for the rest of the walk until you reach a small fence next to a field of red bean vines -- all harvested, of course.

Tadashi silently steps into the gate and lures the big brown-and-grey cow, apparently named Rafael, away from his dinner of grass. You watch him get a yoke and set it up over the cow's mouth, still not saying a word.

He hands you the reigns to the yoke. "Here you are, then."


Tadashi moves to walk away but turns back to face you. "Can I ask you something, by the way?"

"Uh, go ahead." It feels a little out of nowhere, but you're not just gonna say no.

"When I got back, I heard that you'd disappeared a few days ago with barely a word of notice. What happened? Are you doing okay?"

"Well, you know..." you scratch your collar. You'd have to come up with a hell of a lie to talk your way out of this.

What? Am I suddenly a bad thing now?

[ ] Something crazy happened...
[ ] Something kind of funny happened...
[ ] Something bad happened...

- [ ] ...and I'd like you to keep it a secret.
- [ ] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
- [ ] ...and I need to go deal with it.
[c] Something crazy happened...

- [c] ...and I'd like you to keep it a secret.
Worldbuiling? Characterization? Interesting bit characters that seem to have no possible relation to sex? What the fuck am I reading?

[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I made it into a tabloid.

Standard Secrets = Bad agenda. Whatshisname. Quiet-bro can tell people if he likes.
[x] Something crazy happened...
-[x] ...and I'd like you to keep it a secret.

I hope my worries about this story's turn of direction turn up to be unfounded.
[x] Something crazy happened...
- [X] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
[x] Something crazy happened...
-[x] ...and I'd like you to keep it a secret.

Huh, now what's happening in this story... Still, variety is the spice of life.
[X] Something crazy happened...
- [X] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
[X] Something crazy happened...
- [X] ...and I made it into a tabloid.

Well I, for one, welcome some character development.

Not as much as I'd welcome some more tentacle boning, but I'm not picky.
[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I need to go deal with it.

Because lol
[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
[x] Something crazy happened...
-[x] ...and I'd like you to keep it a secret.
>>29747 here.

Changing my vote to:
[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
[x] Something crazy happened...
- [X] ...and I made it into a tabloid.
[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I made it into a tabloid.

New characters, a community, and tenta being tenta. I love this story.
[X] Something kind of funny happened...
- [X] ...and I need to go deal with it.
Saying it this way makes it sound like less of an issue and gives an excuse not to really talk about it.
Closing votes! The winning vote is, by a slim margin...

[x] Something kind of funny happened...
- [x] ...and I made it into a tabloid

See y'all in thread six!
I truly hope you know what you're doing as I haven't felt the same fun essence that was in past updates.
>fun essence

Elaborate please.
before the hiatus many updates had a sense of fun/adventure in them, even scenes like dealing with Dom Sakuya.

Even with the last update, even though it had Tenta banter, the tone felt rather neutral with a hint of seriousness. I just feel this story is risking ruining itself by getting too serious/artistic for its own good.

I'm voicing my concerns as opposed to blindly going "yes" like a sheep.

You're jumping to conclusions.
Gonna second this guy. The writer doesn't seem to have the sort of inclination to make everything take a dive off the deep end.

I honestly think if he was gonna grimderp it up, he would've long done it already.
We just got introduced to a Tenta fanboy. A serious and artistic Tenta fanboy.
In part Farmer Anon's trying to figure out where he's going with Alice. And Alice with him. In a way that last update had Tenta in part being used to get some info about Farmer Anon's life before he combined with Tenta.

Also got him a bit of a chance to clear his head without having to deal with some sex.

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