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I've been looking everywhere for this, and as far as I can tell, it doesn't exist.

Artist is tel. Circle is Coffee Maker.
It's a futa Reimu x Marisa doujin.

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People would be more inclined to help if you had taken five seconds to look for the correct thread to ask this.
No. 22276
There's a correct thread?
No. 22277
I had no idea there was a correct thread. My bad. Care to direct me there?
No. 22278
There is no correct thread, because we're not dealing with request here.
I suggest either 4chan's request board, or you can go bug the porn cabal, on #touhouporn.
Also, I would be most grateful if you could write "sage" in the Email field when posting in this thread, thank you.
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Doujin/Artist discussion would be the closest to the correct thread.