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21997 No. 21997
Same as the other threads, discussing doujins and artists, even if artists don't do any doujins.

No. 22000
What a terrible pic to start a thread with.
No. 22001
File 132556643481.jpg - (508.89KB , 730x1000 , 29cdd740cf97189b3329832f485d908b.jpg ) [iqdb]
couldn't you atleast choose something funny or wierd, like something like this?
or something like this?
http://hijiribe.donmai.us/post/show/401732/ ?
No. 22002
Last thread started with an image from one of Itou Life's books, guy just did the same here. And the new Wriggle doujin is fantastic.
No. 22003
Akyuu doujins like this are very rare. I think she must be about 14-16 in this.
No. 22007
Horn Rides: 500 Yen
No. 22008
File 13255955359.jpg - (107.68KB , 900x1200 , 1310915676422.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah start these with a silly picture next time, it's way better.

You mean where she isn't depicted as loli? They are rare (sadly), but then again so are Akyuu-focused works (again, sadly).
No. 22011
itt one person posts three times whining about the pettiest thing imaginable
No. 22020
I'd kinda hoped that this series had ended. I guess not.
No. 22024
...was not expecting the tentacle/flower rape in >>22022. came out of nowhere.
No. 22025

Kuronishiki's Okuu, fapping at the speed of light.
No. 22032
Seriously. Was there a page missing or something?
That tentacle rape would have been hot as hell if more time was spent on it. As is, it felt really...cramped.
No. 22042
The Previous thread is here >>19750
No. 22043
Can't wait for a translation. Since the ending brings up a lot of question marks since I can interpret it a few ways from the raws.

Also a Tall, Busty, Koakuma. Hitting so many buttons at once.

At first I wasn't sure what you were talking about then then I looked up the guy, and then I raged.

And you KNOW this retard's work will be translated. Since the more disturbing the rape/mind break/humiliation Doujin the more likely it'll be translated I swear.
No. 22048
I wouldn't go so far as to insult the guy...

What kills me about it is that most CHIRIAKUTA doujins have a some VERY fappable bits in them. Like Alice strung up with vibrators and her desperate resistance to them, the karmic drug play with Eirin, and Yukari being completely submerged in a tub of aphrodisiac in this latest book. So I end up flipping through them.
But see, they've all got a story, which I inevitably read as I sift through them, and that story is invariably the most complete, in-depth mind break on the doujin scene, bar none. And I hate mind break with a passion. With a passion.
It's frustrating, to say the least.
No. 22055
The first scene usually is meh fappable you realize its this guy and then LOL BRUTAL MINDBREAK MAX HUMILIATION DURR.

Better artists around for fapability and no Mindbreak retardation
No. 22056
Of course because circles like LWB Loev raep, enough to do it for free while better nonrapish ones require people to put forth money and/or effort (in the case of anything Glasnost does)
No. 22058
Also that Koakuma focused one linked to I think has the first Koakuma/Marisa/Meiling Threesome I've EVER seen.
No. 22060
CHIRIAKUTA? That's still not worth the mindbreak/feelsbadman.jpg.
No. 22064
Maybe. But the good parts of CHIRIAKUTA are still worth looking for. Barely.
I'm pretty picky when it comes to porn, see.
No. 22065

>Good parts

You must be mistaken.
No. 22066
File 132567675894.jpg - (336.28KB , 1419x2024 , 001_21.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well >>22048 does make a fair point.

Easily one of my favourite artists, especially because of that book with the curvy Nue and affectionate sex.
No. 22071
File 132568522933.jpg - (337.73KB , 626x1000 , ran_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]
I woke up this morning, turned on my laptop and eagerly went to check the various dakimakura sites. When I get to Sengendou, a site that has been growing in popularity and number of released works, I see Ran's face staring at me from a tiny preview. So I click it to open it. I'm greeted immediately by a Ran dakimakura drawn by one of my favorite artists.

Except, wait. That backside, it's... WHYYYYYYYYY.
No. 22072
File 132568545492.jpg - (14.73KB , 313x383 , why.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22073

The artist's pixiv, for reference. Strange thing is, I don't think I've ever seen him do diaper/baby stuff before. This seems completely random from him. The front is fucking great, the details are nice and it is good quality. The back is a disappointing surprise.
No. 22076
I don't mind Kuronishiki (Takaharu)'s stuff but I'd like it better if he wasn't so longtorso and long face.
No. 22081
Nah I'm Talking about >>21527 It's a Fey Tas work

No Mind break there.
No. 22083
But contains Futa and Strapons
No. 22084
And questionable art quality, but it that gets you going, I'm not going to hold that against you.
No. 22085

It's Fey Tas. It's par for the course. That'd be like expecting something different from Kieyza.
No. 22091
Funny, those are the same things I find appealing. Still I'll admit it's subjective.
No. 22092
I haven't seen anything remotely educational in porn ever since Futari Ecchi. I like it.
No. 22104
I can't decide if I like this or not. Yoshika was absolutely delicious and really, really expressive (I am immensely happy that her expressive ofuda both got put in a H-doujin and actually got translated,) but the mind break was sadder than usual. I'm not sure why; it wasn't dark and heavy like ECLIPSE, or in depth and deep like CHIRIAKUTA...but it still really got to me, more so than usual. Probably because of how expressive Yoshika was, I guess...but it was kinda sorta ambigious, so...ugh.
If there was just one extra comedic panel showing Yoshika munching on a severed dick or shakily getting up with question marks covering her ofuda or something like that, this would have been one of the best doujins in a long, long time. But there isn't, so it's not.
No. 22105
Japan seems to run off of rape and mindbreak, though I have to wonder the matter of breaking something that's not even all that there in the first place.
No. 22109
I think things get better as Seiga appears at the end.... and I don't think she's pleased with what they did to her cute underling.
No. 22110
I don't care what happens to the rapists, I care about Yoshika.
No. 22120
im having trouble finding a certain doujin. not sure who the author was but it was an ayaxyuyuko doujin (yuri with a double sided dildo). aya was taking pictures of yuyuko masterbating for fap material when yuyuko asks aya to join to her.
No. 22121
File 132587852984.jpg - (572.25KB , 1398x2000 , [Dr_ Vermilion] Wazuka na Omocha no Gensokyou [ENG.jpg ) [iqdb]
This one right?

No. 22122
that was it. thank you very much.
No. 22128

She probably can fix her. Considering Yoshika's bound to her she might have some sorta reset button.

Might be as simple as removing all the tags and slapping a brand new one on, cleaning her up, dressing her and giving her a hug.

No clue exactly how Jiang Shi work honestly.
No. 22129
File 132591376894.jpg - (81.79KB , 768x1024 , diaperedchen.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think it's really cute. It's nice to have some decent artists doing non-rape diaper stuff, especially when she isn't drawn like a loli. I wish there were more artists doing touhou diaper art, especially Ran.

I wish that pic was a much higher resolution though. Was that actually a daki for sale or just some custom art he did for someone? Can you order it?
No. 22132
Honestly Seiga would do something like that... while doing something awful to the guys in question.
No. 22140

You can buy it. Also, while it isn't rape, it is hypnosis, so take that however you want.


You need to have a deputy/proxy service email them to order it. It is currently 9000 yen in preorder status, which ends on the 31st, and 10k yen after. It releases in mid to late February. I can recommend a deputy service if you need one, too.
No. 22141

Forgot to say, it should cost about $150 to $160 after all is said and done.
No. 22145
Kinda spottily translated and HORRID editing of the text boxes... Still good to see Momiji action. Here's to hoping for a best redo
No. 22146
File 132601142693.jpg - (108.42KB , 885x852 , babyran.jpg ) [iqdb]

That site has quite a few really nicely drawn dakis on it. I'm glad I now know about it.

I don't think anyone would have thought it was hypnotism until the artist actually said something. I guess the eyes give it away though. It's still an incredibly nicely drawn dakimakura. I wish it would have her from the backside showing the diaper off though, but I guess with Ran, all you see would be her tails :(

Does he say if he is planning on doing a full-length doujin? Was the diaper thing a commission or was he inspired by a fan? I just can't get over how cute it is.
No. 22150

I don't think that artist has ever done a doujin before, or sold his work at all up until this point. From what I understand, it is a commission deal with Sengendou. They've been growing pretty steadily over the past year in their offerings, and hitting up a lot of artists that probably wouldn't have done dakimakura otherwise (rapid rabbit, ZION, nobara, etc).
No. 22151
Rapid Rabbit's been slowly expanding his span of things as he used to be mainly a FFXI doujin artist. Now he's done some normal H-manga stuff, touhou stuff, a couple of Pixiv comics.

As much as some hate Buront, folks might have to thank him for getting Rapid Rabbit into touhou
No. 22153
File 132604959532.jpg - (271.12KB , 624x1000 , yamame_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yeah, but dakimakura are still a pretty big leap for most artists, as the involvement in getting them made is much higher. I've talked to nobara about it and it primarily has to do with sengendou approaching artists.

Pic related, the best thing ever.
No. 22154
What's the email to order from, out of curiosity?
No. 22155


Their email and the order form is here, but from what I understand they will not ship internationally. You need a deputy/proxy service to order from the site. This is the guy I use, personally: http://japanauction.byethost11.com/. I've used his service for about three years now, and he does a great job. It's just one guy doing it, so he can be a bit slow to respond since this is a side job.

Also, a tip, if you go through his service and use paypal, make sure to pay from your bank account and send it as a gift. It'll be overall cheaper.
No. 22172
My heart...it is broke...
I love what this guy does with drugs and toys, but god damn, that mind break. It feels so much more thorough than most circles. With any other circle I'd think "Well, they let her go in the end, and she's with a friend, she'll get better," but here...ugh, I dunno.
And that NTR really pushed the despair to 11.
No. 22174
Dude its the same shit for this guy every time. Its like asking Chiriakuta to do something that's not maximum mindbreak/degradation

Honestly that's probably the hottest Yamame with spider legs picture I've ever seen. Not gonna lie about that one.
No. 22175

Rapid Rabbit's Yamame and Mochiya's Aya & Momizi dakimakura are probably the best things that hit the market last year. Picture of the other one here: >>22009
No. 22176
A man of fine tastes you are
No. 22178
Yeah, I know. I can still comment on it.
No. 22187
The worst part? This was choosen to be translated over something else, such as Rapid Rabbit's Yuugi doujin.

Also the notion of a bunch out humans getting a drop on aya with a stick and rope highly in-plausible.
No. 22190
Just like with hoping for book xyz to be scanned, if you want it done properly do it yourself. Clearly other people don't want the same things us gentleman do.
No. 22199
If I had the money to do so, I would be doing so.
No. 22201
For what it's worth, the majority of the 70-something doujinshi that two anonymous posters purchased to have me scan happens to be consensual. A few of them are rape (the touhou ryoujoku series I think is in there), but the lion's share is consensual.
No. 22211
No. 22212
Then get money and stop whining like a little bitch when someone has the audacity to draw, enjoy, or translate something you don't like.
No. 22213
This thread was made for expression of opinions regarding doujins, jackass. If you don't want to hear it, then don't go looking in here.
No. 22214
I think that is his opinion that he's expressing there.
No. 22215
No, he's right. This thread is for discussing/bitching about doujins, not bitching about people bitching about doujins.
No. 22217

Yeah, really. One of those benefactors here. I don't like rape, so I don't buy rape.
No. 22220
Yeah, I figured, but...where the hell did you find it all? I bought any good happy sex I found, but I don't think I found much. Half a dozen to ten, I'd say.
No. 22221
It's not that hard to do, just a matter of knowing which circles that do it (I'm for an example) and trying to figure things through the previews.
No. 22222

So how long do you think it'll take you to scan all 70 doujinshi and upload them?

I can wait a long time if I need to.
No. 22223

I have to unbind them, scan them into dropbox, grab them on my laptop and run them through paint.net. I'll upload them as I do them. It shouldn't take that long to get them done after I finish the unbinding process. Shouldn't really impact my writing either.
No. 22230
File 132623554349.jpg - (1.16MB , 858x1200 , 23385605_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just curious, is this doujin in that massive pile of yours?
No. 22231

I have a list of whitelisted and graylisted artists that I search with. I've built a small program to scrape melonbooks and make suggestions based on what I have and what I'm missing.
No. 22232
You know that's not actually H, just a display of girls in bondage outfits by various artists. I'm interested as there's a mix of good artists, such as Han (if you don't mind big soft bosoms)
No. 22233

I don't know, I'd have to check. I know I bought a copy for myself, I think I mentioned it to both buyers and they didn't have interest.
No. 22240

Yeah, sorry to disappoint, bondage isn't my thing. But it you like futanari, then you've got something to look forward to. Stay posted for the next few months while the scan man gets everything sorted out.
No. 22242
From the previews I don't think there was any real bondage, just touhou in dominatrix outfits. Well I think most of the aritst involve have some previews on their pixiv pages.
No. 22256
File 132632330120.jpg - (484.66KB , 1114x1600 , scan0030.jpg ) [iqdb]
I just noticed in the latest Yukari CHIRIAKUTA doujin that's still untranslated Yukari turns up at the end. Double Yukari. I *knew* she wouldn't go down quite so easily.

Who knows, karma might just kick in?
No. 22257
as far as that goes, there might be 2 yukari's, or (guessing here), rinnosuke got bored and was gonna find another girl to play around with, but yukari turned herself into a young girl to indulge in a new kind of fetish for rinnosuke.
No. 22258
Don't be so optimistic. It's probably nothing good. Hell, look at regular Yukari in that scene. She doesn't know what's going on.
This is coming from the same guy who broke Flandre to the point that she destroyed her former self entirely, while she was mentally screaming at herself not to do so. Which we were privy too, of course. There are no good ends here.
No. 22263
That's saying alot as most of the girls in this guy's works are on the rather young side or look very young. Only difference between the two is 1-2 cup sizes.

Not with this artist at all.
No. 22281
>This is coming from the same guy who broke Flandre to the point that she destroyed her former self entirely, while she was mentally screaming at herself not to do so. Which we were privy too, of course.
Which was incredibly hot.
No. 22287
To each their own. I thought it was soul-crushing.
No. 22292
I'm not sure to laugh at or be terrified by the first panel of page 26 considering the leadup from page 25
No. 22296
File 132644100514.png - (1.05MB , 769x1593 , 25 and 26.png ) [iqdb]
Oh come now, im sure a women would love to be told their vagina (or anus) feels like a fish. I mean, it smells like it anyway.
No. 22299
I mean being told that is ONE thing but showing a Giant Oarfish is another.

Also Nice job on the combine picture. Now I can't stop laughing
No. 22301
Takakuya was Nasu all along!
No. 22333
I sympathize, but if you're going to write a preview, keep it impartial. Keep your opinions/bitching in this one; no exceptions.
No. 22336
Yea it won't let me delete my posts Not sure why. Its giving the invalid memory error not wrong password. So Mod could you delete >>22332 >>22334 >>22335 for me I guess.

You write the preview then. Rereading it yea its before during after the Youmu one.
No. 22337
Me writing the preview would mean I'd have to read it. I'll pass.
No. 22349
I forgot how good Fujiirosabou was. Their Youmu is just so adorable~
Why isn't Re:play translated again? Why do I keep forgetting about it?
No. 22418

Inferior version of >>22356. Do not bother downloading. Desudesu lost all ability to put together coherent thought, and as a result it reads as bad as CGRascal's 'work'.
No. 22427
After all the excitement over Aya Shachou's new Futa Renko & Pregnant Maribel doujin, it's...


Primarily text, with a few pictures!
No. 22430
Not surprised, god forbid we have someone remotely consensual and not a pain to translate.
No. 22431
I noticed that. Very strange; he's usually good, but the other translation was just put together so much better. It's like an entirely different story.
I wonder which one is more accurate?
No. 22432
Translating while drunk?
No. 22434
The translation didn't seem to bad. But of all things why was the front cover missing? That's a terrible slip-up to make especially for someone who's been around so long.

What, the same guy who translated Wild and Horned Hermit? Neat.
No. 22436
I don't know. The dialogue feels stilted, inconsistent, and at times says totally different things compared to the other translation.
No. 22442
MegaUpload has been permanently shut down by the feds. Anything we've got in our various upload threads that was on MU needs to be reuploaded.

No. 22443
...well, shit. I honestly didn't think that would ever actually happen.
No. 22472
File 132710721337.png - (912.10KB , 1389x2000 , 14.png ) [iqdb]
Right. This needs to be redone.
No. 22475
I think You could fix that problem in 5 seconds in MS paint... I mean is it that hard to use the Eyedropper and the fill tool after you delete the original?

Are are they using such a weird contrast setting that it looks like its consistent?

Who am I kidding its just laziness of the editor
No. 22478
It's CGrascal. What do you expect?
No. 22479
Does he ever read his own work? Honestly much of what he writes has bad grammar. Is English even his native language?
No. 22483
File 132714720486.gif - (23.28KB , 850x429 , again?!.gif ) [iqdb]
Oh come on we've gone over this far too often before.
No. 22500

No. 22503
No. 22510
That aside how's the translation this time? Seemed alright. Loved the book itself.
No. 22570

I made this offer last thread, I'm making it here again. If you want something from BON Cool, Mysterio and I will be ordering some stuff together at the end of February, and I get free shipping to the USA. That saves you like, ten or fifteen bucks.
No. 22583
Due to the potential threat of mediafire shutting down in the near future (It COULD happen even if it isn't as likely, and better safe than sorry), I'm trying to make a backup of my mediafire share. Since this is currently 1036 raw and 520 translated ero doujinshi, I'd like some way to automate this.

I tried JDownloader but that chokes on the folder path. DownThemAll Apparently isn't designed to follow mediafire download links, and I can't even get it to make a record of the full url so I can plug it into JDownloader.

Any suggestions for tools I could use to download these files?
No. 22586
Jesus fuck, what is it with people panicking at the smallest bit of unconfirmed information?

I don't mean just this, but snow, rain, some video game law-sounding thing (people just LOVE to panic over that), etc.

Nothing in the media from Mediafire even hints at them changing their stance. And I doubt anything that mainly hosts touhou stuff would catch as much attention as something that hosts big name music and movies.

Drink something calming and CHILL OUT.
No. 22587
>(It COULD happen even if it isn't as likely, and better safe than sorry)
No. 22588

Take your own advice. It's better safe than sorry. To the guy above, I was thinking of doing the same thing and dumping it to my external since I have the space.
No. 22591
I have my mediafire files saved already, general habit after all. All this panicking over very little sure gets annoying though. I've seen far too many cases of panics that ultimately panned out to be just that, NOTHING. If the person's tone was calmer and rational, I wouldn't have said anything about it.
No. 22594

First thing: The person posting that is the guy who uploads nearly fucking everything on here to mediafire.

Second: His tone was calm. Unless you're having a fit over him capitalizing the word 'could' as a means of emphasizing it. He asked a valid question. You had a shitfit over it.
No. 22601
I apologize for my reaction as it was really uncalled for.
No. 22615
MiPony maybe? If you're asking what I think you're asking, at least. If not, ignore me.
No. 22620
File 132741164764.png - (105.74KB , 939x690 , Untitled.png ) [iqdb]
Awesome, that works perfectly. Thank you.
No. 22622
Can you link your Mediafire folder here as well? I'm kinda saving/backing stuff up as well.
No. 22624
Eng: http://www.mediafire.com/?0ylqy76aeyxma
Raw #1: http://www.mediafire.com/?wgbr3c0vah2kl
Raw #2: http://www.mediafire.com/?fs53rn582os8b

doujin games (primarily non-ero, but there is some in there. Try searching for 'ero'; I used to tag them): http://www.mediafire.com/?k9bj3wtaegsb1
No. 22657
File 132753818931.jpg - (533.82KB , 1500x856 , DSCN0429.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, hey, great, the package the two guys paid for is here. Now I can start scanning. Hm, this box doesn't seem as big as I was expec...

Mother of God.

This includes stuff that already got scanned, though. There's a bit less than that, there's a few pieces of digital media to upload. I'm going to start by splitting them up according to who bought what, pull out the already scanned ones, then do the staple-bound ones first.
No. 22658
I can see the Reverse Noise one in there for a start, can't wait to see what else! Make sure you tell us which ones are yours when you upload them.
No. 22662
Is that all of it? It doesn't look like terribly much.
No. 22664

That's about $1,000 worth of doujinshi, there are roughly 75-80 titles there, and a good portion of them are thick. Really thick.
No. 22680

Really thick, eh?

That's the way I like 'em, bro.
No. 22693
File 132763202680.jpg - (400.83KB , 1000x750 , DSCN0430 - Copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, these are what I'm going to start with for scanning, since they are all staple bound. Turns out the bottom left one is already scanned, though.
No. 22713
Has all of that been posted on this board at some point, or should I go through them and cross-compare with my own collection to make sure I didn't miss anythin?
No. 22715
Everything in there should have been posted on here or on /t-h/ (I started uploading before /t-h/ shot itself).

I got everything out of my shares and also Kyon's old share. Here's a list of everything:

There are some dead links in the first translated doujin thread that also weren't in my share (probably got reported). Here's a list of what I found that isn't in my share:

[Unknown-Yuri] Reimu X Remi
Bloom Human #3 only
[Mirabilien Fabrik] kuishin!!!
[Pixel Cot]Humbly made Steamed Yeast Bun
Touhou Ukiyo-e Volume Alice Margatroid
[RiceCandy] Marisabire
[Rice Candy] Mokoton
[04U] Toshima Tachi no Kyouen (the first one)
[Ito Life] Touhou Usa Usa
[Homuraya] Patchun! Milk
[231179=ROCK] Fantasy 2
[Circle Nurumaya] Kanako-sama Yume Mousou
[Reverse Noise] Twlight Syndrome
[Memoria] A Devil's Desire
[Mushashi-dou] Eirin love etc
Noubaiekijyu - Maid in Witch
[Yudokuya] The King of Gensoukyo Sanae Rape
[Web Knight sonna hi no koto.] uppun harasu hon
[CHIRIAKUTA] Touhou Shoujo Saiin ~Mahou Shoujohen~: Marisa - http://depositfiles.com/files/teo0xn52a
[Narumiya + Hannama] Water Cherry Closet - http://depositfiles.com/files/fji1u4j6x
No. 22727
Aww, that was nice. I almost didn't read it, based on the description, but I'm glad I did.
No. 22753
This is as hot as I'd thought it'd be... Yuka basically being in control the entire time and enjoying it makes it great.
No. 22764
Looks fine to me. It's a little small, but I always resize fuckhuge raws I download anyway.

If you manage to scan all those in under six months, I'll be surprised.
No. 22765
Looks good to me. Could be a little bigger, but this works too, and you don't want it TO big.
No. 22766

Well, he mentioned that he also bought doujin in the package, and that said doujins had been already uploaded. I'm not sure how many of the doujins he has that aren't actually uploaded yet.

Anyways, back on topic as to what >>22758 was asking, the first scan came out good, even if it was a bit small.
No. 22767
I thought they were pretty reasonably sized. Making them bigger makes the file size explode, though. The uncropped/scanned raws were about 950mb.
No. 22769
Oh. Well, they're sized just fine, then.
No. 22773

In that case, you're fine as far as things go on scanning and uploading.

Also, how many doujins in that package are actually uploaded by other sources?
No. 22775

Less than ten. I've got 6 or 7 so far in my count. There was a little slip up with the package, and I actually didn't get all of them in the first go. But my deputy is a fucking cool guy and sent the rest for the cost it would've added to the original package, rather than the cost to send them alone. In other words, he took a 2,000 yen hit because he is awesome.

Anyway, it really doesn't take long to crop/resize a page. I can do about a page a minute. The bulk of the time comes from scanning and, when I hit the glue-bound ones, unbinding them. Unbinding the staples takes all of two minutes. I'll be working on scanning another one tonight, and I'm going to move the above into the proper thread.
No. 22796

Got the rest of these, one is staple-bound so I'm adding it to the current set I am scanning. And one is string-bound, which is interesting!
No. 22799
That is weird, which book was it?

Well that was unexpected. No blood, no spider legs, nothing weird, just vanilla happy sex. Lovely.
No. 22801
Forgot to mention, this is ero voice, not doujinshi or CG.
No. 22802
File 132814558743.jpg - (309.32KB , 1152x768 , IMG043.jpg ) [iqdb]

This 130ish page monster.
No. 22804
Aha well that's kinda neat. And apparently you've got Pragmatic Phantasm as well, awesome.
No. 22805

Pragmatic Phantasm is 200 pages. I'm going to do all the short ones first so I can make sure my unbinding technique is good before I tackle the fucking enormous ones.
No. 22806
I know I have a copy, and sure don't envy you for having to do that one when most of it is from other books anyway.
No. 22836
Such a boring tentacle book. It felt like everything was a series of stills to me. No real LIFE to the tentacles. Really kinda killed the mood since we don't even get the gratuitous blasts of jizz.
No. 22837
I never thought I would be the one to say this but looking at >>22831, I honestly felt like the art was too good for porn. You guys ever get that feeling?
No. 22838
Oh yea plenty of times. A buncha of the artists you wonder "Why are you wasting your talent doing this?" I mean especially when they decide to do more plot heavy porns and you wonder "What if you just did a clean one. Shit would be fucking awesome." But they just keep doing porn. Kinda disheartening. I'll give that one a look and see if that artist is one of em
No. 22840

Rapid Rabbit.

But I hope he never stops doing porn.


If they are happy with what they produce, why does it matter? I've had friends tell me that I could do 'real' work beyond the realm of writing touhou porn, but I'm really satisfied with what I do. I'd presume that if they are producing what they do, and continue to do so, that they are satisfied.
No. 22841
File 132831619728.jpg - (320.51KB , 658x1000 , eiki_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]
yoshida aka rodeo is one of the best.
No. 22842
Care to elaborate? I think it's one of the better ones.
No. 22843
Its just felt... Off I dunno sorta disjointed or something. I really can't explain it. Like more could have been done but it just felt lacking.

Usually Tentacles WORK for me but I wish I could put my thumb on it.

You know how you sometimes just see something and it doesn't work for you. I mean maybe another look and it'll work but it just felt like it was dragging...
No. 22844
Oh I know but I just wonder "What if..." ya know?
No. 22848
File 132832629149.jpg - (1.04MB , 1234x1753 , 24583802.jpg ) [iqdb]
This image has C82 in the title on Pixiv.
No. 22849
File 132832631930.jpg - (1.42MB , 1296x1812 , 24649746.jpg ) [iqdb]
And it looks like Kirise Mitsuru is gearing up for another doujin release.
No. 22850
Translation for extend party 3 is done.


Proofreaders would be welcomed. I looked over everything myself and didn't see anything other than untranslated "ahn"s. I'll post the archive in the translated thread sometime tomorrow if there aren't any issues.

For those that haven't already read the spoiled ending, this is NOT a happy ending.
No. 22851
I thought that despite everything it'd turn out ambiguous or something...but no, that was pretty damn bad.
No. 22852
That one seems interesting, but the H scenes are kinda out of place. For me, it looks like they're having a nice romantic moment -H SCENE- and another romantic moment.
Drawing is good, the plot seems interesting so far, but the way the doujin is written, it looks like they were trying to make a romantic doujins, then decided otherwise, and hurrily placed some random H scenes here and here.
No. 22860
It might be due to the usual trend of doujins, that there's not many romantic love scenes in them.
No. 22864
>I'd presume that if they are producing what they do, and continue to do so, that they are satisfied.
Sometimes they do it because they need the money, and are trying desperately to break into a field. I know of one case (TK, of circle Takotsubo-ya fame) where the artist tried for years, and ultimately failed despite two tankoubon of self-published worksafe original material, to break into the mainstream manga industry. He ultimately gave up producing his own original creative work and went, bitterly, to producing nothing but fanwork ero doujinshi, because it's what he has to do to get the bills paid.

Gives you a little perspective on the "sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you're just not lucky enough to make it in this business" tone of his K-On! doujinshi, doesn't it?
No. 22865

I'd be bitter too if I had to produce K-On! fanworks to make a living.
No. 22873
I'd imagine his stuff isn't that bad but it's likely doesn't fit neatly in the tropes japan loves so much. I mean just look at how well Kubo and Kishimoto (Shounen jump hacks) do.
No. 22877
I was under the impression that making money off doujinshi simply is not feasible. Unless you can reliably sell off your entire print run you're liable to lose money rather than make it. Is this not the case?
No. 22885
What's the source on that Nue one? I do like me some Nue

Looking back at it I think it was the Dialogue that killed it and really you don't get much of the resistance you usually get in other tentacle works.

The Sakuya half I feel really dropped the ball with its gimmick that would have been good... IF IT WASN'T A TENTACLE STORY.

Also Really I think you a Tentacle Story REALLY gets hurt if you have the monster NOT shut up (and it constantly explaining EVERYTHING it does)
Which I guess worked with the Satori one because it was Satori but this one just it was just UNNEEDED here.
No. 22890
File 132849827765.png - (62.87KB , 993x388 , easy.png ) [iqdb]
Lemme teach you something neat: Reverse file searching.

http://www.hongfire.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-343491.html (AJ111086's post)
No. 22891
Honestly I figured the artist was painting themselves into a corner and really took an out of left field solution.

I could have easily seen a resolution of EVERYONE RAPED FOREVER or Meiling busts in saves the day and you get the ending of them having to adjust to having all those kids running around but then....

Then you the ending he chose. Which really Really is just ... WTF MAN. Just WTF.

I mean the premise for this series was kinda out there but I could see where he was coming from. "Need a scenario for mass gangrape/mindbreak for the SDM for this story" and to be honest, he had halfway decent one. Execution was kinda hit or miss but he had put a good deal of effort into it and made something fappable (Of course he kinda had some random things he threw in later which felt like 'Fuck it this might sell a few more copies' such as the animal ears and stuff). But then we get the ending of Three..... Oh god...

It was spoiled in the previous discussion thread so just find it there and really it was just a LOL WUT? ending. Just leaving you going. "Wait... did I read that right?" Then you reread it and just shiver.

(If this kinda is incoherent I apologize)

P.S. Still kinda miffed that in 2 the two possible awesome battles just exist to cocktease without any real resolution other than just LOL Aphrodisiac.
No. 22900
Given that the ending is pretty much exactly what Yukari was planning on doing in the first, I'm pretty sure takakuya had the ending planned from the start. Keep in mind this is the same guy who did Silence of the Rabbits and womb damaging sex in TED 10 (IIRC), plus whatever is happening in the untranslated ones.

Nonetheless, the ending is bullshit and ruined a series I loved. It certainly wasn't the only way to end it. What I would've considered to be the perfect ending would be:
Eirin and Yukari beat each other up and both get raped.
Meiling takes control of the area, either by beating up rapists or raping them and coming out on top.
Timeskip some months. Yukari and Eirin are pregnant. None of the other girls are, with various explanations: Fairies are nature spirits and can't give birth, Patchy is too frail, the sisters are dead, Sakuya has some lolhax.
The importance of the last bit is that it means their plan was for absolutely nothing; they tried to impregnate a group of people that simply could not get impregnated and got raped instead.
The male rapists integrate into the SDM as butlers
The SDM turns into a den of casual sex.

There's a ton of things wrong with the ending. The biggest is that the girls are seen caring for the children and being loving mothers... but not objecting to Meiling taking them. Even Sakuya's children don't seem to care one bit.
No. 22902
Ya know... I'd be damn fine with that ending. You can even have it move to a #4 with MORE SEX. With them popping the smoke in a room for a special event or something. (Also for some reason I see the Butlers all dressed like Chippendales dancers...)

Hell Even if it turned out that Sakuya's got a kid it'd not be horrid end... Since well you could have spun it as the next generation of Perfect Maid. Which in part could be used in part as a "HA HA Thanks for the help" angle from Remilia mocking Yukari and Eirin.

Also This was the first of the stuff from this guy so I didn't know about the others...

But yea The ending is just utter WTF
No. 22918
File 13285452717.jpg - (254.61KB , 626x1000 , renko_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks, Aya Shachou. Now just give us Maribel. Pregnant Maribel is fine too.
No. 22921
Best mindbreak ever. I wish the other books in the series were scanned.
No. 22931
File 132860961084.jpg - (128.99KB , 596x372 , 1282998826201.jpg ) [iqdb]
You make me jealous a little. That aside, it amuses me that the more dressed side is the lewder one.
No. 22953


If you're interested. Sengendou's prices are pretty reasonable, and they have a preorder discount. Needs a deputy, though, and I can recommend one.
No. 22966

Haha, wow, this is the stiffest translation I've read in years.
No. 22984
File 132892640179.jpg - (1.05MB , 1071x1521 , 008.jpg ) [iqdb]
Some of the printing these guys use is just weird.
No. 22986
Man I had to check my monitor settings for a minute. That's REALLY bleached out.
No. 22989

That's the actual book, too. I fucked with scan settings trying to see if I could make it any better. I've never actually noticed these things until I started scanning them. Out of curiosity I went and looked at some of my own collection last night and there are quite a few that are just, uh, 'not the best printing'.
No. 22992
Those middle two panels. What am I even looking at?
No. 22996
Poorly-drawn sucker tentacles.
No. 22997
That's what I was worried about. I figured that if it was a bad scan you would have fucked around with the settings but I think its in part a cost issue for the writer.

The ink is expensive and the texture pattern they used for the shadows conveys that "Yes its a shadow" without the cost of more ink for a through shadow job (or the artist didn't fully shade it. You kinda see it a lot on Japanese Oekaki boards or so I noticed)

Grab Tits. PULL tits. They even have nice arrows to help guide you!
No. 22998

Bad print quality aside, the actual art for the whole thing is decent. I've got that and another I am going to try and finish cropping/resizing tomorrow. I would've had it done already but been busy.
No. 22999
Oh I know. Its just a trick they use to save money. Seen plenty of good art using those tricks. Can't wait to see em! Just don't go crazy or anything
No. 23006
I recognize that, and can't wait for it to be released!

The right side her clothes look unusually grainy. If that's what they look like in the book though I don't have any real criticisms of the scan. I assume you already know about the noise on the right edge.
No. 23010

For the price per page of this (35 yen/pg), you'd think they could've afforded a better print job.
No. 23020
Any Idea if its a new guy getting into the biz or an established artist?

If it was a new guy I could see him going extra cheap because if it bombed he'd be have wasted a huge amount of money but if its a more known guy (or a middle of the road guy) its rather questionable.
No. 23021

Wouldn't really call that new.
No. 23033
The Parsee doujin I posted is getting translated already. Hooray!
No. 23038
File 132917909534.jpg - (1.57MB , 5250x950 , doujinstack.jpg ) [iqdb]
I finally grabbed a picture of the entire stack of doujinshi. The last nine on the far right are what were next to be scanned, not counting Hinaprin's new doujin which I will be rescanning. Those might not be next, though, as I've been shopping around with some of the translators because some might take an interest in the list and be up for translating a few.
No. 23039
Two have already been scanned.

[男爵領] ハメられてNKT

No. 23040
I'm fairly sure he mentioned he noticed 7 or 8 doujins were already scanned but that was before he got the rest of the package, so I wouldn't worry on reminding him about these 2 doujins, unless you noticed something else that he didn't count that was scanned already. Although, I think I do see some of the doujins like that guy's various rape doujins on various upload sites even though he constantly sends out takedown notices to some of these sites.

This is sure a impressive collection, especially since some of these are doujins that were apparently never uploaded to the net. But is that doujin on the middle left in set #2 from the circle that did the whimsical Yukari doujins?
No. 23042
All the other ones that have been scanned are already cut from the list. Those two aren't.

Additionally, almost all of the doujins in that image haven't been scanned and uploaded. And yes, that is a compilation of the Whimsical Parasite series in set #2. There's also a bunch of other doujins by Moehina Kagaku (the circle) on the far right.
No. 23045

Yeah, I seem to have derp'd hard here. Sorry about that one. This is still a impressive collection, though.

Anyways, you did miss one doujin in there while searching for them. Specifically, that SAZ doujin in the set, unless he wants to upload a cleaner scan version of >>19933.
No. 23046
Thanks you two. Anything that is already scanned I'm checking with the buyers if they want it rescanned or not.
No. 23048
Panel four, middle doujin I actually had flipped backwards. It is scanned and it is this:

No. 23051
>Koakuma focused stuff
No. 23053
Well I'm glad for all of us that I don't have to do the Takaharu or Kieyza ones. Nice collection there too!
No. 23068
After talking to two translators, I'll be scanning the following next in no particular order (from the image above):

Panel 1, bottom left, bottom middle.
Panel 2, middle left, bottom right.
Panel 3, top left, top right, mid left.
Panel 6, mid right.
Panel 7, bottom left, mid right, middle.

Plus rescan of Hinaprin's DRAWN GAME!

These are picked based on what the translators want to translate (for free, at that!)
No. 23072
CGRascal does very lazy and rushed translations which read as being rather machine translated, having errors both in translation and in the English he uses. Also he seems to be in such a rush he can't bother to blend the background of the erasures he does so you get these glaring White blocks where he erased the original text
No. 23096
Do you have link to volume 1? I'm digging through the raws link and I'm not finding it anywhere. I kinda am interested to see how this came to be and also more of the guy's work

Admittedly at times in that one you have to pause and double check which Parsee is which but usually you could figure it out by degree of undress.. Also Love the ending, here's to hoping we get another continuation
No. 23100
Not scanned.
No. 23101

As was said, not scanned. I checked various stores in case there's one hanging in stock somewhere, but there isn't. I think I bought a copy ages ago (which I haven't received for reasons I've said in the past), and I'm honestly considering scanning it when I get it. The resources I saw for unbinding said stuff is irreparably destroyed, but it's wrong. The Parsee one I unbound above, I was able to bend the cover back into place and mostly slip the pages in. Drive a staple through the binding and it is serviceable, though not collection-quality. So far the Byakuren one and Drawn Game! are looking to be the same way: The cover can be mostly bent back into position, the pages added back (though not perfectly straight).
No. 23107
File 132950412113.png - (617.27KB , 600x750 , pache_list.png ) [iqdb]
Not sure that I'm asking that question at the right place, but... Is that video finished and uploaded already?
No. 23111

I don't even see it on the dlsite links for their work when I check the blog.
No. 23113
Tired of CGRascal's work? Did he butcher something you like? Open up your wallets and show your disdain:


Check out the first post here. tl;dr Glasnost will re-translate his work for 25-30% cheaper than what he would do for new works.
No. 23117
Anyone else interested in buying doujinshi to be scanned? I'm going to place another fairly big order myself in about a week. Is anyone else interested in placing an order for doujinshi to be scanned? We can combine shipments and save on shipping costs if multiple people order together.

Here's my list of stuff, for reference
No. 23118

Count me in, I'll be adding http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001047481_bunsiti_ninsin.php to the list. I plan on commissioning a translation of the entire book. It's text-heavy with a few images. Also, don't worry about bogging me down. I can knock out like 5-6 books a week.
No. 23120
On that note, how the hell do you sort things on melonbooks by date?
No. 23121
File 132959749697.png - (6.64KB , 789x84 , Untitled.png ) [iqdb]
Change this dropdown.

発行日 is date of issue (i.e. C81 doujinshi before C80)
最終入荷日 is when it got restocked

:逆順 will reverse the order, putting oldest first.
No. 23122
Sorry, I meant toranora.
No. 23123
It should sort by date by default. If there's a way to change the settings I don't know how.
No. 23124
It doesn't.
Damn. Thanks anyway.
No. 23126
Toranoana sorts by newest releases first automatically. If you want touhou adult goods from toranoana, you need to:

Click 詳細検索 next to the search bar.
Find ジャンル, and enter 東方 beside it.
Find ・18禁のみ, select the radio button.

Look down a bit further, you will see a yellow highlighted section with two buttons. The far right is clear page, the one to the left is search. Now you will get nothing but in stock 18+ touhou goods of all varieties sorted by newest release.
No. 23127
On a side note:

http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/01/26/040030012665.html <- This is by the guy who did the big-breasted Tenshi with the bonus of the doujin being entirely in color.

http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/01/71/040030017150.html is by Desuno!! who made Touhou Boss Rush!!. Unfortunately, it doesn't follow the tradition of Touhou Boss Rush!! and instead goes with Meiling and Sakuya (Note that she has blue hair for some reason).

I don't think there was interest in the second link last time I announced that Desuno!! was making a new Touhou doujin complete with Pivix links.
No. 23155
any info on what this is about?
No. 23157

I have no idea what that one is about, but looking at this link:


It seems to be an collaboration doujin featuring multiple artists, basically, such as eromame. Thus that sample you linked is part of said doujin.
No. 23160
And before you ask, yes, I had intended to post once. However, I ran into an error that made me think it didn't actually go through with the post. The error had to do with the link I was trying to put up, it seems. And deleteme as password wasn't working.

Anyways, like I said, this doujin apparently features multiple artists (I counted 43 of them there.) such as Reverse Noise, eromame, etc. All of them are listed in the link above.
No. 23161
Did it say anything about "out of memory"? If so that's unrelated to any links you were posting.
No. 23164
Did usotsukiya made any new doujin since the Sock book with Sanae?
No. 23167
File 132989269475.jpg - (1.22MB , 880x1231 , 23160213_big_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You been under a rock or something? He's made many! Off the top of my head:
- Socks Book 4-7
- Piss Book Extra
- Some non-H artbook
- Some other artbook without Touhous

Also some unreleased compilation with all the Socks Books and his contributions to Socks Book Extra.

ExHentai would be an ideal place to start searching, a couple are also in the older H doujin threads.
No. 23193
File 133000199923.gif - (386.08KB , 800x800 , Mokou will suck your dick.gif ) [iqdb]
Okay, it solved by a draw, so here's Mokou sucking your dick.
No. 23195
??? (Don't click it's a "screamer" picture)
No. 23200
File 133001255259.jpg - (1.14MB , 2000x2296 , 25289642.jpg ) [iqdb]
I clicked it. You want to tell me what to do? No dice, nigga. Come on, one on one.
No. 23201
Maybe later, your picture tickled me in a good place, now I want to do other things.
No. 23204
File 133002966547.jpg - (727.04KB , 800x1130 , 25313549.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm here.
No. 23209

Haha, what the hell. It's an 830 page vomit book.
No. 23210

At first, I thought before clicking on the link:

"No, he's definitely mistak-"

After that, "Oh." Doesn't help that you mentioned it was a doujin that is 830 pages long AND MOST OF THEM INCLUDE VOMITING.

Oh, Japan, how we have a wonderful love and hate relationship with you. Seems strange that they would go with 830 pages instead of a smaller amount of pages unless they felt like drawing every Touhou character that they could include into the book.
No. 23222
1, I like the idea that only a Male Yuuka would be strong enough to dominate Yuuka.
2, Did Alice make those for masturbation purposes or was that just Yuuka using them?
No. 23229
>Yuuka gets a lifesize male doll from Alice and splits her soul in two to animate it. She fights it, then fucks it. The next day, she steals two more dolls. Fighting scene, selfcest, vanilla.
What does that mean?
No. 23230
In this case, vanilla means normal, which means that the genre places this doujin into normal sex (meaning it doesn't involve rape or anything else beyond normal sex), despite the self-incest going on here.
No. 23251
This is a really fucking long shot, but is anyone here going to Kageki no Utage in March? It's a Yuuka-focused convention in Japan. http://blog.livedoor.jp/kagekinoutage/
No. 23253
File 133024697645.jpg - (189.15KB , 400x400 , 1326254810596 (1).jpg ) [iqdb]
Sadly the best I can hope for is my proxy will end up going (unlikely) or at least that some of it turns up on Melonbooks and similar places (doubt it).


Apparently happening on March 11. Circle listing:

No. 23258

The doujins will likely turn up on melonbooks/toranoana. I've asked a few other places (SA's travel board, adtrw, friends) looking for someone to pick up Suzuneco's other Yuuka dakimakura variant, but no luck.

The only deputy service I know of that will go to events requires you to pay for them to go to the events, and it's stupid expensive. My deputy lives in Hokkaido, so he can't get to any of the events.
No. 23259
File 133027705055.jpg - (1.12MB , 1070x1450 , 1322078242849.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who, and how much? Mostly out of curiosity mind you.
No. 23260

I actually don't have it any more. I found it on a banner ad on SA, and it appears to be gone. I didn't save the link. Sorry! If you find someone going to the event let me know.
No. 23272
File 133040467143.jpg - (181.38KB , 672x960 , 019.jpg ) [iqdb]
best moral for a doujin ever.
also, gap sex is always interesting.
No. 23273
I wouldn't mind having that Yukari for a wife.
No. 23276
I was a little surprised by how schemey and pushy she was, I was expecting her to be more of a casual "nuisance" like in say >>17886

But I definitely like it.
No. 23279
To the uninformed, this is the end of that heart breaking Komachi brothel plot from other works by this circle. Yes, it's a happy ending to a rape and mind break story. You have no idea how immensely happy this makes me.

On that note...recommend me a translator. Desudesu has lost my trust.
No. 23280

Glasnost and Hotsoup. The latter is pretty busy with classes, so: http://troikatrans.wordpress.com/

I'd go with Glasnost.
No. 23281
No. 23282
You just sold me something to read thank you. But also what's gone wrong with desudesu? I thought that earlier thing was just a once-off mistake?
No. 23285
Oops I forgot to point to the earlier thing.

No. 23286
Also, I will say this:

I don't know what's going on with UMAD Scans either as the people there seem to have vanished completely and Shoutbox isn't being used because well...

Has anyone got lucky in contacting them?
No. 23288
Their translator, Kinsei actually showed up on 4chan's /jp/ board recently, you might be interested in what he had to say.

No. 23304
Avion Village/Jonylaser's doujins are so varied between depressing and enjoyable.

>>23297 Not even fappable, just sad. Poor Komachi.

On the upside, Glas confirmed that he's doing the happy ending one after his current project.
No. 23305
Discounted as well? CGRascal just did that one as well.
No. 23306
It's actually the sequel to >>2870

What you're thinking of is >>2287. I don't know if it's supposed to be related.
No. 23307
I'm trying to figure the timeline out between the similar series.

I think it could go the big one (one with Youmu, sakuya, Komachi and Aya), the Komachi gang bang one (the Shikieiki one happens around then) and then the happy one.
No. 23309
If the Shikieiki one is canon to the series, it would go between the gangbang one and the happy one. This raises the issue that Komachi is still herself despite the months and months of rape, and Eiki not being mentioned at all seems a little strange to me. Maybe the afterword will explain things?

Honestly, I was hoping for something more like the guy's love for her breaking through the mind break and restoring her sanity, but beggars can't be choosers.
No. 23310
I'm under the impression that Komachi seems to go with the flow, perhaps explaining her rather depressed state in most.

THough what I don't get is how she could be considered "lower quality goods" as while she may not be as popular as Sakuya or Youmu, I doubt she'd be remotely ugly (her name basically means prettiest girl in town)
No. 23311
File 133065261966.jpg - (711.00KB , 1129x1600 , 006.jpg ) [iqdb]
She sure wasn't "going with the flow" in the Eiki doujin.

She's pretty, but she's so bad at sexual acts and puts so little effort into it that it doesn't matter. She really, really doesn't want to be there, you know.
No. 23312
I forgot about that, but that's a sort of abnormality in the timeline as Komachi never seemed to show that mindbrokenness anywhere other than the end of the one starring her and even then, it was more implied.
No. 23313
Got to wonder if that was in part because the writer didn't originally intend to make this a series?

Might explain some things I guess. Still a bit weird.
No. 23321
I think the Shikieiki entry might be the "non-canon" one as its events aren't mentioned in other entries.

Though there's the obvious question of how Rinnosuke became a brothel owner powerful enough to basically bend Komachi and Shikieiki to his will (which is saying a lot as even Yukari has to pay Shikieiki some respect.)
No. 23322
This whole brothel plot is all in Rinnosuke's dreams.
No. 23368

Forgot to mention it, but this is being translated too, I believe.
No. 23378
Goodness that's quite a lot of translated happening, and those are some nice things too!
No. 23379

Yeah, basically, the guys who bought this initial order, they've gone to Glasnost and are commissioning him to translate it. So you know we'll get a good translation. Hotsoup is doing a few too, and he's fantastic.
No. 23380
Who is Hotsoup? Or rather do they have a site/RSS I can add?
No. 23381

Hotsoup is Sharpie Translations. His blog is here:


For the sake of completeness, Glasnost is Troika translations and his blog is here:

No. 23383
Oh right Sharpie, yeah I have him in there already as well as glasnost. Thanks.
No. 23387
Remilia with a tail? That's new
No. 23403
This on autosage now?
No. 23424

new thread.