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As nightfall finished covering the lands under a veil of ebony, some denizens were only now beginning to awaken; as was the case of the residents of the mansion nested by the misty lake. Amidst the most spacious of all rooms, the library, the keeper was still sound asleep. Her head resting, fallen, over the pages of an open book while the dying remains of magical candle were still lighting her in a dim clarity; a last but futile attempt to assist her staying awake to finish the readings she had wished to complete. Alas, the lack of sleep took its toll and so did the candle as it stopped hovering and slowly lowered itself upon the table. Its flame withered and vanished shortly after.

Elsewhere in the library, someone else was very much so awake, far before the other denizens, that is. Kind, resourceful and obedient, she had started her work as the librarian’s assistant early in an effort to please. She was cheerfully flying at a leisurely pace between the towering bookcases, replacing books where they belonged while humming a soft tune.

In a remote corner, however, something unfortunate occurred. The book she was supposed to put away seemed to already be in place. There was no mistaking that the one she held was indeed the original, so what was this one doing there? The copy appeared to be very well done so she pulled it out to investigate further. As she opened it, however, the book came to life, sporting a frame of teeth as it attempted to attack her. The little devil quickly put down the cursed book with her magic, but not taking a small cut on her left arm. Only a few drops of blood fell; this kind of scratch was nothing to the healing power of Nightdwellers, of course. The mystery solved, Koakuma inserted the original back where it belonged, unaware of the intricate circle that, too, sprung to life as her blood hit the floor.

-“Hey, it’s been a long while.~” A voice softly whispered from behind her.

Koakuma wanted to turn to face the mysterious voice, but before she could do so, she froze in place, her back tensing slightly as a firm but gentle pressure cupped her breasts.

-“My,my, what have they done to you , what have they ~”

The unknown voice’s head leaned forward, her arms wrapping around the little devil’s chest and embracing her tightly before moving up, against her breasts. The female voice’s breath was hot, steamy even, as she blew against the back of Koakuma’s neck. Her own chest was pressed against the young succubus’s back enticingly.

-“Tsk, what am I going to do with you now…” the voice continued in a saddened tone.

As she said so, the stranger’s hands turned and reached up, pressing gently the sides of Koakuma’s chest together before massaging them with her fingers.

-“W-Who-” she began
--“Shhhhh~” the other woman’s left hand raised and her index gently tapped the young succubus’ lips. “I’m sad, really…” she said in a tone fit for her words, but continues maliciously. “I should punish you for that”

Blowing her hot, rose-scented breath in her captive’s neck once more, she turned her around. The woman facing Koakuma was of similar height and appearance. Her hair was a just as long ponytail of a vivid but not overly bright pink, hinting on magenta and her eyes were of a deep emerald, bordered with rune-like blood red tattoos. Her garbs were simple, a black and red skit and a tight with blouse with only two buttons done, neither of which could entirely contain her curves. The portrait was completely by a pair of horns as black as the night framing her head.

Koakuma opened her mouth to speak, but was immediately silenced by the other creature’s kiss. The kiss was also vivid and her tongue was played with, swirled around and tugged at. No matter how much she wanted to break free, she could not help but feel at ease. This was even more so accentuated as she felt something warm pass into her. It was pleasant and soothing, but she could not really say what it was.

-“Daaamn, they really did a number on you. I swear you look so starved and shy. This isn’t gonna do.” The woman’s eyelids lowered ever so slightly with half-concealed irritation.

-“Lady Aszathlos?” the little devil hazarded.

-“Yup, damn right.”

Finally, it all fell back into place. She had been here for so long she had forgotten so much about the Demon Realm from where Succubi are from. In fact, now that she thought about it, ever since being summoned here in the Scarlet mansion, she had lost many of her memories had skills, making her feel like a bit of a klutz. As she thought about it, things were a bit odd and it caused her to frown slightly.

-“Looks like you’re starting to understand huh.” Aszathlos noticed with malice.

Lady Kristina Aszathlos, queen of the succubi and one of the rulers of the Netherworld, a place similar to Makai and the Underworld, but in another dimension of its own, such was the one standing before her. She also happened to be one of her mentors back there. So many memories were finally flowing back to her after being apparently sealed by the ritual of her summoning.

-“Not quite fast enough though.” Kristina commented with melodramatic disappointment, shaking her head.

Still too dazed and overwhelmed to come up with an immediate reply, it was rather the succubus queen who continued, her fingers sliding up the young succubus’ thighs and circling around her slit softly. She looked at her with an expression mixed between lust, authority and malice. With a small push of the fingers, the laced black panties were pushed asides, save for a small glance of the queen.

-“I see you still have good taste” she commented before inserting with an unprecedented roughness two fingers.

Koakuma gasped and tensed, so much was happening at once, but that wasn’t a reason to let herself be toyed with like that. Past Her wouldn’t let herself be toyed with like that. She steeled herself and relaxed her thighs, bearing Kristina’s dominative gaze.

-“That’s more like it, that’s the girl I know.” She started swaying alternatively her index and major finger inside at a great speed, causing her younger brethren’s vagina to be assaulted by the vibration. “You know, this shouldn’t have happened…” she stated as she leaned forward, pressing her breasts against Koakuma’s chest. “It’s against the rules.”

-“Y-You mean.. my summoni--hnnaah~” a small moan cut her voice and made her legs tremble.

-“Correct, succubi, especially those under training, aren’t supposed to be able to be summoned so casually… and for such mundane tasks…” the queen uttered with disgust.

-“I apologi-AAh!” Kristina’s fingers stopped waving and started rotating rapidly back and forth as she squished their chests together more forcefully.

-“Now now, this isn’t your fault just yet… BUT, there IS a catch.”

Kristina’s two fingers withdrew before being replaced by all five of her left hand’s fingers, which started slightly opening outwards then closing again in rapid succession.

-“Here is my command” Kristina announced in a powerful but quiet voice allowing no room for mercy or compromise. “They will pay for their arrogance and -you- will make them all fall into depravity, starting by the one that brought you here and sealed your memories… but before that… you’re still too weak, thanks to them starving you from dicks. There is a male guest of the mansion mistress in room 312 not too far from there. I’m sure just thinking about it makes you hungry so now go and come back to me once you’ve regained some of your energy. I will be waiting here.”

After a final thrust of her fingers, Aszathlos removed them from Koakuma’s insides and licked them clean. Shivering slightly, Koakuma gathered up her memories and feelings. All of this so suddenly was a lot and she wasn’t able to react much at all, but she was all too ready to take her place back and do once more what she had always loved to. Excitement washed over her and heat took over her vagina as she imagined the guest and his delicious member, licking her lips.


[ ] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.
[ ] Ask Kristina some questions (Input)
[ ] That bitch wizard will pay, now.
[ ] Thinking it twice, turning against Patchouli and the others seems like a bad idea.

I probably shouldn't be doing this but I was requested to. Everyone should know by now I'm not a very reliable writer so bear in mind that I update slow.

In case it wasn't obvious, the premise of this story is Koakuma going around corruption everyone and making them fall to their lustfull instincts.

Inb4 people hate me for my OC
[X] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.

Heading full blown into corruption, no looking back.
[x] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.

[x] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.
[x] That bitch wizard will pay, now.

She'll 'pay' alright.
[x] Thinking it twice, turning against Patchouli and the others seems like a bad idea.

Pffft. Koa's stronger than that.
[x] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.

I'm all for playing a more villainous character than usual. I don't mind being the nice guy in the other stories here, but a change of pace is refreshing.
[ ] Thinking it twice, turning against Patchouli would be a bad idea... meh on the others but you like the witch for some strange reason
[x] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.
[x] After the fun, realize that turning against Patchouli and the others seems like a bad idea. Need to gather a LOT more power, or be VERY subtle.
[X] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.

I personally wouldn't so easily turn on Patchouli and the others - simply going in and raep raep is not the way of slow seduction and corruption. Luring people in of their own will is far more satisfying in the long run, though of course some cases where RAEPRAEP and breaking them in is appropriate (loving black/white witches, for example)
Pretty average, gets really flowery and purple in some parts of the story. Too much tilde use, you can express emotion and speaking mannerisms with actual words. Whats with the hyphen at the start of each segment of speech? It's a bit ugly and does nothing for the formatting. Lots of little errors here and there that would benefit from simply asking a friend to proof read; missing spaces, missing punctuation, etc.
[x] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.

[X] Thinking it twice, turning against Patchouli and the others seems like a bad idea.

Mistress Patchouli could use a new pet.

And to think we could be the boss of a Succubus Queen. Such delicious power.
[x] Head to Room 312 and have a taste of the guest.

If we're going to work this plan we need more firepower. A recharge will help.

Also for this Koakuma do we have a tail or not? Since a Koakuma with a devil's tail is probably 33% more hot than without.
[X] Thinking it twice, turning against Patchouli and the others seems like a bad idea.
Calling it, this is going to be interesting, but I can't guarantee those projects will end well.

And yes succubi all have a devil tail in this,
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At first, Koakuma felt a little of heated resentment against her summoner, but it didn’t last long. The thought was replaced by more happy memories of her current “life”. For all this time, while it wasn’t entirely “her”, “she” had been content. As such, she wasn’t all that hot about complying with this plan.

But then again, it’s not like a bit of fun was anything -bad- for anyone and after all this was a basic instinct of all succubi. The wild idea of forcing lady Aszathlos herself into submission sowed itself in the little devil’s mind, but this was, too, replaced by newly rediscovered memories of how terrifyingly dangerous she really was. If that was to ever work, she needed more power of her own.

Without realizing that her spaded tail had been waving slightly throughout her reflexions she concluded that whatever she wanted to do, she would easily settle for some dick first. Barely escaping a sneaky index that was about to slither down her black velvety tail, she left the area.

While tempted to take a look at the wizard, Koakuma rather took a detour that made her avoid the center of the library. Patchouli was a powerful magician and she would easily be able to recognize her presence from a distance. The last thing she wanted right now was to be assigned more boring mundane tasks. Fortunately, since she started working early today, it would take a certain time before the wizard would realize she was gone, if ever.

Exiting the library, Koakuma quickly made her way past a few fairy maids who were slacking off and all rushed into hiding to avoid getting scolded. Taking the staircase up to the third floor, the guest’s room was only a couple doors away. As she approached the door marked 312, she stopped for a moment. Even from the outside, she could smell it, the meaty scent of the guest’s manhood. Taking a few sniffs at the long-craved scent, the starved succubus had to take a step back, becoming dizzy and her thighs heating up once more. She could barely restrain herself.

In a last effort of caution, the little devil used her own powers so see if anyone was in the vicinity, but fortunately there was no one else, save the two of them. There shouldn’t be any interruptions. Opening the door and closing it behind her without a sound, she silently moved up to the bed, observing the man. He was young, but generic. From a glance at the pile of discarded clothing set asides next to the bed, it looked like someone from the human village. That was a relief, guests wearing odd, out of places clothing tended to be more closely watched over. In a passing thought, she wanted to taste those “outsiders” as well.

Settling down on the bed, Koakuma spread herself, knees resting on both sides of the man, lifting upwards the bottom of her short dress. Her forearms brushed the almost absent sheets as they settled on both sides of his chest. From here, the scent had became unbearable; she had to make herself violence to resist simply raping the man here and now.

The man’s sleep had been very agitated and as result, the sheet was barely covering him anymore. Only a few movements were sufficient to get the rest off him, exposing in plain sight his naked body. Leaning a bit closer, she exhaled a bit of cherry-scented air at him. This was one of the powers she had learned from Kristina which involved inducing a dream-like state that would cause the human to wake up believing he is dreaming and comply without hesitation before falling asleep again.

The starved succubus’ last bits of restraints vanished with this charm in place and she lowered herself upon the young man. As her slit touched his penis through her underwear, a shiver ran through her spine, how she longed for this feeling. She lowered herself a bit more, pressing her slit against the slowly hardening shaft. This warmth, this scent, it was driving her crazy after all this time, she was tempted to move to take its delicious taste into her mouth, but she didn’t want to stop it from touching her thighs.

Quickly beginning to move her hips, Koakuma ran her slit up and down over the now hard member, rubbing though her increasingly wet black panties with enough firmness for her lower lips to part slightly. She moved rapidly, a shiver going down her spine once more in pleasure and excitation. Ah yes how she longed for this.

The young man’s eyes slowly opened only to be met with the hazy sight of the little devil’s beautiful face, her long red hair falling to the side and her wings entirely unfolded towering over him. As she noticed his wake, she lowered her mouth and kissed him on the lips, causing the young villager’s eyes to jolt open before lowering back again. Between the pleasing warmth over his crotch, the pretty sight over his face and the dizziness of his mind, he didn’t even consider resisting; what -was- there to resist?

As her kiss continued, Koakuma pressed her ample breasts against his chest softly, more resting them than anything else as her lips were still rubbing over the man’s shaft eagerly and lovingly. With a swift move, she slipped her laced garb away and rubbed some more with her bare slit. Pleasure jolted electrifyingly throughout her body at the touch of the flesh. And she pressed more roughly, taking a bit more of the top of his shaft into her.

Bringing her left hand down while sliding her fingers softly on the man’s sides, she raised her hips then snatched the hard dick and raised it upwards before slowly lowering herself onto it, savoring the feeling for the first time in an eternity. She stayed as this for a moment then began licking the young man’s neck and lips. She swayed her hips right and left slightly as she did so, relishing in the fullness of his cock being embedded into her all the way to the base.

Finally, she began moving in a more conventional way, rising and lowering her hips onto the lovely meat as she kept her chest pressed against the young man. Her tail which was waving in pleasure a moment ago slithered down and wrapped over his left leg relatively tightly.

Moving slowly at first, she quickly sped up her pace. She wanted to enjoy it, but the feeling of the hard shaft hammering into her with her movements was simply too much, she -needed- more. It was her lifeblood and she wondered how she even managed to go without touching one for so long and not go utterly insane. Licking her lips with satisfaction as she grinded, she sped up her pace more. She would have all the time in the world to slowly enjoy more cocks in the near future; now she wanted it rough and strong.

Her tight and heated walls were squeezing tightly around the man’s shaft, only able to move due the large amount of juices drenching them with her ever quickening movements, small noises were beginning to be audible in the darkness of the isolated room as the penis slid in and out, juices covering it and sprinkling onto the young man’s waist. He started trembling from the otherworldly tightness and heat of the succubus’s insides, his mouth opening slightly to utter “ah, too good.”

Hearing this, Koakuma did nothing but speed up even more and bring her lips back to silence his’. Excitation was increasingly washing over her with no sign of stopping. This was just the best feeling in the world, why did she even consider not sharing it with the others? On this thought, the little devil’s mind wandered onto hearing the cute submitting moans of the other residents as they give in to their desires.

Before she could notice, the man tensed and his sperm gushed into her without warning, causing Koakuma to let out a small yelp and moan in pleasure as the warm liquid poured inside her. Yes, that was definitely the best. She could feel her energy returning, as if waking up from an entire day of refreshing sleep after months and months of restless exhausting work.

And this was only the beginning. As the man finished shooting into her, she stayed motionless for a few seconds, relishing the feeling, her slit tackling the very base of the shaft, her chests poking again his and her tail tightening even more around his leg. After relaxing a bit, she rose then twisted her hips a few time before turning around with the penis still inside her as she turned. She then seated herself comfortably,

Moving once more, she nearly instantly picked up her speed again, stealing a moan from the man whose penis was already sensitive from ejaculating. She put a hand on the bed as support as she rammed her hips away and used the other to lift the back of her dress, exposing her smooth butt and the back of her laced black panties for the man to see. The little devil made a mental note to get a more “convenient” outfit as soon as possible as she took in his shaft over and over.

Even though she just fed, this feeling was something she didn’t feel in so long. She needed more, more and more. The man’s shaft was still quite hard, rocking into her as she moved her hips and she would damn well make sure it stayed this hard, using her newly returning powers if needed be. Oh yes she would milk him as much as possible without getting him so near-dead that everyone would accuse her. At this thought, her strong movements picked up a bit more, now twisting her hips as she lowered them, stimulating the flesh so much, she couldn’t help but let out a small moan of her own at the overwhelming pleasure. Once more she wondered how she could have even -lived- for so long without a good cock into her. Before she knew it white delight was shooting high into her womb, again and again.


Straightening her outfit and pulling back the blanket on the man, Koakuma was ready to go. She had licked all fluids clean and the villager drifted back to sleep, only to later wake up thinking this was just a wonderful dream. Before leaving the room, she made sure that there was still no one in the vicinity.


[ ] Return to the Library
--[ ] Go back to Kristina
------[ ]Be complying
------[ ]Be defiant
--[ ] (Input alternative)
[ ] other (Specify)
This. This is the best idea.
[X] Return to the Library
--[X] Go back to Kristina
------[X] Be compliant

A punishment?

No, we'll be showing Patchouli the joy of giving into her carnal desires. Why, it's generous of us!
I'm torn. If we go back to and be defiant at this point, she'll just break us down. If we be compliant, we'll break ourselves down.
How about this: If we really want to have Aszathlos submit, we'll need some help right? And if we want to break her the way we want, then we need to show that help the pleasure of the flesh right? So we do as she says for now, but start preparing to take her too.
[x] Return to the Library
--[x] Go back to Kristina
------[x] Act compliant but try to keep making her submit to you in mind
Hell, I'll even say how I see this going: First, we go get Patchouli. After some loving, we explain what we plan to do. But to break her, we need special spells to augment sensitivity and such, because no way what we can do normally would really break her. But Patchouli will need to read up some books on that and it's not like she can sneak by Aszathlos.

So we then need Sakuya. Some more loving, then we explain what we need. But even then, Patchouli need time to read those books. So we go at another target or two to buy time. Then once all is ready, we go get Aszathlos.

Of course, that all depends on how good and powerful the lady is and if BlackAmethyst decide to spring a surprise that ruins everything.
File 13246891239.jpg - (90.71KB, 850x648 , sample-562050c135e6e310ec7764d5ed1e0884.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Return to the Library
--[X] Go back to Kristina
------[X] Be compliant

Here's hoping for more dickings in the near future. Pure lesbian action from now on would get boring.
I like this plan
[X] Return to the Library
-[X] Play along while we bide our time

Remember we were a "Trainee". She probably thinks we're dumb and easily controlled. We've probably picked up plenty of tricks and the Library probably got some 'fun' defenses made to deal with the Black-White. We wait and prepare then spring our trap.

From what We've seen of Aszathlos she seems completely confident we're a good little succubus and loyal. Because why would a 'trainee' succubus want to not listen. We can exploit this.

Patchouli's been a good boss to us and we've probably done and seen things a normal succubus couldn't have done and well.

Of course the big question is "Is Aszathlos her True Name?" True Names are a VERY powerful thing, very useful in binding demons, devils and such.

But we might want to keep that as our trump card.
[X] Return to the Library
-[X] Play along while we bide our time

As do I. Hell, we might actually get a decent story out of this yet.
[X] Return to the Library
--[X] Go back to Kristina
------[X] Be compliant
[X] Return to the Library
-[X] Play along while we bide our time
>Of course the big question is "Is Aszathlos her True Name?" True Names are a VERY powerful thing, very useful in binding demons, devils and such.
If she's a quarter as competent and powerful as she tells us she'd hide her truename behind nested proxies.
[X] Return to the Library
-[X] Play along while we bide our time
Oh its a given but its still a remote chance. A gamble. The equivalent of a "Hail Mary" play for us.
Or... OR... Maybe silly christian exorcism rites don't actually work.

True names predate Christianity and are Judaic in origin. It stems from that belief that God's true name was so powerful that uttering it could give the speaker dominion over God's creations. Usage of true names against demons originated some time during or after the Renaissance.
[X] Return to the Library
-[X] Play along while we bide our time


I like your plan.
That's just your opinion of course.

Me, i'd be completely happy with nothing but lesbianism and possibly some futa.

Oh, and my vote is

[x] Return to the Library
-[x] Play along while we bide our time
[X] Return to the Library
-[X] Play along while we bide our time

Succubi Queen as SDM's slave? DO WANT.

On unrelated note, I'd like to see tentacle sunflower raep courtesy of Yuuka.
You shouldn't spite 'word of god', then again you're all so ingrossed in your little plans that you don't bother thinking with your brains.

And that's why sometimes /at/'s stupidity can rival /th/'s
Hey writer, seriously, get someone to check what you write, if nothing else haul ass to #touhouporn on Rizon for some commentary on your next update. You desperately need another pair of eyes to check what you write before you post it.

What on earth are you going on about? It was just someone pointing out the accurate historical origin.
This is positively hilarious.
[x] Return to the Library
--[x] Go back to Kristina
------[x]Be compliant, but advise caution.
Hmm too bad I don,t have any Koa x Kristina pics to update this with, it would be steamy.


On her way back towards the depths of the library, Koakuma took the same detour. Having gotten a good fill, she was much more able to collect her thoughts on this whole situation. It was truly a fine mess and there was no entirely safe way out of it.

On one hand, she was glad to have recovered some of her memories and to have been able to feed for the first time in so long. The whole thing felt awkward for a time because of all of Patchouli’s “trainings” to bend her into what she was not and her spells to seal what she really was. In retrospect, she didn’t understand; why did that wizard go out of her way to such an extent to summon a succubus, disregarding summoning laws, only to have her do mundane tasks any other normal servant could have accomplished and be naturally at ease with. Was this someone’s sick idea of a joke?

But this aside, she could not help but feel sympathetic. The frail and sickly wizard was so likeable in her own ways. Her attitude drifting between passive seriousness and lightness was genuinely enjoyable, if a bit apathetic. It was a life without stress… most of the time… was it really? Shaking her head to chase off those thoughts, she turned a blind eye to memories that tried to surge back in and simply remembered how fond she had grown of the residents of the mansion.

The little devil’s head began to hurt as she slowed down her walk, all this thinking and all those questionings all of a sudden were a lot to take in. She decided to take a break from sorting all this for now and to simply go on. She didn’t have much of an intention of following the Succubus Queen’s instructions to the end because she knew what she was capable of… and sometimes, responsible for. As enjoyable as sexual activity was, becoming consumed by it wasn’t exactly what they would wish for.

Another headache, much more violent, assaulted her. This thought just now… was contrary to most of what succubi such as herself even existed for. What was she thinking? Despite thinking about it all, nothing was really any clearer. Before she knew it, she had arrived at the area where she had met lady Aszathlos. There was only one little problem though, whatever she would have wanted to do…

There was no Aszathlos. Koakuma looked around a few times, but there was no sign of the other succubus anywhere. Closing her eyes, she used her magic once again to try to pinpoint where she went, but all she could find was the presence of a tired Patchouli in the distance. In all appearances, the queen had left without notice, for whatever reason.

-“Well that’s a both--KYAAAH-!”

The little devil’s entire body tensed, legs firmly together and arms wrapping under her chest; shoulders rising and head tilting upwards. A little rough yet somehow soft cat-like tongue had just brushed itself from the base of her tail upward, tracing along its black velvety length all the way to the tip as it straightened suddenly.

-“You’re late…” a familiar voice began seriously. “I like this, how many times did you do him? Is he dead?” only to continue with the playfulness of a small child.

Koakuma turned her head, her body relaxing a bit, and spotted the obvious offender; her unmistakable emerald eyes diving into her own with a depth unfitting for her cheerful voice.

-“Milady.” Koakuma gathered her resolve to come up with a firm and polite response. “You did not specify any time limit so I can’t be late. Besides it would be inappropriate to kill off a guest of the local mistress.”

-“That shouldn’t exactly be a problem, you know.” Her voice became neutral, but that in and of itself felt a bit ominous.

As the younger succubus attempted to turn around to face her elder, she suddenly found herself unable to do so, looking down, she saw with shocking surprise that lady Aszathlos’ arms had tightly embraced her around the belly while she was looking back and that she did not feel a thing. Moreso, even though she seemed so calm and relaxed, her embrace was iron-tight, thoroughly unmovable.

-“You’ve got back more than just a bit of magical power I can see all right. That’s a relief.” Kristina begun sounding concerned for the first time. Her embrace tightened enough to be felt but not enough to hurt. “You know, it wasn’t exactly easy to track you down all the way here.”She explains, her voice almost trailing off to distant memories. “Especially since this place has its own Hell, and that Makai place. I’ve searched so many worlds… you know what that means, right?”

The little devil nodded, not actually exactly sure of it. While her memories were coming back, the process was not all that fast. After a few seconds, she could feel the woman behind her wrap her legs around hers and let herself fall backwards, the fall was gentle and Koakuma’s back pressed firmly against Kristina’s breasts before she made them roll over on what seemed to be a very large unattended bag of books.

-“Well, now that I’m sure I won’t drive you insane, I can lend you a bit of my power to help you, but shhh, no telling okay~” the elder succubus whispered seductively in her comrade’s ear, her rose-scented breath heating up the back of Koakuma’s neck once more. “I’m serious here, don’t tell anyone I don’t want to deal with the bullshit.”


The little “familiar” was still not entirely sure of what she needed to do at this point, but she still had this lingering feeling that she needed to protect her “adoptive family” and going along with those schemes for now, especially if she was going to gain power from them, was the best and safest way to play it for the time being.

Stripping her of a moan, she could suddenly feel her brethren’s moist and heated slit run up and down her tail, coating it in rather warm juices. A shiver coursed throughout her body as the stimulation from her sensitive tail was dumped on her like a bucket of water. Two pairs of hands began quickly running up the other side of her tail in rapid motion while Kristina’s lower lips were slowly moving in a similar way over a smaller area. The movements created a large contrast of feelings, quick and slow, cold fingers and steaming hot juices, long strokes and small rubs. This was just too much, even though she wasn’t bound anymore the pleasure Koakuma felt along the length of her tail made her knees give way and she fell further onto the large bag of books.

-“Now now, this won’t do.” Kristina whispered softly.

While her slit was still coating the lower section of Koakuma’s tail, she lowered her head and began tending the upper section with her mouth. Alternating between licking with the tip, curling her tongue around it and giving large slow laps, she coated the upper section of the tail with more than warm saliva. At the same time, her hips started moving more pronouncedly, riding the tail through her slit over a larger distance, wetting and heating up more and more of the poor devil’s tail which was trembling from all the different stimulations at once.

With her now free hands, the elder succubus seized the younger’s butt in a playful grope before raising it back into an all four positions, having no trouble whatsoever lifting both their weights. Still using both her mouths, her hands began circling over the little devil’s butt providing an additional stimulation which proved too much as her body tensed all over, her vagina squirting as a powerful orgasm washed over her and making her head dizzy with pants and moans. Almost in a fog, the queen’s soft whispers seemed so distant.

-“Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have played around after all,”

A few incomprehensible words were uttered in a talk that felt familiar but she could not understand anymore. Following this, Koakuma’s still quivering vagina was suddenly invaded by a large, boiling member, robbing her a much higher pitched moan.

-“AH-aaaaaaah-…This is…”

-“Hmm” Aszathlos licked her lips. “I don’t like using this too much, but I’m sure you will.” She commented maliciously.

Kristina started by circling her hips, the full length of her magically-spawned shaft was gorged with magical power, acting as blood and resulting in a solid, more than “rock-hard” pillar of heated flash. She could not move it around much, but the previous stimulation allowed for Koakuma’s walls to lubricate enough. Letting herself rest on top of her younger brethren, the elder succubus poked her breasts softly into Koakuma’s back, hands running onto her sides and alternating between caressing the sides of the little devil’s breasts and the sides of her butt.

Finally, she moved out before slamming her shaft back inside. She kept doing those slow but strong full thrusts several times for Koakuma’s vagina to accept the sheer might of the magic tool inside her. Once she could feel their flesh being wet enough, she started doing a continuous movement, keeping slow at first.

As her hands kept stimulating both the little devil’s lower and upper curves, Kristina’s own tail waved and slithered down, teasing Koakuma’s chest further by wrapping around her breasts. In a swift movement of her hand, she also slipped her partner’s tail, drenched in fluids, into her shirt and between her own chest.

With this, she started picking up speed in an exponential manner, accelerating slowly then more and more rapidly up to ramming herself inside to a speed that was beyond inhuman. Aszathlos’s tongue began playing with Koakuma’s ears, now stimulation her nearly entire body. She kept at this for a good moment and the little devil lost track of time as all thought process stopped for the duration of the act. The pleasure was drowning all consciousness and her body felt so hot that she could catch in fire any second now. Just for this moment, nothing else mattered. There was no schemes, no issues, no nothing. All that existed was intense, overwhelming tidal waves of sexual pleasure.

After what seemed both a flash and an eternity, it all came to a stop. The merciless member breaching into her womb, she could feel a dark, flaming warmth enter and fill her entire insides like a hose. She had lost count of the amount of orgasms she had during it all, but that wasn’t too much to trigger a last, shy and quivering climax, causing her to lose consciousness for a moment.


As she opened her eyes, Koakuma could see in the distance a pair of emerald eyes spying at her from above in the darkness of the ceiling. In no time, the presence took a dive and slowed down with a small gust of wind before touching gently and soundlessly the floor, reaching out a hand.

The younger succubus accepted it and lifted herself onto her feet, staggering a little before recovering her balance. The remnants of exhaustion withered away quickly and she felt entirely renewed.

-“This was… amazing.” She admitted with a hint of embarrassement. “But did you really need to do so much?”

-“Nooope, but it was fun wasn’t it?” Kristina tilted her head and closed her eyes. “Don’t tell me I’m going to have to start your education all over dearie.” She then knocked lightly on her forehead then looked back at her straight into her eyes. “We exist for pleasure, may it be giving or receiving. I have no idea what they crammed in your head but…” she looked away with an honest expression. “This is kinda sad…”


[ ] Stay here for a moment, Koakuma still needs some time to fully recover.
[ ] Go seek Patchouli
[ ] Go seek someone else (specify)
[ ] Wait… that bag…
[x] Wait… that bag…
spoiler[X]Wait… that bag…/spoiler
Wait, are we voting for Kristina now?

No but this is a third person narrative so if I said "you still need more time to recover" instead of saying her name it would have been weird.

It's kinda tricky putting votes in a third person perspective, if something like a change of point of view happens I'll be sure to explicitly state it, same goes for anything similar.
[spoiler][x] Wait… that bag…[\\spoiler]
Proofreader. Get one.
[ ] Wait… that bag…
[x]Get to Patchouli.

There has to be some tentacle attack spell somewhere. What mage with a wide range of spells doesn't have one of those. I'm pretty sure that's in the guide book.

And while We have "Useless things" in our head it means we have all sorts of things rather useful. Time to be clever. Sex is nice... but in moderation. And Aszathlos should know that Sexy Librarian is a damn hot thing

If she doesn't then I pity the Succubus Queen honestly.
Honestly, I think BlackAmethyst doesn't care much for our plans and would just want us perverting the whole SDM.
Oh, I hope not. That would be so boring.

Did this bag have some previously mentioned importance that I missed, or is this a shot in the dark?
I suspect the SDM would be just the start.
It is a very large bag that contains book. In the SDM library. It wasn't there when Koakuma first came to this part and its owner is nowhere to be found at the moment.

Honestly, it's much more fun if people try to make stuff happen than just going along sheepishly.

As far as the current plot goes, I personally -really- want to write scenes with Kristina getting dominated and submitting, but thinking with my head instead of my cunt I don't think it's realistically possible, at this point in time at the very least. As an Endgame, maybe.

Dear Satan, this gentleman seem on to something!
[x] Stay here for a moment, Koakuma still needs some time to fully recover.
Well you might have a clue for your conundrum
>We exist for pleasure, may it be giving or receiving.

Overload her. Leave her BEGGING for more since we know all her spots. But that'd be Endgame anyhow. Maybe grand orgy on her or something, the SDM cast itself just has enough unique abilities and skillsets for that to be VERY interesting. Which leave her so worn down that she's vulnerable or passes out and then comes to DOMINATION TIME.

Of course we can be more proactive when we got Patchouli up and starting to do stuff. Got to wonder if that book is full of forbidden and Sexy Spells

[x]Snag the book
[x]Find Patchy
[x]Snag the book
[x]Find Patchy

Hmmm... Not so sure about the book, but whatever.
Well, of course Kristina is for endgame. Remember >>21616 plan? We're not trying until all is ready.
[x]Wait… that bag…
[x]Find Patchy...IF we can get away without Kristina in tow.
Ohhh, really? Then I should do my best to make this happen for Endgame. It will take a while, but so long as we can act without Kristina knowing, we can have her on her knees, hand bounds above and force her to beg for it, eheh.... She doesn't seem aware of everything about the SDM (like Sakuya'S timestop), so that should help.

As for now, you blacked a vote and as expected, everyone rushed into it to see what would happen. I dunno if the blacking out means its an end of some sort, but I suppose we shall see. I'll start acting on the plan once we're back on track.
[x] Wait… that bag…
Once upon a time, there was a little succubus who was enamored of her sexy sexy boss. She had always dreamed of pushing her down and showing her delights that she had never experienced before, but alas, the little succubus was far too behind to catch up to her boss by means of simple techniques of seduction.
So, that little succubus, naieve yet bold, struck out on her own to see what she could learn. She put these thoughts to the back of her mind, concentrated on learning and absorbing magics of all sorts. Pledged herself to a mistress who was already dedicated to such things.

-And a hundred years later, and now awoken to her basic desire once more-
Come on, we don't even know what kind of book are in that bag yet. More likely, I think it contains books that are 'alive' sort of (like we've seen) that are going to react now.
Just suggesting a possible plot. Not necessarily related to the bags or books or anything.
Still out there BlackAmethyst? Been a while since we heard anything of you by now.

I had an excuse for the first three days because my brother was doing his yearly visit, but the rest are just my fault for getting caught up in irrelevant stuff (and not being turned on much at all). I should get back to it after preparing dinner just now.
File 13256495377.jpg - (388.01KB, 1920x1200 , fa75a55df7541633ce194c2270a0dff7.jpg) [iqdb]
For a few moments, the young succubus was at a loss for words. What the other had just said made sense and she was feeling a bit silly to have needed for her to point that out. Nay, quite silly. For one of her kind to be saying this, she felt embarrassed and looked away, the red of her hair crawling down onto her cheeks.

With a small “Hmph”, Aszathlos’s concerned expression broke down into a modest smile and she rummaged Koakuma’s hair, patting thoroughly. The little devil couldn’t help but to smile as well at the rough touch,

-“Shit happens, I guess. It’s not like whatever they hammered you with is worthless knowledge… right?”

-“W-wha- no.” the comment shocked the little devil a bit. “I’ve… learned quite a bit about various magics.”

-“Oh?” Kristina noted with a hint of amusement, head tilting upwards slightly. “I can’t wait to see that.” For some reason it felt as if there was more to this sentence, something dubious, unconvinced.

Cutting short to the conversation, Koakuma spotted something that she had seen earlier but not quite recognized.

-“Wait a minute…” she said, eyes squinting slightly.

Behind Kristina was a large brown bag within which one could easily recognize the shape of equally large books, a great number of them. Putting two and two together, the library assistant quickly identified the uncanny item as belonging to one particularly annoying and sneaky thief; the damned witch. There was just one problem though. That bag had been here for a while now and it wasn’t the black-white’s style to just leave it laying around for even a minute, let alone 15. She looked back at the older succubus and pointed at it.

-“Wait, that bag… how did it get there?”

-“Oh!” Kristina looked as if only now remembering its presence. “Well, while you were away there was some random girl that came by carrying it, she said something I didn’t pay attention to about a “new familiar” and started hurling a bunch of star-shaped magic projectiles at me.” She says so detachedly as if none of this even mattered.

-“Then?” Koakuma inquired insistently.

-“Well I grazed them and dove onto her; punched her stomach and she dropped it. Then she fell back a couple dozen meters on her broom and went at it again so I’ve sprung back onto her, seized her and drove her into the ground… then I came back here since she passed out.”

-“You’re kidding, right?” the little devil turned a bit in disbelief.

-“Well, she was annoying, shooting stuff at me.” Aszathlos shrugged in indifference.

The younger succubus took a minute to let this sink in. Kirisame was one of the stronger people around here and she just… did that? so simply? There was bound to be something the queen was hiding in that story of her, if not downright exaggerating.

-“I see” she replied calmly, not convinced. After all being an outsider Lady Aszathlos would have no notion of Danmaku. “Well if you’ll excuse me.” She concluded and turned heels.

Kristina smiled once more, not even trying to argue on her disbelief and seeming genuinely happy.

-“You go get her, Tigress” she joked before jolting upwards at a surprising speed and disappearing into the darkness of the ceiling. Although not without leaving a small nudge on the little devil’s rear.

Investigating this was tempting, but first she needed to find Patchouli. She wasn’t entirely sure of what she was going to do, but was it talk or touch… - and she shivered in forbidden anticipation at the thought - she still needed to find her. She would have rather did so alone, but now there was no way of knowing where Kristina had gone since she couldn’t feel her presence at all.

As Koakuma was navigating throughout the towering bookcases, she could feel the presence of the librarian growing, although faint. She was motionless, probably reading her Millionth book. She pondered on what she was going to do once she would meet with her, periodically giving glances upwards toward the ceiling but never again catching a glimpse of those emerald eyes.

Reaching a “clearing” in the central area of the library, the little devil found a resting Patchouli, her head lazily lying against the open pages. Her breath was slightly laborious as she seemed very tired despite the hour; could it be she had stayed up all day? Even the magical candle on her table had withered away.

As she observed her, Koakuma couldn’t help but notice how cute and slightly silly the wizard looked in that light, almost see-through nightgown with that puffy hat. Nay, not just almost, if she tried hard enough she could definitely spy a bit of her skin here and there. It looked so pale and smooth under that velvety, thin, light purple cloth. Moving around a bit, she realized with a small, inaudible gasp that in her lazy sleeping position, the cloth was firmly strained across her waist line and wrapping her lower back slightly, giving an only half-veiled sight of her butt and underwear through the fabric. It was just as pale and smooth as the rest and it looked like it was begging for a bit of attention.

[ ] Wake Patchouli up
----[ ] Wake her up gently with words
----¤----[ ] Pretend nothing happened and act casually
----¤----[ ] Tell her about the encounter with the succubus Queen
----[ ]Wake her up erotically with the body
----¤----[ ] Go at it lightly
----¤----[ ] Teach her a couple things that aren’t in her books.
[ ] Do not wake Patchouli up
----[ ] Wait for her to wake up and stay around
----[ ] Investigate the story of the black-white in the meanwhile
----[ ] Go seek someone else (Specify)
I want to like this, but the formatting and various little mistakes make it difficult to read. You should ask for advice in one of the irc channels, they'll gladly help!
[X] Wake Patchouli up
[X] Tell her about the encounter with the succubus Queen

It seemed that Marisa underestimated her the Queen. No signs of SPARK use and a direct physical attack was unexpected.

Could be luck or we're all fucked unless we gang up on her if we make our move
Plan-maker here. Mind if I add some write-in?

[x] Wake Patchouli up
-[x]Wake her up erotically with the body
--[x] Go at it lightly
---[x] Once she do wake up, start explaining what is going on, but don't stop what you're doing. You know your nature has been sealed. It isn't anymore. You have some things to talk about, but only after you're done 'punishing' her a bit for the sealing. Whisper it all in her ears as softly as possible, in case Kristina is observing and listening

A bit long I know, but I didn't want BA to misunderstand what I wrote. Doesn't help that the Queen seems to be a bit suspicious now with how we talked with her so far.

Anyway, if we plan to have the queen submit, Patchouli need to agree with how we want to do things instead of simply fighting her out of the SDM in a boring, if fireworks-worthy way. And for that, we do need to have her understand how much fun the flesh can be, no?

Of course, can I assume correctly Koa is good enough now to not get blasted by Patchouli once she's up without getting a chance to talk?
[x] Wake Patchouli up
-[x]Wake her up erotically with the body
--[x] Go at it lightly
---[x] Once she do wake up, start explaining what is going on, but don't stop what you're doing. Not too loud in case Kristina is listening. Explain the encounter and how you're unhappy with the sealing of your nature. Then say you still like her, what Kristina's plans are and that you'll explain your own plan once you're done 'punishing' her a bit for said sealing. Then have some fun, without going too far of course.

Damn, why can't I make plans that are this good?

Well, maybe you should be a bit less stern about grammar and such? I'm non-native speaker and in process of getting my bachelor's degree in English and German linguistics, and these little mistakes aren't bothering me at all. In fact, I hardly can see them. Why are they so glaring for you? Because as far as I know, native speakers can understand what's written in text much easier and faster, than non-native speakers.
Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be inspired someday for something else. By the way, I edited my vote a bit, as we don't know how good hearing Kristina has and thus babbling about her in the open is not wise. While she may be amused by our plans, chances are that even if she actually let us try it for pure amusement, she'll arrange a fail-safe to screw us at the end.

Apart from that, here is my promise as the plan-maker, one who really want to reap that reward at the end: Should we fuck up and miss out on the sweet, sweet sex and submission, I shall write it myself. Unless BA objects?

Also, if the fuck up is done in stupidity by anons who would stop caring because I wrote this, then I'm not writing it.
[x] Wake Patchouli up
----[x] Wake her up gently with words
----¤----[x] Tell her about the encounter with the succubus Queen

Not saying you suck or anything, but a proofreader always helps.
>>22035 Is changing vote to

[x] Wake Patchouli up
-[x]Wake her up erotically with the body
--[x] Go at it lightly
---[x] Once she do wake up, start explaining what is going on, but don't stop what you're doing. Not too loud in case Kristina is listening. Explain the encounter and how you're unhappy with the sealing of your nature. Then say you still like her, what Kristina's plans are and that you'll explain your own plan once you're done 'punishing' her a bit for said sealing. Then have some fun, without going too far of course.

Play the role, play it good. Have some fun, we need to also know if Patchouli can be effective if in a little excitement because you things will be heating up eventually.
As the creator of the write-in and like I said to >>22049, I edited the write-in a bit, so I would prefer if you switched to it instead. So long as Kristina may be watching, talking about her, especially in an open place, is not safe.
>>22049 here. Changing vote to:

[x] Wake Patchouli up
-[x]Wake her up erotically with the body
--[x] Go at it lightly
---[x] Once she does wake up, start explaining what is going on, but don't stop what you're doing. Whisper it all in her ears as softly as possible, in case Kristina is observing and listening. Explain the encounter and how you're unhappy with the sealing of your nature. Then say you still like her, what Kristina's plans are and that you'll explain your own plan once you're done 'punishing' her a bit for said sealing. Then have some fun, without going too far of course.
I obviously have nothing against write-ins

I object on the basis that I'm a bitch about my OCs and if it comes down to it I'll actually still write it myself just so my OC stays accurate to the way I see/made her.
Very well then. Guess only me will know what I had in mind.
[x] Do not wake Patchouli up
----[x] Investigate the story of the black-white in the meanwhile
Come on BlackAmethyst, vanishing after you refused me to write should we fail? That's cold.
I'm sorry I'm stuck with some work I've been procrastinating from doing during the holidays and the deadline is prety much in the next two days so I haven't had much free time or energy, let alone arousal to write this. I do keep updating this as the next important thing to do once I clear this mountain of shit.
Ah, no problem then. Real life always take priority after all. Just warn first day next time so no one wonder what the hell happened.
Hate to ask again and will probably delete this post later, but did something else happen BA?
She has a particular update schedule as she seems to update when she feels like it, which may be months apart.
Nah, nothing -new-. Quite simply I just suck at the shit I'm trying to study and it's often agonizing to get to work at it making me waste a lot of my free time trying to get the motivation to get in my books. And to be fair it's been a good 3-4 weeks+ since I've wanted to update but my afore-mentionned failing at maths ruins pretty much everything I'm trying to do at the moment.
File 132910137562.jpg - (884.80KB, 800x1120 , 2d2482b3e201a68af56d4f49acf0a508.jpg) [iqdb]
As Koakuma observed her “mistress”’ shameless display of skin through her light nightgown, the heat that had never withered within her soared up again. Though this time, it was different. It wasn’t hunger to feed; it wasn’t simple, generic lust. It felt as if Patchouli was teasing her in her slumber with her posture and clothing putting emphasis on her butt. It was almost as she was… asking for it. Begging for… “teachings”. The young succubus couldn’t help licking her lips at the wild thoughts that crossed her mind, but she had decided to go lightly, at least for now, and as such she would control herself.

Koakuma walked closer without a noise to the left of the sleeping wizard and reached her right leg over, to the right side, before gently lowering herself. In this position, the little devil’s crotch and thighs were in almost direct contact with Patchouli’s ass through their respective clothing. She did not press her weight, only touching softly. In the same fashion, she leaned her torso forward, pressing her breasts and midriff against the sleeper’s back without pushing. Finally, she reached her hands, slowly, and very cautiously cupped Patchouli’s chest.

Then, in just one motion, the young succubus put a slight amount of weight upon her body, pressing gently her own body against Patchouli’s just as she started very slowly and softly moving her fingers and massaging her breasts. Without waking up, the wizard let out a small gasp. Koakuma kept slowly and gently moving her body and fingers to softly stimulate her former mistress. She was in no hurry and savored the contact, just as she knew -she- was savoring -her- in her sleep.

And like this she continued for a time. It may not have been anything like intercourse or more vivid acts, but this was just as pleasant in its own right; just as some claimed preliminaries to be as exciting as the act in itself. It wasn’t as much the act itself per say, but rather the person she was doing it with. Her feelings for Patchouli had been somewhat blurred and artificial for all these years and now it was vague to say the least, but she still felt a good amount of affection and as such this simple contact was special. Her senses seemed to be heightened from the pleasure of this mere contact and she shivered as she kept rubbing her body slowly against the wizard’s. Patchouli, just as well, wasn’t any spared. Letting out small gasps more and more regularly, it was easy to tell that her sleep had been converted in a quite perverted dream. A small visit to her slit was enough to confirm it as a small press of Koakuma’s fingers revealed for the nightgown to be slightly wet.

Finally, the wizard sleepily opened her eyes. Her vision troubled, she still felt dizzy and the touch of Koakuma didn’t help her in the least. Letting out a small moan, she remained motionless, letting the young succubus play with her as her vision recovered. She shivered as well at the warm yet chilling touch.

-“W-wha..?” she uttered with confusion.

-“Shhh~” Koakuma replied seductively, bringing her head down right next to the wizards’. “Please don’t make a fuss now. There are a few problems we need to talk about.”

-W-what are you…”


Koakuma left a small kiss on the side of Patchouli’s neck and breathed softly onto her nose. Instantly, the heat within Patchouli rose up. Even though things were still blurry for her and even though her voice was stuttering, she attempted to sound authoritarian.

-“Y-you.. release m-me right this i-instant.”

-“shhh” The young succubus put an index on the wizard’s mouth then brought that hand back to her breast, this time squeezing vigorously before resuming more gently gropes. “I said: we need to talk.”

-“As you can see…” Koakuma continued, doing another vigorous squeeze mid-sentence though with both hands this time. “Your seal is gone and my true self is back.”

-“nnnaaah-- H-how is that… possible?” Patchouli uttered frustratedly, though not without a hint of lust.

-“Something happened.” The little devil brought her lips right next to Patchouli’s ears and whispered faintly, almost inaudibly yet still seductively. “Something bad happened.” A small pause, then still as faintly. “The succubus queen came here and she has… obscene motives to say the least.”

-“What is t-this nonsen--aah!” Patchouli attempted to retain her authoritarian appearances, although she spoke more softly in a tone similar to Koakuma’s. “Y-you’re…”

-“Don’t worry” she cut her. “All this time we’ve spent together; I still feel a strange affection towards you and I won’t just give any of you to her just like that.”

The young succubus let the words of her feelings sink in, still tending to the wizard’s body lustfully yet gently. Both of their bodies had warmed up from the extended, indirect yet erotic contact and Patchouli’s butt was swaying a tiny bit under Koakuma’s thighs, betraying subconsciously her voice.

-“I have a plan though” Koakuma continued in her whisper. “But I’ll need the help of everyone here to defeat her… and before this…” her voice rose up a bit, her head distancing itself slightly. “I’ll have to punish you a bit for sealing my personality away. Don’t worry though, you -will- looove what I have planned for -you-.”

At this last sentence, Patchouli began to struggle a bit, but her frail constitution, overall tired state and ever-ascending arousal made her physical attempts laughable to the recently-fed succubus. Even more so with the power gifted from the Queen, the wizard’s movement felt like a child’s attempts to struggle.

-“D-Don’t under-estimate me.. F-f-Familiar!” Patchouli let out with a disdain tainted by her lust. She was obviously fighting against her body’s desires to conserve her position of mistress. “I w-won’t let you g-get away with this!”

-“Tsk tsk.”

The young succubus wasn’t intent on just letting Patchouli off so easily after what she had done to her, moreso she was easily able to control her physically, but she was also aware of Patchouli’s tremendous magical power. Perhaps it would be a good idea to think of a few… counter-measures on top of her next course of actions…


[ ] Keep it gentle, Koakuma doesn’t want to hurt nor provoke her.
[ ] Take it a step further, this is punishment not a free pass.
[ ] Let Patchouli go, this was a bad idea after all.
[ ] Use the powers Kristina gave her, there’s nothing wrong or vicious with doing that now is it?


I'm sorry for all the time I had to wait to write this. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. That kind of delays shouldn't happen again, at least not in the near future.
File 132910232783.jpg - (215.18KB, 1200x900 , 73868965fa6647c7ef9aa582b636af58.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Use the powers Kristina gave her, there’s nothing wrong or vicious with doing that now is it?

Needs more penetration.
sage for bad
I'm noticing a lack of a proofreader/editor still.
Yes, yes it does. But let me add a bit more.

[x] Use the powers Kristina gave her, there’s nothing wrong or vicious with doing that now is it? Do remember you still need her lucid for later however.
-[x] But not so easily. You are trying to make little Patchy appreciate such pleasures after all. Tease her and have her ask for it.

And BA, glad to see this is back on. Awaiting more delicious updates in the future.
[x] Keep it gentle, Koakuma doesn’t want to hurt nor provoke her.
[x] Have Koakuma fetch a proofreader.
>Perhaps it would be a good idea to think of a few… counter-measures on top of her next course of actions…

Wondering after a reread. Do we need to plan those counter-measures and add them to votes or not?
That -could- prove in handy. Assuming another 20 hate posts don't pop up overnight.
[x] Take it a step further, this is punishment not a free pass.
-[x]Just one step, though. We need her sane.
Very well, I'll add to my vote (>>23018). Of course, it can work with any others votes.

[x] Keep an eye on her hands and if she try muttering something... Well, it's hard to pronounce words properly when someone is kissing you.

By the way, as the planmaker, let me make clear our objective here: have Patchouli like this enough so she won't strike us down right after the fun, but still conscious and sane.

Hopefully, we can get to carry Patchouli to her room so she can rest for more fun (official version we'll give Kristina) and be able to talk to her more about the plan with no chance of Kristina hearing (what we won't say. Hopefully, the room will be secure).
It's all right. Not fantastic, but you only get better by more writing.
[x] Use the powers Kristina gave her, there’s nothing wrong or vicious with doing that now is it?
[x] Keep it gentle, Koakuma doesn’t want to hurt nor provoke her.

Since you object to people asking you to get a proofreader without providing any examples, would you like a list of issues I saw in the latest post?

Examples were provided in one of the first few posts. Those same examples are valid up until now. People have talked to BlackAmethyst, including her boyfriend, and she has refused to take advice. She acts shocked and hurt, but she has publicly stated that she refuses to give out 'previews' of her work.

This is compounded on top of a superiority complex in which she claims she doesn't need help because she has been writing on this site for four years. People will continue to call her out, she'll act shocked and hurt, then cry that no examples were given. They were given and they were ignored. This is not a stable individual who wishes to improve themselves and grow.


This is true until you get trapped. Then you only grow when you're willing to let other people in.

I imagine this post is going to incense people, but that isn't the goal. I'm not trying to be an ass; I care because I think her and her story have greater potential. However, she needs to grow emotionally, and you don't grow emotionally by being coddled and having your hand held.
File 132917843777.jpg - (422.59KB, 927x1311 , cdc04cd07e2b10cab3b1fad7968f188b.jpg) [iqdb]
Gladly, though I would prefer you use IRC or other means of contact as to avoid stirring too much unnecessary argument/drama.

I've went back and checked the posts between the Opening and first updates and I disagree as I have actually taken and kept notice of them, but as I said above I won't start a debate here, it's neither the place nor is it what people want to see me post. Also, you've taken words of mine out of context. Again, if you wish for a civil discussion about it, you're welcome to use IRC.

As for everyone else, have a delicious hypothetical Bad End picture.
[x] Keep it gentle, Koakuma doesn’t want to hurt nor provoke her.

Gentle lovings are best lovings.
[x] Keep it gentle, Koakuma doesn’t want to hurt nor provoke her.
[x] relay that we must keep up the act
Back when it was tied I said on IRC that since I actually liked both options equally and thus couldn't break the tie myself, I was going to write both scenes but keep as canon the option that would have won had I updated faster.

And now it got broke for the other option, what do?

Sage for not an update post.
That's why you should call votes when you're ready to write, so that something like this doesn't happen to screw your plan. As for what to do... well, that's up to you. Your options are:

1- Keep doing what you were going to do. Late vote was late.

2- Scrap what you had, start over.

3- Mix both? It's not like the two are opposite, unless everyone who voted to use powers misunderstood what it was about.

Pick one. Of course, it's clear that no matter what is taken, no one want Patchouli broken. Also, only I added something (>>23028) in case Patchouli tried to ruin everything, so use it if it's needed I suppose.

Eagerly waiting for next delicous update.
Still alive?
I've been having a mixture of health an financial issues. Nowadays I'm constantly tired all day all week, so it's somewhat hard to get in the right "mood" to be writing erotic stuff. Sorry.
Sounds like a baby.

It's okay, we don't really want you back anyway.
I hate it when people like you say -we- when speaking, arrogantly thinking your voice is the voice of many. I for myself want to see where this is going.
I thought he sounded sarcastic. I certainly would have been in his case.

Stop that shit.

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