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Previous thread here: >>13520
Well, the previous thread has reached its limit, so lets start a new to continue the tentacle loving, or raping, or reverse raping....PLEASE post reverse tentacle raping. the idea alone is funny.

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I find human shaped tentacle monsters wierd. i kind of expect tentacle monsters or stand along tentacles to be raping people, no tentacles in the shape of humans doing the raping.
No. 20900
Dear god, I hope this gets scanned.
...I hoped that for the prequel too. Sigh.
No. 20901
Human shaped tentacle monsters do rather miss the point.
What kind of tentacle setup do you like the most?
No. 20909
For extreme cases, getting swallowed up by a tentacle beast with tentacles on the inside.

For more tame parts, picture related.
No. 20919

I prefer images like this, >>13529, where the person in question is enjoying it, and NOT because of mind break. However, happy sex and tentacles are a rarity.

also, the picture to the left has a translated version
No. 20942
Yea. The last thread had a lot of just unsexy tentacles. I mean some Tentacle Guro and Tentacle Snuff which just is a boner killer.
No. 20961
Like what? Give some examples.
It was the petrification, wasn't it?
No. 20962
Like >>13577
No. 20965
Unsexy to you, but you cannot really speak for the rest. It is not every day you get to see a MILFy Patchouli getting some tenta-guro action. Certain 80's-90's (and even a few ones in 2000+) hentai anime with tentacle-themes will awaken you from your world of cliched butterflies and rainbows with their violent and RAW treatment of anime girls. And that is as just fleshy cock-sleeves, nothing more.

You have to remember that tentacles are just like human rapists you see in hentai, and their primary directive is to RAPE anime girls. There are ones who pleasure both anime girls and themselves and treat the latter nicely, and ones who are more animalistic and kill during/after sex. The only difference is they have waaaaaay more penises than your average human rapist in hentai.

Oh, and there's ones that mainly use anime girls as a form of egg fertilization (for regular girls)/sperm harvesting (for futa ones) like the one raping Cirno right now.
No. 20966
tentacles are like robots

No. 20968
Well said in a nutshell. The glory days of tentacles may have passed, but you'll still find gems floating around that will give you the full treatment and rape-age that only a tentacle can deliver.

They give a whole new meaning to the term "ASS TO MOUTH". And not to mention they can penetrate and cum inside a penis of a futanari anime girl.
No. 20969
I LOVE tentacle pits and tentacles using girls as livestock and all that jazz...yet can't stand bad ends, be it mind break or death or whatever. It's such a conundrum.

Did I mention that I absolutely adore this artist? Because I do.
No. 20970
Memory wipes for everybody! It's like it never happened, never happened, never happened.
No. 20974
I was thinking more like someone rescues the victim. I saw a Kasen tentacle doujin like that once.
No. 20975
What about girls raping tentacles? I saw Yuyuko doing that in a doujin once. That was hilarious.
No. 20976
Suddenly, interest from me! Which one was it?

Sadly yes. But then it doesn't really go with the theme.
No. 20978
From an old doujin, one where Youmu opened a book she shouldn't have and tentacle rape followed. Then Yuyuko came to see what was going on and when the beast tried to grab her... Well, that doesn't end well for it.
No. 20983
Yeah, that was great.

see >>14326
[Yamotodou Rakugakishi] Ibara Hyaku Ka

I like ambiguous endings (That Yukari tentacle set from the last thread comes to mind) but those are almost as rare as happy endings, which is silly.
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Slurp, shlup, schloop~
No. 21147
true, Happy sex amd Tentacle Rape shouldn't go together just from name alone, but I love contraditions like that. you wouldn't expect to see someone to enjoy getting penetrated by tentacles, and yet it happens. or the extremely rare instances when the person is raping the tentacle instead.

loved that one. It was fitting that yuyuko ate the thing, even though it was all up inside youmu not that long ago. when you think about it like that, yuyuko indirectly had sex with youmu.
No. 21166
God that is always amusing with the role reversal.

I could see a Doujin being told from an unknown perspective about being horribly violated and raped and at the end its revealed that the victim is a tentacle monster at a bar crying to a bar tender.
No. 21188
Hell, that could even be a story here! Be the monster, your goal is to escape those crazy girls before being raped to death.

Then again, if it's anythig like that story with Sanae, anons will just send it directly to the girls...
No. 21200
Of course various routes might be Escape from X but end up being tracked by Y. So it leads to plenty of 18+ action because was a tentacle monster we lack one thing the girls have. The ability to fly.
No. 21201
Ugh, don't remind me of that...
No. 21204

So who's going to do it then?
No. 21208
"Hey, there was a rumor that if you cut off a tentacle of the beast while fucking them, they'll stay alive and keep moving as long as you let them fuck you again once in a while~"

nonono those don't grow back RUN
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No. 21337
i dont like what fandom has done to a lot of characters, but I still think its the most fitting for Tenshi to enjoy tentacles, though the image feels like tenshi is inviting the viewer for some pleasure, but there are tentacles right behind her waiting for another "victim"
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Can anyone help out with this Brick breaking tentacle game?

So far I am missing 4 scenes and can't figure out how to unlock them. This is what I have so far:
No. 21424
How do you access the cg page by the way? I can't manage to find it.

That and I would love to know how to use bombs effectively. I detonate them near spots yet it hardly seems to do anything.
No. 21431

When you beat one of the games it will automatically take you to one of the CG pages.
No. 21447
You got one I didn't, but I got two you didn't.
No. 21465
I would love to help but... How the hell am I supposed to get those damn scores?!
No. 21471

The ctrl powerup is your friend. If you manage to hit a hundred blocks without the ball touching the paddle you get 10,000 points, so abuse ctrl pickups repeatedly and go to town. The bonus doesn't stack, so if/when you get a 100-hit combo, bounce the ball off the paddle again, nab the first ctrl pickup, and repeat.
No. 21479
That does help. Noticing that combining the piercing effect to it also cancel the bonus despite the obvious carnage of blocks when you start the level also help.

Out of curiosity, game with Remilia is stated to be on hard. Did you play the others before it and got the cgs or should we try to get those too?
No. 22006
Wait a second...does this guy do doujin?
No. 22101
Usually when I save an image, the computers opens whatever folder I last saved too. But for tentacles, it almost always opens to my Touhou tentacle folder, regardless of what I last saved.
Very strange, but it's nice.
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No. 22389
source please?
No. 22530
No. 22531
No. 22532
No. 22533
No. 22665
No. 22969
why can't there be more happy themed tentacle sex? also, mokou porn is a plus.
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No. 23148
No. 23149
No. 23150
No. 23151
No. 23152
No. 23153
No. 23154
No. 23804
this doujin looks like it will have some good tentacle action
No. 23811
Interesting. Looks consensual at first, then Suwako realizes that it's, you know, a tentacle monster, leading to rape as it goes further than she wanted it to. I'd fap to it.
Can't say I've liked any of that circle's other work, though.
No. 23827
ya, Suwako is, for lack of a better term, a sex crazed slut in that artist's doujins. It could be because of a mind break, or she just likes HARD sex.
No. 23996
There was an EX-Keine tentacle picture on pixiv very recently, but it vanished before I thought to save it. Was anyone smarter than me?
No. 23998
I think this is what you're referring to.
No. 23999
Yup, that's it. Thanks.
No. 24068
This guy's got a buncha Tentacle work (Most of it on Satori)
No. 24181
tentacle masterbation....cool
No. 24377
You unlock different endings by which hitboxes you left intact in stage3. Those hitboxes are surrounded by invincible blocks so you need to use bombs to hit them.
Ending 1: break both hitboxes. http://check-p.com/cg/flash/2011_5_21/1655814/bonus3.html
Ending 2: only break remilia's. http://check-p.com/cg/flash/2011_5_21/2984635/bonus4.html
Ending 3: only break flan's. http://check-p.com/cg/flash/2011_5_21/3891654/bonus5.html
*Ending* 4: don't break any hitboxes (might be some other vars): http://check-p.com/cg/flash/2011_5_21/4056971/bonus6.html

No. 24378
Btw, is the PoFV (breakout 3.5) on that site just a teaser pic? Or is there a hidden link or do we need to buy it or what?
No. 24391
No matter how much I try to bomb them, I can never seem to get my bombs to actually break the invincible blocks. Am I doing something wrong?

Or is the idea to use the bombs to destroy the hitbox, not the blocks?
No. 24399

Yeah, the blocks touching the hitbox are invincible, so you need to whittle the surrounding blocks down then mash bomb when you get close.

Also, I am mad pissed because I got each Remilia ending on my own but the cookies don't work or something, since it never saves more than one ending in the gallery, so I can't get Shiki.
No. 24490
Oh, yum. I love the way the nipples are drawn and how wet the whole situation looks.
No. 24491
This one too.
No. 24720
Anyone able to translate? (also got textless if you want)
No. 24749
sucks to be them. if they use their victims as baby makers, they could keep at it for all eternity
No. 24756
Ugh. Don't joke so lightly about that.

I love how flimsy the panties look in this.
No. 24979
anyone know the artist who did this one?
No. 24981
The source for that specific picture is here:
No. 24990
thanks. that helped tag some images.

characters from left to right
Youmu, momiji, Suwako, and Flandre
No. 25258
He's making tentacle works into a single book it looks like
No. 25259
No. 25260
The book's cover
No. 25559
pregnant futa tentacle sucking...
No. 25566
Oh my. Don't make me fap. I already did tonight.

Did I mention I absolutely LOVE the kind of tentacles that completely consume the victims limbs? Because I do.
No. 25842
You guys rememebr the brick break tentacle game? There's a new one. Difficulty is stated at normal.


Here's what I managed to unlock. Dunno if there are different endings to find.

No. 25862
On a related note, the Shikieiki one works now.


Unfortunately it's far too hard for me, so I can't give any unlocked stuff with it.
No. 25863
Well instead of raping Satori up, the tentacle girl decided to go after Orin in my playthrough. But I didn't see anything like a hitbox for the characters though.

No. 25865
Tried my hand at it... And cleared it!


Since it was an extra stage, we also get the Sanae stuff too.
No. 25866
Now all we have to do is figure out if there are more scenes with it.
No. 25898

I think I can answer that one. Satori's got two victory conditions: One is just to beat her, meaning only Satori gets raped, and the other is to score 110k points, which causes Orin to show up and that phase of the fight to start. Unlike the other scenarios, there doesn't seem to be any bad ends, just one that focuses on Satori, and the other on Orin.
No. 25935
Man, I am BAD at this. God damn distracting powerups.
No. 26051

Shikieiki scene get. Looks like it's just one scene, more of an extra than anything else. Still, Shiki tentacles.
No. 26052
To bad he got to such gems as Sanae and Eiki before he started making the higher quality scenes that Satori and Orin got. One image with a slimy version doesn't compare to changing expressions and goopy sound effects.
No. 26054
Though at least he is getting better with them. I'm wondering if he'll continue with another SA game with Yuugi or Okuu in it.
No. 26389

I fail at pulling pics off Pixiv, but here's a nice Letty that's probably a continuation of the opening pic~
No. 26435
No. 28271
Can I just make a comment here praising how good Satei is? It's so refreshing to see a tentacle artist put so much thought into the situation, instead of just going "HERE TENTACLES, HERE GIRL, NOW THE FUCK CUZ PORN GOGO"

No, of course I'm not over-thinking things and just like the art.
No. 28276
Oh hell yeah, that artist, the first chapter was so good.
No. 28279
Second one is out too.
Tentacle monster's finished inspecting it's catch, found it suitable for mating, and thus consumed Marisa. Now comes the real deal, and it is excellent.
No. 28311
I MUST know where to find this. Please do share.
No. 28313
It's on exhentai, but I'll put it in the upload thread.
No. 28398
You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
No. 29989
Holy shit, this is the best tentacle thing on pixiv in ages. You guys gotta see this.
I love how Youmu actually moves as best she can. Usually in these sorts of sets we just get some different expressions and maybe some head movement. Otherwise the victim usually just holds perfectly still as they get horribly raped. Not here!

What happens at the end, though? Does she turn to stone? What the hell, that's not cool at all.
No. 29991
Yea I don't get the Petrification fetish that seems to follow Tentacles at times. Admittedly I don't get why it doesn't just stay as tentacle outfit over LOL! Latex.
No. 29992

Artist talking about the last picture. Something about it just being a bonus?
No. 29994
"The last one was a bit of an error, I was planning on doing more but decided to just upload already. Please think of it as an extra."
No. 29998
Thank you.
There was going to be more? But...where the hell do you go from there? She's stoned. What are you supposed to do with that?
Maybe I don't want to know. Nothing good can come from petrification.
No. 29999
I think the more might have been tied to the Latex I think.

And the master term to search for on Pixiv for the stuff we want is

東方 r-18 触手

Also What's with it and the slurping stuff that seems to be entirely wrapped and something comes down and covers em.
No. 30002
I don't think the r-18 is necessary here. It's extremely rare to see a tentacle picture that is NOT r-18 by default.

A couple more interesting pixiv tags:
肉壁 flesh wall
触手服 tentacle clothes
寄生 parasite
種付け mating (thus not strictly tentacle related)
異種姦 interspecies sex (again, not strictly tentacle)
No. 30004
No. 30022

You win this time, Anon. But I shall return, more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
No. 30118
Someone got sauce for this?
No. 31621
Remember that breakout tentacle rape game? Seems the Satori/Orin level got removed and replaced with version 2.0, a Satori/Koishi version...which is much harder and isn't as good, both in gameplay and payoff.
Someone tell me I'm wrong and just can't find the first, better version.
No. 31666
I dunno, I liked the new one. Did you at least manage to unlock the new Utsuho and Koishi scenes?
My only problem with the new game was the fact that the Satori and Orin scenes seem to have been painfully shortened. But I think there's a way to unlock the full versions.
No. 31670
Yeah, it branches off depending on whether your score is below or above the amount in the upper right. If you get a low score against Satori, your second level is against Koishi, and the game ends there. If you get a high score against Satori, then the second level is against Orin. Low score against Orin, the game ends there. High score against Orin, and the last level is against Utsuho. To get Utsuho's scene, you need to get 100k points and also use a bomb to break the red dot inside a box of unbreakable blocks.
No. 31671
Well, I got to Koishi, but lost against her.
Point is, though, the scene I got with Satori was one image with two variations, and didn't have any of the sound effects or special effects the previous version of the game had. Not worth the trouble.
No. 31687
Did anyone else have problems getting items like Shot, Bomb, or Rapid to work? For some odd reason none of them did for me, which means either the game glitched or I forgot what button I was supposed to use to activate them. Either way, I probably wouldn't have lost to Koishi if I could actually use some of that stuff while I had the ball bouncing around at the top after sticking it there with the Ctrl powerup.

Just to ask, is it the control button or spacebar that does it? I could have sworn it was the latter but that just didn't work.
No. 31688
It was the z key for me. Can also use it when you have no powerup to boost, which is nice when you have the speed setting down low but the ball is up top.
No. 31691

Thanks. I was able to clear Satori's stage, but couldn't meet the point requirements to beat Orin properly, and yeah. The scenes for the both of them are a lot less satisfying then before.

Challenged Koishi's stage, but I did so badly I got the bad end. Nowhere near enough points to unlock her scene.
No. 31692

My apologies for double-posting like this, but I figured that Koishi clear scene might be relevant to the topic. Man that was a pain in the backside to clear. Pretty much had to rely on having 10 lives and being 90k+ points already just to beat the two rounds of bullets. Plus I am immensely thankful that timing out doesn't make it a game over.

Still, I have to agree. The lack of sound effects really takes away from what should have been a perfectly serviceable scene. (Koishi seeming to enjoy it at first helps a bit.)

When I feel like it, I'll try to unlock Utsuho next.
No. 31700
Really, I wouldn't mind the lack of sound effects and such, if I could at least read what was going on. But I doubt this is something we'd ever really get a translation for.
No. 31715
Actually, a friend of mine translated the Koishi scene. It's a little unprofessional, but still pretty clear.
No. 31716
Ooo, not bad. Don't think I've seen a scenario like that before, with Koishi's awareness being dragged out and all.

You should bug your buddy into translated more of these scenes.
No. 31717
Awareness Dragged out? Not sure what that means
No. 31763
I mean how Miruru drags Koishi's consciousness out with pleasure, somehow. It's neat.
No. 31768
4 more
No. 31769
No. 31770
No. 31771
No. 31777
It begins!
And it looks...different, a little worryingly so. But Satei's got a good track record so far, so that's ok.
No. 31785
>And it looks...different, a little worryingly so. But Satei's got a good track record so far, so that's ok.

Famous last words...
No. 31787
poor marisa's sanity meter is low.
No. 31789
Oh god, don't say that.

True, true. Dangerous situation here, but if the Rumia book is any indication, things could still turn out fine.
Well, fine as being tentacle raped for possibly the rest of your life can be, at least.
No. 31790
well she is seeing herself.
out of body? maybe this is her last moments?
cardiac arrest? if she does go i hope it's painless.
No. 31791
No, she's fucking herself.


maybe it's a clone made by the tentacles? I dunno.
No. 31792
No. 31794
Oh hey. It's available digitally.

No. 31798
Hooray! Now it can be an appetizer for C84.
I'll throw it at desudesu if someone buys it.
No. 31800
Ah, to clarify, it's listed on melonbooks but still isn't available until the 12th. That's still a lot sooner than waiting for scans though, especially since that's midnight on the 12th - or 11am EST on the 11th.
No. 31801
Oh. Oh well.

Man, Satori gets so much good tentacle art.
No. 31817
He was streaming himself drawing it, so I've pretty much seen almost all of the pages already. I didn't want to spoil myself but I couldn't resist either.
She was impreganted by the tentacles in the last one so now she gives birth to her own clone and it starts raping her together with the tentacles and she loses her mind at the end.
No. 31826

Called it!
No. 31827
let her go about 3 years later, see what happens.
No. 31828
Couldn't resist spoiling everyone else either, huh? Ass.
I'll believe it when I see it.
No. 31926

And here it is.
No. 31936
...well then. That's pretty fucking dark. Not sure if I like it or not. No mind break, thank god, but this isn't much better.
No. 31942
This one went to pure despair kinda a boner killer
No. 31970
Oh, I wouldn't go that far.
No. 32036
Agreed. Even the end of the second part was pretty.. yeah.
No. 32087
At least by the end usually it's past point of no return with the entire boner thing but this one kinda goes to that extremely fast
No. 32234
Since it appears Utsuho hasn't been posted yet, I'll put it up.


Unlock code is 1089. When I get a chance, I'll try and get a translation of the Utsuho stuff up.
No. 32242
Uh.. anyone got a complete list for all of these for all the characters? I'm so abysmal at these breakout games I don't think I'd even get a full completion even with the 'easy' routes
No. 32243
Where do you enter the code?
No. 32245