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File 132173872944.jpg - (443.38KB, 1000x1407 , 734a7692e58fe04e3b7504a0eeaeef5d.jpg) [iqdb]
Feel so good I feel so fine
Love that little lady always on my mind
She gives me lovin' every night and day
Never gonna leave her
Never going away

You're finally home. An issue at the factory kept you there well past midnight, having escaped a mere 10 minutes ago. All the lights are out in the house; nevermind making it home for dinner, Reisen is probably deep asleep by now. You find your way to your room using the moonlight. As expected, your beautiful wife is under the covers, her back facing you. You strip quietly and slip into bed, doing your best to not disturb her.

As you get into the bed, Reisen abruptly turns around to face you and kisses you on your lips. “Good evening, honey.”

“Sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, I've been waiting for you to come home.” She kisses you again. “You're late,” she teases, “I was getting so lonely without you.”

You return her kisses. You move on top of her and wrap your hand around hers. It's wet. She giggles as you notice.

“I see you've been keeping yourself busy.”

“I had to do something while I waited for you to come home. I can't fall asleep until after I get a taste of you.”

You lift her red negligee up over her head and toss it onto the floor. Your tongue glides along her large breast and flicks against her nipple. You caress her thigh and feel her bare slit. Two fingers easily fit into her wet pussy. She only lightly purrs from your fingers; she's probably been fingering herself for the past 6 hours and is bored of it by now. You pull your fingers out of her and lick them, savoring the taste of your wife's juices. Reisen moans impatiently. “Hurry up and put it in me! I haven't even seen you since morning, so please don't tease me now.”

You obey. Your cock easily enters her tight pussy. She moans as your shaft pushes apart her walls. You slip your tongue into her mouth as you thrust into her hungry slit. She moans into your mouth with each thrust and tastes your tongue and lips. Her pent up sexual urges release themselves quickly, bringing her to a quick orgasm. You ejaculate into her as her vaginal walls tighten up on your cock.

You pull your dick out of Reisen and plop back down onto the bed. You're exhausted from working so long, but it seems your wife isn't done with you yet. “You're not done yet, are you? You've been gone all day so I want more than that. I'm not going to let you sleep until you cum inside me again.” She strokes your penis with her soft hands, trying to make it erect again. Not seeing any response, she traces the tip of your cock with her tongue in addition to her handjob. The pleasure from her slow caress is nearly excruciating, and your cock slowly returns to life.

You sit up and move behind Reisen. Grasping her waist for support, you thrust your dick back into her pussy. Her moans join the satisfying sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Her tight pussy squeezes your dick, and you ejaculate into her again as her moans join yours. You fall down onto the bed, fully exhausted from meeting her sexual demands.

“Ok, now we need to sleep. It's already too late for this.”

She gives you a light peck on the cheek. “Yeah. Good night, darling. Thank you for indulging my selfishness like this.” You both get under the covers. Reisen grabs onto your arm and holds it between her breasts as you both drift off to sleep.
Hey, not bad. We could use more shorts around here. A few more paragraphs of sex and some less generic action wouldn't have hurt.

You did a pretty good job with varying your sentence structure, though the longer ones got away from you sometimes. Try not to start as many sentences with pronouns.

I wouldn't mind seeing more from you.
Everyone, please join hands and send out a silent prayer to the thread on page 9 that had to die to make room for this.
Seconding this - it was a nice short story!
Thanks for posting it.
I'd love to read more!
File 132271183913.jpg - (157.83KB, 800x600 , 71e50223c390c17d62aa1c4846fd8eba.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone to love me
You know she makes me feel alright
Someone who needs me
Love me every single night

You wave goodbye from the window as your husband drives off to work. It's lonely with no one else in the house, but you accept that he needs to work. It'd be nice to be able to leave the house, but Master said you should remain at home until your treatment is finished. Plus, the people in this village might react strangely to your rabbit ears. Or your lack of human ears. Thankfully, this hasn't been a problem during any of your trips to Master's clinic.

You take out the dust rags. Cleaning helps occupy your day, and the work needed to clean your small house is nothing compared to your old workload at Eientei. Dusting takes under an hour, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor another half hour, washing the laundry and hanging it up to dry another hour. It's a little past noon now. You make yourself a nice big lunch before moving on to a handful of minor chores throughout the house.

With all the chores done you turn to lazier ways of passing time by turning on the television. There's usually something interesting on to help you pass the time. It's always entertaining to see other people's staged lives; not always as interesting as life in Gensokyo, but you've seen plenty of captivating dramas and comedies. You spend a few hours watching some dramas you follow.

Still a while before your husband comes home. You wish he were here with you. He'd run his hands through your long hair, plant kisses on your neck, grope your breasts, rub your thighs, lick your pussy... You softly moan as you imagine all the things he could do to you. Your hand found its way into your panties and has been rubbing your clit. Such a naughty hand, masturbating as you dream of your husband. Since you already started, you slide three fingers into your dripping pussy. Your slender fingers don't feel anything like your husband's, but they're good enough for now. You open up your shirt and massage your breasts as you pump your fingers. His hands feel so good against your hot body. His hands grope your breasts and move down your chest towards your pussy, lightly touching you as he traces your body. He rubs your waist and moves to your back, squeezing your ass. You can't hold it in any longer and orgasm, screaming your husband's name as his fingers fill your insides.

You lean back into the chair, your legs spread open, as you enjoy the afterglow of the orgasm. It's not enough. You're still horny and need something more than your fingers. You stand up and walk over to the cupboard where you keep your toys. You don't use them with your husband because you prefer his dick over the dull plastic, but they're still convenient to keep around. You bring the toys back to the chair.

You start with a ribbed vibrator. Without turning it on, you slowly push it inside of your dripping pussy. Each ridge opens your pussy further as it enters your body. With the vibrator fully inside of you, you turn it on to the lowest setting and moan as it comes to life, pulsating against your walls.

You grab the beads from the box and get down onto all fours. One by one you push the beads into your tight anus. You gasp each time your finger pushes the next bead deep inside your ass. You pause and catch your breath; you're going too fast. You're in danger of cumming before all of the beads are inside of you, and you won't be able to fully enjoy a filled anus if you don't slow down. You carefully push the next bead in and savor the feeling. The rest of the beads follow at the same pace. You stand up and take a few steps about the room. Your head swims from the pleasure of the vibrator in your pussy paired with the beads in your ass, each rubbing against your insides with each step.

You sit back down in the chair and turn the vibrator up to the medium setting. The vibrator's spasms send waves of pleasure throughout your body. You orgasm and immediately turn off the vibrator. Still not satisfied. You take the vibrator out of your pussy and put it into your mouth. You wrap your tongue along every ridge of the toy and clean your pussy juice off. The feeling of a large shaft in your mouth is pleasant but not enough to make you cum again. You reach back into the box and pull out a small egg vibrator. The other vibrator is “clean” now, so you take it out of your mouth and set it aside. You turn the egg vibrator on to the lowest setting and hold it underneath your clit. Any higher would be unbearable, as even the lowest setting forces you to moan out loud.

Your body is still sensitive from the earlier orgasms, so just the stimulation on your clit will make you cum again quickly. However, you plan to go all out. You get back onto all fours while still holding the vibrator up to your clit. Using your free hand, you grab onto the anal beads and pull the first one out. The hand on your clit falters from the pleasure as the bead pops out of your anus. You quickly move it back in place and pull two more beads out. Pop. Pop. Another two beads. Each bead is more intense than the previous as it leaves your body. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Four more. You can feel the orgasm building; you won't be able to take another burst. You pull out all of the beads and scream as you cum, the pleasure overwhelming you.

You regain consciousness and find yourself sprawled out on the floor. The egg vibrator isn't moving anymore, so you've been out for a while. You're finally satisfied. Now you just need to clean yourself up before your husband comes home.

Ok i'll admit, that was much better than the first one.
Definitely an improvement. Had more character than the last one. The writing could still use work, though.

Tenses and persons need to stay consistent. I understood what you were doing, but you should stick to one tense and start a new paragraph if you're going to switch to third person or anything like that.

Don't be so afraid to use commas, either. Linking some sentences together would have really improved the flow in some parts and gotten rid of some unnecessary pronouns. A related point is to try not to repeat the same words so much, especially at the beginnings of sentences. Look to the first few paragraphs for examples and try to keep that up through the whole thing.
>if you're going to switch to third person
What do you mean? I don't think I switched to a third person narrative anywhere. If I did it was a mistake. The closest I can see is the imagination segment, but isn't that consistent?

>A related point is to try not to repeat the same words so much, especially at the beginnings of sentences.
Yeah, I know. My problem is that I can't think of any way to convey action other than using a pronoun and a verb. I could add in descriptive sentences in between, but I've found that I don't really have the imagination to describe stuff like turning on a vibrator in a woman's vagina.
>third person
Yeah, I was talking about the fantasy segment. The transition from "your" to "his" was just a little abrupt, and it would have been better to start a new paragraph for that.

>trouble conveying action
The problem's not so much the content as how you present it. You do fine writing well-built sentences in normal scenes, and there’s no reason why you can’t apply the same techniques to sex scenes. You just need to find ways to structure your sentences so they don't all start the same way or follow the same pattern. For example, rewriting

>You carefully push the next bead in and savor the feeling. The rest of the beads follow at the same pace. You stand up and take a few steps about the room. Your head swims from the pleasure...

as something like

>You carefully push in the rest of the beads, savoring the feeling from each. With both holes full, you try standing up and taking a few steps around the room. The way the beads and vibrator rub against your insides with each movement makes your head swim with pleasure.

cuts down on repetition and sounds less stilted without adding much new content.
> it would have been better to start a new paragraph for that.
I didn't want to start a new paragraph there because I felt it belonged with the rest; it was one session. Breaking it up didn't feel proper, and it wasn't excessively long either.

>You just need to find ways to structure your sentences so they don't all start the same way or follow the same pattern.
Thanks for the example. I'll see if I can do something like that with the next post.
File 132442394339.png - (468.75KB, 636x892 , dabf86276fc01bb7128d3644818c0153.png) [iqdb]
Feel so happy since I met that girl
When we're making love
It's something out of this world
Feels so good to know that she's all mine
Gonna love that woman till the end of time

You've arrived at Dr. Yagokoro's clinic for your wife's routine checkup. No one is in the lobby when you enter, but that's not unusual. The village is too small for the clinic to really need a receptionist, and Dr. Yagokoro is probably in the back room. You need to let her know you've arrived, so you both head back to the examination room.

You open the door to the room and find Dr. Yagokoro in the middle – along with two men you don't recognize thrusting their exposed cocks into Dr. Yagokoro's naked body. Dr. Yagokoro notices you immediately and waves at the two of you. “Good morning! I'm still with these two gentlemen, but I'll be able to see you in a couple of minutes.” The two men realize that they have company and panic, pulling their cocks out. Dr. Yagokoro immediately becomes cross and yells at the two men. “Hey! You two still owe me seven minutes each. You can't stop just because it's time for my next appointment!” Both men freeze as she shouts, utterly confused by her indifference to your arrival. “Hurry up and put your dicks back into me before I make you go even longer.” She turns back to you. “Sorry about this, but you'll need to wait a bit before I can see you.”

You thank Dr. Yagokoro and walk back to the waiting room. The waiting room is empty except for the two of you, seats around the walls, and some magazines stacked on the table in the center. You each grab one of the magazines and flip through it. It's hardly quality reading material but it works to pass the time.

About ten minutes later one of the guys walks out of the examination room and approaches you. He's obviously embarrassed from being caught and is avoiding looking into your eyes. “Um, Dr. Ya- Yagokoro is ready to see you now, so um, please go in and see her.” He barely manages to enunciate his words. “Um, about what you saw, that was- we were just-” Reisen cuts him off before he can continue

“Thank you for telling us.” She flashes him a beautiful smile to try to reassure him, but he probably didn't even notice. “Don't worry about what we saw. We're used to Eirin doing that.” The man looks Reisen in the face for the first time, then looks up and notices her ears. He stares for a good second and mutters “Used to it?” under his breath a few times, then wanders out of the room. You ignore his confusion and return to the examination room. Dr. Yagokoro is standing in the middle, buttoning up a white coat on top of her underwear. You don't see the other man; presumably he found another exit to avoid confronting you.

“Good morning. Sorry about the delay. Please, have a seat, Udonge.” She motions your wife to sit on top of the exam table. Once your wife is seated Dr. Yagokoro bombards her with questions about her life, recording the answers down on her clipboard.

“How have you been feeling?” “Are you eating well?” “Good, good. Are you exercising?” “Besides that, dear.” “I see. You should try to do some indoor exercises every day. How big have your breasts gotten?” “Good, good. It seems they've finally stopped growing. Nice and big, I'm sure your husband loves that. How often do you masturbate?” “Do you use anything to assist you?” “How often do you have sex?” “Is sex ever painful?” “Is sex pleasurable?” “What's the kinkiest-”

“Now what does all this have to do with anything? Is this really necessary, Doctor? These questions are getting ridiculous.” Both girls look at you in surprise. Reisen seems to be completely OK with the questions; it seems you're the only one embarrassed by the discussion of your private sex acts.

“These are perfectly legitimate questions. It is necessary for me to learn as much as I can about your living conditions since I usually only see you two once a month. And sexual questions are the most important, given the nature of Udonge's treatment. Since I can't see you two at your home I need to fill in the gaps of my knowledge with questions. Unless you'd prefer if I moved in with the two of you so I could watch you two go at it.” Dr. Yagokoro winks at you as she makes her little joke. You hope it's a joke.

“Uh, no thanks.” She's hard enough to deal with during these checkups. “I guess some questions are necessary, so-”

“Well, I've already gotten answers to everything I need.” Phew, she's not going to finish asking that last question. “Now we need to move on to the physical. Udonge, take off your clothes.” Reisen complies, not seeing any problem stripping in front of this pervert. Dr. Yagokoro circles around Reisen and takes notes. “Stand, please.” She walks around Reisen one more time and stops behind her. Holding the clipboard in one hand, she glides her free hand around Reisen's buttocks and gives her ass a firm squeeze. You glare at her, but she ignores you. “Wonderful. You have a healthy tail and a nice, firm ass. Very pleasant to the touch. Sit, please.”

Dr. Yagokoro puts down her clipboard and cups Reisen's breasts with her hands. “Big and firm. Nice, very nice.” She moves her hands to the front of Reisen's tits and squeezes them, smiling as she enjoys the size. She pinches one of her nipples. “You have such cute pink nipples too, Udonge. Are you still lactating? Well, only one way to find out.” Without waiting for a response she takes a nipple into her mouth and sucks on it. Reisen is doing her best to suppress her moans, but it's obvious she's feeling it.

“Would you please stop molesting my wife, Doctor?” They've always been close but this is in no way an examination.

Dr. Yagokoro breaks her lips away from your wife's nipple but doesn't remove her hand from the other breast. A small bit of milk is visible on her lips as she turns to face you. “How rude. I am a doctor, not some random pervert. This is a legitimate examination of your wife's body for her benefit and your own, not mine. Please do not make such baseless accusations in the future.”

“Uh, Doctor? You have some semen leaking out of you from your last client.”

“What? Dammit, these panties are supposed to hold that in!” She pulls away from Reisen and lifts up her white coat, exposing her lacy black panties. “Hey! There isn't any leaking!”

“You still looked, Ms. Professional. Now will you stop molesting my wife?”

“Humph. Fine. I got all the info I needed. Let me just write it down and we'll move on.” She picks up the clipboard and starts writing again. “'Patient has great tits.' Now it's time for your physical, Mr. Mood-killer.” She points her pen at you for emphasis. Considering her idea of a “physical,” you don't want any part of it.

“I think I'll pass. We're here for Reisen, not me.”

“Oh, but we can't forget about you. Reisen isn't the only one who had a boost to their assets.” She walks towards you, but you back away at the same pace. Reisen stands up and walks towards you, still naked. “So you really do need a physical. Udonge, restrain him.”

“Yes, Master,” she calls out as she slips behind you and wraps her arms around your shoulder, locking you in place. Eirin walks up to you and bends over, peering at your crotch.

“Wha- Reisen! Unhand me!” You struggle, but you're no match for Reisen's strength and can't budge.

“Oh, quit your babying.” Dr. Yagokoro looks up at you as she speaks. She's still crouched down next to your crotch, which also gives you a view of her huge tits pushed together in her black bra. “You do need to be examined. I haven't done this on any of the previous visits because I know you're uncomfortable with this kind of thing, which makes this all the more important. Even if I am going to molest you.” She even admits it, the damned pervert!

“Calm down, please. Master does need to examine you. I know how you feel, but Master is a doctor. Just let her examine your cock already, it's not a big deal and I'm even giving you permission.” You can't tell if she's just playing along with Dr. Yagokoro or actually believes she's doing this for a real examination. Either way, you stop your futile struggling. Dr. Yagokoro immediately pulls down your pants, freeing your erect dick. You're loathe to admit it, but seeing this pervert play with your wife did turn you on.

Dr. Yagokoro wraps her hand around your shaft. She gives it a single pump with her soft hand and holds it still. Her other hand caresses your testicles, her fingers lightly pressing against both. Your cock betrays you and twitches in response to her caress. “Good. Not feeling anything odd on your balls, and your cock has reached a nice size. It looks like there were no ill effects.” She was actually examining you? Maybe you were wrong about - “Now to make you cum” - or not.

She rapidly pumps her hand along your shaft. Despite your reluctance a moan escapes your lips. Her hand is too soft to resist, so all you can do is try to not think about when your semen will end up. She releases your balls and holds her other hand in front of your tip to catch your load. You ejaculate soon after, spraying a large amount of cum onto her hand.

Dr. Yagokoro takes her cum-stained hand below her nose and deeply inhales your scent. “Ahh, the invigorating odor of a healthy man's semen. I could certainly get used to this. Udonge, you can let him go now. Would you like to have his cum?”

“Of course, Master. I would love to.” Reisen releases you and walks over to Dr. Yagokoro. She grabs her Master's hand and brings it up to her lips, then slurps the pool of cum from Dr. Yagokoro's hand. Not content to leave any behind, she glides her tongue along the entirety of Dr. Yagokoro's hand. Her tongue wraps around the doctor's fingers, then travels up her wrist to get the small amount that overshot. Your wife drinking your cum is certainly preferable to letting Dr. Yagokoro keep some of your semen.

“That concludes the examination. I'd like to discuss things with you individually now. Please, follow me.” She beckons for you to follow her into the side room. You close the door behind you and sit down opposite her. “So how is life with my little Udongein? She seems to be doing fine through the treatment. You haven't seen any unusual behavior, correct?”

“No, nothing. Just her large appetite for sex, but that's expected. She's a lovely woman and a joy to be around. She seems to be holding up well given the near-complete isolation she's in.”

“Good. You two make a nice couple. Make sure you give her plenty of attention when you're around her. It's necessary to distance yourself from her somewhat with your job so she learns to cope with being alone, just make sure you spoil her every once in a while to help make up for it. Never forget that she is a deeply troubled individual.”

“One more thing, Dr. Yagokoro. I know you set the two of us up, and I'm grateful for that, but could you please stop making so many advances towards my wife? Or myself?”

“You're so boring.” She frowns and then sighs. “You have such a nice cock now but no interest in sticking it in me, despite my great figure and huge tits. They're bigger than your wife's, for your information.”

“Yes, yes, your tits are fantastic. But I'm married. I love Reisen so I want to stay faithful to her.”

“I doubt she would mind. We were very close at Eientei. I'm the one that trained her and taught her everything she knows about sex, after all. Ah, that was such fun. Spreading open her pussy lips with my long fingers, gently flicking her clit with my tongue, keeping her on the edge of orgasm for hours...” She stares off dreamily into the distance for a while, then composes herself. “Ahem. But yes, I'm sure she's very open to sharing you, at least with me. I'll need to return to Eientei someday, and I can't play around like this while attending to the Princess. You may think it unprofessional of me to act like this, but I do intend to have as much sex as I can while staying here. If it helps you any, don't think of me as a professional, just a vacationer that also treats people.”

“I'll keep that in mind, Doctor.”

“And that's another thing. I just gave you a handjob! I think we're close enough now that you could call me Eirin.”

“No thank you, Doctor Yagokoro. Unless there's something else, I'll go ask my wife to come in now.”

She sighs again and sends you off. She's such a hopeless pervert. You walk back to the examination room, where Reisen is sitting on the table, idly kicking her legs into the air to pass the time. You tell her to see Dr. Yagokoro and take her place on the table. Not much else to do in here, so you take her place in idly kicking your legs into the air. Several minutes later both women come out of the room. Reisen's hair is disheveled and Dr. Yagokoro has a suspiciously large smile on her face. Damn that lecherous doctor.

“That's it for today. I'll see you again in a month if nothing urgent comes up. Will you be paying with cash, check, or 15 minutes with me?”

“Check, please.”

“You're no fun. I even have these special energy drinks that'll keep you active and erect for the entire duration!”


Man, you're just helping me dislike Eirin even more now.

Anyways, definitely a lot better, and it looks like you took their advice to heart. Good update!
Nice, though I was hoping for some angry sex between the MC and Eirin.
Good improvement. Still seeing a few things repeated within sentences of each other, but it's much better than before.

I'd say my main complaint with this one was that it overplayed the "perverted Eirin" angle. You probably could've gotten the same ideas across without Eirin talking about sex at every turn or the MC calling her a pervert every three lines.
File 132651259735.jpg - (1.12MB, 1414x2000 , 7075196651b55f20db759bed8ca3101f.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone to live for
Love me till the end of time
Makes me feel happy
Good to know that she's all mine

The smell of breakfast cooking wakes you. Glancing at the clock, you discover that it's late into the morning. Reisen probably slipped out of bed without waking you a few hours ago. Not a surprise, as you were at work late and came home to Reisen waiting for you. You put on a robe and walk out of the bedroom.

Reisen is in the kitchen, cooking in front of the stove. She's wearing her favorite apron; white with a cute rabbit face on the front. She softly hums to herself as she stirs one of the pots.


“Good morning! Breakfast will be ready soon.”

“Shouldn't you be wearing something more appropriate while cooking?”

“I'm wearing an apron. Isn't that appropriate?”

“I meant something under the apron.”

“Why? Don't you like my naked ass?” She gives her butt a little shake.

“Oh, don't worry. I love your ass. I'm just concerned about distractions.”

You reach into her apron and cup her breast with one hand and use the other to brush against her fluffy tail. You give her a nice big hug with your hands on her tits. Since she's only wearing an apron her soft skin presses against your chest. She turns her head to the side, letting you kiss her on the lips.

“Distractions, huh? I can see how that could be bad.” She takes a wide step away from you and brushes off your hands. “The food's almost done, so let me finish. You can distract me during breakfast.” She shoos you away from the stove and resumes cooking. You head to the bathroom to wash your face before breakfast.

When you return, Reisen is putting the last of the dishes onto the table. Reisen brings out an empty cup for you as you sit down at the table. “Would you like some milk?”

“Of course. Thank you.”

She pulls her breasts out of her apron and leans over the glass, placing both nipples directly above the glass. Her fresh milk slowly fills the cup as she squeezes her breasts. “I'd like a bit more, actually,” you say after the cup is filled. Without giving her a chance to say anything, you grab Reisen's tits and suck on both nipples. She moans softly in pleasure, the stimulation from your mouth much greater than from milking herself. You pull away from her breasts after taking in a mouthful of her creamy milk. She doesn't pull her apron back up and just leaves her tits exposed.

More dishes pile up in front of you. Reisen suddenly sits on your lap before you can ask what she's doing. Her long hair and bare skin brush against your body through your robe as she leans back to look at you. She's grinning.

“Reisen? What are you doing?”

She reaches into your robe and pulls out your erect cock. “I'm distracting you, of course.” Her thighs envelop your cock as she taunts you. “Now it's time to eat,” she says while slowly moving her thighs along your dick.

Eat? Like this? With your wife's ass so close to your crotch? With her soft thighs covering and stroking your hard cock? With her plump tits hanging out, begging to be grabbed? You'll just have to compromise.

You squeeze her tit with one hand and use your chopsticks with the other. You move your hand down to her pussy and lightly stroke her clit. She retaliates by grinding her pussy against your shaft. The sudden stimulation causes you to lose your grip on your chopsticks, and you drop them onto Reisen's lap. The rice you were holding falls and lands on Reisen's breasts. Reisen picks up the chopsticks for you, but leaves the rice for you to deal with. There's only one way to take care of this.

You lower your head to her breasts and lick the rice spread across her tits. Your tongue mostly just spreads the grains around while only picking up a few, not that this is a problem since it means more time spent buried in your wife's tits. The rice slowly leaves her body as you kiss and lick the tops of her tits. Each touch makes her squirm in your lap and she grinds her pussy against your cock. You both resume eating once you pick up the last grain of rice off of her. Reisen continues to grind against your cock and you resume cupping her tits.

You pick up your glass of milk and at the same time Reisen goes to grab some rice, but her arm bumps yours and knocks over your milk. The creamy liquid spills over the table before you can react. “Shit! Get the towels!” Reisen jumps off your lap before you finish cursing and runs to get the towels. You pick up the tipped over glass before any more can spill out. It's almost empty, with only a sliver of milk remaining at the bottom. What a waste. You rush to pick up the laptop and the papers scattered across the table before they get wet.

Reisen returns with a heap of towels clutched against her chest. You take half of them from her and both of you work to clean up the mess before any more damage can be done. Throwing several of the towels onto the mess stops it from flowing, letting you and Reisen carefully wipe down the rest. Once the table is clean you both sit down at the table – in your own chairs.

“OK, that didn't work out.”

“Yeah,” you agree. You drink the small bit of milk you saved in the cup. It's only a taste but it's still better than nothing. The accident killed the mood, but at least Reisen is still giving you a magnificent view of her tits. You finish breakfast with no other sexual shenanigans.

You return to your room to get dressed for work. You aren't on a tight schedule because you worked so late last night, but the sooner you get in the sooner you can come back to a lovely dinner with your wife.

Reisen sees you to the door as you're about to leave. She gives you a kiss on the lips as she undoes your belt with one hand.

“I can't let you leave without properly saying goodbye,” she says as she gets down on her knees. She opens up your pants and takes your cock out, then kisses it on the tip. Her hands wrap around your cock, slowly stroking it until it grows erect. She swallows your cock and runs her tongue along the bottom of your shaft. You're still sensitive from breakfast, so you quickly ejaculate into Reisen's eager mouth. She licks the tip to clean off the remainder of your semen and swallows the entire load.

“Delicious. But it's not enough. You don't need to hurry, right? Please put your dick in me.” She gets down on all fours and sticks her ass up, giving you a clear view of her bare pussy and anus. Even if you were in a hurry, you'd stop and make time for her. You rub your cock against her slit. She's already soaked. “No, not there. My ass, please. You haven't given me anal in a while.” You give her pussy a single light thrust to coat your shaft in her juices, then move up to her anus.

You slowly push your cock into her anus. Her walls tightly constrict your shaft, but her experienced hole slowly lets you in. She moans in pleasure as your cock fills up her anus. You pause as your cock reaches the depths of her anus, giving it time to relax itself. You start moving, causing Reisen to moan even louder. Her tightness is unbearable, and you quickly cum inside of her again. The warm semen flooding her anus brings out her orgasm and she falls onto the floor, unable to put any strength into her arms to support her weight. You pull your cock out of her ass and put your pants back on.

“So good... Thank you, dear. Have a good day at work.” It's almost comical to see her try to send you off while laying flat on the floor, wearing nothing but an apron, and with a bit of cum leaking out of her ass. You get down on the floor and pick her up. You lightly place her on the couch and kiss her on the forehead. She's already recovering and opens her arms wide, inviting you to hug her. You do so, and she uses you to support herself and stands up again. She's still a little unsteady but seems to be fine.

But now you really need to leave. You say goodbye to your wife and walk out the door.
There isn't as much to discuss when there aren't any votes, but I liked it. Hope you can keep it up.
More please!
I love Reisen.

(Here's to hoping there'll be cuddling after the return from work)
Sorry, no cuddling planned for the next update.

Maybe when I get to the flashback about how the MC met Reisen.
File 132769433664.jpg - (1.09MB, 1800x1451 , 0e503bb680be639c4d75f9003643b09f.jpg) [iqdb]
Lovely lady
Make love all night long
Lovely lady
Never do me no wrong

Reisen is in your arms, carried bridal style to your room. You place her on the bed and climb on top of her. Her shirt is already opened, exposing her bra, and her eyes are filled with lust. Your hand meets hers as deeply kiss her and you intertwine your fingers with hers. Your tongue brushes against hers and you break the kiss. You sit up and unhook your wife's bra, freeing her large breasts. She retaliates by unbuttoning your shirt and pushes you down onto the bed. She buries her face in your chest and plants kisses all over your chest. Her long ears brush against your face as she moves across your chest.

Reisen breaks away from your chest and moves down to your hips. She unzips and pulls down your pants, freeing your throbbing erection. You can't wait any longer to enter her, and judging by her breathing she's as anxious as you. She lays back against the bed and spreads her legs, inviting you in. You deftly push up her skirt and pull her panties off her left leg, leaving the frilly garment dangling on her foot. Her pussy is soaked, eagerly awaiting your shaft. You rub your cock against her slit briefly to coat it in her juices before slamming your cock into her depths.

Her moans fill the room as your cock pushes open her walls. Each thrust fills your body with her warmth. The tight walls of her pussy squeeze your cock, but her lubrication makes entering her easy. Reisen grips the bedsheets as the pleasure begins to overwhelm her. You're past your limit already and fill her greedy pussy with your seed as the two of you moan from your orgasm.

Reisen only spends a few moments basking in the afterglow before sitting up and moving towards your still-erect cock. Her soft hand runs along your shaft as she slowly licks and savors the semen and pussy juice from your tip. Her tongue slowly covers the entirety of your tip and then swallows your entire length into her mouth, sucking off the juices coating your shaft. Your cock pushes into the depths of her throat with each bob of her head. She pulls away from your cock just before you orgasm and you spray your thick cum all over her face. She wipes the semen off her lips and the base of her nose onto her hand, leaving most of it still on her face, and then licks her hand clean.

She's not finished with you yet. She gets down on her knees, sticking her ass out towards you. Grabbing onto her waist for support, you slowly push your dick into her anus. It's much tighter than her vagina, but with the coating of saliva and sexual juices you manage to get it in. Reisen can only moan weakly, her body overwhelmed by the stimulation caused by the cock in her ass. Once you reach the depths of her asshole you slowly pull out and back in. She's far too tight to thrust any faster, but from her reaction she doesn't need it. She screams as you ejaculate and fill her anus with another load of semen.

You pull your cock out of Reisen and lie back on the bed. You're tired from ejaculating 3 times in such a short period, even if your cock is still hard. Unfortunately Reisen doesn't share your exhaustion and is still lusting after your dick. She climbs on top of you and resumes kissing your chest and rubs her nipples against your body. Some of the semen rubs off her face and onto your chest, giving her a nice treat to lick up. She finishes with your chest and envelops your cock into her cleavage. She holds her breasts together and bounces them up and down along your cock, covering it with her soft skin. The weight of her tits feels like it's crushing your dick, making her cleavage much tighter than her pussy. She kisses and licks the tip of your cock as her breasts envelop the shaft, slowly flicking her tongue along the glans. The pressure from her tits brings you over the edge, and you spray another load of semen onto her face and tits.

Your cock is still hard. Due to Dr. Yagokoro's “enhancements”, your cock can stay hard for several sessions. This allows it to keep up with your wife, but the rest of your body isn't as lively. You don't know the specifics of what Dr. Yagokoro did to you to make your body produce semen on demand, only that it's exhausting and probably not good for you. Seemingly oblivious to your fatigue, Reisen mounts you and lowers herself onto your cock. She grinds her hips down against yours, forcing your cock to touch her depths. The pleasure from her pussy rubbing against your cock gets the better of you, and you start matching her rhythm and thrusting into her wet cunt. You orgasm and again fill her pussy with a full load of your cum.

Reisen pulls off of your cock, several globs of semen spilling out from her cunt. She grabs your cum-soaked cock and brings it toward her opened mouth. She swallows your -

“Reisen.” She looks up at you with your cock in her mouth as you interrupt her. “It's time to stop for tonight. I already came five times today. I'm past my limit.” Reisen releases your cock. Almost all of the semen is gone already.

“Are you sure you can't go just one more round? I really want to feel you inside of me. Just five times isn't enough to sate my lust. I feel like I'm burning up.”

“Sorry, but I can't. I'm past my limit already.” She seems disappointed by your response, but still smiles at you.

“OK. I understand, honey. We'll stop for today.” She leans over and kisses you on the cheek, then stands up and turns off the light. “Let's go to sleep now. I'm sorry for needing so much.”

She crawls back into bed and you hug her. “It's alright. Having sex with you every day is wonderful, so don't feel bad.”

Even though she wanted to keep going, Reisen must have worn herself out as well, as she falls asleep immediately. Despite claiming her body was burning up with desire, she now sleeps calmly in your arms. Her body is still hot and sweaty but there is no other evidence of her unusual lust. You close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

You're certainly going to be sore tomorrow.
So, basically, Reisen needs a lot of sex?
I approve!

I also like the image of carrying Reisen, bridal-style, to the bedroom.
That was nice!

Keep up the good work.
I saw a lot of potential, but it seems like the writing quality slipped a bit compared to the last update. You did pretty good cutting down on repetition, but you needed to do just a little more.

The whole scene felt a little rushed, too. From the way it's written, it seems like every sex act lasts less than a minute. Even if this actually was the case, it would have been nice if you'd given us a better idea of how fast or slow things were moving.

(You might want to visit #touhouporn, too. The guys there would probably like to meet you.)
>From the way it's written, it seems like every sex act lasts less than a minute.
I'm not quite sure how to lengthen them. Simply stating something like "You thrust your cock into Reisen's pussy for 10 minutes and then cum" just seem off to me, but if I try to actually lenghen the sessions I run out of material. Should I go with the explicit durations or is it better to leave that ambiguous?
think of what might happen during the act itself, as often in sex, there's more going on than the cock going in and out of the pussy.

the folks in #touhouporn could think of various suggestions in that area.
I can think of two ways to make your sex seem longer.

First, you can put it in the background for a while. Have a few sentences establishing what's going on and how it feels, and then focus on something else for a while. You could have your MC penetrate Reisen and then have them kiss for a while and maybe throw in some dialogue, with a reminder here and there that they're still doing it. The images you present to your reader still have the sex attached, but you're not actually describing the sex.

The other trick is to use line breaks to spread the action out. If all of your anal is compressed into one paragraph, the reader blows through it and moves on to the next part, but if you just split a block of action into two paragraphs and then put the orgasm at the start of a third, it kind of seems like it was more involved. You might need to write an extra sentence or two this way, but the break can help generate ideas and an extra sentence will have more impact if it fleshes out a small paragraph rather than extending an already-cumbersome one.
File 13288418124.jpg - (840.81KB, 1000x728 , 27c20a8c777942022d9bb3e9df93c2f1.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't wanna leave you!
I never wanna leave you!
Anymore no more

“I'm so sorry!” Near tears, Reisen bursts out another apology as you wait for Dr. Yagokoro. She's been blaming herself and apologizing to you ever since you woke up in extreme pain from last night's lovemaking session. Unable to get out of bed due to the pain and overall exhaustion, Reisen had to practically carry you down to Dr. Yagokoro's clinic.

“Please don't feel bad,” you say as you hug her. She's sitting next to you so fortunately this doesn't require much movement on your part. “It's not your fault. A little pain is worth being able to be with you. If you need to have sex, I'm here for you. I'm the one that can't keep up, so I should be the one to apologize.” It's your duty to keep your wife satisfied; your penis may be up to it, but the rest of your body isn't.

“I've finished preparing. You can come in now.” Dr. Yagokoro walks in from the examination room and beckons for you to come in. Reisen helps you stand and offers you her shoulder. With most of your weight on Reisen's body you're able to walk, albeit slowly. Dr. Yagokoro notices your predicament and offers assistance. “Do you need any help?” You turn down her offer; the pace is slow but you're able to make it. She does hold the door open for you as you hobble into the room. Reisen guides you to a chair in the middle of the room, then takes her own. Dr. Yagokoro remains standing and asks what happened.

“We had too much sex last night. We just kept going at it, and when I woke up this morning I could barely move. Thanks to those pills you gave me my dick was able to last, but the rest of my body couldn't keep up.”

“And how many times did you ejaculate yesterday?”

“Let's see. I think it was six times last night. Twice in the evening after I came home from work, and three or four times in the morning.”

“Four times in the morning. I also gave you a blowjob later in the evening, so that's three.”

“So a total of thirteen times. That's certainly impressive. Is that usual for you two?”

“No, we usually only do it about 5 times a day. Reisen was, well, she was just hornier yesterday than usual.” You don't know why Reisen was so horny, or why she mentioned feeling like she was burning up with desire. It's likely even she doesn't know why. She frowns at your answer but doesn't say anything in response.

“Here, drink this.” Dr. Yagokoro picks a flask up from the table and hands it to you. It's filled with some liquid that seems harmless enough; no frightening odor or anything. You certainly trust Dr. Yagokoro's skill with medicine, but not her sense of discretion. “It's an energy drink,” she says, sensing your unease. “You're exhausted. You didn't eat anything before coming down here, did you?” She's right, you didn't. You were in such a panic when you woke up that Reisen brought you to the clinic immediately. You take the flask and drink the contents in one gulp. It's disgustingly sweet but you manage to swallow it all. It doesn't take long to feel the early effects; after a few minutes your lethargy is almost completely gone.

“Feeling better? Good. One more thing to do. I'll need to move you into the other room and have you lie down in there. But first,” Dr. Yagokoro picks up a box from the top of a shelf and opens it on the floor. Inside is a massive collection of dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, anal beads, nipple clamps, and other various sex toys. “Udonge, you're going to need to let out some of your sexual energy, so please use these until you're completely satisfied. Doctor's orders.” Reisen reaches into the box and pulls out a large ribbed dildo, obviously impressed with the size and variety of her master's collection. She stands up and removes her panties in a single motion, but Dr. Yagokoro interrupts her. “Ah, not yet, not yet. Don't start until I get this guy out of here. I don't want you two to get aroused and fuck each other until one of you dies.”

With that, Dr. Yagokoro walks you out into the other room. Thanks to that drink you're somewhat able to stand but you're still forced to use her arm for support. She guides you to the side room where an examination bench is prepared for you. Per her instructions you lay down on the bench, face up. She picks up a jar and unscrews the top, revealing that it is filled with some white cream. “Alright, take off your pants.”

“What? I can't do that!” And you were hoping she wasn't going to pull any of her usual molestation attempts today.

“Oh right, that would be difficult for you since you're injured. Allow me.” She puts down the jar and unzips your pants. You try to sit up and stop her but a burst of pain overwhelms you. Dr. Yagokoro frowns at you as you groan in pain and pushes you back down. “Just lie still and let me take care of this. You're injured so you need to rest.” With that she pulls off your pants, leaving your dick exposed.

She takes a handful of cream and rubs it on your pelvic area, but skips your penis. The cream itself is cold but as it connects with your skin you feel heat spreading through your lower body. Dr Yagokoro's soft hands continue to rub the cream along your skin and occasionally brush against your penis, but surprisingly she isn't doing anything outright sexual despite your helplessness. After a minute of rubbing she wipes off her hands with a towel and seals the jar. “There. Just let that sit for about an hour and you'll be fine. You'll still need to rest, but this will take care of the pain and let you walk around freely. In the mean time, I need to check up on Udonge. Can I trust you to sit still until I say you can move, or do I need to strap you down?”

“I'll behave.”

“Good.” She walks off towards where Reisen is still masturbating, not that you can see or hear any of it. Or see or hear much of anything. The room you're in is quite spartan and has no interesting sights, just some neatly arranged medical equipment, clipboards, and the like. You can't stand up to look closer at anything and due to your remaining lethargy you don't even feel like drumming your fingers against the table. With nothing to do you close your eyes and rest. Time certainly drags when there is absolutely nothing to do.

Dr. Yagokoro returns after about forty minutes. That cream she put on you certainly works; the pain transformed into a dull ache and slowly disappeared while you were waiting. You could probably stand up and run around the room without any problems, however she hasn't yet told you to stand so it's probably not time. “How are you feeling,” she asks, facing you with a clipboard in hand.

“Much better. Thank you, that stuff certainly works.”

“Glad to hear it. Sit still for a bit longer and you'll be set. Until then, we need to talk.”

“I asked Udonge about her unusual sex drive last night. She has no idea why she never became satisfied. I asked her about many things; what she did yesterday, if anything was troubling her, if she was excited or anxious about anything. I'm no psychologist but there didn't seem to be anything unusual with her. She doesn't have any unusually strong feelings towards anything that could have trigger this episode. It simply happened.”

“That's good, right? There's no problem then?”

“No, that's very bad. It means it occurred spontaneously and could occur again. She seems to be fine now, meaning it also ended spontaneously, but with no known cause there's nothing I can do to prevent or predict any future incidents or do anything to mitigate the effects. I certainly mean no offense but your body isn't anywhere near as durable or strong as hers. In addition to being a Lunarian she was also a trained soldier. She would never do anything to intentionally harm you but her mental instability means that she's not in complete control of her body. Thanks to the treatment her instability is at least simpler to deal with. Rather than the myriad of problems a normal sufferer would experience Udonge just desires sexual pleasure.”

“So is there nothing that can be done to cure her?”

“Cure? Who knows. I expect that over the years her body should stabilize from a combination of the treatment and just naturally forgetting her painful memories. If that happens her sex drive should go down and she won't need you to fuck her five times a day to remain sane. Not that this would stop you if you just want to have sex, of course, it just wouldn't be necessary. On the other hand she might just naturally get worse and have episodes like last night's more often. All I can do is help after the fact if something does go wrong. And given that they're so taxing on your body it will be a serious problem if these episodes occur close together. I think it may be necessary to have Udonge have sex with oth-”

“No.” You don't let her finish. Dr. Yagokoro simply stares at you. “Reisen is my wife. It's my duty to take care of her and my weakness that caused this in the first place. But I'll address her every need from now on.”

She sighs. “Fine, whatever. You don't need to be so adamant about refusing help. It's one thing to want your sexy wife all to yourself, but I sincerely hope you don't plan on refusing all help. Even without my attempts to get into both of your pants I do care for both of you. I'll help in any way I can, even if I don't get to taste my little Udongein again. Which I'd certainly love to do. So can't I help out by -”


“What about a thre-”


“Aw, you're no fun. My tits are still bigger than her's too!” She pushes up her massive tits to emphasize them. Indeed, they are bigger than your wife's. You suspect that she deliberately stopped increasing Reisen's bust to keep it under her own size. “I know you like 'em big. I'm not lactating though, since that'd just be a chore for me.” She smiles coyly and leans towards you, presenting a view of her cleavage. “I know from experience you love my tits. You certainly didn't have any complaints about my body when we first met. You loved thrusting that dick of yours into my dripping cunt. Don't you want to do it again, now that your cock is even bigger?”

“Could you please not remind me of that?” You're trying hard to not raise your voice or get noticeably angry, but she's certainly trying your patience. “And this is hardly the time for that.”

She immediately stops her advance and straightens up. “Your wife is fine. There's nothing more I can do for her or for you, so this is a perfect time. You're simply too serious. Your wife would not mind you sleeping with me and we both know it. If anything she'd want to join in.”

You really don't want to deal with her right now. “What about me? Is there anything I can do to help Reisen?”

“Nothing specific or guaranteed, no. I'd say spend more time with her, but from what I've gathered you're together whenever you're off work. It might be beneficial to take a few days off work to spend with her. Maybe take her out on a date, just make sure she wears her hat. Don't overdue time off though. I know it's cruel and that you don't like to think about it, but you shouldn't let her get accustomed to you always being around, for her sake. You aren't going to be around forever.” Indeed, that is something you hate thinking about. But the future is far away, and you have a life to live with Reisen now.

You walk back to the examination room with Dr. Yagokoro. Reisen is on the floor and is naked with a large vibrator in her ass and egg vibrators attached to her clit and nipples. She's holding onto a red ribbed dildo and is thrusting it into and out of her cunt. Two small puddles of milk have formed on the ground from her lactation. She's facing away from you and thus hasn't noticed that you are watching her masturbation. Her breath is rough and she moans with every movement of the dildo. With a deep thrust of the dildo she achieves another orgasm and falls against the floor, losing the strength in her arms as she cums. She only spends a few seconds sprawled on the floor before sitting up again, preparing to resume thrusting the dildo into her eager pussy.

“Udonge, that's enough for now.” Reisen looks back and notices you two after Dr. Yagokoro interrupts her. “Take the dildo out of your vagina, but leave the rest in place.” She turns to face you. “I'm going to need you to have sex with your wife. Nothing extensive, you only need to ejaculate once into her vagina. I need to witness how you perform together. Are you feeling up to it now, or do we need to schedule some time in the next few days?” You nod; you feel perfectly fine even though you're sure you haven't recovered completely. It would be an unusual request coming from anyone else, but for once Dr. Yagokoro's requests have a legitimate purpose.

You quickly strip and get behind Reisen. Your cock is already hard from watching her masturbate so fervently. Grabbing onto her hips, you plunge your dick into her depths. She moans as you scrape against her walls; her masturbation left her very sensitive, causing her to shiver with even the slightest movement inside of her. The double penetration from your dick and the vibrator in her ass must be driving her crazy with pleasure.

You lean forward and press your chest against her back as you continue to thrust into her drenched pussy. You plant kisses along the back of her neck and shoulder, using a tiny bit of tongue on her skin with each. You reach down and cup both her tits with your hands, dislodging the two vibrators as you squeeze her huge breasts. Both tits are glistening with her sweat and milk, providing a nice lubricant for your caresses.

Reisen grinds her hips against yours, pushing your cock deeper into her pussy. Your thrusts overwhelm her, and her pussy clenches down on your dick as she orgasms. You join her orgasm, filling her pussy with your semen. You pull your cock and the vibrators out of her after basking in the orgasm for a bit. Tired, but thankfully not exhausted, you sit down on the floor to rest.

“Good, good. A satisfying performance. Not that I expected anything different; you've been with Udonge for almost a year now so I'm sure she's taught you plenty. Nonetheless, Udonge, you should masturbate more often to avoid situations like this.” She turns back towards you. “Make sure you rest up. I'm assuming you took today off of work; take tomorrow off as well and just rest. You can have Udonge bring you breakfast in bed to help you rest. I recommend having her dress up as a maid for the occasion. Actually, that's a wonderful idea. Do it, Udonge. Doctor's orders. And send pictures as well, I want to -”

“Thank you, Doctor. I'll be sure to rest.” And to make Reisen dress up like a maid, although you aren't going to mention this to Dr. Yagokoro. She's certainly not getting any pictures out of this. Dr. Yagokoro looks upset at being interrupted as she was going off on a perverted tangent but doesn't try to argue.

“Good. I'll see you again in two weeks for our monthly checkup. Hopefully nothing will come up before then. Goodbye.”
File 133047499144.png - (812.11KB, 900x1300 , 36b40f9c72a7ba9271a3dfbb953cb071.png) [iqdb]
Lovely lady
Mystifying eyes
Lovely lady
She don't tell me no lies

You first met Reisen about a year and a half ago. At the time you lived alone in a small apartment in town. The two hour commute to and from your office job ate up a lot of your time, plus there wasn't much to do in this small town. Among the things you ignored due to your lack of free time was your health; you hadn't been to see any doctors since you moved out of your parents' house. When you heard about a new clinic opening within walking distance of your apartment, you decided it was finally time to visit a doctor.

You went down to the clinic the next weekend. It took a while to find the place; it wasn't clearly marked from the outside and was a lot smaller than you expected. Upon entering the building you could easily see how new the place was. Other than a large number of empty cabinets behind the receptionist's desk and a single set of chairs there was no furniture in the room. There were only two other people that you could see, both women. The first was sitting behind the receptionist's desk with her head buried in paperwork. The second was dusting in the opposite corner of the room. She had her back towards you, so all you could see of her was her long hair and a hat covering her head.

Both girls ignored you until you walked up to the receptionist. Hearing your approach she looked up to face you and took off her reading glasses. “May I help you?”

Once you could see her face you realized that she was quite the beauty. Her face was immaculate and her dark gray eyes stared at you with surprising depth. However what really drew your attention was her breasts. In addition to being bigger than any you've seen before her odd blue and red dress had the top two buttons undone, giving you a nice view of her massive cleavage. Her unprofessional attire surprised you, but you did your best to avoid gawking at her tits, no matter how tempting they were.

“Yeah, I called a few days ago and set up an appointment. Name's ...”

“Ah yes. We're ready for you now. Come with me. Udongein, please take over this paperwork for now.” The other girl turned to face you – or rather to face the receptionist. Nonetheless you were able to get a good look at her face. Like the receptionist she was quite the looker. Lovely long legs, beautiful hair, and a cute face. Her hat and short skirt seem out of place in a doctor's office but no more so than the huge pair of tits. At least this place is staffed with cute women.

The woman led you into another room. Like the waiting room it was mostly bare but still had the basic necessities. The receptionist grabbed a white coat hanging from the wall and picked up a clipboard. “Now, you're just here for a checkup, correct? How long has it been since you last saw a doctor?”

“Wait, you're the doctor?”

“Of course I am. We're short on staff so I have to perform multiple duties. I suppose I should introduce myself if I'm going to be your physician. I am Doctor Eirin Yagokoro. Pleased to meet you.”

Your first doctor visit in years went smoothly. Despite your negligence you were still reasonably healthy with no serious issues. Dr. Yagokoro asked you a number of questions, ran some basic tests, and gave you a physical. She explicitly asked for a blood sample; you weren't prepared for that but she was able to talk you into it. You came here to make sure you were healthy, so you might as well go all out.

“Good, good. You're still young and healthy, but do try to get a checkup done more often. If you don't object I'd like to schedule one for six months from now. If something comes up from the blood sample or if you experience any unusual symptoms than by all means come in sooner.” She put the clipboard down and opened up her white coat, again revealing her massive cleavage. You tried to avoid it but couldn't help yourself after being in such close proximity to the woman for over an hour.

“Now we need to discuss payment. We're flexible and offer multiple payment options, including cash, check, credit card, and casual sex. Do you have a preference?”

“Uh, what was that last one again?”

“Casual sex. Instead of paying money beyond what your insurance covers, I'll have sex with you until I'm satisfied. I prefer that option as well.”

“Wait, you're offering sex, just like that? A beautiful woman like you wants to sleep with me?” While you certainly aren't bad looking, you also aren't especially handsome. You would certainly consider a spectacular-looking woman like Dr. Yagokoro to be so far out of your league you couldn't even dream about sex with her.

“No no, I'm not offering anything. I'm going to take it if you choose that.”

“It still sounds too good to pass up. OK. Let's do it.”

“Excellent. I knew you'd choose correctly.” With this Dr. Yagokoro completely unbuttoned her coat and dress, revealing her magnificent breasts supported by a lacy black bra. She took the initiative, as you were too enamored by the beauty of her exposed skin and breasts to do anything but stare. She pushed you down against the table and slipped her tongue into your mouth as she tore off your clothes.

She didn't waste any time and moved directly to your erect cock. Quickly removing her panties, she got on top of you and lowered herself onto your cock. Her pussy was already soaked and easily swallowed the entire length of your dick. Despite the incredible tightness of her cunt she was able to move quickly as she ravaged your cock. Unprepared for the pleasure you came inside of her in under a minute.

“Th- that was incredible, Dr. Yagokoro!” Dumbfounded you could only speak those words, completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn't satisfied at all from such a short session.

“Oh? I'm glad you enjoyed it. But please, call me Eirin. I'm not finished with you yet.”

She pulled herself off of you, causing your flaccid penis to pop out of her pussy along with a pool of your semen. She got down on her knees and took your dick into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around your entire cock as she swallowed your cum and her pussy juice. Swirling her tongue around your cock she continued to fellate you until you became fully erect again.

She moved to get on top of you again, but you stopped her. “Eirin, allow me. Let me make you feel good too.” Eirin smiled as you as you said this and laid back against the table. She invited you to enter her by spreading her pussy open. Taking the cue you thrust your cock back into her soaked pussy. Her insides clamped you as tightly as before. You did your best to resist the pleasure and focus on pleasing Eirin without cumming in her too soon. You leaned towards Eirin as you penetrated her and lightly pinched her nipples and cupped her wonderful breasts.

Eirin wasn't exaggerating when she would “take” from you. She forced you to continue well after filling her cunt a second time. Another interrupted blowjob prepared you to ejaculate in her a third time, followed by anal, a titjob, and another blowjob. After all that she finally seemed content, while you simply felt drained of all your energy.

The sex was amazing physically but that was all. You were not a virgin before this; you had several girlfriends in the past and slept with a few of them. However this was your first time sleeping with someone you hadn't met before. Even after the event you had no emotional attachment to this woman that you just had sex with. She certainly had no desire to fall asleep with you, or rest her body against yours, or any kind of snuggling – and neither did you. With the sex finished your only thoughts were to rest until you felt like you could walk again and then leave. Even giving her a goodbye kiss would have felt awkward. Despite being the most pleasurable sex you've had to that date you still consider it the worst overall. Giving into carnal lust simply feels empty.

It took twenty minutes of rest before you felt able to walk again. Eirin largely ignored you and went about her business within the room but she did offer her shoulder once you finally stood up. You were fine without it but you decided to accept her help regardless until you made it to the door. Udongein caught sight of you as you walk through the waiting room to leave.

“Oh my! You look terrible!” You certainly felt terrible, so it wasn't a surprise that you looked just as bad.

“Yeah. Don't people normally visit the doctor to get healthier?” Udongein laughed at your joke and showed you a lovely smile.

“Master really needs to learn some restraint when having sex with her patients.” Her nonchalant comment about your sex with Eirin surprised you for a second, but it made sense. There wasn't anything special about you, so Eirin must just offer sex to all of her patients. And none of them would ever refuse such a woman. Of course Udongein knew you had sex with her. “Can I offer you some tea? You could use a rest before heading out.”

You accepted her offer and had a short tea break. She was right; you did need more rest. You spent about 20 minutes talking with the young woman about various subjects, occasionally shifting the conversation back to her so you could learn more about her. The first thing you learned was that “Udongein” was just a nicknamed Eirin gave her, and that her real name is Reisen. She told you she was a university graduate student interning with Eirin (whom she always referred to as “Master”). You told her a few details of your own life, but you were much more interested in hers. You thanked her for the tea and for her time

Two weeks later Eirin called you at your apartment to let you know that the results from the blood work were in and that you should come down soon to pick them up.

“Couldn't you just mail them to me?”

“I could. But wouldn't you rather come down here and see me again? We could have so much fun together, don't you agree?” You could practically feel Eirin's hot, steamy breath on your skin through the phone. The thought of putting your dick back into her tight cunt instantly gave you an erection. You swallowed.

“Yeah. Sure. I'll be down soon.” You hung up and ran into the bathroom. Cursing under your breath, you splashed cold water onto your face to clear the haze. You didn't want to agree to have sex with her again.

You entered Eirin's clinic. Both women were doing the same things they were last week; Eirin was again minding the receptionist desk while Reisen did miscellaneous cleaning around the office. Eirin noticed as you soon as you came in this time and stood up to greet you. Again her dress was unbuttoned at the top. She led you back into the examination room and handed you an envelop containing your results. You took them and thanked her, doing your best to not bring out her sexual appetite.

“Oh? That's not all, is it? Didn't you come here for something else?” She bent over, giving you a direct look at her massive tits. You could make out the top of her bra, and you thought you even saw a nipple just barely sticking out from the edge.

“No, I don't think so.” You feigned ignorance to try and diffuse the situation. It was a terrible attempt, and you were obviously agitated from her pressure. Your cock was probably sticking out at her as well.

“Hmm? You don't want to have sex with me on this table again? I know you enjoyed it last time.” Her voice was dripping with lust. Her lips glistened, just begging to wrap themselves around your cock and drink your cum. You could still feel the heat of her cunt on your cock from last time. All you could manage to do was weakly shake your head; talking became impossible as you'd say what she wanted to hear.

“Oh. Well, if you insist. Maybe next time.” She stood up and walked out. Just like that, it was over. You sighed in relief. She could have easily worn out your resistance so you're thankful she didn't try. After waiting a minute to catch your breath and let your cock settle down you stood up and walked out of the room.

Once outside you ran into Reisen again. You greeted her and then exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes before asking her out on a date for tomorrow afternoon. It was sudden, but you had enjoyed her company for the brief time you knew her. She accepted but said she needed to check with Eirin first for time off. You both walked over to the receptionist desk to ask her.

“Oh? So you turned me down so you could go after my cute assistant?” Her face was serious for a moment but quickly brightened up. “Of course you can have some time off! Have fun you two.” With Eirin's approval you tell Reisen that you'll pick her up shortly before lunch.

The following day marked your first date with Reisen. You picked her up from the clinic and went straight to lunch. Afterward you took the train into the city to view the attractions. You took her to the movies, the aquarium, and shopping at a mall. She was always so busy working for Eirin that she never really had time to do anything herself, so this was a nice opportunity for her to get out and enjoy herself. You ended the date with supper and took her back to the clinic.

“Thank you for the wonderful time today.”

“Thank you for agreeing to go out with me, Reisen. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We should do this again sometime.”

“That would be lovely. How about Wednesday night?”

“Sure, that would be great. Where should I pick you up?”

“Here would be best. I practically live in the clinic!” You both laughed at her joke, although you later learned that she really was living there.

“Great! I'll see you then. Goodb-” Before you could finish saying goodbye she sealed your lips in a kiss. You weren't planning on kissing her goodbye after only one date, but she had her own ideas. Her lips kissed yours twice before she slipped her tongue into your mouth and brushed it against yours. You wrapped your arms around her body and returned the kiss; this was unexpected but not unwelcomed. Shortly afterward she broke the kiss, exchanged goodbyes with you, and walked into the clinic.

Over the next two months you went on many more dates with Reisen. Eirin really did work her hard so you usually could only take her out once a week, twice you were lucky. Reisen was such a pleasure to be around that you found yourself always thinking about her during your time off.

Eirin, on the other hand, was becoming more of a nuisance. You hadn't had another proper appointment with her, but most days you went down to the clinic to pick up Reisen should would make some attempt to seduce you. None were particularly involved attempts, mostly just showing off her cleavage or hiking her dress up a little to show more leg. In one case she was walking around the clinic only in her underwear, claiming that she forgot you were coming and didn't think it was necessary to get dressed in the heat. It didn't take long to develop a sort of immunity to her sexual charms, but her attempts still unpleasantly reminded you of the empty lust you gave in to that one day.

While on one of your dates late at night Reisen asked to go up to your bedroom. Once inside she kissed you on your lips and slowly unbuttoned your shirt. You returned the sentiment and opened up her shirt to reveal her modest breasts in a white bra. You touched her breast through the bra to feel her warmth and led her towards your bed.

You unhooked her bra and took a nipple into your mouth. Her back arched and she cried out in delight as your tongue darted across her breasts. You used one hand to caress her breasts and the other to remove her skirt. She stopped you before you could take off her panties.

“Please, let me.” She leaned forward and pushed her panties to the side to reveal her beautiful pussy. “I'm still shy, so I don't want to take them off completely.”

“Do you want me to turn off the light?”

She shook her head. “No, I want to be able to see you. Please leave it on.”

“Hold on a second, I need to get a condom.”

“No, it's OK. You can cum inside me. I've been meaning to tell you, but I can't get pregnant.”

You didn't know what to say. You had no idea what her circumstances were at the time. She's a young woman but it's still likely she wanted to have children at some point in the future. There's no way you could appreciate her emotional pain after knowing her for only two months, so what could you possibly say to her?


“Don't worry so much about it. It's sad, but it means that I can feel you directly. Please, continue.”

And so you had sex with your girlfriend. As she requested you ejaculated inside of her during both sessions. Afterwards you slept together, holding her hand the entire time. She was gone when you woke up in the morning; she must have excused herself before dawn to leave for the clinic. You had work as well, so it was understandable, but you wished that she had waited for you.

The following night at about 10 pm Eirin called you. She told you that you needed to come down to the clinic to be “tested” as soon as you could manage. Now, if at all possible. Fearing the worst, you left for the clinic immediately.

The lights were dimmed when you arrived. You tried the door; unlocked. Eirin must have turned off the lights because the clinic was closed to the general public and left the door unlocked for you. You slowly walked through the waiting room, moving carefully to avoid the furniture around the room that wasn't there for your first visit. No one was in the room, so you went towards the examination room. The lights were still off, but you could just barely make the outline of what was probably a person. You walked towards the person and called out Eirin's name, hoping for a response.

Reisen's voice called out your name from somewhere. You looked around, trying to find her, but all you could see was that silhouette everywhere you turned. Her voice called out again from nowhere, apologizing to you for something. An explosion of red light slowly filled the room, melting away into your eyes as it washed you away through the cavernous room. You tried to scream for Reisen but the light overwhelmed you, preventing any intelligible speech. The black walls melted into the floor and were absorbed by the sea of light all around you. There was nothing left but the red sea filling the red world with its red light.

You came to sometime later. The horrible red visions were gone, replaced by the mundane darkness. Your hands and legs were bound to a chair that you were sitting in. Two person-sized shapes were all that was visible. They noticed that you were awake and turned towards each other to whisper, then the taller of the two moved to the wall and turned on the light. It was Eirin and Reisen. More scared than angry, you asked them what was going on. You trust both women but that experience simply defied any rationalization.

“This is the test I mentioned on the phone. Udonge, if you would.” With Eirin's cue Reisen took off the hat she always wore and revealed a set of rabbit ears attached to the top of her head. She turned around and lifted up her skirt, showing a rabbit tail directly above her butt. Finally she faced you again and pulled her hair up away from her ears, or rather where her ears would be if she had any there. While the rabbit ears and tail could be fakes that were somehow attached to her body, the lack of human ears looked impossible to fake. Her head was simply smooth where the ears would be, with no evidence of any kind of surgery, other loss, or even a mask.

“We are both from the moon. Udonge is a former soldier that fled to the earth, while I am a fugitive living in exile. We were both living in a hidden land on the earth known as Gensokyo until a few months ago.”

“What the hell is that? What are you talking about?”

“Ah, I see you don't believe me. It's to be expected. You are free to not believe us when we say we are from the moon or anything else, but do consider Udonge. She has the power to induce insanity – this was the cause of your little experience earlier. I'm certain that you cannot deny the effects of her eyes nor her rabbit features. While this is not proof that we are from the moon or that Udonge is specifically a lunarian rabbit, it is enough to doubt our humanity so you may as well assume that we are from the moon.”

“Then what are you doing here? If you were hiding somewhere why leave? And why open a clinic of all things?”

“We needed to leave due to the threat of insanity on Reisen's fragile psyche. It was simply not safe to remain in Gensokyo, so we left and attempted to integrate ourselves into a small town. If this proved to be impossible we would still be able to return, but the attempt is necessary. The clinic is even simpler; I am a trained doctor and Udonge is my apprentice. Why wouldn't we open a clinic?”

“Insanity? You mean she might lose control of that insanity power?”

“No, quite the opposite actually. The other residents of Gensokyo are all quite insane on their own. They're a hazard to her sanity.”

“OK, let's say I believe you. Why this test? Why are you telling me that you're from the moon? I can understand wanting to hide something like that, so why say it now?”

“Because you and Udonge have been getting involved in a serious relationship. It certainly wouldn't be fair to continue without first telling you about who she really is. Furthermore, what if you had accidentally knocked off her hat one day and discovered her ears without any preparation? Or worse, done so in public? I believe you've known her long enough to face this hurdle. So tell me, do you love her? Do you wish to continue your relationship with her, even though she is not human?”

You stopped to think it over, but the answer came quickly. “Yes. I do love her. I do want to continue to be in a relationship with her. It doesn't matter if she isn't a human, I still love her for who she is.”

“Good. Then how about marriage?”

“Yes! Uh, as long as that's fine with you, Reisen. Will you marry me?”

“Of course!” Reisen ran towards you and hugged and kissed you.

“Uh, could you untie me first? This is kinda awkward. I can't even hug you back!”

“Of course. Just a second.” Eirin walked behind you and untied your arms and legs. You wrapped your arms around Reisen as soon as your hands were free, embracing her in a tight hug and returned her kisses. “Well, if you two are going to be married, you're going to need a bigger place to live. Fortunately I just happen to know of a place nearby that I could help pay for. You'll still need a better paying job, but a new factory will be opening in town soon and you should be able to get a job there. It'll be much closer to both the clinic and to your new house as well.”

And so you were married. Sort of. Reisen is far from being a legal citizen; she's not even human. Obtaining a valid marriage license would be impossible. A public ceremony would have been equally impossible due to her rabbit features. The only option was to have Eirin marry you in private. There were no witnesses. There is no legal binding. But what does it matter? You're together with the girl you love, and that's all that really matters.
Huh, so that is why they left Gensokyo.
Well, I suppose there are worse reasons - besides, Gensokyo can be pretty damn crazy.

Anyway, this was nice!
Will there be more?
Even if it's not a sex scene, interaction with your Reisen and the main character has been nice, thus far!
File 133380976961.jpg - (628.54KB, 1000x1250 , 1cf209258840afaa26874447aa331b40.jpg) [iqdb]
I know I'll never leave you!
I'm never gonna leave you!
Anymore I said no more
I said no more

“Thank you for coming on such short notice. Please be seated and I will get some tea for the two of you.” With that Dr. Yagokoro walked out of the room, leaving you alone with Reisen. She called you earlier and asked for both of you to come down to her clinic to give you important news, but didn't go into details. She returns quickly; she must have already started the water well before you arrived. You take a sip of the tea after she hands you the cup. It's delicious.

“It's been two full years since Udonge and I moved to this town from Gensokyo. As she is now acclimated to this town, I believe it is now time for me to return to Eientei. I still have my duty to take care of the princess.”

“I see. So you're finally returning, Master. What about my treatment? Do you really think I'm stable enough now to live without your help?”

“Yes, you are. You have more willpower than you think. Your husband can help you more than I can at this point. I'll be able to return eventually, probably within five years, although I won't be able to stay for such a long period again.” She pauses to drink some of her tea. “This isn't why I specifically asked you to come down here though. I do have a favor to ask of you two before I leave. It would really mean a lot to me, and it is something that only the two of you could do.”

She sets down her teacup and stares directly into your eyes. “Can we have a threesome?”

Reisen turns her head to look at you as well. As Dr. Yagokoro has said in the past, your wife definitely has no objections to this but is fully aware that you dislike her master. As such the burden of answering is entirely on you.

“I'm sorry. I can understand why this is important to you, and I don't hate you or anything, but sleeping with you would still be extremely uncomfortable. What we did when we first met was a very bad experience for me.” You may be able to understand her situation, but you certainly can't empathize with her. Can't she just get a boyfriend back in Gensokyo?

“I see.” She looks down, disappointed. “I figured you would answer that way. That's why I drugged your tea.”

“You what?”

“Relax, it was just a mild sedative. You'll only be out for an hour or so.”

“That's not the problem!” You stand up in anger, causing a wave of fatigue to crash into you. Your vision goes blurry and you stumble around, barely able to stay conscious.

“You shouldn't stand up; you might hurt yourself when you fall asleep. You should be more like Udonge.” Udonge yawns as Dr. Yagokoro mentions this, remaining perfectly calm. She slowly lies down against the floor and curls up in a ball, then quickly falls asleep. She probably didn't even realize she was drugged. You follow her advice and get down on all fours before passing out.

You wake up and find yourself naked, securely fastened to a wall in the back room. One of the examination benches was moved directly in front of you. Reisen is strapped to some kind of wooden platform directly above the bench that is hanging from the ceiling. Like you, she is naked save for the straps holding her in place. The platform opens up after her waist, spreading her legs and making her pussy clearly visible from below. There's nothing else of interest in the room, notably Dr. Yagokoro isn't around.

About fifteen minutes pass before she finally returns. She's completely naked, revealing a large erect cock just above her pussy. You're pretty sure that wasn't there two years ago.

“Good, you're finally awake. Now we can begin.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Reisen stirs as you speak, finally waking up from the sedative.

“It's simple. Since you are not interested in a threesome I've devised a compromise. You will have sex with your wife and I will act as a proxy. I will lie still on the table and let you enter my pussy. With each thrust Udonge's platform will lower onto my cock. My pussy is only slightly tighter than hers and my cock is modeled after yours, so it will be no different than having sex with your wife directly.”

“That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, you insane quack. Now let us go!” She ignores your protests and lies down on the bench, spreading her legs as she presses her feet against the wall. Her pussy lines up with your cock, now erect from the sight of her naked body. Dr. Yagokoro presses a button on the examination bench, activating some machine in the ceiling that slowly lowers the suspended platform towards the ground. Reisen lets out some confused shouts as the platform lowers; she must still be half asleep, and since she's facing the wall she can't see much. The platform stops with your wife's pussy just barely above the doctor's erect dick.

“There, everything's set. Whenever you're ready.”

“I'm not going to fuck you just because you tell me to!”

“Oh yes you are.” She presses another button and a small section of the wall extends from behind your ass, pushing your penis into Dr. Yagokoro's pussy. Reisen's platform lowers to match your thrust, softly moaning as the cock enters her pussy. You pull out as the section slowly returns to the wall, and again Reisen follows your movement. A lot of preparation was clearly put into this absurd set up.

You look up at Reisen, her face flushed with desire. If it wasn't for the restraints you'd take her on the floor right now, but for now you're limited to using the “proxy”. Actually, the platform completely blocks your line of sight so you all you can see is Reisen and an extra set of legs. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

You slowly slide your cock into the pussy, testing the device. Reisen moans as the cock enters her. Picking up the pace each time, you slide in and out repeatedly to ensure that it can keep up with you. The only problem is that you are still restrained. Normally you would caress her body, kiss her all over, suckle her breasts, and stroke her long hair, but now all you can do is thrust faster. You can't even change position like this.

Reisen's breasts jiggle as you thrust into her. She moans loudly as your cock slams into her with each movement of the platform. Another set of moans comes from beyond the platform, but you pay no attention to those. Her drenched pussy tightly constricts your cock, flooding your mind with pleasure despite the limited movement. From the look on her face she's close to cumming. You give one final deep thrust and ejaculate, causing semen to overflow from her vagina. You pull your cock out and rest against the wall.

The platform suddenly starts to rise again. “Wha- hey! Don't just move this thing without warning me! And will you please let me down now?!” Dr. Yagokoro ignores her student's complaints and steps off the bench, looking very pleased with herself.

“There, that wasn't so bad, now was it?” Without giving you a chance to respond she gets down on her knees and takes your still-erect cock into her mouth. Her tongue twirls around your shaft, licking up your cum and her juice.

“What are you doing now? What happened to acting as a proxy?”

Her hand strokes your cock as she answers you, replacing her mouth. “I'm fellating you. I have you tied up and it'd be a waste to not take advantage of this situation.” She swallows your entire length and then pulls out again, her tongue gliding against the bottom of your dick as she moves back. “This has nothing to do with the proxy business, I just want to taste you. I suggest you just sit back and enjoy it, since you don't have much choice.”

You groan as her tongue flicks against your tip. She moves slowly, gently caressing your shaft and lightly moving her tongue around your tip. This isn't how you remember the first time you had sex with her. Back then she only seemed interested in sucking as much semen out of you as possible, but now she genuinely seems concerned about her partner's experience. You've known her for two years now; she does seem to like you and she definitely cares for your wife. Maybe you've been too harsh towards her.

Her tongue rubs against the base of your cock a final time, bringing out your orgasm. Your cum sprays into her mouth, but she pulls your cock out and lets the remainder stain her face. “Delicious. Well, that's enough fun for today. I'll let you go now.” She stands up and unstraps then, then bows. “I'm sure you'll consider this a meaningless apology, but I am sorry for today. The two of you make such a cute couple that I just had to intrude. Since you never accepted my advances I had to force my compromise upon you. I'm sorry.”

“No, it's alright. I've been too cruel to you since I've known you. It really wouldn't have hurt to just accept your offers, and I'm sure Reisen would've enjoyed it too. I was just being needlessly stubborn, so I should be the one to apologize.”

“It's great that you two are getting along, but could someone let me down now?!”

“Oops. Just a second, Udongein.” Dr. Yagokoro presses the button to lower the platform and unstraps your wife as it approaches the ground.

“One more thing before you leave. How did you get that penis? Is it permanent or what”

“It's simple for a genius such as myself. I created a medicine that will grow a dick on a woman that lasts for 36 hours or until the 'antidote' is taken. I took it just after I slipped the sleeping agent into your tea. It is certainly not permanent.”

“Well, since you suggested it, how about a threesome?”

[ ] Focus on Eirin; this is her going away present
[ ] Focus on Reisen; she's still your wife

[ ] Eirin should keep her dick on for this
[ ] Reisen should grow a dick
[x] Focus on Eirin; this is her going away present
[x] Reisen should grow a dick

DPing Eirin sounds like a good plan
[x] Focus on Eirin; this is her going away present
[x] Eirin should keep her dick on for this
[x] Reisen should grow a dick

Threesome with everyone having dicks would be new.
We're a loyal husband.

[X] Focus on Reisen; she's still your wife

...Please don't make Reisen grow a dick.
[x] Focus on Eirin; this is her going away present.
[x] Eirin should keep her dick on for this.
[X] Focus on Reisen; she's still your wife
[x] Eirin should keep her dick on for this
[x] Reisen should grow a dick

Dicks for everyone~
[x] Focus on Eirin; this is her going away present
[x] Eirin should keep her dick on for this
[x] Reisen should grow a dick
[X] Focus on Eirin; this is her going away present
[X] Eirin should keep her dick on for this
[X] Reisen should grow a dick
Calling it for dicks everywhere, mostly inside Eirin.
File 133471321862.jpg - (704.62KB, 1200x848 , c1bb898b37c38fa8e6c2d8c3ad98d4ce.jpg) [iqdb]
“Reisen, do you want to take that medicine too? I think it'd make a fun addition.”

“Sure. Sounds interesting. I'll finally know what it feels like to be inside of a woman.”

Eirin picks up a bottle from a cabinet and hands a small pill to your wife. “Thanks, Eirin.” She smiles as you call her by her name.

“Let me grab the antidote for myself. It'll take a few minutes for both to take effect.”

“There's no need, Eirin.” She stares at you in surprise from your unusual suggestion. Reisen swallows her pill as you talk. “It'll keep things interesting. And there's no need to wait, either.”

You cup Eirin's massive breasts with both hands, enjoying the weight as they fill your palms. Reisen gets down on her knees and joins in by slipping her tongue into her master's pussy. Her hand lightly strokes Eirin's flaccid cock, which twitches as the erection slowly returns. You kiss and lightly bite one of Eirin's nipples as you grope her other tit. She lightly purrs from your combined efforts.

Eirin's pussy is drenched now and her cock is fully erect. You sit down on the floor with your dick standing up and motion for her to join you. She slowly lowers herself onto your lap, guiding your cock into her pussy. Her ample butt presses against your lap as her pussy swallows your entire length. She begins moving, thrusting her hips up and down to fill her depths with your cock. Reisen gets down on the floor in front of Eirin and licks both of you where you are joined. The stimulation from your cock and the tip of Reisen's tongue is too much for the doctor to bear and she climaxes, loudly moaning your name as her cock sprays onto her belly and into Reisen's hair.

You pull your dick out of Eirin as she leans against you, still weak from her orgasm. Reisen abruptly stands up and rubs the skin just above her pussy.

“I think it's working! It feels really hot here all of a sudden.” A large, erect cock suddenly forms where her hand is, quickly pushing out from her mound of venus. She stares at her new organ with unfettered excitement and gives it an experimental stroke. The slightest touch sends shivers through her spine, her cock quivering from the stimulation. Seeking greater pleasure, Reisen brings her cock to Eirin's mouth, whom happily slurps her student's shaft.

Reisen's face contorts with pleasure and she bucks her hips into Eirin's mouth. She's doing an impressive job of holding her cum in, given the combination of her own inexperience and Eirin's amazing technique. You get out from under Eirin and stand next to your wife to offer your erection to Eirin's mouth. Her soft fingers wrap around your shaft as her lips engulf your tip. Your dick brushes against your wife's as Eirin's tongue wraps around both tips. The extra touch sends Reisen over the edge, filling Eirin's mouth with her first ejaculation. She pauses briefly to swallow the load then resumes sucking both dicks, but moves her hand from Reisen's shaft to her pussy.

“How is it, Reisen? How does it feel to cum from your penis?” You kiss her after asking the question. A faint trace of Eirin's semen is on her lips, but you pay it no mind.

“It's absolutely amazing. Master's tongue is simply indescribable. Is this what it feels like when I give you a blowjob?” She pants heavily with each word, the pleasure preventing her from properly speaking. In all honesty the experience is relatively mediocre, as Eirin isn't able to use her techniques to their fullest with two dicks in her mouth. You know from experience that Eirin is better at fellatio than Reisen. The result is still nice, but Reisen is only feeling so good due to her inexperience; a proper blowjob would probably cause her to pass out.

“Yes, it's very similar. You're better at it than she is, especially since you've had so much time to practice on me. Just wait until it's time for you to stick that cock into her ass.” She smiles lusciously at the prospect of even greater pleasure from her new organ. Before that she'll need a break to give her penis time to calm down and hopefully become less sensitive. You kiss her again, this time slipping your tongue into her mouth. She has no trouble returning the kiss and twists her tongue around yours even as Eirin continues to suck on both of your cocks. The two tongues bring you to the edge of climax. You slip a finger into Reisen's unguarded anus to draw out her orgasm and you cum together into Eirin's mouth, the semen overflowing and spilling onto her breasts. She swallows as much as she can and stands up.

You get behind Eirin and stick two fingers into her tight ass. She moans and sticks her butt towards you as you spread your fingers around in her tight orifice. Reisen crouches in front of her master and joins you, spreading Eirin's pussy open with her fingers and takes the twitching cock into her mouth. It didn't take long for Eirin's anus to loosen up; you remove your fingers and stick your cock into her depths. Even after fingering her, her anus remains impossibly tight and her muscles constrict against your cock with each thrust. Her moans echo throughout the room, joining the slapping of your flesh against her ass and Reisen quietly slurping her cock. The tightness is too much for you to bear, causing you to quickly cum and fill her depths. You reach around and grab both her breasts as you give her one final thrust, drawing out her own orgasm. Her cunt and cock cum together, shooting into Reisen's mouth and covering her hand. A stream of your semen oozes out of her anus and drips down her thighs as you pull your cock out.

“Hey, let's take a short break, shall we?” You sit down on the table without waiting for a response. Reisen sits down beside you and leans towards you, causing her long hair to brush against your back. Eirin looks like she wants to continue, but gives up when she realizes it's two against one. She sits down next to Reisen and wraps her arm around her student's shoulder. After spending a few minutes quietly resting you lean towards your wife and take her nipple into your mouth and begin sucking. You haven't had anything to eat or drink since Eirin served you that tea, and what better beverage than your wife's milk? She moans softly as her milk flows freely into your mouth. It would seem that Eirin likes your idea, as she began drinking from the other breast at some point while you were distracted. The two of you gently push Reisen down against the table as you ravish her tits.

After you've had your fill you stand up. Reisen pants as Eirin continues to suck from her breast, the arousal obvious in her flushed face, dripping pussy, and solid cock. Once Eirin has had her fill you instruct her to get up and stick her ass out towards Reisen. Break time is over; it's time to show Reisen how good having a penis can feel.

“Hey Reisen, how about sticking your dick into Eirin's ass?” You place your hands on Eirin's buttocks and spread them apart, exposing her tight ring. There's still a small trail of your semen on her thighs. It will be interesting to watch Reisen penetrate a filled orifice. Reisen quickly composes herself upon hearing your offer and practically runs up to Eirin's behind. Her hands replace yours as she readies her cock for insertion. It takes a few tries before she manages to push the tip of her cock past the opening.

“Huh? I can't go deeper than this? Master's ass is too tight!” Reisen's tip is just barely fully inside of Eirin's anus, the rest of her shaft remains exposed. You were hoping that Eirin had loosened up after you fucked her. Reisen's cock is the same size as yours, so it'll definitely fit.

“Eirin, do you think you could loosen up a little? This is her first time, so go easy on her. Reisen, it'll fit, you just need to push a little harder.” You give her ass a slight smack with the last word, encouraging her to drill her cock deeper into Eirin's ass. Her face twists with pleasure as her shaft pushes into Eirin. She begins to move slowly as her cock grows accustomed to the pressure.

As Reisen has grown used to thrusting, you instruct Eirin to straighten up. She doesn't need to stick her ass out to assist Reisen anymore. You stand in front of Eirin, her dripping pussy and throbbing cock facing you. After shifting her penis towards her stomach to get it out of your way you slam your dick into her wet cunt. She lets out a loud moan as the second cock penetrates her depths. You feel Reisen's cock spreading Eirin's anus as you thrust into her pussy; you do your best to adjust your movements to mirror Reisen's so that one of Eirin's holes is always filled.

Eirin doesn't last long against your combined attacks. She screams as she climaxes, her pussy and anus tightening around your cocks. Her dick ejaculates, spraying semen onto your chest. You and Reisen both orgasm with her and fill her holes with your cum. Reisen's first penetration is too much for her; she falls to the floor after pulling out of Eirin's anus. Her cock continues to squirt onto her chest several times as she lays there, staining her thighs and chest with her cum. It would probably be a good idea to not have her enter Eirin again.

Reisen sighs contentedly on the floor after her cock stops cumming. Now would be a good time to shower some attention on her; up until now you've just been focusing on Eirin. The threesome was intended for Eirin's sake, but that doesn't mean Reisen can't enjoy herself as well. You explain the next course to the two girls; Reisen flips over to get on her knees, Eirin gets behind her, and you stand in front of Reisen.

Your wife leans forward and takes your cock into her mouth. Her tongue caresses the entirety of your shaft, making loud slurping noises as she drinks the remnants of your cum and Eirin's juices. Eirin holds onto Reisen's waist and plunges her cock deep into her pussy. She moans into your cock as Eirin's tip presses against the depths of her vagina. You thrust in and out of her mouth, filling her throat with the tip of your dick. The base of your shaft presses against her tongue with each movement in her hot mouth. Her throat constricts your cock with each thrust, bringing out your orgasm. You pull out of her mouth as you cum, giving plenty to the inside of her mouth but spraying several loads onto her face. She breathes deeply with globs of semen directly below her nose, the intoxicating scent flooding her nostrils.

Eirin continues to pound Reisen's pussy as you walk behind her. She is bent over on top of your wife, her massive breasts hanging above Reisen's back, bouncing back and forth with each thrust. You grab onto her hips for support and plunge your cock into her cunt. She gasps at the sudden penetration but doesn't pause her thrusts. Her slippery walls tightly constrict your dick as you churn up her insides. The hot cum already in her pussy flows around your cock, making her pussy feel like it's adjusting itself to surround your penis.

Reisen screams as another orgasm overtakes her. Eirin quickly removes her dick from Reisen's pussy and shoves it into her anus. Her body twitches at the unexpected intrusion in the middle of an orgasm, her pussy spraying a combination of her juices and Eirin's semen. Reisen's arms give out as the pleasure overwhelms her and she collapses to the floor, her ass still sticking out to allow Eirin to continue penetrating her. Her pussy stops cumming, but from her moans you can tell she's already close to another orgasm. Another minute of thrusting passes before Eirin's cunt suddenly tightens on you as she has another orgasm, the sudden tightness bringing you over the edge. Reisen screams again as Eirin's hot cum fills her anus, then falls down flat onto the floor as Eirin pulls her sticky cock out.

You lie face up on the floor, using your hands as a makeshift cushion. Today has certainly been a hectic day. You've lost count of the number of times you've ejaculated since coming here, and since Eirin called you on such short notice the closest thing you had to lunch was a generous helping of breast milk. Right now you just want to rest for a bit, then you can go home and spend the rest of the day relaxing, maybe watch a movie with Reisen...

...But it seems those two aren't done yet. The girls get on opposite sides of you, grinning as they look at your defenseless but still erect dick. They both lower their chests to your shaft, using their hands to hold up their breasts. Their massive tits completely surround your cock, the soft flesh covering every part of your penis. With coordinated movements they slowly rub their breasts along the entire length of your cock. A bit of Reisen's milk escapes her nipples and lightly coats most of your dick and their breasts, the warm liquid acting as a lubricant for their movements. The girls alternate licking your tip at the bottom of each movement, your cock just barely big enough to stick out of Eirin's cleavage. Reisen kisses your tip, pushing you past your limits. You ejaculate onto her face and on both sets of breasts. Satisfied, the girls pull away from you, scooping up bits of cum from their bodies and swallowing it.

Eirin holds out her hand to help you stand back up. It seems she's finally satisfied. You take her hand and get up; you're still a bit tired but you've been in worse situations. She hugs you and Reisen together, then kisses both of you on the lips once.

“Thank you so much for this. I'll miss you two so much when I'm back in Gensokyo. I'm so happy that you accepted my selfish request.”

“It's no problem, Master. We enjoyed it as well. Thank you for everything you've done for us, and please give my regards to everyone at Eientei.”

“Thank you, Eirin. We'll miss you too. Take care.”


Thank you for reading.
It's sad to see something end. Well, all I have to say is, bravo.
Good scene to go out on. The "train of thought" paragraphs could have been shorter, and I would have liked to see more detail in the individual acts, but it was a well-designed scene overall.
>Thank you for reading.
Thank YOU for writing, brother.
May we read again soon.

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