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2056 No. 2056
So we've had the concept of an /at/ CYOA kicking around for a long time and now I think I've got an idea to do it justice. So while I wait for votes else where and to show I'm still awake and writing during any one time I'll make little updates here. Other stuff gets priority though, this is to amuse you and I while we wait. (And yes, the concept is stolen from a similar flash game)


Don't Jizz your pants(tm)! v0.83
A text adventure.

- You are in Gensokyo
- You need to cum
- Don't cum in your pants
- Cum in your pants = Bad End
- Cum outside your pants = Normal End
- Cum in a touhou = Good End

I understand most verbs like "push, pull, walk, hit, look, rape" and more as well as four compass directions, up and down.

/Type Play to begin

No. 2057
File 123871999130.jpg - (372.81KB , 674x751 , 2940757.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Play
No. 2058
No. 2059
[X] Get down.
No. 2060
[x] Play
No. 2061
/Get ye flask
No. 2062
[x] Remove pants.

[x] Fap.
No. 2064
[x] Play
No. 2065
File 12387204503.png - (460.29KB , 1000x900 , 3119768f23b223901d1406e76265279a.png ) [iqdb]

An exquisite tingle travels up your spine into your brain, legs shaking you lose control and shudder with orgasmic delight and electricity shoots up and down your body. With a joyous cry you part your lips and moan into the air as a veritable fountain of cum gushes out of your fully erect penis. Thick, warm cum splatters all over your face dripping into your eyes and filling the air with it's thick smell. Weakly you say.
"I came."

You have unleashed the fury of your orgasm before the game even begins!

Achievement unlocked!
Jumping the gun: Cum before the game begins.

/type play to begin a new game.
No. 2066
No. 2067
No. 2068
/type play to begin a new game.
No. 2069
[x] Play.
[x] Remove pants.
[x] Fap.
No. 2070
North of the Forest.

You are standing before a deep, forbidding forest as the sun shines brightly above you. As the trees get thicker it gets darker underneath the canopy, you can barely see more than a few meters into the darkness making you wonder what horrors might be lurking in the shadows waiting for a succulent morsel like yourself to wander in. Other than that you are alone in an seemingly boundless grassy plain where the azure sky meets the viridian earth on every horizon, a single dirt track bisects the featureless fields traveling from east to west.

You have such a hard on right now.

No. 2071
/go west
No. 2072
/Go south
No. 2073
No. 2074
/go west.

The foot of the Youkai Mountain.

Ignoring the burning, bulge, burdening your bollocks you strike off west in search of adventure, women of questionable morals and possibly a new pair of trousers. It's not easy making progress, the way your pants cling to your body rub you the right way so you have to move carefully to avoid jizzing your pants. You better keep in mind not to move too quickly while wearing them or you might blow your load.

Following the dirt path for a while you spot the rise of a mountain on the horizon, the path seems headed towards it so you go onwards in lieu of a better direction to go. High above you a couple of birds circle overhead, your head to be exact.

Eventually as the terrain becomes more rocky the path splits off into two, one path going north and one path going further west. The west path goes deeper into the mountains, the north path turns a bend so you can't see any further down the road.

A broken sign post is here, the writing on the sign long faded into obscurity.

You have such a woody right now.
No. 2075
/find a damn touhou already
No. 2076
/Take the north path
No. 2077
/go west
No. 2078

/north path

Need to locate Yuuka.
No. 2079
File 123872185697.jpg - (44.07KB , 500x719 , 123457453766.jpg ) [iqdb]
/find a damn touhou already

The foot of the Youkai Mountain.

As you sit pondering the mysteries of the broken sign, about what it might say and what it could mean for mankind and other deep shit like that, a voice calls out to you.

"Oh my, a human here of all places? Go back, dear one, lest you gamble your life away."

A beautiful woman dressed in clothes that are wine red and with flowing green hair floats casually above you, her modest dress barely getting you a peek of some very sensible looking boots. Lazily she spins as she descends to your level, humming and smiling dreamily as she does so. She's a mere inch or so shorter than you putting her ample breasts well within ogling angles, you feel a flexing in your pants at the sight of such generous proportions. Her bountiful breasts, her slim waist and her shapely bum entice your eyes and strain your member.

"Oh my!" She gasps in a way that gets you hard. "Are you perhaps cursed, I sense a very odd aura on you, sir."

No. 2080
/decline her offer. Your penis is in no way cursed.
No. 2081
No. 2082
File 123872208698.jpg - (348.83KB , 1600x1200 , AWESOME.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2083
/sure, why not.
No. 2084
No. 2085
[x] "I think it's in my pants."
[x] "If only I knew someone that could remove curses."
No. 2086
/ask for her to help
No. 2087
File 123872263937.png - (50.87KB , 558x544 , 123457358330.png ) [iqdb]
/decline her offer. Your penis is in no way cursed.

The foot of the Youkai Mountain.

How dare she suggest you are cursed, you're very sensitive about your sensitivity and you don't like her making fun of you like this! You'll give her what for!

"Cursed? You insult me, you insult me AND my penis! We are not cursed!"
"Your penis? Sir, I-"
"I'll have you know it's very common amongst men my age and it's nothing to be ashamed of!"
"But, sir!"

How rude! Not even an apology from this brazen strumpet, strutting around without a care for who can see her delicious mammeries on display like that, it's far too lewd! Standing there in that figure hugging dress of hers, every curve on her lithe body accented by the caress for fabric on her delicate skin, cloth that hides a tantalizing treasure just beyond a veil. It's so erotic it's nearly criminal! A twitching tingle around your tail bone tells you the mere sight of her is making you leak pre-cum, twisting you with desire.

"I understand, sir, forgive my forwardness. If you believe yourself to be unaffiliated by curses of any variety, then I shall take my leave of you and bother you no longer. Take care, dear one."

Reluctantly she begins to drift upwards into the air again, slowly.

No. 2088
No. 2089
/claim the curse made you say that. you really need her help.
No. 2090
/jump her and rape her anyways. You really need to do something.
No. 2091
/claim the curse made you say that. you really need her help.
No. 2093
/claim the curse made you say that.
/request: examination
No. 2094

Going with your idea.

/claim the curse made you say that.
/request: examination AND "curse extraction">>2091>>2093
No. 2095
File 123872400041.png - (286.34KB , 500x600 , c9897d087ef7f27230ba7acfeb8eb023.png ) [iqdb]

(The foot of the Youkai Mountain.)


You can't let this chance pass you by! You're a nut busting mother fucker, mother fucker! If you don't get a chance to sow your seed right fucking now then you're going to cream your shorts where you stand, you're going to get some pussy even if you have to TAKE it!

As the girl turns back to look at you you grab her ankle before she can get any higher, as your fingers wrap tightly around her skin she gives a squeal of fright that only serves to make your penis harder. With a jerk of your arm you yank on her foot, literally pulling her out of the sky and sending her crashing to the floor where she collapses weakly. Looks like she hit her head because she seems to be stunned, making things so much easier for you.

Leaping on top of her you help your self to the wealth of her charms, seizing a plump breast in on hand you give it a firm squeeze enjoying it's softness while you lick the arc of her beautiful neck.

She tastes sweet, the smell of her body is intoxicating.

Viciously you shred away the top of her dress to reveal her bare breasts, the dirty girl doesn't wear a bra it seems meaning those perky pert breasts are all natural. She seems to be coming around, so are you come to think of it, you greet her with a cruel twist of a nipple. She gasps with shock and unintended pleasure in your grasp, the nipple going hard as you rub it between finger and thumb. The look of fear in her eyes is tempered with the growing light of ecstasy that fills her body with desire, she resists but weakly as she loses a fight with herself to stop you.

You're curious as to how she is down there, so you begin to run your free hand down her stomach while still torturing one nipple with the other. She pants and makes insensible babbling sounds, her voice high with excitement and the horror of being violated like this, she knows what you're doing and yet despite her revulsion she wants you to do it. Her face speaks volumes to you. You go slowly, taking your time to tease her with every moment of anticipation, drawing circles around her belly button draws a stuttering "Ahhn!" from her as she shivers to your touch.

Then you plunge your finger right into her cunt, with a flick of your hand you bury your digit deep into her without a care of anything that gets in your way. She shrieks at your swift movement as she's taken off guard, the fabric of her panties dragged inside her as well as you brutishly penetrate her, even through them you can feel the seeping juices of her sex.

You can't take it anymore, you must have her!

Grunting you rip the last defense against you, her underwear, away exposing her cunt to the air. A small plumb of green pubic hair decorates her entrance that drips with anticipation of you, past the lips you can see the muscles convulse as if begging for you to enter.

Maddened by lust you ram your cock towards that inviting hole, thrusting with the strength of a rutting beast as you snarl and pant in time with her desperate moans. All around you she kicks up dust as her legs spasm with pleasure, striking the dirt road with her feet as you send her writhing with every thrust.

All too soon you feel the pressure mounting inside you, sight whiting out as you reach climax....

A small, damp feeling in your pants. The incredible shame as she walks off unfulfilled and furious. The crushing sense of failure. All because you forgot to take off your pants.
No. 2096
No. 2097

I chortled.
No. 2098

Achievement unlocked!

So close and yet so far: Get laid, don't take off your pants.

/type play to begin a new game.
No. 2099
No. 2100

North of the Forest.

You are standing before a deep, forbidding forest as the sun shines brightly above you. As the trees get thicker it gets darker underneath the canopy, you can barely see more than a few meters into the darkness making you wonder what horrors might be lurking in the shadows waiting for a succulent morsel like yourself to wander in. Other than that you are alone in an seemingly boundless grassy plain where the azure sky meets the viridian earth on every horizon, a single dirt track bisects the featureless fields traveling from east to west.

You have a bulging erection right now.

No. 2102
/Burn down the forest in a fit of insanity
No. 2103
/Wander into the forest

'A succulent morsel' indeed
No. 2104
File 123872530632.png - (67.61KB , 448x305 , forest_fire.png ) [iqdb]

Forest Fire.

You're dangerous! You're crazy! You're horny as hell and you aren't going to take it any more! With malicious glee you enter the forest flicking a lighter, looking for shit to BURN. The deeper you go the darker it gets, as you had guessed it would but with the power of FIRE on your side you have no fear of the dark. Soon this whole forest shall go up in the blazes of your madness!

There! A gnarled old tree, quite dead after being choked by creeping plants that sapped it's strength to feed their own lives, only after they killed it did they know their folly and they died with their victim. It's probably ancient and very dry, the whole thing will go up like a tinder box and set the whole fucking place on fire!

Using the detritus of the forest floor as kindling you stuff the hollow old trunk with as many dead leaves and twigs as you can before losing patience, with gleeful hatred you start a flame under the pile and soon you have a merry little camp fire going.

The camp fire becomes a bonfire.

The bonfire becomes a pillar of flame as the whole tree is engulfed.

The bonfire rages out of control and spreads to the branches above, consuming more and more wood with it's insatiable hunger. As you admire your handy work waves of intense heat roll off of the scorching trees as they burn intensely, well it's getting too hot for you to handle now so maybe it's time .... to .... move on....


You were so caught up in your lovely little act of arson you forgot to make your exit before you were trapped, now you're surrounded by flames with no way out. The air is filling with thick, choking smoke that stings your eyes, if you don't burn to death you'll suffocate soon.

Suffocation, man.... You've got such a stiffy right now.

No. 2105
/remove pants
/use jizz to put out flames
No. 2107
/You are a super man. Fly out of the forest fire and find a touhou to sex up.
No. 2108
I laughed hard.

/Wander into the forest
No. 2109

Forest Fire.

You'll fight this fire the only way you know how! Finally, your prestigious ability to cum literally gallons on occasion will finally come in useful for once! All those years you spent thinking you were a freak with a hair trigger, a monster that could produce cum in buckets like in those kinky Japanese comics but without the advantage of the delayed orgasm, finally your weakness has become your strength!

Whipping off your trousers and underwear with the speed of a seasoned masturbater you bare the sweltering heat with your cock out, screaming your rage at the fire for daring to turn against you! It shall pay for disobeying you, trying to take your life!

With two hands wrapped firmly around your member you stroke vigorously and are immediately rewarded with a splattering of semen that rockets out of your urethra and hisses as it comes into contact with the blaze before you.

"I hope my body can take it."

You think to yourself in classic Dragon Ball Z style as you strut forward, advancing upon the flames as they retreat before your jizz based assault. Every step takes all your will power to summon the effort, your mighty fire hose cock saps much of your strength as it splatters down the all consuming flames so even walking takes super human will power. Beyond the physical toll is the mental toll, keeping your mind focused on maintaining your orgasm lest you loose your erection and die a horrible, screaming death.

Time passes, hours? Minutes? Seconds? You have no clue, how you've even survived the heat in nothing but a T shirt is beyond you let alone how little you've been burned so far. Face black from the soot you blink the sweat out your eyes, you don't know how much longer you can stand it. Pressure has been falling steadily for a while now yet the flames seem as hot as ever, soon you will collapse from heat stroke or fall asleep once you've finished your orgasm.

Wearily, step by step you march on when suddenly. You're greeted by a gust of fresh air just as your cock falters and fails, a few measly drips of cum all that remains of your now shriveled testicles.

You made it, happily you collapse onto the cool grass.

You survived.

You can only imagine the damage you've done today, the lives that were lost in that forest fire but you don't care. Because YOU made it.

YOU are a winner!

Achievement unlocked!

Fire Chief: You fought a fire with nothing but your dick and you have the hat to prove it!

/type play to begin a new game.
No. 2110
No. 2111
No. 2112
File 123872852810.png - (48.36KB , 450x450 , r162.png ) [iqdb]
Okay that's enough for tonight, I think I will continue this in the future though. Either I'll aim to post during high voting times (i.e. when Soltindir is writing) or maybe after a while go for longer posts and more votes.

More importantly, is it fun?
No. 2113

no wai, too much pr0n weres da plot?

Yes. Keep writing.
No. 2117
File 123874471868.jpg - (253.12KB , 867x800 , c13d62bc3de9ecd409abd09464ec6a99.jpg ) [iqdb]
>More importantly, is it fun?

"Yes, very."
No. 2118
Sure fucking is.
No. 2119
>The crushing sense of failure. All because you forgot to take off your pants.

oh wow it's like you are writing about my life.

Yeah, it's fucking funny, i laughed many times while reading.
I asked YAF to do this but your are the better person for this job
No. 2121
Oh god, that was GLORIOUS.
Shame I had to miss it.
No. 2125
I love you Scorn.
No. 2180
File 123991547883.png - (54.74KB , 600x599 , 1234979867090.png ) [iqdb]

Don't Jizz your pants(tm)! v0.83
A text adventure.

- You are in Gensokyo
- You need to cum
- Don't cum in your pants
- Cum in your pants = Bad End
- Cum outside your pants = Normal End
- Cum in a touhou = Good End

I understand most verbs like "push, pull, walk, hit, look, rape" and more as well as four compass directions, up and down.

/Type Play to begin
No. 2182
No. 2183
File 123991569595.jpg - (66.07KB , 583x700 , 6bc0b0fa431addfb66c6c5c7f5cc7661.jpg ) [iqdb]
North of the Forest.

You are standing before a deep, forbidding forest as the sun shines brightly above you. As the trees get thicker it gets darker underneath the canopy, you can barely see more than a few meters into the darkness making you wonder what horrors might be lurking in the shadows waiting for a succulent morsel like yourself to wander in. Other than that you are alone in an seemingly boundless grassy plain where the azure sky meets the viridian earth on every horizon, a single dirt track bisects the featureless fields traveling from east to west.

You're pitching a tent right now.


(Should I mix up the starting position do you think? I was trying to keep it faithful to how Zork etc work but I would be open to changing it between a few places.)
No. 2184
/attain enlightenment
No. 2185
/Find the girl in the picture
No. 2186
No. 2187
File 123991725698.png - (525.53KB , 593x800 , 1236864446807.png ) [iqdb]

North of the Forest.

No! You must ignore your base, carnal urges and strive for enlightenment! To sever your connections with the mortal world and all it's distractions, to transcend this illusion and join with the universe at it's highest level! After all, the greatest worth is self-mastery.

Squatting down in the grass you cross your legs and let loose a solemn "Ommn", a sound that echoes with the sanctity of the universe as it resonates within your heart. You feel the warmth of the mighty sun and the slow, steady heartbeat of the earth deep below you, the strings of life and energy that bind all living things together surrounds you and envelopes you. Even these sensations you push away from your conscious mind as you seek to release yourself from the binds of existence, turning your attention inwards. You can feel the rush of life giving blood in your veins, the air in your lungs as they fill with the breath of god, envisioning yourself as a shaft of scintillating light that dances like the sun through dappled leaves in a forest.

Yes, it is all so clear now......

All distractions fade away into a pure white clarity of mind, leaving you empty and perfect. The forest, the sun, the earth, your breath, your blood, it all is scattered to the wind as you feel yourself ascending to heaven.

"So beautiful..."
You murmur.



As you open your eyes you truly see for the first time. All around you is a gorgeous, lush garden thick with flowing bushes and trees heavy with succulent looking fruit. To the west is an ornate wooden bridge that spans a swift, azure blue river that fills the air of running water. Above you the boundless sky extends for an eternity, you feel as if you could drift off into it just by looking for too long. All around the horizon clouds drift by at ground level, you must be very high up! Something seems to dance on the very edge of sight, looks like some kind of giant snake or something.

You have a beautiful expression of love in your trousers right now.

No. 2188
/You imagine a girl with blue hair and a unique hat adorned with two peaches. You must meet her.
No. 2189
File 123991861382.jpg - (152.26KB , 850x961 , sample-cf8f6b4a2706e5c6e691d7b3576e3309.jpg ) [iqdb]

Heaven's bridge.

You didn't reach enlightenment so easily just for no reason, you're sure! There's someone you just absolutely have to meet, for there is something called fate even for those who have surpassed earthly existence. Actually that said you're wondering how you managed to let go of your mortal desires yet keep hold of this burning lust inside you, raging like an inferno threatening to rob you of your inner peace.

No! You shall not think of it in that way, it is not base desire but the most beautiful expression of love in all existence! Something that it is your duty as a celestial being to share with all living things, you're so noble perhaps you should of delayed your own enlightenment and become a bodhisattva so that you might share your knowledge of this true form of love with the less fortunate.....

Well that aside for now you must find this girl, this vision of beauty that tickles your mind and thrills your heart. Yet where to start? Well, any direction is as good as another so why not cross that bridge for now. You have all the time in the world to find her, you think to yourself as you grab a peach of immortality to snack upon.

Ahh peaches, that shall be how you know her.

Joyful song birds provide the heavenly gardens a inspiring overture as you stroll gently across the hardy wooden bridge, you pause to gaze into the water and past your reflection you see a number of fish darting past.

One brave fish leaps mightily into the air, the spray of droplets creating a rainbow behind it's flight, trying to make it over the bridge. Sadly it falls short and lands at your feet with a wet slap, taking pity on the creature you drop it back into the water and see it off with a wave.

"Thank you for being so considerate."

A stunning woman in elaborate and wonderful clothes stands a before you at the foot of the bridge, a kind smile on her attractive face. She has the look of an older woman but tempered with the timeless beauty of maturity.

Your little friend is ascending right now.

No. 2190
/make small talk, and then suggest a night of casual sex.
No. 2191
File 123992443366.jpg - (142.68KB , 500x650 , f00ff86617bf7c67a9467008d1791213.jpg ) [iqdb]

Heaven's bridge.

"Hi there," You greet her. "What's your name?"

"For you to be here is unusual."
"To have made it to this vaunted place, you must be an ascending air current!"

She....what the hell did she just say? Not only did she just ignore your question entirely she came out with that cooky line? Skirts swishing she lays one hand on the side of the bridge lightly as she walks towards you she smiles oddly, her eyes wrinkling closed with a joyous expression. The whole effect is very odd.

"You're lucky there are no poltergeists Mr Air current, such beings are your natural enemy!"
"In this place only pure things may reside, tell me then Mr Air Current, are you a cool summer's breeze or a stagnant wind?"
"Listen ma'am, I'm not an air current..."
"I have the power to foresee changes in the atmosphere, how did you slip into this place without my knowing Mr Air Current?"

She's bearing down on you, with that same lovely yet now frightening smile, each step taking her closer to you makes you feel a little more uncomfortable. If you still had a heart it would be racing, or do you have a heart? This who celestial gig is a little confusing as to the nature of your body.

"I'm not an air current! I achieved enlightenment the good old fashioned way through meditation, that's how I got here."
"Harmony is to be valued.
However, manners are necessary to maintain harmony."

You're getting nowhere with this woman, what is she even talking about? What's more the way she's looking at you makes the air feel very tense, like she's spoiling for a fight. You'll have to disarm this situation the only way you know how.....

"I'm not really sure what's going on right now but, would you like to explore the ultimate expression of love with me?"

Ha! Now the shoe is on the other foot!

"Surely you must agree that the most perfect and beautiful expression of love in the universe is the moment when two sentient beings come together in a physical manifestation of the highest concept in existence?"
"I'm sorry but I'm not sure if I...."
Boldly you take her hands in yours.

"Ma'am, would you like to have sex with me?"

Her reaction is....unexpected at the very least. The initial surprise of you grabbing her hands gives way to anger which is dispelled by your forwardness, as the last word exits your lips she turns her head and blushes like the perfect image of a virginal maid. The frightening smile from before has been replaced by an honest, embarrassed and yet hopeful smirk.

"Do you mean it?"
She asks hesitantly..
"Yes! Let us explore the full depths and heights of physical and spiritual expression through love!"
Her blush deepens turning her face deep red, her hands fly from your to her hat where she fiddles with it coyly. She looks at you impishly through long eyelashes.

"Oh my! Yes! I shall do this with you but not here, we must retire to somewhere more appropriate to perform this act. I have duties to perform before the day is up as well."

Then, with boldness mirroring your own she grabs your hands once more and gives them a squeeze.

"Can I trust you to meet me here later? By this bridge, at sunset. Then we will greet dawn together, I promise."

No. 2192
/Oh yes, she definitely can.
No. 2193
File 123992535919.jpg - (142.37KB , 850x601 , sample-3569453b8a80e3d911491f5d67ba4151.jpg ) [iqdb]
Heaven's bridge.

"Of course you can my lovely angel!"
"Angel fish you mean?"
"What? Never mind that, you can rely on me to be here even if my life depends on it! I give you my word as a son of heaven!"

You seal the deal with a chaste kiss, a closed mouth peck upon those delicate petals that are her lips. With a curtsy she makes her goodbyes and hop, skips, jumps into the air where she takes flight. Wow, on your first day here you ascended to heaven and now you're seeing a lovely woman fly with no visible means of support, truly this is a golden land wherever in heaven's name you are.

You tarry a while by the water's edge, waiting for Apollo to make his journey across the sky and herald the destined moment of meeting. It takes about ten minutes of watching fish fail to leap over the bridge for you to get bored, they don't even need your help as they always flop over the side successfully without your help.

You reason with yourself that it won't matter if you go off and amuse yourself for a while between now and sunset, as long as you get here before then. You'll have to keep an eye on the sun though, don't want to disappoint a lady after all!

You are standing on the bridge of heaven, to east are the gardens of heaven, to the west is the mountain's summat and beyond that the path to the mortal world. Seeing as you can't fly you'll have to walk the way down. You vaguely wonder where the water for the river comes from and where it goes, considering you're well above sea level.

You're not an angel, you're a devil with a fleshy pitchfork.

No. 2194
No. 2195
File 123992813047.jpg - (147.13KB , 800x1132 , 1234546157301.jpg ) [iqdb]
The gardens of Heaven.

You meander away from the bridge, in no hurry to get anywhere. Plucking another peach from the heavily laden bows of a near by tree, you munch thoughtfully as you go on your stroll. If you ignore the birds and the call of rushing water, it's very quiet up here.

Verdant green grass extends in all directions, punctuated with neatly trimmed hedges and more peach trees. Back west is the bridge of course, north there's what looks like a loose cluster of houses and further west you can hear faints sounds of commotion carried over the breeze. To the south is an empty plain that quickly becomes enveloped in clouds, presumably the edge of this plateau.

You're sporting a chubby.

No. 2196
West, search for the source.
No. 2197
File 123993038841.jpg - (432.72KB , 1200x1200 , 1237945136709.jpg ) [iqdb]

Another part of Heaven.

What on earth could be the cause of all that commotion? It's ruining the tranquility! Someone is being rowdy in the garden of heaven and that warrants investigation, with no one else around it looks like the task of kicking ass and taking names falls to you.

Stridently you move towards the noises, the sounds of merriment if you're any judge. A pair of female voices are raised in a boisterous manner most unfitting for the home of the celestial people, one voice is gruff but definitely feminine with sultry overtones while the other is high, sweet and yet no less coarse some how. It's not so much the voices themselves but simply the way they're used and what they say.

"Why the shit did you drag me up here Suika? There's nothing here but bloody grass an' trees!"
The more mature voice hollars.
"It's my kingdom and I won't be having you say a word against it Yuugi! I won this place fair an square. Now pass me my gourd would ya?"
The owner of the high pitched voice calls back.

You follow the noise to it's source, ducking behind a bush to keep yourself hidden for a moment before revealing yourself. If the ruler of heaven is here you don't want to just go rushing into things half cocked, you shouldn't go around offending your gracious host after all. Sat upon a spread out blanket are two female figures, one tall and attractive in a sort of handsome way with long flowing blond hair, what appears to be a party hat attached to her forehead and impressive jugs. The second is petite, sweet with a merry grin and what look like antlers sprouting from her head.

The taller one, presumably Yuugi, holds out a large red dish to her companion, Suika, who gives her a generous portion of a clear liquid. Whatever it is you can smell the thick, cloying fumes from here!

"S'not bad I guess, with all the trees and what not. Very.....very...."
"Yes! The very thing, tree-y. Top a girl up would you kindly?"
"'d be my pleasure."

Remarkable, Yuugi managed to drain her cup in the blink of an eye, despite the copious drink she was provided with! What's even more remarkable is how her little friend, Suika, seems to be holding her own against Yuugi drinking straight from the purple gourd.

"So Suika," Smacking her lips with satisfaction, Yuugi leers at Suika and waggles her eyebrows.
"Are there any gentlemen of leisure around here? It's been a while since we've had a real Oni party you know...."
Suika sniffs, takes a hit, then shrugs.

"Dunno, never really tried the old abduction thing 'round these parts. S' awful quiet here."
"Well, you might be surprised. Come here...."

Leaning in Yuugi whispers something in Suika's ear, you can't catch a word she says but soon the pair of them share the same sloppy, suggestive smile. After a moment's conferring Suika responds by casually leaning in closer and taking her friend's ear in her mouth, nibbling gently upon it with a dainty expression. Yuugi's eyes practically glaze over.

You just so happen to have an erection.

No. 2198
/Approach them leisurely
No. 2199
And while at it, declare, with a giant smile and shining gazing eyes-
"You! I like you two! Let's fuck!"
No. 2200
Right to the point! Very good sir.
No. 2201
File 123993284744.jpg - (521.03KB , 800x800 , 1238001933276.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another part of Heaven.

By their conspiratorial whispering you've got a hunch they spotted you already and were perhaps trying to lure you out, well you'll show them and just come out of your own accord! HA! They'll never see it coming, then you can administer your own brand of metaphysical philosophy via the very physical medium of hot dickings.

Wow, running that back through your head you are even more amazed you managed to enlighten yourself.

With all the nonchalance you can muster, you canter over to where the ruler of heaven and her consort lie upon their blanket alternately playing with one another and taking impressive hits from their seemingly endless supply of alcohol. There's no doubt left in your mind as to what that drink is and you had heard that in heaven the wine flowed like water, what a marvelous reward for piety!

"You two! I like you!"

Brazenly standing with legs spread and head held high you declare:

"Let's fuck!"

Roused from their fun and games the lovely ladies look at you sceptically, Yuugi speaks first.

"You really a local?"
"Yes indeed, just arrived in fact."
Casually you walk over to them, take Suika's hand in yours and place an admiring kiss upon that delicate skin, lightly browned by the sun's rays.
"And might I add, it's a pleasure to meet you, your majesty."
Suika giggles.
"I like 'im! He makes me laugh!"
"I dunno," Yuugi says. "The eager ones are always a little bit....odd."
Suika shrugs as you run your tongue enticingly up her wrist.
"If he's no good, we'll kill him!"
"Not sure if that works on the people round here..."
"Then we'll toss him over the side or something, come on you were the one that came up with this!"
Crossing her arms Yuugi pouts a little.
"Well I'm just sayin' it's no fun without a chase!"

Whether or not Suika was listening to that last part is soon forgotten as she pulls you by the collar until you lie on top of her. Eyes slightly out of focus she catches your gaze with a lusty stare, her slight form feels odd, yet so very good underneath you as she writhes against your body to find better purchase, even through her clothes you can feel the heat from her skin. You place your hands either side of her head for stability leaving you unable to do anything as she runs her fingers over your body, giggling lasciviously, captivating you with her presence. Suika's petite form entices you, ripe with promises of untold delights, as her chest rises and falls rhythmically little puffs of her warm, moist breath fill your nose with her delightful scent, a potent smell of wine. Slowly, gracefully, she opens her legs and curls one around your waist to press you against her. You feel yourself rising all the more to her touch, she's driving you mad already!

As Suika plays with, teases your body another hand snakes it's way across your shoulder, down your chest and between your legs. Soft, heavy breasts press up against your back as Yuugi lays her weight upon you and cradles your balls in one hand while stroking your thigh with the other.

"Hey, noooo Yuugi!" Suika whines, almost pathetically in a way that makes you melt. "He called me your majesty, he's mine!"
"Forget about it little sister," Yuugi purrs in your ear. "Just sit back and watch how it's really done. You can have sloppy seconds!"

Ugh, if she doesn't stop touching you down there you won't even make it to the main event! It doesn't look like either of them are going to back down anytime soon, Suika is countering Yuugi's efforts by rocking her hips in a circular motion against you. A tiny gasp of unbearable pleasure escapes you.

You're about ready to burst!

No. 2202
/use your enlightenment to drag this out. Also remove your pants.
No. 2203
File 123993741753.jpg - (599.38KB , 960x768 , 1234546667621.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another part of Heaven.

It's all too much, you can feel yourself getting lost in a tide of sensation, your head growing hazy as the pleasure becomes more than you can possibly bare. These two girls, one older, developed and experienced and one young, lithe and eager torment you body with their every caress. You can feel yourself surging with desire, any moment you will lose control and probably get thrown off a mountain for it.

"Girls! I'm going to!"
Desperately you fight for control, even trying to resist against their touch you try to wriggle out of their grasp but they hold you even tighter. The way Yuugi digs her nails into your thigh is killing you!

"What? Is this your limit already? For your sake I hope not, it's not nice to disappoint a lady you know."
Growling to you Yuugi traces a line, up your stomach and down under your clothes to your crotch. You can't..... You can't.... Bare it...


You refuse to fail here, your ethos of universal love can't fall at the first hurdle like this. Now is the time to access the full extent of your training, the training you've not had for that matter but still! Clearing your mind, you empty yourself of all sensation, becoming an island of calm in the torrent of simulation. A rock breaking the flow of a waterfall, you refuse to submit to the tide threatening to engulf you.

"Take your clothes off because shit just got real!"

Almost screaming your defiance, your denial of succumbing to your weak flesh, you grapple with your belt feverishly to the surprise of your lady friends. Howling with lusty laughter Yuugi obliges you enthusiastically by grabbing the legs of your trousers and yanking vigorously while saying.

"Looks like he's got some fight in him after all!"

Free from the confines of your trousers you stand proud, allowing Suika and Yuugi to bask in the glory of your cock as it stretches the fabric of your boxers before you. Not missing a beat you sweep Yuugi under one arm and dip her dramatically like some kind of possessed tango dancer, taken off guard she swoons a little in your hold. Unrelenting yet ever the gentle lover you lower her softly to the ground, suddenly finding herself vulnerable Yuugi shifts nervously underneath you. Her body is in stark contrast to Suika's. Her full round breasts, her mature body's curves compared to Suika's girlish figure, all of it is yours to use and abuse as you see fit.

She doesn't take your ministrations lying down though, so to speak, fighting back she draws you in hooking her hands around the back of your neck and kisses you long and deep, her tongue exploring the inside of your mouth. These fierce, wet kisses almost break your control over yourself forcing you to fight back in order to remain in command of the situation. You duel her tongue with as much fervor as she and up the ante by reaching to her thigh and parting her legs, she obliges you gladly opening herself to you. Slipping your hand under her skirt you find she isn't wearing any panties, her bare cunt is exposed to you. As your hand comes in contact with her pussy she crosses her legs pushing your hand against her, making you feel how wet she is, how she quivers with excitement. Roused by passion her clitoris rubs against the palm of your hand as you slip your middle finger inside her and as you do she rakes her long, red nails against your back leaving a delicious burning sensation behind.

There's no subtly, no starting out slow and easing your way in, she wants it rough and hard as she bucks her hips to press you deeper inside, as she squeezes your hand between her thighs. Rampantly you thrust your hand, working it in and out of her vagina as it almost floods with her love juice. Scratching your back, pulling your hair paws at you with every movement and desperately begs you for more with every violent kiss, her shoulders shaking and her back arching at your masterful touch.

"Hey no fair!" You hear an annoyed cry behind you. "I saw him first, hands off Yuugi!"

Suika's little hands clasp upon your shoulders possessively in a cute gesture, then wrench you away with the force of a piston! Yuugi responds by clamping down with her thighs even harder, a sensation like having your hand in a vice. Between the two of them you almost feel your arm being torn out the socket!

"It's *Ahhn* too late for that now, we're in the middle of something!"
"No fair! No faiiir!"
"Ladies! Can't you share?"
They cry together.

At this rate they'll rip you apart like a rag doll!

No. 2204

I think I'm done for tonight, a little too tired and drunk to go on. So let's make this a "highest vote count wins" moment to decide who goes first:

Suika or Yuugi? Winner gets impaled on your spear of destiny first!
No. 2205
[X] Suika

The smaller they are, the tighter the...

God damn, I am a sick fuck.
No. 2206
godly, just godly
No. 2207

For all intents and purposes we shall be treating Suika as a flat chested 18 year old, she is hundreds of years old after all. I tried to do loli stuff with that Minoriko thing but I copt out and went for the piss thing, I don't think I'm able to do anything too.....taboo.

Says the man that wrote about raping Sanae....
No. 2208
/Remove boxers; do Suika.

One word: handlebars.
No. 2209

Good to hear, honestly. I'd feel rather horrified to read about defiling a girl who has the mentality of a child.
No. 2210
/remove boxers, plow Suika senseless
No. 2212
/Remove boxers; do Suika.
/Assure Yuugi she'll get her turn.
No. 2213
/Remove boxers; do Suika.
same reason as >>2208
No. 2214
I never waited for someting to update as much as i'm waiting for this to.
Scorn, don't keep us hanging too much.
No. 2215

You are not worthy of your fame.

We are talking about Suika here.
No. 2216

I won't, just want to take a little walk first and hopefully get some inspiration. A few minutes away from the computer to clear my head, I've been busy today.


Technically I could of detached myself from any sense of moral reprehensibility to go all the way with such things, simply I chose not to. It's one thing to talk about rape and pedophilia in a casual manner but it's another thing entirely to write explicit fantasies about them.
No. 2218
File 124000756079.jpg - (303.94KB , 1030x728 , 5172b66697143fd43d68e212fc4f3f6f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another part of Heaven.

As Yuugi gives a bodily heave on your arm, making a number of unpleasant cracking noises, you push your weight towards her in an attempt to slip free. Not expecting the sudden give her grip weakens for a moment as all three of you pitch forward in a heap on the cool grass, Suika seizes the advantage swiftly and yanks you free from her competitor with a triumphant cry. Wrapping her small arms around you she squeezes with almost lethal strength, good thing you had a peach just now!

"One, two, three four! I win tug war!"
"Why you little! That was a fast count! Rematch!"

Her horn poking you in the rib Suika turns to stick her tongue out at Yuugi tauntingly, furious Yuugi fumes at her looking like a bull about to charge. First she coils like a spring, then leaping forward to tackle you and Suika, suddenly that thing on her head worries you greatly.

"Just wait yer' turn!"
Moving like a bolt of lightning the little oni lets you go for a moment to intercept the raging woman before you, too late Yuugi realizes her mistake as Suika grabs her outstretched arms and uses the momentum to swing her in a grand arc. It almost looks like some bizarre parody of a child playing with her mother, the taller girl tries to cling on to avoid the inevitable but it's futile, Suika sends the hapless Yuugi flying off in a random direction where she crashes to the earth with a mighty thud.

Dizzily Suika stumbles over to you and lays her head on your chest, beaming at her victory and gazing lustily at you. Speaking huskily she presses her body against yours, staring you down as she undresses you.

"Now that's outta' the way, consider yourself spirited away. You're mine now."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Grabbing a fistful of what remains of your shirt she rips it away baring your narrow chest to the air, with sudden insight you fidget out of your boxers in a hurry too, as Suika plays with your erect nipple. You're now completely naked in the gardens of heaven, Yuugi groans in the distance off to the left, it's a good thing Suika is in charge around here or you'd worry about getting in trouble with someone.

Huh, speaking of which you feel like you're forgetting something or maybe someone? Ah well, you're sure it's nothing and you've got more pressing matters to worry about.

Standing on her tip toes Suika licks around your chest, circling your nipple and grazing her teeth over the sensitive spot without biting down as you peel away her simple top to reveal her pert little breasts. She smells good, an intoxicating scent that isn't just alcohol tickles your nose as you smell her hair. A complex dance ensues as you explore each other with hands, the lightest touch from her nails on your back sends shivers down your spine, she sighs as you take rub her pink little areola between your fingers and lift her skirt to squeeze her plump bottom.

"I'm going to fuck you dry,"
She murmurs huskily to you, grabbing hold of your head and looking you seriously in the eye. "I bet you've worked out oni are pretty strong by now, I could crush you to death between my thighs."
"I'd like that."
You quip, slipping a hand between her legs, unlike Yuugi she is wearing panties. Was that is, it only takes a jerk of your hand to tear them away, making a noise like a wild animal deep in her throat Suika yanks you in for an aggressive kiss mashing her lips against yours.


Almost dismissively she places one hand on your chest and shoves you to the ground with no apparent effort, you might be technically immortal now but you're willing to bet you'll be walking funny for days after this. Climbing on top of you the petite girl sits on your bare crotch, your straining cock pressed right up against her snatch. Wickedly she leans closer to you, shifting her weight to press down on your cock all the more and rubbing your shaft between her pussy lips. For a second it looks like she's about to let you slip the tip inside her but she slides away, running herself against your shaft instead making you grit your teeth as you hold back.

Looking into her mocking face you can see she's enjoying this, pressing down on you even more she grabs hold of your wrists leaving you unable to move against her monumental strength, forcing you to endure as she writhes her sex against yours but denies you relief. Taunting you.

"Beg me for it little man, tell me how much you want to be fucked by the beautiful Suika Ibuki. I want to hear you plead for it, say you surrender and I'll let you be fucked by me."

No. 2219
/beg for the sex you desire so.

What? I like the idea of a dominant loli.

Hopefully we can finish up here before sunset.
No. 2220
/beg for the sex you desire so.
dominant Suika? do want
No. 2221
>Huh, speaking of which you feel like you're forgetting something or maybe someone?
Iku ;_;
No. 2223
/beg for the sex you desire so.

No. 2224
/beg for the sex you desire so.

Damnit, someone needs to tell me when this is active. I only found just now and I have to go to work! Gah!
No. 2225
/Ask her to wait, then tell her of your promise to Iku and how you can't go back on your promise, see if you can negotiate a threesome. Foursome if you see Yuugi on the way.

No. 2226
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I don't care if it's a lost cause

/Ask her to wait, then tell her of your promise to Iku and how you can't go back on your promise, see if you can negotiate a threesome. Foursome if you see Yuugi on the way.
No. 2227
/beg for the sex you desire so.
No. 2230
/Ask her to wait, then tell her of your promise to Iku and how you can't go back on your promise, see if you can negotiate a threesome. Foursome if you see Yuugi on the way.

It must happen.
No. 2231
/Ask her to wait, then tell her of your promise to Iku and how you can't go back on your promise, see if you can negotiate a threesome. Foursome if you see Yuugi on the way.
No. 2232
/Ask her to wait, then tell her of your promise to Iku and how you can't go back on your promise, see if you can negotiate a threesome. Foursome if you see Yuugi on the way.
/Put on firefighter's helmet
No. 2237
/Ask her to wait, then tell her of your promise to Iku and how you can't go back on your promise, see if you can negotiate a threesome. Foursome if you see Yuugi on the way.

in during futile voting
No. 2239
File 124026518789.jpg - (131.95KB , 1035x800 , 6c4de4d4178ed9d9e558072a7ac9773c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>in during futile voting

And how!


"Please!" It comes out as a desperate whine, a pathetic cry for release as you beseech the petite girl who has you pinned down, the fierce warmth of her arousal searing your mind. You want it, want it bad enough to disgrace yourself for her and surrender your will to her.
"Please, lovely Suika. I want you to fuck me, I want you to use my body to pleasure yourself. Do whatever you want with me, I beg you!"
Spitting the word into your face harshly, a look of absolute detest marring her girlish features, Suika straddles you between her powerful thighs.
"You worthless little man, you didn't even have the balls to stand up to me!"

Squirming her hips as she berates you, Suika presses the tip of your straining cock up against her cunt, slipping it in ever so slightly to keep you in agony as she vents her rage upon you. Feverishly you try to thrust yourself inside, arching your back and clenching your teeth as she pulls back with every attempt.

"Why should I let you be fucked by me? I bet you don't have what it takes to pleasure me you weakling!"
"Mistress Suika!" You beg, tears of frustration and shame running down your cheeks. "Please just let me-!"
"Let you what, worm?"
"I want to f- AH!"
"Want what you dog?"

Every time you try to plead with her she crucifies your mind by inching her self down on you before pulling back again, a brief moment of euphoria being constricted within her before being forced out back into the cold, miserable air. She's enjoying torturing you like this far too much, your dick is slick with her excitement, her eyes alight with every sign of your suffering. If only you had the strength to face up to her, how you long to wrap your hands around that little waist and topple her to the ground then violate her roughly and without mercy...

She howls with laughter while you howl with surprise, just as you lost you were losing your mind to all this she slammed herself down on you, driving your cock deep inside her pussy. The sensation is exquisite, you can feel every inch of yourself rubbing up against her tight vaginal walls, she's so tight you can barely move inside her even as wet as she is.

"I'm getting bored of this little man."

There's more than just a hint of warning in her voice, even as gasps slightly when you ease yourself in her a little more. Moving her hands she pins you down by the shoulders, freeing up your arms but cutting off any hope of you being on top. Everything about her is aggressive, the way she wants to dominate you and yet at the same time wants you to act dominant, how she ravages your body with her oppressive touch despite her slight weight.

She's tiny compared to you, spreading herself wide open to mount you you're amazed she's able to take your girth, the cute pink lips of her cunt spread wide by your dick, clitoris swollen and prominent above. Clenching your hands around her slim waist and digging your fingers into her soft butt you begin to take control of the situation, lifting her off you and plunging her back down on your dick. Pumping yourself into her tight hole rhythmically she cries out every time your bodies slap together, the sloppy sound of your lovemaking mixes with her own delirious moaning washing away rational thought as you fuck this sweet looking girl.

"Ahhn! Th-that's b-better!" Yowling with elation she shudders, eyes half closed her mouth open slack as she loses herself to pleasure. Seizing advantage as she loses her grip you grab her around the chest and play with her nipples using your thumbs, using the extra leverage to penetrate her deeper with every rampant thrust. Dropping any pretense of dominance Suika lets you pound her hard, grabbing one of your hands to urge you on more while rubbing herself frantically with the other.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!"
Breathlessly Suika thrashes around as waves of pleasure wrack her body, contorting her muscles she writhes over your sweating body, all 'round your penis you can feel her cum as she squeezes you inside her as if she were trying to milk every drop of cum from your balls. Ripples of pressure run up your dick as she cums, stroking and squeezing you until the immense pressure building withing your aching cock is all you can feel.

Vision whiting out you ram yourself over and over into Suika uncontrollably as you unleash a tide of hot cum inside her, each spasmodic thrust shooting another load of semen making your mind burn with blinding passion. Lost in the oblivion of sexual frenzy neither of you can do more than moan into each other's flushed skin, while your bodies press into one another out of sheer reflex. Even though you're already spent, your body won't stop pushing it's hips forwards grinding your cock as it grows slowly flaccid into Suika, unwilling to let go of such heights of pleasure.

Slowly things wind down, Suika's panting fills your ears as the pair of you sink wearily to the ground while still entwined, content to merely lay with each other for now as you revel in the overwhelming connection you share. The aggression drained away, sharing mindless kisses of pure affection as feather light touches set off minor orgasms, like the after shocks of an earthquake.

For one brief moment, all the swirling and chaotic universe is still and quiet for two people.
No. 2240
File 124026733635.jpg - (175.68KB , 495x676 , 7cf4a916b687187a42b23f3bbaaaa969.jpg ) [iqdb]

"He's good to go again, right?"

Towering over the idling forms of you and Suika, Yuugi glares at you both with a sullen expression. Yawning the little oni rolls over and slips off of you with a sticky feeling, you're both covered in a fine film of sweat and other bodily fluids both yours and hers, ignoring her friend for a moment Suika slips a finger into her pussy and pushes out a small gush of your cum.

"Jeez, you sure came a lot. It's a good thing you can't get me pregnant."
"Yeah sorry about that..."
"Don't ignore me!" Furious Yuugi pounces down at you and grabs your limp dick, you wince in pain as she rubs it energetically.
"Ow! Cut that out, I'm sore down there!"
"What? You can't be telling me you're done already, this has got to be some kind of sick joke?"
"Sorry, I guess I'm kind of a one hit wonder..."

Sharp nails, increasing pressure on your balls, blazing fury in her eyes as Yuugi forms an expression of pure loathing. Frightened for your life you give Suika a worried look, she raises an eyebrow at you while sucking on a cum drenched finger.

"Suika, help!"
"Well, I suppose I do owe you one. Although if I were in her shoes...."
The look in her eye, it's like Yuugi's about to rip your dick off at any moment if you don't get a boner....
"Okay I get it, don't want to lose a valuable piece of ass like you I guess. Despite your, limitations."

Brushing herself down Suika stands and grabs her taller friend by the collar, outraged Yuugi howls in anger and frustration, kicking and screaming as Suika drags her off of you.

"Don't interferer you little bitch! I need to get off right now!"
"That's okay Yuugi, I'll take care of you~"

Throwing a wink in your direction Suika lets go of Yuugi and disappears in a could of mist, where one petite pretty Suika stood a horde of of smaller ones burst forth, mini-Suikas if you will, then swarm over Yuugi. Surging over her every tiny mouth sucking, licking and nibbling every inch of the hapless woman who is powerless to stop the sudden assault. Attacked on every erogenous zone at once Yuugi quickly succumbs to Suika's skillful touch, you're soon forgotten in the face of every little sensation Suika gives her.

For a moment it seems like she's levitating, lifting off the ground before shooting forward heading towards the horizon, it takes you a moment to realize that the mini-Suika's are carrying the sedated Yuugi off on their shoulders, it reminds you off an old Loony Toons moment seeing her speed off like that. One of the diminutive Suika's, sat atop one of Yuugi's marvelous breasts, waves at you calling.

"Let's do this again some time!"

Waving back you watch them as they retreat out of sight and across the horizon, when you can no longer see them you fall to the grass happily to wallow in your good mood. It would of been nice if you had it in you to go on but you're simply too tired to get it up anymore. You'll have to work on that if you're to spread the enlightenment of physical love across the universe, for now though you're content to just lie here naked and watch the sunset.....

As the sun finally drops below the horizon and the moon takes it's place, casting the plains of heaven in a pure, silver light, everything is still. Everything is quiet. Even the birds of song have fallen silent, all that can be heard for miles in any direction is the rustle of leaves in the trees, water running endlessly over the well worn stones.

And, just on the edge of the most keen hearing, almost drowned out by the ever present noise of the river; the haunting sound of gently weeping.


"Me so horny...": You had sex with Suika.

Love rat: You disappointed two Touhous during one play through. (Iku, Yuugi)

Nirvana in two easy steps: You were enlightened and ascended to heaven during the course of a play through.

"He's turned his targeting computer off!": You changed targets at least twice during a play through. (From Tenshi to Iku to Suika&Yuugi)


I did mention you only get to cum once right? Fairly sure I did. Just one shot and then it's "THE END" for good or bad. If I didn't mention it then I'm certain I meant to at least. Yeah.

To be honest the reason that took so long was because it was, well, boring. With no disturbing twist or what have you it's less fun for me to write, so I just kept putting it off. I'm going to rethink how JiG works, either make it harder to get laid and make you jump through a few more hoops or just make the endings for my own amusement.

Anyway I won't write again tonight but is there anywhere in particular you'd like to start other than the forest? Unless you really wanna stick around the forest.
No. 2241
Blowing a load in Suika makes it all worthwhile.

That aside, starting location could afford to be randomized. It'll mix things up a little, and make them interesting.
No. 2242
/back here >>2195
/Do not search for the source of smell, instead visit the houses at north.

I'll have that Iku, I swear it!
No. 2243
>>To be honest the reason that took so long was because it was, well, boring. With no disturbing twist or what have you it's less fun for me to write, so I just kept putting it off. I'm going to rethink how JiG works, either make it harder to get laid and make you jump through a few more hoops or just make the endings for my own amusement.

Personally, I would have gone with Yuugi ripping our balls off, and then some, for snubbing her like that.
Really, perhaps part of the challenge shouldn't just be how easy or hard it is to get in their pants, so to speak, but how easy or hard it is to not leave them dissatisfied when it's over?
No. 2244
>To be honest the reason that took so long was because it was, well, boring. With no disturbing twist or what have you it's less fun for me to write, so I just kept putting it off. I'm going to rethink how JiG works, either make it harder to get laid and make you jump through a few more hoops or just make the endings for my own amusement.

While it may not be disturbing, you can always start getting creative with the girls' abilities, and initiate some very kinky charades. An encounter with Iku could be literally electric, and I don't doubt that Yamame could get freaky with webs; not particularly novel examples from me, but you get the idea. It's really the application of their powers to sex that could make things interesting.

Come to think of it, it might help a bit that almost every girl in Gensokyo would be dominant and in a position to use their powers however they like during the sex. It's not like we could actually stop them.
No. 2245
>I'm going to rethink how JiG works, either make it harder to get laid and make you jump through a few more hoops or just make the endings for my own amusement.

Sounding kinda Kira there. Especially the endings for my own amusement.

>That aside, starting location could afford to be randomized

This. Throw a dice or something for the location.
No. 2246
File 124027851263.jpg - (157.67KB , 600x900 , 5f2d7dd6ba5881cb43b6d52db89d202d.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ah I just mean that without a nice twist for us all to enjoy it wasn't as much fun to write, half the fun is in the horrific detail and the other half is in the response. This felt too vanilla and while kink is all well and good it's that sense of "Oh god why?" that really makes it satisfying.

I dropped the plot and character development, can't I at least screw around with the eroticism?
No. 2247
It wouldn't be you if it wasn't disgusting or horrific. So please do as you wish, we aren't stopping you.
No. 2248
You mean shit right? But sure, go ahead and write what you have in mind. I like your side stories. Who of us didn't love Momizi Pop?
No. 2249
Marisa and the Mushroom Dildo.
For his use =D
No. 2250
I wasn't aware of the 'only cum once' rule at the time, but when Yuugi made the scene I was thoroughly expecting her to stimulate anon's prostate with her horn before an exceptionally painfull and bloody round two. Would have been an ending befitting of standing up Iku.
No. 2251
those achievement should give us some benefit in the future!
No. 2252
/give me my Iku back
No. 2253
File 124050873683.png - (187.38KB , 339x600 , 292abbf77026269140a857442a62da9a.png ) [iqdb]
No. 2277

Please... :'(
No. 2284
No. 2285
No. 2286
No. 2289

Futile vote is futile.
No. 2290

Anonymous must band together and summon Scorn through the power of faith!
No. 2303

Very well, good sir, you have convinced me!

No. 2310
/rain dance
No. 2312
I shudder to think of what the Scorn-summoning dance would be.
No. 2315

No. 2316
/scorn dance
No. 2317
/scorn dance

You put your left foot in.
You take your left foot out.
You put your right foot in.
And the shit flows like a spout.
No. 2318
/scorn dance
No. 2327
Oh, why is everyone doing a JiG?
No. 2352
File 124226482954.jpg - (175.51KB , 600x480 , 1240750079483.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2355
That was terrible and I hate you.
No. 2360
This thread needs more YAFaggotry.
That never fails to summon a TC.
No. 2366

Hey there, AnonyJerl.
No. 2454
But that wasn't me.