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[x] Clean up in the bath.

“Let’s clean up in the bath,” Akyuu whispers and pokes your nose. She gets to her feet, looking a little shaky from her effort. You get up and follow her down a short hall to the bathroom, which is just a large old wooden bath with a sink next to it.

“Would you carry me into it, please?” Akyuu asks, giving her knees a small wobble as if playing up her ‘poor little ill girl’ image. Ah well, why not. You sweep up Akyuu into your arms and carry her bridal-style into the tub. You set her down on the edge near the faucet, then sit back at the other end. You’re still a bit weirded out by your encounter with her and now that the sex is over you’re not going to be begging for another go with her.

Akyuu turns on the faucet. The water is toe-curlingly cold. “Heh, sorry. It takes a minute to warm up,” Akyuu says, seeing your reaction. She scoots over to your end and sits in your lap. “In the meantime, we can keep each other warm, can’t we?”

“Erm, sure.” Dammit, you can’t pass up the warmth and weight of a woman in your lap. You drape your arms loosely around her, your hands resting on her thighs. Sure enough, once the water raises past your ankle it starts to warm up.

“Do you want to know my plans for this bath?” Akyuu says. She leans back her head to look up at your face. “Once I’m old enough to have a child, I’m going to cart this bath out into the streets, and have every handsome man in the city come by and shoot their cum into it. Once it’s nice and full I’ll wash every inch of my body with their sperm and fill up my pussy with it. I wonder whose child it’ll be, hehe…”


You sit there in stunned silence. That’s really a hell of a plan. Between the now-warm water and the base of Akyuu’s back pressed against your crotch, you’re starting to get an erection again.

“Looks like you enjoy the idea.” Akyuu giggles and turns around in your lap. “Do you want to- no, wait! I have an even better idea.” Akyuu grins wide with lust. “Get out of the tub.” Akyuu slides off of you to let you stand up. You climb out and stand up, and Akyuu steps out after you. As she lifts her leg up you can see her slit, still red and plump from before. You just now realize how brazenly nude she is, willing to just walk around and talk without a stitch of clothing on. “Now, lie down.”

There’s no way this won’t lead to sex, but you don’t protest. You lie on your back. Akyuu steps over you, with a foot on either side of your chest. She sits down on your stomach and rubs a hand on your chest-roots.

“So, this is where the tentacles come out?” Akyuu leans down, her mouth right next to the roots like she’s whispering to them. “Hey, Tenta. I bet you can bring out loooots of tentacles, can’t you? Do you want to see how many you can stuff up my pussy, and give me a thick, plump belly?”

FUCK YES I DO. Tentacles shoot out and wrap around Akyuu’s thighs, dragging her up your chest over the roots. Three tentacles come out in a tight circle and force themselves into Akyuu. Her entrance is stretched open wide by the tentacles all working their way in at once. They dig into her and curl up into circles inside her like snakes, forming a small but visible bulge around her crotch after just a few seconds.

“Whoa, so fast!” Akyuu gasps. The tentacles continue to fill her pussy while two more slip behind her and start to fill her asshole. Her belly swells out as the tentacles inside her slither around to fill her womb. She looks like she became six months pregnant in just half a minute. It looks like it’d hurt, but from the way Akyuu’s moaning and rolling her eyes up, you don’t think she’s too concerned. The tentacles finally separate from you, pinching closed like a bunch of sausages. The ones holding her thighs retract back into you, letting her move again.

“Ohh god…” Akyuu stands up, wobbling on her feet as she adjusts to the new weight. She rubs her belly, now stretched tight. “I’m so full with all of your little tentacle babies.” Akyuu grins, her hips bucking gently as juice flows down her thighs.

“I really ought to thank you for such a nice gift!” Akyuu gets on her hands and knees, her full belly brushing against the ground. As her lips draw close to your cock, the tentacles inside her start wriggling and churning with excitement. Akyuu’s body shivers and she almost falls over. Her lips meet the tip of your cock, now stiff from feeling the tentacles wriggle inside her. She plants a gentle kiss right on the tip, then slowly opens her mouth to accept more of you past her lips. Her small mouth has to open wide to fit you inside. The tentacles wriggle inside her again, and make her let out small gasps as her mouth moves down your cock. Your tip pokes at the back of her mouth as she’s only about halfway down. She slurps up and down what she can fit, her small tongue curling around your length, trying to taste every last inch.

She grips your thighs suddenly, and her whole body trembles violently. She shouts, her voice muffled by your cock as she climaxes again. Her cum soaks the tentacles inside her and drips out of her onto the floor. She goes limp, her lips still wrapped around your dick.

She’s awfully limp.

She’s passed out, in fact.

Bwahahaha. I am the greatest at sex. Look upon me, ye small-dicked masses, and tremble in shame.

You sit up, wondering what in the hell you’re supposed to do. She’s sleeping like a baby, her slow breaths tickling your thighs.

“Oh, is this a bad moment?”

Your whip your head around to see Yukari Yakumo, having slipped into the bathroom without making a sound. You freeze, trying hard to resist the urge to turn around and smack Akyuu with your thighs.

“G-gap youkai!” you stammer.

“The one and only. I have a habit of popping in when you least expect it.” She saunters up and sits down behind you. She pulls you against her gently, her large breasts forming a pillowy cushion for your back. A sudden warm, wet pressure pulls on your cock. You look down and see Akyuu is sucking you again, but she hasn’t woken up. She’s sucking your cock in her sleep. No, she’s suckling it, almost nursing it. A gloved hand of Yukari’s reaches around and ruffles Akyuu’s hair.

“She’s quite the little machine, isn’t she? Even in her sleep she still wants more.”

You open your mouth to say something, but the best you can manage is “unf”. Yukari giggles and wraps her other arm around your waist, pulling you closer to her.

“Oh, this is just starting for her. This isn’t the first time she sucked someone off in her sleep.”

A sudden tightness pinches the tip of your cock, almost like it’s squeezed in someone’s hand. Still sleeping like a baby, Akyuu moves her mouth to suck more of you into her.

“Guh!” The sudden pressure takes you by surprise, and you clench your hips. Akyuu works further down, and the top inch of your shaft is squeezed by the same pressure of Akyuu’s throat.

“Ssh, don’t wake her up.” Yukari presses a finger to your lip. “I want to see if she can take the whole thing.”

Akyuu sucks on you, almost trying to pull your cock deeper into you just by sucking. Her lips work back and forth leisurely, it’s like she’s deep-throating you in slow motion. You want to reach out and force her mouth all the way down, shove your cock into her throat, but you resist and hold still. Yukari wraps her arms around you, squeezing your arms against your sides.

“You’re so cute when you’re impatient.” She giggles and plants a kiss on the nape of your neck. Akyuu’s mouth works down the final bit of your length, her lips pressing against your crotch. How can she even manage to do this and still breathe?

“Good job, Akyuu!” Yukari ruffles Akyuu’s hair again while she coos her congratulations. Akyuu slowly works her way back up, exposing your base to the moist bathroom air again. She pulls back until your tip is back at the base of her mouth, then works her way right back down, much faster this time. Yukari presses a hand to your mouth, muffling your moans.

“Pardon my intrusion, I’m just indulging myself. I love the sound of a muffled scream of climax.” Yukari kisses the back of your neck again. Akyuu’s mouth reaches your base again, then quickly rises back up and goes back to the gentle suckling of before. You shout in pleasure, muffled against Yukari’s glove, as your semen squirts into Akyuu’s mouth. Her eyes flutter open sleepily as she wakes up again.

“Mmn-mmf-hm?” Akyuu reels back when your last drop empties into her mouth. She grins and swallows the mouthful in once gulp, you can almost hear it oozing down her throat. She licks her lips. “Aww, you woke me up with a little present. You’re so nice! And hello, Yukari.”

“Quite the belly you’re sporting there, Akyuu.”

“Isn’t it great?” Akyuu rubs her belly, moaning as if her entire stomach was a giant erogenous zone.

“Anyway, I came to tell you the party will be starting any minute. You might want to get those things out of Akyuu or you won’t be able to focus on all the lovely ladies at the party, Tenta.” She giggles to herself again.

“I know just how to get them out,” Akyuu cuts in. She stands up and rubs her belly with one hand, the other playing with her clit, still thick and bright red with lust. The tentacles inside her decide to help, churning inside her and pressing against her stretched walls. Her hips buck and grind rapidly, she breathes in shallow, high-pitched gasps of pleasure.

“C-cummihhhhhh…” Akyuu’s scream becomes a slurred moan. She slumps to her knees as the tentacles are forced out of her by her pussy’s contractions. The pour out in a steady stream, her belly slowly shrinking as they empty out of her pussy and asshole.

“cummehh… ageh… cahn… stop…” Akyuu falls on her back, her hips spasming as her eyes go blank and her tongue hangs out. Finally the deed is done, and her insides are completely empty. The tentacles slither their way across the floor and return to the roots on your chest. Yukari lets you go and you stand up over Akyuu.

“Akyuu, are you okay? Akyuu?” You wave your hand over her face. She shows no reaction. “Akyuu, talk to me!”

“so… good… going… blind…” Akyuu says in a hoarse whisper.

“Bravo, bravo!” Yukari gives your performance an enthusiastic applause. “You’re really getting your mojo back, Tenta.”

You’d ask what the hell ‘mojo’ is, but you’re worried about Akyuu. She looks half-dead.

“Oh, don’t worry about her.” Yukari waves her hand, having seen you staring at her in concern. “She’s been through worse than that. Ready to be off for the party?”

[ ] Leave Akyuu here and head out with Yukari.
[ ] Wait for Akyuu to recover first.
[ ] Let Yukari gap Akyuu to the party as she is.

No. 20487
It was a bit silly of me to think I could write two threads at once, so Akyuu Diaries is put on hold for a bit. Rest assured it'll be more than just the one update, I have about six or seven posts planned for the whole story. Thank you for your patience, your call is very important to us.
No. 20488
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.

She deserves better than to just lay on the bathroom floor.
No. 20489
[x] Let Yukari gap Akyuu to the party as she is.
No. 20490
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.
No. 20491
[x] Let Yukari gap Akyuu to the party as she is.
No. 20492
[x] Leave Akyuu here and head out with Yukari.
Hot like hell, yes, but probably not something you'd want to show off to the yama. She'd probably complain about something like "inducing woman to loose and licentious behaviour" or something.
No. 20493
[ ] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.

Yeah, I don’t think leaving a gal on the bathfloor passed out is a good thing.

Posted from my 3ds.
No. 20495
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.
No. 20499
[x] Wait for Akyuu to recover first.

No. 20500
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.
No. 20501
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and leave with Yukari.
No. 20502
[x]Gap Akyu to the party!
It'll be a massive tentacle orgy anyways, so soon everyone will be in her state sooner or later.
No. 20503
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.
No. 20504
File 132131139011.jpg - (459.15KB , 784x1100 , 22666763.jpg ) [iqdb]
Akyu wakes up alone and misses a sweet party.
No. 20505
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.

The least we could do is tuck her into bed.
No. 20508
[x] Let Yukari gap Akyuu to the party as she is.
No. 20509
That may be assuming a bit too much at this point.
No. 20513
[x] Wait for Akyuu to recover first.
I'm here to add piss to the tide!
No. 20515
Closing votes for [x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.
No. 20644
[x] Put Akyuu in her room and head out with Yukari.


C’mon, man. Party.

“Shouldn’t I get dressed first? And shouldn’t we put Akyuu somewhere less… bathroom-floor-ish?”

“Hm?” Yukari looks genuinely confused for a moment then nods. “Oh yeah, right. Humans get sore backs easily.”

“…Sure.” That’s not really the reason you shouldn’t let someone sleep naked on a bathroom floor, but at least she’s agreeing with you. “Let’s put her in her bed, at least,” You carry Akyuu down the hall and nudge open the first door you see. It’s her bedroom alright, with an oversized bed against one end and dressers and nightstands lining the other walls. Akyuu’s apparently passed out again, as her eyes are shut and her breathing has slowed. You carry her to the bed.

“Aww, are you going to tuck her in? You’re so schweet!” Yukari makes a goofy kissy-face.

“Actually, could you get the sheets for me? My arms are full.”

“Heh, sure.” Yukari grabs the top of the sheets and pulls them back, letting you slide Akyuu’s body in between them. You tug the sheets up to her neck, giving them a pat for good measure.

“So um, about that ‘covering my mouth’ thing.”

“Oh, that.” Yukari shrugs. “Just something that turns me on.”

“Um.” You really don’t want to argue the issue, given who you’re talking to. Yukari smiles at Akyuu.

“Aww, she’s cute when she’s sleeping. Anyway, party? Party party party.”


‘I’m naked.’

PART- ughhh you’re no fun.

“Let me get my cloth-“ You start to talk, but hear a soft ‘wumv’ sound and your robe suddenly falls on top of your head. You trip and bump into the wall before you manage to peel it off your head. Once you can see again, you notice Yukari’s snickering up a storm. You dress yourself. Thankfully your clothes are still mostly clean and dry.




Yukari waves her hand and you fall through a hOlY sUwAkO tHeRe’S eYeS eVeRyWhErE yOu ArE fLiPpInG tHe FuCk OuT rIgHt NoW. YoU sHuT yOuR eYeS uNtIl It StOpS and you fall in a pile onto soft, wet earth.


“Aren’t you supposed to wait ‘til the third date before you call me that?” Yukari says as she pulls you up to your feet. You open your eyes and see it’s just a bit before sunset now, and you seem to be standing in the middle of a field.

“Where’s the party?” you ask once you’re not flipping the hell out.

“It’s a short walk away. We can’t just teleport there, silly. The guests of honor must make a proper entrance!” Yukari starts walking, and you follow closely behind. After just a minute of walking, you can see a group of people close together, near an old, abandoned-looking building.

“That’s the party?” It certainly doesn’t look party-like. Getting closer, there’s a couple beaten-up old couches lying around some wooden tables, piled high with food and kegs. There’s also a bunch of unlit torches scattered around the place, tall stake-like ones that stick four or five feet up in the air. Most of the people from the meeting are there, along with a bunch of people you don’t recognize, including some young-looking youkai and fairies playing a game of soccer off to the side. A person you imagine is Yuyuko, given her blue dress and ghost-ish-ness, is standing by the table sampling all the appetizers.

“Ah, you made it!” Yuyuko turns around and hugs you tight, her grip feeling cold and almost… foamy. She lets go and turns her attention to the table, grabbing a beer bottle off of it.

“We’re waiting for the sun to set before the party starts. It’s going to be beautiful tonight.” Yuyuko gives a poetic smile in anticipation. “Here, it’s not a party if anyone doesn’t have a drink in hand.” You take the drink. So much for being poetic. “Your giiirl-friiiend Alice is here too, I think she’s waiting inside the house with the Prismriver sisters.”

“Ey Tenta, glad you could make it.” A strong hand claps you on the shoulder, almost making you fall over. You turn around to see Yuugi’s smiling face invading your personal space.

“H-hi Yuugi.” Funny that you can chat casually to the gap youkai and the princess of the netherworld, but seeing Yuugi smile still makes you freeze in your tracks. She seems to remember something as her face lights up suddenly. She turns around and looks at Suika, who’s leering at all the booze on the table.

“Ey Suika, guess what?” Suika seems to be in on whatever’s going on too, as her face brightens up.

“What is it, Yuugs?”

“The other day, I pinned Rinnosuke down and stuck my horn up his butt, and the whole thing fit!”

“Wow! Whaaaaat an asshole!” The two of them burst into peals of laughter.

“Heh, geddit?” Yuugi snorts between laughs. You snicker, then see an entirely unamused Rinnosuke looking back at the two oni, with a face somewhere between ‘what a crude joke’ and ‘my ass still hurts’.

“It’s setting, everyone!” Yuyuko shouts out. You look at the sun, the bottom just grazing the horizon. Even the two oni silently watch as the bottom curves out of sight. A beautiful red color washes over the sky. The door on the worn-down building swings open, and Alice comes out, shortly followed by a trio of ghostly musicians you assume to be the Prismriver sisters and a few other people you don’t really recognize. The sun sets further, the red turning to orange, then purple. When Alice sees you, she runs up to you and wraps her arms around your waist.

“Good to see you.”

“Good to see you too.” You rest your head on her chin.

“There’s so many people here.” Alice draws her arms back. Yukari appears at her side, forcing a wine glass into her hand.

“Here. You. Drink. Sun going down. Drink. Party.”

“Party? PARTY!” Yuugi shouts.

“Let’s drink!” Yuyuko says. All at once, everyone brings their bottles, glasses, or mugs up and drinks deeply. You turn your bottle up and drink. The beer sizzles down your throat, filling it with an earthy, wheaty taste. Alice hesitates for a secondbefore taking a careful sip of her wine. She thinks to herself for a moment and, deciding she likes it, tilts the glass up and takes a swig.

A violin note pierces through the noise of talking and drinking. It’s a long, low note that makes you tired in a good way, like the feeling you get after a long day of work. What kind of musician could get such a strong reaction from you with just a single note?

You look up and see the three ghostly musicians floating a few feet off the ground. One of them, with blonde hair and a black dress with white frills, is playing the violin with a look of intense concentration on her face. A woman next to her in a red dress slams down on her keyboard, playing a strong, hopeful chord that makes the tiredness from before wash away. The third, the most ghostly-looking woman with silvery blue hair and a white dress, brings her trumpet to her lips and blows a dramatic sting that vibrates in your chest, making you want to jump up and down.

You feel a bit dumb for not realizing it before. These are the Prismriver sisters. The Prismriver sisters. The ones that play music so passionate it’ll drive you crazy if you aren’t prepared for it. The torches scattered around the place all burst alight with magical fire, illuminating the sisters as they start to play a rowdy party song.

“I can’t control it! Let’s dance!” Yuugi shouts over the noise. She leaps up, grabs Rinnosuke’s hand, and drags him up to his feet. She then gets behind Rinnosuke and grabs his hips, slapping her hips against his butt furiously.

“What in the-“

“Feel the rhythm!” Yuugi bends Rinnosuke over and starts slapping out a tune on his buttocks, still grinding against him. Yeah, dancing sounds good right about now. Dancing sounds fucking awesome! You scoop Alice up in your arms and swing around in circles with no apparent goal or style, just wanting to move and dance. Alice yells in surprise, then cheers and laughs as you swing her around.

The next few hours are a haze of dancing, laughing, drinking, and fireworks. To your surprise, Alice keeps up with the rest of the party in terms of drinking, having more wine every so often. With one final musical sting, the Prismriver sisters bring their concert to a close. You fall to the ground exhausted, doing your best attempt at applauding. Alice decides to lie on top of you.

Not far away, Yuugi, having been dancing with – or rather, at – Rinnosuke the whole time, falls to the ground too, dragging Rinnosuke down with her.

“Well’en Rinno, with the music over, let’s get a room in that house, eh?”

“I… uh…” Rinnosuke stammers. He’s looking pretty flushed. “What about Tenta?”

“Aww, you’ve kinda grown on me after… well, y’know.” She grins and runs a finger along his face. “Be honest, you liked it, didn’t’cha?”

“C’mon Yuugi… people are watching.”

“We can talk in a nice private room.”


“C’MON RINNO! GET UP IN THERE!” Suika, one of the few people still standing, shouts at Rinnosuke. She makes her point clear by sticking her arms out and humping the air. “AWW YEAH, GET THAT SWEET ONI PUSSY!” She slaps an imaginary ass in front of her as she continues to ride the air.

You burst into laughter. Yuugi and Rinnosuke? When did they become an item? Apparently you missed the rest of the conversation, but when the laugher from Suika’s antics has died down Yuugi’s carrying Rinnosuke in her arms towards the house, to cheers and woos from everyone else.

“Pretty crazy, huh?” You chuckle at Alice. She lets out a long, loud snore.


She’s asleep.

You roll her off of you and, after several attempts, get to your feet. You stumble around in the near-darkness, since the torches are almost completely out now. You decide to sit back in the middle of one of the couches lying around outside. Despite looking really worn, it’s pretty comfy.

“You’re so lucky.” Yukari plops down next do you. “Everyone just can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Not gonna lie, it’s pretty great.” You laugh. Tenta hasn’t said much tonight, but now you can hear him almost buzzing with excitement.

Oh, man. Oh man. Just… smell the air. Take a whiff. What does it smell like?

You sniff. ‘Smells like booze and grass.’

Wrong. It smells like pussy. All the pussy in Gensokyo, and it’s just waiting for us to take our rightful place inside. The world is our oyster right now, friend. This is what life is all about.



Yuyuko and Remilia wander over to the couch. Yuyuko sits next to you, and Remilia perches herself on the armrest. “These two have been telling me so much about you.” Remilia smiles at you. “I can’t wait to see if you live up to the stories.”

“That reminds me.” Yuyuko rests her head on your shoulder and traces circles on your chest with her finger. “Which lucky girl is going to get Tenta’s visit first? Maybe Yukari?” Yuyuko attempts to elbow Yukari on the other side of the couch, but it comes off as a goofy sort elbow-wave.

“Mmh, much as I’d love that, I’m a bit busy with an outsider with the moment. Ask again in a few days, love.” She plants a quick kiss on your cheek.

“But really, the wait’s killing me!” Yuyuko cuts in. “Who’re-“

“Killing me!” Remilia shouts. “You said it’s killing you, pffthahaha!” She slaps the couch as she laughs loudly. Yuyuko flicks her finger on Remilia’s forehead, which has no effect on her laughter.

“But tell me, I have to know! Whose place are you visiting first?”

“Well… I’d like to…”

[ ] …go with you and visit the land of the dead.
[ ] …hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
[ ] …visit Keine again and ”catch up” catch up.
[ ] …see Reimu and learn more about Tenta. Knowing me I’ll wind up fucking someone anyway.
[ ] Actually, I have a goddess to visit…
[ ] Actually, I have a pharmacist to visit…
[ ] Actually, I have a temple in the village to visit… for unspecified reasons.
No. 20645
[x] …go with you and visit the land of the dead.

i loves me sum goast princess
No. 20646
[x] Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
No. 20647
[x] …hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
[x] Bring plums as a gift.
No. 20648
[x] …hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
No. 20649
>…hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.

This is what happens when I post at one in the morning.
No. 20651
[x] Time to check on them plums!
[x] …visit Keine again and ”catch up” catch up.
[x] Bring plums as a gift.

No. 20652
[X] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.

Not gonna lie. EoSD has my favourite cast.
No. 20653
[x] …hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia
No. 20654
[x] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
SDM fuck yeah. Emphasis on fuck.
No. 20655
>SDM fuck, yeah.
No. 20656
[x] …see Reimu and learn more about Tenta. Knowing me I’ll wind up fucking someone anyway.

Raymoo! Playfully slapping the tide.
No. 20657
[X] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.

that's my vote
No. 20658
[x] Actually, I have a pharmacist to visit…
SDM has been done to hell and back.
No. 20659
[ ] …hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
No. 20660
[x] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
No. 20661
[X] …go with you and visit the land of the dead.
Let's go and tease Youmu.
No. 20665
[x] Actually, I have a pharmacist to visit…
No. 20666
[x] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
No. 20667
[x] …go with you and visit the land of the dead.

Youmu deserves sexings to get her stress levels lowered.
No. 20668
[X] …see Reimu and learn more about Tenta. Knowing me I’ll wind up fucking someone anyway.

We need to corrupt her more after the last show we gave her.
No. 20672
[x] Actually, I have a temple in the village to visit… for unspecified reasons.

Hello there, O Tide.
No. 20673
[X] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
No. 20674
[x]Visit Remilia
Time to go find my favourite meido!
No. 20676
[x] …Have a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.
[x] Bring plums as a gift.

The plums are symbolic.
Symbolic for pussy.
No. 20686
Closing votes! Pack your bags, we're off to spend some time at the mansion.
No. 20711
Another update coming, thanks to not wanting to move after eating a mountain of turkey and potatoes.
No. 20712
[x] …hHave a nice stay at the mansion with Remilia.

“H-have a nice stay with Remerlia.” You’re a little more drunk than you thought if you’re stuttering like that. But you know you’re drunk, so you’re not really drunk yet!

“Yesss.” Remilia grins and pumps her fist into the air. “I win.” Meanwhile, Yuyuko’s smile turns into a pout for a split second before she goes back to smiling. “Ooh, one of those guys, huh?” She puts her fan against her face.

“Kyaah, please don’t drink my blood, miss big scary vampire~” Yukari squeals in mock horror. Yuyuko floats over into her lap and puts her arms on Yukari’s shoulders.

“Gwahaha! I have you now, my pretty!” Yuyuko presses her mouth against Yukari’s exposed neck and nibbles her.

“Ooh nooo, the evil vampire is drinking my blood!” Yukari giggles and squirms against Yuyuko.

“Laugh all you like, he’ll love it.” Remilia rolls onto the couch and wraps her arms around your shoulders. “Won’t you?” she whispers into your ear.

“Fuck year,” you slur. You didn’t really see the appeal before but now it sounds pretty awesome. A sexy vampire straddling you and biting you. Wouldn’t it hurt? Nah. Besides, you’re buff and rough and tough and stuff. You could punch that vampire the fuck out if you had to! Wow, you’re tired.

You blink and suddenly see Yukari in your lap, her face right next to yours. “You fell asleep. Sleepyhead.” She presses her mouth over your nose and blows, forcing air down your nostrils.

“Ferggin whaddamother.” You flop your arms at Yukari to try and push her off.

“I think he’s partied out,” Yuyuko says.

“I suppose you’re right. All parties must come to an end, eventually.” Yukari sighs and waves her hand and oH mInOrIkO nOt ThIs ShIt AgAiN fUcKiNg EyEs StArInG aT yOu thump. You fall onto soft, clean sheets. You don’t even have to open your eyes to know you’re in Alice’s bed. A warm weight falls on top of you. Hi, Alice. You wrap your arms around her, but it seems like she’s still asleep.

Sleep sounds nice, yeah. You shut your eyes.


You open your eyes what feels like a second later, but judging from the light outside, you just had a full night’s sleep. You also have a throbbing headache. Alice, still lying on top of you, moans in pain as she wakes up.

“I feel sick,” she mutters.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you drink too much.” Thankfully neither of you seem to have thrown up or left any kind of mess on the sheets, at least.

“Hang on, I have something that should help.” Alice rolls out of bed and disappears into the kitchen. You’ve tried just about every cure for hangovers ever invented, but you’re still curious to see what a magician would use. Once you crawl out of bed you hear a gurgling sound coming from the kitchen. Walking inside you see some sort of small metal contraption with steam pouring out of the top of it. There’s a glass pot slowly filling with a dark brown liquid in the middle of the machine.

Alice sets down her now empty glass of water. “That stuff’s called coffee. It’s supposed to help with stuff like this.” Alice pours a fresh glass of water and hands it to you. You drink it down quickly, softening up your cotton-mouth and wetting your lips. The coffee-maker finishes pouring its contents into the jar, so you pour yourself a cup. You’re eager to try it; if it’s half as good as it smells it’ll be delicious. But first you’d better let it cool off, it feels like it could melt your tongue off if you drank it now.

“What’d you think of the party?” You can’t resist asking.

“It was… wow.” Alice laughs.

“Did you have fun?”

Alice has to think for a second before she answers. “Yeah. I must admit I had a lot of fun.”

You take a sip of the coffee and scrunch your face up from the bitterness. Yeesh. You take another sip and once you’re used to the taste it’s actually pretty good. Alice pours a cup for herself and starts drinking, having a reaction similar to yours.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” Alice asks, taking a seat at the table. You rub your forehead in thought. Didn’t you say something last night about going somewhere… visiting someone? A soft ‘vwoom’ sound comes from behind Alice, and the air splits open.

“Ready to go?” Yukari asks, popping out of the gap.


“Have you forgotten already?” Yukari looks disappointed. “You’re going to visit Remilia.”

“I am?”

“He is?” Alice says. Oh, damn, you remember now.

“Look, that was just me being drunk. It’s not like I made specific plans to visit her.” You shake your head.

“What happened?”

“Well, after you fell asleep, I was lying on the couch and we all started talking about, um, well, who I…” you drop your voice to a mumble. “…who I’d like to have sex with the most if given the chance.”

“Sorry, could you say that again?”

“At the party he said he wanted to give Remilia a visit.” Yukari pours herself a cup of coffee and starts drinking, apparently much more used to the taste than either of you. “So I figured I’d drop by and take him there. Faster than walking, y’know?”

“A visit, huh?” Alice knits her eyebrows. “What kind of visit?”

“You’re so naïve, Alice.” Yukari chuckles to herself. “If a tentacled sex-beast comes back from his sleep, people are going to want to fuck him, no matter whose body he’s in.”

Wow, awfully frank.

That’s what truth feels like, baby. Straight to the heart.

Alice bites her lip and closes her eyes, thinking hard. “Alright, you’ve got a point. But.” Alice stands up and gives Yukari an even stare, one that seems to say ‘I could take you down if I had to.’

“Remember this. He may go all sorts of places, and do all sorts of I-don’t-know-what with everyone around here, but at the end of the day…” Alice leans over and kisses you on the cheek. “…He’s mine.”

“Duly noted.” Yukari nods. “Then shall we go?”

“Hang on, I don’t have a change of clothes or anything. I haven’t even gotten over my hangov-“


You really should’ve seen that coming.

Sup eyes.

You land square on your back, which makes a sharp pain shoot through your spine. Just what you need five minutes after waking up.

“You, what are you doing here?”

You wrench your eyes open. The first thing you notice is that you’re outside and sunlight doesn’t quite agree with you yet. The second thing you notice is the huge gate looming not ten feet away from you. The third thing you notice is the tall red-haired woman in a green dress standing over you.

“Hey, wait… are you the guy the mistress was telling me about? I’m Hong Meiling, I’m the gate guard for the mansion.”

“Hm? What’d the mistress say?” You get to your feet. Now that you can get a better look at this woman, you can see she’s pretty striking. Her red hair goes all the way down to her waist, with a green beret on top, and her green dress looks traditional and modern at the same time. The mansion behind her is striking in a different way. The whole thing’s painted a sickly-sweet red, top to bottom.

“I won’t fall for that!” Meiling jabs a finger at you.


“The old trick where you just pretend to be whoever has business here. I won’t let you lie your way in here.”

“Shouldn’t a professional guard be pretty good at spotting a liar anyway?”

Meiling flinches. “You just looked shifty, is all. What business do you have here?”

I’m here to fuck every hole in a five-mile radius.

“I’m here to f- I mean, Remilia told me to come by the mansion last night, during the party.”

“There was a party?” Meiling sighs, knowing she’s missed yet another night of fun. “Alright, the mistress told me someone who looked like you would be coming by. I’ll open the gate for you. One moment.” She turns around, then tugs her head back to look at you, biting her lip nervously. “Hey, do you think you could do me a favor?”

Fuck you? Sure, I’d be happy to!

“Well, it’s just that… it gets pretty boring out here. Not a lot of people come by, and I have to keep guard pretty much all day.”

And you need to liven things up with a good fucking?

‘The hell’s wrong with you.’

I’ve been awake for a whole half-hour and have yet to cum in something.

“Anyway, from what the mistress told me, and from the looks of you, you seem pretty strong.” She takes a sturdy-looking fighting stance, putting her fists up by her chest. “Want to spar?”

[ ] Fight her with tentacles. Let Tenta do the fighting.
[ ] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
[ ] Golems would be good sparring partners… maybe.
No. 20718
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20719
[X] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20720
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20722
[X] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20723
[x] Golems would be good sparring partners… maybe.
No. 20724
[x] Golems would be good sparring partners… maybe.
No. 20725
[x] Golems would be good sparring partners… maybe.
No. 20728
[X] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20729
[X] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20731
Isn't it sad, Tenta? ;_;
No. 20733
[X] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20734
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.

Using the tentacles will get her all horny anyways and this way it'll look more like fighting than thinly veiled grope attempts. And once she gets horny, then move on to the fun stuff.

Though is Sunny still at her friends?
No. 20741
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.

Meh, we need you get used to using them ourselves anyways.
No. 20742
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20746
More like he'll inevitably lose them. Then Alice end.

[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.
No. 20748
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Let Tenta do the fighting.
Tide, pissing, hopeless etc.
No. 20753
Closing votes! Next up: a plum farmer attempts to out-fight a millenia-old youkai wielding the power of chi.
No. 20754
I like those odds.
No. 20756

Too bad for her we have trained in the art of Plum-fu
No. 20766
You make it sound like there's some sort of difficulty with that.
No. 20781

It's a porn story, what could possibly go wrong?
No. 20798
Said story not updating for over 4 months.
No. 20800
ugh... god knows we've ALL had enough of THAT crap. Am I right?
No. 20850
He's been writing for 2 years now, give him a break.
No. 20862
File 132263264762.jpg - (187.58KB , 806x1001 , Meilinginbikeshortsmakesmydickexplode.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Fight her with tentacles. Do the fighting yourself.

“Sure, I’ll have a go.” You do your best to imitate Meiling’s fighting pose. She stifles a snicker.

Wait, you mean you’re gonna try to fight her?

‘Er… that’s what I was thinking.’

You do realize the goal of fighting is to win, right? Not let your opponent beat you until she feels sorry for you?

Meiling loosens the knot around the top of her dress. “One sec, I have my fighting clothes on under this.”

Oh boy oh boy gonna see some titties.

‘See, that’s why I’m doing this. If I just let you fight you’d probably just try and stick tentacles up her butt.’

I know when I need to fight. I’m not stupid. Though, that is a very nice butt. Firm. Toned. Slappable.

Meiling loosens her dress and lets it fall off her shoulders, revealing a short white shirt, only going a little bit below the bottom of her breasts and leaving most of her abdomen exposed. Speaking of breasts, even though her stomach looks as hard as a brick wall, she’s got a little more than a handful up top, with the tips of her nipples just barely poking out against her tight shirt. The shirt’s stained yellow with sweat in many spots, and just has thin straps over the shoulders, exposing the stubble of hair on her armpits.

Her shorts are some sort of unrecognizable purple fabric with a shiny sheen to it, stopping an inch or so above the knee. They grip to her thighs even tighter than her shirt. Oh jeez, you can even see a thin line where the fabric digs into her crotch. Doesn’t that hurt?

“I’ll beat you pretty easily if you’re just staring at my thighs, you know.” Meiling gives a sheepish smile at your gaze.

Man, I wanna knead those bouncy tits in my hands, and kiss my way up and down those big drumstick thighs. Speaking of drumsticks, you realize she’s just waiting for you to take the first punch, right? She could’ve killed you, deep-fried you and served you for dinner with a side of onions by now if she wanted to.

Eep, Tenta has a point. You always had a habit of being easily distracted. Meiling’s waiting patiently in her fighting stance, probably assuming your self-talk is just you trying to focus. You suddenly realize what you’ve just agreed to, and feel your limbs get heavier and heavier.

It’s too late to back out now, though. Deciding tentacles are probably stronger than fists, you launch one out straight at her. She sidesteps and grabs the tentacle. She yanks on the tentacle, making you stumble forward right into her fist as it slams out against your gut. She swings her other arm in a tight circle, making the tentacle wrap around it, then yanks hard on it again while slamming her hips into yours. You tumble over her and fall square on your back. You try to focus through the sharp pain shooting through most of your body, and launch another tentacle at her. She grabs it with her free hand, and suddenly mashes the two tentacles together. This is insane, it’s like she’s trained specifically in how to fight tentacles. Her hands hum with energy against the tentacles.

She’s drain… my str… an’t talk… Tenta’s voice sounds like he’s yelling to you from the other side of a canyon. The tentacles in her hands pop like balloons, leaving behind a black fog.

…uckin… told y…

Meiling sits on your stomach. “Whew, that was quick.” Her cameltoe is inches away from your face now.

“Good match,” you manage to cough out. Meiling giggles.

“Didn’t I tell you that you’d lose if you kept staring at me?” She grinds her hips forward, making the fabric over her crotch dig into her even tighter.

“S-sorry about that…”

“Do you think I’m that pretty? You can’t keep your eyes off my breasts and hips, even for a second?” Meiling slides further forward, her thighs resting on your chest now.

“W-well, you are pretty attractive.” You aren’t sure if she’s coming on to you or rubbing in how badly she trounced you.

“You know, I’m at the bottom end of the totem pole here. Even the maids get to go to parties and have fun every now and then. I just guard the gate and tend to the garden all day. I bet it’d be fun to be in charge, since everyone else here seems to love it so much.” She sighs, leaning back and inching her crotch a little closer to you.

“Hey, think I could be in charge of you for a bit?” She slides her hips up until they’re resting on your shoulders. She looks down at you, her face peeking out over her breasts. “If I go overboard just start shouting ‘potato’ and I’ll stop.”

Meiling slides her legs past your shoulders and rests her crotch right against your face. In one practiced motion, she turns her thighs, making you flip over onto your stomach, and then clenches her thighs tight, squeezing your face against her pussy and smothering your whole head between her legs. Her thick, muscled legs pull you against the softness of her pussy, you can feel the texture through her shorts. You start licking her automatically, the seam of the fabric scratching on your tongue as you lap up and down. Meiling shivers, her legs squeezing you tighter against her softness. You take a bite of her, sucking on her lip through her shorts.

Meiling yanks your head away from her. “I completely forgot we’re outside, someone could be watching!” She chuckles nervously at her slip-up, though you’ve gotten so used to having sex with people out in the open you hadn’t even noticed. “One sec, I have a place I could take you to.”

Meiling whistles loudly. A fairy in a blue maid outfit comes zipping over, skidding to a stop in front of her. She’s holding a toy rifle as long as she is tall, and wearing a bucket on her head with “Scarlet Devil Manshun Armey” painted on it in sloppy handwriting. Though she apparently wants to play solder, she couldn’t look less like the fighting type. Long blonde hair sticking out under her helmet, going down below her hips. Big blue eyes, barely peeking out under her ‘helmet.’

“Captain Linda reporting for duty, General Meiling!” The fairy salutes, slapping her hand against the bucket and knocking it off her head. Her hair’s a tousled mess underneath.

“Linda, could you do me a favor? I want you to go find Sakuya, and ask her to give you a jug of olive oil. Bring it to my house, and then keep guard for an hour or so.”

A whole hour?! Meiling has plans, and you’re not sure how much you approve.

“I’ll do it on one condition.” Linda picks up her helmet and puts it back on her head, then stares gravely at Meiling. “I get a handful of hard candy from your secret stash. Butterscotch.”

Meiling chuckles. “Sure.”


“Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll give you a handful of butterscotch candy.”

“Then Captain Linda is off!” Linda zips away, not bothering to ask any questions about the soundly beaten man with his face in Meiling’s crotch. Meiling stands up, grabs your arms, and heaves you over her shoulder.

“Let’s go somewhere more cozy.” She pats you on the back before running off. This isn’t the first time a beefy woman has slung you over her shoulder and hauled you off who-knows-where. At least she doesn’t have a horn.

Oh god does she have a dick? No, you’d have seen it by now, unless it was a magic dick.

Oh god does she have a magic dick?

“Here we are!” Meiling lets you go, thankfully setting you on your feet instead of just dropping you. You’re standing in front of a worn-looking one-room house, surrounded by an elaborate garden making the shack look even more rinky-dink. “Let’s head in, if Linda has to wait for her candy she’ll get all pouty.” Meiling steps inside. The house looks nicer on the inside than the out, though it still looks very bachelor-ish, with a sleeping bag for a bed, an old, black stove, a shower stand, and a number of cupboards all struggling for space along the walls. There’s a thick blue wrestling mat in the center of the room, taking up most of the space. Meiling opens up one of the cupboards and starts burrowing through it, collecting a handful of candies and putting them in a small bag.

“Olive oil acquired!” A voice at the door shouts. It’s Linda again, carrying a jug about half as big as she is, still struggling to hold her toy rifle at the same time. Meiling takes the jug from her and hands her the bag of candies. Linda takes a candy out, carefully inspects it, then unwraps it and pops it in her mouth.

“Yes, this will do.” She smiles, then flies off with her newfound spoils.

“Get on the mat.” Meiling grins wide and narrows her eyes as she looks at you, completely unlike the rather sociable and slightly goofy woman she seemed like just a minute ago. You comply, stepping onto the center of the mat.

“Take off your clothes,” she says. You comply immediately, undoing your robe and peeling off your undershirt. You put a thumb on your underwear and glance at her. She nods. Ordinarily you’d be tearing off your underwear to get a chance at this woman, but that grin kind of scares you. You remind yourself to say potato if she goes too far. You slip off your underwear and toss it onto the pile of clothes.

Meiling joins you on the mat and lifts her top off, exposing her juicy breasts, jiggling slightly as she lifts her arms up. “I’ll teach you to stare at me when you should be fighting.” She uncorks the oil bottle and pours a big helping over your shoulders, then starts to slide it all over your body. It’s thick and sticky, coating your chest and arms. Meiling’s hands lower down to your crotch. She starts to gently rub your dick with one hand, while sliding her other behind you, between your butt. Her sticky finger tickles your anus, making you clench your cheeks. You tense up as you get flashbacks to Yuugi yet again.

“You’re sensitive there, huh?” Meiling smiles and works her way down your legs, until your whole body is coated in oil. “Alright, your turn.” She splashes some oil on her chest and spreads her arms, inviting you in. You can’t resist cupping your hands around her tits, squeezing them and smearing oil all over them. Your hands slide all over her breasts, bouncing as they slip out of your grip. One hand moves down to rub her stomach while the other continues to feel her thick, heavy breast.

She grabs you and pushes you to the ground again. Your spine realizes it’s been thrown onto the ground three times in fifteen minutes and decides to give up on you.

“What’d I tell you about staring at my breasts when we should be fighting?” There’s that narrow-eyed grin again. She crawls up you, the oil making sticky slurping sounds. Her stomach presses against yours as she arches her back up, letting her thick breasts hang free, her dark pink nipples surrounded by tanned, brownish areola. She grabs your head and pulls it violently against her left breast. “You want my breasts so bad? Suck on them.”

You don’t have to be told twice. You start licking and sucking on her breasts, the oil coating your tongue and making her flesh slide out of your mouth when you try to nibble on her round tits. Her thighs clench around your stiff cock, and the slippery oiled-up fabric of her shorts grind against your shaft. The tip of your head pokes out from between her thighs as her grip gets tighter.

“You wanna fuck me, don’t you?” She squeezes her thighs tight, making you buck your hips and moan against her breast. “You want me to take off my pants and let you into my soft pussy.” Another squeeze, even harder than the last. Okay, ow, that hurt. She grinds her hips again, digging into your shaft.

“Ow, ow, potato!” you shout. Meiling lets go of you immediately. She slides back off of you and sits between your legs.

“Sorry, did I go too far?” She looks genuinely nervous and a little sad that she hurt you. “Don’t know my own strength, heh.”

“S’okay,” you grunt, hurting too much to sit up. Your cock went limp from the sudden pain. Meiling leans forward and snuggles your member between her breasts.

“I bet this wouldn’t hurt, no matter how tight I squeezed.” She presses her breasts together and starts rubbing them up and down, kneading them against your oiled cock. “They’re so big and soft.”

You take a sudden, shallow breath at this new pleasure. Your cock rises back up, the tip poking out between her cleavage.

“There we go.” She gives your tip a gentle kiss. “Have a lot of girls done this to you?” She heaves her bust forward, smothering your tip then sliding back down and letting it poke out.

“A couple,” you mutter between gasps.

“But it still leaves you speechless, doesn’t it?” Meiling starts jerking her breasts rapidly up and down. The oil slurps and squicks loudly with her attack. You grip your legs around Meiling’s waist, squeezing as you feel an orgasm rising. Meiling stops her rubbing and grabs your thighs, tugging your legs off of her.

“Thought you could turn the tables, huh? I was kind enough to oil you up and play with your dick, and you try and wrap your legs around me.”

“That wasn’t-!” You’re not sure if this woman’s deliberately misinterpreting it or if she just can’t get fighting off her mind. Either way, she slides her knees forward and leans over to press her stomach against your cock. She flexes, making her abs rub against your dick. “I’ll teach you to try and fight back.” Her arms slink under your sides. She grips you tight, less of a hug and more of a wrestling hold. Her abs squeeze against your cock, her muscles as hard and stiff as your erection.

She rocks her body back and forth while she grips you tight against her. The ridges in her ab muscles almost massage you, as close as rock-hard muscles can come to massaging. The pressure and warmth of her body smothering your crotch is just as pleasing as her breasts. She rocks faster, the squelching and schlicking sounds get louder, and her muscles bump and shake your cock even faster. You grab her shoulders as your whole body tightens again.

“Meiling!” You shout her name as you release, your seed squirting out between your body and hers, smearing both of your stomachs with cum. Meiling doesn’t let go during your orgasm, though she slowly brings her rocking to a stop and rests her head on your chest as your body relaxes.

“Mmm, thanks. That was really fun, I can see why some people get addicted to being in control.” Her grip loosens to an embrace. She nuzzles her face against your chest. You wouldn’t think a woman so strong would have such a tender cuddle.

“Did y-mmph!” Your cuddle-partner is cut off mid-sentence as a tentacle jams into her mouth.

Urg… Wossat? Mouth? Wet hole? Sex? SEX! You had barely even noticed the roots on your chest had disappeared, but now they’ve grown back, and a tentacle has stuck itself into Meiling’s mouth. She doesn’t take too kindly to the sudden intrusion, as she yanks the tentacle out of her mouth and squeezes it tightly until it pops into black smoke.

“Nobody sent you an invitation, pal.” She jabs a finger against your roots. “This is your one warning.”

B-b-but holes!

‘Back off, man. She kicked your ass without even trying.’

Correction, she kicked your ass.

‘That’s not the point, she doesn’t want you. The Yama’s already got her eye on you, I don’t think she’d take too kindly to you taking this any further.’

…Fine. Let’s go fuck vampires.

“Sorry about Tenta.” You mumble an apology.

“Nah. Hopefully he got the point. Well, thanks for indulging me, want to go into the mansion?”

“I’m, um. I’m pretty sticky.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of baths and such in the mansion. It wouldn’t be the first time someone walked in like this.” Meiling glances off, apparently remembering some sort of inside joke.

[ ] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.
[ ] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20863
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.

We should be somewhat clean before going into the mansion.
No. 20864
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.

No. 20865
[x] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.

Who knows what this might lead to? のワの
No. 20866
[x] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.

Bath hijinks, please.
No. 20867
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20868
Too true, my friend. Too true. Only thing better, I think, would be Meiling and Sakuya in bike shorts.

[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20869
[ ] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.
No. 20870
[x] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.

I vote we run into the mansion wrestler-like.

No. 20871
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.

Its a mansion. Nuff said
No. 20872
[ ] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.

"…Fine. Let’s go fuck vampires."
No. 20876
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
"Oh god does she have a magic dick?"
Tenta sure is rubbing off on peachanon.
No. 20878
Tentabro is such a refreshing change of pace from all the other demonic possesions.
No. 20879
[ ] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20888
[x] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.
No. 20889
[X] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.

I want to walk into that mansion and have fairy maids and vampire sluts getting wet just from smelling all the sex on us.

No. 20891
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20892
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20893
[x] You’ve spent enough time here, get into the mansion for a bath.

Walk into the mansion covered in olive oil. Like a boss.
No. 20894
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20895
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.

I'm sorry.
No. 20898
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.
No. 20904
Closing votes! Looks like we're showering with Meiling.
No. 20992
[x] Shower off at Meiling’s instead.

“Still, would it be okay if I used your shower?”

“Oh, um. Sure, I suppose that’d be all right.” Meiling’s aggression vanishes and she goes back to the polite and rather awkward gate guard from before. If it wasn’t for her immense strength you’d never guess that she’s a youkai. “Are you sure though? Really, you wouldn’t be the first person to…” her voice trails off. Is she blushing?

“Is something the matter?”

“It’s just… I’ve kept you from the Mistress long enough already, and the mansion baths are so much nicer…”

“But they don’t have you.” You peck Meiling’s cheek, the lone dry spot on her whole oiled-up body.

“No wonder everybody loves you.” Meiling smiles as she gets to her feet and offers you a hand. You take it and get to your feet, trying not to slip. “Think I could join you? I’m pretty sticky too.”

“Why would I say no?” you blurt out.

Meiling giggles. “You’re so cute. Good to see I’m not the only flustered one here.”

She bends over and pulls down her shorts. Her pussy has a dark red, almost brown-colored mound surrounded by a tuft of short pubic hair, probably last shaved about a week ago or so. Her thick, plump clit, already out of its hood, is bigger than any you’ve ever seen, about the size of a pea. You keep your eyes on her while she steps to the shower.

“Room enough for two.” She waves at you, inviting you in. You step in after her as she turns on the water. The oil and stickiness starts washing down your body. Even though it’s plenty warm you still snuggle up behind Meiling and wrap your arms around her waist. She hums happily and leans against you, pressing your back against the shower wall.

“You know, all that wrestling got me pretty… in the mood.” She takes one of your hands and guides it down between her legs. “My clit wants some love.” Not bothering with words, you roll her plump clit in circles and press against it.

“Don’t be afraid to get rough. Rub it up and down.” Meiling purrs into your ear. You follow her directions and rub your finger in strokes along her clit, though she doesn’t quite show the reaction you were expecting.

“Flick it,” she whispers. You thwip your finger against her bean-like lump. Her hips shiver against you. “Ooh, again.” Another flick, harder this time, and Meiling grabs your free arm and holds it against her. “Pinch it.”

Grabbing her clit between your finger and thumb, you give it a little squeeze. “Harder.” You squeeze harder, feeling the bulge flatten and squish out. It twists and bends as you grind your fingers back and forth.

Rrrgh… fuckin… naked woman right in front of me and I can’t touch her. Tenta’s fuming with rage, making the roots on your chest bulge and pulsate against Meiling’s back.

“Mmm… one sec.” Meiling interrupts you.


She turns her head around and pokes at Tenta. “Does it drive you crazy, being so close to me and not getting to join in?”

PLEASE I’LL BE A GOOD TENTACLE MONSTER LET ME TOUCH YOUR THINGIES. The roots bulge again, softly this time, like it’s a tentacle’s way of saying ‘yes please.’

“Well, if you juuuuust play with my clit, I’ll let you have some fun, okay?”

She’s asking for Tenta? Are… are you bad at this?

Yup. You are. Step aside, daddy’s going to put on his grown-up pants. A tentacle slides out and, to your surprise, respects Meiling’s wish, nuzzling her clit and leaving the rest of her pussy alone. The tip softens into a jelly-like substance and smothers her nub, then tightens back up and grips it. It churns and twists, tugging and yanking on her clit. Her reaction is almost electric. Her whole body tightens, then loosens against you.

“Ohh god,” she moans. “That’s good.”

With Meiling’s lower parts occupied, you decide to take advantage of her freely jiggling bust. You grab thick handfuls in each hand and squeeze, letting your fingers dig into her. You grip her erect nipples between your fingers and, without even realizing it, form a rhythm with Tenta, tugging on Meiling’s nipples in between Tenta’s twists and yanks.

“Ooh, that’s so good.” Meiling starts to go limp. Her knees shake and wobble from your combined attacks, her pussy lips opening and closing like a hungry mouth as she draws close to her orgasm.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

“General Meiling!” The fairy from before bursts into the room. Her shadow zips around the room and crashes into something or other, before finding the shower and yanking the door open.

“The evil Black-White has infiltrated the mansion!”

“I… I’m cumming!” Meiling’s whole body tenses up as she bucks slowly, squirting her juices out in rhythm with her thrusts. Linda holds up a badly-singed teddy bear and shoves it in front of Meiling’s face. “General Meiling! Corporal Snuggles has sustained severe injuries!”

Meiling blinks, apparently only just now realizing that Linda came in. She swats her, making her fly out of the shower and thump against the bed. “Get out of here! Haven’t you ever heard of privacy?!”

So long, pleasant sexual afterglow. It was nice seeing you for half a second.

“No time to talk, General!” Linda grabs Meiling’s clothes and throws them at her. Meiling catches them and turns off the shower.

“What the hell are you doing in my room?”

“It’s Black-White! She’s here! She made it past our combined defenses!” Linda holds up Corporal Snuggles again to emphasize his grave wounds from bravely fighting.

“Shit, really? Ugh, Sakuya’s going to kill me.” Meiling hops out of the shower and starts to throw her clothes on. She turns to look at you. “Sorry, duty calls. I’ll make it up to you later.” She didn’t bother to dry off or put on any underclothes, so you can see her pert nipples under her shirt. She turns and runs out of the open door with blinding speed. Linda sets the singed teddy bear on the bed.

“Don’t you worry Corporal Snuggles, you’ll make it through this.” She roots around under Meiling’s bed and pulls out a first-aid kit. She continues to reassure Corporal Snuggles while she wraps bandages around his arms and legs, still paying no attention to the strange man with a raging erection and big bulging roots on his chest.

“Hello, honored guest.” A chilly voice says, just out of sight from the shower. You peek around the wall of the shower, doing your best not to expose yourself.

Well, hello, scary-looking maid with long, braided silver hair, scary dark-blue eyes, and a maid uniform bulging and sagging with several dozen somethings. Where the hell did you come from? Were you just standing there during the shower?

…Are you a stalker?

The maid-and-possible-stalker gives a small bow, then picks up your clothes and hands them to you, talking to you as you dress yourself.

“My name is Sakuya Izayoi, I will be escorting you into the mansion. I had planned to be your guide, but I’m afraid something’s come up, so there will be a slight delay. I apologize for the delay.” She gives another small bow as you finish dressing yourself.

“General Whitehair! Corporal Snuggles has sustained grave injuries!” Linda holds up the bandaged doll and waves it at Sakuya. The maid kneels down by Linda and whispers something that makes her whole body go stiff.

“Y-yes ma’am, right away ma’am. Sorry ma’am.” Linda picks up Corporal Snuggles and flies away towards the mansion.

“Then, shall we be off?” Sakuya asks. “The mistress is a little impatient. Although…” she looks down at your own little corporal standing at attention and sighs, seeing another maid-ish duty to perform. “It probably wouldn’t be right to have you walking around like that.” She grabs the fold of your robe with one hand and your belt with the other and yanks your robe open.

Before you can even react, your underwear is around your ankles and a warm, wet pressure squeezes tightly around your cock. Even though Sakuya is just standing in front of you, it feels like she’s sucking violently on you. The pressure stops as suddenly as it started, but it’s still enough to bring you to a climax. You fall to your knees as your cum empties out, strong healthy spurts pent up from playing in the shower.

“What did you…” you gasp.

“Just making you look presentable, sir.” With a look of suppressed disdain on her face, she takes a rag out of her apron pocket and mops up the streams of cum off the floor with a maid’s efficiency. Once she’s done she tosses the rag into a bin of dirty clothes in Meiling’s room.

“Shall I take you to the door?” Sakuya says it less as a question and more as an order this time. You’re too nervous now to disagree with the maid/stalker with magic blowjob powers. “Sure.” You get to your feet. She doesn’t even wait for you to finish pulling up your underwear before turning around and heading out the door. You run after her while she leads you past the mansion’s massive gate, through a small garden, and to the massive, towering doors in front of the castle. Yikes, this thing is big. She grabs the doorknob and pulls it open like it was any plain old door and motions you in with a wave of her hand. The door shuts with a loud clang behind you once you step inside.

Hooooooly Suwako this is a big mansion. The ceiling seems to be higher than the entire building was on the outside. Red carpet, chandeliers with blood-red rubies, redwood furniture with red cushions. Everything’s red. Like, everything. There are no windows and there’s nowhere near enough lamps to light the whole room, so dark spots are scattered all over the floor and walls. There’s no map or guidepost, a brief walk down the hall shows that most of the doors aren’t even labeled.

You start walking, hoping to find a guide, a maid, a map, anything to help you. You don’t manage to find anything, but you do manage to become fantastically lost inside the mansion. Tired of simply wandering, you decide to try…

[ ] Door Number Five
[ ] Door Number Five Thousand
[ ] Door Number Fluffy
[ ] Door Number Not a Door
No. 20993
[x] Door Number Not a Door



No. 20994
[x] Door Number Five
No. 20995
[X] Door Number Not a Door
No. 20996
[x] Door Number Five
No. 20997
[x] Door Number Not a Door
Huh? Oh, right.
No. 20998
[X] Door Number Fluffy
No. 20999
[x] Door Number Not a Door

I cannot resist.

(I also dislike error messages)
No. 21000
[X] Door Number Fluffy

No. 21003
[x] Door Number Fluffy

Magic Blowjob Powers.

I just wanted to say that.
No. 21011
[x] Door Number Fluffy

I'd that ice bitch.
No. 21012
[X] Door Number Fluffy

No. 21013
[x] Door Number Five
No. 21016
[x] Door Number Fluffy

I... I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not!
No. 21017
Closing votes! Let's see what's behind door number fluffy...
No. 21042
File 13232135831.jpg - (252.22KB , 640x480 , flan4kind.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is it Flandre? Please say it's Flandre. I can never ever ever turn down a Flandre route, ever. Unless there's the promise of a Flandre route later on. Well, I'm sure there will be. But Flandre. Flandre. Flandre.

No. 21043
And when no one was looking, Tenta fucked four Flandres. He fucked four Flandres. That's as many as four ones. And that is sexy.
No. 21045
I love you.
No. 21053
It's not Flandre, sorry. There is, however, a Flandre scene on the books, so have no fear. Even being locked in a basement for almost half a millenium, Flandre's still heard about Tenta's skills.
No. 21092
a scene with Flandre? sweet~
No. 21093
shit messed up the sage
No. 21094
No. 21111
[x] Door Number Fluffy


Empty guest room. Damn.



Empty guest room. Damn.



A not so empty guest room. The bed and furniture have been shoved to one side of the room, and a massive, sprawling pillow fort, complete with a wall of pillow-sandbags protecting the entrance. You let yourself in, not seeing anyone else inside.

“An intruder!” a voice suddenly shouts from inside the mess. Linda’s familiar bucket-helmet pops up behind the wall of pillows, shortly followed by her face, then her large, unwieldy toy rifle. The bucket’s tipped forward far enough on her tiny head to cover everything above her nose.

“Pa-kew! Pa-kew! Pa-kew! You’re dead!” She shakes the rifle with each ‘shot’, aiming at nothing in particular. She lifts the bucket up to her forehead to confirm her kill and does a double-take when she sees you. She throws the rifle out of her hands as if to say ‘I’m not with him.’

“I-I’m sorry, I thought it was someone else! I take it back, you’re not dead!” Linda flies up and tackles you, making you stumble back against the wall and slide down to the floor.

“Don’t you die on me!” She thrusts her hands against your chest and starts pushing in an attempt to do something not entirely unlike CPR.

Heh, this won’t be the first time CPR leads to a good ol’ fuck session for me.

‘What? Eww. Sunny and them were one thing, but… don’t tell me you look at Linda that way.’

I thought you would’ve figured out the whole “I fuck everyone I can” thing by now.

“Don’t move, soldier.” Linda slides her arms under your back and tries her hardest at lifting you up.

“I’ll… hnnnngh… carry you… nnnnf… to safety.” She gives it her damnedest but can’t even manage to roll you over. You could get yourself up, sure, but this is just too cute.

“I’ll drag you to safety, then!” She grabs your ankle and tugs sharply. Ow. She manages to make some progress, though, and you scoot a few inches across the floor. The slow-but-steady dragging process goes on until you’ve been dragged under the fort, knocking over a few pillow-sandbags along the way.

The fort’s big enough for you to sit up cross-legged inside, even with Linda and Corporal Snuggles’s bed taking up room. Old brooms and planks arranged at the corners and top of the fort work as makeshift walls, though they look like they could be knocked over by a sternly-worded letter.

“My HQ has impressive arkum… arkle… archie-texture, doesn’t it?” Linda puts her hands on her hips and beams with pride. You must admit, it is pretty impressive that she managed to build a small fort using nothing but whatever random stuff she could get her hands on.

“Sure does. By the way, how’s the corporal doing?”

Linda grabs the corporal by the waist and lifts him up. “As you can see, he’s making a swift recovery, and will be in tip-top shape in no time. He also earned this nifty medal for his bravery. See?” She points the bear’s chest, now decorated with a beer bottle cap attached to a safety pin. “Hey, d’you wanna play war with me? There’s time for goofing off since General Whitehair’s busy.”

“Sure! How do we play?”

“Okay, so you’re gonna be the bad guy, you’re attacking my HQ and you capture me and take me back to your HQ. This side of the room is your HQ.” She draws her finger across the room to divide it cleanly in half. She seems awfully fond of the phrase ‘HQ.’ Maybe because it’s easy to spell. Once she dives back into her fort, you go to the other side of the room and take your place behind an empty nightstand.

“Enemy sighted!” She stands up behind the pillows, now brandishing a pop-gun that looks more her size. She pulls the trigger and the cork at the end shoots out with a plunk sound. You slide along the ground, dodging the bullet. Since the room’s so small you’re pretty much at the other end of the room now.

“Reloading!” Linda grabs the cork and starts stuffing it back into the pop gun.

“Not so fast!” You reach over the sandbags and scoop up the fairy. She yelps and drops her gun to the ground.

“Wahaha, now you’re my prisoner!”

“Never! I’ll never surrender!” She mock-flails against your grip as you carry her to the other end of the room. You plop her down in the chair and do your best to stare sternly at her.

“Alright, Captain Lin-“

“No, you have to cuff me to the chair first! Otherwise I could just run away!” Linda pouts at your lack of playing war correctly. She takes a pair of handcuffs out of her apron pockets and hands them to you. You pull her hands gently behind the chair and click the cuffs around her wrists, looping the middle around the back of the chair.

“Name, rank and number. That’s all you’ll get from me.” Linda curls her face into a frown.

“Tell me all your army’s secrets! I order you!” You cross your arms.

“Name, Linda. Rank, Captain. Number… uh… seven. And that’s all I’m saying. I wouldn’t tell you my secrets, even if you tore my clothes off and started making sex with me!”

“..Buh.” You certainly weren’t expecting this.

Yesssss I love this place.

“Go ahead, do it! You can make sex with me right now and I wouldn’t tell a thing!”

“Linda, sheesh, I didn’t-“

“Right here in this chair, just rip my panties off and-“

“What are you even talking about?!”

“Well uh, y’know! Isn’t that… a thing that… happens…” Her voice trails off as she realizes how caught up in the moment she was. She suddenly look on the verge of tears.

“I’m sorry, I kinda roped you into this.” She bites her lip. “I just, well, I know all about sex and stuff, General White- I mean, Sakuya told me all about it, and Meiling keeps a buncha books and stuff, and I’ve fooled around with the fairies, but I’ve never done it proper with a man.”

“You wanted me to have sex with you?” The gears are still turning in your head. Fairy or not, it’s hard to think anything sexual about her.

“Yeah.” She sniffs back her tears. “I’m sorry, can you forgive me?”


“It’s okay, please don’t cry. I’m not mad.” You smile, making her brighten up a little. “But… you don’t have to ask for it like that. I think, for sex, you know…” now you’re the one trailing off. “Anyway, the point is, sex isn’t something you do to interrogate people, you do it because you like someone.”

Pffthahahaha. You’re adorable. Next you’ll tell her about holding hands.

‘Shut up.’

“Then, I like you. You were willing to play with me, and you were nice to Meiling. So… will you kiss me?” She smiles wide, looking squarely at you with her blue eyes, shimmering with half-formed tears. She puckers up and sticks her lips out. You… just can’t say no to that face. You kneel down and gingerly bring your lips close to hers.


‘Just… give me a minute. We should take it slowly for her sake.’

Your lips graze against hers and spread open slowly to let your tongue touch hers. You tense up as her small fairy tongue runs over yours. It feels like your first kiss all over again. You lean into the kiss, grabbing her waist and holding her close to you. It feels almost paternal, holding this fairy just around four feet tall in your arms.

Your mouth moves away after what feels like hours. Linda has a distant, daydreaming expression on her face, her mouth hanging open.


“Yeah.” You’re as surprised as her. You’re starting to see her ‘that way.’ You lift a hand to her dress and press it against her chest. You rub her breast, not really much to feel since there’s barely any visible curve underneath the layers of dress and apron. Linda lets out a heavy sigh as you caress her.

“It’s a lot different from the fairies.”

“Is it?”

“It feels like you love me.”

You jerk your hand back in surprise.

“I’m sorry! I creeped you out, didn’t I…” Linda bites her lip again, berating herself for having messed up her chance.

“No, no, it just surprised me.” Well, this got complicated.

Less thinking more sexing.

“Do you want me to take the cuffs off?” You reach behind her.

“Yeah. I want to hold you.” She blushes a fierce shade of red. You unlock the cuffs and Linda hops off of the chair.

“Would you… undress me?” She spreads her arms.

Ooh, I got this. Tentacles pop out of your chest and undress Linda with startling efficiency. She’s standing completely nude with her clothes at her legs in under five seconds.

“Ohmigosh what was that!” Linda flies back and trips over the chair, landing on her rump.

Mmm, c’mon Captain… time for some information-gathering.

“Meiling’s books never mentioned THAT!” Linda moves her hands to cover her chest and crotch. She’s got a healthy bit of baby fat, giving her less of a stomach and more of a tummy. Her breasts are just small buds on her chest, only beginning to grow. Her crystal blue bug-like wings are unfolded, about half her arm span.

“Yeah, that’s Tenta.” You sigh. “He’s kind of my partner.”

“You’re two people?!”

“Sort of. It’s complicated. But we both like you, a lot.”

I like pussies.

“You should’ve told me about that before, jeez.” Linda slowly moves her hands away to expose herself. “But… okay.” She gets to her feet and walks toward you, so focused on her movement and the feeling of the moment that she looks almost robotic as she flutters up to your chest to tug your robe off your shoulders. She strips you naked, now getting a good look at you, rubbing her hands over your muscles and seeing how a human man is built.

She isn’t sure what get gets more of her attention, the tentacle-roots on your chest or your growing dick. After a moment of thought, she decides to focus her attention on your lower appendage. She pinches and pokes it, thankfully not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make it start to harden and grow. Staring in amazement, she wraps a slightly stubby hand around it and starts to caress it. Once it gets to its full length she starts to look a little concerned.

“Jeez… I didn’t think it’d get this big.”

“Don’t worry, we can take it nice and slow.” You guide her hand off of your member and sit in the chair, motioning for her to come to your lap. She half-stands half-crouches on your thighs, her thin slit of a pussy hovering over your tip.


“Yeah.” Linda nods and steels her face. Wanting to make this as easy as possible for her, you put your hands between her legs and spread her lips apart a little. Linda grunts softly just from your fingers spreading her. You pull her into your lap, your cock spreading her pussy lips open with the same gentleness of the kiss just a few minutes ago.

Linda wraps her arms around you and holds you tight as you slowly enter her. First your tip, her lips gripping tight to its shape and curves. Her face screws up in pleasure, nervousness, and excitement, almost looking on the verge of tears. All her bravado has disappeared in seconds, and she’s reverted back to her soft, pliant fairy-ness.

Your chest roots spread out and wrap around Linda’s chest, attaching her to you.

‘Don’t hurt her, man. She’s fragile.’

Don’t worry, I’m just… gonna hug her. This is weird. It’s like… she’s so cute but I don’t want to go full force on her.

‘Yeah, it’s almost like there’s ways to fuck someone other than just ramming their brains out.’

I know, right! What’s gotten into me? Despite his confusion, he still wraps the goo around Linda, covering most of her chest and stomach, and squeezes her close to you without hurting her. Tenta pulls the fairy downward gently, pushing a few more of your inches into her. The pleasure is having a pretty big effect on Linda, she’s panting heavily and sweat’s running down her face just from insertion.

“This is… whoa… aah…” Linda pants. Another push, and your tip is nuzzling the back of her hole, with about two inches left out.

“I’m going to start moving. Are you ready?”

“Yeah.” Linda takes a deep breath and holds onto your shoulders while Tenta continues to hold her in a tight hug. Tenta does most of the work for you, gently pulling Linda back up. Her insides are tight enough that your tip rubs against her and pushes against her walls.

A sudden knock at the door makes you jump up from your seat and thrust hard into Linda.

“Aah! Ow!” she yelps.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” a voice sounding like Sakuya’s comes from the other end of the door. “I’m coming in.”

“No, wait!” You shout back. Too much stuff is happening at once. The door swings open, and sure enough, it’s Sakuya. She sees you and Linda, stark naked with your bits going into her bits, and simply frowns.

“Linda, you know you’re supposed to be mopping the halls again.”

“I’m sorry miss Sakuya!” Linda scrabbles off of you and sinks to the floor. She covers her breast and crotch with her hands again.

“Not only are you slacking off, you’re also dirtying up our guest, minutes after his shower.”

“I’m sorry, it just sorta happened, and…”

“I ought to put you on latrine duty for the month for this.” Sakuya puts her hands on her hips. Linda winces at the thought. “Unless you take responsibility for our guest.” The maid walks to you and pokes your cock, throbbing and slick with Linda’s juices. “He’s going to visit the mistress, and his cock needs to be spotless. Imagine how the mistress would react if I took him to her and he was still wet from you.”

“Yeah, that wouldn’t be good.” Linda agrees.

“So how about this? You lick him clean, and deal with his erection. When he cums, make sure he doesn’t spill a drop. I want this floor spotless afterwards. Do it right and I’ll forget this ever happened.”

“Okay.” Linda looks a bit relieved that she won’t be on latrine duty. She takes a moment to dress herself first, combing her hair and putting on one of those white maid headdress things first. Once she’s back to looking the part of a maid, she gets on her knees and crawls between your legs. She’s short enough that when she’s standing on her knees, her face rests just under your cock. She licks on your testicles first, your cock resting across her face with the tip buried in her hair.

In one long stroke, she licks her juices off the underside of your dick. She stands up to get a better angle and laps up all of the sticky fluid on your cock. Her soft touch exploring over you makes you more and more ready to release. Once she’s licked off every trace of her pussy on you, she wraps her mouth over your tip. Holding just the head in her mouth, she flicks her tongue against your sensitive hole.

“Good, good. Remember not to let any spill.” Sakuya crosses her arms and keeps a close watch on her subordinate’s technique.

“Nngh… almost there,” you warn Linda. She wraps a hand around your shaft and strokes while rolling her tongue around your tip. Your hips clench and you buck forward as you cum, pushing your cock to the back of her mouth. Linda grabs your thighs, almost like she’s afraid you might shoot so hard you launch her across the room. Your first wave of cum fills her mouth and she swallows quickly without letting go of your cock. Your sticky seed works its way down her throat while the next shot empties into her. She struggles to swallow and hold back her coughs. A third shot fills her mouth to overflowing, and cum dribbles down her chin. With a loud swallow she empties her mouth in time to take your last shot before you finish. She swallows it down and pulls back, licking the semen off her lips and chin. Your heart’s pounding from release, and you slump back down into the chair.

“Excellent job.” Sakuya cracks a half-smile.

“That was close, I thought I was gonna make a mess for a second.” Linda clears her throat and catches her breath.

“Wait, you’re not completely clean yet.” Sakuya kneels down next to her and holds her head still as she licks the dribbling cum off of her chin. “There, now you are presentable. Now that you’ve taken care of our guest, I suggest you get to mopping. I will be escorting him to the mistress once he’s dressed himself.” She nods at you and you throw your clothes back on.

“Then we will be off.” She hasn’t broken character the whole time. This woman/maid/stalker is something else.

“Oh, before you go.” Linda flutters up to eye-level with you. “Thanks for… y’know… the stuff. And I hope we can do it all the way later.” She blushes and lays a quick peck on your cheek.

“You’re welcome.” You smile at her and follow Sakuya out to the hallway. She doesn’t say a word, just keeps walking. The silence is a little heavy, not to mention the awkwardness of this woman having twice walked in on you having sex with someone and done strange sex-related things.

Only pick one:

[ ] Stay silent.
[ ] Ask her if she’s stalking you.
[ ] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.
[ ] Ask her why she was mean to Linda.
[ ] Ask her about the mansion intruder.
No. 21114
[x] Ask her if she’s stalking you.
No. 21117
[x] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.

It was ridiculously hard to pick just one but there's just something about the phrase 'magic blowjob' that calls out to me.
No. 21120
[x] Ask her about the mansion intruder.

Sakuya saves the day! Archetype fight, archetype fight~
No. 21122
[x] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.
No. 21125
[x] Ask her why she was mean to Linda.

Let's muddy the waters further, shall we? Also, Linda~
No. 21128
>‘Yeah, it’s almost like there’s ways to fuck someone other than just ramming their brains out.’

>I know, right! What’s gotten into me?

You are awesome. How do you get all those lines?

As for vote, I have no idea what to pick. And what intruder? Only Linda referred to one and it looked more than a game than a serious break-in.
No. 21129
[ ] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.
No. 21131
[x] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.
This is by far the funniest /at/ story I have ever read. And I like funny porn.
No. 21139
The intruder was Marisa, and Linda mentioned it when Tentanon and Meiling were getting it done.

[x] Ask her if she's stalking you.
No. 21144
[x] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.
No. 21153
[x] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.
No. 21158
[x] Ask her for another magic blowjob
No. 21161
[ ] Ask her why she was mean to Linda.

Poor maid loli.:(
No. 21165
Closing votes!

"So, about that magic blowjob..."
No. 21175
Man, the first time Linda appeared I was like "dawww I want to have a scene with her" and then when she appeared later it turned into "dawww please let there be a scene with her" and then bam, my wish came true. Fantastic.
No. 21182
Too bad Sakuya basically cockblocked us. It's almost like I'm reading an old /sdm/ story!
No. 21206
No she's ensuring were not worn out before we reach Remi. She underestimates the power of plot Tenta
No. 21343
I hope we get some delicious sakuya blowjob magic soon.
No. 21344

please see >>20992.
No. 21366
Haha I think he's waiting/hoping for Round 2.

So am I.
No. 21367
Odds are you'd be disappointed and a chance to find something out wasted. Something that is about par for folks in /at/
No. 21371
No this guy writer, ehs a cool guy, he writed sakuya blowjobs and doesnt afraided of nothin
No. 21387
Aww I got all excited for an update and it turns out someone forgot to sage... Here's to hoping the update is finished this weekend.
No. 21404

I'll try to get the update out this weekend, but since SoCal regionals will be playing I can't promise it, as I'll be destroying some hot wings and watching fighting games with buddies. I will, however, let you know I've written a good 3/4 of the update, and there are good reasons for why it's taking a while. Sexy reasons.
No. 21411

*mmmhmm* Those are the best kind of reasons. Have fun watching them fights!!
No. 21433
File 132419175631.jpg - (583.37KB , 960x600 , RemiliaBitingMystia.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her about the magic blowjob from before.

“So,” you clear your throat, expecting her to at least turn around and look at you. Instead, she just keeps walking down the halls.

“That was pretty… weird, what you did to me in Meiling’s, uh, house.”

“Was it?” Sakuya keeps walking.

“Yeah. With the whole making me, uh, jizz.”

“A maid must be prepared to do anything necessary to keep the mansion proper and pamper its guests.”

“I was more wondering, you know, how you actually did it.”

Sakuya stops mid-step. Though she never moves from her standing position, a slender, perfect-feeling hand grabs your cock and strokes it just once.

“Gah!” You reel back in surprise. She finally turns around to face you.

“Something the matter?”

“That was you, wasn’t it?” You try to look upset and meet a small amount of success.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. Is something wrong?”

“Just, don’t do it again, okay? You’re creeping me out.”

Sakuya rubs her chin quizzically. The same hand from before strokes you again, this time almost aggressively.

“Knock it off, seriously!”

Sakuya glances up and down the dim hallways to make sure she’s alone, then lunges at you. Grabbing your wrist with one hand and shoving you back against the wall with the other, she leans in close to your ear.

“I’m not even getting started.”

She lets go of you and backs off, her face showing no trace of emotion other than default maid-ness. There’s really no good comeback to a crazy woman with crazy magic powers pinning you to the wall and saying something crazy, so you just sort of stare at her in surprise for a minute. You hadn’t realized it but your heart’s thumping like mad.

“…Okay then.”

“Glad we’ve reached an understanding.” Sakuya nods and turns around like nothing happened. Ah hell, even if she’s crazy you should follow her anyway. If even the maids keep trying to jump your cock here, wandering around on your own will probably lead to you stumbling into a magician summoning horny succubusses or something.

Succubi. The plural is succubi.

‘Yeah, you would know.’

Is that supposed to be an insult? ‘Yeah, you WOULD know what it’s like to be surrounded by busty women moaning and begging for your tentacle-cocks.’ You should write a book.

‘Hey, why don’t you take some of those tentacles and go fuck yourself?’

…Harsh, man.

“We’ve reached the mistress’s room,” Sakuya says, now in her ordinary maid voice. As she swings the door open for you, the darkness seems to pour out from the room. There’s no light source inside other than a thick stained-glass window, done in red of course. Rather than actually illuminating anything, it gives the near-pitch blackness a sinister reddish tint. You… really don’t want to walk through this door. This is why you shouldn’t talk to vampires at parties with alcohol.

Sakuya’s features harden, not much, but just enough to be noticeable, and she nods stiffly. Wander into dark room with vampire, or piss off crazy stalker molester maid? How did you even get into this situation? Why isn’t fucking everything as awesome as you thought it’d be?


Well, in you go. Sakuya shuts the door, managing to be stiff and curt with such a simple act. Your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness. You can at least make out some vague shapes in the room. A big lighter-colored blob that’s probably a bed. A couple nightstand-blobs and a bookcase-blob.

“Good evening.” A breathy voice whispers, inches away from your ear. You turn your head in surprise and see a gleaming set of red eyes right in front of you. “Get in the bed and lie on your back.”

“Eep.” You jerk your legs forward in an attempt to follow her orders despite your surprise and tenseness. It’s a big room, and it takes you a few steps to cross to the bed, which you bump your shin against. Thankfully it’s covered with layers of soft cloth, so it doesn’t hurt at all. You roll over onto the bed and lay on your back. It’s a huge bed, even with your arms spread out fully you don’t reach the edges.

Those red eyes follow you and float up as the person you assume to be Remilia crawls onto the far end of the bed. They get closer, a little bigger, and a little brighter while she crawls towards you. Her arms lie close to yours, not touching you but still close enough to feel them in a way. Her body’s slightly cool, close to room temperature. Her eyes are level with yours now, her knees sliding up to rest on your stomach.

“You can’t even see me, can you?” Her hand caresses your cheek. The slight chill makes you shiver.

“N… no.” You squint, trying to make out any details of her body, but those mesmerizing red eyes keep distracting you.

“Good, good. I prefer it that way.” She shuts her eyes, becoming almost invisible without that red gleam. She giggles while her teeth graze over the side of your neck. “Isn’t it just thrilling, the sheer suspense of not knowing what I’ll do next?” In a flash, her fangs sink against your neck and pierce the skin. You shudder from the sudden pain and feel a warm wetness spreading rapidly over your neck. Remilia’s mouth envelops the punctures and she draws deeply from it, sucking it like sucking juice from an orange. A mouthful of blood is pulled out of your body, and is quickly gulped down by Remilia. She lets out a loud, satisfied groan.

“You’re scared, aren’t you?” Remilia leans up and whispers in your ear. “I can taste it in your blood.” She licks her lips loudly, her tongue slurping over her fangs. “It’s so sweet, I want more.” Her mouth returns to the holes on your neck and she licks up the blood oozing out, then starts to suck again, drawing another mouthful from you. You start to get a little nervous. How much blood can you lose before it starts messing with your body?

Heh, don’t worry.

‘What do you mean? Wait, you’re going to do something to her, aren’t you?’

Nah, she brought it on herself. Just wait and watch.

Remilia sucks another mouthful of blood from you, sucking hard enough on your neck to probably leave a hickey. You grunt from the stinging pain and the surprising pleasure of having your blood pulled from your neck. She pulls her mouth away from your neck again.

“You’re just delicious, I can’t get enough.” Her voice is even huskier now, and she’s breathing heavily. She nuzzles her cheek against yours. Her body is slowly growing warmer with your blood.

Heh heh heh. Ahahaha. I love being me.

‘Tell me what’s going on right now.’

Oh, it’s simple. Where do you think all my special fluids came from? You’ve been my kink-juice factory, and Remi just had quite a few mouthful of your kink-juice laced blood.

‘Really? I’ve had that stuff in my body the whole time?’

Of course! Didn’t you ever stop and think about how you were ready to fuck anyone and anything? Even youkai and fairies?

‘I… I never thought about that.’

Your thoughts are interrupted as Remilia presses her lips to your mouth. It’s been hanging open the whole time in surprise, both from Remilia’s sucking and Tenta’s sudden reveal. Her teeth gingerly close around your tongue and pull it out from between your lips. She scratches a fang along the length of your tongue, cutting into it slightly. Her lips slurp along your tongue and suck it up into her mouth.

“I want to drink every last drop of your blood,” she whispers, still clenching your tongue between her teeth. “I want to keep you mine forever and drink your delicious blood every day.” The thick, almost metallic scent of blood washes over your nose as she speaks. She jerks her head back and yanks on your tongue. Your head tilts forward from the tug just as Remilia’s lips move forward and crash against yours. Her kisses are even more aggressive than her blood-sucking. Her tongue slithers around inside your mouth as if trying to prove its ownership of you, and the tip of her fangs poke gently against your cheek.

She pulls away from the kiss and gasps for air. You just lie there in bed, feeling more like an accessory to Remilia’s pleasure than a participant. She should know about the stuff she just drank.

“Remilia, you-“

“Ssh.” She interrupts you with a finger pressed gently against your lips. “I wore a special dress for you tonight. I want you to appreciate it.” Her slender arms grip one of your wrists and pull your hand towards her. Your fingers brush against a line of frills hanging off of her body. She guides your hand closer to her and you can feel a soft fabric hanging off of her body. It’s an expensive-feeling fabric with a thinness you can feel just from your slight touch.

“Do you like my negligee?” Remilia giggles to herself and, rather than waiting for an answer, returns her mouth to your neck. There’s a thick, gooey slick of blood pooling on your neck, which Remilia laps up. Her tongue slides over your neck until it reaches the bite marks. She attacks the holes, slurping and sucking at them like they were some sort of sex organ. The feel of her tongue flicking at fresh punctures on your body is odd, to say the least. She moans and yanks your hand to her chest. You can feel her breasts through the fabric, small, firm, and boyish, with nipples stiffening and poking into your palm as you squeeze her.

You’re starting to feel a bit dizzy. How much has Remilia drank from you now?

“Do you think you could stop?” you ask. You can hear the nervousness in your own voice. Remilia’s lips break from your neck and move to your earlobe, kissing it gently.

“Mistress will stop when she is full.” She whispers, grinning so hard you can almost hear it. Though she dismissed your concerns, when she returns to your neck her sucking has turned more to a soft suckling and kissing. She pulls your hand downward. Your hand caresses her stomach between the folds of her nightwear, her skin now as warm as a normal person’s. Her belly has a lean softness, it’s as smooth as freshly-washed silk. Your hand goes down, past her navel, and brushes against a maze of lace at her crotch.

“These are my special panties,” she coos into your ear. “I only wear them for my favorite guests. You should feel privileged.” Your hand travels between her legs. “Now show me your appreciation.” She pulls your hand tight against her panties, and you instinctively start to rub her. Her panties are a soft fishnet-like fabric, with the plump, jelly-like flesh of her pussy lips pressing out through the mesh. The fabric gets moist within seconds as you stroke your middle finger along her length. Her pussy lips surround your finger like they’re trying to swallow it up.

“You’ve made a nice meal. Now it’s time for the entertainment.” Panting with excitement, Remilia grabs your arms and shoves them to your side. She crawls back down between your legs and rapidly unties your belt and flings your robe open. Though, you aren’t sure if she’s noticed the problem here…

Really? All that sexy licking and biting and you’re still soft?

‘I’m a human, okay? When someone drinks my blood, I could fucking die. That’s not a very sexy thought.’

Ugh, you’re so useless.

Showing no concern for your flaccidness, she spreads her legs and mounts you. She grunts in irritation as your limp member refuses to cooperate, merely rubbing half-heartedly against her opening, like it’s saying ‘eh… don’t wanna’. Remilia leans forward until her eyes are well within your personal space.

“Is there a problem?” A hint of frustration creeps into her voice.

“I, I just…”

“No matter, I know how to solve this.” She shuffles back down to the end of the bed and you the warmth and wetness move away from you.

“Sakuya.” Not quite shouting but louder than her normal voice, she calls for her maid. No sooner has she finished the single word than Sakuya strides in through the door, the light disorienting you for a moment. You can’t help shuddering nervously as you see her yet again.

“Do you need something, mistress?” She holds up a dim lantern, illuminating about half the room and letting you see her face.

“This man refuses to cooperate. Prepare him appropriately for sex.”

“As you wish, mistress.”

Your arms are suddenly wrenched to the side, and tight rope wraps around your wrist and ties you to the bed. A thick belt wraps around your chest, squishing out the roots on your chest. You try to cry out in surprise, but there’s tape over your lips, and a wad of cotton stuffed into your mouth. Once again, Sakuya’s used her powers to make you completely at her mercy.

The hell is this?! I can’t move!

‘Well, we’re going to die. It’s been fun while it lasted.’

Sakuya walks to the bed and sets the lantern down around your thighs. She dims it a little so you can’t see much aside from her face and your crotch, both of which are very close together.

“So, you don’t like my mistress?” Her tongue flicks out and laps at your testicles.

You try to explain that you’re perfectly willing to have sex, but were a bit freaked out by the biting and kind of lost some blood, so if you could have a glass of water and a ten-minute break you’d be ready to do the deed, but thanks to the tape on your mouth, all you can say is “mnf!”

“You should be thankful that we’re both so forgiving of you.” She sucks one of your testicles into her mouth and laps her tongue against it, making it jiggle and bounce inside her mouth. While she sucks on it, her hand presses against your buttocks and snakes its way under and eventually in-between them.

“I’ll be leaving your cock untouched for the mistress to enjoy. Fortunately, there are many other ways to make you hard.” To emphasize her point, she shoves her middle finger into your asshole. Your surprised shout is again muffled by the tape over your mouth. Her finger wriggles around inside you, bending back and forth to prod every side of your anus.

Your hips grind and twist in circles following her motions. As her finger wriggles in your asshole, she loosens her lips around your testicle and runs her tongue along your sack, giving your other ball some attention. Though she’s taken you by surprise, her methods are certainly effective. Your dick twitches and stands up, engorging with blood. She speeds up her fingering and licking, either getting into it or just wanting this to be over with. Your dick stretches out to its full thickness, the head swelling out wide. Satisfied, Sakuya pulls out her finger and leans back.

“This should be sufficient for him, milady.” The ropes disappear from your wrists, along with the belt and mouth-tape. They aren’t even pulled off, they just seem to wink out of existence. Sakuya takes the lantern and twists a knob on the side, making the flame burn brighter until it illuminates most of the bed. Remilia’s visible now, you can see the thin nightwear you were fondling just a minute ago. The platinum pallor of her skin is even more apparent in the dim light. Her chest is almost curveless save for her stiff cherry-red nipples poking against her dress. Her pussy is clearly visible through her mesh panties, red and wet, just waiting to be stuffed.

“Excellent. Thank you for your assistance.” Remilia grins and waves at Sakuya, indicating her work here is done.

“Wait, mistress. I need to make sure you are sufficiently prepared as well.”

“I think I’m perfectly ready, thank you very much.” Remilia frowns, a gesture which looks more childish and pouty than threatening.

“I insist, mistress. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Sakuya grabs her mistress’s waist and pushes her onto her back. She shoots you a quick glare, saying something to the effect of ‘stay out of this or I’ll chop your legs off’.

“…Hmph, fine. If you insist.” Remilia looks away from her maid.

“Thank you, mistress. I only have your best interests in mind.” She may say that, but she looks awfully eager as she yanks Remilia’s panties down to her ankles. She tugs them off her legs and brings them to her face, sniffing deeply and getting a noseful of her mistress’s scent. She sucks on the juice soaked into the fabric with an almost dreamy expression. “Ahh…” Her eyes roll up as she moves the panties away from her mouth and sets them aside. “Now, the preparation.”

She grabs Remilia’s legs and spreads them open, the bulge of her pussy lips sticking out even more. She dives her mouth between her legs and pinches Remilia’s lips between her fingers, spreading them open and revealing the maze of folds inside her. Her clit pokes up, a nub about the size of a corn-kernel. It peels itself out of its hood and pokes up, tall and proud.

“So, as you can see, I’m- aah!” Remilia tries to talk Sakuya out of it, but is interrupted as her maid’s lips press to her pussy. She sinks her teeth gently into part of the mound of her outer lips, the soft flesh yielding eagerly to her touch. She moves her mouth between her lips and starts lapping her pussy like a dog, running in long strokes from the very bottom to just below her clit.

“As a maid, it’s my duty to be intimately familiar with my mistress, even in matters of the bedroom.” She rubs a finger rapidly back and forth against Remilia’s clit, rolling along it like she’s trying to polish it. Remilia starts to say something, but only high-pitched moans come out when she opens her mouth.

“That… aah! Mmh… ooah!” She grips handfuls of the sheets as her back presses against the bed, her body forming a curve as she arches back in pleasure. Sakuya leans forward, following her hips as her body arches back, not wanting to stray from her pussy for a second. She continues her attack, rubbing her clit and licking her pussy in a practiced rhythm specifically designed to please her mistress the most.

I can get involved in this. A tentacle works its way towards them. Sakuya glances quickly at it, and a sharp, shallow pain cuts across it. A small trickle of inky blood runs down it.

Ow ow ow shit. Fine, maid-wench. You win this round. The tentacle pulls back into you. Sakuya hasn’t stopped her assault for even a fraction of a second. Remilia’s pants get faster as she writhes in pleasure on the bed, rubbing her crotch against Sakuya’s face.

“Nngh… Sakuya!” She shrieks. Her hips shoot up as she reaches her climax. Sakuya clamps her mouth to her pussy, letting the cum pour directly into her mouth. She slurps at her hole and moans as the rest of her mistress’s cum squirts into her.

“Mmh, okay. That was pretty good.” Remilia takes a long, satisfied breath. “You can g- aagh!

Not satisfied with just one taste, Sakuya presses her tongue against her hole and works in deeper. Her eyes are shut in a look of almost dreamy contentedness while Remilia continues to twitch in ecstasy. Her hand returns to Remilia’s clit, now playing more gently with it, as it’s swollen and red with pleasure.

“Mmgh, Sakuya…” Almost immediately her voice is high-pitched and shallow again. She grabs Sakuya’s head and pulls it against her pussy, rubbing her sopping wet pussy against her face as if trying to pull her whole head inside. She grabs Remilia’s legs and lifts them up until her face is lost between Remilia’s thighs, still not stopping her licking for a moment. Her arms wrap around her thighs,

“I’m cumming again!” Remilia shrieks. Rather than drink it like last time, Sakuya poises her face right by her mistress’s twitching pussy and lets the cum spray against her and soak her face. Stream after stream of cum splats against her face, dripping down and making her hair stick to her face.

Remilia lies on the bed for a long moment, her mouth hanging open, her tongue drooped out on her chin, her eyes glazed with the afterglow. Finally, she sits up and shakes her head. “But seriously, get out of my room. I have some unfinished business.”

“Yes mistress.” Sakuya nods, slides off the bed, and lets herself out of the room.

“Well then. With that rather nice distraction over, it seems you’re still plenty hard.” Remilia rolls over and pokes your cock. It’s indeed quite hard thanks to watching Remilia writhe around in ecstasy. “I’m eager to see what you have in mind for me.” Two orgasms in ten minutes doesn’t seem to have fazed her much. Vampire stamina really is all it’s cracked up to be.

We’ll just have to fuck her all the harder, then!

[ ] Let Tenta join in a little.
[ ] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.
[ ] Play with her a little and edge her, then let her have it.
[ ] Let her stay in control, see where she goes with it.
No. 21434
[x] Let her stay in control, see where she goes with it.

Let's let Remi drive. Her playground, her rules, and whatnot.
No. 21436
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.

Let's see a vampire with impressive stamina wants tentacles? Then by god give her enough of them to have her coming twice a minute.
No. 21437
[x] Let her stay in control, see where she goes with it.
No. 21440
[x] Play with her a little and edge her, then let her have it.

Are you freaking kidding me? Remilia and Sakuya basically had their way with you. Whatever happened to your spirit? Take the fight to them!
No. 21442
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.

Tag out, time for Tenta to do his thing.

>Remilia and Sakuya basically had their way with you.

That's my fetish.
No. 21444
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.

No. 21445
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.

No. 21448
[x] Play with her a little and edge her, then let her have it.
This is my fetish.
No. 21451
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.

Why have a contest when you can have both?
No. 21452
[X] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.
No. 21453
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.

I like how that sounds =3
No. 21456
[X] Let her stay in control, see where she goes with it.
No. 21458

[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.

We can't lose with this.
No. 21461
[x] Let her stay in control, see where she goes with it.
No. 21466
[x] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.

Remilia needs to learn her place on the Fucking Ladder. Sakuya, too.
No. 21469
[X] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.

Whatever happened to tentacles being the dominant side? We must fight for our manliness!
No. 21470
[X] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles.
No. 21472
[X] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.
No. 21485
Closing votes!

[X] Let Tenta join in and swamp her with tentacles, edge her and then let her have it.
No. 21739
Gah. I'm writing, I swear I am. Update hopefully coming today or tomorrow, thanks for your patience.
No. 21753
File 13251001308.jpg - (475.06KB , 1280x905 , RemiliaTentacles.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Edge her first, then swamp her with tentacles.

You know what?

Your hands shoot out of their own volition and grab Remilia’s shoulders. You push her back against the bed and hold her against it while a tentacle shoots out from your chest and rapidly coils its way up her body. Remilia takes a quick draw of breath in surprise to your sudden forcefulness. Within seconds it’s wrapped all the way up to her shoulders, squeezing her whole body tight, keeping her limbs locked.

“I will eat you alive.” You certainly didn’t say that. It came from your mouth, but it wasn’t you. It was a deep, gravely, almost feral voice. You realize in horror that Tenta is controlling your body.

‘What the fuck are you doing?!’

It’s time for you to step the FUCK back. First, you hog Meiling all to yourself. Then, that ice-bitch maid walks in on me and Linda. Then, Remilia and that ice-bitch maid AGAIN play me for a fool and walk all over me. I’m horny and blue-balled and full to bursting with piss and vinegar.

Your hands grab Remilia’s ankles and press her feet to your chest. “I’m going to swallow every inch of you inside me.” You sneer, moving your arms further along her legs while a thick, puckered opening forms on the tip of your roots, almost like a round mouth. It slurps up to Remilia’s ankles. It’s not like the thin gooey covering you’ve seen before. This time, it’s a thick, scaly slug-like protrusion, like a monster trying to leave your body. It suckles its way up to her knees, with dozens of small tongues forming inside it to lick and caress her legs.

So I’m going to give this woman exactly what she wants. I’m going to tease her until she’s shrieking and begging for release.

The mouth is up to her hips now, rapidly eating at her trapped body. The tongues inside move their attention to her pussy and force their way between her legs, held tight together by the coiled tentacle. They pinch her lips and delicately spread her open, while another tongue brushes against her clit. The tongues gently prod the inside of her pussy, feeling their way up her without penetrating her.

And then I’m going to fuck her senseless. I will ram into her until she’s numb with pleasure, unable to speak.

Her waist is now trapped inside the cocoon. More tongues form to tickle at her anus, making her clench and shiver. Their touch is hard enough to be sensual, but far too soft to ever make her cum.

“Well? Are you scared?” You lean over her and feel the cocoon break off from your chest, becoming its own separate entity. “Worried I might eat you up and keep you forever?” You lick her cheek. “You’re a sexy little creature. I’m tempted to just trap you here and feed off of you for the rest of your life. Imagine it, every hour of every day, trapped in this cocoon. All of your holes getting abused, day and night. Forced to cum nonstop, just to feed me.”

“I… nngh…” Remilia looks away from you.

“What’s wrong? Not used to being on the receiving end of domination?” The cocoon is up to her shoulders now. The tongues begin to attack her breasts. Two tongues wrap around her nipples and tug on them in rhythm, playing with her body while you nibble on her cheek. “Well, you’d better get used to it. Because I’m going to fuck you…” the tongues tease at the opening to her pussy. “Long, and hard…” They dip just a bit into her entrance, then retreat. “Until you’ve lost your mind.”

You lean in close to her ear; close enough for your lips to touch her. You can hear her breathing, shallow with an excited fear as the tendrils continue to tease her. “I. Own. You.”

The words make her shake with anticipation. The tongues’ teasing is brutally effective, Remilia’s already panting with lust, and a fresh coating of lubrication covers her pussy in response to the licking. The tongues synchronize their efforts and lap at her sensitive spots, all at once. She grits her teeth in response, as if trying to hold back her pleasure. You can feel her squirming inside the cocoon and pushing against the tentacle keeping her trapped.

“Well? Are you ready for me to eat you alive? I won’t do it until you ask me.”

Remilia scrunches up her face, resisting the urge to admit defeat.

“I’d be perfectly happy to just tease you. Though, I’d have to make sure you can’t release. My tentacles would tie you down tight until you couldn’t move an inch, all you could do is lie there, unable to release the cum you so desperately want to let out.”

“F-fine!” Remilia squirms again in your grip, too focused on your teasing to think of anything else. “Fuck me! Make me cum! Please!” she shouts.

“Excellent.” You lean over her, your face towering just an inch away from hers. “And now, Remilia. You will feed me.” The cocoon fuses to your chest, breaking apart into a massive, wriggling pile of slick wet tentacles. Some of them curl around Remilia’s limbs and pin her arms to the ground, giving the other tentacles easy access to her pussy. The rest simply run over her like so many worms, the gentle rubbing of their motions stimulating her entire body. You grab Remilia’s knees and wrench her legs open, revealing her dripping pussy, with a few errant tentacles slithering over it. The tentacles move away respectfully as your hips close the distance to her.

With a thrust, you plunge into her all at once. She yelps in surprise and arches her back. After being teased, she must’ve been left on edge because you can feel her pussy clench in a sudden orgasm as soon as you thrust in. A few squirts of cum fly out, the fluid coating the mass of tentacles circling around her legs and crotch like vultures circling their prey. She screams out in pleasure, and as her mouth opens, two tentacles let themselves inside. They’re thick enough to hold her mouth wide open as they writhe their way to the back of her mouth in seconds. Rather than forcing their way down her throat, they instead squirm over her tongue and cheeks, enjoying their feel. Her cheeks bulge out from the twin assault.

“Your whole body is mine to abuse.” A tentacle prods her asshole, testing it, then suddenly sticks itself what feels like six inches deep into her in one powerful shove. Remilia lets out a slurred gasp in shock, and her pussy clamps down around your cock as her body tenses. Her violent reaction makes you want to just shove deeper into her, test the limits of her body. The tentacle starts widening inside her, now significantly wider than a cock, stretching her asshole out even further. A half-dozen smaller tentacles wrap around her buttocks and spread her apart, letting the massive tentacle work as deep as it pleases inside her. With each push deeper, Remilia’s pussy squeezes you tighter. Her hands curl and uncurl in response to being violently spread open, and her eyes bug out in shock.

‘Are you hurting her?’

She doesn’t mind. She’s loving this.


Listen. If a strong Youkai like her doesn’t like what you’re doing, you won’t be doing it for long. Or doing anything else, for that matter. Anyway, just one more tentacle, and we should be all set…

As if ordered by Tenta, a tentacle crawls on top of your cock and nudges against Remilia’s opening. Tenta doesn’t make you slow your thrusts for a second, even as the other tentacle finds purchase inside her and shares the space inside her pussy with you.

And hey, don’t get any weird ideas about this. These kinda things happen when you’re made of dicks.

The tentacle circles around your cock to explore Remilia. The area around her crotch bulges following the shape of the tentacle, the bulge moving as the tentacle swirls inside her.

“Agh… mngh!” Remilia tries to say something, but thanks to her full mouth it just comes out as a series of high-pitched moans. Her pussy tightens yet again as whatever drops of cum remaining inside her are emptied out, her pussy dribbling its release weakly.

You lean down near her face again and stroke it gently as you continue your thrusts. Even with her repeated tightening almost milking your cock, you’ve managed to hold back your cum. You don’t want to admit it but you can feel your strength fading fast. Keeping out all these tentacles really requires a lot of energy.

“Weakling. I’ve made you cum twice, and… haven’t even…. shot… furff…” Your vision swims as you slump down on top of Remilia. The tentacles all start to shrivel up, taking away the feel of her tight, warm wetness. You try to say something and fail, right before your vision fades.

“Sak… guest roo… ease.” Remilia’s voice echoes in your head in short snippets.

“As… ish… ady.” Sakuya’s voice. “You’re… ilthy… ean you up.”

“Aah! … Uya… cumming!”

After that, you feel a pair of hands lift you up and carry you off somewhere. A few minutes later, you slump back down against a comfortable pile of cloth. Yay, sleep~


Dreams and images dance through your head. Standing in a moonlit field. Two women. One of them is a princess, and looks the part. An elaborate floral pink dress, with long raven hair cascading down to her hips. Her hair is really the show-stopper. Not a strand’s out of place, just a stiff waterfall of hair, shining in the moonlight. She’s either got a crack team of stylists or a naturally regal grace and beauty. The other one might’ve been royalty at some point for all you know, but has long since gone to pot. Baggy red pants held up by suspenders. A white shirt with burn marks all over it. Long white hair, of a significantly more “gnarly and tangled” family than her opponent.

“So, hang on. Let me get this straight. You two are gonna fight ‘til one of you can’t stand anymore. And then I fuck the loser.”

“Yep.” The white one nods, punching a fist into her open palm. She obviously just heard that as ‘my partner’s going to get beaten and fucked.’

“And… why?”

“We thought we’d raise the stakes a little.” The other one speaks in a suitably fancy-sounding voice, the breathy kind of voice, as if she doesn’t want to expend any more energy than necessary talking to the plebes around her. “Honestly, we’ve killed each other so much that our fights had lost that… spark. The sense of putting something important on the line. With not just physical pain, but mental and emotional pain at risk, it should make tonight’s match that much more interesting.”

“…Right.” Well, you did your part. Looks like they’re serious about their wager. You kinda hope the black-haired one loses. It’d be fun to fuck a princess.

It’s dark again. Not a nighttime dark, or a passed-out dark. A ‘standing in the closet’ dark. You’re waiting for someone. A Nue. Not Nue Houjuu the Nue. Man, where did she get the nerve to name herself after a whole species anyway?

Wait, her mother probably gave her that name.

Oh, right, you’re waiting for her mother. Tako Houjuu. The two of you have gotten eerily close to a relationship. You’ve crashed at each others’ places more than a few times, see each other on a regular basis, and do stuff other than fuck each other senseless sometimes. This is not one of those times. Tako’s actually pretty wild in bed, or wherever you happen to be fucking her. On the table, under the table, on top of the roof, and so on. Today’s an “on top of the table” day. She said she was going out for a day of scaring humans, and she wanted you to be waiting in hiding for her for when she came home. Then, when you saw her, you’d pounce on her and fuck her brains out.

Creeeeak. The wooden door downstairs creaks on its rusty hinges. Tako’s home. Time for fun. Not that you need another person. There are hands on your cock already.

Wait. That’s not right.

You wake up.

“Ahaha! Watch what happens when I do this!” A voice you haven’t heard before giggles to herself, and a small hand squeezes the tip of your cock. You grunt and clench your hips reflexively to a chorus of childish fairy-sounding giggles.

“Ooh, let me try.” Another voice says. A hand pinches your tip and tugs gently on it, causing another grunt and clench, followed by more giggles. You open one eye and see five or so fairies gathered on your bed, staring at your dick in fascination. They’ve all got maid uniforms on, and cleaning supplies are piled up by the door. Speaking of which, you realize you’re not in Remilia’s room anymore. You’re in one of the generic guest rooms you saw before. The fairy maids don’t seem to have noticed that you’re awake.

The fun never stops in this place.

You avoid thinking about the fingers playing with your dick long enough to think at Tenta. ‘Listen, as soon as these fairies are gone we’re going to have a talk about that whole ‘possessing my body’ business.’

Er, yeah. Heh. But that’s later. Right now, fairies.

[ ] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
[ ] Wake up and have the fairies explain themselves.
No. 21754
[X] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.

Fairy molestation, mmm.
No. 21755
Possessing our body?
Not cool, Tenta.
Not cool.

[X] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
No. 21756
[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
No. 21757
[x] Wake up and have the fairies explain themselves.

The weak ones will run. Brave fairies only!
No. 21758
[x] Wake up and have the fairies explain themselves.
Turn it into some sort of punishment/teaching thing.
>"You think that is how you make someone squirm? Try this!"
No. 21759
[X] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
-[X] After a short while, "capture" the fairies and interrofuck them.
No. 21760
[X] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
No. 21762
[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
-[x] After a short while, "capture" the fairies and interrofuck them.

Applied fairy science.
No. 21764
[X] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
No. 21767
[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.

We're doubtless still tuckered-out from Remilia. Why not just lie back and let them do the work for now?
No. 21770
[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.

I'm all for the "merciless tentacle rape" part, though it turned a bit body horror-ish.

C'mon Tenta, we're supposed to be partners in this, no taking over without permission, or at least a heads up.
No. 21771
[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
-[x] After a short while, "capture" the fairies and interrofuck them.
No. 21772
File 132514335261.png - (0.97MB , 2000x1454 , 3908555ce51bc1ea4f3a17aab4f6adab.png ) [iqdb]
>Tako’s actually pretty wild in bed, or wherever you happen to be fucking her. On the table, under the table, on top of the roof, and so on. Today’s an “on top of the table” day. She said she was going out for a day of scaring humans, and she wanted you to be waiting in hiding for her for when she came home. Then, when you saw her, you’d pounce on her and fuck her brains out.

Requesting Tako scene. Now.

[c] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.

Fairy maids time?
No. 21773
File 132514806879.jpg - (24.93KB , 400x402 , bro.jpg ) [iqdb]
What the hell man, I thought we was cool. Total violation of the bro code.
No. 21776
[]Remain asleep

Taco scene please
No. 21777
We should probably punish him by not letting him tentacle out when we get back and have 'make up time' with Alice. Teach him to that unBrolike behavior ain't cool.

We're lucky that Sakuya didn't start removing tentacles... or worse. Get your head in the game Tenta!

[X] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.
No. 21778
Closing votes.

[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes wins
No. 21911
[x] Pretend to stay asleep and see where this goes.

The thought of getting up and asking them what they’re doing crosses your mind. The thought of getting up and asking them if they’d like the real deal with an active partner also crosses your mind. You’ve started to get a thing for fairies, apparently. You open your eye again to take a closer look at them. Linda isn’t anywhere among them.


“It smells funny,” one of the fairies giggles. She’s the tallest fairy there by a few inches, though she still looks to be a hair under four feet tall. She’s got dirty-blonde hair going a little past her shoulders, though it’s tousled enough that it goes whatever way it wants. Her sleepy-looking eyes are drooped down too sharply for you to see what color they are. For reasons unknown she’s wearing a human-sized maid uniform so the sleeves flop around when she points at your dick.

“I dare you to lick it, Sanya~!” one of the other fairies nudges most-likely-Sanya and giggles.

“Lick it, lick it!” Two other fairies chant.

“C’mon, guys.” A fairy standing next to Sanya puts her hands on her hips and pouts at the chanting fairies. She’s almost Sanya’s complete opposite: on the small side even for a fairy, about a head shorter than her. Her hair’s almost completely black with a slight purple tinge, neatly trimmed and short.

“S’okay, Prima.” Sanya smiles at her friend and gets on her hands and knees. Crawling between your legs, she takes another sniff of your dick, then flicks her tongue out against your underside. You breathe in sharply and tighten your hands into fists, reminding yourself to lie down and not move.

“Well? How’s it taste?” One of the fairies giggles at her. Rather than responding, Sanya moans in surprised pleasure and dives her mouth onto your cock and slides her tongue around your shaft, coiling it around to taste every inch of you. The sudden stimulation makes you clench your fists and lean up slightly. Sanya slurps up her saliva as it drools out onto your dick and swallows it down. You really think you might cum soon if she does this much longer.

“What’re you doing?” one of the fairies pokes Sanya. She lifts her mouth off your cock and smiles.

“It tastes just like cotton candy.” She smirks at the other fairies.

“R-really? Let me taste!” One of the fairies pushes Sanya away while she and two of the other fairies dive onto your thighs. The first one pops her mouth over your swelling head and sucks on it, while another wraps her lips around your shaft and the third presses her face to your testicles. They all start licking you at once, hungrily trying to find the sweet taste. The pressure in your cock builds up rapidly, there’s no way you can hold up your orgasm.

“Hey, Sanya!” The one sucking your tip lifts her mouth up. “I don’t taste any-“ She’s interrupted as a spurt of your cum hits her square in the face. “Eek!” She reels back and lands by your shins as your cum shoots up and lands on the two other fairies still attending to your dick, messing their hair and dripping down their faces.

“Sanya, you tricked me!” The first one points angrily at Sanya. As she opens her mouth, a drip of semen falls past her lips. She pauses and runs her tongue around in her mouth. “Huh, doesn’t taste as bad as I thought.”

“Really? Lemme try!” One of the other fairies grabs her head and licks a big glob of cum off of her face. “Hmm… it’s kinda salty and slimy.”

“My turn!” A third fairy licks the other side of her cheek, making her squirm, then swallows your cum down noisily. “Ooh, not bad!” She licks her lips, apparently liking the taste, and clamps her mouth onto the fairy’s forehead. “Um num num num, I’m’a eat’chu!” She half-lick-half bites the rest of the cum off of the fairy.

“Uh…” The smaller one, Prima, you think it was, tugs at the hem of the fairy’s dress and points at you. All of the fairies turn to look at you. You realize you’re now halfway sitting up, wide-eyed and panting with release, and very much not pretending to sleep.

“S-surprise!” the as-yet-unnamed fairy waves at you. “Good morning, guest!”

“…Yes, hello.” You ought to be angry, but damn, blowjobs feel good. None of the fairies know what to say next, and to be honest neither do you. Prima breaks the silence by slapping herself on the forehead.

“Oh, that’s right! I came here to tell you breakfast is ready!”

“He can’t go yet.” Sanya points at your cock. “Look, he’s still hard.” The other fairies nod in agreement and start talking to each other.

“Think it’d fit in me?”

“I dunno… it looks kinda big.”

“I wonder if it’d fit in Sanya!”

“Yes! An experiment!”

Prima glares at the fairies. “Really, guys. Stop being mean to Sanya.” She turns to you, suddenly looking almost serious. She turns her hips to face you. “I’ve, uh, I’ve done this before. It doesn’t fit in my pussy, but…” she hikes up the skirt of her dress and pulls her panties down to her thighs, exposing her pale, firm butt. She grabs a cheek in each hand and spreads herself open, almost proudly displaying the tight lines of her asshole. “I’ve done it with my butt before. If you want, you could, um… ‘use’ it.”

“Prima, I’m okay with it, really. You don’t have to watch out for me all the time.” Sanya ruffles Prima’s hair a little.

“Oh, and fairies don’t poop!” One of the other fairies chimes in, ruining the mood with practiced efficiency. “So you don’t have to worry about any gucky stuff down there.”

[ ] Take advantage of Prima’s offer.
[ ] Introduce Sanya to sex.

…don’t I get to be involved?

‘No. I’m still pissed at you. Bodysnatcher.’
No. 21912
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21913
[X] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21914
[X] Introduce Sanya to sex.

What's that? Taking the virginity of a fairy maid who has tousled sexhair?

Hell yes I would like to do that.
No. 21915
[x] Take advantage of Prima’s offer.

Might you say Prima's butt-lovin' is primo?
No. 21916
[ ] Take advantage of Prima’s offer.
I just love the older sister types
No. 21917
[x] Take advantage of Prima’s offer.

Yes ma'am.
No. 21918
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21919
[X] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21920
[x] Take advantage of Prima’s offer.

No poop, guaranteed. I can't not take advantage of a deal like that.
No. 21921
[x] Take them both.

We've got two options in front of us, why not take both?
No. 21923
File 132549285651.jpg - (14.58KB , 252x264 , fairy.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 21931
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21932
[X] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21936
[ ] Introduce Sanya to sex

sidenote: still kind of mad at Tenta the bodysnatcher
No. 21940
[X] Introduce Sanya to sex.

Also good to know Tenta's getting punished by not getting to get involved for violating the BroCode
No. 21956
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.

Well damn. I think the fairies may be the most entertaining thing in this story for me so far.
No. 21973
[x] Take advantage of Prima’s offer.
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.
Fuck it. Not gonna go derping by refusing either.
No. 21987
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21991
Closing votes! Our winner:

[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.
No. 21992
Since no one praised you, good job.
No. 21993

Gah that's right, I almost forgot to thank whoever made this. It's a beautiful thing to see first thing in the morning. Shout-outs to whoever made >>21773 too. You guys make me proud to write about a tentacle monster having sex with magical girls in frilly dresses.
No. 22248
Sorry for the delay, everyone. I'm sure you don't want to hear the usual "busy work stuff family life etc" so I'll just let you know I am indeed writing, just need to get motivation to do it in my free time.
No. 22377
File 13267740276.jpg - (473.02KB , 1240x1753 , just-fyi-Sanyas-breasts-are-nowhere-near-this-big.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Introduce Sanya to sex.

Prima straightens up and lifts her panties back up to their proper place, giving you a polite ‘the choice is yours’ type of nod. Sanya, meanwhile, looks to be hiding her face with a loose sleeve.

She wants it so bad. Even if I couldn’t sense it with my powers, I’d still recognize that look from a mile away.

“Sanya, right?” You smile at the fairy in what you hope is a comforting way. She nods and moves her sleeve away to show a look of anxiety on her face.

“Is there something on your mind?” You can’t help but dance around the issue a little, Sanya’s bashful glance away from you makes you a bit ashamed to ask. You have no idea how Tenta can ask everyone so naturally. Oh wait, yes you do.


“Well… I wouldn’t mind… having sex.”

The fairies all “ooh” in unison at Sanya’s response.

“Sh-shut up! I didn’t ask for a peanut gallery.” She glares at the fairies.

“We’re gonna watch you have so much dirty sex!” One of the fairies bursts out laughing. This is not going how it went in your head.

“C’mon, guys. This is a special moment for Sanya, don’t ruin it by making fun of her - give her some respect and privacy.” You blurt it all out in one sentence, eager to try and get the proper atmosphere back.

“Yeah, what he said!” Prima crosses her arms and glares at the fairies. Your combined chastising seems to have quieted them, as they back off the bed and give you and Sanya some room.

“So then, um…” Sanya fidgets with the loose-fitting collar of her dress, then slips it off of her shoulders, letting her whole body be exposed at once like pulling back a curtain. Much to your surprise, she was hiding some respectable curves under her dress. While she doesn’t exactly have an hourglass figure, her waist is noticeably more slender than her hips, and her bra holds a pair of round breasts instead of the small, budding bumps that you’ve seen on most other fairies. Her bra and panties are a plain white, along with her stockings going up to her knees, previously hidden under her dress. Her thin, almost transparent wings unfold behind her in the usual bug-like shape typical of fairies.

You raise your eyebrows in appreciation as of Sanya’s form, though this does little to help Sanya adjust. Her blush grows even deeper as she feels your eyes wandering over every inch of her body. You’re worried the fairies might start ooh-ing about your stare but they keep a respectful silence as Sanya undoes the clasp of her bra and lets it fall off of her chest, revealing the light pink nubs of her nipples. Next her fingers play with the edges of her panties before she decides to pull them down. Her small pink slit reveals itself, and as she lifts a foot to slip her panties off her legs, her pussy lips spread apart slightly. She takes a step towards you, so focused on the moment she looks almost hypnotized as she lies down on top of your stomach and brings her face right next to yours.

Without a word, she closes her eyes and presses her lips to yours. It’s more like an inexperienced imitation than an actual kiss. She just puckers her lips and presses them against your mouth. You press your tongue to her lips and she gets the hint, letting you slip your tongue into her mouth and feel her. After a moment she gains enough confidence to run her tongue over yours. You tilt your head to let your lips lock together with hers, though thanks to the size difference you practically smother her mouth.

You drape your arms around her waist and simply hold the kiss, slowly feeling more of her mouth. It seems like the other fairies have simply disappeared, the tenderness of the moment leaves you focused on Sanya alone. One of your hands drifts down to her hips to fondle her butt. Its flesh gives to your grip, sending a spike of pleasure through the fairy. She pulls her mouth away from yours and draws in a deep, bracing breath. “I want to do it.” She stares into your eyes with surprising determination, fighting back her anxiety at being moments away from losing her virginity.


You nod and move your hands away from Sanya, letting her position herself however she whishes. She slides down your body a bit until your cock, still slippery with cum, is nestled between her thighs. You feel the lips of her pussy rub against your cock as she raises her hips up, finally moving up to straddle its head. She grips onto to your stomach for support as she pushes her hips down.

The insides of her pussy grip painfully tight to you as just your tip goes in with her first push. She isn’t really lubricated yet, so the friction tugs against your sensitive spots. It doesn’t seem to be much more pleasant for Sanya, she grits her teeth and clenches her eyes shut as she’s spread open.

“Ow ow ow.” You bite your lip in pain.

Sanya pushes again, but her pussy refuses to cooperate. “I can do this,” she mutters to herself.

“Sanya, stop. You’re hurting yourself.” Prima puts a hand on Sanya’s shoulder. For a fairy she’s awfully considerate to Sanya.

“No, I can do this, really.” Sanya gives another push down against you, but her pussy obviously isn’t ready yet. She grips your stomach even tighter, then realizes she really isn’t ready and pushes herself up off of you. She furrows her brow as she sits on your upper legs, almost looking disappointed that she couldn’t take you. “I guess I was wrong.”

“No, it’s okay. You just need to fool around some more first.” Prima gives Sanya’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “That’s how it works. I think.”

“What do you mean?” Sanya looks at Prima.

“If you do simple stuff first, you’ll loosen up down there.” Prima slides a hand to Sanya’s belly from behind. “Can I help?”

“Yeah.” Sanya takes Prima’s hand and guides it down between her thighs. Prima’s hand starts to stroke her, using just her middle finger in long strokes from one end to the other. Her strokes show more tenderness and expertise than you’d expect from a fairy. You wonder if there’s some sort of story behind her.

But that’s a question for later. Right now, you sit up and wrap your arms around both the fairies, hugging them close to you with Sanya sandwiched in the middle. You tilt your head down and kiss Sanya. Now she’s in the mood enough to be guided by her instincts, she closes her eyes and her tongue dances with yours. You bring a hand to her chest and cup one of her breasts, squeezing it gently and feeling your fingers sink into her. You massage and rub her while Prima tends to her pussy, the combined playing making her pant and moan against your lips.

Meanwhile, your other hand slides down Prima’s back and nestles between her small but still pleasantly plump butt. Your middle finger finds the tight creases of her anus and tickles it, making Prima hold her breath. She works Sanya a little harder, pushing two fingers up inside her pussy. You push your finger up Prima’s ass, and her rubbery walls wriggle open to accept it. The two fairies shiver in unison. Their shaking makes them rub against your thighs. Sanya in particular is practically buzzing in place from all the attention. Prima’s hand starts to make wet schlicking sounds as she rubs her fingers in and out of her fairy friend.

Sanya breaks the long-held kiss and leans her chin on your shoulder. “Okay. Now I’m ready.” She taps Prima’s arms, and she backs off to the edge of the bed. Sanya wraps her arms around your waist and pushes you onto your back gently. Positioning herself on your cock again, she leaves a trail of sticky juices on your shaft as she works her hips up above your tip. She pushes herself down, her plentiful juices letting you spread her lips apart and enter her much more easily than last time. It’s still a tight fit, but now in a comfortable way, like a hand in a glove.

“Feeling okay?” Prima asks.

“Yeah… I think I got it.” She lets out a grunt of pleasure as she lowers herself another inch, most of the way down your shaft now.

“Move around a little. See what he likes.”

A look of slight panic dances on Sanya’s face as she holds still for a moment, not sure how to go about experimenting. Spotting her confusion, Prima gently grabs her by the hips. “Here, like this.” She pushes her hips to one side, bending your cock, then pushes her back to the other side. “Try that while going up and down.”

‘Okay.” Sanya pushes against your chest to lift herself up, rocking her hips to the side in rhythm with her thrusts. Her pace gets more erratic as she shivers in pleasure, grabbing your skin. “This feels… awesome…” she grins, moving faster. She’s actually pretty good at this, the steady rocking rhythm coaxes you closer and closer to cumming.

“Sanya… Sanya…” you moan her name as she thrusts even faster, drunk with pleasure. Her fingers dig into your skin as her pussy clenches against you. She stops her thrusts suddenly as she reaches her climax, taking shallow, whimpering breaths as her contractions squeeze your cock. The feeling pushes you over the edge and you grab her hips roughly in passion, screwing her down your cock and slapping against her roughly. She buries her head in your shoulder and lets out another high-pitched whimper as she tightens around you again. You release inside her, your cum overflowing inside her already-tight pussy and dripping outside of her.

You flop back onto the bed, spent and gasping. Sanya cuddles against your chest with a dreamy smile. “Mmm… that was wonderful.” You close your eyes, almost tempted to fall back to sleep, when a loud moan makes you lean up. The three other fairies in the room were apparently impressed by your performance, as their hands are burrowed under their dresses, their faces flushed red.

“No!” Prima hops off the bed and starts hurriedly pushing one of the fairies towards the door. “We’re late already and if you get him hard again I’ll kill you and find out where you respawned and kill you again!” Her threats were dramatic enough to make the other two fairies stop their business and start scooting towards the door.

“But Primaaaa!” one of them protests, quickly shut down by another push from Prima.

“Look, I don’t care if you do it, just not in front of him!” She swings open the door and motions for the fairies to scram. They scurry out, though one stumbles over her panties dangling around her ankles. Sanya stifles a giggle as she climbs off of you and starts to dress herself.

“Okay, so. Breakfast.” Prima grabs a washcloth from the pile of discarded cleaning supplies and mops your dick clean in a distinctly not-sexy manner, more concerned with keeping you punctual and presentable. She stops just as fast as she started and goes for the door again, holding it open for you. You hop off the bed, pull up your underwear, and shut your robe before following her out.

Not only is Prima oddly considerate for a fairy, she’s also smart enough to navigate you flawlessly through the maze-like mansion. You can barely keep up with her twists and turns as she races to keep you on schedule. Whatever sort of maid-training-regimen these fairies are on, it’s certainly effective. Thinking back to the head maid, it’s probably very unpleasant too.

Mmm, that’s a fun thought. “Prima, you didn’t set the table correctly. Bend over, tee hee!” Tenta giggles in a silly falsetto voice.

‘Oh. That reminds me. You possessed my body.’

Aheh… yeah.

‘And… why?’

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I didn’t think you’d be able to do a good enough job for Remilia. Just a matter of experience and all. The repeated blue-balling also kinda made me edgy.

‘Really? You thought it was a good idea to just take control of my entire body cos you thought I’d screw it up? Really?’

Okay, yeah… sorry about that, I kinda didn’t think that one through.

Maybe it’s just the mansion freaking you out repeatedly, but you’re not satisfied with such an insincere-sounding apology. ‘That’s it? Just… sorry? For taking over my damn body? Do you have any idea how freaky that felt?’

Look, it’s just a weird situation, okay? There’s no fucking rulebook for a youkai sharing a body with a human.

You’re about to continue when you realize you’ve gotten a little to into the argument and have started waving your arms angrily without saying a word. Prima gives you an understandably odd look, though she doesn’t stop her walking.

“S-sorry.” You shove your hands into your pockets.

“Oooo-kay then. We’re almost to the dining room.” Prima decides not to press the issue, which is good since you don’t really want to explain the whole tentacle-beast-inside-you thing. You’re walking down what’s probably the main hall now, you were so caught up in the argument you didn’t even take note of your surroundings before now. You’re walking along a thick red carpet with a luxurious softness you can practically feel even under your shoes, with chandeliers places every so often along the path. You reach another door, which Prima swings open for you. Inside you can see a dining table, long enough to seat an entire village with plates and silverware at every seat. Even though there’s not a speck of dust anywhere on the table, you still get the feeling most of these plates haven’t seen food any time in the past year. Remilia’s seated at the end of the table nearest you. In one hand, she’s holding a white mug so large it looks more like a soup bowl with a handle than a mug, and a newspaper in the other hand. She takes a sip from the mug as her eyes follow the paper lazily. “Good morning. How was your sleep?”

The door closes behind you and Prima is nowhere to be seen. You take a seat by Remilia, leaving a seat of empty space between the two of you. “Um, fine. Thanks for asking. You?”

“It was a very satisfying sleep.” Her lips curl up into a smile, showing her sharp fangs again. “By the way, there’s a quite fascinating article about you in the paper.” Remilia sets the paper on the table, the words “BUNBUNMARU, OCTOBER ISSUE” written in large letters across the top. The header for the front page article reads “Tentacle Youkai awakens from centuries-long sealing! uses human farmer as host.” Even if it’s under such weird circumstances, you still feel pretty neat for being in a front-page article. A color photo of you spreading your robe open to show tentacles wriggling out stands beside the text. You actually look kind of cool.

“The Tentacle Beast of the Underground, often called ‘Tenta’ for short, awoke from his sealing five days ago. Due to being weak after his sealing, he is forced to reside in a plum farmer from the Human Village until his power returns. Tenta was a controversial figure before his sealing by the Hakurei family, beloved by some for his love-making prowess and hated by some for a noted streak of self-centered hedonism.

“The first sign of Tenta’s reappearance came from an incident involving some fairies residing in the Forest of Magic. Sunny Milk, a fairy with the power to control the refraction of light, was found in the forest with her breasts having expanded to the point where anything but standing up was physically impossible for her. Her breasts also lactated almost violently, far more than the average human could produce. Due to the saucy nature of the photos they cannot be printed in our family-friendly newspaper, but photo sets are available at the Bunbunmaru Headquarters located by the waterfall near the top of the mountain. A 10%-off coupon is enclosed below.

-Aya Shameimaru”

Well, it’s not exactly a treatise but it’s what you’ve come to expect from the Bunbunmaru. You slide the paper back to Remilia. “Interesting article.”

“Isn’t it just?” Remilia grins again as she takes another sip from her mug. It’s filled with something that smells a bit like the coffee stuff from Alice’s house, though noticeably more sweet-smelling with a light tan color instead of dark black.

“Breakfast is ready, Mistress and company.” Sakuya enters with a tray, carrying milk, tea, and two plates of some wonderful-smelling food you’ve never seen before. She sets a plate for you and one for Remilia. It looks sort of like a fried cake, with evenly-spaced square divots covering the top. A healthy helping of whipped cream is dolloped onto the center, topped with thin slices of fresh strawberries.

“Have you ever had a Belgian waffle before?” Remilia asks.

“Can’t say I have.” You cut off a piece and pop it into your mouth. Oh holy Kanako in the skies it’s like every spot of your tongue is getting massaged by pure sweetness. You resist the urge to pant and moan at this delicious food.

Remilia looks very satisfied to have introduced you to something new and amazing. “It’s good, isn’t it?”

“You mean you have this every day for breakfast?”

“Mostly on Saturdays to celebrate the weekend. I’ve got to maintain my dignified figure, after all.” She giggles. You could say something back, but that would mean not shoving more of this amazing food in your mouth. You wolf it down, finishing before Remilia is even a third of the way through hers.

“You must’ve been hungry. I can understand why, after last night.” Another smile and giggle from Remilia as she takes her time going through her waffle. You entertain yourself with a cup of tea while she finishes her breakfast. Once her plate is cleaned she picks her napkin up and dabbles at her lips, cleaning away any stray traces of cream.

“Well then.” Remilia crosses her arms, suddenly looking a bit like a pampered child ready to give her next order to her servants. “It’s been wonderful having you, but I won’t keep you from everyone else. If you’re done with breakfast, you may go.”

“You mean, just like that?” You feel a bit torn. On the one hand it seems like this mansion is full of crazy people doing crazy things, but you can’t shake the feeling that there’s still a lot more here to see.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Remilia waves a hand. “I’ll invite you over the next time I feel like a good, hard lovemaking session. On that note…” Remilia snaps her fingers. The dirty plate in front of you disappears, and Sakuya is standing beside you.

“Ready to leave, sir?” Sakuya asks.

[ ] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
[ ] Escort yourself out.
No. 22378
[x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22379
[X] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22381
[x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22382
[x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.

Still have chicks to bang.
No. 22385
[x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22387
[x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22390
[ ] Go with Sakuya, you have some "unfinished" business to discuss.
No. 22391
[ ] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22394
[x] Escort yourself out.

Unfinished business with Prima.
No. 22395
Sure you don't mean Linda?
No. 22398
They're on opposite ends of the maturity scale. Nope, I don't mean Linda.
No. 22400
[x] Escort yourself out.

Yeah, Prima sounds good.
No. 22401
[x] Escort yourself out.
No. 22406
I don't think voting that will lead to Prima but rather out of the mansion entirely.
No. 22408
[ ] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22409
Closing votes!

Our winner: [x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.
No. 22535
File 13273541678.jpg - (688.11KB , 1200x1668 , AssertiveSakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go with Sakuya, you have some unfinished business to discuss.

“Yeah.” You get up from your chair. “See you later, Remil… er, mistress.”

“Remilia is fine.” There’s that toothy grin again. You don’t know if she’s flaunting her vampire-ness or just can’t smile without looking threatening thanks to those fangs. Sakuya presses your chair back to the table and turns away from you curtly to open the door back out of the dining room. You follow her out, and she pulls the door shut behind you, quickly stepping ahead of you to take the lead and escort you out.

“Did you enjoy your stay, sir?” she asks, not bothering to turn around and instead just talking to the hall. You want to just call her out on her weirdness, but you’re honestly kind of scared of her. And still mad at Tenta.


‘Do you literally not understand that taking me over is a pretty huge deal?’ You follow Sakuya as the conversation from before restarts.

It’s what we’ve been doing with each other the whole time. Shit, I haven’t complained all those times you moved my tentacles around. And you didn’t complain when I took the lead before.

‘That’s still completely different from straight-up taking me over. You didn’t even give me a choice or a warning.’ You almost walk right into the frame of the door Sakuya is holding open for you. You stumble sideways, narrowly avoiding a painful bump, and walk through the door properly. Sakuya tries to hide her smirk at your slip-up, and fails.

“Right this way, sir. We’re almost there.” Her voice doesn’t betray any trace of her amusement, it’s still polite to the point of being emotionless.

The decorations in the room are a bit more sparse than the other rooms from before, which strikes you as odd. You’d think if you were headed towards the main hall, it’d look more fancy, and not…

You spin around, but Sakuya’s nowhere to be seen.

‘Oh no she didn’t.


Thick tentacles pop out in front of you. You just barely have enough time to realize that they’re thick and sturdy in a shield-like way before a half-dozen knives bounce off of them, stinging slightly but not cutting the skin.

‘Oh my god what just happened.’

I don’t know. Let me handle this.


No sooner have you responded than another volley of knives shoots out and is blocked by the tentacles again. They change, forming into sharp tentacle-blades that swish at the general direction of where the knives came from. A blue-and-white blur zips away from them as they close in.

‘It’s Sakuya, isn’t it?’

It sure isn’t the mailman. Now shut up and don’t break my focus.

More knives, faster this time. Tenta misses one and it brushes against your shoulder, leaving a shallow cut and slashing open your robe. Your mind’s racing too fast to form a single thought, just a stream of panicked swear words. The tentacle-blades swing at Sakuya again. One of them shudders for a second as it lands a grazing blow. It didn’t feel solid but it feels like it just barely hit.

oh shit SHIT

The tentacles fly up above you, almost punching you on the chin as they swing up to block a wave of knives right above your head. Even in your panicked state, you realize something weird. None of the knives are dead-center, they’re all just barely aimed at you. You’re sure Sakuya could put a knife between your eyes if she wanted. Is she just toying with you?

There’s a moment of silence. No knives, no blue-white swirls, no nothing.

“Show yourself,” you shout, trying to sound commanding. Your voice cracks and it comes out as a frightened squeak.

A moment later, a wall of knives winks into existence, right in front of your eyes. You instinctively throw yourself at the floor before Tenta does anything. You cover your head with your arms as the knives make a muffled zipping sound over you. You roll over onto your back.

Before you can even get up, Sakuya appears on top of you, her hips pressing you back against the ground. She leans in, not even an inch away from your face. Her eyes are wide and bulging in excitement, her wicked grin looking ready to leap right off her face.

“Is this making you horny too?” she says in a soft growl, barely loud enough for you to hear. Not waiting for a response, she smothers your lips and jabs her tongue inside you. She runs her tongue all over your mouth as if marking her territory. Grabbing your robe, she pulls you up to a sitting position as she keeps working her tongue inside you. She breaks the kiss, gasping for breath while keeping that crazed wide smile on her face the whole time.

She grabs your shoulders and yanks your body around. Your hands slap against the hardwood floor as you prop yourself up on your hands and knees out of reflex. This was apparently her plan, as she wraps her arms around your waist. She holds onto you tight, the same way someone would try and break in a horse, while her face makes its way right next to your ear.

“You slug. You weakling,” she whisper-growls into your ear as her hand slips under your robe. “I saw how Meiling kicked your ass outside.” Her hand slides beneath your underwear and wraps around your shaft, giving it a testing squeeze. She pinches your earlobe between her teeth, sending a shiver down your neck. Despite your fear, you feel blood start to flow and swell in your crotch. “You don’t even have a chance against me. You should just lie down and take it like the slug that you are.” She squeezes you in a steady rhythm while she gives your cock gentle tugs, still hard enough to sting a little on your unlubricated shaft.

You gasp for air. Any sense of pleasure at her touch is overwhelmed by your gut feeling of terror. You’re half-tempted to just try and calm down and let her get her fill of dominating you, hoping she’ll be satisfied before she decides to bring out any knives. But still, this woman has been harassing you the whole time – and now outright molesting you – and you don’t want to go down without a fight. If you’re going to beat her, though, you might have to go all-out and bring out a spell card.

[ ] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
[ ] This is too far. You’ve got to fight back.
[ ] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22536
[x] This is too far. You’ve got to fight back.

A spell card is too impersonal. If it's fisticuffs she wants, we should intimately acquaint her with our fists/tentacles.
No. 22537
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.

Hell yes being raped and dominated by combative Sakuya. This is my fetish.
No. 22538
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22539
[x] This is too far. You’ve got to fight back.

Spellcards are boring.
No. 22540
[x] This is too far. You’ve got to fight back.
No. 22541
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22543
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

Consider this a vote for "attempt to turn the tables on her, fail miserably" thanks.
No. 22544
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.

Dominant Sakuya is 'do want'.
No. 22545
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22546
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.

Yes, ma'am...
No. 22547
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22548
[X] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22549
[X] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

It's time.
No. 22550
[c] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22553
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22554
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22555
[ ] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22556
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22557
You are my kinda man, good sir.

[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22558
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22559
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

Time to teach Sakuya to be on the other side.
No. 22560
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

How could you choose anything else?
No. 22562
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22563
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22564
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.

Want to see what she does. Badly.
No. 22565
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22567
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22568
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22571
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22572
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22573
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22574
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

Lots of votes with nothing with 'em.
No. 22575
Yeah, votespam check is in order I think. Considering some are minutes apart, this reeks of foul play.
No. 22577
[X] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

If anything, just letting he go as she wants would set a bad precedent the next time we ran into her.
No. 22578
[ ] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

We already scolded Tenta off for going off-limits, nobody fucks with our body unless we want it so.
No. 22580
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22581
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

Three lives, ten minutes, no items, FINAL DESTINATION.
No. 22582
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22584
[X] She is really sca^H^H^H hot like this. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22585
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22590
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22592
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22593
So you're making a second story have that instead? (It's clear what MtG will have)
No. 22595
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22597
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.
No. 22598
[X] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22599
We have cheaters on both sides it seem.
No. 22600
The vote in >>22572 was confirmed by one of the mods to be a proxy vote. All the others look to be from legitimate IP's.

All these votes might just be from random chance or readers coming out of the woodwork, but I'm worried someone out there is bringing in friends to vote or something. I'm not going to start a recount or not count certain votes (aside from the proxy) but if any of you people out there are rigging votes or telling people to vote for something, knock it off.
No. 22606
Here's another possibility: Places with many computers for public use. One person could then vote multiple times himself without anyone knowing.

We have votes with barely a minute apart and a pair at the same time. So yeah, fair play is already a lost cause for this vote.
No. 22609

But those IPs would all originate from the same locale. Basically, at this point, both sides arguing should give it up and just move on.
No. 22610
[x] She is really scary and really crazy. Let her do what she wants.
No. 22612
Even so, there's no way I can believe all those votes, for exemple...


All a few minutes apart, really all by different users? Yeah right, as if.

Author? Here's a suggestion: Scrap the vote and write something else, like say Tenta deciding she's too crazy for him or someone arriving on the scene and interrupting the whole thing and set a scene with Sakuya for later, once cheaters know not to try that crap again. The vote being decided on 'who cheated best' isn't going to make anyone happy.
No. 22613
[X] This is too far. You’ve got to fight back.
She's not using a spellcard, so I say the only way to get her to actually fucking respect us is to fight back without needing one ourselves.
No. 22614

That won't make anyone happy. In fact, all of the legitimate voters on both sides would probably be pretty pissed. Ultimately, it's a porn story, and the writer is good to his readers. Regardless of what won, we're going to get something good. Just enjoy what comes, and if you can't, don't read it. Drop it, let whatever happens happen, and move on.
No. 22617
As it stands a chunk of the people won't be happy as the went along with Sakuya to get revenged for all the cockblocking and teasing she did, not to get dominated by her. (Wasn't Remi dom enough?)

The Vote was tied then heavy into fighting/fighting back then some then all of a sudden BOOM!

This is super fishy as it is, hence >>22600 .

But this brings us to the question of how to stop such a stunt from happening again short of the writer just not writing anymore? It's basically spits upon the honest votes and is generally very shameful thing to do in a CYOA.
No. 22618
You speak as if a legitimate voter wouldn't be already pissed at the cheating going on to force the vote on a side.
No. 22619
[z] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

I think we need more votes and less spam.
No. 22621
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

I don't mind some rough play but DAMN that's a little too much!
No. 22623
[x] You’re going to stop this. Go all-out, turn the tables on her.

Vote is what I want. But guys, what about a compromise? Have the scene start with Sakuya dominating, then have our farmer mans up and turns the tables on her after half.
No. 22631
Closing votes.

Well, this sure was a thing. Because of how surprisingly close the votes are, and the sheer number of votes, I'm going to do a bit of a hybrid choice so neither side feels left out.

See you all in thread five!
No. 22650
Why do I see us getting our Ass kicked then dominated now?
No. 22651

Perhaps you're the sort of person who views life through "inevitably getting your ass kicked and then dominated" goggles.
No. 22653
Maybe I got a thing for Dom Sakuya or something. Fuck if I know but Knives hurt. We don't got Tenta's regenerative abilities (I think) so bad things could happen... fast
No. 22656
Personally, I kind of also have a thing for Dom Sakuya, so I'd be happy if it went that way, s well.
No. 22659
I don't myself. I hope it will turn as >>22623 said.
No. 22663
I sure do love dynamic IPs.