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Everyone in the village knows of the Gensokyo Chronicles, the collection of historical records of all notable youkai and humans in Gensokyo, kept by the Hieda family. What’s known by almost none, however, is the secret black book of the Hieda family, a collection of the sexual history and fetishes of Gensokyo’s inhabitants.

Today, I, Hieda no Akyuu, am concerning myself with one of the countless rumors inside the book. Apparently, my mother discovered the local shopkeeper, Rinnosuke Morichika, might have a thing for… women on the younger side, shall we say. Since I’m still in my early years, I’m excited to go and test the rumor. I hope Mr. Morichika will not disappoint.

“Hello, Mr. Shopkeep!” I let myself in through the doors of Kourindou, the inside looking more like a giant, vaguely-organized closet than a store. The owner is sitting at his counter, buried nose-deep in a book as usual.

“Hello, Miss Hieda,” Rinnosuke replies, nodding at me respectfully. “Did you come here for anything in particular?” He smiles, a bit wider than the usual ‘hello and how may I help you’ smile.

“Just browsing, but thank you.” I explore the shop for a few minutes, looking over all sorts of old collectibles, dusty computer monitors, and basic household items like clothing and silverware with a distinct outside-world design. I glance over at Rinnosuke, who looks away nervously, apparently having stolen glances at me while I loitered.

“Ah, you know, it’s sad…” I sigh, my voice trailing off.

“What is?” Rinnosuke perks up. Perhaps excited at the chance to save a young damsel in distress?

“Everybody treats me like a child. Even if they know I’ve lived eight lifetimes, they’ll never treat me like a mature woman.”

“A mature woman, you say?” Rinnosuke shakes his head slightly in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“Nobody is willing to be intimate with me. I can’t find someone for… companionship.” I grin coyly and press a finger to my lips.

“Er… pardon me if I’m misinterpreting you, but… are you saying you’re looking for a boyfriend?”

“Hm, it’d be nice. My lover, holding me in his arms underneath the covers. Kissing my neck softly, massaging my shoulders.” I sigh happily at the thought. “But enough about that, what’s that book you’re reading?”

“Oh, um. Nothing special, Miss Akyuu.” Rinnosuke coughs nervously, lifting up the book to show me the cover. It’s a thick hard-cover tome about outside-world technology, “Compact Disks” or somesuch. I take it from his hands.

“It looks like an awfully complicated subject,” I say, turning around and taking a seat in his lap, “If it’s got such long books about it.”

“Yes, aheh… technology all requires a great deal of understanding. None of it is innate, like magic is. Every last step has to be done manually.”

“Have you learned much about it? Do you think you could make Compact Disks and stuff on your own?” I wiggle my hips, adjusting to find the most comfortable position. Grinding against his member is just a side-benefit. Speaking of which, the lump underneath his robe is becoming noticeable.

“I’m afraid not,” he continues, doing his best to stay unfazed. “Like a lot of modern technology, it requires lots of complicated equipment. They’re designed to be mass-produced by machines.”

“Is that so? Technology to make other technology. Sounds almost impossible.” I grind my hips again, now deliberately to rub against his lump. Rinnosuke lets out a soft grunt in response.

“Hm? Is there something in your pocket? I feel a lump.”

I’m lifted up suddenly as Rinnosuke stands up, grabbing my arms and letting the book drop to the floor. He leans forward, pressing against my back as he bends me against the desk, pinning my wrists on the desktop.

“Come on now, Akyuu. If it’s lovemaking you want, all you have to do is ask. I’ll be happy to oblige.”

I turn my head around to see his face. Sweat’s beading on his forehead, making his glasses slip down his nose. His heavy breath tickles my ear. I’ve never seen him this passionate about, well, anything.

“R-Rinnosuke, what’re you saying?” I’m only half playing surprised, I didn’t expect such a reaction from him.

“Please, don’t tease me,” Rinnosuke says, looking sinister yet like a wounded puppy at the same time. “If you really do want a lover, I’ll be yours. Just say the word.” He presses his face to the back of my head, burying his nose in my hair and sniffing deeply from it.

“I’ll say the word… on one condition.” I didn’t come here for him to take control, after all.

“What is it? I’ll do anything.” I can hear the desperation in his voice, it begs me to tease him more.

“First, get off of me.”

“Erm, right. Sorry.” He lets go of my wrists and takes a few hesitant steps back. I turn around and sit on the edge of the desk, my leg dangling over the edge.

“Now, open your robe and let your dick out.”

He obliges, pulling open his robe and yanking down his underwear. He’s already mostly stiff from being so close to me. His member twitches slightly as if shamed by me seeing it.

“Now, touch yourself. Touch yourself while thinking about me.” I slip my kimono off my shoulders, revealing my chest,, modest for my age, topped with small nipples. Rinnosuke grabs his dick and starts rubbing himself immediately.

“C…can I touch them?” Rinnosuke reaches a hand out, shaking nervously.

“Not yet, silly. Right now, I’m your fantasy. Just stand back and stroke yourself.” I pinch my nipple, rolling it between my fingers. “Mmm, do you think about this, late at night? Think about taking off my dress and nibbling on my tiny underage tits?”

“I… I…”

“Or do you think about…” I peel my skirt down, revealing the lacy black panties I put on just for the occasion. “…going further?”

Rinnosuke gapes at me, open-mouthed. I dart my hand under my panties, rubbing my slit. “Aah, Rinnosuke… you’re so rough, nngh…” I arch my back and moan lustily, acting as if my simple touch was enough to make me climax. Rinnosuke’s knees shake with pleasure as he continues to stroke himself.

“Akyuu, please… let me touch you.” Being so close to me is getting to him, his mind filling with lust thanks to his throbbing dick. His desperation and shameful lust is almost cute, he wants me so badly I can taste it.

“Call yourself a pervert first.” I grin and spread my legs, showing my hand pushing against the fabric of my panties while I slip a finger into my pussy. “Tell me you’re a dirty old man who wants to fuck my underage cunt.”

“I… I…” He squeezes his eyes shut, not wanting to admit it out loud.

“Aah, Rinnosuke! Don’t thrust into me so hard!” I wriggle and spasm as though he’s pounding into me. “Uungh, you’re fucking me so roughly!” I slap my back against the desk and hang my tongue out. Rinnosuke bites his lip in frustration, then breaks.

“Rrgh… fine! I’m a dirty, filthy pervert!” He leans forward and grips the edge of the table while continuing to stroke himself with his other hand. “And I want to stick my cock into your tight pussy and ride you.”

“Aww, is that it?” I pout, instantly dropping the act. “You’ll need to be more detailed if you want to make love to me.”

“N… Nngh!” He grunts in frustration and suddenly steps forward and wraps his arms around my waist, squeezing me tightly. His erection digs into my thigh.

“R-Rinnosuke,” I stammer.

“I can’t take it anymore,” he says quietly. “I want you, Akyuu.” He presses his face to mine and smothers my lips in his, reaching out a hand to grab my panties and tug them down to my knees. He grabs my legs and lifts them up to yank my panties further off my legs, letting them dangle off my ankle. His tongue overwhelms my mouth, relishing every inch inside it. It feels like my lips are glued to his. I can barely breathe, and the smell of old papers and tea fills my nose with every breath I take. This has gotten out of control, but I don’t want to stop it.

Without breaking the kiss, or even giving me any room to move my head, Rinnosuke moves his hips between my thighs and rubs the tip of his dick against my crotch. His hips rock back and forth, making his dick rub up and down my pussy. He’s as hard as diamond, his cock spreads apart my lips and sinks into my skin as he rubs it up and down. Finally, his mouth breaks from mine.

I gasp for breath. “Rinn-unngh!” Rinnosuke cuts me off before I can speak, thrusting suddenly inside me. My insides are forced open, even after teasing myself in front of him I was still quite tight. He shudders and gasps, surprised at the wondrous feeling of a woman’s hole. He grabs my shoulders and works in deeper, my tight pussy gripping every inch of him until he’s screwed in all the way to the base. He’s in so tight it feels like he’s become a part of me, his stiff cock holding my insides open.

“Akyuu… oh, Akyuu… you feel amazing.” His mouth is hanging open in bliss.

“You too,” I say, smiling at him.

“…Really?” He seems taken aback, and breaks out into a smile.

“Yes… be rough with me.”

Rinnosuke’s smile widens, and he chuckles softly to himself. “Even when someone’s all the way inside you, you look so cute and innocent.” He leans down and picks me up, then guides my body to the floor. He lies on top of me and begins to buck his hips furiously, like he’s trying to make himself cum as quickly as possible. My arms and legs wrap tightly against him until there’s no air left between the two of us. Rinnosuke’s thrusts become short, quick pumps, almost like violent vibrations as his crotch slaps against my thighs, his length barely fitting all the way inside.

“Akyuu… Akyuu!” Rinnosuke shouts my name as his hot seed pours out. He keeps thrusting even as he climaxes, churning his thick cum inside me. The feel of his semen swirling inside me feels even better than his cock, the thick goop making all sorts of loud, dirty sex sounds.

“Nnf… aah.” Rinnosuke pants and pulls out of me, leaving a trail of cum oozing out. He flops onto the ground and rolls over to his back.

“I’m sorry, Lady Akyuu…” His voice is suddenly quiet as he lies still on the ground. “I… I forced myself on you.”

I get to my knees and lean over him, then plant a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to return the favor.”

“W-what?” Rinnosuke stammers, sitting up.

“Like I said, I’ll be back tomorrow. You probably wouldn’t get enough of me with just one taste anyway.” I lick my lips as I pull my panties back up around my legs.

“Won’t you, um, want to clean up?”

“Nah… I think I’ll walk home with your seed dripping down my thighs. It’s your gift to me. But thank you for thinking of me!” I give him one final kiss before I tie my robe shut and leave his store for the day. “See you tomorrow~!”

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Dear Bob Ross, this gave me a magnificent erection!
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Even as I celebrate for you, I weep as I stare at my own member, which due to my overdose on internet pornography has remained flaccid.
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I think that's TMI.
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My apologies. It got better, though.