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No. 19754
...do miyako doujins count as zombie doujins or are they just doujins that happen to feature a chick with really stiff arms and legs having sex with someone?
No. 19758

Don't be embarrassed. We all masturbated to crudely drawn images of the bongun from Ragnarok Online. This is just the same thing!
No. 19760
The last Marisa part amused me in this as what she says is rather true in most fanart, but Bluemage gave her some pretty nice ones (though by his standards, they are on the smaller end)

It's an interesting thing though I think some folks used to fap to that one girl in darkstalkers (though not as much as Felicia the nearly nude cat woman or Morrigan the sex bomb)
No. 19768
Answer: Yes.
No. 19771
Yoshika doujinshi always remind me of that one custom zombie girl series.


You're thinking of Lei-Lei, she's the dead chick from Darkstalkers. Felicia, Morrigan and Lilith seem to always get more attention, though.
No. 19779
I think the saying "Everyone's necrophiliac for Yoshika" is pretty true.
No. 19784
>custom zombie girl
That was pretty nice, yeah.
No. 19984
Ah, it's finally here. Time to wait for the translation before I edit it then.
No. 19986
Great read, it's nice to see Yukari and Eirin get some karma backlash. It seems their plan to make the SDM a breeding ground worked in the end anyways, though...
No. 19988
Well, in the end, it's not like Meiling could undo the drug's effects or destroy whatever Yukari did to isolate the SDM.

Or was that only then? It looks as if Meiling gained the strength to at least bust the SDM out of its isolation. Or at least, that's what I think the ending is.
No. 19990
Karma is nice and all, but it's no substitute for a good end...which I'm not entirely sure if it is or not. It doesn't look good, though.
No. 19992
File 131942181089.jpg - (405.68KB , 1130x1600 , えくすてんどぱ~てぃ~3_058.jpg ) [iqdb]
I cannot Japanese.

Is this 'to be continued'?
No. 19993
What doujin is that?
No. 19994
It says "owari" (end) in the lower left corner of the panel.
However, that may just mean the end of this volume.
This is Takakuya's "Extend Party 3", right?
No. 19995
Yep, not sure if he'd drag it out any longer or not as the main plot is over.

But boy how fanonish it is.
No. 19996
Yes, EP3. I recall google translating the announcement and it said something like "end of the series". Thanks.
No. 19998
I'm kind of disappointed that it isn't in full color like the previous two volumes were.
No. 19999
True. Maybe it's an artistic statement though: There will be no good end. And, it'll make the editing a lot simpler.
No. 20000
Just like countless other doujins? It's rarer for a doujin with rape to have a happy ending.
No. 20003
Like >>19988 stated, what could Meiling really have done anyway? She pretty much did the best she could under the circumstances.
No. 20013
Oh, the author could have thought something up. It's not hard.
No. 20092
I salute thee, Waki Miko of the Hakurei Shrine.

The art and the personality the artist gave Reimu is all I need to place this in my top favorites. Well, that and the futanari contents~
No. 20116
I liked this artist's non-h stuff. I like this even more. Needs translation badly.
No. 20175
regarding >>20167,

I don't think he understands English, at least not fluently. I'm assuming he's Japanese, since most of the stuff he posts (he's easy to identify: he does title【circle】instead of [circle] title) isn't available on Share.

Perhaps someone could write up simple posting guidelines and translate them to Japanese and Chinese. Just basic stuff like "Please post in existing threads", "don't repeat requests and say plz" etc.
No. 20187
Hm... I would be kind of interested to see this translated as well. It's kind of like Touhou in a Western fantasy setting.
No. 20198
wow. futa, satori, koishi (only sibling couple i like) happy sex, bondage, femdom, anal, visual gags, breaking the forth wall(?)? how can 1 doujin have all the things i like? i prey this gets translated.
No. 20201
something i've wondered, for those who read >>16800, do you put in a random name or do you actually pronounce the letters? (as oooh?) like me?
No. 20232
The ○○ is not the same as OO. A ○ is the Japanese character that says "we intentionally blanked this letter".
One very common example you might see is "ち○ぽ", which is functionally the same as writing "p_nis".

Less commonly, you might see × written instead of ○. Even less common, but not unheard-of, is △.
No. 20237
I pronounce blanked characters, in any language, as a short pause or a censor-beep.

Does anyone else find stories where the female talks as if the male has responded, but there's no actual response, creepy?
No. 20304
Not really. It's usually better than whatever cheesy dialogue he'd say otherwise.
No. 20305
Got an example of what you mean?
No. 20307
Putting this here since I can't think of a more relevant location in /at/:


This is Better Danbooru for Firefox, which has been gone for fucking ages. For some reason the guy who made it pulled it off the internet, but I still had my copy. Someone reminded me about it today, so I modified and it now works with hijiribe and sonohara as well.

It's a Greasemonkey (http://www.greasespot.net/) script that removes the banner ads from Danbooru and allows you to view loli and shota images without paying money.

To use this:

1. Install Greasemonkey (above) to Firefox
2. Download the script.
3. Right-click, open with Firefox.
4. Firefox window pops up asking for permission to add the script to Greasemonkey
5. Accept, make sure Greasemonkey is enabled, and you can now view danbooru unhindered.
No. 20308
Five minutes after I post this, someone comes and tells me 'you know, some guy made a new one'. I'll leave it there anyway.
No. 20326
File 132050408058.jpg - (875.40KB , 1195x1032 , dae183948e4b4bc5587259968ee3e541.jpg ) [iqdb]
better_better_booru? Yeah that one's better. Looks like they also fixed the bug with it not allowing loli/shota images to be viewed, even though they showed up in searches.
No. 20332
File 132051713911.jpg - (309.58KB , 516x730 , 12228202_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
It is so damn frustrating to be browsing through pixiv and stumble on some awesome-looking doujin that was never scanned.
No. 20335

It doesn't help that a lot of the stuff never shows up through online stores such as w-canvas, melonbooks, mandarake, etc. I can tell you with some degree of certainty that doujin isn't on any of the major sites.
No. 20336
Damn bro, I too have been on the lookout for that (and the new one from the same artist).
No. 20339
File 13205318305.jpg - (352.78KB , 425x600 , 21125723_m.jpg ) [iqdb]
This one?
No. 20340
Some doujins don't seem to leave the planning/pixiv preview stages even as they never show up on Doujinmugi or anywhere else.

I certainly feel that way when I find out about a favorite artist releasing a doujin and something else gets scanned before it.
No. 20352
Yes, that one.
No. 20355
Isn't it on melonbooks and toranora and all that?
No. 20359
Maybe, having someone buy and then scan it is another story.
No. 20361

Yes, it is.

No. 20362
Oh, I thought that was what you were talking about.

I'd be willing to spend money on it, but I don't want to jump through all the hopes of proxies and scanning and stuff. I don't even think I have a scanner anymore.
No. 20393
File 132072198767.jpg - (532.76KB , 687x1000 , 16566781.jpg ) [iqdb]
As long as we're talking about unscanned doujin...
Why the hell doesn't this guy's work ever get scanned?
No. 20394
If you absolutely want something, you need to get it yourself. Relying on other people doesn't work well unless the artist is popular.
No. 20395

Whatever happened to this? He hasn't written in a while, but he's still around and posting here.
No. 20397
I understand that, and I'm taking steps to do so.
What I'm asking is why that artist isn't popular.
No. 20402
File 132078284343.jpg - (629.29KB , 800x800 , 053b634c128dbbe23bea9c8780e14a85.jpg ) [iqdb]
for anyone who doesn't know, or who have not heard of it yet, wancozow has been updating their cg series, The Mysterious Story of Gensokyo's Tails. glad to see this series getting back in action again.

for those who have not heard of this before, it's a series about the touhou girls (mainly the animal based ones) seemingly going into heat and learning how to use their tails for sexual pleasure.
No. 20403

Personally, I was glad he stopped. The series was nice at first, but it devolved into more of the same ol', same ol'. I really wish he'd use his talents to branch out, like he did in the past.
No. 20404
Branch back into guro and torture and stuff?
No. 20405

Wancozow was one of the first artists I encountered growing up, and while he had some questionable stuff along those lines, the majority of his work was pretty good shit. His art style hasn't changed too much over the years, although some of his technical details have improved.

His Touhou series was really nice at first, but it started to drag on, and on, and on. He finally stopped and started having a bit of variety again. Now, we're back to the same shit once again. His work is good, but he needs to stick with other projects for a while. And stop that weird shining thing he does now.

It was put to bed and it should've stayed in bed, at least for a while longer. Doing the same thing over and over again doesn't lead to an artist improving in the long term. Look at Houtengeki and his same-bodies-everywhere. It's just disappointing watching good artists do nothing with their talent.
No. 20411
Well that sucked. I really wanted this series to have a good end. But then again, Yutanpo's pulled shit from his ass to continue this before, so maybe it's not over.
Man, what I wouldn't do for some Sanae happy sex...
No. 20416

>Happy sex being praised on this board.

You must be dreaming. Every person here is a sick motherfucker who loves rape and degradation. I'm eagerly awaiting the time when art like this is finally cracked down upon and every person who consumes or creates this kind of shit goes to prison where they belong.
No. 20417
Draw more things I like!

There's an ungodly amount of Sanae happy sex. Fuck, there's an entire meme based around her having happy sex.
No. 20418
I never said it was praised.
Don't go being all vindictive. It'll just make you/us look bad.

You know that's not what I mean.
No. 20421
Houtengeki has made a bit of progress where he makes a picture that's not the same old "Mokou with different hair/outfit"

>Sanae Happy sex

Good luck with that as she's the new "favorite victim" replacing Aya and Reisen. That and the artist has really done happy sex (the king of Gensokyo rape series is a sort of what if to the main series, where Rinnosuke lost)

I think he was talking about happy sex without any sort of Mindbreak
No. 20424
anyone know the name of a doujin that featured a loli suwako describing how all the guys cocks were like her blocks? it was a funny translation and i can't find it on here anymore.
No. 20439
You should have seen the look on my face when I got to the second half. Ah, we need more doujins/stories like that.
No. 20440
The main character dying from getting raped too much?
No. 20442

When I get some cash to spare I'll try getting this and the other Momiji ones this artist has made as momiji doujins are on the rare side, with loving tender ones even more so.
No. 20444

God speed and good luck, as this is currently out of stock on both melonbooks and toranoana, and I haven't seen it on other online vendors (w-canvas, mandarake, etc.)
No. 20448
I hope then someone scans it soon.
No. 20456
I laughed a lot harder then I should have at the last one. dem tentacles man
No. 20468
File 132119117362.jpg - (661.09KB , 850x1200 , 23042054_p4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Haha, Sanae's logic. Nice to see someone with a goal beyond sex.
No. 20481
File 132123552270.jpg - (14.82KB , 244x320 , manlytears.jpg ) [iqdb]
<- my face

Truly, a woman devoted to acceptance and equality regardless of humanity, youkai-ness, or... miscellaneous.

Hooray for consentual relations with tentacles!
No. 20552

"Hatate will offer my dick her services, so enjoy my hard nipples"

Can someone tell CGRascal that there's no need to rush shit? That's really the only reasoning as to why theres so many fucking mistakes in his translations.
No. 20554
I think people have... time after time after time, but he won't listen as he's too concerned with having the most things "translated" and without any legitimate circles trying to stop him, I don't see him stopping anytime soon. After all why would he if the current system ony encourages his activities.
No. 20555
Does he get money or something for doing his translations?
No. 20556
He's open for commisions, but I'm pretty sure no one has ever bothered. His price keeps going down and his 'fetishes I won't do' list keeps shrinking.

He did used to do work for doujin-moe in exchange for hosting (maybe money?), but that's stopped.

I highly doubt he'd do a much better job if he wasn't rushing it. Most of his shit looks more like "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing" rather than "I'm doing this as quick as I can"
No. 20563
I'm honestly honestly hoping he's a decent translator, but just rushes things too fast. Then I'd have a shred of respect for him.

Sadly, It looks like that isnt so.
No. 20619
i like when artists draw women that actually have some meat on their bones. its a nice change of pace from the skinny as fuck men and women we typically see in series, or where most of the meat is JUST in the breasts and ass (or penis for the cases of men)
No. 20623
I always open this guys stuff hoping for his great sex toys, bondage, and drugs play, and more often than not just get mind break, sluts, and crushing despair. That bit with the blindfold being taken off and the knife was especially bad.
No. 20810
The new C81 stuff has been rolling out on various online vendors for a few weeks now. Would you guys be interested in me dropping links here as new stuff pops up each morning/evening?
No. 20816

Please don't suggest theft so casually.
No. 20817

Theft? I think you misunderstood, or perhaps you believe I have a time machine that lets me go forward a month, steal the work, scan it and upload it. I'm talking about posting the links from the vendors so that people can see what to expect in December.
No. 20818
Why not! I'll trust you to be selective though.
No. 20819
You mean posting previews from pixiv and sites like that and linking it in the post? stuff like that?
No. 20820

I mean each day new stock goes up on various online vendors for preordering C81 releases a month in advance. Like these went up this morning:



This went up yesterday evening:


Primarily stuff from toranoana, melonbooks and maybe a couple other vendors, since most people don't hunt pixiv and the vendors daily.
No. 20822
I'm pretty sure most people here don't buy doujins. The ones that do probably don't need the links, like yourself.

But as long as we're tossing out links... this futa Daiyousei doujin still has copies in stock. Shameless begging.
No. 20823

Not just for buying them, but also seeing what's coming up. Was just wondering if people wanted to have a look toward the horizon, that's all.
No. 20825
I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd rather not unless it's likely to get scanned. Anything else is setting myself up for disappointment.
No. 20832
It's hard to tell what will get scanned and what won't. You wouldn't believe the stuff that gets scanned.
No. 20833
Once I clear up some of my debt (or all of it, rather) I'll re-open my prior offer to scan doujinshi.
No. 20835
Sure, but some stuff almost always gets scanned. Itou Life, Shigunyan, kurikara's circle, etc. The usual suspects.
No. 20836
Most of Itou's life doujins sure, iffy on his art books.

Do you know whose stuff isnt' scanned more but should? I'm (nagana sayui) if their momiji doujins is as cute/happy/heart warming as their Okuu one, it's a massive crime they're not getting scanned, especially as other stuff gets scanned with worse material and artstyle.
No. 20838
That's because his artbooks aren't anywhere near as interesting.


Barring two pictures you've just seen what's in it.

Right now, I'm waiting to see what's in dream-mist's Hina work. It looks like it'll be nice, but I don't want any nasty surprises.
No. 20840

If money's a problem, I can bankroll the scanning of doujinshi.

I've got a huge list of things that I would like to see acquired and scanned, but I have no clue how to get physical copies into my hands to scan, nor do I want to have physical copies.

You and I may be able to help each other out here. How may I contact you to give you my list?
No. 20844

Join #touhouporn on Rizon. The issue with my deputy is probably different than what you're imagining, which I'll explain there since nobody cares to read a bunch of personal bs.
No. 20873
Huh. I thought I was the only one like this.
No. 20930

Most clever use of avatar and custom background I've seen yet.
No. 20935
I'd be very willing to do this as well, assuming I can get Paypall working.
No. 20937
File 132286205682.jpg - (143.87KB , 764x528 , I-came-frozen-street-cars-1260237240e.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20985
Disappointing. Unlike most of the other girls, Satori isn't really helped by the sex, which is silly considering how many problem's she's got. Hell, look at the title.
No. 20987
Kind of accurate, in fact. You can't fix everything with Mister Small Pink Snake.
No. 20988
I kinda like this angelic Satori. She'd be ridiculous as a main character, but as a side character, she's nice.
No. 20989
If the problem is that she can't make friends, then yes, you can.
No. 20990
Back in the day, when I was young, there was a huge difference between a friend (someone you can trust), and a wife (someone you can thrust).

And yeah, I know you're all going to kill me for that pun.
No. 20991
Actually I have a feeling that Nanashi would consider her a friend.
No. 21021
Are there any doujins with Chen actually having breasts? All I'm really seeing is flat-chested chen.
No. 21027
new cover to Albatross's upcoming work. probably be shota x mystia again but hey, never know, may go back to their futa roots. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=23496227
also, the winter theme amuses me.
No. 21063

Oh hey this is by the ass festival guy this should be pretty goo-


No. 21067
Either doujin cliche or questionable/shitty translator.
No. 21068
Doujin cliche.
No. 21069
Stick it in my nose-pussy!
No. 21070
Was the Koakuma and Patchouli that Sakuya and Meiling encounter doppelgangers as well because we see in one of the later panels them in the slabs as well?

Also the way the plot tends to jump in hard at times really hurts the flow honestly. But that's my opinion on the thing

Hey at least the Tank is cool. Sadly we're probably only gonna see it for that one picture which kinda is sad. If anything its looking like he's trying to end it but we're really pretty much at the point of "Didn't we already see this?" with the sex.
No. 21073
Does anyone even remember toybox? I'm trying to find some of their doujins translated and all I'm seeing is the inaba box (which was the first translated touhou doujin iirc) and some KomachixShiki doujin, though they've got a whole load of other really good doujins. Anyone know why this is?
No. 21074
They did more stuff than inaba box and the komaeiki stuff? Oh wondorous day!
No. 21075
File 132335766027.jpg - (255.92KB , 851x1200 , 23532669.jpg ) [iqdb]

New upcoming doujin with the 9 team! Most excellent. Considering the artist, there's going to be watersports, so stay away if that's not your thing.
No. 21076

http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_toybox_chichi.php First Toybox compilation.

http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001046227_toybox_chichi_s2.php Second Toybox compilation.


No. 21077
Bah. That artist pales in comparison to their first one, who I don't think works for them anymore.
No. 21078

Wait, what? Are you talking about Toy Box? Because Toy Box has always been Kurikara and Kujiran, and they're still working together. They also work with Genetrix some times, or at the very least his work is on their dakimakura website.
No. 21079
Aerial Rave is also one of the aritsts, though Kurikara and Kujiran are the main draws of the circle.

IIRC, most of the doujins have been scanned, but not translated, not really much of a loss as most of them don't have much of a plot. (It's usually 'way to have particularly busty Touhous give you Paizuri)

Inaba box was an exception having something resembling a plot.
No. 21080

Oh, okay. I forgot about the other artist, I haven't looked at the old Inaba Box stuff in a while. It's nice they put out compilations of the new stuff, though it'd be a pleasant surprise if they rehashed that into one book.

Shame more artists don't re-release their old work. Yuzu Momo, I'm looking at you.
No. 21085
File 132340069640.jpg - (1.05MB , 1072x1522 , MilkDolls Cover.jpg ) [iqdb]
Been talking with someone about getting a doujin order out and scanning it. When I made my offer a while back, people asked what kind of scan quality I could put out. So now I grabbed one of my doujinshi and scanned the cover and whatever part of a page I could get without bending a spine. Here's the results.
No. 21086
File 132340073621.jpg - (660.59KB , 772x1552 , MilkDolls Page.jpg ) [iqdb]
The interior won't have that bend when I scan the order, since I'll obviously be taking them apart.
No. 21087
That circle has very few doujins scanned. I'm not getting my hopes up.
No. 21089
File 132341577837.jpg - (681.85KB , 1348x1600 , yuuka vs nitori.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh god. Oh GOD.
I NEED this.
No. 21097
Actually, a whole 9 doujins from this artist got scanned, a pretty fair majority for this circle. I labeled the circle as "Divine Fountain" on my spreadsheet.
No. 21100
File 132345449833.jpg - (418.24KB , 555x1200 , 13185342.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, anyway, I was looking for some Imizu porn, and that's all I found. Anyone knows if he made more of this? I kind of need to know. It's for Great Justice.
No. 21101

Of that particular item? Nope.


It's a 40cm by 90cm hand towel, and I am almost positive it's long sold out. Unless you're asking something else and it went over my head.
No. 21103
Well, I want to know if that artist made any porn. I checked his pixiv gallery, and that's all I found: a project for a ... dikamura. Dakimukaru. Pillow-thingy. Whatever.
I wanted to know if he made "real" hentais, or if he just did that.
No. 21104
No. 21105

As far as I know I haven't seen anything outright adult from that artist either now or in the past. Borderline with the ass shots and the two hand towels he has done (the Remilia one and Flandre on the next page).
No. 21108

Sorry Taisa. I can't find anything in the end.
No. 21145
Pretty sure he's done some non-touhou stuff of that nature, and at least one touhou one.
Something pissing-related, sadly.
No. 21151
I just checked out your spreadsheet (it's awesome). You want to look at the release column: The only doujin from comiket dates from C74. Also, he's never had a color doujin scanned (he's done a few, including a Rumia one). Or his two compilations. Probably because they were all released at comiket. Like this one.

I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think it's getting scanned.
No. 21152

I'd love to see that, his work is fucking fantastic. Can you drop a link or post it here?
No. 21155
This was excellent. Exactly what I want from an H doujin. Toys don't get used extensively nearly enough.

On that note...

This looks amazing, but I don't think it will be scanned on it's own, and I'm not sure if I'm willing to jump through the hoops to do so.
Therefor...how unusual would it be to pay someone experienced in this sort of thing to do so for this doujin?
No. 21157


I'm willing to scan it if you pay for the item. I'm not 'experienced' per se, but the scans I took above turned out pretty damn well. It isn't really unusual either, I think a few other people provide that service, and someone got in touch with me earlier for a fucking huge lot of scans.
No. 21159
>electrical toothbrushes
Hu, what? How can you use something like that in a 18+ book?

Bah, nevermind, gives me the excuse to read the book. It's about SCIENCE!
No. 21160
I'd be willing to pay for it, but I'm not sure how to go about it.
No. 21162

I contact my deputy about it, he gives me an estimate, you pay the amount to me via paypal as a gift, I pay him, I scan it and post it up here. In a nutshell. The only problem with ordering single items is that it's expensive as fuck. Though in THIS case it can likely piggyback on the stuff that someone else is having me order for virtually no increase in shipping cost.

Hop on irc if you want to work that out.
No. 21163
I'll have to get paypall working, and irc for that matter, but yeah, that sounds good.
No. 21219
Is there a time limit for this? My computer's very unstable lately; I might not have access to it at all in the near future.
No. 21224

The time limit is if the item runs out of stock. The offer stands in general because there's a lot of stuff out there that people feel deserves to be scanned.
No. 21225
Nice bunch that came in, especially these two... I was hoping these would get scanned
No. 21245
Ton of really good stuff dropped on Melonbooks this morning. Most of it isn't Touhou, but the ones that are seem to be great.

http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001046897_kogitune_kupa3.php I'm not sure if it's a massive compilation of old works or if it's all new content. Someone with a better eye can answer that.

http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001046892_tosiaki_c81.php Another fuck-off-huge book, and at a spectacular price. THIS looks all new.

C81 will be the death of me.
No. 21247
It may be technically allowed, but quite frankly it should not be. This case for example was a clear cut case of of the link just being temporarily down for some reason, and the guy who whined about it should have just waited a bit to see if it would work later. I know the link works because I downloaded it before the dude commented, and thus can decree that the comment on the link not working was inappropriate. The less chaff we have on the posting threads the better, and that chaff includes dead link notifications.
No. 21287

No previews yet, but fuck this is going to be something to watch. Rapid Rabbit doing Letty? Hell yes.
No. 21288
See this? This is a prime example of how mind break is in fucking everything these days, even when it really doesn't need to be.
No. 21290

As someone who generally has a strong dislike for mindbreak, I actually thought this was pretty light in comparison to most mindbreak works (see that awful doujin series with Rinnosuke breaking Yukari and others). The main reason I find it tolerable is because she went into the situation knowing what was going to happen. She just happened to enjoy it more than expected and lost control of herself. Kasen willingly put herself in the situation, but bit off more than she could chew.
No. 21291
Hell, that made it worse than most mind break for me. She's trying to to a good deed and she gets a broken mind for he trouble.
No. 21292

If you've read WaHH, most of Kasen's deeds are not so much good as they are driven by ulterior motives.
No. 21293
Well, she was pretty clearly altruistic here.
Either way, even if she bit of more than she can chew, it wasn't like she was acting all bitchy/cocky/etc beforehand, which would excuse the mind break. This doujin was like if one of Ito Life's doujins (hell, the one in the OP) had Wriggle losing her mind at the end.
No. 21297
An-Arc likes doing that sort of thing. That and gangbangs. Not so much authentic happy sex.

Yeah... and she wasn't expecting to end up a human sex toy while Komachi just sat there and watched. And it does make one hope that she's not a real hermit as such a thing would be fatal to a long lived one.

Then again I don't think Komachi would be that much of a bitch, even to Kasen.

That other kasen doujin that was translated was on a generally better tune.
No. 21305
Its just boring after a while and lazy writing. HURR MAGIC APHRODISIAC! Such a boring cope out.

And its usually just read one seen em all since come on give me some variety. Or something NEW as an ending. I expected eventually Ran kicks down the door and shows that you don't fuck with a Nine Tailed Kitsune... but nope Chen gets raped... Seriously?

Still wonder why those ALWAYS seem to get translated first...

Never could find that one that Yuyuko and Yukari get in a gang rape situation somehow and the ending is door kicked in and Youmu and Ran beatdown happening with a sorta happy end.
No. 21306
No. 21308
LWB and other such circles are dedicated to such rapeastic doujins while everyone else is often bogged down with various requests and tasks.

And there's the infamous "diarrhea translator" himself, CGRascal, who will jump on things, shit out a translation, and making us wait until someone A) cares enough to re-translate it for free or B) someone to pony up enough money to get one of the good translators to redo it.
No. 21312
Ahh I didn't know it worked that way that we got a group dedicated to those things...

Although considering some of the stories those circles do CGRascal couldn't do much worse... I think.

Thank you sir.
No. 21313

CGRascal is pretty fucking awful. Case in point is Rapid Rabbit's Yamame doujin. Thankfully we have glasnost.
No. 21314
I just read both in a side by side reading... wow... I mean could a machine translation do much worse than him?
No. 21316
What about stuff from C81 itself, not toranoana and melonbooks and whatnot?
No. 21317
You'd need someone actually going to the convention for that. Pretty sure !lggAzV5pXw doesn't know anyone doing that, but you might be able to find someone on /jp/ or #comiket willing to take your money. Finding someone trustworthy that will actually buy shit for you might be a bit harder.
No. 21319

I know one person and they are another deputy service that will likely charge exorbitant amounts. I asked them to pick me up Verdant Force's Yuuka dakimakura this past summer and it would've cost me an extra $50-60 in fees above and beyond what it would be to simply order it online.
No. 21327
File 132394104096.jpg - (916.28KB , 858x1200 , 23660932_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's not cheap! But then...a dakimakura is totally different stories compared to a doujin. I assume.

On the subject of floor exclusives...has anyone ever heard anything about this artist? Just saw this posted on /jp/. That art looks pretty damn impressive, but nobody's heard of the circle.

Pixiv for convenience:
No. 21328

They've been around for a bit, they just aren't very active on the scene. Also, the fees were primarily just to go to comiket and hunt the item down.
No. 21334
Stopping by to make an offer to save people some money, though I know there isn't 'too' much interest in this stuff here. Mysterio and I got together and bought Okamisty dakimakura from BON Cool a while back to save on shipping and such. Afterward, it turned out that BON Cool made me a 'VIP' and gave me free shipping to the states.

I'm going to be buying from them again, and if you want something from BON Cool, I can add it to my order and save you to the tune of $15-$20 on shipping. Their website is here: http://boncool.jp/ check the three categories on the left, they have some Touhou goods among other things. I'll be making the order on Friday/Saturday most likely. If you can't see the items, you need to enter your age in the little box that appears. The site has an english version, too.
No. 21360

You left out a shit ton of details. Someone else should write a description for this.
No. 21364
Those are meant to me brief summaries, not whole synopses. Just a little something so people know what to expect.
No. 21425
No. 21435
wriggles boobs have really grown since the early days.
No. 21438
indeed I remember a picture of Wriggle naizuri with her (cutely) fretting about her small breasts. At the rate they're growing, that's something she can stop worrying about. That is if she hasn't reached this point already.

I do kinda miss her smaller days though.

First time I've seen him use his normal style for a cover as opposed to his softer shaded style.
No. 21443
File 132420268340.jpg - (444.07KB , 1123x1600 , saka_05.jpg ) [iqdb]
this picture perhaps?
No. 21446
File 132420747059.jpg - (266.58KB , 532x770 , WriggleNaizuri.jpg ) [iqdb]
It was this that I was referring to.
No. 21487
File 132427017767.jpg - (274.62KB , 532x770 , 49f2ebb149b9c32d1164fd57fde65d6238511a06.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't forget the sequel
No. 21488
No. 21496
Enough god damn delays.


>>21163 here. I'm on irc. Barely know how to use thing, so bear with me.
...so, uh, who are you?
No. 21498

If you are connected to rizon, type /join #touhouporn and ask in there.
No. 21499
You lost me.
No. 21506
Well that was stupidly easy.
No. 21508
artist put up a preview, bigger images.
No. 21510
Nice to see something with this character.
No. 21511
Kinda frustrated it's shota, but at least, it's not about rape.
No. 21512
I'm a little sad it's more vanilla sex with some nameless guy. Wish he goes back to the futa he did... But I'm still gonna buy it.
No. 21513
I'm glad they moved away from the monster cock doujins (though I liked seeing team 9 together) but ya, i wish they'd go back to mystia x futa.they've done yuyuko and the 2 onis, why not throw in some more wierd pairings like MamizouxMystia or TenshixMystia?
No. 21514

Aside from the fact I'd buy it anyway because of the artist, I'm buying it for the cervical prolapse. Yep. But fuck I wish he'd go back to futa.
No. 21515
While I'm here, some interesting new stuff on Melonbooks this morning (evening?):


First of TWO doujinshi from Aya Shachou this Comiket. No previews, though, either here or on his pixiv. His other doujin this season is futa Renko and pregnant Maribel. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=23627325

http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001047335_ever_tintin.php Hey look, this guy is back at it again.

http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001047410_kieiza_huten.php Kieyza's other C81 release, they've become suddenly enamored with male Futo x Tenshi.
No. 21516
File 132440993079.jpg - (562.65KB , 858x1200 , 23780129_p2.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 21577
I wonder if we're going to get a sequel. Because I got a feeling we'll be getting some Happysex Kasen and that's more than okay for me.
No. 21578
That would be nice, but the last line seemed to sum up things pretty good.
Rinnosuke saves her, nurses her back to health, and that's that.
No. 21580
hard to tell as in two of the artists' same works, Rinnosuke acted differently.

In the non-H one with Akyuu: He helps protect her from a possessed knife basically
And in the one with (a rather loli) Yukari: He basically tries drugging her and taking advantage of her, which he does until Yukari reveals she was playing along and turns the table on him

But from the sounds of the text, the former is much more likely.
No. 21596

Previews popped up within the last day for Aya Shachou's new doujin.
No. 21597

And previews just went up for this as well.
No. 21598
File 132465291734.jpg - (340.72KB , 680x960 , 23838819_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
this guy sure loves drawing youmu with stuff getting shoved up her butt.
Us anal lovers are pleased.
No. 21609
This book is a collab, and selection of artists is pretty good... Narumiya, Hannama, Gengorou, and Shindou. And yep, it's all about anal bead tails.
No. 21611

And probably pissing from Narumiya. That guy loves pissing.
No. 21619
Is it me or is the kid look a lot like fucking Naruto?
No. 21620
On Pixiv as well?
No. 21628


Yes to Rapid Rabbit's, no to Aya Shachou's (so far).
No. 21634
File 132472975576.jpg - (766.49KB , 657x928 , 23840025_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Look at this shota.
No. 21639
Just a heads up to anyone who's waiting for Extend Party 3 to be translated, it is still in progress of typesetting. You can see the progress here: http://boards.rotbrc.com/t-h/res/23822.html
No. 21641
Oh I can wait another 10 years for that if you want my opinion.
No. 21642

Extend Party 3 ruined the series.
No. 21644
How so?
No. 21645

How can you ruin garbage?
No. 21646
You'd be surprised and horrified. Though fans of the artist's enchantress dance series might to be surprised, seeing how half the scenes in that resulted in things being so rough the girl ends up "I can't have babies anymore"

I can see why the original doujin nominator guy was so disgruntled: Stuff like this.
No. 21647
File 132477478340.jpg - (1.11MB , 2646x3679 , 23872461_big_p5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shimoyakedou's friggin sexy Yuka... I especially like this page. Just look at her gulping that down...

No. 21648
No. 21649
No. 21650

Is that from a new douijn coming out at C81?
No. 21651

VERY nice.

Very likely.
No. 21652

The pixiv page says C81, so yes. That thing is a god damn sure buy. The preview post JUST went up tonight, so expect it on Toranoana or Melonbooks within a few days. He also has another one coming out, which is non-touhou, but looks just as good: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=23872880
No. 21654
The ending.

Meiling takes over the SDM. First she talks about a meal Sakuya just prepared - one of Flandre's babies. Sakuya gives a rundown of how everyone's impregnation is going, pointing out that Patchouli only gave birth once, and it might be prudent to just kill her off since she isn't producing (Meiling says no, "I think we'll let her live. She's worth keeping to take care of my relatives."). In short, she gained a ton of power by eating the babies of many strong youkai.

At the very end she states she's going to visit the Hakurei to "eat the priestess".
If he does make a new doujin and it doesn't involve Meiling getting the shit beaten out of her and the girls freed, don't expect a translation

Definitely ruined the series for me. Even if it matches the subject matter of the first two it doesn't match the feeling/tone of the first two, or even the other parts of the third (e.g. the kicking fight in the middle of 3)
No. 21655
So in essence a shitty (and kinda random) ending to a series that was already kinda bad?
No. 21656

Except that I actually liked the series right up until the end.
No. 21657
What is there to like? It's just like every other rape fest on the net (all 900,000 of them)

What grinds my gears is this is scanned (and then translated) over better/less typical productions.
No. 21659
Oh yea you get teased with something interesting Flandre appearing early on and starting to kick ass then the book remembers its another MindBreak/Rape doujin and becomes blah blah gangrape blah blah Aphrodisiac blah blah Mind break blah blah boring generic sexface and faceless men blah blah.

Hell! Give me an Aphrodisiac plot device story that leads to role reversal. So the user by using it gets more than they expected and Reverse Rape or F-Dom by the target of it.

Something to break the routine, please!
No. 21661
What the fuck?
What the fuck!?

I was going to say you guys are overreacting and that there's much, much worse to complain about on the doujin scene...but god damn. Forget about my broken hopes for a good end, what we've got is even worse.

>I never wanted this!!
My heart shattered. Shattered. I don't even like Remilia...but...augh...
No. 21672

I can tell you that I will be scanning a 'less typical' production in January. It doesn't mean you'll like that either, though!
No. 21675

What are you planning on scanning?


Shit like this is the reason that I supported Bill 156. This is an obvious and blatant abuse of free speech protections to distribute truly hazardous material. The only reason you could enjoy this kind of work is if you were a person who enjoys that kind of rape, humiliation, and cannibalism, and seeking professional help is in order. I fully understand the many arguments against this point of view, but the key here is that if you fantasize about that kind of thing, if it turns you on, you are sick and you need help.
No. 21676
>wall of bullshit
I assume it's kopipe?
No. 21677
Sorry guys, I'm ain't not gona read that. Sounds too disturbing.
No. 21682
Are there that many doujins of touhou futas fucking Rinnosuke up the ass?
No. 21691

I wish. I would scan all of them.
No. 21704
A pity. Would be an interesting change of pace for stories about him. Since I swear 90% of them is along the lines of MASTER RAPIST RINNOSUKE! stupidity. Come on he should be the target of some delicious FemDom or get some FutaAction. Hell I'll even take Happysex
No. 21711
>Happy sex
Like that Happy Trigger doujin with Merlin in it?
No. 21721
mamizou futa on faceless guy preview.

im thankful she didn't try sticking her tail up his butt.
No. 21723

Given that it only shows a portion of the book (maybe a third or less), that's still a possibility. And knowing fey tas, I wouldn't be surprised.
No. 21726
You know, the Kasen first bit in this didn't really feel like rape at all. I got the vibe of Kasen just going with the flow/being drunk enough to want to try it just once.
No. 21728
It's rape. But I'm fine with it because it's not the despairing mindbreaky awful kind.
No. 21729
For a book titled "Gensokyo Paradise Transformation Plan," there doesn't seem to be much transformation going on, mentally or otherwise.
Not that I'm complaining.
No. 21736
you COULD stretch that kasen's ideas of naughty things transformed from being close minded to loving things that feel good.
No. 21737

That's fuckin deep man. I think I just found the topic for my Doctoral Dissertation.
No. 21738
So it's been a while since this circle (Known as Desuno!!) last did a doujin which was known as Touhou Boss Rush!! even though it was later released as Touhou Boss Rush!!+ to add missing scenes.

Well, turns out they're making a c81 doujin this time:


The Touhou Boss Rush!!+ doujin was good, so I look forward to more from this one.
No. 21811
Hasn't >>21810 been translated for a while?

(Also why is the "supported file types" mentioning each extension twice?)
No. 21812
It's a version 2. Except I couldn't find the version 1, so I didn't link to it.
List of changes here: ttp://tlrf-translations.blogspot.com/2011/12/nymphet-komeiji-satori-no-yuuutsu-v2.html#more

And who knows. It doesn't hurt anything at least.
No. 21857
anyone else agree that itou life has the sexiest wriggle?
from her days of flat chested and nervousness to her days of big boobs and raping guys in her sleep. she has come a long way.
No. 21865
All I want in life is more Ito Life doujins
No. 21870
File 132543203549.png - (438.47KB , 1121x1600 , pa_17.png ) [iqdb]
Then you have nothing to complain about.

Welllll there isn't a whole lot of competition. All the same Ito Life draws some great porn.
No. 21873
>cirno bites off a guy's dick.

Fucker deserved it.
No. 21876
I really can't stand girls getting broken in front of their friends/family. That's got to be one of the worst thing in the world.
No. 21877
Honestly we need more BAD END for the attempted rapist ones. I mean most youkai probably could just CHOMP it off easily, Or leaving them wishing that happened (Yuugi getting into it and accidentally breaking bones for one example...)

Hell I'd be interested in reverse rape (Girl does it to the guy) just to break the monotony.
No. 21878
Eh. What we need is less so bad ends for rapists and more good ends for the victims.
No. 21881
File 132545454824.jpg - (54.48KB , 580x435 , Badass justicar.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who the fuck care about these bitches? They had it coming. All their fault.

However, those guys... they're guilty. Only following their lustly desires. Like dogs. We can't judge them. Honestly, who can blame them?
Beside, we judge men. Not dogs. Dogs are to be executed. No mercy for dogs. Dogs are assholes. No mercy for them.

No. 21882
Shut up, raw shark. You're dead.
No. 21884
Those two results are not mutually exclusive
No. 21885
Bad end+Good end: [PARANOIA CAT] Touhou Ukiyo Emaki Yukari Yakumo
Bad end: [Pixel Cot] Colourful Love Song
Good end: ??? (maybe that kamikadou thing with Kasen?)

Awesome story there.
No. 21892
That's the least that happens to the guys in question as it seems that Cirno freezes them to death right afterwards.

I get the impression that there's a message of there being various difficulties in being associated with winter. Mainly a darker take on how Letty is bullied in the winter.
No. 21898

Seems to get happier later, though. I'm really eager for a translation, given his past work. The content he puts out seems to turn out to be rather deep and inspired, especially for porn. His Yamame depiction is still the finest one I've encountered to date.
No. 21908
The one where Kasen gets saved by Rinnosuke from the Tentacle monster at the end and later tends to her until she's better? I think that's close to a good end.
No. 21909
The one where Kasen gets saved by Rinnosuke from the Tentacle monster at the end and later tends to her until she's better? I think that's close to a good end.
No. 21922
>ito life ball squeezing thing
No. 21924
Brief synopsis, from what I could read of it:
Some guys are searching for a missing friend. They find his body, and the boat he was in, by the lake. Cirno was napping in the boat, wakes up complaining about the noise, and the guys assume she's responsible for the death. So they rape her. Fat guy loses his dick, and apparently his life. Skinny guy, however, seems to have made his escape.

Fast forward a bit. Cirno is chatting with Marisa by the lake at the start of winter. The subject turns to Letty, who apparently Cirno doesn't actually like. She explains why in a flashback, to a time long before Reimu or Marisa were born.

Letty stumbles home, bruised and leaking semen. Cirno asks why Letty keeps going around the human village despite this happening repeatedly; Letty makes excuses. Some summer later, Cirno is faffing about, and Letty - in a field at the human village - spies her and asks her for help with a human who's got a terrible fever. Cirno thinks it's pointless - it's the middle of summer, when the two cold-types are at their weakest, but Letty insists. Cirno takes them both to an island in the middle of the lake, and then uses all of the power she can. This results in the formation of a big ice cave.

Letty takes the fevered human to the cave, and uses the cold from the ice to bring his fever down. He wakes up next to her, and is fascinated by her pale and soft skin and blue hair. Her clothes fall open, her tits pop out, and the guy gets horny and rubs one out in her jelly rolls. She wakes up at the critical moment.
She explains that yuki-onna like her love humans, that they want to be "treated kindly" by men, and that she has kidnapped him.
He replies, via a sub-flashback, that when he was little, she saved him from a severe beating at the hands of some older guys, and he's had a thing for her ever since. Sex ensues; Letty likes it better now than when she was being raped.

Marisa thinks this is a "happily ever after" point, but Cirno corrects her. Letty took the man back to his home when he was asleep. She believes that with her being a yuki-onna and him being a human, they can't have a life together, so it's best if he gets over her and finds a human woman. She also says that she's done being a "nice youkai". Flashback ends.

Story continues with Marisa (off-camera) repeating Cirno's story to Reimu, while eating at Alice's house. She also mentions that the ice cave island is still there; it never melts, and Letty uses it as a home during the warm months. Every first day of winter, when Letty wakes up, she blows out the cap of snow and ice plugging the cave's entrance; this causes the snow-geyser seen earlier.

I'll be interested in seeing the more specific details when a proper translator picks this up.
No. 21925
But squeezing out every last drop is one of the best parts about Ito Life doujins!
No. 21930
There's a Hina one that came out that had the guy raping Hina getting the natural result of raping a urse goddess, though she's sad at the end. But I mean seriously, what ever makes such guy think that raping a curse goddess would ever end well?
No. 21935
It's possibly the same thing that makes any rapist rape any of the powerful characters in most of the doujins, except that's one of the few where the rapist gets their comeuppance.
No. 21937
Agreed, but balls do not work that way! It hurts!
No. 21938

That's really interesting. A bittersweet end, but some happiness. As much as I like happy endings, the ones that fall in the middle of the spectrum can be so much more interesting and evoke more of an emotional response.

I might sound like a fan boy, but Rapid Rabbit's stuff is more than just porn.
No. 21939
Hot, but the question is. Is the guy in Heaven or Hell?
No. 21976
i really like doujins like this >>21950 that can tell a story without the usage of words. cause 1, its really hard to do, and 2, no need to translate it.
plus it can sometimes lead to a funny or creepy end
like in this one, was Sakuya going to kill him the entire time, and the bathing was to clean his body (and alter his blood maybe?, or was she going to let him go after he cleaned himself but after having sex and then finding out what actually happened, did she snap?
No. 21983
How could she have found out anything? I mean doesn't the last panel take place very shortly after the sex, since it appears she didn't even leave the room?

Also that's a pretty cool doujin.
No. 21985
But it's true though, he puts high amounts of effort into his doujins usually, it's a shame more of his stuff isn't scanned/translated as it's not the same old gangrape/rape/etc that's so common.
No. 21989

>"Not the same old rape" while talking about a doujin that contains rape.

No. 21994
Earlier I proposed having others order doujinshi to me and I'd scan them. Two very generous individuals have come through and put forth roughly $1,000 to import said doujinshi. I'll be scanning a great number starting in a week or two. Some of them were already scanned, but that is the nature of the beast.

(For those who follow my story, it won't really affect my rate of updating.)
No. 21996
It's not rape for the sake of rape, but rather part of a bigger plot. In fact most of the sexual acts in that were according to the plot instead of the other way around.

Thread's on Autosage, will be making new one if one hasn't been made already.
No. 21998

New thread