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[x] Check up on your plums.

“To be honest, I think I should go back to the plums for a bit.”

You never knew someone could say a silent pause, but Tenta manages to do it.

‘Yeah, what?’

C’mon, man. I was fine with us giving your plums one last check, but going again when we could go out on our next sexual romp is just… why?

‘I don’t want to leave my old life behind. Besides, given our current streak of luck there’s probably a youkai orgy going on in my house right now.’

“How long do you think you’ll be gone?” Alice asks.

“Not too long. Not quite time to harvest the rest of the plums yet, and the ones for preserving are already in the ice-box. Just some weeding and watering.”

Alice nods. “Alright. In the meantime, I think I’ll start working on some clothing. And have a little discussion with Sunny in the meantime.”

Ooh, let’s watch that. I bet it’ll involve spankings.

‘No. Plums.’


Speaking of which, you probably shouldn’t be weeding in these clothes. “Oh, could I have my old robe back? I don’t want to get your nice clothes dirty.”

Alice nods. A doll flies in with your old robe, crisp and clean-looking. Another doll comes in with Sunny following close behind. She stands next to you but not too close, still remembering Alice’s warning.

“I’m going to head out, Sunny.”

“Aww, can’t I come along?” She gives you a sad stare. You can’t resist, you reach out and ruffle her hair. She giggles happily, making her breasts jiggle a little.

“Sorry, Sunny. You should stay home with Alice.” You pick up your robe and slip into the bathroom to change. You leave your old clothes in the laundry hamper and head out, giving a goodbye wave to Alice and Sunny.

Even though it’s just been a few days of living here, you’ve already become a little familiar with the forest. You glance at the map. Okay, you need to head northeast.

Hey, let’s try flying again. Now that I’m a little more powerful, I could give you a hand.

You nod and start to focus on Alice’s instructions from before. You take a minute to clear your head of thoughts. Suddenly your vision flickers through your closed eyes. Vague shapes and swirls of color. The ground is tinted a sparkly, churning green. Every tree is a thin wisp of green, too. Just as soon as it appeared, it’s gone.

‘What was that?’

Magic, my friend. Now keep focusing.

You continue to force thoughts out of your head. You feel a sudden calmness, and instinctively jump as if your subconscious knew you were ready for it and gave the order. There’s a vague sensation of going upwards, but don’t feel the sharp acceleration of jumping. You can’t resist opening your eyes what the hell you’re above the treetops.

“Gah!” Your focus broken, you flail your arms and legs as you start to fall back down far too fast for comfort. A tentacle comes to your rescue, grabbing a thick tree branch as you fall past it and slowing your fall to a stop.

Well, that was better than last time, at least. You made pretty good distance with that jump.

‘Yeah. But, uh, let’s just walk the rest of the way.’

Agreed. The tentacle extends until you’re just a few feet off the ground, then lets you drop down safely. You continue to walk to your house, now halfway out of the forest after your jump. Once you’re clear of the forest it’s a short walk back to your farm. Looking around, you seem to be alone. It’s a bit of a relief, you must admit.

You get the largest bucket you can find from your shed and fill it with water. The beast silently picks it up, though he’s obviously still a bit peeved at being reduced to a farmhand. Looking closer at the trees, it seems you actually aren’t alone. There’s a small bright-pinkish tint in the branches one of the thicker trees, certainly not the natural color of a plum tree. Getting closer, you see a brown shape underneath the pink. It’s the back of a dress, with a pair of wings folded tightly shut.

“Oh? Someone stealing my plums?” you announce to the tree. The girl shakes slightly in surprise, making the branches rustle.

“Boy, I sure hope that isn’t a hungry youkai stealing my plums. I’d hate it if I had to yank them out from that tree.”

“Cheep!” the girl squeaks like a bird and spreads her wings open to fly away. Not so fast. You launch a tentacle at her, which grabs her around the waist and yanks her out of the tree before she can react. A basket tumbles out of the tree, dropping a handful of plums onto the ground.

Wait a minute… you recognize her. She’s got short pink hair with a brown cap on top, and fluffy brown and white wings. It’s the youkai who was there when you first woke up from the beast taking you over. Judging from her reaction, she recognizes you too.

“Well well. First you threaten to eat me, now you steal my plums.” Man, it’s so much fun to be stronger than someone.

“Th-that was just a joke, aheh…” Mystia smiles nervously. “And I haven’t attacked any humans like you said!”

“Looks like you’re attacking innocent fruit now,” you chuckle.

“Just my luck, it’d be your farm,” she sighs. “I can explain. I wanted to try a new recipe for my stand. I felt like I needed to have a dessert. Everyone likes desserts, right? So I thought I’d get some plums, and…”

“Oh? You’re too good to buy them at the market?”

She squirms against your grip, flapping her wings to try and break free. “I was going to, but you weren’t there! I’m Mystia, remember? You know me, right?” She makes a good point, actually. You’d completely forgotten about that, though given the way she’s smiling nervously it’s probably just a lucky guess on her part.

“Yeah, is that why you tried to eat me?”

“It was a joke, I swear!” Mystia squirms again. “My friend just has no sense of humor!”

Wait a sec.


This girl is in heat. I can smell it. A tentacle presses against the hem of her dress and lifts it up, revealing a moist spot against Mystia’s panties. Instinctively, you reach down to touch her, pressing your hand against her underwear. Your fingers sink into her panties as her warm vagina gives easily to your touch.

“Aah! What’re you…”

You draw your hand back suddenly, realizing what you’re doing not an hour after you brought a large breasted fairy to Alice.


‘A little.’

Mystia bites her lip and looks at you. “Please, keep going,” she whispers.

Here. A tentacle takes the place of your hand, pressing against her panties hard enough to push them slightly into her pussy.

Alice said she knows we’re different people, right? So she doesn’t care what I do, since I’m not you. If you keep your hands off her, I can do whatever I want and you’re not cheating on her.

It… sort of makes sense. And it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the moans of the night sparrow youkai in your grasp, her face flushed red.

‘Alright, let’s do it.’

The tentacle, as if waiting for your words, presses harder against Mystia, making the bottom of her panties disappear inside her. With another push, it works them in even deeper and makes the fabric around her legs dig into her thighs.

“Please, take them off. I want you all the way in my pussy,” Mystia pants, her face now so red it looks like it’s burning. You resist the urge to yank down her panties, letting the tentacles do that for you instead. It lifts her panties, soaked through in the center, and dangles them in front of her face. The girl understands the notion, and bites the wet spot, sucking the moisture from it. The tentacle slides back down between her moist legs and pushes into her. Her insides feel so warm and soft, like they’re melting as you push inside. You’re a bit surprised she was able to look so composed earlier.

“Cheep! Cheep!” she lets out bird-like squeaks of pleasure, dropping the panties from her mouth. Her arms wrap limply around your shoulders. The tentacles dig deeper into her, her hungry pussy accepting as much as possible. Feeling the tentacles work inside her makes your dick grow stiff under your robe.

It would be okay to touch her ears, right? They’re so fluffy-looking… you touch the tuft of white hair inside her ear, making her shiver. You rub your fingers gently against the outside, stroking with the grain of her hair. She alternates between moans of pleasure and contented sighs. You delicately pinch her ear, rubbing both sides in small circular motions. She whimpers sharply in pleasure, as if being in heat made her ears a hundred times more sensitive. Her intense reaction makes you enjoy it even more. The tentacle pushes against the back of her pussy, making Mystia bounce her hips up and down on it as if trying to make it go through her.

You move your hand from her ear and press your finger against her lips. She licks along your finger, panting heavily. “Mmh,” she moans, stroking your finger with her tongue. She wraps her lips around it and sucks it passionately, as if it held some secret delicious taste. Her tongue continues to slide up and down your fingers, tickling it and making you want to play with her even more.

Your other hand reaches behind her and strokes along her shoulder blade, tickling her where her wings meet her back. She shouts out and arches back, her legs swinging back and forth rapidly. You stroke the base of her wings faster, making her whole body shake from pleasure. Her wings spread open a little, and you run your hand along the top, petting them.

“Don’t stop… cheep…” Even her squeaks sound sultrier now.

Heads up, we have an audience.

You reflexively freeze, and stop stroking Mystia’s wings.

Don’t worry, it’s not Alice or Sunny. It’s that Hakurei girl… Reimu, right? She’s watching us. Heh, looks like she’s enjoying it. No, don’t look at her. If she sees you look she might scamper away. She’d probably trip over her underwear, though.

You look to the left as far as possible without turning your face. The beast is right, just in the corner of your vision you can see Reimu’s distinctive red dress with white sleeves. Turning your head just a little, you can see she’s leaning against a tree, her hand moving experimentally under her dress as though she isn’t quite sure what she’s doing or why she’s doing it.

[ ] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.
[ ] Wave at Reimu and motion for her to join.
[ ] Pull out of Mystia and see what Reimu does.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Excellent. Also lol fatal memory.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Most prudent option at this juncture. Not to mention the sexiest.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Delicious Mysty. Too bad things got serious with Alice so soon, but fidelity is important. And rewarding.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.
[X] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

I like where this is going.
[X] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.
Eh, give it some more time and she'll be asking us to bring home more girls.

[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.
[X] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Shrine maiden can't exterminate us for making people feel good~
[X] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Maybe she might come join us if she "enjoys" it enough. Though she might just leave herself open to advances if she enjoys it too much.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

As if there's any other choice.
[ ] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Let's make her squirm a little.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

You know, a pet sparrow would be nice.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.
[x] Pull out of Mystia and see what Reimu does.

Show's over, Hakurei. Do what?
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

Wait, it's ok to just hand out hot tentaclings if the girls want it, right? That's just common sense. I'm assuming so...
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

You monster. I also wanted to see Alice's discussion with Sunny.
[X] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further
Thanks for uploading the doc file.

My free time is scarce, so I read at work on my cellphone.

Qreader is so good~
Calling votes. Giving Reimu a show wins.
[x] Give Reimu a show and spread Mystia open further.

‘Well, if she wants to watch, we shouldn’t disappoint her.’

Two tentacles wrap around Mystia’s ankles and lift her legs up. She grips your neck, her pussy pointing directly at Reimu. The tentacle flips her dress up, exposing her small but very squeezable buttocks, and spreads her legs open wide. The tentacle at her pussy lunges deep into her, then draws out slowly, letting Reimu see every inch pull out, then watch the tentacle squish against her and force her lips open as it thrusts back in.

Reimu seems to appreciate the gesture, as she starts to rub herself with more determination. Though you can’t see any details, her arm under her dress has started to move back and forth rapidly.

“K... kiss me!” Mystia presses her face against your suddenly, her teeth lightly nipping your lips as her tongue aggressively slurps around inside your mouth. Her legs kick back and forth in the air as the thick tentacle continues to thrust in fast and drag out slowly. You pull your mouth away from hers and lick her ear, making a tuft of hair stick up. You bite it gently, dragging your teeth across the fur.

Mystia lets out a long chirp of pleasure as the walls of her pussy clamp against your tentacle. It feels like they’re dragging your tentacle in deeper, forcing it to release inside her. The tentacle obliges, releasing a sticky fluid deep inside her, pouring inside her womb. Mystia chirps again, her whole body bucking back and forth as her cum squirts out onto the ground.

Your tentacle slithers out of Mystia and retracts into your chest. Mystia collapses into your body, gasping for breath. Though you didn’t climax, you still feel the same exhaustion and post-coitus glow.

‘Uh, hey, that fluid…’

Relax, it’s sterile. I can choose what to release and when, I’m like a mini-bar of sex fluids.

“Am I interrupting anything?”

Reimu strides up to you, acting as though she’d just stumbled across the two of you. She puts up a good farce, but you can see a tinge of red on her face, a few beads of sweat falling down her face.

“Ah, hello Reimu. Care to join?” You absentmindedly stroke Mystia’s wings as you hold her in your lap, making her chirp softly.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.” She crosses her arms. “I’m here to send you an important message. Come to the shrine tomorrow, at noon sharp. We’re going to have a little meeting and discuss the beast’s return.”

“We? Who’s ‘we’?”

Reimu shrugs her shoulders. “Just a couple important people from around here, people who ought to know you’re back.”

“This sounds awfully like a setup.” You can’t stop stroking Mystia’s wings. Her feathers are so fluffy.

“I promise on my honor as a shrine maiden.” She crosses her heart theatrically. “Besides, if you didn’t show up I’d just come to your house and drag you there, heh.”

The honor of the great masturbating voyeur shrine maiden!

“Okay, I’ll be there. And…”

[ ] I’ll come alone.
[ ] I’ll bring Alice.
[ ] I’ll bring Sunny.
[ ] I’ll bring Alice and Sunny.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.

It's too soon to be bringing our cute busty pet, though if Shikieiki's involved, I'm sure she already knows.
[x] I’ll bring Alice and Sunny.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.
[X] I’ll bring Alice.

We're pretty much an item, so it's not that much of a stretch to bring her to our demonic bro's parole hearing.
[ ] I’ll bring Alice.

Ah, I appreciate the bits of wing play here.
[X] I’ll bring Alice.

Hey, she's our girlfriend pretty much. Of course we're going to bring her.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.
[x] I’ll bring Alice and Sunny.

I know it won't win, but I would feel bad leaving our fairy behind.
[x] I’ll bring Alice, Sunny and Mystia.

You know you want to make her a pet as well.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.
Sunny is not necessary here.
[X] I’ll bring Alice.
[X] I’ll bring Alice.

Harem is not a good thing in front of parole board hearing. Especially not Sunny.
[X] I’ll bring Alice.
[X] ill bring beer
[x] I’ll bring Alice.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.

This is one tide I can't piss against.
[x] I’ll bring Alice.

I think bringing Milkfairy McUbertits might be more trouble than it's worth, for the moment.
Voting closed. We're bringing Alice.

[x] I’ll bring Alice.

“Is it alright if I bring Alice with me?”

“The doll youkai?” Reimu grins and strokes her chin. “Ohoho, what’s the story?”

“I just figured she might want to come.”

“Well, that should be alright. I usually plan for twice as many people as I invite anyway.” Reimu sighs. “Anyway, I’ll be off. Remember, noon sharp at the shrine.” She turns around and flies off. Mystia hasn’t even stirred from the conversation, instead simply snuggling against you. You sit down, letting her crawl into your lap and feeling her chest slowly rise and fall as you pet her.

“I should be off too.” Mystia breaks the silence after a few minutes and gets to her feet. “Thanks for the practice. I’m going to go make babies now.” She gives you a kiss on your cheek before turning around and flying off to the forest.

“Good luck, I guess…”

Okay, now back to Alice for-



You focus your efforts back on your livelihood. Tenta must be rejuvenated by the sex, and eager to get back to Alice and Sunny, as he makes the weeding and watering pass quickly.

Check this out.

A dozen tentacles whip out, each grabbing a small fern or sapling around your trees and yanking them out.


‘That looks like the last of them.’ A quick glance around the group of trees confirms it, your work is finished. ‘One sec. Let’s bring back a gift.’ Grabbing a small basket, you pick some of the ripest-looking plums before leaving your farm for the night and heading back through the forest.

It’s an uneventful trip back, though you’re still not quite used to the moldy, cheesy smell of the countless mushrooms growing in the wetter parts of the forest. No wonder Alice keeps all those candles.

You knock at Alice’s door, and are greeted by the familiar face of Shanghai, now with a small bag slung over her shoulder. She digs through it and pulls out a piece of paper with “just one moment, Alice is busy” written on it, displaying it to you.

“Thanks, Shanghai.”

She curtsies, then flutters off to some other job.

“Be down in just a second!” Alice’s voice comes from upstairs. You hear her run down the stairs.

“Sorry, I was busy.” Alice walks into the room. You can’t help but notice a small drop of something white on the side of her lip.

‘Is that…?’

Yes. YES.

Alice sees you staring and wipes her arm across her lips.

“It’s not, erm, well…” Alice stammers, her pale face flushing with red.

Deciding not to say anything yet, you put the plums on the table. “I brought you a gif-“

Alice cranes her head up and kisses you suddenly, hugging you tightly and lifting up one leg. Her tongue leaves a slightly milky aftertaste in your mouth. The kiss breaks naturally after a moment.


“Oh, I’m no good at hiding things, am I?” She draws back, still blushing but now in a prankish way. “About Sunny… I just got a little curious.” She laughs quietly.

“I don’t blame you.”

“Aww, you make me sound like a pervert.” Alice hugs you again. “Though that’s really amazing what you did to her.”

“Thanks. I’m glad you like it.” You chuckle and kiss Alice’s forehead.

“Do you want to do something fun tonight?” Alice whispers into your ear.

“Of course.” You grin.

“Do you remember what we did a few nights ago, when we first met? And you… took me out on a walk?”


“Wait right here.” Alice presses a finger to your lips, then disappears into her room. Two dolls follow her, and she shuts the door behind her. A minute later, the door opens, the two dolls pushing it open. Alice stands just inside the door, naked except for a leash around her neck and a pair of dog ears on her head. In her right hand is a string of anal beads, with a fluffy-looking dog tail attached to the end. The scene leaves you speechless. Alice gets on her knees and presents the tail to you.

“Would you like to complete my costume… master?”

You take the tail from her hands, still shocked at how upfront she’s being. She turns around and gets on all fours, sticking her ass in the air.

“Arf! Arf arf!” Alice waggles her ass in expectation.

[ ] Put it in her yourself.
[ ] Make Alice put it in.
[ ] Make the dolls put it in.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.

She wants to be dominated. Let's not step so low as to do things ourselves.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.
[x] Make Alice put it in.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.
[X] Make the dolls put it in.

I can get behind this.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.

[x] Make Alice put it in.

...and order her to do it seductively.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.

It must be done.
[x] Put it in her yourself.

I understand the whole "making her more subservient" thing, but really, there's just such a sense of accomplishment when you know you're responsible for making your lover squeal.
[X] Make the dolls put it in.
[x] Put it in her yourself.
[x] Put it in her yourself.
[x] Make the dolls put it in.
[x] Put it in her yourself.

If Alice wants us to do it, we do it.

Totally agree, >>18655
[x] Put it in her yourself.
I was actually tempted by doll option but let's take matters into our own hands (and her hands in our tentacles)
[X] Put it in her yourself.

Obligatory Meme;

Closing votes. Putting it in yourself made a valiant effort, but [x] using her dolls wins.

NOOOOO-Nah, it's good either way. Hooray!
File 131664275285.jpg - (190.26KB, 800x600 , alicedoll.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Make the dolls put it in.

You hold the tail in your hand and look at Alice. Seeing her like this gives you an idea. “Come here, Shanghai.” You call to the doll as it floats out of the room. It spins around in the air and looks at you.

“Could you do me a favor?” You hold the tail out to her. She grabs the end with the beads.

“What…?” Alice turns to look at you in surprise.

“Shh, don’t worry. Now, Shanghai. Would you be a dear and stick those beads in here?” You grab Alice’s cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her petite asshole to the doll. Shanghai floats forward, managing to look confused despite not being able to blink or move her mouth. She presses the first bead into Alice’s open anus. You let go of Alice’s butt, letting the walls of her anus close around the bead. Shanghai wraps her hands around the second bead and pushes it in.

“Nngh…” Alice grunts as the second bead sinks into her, Shanghai’s small hands dipping in along with it.

“Aww, is my dog happy?” You rub Alice’s hair. “Does she like making her dolls do these sorts of things to her?”

Alice nods silently, wincing as Shanghai pushes in the third bead. Now that you’re close, you can see that the dog-ears aren’t just a simple prop. They must be magic, as they’ve fused with her regular ears. They’re floppy and warm, and about twice as large as a regular human ear. You stroke them gently, making Alice’s head shiver. Shanghai works the fourth bead in, making the dog ears stand up in shock and pleasure.

“Just one more bead, then you’ll be my new dog. So don’t use any human-speak, unless you want to be punished.” You pinch her ear gently. Alice smiles, obviously planning to see what your punishment would be. Shanghai works in the last bead and floats away, motioning to you that her work is done.

“Thank you, Shanghai,” you tell her. She curtsies in response and decides to leave the two of you alone, moving off to somewhere else.

“Now, come.” You grab the leash and give it a gentle yank. You lead her out of her room, watching her crawl on all fours. She really seems to enjoy this, she’s smiling and letting her tongue loll out, breathing through her mouth like a dog. She presses her face to your crotch and starts pawing hungrily at your clothes, whimpering in desire.

“Oh? Do you want a treat?” You pet Alice’s head and stroke her soft hair. She nods, letting her tongue flop up and down. You undo the knot on your robe and pull down your underwear to let your cock fall out, already almost fully stiff from the foreplay.

“Here you go. Eat up.”

Alice holds your cock and licks it in long strokes from the balls to the tip, her tongue coating you with her dripping saliva. You lean back and sit on the floor. Alice nestles up against your thighs, lapping at your tip like a dog drinking water. You arch your head back, shivering from her licking. Alice looks up at you with puppy-dog eyes as her mouth opens up. She makes a “hawm” sound as she wraps her mouth against your stiffness. She bites against you gently as she slurps

“Mm, is it tasty?”

Alice nods, making your cock press against the roof of her mouth. She pushes her mouth down to the root and sucks on you as she draws her head back, as if she’s trying to milk your cum out.

“Nngh, Alice…” you pet her hair as her head bobs up and down. She bites you gently again, scraping her teeth along you, then nibbling your tip. Her mouth pulls off of you and starts to tease you, licking your crotch and sack. Your cock trembles in response, getting closer and closer to orgasm. She returns to your cock and sucks rapidly, making wet popping and slurping sounds as her lips and tongue brush against every inch of you.

“I’m cumming!” you moan, arching your back and gripping the floor. Alice drives her mouth against you, eager to receive your semen. Your hips shiver as you shoot into her. She keeps her lips tight around your shaft, holding every drop inside until you finish cumming. She drags her lips off of you and lets your cock flop out as she sits up and opens her mouth, showing you the gobs of seed in her mouth before she swallows it down.

“Mmn, that was great.” You smile at her and pat her head. She starts to crawl towards the stairs, straining against your leash and telling you she’s not quite done yet.

“What’s that? You want to go upstairs?”

“Woof! Woof!” Alice nods. You walk her up the stairs, eager to see what she has planned. She paws against the guest room, scratching her fingernails against the door.

“You want to see Sunny?” You ruffle her hair, making her ears flop back and forth. She bobs her head up and down, pawing at the door again for emphasis.

“Okay then, let’s go inside.”

Opening on the door, you see Sunny is naked and dozing on the guest bed, a handful of dolls sitting motionless on the table. The sound of the door makes her stir awake. She stares at Alice in surprise.

“What’s going on?” Sunny leans away from you in confusion.

“I’m just taking my pet for a walk. She wanted to see you.” You grin as you crouch behind Alice, her pussy moist and ready for you. You lean over her, your body pressing her chest to the ground while her ass sticks up in the air. Her tail tickles your chest as you rub your dick against her hole, getting your tip wet with her juices. She woofs happily, grinding her hips against your dick. You press into her eager pussy, your tip sliding into her warm walls, then your shaft.

“She wanted you to see when I fuck her like the dog she is.” You’re a bit worried you might’ve gone too far with that, but Alice seemed to enjoy it, as she pushes her hips against you, squeezing more of you inside her. You plant your hands on the ground, boxing Alice in under you.

Alice leans her head up and grins at Sunny, proving her ownership of you. You grab her head and force it back to the ground as you start to pound into her, slapping your hips against her rapidly and using her pussy like the toy she wants to be. You rest your head on top of hers as you do your best to violate her, bucking your hips against her like an animal. Sunny stares at the two of you in a mixture of confusion and lust.

“Please, let me join in!” Sunny waddles off the bed towards you. Alice raises her hand, making the dolls on the table spring to life and pin Sunny to the ground.

“No, he’s mine!” Alice shouts.

You stop and pull out of her. “Alice, you spoke.” You try to glare at Alice, but you’re smiling too hard to fake any anger. Alice looks at you and lets her lusty grin speak for her. You take a knee and push Alice over it, wrapping an arm around her waist to hold her against you. “What did I tell you about using human speak?” You raise your hand and bring it down against Alice’s rump, which makes a sharp slapping sound. Her tail jiggles from the spank.

“If you’re going to be my dog, you have to play the part, remember?” You spank her again, a little harder than before, making her whimper in response. “You’re such a bad dog.” You give her a few more spanks, hard enough to leave a red palm imprint on her ass. You give your attention to her other cheek, slapping as your dog wriggles and whimpers in your grip.

“Now then, ready to be my pet again?” You let go of Alice. She tackles your waist, making you topple back to the ground. She presses her hands on your chest and spreads her legs over your crotch. She slams herself onto your cock, panting and woofing wildly as her arms pin you. You grab her ass, yanking it down and thrusting your hips up in rhythm, slamming against her with each push. Sunny bites her lip and scrunches her face up in frustration as she watches the two of you.

Alice grinds her hips in a circle, swirling your cock around inside her. You grab her tail, pulling on it and making her hole stretch against the beads holding tight to her. She yelps, grabbing your chest as you feel her walls tighten against you. You bite her outstretched tongue, sucking on it and tugging it as you both get ready to cum. Both your thrusts get faster and faster. Alice cums first, her fingernails digging into you as her pussy squeezes with release, pouring onto your chest. The sensation and tightness pushes you over the edge, as you pull Alice’s hips against you, grabbing handfuls of her tender buttocks as you empty out into her pussy.

Alice nestles against your chest, sighing softly and simply enjoying the post-coitus afterglow, not even bothering to pull your member out of her. After a minute, she pulls off of you and crawls back. She laps at your crotch, licking her cum off of you. She cleans your dick, spongy and sensitive after two orgasms so close to each other. Turning around, she spreads her cheeks apart, displaying her tail with a bead showing inside her spread-open anus.

“You want to be Alice again?” you say softly, grunting from the slight soreness of your release. Alice nods, wiggling her ass at you. Sunny wrinkles her nose and groans in frustration. You’d been so caught up with Alice you forgot the fairy was even there. Your attention goes back to Alice, as you grab her tail and give it a tug. She yelps as the first two beads pull out, the removal being as pleasing to her as the insertion. You wrap the tail around your hand and yank again, pulling out the three other beads in one sudden motion. She shakes her hips at the sudden emptiness inside her.

“You were great.” Alice kisses your cheek, grinning from ear to ear. You put one arm at her back, rubbing her softly.

“Should we do something about Sunny?” you ask.

“Hmm… maybe…” Alice walks up to Sunny, her legs on either side of her face. “Now Sunny, what did you learn from this?”

“That… that you’re the only pet for him?” Sunny obviously doesn’t want to admit defeat, but the teasing and denial has gotten to her.

“Exactly!” Alice crouches over Sunny, her pussy dripping your cum onto her face. “So you can be like the pet of his pet, and lick me clean! How does that sound?”

After a moment of hesitation, she presses her lips to Alice, sucking on her pussy and slurping your cum out.

“Mm, good. You’re starting to learn. If you’re nice enough to me I might let you play with my master every now and then.” The tail may be out, but Alice doesn’t seem to have lost any of her desire to be a pet. Sunny licks into Alice, scooping your cum out on her tongue, eager to make her happy enough to earn a chance at you.

“Would you like to play with her, master?”

You nod. Though tiredness is starting to get to you, you don’t want to leave Sunny hanging again. You slide a hand between Sunny’s legs. She’s dripping moist from watching, and three of your fingers easily slip between her lips. Sunny groans against Alice’s pussy, grinding her thighs against your arm. Alice leans down further, now sitting on Sunny. Her rump presses against Sunny’s breasts. You lick the space where they meet, the top of your tongue rubbing against Alice’s cheek still tender from spankings, the bottom wriggling against Sunny’s soft breasts. You pinch her nipple with your free hand, grinding it in your fingers and making a trickle of milk pour out.

The combined sensations of the two of you teaming up against Sunny drives her crazy. She moans loudly against Alice, her body squirming and making her breasts jiggle. Her hips shake against your pounding fingers. You rub your thumb against her clit, stiff and full with lust. The fairy lets out a scream of release against Alice as her cum sprays out onto your arm, dripping all over the floor.

Alice stands up and steps away from the fairy. “I think she liked it.” She giggles, enjoying this new change of pace from dominating someone. You pull away from Sunny. Alice waves a hand and a group of dolls, each carrying a washcloth, start to rub the floor clean. Two of them clean Sunny, one wiping up her crotch and the other rubbing the cloth against her pussy.

“Shall we leave them to their cleaning?” Alice wraps an arm around yours.

You nod. “Let’s leave them to your business, I think it’s about time for bed.” The two of you walk out as Sunny starts moaning from the dolls’ attention. You shut the door behind you.

“Don’t be too mean to her, okay?” You kiss Alice’s forehead. “You surprise me sometimes.”

“Oh, she’ll be fine. The dolls will be done after a few minutes. Now let’s get ready for bed.”

The two of you head to the bathroom, a bath already drawn. You’re both too tired to fool around, though Alice takes her familiar position in your lap as you bathe together, then dry off.

“I think I like drying each other more than having dolls do it.” Alice gives a serene smile, looking somewhat out of place after seeing her behavior from before. You dress for bed and go to Alice’s room, her arm wrapped around yours again like two lovers on a stroll through the city.

Sliding under the covers of Alice’s bed, the warm coziness saps you of any remaining energy. Alice slides against you, her back pressed against your chest, your arms draped over her side. You drift off to sleep almost immediately…

[ ] not to be trifled with
[ ] just a little closer
[ ] you’ll never catch me
[x] you’ll never catch me
[x] you’ll never catch me
[x] just a little closer
[X] just a little closer
[x] you’ll never catch me
[X] just a little closer
[x] not to be trifled with
[x] not to be trifled with
[X] just a little closer
[x] just a little closer

Come closer little one, yes, closer.
[x] you’ll never catch me
[X] you’ll never catch me

Sure, why not?
[X] just a little closer
Come on guys, the third option is sendai miko. You know you want herin a tentacle catsuit.
[x] just a little closer
[x] you’ll never catch me

Damn coppers.
[x] you’ll never catch me
[x] not to be trifled with
No IRC spoilers please. I keep that stuff in the chat for a reason.

Anyway, options 2 and 3 are tied at 7 apiece.
[x] just a little closer

I'll take the option that wasn't spoiled.
And we have a tiebreaker for Just a little closer"!

See what happens when you spoil things? They don't win. So take that.
Update probably not coming today, sorry in advance. IRL stuff, and wanting to organize my life.
So what's going on?
[x] just a little closer


Does she even see you?

Probably not. She’s just sitting there up in that tree, peeking down from one of the branches and giggling to herself every few minutes. She’s cute, too. Purple hair a little past her shoulders, a checkered green-and-brown dress snugly wrapped around her small frame with budding curves. Hell, why not go for it. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

You flick your hand in her direction, tendrils sprouting from your arm. They grab the youkai around her waist and yank her forcefully out of the tree. She squeals in surprise, squirming against your grasp as soon as your touch her.

“Hello there, young lady.”

“Eep!” You can see her face now, green eyes open wide in surprise, a cute button nose and surprisingly full lips given her size.

“What were you doing?” you ask.

“I-I was just playing hide and seek with my friend.”

“Oh? Sounds like fun.”

The youkai loosens at your words, and the fact that you haven’t started throwing danmaku at her. “Yeah, I’m really good at it.” She smiles with pride.

“I know a game I’m really good at. Would you like to play? It’s a lot of fun.”

“What’s that?” She genuinely seems to have no idea what you’re getting at, she’s just flashing her simple grin. She must only be a few steps above a feral youkai. You slide a hand under the front of her dress, running it along her thigh and feeling the tight fabric grip to your hand. As your fingers find her panties, her eyes open wide in surprise.

“What kind of game is this?!” Her legs flail in midair as she grabs at your tentacles, trying to pull them off of her. Your finger curls around her panties and tugs them down past her thighs, down to her kicking legs, letting them dangle off of her ankle. You pull her close against your body, slithering out more tentacles to grip her arms and legs, pressing them to your side.

“Mmf, I can’t move!” She pushes against your chest, trying to escape. Her hands sink into the purple goo at the base of your tentacles, trapped. The roots take advantage of this opportunity to leak their special secretions all over her fingers.

“Shh, don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” You almost feel a little guilty for using such a cliché, but the words still give you a little shiver of power, reminding you that you’re in total control, you have the gift to give these women, human and youkai alike, unimaginable pleasures. You lean your head on her shoulder, whispering to her softly while your hand slides down her back, beneath her rear, and finally to her pale hairless slit. You trace your finger from one end to the other, back and forth. You push a little harder, now stroking her opening, your hand sinking into the soft, rubbery skin between her legs. Your finger dips inside her to feel the soft yet tight resistance of her virginity.

“Is… is this the game?”

“This is only preparation.” You chuckle and nip at her ear gently. The secretions start to take effect on her, as her face starts to flush with color. You lick at her ear while you continue your gentle strokes. A lusty moan, almost a grunt, escapes through her lips. She snaps her mouth shut suddenly, her eyes wide in amazement that she could make such a sound.

“Do you want me to stop? Just say the word and I’ll let you go.”

The girl bites her lip, looking almost ashamed at herself. “N…no,” she finally says, barely louder than a whisper.

“No, what?” you ask with a grin.

“Don’t stop. Show me the rest of the game.”

“If you insist.”

You pull your hand back and grab her hips, closing the short distance between the two of you. Tentacles grab her legs and spread them apart slightly, wrapping them around your hips so her bare pussy rubs against the cloth over your crotch. You spread your robe open and let your cock stand free, nuzzling her tight opening. You push your hips a little, running your tip up and down her slit without putting it inside her. It nuzzles her clit, making it expose itself under its hood for what might be the first time in this youkai’s life.

You push between her folds, tugging her body down just a little until your tip meets her resistance. You press your face against hers suddenly, smothering her mouth with your lips as you push harder against her hymen. Her moan of pain vibrates along your mouth as you push harder, still filling her mouth with deep lustful kisses. After a moment of pushing, her hymen tears, making a small trickle of blood run along your member. Breaking the kiss, the youkai leans back and gasps for breath, looking at you in surprise.

“There. The worst part’s over.” You smile and stroke her hair before she says anything. “Now, we can begin.” The tentacles gripping the youkai pull her body down, letting your cock wriggle into her newly-opened pussy. The youkai arches back from this new sensation as she lets out a long, loud gasp.

“Do you like it?” You lick at her ear as you whisper to her.

“I… I…” the sudden shifts between pain and pleasure have clearly confused her. She looks away, almost on the verge of tears. You push in another few inches, making her shake in surprise again.


“I… I like it.” She admits defeat, staring away.

“Good.” You kiss her forehead and start to move your hips back and forth slowly, feeling her tight warmth wriggle against you. As you pick up the pace, your tentacles join in rhythm with you, pushing her down as you thrust and pulling her up as your hips pull back. She lets out small squeaks of pleasure with each of your pumps, her insides slowly loosening to accept more of your length. Your strokes get longer until you’re pushing all the way into the back of her pussy and pulling out until just the tip is inside.

“What’re you doing to my friend?!” A young voice yells at you. You slow your thrusts to a stop and pull your partner off of you, taking your time to set her on the ground and fasten your robe closed before you turn around to face whoever it is that yelled at you.

“Yeah, you!” the new youkai points at you angrily. She’s got long golden-colored hair, done up in thick twintails on the sides of her head. Her eyes have a similar yellow sheen, and she’s wearing a white sleeveless dress, making her look a bit like a princess. Her figure’s a bit fuller than the first youkai, but not by much.

“I was just playing a game with your friend.” You grin, reaching a hand down to ruffle the youkai’s hair as she kneels on the ground, looking suddenly lost in thought.

“Yeah, right!” the golden-haired youkai shoots back. “You’re just some big ol’ jerk who wants to pick on us!”

“Oh, is that so? Well…” you’re cut off by a tug on the hem on your robe. You look down to see the purple-haired girl gripping your robe, looking up at you like a lost puppy.

“Why did you stop?” she asks, seeming to have no idea of her friend’s arrival. “Please… keep playing with me.”

“What have you done to her?” The other youkai flies right up to your face. “Back off of my friend!” She swings her fist at you. You instinctively grab it, holding it tight while a tentacle slithers out of your wrist, sliding down to her leg. It breaks off of you, the other end attaching to the ground to form a makeshift leash on her ankle.

“Tsk, didn’t you hear your friend? She wants to keep playing.” You let go of her wrist and return to the first youkai, still on her knees with a hand on your robe. You press your hands on the ground, leaking slimy eel-like tentacles onto the ground like a faucet. They gather into a writhing pool around her knees. You grab the collar of her dress and tear it in half, letting the tentacles wriggle up her body, one of them sliding into her pussy, its tail flopping back and forth like a fish as it works its way up, the others slithering over her body, teasing her nipples and her belly button. Her hips shoot forward as a tentacle slides between her rump, pressing itself into her asshole.

The intensity of the tentacles’ attack leaves her speechless. Her eyes go wide and her tongue lolls out as she lets out staccato gasps and moans. You turn away from her, giving your attention to her friend. Being so young, she’s short enough that you can kneel behind her, your nose level with her shoulders.

“Doesn’t she look like she’s having so much fun?” You slide a hand up her leg, sinking your nose against her neck and taking a deep whiff. She smells like fresh-baked bread.

“N-no!” she stammers, her eyes locked on her friend. Two more tentacles are pressing against her friend’s pussy, each trying to gain as much ground as possible. “Stop, you’re breaking her!” she says.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done this lots of times.” Your hand disappears under her dress as you press two fingers against her panties. She lets out a soft sight at your touch. “I can feel everything inside her, every curve and fold. I’d know if I was hurting her. And I know just how to please her.

You bite her neck gently, sucking on her skin while your fingers slip under her panties and start to explore inside her.

“Oh, you’re not a virgin?” you whisper at her. “Then surely, you know how good this can feel.”

“I… this just isn’t right,” she half-growls at you, though already your fingers are weakening her resistance.

“You won’t be saying that in three minu-“


ke up wake up wake up WAKE UP WAKE UP

You blearily come back to the waking world. You have a tremendous morning wood. Who left that pillow on your dick? Why is that pillow moving back and fo- IT’S BOOBS!

Your eyes snap open and you sit up. Sunny is kneeling between your legs, her breasts still as big as before, your member sandwiched between them.

“Sunny what are you doing,” you whisper groggily, still not awake.

“Well, when I came in you were all hard again. I figured you wanted some attention,” she whispers back with a playful grin. You aren’t sure if this is just her idea of a prank, or if she took Alice’s words last night a little too seriously. SHIT, THE MEETING. You glance at the clock. It’s about seven in the morning. Alice is still fast asleep, thankfully. Sunny heaves her breasts against you, making your attention snap back to boobs.

[ ] Push Sunny off of you. Now’s not the time for shenanigans.
[ ] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.
[ ] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
[X] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.

I agree with this product and/or service.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
[x] Piss against the tide.

[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.

I'm not gonna be an asshole and tide-piss this time.
[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.
[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.
[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.

There's no fun in it if its always MCxSunnyxAlice anon. Besides, I dont think Sunny and MC have had quality time together.

Gonna agree here. Though I have bad feeling we will be pressing our luck. Though I agree that Sunny needs some attention, I feel like she should get some quality time. Of all the places for her to get randy though.

[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.

Then again we need to treat our pets fairly. We shouldn't spoil one more than the other too much right?
[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
[x] Push Sunny off of you. Now’s not the time for shenanigans.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
it's rarely all three in this story it's been mainly one or the other. It would be a good idea to get Alice to the idea of enjoying Sunny.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.
[X] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.

And then this became routine breakfast procedure.
[x] Test your luck, let Sunny continue and try not to wake Alice.

>Why is that pillow moving back and fo- IT’S BOOBS!

Laughed so hard.
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.

Threesoms solve everything. EVERYTHING.
[x] Wake up with the King.

Why have sex when you can have a DELICIOUS BREAKFAST SANDWICH?
[x] Wake up with the King.

I have to vote for this. I know it's a waste of a vote, but still.
[x] Wake up with the King.

This is just BEGGING for a joke update!

You know, SCIENCE shows that eating chocolate is more pleasurable than kissing. However, why must one choose between food and sex? Why can we not feast on a delicous sandwhich while recieving a tit-job from our friend?

Be careful what you wish for...

(and keep the votes coming, I'll probably close tomorrow evening-ish)
File 131743992480.jpg - (19.99KB, 300x379 , burger_king_bath_sink.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Wake up with the King.

You open your mouth to speak, but a sudden chill down your spine leaves you silent. You don’t know how you’ve realized it, but there’s a fourth person in the room. You’re sure of it, there’s someone else here. Just barely visible behind Sunny is the tip of something… a crown? Whatever it is, it’s lurking just in front of the bed. Did it get in while you were sleeping? How did the dolls not see it? Or Sunny? Oh god this is terrible how did this happen. Seeing the surprise on your face, Sunny slowly turns to look behind her.

Knowing that its time in hiding has ended, the figure slowly rises, first revealing its rather plain-looking crown, an orange-and-blue circular insignia on the front with a title printed on it. The King of Burgers has snuck into Alice’s home. You have no idea why. You don’t even know what a Burger is. Has Alice earned the spite of some tribe, its king now sneaking into this house to seek revenge?

The figure reveals the rest of himself, not standing up so much as levitating straight up as if floating out of some trapdoor. Thick, wild manes of brown hair circle around his face, coming to a stop in a thick, pointy beard and moustache. His face is locked in a wide grin, his mouth slightly open to reveal his upper row of teeth. A garish, poofy fur coat with bright red and gold colors covers his shoulders, and there’s large medallion on his chest bearing the same logo as the one on his crown. He certainly has a regal appearance, but there’s something wrong, something you can’t place. He looks less like a king and more like someone who killed a king and decided to wear his skin to try and gain his powers.

‘help me man I am going to shit myself.’

I have no idea who this person is. I don’t even want to know.

You realize that about thirty seconds must have passed now without a word from anyone. The King of Burgers doesn’t look like he’s going to break the silence, his eerie grin holds impossibly still.

“Um,” you finally say in a hoarse whisper. “Who… who are you.”

He shows no reacton to your words. You consider standing up and attacking him, taking the first shot before he can do anything. He pulls his hand forward from behind his back. You hadn’t even noticed his hands were behind his back until now. He’s holding some sort of sandwich in his hand, some thick monstrosity, about the size of both your fists put together, with more types of meat than you knew existed. Its fragrance wafts to your nose, bearing that telltale smell of something that would take years off your lifespan if you actually ate it.

You both sit, watching him in frozen fear. The king dangles the sandwich in front of Sunny’s lips, apparently wanting her to eat it.

“N-no! I could never take that much meat!” Sunny whispers, trembling with fear. The king gives the sandwich a small wave, brushing the end against her lips as if planting a gentle kiss on her.

“I… I…” Sunny’s voice grows weaker. The king’s unwavering gaze must have some sinister hypnotic effect on her. She succumbs, letting her mouth dangle open to accept the king’s massive sandwich. The king presses it into her mouth slowly, almost tenderly, smoothly sliding inch after inch into her without giving her a second to chew. Muffled groans and gags from Sunny mix in with the wet “schlup” sound of the sandwich getting forced into her. Sunny’s throat bulges as the thick meat sandwich, fully intact, forces its way into her gullet. The back end of the sandwich disappears into Sunny’s mouth, the king’s finger lingering inside her before he draws it out. A slow, laborious swallowing sound comes from Sunny’s throat as the sandwich wriggles down into her stomach.

The deed now done, Sunny leans back slightly. The sandwich has an effect on her more intense than anything you’ve ever managed to do. Her face is as red and flushed as a ripe tomato, her eyes rolled up to the back of her head. Her tongue hangs open from some overwhelming emotion, a trail of grease-laced drool dripping out of her mouth.

You should fight, every muscle in your body is screaming for you to stand up and start swinging punches or tentacles or anything, anything to fend off this monster which corrupted Sunny right in front of your eyes with a simple sandwich. But you can’t. Every time you try and summon the strength of mind, youe eyes meet his again. Those fiendish, unblinking eyes and that sinister smile. He brings another sandwich out from some unseen hiding spot, this one even bigger than the last. Its surface slick and sheen with grease, layer upon layer of meat barely contained by a long, thick bun. Instinctively, you know this sandwich is for you.

He brings it closer to you, the odor of an entire deli’s worth of cooked meats and cheese overwhelming you. Closer. Closer. Close enough to touch now. You strain one last time to fight, but it’s in vain. Those evil eyes, like the whispered rumors of a lunar woman who could drive you mad with her crimson gaze. You dangle your mouth open, not even realizing what you’ve done until it’s too late.

The massive pile of meat enters your mouth, spreading your jaw open painfully. You gag, shocked at the warmth and moisture as it goes in deeper, filling your mouth. It’s… throbbing. It’s definitely throbbing rhythmically as it enters your throat, spreading it agonizingly open. A kind of bliss washes over you suddenly, a peaceful acceptance of this sinful meat violating you. Consciousness drifts away from you. The last thing you see before your vision fades is that wicked grin as your lips close, taking the last inch of the sandwich…
So, when the japanese stop believing in youkai they go to gensokyo. When americans stop watching fast food commercials the mascots go to gensokyo as well?

It's...it's beautiful.

...Actually, that's a pretty interesting question.

Does Santa go there as well? Leprechauns? Djinn?
Don't the Japanese believe Santa to be some cruel person who lives on the moon?

...You know, I'm not sure.

Then again, they do eat KFC on Christmas, so...I don't know...Colonel Sanders and Santa are one and the same?

KING END is best end
Closing votes. [x] Wake Alice up wins by a couple votes.

Tenta and his host both silently agreed to never speak of... that dream... ever again. Though Alice will never know what happened that night, she quickly learned that sandwiches should never be served in her household ever again.
I wanna do /at/-related things to you for writing that beauty.
>Though Alice will never know what happened that night, she quickly learned that sandwiches should never be served in her household ever again.
So Tentanon has a 'Nam styled freakout whenever a sandwich is served?
I would love to see Satori read his mind with that nightmare present.
The guy from Do the Right Thing will be so sad...

What would she say to that?

I mean, she's probably seen some weird stuff, but still. Having pseudo-rape nightmares about the mascot of a fast-food company is...is...I can't even think of a word.
Next few updates are going to be on the long side, so there might be a bit of a wait. Plot-time hooray!
[x] Wake Alice up. Who knows, she might want to join in.

“Mmf, Sunny.” You groan, less out of pleasure and more out of sleepiness.

“Yeeees~?” She kneads her breasts against you. Okay, that groan was out of pleasure.

“Wait one sec.” To your surprise, Sunny obeys your request, letting go of her breasts. You lean forward to grab the sheets Sunny had moved and pull them back up to your neck, making Sunny just a lump underneath the white cloth. Alice is still fast asleep, her face pointed towards you. You rest your head on top of her cheek, giving her a few gentle wake-up kisses.

“Mmh. G’morning.” Alice smiles with her eyes half-open, shifting to meet your lips with a good-morning kiss. “It’s nice to wake up with you.” Her body curls towards you to move in for a hug, but her leg slaps into Sunny, who yelps in surprise.

“…Sunny?” Alice mutters. She sits up and yanks back the sheets, revealing Sunny curled up inside your thighs, her chest still smothering your crotch.

“U-um… breakfast in bed!” Sunny jumps up off of you and hefts a breast in each hand, smiling nervously. “It’s my morning gift to you~!”

Alice chuckles. “Aww, that’s thoughtful of you.” She reaches down and pinches one of Sunny’s nipples. “I’m glad you didn’t sneak in to try and take advantage of anyone while they were sleeping.” She gives the nipple a sharp tug. “Because that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?”

“Y-yeah, hehe…” Sunny squirms, crawling away from your crotch. “Anyway, breakfast!” She crawls up to the top of the bed, sitting between you and Alice’s chests.

“Shall we?” You ask as you look at Alice for permission. She nods, and turns to take one of Sunny’s nipples with a grin. She starts to suck it, rolling the puffy nipple on her lips as if trying to sip from it slowly. She swallows, the muffled “glup” sound of milk sliding down her throat exciting you. Your mouth meets Sunny’s other nipple. It takes a bit of sucking and coaxing, but you’re soon rewarded with a stream of milk. Does she ever run out of the stuff?

For a few minutes, the only sounds around you are your sucking and the soft sighs of Sunny. Though it’s certainly enjoyable, it’s also strangely peaceful. You turn at Alice and smile. She smiles back, showing you the nipple pinched between her teeth. You open your mouth and kiss Alice, Sunny’s sensitive nub sandwiched between your lips. The both of you lick and suck at it, almost competing to see who can get more milk from it. Your sloppy playing makes milk dribble from the edges of your lips onto the pillow.

Alice breaks the half-kiss-half-suck to let out a long, happy sigh. “You’re so hopeless, making me do something like this as soon as I wake up,” she chides you with a sly grin.

“I haven’t heard you complaining,” you shoot back with a grin.

“You’re right.” Alice says. Man, the grinning just doesn’t stop around here. “In fact, I think you’ve given me an idea.” She pokes your nose, then pushes Sunny aside as she crawls onto her hands and knees, pointing her ass towards you.

“Did you know a vagina can retain liquid?”

It takes you a few moments to comprehend the sentence. Then a few more moments to see what she’s getting at. It’s seven in the morning and you’re not exactly a doctor. “Ahh… oh really?” you finally respond. “How much?”

“Why don’t we see?” Alice reaches a hand to her pussy, spreading it open with two fingers in a v-shape. You reach to Sunny, who by this point has gotten hot and bothered with the milking. You’d stick your dick in her if Alice wasn’t right next to you, since you get the feeling that she has a plan for you.

All I heard was ‘Tenta, please fuck Sunny.’

Not waiting for a response, tentacles slither out and begin to wrap around Sunny. It’s more than usual, Tenta must be getting excited. Rather than just go directly for the holes, two tentacles curl their way up Sunny’s legs as if trying to keep her from running away. One flicks back and forth against her pussy to tickle her lips, already starting to flush and engorge from getting milked. Another nestles itself between Sunny’s cheeks, running up and down between them. You can feel its length rub against her tight hole, coaxing it to loosen.

Another one slithers around her left breast, circling it in a spring shape. It guides her towards Alice and presses the nipple between Alice’s lips. Sunny shivers at the new sensation of a warm, inviting pussy against her stiff nub. The tentacle constricts, forcing milk out of her and making a muffled pouring sound as milk empties into Alice.

“Aah! Oh, oh wow. This feels… weird. But good.” Alice grinds her hips against Sunny’s breast as milk pours into her. The tentacle loosens its grip, then tightens again, squeezing a second burst into Alice.

“Mmh… mmm. Okay, that’s enough.” Alice leans forward, pulling the nipple out of her and letting the remaining milk dribble onto the sheets. Not wasting any time, you take your place at Alice’s pussy lips and run your tongue along her opening. You’re greeted immediately with the taste of milk mixed in with a bit of Alice’s juice and natural taste.

As you continue to lick, her pussy twitches from excitement and splatters milk against your face as it tightens. You press your tongue inside her, making milk pour out of her as you force her lips open. “Guh…” Alice lets out a guttural moan. “This is so weird, but I love it.”

The tentacles now done with their milking task, they devote their full attention to Sunny. You can feel Sunny’s lips are thick and swollen, ready to be penetrated. The tentacle plunges inside her, pushing its length in with one thrust and making Sunny scream loudly in surprise and excitement. Not giving her any respite, the one against her rump presses against her anus and lets itself in. Sunny screams again, the feel of her wonderful insides making your dick ache for release. You pull your mouth away from Alice and move up, putting your hands on her shoulders and lying on her back.

“What’re you…”

“I can’t resist.” You press your face against the nape of her neck and kiss her as you draw your dick close to her. With a push, you enter her milk-filled cunt. This feels… wow, this feels weird. The creamy fluid makes her insides almost frictionless, letting you buck your hips as fast as you want without resistance. Wet slurping and gurgling sounds fill the room. It’s like butter, almost.

Why would you know what butter feels like on your dick.

‘Shut up.’

Alice buries her face against the sheets, letting out muffled whimpers from your harsh thrusts. Feeling an orgasm rising already, you force yourself to slow your thrusts. Your tentacles inside of Sunny show no such restraint. Sunny’s mouth hangs open from overwhelming pleasure as the tentacles form thick, rubbery bumps. They swell and contract rapidly, almost like they’re bubbling.

You grab handfuls of Alice’s shoulders as you feel your climax rising. With one final push, you force Alice’s hips against the bed and start to release. Even the act of cumming feels strange, as your cum mixes in with her milk. The tentacles cum inside Sunny, making her stomach bulge with the thick globs in her pussy and asshole. The tentacles pull out, letting the beast’s cum dribble out onto the sheets.

You lie on top of Alice, the three of you gasping with exhaustion. That’s a hell of a way to wake up.

“Look at us, we both need a bath again.” Alice laughs to herself while Sunny lies in a spent, gasping heap on the bed. You glance at the clock. Seven-thirty. Yeah, you’ve got plenty of time for a leisurely bath and some breakfast.

[ ] Sunny needs a bath too!
[ ] Nah, just you and Alice.
[ ] Sunny needs a bath too!
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!

Sunny and Alice are dirty girls. They must be cleaned.
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!

Because Sunny really needs it.
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!
Milk is good for skin care or something.
[x] Nah, just you and Alice.

Kill Sunny. She'll respawn clean and hopefully without those disgusting lumps on her chest.
It's more time for those two to bond and the sooner Alice is used to enjoying Sunny like Tentanon does, the sooner we can share other girls, such as a certain night sparrow.
[X] Sunny needs a bath too

We're gonna need a larger bathtub.
[X] Nah, just you and Alice.
Tide or no tide I see it as something intimate that just the two of them do.
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!

More bonding is always nice. Besides, Alice isn't against having Sunny around. We also need to reward Sunny for "breakfast in bed".
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!

>Why would you know what butter feels like on your dick.

Tenta lucked out, he found the one man in gensokyo deviant enough to fuck a butter churn.
[x] Nah, just you and Alice.
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!
[X] sunny, luna, and star need baths too!

can't fap to smelly fairies.

But they aren't even here.
go back to /th/
[X] Nah, just you and Alice.

Prefer her to the faeries anyway.
Calling votes for [x] Sunny needs a bath too!
File 131829853997.png - (162.67KB, 423x650 , Alice dress.png) [iqdb]
[x] Sunny needs a bath too!

“Could Sunny join?”

“Hmm… sure.” Alice rubs a finger against your cheek. “I’ll go make sure everything’s ready.” She stands up, giving you one last kiss before leaving the room. Trails of fluids are sliding down the inside of her thighs, leaving a trail of drips on the floor. A doll flies in with a washcloth as she walks out of view. She looks almost exactly like Shanghai, except the ribbon on her head has been replaced with a bonnet. Though she’s as expressionless as all the rest of the dolls, you could swear when she glanced at you her face was saying “Really, man? Really? I have to clean up milk and cum?”

You stand up. Sunny’s still lying on the bed, looking to be on the verge of passing out. You drape her over your shoulder, her breasts pressing against your back. She’s still quite light, even with her new massive chest. You give the Shanghai look-alike an apologetic shrug and follow Alice up to the bathroom.

Just like before, the bath is drawn with towels and soap set out for later. Alice has already taken her place at one end of the bath. You slip into the other end, your legs rubbing against Alice’s, and place Sunny between the two of you. It’s rather cramped with the three of you, though there’s some wiggle room. The water, nice and warm but not too hot, feels rejuvenating on your skin. Sunny’s a bit peppier now, leaning against one of the side walls of the bath and smiling.

Alice picks up a bar of soap. “Sunny, want me to wash your back?”

“Huh? Sure!” Sunny looks a little surprised at Alice’s sudden friendliness, but still scoots up to her lap. Alice gently folds open Sunny’s wings and washes the space between her shoulderblades.

“Looks like you’ve taken a liking to her.” You smile at Alice.

“I must admit, she’s rather cute. Fairies remind me of my dolls.” Alice strokes the base of Sunny’s wings, making her sit straight up in her lap. “And those additions you gave her…” Alice pinches one of Sunny’s nipples and hefts up her breast, soaping the underside of it.

“Aww jeez, gimme a rest. These things need time to recharge.”

“Hehe. Have we been wearing you out?” Alice kisses the back of Sunny’s neck.

“J-just… lay off the milk for a little bit. I may be a fairy but I can still get pretty sore.” Sunny puffs out her cheeks as she pouts.

“You are so cute!” Alice pinches Sunny’s cheek with a giggle and goes back to cleaning her, easing up on her breasts. You suddenly realize you still haven’t told Alice about the meeting.

“So, um. Alice.”


“I’m going to a meeting at the shrine today at noon. There’s going to be some people there, it’s about the beast. Apparently the shrine maiden wants some people to know about his return.”

“Alright, thanks for letting me know.” Alice washes the soap off of Sunny’s body. Her hand disappears under the soapy water.

“I’d like you to come along with me.”

“Oh? Well, it’s a bit sudden, but… sure.” Alice looks somewhere between surprised and flattered. Her hand explores under the water, and Sunny gives a sudden yelp.

“C’mon, gimme a break!” Sunny squirms in Alice’s lap.

“Ahah, sorry Sunny. Got a little carried away.” Alice’s hand returns up from the water.


“Anyway, if I’m going to go to the meeting, I should wear something nice.” Alice climbs out of the bath.

Her birthday suit?

‘Hush, you.’


You climb out of the bath, and Sunny floats out after you. You towel off, while Alice takes a towel and starts to dry Sunny. She really does seem to have taken a liking to the fairy.

Great! So now we can fuck all the youkai in the world and she won’t mind, right?

‘Sure, why not.’

“Are you talking to your youkai?” Alice looks at you.

“Yeah. Can you tell?”

Alice nods. “Your face changes.”

Ask her if we can fuck all the youkai.


Wrapping a towel around your waist, you follow Alice back to her room. Alice puts on a pair of underwear and a bra, then pulls open the closet.

“Hmm, what to wear… ooh, this looks good!”

Alice puts on a black dress with white frills at the edges, going down a little past her knees, the sleeves going halfway up her forearms. The dress is thin and sleek, making her look more elegant than you’ve ever seen her. She drapes what looks like a sleeved shawl over her shoulders, flower decorations lined along the edge of the sleeves. Then she puts on… um… these frilly things that go over your shoulders. What’re they called… mantles? Mantles. Maybe. They’re white and poofy and they go over her shoulders.

‘What do you call those things, Tenta?’

Shrug. I’m more familiar with taking off clothing.

Whatever they are, she puts them on, fastening them to her with a large red ribbon. Satisfied with her dress, she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.

“You look beautiful, Alice.” You hug her from behind, enjoying the smell of soap on her body.

“Thanks. I like to dress up sometimes.”

“You should do it more often.”

Bleh. Too many clothes. Far too many clothes.

‘Oh come on man, we had a threesome not half an hour ago. Relax.’

“You should wear that robe from before, the blue one. I think it looks really nice on you.” Alice leans up and kisses your lips. Two dolls disappear into her closet and float back out with the outfit in question, along with a fresh undershirt to replace the one ripped from before.

“Thanks. Sorry about the shirt from last time.” You slip the clothes on.

“That’s why I’m coming with you this time, to keep you out of trouble~” Alice pokes your nose. “Oh, and I fixed Sunny’s dress.” The dolls reach into Alice’s closet again and bring out Sunny’s familiar dress, with what looks like a whole shirt’s worth of extra fabric around the chest. Sunny slides into the dress, her wings poking out of the slits in the back. It’s actually a good fit, Alice must’ve taken measurements. Yes Tenta, sexy measurements.

Sexy mea- dammit.

“Anyway, it’s about time we had breakfast.” Alice goes back to the dining room. The dolls have just finished scooping up a large stack of pancakes, setting them on a tray in the center of the table with the plates and silverware already set. It’s a bit silly, seeing flapjacks on top of such a nice-looking tray with flower designs.

Man, this woman loves flowers.

The pancakes are quite good though, and the small tureen of maple syrup is thick and rich, just a dab is enough to make it nice and sweet. It’s nice to have the slow, leisurely breakfast, all of you taking care not to mess your nice clothes. Finally, after a morning of relaxation, it’s probably time to head out for the meeting.

“We should head out.” You glance at the clock. Quarter past eleven. You might be a little early, but it’s better than being late.

“Alright. What should we do with Sunny, though?”

[ ] Leave Sunny here to do whatever.
[ ] Leave Sunny here, give her a couple chores.
[ ] Take Sunny back to the fairies’ house.
[ ] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.
[x] Take Sunny back to the fairies’ house.
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

[x] Take Sunny back to the fairies’ house.

Well, it's not crazy now to imagine Tenta got sealed because his sex drive was out of control. It also looks like he's on the way to get sealed again if he doesn't calm down soon too.
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house.

No toys. Leave them dependent on each other and Tenta.
I kinda forgot to mention it, but by "toys" I meant toys from Alice's secret stash.

Though I like the cut of >>19641 's jib.
Tenta raped the three fairies, but got raped by Nue and the oni. Most sex has been consensual. We're bringing along someone to vouch for our character.

He'll be fine.
He merely molested them the first time. By the time sex happened, they most certainly wanted it, especially Sunny.

[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

I'd like for Sunny to catch up with her friends, the toys are there just in case Sunny (or anyone else) needs some... relief.
[X] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

A little something to keep themselves occupied. Who doesn't enjoy a good barrel of monkeys?
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

I'm torn on what kind of toys they should be.
Having them play with Alice's toys would be sexy, but having them play with actual toys would be adorable.
[X] Take Sunny back to the fairies’ house.

Let her get all worked up with nowhere to go before we pick her up~
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.
>She looks almost exactly like Shanghai, except the ribbon on her head has been replaced with a bonnet. Though she’s as expressionless as all the rest of the dolls, you could swear when she glanced at you her face was saying “Really, man? Really? I have to clean up milk and cum?”

Why, hello there Hourai. There should be a scene with Shanghai & Hourai later.

>The whole MC/Tenta conversation in that update.

I snickered. Also, that Alice picture is lovely. Link to its source?

[c] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

Sure, why not?

And I can't help wondering whether we've already set our foot on Alice/Sunny route, considering the amount of interaction we have with them.
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

Should keep them occupied for several days, at least.
[x] Leave Sunny here to do whatever.

Tide, pissing, etc.
Calling votes for [x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.
File 13185329676.jpg - (466.59KB, 708x1000 , 22365454_p1.jpg) [iqdb]
I was going to bump this topic to say "hooray", but that's already old. So instead, I'm posting this.
Update almost done. It's a big one, it's at over 3,000 words at the moment with just a bit left to write.
[x] Take Sunny to the fairies’ house, along with a box of toys.

You glance over your shoulder to see if Sunny’s in the room with you. Nope, the coast’s clear.

“We probably shouldn’t leave a fairy unattended in a house full of nice things. We should take her back to her house,” you say. Alice nods in agreement.

“And, um… do you think we should leave them with a gift?”

“Oh?” Alice smirks. “What kind of gift?”

“Well, I was thinking…”

Alice interrupts you, pushing a finger against your lips to shush you. “I think I know what you have in mind. One moment.” She sits up and leaves the room, coming back a minute later with a box holding two dildos, a leash, and the dog-tail with anal beads from last night.

“Her friends should have fun with this.” Alice smiles coyly at the mental image. “Now then, let’s be off.”

You get up and follow Alice out to the dining room, where Sunny’s playing with Shanghai.

“I’m gonna get you!” Sunny lunges at the doll, who disappears under the table. Sunny hits the ground, her breasts pillowing out underneath her to soften the fall. She whips around and grabs for the doll, which slips through her grasp, doing what looks like the doll equivalent of giggling. Sunny makes one last dive for the doll. It can’t dodge in time, and is suddenly smothered between Sunny’s chest.

“Pow! Gotcha!” Sunny kneads her breasts up and down, almost crushing the doll as it flails its small doll limbs in an attempt to escape.

“Play nice with my dolls, Sunny.” Alice glares at Sunny, who takes her hands away from her chest and lets Shanghai free. The doll flies at Alice and hugs her, pressing her small arms against Alice’s collar, as if needing her love after that horrific, scarring experience.

“Aww, there there, Shanghai.” Alice pets Shanghai’s head softly, cooing to her. Shanghai breaks the hug and reaches into the satchel she keeps by her side, digging out a piece of paper with the word “scary!” written on it and displaying it to Alice.

“Tsk, so mean, Sunny. Scaring poor Shanghai like that. I’m tempted not to give you your present.”

“Huh? Presents?!” Sunny perks up, apparently having selective hearing. “What’re you giving me?”

Alice hands Sunny the small box of toys, now with a lid. “We’re going to be at the shrine for a while, so we’re taking you back to your friends’ house for today.”

“Aww, but there’s so much cool stuff here!”

“Exactly, I don’t want you breaking it.” Alice picks up Sunny and sets her on her shoulders, Sunny’s breasts resting on top of her head like a hat.

“Well then, off we go!” Alice heads for the door. It take you a moment to look away from Alice’s boob-hat and follow her. It’s sexy in the weirdest way. Once the two of you are outside, Alice wraps her arms around your chest.

“Ready to go?”

“Can you really carry all of us?” you ask.

“Pssh, this is nothing.” Alice takes off without any further warning, the familiar feel of gravity suddenly vanishing as she carries you up. You’re a little more used to it now, but it’s still kind of whoa. She’s arrived at the entrance to the fairies’ house in about a minute. Sunny floats off of her head, still holding the box.

“Take care, Sunny. I’ll be back to see you later!”

“Yeah, thanks for the gift!” Sunny waves at Alice and disappears inside to her house. You notice she still hasn’t opened the box. She’s sure in for a surprise. Alice veers off away from the house, towards the village. In just a few minutes, you’ve made your way to the entrance to the shrine, where Alice sets you down. Suika and Yuugi are standing on either side of the door, both looking very annoyed at something.

“Um, hello Suika. Yuugi.” You think they won’t try and drag you off to who-knows-where with witnesses around, but you can never be sure.

“Hey yerself,” Yuugi shoots back with a frown.

Aww! What’s wrong, Yuugi~?

“That fuckin’ shrine maiden is making us be her bodyguards for the meeting. Says we should do honest work for once,” Yuugi replies as if hearing Tenta’s thoughts.

“Is this meeting really that important?” You’d figured it would be a fairly simple meeting, what with the short notice. And how lazy the shrine maiden can be.

“Eh, it’s probably just an excuse to keep us off the booze. Says we can’t drink on the job.”

“I HAVEN’T HAD A DRINK IN TWO HOURS!” Suika shouts, pointing to where her purple sake gourd used to be around her waist.

“Yea, we’re kinda on edge now.” Yuugi sighs, glares up at the noonday sun, and sighs again. “Has sunlight always been this fucking bright?”

“Yeah, um. Good luck with that.” You decide to head in as quickly as possible before Yuugi gets any ideas for stress relief or Alice hears anything about your escapades with them. You do a double-take as soon as you step in. The princess of the netherworld, Yuyuko Saigyouji, is sitting at the table. She looks just like she always does in drawings and pictures, short pink hair sitting under a blue mob cap, a light blue kimono with ghostly designs and dark blue trim. She could kill you with a snap of her fingers. Sitting next to her is Yukari Yakumo, the youkai of boundaries. Her long blonde hair flows all the way down to her waist, with a white mob cap on top. She’s wearing her usual purple dress with white trim, with long silk glove and stockings. It’s like stepping into the cover of a history textbook.

“Look, Yuyu! The man of the hour is here!” Yukari says with a schoolgirl lilt.
“Yes, it would seem so. And he brought a friend!” Yuyuko takes a fan out of her sleeve and pops it open, hiding her smile behind it.

“Hello, Yukari. Yuyuko.”

“Alice! By any chance, would you be Tenta’s new girlfriend?” Yukari and Yuyuko giggle to themselves like gossiping old ladies.

“He seems to have taken a liking to me, yes.” Alice has a slight smirk, acting awfully casual to two of the most powerful figures in Gensokyo.

“Hey, I’m here too.”

Oh hi Reimu. She’s sitting at the back of the table, opposite from you. It was kind of easy to miss her with the other two in the room.

“So, um. Is everyone here?” you ask, taking your seat. Alice sits beside you.

“Oh, goodness no! I told about half of Gensokyo about this meeting!” Yukari laughs, apparently finding your question amusing. Reimu gives a tired glare at her in response.

“This is why I don’t invite you to these sorts of meeting, you know.”

“And yet, here I am!” Yukari poofs her parasol open, giving it a dainty twirl. “Anyway, I should bring some of the other guests now.”

“Eek!” A gap opens above the right side of the table, and a green-haired woman in a modernized shrine maiden’s outfit, complete with a blue skirt, falls into one of the chairs. Sanae, from the shrine up on the mountain. She clutches her gohei to her chest and darts her eyes around the room. Yukari laughs at the confusion and surprise on her face.

“W-why did you do that? I was almost at the shrine already!”

“You wouldn’t want to be late, would you?” Yukari snaps her fingers, and another gap opens, this one standing up vertically. A woman you instantly recognize steps out. Eiki Shiki, the judge of the dead, and the woman from Tenta’s dream. Seeing her in person is a lot different from seeing her in a dream, the sense of power and status exuding from her is so strong you feel like you shouldn’t look directly at her.

Wow, did the Yama have such amazing legs back in Tenta’s dream? Those things go on for miles. Not to mention those stockings. Black stockings, running all the way up to just an inch below her skirt, leaving just a glimpse of her smooth skin. Speaking of legs, Alice’s boot just smacked your shin. Ow. You look at her, and she gives you a look that lets you know your staring was pretty obvious. Shiki takes her seat next to Sanae.

“Thank you, Yukari. Your gaps can be useful to help others, when you tell people beforehand.” She shrugs her head towards the still slightly rattled shrine maiden.

“Yeah, you’d think so, but...” Another finger-snap, and another woman tumbling out from a gap into a chair. This time, it’s a woman with the distinctive long, floppy ears of the lunar rabbits that took up residence in the bamboo forest. She has on an oddly modern dress, a white blouse and red tie, and a blue skirt looking a little too short to be business-like. And sunglasses. She takes a minute to straighten herself out, neatening her skirt and blouse and seating the sunglasses squarely on her nose. She doesn’t seem that fazed to have fallen through a gap of nothingness.

“Mr. Beast, I presume?” she says.

“Er… yeah.” Mr. Beast? That’s a new one. She stands up from her seat and crosses the table, offering her hand for a handshake.

“I’m Reisen Udongein Inaba. I’m here on behalf of Eientei’s pharmaceutical devision.”

You take her hand and shake it. Wow, she’s got a pretty strong grip. “…Good to know.”

Reisen nods to you, then takes her seat again. A knock comes from the door.

“Yeah, come on in,” Reimu calls to the door. The people behind it let themselves in. The first to come in is the local schoolteacher, Miss Keine. You still instinctively call her ‘miss’ even though you haven’t set foot in her classroom for years. That woman knows how to teach someone their manners. She’s still wearing that… interesting hat, along with her recognizable dark blue dress with white sleeves.

Next to her is a short young girl with purple hair. She doesn’t look a day over thirteen. Her green kimono has bright yellow sleeves with flowers drawn onto them, looking out of place on a body that doesn’t seem to get much sun. She’s the latest member of the Hieda lineage, Akyuu.

“Is this the meeting?” Keine asks.

“Yeah, take a seat.” Reimu waves at the remaining empty chairs. Once the two of them are seated, there’s only one empty chair left.

“Well, then.” Reimu clears her throat. “Everyone I’ve invited is here, so-“

“Wait! That empty chair, it calls to me! It orders me to fill it!” Yukari stands up and waves her hand dramatically, making yet another gap poof into existence. A girl falls out, does a somersault in the air and spreads open her bat-like wings, falling softly into the chair. She adjusts her pink bonnet over her short-cropped blue hair, her dress tinged a similar color of red. She’s the vampire from the mansion over the lake, Remilia Scarlet. You remember when you were young and she spread a red mist over all of Gensokyo, and suddenly feel old.

“Gaps again, Yukari? If you want to get a reaction from me you’ll have to try harder.” She props an elbow on the table and rests her chin on her hand, smiling in victory.

“Pah. You’re no fun.” Yukari waves dismissively at the vampire.

“Well then, with the seats all cleared.” Reimu butts in. “Since we’re all here, let’s begin. First question: how many people here have first-hand experience with the beast?”

Yuyuko, Yukari, and Shiki all raise their hand. Akyuu raises her hand after a moment. “Well, technically,” she says.

“Alright, then to get the rest of you up to speed. The Tentacle Beast of the Underground, also known as ‘the beast’ or ‘Tenta,’ was sealed three centuries ago by one of my ancestors. The seals have worn off, and Tenta has returned, using the local plum farmer,” Reimu gestures lazily at you, “as his host, because of his weakened state. Tenta was considered dangerous because he fed on sexual desire and release. Though he was able to keep himself in check most of the time, he occasionally became uncontrollable and required intervention from the Hakurei family or other local powers. He also had quite a cocky streak.”

Still do, baby.

“Tenta says ‘still do, baby’,” you inform the table, eliciting chuckles from half of them and glares from the other half.

Oh, for… was that really necessary?

‘The meeting’s in your honor. I figured you’d want them to know your opinions.’

Reimu looks at you. “So you can communicate with him, then?”

“Yeah. Telepathy.”

“Well, that should simplify things.”

“I can make them even simpler!” Yukari chimes in, raising a gloved hand. Not waiting for any response, she waves her hand at you and- WHAT THE HELL

A gap appears over your chest. You can’t resist craning your head down to take a look, and you accidentally headbutt Tenta. You reel back and hold your forehead, the pain distracting you only for a moment from the incredibly bizarre sensation of Tenta being forcibly removed from you. Tenta pulls his arms out and pushes against your chest, crawling out of you. He tumbles and lands in a heap on the floor. He looks just like he did in your dreams, black dreadlocks, a black-and-purple robe with spiral patterns. He flops around on the ground for a few seconds, getting used to having limbs again. Once he’s got the hang of it, he gets to his feet, brushes his hair out of his eyes, and flashes a cheeky double thumbs-up. “What’s good, everyone?”

The table has a surprising lack of reaction. Remilia grins to herself, Keine looks a little wary, and the green-haired shrine maiden leans away from Tenta, looking to be on the verge of screaming. Tenta apparently notices, as he puts his hands on the table and leans towards her.

“Aww, c’mon lady. I’m nothing to be afraid of!” Tenta points a hand at Sanae, and his fingers turn to tentacles, wriggling onto the table towards her. She yelps quietly and slams her gohei onto the table, pinning the tentacles under it. Smoke pours out from where she struck the tentacles, smelling like burning rubber. “Yeowch!” Tenta pulls the tentacles back into his hand as he winces in pain.


The sound of Shiki’s Rod of Remorse hitting the table echoes through the room.

“This is exactly the sort of behavior that got you sealed to begin with, is it not?” She says it without a trace of anger or frustration.

“…Yeah.” Tenta admits, staring at his feet.

“Do you want to go to hell?” She speaks with an even tone, the rest of the room staying respectfully silent.

“…No, Miss Shiki.”

Yukari snickers into her gloves. Shiki shoots her a glare, then returns her stare to Tenta. You can feel the heat and pressure from her stare just sitting next to Tenta. This woman is scary.

“What do you have to say for yourself, then?”

Tentanon takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Sanae. I shouldn’t have done that.” It sounds like his first time apologizing for anything ever.

Sanae purses her lips. “Apology accepted.”

“Now that that’s sorted out, let us continue the meeting.” Shiki relaxes slightly into her chair, her chastising now done. A few seconds pass. Awkward silence.

Aaaaaaaaaa someone say something.

Reimu clears her throat. “So, yeah. You can see why he got sealed. I’ve discussed this issue with Keine and Shiki, and we’ve decided to give him a sort of trial period. Since it seems Tenta has made a few friends in his time on back, we’re giving him a shot at rehabilitation. However, he will be on a short leash. We will keep a close eye on him. Any questions? Ugh… yes, Yukari.”

“Is there really nothing more interesting going on right now? I’m used to fending off demons and invasions, not being a probation officer.” Yukari chuckles to herself.

“Right. Next question. Miss Reisen.”

“How long will this trial period last, and what are the details of his restrictions?” Reisen asks as if reading questions off a cue card.

Reimu shrugs. “We’ll watch him til we know if he can fit in or not. If he starts messing with people, we hurt him.”

“Ah. Right.”

“Ugh, you’re no fun!” Yukari pouts. “This should be festive! The Rasputin of Gensokyo, back to share his love with the women of the world! Tonight there will be a grand party! Music and dancing and fireworks, and gallons of wine and brandy! Sound good, Yuyuko?”

“Sure!” Yuyuko nods.

“Then I am off!” Yukari pirouettes dramatically, then blinks out of sight.

“Anyway, resuming our meeting,” Reimu continues, unfazed by Yukari’s disappearance. “Some of Gensokyo’s residents took a liking to the beast, because of his powers. Namely, he can summon tentacles, secrete special aphrodisiacs, and in special cases, manipulate bodies.”

Alice gives you a rather odd look, somewhere between ‘have I been full of aphrodisiacs this whole time?’ and ‘body manipulation sounds interesting…’ The rest of the table seems to have already known this, though Sanae looks rather horrified, as if Reimu was talking about how Tenta dismembered everyone he met.

“Oh, almost forgot!” Yukari poofs back into vision at her old seat and waves her hand. Tenta suddenly disappears from sight. There’s a sudden gurgling feeling in your chest. You gasp in surprise and clutch your chest, the familiar bulge of Tenta’s presence growing back out.

God DAMN it… and I’d just gotten used to walking again.

You wince at Tenta’s voice suddenly yelling directly into your brain.

“I don’t want you out just yet. You’ll have to earn it!” Yukari laughs to herself and poofs away again.

Reimu buries her face in her hands and lets out a long sigh. “Damned woman…” Another sigh. “Okay… I think we’ve pretty much covered everything important. If you have anything you want to say to Tenta personally, go ahead.”

The room falls into silence again. Keine stands up from her seat, crouches next to Reimu, and gives her a motherly hug. “There, there. Don’t let her bother you too much.” After another moment of silence and a third long sigh, Reimu returns Keine’s hug.

“Thanks, Keine.” Reimu pats Keine on the back, a smile returning to her face.

“Well then, if the meeting is done.” Reisen stands up and crosses the table to you. You stand up to look at her face-to-face. She fishes a business card out of her shirt pocket and hands it to you. “Mistress Eirin wishes to meet with you and discuss pharmaceutical matters. Here is her business card. If you ever wish to make good on our offer, you can find us in the medicine store in the Human Village.”

“…Right, thanks.” You take the business card and give it a once-over. What the hell is a ‘phone number’? Regardless, you stow the card in your pocket. Reisen looks satisfied and turns to leave.

“Oh, before you leave. Why the glasses?”

“My eyes can induce insanity in others. I figured it’d be safer to wear these.”

“You can’t control your power?”

“Oh, I have it completely under control. But I like these.” She grins and flicks the frame of the glasses, then turns to leave the shrine. Shiki takes her place. She gives you a long, hard stare. Not a chastising stare like before, it’s more like she’s sizing up your soul.

“You’ve kept yourself in check these past few days. Whether it’s a personal revelation, or whether this farmer has kept you from stepping over the line, I don’t care. What matters is, you can redeem yourself. And I wish to see you redeemed.” Her face softens, and she cracks a smile for the first time. It’s a nice smile. “Well? What do you think?”


“I think he has a crush on you, Lady Yama.” The smirk is wiped off your face when a tentacle whips out and slaps you gently on the cheek. Shiki lets out a single quiet laugh.

“Careful, haven’t you heard what happens when you lie to a Yama?”

Uh oh. Between her smile and her glorious legs you’d kind of forgotten you were talking to the judge of your soul. “I um it was a joke please don’t rip out my tongue lady Yama your highness.”

The Yama laughs again and smiles. If you didn’t know better you’d think she was acting a bit like a teenage girl. “Don’t worry, that’s me when I’m on the clock. I can enjoy a joke when I’m not judging someone.” She turns and takes a few steps away, then looks back at you. “And I’d know if you were lying.” She gives you one last glimpse of her smile before passing through the shrine doors and flying away.

…One-hundred percent lie.

‘C’mon, surely you like her legs, at least.’

I might, if she hadn’t tortured me and sent me to hell.

“Hello.” Remilia’s soft, breathy voice calls your attention. She’s standing awfully close to you. You almost didn’t notice her walk up to you, as she’s about a head shorter than you.

“Hello, Miss Scarlet.”

“Call me Remilia, please.” She smiles with pursed lips, the tips of her fangs showing. It’s a bit disarming, with a childish innocence and a very real sense of danger at the same time. “I’m glad you’re back, Tenta. I look forward to getting to know you. You should come to my mansion when you get the chance, you’d be a very welcome guest.”

Excellent. THIS is the reception I’ve been waiting for.

“I’ll… keep in touch with you, then.” You’re not really chomping at the bit to be alone in a large mansion with a vampire. Her invitation sounds nice and all but you’re not sure if she’d have sex with you or tie you down and drink your blood.

I wouldn’t mind either of those.


Remilia walks away and opens her parasol before walking out into the noonday sun. Sanae is apparently the last person to want to talk to you, as Yuyuko has floated off somewhere and Keine, Akyuu and Reimu are talking to each other, not paying you much mind. She takes a few steps closer to you, then changes her mind and backs off a few steps. She’s standing halfway to the other end of the room, which she decides is close enough.

“The Goddess Kanako would like to see you sometime,” she says, raising her voice slightly to let you hear.

“’Kay.” You give her a thumbs-up, and she scoots out of the shrine. That was quick. The room feels awfully empty now, even with four people in it.

And me?

Five people, right.

“If Yukari’s going to throw a party, I should probably start on damage control right away. See you all later, thanks for coming.” Reimu stands up to leave.

“It was no trouble. Anything I could do to help?” Keine asks.

“Nah, it’s fine. You can head out if you want.” Reimu walks off to some other part of the shrine, where she makes seals and sacrifices goats or whatever it is she does for the shrine. You’ve probably got a few hours before Yukari gets the party ready.

[ ] Spend some time with Keine.
[ ] Spend some time with Akyuu.
[ ] Give Marisa a visit.
[ ] Check up at the Myouren temple.
[ ] Give Marisa a visit.
Time to visit our friendly neighbourhood ordinary magician.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.
[x] Give Marisa a visit.

I can get behind this.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.

>It's like stepping into the cover of a history book.
Haha, nice burn.
[x] Give Marisa a visit.

I mean, she has ADD in most cases anyway and that would be a good counter to all the hug-cuddle-stuff we've been doing up until now. Some angry wild sex sounds really good, actually.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.

Let's spend some time with the only one unable to destroy us if necessary.
She can destroy our reputation -- for all time.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.

That should be a priority. be honest tough, let her know that she MAY have absorbed a little aphrodisiac the first time but we couldn't even hear Tenta at the time and didn't knew about it.

[x] Spend some time with Keine and Akyuu.

They're both here aren't they - Why should we only talk to only one of them ?
[x] Give Marisa a visit.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.
I don't think Marisa would be upset by getting hit by Tenta's cards as she seems to take her losses in stride. I'd imagine her rating them in her grimoire on "pleasure"

[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.

The first is important as Alice will be the girl with wedding ring.

And the latter? Can't resist sum Akyuu and Marisa is something better left for a fresh day.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.

Oh, that was marvelous.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.

I have no strong feelings on any of the other options, just want this to be said.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.
The Alice write-in really isn't necessary you guys.
[x] Spend some time with Keine.

I love me some Akyuu, but, fucking hell, I want some Keine luvvin'

Oh, okay. Thanks bro.
[x] Spend some time with Keine.

Keine. DO WANT!
File 131892355457.jpg - (406.60KB, 519x720 , 706e889f675155600f8a5522207814b1.jpg) [iqdb]
>It take you a moment to look away from Alice’s boob-hat and follow her. It’s sexy in the weirdest way.
I snickered.

>“Oh, before you leave. Why the glasses?”
>“My eyes can induce insanity in others. I figured it’d be safer to wear these.”
>“You can’t control your power?”
>“Oh, I have it completely under control. But I like these.”
God bless you, my friend.

[c] Spend some time with Keine.

Why not?
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.
[X] Spend some time with Keine.

Insert completely stupid sexual education joke here.
[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time
[x] Spend some time with Keine.
[X] Check up at the Myouren temple.

I mean, come on - it's Kanako.
She's probably going to tie us up and have her way with us - and Tenta doesn't seem to mind such a situation, if his comment about Remilia is to be believed.
Kanako wouldn't be expected at the Myouren temple. She would, most likely, be at the shrine on Youkai Mountain - her home.
[X] Spend some time with Keine.

I'm up for a history lesson, IYKWIM.
[x] Spend some time with Akyuu.
Because Tenta isn't the one being raped. Remember the scene with Yuugi?
Closing votes. Keine made a valiant effort at a comeback, but Akyuu still leads with a couple cotes. Also I think from now on I'm gonna leave votes open for 24 hours each time, so people know how much time they'll have before votes close.
File 131902752078.jpg - (525.39KB, 800x1200 , be1817717e3be963fc23bc5fc69ecc7f.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh shit nigger, this opens up the possibilities so much.

I mean, maybe that is just the case. Maybe we are really not much more than some sort of... vehicle-cum-refueling-station for the tentacled punk? Maybe he really does not care?

He can make people fall into something very closely resembling love in a matter of days, with just bodily contact. What can he do when he's inside us?

Maybe we are just being utilized like a paper towel, to be taken, used, dirted and thrown away.

Paranoia strikes again. We have to keep this guy on a short leash.
Did you mean "we're being used as a vehicle/refueling station", or that we're a vehicle refueld by cum?

There's a slight but subtle difference.
I meant it in the kitchen-cum-living room kind of way. But what you said also holds some truth, given that Tenta feeds on sexual release. Spiritual release, to be honest, but you see where this is going.
>[x] Reassure Alice that our current relationship is not based on her being on secretions all the time
You protest too much.
Well, to be honest, I fail to see the problem here, all things considered.
[ ] Spend some time with Akyuu.

“Well, that was pretty crazy,” you say as you sit back down at the now-mostly empty table. Sure, you could leave, but it’d feel a little weird to just up and go back home after that, especially since the meeting was awfully short.

“It’s about what I expected for someone like you,” Akyuu giggles, high-pitched and youthful. “I hope you don’t feel like chopped liver, with everyone seeing you as just Tenta’s host.”

“Nah, it’s been… quite a ride so far. Been too busy to feel insulted, hah.”

“I hope you’re dealing with it well,” Keine speaks up. “It must’ve been such a surprise, having another person inside you like that.”

“I’m doing okay, Miss Keine,” you reassure her.

“By the way, could you lean forward just a bit?” she asks, standing up and walking around the table to you. She smiles. It makes you feel nostalgic, seeing your old teacher’s face like this. She doesn’t look like she’s aged a day.

“Sure, why?” You lean forward, moving away from the back of the chair. Her arms snake around your chest and pull you against her. Your face nestles into the fabric between Keine’s breasts, fleshy and warm in a motherly way. And also a sexy way. You had a bit of a crush on her in your older student years.

“So I can hug you.” She smiles and pats your back. You return her hug, squeezing her body against yours. The two of you hold each other for a good thirty seconds before you finally loosen your grip.

“Hugs are the best therapy, aren’t they? We should chat sometime.” She flashes a satisfied smile. “Would you like a hug too, Alice?”

“Thank you, but… oh, why not.” Alice stands up and spreads her arms. Keine gladly accepts her gesture, wrapping her arms over Alice’s shoulders and squeezing her close. Keine squeezes her with enough force that their breasts mash together, and Keine’s thick, healthy chest smothers Alice’s comparatively small breasts. Alice holds the hug, then returns her arms to her side. Keine doesn’t seem to follow, as she continues to hug her.

“…That’s enough, thank you.”

“Oh, sorry.” Keine backs off and gives Alice some space. “You certainly look cheerier now though!”

titties titties titties lookit those titties.

“Well, I need to get ready for tomorrow’s class, so I’ll leave you three to your discussions. You should visit me sometime!” She gives you a friendly wave and heads out the shrine door.

“So, you can talk with Tenta, right?” Akyuu says as soon as Keine’s out the door.


“Do you think I could trouble you for an interview before the party, then?” Akyuu grins excitedly. “The book doesn’t have too much about you yet.”

You shrug. “Sure. I didn’t really have any plans. Will you be okay with that, Alice?”

…Alice is here?

‘You were staring at her breasts three minutes ago.’

Oh, right.

“Yes, that’ll be fine. I’ll probably just relax at my house.” She stands up, and you stand up to say goodbye. She glances at the floor, then hugs you around your waist and presses her lips to yours for a quick kiss.

“Take care,” she says softly into your ear.

“You too. See you later.”

She breaks the hug, looking satisfied at her public display of affection, then turns and leaves. Akyuu grins so hard you think her face might fall off.

“So, shall we go back to my place? That’s where I keep my papers and such.”

You nod. Akyuu stands up and slips on her sandals over her socks.

“Ahh, pretty warm for a fall day, isn’t it?” Akyuu says as she opens the door. She’s right, the weather’s warm enough that Akyuu looks a bit uncomfortable in her heavy kimono.

The two of you set off for the human village. As Akyuu walks, you can see beads of sweat form on her hair, and her pace slows down about half of the way back. When you’re at the gates of the village, she stumbles and starts to cough.

“Are you alright?” you ask, grabbing her shoulders to support her.

“Yeah, sorry.” She sniffs. “Got a cold a few days ago, still shaking it off. I don’t usually get this much exercise.”

Exercise? She must really not get out much to be tired just walking to the village. She looks up at you, suddenly flashing the cutest smile she can manage. “Could you carry me the rest of the way? Pleeease?”

“Ahh, fine.” You sweep a hand under her legs and carry her in your arms. She’s about as light as you expected, since she’s small and awfully frail-looking.

“Aww, my hero,” she giggles and brushes a finger against your chin. “Head down the main road, then take the third left. The Hieda house is at the end of that road.”

“Aright.” You follow her instructions and soon arrive at a very nice-looking large house, oozing with flagrantly Japanese design, including lots of flowers and scenery painted along the walls. You move to set her down, but she interrupts you.

“The door should be unlocked. Carry me inside, prince of mine~!”

“Haha. As you wish, your majesty.” You play along, pushing the sliding door open with your foot and carrying her inside. The front room takes up what must be a large part of the house. Dozens of comfy-looking pillows are strewn around the room, with a short table covered with pens, books, and scrap paper in the center of the room. You set Akyuu down on one of the large pillows next to the table.

“Ahh, much better.” She smiles and lets her body relax, almost oozing into the pillow. You take a seat across from her.

“Glad to be home so I can get these heavy clothes off!” she sits up and loosens her kimono, letting the shoulders slip off. She’s just wearing a sarashi underneath, covering her almost-nonexistent chest and not much else.

“Well, um.” You cough into your hand, feeling awkward at her sudden undressing. “So, interviewing.”

“One more favor first? My feet are a little sore after all that walking. If you gave them a massage, I’d be that much nicer to you in my write-up.”

Did that short walk really tire her out that much? Maybe she’s used to being spoiled by her parents. She almost sounds like she’s flirting with you. Is she flirting with you?

Millenia of memories or not, you don’t want her flirting with you.

“I’m not really good at massaging, sorry…”

I’ll do it! I’m great at it! Before you can respond, a tentacle lets itself out and presses itself against Akyuu’s foot. You try to bring it back into you.

Nope, sorry. Not gonna pass this up.

‘Really, man? Really?’

Just look at it this way. Lots of youkai look like children even after they’re centuries old. They’re still totally fuckable though, right?

‘…Not gonna answer that.’

The answer is yes. Not that it matters. This is my time to shine. The tentacle forms into a sort of goo that covers her foot, connected to you by a thin tentacle-strand. It starts to clench and loosen with practiced precision, massaging her foot.

“Oooh, that feels heavenly. That’s definitely going in the book.” Akyuu brings her other foot next to the one getting massaged, letting the goo cover the second foot and massage both at the same time. Akyuu lies back and sighs in pampered bliss. The goo decides it’s done massaging, as it forms into ten small tentacle-mouths, each one licking one of her toes.

“Ehehe, stop that! It tickles!” She laughs.

‘Okay this is getting weird.’ Even so, you can still feel her toes in the mouths, and there really is something nice about her small, childish feet. You decide not to visibly protest. The tentacles get more suggestive, each one popping their mouths down over her toes, sucking on them. They suck and tug gently in a steady rhythm, saliva dribbling down Akyuu’s heel. She lies back and enjoys the attention for a few minutes.

“Ahh… alright, enough of that. I suppose we should do what we came here to do.” She sits up and pokes the tentacles, motioning to them that their work is done. They grudgingly retract back into you. Akyuu takes a pen and a thick, heavy-looking tome off of the table, flipping through pages until she seems satisfied.

“Alright, Tenta. Why don’t you amuse me with a story of your past exploits? The farmer can dictate for you.”

Hmm, let’s see… well, there was this time with…

[ ] …A shrine maiden long ago.
[ ] …Two feuding immortal women.
[ ] …An ancient (but sexy) Nue.
[X] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...
[X] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...
[x] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.

As tempting as it is to get the immortals pissed at us (would they even notice? how often does Akyu publish?), I want some Not-Reimu exploits.
[ ] …Two feuding immortal women.
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.

I cannot pass up the opportunity.
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.
[x] …Two feuding immortal women.
[X] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.
[x] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...

These are not the lolis you are looking for.
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.
[x] …Two feuding immortal women.
[x] …An ancient (but sexy) Nue.

Choosing is too difficult.
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.

Miko tales are always popular.
File 13195706637.jpg - (453.78KB, 1232x1500 , hakurei mikio.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...

I sure hope that it is assertive and strong Hakurei Miko, the presumed great-great-etc-etc-grand-mother of Reimu.
[X] …An ancient (but sexy) Nue.

They all sound delicious.
[X] …An ancient (but sexy) Nue.
[x] A long time ago, in a shrine maiden far far away...

Voting for this, because I expect to get back to those two delicious immortals hopefully sometime in the near future.
[x] …An ancient (but sexy) Nue.

I shall further mix the piss into the miko-tide.
Closing votes! [x] Sendai miko wins.
>assertive miko
Good sir, you have my interest.

(Also, we need to see about meeting Keine, because godDAMN)
Wasn't one of the characters from Ten Desires supposed to be originally a guy? Or am I misremembering things?

If so, did Tenta transform him into a girl with body modification?
>> 20085

Miko were based on a male historical figure, Prince Shoutoku.


Thanks for confirming that.
If you're referring to a specific post you can just click the post number itself. If you prefer to type it out yourself you need to leave out the space between the arrows and the post number for it to link back.
[x] …A shrine maiden long ago.

Here, this might be a good story.

A memory of his dumps itself into your head. Your vision changes as you go back in time, seeing things from Tenta’s view.


“You went too far this time.”

Wow, she looks angry. She’s wearing the familiar red-and-white uniform of a shrine maiden, in the auspicious Hakurei style: red dress with white detached sleeves. She’s obviously not Reimu, though. She’s a bit taller, and her hair has a more chestnut color than Reimu’s black hair. It’s Reiko Hakurei, the Hakurei maiden from centuries ago before Gensokyo was even sealed. She’s also furious at you. She’s pointing her gohei at you like the tip of a sword, her face scrunched up in anger.

“Hurting youkai is bad enough, but laying your hands on an innocent human woman like that is unforgivable.”

Under normal circumstances you’d probably go for some sort of pre-fight banter, have some fun with whoever it was who came to fight you. You may be cocky, but you’re not stupid. You probably only have a few seconds before she blasts your ass to infinity. She could exterminate you at any moment if she wanted to.

So why hasn’t she? Sportsmanship? Curiosity? Reverse-laziness? Whatever, you won’t let this chance slip by.

“Well…” you tilt your head, as if launching into a dramatic pre-battle speech. Reiko’s body loosens just a tad, willing to listen. You take advantage of that slight release of her guard, just that extra millisecond to get the first strike. In one smooth motion you whip your spell card out of underneath your robe. Not missing a beat, Reiko’s arm whips up and summons a card.

“Sealing sign! Silent Incubus!”

“Holy Relic! Purifier Ying-Yang!”

A dozen small, dark-purple balls appear from your card and begin zipping around in seemingly random directions. Any thought of Reiko not taking this fight seriously disappears as her card activates a split-second after yours. A massive blue orb, twice as tall as Reiko, bursts into existence in front of her, frying four of the zipping bullets. The orb starts rolling towards you like a boulder.

You jump back, feeling a wave of heat and energy radiating from Reiko’s summon. Think, Tenta. Think. Reiko may beat you in raw power, but you’ve learned from centuries of fighting. She’s probably used to ending fights quickly and from a distance. Reiko throws a handful of seals as the blue orb closes in on you, the seals backing it up and making a wall of bullets to avoid.

Fuck it. You vault up as high as you can, tucking and rolling. You were high enough to avoid the orb and most of the seals, though a few still graze you, singing your skin and cutting your robe. Reiko obviously wasn’t expecting you to jump right for her, and only just has time to form a barrier in front of herself as you throw a handful of magic bullets at her. Several of the balls from your spellcard ping harmlessly off her barrier, along with the bullets you just threw.

As you hit the ground you lean back, put a hand on the ground, and slide feet-first at Reiko. She can’t change her guard fast enough, and hits the ground face-first as your feet slam into her shins. She scrambles to her feet, but she isn’t fast enough. The last of the remaining balls from your card slap against her skin, one hitting her bare shoulder and another hitting the back of her calf. Caught off-guard, she trips back onto the ground. The orbs rapidly spread into a coating over her skin. As it covers her arms, it slowly brings them to her sides.

…Did you just win? No way. There’s no way you could win against a Hakurei maiden in business-mode. Something must be up.

“Dammit… guh…” Reiko struggles against the coating.

“Is that it?” You smile at Reiko. May as well take advantage of it if you’ve won. “C’mon, even I know you could’ve won with a snap of your fingers if you wanted to. Why’d you give up? Wanted to know what my wonderful powers felt like?” You kneel down beside her and caress her stomach as the goo spreads over it. There’s a noticeable bulge, tight and round.

…Oh. Well, that explains it.

“You’re pregnant, huh?” You chuckle, giving her stomach a soft pat. “That’s right, you got married a few months ago.”

“Lay a hand on my baby and I swear to god I’ll kill you.” Her face screws up in fury as she shouts at you between deep, growling breaths.

“Your husband, how is he? Good in the sack?”

“Shut up. Let me go right now.”

“Aww, c’mon. Tell me. Is he tender? Sensual? Romantic? Rough?”

Reiko keeps her mouth shut. The goo spreads to cover her belly, then her breasts, then the space between her legs.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare!” she shouts.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me? I’ve had sex with lots of pregnant women, I know how to be nice and gentle.” The goo starts to massage her shoulders and her upper arms.

“There, doesn’t that feel nice? Getting all that stress out?”

“Rot in hell.”

“Aww, don’t be so harsh.” You sit down and pull Reiko into your lap.

“I said let go of me!”

“Relax, just relax.” You press your nose against the top of her head and sniff her hair. The coat’s massaging spreads to the rest of Reiko’s body, gently kneading her breasts and thighs.

“It…” Reiko suddenly says, sitting up in surprise.

“It feels just like your husband’s hands, doesn’t it?”

“How did you…”

“It’s just a skill I have.” You smile and wrap your arms loosely around Reiko’s stomach, rubbing her slightly-swollen lump. She’s starting to enjoy it. Good for her. Nubs form on the goo covering her nipples, small mouths that start to suck and nibble gently on her teats. A wet, creamy taste comes out.

“Ohh, lactating already?” You kiss Reiko’s neck. “Lucky me. Does your husband like it?”

“He… he doesn’t do dirty things like drink my breast milk.”

“Dirty?” You laugh. “Nothing dirty about it. It’s one of nature’s many gifts.” You tap one of the nubs covering her nipple and it wriggles away, revealing her milky gift to you. You turn Reiko around in your lap and press your lips to her nipple, pinching it between your teeth and sucking on her. Her milk is thick and sweet, and coats your throat as you drink it.

“Mmnh…” Reiko’s moan is decidedly less aggressive now. “No, I won’t let myself enjoy this!” she says. “You’re not my husband, no matter how much you feel like him!”

“You’re right, I’m not your husband.” You kiss her on the lips suddenly, pulling back quickly in case she tries to bite you or headbutt you or something. To your surprise, she doesn’t even try. “For example, your husband would never tell you that you have the most delicious milk I’ve ever tasted. And I bet he’s never even played with your ass.” Your hand snakes to one of her cheeks, toned from a life of fighting youkai. You slide a finger between her cheeks, making the goo covering her anus disappear.

“How perverted are you, using such a filth-unngh!” Reiko’s chastising is cut short as you push your finger into her asshole. She’s surprised at how good it feels. You wriggle your finger inside her, loosening it up.

“D-dammit.” She glowers at you again, not wanting to give in at this new pleasure. You take your finger out and turn her around, so her back presses against your chest.

“I’m a teacher, Reiko. You may know more than me about magic and faith but you don’t know a damn thing about feeling good.” You spread open your robe and guide your dick between her cheeks, giving a gentle push and feeling her tight anus resist your attempts at access. You grab her hips and pull.

“Aaagh!” Reiko groans in pleasure. Her asshole makes moist wriggling sounds as your meat slides into her. She clenches her hips, the walls of her ass tightening fiercely around your shaft.

“Don’t fight it. If it feels good, do it. That’s what I say.” The slime on her pussy starts to wriggle, rubbing her lips. Reiko’s hips unclench, letting you push yourself further until her rump sinks against your lap. You lean forward and push on her back, making her get on her hands and knees. Lying on top of her back, you grind your hips backwards. Her hole resists and clenches against you even as you pull out.

“Mm, your husband’s missing out on so much. This is wonderful.”

“Stop talking about my husband!” she shouts at you. “You don’t know anything about him!”

“I know he doesn’t treat you right. You’re loving every second of this, I can feel it.” It’s true. Reiko’s practically humming with pleasure and excitement.

“SHUT UP! STOP LYING!” she screams. She obviously can’t stand the thought that anyone other than her husband could please her. You could try to talk her out of it, try to make her admit the truth, but why not just show her? You grab one of her cheeks in each hand and spread them apart, spreading her asshole open. While your hands hold her open, a tentacle wriggles out of your chest and smears lubrication against her hole. She shivers at the sudden cold wetness against her.


“I… no! Dammit!” she swears at herself for taking even a moment of thought to answer

“There, see? You’re learning. Learning to accept what you like.” You thrust into her asshole suddenly, almost trying to attack her with your cock. Thanks to your preparation, your hips slap loudly against hers as your whole length slides into her. Reiko groans in pleasure again. You wrap your arms around her chest and thrust in and out of her. You grind your hips as you thrust, stirring your dick inside of her and making all the loud, wet slapping sounds of a rough fucking.

Reiko’s juices ooze through the goo around her pussy and slide down her thighs. In return, it plays more roughly with her pussy lips, pinching them, spreading them apart, ribbing against her clit.

“Rrrngh… you… you… aaah, no!” Fluids squirt out of her as she orgasms, her asshole rapidly clenching and loosening against you in rhythm with he squirting. Her whole body shakes in shame and release. The sensation of her anus playing with your cock tips you over the edge, making you ache for release. You slap against her faster as your semen squirts into her, the sticky fluid letting you pump even faster against her during your climax.

You stay inside her for a moment after your orgasm, simply panting and holding her. Once you’ve got your breath back, you pull out and stand back up. You still can’t believe it, you just had sex with Reiko Hakurei. You start laughing. You don’t know why, you just feel that damned good!

“Ahaah, that was great!” you pump your fists in the air as you laugh.

“You… YOU!” Reiko glares at you, her face wet with tears. She buries her face against the ground and starts sobbing, her chest heaves up and down with her whimpers and crying. Oh, crap. You aren’t sure what you should do. Run? Maybe. Try and comfort her? Bad idea.

“Just… just get out of here!” she screams, her voice muffled against the ground. “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!”

Running it is, then.


And that’s where the story ends.

‘Wait, you mean that’s it? She never came back or-‘


Part 2 coming soon.
And then after Reiko gets over the shame she can't ever go back to her husband's dick.

NTR successful.
>There's a noticeable bulge

Oh god no. Not more fut--

>"You’re pregnant, huh?"

Oh. Okay, then. Carry on.

I'm okay with this.
It's netoru (NT) when it's just cheating.
It's only netorare (NTR) when the guy being cheated on is actually addressed. If he never finds out, it's also not NTR; a key component of the genre is when the poor sod being cheated on has that moment of crushing realization.

Given this, the last post was just NT. Further parts of that flashback may turn it into NTR.
Augh, do not want.
Yes, Tenta's sealing now makes a whole lot of sense in context, doesn't it?
Man, old Tenta was a douchebag.
Yeah, I can see why he was sealed.

(He does seem to be going somewhat closer to being a better person in the present, though, so that's good)
And now I know!

And knowing is half the battle. Thanks anon.


Oh come the fuck ON Tenta. That ain't cool at all.
I really prefer this kind of a tenta to the alternative. We've had enough pure good heroes as protagonists that an asshole, even if somewhat reformed in present times, is quite refreshing.
Yeah, he's got a face and an endearing personality (despite being an asshole). That puts him above almost all assholes in porn.
I also prefer that kind of Tenta, because that makes the farmer really different.
I though the farmer was an asshole, because he spanked fairies, and more or less raped Mystia, but comparing him to Tenta, I understand he's a really nice guy. Which means that he's really controlling Tenta, not letting him go completely crazy, raping everything with tentacles.
File 131991955656.jpg - (392.37KB, 851x742 , AkyuuBJ.jpg) [iqdb]
“Goodness, you must’ve had quite a vision.” Akyuu’s lilting, childish voice brings you back to reality. You suddenly realize your face is caked with sweat, and you’re sporting a clearly-visible erection under your robe.

“I-I, um…” you stammer.

“Did Tenta tell you something wonderful and sexy and erotic?” Akyuu smirks, her voice staying young and high-pitched even as she licks her lips, obviously enjoying the thought of Tenta’s stories.


“Tell it to me. Tell me all about the rough, dirty sex you saw.” Her voice suddenly goes soft and husky. She leans up from her pillow and crawls towards you on her hands and knees.

“A-Akyuu, what’re you doing?” Seeing such a young girl acting so… well, so dick-hungry makes your heart race nervously. Her head slides under your robe and you feel her teeth sink softly against your erection, over your underwear.

“Akyuu, stop! Seriously, this is weird!” You push her head out from under your robe. Akyuu leans back and pouts.

“C’mon, pleeeease?” she whimpers, giving you the most adorable doe-eyes you’ve ever seen. It’s pretty amazing how she can switch her face like that from sex-crazed to innocent.

“I, Akyuu… we really shouldn’t…”

Oh come on you wuss. A handful of tentacles spring out and wrap around your chest and shoulders, making your arms hold tight to your sides. You strain against their grip, but you can barely move. He’s really got his mind set on accepting Akyuu’s come-ons.

“Oh, thank you so much, Tenta!” Akyuu puts her hands on her face and smiles with mock glee. Or maybe actual glee. She pulls open your robe and tugs down your underwear, letting your stiff dick stand tall.

“Don’t worry, lover.” Akuu smiles as her face nestles against your thighs, less than an inch away from your shaft. Her warm breath tickles it. “I still haven’t menstruated yet, so there’s no chance of me getting pregnant. That means I can have all. The sex. I want.” Her head cranes forward and plants a gentle kiss on your member. The tickling touch of her lips makes you stop your struggling.

“Besides, I have millennia of experience.” Akyuu’s hand gently curls around the base of your member. Her fingers are long and lithe, but still very soft. She pulls her hand up, dragging the flesh of your dick along with it.

“Nnf…” you exhale loudly.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? And I’m only getting started.” Akyuu swirls her thumb around your sensitive head while she gently squeezes your length. You must admit, her experience is obvious in the way she handles you. There’s just enough pressure and tugging to play with you more roughly than you’d play with yourself- snrk -but it isn’t hurting at all. You’re afraid you might cum just from her hand. She apparently doesn’t want you enjoying it that much, as she pulls her hand away.

“Don’t cum yet. I don’t want you to waste a single drop.” Akyuu stands up and slips off her sarashi. The cloth falls to the floor, revealing her stiff pink nipples, like little cherries on top of her budding, swollen chest. Next, her dress and panties fall to the floor, revealing her thin slit, pink and swollen with lust.

She crawls up your body and looks right in your eyes, then leans in and mashes her lips against yours, almost headbutting you as she kisses you. She’s really, really getting into this. Her tongue swirls around inside your mouth, her teeth clack against yours. She breaks the kiss, letting you gasp for breath. She bites your lower lip and tugs on it. You grunt, too surprised to do anything else. She lets your lip go free, then moves her mouth right to your ear. Her arms wrap around your chest.

“I’m going to make sure this lasts nice and long, so you can fill me full of plenty of your semen when you cum.” Her teeth grind against your earlobe. “I can’t wait to get pregnant someday.” Her hips slide back. The lips of her pussy press against your length. You can feel they’re thick and swollen, it feels like they’re almost melting as the sink against your underside. “Wouldn’t that be so sexy? My lover caressing my big, round belly.” She rubs her pussy lips against your length, smearing her juices against you. “Suckling my swollen tits, drinking my milk.” She grinds her hips again, pressing her labia against you.

“Akyuu…” you groan again and bite your lip, holding in your orgasm tempting to rise from her stroking. Akyuu slides up your body, her stiff nipples scraping against the tentacles binding you down. Her warm lips leave your member, and she presses her chest to your face.

“Not yet. When you cum, I want it to fill up my pussy.” She presses her nipple against your closed mouth. Despite still feeling weird about the whole situation, you can’t resist parting your lips and taking her perky, stiff nipple between them. You roll her nipple between your lips, licking the tip with your tongue.

“Mmh… I think you can let him go, Tenta. I think he likes it now.”

The bonds around your arms retract back into your chest. You wrap your arms around Akyuu’s thin frame and pull her against you. You plant kisses on her nipple, then nibble on her small, childish breasts. Your hands slide down her back and squeeze her thin buttocks, with just a little baby fat to grab.

“I want to feel your cum drip out of me when we’re done. I want you to fill my womb, make my belly swell with sperm.” She cradles your head in her hands, pulling your face deeper against her skin. Her chest smells fresh and clean and wonderful, the faint smell of lilacs coming from her skin. You feel a sudden pressure around the sides of your member, and realize Akyuu’s rubbing the soles of her feet against your shaft. Her feet grind back and forth, twisting the skin of your tight, ready-to-cum dick.

“Don’t spill a single drop, now. Or we’ll have to start all over again~” she gives the back of your neck a playful pinch. With your cock smeared from her juices, her feet can slide back and forth easily, making wet squelching noises as they rub.

“Stop, I’m gonna…!” you grunt, pulling your mouth away from her nipple. Akyuu’s feet pull away from your skin, throbbing and moments away from climax.

“Aww, thank you. Being so considerate and not wasting your orgasm. Do you think you’re ready to fill me?”

You can’t stand much more, this is already the third time you’ve been edged like this.

“Yes, I’m ready,” you pant.

“Tell me exactly what you’re ready for.” Akyuu presses a finger to your lips.

“I’m ready to… to cum inside you, and fill every inch of your pussy with my hot, thick seed.”

“Ah, so well-spoken and considerate. You’d make a wonderful husband.”

“I-I, um.”

Akyuu giggles at your stammers, sounding once again like the child she is before her voice becomes husky and dripping with lust again. “Only teasing, lover. Speaking of teasing, I think you need a few minutes to relax. I wouldn’t want you cumming as soon as you put it in. In the meantime, you can lick me.” Akyuu straddles your face, and her thick lips cover your mouth. You breathe in through your nose, the thick, salty scent of Akyuu’s lust almost suffocating you as her juice dribbles into your mouth.

You lap at her hole, running your tongue from the base of her slit up to her small clit. She grabs handfuls of your hair, rubbing your face deeper against her labia. Your teeth sink into her lips as you bite them gently.

“Oooh,” Akyuu moans, grinding her hips against your face. She lets you lick and nibble her for a few minutes, then slides back away, letting you breathe easily again.

“There, now we’re ready.” Akyuu crouches down by your member, which has stayed hard and trembling the whole time. Her lips smother your tip, sinking against the curves of your crown. Though this obviously isn’t her first time, even in Akyuu’s lifespan, there’s still a tightness in her soft, loosened insides. Pushing in further, it feels like her pussy is squeezing and milking your dick all on its own.

“Mm… You’re nice and big, lover.” Akyuu leans down and kisses you on the lips, tenderly this time. Her pussy is so inviting, you grab her hips and pull her down against you, screwing deeper into her. Your tongues run in and out of each others’ mouths as you both moan in passion. You pump Akyuu’s hips up and down rapidly, arching your whole body tense as you’re finally allowed to cum. You pull Akyuu deep against you, making her engorged lips sink against your crotch. Your semen rises in your dick, then squirts violently out of you, spraying deep into her womb.

“Yes! Give me your cum!” Akyuu pushes on your chest and arches her back, her tongue hanging out as she trembles in pure bliss. The sense of release after building up is almost angelic, as shot after shot of your pent-up climax empties out into her. Akyuu gasps and squeezes your shoulders. Her hips tremble violently, as if they’re about to explode. She screams gutturally in ecstacy, spraying her cum on you as you continue to fill her with semen.

Finally, you’ve spent your last drop, and Akyuu’s climax comes to its end. She collapses on top of you, her sweat mixing in with yours as her hard nipples poke into your skin.

“Mmh... you were wonderful.” She kisses your cheek. You can feel your cum swimming around inside of her as your cock rests inside her pussy. She stands up and slowly pulls you out of her. You just lie back on the pillow, spent from effort. You feel like you shot out your entire body.

“You filled me up so much.” Akyuu smiles. When she stands up you can see her thin belly is a little swollen from your seed, so thick it slowly oozes down her thighs like syrup. She rubs her slit, licking her lips as her finger dips inside and swirls your cum around inside her. She draws her finger out and sucks the cum off of it, moaning as if tasting pure aphrodisiac.

Her hand returns to her pussy and spreads it open. Your cum dribbles out of her slowly in thick globs, running down her thighs. “Aah, it feels as good coming out as it does going in.” She giggles sultrily, grinding her hips in a circle as your seed drips down her thighs. “I’ve never been this full.” She shivers in delight feeling her belly empty out. She fingers herself, sliding three fingers in and out of her. Her hand makes a squelching noise, scooping your cum out of her. She falls to her knees suddenly, her hips trembling and her face flushed as she masturbates even faster. She climaxes again with a scream, the last of your sperm squirting out of her as her pussy clenches and cums.

Akyuu falls on top of you again, pressing her head against your chest. “Whew…” she breathes in and out slowly, tenderly holding you. “So much exercise… I can barely move.”

You return her cuddling, pressing your mouth to her forehead and gently kissing her. The pillow is soaked with sweat and cum, but the two of you curl together against it anyway. You rub her back and pat her softly.

“Do you have a place we could clean up before the party?” you ask after a few minutes.

“Mhm,” Akyuu says softly. “Let’s clean up together.”

[ ] Clean up in the shower.
[ ] Clean up in the bath.
[ ] Clean up with a sponge bath.

SIDE-THREAD UNLOCKED: “Akyuu’s Secret Rinnosuke-Training Diaries.”

[ ] Open now
[ ] Open later
[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open now
[x] Clean up with a sponge bath.
Well, that was a pretty hot Akyuu scene. I wonder what's coming up ne-

>SIDE-THREAD UNLOCKED: “Akyuu’s Secret Rinnosuke-Training Diaries.”


[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open now

Read the story better, dumbass.

The fairies? They tried pranking him and he merely did a bit of molesting/spanking. Pretty light compared whatever else they'd get. And Mystia was horny and didn't mind the tentacles one bit.

If there was any sort of rape, it'd be by the girls and even then it wasn't completely rape. What happened with Yuugi and Nue mainly.
At first, I was going to read your post and answer something, but when I read "dumbass", I decided you were just a rude stupid guy unable to speak properly without insulting the other side. So, as we say in your country, "eat shit and die".

[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open later

Really guys, this isn't worth fighting over. We should focus on more important things. Like how Akyuu is the hottest.
[x] Clean up with a shower.

>SIDE-THREAD UNLOCKED: “Akyuu’s Secret Rinnosuke-Training Diaries.”
[x] Later.
But we just had an Akyu scene.
[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open later
>boohoo someone said something mean to me
Grow a thicker skin.

[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open now
[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open now.

Oh god. Oh man.
[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open now.

I feel like I should feel bad for enjoying this, but whatever.
[x] Clean up with a sponge bath.
[x] Open now.
[x] Clean up in the bath.

>SIDE-THREAD UNLOCKED: “Akyuu’s Secret Rinnosuke-Training Diaries.”

[x] Open now
[x] Clean up in the shower.
[x] Open like a boss.
[x] Clean up in the bath.
[x] Open later
Closing Votes!

[x] Bathe with Akyuu
[x] Open side-thread now
Gentlemen, ready your bodies.
File 132001306891.jpg - (215.36KB, 634x1000 , 4e2fd4565090bb466a89ea0e83816a3f.jpg) [iqdb]
MY BODY IS READY. And yours?
File 132001963536.png - (258.87KB, 463x462 , my-body-is-ready.png) [iqdb]
Dang it, missed the vote. Oh well, everything good there.

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