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This is my first post here, so hopefully it's kosher, but I'm about to start working on translating "Yuuka ga do-S de ARISU ga M de" ("Yuuka is the Extreme Sadist, Alice is the Masochist"). It's got futa, S&M, and lesdom elements in it, and I really liked the art.

I wanted to do a little background research before I started. What's Yuuka like, fandom-wise? I'm guessing she's got an "S-mode" that's similar to what's in here - domineering, voracious, cackling villain, etc., but I was just wondering if there were any other high points that I could use to help shape her lines.

Provided that I don't make any missteps, I'll be posting it here as thanks.

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Already translated: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/365309/592f6121c0/
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And here.


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lot of Doumou's stuff is getting translated now (to my delight)

out of curiousity, have you translated anything before or was this gonna be your first project?
we have plenty of untranslated doujins in these topics >>17892 if you want to translate anything else. and we have a discussion topic where you could easily ask about touhou fandom and anything else you may wish to know about >>15375
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I've got some experience. I'll have to take a look there. Thanks for the guidance.
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If you're interested in DOUMOU, none of these should be translated.

http://www.mediafire.com/?px8vq7bymobun62 , and

>>9691 was mangled by CGRascal. As long as you can do better than him (see >>9710), you're welcome to retranslate it.
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I never fully understood why CGRascal is so... prolific, despite the rampant sneering at his "works". Do people pay this guy or something? Most people would notice that the man does not know what he is doing.
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don't want to make this into a request thread but if you're interested in somewhat paranormal-ish doujins, this youmu, yuyuko, and faceless guy one is pretty interesting. >>12476
youmu's ghost self gives a guy a blow job while he's having vaginal sex with yuyuko. its fairly unique
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If you don't really understand the games, canon or fanon, you're going to have to tread lightly if adapting lines and trying to 'get' some of the less obvious writing. The community, not just this site, but as a whole, can tend to be really sensitive over it. I'd also recommend against posting your email on an image board, but that's a bit too late.

You'll also want to get to know the other groups and what they're already translating. No need to waste your time reinventing the wheel if someone is already doing it, unless it's a cgrascal translation. I don't have the sites for them, someone else can link them.

What I'd consider doing if I were you is checking out >>16297 and picking up one of the doujinshi there that was nominated but not picked.


From what I know cgrascal is doing this all pro bono and nobody is paying him. He just really loves attention.
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A hint, doujinshi writers sometimes add lines directly, or modified from the games into the text. Case in point, takakuya's youjoranbu 1 has mokou partially quotes/modifies her lines from eiyashou. Checking the translations of the relevant games on the wiki is a worthy endeavor so you can at least slightly conform to the more familiar translated version of the phrase. Basically, the wiki is your best friend here.

Oh, and get the names right so you don't tl 紫 into Murasaki like certain someone from the earlier days of the fandom...
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CGRascal used to do commission work for doujin-moe, but I think the overall dissatisfaction with his results has seen him be passed over in favor of better scanlators.
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Because he's the only translator we got that translates a lot of stuff, even if it is shit. That is, aside from the occasional LWB commission.
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That explains why people read his stuff, yes. It doesn't explain why he does it, especially in light of how he's not at all interested in getting better at it.

If he were just doing it as a hobby, he'd probably get better at it over time; he hasn't.
If he were doing it to wank his ego, he'd probably start seeing a flaw here and there and work to improve. He hasn't.
If he were doing it for practice, he'd definitely have made some advances in his translating, editing, and typesetting skills, yet he has improved none of these in all the years he's been a scanlator.

That's my personal biggest problem with him, right there - he doesn't take enough pride in his work to want to do it the best he can, let alone getting better at it. The end result is pathetic.
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I think wings of yuri does some touhou H stuff as well as non-H. Only yuri, though.


I should really check to see if there's anything there not on the main list at some point.
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I had looked at >>9691 and decided against it since I'm not a fan of domme Flandre. >>9151 looks interesting, though I am starting to get the sense that Doumou's got a bit of sameface going. I'll show it to my typesetter and see what he thinks.

Yeah, was expecting that the fandom would be particular.

I didn't realize that the scripts were online, though, which would really help with characterization. I'll have to keep that in mind.
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He seems to be purely interested in 'stealing' doujins from folks, that's the closest thing I can figure at the moment. And with how other circles let him get away with it, it's unlikely he'll be stopping anytime soon.
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You mention other circles letting him get away with it, but what can they really do about it?
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I'm fairly certain CGRascal just does his translations as a hobby.
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Retranslate his shit.
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That's stupid. The proper course of action is to ignore him. Let the people that like his shitty translations like them, and let him make them, and never let his name fall from your lips again.
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The proper way for a translation group to ignore him would be to retranslate his shit if they were going to do it originally. NOT retranslating it would be admitting it exists.
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And let our sites get flooded with his shit because other translators arent re-translating?

Are you fucking insane or just retarded?
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You must be lagged by about 2 years, since he's been translating touhou doujins and they aren't getting retranslated.
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Another well-meaning thread derailed.

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This times infinity.

And thus the scenario >>18233 has come true.
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For the last time, stuff he translates isn't being retranslated because other translators don't want to translate them. Deal with it. Whining solves nothing.

I like these and wish someone would translate them.