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[X] Ally with Remilia
[?] Koishi special tie event!
[X] Build up the surface outpost into Hell’s Gate Castle
[?] Epic military development fail

< * * * Hell’s Gate Castle, Mid Spring * * * >

It’s been a month since you were transformed into a futanari. Though you have not fully accepted your fate, you’ve come to terms with the fact that you have no choice but to remain in this body for some time until a cure is found, and only then will you even have the option to decide what to do. On the bright side, your body hasn’t changed any more since then. Every few nights, either Satori or Koishi would make use of your male organ to satisfy their sexual urges, though you’ve never managed to get both of them at once in a threesome. They loved your penis and your lactating breasts, but for the female organ between your legs they only gave an occasional teasing rub or lick out of respect for your conflicted identity. You’ve masturbated with your pussy a few times in private and discovered the joys of your clitoris, but some male part of you still resists being pleasured that way with feelings of shame and disgust.

The outpost is being built up into a proper castle, named Hell’s Gate after the entrance to the Underworld which it defends. Though Satori has not gone quite so far as to designate it the new capital, she has been spending a lot of time here for diplomatic functions, as have you. The one-eyed, silver-haired knight Sakuya has displayed remarkable skill in somehow managing to go back and forth between Hell’s Gate Castle and the Scarlet Devil Mansion, despite the latter being under siege, as you negotiate an alliance with the Scarlet Clan and promise to send an expedition to relieve them. Satori has also skillfully negotiated a trade agreement with the neighbouring Moriya Clan of Youkai Mountain and won additional terms by persuading the Moriya to upgrade the Underworld’s Furnace into a Nuclear Furnace under an energy-sharing agreement. Your other neighbour is the Hinanawi, a minor but respectable clan. From distant lands, the great clans Saigyouji and Houraisan have also sent delegations to visit the Komeiji.

The seemingly never-ending noises of construction in Hell’s Gate Castle are always loud, but today they are drowned out by a lively argument in the grand hall.

“We should obviously build a katana school!” Rin is shouting. “Offence is the key to victory!”

“But at what cost?” Utsuho asks with arms crossed. “We should focus on defence and naginatas to minimize our losses.”

“Ha! You wimps should just stick with nagae yari if you’re afraid to die, then!” Yuugi laughs.

“Why not just have everyone carry shields while you’re at it?” Parsee sulks.

If you and Satori are refraining from taking part in this argument, it’s only because you’re having a grand row over another matter.

“No, it’s too dangerous for Koishi to go! We don’t even know what’s out there! What’s wrong with having her stay close to home and build up our domestic service?” Satori demands, not for the first time.

“Anyone can do that! But we’re blind about what’s going on in the rest of Gensokyo, and only Koishi’s good enough to do something about that! You’re being overprotective!” You counter, not for the first time.

“Neither of you care about what I think! I hate youuu!” Koishi cries dramatically and starts to run out of the hall.

“Wait! Koishi!” You both call out and chase her, but she has too much of a head start. Koishi pushes open a door and steps out, but trips on the threshold and falls…

…right into the arms of a blonde magician dressed in black and white. “My, my, what an energetic clan, ze.” You wonder how she got in and why the guards didn’t stop her, then notice that all the servants and guards within sight are prostrating themselves. Marisa helps Koishi back onto her feet and dabs her tears away with a scented handkerchief. “There, big girls don’t cry, right ze?” She flashes her biggest smile at the blushing maiden and gives her a hug in which Koishi’s head is trapped between the biggest knockers you have never seen Marisa have before. Koishi eventually slips free and runs off, her head lowered and clutching her chest.

“Ah, innocent young love,” Invincible Marisa sighs wistfully. You start to run after Koishi, but Marisa raises her palm and gestures for you to stop. “We have more important business, ze. You must be the new Komeiji strategist, Maxine Hardwood?” She smirks at your name, then takes off her bonnet and gives you a formal, sweeping bow. “Marisa Kirisame, at your service, and also at yours, Komeiji-san. I have good news for you!” She reaches between her breasts and draws out a letter, which she hands to Satori. “On behalf of the Hakurei Mikonate, I hereby recognize the Komeiji as a Great Clan of Gensokyo. Congratulations and so long!”

Marisa raises her hand and summons a sleek broom with a whoosh. She sits on it sideways and flies off, soon shrinking into a small dot in the sky.

“What was that all about?” you ask.

“It’s a message from the Hakurei,” Satori tells you as she skims the letter with narrowed eyes and tosses it away unceremoniously. “They’re watching our rise. The Hakurei stay in power by playing the clans against each other so that no single clan grows powerful enough to challenge them. Any clan that gathers too much power or influence will be declared an enemy of the Empress Kyuubi and soon exterminated by all the other clans.”

“That sounds dangerous,” you say.

“It takes a while to reach that point,” Satori assures you. “Now where did Koishi run off to-“

“Komeiji-sama!” A crow messenger lands in the courtyard and kneels. “I bear news from the Furnace! Yasaka Kanako requests Reiuji-sama’s presence at the Furnace to witness the relighting ceremony.”

“Komeiji-sama!” Another servant interrupts. “Izayoi-dono has-“

“-arrived.” Sakuya enters the courtyard in her disguise as a simple maid. An eyepatch covers her right eye. “I have it on good intelligence that the rebels plan to assault our walls directly in less than a week. Now is the time to honour your part of the alliance. I shall ride with you and show you the quickest way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”

“The expeditionary army is ready,” Satori informs Sakuya. “Hardwood will lead the army. You must understand that I need to stay here for all the administrative work that needs to be done.”

< * * * >

Commander/Troop status:
You – Conquistadores, Join Expedition
Satori – Bow Youkai, Garrison Hell’s Gate
Rin – Katana Cat Youkai, Available
Utsuho – Naginata Crow Youkai, Available
Yuugi – Katana Oni, Available
Parsee – Bridge Troll, Available
Fairy levy types available: Standard, Bow
Maximum levies fielded per battle: 6

[ ] Send a commander (specify) to look for Koishi
[ ] Send some generic subordinates to look for Koishi
[ ] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own

[ ] Accept Kanako’s request
[ ] We need her for the expedition

Expeditionary Army:
[1] Pick additional commanders to go. Only the commanders marked “available” and not already chosen for another task above can go.
[2] Pick number/composition of fairy levies for the coming battle.

Bonus choice: Contraceptives
According to Satori, humans cannot impregnate youkai, but youkai can impregnate humans.
[ ] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)
[ ] Import medicine from Houraisan clan
[ ] None, because you don’t plan on having sex using your pussy
Oh dear... we have some difficult choices here. Will Utsuho go nuts if sent to Kanako? Can ANYONE find Koishi? And who should we take...

If Utsuho is sent to Kanako, then we should take Parsee for a defensive unit (can trolls block cavalry as well as they did onis btw StoryBunny?). Yuugi should come and Rin should stay JUUUST in case Utsuho go nuts and need more than Satori's voive to calm down.

As for levies... 2 standards and 1 bow? Since it's a defensive battles, pretty much everyone in Scarlet will probably be here for the fight.
[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own
That, or stumble across some sort of terrifying secret conspiracy or something. Koishi does that.

[X] Accept Kanako’s request
Utsuho should pay special attention to the various defenses and outlays, as well as pay attention to not getting captured.

[x]Rin – Katana Cat Youkai, Available
[x]Parsee – Bridge Troll, Available
[x]6 fairy levies: 2 normal 4 bow

Parsee should not be left on her own with Satori or with Yuugi for fear of rebellion or temporary combat ineffectiveness due to smashed pelvis/overstimulation. That leaves her going out, which dictates something for her to guard - in this case lots of bow levies. That leaves a couple of levies and us as the attack/defense crew. Shower and pin with arrows while marching troops up to outmaneuver.

[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)
I-it's not like we're actually going to have sex with - with those parts or anything! It's just better to go prepared, in case we- I mean... shut up! Just shut up!!
[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own

I doubt anyone's going to find her if she doesn't want to be found.

[X] Accept Kanako’s request

We need to honour our agreements, and her naginata unit can stay behind to help defend Hell's Gate.

[X] Expeditionary Army:
-[X] Rin
-[X] Yuugi
-[X] Parsee
-[X] Four bow levies
-[X] Two standard levies

Some offence, a charge breaker, ranged capability and melee fodder.

[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you

I'd rather not risk taking drugs from a clan we may fight later.
You know, I like those choices.

[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own
Sadly, we can't really spare anyone. And like a generic would find her anyway.

[X] Accept Kanako’s request
Hopefully, we're not about to suffer from a Moriya Shrine conspiracy... yeah, as if this wasn't going to happen.

[x]Rin – Katana Cat Youkai, Available
[x]Parsee – Bridge Troll, Available
[x]6 fairy levies: 2 normal 4 bow

I thought about taking Yuugi first... But then, walls are involved next fight. Can you imagine rebels bringing explosives to a wall when suddenly, cats drop down on them in a surprise assault? And a defensive unit to help support the gate. Levy... is it really alright to take so many?

[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)
While I would rather not have any at all, better safe than sorry. Who know what will happen in the future?

Also StoryBunny, any chance we'll get a chance to make up for that epic development fail? Missing a chance like this is going to hurt us in the long run.
>Maximum levies fielded per battle: 6
I'm assuming that since both the rebels and Remilia could field max units, and we're only deploying one army, we actually have more levies at our disposal for defense and this is the maximum we can fit in our stack for balance reasons.

If that's not the case, please inform us, Storybunny~

I wonder if we can get some of our fairies promoted after fighting fiercely in several battles~

I definitely recall doing that after my captains won stupendous victories against overwhelming forces in Rome. And then BAM, free heavy cavalry~
...Wait a second.

>Empress Kyuubi
If that's Ran, then where is Yukari? Suddenly, hidden plot from her sounds possible.

And you know, we really do need to inquire about Suika after the rebels are put down.
>> Storybunny
Normally, I don't moan when a writer punishes anon stupidity, it's often the only way to stop anon becoming a borderline mary sue when it comes to decision making, and we were pretty indecisive, but when it come to a major bonus with so many options it's not that likely that anon will hive-mind around an option without 1 being significantly better then others. There were only 5 votes over the course of a day (and 1 person changing vote twice, one of which too ask a question which got no response.)
Are you asking anon to all vote on mass for what the first 1 or 2 posts chooses, because they may refuse.

It might be wise to add a bonus of some kind to help anon make up, or at least establish ground rules for tiebreakers in-case this happens again, as it probably will, and and you don't want anon to fear difference as it will reduce quality of the voting and destroy any chance of a good discussion.

As for Koishi I will give you the benefit of the doubt, a random event of this type is just how I like a story spiced up.

Other then that, good story so far. It feels less like an /at story and more like a story put in /at to allow itself to push more bounderies / get away with more sex scenes.

Keep it up
>It feels less like an /at story and more like a story put in /at to allow itself to push more bounderies / get away with more sex scenes.

The sex scenes feel like a mediocre afterthought, and this would probably be a better story if the sex scenes were dropped and this was placed in /others/. I imagine I'm not the only one who feels pushed away by the tacked on sex.

Honestly, I see it more like Sengoku Rance with uniting the world and screwing people along the way.

[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own

[X] Accept Kanako’s request

[x]Rin – Katana Cat Youkai, Available
[x]Parsee – Bridge Troll, Available
[x]6 fairy levies: 2 normal 4 bow

[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)
[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own
[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)
[x] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own

[x] Accept Kanako’s request

[x]Rin – Katana Cat Youkai, Available
[x]Parsee – Bridge Troll, Available
[x]6 fairy levies: 2 normal 4 bow

[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)

Yeah we probably don't want Maxine to get pregnant(for now at least), though other than that i have nothing against getting her female parts some attention as well~
In fact, i encourage it.

After all, at least i want Maxine to get used to her new body.
[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own

[X] Accept Kanako’s request

[x]Rin – Katana Cat Youkai, Available
[x]Parsee – Bridge Troll, Available
[x]6 fairy levies: 2 normal 4 bow

[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell. Discreetly import medicine. Don't have sex with your lady parts anyway.

It may be beyond futile, but see reason, my friends! Both magic and drugs can fail, so we should use both, and then not take the risk anyway. This way, even if we get raped or forced, we will not be impregnated. Hopefully.

Also, Yukari is totally gonna take over, guys. Probably when our clan is in control and we're away putting down a rebellion, she'll take over. She'll kill all the loyal generals, and then have us imprisoned when we return. Then we'll be made a gladiator and forced to fight in the arena. However, we might get the last laugh by succesfully baiting her until a duel with us, allowing us to kill her before we succumb to own wounds.
Who to say that Yukari doesn't want the whole system ruined to make way for a more peaceful era?
>I-it's not like we're actually going to have sex with - with those parts or anything! It's just better to go prepared, in case we- I mean... shut up! Just shut up!!
Tsundere Maxine is delicious :D

>Also StoryBunny, any chance we'll get a chance to make up for that epic development fail? Missing a chance like this is going to hurt us in the long run.

>I'm assuming that since both the rebels and Remilia could field max units, and we're only deploying one army, we actually have more levies at our disposal for defense and this is the maximum we can fit in our stack for balance reasons.

Okay, you've been using emoticons for a while. Have you read this post? >>/gensokyo/6052

>1) Emoticons are discouraged. Be they :(, or >.>, or ^_^, or even the dreaded xD, they are not required, and you will only be scorned and mocked for using them. You are able to post without them (I should hope), so if you absolutely must convey your emotional state, do so with words.
Total mood killer colon open parenthesis.

Is this a hidden request to start referring to hyper weapon and imperial juice?
While you're here SB, I have a 'game' question, so to say: while we've seen how effective trolls are at blocking melee, what about cavalry?
SB here
Trolls are about the same vs cavalry
File 131471789545.jpg - (606.87KB, 800x800 , 30d965baf1bb1242cc4145c0b93b7701[1].jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, at some point we'll want to, ah, check the fine knockers on that invincible Marisa. As a Hardwood, of course. Professional interest and all that.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME we need to have a discreet word with Satori to see if Parsee really is loyal now - can we really trust her? I mean, her, er, conversion was.. kind of...

Is it really that- that- enjoyable to, be, ah- in your.. girl parts like that? Surely, I mean, of course there's something more to it than that, right? Not- not that I'm interested in finding out or anything, of course!
File 13147261337.jpg - (62.40KB, 850x680 , 18a.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Koishi’s a big girl, she’ll be fine on her own
[X] Accept Kanako’s request
[X] Army:
2 levies
4 bow levies
[X] Have Satori cast a contraceptive spell on you (lasts until willingly dispelled)

The Komeiji Expeditionary Army is seen off by Satori, Yuugi and Utsuho, who are staying behind in Komeiji lands. Columns of youkai and fairies march out through the newly built gate of Hell’s Gate Castle, their weapons glinting brightly with the reflection of the sun. Sakuya guides your army under cherry blossoms through lightly wooded hills. However, the scars of war are already visible on the land. You pass by many burnt-out farmhouses looking over abandoned terrace farms and rice paddies left fallow, their inhabitants long dead or fled.

For several days, your scouts report no enemy contact as the army marches towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It is only on the day before you are due to arrive that the scouts report seeing bird youkai in the trees, who evaded capture and disappeared as soon as they saw the scouts.

As night falls and the army sets up camp, you hold a meeting with your commanders in your tent to plan for the upcoming battle. Sakuya rolls out a map of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and the surrounding area over a low table, around which you, she, Rin and Parsee are sitting.

“The rebel army has the mansion surrounded on three sides, and the lake makes up the forth,” Sakuya places markers on the map to indicate the rebel forces. “Ever since our last battle Rumia has been recruiting more rebels to replenish her losses. When I left the mansion last, I estimated that she has gathered fifteen companies of fairies. This would make her army outnumber yours and Mistress’s combined, but we can hit her from two sides when Mistress sorties and our soldiers are better trained, so their numerical advantage should be moot.”

You nod, and add a few markers of your own to represent the Komeiji army. “That doesn’t change our plan. We’ll still deploy the archers in centre and set up the anvil. Now as for the contingency plans…”

It is late in the evening when your planning is finished and the commanders take their leave. You stretch and yawn, feeling confident about tomorrow’s outcome. The candles burn low and cast your curvy silhouette against the wall of the tent as you change into a nightgown. Your armour and sword are arranged neatly beside your bedroll.

Outside, unbeknownst to you, someone is sneaking into the camp. The stealthy figure tiptoes through a patch of trees where the fairies are bivouacking, taking advantage of the natural shelter offered by the leaves and branches. Suddenly, one of the fairies grabs the intruder’s foot as she tries to pass by! Luckily for the intruder, however, she seems to be dreaming, for she mutters something about a giant gourd of sake in her sleep and tries to pour the intruder’s foot into an imaginary bowl. The intruder tries to free her leg, but the dreaming fairy doesn’t seem to want to let go, forcing her to pull harder and harder until her leg is suddenly freed and she loses her balance, falling over.

The intruder turns her fall into a roll on the grass and catches herself inches before she would have rolled into another sleeping fairy. Having avoided being detected thus unfortunately, the intruder gets back onto her feet, stretches her wings once, and proceeds further into the sleeping camp. Thus she bypasses the sentries posted in the trees who are on the lookout for bird spies flying in.

A short while later you are already to go to sleep, but before you do so a last bout of wistfulness overtakes you. You sit on your knees, looking over the map but not really paying attention to it. The heavy war fan that is ceremonial proof of your delegation as general lies on a near corner of the table. For no particular reason you pick it up and hold it up-


You stare at the dart stuck in the metal fan. Were it made of paper instead, the dart would have surely pierced you by now. You look up and see your assailant: a bird youkai if her ears are any indication, dressed in dark brown ninja garb and a long scarf around her neck, with very long and sinister-looking nails. She looks just as surprised as you are that you have survived the attack, and recovers first by throwing another dart. You dodge instinctively but unnecessarily, as the dart was aimed at the candles which are immediately snuffed out.

“Assassin!” You cry out as loudly as you can, fumbling for your sword. Why, oh why did you put it down with your armour instead of wearing it with you at all times, even in bed! With the loss of the light from the candle, night-blindness strikes you, and you grope around in the dark, screaming like the girl you are. Your hands close thankfully around the familiar scabbard and you leap away just in time to hear a katana slicing the air that you displaced a moment ago. Straight Toledo steel is swiftly drawn and used to parry in the direction of a moving blob in your vision. The ring of clashing swords informs you that you have blocked a sword stroke. You see another blurry movement in the dark and lash out wildly at it. There is another clash of steel, then a twist and your sword is forced out of your hand. “Help!” you scream, taking a step backwards and tripping over your armour painfully, wincing as you feel your helmet bruise into your back.

Your eyes readapt to the dark without warning to the sight of your would-be assassin standing over your triumphantly, katana raised and pointed down towards your heart, ready to impale you. She suddenly looks to her left and swings her sword that way to deflect a knife that comes flying out of nowhere. In the space of one loud heartbeat, one side of your tent is shredded and Sakuya leaps through the opening with a knife in one hand and a torch in the other. Katana, knife and torch swing so quickly in the dark that the light from and reflected off them appear like trails.

Without much of a plan, you reach behind your back and grab your helmet to throw towards where your attacker appears to be. Whether by luck or by skill, it connects with her head with a satisfying whack and drops her to the floor of the tent, unconscious. “Good throw,” Sakuya congratulates you breathlessly as she relights the candles.

“T-thanks for saving my life,” you gasp gratefully as the fact that you have just barely survived a ninja’s assassination attempt sinks in.

“Hardwood-sama! Are you all right?” The sentries on patrol duty rush into your tent on cue, right on time to be completely useless.

“Who is she?” you ask, pointing to the unconscious assassin-wannabe, who is being tied up securely by the guards as you speak.

“Mystia, one of Rumia’s cronies,” Sakuya bends down to examine her more closely. “I thought I killed her with a knife to the throat in the last battle. See?” She pulls away the scarf to reveal a recently healed scar on Mystia’s throat.

“Was she the one who took your eye?” you guess.

“No, she was pretty weak,” Sakuya shakes her head and taps her eyepatch. “An ice fairy was the one who did this. I’ll pay her back… later.” She straightens and nudges the gradually recovering Mystia with her foot. The ropes are secure despite her groggy struggles. “What do we do with her now?”

[ ] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest
[ ] Punish Mystia with your Hardwood
[ ] Express gratitude the Hardwood way to Sakuya for saving your life
[ ] Or write-in.
[x] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and
-[x] Express gratitude the Hardwood way to Sakuya for saving your life.

We can "interrogate" Mystia tomorrow.
[x] Punish Mystia with your Hardwood

Bad girls get the stick! Maybe the carrot too.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and
-[X] Express gratitude the Hardwood way to Sakuya for saving your life.
[ ] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest. Interregate her tomorrow, stripping her and dragging her behind the horses as we march if she refuses to talk. Also ensure she remains gagged at all times.

Yes tonight we rest, tomorrow she sings. No need to slow down to interrogate though. I'm assuming her final fate is another vote.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest.

This is simply not the time. If Sakuya was the one saved and proposed it, then yes. But she's the one who helped us here. Since we got no hint at all she was interested, this is really not the time. Especially not with the big fight tomorrow.

This, and remember that we do need to make a good impression on Remilia too. And Remilia will most probably ask Sakuay her opinion of us.
then why would the option be there? She would likely want the thanks at least.
We already thanked her. But the Hardwood way? Unless I'm horribly mistaken about what it means, let me remind you that just because a choice is there doesn't mean it's a good one to take.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest

Interrogating someone while tired and coming down from an adrenaline rush is a bad idea. Save it for tomorrow. And since we have Mystia, we can have sex with her, leaving Sakuya for a later date. I doubt having sex with multiple people in one day has a cumulative effect on the curse, based on what happened with Parsee and Yuugi.
Do remember Mystia wasn't on the list Yukari provided. Nor was any other rebel.

And considering what we have seen as we approach the SDM, I'm very glad none voted for siding with Rumia.
[x] Punish Mystia with your Hardwood

Wasn't Sakuya on the list?
The list was about important members of the Scarlet Clan. Obviously none of the rebels would show up on that. It doesn't mean Mystia isn't important.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest

We shall take our prize only after the rebels are broken. The knowledge of their failure should make her less likely to resist.
[X]Have a (very minor) breakdown that people are actually trying to kill and maim you! You, personally!

Max has been in battle and killed (or at least severely inconvenienced) people in battle, but this was a targeted attack at him! That'd shake even regular commanders up, let alone converted videogamers.
Normally I would vote the Sakuya option without a second thought simply because I can't resist the meido. So far though, she hasn't shown any interest in Max and I wouldn't want to mess things up between them.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest

We can punish Mystia with our Hardwood later, when we have the rest of Team 9. Also, sleep.
That reminds me - if one were to br exceedingly paranoid, one would be worried about Sakuya's injury.

I mean, she got magically created ice in her brain. And it was put there by fairies that can manipulate ice, and the very spirit of winter.

Who knows if they could implant small suggestions without her knowing, like capture enemies instead of killing them outright... forgotten rendevous with them where they reinforce their commands, touch their magic upon her more, reinforcing their control over time until she becomes their creature entirely, the beings of winter cooling off her head and filling that empty eyesocket with crystal vision, betraying her mistress at the most crucial time with her sole reward able to keep her former lord as a toy for herself?

...Nah, that's silly and would never happen, right?

Just me being overly paranoid due to the assassination attempt, that's all. Nothing to worry over...

Don't give the writefag ideas dumass.
Could someone link back to the last thread? I cannot seem to find it anywhere.
It always amuses me how anon freaks out over highly improbable things but often overlooks the more likely and relevant risks.

Go to >>16122
[X] Punish Mystia with your Hardwood.

Pound it until she has trouble walking. Then have her bound up and imprisoned. It will reduce her chance of escaping or something.
File 131480248227.jpg - (763.28KB, 800x800 , 567457ab6ed408a9823edf406e7d9e30[1].jpg) [iqdb]
(hint: if I didn't want wild improbable things to occur I wouldn't be voting in an /at/ crossover thread with shogun 2)

(Pic related to previous comment, and oh gods this is one of multiple attacks and others are getting assaulted even now paranoia kicking in they're in the goddamn walls)
[x] Punish Mystia with your Hardwood.

What the guy a few posts above said. Pound the ground, scorched earth. Where our hammer strikes, no seed will grow anymore.
[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest
File 131483629955.jpg - (89.42KB, 850x637 , 19.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the short update: sick and tired writefag is sick and tired, and colon opens parenthesis.

[X] Take Mystia prisoner, double the guard, and rest

“Keep her tied up,” you order the guards, pointing to Mystia. “And gagged,” you add, not wanting to risk seeing what her song can do. The adrenaline rush evaporates and leaves your body drained of energy. You sway but manage to catch yourself before you lose your balance. A chilly draft blows in from the large rip in the side of your tent and makes your nipples perk up very noticeably under your nightgown.

“You can’t sleep here like this,” Sakuya tells you as she wraps her arm gently around your shoulders, guiding you out as the guards carry Mystia away. You catch her looking at your cleavage as she guides you to her tent, but you can hardly fault her for that.

“Thanks…” further words are caught in your throat as you flop down and sit on her bedroll. You are surprised to feel tears rolling down your cheeks and find your breath coming in hics and sobs. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t know w-what’s happening to me,” you manage to choke out.

“Hush, just let it all out.” You feel Sakuya’s breath on your ear as she sits on her knees in front of you and pulls you forward to rest your head on her shoulder.

“It’s… it’s just… I really thought I was gonna die,” you sob. “This isn’t how Gensokyo’s supposed to be! It’s not supposed to be filled with war and blood and curses… e-everybody’s supposed to get along and have tea parties and d-danmaku duels…”

Sakuya doesn’t say anything, but just hugs you closely while you vent your pent-up stress. Her body feels warm and protective around you. You hiccup and wipe your tears away with the back of your hand. “I- Thanks, Sakuya,” you say a little hoarsely, as you get over the worst of it. “I must be such a bothersome fool…”

“Of course not,” Sakuya assures you and gives you a little pat on the head. “Everyone needs someone to lean on sometime or other. I’m just glad I can be here for you.”

You give Sakuya a warm, genuine smile. “Thanks… you’re a really good per- eep!” You find yourself pushed down onto the bedroll with your wrists held down in a frighteningly strong grip. Sakuya’s weight is pressing down on your body and despite your struggles you can’t get away from her tongue licking your earlobe.

“I’m not a good person,” she whispers in your ear, making you shiver. “You’re tempting me too much with your big-breasted damsel-in-distress act… I can’t hold back anymore.” She brings her knee forward until she forces your legs apart and presses her leg against your crotch. “I can make you feel even better, take you to heaven for a little while…”

[ ] Submit to Sakuya.
[ ] Be tsundere about it.
[ ] Now’s not the time.
[ ] Submit to Sakuya.
[x] Submit to Sakuya.

Told you guys we should have voted for showing gratitude.
[X] Be tsundere about it.

Just too curious about this choice...
[X] Be tsundere about it.

Eh, fine. Better make sure she isn't distracted during the battle. But that's the only reason we're doing this, right guys?
[X] Be tsundere about it.

Oh, yes. Resistance only makes Sakuya harder (to put off)?
[X] Be tsundere about it.

Because it amuses me.
[x] Submit to Sakuya.

Ultimately, I prefer to go with this. But whatever wins, I wonder how Sakuya will react to the surprise we have in store.

Here we go making the alliance stronger, one commander at a time.
[X] Be tsundere about it.
Other than the fact it's overrated, like all things tsundere?
[X] Be tsundere about it.
[X] Now’s not the time.

Sleep first, sex later. Both are tired and Sakuya may not be thinking straight due to sleep deprevation.
[X] Be tsundere about it.
It's hard to overrate Sakuya gently teaching an - almost - resisting newly (mostly) girl about the joys of femininity to his embarrasment.
[X] Be tsundere about it.
[x] Be tsundere about it.

Yes this.
That reminds me of something: We're not the only outsiders who arrived in Gensokyo; we had a whole slew of conquistadores who are random faceless males, or something of that sort. And I doubt they've been busying themselves every day, surely? Come to think of it, what do we know about them apart from they're ostensibly loyal to us (and do they know anything about us actually not being a proper commander)? Would they be jealous if they all lost their malehoods but we kept ours? Or would they have turned into huge sluts, or some of each and some being more well balanced?

-I know, bodyguard unit, no-one ever thinks of them except as nameless NPCs, but I've always got a fondness for people keeping us alive. I wonder if they'd count towards the "keeping curse away" total. Some tiny if vague amount of personality or description of our protectors would be nice. And possibly a big harem-addition of sorts, where we can (if someone *cough maid* teaches us) them of their new gender.

Another note: >>17615
>considering what we have seen as we approach the SDM, I'm very glad none voted for siding with Rumia.
If Remilia had won, you just know she'd be demonstrating her (fake) heritage from Vlad the Impaler. Quiet countryside is nothing in war.

Also, I keep hoping that this is all some sort of MMORPG type thing where disputes can be settled as bloodily as they want while leaving everyone fine afterwards.. no real character deaths have occurred, and everyone's come back so far - possibly because they've got multiple lives until they're knocked out permanently. Still, it's another depth of grimdark if it is just as seen here.
>we had a whole slew of conquistadores who are random faceless males, or something of that sort. And I doubt they've been busying themselves every day, surely?

I'm quite certain our conquistadores were female from the very beginning.
Then again, they also referred to us as "Ma'am" before the gender choice later in the very same update so i dunno.
[X] Now’s not the time.
If she really wants it, she can have it tomorrow when we're both thinking clearly.

>we had a whole slew of conquistadores who are random faceless males
No, they were female from the start:
>Instantly your voice is lost in the warcries of your conquistadores [...] You hardly have time to notice that their shouts sound oddly feminine
>You feel someone roughly shaking your shoulder; it is your flagbearer. You nod at her
File 131490143579.jpg - (154.71KB, 850x850 , 20.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Be tsundere about it.

“Mn, maybe now’s not the time, Sakuya…” you try to push her away, but with your wrists held down, you can do little but shift about ineffectually under her. Sakuya doesn’t even bother relying, but simply lavishes your neck with little licks that send shivers down your spine. She moves down and plants soft kisses on your shoulder, careful to leave no mark on your smooth skin, until she can bite down on the strap of your nightgown and slide it off your shoulder with her teeth. The thin fabric slips beneath your left breast, exposing it to her appreciative gaze.

Sakuya leans down and flicks her tongue over your large rosy nipple and smiles as it perks up before her eyes. “Don’t you want me to suck on it?” she teases you.

“Eh, all right…” you give in reluctantly. “D-don’t get the wrong idea, this is to make sure you aren’t distracted tomorrow, and that’s the only reason-“

“Yes, whatever you say,” Sakuya smiles knowingly and then cuts off your excuses by biting down lightly on your nipple. The feeling of her teeth on your sensitive nub draws a sweet moan from your lips. You feel her lips around your nipple next and then the delightful suction of her mouth as she suckles on your breast. Your body obliges her and you fill her mouth with milk, surprising her and causing her to pull back wide-eyed.

“Ah, sorry…” you mutter sheepishly as an errant squirt of milk lands on her lips.

“Mmm, delicious.” Sakuya lowers her head and sucks eagerly on your breast again. As she drinks your milk, a warm feeling of contentment and satisfaction flows through your body. You feel slightly disappointed when she lifts her head and looks into your eyes, her inviting lips a few mere inches away from yours. You lean up a little and kiss them, tasting your own milk on your mouth, and your tongue quite naturally slips in as it seeks out more of the sweet taste. Her own tongue plays with yours, and then it is time to part for breath and pant lightly. Your right hand is freed as she trails her fingers along either side of your belly button. “Are you… expecting?” she whispers to you.

You blush, taken aback by the question. “N-n-no, of course not!” you deny, while shaking your head vehemently.

“I see,” Sakuya’s hand slips lower, pressing lightly on your skin through your thin nightgown. “I’m jealous, what a lucky girl you are. Ah! And full of surprises too.” Her fingers brush against your erection and skillfully gauge its size. You feel her fingertips over what seems to be every last inch of your shaft, and then she slips her hand even lower. Her middle finger finds your clitoris and presses down lightly on it, sending a tingle through your body, before tracing the contours of your moist slit through the fabric of your panties. Even after her hand her moved on to tease your inner thighs, the cloth still clings to your lower lips. She whispers in your ear, “But best of all, you still have the most important parts, so soft and wet, just begging to be loved, aren’t you?”

“Um… can you not say everything out loud like that?” You whisper back, blushing even more.

“Oh? Why should I?” Again her tongue flicks over your earlobe, making you squirm. “It’s not like anybody else is listening.”

“But… but… just don’t, okay?” You pout and try to push her head away, but she simply turns her head and starts sucking on your fingers. “Hey, are you even listening to me?”

Sakuya lets your finger free from your mouth with a pop? “Hm? Did you say something?” She feigns ignorance and silences you with a kiss. Now it is your turn to feel a tongue pushing inquisitively into your mouth. As she explores the inside of your mouth, she grips your wrists again and holds them above your head. You keep your hands high as you feel her grip the hem of your nightgown and pull it up, in the process breaking your kiss as the garment is pulled over your head, up your arms, and off your body. Sakuya pauses to enjoy the sight of your now nude chest. You feel exposed and embarrassed under her scrutiny, and try to cover your breasts with your hands, but she would have none of that. Once more your hands are caught, but this time instead of pinning them down, she guides them to her clothes instead. You get the hint and start undressing her, too.

“Why does it have to be so complicated,” you whine as you fumble with the various ties and buttons of her maid disguise. Eventually the apron comes off, followed by the other layers as you peel them off to reveal your prize. The sight of Sakuya in no more than lacy lingerie makes you pause and take a deep breath, however. The smoothness of her pale skin is interrupted at places by thin scars. Her small breasts are pushed up and together by her bra, making a little bit of cleavage to which your eyes are drawn. “You’re beautiful…” you whisper.

Sakuya blinks with her good eye, as though she does’t hear this phrase often. “Thank you,” she murmurs back at last. “And so are you…” She reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra to reveal her small breasts, which gravity seems unable to touch. You immediately reach out and cup them, each perky mound fitting easily into your hand. Your palms graze against her nipples as you play with her breasts.

“Ah… no, that’s…” you close your eyes out of embarrassment as you feel a pair of fingers hook around opposite sides of your panties and tug them down your legs. A gentle hand pushing down on your shoulder is enough to keep you lying on your back when you try to sit up, because Sakuya is guiding your legs up, toes pointed in the air, to make it easier for her to remove your final undergarment. Your futa cock instantly pops free and stands proudly erect, but that is not the source of your embarrassment.

“You’re so wet… I can see a string of your juice connecting your cute little pussy to your panties, still,” Sakuya whispers to you as she pulls your panties down to mid-thigh. She pushes on the back of your thighs, until your ankles are almost directly above your head, and guides your hands to her knees so that you can hold yourself in that exposed pose for her. “Be a good girl, and don’t move, okay?” she tells you cheerfully, and you obey, maintaining the position with your legs high in the air. You feel hands on your butt, spreading you, and thumbs on your pussy lips pulling them apart to expose your insides. “It’s such a pretty pink colour – my favourite,” she coos. “Beautiful and delicate, just like you. I wonder how it tastes?” You barely have time to prepare yourself before the wet caress of her tongue directly on your sex makes you gasp.

“A-ah! Sa-ku-ya…” you whine after you catch your breath. “You really don’t need to go into that much detail describing my p-pussy…”

“But we don’t have a mirror, and I want you to know how beautiful you look,” Sakuya giggles. She presses your thighs together while your erect member is between them, making it disappear mostly from sight. “Now you look perfect, just like a complete girl! Your clit looks like it needs some attention, have you been neglecting the little girl? Tsk, tsk.” She pinches the sensitive nub between thumb and forefinger and pinches it outward, letting the hood roll along her fingertips. You go weak at the knees from the burst of sensation and your grip on your legs weakens, but Sakuya presses them together and holds them in place until you recover. “Don’t you want me to lick your pussy? Don’t you want to feel good?” She asks you, while licking the back of your thigh and making you shiver.

When you refuse to give her the satisfaction of an immediate reply, Sakuya passes the time by playing with you. She rubs her fingers along your slit and presses two of them in shallowly, then spreads her fingers randomly, stretching your pussy lips open in unexpected directions. “Ah! S-Sakuya!” you finally give in. “Please lick me…”

“Hm? Lick you where, and why?” Sakuya clearly enjoys toying with you, as you now feel a finger rubbing idly in circles around your clitoris. She takes in the sight of your legs tensing and quivering as you struggle to cope with the stimulation.

“L-lick my pussy!” You cry out all at once to get it over with. “B-because it’s for the sake of the alliance, not because it feels good…”

Your attempt at keeping your last shred of dignity is met with muffled laughter. “I’ll be sure to lick it lots so we have a strong alliance, then,” Sakuya promises. She starts with your inner thighs, giving the smooth and sensitive skin little laps that leave it glistening wet though you can’t see, alternating between left and right leg and going a little higher up your thigh each time. It seems tortuously long before her movements culminate on your pussy. Her tongue dips into your slit to lap up your juices. Lips wrap around your clitoris and suck on the nub, making you moan.

You feel fingers pulling your lower lips apart and a wet tongue probing your inner lips. “Sakuya… Sakuya!” You cry out her name in pleasure. She explores and makes love to the most intimate parts of your body, but her tongue can’t go deep inside you before it brushes up against a sensitive barrier.

“You haven’t done this before?” Sakuya pauses and asks you, sounding a little surprised.

“No… not with that part…” you whisper in a very small voice. “But… please go ahead…”

“There’s no need to force yourself,” you hear Sakuya say, before your thoughts are consumed by the wonderful sensation of her mouth on your clitoris again. You also feel a finger stroking up and down the length of your slit for a little while. Sakuya lifts her head and blows lightly on your wet nub, and focuses on her finger, as do you, her digit giving you pleasant sensations, but you want more.

“More…” you ask, but instead of more you feel less as even the finger leaves your body. You are frustrated and tempted to touch yourself, but Sakuya places her hands on top of yours and keeps them in place on the backs of your knees, holding your legs up and back. She crawls beside you and sucks on your left nipple, and as expected milk squirts into her mouth which she gulps down eagerly. Her finger, which has previously been playing with you, find its way to your lips. You taste your own arousal as you suck on her finger and she bobs it up and down in your mouth. Finally she stops with her teasing and licks up your neck to your lips. The two of you kiss, briefly, and after your lips part you see Sakuya looking into your eyes, her face close above yours.

“Do you want to cum?” she asks simply.

You nod wordlessly, and watch Sakuya as she moves back to her previous spot between your legs. The feeling of your rump being spread gets you excited with anticipation, and then coolness of her warm breath as it passes over your wet sex is almost unbearable. Finally, you feel her tongue on your pussy again, dancing up and down your slit, even lapping on your clit at times. “Ah! Sakuya!” you gasp out, but she is not finished yet. You tense up as a wet finger pushes insistently against your opening, no longer exploring experimentally but with a goal: to fuck you.

The single finger slides slowly between your folds and you experience a new sensation of being filled up for the first time. Sakuya pulls her finger out slowly, and just before it comes free, starts pushing it inside you again. It rubs and spreads your sensitive walls open, and you respond by vocally making your pleasure known. Your voice rises a pitch when you feel her tongue playing around the outside of your sex at the same time her finger is mastering your inside. Her finger curls upward slightly and happens to brush a tender spot, her tongue flicks over your swollen clitoris, and then you’re screaming out. “Sakuya! There don’t stop!”

Sakuya is happy to comply, and sucks on your clitoris while pumping her finger inside your pussy at a steady pace. Your body starts to quiver, your hips wanting to buck into Sakuya’s hand but unable to do so in the unnatural pose that she is having you hold yourself in. The two-pronged assault on your senses continues unabated and drives you ever closer to climax. You call out her name more and more loudly, not caring if others can hear, “Sakuya! Sakuya!” Without warning, she bites down lightly on your clitoris, and the overpowering sensation of teeth grazing your delicate nub is the last thing that propels you over the edge and takes you to heaven for a little while.

When you regain your senses you see Sakuya lying beside you. “That’s a very large smile on your face,” she informs you with a smile of her own. She holds her finger lightly to your lips, it wet and coated with cum, not from your dick but from your pussy.

Once again you suck her finger clean, tasting yourself. “No blood?” you say with some relief, as there was not even a hint of iron.

“It didn’t tear with just one finger,” Sakuya adds, “if you want to fool people you still can.” You relax a little, and stretch out your legs. Sakuya doesn’t stop you this time. Your thighs feel wet, and a quick touch confirms it; you must have jizzed between your legs when you climaxed. So caught up were you with your female orgasm that you didn’t even notice yourself ejaculating. “You know,” Sakuya says, squeezing your breast idly, “you look even more beautiful without that silly male organ. Maybe you should look for a way to get rid of it entirely…”

“Maybe,” you respond perhaps a little too quickly, but in any case now is not the right moment for making that decision. You share a long kiss with Sakuya before the two of you have to part for air. “Ah!” you say as if remembering something. “I want to make you feel good too, as much as you made me feel.”

“Really?” Sakuya asks eagerly. You nod in confirmation. “Then we’ll do it like this…” She pulls off her panties and kneels straddling your face, facing towards the top of your head. Your nose is filled with the scent of her arousal and your tongue can easily taste her wet pussy when you want to lick her. As you do so, Sakuya starts rocking slowly, presenting different places for your tongue and lips to explore. You kiss and lick over every inch of her pussy lips, and smile to yourself when she moans loudly because you are sucking on her clitoris.

Eventually Sakuya rests a little more weight on your face and grinds against you. You push your tongue between her slit and inside her folds, moving in different directions. Though your movements are awkward and unpracticed, you must be doing at least something right given the way she is riding your tongue faster and crying out a little more passionately. You feel her hand run through your hair and then grip tight, keeping your head pressed against her crotch. Not that she needs to do that to keep you there, as you continue pleasing her, eager to get her off.

At last, despite your clumsy efforts, you manage to bring Sakuya to a climax. Her walls ripple and squeeze your tongue as though it were a small cock, while releasing its honey into your waiting mouth. Sakuya finally lets go of your hair and lifts her hips off your face. A long sticky strand of liquid stretches between her pussy and the tip of your tongue, and does not break practically until she is lying beside you once more.

“Did I please you?” you ask, hoping that your inexperienced performance wasn’t too terrible.

“I came in your mouth, didn’t I?” Sakuya smiles reassuringly. “Don’t worry, practice will make perfect.”

The two of you make small meaningless talk until finally sleep carries the two of you off.

< * * * >

[ ] No choice! Gasp! Use this as an opportunity to suggest things you want to see in the future.
Hmmm... since only our girl parts got used, I suppose it doesn't count against the curse SB?

What I would want to see... Frankly, I would rather see our form shift without control (roll a dice, two numbers each for girl, futa and man for each shift?) than literally have a damocles sword hanging over our manhood. Voters who want to see manhood gone only need a few decisive votes won instead of those who need to fight for it all the time to keep it for every vote this kind of decision pops up. It's been a month: surely Yukari could have found alternatives.

Apart from that, I don't see anything else to suggest for now. Maybe this will change depending on how hard you set the difficulty for fights.
Personally, I find Maximus is rather...passive. I mean he occasionally has bursts of decisive zeal, mainly when it comes to war, but otherwise he just seems to go with the flow. That's just my two cents on characterisation.

Overall, however, this story is very enjoyable to read. I just hope Maximus becomes a man again, eventually.

Also, what happens if we lose? Like, if Maximus suffers a catastrophic defeat and loses all influence when it comes to the war, what then? Do we load the last checkpoint? Start a new game? Raise Maximus a new army and carve out an independent fiefdom?

Or will you just do your best to make sure that doesn't happen? Because, personally, Mercenary Captain Maximus sounds awesome.
Dude, if we suffer such a loss, we would be dead or nobody would think about hiring us. Pretty sure it's reload.

But thinking of mercenaries, surely not every character is affiliated to a group. I wonder if it's possible to get characters like Kasen or Mokou on our side. We'll need more commanders to hold the land as we expand.

...Or maybe not Mokou. Getting her on our side would be the same as declaring to Kaguya we intend to attack her in the future, huh?
It still counts against the curse.

No reloads! Start losing too much or too badly and you're likely to get captured, mindbroken, and made into a sex slave. Then you'll be stuck serving your captors until you either escape or get rescued. So don't lose, or, be good enough friends with the power players that they would rescue you. Colon close paranthesis, et cetera.
Capture and ransom is perfectly possible; a failure of a commander is a good thing to sell back to your enemies.

After full emasculation of course.

So! Ideas. More depth to the Rumia-Remilia conflict might be nice - give some reasons and possible motives for helping the rebels instead of backing Remilia all the way - even if they just tried to kill him.

More intrigue is always good - so far neighbours have been rather happy to see us, which is completely not like Total War at all!

Maximus struggling to maintain a sense of identity and not become an utterly submissive slut or for that matter a wholly aggressive dominating taker of Touhous, while still being lured into such things.

More transformation is also good, as >>17740 said.

I'm sure you can work specific kinks in yourself! Maximus is probably going to run through the whole gamut just to keep himself ahead of the game, and him struggling to keep afloat and not think with his genitals.

In terms of battle, don't be afraid to stack the odds, not give us full information or possibly even lie to us: war is uncertain and all that. Just ease us into that stuff; "we don't know intel on the enemy composition" is a perfectly good way to paralyse people into not knowing how to make a good plan. Surprise reinforcements for both sides or backstabbing or other stuff (on BOTH sides, if we're crafty enough to get bribes/diplomacy while fighting an alliance).

However, I think Satori should handle a lot of the major diplomacy and admin and so on; this frees us up more for the more visceral matters.

Will losing characters permanently be active? Getting touhous killed, even on the enemy side is kind of colon open parenthesis for moods, even though this is hypocritical considering the masses we've run down already (unless those ones got better). Come to think of it, there aren't that many youkai in Gensokyo - are they just healing or respawning from their injuries to be re-recruited? That makes a certain amount of sense. Also, some way of dealing with the large captive train without summary execution would be nice; perhaps a Mikonate decree you're not supposed to execute anyone out of hand (which leaves plenty to do with them).

I hope that helps, is there anything in particular you want ideas about?
Oh, don't forget to check posts made just before your story posts in general: there was a bit of discussion about the conquistadores, for example.
Oh, alright then.

Also, Maximus has made substantial contributions to the war effort, and I could see him being rewarded a noble title or a fief for this. At least, I think so. So far the only person who seems to follow the fuedal system is Remilia.
What are the win conditions, for that matter?

Is Maximus happy to be risking his life and manliness on this expedition, and moral wellbeing? Will he be trying to get back, or return to the outside, or will he be seduced by all the brave touhous here?

Things to think about.

It'd be interesting to see the makeup of the Hakurei Court, too. Invincible Marisa would be, what, court magician?
The lactation was a very nice surprise, though I'm curious as to the reason.
Wouldn't having a constantly transforming body leave Maximus a nervous wreck?

That said, I could see Maximus, once his work is done, simply retiring to a farm somewhere. Honestly, after near constant war and intrigue, he'd probably want a change of pace.
Because war and threat of permanently losing his manhood aren't making him a nervous wreck already? This solution should also put an end to gender vote wars too.

And before thinking about retiring, Maximus is going to look for answers first. Why was he brought here? Where did his own troops came from (and who provided them)? The first person to start asking questions about this is Satori I think. Considering her power, isn't it strange that she hasn't called him out on anything?
You have a point, but it's not like constantly gaining it back, then losing it, then partially gaining it, then losing it, then getting it back, etc. is going to be any better, honestly.

And for those questions, it was most likely Yukari. Now, why she did those things is probably more important.
Oh sure, if you put it that way...

But for the story, think of it that way: Let's say, after we do a certain number of girls, that Yukari can remove the damocles sword, but will be cursed with randomness instead. Let's say say that the vote is for jumping to that chance to remove it and relax a bit more. What happens next?

Our sense of self is going to be terribly wrecked. With no stability on our body and reactions changing depending on form, just what would Hardwood think of himself? Will our character start to view himself as a freak if he enjoys both side? Considering that Gensokyo girls's tastes are different (so far, it seems Komeiji sisters enjoy manhood and Sakuya prefer girls) and how good they make him feel, how will Hardwood ultimately view himself as if at the end of the road is a final choice for gender? Will he also try to go for speedy conquest, unable to bear conflicting feelings or will he be slower, unsure or afraid of what is waiting for him at the end.

Would also be nice to see input from Komeiji's core commanders (Satori, Koishi, Orin and Utsuho). I doubt they'll just watch and do nothing depending on how reactions to our situation. And would our situation also affect troop morale?

And in interest of continuing to get as many girls as possible, Yukari could always announce that after a certain number of girls, Hardwood could affect the 'dice' a bit when the time comes. It isn't much, but a tiny bit is always better than nothing, right?

Of course, all of this is a suggestion. StoryBunny has full control on the story and is free to fully ignore all of this or put this in a vote. But as biased as I am with my own idea, I would rather prefer using this over having the damocles sword hanging above.

You have some interesting points. However, I really think it would be reasonable to assume that having his gender be completely random and liable to change without any warning would be detrimental to Maximus's combat effectiveness, and mental health, most likely.

That said, your idea is interesting, and certainly a creative approach to the gender "Issue." I just feel that it would be difficult to implement, and would have negative effects on Maximus's already strained psyche.

Moving on, though, we're probably going to recover firearms from the battle if we beat Rumia. If we could reverse engineer them and build our own, we could use meta-knowledge to make ours more effective, maybe creating bayonets(Socket or Plug) or rifling the barrels, and replacing musket balls with actual bullets. Either one of those would make us a force to be reckoned with.
For bayonets they should be socket types. As for the bullets, are there ways we can create Minie balls? The reason why rifling wasn't adapted en masse despite its obvious advantages was the fact that the round balls used were much harder to force down the barrel when it was rifled. It wasn't until the creation of the Minie ball, that you could easily push a bullet down a rifled barrel.

What about percussion caps? If we can create those we won't have to worry about rain making matchlocks or flintlocks misfire. Here's information about them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percussion_cap

Another piece of interesting rifle technology are air guns: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_rifle#History

Socket types would be the most desirable, but also probably the most expensive to make. The main problem with all of this is that Maximus probably only has basic knowledge of this. He can tell them how it's done and what they were for, but not the exact specifications or designs. Bayonets would probably be easy to explain, as would rifling the barrel. Minie balls would be more difficult, but he'd probably still be able to give an idea of their design. Percussion caps would be easy to explain and visualize, but much more difficult to build right.

So, in conclusion; He could tell them all about the advances in firearms that they could implement, but not to exact specifications. This would probably get them to start developing bayonets, rifles, minie balls and percussion caps, but it would be a while before we say any of those things in widespread use on the battlefield. That said, we should totally work on getting them, as bayonets alone, if implemented widely by our forces, would make Pike and Shot tactics obsolete, allowing for us to use infantry sqaures to respulse cavalry.
File 131566895217.jpg - (1.03MB, 1200x800 , 21.jpg) [iqdb]
This is meta-information, but Maximus’s body is more or less stable for the time being, and at the very least he/she can go a month without a new girl and not transform further. Yukari’s lists are more a long-term goal when at a loss for something to do, rather than anything urgent.

< * * * ???, ??? * * * >

The New World is hot and full of angry Aztecs. With their colossal army stretched out on the plains below you as far as the eye can see, it is not difficult to understand how they have come to be the former masters of this land. A new master has arrived, though, wielding weapons that not even the mightiest of their warriors can withstand: horses, steel, guns, and disease.

From the forest on your left, your native mercenaries and allies lead the charge into the Aztec army on your right. You watch from your vantage point on the top of the hill as the two masses of men collide. Here and there a bulge grows and penetrates the Aztec lines like a malignant tumour: knots of Spaniards cutting through unarmoured enemies with their steel swords and wreaking in havoc in general.

“Milady General!” The head of your female bodyguard troops rides up to you. “The Aztec flank is unprotected!”

You let yourself smile. In the tales you devoured as a small child about the battles of the Reconquista, the bogeymen and villainous Moors were always at least competent enough to defend their flanks against cavalry with spearmen or cavalry of their own. Amateurs, are what these Aztecs are, thinking that they can stop a charging horse by sheer spirit alone.

You clench your armoured fist in determination. “I will make my father proud to have a daughter instead of a son,” you whisper to yourself, then shout out your order: “Charge!” The ground rumbles underneath the weight of a hundred hooves-

< * * * Scarlet Devil Mansion (province), Mid-spring * * * >

The rumbling wakes you up from your dream. “What’s going on?” you mumble groggily as you find yourself pulled to your feet, a robe tossed around your shoulders, and your sword pressed into your hands. You blink and see Sakuya. She hasn’t even bothered to put anything on. Her muscles are defined, but not so much as to detract from the feminine shape of her body as she takes up a fighting stance with a knife in her hand, ready for any eventuality.

“Earthquake,” Sakuya points out unnecessarily as the ground continues to shake. At the least, you manage to keep your balance and not fall over. After the shaking dies down at last, she pulls aside the flap of the tent just enough to peer outside. “Good, we’re not attacked,” she tells you, visibly more relaxed as she closes the flap again. Now finally she starts dressing, and if Sakuya feels it’s safe enough for her to do so, it’s probably safe enough for you, too.

Dressed and armoured – your breastplate certainly lives up to its name now – you leave the tent, followed by Sakuya. She has put away the guise of a maid and donned heavy armour that marks her as a retainer of the Scarlet clan, not that the Komeiji-Scarlet alliance is any great revelation to anybody by now. Although, if you squint enough her tabard looks somewhat reminiscent of an apron.

The ground shakes under your feet again, this time with a spectacular sight to accompany it – yes, even more spectacular than the sight of a nude Sakuya. Far off, in the direction of Komeiji lands, a massive geyser is erupting with a column of water high enough to reach the clouds themselves. Everyone in camp is staring or pointing at it in awe.

“Milady General!” Your flag-bearer runs up to you, trusty telescope in hand. “See the black speck just off the watersprout? Look at it!”

You accept the telescope and search for the aforementioned speck before bringing it up to your eye. It is not too hard to find, being exactly what it is described as: an indistinct dark speck against the morning sky, a few degrees away from the geyser. You focus the telescope on its location. “Is that a flying ship?” you ask rhetorically.

“Let me see,” Sakuya asks and you hand the telescope over to her. “It’s a ship, and it’s not falling,” she observes. “North. It’s going north, not towards us.”

“A galleon that sails through the sky! How is that possible?” your flag-bearer chimes in again.

“A flying ship? Let me see!” Koishi’s voice chimes in behind you.

You jump and almost trip over yourself in surprise. Beside you, Sakuya twirls around and draws her knifes, while your flag-bearer squeals and clutches her chest. “Koishi!” You scold, turning around. Yes, it’s her all right. “Don’t sneak up on people like that! You’ll scare someone to death someday!”

Koishi sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry. “You sound just like onee-chan! And here I was, thinking that you would be the fun one-“

“Maxine is right,” Sakuya sheathes her knives and pets Koishi on the head with her gauntleted hand. “You really shouldn’t do that.”

“Hmm – Maxine?” Koishi stops and tilts her head curiously. She looks back and forth between you and Sakuya for a moment. “Oooooh, I see! Maxine, you player! How unsporting of you to steal girls’ hearts wherever you go-mmmf!”

“That’s quite enough from you, young lady,” you say mock-sternly with a hand clamped over Koishi’s mouth. “We need to have a long talk about manners befitting a lady, you and I.”

Koishi pulls your hand off her lips long enough to add, “And you should talk with the assassin you caught too! I think she’ll be much more willing to talk now.”

“You mean, the assassin I caught,” Sakuya corrects her, looking interested. “Why would she talk? To save her life? Surely she must know it won’t change anything.”

“I talked to her last night and heard her side of her story. She’s not a bad person at all. Really, you should try to be more understanding,” Koishi retorts.

“Let’s see what she has to say then,” you agree.

“I’ll prepare the army to march in the meantime,” your flag-bearer salutes and takes her leave.

The three of you make your way to the well-guarded tent where Mystia is behind held under guard. “I’m going to speak with the prisoner,” you tell the jailor, who bows and steps aside to let you in. Inside, you see that Mystia is chained securely by her arms, legs and wings to two large wooden pegs driven deep into the ground, and gagged, all while being watched by two more guards to make sure she doesn’t even try to slip free. Clearly, nobody is taking chances regarding the possibility of her escape. “Leave us,” you command. You tick off a mental checkbox; that’s one thing you’d always wanted to try saying at least once. Then it’s back to business as the guards take their leaves, leaving you, Sakuya, Koishi and Mystia.

You remove the gag from Mystia’s mouth. “Komeiji-san said you might come,” Mystia croaks with a dry voice. “So, what do you want to know?”

“Who sent you?” Sakuya demands.

Mystia shakes her head. “Isn’t that obvious? There’s no point denying that Rumia sent me. Looks like I can’t ever win against you, huh, Izayoi-san?”

“What I really want to know,” you say, “is why Rumia is rebelling. Is it because Remilia Scarlet is too harsh a ruler?”

At your question, Mystia pauses. “In- in a way,” she mutters at last. “It all started when a strange disease started spreading. Those who caught it grew, um, penises. At first they were taken away to the Scarlet Devil Mansion for quarantine, but they were never seen again, and then youkai and fairies who were even just suspected of having the disease started being rounded up. Rumia-dono finally said enough was enough and this had to stop, and some of the other lords agreed with her but others sided with Scarlet-sama, and so civil war broke out...”

“Is this true?” You turn to Sakuya.

She shrugs. “It’s for the safety of those yet uninfected. The quarantined ones will be released once a cure is found. If you’re thinking they’ve been killed, well, you’re wrong.”

“That’s what you say,” Mystia protests, “but there’s not enough space to hold that many prisoners in the Scarlet Devil Mansion!”

“The dungeons are many and spacious – but you’ll soon get a chance to see first-hand for yourself.” Sakuya turns her back to Mystia and walks out.

“Let’s leave,” Koishi tugs on your arm. You resist for a moment, looking at Mystia and wanting to question her further, but Koishi tugs on your arm even more urgently and you finally give in and leave the tent as well.

Sakuya is waiting for you with her arms crossed. “There’s something that the bird didn’t tell you,” she begins before you have a chance to say a word. “Growing dicks was only a minor and irrelevant symptom of the sickness. Those who caught it became crazed for sex and would fuck or rape anything with a hole. That’s the real reason why they were quarantined, for the good of all. Now the resources that could have been spent looking for a cure are now frittered away on this pointless revolt.”

“So,” you finish for her, “the best way to help them is to end this war quickly, right?”

She nods. “Exactly.” Then, turning towards Koishi, “You’re very skillful at coaxing information out of people,” she praises her coolly, her voice not friendly but not antagonistic. “I wouldn’t have given this information away freely. Anyways, we’ve delayed enough. I’m sure the rest of the army is ready to break camp and march.”

On this the last day of travel before reaching the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya keeps to hills and forests as she guides your army, so that you can stay hidden and maximize the advantage of surprise. It is past noon when you crest the last hill and see the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its distinctive clock tower in all its glory. The sun reflects off its appropriately stained red windows. Behind the mansion is the Misty Lake, and between you and the mansion is Rumia’s army.

The assault on the mansion has already begun, its outer walls overrun. Hordes of fairies are attempting to scale the walls of the mansion proper from three dimensions and gain entry through the windows. You soon realize that the windows are red not from glass, which has long been shattered, but because of spells casting red beams and bullets towards the attackers. There is a smouldering hole where front doors used to be, where Meiling is taking up a valiant stand against wave after wave of fairy fodder trying to surge through with sheer numbers and brute force, all the while fending off javelins of ice being thrown at her from other fairies further behind.

Rumia’s army appears twice as large as yours, but then again she has already committed about half of them to storming the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The remaining half, her reserves, are arrayed in a simple line, facing the mansion and with their backs to you, unaware of your presence. Once you form up and march downhill against them, they will have no time to reorganise their formation.

“Here’s the plan,” you announce to the gathered commanders of your troops. “We hit Rumia from the back and drive off her reserves. After that, the rest of the enemy besieging the SDM will be stuck between a rock and a hard place and won’t be able to offer much resistance. Sakuya, what can you tell us about the enemy?”

“I remember them,” Sakuya tells you. “This looks like the formation that Rumia used in the battle on the lake.” She points down at the enemy army. “On the left, matchlocks. We learned the hard way that the sound of guns can spook horses. Fairies in the centre to hold ground while she wins on the wings. And on the right, ice fairies with spears. But there’s a big difference from last time: she hasn’t arranged her forces in multiple layers. Sloppy” As she recalls the memories of the previous battle, she touches her eyepatch. “With your permission, please place your riders on the right. I have a score to settle with a certain ice fairy.”

“Thank you, Sakuya,” you say. “Now, here’s how we’re going to do this…”

Rumia’s formation (from your left to your right):
Matchlock Fairies
Fairy Levies x3
Rumia – Youkai Cavalry
Fairy Levies x3
Ice Javelin Fairies

Available units:
Maxine – Conquistadors, subcommander: Sakuya
Rin – Katana Youkai
Parsee – Bridge Trolls
2 Fairy Levies
4 Bow Levies

Assign units to formation (multiple units can be at one location):
[ ] Front screen
[ ] Centre
[ ] Left flank
[ ] Right flank
[ ] Reserve

[ ] Write-in: a name for your cute flag-bearer
Oh dear... If we send Rin to left to deal with Wriggle and cavalry to right as per Sakuya's request (unit should be good enough to take them out, now that they have no weather advantage), does that mean our center will be filled with levies?

I say Parsee's unit should keep Rumia busy. We don't want her to go anywhere and if they bounce off as well as onis, that means they'll even injure themselves doing so (since a cavalry bouncing off means a chance for horse and rider to fall over).

[Maxine] Right flank
[Rin] Left flank
[Parsee] Front screen
[4 Bow Levies] Centre
[2 Fairy Levies] Reserve

This way, Parsee hold the cavalry off the archers and we pelt them with arrows. If Front screen IS breached however, we'll send the reserve while the archers step back a bit. Meanwhile, left and right make their way to center. We have no one able to take on Rumia alone, but a combined force will defeat her.

Anything wrong with this?

Oh right, almost forgot name. But since I don't have one in particular in mind, I'll use the first that comes to mind.
[Mary] name for your cute flag-bearer
I'm a bit worried about putting the trolls in a front screen. How many ranks would they make up as the only unit there? I'm going to assume Rumia's cavalry have no barding (being the poor rebels) and the trolls are about a meter tall. It's conceivable for the horses to jump a single line, and probably two lines (some would balk and other riders may fall off if not prepared), meaning we'd need three for a solid defense.

[X] Maxine: Right flank
[X] Rin: Left flank
[X] Parsee: Center
[X] Standard levies: Center
[X] Bow levies: Reserve

We also don't want to expose our ranged to melee.

[X] Flag bearer: Carmen Santiago
Sandiego is not a real Spanish surname. Santiago is.
[Maxine] Right flank
[Rin] Left flank
[Parsee] Front screen
[4 Bow Levies] Centre
[2 Fairy Levies] Reserve

If your worried about jumpers put a line of bow fairies in front of the trolls, they will waste their jump over a fairy and thus can't jump the trolls. this also gives an incentive for Rumia to attack the trolls in the first place, rather then simply ride around them because only an MMO mob would be stupid enough to attack something whose only purpose is to take hits if they have a choice.
So, there's a curse that turns males into females.

There's also a disease that gives females male parts.

I don't think that's a true disease. More like the curse being screwed with.

The answer is why though?
Don't forget they'll need to move away and pick up some speed to jump over them. I think we'll be on them before Rumia's unit is reorganized enough for that.

Also, reserve is for units to joining the fight right away. I would rather have our 4 ranged levies pelting Rumia and have our 2 melee levies join in in case of a surprise.
[Maxine] Right flank
[Rin] Left flank
[Parsee] Front screen
[4 Bow Levies] Centre
[2 Fairy Levies] Reserve

Seems good. Trolls will absorb damage, horsemen will smash into their main line, and then they'll be easy prey.
The plan as such seems sound, but I'd like Rin to stay with the the bowman blob as reserves and the two fairy levies to lead left side to prevent flanking: Rin can counter charge anyone who wants to jump em or breaks through the line.

Also, name should be [Elaine]
Thn who would charge Wriggle's group? Rin's unit is the only one that can do it fast. No way we're sending our cavalry on them and we can't afford for them to get near the horses.
Arrows fire faster than guns, and we have a lot more of them. We can take the hit on the fairies without risking Rin OR the fairy bowmen.
File 131574002629.jpg - (149.56KB, 500x708 , 1549.jpg) [iqdb]
I vote for random / special encounter.

Someone has noticed that we are missing. Someone has picked up signals of where we have gone. In a stroke of luck, they coincide with a secret plan of the military.

Hello Touhou, here comes a single unit of modern fighters. Put them to any side, preferably not ours, they are alone and without backup, reinforcements or supply. See how they sink or swim and what they do when without new orders. Just another wildcard.

My god. They'll probably become a roaming rape train, smashing enemy forces easily, but they'll eventually run low on supplies, and either die to attrition, or end up entering the service of one of the factions for protection.

Then again, due to MAGIC they might have inexhaustible ammunition, and roam the land as a mercenary band, fighting for food and pay. Or they could just go around freeing peasants and stomping on the throats of anyone sent to stop them.

It's probably not gonna happen, though. Modern Troops are just a little too overpowered compared to...pretty much everyone else in the setting. Maybe Napoleonic Troops, from a far-off empire, as part of an expeditionary force to colonize the area.
File 131576530377.jpg - (375.86KB, 700x800 , 22.jpg) [iqdb]
[Maxine] Right flank
[Rin] Left flank
[Parsee] Front screen
[4 Bow Levies] Centre
[2 Fairy Levies] Reserve

“…and that’s our formation. Move out!” You give the command and your commanders set about the tricky task of maneuvering each troop to its proper place in the formation. In the meantime, you see that Rumia has finally been made aware of your presence and her reserve troops are starting to turn about-face to march against you. You also note with satisfaction that fewer and fewer fairies are rushing towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion, as Rumia attempts to recall her troops from the mansion walls in the face of the new threat you pose, though those are much too disorganized to be of use anytime soon.

“Forward march!” You order, and the drummers echo your command throughout your army’s ranks. Your army crests the ridge and marches out in full sight of both the enemy and your allies. The wind carries the sound of a great cheer rising from the Scarlet Devil Mansion and unfurls a defiant flag newly hoisted from the clock tower to acknowledge your presence. “Lieutenant Santiago, take the conquistadores along the right,” you tell your flag-bearer before you and Sakuya ride for the middle of the formation.

The enemy army, arrayed line abreast, seems to shrink even as it is supposed to appear larger as it approaches. The fairies close around and in front of Rumia’s cavalry, hiding them from sight, while the troops at the extremities slow down and move inwards, until you can only see a homogenous wall of cheap levy fodder hiding who knows what behind them.

“This is not the first time that Rumia has used this tactic,” Sakuya tells you. “It looks vulnerable to a cavalry charge, but the front line is actually bait hiding the traps behind it.”

“Don’t worry,” you reassure Sakuya. “I have other plans. All units, halt!” The drums cease and your army comes to a stop. You see that the enemy has done likewise and braced to receive a charge. The standoff can last all day, but that would only be to Rumia’s advantage as it would give her more time to regroup her superior numbers. So your next command is obvious – “Archers! Ready arrows!”

The sound of a single bow being drawn is easily lost in ambient noise, but the creak of hundreds upon hundreds of bows all being drawn at once sounds like the cold sigh of the reaper. “Loose!” You give the fateful order and darken the sky with a volley of arrows that falls among the enemy ranks. Their formation waivers and ripples as mortally wounded fairies disappear in bursts of multi-coloured lights.

Rumia’s army backs up away from your archers and their deadly arrows. You refuse to let them escape out of range, though. “Forward!” you order, and for every step the enemy takes back, your army takes one step forward. Eventually they would be stuck against the walls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and trapped, and Rumia must have realized that too, because her troops stop once again.

“Archers! Ready arrows! And – loose!” Your archers deliver another lethal volley. Only then, with further casualties from the second rain of arrows, does the enemy resume their advance. The fairies double-time towards your position to crush your archers in a general melee, one which you are determined to deny them. “Trolls!” You signal for them to initiate their part of the battle plan. The little loli-looking girls move forward to put more distance between themselves and the bow levies they have been charged with protecting. Too few to form a continuous blockade over so wide a front, instead they gather in clumps with conspicuous gaps in between to channel the fairies through.

The fairies take the bait; after a few futile attempts in which their crude weapons practically bounced off the almost invincible trolls, they give up and simply try to go around them. But now their numbers work against them as they are forced to clump together, formation ruined, with their advance slowed as they jostle for position in the limited space available to them! “Loose at will!” Steady streams of arrows pour into the bottlenecks, sowing further chaos as the fairies behind push forward while the fairies in front bearing the brunt of the bombardment become understandably uneager to move forward.

“General!” A messenger steps forward urgently. “The Army of Darkness is trying to flank us!”

Your opponent could not advance through the centre, so she is making a last-ditch attempt for victory by attacking from the flanks. If you can hold the enemy off there, too, the battle would surely be won. “Move up a troop to reinforce each flank. Have Rin charge her side, and I will charge on mine too.” You and Sakuya ride back to rejoin the conquistadores, leaving the archer fairies to continue firing at will by themselves.

Enemy units reappear from behind the enemy front line and extend the army into a rough crescent shape that threatens to envelope your force on three sides. Meanwhile, Rin’s katana troop starts coming under fire from matchlock-wielding fairies on her side of the battle. Despite having a few youkai fall, however, she holds her position as the reserve levy moves up. She orders it even further forward in front of her own unit to soak up the enemy fire before she finally begins her own attack. The acrid smell of black smoke and the cracking sounds of shots fill the air as fairies fall just like the fodder they are being spent as, and disappear into light. Almost at the enemy rank they finally break and rout, only to reveal to the enemy’s dismay Rin’s charging cat youkai, katanas raised high.

Barely another volley of gunfire is gotten off before the youkai reach the fairies. Now the tables are turned in close melee as the youkai cut the fairies down easily with their razor-sharp katanas. Rin spots the commander of the matchlock troop, Wriggle, and charges straight for her, but the elusive firefly turns tail and flees from the battlefield, her cape ironically billowing out heroically behind her as she makes her cowardly escape. “Get back here!” Rin shouts in frustration as she sees her prey make her getaway, but she knows better than to follow. “Youkai! Stay close!” Some of her subordinates are about to break away from the rest of the troop to run down individual fleers as Wriggle’s unit disintegrates entirely, but Rin’s command stops them before their own organization completely breaks down, too.

On the right flank, you and Sakuya rejoin the conquistadores, who have been arranged in a wedge. “Ready to charge at your command, General!” Lt. Santiago informs you with drawn sword in one hand and colours in the other. You look across the field at your foe: ice fairies whose crystalline wings glitter under the sun with every colour of the rainbow, each wielding a javelin made of ice.

“We won’t get bogged down, not this time,” Sakuya mutters half to herself. “Our charge will cut them down.”

You look behind you and see that the reserve levy has caught up. “Support us,” you tell them, then give the order to your conquistadores: “Charge!”

Contrary to the dramatic nature of the order, though, the charge begins rather anticlimactically, with the horses moving at a trot. You take your place safely in the middle of the wedge, while Sakuya joins the spearhead of the formation with lance and shield in a display of either bravery or arrogance. You are about halfway to the enemy line when they throw their javelins. The heavy projectiles arc ominously through the air; shields are raised and Sakuya spurs her horse to a gallop, and the rest of the conquistadores are infected by her impetuousness and follow suit.

The wedge smashes into the ice fairies, lance-first, being longer than their icy spears which grants your riders the advantage. The momentum and mass of the charge carries your conquistadores deep into the ranks of the enemy and splits the fairy troop into two halves. Bodies are flung into the air by the impact, some bursting into spots of light in mid-air, adding an air of surrealism to the scene. Your conquistadores, on the other hand, fall and bleed when they are pierced by ice, but thankfully only a few do, as they switch to sword and hoof to finish the job of crushing their opposition.

“You’re mine, Daiyousei!” You hear Sakuya suddenly cry out and ride towards a fairy, unique from the rest. Unlike the rest of the ice fairies, her wings resemble that of a butterfly or moth instead of ice crystals. Sakuya draws her sword and strikes down at her with it, but Daiyousei manages to block the blow with her spear.

“Why did you come back? Isn’t losing one eye already enough?” Daiyousei asks innocently as she thrusts her spear into Sakuya’s horse, mortally wounding it. The white-haired knight jumps off her dying steed and lands on her feet.

“You fairies regenerate every night; you’ll never understand the pain of loss!” Sakuya’s eye glows red as she steps forward. Daiyousei thrusts again, but Sakuya deflects the attack on her shield and pushes the weapon aside, leaving her opponent wide open for her own slash. What happens next surprises you: instead of being cut in half or even wounded, Daiyousei has her clothes shredded off her body instead, leaving her nude but miraculously unscratched. She drops to her knees weakly, trying to cover herself with her hands.

“I have captured the enemy commander!” Sakuya announces defiantly, and the remaining ice fairies throw down their melting weapons and flee.

You hear the horn sounding retreat for Rumia’s army, now that it has been crushed left, right and centre. “After Rumia!” You order, and your conquistadores swing around the fleeing fairies to get behind their lines and hunt down the elusive general. Neither Rumia nor her cavalry are to be seen, however, at least until your flag-bearer catches your attention again. “Milady General! Over there!” She points to a cloud of dust on the lakeside and hands you the telescope. You focus on the base of the dust cloud and see the retreating backs of mounted youkai and fairies on foot.

“So Rumia got away, Santiago?” Sakuya shows up on a spare horse.

“The Scarlet Devil Mansion has been relieved, and that is the most important part,” you remind them both. You look towards the mansion and see fairies scattering in all directions, but fewer than you remember seeing earlier. Rumia must have managed to escape with a sizeable portion of her army. Knights start riding out from the mansion, chasing down stragglers, but Rumia’s main force is too far away and too numerous to chase down piecemeal now.

A few riders head straight towards you, one of them carrying a parasol which looks out of place among the rest of her armour. Her small stature, resembling a child instead of an adult, bluish hair and red eyes mark her as Remilia Scarlet. The unmistakable glowing red spear Gungnir she is also holding helps with identification too. “We meet on the field of victory, Hardwood. You are as good as the rumours say you are.”

You manage not to laugh at the sight of Remilia dual-wielding Gungnir and a parasol as you reply. “You flatter me, Lady Scarlet. Sakuya helped with many things.” There’s no harm in some minor flattery, after all.

“Mistress,” Sakuya nods, in the saddle.

“Good work too, Sakuya.” Remilia turns back to you. “Now, Hardwood, I would love to invite you into my house now, but I am afraid that I would be a poor host given the current state of affairs. Please, give me until sundown, and then I shall be able to welcome and thank you properly, and discuss the future development of our alliance. Together we can finish off Rumia before she can recover.”

“I must take my leave of you now,” Sakuya dismounts, bows to you, and remounts behind her mistress.

Remilia and Sakuya return to the mansion. There are still a few hours before the sun sets, and you use that time to reorganize your troops, count the fortunately few casualties, and set up camp. As the red sun finally begins to sink below the horizon, painting sky and lake hues of pink and scarlet, a crow messenger flies in, out of breath.

“Hardwood-sama!” She pants. “I bring grave news and orders from Komeiji-sama. The province of Furnace is in open revolt, and leading the rebel army is Reiuji Utsuho-sama! Komeiji-sama demands that you bring the entire expeditionary army back to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately to rejoin her to put down the rebellion.”

[ ] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [ ] Except for certain troops (specify) to reinforce Remilia’s campaign

[ ] Stay to pursue the campaign against Rumia
-> [ ] Dispatch certain troops (specify) to Hell’s Gate Castle to reinforce Satori’s campaign
Now why would Okuu rebel? It's a bit too soon for sudden rebellions.
[X] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army.

Try to defend everything and you will end up defending nothing. The core is what matters.

That being said, I'm a sad panda now that the author has ignored the Modern Combat idea.
Excellent fight. Wriggle and Daiyousei's units are out, which should make Remilia's life easier now.

Most probably same as before: power went right to her head. God dammit Kanako. Guess we have our first target once we're done with the two rebellions.

There's no question that this is kind of a priority and we need to return. Remilia would certainyl understand since she's facing a revolution herself. But for the sake of the alliance, we need to leave a unit behind at least. Question is, should we leave Parsee or Rin behind?

Myself, I'm in favor of leaving Parsee for now. Remilia could use a defensive unit now that the outer walls are down.

Btw StoryBunny, some questions: How is Parsee loyalty's towards the Komeiji clan? I understand that Satori would know if she planned something, but if something worked up her jealousy...

Also, while Daiyousei is a prisonner of Scarlet (and Sakuya will most probably have more fun that night), Mystia is in the custody of which clan? Scarlet or Komeiji?

Lastly, did we get some guns from Wriggle's destroyed unit? A bit of research on how they're made and we would have another weapon available.

Pretty sure he ignored it because it was stupid, out of nowhere and served no purpose to the story already in place.
[X] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [X] Except for Rin's unit of Cat Youkai

Conveniently reinforcing our ally whilst keeping someone whose loyalties may be mixed out of the fight. We have to act swiftly and brutally to crush this rebellion, as only by overwhelming force can we send a message to other potential dissenters.

Also, let's make sure to explain why we're leaving our ally, so they don't think we abandoned them.
But wouldn't Rin help calm down Utsuho in this case?

[X] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [X] Except for Parsee's unit

Remilia already has strong offensive units. Adding another one wouldn't change much I think. I would rather prefer to leave a defensive one that she'll certainly know how to use well. And we need Rin to help Utsuho calm down. There's no way Utsuho's rebellion was planned for a long time. The culprit here is certainly Kanako with a conspiracy. So we need to crush the few units she has and calm her.

Another reason is that if we leave Rin, she'll need to know what is going on. How do you think she'll react when she hears about this but is ordered to stay here? Morale go down for sure and she won't be as effective.

And after this, we're coming back with one hell of a champion that will crush Rumia if she's still standing.

Also, I agree that we need to explain to Remilia what is going on before leaving.

Eh, I don't know. She's probably Batshit Insane by this point, so having her friend try to make her see reason will only add a poignant tragic note as she refuses, too drunk with her own power.

Not to mention, it sets a bad precedent to let someone who rebels against you back into your ranks as a commanding officer with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a scolding, even if it was due to outside influence. Such an action would probably make us seem weak, and subversive elements would be emboldened to see that they can get away with shit as long as they blame someone else.
I'm not really following the story, but I'll tell you what I think.
According to what I just read, Utsuho is rebelling. And that story is following Shogun 2: Total War rules, right? There's only one thing to do.

Bring her down. And if you capture her alive, order her to seppuku. That brings you honour.

Saged because I'm not reading the story, and I'm probably saying something unnapropriate.

In this case it's far, far more appropriate to demote her to harem slave, I feel. Which will be painful for everyone in the short term but doesn't lead us into quite so dark places.

[X]leave Parsee, take Rin

Parsee might just take the chance to rebel if brought back to the new castle when authority is questioned. Rin might too but she will more be needed for a fast strike.
That does depend on what is going on. Also, the punishment will be something that Satori will have to decide on unless she ask for us to decide.

Still, we need to know what is going on. There is absolutely no reason to believe she always had a desire to betray Satori. If Kanako is here to help deal with her own mess, then it may simply be a big mistake on her part. If she's not, then it could also be a conspiracy to destroy the Komeiji clan from inside and absorb the Underground.

Since Utsuho seesm to actually have forces following her, maybe she's not power-mad, but under the influence of Kanako too. Like I said, destroy Komeiji, absorb Underground and get nuclear power entirely for herself.

But we don't know. We need to be there and we may need as many people who know Utsuho as possible. Even if it end tragically, do yo think Rin would prefer being there or simply being told the news after it's done with?

For Rin, the best thing would probably to be there. However, from a military standpoint, it's more prudent to leave her behind. She may not accept or agree with our decision, but she can probably see where we're coming from. Hell, it might be best for her not to see her friend in her power mad state. Not to mention the eventual punishment for the rebellion. That would probably be painful for her to be a part of, whatever it may be.

Also, I believe the best punishment would be exile with in our territory, possibly with a small guard stationed there. It is not as humiliating as harem duty, nor extreme as imprisonment and execution. It honors her for her former service, while simultaneously showing we are not to be fucked with.

Whatever the punishment is, though, we should definately not accept her back with open arms and give her back her command. That is just foolish in the extreme.
Like I said before, we need to know more about the situation first. Second, Satori is most probably the one who will decide the punishment.
[X] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [X] Except for Parsee's unit
Spoiler tag test
File 131585005069.jpg - (162.67KB, 850x637 , 23.jpg) [iqdb]
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[ ] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [ ] Except for certain troops (specify) to reinforce Remilia’s campaign

[ ] Stay to pursue the campaign against Rumia
-> [ ] Dispatch certain troops (specify) to Hell’s Gate Castle to reinforce Satori’s campaign

< * * * Gaiden, Spoiler for rape* * * >

Darkness. I don’t open my eyes right away or make any move that might give me away. Instead, I listen. Water dripping, echoing off the walls. I am alone. The last thing I remember was losing to Houraisan and taking a nasty blow to the head. My temple still throbs.

I open my eyes and still see pitch-black. Maybe I should try moving. No good, my hands and feet are chained. The tinkle of metal links is loud in the otherwise silence. If I can’t break my bonds, then I will burn them. Once again, no good. Something is sealing my flames.

A door opens and light floods in. Houraisan’s silhouette is visible in the doorway. “Nice of you to drop by, Fujiwara-chan.” I want to answer, but my mouth is gagged. Bitch. She and I have been feuding for centuries now. Neither one of us can ever kill the other, but that hasn’t stopped us from doing horrible things to one another. Only to our own bodies and never to anyone we know, though, by unspoken agreement. We’re still civilized.

Lately, though, I’ve been thinking it’s time for me to move on. Sometimes I can’t even remember the reason that started the whole mess in the first place. That’s not to say that I don’t hate her, I do completely and wholeheartedly, but it’s getting me nowhere and frankly, the back-and-forth wins and losses are getting a tad boring. Maybe it’s time to do something else with my life, like taking care of that little orphan Kamishirasawa from the Human City. She’s a good girl, unlike Houraisan.

Somebody else enters the cell. Yagokoro, the doctor, dragging an animal behind her on a leash. It looks like a horned lion – a hakutaku. I wonder what kind of shady drugs she’s given it this time. The poor beast looks agitated and in heat. Wow, that’s a large penis. I’m not into bestiality, but I’ve done worse to Houraisan in the past, so it’s all fair game. Yagokoro doesn’t say anything. I get the sense she’s slightly sickened by this, the hypocrite.

“No need to get all wet and excited, Fujiwara-chan.” Houraisan pulls down my pants and plays with my vagina roughly. It doesn’t turn me on mentally, but my body has other ideas. She holds up her wet fingers. I don’t give her the satisfaction of acknowledgement. “You’re not the one who’s going to get fucked tonight.”

What? That got my attention. There’s a third person at the door, holding another leash. Her ears mark her as one of the rabbits Inaba. She drags- NO! I want to scream out but I am gagged. Kamishirasawa, small and vulnerable, is blindfolded. She doesn’t know what is going on. Inaba looks directly at me and gives me the most evil smile I have ever seen in all my many, many years. I want to kill her, to roast her flesh and sear her bones. The flames rise but the seals on me keep them checked and turn the fire back inward on me. The pain is mine.

Houraisan and Yagokoro step out of the cell. Inaba lights a torch and puts it against the stone wall to provide light so I can see but can do nothing. She tears the blindfold off Kamishirasawa and follows her mistresses out of the cell. The door slams back shut. Kamishirasawa screams and backs up against a corner. The hakutaku smells her fear and advances on her. I think I can hear Houraisan’s cruel laughter over the screaming.

The beast tears Kamishirasawa’s clothes and skins with its claws and leaves bloody streaks on her small body. She flails about wildly and manages to hit its nose by chance. The hakutaku is angry and roars. It opens its mouth to bite her back. I cry out as loudly as the gag lets me and will it to turn its attention to me instead.

My prayers are answered and the beast turns towards me. It sees how helpless I am, chained spread-eagled against the wall. It is not gentle with its claws as it shreds my clothing and skin. It towers over me on its hind legs and enters me. It is large and it is painful, but I bear it because it means Kamishirasawa doesn’t have to. It moves in and out, and then it releases its seed inside me. It pulls out. I hope that it is over. I am wrong.

The hakutaku is still hard. It turns towards Kamishirasawa. I close my eyes but cannot close my ears. The screaming doesn’t stop. I burn. I rage against the seals until it hurts. I relish the pain and add it to my anger. I break through the seals and my flames are free.

The hakutaku is ash but I am too late. Innocence lost.

I burn my chains. I burn the cell. I burn the forest. I burn everything-

“Mokou-chan! Mokou-chan! Wake up!” Keine’s sweet voice calls out to me and plucks me from uneasy slumber. I stir groggily. She pats my head gently. I open my eyes to the beautiful sight of the underside of her large, perfect breasts. My head is resting on her soft thighs; no better pillow I could ask for. She looks down at me with concern. “You were mumbling in your sleep. Was it a nightmare?”

I sit up in the futon we share and give her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, I’m already forgetting what the nightmare was all about,” I lie. “Besides, if I get to wake up like this, I won’t mind having a few more nightmares.”

“You pervert!” Keine slaps me playfully. She snuggles back under the covers. I look at the window and see the waxing moon outside. Soon it would be that time of month again. I lie back down beside Keine and hold her in my arms. She mumbles something contently and closes her eyes.

I can’t go back to sleep. It has been centuries since, yet whenever I have this nightmare I relive it as though it happened yesterday. If there is one great character flaw that I have, it’s that I hold my grudges for centuries at a time. Keine has long gotten over the events of that cursed night and moved on with her life, but I cannot. The never-ending war with the Houraisan clan is testament to my inability to forgive, and while I am regularly reminded through the full moon every month I shall never be able to forget.

The Houraisan clan will burn someday, and I will find a way to make death significant again even for the immortals of the Hourai elixir.

Houraisan, Yagokoro, Inaba. All must die.

< * * * Gaiden End * * * >

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[ ] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [ ] Except for certain troops (specify) to reinforce Remilia’s campaign

[ ] Stay to pursue the campaign against Rumia
-> [ ] Dispatch certain troops (specify) to Hell’s Gate Castle to reinforce Satori’s campaign
Well, aren't we going to have a great time convincing Mokou to not murder Eientei commanders on sight if she join us against them?

It's a pity we'll need to wait longer before knowing what is going on. Already voted so I can't vote again.
[X] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [X] Except for Parsee's unit
[x] If the reason we don't have matchlocks is the inability to craft them, take some off the battlefield to reverse-engineer.

While I worry for Parsee's loyalty we should keep someone back as a sign of good will and whatever Kanako did unless it's outright mind control (and even then) she won't want to fight Rin. Who knows maybe Parsee will see this as an honour.

The last part is simply resourcefulness.
You know, I just realized;

Compared to some of the other shit the other clans are suffering/subjecting eachother to, we're living in a goddamned paradise of chivalry. We should totally cultivate this image to make us seem like enlightened rulers to the peasantry, and honorable allies who-will-not-stab-you-in-the-back to other rulers.

Afterall, the trick isn't brutally and completely dominating your enemy. It's making everyone else support you or stay neutral in the matter. That is true skill.

Also, let's avoid the Immortal feud, okay? That seems like a nasty bit of unpleasantness that we would do well to stay the hell away from, not to mention the fact that those involved can never die means we'll be fighting an endless war against either of them. Plus, we aren't immortal, so we don't time for that shit. Let's build up our empire, wall off the bastards, and let them enjoy their spat. We'll be off enjoying a well deserved retirement.
Even if innocent people are dragged into it?
Immortal is not unbeatable, you simply have to get inventive and put them into a position where they won't bother you for a long,long time.

Other then magical sealing you can bury them alive, tie heavy weights to them and throw them into the lake or maybe even find a way of convincing Reimu to boot them over the border.

Either that or put them in a place where they are constantly forced to regenerate and thus can't regrow properly. Lava would work on Kaguya quite nicely, especially if you can seal the lavaflow afterwards.

It looks like this feud has been going on for a while. Thus, I presume by now people would have realized the need to stay the hell away from the crazy immortals shouting "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE" and maiming and raping eachother. Besides; dragging your entire country into a war between two groups fanatically opposed to one another over a few lives destroyed is a waste. You'd end up losing far more in the ensuing conflict, most likely. Not to mention that many soldiers and peasants on either side would probably perish, mostl likely mainly on our side. Those crazy bastards have been fighting for forever; it stands to reason they've become adapt at it. By comparison, we oourselves have fought three battles. All victories, sure, but three. And two were where we had the element of surprise, and another was against berserk glory hounds. I don't have much hope for our nation if we go off to intervene anywhere there's a massive shitstorm.


Oh, I won't deny there are ways of dealing with those pesky immortals. However, my main point was that getting involved with them in the first place would probably cost us a great deal of wealth, manpower, and time.
Guys, you do realize we may not have a choice in the first place? I mean, if the disease the Scarlets are facing is man-created, Eirin is at the top of the list of suspects.

And if it's her, do you think she'll just leave it at that? Do you think Remilia will do nothing if something else hit her lands? And if it comes to war, we WILL need a guide for the Bamboo forest if we ever want to reach their stronghold and that's not even considering how many traps are in the damn forest in the first place. That means either capturing a Eientei commander and persuading/breaking her into helping us or getting assistance from Mokou.

And why would Eirin or Kaguya send troops out if a disease can do the same job?

Still, that's a matter for later. After dealing with all those pesky rebellions, Kanako may or may not be our next priority. We have no way to know when we'll have to deal with Eientei anyway.

Oh, I know. I'm just saying we should avoid it if at all possible.

And also, so far, there's nothing preventing from burning our way through the forest. You know, just periodically lighting fires to clear our way through the brush. At the very least, it would compel them to stand and fight against us. Although, there would probably be magical HAX or somesuch preventing that.
We're not talking about charging there right now, but something to remember.
Why is Eirin the most likely suspect, again?
We landed in a place where there's a youkai who specifically controls infectious diseases, has been a notable follower of a troublemaker, and whom we haven't seen nor heard from since the underground unification.
The disease is spreading from the Forest of Magic, where dwell a pair of magicians who like to experiment with their craft, one much more carelessly than the other.
Eirin is, at best, among the top four, and to alienate her via suspicion when she might be the only one able to come up with a cure... well, that would be pretty stupid.
File 131598057993.jpg - (763.08KB, 1280x850 , 143.jpg) [iqdb]
Why is Eirin the most likely suspect, again?
We landed in a place where there's a youkai who specifically controls infectious diseases, has been a notable follower of a troublemaker, and whom we haven't seen nor heard from since the underground unification.
The disease is spreading from the Forest of Magic, where dwell a pair of magicians who like to experiment with their craft, one much more carelessly than the other.
Eirin is, at best, among the top four, and to alienate her via suspicion when she might be the only one able to come up with a cure... well, that would be pretty stupid.
Ignore the multiple post, please. Out-of-memory error is at fault.
Yamame - The whole underground area has been infighting too much until recently to attack the rest of Gensokyo like that.
Alice and Marisa - are question marks judging from certain remarks.

Now on the other hand, Eirin we know to have aided various sick acts, particularly against an innocent person, so who to say she wouldn't cause most of Gensokyo to become sex nutty dickgirls?
Lack of compelling evidence when there are clearly alternative options, for one.
Said alternatives are either questionable or unable to spread it that wide. ESPECIALLY since there was no signs in the underground so that rules out Yamame.
Yeah. If it was Yamame, our clan would most probably have been the first target.

Thinking about her, I wonder where she and Kisume went. Perhaps Koishi could find them? We are going to need more commanders once we start gaining more land.
File 131627461348.jpg - (407.98KB, 800x1186 , 24.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Return to Hell’s Gate Castle immediately with the entire expeditionary army
-> [X] Except for Parsee's unit
[X] If the reason we don't have matchlocks is the inability to craft them, take some off the battlefield to reverse-engineer.

The messenger hands you a letter with Satori’s seal which confirms her story. “Go back and tell Satori that I’m coming back right away,” you tell her. The crow salutes smartly and flies off.

You did tell Satori that you would be returning immediately, but immediately has different meanings for an army than it does for an individual. Since marching your army to exhaustion through the night would hardly help matters, you decide to stay put for the time being and set out at first light. “Lieutenant Santiago!” You call out to your flagbearer-cum-aide. “I want women, youkai and fairy ready to march at first light. Also scavenge as many guns from the battlefield as you can. See to it.” In the meantime, though, you may as well take up Remilia’s offer and visit her in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

“Not so fast!” Koishi’s voice interrupts you. “You weren’t thinking of going tonight wearing this, were you?” She knocks on your breastplate. “And what kind of impression do you think you’ll make if you show up still covered in all the sweat and grime of battle?” You have to admit that she does have a point, but before you can say anything she shoves a large covered basket in your arms. “Here, carry this!” And with that, Koishi grabs your hand and runs down towards the lake, pulling you along, while you try not to spill the contents of the basket. You can’t really complain about being made to carry her luggage, since she’s carrying another basket herself.

By the shore of the lake, Koishi finally stops and puts down her basket. You do likewise and pull back the cover of your basket to sneak a peek at what’s inside: a variety of towels, soaps, lotions, and other assorted things for bathing. You’re about to take a look inside Koishi’s basket too, but she gives you a light slap on the back of your hand. “Ow! Your gauntlet’s hard. Anyways, no peeking! C’mon, let’s get your armour and clothes off and then wash you before you’re late.”

“Alright, alright,” you chuckle nervously. “But is this really okay? What if someone’s looking at us?” The two of you are alone by the lake, but there isn’t anything blocking line of sight from either the Scarlet Devil Mansion or your encampment.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Koishi reassures you. “People simply won’t think of looking this way, because they think there’s nothing here, I promise!” She spreads a large towel on the ground and starts taking off her clothing shamelessly. It’s not like you haven’t seen her body before, but stripping nude in public in the open isn’t something you’ve prepared yourself mentally for. On the other hand, Koishi is a good if sometimes truant girl, and if she’s fine with this then it’s probably fine for you too. You look around, and indeed there seems to be nobody, so you finally start undressing too. Soon, your armour is in a neat pile beside Koishi’s clothes.

Being the first one nude, Koishi wraps a towel around her slender body and helps you with the rest of your clothes, chatting casually all the while as though she does this sort of thing all the time. You notice her staring a little enviously at your breasts when you unhook your bra and let them come out into view. Again, it’s not the first time Koishi has seen them, but exposing them in public is another matter entirely and you feel a blush rising in your cheeks. You start to cover yourself modestly with your hands, but she brushes your hands aside and gives them a firm squeeze, drawing out a few drops of milk from your nipples and a moan from your lips.

“Still lactating? You still don’t know why, right?” Koishi leans in and licks up the milk around and on your nipple.

You shake your head and try not to get aroused as the pleasant sensation spreads through your body. “I haven’t found any answers. Now’s not the time…” You gently push her head away.

“Okay, here you go,” she hands you a towel as you step out of your panties, which you accept with relief. It barely manages to cover your breasts and crotch, but it’s better than nothing. Koishi wades calf-deep in the water and you start to follow her, but you come to a stop the moment you dip your toe in to test the water.

“Eek! It’s cold!” You squeal like a little girl. The rays of the setting sun are warm on your skin and the spring air is not too bad either, but the lake feels as though it ought to have icebergs floating in it.

“Don’t sissy out. You have to make sacrifices for the sake of beauty!” Koishi turns around and takes hold of your arm in both her hands to pull you further along into the lake. You shiver as you step into deeper water which laps coldly at your knees. Under the towel, your nipples are already starting to perk up from the cold, and you haven’t even gone into waist-deep water yet.

“Maybe Remilia will give us a hot bath if we ask really n-eek!” You start to make excuses but are cut short by a wave of seemingly freezing cold water that Koishi has splashed on you. Your wet towel sticks to your skin and feels even colder in the evening breeze. She grins and sticks her tongue out at you. “That’s it!” You swing your arms in the water and counterattack with the largest tidal wave you can whip up. It washes over her from head to toe, but already she is following up with a wave of her own…

By the time the two of you declare a truce on the Second Battle of Misty Lake, the water doesn’t feel quite as cold as it originally did. Koishi brings down soap and washcloths from the shore. “Can I wash you?” She asks. You raise an eyebrow. “No more surprises, honest!” She promises.

“Of course.” You stand in the waist-deep water as Koishi lathers up and rubs down your body. Despite the lack of sexual intent, the touch of her small, soft hands all over your skin makes your pussy moist and your cock harden. Either she doesn’t notice, or she pretends not to.

“Onee-chan and I used to do this a long time ago,” Koishi reminisces wistfully as she rubs the washcloth over your back. “I would wash her back and she would wash mine.” She pauses. “Can I ask you something?”

“Hm? Go ahead,” you look over shoulder. Koishi has lowered her head, and you think you can see her cheeks blushing.

“Can I call you onee-chan too?” She murmurs in a soft voice, unlike her usual happy-go-lucky self.

Caught by surprise, you stutter. “H-h-huh? Why?”

“Well…” Koishi hugs you from behind. You feel the softness of her small breasts pressing against your back and the warmth of her arms around your waist. “You care for me like onee-chan does, but you’re not so crazy overprotective, haha. And it’s really fun to be around you too…”

“Um, thanks,” you say, feeling a little awkward, but that soon goes away. “Okay, you can call me onee-chan, but two things first, though.”

“Yes?” Koishi rests her head on your back, the washcloth forgotten. You’re pretty clean by now, anyways.

“First, you have to promise not to run away like that again,” you scold her lightly.

“I’m sorry about that; I won’t do it again,” Koishi promises. “But I came back, right?”

“And scared me half to death,” you laugh quietly. “Second, is there any way it can be onii-chan instead?” You aren’t quite ready to abandon your manhood completely yet. The Hardwood name is at stake here!

“I guess on-EE-chan still has this?” Koishi giggles playfully. You gasp as you feel small fingers ring around the base of your half-erection and squeeze. Another hand grips your shaft and strokes it. In almost no time at all you are fully hard. Your cock stands at attention with the glans poking out from under the surface of the lake.

You hear Koishi’s amused laughter behind your back. She ignores your slightly panicky “What’re you doing? Anybody can see us!” and continues to pump your length. Her fingers slip a bit lower and trace the lips of your female parts. You tense up as she seeks out the hood of your clitoris and rubs against it with the soft pads of her fingers.

“Does this feel good, onee-chan?” Her verbal teasing is almost as unbearable as her manual teasing. She rolls your sensitive nub about between her thumb and forefinger.

“Yes!” You moan for Koishi. She must like the sound, because she starts jerking your cock faster. Her hand swirls around your swollen glans, enveloping it in the warmth of her palm, then strokes the rest of your shaft. She tilts your penis up and exposes the top half above the surface of the water, enjoying the way you try to shirk away from her firm grip as you suddenly feel the coolness of air caressing your wet flesh.

“Should I stop? Someone might see…” Koishi snickers at the way you panic and thrash about in the water at those words, and continues to play with your cock and pussy all the while. “Just kidding!”

“Koishi!” You gasp out her name as she maintains the punishing rhythm, driving you onwards towards the inevitable. Her soft fingers squeeze with surprising strength as they fly up and down the length of your stiff, trembling rod.

You’re moments away from release when Koishi suddenly stops all movement. “Does onee-chan want to cum?” she whispers, from behind you, not quite tall enough to whisper in your ear. Her voice is heated and her breaths are heavy pants.

“Yes!” The moment the word leaves your mouth, her hands spring back into action. She has you at her mercy with fingers on your clitoris and penis rubbing and stroking you at the same time. “Koishi!” You scream her name again as ropes of white cum spurt out from your cock, arc in the air, and fall back into the water. Koishi strokes you until the last of your seed dribbles down your softening member and finally lets go of you. Immediately you spin around and, holding her hands, lean down to capture her lips in a long, sweet kiss.

The chill of the night air snaps you out of your reverie. The sun has sunk below the horizon and darkness is fast approaching. The two of you quickly finish washing and step out of the water to dry yourselves. Now you see what is in the other basket: a sleek black affair of an evening dress. “Where did you get that from?” You ask, bewildered.

“That’s a secret!” Koishi winks at you. “You need to look your best for diplomatic negotiations, right?” The dress looks more suitable for a romantic date than power talks, but you decide to defer to her hopefully superior judgment. She helps you into it. It’s snug, but not too much, around your chest and hips, and even though you don’t have a mirror handy you suspect that it’s meant to accentuate your curves. You sigh a little, wishing that she had chosen something for more suitable for a man instead, but you have no choice now.

Koishi has a similar get-up of her own, a slightly less risqué blue-gray dress that complements her hair. She has just finished dressing up when the clip-clop of hooves announces the arrival of a pumpkin carriage pulled by two finely groomed horses. You blink and realize that the carriage is made to look like a pumpkin, not actually carved out of a giant pumpkin. The driver, a brilliantly red-haired Meiling almost unrecognizable in an impeccably figure-hugging Chinese dress, black with dragon motifs weaved in gold thread, steps down and holds the carriage door open while bowing to you two. “Mistress Scarlet is waiting for you to grace her halls with your presences, my ladies,” she announces politely.

The two of you ride in the pumpkin carriage to the scarlet mansion under the rising moon. The atmosphere starts to feel like the opening of a haunted tale, but Koishi ruins any possibility of that when she opens her basket again and takes out a large box. She opens it easily on its hinges to reveal a boxful of makeup and gives you a knowing grin. “You’re very good as-is, so you don’t need much, onee-chan,” Koishi explains cheerfully as she takes a brush and opens a small jar of something. “Just a little touch-up here and there.” Trapped in the carriage, you have nowhere to run…

By the time the carriage comes to a stop, Koishi has finished and looks extremely proud of her work. Your manliness has been curled up in the fetal position and sobbing in come dark corner of your subconscious for a long time now. Meiling opens the carriage door and helps the two of you step out of the carriage. You look up at the walls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, which are covered by scaffolding as fairies bustle about repairing the damage caused by the siege.

“Ladies Komeiji and Hardwood have arrived,” Meiling announces as she opens the mansion doors, but does not follow inside. You step into a completely different world. Here there is no hint of the war that has recently engulfed the building. Crystal chandeliers high overhead dimly illuminate a formal party just getting started. Well-dressed youkai mingle with glasses of wine in hand, while fairy servants carrying trays of hors-d'oeuvres wind through the crowds.

“Lady Komeiji, Maxine!” Sakuya’s voice calls out. She makes her way over to you. Her outfit is smartly tailored black with white pinstripes. Everyone you meet seems to be wearing black, even you, except for Koishi. You feel a little less out of place. “It is good of you to come. This way, Mistress will be eager to see you.”

“Nice to see you again, but what’s going on?” You ask, a little bewildered.

“Mistress believes that a party will both celebrate our victory and wash away bad memories of the hardships we have undergone,” Sakuya explains as she leads you away from the reception all and down a luxuriously carpeted hallway. Candles on the wall show the way in flickering light, while the carpet absorbs all sounds of footsteps. At last, she knocks on a door and announces herself. “Mistress, your visitors are here.”

“Come in,” you hear a voice call from inside the room. Sakuya opens the door and lets you into the sitting room. Inside, Remilia is already seated in one of four chairs arrayed around a square coffee table. In a black evening gown, she looks more mature than her body usually shows. An attending fairy maid pours ruby-red wine into four glasses on the table and then shows herself out, bowing. “Welcome, Lady Komeiji, Lady Hardwood. Please, sit.” She gestures to a chair beside her.

You accept the offered seat, which is closer to a small sofa than a chair, and Koishi and Sakuya sit as well. Remilia lifts her glass to give a toast. “To our victory!” she proposes. “To our victory.” You clink glasses and take a sip of the wine. You’re no connoisseur of fine wines, but you can tell it is a good brew. “Let me begin,” Remilia says, “by saying how grateful I am for your timely aid. Were it not for your prowess on the battlefield, this fine house may have been ransacked by traitors by now.”

“It’s nothing,” Koishi replies graciously. “We are as one; any who pick a fight with you also picks a fight with us. Friends are rarer and more precious than gold in these troubled times.”

“We shall rely on your help, then,” Remilia raises her glass once more. “Together, we will crush the misguided revolt and restore peace and order to this land.”

“That is also our greatest wish,” Koishi nods, “but unfortunately, there have been complications. Our esteemed strategist will explain.”

“Well, there’s been trouble in the Underworld,” you explain, trying not to give too much away while still sounding reasonable, “and I have been recalled. That’s not to say we’re abandoning you,” you add quickly. “As a sign of good faith we will leave one of our best commanders, Parsee Mizuhashi, with you to aid your quest against your rebels. Her troops may look small, but looks can be deceiving, right?”

Remilia smiles at that. “Of course. Many have underestimated me, to their detriment. I understand your situation completely. My only regret is that I cannot spare any troops to help you through your own trials, but I can and I will give you my best wishes. Shall we drink to our eternal friendship?”

“Yes,” you raise your glass for the second toast. “To our eternal friendship.”

“Now then, I shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the party,” Remilia puts her glass down, still more than half full. “Hiding away in this stuffy room is no way to spend the night. My house is open to you, except for the treasure vault, of course.” You all share polite laughter at her little joke.

You return to the party. Koishi is soon dragged into a long, boring conversation with some important vassal of Remilia. You don’t know any of the youkai here, and this high-class “partying” isn’t really your thing. Perhaps you should take Remilia’s words at face value and explore a bit?

[ ] Explore the gardens.
[ ] Explore the clock tower on the roof.
[ ] Explore the library.
[ ] Explore the basement.
[ ] Stay where you are.
[x] Explore the gardens.

Come to think of it, if we can't make guns ourselves... Then how the hell did the rebellion manage to get so many guns and bullets to outfit a whole unit? Secret support from another clan?
[x] Explore the basement.

This should be good.
[X] Stay where you are.

The sooner we learn how to suffer through the prattlings of the aristocracy, the better.


Maybe. Or perhaps we can't make guns because the underground was too isolated, and had no idea they existed. Hell, even Remilia, who I assume kept up to date with warfare on the surface, had no idea what they were, I think.
[X] Explore the clock tower on the roof.
I like the view from heights so I'm a bit bias.
[X] Explore the clock tower on the roof.
Random encounter time!
[ ] Explore the clock tower on the roof.
[x] Explore the gardens.
Rinnosuke being an arms dealer?

[x] Explore the gardens.
He would have gathered a damn impressive number of bullets all fit for matchlocks then.

The bullets is the real reason I'm worried however. Guns can be scavenged even if the number is a bit strange. But to not be worried about ammo (they were certainly not shy about firing) means they either made a fortified position to make supplies and such or someoene else is supplying them.

And unless this rebellion got so well-organized they actually got workers for the ammo and a way to send them to the rebellion, then someone else is supplying them. And even if it's the former, then this shows that it's far more than a simple rebellion.

Well, I think most bullets back then were simply made by blacksmiths. Also, according to our info, Rumia was a vassal of Remilia, so she probably just had the workers of her own fief make the ammunition and weapons. The weapons themselves originally could have been traded for, afterall.
Wait, Rumia was what? How the hell did I miss that?

Well, I guess that answer the question about guns anyway.
See >>18224

Also, in case it wasn't already obvious, each location corresponds to a SDM character. You are unarmed.
[x] Explore the basement.

Nothing can go wrong with this!
[X] Explore the basement.
>I like where this is going
[x] Explore the basement.
[x] Explore the basement.
Yes please.
Actually, in the days of black powder and before cartridge-firing breech-loading rifles, bullets were made by the soldiers themselves. All that was needed was a bit of lead, a steel pot to melt it in, and a reusable bullet mold to cast it.
The only real issue back then was supply of raw materials - i.e. lead to make bullets, and powder to fire them.

[x] Explore the basement.
File 131638672769.jpg - (188.65KB, 850x1171 , 25.jpg) [iqdb]
Voting closes in about 12 hours. Looks like basement so far. To be fair, this will be a non-consensual scene, so you have been forewarned... What's the phrase? Speak now or forever hold your peace, or something like that.
And for the lazy...

Explore the gardens: 3
Explore the clock tower on the roof: 3
Explore the library: 0
Explore the basement: 6
Stay where you are: 1
Well, unless some voters change their minds or some votes are added to something else, it's not like any who voted can do much.

Just... Don't make this as horrifying as what you first wrote with Utsuho when you started.
[x] Explore the basement.

I am more than ok with this option.
I smell votespam

inb4 bad end

Like he said, it's not as if those of use who voted for other options can hold any influence now.

Also, inb4 rape leading to more gender-related angst.
Wasn't all the prisoners and 'sick' people in the basement?

Don't worry, our penis makes us immune to penis.
Famous last words!
Oh great. As if we didn't have enough mental problems already.
StoryBunny, I know you totally went all Nope.jpg when I asked you about this earlier, but could you please give us the option to revert to earlier saves? Please?

Because, otherwise, we're doomed, DOOOOOOMED!

File 131647609310.jpg - (183.25KB, 850x1062 , 26.jpg) [iqdb]
By a logic used earlier (as in raging gender vote), half of us voters don't want this. Hopefully, this will carry some weight with what will happen.

I would continue this excercise in futility, but that is quite a cute way of crushing all my hopes. Source?




"Hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment."
Logic in a board full of dickheads? You might be asking too much. This is the same board that kept on voting innocent maiden's nightmare into bad ends just because of the sex.
And here too, apparently.
You know, this is really taking out the fun of thinking out strategies if it's only to get fucked over by anons thinking with the wrong part.

I agree. For me, the best part of this is the strategy, the careful and subtle weaving of tactics, diplomacy, and warfare.

Which makes it incredibly aggravating to see people fuck over all our strategic progress for prons.
That's a good point. Strategic and political consequences will be kept separate from personal consequences. So right now Maxine has the makings of both an an amazing strategist and an amazing slut.

Hopefully this will be an acceptable compromise. (Also note that bad decisions don't necessarily lead to sex scenes, but good decisions will often lead to a sexy romp eventually.)

I notice how you never said that bad choices might lead to rape scenes.
Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I won't lie by saying that I'm not intrigued by the possibility for the H-scene presented in the basement choice, but come on.

There is always the possibility that we'll die because of Flandre, the prisoners and/or the sick people, of course, but I seriously doubt that we'll be offed just from a single visit. Remilia might not use Flandre as a general because she's unstable, but what is she doing throwing the prisoners in her sister's room? Aren't you curious about that?

If you seriously want for our every single action to have some strategic advantage, fine. One, Remi has a WMD on her basement, and the sooner we manage to know about it, the better. Two, we'll get to see the sick people, and might uncover some clues as to what's causing this firsthand. It might even give us some insight to our condition.

All reasons related to Flandre might be more on the meta side of things, but I'll say that the prisoners are still a pretty legit reason to take a look. Why can't we be just a little bit adventurous? If we really don't want to die that badly, we won't be joining a war.
One, we have no confirmation that the infecteds are here. Two, that's what we have Koishi for.

Considering that our guy know what Touhou is, going down is kind of a crazy dangerous choice from him.
I'm sure our heroine getting raped won't be something light, i.e. penalities and such.

I admire the compromise thing, but I don't think it's possible. I mean, seriously?

The whole "Already has some mental issues before they started whoring themselves out" Isn't going to affect our effectiveness at all? The impending rape isn't going to totally fuck with Maximus in the head? Honestly?

Breaking into a locked room in your ally's house to find out what is arguably their deepest and darkest secret isn't going to have diplomatic repurcussions? At all?

I understand that this way you hope to please both sides, which is admirable, but it's impossible to keep at least some things completely seperate.

At the very least, constantly switching between "Avatar of martial prowess who makes the enemy look like a bunch of football humping retards" and "Massive slut with some deep mental issues" doesn't sound particularly healthy or plausible.
At the least, there'll be no "haha wrong choice GAMU OBERU" or "haha now you're a stupid slut so you lose the next battle automatically".

About half the next update done now. Curse you, work and need to sleep! I miss being able to pull all-nighters.

P.S.: I hope you weren't saving your (female) virginity for someone special.

Oh, well, that's nice, I guess.

Guess I'll just keep skipping the porn scenes.
It was game over when the hero became a girl.
This is exactly the kind of thing I was pissed about that anons fucked us over: we were on Remilia's good side and now this is going to totally ruin Remilia's party and fuck up the whole alliance.

So again, StoryBunny: what's the point of thinking out the strategies and doing good if damn anons fuck up what we work for? You may say it's not auto-loss, but this is still going to make things a hell of a lot harder. We NEED that alliance, we don't have enough commanders to be able to conquer and defend effectively.

But maybe I'm writing all this so soon. There are a few ways I can think of that wouldn't turn this into a complete diplomatic disaster. But it all depends on how next update goes.
This is why a newbie shouldn't have their first non-pornfest story be in /at/, because they can't control Anon's infamously dickheadish tendencies.

More like that's when you say: "No, I'm writing the story, and that's fucking stupid.", disregard the votes, and write how you want to.
Well, let's not give up all hope yet.

Even though ULTIMATE DOOM is approaching.
I always imagined ULTIMATE DOOM involving more bold.
Most newbies don't do that, allowing Anon to run wild. I can name a couple of stories ruined because of anon took advantage of a newbies' fear of displeasing his readers.
It's at times like this I'm glad Max has a boss that has every good reason to care for his wellbeing and can read minds, and a sister who can warp subconscious.

People, this isn't a write in. Let Storybunny write, and if it sucks THEN wail and moan at your fellow voters and bunny. Otherwise you're just bitching about air.
Of course, it's an obvious super risky choice.
The fact that the Writefag said:

> P.S.: I hope you weren't saving your (female) virginity for someone special.

Implies that we're going to be raped. Of course Anon's going to moan and complain. Anon's usually the raper, not the rapie.
It's fine, most of the complaining anons didn't want a female virginity to begin with, so losing it won't be a problem!
File 131662039464.jpg - (216.64KB, 850x850 , 27.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Explore the basement.

Yup, time to explore the basement. Nothing bad can possibly happen. After all, your penis makes you immune to penis. You might discover more information about the supposed infection and cause of the rebellion, after all. If you meet Flandre, she’s a totally innocent child who just wants to play, right?

The basement isn’t that hard to find – you simply wander the hallways and take the stairs down whenever you have a chance. Eventually you descend to a level where the walls are made of stone brick and illuminated by torches set in the walls at regular intervals that give off heatless blue flames. The coolness of the air suggests that you are underground.

A gate made of iron bars blocks off the corridor. At a touch of your hand, the gate swings open with a dry squeak. You step forward, and behind you the gate immediately slams shut. You spin around and struggle futilely to open it again as it stubbornly stays put. Without anything else to try, you head further down the corridor.

Soon enough you reach a junction where two hallways intersect. You look down each possible path and see that they branch out in turn too. Knowing a little about mazes, you put your right hand on the wall and follow the twists and turns. The passageway eventually opens up into a central chamber of sorts, with many heavily reinforced and securely padlocked cell doors. Small grilles allow one to check on the occupants within. A discomforting, aroused moaning seems to come from behind many of the doors. You go up to one and look within.

A fairy is inside, her clothes disheveled and dirtied. She is tied to the far wall by a chain around her neck. Most disturbing of all, she has an impressively large penis, erect and exposed, which she is stroking madly. The fairy moans with pleasure and lust, her eyes half-closed, but the moment she catches sight of you her expression changes; with a feral growl she suddenly springs towards you only to be yanked short by the chain, animalistic heat in her eyes. Her peculiar wings and green hair give her away. It’s Daiyousei, the fairy that Sakuya captured earlier today!

You squeal in surprise and take a step backwards instinctively, only to bump into something and lose your balance. Someone catches you as you fall backwards before you hit the ground. You look up at a young face, blonde hair, red eyes. “Hiya! Are you another visitor? I’ve been getting so many visitors lately. It’s been lots and lots of fun!” Flandre grins at you and helps you back to your feet with strength deceptively hidden by her tiny frame.

“I’m Maximus Hardwood, of the Komeiji clan,” you give a little polite bow as you introduce yourself. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, miss…?” It’s not like you don’t know her name, but better to not reveal your meta-knowledge.

“Flandre!” She grabs your hand and shakes it up and down wildly. Fortunately, she stops before you start to worry about dislocating your shoulder. “Let’s play!” Still holding on tightly to your hand, she runs down the hallway, forcing you to keep up with her excited pace. She goes deeper into the maze of winding hallways than you can remember directions to get out, until at last she stops in front of an ornate wooden door. You pant, catching your breath, as she points out the plaque that reads “Flandre” in cute loopy letters. “Tada!” she announces proudly as she pushes the door open and pulls you inside.

Unlike the corridors outside, the room is warm and friendly, if windowless. A magical light source set in the ceiling also warms the room. The wallpaper is patterned with little red roses and strawberries. A four-poster bed takes up the middle of the room, and ringing the sides are a writing desk, wardrobe, and lastly in the corner a little pillow fort made out of assorted pillow, cushions and blankets that obviously Flandre has made herself.

Flandre leads you straight into the pillow fort. It’s a snug fit, but just large enough for two girls to sit inside. “Only the cool girls are allowed here!” she giggles, officially declaring you part of the cool girls’ club. “I know a game that cool girls play! Do you know what it is?”

You shake your head, smiling. Flandre is so nice! “I don’t know, tell me, please!”

“It’s the perverted game!” Flandre announces and flips up her skirt to reveal a large, swollen, throbbing cock dripping with pre-cum that certainly wasn’t there a moment ago. Her face, previously playful and childish, now has an aroused flush to it.

“Wha-mmmf!” You gasp in surprise, but that’s as far as you get before Flandre grabs you none-too-gently by the hair and pulls your face against her crotch. Her member forces its way in your mouth and grinds against your throat, making you gag, and even then you’ve still only managed to swallow half of it. You beat Flandre’s legs with your fists, but you might as well have been beating the walls, for all the good it does. You try biting down-

You find yourself flung against the wall and the back of your head throbs painfully as it makes smacks against the wallpaper. That is the least of your worries, though, as she is squeezing your throat so tightly that you’re afraid she might simply rip your head off your neck at this rate. You definitely can’t breathe. “No cheating!” Still using that childish tone of hers, she wags her finger at you. “Cheaters should be punished! But I’ll forgive you this time, so let’s play fairly, okay?” She lets go of you and watches you expectantly as you slump to your knees. Her member is erect and now slick with your saliva as well. You feel as though you have no choice as you lower your head and take it in your mouth, trying to ignore its taste on your tongue.

Flandre takes hold of your hair and starts to guide your head back and forth along her cock once more. “Oh, this is so fun!” Each time she pulls your head in, she tries to make you swallow a little more of her length, not caring about your discomfort as her glans struggles to fit in your unaccustomed throat. Tears roll down your cheeks as you gasp for whatever air you can whenever she lets you pull your head away from her shaft. She’s certainly not taking care to make sure you have enough time to breathe.

Impatient at the slow progress, Flandre grabs your head in both hands and starts to thrust her hips as well. She forces her large cock in your mouth as you gag and finally manages to fit it inside your abused throat. Your body retches and heaves instinctively in response to the invading member but she is too busy moaning happily to notice or care about you. Her hairless mound bumps against your nose as she face-fucks you in earnest and forces you to swallow her entire length on each stroke, which leaves her shaft shiny with spit when she pulls out from your mouth, only to ram it into your bruised throat again.

The thrusts come faster and rougher as Flandre apparently approaches her climax. Though you are glad that this might be over soon, hopefully, in the meantime it is becoming harder and harder to breathe, and your throat is hurting more. Suddenly she drives her cock as deeply in your mouth as she can and holds your head in place so that you can’t pull away even for air. You look up to see her tossing her head back and moaning in pleasure, as she stiffens inside your throat and sends spurt after spurt straight into your belly. After what seems to be too long a time, she finally pulls out from your mouth, letting you take much-needed gulps of air, but she is hardly done, continuing to shoot her thick white seed over your eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin.

“That was fun!” Flandre sighs contently as she pushes you down in the pillow fort. She rests her head between your huge breasts and gropes one in each hand to squeeze absentmindedly. You are simply relieved that the ordeal is over and lie back wiping her cum off your face, trying to ignore your sore throat and avoid replaying the scene in your mind. Or so you think, until Flandre seems to have enough of resting and gets up again.

You sit up in panic as Flandre rips your dress at the waist and tears apart your panties just as easily to expose your dick and pussy. Unlike a character in a hentai doujin, you’re not a slut who is turned on by being orally raped, so you are still limp and dry. “Flandre, what are you doing!?”

“Oh, you’ve got a weewee too. Anyways, this is part two of the game!” She announces cheerfully as she pushes you back down, grabs your legs by the knees, and spreads you open with so much strength that your thighs perform a painful split. She lines up her still-hard cock with your slit and just like that, she thrusts her hips and forces her cock inside your virgin pussy, without any foreplay or care. You scream in pain as your hymen is broken. “Wow, it feels so good! This is the best game ever!” Flandre doesn’t care, instead fucking you as she likes without any regard for your pain.

You lie still and endure the pain and humiliation of Flandre’s fucking, sobbing quietly. She rolls your lower body sideways and pulls one leg of yours high in the air. In this way, she holds onto your leg for even greater leverage as she sticks her dick even deeper in your unwilling cunt, using brute force to defeat your inexperienced tightness and your body’s resistance. Your residual saliva on her cock and the blood of your broken virginity are hardly enough to lubricate her inwards strokes, and the way her uncomfortably large glans scrapes against your insides whenever she pulls back feels little better.

Despite all this, your own penis starts to harden due to the unwanted stimulation, a fact which does not go unnoticed by Flandre. “You like this too, so let’s have lots of fun together!” She grabs your half erect cock and strokes it roughly. Her grip is neither gentle nor experienced, and her touch oscillates between what feels like an attempt to crush your cock in her hand and an attempt to rip it off your crotch. You whimper in pain, which she misinterprets as a moan of pleasure. “Let’s play like this, okay?” She adds the kneading of your sensitive cock with her dry hand to the number of ways she’s violating you.

You feel as though your body will soon break under the relentless pounding of your tender pussy. Flandre speeds up even more, and soon neglects your cock again in favour of holding onto your raised leg with both arms to pull herself in as deep as she can go, leaving it hard and frustrated. Her own member pushes further between your walls than it is meant to go, and bumps against something sensitive – and not in the pleasurable way. Your renewed screams only spur her on as she slams excruciatingly into you a few more times, then finally holds still inside you with her face contorted in pleasure. You feel her cock pulsing against your walls. She sighs contently and pulls slowly out of you, leaving a thick string of pink cum mixed with blood stretching between your gaping hole and the tip of her, to your horror still hard, cock.

Flandre frowns. “You’ve got something inside that’s spoiling the game,” she complains. “Don’t worry though, I’ll get it out for you! You have to say please, first, though.” She holds up her right hand in a fist, grinning.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what she’s planning to do. “No,” you shake your head weakly and beg, “No more.”

“Tsk, tsk, that’s not the magic word.” Flandre wags her finger at you. “Naughty girls need to be punished!” She strikes your belly with her fist. Pain overloads your senses.

“Stop! Sorry! Please!” You scream through your tears.

“Apology accepted!” Flandre licks her fingers, her fangs visible through her grin. She gets on her elbows and knees between your legs, scrutinizing your cunt as she spreads your deflowered lips apart with her fingertips and slowly works them in. The comparatively slow and tender way she goes about it, as opposed to the earlier rape, makes your pussy wet and your cock stiffen against your wishes. You hate your body for not having the willpower to resist being pleasured by your captor, even unintentionally, but you are helpless and at her mercy. “It’s still tight!” She claims, slightly amazed, and no wonder, since she is causing you more than a bit of pain by forcing all four fingers of her hand into your passage at the time same.

Flandre doesn’t stop, though, and soon her thumb starts disappearing into your body as well. Despite the pain and discomfort, the slow massage of her hand rubbing against your insides starts to send pleasurable sensations through your body. Your hard cock throbs looking lonely and to your disgust you find yourself reaching down to touch yourself. Yet before you can, you are interrupted by Flandre grabbing your wrist. You try futilely to hold back tears as you silently chastise yourself for sinking so low as to find pleasure in this.

It’s no help when Flandre starts wiggling her hand inside your pussy, stuffed fuller than you ever thought possible. “It feels good here, right?” She grins up at you. You lie by shaking your head weakly as she keeps moving her hand about, stretching and probing every nook and cranny inside you. No secret of your body is hidden from her inquisitive fingers as they rub over the most sensitive spot inside your pussy, which causes you to squeal out and arch your body involuntarily. She grinds the knuckles against that area again and again, giggling at how it makes you spasm.

You grab her arm with your free hand to try to stop her, but you might as well have been trying to stop a river with your bare hand. Flandre continues to fist you inexorably until you finally lose control. For a moment your body tenses up in unwanted pleasure, and then your pussy gushes around her hand while your cock shoots off its load freely into the air, even getting some of your white cum on her face. She looks thankfully amused instead of angry, licking a stray drop off her lips, and you feel her clench her fist still inside your pussy. The magical seal protecting your womb shatters perceptibly and sends an ominous shudder across your skin.

“It’s gone!” Flandre says proudly. “Now we can play another game. It’s going to be so fun, can you guess what it is?”

You don’t really want to know, but you’re far more afraid of the punishment that you’ll receive if you fail to give her the answer she wants to hear. “W-what kind of game is it?” you force yourself to say.

“The baby-making game!” Your wordless shock changes to a moan as Flandre pulls her wet fist out of your pussy all at once with a plop. She scoops you up in her arms, ironically bridal-style, and carries you out of her room as though you weigh as little as a feather. Through the corridors once more she goes running, making her way through the maze of hallways. You finally end up in a cold chamber filled with intimidating instruments of torture, and you also catch a glimpse of cell doors set in the walls before you are put down and locked into something.

It’s a simple pillory, yet effective at locking your head and hands in place, set low enough to force you to bend over at the waist. Something similar locks around your ankles and you are held stationary, with your feet on the floor and your upper body bent horizontal uncomfortably with nothing to support your pose except for the stocks about her wrists and neck. Your ass is pushed up and presented to whoever is behind you, which is currently Flandre, whose giggles you can hear as she gives your full hips a spank.

“Time to bring out our playmates! Wait for me here, okay?” Flandre’s words mock you as she leaves you to your thoughts. You struggle, but of course you fail to break loose. In your current position you can do little more than count the bricks in the wall and dread whatever she has planned for you, which can’t be anything good. The sound of the cell doors opening and the clanking of chains reaches your ears. Something, or some things, are straining against the chains like a feral beast desperate to break free.

“Here’s the first one!” Flandre announces. A moment later you hear a feminine voice moaning lustfully behind you and a pair of small, soft hands on your ass. The voice turns to a sigh of satisfaction as a penis, relatively smaller than Flandre’s but not by much, enters your pussy. Your head is locked and you can’t turn around to see who is raping you. You wiggle your body to try to shake your attacker off, but it only seems to spur her on as she slams her cock in you with more force.

The feeling is unpleasant but at least not as painful as the encounter with Flandre. The mystery rapist must have poor stamina, because she soon squeals and slaps her hips against your ass to get her cock inside you as deeply as possible. You feel it tense up and flex as she releases her seed inside of you, and then she’s going at your pussy again just as vigorously as before, only to be cut off short with a frustrated cry as something drags her back and away from you to the sound of a tautening metal chain.

“Wow, that’s a lot. These poor fairies must have been wanting to play a game for so long! Here’s number two. The fun part is guessing which one is the father!” You can hear it now, Flandre releasing another fairy, who rushes up behind you and jams her dick needily into your well-used cunt. Her motions are made easier by all the stretching and liquids left over from all the previous action your passage has seen. To your shame you start feeling little jolts of pleasure again, even from being fucked by an unknown fairy whose face you haven’t even seen, not that she cares one way or the other, as she simply has her way with you until she’s satisfied and lets out her own load inside you.

“This is getting boring,” Flandre yawns. “I’m just going to let them all loose. Have fun!” A horde of futa-dicked fairies surrounds you, the chains around their necks no longer held by anyone or anything. They fight with each other for the privilege of fucking you, each fairy being pulled off you by the others as soon as she cums inside you. You feel another cock inside you… and then another… and then yet another. Sometimes in the middle of being used as a cocksleeve by some random fairy’s dick, you would be driven over the edge of climax. Then your sloppy walls would flutter around the shaft spreading them open while your own neglected member spills its seed on the floor. The fairies too impatient to wait their turn please themselves by tearing away the tattered remnants of your dress and rubbing their pricks against any exposed part of your body. Your breasts, armpits, and even belly button are abused in turn. Some are even brave enough to dare your mouth; you are too far gone to bite and anyways you remember what happened the last time you tried, so you just suck them off subserviently. You lose track of how many times you have been fucked, lose track of time, lose hope…

“Little mistress, where are you? I brought you something before you go to bed.” You hear an elegant voice unlike the animalistic grunts and moans of the fairies surrounding you. Then a gasp, the sound of a tray crashing down to the floor, and the tinkling of broken china reaches your ears. “Wha-what’s going on here?” You dimly recognize the voice as Sakuya’s.

The fairies stop moving; in fact, even the cum of the fairy who is spurting in your face stops still in mid-air. A slow, low ticking of a clock echoes in your ears as though the sound is being played back at half speed. You feel a lightness around your neck, wrists and ankles as your bonds are released. Someone is pulling your arm and leading you somewhere, and you follow along simply because what else can be worse than what you’ve just gone through?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Why is Sakuya crying and apologizing? She’s not the one who did anything wrong. You also notice that time seems to have resumed, if the flickering of the torches is any indication. She leads you past a gate you recognize as the one you entered the basement by. Then upstairs, you think, since the world is all a blur at this stage. Round a few corners, and then you find yourself in a bathroom. A bath would be nice; you feel rather dirty. There’s a bucket of water, and it’ll do good emptied over your head-

The splash of cold water makes you shiver uncontrollably, but it also snaps you back to your senses. The memory of what has happened to you suddenly overwhelms you all at once, and you curl up in a ball and cry. Sakuya hugs you silently, tightly, and simply lets you get all your tears out without saying a word. At last your eyes have cried dry.

“Thanks,” you sniff. You must be such a mess right now.

“It’s alright. Everything’s going to be alright,” Sakuya whispers soothingly.

Later on, you…
[ ] …raise diplomatic hell and break the alliance.
[ ] …blackmail Remilia to secure future benefits in your favour.
[ ] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
Right. At least there's still Mind the Gap to look forward to.
Just a note: when I proclaimed "immunity to penis", I meant from catching and growing another one, not anything else. But didn't want to say for fear of giving even stranger ideas.

As for the update, ehhh out of 10. Not fantastic.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[x] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.

If anything, Sakuya will probably report this to Remilia anyway. Instead of blackmailing her, there's a chance she would come forward herself about it.

The only good thing I can see out of this is Maximux hating being a girl far more than before, driving him to seek out a cure and halting the curse's progress far more than before. Of course, now we need first have Sakuya check for pregnancy and end it if it actually happened.

Other good thing I can think of is that there's no way Maximus will willingly interrogate prisonners the 'hard way' now. All the better since I never want to see anything like this again.
[x] …blackmail Remilia to secure future benefits in your favour.

Oh look it's Indiana Jones in a Fridge flying over a shark!
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.

Get over it. You're a man.
Well, sort of... But don't let something ruins your life.
You forgot about anon and their tendencies, which is how we wound up here in the first place, both as a girl and getting gangraped.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.

Well i voted to meet/get raped by Flandre and that certainly happened.

Went a bit farther than i'd have liked but oh well!
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.

Satori will probably realize what happened and take care of everything about possible pregnancy once we returns.

Apart from that, there's too much to lose if we go blackmail. It would earn ill will from Remilia, which could make her break the alliance in the future. It would kill any sympathy or respect Sakuya have towards us. And what is there to gain in the first place with blackmail? Only one thing, which she will probably come forward herself about it once she learns what happened (that is, 'help' for the curse. Willing Remilia is far better than coerced Remilia I think).

When she learns what happened (I have no doubt she'll hear about it from either Sakuya or Flandre anyway), Remilia's honor may even make her decide to stay with us since we still worked for the alliance despite what happened, even once everyone else starts gunning for us.

Part girl is because of fuck-up for special battle. I got over it. This, however, was stupid. Only ONE anon defended this vote. Makes me think those others votes skipped over everything in the story and just saw chance for porn with Flandre.
[x] …blackmail Remilia to secure future benefits in your favor.
How can this go wrong?
>Makes me think those others votes skipped over everything in the story and just saw chance for porn with Flandre.

It was pretty damn obvious that was the case. Fucking dipshit pedos.

And I mean the whole stupid special battle wouldn't have happened if nigh-vote spam for female didn't occur. At this rate I see anon running this story off a cliff into lava in a couple of threads. The matter of people staying to try keeping this damaged ship afloat for that long is another matter.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
[X]...pray to the gods. Take oath of vengeance. But firstly leave SDM like nothing bad happened.
>how we wound up here
>as a girl

Now that was because StoryBunny grouped two options' totals (stock female MC+futa MC) up against one (male MC). What's stupid is that remaining male still had it 15 to 13 and that ridiculous Rumia vs Remilia battle thing was thrown in to "decide" what was already decided.

>blah blah blah the only stories that should be allowed on this site are males fucking girls blah blah blah

Nice reading comprehension, bro.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.

-Now that you're in emotional withdrawal, you can deal with Utsuho without emotions in the way. Afterwards you can cry to Satori about everything. (Just as planned.)
At this rate the mc will lose all his masculinity and become a screaming reck.
I'll wait and see how this rebellion is dealt with before deciding to drop it, though the odds are pretty good with how other readers have been as of late.
No. This was stated last vote.

By the way, does it say something about SB that this latest 'scene' seems to be the biggest one in the story so far?
And what's wrong with that?
Identity crisis and mental problems over self.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.

Based on the comments, I seem to have made the right decision to skip the porn parts of the update. Also, sweet merciful Christ I really, really hope we either become a man again soon or stop with the whoring out. Goddamn, the whole changing genders thing has been nothing but a source of pain and mental instability for poor Maximus. Hopefully, this calamity should at least keep this shit from repeating.
>keep this shit from repeating.

Better start praying then.
Sure is alot of bitching in here.

Alot of you are pissed that the story is no longer going the way you wanted it to go. This happens virtually every story, you realize. The way it's going to play out now is just another route through the same story, and some people are happy to see it take a twist like this no doubt. There will still be strategy to plan, and it's not like this has locked us into a bad end. It's just gotten more complicated perhaps.

And if you don't want to read the story, don't read the fucking story.
>the story is no longer going the way you wanted it to go

You do realize that the majority who actually read the story didn't want this to go anywhere near where it just did in the first place? Do check what people are complaining about first next time before playing morals.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[x] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.

Hey, I got my fap on, So its all good.
[ ] Go to game settings
-> [ ] Turn off non-consensual scenes
Just to be clear, is this taking effect now or are you asking for a number of votes for this?
[X] Go to game settings.
-[X] Turn on subtitles.
-[X] Turn on music.
-[X] Turn off limited camera.
-[X] Turn off advisors.
A lot of whiny bitches ITT.
It's an option. It also turns Maxine into a slut, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

>Turn off limited camera.
Hear, hear!
And to think that for a second, I wanted to thank you.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, good sir.


I always turn off limited camera. Most annoying feature in the games, as at least with advisors they sometimes contribute something.

Well it's technically not rape if the recipient only wants more. It's actually quite a splendid case of exact words. He'll simply make it so Maximus only wants sex, and thus cannot be "raped" because at any rate by the end he'll be a consenting partnere.

It's exactly what you wanted, from a certain point of view.
Yeah, but no one wants to hear people bitch when their choice didnt get chosen, like half the posters after this update.
[x] Go to game settings
-[x] Turn off non-consensual scenes

But really anon, did you really think Flandre wasn't gonna brutally rape you senseless?

I know many of the regular readers didn't want to go there. Anon really needs to stop thinking he can get sex scenes by making the dumbest choices.

I'm choosing to turn off non-consensual simply because anon isn't gonna learn his lesson. I would prefer not to read yet another rape scene because of stupidity.
I suppose that it wouldn,t have fit the story if everything non-consensual was turned off...

Problem is, there was many good reasons to NOT have taken Basement. And so far, we have only seen one good anon defending the basement choice (>>18693). And one who did say he wasn't expecting this to go so far. Where are the rest now?

And stop trying to intentionally provoke others into a fight.

I too would vote this, except SB called MC Maxine. Maxine is not who I want MC to be. I start to suspect voters for male choice never had a chance because SB never considered letting MC remains male and intentionally screwed voters.

Oh good, I thought I was the only one worried about the Maxine vs Maximus thing.

I still hold out hope Maximus can return to being Maximus, despite the seeming futility, and it is nice to see that others share this desire.
Are you suggesting SB railroaded us? There's nothing worse than a writer Deux Ex Machina-ing things to get his way on top of what amounted to a railroad.

I wanted rampant female slutiness, that's what the Reimu's Adventure threads are for.

Okay guys, I think we should calm down, and bring up any grievances with the writer before we start any railroading accusations.

SB may seem to have a preference for the way the story is now, but I'm sure he would never railroad us.

Besides, it's not like we could do anything if he really wanted to.
We can do something: Drop the story and spread the word. A new writer has to depend on word of mouth so if it's bad, then he would have to listen, that or go down in obscurity. I don't think many even forgave him for that scene he did, news of railroading would only heighten the discontent.
As the one who went over Rumia's strategy vigorously, I take severe opposition to what you said.

I took the damn time to make sure that strategy was well thought out to win that match.
You shut your whore mouth. I usually don't actively vote or comment but this story (or at least the beginning and more strategy part of it) gave me the motivation to resume a similar one I had left in hiatus long ago so I have no intention whatsoever in letting this story just die because of haters.
And as a writer of a Remilia strategy, I... Okay, I bitched a bit in the heat of the loss. Still, I never contested it after that: your side won fair and square. Thing is, can you really deny that the male voters have been cheated by the battle happening in the first place?

Anyway, enough bitching about now. We need to get our masculinity back up, see what the hell is Utsuho thinking then return to see how Remilia is doing against the rebellion.

No one's contesting that.

What is an issue is that even with the futa and female votes combined, it was still 15-13 in favor of staying a man. Thus, it's reasonable to assume that staying a man should have won.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the gender changes shouldn't have been an option?

Think about it; Most of the rage and hate stems soley from that topic, or things tied to it.
I seen a similar choice in an /eientei/ story, it's a move typical of a newer writer.

I'm curious as to how SB responds to all this as unless some sort of control is brought over this, it won't end well. The truth won't matter if it's hidden and false misconceptions are allowed to prevail.

I also saw that. Hell, even in that thread there was a commotion about it.

And as for SB, we can only wait.
>What is an issue is that even with the futa and female votes combined, it was still 15-13 in favor of staying a man. Thus, it's reasonable to assume that staying a man should have won.

>Also, am I the only one who thinks the gender changes shouldn't have been an option?

I agree wholeheartedly on both parts.
I'm biased as I got mostly what I wanted from the first vote, but there was heavy discussion about that vote too before it came down to a fight. I think more than malice, it was Storybunny testing the battle system. The 15-13 call was an issue - calling it close enough for a tiebreak was a bit odd though understandable with the argument raging - as was the collating of girl/futanari votes, SB should have clarified beforehand that a vote for a gender change would be grouped.

Similarly, a warning at the vote to Flandre would have helped cut down bitching - and I'd suggest for SB to do that, in fact - warn people at time of voting that options may be grouped, and also nonconsensual and other potentially unlikeable elements at time of voting.
The Flandre scene was absolutely terrible. I was okay with the futa thing, but that shit is going too far. Now it's in wood-killing territory.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[x] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.
[x] Go to game settings
-[x] Turn off non-consensual scenes

Seriously a guy turns into a futa, alright I wasn't to happy but there was a slim chance of going back. Futa porn ain't bad either but a guy turns futa then s/he's pregnant? Fuck that.
Well, I don't dislike the scene, but neither do I get a boner out of it. The way I see it, the emotional build up isn't sufficient enough for me to get invested in the character's plight, especially given that this is a written work, not a graphical porn doujin. At least with drawn porn I can get off to the facial expressions, here I just find it hard to imagine Maxine doing anything but faking tears and screaming in the most boring monotone ever, regardless of what the writing is telling you.

I'm fully prepared for a non-consensual rape update, and have geared myself to enjoy it, but what I ended up doing was scrolling down with a long yawn. The whole thing shifted from 'Yay exploring!' to 'Noooooo!' in just what, two short paragraphs? Where's the hesitance in following Flandre? Where's the constant self-coercion that this isn't going to go to hell in a hand-basket? Where's the dawning horror and self-doubt as Maxine continues deeper into the basement? The teetering of feet? The empty bravado? The creepy Flandre-style double entendre?

Sure, some of things mentioned are there, but overall it still seems it started way too abruptly, and I ended up with a dead car as the petrol clogged the engine.
This is rape. If you have a boner because the main character (aka us) is getting badly raped, then there's a problem.
>Parsee rape
>Main character rape
BAWWWW! That's disgusting you sick fucks.

Eh. Parsee seemed to be enjoying it.

Whereas Maximus just gets some more angst and mental issues.

Also, don't turn off non consensual scenes, you fools! SB will just make Maximus into a huge slut who can't be "raped" because they're always willing. It's a trap.
This.Seriously dont vote for that.Unless you are into that sort of thing.
Also it seems there is no hope for a male MC anymore
May I invoke >>6052?

3a) Sometimes, arguments over various actions within the story context can spark up due to conflicts in personal interests and how votes made to cater to a particular taste might oppose others. While they can be unavoidable, it's preferred to keep them at a minimum. Everyone has their own tastes, and surely they can clash at times when opposing groups have two differing views on what should happen, and these prolonged arguments can derail threads, and even cause the writers to lose interest in the story in lieu of wanting to avoid more 'fan-faction' in-fighting.

Now to address the best and worst of anon, to thank supporters and to clear up the most dangerous misconceptions.

So the votes for female were spam votes, while the votes for male were "real" votes? I didn't know that before!


And >>18867's critique is that there wasn't enough build up, which would make the scene even longer. Does that say something about 18867?


What are you talking about? After the row over 15-13, the latest choice was decided simply by the option with the highest vote, which makes it if not the majority then the largest minority.



As surprising as it may be to some, I don't like seeing people bitch in my thread when their choice didn't get chosen, either.

If I never considered letting MC remain male, why would I go through the trouble of collecting votes and setting up a trial by combat?

Please post your name, address, and identification number(s) appropriate for the nation-state you currently reside in, so that I may sue you for libel over your malicious and untrue claims that I railroad this story.

A true bro.

>>18836, >>18838, >>18855
Stop trying to undermine the legitimacy of the Rumia faction's victory.

There actually was a warning before the Flandre scene. A few people shrugged and said what amounted to "it can't be helped", some others made jokes, and the rest went on a tangent about the potential consequences to the political landscape. Nobody spoke up strongly against a non-consensual scene on a metaphysical reader preference basis, but now too many people are hypocrites and too few people are willing to hold their peace.

Kudos for actual constructive criticism.

You may change your mind if the scene were written from Parsee's perspective.

Don't worry, my friend. As long as a single anon still wants the MC to be male, there is always hope.

Not a likely hope, but still, hope.

Thank for you addressing this.

That said, some of the complaints being made are legtimate.

First of all, no one is trying to undermine the Rumia faction's victory. They won, and no one can take that away from them. It simply seems some people are of the opinion that since one faction had a landslide victory over the other, the arena of combat to decide the vote wasn't needed, and thus shouldn't have happened.

Also, regarding the rape the simple fact was that Parsee was a tracherous backstabbing crazy bitch, while Maximus got raped because of voters who haven't really bothered to defend their actions.
[x] …raise diplomatic hell and break the alliance.

Because fuck 'em.
[x] …raise diplomatic hell and break the alliance.

This has been a terrible experience for all involved.
[X] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[X] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.
[X] Go to game settings
-[X] Turn off non-consensual scenes

I'm totally fine with the exact words version.
Thank you for adressing this. Still believe trial combat shouldn't have happened but whatever. Only thing is that you shouldn't really encourage the trash talk. Insults will just pisf off others more.

[X] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[X] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.
[X] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[X] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.
[X] Go to game settings
-[X] Turn off non-consensual scenes
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[x] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.
--[X] DO NOT turn off rape scenes and go into huge slut mode

If you guys want your masculinity back so bad, the first step on the road would be for Maximus to... Man up, if you'll excuse the horrible pun, clench his teeth and bear with what just happened for the sake of his professionalism and remainder of pride. Surely an accomplished warrior and strategist will be prepare to endure tortures in the eventuality of capture by an enemy country right? Flandre's aggressions are no different, in a sense. This kind of behavior will be no doubt a decision that will require willpower and self-confidence from the character to pull through, efficiently putting his behavior back on the original track
[x]Don't go to the game menu
-[x]Also don't turn off non-consensual scenes
>Surely an accomplished warrior and strategist will be prepare to endure tortures in the eventuality of capture by an enemy country right?
Except Max's dual nature also pegs him as a touhou computer gamer messing around until suddenly magic, who I'm sure did not have all of that fantastic combat and so on training.

Still, I'll throw in my vote for that (already voted on the other option)
You forget he learned how to ride horses through the Yukari shenanigans, amongst other things. Either way my point remains that if Anon wants to be manly instead of a "screaming wreck" as to quote, then trying to "take it like a man" would be the logical attitude, even if it ends in failure.
[x] …keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the alliance.
-[x] Ask Sakuya for something that would end pregnancy immediately in the case it actually happened.
[x] Go to game settings
-[x] Turn off non-consensual scenes

Pregnancy would be a boner-killer, not to mention that it would hamper Maxine too much. Going full-blown slut mode is the exact opposite of that. It doesn't have to make her stupid or a poor strategist. It would just make her off time more entertaining.
Speaking as one who voted for [x] Basement, let me put a statement on the record.

I expected some non-consensual stuff to happen, maybe even a bit of really rough stuff. I wouldn't mind all of that; it's only par for the course after the Max/Parsee/Yuugi scene, after all. Precedent has been set.

What I did not expect - nor want - to see in this is the goddamn rape drama, complete with implied impregnation and whatever else. That is not erotic, nor is it entertaining. It's a Law & Order SVU episode, and if I wanted to see that, I've got the rest of the internet. It is thoroughly unwelcome in this story. At the bare minimum, it serves only to distract from the overall main thrust of the story.

Tack on all the very valid criticisms >>18867 gave, and what you've got is something extremely unsatisfying.
[x] Go to game settings
-[x] Turn off non-consensual scenes
I can't wait for the writer to do the exact same thing again in the future! Nor can I wait for Okuu Guro 2.0 when he 'forgets' his prior change of heart. The people defending this only serve to reinforce the theory, which has been growing in popularity, that StoryBunny brought a bunch of friends from some fanfic forum to vote on his story and support him regardless of his stupid decisions and poor writing.
Can we please keep this semi-civilized and stop insulting eachother?

Also, I'm pretty sure turning off non-consensual scenes isn't going to stop the rape scenes. It'll just make it so that by the end Maximus only wants more.

Such a change in personality after getting raped is a little too mind-breaky to be legit.
[X] Go to game settings.
-[X] Keep non-consensual scenes turned on.

>>18836 here. As >>18879 stated, the issue wasn't the battle itself.

Second, after being done cooling my head, I start to see how ridiculous the bitching is (and how stupid I was too). It seems even those who voted for it were surprised by how brutal the whole thing was and everyone decided to take the chance to dump frustrations. I mean, isn't it a bit too late to be pissed about that considering how much time passed?

However, I still stick to the point that pooling votes was a backstab for voters.

But instead of arguing more, I'll just use what just happened for Maximus to return to a manlier mental state, like being seriously uncomfortable when being dominated or using girl parts. But first thing first: I shall vote to dump the skirt and get pants as soon as a vote takes place in our room. Alas, bust is too big for anything to be done about it. But maybe a haircut too?

Anyway, about the optional vote... For the sake of the story, it shouldn't be turned off and not just because of Maximus turning sex-crazed. However, I wonder bit how you'll make your decision about it, considering you made a vote to turn it on only.

I am in complete agreement.
[X] Go to game settings.
-[X] Exit game.
This is almost exactly what I was just thinking. Maximus needs to swap up to a more masculine appearance. First step on the road & all that.

Gotta say though, disabling the nonconsensual scenes meaning Maximus going sex crazy seems incredibly nonsensical.
Is this implying that rape is okay as long as it is on treacherous backstabbing crazy bitches?

Non-consensual - check. Rough - check. Drama - whatever you were high on when you were reading, I want some of it. Is MC using this to affect the alliance? Not if the votes have anything to say about it. Is someone being driven to revenge? No. Has it turned MC into a cock-hungry slut? No. You voted for a non-consensual scene. You were warned and you didn't change your vote. You got what you voted for. Now don't come back complaining because what you voted for wasn't what you wanted. If you don't like non-consensual scenes, perhaps you shouldn't have voted for one in the first place. Were you expecting that MC will simply start liking it halfway through? If you don't get turned on by rape, don't vote for it and then complain that you didn't find it erotic afterwards. Vote more wisely next time. Or would you rather that I start disregarding votes like yours arbitrarily?

You should put your creativeness to better use than coming up with wild conspiracy theories.

I'm merely saying that-Okay yes, that's exactly it.

Backstabbing crazy bitches who try and steal our agents and kill a good part of our leadership at an already agreed upon neutral meeting place are DISHONOURABLE SCUM who deserve nothing better. Personally, I would have been pleased with execution, or exile for such a SHAMEFUL DISPLAY.
I still find it funny how everyone complains. Non-consensual means exactly what the name says. It wouldn't be non-consensual if Max started liking it halfway through, then it'd become consensual. You got what you voted for, you better take it like a man and stop being a bitch about it. Some people like me liked this scene. Isnt it an unwritten rule on /at/ that you shouldn't start threadshitting by saying how much you hate this one fetish and how this other one is better?

You voted for rape, you got rape.

There is a large difference between getting raped by Flandre and getting gang raped and impregnated by countless futa fairies.
>Drama - whatever you were high on when you were reading, I want some of it.
Just read your own writings again, that'll do it.
SB, if you don't think it's drama when the player character of your story is brutalized until their emotions temporarily shut down, then crying in the fetal position when something snaps them out of it, then your definition of the word needs updating.

>If you don't like non-consensual scenes, perhaps you shouldn't have voted for one in the first place.
Ugh. You're not doing yourself any favors by ignoring significant portions of what other people say.

See >>18897:
>I expected some non-consensual stuff to happen, maybe even a bit of really rough stuff. I wouldn't mind all of that; it's only par for the course after the Max/Parsee/Yuugi scene, after all. Precedent has been set.

Kindly cut down and douse that strawman, SB.

I'm going to end this post now before I say something I'm going to regret.
This here is the warning.

Start thinking with your heads, not your dicks, because as was seen in the last update, thinking with your dicks only gets you fucked. In a Bad Way.

And StoryBunny, your not completely innocent of this as well. Perhaps you should explain your position clearly to Anon to defend your position. Because if just about every single Anon is complaining about something, the Writefag nay have done something wrong.
The votes thing in thread 1? A bit late for complaining about it now. The rape? Well, The mistake I think SB made is putting the warning only 12 hours before closure. It's very possible some may not have noticed it in time (for exemple, some may have been sleeping when it was up and time expired before they even knew about it) and we had no way to see how SB had decided Flandre to be like before.

At this point however, I just hope for next thread with next snippet to be up soon so that we can all move on.
A warning was given for a non-consensual scene, not a warning for a non-consensual scene that is guaranteed to be limited to Flandre only. Also you haven't explained the difference between being raped by Flandre and futa fairies, other than the obvious physical difference that one involves Flandre and the other involves futa fairies.

A search for "rape drama" on google brings up Rape as Drama from Tvtropes as the first result. Does it advance the plot? No. Does it turn MC into a distressed damsel? No, MC has already been established as being insufficently skilled to defend against surprise attacks solo, see Mystia. Does it give someone motivation for a roaring rampage? No. Does it turn MC from unapproachable to needy? No. Does it motivate MC to change ways? No.

It sounds like you wanted or expected a scene similar to Parsee-Yuugi, but what you actually voted for was to explore the basement. Please don't blame me for your mistaken assumptions. Note that there was no non-consensual warning before Parsee-Yuugi's scene while there was such a warning before Flandre's scene. This warning is an indicator that Flandre's scene will differ significantly from Parsee-Yuugi's scene.

Now, so that you do not accuse me again of ignoring significant portions of what people say:

>Speaking as one who voted for [x] Basement, let me put a statement on the record.
No comment needed here.

>I expected some non-consensual stuff to happen, maybe even a bit of really rough stuff. I wouldn't mind all of that; it's only par for the course after the Max/Parsee/Yuugi scene, after all. Precedent has been set.
Point already addressed.

>What I did not expect - nor want - to see in this is the goddamn rape drama, complete with implied impregnation and whatever else.
Point already addressed.

>That is not erotic, nor is it entertaining. It's a Law & Order SVU episode, and if I wanted to see that, I've got the rest of the internet.
You did not find a rape scene erotic or entertaining. You possibly found it horrifying. Some anons like rape scenes while others don't. This is not news.

>It is thoroughly unwelcome in this story. At the bare minimum, it serves only to distract from the overall main thrust of the story.

>Tack on all the very valid criticisms >>18867 gave, and what you've got is something extremely unsatisfying.

>Just read your own writings again, that'll do it.
>SB, if you don't think it's drama when the player character of your story is brutalized until their emotions temporarily shut down, then crying in the fetal position when something snaps them out of it, then your definition of the word needs updating.
Point already addressed.
Additionally, what is MC's alternate response? Start liking it midway through? Recover immediately as if nothing happened?

>Ugh. You're not doing yourself any favors by ignoring significant portions of what other people say.
Point being addressed.

>Kindly cut down and douse that strawman, SB.
An argument has been cut down, but possibly not the one you had in mind.

>I'm going to end this post now before I say something I'm going to regret.

Here's what I see.

A large minority, but a minority nonetheless, want a gender change. This is proven by votes and comments.
>We have a scat thread, a tentacle thread, hundreds of "male falls into Gensokyo and fucks everyone" stories, and I'm pretty sure I saw a guro thread around here somewhere. This is the first story to actually offer people with a trans-gender fetish something for their tastes. You could try to say futa is the same fetish, but it isn't, it lacks the set-up or the situation that gives TG its "oomph", so to speak. What's wrong with us getting our own quest? It's not as if it's going to magically delete the myriad of "man fucks women" stories already existing here.

Because the minority, being a minority, will never be able to win the vote without resorting to underhanded methods, I gave them a literal fighting chance. At this point, the idea was enthusiastically received. Nobody started bitching yet.
>Taking a meta vote war and using a in-story battle to represent the two sides and come to a decision? Holy shit, that's awesome.

The genderswap faction won. The losers made some noises but soon accepted that Rumia had superior strategy. They looked forward to the time when MC would return to being male again.
>Pfft, fine. I see three things right now that can change our state again: Miracle from Sanae, Eirin drugs or Yukari passing by again. Of course, this won't happen right now, but I'll be waiting.
>And if what happens is decided by another extra battle, you can be sure as hell that I'll make plans for EVERYTHING.

There were still a few voices of discontent, but most anons seemed to have come to terms with the end results.

Fast forward to the most recent vote. Some anons start voting for the basement, not knowing what lies in store for MC.
>Nothing can go wrong with this!

To be fair, >>18621 goes up to warn them about the upcoming non-consensual scene. Is there a strong negative response?

Some anons point to the vote and basically shrug their shoulders.
>Well, unless some voters change their minds or some votes are added to something else, it's not like any who voted can do much.

Some anons persist in choosing the basement.
>I am more than ok with this option.

Some anons made jokes.
>Don't worry, our penis makes us immune to penis.

Some anons raised valid concerns.
>You know, this is really taking out the fun of thinking out strategies if it's only to get fucked over by anons thinking with the wrong part.
This was acknowledged, and the resulting additional concerns were also noted, even if there isn't a reply for every single one of reasonably-concerned!anons' posts.

No anon came out and said "It doesn't matter how many votes there are, there should be no non-consensual scene, period." Since the genderswap vote was sidelined by the trial by combat, now seemed to be a good time to make up for it by going with the votes.

Flandre scene goes up. Some anons, who probably either voted against basement or didn't vote, expressed their distaste for it. Fair enough. The scene was written with the intent to induce anon to pause and think at least for a little while, not necessarily to enable anon to fap, although some anons will be able to fap to it regardless.

Anon raises an interesting point.
>Part girl is because of fuck-up for special battle. I got over it. This, however, was stupid. Only ONE anon defended this vote.
So apparently it is not just the number of votes, but also the comments and arguments that accompany the votes, that count.

Another anon digs up the genderswap issue unnecessarily while displaying baseless prejudice against pro-genderswap voters.
>And I mean the whole stupid special battle wouldn't have happened if nigh-vote spam for female didn't occur.

There must have been a lot residual resentment over the genderswap issue, because this anon joins in.
>Now that was because StoryBunny grouped two options' totals (stock female MC+futa MC) up against one (male MC). What's stupid is that remaining male still had it 15 to 13 and that ridiculous Rumia vs Remilia battle thing was thrown in to "decide" what was already decided.
Apparently, it is only total votes, not comments and arguments, that count.

This board doesn't support quantum mechanical posting, so I can't have both "number of votes overrides quality of arguments" and "quality of arguments overrides number of votes" running at the same time. Either way, anon will bitch.

To make things worse, some anons started sprouting blatant lies.
>I start to suspect voters for male choice never had a chance because SB never considered letting MC remains male and intentionally screwed voters.

The argument-versus-vote-count paradox kicks in again.
>Problem is, there was many good reasons to NOT have taken Basement. And so far, we have only seen one good anon defending the basement choice
>Thing is, can you really deny that the male voters have been cheated by the battle happening in the first place?

So, >>18944, this is why I am so angry and frustrated.

My conclusion? Anons bitch when things don't go their way, either way. Let me put a disclaimer here now that votes in the future will continue to be used to influence the direction of the story, but they are not necessarily the sole influence, and I reserve the final say in the choice used to continue the story.

I will also warn the anons still bitching over the genderswap issue that the more complaints I see, the less willing I am to go through with the second genderswap scene where MC turns back into a man.

Thankfully, I have the civilized, rational and supportive anons to encourage me. Thank you - you know who are are.

Next story update will be in a new thread. Closing votes now.
[x] …raise diplomatic hell and break the alliance.

No. We're not teaming up with these people.
>Next story update will be in a new thread. Closing votes now.
Thank fuck. Enough time was wasted in bitching as-is.
Well, I tried to avoid reading that update. But now, out of curiosity, I read it.
And I'll be frank. This is quite good. As a writing piece, I mean. Flandre's behaviour as a rapist is -probably- realist (I say probably because I've never met a rapist before), and it's really easy for me reader to imagine why the main character is ashamed of what happened.

However, I don't know if I'm supposed to fap to this or not. Anyway, keep up with the good work, StoryBunny, because honestly, that update was good.
Jesus christ people...why the hell would you vote to have the author sensor his own story? dis ain't some twilight forum, man the fuck up.

Yall niggas is mad as hell.

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