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[X] Ask to speak with Byakuren in private.
[X] Tell Alice once you’re out of the temple.

You smile at Byakuren. “It was great, your garden is beautiful.”

Byakuren claps her hands together. “I’m glad you liked it! People seem to think religion is all dull and humdrum, but it’s only as exciting as you make it. After all, nobody would become a monk if it was as boring as people say it is,” she laughs.

Your face turns serious. “Actually, though, I need to speak with you privately for a moment.”

“Oh, is something the matter?”

“There’s just something I think you should know.” You nod to Alice. “I’ll be out in a minute, sorry to make you wait.”

“It’s fine, go right ahead,” she says.

“Then let’s go to the gardens. Be back in a minute, dear,” she says to Alice, beginning to walk away. You follow, soon back among the sweet smells and colors of the Myouren garden.

“You said I’m a human that became a youkai. That’s not the entire truth. I’m a human, but I’ve become a host for a youkai.” You spread your robe slightly, showing her your roots.

“Oh, my goodness!” She gasps. “Are you alright? Is it hurting you? Do you want me to-“

You shake your head. “No, no, it’s fine. We’re actually getting along pretty well. The problem is… he’s… Nue’s father.”

“Oh… oh, my…” Byakuren puts her hands over her heart. “Does she know?”

You nod. “We ran into each other and had a talk. She handled it really well. She was happy to see him, actually.” Very happy. But you should probably leave those details out. “All she really said is she wants me to come back once he’s strong enough to live without a host.”

“Nue’s a strong girl,” Byakuren says proudly. “She may cause mischief but she’s very understanding, and her heart’s in the right place. Thank you so much for telling me.” She pulls you into a hug. “I think I’ll leave her alone for now though, let her gather her thoughts. She’ll come to me when she wants to talk.” Byakuren rubs your back, then pulls away.

“Oh, I wanted to ask you. The way you’re hanging around Alice, are you two… you know?” She nudges you with her elbow.

“Well, she has taken a bit of a liking to me,” you admit with a blush.

“Oh, good. I won’t keep you any longer, then. Thanks again for telling me about Nue. And be nice to Alice, if you break her poor little heart, you’ll get a first-hand demonstration of my disciple’s spear skills.” She says, grinning mischievously.

“I’ll make sure to treat her nice,” you say with a laugh as you stroll back to the entrance, meeting up with Alice.

“What happened?” she asks.

“I’ll tell you in a bit, if that’s all right with you. It’s kind of a private matter.”

Alice nods in understanding as the two of you leave the temple. The green-haired girl in a dark pink shirt-dress is still outside, now brushing dirt off a statue. “How’s it going?” she asks, getting up from the statue.

“Is she a friend?” Alice asks.

“Oh, that’s just Kyouko, she’s one of the friendly faces here.” you say.

“Good afternoon, Kyouko. I’m Alice.” Alice says, nodding politely at her.

“Good afternoon, Kyouko. I’m Alice.” She repeats, sounding exactly like her. “What’cha think? That’s my power, I control echoes. I came here because people started losing faith in me, started saying echoes were just bouncing off the mountains by themselves or something.” She rolls her eyes at the ridiculous notion.

“I’m sorry, but we were on our way out, so we can’t stay and talk.” Alice starts walking away from her. As you pass by Kyouko, she leans into your ear and whispers, “Nue, I’m… I’m gonna cum!” in an exact mimic of your voice. She chuckles, winks at you, and goes back to her cleaning.

I like this place.

‘Hush, you.’ You catch up with Alice.

“It’s mid afternoon already,” Alice says, looking up at the sun.

“Want to get some food?” You ask.

“Sure, if you like. But, what about your fairy friend?”

“She can wait another hour or so. Where would you like to eat?” You put your arm around her waist.

“I’d like it to be quick. I must admit, I’m getting a little worn out from being around so many people. And… I’d prefer it we kept our affection private, for now.”

You put your arm back at your side. “Did Byakuren harass you?”

“That woman is crazy!” Alice almost shouts. You share a laugh.

“Alright, quick food it is. I know a great noodle stand around here.” You lead her to a simple wooden stand, a handful of customers eating. Extra chairs and tables have been set up to handle the busy day. You both order your food and sit at an empty table.

“So… the temple.” you say.

“What happened?”

“Well… I ran into a girl named Nue Houjuu there.” You take a bite of your noodles.

“Nue? I’ve heard about her. She was behind that incident with the flying objects a while back.”

You nod. “Yeah, her. It turns out… The youkai inside me is her father.” You steel yourself. You really have no idea how she’ll react.

“Oh.” Alice says. She stares at her bowl of noodles. “…Oh.”

“Please, don’t take it the wrong way. It happened way before I was even born.”

“I know.” she sighs.

“We talked. He’s not going to abandon Nue. Once he’s living outside of me, he’s going to go back to her.”

“Can we trust him? He doesn’t seem particularly fatherly. And what if he has other children?”

“That’s… a good question. I don’t know.”

You both leave it at that and finish your meal. You pay for the food and head back to the gates of the human village.

“Well, I’m sure your friend has waited long enough, I’m going to head back home. Should I expect you back at my house after your trip?”

[ ] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.
[ ] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.
[x] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.

If anything to spend some time with Alice even if it doesn't involve sex.
[x] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.
At this rate, we're never going to see his home. We can always move in with Alice later.

I saw the first attempt. This revision is much better.
[x] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.
[X] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.

Let's keep Alice company some more.
I doubt it'd be much worth noting as Tentanon was just very ordinary before his encounter with 'the beast'
[x] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.
[x] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.

I'm sure the MC could use at least some sort of break from wack kinky hijinks.

Speaking of MC, is it possible for the swamp monster guy to switch hosts if shit goes sour for the current one, meaning the current host isn't really the main character, and that he was more of a temporary "guest star"? Or would it just be a bad end of some sort? Just a thought.
[ ] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.

Alice's house = HQ
[X] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.
[X] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.
[x] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.
[x] No thank you, go to your home after Sunny.


I was wondering about that.
Come for the tentacle sex. Stay for the weird relationships forming.

[x] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.
[X] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.

Alice is quite nice indeed. Besides, she sounds kind of like she might need it right now.
Closing votes. Visiting Alice wins 7 to 6.
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[X] Yes, go to Alice’s house after Sunny.

“Yes.” You give her a smile, which she returns.

“Will you be able to find your way?”

“I… think so.” You’d forgotten her house was in the middle of a forest.

Alice frowns. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“I don’t really know my way around the forest, to be honest,” you admit.

“It’s not too large. If you take too long I could send out some dolls to look for you?”

You nod. “Good idea.”

“Alright then, I’ll be off.” Alice waves goodbye and starts flying to the forest.

You head back to the Forest of Magic, following the rough dirt path leading through it. You figure if you wander by yourself, the fairies will come soon enough. Once you get used to the noxious smell of the mushrooms, like a cross between old book paste and moldy cheese, it’s a nice, quiet walk. You wish you’d brought your pipe with you.


You instinctively hit the floor in time to see a white blur zip by where your head used to be. You roll over and get to your feet. Sunny’s floating a few feet away from you, her breathing heavy and her face flush.

“You…” she says, narrowing her eyes.

“Good afternoon, Sunny. How’re you doing today?” you ask, deliberately playing dumb.

“You know how I’m doing!” She flies at you, tackling you with surprising strength to the ground. She grabs your collar, yanking your shoulders.

“No one else will do what you did, and it’s driving me crazy! I NEED TO FEEL GOOD!”

There’s more than a little wildness in her voice. You try to push her off of you, but she holds tight to you.

“You’re not getting away this time!” Sunny presses her body to you and starts humping you.


“WHAT?” Sunny snaps at you.

“It’s easier if we’re both naked.”

Sunny obliges without a second thought, grabbing her dress and lifting it up over her head. She peels off her pink panties, soaked through with her wetness.

Hey, could you do me a favor? I’m feeling spry right now, I want to see if one of my old powers has come back. Put your hands on her chest.

You press your hands on Sunny’s chest, squeezing her small, ruddy breasts. Your roots work down your arm until they cover your palms. You massage her, and suddenly feel her breasts slowly expand in your hand, filling up into round, jiggling handfuls.

“Aah, oh guh… what’s going on?” She moans.

Yesss. I’m back.

“My… my breasts…” Sunny stares at them in disbelief, kneading them in her hands. Her nipples are now thick and puffy, each about the size of a large pea. You wrap your lips around one, sucking and nibbling.

“Something’s coming out!” she screams. A sweet, creamy taste starts spraying out of her nipple. You suck even harder, jets of milk filling your mouth. Her free nipple dribbles milk down her chest.

You pull off her nipple, wrapping your lips around Sunny’s and letting her milk run into her mouth. She swallows it. “Mmm… I taste good,” she smiles. You press her breasts together, slipping both nipples into your mouth and sucking hard, pulling your head back and tugging on her breasts. Milk pours into your mouth as fast as you can drink it.

You let her nipples free with a pop, drips of milk dribbling out of your mouth onto her body. You slide a hand between her soaked thighs, rubbing her clit.

[ ] Give her what she wants.
[ ] Make her beg for it first.
[ ] Tease her, then go and leave her hanging.

[ ] Leave her with her new assets.
[ ] Change her mostly back, leave her some extra size.
[ ] Change her back completely.
[x] Make her beg for it, edge her for a while and then leave her hanging. Make sure she gets a nice dose of the slime.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.

Because allowing her full release now would be far too kind. Her punishment is not over. Also breasts must stay, sunny milk and all that.
[x] Make her beg for it first.
-[x] While masturbating, then give her what she wants.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
[x] Make her beg, then edge her and leave her hanging.

[x] Leave her with her new assets.
[x] Make her beg for it.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.

Well, her name is Sunnymilk afterall. It'd be weird if she didn't produce milk from her breasts.
[x] Make her beg for it, edge her for a while and then leave her hanging. Make sure she gets a nice dose of the slime.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
[x] Make her beg for it, tease her, then go and leave her hanging.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
[x] Make her beg for it, edge her for a while and then leave her hanging. Make sure she gets a nice dose of the slime.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
I agree with this.
[X] Make her beg for it first.
-[X] Change her mostly back, leave her some extra size.

Want those breasts to be juuuuust the right size. And still dripping with milk.

Also want her to start thinking of us as her only hope for release. Dosing her with slime isn't a bad idea, but we need to start giving her a nice fix when she's with us.
[x] Make her beg for it first.
[x] Change her mostly back, leave her some extra size.

I'd rather avoid having every loli in Gensokyo begging for enhancement.
[x] Make her beg for it.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
[x] Make her beg for it.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
I would like to change this to
[x] Make her beg for it, edge her for a while and then leave her hanging. Make sure she gets a nice dose of the slime.
[x] Leave her with her new assets.
Calling votes. [x] Make her beg for it, edge her for a while and then leave her hanging and [x] Leave her with her new assets wins.

Poor Sunny~
Oh dear. I hope Star doesn't think poorly of us for this. ... If she has a problem with it, she can help resolve that problem~
I think she'd only have a problem if we pulled that with her. Though I guess we should have some more fun with Alice to make up for the missed Sunny fun.
[X] Tease her, then go and leave her hanging.
[X] Leave her with her new assets

You rub her, your hands getting soaked with her juice. You press three fingers against her, and even on her small frame they easily slide in.

“You really want it, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want it so much,” she moans, her anger from before having vanished. You summon some tentacles, wriggling them around you. “You want these, and…” you open your robe and expose your stiff cock. “You want this?”

“Yes! I want it!” she shouts.

You grin and grab her hips, rubbing the head of your cock against her opening. You thrust in, stretching out her small fairy insides slightly. Two tentacles wrap around her nipples, pumping her breasts like a cow’s udders and making milk spray up in jets.

“Yes! Yes! Make me feel good!” she shrieks, her hands gripping the ground. You thrust into her, working deeper into her tight pussy. You pump back and forth, feeling her walls grip on you.

“I’m gonna…! I’m gonna cum!” she moans. You feel her tighten up, preparing to release.

You pull out immediately, retracting your tentacles. Sunny lies there for a few moments, then looks at you in disbelief. You tighten your robe and grin at her.

“Oh. No. You. Didn’t!” she screams. She flies up off the air, her breasts jiggling up and throwing her off-balance. She tumbles in the air for a few seconds as you bolt off into the forest. A burst of danmaku hits a tree next to you.

“Get back here!” she screams. “How dare you!”

You keep running. Another volley of danmaku just misses. You swerve around the trees and marsh.

Turn around. TURN AROUND.

You stop, almost falling, and turn around. Sunny’s lying on her back, struggling in vain to get up. Apparently your powers last for a while, as her breasts have continued growing, each one now the size of her head, her nipples about the size of a fingertip. You must’ve lost her, since she isn’t looking at you.

“Help me, guys! I know you’re watching!” she shouts.

Luna and Star fly down from their nearby tree.

“They’re so big now!” Luna says, grabbing one and kneading it.

“That’s the problem! Help me get up, I can’t move.” Sunny whines.

“Hey Luna, I know how we could lighten Sunny up a little.” Star nudges Luna.

“Wha- noooo!” Sunny shouts.

Luna and Sunny both attack her breasts, each one sucking and slurping at one of her nipples. Sunny writhes in pleasure.

“Hehe, I think she likes it.” Star smiles.

You get your fill of watching them. Star sees you, mouths ‘thanks’ at you, then motions for you to go away.

No, don’t leeeeeave…

‘C’mon, we should leave them to their friendship-building.’

I can help build friendships! I’m great at that! Though I certainly respect what you did to Sunny back there. That was some quality denial.

You walk through the forest, but can’t find the path. You either got really lost or the path ends, and given this forest, it might be the latter. Wait, you recognize that tree. That big, gnarled up one next to the pool of water. Which way did you go to Alice’s house from there? Was it… left? You wander for a few minutes until a doll flies up to you and pats you on the shoulder. It motions behind it and starts flying off slow enough for you to follow. In a few minutes you’re back at Alice’s. Okay, so it’s to the right of the big tree, and a little towards the pond, and…

…You make a note to just make a map or something later. Or learn to fly. You knock on Alice’s door, and a few seconds later Shanghai opens it for you. She guides you to Alice’s room, knocking on it. The doll that guided you to her flies off to some other task.

“Come in,” Alice says. Shanghai swings the door open for you. Alice is sitting at her desk with four or five books open, dolls poised at the edge of each one, ready to flip to another page.

“What’re you doing?” you ask.

“Studying. If the Youkai inside you is Nue’s father, we might be able to find something out about him in history books.”

You sit in silence for a few minutes.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” you finally ask. Alice stops and turns around.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but not really. It’s just that I’m far more used to projects like this, and it’ll probably go much faster if I do it by myself. I do appreciate your offer, though.” She smiles. It looks like being around people all day took more out of her than either of you thought, she looks a bit stressed.

“Do you want to call it a night, and just relax?” you offer.

“That might be for the best.” Silver strings flicker from Alice’s fingertips and her dolls shut the books on the table, then put them to their rightful places on the shelves.

[ ] Ask Alice if she’d like to have sex again tonight.
-- [ ] Raid the closet again.
-- [ ] Normal this time.
[ ] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.
[ ] Leave her to herself tonight.
[x] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.
-[x] And perhaps some loving sex with more cuddles afterwards.
[X] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.

We can sex her in the morning when she has sexy, messy bedhead. Now is time for cuddles.
[X] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.

As wonderful as adorable bedhead Alice sounds, you're going to have a certain visitor tomorrow morning. Just a heads-up.
[x] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.
[x] Leave her to herself tonight.

Marisa is going to tease Alice mercilessly if she finds her sharing a bed with someone.
[X] Ask Alice if she’d like to have sex again tonight.
-- [X] Raid the closet again.

Let's go.
[x] Ask Alice if she’d like to have sex again tonight.
-- [x] Raid the closet again.
[x] Leave her to herself tonight.
[x] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.
Wow. Doll-fetish Alice, incest-fetish Nue and delicious fairies? I'm liking this premise already. And yes, need more Sunnymilk getting milked, literally and figuratively.

[c] Ask Alice if she’d like to have sex again tonight.
-- [c] Normal this time.

As much as I crave for sexy tentacle time which I hate to acknowledge I'd rather go for normal sex for the night.
I gotta say I fucking love the tentacle monster in this thread. Guy is as funny as his other tentacle friend Ultros!
[x] Ask for cuddles.
-- [x] If it turns into anything more, all the better.
[X] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.
[x] Ask for cuddles.
-- [x] If it turns into anything more, all the better.
Closing votes. [X] Cuddle and maybe some tender lovemaking wins.
File 13144033019.jpg - (143.82KB, 850x756 , aliceloverkeyboard.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Ask if Alice would like to cuddle.

You stand behind Alice and drape your arms over her shoulders. “Would you like to just cuddle?” you ask.

She smiles at you. “That sounds like fun. It’s getting late, shall we change for bed?”

You nod. “Sounds good.” Another fingertip-string flickers from Alice’s hand, and a doll brings in a pair of plain white boxers.

“I figured I’d make you some sleepwear, just in case,” she smiles, giving you a bashful glance.

“Thanks.” You take the boxers and reach for your robe, then pause. “Should we change in here?”

“Go right ahead.” You can’t help but watch with interest as Alice’s dress falls to the floor, followed by her bra and underwear. And you have a sneaking suspicion her eyes followed your robe as you undressed. You slip on the boxers she made for you. They’re comfy, and feel fresh, in a way. Alice puts on a loose-fitting singlet and a pair of white bloomers.

Alice climbs into bed, pulling back the sheets to let you in. You slide next to her, and she appreciatively nuzzles her head against your shoulder. She puts one arm around your shoulder. You gently grab her other hand, your fingers lacing with hers. You lay like that in silence, feeling the gentle pressure and warmth of Alice’s body and hearing her slow, contented breaths.

“This is nice,” she says. You give a quiet ‘mm’ of approval and plant a kiss on her forehead. She returns with a kiss on your shoulder. You lean down, kissing the base of her neck, working your way up to her ear. “You’re beautiful,” you whisper to her. You put a gentle hand on her head, leaning it back and pressing your lips to hers.

Hey, you know what’d make this better? Tentacles. Putting tentacles in her holes.

‘Shh, just enjoy the moment. And I swear if you slip a tentacle into her during the night I’m going to castrate us both tomorrow.’

Fine. I’m going to take a nap, then.

You slide your hand down, rubbing the bare skin on her lower back. Alice sighs happily, burying her face deeper against your chest. You can feel the steady rhythm of her breathing. You take your hand away from hers and wrap both arms around her waist, holding her close to you.

The room starts to get dimmer as the sun goes down. Alice’s grip softens and her breathing becomes softer and more regular. She must’ve fallen asleep. You reach down and pull up the sheets, careful not to wake her. You hold her in your arms once again and drift off to sleep.


Knock. Knock. Knock.

A tall green-haired woman lets herself in through your door and stands in front of you. Well, that wasn’t very nice. Why bother knocking anyway? She has on a dark blue dress with white sleeves, plain enough to be efficient but with enough decorations to let people know that she’s someone who wields a lot of power. She stands ramrod straight, with her arms crossed.

“It took a lot of effort to find you, you know,” she says. “My name is Eiki Shiki. I’m sure you know what’s brought me here, so I’ll make this short. I’m here because I want to be. This is my first day off in a long while, and I could be spending it fishing and playing shogi, but I’m not. Do you know why?”

You shrug. “Tell me,” you say, except you didn’t say it. Your vocals cords are working, but it wasn’t you who said it. Black dreads of hair obscure your vision. You’re the beast, back before he was a part of you.

“Because I believe everyone can find salvation. No matter their species, or age, or sex, there is always a chance for people to redeem themselves. For some people, it is more difficult than others. You are the closest I have ever come to thinking someone was completely incorrigible,” Shiki says.

“I… have no idea what that word means.”

“It means incurable. So depraved as to be beyond repair.”


“You take others and use them for your pleasure, regardless of how much pain you cause them. You destroy them, physically, mentally and spiritually.”

“So? A lot of youkai eat humans. Is what I do so much worse than that?”

“And humans eat chicken and beef and fish, and spiders eat flies, and snakes eat rodents. But they do so to live. You do not need to take other women and use them as you do. You simply choose to. You need to learn the error of your ways. If you do not reform your ways, this is what awaits you in hell.” She takes a mirror out from her pocket and turns it to you before you can look away.

As soon as your eyes meet the mirror, a deep crimson color fills your eyes, then an inky blackness.

Pain. Pain shoots through your entire being. Hot wind sprays against your naked body, burning every inch of you. You open your eyes in shock and feel your eyeballs bubbling with heat. You’re held in place by something strong gripping each of your limbs. Whatever’s gripping them starts pulling away. If you still had a living body you limbs would surely have just popped off almost instantly, but in the cruel magic of hell, they simply stretch further and further. Your muscles rip and your bones pop and crack. And then, it vanishes. You’re back in your room, curled up in the fetal position. Your arms are crossed, hands clenching your biceps, fingers digging deep into your skin.

You look up at Eiki. She looks at you with genuine sadness, closing her eyes and sighing.

“I do not wish to bring pain upon others. But before you go harm another innocent person, you must know what it feels like, and what will await you when your sins are repaid a thousand fold.” She leaves it at that, turning and letting herself out of your house.

You lay there. Even if it was just an illusion, the pain lingers in your body. You shut your eyes. Are you crying? Yes, you are. You feel pathetic, destroyed and emasculated. And that was just ten seconds. Is that… really what’s going to happen to you? You feel a shiver of something. Guilt at all those people you hurt? Or just your wanting to avoid that torture?

You take a deep breath. You’re tired. You roll over onto your back. The floor will do for tonight.


You wake back up with a shiver. You open your eyes. You’re not on a cold floor anymore, you’re lying in a bed, and Alice’s gentle sleeping face fills your vision, making the pain of your dream fade away.

…How much of that did you see?

‘Umm… I saw Shiki come into your house, then she showed you her mirror, then you got tortured, and then she left. So, all of it, basically.’

Damn. I didn’t mean to show you that. I guess something must happen when we’re both asleep… or something. I was never exactly a bookworm when it comes to magic.

A doll floats into Alice’s room and starts poking her face, making her wake up with a sleepy grumble. She sees the doll and sits straight up, knocking you softly off of her. “Oh, sorry! Someone’s at the door, we need to get dressed!” She hops out of bed, throwing on her clothes, washed and folded overnight by her dolls. She tosses you a blue-and-black robe, longer and more elegant than the one you were wearing before, and a purple undershirt. “Here, look nice,” she says, running a brush through her hair. You slightly wish she hadn’t, her scruffy, matted bed-head was cute in a way. You slip into the robe, tying the belt shut snugly. A knock comes from the door again, loud and agitated.

“Coming!” Alice shouts at the door, running into her dining room towards the door. You follow her as she swings the door open.

A camera clicks almost instantly. A black-haired tengu woman in a white blouse, her wings still open behind her, is standing in the doorway.

“Aya.” Alice’s eyes narrow. “What’re you doing here?”

“Ah, you’re the tentacle youkai that’s been causing a stir around here, aren’t you?” she says, deliberately ignoring Alice.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw the three fairies in a compromising situation a few minutes ago. I milked them for all the information I could, and they told me about you,” she says, flashing you a smirk on the word ‘milked’. “After I took some photos and prepared my notes, I came right over so I could be the first in line to interview you.” She muscles her way past you and Alice with surprising strength, taking a seat at Alice’s table and pulling a worn tape recorder with a microphone out of her satchel, clicking it on.

“So, tentacle youkai. What’s the story?” She shoves the microphone at your face.

[ ] Write-in.
[X] Reach out, grab Aya's breasts.
[X] "Not bad, not bad."
[X] Shrink Aya's breasts, walk off.

[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.

I know this could be better but it's a start.
But I actually want that!
[X] Shrink Aya's breasts.
[x] Promise to give her a full interview and first-hand experience after you have breakfast with Alice.
Did you just forget what Shikieiki's lecture was about? While I believe it was a bit much way too soon, you should listen to the one who's going to judge your ass at the end of the road.

[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.
[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.

I can't think of anything better, so I'm gonna go with this.
[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.
[x] Tell the entire story. Don't mention the kink-juice.

Why so dishonest? Secrets are wrong.
[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[X] Deny these outrageous accusations.

LIES! Lies and slander!
>noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.

By 'noting,' do you guys mean 'making a mental note' or 'telling Aya'?
Telling Aya.

please let her blackmail us
A tentacle youkai that feeds on sex is possessing us?

We have dismissed that claim, and intend to tell the "Intreprid Reporter" so.
Even telling the tale may come off the wrong way at the moment.

Indeed, Tentanon shouldn't use his powers forcefully too much.
[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.

And telling Aya. I'd let her 'blackmail' me, iykwim.
File 131442364889.png - (46.78KB, 180x240 , Emiya_shiro.png) [iqdb]

You lost me.
[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.
Closing votes. Talking to Aya outside and noting it's too early for Alice to hear about some stuff wins.
File 131449400153.png - (1.27MB, 1600x1200 , ayacamera.png) [iqdb]
[x]"Can we take this outside as I don't want to disrupt Alice's breakfast"
-[x] Once out explain how the fairies tried tricking you, noting that it's too soon for Alice to hear about how 'it' has various powers and needing some release.

“Could we take this outside? It wouldn’t be polite to disturb Alice’s breakfast.”

Aya thinks for a moment, then smirks. You’re already learning to hate that smirk. “Alright, we can do that,” she says, putting her satchel on the table and taking her notebook, camera, and journal out. Alice glances at you, half glad she doesn’t have to deal with Aya and half wondering what you’re hiding.

The two of you walk to the door and head outside. Aya doesn’t stop walking until you’re a decent ways away from the house. “I don’t trust that doll woman,” she frowns slightly. “I always feel like she’s watching me. Anyway, spill the beans. Start from the beginning.”

“Well, in the beginning, the universe was just a big ball of dust, and…”

“Har har.”

“Seriously though, a couple days ago, I was just a normal farmer.” Oh crap, your plums. You hope they aren’t dying on the vine. “I was lost in the forest at night, and…”

“What was a human doing in the forest at night?”

You sigh. “I was chasing a youkai after getting into an argument with him at a bar.”

Aya laughs and scribbles something down. You tell her the details of the past few days, though not revealing the more personal details, such as your encounters with Nue and your nights with Alice. She almost never stops writing, despite recording every word of your interview on her tape.

“So, could I see this ‘beast’?” Aya asks once you finish your story.

“Sure.” You pull your sleeves out of your robe and tug up your undershirt, exposing your purple roots. A few tentacles squirm out, wriggling in the air.

“Ooh, neat.” Aya snaps a few photos. “Anything else you want to add?”

“And don’t tell Alice about the powers and needing to release, please.”

Aya looks at you in shock for a moment, then starts laughing. She laughs so hard she has to prop herself up against a tree to keep herself from falling.

“Do you… haha… not know who I am?” she chokes out between laughs. “I run a newspaper!” Even if I didn’t tell her, someone’s surely going to tell her about the guy who’s staying at her house!”

You sigh and shrug. “C’mon, I was nice enough to ask.”

“Maybe… tell you what. Being the intrepid reporter that I am, I should have a first-hand experience of your powers. If I can go more than ten minutes resisting your powers, without you touching any personal areas, I won’t drop a single copy off in the forest. Someone might still tell her, but there’s a bigger chance it’ll be a while before she hears. If I resist, I tell her as soon as we get back home. Deal?”

Bring it, you crow-wench.

“Fine,” you say. Aya pulls a watch out of her pocket. “Okay then. Starting… now.”

Five or six tentacles slither out, and dart forward, one wrapping around each of her arms and legs, another grabbing her camera.

“Hey! Be careful with that!” she says as you yank it away from her. The tentacle drops it in your hand. The tentacles on her limbs coil around them, finding more bare skin to press against. You feel the familiar spongy feeling cover every inch around her arms and legs.

“Hmm, this could make a nice article too.” You look through the camera and snap a few pictures of Aya as the tentacles wriggle around on her. “Famed reporter caught by tentacles during interview, saucy photos within!”

“Hah.” Aya gives a proud grin. “I can out-drink any oni and out-run any bird. It’ll take more than this to make me lower my defenses. And that film’s expensive, don’t waste it.”

The spongy sensation intensifies, and you can see beads of moisture drip down from the tentacles’ grip and quickly get absorbed into Aya’s skin.

“Two minutes down,” Aya says.

Damn, she’s strong. But I’m getting close, I can feel it.

You can hear the beast panting with effort. Aya’s cheeks begin to flush with color, drops of sweat running down her face. “Four… minutes,” she says, her breathing now more labored. She grinds her thighs together. Another tentacle comes out, slithering around her neck and nuzzling her ear. “What the…” Aya moans.

“I’m not touching any private areas, am I?”

“It’s still… playing dirty…” Aya says, scrunching up her face trying to resist the urges the beast is giving her. She’s rubbing her legs together, her knees touching, her hips swaying back and forth. Her breathing turns to gasps, which turns to panting.

“Alright, fine! I give! Just stop teasing me!”

“Oh? But I still have…” You check the watch. “Five minutes left.”

“I said I give, okay?” she snaps at you, grinding her teeth.

“Sorry, but I play by the rules. You’ll have to wait five minutes. In the meantime, we can take more photos.” All of the tentacles, except one around her shin, retract away. The remaining one continues to slowly give her juice. “Now, why don’t you show the camera your beautiful body without those clothes in the way?”

Aya glares at you, then starts unbuttoning her blouse. “I’m only doing this because of that stupid slime,” she growls. She spreads open her blouse, reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. It falls to the ground, revealing her thick breasts, as tanned and swarthy as the rest of her skin, swaying delicately.

“Mmm, good. Stick out your chest, let me get a nice picture.”

She pushes her chest out, displaying herself to the whole forest, and you take a few pictures.

“Good, now for the other one…” You gesture at her skirt.

“Ergh…” Aya’s fingers toy with her skirt, debating whether to restrain herself or give in to the voyeuristic pleasure. Eventually, she yields, undoing the tab on her skirt and letting it fall to her feet. A widening wet spot is clearly visible on her thin white panties.

“Those too.” You point at her underwear. Aya doesn’t say anything this time, merely sliding them down, showing her bare crotch with a small patch of black hair.

“Now, give us a good picture, and smile for the camera.”

Aya turns around and bends over. Her hands reach behind to spread open her pussy, the small nub of her clit showing at the top of it. She turns her head back, flashing you a lecherous grin.

“Good, good.” You take some more pictures. Aya slips a finger into herself, then another, fingering herself. Her hips shudder in front of you, her fingers getting slick with her juice.

“How much longer?” she asks, her grin replaced with a frustrated expression.

“Long enough for one more picture.” You pick her panties up off the floor, bunching them up and placing them at her mouth. She obediently takes them into her mouth, sucking on the wet spot. You take one last picture, then set the camera on the floor.

“Ten seconds…” you say. Aya’s hand darts to her crotch again, fingering herself in anticipation. “Five…” Two tentacles slither close to her pussy, close enough to feel her warmth and moisture. “Four… Three…” The tentacles tickle her cunt lips, making them quiver in desire. Aya gives an agonized moan. “Two… One… Zero!”

Your tentacles attack her, pushing hard into her pussy. You feel them fill and thicken rapidly, pressing as far inside her as her cunt will allow. They force in deeper, pressing against the back of her insides.

“Aah! Too rough!” she shouts in surprise. More tentacles slip out and grab her back and legs, lifting her up into the air and spreading her legs. Two more grab her arms, pinning her against a nearby tree. She screams again, now in pleasure. The tentacles bring her legs up, almost folding her in half, her tight pink asshole showing beneath her cunt.

You get close to her, slipping off your robe. A tentacle slithers down to her ass, rubbing her hole with some kind of slime. It feels different this time, not kink-juice but just normal lubrication. It withdraws, letting you grab her asscheeks and spread them apart as you press the tip of your cock against her anus. You thrust in, spreading her open. She grunts at the tightness, feeling her ass expand to fit your cock.

You lean in and bite the panties in her mouth, pulling them out and spitting them to the floor. You mash your face to hers, your tongue sliding deep into her mouth. She returns your kisses, moaning with lust. The tentacle in her pussy pulls out for a moment and splits in half. Both enter back into her pussy, each thrusting at a separate rhythm. You push deeper into her ass, holding her legs. You feel your hips touch hers, feeling the tentacles slick with her juice graze your stomach. You thrust back and forth, Aya’s face hanging open in pleasure.

Your cock trembles as you feel something rise in it. Your pace quickens. “Aya... I’m gonna cum!” Your hands dig into the tree for support as your thick semen, pent up from yesterday, empties into her asshole. You pull out, panting for breath as your cum dribbles to the ground from her ass. No sooner have you pulled out than another tentacle slithers out, taking your place in her asshole

“Aah… aah!” Aya screams with pleasure. Her wings flip open and begin flapping wildly as you feel her pussy clench around your tentacles. “I’m cumming!” Pleasure squirts out of her pussy, her wings hitting you with gusts of wind as they flap in ecstasy.

Your tentacles retract back, leaving spots of her juices on your chest. Aya drops to the ground with a soft thud, a dreamy expression on her face. She sits there for a moment as you dress yourself.

“I don’t… usually have sex with humans.” Aya’s expression turns slightly sour, taking a fan out of her skirt-pocket, fanning her crotch. An intense gust of wind blows suddenly, making the collection of fluids on her crotch fly off. She puts her clothes on quickly. “Well, thanks for your time. I’ll hold up my end of the bargain, but I can’t make any guarantees. News spreads quickly around here.”

“Speaking of which…” you pick the camera up from the ground and move to open it up. It disappears out of your hand. You look up and Aya’s holding it.

“Nice try, but sorry. I’m the only one who blackmails around here.” And with that, she seems to flicker out of existence, leaving nothing but a small gust of wind as she leaves.

You put your robe back on and trek back to Alice’s house, thankfully still within sight from where you were, though just a small blob of white. You head back in, seeing Alice has finished her breakfast and is now absorbed in another book at the dining room table. She glances up at you.

“Thanks for the save. I don’t like dealing with Aya.” She waves a hand lazily and two dolls bring you a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea. You sit down and start eating. My

“Did you have any plans for today?” Alice asks. “Though, if you’re going somewhere, I’d like to stay home if that’s alright. I’m still a little worn from yesterday.”

[ ] Ask Alice about your spell cards.
[ ] Ask Alice about flying.
[ ] Take a lazy stroll through the forest, preferably with a pipe.
[ ] Head out to ________
[x] Ask Alice about flying.

Flying would be a very useful thing for dealing with future cases, such as finally claiming Sunny.
[X] Take a lazy stroll through the forest, preferably with a pipe.

Flying is for womenfolk who don't have tentacles.
[X] Take a lazy stroll through the forest, preferably with a pipe.

See the sights. We can learn about flight once we actually finish exploring our new turf thoroughly.
[x] Head out to check on the plums

We can't let those plums die! You'll regret this!
Changing my vote to

[x] Head out to check on the plums
[x] Head out to check on the plums
[x] Head out to check on the plums

Can't forget those plums.
[X] Take a lazy stroll through the forest, preferably with a pipe.

>“I don’t… usually have sex with humans.” Aya’s expression turns slightly sour

We can fix that.
[x] Head out to check on the plums

Our farmer needs to make a livelihood, and not be leeching off of Alice forever.
[x] Head out to check on the plums.

Check em.
[x] Take a lazy stroll through the forest, preferably with a pipe.
[x] Head out to check on the plums

Maybe they'll make a nice gift for Alice.
[x] Take a lazy stroll through the forest, preferably with a pipe.
[x] Head out to check on the plums

oh noes our plums
[X] Plums it is.
[X] Check on them plums.

“Hmm...” You sit in thought for a moment, eating your oatmeal. It’s nice, Alice seasoned it with some cinnamon and vanilla. “To be honest, I should probably go back and check on the farm.”

“Oh my goodness, that’s right!” Alice says with a small gasp. “I’m so sorry I’ve kept you, I forgot you had plants to tend to.”

“It’s perfectly alright, I’ve loved every second with you.” You stand up and plant a kiss on her forehead for emphasis. “Maybe I’ll bring you back a basket as a gift.”

“Aww, that’s sweet of you.” She stands up and hugs you, giving a happy ‘hmm’ as she nestles against your shoulder. She holds her grip for a long moment, then lets you go. “Oh, you’ll probably want a map.” A doll flies in, holding a folded-up piece of paper. “Here, it’s a bit basic but it should help you find my house when you’re done. And I could fly you there, that’d make it go a bit faster.”

“Thanks, good idea.” You tuck the map into your pocket. “Well then… let’s go.” The two of you leave, and Alice scoops you up in her arms. She holds you tight, lifting you up off the ground and flying. She’s going a bit slower than last time.

“You smell a bit sweaty,” Alice says, her nose pressing against the nape of your neck.

“Hah, sorry.”

“No, I like it.” She takes a deep sniff, then gives a soft, happy sigh. She drifts towards the human village.

“My farm’s over there,” you point near the outskirts of the village to the short rows of purple plum trees next to a small house.

“Okay, I’ll take you there.” She floats down, setting you down by the house. Your feet hit the ground, gravity taking hold of you again.

“I’ll see you later… honey.” Alice stands on her tiptoes and presses her lips to yours for a soft peck, then drawing back and floating away, waving goodbye. You wave back. You know you’re making the smart decision, keeping up with your old life, but you can’t help but miss her almost immediately as she disappears into the distance.

You head for the door and see a girl reaching up on her tiptoes, grabbing at the branches of one of your nearby plum trees.

“Hey!” you call at her. She turns around, revealing a red apron with wheat patterns.

“Oh, sorry Minoriko! I thought for a sec you might be a thief.”

Minoriko puts a hand on her hip, waggling a finger at you with the other. “A thief should be the least of your worries. Honestly, you’re lucky I came through here today. Your plums were going to die!”

“I’m sorry… really, something came up, you wouldn’t believe what’s happened over the past few days.”

“Hmph. That’s no excuse. People depend on you for their plums. They’re great in jams, tarts, pudding, and of course, wine.” She reaches beneath her apron and takes out a flask. “Here, take a sip and see.”

You’re never one to shy away from a drink. You take her flask and uncork it, then take a swig. Sure enough, it’s plum wine, and it’s downright delicious. Smooth and fruity, it tickles your throat the whole way down and settles in your belly, making you tingle with warmth. You take a few more drinks.

“That’s really good!’ You hand her the flask. “Did you make that yourself?”

She grins. “You could say that. I have a special way of making it, do you want to see?”

“Sure!” If she could teach you to make wine that tasted that good, you’d be rolling in money.

“It’s a secret, so let’s go into your house for a second.” She runs off to your door, letting herself in. By the time you’ve caught up with her, she has flopped down on your bed, her legs dangling over the side. “Mm, cozy,” she says, sitting up. “Anyway, come here.” She pats her knees. You stand next to her.

“Now, get on your knees.”

You kneel down close to her, and she grabs the hem of her dress, lifting it up and showing you her small white thong barely hiding her privates. She tugs the fabric of the thong aside, displaying her pink, smooth slit, a patch of golden-colored hair resting just above it.

“Wh-what are you doing?” you stammer.

“Showing you the secret. Now, open your mouth. Consider yourself lucky, you get a taste of it right from the source,” she says in a singsong voice.

Oh wow, is she going to…?

You open your mouth, and she pulls your mouth closer to her pussy, tightening her stomach muscles, trying to push something out. “Here it comes~”

A trickle of clear, yellow fluid pours out from her hole right into your open mouth.


He’s right, it tastes even better than the wine from the bottle. It sprays in fast and you shut your mouth closed for a second to swallow it, her wine spraying on your face and chin. You can’t resist, you press your lips right to the source, sucking the wine right out of her. “Ooh, you like it that much?” she coos, running her fingers through your hair. The trickle slows, then comes to a stop. You run your tongue against her slit, tasting every last drop of her sweet gift. You press your tongue against her urethra, hungry for more, feeling her clit stiffen and engorge against your lip.

“Ooh…” she moans. “It’s that good?”

You crawl further under her dress, moving up and licking her patch of golden pubic hair. You inhale deeply, smelling the tantalizing scent of sweet potatoes all over her. “Ehehe, that tickles!” she giggles, her stomach shaking with her laughter. You work your way further up, her dress pressing against the back of your head as you lick her soft stomach, her baby fat yielding against your tongue. You reach her chest, your lips meeting her soft, pert bre-

“Oh my goodness, I’m late for meeting Aya!” she shouts suddenly, shoving your head out from under her dress and standing up. You fall back, surprised at her sudden outburst.

“I’m sorry, I really have to go,” she says. The look of disappointment on her face makes it clear she wishes she could stay. “But that was fun! You make a nice toilet.” She winks at you, then hurries out the door and flies off.

You sigh. Ah, well. You stand up, then realize you must’ve drank about half a bottle from Minoriko in one sitting, then lie right back down. You get to your feet, slowly this time, and open a drawer by your bed. Why hello there, pipe. My old friend, you’re always nice after some good wine. You stuff the pipe with tobacco and light it, the earthy smell of smoke soon filling the room.

You lie there, peacefully enjoying the fuzziness in your head from the wine and tobacco until the pipe runs out. You’re a bit more clear-headed now, and you get to your feet.

‘Hey, I have an idea. Wanna help me out with the farming? Many hands make quick work, and all that.’

Farming? Are you serious?

‘I’ve gotta take care of these things one way or another.’

Ehh… fine. What do we have to do?

‘The wood on the trees is probably getting a little brittle by now, so we’ll need to pick the ripe ones and set them aside for preserving. The ones that get to stay and ripen fully get sold as dessert plums. Then get some mulch and stuff from the compost heap and dump it around the trees to give them nutrients.’

Okay, pick ripe plums, then dump compost. Got it.

The two of you set to work. The beast’s strength comes in very handy, he hefts baskets of plums and carts around heavy buckets of compost with ease. You finish up in a few hours. You’re sweating from the effort, and the beast’s voice has gotten a bit worn out too.

‘Alright, that should do it. I’m getting a drink of water, then heading back out.’

You head back to your house, putting away your tools and getting a drink of water from the well. The wine and hard work left you parched, and you drink your fill. You’ve gotten a bit hungry with the effort.

[ ] Head back through the forest.
[ ] Stop for a quick lunch at the village.
[ ] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.
[x] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.
[x] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.
Sure, why not.
[X] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.

Into the lion's den, then. Stay wary, my brothers.
[x] Stop for a quick lunch at the village.
[x] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.
[x] Head back through the forest.
[X] Head back through the forest.

Seriously. Gotta fully explore our turf.

We still haven't met Marisa or any of the forest youkai other than Mystia and Tokiko yet. And those birds were a pretty quick, uneventful encounter.
[x] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.

This farm is our turf. Like, literally. We own it. The forest is not our turf. I'd love to explore it, but making it our stomping ground takes more than our girlfriend living there.
[x] Head back through the forest.
[X] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.

but before you go..

[X] Make a basket of plums spiked with horny juice to leave outside of Alice's house tonight, see what kind of youkai you can catch
[X] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride wins.
[x] Head back through the forest.
File 131465805547.jpg - (134.05KB, 548x600 , BigMommaYuugi.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Stop by the Hakurei shrine and ask for a ride.

Hmm… The Hakurei shrine is pretty close. It’s a bit of a long shot but surely Reimu would be able to spare a few minutes to fly a poor, defenseless traveler through the cold, scary forest? Especially if you dropped a bill or two in her donation bin?

You gather some things in your pockets. Some money, a small bottle of water, your pipe and a spare pouch of tobacco. You trek off for Reimu’s shrine.

Wait… Where are you taking me?

‘I’m going to see if Reimu Hakurei can give me a ride back to Alice’s house.’

Hakurei? As in, ‘the Hakurei shrine?’ ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

‘Don’t worry, she won’t seal you. She’s pretty cool with most youkai. I mean, there are some ghosts and youkai and stuff that practically live at her place.’

Fine. But at the first sign of trouble I’m taking over your body and running away as fast as I can.

‘Can you even do that?’

I don’t know, but I’ll do my damnedest.

You reach the small, slightly dilapidated shrine. It’s eerily quiet, save for two oni women sleeping in the yard. One of them definitely looks the part of an oni, tall and thick with visibly toned arms and legs with muscles that put yours to shame. Her whole body had a deep, caramel tan. A red horn with a star decal on it sticks out on her forehead, surrounded by long, messy blonde hair. She’s wearing a plain-looking white shirt with red seams, and a slightly transparent blue skirt.

Lying curled up to her is another oni, though she looks more like someone in her early teens. She’s a foot shorter than the other oni, with thin arms and legs with the same deep tan. Long orange hair runs all the way down to her hips, with two bull-like horns sticking out of the top of her head.

It’s Yuugi! And Suika! The beast almost squeals with childlike delight.

‘Do you know them?’

Wake them up, I want them to know that I’m back.

‘Is waking up two sleeping oni really a good idea?’

Yes. Yes it is.

You walk closer to them. Before you can reach down to pat one, a tentacle slithers out from above your undershirt and starts poking her gently on the cheek.

Yuugi? Yuugi, wake up, it’s me.

The oni grumbles sleepily, her eyes flickering open. She looks at the tentacle poking her cheek. Her eyes snap open, and she sits up sharply, making the oni woman on top of her fall off.

“Tenta? Izzat you?”


It’s her pet nickname for me, heh. Yes baby, Tenta’s back.

“Yes, it’s Tenta,” you tell her.

“You look… diff’rent.” Her eyebrows waggle at you.

“Well, I’m… sorta Tenta’s host. It’s a bit of a long story.”

“Ooh, fresh meat.” She gives a predatory grin. “I bet you don’t even know what yer getting into.” She rolls over and grabs Suika’s shoulders, shaking her. “Oi, Suika, wake up. We got a visitor.”

The second oni, Suika you presume, mumbles her way back into consciousness.

“G’morning, Yuugs.”

“Suika, get up. Tenta’s back.”

Suika pauses, the mental gears grinding slowly in her drunken head. “Tenta? Th’ youkai with the tentacles?” She pauses. “Ohhhh, that’s why you call him Tenta!” She looks proud at her sudden deduction as she gets to her feet groggily.

“Oh, that reminds me. Suika, you still got that card?” Yuugi points to the small pack lying next to Suika.

“Yeah, gimme a minute.” Suika burrows through the bag lying next to her, pulling out a handful of objects, each a different color, none bigger than a kernel of corn. She sets them down and points at one, which suddenly grows into a kitchen sink.

“Eh, nope.” She points at another, which grows into a rotten pumpkin. “Eww,” she says, grabbing it and hurling it away. It flies miles up into the air, disappearing from view before it even starts to fall. She points to a third, which turns into a spell card.

“Here it is!” She picks it up and hands it to you. It has the same purple color as the others, with a series of phallic-looking brown tentacles forming a star-shape in the center. The words “Golem sign ‘Minions of Faceless Clay’” run across the top. The outstretched tentacle grabs it and pulls it into your chest next to the other two.

“I missed you, Tenta,” Yuugi purrs, sweeping you off your feet suddenly and slinging you over her shoulder. “Big momma Yuugi’s got plans for you.”

“And Auntie Suika!” the second oni says, crawling up Yuugi and lying on your back. She wraps her arms around your neck, holding you loosely. “Now quick, let’s beat it before Reimu sees us.”

“Whoa, hey, wait!” you shout.

Just go with them. Momma Yuugi, I missed you~

Yuugi runs off at a tremendous speed. Her feet pounding the ground makes you bounce limply on her shoulder. The landscape around you becomes a total blur, you can’t make out anything. Just half a minute later, it stops. Suika hops off your back, and Yuugi dumps you on the ground.

“This looks good. Nobody comes round this part of the forest. Now…”

Yuugi grabs your arms, holding you to the ground while Suika undoes your belt and spreads you open. She grabs your undershirt, ripping it in half effortlessly.

“Hey, what’re you- aagh!” Your protests are cut short as Suika’s bare foot presses against your crotch. She grinds your dick against your lower belly, making it stiffen and lengthen. Without getting bigger, her foot gets heavier and heavier, increasing the pressure on your cock. You feel it sink into your stomach as she continues wriggling her foot, her toes tickling the head of your cock and your sensitive crown.

“You better give us a good performance,” Suika says with a sinister, drunken grin. “We’ve been waiting a long time, why don’t you show us one of those nice spell cards?”

[ ] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
[ ] Use “Sealing sign 「Silent Incubus」”
[ ] Use “Golem sign 「Minions of Faceless Clay」”
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

Because everyone knows what Fisherman's Wife is, and treating two delicious oni girls to a heaping helping of tentacles sounds wonderful.
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
[X] Use “Sealing sign 「Silent Incubus」”
[X] Use “Golem sign 「Minions of Faceless Clay」”

This is for science. To see what happens when three spellcards are used all at once.
[X] Use “Golem sign 「Minions of Faceless Clay」”

You can't have more than one spell card. You have to wait til your white life is all gone and you get a spell break, then you can use your second card.
Damn. A man can dream, can't he?

[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

This then. Sounds good.
[x] Use “Sealing sign 「Silent Incubus」”

The others sound straightforward, but I have no idea what an incubus has to do with sealing.
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
Changing my vote from: >>17549

to [X] Use “Golem sign 「Minions of Faceless Clay」”
[X] Use “Golem sign 「Minions of Faceless Clay」”

I get by with a little help from my friends...
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

because fuckyeah!
Fucking oni hijack.
[X] Use “Golem sign 「Minions of Faceless Clay」”
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

Oh yes.
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”
Let's go.
[x] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

Yeah, fuck it, let's go tentacles all the way.
It was a close race for a while, but [x] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」” wins. Fortunately there'll be plenty of opportunities for spellcard use later.
[x] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

And we'll eat a Fisherman's Friend after that.
[X] Use “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」”

“Okay,” Suika says, removing her foot. “Show us what you’ve got.”

You get to your feet, letting your robe slip off your shoulders. You’re completely exposed, your dick stiff from the oni girl’s teasing. The onis start to strip rapidly, their clothing falling away and revealing their bodies. Yuugi’s stomach is thick and muscular, it looks like it’d break your wrist if you tried to punch it. Despite this, she also has a nice, plump chest, topped with thick, squeezable tan nipples.

The shorter girl has a flat, lithe body, with the nipples on her small chest being a more pinkish, youthful color. Her pussy is a pink slit, free of any hair. Yuugi’s looks more womanly, with thick, brown lips, the nub of her clitoris showing in the front.

You reach into your chest, drawing out the first card your fingers grab. You see the familiar designs of the first spell card you found, with the words “Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」” written across the top.

“Ooh, th’ old classic.” Yuugi puts her hands on her waist, swishing her hips back and forth.

I got this from here.

You raise your hand instinctively and feel the card fill with magical energy. It grows warm in your hand as it absorbs the magic energy of the environment around you.

Tentacle sign! 「Fisherman’s Wife」!

Countless tentacles burst out of your chest, ensnaring the two women. They’re both lifted off their feet. The tentacles spread their legs spread open roughly, displaying both their pussies moist with anticipation. Thick tentacles thrust immediately into them, skipping any foreplay, forcing as deep at their cunts will allow. The two begin grunting and moaning in rhythm.

“C’mon! That all you got?” Suika jeers at you. In response, two more thick tentacles slither underneath them. You can feel one slip between Yuugi’s thick buttocks and Suika’s slender, lithe ass. The tentacles don’t bother with any politeness, merely thrust right into their eager assholes.

“Hah! I don’t feel anything!” Yuugi taunts between gasps and moans.

The tentacles change form, forming into ropy braids that churn inside Yuugi’s holes, rubbing against her wet walls. They thicken, spreading her pussy further open until you can see the braids start to bulge out their stomachs. It thrusts back and forth, and you can see the bulge vanish and grow back in response to the pushing. “That’s more like it!” Yuugi screams, her tongue hanging out, gasping and growling in pleasure. “Do it! Harder!”

Inside Suika, the tentacles sprout rubbery needles, spinning rapidly and cruelly tickling her insides. Suika squirms and flails against the tentacles, squealing with delight. “Yeah! This is fun!” The tip of the tentacle presses against the back of her pussy. It thins at the tip, forcing into the small entrance at the back. It slips into the new opening, stretching out and tickling the walls of her womb.

“Ooh! Augh! YES!” Suika shrieks.

One tentacle splits off from your body, slithering up Suika’s body on its own. It presses itself into her mouth. Even though it’s not on you, you can feel it work its way to the back of her mouth, the other end wriggling around her lips. Yuugi leans forward and takes the other end in her mouth, sucking it into her. Yuugi’s mouth moves along the length and you can feel it squirm down her throat. Her lips touch Suika’s, and their faces press together, their tongues tickling each other.

You can feel each and every tentacle running along their skin, thrusting and rubbing inside their holes. The combined sensations are more than you can bear. A hole seems to form on the tip of each tentacle, and they tremble, bordering on release. Suddenly, they release, each one squirting out thick, gooey fluids inside their holes and all over their body. The sudden release of so much makes you fall to your knees.

Seconds later, the spell card times out, and all of the tentacles pop into inky black smoke, dropping the two oni to the ground. They lie there in silence for a minute, gasping.

“Hey, Suika.” Yuugi gives her partner a serious-looking frown. “You didn’t cum, did you?”

“Nope,” she says, returning Yuugi’s frown. “Did you?”

“I didn’t either.” Yuugi gets to her feet and shoves you, her lips curling up into a wicked smile. You hit the hard ground painfully. She stands on your stomach and presses a foot to your face, her toes wriggling against your hair. The tentacles’ cum drips from her filled holes onto your stomach.

“Mmph,” you say. You can’t really do much else. The spell card left you sore and completely drained, you can barely raise your arms in protest.

“Oi, Tenta. I think you need to find a new host. This one’s such a lightweight.”

Oh, shit. Bite the pillow, kid.

‘Wha-wha-what’s going on?’

She’s feisty.

‘What should I do?’

Whatever you do, don’t fight her. Last time I tried to back off when she got this randy, it took a week for my legs to grow back.

“Don’t you have any shame, getting your fill then leaving us delicate princesses unfulfilled?”

“I think I know just what to do!” Suika says. She rolls you over onto your stomach. You feel the ground beneath your stomach rise up. It moves up a few feet until it’s a small hill, your arms dangling over the sides, your knees on the ground.

“Let’s give him a taste of my tentacle.” Yuugi grabs your buttocks, spreading them open and displaying your hole to her. You hear her spit and feel her saliva splash against your tight entrance.

“Hey, no!” You shout, squirming reflexively against her strong grip. Suika grabs your wrists. Suddenly, you feel like your hands are made of lead, and they flop back down to the ground. She grabs your ankles, making them feel the same. You grunt and struggle, but your limbs are too heavy to budge them even a little.

“Here it comes, tighten yer seatbelt.” Yuugi spreads your cheeks open further. You feel her shift position, then feel the tip of something hard and conical press against your anus.

“Are you putting that in me?” you ask in panic.

“You better believe it.” She pushes her head, the tip of her horn slowly spreading open your hole.

“Aaagh!” You grunt in pain. It’s not as sharp as it looked, thank the gods, but it’s stiff and bone-like, not giving any yield to your tight walls as she forces deeper into you.

“Now, say you’re my bitch, and I’ll give you a present.”

“I’m y… I’m your bi-IIIIITCH!” As soon as you say it, Yuugi thrusts deeper into you, her horn filling you and spreading you open agonizingly. Her hair tickles your buttocks, then her face brushes against it. You feel a sudden wet warmth on your testicles. Yuugi’s tongue is wrapped around your balls. She plays and teases with it, nibbling softly on its skin, then running her tongue along your sensitive underside, making you yelp and squeal in pleasure.

You feel a rising in your cock, something trying to get out. “I-I’m gonna-!” you grunt, but Suika suddenly pinches the base of your cock. You feel a sudden pressure, like she tied a string around it. You grunt, feeling your cum strain to get out, now trapped inside you.

“Oh no you don’t~!” Suika says cheerfully. “Not til you’ve cleaned up the mess you made!”

She stands in front of you and gets on her knees. She forces her ass against your face, smearing you with the tentacles’ sticky fluids.

“Now, get cleaning!”

You lick obediently, your nose filled with the savory musk of the petite oni’s crotch and the thick salty scent of the tentacle’s cum. It’s thick and syrupy, sticking to your mouth and throat as you swallow. You circle your tongue around the rim of her asshole, scooping up every drop of juice. You press your lips to the opening, sucking softly and getting rewarded with a wave of fluid filling your mouth. You stick your tongue in, your nose buried against her cunt, overpowering you with the smell of her lust. You scoop out the remaining fluid, reaching to every nook your tongue can find.

“Mmm, just like that,” Suika moans.


All three of you instinctively turn to the source of the new voice. It’s Reimu, standing a few yards away. Her face is scrunched up in mid-swear. She catches herself, the curse dying on her lips.

“…ffffflying crud do you think you’re doing?”

“Uh oh,” the two oni say in unison, standing up and bolting off into the forest, naked and covered in fluids. You feel the tightness and weight around your limbs and cock disappear.

“Thanks for the sav- AAGH!” With your cock now free, your thick, ropy cum squirts onto the ground, right in front of Reimu. Your face fills with an embarrassed color and hotness, as does Reimu’s.

“Um… sorry,” you bite your lip sheepishly. Reimu shakes her head.

“I understand. Are you all right? The oni get quite… feisty sometimes. I’m sorry.”

“I’m fine. Well... I’m pretty sore…” You can’t quite bring yourself to say ‘Maiden of Hakurei, fix my broken anus.’

She sighs. “I can heal you if you’d like.”

You nod. Reimu walks behind you. “Don’t get any funny ideas from this.” Her hands press against your cheeks, kneading them softly. You feel the soreness and bruising disappear as she touches you, like ice melting.

“Thanks.” You let off a long sigh of relief. You stand up and put on your underwear and robe. Your undershirt’s ripped clean in half along the front, but you put it on anyway.

“Could you… take me to Alice’s house?”

“Sure,” Reimu nods. She clutches your waist and kicks off the ground, flying into the air.

I’m… sorry.


The Yuugi thing. If I’d been stronger and pleased her properly she might not have… y’know.

‘It’s fine.’ You sigh inwardly. ‘Look on the bright side, we got a new spell card. And… it didn’t feel THAT bad.’

Ahah. You’re open-minded. I like that.

“Say… that thing on your chest.” Reimu’s voice snaps you out of your discussion. You freeze in panic.

“What about it?” you stammer, trying to sound casual.

“It’s the beast, isn’t it?”

Shit shit shit SHIT.

“Y-yes,” you admit. Your stomach tightens with anxiety. Reimu laughs softly.

“Heh, don’t worry. I’m not gonna set you on fire or seal you underground or anything. Gensokyo’s changed a lot. I just like to keep tabs on who’s around here. Ah, there’s Alice’s place.”

Reimu angles downward, approaching the ground and touching down softly, letting go of you.

“Though, we should have a meeting sometime. No tricks or traps, I promise. I just think some of the higher-ups should know you’re back.”

You nod. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Just one more thing I think I should do.” Reimu knocks on the door. To your surprise, Alice is the one who opens it.

“Reimu? Is everything alright?” she asks. Reimu gestures at you.

“He had a little… run-in with some oni. He’s alright, don’t worry, but I gave him a ride here.”

“Oh, my goodness!” Alice claps her hands to her mouth. She grabs you suddenly around your waist. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” She backs off a moment later, blushing a bit at her sudden outburst.

“Well then, I’ll be back to my shrine. I need to give those oni a talking-to.” Reimu leaves it at that, and flies away. Alice turns back to the dining room. “Marisa, we have another guest,” she says.

You step inside and see a girl, looking to be in her teens, dressed in a witch costume with a dirty apron on the front. Long, golden hair runs all the way to her waist, topped with a soft, floppy witch hat. A single braid runs down the left side of her face, tied with a plain blue bow. She takes a swig of tea, flashing you a wide, toothy grin.

“Hey, so you’re the guy Alice was telling me about! Nice to meet ya. Kick of your shoes, get some tea.”

“I got a bit lonely, so I invited her over,” Alice explains quietly to you.

Pick 1-2:

[ ] Just make small talk.
[ ] Ask Alice about magic.
[ ] Ask Marisa about magic.
[ ] Ask Marisa about herself.
[ ] Tell Marisa about yourself (keeping it PG, for Alice’s sake.)
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself.

I wonder what Alice has already told her about us.
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself.

Get a little, give a little. If we could take a third option I'd ask about magic too.
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself.
[X] Ask Marisa about magic.
[X] Ask Marisa about herself.

We can ask Alice about magic anytime.
[x] Ask Alice about magic.
[x] Ask Marisa about magic.

Magebabble me.
[x] Just make small talk.

>Maiden of Hakurei, fix my broken anus
That line is pure gold.
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself (keeping it PG, for Alice’s sake.)
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself.

Seems to be the most reasonable route.
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself (keeping it PG, for Alice’s sake.)

We can't just tell her all about our sexual exploits with her friend. It simply is not proper.
Closing votes. [x] Ask Marisa about herself and [x] Tell Marisa about yourself wins.

Building friendships with the witch~
Fuck I missed the vote cutoff.
Oh well, I'll just say that double oni rape was awesome.
[x] Ask Marisa about herself.
[x] Tell Marisa about yourself (keeping it PG, for Alice’s sake.)

You slip off your sandals and take a seat by Marisa. A doll pours you a fresh cup of tea, which you gladly take. It’s a little hot, but tasty with just the right amount of sweetness.

“I should make cookies!” Alice smiles and gives the two of you a motherly grin. She reaches a hand out and dolls immediately begin getting out ingredients and mixing them together.

“Oni, huh?” Marisa asks you. “What happened?”

“I wanted to get back to here quickly, so I thought I’d ask Reimu for a ride. These two oni, Yuugi and Suika, were there, and drunk out of their minds. They woke up and decided to give me some attention, but Reimu put a stop to it pretty quick and healed me afterwards. I was just a little scratched and bruised.”

“Hah, that sounds like them. One time I asked Suika to show me one of her spell cards. Turns out her idea of a spell card is to grab you, jump in the air, and throw you really, really hard. So if you ever find a me-shaped crater around here, that’s why,” Marisa says, wincing a little just thinking about it.

“Haha, what’d you have her do that?”

“My private collection. I’m writing a book about all the spell cards I can find in Gensokyo.”

“Do you read the same books as Alice, then?”

“Yeah. She’s a good neighbor, always lending me her books.” She gives Alice a sly grin. Alice responds with a quick frown.

“Plus, I like living here cos of all the mushrooms. They don’t grow anywhere else in Gensokyo.”

“Oh, are you a farmer too?”

“Nah, I’m a treasure hunter. A scavenger. I explore long-forgotten ruins, dodging traps the whole way. I take to the seas, raise the Jolly Roger and plunder merchant ships. Steal stuff.” Marisa’s grin widens, which you didn’t think was even possible.

“Sounds… diverse.”

“I do make magic stuff like elixirs on the side too, though I don’t get many customers. There’s a lot of other people better at it than me living in Gensokyo. Fine with me though, less work,” she snickers. “How about you? What’s your story?”

“What has Alice told you so far?” You decide to play it safe. Marisa shrugs.

“Not much. You’re a farmer, and you became a youkai. You can make new limbs from the purple stuff on your chest.” She gestures at the roots showing through your ripped shirt. “It sounds cool, heh. Could I see?”

You give a quick glance at Alice, who nods at you. You wriggle a tentacle out and swish it dramatically through the air a few times.

“Wow, that’s cool. Is it slave-type magic?”


“Slave-type magic is a summoned creature or danmaku that can be controlled independently by the user, instead of following a set path or pattern,” Alice explains, making a doll open the oven and bring out a tray of freshly-baked cookies. It sets them on a tray, then brings them over to the table.

Marisa picks up a cookie and starts munching. “Alice is great at it, as you can see. All her cards are slave-type using her dolls. I’ve always been kinda bad at it though, all I can do is make them spin in circles and stuff. I’d like to get good at it, I think it’d be fun to have my own collection of slaves.” She gives a belly laugh at her own remark.

Oh god slaves everywhere. We’ve got to hang out with this woman.

Probably best not to respond to that. You pick up a cookie and take a bite. It’s a sugar cookie, soft and chewy, still very warm from the oven. You clear your mouth with another drink of tea. “Well, I guess it might be kind of like slave-type magic.”

What? I’m not your slave. You’re just my errand boy.

“Well, sort of. Not really,” you correct yourself. “I’m kinda two people in one, we both control the powers together.”

“Awesome! Are you like a team, taking to the streets of Gensokyo, fighting crime?” Marisa punches an invisible criminal in front of her.

“Not quite,” you chuckle. “I’m still getting used to all the new powers.”

“Got any spell cards?”

“A couple.” You have the feeling she’d know if you were lying.

“You’ll have to show ‘em to me sometime. Always looking for new additions to my book.”

Oh yes.

“I-I dunno. Wouldn’t want any accidents if I misuse them.”

“Pfft.” Marisa rolls her eyes. “Didn’t you hear me say I let an oni slam me into the ground, all for the sake of research? I can take it.”

Yes, I’ll bet you ca-

‘Calm down already!’

Sorry. Just got excited.

Marisa glances at the clock on the wall. “Well, I should be off. Better check on my new creations, make sure my house isn’t burning down.” The witch stands up and grabs the broom that was resting against a kitchen countertop, then scoops a few cookies into her apron pocket. “Nice meeting ya.” She gives you a wave and lets herself out. The room’s suddenly quiet without her.

Alice stands up wordlessly and sits in your lap, her back facing you. You wrap your arms around her waist.

“I missed you a little.” She leans back against you, relaxing in your arms.

“I missed you too.” You lean down and kiss the nape of her neck. You lean your face into her soft hair, smelling her delicate, womanly scent.

“I’m sorry you got hurt.” She glances at her feet, then looks back up at you, worry on her face.

“It’s fine, really. There’s nothing you could’ve done about it. Besides, I was a bit dumb, strolling right up to two drunken oni.”

“Next time you go out, I’ll send a doll to keep track of you.”

“It’s fine, really.” You reassure her, reaching up and massaging her shoulders gently.

“Mmm.” Alice relaxes further, as if melting in your lap. You rub her shoulders in peaceful silence, working out her pent-up tension.

“How are your plums?” she asks.

“They’re coming along nicely. Thanks for asking.”

“Do you think I could come down and visit you the next time you go back?”

You take another sniff of her hair, enjoying her natural body smell with just a hint of some exotic chemical, probably used for magic. “That’d be nice.”

“We should have fun tonight.” Alice turns up and smiles at you. “We could do something like two days ago. Or we could do something a bit more... couple-like.”

[ ] Tender lovings
[ ] Kinky lovings
[x] Kinky lovings
[X] Tender lovings.
[x] Tender lovings
[X] Tender lovings.

Personally I'd like to leave the kinky stuff as happening uncommonly. Wouldn't want it to lose its impact would we?
[X] Tender lovings.
[x] Kinky lovings
[x] Tell her the truth right now.

Fuck this atmosphere. Shatter!
[x] Kinky lovings
[x] Kinky lovings
[X] Tender lovings.
[X] Tender lovings.

We can always do some kinky stuff some other day.
[X] Tender lovings.

She paused before bringing up the tender option. Therefore, it is the correct choice.
Calling it for [x] tender lovings.
>“Awesome! Are you like a team, taking to the streets of Gensokyo, fighting crime?” Marisa punches an invisible criminal in front of her.

I like this Marisa.
Had a wicked case of writer's block today, along with being busy with job/taking care of the home tasks. Made progress on the update, but it'll probably be posted tomorrow.
There's a disappointing lack of spankings in this story.

Form a team with Marisa, and go attack Yuuka, for the win!
File 131499360069.jpg - (629.73KB, 1000x1333 , AliceBath.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tender lovings

“Let’s be like a couple tonight.” You hold her a little tighter, enough to squeeze her body against yours. Alice lifts a hand, sending a group of dolls elsewhere in the house to their tasks. “It should take them just a minute to get ready.”

“Just enough time for a kiss.” You grab Alice’s chin, tilting her head up sideways, and wrap your lips to hers. You slither your tongue all over hers, running over her teeth and the inside of her cheeks.

Alice breaks the kiss after returning it for a long moment. “Okay, it’s ready.” You can see the excitement in her face. You almost run up the stairs, eager to see what Alice has in store. You swing open the bathroom door. Small candles dot along the counter, making the room smell like lavender and fresh-cleaned laundry. The tub is filled with warm water, wisps of steam rising from it, and a tray sits in the center of the room, with bowls of water, washcloths, a pumice stone, nail trimmers, and an assortment of shaving tools.

“I thought we could spend a little hygiene time.” Alice gives you a peck on the cheek as you feel her hands reach down and undo your robe. She tugs it off your shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She grabs the hem of your torn undershirt, and you lift your arms to let her pull it over your head. Finally, she tugs your underwear down, backing up to let you step out of them.

Alice backs up and spreads her arms, inviting you to undress her. You loosen the ribbons around her collar and waist. The dress goes slack enough for you to lift it up over her head, revealing her skin underneath inch by inch, leaving her in a pink bra with frills and matching panties with a small bow at the front.

“Lie down, please.” Alice kneels down by the tray, picking up the pumice stone and nail trimmers. As you lie down, she crawls to your feet. She inches down close to your left foot, her buttocks sticking up in the air. “Hold still, so I don’t accidentally cut you.” She starts to trim your toenails, but you can’t help but stare at her butt, watching her panties sink slightly between her cheeks as she bends over and shifts from toe to toe.

“Alright, now for the next foot.” Alice’s voice makes your eyes snap right back down to her face. She sees where you were staring and gives you a coy grin. “What were you looking at?”

“You.” You smile impishly.

She snickers. “Careful, or I’ll cut your toe off.” She trims your right foot. You wiggle them, feeling the new comfortable looseness.

“That feels nice.”

“Now, let’s trim your privates.” She slides your boxers down your legs, setting them aside and revealing the patch of hair around your penis. She twirls a finger around some of your curly hair, tugging it gently. “I guess you don’t shave here much,” she giggles. She takes a small cup with shaving soap, rubbing a brush in it and lathering it up. She rubs it on your crotch, covering your pubic hair with thick and foamy soap.

She picks up a straight razor and scrapes it across your skin very gently. Your patches of hair disappear row by row as she shaves further and further down. For the first time in a long while you can feel the warm moisture of the air directly on your skin.

“There, doesn’t that feel better?”

You rub the freshly-shaved skin. She did a really good job, there’s no resistance even if you rub against the grain. “Yeah. It’s nice getting pampered like this.”

“Don’t get too comfy, you’ll be returning the favor. Now for your thighs.”

She grabs your penis, shifting it aside and soaping up the hair between your legs. It might be a hygienic gesture, but her smooth, lithe hand still feels nice wrapped around the upper part of your dick. She starts to shave the inside of your thigh. The back of her hand tickles your sack, making it twinge slightly. She moves your dick to the other side, lathering and shaving the top of your other thigh.

Her touch makes you groan softly. Blood flows into your dick, making it swell and stiffen a little. She squeezes you, chuckling softly. “Is it that sensitive?” She squeezes it, letting your head poke out above her grip. She puts her thumb on the tip of your head, swirling it in small circles, making your hips shiver.

She gives your head an experimental lick, her wet tongue running over your head and tickling your hole. You groan, much louder this time as you stiffen further, your dick lengthening a bit in her hand.

She looks up and smiles at you. “That really feels good, huh?”


She wraps her lips softly around your head, sucking on it. You breathe in sharply, feeling her wet mouth work further down. Her nose touches your crotch, and her chin rests gently on your testicles. She moans softly, then starts to move her mouth up and down. Gurgling and slurping noises come from her mouth, making you curl your toes and arch your head.

She pulls away and grins, a strand of saliva dribbling down her chin. “Okay, time for you to shave me.” She leans back, then lies down and loosens her panties, sliding them down to her knees.

“Such a tease,” you say with a smirk, sitting up and feeling your erection sit stiff at full length. Alice must shave regularly, as you see her crotch has just a few days’ worth of light blonde stubble. You get on your knees and rub it, feeling the resistance and light scratching of her hair. “Mmm.”

You take the soap and brush from the tray, burying her stubble in a layer of foam. You shave her pubic hair, scraping downwards, then lathering it up again and shaving slightly against the grain. Alice gives a quiet grunt, and when you pull the razor back you see a small red spot.

“I’m so sorry, are you alright?” you ask.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t really hurt.”

A small trickle of blood oozes out of the cut. You lean down and surround the cut with your lips, sucking it into your mouth and licking off her blood, tasting the thick iron flavor. Alice hums quietly in enjoyment.

“Are you going to kiss my cut all better?”

“Mhm.” You lick further down, teasing the skin just above her clit. Alice makes a series of quick groans, waiting for you to work further down. You tease her, circling around her sensitive clitoris. It starts to poke out of its hood. You squeeze it very gently between your teeth, making Alice yelp. You tighten your bite and swirl your tongue along the tip of her clit. Alice moans and tenses with pleasure, grabbing your head.

You crawl up, putting your hands above her shoulders and resting your cock at the tip of her pussy. You push your hips, getting easy purchase into her. Her wet insides pull you in, inviting you to go in as far as you can. You grab her thighs, lifting her legs up slightly to help work deeper into her.

Alice’s face goes red with passion. She bites her lip and breathes in sharply as you pump your hips back and forth. You grab her legs, wrapping them around your hips. She squeezes her legs, forcing you inside. You grip her waist, lifting her light body up and pressing her against the wall. You start pumping faster, slamming her against the wall as you go all the way to the base and pull out to just the tip in one smooth motion, pleasing every inch of her inside. Her fingers dig deeper into your shoulders as Alice starts gasping and moaning.

“Keep going!” Alice shouts. You go even faster, pulling her away from the wall and pressing her against you, her whole body bouncing up and down on your cock. Alice’s lust sounds get louder and louder and you feel her walls grip your dick. Alice leans in suddenly and bites your shoulder, giving a loud, muffled moan of pleasure. She lets out a loud, high-pitched scream, her teeth still on your shoulder as her cum flows out onto you, dripping down your thighs. You lean over, placing her back on the ground with her legs at your hips. You pound into her, feeling yourself tremble on the edge of an orgasm.

You release, filling her with thick spurts of semen. It pours out of her, collecting on the floor. You pull out with a moist slurping sound and go limp on top of her. You lie there, feeling your body press against her. Her chest rises and falls with her gasps for breath.

“We should probably clean up,” Alice finally says as the post-sex glow fades.

“Yeah.” You roll off of Alice and climb into the tub, the water still steaming warm. Alice steps in after you, nestling into your lap.

“You’re too comfy, I can’t resist,” she says slyly. As nice as her body feels, you’re spent from today, and go no further than a few kisses on her back as you both wash up.

“Okay, I think I’m done.” Alice sits up from your lap, letting herself out. You follow her out, unplugging the drain and toweling off. Alice sets the towel in the hamper by the door. To your surprise, there’s no clothes lying outside the door. “I feel like sleeping without clothes tonight. I want to enjoy this fresh feeling.”

She walks downstairs. You don’t know if she’s caught up in the moment or if you’ve had a huge effect on her in the past few days, but whatever it is, you notice a lightness in her step as she strolls to her room, brazenly naked. She’s climbing into the sheets as you come into her room. She pats the empty space next to her, inviting you in.

You lie in, and Alice immediately curls up next to you. “That was fun.” She presses a finger on your nose. “I… really like you.”

You kiss her. “I love you too.”

“I don’t know if I’d go that far yet. But I do really, really like you.”

You rub her back gently and decide not to say anything else. Within a few minutes, you both drift off to sleep. No weird dreams this time, just a solid, peaceful sleep with Alice in your arms.

You wake up. No knocking on the doors, nobody at the window. Silence. You see Alice’s half-open eyes staring back at you.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Looks like I’ve got you all to myself right now.” Her lips meet yours. “What do you want to do today?”

[ ] Ask for another flying lesson from Alice.
[ ] Ask Alice about your spell cards.
[ ] Go to the village, see if you’re in the newspaper.
[ ] Check back in at the Myouren Temple.
[ ] Go give the fairies a visit.
[x] Check back in at the Myouren Temple.

All aboard the Kyouko train!
[x] Go give the fairies a visit
[x] Check back in at the Myouren Temple.

As much as I want to go see the fairies, I don't feel like staying behind when I can get on the Kyouko train.
[x] Go give the fairies a visit
Hey, no forgetting them fairies, gotta check up on that Milk.
[x] Go give the fairies a visit

I love Kyouko, but...
[x] Go give the fairies a visit.

I'd like to vote for flying, but that seems like a lost cause right now.
[X] Check back in at the Myouren Temple.
[x] Go give the fairies a visit.
[x] Ask for another flying lesson from Alice.

Ha, no love juice from Tent. She really does dig us.
[x] Go give the fairies a visit

We better check up on them. We certainly left them in a sticky situation.
[x] Go give the fairies a visit.

I wonder how Sunny will react now.
It's fairies you want? Then it's fairies you'll get.

[x] Go give the fairies a visit.
[X] Go give the fairies a visit.
[x] Ask for another flying lesson from Alice.

I figured this'd be more useful if he has to make a run for it or an escape, but I doubt it'll beat the fairy vote.
You really need to start bolding these.
File 131501285959.png - (534.11KB, 666x931 , 12362870_p3.png) [iqdb]

That looks delicious. Do you have a link/name of that?
[X] Go give the fairies a visit.
We should also check up on Mystia sometime soon.See if she has been behaving herself

Voting. Closed. Check first, got it?
Where are the updates?
File 131530005528.jpg - (455.64KB, 666x932 , 20877090_p5.jpg) [iqdb]
Are you going to update, or should I keep bumping this thread with those pictures?

(Sorry for bumping, by the way, but I'm waiting an update for too long. We're ALL waiting an update.)
Too impatient. Far, far too impatient.

Have patience, and be glad for the fast updates so far.

He is writing, be patient.
Dude, this guy like blazed through updating. Give him a break.
I've had some trouble with this update and haven't been satisfied with what I've written. Been talking with guys on IRC and got some help with writing h-scenes, so I'm going to re-write what I have and hopefully post today.
Take it easy, you were going at a very fast rate and a day of rest and prep is better than a week of recovering from Burnout.
Update coming tomorrow, promise.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the story so far? I'm learning a lot as I write and I'd like to know what I'm doing that you guys like and what you don't like.
This silence. I must fill it.

I like the light tone, fairies, and that tentacle-bro is a bro. I do not like your Alice because she is a miserable pile of insecurities and wuv.
I agree with tentacle-bro dude above me. Although I can't help but feel he is setting us up for a keikaku doori.

I don't like the fact that we seem to be route locked with Alice. Don't misunderstand tho, I like the scenes and interactions with her, but it just feels like were headed down the path of;

congratulations! On unlocking [Alice: normal end]

I agree 100% with these guys
I feel the opposite. I like your Alice, and I think her personality makes her ripe for corrupting. One day we'll be able to bring home a top-heavy, messed up Sunny without her batting an eyelash. Or perhaps with her joining in the fun.

It's too early to determine if this is an Alice route, and I don't think that he's going to lock routes either. Even so, would it hurt so much to have a potential partner who has her own fetishistic tastes, especially if her confidence could be built up?
"Sorry, after Marisa introduced me to various giant demon cocks, I can never go back, you're too tame for me now. Bye~"

File 131541213556.jpg - (1.43MB, 1340x1132 , 20662871.jpg) [iqdb]
What do I like in that story?
The main character.

"Oh noes! I have a new power! I can grow tentacles from my chest! That means I'm probably infected by some weird thing!
Screw that, let's go spank fairies and scare youkais."

That's what I like. That guy changed from "dead meat" to "powerful mongrel", and his first action is to act like a batman.
I like how you started off with the tentacles premise but you didn't descend into "RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE" territory. Tentanon seems like a pretty chillax dude who just sort of runs with whatever's going on. There's a beast living in his chest? Sweet, I've got tentacles now! The beast feeds off of sexual energy? Sure thing, bro, I'll get ya whatcha need.

Your portrayals of the other characters are interesting as well, but Tenta and his host are the real stars as far as things go. That could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, but I personally prefer having an interesting main character to "LOL BLANK SLATE 420 FUCK TOEHOES ERRY DAY".

The only real issue I have with this story is that your pacing is sometimes a little off; i.e., the sex scenes sometimes venture on "let's sex unf unf unf spooge kthx" territory.
File 131543443625.jpg - (358.01KB, 1495x1084 , flanhips.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go give the fairies a visit.

“First thing’s first. Breakfast.”

You roll out of bed, followed by Alice. The dolls have laid out Alice’s usual outfit, as well as a new outfit for you: a long-sleeved silk shirt with a red-and-black striped tie, and a pair of black pants.

“Awfully formal, isn’t it?” You start putting it on.

“I wanted to see how you look. It’s nice, having a man around to try on all the outfits I make.”

“I see.” You button the shirt and pull up your pants. You drape the tie around your collar and fumble with it for a minute. You realize you’ve never worn one, only seen people wear them.

Alice giggles. “Here, let me help.” She takes the tie and starts tying it, pulling and adjusting it until the knot is snug around your neck.

“How’s it feel?”

“A little tight. How do I look?”

“You look great.” She stands on her tiptoes and kisses you on the lips. “Now let’s get some breakfast.”

The two of you sit down to the table, already set out with toasted English muffins, scrambled eggs, two glasses of milk, and two cups of tea. You make small talk, and breakfast seems to pass very quickly without a random visitor or explosion or some other sudden surprise like you’ve become used to after the past few days. The food’s as good as always, to have dolls handle as something as delicate as cooking must require a tremendous amount of focus.

“Did you have anything planned today?” Alice asks.

“Well… I should probably give a friend a visit. It’s been a while. How about you?”

“I have some home projects to work on, along with some studying. I’ll be staying home for the day.”

You’re tempted to ask her to come along, if only because she said she got lonely last time. But if today goes anything like it did the past few days, you’re going to take advantage of this excuse to travel alone.

“Alright,” you nod at her. “Think you might show me what you’re working on later?”

Alice covers her mouth and laughs softly at some private joke. “Maybe.”

You raise your eyebrows, and can’t help silently guessing as to what it could be. This is pretty unlike her.

“Well, I’m going to go study.” Alice stands up and gives you a light kiss on the forehead. “Take care,” she says as she heads off down the hall. A single doll hangs back to escort you out, even though the door’s only a few steps away.

You wander down the path in front of Alice’s house. Thankfully, when you feel your pockets you notice the dolls put all your stuff into your new pants, including your map. After a bit of walking, you see Luna and Star crouched by a rotten log, poking the mushrooms growing on it.

“Hey fairies!” you call out to them, giving a wave. They both turn around and fly at you. Star gets right up to your face. “Oh, you were so mean to Sunny yesterday, I’ve never seen her that frustrated!” You can tell she isn’t mad at you. She actually sounds pretty excited about her friend’s state. “And that was so cool what you did to her boobs, they’re still too big for her to fly.”

“Oh, really?” you grin, remembering yesterday. Yeah, it’s definitely for the best that Alice wanted to stay home today. “What’d you think of her milk, by the way?”

“It was delicious. We all had fun.”

You lean in and press your lips against Star’s, letting your tongue slip into her mouth. Star seems a bit shocked, but still slips her arms around your shoulders. Her wings stop flapping as she returns your kiss and wraps her legs around you. Being so much shorter than a grown human, her legs are a little below your chest, her feet unable to touch behind you. She’s light, too. You run your tongue over hers, then against her cheek, as if looking for any stray drops of milk from before. Her wings fold up behind her, allowing you put your arms around her chest and return her hold. After your encounter with the oni yesterday, you’re glad to be the one in charge again.

After a minute, you break the kiss. Star looks at you, wide-eyed but happy.

“Wow,” she says. She lets go of you and gently lowers herself to the ground.
How much does she know about sex, anyway? She seemed to be eager to tease people and give you a helping hand with your creative new powers, but you can’t shake the feeling that a vagina is no different than a nose or ear to her. Oh well, you figure you’d make a pretty good teacher to her. Sheesh, you’re sounding a little like the beast now.

“Okay, Luna. Your turn.” You spread your arms and smile invitingly at her. Her grin is as hungry as yours, and she hops into your arms, holding onto you. Unlike Star, it’s less like she’s hugging you and more like she’s clutching to you, her small hands gripping the fabric of your shirt. She runs her tongue across your lips, then dives into your mouth. Any thoughts of this fairy being the same as her partner disappear. She obviously knows her way around kissing, at least. Her tongue rubs against yours, then her lips. She sucks on your tongue, tugging it backwards.

Your hands feel their way down her body. For a fairy, she’s got some awfully nice curves, especially around her hips. Your hands slip under her dress and grab her hips, half grabbing her silky skin, slightly cooler than a human’s, the other half sinking into the fabric of her panties. Roots work their way from your chest down to your palms, tingling with some sort of energy. Luna’s hips start to widen, filling out in your hands. You slip your fingers under her panties, getting a better grip. Her hips continue to fill out and widen, her now-plump flesh rising between your fingers. Her panties, already snug before, begin to strain against her, digging into her skin. Adding a little bit more to her, the fabric starts to rip against her growth, then snap in half and fall off of her.

That’s probably more than enough. You let go of her, and she floats to her feet. She feels her new hips, humming with satisfaction. “This is nice.” She shows them off, cocking her hips back and forth. Star grabs a handful of one of her buttocks. “Wow, cool! They’re so soft!” she squeals. She slips her head under Luna’s dress, nuzzling her face against her plump cheek. “Hehe, they’re like a pillow now.”

You instinctively reach for the buttons on your shirt when you remember you're still standing out in the open in the forest. You'd be willing to do it out here, sure, but maybe you could think of somewhere else that would be better.

[ ] Do it right out here in the forest.
[ ] Go somewhere a little more secluded.
[ ] Go take them in front of Sunny.
[x] Go take them in front of Sunny.
[X] Go take them in front of Sunny.

Glad you're back.
[x] Go take them in front of Sunny.
[X] Go take them in front of Sunny.
[x] Go take them in front of Sunny.
This and while Alice may be the closest thing tentanon has to a wife figure, it wouldn't mean he's limited to just her. One day she'll join us in the fun.

[x] Go take them in front of Sunny.
-[x] Hopefully take Sunny next.

I'd rather not see denying Sunny turn into some drawn out gag.
[X] Go take them in front of Sunny.

Goddamn, how long until she snaps at this rate?
[x] Do it right out here in the forest.

Interruptions are always nice. Especially /forest/ interruptions.
File 131544220212.jpg - (15.85KB, 400x400 , eyesontheprize.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling it for [X] Go take them in front of Sunny.
File 131560911792.jpg - (101.17KB, 640x538 , threefairies2.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go take them in front of Sunny.

I have an idea.

‘What is it?’

Let’s go give our old friend Sunny a visit.

‘Sounds like an excellent idea.’ Grinning so wide you feel like your mouth might fall off, you look at Star. “Hey, I have a thought. Before we go any further, why don’t we give your friend Sunny a visit?”

Star is lost in thought for a second, then pieces it together. “Oohhh! You’re so mean!” She giggles and claps her hands together. She grabs one of your shoulders, and motions for Luna to take the other. “C’mon, let’s take him there.”

Luna grabs your other shoulder and lifts you up in the air. It’s not very far from where you are, and within a minute they’ve brought you to a large tree with a house sitting square in the middle of it between three large branches. It looks surprisingly sturdy, as if it simply grew out of the tree, windows and all. Star reaches out one hand to open the door, struggling to hold you up with the other hand.

‘oh god don’t drop me’

Calm down, if they dropped you I’d just swing you to safety. You sissy.

“Sunny’s in the bedroom,” Star whispers to you, carrying you inside. The house looks surprisingly nice, full of all sorts of trinkets they’ve no doubt stolen from all over Gensokyo. Star points into a room to the right. The door’s open, and you can see Sunny on her back, her breasts slightly smaller than yesterday but still as big as her head. The constant milking has made them look soft and pillowy, like you could take a nap on them. Speaking of which, Sunny seems to be fast asleep at the moment. With each breath, her breasts push out a little, her nipples sliding away from each other. A soft moan comes out of her, along with a quick shiver of her hips as two small drops of milk silently leak out of her.

Star moves in to give her a lick, but you put an arm in front of her. You know just how you want her to wake up. First, get off their clothes. Silently, you tug open the ribbons on Luna’s dress. It opens down the front, revealing her body like tearing off the wrapping paper on a present, then falls down off her shoulders. Star picks up on the cue, peeling off her dress above her head. You undo your belt. Star and Luna come to your service, Luna undoing your tie and shirt buttons and Star loosening and pulling down your pants. Next, you raise one foot, letting them work your shoes and socks off, then do the same with the other, letting your pants and underwear fall off your feet to the ground.

‘Hmm… what’d be the best position for this?’

Leave it to me.

A pair of thick tentacles grabs Luna and Star, pressing them to your body. Their heads are just below your chin. Their shoulders touch and their legs cling to you, spreading themselves open. You grip each of their thighs, Now, Sunny can wake up.

“Good afternoon, sleepyhead. Wakey wakey,” you coo. Sunny stirs, but doesn’t seem to wake up. Sticking your foot out, you nuzzle her slit with your big toe.

“Mmh… hahh… unh?” Sunny groans sleepily, then starts awake. She cranes her head up. As soon as her eyes meet yours, they narrow to thin slits, and her face scrunches up in fury.

“You…” Sunny spits. “You… you…” She can’t seem to find a word to express her anger.

“Hello, Sunny,” you say cheerily. “I have something to show you. Your friends were good fairies today, so they get a reward.” With the tentacles still gripping the two fairies, you rub both their hairless slits, your finger dipping just slightly inside their warmth as you stroke them from top to bottom. They both grip you tighter, moaning softly.

“I bet you know what their reward is.” You pull your hands back, letting tentacles take your place and nuzzle their openings, smearing slimy lubrication between their legs.

“No… there’s no way I could take this much,” Luna groans. She grins conspiratorially at you, letting you know that she’s just playing along, and wants to make Sunny as jealous as possible.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t hurt a good girl.” You stroke her hair as the tentacle pushes against her opening. It slips into Luna, while the other forces itself against Star’s smaller hole, sinking into her soft pink skin without spreading her lips. A bit more pushing and Star is spread open too, loud sucking and gurgling sounds coming from her pussy. She takes quick, surprised breaths as the tentacle pumps into her.

“This feels… really good…” Star’s never been included in your ‘punishments’ before, you remember. The thought of this being her first penetration makes you strangely excited, and you start to work the tentacle faster, making it grow as her opening starts to loosen and moisten for you.

Jelly-like ribbing forms along the tentacles to rub against every inch of their insides. When you pull back it feels like you’re going to tug their insides out. You force the tentacles to pull back, the ribbing grinding agonizingly against their walls, though the soft texture makes sure they won’t be hurt. You repeat the process, sliding them in easily then drawing them out and scraping their sensitive insides.

Star shuts her eyes and buries her face against you. Her muffled high-pitched moans sound almost like she’s in pain. Luna looks much more lustful, hanging her tongue out and squealing rapidly as the ribbing tugs against her walls, hard enough to shake her body up and down.

“Don’t stop!” Luna squeals. “I’m so close!” Her whole body is writhing, getting ready for release. Star grabs handfuls of your skin, clenching it in a mix of excitement and confusion. “It’s never felt this good before!” she whimpers and moans into your chest. Luna takes Star’s head, shifting her body to press herself against the trembling fairy.

“Star, we’re going to cum! I want us to cum together!” Luna presses her lips to Star suddenly, smothering her face and slithering her tongue inside her. They moan loudly inside each other’s mouths as they tremble in anticipation. Star screams, her mouth still covered by Luna’s, as her legs clench in orgasm. Luna, egged on by the vibrations in her mouth, bucks her hips against you as her cunt constricts around you.

Sunny watches with an almost broken-looking awe as her friends writhe in release. Their limbs spasm as their squirts of cum spray against each other, dripping in puddles onto the floor. Their bodies go limp, and you let them down gently into a pool of their own fluids. They lie back, gasping for breath.

“Now, Sunny. Do you think you can be a good girl too?” You ask her.

Sunny nods, looking to be on the verge of tears.

“Then clean up your friends.” Picking Luna up by the shoulders, you dangle her dripping wet pussy over Sunny’s face.

“Luna… your hips are so big!” Sunny seems to have noticed it for the first time.

“Mhm,” Luna flashes her teeth as she grins. “That was part of my reward.”

Sunny immediately starts to lap at Luna’s hole, exploring all over her folds. Her nose is buried between Luna’s buttocks, making it hard for her to breathe and overpowering her with Luna’s musk, but she still obediently keeps licking at her. Thoroughly enjoying her friend’s tongue, Luna grinds her hips, smearing juice all over her face and burying her nose deeper into her ass.

Looking at Sunny, she’s clearly a little uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. So you should probably take Luna off her… sometime soon. You give her another minute, until her discomfort is clearly visible. She looks pleadingly at you, still licking Luna, who’s busy yelping with pleasure and bucking harder against Sunny’s face.

That should be enough, you decide. As you pull Luna off of her, Sunny’s face goes even more docile than before. She stares at you, her mouth pursed closed and her eyes wide. “I can make you feel good… please, I can be a good girl. Just let me make you happy.” As she says this, she gets to her hands and knees. Her massive breasts jiggle, slapping each other lightly as her body unsteadily sways back and forth. She puts a hand on your thigh, pushing gently and wordlessly requesting that you lie down for her.

You crouch down and lie on your back, leaving everything up to the fairy. Sunny snuggles between your legs, putting a hand on each nipple and pointing them at your dick, standing tall. She gives them both a squeeze, and warm jets of milk tickle every inch of your shaft. It’s as thick as cream, and it dribbles slowly down your length, coating it with stickiness. Sunny smiles when she sees your dick twitch from the wet tickling.

“Am I being a good girl?”

You nod and give a low moan of appreciation. Sunny shifts forward, dragging her breasts across your thighs, then smothering them both around your cock. Her breasts are soft and almost doughy, they sink into your cock and meld around every vein and bulge. She pushes down on the tops of her breasts, making them sink down to your testicles and surround them with warmth. The pressure makes another stream of liquid come out of her nipples, dripping milk onto your chest.

She kneads one breast up and down, letting the soft texture massage one half of your dick, then starts to heave them both in and alternating rhythm. Your cock is completely enveloped from the base to the tip. Her pumping speeds up and starts to drag your cock left and right between her breasts.

“I can feel it twitching. I’m being a good girl and making you happy.” Sunny grins wide, knowing she’s pleasing you and hoping to finally be pleased in return. She’s right, your cock is so stiff it’s almost painful, her strokes fast enough to edge you further on but not fast enough to make you cum. The pressure builds inside you, aching to release. Your hips press against Sunny’s breasts by themselves, her marshmallow-like flesh spreading across your thighs. Your tip pokes out between her breasts as you thrust.

“I’ll clean you up too.” Sunny’s lips shut around the tip of your head, sucking you like she’s trying to pull your cum out herself. Her tongue presses against your cum-hole as her breasts continue to play with you. You’ve reached your limit. Cum quickly builds inside you, shooting out into Sunny’s mouth. Your toes curl and your back arches up as you scream in release. “Sunny!” you shout, filling her mouth. Sunny continues to suck even as your seed pools inside her mouth, coaxing more out of your cock until you’ve given her every last drop. She closes her lips, her cheeks puffing out with your release. She closes her eyes and swallows once, then again, then a third time, the sticky cum slowly traveling down her throat.

“I did it! I made you happy!” Sunny’s voice is now much louder, she's almost screaming. “Now, since I’ve been a good girl, you’re finally going to please me, right?”

[ ] Yes.
[ ] …Nope.
[x] Yes.
[x] …Nope.

I have to try, at least.
[x] Yes.

She knows she's ours. We know she's ours. Let's make it official and lay claim to our new faerie pet.
[X] Yes.
[x] Yes
[x] …Nope.

Do not want to positively reinforce slave-like traits.
Could someone upload a *.doc/*.txt with the whole story so far?

very please.
[x] Yes.

I hope you're not going to "break the cutie, turn her into a slave". Until now, that story was more or less family-friendly, with a lot of teasing. Playing too much with that fairy is just mean.
[x] Yes.

I hope you're not going to "break the cutie, turn her into a slave". Until now, that story was more or less family-friendly, with a lot of teasing. Playing too much with that fairy is just mean.
[x] Yes.

Playing with her too much will most probably make Shikieiki visit us again.
[x] Yes.

She's been VERY good.
[X] Yes.
[x] Yes.
[x] Yes.

A good little pet.
[x] …Nope.
Closing votes for [x] Yes. Hooray for Sunny~


I've got all the posts so far saved in one big document. I'll upload it at the start of the next thread, which should just be a few updates away.
Waiting warmly, thanks.
We should also think about what "gift" to give Star.
The gift of knowledge.

A muscle fairy, how about that.

Alternatively, the knowledge thing. But with a tweest: she gets lotsa horny and / or wants to teach all the others about the many cool things she learned. So a sexual perpetuum mobile ensues in the fairy household.
I think Tentanon gave her one gift, which she gave birth too.
[x] Yes.

Once you’ve caught your breath, you smile at her and stroke her hair. She presses her head against your hand, humming peacefully.

“Oh, Sunny…” You gently push against her, pressing her against the ground and lying over her. “You were such a good girl today.”

Sunny wiggles her arms and legs like a dog getting her belly scratched. “Yes I was! I made you happy!”

Two tentacles wriggle out and split open at the end, forming mouth-like cups with thin tongues wriggling out. They attach themselves to Sunny’s nipples, sucking hard and yanking her breasts upwards. Milk gushes out of her, immediately sucked up by the tentacles. It feels weird, but wonderful. The sensation is exactly like having two extra mouths, you can feel the texture of her nipples firm from her excitement, and the taste of her milk sliding down the tentacles’ throats. Sunny gives a long grunt of pleasure, letting her mouth droop open and her tongue hang out.

Even though you climaxed just a few minutes ago, this exotic new sensation makes you eager to go again. Your body lays on top of hers, and you kiss her open mouth, sucking on her tongue. Her loud, lusty panting sprays her warm breath in your face, smelling like sweet fruit. Your hand slides between her legs, spreading them slightly and rubbing her slit. It’s dripping wet, and much hotter than the other two in a good way. As you slip in two fingers, sliding easily into her, your whole hand gets the feeling of curling up next to a fire on a cold fall evening. Pulling out your fingers, you sit up and spread her legs open, bringing your tip close to her.

“You’re not going to pull out again, are you?” Sunny looks up at you timidly.

“No,” you chuckle. “I’ll go all the way this time. You’ve earned it.”

Sunny squirms with delight. You push your hips, and Sunny’s cunt eagerly accepts you. It’s looser than the other fairies, but in a good way. It’s hot and inviting, like it’s trying to drag you inside. It’s still a tight fit, with her being a fairy, and you can feel her hole slowly spread open to accept you in deeper. The warm feeling from before spreads over your groin, making you push in harder, wanting to surround yourself with it. Sunny’s moans start to sound less sexual and more like a pet content to be with its master. Leaning over her, her breasts cushion your chest like pillows. You press against the back of her womb, with just a half-inch or so left to go in. Her warmth and wetness is irresistible. You squeeze her waist and push in harder, stretching her out until the root of your cock rubs against her swollen lips.

Sunny screams with satisfaction, her hips shaking up and down rapidly. The motion makes your length bounce around inside her, as pleasurable as it is painful against your already-stiff member inside her tightness.

The mouths on her nipple decide they’ve had their fill, and pop off of her. They both wriggle into her open mouth, emptying their contents into her. She gives one muffled swallow after another, gagging slightly on the contents emptying into the back of her mouth as fast as she can drink. Her tongue on your tentacles feels like kissing her with two mouths. The tickling sensation, her hips grinding, the milk still dribbling down her nipples even without anything touching her, it all excites you so much you start bucking fast, bumping rapidly against the back of her cunt.

“Ah huhhing!” Sunny screams against your tentacles. Her pussy tightens further, like she’s trying to suck your whole body into her. Your whole body clenches, feeling the orgasm rise up. With a loud moan, your semen shoots into her, overflowing in her filled hole and dribbling out of her. Halfway through your release, Sunny screams again as her own orgasm comes. She clings to your tentacles for support as her cum, pent up from days of teasing, finally finds release and sprays against you. She continues screaming, shaking and releasing for several minutes.

Your tentacles retract, leaving just you and Sunny lying together and panting for breath. You stay inside her for a minute, enjoying her warmth. When Sunny opens her eyes to look at you she has a dreamy, almost ethereal expression, like she’s just attained enlightenment. She doesn’t say anything, she seems content to just hum softly, almost purring.

Two tentacles shoot out again. One of them, thin with a small opening at the tip, clamps down on her clit still engorged from her orgasm. The other one, thicker with a wide mouth, attaches to her pussy.

“Aah! It’s still sensitive!” Sunny whimpers. Her eyes squeeze shut from the sudden intense satisfaction.

You stroke her hair, giving her a reassuring smile. “After how much I teased you, it wouldn’t be right to just treat you once.” A tongue flicks out from the tentacle on her clitoris, tickling and playing with it. The other starts to suck on her pussy, drinking up both of your fluids. Sunny grits her teeth at the intense suction, and soon you’re drinking a fresh wave of her juice. The tongue on the tentacle over her pussy works its way in, exploring every fold and corner of her pussy.

“Found it!”

You whips your head around in shock. Star and Luna are standing in the doorway, with Star holding a lightly dented cowbell. You hadn’t even noticed them leaving, you’d been so caught up with Sunny.

“S-Star!” Sunny says through her moans. Her body has started to move on its own, quivering from the tentacles. “Star, hold me!”

Star looks at her in surprise, then steps towards her. Sunny clamps her arms around her friend, hugging her for support. The tongue on her clit forms into dozens of hair-thin strands, spinning around and tickling her clit, like rubbing a paint brush against it.

“Star… I’m gonna cum again.” Sunny squeezes her friend tighter, leaning into her shoulder and breathing heavily. Star hugs her back, caressing her. Sunny screams again, and your tentacle mouth slurps up her cum as it squirts into you again.

Completely spent, Sunny lets go of her friend and lies back on the ground. She smiles almost sleepily, lying still except for her breathing. Your tentacles retract and you get to your feet, the puddle of fluids now covering a rather large part of the floor.

“Wow.” Star looks at Sunny in surprise. “You really did a number on her.”

“She deserved it.” You smile, satisfied.

“I brought this, ‘cause I thought it seemed fitting.” Star holds up the cowbell. “Seems like Sunny would make a good cow now.”

Looking at the old clock in the room, it seems it’s been a few hours since you left Alice’s house. You take a seat on their bed and dress yourself. “Well, thanks for the fun. I should be on my way.”

When you stand up from the bed, Sunny lunges at your leg and clings to it. “Aww, can I come with you? Pleeease?” She gives you her best puppy-dog eyes, looking like she might cry if you said no.

[ ] Bring Sunny with you.
[ ] Leave her here for now.
[ ] Have her follow at a distance, just in case.

[ ] Go to your house.
[ ] Go to Alice’s house.
[ ] Go somewhere else (specify).
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.

I can't say no to those eyes.
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.
[x] Bring Sunny with you.
[x] Go to Alice’s house.
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.
Fairies don't get enough love around here.
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.

Mai petto.
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.

I hope we can muster a good story for this.
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.
[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.

Those eyes...They stare into my very soul...

Oh, and um, Sunny is just a friend. That's it. Yes. Nothing else. Not a kinky love slave, nope. Just a friend. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Calling votes.

[x] Bring Sunny with you
[x] Go to Alice’s house.

Wow, skipping straight to bringing the sex slave home? You guys are bold.
She's not a sex slave! She's just a fairy friend who we happen to have put a collar on and keeps asking us to fuck her!

Also, being a horrible person:
>It’s dripping wet, and much hotter than the other two in a good way.
> It’s looser than the other fairies, but in a good way.

Otherwise a fun set of updates!
Luck favors the bold. And I'm feeling lucky.
[x] Bring Sunny with you.
[x] Go to Alice’s house.

Aww, I can’t say no to that face. Let’s take her with us.

‘We really shouldn’t…’

Sunny sees the doubt on your face. “Pleeease?” She gets on her knees and hugs you, her breasts pressing against your pants. Even though the fabric, you can feel their warmth and softness.

“Okay,” you nod, starting to plan what you’re going to say to Alice. “But get dressed first.”

“Hooray!” Sunny flutters up with glee, making her breasts flop up and smack her in the face. Once she’s got her balance back, she grabs her dress and pulls it over her arms. She struggles with the buttons in the front, her new chest making it almost impossible for them to fit.

‘We really ought to do something about those breasts, maybe you could…’

Nope. Not gonna. No way.

‘What? Why?’

I like ‘em. Besides, I didn’t hear you complaining when she wrapped them around our dick.

‘But what would Alice say if we bring a giant-breasted fairy home with us?’

Gimme two minutes with her and I’ll have her saying ‘oh, hello miss fairy, you look like you could use some fingering~’

“Could you give me a hand?” Sunny asks, breaking you out of your self-talk. You lean down and give it a try. The top button goes on after a minute of struggling, resting on top of her breasts and pushing them further out. The button below resists your tugs, making her breasts squash together. Just a little more, and… there. The second button is on, just barely. There’s a huge spot of cleavage between the two buttons, with her flesh squishing out above. The third is easier, being on the underside of her breasts, though when you button it there’s still a massive gap of her soft cleavage. Her nipples poke out against the strained fabric, leaving tiny wet spots of leftover milk.

Sunny straightens up, her breasts shaking up and down slightly with every move. “Okay, I think this’ll work.” She scoops her breasts in her hands, jiggling them up and down. The dress holds tight, though you can see the space between the buttons spread even wider with the shaking of her breasts. She spreads her arms and breathes in deeply. It’s too much. With a loud snapping sound, the top two buttons on her dress fly off, one of them smacking you hard in the forehead and the other pinging off the wall. Her breasts flop up and down, making her almost fall over.

“Does… does anyone have a cloth or something we could cover those with?” you ask, once the bouncing slows down enough for you to concentrate. Luna fetches a piece of cloth and ties it around Sunny. It looks a bit like she’s wearing a pitched tent. Star wraps a piece of cloth around Sunny’s neck with a cowbell dangling at the end, resting over her breasts.

“Hey, what’s this for? Ah, sorry!” Sunny turns around, accidentally smacking Star in the face with her breasts.

“Ow, careful with those!” Star rubs her cheek. “Anyway, I figured you could use a cowbell, since you look the part now.” Star flicks the bell, making it ding, then turns to face you. “Well, it’s been fun. Thanks for coming over, don’t be too rough with Sunny!”

You nod as Star leads the two of you to the door. “Will you need a ride?” she asks, motioning at the ground below.

“Nope.” Scooping sunny up in one arm, you leap out the door. Star gasps loud enough for you to hear as a tentacle flies out and wraps around a nearby tree branch. You pull yourself up to the branch and look back at Star, flashing the most stylish grin you can muster at her. She grins back and flashes a thumbs-up at you. Satisfied, you set off swinging for Alice’s house.

Thanks to the map, you come across her house in just a minute. After getting back on the ground, and taking off Sunny’s cowbell and tossing it into the forest just to be safe, you knock at the door.

‘Here comes the judgment.’

Take it easy, we’ll be fine.

Alice’s door swings open, revealing Shanghai floating in front of you. She gives the two of you a look-over, then disappears back into the house. After a minute or so, Alice shows up in the doorway.

“Welcome ba- oh. …Oh.” The sight of Sunny makes her eyebrows raise. She looks at you. Thankfully, she doesn’t look angry, but she does look very eager to see what you’re going to say.

[ ] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[ ] I just stumbled across her and she insisted on following me, and…
[ ] Sunny insisted I show her my powers, and…

[ ] …I have no idea what happened to her breasts.
[ ] …The beast was out of control, he grabbed her breasts and inflated them!
[ ] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!

(Or [ ] Write-in)
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!
[x] Sunny insisted I show her my powers, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow! Sometimes.
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!

I like Alice. We've been pretty honest with her in the past and it worked out, right? I also think she might not be as uninformed as people may think she is.
[x] Sunny insisted I show her my powers, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow! Sometimes.

Glorious. Looking forward to what happen's next.
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!
Another good point about being honest is that even if the initial result might be worse than a lie, if you tell the truth then that's the end of it. You won't have to make more lies to cover up, or keep a lie going.
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!
We really can't make Sunny's chest any smaller? The description of her new size seems kind of ridiculous.
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!
[x] She wound up becoming very pet-like and I couldn't just stand to leave her by herself.
They're not all that big in actual size, from what I read, but they look huge on Sunny's dinky fairy frame.

[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!
Closing votes.

[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes!

Honesty is the best policy, as they say.
[x] I brought you one of the fairies that’ve been bugging you, and…
[x] …I experimented with her. Turns out I can make body parts grow sometimes.

“I, uh. I brought you one of the fairies that have been messing with your house.” You flash a sheepish grin at her. “Guess we can get her back for those times she egged your house.”

“She looks different.” Alice stares at Sunny’s breasts.

“I… experimented with her. Sort of. Well, the beast did, technically. I can explain everything.”

Alice purses her lips. “Sunny, could you please go to the guest room?” As Alice says this a doll floats to Sunny and motions for her to follow. Sunny nods, letting go of your hand and following the doll into a different room. Alice takes a seat at the dining room table. You take a seat at the other end, feeling your gut knot from the silent tension.

“The beast wanted to see if he was strong enough to use one of his old powers. He can make body parts grow.”

“Did it have sex with her?” Alice doesn’t sound angry, she just sounds like she wants an honest answer. Even so, you feel your head droop as you respond.


Alice sighs through her nose, long and soft. “I sort of expected this from the start. You’ve got a youkai inside you, and he has his own goals and motivations, after all.” She pauses, and her unreadable expression softens into a smile. “But, I know that you and the youkai inside you are different people. What’s important is that you’ve been honest with me, and you’ve treated me with respect and kindness.”

Her words make you think of the nights you’ve spent with her. Come to think of it, she’s right in a way. Several times now you’ve eschewed filling her with tentacles for more simple, intimate activities like cuddling or bathing together. Looking at her, you return her smile. “Thank you, Alice.”

She stands up and walks to you, leaning down to kiss your forehead. You look up at her, her golden locks dangling over your face, her crystal blue eyes squinting at you. Her lips meet yours in a kiss, not a lusty one but a leisurely, affectionate one. A lover’s kiss.

“What should we do about Sunny?” she finally asks after she breaks the kiss.

“I’m not sure. I could probably shrink them back if I got tenta to agree.”

“Tenta?” she smirks.

“It’s his nickname,” you say with a chuckle.

“Well, don’t shrink her just yet.” She kisses your forehead again. “They’re interesting.” Her smirk turns into a full-blown grin.


You’d say something back, but you can’t help agreeing with him. Alice returns to her seat and waves her hand. A few seconds later, Sunny comes back into the room and climbs up into your lap.

“Careful, Sunny. I own that lap.” Alice grins with a bit of wickedness. Sunny obediently scoots off of you, taking her place in another chair.

“There’s still plenty of time left in the day. I should probably make a new dress for Sunny.”

“You don’t have to do that.” You feel a bit bashful with Alice doing this for the girl you came home with.

“It’s no trouble, I love sewing. And it’ll probably be good practice to her rather strange proportions. Did you have any other plans?”

Alice is right, it’s early afternoon now and you could fit in another trip somewhere.

[ ] Give Marisa a visit.
[ ] Visit Myouren temple.
[ ] Check up on your plums.
[x] Give Marisa a visit.
[X] Check up on your plums.

Regularly checking your plums is the first step to catching medical complications.
[x] Check up on your plums.

You can't neglect your livelihood.
[x] Give Marisa a visit.

Every option is good~
[x] Check up on your plums.
Plums = love.
[x] Check up on your plums.

Checking them wouldn't hurt and if some are ripe we can bring them back.
[x] Check up on your plums.

Why not?
Opportunity cost. The time we spend checking plums is time we could spend doing something else.
[x] Visit Myouren temple.
[X] Check up on your plums.

We have the best girlfriend.
[x] Check up on your plums.

It's kind of hard to buy food if we aren't making any money. Besides, we can't let down our friendly neighborhood Aki sister!
[X] Give Marisa a visit.

Need to take care of the other forest witch.
Oh you people, you'd rather go look at plums than delicious Marisa. What is wrong with you?
[X] Give Marisa a visit.
[x] Visit Myouren temple.

Tide, I piss against thee.
Hint, guys, plums will not lead to another Minoriko scene.
File 131594240514.jpg - (963.29KB, 1600x1200 , 14671010.jpg) [iqdb]
That's not why they're choosing it. We're a farmer. We farm. This is what passes for roleplaying around these parts.

It'll be Shizuha.
[X] Check up on your plums.
Chasing after Marisa is the first step in failing to catch her.
[X] Check up on your plums.

Once a farmer, always a farmer.
Closing votes. [x] plums wins. See you all in thread three!

I never expected that to begin with, really. I just like that this is one of the only stories on this board where the MC isn't from outside Gensokyo, and having an established profession is the main thing to result from it. He can't forget his roots, even if he is tentacled-sexy-times Batman now.

Besides, I'm sure Sunny would be tripping over her own breasts for the chance to earn a "reward" by helping us with the plums.
damn... i have an interesting idea for a vote but it seems i'll have to wait till the next voting session. double damn...
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Oh hey look, I was born in 96. But no, I was born in the eighties! But NO! For I was truly born 300 years ago!

Any person can easily say they are overage even if they arent.
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Ew you're old.
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