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This marks day 11 in the story.

Reminder: There are no bad ends unless you do something horrifically stupid. There are a large variety of normal ends that I would encourage you to actively seek. With that said, there are only two final ends to the story. Everything else will result in 'Go back X'.

Current goal: Ascend youkai mountain and meet up with Kanako. Along the way, there are a few things to be done: Blackmailing Aya, getting answers about Rick's situation from Nitori and helping Kogasa overcome her problems with Sanae.


[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.


You shrug, not really sure what to do. If you had a coin, you'd flip it to make the decision. Maybe you should just sit facing Nitori? After all, you've spent the entire time wondering what her and Yukari have planned, so you might as well see it first hand. You settle in on the edge of the bed, letting your legs dangle from the side. Despite being carved from the rock, she has turned it into something quite comfortable.

A few moments later, Nitori enters from the small room in the back. She's wearing a pair of white gloves, similar to those a doctor would. “Ah, I had a feeling you'd want to watch,” she says with a smile. In one hand she has a box, the other a short stool. She walks over to you, sets the stool down, takes a seat and sets the box on the floor. Looking down, you can see what appears to be extra pairs of gloves and a few sealed jars. “You've been rather curious, which is surprising since you knew to bow earlier.”

“Right, what's next?” you ask, watching as she reaches down into the box. She takes up one of the jars and unscrews the lid, dipping a gloved hand into the contents.

“Put a couple of those pillows behind you,” she says, pointing behind you. You grab two of the large, fluffy pillows and place them at your back. “Lay back, and pull your knees up to your chest. Then, grab your ankles,” she instructs you, setting the jar back down. You nod hesitantly and do as she asks. Now that you're in such a position, you feel extremely exposed. She can see everything from where she sits, but so can you. Her right hand, which appears to be covered in some sort of goop, is brought to your anus.

“Wait, what are you going to do, Nitori?” you question her, voice full of worry.

She shakes her head and rolls her eyes. “I'm going to check for your shirikodama, duh,” she explains, talking as if it were the most normal thing in the world. “What'd you think was planned?” she asks with a giggle.

“Shirikodama?” you say curiously. “That wasn't in the book I read.”

Nitori tilts her head curiously. “Book? You read a book about kappa, and it didn't explain all of this stuff?” she asks, giggling quietly. “What kind of book was that, one for children?”

You blush and turn your head slightly. “Shut up, I was learning the language, it seemed like a good place to start,” you say, your embarrassment as clear as day. “Can you just explain, please? Before you stick your fingers in me?”

She smiles and nods firmly. “Well, the shirikodama is sort of an orb inside of your body. It's basically your soul, and the easiest way to access it is through your anus,” she says, now moving her hand closer. You let out a slight gasp as the cool goop touches the opening of your ass.

“You, uh, you're not going to take my soul, are you? I don't exactly want to die here, you know,” you say with a nervous laugh. Truth be told, you realize there's not too much to worry about. If Yukari intended for you to die, she would've done something more direct.

“Die? Oh, oh no no no, let me elaborate,” she says, her fingers beginning to gently prod at your butt. “See, here in Gensokyo, the powers in charge banned kappa from taking the shirikodama of humans long ago. Even if we did, you can live without a soul.” You let out a sharp gasp as the tip of her index finger invades your body. The slippery goo is pushed inside as well, lubricating the inside of your anus. “The thing is, a lot of our ancestors killed humans in the past when trying to take it,” she sighs.

She pushes another finger inside of you, causing you to take in a deep breath. It actually feels rather nice, but given your prior experiences that doesn't come as a surprise to you. You can feel your arousal slowly building. “W-well, if they didn't die from the shirikodama being taken, what killed them?” you ask, stuttering slightly.

Her two fingers spread apart, stretching the tight pucker of your ass. She seems to be taking her sweet time, which is something you're beginning to appreciate. Your cock is now about half erect, and continuing to grow as she fingers you. “Kappa live in water, and they'd drag humans underwater, causing them to drown. It really was quite saddening.”

“What happens if –,” you start, cut off by a sudden groan. Nitori now has a third finger inside of your body, and is slowly working a fourth inside. “What happens if it's taken and the person lives?” you ask.

“Uh, honestly, I don't know, there's a couple rumors but, well, they're pretty unsubstantiated,” she answers. “Relax, just have the thumb to go.” You nod and try to relax your body, although it is proving rather difficult. Her finger slip deeper inside, followed by the tip of her thumb pressing against your entrance. Rather than groaning in pain, you let out a distinctly pleased moan. You cock, now fully erect, jerks slightly as the thumb enters you. “Are you enjoying this?” Nitori asks, looking up at your cock, and you, with an amused look on her face.

You blush profusely, not sure how to answer that. Whatever you say, it's pretty clear that her work is having an effect on you. “Y-yeah, I am,” you say hesitantly.

Nitori giggles quietly. “Yukari was right,” she says, wearing a smirk on her face. “Would you like to take this a bit further, then? I can fulfill both her request and your desires.” You're not sure how you could say no at this point. Not with a raging erection and her hand already inside of you. You can't find the words, but you manage to nod. She pops her hand free from your anus in one motion, eliciting a quiet moan from you.

“What are you doing?” you ask, whining softly.

“I've got something more appropriate for this, hold on!” Nitori exclaims in excitement, hopping up from the stool. She pushes the stool away with her foot and rushes away to the back room. It takes her a few minutes to return, and you're tiring slightly from maintaining this position. She finally enters the room once more. You watch in amazement as she hesitantly approaches. She's stark naked now, except for a pair of long black gloves and thigh high boots.

“Wait, what kind of clothing is that?” you ask in surprise. “Are you a masochist or something?”

Nitori blushes and pouts adorably. “I'm not a masochist, I just like these, and, uh, they're appropriate!” she says with a huff. Now standing in front of you, she places her hands on her hips and her large breasts jiggle slightly. The black gloves shine slightly in the dim lighting. They're likely made of latex, which just furthers your excitement. “S-see,” she says, pointing at your penis. “I knew you'd like them,” she finishes, now sounding a bit more confident.

You let your gaze drift across her body. She's quite the stacked little woman, isn't she? You pause for a moment, nibbling your lower lip. “Well, maybe I'm excited because of you, not what you're wearing,” you say, grinning and looking up to see the expression on her face.

“Yukari told me to expect something sweet like that from you, and you know what?”

“What?” you inevitably ask.

“Expected or not, I like it,” she answers, a warm smile coming across her face. She reaches down to grab another jar from the box, this one different from the last. She pulls off the cap and tips the container upside down, dumping the contents over her right arm. Nitori tosses the jar past you and on to the bed, immediately beginning to spread the lubricant across her glove. “So, what is it about me that excites you?” she asks, placing her left hand on your testicles. The palm of her hand is covered in the goo, although this is time it is warm rather than chilly.

You moan slightly, wiggling your ass. “You're beautiful, Nitori,” you say without hesitation.

Nitori gently squeezes your balls. She places two fingers against your anus, pushing them inside. They enter with little resistance, given her prior preparations. “Oh? A human attracted to a kappa?” she says with a disbelieving laugh. “Am I really that beautiful?”

Before you can answer, a third finger is quickly forced inside. Nitori is waiting expectantly, wearing a blush and a soft expression upon her face. “I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.” She doesn't respond, instead simply smiling. Her fingers slowly pump in and out of your asshole. Her left hand massages your testicles, slowly working its way up toward your erect cock. You gasp sharply, shutting your eyes and letting your mouth hang open.

“I like your words, but I like your reaction even more,” she chuckles. “I'm going to fit my hand inside, so just relax, alright?”

You nod, although you're a bit worried. You've had various things inside of you in the past, but never a hand, or an arm if she decides to go that far. “N-Nitori, is this safe?” you ask, opening your eyes and watching as she works the rest of her hand into your body.

“Well, yes, for the most part, and I've been told some people can take it past the elbow!” she says, in an almost frighteningly cheerful tone. You moan in pleasure as the knuckles of her hand pass into your body, the hard nubs rubbing against the walls of your anus. Even with the lubricant, it's a fairly tight fit, but it feels incredible. “You're really enjoying having me do this, aren't you?”

You give her a few quick nods, taking deep breaths and watching on in amazement. You let out another loud moan as she pushes deeper inside. Your asshole tightens up around her wrist. The warm lubricant, coupled with the latex glove and the pressure created by her hand feel absolutely wonderful. “Don't stop,” you groan.

“I'll continue if you say more nice things,” she says with a grin. “What about me do you think is beautiful?”

That's almost along the lines of blackmail. Some of the most enjoyable blackmail you've experienced, but all the same. You're more than happy to play along, though. You look Nitori up and down, thinking about where to start. “You've got a beautiful face, Nitori,” you answer. She smiles and wraps her hand around your penis, giving it a gentle stroke. “It's soft and kind,” you continue, pausing to let out a moan as her hand presses against your prostate. “And it's also intelligent and inquisitive,” you finish.

“Yukari told me you knew how to find the words to make a woman feel good about herself,” she says, slowly pushing her arm further inside of your depths. Her arm is thick inside of your tight passage, making soft squishing noises as it progresses. “Just my face, though? That's it?” she asks, pouting in disappointment.

You shake your head. She's just playing the game, she knows you aren't finished. “You've got a wonderful body as well,” you continue. She rolls her thumb over the exposed tip of your penis, causing you to shiver. You're especially vulnerable given the earlier tryst with Nue. “You've got large breasts, the kind that any man would be crazy to not desire.”

Her fingers squeeze and massage the tip of your penis. The lubricated latex slips easily across the rough head, sending pleasure through your body. “You're a bit greedy, huh? I'm playing with you down here, I'm inside of you, but you want my breasts as well?” Nitori flashes you a sly grin, enjoying her playful teasing.

“T-they're hard to resist,” you explain. You let out a slightly pained grunt as more of her arm disappears into your body.

“Are you in pain?” she asks with concern. “I can stop if you want.” Nitori seems genuinely worried about hurting you, but you shake your head. She nods in understanding, continuing to play with your body.

“There's more than that, though, Nitori.” She raises an eyebrow, not missing a beat in fondling your penis. You cock jumps and twitches, precum spilling out on to her gloves. “You've got a nice waist, and the most delicious hi-iiiiIIIPS,” you cry out, finishing your sentence sharply. You throw your head back, your cock throbbing in her grip. You grab at the bed, gasping for breath as your first orgasm arrives. Your cock explodes in Nitori's gloved hand, coating it in thick strands of cum.

“Oh!” she exclaims in surprise. “I, I wasn't expecting so much,” she says, blushing slightly. She seems to have stopped her assault for the moment. She releases your penis, looking in awe at the sticky semen covering her glove. Hesitantly, she brings it up to her mouth and tastes it. “Not bad, little bit salty.” Nitori giggles, rubbing the glove on her mouth and cheeks, spreading the mixture of cum and lube on to her face. “We're not quite done yet, though, we're barely past my wrist.”

You nod, almost thankful that there's more to come. It's odd to expose yourself to this woman and allow her inside of your body, but it feels unlike anything else. With every inch she progresses, you can feel every bump on her hand, as well as the thick and satisfying presence of her arm. “I'm ready,” you state confidently, pulling a bit tighter on your ankles. She seems quite pleased that you're attempting to spread yourself further.

“Y'know, if you really like my body that much, I could probably let you enjoy it a bit,” she offers, a bit of hesitation in her voice. “It might not be the most comfortable position, and you couldn't watch me play with you, but...”

[ ] Let Nitori continue as is, you want to watch and she's doing a fine job already.
[ ] Take her up on her offer, enjoy her large, voluptuous breasts.
[ ] Take her up on her offer, you're curious about how she'd use her hips.
[ ] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[ ] Use your tongue.
--[ ] Put your hand inside of her.
--[ ] Have sex with her.

Note: All positions are viable, so don't worry about that. She'll make them work.

No. 16422
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Put your hand inside of her.
No. 16423
[x] Take her up on her offer, you're curious about how she'd use her hips.
No. 16424
[x] Take her up on her offer, enjoy her large, voluptuous breasts.

We did establish Rick as a breast man from the beginning, after all.
No. 16425
Oh, also, [ ] Write-in is cool too. I kinda forgot it.
No. 16427
[x] Take her up on her offer, enjoy her large, voluptuous breasts.
No. 16428
[x] Take her up on her offer, enjoy her large, voluptuous breasts.

It'd be a shame to let such gifts go to waste.
No. 16429
[X] Take her up on her offer, enjoy her large, voluptuous breasts.
[X] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[X] Use your tongue.
--[X] Put your hand inside of her.
--[X] Have sex with her.

Nothing wrong with multiple answers, right?
No. 16431
[x] Put it in her butt.
No. 16432
[ ] put one arm up her ass and another up her vagina, wave her around like a hand puppet.

For real though,

[x] Take her up on her offer, you're curious about how she'd use her hips.
No. 16433
[x] Take her up on her offer, you're curious about how she'd use her hips.
No. 16434
Hard to fap to that when you have a diarrhea. Seriously.

[x] Let Nitori continue as is, you want to watch and she's doing a fine job already.

Let's finish this quickly.
No. 16436

What the fuck.
No. 16438
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Use your tongue.

She's so nice.
No. 16440
[X] Take her up on her offer, enjoy her large, voluptuous breasts.
No. 16446
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Use your tongue.

The comment and reaction made me burst out laughing.
No. 16447
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Use your tongue.

Works for me~!
No. 16448
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Use your tongue.
--[x] Put your hand inside of her.
--[x] Have sex with her.
No. 16449

seconding so hard
No. 16450
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Use your tongue.
Mmm, delicious latex.
No. 16451
[x] Take her up on her offer, you're curious about how she'd use her hips.

Losing vote! Losing vote!
No. 16452
[x] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[x] Use your tongue.
No. 16555
Wow, uh. Huh. For some reason I thought breasts won. Turns out tongue did. Or it looks like tongue did, anyway. Update should be tomorrow! If I counted wrong someone correct me, I am tired.
No. 16639
[X] Nitori has been rather generous, offer her pleasure in return.
--[X] Use your tongue.


You glance to her breasts, and then down toward her hips. Nitori just offered you her body, and it's tempting, but you've got something else in mind. “You've been awfully good to me,” you groan out, pushing back your lust for the moment to answer her. Nitori tilts her head curiously. “I was thinking I should return the favor,” you continue.

She raises an eyebrow, grinning in response to your offer. “That's a nice thought, but did you have something in mind?” Rather than answer her question directly, you open your mouth and let your tongue hang out. Nitori gasps slightly and nods eagerly. “That, that's certainly an interesting thought,” she says, blushing slightly. “But how would that wo--,” begins to ask, pausing. Her eyes go wide, lighting up as if she had a stroke of inspiration. “I was worried about needing to take my arm out, but I have an idea. Let go of your legs.”

“Alright,” you say without hesitation. You release your legs, lowering them over the side of the bed. Nitori places her sticky hand on your thigh, pushing gently at it. “Up the bed?” you ask, receiving a nod in return. You carefully push yourself up the bed, Nitori following along with you and doing her best to keep her hand inside. You're now lying on your back, spread eagle, with her fist buried inside of you.

“Roll on your side,” she instructs you next. You slowly turn on to your side, moaning loudly as her hand twists inside of you. Nitori lies down opposite of you, bending her arm at the elbow and sliding in to position. She slowly lifts one leg, exposing her dripping pussy to you. Her cunt lips are fat and puffy, already slightly spread open. A tiny patch of hair rests at the top of her inviting slit. Without further prompting, you bury your nose in her crotch and take a deep breath. The divine scent of her arousal floods your nose, causing you to let out a content sigh.

Nitori tightly grips your thigh and rolls you on top of her. Your face is suddenly mashed into her dripping hole, and her arm twists inside of you once more. You can't help but moan in satisfaction. “Nitori!” you call out, voice muffled by her crotch. She pulls downward on your lower body, forcing your legs to buckle. You can feel the sensation of your cock slipping past her skin, followed by the gentle slap of your crotch against her face.

Your partner lets a long, drawn out sigh roll forth. Her hot breath tickles your testicles. She has yet to move her arm once more, but you're not concerned. You bury your tongue inside of her drenched pussy without a second thought. Offering little in the way of resistance, her plump cunt lips seem to welcome you inside. She's hot, soaked and loose, and perhaps even expected something like this to happen. She lets out a muffled moan of her own, body jerking in response. Her arm slips a bit deeper inside of your body, stuffing it with another inch.

You shudder slightly as the penetration continues. It seems as if Nitori will give you no quarter. You immediately feel her wet tongue running along your balls, her mouth quickly enveloping and sucking on them. You moan into her crotch, sending slight vibrations through her pussy. Her hips buck upward and squish her slippery cunt against your lips. She relaxes her assault on your crotch, seemingly satisfied despite how brief her efforts were. You feel the pressure inside of your anus once more, now that she is actively pressing deeper. Your body's answer to her affections are to simply slacken, unable to support itself in any form. All you can do, and desire to do, is please her with your tongue.

Nitori's body can be felt shaking slightly with each loud slurp of your tongue in her cunt. She's doing her best to maintain her composure, but you can hear her muffled moans as your tongue flicks about inside of her depths. You can feel the bumps of her knuckles withdrawing from you. You're about to pull from her pussy and complain when your concerns are answered with a sudden thrust of her arm. You grunt loudly, quickly recovering from the shock and continuing your efforts. She's not only trying to go deeper now, but she's slowly pumping away at your insides, returning the pleasure you are offering her.

With each thrust of her black latex covered arm, you whine slightly. There's a bit of pain, though the pleasure greatly outweighs it. She finally stops, and you can feel the bend of her arm resting against your crotch. You had no idea she was so deep inside of your body. Part of you can't actually believe that you were able to take it so far. It is strange, though. The pain has subsided completely. All that is left is the pleasure and a satisfied feeling of being full. Rather than attempt to press further, Nitori slowly rotates her wrist back and forth. You pull your face from her eager pussy, her nectar running down your chin. “That feels incredible, Nitori,” you moan out, a blissful look upon your face.

You can feel her open her hand, feeling about inside of you with her fingers. It's a strange, ticklish sensation as she explores your insides. Is she looking for your shirikodama? You wince and shiver, wiggling your butt slightly. “Hold still, please,” she asks in a calm tone. You relax yourself, waiting for her to finish her work. “It's, uh, I don't know what to say,” Nitori says a few moments later, with a confused tone to her voice.

“What's wrong, Nitori?”

You can feel her shaking her head, her soft hair brushing against your flesh. “It's not there. Nobody took it, because I'd know, but it's missing. You have no shirikodama,” she answers, this time with a bit more confidence.

Your eyes go wide. “W-wait, how would you know if it was removed?” you ask, now worried.

“You'd be stretched and distended a bit. But I can't feel anything like that, it's just missing,” she explains.

“Does that mean I have no soul?”

Nitori sighs quietly. “Yes, but that doesn't mean your soul is gone. I mean, since nobody took it, that means it probably wasn't absorbed or anything like that.”

“Well, uh, I mean,” you stammer, chuckling nervously. “What do I do about that, then? It sounds kind of important.”

She pauses again. “I don't mean to be selfish, but maybe we should finish up first?” Nitori suggests. You realize that the shirikodama issue is a priority, but you do owe her a bit more appreciation. Without further hesitation, you slip your tongue back inside of her damp cunt. A surprised moan immediately follows from her, joined by your own as the arm slowly withdraws. At this point, you've already been satisfied once. Your only concern is giving Nitori a chance to enjoy her own orgasm. Fighting past the pleasure she offers, you forcefully press your face to her crotch.

You moan happily as her arm slowly slips from your depths. She's taking her time, letting her fingertips tease the inside of your tight passage. You redouble your efforts, bringing your hands up from the bed and placing them on her inner thighs. Inching your way to her pussy, you tug on her flesh. Nitori lets out a sharp gasp, realizing your intent. When your fingers finally reach her cunt, you slip the tips inside, tugging at the fat lips of her entrance. “S-stop!” she cries out, her hips quivering as you spread her loose hole. You press your fingers in further, stretching her pussy as far as you can. Your tongue flicks back and forth inside of her insatiably, lapping up every drop of honey in her pot.

A sharp cry of pleasure pierces the room as the first squirt of Nitori's juices fills your mouth. Her body twitches and spasms, jerking up suddenly against your body. Her crotch thumps into your nose painfully, but it quickly subsides. You can't seem to focus on much other than drinking your fill of her fluids, trying your hardest to swallow them as they flood into your mouth. The flood of her orgasm finally subsides. Her body goes slack beneath you, save for the arm still buried halfway inside of your anus. All that can be heard now is Nitori's heavy breathing as she attempts to collect herself.

You relax your body, groaning as her arm slips out from inside of you. With a final pop, it pulls out of your body and flops to the bed. It's quite disappointing now, actually. Having it inside of you was an incredible and satisfying feeling. A bit painful at times, but as you grew accustomed to it you felt the more subtle, and enjoyable, sensation of being full. You roll off of Nitori's body, turning to watch her. Juice trickles slowly from her pussy, forming a large wet spot on the bed below. You lick your lips, cleaning off the last bit of her nectar. She exhales slowly, her large bust gently falling. “Are you alright?” you ask her, voice filled with concern.

She slowly nods, lips curling up into a wide grin. “I'm more than alright, that was wonderful,” she says with a laugh, sitting up. “Better than anything I've ever made can do. And believe me, I've made a lot of things.” Nitori chuckles slightly, her expression slowly falling. She glances away, now looking downtrodden.

You slide closer to her, tilting your head. “Something wrong?”

“Oh, no, it's nothing,” she says, waving dismissively.

“It must be something, if you're not smiling any more,” you reply, reaching out to place your hand on hers. “You're quite pretty when you smile, you know.” She glances back to you, wearing a half-smile on her face. You offer up your own warm smile in return.

“Jeeze, you know what to say,” Nitori says, sighing softly. She gently slaps you on the hand. “I was just reminded of how lonely it gets up here sometimes. I mean, the kappa village is nearby and all that, but it's not the same.” Another familiar situation, though from what you've seen of this land it isn't all too surprising.

“Looking for more than just a friend, right?” you ask, attempting to show your concern, yet tread lightly at the same time.

Nitori gives a few short nods. “Yeah, there's someone I like a bit further down the mountain, she's a good friend but she never really seemed interesting,” she tells you, shrugging slightly. Her hand comes to rest on top of your own, fingers slowly beginning to interlace with yours. “I mean, I'd rather have a guy, but the only ones nearby are Tengu and they're way too serious. Even some of their own women don't like them,” she says, giggling slightly. The two of you go silent, simply resting on her bed. Her fingers are now entwined with your own, and she looks down toward your hand.

You're not sure what to say next. It's nice sitting here with Nitori, although you do have things to get done. Fortunately, she decides to speak up again. “So, what're you going to do about your little problem?” she inquires.

You shrug your shoulders. “No idea. Do you have any suggestions?”

“I think you'll need to ask Yukari for direction, my knowledge doesn't extend that far,” she answers, shaking her head slowly. “But, well, you seem to be doing all right for now, so...”

“Yeah, yeah I guess so.” Once more, you both retreat into silence. You're just not sure what to say, although you almost want to touch on the subject of her loneliness once again. You're just a bit of a sucker for girls who need a bit of love and kindness.

Nitori scoots a bit closer to you. “Can, uh, can I ask you two things? They might sound a bit strange, but, well,” she asks nervously, face painted with a deep blush. You nod slowly, not quite sure what she intends to ask you. “Well, the first isn't too weird, but, if you're not in a big rush, could I convince you to stay with me? Just for today?”

You begin to open your mouth. It takes everything to not instantly blurt out 'yes'. “What's the second question?” you ask, smiling reassuringly.

She glances away, now seeming quite nervous. “So, if you got your little soul problem taken care of...” Nitori pauses for a moment. You note that her hand has yet to leave your own, and her grip has tightened a bit. “Do you think you could come back and let me touch it?” she asks suddenly. “I promise I won't take it, I just want to touch it,” she pleads, blushing deeply.

You're not sure why she's so adamant, but you're fairly confident she means no harm. “That, that could be a definite possibility,” you answer with a smile. “Now, to answer your first question...” you start, pausing to think to yourself. Nitori seems to be watching you with anticipation. Well, Yukari didn't put you on a specific time schedule, but you do have some tasks to attend to.

[ ] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
[ ] You'd enjoy staying, but you're fairly busy and need to continue on your way. You would be more than happy to visit again, however.
[ ] Let her down easily, you have no interest in sticking around.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 16640
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
No. 16641
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
No. 16642
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.

Even if nothing else happens, time with cute Kappa is good.
No. 16643
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
No. 16644
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
No. 16645
[X] You'd enjoy staying, but you're fairly busy and need to continue on your way. You would be more than happy to visit again, however.

Yuyuko, Kanako, Eirin, and the endless depths of perversion they promise us await. Rick is at a buffet of fetishes, why spend too much time with one single dish?
No. 16646
Popping back in to say that writing one update a day this past week (well, 4 updates and 1 short) has felt strangely satisfying. Maybe my lethargy is broken. Still no weekend updates, though.

I'm also going to try and portion out my non-gaming hobby time better. I write while I'm out of the house mostly, and if I bring my art books with me I can write an update and then work on that. I swear one day I am going to turn MtG updates into pictures, or just draw random touhou hentai.
No. 16648
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
No. 16653
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.

I like Nitori, what can I say?
No. 16656
[X] Stay for the night, being certain to show her a great deal of affection to soothe her lonely heart.
No. 16662
[x] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.
No. 16679
You guys sure love some Nitori, huh? I might write tomorrow, will close votes in the morning.

Not that I blame you, either.
No. 16689
Also, I was curious how my readers felt about the content of the last two scenes? Given that fisting is something most people avoid.
No. 16694
Meh. That's all I can say, really. It didn't particularly bother me...

But if he starts masturbating with baseball bats, hiding apples in there, or taking a picture of himself tugging open his gaping hole before uploading it to the computer and naming the file goatse.jpg, that's where I draw the line.
No. 16698
hello.jpg you fool.
No. 16702
It was just about the most loving fist up ones gaping ass that one could imagine.
No. 16703
There are many names for it.
No. 16704

I thought it was good. I really enjoy things involving guys on the receiving end of anal from women.

Though I have to say, I'm quite surprised he only came once, given how susceptible he's been to anal stimulation in the past. Ran in particular really did a number on him.
No. 16707
I didn't mind it. It's not among my kinks, but it didn't play out in a crass or disgusting sort of way, and the naughty hijinks in this story basically began with Our Hero offering up his anus anyway, so... yeah. Not like it was SUDDENLY SURPRISE COLON EXAM.

Actually, I found myself just a teensy bit disappointed that Nitori didn't take advantage of the opportunity for some prostate-milking while she was there.
No. 16709

It isn't the last chance Nitori will have. She was a bit distracted with the task at hand. Perhaps next time, she'll be a bit more free to fulfill his desires.
No. 16759
>task at hand
No. 16760
Anal play isn't my personal kink, but it was fairly well-executed for what it was. Giving Nitori a riveting round of cunning linguistics was a good choice, though.
No. 16761
[X] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.

Can't help it, I have to make lonely girls happy. And I want to play with some machines. And I want to drink from her breasts if possible.
No. 16763
[x] You'd enjoy staying, but you're fairly busy and need to continue on your way. You would be more than happy to visit again, however.

Pissing against the tide, I know.

Why not leave a little for later? The wait will make it all the more rewarding.
No. 16786
Votes closed, staying for the day won. Also, there will be more Nitori in a return trip. After all, she did want to touch your assball.
No. 16851
This is shorter than it was going to be originally because I had a stroke of inspiration.

[X] You'd love to stay for the day. You had quite a bit of fun, and her asking you to spend more time here was a pleasant surprise.


You squeeze her hand gently. “I'd love to stay for the day, actually,” you answer with a wide grin. “This has been a rather fun, and, uh, unique, experience,” you add, chuckling slightly.

Nitori looks like she's going to explode from excitement. She suddenly jumps forward from her position on the bed, tackling you and pushing you down into the soft blankets. She pushes her face up against your chest, and her heavy, soft breasts squish against your lower abdomen. “Oh, thank you,” she says happily. Her arms wrap around your back, the warm latex of her gloves slipping across your flesh. Realizing what she's doing, Nitori suddenly recoils from you. “Sorry, I didn't mean to get so excited,” she says, blushing and reaching up to cover her face.

Sitting back up, you shake your head dismissively. “It's okay, but did you have any plans for the day?”

She seems a bit surprised by the question, looking at you as if she were a deer caught in headlights. “I, uh, no, not really, I planned to do some work, and I knew you were visiting soon, but I didn't plan on having companionship,” she answers. Nitori suddenly realizes what she just said, gasping slightly. “I, I mean, I didn't plan on having a guest!” she corrects herself, laughing nervously. Her embarrassment turns into a slight smile. “Well, maybe you could help me with my work, or we could talk a bit, but first I think we should get dressed.”

“Yeah, you're right.” The both of you slide from the bed. Nitori begins to head toward the small room in the back, but she pauses as she passes your pile of clothing.

“Hey, what're these for?” she asks, bending down to pick something from your clothing. You don't immediately notice it, your attention focused on her voluptuous form. She turns back to you, tilting her head. “H-hey, I asked you something,” she says, flustered when she realizes you're too busy taking in the sight.

“Oh, sorry,” you say apologetically, snapping back to reality. She's holding the set of vials you strap to your lower leg. “Yukari has me collecting a few things while I'm on the mountain,” you explain. She seems to be quite interested now. It should be alright to elaborate, given her relationship with your master. “She sent me to get concentrated misfortune from Hina,” you start.

“Hina?” she immediately interrupts. “You saw Hina? And concentrated misfortune? That's... wait, what? You were with Hina?” Nitori asks, a mixture of emotions on her face. She seems surprised, and a bit jealous upon hearing you spent time with Hina. That must be the target of her affection. “H-How did you get close to Hina? Every time I see her, she seems so distant.”

You pause, blinking a few times. You didn't exactly expect her to ask for pointers. “That can be something to discuss today,” you say with a smile. “Anyway, continuing on, she also wanted fluids from a tengu. I'm off to see someone named Aya next, actually.”

“Eh? Aya? She's so weird, why don't you ask some of the other tengu?”

Shrugging your shoulders, you throw up your hands. “I have no idea, just going off of what Yukari told me,” you answer.

Nitori sets the vials back down atop your clothing. She seems to hesitate for a moment before turning back to you. “You know, there's two vials left on there, and you only have one more person to collect from...”

You tilt your head. “I suppose you're right, why do you say that?”

She nibbles on her lower lip, turning away with a sheepish laugh. “Oh, I'm just being weird, I was thinking that maybe Yukari could use something from a kappa as well. I owe her for the favor she did me, anyway.” Favor? Is Nitori talking about you?

You slowly approach her from behind, placing one hand on her shoulder. “Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt, if you're offering.”

Nitori starts to laugh quietly. “We're both weird people, aren't we?”

“All of us are a bit weird, Nitori,” you respond, leaning over to embrace her.

She gasps slightly, surprised by your sudden affections. “Thank you,” she says, letting out a soft sigh. “So, I'm going to go get dressed and cleaned up a bit.” Nitori slips from your grasp, turning to you briefly to flash a smile in your direction. “Unless,” she says, pausing. “Unless you wanted to collect some for Yukari now, rather than later?”

You just finished a few minutes ago, and she's already offering once more? Well, you certainly wouldn't deny her outright, but you aren't sure if you should leave it until tonight or not. Either way, you'll fulfill her desires. It would be nice to have a day to relax, but on the other hand...

[ ] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.
[ ] On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with enjoying her body a bit more. You can always rest later, right?
[ ] Write-in.
No. 16853
[x] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

There's something to be said for having gotten your strength up before exerting yourself.
No. 16855
>>16853 again.
I deleted my duplicate post, I think. If it shows up still, pay it no mind; I'm getting random errors when posting.
No. 16856
[X] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.
No. 16857
[x] On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with enjoying her body a bit more. You can always rest later, right?

As long as it's not fisting, I'm fine with that.
No. 16862

It isn't just you, it is the entire site. Residual DDOSing going on still.
No. 16863
[┼] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.
No. 16865
[x] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

There's always time to fist later.
No. 16866
[X] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight. (Paizuri included)
-[X] Suggest taking a nice shower/bath together to clean up, then offer to help with her inventions (possibly as a tester).
No. 16868
[x] On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with enjoying her body a bit more. You can always rest later, right?

No. 16869
[x] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

As much as I'd want to screw Nitori happily silly, I'd rather have it happen tonight after seeing her bounce about in her clothes.
No. 16873
[X] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

She wanted to give us a proper tour of the place, so we can start with that. Being an outsider and all, I think Rick would enjoy talking technology with someone for a change. Maybe he can even give her some ideas by telling her about tech from the outside.
No. 16880
[X] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

Works for me~!
No. 16881
[ ] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

The ladies value funtime with Rick as much as sextime.
No. 16895
[x] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.

Good things come to those who wait.
No. 16902
Votes closed, leaving it for later won.
No. 16934
Some of update done today, rest tomorrow.
No. 17004
This is going to be a long set of updates until the next option. I'll be posting them in chunks as I produce them. Still appreciate feedback even with no vote options.

[X] Leave it until later. You decided to relax and spend the day with her, and you can indulge her in bed tonight.


“Maybe we should wait until tonight, Nitori?” you suggest. “That way we can enjoy the day together, and then have a little fun in bed before we sleep.”

Your answer doesn't affect her spirits in the least. “That sounds great, and you're right, we'd just end up in bed all day,” she says with a laugh. “Not that it'd be a bad thing, right?” Nitori asks, wearing a wide grin on her face. “Go get dressed and head downstairs, I'll meet you there.”

Nodding briefly, you begin to dress yourself, making sure to properly affix the vials to your lower leg. She disappears into the back room, and you head down the stairs as instructed. Now standing in the more open, and better lit, cavern below, you begin to poke around a bit. There's all sorts of machines strewn about the place, some of which are clearly identifiable. You recognize a primitive sort of steam engine, which is currently not running. Turning to your right, however, you spot something that is running. It's a... well, a box. A box with blinking lights on it, and a long tube that runs along the wall to the outside of the cave.

Nitori's footsteps coming down the stairs alert you to her presence. “Hey, Nitori? What is this?” you ask her, gesturing to the box-with-blinking-lights.

“Oh, it's a generator powered by the sun,” she says in a nonchalant tone, as if it were a normal and every day sight. Which it is, where you come from.

“That's amazing, I can't believe you've got this sort of stuff here. I mean, where do you even get the parts and knowledge?” you ask excitedly. “Yukari has a couple modern bits and pieces in her home, but nothing like this.”

She steps around and in front of you. Nitori isn't dressed in the outfit from earlier, which is a given since it was rather dirty. Instead, she's wearing a light blue sun dress that cuts off just above her knees. While the design is fairly modest, her bust is still quite apparent and easy on the eyes. Her hat is missing too, as well as that key she had strapped across her chest earlier. “Oh, well, see, that's kind of my connection to Yukari,” she explains, a soft smile playing across her face. “She visits the outside and brings me back bits and pieces from there that people don't want any more. Then, it gets dumped right out front.”

“But where did you learn to make all of this?”

“Well, I was visiting Rinnosuke's shop a long while back and came across a book from the outside on technology, had a look, bought some junk from him and I was hooked ever since,” she answers, voice full of pride. “Now I get books from that vampire's library and Yukari.” She begins to walk past you, gently taking your hand and pulling you along. Toward the back of the room is a rough, open doorway. She leads you inside and gestures toward the bookshelves lining the walls.

You stare in amazement at the sheer number of books. Three large shelves are filled with books, and a few stacks are scattered across the ground. Glancing at some of the titles, they're all related to machinery or technology of some sort. There are even a few computing books, but they seem untouched. Technology hasn't really been something you've 'missed' since coming here - it was only ever a background detail in your life outside - but even so, seeing it here gives you a nice, familiar feeling. "This," you say, pausing to sigh in contented awe, "this is incredible."

“I'm glad you like it,” she says with a soft giggle and a gentle hand-squeeze. “Yukari said you were from the outside, so I know this isn't anything really new to you. But it's nice to have someone around that enjoys and understands it like I do.” Nitori lets out a long sigh, glancing up to a clock on the wall. “I wish there was time to show you everything, but it's already late afternoon.”

“Well, why don't you show me your favorites, then?”

She grins widely and nods. “That's a great idea, but first I'd like to grab a little snack. Wanna join me?” she offers politely.

“That sounds wonderful, you know I can't turn you down,” you answer with a laugh.

Nitori steps directly in front of you and takes both of your hands, looking up at you. “Hey, lean down a bit, would you? I want tell you a secret.”

You wonder what kind of secret she'd have to tell you, especially given that you're both alone. Regardless, you lean down toward her. Nitori pushes herself upward, her soft lips meeting yours. Your eyes go wide in surprise, but you quickly respond to her kiss with a low, satisfied moan. “That wasn't fair,” you say upon her breaking the kiss.

“Nobody said I'd be fair!” she responds with a devilish grin. “Come on, I've got a little bit in my kitchen,” she adds, tugging on your hands eagerly. She's a bit immature at times, but sweet. Not to mention intelligent. Perhaps it is just a result of the familiarity of your surroundings, but if you'd landed here first instead of Mayohiga, you could see yourself easily settling down with Nitori. You're led into the kitchen next, which is mostly bare. A small, low table in the center of the room, a cupboard against one wall, and what appears to be an icebox of sorts.

You seat yourself at the table and watch as she makes her way to the low tech refrigerator. Nitori's ample breasts bounce slightly, and her hips sway. When she leans over into the ice box, you can spot a bit of her panties showing. “So, what's on the menu?”

“Well, you wanted to see my favorite stuff, so I'm going to share my favorite food!” she calls out. Standing back up from the fridge, she turns around to reveal two large cucumbers in her hands.


She nods with excitement. “My absolute favorite food,” Nitori explains, setting them on the table. She retrieves a knife and a large platter from the cupboard. “They're easy and tasty, too.” Just like you, Nitori. You can feel a sudden pinch on the back of your mind. Seems Yumeko doesn't approve of your joke. “How about we get some fresh air and eat outside?” she suggests, beginning to chop the cucumbers into slices.

“Sounds good to me,” you say, smiling warmly to her. Nitori takes up the platter and leads the way, breasts jiggling slightly with every step.

Stepping outside into the sunlight from the dim cave is a strange experience. With no windows or anything, it's hard to track the passage of time. Nitori lives down there, so she's probably used to just using her clocks, but it's still pretty strange to you. In any case, it's late afternoon as she said, and the sun is still hanging high in the sky. Just outside of the cave's mouth is a wooden loveseat that is topped with a long cushion. “Sorry about the tight fit,” she says apologetically, gesturing to the small bench.

She settles in first, and you sit beside her. It really is a bit cramped, but with your body right up against Nitori's pillow-soft frame, her scent sneaks in with every breath and her soft, ample cleavage fills your vision every time you glance down. So that's three out of five senses with no cause to complain right off the bat. "Not a problem," is all you say, though.

She sets the platter down, taking a slice and nibbling on the edge with her eyes closed. “Delicious,” she sighs with perfect contention. That makes four. She pops the rest of the slice into her mouth and finishes it off. “Try one.”

You nod and take one for yourself, tasting it. They're absolutely delicious: crisp, refreshing, and not in the least bit bitter. Touch, smell, sight, hearing, and now taste: just sitting here is proving to be a full sensory euphoria. "This is fantastic," you say appreciatively, really only half referring to the cucumber. (The experience is marred only by Nue slowly tightening on your finger. "I think someone's a little jealous," Yumeko chimes in, amused.)

“Glad you like them!” she giggles. “I grow my own, actually. There's a couple other things I like to eat, but these are my go to snack since I'm usually pretty busy.” Nitori takes her turn once more, chowing down eagerly on a cucumber slice. As you reach for the next, she pushes your hand away and takes another. She places the edge between her lips, closing her eyes and offering it to you with her mouth.

You're not one to deny a woman her desires. You place an arm around Nitori's back, causing her to let out a soft sigh through her nose. You lean in and take the cucumber inside of your mouth, pressing your lips to hers. She moans softly, placing a hand down on your leg for support. You part your lips, forcing the uneaten cucumber into her mouth. She consumes and swallows the slice, never once letting her mouth leave yours. She finally opens her eyes, meeting your gaze and looking at you dreamily.

You finally end the kiss, a small trail of saliva still connecting your lips as you withdraw. “Thank you,” Nitori says with a sigh, reaching down to take another cucumber. Before it can reach her mouth, the vegetable slips from her fingers. It drops straight down and embeds itself firmly between her large breasts. “Ah, uh, oops,” she stammers. If it were someone like Yukari, you'd expect this to be a game of sorts. But in this case, you think it was a genuine accident. Realizing how perfect the opportunity is, you know what must be done.
No. 17041
Your characters are sickeningly sweet. Every other word is glowing praise... it's boring.
No. 17043
>you know what must be done.
No. 17056
I wasn't expecting to see Nitori bouncing some in a sun dress, but I'm not complaining... though the joke was tasteless of Rick. I'm surprised he didn't imagine a whole cucumber being inbetween her breasts.
No. 17090
[x] Politely remove the cucumber slice from her breasts, being careful not to let your hand slip, and place it back on the plate.
No. 17125
[x] Face first! Motorboat like the best of them! Cucumber juice on her breasts? They must be cleaned, with your tongue! Thoroughly, VERY thoroughly!
No. 17143
I lied, and a choice came sooner than expected because I had inspiration (and indecision)!


Nitori reaches toward her breasts to retrieve the piece of cucumber, but you bring your hands up and stop her with a soft chuckle. “Let me help, Nitori.” Her face goes beet red as you lean down and press your face into her breasts. You moan softly, feeling the soft flesh embrace you. You extend your tongue, trying futilely to retrieve the lost food. Rather than succeed, all you manage to do is spread your saliva across her supple flesh and push the cucumber deeper. You finally pull back from her chest, letting out a soft, 'hmm'.

She watches you with an embarrassed look on her face, though makes no effort to resist your advances. “A-are you done? It's kind of cold,” she stammers, shaking her breasts slightly. You're sure that it'd warm up rather quickly between her pillowy mounds, but she seems to want a bit more.

“Of course not, Nitori. As long as you want me to continue, that is,” you reply, grinning from ear to ear. She seems surprised by your sudden remark, although not bothered. She nods in silence, slowly bringing her hands up. One at a time, she slips the straps of her sundress from her shoulders. You offer some assistance, gently pulling the rest of her top downward. Her large breasts, unhindered by a bra or other undergarment, spill out from the dress.

You gently cup one breast in your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Her fat little nipples are already hard, spurred on by the cucumber's chilly presence. Or, perhaps, in response to your affections. You take her other breast up, gently tugging on them as you lean in toward her chest. You pass your thumbs across her stiff nipples, causing Nitori to shudder slightly. With your tongue extended, you dive into her bust once again. You find the cucumber almost immediately, but retrieving it so quickly wouldn't be any fun, now would it?

With your face buried in her breasts, you run your tongue across her flesh. Your fingers knead at her soft breasts, eliciting quiet little moans of happiness from the sexy little kappa girl before you. Her breasts are soft, supple and heavy in your hands. The natural, unrestrained body of a woman such as Nitori is wonderful. You can feel her bosom rising and falling around your head as she takes slow, deep breaths and releases them. The warmth of her body is irresistible. You quickly find yourself teasing her breasts with little kisses, gently sucking on her skin.

Nitori lets out a soft 'ah', followed by a more satisfied 'mmn', vocalizing her satisfaction as she arches her back a bit further. “D-did you find the cucumber yet?” she asks nervously, her breathing growing heavier as you affectionately fondle her breasts. You're not quite finished, but you've got an idea in mind. You pluck the cucumber from her chest, pulling free and releasing her body. You bear the cucumber in your lips, moving your face closer to hers. With a slight, dawning smile, Nitori slowly opens her mouth wide. After gingerly placing the cucumber on her lolling tongue, you lean back to watch as it carries its prize back inside, closes it in and crunches it leisurely, savoring the mix of flavors.

“Did you enjoy that?” you ask with a grin after she's swallowed it. She doesn't say anything back, instead letting her tongue hang out again expectantly. Being fresh out of cucumbers, you instead give her your mouth. You dart forward, opening your lips and letting her enter them. She shuts her eyes, letting out a low moan as her tongue wraps around yours. Your lips part as quickly as they met, a long strand of mixed saliva dripping on to her exposed skin.

You hadn't noticed until now, but her arms have folded beneath her breasts, pushing them upward. You aren't sure if it was an active or subconscious decision on her part, but regardless you know that she wants more. You firmly squeeze one of her tits, Nitori giving a surprised yelp in return. As for the other breast, you waste no time in leaning down to wrap your lips around the hard nipple. She settles back against the arm of the loveseat, arching her back and making another effort to give you more of her body. Your partner squeals in pleasure as your teeth nibble lightly on the tip of her breast. Your other hand, which has been massaging her up until this point, roughly pinches her other nipple.

“Hey, hey,” she calls out breathlessly. You pause for a moment, glancing up to her. “Can we take this inside?”

Your mouth makes an audible 'pop!' as it's pulled off of her nipple, causing both breasts to jiggle slightly. You've already got a better idea in mind, and this is the perfect opportunity. "Of course," you say warmly. "Carry the cucumbers, please?" She nods wordlessly, but first tries to fix the straps on her dress until you pick her hands away gently. "And just leave that for now, hm?"

Nitori nods again and picks up the tray, gripping it maybe just a bit harder than needed. The two of you start to stand at the same time, but on your way up, you sweep her feet out from under her and catch her body. Despite being smaller than you, she's still fairly heavy, though not enough to cause a struggle. “Wha, what are you doing?” she asks in surprise, her eyes widening.

“You wanted to take this inside, and I'm simply fulfilling your request,” you answer. Although still surprised, Nitori settles in to your arms. She rests her head against your chest, offering no contest in carrying her. When you reach the door to her home, you gently nudge it open with your foot.

Looking up at you with a wide grin on her face, Nitori pipes up. “I think I saw something like this in a book once,” she says with a giggle, still blushing profusely. You hadn't realized it, but you're carrying her as if she were your newly wed wife. As you begin to cross the threshold, you hook your foot around the edge of the door and give it a tug. It clicks into place behind you a moment later, offering the both of you some much needed privacy. “You can set me down now, you know.” She laughs quietly, still not making an effort to escape your arms.

“Not quite yet, Nitori.” You look around the cave for a clear spot to set her down. You spot a cleared off work table and carefully carry her toward it. Gently, you place the half naked kappa down atop it.

She shivers slightly. “The wood is cold, what're you doing?” she whines softly. You gingerly take the plate of cold cucumber slices from her hands, setting it on the table beside her.

Before answering, you take a moment to let your eyes wander over her body once more. Her large breasts hang out invitingly, instilling a desire in you to assault them with your mouth again. But, you must hold back for the moment. “I'm going to make you happy, Nitori,” you finally answer, albeit cryptically. She watches you with a quizzical look. You take a cucumber up in one hand, using a fingernail to slowly carve out a hole in the center of the vegetable. You repeat the same process again and take one slice in each hand.

Finally coming to a realization, her eyes go wide. “N-no, wait!” she cries. You slip a cold cucumber around one nipple, and then the other. Her whole body shivers as the chill spreads across her breasts. “It's so cold!” Nitori whines, finally settling back down.

Standing by her side, you lean over her chest and bring your lips to one of the cucumber-covered nipples. You tease her, running your tongue around the edge of the cucumber, spreading your saliva across her skin. Then, with one smooth motion, you use your teeth to pull the slice from her nipple. She moans in pleasure as the cold cucumber is removed. You swallow it and press your mouth to her breast, running your warm tongue over the cold spot on her flesh. The sudden change in temperature sends another chill down her spine, causing her to convulse slightly.

Nitori's mouth hangs open as she pants heavily, trying to catch her breath. “Don't tease me, please, eat the other one,” she begs you, her voice now dripping with lust. You comply, quickly repeating it once more for the other nipple and then stepping back. “That feels amazing,” she moans, bringing her hands up to squeeze and fondle her own tits. Her small fingers pinch and pull on her hard nubs, her breasts shaking as she roughly tugs on them.

You place your hands on her stomach, slowly sliding them down the thin fabric. She seems to have no more patience for being teased, though. Nitori releases one of her tits, grabbing your hand and forcing it down against her soaked panties, grinding her wet cunt against your fingers. "I can't stand it anymore," she cries out lustfully. "I don't care where or how, I just need your cock in me, now!" This table's obviously no good for this sort of thing, so you sweep her back into your arms and... pause a second. Her bedroom is just up the stairs, with privacy enough to keep her satisfied for the whole night. But on the other hand, the door back to the love seat is closer, and an outdoor fuck might be kind of exciting. Hmm...

[ ] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
[ ] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.
No. 17144
[x] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.
No. 17145
[x] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.

Had it been a more sexy/lusty and less cute, I might have gone for the outside choice. Loving in the bedroom is the only route to go for Titori Nitori
No. 17147
>Had it been a more sexy/lusty and less cute,

She's literally begging us to screw her and telling us she doesn't care where. Ergo,

[X] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
No. 17148
[x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.

Open is always better. No exceptions.
No. 17150
[x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.

Perhaps we could suggest a night of tender lovin' at a later date, but, for now, let's just give the little lady some good ol' fashioned hot dickings.
No. 17151
[x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
No. 17156
[x] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.
No. 17157
There's the matter of what she may think afterwards. Then again I might be asking too much to not have a sweet if rather horny girl like Nitori not to get fucked like a dog in heat.
No. 17158
There's the matter of what she may think afterwards. Then again I might be asking too much to not have a sweet if rather horny girl like Nitori not to get fucked like a dog in heat.
No. 17159
[x] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.

Having a long loving night in the bedroom means we can fuck until we collapse right in the bed.
No. 17160
[x] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.
No. 17161
[X] Take Nitori up to her bedroom and offer her an affectionate night.

This might be best, just in case he passes out again.
No. 17162
I can tell you that him collapsing right now isn't a concern, so don't factor that in.
No. 17163
[X] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.

If there's any time to do this, it's now.
No. 17177
[x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
No. 17182
[x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
No. 17184
[x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
No. 17187
I'm going to close this now, write some tonight and finish it tomorrow. The next choice will likely be at Aya's place, unless a STROKE OF INSPIRATION hits.

Winner is: [x] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.
No. 17235
Keep on stroking, I'm sure you'll hit another.
No. 17258
I wrote the first chunk of the outdoor scene, up to an option. As some others proof read it for me, they began to point out a problem, which I recognize. The idea for taking her roughly outside came after the fact. Originally I was going to have Rick simply take her up to bed for a loving night, which meshes well with Nitori's personality. She's supposed to be sweet and a fairly relaxed/upbeat person, with perhaps a bit of desperation. The rough outdoor bit does nothing for her characterization and detracts from the groundwork I began to lay for her.

With that said, do you want me to post the outdoor sex, characterization be damned? I can probably recover from it after the fact. Or, should I scrap it and return to the original plans of taking her lovingly in bed?
No. 17262

Also, I'd be rewriting the final paragraph of the prior scene as well.
No. 17264
honestly, I'd rather have loving first then rough next time as on this trip, there's chances of screwing some other girl roughly, such as Sanae.

But the decision is ultimately up to you.
No. 17265
Having read the draft, I think you should continue on with the choice that the readers chose. Yes, there's the issue of characterisation, but I think you've still got some wiggle room.
No. 17267

It'd probably work for Sanae. The problem regarding Nitori is I started thinking of how I can use her for a sex scene, rather than how I can use a sex scene for her.
No. 17273
I'm all for loving sex with Nitori, she deserves a full night of affection from Rick.
No. 17276
I'm working with my proof reader, since he's a smart fellow. We're going to give a shot at making the outdoor scene work with her.
No. 17308
I'd prefer to love her tenderly, but if you feel like you can make it work then I'm with you all the way.
No. 17527
Sorry for the wait. This is part 1, part 2 should be tomorrow, then I'll try to finish up to the next choice. Hopefully it is satisfying with the fixes that were made.

[X] Take Nitori back outside to the love seat and take her in the open.


Watching this small kappa girl writhing about in pleasure before you, using your fingers to masturbate, and begging for you to be inside of you... It's all too much to resist. Giving into the lust yourself, you push Nitori's hand away from your own. In one smooth motion, you tear off her thin white panties. She gasps and shivers slightly as her soaked pussy is exposed to the cool air of the cave. Her fat pussy lips are already parted, twitching slightly and dripping with hunger. “I know exactly how to fulfill your desires,” you say with a grin on your face.

She places her hand between her legs, eagerly spreading her damp cunt. “Don't tease me, just take me,” she whines, dipping a finger into herself. You're not going to tease her in the least, actually. You drop your pants on the floor, letting out your already erect cock. She stares with anticipation as you move down toward her legs. Gently, you place your hands on her hips and pull her down the table. Her legs now dangle from the edge, her pussy fully exposed and waiting.

“Nitori, what would you say if I told you,” you start, pausing for a second to position the tip of your cock at her entrance, “That I'm going to take you outside, fuck you and cum inside of you, for all of the world to see?” You're normally not this aggressive, but she wants it. You want it. At this moment, the only reason you exist is to satisfy one another.

"W-what?" Her face, though still flushed with arousal, hardens into an expression of shock and bewilderment. “No, no, I don't want anyone to see me like this. Not my friends, not Gensokyo, nobody.”

You lean over her, reaching up with one hand to stroke her face reassuringly. The tip of your penis gently nudges against her pussy lips. “I'm seeing it, Nitori.”

She averts her eyes and nibbles her lip nervously, caught between her desires and her fears. “But that's different,” she replies quietly. “I don't mind if you see me like this, but if Hina did, I don't know if she'd even want to talk to me any more.”

Well, Hina would probably jump on Nitori if she caught her in this situation, but telling her that won't prove reassuring. "You're worried about nothing," you say kindly, still stroking her cheek. “It's late, and nobody is going to be outside anyway. It'll be just you and I in the warm evening sun.”

Nitori reaches up, gently placing her hand atop yours, her expression visibly calmer. “Y-you're right, nobody should be out,” she says, a small smile coming across her face. “Besides, you make it sound romantic that way.”

You return her smile, still stroking her soft face with your thumb. "So, are you ready for me to take you?" After a moment of thought, she nods, and you slide your hand free from under hers, placing both of them back on her hips.

Without another word, Nitori firmly grips the edge of the table and slides herself down further. You let out a loud groan as her slick, loose pussy envelops your length. With a satisfied gasp, she sits up and bucks her hips against yours, grinding your cock deeper into her body. Her arms slip beneath your own, wrapping around your back and embracing you. Her heavy breasts push up against your chest. All you can do at the moment is watch the blissful expression upon her face as she slowly grinds against your crotch. “Take me outside, please.” Before you can answer, she swings her legs around your waist, tightly gripping it. She more-or-less climbs up your body, forcing her lips to your mouth. You let out a pleased moan, sliding your hands from her waist down to her ass to offer support.

She lets out a short, surprised cry in spite of herself as you lift her voluptuous form from the table and begin walking slowly (and, it should be noted, more than a little awkwardly) towards the door leading outside. Every few steps, Nitori grinds her cunt against your body, twisting the length of your penis around inside of her pussy. It takes all of your resolve to not put her on the floor and mate her right here. The cave echoes with the combined moans of yourself and the kappa girl in your arms. You finally reach the door, legs wobbling unsteadily. With a careful twist of the handle, you're outside once more.

The feel of the evening air on her bare skin makes her giggle, a little nervous still. "After all of that cold teasing," she says, stopping herself mid-sentence to force another lust-filled kiss to your lips, coming away from it with a sultry tone in her voice, "now you're going to warm me up, right?" You reach the bench, carefully seating yourself. Nitori releases her arms and legs, turning about in place. You let out a sudden cry of pleasure as her pussy shifts around your penis, her juices dripping down your shaft. Now turned away from you but still connected, Nitori leans back against your body, resting her head against your chest and linking her hands together behind your neck, putting her entire body on display literally right before your eyes. While you take a moment to reflect on the advantages of a smaller partner, she arches her back slightly, looking up at you expectantly. "Kiss me, touch me."

You place your hands on her womanly hips once more, leaning your head down slightly and kissing her on the lips. She forces her tongue into your mouth, moaning through the kiss. Slowly, you run your hands up her body. She squirms and grinds against your cock as your gentle hands pass over her waist and move up to her sides. Finally, your hands come to rest on her ample tits. You tightly squeeze her nipples between her fingers. She lets out a loud squeal, mostly muffled by your lips. You tug her breasts upward, releasing the nipples and watching them snap back into place, jiggling back and forth. You grip her bosom once more, gently kneading your fingers into the soft flesh. At the same moment, you roughly thrust up into her shapely body. A pleased moan rolls out from Nitori's busy mouth, her tongue hungrily twisting around and sucking on yours.

You experiment with her breasts, making sure to be gentle and treat them right. You reposition your hands, reaching under her tits to grip them from below. You heft them up in your hands, lightly tugging and squeezing on them. She's got a fantastic pair of large, squishy, natural breasts. They not only fill your hands but overflow, yet are easy enough to play with. You pull them outward, squeezing at the same time, as if you were milking a cow. She cries into your mouth, body suddenly convulsing in pleasure. The walls of her pussy tighten up around you, followed by a rush of liquid coating your cock and splattering on to your crotch.

Nitori finally breaks the kiss, shutting her eyes and pausing to catch her breath. She relaxes on your chest, a content smile upon her face. She seems happy at this point to simply let you lustfully ravage her body with your hands. You finally release her sweaty, sticky breasts, giving her a brief respite. You take the time to slowly let your gaze travel across her body. She's glistening with a coat of sweat, her breasts rapidly rising and falling as she tries to recuperate. You can feel the walls of her pussy shifting around your cock as they contract and relax. She may be loose, but right now it feels heavenly. She pants and squirms, slowly readying herself for more. You know she's not done, and neither are you.

Catching a flicker of movement in your peripheral vision, you set your gaze forward, past Nitori. Standing on the road, perhaps fifty or so yards away, is a woman. Her hair is stark white, topped with what looks like a pair of wolf ears. You can't make out the fine details of her outfit, but it appears to be a simple white tunic with a long black skirt. She's staring at the two of you, a look of surprise upon her face. She doesn't turn away, though. Not even after she realizes you're staring back at her. Nitori has yet to notice her, and you aren't going to let her. Under the guise of repositioning, you raise one hand and surreptitiously wave the woman off, doing your best not to alarm your partner. Thankfully, she immediately takes the hint and scurries behind a nearby bush, ears vanishing into the shrubbery. You can come back to deal with her after taking care of Nitori.
No. 17572
>Momiji peeping
This is exactly what I wanted when I picked outside.
No. 17582
File 131467949079.jpg - (635.23KB , 1287x1363 , 6582489.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Not until later.
Why can't I grab
all this cheese?
No. 17850
File 131505710518.png - (850.55KB , 800x800 , 21500367.png ) [iqdb]
I need to write this once you guys progress further with Yumeko.
No. 17914
All that remains to be written is the rest of the actual H-scene. Good news, though, I found a closer stopping point than when you meet Aya. Related to the picture above, as well.
No. 17933
I'll close votes tomorrow morning and write up to Aya at that point.


“I, I'm ready,” Nitori pants out, her breath still ragged from her orgasm. You gently squeeze her hips, grinding your cock up into her drenched pussy. The thought of being watched excites you, but you're not going to let on that someone else is present. However, there is nothing wrong with putting on a good show. You release her waist and run your hands up her body, sliding over her large tits and making them jiggle.

“How do you want me to take you, Nitori?” you ask her, grunting slightly as you buck your hips upward.

She responds at first with a sharp moan, surprised by your sudden thrust. “I just want to stay like this, in your arms,” she answers, reaching out to grab the arms of the love seat and sitting up. You were hoping for something a bit more kinky, such as her begging for you to push her down and take her from behind, but that's not the kind of woman she is. “Just hold me, touch me, and let me take care of you, okay?”

“As long as you're happy, Nitori,” you answer. She turns her head toward you, eyes alight with happiness. She leans back slightly, pressing her lips to yours. A twinge of guilt passes through you, knowing that this is only a brief encounter. You'll have to return some time in the future. You drop your hands back to her lower body, placing one on her hip and stroking her stomach with the other.

She breaks the kiss and smiles warmly. “I'm happy,” she replies, turning her head away. She slowly lifts herself, using the chair arms for support. Without warning, Nitori drops herself on to your lap, impaling her pussy on your length. You both cry out in pleasure, her loose pussy squeezing needily on your cock. You sit up, tightening your arms around her waist and embracing her affectionately. She gasps suddenly as you lean down and press your lips to the back of her head. All she desires is for you to touch and love her, letting her do all of the work otherwise.

Firmly gripping the loveseat's arms once more, she slowly bounces on your lap. At first, they're awkward and hesitant. The flesh of her rump slaps down noisily against your thighs with each movement. Slowly, she begins to gain confidence, picking up her pace. She lifts herself up and forcefully thrusts your cock into her body, pausing each time to grind her hips against you.

You moan in bliss, groping her body affectionately every time she comes to rest on your lap. Your lips pass by the top of her head, down toward her upper back, trailing little kisses along her body. As her pussy envelops your cock, you can feel the head grinding against the end of her wet tunnel. Nitori's body shivers slightly, her fluids running down your cock and thighs.

Her own moans, interspersed with ragged breaths, echo yours. “I want you to,” she begins, pausing to bounce on your lap once more. She lets out a sharp gasp as your penis presses against the depths of her cunt. “I want you to cum inside of me,” she says, her voice mixed with both desire and hesitation. The walls of her pussy sharply contract around your cock. Each motion inside of her drags the foreskin of your penis back and forth over the head. The pleasure is both physically and emotionally unbearable. It feels incredible, and you want nothing more than to satisfy Nitori's desires.

With one final thrust, you feel yourself tipping over the edge. You moan and cry out in pleasure, cum pouring out into Nitori's hungry pussy. You tighten your grip on her waist and bury your face in her soft hair. You can feel and smell her sweaty body, and it does nothing except arouse you further. Her own cry follows shortly thereafter, her luscious frame convulsing in your arms. A warm, sticky mixture of her fluids and your own smear across your lap.

Quickly recovering from her moment of weakness, Nitori pulls herself from your penis. A thick gout of fluids pours out as she repositions herself, straddling your crotch. The puffy lips of her dribbling pussy rest against your length. You groan, massaging her hips slowly, eagerly awaiting her next move. “Y'know, you've made me feel so good today,” she giggles, slowly pressing back against your chest. You put up no resistance, allowing her to push you into the loveseat. She relaxes atop your body, tilting her head up to kiss the bottom of your chin.

You aren't sure where she's going with that comment. At least, you weren't sure until she firmly gripped your softening penis in her hand. “N-Nitori?” you stammer, her little fingers rolling over the sensitive and exposed head. You shudder and twitch in pleasure as her hand massages your penis. She doesn't answer, instead running her tongue along your chin.

She laughs softly and stops her assault for the moment. “I figure you deserve to be happy too,” she explains. Nitori arches her back, lifting her head forward slightly and opening her mouth. You tilt your head downward and kiss her on the lips, sliding your warm tongue inside of her inviting mouth. Her hand strokes the length of your cock, urging the spent shaft back to life. Your hands slide up her sides, reaching her soft breasts and giving them another firm squeeze. Her tongue intertwines with yours, sucking hungrily it.

Rather than tease her breasts, you release them and place your hands between her thighs. She gives your shaft a playful tug and moves it away from her pussy. She knows exactly what you plan to do. You place two of your fingers on the fat lips of her vagina, spreading them open and dipping a third inside. She moans into the kiss, spreading her legs for you eagerly. Her hand tightly squeezes down on your shaft, pulling the foreskin back as far as it can go. The cool evening air tickles your sensitive tip, sending a shiver down your spine.

You moan back into the kiss, sliding your other hand from her thigh up to just above her crotch. Gently, you rub your index finger across her engorged clit. She suddenly squeals and bucks her hips, causing your finger to dig deeper into her damp hole. Your penis is fully erect once more, twitching and pulsing beneath her affectionate touch. She closes her other hand around the head of your cock, roughly stroking it with her palm. The hand gripping your length slowly begins to pump at it, pushing your foreskin across the tender tip.

In spite of your recent orgasm, you can feel another one beginning to rise. Your hot cock throbs in her small hands, cum dripping from your opening. You give her clit a light pinch, eliciting another happy moan from Nitori. You release your fingers from the lips of her pussy, instead choosing to press them inside of her. She easily accepts all three fingers, rolling her hips back and forth in your lap as you finger her.

The hand stroking your shaft releases it and slips a bit lower, this time grabbing your testicles and massaging them. You let out a loud moan, bucking your hips forward and mashing the head of your cock into the palm of her hand. She quickly tightens her hand around your tip as your thick semen shoots out and soaks it. She finally releases your penis, bringing the cum-soaked hand up to her breasts and smearing the sticky substance across them.

You're not quite finished with her, though. You press your mouth tighter to hers, gently nipping her tongue with your teeth. Nitori cries out suddenly as you pinch her hard little clit once more, pulling on the sensitive little nub. You bury a fourth finger inside of her body, alternating between forcing them deeper inside of her and pulling at the opening. She finally breaks the kiss, briefly gasping for air. “S-stop!” she cries out, her protests cut off by another squeal of pleasure. You twist her clitoris slightly, her back suddenly arching in response.

Changing gears slightly, you pull your fingers from her cunt. You finally release her clit, sliding your palm into position over the hard bump. You bring one hand behind her back, pressing it against her body to offer stability. Without warning, you stretch the fat lips of her pussy open once more, spreading them as far as they can go. Your palm works back and forth across the top of her pussy, grinding roughly on her tiny clit. With one final spasm, Nitori screams out in utter bliss, a stream of her nectar squirting through the air and splattering on to the ground.

You gently lower her on to your body, pulling your hand away as she comes to a rest. Nitori slowly closes her eyes, breathing heavily and letting her body slacken. You loosely drape your arms around her waist, offering her a gentle embrace. She lets out a soft 'mm', relaxing in your arms. It isn't until you hear a slight snoring that you realize the exhausted kappa has drifted off to sleep. You laugh quietly. Usually you're the one that passes out, so this is a nice change of pace. You kiss the top of her head briefly before resting back against the love seat.

The evening sun is beginning to set behind the tree line. A quiet rustling of the bushes nearby reminds you of the woman that was watching you earlier. She has quite a bit of patience if she stayed that long. That, or she's a voyeur. Given the type of women you've encountered thus far, it wouldn't be a surprise nor a bother. She pops her head up from the shrub, ears twitching. You do feel the need to talk to her, but you need to take care of Nitori first. You slowly raise one arm, putting a finger up to indicate for her to hold on a moment.

You pull the straps of Nitori's dress up, covering her large bust. The dress is a mess after all of that, but it's still intact and in decent shape. You pull the hem down and cover her crotch. For as needy as she was just now, she's still a modest woman. She stirs slightly as you shift about, trying to get a good grip and support her body. She does not wake, however. You carefully stand up, one arm beneath her rear, the other free. It's an incredibly awkward position, but you'll manage. The woman across the way patiently waits, watching as you take Nitori inside.

A few minutes later, you've got your companion up in her bedroom. Either she's a heavy sleeper or you really exhausted her. Then again, you've had a pretty busy day together. You gently lay her on the bed, looking over her sleeping form with a smile on your face. It probably isn't best to have her sleeping in the messy state she's in now. Nitori went in the small room in the back to clean up earlier, so that's probably her bathroom. You cross the room, gently pushing the door open and step inside.

Just as you suspected, it's a clean and well stocked bathroom. You grab a towel and a wash cloth, the latter of which you dampen in warm water. You can't properly wash her, but you can clean her up. You return to the room and Nitori's side. She's still sacked out, laying on her back with arms outstretched. Carefully, you begin to remove her dress, doing your best not to disturb her. You toss the messy clothing to the floor, taking up a wash cloth and beginning to clean her body. She's a bit sweaty and slightly sticky from your cum, but it all comes off easily.

Finished with cleaning her up, you take the supplies back to her bathroom. A few minutes of rummaging about her room results in finding a light blue night gown, designed for modesty, of course. You gently lift her and roll her about the bed, doing your best to not wake her. With her finally dressed, you breathe a sigh of relief. Nitori's eyes crack open slightly, just long enough for her to offer up a smile before drifting back to sleep.

Now to handle things with that wolf-eared woman. Hopefully she's still hanging around, but she seems like the patient type. Without a second thought, you slip from Nitori's room and head downstairs, stepping outside. The sun is now down, and the cool evening air can be felt upon your bare skin.

Fortunately, the woman hasn't left. She's staring right at you, blushing slightly. “You're...” She pauses, covering her mouth.

“Naked,” rings out the voice of Yumeko in your head. You look down in disbelief, but she's right. You're stark naked, and you hadn't even thought about it.

“I guess I was just so concerned with Nitori it didn't cross my mind,” you explain, shrugging your shoulders slightly. “Sorry about this.” You cover yourself half-heartedly with your arms.

The woman wrinkles her nose slightly, her ears flicking. She glances away slightly, averting her eyes. “Right, I was also going to point out you smell rather strongly of sex, but I suppose that isn't something you'd notice so readily,” she adds, lips curling up into a slight smile. She's quiet and soft spoken, which comes as a surprise given her appearance. She has a commanding presence, standing about as tall as yourself. Her posture is disciplined and impeccable, the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a soldier. “I apologize for my intrusion,” she says politely. “I'm not used to seeing that sort of thing, especially not from Nitori.”

You're not sure how to proceed, pausing in silence momentarily. “So, are you a friend of hers?”

She gives a firm nod. “Yes, my name is Momizi, I've known her a long time. I was heading home from my patrol and heard the sounds, I recognized her voice and had to make sure she was okay.” She lets out a long sigh. “I didn't expect to find Nitori and yourself.”

“Well, about that, I should probably,” you start, Momizi waving a hand dismissively.

“No, no, you don't need to explain,” she interrupts, clearing the air. She crosses her arms, eyes flicking downward despite her prior attempts to look away. “Her secret is safe with me, I'm just glad she finally found a mate.”

Mate? Nitori is great, but you're certainly not going to let her think that. “I'm not her mate, Momizi,” you say, coughing slightly.

She pauses and stares at you, blinking a few times. “You're not her mate?” she repeats slowly, tilting her head. “Why would she do that if you weren't, though?”

You sigh quietly. If her attitude weren't so guileless, you'd swear she was putting you on. “Well, sometimes we get lonely, and we can do some crazy things as a result. Do you see where I'm going with this?”

“Yes, I suppose I do, but...”

You shake your head, speaking up to interrupt her. “Sometimes when we get lonely and crazy, we turn to a friend, or someone we can trust, rather than looking for a more long term partner.”

Momizi slowly begins to nod. “I, I think I get it, but I suppose that sort of thing isn't for everyone,” she says, shrugging slightly. “Well, as long as she's happy, right?”

“You're a good friend, Momizi. I'm sure she'd appreciate that, and she'd appreciate you keeping her secret.”

She nods briefly. “Of course.” Turning away for a moment, Momizi looks to the sky. “I need to get home, Aya always gets worried when I come home late.”

“Aya?” you ask curiously. This must be one of her friends.

“Yes, we live together,” she explains, suddenly giggling and blushing slightly. “I suppose she'd be the one I trust, not that it'd ever work out.” She shrugs and bows politely. “It was nice to meet you, I'll likely see you again should you continue up the mountain.”

“Have a good evening, Momizi,” you tell her politely, turning for the door. You note that she doesn't turn to leave right away, but stands staring after you for a few seconds, probably checking you out now that your back is turned. Kind of adorable, in its own way, but you're too tired right now to do anything but notice it. You head inside, shutting the door behind you. You draw in and release a deep breath, resting against the entryway. It's probably best to get back to Nitori and rest for the night. You're quite exhausted by the events of the day, and all you want to do is slink off to bed.

You trudge back up the stairs, slowly opening the door to her bedroom and stepping inside. You can hear the light snoring of Nitori still coming from the bed. She has moved under the covers and is laying on her back, a content smile upon her face. You still haven't thought to gather your clothes. They're probably still sitting on the floor of her workshop. Regardless, you should probably just clean up and join her in bed. After a quick visit to the bathroom, you slip beneath the sheets. You close your eyes, sighing happily. The last feeling before you drift off to sleep is a pair of arms slipping around your chest.


You yawn and stretch. Two voices can be heard, though they're muffled. You open your eyes slowly, allowing them to adjust to the light. You're resting in a large chair, situated in what appears to be Yumeko's home. The sounds start to become clearer. You look around, spotting Yumeko seated beside Kasen. “What's going on?” you ask, your voice groggy and tired.

“Ah, it seems that he has awoken,” Kasen says, turning toward you with a smile on her face. “To answer your question, we are discussing the position of your friend Yumeko here, as well as your predicament.”

You shake your head and blink a few times, trying to rouse yourself. “Yes, it seems most of my worries were unfounded,” Yumeko says.

You tilt your head back and give your neck a scratch. “Not sure I understand, mind explaining?” you ask curiously.

“It is a bit complicated, are you su--” Kasen starts, cut off by a gesture from Yumeko.

“He can be a tad dense from time to time, but he's a smart fellow,” Yumeko interrupts. “Please, if you'd be so kind.”

Kasen seems a bit surprised by the sudden leap to your defense that Yumeko made. “Right, as I was going to say,” she begins again, clearing her throat. “Confirming what I knew, you are missing your soul. Which, as you know, I've encountered in the past.” You give her a knowing nod, recollecting the memories she bestowed upon you. Yumeko blushes profusely. “First and foremost, let me explain that you are not at any particular risk currently, so long as you do not die.”

You recoil in surprise. “Well, yeah, I don't plan on dying. What else does this all mean, though?”

“I am going to get to that. My second point is that this is likely the reason for your immunity to danmaku,” continues Kasen. You're surprised she knows about that. You glance to Yumeko, who nods slightly. She must have told Kasen. “It is also a cause for some of your rather interesting dreams.”

“So, all of these dreams, people I've never met, places I've never seen...”

“That is your spirit wandering, and you are seeing the experiences that it is having. Past, present, future, time does not matter to the soul,” Kasen says. “I am surprised you have not dreamt about 'that' yet,” she adds, wearing a wry smile on her lips.

“H-hey, stop that,” Yumeko stammers. “I can see his thoughts, you know.” She's rather flustered by the ideas in your mind.

“Come now, Yumeko. Sex is a beautiful and natural thing, not something to be ashamed of. I digress, however,” Kasen says with a chuckle. She shifts in her seat slightly, reaching up to place a hand on Yumeko's shoulder. “Now, Yumeko had a concern of her own. Would you be so kind?”

Yumeko nods hesitantly. “Yes, of course. I was worried that your missing spirit is what let me adapt so easily to you, and that if you got it back I'd be pushed out.”

“You were worried about having to leave me, Yumeko?” you ask, grinning widely. She blushes in embarrassment, turning her gaze away.

“That is not a problem, however. She will continue to be a part of you. Even if she does manage to recover enough power to properly form herself again, you two are bound together.” Kasen draws her hand away, folding them together in her lap. “While it will mean giving up your unique abilities, I would highly recommend recovering your soul. Not only will it give you leverage in the afterlife, but it will prevent pursuits by the Yama and her servant.”


“She is the judge of the dead, whose servant you have already met. Komachi, I believe was her name,” Kasen answers.

“Green hair, funny hat, carries a mirror around?”

Kasen raises an eyebrow. “It seems you have already come across her. Tell me, was it your spirit?” You nod, not quite sure why it matters. “She is likely already searching for you, then. It will be difficult given that she can not track your physical form, nor will she be able to pin your spirit.” She suddenly lets out a soft chuckle. “It amuses me that you may be causing her such frustration.”

“Well, okay then. I don't want to be hunted down, so what do you suggest I do to get my soul back?”

Kasen sighs and stands from her seat. She moves in front of you and strokes your hair with her bandaged hand. “I live on the mountain that you are currently traversing. Come see me, and we will take the first step.” She suddenly leans down and kisses your forehead. “It will be a rather fun experience for all four of us.” You can't even begin to fathom what she means by all four, but that's for another time. “With that all said, you shall need to encounter the Yama at some time.”

You release a slow, drawn out sigh. “Well, hopefully I can prepare myself for that, somehow,” you say, exhaustion in your voice. This whole thing is a bit stressful and tiring.

Returning to her seat, Kasen looks between yourself and Yumeko. “Well, I suppose I must take my leave. Keep in mind what I said, both of you.” Her form seems to simply evaporate into nothingness, leaving you alone with Yumeko.

She stares at you, worry upon her face. “I'm sorry,” she says simply.

“Sorry for what?” you ask, cocking your head.

“Telling her all of those things. About the danmaku, some of your prior encounters, and such.”

You laugh and shake your head, standing up from your chair. You sit beside Yumeko and casually toss an arm around her shoulders. “You're my servant, right?” She nods. “And one of your jobs, so to speak, is to care for me, correct?” You receive another nod. “You were concerned about both of us, and you did what you felt was right. So don't apologize.”

“Thanks,” Yumeko says quietly, looking down toward her lap. She apparently still feels a bit badly about it. Perhaps you could offer another gesture to make her feel better?

[ ] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
[ ] You've grown quite fond of Yumeko's presence. Kiss her on the:
--[ ] Cheek
--[ ] Lips
[ ] Write-in.
No. 17934
[x] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[x] Kiss on the forehead(?)

We're not that close with her, so let's not push it just yet.
No. 17935
[x] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
No. 17942
[xxx] You've grown quite fond of Yumeko's presence. Kiss her on the:
--[xxx] Lips

A gentle one doesn't hurt and it doesn't have to be a full blown french-fest. And besides, I think the girl could use a pleasant surprise once in a while.
No. 17949
[x] Lick her ear.
No. 17953
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead

It's affectionate but not coming on too strong. I like it.
No. 17958
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead

I like the sound of this. Her actions here fall more into the realm of concerned friend than lover, so no need to push the intimacy right now. It'll come in time.
No. 17960
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead
No. 17962
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead
Seems like a good idea.
No. 17963
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead.
--[X] Add some light tickling to lighten the mood a bit.
No. 17965
[x] You've grown quite fond of Yumeko's presence. Kiss her on the:
--[x] Lips

Tide, I piss against thee.
No. 17967
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead
No. 17973
I believe that's my line!

[x] Stay beside her like that. Let her choose the move and make it.
If she wants it, she can have it. For now we're there for her.
No. 17974
Votes closed, winner is:

[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
-[X] Kiss on the forehead

D'aww, you guys are big softies.
No. 17985
[X] Yumeko has proven to be a good friend. Give her a comforting hug.
--[X] Kiss on the forehead.


Without giving her a chance to react, you slip your arms around Yumeko's back. “W-what are you doing?” she asks in surprise as you embrace her.

You choose not to answer directly, simply smiling instead. You push yourself up from the sofa a few inches and press your lips to Yumeko's forehead. She gasps sharply in response to your sudden affections, staring in shock while you settle back down in your seat. “You're a wonderful friend and companion, and I just wanted to show you that,” you explain, releasing your embrace.

She slowly reaches up toward her forehead, touching the spot where you kissed her. “You could've just said so,” she says quietly, her face covered in a blush.

You take Yumeko's other hand in to yours, squeezing it gently. “Actions speak louder than words, Yumeko. I'm happy to have you around, and I wouldn't have it any other way.”

This time, it's her turn. She puts her arms around your back and gives you a hesitant hug. “Thank you,” she says once more, sighing. Her hesitation begins to waver. She buries her face in your chest, tightening her grip on your body. You bring one hand up to her head, stroking her hair.

“I probably would've told Kasen the exact same things, so don't worry about it.”

Yumeko nods, rubbing her blonde hair against your body and mussing it up. “I just felt a bit guilty about telling her all of your secrets like that.”

“Like I said, you were just worried about us. I would've done the same.”

She releases you, sitting back up. Her soft hair is a mess now, but she's smiling happily. She leans in and briefly kisses you on the cheek. “Thank you for cheering me up.”

You blush slightly and wave your hand in dismissal. “It's nothing. We're partners, right? It's up to us to look out for each other.” She pulls away slightly, surprised by your comment. Her mindset is likely stuck in that of a master-servant sort of role, but you've come to see her as a companion.

Yumeko sits there, frozen, perhaps reading your thoughts. “Partners? N-no, I'm your servant, nothing more,” she finally speaks up, laughing sheepishly. She has been hesitant to accept your affections and friendship in the past. There has to be something deeper to this, but the time to pry isn't now. “You, uh, you should probably just return to your rest, I have to sleep as well.” She waves you off, leaning back on the sofa.


Something is squeezing on your finger. Must be Nue. You groan and roll on to your back, reaching out across the bed for Nitori. Nothing there, she's probably awake then. You slowly open your eyes, yawning tiredly. You toss your legs over the edge of the bed and sit up, rubbing at the back of your head. A pile of clean clothes dumps on to your lap, along with the vial bandolier. “Thanks Yukari,” you mumble sleepily, beginning to dress yourself.

You casually stroll down the stairs leading to Nitori's workshop, a content smile on your face. The scent of food wafts up the stairway, drawing you on further. You make your way to her kitchen, walking about as if you had lived here all of your life. Nitori is standing over a small, portable cooker on her table. You peek past her, spotting a mixture of vegetables cooking in her pot. “Good morning, Nitori.”

She turns around to face you, grinning from ear to ear. “Good morning, I figured I'd surprise you with something other than cucumbers.” Nitori is dressed as per usual, although with the addition of a slightly worn apron that reads 'Kiss The Cook' on the front, likely something she picked up when shopping for books.

“Gladly,” you say upon reading her book, leaning down to gently kiss her on the lips.

As you break the kiss, you notice that she's blushing. “Affectionate this morning, huh? Have a seat, it's almost done.” You do as instructed, seating yourself at the table. She already has two bowls set out, as well as utensils. “Nothing fancy, just cooked vegetables with a little bit of seasoning.” Within a few moments, she's filling each of the bowls, turning off the cooker and taking a seat beside you. “I know you've got to head out today, so an early lunch is in order.”

“Early lunch? It's already that late?” you ask in surprise. She nods and gestures to your bowl, digging into her own. Without hesitation, you dig in, savoring the delectable mixture of flavors and textures. “That's good, Nitori,” you say, muffled by the mouthful of food.

She swallows her own food and giggles at you. “Thanks, I've got a little garden in the back where I grow everything. Mostly cucumbers, but a little of everything else.” The two of you return to eating in silence, quickly finishing your meals. Nitori gathers up the dishes and sets them on the counter, turning about to face you. “So, it's probably time for you to head out, huh?” she asks, sadness in her voice.

“Yeah, it is, but I'll be back.” You stand from the table and walk toward her, arms outstretched. She grins and meets you halfway, the two of you embracing one another. She tilts her head upward, looking at you expectantly. You lean down, offering her one final kiss.

“Want me to see you off?” she asks. You nod, releasing your embrace and following her to the entrance. You step outside and in to the bright light of the early afternoon. Your eyes sting slightly, doing their best to adjust to the light.

You turn to Nitori and give her a wave. “I'll see you around, Nitori. Thank you for everything.” She doesn't answer, simply bowing instead. This time, she's not wearing her hat. You finally turn away from her and head to the gate, letting yourself out from her scrapyard and returning to the path up the mountain. A few more minutes later and her home isn't even visible any more.


Nue walks beside you on the trail, humming to herself. “No comments about my little visit with Nitori?” you ask her.

She shakes her head. “Not really. It was interesting, and you had enough leftovers for me to be satisfied.”

“Leftovers? Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not,” she says with a laugh.

“Well, you seem particularly cheerful today.”

Nue shrugs slightly. “Guess I'm just in a good mood. I'm allowed to do things aside from tease you, bring you to the edge and then deny you an orgasm, right?” she says teasingly. She hops slightly, lifting from the ground and floating in the air. She relaxes on her back, held aloft by some invisible force.

You frown and shake your head. “I suppose, though I'll get you back for that some day.”

She floats a few feet in front of you, maintaining her distance as you continue to walk. “Will you, now? Do you want to?” Nue sits up, spreading her legs and closing the distance to your body. She embraces your chest and wraps her legs around your waist. You stop in place, opening your mouth to protest. Before you can say a word, her lips press to your mouth, tongue slipping inside.

You moan contently, allowing her to explore your mouth and taste you. “Nue,” you moan through the kiss.

“Yes?” she asks, breaking the kiss for a moment.

Another voice answers before you. “Nue.”

The thin youkai girl embracing your body releases you, quickly turning to face the newcomer. Her face goes pale upon spotting Yukari standing a few feet in the distance. “Y-Yukari,” she stammers nervously.

“Nue,” your master repeats, a smile crossing her face. “Something the matter?”

“You, uh, I,” Nue tries to speak, unable to find the words. “How did you?”

Yukari laughs quietly. “Oh, come now. Surely you're not so naïve to think I didn't recognize your presence?”

You step forward, standing beside Nue. “Is something wrong, Yukari? If you've known about Nue, why are you waiting until now to confront her?”

“Because I like playing games,” she explains, walking toward the two of you. “And because you both seemed happy together. You make absolutely wonderful friends, you know.” She stops, an arm's length away from Nue. She extends a gloved hand, reaching up to stroke the cheek of the scared youkai. “I'm not here to cause problems, so relax. I never expected you to be so fearful of me,” she says in a calm, kind voice.

“Alright, I'm sorry,” Nue apologizes, not resisting Yukari's advances. You'd never have expected Nue to act this way either. It's a complete surprise, and something you'll have to investigate further. They remain silent for a bit, Nue beginning to calm down.

Yukari lets out a soft sigh. “As I was saying, I'm here strictly on business. Afterward, we can go back to pretending I don't know about you. I can even ask that woman to wipe it from history, if you'd like.”

You cock your head curiously. “Business? What's going on?” you ask.

“This pertains directly to your lovely companion here,” Yukari answers, slipping her fingers up from Nue's cheek to stroke her hair. “Dear, there's a bit of a problem at the temple, and Byakuren needs you there.” Your master steps back, gesturing to the air and creating one of those familiar gaps. “You'll be back with him soon enough, but for now...”

Nue lands gracefully on the ground, giving a hesitant nod. “I understand, I owe her a lot.” She slowly walks toward the portal, turning her head back toward you. “I'll be back,” she says, trying her best to be reassuring. The fear in her voice is far more prominent, however. Nue disappears into the gap without another word.

This whole exchange has been awkward and confusing for you. “What's happening, master Yukari?” you ask, worried for Nue's safety.

“Byakuren made some mistakes, and now they are coming back to haunt her. Finish your journey, and we'll talk about it at home. If you so desire, you can join Nue at that time.” Yukari moves back towards you, leaning in to kiss you on the cheek. Her arms embrace you affectionately.

“Y-Yukari? What are you doing?” She can be so sudden and unpredictable at times.

Yukari releases you, stepping back. “I've missed you,” she explains, lips curling up into a slight smile. She gestures once more, creating another gap. “I'm proud of you, by the way. Sticking up for your friends like that, even at the risk of being punished.” You aren't sure where that come from. Is this in regards to keeping the ring from her?

Just as quickly as she came, Yukari has left. Not a trace remains, save for light footprints in the dirt. “Goodbye, Yukari,” you say with a sigh. “I don't know why I'm so worried.” With that finished, you return to the path ahead, continuing on to Aya's house.


A small home, residing at the top of another plateau, looms ahead. Given your prior experiences, this must be Aya's home, as well as Momizi's by association. If you're going to blackmail Aya as instructed, you hope that her friend is not home. She mentioned patrolling the mountain, so you should be safe until evening. “Do you have any advice, Yumeko?” you ask aloud.

“Not a bit, I've never met or even heard of this woman until your master brought her up,” she answers. “All you can do is rely on Yukari's information at this point.”

“What if it's another game, though?”

Yumeko pauses for a brief moment. “From your point of view, her games would seem to benefit you. Of course, you could use your own judgment. Some people appreciate the truth.”

“Thanks, Yumeko.” You continue up toward her house, slowly approaching the front gate. Her house is in the traditional Japanese style, much like many of the others around. It's a comforting sight; you don't mind the western style homes, but they feel out of place here. You push the gate open easily, stepping into the yard and heading toward the entrance.

With a sigh, you bring your hand up to knock on the frame of the door. You hesitate, standing there for a few moments and trying to decide how to handle the situation. Should you go along with Yukari's plan? Before you can decide, the door slides open. “Ah! You're that human!” a woman suddenly speaks. You nearly topple back in surprise at her sudden appearance before you. “Yeah, I saw you in town, running from the crowds of humans and such with a hot date in hand,” she says. “Aya Shameimaru, at your service.”

“Pleased to meet you, Aya,” you respond, recovering your balance. She thrusts a hand toward you, which you take. Her skin is soft and supple, but her grip is firm and commanding. You shake her hand, taking a moment to appraise her now that things have calmed down. She's about as tall as you, with short, raven black hair. A tiny red cap tops her head, sporting a pair of long red strings that bear a number of fuzzy white balls. What an odd piece of head wear. She's dressed in a simple white, short-sleeved dress shirt, along with a short black skirt and matching thigh-highs.

“I'm glad you showed up, actually, come on inside,” she offers, releasing your hand and moving aside. She gestures you in, shutting the door behind you. “Shoes off, if you'd be so kind,” she asks, watching expectantly as you remove your footwear. “Now, I had a few questions about that night.” The entrance to her home is a fairly open dining-room-slash-kitchen, and she points towards one of the seats.

You settle down, Aya positioning herself across from you. “I'd be more than happy to answer your questions, but I'm here on business.”

She blinks a few times in surprise. “So, you came looking for me, then?” she asks, her initial exuberance beginning to fade. She narrows her eyes, tapping her chin with a small brush. “That's interesting,” she says, taking on a more serious tone. “What kind of business does a human have with me, then?”

Aya is staring at you curiously, awaiting your answer. You've got no idea what kind of woman she is, so you don't know the best way to handle this. Should you go with Yukari's plot, or should you tell Aya everything? Regardless, you still need to fulfill your master's request.

[ ] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.
[ ] Tell Aya the truth. Perhaps she'd appreciate the honesty.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 17986
[x] Tell Aya the truth. Perhaps she'd appreciate the honesty.

Rick's such a nice guy, I get the feeling he'd be honest with Aya.
No. 17987
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.
Yukari is a boss.
She obviously knows what she's doing.
No. 17988
[x] Tell Aya the truth. Perhaps she'd appreciate the honesty.

I don't even remember what we were supposed to be doing here, but I know that the truth is always the best policy. As long as you live an honest life, everything will work out in the end, yeah.
No. 17989
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

There's no way this is going to win.
No. 17990
[x]Write in
-[x]Aya end
I doubt it'd be that easy, but eh.

[X] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.
No. 17991
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

We already took the honest route with Hina, let's try something different. This is Aya we're talking about, she'll probably start investigating whatever Yukari is up to and possibly screw things up if we tell her the truth. She'd never pass up a scoop like that.

Besides, Aya loves spying and blackmail, so why not turn the tables for once?
No. 17992
[x] Tell Aya the truth. Perhaps she'd appreciate the honesty.

the writer doesn't follow usual fanon logic.
No. 17993
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.
No. 17999
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

This one won the coin toss, so I'm going with it.
No. 18003
[x] Tell Aya the truth. Perhaps she'd appreciate the honesty.

No. 18004
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

Unless I'm missing something, "honesty" is basically "Hi, I'm here to blackmail you. Please tell me your deepest secrets so I can use them against you."
No. 18006
[X] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

Normally I'm all for the honesty policy but I'm both curious to see how this'll work out and I think it'll work well in this case.
No. 18007
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

I am looking forward to what Yukari had planned for us to find out.
No. 18008
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

Just threaten to expose a secret we know nothing about. I doubt that even if we were honest she wouldn't have sex with us; that'd be against the so-far "everyone is indiscriminately horny" rule of this story.

Now, there's an easy middle ground, here. You could say we've nothing against her, but our master (who shall remain unnamed) needs her love juices for a potion or some such (unspecified) and has given us something that might force her hand should she refuse, so we don't sound like quite the bad guy here. Or however you wish to word it.

Personally, I would not like to get on her (or to an extent, Momizi's) bad side and make Rick look like an asshole rapist. We could reveal our intentions after we've done the deed, in case she - for some inexplicable reason - doesn't agree to it beforehand.
No. 18009
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.
No. 18010

It's not fanon, though. This is a character who put out a false news story about the beach being popular in the middle of winter, all for the sole purpose of secretly taking swimsuit pictures of the Eientei girls. She's pretty unscrupulous even in canon.
No. 18011
Are you talking about the Inaba comics, where everyone except Reisen has exaggerated personalities and thus can't be taken at face value?
No. 18012
[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

As much as I value honesty, pretty sure Yukari'd know what she's doing here. A possible write-in could be to offer an exchange; sex for the info she wants from Rick, but I figure this is the best option. Also voting to do so as >>18008 suggested.
No. 18019
Wow, this option caused quite a stir. Anyway, voting closed. Winner is:

[x] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.

And don't worry, Rick won't look like an asshole rapist.
No. 18027
[X] Go with Yukari's plot. Safe is better than sorry.


You take a deep breath in order to steady yourself. You'll stick to Yukari's plan, although you feel guilty about it. “I know your secret, Aya,” you state simply.

All of the color seems to run from her face. “Y-y-you, what? My secret? How do you?”

"It doesn't matter how I know," you say, after a moment's hesitation. No going back now. “I need something from you, Aya.”

She's quite scared at this point, which simply adds further weight to your guilt. “Wha, what do you need from me?”

You feel absolutely horrid now. You didn't realize threatening to out her secret would have this much of an effect. It must be something incredible to cause such a stir. You swallow nervously, trying to recollect yourself. “Well, I, uh,” you stammer, starting to lose your nerve. “I need to have sex with you?”

Aya pauses and stares at you. A slight smirk comes across her face, and she startles you with a sudden laugh."So, you came here to blackmail me, then? Well, I suppose I deserve this."

“Wait, what?”

“No, it's alright. I realize what's going on. I'm not even mad, it's simply amusing to me,” she continues, shaking her head. “I built up a lot of bad karma, so to speak, blackmailing people much like you're doing to me. I stopped, but I guess it finally came back to bite me.” Aya leans over the table, propping her chin up with the palm of her hand. “I'm also not angry because I realize you're just a middle man.”

"A, a middle man?" you say, tilting your head and trying desperately to look innocent. Damn, this woman has your number.

“Come on now, don't insult me like that. Someone set you up to this, and there's only a few people who know my secret.”

You nod and let out a slow sigh. “You're right, someone did put me up to it. But the point still stands, Aya.”

She nods firmly. “Right, my secret. While I don't think you'll go spreading it, I have to admit you have a lot of guts to try this.” A wide grin crosses her face. “So, I'll indulge you. Tell me, what did you really come here for?”

You pause and swallow nervously. “I told you, I came to sleep with you.”

Her expression suddenly drops. “W-what? You were serious about that? Well, I, uh,” she stammers, taken off guard. “That's... That's a surprise since you know about me. I've never slept with someone, or even had them want to sleep with me.” She turns her head away, glancing at you from the corner of her eye. “Do you actually want this, or are you just saying that as part of the whole blackmailing bit?”

You start to answer immediately, but stop yourself. Then, slowly, you begin to nod. “Yeah, now that you've made me think about it, I actually want it for myself,” you answer with confidence. You don't know her very well, but you'd certainly not turn down a cute woman like her.

She turns back toward you, blushing profusely. “That's something else, huh?” she says, not addressing you in particular. She smirks again, feeling a bit more confident. “Well, I'm surprised, but if you know what you like, you know what you like.” Aya shrugs slightly, standing from her seat and draping herself across the table, her face inches from yours.

Whoa! You've heard of whirlwind romances, but... "Just, uh, just like that, Aya?"

“I'm a bit scared, but it'll be a new experience for me. Besides, I'm not picky over gender,” she answers, reaching back with one arm to pat her rear. “You'll get what you want, we'll both have a little fun, and then I can ask you those questions.”

“All business, huh?” you ask, standing from your seat and walking around the table.

“Regardless of what anyone says, there's nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure,” Aya says with a giggle. She pulls her hand away from her ass, propping herself up on the table with both hands. You stand behind the crow tengu, placing one hand on her hip and lifting her short skirt with the other. “It's a pleasant surprise, actally.”

“What is?” you ask her, kneading the soft, supple flesh of her ass with your fingers. You slip the tip of a finger beneath the waist of her panties, slowly tugging on them.

“Finding an ass man. Like I said, you know what you like,” she replies bluntly, not a shred of shame in her voice. An 'ass man'? You can't possibly be that transparent, could you?

[ ] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.
[ ] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
No. 18028
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
No. 18029
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.

can't resist can't resist can't resist
No. 18030
[x] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.

As an ass-man myself, I HAVE to vote for this. Forgive me, bandwagon.
No. 18031
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.

You know what they say about ass-uming things...
No. 18032
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.

Let's be hygenic~
No. 18034
[X] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
No. 18035
[x] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.

You other brothas can't deny.
No. 18036
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
No. 18037
File 131542018470.jpg - (172.36KB , 648x906 , 19507008_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Going for the pussy? I don't really like that, but it's democracy. I'll deal with it.
No. 18039
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
Pun is too good to p-ass up.
No. 18042
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.

What can I say? I prefer the front door. :)

Suggestion: "Questions eh? That's fine, I prefer an exchange over blackmail anyway."
Give some good foreplay first, we have a reputation to maintain after all.
No. 18043
> :)
No. 18044
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
No. 18045
If ass has some relation to her secret... oh god she shits everywhere. Abort, abort!

[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.
No. 18046

No. 18048
[X] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.

Oh god I have an idea about where you're going with this and if I'm right it seems like a lot of people are in for a surprise (and a pleasant one for me).
No. 18049
And if I'm right then the pun in the first option is a bit more subtle than the one in option two.
No. 18050
[x] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.
No. 18051
[x] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.

Guessing anal is taboo for tengu or something in this story? Can't see much reason Aya'd need to keep it secret otherwise. Having people pegged isn't that unusual either, Aya has to have seen MUCH weirder stuff.
No. 18064
[X] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.

Rick has been taking it up the ass a lot recently. Time to turn that around before it gets passe.
No. 18070
[x] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.

Just to piss in the tide.
No. 18073
[X] Aya has you pegged, doesn't she? Start with her ass as expected.

Rick can't pass up some anal time, no matter which end of it he's on.
No. 18075
Closing votes, pussy won. Will try to get the update done tomorrow, though this is going to be a long, long H scene, I think. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being the single biggest chunk of H i've written yet.
No. 18078
It'd be bad if the writer himself ended up falling asleep halfway through.
No. 18090
I'm 3800 words into the update and I'm out of steam today, because writing H is better with a certain mindset. You'll get the update tomorrow, and it should be well worth the wait!
No. 18141

inb4 cloaca
No. 18142
I'd just like to add in my appreciation for the entire Nitori sequence. Sweet, somewhat adventurous, and just pleasant overall.

I think it's a bit sad that so many authors seem to equate "pussy isn't tight" with "no good to fuck". It's like, if she doesn't half squeeze a man's dick off, or else have a lot of funky muscle control tricks, she's got nothing to offer without resorting to anal. It's good to see someone writing a piece of erotica that doesn't neglect the delight of a woman whose body is just so comfortable.
No. 18148

Gay guy here. I share your sentiments, my friend. Having your junk squeezed like toothpaste in the tube is uncomfortable at best, and painful at its worst. Would that more asses were loose in the muscles department.
No. 18151
File 131557050488.jpg - (1.04MB , 1200x1600 , 21591681.jpg ) [iqdb]

I actually struggled a fair bit with the Nitori sequence, even though I usually love writing sweet stuff, and stuff with more womanly body types. Fortunately, the tengu girls have sort of reignited the creative spark, so this bit should come out better.


Don't worry, Rick will be plenty loose by the time he gets to Rinnosuke!

Unrelated to the above comments, I'm thinking of writing the normal ends during down time such as waiting for votes. I'll probably write the Seiga normal end next, actually, even though there's a fair bit of time before her. I sat down and brainstormed with a friend and we came up with normal ends for every TD girl except one, as well as ideas for a couple different H scenes and what to do with them when that arc ends. Seiga's is particularly dirty, given my view on her. I can't help but imagine her as slutty (and others seem to tell me the same) and the polar opposite of how I've set up Kasen in my story. i.e., Kasen made a point about sex being beautiful and natural. Seiga here is the opposite, seeing it as a means to indulge in the lustful, base desires of the body.

Pic related, have a slutty Seiga.

Although, I should probably write that chubby Okuu one-shot before I forget about it...
No. 18159
Update is finished, clocking in at 6100 words. It would've been longer, but I decided to cut out a bit to save for another scene with the tengu girls. WIth that said, it's waiting on both of my proof readers before I post it.

On a semi-related note, this is the 100th complete post in the story. Complete being from one option to the next, that is.
No. 18166
Also, I forgot to say earlier we're on Day 12 now.

[X] She's making a lot of ass-umptions. Give her a surprise and start with her pussy.


“An ass man, Aya? You're making a lot of assumptions there.” You grin and slip the front of your pants down, freeing your half erect cock. You rest the length atop her smooth butt, continuing to massage her cheeks.

“Oh? I am? I guess I'm just not sure what else you'd do with a girl like me,” she replies, your prior comment lost on her. She wiggles her butt beneath your grasp, pushing it back against your lap.

You push the tip of your penis beneath her panties, stroking it against the soft material. You gently peel down the top of her panties, your cock now fully erect. “That's a simple answer,” you say, leaning over her body to whisper to her, “I'm going to start with your pussy.”

Aya doesn't immediately respond to your comment. She slowly pushes herself up from the table. “My pussy?” she asks aloud, beginning to laugh quietly. “You're going for my pussy, you say?”

You blink a few times, dumbstruck. What's she getting at? "Well... yeah, of course."

“You came here looking for a cute tengu girl to blackmail..." Suddenly, she pushes off from the table, sending the pair of you flying backwards. Your back hits the wall of the entryway hard enough to hurt but not enough that you're worried about any damage; at the same time, Aya spins about in mid-air, landing face-to-face with you, pressing against your body, trapping you in place. "...but you don't even know her secret, do you?”

“Wh-what are you doing, Aya?” you gasp out, trying to catch your breath. She stares at you, grinning from ear to ear, watching you squirm beneath her grasp.

She leans in closely, parting her lips and letting her hot breath tickle your face. One hand reaches down, grabbing the hem of your shirt and dragging it up and over your head, effortlessly pulling it from you. The other slides down your bare chest, slowly approaching your crotch. You're stunned, unable to fight back against Aya. She runs her tongue across your lips, letting out a low, throaty giggle. "Were you wondering what it'd be like," she says, pausing to squeeze your penis in her hand, "to feel a tight, juicy tengu pussy?"

She rolls your foreskin down your shaft, revealing the sensitive tip. Aya brings her other hand to your crotch, firmly gripping your testicles, rolling them between her fingers. Not wanting to let you free quite yet, she presses her small chest to yours. You swallow nervously, letting out a sharp gasp as she slowly pumps your length. “Y-yes, Aya.”

A loud thump and a crash can be heard outside, but it does nothing to ruin the moment. You stare into the crow girl's eyes, mesmerized. All you can feel at this point is a ravenous hunger and desire to be pleased by her. Her hand is rough, giving your cock long strokes and squeezing it firmly every time she reaches just beneath the head. “Tell me what you thought my pussy would be like,” she says breathily.

You take a deep breath, trying to steady yourself. “I, I've never been with a Tengu, I don't kn--”

“Surely you've had some fantasies about this encounter,” Aya interrupts, giving your shaft another firm pump. “You came all this way for, above all else, my tengu cunt,” she teases, pressing a brief kiss to your cheek, “and you mean to tell me that you haven't imagined what it'd feel like?”

You shake slightly, quivering from her rough handling of her cock. No, not just from that. You want to melt into her arms. She's strong, proud and confident. She knows exactly what you want. “W-warm,” you stutter. She slowly nods, eagerly anticipating more. “Tight and slippery, squeezing me inside of you.”

She suddenly picks up the pace, rhythmically stroking your hard cock. With every stroke it makes lewd squishing noises, precum rolling down from the head and coating your length. “You have taste, I've often heard that tengu pussy is some of the finest around,” she giggles, rubbing her chest against yours, leaning in closer to whisper in your ear. “Do you want my warm, tight, slippery tengu pussy?” she asks. You respond with a few short nods, shuddering and letting out a sigh as she molests your penis. “I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up.”

You moan sharply, nearing your limit. She responds by roughly squeezing your balls, her hand not letting up for even a moment. “Yes, yes, Aya, I want your pussy,” you cry out, submitting and letting her break you. You cry out, emptying your cock into her warm, soft hands. Your cum splatters onto her black skirt, staining it with your desires, while she just laughs. You let your body slacken and buckle, slumping to the floor, stunned by your orgasm.

Aya brings her hand up to clean your semen from it, making loud slurping noises. “You said you knew my secret.” She begins to unclasp the front of her skirt. “I'm sorry to disappoint, but I have no tengu pussy to offer you,” she taunts, dropping her skirt to the floor and pushing her panties down in one, smooth motion. The sight of Aya's thick cock, about as long as your own and perhaps a bit wider around, fills your view. It's throbbing and fully erect, slick and shiny from her precum, with a fat pair of testicles hanging beneath it. But even from this angle, you can tell there's no labia behind them, so she's not a hermaphrodite like Orin... but she's obviously not just a man, either.

The front door of Aya's house flies open. “Hey, Aya, guess who I caught snooping around again,” calls out the voice of Momizi. The two of you turn your heads in her direction. She's holding a struggling woman in her arms. “A-Aya?” she stammers, quite clearly staring at the long piece of meat between her friend's legs. Momizi drops the woman with a loud 'thud', stammering incoherently and slowly backing away. She bolts out the door, slamming it behind her.

“Wait, Momizi!” Aya calls out after her. You turn your attentions back to the dripping penis hanging in your face. All you can think about is this magnificent tengu cock, mere inches from your lips. You can smell Aya's lust and desires. You open your mouth, slowly leaning forward. “M-maybe I should go aft--” she starts, cut off by a loud moan as you swallow her cock.

You bring one hand up and grip her penis around the base, grabbing her balls with the other. She snaps her head down toward you, a look of shock on her face. The shock quickly turns into a pleased grin, Aya gently placing one hand on the back of your head. You slowly withdraw from her cock, letting it flop from your lips. You can taste her precum on your tongue. It's warm and salty, with just a hint of bitterness. “Aya,” you moan.

“Oh? Something the matter?” she asks with an amused smile.

You nod slowly, returning her smile. “I was just wondering something,” you reply. She tilts her head curiously. “Why would I want tight, slippery tengu pussy,” you start, giving her penis a slow lick, “when I could have hot, thick tengu cock?” You slowly pull your hand up her length, rolling her foreskin forward. You rub her slick penis across your lips and cheek, smearing it with her semen.

“So, does that mean this is better than your fantasies about my pussy?” You give her another nod. Gripping her shaft in your hands, you point it directly at your lips. You lean forward and kiss the head, slowly peeling the foreskin back. You take a deep breath through your nose. Her cock smells like semen, sweat and her own natural musk, and it drives you wild. Aya gently nudges your head forward. “Since you're so honest, you can taste as much of my cock as you like.” Her voice lacks its prior dominance, taking on a more affectionate tone.

You part your lips once more, allowing Aya to push your head onto her length. You moan and sigh happily, your hot breath tickling her penis. She responds with her own pleased moan, slowly pushing your head closer to her crotch. You relax and let her do as she pleases, gagging slightly as her cock pushes against the back of your throat. “Aya,” you groan, her name coming out muffled and nearly unintelligible.

“Just relax,” she says sweetly, continuing to gently push at your throat. You moan and suck hungrily on her cock, rubbing your tongue along the underside. Her length forces its way down your throat. You don't even resist, feeling nothing but lust and satisfaction at this point. Your face is buried in her crotch, nose first into a light patch of pubic hair. You take another breath through your nose. The air can't fill your lungs, but you can still catch her scent. After a few agonizing moments, she pulls your head away. You withdraw from her cock and gasp for air. Strands of cum hang from your lips, dripping onto your lap.

For a brief moment, you glance back toward the doorway. The woman that Momizi brought in is sitting there, watching you and Aya. She's wearing a whitish-purple dress shirt, with a loose tie around her neck. A short skirt, much like Aya's covers her lower body, marked with a purple-and-black checkerboard pattern. Her hair is brown and done up in twin tails, topped with ribbons and a small, purple hat. She's also wearing a pair of black thigh highs, though with the addition of a crisscrossed purple ribbon running up the length of them. She's watching the scene and masturbating, rubbing her slit through the fabric of her panties.


“Yes?” she asks. You cock your head in the direction of the newcomer. “Oh, that's just Hatate. Don't worr...” Aya begins to answer, pausing and turning back to you with a grin. “We'll get to her, but right now, I believe there's a thick tengu cock that needs your love.”

Aya's right. Why are you worried about this Hatate girl? You've got what you desire right in front of you. Opening your mouth, you descend once more upon her. She moans and coos happily, stroking your hair with one hand and pushing you down with the other. “You're such a strange human, aren't you?” she giggles.

You glance up to Aya, watching the expression on her face as you taste her penis. She shuts her eyes, taking one hand from your head and using it to brace herself against the wall. You pull your head back, running your tongue across the tender and vulnerable head of her cock. A low moan escapes her lips. She can't stand your teasing. Her hand gently nudges you forward again, forcing her shaft to the back of your mouth. You move your hand away from her testicles, repositioning yourself on the floor to give you access to your own penis.

Aya suddenly opens her eyes, spotting your change in position. “No, why don't you let me handle that? Just focus on what you're doing,” she chuckles, gently pressing her stocking-covered foot down on your cock. You groan and close your eyes, eagerly returning to your duties. Her fat, throbbing cock head dribbles cum down your throat, twitching inside of your mouth. You squeeze the base of her shaft with one hand, slowly beginning to bob your head on her crotch. Her hand grips the back of your head, pushing slightly on it with each thrust you make. She giggles and moans in pleasure, taking your penis in between her toes and rubbing the fabric into your flesh.

“You love tengu cock, don't you?” she says with a satisfied laugh. You respond with a low groan, sending vibrations through her shaft. Aya moans and takes a deep breath. Her thick length throbs and pulses between your lips. “Taste me, make love to my cock, and maybe I'll cover your cute face with hot tengu cum,” she giggles, voice filled with pleasure and delirium. “Would you like that?”

You respond in the only way you can: speeding up your motions. You make a fist around the lower part of her cock, rapidly sliding your mouth along her slick, hot length. She cries out happily, roughly grabbing your head and thrusting her hips forward, fucking your mouth and trying to force herself into your throat once more. With each thrust you make loud, nasty slurping noises, moaning and groaning happily into her penis. Aya makes one final thrust, pushing her cock into your tight throat. She squeals in pleasure, the first shot of cum pouring down your throat and into your stomach. You pull back, gasping for air and receiving the second load directly in your mouth. She reaches between her legs, pulling her cock from your mouth and giving it a few short strokes. Another shot of tengu semen splatters across your face and soaks it in her juices.

You swallow her cum just as Aya presses her cock against your lips. You allow her inside, moaning happily as you clean the remnants from her half-erect piece of tengu meat. “You're quite the little slut, aren't you?” Aya asks. Her voice isn't rude or condescending, though. She's being quite affectionate, petting your hair and watching you clean her up. She takes her foot from your cock, stepping back and letting hers pop free from your mouth.

Aya glances to Hatate and shakes her head in disappointment. “Were you spying on me, Hatate?” The other girl, presumably a tengu as well, doesn't answer her question. She's moaning and squealing, eyes shut tightly. You can see now that she's discarded her panties, spreading her pussy and fingering it in plain sight of the two of you. Aya turns back to you with a grin. She reaches down, extending a hand, which you gladly take. You stand slowly, legs wobbling. “Why don't you give me a little kiss, just for Hatate here?”

You blink a few times in surprise. Is she trying to tease Hatate? “What's wrong?” Aya asks sweetly. “You've had a taste of my cock, why not a taste of my lips?” You nod and lean forward, eager to press your cum-stained lips to Aya's. She puts a finger up on her lips, preventing you from kissing her. She places one hand on your face and gently pushes it away. “Mm, there's one little catch,” she says playfully.

“A-Aya? Please, let me kiss you.”

“You're so adorable when you beg,” she giggles, stroking your cheek with her thumb. “I'll kiss you if you turn to Hatate and tell her that you're my slut.”

You glance from Aya to Hatate and back again, almost in disbelief. But you want this, it's what you came here to do, wasn't it? “Hatate,” you call out. The tengu girl on the floor stops what she's doing and looks up at you. Aya reaches between your legs, pushing your hips forward and exposing your cock for Hatate. “I'm Aya's whore, for her to use as she pleases.”

Aya releases you and claps her hands together excitedly, her cock bouncing slightly at the sudden motion. “You're so sweet to add that on, and since you want to do as I please, go give Hatate a kiss,” she instructs you. You nod and drop to your hands and knees, crawling on the floor towards Hatate. She seems frozen in place, watching in surprise as you slowly approach. You climb atop her, pressing your lips to her mouth. She moans and slides her tongue inside of your mouth, scooping out the remnants of Aya's semen. “Now, tell her how much I'd like her to be my slut as well.”

You pull your mouth away from the frightened tengu girl and begin to speak. Before you can do so, Hatate finally speaks up. “N-no, he doesn't have to tell me, Aya, I want to be your slut.” You look back to Aya, who is now openly stroking her shaft.

“Good girl, Hatate,” she says with a laugh, gesturing for you to return to her. “I'm not quite ready to play with you, though. You see, I've taken quite a liking to this man.” You return to Aya's side and stand up. She places her hands upon your bare chest, smearing into your skin some of the semen she dripped on you earlier. “You know, he came here looking to blackmail me, and now look at him. Begging for my hot tengu cock, swallowing my cum, and announcing his submission.”

Hatate stares at you, her eyes burning with jealously as Aya begins to fondle your penis. “I want you, Aya,” she whines, fingers returning to their work between her legs.

Aya laughs softly. “And I want him, strange how that works, isn't it? You aren't jealous, are you?” she asks. Hatate begrudgingly shakes her head. Aya knows exactly what she's doing, and she's trying to rile Hatate up. She turns back to you with a smile on her face, leaning forward to kiss your lips. She slowly pulls back, licking them as she retreats. “You tasted my cock, and my lips.” Aya slowly pulls away from you, sitting upon the dining room table. She spreads her legs, proudly showing off her erect penis. She waves you over, patting her lap. “I was thinking I'd reward you with the feeling of having a tengu inside of you.”

Without hesitation, you move to the table in front of Aya. She gestures for you to face away from her, which you do so. Her hands gently come to a rest on your hips. Her thumbs dig into the skin on either side of your ass, parting your cheeks. The tip of her thumb presses slightly into the tight opening of your anus, causing you to jump. “Aya,” you groan, wiggling your hips.

“Yes? Is there something you want?” she asks, to which you nod in response. “You have to tell me, then.” Aya firmly pulls your hips backward, pressing the tip of her hard penis against your opening. “Tell me how much you want me inside of you, and how much you've come to love tengu cock.”

You groan and try to push your ass back slightly. Aya holds you firmly, shaking her head. You want her inside of you, it's all you can think of at this point. “I want you to fuck me, Aya,” you blurt out shamelessly. “I love your hot, slippery tengu cock, and all I want is to have you inside of me.” Without warning, your tengu lover impales you upon her length. The thick head, slick with your saliva and her juices, spreads your asshole with ease. You let out a cry of pleasure, nearly melting in her arms as she hefts you into her lap. Aya leans back, allowing you to rest atop her thin frame.

“You came here for tengu pussy, climbing this mountain with the single thought of fucking me, didn't you?” she teases. You groan and relax on her shaft. She's surprisingly strong for her appearance. “Instead, you end up wanting nothing more than to suck on me and be fucked by me.” Aya giggles, thrusting her hips up into you. You moan sharply, sitting up and letting the weight of your body drive her thick cock deeper inside. “Hatate, why don't you join us?”

Hatate looks up in surprise, her face covered in a blush. She's clearly embarrassed, but doesn't hesitate. She scrambles to her feet and quickly crosses the short distance to Aya, dropping to her knees. She buries her face in Aya's crotch, eagerly licking and sucking on her testicles. You can feel her hot breath on your skin from below.

“No, Hatate,” Aya says with a disappointed sigh.

Hatate pulls back from the crotch of her idol, looking up with surprise. “N-no? What do you mean, Aya? You just asked me to join you.”

“I asked you to join us, not me,” Aya says with a soft giggle. “I want my two sluts to get to know each other a bit better.”

“B-but, Aya,” Hatate whines.

“You want to make me happy, right?” Aya asks. Hatate nods eagerly. “Well, he has been an awfully good slut, and he came all this way looking for tengu pussy. Nothing would make me happier than rewarding him, Hatate.”

Hatate glances up to you for a moment, and then back to Aya. “If it makes you happy,” she answers, smiling slightly. She slowly stands up, beginning to undress herself. She's a thin, lightly framed girl, with small handfuls for breasts and a patch of hair just above her slit.

“Isn't she beautiful?” Aya asks you, reaching around with one hand to massage your penis. “It may not be my pussy, but you're going to get what you came for. Doesn't that excite you?”

“Yes, Aya,” you answer, grinning from ear to ear as Hatate begins to climb atop you. She begins to lower herself, Aya holding your cock firmly in place and guiding it inside of the somewhat tight, dripping tengu pussy. You let forth a long, deep moan as her cunt envelops you. Hatate winces and groans, filling her body with your length.

Aya rolls her hips slightly, grinding her penis against your asshole. “This must be heaven for you. Caught between the tengu cock you've begged for, and the tight tengu pussy you were seeking.” She couldn't be more right. You groan and shift about, feeling her thick cock inside of you on one end, and the tight pussy of Hatate on the other. Aya restrains your arms, pulling them back and bucking her hips slightly.

Hatate rests on your lap, wincing and moaning softly, wiggling about with you inside of her. “Aya,” she whines.

“Hatate, show him a bit more love than that.” The tengu girl on your lap nods and slips her arms beneath yours, pressing her small breasts to your chest. Her tiny lips slowly approach yours, the hesitation apparent in her face. She finally kisses you, sighing quietly. “She's such a sweet girl, isn't she?” You nod dumbly, your senses overrun by the scent of sex, cum and the musk of the two tengu humping you. “She's trying so hard to please you, and you're just sitting there,” she says with disappointment, clearly offering you a suggestion. She releases one of your arms, allowing you to bring it up to embrace Hatate.

You place your hand on Hatate's rump, gently pressing her down against your crotch. She moans into the kiss, shifting as your cock moves about inside of her. You can tell she's holding back, desiring Aya instead of you. But you're going to give Hatate all of your love, simply because it'd make Aya happy. You slowly knead her butt, digging your fingers into the soft flesh. You inch your fingertip closer and closer to her anus, Hatate none the wiser.

Aya seems to notice, however. “Oh? You're getting a bit ahead of yourself, aren't you?” she giggles. Once more, she restrains your arm, pulling it from Hatate's body. “I think I've changed my mind. Hatate, how would you feel about making him our pet?” Hatate moans in agreement, too busy with your tongue to form a proper response. Aya lays back on the table, pulling you along with her. She twists her arms around yours, holding both of your hands. The sudden shift in position drags your length from Hatate's body, your erect cock slipping free and standing up, dripping with your desire.

You moan as the kiss is suddenly broken, the thick cock inside of your ass throbbing and pushing deeper into your body. “Aya!” you cry out.

“He loves to call my name out, doesn't he?” Aya says, chuckling quietly. “Now, Hatate, I think he deserves your pussy. He came all this way, didn't he?” Hatate nods, the look of jealousy on her face beginning to fade, replaced with lust. “Maybe if you ride his cock, he'll say your name with the same lust that he says mine.”

Hatate, now seeming to be as broken as you have become, nods eagerly, crawling up your body. She straddles your crotch, positioning her dripping pussy above your length. Her hands push against your bare chest, fingernails gently scratching your skin. Then, without warning, she takes you. Not with hesitation as before, but eagerly, desiring to have your cock inside of her. “Tell me! Tell me how much you want me!” Hatate cries out.

You let out a loud moan as her slippery tengu cunt claims you for herself. The force of her body pressing down upon you serves to only drive Aya deeper inside of you. “Y-yes, I want you,” you respond, gasping for breath. Hatate seems slightly disappointed, having expected more from you.

“Is that it?” Aya asks. “Hatate, I think our pet isn't being honest with himself. Perhaps he needs more convincing.”

You look up to Hatate with a smile on your face. “You're right, Aya, I'll just have to convince him,” she replies, grinning from ear to ear. She slowly lifts herself, forcefully pushing down upon your crotch once more. Her hips grind into your crotch, dragging your cock against the walls of her pussy. Aya bucks her own hips upward at the same moment, pushing your body up into Hatate's. You groan and arch your back, wiggling your own hips back and forward, trying ineffectually to take both of them at the same time.

Aya laughs at your predicament, reinforcing her grip on you. She presses her tiny breasts against your back and moves her head beside yours. “Relax, and just drown in your desires,” she whispers to you with a quiet giggle. You take a deep breath and let your body relax, Aya slowly lowering you back down. “Hatate, look at him, isn't he a strange man?”

Hatate smiles and nods. “Yes, he is. I've never heard of a human coming to the mountain just to have sex with tengu,” she speaks up, now getting in on the act herself.

“You're right, Hatate,” Aya says with a grin. She pushes her hips upward, grinding her cock inside of you. You let out a sharp gasp, groaning in pleasure. “Is that why you came here? To submit to tengu and mate with them?”

You nod weakly, unable to form the words to answer her. Hatate smiles wickedly, pressing her hips down and forcing Aya deeper. “Oh? That's why you came here? Did you want to mate with me, too?” Hatate asks in a teasing tone.

“Maybe he came here to let me claim him for myself?” Aya chimes in. You can feel her thick cock slowly scraping against your insides, the shaft pushing up against your prostate. “Be honest, tell us how you came here,” she starts, pausing to let her penis withdraw a few inches from your body, “to mate with Hatate and give yourself to my cock.”

You take another deep breath, steadying yourself. “Yes, yes, that's why I came here,” you answer, voice filled with lust.

“What is why you came here?” Aya taunts.

“I... I came here to take Aya's thick tengu cock, and to have Hatate mate with me!” you cry out, your mind muddled by desire. “All I want is to be Aya's slut and to be loved by Hatate.”

The two tengu go silent, resting inside of and atop your body. Aya breaks the silence, laughing softly. “Honesty should be rewarded, Hatate. Let's give him what he wants.” Hatate nods, leaning forward to lay down atop your body. You're firmly sandwiched between two tengu women who want nothing more than to tease, berate and fuck you. Hatate's lips force themselves to your mouth, her tongue sliding inside of it. You shut your eyes and moan into the kiss, offering no resistance to either of them.

Aya finally releases your hands, confident that you won't make any efforts to resist. Her hands slip into the space between you and Hatate, groping your chest for a moment before sliding down to rest on your hips. You give off another content moan, relaxing your body. Hatate is the first to move, slowly and clumsily sliding her hips up and down. Her pussy gently squeezes your cock. It's not as tight as some of the women you've encountered, likely loosened a bit by her own ministrations.

The thick tengu penis inside of you slowly begins to move as well, Aya wasting little time in joining in on the fun. You can feel your own asshole contracting around her cock as it slides about inside of you. The hot shaft throbs with her desire, precum dripping into your anus and lubricating it further. With each slow thrust, the presence of her length pressing on your prostate can be felt. You groan deliriously, caught in absolute heaven.

Hatate begins to pick up the pace, seeming to have found her footing, in a manner of speaking. She breaks the kiss, reaching up to place one hand on your cheek. You open your eyes, watching as she gently strokes your face. “You're going to mate with me, and cum inside of me,” she says with a giggle, her voice drunken with lust. “Aya keeps saying you came here to have sex with tengu. Is mating with me everything you dreamed it would be?”

You nod slowly, a slight smile upon your lips. By now, you've come to understand what they want from you. They want you to bare your soul and make known your every desire. “Yes, Hatate. All I could think of when I came to Aya was mating with her. Instead, she claimed me, and you've done the same.”

“Aya's right, honesty should be rewarded,” Hatate says to you, leaning in to take your lips. She doesn't relent, keeping up the pace and needily humping your crotch. Her pussy contracts and loosens around you with every thrust. You can feel your foreskin being roughly pushed and pulled, tugged on by her walls and rolled across the sensitive head of your cock. Aya takes the opportunity to quicken her own pace, thrusting her shaft inside of your body and grinding it against the walls of your anus. Each thrust causes you to gasp and tighten your asshole, moaning as the head forces itself against your prostate.
No. 18167
Hatate pushes herself up from your chest, straddling your waist and riding your hard cock. You watch blissfully as her hips bounce up and down atop your lap. With each thrust, Hatate exerts her ownership over you, using her pussy to claim you for herself. You can feel your desires beginning to rise. Your shaft twitches and throbs inside of her. The pace of your moans quickens, interspersed with sharp gasps for air. The room is filled with the sounds of mating, the flesh of the two tengu women slapping againt yours, Hatate's pussy squishing noisily as she thrusts it upon you.

“Hatate!” you finally scream, calling out her name with the lust and appreciation that she so desired. Her pace only seems to quicken as you cry for her, the walls of her cunt clamping down as if they were trying to drain you. You shake and quiver, feeling your orgasm quickly approaching. Inside of your asshole, you can feel every inch of Aya's cock. You can feel it as it throbs, much like your own, preparing to spill its seed into your body. “Hatate!” you cry once more, unable to hold yourself back.

“Yes, yes! Mate with me, cum inside of me!” she yells back, drowning out your cries of pleasure. She slams her crotch against yours, locking them together in an effort to let none of your semen be wasted. You arch your back, groaning blissfully as your orgasm finally arrives. You spasm and convulse, curling your toes up and stiffening your body. You can feel every inch of her pussy contracting and sucking on your cock. You empty your testicles inside of her, thick globs of cum filling her cunt. Hatate moans and collapses atop your body, her own pleasure boiling over. You can feel her juices pouring from her body and streaming down your crotch.

Aya isn't finished, however. She's strong enough to lift the both of you with little issue. Without any restraint, she plows your asshole. Her arms heft your body up, allowing her to withdraw her cock, leaving just the tip inside. She drops your body, filling your asshole with her length. Aya finally releases her own cry of pleasure, pushing her back up from the table and lifting the two of you. You gasp and shiver as her hot cum floods the inside of your body. You feel pleasantly full, much like your prior experiences. She gasps and groans, relaxing back on the table. Slowly, Aya rolls you from her body, dumping Hatate and yourself on the table.

Hatate sits up, slides from your cock and grabs your arms. She tugs you forward, dragging you from the table and pulling you onto the floor. You collapse atop her body, trying to catch your breath. Aya laughs and sits up from the table. “He's so different when he's honest with himself, and us, isn't he?” she asks.

Hatate grins and nods, wrapping her arms around your waist. “He's our pet now, Aya.”

“Of course, but even if he is our pet,” Aya starts, sitting up and sliding to the edge of the table, “it doesn't change the fact that you're both my sluts.” Hatate's eyes light up, watching eagerly as Aya spreads her legs. “You haven't even had a chance to service me yet, have you?” she asks Hatate, gently massaging her softening length. “Maybe that can come a bit later,” she teases, giggling to herself. With a long sigh, Aya slumps back, draping herself across the table to catch her breath. It seems her body finally caught up to her. She's clearly exhausted and seems unable to even move at this point.

Hatate seems a bit disappointed, but doesn't waste time sulking. She presses her lips to your cheek, giving it an affectionate kiss. Closing her eyes, she relaxes beneath your body, content to enjoy the warmth of her 'mate'. Minutes pass without a word being spoken, just the soft sound of breathing.

Finally, the silence is broken. “Momizi,” Aya says breathlessly. “Need to find Momizi.”

You slowly slide from Hatate's body and begin to sit up, much to her dismay. “That's right, she ran off earlier, I...” She reaches out, grabbing at your waist.

“Too tired,” Aya cuts you off, sitting up from the table. You get a look at her face; she looks tired and drained, both physically and mentally. “It's not your fault, if that's what you were going to say.”

Actually, it is partially your fault. You slowly stand, pulling yourself from Hatate's grip. She whines quietly, but relaxes on the floor. “I've got some left in me, I could go look for her,” you offer.

Aya smiles slightly and gestures for you to come a bit closer. As you approach, she weakly reaches out for you. Placing her hands on your shoulders, she pulls herself up and kisses you on the lips. She's a completely different woman now. Nothing like the confident and dominant Aya from just moments ago, teasing you and making you... You shake the thought from your head, indulging her in the kiss. She finally allows her lips to depart, smiling the whole way. “You're a good man, and I'd appreciate that. I think Hatate might be up for looking as well, but you'd have to ask her.”

[ ] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.
[ ] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.
No. 18168
[x] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

I think Aya got ahead of herself as he's Yukari's pet.
No. 18169
[x] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

Momiji is love.
No. 18170
File 131560158774.jpg - (46.45KB , 409x405 , i can fap to this.jpg ) [iqdb]
Woo woo tengu blowjob
No. 18171
[x] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.
No. 18172
[x] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.

*face palm* What happened to the days when women were, well, women? While I prefer Hetero relations, I don't mind the occasional Gay stuff but I prefer the participants to clearly be male or female.
No. 18173
This isn't the story for you then as well, the writer likes cock on male mouth and/or ass action.
No. 18175
[x] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.
No. 18176
[x] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.
No. 18177
They're still here fuckass. Just because one instance of what looks like an mtf/ftm appears doesn't mean every single woman is now going to have a full set of cock and balls.

Also take your stupid *action* shit somewhere else.
No. 18179
[x] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

>Aya is a trap
>MC is anally fucked
No. 18181
[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

Gotta take it slow with her. She was spooked enough to run off, so she doesn't need extra pressure on her.
No. 18198
[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.
No. 18201
[x] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.

More Hatate~
No. 18202
[x] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.
No. 18206
[x] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

You know we'll be seeing her again if Yukari decides to capitalize on that.
No. 18213
Is Aya really a trap though? She certainly isn't male in other sexual features, like the breasts.
No. 18215
[x] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

It's probably best to talk to her alone even though it could make it a lot harder to find her (but, hey, that's what protagonist powers are for!).

On another topic; Hell yes, I was right! Aya's behaviour really hinted at it well.
He did say the trap would not be who we expected and before we met her I would not have guessed it'd be her.
I'd have loved to see the other option win but I enjoyed this outcome too.
No. 18216
Nothing explicit as far as I can tell at this late hour.
The only thing I can find is a mention of her "tiny breasts" pressed against our hero's back and that could just be a soft, as opposed to muscular, chest. Not necessarily breasts but then I'm not the author, maybe we'll find out more in time.
No. 18217
You'll find out what Aya's deal is soon enough. Actually, when I said there was a trap, I wasn't talking about Aya. I don't consider her a trap. I was talking more of the future shota encounter.
No. 18219
[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

This story is my dream.
No. 18237
this is my exact thought process
[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.
No. 18241
[x] Take Hatate with you, she knows the area and Momizi. It should make things easier.
No. 18251
Have you forgotten that the very first H scene in this story was Rick offering up his ass to Yukari? If that didn't send you scurrying, then you're clearly quite selective in your forgetfulness. I may not find the futa/trap/man-on-male-ass part of the story fappable, but you won't see me bitching and moaning about too many dicks in the mix.

[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.

Also, Rick needs to set Aya straight (heh) about whose pet he is before all's said and done.
No. 18270
yamaxanadu is a boy i bet

[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.
No. 18271

Shikieiki is not a boy.
No. 18272
Like Mononobe no Futo?
No. 18273
Futo is not a boy.
No. 18282
Like !lggAzV5pXw?
No. 18288
Like Myouren back from the dead?
No. 18291
Like Youki Konpaku?
No. 18316
Going alone wins, votes closed. I'll try to update today.
No. 18387
I didn't feel up to writing yesterday, and I'm not feeling too hot mentally today. What I will do is run some Q&A regarding the story, though. Have questions? Post them and I'll answer in a bit.

No, don't ask who the shota is. Though I know you will anyway.
No. 18436
Who's the shWhat's going on at the other places we've been to up to this point?
Is Aya's condition one she's had since birth, or was magic/surgery/etc. involved?
Was Yukari telling the truth when she said human-youkai couples couldn't have children unless "true love" was present? What about the non-youkai Rick has been with?
No. 18448
>What's going on at the other places

Shinki is lonely. How could you leave her? Byakuren is busy with new arrivals. Your family at Mayohiga have been working with Kogasa, and Yukari is also busy assisting Byakuren. Komachi is making good on her promise to spend time with Tenshi. Other than that, life is pretty much continuing as normal, unless I missed something. Just got up.

>Is Aya's condition one she's had since birth, or was magic/surgery/etc. involved?

In a few updates, this will be covered. I haven't written because I haven't felt it for the past few days, but we'll get there. Talky time with Aya and the other tengu girls.

>Was Yukari telling the truth when she said human-youkai couples couldn't have children unless "true love" was present?

Oh yes, she was telling the truth.

>What about the non-youkai Rick has been with?

Chalking it up to 'you got lucky', since some of them were done before I got those ideas in place, such as Shinki.
No. 18450
>Your family at Mayohiga
This makes me smile to think about.
No. 18488
Okay, so, after a week of slacking: Tomorrow I'm going to write the update, no H scene involved, though that'll be an option. Next week should be a return to usual attempts at 4-5 updates a week, especially since I got my 3g throttled like an idiot. Again.

Though I just got my copy of TD in the mail, so I have no idea how I'm going to get anything done between that and New Vegas! Oh dear.
No. 18501
File 131621350176.jpg - (1.28MB , 1000x800 , 21733394_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
I haven't determined breast sizes for the TD girls yet. There's still time to do THIS to them!
No. 18503
Variety is better, question is who'd be busty besides Mamizou?

I'm still hoping for a Kyouko/Kogasa/Rick threesome.
No. 18504
Go for it. We can find variety elsewhere~
No. 18505
Well, my initial thoughts (before seeing this) were: Busty for Mamizou, Tojiko and Yoshika. Moderate for Miko and Seiga. Small to flat for Futo. Kyouko was to be flat as well, although pixiv made me appreciate her with tits.

But man, this image. I mean, look at that rendition of Futo. It's damn tempting to make them all well endowed.


That's an interesting idea. Especially since Kogasa has an umbrella, you have a sword, and Kyouko has her broom.
No. 18506

A busty Futo is alright. That image is glorious.
No. 18522
Busty Mamizou is a must. The rest, I'm open to whatever.
Will she have massive tanuki balls?
No. 18523

Sadly, she isn't in the list of characters that have a penis. However, there's nothing saying I can't do a one-shot of the sort. After chubby okuu, and after I finish the Hina bit.
No. 18527
Well, you have my vote in favor of that!
No. 18534
Homeless Mk II makes a nicely endowed (yet not quite busty) Kyouko; extra huggable.
No. 18536
I am seriously starting to get upset about this out-of-memory error thing.
My apologies for the triple-post. I can't delete the extras, and my browser - even after clearing cache - showed none of them until after that third post.
No. 18538

Oh yes, yes they do.

For those who don't know the artist mentioned:


As for the triple posts, don't worry. If you report two of them they'll be removed relatively quickly.
No. 18542
Kyouko: Similar to how that artist draws her.
Yoshika: Medium at least; wonder how they'd feel..
Futo:Variable I'd say (She might be hiding a rack somehow)
Seiga:While not busty, I doubt she's exactly small or flat, having 2 kids in the past.
Tojiko: No clear picture, but having her end up shapely wouldn't be surprising seeing how most spirit-like beings are shapely (Komachi, Yuyuko, Merlin), though she seems moderate in most pictures.
Miko:She'd have something at least.
No. 18564


Says it isn't explicitly known if she bore any children in the past. Granted, the wiki could be wrong, but I'm curious where you read that. If that IS the case and she did have children, it plays really nicely into the Seiga normal end.
No. 18584
You can always infer that the family she married into continued, which means that she had a child.
No. 18742
I haven't updated lately, or even really written, but I have made some progress. I got together with a friend and we came up with an entirely new scenario for Tewi. Originally, I was going to do rape/mindbreak (which I don't like) for Tewi. I really dislike Tewi because of fanon, which is a silly reason, especially given how often I tend to cast that sort of stuff to the wind.

So, rather than ruin my story with rape/mindbreak, we've got something great planned for her in the future. I'm hoping I can actually put some life into Eientei, as one of the frequent complaints is that they're boring characters.

Basically, this is a chance to redeem Tewi as a character. Besides, everyone could use a Lucky Rabbit's Footjob.

Once writing commences, the Tengu girls should last another 5-6 updates, Kasen should take about two, and then a bunch with Sanae/Suwako/Kanako.
No. 18744
File 13166131201.png - (394.02KB , 853x1200 , lord daikoku.png ) [iqdb]
I'll take ignoring Inaba (that's what you mean by fanon, right?) over mindbreak. Hooray!
No. 18745
I think he was referring to the one note pranking bitch that's so popular in fanon.

Inaba comic Tewi isn't that bad.
No. 18746
File 131661532663.png - (418.24KB , 853x1200 , she's nothing.png ) [iqdb]
That's where the one-note fanon came from, though. Fans just exaggerated it.

it didn't take much exaggerating
No. 18754
I doubt it as what I seen in fan stuff and the Inaba manga is different.

That and her main victim is Reisen, whom some could argue brings it upon herself.
No. 18776

Exactly. This bit of fanon absolutely ruined her for me, so this is an opportunity to turn her from annoying, pranking bitch who pisses everyone off into a real character with depth and a personality.
No. 18863
A suggestion, then, if you don't mind.

Tewi isn't really known to be an enemy to humans, at least no more than your average fairy. She's definitely not the "Get out, stupid human" Tewi that I've seen in a few Touhou fanworks.

More relative to her character and lifestyle: Tewi is the leader of all the rabbits at Eientei. The exact number of them isn't certain, but it's apparently quite a few, and she's the boss. The rabbits are in charge of doing all the day-to-day essentials at Eientei, since Kaguya's usually busy entertaining guests, Eirin's constantly experimenting with new medicines, and Reisen does all the gofer work outside Eientei (e.g. she's the one that sells Eirin's medicines at the Human Village market).

All that aside, if you want the truest-to-canon character, the trickster part of her can't be left out. She's a little heartless about it, even; in PoFV (in which she's shirking work to go gather rare flowers), she duels Medicine for a portion of her lilies-of-the-valley, and when she wins - and finds out that contact with the flowers is deadly poison - she decides to send one of her subordinates to go gather the lilies-of-the-valley for her.
No. 18872

I appreciate the input, but I have Tewi completely covered, as well as the rest of Eientei. I already took into account her canon side of things when rewriting the ideas for the scenario. I didn't say I was leaving the trickster part out. My issue isn't that, it's that fanon has taken that and run away with it and turned it into something ridiculous. I know how Eientei and the characters work, and while I find them interesting, most people think they're boring. That's what I want to fix.
No. 18898
Thanks for responding.

I think the real issue with fanon of Tewi is that fans don't always take into account that, although Inaba of the Moon/Inaba of the Earth is the largest amount of screentime Tewi gets in a canon (and most-accessible; many players skip PoFV for breaking the Touhou formula), it is also a gag manga. Every character's jerkass side gets exaggerated purely for comedic effect.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you treat the Eientei gang. Kaguya especially seems to get surprisingly little attention.
I have full confidence in your ability to make characters interesting, nameless writer. After all, I wasn't interested in several of the Myouren-ji crew until you wrote them.
No. 18915
>little attention

Have you seen all the stories aiming for her in Eientei? If anyone has 'little attention' it'd be anyone not named Kagaya or Eirin.

Also one can't take the game dialogue too seriously as the things are rather played up. You remember Sakuya dying in EoSD and Mystia being eaten in IN, RIGHT?

People think they're boring due to lolfanon which doesn't try to do much with them.
No. 18918
>Eirin getting attention due
Titles please. I need to know what I've been missing.
No. 18923

Exactly, and I have big plans for all of them! And we'll get there in due time. After this arc there will be choices for Hakugyokurou, Eientei, SDM, or the Ten Desires arc (going back to Byakuren).
No. 19153
File 131713006783.jpg - (98.08KB , 652x1000 , Ryormen_mist.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm going to probably have an update done Thursday, I wanted to get one done sooner this week but it's proving pretty damn busy. In penance, have a sexy Mystia.
No. 19180
Ichiju does a really lovely Mystia. Lovely night sparrow bosom~
No. 19190
Tell me where to buy this. I must have it.
No. 19193

This literally JUST got an order page sometime in the night/morning:


Start date for preorders is the 1st of October, end date for preorders is the 15th of November, from what I can see. You will need a deputy service as well. I can recommend one, unless you've got a service you're particularly fond of.
No. 19195
File 131721573361.jpg - (52.01KB , 428x650 , kyouko-ab(1).jpg ) [iqdb]
While I'm at it, there's also this. No order dates/price yet.
No. 19198
>12000 円
>deputy service

My wallet will never forgive me. It doesn't matter, though. I'm sure I've seen you post the link before, but I'm lazy, hit me with the name of the deputy you use.
No. 19200


I've been using this guy for almost two years now, it's one person running it as a side business. He can be a bit slow to reply at times, but his service is top notch otherwise. And he includes little hand-written notes in the packages which is a nice touch.
No. 19212
No update due to important stuff going on IRL at the moment.
No. 19300

boncool (the site with Mystia) just got an update for english viewers and you DON'T need a deputy, they will ship overseas via EMS. Sorry for misleading you, didn't realize it at first.


Thanks for posting that for me. Yeah, I had some RL issues crop up over the past few days and had very little time to write. I'll be starting again as soon as this stuff is taken care of.
No. 19438
I've got a lot going on still, but I'm now in a position where I might have time to write, although access to posting is pretty limited. Would you guys be bothered if I just wrote and disregarded choices for a bit? It'd basically mean a giant wall or two when things settle down.
No. 19439
I wouldn't particularly mind. It's not like I won't enjoy it regardless.
No. 19440
I'd be fine with that, as long as we don't end up missing Kanako or something.
I want to be tied up by her and treated like a pet~
No. 19441
I want to be tied up and neglected only for Suwako to help him against Kanako's wishes~
No. 19442
I can definitely live with that.
No. 19443
Oh god yes - I can't wait until we get to the Kanako scenes.
And, as said, being her pet will be fun.
No. 19446
Treated like a pet? With Kanako? I don't recall ever indicating that. Rick is a pet for only one woman! However, regardless of what Kanako ropes him into, he's bound to have plenty of time to bond with her.
No. 19447
You clever thing you.
No. 19449
I'm sure your auto-pilot will be enjoyable, but please don't have Kanako stick a rope in Rick's ass.
No. 19457
Agreed, onbashira are better in that role.
No. 19479

It seems there is a surplus of things being shoved into Rick's ass, so it would be nice to not have something shoved in there for a change. Just to add some variety, you know.
No. 19480

There can never be too many things going up Rick's ass. An onbashira strap-on would be perfect!
No. 19483

I don't know. I'm pretty sure his colon is in danger if you stick a rock pillar up there. And having a phallic rock pierce your colon and kill you would be a rather dissapointing way to go.
No. 19484
Poor Rick. His ass will probably be the size of the Grand Canyon by the end of the story.
No. 19486

Well...At least he won't have trouble with bowel movements, I guess?
No. 19495
Exchanging one trouble for another. Constipation for immense difficulty keeping his pants clean.
No. 19502
Think of it this way: Rick's asshole can be considered a "gap", don't you think ?
No. 19506
And Yukari is the "Gap Hag". I get it.
No. 19513

Sooo...Rick should be wary of his own asshole, lest it finally decide to eat his hand?
No. 19529
Nah, double entendre aside, she could simply manipulate Rick's ass into tightening itself back up, easy.
No. 19726
Hi. I'm not dead (as evidenced by the post in another thread). Shit has been really hectic, but it's starting to even out a bit. I've been getting a little writing done, but I should be able to focus more on it again soon.
No. 19728
We're waiting warmly.
No. 19734

While I'm here...

As I mentioned earlier, don't need a deputy service. They also removed the Japanese sales tax for selling overseas. If you can find a friend to order with, you'll both save about $20 a piece. I just ordered mine last night with a buddy and we paid like $168 each. Without, it'd be closer to $190.
No. 20203
So how are things?
No. 20292
File 13203773413.jpg - (125.18KB , 375x600 , yamame_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]

Stress levels have been pretty high for the past two weeks, so I haven't gotten anything accomplished. Things should be looking up soon. I've pretty much been just trying to kill stress with games and the occasional drink. Of course, I'm not going to dump my personal life on the boards. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to writing soon.

However, while I'm here, I'll just leave this here...
No. 20407
Tomotsuka Haruomi/RapidRabbit/Mr. Pavlov's Yamame now comes in body pillow format? Mmm. I like.
No. 20420
That's a WIP pic, the final result will very likely be MUCH better.
No. 20423

Final version went up an hour or two ago. Already got my order in, going to snap a second one up for a friend too. Hell yes. I've been waiting for Yamame for over a year, and doubly so for a spider-leg version.
No. 20427
WOW! I've never really considered getting a waifu pillow but this one is definitely making me reconsider.
No. 20443
Stress is starting to go away and my busy time is becoming a bit more stable. Going to try and schedule my time and set aside 2 hours of writing a day and see how things go from there. I really, really do want to get back to updating. Good news is that I've had a ton of brainstorming time for more ideas!
No. 20570
Life is returning to how it normally was. Sorry for the wait. I will be doing my best to push an update out Monday.
No. 20576
Glad to hear things are returning to normal.
No. 20615
Glad to hear that things are working out for you.
Look forward to seeing more of your work!
No. 20629
I got a good chunk of the update done, but I've run out of steam for the moment. It's a bit slow coming since I took a break for over a month.
No. 20631
Bah. Progress is progress and that's something to be celebrated.

Where's the obligatory 'Hooray!' guy?
No. 20638
I'll sub for him.
...I'm no good at this.
No. 20639
I got a call at about 7 last night that changed all of my plans for today! Oh boy! I have no idea when I'll have writing time today.
No. 20695
I wrote for a good five or six hours yesterday, but it's really fucking slow coming. Once I finish this update and get back into the groove it should smooth out. I'll try to write today, but it's Thanksgiving, so no promises.
No. 20743
File 132225845046.jpg - (121.80KB , 626x1000 , vn9Q9.jpg ) [iqdb]
I like leaving stuff here. Have another thing.
No. 20745
Which artist is that by?
No. 20747


According to the blog post, this artist.
No. 20750
Also I waste way too much time on this shit (dakimakura) and merchandise in general, so if people randomly see something and have a question, chances are I can answer it.
No. 20808
Been wondering various things that you may or may not care to answer but anyway...(btw I caught sight of his story right around the Ran Tail Fuck time and have read from the very beginning.)

Ethnicity? Age? Favorite Game (can't remember if it was asked)?
How many of these fetishes are your kinks as well? What do you consider to be a bad write in (some are obvious but others I don't quite get)?

Reposted due to failure to post correctly. I is new to this shitz.
No. 20811
File 132240729659.jpg - (759.89KB , 755x1200 , 78406bdecb.jpg ) [iqdb]

I am white, 23, and that isn't a fair question because there are so many good games. Unless you mean Touhou, in which case PCB because it was the first I was introduced to in 2005.

Pretty much everything I've written is something I'm into, but with a big asterisk next to it. A lot of this stuff I'm into just when it comes to hentai, but would be put off in reality. As for bad write-ins, I guess something mind-numbingly stupid given the situation.

Also, unrelated to the above question, I woke up this morning to a Seiga dakimakura. See picture. I'd like to say that god damn the dakimakura scene has been fucking fast this time around. TD is fairly fresh, but everyone except Tojiko already has at least one on the market.
No. 20812
Also, I've been writing still, just that weekends are busier than the weekdays and it's coming slowly. Maybe Monday? I've also gotten some renewed ideas for that Momizi-related story I mentioned a year ago, so after this update I'm going to rewrite some of that and post it in SCD probably.
No. 20813
>I've also gotten some renewed ideas for that Momizi-related story I mentioned a year ago, so after this update I'm going to rewrite some of that and post it in SCD probably.

Ah. So this is what hope feels like. How novel.
No. 20815

Think of it this way: At least I'm expressing a desire to write still, which is saying a lot since I've been at it two years now. Unlike some writers who just up and burn out. But it helps that my readers are generally pretty awesome.
No. 20886
So how bout them updates?
No. 20890

I am working on them. Really. I'm caught between being fucking busy and having the writing come along slow. The worst part is it isn't even a big update, I'm just struggling to pass mental blocks.
No. 21024
I am writing and it's actually coming along decently!
No. 21026
Done and waiting on proof read. After weeks of struggling, everything suddenly clicked, and it was finished in a flash of inspiration. I think it's all coming back to me.
No. 21084
No. 23994
How about a link to new thread unless I finally caught up in the story...took me 3days
No. 23995
How about a link to new thread unless I finally caught up in the story...took me 3days
No. 28261