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Okay, so the old thread hadn't been touched in three months and since I'm honestly a little too tired (it being way past time for me to go to bed at this point) to read through it all too much at the moment, I decided to make a new one.

Hong's Rules from Last Time:
1. One person can only nominate one book per contest.
2. The length of the book does not matter.
3. It has to be H.
4. The choice will be done by me after taking into account all of the nominations.

But I'm going to mix it up a bit, why not? Mostly because I'm tired of working on Baki exclusively (not that I'm not enjoying it, but...) and the fact that people are complaining about lack of hentai from our group. I know. We haven't had much recently, through no fault of our own.

Anyway, I'll pick out an entry each Friday ~5 p.m. EST on a weekend I'm off work (the next such weekend starts August 26), and will note here when I'm done. Note that I won't look at entries on a given Friday if the current donor project hasn't been paid for yet.

Now, the first new rule is:

5. Each person can second one of the nominated doujins. The more votes one gets, the more I'll consider it.

It's easier to get donations on something that's more popular, afterall. Second:

6. I'm picking these out of my own opinionated desire to translate something, so don't be surprised if content, or artists to a much lesser extent, I don't like don't get chosen.

I'm saying this in advance, so there won't be any rage, despite our group's name. Third, however, is a bit of a makeup for this.

7. At anytime during the contest, I reserve the right to grab a doujin I especially like and waive a portion of the fee for it.

In other words, a half price donor project (on top of the discount Hong already mentioned in the last thread). I'll call it the Translator's Pick. Note that I won't pick anything outrageously long for this honor as there is a work-to-how-much-I-want-to-get-paid-for-it ratio. This will be on top of the one that actually wins the nomination. Think of it as a... buy one, get one half price deal, where the half price one is of equal or lesser value. Just like a real retail sale.

That being said, the current donor project has been stuck at $10 for over a week now. I won't lie, that's part of my motivation for putting this up at this moment, as said doujin (pictured) is by one of my favorite artists whom I hardly, if ever, see translated work for. As I said, I won't actually be looking at nominations until the current donation project is complete, so...

Hopefully this'll inject a bit more translated hentai into the community, since solo personal requests for it seem to be quite infrequent compared to how much people seem to want it.

Questions are more than welcome, nominations even moreso. Just because I'm not looking at them yet doesn't mean you can't start posting them. Oh, and I haven't looked at any of the previous threads and probably won't (just being honest), so if there was something posted previously that hasn't been translated yet that you still want considered, that's what nominations are for.

No. 16309
lol, doubt anyone will ever pick this one up.
No. 16316
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No. 16327
Alice, straight happy sex.
No. 16332

Seconding this because Kirise Mitsuru.
No. 16333
I'm going to nominate, once again, this work: >>9575

Borderline, by capo. It's a wonderful Hina doujin that has gone untranslated for entirely too long, and has great art. I hope you consider it.
No. 16335

Seconding this. Delicious Hina is delicious.
No. 16353
Because it's pretty much the only H doujin to involve the entire 9 team.
No. 16355
I suppost any and all of Albatross's work.
so ya, add a vote to this one.
No. 16359

Not Enough komachi doujins
No. 16364
Anything from Raiden lobo/Raiden Robo/ Rayden whatever the fuck else he goes by?
No. 16367
File 131356001780.jpg - (854.31KB , 2129x1500 , 001-022.jpg ) [iqdb]
I nominate this. A translation for it is far overdue.
No. 16368
I shall once again nominate this >>10192 as there is a sore lack of Satori/Patchouli femdom doujins.
No. 16370
If Yukadeli (whatever the name is of Ito Life's Yukari work is) hasn't come out by then I'll probably go with >>16353
No. 16372
No. 16430
File 131362344130.jpg - (420.62KB , 2000x2889 , 001.jpg ) [iqdb]
Morbidly curious about Kazuhiro's work, but...let's try something different.

The first in Mary/Renko latex fetish series.
No. 16466
File 131367517025.jpg - (0.97MB , 1399x2000 , yuka_03.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yuka Deli it is.

No. 16475
I'm going to second this fetish fuel. There really isn't any latex based touhou stuff available translated as far as I know.
No. 16581
I'll third that.
No. 16588
Miscount or misquote?
No. 16602
Misquote. That's for >>16430.
No. 17244
Okay, so at the moment, I'm waffling between a couple of options. I'll let you guys decide while I sleep.

Option 1: I Translator Pick Eromisu+3 AND Uriguru, because I wholeheartedly agree that these have taken way too damn long to get translated. However, the whole work-to-pay ratio comes in and if I do this, I'm only going to translate the H part of Eromisu+3. The 4-komas at the end get ignored. And then the winner of the actual donor project will be the first volume of Second Skin. Half because it got the most nominations and half because I'm honestly also morbidly curious about it, despite the content and artwork not really doing anything for me.

Option 2: I Translator Pick Uriguru and the donor project is Eromisu+3, only I translate the entire thing, 4-komas included. And then Second Skin just gets more consideration next go-round.

And not really an option, but just letting you guys know that I'm seriously considering doing Little Longest Day (>>16329) as a Translator Pick despite no nominations for it. Why? Look at it and TELL me you don't want that translated. Not sure when I'll get to it, though, as it's definitely lower priority than the ones with actual nominations. I.e. stuff I've actually already promised to do.
No. 17249
I vote Option 2.

>(The Little Longest Day)
>Look at it and TELL me you don't want that translated.
I don't, really. Not that I'm against it being translated or whatever; it's just that I don't care enough about it to personally want it done. No offense intended, of course; have fun with it if that's your thing.
No. 17252
Option 1, because it might be possible to talk Voile into doing the non-H 4koma.
No. 17253
I talked to a friend who translates stuff, he may be willing (this is a big maybe) to do the 4komas. He'll have an answer for me this afternoon, if you want to wait. If he's willing to do the 4komas, there's no reason to take option 2.
No. 17254
(Little Longest Day) One of the comments says that LWB might be doing it. Verification needed, but along with >>17253 it makes me want to go with option 1 as well.

No. 17268
I've never liked anything Albatross has ever produced.

I pick option 1.
No. 17279
My friend says translating the 4komas in Eromisu+3 will be no problem at all and he's down for it. In that case, I support Option 1 fully.
No. 17284
option 1 considering all things.
No. 17288

Oh, LWB is picking up? That doesn't really surprise me. If someone can confirm that, though, so I can either start working on it or leave it to them.

Option 1 it is, then. I'll begin working on the three of those this weekend.
No. 17289
>P.S. If you’re a translator yourself and you’re worried that we might be working on the same thing you’re working on, get in touch with us at littlewhitebutterflies.org/forums

You could try just asking them.
No. 18806
Just wondering what the status of these are. (like how much have been translated, that kind of stuff)
No. 20471
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Donor project added for the new Nounai Kanojo (>>20467)
No. 20479
What ever happened to that latex thing?
No. 20506
File 132131427931.jpg - (600.47KB , 1416x2000 , 011.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is this still going?

The Hot Dog Chuck doujin at >>20460 has about 5 pages of foreplay and conversation and Aya grins. I just gotta know what they're talking about.
No. 20507
>Option 1 it is, then. I'll begin working on the three of those this weekend.

It's been two and a half months with absolutely no mention of the books that supposedly would become donor projects. I think it's safe to say that no, this is not still ongoing.
No. 20516
Bleh. Unfortunately, all of said projects are on the back burner. Due to my work schedule, I have plenty of time to work on worksafe stuff (like Baki and Oriental Sacred Place) at work, but... yeah, NWS stuff I have a really hard time finding time to do them.

I'm going to try really hard to get the new Nounai Kanojo book done tomorrow, though. Unfortunately, that takes priority over this.

Once I'm done with my training and back to being part time instead of part time/full time, I'll have a lot more time to work on stuff like this. Granted, that's still a few months away, but...
No. 20519
>I have plenty of time to work on worksafe stuff
You could just transcribe the text at home or white out all of the images. That way all you have is the text, which shouldn't be a problem to work on.
No. 20524
>Hey what you working on?
Fantastic plan.

You should be more transparent.
No. 20525
>Hey what you working on?
>Oh, just some freelance translations.

Or, y'know, not say anything.
No. 20536
>You could just transcribe the text at home or white out all of the images. That way all you have is the text, which shouldn't be a problem to work on.

Yeah, I don't transcribe text. It's an unnecessary step that takes more effort on my part. While, admittedly, I could transcript the text by hand (even if I transcribed it into a text documents, the computers at work would only display it in nice little boxes of no meaning for me), this would be way more work than I'm willing to do. The whiting out images is along the same lines, plus the fact that no context makes me a sad panda. A lot of translating Japanese makes a whole lot more sense when you can see what's going on. Yes, even in porn.

Nobody at work is going to look at my text, and even if they did, >>20525 is a perfectly valid response if I was going to go that route. Unless someone finds a way to NOT make this an annoying level of work that I'm not willing to do, it's kind of a null point, though.

Then there's always the fact that, you know, I'd really like to keep this job and would prefer to do NOTHING to jeopardize it in the slightest.

Anyway, the translation for the new Nounai Kanojo will be done tomorrow, so if anyone hasn't donated that plans to, please do so Hong can edit it and push it out.
No. 20575
>Anyway, the translation for the new Nounai Kanojo will be done tomorrow
>2 days later, nothing yet
I sad.
No. 20578

Nothing I can do, sadly. I finished the translation when I said I would and I don't have any editing know-how. Hong's been pretty busy with stuff lately, but hopefully it'll be forthcoming.