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The logo flashes across your computer’s screen, a promise of epic battles and great deeds to come. For you have started none other than Shogun 2 in a bid to bring all of feudal Japan to its knees bowing in front of you, mighty shogun!

“Beauty and harmony, governed by one eternal law: all that begins must end. The reign of the old shrine is over!”

Wait, what?

An army of fairies stand in formation in the snow, their red armour standing out as sharp as freshly spilled blood. Red flags flutter in a light breeze under a sun that glints off the sharpened point of each fairy’s spear. They face an impregnable-looking fortress, whose walls are lined with archer fairies and whose battlements are adorned with grey flags flying proudly and defiantly.

Remilia Scarlet slams a dagger through a map of Gensokyo, through a region currently shaded gray, but which will be shaded red soon enough in maps all over the land.

From between the ranks of the Scarlet army a lone figure steps forth. Clad in a black kimono, with a naginata resting on her shoulder, Hong Meiling stands alone at the head of the army in a silent challenge to the defenders. As if to answer her, the great gates of the fortress slowly creak open, and the defenders’ own champion, Nazrin walks out into the no-man’s-land with her two hook-swords unsheathed.

The two duelers circle one another for a few minutes before Meiling finally breaks the standoff. She steps forward and attacks Nazrin with a series of quick thrusts and slashes. Nazrin sidesteps or deflects each blow in an impressive display of agile footwork, but she cannot overcome her opponent’s advantage in reach, until she makes a jumping somersault and lands right behind Meiling.

At such close range Nazrin puts Meiling on the defensive with a flurry of blows, slowly forcing the Scarlet’s champion back as she desperately blocks each strike with the haft of her weapon. Nazrin senses her advantage and redoubles the ferocity of her attack, a mistake, as she overextends herself and finds her wrist caught in an iron grip. Meiling twists and locks Nazrin’s arm in place long enough for her to deliver a knee to the stomach and a fist to the face. Stunned, Nazrin finds herself pushed back with the naginata descending upon her once more. She hooks onto it with both swords to disarm Meiling-

-and finds herself the one weaponless as Meiling flicks her naginata upwards and sends both swords flying useless in the air. Nazrin closes her eyes as Meiling brings the blade back down, expecting death, but all she feels is the cold winter air over her bare body as the naginata expertly slices her clothes off. She squeals and tries to cover herself, but Meiling would have none of it; with a victor’s sense of entitlement she grabs Nazrin’s arms and pulls them behind her back, forcing her chest out painfully and exposing her small breasts and hard nipples for the entire Scarlet army to see. A great cheer rises-

You blink. Somehow, you don’t think that this is quite how the intro cinematic to Shogun 2 is supposed to play out. You give yourself a pinch, and confirm that you are either awake or hallucinating, but not dreaming – probably.

The main menu has come up while you were testing yourself for lucid dreaming. Splashed across the screen is the title of the game: “Shogun 2: Touhou War”. You are about to freak out and mash the quit button as many times as you can, then check yourself into the nearest asylum, when logic prevails. If Yukari is doing weird things with gaps and screwing around with the real world, would running away be more likely to help you or get you eaten by a youkai?

You shrug with a mental “screw it”, decide to make the best of the situation, and select a new game:

Pick one of the below:

[] Scarlet Clan
Daimo: Remilia Scarlet

[] Saigyouji Clan
Daimo: Yuyuko Saigyouji

[] Houraisan Clan
Daimo: Kaguya Houraisan

[] Moriya Clan
Daimo: Suwako Moriya

[] Komeiji Clan
Daimo: Satori Komeiji

[] Hijiri Clan
Daimo: Byakuren Hijiri

Optional choice:

[] Import bonus from conquering Europe in Medieval 2: Total War (specify kingdom used: _____)
what the christ
... All right, then.

[X] Komeiji Clan
[X] Import bonus from conquering Europe in Medieval 2: Total War as the Spanish.

Tercios and Muskets all the way.

Also, kudos to you for coming up with such a...creative crossover.
[x] Houraisan Clan
Daimo: Kaguya Houraisan

And I think it's daimyo, not daimo. But I can be wrong.
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...Yes, it's supposed to be daimyo. Future posts (hopefully) won't repeat this mistake!

And for clarification, you can pick a clan AND the import bonus.
[x] Komeiji Clan
[x] Komeiji Clan
Good luck guy. You're trying something difficult. And since it's in /at/, porn is required.
Good luck guy. You're trying something difficult. And since it's in /at/, porn is required.
[X] Scarlet Clan
Daimyo: Remilia Scarlet

I know nothing about Medieval 2 so I'm not bothering with it.
Especially since it's about shogun 2, not medieval 2.
Difference? Impossible to burn enemies characters, less cannon, and FREAKING NINJAS!
I meant the fact that the import bonus option requires you to pick a faction from Medieval 2. I'm not looking into a game I have never and will never care about just for something like this.
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You just wrote about Utsuho being mutilated and raped. Raped, in fact, with her own body parts.


I cannot stress this enough: No. Stop. Leave and never return.
File 131329383121.jpg - (275.36KB, 850x1188 , 3.jpg) [iqdb]
Apparently the previous update was not well liked, so here is an uncontroversial (and porn-less) version. Porn to come later, probably.

[x] Komeiji Clan
[x] Import bonus: Spain

You mouse over the Komeiji Clan and click it, starting a new game. Your seat shifts under you.

That is no chair you are sitting on! Your horse whinnies and tries to move around. Somehow you know how to ride it and feel comfortable on horseback, as though you have been doing this for years instead of this being your first time. You pat your horse to calm it, and find that your hand is protected by a steel gauntlet. In fact, you soon realize that you are wearing an entire suit of armour, finely tailored, with its weight distributed over your body so it feels more like wearing a thick jacket instead of a solid hunk of metal.

You are definitely not at home. Damn Yukari and her fooling around with gaps. Perhaps this is her idea of punishment for downloading Touhou games from the web instead of paying Zun for them. You might as well make the best out of it, though.

Someone taps your right shoulder. You turn your head and see, through the slotted visor of your helmet, that you are not alone. A formidable force of conquistadores is under your command, each soldier mounted, encased in protective steel, and armed with sword and lance. The flag-bearer who tapped your shoulder hands you a telescope while proudly bearing the standard of Spain.

You accept the telescope, but before putting it to your eye, you first take in a quick overview of your surroundings. The first thing you notice is that where the sky is supposed to be, there is only rock. You are underground, but a strangely well-lit underground at that. You file away the question of where all the ambient light comes from for later, and look a bit lower.

The hill you determine your conquistadores are arrayed on overlooks the plains below. Your soldiers are formed behind the crest of the hill, obviously to hide from something. You look back to the rock-strewn plains below to determine what that would be, and see two opposing forces approaching one another. They don’t feel large enough to be proper armies, though they do outnumber you.

Using the telescope to get a closer look at each side in turn, you first focus on the right-side force. Disciplined soldiers march in formation, looking smart in white capes held aloft over black-feathered wings. Each carries a naginata and appears to be dressed in the armour of the Sengoku period. They also all appear to be female, if the gentle curve on each chest is any indication.

You look to the head of the marching troop and find one Utsuho Reiuji – who else to lead a murder of crows? Interestingly, she has none of the accessories she had in Subterranean Animism: no control rod, no encased leg, no electrons flying around her other leg. Instead she is carrying a naginata just like everyone else. The flag-bearer at her side holds their flag, emblazoned with a blood-red eyeball, high.

You bring the telescope over to their opponents to study them as well. A mob – no trace of formation can be found in their ranks – of horned oni are rushing forward. The majority of them are dressed in tatters, some of them even bare-breasted, and yes, once again they all appear to be female. The few that have weapons are armed with crude wooden clubs. They seem to be crazed with bloodlust, their mouths open, probably yelling at the top of their lungs. You expect to find Yuugi Hoshiguma leading the oni, but to your surprise there seems to be no definite commander of this troop.

The two forces clash amidst sounds of battle that can be heard even where you are. At first the crows seem at an advantage with the superior reach of their polearms, but the oni simply press forward with their massed momentum and mob the crows, breaking their formation and shoving their way into the ranks until the naginata become useless in the melee. The battle denigrates into a formless mess of a free-for-all, with grappling fighters beating, biting and tearing at each other.

You catch a glimpse of Utsuho in the middle of the brawl and focus on her. Her white cape billows heroically as she cuts down a pair of oni, keeping the area swept out by her naginata clear. Still, the battle is not in the crows’ favour, and some begin to rout, fleeing the battle and throwing down their weapons and armour until they are light enough to take flight in all directions, scattered to the four winds.

[] Lead the charge and rescue Utsuho
[] Charge in and rescue Utsuho (but not ride ahead of your bodyguards)
[] Lead the charge and run down the routing crows
[] Charge in and run down the routing crows (but not ride ahead of your bodyguards)
[] Keep watching

Removing it doesn't change the fact you wrote it, and it was absolutely fucking horrific. What the fuck did you think people would do in response?
I for one am goddamn impressed at your Utsuho scene.

Never stop writing.

This was posted in /at/ instead of elsewhere for this reason. But it seems that it is unacceptable even here, and so it has been removed, with apologies and full admission of the mistake, and such dark tones will not be used in the future. Once again, sincere apologies for this sort of start.
War is hell. Shit happens. It was well written, and you shouldn't have to apologize for moral outrage on the internets.

There was nothing particularly well written about it, and it was repugnant even from a purely physical stand point. In fact, as porn it was lousy writing because it was not at all arousing, just repulsive.
Yeah sure, I'll accept your apology for something I didn't see. Sorry your disgusting fetish isn't popular here. Now we're apology buddies!

[x] Charge in and run down the routing crows (but not ride ahead of your bodyguards)
You're looking at it entirely in a vacuum. What it was was less of porn, and more of a rather effective setting-establishment tool. To assume that things as terrible as that didn't happen during a war (sure, of course some of those details aren't plausible,) but you need to look at the whole thing as one piece, instead of being "hurr durr I'm just here for the porn" and go "oh durr guro this is making me mad". While I think it would be nice to believe that this is unbelievable and outrageous, shit happens. To think otherwise is the height of naivete.

This is a place to generally relax and enjoy sharing porn. I do not come here seeking a scene involving Okuu being brutally maimed, having her limbs torn off and then subsequently raped with them. This is not enjoyable. Establish the setting? Please. This is a board for porn, not for telling everyone that war is shit.

OP, get out and don't come back. I don't want to see your porn if this is the first thing you've given us.

War is hell, no doubt. But that was just stupid grimdark shit that was there purely for the purpose of being gorn. It did not work even as setting establishment. Try again.
Rather it is more a place for adult and 18+ stories. While this does mean porn 95% or so of the time, sometimes it means brutally horrific stories. Would you ask that nobody writes stories like these, ever? The writefag obviously has a grasp on the English language as far as grammar and spelling goes. I can't speak for his plot skills, as it's been only two updates.

What your posts boil down to is "I dislike brutal horrific stories, and I am morally outraged. Please get out before I see things that make me angry. You're not allowed to write stories I don't like."

Is there no space for stories like this anywhere? Would you rather things like this never get written, ever?
How about a compromise? You click the hide thread button. This is what it is meant for.

He can write it on a guro image board.

gurochan.net for starters.
I wouldn't call it guro unless the intent of the writefag is to write scenes like that all the time.

Is it, writefag?

But what he wrote is guro, in every way, shape and form. I believe it was his intent to write more content like that given his expectations of it being acceptable.
I don't personally mind guro, but the club rape and all that was rather gratuitous and badly executed, in my opinion. It sort of stands out as "LOOK AT THIS HORRIFYING THING HAPPENING! SEE?! IT'S HORRIFYING!" rather than "War is hell". If any other guro content were more matter-of-fact and generally better written, that would be alright, but that did not fit either criterion.

Also, I find the whole "LOL NO FOURTH WALL" thing to be a bit tired, not to mention distasteful.

No, you're totally missing the point. I have no problem with brutal war stories. In fact, if we want to get into serious war stories, All Quiet on the Western Front is easily one of my favorite novels, and it features plenty of depressing realities and gruesome war injuries.

This, however, was gorn, pure and simple. Despite what you might think, dismembering a woman and then using her own appendages to rape her in the middle of a battlefield is not standard combat procedure. At all. It was nothing short of ridiculous, and managed to be disgusting at the same time.

There was zero value to be had in this.
Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback and suggestions. They will certainly be heeded going forward - for one, the sex and the blood will be kept separate, broken hymens notwithstanding.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would ignore the old, deleted post and focus only on its replacement. Even better still would be if its existence can be completely forgotten.

In either case, the lesson has been learned and the same mistakes will not be made again in future updates. Apologies once again and thank you for the feedback.

P.S. Option for next update has yet to be chosen, or otherwise >>16181 wins by default.
Funny that thp is so easily offended by something so minor. Thinking back that the guro nue story won makes you guys hypocrites.
It didn't actually win.
For the love of god, do not talk about that here. Or anywere, preferably.
[x] Charge in and rescue Utsuho (but not ride ahead of your bodyguards)
Placeholder - [x] Charge in and rescue Utsuho (but not ride ahead of your bodyguards)

Sup, you must be new here. THP is a site that does not ever, ever forgive and forget. Even after numerous years people still bring up frustrating issues with old writers and disappointment that they caused. You wrote it, you're stuck with it until you get tired of writing here and quit.
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Author tiebreak!

[x] Charge in and rescue Utsuho (but not ride ahead of your bodyguards)

You blink away a feeling of deja-vu. If you don’t act now, right the feck now, then something very horrible will happen to Utsuho that you would rather not contemplate. You draw your sword, raise it high into the air, and give the order to charge. Instantly your voice is lost in the warcries of your conquistadores and the stampeding of hooves as your troop moves as one, cresting the hill and bearing down upon the oni flank in perfect formation. You hardly have time to notice that their shouts sound oddly feminine before your horsemen reach level ground and display remarkable skill by forming a wedge while in full gallop. Lances are couched underarm, prayers muttered, and for your part, you are safely centred in the middle of the wedge. Whatever courage you may inspire by leading the charge pales in comparison to the despair should you fall.

The oni hear and see your approach long before actual contact, and the fear of anticipation helps matters little for them. A few pick up fallen naginatas here and there in a desperate attempt to brace for impact, but without form or other, their individual actions matter little against the collective mass of your charge. The first impact sends numerous oni flying into the air as though they were toy soldiers. Momentum carries your horses forward deep into the melee, splitting the enemy force in two. Your horsemen surround you protectively, striking down any oni that would try to attack you. Unarmoured and practically unarmed, their resistance is all but futile as you push your way forwards until you reach Utsuho.

The raven commander is pinned to the ground and struggling for her life against three oni piled on top of her. You slash with your sword at the closest one, leaving a long bloody gash on her back. She spins around and hisses at you, only for your horse to rear and aim a lethal kick at her head. It misses her face proper but makes contact with one of her horns, snapping her head sideways to an unnatural angle, after which she falls to the ground and lies still.

Your first kill.

Beating down an enemy in a video game may be harmless fun, but now that you have done the deed first-hand in flesh and blood, something rises in your throat and you force yourself to suppress the urge to throw up. For a moment you wish you were in the safety of your own home instead of this violent mockery of the Touhou world. The indistinct sounds of battle become a lullaby in your ears as your vision blurs-

“Stay with us, ma’am!”

You feel someone roughly shaking your shoulder; it is your flagbearer. You nod at her and swing your leg over the side of your horse to dismount, iron shoes kicking up even more dust from the churned soil as you land. Utsuho is getting back onto her feet. Her right arm is dangling at an odd angle, as though it is broken, so you take her left hand and help her up. She opens her mouth to speak, but before the words come out, a great cheer goes up all around; the oni have been shattered and they are fleeing to the four winds, but on foot they have no hope of outrunning the horses chasing them down.

“I am Reiuji Utusho, a general of Komeiji,” she introduces herself formally with a warrior’s bow as soon as the noise dies down enough for her to be heard, despite her injury. “And you must be the commander from Outside we were promised.”

You remove your helmet to breathe and talk more freely. “There must be some mistake-“ Strangely enough, your voice sounds high-pitched and feminine. Is it a trick of the acoustics of the underworld?

“My lady will know more. I can show you the way to the-“

“Palace of Earth Spirits, right?” you interrupt and finish for her.

“Yes. You are very knowledgeable.” Your correct prediction makes you feel somewhat better. Your foreknowledge of Touhou, born of being a fan, might just be the thing that ensures your survival, if you can adjust to the warlike changes quickly enough. An ascended fanboy in the making is you; whoever says that playing video games is a waste of time has just been proven completely wrong.

“Please lead the way.” You help Utsuho onto your horse before mounting, yourself. She sits behind you and points out the way to the Palace of Earth Spirits, while your combined armies follow behind. It is not long before the mansion is in sight. It feels like a castle keep, surrounding by half-built walls that enclose its courtyards and gardens. Workers scurry about, erecting more wall. Archers and lookouts already prowl the completed portions of the battlements, and soon news of your arrival is announced to all.

You pass under an archway, a gateway missing its gate, and here you dismount. There are already two people waiting to greet you whom you recognize as Rin and Satori. Unlike Utsuho they are dressed in their normal clothes instead of for war. Rin rushes forward and embraces Utsuho tightly.

“Okuu! You’re safe!” Rin sounds relieved.

“Ow, ow!” Utsuho fidgets, trying to ease the pressure

“Oh, sorry…” Rin lets go apologetically, and the two press their foreheads together for a little while, before Rin takes Utsuho away to find treatment for her arm.

Satori Komeiji bows formally to you. You feel like you should reciprocate and make an awkward bow of your own. She gives an amused smile, as though she knows how awkward and uneasy you feel about your lack of knowledge of formal Japanese etiquette. Well, of course, she would know since that is her power. Now Satori knows that you know, and frowns, so you know that she knows that you know, and you try to stop the line of thought before it goes somewhere unrelated like how sexy she would look nude, but now no matter how hard you try that not unpleasant image keeps popping into your mind and oh no Satori will know-

“Thank you for taking care of my pet; she is very precious to me. Shall we go in?” Satori gives no indication of whether she knows, and guides you to the mansion’s grand double doors. More of her pets open them, revealing a reception hall cast in myriad colours from its stained glass windows. The light outside has not changed at all despite the time that must have passed. Perhaps there is no night and day in the underworld? Whatever it is, the current effect of the light shining in through the windows filtered into reds and yellows is to cast long rays and shadows reminiscent of a sleepy late afternoon.

Satori continues to lead you into the dining hall. Here the windows are stained blue, making it feel as though it is twilight, and most of the light comes from the warm glow of a chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. There is a long rectangular table in the middle of the room, surrounded by high-backed chairs, and set with formal place settings. A cat in a maid outfit and a boyish crow in a butler’s uniform, their animal natures given away by distinctive ears, tails and wings on otherwise humanoid bodies, bow as you enter and show you to the seat of honour at the head of the table. Satori takes the seat at the opposite end, and the chairs along the long edges remain empty for now. You feel nimble fingers working on your armour, removing it piece by piece, and it is as though a weight is lifted from your shoulders as you finally sit down.

“Your welcoming banquet shall begin as soon as everyone has gathered. Utsuho – whom you have already met – may be a little tardy in coming, giving her injury. I’m sure you understand. In the meanwhile, shall we get to know each other better?”

Welcoming banquet? You have no idea what is happening. Satori’s pets pour each of you a glass of deep red wine. She takes a sip and you follow suit, immediately relaxing a little as the alcohol soothes the worst of your tensions.

“This is Sengoku Jidai, the age of Gensokyo at war,” Satori begins. Her voice is solemn and she sounds as though she is reciting something, and you decide not to interrupt her with questions. “For two hundred years the Hakurei mikos have ruled from their shrine. Great splendour and power were theirs. Now the other mighty clans no longer obey. The time has come for a new youkai to become miko. But who will be victorious? Bishamonten, the war god, has woken. Now is the time to defeat our enemies. All will bow to the Komeiji. We wait no longer; destiny calls!”

Right on cue, the door opens and Satori’s generals step in to take their places at her table. Unfortunately, the effect is lessened somewhat by the fact that there are only two of them, namely, Rin and Utsuho. The raven’s right arm is bandaged and set in a cast, but otherwise she seems to be well, clutching Rin’s hand happily, dressed in her usual outfit.

Satori giggles, her demeanour seems more like that of a young heiress instead of a warlord. “I guess we still have a long way to go, huh? We shouldn’t think of marching on Hakurei until every seat on this table is filled-“

Utsuho’s stomach growls.

“That’s how Okuu tells me I’m talking too much. Let’s eat!”

The food, wine, and company are all excellent. Serious topics are avoided, and you entertain Satori, Rin and Utsuho with tales about your life in another world. For now you can pretend that you have been gapped into a normal Touhou world, where conflicts are solved with danmaku and tea parties.

Even after coffee has been served, the light outside has not changed. It seems that there truly is no night and day in the underworld. Rin stands up and takes your arm, grinning, a look of mischief in her eyes. Utsuho surprises you by holding onto your other hand. “We’ll show you to the bath!” Rin announces, and before you can agree or protest Satori is shooing you off and Rin and Utsuho are happily leading you through a maze of hallways.

“I haven’t thanked you properly for rescuing Okuu – she told me all about how you saved her so gallantly today,” Rin explains at last as she opens a door to reveal the largest, most elegant bathroom you have ever seen, complete with a jacuzzi in the middle.

“There’s no need-“ you start to say, before you are cut off by Utsuho.

“I insist!” she stutters, blushing.

“Don’t be shy,” Rin teases you…

[ ] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

[ ] as she cups your breast, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

[ ] as she runs her hand across your chest, making her intentions clear. You decline, however.

[ ] as she cups your breast, making her intentions clear. You decline, however.
[ ] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.
[X] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

I really like this story so far, please keep writing!
[x] as she cups your breast, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

[X] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

No freak-out over apparent gender change? Huh.
[X] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

Eh, we can freak out later.

As for now, there is now reason why we cannot enjoy a bath. Clearly, our new allies have only the purest of intentions!
[X] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

I was fortunate enough not to see the deleted post, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now. Just don't let it get any darker than it is now.
Also, out of curiosity, what would the bonuses for the other Medieval 2 Total War factions have been, Story Bunny?

For example, if the Byzantines had been chosen, would we have had Greek Fire using units?
Placeholder - [X] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.
File 131342771281.jpg - (285.97KB, 908x700 , 5.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] as she runs her hand over your chest, making her intentions clear. You decide, hey, why not.

Rin tugs your shirt up and above your head, and you are all too happy to comply. You barely have time to get your pants off before she practically pushes you into the jacuzzi. The warm water jets massage your tired muscles, working the tensions and knots born of a day’s worth of riding out of your system. You lean back and relax with a sigh, starting when a folded, heated towel lands on your forehead, and starting yet again when you look up and see Rin in nothing more than a white towel wrapped around her body. She “accidentally” lets her towel slip, catching it only after it has slid down to her belly, exposing her breasts – each a perky petite handful, tipped with a rosy nipple that reminds you of a gentler shade of her hair. You stare, wide-mouthed, as she certainly takes her time covering herself up again.

A small wave of water splashing against your chest distracts you from admiring the view. Utsuho has stripped nude while you were looking the other way and slipped into the water. She holds her right arm out of the water and unravels the bandages on it, revealing her pale skin inch by inch, with not even the tiniest of scars to mar her perfect flesh.

“How’s your arm?” You ask her.

She flexes her arm, moving her fingers one by one, and clenches her hand into a fist, testing the strength of her grip. “It is still a little numb. Will you help me exercise my grip?”

“Yeah, sure.” You nod, and barely have time to wonder why she is so formal and not-birdbrained instead of the birdbrained ditz one might have expected to be, before she kicks through the water towards you at surprising speed, her wings slicing through the foam like a pair of black dorsal fins. The predatory glint in her eye must have been learnt from Rin. A shudder involuntarily works its way through your body as you feel fingers wrap around your privates. They feel rougher than you expected, her hand calloused, and her grip is strong but measured as she gives you a tug. You’re definitely rock hard.

“Hm, how is it?” A voice purrs into your ear. Rin must be kneeling behind you, to be able to hug you from behind, her arms resting on your shoulders and her hands clasped together over your chest. She breathes on your ear, making you jerk and thrust your hips into Utsuho’s hand. The raven blushes and smiles, and keeps up a gentle squeeze on your shaft as her hand moves slowly up and down its length. You inhale sharply with an audible gasp as you feel her thumb press expertly against the sensitive underside of your glans.

“Don’t misunderstand this,” Rin continues whispering into your ear, sounding as though she is holding back laughter, “this is just for exercising Okuu’s grip, right?” She reaches down and gives your right nipple a pinch, making you groan.

“T-that’s right!” Utsuho’s grip tightens as she starts jerking you faster. Her rough hand is a novel sensation, palm and fingers rubbing across your glans in short, hard, fast strokes. You close your eyes and enjoy her efforts, occasionally thrusting your hips forward into her hand, while Rin nibbles on your ear and trails her fingertips over your chest in swirling patterns.

The dual attack soon has you at your limits when Utsuho suddenly stops. You open your eyes in time to see her bring her hand up and out of the water and her fingertip to her slightly parted lips, sucking on it suggestively. She is standing in the jacuzzi, her bust above the waterline rising and falling with each heavy breath, her arousal betrayed by the hardness of her nipples on each full breast. Though her hand is sadly unstained by your precum – the water has carried it away – the lewd expression on her face is enough to make you want to flip her over and fill her up with your manhood-

“Don’t cum in the bath; that’s disgusting,” Rin tells you from behind in a singsong voice. You turn your head and your jaw drops at the sight of the cute patch of pink hair between her legs, barely inches away from your face. She is no longer wearing her towel, but lying on it, her hourglass figure bared completely for your gaze. “Kya!” Rin squeals. “Don’t you want some of this?”

You look back and forth between Utsuho and Rin. Utsuho nods at you. Although you cannot see far below the surface of the foamy water, her moving hand and her little pants and gasps suggest that she is touching herself. You swiftly pull yourself out of the water, droplets running down your body, and try to get on top of Rin. She giggles and rolls on top, pushing you down, and you are more than happy to let her take the lead as she straddles your hips and lightly rubs her moist puffy slit across the tip of your throbbing member. You reach up and squeeze a soft breast, feeling it yield under your fingers. There is another giggle and a light slap on your wrist, which you ignore, as you turn your attention to the rosy stiff nipple and pinch it lightly, tugging it towards yourself, making Rin lean forward a little closer to you.

Rin finally presses her hips down, her pussy lips spreading around your glans, the tight warmth causing you to groan. You thrust your hips gently upwards and she matches your pace. Your cock pushes in deep inside her, her walls yielding easily to your entrance, and she in turn engulfs and squeezes you. Soon you are pumping your hips with wild abandon and she bouncing on your shaft, the sound of flesh against flesh echoing throughout the room. A small cry leaves her throat each time you bury yourself to the hilt in her, marveling that her small body can take you all in.

No words are traded, just the animalistic sounds of sex and pleasure. You squeeze both of her breasts a little roughly and knead them, moving in opposite directions. Suddenly you feel her pussy squeezing around your shaft even more tightly than before. You see her grin, cat-like – it must be deliberate! – and then she reaches down and pinches both your nipples at the same time. You grunt, try to hold it in, and fail, going tense with one final thrust as deep in her pussy as you can manage, before relief surges through your body as you release spurt after spurt of thick seed in her.

Finally you relax, catching your breath. Rin lifts herself up and off your gradually softening shaft, lowers her head and licks her way up your chest until she reaches your neck, to leave a hickey there as proof of your encounter. You shudder as you feel a mouth suck on your glans and a tongue licking the sensitive flesh without warning. Sitting up, you see that Utsuho has gotten out of the bath while you were otherwise occupied. On her hands and knees, the towel wrapped around her body does basically nothing to hide her cleavage as she cleans your member with her lips and tongue. She looks up at you, her mouth open to show you the cum she has collected, and exaggeratedly tilts her head back and swallows. You decide right there and then that she is not going to escape being flipped over and filled with your manhood-

Woah. As you try to get up, your vision blurs, your inner ears go wonky, and you sway. Rin and Utsuho catch you before you can hurt yourself, holding onto one of your arms each.

“I’m that good, huh?” Rin smirks with a hint of pride in her voice.

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy,” you reassure her.

“You need some rest,” Utsuho says matter-of-factly, as though she has not just swallowed your sperm.

Tired out after an exciting first day, you let the two of them guide you to a bedroom, and fall asleep almost right away.

< * * * Day 2 * * * >

Light shines through your eyelids, waking you up. Before you open your eyes, you try to recall the pleasant dream you had last night. Something about being sucked into a computer game, and a very pleasant experience involving Rin and Utsuho… wait. That was not a dream, was it? When you open your eyes, you are going to find that you are in the Palace of the Earth Spirits.

You open your eyes and find yourself in your own bed. You blink sleepily and look at your alarm clock. It is five minutes before the alarm is set to go off, and the summer sun is already pouring in through your window. So it really was a dream after all… you turn off the alarm and get up. The trip to the bathroom is a bit longer than you remember it being, and as you stumble inside you find that it is already occupied by Rin, who lets out a cry of surprise upon your uninvited entrance that sounds weirdly like her cry of pleasure from last night-

Your eyes snap open and you find yourself in a guest bedroom in the Palace of the Earth Spirits. A maid has drawn back the window curtains, and the unchanging light of the underworld streams into the room and onto your face. You sit up, and the quilt slides off your bare chest. The maid, who must be a crow judging by her wings, simply bows, gives you a “Good morning, my lord,” and leaves the room. There is a fresh set of clothes at the foot of the bed, on top of which is a note. “Sorry if these aren’t the best fit – we get very few male visitors. –Satori. P.S. Did you enjoy your fun time with my pets last night?”

The clothes, in traditional Japanese style, fit you perfectly.

You hear Rin shout from outside – definitely not a sexy cry – and rush to the window. In the courtyard, Utsuho and Rin are sparring with one another, both dressed in armour. Rin looks much more like a warrior than a sexy kitten in her green samurai armour, as she parries her partner’s blows with a katana.

Satisfied that nobody is in immediate danger, you leave your room and find the maid waiting patiently in the corridor for you. “Please, this way,” she bows again, and you follow her politely as she leads you to a sitting room. Satori is already sitting and waiting for you, sipping on a cup of coffee. The maid bows yet again and excuses herself, leaving the two of you alone.

Satori stands. “I hope you have settled in and rested well. We have many things to do today.”

“Yes. Um, thank you for your hospitality,” you reply, feeling awkward. This must be what meeting a mother-in-law feels like.

“No, the honour is mine. Please, refresh yourself while I explain our predicament.” She points to a tray of sandwiches on the table. You help yourself to one – peanut butter and jam! Whatever else she may be, Satori is the perfect host.

“Here.” Satori moves to a wall upon which is spread a map of Gensokyo. She gestures across its entire breadth. “One must rule this entire land to be worthy of being miko, as the Hakurei once did. To accomplish this, however, we need a base of power to give ourselves the might to expand.” Satori points to a region in the bottom right corner of the map. “Here in the underworld, there are three great forces of note. Two clans: ourselves, the Komeiji, and the guardians of the only route to the surface lands, the Mizuhashi clan. We will need to secure passage through their territory, by way of pen or sword, if we are to break out and see the light of the sun. I must say this though: their lands are rich and possessing them will provide us with much-needed strength. However, more pressing is the matter of the Oni. They used to be neutral and stayed out of politics, but for reasons unknown, they have declared war on us less than a month ago. Their base is the Ancient City of Oni, a name far grander than reality.”

She continues, “Basic walls around the Palace of the Earth Spirits will be finished today. I intend to improve our Defences and make our walls impenetrable before marching out to put down the Oni. However, a great commander like you must have been sent here for good reason, and so I will carefully consider your proposal. Here – know our forces, and tell me what you think we should do.”

You finish your sandwich and accept the scroll that Satori hands you. It lists the various troops that the Komeiji can muster, an almost embarrassingly short list. The horsewomen you bring with you are easily the most powerful soldiers available.

You – Conquistadores
Offence: B | Defence: B | Morale: B
Conquistadores are mounted, and so have a reach advantage in melee unless their opponents have polearms. They are extremely powerful when charging. There is no known method to replace losses – yet.

Satori Komeiji – Bow Youkai
Offence: C | Defence: C | Morale: C
Archers can shoot at range and support other troops, but perform poorly in melee. Youkai are more powerful than fairies, but losses are harder to replace.

Rin Kaenbyou – Katana Cat Youkai
Offence: B | Defence: C | Morale: C
Katana infantry are good at attacking the enemy head-on, but vulnerable to arrows and counterattacks. Cat Youkai can scale walls easily and are more powerful than fairies, but losses are harder to replace.

Utsuho Reiuji – Naginata Crow Youkai
Offence: C | Defence: B | Morale: C
Naginata infantry are good at holding ground. Youkai are more powerful than fairies, but losses are harder to replace. These are too heavily armoured to fly.

(No leader) – Palace of the Earth Spirits Garrison Youkai
Offence: C | Defence: C | Morale: B
Garrisons cannot leave the castle they are defending.

Another scroll lists the available intelligence about other factions.

Parsee Mizuhashi – Mizuhashi clan (at peace)
Estimated army strength (excluding garrison): 3 units, unknown composition

(Unknown) – Oni (at war)
Estimated remaining army strength: 2 Oni units

Offence: B | Defence: C | Morale: B
Although underequipped, these oni are enraged for some reason, and fight more effectively.

You need to decide how to allocate your forces to various tasks such as defending the Palace of the Earth Spirits against possible attack, attacking the oni, or attacking the Mizuhashi.

[ ] Write-in based on information above, plus anything else you want to do.

Well, guess no TG then. That sucks.
[X] Muster as many soldiers as you can, then march to the Oni capital and split your forces. Your Conquistadores shall lay siege, while the majority of the army stays hidden nearby. The Oni shall not be able to resist our challenge, and will attack the seemingly tiny army, allowing our hidden army to attack and crush them, thus giving us control of their capital, giving us a position of strength to deal with Parsee's minions. Also, we should levy some more infantry and archers.

This seems appropriently cunning, methinks. The Oni should be easy to trick into chasing our nimble cavalry, allowing the main infantry to cut off their retreat so we can surroudn and destroy them.
I... actually didn't realize at all the last choice was a gender selection. Huh.
(Probably because of the earlier story post it seemed like we were already TG'd. Oh well.)

[X] Muster as many soldiers as you can, then march to the Oni capital and split your forces. Your Conquistadores shall lay siege, while the majority of the army stays hidden nearby. The Oni shall not be able to resist our challenge, and will attack the seemingly tiny army, allowing our hidden army to attack and crush them, thus giving us control of their capital, giving us a position of strength to deal with Parsee's minions. Also, we should levy some more infantry and archers.

And this seems good to me.
[X] Station Naginata Crow Youkai unit at the Palace of the Earth Spirits.
[X] Take the Conquistadors, Bow Youkai and Katana Cat Youkai units to attack the Oni.
[X] If possible, send a scout along our borders with the Mizuhashi to locate any of their units. Do not cross into their territory.

Sitting around and turtling up won't do any good against berserkers. Mobility and offence are key, so bring the fight to them. The oni don't have cavalry and the naginata unit will just slow our forces down while being understrength from the previous battle, so leave them at home to recover.
Is it possible to aquire gunpowder troops? Because if we can, that'll be major asset.

Not a vote, just a question.
Placeholder - [X] Muster as many soldiers as you can, then march to the Oni capital and split your forces. Your Conquistadores shall lay siege, while the majority of the army stays hidden nearby. The Oni shall not be able to resist our challenge, and will attack the seemingly tiny army, allowing our hidden army to attack and crush them, thus giving us control of their capital, giving us a position of strength to deal with Parsee's minions. Also, we should levy some more infantry and archers.

Pikes for Scotland, Knights for France, Mamluks for Egypt, (useless) Longbows for England, etc.

The inevitable has merely been delayed :)
File 131350791783.jpg - (700.37KB, 800x800 , 6.jpg) [iqdb]
That’s an IC question, not an OOC question.

[X] Muster as many soldiers as you can, then march to the Oni capital and split your forces. Your Conquistadores shall lay siege, while the majority of the army stays hidden nearby. The Oni shall not be able to resist our challenge, and will attack the seemingly tiny army, allowing our hidden army to attack and crush them, thus giving us control of their capital, giving us a position of strength to deal with Parsee's minions. Also, we should levy some more infantry and archers.

“Blitz,” you whisper to yourself.

“Pardon me?” Satori tilts her head and looks at you strangely.

“Blitz,” you repeat, more loudly this time. “Attack in force and take over the Oni before anyone can do anything, and then after our flanks are secure we can think about how to handle Parsee. This is not the time to turtle up.”

Satori ponders your words, and finally nods. “Very well, we shall do as you say.”

“Is there any way you can levy any soldiers? We need every fairy and youkai we can get,” you add.

“My land is already taxed to its limit,” she informs you sadly. “We cannot support any more.”

“All the more reason to get some rapid expansion going,” you say, take a swig of coffee, and wipe your mouth with the back of your hand. “Let’s move out.”

< * * * >

The entire Komeiji army marches forth from the Palace of the Earth Spirits in all its splendour and glory. The boots of rank after rank of youkai beat against the ground in unbroken, unvarying rhythm. A hundred flags bearing the eyeball insignia of the Komeiji clan fly in the wind. The youkai soldiers form a column and set out in the direction of the Ancient City of Oni, with your horsewomen following close behind. For hours, or perhaps day, the army marches. The unchanging ambient light makes it near impossible to mark the passage of time. Your internal clock is rendered useless by the sweet sake that you are given at intervals. It tastes like liquid sleep and keeps your mind alert and awake, and your body fresh.

At last you reach the site of your planned battlefield – a shallow valley between two rocky hills. In the distance the Oni capital is faintly visible. Although not a great city, it is still a walled, fortified town, and you would much rather engage the oni in the field with tactics than have to fight them street by street in urban attrition.

The preparations are done quickly. The youkai soldiers hand their flags to your conquistadores and find hiding spots in the hills. Your horsewomen attach branches and sticks behind their horses, so that they would drag along the ground and kick up large clouds of dust whenever they move. From a distance, you small unit of conquistadores might be able to mimic a much larger army. You are counting on this, in fact. Utsuho salutes and Rin waves at you as you remount and ride out past the two hills, then take up their hiding spots, disappearing effortlessly among the rocks of the barren underworld landscape.

You ride towards the enemy town, kicking up a large cloud of dust behind you that would suggest numbers several times how many are actually following you. Last-minute anxiety starts to set in. What if the oni do not take the bait? What if they take the bait – you and your troop – with such great prejudice that you are bogged down before you can reach the safety of the hills? You feel Satori pet the metal plate over your arm, as though to comfort you. Though she has left her archers on the hills along with the other youkai, she has insisted on accompanying you herself, and is riding with surprising skill. You turn your head and give Satori a grateful smile, forgetting that your face is practically completely covered by your helmet.

The sound of horns tells you that your presence has been announced at last. Certainly the oni will be preparing to repel attackers from their walls now. “Alright, let’s drop the act,” you order. Your conquistadores cut their dust-generating harnesses loose and let them fall to the dusty ground. There is no need to imitate an army anymore, and so your riders cluster together in tight formation once more.

A great shout rises from the oni – your deception has been revealed. The city gates creak and open slowly. Wave after wave of oni gush forth as soon as there is an open crack, like water rushing out of an open floodgate. They run towards you, a disorderly mob, but there are a lot more of them than there were in your first battle, and most of them are holding one or even two improvised clubs made of whatever strong enough junk they could find, or flailing long heavy chains manacled to their wrists, ankles, or neck.

A chain comes flying towards you from the distance, defying the laws of physics as it grows longer and longer, the number of links multiplying seemingly without end. It lands and wraps around a nearby conquistador as though it has a will of its own. Before anyone can react she is dragged off her horse and towards the distant mob of oni, kicking and screaming futilely. More chains lance through the air. It is a testament to the discipline of your riders that they do not scatter and try to avoid being caught, but hold their down, whispering prayers that they would not be the unlucky ones.

“About face!” You shout and spur your horse around. It is high time to leave as the oni are charging forward much faster than anticipated and rapidly closing the distance. Chains strike the ground, hot on your horses’ figurative heels. You take a quick look back as your horse continues racing towards the hills, and thankfully see that no matter how much bloodlust the oni have, they simply cannot catch up quickly enough with your horses, though not for lack of trying. Anyone on foot would have been overrun long ago.

The reassuring shapes of the two hills grows larger and larger, and soon you are riding your tired horses through the valley between the slopes. The oni are all too eager to follow, and that is when the trap is sprung – a single horn blows, and you hear the whistling tune of arrows flying overhead to find their marks in the onis’ bodies. Youkai suddenly reveal themselves and fill the valley with their battlecries as they charge from both sides of the oni army into its flanks. The oni are pressed in from both sides by Rin’s and Utsuho’s troops and pinned in place, while the archers on the hilltops continue to pour arrows into the middle of their ranks.

You stop running away and turn around to face your foe, as do your conquistadores. Now the hunted have become hunters and the hunters the hunted. Lances are couched as the thundering of hooves is added to the din of battle. Your charge connects with the foe and sweeps the oni away in a righteous cleansing flood. Attacked from three sides, a few of the oni take up last stands, but most of them simply run away on the side you have left open for them. They do not get far before your horsewomen chase and cut them down.

You and Satori rejoin Rin and Utsuho in the centre of the battlefield as the cheers of victory begin. Their weapons and armour are stained red with blood, fortunately not their own.

“A brilliant plan, well executed,” Utsuho praises you.

“Forking awesome!” Rin adds.

“We’re not done yet,” you remind them gently and get back to work. The Komeiji army reforms and marches towards the oni capital to take seize it before it can be reinforced. As you approach, you see that the gate is still open. A lonely flag of surrender flutters above the gate. The army enters the city cautiously, wary of ambush, but there is none. More oni, these looking smaller and weaker – noncombatants, probably the equivalent of women and children – stare at you as you ride by.

“Commanders! We found something!” A scout runs up urgently. You four commanders follow her past a battered-down door into the central keep, and down a flight of stone stairs into a damp, dark dungeon. There are several cells, but only one is occupied and worthy of your interest. Behind the rusty iron bars a figure is chained to the wall, by her wrists and ankles, spreadeagled. Her clothes, once fine, are now rags that barely keep her large breasts decent. A single red horn juts from her forehead, and a cracked wooden bowl lies at her feet.

“Yuugi?” you utter in surprise.

“I’m that famous, huh?” she laughs bitterly, her voice hoarse. “What do you want with me? Let me guess, you want to know why the peaceful Oni waged war on you all of a sudden. Let me out, and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“She’s in pain. We should free her,” Satori says softly.

“She looks strong too. If the Oni imprisoned her, she’s our ally, right?” Rin adds.

“There are… alternate ways to encourage her to disclose her secrets,” Utsuho adds. “Just listing out all our options.”

[ ] Free her.
[ ] Free and recruit her.
[ ] Torture her until she tells. (Warning: rape and torture.)
[ ] Leave her there and reprimand the scout for wasting your time with a lunatic.
[X] Free and recruit her.

This'll do nicely.
[X] Free and recruit her.

She should be useful in keeping the Oni in line, and helping us assimilate them into our empire. Having one of their own as part of our leadership should ease the transition.
[x] Torture her until she tells. (Warning: rape and torture.)

This board needs more rape.
[x] Free and recruit her.
[X] Free and recruit her.

The more the merrier and all that.
[x] Free and recruit her.
File 131360465214.jpg - (465.20KB, 845x1000 , 7.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Free and recruit her.

Satori takes over the central keep as a headquarters of sorts from which to administer the occupied city of the oni. She has the place rendered hospitable in record time before Yuugi even finishes washing and making herself presentable. Servants move around, constantly refilling tiny cups of sake which you sip. You and Satori sit on your knees around a map of the oni territory, passing the time by making plans for incorporating the land into the budding empire, until finally Yuugi arrives.

Your eyes are drawn to the oni as she sweeps gracefully into the room. She has changed into a blue kimono that seems to have already slipped off her shoulders and is in constant danger of falling the rest of the way down. Indeed, the silk seems to be defying gravity in order to keep her nipples covered. Certainly, it does little to cover the top of her impressive mammaries or her generous cleavage. Yuugi sits down cross-legged and brushes away the servant who tries to serve her a mere cup, instead producing a flat saucer-like red lacquer bowl and holding it out to be filled. It holds a lot more liquor, but she effortlessly downs its contents in one go.

“Pah!” She exhales. “Thank you, my lady. I haven’t drank in over a month.” She balances her bowl on her knee and gestures for the servant to refill it.

Satori raises her cup. “A toast, to a productive partnership,” she proposes.

“Hear, hear!” Yuugi raises her bowl. The sake sloshes about but does not spill. Everyone else follows suit and drinks. “You have good taste. This is fine sake!”

“Thank you,” Satori bows her head graciously.

“Now to what you want to know,” Yuugi continues, swirling her bowl as it is filled for the third time, so that the liquid spins around in circles. She blows, creating ripples on the surface of the clear liquid. “What drives an oni?” She pauses for effect. “Liquor, of course.”

“Have you heard of the Ibuki Gourd?” Before going on, Yuugi drinks the sake and to everyone’s surprise, stops the servant from refilling her bowl. Amazingly, even after drinking so much she shows no signs of being drunk. “It is a great treasure of the oni, able to create endless amounts of wine, too powerful for any single oni to own. It’s blessings are meant to be shared among all. Ibuki Suika, the guardian of the gourd, was responsible for its safekeeping. A month ago, she and the gourd disappeared, and an ugly rumour surfaced. Can you guess what it was?”

“The Komeiji clan kidnapped her?” You venture a guess.

“Exactly.” Yuugi strikes her bowl against the floor, breaking it into two pieces with a neat crack. “There was no evidence, but angry oni need none. I spoke out against rash action, and you can see what good that did me.” She holds up a piece of the red lacquer in each hand. “You may have suppressed the oni through force of arms for now, but until the Ibuki Gourd is reunited with its proper owners, true peace will elude you.” There is a clap as she brings her hands together, momentarily hiding the bowl from sight, and then she raises it, free of any sign of damage, for the servant to refill.

“Do you have any idea where the gourd, or Suika, might be?” You ask.

“In fact, I do,” Yuugi gulps down more alcohol. “Suika talked about going to the Hakurei the night before she disappeared. If you ever go there, please look for her and find out what happened to the gourd. I would go myself, but Oni are not welcome on the surface.”

“That won’t do,” you shake your head. “Work for me and we’ll look for Suika together. No one will tell you that you are not welcome when you have an army at your back.” You cast a quick glance at Satori and see her nod in approval.

“A drink to seal our agreement?” Yuugi asks hopefully. You and Satori laugh and raise your cups before downing the last of the sake.

“It’s a deal.” You hold out your hand towards Yuugi, who looks confused. “Just do what I do,” you reassure her, and she brings her hand out towards you. Her grip is strong, you find out as you grasp her hand and give her a firm handshake. “That’s how we agree where I come from,” you explain. “Good to have you on the team.”

< * * * >

The ambient light never changes in the underworld, and you have yet to see a clock or a watch in this place, but somehow its inhabitants maintain a sense of time. You are starting to acquire this sort of sixth sense too, as for example, you feel that now would be the equivalent of evening in the surface world above. Night is when curtains are drawn over windows to keep light out and allow one to rest and sleep. You clutch the note that Satori secretly slipped you after your meeting with Yuugi adjourned. “Meet me in my room tonight. –Satori”

The short message had been in your mind, an unwelcome distraction as you visited Rin’s and Utsuho’s outposts to see whether there were any problems establishing Komeiji administration over the city (there weren’t). Now that your tasks have been completed, you decide to pay Satori a visit and see just what it is that she is up to.

You walk up the stairs to the highest floor of the keep, where she has taken the grandest room as her own, as befitting her status as ruler of the Komeiji clan. It appears deserted, with not even a single guard in sight. You slide open the screen door and step inside, only then gasping at the sight that meets your eyes.

Satori is kneeling on a futon, dressed in nothing more than a sheer, semi-transparent gown. The fabric clings to her gentle curves, allowing you to see that she is wearing nothing underneath. Even the eyeball seems to have disappeared. She looks up at you, blushing shyly, and beckons you closer. What can you do but close the door behind you and obey?

“Would you spend the night with me?” She requests of you. “Men visit my domain so rarely that I get lonely sometimes…”

“Shh.” You join her on the futon and place your hands gently on her shoulders, slipping her gown off her shoulders and letting it slide slowly down her slender body, exposing her small chest to the cool air and your eyes. Her muscles are tense and shaky under your fingers.

“I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you to do this,” she continues nervously, “but I haven’t had company for so long-“

“Shh.” You repeat and press a finger to her lips for greater emphasis. She lets her last word trail off into silence. Your heart skips a beat as she starts sucking on your finger. You pull the wet digit free from her mouth with a soft pop and trace it down her neck, collarbone, and breast, feeling her hot skin shiver under your cool touch. Your hand keeps moving, brushing by her nipple, pinching it with a small tug.

“Nn.” Satori bites her lip as a quiet moan escapes from her throat. You lean forward and press your lips against hers, tasting the remnants of sweet sake. The two of you part, panting lightly for air.

Wordlessly, she lifts her arms, and you take hold of her gown and pull it up and off her body. She returns the favour, reverently removing your clothing piece by piece. There is no frenzied tossing of anything aside. Instead, you stare at her, enjoying the sight as she folds each article neatly and puts it away. Conscious of your gaze, she blushes and tries to position her arms strategically between your eyes and her breasts whenever possible, but you simply shift your gaze lower and take in the gentle swell of her hips and the pleasing round smoothness of her rear.

Satori places her hands on your shoulders and pulls you down lightly on top of her. She parts her legs freely and you settle between them, teasing her womanly parts with your rock-hard erection. “I want you,” she whispers huskily, and that is all the encouragement you need before you start to push slowly inside her.

She is tight, even more so as she tenses up nervously the moment your glans begins to spread her pussy lips. You have only managed to work yourself in just a little when you see her grimace in pain under you. Immediately you stop and pull out, not wanting to hurt her.

“What’s wrong?” she asks worriedly. “Am I not pleasing you enough?”

“No, it’s not that,” you reassure her as you reposition yourself lower, so that your head is between her thighs. She lifts her head and shoulders a little, supporting herself on her elbows, to look down at you and see what you’re doing. You turn your head a little and give the inside of her pale thigh a little lick. She shivers and her legs start to press together involuntarily around your head, but you put a hand on each knee and keep her spread open.

Your tongue works in circles and swirls over each thigh, making its way ever closer to the junction between her legs, yet always short each time. Soon Satori’s breathing comes in little frustrated pants and she has her hands buried in your hair. You decide to let her have what she wants and give her slit a long lick from bottom to top, pushing your tongue in and tasting her arousal. You keep moving up and suckle on her clitoris. Her pelvis suddenly bangs against your nose as she lifts her hips off the futon and cries out.

You hear a disappointed moan as you keep moving up, delicately feeling your nose which is fortunately not broken. When your tongue dips into her belly button she shivers and tenses and sucks in her flat belly – ticklish! You kindly refrain from teasing her too much though, instead moving on to the underside of her breasts, kissing each. Then up to her nipples, first left and then right, leaving each perky and moist in the wake of your suckling lips.

Her body is hot as you try to plant a soft kiss on her lips. To your surprise she turns her head, and your lips land on her cheek. “What’s wrong?” you whisper into her ear and nibble on the lobe, making her moan.

“Eh… after where your lips have been?” she mutters, blushing fiercely, when she finally regains control of her voice.

In response you grind your hips against hers, letting her feel the heat of your cock rubbing against her wet, wet sex. You take advantage of her turned head to suck on her exposed neck. Soon you position yourself and push inside her. Her body accepts you eagerly, her walls spreading around your glans and engulfing your manhood in a loving embrace. Satori lets out a long happy mew which spurs you on as you start developing a rhythm of pulling back and thrusting in.

Her arms and legs lock behind you, holding you close as the two of you make love. She vocalizes her pleasure with soft “ahn”s.

You pace becomes faster and harder, making her body jiggle. She is warm and wet and tight around your cock while you thrust into her, filling her body with the fullness she has longed for.

Fluttering convulsions, fingernails digging into your shoulders, her eyes scrunched tight shut – Satori tenses up in climax while you mercilessly pound her non-stop with not a single break in your rhythm. Only when she has relaxed, her eyes open and looking up at you with all the joy of afterglow, do you finally start to slow down. No, not to stop, of course; she squeals in surprise as you flip her onto her side and lift her leg onto your shoulder. You resume your thrusts, deep, hard and fast, feeling your own climax not far off.

At last you reach your own limit and explode inside Satori, shooting off string after gooey string of jizz inside her well-fucked channel. Your cock finally softens and her squeezing pussy pushes you out, a small trickle of your thick white seed dripping down her crotch.

Satori gently hugs you, pressing your head lightly to her chest and patting you as exhaustion finally catches up and you drift off to sleep.

< * * * Day 3 * * * >

By the time you wake up, Satori is no longer in the futon with you, and your head is throbbing with a slight hangover. You get up, find a basin of water, wash, put on a set of clothing – which, you soon realize, is a freshly washed set and not those you wore the previous day – and head downstairs to the main hall. Already you are thinking about how to deal with the Mizuhashi. You remember that the only route to the surface, and further expansion, goes through their land. First you need more intelligence about them…

“No, you may not!” It is Satori’s voice, raised and exasperated. You see that she is speaking, or yelling, at someone. Your curiosity about who can make Satori lose her cool is sated right away by the sight of a closed eye, which immediately marks the person being scolded as Koishi Komeiji, Satori’s sister.

“Yes I can!” Koishi shouts back and sticks her tongue out for good measure.

Satori looks like she is about to make a scathing retort, but notices you and catches herself. “Good morning,” she greets. “This is Koishi, my sister. She is very good at getting in and out of places unnoticed, and also very good at making her sister worry to death. Koishi, this is our new strategist-“

“I’ve got important news for you, mister!” Koishi interrupts before the introductions are complete. “About the Mizuhashi clan! They know we’re coming for them sooner or later and they’ve got a plan in place. Trolls on the bridge to bottle up our army and archers on either side for the kill. No way we can break through with brute force. Those trolls are tough!”

“Koishi’s right,” Satori adds. “Mizuhashi Parsee personally commands a unit of trolls. They are famed as living walls in battle, and for good reason. We need to use diplomacy or subterfuge to find an opening.”

“I’m the best sneaker there is!” Koishi boasts proudly. “Poison, dagger, fire, whatever you need anywhere, I can get it there.”

“Only the best in Komeiji,” Satori quantifies. “Gensokyo is a large place with many talented youkai.”

“You’re no fun, onee-chan,” Koishi sighs.

Luckily, a servant enters at this moment with tea. You take a cup and sip, feel the soothing warmth spread through your body, and take a deep calming breath before going to work. You do have quite a list of things to do.

< * * * >


Koishi Komeiji – Ninja
Ninja skill: B
Ninjas can assassinate enemy persons, sabotage armies and buildings, or perform other creative tasks.

Parsee Mizuhashi – Mizuhashi clan (at peace)
Estimated army strength (excluding garrison): 1 troll, 2 bow fairies

Parsee Mizuhashi – Bridge Troll
Offence: D | Defence: A | Morale: A
Trolls deal little damage, but are nigh impossible to get past… on foot, at least.

Unknown – Bow Fairy
Offence: D | Defence: D | Morale: D
Fairies are weak individually, but numerous and easy to replace.

To do list (1, 2, and 3):

1: Make Yuugi a troop commander and equip her oni with katanas/naginatas/yari/bow (select one)
Yuugi Hoshiguma – Oni
Offence: C | Defence: C | Morale: B
These oni can be trained in one type of weapon, which will give them the following effect:
[ ]Katana: Offence up to B
[ ]Naginata: Defence up to B
[ ]Yari (spear): Good versus cavalry
[ ]Bow: Ranged attack

2: Mizuhashi Clan

[ ] Write-in.

3: Get to know better (pick one):

[ ] Satori
[ ] Koishi (only if she is not sent out on a mission)
[ ] Rin
[ ] Utsuho
[ ] Yuugi
[X]Katana: Offence up to B

If Yuugi isn't being used as a berserker, something wrong with our army setup.

[X] Have Kioshi incapitate the enemy commander. Then move your army to the bridge. With their commander gone, the fairies should have fled. Our archers will cut the trolls down from afar, then our cavalry will charge and clear out any remaining resistance.

This seems like it could work. Fairies are basically militia, and probably will flee with their leader out of the picture.

[X] Yuugi

We have to make sure she's completely loyal. That's all. No ulterior motives whatoever.
Are you so sure they'll flee? Yes, we need the archers to go and yes, incapaciting Parsee will help if Koishi can do it, but we need to know who lead those bow units first. If they don't flee because of someone who can still lead, this is going to seriously hurt.

[X] Katana: Offence up to B
[X] Have Koishi scout the Mizuhashi Clan. See what sabotage we can pull off on the armies and learn who lead the bow units and if it's possible to take out any opposing commander.
[X] Yuugi
No update today/night; looking for feedback while waiting for more write-ins. Like whether people prefer lovey-dovey sex or want a return to torture and rape.
I think;

Friends/Allies = Lovey Dovey

Foes/Traitors = Torture and Rape

In short, I think it depends on the context. For example, if the battle against Parsee turns into a fustrating or costly victory, methinks people would choose or enjoy rape and torture.
[X] Katana: Offence up to B
[X] Have Koishi scout the Mizuhashi Clan. See what sabotage we can pull off on the armies and learn who lead the bow units and if it's possible to take out any opposing commander.
[X] Utsuho

Personally, i prefer "lovey-dovey" as i find most rape to be disgusting and not hot at all, but i'm not gonna complain about it, seeing as i can just skip what i don't like.
[X] Katana: Offence up to B
[X] Have Koishi scout the Mizuhashi Clan. See what sabotage we can pull off on the armies and learn who lead the bow units and if it's possible to take out any opposing commander.
[X] Utsuho

Rape? Maybe like >>16488 said against frustrating enemies. Torture? Please, no. If you really must, please spoiler it.
[X] Katana: Offence up to B
[X] Have Koishi scout the Mizuhashi Clan. See what sabotage we can pull off on the armies and learn who lead the bow units and if it's possible to take out any opposing commander.
[X] Utsuho
Oh yes, nameless-anon-strategist needs a name for the girls to scream out while he is "making sure that girls are completely loyal" with his dick. :)

And about the frequency of sex scenes - more/less often? longer/shorter?
Maximus Hardwood.

Oh, and the sex scenes are pretty much fine the way they are.
A bit more detail as with the Orin and Okuu scene you didn't remark on Okuu's figure much. Other than that it's not too bad.

But Maximus Hardwood is fine with me.
Oh, I forgot to add when I first suggested the name; He should be completely oblivious to how suggestive it is, and take great pride in being a scion of the Hardwood family.
File 131382706475.jpg - (178.90KB, 800x840 , 8.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Katana: Offence up to B
[X] Have Koishi scout the Mizuhashi Clan. See what sabotage we can pull off on the armies and learn who lead the bow units and if it's possible to take out any opposing commander.
[X] Utsuho

< * * * Ancient City of Oni (under Komeiji occupation), Day 3 * * * >

You, Satori, and Koishi sit on your knees around a low table as breakfast is served. The aroma of miso soup, freshly boiled rice, steamed fish and pickled radish makes your stomach growl. Unlike the meals served in the Palace of Earth Spirits, however, here you are forced to contend with a mortal enemy: chopsticks.

Koishi giggles as for the third time the piece of daikon you’re attempting to pick up slips away and falls back into your bowl, when it was only inches away from your mouth. You catch sight of Satori stifling her laughter, too, but when you look at her she quickly pretends she hasn’t been laughing impolitely at your
Fumbles. Koishi, on the other hand, doesn’t bother with such pretense. She stares into your eyes, an amused smirk in the corner of her mouth, as she shows off and lifts a pickle up to her mouth with all the grace and elegance you lack. Your eyes widen as she sticks out her tongue and gives the piece of daikon a slow lapping lick, looking into your eyes all the while, and lowers her head ever so slightly so that her dainty lips can wrap suggestively around the solid white-

“Don’t play with your food,” Satori lectures sternly, with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“Aww, you’re no fun.” Koishi chews and swallows normally after that. She puts down her chopsticks and looks intently at you, her chin resting on her clasped hands.

“Hm?” You acknowledge her curiously, your mouth full with a morsel you have finally managed to get to your mouth without it pulling an escape artist act halfway.

“When are you going to marry onee-chan?”

“Puh!” Your hard-earned mouthful goes flying back out of your mouth. Satori fares little better; she seems to be choking and sputtering, in fact. You both take a deep drink of tea to calm down, with Koishi gently patting her sister’s back.

“What kind of question was that?” you finally manage to ask weakly.

“Well,” Koishi explains, looking thoughtful, “I sensed that last night the two of you were- mmmpf!”

“Not a word!” Satori scolds Koishi, with her hand clamped over her mouth. You look at the servants, who are doing a remarkably good job of pretending to be deaf, but you just know that by before long the entire realm will be filled with lustful stories about the torrid affair between the ruler of Komeiji and her strategist.

“Anyways,” you try to steer the topic away from dangerous waters, “I have a job for you, Koishi. I need you to go back to Mizuhashi and finish what you started. Find out the names of all their commanders, their chain of command, who can be easily bribed or removed, and so on, and what we can do to weaken them for when we finally go to war.”

“I don’t like that,” Satori frowns. “It’s too dangerous-“

“It’s okay, sheesh,” Koishi interrupts her. “I’m old enough to take care of myself! And speaking of age,” she turns towards you, “before you marry onee-chan, you should know that she’ll be turning- mmmpf!”

You chuckle as Satori censors Koishi with her hand over her lips before she can give out any more state secrets. “You’re not too old to be spanked,” the elder sister whispers playfully.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be a good girl,” Koishi straightens herself off and pushes Satori’s hand away. “But I’m still going!”

“I can’t stop you, can I?” Satori sighs. “At least promise me you’ll be careful.”

“I promise, pinky swear!” They entwine their little fingers together.

“Now you should eat up before your food turns cold,” Satori adds in a motherly voice. She turns to you, more serious now. “I intend to march the army back to the Palace of Earth Spirits today, including your conquistadores, if you don’t mind. I’ll take Rin with me and leave Utsuho and her crows here to garrison the city and train up the new oni unit. Will you stay here to oversee them and administer the city?”

You nod, as it’s not really a question but an order that Satori is giving you.

< * * * >


You have your very own Hardwood seal now. As you finish marking the final document with your seal, completing your work for the day, you allow yourself a few moments to daydream.

The Hardwood name came from your grandfather, who was a carpenter and changed his family name to better advertise his profession. That was from the days when televisions, if they existed at all, were black and white, and people apparently didn’t laugh so much at such corny tactics. Grandpa Hardwood’s son married a woman who was allergic to carpets, and dedicated his life to the cause of getting everyone in town to replace their carpets with hardwood flooring. So, he kept the tradition of the family name. Now, you, “Max” Hardwood, are the near-equivalent of a secretary of defence or something. Quite a step up in the world for you, and a worthy tribute to the family name.

“Hardwood-sama!” You wonder why the servants look like they are trying to suppress giggles every time they call you. “Is there anything else?”

“No,” you put the last document, ink still fresh, on top of one of several stacks and let the servants take them away. “Good job everyone. Enjoy the day and see you tomorrow.”

It is still too early to sleep. You decide to visit Utsuho and see how the training of the new oni troop is progressing. She has taken over the largest dojo in town and converted it to a drill ground. It is not very tall compared to the central keep, but the size of its grounds and buildings make it the second largest structure in the city. So the oni have a martial arts culture of their own – good, it would make for strong soldiers.

You follow the sharp shrill of steel striking steel, and the muffled thumps of feet on hardwood floor into a large airy building. The oni inside are divided into pairs and are practising an elaborate system of blows and parries with blunted katanas. Utsuho walks between the rows of duelers, occasionally correcting an unstable pose or wasted movement, using a short bamboo baton.

She catches sight of your entrance and walks shifts direction to move towards you at an unhurried pace, assessing the skills of those she passes by along the way. The white open-backed gi she is wearing makes for a pretty contrast with her wings and black hair, tied up in a high ponytail. Instead of her customary naginata, she has a katana sheathed at her side.

“Keeping busy?” You call out to her by way of greeting.

“As you can see,” Utusho waves to the trainees behind her, “we will have more swordswomen ready to serve soon. Have you come to teach them advanced swordplay?”

“What makes you think that?” you ask, confused.

“You entered through the instructor’s entrance, did you not?”

“Oh.” You look around and see that the oni have ceased their practice and are now sitting on their knees, looking at the two of you. There is the slightest sound of sliding steel as Utusho draws her katana and holds it above her head, tip towards the roof and slightly back, in a high guard stance. Not wanting to shame yourself by running away, you unsheathe your own straight sword from the scabbard hanging at your side. At the very least you’ll put up a good show. Though there is no sun in the underworld, light glints nevertheless from the keen edges of your swords, reminding you how dangerous a game you are about to play.

Toledo steel would not fail before a katana, you know at least this much. But of course, somehow you knew how to ride a horse and command your conquistadores as though you had spent your years practicing these things, instead of in a classroom. Surely a bit of swordfighting would be part of package?

You have no time to continue this train of thought as Utusho’s katana descends on you. Your body springs into action seemingly of its own accord, raising your blade and deflecting her blow. You barely have time to marvel at your newfound skill, though, before a knee to your stomach makes you grunt painfully and stagger back a few steps. The next thing you know, the flat of her sword is pressing lightly against your arm.

“Forearm.” Utsuho smiles at you.

“Best of three!” You immediately insist, getting back into stance, your sword held in front of you, unlike Utsuho who chooses to return to her high guard.

This time you make the first move, with a horizontal slash. Utsuho hops back, easily avoiding the blow, and steps forward with a powerful slice. You push her blow to the side, your swords locked together, momentum propelling the swords in a wide arc to the side. Before you have time to turn the tables, Utusho grips your wrist with inhuman strength and sweeps at your feet with her leg. You drop your sword as you are knocked off balance and fall down painfully onto your back.

Utusho sheathes her katana, having won two rounds, and helps you back to your feet. “Don’t feel bad,” she reassures her. “I am the best warrior in Komeiji, and perhaps even in the underworld.” She turns to the oni. “You are dismissed for today.” As the recruits file out of the dojo, she asks you, “would you have tea with me?”

“Yeah, of course.” You make sure your sword is back in its sheath before you follow Utsuho out of the training hall. She leads you through the grounds and to her room, a small, slightly spartan though well kept affair. A servant brings in a tray carrying cups and a full teapot. Utusho pours the tea expertly and hands you a cup. You pause to admire its fragrance and soft green colour, then take a sip from it and feel the aches in your stomach and back disappear right away.

“Oh, this is good,” you praise. “What is it?”

“Reiuji Green,” Utsuho replies happily and winks, “My secret recipe. It is good after training, is it not?”

“Definitely,” you nod. “I feel like I haven’t just had my ass handed to me. Hm… if you’re so good with a katana, why don’t you use it in battle?”

“I am even better with my naginata,” Utsuho explains simply, taking a sip of her own. “If you ever need a champion for single combat, please call on me.”


“So…” She swirls her cup, and looks uncharacteristically hesitant. “There is a rumour going around that you and Satori-sama-“

“Oh, that,” you groan, “all I have to say is, ‘no comment’.”

“No comment, I see,” Utsuho smiles and nods. You can see that she is totally not buying it. “So who are you fucking tonight?”

You have had practice already today, so this time you manage now to spew out a mouthful of tea in shock. It is not so much the crude way she phrases it, as the matter-of-fact way she asks it, as though she were asking what you were having for dinner tonight. “What makes you think I’m going to do that!?”

“Hm? For one, your name-“

“I don’t have a hardwood flooring fetish!” You make very clear before she misunderstands anything.

Utsuho doesn’t say anything, just stares at you for open-mouthed but wordless for a while, her tea forgotten in her hand. Finally, she taps the floor with her hand. “Wood, check.” She reaches out under the table with her leg. You gasp as her toes brush your crotch. “Erection, none. It appears you are telling the truth after all.” She pauses, then smiles cattily, obviously feeling something poke her foot. “Perhaps you have a foot fetish instead?”

“No, I don’t!” Her soft toes pressing against your privates just felt good, after all. If she had put her hand there, you would have gotten hard all the same. It being her foot has nothing to do with it.

“Ky-a, so you are planning to eat me tonight!” Utsuho’s squeal is so monotone and flat, she has to be doing this to infuriate you on purpose.

“Stop, stop, stop a moment,” you put down your tea and clear your throat. “You are a very beautiful lady, and I would never turn you down, but I have no idea where you are getting this idea that I am a sex crazed predator who needs to bed someone every single night.”

“But don’t you?”


“But your curse-“

“What curse?” You ask nervously.

“You mean you don’t know? But you’ve certainly been acting like you know how to delay it-“

“Hey, you were there when you and Rin jumped me in the bath. You two were the predators, not me. And with Satori, well, um, I guess you could say she started it.”

“Ha! So the thing about you and Satori-sama is true!”

“Great,” you groan. “But more importantly, what. Is. This. Curse!?”

Utsuho drains her cup and puts it down, looking serious. “The curse of the foreign man. Any male outsider in Gensokyo slowly turns female, but this can be delayed indefinitely as long as the man has sex with a different woman every night. There is no known cure, but at least it is better than a curse that slowly kills you, right?”

You stare into space, pondering her words. She kindly lets you think without interruption.

[ ] Ask Utsuho for sex.
[ ] Ask Yuugi for sex.
[ ] Have sex with random generic youkai.
[ ] Don’t have sex and let the curse start taking effect.

Multiple choices, complicated conditions, and write-ins are encouraged too!
[x] Don’t have sex and let the curse start taking effect.

TG options are what i will be voting for forever.
[x] Ask Yuugi for sex.
[x] Ask Utsuho for sex.

So, that means we can't do it again with the same girl to counter the curse or can it work after a period of time passed? The first would be way too damn restrictive in my opinion.
[X] Ask Yuugi for sex.
[X] Get so hung over during foreplay you pass out and are unable to perform
[X] Be captured by an annoyed and overstimulated Yuugi mid-transformation
[X] Oni spiriting away and domination sequence

I probably should stop with the silly crossed out write-ins.
[x] Ask Utsuho for sex.

Much as I love Yuugi, I think Utsuho is the more appropriate one to go with right now.
[X] Ask Utusho for sex.

Only because of the curse. We certainly have no impure thoughts regarding our subordinates. That would be improper.
[x] Ask Utsuho for sex.

I think she's interested in what her master got... and I think we should get to know Yuugi some more before showcasing our hard-wood.
[X] Ask Utusho for sex.

Why go out of our way when we have someone who wants it right in front of us? Besides, we already did it with Rin and Satori, so we can't leave her out.
[X] Ask Utsuho for sex.
[X] Ask Utsuho for sex.

>The curse of the foreign man. Any male outsider in Gensokyo slowly turns female, but this can be delayed indefinitely as long as the man has sex with a different woman every night.
Huh. I can't decide if this is actually a problem or not. In the short term, at least.
[X] Ask Utsuho for sex.


Also, let's try to find a way to keep our dick even after the transformation. All the pleasures of both man and woman ripe for the taking!
>Also, let's try to find a way to keep our dick even after the transformation. All the pleasures of both man and woman ripe for the taking!

Yes. This would be the best.
File 131393415984.jpg - (209.72KB, 600x863 , 9.jpg) [iqdb]
Quick question: what’s the syntax for tripcode?


[X] Ask Utsuho for sex.

Without warning you reach up and grip Utsuho’s hands. “Huh?” she gives you a strange look.

“You have to help me!” you tell her urgently, leaning forward over the table.

She’s taken aback. “With sex?”

“To stop the curse, of course!” You give her hands a squeeze.

Utsuho tries to back up a little and pull her hands free, flustered, but you don’t let her go. “I am sure we can find someone here who will not mind doing it for fun or for duty. There is no need for me to get involved personally-“

“No, no,” you shake your head. “What if we go look all night but don’t find anyone? Then I’ll turn into a girl!”

“What is so bad about that?” Utsuho retorts.

“What is so bad about that? You don’t know!?” You raise your voice and make yourself sound more panickly. “My strategic prowess is tied directly to my manliness! If I turn into a girl then Komeiji will lose her best strategist! Can you face your master, knowing that you willingly let that happen?”

“No, I will not fail Satori-sama!” She strongly insists, and sighs. “Very well, I shall service you tonight. Please give me time to prepare myself and find me here after dinner.”

You hardly believed that your ploy would work, but it has apparently succeeded.

You return to the central keep and start making plans for the eventual takeover of the Mizuhashi, whether by sword or pen. Once that is done then the Komeiji can break out of the underworld and onto the surface lands. About time, too, as you are starting to miss the sun. The water clock and your grumbling stomach tell you what the light does not, and you take a quick dinner alone, then bathe and cleanse yourself in preparation for your rendezvous with Utsuho.

The raven is waiting for you at the gates of the dojo, dressed in a breath-taking kimono that somehow emphasizes her womanly curves despite covering so much skin. You follow behind her, your eyes drawn to her swaying hips and the generous swell of her chest, as she guides you to her room. It is darkened by lowered blinds and only dimly lit by a few flickering candles. On the low table is an open bottle of wine and a pair of high-stemmed glasses. Instead of the futon you expect to find rolled out over the floor, there is a lonely chair in the corner of the room instead.

Utsuho guides you to the table and sits opposite you. There is an awkward silence as she picks up the bottle and pours a little of the red liquid into each glass.

“Cheers.” The glasses clink. Trying not to embarrass yourself, you recall the basics – give the glass a little swirl, breathe in its aroma, and only then take a sip. You’re no connoisseur, but the wine is good.

“You are really going to do it, huh?” Utsuho breaks the silence.

“Yes,” you nod.

“I have a condition – no, a request,” she goes on, starting to blush, although it may just be a trick of the candlelight.

“What is it?” you ask her gently.

“Please do not enter me,” she whispers.

“Then how is this going to work…?” You trail off, raising an eyebrow.

“The curse will be delayed as long as I use any part of my body to pleasure you,” Utsuho explains, and swallows nervously. She is blushing, all right. “I will please you, but only Orin may touch me down there. Please understand.”

You nod, slightly disappointed. “Of course I understand. You don’t need to apologize.” For a moment you are tempted to force yourself on her, but that’s definitely not going to end well.

“Thank you. Then… please sit on the chair.” Utusho stands up and brings the chair nearer. She pats the seat and gestures for you to sit on it, with which you comply, not quite sure what is going on, but having an inkling idea.

Utsuho kneels in front of you and starts to pull down your pants. You blink, surprised at how forward she is, and lift your weight off the chair to ease her task. She takes your pants, folds them up neatly, and places them aside on the mat. Satisfied that you are nude below the waist, she nudges your knees apart. Still seated, you spread your legs, exposing your soft manhood to her gaze.

“Are you cold?” she asks you. You shake your head. Without further ago she lightly grasps your penis in her right hand. At the touch of her warm fingers you gasp and feel blood rushing into your erection, which springs to its full, throbbing length in a matter of seconds. “Wow…” Utsuho looks awed and slightly proud of herself at the same time. You watch as she draws out a small bottle of oil from the folds of her kimono and lubricates both her hands, glistening in the candlelight.

The movements start slow at first, her digits gliding over your glans and then your shaft as she strokes your hard wood with alternating hands, moving from tip to base. Her hands are not soft, but calloused from years of plying her martial trade, and the rough sensation makes you shiver in place. You put your hands on her shoulders and slide her kimono down her arms, dropping lower and lower until her breasts are exposed. For a warrior, she certainly has a full chest.

You play with one another, both your breaths becoming heavier and heated. She grips your cock more firmly in her right hand and rubs up and down its length, picking up speed. You groan when you suddenly feel her fingers cupping and rolling your heavy balls. Not to be outdone, you cup a handful of breast in each hand, groping and kneading crudely. As you watch her nipples stiffen, you brush your thumbs over each in turn, drawing out a soft moan from her lips.

Your manhood gets even harder in anticipation as right in front of your eyes, Utsuho lowers her head with her lips parted. You groan as you watch and feel a few inches of your erection disappear into her eager mouth. Her tongue presses against the sensitive underside of your glans as she lifts her head and pulls her mouth away, panting softly, a string of mixed saliva and pre-cum connecting her lower lip to the tip of your cock. You give her nipples a pinch in return, smiling as she squeals, enjoying a few more strokes from her hand before she lowers her head again. You lean forward, sitting on the edge of the chair, squeezing her breasts as she sucks on you again.

The pattern repeats; she lifts her head and her fingers squeeze and slide along your shaft once more. You lean forward and sit on the edge of the seat, playing with her breasts and tugging on her nipples. It’s too much to take. Her hand leaves your cock and goes to brush her long silky hair out of her face and behind her ear. You take advantage of this moment to slide your fingers through her hair, holding her head firmly, and push her head down while thrusting your hips up.

Utsuho’s eyes widen in surprise as your cock rams into her mouth. At first you feel a pair of hands on your thighs, trying to push you away. You ignore them and start fucking her face. Her mouth is wet and warm, and her throat squeezes nice and tight around your member as you hold her head down and thrust in, deep, until her nose is pressed against your crotch. She gags and sputters, while you pass the point of no return and tense up, ready to shoot your seed straight into her belly-

At last she manages to break free from you with a sudden burst of strength, head tilted back, mouth open and coughing for air, a few tears trickling down her cheeks. You let loose with one spurt after another of hot sticky seed all over her face and breasts, even getting some on her beautiful dark hair. It is your turn to groan as Utsuho’s hand closes around your member, stroking and milking it until you have not a drop more to give. She opens her mouth, tongue out, to catch your load. You watch as she opens her mouth and shows you how much white goo she has caught. She tilts her head back, swallows, and opens her mouth again. There is no trace of your cum left between her lips; just the copious amounts staining her smooth skin.

“That was awesome…” you finally manage to pant out, reaching out and gently brushing her tears away.

Utsuho smiles proudly and dreamily. “Thank you!”

“Do you do this for Rin often?” you ask casually.

She tilts her head curiously. “No, she’s not the one with a cock-“

There’s something weird about the way she phrased her answer. You look down. As you half-expected, there is a very noticeable bulge sticking upwards in her kimono between her legs.

“Ah!” Utsuho follows your gaze and, recognizing what you are staring at, quickly covers it with her hands.

“Is that…?” You begin, trailing off, unsure of what to say.

“Yes, I-I am what some may call, um, a three-legged crow.” Her voice is uncharacteristically shy. “Orin and Satori-sama know about my condition, but please do not tell anybody else, okay?”

You look down at Utsuho. She presents herself as strong and invincible to others, but it turns out that she has her own vulnerable secrets after all, just like everyone else, probably. You give her a soft pat on the head.

“Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

< * * * Palace of Earth Spirits, Day 4 * * * >

Your power breakfast with Utsuho and Yuugi had been interrupted by two letters. The first was from Koishi, in cipher:


The second was much simpler. It simply read:

“Commanders Utsuho, Hardwood, and Hoshiguma to return to Palace of Earth Spirits at greatest speed. –Satori”

So you had ridden, Utsuho went armourless and flown, and Yuugi somehow ran on foot, to the Palace of Earth Spirits, handing command of the crow and oni troops to your second-in-commands with orders to rejoin the rest of the army as soon as possible.

Now, as you enter the mansion’s main hall, you see several servants showing a blonde woman out. She gives you a smile as you pass. Her dress is interesting, to put things one way. It is red, with six ornamental buttons arranged in two columns running down its front. That is not the strange part – the skirt of the dress flares out so much in comparison to the upper body that it reminds you of Victorian fashions with hoops and corsets, but it is unique in that it constricts narrowly at its hem just below her knees. Yellow sashes are wrapped around the skirt of this eye-catching dress. She actually looks somewhat as though she is wearing a striped red bell.

“Eavesdroppers?” Satori asks as the three of you enter and the door shuts behind you. On cue, the servants leave the room.

“All clear,” Rin, who is already inside, reports. Now it is just the five most powerful people in Komeiji, holding secret council.

“What’s going on?” You ask Satori, who is pacing back and forth, very obviously agitated.

“Did you see Kurodani Yamame as she left?” Satori asks rhetorically. Before you have a chance to respond, she continues on. “She is here as an envoy on behalf of Mizuhashi and staying as a guest until we give her a reply.”

“The gal in that big red bell?” Yuugi laughs. “Did someone knock her up?”

“Anyways, what did they want?” you try to steer the discussion back into serious waters.

“Mizuhashi Parsee wishes to marry Koishi and strike an alliance with the Komeiji,” Satori explains flatly. “Such outrageous demands are usually pretexts for war. But they wouldn’t risk war unless they have some sort of leverage… Koishi… no, she is too good to be caught.” She looks at you, desperation in her eyes. “What do they have to gain? What should we do?”

[ ] Write-in.
It's "yourname#yourpassword".

The letter we got from Koishi deciphers to :


Oh, alright then. In that case I have no idea what to do. While it would be nice to have an ally, they could still threaten Koishi to blackmail us into doing their wishes. Not to mention if they betray us later on, our campaign will grind to a halt with our army stuck in hostile territory, like Xenophon or some such. Hell, even the kindness Parsee shows Koishi could all just be a trick which Koishi fell for. Or I'm just being paranoid.

[X] A deal this important should be hammered out in person. Request that Parsee, along with most of their generals, meet our own delegation on neutral/sacred ground. Also, make sure they bring Koishi.

Not very good, but it should let us get a look at Koishi, make sure she's alright, and hopefully manage to get a feel for their intentions.
[X] A deal this important should be hammered out in person. Request that Parsee, along with most of their generals, meet our own delegation on neutral/sacred ground. Also, make sure they bring Koishi.
[X] A deal this important should be hammered out in person. Request that Parsee, along with most of their generals, meet our own delegation on neutral/sacred ground. Also, make sure they bring Koishi.

Hmm... Parsee's forces aren't suited for offense. They have a plan, but only for defense.I wonder if that means the offer for an alliance is real?

Still, the Underground must be united before going to the surface. Resolving this by pen would be more beneficial since we would get three groups of units unhurt (even if fairies will need training to be useful), but... The next problem for that if Parsee agree to it probably will be who is going to be the leader of that united front.

I'm sensing a duel coming up.
File 13140235679.jpg - (296.38KB, 850x708 , 10.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] A deal this important should be hammered out in person. Request that Parsee, along with most of their generals, meet our own delegation on neutral/sacred ground. Also, make sure they bring Koishi.

There’s no easy way around this. “I need to see Parsee face-to-face to figure out what she’s thinking, and we also need to make sure that Koishi’s safe. We should request a meeting on neutral or sacred ground, and demand that they bring Koishi along as a sign of good faith.”

Satori’s eyes narrow. You wince, bracing yourself. “Are you saying that Koishi’s been captured? How do you know this?” She asks in a low, dangerous voice.

“This letter,” you hand her the encoded letter. A glance is all it takes for her, without even having to ask you for the deciphered version, to understand its contents. “So it is true,” she whispers through gritted teeth, gripping it so tightly that the paper crumples. Her voice rises in rage. “I will burn their cities to the ground and gut that bridge bitch myself! Mobilize! Levy all my armies!”

“No, no!” You try to stop her. “Don’t you see? That’s what Parsee expects and wants you to do, and you’ll be stepping straight into her trap if you let yourself get carried away. Go talk to Parsee and find out the whole truth. Maybe this is all just a big misunderstanding.”

Denial, and now anger. Bargaining would be next, and you might as well make the most out of it by having Satori bargain with Parsee. With any luck the situation would be resolved before matters reach depression or acceptance.

“Fine,” Satori hisses, though she seems calmer than a few seconds ago. “Recall the envoy and tell her I have her answer.”

Satori recomposes herself while waiting for Yamame to return. Servants renter and bring in more chairs for you to sit on. With a full court, she suddenly seems much more impressive, like a true ruler instead of a wanna-be warlord. Yamame seems to notice this, too, bowing politely as she is allowed inside the chamber.

“I have an offer for your mistress, Miss Kurodani,” Satori announces regally. “If she wishes to wed my sister, let her come here herself and ask, if she dares!”

“My mistress would gladly suffer many disadvantages for the sake of her love,” Yamame coos, unfazed, her voice dripping with honey, “but surely you must know that what you ask is impossible.”

“If she is sincere, then she will at least go so far as to honour me with sacred council at the Geyser,” Satori demands.

“Of course my mistress shall oblige,” Yamame agrees sweetly. “And to honour the gods, we shall follow the Rule of Three. Three great generals, thirty witnesses…”

“And nine hundred years on the betrayer,” Satori finishes ritually. “You are dismissed.”

Yamame bows again and turns to leave. Satori waits until the spider youkai is shown to the door and only then does she pick that moment to add, “One more thing. Koishi must be there, and safe. Your mistress knows what I mean.” Before the Mizuhashi envoy can protest, the door closes behind her, locking her out.

“How dare that insignificant insect dictate terms to me!” Satori spits, pacing angrily. She starts, surprised as Rin hugs her wordlessly from behind. “I’m sorry, Rin. This isn’t like me. I’m just want to see Koishi again…”

“What’s all this about geysers, the rule of three and generals, witnesses, and years?” You ask, bewildered, now that Yamame is gone.

Yuugi speaks up. “The Geyser’s been here in the underworld long before there were any palaces or cities, and some say even before there were any youkai or oni. A human like you might not be able to appreciate it, but violence there is taboo for the old beings of Gensokyo.”

“There are more places like that on the surface too,” Rin adds. “It’s traditional to parley in the old places. The Rule of Three is just a shorter way of saying three commanders and thirty bodyguards only on each side can show up.

“What about the nine hundred years?” you ask.

“Oh, that?” Rin laughs. “If one side breaks the Rule and tries to attack the other side, or bring many more soldiers in hiding to ambush them, then the miko will seal them up for nine hundred years!” She shrugs. “No one believes that anymore in this day and age though. Just like how the Empress rules over Gensokyo in name only, and the real power is with the Miko, now the Miko’s authority over the clans is in name only, and the real power is with the great clans.” She grins.

“Are we a great clan?” You have to ask.

“The Miko will be forced to name us as one after we unite the Underworld and break out into the surface,” Satori interrupts, her voice hard and determined. “But before that I want my sister safe and sound. Start thinking of your reward, my strategist. Once Koishi is safe, and you will succeed in ensuring her safety, you can have your reward.”

[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Rin/Utsuho/Yuugi (pick one).
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best cats/crows/oni (pick one).
[ ] (Optional) Break the Rule of Three and bring your army to ambush the unsuspecting Mizuhashi at the Geyser.
[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi

[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best Oni

I praise you for the Fast updating
[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi

[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best crows (pick one).
Crows in case we need to make a quick getaway.

First, we need to make our own changes to the treaty, make a big deal with various bits (probably taxes divisions or some such) while discreetly replacing any mention of Koishi with "after the marriage takes place".

METAANALYSIS: While an alliance is good, it's the most possible and likely to fall apart with Koishi. All Gensokyo knows of Parsee's jealousy (as we are both a touhou fan in universe and we can always say "even the outside knows of her jealousy or somesuch), and pairing Koishi with her will lead to her being suspicious - especially if Koishi keeps vanishing off as is her wont.

A much better fit would be Yuugi, for example. ParseeXYuugi forever. As she's honest and incorrigible and more powerful than Parsee, she'll be in control rather than Parsee and Koishi playing mindgames with each other.

If Yuugi is willing and thinks Parsee is attractive, promote her to general and honourary house member after getting a vow to serve (onis don't lie) and we can get her to marry Parsee in the traditional oni method of seeing a woman you like, boinking her on the head with a club, dragging her off to her cave and fucking her back to consciousness until the woman's entirely filled with love for her new mate or has a broken pelvis and can't run, whichever is sooner.

The BEST part is, as this is normal oni behaviour it's not violence, and the Mizhuashi side have to accept it or break the treaty itself!

Notes: This is a risky plan, and relies on Yuugi finding Parsee attractive.

Still, I think it's worth it, if just for the awesomesex that will result.

Also, we can hold off becoming a woman until we get captured after a series of disasterous battles and is held for a while, then raped??" before being freed.
Look, that won't really work if we're talking wedding for an alliance because it would be like an insult. We just got Yuugi as a subordinate. You want to tell another ruler that they can't have the sister of the leader, but a mere new subordinate isntead? This will never fly for an alliance. Or rather, your view is in reverse: This rely far more on Parsee liking Yuugi.

Will vote later. Must think.
They wouldn't even be offering an alliance if they were in a position of power. This is more trickery of treaties and wording to place us in an advantageous position and allow them less of a hold on us; by that point they won't have a hostage any more if the deal is off and we can absorb them through conquest - leaving the underworld weaker in strength but less likely to rebel.

You might disagree, of course, this is only one viewpoint. But it's mostly from wanting to see Yuugi/parsee lovingrapesex which would be entirely unlikely otherwise.
[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi.
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best crows.
[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi.
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best oni

Bringing the oni for two reasons: their presence will show that we are honorable, and if the Mizuhashi stage an ambush, we need our best troops to break out.

>Crows in case we need to make a quick getaway.
They're not faster than our other troops when they're wearing their heavy armor.
[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi.
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best oni

This seems good.

Also, am I the only one who's planning an eventual coup for Maximus to become supreme leader?

[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi.
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best oni.
>Also, we can hold off becoming a woman until we get captured after a series of disasterous battles and is held for a while, then raped??? before being freed.
This is still the Little League. There'll be plenty of opportunities to lose once you start going up against the great clans, given the current competence of your strategies. Maybe a review after uniting the underworld is in order. :)

>But it's mostly from wanting to see Yuugi/parsee lovingrapesex which would be entirely unlikely otherwise.
You should start specifying any futaness or other kinks you want to see in a Yuugi/Parsee scene now. :D
Guys, I just realized something. We need to develop a unique tactic our faction uses. One that the surface dwellers will not epxect.

I nominate phalanxes. They're easy to equip, are unstoppable in a frontal attack, and we can fill out their ranks with fairies, allowing us to keep our best troops in reserve. The only problem is if they're flanked, but if we use our cavalry properly, and keep some elite units on the flanks of our army in battle, we'll be fine.
You're over thinking this.

[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi.
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best oni

I want to believe in this possible alliance but still it's a good idea to put the best face foward and being prepared for anything.
>There'll be plenty of opportunities to lose once you start going up against the great clans, given the current competence of your strategies.

Well, that sure doesn't bode well.

Because people will be so willing to follow a backstabber, sure.
Yeah, that's the problem. Which is why the "Coup" isn't really such, but simply waiting for an opportunity to gain control; "Satori is wounded! Who will lead us now?" And never letting go of that power. Ever.
Suuuure. Nevermind that the only ones who wouldn't beat the crap out of us for that stunt is our unit. Do remember the rest are loyal to Satori, not us (and Yuugi wouldn't side with us on this). Do remember that ruling also involves far, far more than just leading armies. Food distribution, towns, laws, trades, administrative decisions...

I for one is perfectly happy to simply be a strategist. And we're on Satori's good side right now, so why do that? As for strategy problems, a review of units and what each is good at would definitely help plan better.
...In retrospect, my idea is exceedingly foolish. I guess we are in a pretty swell spot right now; All the glory and prestige from winning battles, none of the assorted paperwork from having to rule.
>You should start specifying any futaness or other kinks you want to see in a Yuugi/Parsee scene now. :D
In general, when one thinks of oni sex, one thinks of MUSCLES. Tender powerful loving is probably out, though "Surprise! It's the King Oni!" futaness is fine, as is initial resistance before giving in. But I'm sure you can surprise us with whatsoever kinds of fun!

As long as it's within the realm of "strong, but still feminine" musculature, as opposed to "OH GOD IT'S LIKE A MOVING MOUNTAIN OF MUSCLES". And of course, giant Yuugi titties are a must. Bouncing as she thrusts in and out, flinging sweat everywhere...
honestly I wouldn't try to mess things up due to hurrdurr shipping but rather trying to do what's best for this gensokyo. That and a couple of Yuugi/Parsee doujins came out.

But Yugi would be a mix of sake, muscles and breasts for sure.

This too.

Indeed, I rather help lead something to glory and get perks (like fucking girls) than to have the work of ruling.
File 131412066764.jpg - (186.14KB, 500x732 , 11.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] The three commanders to go to the Geyser are you, Satori, and Yuugi.
[X] The bodyguard will consist of the best oni.

“Yuugi, come with us to the Geyser,” you decide. “And pick the thirty best oni to come along.”

“Ready the rest of the army and defend the Palace,” Satori orders her pets. “It will be war if the talks do not go well.”

The journey to the Geyser is uneventful. Long before you reach it, you see a jet of water shooting upwards in the distance. To your surprise, the water keeps gushing upwards, all the way to the bedrock high above that make up the underside of the surface world. “The geyser goes all the way up, every hour, and has done so as far back as anyone can remember,” Satori tells you. “It feeds into a spring on the Youkai Mountain, and is one of the few gateways between the underworld and the surface. It is no road for an army to march, but the occasional traveler or refugee comes through.”

You climb up a slight slope, getting closer to the Geyser. After cresting the hill you get your first good look at the place. A sparkling lake of water reflects the crystal stalactites hanging down from the ceiling miles above, formed by untold years of spray from the geyser dripping down. Near the shore five pillars have been erected on a patch of flat ground, with markings on the ground making a circle and pentagram between the columns. A small stream flows from the lake, meandering and widening, and you realize that it eventually becomes the river that marks the Komeiji-Mizuhashi border, and is responsible for the sole bridge that gives the Mizuhashi such a great defensive advantage.

Satori points to the pillars. “That is where we wait for the Mizuhashi to show up.” She turns to the oni. “Stay here and warn us if you spot Parsee bringing an army with her.”

The three of you proceed to the circle. Satori sits cross-legged and meditates, while Yuugi nurses a jug of sake, one of several she has brought along for the occasion. You head down to the lakeside and amuse yourself skipping stones over the water, occasionally scaring off an errant fairy, which dives into the water to evade you.

Thankfully, it is not long before news of Parsee’s arrival arrives. She has also brought along Yamame, whom you recognize from before, and a girl in a bucket that is somehow hovering in the air. That must be Kisume. The sheer incredulity you experience watching her bucket bob up in the air as it makes its way forward incites a long laugh from you. Parsee, true to her envoy’s word, has brought along only thirty bodyguards of her own, cute lolis all.

“Don’t tell me those are trolls?” You ask, almost rhetorically.

“Don’t let their size fool you,” Satori confirms, to your lack of surprise. “They are nigh immovable if they decide not to budge.”

Then, you catch sight of a fourth figure, escorted by a pair of trolls. “That’s Koishi!” you point her out to Satori, who rushes forward.

The oni and the lolis move ritualistically, almost dancing, as the seven – you, Satori, Yuugi, Parsee, Yamame, Kisume and Koishi – enter the area in between the pillars. The bodyguards alternate between oni and troll as they form a circle around the meeting place. The Komeiji and the Mizuhashi face off, with Koishi in the middle, looking nervous.

“I brought Koishi,” Parsee says at last, her arms crossed. “Satisfied?”

“Koishi, come back here,” Satori beckons to her.

Koishi takes a step towards your side, but is stopped by Parsee, who places a hand on her shoulder. Her long fingernails dig into Koishi’s clothes. “No,” Parsee shakes her head. “Koishi will be mine, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer.”

You notice Satori clenching her fists, but she restrains herself from lashing out. “Koishi, do you really want to marry… her?” she asks, almost spitting out the reference to Parsee.

Koishi bows her head, looking melancholic. “If it helps unite the underworld, I’ll do it for you, onee-chan-“

“No!” Satori steps forward. “I don’t want you to get married for my sake! Tell me, do you love her?”

Koishi hesitates for a moment, then shakes her head. “N-not really…” she whispers timidly.

“Then I’ll take my sister back. Our meeting is concluded,” Satori says coldly to Parsee, glaring daggers at her as she takes Koishi’s hand. However, Parsee refuses to let go. Yamame shifts her weight ever so slightly and you notice the glint of metal on her forearms. You place your hand on the hilt of your sword in turn, ready to draw at a moment’s notice. Even Yuugi stops drinking for a moment, and Kisume… in any other situation her raising her fists would be hilarious, but this is no time for laughter. The interspersed ranks of oni and trolls tense up, preparing to fight their neighbours as soon as the first blow is struck.

Then everyone pauses, not willing to be the one who breaks the sacred peace.

Finally Parsee lets go of Koishi, and Satori pulls her away, hugging her tightly. Both sides back off, and the tension seems to have been relieved. The ground suddenly rumbles and shakes, distracting you. You look at the lake and see ripples in the formerly calm water, growing in intensity, forming waves-

With a deafening whoosh, the Geyser erupts and casts a waterspout into the air. You follow its path with your eyes, up to the rock high above, where the water disappears into a hole in the ceiling. Heavy spray bounces off the stalactites and falls back down like heavy rain, drenching everybody.

“Koishi…” Parsee mutters, the intense jealously in her voice filled with so much power and hatred that you take a step back. She yells over the roar of the Geyser. “Koishi! Is! Mine!”

The water dies down and the last drops fall, revealing a horde of fairies in its wake. Their arrows are trained on you, Satori, and Yuugi. The trolls close ranks, ejecting the oni outwards and trapping you inside the circle. It is almost comical, the way that the oni bounce harmlessly off the lolis as they try ineffectually to break through to you, were it not for the fact the trolls are doing an admirable job of keeping you exposed to the fairy archers.

“Treachery!” Satori cries out in disbelief as she pulls Koishi behind herself. “Are you not afraid of nine hundred years?”

“Nine hundred years are mine!” Parsee screams back like a madwoman. “Koishi is mine! Your lives are mine! Now die!”

“You fool! You’ll kill Koishi too!” You shout.

Parsee freezes. For a moment, it looks as though she is reconsidering. Then she smiles, the corners of her mouth lifting in a sadistic grimace that sends chills down your spine. “If I can’t have Koishi,” she whispers dangerously, no one can.”

Whoosh. Crack.

Yuugi reaches Parsee before the jug she has thrown down hits the ground. She grabs Parsee’s arm and spins her around, twisting it behind her back in a painful lock. Only then does the jug shatter, empty. There is the slightest hint of a red flush on Yuugi’s face, and you wonder briefly if she is drunk.

“Ow!” Parsee squeals in pain. There is a flash of steel as Yamame extends a long hidden sword from her forearm and thrusts at Yuugi. The oni doesn’t even try to block or dodge. She simply grabs onto the blade, swings the spider youkai in a half-circle, and sends her flying. Yamame crashes into Kisume, and the two go flying up above the circle and make a nice arc before splashing into the lake. There is not even a scratch on Yuugi’s palm.

“Archers!” Parsee orders, but the fairies are too busy throwing down their bows and fleeing to pay any attention to her. “Tro-argh!” She twists and squirms, but can’t escape Yuugi as her arm is twisted even more.

“Tell your trolls to surrender, or I’ll break off your arm and fuck your ass with it!” Yuugi suggests cheerfully, as though she is suggesting a drinking party.

The trolls, who had taken a few steps towards Yuugi, stop in mid-stride. “D-do as she says,” Parsee begs, panting as Yuugi keeps her locked in the highly uncomfortable pose. One by one, the lolis kneel. The rest of the oni loop chains around them and lock them tight. You remember the chains that you had faced during your battles against the oni, and are glad that they’re on your side now.

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl, breaking the rule of three,” Yuugi announces loudly, “and bad girls need to be punished! Am I right?”

“Yeah!” The oni give a loud cheer. You, Satori and Koishi stare in bewilderment at this sudden turn of events, but none of you are exactly willing to plead Parsee’s case at the moment.

“I say it’s time for a drinking party to celebrate our complete victory!” Yuugi continues. “We’ve captured Parsee, and her generals are taking a swim!” The oni hoot and laugh as Yuugi gestures with her thumb behind her shoulder towards the lake. You barely have time to wonder where the oni keep all their sake and cups as one oni seats you cross-legged on the ground while another pours you a large bowl of sake and practically forces it into your mouth.

Meanwhile, Yuugi has tied a chain around Parsee’s neck like a leash and wrapped the other end around the base of a pillar. Parsee is bent over facing away from the audience, forced to wrap her arms around the pillar for support, with her rear sticking up in the air. “Now, ladies and gentleman, may I present to you tonight’s drinking game! I call it… let’s play with Parsee!” Without further ado, Yuugi grabs a handful of Parsee’s skirt and rips it off, only to find that she is wearing bloomers underneath. Parsee starts to squeal in shock and shame, but Yuugi silences her with a sharp, loud spank. “Talking out of turn penalty!” she laughs, and unceremoniously tears off the underwear as well, finally exposing Parsee’s ass to everyone.

Yuugi plays with the round globes, groping and squeezing them, then spreads them apart to show off her pussy and asshole to the crowd, which goes wild. “Which first? Cunt or ass?”

“Pussy!” “Ass!” “Cunt!” The oni compete with each other to make their voices heard. There are many calls for each entrance, but the pussy lovers are clearly more numerous and louder.

“Pussy it is!” Yuugi licks her index finger, kneels beside Parsee, and forces it between her slit without any care for her victim’s comfort. The audience goes wild as Parsee screams. You watch, enthralled, as Yuugi pulls almost all the way out and then thrusts her digit back in. “Wow! What a slut! She’s getting wet!” Faster and faster she goes, to the sound of whooping and catcalls.

“Two fingers! Two!” The oni cheer her on, drowning out Parsee’s cries for mercy.

“Two it is!” Yuugi pulls out of Parsee and holds up her index and middle fingers, pressed together, for the crowd to see. She makes a show of entering her captive roughly. Instead of just thrusting in and out, Yuugi tries different angles, probing and spreading different parts of Parsee’s pussy. “I think she actually likes this! Shut up and listen!” The oni obediently quiet down, and suddenly Parsee’s moans become audible. She almost instantly bites on her lower lip to stifle herself, but Yuugi simply fingers Parsee even faster and also presses on her clitoris with her other hand, forcing Parsee to cry out.

“Should I make her cum?” Yuugi calls out.

“Yeah!” Her audience is in an uproar again, as Yuugi redoubles her efforts to get Parsee off. She presses her index, middle, and ring fingers together into a triangular shape to cheers of approval from the oni and rams in and out of Parsee’s pussy. At the same time she rubs her captive’s clitoris at a furious pace, making her knees and hips buckle and shake.

It is not long before Yuugi’s efforts pay off. Bent over almost double, Parsee’s legs kick and spasm and she threatens to lose her balance and fall, so Yuugi simply holds her hips up herself and spreads her pussy lips wide with two fingers through the climax. A fountain of clear liquid gushes from Parsee’s pink sex and flies an impressive distance before hitting the ground. “What a slut! See how she squirts!” Yuugi shouts, to the glee of her watchers. Tears of shame run down Parsee’s closed eyes as she tries to hide her face. “Hardwood! Come up here and get me more sake!”

One of the oni presses a jug into your hands. You stand up and make your way towards Yuugi and Parsee with unsteady steps, swaying as you walk. Yuugi snatches the sake out of your hands and takes a swig, then pours it over her hand. She holds up her wet, clenched, fist. “Time for the real thing!” Once more she is met with cheers. “Hardwood, hold her still!”

You grab Parsee’s ass, enjoying its softness, and play and knead them while Yuugi takes a step back and flexes her fingers. With a lick of her lips, Yuugi signals for you to spread Parsee’s bottom again. At least she doesn’t enter with clenched fist, though you watch from up close as she works her fingers in one by one none too gently and finally finishes by forcing her thumb in. “Stop! It hurts! Please!” Parsee begs, but nobody pays any attention to her.

“Stop lying, bitch, you’re soaked!” Yuugi laughs as she gets her entire hand inside. “Damn, girl, you’re swallowing me up! My entire arm will disappear if I’m not careful!” She is accompanied by laughter as she moves her hand back and forth inside Parsee’s pussy, her huge size obscene relative to the smaller girl.

As Yuugi crudely fucks Parsee with her fist, she grabs a handful of her hair with her free hand to force her head back. “Tell us how much you’re enjoying this!”

“It hurts! It doesn’t feel good at all!” Parsee whimpers, her entire body rocked back and forth by the vigorous thrusting she is receiving.

“Lies!” Yuugi pushes hard, almost punching with her hand inside Parsee, making her scream but not entirely in pain. “See? How can you say that when you’re moaning like a whore in heat?”

“It feels good!” Parsee shrieks as Yuugi does not relent from her new, brutal pace, drawing more cheers from the watching oni.

“How do you want it?” Yuugi shouts.

“Harder!” Parsee pants, thrusting her hips back against Yuugi’s hand wantonly.

Yuugi lets go of Parsee’s hair and grabs her shirt for leverage as she fists Parsee even harder and faster. You can see her muscles flowing under her skin as her forearm makes short but rapid pumps like a jackhammer. “Like this, hmm? Are you gonna cum again?”

“Yes, yes!” Parsee screams out. Yuugi pulls her hand free from Parsee’s pussy and spreads her bottom wide. You focus on keeping your hold on Parsee’s hips, not an easy task as she spasms wildly like a crazed animal, and watch in awe as another fountain gushes out from her gaping, quivering hole, even thicker and spraying even further than before.

“Sake!” Yuugi booms, and an oni hands her a bowlful. She pours its contents into Parsee’s gaping pussy, then slurps the mixed liquor and cum messily, causing her audience to reach fever pitch and give her a standing ovation.

“Good girl, good girl,” Yuugi pats Parsee on the head. She stands up, helping you to your feet as well, and holds your hand up high. “Let’s have a round of applause for our assistant Hardwood!” The oni clap and cheer and even have a toast in your honour. “And let’s not keep our other guests bored!” The tied up loli trolls suddenly look frightened as the oni turn on them with drunken, lustful gazes.

“And we’ll keep having fun with our little toy here,” Yuugi says in a more normal volume, no longer shouting. “I like her; I think I’ll keep her! Let’s see what her mouth is good for other than saying lots of nonsense.” So saying, she unties Parsee, who almost falls over right away. Her body is limp and unresisting in Yuugi’s arms, her mouth is open and panting, and her eyes are blank. Yuugi shrugs and leans back on the pillar, tearing off her own skirt and tossing it aside. You are treated to the sight of her plump mound and wet pussy as she is not wearing anything underneath. She takes a firm grip of Parsee’s hair and presses her face against her crotch.

Parsee starts to liven up again as she struggles for air, making muffled “mmm”s. “Get me off and maybe I’ll let you breathe,” Yuugi grins as she gives Parsee the briefest of moments for respite before forcing her mouth to her hungry pussy. You find a pair of oni pressing in from both sides, seating you down and pouring you more generous bowlfuls of sake which you can hardly refuse, as refreshment while you continue to enjoy Yuugi’s private show.

“She’s eager, at least,” Yuugi remarks flippantly as she lets go of Parsee’s head for a few seconds and lets her take a few gasps of much needed air. “Not much technique though.” She presses Parsee down on her crotch again, now thrusting her hips and grinding against her face to stimulate herself more. She hooks her leg over Parsee’s back to keep her in place, freeing up her hands to pull her shirt over her head and off, finally completely nude.

Yuugi’s body is a perfect combination of strength and feminity that seems to hypnotize you as you drink her in with your eyes. Above her wide hips her waist is narrow and taut, with abs. The hourglass shape is finished by her huge breasts, which are easily the largest in the underworld and perhaps even all of Gensokyo. She plays with her deep pink areola and swollen nipples, which look as though they are begging to be sucked. As she moves her hands, you can admire how her well-defined muscles ripple and flow in her arms without bulging out unsightly. Her body gleams with a thin sheen of sweat from her exertions.

“Yes! Right there!” You hear Yuugi cry out, snapping you out of your trance. Her breasts are spilling from her hands as she squeezes them and grinds her crotch against Parsee’s face. Parsee is trapped between her thick thighs with no way to escape as her mouth and nose are filled with Yuugi’s pussy juice. At last Yuugi leans back against the pillar with a satisfied sigh and parts her legs ever so slightly, allowing Parsee to pull away, sputtering and gasping. Her face is drenched with Yuugi’s love.

“Oh, not bad after all,” Yuugi licks her lips. She grabs Parsee’s wrist so tightly that the skin is white. “Don’t think that I’m done, though. You broke the Rule of Three, and now you’ll have to make it up with three. Cunt, mouth… I think you know what’s next,” she smirks. “Fear the Oni King!”

Parsee stares wide-eyed at Yuugi’s clitoris as the nub swells rapidly and elongates, becoming one inch long, then two, and keeps on growing until it is a fine specimen of penis whose size exceeds even yours. Its glans flares out like a mushroom and precum dribbles from its tip. “I’m sure you don’t want this in your ass dry, so you better get it wet!” Without any more warning Yuugi grabs Parsee’s head and forces her down onto her monstrously huge cock, pushing deep into her throat in one go, making Parsee gag and choke. At least she got it wet, though, as stands of saliva cling between the massive shaft and Parsee’s lips when Yuugi finally lets go.

Yuugi roughly tears off Parsee’s top, rendering her nude as well. Her curves seem undeveloped and girlish compared to Yuugi’s extremely generous endowments. Not that Yuugi cares, as she presses Parsee against the pillar, making her shiver as her exposed nipples press against the rough stone. Yuugi spreads Parsee’s ass and presses her wet weapon up against the as yet unused entrance. It is all the warning she gets before Yuugi thrusts her hips forward and manages to get the tip of her cock in.

“Oh, it’s tight, isn’t it?” she quips amiably to Parsee’s scream as she pulls back a little and prepares to make another push. “Feels good, right? It does for me!” This time Yuugi slips her hand in front of Parsee’s waist and flicks her nub at the same time as she feels Parsee’s tight bottom squeeze so nicely around her shaft, making the resulting scream slightly different in character.

Yuugi lays down on her back and pulls Parsee down on top of her, on her back as well. The smaller girl’s head rests between the oni’s voluminous breasts as the fucking begins in earnest. A seemingly impossible length of Yuugi’s shaft disappears deep into Parsees petite body only to reappear again. “Isn’t your cunt lonely? Why don’t you beg for something to fill it up?” She coos.

“Yes! Fuck my cunt too!” Parsee begs, spreading her legs of her own accord, and pulling each pussy lip aside to show off just hot and wet and in need of filling she is.

“C’mon Hardwood! Don’t keep the lady waiting!” Yuugi encourages you as she pounds into Parsee’s ass with full, deep strokes. Her thighs slap against Parsee’s bottom and make lewd sounds with each thrust. You suddenly shudder and realize that the two oni who had been pouring you sake have reached in and pulled your rock hard member free from the confines of your clothing.

[ ] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
[ ] JAM IT IN Parsee’s ass.
[ ] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s pussy.
[ ] JAM IT IN Yuggi’s ass.

(More than one choice can be chosen!)
[x] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
-[x] Then JAM IT IN Parsee’s ass.

Get nice and wet, then DOUBLE ANAL PUNISHMENT GO!
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
[X] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s ass.
Well, it's not how I envisioned it, but I guess it's one way forwards?

I think letting Yuugi wear herself down on Parsee would be good before switching to her, perhaps? I wonder how the other onis managed to subdue her in the first place - did they starve her of sake somehow or something?

Poor abuseable Parsee~
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
>Tell your trolls to surrender, or I’ll break off your arm and fuck your ass with it!

I so did not need to be reminded of that...

[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
-[x] Then JAM IT IN Parsee’s ass.

Well, not exactly how I expected it to go, but the Underworld is united. Hopefully, Yamame and Kisume won't mind too much fighting for Satori, because we're going to need more commanders out here.
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
[X] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s ass.

Why not.
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s ass.
[X] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s pussy.
[X] JAM IT IN Yuggi’s ass.

[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
[X] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s ass.

File 131414094962.jpg - (688.00KB, 900x964 , 12.jpg) [iqdb]
A humble request!

Will a kind anon make a map of Gensokyo that follows all known information (http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Category:Locations) as closely as possible? It doesn't have to be anything too fancy, just a visual aid for your conquest. If the whole of Gensokyo is too much to do all at once, just youkai moutain, misty lake, and the surrounding region will do for now. Thank you :)

Keep votin', btw~
[x] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
-[x] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s pussy.
[x] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
-[x] Then JAM IT IN Parsee’s ass.
File 13142071406.jpg - (147.24KB, 600x876 , 13.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy.
[X] JAM IT IN Parsee’s ass.
[X] JAM IT IN Yuugi’s ass.

Who are you to deny a cute girl like Parsee when she’s begging for it like a slut? You JAM IT IN Parsee’s pussy, sending her juices flying as you ram all the way in as far as you can in one single thrust. She’s already loosened by all the previous “drinking games” Yuugi has played with her and easily takes you in with little resistance. Both you and Yuugi thrust your cocks deeply into Parsee at your own paces, sometimes driving into her abused holes on alternate strokes, sometimes pushing in and pulling out in sync, just using her slender body for your own pleasure.

You grab hold of one of Yuugi’s wildly bouncing breasts in each hand and squeeze them, feeling the soft flesh spill out between your fingers. You relax your grip and feel her large tits springing back to their original shape and pushing against your hand. “Squeeze them! Yes!” Yuugi sighs appreciatively and pumps her futanari cock into Parsee even faster, making her scream. Whenever both you and Yuugi are all the way inside Parsee, both her holes are stretched open to their limits and it becomes crowded inside her, making her folds press around your shafts in a wonderful embrace. “You’re such a loose slut, this is the only way you feel tight,” Yuugi taunts Parsee and nibbles on her ear.

Turning your attention to Parsee’s breasts now, you find that they unlike Yuugi’s they can easily fit into your hands. You pinch and twist her nipples right away, noting with satisfaction how she shudders and tightens around your manhood. Her pussy is nice, but it is time to sample the other wares as well. You pull your cock out, which is now coated with a sheen of Parsee’s wetness, and prod against the other, already well-filled hole. “Hey, let’s punish her some more!” You suggest to Yuugi.

“Good idea!” Yuugi grins. “Her pussy must be loose anyways!” She pulls out of Parsee’s ass with a pop. The sphincter is sore and gaping, unable to close by itself. Yuugi reaches for your member and presses it against hers so that both your glans can enter Parsee’s ass at the same time. Parsee’s eyes widen with shock as she starts being spread open twice as much as before. It is a little difficult to move without slipping out, so both you and Yuugi settle for pushing Parsee down on your cocks until you are both properly in. Your penis is squeezed like never before, almost painfully. “Fuck,” you gasp out. “Such a naughty girl, taking in two dicks so easily her first time,” Yuugi grins.

Yuugi grabs Parsee’s hips and treats her like a masturbation aid, shoving the poor girl along the length of your hard shafts. You can’t help but to thrust a little too, rubbing against Parsee’s wall on one side and against Yuugi’s shaft on the other. The heat and the squeeze overcomes your self control and carries you to a swift climax in which you fill Parsee’s insides with a copious serving of your thick seed, while Yuugi continues lifting and lowering Parsee onto your cocks and in so doing smears your cum all over her insides. You slip out of her newly slippery hole as Yuugi picks up her pace and starts thrusting in Parsee’s ass again.

Far from finished, though, your member is still hard and you haven’t emptied your balls yet. You hold onto Yuugi’s knees for support as you get back in position. Thinking you want another go at Parsee’s pussy, Yuugi forces Parsee’s legs apart and pulls her swollen pussy lips wide apart. “You need to fuck her loose and show her who’s boss!”

You ignore her and focus on your goal, sliding your cock between Yuugi’s round firm buttocks and prodding her own ass. “Hey! That’s the wrong person – oh!” A battle begins between your manhood and her ass, one trying to gain entry, the other trying to resist and remain closed. You put more weight on your hips and make a strong thrust that masters her ass and gets you a few solid inches in.

“Oh! Oh!” Yuugi shouts out in pleasure as your glans rubs against something inside her while working your way in deeper. You groan, yourself, as Yuugi’s smooth muscles clench around your cock as though trying to crush it for daring to invade her body. She’s so tight inside that it’s hard to move inside her, but you persevere, starting slow and then going faster and harder until your cock is a piston that is working just as powerfully inside Yuugi’s ass as Yuugi’s cock is inside Parsee’s ass. It must feel as good for her as it does for you, because the oni suddenly tenses up and erupts inside Parsee with as much force as the Geyser, filling Parsee with so much spunk that it overflows and sprays out from the rim of Parsee’s ass like a blocked high-pressure hose.

The way Yuugi clamps down on you makes you cum again too and release your remaining and much more reasonably sized load that disappears inside her ample rear. With a satisfied sigh you try to pull out, only to find to your considerable alarm that Yuugi has such a strong grip that she has you trapped inside her ass. You groan as Yuugi continues to milk your sensitive member with her muscles mercilessly. She lifts her hips up, thrusting inside Parsee’s raw, tender hole, and then lowers herself, impaling her own ass on your helpless dick.

Up and down, up and down, Yuugi moves for her own pleasure until she shoots off again inside Parsee’s limp, unresisting body. Her ass squeezes you and wrings a dry orgasm from your penis, making you see white. You say something, begging her to stop, but she ignores you and keeps grinding and thrusting and fucking until you white out…

< * * * >

“Well, well, looks like you bit off more than you can chew,” you hear the elegant lady’s voice from all directions at once. You try to turn your head and body to look around for her, but can’t. In fact, you don’t have a body. You’re just a bodiless presence drifting through an empty void.

“You’re wondering if this is a dream?” The mysterious lady chuckles. “You’re right. I’m just here to review your performance and give you some pointers for the long trip ahead. Let’s see… you managed to unite the Underworld with minimal casualties. Keep up that kind of strategic thinking and you just might have a fighting chance among the great clans. And as for your curse… hmm… oh my, I’m impressed. Most men try to keep their manhoods by fucking whatever they can, but it looks like you have very good taste in high-class goods.

“I wonder if we can make a deal? The standard curse is a waste of your talents, so how about we waive the requirement for you to do a new girl every day – I mean, you’ve been asleep for almost a day now, and you’ll automatically fail in a few hours if we don’t change the rules now – the curse doesn’t take excuses, you know? So, you can go more than a day without, without turning into a girl yourself. Just how long, you ask? Don’t worry, you’ll know when the time comes! Then, in exchange only the big names will count against the curse. Don’t worry, I’ll leave a list so you know exactly who to focus your attention on!

“So, how about it? Deal or no deal?” You catch a glimpse of a parasol and a fan, elbow-length gloves and long blonde hair. Then you wake up.

< * * * Former Mizuhashi Capital (now Komeiji territory), Early Spring * * * >

“Oh, you’re awake at last!” Koishi jumps into bed and gives you a hug through the thick quilt. “Sorry, we let Yuugi get too carried away with you and you were already passed out by the time we, um, freed you.” She giggles at the memory, then turns a little more serious. “You were asleep for several days so…

[ ] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…

[ ] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!

[ ] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…
Ohh, pleasant, pleasant writings, yes.

-Oh, I'm not too worried about losing parts of our anatomy so soon and gaining other bits. Forbidden templates are there for a reason. I'm sure we can pop a boner if not at will, at plot-appropriate points (like if we do well in battle, or perhaps conquer a territory or something).

Also, I doubt a map exists for Gensokyo that fits canon precisely. It's not 100% mapped, for example.
[X] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!"

Maximus Hardwood is dead, long live Maxine Hardwood.
[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…
[x] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…

This is my kink.
[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…"
[X] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…"
[x] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now…
[x] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!
“We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[X] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[x] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!"
...Is there going to be a fight TG vs stay a guy each times there's a chance?
Not a fight, a war.
A bitter, merciless war.

[X] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”

I agree with >>16867 about us needing a trump card. I was originally hoping that Koishi would be a top grade ninja and between that and satori's ability we could play the diplomacy and espionage game to our advantage, but seeing how she got caught on a simple recon job we can't over-rely on her.

I suggest we use our in-character meta-knowledge to our advantage and bring in European weaponry, specifically the pike.

Pikes are relatively easy to make (just a 3-4 meter long spear) and will decimate almost any infantry and cavalry that attacks it from the front.

To put it in perspective your average pike square needs little training (just make sure no-one stabs the girls in front) and requires most enemy troops to walk though 3 or 4 pike heads to get into Katana or Naginata range. That hurts.

The only flaw is the need to protect the flanks but that's basic battle tactics and can be resolved by placing fairy archers alongside each pike square as disposable fodder and to shoot oncoming cavalry. this also conveniently protects the archers like in the "pike and shot" formation.
We could do Pike and Shot, or we could fall back on traditional Macedonian tactics; heavy cavalry on flanks, skimishers, and elite units on the ends of our infantry line.

Either way, we simply cannot squander our meta-knowledge.
And considering we just saw how good trolls are in defense, we can be sure that at the very least, nobody is taking the entrance to the Underworld anytime soon. If we get the pikes for trolls at least. We really need to see how we stand in troops and ressources first before deciding what we should do next. And if can get any new commander for those units we want to create too.

Another matter we need to take care of is our own unit. We NEED a way to recover from those losses as soon as possible.
I think with some more training, Koishi will get better.

[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[ ] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!

>A bitter, merciless war.
I have a feeling it's not going to repeat after this, due to the deal with Yukari probably kicking in meaning we'd sadly never know the feeling of being cummed inside, alas. You'd be missing out, everyone! Changing genders around is easier once it happens a couple of times with magic!
[x] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!

is my vote, but... Seriously, this vote-war over gender specifics is retarded.

We have a scat thread, a tentacle thread, hundreds of "male falls into Gensokyo and fucks everyone" stories, and I'm pretty sure I saw a guro thread around here somewhere. This is the first story to actually offer people with a trans-gender fetish something for their tastes. You could try to say futa is the same fetish, but it isn't, it lacks the set-up or the situation that gives TG its "oomph", so to speak. What's wrong with us getting our own quest? It's not as if it's going to magically delete the myriad of "man fucks women" stories already existing here.

[ ] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!
Just because there's a choice for it doesn't mean it will make the story better. Considering how StoryBunny seems to have made a system to fight the curse, I'm definitely of the opinion that the story will be better with us fighting to stay 100% male. Especially since this seems to be shaping as one of the better story here.
Why are you guys giving arguments for why you've chosen TG or male or female?

Seriously, it's not as though a well written argument will change what someone looks for in their porn.

[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
I've changed my opinion on quite a few fetishes because of well-written arguments (stories).
[x] “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!
But aren't naginatas essentially pikes? What about the yari: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yari?

Also why would we need to introduce "shot and pike", when during this era it was used even more extensively than in Europe? Hell the Japanese actually improved immensely on the matchlock. True they weren't flintlock or percussion cap muskets, but the Japanese were able to allow matchlock to fire in the rain, to give an example of how much they improved on it.
[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
[x]Expected to turn into girl but you didnt. How id you do it.

Would copypasta the choice but mobile browser is being touchy with pasting right now. Also you want TG? Okuu and Yuugi (surprised i liked the tg scenes.) and other characters should be good and wasnt that story by SLDT turn Wade into one a couple times? Would like a normal sex scene with Yuugi and possibly Suika included? Onis are love.
[x] “We were expecting you to turn into a girl, but you didn’t, and then we checked and your Hardwood was still there and you were still a guy! How did you do it!”
A quick breeze though that article and your right, the nagae yari variant is essentially a pike and would be a very good weapon to give our troops (especially the trolls).

But that means it's possible for our foes to have made such a weapon so now we need po prepere for it's use against us. One method used to counter pikes were shorter pikes with hooked blade which would allow their users to snap opposing pikes in two by grabbing the pole and using the shorter pike's better leverage to twist it, they either drop the pike or it breaks, either way their disarmed.

While we're talking about tactics another thing we have on our side is the fact we own the Touhou equivalent to Australia in risk. 1 way in, 1 way out. Only we have trolls to hold the line. Once we get topside we should see if we can get any neighbouring clans into a fight while appearing "not worth their time" to attack, they will not try to storm the blow-hole without a superior force or some kind of plan which would take time to set up. And while their off weakening another clan for us, we attack and give returning troops quite a surprise when they come back to our new strongholds

Speaking of trolls I suggest we keep some oni with them at all times so they don't rebel. I doubt they like us after Yuugi's party.
Guys fighting for the transgender option; no need to shout and scream so loud. Even though I voted to lose parts of our anatomy, while it'll probably not go in at just this juncture, I'm ever so sure we'll lose it at SOME point due to PLOT or YUKARI (quite possibly literally); have some faith in Storybunny in writing?

(Even if I totally missed the first deleted scene and don't know what that was all about)

Having said that, tacticswise, while we may hold the Australia equivalent in Risk, don't forget just like Australia, we're basically running convict and hated youkai as our main armies: we're not going to win very many favours aboveground. Coupled with the fact that Risk doesn't have saboteurs to spike oni wine with sleepy pills (or worse, horribly powerful aphrodisiacs) while inciting Trolls to rebel and otherwise incapacitating any minimal forces we leave behind to defend the frosty city.
All the more reason to appear weak or uninterested, topside politics is likely a messy affair at the moment with many rivalries and alliances being drawn out. We should fortify the Blowhole while we gather intelligence and assess who to ally with, waiting for just the right moment to act.

Good early goals would be to track down Suika and to ally with the kappa if at all possible.

The kappa's inventiveness and craftsmanship combined with our outside knowledge would allow us to make many deadly weapons to make up for our lack of resources. Assuming they at least have muskets we could "invent" rifling and cannons quite quickly, greatly increasing our offensive potential. Another option would be steam power to make more elaborate machines, speed up production or even make simple tanks. All in secret while the other clans wear themselves out in land struggles.

Though we have to keep the new stuff out of Moriya hands.
File 131428563455.jpg - (187.05KB, 900x900 , 14.jpg) [iqdb]
Votes are in, it looks like 6 for girl, 7 for futa, and 15 for guy? Given the raging TG war, there’s only one way to settle this!

< * * * Side Story: Battle of Misty Lake, Day 1 (of Hardwood’s arrival) * * * >

A bitter, merciless war is about to start in the dead of night in the middle of winter over a frozen lake. The waning half moon smiles upon the battlefield below with its cold, dim grin. A lone figure rides back and forth in front of her army. Her horse snorts, puffing small cloud of fog from its nostrils, and stamps its hooves on the snow-laden ice. She raises her two-handed broadsword in the air, its blade black like the night.

“Those greedy pigdog imperialists already claim nine-tenths of the land of Gensokyo! Let the proletariat of the true heirs of Gensokyo rise up and seize what is rightfully theirs!” A loud raucous cheer goes up from her assembled army. “What other chance could we have to gain a land of our own? But no, say the so-called great clans, only we have the right to be here.” She pauses, and the silent anger of her soldiers almost deafens the air. “Well, today, we strike a blow at their hearts. Long live the T.G.S.R.!” Rumia’s eyes glow red as she shouts her rallying cry.

The stomping of feet and spear butts against the ice and the whooping of voices cuts across the frozen lake to its other side, where another army is on the move.

“Give the peasants an inch, and they demand a mile,” Remilia sniffs with disdain. Her vassals ride in formation around her, the mightiest force of horse in all of Gensokyo. The formations of their fairy levies stretch deep into the night as far as the eye can see.

The first major clash of the Gensokyo Sengoku era is about to unfold, with consequences that would spread throughout the entire land.

Order of Battle: Army of Darkness

EX-Rumia – Youkai Cavalry
Equipped: Black Sword
Offence: B | Defence: C | Morale: A
Rumia is the leader of the rebellion against the Scarlet clan. She wields the Black Sword, which stiffens the resolve of all who bear a grudge against the Scarlets and grants personal martial prowess to its wielder. Cavalry have a reach advantage in melee against foot units without polearms, and are extremely powerful when charging.

Cirno – Ice Javelin Fairy
Daiyousei – Ice Javelin Fairy
Offence: C | Defence: C | Morale: B
Ice fairies are more powerful than normal fairies when fighting in cold weather. These fairies can shoot icicles at opponents from afar, or engage them in close combat with icy spears. They count as polearm troops.

Letty Whiterock – Ice Siege Fairy
Offence: A | Defence: D | Morale: C
Ice fairies are more powerful than normal fairies when fighting in cold weather. Siege troops are designed to shoot powerful projectiles meant to take down castle walls. They are obviously devastating against soft squishy targets, if somewhat inaccurate when aiming at something that small.

Wriggle Nightbug – Matchlock Fairy
Offence: B | Defence: D | Morale: C
Matchlocks are rudimentary firearms. They are inconvenient to use, but make up for it with a powerful shot, and the light and smoke of firing guns can spook horses or even enemy troops unaccustomed to them.

Mystia Lorelei – Katana Sparrow Youkai
Offence: B | Defence: D | Morale: B
Katana infantry are good at attacking the enemy head-on, but vulnerable to arrows and counterattacks. These sparrow youkai can also fly, giving them unparalleled mobility on the battlefield, but they sacrifice armour for this mobility.

Fairy Levy (6 troops)
Offence: D | Defence: D | Morale: C
Fodder on the battlefield, equipped with swords or short spears that confer no particular advantage.

Order of Battle: Scarlet Clan

Remilia Scarlet – Youkai Feudal Knights
Equipped: Gungnir
Offence: B | Defence: B | Morale: A
Rumia is the leader of Scarlet clan. Her most powerful vassals form her personal bodyguard unit, which is renowned as the strongest troop of horse in Gensokyo (possibly because Hardwood’s conquistadores have not surfaced yet). She wields the Gungnir, which increases the strength of her troop when charging and is rumoured to always pierce its target in single combat. Cavalry have a reach advantage in melee against foot units without polearms, and are extremely powerful when charging.

Sakuya Izayoi – Retainer Fairy Feudal Knights
Offence: B | Defence: B | Morale: A
Retainer fairies are the hand-picked elite and are practically as strong as youkai. Cavalry have a reach advantage in melee against foot units without polearms, and are extremely powerful when charging.

Koakuma – Siege Youkai
Offence: A | Defence: C | Morale: C
Siege troops are designed to shoot powerful projectiles meant to take down castle walls. They are obviously devastating against soft squishy targets, if somewhat inaccurate when aiming at something that small.

Hong Meiling – Naginata Youkai
Offence: C | Defence: B | Morale: C
Naginata infantry are good at holding ground.

Crossbow Fairy Levy (2 troops)
Offence: C | Defence: D | Morale: D
Crossbows are more powerful than bows, but slower to reload.

Fairy Levy (6 troops)
Offence: D | Defence: D | Morale: D
Fodder on the battlefield, equipped with swords or short spears that confer no particular advantage.

[X] People who want Maxine Hardwood (girl or futa version, doesn’t matter) come up with a battle strategy for Rumia.

[X] People who want Maximus Hardwood come up with a battle strategy for Remilia.

[X] Hardwood’s gender is determined by battle outcome. =D
No, you're supposed to write-in, not choose options. Notice how it's already checked off?
[X] Army of Darkness
-[X] Fairy levies form a loose semi-circle around matchlock units. Ice javelin fairies line the inner edge. Cavalry and katana sparrows move off to the sides and ahead of the main troops. Troop moves forward, halting well outside of crossbow range.
-[X] Siege unit fires on Remilia's knights until they charge, then switches to targets of opportunity.
-[X] Cavalry and katana sparrows move to evade the naginata unit and charge the crossbow units. Disengage if melee units draw near or the crossbows rout. Cavalry move around enemy units and fall back toward the main troop for charges against fairy levies. Katana sparrows move to annihilate the siege unit before returning to the main troop.
-[X] When the enemy knights charge the main formation, matchlocks focus fire on Remilia's units. Ice javeleins move to intercept both units and form a spear wall. Fairy levies move back, then engage knights once the charge is stopped.
[X] People who want Maxine Hardwood (girl or futa version, doesn’t matter) come up with a battle strategy for Rumia.

(Spoilered so as to leave the enemy in the dark from our pla- BAHAHA as if they won't meta like hell, which is to be fair what more than half would do)

>Campaign plans: Army of Darkness

Take the lake. As rebel forces, Rumia's troops have no home, outcast, ronin. Remilia's base of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is surrounded by water, and it is impossible to guard all approaches without splitting her forces - if this happens, it is a simple matter to cut them apart one by one and retreat until all of them fall.

However, assuming there will be a battle, without external factors the attacking side should be able to choose where they will attack from, and thus choose the terrain (barring ambushes and chokepoints). Thus, the battle will be the lake itself.

>Battle plans: Army of Darkness

The lake itself will be the battlefield. Assuming powers come into play to some extent, Rumia's side has significant advantage in terms of battlefield control - in particular, control of darkness - both real and night-blind-illusions, and ice - very important for what we are fighting on.

Firstly! Darken the field. They will not know our positions. Attack at night, in the cold, our time.

Secondly! Lure them out. More easily done than said - while in a darkened field, it is near impossible to hit the enemy troops with projectiles at any distance except point blank - but the target Letty will aim at is not the troops - but Remilia's pride - the arrogant Scarlet Devil Castle will feel winter's wrath.

>Troop Deployment

Our troops will be dispersed - fairy levies to the front in a staggered formation C formation away from the castle to help prevent flanking. Each unit will be equipped with horns. Codes for "attacked by infantry," and "attacked by cavalry". A fair bit behind the left and rightmost levies will be the crossbow troops for backup, and Wriggle's matchlocks behind the second left troops. Cirno's skirmishers will be behind the center right troops, Mystia's swordswomen will be left of center, and Rumia will be behind and to the left of the central group.

Letty's troops will be behind Cirno's skirmishers, firing at the castle with ice.

>General/Specific orders

The fairy troops have a simple order - hold their ground and call out with their horns when they're attacked. They will be hit by either infantry or cavalry - I do not expect much of them, but they should hold until reinforcements arrive - that being Rumia and Mystia. On a call of infantry, Rumia's group will move to flank and crush them. On a call of cavalry, Mystia's group will flank and engage once the fight is underway. The fairy levies are allowed to charge if crossbows get in range (they'll be very close!) and the siege should not be able to hit them with any accuracy.

If no infantry engage but both cavalry engage, Rumia's group can aid destroying one of the cavalry groups. If both cavalry units are together, then both Mystia and Rumia will flank from the center and round to charge them.

Letty's group has their orders, shelling the castle. -With the ice around them dangerously weak - if they are charged, they should fall back and sink their own siege, as well as their attackers. However, our lines should not be breached so easily.

Any levy group flanked by cavalry will have their backup crossbow troops fire directly into their attackers; if they are not flanked for two minutes, the crossbow troops should reposition to the innermost side of the C shape and volley shots at point blank into the engaged infantry/cavalry. Cirno's troops, if shooting cavalry, can then attack directly.
If any levy is overrun, the crossbow troops are to fire into the cavalry that destroyed them, and then retreat to back up the other troops after one volley.

If any one group is buckling, or attacked by more than twice their number, the nearest crossbow troops nearby/the support group (Cirno, Wriggle, etc) will go to their aid, running up to flank and shooting the engaged troops at point blank.

>Battle weakness:
The key point hinges on the fairy levies holding out. They must remember their allies will aid them, and keep disclipline. The fact that Rumia is central should keep them encouraged, with luck. The only other worry is the force of the cavalry of the enemy - Remilia's charge may wipe one levy entirely, and Sakuya's time stop might also extend to her unit enough to wipe out another. However, by then their momentum will be lost, and they will be engaged by Mystia in combat while other fairy levies keep them pinned, and that is where they will lose their general.

I hope that some powers will be allowed, and that Remilia's fate power is vague enough not to work fantastically.

Taking a meta vote war and using a in-story battle to represent the two sides and come to a decision? Holy shit, that's awesome.

Supporting >>17149, seems to be well thought out.
I have but one issue with this, which may or may not be an issue depending on how canonical the writer wants it to be.

>Scarlet Devil Mansion is surrounded by water.

Canonically the SDM is on a ridge on the edge of the lake, not on an island.

as seen here.

"The Scarlet Devil Mansion is built on a ridge next to the lake itself, rather than on an island. "

Of course, most stories still place the SDM on an island, and it's not like canon has to be strictly followed, so it's up to the writer i suppose.

Other than that, i support your strategy.
What the hell is this, guy vote win and we get this? Not cool.

[X] People who want Maximus Hardwood come up with a battle strategy for Remilia.

Anyway, since Remilia is the one being attacked, strategy should be mostly defensive.

Since there is no building to attack, Koakuma's units has no reason to go out and should stay behind the walls. However, someone on the walls should relay the position of stationnary enemy units. With these, pound the hell out of anything within range! Priority goes for siege first, then ranged.

Crossbows should be on the walls. They'll get a pretty good view and it will offer more cover for reloading. If there's a siege on the walls, priority goes to attacking siege units. Second priority is flying units. If they can't counter-attack enemy siege however, they'll need to scatter, move back and regroup.

Remilia and Sakuya's units should ride together. It's clear Rumia and Remilia will charge each other at some point and if so, 2 vs 1 will be greatly against Rumia. It's important to not pursue if a unit retreat too far in case of enemy trap however.

If there's no cavalry to contend with, then they should charge the infantry (except polearms and machlock unit). For them, force them to move nearer and pound them with bolts and siege. Charge siege if ranged units are too busy to deal with them.

And on charge, do not stop and finish up. Keep moving. Staying stationnary without ranged cover will be bad for us and make us exposed to coutner attack. Unit being charged will need to regroup anyway.

Meiling's unit should do what it does best and that is guarding the walls. There is no way we can allow the enemy unit inside. Furthermore, even Rumia's unit can't charge it carelessly since they can onle charge one way unless they want to smack the wall and that means being exposed to crossbow units. Support with basic infantry if needed.

Basic infantry itself will most probably be clashing with others infantries.

Tell me if I missed anything. For our guy's manhood!

(I wondered where Patchouli and Flandre where, then realized you do need to give unfair advantage to one side for this... Even if I'm greatly annoyed this is happening in the first place.)
Nice, what about the possibility of trying to draw EX Rumia out? I think if she's isolated and defeated, the rest of the army would become easier to deal with.
Some clarifications:

-SDM is near the lake shore and not in the middle of the lake, as per canon.
-Both armies are marching out to face off in the middle of the lake. By open rebellion Rumia has challenged Remilia to open battle, for better or for worse. Remilia has no reason to squander her horse advantage by huddling in her mansion.
-It is winter, night, and the lake is frozen solid.
There is no one else that can keep up with Rumia's unit except maybe the fliers. And if they move to assist a cavalry charge agaisnt both Remilai and Sakuya, they'll get mowed down.

And as for leadership, it will be even easier than that. I very, very much doubt they have as much battlefield discipline as Remilia's army. Take down leaders, makes them so much as start doubting their victory and moral will fall fast.


And I've just noticed the battle is supposed to take part over a frozen lake. Meaning both >>17139 and my strategy are invalid.

..Wait a second. StoryBunny, what the hell? Here we go planning cavalry charges, but how the hell are we supposed to pull this off on ICE!?! And witht eh weather, it actually means Rumia's army has the advantage. Really not cool, dude. Need to rethinnk this now.
Okay. >>17186 here. Here’s the revised battle plan.

Considering how damn open the whole place is, it’s pretty clear Rumia and Remilia will charge each other. Sakuya should support those charges once or twice before breaking off and targeting melee infantry. I expect Rumia and Remilia’s battle to turn into a duel anyway.

Don’t bring cavalry near Cirno’s troops of course.

The enemy siege is the most dangerous unit out there. Siege must hit them first before anything else, supported by crossbow volley if needed. It’s important to fire first here: Explosives will break the ice and ruin any unit’s day. Also, crossbow units should switch switch to fliers if they approach: no one else can target them before they land.

IF we can’t stop enemy siege from firing however, spread out. Staying close won’t do anything good.

Koakuma leads the most important unit here. After taking out enemy siege, they should target ranged units. I simply can't see ice not breaking from explosives, so one volley for each should ruin their day. Use crossbow for anyone taking flight here or finishing off units mauled by siege.

Meiling unit’s will defend the ranged troops. If Rumia’s unit manage to lsoe Remilia in pursuit, be ready for them if she heads for our ranged troops. They’re our most important group out there. Support with Fairy Levy if needed. Any other Levy should assist when needed or engage other Levy. If enemy ranged units have been taken care of, pull back and let our own ranged troops take care of them. Priority is intercepting whatever approach ranged troops.

Also, be careful of grouping. We ARE on ice out there after all and too much weight will ruin us.

Also, Remilia’s side should target leaders if possible. They are rebels and I very much doubt they have as much battlefield discipline as Remilia’s army. Rumia seems to have brought out courage, but if we simply start making them doubt they can win, moral will start falling fast. If they lose leadership on top of this, panic is pretty much what will happen.

Anyone supporting our guy's manhood, find holes in this and patch them.
[X] Remilia's battle plan.

Alright, we have no need to squander our advantages here. Stay the hell away from the ice, don't want a repeat of Lake Peipus.

Anyway, I vote we basically;

Concentrate our cavalry. Form up our infantry out of range of their projectiles, but still close enough to attack.

Those filthy rebels should be poorly disciplined, allowing us to make an infantry attack, and then feign a rout. Those rabble will persue them, thus allowing our cavalry to cut off their retreat and charge into their rear. When they turn to fight the cavalry, our infantry units can turn back and charge them. Once the isolate unit is destroyed, reform and repeat. Don't use the same infantry units for this manuever repeatedly, else they might get too tired to pull it off.

We should repeat that a few times, and when they reform to compensate for their losses, charge any targets of opportunity, concentrating on their ranged assets.

Once their ranged units are gone, our army can move easily to surround them, then send up our own ranged units to cut them down.

There. We'll need stellar discipline to pull it off, but we can win with a minimum of casualties.
Minor Revisement to my plan above;

Crossbows, last I checked, had better range than both muskets and javelins, so if they wisen up about chasing our infantry feints, we can shoot into their formation, thus forcing them to attack, or breaking up their formation so our cavalry can smash them.

There. It worked for the English against Scottish schiltrons, it could be put in use here.
We're marching to the middle. No waiting on shore here.

Also, revising my battle plan >>17198. Sakuya should support Remilia, yes, but have her follow behind Remilia's unit for a second charge right after the first one. Too much cavalry together will make us self-destruct with weigth.
Are you serious? Remilia is sqaundering her major advantage that early in the battle?

Goddamnit. This doesn't bode well.
>What the hell is this, guy vote win and we get this? Not cool.
15 guy votes vs 6+7=13 TG votes, well within the margin where a few spammed votes can turn things around.

>I wondered where Patchouli and Flandre where
Obviously in the SDM in case of sneak attack while Remilia is out. Your lack of foresight is worrying...

>how the hell are we supposed to pull this off on ICE!?!
I'm not going to have things sliding comically, unable to stop, from one end of the lake to another, if that's what you're worried about. Also, the snow on the ice increases traction by a little, and every little bit helps. (Nowhere does it state that the snow melted and refroze to form black ice, in which case you would have a point.)

>Rumia's army has the advantage
Actually, I think both sides are pretty equal overall, but have different philosophies. Both sides will be accustomed to both winter and the night, at the very least. Remilia's philosophy is pretty obviously to use the heavy cavalry as the hammer to the levies' anvil. Rumia has a more balanced approach, with ice fairies acting as pseudo-youkai. Compare their base of C to some basic katana/naginata youkai's base of C and the basic fairy's base of D. Finally, note that the listed offence/defence/morale already incorporates modifiers arising from equipment and battlefield conditions, in case this wasn't clear before (the notable exception being the "hidden" stat of cavalry's charge bonus).

I hope this helps both sides. Consider this a trial run of the sorts of battles that Hardwood will face on the surface. =)
Oh, my apologies StoryBunny. It's just that the whole situation was reminding me of the Battle of Lake Peipus, where heavy Teutonic and Danish cavalry charged Russian infantry across a frozen lake, only for the uneven ice to either slow them down or break.

Anyway, I merely assumed that even if the ice is strong, it wouldn't be even, due to waves and the way the lake freezes bit by bit, which would form uneven ground, totally crippling any cavalry charges.

However, I assume you're saying that the ice won't shatter, and is relatively even. This is good.
>Obviously in the SDM in case of sneak attack while Remilia is out. Your lack of foresight is worrying...
Well, I believed this happened at the SMD so no worry.

Adding more to >>17198. Even if ice doesn't break from explosives, stick with the same priorities. Biggest trouble still come from enemy ranged troops. Once they're out, our cavalry will not be stopped by anyone but Rumia.
I agree that our goals should basically be;

1. Lure and surround Rumia, then kill/capture her.

2. Eliminate enemy ranged troops.

3. Avoid prolonged melees. They just make everything worse.

To accomplish these, we should first have Remilia lead the cavalry ahead of our army. Rumia should charge her, allowing Sakuya to charge her in the flanks once the cavalry is engaged. Once she's dead, we should wuickly form up with cavalry on the flanks, siege in the back, ranged in front.

With cavalry superiority, we should send up our crossbows. Since the crossbows are peppering their formation, the leaderless rebels will either attack with their infantry, or send up their own ranged units. If infantry, pull back our crossbows to lure them, then surround and crush them with our cavalry. If ranged, keep our crossbows engaging them, then charge them with cavalry while the crossbows distract them.

To defeat the ice fairy skirmishers, we should do the same, except have one unit of cavalry attack them in the side, then withdraw. As they turn to engage the retreating cavalry, our other unit will charge them in the rear, then withdraw. As they turn to engage that unit, the first unit of cavalry will turn and charge them in the rear again. Repeating this should work.

Once we have destroyed their ranged units, and presumably some infantry, we need only send up the crossbows. Once we are either out of ammunition, or the enemy attempts to withdraw, our fresh infantry will charge them, while our cavalry moves to cut off their retreat and destroy them.

Methinks this is good. Poor discipline would a reasonable weakness for the commies.
Add something to deal fast with siege, which will potentially be the most lethal unit here on ice, and your plan could work in my opinion. Also add something for fliers, which can fly right into our ranged girls.

Never forget to add things as to how enemy may react. No static plan can really be pulled off depending on enemy reaction.
Thanks for the advice.

Regarding fliers, we should hide Meling's unit among our croosbows. When the sparrows charge, crossbows retreat, they plow straight into our polearms.

Siege, basically eliminate with or own siege weapons, or charge with cavalry after we start luring enemy units.

Regarding the enemy's reactions; I have no idea. I play Total War games alot, and the AI is usually pretty damn defensive unless you have a ranged advantage or they outnumber you heavily, so I'm used to fighting that enemy. I'm mainly hoping that if we eleminate their leader, they'll be unsure what to do, and thus only react to our actions.

Basically, if we can turn things to where they are only reacting to what we do, then we've pretty much won.
Also, if Rumia refuses to charge, we can simply move up some crossbows, not too far from the rest of our army, and have them fire on her. Moving among the crossbows should be Meling's unit, hidden. When Rumia charges to seemingly isolated and vulnerable crossbows, they'll withdrawl, letting her smash into Meling's polearms. While she's pinned there, our cav will attack her on each flank, butchering them.
After Storybunny's clarifications, alterations to battleplans as follows:

Fairy Levies to stay as hidden as possible until stumbled upon (no torches, etc); hopefully this will stop any cavalry seeing them until they're too close to charge; in which case over a short distance the fairy levies really can pop out and countercharge before the cavalry can build up proper speed (Unless Remilia and Sakyua charge everywhere and tire themselves out.) Don't underestimate fairies, you damn vampire! Even the pins trampled underfoot can bite into your heels!

Oh; if an enemy cavalry force tries to just bypass them to attack the missile troops; it's a perfect opportunity to countercharge that force with a flank attack, too. Getting a volley in the face and then charged by the levy, and then shortly after Rumia and Mystia also wading in; it should be fine.

If the castle is not in range, Letty gets to countersnipe the levies and Koakuma and then any other immobile force; at night trying to hit anything mobile will be an effort in futilty.

Rumia and Mystia have the same orders; flank and charge any engaged battles; come to the aid of those who need it (unlike Remilia, we know how to support our own). Mystia should only pin down Remilia or Sakuya; Rumia can charge any infantry or cavalry who are engaged, but if she charges infantry she needs to disengage ( shouldn't be that hard, given the enemy levies will be too busy fighting their front to have set themselves).

Missile troops/Cirno have the same orders as before; stand behind the levies and shoot troops flanking the levies to break up charges; if no troops flank they need to reposition and shoot into the adjacent fight (levies are in a staggered diagonal).

Last notes; at night, facing Rumia and Mystia? Missile troops really can't fire far effectively. Support at point blank is the best option. If Remilia leads with her missile troops in front they will be moving to make contact; in which case in the darkness, they will bump right into the levies before seeing them, and be devoured. If the crossbows are BEHIND her troops, have fun shooting her own troops in the back?

The levies are there to act as roadbumps to break up the cavalry before Mystia and Rumia go in to save the day.

After Storybunny's clarifications, alterations to battleplans as follows:

Fairy Levies to stay as hidden as possible until stumbled upon (no torches, etc); hopefully this will stop any cavalry seeing them until they're too close to charge; in which case over a short distance the fairy levies really can pop out and countercharge before the cavalry can build up proper speed (Unless Remilia and Sakyua charge everywhere and tire themselves out.) Don't underestimate fairies, you damn vampire! Even the pins trampled underfoot can bite into your heels!

Oh; if an enemy cavalry force tries to just bypass them to attack the missile troops; it's a perfect opportunity to countercharge that force with a flank attack, too. Getting a volley in the face and then charged by the levy, and then shortly after Rumia and Mystia also wading in; it should be fine.

If the castle is not in range, Letty gets to countersnipe the levies and Koakuma and then any other immobile force; at night trying to hit anything mobile will be an effort in futilty.

Rumia and Mystia have the same orders; flank and charge any engaged battles; come to the aid of those who need it (unlike Remilia, we know how to support our own). Mystia should only pin down Remilia or Sakuya; Rumia can charge any infantry or cavalry who are engaged, but if she charges infantry she needs to disengage ( shouldn't be that hard, given the enemy levies will be too busy fighting their front to have set themselves).

Missile troops/Cirno have the same orders as before; stand behind the levies and shoot troops flanking the levies to break up charges; if no troops flank they need to reposition and shoot into the adjacent fight (levies are in a staggered diagonal).

Last notes; at night, facing Rumia and Mystia? Missile troops really can't fire far effectively. Support at point blank is the best option. If Remilia leads with her missile troops in front they will be moving to make contact; in which case in the darkness, they will bump right into the levies before seeing them, and be devoured. The levies are there to act as roadbumps to break up the cavalry before Mystia and Rumia go in to save the day.

Alright. Screw it, attempting to fight this traditionally won't work.

When deploying, a group of fleet-footed fairies should break off and plant many lit torches in what appears to be a battle formation a distance from our actual army.

The rebels will move to engage, staring into the torches all the while, destroying their night vision. Once they have moved to fight our army (It shouldn't be too hard to pick them out, due to the sounds of marching and a their torches) Our cavalry will plow into their flanks with the aim of taking out their siege equipment, ranged units, and any officers they can find. They would withdrawl immediately aferwards.

After this, the rebels will be in great disorder. Our crossbows and artillery should shoot into the mass of rebel troops, whilst the cavalry sets up a cycle of luring and picking off isolated enemy units. This should spread even greater chaos among the enemy army.

At this point, we shall engage the enemy with our fairy levies, giving them the impression of overwhelming odds against them. We will leave a corridor for them to flee through, having our cavalry run down those that rout whilst our crossbows shoot into those that stand firm.

Oh, obviously the actual army should extinguish all their torches. When our levies attack, however, our army will ignite any torches they have, blow any horns, beat any drums, wave any banners, etc. This should make them think that we outnumber them greatly.

There. This is the best I could come up with.
StoryBunny, do you know how you're going to judge this anyway? Both sides will most probably spot things the other side will have forgotten to take account of that may swing the battle.
PS: I totally am expecting Remilia to charge blindly down the field, shouting some rabid declaration of how she will deal with Rumia in single combat. Oh, it'll come to that, but only AFTER the levies have had their shot at her, and Mystia, after she's squandered her charge and is bogged down in the working class vindictiveness.

I think I've covered everything;

First stage: if enemy cavalry lead; pin with levies and charge with mobile troops. If enemy levies lead; pin with levies, flank, charge and dissengage eith mobile troops. If enemy crossbow lead; ambush.

Second stage: move up any fairy levy not engaged into flanking position to threaten to encircle any ongoing battle; move up missile troops and open fire into the flanks of the enemy pinned in the melee (quite possibly from both sides at once). If they hit cavalry, fast attack to do their flank; if unavailable, or they hit infantry instead use crossbow and wriggle to move up to shoot flanks. Cirno can get right up into a cavalry fight if one happens.

Third stage: cleanup. Enemy cavalry should be gone or heavily wounded. Bumrush them with any remaining crossbow and flintlock and levies and anything if the enemy cav are not dead to break them and have the fast attack reform and hunt down the possibly fresh but very demoralised fairies.

This plan hinges on three things:
The fairy levies holding out until reinforced and their morale boosted by Rumia or fresh troops. (Hopefully so!)
Missile troops can't really hit that far. (Up to Storybunny, but at the minimum it's night and Rumia's side is depending on horns to communicate, no torches.)
Remolia won't disengage from fairies. I think we can count on her derping quite predictably.

Say, StoryBunny, is there any faction known for horsearchers?

We better get this out of the way early, so we don't see our army die the death of a thousand cuts.
[X] Maximus to stay as is. Remilia wins. Best plan since I suck at this.

Really gotta figure out why only this site fucks with copy pasting so bad.
Men, though the odds look bleak, we must fight to the end!

Though our enemy is the master of darkness, we shall fight!

Though their ranks are filled with fanatics, we shall fight!

Though our commander may be prone to suicidal acts of pride, we shall fight!

Though the very ice of this battfield may swallow up our forces, we shall fight!

Fight to the end, brothers! They may take our lives, but they'll never take our GENDEEEEER!
Take from them everything! And leave them nothing - but cute pert breasts and an oh-so functional set of female parts!
[X] People who want Maxine Hardwood (girl or futa version, doesn’t matter) come up with a battle strategy for Rumia.

I cannot make strategys, but I'll just vote for this.
How are we even judging this? I see a 3v3 hard vote wise but way more posts for strategies. Best one wins or hard votes?
What? I see 3 strategies written for Remilia versus 2 written for Rumia. Of course, that's only a number of them written. All of them have flaws, so I guess only StoryBunny himself know how this will go.
Reading the votes, this is either going to be a curbstomp when one side's strategy works, or a clusterfuck when all our clever strategems turn out to be useless when used on each other.
Its only one extended strategy for Rumia, actually, and a couple of "that sounds good" votes.

This is actually a metaadvantage to Rumia's side, actually: multiple strategies means either Storybunny has to choose one in particular (through a vote?) or join them together, which will wreck the overall effect. It's why I spent so long writing it up - a semidecent strategy at the start that people won't add to is better than multiple good ones that contradict each other. This will be a problem in the main story, though.

Spoilered text for Rumia's strategy is a perfect fit, ne? Just like how I hope the battle will be.
Now don't you go get cocky. StoryBunny never said that each side should build up one perfect plan, so we'll see how this go. You probably spotted mistakes in mine (>>17198) and I spot mistakes in your battle plan too. So, like >>17307 said, chances are that this is going to be a big mess overall.
Oh, of course, of course, there are quite a few weaknesses in mine too - especially possibly the ability of the levies - (I didn't really read the strategies for Remilia); but my earlier comment was meant as an observation on how Storybunny is going to run this scenario: currently Remilia's side is more similar to how we're going to be putting together a mishmash of strategies, so that's good practice as to how to forge the best plans later on. It'll be good practice for him and us. Failing or winning, we'll learn important facts.
File 131443814861.jpg - (187.99KB, 850x1152 , 15.jpg) [iqdb]
Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO-HFXCfC4c

< * * * >

The two armies take up positions on the frozen battlefield under the waning moon. Remilia has deployed her fairy levies in a simple line abreast formation, with crossbows slightly in front of them and Koakuma behind. Most threatening of all, though, are Remilia and Sakuya with their heavily armoured knights ahead of the rest of the army, lances and flags held high. In response, Rumia has arranged her army in a defensive posture, with a staggered wedge of fairy levies screening the superior troops behind them, Wriggle on the left flank, Cirno in centre, and Daiyousei on the right, with Letty further back. As for herself and Mystia, Rumia has kept her most mobile units to the back and left of the main army, making her forces look somewhat lopsided.

Remilia rides out alone a few paces ahead of everyone else, brandishing the crackling red lightning that is Gungnir. “Rumia!” She calls contemptuously over the ice. “Come out and face me in single combat if you have a shred of honour left! Or die along with the rest of your rebel swine!”

The only response to Remilia’s challenge is a giant boulder of ice that arcs from behind the Army of Darkness’s lines and crashes at Remilia’s feet, not even denting the frozen lake surface, and bounces up, threatening to crush the Scarlet daimyo on its next fall. Without so much as batting an eyelid Remilia thrusts Gungnir at the hunk of ice, exploding it into a million harmless snowflakes. There is something inside that flutters down gently on Gungnir’s shaft: a simple red hair ribbon.

“Return fire!” Remilia orders, throwing the ribbon down, and a few projectiles are lobbed back towards the enemy ranks, flattening fairies and making gaps in their lines that however are quickly closed up. “Forward march!” Her levies begin to approach the enemy line. Remilia spurs her horse to a trot, followed closely by her knights. She gestures Sakuya to veer to the left, towards Rumia’s understrength right flank. Ice and rock criss-cross overhead as the siege troops on both side trade fire, leaving just a few scattered casualties where they land.

Rumia’s levies brace for impact as the Scarlet heavy cavalry closes on them and leaves its own fairies behind. Remilia’s unit forms a tight wedge, intending to break through to the back of Rumia’s army and engage her personally. The horses accelerate to a gallop when there is only a short distance remaining while their riders lower their lances. A wave of icy missiles is lobbed from behind and over the front line, but the knights merely raise their shields and bat them aside. Remilia is the first to make contact with the enemy and skewers three fairies with Gungnir, her defeated foes exploding into bursts of light and dissipating into the darkness, while her horse tramples more underfoot. The momentum of the charge carries it through an entire troop of fairies, utterly annihilating it, and is brought to a stop only when it runs into Cirno’s ice fairies and their wall of icy spears.

“Eye’m da strongest!” Cirno shouts as she forms a long, two-handed spear of ice in her hands and thrusts at Remilia’s horse, which rears away instinctively. Before Remilia can retaliate, her bodyguards push forward and surround her protectively, as the ice fairies and youkai knights slog it out.

Meanwhile, Sakuya’s knights charges into the Army of Darkness’s right flank. The front line crumples before a lethal combination of lance points and hooves, but to her surprise the survivors don’t turn and flee as the charge uses up its momentum and comes to a halt. Swords are drawn to finish off the fairies underfoot, when a wave of icicles drops in from above. Though most fail to pierce through her knights’ full plate, some of the missiles knock unlucky riders off the saddle or pierce through the horses’ thinner barding.

“Hold the line!” Daiyousei orders shrilly as she throws another spear at the knights.

“Time to go,” Rumia tells Mystia, having watched enough of the battle unfold, “take the right!” Mystia’s sparrows take to the air and fly over the fighting mass below. The crossbow fairies immediately notice them and start to wind their crossbows, but by the time they had finished loading the sparrows were already diving at Sakuya, and the bolts passed by harmlessly overhead.

“Hold your ground! Hold strong!” Rumia shouts encouragement as her unit gallops outside her army’s left flank, meaning to circle around and smash into Remilia from behind.

Her maneuver is not unnoticed by Remilia, who pulls herself away from the ongoing melee. “Everyone still with a lance, on me!” She rallies about half of her knights and together with them peels off from the front line to intercept Rumia, leaving the rest to keep Cirno’s fairies pinned down.

The horsewomen charge at each other in the narrowing corridor between the Army of Darkness and the advancing levies of the Scarlet Clan. Lances are lowered, prayers are whispered, and then the two sides collide head-on. Rumia’s lance splinters against Remilia’s shield, but Gungnir finds it mark and pierces Rumia’s heart, knocking her off her horse.

Remilia’s momentum carries her past her fallen foe, and when she reigns in her horse and turns around, she is shocked to see Rumia still standing. Black vapour is pouring out of a gaping wound in her chest. “Why won’t you die!” Remilia screams out in frustration.

“The darkness has no heart,” Rumia licks her lips and pulls out her Black Sword from behind her back. She charges at Remilia and forces her to parry blow after crazed blow, never letting up. The battle rages on around them, neither side with the upper hand; the knights are more skilled individually, but outnumbered.

Crack! The unexpected loud noises of matchlocks firing spook the horses, and the intensity of the fighting abates as the riders struggle to retain control of their horses. Without a direct line of fire, Wriggle’s matchlocks have had to march out to obtain a better angle. Now that they have it, though, their effectiveness is undisputed as Remilia’s knights begin to fall. A second volley rings out and brightens the night, half aimed at the knights fighting Rumia’s cavalry and the other half aimed at the knights fighting Cirno’s fairies.

Remilia strikes out from an unexpected direction with the butt of Gungnir and knocks Rumia away, earning herself a moment’s reprieve. “Knights! Regroup!” She orders over the din of battle as she rides away. Her troops disengage and race after her, pulling away from the battle moments before a hail of crossbow bolts strikes the Army of Darkness’s lines. Horns sound as the Scarlet Clan fairies charge at their disoriented foe at last. Fresh and outnumbering their opposing counterparts thanks to their casualties, victory seems certain for them.

On the other side of the battlefield, the fighting is just as fierce. Mystia’s sparrows dive amongst Sakuya’s knights, relying on their speed and the sharpness of their katanas to negate their opponents’ reach and heavy armour. Now that they are being attacked both from without and within, the knights are trapped in place, and unable to break free as they become surrounded. Daiyousei’s fairies surge forward, using their spears to pin down and distract the knights while the sparrows close in with katanas for the kill. The tide of battle seems to have turned towards the rebels’ favour, until Mystia decides to fight Sakuya personally.

Clad in darkness, the sparrow youkai leaps into the air and dives towards Sakuya from behind. Her killing intent must have been strong enough for Sakuya to feel, because she twists in the saddle and brings her sword up just in time to block the katana from decapitating her. Time pauses. The combatants freeze, mid-shout, mid-stroke as Sakuya lets go of her sword and leaves it hovering in mid-air. She unsheathes one of several knifes and throws it towards Mystia’s exposed neck.

Time resumes, and the knife buries itself it Mystia’s throat. Sakuya bashes with her shield and knocks the gurgling youkai aside, not even watching the limp body bounce on the ice, once, before coming to a stop in an unmoving heap. She simply catches her sword and cuts down another sparrow in the same stroke. “Cut down the sparrows!” she commands, as the Scarlet Clan levies finally catch up to the front line to support her knights. With their commander defeated, and outnumbered and surrounded, the remaining sparrows quickly fall. Those who attempt to fly away are quickly shot down by vengeful bolts.

“Forward! Breakthrough!” Sakuya pushes into the ice fairies now that friendly fairies are at her back. The Army of Darkness is wavering and it just needs the right touch before it breaks. She spurs her horse into the midst of the enemy lines, while both sides’ fairies are fully engaged head-on at last. An ice fairy, larger and somewhat more elegantly dressed than the others, catches her eye. Correctly judging that Daiyousei must be another commander, Sakuya rides towards her, mowing down any fairies who try to get in her way with a flurry of flying knives.

Daiyousei herself proves a tougher customer as she protects herself from the knives with icy darts of her own. She braces with her spear as Sakuya bears down upon her, who has reverted to her longsword and raised it high. There is but enough time for a single exchange as the chief knight rides by.

Then Daiyousei’s severed arm is tumbling through the air, still clutching a broken spear of ice, it itself transforming into unliving crystalline ice before it smashes into a thousand sparkling fragments on the unforgiving frozen lake. There is calm around Sakuya. She looks to her sides, and finds that she has broken completely through the Army of Darkness’s lines. There is nothing to stop her wreaking havoc on the enemy rear now; perhaps their siege troop would be a good place to start. She turns and looks behind her to see how many of her knights have similarly broken through-

The dart of ice pierces her right eye, snapping her head back. She sways in the saddle and tries to focus through pained, blood-stained vision on her attacker: a defiant Daiyousei, freezing moisture out of the air into another icy missile in her left hand. “Why you-“ Sakuya is about to charge back and finish the job, but someone is leading her horse away, away from the battle, despite her protests, as her red vision turns black, and the din of battle fades away into silence.

On the other flank of the battling armies, Remilia regroups for a third and final charge at a remounted Rumia. Their numbers are fewer than at the beginning of the battle, their horses are near exhaustion, and few still hold unbroken lances, most having splintered or been discarded after previous charges. Rumia’s cavalry fares only a little better after their engagement against a superior foe.

Remilia leads with Gungnir, intent on a decisive duel against Rumia to secure a decisive victory, but Rumia denies her by staying behind her cavalry on the charge. Swords clang against shields and armour while Gungnir pierces and unhorses an unlucky horsewoman, but Remilia finds her way to Rumia blocked by a wall of enemies. Before she can break through, loud shouts ring out again! Wriggle’s troops have double-timed to the side and now empty their matchlocks into the sides of Remilia’s knights. As horses rear and knights fall, Remilia decides to cut her losses and retreat. “Fall back!” A trumpeter raises a horn to her lips, but Remilia snatches it out of her hand. “Knights only! The fairies can win if they keep fighting!”

A loud cheer rises form the Army of Darknesses as the famed Scarlet cavalry is decisively driven off on both flanks. They fight hard and push back against the Scarlet levies, which just minutes ago had been winning. After the initial volley, crossbow fire has been sparse and sporadic as any concentrated fire would just have landed on friendly troops’ backs. Siege fire has been as likely to hit friend as foe. There seems to be now chance of breaking the rebels’ morale now. Rumia points towards the Scarlet army’s right flank. “Flank them and roll them up,” she orders Wriggle.

“Right away!” Wriggle leads her fairies forward and around the front line to shoot at them from the side. Away from the melee, they become a target for Koakuma, who directs her attention towards them. A fireball drops behind Wriggle and explodes, casting long shadows on the ice and making her cape billow. Bolts, too, begin to fall on their exposed position. “Ignore them!” Wriggle orders. “First rank, aim and shoot!”

Shots ripple through the Scarlet Army’s formations from the side, then again, and yet again as the matchlocks fire by rank. A fireball drops too close for comfort, burning up the fairies caught in its explosion. The crossbow fairies take aim at the muzzle flashes and loose their bolts that way, too. The missiles are nearly invisible in the night sky, and their only warning is the whistle of the descent.

Fairies fall, and the matchlock fairies waver and fumble as they reload. “Stand your ground!” Rumia’s voice is heard. She rides up, holding her black sword high. “Stand and fight, for revenge!”

“Fire!” The remoralised fairies are eager to obey Wriggle’s order. Fire sweeps the Scarlet ranks a fourth time and a fifth time, then on the sixth volley of shot the levy closest to Wriggle, which had been taking the brunt of the attack, breaks and runs. The rout spreads like falling dominos as one by one from the near side to the far side, the fairy troops drop their weapons and flee for their lives.

The Army of Darkness gives chase, only to quickly run into a wall of naginatas that lets only the Scarlet Army pass. “You won’t get past me!” Meiling shouts defiantly as she leads the rearguard action, tossing fairies into the air like toys as she twirls and swings her weapon expertly. A thin red line of youkai holds its ground, using superior reach and skill to cover their retreating comrades and fend off fairies and ice fairies, but with every passing second the danger of being overwhelmed grows.

Far in the rear, Remilia’s and Sakuya’s knights link up near Koakuma. Remilia is pondering the possibility of another desperate charge when her thoughts are interrupted. “Scarlet-sama!” One of Sakuya’s knights calls out urgently as she rides forward, leading Sakuya’s horse. Sakuya is barely unconscious, but manages to stay in the saddle regardless. “Izayoi-sama is… is…”

“Mistress… I’m sorry…” Sakuya rasps and slumps forward. Blood is trickling freely down her face from her ruined eye.

Remilia catches her before she falls. “No… don’t be, your fate is not to die like this.” She steels herself and turns to her trumpeter. “Sound the retreat.”

< * * * Hardwood Body Customization * * * >

Breasts (pick one choice):
[ ] Loli
[ ] Average
[ ] Tracts of land

Penis (pick one choice):
[ ] None
[ ] Separate from female parts
[ ] Replaces clitoris

Sensitivity (pick one choice):
[ ] Normal
[ ] Slut

P.S.: What is the post limit in a thread?
[X] Tracts of land
[X] None
[X] Normal

Damn you, now I have to reinstall Rome.
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal
Tchhh. Still feel like a slap in the face with the previous vote won. Why the hell did they decide to charge the ice fairies and who's bright idea was it to have the cavalry stop and mop up? And where the hell was ranged support? Would have expected a vampire's army to be used to fighting at night, you know? Wriggle being able to get into position to fire should never have happened.

[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal

Godamnit. We came up for a strategy for taking out the damn Ice Fairies. It was charge them in the flanks with one unit of horse, then withdraw that unit. When they turn to fire on the fleeing horsemen, a second unit would have charged into their flanks, then withdrawn. As they turned to fire on them, the first unit would have turned and plowed into the rear. Repeat until done.

And mine was to blow them up from afar. Charging them from front? Stupid. StoryBunny, what the hell was that?
[X] Tracts of land
[X] None
[X] Normal

Sitting down to piss against the tide.

After reading your strategy, it's pretty clear Storybunny tried to carry out your orders; it's just that they were badly put together orders.
Look here;
>It's clear Rumia and Remilia will charge each other at some point and if so, 2 vs 1 will be greatly against Rumia.
>And as for leadership, it will be even easier than that. I very, very much doubt they have as much battlefield discipline as Remilia's army. Take down leaders, makes them so much as start doubting their victory and moral will fall fast.
>I agree that our goals should basically be 1.
and surround Rumia, then kill/capture her. 2. Eliminate enemy ranged troops 3. Avoid prolonged melees. They just make everything worse.

Your FIRST priority was to aim at Rumia and nothing else until she was dead in pretty much every post. And the opposing strategy was to ensure Rumia was well behind a fairy screen to break up any charges.

Why did Remilia charge the javelin polearms? She didn't, she charged a fairy levy and completely wiped them out; and THEN ran headfirst into the HIDDEN ice polearms: you can't see through enemy units. I rightly feared those charges and stated everyone important should be screened.

Your strategy was to charge Cirno from the flank and then charge them from the other flank? Cirno's fairies had both flanks supported and had orders both to charge Remilia, AND pin her until Rumia could crush Remilia on the polearms. And she FAILED at that. That was her sole action in the fight. If you've had your way, Remilia would have charged Cirno's flanks, withdrawn before getting hit by Rumia and then charged by Cirno, while more fairy levies and Mystia trap Sakuya up against Cirno's back too. Cirno's unit would probably have gone under, but then you'd have had no cavalry left and no leaders.

I think a major failing was you didn't specify an order of battle; no list of which units (apart from "Remilia will charge Rumia standing around out front and kill her then we kill everyone else hooray!) would lead the attack and no list of how each unit was deployed with specific orders.

Take note: the spoilered strategy for Rumia had:
>Placement of troops relative to everyone else
>Standing orders of what to do when attacked by each type of enemy
>Plan of defense, and how each stage of battle should proceed ideally.
>Potential weaknesses for the enemy plans and Rumia's plans and making sure to capitalise on their errors and minimising our own (Remilia going after Rumia, fairy troops/matchlocks wavering and needing moral support by Rumia)

In the end, the issue with the missile firing range was nonexistent; this might have been a problem had you lead with crossbows first, the fairy levies would have been cut up quite badly (which was unfortunately WAS a slight failing that Storybunny missed: >>17214 stated that the crossbows should open up if Rumia does not charge, but it didn't seem to come into play, probably because she did start charging after Remilia engaged).

Basically, you never mentioned the levies, never mentioned where you'd put your crossbows, and anything apart from "oh, if we find X unit we can kill them without interference at all and with our army being able to teleport right behind their forces to stab them perfectly in the back, hooray!). And the knights STILL decmiated half the army and the best units. Honestly, you should be worrying about your future battles rather than blaming Storybunny to carry out your half-assed orders.

PS: I'm bitter, because even though we won the fight, the resulting vote is still going to end up with Maximus with a pecker. Jeez, can't we win back our dick by trial of battle rather than leave it on? I'm hoping if we don't have sex again we'll lose our male parts again, and if we manage to sex up enough powerful youkai we start to change back. That's a decent system enough. Or perhaps need to find artifacts that only work once to get back our maleness, else it become permanent, and then have to avoid changing back to a woman, or have to find even MORE artifacts, which we do by conquering territories.
Pfft, fine. I see three things right now that can change our state again: Miracle from Sanae, Eirin drugs or Yukari passing by again. Of course, this won't happen right now, but I'll be waiting.

And if what happens is decided by another extra battle, you can be sure as hell that I'll make plans for EVERYTHING.
[X] Tracts of land
[X] None
[X] Normal
Ah, forgot to say this, storybunny: threads start autosaging at 250.

If you can lead the battles in the meantime with the same furore (which you should; winning battles probably will be one way to getting full manliness back) I'd gladly enjoy seeing what you can come up with!
[X] Tracts of land
[X] Separate from female parts
[X] Slut
[X] Tracts of land
[X] None
[X] Normal
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Replaces clitoris
[x] Normal

You guys sure are going into the whole no penis thing. What's a hardwood without a penis?
[X] Tracts of land
[X] Separate from female parts
[X] Slut
It'd clearly be a plot-hook - a hard quest to get our wood back.
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal

I suppose the end result was kind of arbitrary, but I think StoryBunny just wanted to reward whichever side he felt had the most well thought out strategy.
Well, now that that unpleasantness is over, we should start looking towards military reforms.

I still say we go with massive pike blocks, armed with 20-ft sarissans, working in tandem with matchlock armed troops. The infantry should be supported by armored cavalry armed with around 2 pistols, a lengthy lance with a counterweight, and sword.

Gentleman, behold! The bastard son of Pike and Shot, Winged Hussars, and Macedonian tactics. Of course, this is obviously not going to be a cheap, nor quick transformation. However, we should start working towards this.
And I was enjoying this story too. Shame.

Oh well. Good luck.
Considering this is Sengoku Gensokyo, wouldn't most of the more powerful warlords already be using pike and shot? Warfare in Japan and Europe during this era was practically the same. Hell Japan was making more matchlocks than Europe was after it got introduced, and they many innovations that drastically improved upon the matchlock.
I know everyone is pretty much using Pike and Shot. However, cavalry was usually light, and used primarily as ranged units with Pike and Shot.

Now, my main point is, that I don't think there's anything approaching cataphracts in this setting, except our Spaniards. StoryBunny pretty explicity stated they were the heaviest cavalry in the setting.

Thus, I think it would be prudent to look into whether or not we can start replicating our Spaniards' equipment, so we can see if it's possible to start forming native versions of them, but with armored horses. If so, we would have an excellent trump card.
[X] Tracts of land
[X] Separate from female parts
[X] Slut

Considering Remilia's unit are knights (more european influence than japanese), I'm pretty sure they're heavy knights and will trample all over our own unit if we faced her now.

Before even thinking or duplicating equipment, we need a way to get horses as soon as possible. Each rider killed isn't replaced and in the long run (or if we get hit hard), our unit will be too small to make a difference in battle.

Anyway, before deciding what to do, I'm pretty sure we'll get an update to our situation next update. Then we can argue what we should do.
more like he wanted a TG MC.
I would like to point out, though, that Storybunny described Remilia's cavalry as being "The heaviest before the arrival of Maximus and his Spaniards." (Paraphrased) Thus, it would be reasonable to assume he meant that Remilia's feudal knights were the heaviest, until the Spaniards arrived.

But, like you said, we should probably wait for more info.
File 131451587333.jpg - (384.26KB, 909x1001 , 16.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tracts of land
[x] Separate from female parts
[x] Normal

< * * * Former Mizuhashi Capital (now Komeiji territory, renamed Mizuhashi City), Early Spring * * * >

“Oh, you’re awake at last!” Koishi jumps into bed and gives you a hug through the thick quilt. “Sorry, we let Yuugi get too carried away with you and you were already passed out by the time we, um, freed you.” She giggles at the memory, then turns a little more serious. “You were asleep for several days so… I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re a girl now… you kept your Hardwood though!” She cups your crotch and gives your morning wood a squeeze through the blanket, but for some reason Koishi is moaning?

No, she’s not – she’s grinning, and the voice isn’t right for her anyway. It takes you a moment before you realize that the girly voice belongs to you. You sit up in shock, feeling dizzy as blood rushes out of your head from the sudden movement. Your balance isn’t helped either by a pair of weights attached to your chest. “What’s going on?” You ask in a high, panicky voice.

“Hey, hey, take it slowly,” Koishi reassures you, patting you on the head. The covers slide off your chest, exposing you to the cool air. A surge of sensitivity makes you shiver. You look down and see that you have been endowed with a pair of buoyant breasts whose size rival Yuugi’s and which somehow have minor gravity-defying properties. Koishi squeezes one of your full mounds, too large for her small hands to cup completely, and draws out another girly moan from your lips. “You know,” she mentions enviously, “when we checked up on you we were ready to go Parsee over your tits, you lucky bastard – or bitch, heh.”

“Wait, who’s been checking up on me?” you ask, hoping that the whole underworld isn’t about to know how Maximus Hardwood has been transformed into Maxine Hardwood.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s only me, onee-chan and her pets,” Koishi thinks with a finger on her chin. “Oh, and the servants too, so I guess the whole underworld knows by now. At least you won’t have to explain anything to anyone, right?” She looks at you to see that you have buried your face in your hands in embarrassment, blushing fiercely between your fingers “Hey, don’t be like that. I’m sorry for causing all of this, so I’ll make it up to you, okay?” She flips the covers off your nude body, revealing your hardwood in all of its glory, or so you think, since it’s difficult to see past your huge knockers.

“I’ve been getting myself ready for you…” Koishi murmurs, freeing her other hand from what you now realize to be under her skirt. Her fingers are wet, and as she spreads her index and middle fingers apart making a V shape, a sticky clear string of liquid connects her fingers. She presses them together again and places her fingertips on your lips. Without thinking you open your mouth and suck on her fingers, tasting her arousal. A small muffled moan sounds in your throat as you feel slender fingers wrap around your shaft and dance along its length.

“Wow… it’s as big and… awesome as onee-chan said it would be,” Koishi whispers reverently, and grins. “And Orin and Okuu said so, too. I’m going to try it for myself before it disappears or something.” She pushes you down onto your back and kneels over you, straddling your wide hips, still fully clothed to your slight disappointment as her skirt hides her hips and legs. Then you moan as you feel something soft and wet brushing against the tip of your erection. “Surprise! No panties!” Koishi giggles as she rocks slowly back and forth and lets your cock rub along her slit.

“Oh…” you start to say something, but the sound of your new voice shuts you up with embarrassment. You place your hands on Koishi’s hips, wanting to pull her down hard on your needy erection, but she reaches down for your breasts and pinches your perky nipples first, even going so far as to tug on them and lift your breasts by the sensitive nub. The unfamiliar yet pleasant feeling makes you gasp and lose control. You thrust your hips upwards wildly, failing to enter her and merely sliding your member against her crotch.

“Easy there, big girl,” Koishi giggles and lets go. She guides your hands off her hips and onto your own breasts. While you experiment with your tits, she adjusts herself until her pussy lips are kissing the tip of your cock once more. “I’m going to put it in now, okay?” she warns you. You nod. “Here goes – ah!” She barely lowers herself before she cries out and lifts herself up again.

You moan, having sampled how tightly her pussy resists your entrance and how nicely it squeezes around your glans. “Is- is this your first time?” you manage to gasp out.

“Heh, I just haven’t had such a nice cock in a long time,” Koishi blushes as she braces and slowly impales herself on your shaft again. Her wet, warm walls press around more and more of the length of your rod. You are left breathless as finally feel her weight on your hips and your entire length enveloped by her tight folds. You place your hands on her hips once more and guide her up and down your cock, as she squeezes and kneads your tits. The room is filled with sweet intertwining moans of pleasure from both your and Koishi’s lips.

Koishi leans down and sucks on one of your pert nipples. A feeling of euphoria surges through your body, so much that you barely realize that she has stopped and raised her head. “Oh, wow, milk!” She moves up, your cock slipping out of her pussy. Before you can protest she plants a kiss on your lips, letting you taste your own milk on her lips. You push your tongue into her mouth, enjoying how she tenses and squeezes your breasts and cock tightly in turn. There is a soft pop as she pulls away and licks down your neck, pausing to suck on your collarbone, and down further until her lips latch around your nipple again. You moan and toss your head back. Your hips go crazy, thrusting aimlessly until she holds the base of your member and guides it back between her folds. You pump deep inside her at breakneck speed and hear her muffled cries of pleasure on your breast.

Soon it is too much for either of you to take and you climax together. Koishi’s pussy squeezes around your cock, eager to milk you dry, and you are all too happy to oblige. Your milk squirts out between both pairs of upper and lower lips and she drinks it all up eagerly. Too soon, the moment passes and you cuddle up against one another, milk dribbling down your breasts and a few final drops of seed dribbling down your spent member.

“I’m going to stay with you until you get better, okay?” Koishi murmurs. “I think I wore you out when you should be resting….”

“Thanks,” you whisper back in exhaustion, letting sweet dreams carry you off into slumber.

< * * * >

You wake up alone, and panic for a moment before you see Koishi returning to you. “Rise and shine!” She announces cheerfully as she pulls the warm quilt off your naked body. “There’s a bath drawn for you, and after that you need to get dressed. I’ve got your outfit all picked out, so don’t take too long!”

The solitude of your bath only gives you time to ponder the reality of the transformation, complete with pinches to make sure that you aren’t dreaming, and to dread just what kind of clothing Koishi has picked for you. You’re about to really explore your new body, when Koishi’s voice interrupts you from outside the bathroom. “I know what you’re about to do! Do that some other time!” That killed the mood fast. Finally, you finish washing yourself, steel your courage and return to Koishi, bracing yourself for the worst.

No amount of preparation could prepare you for the sight of Koishi holding up lacy bras and panties for your inspection. “Well, which one do you want?” You stare in shock, open-mouthed, lost for words. Koishi seems to take your shell-shocked silence as assent, because she continues, “Great! Let’s see how well they fit on you! I took measurements while you were still sleeping, so they should fit nicely…” And so saying, she selects the laciest underwear to put on your unresisting body, followed by a frilly orange shirt and a knee-length green skirt. By the time your recover your senses, it is too late to resist and you suspect that you look like a taller, much bustier version of Koishi.

“Hm… your hair…” Koishi is muttering to herself as she strokes your long, waist-length hair. Wait, what? “Something’s missing… I know!” She opens a drawer and takes out a handful of red ribbons. “I saw someone pull this look off once before. I’m sure it’ll look good on you.” She seats you on a chair, and stands behind you, doing something with the ribbons and your hair.

“What’re you doing?” you ask nervously.

“You’ll see, you’ll see,” Koishi hums happily.

There is a voice behind the screen door. “Excuse us, Komeiji-sama, the mirror you requested is here.”

“Come in!” Koishi calls out cheerfully. The door slides open and a pair of servants carry a tall mirror into the room. “Just put it there,” Koishi points, and the servants do so, then bow respectfully and excuse themselves. “Go on,” she nudges you. “You look beautiful!”

You stand and approach the mirror with trepidation. A pretty girl stares back at you from the other side of the glass. She has a beautiful face and long blonde hair. You twirl around and see that your reflection has two columns of red ribbons tied at regular intervals down the length of her hair. She is wearing frilly enough clothing to pass for a native of Gensokyo. Her shirt is stretched taut over her very large breasts and her skirt hugs her narrow waist and wide hips. Yup, Maximus Hardwood is dead. Long live Maxine Hardwood!

Koishi hands you a pair of cute socks and shoes with bows on them. You sigh and accept them. Any resistance at this point is futile. When you are fully dressed, she leads you down the hallway. “Onee-chan and the others are waiting for-“

“Eep!” You squeal as someone hugs you from behind and gropes your breasts.

“Ohohoho, who is this cute girl?” Rin’s voice whispers into your ear. One hand slips down to your skirt and squeezes your crotch suggestively. You almost immediately become erect and form an obscene bulge in your skirt that is impossible to hide. “Wow, it’s really true! Let’s go, let’s go, I wanna see Okuu’s face when she sees you like this!”

“No, stop, I-“ you try to protest, but Rin cheerfully ignores you and Koishi’s disapproval and cheerfully pushes you on. So it is that when you arrive at the large room where Satori and Utsuho are sipping tea around a kotatsu and waiting for you, both your shirt and skirt and bulging considerably.

“Tada! Maximus Hardwood version two!” Rin slides the door open and pushes you in first. She has taken each of her hands in her own so that you have absolutely no way to cover yourself.

“Buh!” “Buh!” Both Satori and Utsuho spit out mouthfuls of tea and stare at you.

“Geez, don’t be so mean!” Koishi finally catches up and gives Rin a thump on the head. “Here, this way.” She takes your hand and guides you to the safety of the kotatsu where you can hide your lower body at last. “Are you okay?” She asks worriedly. “You look like you’re about to cry.”

“I’m not,” you sniff and blink away your tears.

Breakfast is awkward.

< * * * >

Work helps you concentrate and not be hounded by thoughts about your condition. It seems that you have picked an inopportune time to fall unconscious. You read through reports detailing the reopening of the old road to the surface and the establishment of the first Komeiji outpost in Gensokyo proper to guard this entrance. Though it is just a small collection of a barracks and several supporting buildings ringed by a palisade, it carries great symbolic significance. Dreams of glory have united the underworld in heart and mind more than mere military conquest can ever hope to achieve.

Scouts have also explored the surrounding area. The entrance to the underworld is located in land that technically belongs to the Scarlet clan, but they have more pressing matters to worry about at the moment. A bloody civil war fought over the winter has come to a standstill as rebels, led by a youkai named Rumia, besiege the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the last stronghold under Daimyo Remilia’s control. However, neither side has sufficient strength to force a decisive battle either by assaulting the walls or sortieing. Emissaries from both sides have visited the Komeiji outpost, each requesting a military alliance and in return promising a supply of horses and to grant the Komeiji the land around the entrance to the underworld.

You check the Komeiji clan’s own military strength before committing to anything. With the unification of the underworld, efficiency has increased and the empire can now afford to conscript fairy levies to fill armies with grunts and fodder. They are cheap and expendable, or at least much more so than your professional soldiers.

You – Conquistadores
Satori – Bow Youkai
Rin – Katana Cat Youkai
Utsuho – Naginata Crow Youkai
Yuugi – Katana Oni
Parsee – Bridge Troll: These unique youkai are passive defenders and living walls. Though few in number, on an open battlefield a single line can protect a flank for a few precious minutes until reinforcements arrive, and in a choke point they are nigh impassable. However, they are exceedingly poor at actually inflicting casualties.
Current weapons technology available: Katana, Naginata, Yari, Bow
Fairy levy types available: Standard, Bow
Maximum levies fielded per battle: 6

You reach the last document in the pile. To your surprise, it’s not an official report. The letter is addressed to you directly, though you note with annoyance that the envelope is marked for one “Miss Hardwood”. You tear open the envelope and unfold the letter within. The script is cursive and elegant, but with much more loops than really necessary.

“Dear Miss Hardwood,

How are you enjoying your new body? Your curse was tougher to alter than I thought! On the bright side, it’s not permanent and you can delay further progression by fucking important persons of Gensokyo until I find a cure for you. So try and do that before you lose your hard wood, or even I can’t help you at that point. Without further ado, here’s a “to-do” list to help you:

Komeiji Clan: Jealous-chan, Oni-chan, Satori-chan, Orin-chan, Okuu-chan, Koi-chan

Hm… no good! I think you did them all already, you horny tigress! How’s this?

Scarlet Clan: China-chan, Koa-chan, Library-chan, Meido-chan, Remi-chan, Flan-chan

I’ll keep you updated with more delicious morsels from other clans as you encounter them! Good luck! I’d love to write more but it’s very busy being me, so bye-bye until next time.

Yours sexily, Yukari-chan”

You stare at the letter, than put it aside. Worrying about whose dick goes where can be done later, after more pressing matters are taken care of. You recall one General Shepherd’s words: “History is written by the victors. Let’s get to work.”

< * * * >

Scarlet Clan Civil War
[ ] Ally with Remilia
[ ] Ally with Rumia
[ ] Wait and see

[ ] Scout other clans (find out what’s going on throughout Gensokyo)
[ ] Train up domestic intelligence network (increases intelligence about own and neighbouring lands)

Underworld Entrance Defence
[ ] Build up the surface outpost into a castle (and give it a name!)
[ ] Build up Mizuhashi City into a castle

Military Development
[ ] Build a training school for an existing weapon type (specify which) to improve troops.
[ ] Research a new weapon type or tactic.
Wait, a thought just hit me.

Outsider males entering Gensoukyou turn female unless they get a lot of pussy.
Scarlet Devil Mansion, and everyone in it, is not from Gensoukyou.
Izayoi Sakuya is human.

Therefore, there is a chance that Izayoi Sakuya used to be male.
Scarlet Civil War
>[X] Wait and see
We don't even know how close we are to the conflict, no point taking sides until we can actually help them out or not. I'd suggest allying with the losing side later on, actually; if they get driven out we can absorb them, and help em take back the place (which is what we were planning on doing anyway) and keep them as vassals or at least solid allies.

>[X] Scout other clans (find out what’s going on throughout Gensokyo)
We need to find out how many clans there are, and who's the closest so we can tailor our strategies and diplomancing from the get go.

Underworld Entrance Defence
>[X] Build up the surface outpost into a castle (and give it a name!)
I don't think giving the trolls a defensive position in their home is a good idea, it'll just bring ideas of rebelling about. Instead we block up the entrance with a castle and we can staff the troops there, and that gives them a purpose (protecting their hope from enemies (but not from us) while not giving them a position of strength).

Military Development
>[X] Build a training school for an existing weapon type (specify which) to improve troops.
>-[X] Polearms
Boost our defensive troops while we work on shot, and we can use them together. We have not a huge number of polearms yet, but by boosting polearms first we can solidify our defense while researching shot.

>try and do that before you lose your hard wood, or even I can’t help you at that point
God dammit, we'll never get rid of it entirely now. See? IT'S ALL YOUR PEOPLE'S FAULT
StoryBunny, some questions.

For Military Development, how often does that choice comes up? While having a new weapon type may be interesting, upgrading Rin and Yuugi's troops to A offense (and does it raise defense too?) would make our infantry a truly dangerous force.

Second, how often do we need to do it to keep our manhood? Does doing it with names on list add time when we do it or do we need to let time pass between each time?

Also, what happened with Kisume and Yamame?

[x] Ally with Remilia
Easy choice for me here. I'll trust Remilia to keep her word far better than Rumia, if only for honor (which Rumia doesn't have). We also need the horses. Also, if peace should fall, I see Rumia stabbing us in the back. I would at least think that Remilia would properly declare her intentions first. Furthermore, we don't have siege units to take on a castle anyway.

Waiting here may risk making both sides pissed off at us. And I doubt we'll get those horses if they take more losses.

Lastly, doing well in battle and helping the Scarlet clan will certainly make it easier to ask them to help with the curse than trying to go for capture, which may fail (kill or kamikaze attack in case they refuse to be captured may happen). And they have no reason to help us as prisonners (and I certainly don't feel like being a rapist, which will probably lower Satori'S and co. opinion of us).

[x] Train up domestic intelligence network (increases intelligence about own and neighbouring lands)
We'll have our hands full helping this war ends anyway before we need to worry about others. Beside, we could gain info on others with alliance anyway.

[x] Build up the surface outpost into a castle (and give it a name!)
Name fail me. Someone else do it. Anyway, I would rather deal fight with the nemey before they enter the Underground rather than inside.

[x] Build a training school for an existing weapon type (Katana) to improve troops.
Since I want to ally with Remilia, there's no reason to work on siege yet. How about turning our infantry (Rin and Yuugi's units) into offense monsters (rank will reah A offense. If defense is raised too, even more awesome)?

>God dammit, we'll never get rid of it entirely now. See? IT'S ALL YOUR PEOPLE'S FAULT
I am so not damn sorry. Beside, we already got an hint here turning completely into a girl is not sitting well with Maximus, which will damage morale and efficiency should it happen.
[x] Ally with Remilia
[x] Train up domestic intelligence network (increases intelligence about own and neighbouring lands)
[x] Build up Mizuhashi City into a castle
[x] Build a training school for an existing weapon type (Naginata) to improve troops.

I'm hoping the train up option improves Koishi's ability as well as we can't afford to have her get caught again. Underground castle? I figured in case of a heavy attack, the enemy could be drawn underground and picked off some before reaching the castle.
>For Military Development, how often does that choice comes up? While having a new weapon type may be interesting, upgrading Rin and Yuugi's troops to A offense (and does it raise defense too?) would make our infantry a truly dangerous force.
Military Development usually comes after a major event like conquering a great clan, or if you choose to turtle.

>Second, how often do we need to do it to keep our manhood? Does doing it with names on list add time when we do it or do we need to let time pass between each time?
Just don't slack off too much and you'll be fine~

>Also, what happened with Kisume and Yamame?
They escaped, obviously.
Alright. Still, I suppose we can't really afford to turtle due to curse, huh?

Forgot to ask, but what happen if we fuck up too big? Say, duel proposed but lost with huge stakes (basically, something that would inevitably lead to defeat, same as if Satori fell in battle really). We go back and redo choice or else? Asking now for later. Duels will probably come up someday...
[X] Wait and see
One thing I learned from Civilisation, don't choose your allies until you can see the whole diplomacy table. If Remi's unpopular and we ally with her we could be in trouble later.

[X] Scout other clans

Ties into the above comment, we need to be able to see the whole board to decide an overall strategy, we have no enemies yet so there is no need to rush. Additionally try to find information on Suika, to help oni morale/lower maintenance (sake ain't cheap)

[X] Build up the surface outpost into a castle (I'm no good with names.)

Our clan may not have any particularly powerful generals (unless we can find a yata-garasu corpse somewhere) but we do have 2 major advantages. Our first is "Australia", our home base is hard to attack so long as we can guard the entrance. Not only that but if someone tries to starve out that castle we can get supplies from the underground to outlast them.

[X] Research a new weapon type or tactic. (naege yari/some kind of pike)
Our second main advantage is Hardwood him/herself, outside world knowledge can greatly speed up the production of new technology, even if it's only hints of how it would work. We mustn't squander this. Pikes are a good place to start equipment-wise as we don't need development time to make strategies using current equipment and we can gain matchlock tech from an ally or the battlefield (Yay for reverse-engineering).

Also what's the range/accuracy of the oni's chain grab? Can we use it to pluck a general from her unit?

Lastly did Hardwood hear of/play Ten Disires before he got gapped? Just for clarities sake.
Thing is, if something happen that break the stalemate, we'll need to go and conquer the side who just won. Our reputation isn't great in the first place (Underground after all), but acting as opportunistic scavengers as our first act above ground will only worsen it.

And we need to think of our curse too. If we ally now and can absorb the Scarlet Clan (depending on clan's state after war and how we talk with Remilia.), then we get that much time for Yukari to deal with the curse.

Beside, we're out to conquer everyone. We're going to piss off every clan in the end and after we conquer one or two Great Clan, they'll all be wary of us.
The pike/neage yari does not just beat cavalry but other melee infantry too, as explained here >>17048 any attacking infantry must first get into range, to do that against a readied pike square means running though several spearheads, so many will die before even striking a blow, if they are willing to charge it at all.

The other options as far as development goes are to either make matchlocks which an be easily aquired later from allies (and I somehow doubt we can jump straight to rifles or cannons wither the simpler tech, if we have gunpowder at all) or upgrade a current force, which while useful has less strategic value then a full tech upgrade (pikes can be seen as an upgrade to yari as they do the same job better)

If we can jump to rifles immediately though I change vote >>17451 to do that instead.
Guys, we already have yari for anti-cavalry and naginata as another polearm type. If you're going to propose anoterh polearm, try something actually different at least.

Also, standard pike formations may be effective against infantry and cavalry, but it's also way too vulnerable against ranged troops, moving troops in formation is slow, and weapon is useless in close combat if the formation is broken.

Also, we have no free unit to assign a new weapon type to. So, still sure about this vote?

Actually, if you want to research polearms, then I propose the Spetum to replace the yari.
>I am so not damn sorry. Beside, we already got an hint here turning completely into a girl is not sitting well with Maximus, which will damage morale and efficiency should it happen.
You- you- powergamer! I'd rather have an interestingly conflicted protagonist with more on his her plate and full loss of identity while struggling with the trials of war than one half-clinging on.

-Well, my griping isn't getting me anywhere, so meh. I'm sure Storybunny will do well out of choices made anyway and we'll get some non-hardwood-dick-action at some point to make us question our sexuality/identity further.
Ok I read the article and from what it sound like the spectem is better. Change vote >>17451 last part to "make rifles if possible Spectums if not."
[X] Ally Remilia.

She seems honorable. Not to mention she was the faction known for making great use of cavalry.

[X] Scout other clans

We need more info on the rest of the situation, as well.

[x] Build up the surface outpost into a castle (and give it a name!)

We must build a castle that shall inspire fear in enemies, and hope in our own people.

[X] Look into making shields for troops. Specifically, scutari.

Shields, so that we may drastically reduce the effectiveness of our hostile arrow attacks.

Think about it; We give our soldiers spears and a scutarii(The shield the Romans used), train them with it, and then we've got a good spear unit that is much less vulnerable to arrows.

Also, having trouble deleting my old vote, 57.
Also, I'm still have some hope that Maximus may turn into a man again.

I mean, we've already changed genders once, so it isn't implausible it would happen again, right? We'll need Maximus at peak efficiency if we're going to stand a chance against the surface dwellers.
[X] Ally with Remilia
[X] Train up domestic intelligence network increases intelligence about own and neighbouring lands)
[X] Build up the surface outpost into a castle (and give it a name!)
[X] Research a new weapon type or tactic.
-[X] Rhombus formation (Cavalry)

I like the idea of improving the horsewomen as the fast, maneuverable, and heavy-hitting force they are. This will help.
You saw Yukari's message. We need to buy time for her to counter the curse, or we lose our manliness FOREVER.

That's my main grip about it anyway. If the curse could easily be countered at a later time, I wouldn't be that opposed to Maximus being a girl. But this is a one-way trip. One that I don't intend to take at all if I have anything to say about it.

Also, we still don't have a name for new castle, right? Anyone has anything in mind?
>taking Yukari at face value
>not being suspicious at Yukari's border maintenance deliniating Gensokyo
>not being suspicious as to who might be tampering with border of male and female to begin with
Well, of course Yukari is screwing with us, and probably everyone else. But, if she made us this way, then she can probably change us back.

That said...Since she brought us here, she could be waiting until we conquer the place, then she can swoop in, expell us, and take control of the empire. Presumably she's using the curse to have a degree of influence over our actions.

Or, she could merely be using us to form an enemy that none of the other factions can beat, until she appears to "Save" them, thus using us as an "Ambitious, Rapacious and EVILLLL" outsider she can unite everyone else against, expelling/killing us and then being crowned as ruler by the grateful populous.

Or I might just be a wee bit paranoid.

Also, for the castle name, how about Hell's Gate?
>post consisting of only triple greentext
Here's some medium-term advice: Realm Divide. Prepare for it. :)
Well, that's terrifying.

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