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15767 No. 15767
[x] Stay at Momiji's house.

“I guess I'll just have to stay at Momiji's house.”

Hatate gives you a look of disbelief. “Really...” She says with a hint of skepticism. “She'd let you in her house and actually live there?”

“Yes,” you reply, “what about it? I'm fairly certain that Momiji will help me out here, especially since she used to be a coworker of Aya's. Plus, it'll be easier to keep in touch with her.”

Hatate raises her left eyebrow. “Oh, is that so?” She crosses her arms, looking at your clothes sternly. “But if you go to the magistrates of residency and sign up with her, won't that be implying something? More specifically, it'll look like you're her fiance.”

“I see. But I don't think I have no other choice than to assume the role.” You sigh deeply. “It's either that, or not run the Bunbunmaru at all.”

The younger crow tengu stares at you, looking fully dejected. “Aya gets to spend time with you, and Momiji gets to live with you. Then where's my moment of glory?” She shakes her head. “The fiance idea isn't fine with me. I hereby reject it. It's not fair that they leave none of you for me.”

“You'll be able to see me if you agree to work with the Bunbunmaru.” You offer her some consolation.

However, she only pouts more. “That's not really spending time together. So if you want me to join, you'll need to drop the idea of acting as a fiance for anybody.”

“I won't outright pose as her fiance if I don't have to, but won't they ask why I'm staying over as a foreign 'tengu'?”

“..I suppose so.” Hatate's face lights up. “Oh! You could pose as her relative from the other side of the border. It's a little flimsy as a cover, but they won't be able to prove you wrong or right on the claim. But you'll need to fabricate some lies just in case.”

“You seem too excited for a plan that's flimsy.”

“Anything to keep you to myself!” She smirks coyly, clearly satisfied with the change of plans. You weren't sure how to respond to that, but you wanted to know why she worked so hard. Almost as if reading your mind, she also adds in a sing-song voice, “The hard workers will surely get the rewards!”

Trying to steer the conversation back onto track, you drive it back towards the plan. “The Bunbunmaru will be hard to run with only two people, so I'll accept your terms. I'll be glad to have you on staff, personally.”

“Makes me happy to hear that.” Hatate smiles warmly as she inches closer to you. Once she's only a few centimeters away from your face, Hatate presses her warm lips to yours. You break away quickly, startled by the sudden attack.


“I'm selfish.” She says, holding you with a tight yet soft embrace. “And I'm impatient for the things I want, as well as brash.” In a low tone, she voices herself. “I want you to see me as more than just a future coworker and friend, and I also want you to get to know me better.”

[ ] Indulge her for the moment.
[ ] Gently nudge her away.
[ ] Break the embrace now.
[ ] Give her a strictly friendly hug.

No. 15771
[x] Break the embrace now.

Buzz off, crowslut.
No. 15773
[X] Indulge her for the moment.
No. 15778
We need more Hatate.
[x] Indulge her for the moment.
No. 15779
[x] Indulge her for the moment.

Getting all three despite the many challenges will be the best end.
No. 15780
[x] Indulge her for the moment.

I don't think I can say no for a second time.
No. 15782
[x] Gently nudge her away.
No. 15794
[X] Indulge her for the moment.
No. 15809
[ ] Indulge her for the moment.
No. 15814
File 131249920040.jpg - (796.59KB , 2369x2378 , 792f63e36c05161c39fb08f6993dab46[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Indulge her for the moment.

There's not getting into complications, and there's breaking her heart again and again. Turning her down now really WILL crush her.

Also, a man can only take so much female tengu thrust upon him before he has to accept or seriously consider his sexuality being not towards girls.
No. 15816
It was heart breaking to me when we turned her down the first time.
No. 15836
[x] Indulge her for the moment.

It may or may not have... certain consequences in the future, but the MC and Momiji will definitely need her at Bunbunmaru, and her full compliance depends on her happiness.
No. 15839
[x] Indulge her for the moment.
I don't have the heart to refuse the second time...
No. 15843
[ ] Indulge her for the moment.

That's a pretty nice boat pulling into the harbour there...
No. 15845
[x] Gently nudge her away.
No. 15862
[X] Indulge her for the moment.
No. 15865
[x] Gently nudge her away.

I'm a firm believer that good things will come to those who wait. Now just isn't the time. We need to make Hatate wait so that when we finally do something, it will be magical. Well, it's not like this will win, or effect anything whatsoever.
No. 15877
[X] Indulge her for the moment.
-[X] Just a kiss. Nothing else.
No. 15894
[X] Indulge her for the moment.


Nah, Hatate doesn't seem like that. It would be interesting for a story to have a full on yandere though.
No. 15896
File 131265262738.jpg - (388.92KB , 943x943 , d5e88b92ca6175ce46ef996fbbb721e8[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
>implying it's not going to be the new jealous Lord Tenma watching our every move, recording each thrust and ecstatic shout and joyful feeling, touching herself frantically as she sees it over and over, burning it into her mind as she knows deep within herself Hatate has what she knows her new rank bars her from, stealing what was hers because of her duty, wanting, wanting, wanting us back...
No. 15953
Voting called for [x] Indulge her for the moment. Update will be posted shortly (within two days at most).

In the meantime, please have a Hatate short.
No. 16006
[x] Disregard it and head back.

What a bullshit choice. Protest voting.
No. 16008
Forgot to remove choices, seeing as it was so one-dimensional. Thanks for reminding me.

[x] Indulge her for the moment.

You pull Hatate closer to you, your face almost touching hers. A look of wanting is on her face. So you kiss her on the top of her forehead. And another one on her cheek. Her eyes are filled with pure desire, so you finally move to her lips. You touch her lips with yours, ever so gently. Before you can break the kiss, she wraps her arms around your neck, going in deeper and more ferociously. However, you stop her before she can attempt to use her tongue. Removing herself from your face, you gently free yourself from the embrace.

“Do you feel better now?”

All she can do is nod slowly. Still blinking a couple of times, she touches her lips with the tips of her fingers.

“Good. So the first thing I want you to do is to help me set up the Bunbunmaru News again, in all its technicalities. I don't think I can do that, as I'm particularly inexperienced in the field of journalism.”

She nods again, this time with more confidence. “Will do, it'll be easy to set up. The only problem is your little dilemma with Momiji. All I need to do is wait around until you've signed up as a resident.”

You sigh. “Alright, I'll do that sometime soon. Maybe I should just let you take over the Bunbunmaru. It'll be easier, since you have the knowledge of what to do.”

“No, that's not going to happen. It has to be you who has to keep Aya's newspaper ongoing.” She says in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Yeah, you're right. I guess I just need to man up and accept my responsibility now.” With nothing more to say here, you get ready to leave. “I'll be going. I guess I'll see you later then.”

“I'll be waiting,” Hatate says with a shy smile. She sees you to the door, where she gives one last wave before closing the door. You sigh in dismay. You weren't sure how to deal with the younger crow tengu. But at the same time, you wanted to give her some sort of happiness, given how doggedly persistent she is.

A tall building catches your attention. Through a particularly large window, you can see a group of tengu distributing a large stack of papers around the room. At the back of the room is Aya, steadily writing on her notepad. You give her a small glance before leaving. She didn't notice you anyways.

As you continue walking, a crowd is slowly gathering near one outpost, murmuring uneasily. You move in closer to overhear a part of the conversation, but they're whispering too quietly.
No. 16041
File 131296774344.jpg - (249.59KB , 600x600 , j24g8.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to check it out for yourself, sifting through the mass of people gathering around. Many of them are grumbling and murmuring between themselves, almost as if they were forced to be here. As you move closer towards the inner circle of the mob, you spot a large horde of tengu with swords holstered onto their clothing. It seems as if the guards are spectators instead of an army right now. They, unlike the tengu in the outer spectrum of the circle, are paying close attention to whatever matter is at hand. You hear a few voices within the very center, but they are muffled by the people blocking your view. Once you arrive at the front of the crowd, you see a tengu being bombarded by a flock of news-reporters.

“Captain, are you still––“
“Will you be resigning altoge––“
“What are your reasons for decl––“

“Please, one question at a time!” The captain says. At that very moment, you realize it's Momiji from the tone of her voice. It was the same tone where she commanded her subordinate. “Now, you there with the long hair.” She points to a male with gray hair dangling to his shoulders.

“Ahem, yes, Captain Inubashiri. Why are you not accepting your title as commander of the White Wolf Guards?”

“It is because that I am fully aware that I will need to spend time and effort in training and other miscellaneous work, even though I don't have the time available already. I don't want to let my troops down by halfheartedly being their leader.”

The long-haired tengu quickly writes down what he can on a small sheet tapered down to a clipboard. As he is writing, a female tengu with a dark brown hair and even darker eyes raises her hand. “Captain! So does that mean you'll be leaving the White Wolf Guard permanently?”

Momiji narrows her eyes. “No, that will not be the case at all. I never said I will be leaving my duty, but one will have to look somewhere else to find a commander.”

Lastly, a tengu adorning a helmet with most of his facial features obscured asks, “This may be a little off subject, but does this have anything to do with the recent events regarding Lord Shameimaru?”

“No comment,” she bluntly remarks. Momiji looks like she's on edge, her hand touching the hilt of her sword. “Any other questions?” Nobody else offers a response, although many keep on writing. The crowd quickly dissipates after they are permitted to dismiss, but you catch Momiji heave a tired sigh before moving out of view.

You walk faster, scurrying through the horde of people all going in different directions. Catching up to Momiji, you stop her before you lose her in the commotion. “Hey Momiji.”

She stares at you blankly before widening her eyes in recognition. “Oh! S-sorry, I didn't recognize you for a second. I had a busy day...”

“Oh, I see.” You wanted to talk to her about the publicity, along with asking for her approval for living in her home, but you couldn't bring yourself to talk to her while she looked so helpless. In the end, you said nothing to her the whole time you walked Momiji back to her home.

As she opens the door, she motions for you to enter. “You might as well come in.” You rest on the usual couch as she leaves to another room. You think to yourself if you should talk to her or not.

[ ] Talk to her about everything.
[ ] Only ask about one subject.
-[ ] The residency problem.
-[ ] Her publicized declaration.
[ ] It can wait another day.
No. 16042
[x] Talk to her about everything.

Guess it's time to ensure absolutely everyone has a shitty day. That way, we can get this junk all sorted through today, while everyone's mood is already low. No need to ruin tomorrow with this talk.
No. 16044
[x] Only ask about one subject.
-[x] The residency problem.

Voting without reading the entire story fuck yeah. This should cheer her up, since she presumably likes this guy and him living with her would make her happy. The other problem will make her unhappy. It can wait.
No. 16047
[X] Talk to her about everything.
-- First the hubbub on the street, and when we're done with that, discuss the residency issue. Get the talking out of the way and wrap it up on a happy note.
No. 16053
[x] Talk to her about everything.

Living with Momiji wasshoi
No. 16062
[X] Talk to her about everything.
-[x] First bring up the residency issue
-[x] Then try to have her vent out her worries while talking about other things.
No. 16064
[x] Talk to her about everything.
-[x] Bring up the publicized declaration first, then end with the residency issue.

Let's tackle the bad news first!
No. 16085
[x] Talk to her about everything.

It's the same in every series, comedy or drama - any unaddressed problem, no matter how minor, will eventually snowball into something ridiculous and damaging. Best to nip them in the bud quickly.

No preference on the order.
No. 16088
[x] Talk to her about everything.

Bound to be easier compared to being surrounded by a mob.
No. 16121
[X] Talk to her about everything.
No. 16241
File 131340431160.jpg - (627.00KB , 1000x787 , fg92.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to her about everything.

You wait patiently, lying face-up on the cushions. In short time, Momiji comes back with a loose camisole and not much else, other than some shorts. The camisole fabric comes to around her waist. To your surprise, she sprawls out on the floor, resting her head on beige carpet underneath.

“Today wore me down...” She mumbles. Flopping over, she buries her face inside the well-kept carpet. The spot leaves a face-imprinted indent before fading.

“Is it because of the reporters from before?” you recall. She's caught off-guard by your sudden acknowledgment of her incident. “I'm assuming so, but do you care if you tell me what exactly happened?”

“No, it's not a big deal to me.” Her eyebrows knit together as she rubs her temples. “But unfortunately, everybody else seems to make a fuss about it. I file in one paper to the senior commander, and chaos ensues. It was reported to the media, where they publicized everything and scheduled several interviews for me. I'm just glad my voice didn't give out after everything I've been through today.” She took the press rather well, contrary to what you initially thought.

“Well, I'm glad you survived that ordeal.” One thing still nags at your mind. “But I want to ask why did you refuse to be a commander?”

She pouts at you, still looking up from the carpet. “You should know why! You put me up to it.”

“...Wha- huh?” is all you sputter out. Soon it all clicks within your mind. “...Oh, I feel stupid now.”

“I declined because while I am a white wolf guard, I'll still need to help out the newspaper, right?” She smiles with a blush touching her cheeks. Her smile fades into a tired frown. “Though, what I wouldn't give for some good news right now.”

“Well...” you decide that this is the most opportune moment to tell her. You just hope she'll take it well. “I'm not sure if this is necessarily good news or not, but from now on, we'll be living together.”

Momiji freezes in place. “You mean that we're going to stay in the same house...?”

“Yeah, it'd be best if we do. It's required because I need to be an actual resident in order to start something like a newspaper. Even if it's not really my own.”

She sits straight, her ears perking up. “I see! I will be glad to be with you in my home!” She keeps a straight face, but her body expressions betray her excited state of mind. You sigh in relief. This came out better than expected – at least you cheered her up.

“That said, I think I'll head in for the day. It'd do me good to get some rest for once. I would begin on managing the Bunbunmaru, but we'll have to meet the magistrates of residency first.” You loosen the sleeves on your robe as well as place your pants over on top of a nearby cabinet. “So, where should I sleep?”

“W-where you ask?” She looks nervous. “Well, I only have one bed, so...”

“Hmm.” You think about it. The couch comes into view. “I could always sleep here.”

“No, that'd be inconveniencing you!” Momiji crosses her arms, pacing around to gather her thoughts. Out of the blue, she starts blushing. “U-umm, you could sleep in the same bed as me. I don't mind....”

She seems so straightforward right now...

[ ] Accept.
[ ] You'll pass.
No. 16244

Ohhhhh.... shi-zuhanuggets. Trying to get Momiji promoted was quite possibly Aya's method to get someone she can trust and talk to as her colleague, while she was still able to pick and choose some people as helpers.

Aya ;_;
No. 16245
[X] Accept.

I can never say no to tengu girls.
No. 16256
[X] Accept.

Easy choice.
No. 16257
[x] You'll pass.

Have refusal votes ever worked?
No. 16259
[X] Accept.

Usually only at the worst of times.
No. 16260
[x] Accept.
No. 16268

Sometimes "hey anon, let's do it!" causes sufficient paranoia that the request is denied.
No. 16275
[x] Accept
No. 16276
I don't think that was implied anywhere I think.


We're something of an item already and it'll help both relax.
No. 16290
No. 16293
[ ] Accept.

Momiji is love.
No. 16315
[x] Accept
All clear for some Momiji!
No. 16373
File 131357976537.png - (630.56KB , 1200x857 , yesmomiji.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Accept

“Okay, just as long as you don't mind.”

Momiji only responds with an eager nod, blushing all the while. “I...I never did anything like this with my fiance.”

“Are you okay to talk about this?” you respond.

“Yes, I'm fine. I'm well over it now.” She smiles bitterly. “Just don't go die like he did, okay?”

You clasp her hands. “I'll make sure of it.” You resign yourself to the bedroom, laying face-up on the bed. Thinking about past events, you were conflicted with taking Momiji. It felt like you took her away from her fiance, even though he's gone. You wondered what would've happened when you first met Momiji if he were still alive. But on the other hand, you stuck yourself into a position where you'll help her cope with the loss. With both Aya and her fiance gone, one could say that you are her last confidant. But the least you'll do is to help Momiji out in any way possible.

The white wolf tengu comes in gingerly, like she was treading through thin ice. She sits down on top of the bed, causing it to sink down a bit. A hand reaches out for yours, grasping it very gently and delicately. She places her lips down to your hand, brushing against it softly.

“...Momiji, what are you doing?” you finally ask.

“D-Did I wake you from your sleep?” she replies, sounding guilty. But she remains holding your hand.

“No, I wasn't sleeping, but I was curious as to what you were doing.”

“I-It's just tradition. When a male and a female sleep together in the same bed, the female kisses the hand of the male.”

“Oh, really? I've never heard of that. But what's the reason for doing it?”

“It's supposed to bring good fortune onto the two, but I never really believed in it?” She chuckles softly. “It'd be nice to have some luck, if it does work, though.”

“...So why'd you do it if you don't really believe in it?”

“N-No reason...” she mutters.

You reach over and kiss her hand too. A light gasp comes out of Momiji's mouth, but you softly let go of her hand. “We're even now.” you smirk. The two of you are facing towards each other on the bed

“Y-Yes–– wait, no...” She stumbles on her words, confusing herself. She only blushes, and says nothing more.

You stifle a yawn. “We should really get to sleep now. If we want to get to work soon, we'll have to go to the people in charge of residency.”

“What will you be known as? My fiance?” Momiji inquires.

“I'm not sure yet, but probably not.” You pause to look at her. She looks a little hurt, so you stroke her hair. “Momiji, I don't think it's a good idea. I've been thinking about it, but doesn't it feel like I'm replacing your fiance?”

“What do you mean by that...?”

“What I mean is that I can't be the fiance you once knew. I'm sure you still miss him, but it feels like you're trying to fill up the emptiness using me. I don't really mind, but are you sure that this is right?”

She whispers something to you, but you can't hear. She says it again, louder this time. “...No. I'm sorry, but that's the wrong idea.” Momiji inches closer to you. “It's true I do miss my fiance terribly, but the past won't change, so I've given up. It was just happened to be you who made me realize. I like being around you! What you did for Aya is the same as what you did for me.”

“But are you fine with giving up on your fiance?” You say, hesitantly.

“Yes, and I'm sure he'd want me to move on. You're not my fiance, but I love you.” she exclaims with a determined look.

You're taken aback by the sudden declaration. Before you can say anything, Momiji scoots closer for an embrace. She rests her head on your shoulder, tickling your neck with her hair. “C-Can we...?” she says in almost a moan. You nod, as she quickly takes off her camisole and panties. The covers are draped around her naked body, accenting her curvacious body. She takes off your clothing briskly, looking eager to be pleased. You caress her breasts softly, eliciting a groan from Momiji. She goes down to stroke your growing penis with her tongue. Pushing your cock with her mouth, she sucks on the tip, causing you to shudder uncontrollably.

“Momijiii!” You yell out, causing her to stop abruptly.

“Y-yes!?” she shouts, surprised by your sudden interruption.

“I was going to cum, but I wanted you to stop in case you didn't want to...ahaha.” You grin sheepishly.

“Oh, I don't mind, really. I'm just not very used to this...” She awkwardly states.

“Weren't you fine the first time?”

“T-This time is different!“

“...Oh?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Let's just continue.” Momiji says, looking at you with a pout. This time, she moves her hand rhythmically up and down the shaft of your penis. She keeps going stroking faster until you feel like you can't hold it in anymore. You cry out in pleasure, as your cum coats Momiji's hand. She licks it off, but you can see she's in some kind of discontentment.

“You don't have to lick it off if you don't want to.” you try to reassure her.

“No, I'm fine with it. I just feel embarrassed...”

“Then are you ready to have another round? This time, I'll take the lead. I want you to feel good too.”

You lean in and insert a finger into her wet insides. She whimpers in excitement, despite your little tease. You push Momiji down, and rub her crotch with your penis. Her arms are to the side, her legs spread out exposing her pussy. Her body language screams for you to take her.

“Are you ready?” You ask her. As she nods fervently, you thrust once into her, causing her to scream lustfully. The insides of her clasp onto your penis every time you move inside of her, making every movement sheer bliss. Wrapping her legs around you waist, she allows you to go in deeper. Momiji puts her hand to her mouth, quieting the moans of pleasure she evokes. Your legs slap against her thighs, not giving up any form of pleasure. She tenses up, shivering as she undergoes her orgasm.

“Keep going!” She cries out. You feel her juices flowing through the walls of her insides. But you're still not done, pounding against her quickly. In short work, she orgasms a second time. By the time she reaches her third, you feel the need to release. Momiji bites her lip as you let it out, filling her with your thick cum. She pants in your arms for a while, giving you a short peck on the cheek. “Thank you.” she says tiredly.

You plant a short kiss on her forehead, standing up to turn off the lights. By the time you slip back into the covers, Momiji is sound asleep, breathing softly. You think about what you'll pose as for the residency agents before you sleep. “I won't forget.” you mumble to yourself as Momiji's rhythmic breathing lulls you into a deep sleep.
No. 16570
File 131375338793.jpg - (645.54KB , 800x800 , unrelated momiji.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake to a cold breeze, causing your body to shiver. Your body involuntarily grabs the nearest warm thing it could find. A soft cushion finds its place under your grasp. The same cushion starts fidgeting around when you cling onto it. Lazily opening your eyes, you sneak a glance at your pillow. Upon closer inspection, it is certainly not a pillow. Momiji graces your vision as a comfy cushion. You release your hold on her body, allowing her to adjust herself.

“Mmnh, good morning Momiji,” you drawl. “Was I asleep for too long?”

“Yes, actually. I was going to wake you up right now, but I was surprised when you held onto me.” She sheepishly rubs her cheek. You take the time to look around, glancing at the wolf tengu before you first. She's fit back in her standard tengu clothes, while you're still dressed in nothing but a top and some underwear. The blanket for the bed also seems to be gone.

“I woke up because it was cold. Might I ask where the blanket is?”

Momiji coughs nervously. Her face is back to a healthy red. “W-Well... I took it out to wash to clean up the mess we made yesterday, so it's still hung out to dry. I'm sorry if I inconvenienced you.”

“Don't worry about it. I needed to wake up anyways.” You flash her a grin. “Besides, it was nice having a Momiji pillow.”

That only makes her blush harder, looking down at the bed. “I could, um...” she stumbles. “Ah, never mind.” Sulking, she looks dejected.

“Stop fretting, Momiji. We have a big day ahead of us. Once we go to the residential officials, we can get started on the re-opening of the Bunbunmaru.”

Slowly, she perks up. “You're right! I'm just worrying over something small.” She jumps out of bed, excited. “I'll go make breakfast!”

You were eager to eat, but you wanted to wash up first. “Momiji,” you call out. “where are the towels?”

“They're in the cabinet to the left inside the bathroom!” she shouts out from the kitchen.

“Thank you!” You open the cabinet directly to the left of the door,and sure enough, there several large towels folded neatly on top of each other. First things first, you close the door and take off your clothes. Once you strip yourself, you put your clothes down on a rack. Quick to get into the shower stall, you let the water pour out. A burst of cold water hits your face, making your body shudder at the sudden sting. But soon enough, the jet of water warms up, allowing you to relax leisurely. You stay motionless for a few minutes, unwinding under the shower. But a thought of breakfast snaps you out of your reverie. You turn off the water, slowing down to a few droplets hanging loose on the shower mouth. Handing yourself a towel from the cabinet, you dry yourself quickly. Putting on your clothes as fast as you can, you loosely fit yourself with your tengu apparel.

As you make your way to the dining room, Momiji comes in from the other side, holding a medium sized pot by the handles. She opens the pot, revealing a warm broth filled with noodles. “ I hope you like udon! It's not very fresh, but I think it'll do.”

“It's not fresh?” you inquire.

“Well, these are leftovers from the night Aya had to leave. I thought it would be fitting to eat it with you.”

“By eating leftover udon?”

“Well, yes...but if you put it like that, it sounds just silly.”

“It is silly.” You pour yourself some udon, digging into it once it reaches your bowl. Although a bit bland, you still found it to satisfy your stomach. You devour through the first round, quickly giving yourself seconds. “By the way, this seems like a lot for just leftovers.”

“...I don't eat much. Aya on the other hand can probably eat ten times as much as me.”

You sigh dejectedly. “I miss her.”

Momiji gives you reassuring smile. “She's leading the tengu to make everything better. We just have to support her no matter what.”

That doesn't make you feel better, but you say nothing more. You spend the rest of the time finishing up your meal. Momiji is already done, so she waits for you to finish. Once you're done, she takes the empty bowls, as well as the pot. Once she returns, you nod to her. “Are you ready to leave?”

“Yes. The residential offices aren't too far off from here, so we should be able to walk with no trouble.” As you leave, she points out the office location. “We'll probably make it there within 5 minutes by foot.”

Sure enough, you're already within the office doors, watching the tengu run around with large stacks of paper in their hands. Only the secretary residing in her desk remains unfazed by the hurry. “Excuse me,” you announce. “I'd like to register for a residential permit?”

“Yes sir.” She directs her attention to Momiji, bringing out a packet of papers. “We'll need you to sign here, here, and there.” You feel a bit useless as the secretary leads Momiji through an elaborate set of documents while you do nothing in particular. “We're just about done. All we need to ask is who you are in regards to the home owner.”

[ ] Stick to Hatate's plan.
[ ] Pose as a foreign tengu. After all, the clothes match.
[ ] Take some creative liberties. (Write in)
No. 16576
What is Hatate's plan again?
No. 16577
Have him pose as Momizi's relative from outside the border, I think.
No. 16580
[x] Pose as a foreign tengu. After all, the clothes match.
No. 16607
[X] Pose as a foreign tengu. After all, the clothes match.

That was the original plan, right?
No. 16609
[x] Stick to Hatate's plan.
No. 16610
[X] Stick to Hatate's plan.
No. 16651
[X] Pose as a foreign tengu. After all, the clothes match.

Works for me~!
No. 16661
[x] Stick to Hatate's plan.

I feel something ominous coming...or am I hopefully wrong?
No. 16898
First vote up will decide the winning option. I'll probably find time to write either tomorrow or Thursday.
No. 16903
[X] Stick to Hatate's plan.
No. 17331
File 131444688332.jpg - (861.66KB , 1130x1075 , dat smile.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stick to Hatate's plan.

“I'm her cousin from the other side of the border.” You lie. “It was only recently that I was sent back to Gensokyo.”

“I see...then will you happen to have any form of identification to prove it?” The secretary shuffles around her paperwork, scribbling on one as she talks to you.

“No,” you admit. “I do not. I had no reason to have one over the border.” It's somewhat of a lie, but nobody here can verify it. At least, you hope so.

“But is there any other way you could verify your identity?” she pleads desperately, obviously new to the situation at hand. “Do you have any former pictures or some sort of heirloom?”

“None at all, except the clothes on my back.” you reply.

“I can give you my word that he is my family, but I don't have anything to prove it.” Momiji cuts in, immediately going along with the plan.

The woman sighs, filling out the last few forms. “That'll do, then.” She takes out a red stamp, pressing it firmly on the top pile. “Approved. You may go now.” The secretary reclines on her chair, obviously stressed about the ordeal. She hands Momiji an enclosed envelope with the stamped paperwork inside, showing the two of you the door.

Momiji only clasps onto the envelope tightly, holding it on top of her chest. She walks with a light step, grinning like an idiot the whole time.

“You seem happy, Momiji.”

She nods exuberantly. “It's just exciting! I get to live with you now!”

“Aren't you used to it already? I spend the majority of my time over at your place anyways.” you respond.

“But then that means I get to see you every day guaranteed!” Momiji smiles before realizing what she said. She attempts to cover her face, but you can see a vibrant color of red showing through her cheeks. The envelope is held gently by the tips of her fingers, as if it were a fragile thing. “Please continue to look over me.” She suddenly bows, surprising you.

“You got it. I'll try my best.” You pull her into a quick, but firm embrace. Releasing her, you continue down the road back to Momiji's house. A place where you'll be staying for now.

“I hope to spend my days living with you from now on!” She declares. “B-Because...” The wolf tengu takes a deep breath. “I love you.”

“O-Okay.” You're at a loss for words, so you blurt out the only word that comes into your mind.

“I just wanted to remind you...ehehe.” She opens the door for you, unfazed by her reiteration.

You plop down onto the nearest chair. Momiji hands you the envelope, which you then open it. Skimming through the majority of the paperwork, you find that everything's in good order, With that done, what should you do?

[ ] Head over to Hatate's to give her the news and ask for advice about the Bunbunmaru.
[ ] Check up on the courthouse, see how Aya's doing. You doubt you can actually get in, however.
[ ] On second thought, staying here with Momiji might not be bad.
[ ] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.
No. 17336
[x] Head over to Hatate's to give her the news and ask for advice about the Bunbunmaru.
No. 17360
[Ayayayaya] Check up on the courthouse, see how Aya's doing. You doubt you can actually get in, however.

We completely still aren't fully over her. Sigh~
No. 17362
[x] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.
Perhaps we get to meet someone else?
No. 17367
[x] Check up on the courthouse, see how Aya's doing. You doubt you can actually get in, however.
-[x] If that fails, go see Hatate.

It's worth a shot.
No. 17373
[x] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.
No. 17379
[x] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.

Tengu, tengu, tengu, MYSTERY OPTION? Don't mind if I do.
No. 17382
[x] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.

I know from experience that mystery options are bait. And I take it despite that knowledge.
No. 17386
[X] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.

No. 17394
Because we really need more things to sort through, right guys? We're already juggling 3 Tengu so why not a Kappa and a couple of goddesses?
No. 17413
[X] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.

Time to make friends with the other residents of the mountain.
No. 17416
[Smart choice] Head over to Hatate's to give her the news and ask for advice about the Bunbunmaru.

[More exciting choice] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.
No. 17584
[x] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.

Week, we obviously know what vote's going to win.
No. 17847
File 131504650683.jpg - (730.21KB , 765x900 , 069ea4g.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Maybe get some fresh air for a bit. Walk around the mountain pathway.

The house feels a little cramped, so you think you'll go around and walk through the mountainside. “You know what, Momiji? I think I'll get some fresh air and go explore the mountain. I need to relax for a while. You want to come with me?”

She can only shake her head in dissatisfaction. “I have guard duty within an hour, so I don't think I could, even if I fly back.” Her head hangs low as she sighs. “Normally, it's fine... but I'll be distracted around you. I have to keep myself on task.”

“It's fine, don't worry about it.” you reply nonchalantly. “But will you still see me off?”

“Of course.” She clutches your hand tightly. She releases it once you're out of the house, waving all the while. Momiji stops, but you can still see her figure until the woods obscure your vision. The forest is a natural quiet, only the occasional rustling of leaves and chirps of birds disrupts the calm silence. You sit down under a particular tree with a half-broken branch dangling down its side. The shade is a nice break from walking down the road, even though you aren't exactly tired. But it's nice to sit still and listen to the sounds of nature once in a while.

The sound of a creek babbling catches your attention, so you start following it down a hill. As you continue down the path, the creek grows into a rushing river, going all the way down the mountain. You dip your hand through it, but the current makes you splash water on yourself. It'll be impossible to wade through. You will, however, rest next to it. Reclining on your back, you close your eyes and listen to the water roaring down the mountain. You feel something touch your cheek, so you peek with one eye open. There is nothing but the surrounding scenery around you. A crack of a branch snapping makes you stand up to walk to the general direction of the sound. Only it was right in front of you.

You bump into nothing, but stumble back as you hit something undeniably solid. Taking a step too far back, your foot comes into contact with nothing. Time seems to slow down as your body falls backwards into the cold water. The air is knocked out of your lungs as you splash into the water at full force. Your body desperately tries to realign its balance, but the current keeps throwing off your sense of direction. You reach around to grab anything to stop you from getting pushed by the flow of water. A lone hand sticks out, extending out to you. The current seems to stop long enough for you to grab it. You get wrenched out of the water barely before your lungs gave way. However, you still black out.

...When you do wake up, your clothes are dry, except for being a little damp, and you're laying down on a fluffy pillow. You blink a few times, focusing in on what's in the center of your vision. A girl with a green hat and blue hair was closely inspecting your face. Upon making eye contact, she quickly disappears from view.

“...Hi?” You attempt to greet her.

“Hello...” she returns the greeting, but is still out of sight.

“You saved me from the river, right? Thanks for that, but where are you?”

Suddenly, she reappears from thin air. “...You don't need to thank me. It was mostly my fault that you fell in the first place. I was using my camouflage to follow you around, but we both accidentally knocked into each other.”

“Why were you following me around?” you inquire.

“I haven't seen a tengu go around in this kind of place for a while, so I thought it would be fun to follow one around.” She answers honestly. “I guess it was a bad idea...”

“I wanted to get some fresh air. I guess this is a nice change of pace, even though I was thrown into a torrential river.”

“I'm sorry about that again. I even had to do mouth to mouth resuscitation on you.” She blushes furiously, touching her lips with both of her hands. “I hope you don't mind...”

“No, I'm just glad you didn't leave me out to die,” you joke. “By the way, your name is?”

“Nitori Kawashiro. I'm a kappa!” She says proudly, beaming at you widely.

You sit up from the pillow. “It's nice to meet you, Nitori.” Your arms feel a tiny bit strained, and your head starts to experience a dull pain.

“You should rest. It's not easy thrashing through a strong current and getting up right afterwards.”

[ ] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
[ ] It's best to leave now. You overstayed your welcome.
[ ] You would stay, but the Bunbunmaru would go nowhere if you dawdle.
No. 17849
[x] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.

I'd really like to work on Bunbunmaru with a head injury, but
No. 17856
[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
No. 17857
[x] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.
No. 17862
[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.

Immediately pushing oneself to do work with a head injury of unknown severity is silly. However, the work is of utmost importance in the end. As much as I hate to say it, spending too much time with Nitori may impede progress and also further complicate the love geometry.
No. 17866
You think? It was pretty damn obvious last choice but NOOOO. You just had to choose the mystery choice.

[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.
--[x] Ask for Nitori's techinical assistance.
No. 17877
>further complicate the love geometry
What the fuck am I reading? If you're honestly concerned about complications, perhaps you should pick a girl and stick with her?
No. 17879

You're reading the ramblings of a person who puts little to no thought into what he types, yet is still quite fast with a keyboard. I do like your suggestion, though. That would be nice, wouldn't it?
No. 17884
[x] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.

Although I am fond of Nitori, we need to concentrate on what we're supposed to do.
No. 17885
[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.
--[x] Ask for Nitori's techinical assistance.

extra help with tech is always nice.
No. 17954
[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.
--[x] Ask for Nitori's techinical assistance.

Let'd make friends with Nitori. Nothing more, nothing less. We have the consent of Momiji and Aya for sharing with the other, and such a thing was a long shot. Let us not take such things for granted and become arrogant.
No. 17982
[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.
--[x] Ask for Nitori's technical assistance.
No. 18016
File 131539357224.jpg - (326.50KB , 718x889 , n01.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You should take it easy. Stay here for the moment with Nitori.
-[x] Keep your eye on the ball, though. You might have a little time to rest, but the Bunbunmaru is pretty high on your list of priorities.
--[x] Ask for Nitori's technical assistance.

You lay back down on the pillow and stretch your arms, putting your head down leisurely. Your eyebrows crease from the initial discomfort, but you feel better once your head is relieved of holding its own weight. “So what do you usually do, Nitori?” you question.

“Mmm, I work on a lot of stuff. I typically work on my inventions, but I haven't really made something for a while. I'm itching to work on something, but nobody needs me to build anything anymore.” She crosses her arms. “I even mastered by optical camouflage!”

“Optical camouflage? Was that how you disappeared from sight?”

“Yes it is.” She says with pride. Nitori puffs her chest out. “I've been working on it for a long time. I'd say that the transparency is almost up to a hundred percent now!” To demonstrate, she fades in and out of view repeatedly.

You whistle in amazement. “I can barely see you when you turn it on. But it's not fully invisible yet. I can see your outline, but I'd have to squint hard to distinguish it from the surroundings.”

“Full stealth mode will be impossible...probably.” She scratches her chin. “I could do it, but it'll take so much time and effort that I could be working on other projects.” The kappa sighs dejectedly. “...It's not like I'll be busy though.”

“Hm...” Your thoughts return to the Bunbunmaru News. “You know, have you heard of the Bunbunmaru before?”

“Yeah, of course I have. I'm a subscriber!” She smirks. “What about it?”

“Well, how about you help out as the technical producer? It'll give you something to do then.”

“Okay, that sounds fun! But wouldn't we need to ask for Aya's permission first?” she inquires. “Yeah, we'll probably need to ask her to do that.”

“Oh, right.” you realize. You suppose you had to tell Nitori though, seeing as she'll find out one way or another. “The Bunbunmaru is under new management, due to some unfortunate turn of events. You're looking at the new manager.”

Nitori looks horrified. “Really!? What happened to Aya?” She mutters quickly about new cameras and inventions. “Did she...die?”

You shake your head. “No, it's not that. I'll fill you in the details some other time, but she's gotten busy. She's heading the tengu clan right now, so she doesn't have time to be in the Bunbunmaru crew anymore.”

The kappa breathes a sigh of relief. “You had me worried for a bit. I misunderstood that completely.” She puts on a frown. “But it makes me sad that Aya's not part of the news team anymore...I guess it can't be helped, though.”

“Aya said that she wanted to help out her people, that it was important for her to fulfill her duty.” You close your eyes. “I feel a bit tired... could you wake me up before it gets too late?”

“Sure, sure. Anything you want!” She starts working on a little machine box, tinkering with the internal parts. It endlessly clinks and clanks, lulling you into a trance-like state. The clicks coming from the tiny box start becoming muffled as you succumb to sleep.

….You open your heavy eyes. It only seemed like a minute had passed, but the sun was lower in the sky, indicating that it was evening, obviously past afternoon. Nitori's face lay over you, still concentrating on the very same box.

“Had a good rest?” She smiles pleasantly at you.

“Yeah, a little bit too much. It wouldn't have hurt to wake me up.” You groggily stretch your body, still a bit sore from your endeavor.

“You seemed so peaceful while you were sleeping, so I didn't want to be a bother and wake you up.” Nitori pinches your cheek cheerfully.

“Well that's no good. I needed to leave as soon as possible, so I can work out the Bunbunmaru.” You force yourself up from your lethargy, Only now do you realize that you've been laying down on the kappa's lap the whole time. “And also, can I ask why was I sleeping on your lap?”

“You seemed uncomfortable, so I moved you.” She replies genuinely. “I didn't mind, though. You weren't a bother at all! Ah,” she interjects. “I dried your clothes while you were sleeping because they were still wet. They should be in the bathroom to the right.”

Immediately, you check your clothes. It was definitely not the ones you wore in the beginning. A loose, long sleeved shirt hangs from your shoulders. “Huh, did you change me?”

“Yeah. I had no problem with it. You were completely knocked out!” She replies brazenly.

Your clothes are held up by a coat hanger on the doorknob. They're completely dry, as Nitori had said. You remove your change of clothes and adorn your tengu outfit, fastening it quickly. It feels much better as you wear your usual attire. “Thank you for drying my clothes. You didn't have to do that for me.”

“It's no big deal.” She winks. “We're friends, aren't we?”

“Yeah.” You grin at her. “I can depend on you as Bunbunmaru's technical producer, right?”

“Of course!” She nods eagerly.

“Okay. I think I stayed here long enough. I'll be leaving now.” You declare.

“Let me just lead you back to the main road, and you'll be back at the tengu village!” She directs you ahead of the river, and back around a steep hill. The usual road awaits you, leading straight up the mountain. “Come visit soon!” She yells at you, while running back to her home. You wave her a goodbye, then set off for the village.

The climb upwards is always the hardest, but you make it there fairly quickly. You pass by Momiji along the way, only nodding to you before resuming back to her guard duty. You give her a quick wave before entering the village.

[ ] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.
[ ] Momiji's guard shift will end soon. You can wait for her.
[ ] Go around the tengu village, you have some time to spare.
No. 18024
[x] Momiji's guard shift will end soon. You can wait for her.

I don't care if it's not the most sensible option; Momiji is love.
No. 18026
[x] Momiji's guard shift will end soon. You can wait for her.
No. 18033
[X] Momiji's guard shift will end soon. You can wait for her.
No. 18041
[x] Go around the tengu village, you have some time to spare.

It's like waiting, but with less wasting time. And probably more Aya.
No. 18047
[X] Momiji's guard shift will end soon. You can wait for her.
No. 18069
[x] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.

We can tell Momiji after we tell Hatate.
No. 18079
[x] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.

We can't just neglect our Hatate~
No. 18081
[x] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.

This will do
No. 18082
[Q] Momiji's guard shift will end soon. You can wait for her.
Alas, there aren't that many others in the Tengu Village apart from those four.

Unless we start bumping into deities, that is.
No. 18084
[x] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.
No. 18089
[x] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.
No. 18120
[X] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.

Because keeping your coworkers out of the loop on things is bad news.
No. 18136
Called, updating Hatate on the news won. Update will be worked on shortly.
No. 18145
File 131555773699.jpg - (196.53KB , 706x672 , laying hatatata.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] It would be a good time to update Hatate on the recent news.

It has been a while since you last visited Hatate, so you should drop by to inform her that the Bunbunmaru can run once again. Now that you are a resident, it should be best to start up the newspaper as soon as you can. You knock on the door of Hatate's home, but nobody answers. You press on the door and find that it's unlocked. A silence creeps through the house. No one is here, apparently. Closing the door, you go back to the building of the Kakashi Spirit News. Once again, Hatate isn't anywhere to be found.

You lastly arrive at Momiji's house. You might as well wait for Momiji and see if she knows where Hatate is.

“Oh, you're here!” And so you found her. Hatate lays stomach down on the floor, writing all over a clipboard. “I was just about done, too!” She points to the assortment of papers stacked onto the board.

“...What's that?” You ask, unsure.

“All the documentary needed to restart the Bunbunmaru.” She grins when you immediately reach for it. “Don't worry, I took care of everything for you. Think of it as a favor to you!” Hatate touches your lips with her hand. She then presses it to her lips, smirking coyly.

“Enough of that.” you remark, poking her forehead with your index finger.

“Feh, you're no fun.” she teases. “So, I saw you looking for me.” She has a huge grin on her face as she says this.

“Yeah, I just wanted to inform you that Momiji and I finished up the residency issue. So we should be all clear with the Bunbunmaru, right?”

“There's just one more problem.” She closes her eyes, looking miffed. “You can't fly, and you can't run fast to compete with what the Bunbunmaru used to be like. Even more, you have no idea how to run a tengu newspaper of this caliber. You're sorely unprepared.”

“I'm just lucky I have competent coworkers to help me through this mess. Even with an under qualified person like me, we'll just have to make do.”

She waves her clipboard in your face. “You got that right.” She exhales lazily. “Aya made it look like running the Bunbunmaru was easy.”

The sun gleams in the distance from the open window. It was getting late, the sun dropping halfway below the horizon. You'd have assumed that Momiji would've came back by now, but you weren't exactly sure when her shift ends.

Hatate blinks, dropping her smile. She looks a bit contemplative. “I wonder how Aya's doing nowadays?”

You offered no reply but a sigh. You look at the horizon, the sun just barely tipping over the edge of the windowsill.

[ ] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[ ] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.
-[ ] Managing the Bunbunmaru alone will be hard, as the founder of the Kakashi Spirit News, she could lend you some tips.

[ ] Momiji's been at her guard shift for a long time. You should check up on her.
-[ ] Alone
-[ ] With Hatate.
No. 18146
[x] Momiji's been at her guard shift for a long time. You should check up on her.
-[x] With Hatate.
No. 18147
[x] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[x] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.

Momiji doesn't have time to teach him. It's Hatate or nothing.
No. 18149
[x] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[x] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.

We can't afford to skimp on this. If we're to effectively run the Bunbunmaru, we will need some manner of actually getting the news. This guy needs to learn how to fly. Or running really, really damn fast. Either or.
No. 18152
[x] Momiji's been at her guard shift for a long time. You should check up on her.
-[x] Alone.

Some quality time with our Momiji~
No. 18155
[X] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[X] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.

Asking a creature with wings on how to fly, this will definitely work!
No. 18157
[x] Momiji's been at her guard shift for a long time. You should check up on her.
-[x] With Hatate.

Momiji is love.
No. 18162
[x] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[x] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.
No. 18178
[ ] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[ ] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.
No. 18186
[x] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[x] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.

We need flight capabilities. Not just for the paper, but in case shit goes down.
Which always happens, mind you.
No. 18204
[x] Momiji's been at her guard shift for a long time. You should check up on her.
-[x] With Hatate.
No. 18212
[x] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[x] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.
No. 18370
[x] Momiji's been at her guard shift for a long time. You should check up on her.
[x] With Hatate.
No. 18379
File 131590158765.jpg - (151.63KB , 850x1101 , 07703.jpg ) [iqdb]
x] Ask for Hatate's help.
-[x] You were sure you could fly if she taught you.

“You know, you said that it'll be hard managing the Bunbunmaru if I couldn't fly, right?”

Hatate blinks. “Yeah, I did. Why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you could teach me. If it's so essential, then why not learn from a tengu herself?”She gives you a dead on stare. “W-What? Humans flying isn't unheard of, is it?” Now you felt a bit embarrassed.

“No, it's not that...” she trails off. “But is asking a tengu a good idea? I can fly, of course, but teaching it to someone else is another thing. It just came naturally to me, so it'll be hard to explain it in words.” The tengu girl pauses, giving herself some time to think. “Well, I think I could teach you, but I'm not sure if it'll be successful or not.”

“Okay.” you comply. “Then how soon can we get onto flying lessons?”

“Right now.” She grabs your arm, tugging you out to the back of the house. She stops, then turns around, curling her lips into a mischievous smile. “On second thought, why don't we do it here?”

“In a cramped house like this? Won't I get hurt?” The ceiling is already low, so one mistake and you could be on the ground clutching your head.

“Exactly.” She snickers. “It'll help you to learn not to make mistakes. You must have impeccable control to fly safely. One wrong move and you'll be more than just hurt.” She makes a spiraling motion downward with her hands. “As a human, I doubt you can survive a crash after falling from the sky.”

“I..I see.” You were having second thoughts on this, but you can't back down just because you're scared. “So, what should I do to prevent that then? How should I start practicing?”

She scratches her head. “You could try to muster up your willpower to actually float yourself off the ground. Once you get used to it, flying will be as easy as breathing. It's just the start that's the hardest.”

You envision thoughts of levitating yourself off the ground, concentrating on the air around you. But nothing happens. The ground seems to mock you, your legs staying firm on the ground. “...Can't you help me with this, Hatate?”

She shrugs. “Flying is something you can only learn by yourself. There's no easy way to teach someone how to fly.” You can tell she's mildly irked, but she says nothing else.

You've been wasting the evening staring at your feed, hopelessly attempting to do anything even remotely similar to floating, but the most you did was barely get your feet off the ground.

“...It's no good.” you complain. “I can't manage to get myself off the ground. I'd be making more progress being dropped off a cliff.”

“Actually...” Hatate's eyes light up. “that doesn't sound like a terrible idea.”

“W-wait, are you seriously considering it?” She leads you with her hand, hurrying off to a steep drop off the mountain on the outskirts of the area. “No, seriously, that's not funny at all–“ Suddenly, you feel the rush of wind battering your face. You cross your arms around your face, keeping the wind from hitting your eyes. Your adrenaline kicks in, releasing a burst of energy. The sharp drop to the ground below forces you to struggle against gravity, desperately learning how to fly. But to no avail, your body isn't responding the way you want it. Before you hit the ground, Hatate swoops down, ready to catch you. But Hatate doesn't catch you. She's right under you, with arms extended to catch you. Your body is suspended in air, floating in place.

“Heh, you did it!” She shouts, satisfied with herself. “I thought as much. You just needed a little push.” You try to make your way to her, but it seems as you can't move from this position.

“Err, that's great, but could you help me back up?” Your body is floating aimlessly, unable to move itself from its position. Hatate hooks her arms around you, pulling you into some backwards embrace. “Do you have to help me up like this?” you quip.

“Of course! It's so that I can hold you easily if you do stop floating.” She responds quickly with a huge, stupid grin on her face.

“Whatever you say...” you remark skeptically. Hatate just hums an uplifting tune. All the while, she moves around her arms to make herself more comfortable. Her skin is understandably soft, you realize. Once the two of you make it back onto the village, you head over to Momiji's home immediately. “I think I've had enough of flying for today. I feel nauseous already.”

“It's best to take it slow anyways.” She says impishly.

You can only give her a halfhearted glare. Hatate masterfully ignores it, and sorts out most of her own documents. Your paperwork is all cluttered up on the desk now, so you sort most of it out. By the time you're done, Hatate's already set out to leave. “Good progress today. I think we'll be able to run the Bunbunmaru in no time!” She comes close to your face and gives your cheek a quick peck before gently waving. “Night~”

“Yeah, you too. Good night, Hatate.”

She shuts the door ever so gently.

You glance at the window. The night has come, but you have some time left...

[ ] Go over the paper work. You can never be too sure.
[ ] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.
[ ] Leave the house for a bit. You didn't have a reason to, but you should look around.
No. 18380
[x] Go over the paper work. You can never be too sure.

Intense paperwork checking simulation!
No. 18383
[x] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.

I'm starting to get worried now.
No. 18386
[x] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.
No. 18389
[x] Go over the paper work. You can never be too sure.


No. 18393
[X] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.
No. 18395
[x] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.

Momiji = love.
No. 18417
[X] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.

This will do
No. 18423
[X] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.
--[X] Quickly look over the paper work for any major discrepancies while waiting for Momiji. You can never be too sure.
No. 18541
[X] Go over the paper work. You can never be too sure.
[X] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.

Who says the two choices are mutually exclusive? The paperwork will give us something to do while we wait.
No. 18935
File 131676211972.jpg - (159.43KB , 850x850 , w95gh.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go over the paper work. You can never be too sure.
[x] Wait for Momiji some more. You should go look for her soon.

Still no sign of Momiji, sadly. You reopen the manilla envelope with all the documents inside of it. The contents come spilling out onto the table with the registration form jutting out the most from the folder. You glance through the assorted contracts. A folded paper with the title of 'Residential Admittance' comes to your interest. The file has a lot of detailed descriptions outlining the procedures to allow a foreigner to stay at a tengu's home. It listed step by step instructions, which were exactly what you did at the day when you went out with Momiji.

Next, you find your residential permit, displayed in bold red letters. A large stamp is placed on the top right, as well as initials that you can't read. But behind the permit is a half-sized document containing information of Momiji. It seems like a standard document, but something sets you as off. A little box with the word 'spouse' underlined is left blank, no marks in any slot. Three boxes labelled 'None', 'Engaged/Married', and 'Deceased' are all unmarked.

It strikes you as odd. Wouldn't it be marked off as deceased in Momiji's document? Though, nothing was marked at all, so you wonder if they even bothered to write anything down after its initial creation. You snap the folder shut, making an audible clap as you do so. The moon is now clearly visible, high up in the night sky. The fact that Momiji is still away worries you. Feeling uneasy, you go around the tengu village at night. You can't see much, but the dim light from the moon barely makes the streets visible.

A figure tumbles from the sky, landing almost face-first into the ground. You recognize it immediately – it's Momiji. She trips over herself, barely managing to stand up. It takes a few seconds to catch her breath. She looks around bewildered. Then she spots you, coming over hesitantly. Once you are close, she grabs your shoulders. After a moment of analyzing your face, she lets go. “Oh, it's you...” she pauses. “What are you doing here?”

“I was going to go look for you. It seemed unusual that you were out for so long.”

Momiji still looks a bit frantic from falling down to the ground. “Ah, then were you in the house since thirty minutes ago? And by any chance, can you fly?” She asks abruptly.

“W-Well, yes...kind of. Hatate sort of taught me But all I can do right now is just float measly through the air. I can't really fly by my own yet.”

Momiji breathes a deep sigh. You weren't sure if it was out of relief or fatigue.”Okay then.” She doesn't comment on anything else that had happened to her.

Your curiosity gets the better of you. “About today, what held you up for so long?”

The wolf tengu gets closer to you, touching the fabric of your top's sleeves. “I was sent to file a few reports on some small-scale disputes between the wolf and crow tengu. But as I was leaving, I thought I saw someone familiar, so I followed the person. I lost my tracks, but I happened to run into you. So here we are.” She explains her procedures.

You nod slowly. “...Okay, so basically rough day?”

“Yeah...” Momiji hangs her head.

[ ] “Well, a comfortable house awaits us.”
[ ] “If you want, we could search for the person you're looking for.”
[ ] “Is there something wrong?”
No. 18939
[x] “Is there something wrong?”

We should give her a chance to get whatever it is out.
No. 18955
[x] “Is there something wrong?”
No. 18956
[X] "Is there something wrong?"

Momiji's usually not one to lose focus of her job like that. It must be something serious to fluster her this much.
No. 18959
[x] “Is there something wrong?”

We must help her in any way we can.
No. 18963
[X] “Is there something wrong?”
No. 18964
[X] “Is there something wrong?”
No. 18965
[x] “Is there something wrong?”

There is no way in hell she managed to get that dead-tired just by following someone around. There is clearly more to this.
No. 19058
[x]Is there something wrong?
Late vote, but I think some discussion is needed. This vote will most likely trigger something happen to happen (probably). Not that it's a bad thing, but what might come out of this? Most likely Momiji will get hurt too.
No. 19182
[x]Is there something wrong? (Really late vote)


>Late vote, but I think some discussion is needed. This vote will most likely trigger something happen to happen (probably). Not that it's a bad thing, but what might come out of this? Most likely Momiji will get hurt too.

Perhaps it is just me, but I would prefer to have any issues solved up front rather than fester into internal strife, conflict, and ultimatly problems. I am a very frank man, and I hate cryptic messsages, unsolved issues, and most of all [spoilers]DRAMA[/spoilers] that could easily have been stopped/ dealt with early on and it would have saved everyone a lot of issues. Just my two cents.
No. 19207
File 13172788207.jpg - (154.08KB , 850x1034 , 4294jran.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Is there something wrong, Momiji?” you ask.

“No, it's nothing major.” She shakes her head, her head still hung low. “I just...I thought I saw something!”

“Hm? What do you mean by that?” You push to get more details. “What do you think you saw?”

“Eh? I just- w-well, i-it's t-that...” Momiji starts to stammer, suddenly becoming timid and flustered. “Never mind!” For some reason, she can't stop staring at you. Not once does she look away when you look straightforward, despite her fervor. But, she's not entirely meeting your gaze. Recalling when she touched your sleeves, you remember that she took a good look at your clothes. And now, the wolf tengu is looking at your clothing, or so you assumed.

“Hey, Momiji.” you call out. “Why are you staring so intensely at the clothes I'm wearing?” It was a total bluff, but you were confident.

“H-how did you know?” She gasps lightly in surprise, not aware that she was in fact, staring obviously at you.

“Will you tell me what's going on?” You ask, not waiting to get to the subject at hand.

“O-okay, fine.” She breathes in before continuing. “So I did see something, but naturally if it wasn't urgent, then I wouldn't have addressed it. But, I saw someone familiar, so I had to check it out.” She pauses for a beat, then shaking her head. “Actually, it was only the clothing that was familiar. It looked similar to the ones you were wearing. I tried to give chase to the person, but I lost him.” Momiji winces a bit with her eyes.

“Could it be someone from another tengu clan?” you mention, trying to give some insight on the predicament.

“The fabric was strikingly similar to your clothes, though...” She mumbles something to herself. “Besides, there isn't be any more involvement with any tengu clans nowadays.”

“Maybe you're tired.” You place a hand on her shoulder. “It can just be hallucinations, who knows.” It was futile to attempt to cheer her up, but you try anyways. “And what about the report?”

“I still have it, but it wasn't set as top priority, so I still have an ample amount of time to get it done.”

“...So are you sure it wasn't just a vision?”

“Yeah.” She states adamantly. “I'm certain that it was somebody, and that they were wearing clothing much like yours. However, what does that mean?”

[x] “It was definitely another person.”
[x] “It means you're worrying too much.”
[x] “Probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.”
No. 19208
[x] “Probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.”

Momiji is a highly trained professional. Her eyes do not just lie. Either she saw us strolling around and is working herself up over nothing, or some serious shit is going down. It does nobody any good to just blow it off.
No. 19210
[x] “Probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.”
No. 19211
[x] “Probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.”

Any funny business should be nipped in the bud before it gets out of hand.
No. 19216
[x] “Probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.”

Bandwagon, ho!
No. 19218
[x] “Probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.”
No. 19629
File 131823027722.jpg - (783.83KB , 787x900 , 63g.jpg ) [iqdb]
“It was probably related to the report you were supposed to bring.” you conclude. “What else could it be? Especially if it was in the affairs between tengu disputes. I'm certain it has at least a little bit to do with your report.”

She opens her mouth as if she had something urgent to say, but instead exhales in admittance. “Okay.” She breathes in slowly. “I shouldn't get so hung up about this – I have a report to deliver.”

“Where do you need to send it?”

“I have to give it to the court administrators. Their offices shouldn't be too far off from here. Do you want to join me?” Momiji offers.

“Sure.” You accept her proposal.

“Okay!” She smiles blissfully. Grabbing your arm, she leads you to a set of gray buildings that could use a paint job. The doors are sleek and polished wood, in great contrast with the fading walls in the front. Upon entering, a stiff tengu with broad shoulders looks up warily from the door post. He squints at you, not even attempting to look polite. “Excuse me, Captain Inubashiri, but we're not allowed to bring any civilians here for the time being.”

“Really?” She crinkles her brow in skeptically. “I thought they were allowed on the premises at all times?”

“Today's a special exception.” His face betrays a look of guilt for a moment. “But orders are orders. It was given by the general himself.”

Momiji sighs, shaking her head. “Well, there's nothing else I could do. Sorry...”

“You don't need to apologize.” you reply.

“No, I asked you to come here with me, but I'm the one that has to throw you out.”

The male tengu opens the door for you. Ushering you out, he gives you one succinct nod. He then closes the door, effectively shutting you out. Now that Momiji was reeled in for what seemed to be for one report, you aren't sure what to do.. But for now, you decide to roam around the premises, looking for something to do.

Only a few tengu are out, mostly drinking their worries away inside some stands. The evening has already turned to night, the moon in full view from the sky. A man stumbles out of a bar nearby, obviously inebriated. You keep on walking until the bars in the village disappear from view. The only buildings along the way are tall and built pragmatically. A figure sits with her legs crossed, resting on top of a set of stairs.

“Good evening.” She greets you.

“Good evening to you too...”

[x] “...Aya.”
[x] “...Lord Shameimaru.”
No. 19630
[x] “...Aya.”

I think after all this stuff going on, that she'd want us to treat her as normally as possible.
No. 19631
[x] “...Aya.”
No. 19632
[X] “...Aya.”
No. 19635
[x] "...Aya."

No. 19636
[x] “...Aya.”

If she wants to be addressed differently then by all means she should say so; till then it's relaxed.
No. 19637
[x] “...Aya.”

She has been and always will be Aya to us.
No. 19653

Friends have no need for titles.
No. 19684
[x] “...Aya.”

Almost tempted to vote the other way on the basis of there being other tengu watching, but honestly, I don't think MC would really care at this point.
No. 19708
[x] “...Aya.”

I don't even need to check, I know that's Efe's.
No. 20027
File 13195228453.jpg - (218.40KB , 850x1252 , vso91s.jpg ) [iqdb]

“I suspect that you're not here by chance?” She seems to glow in the frail moonlight, bringing about an aura around her. Her wings seem to shimmer as she turns around and jumps off the stairs, landing right next to you. Aya seems to be doing better, offering you her hand with a genuine smile. “You don't need my permission to take my hand.”

Returning her smile with one of your own, you clasp onto her delicate hand and pull her close, reaching around her waist for a tight hug. “I know that, I just miss you.” The crisp night blows a cold wind down the empty streets near the buildings. She wraps her arms around your neck, embracing you with closed eyes. “Your hands are cold, Aya.” you joke.

“It's my fault the weather is chilly up in the mountains?” She giggles, pressing her face to your cheek. “Then its your responsiblity to warm me up then!”

“Your face is cold, too!”

Rubbing her nose over your face, she laughs goodnaturedly while moving you around. Aya sways herself back and forth, swinging your arms. You slow down, and move her step by step, performing some sort of slow dance. She places her hands on your shoulders, allowing you to pull her in by putting your hands on her waist.

The two of you dance in the moonlight, illuminating the dark pathway just enough so you can guide Aya. “Look at me,” she chides herself. “The great lord, dancing in the dark with no music. And with a hopeless man, no less!”

You chuckle. “I hope you don't find someone better to fit your standards then.”

“Actually...” she pauses. “I'm getting an arranged marriage.” She takes in your look of pure shock and breaks out snickering. “Kidding! If only I still had my camera, I'd snap a photo of your face then. But don't you worry – the only person suitable to fit me is you. Don't get too cock, though. I see what you do now and then!”

“I'll keep that in mind and hope you approve.” You smirk.

She responds by sticking her tongue out. “I can't say I do. What can I do though?” she shrugs, as if it was hopeless. Aya stares up in the sky, looking at the fading moon. “My time's running out...” she sighs, lamenting at the prospect of returning to her duty as the lord. “I can no longer be Aya, but Lord Shameimaru. Really, I don't care why they demand for people to call me by that name. It's plan stupid, I tell you.”

“It's just a matter of being formal.”

“Does it look like I want to be formal?” She jeers. “It reminds me of the time when Momiji first started to work under me.” Aya shakes her head, immersed in her thoughts for a second. “She would always call out to me with 'Miss Shameimaru' this, and 'Miss Shameimaru' that. One day, I just pulled her aside and said with a stern face to call me Aya. She looked like she was going to cry when I said that to her, but I stood firm to what I said. She then called me 'Miss Aya' at times, then covered her mouth with her hands, like it was forbidden.” Aya smirks at the thought.

“Do you miss Momiji too?”

“What I wouldn't give to see Momiji right now.” She grimaces. “But she's locked away in one of those offices. They still haven't briefed me about the reason why she was called up. Otherwise, the three of us would be having a nice chat right now. When you see her again, make sure to tell her that I miss her.”

“Will do.” You respond. You think that Aya has changed, after the span of time when she became the lord. She seems more self-confident, and independent of her actions. Despite voicing her opinions more, Aya isn't like before, where she clung on to every comment and analyzed them.

She tugs at you arm. “I have something to show you!” Before you can properly respond, she drags you up into the air, flying up in the air. But you let go of her hand, causing Aya to panic and swoop around to find you.

“Hey there.” you call out to under from above. She looks, wide-eyed at your figure.

“You scared me! If you have a trick to show me, at least warn me beforehand!” She pushes you, causing you to losing your aerial balance.

After regaining a stable center of balance, you ask her, “Why did you bring me up here anyways?”

“Hm, nothing. I just wanted to see the view up here. Here, you can look at the stars with no obtrusive blockades. Look!” True to her word, the sky is cluttered with tiny, white stars sprinkled out in hues of light blue, fading to dark blue in the distance. You can barely make out the traces of the sun rising from above the landscape, shades of red and orange sneaking into the vibrant sky.

“With the sunrise, it's about time I should get going.” Aya comments.

“Wait!” You interject.

She stops mid-flight to turn around. “What is it?” She asks with eager eyes.

“...Could you bring me down from here? I still don't know how to direct my flight.”

She snorts a little, but pulls you slowly down from your levitation. “Classy.”

“....Whatever.” You dismiss her laughter.

“Well, this is it.” She states after the two of you reach the ground. “I guess I'll see you around? Too bad you won't be seeing more of me for now. Try not to melt down without me.”

“I'll try my best not to cry my eyes out.” You grin.

She beams back at you before she takes off into the air.

[ ] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.
[ ] Go across the river. Break time once in a while is okay too.
[ ] Check up on Momiji. Still doing business, or in a meeting. Choice locked
No. 20030
[x] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.

As much as I'd like to visit Nitori or so, I'd like to get some work done.
No. 20038
[x] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.

Still sucks about Aya. Guess trying to be productive can be a good enough distraction.
No. 20039
[ ] Go across the river. Break time once in a while is okay too.
No. 20040
[x] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.
No. 20044
[x] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.

No rest for the wicked.
No. 20051
That update reminded me of our piss-poor attempts to convince Aya that she didn't have to go through with the whole "leading the Tengu" thing. God damn it.
No. 20052
That update reminded me of our piss-poor attempts to convince Aya that she didn't have to go through with the whole "leading the Tengu" thing. God damn it.
No. 20069
[X] Go across the river. Break time once in a while is okay too.
Failing to not cry our eyes out.
>That update reminded me of our piss-poor attempts to convince Aya that she didn't have to go through with the whole "leading the Tengu" thing. God damn it.
You sir have no sense of duty vs love and how it hurts and why sometimes it needs to be done.
No. 20070
And thus even if we end up happily with both Momiji, Hatate, and/or maybe Nitori, there will be times where the MC will sneak out at night and weep.
No. 20074
[x] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.

Well, if we can't meet Momiji, we might as well go and talk to Hatate.
No. 20076
I get that, but our argument against Aya taking office was almost nonexistent. We barely tried.
No. 20079
[x] Go across the river. Break time is okay once in a while too.

Let's do our best!
No. 20209
File 132013243019.jpg - (233.38KB , 640x512 , 5f3a39f554bc6f3fc71b593f52e2bb99.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Back to Hatate's. You shouldn't slack off.

Although you went through the sleepless night, it gave you no excuse to put off your work. It takes you a long time to walk back all the way from the main streets from the office areas. Throughout the way, a few tengu are seen passed out near the more popular bars. You shake your head, wishing that you could fly.

The central plaza is to the right of you, so you move through the crowded streets naturally. It's uncanny now that you can effortlessly weave through the busy tengu streets after only recently being pushed in the same crowd. But before you can exit to the residential areas, you feel a slight tug on the collar of your shirt.

“Hm?” A male tengu lets go of your shirt, looking confused. He squints at your face, scrutinizing every little detail. He snaps his fingers. “Ah, sorry!” he apologizes. “I must have mistaken you for another person! Sorry to have bothered you.”

“No, it's fine.” You bow your head before continuing on to the residential area.

“Ah, wait!” He seems to have followed you. “May I ask who you are?”

You stop to ponder how to respond to this in your mind. You weren't sure of who this tengu was, but it's best to stay wary anyways. Carefully choosing your words, you reply, “I'm a relative of Momiji Inubashiri, staying over for the time being. But may I ask who you are?”

“Oh, sorry to have not introduced myself first. I am supervisor of Lord Shameimaru, but you can just call me the main supervisor.” He chews on the edge of his thumb nail. “By the way, I think I have seen those clothes before...are you by any chance from an outside clan?”

“Ah...” Your mind blanks out, desperately rushing for a quick answer. “My clothes are not fully dry yet, as I fell into the lake, so I managed to borrow some. These aren't really mine.” It wasn't really a lie, considering that you did fall into the lake and borrowed these clothes because of it.

“That must be it...” the main supervisor murmurs to himself. “Alright then. Sorry for taking your time.” He turns his back to you, mumbling in a low voice.

“It's no trouble at all.” you call out, but it seems that he isn't listening. You turn back to head to Hatate's house to get started on the newspaper. The front door is open, so you let yourself in. While you go to the main room with most of the newspaper supplies, you see Hatate, staring at what seems to be an older photo of Aya and herself. “Hey.” you gently say to her.

“Oh, you're here already? It's pretty early, I didn't expect you to be up at this time.” She places the photo down on a small table next to a watercolor landscape of the mountainside.

You point to the photo. “When was this photo taken?”

She closes her eyes, giving you a tiny smile. “This was when I first started my career as a newsreporter. Back then, the Bunbunmaru was the only leading newspaper at the time, so I wanted a picture of both Aya and me. I actually interviewed her, then took this picture. It was the first picture I took with my model camera, before I got my cellphone.” She giggles, straightening the picture to align with the landscape painting. “Aya was cross the entire time I held the interview, but when I asked her to smile, she really beamed like she meant it. I feel a bit nostalgic...I miss those times.”

You look over at the picture. Both Aya and Hatate seem to be laughing. They're almost facing each other, but turned enough to make the camera shot angled. You can't help but grin as the picture gives you a warm feeling. “It's a pretty portrait. But I can't help but feel a little sad when I look at it.”

Well...you had some time to kill.

[x] Part two of flying lessons!
[x] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting...or something.
[x] Ask about the main supervisor of the tengu village.
No. 20212
[x] Part two of flying lessons!
No. 20213
[x] Part two of flying lessons!
Then if possible
[x] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting...or something.
No. 20214
[x] Part two of flying lessons!
But yeah, you should be able to
[x] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting
during that lesson, hopefully while not screaming your head off.
No. 20216
[X] Part two of flying lessons!
[X] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting...or something.
No. 20218
>I feel a bit nostalgic...I miss those times.
>“It's a pretty portrait. But I can't help but feel a little sad when I look at it.”

[x] Ask about the main supervisor of the tengu village.
No. 20219
[x] Part two of flying lessons!
[x] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting

Yeah, this seems about right.
No. 20228
[x] Part two of flying lessons!
[x] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting...or something.

Sure, why not?
No. 20233
File 132021573841.png - (510.19KB , 400x559 , e7ed4b7c1812a4aee47ebd609973f00c.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Part two of flying lessons!
[x] Mention Momiji's emergency meeting...or something.

“Hey, Hatate!”

“Hm?” She leans back on a chair, turning her head to you. “What is it?”

“If you're not planning on doing anything, do you mind teaching me how to fly? Properly, this time. I still haven't gotten the hang of it.”

The tengu girl shrugs. “Sure. I haven't had much to do for a while anyways. Ever since I quit the Kakashi News, I've had plenty of free time. A little bit too much, actually.” She groans in mock pain. “So, I'll be glad to teach you some more about flying. I've been thinking about how to teach you, actually. But not all of them may not necessarily be safe!” Hatate says this with the widest grin, causing you to shiver. Pulling you aside to the rooftop of the house, she grabs ahold of your shoulders. And leaning back, she pushes you the hardest she can, causing you to flip midair. Your heart pounds as you force to stop yourself, floating only a few centimeters above the ground. You break out in cold sweat, pumped with adrenaline.

“Are all of the flying courses hazardous to my health?” You unintentionally yell.

“Flying is a serious deal which takes a lot of effort – you can't just halfheartedly learn. One day, you'll be at the brink of death, and what doesn't kill you now will save you.” Hatate seriously nods, then breaks out in a smile. “Just trust me on this!”

“...What if I don't save myself in time?” you mutter.

“Don't worry, I doubt the lessons I have for you will kill you.” The uncertainty in her voice almost makes you want to skip out on flying lessons, but you keep your fear at bay. “Besides, the hard part is over. Now all you need to learn is how to move yourself!” The statement alone gives you a much-needed comfort.

“...How do I do that?” You ask her. You struggle mid-air, flailing your arms in order to attempt to move yourself. But it has no effort, only succeeding in turning yourself around in the same position.

“Just think of yourself sliding barefoot on ice. Just imagine yourself gliding across the sky without paying attention to moving yourself like you do when you swim.”

You keep your arms still, instead focusing on getting back to the rooftop. It's slow at first, but you can definitely see yourself trudging along the air in the direction towards Hatate. “Hey, it's not so bad like this. But I do fly slow, compared to everyone else.”

She chuckles. “It's still an accomplishment. You're a quick learner, even quicker than some of the people I know! Not the mention that everybody you know can fly here is a tengu.”

“Oh, yeah. By the way, I haven't seen Momiji since she had to go to an important meeting or something like that. She's been gone for a whole day, it seems. Do you know anything that has to do with why she's needed?”

Hatate raises an eyebrow. “...An important meeting? I haven't heard of anything like that. Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I'm positive.” you reply adamantly.

“...Hm, really?” She scratches her head. “I've been going around, looking for some information but I haven't heard anything of an immediate meeting brought to council. I would know about it for sure. You're absolutely positive she left for a meeting?”

“Yeah, it had something to do with a report, but I can't seem to recall exactly what.”

“Well, don't think too much of it. When you're a captain of a squad, it's only natural that she gets called out to frequent meetings anyway.”


“By the way!” She exclaims.

“What is it?” You indulge her with a response.

“You're flying too far ahead now.” Hatate motions for you to come back. While you were deep in thought, your body seemed to drift up to the sky.

“Aah!? How did I get here?” You float down to the rooftop from the sky within a matter of a few seconds.

“Not bad on the landing. You've managed to progress far on flying. You don't fly as fast as a tengu, but I wouldn't call you extremely slow. But your movements are clumsy...I suspect that you'll fly into a tree if you aren't careful.”

You shrug. “It gets easier once you get the hang of it. I do admit that it's uncomfortable whenever I fly, however...”

“The same can be said with all the inexperienced tengu, too.” She suddenly grins exuberantly, radianting happiness. “Since lessons are over, I want a reward.”

You float down to the rooftop. “What is it?” You reply, skeptically.

“Carry me.”

[ ] “Sure.”
-[ ] Bridal style.
-[ ] Piggyback
-[ ] Over the shoulder.

[ ] “No, thank you.”
No. 20234
[X] “Sure.”
-[X] Over the shoulder.

A prize to take home for a job well done!
No. 20235
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.

This choice calls out to me
No. 20236
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Over the shoulder.

Maximum skin to skin contact.
No. 20238
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.
No. 20239
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Over the shoulder.

With your hand on her bottom.
No. 20240
[x] Sure.
-[x] Bridal style.

Time to whisk away our lovely tengu~
No. 20242
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.
You just know it's the one she wants most.
No. 20243
Doesn't mean you have to give it to her. Teasing's more fun.

[X] “Sure.”
-[X] Over the shoulder.

Sack of potatoes!
No. 20244
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.

Oh, yeah. She wants it.
No. 20245
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Over the shoulder.

When she resists.

-[x] Piggyback.

Tease her a bit, THEN carry her properly
No. 20246
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.
No. 20247
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.
No. 20248
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Upside down, by the feet.

Pissing tide etc.
No. 20256
[ ] “Sure.”
-[ ] Bridal style.
No. 20260
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.
No. 20263
File 132030798578.jpg - (83.06KB , 327x457 , im okay with this.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “Sure.”
-[x] Bridal style.

“Sure.” You oblige her. Hooking your arm around her legs and the other around her back, you sweep Hatate off her feet.

“Wha!?” She gasps in surprise, her hands moving to her upper chest. Her cheeks grow a rosy pink, shifting her eyes to meet your gaze nervously. “H-Hah...eager to carry me, aren't you?”

“You did ask for it, didn't you?”

“...Well, yeah.” She blushes, shifting her legs around your grasp. “But you did it so suddenly that I couldn't give myself time to prepare.”

Floating down from the roof to the ground, you leisurely drop down like a feather. Hatate decides to take her chances and wrap her arms around your neck, leaning in closer to your face. She blows on your neck, then in your ear.

Biting on the inside of your lip, you touch the ground lightly on your feet. You were only relieved that you landed on solid ground before she finished. Any longer, and you could've sent yourself plummeting to the ground.

Hatate, red faced, laughs lightly. “This feels embarrassing...but I can't say that I don't like it. Could we...?” she pleads. “Could we stay like this some more?”

Half-annoyed, half-elated, you let her have her request. “Okay. Just for a little longer then.” Every time you gave Hatate something to be happy about, your heart sank deeper into the confines of your feelings. There was this underlying feeling of sickness during every moment you spent with Hatate, and you can't remove it. It was a guilty pleasure of yours, and you were horrible to have indulged in it.

Soft, lithe hands touched the cheeks of your face, only the tips of the fingers pressing lightly on your face. Hatate turns your head to her with a brooding expression. “Is there something wrong?” she asks worriedly. Stroking the side of your face, she traces shapes on your left cheek.

“No, I just often get lost in thought sometimes.” You smile, not sure whether if it was genuine or false.

“Alrighty then. Carry me inside, please!” She accepts your statement quickly, snuggling close to you in your arms. You noticed that she was very light. You had no trouble holding her, able to carry her seemingly frail body easily.

She closes her eyes and forms a bright smile, giggling along the way towards the first room. Hatate has become something that you almost regret. She was caught in between an already chaotic affinity, which spiraled downwards soon after Aya had left. But you wonder for how long is it okay to push and pull Hatate away from you.

You spoiled her, letting her have what she wants for the time being. But, you aren't sure if she fully realized that it's impossible for her to take you for herself.

Now in the room filled with cut articles from dozens of newspapers, you set her down from your arms. Hatate still clings to your grasp, grumbling about how it's over already. She wears a pained expression, clicking her pen repeatedly while fumbling around with her clipboard tacked with notes. You couldn't help but blissfully stare at her. You found her reluctance to get back to work cute, while watching her scribbling notes in a blur.

But you shook your head. “I think I'll go take a walk for a while. I'm not sure how long it'll take.” You wanted to get out and think for a while.

“Okay, have fun!” She looks up from her notes. But she quickly looks down, cursing as she wrote underneath the lines on the paper.

Your feet take you someplace around the hillside and steep cliffs. Traversing next to one of the taller mountain edges, you look down to the low rivers and sigh. You don't know how to deal with Hatate. She was a dilemma you couldn't really solve. You didn't really know whether you wanted to be attracted to her or not.

Muffled footsteps come rushing out from behind you. A sharp gust of cold wind cuts the tip of your back, giving you chills. Immediately, you roll to the side, careful not to fall down the steep drop. A steel nagamaki sword lay wedged into the ground at an angle, glistening in the sunlight. A tengu with a long, flowing robe clicks his tongue. His short, black hair sways as he jerks his head towards you.

“You are to be marked for detainment for treason. Or less preferably, death.” he blurts out with no regard for explaining his reasons.

“What did I do?” You ask him with conviction.

“That is to be decided by the court officials.” He narrows his eyes. “Subduement is advised.” Dislodging the nagamaki, he steps a large step, and slashes to your right side. Easily swaying backwards, you dodge the swing with no difficulty. He immediately goes in for another blow, showing no open spots. He swings with sheer force, the wind pushing you back each time he attempts to slash at you.

Slightly irritated, he jumps forward, flying low to the ground to deliver a strike to the stomach. You attempt to sidestep it, but your foot gets caught in a lone root dangling above the surface.


The nagamaki sword delivers a glancing blow to your shoulder, but still sinks in one terrifying but fluid motion. It doesn't fully connect through, so you manage to send him backwards by whipping your body to the side, flinging the sword away. He doesn't flinch, however, and lands a solid punch to your face, audibly emitting a crunch. Though, you don't realize because of the pain. Grabbing your arm, he heaves you over his shoulder, slamming you down on the ground. You were disoriented, and confused to why you were being targetted.

Attempting to stand up, you clumsily step back....to nothing but air. You slip on your other foot, and suddenly you feel nothing but the rush of air pressing against your back.

“....Shit.” a voice fades in the distance.

Two thoughts rush to your head. You should regain your orientation, and you should stop yourself from falling. Managing to do neither, you can only flail uselessly as you splash into the deep river.


[x] Aya
[x] Hatate
[x] Momiji
No. 20270
[x] Aya
No. 20273
[x] Momiji
No. 20276
[x] Nitori
No. 20277
[x] Momiji
The only one likely able to help us, even if it's a fairly slim chance.
No. 20279
[x] Aya
I don't know what I'm voting for, but you can't go wrong with Aya.
No. 20283
[x] Nitori.
Might as well. We're drowning in a river anyways.
No. 20285
[x] Momiji

Don't mind Nitori but she's not a choice.
No. 20286
Fairly sure it's a vote for some sort of perspective shift here.

I accidentally a few words that first time.
No. 20287
[x] Aya
No. 20288
[x] Nitori.
No. 20289
I wonder if it's a perspective shift or "who saves the day" sort of thing...
No. 20290
Closing votes soon, and just need one more vote in order to break the tie, including the write-in.
No. 20291
[x] Aya
No. 20297
File 132038771131.jpg - (178.36KB , 1400x770 , 4fg.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Aya

Where were you? You weren't too sure on the specifics, but mainly it was dark. It wasn't just a foggy dark, but a solid black. There was nothing around, no sounds existing anywhere. As you tried to pull your hand to your face, you couldn't see anything. So you stepped on the non-existing ground, treading carefully straightforward. It doesn't feel like you're moving anywhere further, but you continue walking towards the direction you were facing.

“Aya.” You whisper under your breath automatically. Placing a hand over your mouth, you wonder why you said that aloud. From the distance, you can see a silhouette painted on the side of your vision. It seemed to be Aya's shadow, reflected off of a lighter shade of black. You walk to it, welcoming the break from the darkness. But as you move closer, the ground shatters before you, causing you to descend into nothingness. “Aya!” You then scream, hearing the echoes of your own cry. The air seemed to be heavy, forcing your body to twist and turn in slow, fluid motions. It was akin to being submerged in water.

...Water? Ah, that's what happened. Water seems to fill, plunging you into the depths of the icy current. Your body twists to the pressure and force of the water flow, causing you to lose your balance. Reaching out to the top, you grab onto something to keep yourself from toppling over again. You grasp at something warm and comfortable. It's a hand.

You actually open your eyes this time. A wool blanket is draped over you, plush and quite cozy. The hand that grasped yours lets go. Blue curls sway as she shakes her head. Nitori, sitting on a chair next to the bed, waves keenly at you. “Glad to see that you're awake!” She smiles widely. “I guess you were having a weird dream. You kept on mumbling something about Aya in a pained tone. I sat down next to you to observe, but you clamped onto my hand and didn't let go! I couldn't even get out a book to read.”

“I'm sorry...” You sit up from the bed, but violently cough, body pains striking you from your sides.

“Just rest for now. You've suffered a lot of internal bruising, as well as a few lacerations near your stomach area and arms.” She points to a few areas, mainly your left side. “It looks like you hit the water and rocks directly here.” As Nitori lifts up your shirt, a large bandage covers from up the waist. “Luckily, it's all just physical wounds. As a tengu, you should be fully healed in no time!”

“H-Heh....right.” You nervously laugh.

“Hm?” She tilts her head.

“Nothing. Anyways, I should tell you right now that I'm being chased by the tengu village, apparantly.”

“What happened?” She gasps, amazed by your statement. “Did you do an unforgivable crime?”

“I'm not really sure, but one crook said that I was supposed to be detained for treason. Which is weird, because I'm sure I didn't commit any obscene acts to the village.”

“So what are we going to do?” Nitori jumps up with excitement, a gleam in her eyes.

“...Eh? What do you mean by 'we'?”

“We're going to need some sort of plan, but I wonder who we can trust or not...” she nods to herself. “I would ask a few of my tengu buddies, but what if they're not going to be on our side? So I guess it'll just be us for now.”

She seems distracted, leaving an opening to quietly sneak away.

[x] Go alone. You shouldn't get a kappa involved with dangerous tengu affairs.
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
[x] Stay here. It's somewhat of a fortress, and plus you doubt people could find you here.
No. 20302
[x] Stay here. It's somewhat of a fortress, and plus you doubt people could find you here.
No. 20303
[x] Stay here. It's somewhat of a fortress, and plus you doubt people could find you here.

I have a sneaking suspicion that someone high up doesn't like a mere human being so close to the new Tengu lord. I wonder how we can contact Momiji and Hatate as I'm sure they'd be on our side.
No. 20306
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.
No. 20316
[x] Stay here. It's somewhat of a fortress, and plus you doubt people could find you here.
No. 20318
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

Okay, we get some stealth equipment and sneak our way to Aya. It's foolproof!
No. 20319
[x] Stay here. It's somewhat of a fortress, and plus you doubt people could find you here.
No. 20333
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

Why not?
No. 20348
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

Seeing as she has access to technology that'll make the trip easier, there's no reason not to bring her. Telling her would be best, as she's bound to find out sooner or later.
No. 20349
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

Seeing as she has access to technology that'll make the trip easier, there's no reason not to bring her. Telling her would be best, as she's bound to find out sooner or later.
No. 20350
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

Seeing as she has access to technology that'll make the trip easier, there's no reason not to bring her. Telling her would be best, as she's bound to find out sooner or later.
No. 20351
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

Seeing as she has access to technology that'll make the trip easier, there's no reason not to bring her. Telling her would be best, as she's bound to find out sooner or later.
No. 20365
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.
No. 20559
Votes called, will commence writing soon. Update should be posted within two days.
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party.
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.
No. 20560
File 132160345140.png - (712.81KB , 700x982 , 5dgw.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Let her come with you. Nitori is a good asset to your party. 
-[x] AFTER telling her that you're not a tengu and letting her in on more info about what's going on between you and Aya, which is likely what's causing this.

“...Okay, Nitori.” You talk to yourself more than the kappa to strengthen your resolve. “We'll go together then. I don't think I can handle it alone.”

“Yaaay! This is going to be fun!” She throws her arms up in the air energetically, eager to do something.

You stand up, wincing from the stretching the gashes around the sides of your torso. “I think I need to tell you something. It had to do with what you said about my injuries.”

Nitori already looks horrified, clutching her cheeks. “Don't tell me!” She gasps. “The injuries you suffered are actually cursed!”

“Well...no.” She looks puzzled, like she was really expecting that to be the case. “You see, my injuries won't heal for a while because, um, I'm a human.”

“Oh.” She nods approvingly. “So you're a human.”

“Err, yes I am.” Her response wasn't what you expected, but it certainly could have gone worse. For example, she could've fled and left you to fend for yourself. “Now, I'm only speculating on this, but I believe that me being a human is the reason for my pursuit.”

“But they would go so far to attempt to kill you to get you out of the village?” Nitori contemplates on the idea, knitting her eyebrows together.

“Maybe it's because people know that I'm a human, and people don't like tengu and humans getting close to each other.”

“Does this have to do with Aya?” She points out with a devious grin. Erk, she's quick to lash out.

“I-I'm not sure at the moment, but it could be. I have interacted with Aya the most, you can say.”

“Oho~?” The kappa chortles, giving you a sly wink. “I see, I see.”

You can't find a way to retort, so you get back on track. “So, do you want to leave now? We shouldn't stay too long.”

“Mmmm, sure. Let me just get something before we go.” Suddenly running over to another room, Nitori frantically dashes through the house. Finding a pin-like object, she goes over to you and smacks it on your shirt, clipping it on.

“What is it?” You ask, adjusting it so that it doesn't fall right off.

“It's a transmitter to my stealth camouflage. So when I become nigh-invisible, so will you! I think it'll come in handy when we leave!” Dragging you outside, she wastes no time leaving. Nitori stares at the waterfall next to her home, and looks at you, deep in thought. “...I don't suppose you can ride the waterfall up, can you?”

“Of course not. I don't have the ability or strength to do that.” You shake your head. “But instead, I could fly over it, provided some guidance.”

“A-Okay!” She responds exuberantly. Floating up towards the first half of the waterfall, she waves for you to follow.

Focusing on the task at hand has become easier, your body floating up in the air smoothly. You half-glide over to Nitori, following her movements up the waterfall's cliff. She zig-zags around, making sporadic motions left and right. You imitate her movement, careful not to bang yourself on the cliff sides. But as you're almost there, the kappa suddenly stops mid-air, and ducks before she goes up the cliff.

“Hey, wha-”

You're interrupted as she clamps her hand over your mouth. “Shhh...” She shushes you. Motioning above the cliff, she looks around her backpack. “I heard something. Think there are people up on the top.” Pressing a button, she quickly fades out of view, with only a faint blur replacing her body. Suddenly, your hands are gone too, disappearing gradually. You stop flying, careful to touch the ground slightly to avoid making any loud noises.

“Let me go, please.” A voice echoes. Turning your head, you see Momiji bound by chains, guarded by four white wolf tengu.

“We can't.” The first wolf tengu says, grudgingly. “We have orders from the officials saying that we have to detain you if needed. If you promise not to run away, we can have you unchained, but you resisted... we had no other choice.”

“I still have no idea why I'm being subjected to this treatment.” She clenches her teeth.

“Look, I hate it as much as I do, but we cannot just go against our orders.”

What should you do?

[x] Recapture Momiji.
[x] Come out and persuade them to join you.
[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
No. 20562
At this point, I think saying that Aya ordered this may be a safe bet, unless there's someone else who can order a captain arrested for no clear reason (as we know so far).

I'm not sure what to do, but I think it's a safe bet to think that persuading has no chance (they just said they won't disobey orders. Even worse since we are wanted too.) and trying to get Momiji out of this may just make the situation worse, especially as we would force Nitori to fight with 4 against 1 odds (like our guy has any combat power).

We COULD try to follow them while staying in stealth and see if we can learn what the hell is going on. But sound or smell will most probably give away our position.

[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
No. 20564
[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.

BUT, if you'll allow a write-in for more info.

[x] Ask Nitori if she brought any weaponry or traps with her which could be used against the wolves. Also ask if she brought any kind of microphone or tracker that you could put onto one of the capturing tengu or Momiji.
No. 20565
If they're detaining Momiji... Hatate!

[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
-[x] Ask Nitori if she can track Momiji somehow.
[x] Rush over to Hatate's.

We must find out where and why they are being taken before we get violent.
No. 20569
[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
-[x] Ask Nitori if she can track Momiji somehow.
[x] Find Hatate and find out what the hell's going on.
No. 20571
I doubt it, it's likely someone working under her nose while distracting Aya with something else.

[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
-[x] Ask Nitori if she can track Momiji somehow.
[x] Rush over to Hatate's.

Tch... I wonder if we're not too late to warn Hatate of what's going on.
No. 20583
[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
-[x] Ask Nitori if she can track Momiji somehow.
[x] Rush over to Hatate's.

I wonder why Momiji? Didn't she just go into a meeting?
No. 20588
I suspect it's due to the MC shacking up with her as part of whatever plan's going down. We can only hope we get to Hatate's in time as she'll be next on the list.
No. 20594
[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
-[x] Ask Nitori if she can track Momiji somehow.
[x] Rush over to Hatate's.
No. 20874
File 132264657628.jpg - (249.32KB , 800x805 , g0fjn.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Leave her for the time being – she's safe enough right now.
-[x] Ask Nitori if she can track Momiji somehow.
[x] Rush over to Hatate's.

As much as you hate leaving her vulnerable like this, you have no other alternative. They outnumber you in number, and you were sure even one tengu can outmatch a kappa. But Momiji'll be safe, for now. She was originally supposed to be held captive without chains, so you assume that nothing urgent had caused Momiji to be detained. You wish you could notify Momiji that you were trying to help her, but it'll be too risky. Wolf tengu are notorious for their sharp senses.

You whisper in a low voice to Nitori, “Is there any way we can keep an eye on Momiji? Knowing her whereabouts once in a while would be detrimental, seeing as freeing her would be our best choice later on.”

“Shh.” Nitori presses her finger to her lips. Carefully rummaging around her backpack, she pulls out a tiny bead about as big as a grain of rice. How she managed to not break it inside her heavy backpack is unknown to you, but she flicks it in the direction of Momiji. “Err,” she frowns, placing her hand on her cheek. “I missed. I got one of the wolf tengu, but let me try again.” She disappears from your grasp and vanishes completely in the background. A tiny speck falls onto the nape of Momiji's shirt.

“Hmm..?” Momiji turns her head around, but doesn't recognize anything different.

“What is it?” Another wolf tengu asks with no hint of malice.

“No, it's nothing. But if you don't mind, could you loosen up these chains a little?” She holds up her shackled hands, the cuffs chafing against her wrists. A circular line runs across her skin, made by the chains.

“Of course.” Reaching down to loosen the shackles, the wolf tengu brings out a key and extends the width of the cuffs. Momiji shakes her hands, massaging the sore spots.

Nitori nudges you. “Come on, I think we should leave now.” she comments in a hushed tone.”We shouldn't be dawdling. But where should we go?”

“I have somewhere in mind, but we're going to have to enter the tengu village.”

“Gotcha.” An invisible hand grabs onto your shirt, pushing you forward. “Lead the way, sir.” The pathway is all clear, with nobody in sight until the entrance. Only the occasional tengu passed by the village entrance, but otherwise it was wide open to sneak into.

“You know, with a manhunt and everything, you would expect them to place guards patrolling the village, right?”

“Yeah, how strange.” Nitori comments too loudly. A few heads turn in your direction, but you are shielded by both the camouflage and other noises in the vicinity. “Oops. I shouldn't say things so loud...” You couldn't see her, but you are certain that she had a sheepish grin on her face.

With Nitori's equipment, it was overly easy to reach Hatate's house. But you can't help but wonder if you would even get caught so as long as you acted natural. There were no guards posted anywhere. You open the front door slowly, closing it after Nitori follows. You decide to remain in hiding for the time being, pulling the kappa along. In the next room, a sharp shattering of material interrupts the silence around the house. You creep to the open door as quietly as possible to assess the situation. Hatate is on the floor, cursing quickly to herself, using a small dustpan to sweep up broken glass on the floor. It seemed to be the remains of a vase.

“I think it should be safe to uncloak now.” You nudge Nitori. With a press of a button that you couldn't see, you quickly reappeared to the world. Seeing your hands provided you with a sense of relief. “Hey,” you wave over to Hatate. “I'm back.”

She glances over to you, then at Nitori before turning her attention towards you once more. “Why are you here?” Hatate snaps at you suddenly. “Sorry, but what I meant is why are you out in the open like this? I've heard that you're now a fugitive.”

“I guess, but I felt like I needed to notify you first.” You recall the four wolf tengu near the cliff. “Besides, Momiji's been captured and I think I need all the help I can get. I don't think I can just hide until everything's over.”

“I understand then.” Hatate nods with vigor. She smirks as Nitori tinkers with her optical camouflage. “So how can I be of assistance?”

You should let her...

[ ] Stay here and collect information
[ ] Go with you. Some extra fighting power is always nice.
[ ] Scout out areas for you – she won't be targeted.
[ ] Write in

Optional: [ ] Check up on Momiji
No. 20875
[X] Stay here and collect information
-[x] Try and get in contact with Lord Tenma, see if Aya knows anything about what's going on, or if this is some kind of a plot against either her or otherwise.
-[x] -Unless she's targeted. In which case, abort, meet at the kappa village. Does Nitori have some method of keeping in contact? That would be useful.
-[x]Either way, make sure someone else knows something fishy is up. One of her relatives, perhaps. Take the worst possible scenario that some tengu are kidnapping former friends of the Lord Tenma, possibly for blackmail, or seizing power, and make sure they get that information on who's been targeted to Aya.

The more I look at it, the more I'm worried that this is a blackmail strike more against Aya than anything else. If Aya is doing this, then we are already dead there's not much we can do, but if it's not, getting her involved is probably the best.

Very bad but not absolutely worst case scenario is that these guys are from the anti-corruption squad as well as border patrol, who are grabbing Momiji for betrayal of her duty and letting a foreign national spy into their territory. Aya might very well have her hands tied because it's hard for her to interfere without being disinterested and Momiji would be in a lot of trouble - a treason charge might not be impossible and that carries horrible sentences.
No. 20885
[x] Stay here and collect information

If I could add a check momiji option, I would. Nice to see Hatate's not in any danger.
No. 20905
[x] Stay here and collect information
I honestly don't think Hatate will be safe with us, seeing as we're a fugitive and she has been untouched so far.
No. 21002
File 132306760661.jpg - (737.93KB , 700x905 , it's a package deal.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm really sorry for the sudden decrease in update times, but lately I've been feeling like utter crap. It turned out that I was showing symptoms of a strep throat. Good news is that I seem to be getting better, albeit a bit slowly.

Because of this however, Feel free to request anything! Whether it may be a scene of your favorite tengu, or something totally else. I will try to resume writing tomorrow.

...I still feel like shit as of now, so I'll rest today.
No. 21004
Something with Hatate as I'm not sure when she's going to get loving in this story.
No. 21005
A sex scene with aya,mainguy,hatate and momiji while they are wearing tophats,monocles and fake beards.Also all Dialogue must be about a cricket game.
No. 21007
Can I support this idea more than 100%?
No. 21008
Want some Nitori before she gets permanently friendzoned.
No. 21010
That's fine too, though who to say she'd end up friendzoned for sure.
No. 21015
You, good sir, win several internets.
No. 21056
File 132325013587.png - (87.40KB , 329x649 , afadd5a59e9821adaf6b5e08d2d5ad18.png ) [iqdb]
Momiji was flat on top of your, caressing your naked body, rubbing up against you. She uses her other free hand to sip a cup of tea, some of the tea spilling over her lithe body. The wolf tengu takes a moment to adjust her monocle, keeping the fragile frame from falling off. Hatate, meanwhile, strokes your erect penis gently with her mouth, her fake, white beard just brushing against the tip of your balls, tickling them.

“I say, this is much more than exemplifying a demonstration of cricket.” Momiji states nonchalantly while pressing her supple breasts against your face. She dons her black top hat, contrasting sharply with her white-gray hair.

“Indubitably.” Aya's voice comes from across the hall. Likewise, she has a fake white beard, all assorted with the usual top hat and monocle. Her bare body is displayed in front of the whole room, with her perked breasts blatantly in your face, along with Momiji's. “Though we hit the ball twice, don't you think? We should handle the ball quite carefully. I needed some practice with my wickets anyway.”

“Mmfrgh, mnmmffhg!” Hatate nods in agreement, sucking your cock all the while, juices just barely trickling out of her mouth.


I think I'll stop before it gets too stupid to read. Also, feel free to ask me anything about the story, or anything. I will answer any question you throw at me!

Will be working on more requests in the meantime.
No. 21057
File 132325020627.png - (39.16KB , 800x554 , crowwah.png ) [iqdb]
Oh, and it was terribly hard to find a suitable picture for this. I'm sorry, but here's a crow with a monocle instead. I drew it myself.
No. 21059

Oh wow,i did not expect you to write my request,thank you good sir. Also nice crow.
No. 21071
Absolutely delightful, good sir!
No. 21091
File 132342504691.jpg - (584.67KB , 1003x1300 , pleasantly.jpg ) [iqdb]
The warm confines of your bed lulls you into a deep rest, the soft pillow makes your will to leave the fluffy covers almost nonexistent. You even wonder why you bother to contemplate about getting out of your comfy bed.

“You're still in bed at this time? I thought I told you to get up a few hours ago!” Hatate's voice rings out from the hallway, her head poking out from the half-open door. “...Are you even awake yet?” She skeptically asks in a level tone. Ah, right. This was why you even thought of waking up in the first place.

You barely open your eyes, but you don't bother to respond. “Hey, can you hear me?” Hatate whispers, inching towards you one step at a time. Pretending to be asleep, you lay on the bed listlessly, like a predator waiting for its prey. She comes close, gently shaking your shoulder. “Come on, you can't sleep forever.” Your lovely crow tengu makes the mistake of leaning in too close to the bed. You can feel her face close to yours, the brown curls of her hair tickling your cheeks. You open your eyes just a little more to give her the nuance of getting up.

“Hatate...” you mumble, faking a motion to get up.

“Finally, you're getting u- Wah!” Locking her waist with your arms, you whisk her down onto the bed. Taken by surprise, she has no chance of escaping. You pull her closer to you, pressing against her body for warmth.

“Ah, this is much better.” You breathe a deep sigh of comfort.

“Haven't you heard the phrase, 'The early bird gets the worm'?” Hatate pouts, crossing her arms in her position.

“Only every day since I came here. It's still not funny, every time you say it.” You retort, reaching for your hand. You entwine your fingers with hers.

“I'm wasting my time here....I should be going right this instant. Please let me go.” She puts out multiple excuses, listing through several of them. Oddly, she never makes the effort to physically leave by herself. Her delicate hand squeezes yours, then lets go as she turns around in the same position to face you.

“Mmnnh, good morning.” you stretch, releasing Hatate from your arms. “Love you.”

Hatate now starts to squirm under the covers, pursing her lips like she is about to say something. She lifts her hands to touch your cheeks. Then, ever so gently, she brings her face up to yours and touches her lips to your nose. Moving down, she closes her eyes and locks her lips with yours, still holding you with those lithe hands of hers. “Love you too~” She smiles shyly, hiding the blush creeping up her face.

“Stay with me, Hatate.” you ask her directly.

“Well, I have work to do, but...” She trails off, thinking about it.

“No, I mean stay with me, Hatate.” You plead.

She responds absently, tilting her head a little. Then, like an epiphany, her face goes a harsh red. Hatate hides under the covers, not showing herself.

“O...Okay.” she mumbles from inside the sheets. Still hiding, she grabs your hand tightly, fumbling for your grasp.

And you felt satisfied, just holding her hand like this idly.
No. 21095
No. 21096
Can I request a possessive Hatate one?
No. 21210
No. 21238
File 132377172567.jpg - (672.07KB , 800x1148 , 75d2939a4d40774821302de95d2fe9e7.jpg ) [iqdb]
The world was...strangely black. You aimlessly floated off into space, not having the energy to stop yourself from drifting. At the end of the void, there was a bright light shining like a star. Reaching out to it, you pushed yourself to get closer to it.

...Gracefully waking yourself from your sleep, you tumble to the edge of the bed, making a desperate attempt to claw your way back onto the center. But alas, you slam to the ground face-up, the nerve of your back screaming for mercy, and not to mention you banged your head on the side of a desk. Pain wracking you at all sides, you roll around and clutch wherever hurts.

“Pff....” You hear a snort coming in from the other side of the bed. “Bwahahaha!” The voice erupts in laughter so hearty it vibrates against the cold, unforgiving floor. You clumsily clutch at the side of the desk, propping you up. Nitori is leaning back on her chair, a huge smile from one side of her face to the other visible. Her usual hair bobbles are nowhere to be found, letting her wavy blue hair go all the way down to her mid-shoulder. Instead of her blue camisole and dress, she has on loose, green pajamas that go all the way to her fingers and toes.

“...Mornin' kappa.” You stifle a yawn, crawling back into the bed.

“You're up early! Usually it takes you till the afternoon before you wake up.” Then, rolling up your sleeves, she inspects your arms. “Hm, you aren't as bruised as before. That's a good sign that you're healthy!”

“Like hell it is!” You half-yell to her, putting on a halfhearted frown. Nitori continues to beam at you the whole time, so you reluctantly drop you grimace, sighing instead.

“So why are you here this time? It's been the fifth time you fell over into the river!” She asks, excited to hear you speak. “What's your excuse this time?”

“...I had a misstep near the mountain cliffs.”

“Oh, this time it was just your clumsiness!” She chuckles, amused with your situation. Leaning her head on both of her hands, she bats her long eyelashes. “Or is it just because you wanted to see me? You didn't have to hurt yourself so that you can visit!”

“I can assure you that's surely not the case.” You pause. “Well, initially...”

“Ha! So you were planning on visiting me!” Nitori gloats. “Well, I don't mind at all, so you don't have to hurt yourself to come and see me anymore...” She clutches your arm with her smooth, rounded hands.

“What are you doing...?” You ask skeptically as she grabs your other arm.

“Shh...” She hushes you, pressing two of her light fingers to your lips. Removing them, she silences you with her lips before you can even get a chance to speak. The taste of her soft mouth lingers, faintly reminding you of mint. Stroking your cheek, she smiles seductively, the lust obvious in her eyes. The top of her pajamas is undone, hastily unbuttoned halfway. “I think it's fitting that you should get a reward for visiting me so often, hmm~?”


She coaxes you into taking off your clothing, leaving you bare and naked. Fully removing her pajamas, she lays next to you, smiling while blushing. Her ample breasts, usually hidden under her clothing, protrude out. Nitori's slim figure accentuates her curves going down to her thighs. Despite this, you can say that she is modest to hide all this under her clothing.

“Oh?” She tilts her head, obviously surprised. “It's only average-sized, I think.”

“Well, I'm sorry it's not up to your expectations.” You murmur crossly.

“It's not that...heh.” Moving in slowly, she hesitantly licks the underside of your penis, causing you to convulse in pleasure. “It's nice to know that you're so sensitive!” She giggles before continuing. Savoring your erection, she kisses the tip of your manhood.

“Nrgh, you're such a tease, Nitori...” you grumble, trying not to groan. Batting her eyelashes, Nitori laps up your cock, stroking it at the same time. You try your best to hold it in, but accidentally release some of your load in her mouth. She winces, but starts to swallow it. “Sorry, Nitori...I should've said something.”

“It's alright.” She dismisses your apology. “It was pretty bitter, but I can't say that I expected it to taste like sweets. I never expected it to taste so salty...” She strokes your penis, quickly making it get up again. “Quite excited are you?” She grins, drawing circles on the palm of your hand with her index finger. “I'm glad you have the energy!” She remarks, her emerald blue eyes glinting with cheerfulness.

“The same can be said for you, Nitori.” Though, she was always full of energy. Apart from when you initially met her, you don't remember a time when she was ever listless. She further exemplifies this by laying down, legs spread on the sheets, wearing her devious smile. “I'm going to put it in, okay?” You ask.

“You don't have to get permission, y'know.” She chuckles, a hint of nervousness in her tone. Because of this, you take your time placing it inside. As your penis barely goes inside, you can tell that Nitori's holding her breath. The crevices of her inner walls clamp up against your erection, juices already flowing outside. At this point, Nitori releases a sharp gasp of air, panting as you thrust into her. A trickle of saliva dribbles down her cheek, due to her pure extasy. She stifles a few moans, tightly clutching the sheets of the bed. Shortly after, she arches her back and exhales sharply. “Haaahhh!” The kappa lets out a moan before she tightens up on you, her love juices trickling out on your erection.

This happens multiple times, as Nitori orgasms one after another. Each time, her breath grows increasingly more ragged. You feel that you're about to cum, so you increase your speed, pumping into Nitori faster and faster. You hoist her on top of you, allowing her to clutch your shoulders as you plow her under you. Silently cursing yourself to be a quickshot, you are momentarily blinded by the sheer plaesure as you and Nitori unite as one. The clock reads 3 minutes later when the two of you first started.

Before you can curse some more, Nitori pulls you under the covers, laying on top of you. Her breasts are pressed on top of your chest, her nipples rubbing up against you. “I'm glad we had the chance to do this.” She whispers solemnly, as if being under the covers is a sacred place.

“Me too...” You whisper back, being as quiet as you can.

“I love you.” She states while kissing your chest. “I love you.” Nitori says once more, kissing your neck. “I love you.” Then, your cheek. Finally, planting a long kiss on your lips, her tongue poking inside curiously, she remarks for the last time, “I love you~”

“Nitori...I love you too.” You push a few stray locks of her hair, caressing her blue curls. She beams at you with shining, turquoise eyes.

Cuddling up together, you stay with Nitori until she falls asleep. Once hearing her rhythmic snoring, you planned to head back home.

...But in the end, you fell asleep there too, conjoined with the kappa.
No. 21239
With the previous post, there was a possessive/yandere Hatate, but I could always write some more. Feel free to post what you want.
No. 21255
Hey, thanks for that. My Nitori itch is scratched.

Could've done with fewer commas, though.
No. 21258
I would like to request some Aya. Anything with her!
No. 21266
Great stuff, Moral. This is my one of my favorite threads on /at/ right now. I love the tengu girls and Nitori, especially your renditions of them.
No. 21271
File 132384999844.jpg - (432.66KB , 950x690 , saint shameimaru.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's posts like these that really enjoy writing. Thanks for that, it really made my mediocre day a whole lot better!

Here's some Christmas Aya.
No. 21509
Are you busy with the holidays? Or is there writers block? Or even worse, are you still sick? The story's at such a cliffhanger right now. The suspense is killing me.
No. 21524
Terrible news gentlemen, Moral's ISP has cockslapped him across the face and taken down his internet! They also provide his phone service, and he used his phone's tethered internet to tell me this, so take that how you will... No idea on duration, but for the moment, Moral is MIA! We here at the Bunbunmaru news remain committed to bring you the QUICKEST, MOST EXCITING news story all day. Our special all-day viewing package starts at $99...
No. 21525

No idea who you are, tripfaggot, but why didn't you just post anonymously? You aren't clever or funny either, all you had to say was 'Moral's internet is down for the time being, no ETA.'
No. 21533
You need to chill man. Goddamn.

Get back to work.
No. 21545
He's in a nigh-constant state of being an asshole who will dick over nice guys like Serial ATA just because he could.
No. 21560

Post anonymously? What's that??


Sometimes, I touch him inappropriately. True story.
No. 21834
Next thread:

On another note, I'm a fucking dumbass. I posted without saging, bumping this thread up. I tried back spacing but it was too late.