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And with another past the passage of the first page, a new life has been created. May we value the existence of thee who has passed and cherish the future memories of thou that stands before us.

No. 15380
File 131075068566.jpg - (510.36KB , 1100x1202 , f5ead89b5345032e192e918c09d072d5.jpg ) [iqdb]
out of curiousity, there any nakajou fans out there? I greatly like their suwako. anyone know if they do doujins or cg sets?
No. 15381
I may be wrong, but I think he's (they're?) just doing drawings. I haven't find anything else from him than his pixiv.
No. 15383
File 131075574791.jpg - (94.59KB , 849x615 , Butthurt zombie.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot my pic.
No. 15384
File 131075667283.jpg - (104.53KB , 611x800 , 6648100_p6.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't know of anything besides his Pixiv and Twitter. But if he doesn't do CGs he really should be.

I'm not particularly obsessed with him like some other artists, but he's a good one. More variety of characters would be nice.
No. 15389
Why do people like CG sets? Woo, the same picture with 8 diffs. Exciting. Maybe there will be some terrible dialogue or a story to go with your 8 diffs if you're lucky.
No. 15390
Many people, like me, like those similar but sequential pictures. They give a sense of activity and progress that single images don't. Check out that Yukari tentacle set in the tentacle thread, for example.
No. 15399
Sometimes the dialogue/story that goes with them is decent. (Plus my tolerance for bad writing goes way up when I'm jerking it.)
No. 15415
Well, yeah, if you compare them to single pictures, of course they'll compare favorably.

I guess they're easy to make and distribute. That's something.
No. 15433
NIce to see something by this artist scanned, more Iku is always welcome.
No. 15458
File 131111808886.jpg - (439.77KB , 800x600 , a506d9071d12a29f51a285b91d646e91.jpg ) [iqdb]
didn't know hakika did doujins. greatly love how they draw yamame. such a nice plump ass. doujin itself was rather nice, though the ending is depressing.
also, pic to the left, probably my favorite image by the author. i love the concept more then anything.
No. 15460
I'm a bit disappointed with how she was portrayed. I was expecting him to do something more closer to her character. It certainly doesn't look like Rapid Rabbit will be outdone anytime soon in terms of Yamame doujins.
No. 15461
you mean this one? >>8484
that was a good read. sad but heartwarming as well.
No. 15472
Yep, and Yamame was much more in character, in fact it basically explained her current disposition.
No. 15476
The translation actually isn't that bad; a little translator-ese, but at least nothing's just plain wrong like usual.

Honestly, I would have much less antipathy towards him if he stuck to simple stuff like this; it's him taking on difficult projects with complicated language and utterly butchering them, apparently without any realization that he's out of his depth, that I can't stand.
No. 15477
There's a discussion thread for that. This thread is just for doujins and contents. Nothing else.
No. 15482
>"I came here to suck some dicks"
That line is pure gold. You should use that as #thp's welcome message.
No. 15486
It's not apparent in the rest of the body, but I'm seeing definite influence from Tomotsuka Haruomi/Rapid Rabbit in Patchouli's face here.

For anyone curious about the content:
Rinnosuke's visiting Patchouli. She's busy reading while dressed only in her panties and thighhighs. Rinnosuke tries groping her; she says she doesn't mind as long as he doesn't make her move, because she's in a comfortable reading position. What follows is a one-sided footjob, then a fuck from behind. During this, Patchy's internal monologue is quite passionate, but she doesn't say anything aloud. Unmoving Great Library, indeed.
No. 15487
This is so much better than his color pictures.
No. 15492
thanks for the summery. Hope this gets translated. One of those doujins that just resonates with a style all its own, atleast to me.
No. 15503
like the idea of these. if artists love to make their women use magic to become futas and fuck their female lover, whats stoping them from doing this in a straight relationship?
Though I feel bad for the guy. ran effortlessly made a dick more then 5 times the size of the guy's.
No. 15515
Turns out Yuzumomo (part of Mirabilien Fabrik, did things like Shameless Girls) is only working on worksafe doujins at this point. I asked him on twitter if he had any plans on re-releasing his older works again and this is what I got:

"I think that I am uncommonly. The doujin comics that everyone can read is chiefly scheduled to be drawn."

translation from engrish: It's pretty unlikely, I'm planning on doing worksafe stuff for a while.
No. 15534
found a couple of this person's doujins.
couldn't find a lot of them though.
No. 15535
He's also ikuta_takanon on Danbooru and 鷹呑 on Pixiv:

I'm still hoping for this loli Ran doujin of his, released at C79: http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001037850_hina_kitunec.php
No. 15542
File 13112948139.jpg - (139.78KB , 647x906 , a451f2d16e4fdb73039ac067fbd7c9b3.jpg ) [iqdb]
artist's pixiv name is 夏の紅茶
their name is natsu_no_koucha on danbooru
they do a lot of art touhou art, i think they have a preference towards rumia cause they draw her a LOT, hentai and non hentai.
also, colored version of the second picture
No. 15554
This was pretty creepy. Yukari raping a young Reimu in her dreams every night...ugh.
No. 15576

New Doumou doujin. Only one preview page, but I have a feeling it will be a full color doujin. I am basing this entirely off of the price and that Doumou's other, longer works in black & white cost less. 32 pages at 525 yen each, this is 20 pages at 772 yen.
No. 15583
File 131156213160.jpg - (155.21KB , 700x1002 , 20576357.jpg ) [iqdb]
new work by Albatross. really liked their yuyuko, suika, and yuugi doujins though im kind of sad their last 2 were mystia having sex with a demon with a monster cock. hoping the new one gets another touhou character in there again.
No. 15590

"really liked their yuyuko, suika, and yuugi doujins though im kind of sad their last 2 were mystia having sex with a demon with a monster cock."

I know what you mean. I hope it goes back to futa as well with Mystia getting taken advantage of by either onis, Yuyuko or another girl eager to eat some chicken.
No. 15596
>Warning: Contains NeoSeporium.
No. 15597
Hextuple post? Really?
No. 15599
Umad has a new donor project up. tewi one.
[IncluDe] OO’s White Rabbit

also, >>15589
Dick Shitting nipples. So strange.
No. 15600
Because each time I posted, I had an allocation memory shit coming up, so I had to reply again.

I noticed it was working again too late, but I erased all other posts.
No. 15618
>their last 2 were mystia having sex with a demon with a monster cock

Huh, didn't realize that there was second doujin like that. I'll have to take another look around and see if I can find it.

Really enjoy this guy's Mystia, but...the futa usually turns me off from reading much of his stuff.
No. 15620

"Really enjoy this guy's Mystia, but...the futa usually turns me off from reading much of his stuff."

Same thing with me and I love the way he draws Mystia. Although I enjoy his futa works over his regular straight ones with OC/faceless males since it makes up the majority of his doujin releases. That and Yuyuko is funny as hell.
No. 15621
Anyone know of Raidenlabo, or Raidenrabo, whatever the fuck it is? I've been trying to get a few translations of his doujins, but only found one. I just found out about him, and I really like his art style.
No. 15622
That would be because there is only one. Everything else is untranslated.
No. 15624
Raiden Labo has a good 2 dozen Touhou doujins or so, although he hasn't been too active with releases recently. There are actually only two translated Raiden Labo doujins.

Speaking of which, I remember somebody once posted a picture of a doujin ripped to shreds because he despised the contents. It was "Lunatic Nightmare Kai".
No. 15625
Here you are.
>>10187 consentual and happy sex. team 9 fuck a big dicked yokai, and mystia takes the whole thing
>>12126 Mystia visits by herself for some loving. Feels more personal this time around. maybe a love?
No. 15626
>ripped it up

What a waste. Should at least resell it.
No. 15629
Not surprising as the first lunatic nightmare was pretty "feels bad man", but he has other doujins that aren't so depressingly rapeful, though at the same time the content is as such that there's not much of a plot.
No. 15645
Well fuck. Guess I just gotta read it untranslated then.
No. 15668
This year is all downhill from here, for me. This is the best I could possibly hope for.
No. 15677

Words cannot describe how happy I am. Even Caps Lock isn't enough.
No. 15722

I accept sloppy blowjobs, too.
No. 15757
Funny, this doujin got so much better because it was translated. Yuka teasing, Tenshi pretending to be raped, Youmu being innocent... Pretty nice stuff.
No. 15915
preview images
looks like it will be straight shota dissapointed it won't be futa on mystia like their classic work but a tan mystia is rather nice.
No. 15917
If we're talking about what-ifs, I'd like to see more of Rumia, Wriggle, and Cirno from him. But that will never happen.
No. 15918
ya. his team 9 one was rather refreshing (shame it hasn't been translated yet)
Would like to see them explored a little more, if only as bonus chapters.
No. 15932
File 13127718745.jpg - (32.91KB , 419x358 , Lookatit.jpg ) [iqdb]
That said; straight shota and a tanned Mystia? Sign me up for that! Can't wait to get my hands on this~

I'll also agree on seeing a little more of this guy's take on the rest of Team 9 as well, but yeah...I can only guess that maybe they'll get some spotlight in the near future, I suppose.
No. 15938
"That said; straight shota and a tanned Mystia? Sign me up for that! Can't wait to get my hands on this~"

Didn't know Albatross can draw some hot shota characters.
When this is released, I will have it on top of my list. It has been a long time since I have commissioned a work of Albatross.
I skipped commissioning the previous 2 doujins in the series because of the lack of futa contents, but this is hot cute shota x tanned Mystia action that even a Touhou futa purist like me CANNOT deny. Albatross has always been one of my favorite Top Tier Touhou artist who can draw a delicious cock as well as ahegao faces.
No. 15945
of those 2,
i liked the opening part of the first with team 9 loving the guy over like that but i found the monster cock on mystia more....funny then sexy? second one i liked cause it felt more personal and happy, though again, mystia looked like a living condom on his giantass dick.

really hope they do another oni one. i really love yuugi and suika in their futa doujins. such good characters.
No. 15946
Straight shota? Hell yeah!
Tanned Mystia? Not sure if want.

I dunno, it just feels weird.
No. 15950
"Tanned Mystia? Not sure if want.
I dunno, it just feels weird."

Weird? Come now. Tanned girls (and brown girls) in anime (and hentai) are bloody hot! There's nothing weird about seeing a beloved game/anime character getting a nice tan.
So Mystia finally got cooked a bit. Who knows? Maybe this will attract a certain hungry hentai ghost back into the series since she's the central core element that turned dearest Mystia into a perverted cock nympho!

"really hope they do another oni one. i really love yuugi and suika in their futa doujins. such good characters."

Me too. The last time we saw them, they almost knocked up Mystia. But that egg they pulled out of her womb was luckily unfertilized for the two would-be 'daddies'.
I would love to see the onis and the hungry ghost vying for Mystia's attention and fighting over her. It would be an interesting encounter.
No. 15955
new ito life
could be Satori exclusively, or the entire SA crew. either way, im happy. satori is strangely my favorite character when it comes to hentai work. mind reading is always a neat perspective in those works.
No. 15956
"Weird? Come now. Tanned girls (and brown girls) in anime (and hentai) are bloody hot! There's nothing weird about seeing a beloved game/anime character getting a nice tan. "

I dunno. Personally, I'm attracted by girls with white skin, rather than by tanned girls. Kinda like a medieval guy.
No. 15958
Fuck red hair and clothing. Worst color. Even yellow is sexier.
No. 15959
His main C80 release is actually a Yukari book. The one you're looking at is almost certainly an artbook, so don't get too excited.

I'll get excited about the Yukari one. She's one of my favourites.
No. 15960
"I dunno. Personally, I'm attracted by girls with white skin, rather than by tanned girls. Kinda like a medieval guy."

Now that I have thought about it, I have never seen a tanned Cirno. I guess it would be weird for an ice-fairy to get a brown tan.
No. 15966
File 131283596133.jpg - (320.86KB , 800x1119 , 20931023_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck yes, this artist doing a futa doujin. All his other samples have faceless men, but this has none in sight! Hooray!
Scenario looks fuckawesome, writing looks above-average from what little I could read (why is this bar so low fuck porn writing), faces are decent, it has all my favorite characters plus a bonus Kyouko for god knows what reason, it won't be scanned if this artist's track record is any indication. I made myself sad.

Quote by putting an > in front.
>Like this.
No. 15967
Thou greentext lure thy ragenon, who comes and screams and yell and uses too many caps lock for thy peace.
No. 15968
File 131283645682.jpg - (503.69KB , 1046x727 , 20928082_big_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Time to get excited again.
No. 15972
>implying that there aren't legitimate uses of >

>The problem with "greentext" is the people who use it. Much like sage it's a feature on imageboards and is perfectly fine when used correctly.

The above two are examples of > misuse. The first is the god awful >implying bullshit that needs to get back to /v/ and stay there. The second is putting text in green for no fucking reason. To the best of my knowledge the latter originated from /r9k/, as prefixing lines with > bypassed the spam filter. Either of these uses fully deserves the rage of all sane imageboard members.

>Quote by putting an > in front.
However using > to quote text is what it is intended for and looks a lot better on imageboards than the "" crap. Unlike the other two "uses" this originates from email clients; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style#Quoted_line_prefix .
No. 15977
>However using > to quote text is what it is intended for and looks a lot better on imageboards than the "" crap.

Thank you for teaching me. You learn something new everyday. That said, I am looking forward to that futa doujin by 草葉 (xavar) as well merely for the fact that Pimprisa seemed to have turned futa Dai-chan into an aggressive fairy humper.
No. 15978
You forgot one.


And both are available for sale here:

No. 15980
I think I can guess by the cover what's going to happen. But let's be honest: Is there anyone who didn't see that coming from a mile away?
No. 15982
I would have been extremely disappointed if those two didn't end up turning on each other and both losing.

Bonus points if they're the only ones that actually end up pregnant while all the residents of the SDM just wind up addicted to sex/eventually kick out the rapists/whatever.

60 pages. Grayscale this time. Can't wait.
No. 15991
Even his art books are quite nice as he uses his cover style for them. Also he does have a couple of cute/hot Yukari pictures on danbooru/pixiv. But yeah I'm looking forward to this.
No. 15992
damn, This looks funny as all hell. Hope it gets translated and I hope wriggle gets a good fuck scene. DOMINENT WRIGGLE NEEDS A COMEBACK!
No. 15993
If it actually comes out and is as good as the previews make it seem, I'll probably get it done. However it sounds like there's almost no chance of it actually getting scanned.
No. 15995
His C77 doujin was scanned a while back! I'm not giving up hope!
No. 15998
Does anyone know the name of a doujin where Yuyuko and Youmu are having sex with a faceless guy, and Youmu uses her ghost half, at least I think it's the ghost half, to give the guy a blowjob while he's having vaginal sex with Yuyuko? Essentially he's getting a blowjob at the same time he's fucking Yuyuko.

I saw it somewhere in /at/, but I can't remember the name.
No. 16000
No. 16002
File 131287921073.jpg - (273.15KB , 400x566 , 1312818452314.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like Extend Party 3's status is 'coming soon'.

Too bad the contents are not in color, although that might make the cleaning much easier.
No. 16003
File 131288034326.jpg - (443.58KB , 681x800 , 215-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
His art is nice, but I found that last artbook too short. And yes I like his Yukari pictures.

I wouldn't expect the SDM to be freed just because they got those two. And even if Eirin/Yukari shooting each other was obvious, there's plenty that isn't. Like what becomes of Meiling? Most importantly, do they remain like this forever or not? Really really hoping for the latter. Definitely hope it gets scanned quickly.
No. 16010

New Nounai Kanojo. direct continuation of the last mini chapter, where rin and okuu had a fuck fest with nanashi. Glad its Satori. hope to see koishi in there too or atleast in the next work.
No. 16011
they might be thinner than his doujins due to the effort put into them compared to the usual doujin page.

From the samples I think the title is something like YUKADELI.
No. 16013
File 131289672623.jpg - (267.26KB , 705x1000 , moe 125679 sample.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm not an artist, but writing and paneling should probably factor into that. They take effort too.
No. 16019
I mean compare the cover of his doujin's art to a normal page's art. the former would take more effort while the latter would have some effort, just not as much.
No. 16033

My offer that I made in the prior thread to scan doujinshi still stands, though at this point I wouldn't be able to pay for & receive doujinshi until probably November, unless the community wants to cover it entirely. I did discover my deputy is willing to take orders from others and ship them directly me, though, due to a friend asking him if it was possible.
No. 16052
Its certainly interesting seeing someone use their over sized testicles to stimulate another's penis....and their own at the same time. like, testizuri?
No. 16065
New book by the author who did this

looks like RanxYukari, starting out as yuri but ran later becoming a futa. hope it gets scanned and translated.
No. 16246
Didn't know PANZERS did a guest comic for this. they show yuugi and parsee having fun with "friend". nice little surprise i guess.
No. 16352
Close. "Tamazuri".
No. 16354
Panzers had a bit in that "Wedding dress Suika" doujin that was posted in the untranslated thread today.
No. 16356
saw that. some of the ones in that were kind of meh but there were some good pieces in there.
No. 16376
It's not that incomprehensible.

Renko gets on a rape train. One of the guys sees what she is texting Mary and uses that to get her name and likely the word "boundary". They then proceed to rape her and claim she's feeling good because of the boundary, but lolnoboundaryyou'rejustaslut. Mary had nothing to do with it.
No. 16391
Does anyone ever find the rape stuff rather boring?
No. 16406
I would agree, but there's nice (horrible?) stuff like >>16213

The typical faceless rape is incredibly boring though, yeah. I'd like to see a faceless woman rape Rinnosuke.
No. 16667
faceless women on rinnosuke? frankly, I wish there were more Rinnosuke doujins period. Really like his personality in the books. its easy to figure out what he would say and the pairings with him, to me, seem believable in some ways.
I like Rinnosukexany of the older characters. speaking of, has there been a RinnosukexByakuren doujin yet?

kind of wish the author would experiment a little more with the concept. ya, its easy to write and all, but it gets boring reading the same basic premise over and over again.
No. 16670
I'm generally tired of Rinnosuke due to all the boring 'RINNOSUKE IS A RAPIST' doujins. There were a few nice, loving ones in the past, but I generally don't like him in pairings outside of him and Tokiko for some crazy reason.

Now, if we could get Rinnosuke x Faceless Guy...
No. 16671
File 131385177773.jpg - (182.07KB , 800x812 , a3c4048c737989e5b5e1bb1362175197.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 16771
Somebody should really do a reverse rape doujin with Rinnosuke, preferably involving one of the Old Hags.
No. 16773
File 131393296842.jpg - (565.23KB , 640x2000 , ae66d42b309db590e04d56f5fb44fb30.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not a doujin, but there is this.
No. 16791
>Buddy, buddy, buddy
Is it cgrascal's doing? That reminded me Nitori's endless "friend".
No. 16798
Team Vanilla.

Also, I'm pretty sure friendfriendfriendfrient isn't CGRascal's fault. Supposedly it's a joke based on "The Kappa are friends of the humans" or something similar.
No. 16806
>reverse rape
Every time I see this, I think of situations where the rapist becomes the raped, but people usually mean female on male rape. Which is weird, because there's no reversal in that situation.
No. 16808
File 13139544081.png - (118.62KB , 1132x600 , 007.png ) [iqdb]
That's epic.
If only all hentai would be as epic as this, but noooo, most of the time, dialogues are "I'm cumming", and "cool story bro, go ahead".
No. 16810
Most of that is translators refusing to translate anything remotely difficult. Not that I blame them, I'd do the same thing if I were them.
No. 16811
File 131396004014.jpg - (94.80KB , 494x694 , sanae wedding2.jpg ) [iqdb]
It will be the greatest tragedy in the history of Touhou H-doujins if this is not scanned.
No. 16813
Who knows as it's a Taiwanese artist, but the circle name is WISH+希冀之翼 or Wish~希望の翼~.
No. 16815
Is it even available through the usual channels? read: Toranoana, Melonbooks, etc.
No. 16817

I have yet to see it on either website and I check both of them very often. That doesn't mean it won't pop up. There are C80 releases that are just trickling on to Melonbooks/Toranoana now, versus others that were on there for preorder for months.
No. 16818
Possessive Koakuma is the best.
No. 16833
Parsee and Hina? interesting combination. want to see more of those 2 together. misfortune and jealous can really feed off of one another well.
No. 16836
I'm not sure how often they were buddied up before the Iron of Ying and Yang came along as a group of made of Parsee, Medicine, and Hina were in it and as a result the grouping gained some popularity, even outside of the IoYaY context.
No. 16906
File 131411646811.png - (501.13KB , 1254x1600 , J60009.png ) [iqdb]
I hope making a /r/ here is allowed, I was hesitant to use the thread in /t-h/ since it's not as active as this place.

Could someone please point me to any doujins that have some good nipple play? I've downloaded a few random h-doujins over the years and I've hardly seen any that include it, and it's often not something that people mention when giving a summary of the content. I have most of Nagiyamasugi's doujins which have some very nice scenes of the sort but I'd like to know if there are others of equal quality. Thanks in advance.
No. 16961
SAZ's Komachi doujins had some nipple play, not sure if that's what you're looking for.
No. 16962
Take a look at INTER MAMMARY 2 by Mata Ashita, if you're into inverted ones.
No. 16984
File 131417488995.png - (685.63KB , 1024x576 , Fuck yeah.png ) [iqdb]
After seeing Aya's happy face, I can die happy.

On another note, is it translated?
No. 16985
Of course not.

The work required to translate a VN means that none of the ero touhou VNs (or any other type of ero game) will ever be translated.
No. 17019
I could die happy too if I could get the damn thing to run.
No. 17021
How so? Isn't it just a lot of text to translate?
No. 17023
Make sure you're using Japanese locale.

That's the main issue. It's a lot of text to translate. A LOT. That's a KiriKiri game so the hacking is trivial, and script editing to make everything fit isn't difficult either.


Here's the script files for this game and the translated script of Extend Party 2. The main ones are the story_x.ks files; there's probably not much worth translating in the others.

A quick estimate is about 10k lines of dialogue in those 6 files alone. For comparison, Extend Party 2 has about 800 lines of dialogue. This is of course an extremely rough estimate, but it should give you an idea of how much text is in the game, or any VN. Keep in mind that EP2 is a long doujin.

Now consider the rate in which doujinshi are translated. Ignore anything from CGRascal because he sucks. Ignore anything that was paid commision because the cost of this would be in the thousands (EP2 was $90 for a text only translation). That's why it'll never be translated. It's simply too much work.
No. 17028
Huh...I guess that would do it...
I really should learn Japanese. God knows I'm not doing anything else with my time.
No. 17034
>>16375 has a good amount.

Why not start today? God knows there are enough free resources around.

If you can't memorize kana, give up.
No. 17055
The Sakuya section of this made me very sad and I don't know why. I don't really like Sakuya, and I've seen worse rape and mind break and whatnot, yet it really hit me in the gut. Very strange.
No. 17058
Kuma-kan flash does a notable jobs of depressing rape, like in their yukari one, Where Aya uses Reimu in her revenge plot against Yukari for punishing her for taking pictures of Reimu. One can't help but feel that Reimu may be next.
No. 17061
Ah...I remember that doujin now. I wish I hadn't...
No. 17100
I think they did some non-rape ones, but yeah things like that stick with you, particularly as examples of "FAPFAPFAP Oh yeah it's hot, but after WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST FAP TO!?"
No. 17137
Thank you kindly you two.
No. 17250
It hasn't been in the untranslated doujin thread yet, I think, but I just finished reading 堕ち巫女 (Dachi Miko, "degraded shrine maiden") by circle Goshujin-sama no Omochabako.

Reimu has imprisoned Sanae. She wastes no time in unveiling her intentions, by bringing out a Faceless Male and having him deflower Sanae via brutal rape. The rape doesn't end there, continuing until Sanae is on the verge of death by exhaustion. Reimu then calls a break until Sanae regains consciousness. She then reveals that the "man" is actually a stray dog in rut, who she grabbed off the roadside and transformed into a human, and that Sanae is probably pregnant with some freaky human-dog hybrid.

Sanae swears she'll tell Kanako and Suwako about this, but Reimu shuts her down by informing her that the goddesses were sent to the outside world for a vacation by Yukari. Reimu then decides to fuck with Sanae more by injecting her with some kind of drugs. Sanae's mind then shuts down as she gives up.

Later, Sanae awakens to Kanako and Suwako standing over her, and thinks it was all just a dream. The two smilingly disabuse her of this notion, and reveal that they were aware of what was going on. Furthermore, they themselves decide to put Sanae through more rape, just for shits and giggles.

Elsewhere, Reimu is talking to Yukari, stating that she never liked Sanae, and that she had it all done because she thinks Gensoukyou doesn't need a second miko. Concluding shots reveal that Sanae is indeed pregnant.

tl;dr - rape, mindbreak, bitches and whores. Same old shit. DELETED.
No. 17257

No. 17259
God damn, just reading that summary enrages me.
No. 17260
God damn, just reading that summary enrages me.
No. 17261
That not enough memory error is getting ridiculous.
No. 17266
It doesn't help the memory issue pops up worst here compared to all else. Either due to a higher focus or the fact it's the busiest board as of late.
No. 17274
File 131437917127.gif - (1.21KB , 97x27 , button_topic_reply[1].gif ) [iqdb]
>particularly as examples of "FAPFAPFAP Oh yeah it's hot, but after WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST FAP TO!?
Is it wrong that I think more "oh hell that's hot, I wish I were in that position" than anything else for those doujins?

Attach image with file; if your post went through it'll not repost.
No. 17278
I'm seeing a lot of Touhous raping/breaking their friends, family, lovers, and whatnot lately. I don't like it at all.
No. 17285
Yeah particularly as it's grievously out of character or just outright depressing.

On the matter of post fap thoughts, I liked I'm's "Melting" as it left a d'awww feeling. I'm waiting for I'm's two Momiji doujins to get scanned sometime as I know that we don't have A) enough momiji and B) consensual at that.
No. 17286
It's hard being a slaver in Gensokyo. It's hard, and nobody understands.
No. 17287
File 131439465357.jpg - (162.53KB , 819x1174 , 08.jpg ) [iqdb]
page 8, second panel,
For a second, I thought Yukari had a penis the size of her body. Gave me quite a shock, wasn't expecting it to be THAT monsterous. Then I realized that was just zooming in on her penis.
No. 17290
Same here. I wonder how many people that page has confused.
No. 17375
I noticed I have a real lack of Mokou doujins, her being one of my favorite characters, this saddens me.
There any good mokou doujins, translated or untranslated?
i got
Touhou Enchantresses' Dance 1 and 6 (>>1787 >>5893)
and RiceCandy - Mokoton (>>1761)
No. 17389
Depends on your tastes. I'm not sure exactly what to recommend, but take a look at my spreadsheet here, good for looking for specific characters >>15179.

With Mokou, try these:
No. 17402
It doesn't help that she doesn't have much to offer, being a malnourished revenge obsessed loner. In doujins she's usually used as a partner in Mokou/Keine or Mokou/Kaguya hatesex.
No. 17435
There's a really good Mokou/Keine one by Yumiya, called Fujiwara no Mokou wa Shizukani Kurasenai ("Fujiwara no Mokou Can't Live Quietly"), just released at C80. Lots of blushing, loving stuff.
No. 17454
File 131453609554.jpg - (327.38KB , 1116x1600 , ro_rin_14.jpg ) [iqdb]
Honestly, I like this guy's art, but he needs to stop making books. Or if he must, to revert to his older style of works, that don't have x-ray every couple of panels, and have a bit more to them than just "hello, in-out-in-out".
No. 17509
I like how this one's title is different than the first in the series, despite the fact that the same guy translated both of them. This is the level of effort that CGRascal puts into his work, folks.

For the curious, the correct translation would be "Wind Charmer", which is the English rendering of 風祝, the word being spelled out in kana here.
No. 17511
You forgot the part about it being yet another rapey/smuty Sanae doujin. And people thought Reisen got a lot of doujins.
No. 17512
Why are you angry that some characters are popular? They aren't stealing doujins from your favorite character.
No. 17513
Hell no.
Dante's hell no.
No. 17514
>And people thought Reisen got a lot of doujins.
People thought that? I always wished she got a lot more doujins.

On the other hand I am biased.
No. 17519
It did affect how SLDT's Innocent Maiden story got a lot of demand yet finishing his Eirin short didn't. People in that thread acted like Sanae smut was rare when it wasn't.
No. 17522
On the other hand they give attention to the long forgotten PC-98s so it balances out.
No. 17535
the day i get a good (or any) Konngara doujin is the day I can rest easily.
Or maybe YuugixMima. something about those 2 as a couple just screams awesomeness.
No. 17538
>(or any)
I don't understand this. Surely you've got your own fantasies, right? Why would you want a doujin that's worse than what you can imagine?
No. 17575
another's fantasy could be even grander then your own. different perspectives and such.
No. 17577
yes, that is what makes something a good doujin. he said ANY doujin
No. 17592
File 131473331532.jpg - (366.27KB , 533x746 , 17261822_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyone happen to have MISSING MOON 4? (this series >>17587 )
seems to star tenshi having some tentacle loving
No. 17606
might not be released or scanned yet.
No. 17651
Yes, it is. Or at least should be:
No. 17656
>or scanned yet
No. 17669
>Reimu with a a horse doujin
What. What is this? Got a link/preview?
No. 17682

No. 17752

Finally found this on a store page.

No. 17778
Thanks for linking it. Though, the previews don't really sell it to me, so someone else can have one of the remaining copies.
No. 17920
The length of the thread is fine. The previous thread went to 700, so 500 isn't that much. More than half of it is imageless replies as well.

The real issue is the old thread. It's on the last page now and will probably fall off in under a month. I have no idea how much other people use it, but I do occasionally check through it to see if something was translated. Unfortunately a lot of the download links are broken, including everything that was posted by darth tohru.

I don't know if anyone is willing to go through the effort of going through a saved copy of the thread, checking all the links, and reposting the good links in a new thread and re-uploading the bad. Doubly so since most people want descriptions to go with their porn.
No. 17924

This will generally cover information one would need. The descriptions are shorter but standardized. I sort of wish people are more aware of this though, but it tends to float down the pages.

Yes, it's not fully up to date either, but better than nothing...
No. 17925
Oh, no.
Why not.
>ugly rabbit men
Why not?
Hell yes!
Uuuuuh... Yeah, why not?
Mmmm, nope.
>CGRascal translation
No. 17926
>Why not.
It's repetitive and boring?

I suppose the same could be said for almost all porn.
No. 17928
What in gods name. It feels like someone ran this through babelfish.

I was so looking forward to a translation and then it just killed this one for me. At least until a decent translation is out.
No. 17929

Unfortunately, translated stuff usually don't get retranslated (Disease Woman's Story being a rare exception). So once CGRascal gets his talentless hands on a doujin, it's pretty much fucked unless the content is spectacular.
No. 17931
I feel stupid for asking this, but what's the syntax for marking spoilers?

I really do like Takemasaya's art style. Nice mind-breaking stuff, especially in his Etrian Odyssey ones too. Plus, I love his portrayal of Kaguya in his doujins... Just has this really dominant feeling to her.
No. 17932
[ spoiler ]Black text here[ /spoiler ]

Delete the spaces.
No. 17956
huh. this a direct sequal to >>7611 ? the male looks the same.
No. 17969
out of curiousity, where is >>17968 from? it interestes me.
No. 17972
Supposed to be a sample, but despite long reasearches, I never found the full manga.
No. 17975
>long reasearches

Less than a minute of looking on Toranoana:

No. 17977
Yes! More rape douj--
No. 17983
Thanks for your hel-
Thanks anyway.
No. 17995
This only raises the question of if CGRascal's targets would have been translated anyways as most of the main Touhou H doujin circles are usually busy with various projects, such as THEIR favorites.

Not exactly justifying his actions, if anything the major doujin circle response seems to only encouage his activities than anything else. If they prompty made a superior translation for every one of his works, then maybe he'd get the hint and stop (that or that's his master plan)
No. 17996
He's not going to stop from that. I have absolutely no idea what his motivation is, but even if every single release he put out got retranslated he would continue releasing things.
No. 17997
Why hasn't anyone seemed to notice how terrible his translations are? What made that one doujin with Yamame so special that someone else translated it, after CGRascal's hack job, and made it readable, but for every other doujin that CGRascal has translated nothing has been done?
No. 17998
People know how bad his translations are. It's not some THP secret or anything. LWB has retranslated a few doujins hes done. The yamame doujin got retranslated because people wanted it retranslated.

It's simple. Despite what people say, if CGRascal hadn't translated x doujin, it'd remain untranslated. LWB is the only group that does translations fast enough to match CGRascal (I'm pretty sure he can translate and edit in 4 hours), and they typically only translate hard rape. That's why all of his shit never gets retranslated. The people who actually do the translations don't care, and the people doing the bitching aren't willing to piss away their money on paid commision.

And here, have some additional discussion about CGRascal.
No. 18013
File 131538288359.jpg - (368.08KB , 1110x1553 , 21588169_big_p3.jpg ) [iqdb]
YuukaxWriggle. im excited. favorite pairing
No. 18092

This is the best fap I've had all year. Anyone know any other blowjob-centric doujins I may have missed?
No. 18242
I am so god damn sick of mind break. It's fucking everywhere; every time I see something that looks fappable, the girl ends up losing her mind and I end up losing my boner.
No. 18243
The previous one was better, even if it was done by CGRascal. It sounds like there will be a third, so hopefully Yuuka will become assertive again.
No. 18244
One can only hope, but I wasn't talking about that doujin specifically.
No. 18247

When I say 'light scat' here, by the way, I mean there's two panels on page 20 with some turds mixed into the enema fluid. It isn't being actively used or played with, hence 'light'. It's just there.
No. 18266
out of curiosity, who translated >>18263? i mean what group and possible link?
No. 18267
No. 18268

I didn't see his usual 'one of a kind productions' tag or whatever the fuck he puts on his translations, but it sure does read like something he did.
No. 18269
It's also right on his blog.
No. 18307
File 131580008417.jpg - (217.36KB , 663x1000 , mamizou_sample01.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll just leave this here...
No. 18308
her and nue knowing each other is gonna make doujins very fun. hope to see some good ones of her soon fully exploiting her transformation abilities.
No. 18313

My fapping hand is at the ready.
No. 18375
By the gods, a touhou doujin that is....A YURI!?
Why does it feel like straight forward yuri without futa is such a rarity in touhou? not that theres anything wrong with futa, but sometimes there are just situations that are better as yuri then futa
No. 18378

I'm more annoyed by the prevalence of Rinnosuke/faceless dudes/yuri doujins while trying to find futa.
No. 18381
I love Rinnosuke, but he's always struck me as asexual. The only way he'd have sex is if someone snapped and raped him.

He's usually the one doing the raping... or worse, a pre-existing sexual relationship.
No. 18382
Because most 'real' yuri is usually clean and/or drama filled.
No. 18388

Can't stand Rinnosuke x Anyone except Tokiko, and even then I'd honestly rather have him in a yaoi doujin. Why? I have no idea. I'm fine with faceless guys, but not Rinnosuke. Maybe everyone writing rapist Rinnosuke ruined it. Outside of that I like him.
No. 18390
Rinnosuke's okay with me, anything that's a straight doujin is okay with me actually.

I'll admit there's an aversion to Rapist!Rinnosuke, but that's usually due to an even larger dislike for rape in general. So yeah, there's that.
No. 18392
Wow. You basically summed up my views entirely.
This comic to mind whenever I hear RinnosukexTokiko
No. 18435
In 18+ doujinshi specifically, or does that extend to other age-ratings? Because I've been quite fond of Hot Dog Chuck's Yukari-Rinnosuke-Marisa love triangle.
See: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Hot_Dog_Chuck
Specific ones to note are:
1. Flower that Blooms in the Gap of the Heart
2. Come, Spring!
No. 18442
File 131599353136.jpg - (373.08KB , 1060x1515 , 015.jpg ) [iqdb]
Those are nice. And actually for you and others like us the non-H stuff is probably a lot better. The H stuff is mostly Yudokuya or CHIRIAKUTA, not fun times. Well, usually not...
No. 18443
I'm reminded of the mystery behind Rapist Rinnosuke: Is he made mainly by het touhou fans wanting an in-universe avatar or by yuri ones as to show how evil things with dicks are?

That could be said for ALL doujins.

A slightly recent H example of consensual Het is Happy Trigger.
No. 18444

Rinnosuke in Yaoi? Unfortunately, he doesn't have many options... Youki Konpaku maybe?
No. 18445
isn't Touhou Yaoi a rarity in itself? I mean there are the CJDG ones but that's about it, atleast i think thats it. (2nd one has rinnosuke yaoi but its more funny then anything)
No. 18446
Also Unzan, Genji...

And maybe Marisa's father.
Oh my god, is that why he knows Marisa?
No. 18447

I don't know, there seems to be no issue with pairing up Faceless Villager with the girls. Why not Rinnosuke?
No. 18449
I hate faceless villagers. If they're given personality, fine, but 99% of the time they're interchangable pieces of shit.
No. 18455
I'll have to agree on this, although my aversion to a lack of personality is mulled over by the fact of how picky I am with what doujins I want to read.

As the saying goes; "beggers can't be choosers".

Touhou yaoi is...an odd one out. I wouldn't be entirely against it showing up since, it's such a rarity in and of itself. So long as it's not an oversaturation of it(like yuri, futa and rape), then I can tolerate it being around.
No. 18466
I finish fapping to mediocre porn only to find out something good showed up in the time it took to fap. Damn it.

This is why I don't fap to mediocre porn.
No. 18471
Popular and over-saturation tend to go hand in hand.
No. 18473
If you liked the popular thing, you wouldn't think it was oversaturated.
No. 18476
I would sooner or later. To much of the same gets boring.
No. 18477
This topic does relate to CYOAs as well.
No. 18525
Dammit. CGRascal did >>18346.

His summary of the thing on FAKKU:
>One moment, you speak up an umbrella, the next you have a girl suddenly showing asking to stay with you.

"Speak up an umbrella." Proof that he has no business translating anything into English, let alone out of Japanese. He clearly has no proper understanding of either language.
No. 18555
The whole CGRascal thing has really gotten out of hand. If you don't like something don't read it. Though that complaint you pointed out just looks like a bad joke more than anything.

The translations themselves aren't bad, though it looks like he just translates them without having someone else for proofreading/editing of the translation, leaving it a bit rough. I'm pretty sure most other translators have someone look over their work before releasing it, which is why they take longer per release.
No. 18562

Spotty translation in some parts, seen worse. It's not as bad as the Yamame doujin he did. However, putting that aside, the content and art are absolutely fantastic if you're into happy stuff.
No. 18565
>If you don't like something don't read it.

Except that every time CGRascal butchers something it means nobody else is going to get commissioned to translate it properly.
No. 18567
If your idea of happy stuff is declarations of love for a faceless male, sure. Bleh.
No. 18570
Why don't you commission it? Or learn Japanese? You aren't powerless.
No. 18585
It's better than all the forced sex and rape that seems to be so popular.
No. 18622
(>>18525 here)

>>18555, >>18570, I do read Japanese. And I do translate manga, including ero doujinshi. It just so happens, though, that my queue is full thanks to the flood of doujin from C80, and I won't have time for anything more for at least a month. I'm going to have to pitch this at Team Vanilla or the like.

I read this doujin from the raws, and I thought it was sweet, with great art and a lot of emotion. I loved it. Reading it in the bouyomi tone CGRascal translated it in made me very upset.

I have a severe dislike for CGRascal's half-assed attitude regarding translation. Being able to read both languages quite fluently, I can see just how badly he's screwed up lines in basically every release he's ever made. Even putting that aside, he's also half-assing the cleaning, typesetting, font choice, and so on.
Guys like him have no business working on manga, period. If he would shape up, maybe take a little pride in the quality of his work, I'd stop hating. Until then, however, I'm drinking my Haterade.

And if you don't like the comments against him, don't read them.
No. 18623
>And if you don't like the comments against him, don't read them.
It's not that we don't like negative comments towards him. Quite the opposite, as we make a lot of them. It's just that he's been this bad for a long time so we've already heard every bad thing that could possibly be said about him multiple times in the past.
No. 18630
I understand, really I do. But when he does a new thing I can't stand, it's hard to keep it all in.

Aww, thanks.
No. 18657
I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at people that do nothing but bitch when they could work toward fixing the problem. In this case, >>18565

Fuck yes, this Koishi.
No. 18661

I hesitated to put 'mindbreak' down as she seems more satisfied than simply broken. More of coming to a realization than having someone break her.


Not sure if this is Reimu's boyfriend or not, it isn't specified, but they sure do act familiar with one another.
No. 18701
Fucking illiterate fucking incompetent fuckwit translators.
No. 18702
That's pretty damn harsh, especially considering the translation of that character from their script to ours is almost always contended. You'll almost always see contention between uu and u. Happens with Yuuka, happens with Yuugi.
No. 18703
Happens with Yuuka because her name was spelled Yuka in game. Yuugi was always Yuugi.
No. 18738
Except Yuuka has always been the proper translation. What, do you also think its Kotiya instead of Kochiya?
No. 18787
Every time I see a new load of H-doujins uploaded to exhentai, I get all excited hoping that this is among them. It never is.
No. 18810
Is that C80? If so there's hope; if not, who knows as it might be a while.

I'm still waiting on I'm (circle)'s momiji doujins, though it seems whoever making scans seem much more interesting in things that have been done (i.e. not happy sex typical of I'm)
No. 18852
File 131667306985.jpg - (224.85KB , 1000x619 , 11722328.jpg ) [iqdb]
i know two more:
Vexation_dside http://pinktips.info/2010/09/sp.html
but i don´t know where i can found a download.I was searching it an entire year.if anyone can found it someday...
and this one, who is more like trap! Rinnosuke masturbating, but is...very hot for trap fans.
is called Josou Seinen Shikou, from Mariana Kaikou Kikaku.
In Pixiv had found some images too, like this one.
No. 18921
It's unrelated, yet you bold it, and you dont even check out the site the guy has?

Are you an idiot, or are you just fucking retarded?
No. 18927
Wow... I'm surprised about this post for a few reasons...
1) It's wildly off-topic here. Hell, Ennui Akadako doesn't even do a single Touhou H-doujin.
2) That there's a message is directed to me here
3) That I actually read this message

I'm not actually responsible for translating the text, only for typesetting and editing. Furthermore, the difference in text is minute (imo). This edit is years old too, so it's not really worth worrying about.
No. 18947
File 131676950820.jpg - (83.83KB , 322x450 , 1316615800212.jpg ) [iqdb]
Been wondering what's the title for this doujin.
No. 18948
Title: きょうもみやほー! (Roughly something about Yamibo come on over)
Circle: 山賊の唄
Pixiv samples: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=21910247 (which has doujin shop links in the description)
No. 18952
No. 18968
More like "Kyou-Momi Yahoo!"

i.e. Kyouko Momiji Yahoo!
No. 18971

Saw this on Melonbooks a few days ago, the first few sample pages looked fantastic and then it just devolved into boring group sex.
No. 19081
The people speaking ill of cgrascal or putting SaHa and desudesu down as being aimless commission-seekers seems to be those from the lwb pantheon as members from there have done so in the past. Will they keep attacking other scanlators who don't ally with them? Time will tell.
No. 19082
>seems to be those from the lwb pantheon
People put down CGRascal because he's fucking terrible.

I've never heard anyone say that about desudesu or SaHa. I also don't see why you'd consider that bad. It's well known that they only do work if paid and will do just about anything they're paid to do. What's the problem with that?
No. 19089

desudesu has the occasional grammar hiccup, but he is a lot better than he used to be. He actually made an effort to improve, unlike cgrascal! I don't believe english was desudesu's first language either, but it's been a while since I talked to him and I can't recall.
No. 19091
I don't think anyone's talked shit about Desu or SaHa and there's certainly not been anything close to "Attacking" from LWB as a group. Quit trollin.
No. 19184
Oh quit yer trollin', I've never seen any complaints about desudesu or saha. At least not here, which is what counts in this discussion. Cgrascal on the other hand is pure shite and should go eat the humble pie and stop shitting out nearly worthless translation jobs. And no, I have absolutely nothing to do with lbw or whatever.
No. 19384
No. 19386

Shit like this is what got Bill 156 passed.

By abusing free expression like this, they are justifying regulation.
No. 19387
Fighting censorship by censoring themselves... you might be on to something.
No. 19390

Look at some examples in which regulation of business was introduced: The rail industry, the meat packing industry, the mining industry. It was introduced in every case because the businesses involved proved that they could not regulate themselves effectively. By effective self-regulation, business can prevent governments from enacting regulations, because there will be no need for it.

Do you really think that this work would pass the Miller test? There's not a chance, buddy, it fails the second part of the Three-Pronged Obscenity test. It depicts patently offensive sexual acts which are illegal in every first world country (IE: Rape).

These guys need to be careful what they create, or there will be more strict regulation of their industry in the future.
No. 19391

I dunno, it's not the worst thing I've seen.

It's actually quite bland and short. Just a mishmash of various pornogrpahic cliches which is over almost as soon as it has begun.
No. 19392
They should stop creating what they want to create, or they won't be able to create what they want to create.
No. 19393

The fact that that's not the worst you've seen speaks all the more clearly for self-regulation here.

Bill 156 proved that governments are willing to move for censorship if there is a perceived need for it. Regulation is coming, and it's going to be either on the artists' terms, or the government's terms. I think we'd all rather see it be on the terms of the artists.
No. 19394

Yeah, I suppose.
No. 19397
The artists, if left to their own devices, sell their porn in book form, in short supply, at events. Fuck the artists. I hope their "industry" gets regulated into oblivion.
No. 19398
How is the Miller test even applicable to Japanese law? One would think that they would use a more sensible model for determining "obscenity" than one the US uses.

Besides that, why pick on illustrations that are "harmful to minors"? Why not music? Film? There are plenty of examples that would fail any tests, but they choose to pass those up to target an industry which has relatively little mainstream presence. It seems pretty clear Bill 156 was bound to happen anyway regardless of industry action.

More than that, who cares if it's "offensive" or "harmful to minors"? It's not any government's job to protect the sensibilities of its citizens. I highly doubt that your average person in Japan would even be aware of the things depicted in doujins because they're simply not part of the subculture around them. And the ones who are aware doubtless either don't care or are willing participants.

The real deal is that Tokyo has no logical justification for Bill 156. It's all built on prejudices and borderline moral panic.
No. 19401
>It's all built on prejudices and borderline moral panic.
And that's all it needs.
Reality sucks.
No. 19402

I do not see any harm in the above doujin (and it is pretty hot, since I am getting tired of the mediocre straight lovy-dovey doujins with random man x Touhou girl).

First off, even if it's rape, it is none-existent 2D rape of a thought-up character and not a real, living human being.

What your suggesting will be bad because the old fools running the joint are living in a bygone era and they are clinging to their old ideals and refusing to acknowledge the new things in Japan, much less differentiating a DRAWING from a REAL PERSON.

They (the artists) should regulate themselves by putting a heavy cover and not to attract attention until such a time when some of the ignorant, illogical and hypocrite old bats running this eastern joint is food for the worms.
No. 19403
>First off, even if it's rape, it is none-existent 2D rape of a thought-up character and not a real, living human being.

Sadly, Governments believe that something 'fake' can easily effect reality. Anyone remember those 'tests' where if you play GTA you suddenly become a rapist? Everyone proved them wrong, But they still dont care, and they more then likely never will.

Also, On page four of that doujin, is that Guile?
No. 19404
funny how you say that as there's more rape than lovely dovely type stuff. This is merely outright straightforward about the rape.

Honestly I don't like it much but why the massive fuss all of a sudden? Are you folks Storybunny's cronies? I'm asking as the folks making such a fuss seem terribly new to things like this.
No. 19406

Let me ask you a question: Do you live in Japan, or in the US? Because if you live in the US, you had better be sure that the content you possess either in print form, or on your HDD passes that test. The Miller Test is not relevant for the artists making the work, but for us consuming it.

As for the sense in using the Miller Test as a test for obscenity, it's probably the best one out there, as it's the most broad and leaves things open to interpretation for case-by-case judgments. Some things just aren't objective, and what constitutes obscenity is one of them. It's determined by society as a whole, and can change over time.

Also, Music, Film, and Video Games are self-regulated to some extent. The industries have their own ratings systems that determine what is appropriate for different viewers, and gives people a clue as to the content. The video gaming industry also has a similar system. This is the kind of ratings system that the doujin industry should look into.

As for whether the average Japanese person is aware of this kind of thing or not, you'd better be glad that they are not. If this kind of thing attracts large amounts of media attention, it won't be a borderline moral panic any more. It will become a full-blown one and there will probably be strict censorship measures enacted. That's why they need to get out in front of this thing.


Your argument makes sense, and in a world where that mattered, you would come out ahead. However, that's not the way that people at large see things.

Good luck waiting until things like that are no longer considered offensive. You'll be waiting a very long time.


That's exactly what I'm trying to get at here. Governments will enact censorship measures if people get up in arms about this, and if the industry's attitude is "Fuck you all, we don't censor anyhting" then it's going to end up a lot worse for them than if their attitude was "OK, let us tweak our existing system so that this kind of thing is less attractive to produce and buy".


I don't read any of the stories on this board, I just come here to get the doujinshi, so I have no clue who StoryBunny is or what he thinks.
No. 19407
The problem with the Miller test, and pretty much any method designed to regulate obscene material, is that at some level you have to define "art," and people have been trying to do that for as long as society has existed.

It's obvious that there's a huge difference between the rape in "Reimu Surrenders and is Destroyed" and in, say, James Dickey's Deliverance. But can you define it? Is there a line in the sand you can draw and say "if it is less art-ish than this, it isn't an art"?
No. 19410
I didn't bring cronies here, nor did I encourage anyone here to be my crony. I don't want any cronies either.

On topic, >>19391 has the right idea about this.
No. 19415
You are right, since mindbreak/rape is dominant in doujins now that you mention it. I just happen to see a lot of regular/consensual sex in doujins lately. Also, I am no one's cronie/underling.

I can only hope it ends in our lifetime, but that is just wishful thinking on my part. That said, I hope more guro-esque Touhou doujins like the one above are made.

Actually, I did saw a Nitori guro doujin called "Drive Me Crazy" by 原崎. Alas, it is out of stock since I wanted to buy it off Toranoana.
No. 19417
1. compromise my ideals
2. accept forced censorship
I'll take number 2. You are a massive faggot.
No. 19418
By possessing half of this stuff in electronic form, we're technically in violation of copyright law in at least a couple of forms. The legality of what we possess is hardly an issue if we didn't rightfully obtain it in the first place, no?

Re: Film, Music, Television: How much do you understand about how things work in Japan? Ratings are pretty much an American thing. Yes, Europe has them too, and Japan technically has a rating system on games, but neither are as strictly enforced as the US's. Also, that doesn't prevent any of those media from having content that's arguably more harmful than anything in these doujins. Why, then, are they not regulated more closely? The simple answer is that they have more power and influence and are not as easily affected by the prejudices of a few.

Re: The exposure of subculture to the masses: Do you think it hasn't happened before? Look up Tsutomu Miyazaki or the Akihabara massacre.
No. 19431
>Ratings are pretty much an American thing.
Bullshit, anon. Those pornographic manga doujinshi are clearly emblazoned with the R-18 and/or 成年向 (seinenkou, "for adults only") label on the front fucking cover, and anyone under 18 is not allowed to procure it.

Japan does have a content ratings system that matters. The fact that you, and dozens of others like you, are willing to gleefully ignore it is a burden of fault that rests upon you, not the artist or publisher.

Fucking ignoramuses spouting off, Christ on a crutch.
No. 19433
>manga doujinshi
was supposed to be "manga and doujinshi"
No. 19453
>Fucking ignoramuses spouting off, Christ on a crutch.

Tell me, sir, what are your qualifications on this issue?
No. 19458
Having demonstrated in >>19431 that the position that Japan's manga scene does not self-regulate is factually incorrect, and thus the entire argument based upon that position is vacuous, is qualification enough.
No. 19749
The last Marisa part amused me in this as what she says is rather true in most fanart, but Bluemage gave her some pretty nice ones (though by his standards, they are on the smaller end)
No. 19752
...do miyako doujins count as zombie doujins or just having sex with a chick with really stiff arms?