Archived Thread

File 130839664795.jpg - (169.55KB , 870x1300 , RM14.jpg ) [iqdb]
14700 No. 14700
Time for a new thread. I'll try to fix up an updated downloads list and hopefully a list of cosplay sets/videos that have been located. For reference of course.

No. 14716
File 130843281656.jpg - (516.38KB , 1000x750 , p30.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is still not available right?
No. 14729
oh! A new thread. I support this.
No. 14732
I also support new threads.
No. 14760
urikuru movie http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0008820&txtWord=%A4%A6%A4%EA%A4%AF%A4%EB&btnWordSearch=%B8%A1%BA%F7&goSearchType=&lbWordSearch=true&cp=
No. 14763
Right, We still don't have it
No. 14768
How can one set be so god damn elusive. I was so hard looking at that other one of hers, and all she does is tease.
No. 14771
This isn't it is it?

No. 14772

Here's some Patchouli. Just pictures though. Maybe #28 will have her in videos.

No, that's her other set.
No. 14823
File 130879881832.jpg - (307.94KB , 560x397 , patyurijyake_20110622001033.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14824
File 130879889346.jpg - (255.24KB , 560x391 , yogarinakiget.jpg ) [iqdb]
I like her album very much 0.0
No. 14826
File 130883461421.jpg - (253.00KB , 800x538 , akb026_IncestJAV_com.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14827
Haha. I don't think getchu like us very much.

>Please do not sink into P2P.
>Thank you.
>NO E-Hentai
> NO 18 + Touhou <
No. 14828
I feel shamed.
No. 14829
Advertising those services isn't really the most fantastic of tactics. But now, I'm wondering if they watermark the downloads, so that whoever bought it is traceable and bannable?
No. 14830
... *AHEM*. Oops.
No. 14831
I doubt they alter the files for every single download. The zip archive, maybe, but I've been re-zipping them with 7z so it wouldn't matter.
No. 14832
NO P2P !!
NO E-Hentai !!
NO 18 + Touhou !!
No. 14896
File 130897704263.jpg - (721.59KB , 800x1195 , NAO10030.jpg ) [iqdb]
NO P2P !!
Come on ! HENTAI-picture !!
No. 14923
It showed up on e-hentai regardless.

Now to wait for the videos.
No. 14924
No. 14927
How about you link it then?
No. 14933
That's funny, because I don't see it there.
No. 14935

No. 14939
>gallery has been removed
What the heck?
No. 14940

No. 14941
It seems all the ピンキーweb galleries have been removed. The company must have sent a complaint to e-hentai.

Please don't start this shit again.
No. 14944
>NO E-Hentai !!

Oh, shit looks like it. Anyone saved the set and can upload it?
Perhaps we should also take care not to use http:// links as to hide referrers through which this thread can be tracked down easily.
But I guess the beans have been spilled already.

It's already been posted, look in the older thread at >>7414.
No. 14946
I am in the process of downloading it.

Strange though, the gallery was marked as Visible: No (Deleted) yet I am still able to download it.

I give no guarantee that I can reupload it due to the crap connection I have but I'll give it a try anyway.
No. 14973

plz! plz!
I need this so much.
No. 14975

here it is. Now to wait if the videos will emerge or not.
No. 14978
My utmost gratitude to you, sir.

Were there any other galleries on e-hentai or elsewhere which were removed before someone upped them somewhere?
No. 14980
Why do you is the damage to me?
No. 14981

I did something to you ?
Unfortunately,we can no longer get the video for a while.
I am very sad.
No. 14986
File 13093026695.jpg - (56.24KB , 560x420 , 12575GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]

Screens of this gem were posted in the previous thread at >>13569 and >>13569, so somebody must have this.

Please stop being such a tease and share the glorious video with us.
No. 14993

Looks like they're browsing for links to report, now. Dead.
No. 14994
No. 14995
Since it's obvious they're aware of this thread, I recommend relocating so they can't keep reporting your links. And if you link to anything other than a filehost, don't put http:// in front.
No. 14997
Oh wow, Oh damn.

Now the question is how and to where we relocate. Or if we can switch to other distribution methods, like torrents?
No. 14999
/t-h/ is still around and largely unused.
No. 15001
Please do not up.
I suffes.
Unable to make a patchouli video for a while.
No. 15002
Hah, no. /t-h/ is on life support and I wouldn't bet on it remaining around for long. Also doesn't really solve the problem: Hosting files in vulnerable places.
No. 15004
There's not really an easy way to get around "hosting files in vulnerable locations", since anything to make the uploads clearly available will also make it available to the copyright holders. Moving will at least make it that much harder to get the takedown notices, if you guys manage to stop posting hyperlinks.

You certainly could try torrents and just putting them up on TT. I have no idea if they'll be able to DMCA all of the seeds or anything. But posting links to torrents here is probably a good first step to finding out if they can takedown torrents as well.
No. 15005
File 130936990660.jpg - (109.52KB , 850x758 , 1292171684315.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yea, and also DHT torrents.
Maybe we should retreat to IRC or something for now and consult possible solutions, there is even an existing channel in another topic on this board. If worst comes, I and probably some others could even setup IRC bots to provide dl sources.

Man, now I feel kind of bad for the circles or rather the girls who are disgracing themselves for the pleasure of some creepy japanese otaku or weeaboo gaijins like us.

The ironic thing is, I'd even pay for quite some stuff if there was a halfway easiliy accessible method. But with shops hating gaijins and being fucking typicially jap xenophobic, it's pretty much impossible.
No. 15006
Getchu seems to accept non-Japanese cards now. I don't mind buying the sets I like, since only a few of them really get me going enough to really want the set, and familiarity with the model/circle helps. The only problem I have is with the download method they provide. If the download is big enough, it will break after too long, and there's no way to resume.
No. 15018
new http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0013240
No. 15021
When buying from getchu, do you get unlimited downloads per file attached to your account, or is there a per download / over time limit?
No. 15022
OMG!!! OMG!!!! Is Yu... Yuuka!!!
Please we really need this!! I've dream with this day to come
No. 15058
As far as I can tell, there's no time or download limit. Good thing, too, because my fucking downloads break more often than I can tell you.
No. 15063
put up a new message. I can't read Engrish very well so I'm not totally sure what he's saying, but I think he's threatening to either not upload any more videos or to put a huge mosaic on every picture and/or video (so nobody will download/upload them... or even buy them? I guess that works.)
No. 15064

So basically, if we keep not buying his stuff, he's going to make it so people have even less incentive to buy his stuff?

He must be learning from the way DRM is handled.
No. 15070
My English is poor, but,try explains.

Many models are reluctant.
Reluctant to state that many people can see.

That is inconsistent,But it is the emotion of nerd.

If too many people watching her, she leaves.

I do not hate you guys are.
I also thought paypal.
However, there is no way to verify the age of 18 or more.

Please accept my apology.
I will protect the photo. For the next photo.
I defend the model. For the next photo.

Thank you for understanding.

I use translation software. May not translate well.

I'm not threatening you.
I want to understand you.
No. 15076
No. 15077
What are you saying?
No. 15078
Many models are relunctant to show themselves. They don't want many people to see them.

This is contradictory, but that's just how nerds are.

If the model thinks too many people are seeing her [videos], she will leave [and stop cosplaying]

I do not hate you people. I have thought about using Paypal for payment, but there is no way to verify age using that method.

Please accept my apologies. For the next photoshoot I will mosiac the photos. I will protect the girl.

Thank you for your understanding.

I'm not threatening you. I want to understand you.

Something like that. Basically the models don't want too many people seeing them. It's weird and it's probably an excuse, but whatever. Supposedly he's more against the uncontrolled and rampant downloads than the actual loss of potential revenue. He's also going to start mosiacing the sets more, not to punish us pirates but to make it more anonymous. Supposedly.
No. 15082
Well, whatever. I'm still going to download his stuff; probably not to fap to if he mosaics it even more, but just to be petty.

In the mean time, anyone find anything good recently?
No. 15083
それに、AV女優使ってんのに、「reluctant to show themselves」とはね。
No. 15084
No. 15085
Is a Japanese mafia menacing us ?
No. 15086
>"Many models are reluctant to show themselves. They don't want many people to see them."

No. 15087
This comment saddens me a lot.
No. 15088
>Many models are reluctant to show themselves. >They don't want many people to see them.
Hey jap!
Why are you selling it?
No. 15089

No. 15091
My English is poor. Sorry.
I am chasing a photography hobby.
I am not related to the Mafia. :)
Number of people who bought then there is not much I can understand.

The Women, "Women want to be famous" and "women secretly want to" There.
I like. "women secretly want to"


I will continue looking for a better way.
No. 15097
No. 15119
If a girl is shy about taking her clothes off on camera for a bunch of nerds, maybe, you know, she shouldn't take her clothes off on camera for a bunch of nerds.
No. 15131
No, no, you've got it wrong.

The model in question is obviously worried her hip and trendy body will tempt so many people into touhou it will become mainstream and she'd never ever be able to forgive herself because of it.
No. 15134
I would have sympathy if she is personally.
But I also think "That's life."
I'm perplexed about what to say.
No. 15159
| ̄| ∧∧
|_|⊂  ノ
   / 0

 ∧∧ ∧∧
∩゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)| ̄|
`ヽ   /)ニニニコ
  |_ i~  |_|
  ∪ ∪

  ∧∧ ミ ドスッ
  (  ) _n_
  /  つ 終了|
~′ /´  ̄|| ̄
 ∪∪   ||_ε3
No. 15163
No. 15164
No. 15165
Is this the end for cosplay thread?
No. 15166
Seems like it.
No. 15167
No. 15169

Far as I can tell, this guy said "You guys are desperate, huh." In a rude tone, I might add.

I guess it's true, the Japanese really are xenophobic douchebags. Not that I ever doubted it, honestly.
No. 15170
YU!! Get fast asleep
No. 15172
plz! plz! more upload! give me!
No. 15173
Yep, every last one of them. No exceptions.

P.S.: Most of the people posting in Japanese in this thread aren't from Japan.
No. 15178
>>No. 15172
I'm very admire your attitude !
No. 15180
File 131007970948.jpg - (136.03KB , 1640x946 , jporwws_jpg.jpg ) [iqdb]
I go away for a few days and when i return the first thing that I found are "japanese" trolls and xenophobics comments??
What did I miss??
No. 15185
File 131011391060.jpg - (1.09MB , 1731x2400 , pwdl-019-01-054.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not really. This incident (or whatever the hell it is) is only happening with one circle. And it's not even the best one. imo the only one of theirs that was really worth getting was the Yukari one. Maybe the Horo one too, but just because, you know, it's Horo. Could have been a lot better though.
No. 15196
File 131016641750.jpg - (101.88KB , 377x539 , Cosplay Girl Magical Magic.jpg ) [iqdb]
WOW! Look what I found.
Part 1:
Part 2:
No. 15203
No. 15204
webDL022 does not?
No. 15208

I have tried to find the mirror for this, but no luck. All mirrors I found were dead.
Can someone be kind enough to reupload this (and if possible, for webdl20/21/22 as well) to MU ? Pretty please please.
No. 15214
What about this one?
We still don't have Yuuka
No. 15229
Fun fact: pinki's webdl things are at the top of getchu sales ranking since weeks.

>>14986 looks really good.
No. 15263

It's been uploaded somewhere I won't say to prolong its existence, but I can't figure out how to get it because the guy uploading it is using a riddle or something you need to solve to find the link to avoid it being deleted, and on top of that the board itself is in chinese or something. Google translate is bad enough when what it's translating isn't deliberately vague.

Well, that's nice. I'm happy for him. Still going to pirate his shit whether it's selling or not.
No. 15270
They link to us. Don't see why they shouldn't 'share' as well.
No. 15272
Well... then we need a clue to know where and how download the file.
No. 15274
No. 15293
I can't find webDL022 in the thread before, neither....
No. 15299

Someone please upload the webDL022
I just do not have this...
No. 15300
Oh! you are GOD!!
No. 15315
I think that I've found the place where the file is, but as this anon said is nearly imposible resolve the riddle with a translator... damn it, if someone know the answer please share it with us.
Who's awesome? You're awesome!!
No. 15374

I finally found ...
Take this! & Enjoy!!
No. 15377
Care to explain how you found out?
No. 15378
>not yuuka vid
No. 15379
It's not 28(Yuuka). It's 22(Yukari). I tracked it down(not much of a riddle, really) and dl'ed it. Not sure how to post it without the link getting reported and removed though...

I suppose, a really roundabout way would be for me to re-create the "riddle"(more like a coded message) in English, but that would really be lame ^^;
No. 15403
> Not sure how to post it without the link getting reported and removed though...
Just make a torrent for it.
No. 15414
File 131085859831.jpg - (151.08KB , 284x428 , tma001.jpg ) [iqdb]
What the hell everyone,
What about this? Any links yet?
No. 15417
I think that you should check this my friend:
No. 15422
Should be easy to solve, even I got it within 5 seconds on my first try.

I'm just going to say this:
UltraDownload Uninformed Rescue Localization.

If you haven't gotten it by now, you're a retard.
No. 15425
Thank you.
That thread is just so messy.
No. 15431
Call me retard because I don't get it...
No. 15438
He's talking about where to place that string of letters. Which isn't what the person he quoted was asking. Which makes him the retard.
No. 15450

I'm looking for this, someone know?
No. 15451


I'm looking for this, someone know?
No. 15485
File 13111688573.jpg - (62.81KB , 722x1023 , pwdl-016-01-016.jpg ) [iqdb]
If someone kindhearted could be gracious enough give this a reup this that would be great.


Torrent on Nyaa is seedless and ddls are down.
No. 15488
Sorry that was the wrong post

No. 15509
I been trying to get the first one too, but, no luck...
No. 15520
Was looking for the second, and I can assure everyone, it wasn't on Google as of yesterday.
No. 15539
I'm mainly waiting for the next Mana Tanaka set. That Cirno one she did was amazing; her looks and expressions were perfect. I think I got off to that like ten times.

I'd love to see her do Flandre, but I've learned not to set my hopes too high.
No. 15546
Amen to that, though what may seem like bit of a dumbass question anychance can get the videos of the cirno set seperate?

Frankly Im curious thats all.
No. 15547
The set was otherwise fine but the images were so damn bright! The colors were kinda washed out.
No. 15564
That's true. The videos were well-lit at least.

I would upload them separately, but my upload speed is extremely slow and my connection is unreliable and also severely capped. I can't upload more than 50mb at a time. Maybe someone else can do it.
No. 15588
please video
No. 15598

For fuck sake this is TOUHOU COSPLAY, not just COSPLAY thread
No. 15602

We care. Now, get the fuck off.
No. 15606
1) This is not reddit.
2) Too many "!" in your sentences.
3) You're supposed to write "it's" instead of "is".
4) This board is explicitly about touhou.
5) Don't try to push your opinion on us.
No. 15607
It's not even all that good.
No. 15609
This guy is obviously a troll... or a retard...
Stop feeding him.
No. 15672
168式 コスプレデエッチ Special Package 1
Highlights of 168式 Vol1-5.

Please already give sold out someone to me.
No. 15686
Anyone know when Lenfried's new Reimu set is going up? It's been out for months but I can't find it anywhere...
No. 15687
Anyone know when Lenfried's new Reimu set is gonna go up? It's been out for months but I can't find it anywhere...
No. 15692
File 131195035538.jpg - (287.48KB , 800x1205 , arai212.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't see a problem for asking more of Araiyami's stuff. She's the one that does the Touhou Proyect sets. It's kind of like asking for Lenfried's non-Touhou stuff, which no one has ever complained about.
No. 15696
Following your logic, I can post random cosplay as long as it's something I like, hey?
I hope you love cardboxes gundam.
No. 15699

look at http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/7414.html#13539
No. 15761
File 131243455367.jpg - (545.25KB , 1250x1125 , sample2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I want to have sexual intercourse with this woman.
I want to have sexual intercourse terribly.
I put the penis in this woman's vagina and move its waist very strongly.
I strongly move its waist by her screaming.
The first time shows semen to the face.
The second times put out semen to the chest.
The third times put out semen in the vagina.
No. 15762
I thought I was a creep. Then I read your post. Now I feel perfectly normal in comparison. Thank you.
No. 15763
Thanks creepy troll friend, now I know that I'm normal
No. 15772
Thank you for that, Google Translate.
No. 15795
Hey, he's just saying in a weirdly direct way what most of us are thinking. Not me because I'm not that big on Lenfried, but taste is taste.
No. 15797
>what most of us are thinking
Speak for yourself. Sure, she's pretty hot and I like her cosplay, but that goes beyond just liking something.
No. 15844
So you aren't fapping to Lenfried? (Or any other stuff posted here?)
No. 15847
Me too. She is so unbelievably hot.
No. 15848
Is there ANY way to buy lenfried's stuff overseas? For that matter, any stuff from getchu or toranoana?
No. 15897
Lenfried gave me a piss fetish :(
No. 15906
File 131266524916.jpg - (184.26KB , 560x420 , 1309493059646.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does someone knows who this girl is? and where can I find her set?
No. 15916
not touhou related, but utenmako's cos of makoto from kanon also had some piss in it.
No. 15920
File 131274712531.jpg - (40.46KB , 466x700 , utenmako.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks for that info, she's gorgeous!

The only link I could find of her was a mix of sets on a blogspot page. If anyone else wants to download, they are at:


pw: gahdmm.blogspot.com
No. 15951
File 131279996862.jpg - (96.49KB , 560x396 , 13655GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
This looks pretty nice.

I had a piss fetish before. I don't think she really was pissing in those sets though.

Also, the webdl Yukari is pissing in one of the sets.
No. 16018
Some of her stuff is on e-hentai and what I noticed is she's got some very nice legs.
No. 16040
Why don't you just link it?
The only thing I found was this:
No. 16066
File 131308306481.jpg - (175.67KB , 560x420 , 168siki_vol4img.jpg ) [iqdb]
168siki Vol.04 reimu

No. 16078
16018 here, and fuck I never realized that was her! but sets up there so far are her as Rei and Siesta 45.

Oh and chance anyone can get this one set from Tanaka Mana out and about?
No. 16079

Where can I buy? ?
No. 16080
File 131311402253.jpg - (150.32KB , 560x420 , 12439GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 16093
File 131312784892.jpg - (164.70KB , 560x420 , 10155GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does someone has this one? or, where can I find it?
No. 16096
No. 16104
OMG! We need this ones!
Does someone has DD links?
No. 16149
Unrelated but two sets from lenfried are out out again, one of em looks like Azu-nyan.
No. 16202
Got source? Torrent or mediafire, perhaps? Been lurking at /jp but havent seen them out yet.
No. 16203
Got source? Torrent or mediafire, perhaps? Been lurking at /jp but havent seen them out yet.
No. 16342
the 2 lenfried C80 stuff are available on tokyotoshokan
No. 16348

looking at torrent details, i saw them uploaded at g-e-hentai.

how come they always get it faster? and why torrent but no mediafire?
No. 16401
Anyone knows what happened with 168式?
Can't find any of their stuff on DL.Getchu anymore, and their homepage has been on maintenance for ages now.
No. 16445
168siki Vol.04 reimu
plz!!!! upload!!plz!
No. 16460
Goddamnit it, Lenfried toying with my pissfetish again.

Fuck off please.
No. 16539
So no one's gotten the tanaka mana videos? shame =/
No. 16668
File 13138486928.jpg - (46.86KB , 380x528 , 48885-main.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 16762
Hey, apparently it's ridiculously easy to buy stuff from DL.Getchu. If you check it out as a guest with a creditcard you don't even have to register an account.
No. 16821
Found the Yukari 22 one that >>14940 was looking for. I'm probably slowpoking this whole thing, but none of the old links in the previous thread worked so here.


To be honest I'm sort of disappointed with it all.
No. 16827
Is she with another girl in that one? It's a bit hard to tell, actually... even so, nice.

There really needs to be more cosplay yuri stuff in my opinion. You have these cute models and it just makes sense to put them together (so to speak). Like for a possible example
No. 16838
i would recommend u use an account, if shit happens in the future you can log in and re-download the file
No. 16921
Does DL.Getchu accept prepaid credit cards?
No. 16982

ho my go piz
No. 17095
No. 17247
File 131436020261.jpg - (67.61KB , 420x279 , 410dbf66f4060265a4651bab2f3fc8a6.jpg ) [iqdb]

this help!
No. 17271

No. 17663
Oooh looks like someone made a ROM that beats the webdl Horo
No. 17727
I like these pictures!!
No. 17728
these pictures are great.
No. 17744
File 131491911892.jpg - (50.01KB , 515x750 , 5AFJP5WB[}~RU]WMD)_XG9J.jpg ) [iqdb]
any links?
No. 17748
168式 コスプレデエッチVol.04 博麗霊夢 upload please!
No. 17791
She does not look of age.
No. 17826
Does someones has this one?
No. 17837
I'll say, least when Manyuu did a set you can tell she was of age even while cosplaying as Hundereds year old vampire loli
No. 17838
I'll say, least when Manyuu did a set you can tell she was of age even while cosplaying as Hundereds year old vampire loli
No. 17858
File 131506696180.jpg - (291.57KB , 640x427 , 20100812_1108664.jpg ) [iqdb]
best buy
No. 17859
File 131506700267.jpg - (22.99KB , 400x600 , 2011+04+14am11-03-19.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 17867

What does a retail company have to do with Touhou cosplay?
No. 17878

What is this. I see a western-y looking Reimu and a very cute Patchy I've never seen before.

No. 17882
File 131511881816.jpg - (89.13KB , 533x800 , Pachu-12[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Found it in there :
This pape have some good but you need register to download it =v=
No. 17887
For the love of God and anything sacred, someone must provide a download link.
No. 17888

Thank you so very much. ;u;
No. 17890
Have link, will download.
No. 17970
168式 Vol.04 reimu upload please!
No. 18482
168 Vol.04 reimu ??
No. 18636
No. 18649
168siki Vol.04 reimu upload please!

No. 18650
Can not give what he does not have
No. 18651
>>168siki Vol.04 reimu upload please!

No. 18669


someone please share
she is not loli
she just look like one
No. 18696

she is not loli !!!
No. 18865
>she is not loli
>she just look like one
Then she's still loli. "Loli" is what she appears to be. If she is actually not a minor, then she's what is called "legal loli".

Of course, "legal loli" is not legal in Australia, so...
No. 18899
Who cares about Australia!
Internet is worldwide!
After all, "legal loli" is still legal.
No. 18904
>Who cares about Australia!
Probably Australia does.
Also Japanese newlywed couples. Australia is the number one honeymoon vacation spot to them.
No. 18969
File 131684737192.png - (329.27KB , 600x600 , Faggot.png ) [iqdb]
I approve that choice, mate.
No. 19078
168siki Vol.04 reimu upload please!

No. 19092

well, legal loli or not, who cares anyway.
unless you're the CYBER POLICE
No. 19093
File 131699381992.jpg - (109.12KB , 308x500 , tag.jpg ) [iqdb]
They backtraced you! Ya dun goof'd!
No. 19096

errr...that's quite overused for a follow up, isn't it?
No. 19183
File 131718029836.jpg - (144.25KB , 560x420 , 14466GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
pinky 31 and 32
No. 19186

Did we ever get 28?
No. 19197
That's rather good, at least for a cosplay porn thing.
No. 19201
I would sell my soul for that...
No. 19204
File 131726585363.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-02-26-17h31m32s197.png ) [iqdb]
Really? I'm fine with that, but that's... not a very powerful wish.
No. 19291
File 131744678391.jpg - (129.24KB , 351x400 , 20100731_1089768.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19373
pinky 31 and 32 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 19665
please reupload ピンキーwebdl022

megaupload link is broken lol
No. 19671
So please Buy it

lol lol lol olo lolo lol lol lol
No. 19719
File 131855501283.jpg - (500.55KB , 1024x2300 , capitolism.jpg ) [iqdb]

Buy? I fully expect all doujins and touhou games to be provided free of charge by filesharing websites.

I am the 99%
No. 19720

pinky 28 and 31 and 32 plz
No. 19721
File 131858095178.jpg - (282.71KB , 800x1200 , NAO03363.jpg ) [iqdb]
Please give me ピンキーwebDL19~21 by megaupload.
No. 19722
"BT" ni aru yo!!
No. 19756
Someone upload the Flan one for fuck's sake ;_;
No. 19785
"BT" ni aru yo!!
No. 19882
File 131907557935.png - (421.98KB , 1024x727 , THDL.png ) [iqdb]
so what?
you should feel thankful to other people who share something to you, not as a matter of course.
I can share it to all the people, but nor you!
No. 19888
= [...
I'm hopefully to get dl24 and dl25...
has been search for nearly 3 months...
I pretty like the coser of remilia in dl16...
I has been looking on this thread since thread 1
but seems that it wan't like the first thread anymore...
No. 19889
31 32 33 up plz...
No. 19896
Personally, I'd just like to see something new posted. As intriguing as requests for sets, getchu links, and sankaku articles are I'm here for the cosplay.
No. 19898
I envy your hard disk.

And would certainly appreciate it if you could share this, though I of course do not take this for granted.
No. 19908
i don't even expect people posting dl links, there are so many stupid request posts like "plz", even myself i prefer to keep stuff for me
No. 19922
Was anyone able to get Webdl027 before they took it away? =(
No. 19951
too bad it's mostly people begging in a shitty excuse for english. And for what? Most Touhou cosplay porn isn't even that good, in both overall and model quality.

Yeah I wish we could report and ban all these people making emotions and going plz. If you're going to ask for something, do it in a polite manner in COMPLETE english.
No. 20012
ACS stuff is pretty good. There was a dvd for like 540 yen on dl.getchu and i was pretty impressed. Now I'm contemplating buying the other sets but they're all 2-4x as expensive ;_;
No. 20024
If I could throw my two cents in, instead of asking please I'll just ask that maybe we could have the countless schmuks lets just keep this up with good material.
savy mates?
No. 20032
Fun fact: most of the broken English requests are done by Japanese IPs. You'd think share/PD/whatever would be a superior distribution method than a relatively obscure English community touhou imageboard. I'll clean up the thread from now on if it gets too spammy but since it's a lot of different people who probably don't understand much english anyways, not much point in giving them short warning bans. Cosplay stuff isn't really my cup of tea so I can't promise I'll be looking in here every day.

Requests aren't bad per se as long as they're kept sensible. There are Touhou fans around the world and not everyone speaks great English so don't be cunts about it either. Like I said, if things get too spammy, posts will be deleted. Makes me kinda wish we had a janitor.
No. 20091
File 131972389230.jpg - (150.88KB , 560x420 , 14929GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did not read the above post?
No. 20093
File 131973442695.jpg - (20.32KB , 268x201 , nakochiruno01.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 20110
I've scoured all the various p2p sites outside of share/pd and none of the recent cosplay videos are out there. Whatever they did to stop foreigners from getting a hold of these videos is working pretty god damn good.
No. 20123
Nobody got the Tanaka Mana videos? I searched the whole Internet for them..
No. 20128
Slim chance the videos are still probably up, her stuff has been discontinued.
No. 20230
still no luck on >>18669 ?
No. 20398

Damn... ;_;
No. 20438
File 132102464367.jpg - (306.63KB , 560x386 , 14286GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20848

Well, would you look at this. Pretty good looking set, although I'm not even sure how people find them. I looked everywhere for the video, and found absolutely nothing on it.

Dunno if you're still around, but uh, I could probably upload the two videos in that Cirno set that I still have on my hard drive. Depending on if my internet connection is up for it, that is.
No. 20880
http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0012593&cp= upload please.. :(
No. 20887
File 132269906057.jpg - (38.33KB , 720x480 , HI_REIMU.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does anyone have any details on the girl in these two videos, or any other work by her?

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1UFD53IV (Reimu)
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PLTCJO1M (Flandre)
No. 20911
Not him, but I would jump on those videos like nobody's business. If you could give uploading one or both a shot, that would be pretty awesome.
No. 20918

Here you go. It's only the two videos I found that were worth saving. Originally there were four videos, but I was desperate for hard drive space at the time and didn't find them to be worth saving.
No. 20948
That video only costs like 500 yen.
http:/ /dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0014763&cp=&c=
No. 20949
Fantastic, thank you. There's just something about that set..
No. 20950
What's in the other two?
No. 20953
File 132293192055.jpg - (69.66KB , 392x500 , New release.jpg ) [iqdb]
New release : コスプレ例大祭 3
No. 20973
If I remember correctly, the first one was just her posing erotically, while the second one was her eating a banana.
No. 20977
Meh. No problem, I can ignore those. The other two are way superior.
No. 20984

I'm >>20398, thanks a lot for the upload. :3
No. 21009
thanks for the uploads, first signs of life on here in months!
No. 21014
How disappointing... I really liked her sets. They did make a point of saying she was 19 years old in the titles, so maybe she feels 20 is too old for this kind of thing. Who knows.

I like the fact that Hiyo still insists on hiding her face with that mosaic, when it's obvious who she is: i.e. the girl in >>20887

I'm looking forward to winter Comiket in a few weeks, hopefully some cosplay sets will get released and actually posted. That would be a great Christmas present.
No. 21019
File 132314845811.jpg - (303.34KB , 560x393 , 15090GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 21023
>I'm looking forward to winter Comiket in a few weeks, hopefully some cosplay sets will get released and actually posted.

I wouldn't bet on that. Last C81 had very few stuff actually put online and the same goes for other Cosplayporn recently.
Of course this applies to PD/Share too, I'm scavenging it almost daily, but very rarely something new pops up there.
No. 21038
I noticed that too. C80 was really dry in terms of cosplay sets being posted. But we can always hope.
No. 21072
File 132332176087.jpg - (326.50KB , 560x393 , 15242GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 21081
One things for sure(since I always eye dlgetchu and d-stage like a hawk) is I hope for more photosets and simply not just a girl getting fucked silly(as that is nice)
No. 21338
File 132398288284.jpg - (298.74KB , 560x393 , 15579GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Check this out :3
No. 21372

No. 21401
Then we'll never get ピンキーwebDL028...
No. 21449

Why did you have to show that to me...
No. 21607
Believe this may be relevant to some who are interested
(plus she's really sexy)
No. 21636
File 132474624562.jpg - (421.87KB , 1250x1125 , sample.jpg ) [iqdb]
The queen of tease folks
she's giving us something good once again.
No. 21720
I'm going to be buying this with my C81 orders, when I get it I'll dump it here.

No. 21741
That would be much appreciated. I'll try to get something from C81 as well and post it.
No. 21779

Does anybody have this? I was going to buy it off w-canvas, but they dont seem to sell it anymore. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who posts this
No. 21854

somebody get that from hxxp://acgzone.us/4476#more-4476
and put it up on MF/MU for us!
No. 21858
File 13253839411.jpg - (697.93KB , 1200x1800 , RevivalRRR2_6967.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 21860
No. 21862

Does she pee in a teacup this time?
No. 21874

Does anyone have this?
No. 21928

Thanks for the uploader. :)
No. 21954
She does. I'd take a sip.
No. 22130
File 132591880777.jpg - (45.92KB , 556x386 , PicMrvPB9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does someone knows from where this comes from?
No. 22131
Just to brag about it: I got to buy this from lenfried's hands at Comiket, and give a nice good oggle at her cleavage.
No. 22133

Is this getting up at some point?
No. 22134
This video has not been released yet, but should be released on 27th this month
No. 22139
File 132594822082.jpg - (48.37KB , 599x532 , 11040405558922679bbc2856c3.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22411
File 132686980275.jpg - (313.67KB , 1200x1713 , 1_020.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just in case anyone wanted.
No. 22437
File 132695328025.jpg - (158.89KB , 560x391 , 15242GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hell yes I wanted. Thanks.

Speaking of, if anyone has this or any of Hiyo's sets that would also be much appreciated. I put up >>21928
for my part. It's all about sharing, right?
No. 22438
File 132696912090.jpg - (153.82KB , 800x677 , 8586180.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wow, its down already. You snooze, you lose, eh?
No. 22439
I've never seen mediafire be so quick to take something down. These ピンキーweb guys are vigilant as hell.
No. 22445
E-mail me if you want the link.
No. 22511
With Megaupload out, finding stuff is way harder than before.

Time to find them again. (Managed to locate the kv069 cirno one)
No. 22778
please, pinkyweb series!!
re upload come on!!
No. 22835
Great, got webdl28 from PD only to find that it's password-protected.
No. 22994
I've been searching all over the internet for this, you've uploaded them and now megaupload is down...

Could someone else please reupload her vids?
No. 23264
plz upload this file again. thanks.
No. 23314
Been a while since it's out but yea:
No. 23393
File 133090052960.jpg - (523.75KB , 556x837 , nachiho181.jpg ) [iqdb]
bought and given to you by myself. She is wonderful, so cute, I'd like to marry her.

No. 23404
Thank you for sharing. There is some stuff I would buy too if I knew any decent non-xenophobic shops and I had a credit card.

May I ask where you acquired this?
No. 23410
good old dlgetchu. If you buy something nice, if you want, share like I do! :]
No. 23416
I would, but I thought dlgetchu doesn't accept foreign credit cards or something. Besides I don't even own a credit card to begin with.

Paypal would make things so much easier.
No. 23417
I paid with a Mastercard, I live in Italy, no problem for me... yes Paypal would be wonderful, anyway.
No. 23462
Got myself (コスプレ) [ピンキーweb] pwdl028.zip from PD.
If you don't know what to do with this, google how to use magnet torrent links:

I won't be able to seed much today, grab it while it's hot.
No. 23691
it have not download
No. 23728
File 133296460113.jpg - (247.63KB , 500x351 , 16861GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 23730
You can buy it by yourself and upload for all of us.