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Was posted on /jp/.

SakuyaxMeiling eroge with voice acting.

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Fuck. I've never played a sim before. How the hell do I molest Meiling when she's asleep? Anyone have any experience with these things?

Also, Meiling voice is so inappropriate for her character. She sounds like a loli.
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Reposting for anyone else.

Your goal is to fill the 3 short bars before filling up the long one (e.g. molest China sufficiently without waking her up). You have 3 tries each night. Each short bar corresponds to one of the colored options (plus a wild card one that affects all 3). The 3 large numbers on each option indicate how much the large bar will fill up if you pick it (random pick from 1-whatever). Each number corresponds to a round. The small numbers on the right indicate how much the small bars fill up. Generally options get cheaper in the later rounds.

For example, if a card has the large numbers 11/7/3 and the small number of 5, then in the first round the large bar will fill up 1-11 points and the corresponding small bar will fill up 5. Second round, the large bar goes 1-7, and small is still 5. Third round 1-3 and still 5. If you max out the large bar, you lose all progress for that night. If you don't max out all 3 small bars by the end of the week you fail and have to start the week over.

The bars get longer as the game progresses. I don't know about the small ones, but the large one has values of 5/10/15/20 as the weeks progress.

The roullete when you choose an option is just a fancy way of picking a random number.
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what do you use to extract bin and cue files i lost my program that i used
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Normally you mount it with Alcohol 120%, Daemon tools, magic ISO, etc

Here's alc.
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I really liked it until Sakuya started acting like a rapist. Coincidentally picking up when she started playing with futa.

God damnit my self-loathing is bad enough already.
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This game's auto-save feature is shit. If you run it once the save will be deleted and either you play until the next save or you re-start everything from the start.

Has CGs been ripped? I'm tired of going trhough the beggining again.
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You might be able to find a CG set on /rs/. Isn't there a complete save included anyways?
If you can't find anything on /rs/ I could make a set myself when I go back to my apartment on Monday.
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Until now I've had no luck. There is a SGV file, I think, but I don't think it's a save file. And even if it is, dunno how to use it.
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the game should create a save file that contains the current autosave position and which CGs are unlocked. If you copy the one in the rs over the one that game creates, it should unlock every CG.

I'll make a CG set anyways. Do you only want the H ones? There are also some of Sakuya kissing Meiling, them holding hands for the ending, etc.
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Heh, got my CGs the hard way; or should I say, relatively easy way. *Gloats*

I already have all 31 in .PNG format(This includes backgrounds) if you don't feel like uploading them, I can.
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Ah, I see, so that's how it works. Thanks.

Well, now there is no need to upload the CGs, but if you guys want to, then please, go ahead.
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>>Do you only want the H ones?

all of them would be the best. i don't really know if i want to download a pretty large game in foreign language i don't understand just for few pictures.
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Seems like someone else wants it. I should be able to upload it tomorrow around 11 am EST, everything from event.dat.

On the subject of not understanding, the reason I have the CGs is because I used this game to teach myself how to hack a game. Already posted this on /t-h/ but if anyone has some skill with Japanese and is interested in making a menu patch, here's all the images with japanese text.
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http://www.mediafire.com/?35mmnz3wqfy Includes the backgrounds and credit pages. The file names are still in japanese, but it shouldn't be a problem even without the fonts.

Just so you know, you can expect futa, preg, and milking just from the CGs.
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>Just so you know, you can expect futa, preg, and milking just from the CGs.
saw worse so mild, tame stuff like that doesn't bother me at all