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One night, you followed a mysterious song into the bamboo forest. It lured you ever deeper inwards, and even as you realized that you could never find your way out, you continued to press onwards. Your sight left you, and the buzz of your thoughts faded to a muttering and then to silence, your purpose having become the pursuit of a dream, a myth, an irresistible impossibility--
A fiery blast awoke you. You saw a winged shape pass by overhead, chased by the angry shouting of a female voice. A hand grasped your shoulder and spun you around, and you beheld a late-teenaged girl with silver ribbon-filled hair which shone in the moonlight, examining you with a mixture of annoyance and concern. Shaking her head and turning away, she took your hand and led you out of the forest with such speed and vexation that you were unable to find the courage to speak. You resolved to say something at the end of the trip, but once you reached the village you barely managed to open your mouth before she turned around, glared at you in a way that arrested all speech, and took off back into the forest, leaving you alone at the boundary between mundanity and fantasy.

Two weeks later, you return to the forest, wearing only a robe, shoes, and a pair of pants. There is no song to follow this time, and a curious silence hangs heavily in the air, holding back even the voices of the insects. However, there is no need for a guide other than the moonlight as you plunge willingly into the darkness, trying to become as deeply ensnared in the labyrinth as possible in order to rouse the fury of whatever dangers lurk within.
You you begin to hear strange claps of thunder. The sky flashes red and the air grows warm. The moonlight is replaced by a flickering red glow, and you hear the roar of flames in the distance but smell no signs of a fire. The sound and the light grow intensity until you eventually come to a clearing. In the sky, you see a fantastic spectacle: a great bird of fire clashes with a pale orb of light. As you watch the bird charges into the orb, attempting to pierce it. The sky grows even brighter and the heat even more oppressive, until an explosion forces the bird away and into freefall. It gradually loses its shape and becomes a simple ball of fire, which you suddenly realize is headed in your direction. Before you can try to run away, it crashes into the ground not far from you, creating an incredibly loud explosion of unbelievable brightness and heat.

Some time later, your senses return to you. You are resting in a futon on the floor of a one-room hut, apparently without serious injury. It is still nighttime, and the room is dark save for the moonlight passing through the window and the open doorway. The silver-haired girl enters and casts a flickering light from a small fire which she seems to conjure in the palm of her hand. You see that the is wearing a white button-up shirt and large red pants held up with red suspenders. Her shirt seems to have been designed for men, and you can make out a respectable bustline pressing from within. She leans over you to take a look, and the concern in her face quickly changes to annoyance.
“Why'd you come back? This isn't a place for normal people like you. If you'd been any closer, I probably could've killed you!”
“Because...” you respond.
“Because I wanted to see you again. You were so strong and beautiful, I couldn't forget about you. I had to come back, no matter what.”
“What? You're making it out like I'm some sort of princess, hiding away in this forest...”
She trails off and loses herself in thought. You look into her vacant eyes for several minutes, feeling uncomfortable but also afraid of what will happen when she speaks. Eventually she blinks back to awareness and sighs quietly.
“You really shouldn't think like that. You'll waste your life chasing impossible dreams. But if I chase you off, you'll just come back, so ... Just for tonight, I'll let you have what you want.”
A pause.
“Tonight, I'll be your wife.”
Shocked, you watch as she stands up and extinguishes her flame by closing her hand. Now silhouetted, she undoes the ribbon atop her head and slowly climbs into the futon, pushing you to the left to make room. It suddenly becomes warmer under the covers, just short of uncomfortable. She has a strange freshness to her, which makes her body inviting even in the dark.
Long, awkward moments pass. Despite what she said earlier, she seems unsure of what to do. Slowly, uneasily, you lift her left arm and move it so that her hand rests on the bulge that has grown in your pants. You hold your breath as she feels it, pushing in, squeezing, and moving her hand along its length. She shifts towards you slightly and sits up, using both hands to free your penis. Laying back down, she takes a firm hold of your shaft with her left hand. The warmth of her hand makes you precum start to leak out. She slowly pulls the skin up towards your head, down towards your scrotum, and back up and down again. The precum gets on her fingers and she wipes them off on your cock, lubricating it in the process. She eventually returns back to her up-and-down motion, her hand now quickly sliding up and down the length of your penis. The pleasure builds up and boils over, and you grunt quietly as several streams of cum spurt out onto your robe. The girl wipes her hand off on your exposed thigh an returns to the other side of the futon. Trying to avoid contact between your robe and the sheets, you get up and take your clothes off, coming back naked. More than a little embarrassed for numerous reasons, you stay to the edge of the futon and turn away from her. Minutes later, she speaks up behind you.
“Just that's not enough, right? For us to be a real couple, you have to...”
She faces away from your side of the futon and undoes the rear clips of her suspenders. You turn over towards her and reach down to the back of her pants, which you can pull down just enough to get easy access to her crotch. You slide a finger between her legs and feel the soft, warm slit of her pussy, which is leaking a tiny trickle of moisture. Reaching further, you find her small clitoris and rub your finger along it a few times, making her thighs tense up briefly. You draw your finger back out, bring it you your mouth but fail to taste anything, and then reach back to lift up her top leg. Your penis is now even harder than it was before, and you position it at the entrance to her pussy and push up into the warmth.
She tenses up again as you enter. Time seems to slow down as you slide the inches in. Once your entire cock is inside her, her breathing stops for a moment before she exhales slowly, relaxing her entire body. Her pussy is coiled tightly around your cock, pulsing with heat to match your cock's throbbing as your heartbeats synchronize. You hug her from behind and do three slow thrusts, spreading around the fluids coming out of both of you. Her lover body twitches continuously, and her uneven breathing occasionally rises into a brief grunt.
Still inside, you roll onto your back so that she is lying on top of you. You pull out as far as the head and then smoothly thrust back in and grind against, her, eliciting a surprised moan. You repeat this motion, slowly but steadily, and she eventually stops twitching and moans quietly with each thrust, seizing your cock ever more firmly. You slide your hands down to her midriff and unclip the front of her suspenders during a particularly intense grind, and then slow your pace but increase your intensity, undoing the lowest button on her shirt with each thrust. Once her shirt is fully open, you gently take hold of her breasts. They are large enough to fill your hands, soft to the touch but somewhat firm, and slightly warmer than everything other than her pussy, whose heat is accentuating the texture felt by your cock and pushing you dangerously close to the edge. You notice that her nipples are both hard, and pinching them causes her to arch her back and cry out as her pussy suddenly clamps down on you. Unfortunately, this sudden contraction forces you into orgasm, and you lie still in surprise as you shoot four streams of cum inside of her.
Your cock goes soft and her breathing slows down. However, you aren't willing to let your dream end like this. You pull out and get out from under her and get on top, immediately grabbing her breasts again. While gently teasing one nipple with a forefinger, you you bring your mouth over to her other breast, running your tongue along the aerola before kissing the nipple and sucking on it. She moans again, more loudly than before, turning her head away from you as she does so. She arches her back towards you, encouraging you to suck harder. You switch your head over to her other side and roll her other nipple between your thumb and forefinger. With your other hand, you reach down and stroke your clitoris with your thumb. Her moaning and the warmth and softness of her body gradually reinvigorate your cock, and once you are fully erect again you remove your hands and mouth from her and rest your cock against her slit. You hear her move her arms, and a second later her pussy stretches open. She turns her head towards you and makes an imploring noise.
Your penis slides easily back into her, her pussy seeming to suck you in. She makes a pleased humming noise. Before you can start moving, she wraps her arms around you and pulls you down right on top of her, you faces only inches apart. You take the opportunity to try kissing her; she pulls her head back at first, but then meets your lips and thrusts her tongue into your mouth. Your tongues clumsily interact while your cock and her pussy throb together. She eventually breaks the kiss and you take the cue to start moving. Even though her pussy is squeezing you tightly, there is enough lubrication that you can move in and out as quickly as you please. At first you are the only one moving, but soon she starts thrusting her hips back onto you. Her movements become stronger and stronger, eventually surpassing your own; her breathing has become very fast, and she is moaning uncontrollably. You roll over so that she is on top of you, and she immediately raises herself up and begins lifting her pussy up to the head of your cock and slamming it back down. You simply lie still, your body extremely tense, trying to survive the onslaught of pleasure until--
Her pussy suddenly clamps shut and you hear not so much a scream as a high-pitched, surprised moan. Your cock explodes inside of her, contracting almost painfully as it releases all of the cum you have left. She grinds onto you as her pussy continues to spasm, lengthening and intensifying your own orgasm. When the pleasure finally subsides, she falls over on top of you, and you hug her tightly and fall asleep.

The next day, you stand again with the girl at the edge of the bamboo forest. She hasn't spoken all morning, and you cannot understand her current expression. Time passes. Finally, she speaks.
“I really mean what I said last night. We're not allowed to think about each other anymore, so…If you come back, I'm really not going to come for you!”
>I'm really not going to come for you!
Ha! Ha!

Multiple meanings.
I suspect YAF, but it's not his style.
Who's this BSD?
>“Tonight, I'll be your wife.”

It was awful. I stopped here. Also, use some linebreaks or whatever, it was ugly to read and look at.

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