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This marks day 10 in the story.

Reminder: There are no bad ends unless you do something horrifically stupid. There are a large variety of normal ends that I would encourage you to actively seek. With that said, there are only two final ends to the story. Everything else will result in 'Go back X'.

Current goal: Ascend youkai mountain and meet up with Kanako. Along the way, Yukari has a few things to be done: Acquiring concentrated misfortune from Hina, blackmailing Aya and getting answers about Rick's situation from Nitori.


[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] Ask her to tell you more about herself


“I do have a few questions, actually,” you say, scooting a bit closer to Yumeko. “Earlier I asked about your relationship with Shinki, and you didn't have a chance to answer.”

She doesn't respond right away, a blush coming over her face. The unexpected question seems to have thrown her off. “Well, I suppose it is best to have an understanding of one another given our situation,” she responds with a brief sigh. “I protected and served Shinki, as I have made clear before. But above all else, we loved one another as more than just master and servant.”

That explains quite a bit, but also creates further questions. “Is that why you're concerned with Yukari and myself? Because you still love Shinki, and would rather not see another with her?” you inquire, concerned with Yumeko's motivations.

Her eyes go wide, and she seems a bit put off. “Oh, no, that's not it at all, I'm sorry if I misled you,” she says apologetically, her lips turned down slightly. “I'm a bit surprised you got that impression.” She folds her hands nervously in her lap. “I loved Shinki, but I'm gone and that's over.”

Well, now you feel quite terrible about the whole situation. “I, uh, sorry, Yumeko, I guess I just didn't understand,” you reply, averting your eyes in shame. “If that's not the answer, though, then why are you so interested in my master and I?”

Yumeko's expression lightens a bit. “I perceive things differently given my current place in the world, and I can see the potential for what I shared with my previous master.” She slips a hand from her lap, reaching out to take one of your own. She feels strangely real, despite this being a dream. “My job is to ensure the happiness of the one I serve and ensure their needs are taken care of.”

You let out a soft 'hmm' as you process the information. Her words raise another concern. “So, I'm the servant of Yukari, and you feel that her and I could share something, correct?” you say, essentially repeating what you were just told. Yumeko nods briefly. “If you are my servant now, what's to stop us from sharing that same something?”

Her mouth now hangs slightly agape, clearly surprised by your question. “I, I don't know,” she stutters, likely clueless as to how to answer. “I didn't think about it, but I suppose you are right.” Yumeko goes silent, now seeming to be deep in thought. “We'll cross that bridge if we come to it, that's the only answer I have.”

“Fair enough, although I was just teasing you a bit,” you say. She grins and shakes her head, rolling her eyes at you. “You know, given your reactions, it seems like you've stopped prying into my thoughts.”

“Yes, I realize it makes you uncomfortable, so I'm making an active effort to push your thoughts away,” she responds.

You give her an appreciative smile, thankful for her consideration. “So, moving away from less comfortable topics, how about telling me about yourself?”

“About myself?” she asks in surprise, blinking a few times.

“If we're going to be spending a lot of time together, I'd like to get to know what kind of person you are,” you say.

She chuckles and shakes her head. “Person? I'm dead, I'm not a person.”

You squeeze her hand slightly in your own. “I can see you, I can touch you, you've got your own mind and personality, I'd say that makes you a person.”

Yumeko blushes lightly and smiles. She seems rather pleased with your words and the sentiment behind them. “Alright, well, I don't know exactly what to tell you,” she says with a shrug. “Most of the things I liked to do I can't really do any more, unless I took control of your body.” That idea concerns you, which Yumeko seems to pick up on. “Well, there might be another way, it seems that I have been getting a better grasp on the physical world as more energy is put into the sword.”

“If I train, then, I might be able to help you do things again?” you ask, the question sounding a bit dumb after the fact. “Well, you know what I mean.”

“I suppose so, maybe,” she replies with a hesitant nod, seeming to be quite unsure herself.

You give her a wide grin. “I'll work on it, then you can show me some of the things you're interested in, alright?”

Yumeko returns the smile. “That sounds wonderful,” she says, pausing for a moment afterward to nibble her lip nervously. “It's nice to have someone express such a desire to get to know who I am,” she adds with a sheepish laugh. “Anyway, I think I've kept you here long enough, you've got to wake up and have things done to you.”


She lets out another nervous chuckle. “I mean, wake up and get things done, just a slip of the tongue.” Yumeko releases your hand and briefly glances to the platter she had brought earlier. “Well, I suppose it was just a dream anyway,” she mutters, standing up from the sofa. “It was nice having this talk.” She turns and slowly walks out of the room. The scene begins to fade away, returning you to the inky darkness of sleep.


You groan tiredly and stretch, having been awoken by the soft warmth of the morning sun streaming into the room. It doesn't take long to realize you are now lying on your back, and alone in the room. Ran is an early riser, after all, and likely went to wash up and prepare breakfast. You open your eyes and stand up carefully. The room is quite disheveled, something you failed to notice last night somewhere in between the lust and everything being dark.

Despite having your sleep interrupted and a long day before that, you are feeling quite refreshed. “Yukari, right, she's expecting me,” you say to nobody in particular. You spot a fresh, folded pair of pants left on the floor. Well, regardless of your comfort with walking around nude, some of the others may not appreciate that during the day. You quickly pull them on and stumble out of the room and into the hallway.

Within moments you are standing at the entrance to Yukari's bedroom. You have a good idea of what is coming once you enter and can already feel your arousal building. Tapping gently on the sliding door, you patiently await a reply. “Come in,” calls out the voice of your master. You push the door open and step inside, quickly closing it behind you.

“Good morning,” you greet her, smiling slightly. Yukari sits on the edge of her large canopy bed, yawning quietly. Her clothing is wrinkled and her hair disheveled. You get the feeling she crashed in her clothes and just woke up a bit ago. A bulge, more noticeable than that from the prior night, can be seen pushing up from beneath her tabard.

“I'm quite pleased to see you following through on your words from last night,” she says, grinning from ear to ear. She slides over a bit, patting the bed beside her. Her eyes flick downward as you approach, glancing at your own erection. “I'm also pleased by how eager you are,” she adds while you settle in on the bed.

Her body presses to your own, one gloved hand snaking its way inside of your trousers and wrapping around your erection. You gasp as the foreskin is peeled back, exposing your sensitive cock head to the soft fabric covering it. “Yukari,” you groan in response to her sudden affections. She does not say a word in return, instead pressing her mouth to your chest and nipping at the flesh playfully.

“Mmm,” she vocalizes, removing her lips a few seconds later. She reaches over and grabs your right hand, pushing it up beneath her dress and placing it on her stocking-covered thigh. “Touch me,” Yukari orders you, her hand letting go of yours. You slide it towards her crotch, not surprised when you encounter the erect shaft between her legs. Without wasting a moment, you grab your master's hard cock. You run your hand along the length, rolling her foreskin back when you reach the tip. “Ooh, yes,” she moans.

She releases your penis for a moment, pushing down the front of your pants and offering you freedom. Her free hand grabs the bottom of her dress and hikes it up to reveal her own cock. It is about as thick and long as your own. The bright red tip glistens with drops of pre-cum. Your investigation is cut short though, her lips now pressing to yours. Yukari grips your manhood once again, now vigorously stroking it. “Master,” you groan in a submissive tone, returning the kiss. The both of you lean in toward one another, continuing to stroke each other lustfully.

You're the first one to cum, grunting audibly as your cock twitches and splatters her dress with cum. Yukari follows suit shortly after, her hot and sticky semen coating your stomach and crotch. She breaks the kiss, her body shuddering as she groans. A blissful expression comes across her face. Her other hand smears her fluids into your skin. “That was wonderful,” she says, giggling quietly. Your body is released as she stands from the bed, reaching down to grab at your pants and pull them off. “Move up the bed while I strip.” You comply, sliding carefully up the bed while doing your best to watch her.

Your master slips the tabard off and pulls the dress over her head, dropping both garments to the floor. All that remains are her stockings and garter belt. Her nearly nude body sparkles with a light coat of sweat and, in spite of the recent orgasm, her cock stands ready once more. She looks in your direction, licking her lips lustfully and crawling on to the soft bed. Your mouth and lips are dry, you can't do much but stare in wonder and anticipation. There is no greater desire in your mind right now than to give yourself over to this beautiful woman. You relax back on to the fluffy pile of pillows, propped up at an angle so you can easily see her.

One hand works at her penis eagerly, using the leftover juice to lubricate it. Yukari slowly inches up the bed on her knees, her gaze never breaking away from yours. Her strong arms spread your legs and lift your rear slightly. You gasp sharply as the engorged tip of her hard length presses against your virginal anus. “Just relax, I imagine you're worried given last night's experiences, but I'm much smaller, and,” she pauses, grins and moves atop your body. Her lips come down and briefly press to your own, her affectionate eyes staring into yours. “I'm doing this for both of us, my dear,” she finishes in a reassuring tone. Returning to her prior position, the cum-slicked cock head gently pushes against your anus. “Are you ready?”

No. 13989
You nod eagerly and tightly grip the bed sheets, preparing yourself for her. “Please,” you beg her, saying not another word.

“I couldn't ask for a better companion,” she says with a grin. Companion? She didn't refer to you as a pet, or a servant, but something more. Perhaps Yumeko was right. Your thoughts are suddenly dismissed as she rocks her hips forward. You gasp loudly as the slippery head of her penis penetrates your tight asshole. Your own cock stiffens once more, this time in response to the pleasure of having your master inside of you. “It's tight,” Yukari moans, her heavy breasts jiggling slightly with each deep breath.

“Master,” you whisper, now tugging at the bed sheets. She digs her fingers into your rump, squeezing it tightly. Her body leans forward, driving the rest of her length into your body and resting her pelvis against you. You let out a loud groan of pleasure, mouth hanging agape. Her cock is warm, throbbing slightly, and you can feel every inch of it within you.

Yukari giggles softly. “I'm not your master right now, I'm just Yukari,” she says with a sweet voice.

You nod and correct yourself. “Yukari,” you say, a smile coming across your face. She responds with a grin and slowly withdraws her thick shaft, releasing a long, content sigh as she does so. You wiggle in her grasp, the crown of her engorged head passing over and pushing against your prostate. A gob of pre-cum forms at the tip of your length and rolls downward. She suddenly thrusts back in and fills you once more. The sound of her skin slapping against your rear echoes through the room. You instinctively arch your back and press against her crotch, trying to draw her further inside.

She fulfills your desires, humping and grinding against your asshole, twisting inside of you. Your cock now stands at full attention, bouncing slightly as she shifts your body. “Oh my, how you've fallen,” she teases, releasing her grip on your body and allowing you to simply rest on her crotch. You don't answer, choosing instead to reach for your penis with one hand. She slaps it away with a chuckle. “Don't worry, I'll take care of that, just enjoy yourself.” You watch as a pair of gaps form in the air. One slips down over you effortlessly. Were you not used to her antics, you would likely be surprised by the sight of your length hanging in the air, mere inches from her lips.

Her gloved hands return to your butt once more to provide support. Her warm, slick penis slips out from your anus, save for the head. In one smooth motion, she forces herself back inside. Yukari's hips start rhythmically pumping away at your asshole. With each thrust, she slightly repositions herself so that the head puts pressure on your prostate. You watch with desire as she opens her mouth and allows her tongue to hang out. Slowly, she leans forward, nearing your dripping manhood. You can feel your orgasm swelling, getting closer with each stroke of her penis inside you. Her damp tongue skillfully runs along the underside of your shaft and cleans the pre-cum from it. The sudden sensation tips you over the edge, hot semen pouring out. In an instant her face, tongue and the inside of her mouth are splattered with your fluids.

Yukari twists her head around, maneuvering to catch the remnants of your orgasm as they drip from you. You can see the muscles of her throat contracting, eagerly swallowing every drop. The gap disappears, returning your penis to where it belongs. “Delicious,” she giggles. “Don't feel disappointed that you came so quickly, I take that as a compliment.” She leans forward over your body, heavy breasts hanging down. She closes her eyes, lips curling up into a content smile. Her force and pace seems to increase, leaving you unable to do anything but squirm beneath her and gasp for breath.

She moves further atop you, now laying down on your body. Her hips make short, sharp thrusts, digging her cock into your body as far as it can go. Yukari's supple breasts press against your chest and her rock hard nipples scrape against the flesh beneath them. Her face is now mere inches from your own, eyes shut tight and her mouth wide open. Her tongue hangs out, dripping a mixture of saliva and cum into your mouth. She gasps for breath, unable to form any words as she humps your asshole. You make an effort to bring your head up a bit and suck her tongue between your lips. A soft whine can be heard, followed by her body tensing up. You lightly bite down on her tongue in an effort to entice her further. Loud, deep moans escape her throat. A warm, wet sensation floods the lower part of your body. You groan contently as her sticky cum fills your asshole, overflowing and dribbling on to the bed.

Yukari pulls back from the kiss, pushing up from your body and pulling her penis free. “I'm not quite finished,” she gasps out, still a bit short on breath. She forces a finger inside of your rectum before all of her cum can escape and grabs your right leg. Slowly, you are dragged down the bed until you are hanging from the edge from the waist down. You sit up, trying to see what exactly her intent is. You watch curiously as she drops to her knees. Your master places her head beneath your ass and removes the finger, allowing the fluid inside of you to pour out. “Mmm,” she groans, presumably drinking from your body.

“Yukari?” you say in an unsure tone. Another small gap opens up a short distance from your face. Her semi-erect, cum-coated cock slips through. She need not give you instructions, you already know what to do. You gingerly grab a hold of her with one hand, leaning forward and wrapping your lips around her meat. Her cum is thick and salty, oozing slowly down your throat. It tastes strangely wonderful. Her length slips out from your mouth as she draws back from the gap and closes it.

Yukari stands before you with a look of satisfaction upon her face. Strands of semen coat her chin and chest. You shift and straighten up on the edge of the bed. Without saying a word, she closes the distance between the two of you and plants a wet, sticky kiss on your cheek. “I've decided I want you to stay, and I'm going to have a chat with Remilia if you'd like,” she whispers into your ear.

You blink a few times, quite surprised. “I think I'd like that,” you say, grinning widely. “So, uh, where do we go from here?”

A soft giggle escapes her lips, followed by another sticky kiss. “Well, we need to clean you up, have a bit to eat and get you on your way,” she answers, pulling away from you. “Ran has clothes ready for you, and I believe there should be a warm bath prepared as well.”

Before you can react, you find yourself immersed in warm water. Yukari relaxes in the tub behind you, already beginning to scrub your back. She doesn't speak, she just cleans you in silence. After some time you trade places with her and return the favor. Aside from the occasional affectionate touch, the experience is uneventful. You both dry off and she disappears to her room to dress, leaving you alone in the bathroom.

There seems to be an odd bulge in your pile of clothes. You pick through the pile and find the familiar black ring resting in the pocket of the pants. “Good morning,” speaks up the voice of Nue. You slip the ring on your finger without a second thought and begin to dress. Ran gave you a pair of light weight, dark blue trousers and a simple white cotton shirt. You notice that a tag from a retail store was accidentally left on and you simply shake your head. “Seems you had quite the interesting night,” the ring adds with a chuckle.

“Oh yeah? What would you know about that?” you ask, smiling slightly.

The ring shifts and slips from your finger, reforming into what seems to be a slippery black snake. “Oh, you know, I have my ways.” Nue drops to the floor from your arm and slithers up your leg. “I can still smell what Yukari left inside of you,” she says, now coiled around your thigh. “I don't suppose you'd mind if I helped clean you up?”

You're not sure entirely what she means. “Sure, go ahead,” you say, following it up with a brief shrug. Nue wastes no time, her grip on your thigh loosening. The head of the snake-like creature pushes inside of your somewhat loosened asshole. “Ugh, Nue,” you grunt in surprise. A feminine giggle echoes from within you. Her presence inside of your body feels weird, although not bad. After a few moments pass, she pops out and drops to the floor. The snake is mottled with white spots that seem to be rapidly fading.

“I needed breakfast, and I figured you'd enjoy that,” she says in a playful tone. Her form reshapes into that of the ring, which you bend down to pick up before you begin to dress. “I'll be good now, don't worry.” Nue goes silent, allowing you to finish getting ready in peace. Before you can leave the room she speaks up one final time. “By the way, keep my prior request in mind, please. I'd still like to talk to you in private, although right now isn't the best time.”

“Alright, I'll make sure to remember,” you tell her, offering a smile. She may not be able to see the expression on your face from her point of view, but the sentiment still matters. You exit the bathroom and head toward the kitchen for breakfast. You arrive and slide the door open, poking your head inside. Everyone is seated except for yourself. One spot remains, this one positioned at the head of the table. Ran and Yukari sit side-by-side across from Chen and Kogasa.

“Good morning!” calls out Kogasa, waving you over eagerly. You settle in to the seat and gesture at her to relax. The rest of the girls offer their own greetings afterward.

Chen looks to be doing fairly well despite what happened last night. “Are you doing okay?” you ask her.

She looks up from her food and nods, smiling happily. “Yeah, I was kind of scared so I went and slept in your room with Kogasa. That's okay, right?”

“Of course, I'm just glad you're fine,” you answer in a caring tone. You glance to Ran and receive an encouraging look from her. “Hopefully you two got some good sleep, then.”

Kogasa shakes her head. “We were up for a while, Chen was crying pretty bad,” she blurts out. Chen blushes profusely and, much to the other girl's surprise, pinches her rather hard. “I, uh, I mean, yeah, we slept all night!” After the little exchange, everyone begins to eat in silence. Ran picks up the table afterward and carries the dishes off to the counter.

“So, are you ready for your trip?” Yukari asks you.

“Trip? You're going somewhere again?” Kogasa interjects, tilting her head curiously.

You probably should've told her before. “Yeah, I'm going to the mountain for a bit, I'm supposed to visit the goddess at the top,” you answer.

“Kanako,” your master adds.

Kogasa seems a bit flustered, a deep blush covering her face. “Th-that's where Sanae lives...” That's right, that was the girl who abused her, wasn't it? “I, uh, I guess I'll stay here and wait for my human!” she exclaims, doing her best to keep a brave face. She really should confront her aggressor at some point. But having her on such a long trip may be a strain on the both of you.

Yukari taps on the table to get your attention. “Something on your mind, my dear?”

“Well, yes, I'm just worried about Kogasa here.”

She raises an eyebrow. “And what has you worried about her?”

You turn to Kogasa and smile reassuringly. “I just think that she should stand up to Sanae at some point, that's all. You can't live in fear forever.”

Kogasa turns a pale white and blinks a few times. “S-stand up to her?” she asks nervously. “Maybe if you were there, but, I...”

Yukari suddenly interrupts. “I wouldn't bring her on this trip, but I may have a solution, if she's willing to go along with it.” You look to her expectantly, curious as to what she has come up with so suddenly. “You're going to take a while to reach Kanako, and I can simply bring her there once you arrive. In the mean time, perhaps Ran can work with building up her confidence.” That's actually quite the ingenious idea.

[ ] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.
[ ] Maybe now isn't the best time. Let Kogasa just stay here for the trip.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 13990
[x] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.

They didn't even clean up before doing any of that. This update became instantly and completely unarousing when you realize all the dicks were literally shitty.
No. 13991
[X] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.

I hope Kogasa can get to have sex with us.

About Sanae, is she going to be the ultra-sadistic asshole fanon tries to portray her as sometimes, or is it more like Kogasa actually was annoying a lot of people and Sanae just drove her off?
No. 13992
Chances are Sanae wouldn't be malicous in intent, but overdoes things.

[x] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.

If Kogasa wants that, why not?
No. 13993
[x] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.
No. 13994
[X] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.

I'm not sure if that's really the most important observation to be made here. Precedent seems to be that whenever something enters someone's ass, it reemerges without any fecal matter.

By the way, have we seen anyone actually evacuate their bowels yet? Maybe no one poops in Gensokyo.
No. 13995

Nobody wants to read about characters sitting on the toilet and taking a dump. Just assume it happens at some point.

Until we get to the scat scene which nobody will read.
No. 13996
Is it so hard to believe that Yukari can manipulate the border of Dirty and Clean?
No. 13997
No. 13998
Also, now that I've finally gotten through the Yukari H scene, my next plan is to finish up the Hina short in SCD and do the Koakuma scene there as well.
No. 13999
[x] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.
No. 14000
[X] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.

Psh, I'll likely read it purely for entertainment value if nothing else.
Yes, delicious Koakuma.
No. 14002
[X] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.

Nobody poops in gensokyo.
No. 14004
[x] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.
No. 14011
What is "SCD"? Is it another story of yours?
No. 14012
side story thread here >>7010 contains both MtG side stories and unrelated things.
No. 14014
Votes closed, going with her plan won.

By the way, when I reposted the complete update I also reuploaded the archive on Mediafire with the added extra bit.
No. 14054

Really looking forward to the Koakuma scene!
No. 14083
Fucking thanks for uploading the .doc file, dood!
No. 14084
Is there a difference between the .doc file and the version posted here?
No. 14102
That gave me a good, hard laugh.
No. 14121
Will update soon-ish (not today), been fucking around with the Dredmor beta. Shit is spectacular.
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File 130699010732.jpg - (648.81KB , 1000x708 , 13534150.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go along with Yukari's plan, if Kogasa is willing.


“That's a wonderful idea, master. As long as Kogasa is willing to give it a try, though,” you say with a smile on your face. “How about it, Kogasa?”

She still seems a bit concerned and hesitant. “I, I can give it a try,” she stutters nervously. “But, um, I think I want to keep your sword with me.” You blink a few times in surprise. Given the prior night, you aren't entirely sure you want to part with the blade again. “It'd be like having my human here helping me,” she adds, doing her best to smile bravely.

“Master?” you ask, looking to Yukari. You are truly at an impasse, caught between your concern for your own safety and the desire to help Kogasa.

Yukari sighs and glances off to the side, thinking to herself. Her slender fingers idly tap the surface of the table. “I can understand your worries, my dear, but I think you should let her keep it. I'll just make an effort to intervene if you are in danger, although I doubt I will have to.”

You give them both a nod as you glance back and forth between the two women. “So, Kogasa will stay here with my sword and work with Ran, then.”

“Nobody thought to ask me, but I don't mind,” Ran chimes in with a laugh. “I'm more than happy to help.” She glances to Chen and offers up a wink. “You'll help your friend out, right?” The cat girl nods eagerly, receiving a pat on the head. They're a strange family to have, but at times they make you feel as if you wouldn't want it any other way.

“Thank you,” Kogasa says softly, her lips curled up into a grin. After the exchange, the group begins to split up. The two younger girls depart from the room toward some unknown destination, likely to play together. Ran continues her work in the kitchen. Your master stares at you with an amused smirk.

“Something on your mind?” you inquire, raising an eyebrow curiously.

She shakes her head dismissively. “Oh, just thinking. We need to get you on your way, don't we?” she says, fingers now drumming noisily. “I'll be dropping you at the bottom of the mountain, it's a bit of a trip. I think you'll find it an enjoyable one, however.” She pauses for a moment, as if she were trying to recall some forgotten detail. You suddenly find yourself standing beside Yukari in her study. You aren't sure if you'll ever really become used to her suddenly shunting you from place to place. “I've got a few things to give you in order to take care of the other tasks I have set before you.”

You pick your brain for a moment. “Hina, Nitori and Aya, correct?” you wonder aloud. Your master nods as she turns away, bending down to dig through a box. The sound of clinking glass fills the room.

“Here we go,” she says, returning to your side. In her hand is a strap with a number of small, translucent vials attached to it. She bends down and pushes up one of your pants legs, gently tightening the strap around the appendage below. “That should be out of your way, but easy enough to access. You've got a few things to collect for me.” Yukari stands once more and moves to her desk, scribbling on a piece of paper. “First things first, concentrated misfortune. This one is easy, just help Hina get off and make sure you get some in a vial.”

In spite of everything, you're shocked at how nonchalantly she states that goal. “Well, how am I supposed to get her to have sleep with me?”

Yukari giggles, walking back toward you. She brings a gloved hand up to stroke your cheek. “My dear, I'll take care of that,” she answers cryptically, pushing the piece of paper into your hand. “Next, this is for your benefit, please talk to Nitori. She shouldn't be too hard to find, and I'll have informed her of your coming in advance.” You nod and pocket the list. “Third, seek out Aya. I need some Tengu juices, and she'll be the best place to get some. Just threaten to expose her secret and she'll do anything you want.” She chuckles softly, grinning mischievously. “Last, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. You shouldn't be in any real danger.”

At a first glance the task seems far more daunting, but in practice it should be fairly simple. “What if I break one of the vials?” you ask, worried about needing to make another trip to get the items.

“Oh, don't worry, they won't break. They're a lot sturdier than they look, or at least that's what Eirin told me.” Yukari steps back, gesturing as if she were going to open another gap. She suddenly stops. “Oh, one last thing. I forgot about the Aki sisters, silly me,” she says with a sigh, rolling her eyes. “I always forget about those two. You'll probably encounter them about lunch time. Distract them so I can have a nice lunch, would you kindly?” This woman is ridiculous at times, but you can't do anything but nod and put up with her silliness. “Have a good trip, my pet,” she adds, smiling warmly while continuing the gestures once more.

The gap looms ominously before you. You step inside without hesitation and then... You find yourself standing at the beginning of a cobblestone path. The mountain can be spotted in the distance before you, towering above the land around it. A sparse forest surrounds you, the leaves of the trees turned the colors of autumn. How odd, you're quite sure you recall it being late spring or early summer. The trees around Mayohiga were green, weren't they?

“Well, I suppose I can only go up from here, can't I?” you say to yourself with a chuckle.

The soft voice of Yumeko fills your ears. “I'd also like to take a moment to assuage your fears. Your sweet friend may have the sword, but I'm still present and able to assist you.”

Thank you, Yumeko.

“It is not a problem, and I'm sure the Nue would be more than willing to assist as well.”

Wait, what? You know about... Wait, of course she does. She's in your head, she would most certainly know.

“I believe she is aware of my presence as well, but that is something you'd have to ask her yourself.”

You feel as if you're going to go crazy having two constant companions. But, you do enjoy their company, so it isn't such a bad thing. “Hey, Nue,” you call out.

“Yes? Is there something you need?” Nue's voice speaks up. The ring around your finger shifts slightly. “Oh, I didn't even notice we were already at the base of the mountain,” she says with mild surprise. “So much for me paying attention.”

You shake your head. She probably fell asleep or something. “Have you had a chance to, uh, notice, our other companion?”

“The maid? Of course, I've felt her presence and saw her the other night in the bar. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, nothing, I just find it a bit odd that you knew about each other and didn't really say anything,” you answer with a shrug.

Nue giggles slightly. “We're both your little secrets, and we haven't really felt a need to talk to one another.”

Yumeko's voice enters your mind once more. “Her and I have different interests, but I believe the goals are similar. As far as I can see, she is interested in your well being like I am.” Although there's no vocal inflection to be changed, you can sense a sardonic tone in her next words. “Although she seems to prefer hiding such details.”

“Well, I suppose everything is good as long as you are both fine with each other,” you say to the two of them. “Shall we be on our way, then?”

“Of course,” they answer together, albeit through different mediums. The three of you begin the trek up the mountain, following the cobble path. You glance toward the sky from time to time, both to check the position of the sun and the distance of the mountain.

After a fair bit of walking the forest seems to open up into a clearing. A large table dominates the center of the area. It seems that there is a massive feast laid out from end to end as well. Two women seem to be squabbling with each other in front of the table, although you're too far to understand what is being said. They suddenly stop as you approach, one of them spotting you and pointing in your direction. The other whips around to look at you. They wave you over eagerly as you continue to approach.

“See? I told you it'd work, you just had to be patient,” one of them speaks. They both seem to have fairly similar features. These must be the Aki sisters. The one speaking has a poofy red hat on her head, topped with a bunch of grapes. They're both fairly attractive women, although the second is less endowed. That must be the younger of the two sisters.

“Oh, shut up, look how long we had to wait. How many days of repeated preparation did it take to get even one human here?” The two seem to become distracted from your presence, returning to their fighting. “Look at me, I think I'm so much smarter than big sister,” the second one mocks. “A week of waiting for one offering, Minoriko? Really?”

You're finding it hard to keep up with this conversation. The grape-hat girl is the younger sister? And what's this about an offering? “Uh, excuse me, but...”

“One offering is better than none, Shizuha,” says Minoriko with an exasperated sigh. “Besides, at least we didn't get another one of those dirty old men, right?”

Shizuha looks at you for a few seconds as if appraising you. “I suppose he's alright, he's nothing special, but it's better than the past few times.”

“Hey!” you yell at the both of them, breaking up the argument. Surprised, they both turn toward you. “What are you even talking about?”

Minoriko frowns slightly. “You aren't here to make an offering?”

Shizuha rolls her eyes. “If he was, then he'd know what we're talking about, wouldn't he? Genius.”

The younger sister waves off the older. “Whatever, that doesn't mean he won't make an offering, right?” she asks you with hope in her eyes.

“I don't even know what kind of offering you're looking for,” you say with a shrug.

Minoriko sighs loudly, reaching up and running a hand through her hair. “Looks like another one, sister. Why don't you have a bit to eat and we'll explain?” she offers.

“But outsider offerings aren't as good,” Shizuha whines to her sister.

“We've never even received one from an outsider, how do you even know that?” asks the younger of the two in frustration.

Their argument is interrupted by a rather noisy growl from your stomach. “Well, it has been a few hours, and I'm not in a rush,” you say with a sheepish laugh. A quick glance upward indicates it is about lunch time, as Yukari predicted.

The more mature of the two sisters ushers you onto the bench, placing you directly between the two women. The three of you are now seated, and rather closely together at that. It's a bit uncomfortable having strangers in such close proximity, especially ones that lack the sort of friend-of-a-friend acquaintance you had elsewhere. “We've got plenty of food for you to choose from, but I think you'd like my specialty,” Minoriko says with a kind smile. She reaches over, picking out a baked sweet potato from the table and presenting it to you. You take it from her and eagerly bite into it, surprised with how delicious it is. “It's nice to have a man to feed, isn't it Shizuha?” She immediately passes you a cup, which you gladly accept.

Taking a brief sip, you discover it is reminiscent of a sweet wine. “This has quite a wonderful taste to it.”

“Thanks, I made it myself,” Minoriko says with a giggle. “Feel free to drink as much as you want.”

Shizuha suddenly scoffs. “Whatever, you're just trying to get him to sleep with you,” the older sister says bluntly with a roll of the eyes. You're starting to notice she does that a lot.

You cough and choke briefly on the food, surprised by her bold statement. Recovering quickly, you swallow and look nervously between the two. “So, tell me about this offering?”

Minoriko is the first to speak up. “Well, an introduction is in order first. I'm Minoriko, and this is my older sister Shizuha. We're the Aki sisters.”

“Pleased to meet the two of you,” you respond politely, introducing yourself afterward.

“Likewise,” Minoriko responds. You don't really get an answer from Shizuha. “So, we're goddesses of autumn and the harvest season, and we're looking for offerings from the local humans,” she continues, still beating around the bush. She seems a bit hesitant, perhaps because you are an outsider. A slight blush covers her cheeks. “The offering we're looking for, though, well...”

Shizuha interrupts with a loud sigh. “Come on, it isn't that hard, he's just another man, Minoriko. Look, human, she also happens to represent fertility, and I lend my sister some power to help keep the wheels turning. You get what we're after?”

You can be a bit dense at times, but you're not so oblivious as to miss that cue. “You're looking for people to sleep with, basically.”

Shizuha claps in a halfhearted, mocking manner. “Congratulations, you've won! The prize is a choice between my sister and myself, or both at once!” she exclaims, smirking at you.

Minoriko seems to balk at how straightforward her sister is. “Oh, I'm terribly sorry, but she is right,” she says apologetically. “We seek out humans for sex, it is similar to acquiring faith in order to fuel our abilities.”

You laugh softly. “No need to apologize, Minoriko.” There are worse things in the world than two fairly attractive goddesses propositioning you. Although, given Shizuha's demeanor and body type, her younger sister is definitely the more attractive of the two. You'd certainly enjoy making a rather large offering inside of both of them.

“Watch your thoughts, I don't need to hear that,” Yumeko chides you mentally.

“I would like to humbly request an offering, if you'd be so kind,” Minoriko asks politely.

[ ] Make an offering to Minoriko.
[ ] Make an offering to Shizuha.
[ ] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?
[ ] Promise to come back another time and fulfill their request, you've got a long trip ahead.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 14197
File 130699020751.jpg - (284.35KB , 1280x960 , 16759471.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fun fact: I was originally going to write it so that Minoriko and Shizuha were having sex with each other on Rick's arrival. But this turned out better.

Pic related.
No. 14198

[ ] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?

Yukari did say to distract them.
No. 14199
[x] Promise to come back another time and fulfill their request, you've got a long trip ahead.

My heart fluttered when I saw that the Aki sisters were the next in line. I am unsure whether this is a good thing, or whether I will have to rage-cry while fapping very shortly. Until that scenario inevitably happens, I will futilely try and stave it away with a tide pissing vote.

>given Shizuha's demeanor and body type, her younger sister is definitely the more attractive of the two.

That damn vote for a loli, or boobanite centered story turned out the wrong goddamn way, I tell ya what.
No. 14200
[ ] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?
No. 14201

It's more of the fact that Shizuha is being immature and nasty, rather than lacking tits. Although I'm certain some people would enjoy putting her in her place.
No. 14205
[X] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?

As has been said earlier, Yukari wants us to distract them. Also at the very least both can get something.
No. 14207
[x] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?

>“Thanks, I made it myself,” Minoriko says with a giggle. “Feel free to drink as much as you want.”
Minoriko piss, Minoriko piss, it's awwwwright.
No. 14209
[x] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?

Might as well jump right into it. Even if Rick has to rest for a bit it is not like we'll be on the mountain for only a day.
No. 14210
[x] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?
No. 14211
[x] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?

Mainly because I can't think of a good write-in. Too bad we can't know how they'd react to various proposals.
No. 14213
Normally would let the vote linger since I updated so late, but I'm going to probably update today since I've got nothing else to do on the ride to the air force base. Threesome sister sex is a go.
No. 14215

Beat me to it.
No. 14229
I can't exactly blame her as she's chronically overshadowed by her sister in various ways.
No. 14233
Status update:

Okay, I've got almost everything done except for the H-scene. I wrote the rest of the update, although I'm currently trying to find a good cut-off point for the next choice. I probably won't finish the post tonight, but likely tomorrow.
No. 14236
I fail to grasp what else except nothing but an H-Scene could be waiting for us after the kind of setup you delivered with the last update.

Well ok, I guess the stuff with courtesy and framework and not thinking with our dicks and all.
No. 14240

Because there is a whole lot of other shit after the H-scene.
No. 14247
You're the kind that leaves without any cuddling, aren't you?
No. 14262
>You're the kind that leaves without any cuddling, aren't you?
Or the kind that includes cuddling as part of an H scene. I know I would.
No. 14278
I finished most of the update, but some depressing and frustrating E/N bullshit cropped up and I won't be finishing it today. The mood to write is simply gone. Sorry, I'll try to finish it tomorrow.
No. 14287
File 130720847060.jpg - (1.77MB , 1600x1128 , 15912852_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is probably the single longest update I've written in one solid chunk. 5,154 words, not counting header and choices at the bottom. Waiting on proof reader. In the mean time, have some Minoriko from one of my favorite artists.
No. 14295
File 130723662611.png - (702.45KB , 800x800 , 13368970_p1.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Well, Shizuha did suggest 'both at once', didn't she?


A wide grin covers your face. “I'd be more than happy to make an offering to the both of you, actually,” you say.

Minoriko's face lights up. “That's wonderful, thank you so very much,” she says in a polite tone. “Who would you like to have first?”

“I think I'll make an offering to your big sister first.” Shizuha's face goes white when you finish speaking. You'd think that, deep down, she would appreciate the thought of being chosen over her sister. You can feel your cock stirring and beginning to harden.

The older girl stares at you blankly for a minute or two. “Fine, let's just get it over with,” she says with a soft sigh. She stands from the table and begins to undress. You turn about on the bench so you can watch her.

“Shizuha, don't you think we should get him ready first?”

“What? I hope you're not expecting me to do that.”

Minoriko gives her a short nod, moving to join her sister in undressing. The two of them stand naked before you now. Shizuha is clearly embarrassed, her face covered in a crimson blush. Despite her reluctance, you can see that the tiny nipples atop her small chest are rock hard. The younger one is far less inhibited, though. She's eager and ready, the small patch of hair around her crotch already damp and glistening. Her breasts are quite large compared to Shizuha's, with fat nipples and dark areolae. “We've done it before, why are you so nervous?” she asks her older sister. Without wasting another moment, Minoriko drops to her knees and reaches into your pants.

You're a bit surprised at how eager she is. “Excited, aren't you?” you ask with a chuckle.

“We usually get men who are old or fat, so this is a bit of a treat for me,” Minoriko replies. Her hand wraps around your half-erect cock, pulling it out of your pants. With her free hand, she yanks on the fabric and tugs the front down.

Shizuha reluctantly gets down on her knees to join her sister. “Yeah, I guess,” she says hesitantly. The two girls grab your length and lean in. “Ugh, it stinks so bad, like he didn't wash it!”

Minoriko simply laughs. “Big sister, it isn't dirty. That's the scent of a man,” she responds with a lustful tone. She eagerly opens her mouth and swallows the head, sucking hungrily on the tip. You let out a loud moan and lean back to rest against the table.

“My sister might be so easy, but I'm not putting that thing in my mouth,” Shizuha states, looking up at you with an annoyed expression.

You nod and reach a hand forward, stroking her hair. She doesn't even respond to the affection. “That's fine, I won't make you do that.”

“It's not like you could make me do it to begin with,” she scoffs.

“Well, how about you sit on my lap, then?” you offer. Minoriko repositions herself on her hands and knees, pulling your cock downward and swallowing it from below. You let out another groan as your length slides into her tight throat. With some reluctance, Shizuha stands up and climbs on to your pelvis. Before she can react you wrap your arms around her back and pull her chest forward.

“W-what are you doing?” she stutters in surprise. "Let me go-o-ohhh..." Further protests degenerate into wordless moaning as you suck on one of her nipples, rolling the little nub between your lips and occasionally flicking your tongue across it. You remove one hand from her back, bringing it to her chest and pinching the other nipple. In spite of her conscious attempts at stoicism, her body responds involuntarily to your ministrations by squealing and bouncing on your lap.

Meanwhile, Minoriko continues to expertly work over your throbbing cock, sucking noisily as she draws back, then thrusting forward again until your glans hits the back of her throat, running her hot tongue across every surface the whole time. It doesn't take very long for your first orgasm to come, Shizuha's slim frame pulled in even closer as your body tenses, your pleasured groaning sounding out over the elder sister's protesting yelp and the younger's coughs and gags as she works to swallow your cum.

"Delicious," she says after taking a deep breath, adding with a giggle, "but you've still got more to go." Grabbing the spent piece of meat, she gropes and squeezes it in a gradually successful effort to bring it back to life. As soon as it's stiff once more, Minoriko wastes no time in pushing the head up into the slippery lips of Shizuha's pussy.

“I guess it's that time, huh?” Shizuha asks, doing her best to maintain her composure and sound bored. Her legs wrap around your back as you push off from the bench. Minoriko scoots backward, positioning herself so that she'll be laying beneath her sister. You carefully drop to your knees and lean forward, laying her back directly across Minoriko's chest. "Sister?" Shizuha's voice is nervous as she squirms about trying to make herself comfortable.

“It's okay, Shizuha, just let him make his offering,” says the calmer of the two, as she wraps her arms around her sister's waist in a loving embrace. The affections seem to have a calming effect, although Shizuha still wears a distasteful expression upon her face.

You push inside of the goddess in one smooth stroke. Her cunt is dripping wet and fairly loose, which doesn't come as a surprise. “Hey, a little warning would be nice,” she complains between heavy breaths. Her eyes go wide when Minoriko's hands slide up to squeeze her tiny breasts. “I didn't sign up for this,” she whines quietly. You slip out and thrust back inside, eliciting a small moan from your partner. “Be gentle, you brute,” she complains. Brute? You've half a mind to show her just how rough you can really be, but Minoriko's presence makes you think twice. Instead, you just buck your hips against her pelvis, digging and grinding into her loose pussy. She begins to open her mouth but is cut off by her sister tightly pinching down on her nipples.

“You act upset, but you're not even trying to get out from between us,” you say teasingly. You pull out and make another deep thrust, Shizuha gritting her teeth in response. She finally shuts up, just letting you pound into her stretched hole. Her breathing grows heavier and more labored with each stroke of your cock inside her body. You can see that her defiant face is flushed, likely upset at both yourself and her sister.

Shizuha lets out a restrained moan. “Come on, just get it over with already,” she says through her clenched teeth. You'd like to drag it out just to further annoy her, but you're struggling to resist the need to cum. With a grunt, you make one last push inside of her. She puts up her hands in defense, pressing against your chest and shutting her eyes. Her jaw goes slack and she gasps in surprise as your warm semen fills her pussy. Shizuha's expression changes rapidly over the next few seconds, shifting between pleasure and pure defiance, settling on the latter as you catch your breath. "Get off me," she growls.

“What?” you gasp out. Before you can react, she forcefully shoves you off and on to the ground. You cough and lay there to catch your breath.

“You're done, so I wanted you off me,” she states with a frown. She wriggles out of the grasp of her surprised sister and stands up. “You've made your offering, now do the same for Minoriko.” Shizuha crosses her arms, trying to look at serious as she can. It comes off more as humorous than threatening, given her disheveled state. Her hair is a wreck and thick gobs of cum roll down her sweaty inner thighs. You chuckle softly and shake your head, watching her walk off and take a seat a fair distance down the bench.

“Don't mind her,” comes the soft, reassuring voice of Minoriko. She's lying on the grass, spread eagle with her naked body visible for all to see. “Why don't you come over here and rest for a moment?” she offers with a sweet giggle. Now having recovered from Shizuha's assault, you move up and on to your knees. The younger sister grins and rolls on to her side, slapping her ass playfully. You slide in behind her and slip your arms around her waist. “Take your time, there's no rush.”

You cup her well developed breasts in your hands, squeezing and kneading at the supple flesh. Minoriko gasps when your fingertips run over her fat, hard nipples. You release her chest and bring your hands downward, groping her hips and thighs. Between her heavy tits and curvaceous, child-bearing hips, she has a nearly perfect body that would suit any man seeking a wife. “Minoriko,” you groan out.

She laughs quietly, pressing back against your body. “Nice to see a man appreciate more than just the hole between my legs,” she says in an amused tone. She moans softly, lifting her leg to allow access to her pussy. You plunge your fingers inside, only to have them immediately coated by her thick honey. She's loose and slippery inside, her body ready to be mated. You aren't quite ready again, but that's not a concern. You're content to listen to her soft moans as you play with her body. “You have no idea how nice it is to have someone do more than fuck you and be done,” she says appreciatively.

You kiss the back of her neck briefly and then prop yourself up, hooking your chin over her shoulder. She quickly figures out what you're looking for, turning her head upward. Her eyes are closed and her tongue hangs out in anticipation. You lean in and suck her tongue inside of your mouth, entwining it with your own. You can still taste your salty cum on her tongue. Minoriko lets out a deep, throaty moan of pleasure. You tightly press your lips to hers and return the moan. A series of sharp, high-pitched squeals drowns out the lewd sound created by your fingers. Her body convulses in your arms and her fluids gush out, splattering on to your hand and the ground below.

Minoriko breaks the kiss and lets her body go slack in your grip. She gasps for breath, shuddering slightly. “O-oh my, that was quite the nice surprise,” she stutters. The two of you lie there for a few moments, allowing her to bask in the afterglow. Now that you've had a short break, your cock is hard and ready, pressing in to her thigh. You're eager to present an offering to the sweet goddess in your arms. “Ready, are we?” she asks with a giggle. She wrests herself from your grip and climbs to her feet. You stare at her sexy body in anticipation, further excited by the sight of her nectar flowing from her pussy. “You don't mind if I'm on top, do you?”

You shake your head dumbly. “No, of course not.” You roll on to your back, settling in on the soft bed of grass below. Minoriko carefully steps over your body and positions herself directly over your crotch. She arches her back slightly, thrusting her hips forward and presenting her pussy. Her puffy lips are red and swollen. She slowly brings her fingers down between her legs, slipping them into the lips of her cunt and spreading the loose hole wide open. The lips of her pussy make a perverse squishing noise as they're spread, syrupy juices dripping from within. Her cunt is spread gaping wide, allowing you to see every fold of the pink flesh inside. Were you not about to enter her, you'd want nothing more than to force you face in against her crotch and taste her.

Without a word, Minoriko slowly lowers her stretched opening. You gasp sharply and take a deep breath as her velvety folds swallow your hard shaft. A soft, content sigh leaves her lips. She offers you a warm smile and leans forward, pressing her hefty breasts to your chest, grunting softly as she bounces her hips on your lap experimentally. “Cum inside of me as much as you like, I won't get pregnant,” she giggles, gripping the sides of your chest. She notices the look of confusion on your face and grins. “Her and I absorb it and turn it into what is essentially fuel, so there's no need for worry.” Minoriko sits up, sliding her hands to your chest. She grinds her crotch against your own, moaning softly. Her hands leave your chest, one coming up to squeeze her right breast, and the other going to her mouth. She puts on a slutty expression, opening her lips wide and letting her tongue hang out. She leans forward, saliva dripping from her lips and on to your sweaty skin.

You reach up and place your hands on either side of her hips. Gently, you buck up against her body. The feeling of her loose pussy is amazing. It doesn't grip you painfully like some of the other girls, but you can still feel every fold and ridge stroking your shaft. Her pussy juices pour down your penis and soak your crotch. You resist the urge to overpower her and wildly take her for yourself. That treatment would be better used on Shizuha, not the sweet woman straddling your cock. Minoriko gasps and moans quietly, pinching and pulling on her nipple. She slowly begins to raise herself from your lap, dropping herself back down with a noisy slap. You shudder in pleasure, doing your best to maintain your composure. She starts to rise up once more, but you lift your hips to meet her halfway before she can drop on to your crotch.

“Ohh, yes,” Minoriko groans out contentedly upon being impaled. She swings her waist about, sliding your hard cock around inside of her body. Her hands come back down, pushing against your chest. She begins to bounce on your crotch, to which you respond as before. The two of you match rhythms, your moans echoing through the clearing with each motion. “Please, please, cum inside of me,” Minoriko begs as if she were a whore. You're not quite there yet, but you're happy to oblige. You move your hands forward, sliding them to her ass from her hips. You squeeze the soft flesh in your fingers, digging the tips in. Her slick pussy quivers and twitches each time you fill her depths. Her entire body shakes slightly, already on the edge of its second orgasm. You reach your own peak before Minoriko does, moaning in unrestrained pleasure as your cock cums for the third time. It isn't as thick as the first two, but it's enough to cause her cunt to overflow in a mixture of both your fluids and hers.

The younger goddess lets out a loud cry of her own immediately after. She pulls free from your cock and leans backward, managing to quickly catch herself before hitting the ground. Minoriko arches her back and lets out another moan, squirting her viscous cunt juices on to your face and upper body. She groans contently, leaning back forward and collapsing on your chest to catch her breath. You reach up and gather some of the juice in order to taste it. It's reminiscent of the wine you tasted earlier, but not an exact match. Now you're curious as to what you drank, but the twisted ideas in your mind serve no purpose other than to inflame your desire further.

Minoriko rolls from your stomach and into the grass, laying on her side. She sighs contently, rubbing her legs together. Cum dribbles from her dripping cunt and streams down on to the ground. “That was good, wasn't it?” she asks with a laugh, presumably addressing Shizuha.

The older sister has moved up the bench toward you, rubbing at her crotch. “It was alright, I've had better, but it doesn't really matter since this was for your benefit.”

“Oh, don't be so mean, sister,” Minoriko says, now shifting on to her stomach and getting up on her knees. “Don't listen to her, it's nice to have a young man such as yourself present an offering,” she adds sweetly

You sit up, now having caught your breath. The younger of the two has now positioned herself in a way that you can fully take in the view of her semen-splattered crotch and thighs. These two are quite the pair, aren't they? “Well, I might be willing to help out again in the future,” you say, chuckling softly.

“Repeat customer, huh?” Shizuha says with a mocking tone of disbelief. “Looks like you're finally good enough for them to want it a second time, sister.” That was definitely uncalled for. You can't even begin to fathom why she has to be so nasty to both you and her sister. Minoriko doesn't respond, but you can tell she's unhappy. Her fingers have dug into the dirt beneath them, balling up in frustration.

You almost want to put Shizuha in her place, but on the other hand it may not be up to you to solve their problems. Perhaps it may be better to come back another time and see if you can talk to her sister one-on-one. Standing up, you cast a look of disdain in the direction of the older woman. You move to Minoriko's side and gently place a hand on her shoulder. She glances up, offering her thanks with a smile. You step back, allowing her to stand up. “Well, I should probably get dressed and be on my way, I guess,” you say, breaking the silence.

“Ah, right, you have a long trip ahead, don't you? Feel free to take some of the food in exchange for your assistance,” Minoriko says, gesturing toward the table. You nod, moving to the table to grab your clothes and get dressed. “Stop by again, we'd be glad to have you as our guest,” she says with a polite bow. It looks a bit silly, given her current disheveled state, but you can appreciate the sentiment.

“I'll make sure to come by and see you again, Minoriko,” you reply. Shizuha rolls her eyes once more, picking up on the intent behind your words. It's amazing how the two can differ so much in their personalities. You grab a wine skin and two of the sweet potatoes from the table and turn away, waving back as you leave the sisters to their own devices.

You've moved beyond sight of their clearing, now back on the cobble trail leading up the mountain. “Nue, you want a bite to eat?” you ask, holding up one of the potatoes.

The ring suddenly shifts and slips from your finger, dropping to the ground. Moments later, Nue is walking beside you. “Ooh, sweet potato,” she says with a grin. “Been a while since I've had one of these.” She eagerly bites into the potato and makes a content 'mm'.

“I don't think I've seen you eat anything since you've been with me,” you say.

Nue swallows the food and laughs. “Don't be silly, you've fed me a few times,” she replies, licking her lips.

Huh, you didn't realize she was being serious in the past when she mentioned consuming that as food. “Well, as long as you aren't starving,” you add with a shrug. You wonder for a moment if Yumeko would like the other potato. That's quite the silly idea, isn't it? She doesn't need to eat.

“You're right, but I'd certainly enjoy the taste of food once more should I gain enough energy to take on a more physical form,” Yumeko speaks into your mind. “I appreciate your sentiment and concern.”

You glance up toward the sky and then look back down to Nue. She's quite occupied, holding the potato with both hands and chowing down. You place an arm around the shoulders of the smaller girl, embracing her lightly. She doesn't seem to respond, although it seems as if she's slowly moving in closer. Her head tilts and rests against the side of your chest. “Nue?”

She snaps her head upward, returning to reality. “H-hey, what're you doing?” she says in surprise, pulling away slightly, but not making an effort to move out from your embrace. “I told you before not to get too close, didn't I? I'm not that kind of girl.”

You shake your head and laugh. “You looked so cute while you were eating, and I figured I don't give you as much attention as I should. Besides, you seemed to enjoy it.” Nue stares at you, blinking a few times. She tilts her head back down and presses it to your chest once more. “There, isn't that bett--” you start, quickly cut off.

“Don't say a word,” Nue pouts, returning to her potato.

“She's an odd girl, isn't she? Perhaps your actions came as a surprise given your affections toward Kogasa,” Yumeko interjects. That is an interesting line of thought, isn't it?

The group goes silent once more, simply walking along the path. Nue seems rather content being held in your arms. She eventually finishes her food, licks her fingers off and wordlessly returns to ring form. You continue the process of checking the sun from time to time, as it slowly begins to descend in the sky. The journey is long, but you're actually feeling quite well. The wine you took from the sister's buffet is keeping you from becoming parched, although the heat isn't too bad.

In the distance ahead, you spot Yukari standing in the middle of the path. She has a few objects behind her that you can't make out at the moment. Your master turns about and waves you over. “I'm here to help you with Hina, my dear,” she calls out. You're now able to spot what, and who, is with her. A ladder, a very large mirror and a nervous Chen, surrounded by a small swarm of black cats.

“Oh, no, no, that's just too much, Yukari,” you say in exasperation.

“Master Yukari,” she corrects.

“Master Yukari, isn't this a bit cliché? I mean, these things don't work,” you scoff.

Yukari crosses her arms, an amused smile on her face. “Of course they work, why would I waste my time bringing them out if they didn't?” she asks with a wink. “Curses, misfortune, bad luck, it pretty much boils down to the same thing, and Hina can take care of them all. But to get what we want, you need to have a rather powerful dose of misfortune.”

You shake your head. She has done some ridiculous things before, but this takes the cake. “All right, then, what's the plan?” you ask with a defeated tone.

Yukari grabs your shoulders and shoves you in front of the ladder. She moves past you and grabs the mirror, gingerly laying it on the ground beneath the ladder. “Chen, dear, take your little friends to the other side of the ladder.”

Chen frowns. “But I don't want to give him bad luck,” she whines.

“You know Hina will fix it,” Yukari reassures her. The young cat girl begrudgingly moves into position, taking the little group of cats with her. “This is rather simple, but the combined effect should be just what we need.” Your master steps back, which is either for a better view of the scene or to place herself out of harm's way. “So, step through the ladder while breaking the mirror, and then the cats will cross your path.” She claps her hands together, impressed with her own ingenuity.

You sigh and shake your head once more. “Ridiculous, but all right.” You step forward, stomping on the mirror forcefully. Chen jumps slightly in reaction to the sound made by the shattering glass. She moves ahead as planned, crossing through your path. Now finished with your master's silly efforts, you stand there and wait. A few moments pass, and nothing feels any different. “Not a thing,” you say with a shrug. “Can I continue on to Hina, then? I'm sure I can figure something out on my own.” Yukari nods and waves you off. The moment you start forward, you stumble and nearly fall flat on your face.

“See? Perfect!” she exclaims with a giggle.

“It's just a coincidence,” you fire back, following it up with a frustrated sigh. “Oh, I hope you enjoyed your lunch, by the way.”

Yukari simply laughs. “Of course I did, those girls know how to cook. Now, off you go,” she says, shooing you along. Yukari, Chen and the little set up disappear through a series of gaps, leaving you alone on the road.

“Really, that stuff didn't work,” you mutter to yourself. “Right? Yumeko? Nue?”

Yumeko doesn't say anything. Nue chuckles nervously. “Yeah, right, heh, of course it didn't,” she says.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” The sun is starting to hang lower in the sky. You'll probably make it to Hina's house in the evening. You are a bit concerned about being in the wilds at night, but you've got reliable back up. You trudge onward, your feet starting to feel a bit pained from walking.

The cobble path begins to trail off as you approach another clearing. This one is more akin to a large swath cut through the forest with a river running down the center. A traditional Japanese-style house is settled in on the other side of the river, accessible by a simple wooden foot bridge. Near the house is a cleared patch of land with the beginnings of what seems to be the foundation for another structure.

In the sky, the sun has begun to set. Hopefully this Hina person is kind enough to also offer up shelter for the night. You stand on the edge of the bridge, idly watching the stream and thinking to yourself. The sound of a door slamming open suddenly startles you, bringing you back to your senses. You look toward the home and spot a woman standing on the outer walkway of the residence. She stares at you as you begin to cross the short bridge.

Before you can reach the other side the woman launches herself into the air. With a graceful spin, she rapidly descends on the end of the bridge and lands carefully on the grass. She's a beautiful girl, dressed in red outfit, trimmed with white, that contrasts with her green hair. Her head is topped with a large bow that matches her outfit, and another smaller ribbon ties her luscious hair together beneath her chin. “You...” she starts, pausing and tilting her head. She has a look of concern and worry on her face. “That's a pretty hefty dose of misfortune you've got there,” she finishes with a nervous laugh. “I could taste it from in the house. I mean, feel it.” Her words are made only stranger when you see her briefly lick her pink lips. She gasps slightly, as if realizing she had forgotten something. “Oh, where are my manners? My name is Hina Kagiyama,” she says, twirling about in place and finishing with a bow.

You state your own name, extending a hand in friendship, which she daintily accepts. “A pleasure to meet you,” you say in return, smiling warmly. “So, what this about misfortune?” you ask, doing your best to feign being clueless.

She grins and gently tugs on your hand. “We can talk about it inside, come on then.”

“Oh, well, we can talk about it out here, can't we?” you ask nervously, caught off guard by her sudden change in demeanor.

Hina tugs on your hand again, this time with more force. “I insist, really. I'm sure you'd prefer to not stand about in the night time.” You nod and go along with it. You'll simply have to trust that the others will protect you should something go awry. You're quickly led toward her house and brought inside. The interior is dimly lit by candles, shadows gathering in the corners of every room. She brings you through to a sitting room, which, aside from a few bookshelves and some seats arranged around a low wooden table, is remarkably nondescript. “I'm sorry I don't have anything prepared, I don't usually have guests,” she says with a sheepish laugh.

You're a bit surprised by that. “Really? You seem like a friendly sort of person.”

“Oh, well, you know, most of the humans don't really understand, they think I'm going to curse them. I usually have youkai or the other goddesses stopping in,” she replies. You take a seat at the table, Hina settling in beside you. She seems to be breathing a bit heavily, and you can catch her staring at you. “S-so, about that misfortune, then,” she stammers slightly.

You cock your head slightly. “Right, I'm not sure I understand,” you say with a shrug. “I don't feel particularly unlucky or anything, Hina.”

She gently takes your hand into hers. “Well, the effects are a bit hard to notice, but I'm quite sure you are absolutely dripping with it,” she says in a sort of cheerily suggestive manner. She's very excited about your predicament. “I, I'm sorry, you must be bothered by me, aren't you?” she asks, now realizing how she has been acting.

“Not really. To be honest, it's a little creepy, but that's probably because I don't know you,” you answer, trying to reassure her.

Hina laughs quietly and shakes her head. “Well, I suppose I should explain then. I'm a goddess of curses, and I feed off of such things.” That would explain why she mentioned being able to taste it. “And you, well, you have...” she starts, pausing to let out a deep chuckle. “You have, uh, probably the most in one concentration that I've felt in a long time.”

You stare at Hina, trying to process what she's saying. “Well, how could I have so much?” you ask with a disbelieving scoff. “You can help me with that sort of thing, right?”

“I can tell some of it is fresh, as of a few hours ago, actually. There's a lot there, you would've had to go out of your way to get that much,” she says, looking at you expectantly. This woman is good, you didn't realize she'd be able to pinpoint when it was acquired. But now you feel a pang of guilt for trying to use subversion. Maybe you should tell her the truth? She might appreciate that. On the other hand, you're dealing with a curse goddess. But if she's that good, maybe lying won't get you out of it.

[ ] Lie to Hina. She may be good, but you might be able to convince her it was an accident.
[ ] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.
[ ] Deflect, turn the conversation away from the recently gained misfortune.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 14297
[x] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.

Tch, Bitchy Shizuha still doesn't sit well with me, but oh well. Hina comes off as odd but nice and I don't think lying would possible.
No. 14298
[x] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.

Shizuha seems pretty lonely and bitter. This only makes the eventual hatesex better.
No. 14299
[x] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.
No. 14300
[x] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.

Kind of interested in seeing what the hell is going on with Shizuha, myself. Also, laughed at Yukari being so ridiculous (and it working!).
No. 14301
[x] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.
No. 14304
>Kind of interested in seeing what the hell is going on with Shizuha, myself.
Pretty simple. If you look at
>“Looks like you're finally good enough for them to want it a second time, sister.”
It's obvious that Shizuha is just bitter that she and her sister are fairly lonely, aside from the obligatory sexings for the faith. Also
>“Nice to see a man appreciate more than just the hole between my legs,”
This implies that most people only come for the sex, and then leave, always taking the sisters for granted and never say, treating them like people (ignoring the fact that they're youkai/goddesses).

While Minoriko hides it internally (if she's evenn hiding anything), Shizuha is forcing the resentment out externally.

I could of course be wrong but hey.
No. 14305
[X] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.
No. 14306
[ ] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.
No. 14307
[x] Lie to Hina. She may be good, but you might be able to convince her it was an accident.

A little white lie never hurt anyone. Besides, she's being obvious and creepy. She needs to cool her jets a bit.

Also, I think this might be the first time I've ever been disappointed with a threesome option. It would have been much more satisfying to dominate Shizuha. Oh so much more. I mad.
No. 14308

Not like it'll be the only chance.
No. 14311
I think there's some jealousy on Shizuha's part towards her younger sister as I get the impression that many prefer Minoriko to her (not sure if this was the case before she started being bitchy).

Minoriko's remark might also reference the fact that Rick was noticing all her body, not just her pussy.
No. 14312
[X] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.

I'ma like seeing Rick potentially crack through Shizuha's armoured exterior with a damned howitzer of affection.
No. 14317
[X] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.
[X] Write-in.
"Yukari was trying to fool around with me, and making me jump through hoops - or rather, forced me to go under a ladder while breaking a mirror with black cats circling me... but all that stuff doesn't really work, does it? I didn't mean to be a bother..."
No. 14318
Alternately Shizuha has a sister complex and is degrading to her sister so that she doesn't think enough of herself to find love anywhere else, because she doesn't think anyone thinks of her as more than just a warm hole and a source of sweet potatoes.
No. 14330
[x] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.

Nue was pretty cute, acting like she didn't want affection from Rick.
No. 14331
[X] Write-in.
"Yukari was trying to fool around with me, and making me jump through hoops - or rather, forced me to go under a ladder while breaking a mirror with black cats circling me... but all that stuff doesn't really work, does it? I didn't mean to be a bother..."
No. 14333
That write-in is unnecessary and 'mostly' included in telling her the truth.
No. 14346
Votes are closed, telling the truth won.
No. 14368
Wrote some today, didn't do anything mon/tues, probably update tomorrow.
No. 14511
Sorry about the wait, but it did give me a chance to talk to someone and come up with an even better idea for the Hina H scenes than I had before.
No. 14519
In that case, well worth it!
No. 14520
This next update isn't an H scene, but based on the following choice you'll get one or two.
No. 14574
File 130815296445.jpg - (80.83KB , 1324x930 , 10184291.jpg ) [iqdb]
Please read the note at the bottom after the choices.

[X] Tell Hina the truth. She doesn't seem like the wrathful type, after all, and may appreciate it.


You chuckle nervously and wring your hands. “Well, sort of, it wasn't exactly my choice,” you say hesitantly, watching her face for a reaction. She doesn't seem to be upset, at least not yet. “I suppose I should explain the whole thing,” you add with a long sigh.

“If you want, I appreciate the honesty,” Hina pipes up with a genuine smile on her face.

“Well, I'm on a trip up the mountain, sent here by my master, Yukari,” you start.

Hina interjects before you can continue that thought. “Why am I not surprised that this is Yukari's doing?” she asks with a giggle.

Despite the guilt, you can't help but smile yourself. “Yukari had a few other tasks for me, including gathering something from you.” She tilts her head curiously. “W-well, it's not something you'd probably give out freely, you see,” you stammer nervously.

“I love helping humans, even if they're mostly afraid of me,” she chimes in, a wide grin covering her face. “Try me?”

“I was supposed to gather some sort of concentrated misfortune,” you say reluctantly. The both of you go silent, Hina staring at you for a few moments. You're not sure what is going through her head.

She finally breaks her gaze, shaking her head and laughing cheerfully. “Oh, and Yukari figured if she gave you enough bad luck that I'd have to take extreme measures, huh?” Hina asks with a tone of mock upset. “She was right, she's quite a smart woman. Of course, you'd only have to ask and I would've been willing to provide you with it myself.”

“Well, maybe Yukari was looking to have a little fun at my expense,” you say with a sheepish laugh.

“It seems her plans have been mostly foiled, haven't they?” Hina says with a sly wink. “Truth be told, it is preferable this way, as I get to have a bit of fun myself.” She nibbles her lower lip in excitement. “I haven't been able to feed on so much misfortune in a very long time.”

You've got an idea of what's going to happen, but you need to be sure. “So, how do you propose we go about getting rid of this misfortune?”

Hina presses her slender frame against your side. Your arm rests against her soft, moderate bust, causing you to blush slightly. “Well, that's a rather simple answer,” she says, lowering her voice. She brings her lips nearer to your ear. “All you have to do is join me in my bed tonight,” she whispers in a deep, sultry voice. “Or perhaps take me on the table, right here, although I assure you my bed is far more comfortable.”

You swallow nervously, although you aren't quite sure why you're so concerned. Perhaps given the fact she could likely curse you at will were you not satisfactory? But that doesn't seem like the kind of woman Hina is. “And, uh, how about that concentrated misfortune?”

She giggles softly in your ear. “All business, aren't you? I can respect that, but we'll both get what we desire.” You shudder as her tongue slips out and rolls across your ear lobe skillfully. “I have to warn you, however, that what you want can be dangerous if misused. Do tell Yukari to be careful.” Her hot breath tickles your skin briefly, Hina's lips quickly moving downward and pressing to your neck.

“I, I'd be more than happy to oblige you, Hina,” you stammer in surprise to her sudden affections. Her hand slips beneath your pants, gripping your growing shaft tightly. She gives it a few short pumps, cause you to shiver and reel in pleasure. You almost feel the need to cum right then and there, covering her hand in your sticky juices. You wonder how she'd react, perhaps taking the time to put on a show of cleaning it up with her tongue.

You let Hina take the lead, drawing you up from the chair and towards another room. “It has been a few years since I've done this, so let's make this count, shall we?” You nod dumbly, following along beside her. A few moments later, the two of you are inside her bedroom and stripped naked. Hina stands by the futon, grinning and looking at you with anticipation. Her pale, white flesh seems to almost shimmer in the dim candle light. She reaches up and squeezes her breasts together. You'd guess they were no bigger than a small C-cup.

“I was thinking of giving you a bit of a taste to start with, and then perhaps let you inside of me,” she says with a soft laugh. Hina pauses, looking a bit lost in thought for a few seconds. “Ah, there is one more detail before we begin, actually.” Hina pauses, her tiny lips curling up into a smile. “If you let me take your cum inside, I'll be able to do a better job of taking away every last drop of your misfortune,” she states eagerly. “Or, I suppose if you had a condom, I'd be able to work with that as well. It wouldn't be as pure of a sample for me, but it'd work well enough,” she says, nodding to herself in confirmation. “Of course, that's up to you, I can still take most of it just from our physical connection.”

You aren't entirely sure how the whole process works, but there is a bit of concern with cumming inside of her. You want to do the best you can for your mistress, certainly, but while the chances may be slim, the risk is not a small one. Then again, she did suggest a condom, even if the one you've got probably isn't what she's expecting.

[ ] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
[ ] Use Nue as a condom. Hina will get most of your misfortune, right? This way should be a bit safer, and it should appease Nue.

As I said before, there are a number of normal ends that I encourage seeking. To give you an example, I am going to blatantly point this out now. The first option leads to a normal end, the second one does not. Some normal ends will get you an extra H scene. Telling you this means that the choice given here is basically an illusion. Not a big deal, I don't think, since the idea here was to show you an example of what to look for now and in the future. I want you to seek normal ends because they are simply fun little extra 'what ifs'.
No. 14575
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

I wanted to go with Nue, but... I'll try your "little fun".
No. 14576
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
No. 14577
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
No. 14578
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

Time for a fun little sidetrip down the timeline.
No. 14581
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

I can't resist Hina end.
No. 14582
[X] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

>the risk is not a small one.

Actually, the risk is a "small one". Literally! HAW HAW ahh I kill me.
No. 14584
[X] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

It's not like anyone will vote for the other option, right?
No. 14585

Pretty much. The vote is more of a formality and to test the water to see if readers want to avoid normal ends regardless. And an example, as I stated before.
No. 14586
[x] Use Nue as a condom. Hina will get most of your misfortune, right? This way should be a bit safer, and it should appease Nue.

Take that! Yeah, I was totally going to vote for cum inside before I saw your post. Even without that little blurb about normal ends or whatever, that option is just much more appealing.
No. 14588
So getting the normal ending will rewind back to the fatesplit?

[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
No. 14589

In this case you'll go back to this choice and be given the other one. In instances with multiple choices, you'd go back one choice and repick.
No. 14592
Query: Have we missed any normal ends or done any actions that have cut us off from any normal ends so far? In particular I recall you said that going sans condom with Akyu would've had an interesting result.

[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
No. 14595

I have to check my logs, but I think that may have been before I settled on an exact system for how normal ends will work. I've known for probably 1.5 years that I'm going to do a bunch of normal ends, and I developed quite a few in that time, but I wasn't sure how to go about putting them in. In other words: Maybe. I do plan on writing a one-shot with pregnant Akyu in my other thread at some point, though.

tl;dr You haven't missed much.
No. 14597
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
No. 14600
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

Do the best you can, Rick!
No. 14602
[x] Use Nue as a condom. Hina will get most of your misfortune, right? This way should be a bit safer, and it should appease Nue.

Since the extra h-scene is going to win anyway, I might as well vote for the one I'd actually pick if this was a real choice.
No. 14603
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.
No. 14605
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

There is, literally, no real reason not to pick this. Everybody loves extras.
No. 14610
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.

Sounds good, hoping it's classier than Zangief teaching us how to wrestle bears.
No. 14611
[x] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible
No. 14623
Votes closed, etc., obvious choice won. I might update today although I expect to be busy. If not, will try tomorrow.
No. 14717
Since I only gave you one update this week I will try my best to write one tomorrow, Father's Day or not. Need to get through the normal end so Nue can have some more of the love and appreciation she deserves.
No. 14741
I read something maybe six or seven months ago that said tengu were known for either raping or attempting to coerce shrine maidens into having sex with them. I can't remember for the life of me where I read that. It wasn't in a doujin, nor monster girl encyclopedia. Not on wikipedia, not on tvtropes, not on the various touhou wikis. Does anyone have a clue about this? I'm fairly sure I read it in a book translated from Japanese.
No. 14752
Dunno about shrine maidens, but a popular bit of Tengu mythology is that they like to tempt any holy person to commit a sin (usually sex). What you mention might be related to this, but I don't think ZUN included this bit in Touhou and for good reason.
No. 14770
I'm sorry folks, I got nothing done today (I did get some work in yesterday). Stupid steam sales kept me occupied/distracted. Atom Zombie Smasher is some challenging shit. I'll try to push a few updates out this week. I might change my writing schedule to evenings on wed/thurs/fri/sat instead of afternoons.


Thanks, I guess that the idea I read was derived from that. Still wish I could find exactly where I read it. Regardless, it's 'close enough' to fit in later.
No. 14808
Where is that Koakuma short you promised us? I can't wait!
No. 14809
Or the rest of the Hina thing in SCD?
No. 14810
I haven't been productive lately outside of something I wrote elsewhere. I've got part of the update done but haven't finished it. The Koakuma thing will come soon enough, I have a good reason for not putting it up there yet. As for the Hina short, well, I'm writing Hina right now, so I don't want to inundate people in a lot of the same character, if that makes any sense? Seeing as you're already getting two Hina scenes right now, I was thinking of finishing that after the Tengu girls are handled.
No. 14860
File 130893915758.png - (707.96KB , 836x1200 , 15910299_big_p1.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Have sex with Hina and cum inside. It'd be best to absolve yourself of as much misfortune as possible.


Hina is quite eager, and you'd be best off getting rid of as much of that nasty misfortune as you can. You take a few steps forward and wrap one arm around her back, reaching down with the other and sinking two fingers into her already damp pussy. She's surprised by your sudden advance and unable to find time to react, simply groaning in pleasure as you explore her body. “You seem rather hungry, Hina, so maybe I should feed you right now?” you ask with a wide grin.

The goddess is quite strong and easily breaks from your grasp, moving back toward the futon. “Quite hungry, actually,” she giggles, bringing a hand down between her legs. She thrusts her hips toward you and spreads the slippery lips of her cunt. “Let's skip right to the main course, then.” Hina playfully licks her lips, drops down to her knees and lays back on the futon. She opens her legs, fingers still spreading her dripping hole.

You join her on the bedding, pushing your fingers inside of her pussy and pulling out some of her fluids. Smearing them across your stiff cock, you crawl atop Hina's body. The tip of your penis now hangs just above her entrance. “Are you ready, Hina?”

She nods and laughs. “I was more hoping you'd just take me on the spot rather than ask,” she says with sly smile. “No more waiting, feed me, and don't hold back.” Hina watches you expectantly, biting her lower lip in anticipation. You've never had quite an invitation, but you're more than willing to oblige her. In one smooth stroke, you sink inside of Hina's body. Her pussy is tight and her body is burning hot. She responds by bucking her hips upward and arching her back, letting out a sharp moan.

You bury yourself to the hilt in her cunt, pressing your body down and against her own. The hard nipples atop her moderate bust scratch against your chest, serving to fuel your lust. You force your lips to hers, cutting off another moan of pleasure. Hina squeals slightly, the sounds muffled by your mouth. She seems to be really enjoying having her pussy taken in such a rough manner.

Hina breaks the kiss, gasping for air. “More!” she cries out before returning to your affectionate lips once more. You bring one arm up behind her back to offer her body support. Another muffled moan of pleasure comes, this time in response to you making a few short thrusts into her soaking cunt. You groan loudly, pounding her body as if you were an animal in heat. The both of you are soaked in sweat, bodies sliding across one another with each thrust.

You shut your eyes and pull back from her lips, gasping for air between each content moan. Your body convulses, shaking her light frame about as your orgasm comes. Your cock pulsates and throbs within her and thick, warm cum flows into her hungry body, satiating her desires. “Oh, yes, I can almost taste it,” Hina moans dreamily. “So much of your misfortune, it's absolutely divine.” You both start to relax, her body going slack in your arms. You give way next, laying down on top of her and catching your breath.

“I'm glad you're happy, Hina,” you gasp out. Your cock finally softens enough to slip from her cum-filled pussy. She giggles and briefly presses a kiss to your lips.

A few moments pass before Hina speaks up. “Thank you for feeding me,” she says with a content sigh. “You're more than welcome to spend the night with me, as well.”

You nod tiredly. “I appreciate the offer, I could use some sleep after today.”

Hina laughs softly. “Sleep?” she asks, wearing a seductive grin on her face.


You stretch tiredly and exit your bedroom. It's still morning, and Ran should be cooking breakfast right now. Walking down the hallway, you can hear the voices of two woman as you pass by the door to the sitting room. One is very clearly Yukari, but the other is harder to place. It sounds familiar, but it is a voice you haven't heard in a few months. You peek in to the room and immediately spot your master seated and facing in your direction.

“Come in, my dear, we have a guest,” she pipes up instantly. “She's here to see you, actually, it's quite exciting!” Yukari has a wide grin plastered across her face, which serves only to worry you a bit.

You slide the door open a bit farther to reveal the other woman. Long, green hair topped with a familiar red-and-white ribbon. “Hina?” you ask curiously. Hina is the last person you'd have expected to see as a guest. You got along quite well, but there isn't a particular reason for her to visit. The last time you met with her was three or four months ago.

The woman turns her head in your direction. “Hello, it has been a while, hasn't it?” she greets you with a chuckle. “I meant to come see you sooner, but it was a bit difficult to get here.”

“What brings you here, though? I'm not cursed again, am I?”

Both of the women burst into a short fit of laughter at your expense. “Oh, don't be silly, Hina has a surprise for you. Show him, would you?”

“Of course, Yukari,” Hina replies as she begins to stand from the sofa. She's facing away from you currently, but the first thing you notice is that she isn't wearing her usual outfit. Instead, she's dressed up in a loose fitting black dress. Her arms seem to be wrapped around the front of her stomach, but it is hard to tell from this angle. She looks back toward you once more, her face now covered with a blush. She nibbles her lower lip nervously. “Do you remember when we met, and you gave me all of your misfortune?”

You nod briefly. “That's not an experience I'd soon forget, Hina.” You spot Yukari giving you a sly grin from across the room.

Hina spins about to face you entirely. She's supporting a growing bulge in her stomach with both arms. “I, well, I don't mean to cause an upset, but I received more than just your misfortune,” she says with a sheepish laugh.

You're stunned. You feel as if your jaw has dropped to the floor in absolute shock. This isn't the sort of thing you expected. “H-Hina, you, you're...”

“Pregnant,” she states, finishing your sentence for you. “Bit of a shock, right? I was so concerned with your misfortune at the time that I didn't even consider this possibility.”

How does Yukari feel? She should be acting betrayed and hurt. “Master Yukari?” you say curiously.

“Yes?” she responds, raising an eyebrow.

“I've already spent the morning talking with her about it, she was quite understanding,” Hina interrupts.

“So, where do we go from here, then?” you ask the women.

Yukari smiles and stands from her seat, crossing her arms. “Well, at first I was a bit disappointed. We've been living together for a fair bit of time now, and I enjoy your presence,” she begins, taking a few steps in Hina's direction. “But, I've lived long enough to know these things happen. Simply put, I've decided that it would be best to have you live with Hina and raise your child together.”

You nod in understanding. You're thankful that Yukari is so level headed, given that such a choice would be preferable. Even if it was unintended, you're still the father of Hina's child, and you've got to take responsibility for it. “How about the others? Won't they be upset?”

Your master shakes her head. “I'm sure there will be some disappointment, but nobody will be mad or anything like that, dear.” Yukari now stands by Hina, a gloved hand resting on the shoulder of the goddess. “It isn't as if you're truly going away, you'll still be welcome here, and Hina is perfectly fine with guests. I'll smooth things over with them.”

Hina slips out from Yukari's hand and walks around the sofa to meet you. She was a pretty girl before, but now she seems stunning, radiant and beautiful. Perhaps it is a side effect of knowing this woman has your child within. She takes your hand and squeezes it lightly, her hope filled eyes meeting your own. “So, are you ready to start a life together, then?” she asks nervously, despite knowing the answer.

“Of course, Hina,” you reply, grinning widely as you lean down to place a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Goodbye, my pet,” Yukari says in a quiet tone. “Though, I suppose you aren't my pet any more. Goodbye, my friend,” she corrects herself, voice seeming to waver slightly.

A gap opens near yourself and Hina. “Shall we?” she ask, her worry having faded away. She now instead smiles happily. You nod, leading her into the opening.


Despite the jarring surprise, things had gone off without a hitch. The two of you returned to Hina's house and began preparations for the future almost immediately. You were initially concerned with how big her house was. It was quite small, perfect for a person living alone, but not for a family. Hina dismissed your concerns, however. It turned out that the cleared site she had nearby was intended for building a newer, larger home to begin with. Since your first arrival, some work had progressed on it, but not much. Given her state, though, it was up to you to work on it. As the months passed, the new house was finished with the assistance of a few industrious friends. The two of you were eager to move in, although the old home was kept in tact and taken care of for the child to inherit.

Yukari was able to explain the situation to the rest of the girls. There was a fair bit of initial upset, especially since you were not given the opportunity to say goodbye, although that was your prior master's doing. Kogasa felt a bit downtrodden at first, but Yukari informed her that she would be able to visit as much as she wanted. She still had a home and family with those at Mayohiga, but Kogasa would prove to be a near constant visitor. Nue had her own presence at well, hanging around the general area and dropping by from time to time. Although you and Hina were quite capable of raising a child, Yumeko seemed to possess a vast knowledge on the subject, which you were more than thankful for.

Hina and you would live together for many years to come, raising your child together and teaching them about the world. Though there was never a formal wedding of any sort, the two of you felt it was not required. After all, the simple act of having children together could be considered a stronger bond than some elaborate ceremony. As you grew older, Hina grew more and more fearful of losing you. Even with your offspring fully grown and on their own, she still wanted to keep you in her life. She did her best to extend your life span by using her influence as a goddess. It worked for a while, adding a good number of years. You were thankful for her efforts, but with each year things seemed to simply grow harder and harder. It was painful, but you were able to convince her to let you go. Everyone has their time, after all.

You were laid to rest near your home. It was a simple proceeding, but your friends and family from Mayohiga came out to join Hina. Though memories fade over time, you wouldn't entirely be forgotten. Perhaps there is even a future in the afterlife.


Normal End – Life with Hina Kagiyama.
No. 14861
>Normal End – Life with Hina Kagiyama.

I'm gonna have to disagree. Sounds like a best end to me. Anyways, waiting warmly.
No. 14862
Always wear protection.

That was a nice, bittersweet ending.
No. 14864
Ran!! Shinki!!

Sorry folks, I call that a Bad End. I don't even want to know how Shinki will react, learning that.
No. 14873
File 130895711373.jpg - (139.67KB , 578x536 , durr.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Bad End
>Live a fulfilling and happy life with a family
No. 14874
Boring End. Here's hoping the others aren't similar.
No. 14875
File 130895764826.jpg - (152.55KB , 577x734 , eirinsmoke.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, so [x]Whoever you knock up first is it?

[x]Back one orgasm
No. 14877
[x] Go back one fuckin'
[x] Use Nue as a condom. Hina will get most of your misfortune, right? This way should be a bit safer, and it should appease Nue.
No. 14883
<Tsurupettan2> Wish I was home to tell people not to vote
No. 14886


eirin and kanako get
No. 14888
So, now that the first normal end has been blatantly pointed out and then written, do you folks feel it was worth it, and that it may be worth getting others in the future?

Not exactly. There are some characters who won't end the story if they get knocked up. There are also ends as a result of something other than pregnancy.

Thanks. Don't vote, guys. It's going back one and there's no other choices anyway, so no need for a vote. This will differ in the future when there are other options.
No. 14892
It was worth it. These little happy-ends are nice.
No. 14893
I'm going to say I found it rather bland and frankly, not worth the time that could have been used on advancing the story. In fact, I wonder if it really fits: we stay with Hina because she's pregnant, but never took the time to see if Shinki was pregnant herself?

You called it a normal end and it was pretty much normal stuff. I myself won't try to actively seek more of them.
No. 14894
I enjoyed it, but personally, I think it seemed kind of rushed as if you were writing it with the full intention of using it as an example, rather than a, well, "ending".

But that's just, like, my opinion man. Also, no pregnant Hina sex? For shame.
No. 14895

It was worth it, though I agree that it felt a bit rushed. On the other hand, it doesn't make sense to waste too much time on writing any ending other than the final one.
No. 14898
Nice but a bit rushed. I look forward to more 'normal' ends.
No. 14903
Thanks for the input. Happy normal end built around raising a family doesn't appeal to everyone. Especially not those seeking a (reverse) harem end, or that one special character they love above all others. Maybe one of the other ends will be more appealing. I wonder what could be in store at Higan or SDM?

With that said, I intentionally wanted this Hina H scene a bit short and sweet since the coming one should be pretty massive. Really, though, they're just meant as short little extra, not an in depth arc. Just a 'what if this happened'.

I was going to write pregnant Hina sex, but then a little bird told me that if I did it once, it'd be expected every time in the future. You'll get pregnant H scenes, both here and in the side thread once I finish up my other projects.

Huh. One would think that if Shinki were knocked up, she'd try to get in touch with Yukari and come forward in a similar manner. I wonder what it means that she didn't? Oh well!
No. 14907
Speaking of what if's, What ends have we missed so far? I honestly wanna get a quick summary of what ends that we missed so far; nothing to in-deep. I'm also going to request this again at the end of the story.
No. 14910

Nothing really, although I'm going to write an Akyu H-scene that has some relation to having knocked her up in the past. In the side thread, of course. Some day.
No. 14911
She said using a condom wouldn't work quite as well...

What if he pulled out at the last second and had her drink his semen instead? Would that work, and if so, be a better choice?
No. 14915

Don't worry about it, just relax and wait for the next update. I've got a busy Sunday, but I will try to write tomorrow.
No. 14976
I probably won't update until wednesday night or thursday afternoon, I've got a load of shit to do during the days/evening right now, plus I'm a slackass and keep playing ffxiv during free time.
No. 15030
Just curious, but are you waiting until we go to the SDM before posting the Koakuma short? I get the impression that might be our next stop after the mountain.
No. 15031

No, I'm not waiting for that, and the next stop after the mountain will be a choice as per usual. Will the SDM be in that choice? Well, that has yet to be seen! Perhaps there may be more options, after all there'd only be two choices left if there were not.
No. 15094
This is sheer laziness/distraction, by the way. Not lack of inspiration. A couple people messaged me and asked if I was quitting the story. I'm definitely keeping at it, just distracted.
No. 15096
File 130978794187.jpg - (390.25KB , 672x950 , 17104047.jpg ) [iqdb]
Posting solely to break up the writer's post combo.
No. 15248
Okay, steam summer sale is done. That means I am going to get back to writing during days. Will try to get an update out tomorrow afternoon/evening.
No. 15260
Looking forward to it. Some delicious Hina and, even better, more Nue!

Honestly, what I'm looking forward to most right now is finally getting some private time with either Nue or Kogasa. We've neglected them for a while now, and the thought of maybe getting a stockinged footjob from Nue is too awesome for words.
No. 15313
I take back what I said. I'm two or three paragraphs from done, but I'm also fucking tired and forcing it will make things come out shitty.
No. 15329
File 131058059198.jpg - (81.99KB , 994x695 , 9342225.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Use Nue as a condom. Hina will get most of your misfortune, right? This way should be a bit safer, and it should appease Nue.


“Perhaps a condom would be the better choice, Hina,” you say to her, kneeling down to rummage through your clothing. It's more for show than anything, it would be rather odd for the ring to transform into a condom in front of her. You stand back up, condom in hand.

Hina grins and beckons you over eagerly, dropping down to her knees on the futon. “Come on then, let me take care of your little dilemma,” she says with a laugh. As you near the goddess, she reaches out and grabs hold of your hand, gently pulling you down to join her on the futon. “We don't need to jump right into the main course, we can enjoy ourselves a bit first,” she giggles. She releases your hand, grabbing the condom and placing her other hand on your chest. You're gently pushed backwards, planting your hands firmly on the bedding to support yourself. Hina seems to be enamored with your growing erection, her fingers moving to gently stroke it. It jerks up slightly in response, bobbing in the air in front of her.

“Don't tease me,” you whine quietly. Hina nods briefly, grinning as she firmly grips your cock just below the head. Slowly, she peels back your foreskin to expose the sensitive tip.

She gasps slightly, her grin changing to a rather mischievous smile. “It's dirty. I wonder what you were doing earlier today?” she questions. “That's quite alright, I'd be more than happy to clean you up,” Hina continues, not allowing you to get a word in edgewise. Her small lips part slightly, allowing just the tip of her tongue to slip out. She runs the tip of her finger around the crown of your penis, gathering up some of the remnants of your prior foray. You groan slightly, both due to the pleasure of her touch and in response to the odd act she is performing. She places her finger on her tongue, drawing the residue inside. A content sigh escapes her lips as she tastes it. “Just a little hint of misfortune there, but enough to satisfy.”

You swallow nervously as you watch her. “Doesn't that taste kind of bad, Hina? I mean, it's...”

Hina waves a hand dismissively, cutting off your protests. “An acquired taste of sorts, and besides, every little bit of misfortune counts,” she laughs. Without another word, she opens her mouth once more, this time far wider than before. Her tongue slips out and hangs before you, dripping with saliva. It's surprisingly long, and the sight is rather erotic. Before you can react, Hina is upon you. Within an instant, her face is buried in your crotch. Her warm, wet mouth and tight throat serve to further ignite your lust. She slowly draws back, that long tongue swirling around and lapping at the shaft of your cock, coating it in her spit. She reaches the head, briefly flicks the tip of her tongue across the underside of your head, and then releases you from her lips.

Your brain finally catches up with what just happened, sending shivers of pleasure down your spine. “Oh, Hina, that was incredible,” you moan out.

“I wanted a taste for myself before I put the condom on,” she says with a playful wink. She extends her tongue once more, this time bringing the condom up in line with it. You can't help but stare at that strangely erotic tongue, which Hina takes note of. She pushes one finger inside of the condom, extending it forward a bit. “How about a little preview of what's to come?” she asks with a wink. You nod dumbly, awestruck by her actions. She lifts the condom up and tilts her head back, extending her tongue and slipping the tip inside of Nue. She slowly lowers it, stopping once her entire tongue is buried inside of Nue. It looks as if the condom is visibly shuddering in response to Hina.

Satisfied with your reaction to her little show, Hina pulls the condom from her tongue. She tilts her head slightly, smacking her lips. “Huh, that's odd, seems to have a bit of lubrication or something inside of it.” She quickly dismisses the thought with a shrug. Turning the condom around, she places the extended portion inside of her mouth, pressing the hard ring firmly against her lips. You watch in amazement as she nears your fully erect cock. Hina's mouth slowly descends on your shaft, enveloping it both in the warm of her body and Nue's tight form. You moan and cry out in pleasure, cock throbbing between her little lips. She reaches the base of your cock once more, pulling off as soon as the condom is in place. The moment Hina leaves you, the condom suddenly tightens around your shaft, fitting itself into every nook and cranny. She blinks in surprise, looking curiously at the condom. “What an odd little thing, isn't this?” she wonders aloud, reaching out to touch it.

Your cock throbs and pulses, the arousing sensations of Nue's presence flooding your senses. “D, don't touch it, Hina,” you cry out, a moment too late. Her hand gently grabs and squeezes on your hard shaft. You throw your head back, moaning in bliss as your first orgasm comes. The cum quickly fills the tight condom, a fat bulb expanding on the end of it.

“Ah! Hold on, I just need to have a little taste,” Hina cries out in desperation, more concerned with her hunger than anything else. She leaves you little time to recover, grabbing the condom and tugging it from your cock. She stretches the end of the condom open, looking at the mess inside. “Oh, yes,” she says quietly to herself, closing her eyes and burying her tongue inside of Nue once more. Even as you recover, you can't help but watch as her lengthy tongue twists and distorts the condom. It shudders and ripples as Hina hungrily assaults Nue. “There's so much more inside,” she mumbles, her speech impeded by the condom. She removes her tongue, eyes slightly glazed over from the whole experience. “Absolutely wonderful, but it was strange, it was as if more was coming out as I drank from it,” she states obliviously. She wastes no time, pulling the now-used condom back over your half-erect cock. It tries to tighten up again, but squeezes weakly around your length.

“H, hold on, Hina,” you stammer, still trying to recuperate from your orgasm. She giggles and ignores your protests, placing a hand firmly on your chest and pushing you down to the futon. You shift uncomfortably, trying to right yourself and reposition your legs. She relaxes for a moment, allowing you to get comfortable, before climbing atop your pelvis.

“You've still got enough life in you,” she states with a laugh. “You can recover inside of me.” Hina gently grips your spent cock, forcing it inside of her wet pussy. She grits her teeth as your length fills her, already beginning to grow back to full size. You wince and let out a sharp gasp, Hina's insides clamping down around you. Nue is surprisingly inactive, seeing as she was all too eager to play with you the last time you wore her. A sudden bounce, followed by Hina's crotch being pressed tightly to your own, throws you from that train of thought. You arch your back and groan in pleasure. She reasserts her position, firmly pressing down upon you and not allowing you to move your hips.

You reach up and grab on to her hips, taking a moment to squeeze and grope them lustfully before working your way down to her ass. She lets out a slight gasp, surprised by your sudden advances. Hina grinds her crotch against you as she leans forward and rests her breasts on your chest. “Well, I was content to feed myself and make you feel good, but if you want to return the favor, by all means,” she whispers, following it up with a playful wink. You dig your fingers into her small, yet squishy, ass. She lets out a sharp gasp as you tug at her rump, spreading her cheeks apart. She bucks her hips uncontrollably against you, sending a sudden jolt of pleasure coursing through your body.

“Hina,” you gasp out. She nods knowingly, eagerly awaiting your next move. Your fingers slip closer to her asshole, Hina's body gently quivering in excitement. She lets out another gasp when the tip of your finger gently touches the slightly stretched opening of her puckered anus. Hina is turning out to be quite the pervert, rather than her earlier 'all business' approach to feeding herself. You push the finger inside, tugging lightly on the ring of her asshole. A long, deep moan escapes her lips, and her eyes shut tightly. You slip a second finger in from the other side, wasting no time in using it to spread her tight hole open. Her body suddenly twitches and convulses, and you can feel the familiar rush of liquid flowing onto your crotch.

She relaxes her body, pausing to take a deep breath and recover. “I, uh, I'm going to move a bit now,” she says in an exhausted tone. “J-just keep doing what you're doing, please.” You're more than happy to oblige her, especially if Hina's body is going to react that way to your advances. You slide another pair of fingers into her now-stretched anus, slowly increasing the pressure on the ring. Hina's body jerks slightly in response, but she manages to maintain her composure this time. She slowly lifts her waist, eliciting a moan of pleasure from you as her slippery cunt slides along your length. She drops herself back on to your crotch with a wet, meaty 'slap'.

Nue seems to finally be recovering, you can feel her tighten up around your cock and clamp down on it once again. There's a tickling sensation at the tip of your penis, much like the last time you wore her. You groan in pleasure, breathing getting heavier as the combined efforts of the two women begins to affect you. With how tightly Nue is wrapped around you, you can feel every fold of Hina's dripping pussy. The feeling at the tip of your penis changes slightly, shifting from a gentle tickling to light pressure being exerted against the slit. It feels strangely wonderful, like a hundred tiny tendrils are tugging at and pushing on the opening of your cock head. Your shaft throbs almost painfully, needing to have release.

“Almost there?” Hina inquires with a giggle. She suddenly picks up the pace, her breathing growing shallow once more. You relax your grip on Hina's ass, tilting your head back and gasping for breath as she rides your length. The final thrust on to your cock coincides wonderfully with another squeeze from Nue, pushing you over the edge. You grip the futon tightly, filling the room with your moans of pleasure and spilling your cum inside of Nue. You can feel the condom loosening and expanding, much to the apparent surprise of the woman straddling you.

Hina lets a satisfied sigh escape from her lips as she slowly pulls herself from your crotch and stands up. “One last meal and that should be most of it,” she says with a giggle, bending down to pull the used condom from your now limp penis. She squeezes the end shut, doing her best to keep the fluid inside. Hina takes a couple steps backwards, tipping Nue up in the air and sliding her long tongue inside for a third time. She plumbs the depths of the condom, licking the inside eagerly and sucking down every drop of your thick semen. Hina suddenly gasps, a large gush of fluids splattering her face. The condom shifts and shudders, seeming to be losing its form. “What in the world,” she starts to say, cut off by the sudden 'thump' of Nue's naked body collapsing on top of her.

The two women squirm around for a few moments, presumably trying to gather their bearings. From your angle, you can clearly see Hina's face, and tongue, buried inside of Nue's body. “Oh, oh, please, stop,” Nue cries out in pleasure, panting and gasping. Her body convulses, coating Hina's lips in her juices. Your companion seems lost in a mixture of confusion and pure bliss, and Hina appears equally confused. The sight of the two of them is almost enough to stir your arousal once more.

Hina pulls her face from Nue's soaked cunt, gasping for breath. She looks up, staring at the writhing wings coming from the other girl's back. “N, Nue, what are you doing here?” she asks, now recognizing who her tongue was just inside. You're mildly surprised she recognizes her, but it seems everyone knows one another here.

Nue doesn't answer, simply groaning in pleasure. The pink lips of her pussy seem to loosen and contract, almost as if they were disappointed in losing Hina's long, slippery tongue. “Well, uh, Hina,” you stammer, trying to offer an explanation since Nue can't. “She's sort of my travel companion,” you say with an embarrassed laugh.

The goddess tilts her head back, looking at you curiously. Without saying a word, she buries her nose into the fine patch of hair on Nue's crotch. She inhales sharply, letting out another content sigh afterward. “It seems some of the misfortune I was sensing belonged to our friend here,” she says in an almost dazed tone. Hina's tongue skillfully parts the pussy lips that are before her, diving into the soaked depths of Nue's cunt.

A loud squeal of pleasure fills the room, Nue arching her back and shaking visibly. “P-please,” Nue begs weakly. You aren't sure if she is begging for it to stop or to continue. You weakly move up on to your knees, crawling around to the other side of the two women. Nue glances up toward you. Tears stream down her cheeks, and she seems quite shaken. Her mouth hangs agape as she pants and groans incoherently. The scene is both arousing, yet wrong at the same time. Your cock stands fully at attention now, Nue's eyes briefly flicking toward it. “Please,” she gasps out in between breaths, the horrified look still on her face.

Protecting Nue takes precedence over your own sexual desires. You crawl to the side of the two girls, placing your hands on Nue's side and pushing her from atop Hina's body. The goddess doesn't resist, likely too busy being bewildered by your actions. “What are you doing?” asks Hina in disappointment. “I was feeding! Why did you do that?”

You turn to Hina, sighing loudly. You almost want to scold her, but she's just following her instincts. “Nue didn't want it, Hina, and you can't force yourself on people like that,” you explain calmly.

The green-haired woman blinks a few times, slowly coming to realize what she was doing. “O-oh, I didn't, I mean,” she stammers incomprehensibly. “I'm sorry, Nue,” she says in a quiet tone, blushing profusely.

Nue lays on her back now, legs spread wide and body fully exposed for all to see. She groans and gasps for breath, her chest rising and falling rapidly. You watch her with concern, worried if she is having some sort of anxiety attack. The pace of her breathing finally begins to return to normal as she composes herself. Now fully aware and self conscious, Nue folds her wings around her in order to cover her body. “I told you to stop, Hina,” she says in frustration, staring unhappily at her. Her clothes begin to slowly reform around her body, streaks of white staining the black dress.

“Are you alright, Nue?” you ask her with worry in your voice. She takes a moment to frown at Hina before turning to you. She blushes and smiles slightly, nodding slowly.

“I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting that,” Nue says with a sigh. You briefly glance back to Hina. She seems caught in between embarrassment and being stunned by the whole situation. You crawl over toward Nue, who is still covering herself with her wing-like appendages despite now being clothed. She watches you rather intently, unsure what you're up to.

You've seen her wings on occasion before, although it seems that she hides them most of the time. This is the first chance you've had to inspect them up close. The pair protruding from her right side seem to be akin to metallic scythes, although looking at them this closely reveals they aren't sharpened. You reach out and slowly pull away the other set of wings, which are more like writhing, blue tentacles topped with a spade. They're soft and rubbery, and Nue doesn't seem to resist your advance. “Nue?” you say curiously, tilting your head.

“Y-yes?” she asks in reply, her voice taking on a confused tone. You gently push away the other set of wings, which feel much like the first. They twist and recoil away, allowing you access. “What are you,” she starts to say, cut off by your next advance. You suddenly bolt forward, wrapping your arms around Nue. She gasps slightly in surprise, her body freezing up. You shut your eyes and rest your head on her shoulder. Slowly, she raises her arms, placing one hand on your chest and gently pushing against it. You open your eyes and lean back, wondering if she doesn't want your affections. Your worries are quickly dispelled as Nue drapes her arms around your neck and down your back, leaning in and hesitantly pressing her lips to yours.

You're not sure what Hina is doing, or even thinking, right now, but you don't care. “Nue,” you mumble quietly through the kiss. She doesn't answer, seemingly content to taste your lips. You can feel her wings slowly closing around you, further solidifying her embrace.

This continues for a few moments before she breaks the kiss of her own accord. Nue looks into your eyes, blushing deeply. “Thank you,” she says quietly. This is the second time today you've seen her sweet side. She pulls her wings away, folding them neatly behind her. They slowly meld back into her body, fading from view. Nue swallows nervously, pulling away from you a bit. “So, what now?” she asks, glancing from you to Hina and back again.

[ ] Ask Nue if she'd like to continue from earlier, but on her own terms.
[ ] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[ ] Ask if Hina has a guest room.
--[ ] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.
[ ] Hina's house might not be the best place to stay with what just happened. Move on, despite the time.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 15332
[X] Ask Nue if she'd like to continue from earlier, but on her own terms.

Aren't we supposed to get something from Hina and mix it with some sort of herb?
No. 15333
[x]Grunt and fall asleep.

He's ejaculated 7 times today. It's time.
No. 15334

Don't worry, that will be taken care of.
No. 15335
[X] Ask Nue if she'd like to continue from earlier, but on her own terms.

We can't leave until we get some concentrated misfortune, so that option's right out. As long as Nue's comfortable with it, the best approach is to finish anything that needs to be done now. Getting it in the morning may work, but it would take more time out of our day.

Also, this version of Nue = cool, witty, sexy, sweet, and HNNNNNNG-inducingly cute. Well done. She's definitely my new favorite character, with Kogasa a close second. I hope she stays with us for the majority of the story.
No. 15336

Ah, I didn't see that before I posted. I stand by my vote, though.
No. 15338
[X] Take it easy.

Rick's got ninety-nine problems but a bit(ry
No. 15339
[x] Ask Nue if she'd like to continue from earlier, but on her own terms.

I'm hoping that we can make some sort of peace between Nue and Kogasa as otherwise problems will result.
No. 15340
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.

We don't need him passing out from exhaustion before he's even gotten to really climbing the mountain.
No. 15341

Yeah, I agree. No reason why the job can't be finished in the morning, and better that Rick doesn't collapse in the middle of the dark woods.

Plus, you know, Nue and Hina snuggling is always good.

[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.
No. 15342
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.
No. 15343
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.

Cuddling is always good!
No. 15344
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.
No. 15345
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now.
--[x] Ask if Hina has a guest room.
No. 15346
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] Ask if Hina has a guest room.

Do not want to sleep with Hina.
No. 15347
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now.
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.
No. 15352
[x] Ask Nue if she'd like to continue from earlier, but on her own terms.
[x] If not, ask Hina if she has a guest room.
No. 15355
Not closing the votes since I'm not writing until tomorrow. Need to work on my steam backlog. And I guess do some 'real' work.
No. 15361
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now.
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.

>Do not want to sleep with Hina.
Why? She's lovely.
No. 15363
And while she might have gotten a bit carried away with Nue, she apologized when she realized it.
No. 15373
Votes closed, looks like this won:

[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.

Will write some today.
No. 15387
File 131076258953.jpg - (222.84KB , 950x1000 , 20182358_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic totally unrelated, but I think you might like it, writefag.

Also, I like how there's no NSFW option on this board.
No. 15388
Her tongue is creepy and she is creepy and I don't like Hina in general.

And I'd rather be alone with Nue.
No. 15391
I wrote some but I didn't finish. I'll try and get it completed tomorrow!
No. 15393
File 131077030519.jpg - (221.70KB , 950x1000 , 20182358_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 15441
Was busy today, and didn't get much done on the weekend. Tomorrow. I'll even use the words 'I promise'.


Yes, I do love me some Kyouko.
No. 15454
[x] Everyone is likely tired, suggest retiring to bed for now
--[x] It might be nice to sleep with both of them.


You yawn loudly, quite exhausted from the day's events. “Maybe it'd be best if we just went to sleep now?” you suggest, smiling wearily.

Nue reciprocates your yawn. She hasn't been quite as active as you, but it has been a long day and it is late. “We? As in, all of us together? Here?” she asks, concerned despite being tired. She looks back toward Hina nervously. “I guess, if she stays on the other side of you.” She lets out a quiet laugh shortly afterward. “I'm being so silly, aren't I?”

“It's understandable, Nue, don't worry,” you say with a reassuring grin. You turn to Hina, who is still rather embarrassed by her actions. “How about it, Hina?”

Her head snaps upward to look at you. “Oh, ah, um, sure, why not?” she says with a nervous chuckle. “But first I need to hold up my end of the bargain.” Bargain? That's right, you had nearly forgotten. There should be some of those vials in your pile of clothes. You release Nue, crawling over and procuring one of them. You return to Hina, who gingerly takes the vial and begins to scrape in a substantial quantity of her fluids. Taking the vial back, you cap it and toss it toward the pile of clothing. It disappears in the middle of the air into a small, barely visible gap which snaps shut upon receiving it.

“Always reliable,” you say quietly to yourself. By the time you turn around, Nue and Hina have already positioned themselves on the futon with a space between them. Nue's clothing has shifted to something more appropriate for the bed: A long, black, lace-trimmed nightgown that covers her body. Hina seems content to remain naked. Without speaking another word, you flop down on to your back between the two women. “Good night.”

“Good night,” they both reply. Nue rolls on to her side and embraces your left arm. Hina scoots a bit closer to your body, but doesn't make the same effort as Nue. Perhaps she still feels guilty. Your concerns quickly fade away as you close your eyes, sleep quickly overtaking you.


The now familiar sight of Yumeko and her little sitting room comes into view. You're sitting in a chair, and she seems to be sacked out on the sofa nearby. Her hair is a mess and she's dressed in a simple robe that is barely tied together. Does she even need sleep? She's a spirit, isn't she? Perhaps this is just a manifestation of your dreams. “Yumeko?” you call out quietly. She groans and shifts around on the sofa. She actually looks kind of cute, compared to her usual calm and composed self.

Yumeko suddenly yawns and stretches, reaching up to scratch her hair. “I may be asleep but I can still sense your thoughts,” she says with a quiet chuckle. She sits up and pulls her legs to her chest. “I look like a mess, you really think I'm cute this way?” she asks.

You nod slightly. “Yeah, I do, it's a bit nice to see you more relaxed. Why are you asleep, anyway?”

She raises an eyebrow. “I'm not allowed rest?” she inquires with a tone that implies jest. “Actually, since I've become part of you, I have been growing fatigued as if I were still alive. It's not so bad, though, I'd forgotten what sleeping was like.” As if on cue, Yumeko yawns again. “So, it seems I was right about Nue,” she continues, changing the subject.

“Right about her? Oh, about her hiding her interests?”

Yumeko nods. “Correct, on the outside she appears to be playing a careful chess game of sorts, but beneath it all...”

You sigh and relax in the chair. “Yeah, she's sweet, but she seems like she's not sure how to react.”

“Perhaps this sort of social interaction is new to her? Have you taken that into consideration?” she asks with a slight smile. “You may be the first to express true care and interest in her well-being. Such as feeding her earlier.”

“Or when I held her,” you say with a grin. “That was nice, it really was.” You let out a satisfied sigh. “I'm still concerned about Kogasa finding out about her, though. Do you have any wise advice there, oh great Yumeko?” you ask in a teasing tone.

She huffs, wearing a sly grin on her face and feigning upset. “Unfortunately, no, all that the Great Yumeko has to offer is that you'll need to cross that bridge when you come to it.” She pauses for a moment and glances off in another direction, likely thinking to herself. She turns back with a smile. “Well, there is one suggestion I can offer...” How odd, Yumeko's lips are still moving but there seems to be no sound coming from them. The walls of the room suddenly stretch and distort, twisting into a black swirl. She doesn't seem to notice, or respond, to the shift. She, along with the rest of the room, begins to dissipate into a fine mist.

You're standing somewhere. You're not sure. Looking down, the ground beneath you is a black blotch. In front of you is a scene that is reminiscent of an earlier dream. The one where you were on a picnic with Kogasa and the others. The spot is similar, although it seems to be on a grassy plateau near the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. You can't see the ocean from here, but you know it's there. Unlike before, it seems that you're there with just Nue. Well, you're watching yourself be there. You're standing here on the black spot, and yourself is over there sitting with Nue. It's all terribly confusing. The two of you seem rather happy, having lunch together on the grass.

“Hello?” calls the curious voice of Nue from behind you. “What is this?” You turn about. Nue is standing beside you, facing the other way. Behind you is the scene you had just left. You're sitting there, still talking to Yumeko. But you're also standing here, and you're also over there with Nue.

“Nue?” you ask, your own voice filled with curiosity.

She looks at you with surprise. “But, you're over there,” she says, pointing toward yourself and Yumeko. She's just as confused as you are.

“And you're over there,” you tell her, jerking your thumb over your shoulder. She turns around and gasps quietly. You turn once more to watch her. She seems to stare at the scene for ages, lost in thought.

Nue finally looks back to you, her eyes wide. “What is this?” she repeats.

“I don't have the faintest clue. I know this is my dream, though.”

“Y-your dream?” Nue stammers. “This is my dream!”

A quiet laugh interrupts your mutually confused conversation. “Well, this is spectacularly fascinating,” comes another voice. It sounds like Kasen, but why would she be here again? “I don't think I've seen anything like this before.” You both look in the direction of the voice. “I mean, I've got an idea, but my prior point stands.”

“What would that idea be?” you ask Kasen, raising an eyebrow. “And why are you here again?”

“I seem to be having a difficult time enjoying my own dreams lately,” she says with a slight smile and a shrug. “As for this situation, it seems that your friend let herself go.”

Nue stares at Kasen. “What do you mean 'let myself go'?” she asks in frustration.

“Tell me, are you sleeping together in the waking world, right now?” Kasen inquires, addressing you. You glance to Nue and then nod. “Yes, yes, I believe that the nue here let herself slip. You do realize she is an incredibly dangerous creature, right?”

Nue seems rather angry now. “Dangerous? I'm not dangerous, I'd never hurt him!” she cries out.

Kasen seems a bit taken aback, but maintains her composure. “Hurt him? I didn't say that, I simply said you were dangerous. Strange how eager you are to shed any doubts,” the strange woman says dismissively. “Now then, I think she slipped and let her consciousness merge with your own by accident. It's not permanent, it will likely be over before the both of you wake.”

You're even more confused than before. “How could that happen, though?”

“It's not simple to describe, but the only thing I can say is that her form may have briefly merged in to your own. I imagine that, right now, you're wearing her like a blanket or another layer of skin,” Kasen tries to explain. You shake your head, not really understanding the whole situation. She lets out a long sigh. “Do you like this girl, here?” she asks. “It seems rather obvious she likes you, so if that is the case, then relax. Enjoy yourselves. It will be over soon enough.”

You glance at Nue. She's holding your hand now, rather tightly at that, and looking up at you with a bit of a smile. “And what of you, Kasen?” you ask, looking back up. She's already gone, though. You're sitting on the grass with Nue.

“I'm confused. Really, really confused,” she says, shrugging. “But this is nice.”

The sun is starting to set in the sky. It's quite beautiful. You don't say a word, but you take Nue by the hand and stand up, leading her to the edge of the cliff. Her sexy black outfit has been replaced by a long black dress. “You're right, this is nice.”

Nue places her head against your chest and wraps her arms around your waist. “It's wonderful, isn't it? Here in our dreams, we can be and do anything we want.” You nod, not sure where she's going with this. “I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I think I like this.” She pulls her head back, looking up toward you. Her eyes are shut, and her lips are vulnerable and waiting. You gently press your lips to her own. Nue's grip slackens and a muffled sigh comes from her.

“...perhaps if the encounter with Sanae goes well, Kogasa would be in high enough spirits to deal with Nue,” Yumeko finishes. You're back in the sitting room. “Are you alright?” she asks, staring at you curiously. “You look like you've just seen a ghost,” she adds, snickering slightly.

“Yeah, I'm fine. You didn't notice anything weird just now?”

She shakes her head. “Not a thing, I was simply explaining my thoughts on Kogasa. Are you sure you're fine?” You give her a brief nod. She has taken on a rather cautious expression now. “Well, perhaps I should let you rest,” she says, laying back down and rolling to face away from you.

“Good night, Yumeko.”


Coming out longer than expected, wanted to give you guys something and the end of the dream was a fairly logical cutoff. Tomorrow will be the continuation + choices. Curious how people feel about this update, so feedback is appreciated.
No. 15462
I liked it, though I have to admit, our dreams are getting more confusing every time we sleep. It seems like there's a party in our head, and everyone's invited. I don't mind the mystery, though, as long as you know where you're going with it, which I'm sure you do.

Also, Nue is <3.
No. 15463
Not entirely sure where you're going with it, but I like where this is going anyway.

Also, when can we expect to see Kyouko and Yoshika?
No. 15474
Perhaps on a return visit to Byakuren!
No. 15475
>>15388 here.
This update pleases me greatly.
No. 15479
Picture in picture dreams? Mind fuck ahoy.
No. 15483
Discovered that someone is finally doing a Yuuka dakimakura which has enough 'hostility' to be worth buying. Day has been made, and that has swept away any chance of laziness. You'll get the rest of the update for sure today.
No. 15491
Interest piqued.
No. 15494
Here's the rest.



Only one side is done so far, but it's shaping up nicely. There are four or five Yuuka dakimakura on the market as of right now, but all of them seem to be too 'cheerful'/sweet. I don't know about you, but that doesn't jive with me.


The bright morning sun rouses you from your sleep. You notice Nue's presence immediately, but Hina seems to be missing. Opening your eyes, you spot Nue still clinging to your arm, lost in blissful slumber. You run a hand through her hair before gently nudging her awake. “Good morning, Nue,” you whisper.

She yawns and releases your arm, stretching tiredly. Still in a daze, she presses her head affectionately to your chest. “Good morn--,” she starts to reply, now realizing her position against you. Nue looks up, her face stained with a red blush. She rolls away and hops up to her feet. “Good morning,” she finishes, turning back to face you. She appears to have an embarrassed expression on her face.

“Nue, about last night, the dreams, I just wanted to sa--.”

"What, what dreams?" she blurts out suddenly, throwing up her arms. "I don't know anything about that so don't ask me!" You nearly jump out of the futon when Nue explodes, absolutely shocked by the sudden display. An awkward silence drifts between you both. “I, uh, I'll see you in the other room, I guess you should get dressed," she says after a few seconds, now much calmer. She then turns and walks off, leaving you stunned and bewildered by the whole affair. What just happened? One moment she's cuddling up to you, the next she is freaking out.

You sigh loudly and stretch out across the futon. Yumeko might have some ideas, if she's awake. “Yumeko, are you up?” you ask quietly.

The tired voice of Yumeko fills your head. “I'm here, I just woke up, what do you need?” she asks, following it up with a loud yawn.

“What's with Nue, anyway? I sort of get it, but I sort of don't, and I figure you understand women better than I.”

“Give me a moment to clear my head and I'll answer that,” she responds. Well then, now is as good a time as any to go about your morning business. The first thing you do is get up from the futon and gather your clothing, making sure to strap the vials back in place. Your finger feels strangely bare without Nue's presence. After a few moments, Yumeko finally speaks up once more. “Didn't I explain this last night while you slept?”

“Did you, Yumeko?” you ask, scratching at the back of your neck. Last night seems like such a haze. All you really remember is Kasen and then kissing Nue. “Even so, please offer me your insight.”

“Alright, then. I've been watching your progress since I woke up, I told you that, correct?”

You nod briefly. “Of course, you've seen everything I've done since meeting up with Shinki.”

Yumeko lets out a soft sigh. “Well, my advice is based on a guess, mostly, since I don't know Nue all that well.”

“A guess would be more than I have at this point.”

You can feel an impression upon your mind, Yumeko dredging up prior memories from when you first met Nue. “From my perspective, when you first met Nue, your mind was on sex. She understood that, and she saw you as someone to tease and play with,” Yumeko begins to explain, pausing to pull up another memory. This time it is a more recent one, that of protecting Nue from Yukari. “When you were merely a plaything, she was on top of her game and fine with that.”

You're starting to pick up the pieces now. “But then I showed her that I cared.”

“Correct, and that threw her off. Again, I am guessing, but I imagine she spent most of her existence playing with and teasing men such as yourself, never letting them too close.”

You let out a loud sigh, now pacing about Hina's bedroom. “And now I've gotten close to Nue.”

“And now you have gotten close to Nue, and she doesn't know how to express herself. This may be new territory for her, something she doesn't understand and thus fears,” Yumeko says. Another memory flashes up, this one of Nue happily eating the potato yesterday while you held her. “I think she likes you, and that she wants to like you, but her nature is to avoid such advances.”

“So, what should I do about Nue, then? I do care about her, as you've seen,” you ask, lips curling up into a smile.

“Well, my first instinct is to lecture you about splitting your affections amongst various women, but that won't make much of a difference,” Yumeko answers, with a slight tone of exasperation. “Do what you are doing, and show her you care, and don't try to push her too far. That's all you really can do.”

You're satisfied with her advice. “Thanks, Yumeko. I guess I need to go see her in the other room, then.”

“Good luck.”

You leave Hina's bedroom, heading toward the sitting room. Nue is seated at the table, looking in your direction. A small stack of towels is in front of her, and a note is in her hand. “What do you have there, Nue?”

She smiles slightly and clears her throat, reading the note. “You both stink. Take a bath in the river. Signed by Hina,” she says with a giggle. “She's very forward.”

“Forward, but it's good advice,” you say, taking in a breath. “She's right. It's a shame I dressed already, but I guess the clothes can air out.” You shake your head and move toward Nue. She seems to have calmed down a fair bit, although there appears to still be a bit of worry in her eyes. “Shall we?”

“Oh, what, bathe? In the river? Together?” she asks, taken by surprise.

“Why not? It'll save time if we both bathe together, and it's not like we haven't seen each other naked.”

Nue freezes up, unsure what to do at this point. She slowly begins to nod, letting a quiet sigh leave her lips. “You're right, I guess.” You gather up the towels and extend a hand toward Nue. She gingerly takes your hand, allowing you to draw her away from the table and out of Hina's house.

Hina is outside, hair soaking wet and her body wrapped in some of the large towels. She waves toward the two of you as she walks up the path to her home. “Make sure to bathe upstream of the little bridge. The water should be clean, since the Kappa live above me.”

You aren't sure what she's going on about, but you nod as you pass by her. Hina knows what she's talking about. Without realizing it, Nue has moved a bit closer and hooked her arm around your own. You can't help but smile, feeling somewhat satisfied. Now standing at the edge of the river, you see Hina was right. The water is crystal clear and pure. A couple small soap bars sit on a rock nearby.

Nue is the first in the water, not even bothering to strip. As with last night, her clothes begin to melt away. Her wings expand from her back, seeming to stretch out for a moment before relaxing. You waste no time in stripping, grabbing two of the soap bars and slipping in to the cool water of the river to join her. “It's a bit cold, isn't it?” you ask her with a laugh.

She turns to face you, blushing in embarrassment and doing her best to cover her body. “Y-yeah, it's kind of cold.”

“What's wrong, Nue?”

Nue shrugs slightly. “I don't know,” she says with a sigh. “Do you have to watch me while we're bathing?”

You pause, no longer moving toward her. “I'm sorry, I didn't know it bothered you,” you say, starting to look away.

“No, no, I mean, it's fine,” she quickly corrects herself. She pauses for a few seconds, slowly letting down her guard. You can see why she was concerned. Her nipples are rock hard due to the chilly water. “Hey, could I have some of the soap?” she asks quietly, wading slowly in your direction.

“Of course, that's why I grabbed two,” you say with a warm smile on your face. You pass her one of the soap bars.

Nue takes the soap and moves away again, this time staying closer than before. “If you really want to watch, I guess that's fine, but you should probably clean up too. You do kind of stink,” she teases. Well, if she's so concerned, maybe she should wash you. Or, perhaps the other way around.

[ ] Ask her to wash your back.
[ ] Offer to wash Nue's back.
[ ] Offer to wash Nue's body.
[ ] Nue still seems a bit nervous, maybe you should let her be.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 15495
I just realized I fucked up my characterization for Kasen with the above post. Oh well, I'll fix it next time.
No. 15496
[X] rape until she loves you

...what? It always works in manga! Oh, all right, here.

[X] Ask her to wash your back.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.

If she's got intimacy issues, then moving on her now would only make her run farther away, and naturally, doing nothing solves nothing. The best case scenario is "tricking" her into starting the healing herself, unless she's just not ready.
No. 15497
[X] Ask her to wash your back.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.

I think asking to wash the body would be going too far while the back is pretty innocent enough. Relaxing too.
No. 15498
[x] Offer to wash Nue's back.
-[x]Slip in a few grabs if possible
No. 15501
[X] Ask her to wash your back.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.

Sounds good.
No. 15506
[X] Ask her to wash your back.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.

Works for me.
No. 15507
[X] Ask her to wash your back.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.
No. 15510
[X] Ask her to wash your back then return the favor.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at al
No. 15511
[X] Ask her to wash your back then return the favor.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.
No. 15512
[X] Ask her to wash your back then return the favor.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.

Also, I think >>15478 is relevant to this story and the writer's interests. Hoping somebody will translate it.
No. 15514

No, no it isn't.
No. 15516
[X] Ask her to wash your back then return the favor.
- [X] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.
No. 15517
[X] Drop the soap.
[X] Ask her to wash your back then return the favor.
- [x] If she refuses, don't press the issue at all.
No. 15522
[x] Nue still seems a bit nervous, maybe you should let her be.

Nue is used to being in control of the situation. Suddenly undermining that and being pushy about it will only serve to drive her away. Too much, too fast ya know. We should give her more time to get used to these sorts of affections and feelings.

Also, there isn't enough flannel on that Yuuka dakimakura. The breasts are also too lewd.
No. 15524
I'm going to close the votes now, but I can't promise an update tomorrow. It's a 'maybe' since I'll be quite busy. Asking her to wash your back wins.


Keep in mind that is a rough, detail-lacking image. It is far, far from a final product, lacking details and shading. The artist is usually good about details, so I'd imagine that a pattern will be filled in on her outfit.

Also, wouldn't letting her wash your back be putting yourself in a vulnerable position and allowing her more control? Who knows! It is a mystery.
No. 15525
Like he wasn't in a far more vulnerable position when she was literally wrapped around his dick.
No. 15567
Looks like keeping Nue with us instead of giving her to Yukari is going to pay off.
No. 15574
>insinuating handing Nue over to Yukari would not have provided sweet scenes of sweet, sweet pleasure being proffered again and again to Nue until she gives in willingly to her lusts, then trained oh-so thoroughly again and again and again with us until she is an obedient, if shy, pet of Yukari like Rick is. It's ok for pets to play with each other, isn't it?
No. 15575
File 131150995463.jpg - (357.31KB , 637x900 , 989639cfe89839c3859376364d017e89.jpg ) [iqdb]
>suggesting that would be better than watching her slowly and awkwardly come to terms with her pure, innocent love for Rick
No. 15610
Posting on the writer's behalf as he is currently banned, he says update will likely be tomorrow.
No. 15617
Regardless of what happened, this isn't the thread to discuss it.

So, how about that Nue? What are the chances that she'll scare the shit out of Kogasa before we leave the mountain?
No. 15628
Bad news, I didn't write today.

Good news, I spent an hour or so brainstorming with proof-reader-writer-buddy over future content.
No. 15656
I spent the day working on the update playing my steam backlog farting on people in SS13 and playing Monster Girl Quest for the first time. It suddenly dawned on me that those who liked Monster Girl Quest are really, really going to enjoy the normal end for Rumia.
No. 15658
Knowing nothing about that game other than the name, I'm assuming the normal end is vore. This saddens me.
No. 15659

No, no, no, no, no, I've stated it like twenty times now I will not ever, ever write vore. I hate vore. Heavy guro, vore, asphyxiation and ntr = no.
No. 15664

Seeing as I fucking love Monster Girl Quest, this sounds like time well spent.

It sounds to me like you're implying a "taken home as pet/sex slave" ending. Maybe she likes how he tastes? If so, awesome.
No. 15665
MGL here dood, you have found an awesome, awesome game, hope it inspired you a bit on some other bits of MtG.
No. 15666
I would love to ask why, but sadly that would require not talking about my porn stories.

Also fuck yeah Rumia route is the one we should go for right now.
No. 15667

I've had this Rumia normal end planned for about a year. Actually, the entire story has been 'mostly' planned for that long. I just found it amusing that, after playing that game, the scene and the game posed a similarity to one another.

>Also fuck yeah Rumia route is the one we should go for right now.

There is no Rumia route, just a normal end.
No. 15688
File 131191959391.jpg - (91.42KB , 480x360 , T13017099560a829039918da5c972ae539e5df178472.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am also looking forward to Rumia ending.
No. 15738
Wrote a page of this update today, will try to finish tomorrow.
No. 15749
Almost done. Really.
No. 15871
You waited over a week for... a short update? Well, yes and no. Yes, because I cut it short intentionally. Basically, as I wrote it I kept coming up with ideas for stuff that Nue could do to you and decided to leave it up to a choice. Originally I was going to write a full H scene then kick you guys off toward Nitori and find another stopping point.

[X] Ask her to wash your back.


Having her wash your back could be a wonderful idea, especially if you can put yourself in a vulnerable position. But you're going to have to play it cautiously, and not let on to your intentions. Taking up the soap, you begin to wash yourself, splashing about in the cool river. Nue glances toward you for a moment and takes on a rather amused smile before doing the same.

She's far more dexterous than you could ever be. Her wings have reformed, in a manner of speaking. Rather than the standard blue and red wings she tends to sport, they have taken the shape of writhing green-and-black mottled snakes. As she lathers each part of her body, a snake slips into the prior spot and begins to rub itself across her skin. It's rather erotic from your point of view, but from a practical side it seems to be cleaning her rather effectively. She passes the soap off to the final snake which deftly washes her back. “Ooh, that's wonderful,” Nue coos with a satisfied sigh.

Turning away from the scene, you continue to clean yourself in a decidedly more mundane manner than her. Finally reaching your back, you audibly strain yourself in an effort to draw Nue's attention. She laughs quietly at your efforts, to which you turn around once more. “What're you laughing at?” you ask her with a pout.

“You seem to be having trouble,” she says, smirking. The snake that was washing her back comes forward, soap in mouth, and drops it into her hand. “Would you like a little help?” Her eyes narrow, lips curling from a smirk into a sly grin. The snake waves about teasingly before returning to her back side.

You pause and blink a few times, feigning your surprise. This is exactly what you were hoping would happen. “Y-yeah, if you don't mind,” you stutter, playing it up a bit.

She chuckles for a moment and then grunts slightly as the snake 'wings' retract and merge into her back. “I'd be happy to assist you. Turn around, please.”

You nod and turn to face away from her. “Thanks, Nue. I appreciate the help.” You can't help but smile to yourself. After all of the affection and such you've shown her, she probably needs to be put back into her comfort zone. What better way than making yourself vulnerable to her?

You can hear her wading through the water, slowly approaching you. “No need to thank me,” is all she says in return, her soaped up body now pressing against your own. You gasp slightly as her hard nipples scrape across your back. Her chin rests on your shoulder now. “Relax, and move toward the rocks on the water's edge,” she whispers in to your ear.

No need to say a word, you simply begin to walk toward the rocks. Nue steps in time with you, her body still against yours. The moment you reach the rocks, you feel a sharp push from behind. You put your hands forward, catching yourself on the rock. You're now bent over, exposed to the woman standing behind you. You glance back over your shoulder to look at Nue.

She slides from your back and brings the soap up, lathering her chest up further. “I said I was going to wash your back, didn't I?” Now satisfied with her work, she climbs atop your back. Her body is warm and slippery. Her nipples tease your flesh as she shifts about, settling in atop your body. Her legs dangle from either side of you, and her head hangs next to yours. She seems to have stopped in place for a moment, and you aren't sure why. A long, content sigh escapes her lips. Nue slowly slides back and forth, rubbing her small chest against your back, soaping it up thoroughly.

“That feels nice, Nue,” you say quietly, closing your eyes and merely enjoying the experience of having her grinding against your back. Her arm wrap around your chest, rubbing the soap over it. “I thought you were just going to wash my back?”

Nue laughs softly and whispers into your ear. “I decided you still stink a bit.” Her skilled hands play across your chest, alternating between making an actual effort to wash you and groping you lustfully. She slips down your body a bit, her head resting near the middle of your back. You groan loudly as her hands suddenly reach your crotch, squeezing your testicles firmly.

“That's, that's not washing me, Nue,” you gasp out.

“Oh? I felt it was rather important, at least for my sake, to wash this part of you.” Her hands move to grasp your shaft firmly. “Unless you don't want me touching you like this,” she adds, pausing to gauge your reaction.

You freeze up. This is what you wanted, but you're still a bit scared to allow Nue free reign over your body. On the other hand, you can likely trust her at this point. “D-do what you want, Nue,” you concede.

Within an instant, you can feel something enveloping each of your balls and sucking gently on the sack. You're afraid to look, but you open your eyes in spite of your fear. Looking down between your legs, you can see that Nue's snakes have returned. Two of them are clamped down over your nuts and a third hovers about a foot from your penis. “Oh, that smells absolutely wonderful, perhaps I shouldn't wash you,” she says in a teasing tone.

“Smells?” you ask curiously, wincing as one of the snakes-like tendrils tightens up.

“Of course, didn't you know that snakes 'smell' with their tongues?” she asks, giggling like a little girl. The snake in front of you slowly opens its mouth. There are no fangs to be seen, just a gaping, black hole with a long forked tongue inside.

Now you're a bit scared, fangs or not. It obviously isn't a real snake, just Nue's manifestation of such. “What are you doing, Nue?” you ask, worry apparent in your voice.

“I'm having a hard time deciding which of my senses to indulge.” Her hands squeeze on your shaft. “Touch?” You suddenly shudder as her tongue runs along your spine. “Taste? I would surely enjoy tasting you,” she giggles. The snake moves a bit closer, forked tongue flicking out in the direction of your penis. “Tell me, what do you think?”

[ ] Touch.
[ ] Taste.
[ ] Smell.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 15872
[x] Touch.
No. 15873
[x] Touch.
No. 15874
[x] Smell.
No. 15875
[x] Smell.
No. 15876
[x] Smell.
No. 15879
[x] Taste.
No. 15881
[x] Sight

Spread out and helpless before her, our skin flushes in embarrassment as she takes in every inch of Rick's exposed body leaving nothing unexamined.

I dunno, I just wanted to keep going with the 'senses' theme.
No. 15882
[x] Smell.

Snakey fuck, snakey fuck, it's awww-riiight!
No. 15883
[ ] Sixth sense

[ ] Smell
No. 15884
[X] Smell.
No. 15885
[X] "If you're indulging, why limit yourself to a single one of your senses?"

We're trying to get closer to her, I see no better way to do this than to let her get to know every inch of our body.
No. 15892
[x] Taste.

I can just imagine it.
No. 15893
[x] Nociception

Show me your sadist face~
No. 15900
[x] Smell.

This sounds like fun~
No. 15902

This is such a wonderful write-in. It won't work in the scope of this update, but I am going to reward the readers in the future since you made this write-in.


I have no idea what this is!
No. 15908
[X] Smell.

Always found that interesting about snakes how they "smell" with their tongue, but sense heat with their nostrils.
No. 15914

[~] Smell.
No. 15919
Closing votes.

[x] SnakejobSmell won.
No. 16021
I spent the past two days playing Recettear all afternoon instead of writing. Which means I'll be writing tomorrow, and it will be a rather long update because I have no fucking idea where the cutoff point for the next choice is going to be. Recettear is a spectacular game though, especially playing it 'for real' in English.
No. 16034

"It is the afferent activity produced in the peripheral and central nervous system by stimuli that have the potential to damage tissue."

i.e. the sense which produces pain.

Anon seems to want sadist Nue, although they seem to have missed that this is the sense in which Nue is going to be indulging.
No. 16035

But Nue isn't a sadist, she just enjoys teasing and toying with him.
No. 16036
Sadism isn't just physical pain.
Toying with someone is also being sadist.
Therefore, Nue is sadist.
No. 16037

I always considered Sadism to be more extreme than what Nue is doing. This is pretty light, especially compared to some of the other upcoming content.
No. 16039
I like where this is going.
No. 16046
My laptop is low on charge and we have no power here. I use my laptop and 3g connection to write/post during the day, so no writing until power kicks back on. Hooray Florida weather.
No. 16074
I have pretty much everything but the H-scene done because I wasn't in the right mindset to write porn today.
No. 16155
Kyouko, the second stage boss, is more or less against the rest of the cast, since they are taoist while Kyouko is buddhist. Yuyuko doesn't care.
No. 16158
Nope, nevermind. I've figured out what to do with all of them. I already hinted at Mamizou & Nue threesome, of course. But I have a few ideas for what to do with Tojiko, Miko, Futo and Seiga. I think you folks will enjoy them.


I know, and I already know what I'm doing with Kyouko and Yoshika. Heck, I even wrote that Kyouko one-shot earlier. When I say new I mean 'new with the release at C80'.
No. 16159
Sudden urge to pick up my writing pace and finish this arc with an update a day so I can offer the option to revisit Byakuren.
No. 16161
I look forward to futilely voting against revisiting Byakuren.
No. 16162

It may not be THAT one-sided, there will be five choices of places to visit. Though I imagine my readers want to see what I do with the new characters.
No. 16163

Without spoiling anything, does anyone know where they all end up after the main game?
No. 16164

No idea, my plans don't require that info though.
No. 16277
[x] Smell.


The thought of having that snake engulf your cock makes your mind reel in both dread and excitement. While she can be fearsome, you trust Nue deep down. You know she'd never cause you harm, only pleasure. You swallow your saliva nervously, shuddering slightly beneath her light frame. “S-smell,” you whisper.

“What did you say?” she asks in a sly tone. “I couldn't quite hear you.” The twin snakes fondling your testicles clamp down slightly, eliciting a soft moan.

You take a deep breath in order to steady yourself. “I, I want you to smell me, Nue,” you tell her, voice full of excitement.

She lets out a soft 'hmm', relaxing herself atop you. “Is that it? Nothing more?”

What exactly is she playing at? You pause for a moment and think to yourself. One answer quickly comes to mind, and you aren't sure how she'll take it. “If you're indulging, why limit yourself to a single one of your senses?" you ask her curiously.

Nue instantly lets out an amused chuckle. “Oh, that's an absolutely fantastic idea,” she says in a rather pleased tone. “I'll certainly have to try that in the future, but for now...”

You watch the snake in anticipation as it slowly draws closer to your aroused cock. Its forked tongue hangs out, ready to fulfill the desires of both yourself and Nue. The tendril suddenly bolts forward, not far enough to envelop your penis, but enough to allow the snake to coil its tongue around the tip of your shaft. You let out a loud moan as it gently squeezes your head.

“Such a wonderful scent, perhaps I shouldn't have washed you to begin with,” she teases. The tongue loosens and unfurls itself from you, instead opting to slip beneath the foreskin that covers your sensitive head. You groan, shaking back in forth in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. A long, satisfied sigh escapes Nue. “The only people who seem to complain about an unwashed body are humans and gods,” she says in delight.

You're not sure what she is on about, but you can't form a response right now. All you can do is watch as the snake explores your cock. You buck your hips suddenly as the tongue slides across the underside of the crown of your penis. Nue bounces along with you, her hard nipples driving into your back when she lands. “Did I find your weak point?” she inquires, the tongue immediately striking the same point once more. “How interesting, though I don't wish to end this so quickly.”

The snake withdraws its tongue and shuts its mouth. “N-Nue,” you stutter in disappointment. She doesn't answer, but the snake retreats no further. The tentacle moves up against the tip of your penis, the snake's rough skin brushing against it. It lines itself up with your cock, slowly opening itself. Just wide enough to embrace the exposed part of your tip, it presses forward. You moan, watching on as the snake slowly peels your foreskin back.

“Thought I was finished?” she asks with a laugh. The snake now has its mouth firmly sealed around the vulnerable and sensitive head of your cock. You shudder and groan contently as it applies a gentle pressure around you. Slowly, the jaws of the snake begin to spread, loosening their grasp on your penis. The tip remains inside of the tentacle-snake's mouth as it unhinges its jaws. Without warning, the tendril pushes forward, burying itself in your crotch.

You gasp and moan in surprise, your hard cock now completely enveloped inside of the creature. You try to cry out, but you feel as if the wind has been knocked out of you. The two snakes attached to your balls, which have been docile for some time, begin to work on aggressively sucking and tugging on your sack. You're petrified, unable to move as the snake's throat surrounding your cock begins to tighten. All you can do is watch on in fascination. The tongues of all three tendrils tickle your genitals, tasting, or rather smelling, every inch of your crotch.

Nue lays in a rather relaxed position atop your back, doing little else but cooing and moaning in pleasure. “I can smell your arousal,” she says dreamily, sighing contently. “The scent of your body is almost intoxicating.” You're trying to listen, but you're too focused on the snakes working you over. You let out a pained groan as your cock is squeezed tightly within the snake's mouth. You can feel the tiny, forked tongues flicking across your flesh.

Your cock throbs, the urge to spill your seed rising within. “Nue,” you manage to groan out, speaking for the first time in what feels like an eternity. “Need to...”

“No,” she states flatly, interrupting you. You can't believe your ears, but the snakes follow suit with her order. The two assaulting your testicles quickly release them and retreat. The third maintains pressure on your penis, preventing you from ejaculating. “Where would the fun be if I let you off so easily?” she giggles playfully.

“Please, Nue,” you beg her, now playing the part of a broken man.

“Consider this, if I prevent you from cumming now, it will be all the better the next time I indulge myself in you,” she explains in a nonchalant manner. The snake does not release, keeping itself steady in order to prevent your orgasm and further pleasure. You're at her mercy, unable to move or fight back. You slowly relax, catching your breath and allowing her to do as she desires. Minutes pass before your arousal finally subsides, the snake easily popping itself off of your crotch and returning to Nue.

Satisfied with her work, Nue slides from your back and into the cool water. “Sorry to leave you wanting more, but that's exactly why I did it,” she says with a giggle. You groan in dissatisfaction and shake your hips at her. “Begging won't help. Now, come on, rinse off and we can be on our way,” she adds with a content sigh, pleased with herself.

You nod and dip into the water, washing the soap from your body. You're frustrated that Nue left you in this situation, but she does have a point. You're going to enjoy the next time with her even more. That doesn't change the fact that your crotch is feeling a bit sore, though. “You seem a bit eager to leave,” you say idly as you continue rinsing yourself off.

Nue freezes in place. “W-well, there's no real reason in particular,” she says with a sheepish laugh. She must still be bothered by Hina. You're not sure if you should feel amused by her reaction or sorry for her. Having recovered, she climbs out of the river and begins to dry off. You scramble up the bank of the river and do the same, watching her nude body as she towels off. Realizing you're watching her, Nue blushes. She quickly takes on a sly grin, though. “Feeling a bit of desperation, aren't we?”

You blink a few times in surprise. “N, no, it's just, well, nevermind,” you say, deflecting her question. She has you pegged, for the most part. It's half desperation, the other half being a simple appreciation of her beauty. Nue tilts her head in curiosity, following it up a few seconds later with a shrug. “I should probably let Hina know I'm leaving,” you tell her, pulling on your clothing.

She frowns slightly at your remark. “Yeah, go ahead, I'll wait near the road for you,” she says, crossing her arms. Her clothes begin to reform around her body as she walks slowly toward the path.

You look up toward Hina's house and begin to make your way there. Reaching the house, you realize the front door is open. “Hina? Are you okay?” you call out with concern.

A moment later Hina's head pops out from a doorway. “Oh, yes, I'm fine, did you need something? Come in, I was letting some fresh air in.”

“Oh, I just wanted to say good bye and thank you for everything,” you answer, stepping inside of the house.

Hina walks into view, clothed in a simple brown dress. “It's no problem at all, I was happy to help,” she says with a warm smile, walking toward you. She gently takes your hand in her own. “And perhaps a bit over eager to have a nice meal,” she adds with a chuckle. “Hey, tell Nue I'm sorry, would you?”

You nod to her. “Of course. Maybe I'll see you again some time, Hina,” you say with a slight smile.

“That'd be nice, preferably on more normal terms,” she replies with a soft sigh. “Take care.” She releases your hand as you begin to turn away. You wave to her as you walk away. It was nice meeting her, even with the bit regarding Nue. You leave her home and return to the road. You've satisfied Yukari's request as well, so she should be rather happy.

Nue stands by the side of the road and waves you over. “All done?” she asks.

“Done and ready to get going. Next up is a visit to Nitori, I believe,” you answer. You extend a hand to Nue. She nods and gingerly takes your hand. “Not going to change back into a ring?”

She shakes her head. “Mm, not for a bit, I feel like walking,” she says with a shrug. Her lips curl into a smile. You've got the strange feeling that she just wants to hold your hand and walk alongside you, but there's no real way to confirm.

“I understand. By the way, Hina wanted me to tell you she's sorry,” you tell her, beginning to lead her along the path.

“It's, uh, it's okay, she was just a bit excited,” Nue replies nervously. “But I'll be glad to get away from here, to be honest.”

You nod and fall silent, not really having much else to say. The two of you simply walk the path in silence, her hand never leaving yours. You let your mind wander as you continue along the road. The thought of Nitori's possible revelations regarding your situation weigh heavily on your mind. What on earth could she have to tell you? Why can this girl give you a definitive answer where Yukari could not?

“Have you considered that it may be a game?” asks the voice of Yumeko.

Of course I have, but Yukari seemed to take this rather seriously. You let out a soft sigh, drawing Nue's attention.

“Something wrong?” Nue asks curiously.

You shake your head. “Just talking to Yumeko, that's all,” you say, glancing down to offer her a smile. She nods and looks back to the path ahead. Nue almost seems to have a strange respect for Yumeko, despite the fact they have not truly met one another.

“That's because we both realize we're attached to you in some way or another,” Yumeko giggles. Although you can't see her, you feel an impression upon your mind that she is grinning like an idiot.

A bit uncomposed today, are we?

“Oh, don't be such a tease, I'm still waking up. Last night left me drained.”

Left you drained? I was the one doing all of the work, Yumeko.

“Well, I am part of your mind. Your mental exhaustion is mine as well,” she answers. That comes as a bit of a surprise. She may be a spirit, but she seems to be more heavily embedded in you than you had realized. A sly grin comes across your face as you begin to form another question. “No, don't even go there,” Yumeko says with frustration.

If you're such a big part of me, how do you feel when I'm having sex?

Yumeko doesn't respond, but you can feel her emotions. She's very clearly flustered and embarrassed by the remark. She's so serious most of the time, it's fun to tease her on occasion. Perhaps Nue is rubbing off on you as well. Not that you mind the thought of Nue rubbing off on you. “Please, stop,” she asks politely, her voice nervous.

I'm sorry, Yumeko. I was just having a bit of fun at your expense. I'll leave you be.

“Thank you.”

Your distraction with Yumeko has passed more time than you thought. You've now come out of the forest and have entered more mountainous terrain. Up ahead, just off the main path, is a short branch that leads to a sizable cave mouth. It isn't a simple cavern, though. Just inside of the entrance is a solid wooden wall with a door set in it. A waist-high fence surrounds the area in front, forming a sort of yard. Scrapyard, as it were, the grassy area being pocked with piles of junk.

The door opens slowly and a woman walks out. You can feel Nue shifting form and wrapping herself around your finger. Focused on the woman ahead, you can't make out the details very well at this distance, but she appears to be fairly short, dressed in a blue outfit and wearing a green cap. She doesn't notice as you slowly approach, instead heading off to dig noisily in one of the scrap piles. You've seen many strange sights in this land, but this is odd and fascinating in its own way. You continue to walk toward her presumed home until you are standing at the gate.

You're not sure what to do other than yell to her and hope that she hears it over the noise of her digging. “Hello?” you call out loudly. The clattering pauses for a few moments and then promptly resumes. You sigh in frustration. “Hey!” you try again, this time with a shout. She finally stops her work, and you can see her peeking out from behind the scrap with a surprised look on her face.

Her demeanor changes to that of embarrassment as she rushes toward the gate, followed quickly by an apologetic look. “Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I had a visitor,” she says with a sheepish laugh. Now that she's up close you can get a better look at her. She's much shorter than you, probably by a good foot and a half, if not more. She's also quite voluptuous. Her breasts are quite large, the kind that would fill your hands and then some with ease. Her blue dress is covered in small pockets, and a tool belt hangs from her waist. Her green cap covers a mess of bluish hair, and her skin and outfit is blackened in spots, likely from soot or grease. Despite her rough appearance, she's rather cute, and quite beautiful.

You blink a few times, pausing to collect yourself. “Sorry to interrupt your work,” you start in a polite tone.

“It's no problem, I was just gathering some parts,” she says, shaking her head dismissively. “What can I do for...” she continues, suddenly pausing as if realizing something. “You, ah, you wouldn't happen to be Yukari's friend, would you?”

“Yes, that's me, and you must be Ni--”

“Nitori,” she finishes, grinning from ear to ear. She seems to be an upbeat, cheerful girl. Didn't someone mention she was a kappa? You seem to recall reading about them in a book on mythology. Something about them being exceptionally polite. A clever thought crosses your mind, tempting you to offer her a polite bow, just to play a little prank on her.

[ ] Bow politely to Nitori.
[ ] Forget it, continue on.
No. 16278
With TD's release I am going to try and return to 1 update a day, as I mentioned prior. I really want to have a chance to write the new characters, although that is entirely up to my readers where things head next. I know a lot of people are still waiting on Hakugyokurou and Eientei. The current plan tomorrow is to do the next update in this story and also write the promised futa Koakuma one-shot in my side thread.
No. 16279
[ ] Bow politely to Nitori.

Weren't we supposed to get something from Hina and mix it with some herbs?
No. 16280

You were supposed to get 'concentrated misfortune' from Hina, which she gave you.
No. 16281
[x] Forget it, continue on.

Another refusal option, another refusal vote.
No. 16282
[x] Bow politely to Nitori.
No. 16283
[x] Bow politely to Nitori.
No. 16284
[X] Bow politely to Nitori.

Pranking a kappa? What could possibly go wrong?
No. 16285
[X] Bow politely to Nitori.

Pranking a kappa? What could possibly go wrong?
No. 16286
[X] Bow politely to Nitori.

He can fuck with the kappa and then fuck with the kappa.
No. 16288
[x] Bow politely to Nitori.

Be polite.
No. 16289
[x] Bow politely to Nitori.

This can only be good, right?
No. 16291
[x] Forget it, continue on.
No. 16292
[x] Forget it, continue on.
No. 16294
[X] Bow politely to Nitori.

I have a vague idea of how this will go, and there is no part of it I don't like.
No. 16296
[x] Forget it, continue on.

Come on guys. Nitori is being exceptionally polite. It would be a massive dick move to trick her like that.
No. 16298
Votes closed, screwing with Nitori (figuratively) won. Also, sorry if this seems like a pointless choice. It pretty much is, but it was the only stopping point I was satisfied with unless I wrote twice as much.
No. 16312
[X] Bow politely to Nitori.


It's just a harmless prank, after all. You return her grin before bowing deeply before her. “It is a pleasure to meet you,” you say politely as you stand back up.

Nitori seems surprised and taken aback by your gesture. “You...” she starts, clearly flustered by your actions. “I know exactly what you are doing,” she says with a cute pout. “And it's not going to work!” You cock your head curiously, feigning a lack of understanding. She crosses her arms, bites her lower lip and blushes deeply. It seems as if she's trying her best to resist returning the bow. “Oh, fine,” she says in exasperation, taking a deep bow. As expected, her blue cap falls from her head and lands gently on the ground. “It's a pleasure to meet you too.”

Her messy blue hair shakes back and forth as she retrieves her hat from the ground. You watch her with a wide grin on your face. “I'm sorry, Nitori,” you say with a chuckle.

She still wears that adorable pout on her face, but it is quickly replaced by a sly grin. “It's okay,” she returns, laughing it off. “I like a human with a sense of humor, although that is the oldest trick in the book.” She rolls her eyes at you and pushes open the gate, beckoning you inside. “I'll get you back for that,” she adds, winking playfully. “In any case, welcome to my home, watch your step, don't mind the mess!” She begins walking toward the cave, with you following along behind.

It's a nice change of pace to spend time with someone so positive and full of cheer. She reminds you of Kogasa in a way. “Thanks for the warning,” you say to her, glancing about at the various piles of scrap. “What's up with all of this stuff anyway? If you don't mind me asking, that is.”

Nitori looks back to you with a proud smile. “Oh, I love to tinker and make things in my spare time, just a little hobby,” she answers, giggling to herself. You get the feeling she's not telling you something, however. The two of you now stand in front of the door to her home. “So, did Yukari tell you what the plan was?”

You shake your head and shrug slightly. “Not a clue, she just said you'd be able to give me some answers,” you reply, sounding rather clueless in the process. “She said the experience would be 'deep and fulfilling', or something along those lines.”

A wide, mischievous grin crosses her face. “Why, yes, that is one way to put it,” she giggles, giddy like a schoolgirl. “Oh, believe me, I'm just as excited as you are to assist you with getting some answers.”

“So, what is the plan, then?”

“That's a secret,” she replies with a teasing, sing-song voice. “I have a feeling you'll enjoy it, though. Yukari stopped by yesterday and we had a very long and interesting conversation about you.” Nitori now bears a smirk on her face.

“Why do I have a feeling I'll enjoy it, too?” you say, sighing in exhaustion. “Not even a little hint?”

“Remember when I said I'd get you back?”

“Yeah, yeah, I do,” you say dejectedly. You have no regrets, it was worth it.

“So, without further ado, welcome to my home,” she says with pride, pushing open the door and ushering you inside. A rush of air greets you as the door opens, cooler than that outside but not chilly. Room temperature would be about right. Looking inside, you're absolutely awestruck at the sight before you. The walls are lined with metal 'things'. Some of them are machines, busily working away. Others appear to be inert scrap or unused inventions. A long strand of dim electrical lights hang from the ceiling. You're surprised she has electricity, but if she is this inventive you can imagine that there is a generator deeper within. “What do you think?”

You step inside, not quite able to form proper sentences. “It, I, uh,” you stammer. You've seen some fairly normal appliances and whatnot at Yukari's home, but those are part of her bag of tricks. The rest of Gensokyo has been rather simple and unrefined. “This is incredible, Nitori.”

“It's my pride and joy.”

“I don't suppose one of your inventions is going to be the answer?”

Nitori moves inside, closes the door and steps around you. “Nope, for that we're going to get a lot more hands on!”

“I suppose I'll give up on trying to figure it out,” you sigh.

“Hey now, don't worry, I'll show you soon enough,” Nitori says apologetically. “So, I kinda wanted to show you around a bit, but Yukari was really insistent that we get right to it when you arrived.” She seems a bit downtrodden that she doesn't get to show off all of her cool toys. “But hey, maybe you'll have a little time afterward.”

“We'll see, I'd like to see what else you've made,” you say, offering her a warm smile. The comment seems to brighten Nitori right back up.

“Come on then, we'll get you situated and start.” She grabs your hand gently, tugging on it. You follow along behind Nitori, allowing her to lead you deeper into the cave. Not too far along, she stops and turns toward a nearby staircase set into the wall. “This way, up to my room.”

“Your room?”

“Well, yeah, it's the most comfortable place to do this,” she answers, voice full of excitement. “Honestly, I'm pretty stoked to do this, it has been a very, very long time,” she adds, mostly speaking to herself. “I mean, I understand why they kinda sorta banned it, and I did get over it, but, you know, it's just a kappa's nature!” she exclaims with a soft laugh.

You just shake your head. “I really have no clue what you're going on about.” She doesn't answer, simply tugging you along. You reach the top of the staircase and step inside of the open door. You're now in a smaller, dimly lit room. It's decorated in a more traditional manner, a stark contrast to the technology below.

“This is a little place that I'm as proud of as everything else. Took a lotta work to get it this way.”

“Are we still underground?” you ask, voice filled with curiosity.

“Yep, carved this out of the rock and brought up the materials myself,” she explains, looking back toward you. “Please, take off your shoes and make yourself at home.” Nitori releases your hand, taking off her own shoes and watching expectantly as you do the same. Wordlessly, she gestures toward an open doorway.

“This way?” you ask, heading toward the door. Nitori nods and walks behind you. You step into the next room and look around. There's a large bed, which appears to be carved from the rock, against one wall. It takes up most of the space in the room, but there's not much else in here anyway. A dresser, another small doorway and a slightly messy desk.

“Okay then, take off your clothes,” she requests politely.

You nod without a second thought, used to this by now. By the time your pants are down around your ankles, you realize what you're doing. “Hey, wait, why?”

“You want your answers, don't you? And come on, it's not a big deal, just take it off,” she says, smiling reassuringly. You finish stripping, blushing as Nitori inspects your body. “Huh.”

Tilting your head curiously, you can't help but wonder if something is amiss. “Problem?”

“Oh, no, nothing, just kind of realize now why Yukari is so in to you,” she replies, waving her hand dismissively.

“In to me?”

Nitori turns her head away slightly. “I mean, well, you're fairly attractive, Yukari has good taste.”

“Well, there's other reasons Yukari could be into me,” you huff, crossing your arms.

Her head snaps forward, eyes wide. She puts up her hands defensively. “No, no, that's not what I mean, I'm sorry!”

You flash a grin to Nitori. “I'm just messing with you again, don't worry about it. What's next?”

She seems stunned for a moment, but her expression softens and she lets out a brief laugh. “Phew, okay then. Next, go to my bed and get in position.”

“Er, what kind of position?” you ask. She didn't really specify, and you're still not sure what she's planning on doing.

Nitori blinks a few times. “Oh, er, uh, I don't know, bend over the bed, or I guess sit on the edge of it. Up to you, really.” Leaving you to your own devices, Nitori retreats into the small doorway on the other side of the bedroom. Well, what to do?

[ ] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.
[ ] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.
No. 16313
[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.
No. 16314
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.

Present thy posterior.
No. 16318
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.
No. 16321
Update starts:
>You...” she starts, clearly flustered by your actions. “I know exactly what you are doing,and it's not going to work!”
Update end:
>Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.

Ahahahahaha, it worked.

[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.
No. 16325
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.
No. 16326
Thread is going on autosage soon. Next update will be in a fresh thread. Also, didn't do anything on the Koakuma one-shot today. Was distracted this morning, so ran out of time to work on both.
No. 16328
[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.

I want to see Rick's reaction here once he figures out what's going on.
No. 16334
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.

Finally! I've been waiting for this moment ever since the less-than-subtle "deep and fulfilling" comment.

Also, yet again you've managed to make a character I liked moderately well totally lovable and cute.
No. 16336
[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.
No. 16337
[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.

I want to be able to see her expression as she does this.
No. 16338
[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.
No. 16339
[x] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.
No. 16341
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.

No. 16343
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.

It'd be kind of hard for her to get at the shirokodama (read: ass ball) and remain in a position where we could see what she's doing. Unless she's got some mirrors in her room.
No. 16344

No it wouldn't, and that's why I put that choice.
No. 16345
[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.

I'm half-expecting this to turn out like a first-time prostate check.
No. 16346
[ ] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.

Prepare thy anus.
No. 16349
[x] Bend over the bed, facing away from Nitori.
No. 16350
This vote is literally going back and forth every couple minutes. So I am flipping a coin as soon as I can find a quarter around here!
No. 16351
Coinflip says I'm writing:

[X] Sit on the edge, facing Nitori.

Because leaving things to chance is fun, and I am genuinely surprised it got this many votes and went back and forth so much.
No. 16358
That's kind of disappointing, since the other choice had two more votes.
No. 16413
Well you're kind of disappointing.
No. 16419
New thread: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/16418.html
No. 16421

What's the point of even voting if it didn't count for anything?
No. 16455
When I did the coin flip, I saw the thread as votes within one of each other. The community was pretty divided, and the difference between the options wasn't that huge, so I thought it'd be fun to flip a coin.