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This is the obnoxious boilerplate that will head each new thread.

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This marks day 10 in the story.

Reminder: There are no bad ends unless you do something horrifically stupid. There are a large variety of normal ends that I would encourage you to actively seek. With that said, there are only two final ends to the story. Everything else will result in 'Go back X'.

Current goal: Ascend youkai mountain and meet up with Kanako. Along the way, Yukari has a few things to be done: Acquiring concentrated misfortune from Hina, blackmailing Aya and getting answers about Rick's situation from Nitori.


[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] Ask her to tell you more about herself


“I do have a few questions, actually,” you say, scooting a bit closer to Yumeko. “Earlier I asked about your relationship with Shinki, and you didn't have a chance to answer.”

She doesn't respond right away, a blush coming over her face. The unexpected question seems to have thrown her off. “Well, I suppose it is best to have an understanding of one another given our situation,” she responds with a brief sigh. “I protected and served Shinki, as I have made clear before. But above all else, we loved one another as more than just master and servant.”

That explains quite a bit, but also creates further questions. “Is that why you're concerned with Yukari and myself? Because you still love Shinki, and would rather not see another with her?” you inquire, concerned with Yumeko's motivations.

Her eyes go wide, and she seems a bit put off. “Oh, no, that's not it at all, I'm sorry if I misled you,” she says apologetically, her lips turned down slightly. “I'm a bit surprised you got that impression.” She folds her hands nervously in her lap. “I loved Shinki, but I'm gone and that's over.”

Well, now you feel quite terrible about the whole situation. “I, uh, sorry, Yumeko, I guess I just didn't understand,” you reply, averting your eyes in shame. “If that's not the answer, though, then why are you so interested in my master and I?”

Yumeko's expression lightens a bit. “I perceive things differently given my current place in the world, and I can see the potential for what I shared with my previous master.” She slips a hand from her lap, reaching out to take one of your own. She feels strangely real, despite this being a dream. “My job is to ensure the happiness of the one I serve and ensure their needs are taken care of.”

You let out a soft 'hmm' as you process the information. Her words raise another concern. “So, I'm the servant of Yukari, and you feel that her and I could share something, correct?” you say, essentially repeating what you were just told. Yumeko nods briefly. “If you are my servant now, what's to stop us from sharing that same something?”

Her mouth now hangs slightly agape, clearly surprised by your question. “I, I don't know,” she stutters, likely clueless as to how to answer. “I didn't think about it, but I suppose you are right.” Yumeko goes silent, now seeming to be deep in thought. “We'll cross that bridge if we come to it, that's the only answer I have.”

“Fair enough, although I was just teasing you a bit,” you say. She grins and shakes her head, rolling her eyes at you. “You know, given your reactions, it seems like you've stopped prying into my thoughts.”

“Yes, I realize it makes you uncomfortable, so I'm making an active effort to push your thoughts away,” she responds.

You give her an appreciative smile, thankful for her consideration. “So, moving away from less comfortable topics, how about telling me about yourself?”

“About myself?” she asks in surprise, blinking a few times.

“If we're going to be spending a lot of time together, I'd like to get to know what kind of person you are,” you say.

She chuckles and shakes her head. “Person? I'm dead, I'm not a person.”

You squeeze her hand slightly in your own. “I can see you, I can touch you, you've got your own mind and personality, I'd say that makes you a person.”

Yumeko blushes lightly and smiles. She seems rather pleased with your words and the sentiment behind them. “Alright, well, I don't know exactly what to tell you,” she says with a shrug. “Most of the things I liked to do I can't really do any more, unless I took control of your body.” That idea concerns you, which Yumeko seems to pick up on. “Well, there might be another way, it seems that I have been getting a better grasp on the physical world as more energy is put into the sword.”

“If I train, then, I might be able to help you do things again?” you ask, the question sounding a bit dumb after the fact. “Well, you know what I mean.”

“I suppose so, maybe,” she replies with a hesitant nod, seeming to be quite unsure herself.

You give her a wide grin. “I'll work on it, then you can show me some of the things you're interested in, alright?”

Yumeko returns the smile. “That sounds wonderful,” she says, pausing for a moment afterward to nibble her lip nervously. “It's nice to have someone express such a desire to get to know who I am,” she adds with a sheepish laugh. “Anyway, I think I've kept you here long enough, you've got to wake up and have things done to you.”


She lets out another nervous chuckle. “I mean, wake up and get things done, just a slip of the tongue.” Yumeko releases your hand and briefly glances to the platter she had brought earlier. “Well, I suppose it was just a dream anyway,” she mutters, standing up from the sofa. “It was nice having this talk.” She turns and slowly walks out of the room. The scene begins to fade away, returning you to the inky darkness of sleep.


You groan tiredly and stretch, having been awoken by the soft warmth of the morning sun streaming into the room. It doesn't take long to realize you are now lying on your back, and alone in the room. Ran is an early riser, after all, and likely went to wash up and prepare breakfast. You open your eyes and stand up carefully. The room is quite disheveled, something you failed to notice last night somewhere in between the lust and everything being dark.

Despite having your sleep interrupted and a long day before that, you are feeling quite refreshed. “Yukari, right, she's expecting me,” you say to nobody in particular. You spot a fresh, folded pair of pants left on the floor. Well, regardless of your comfort with walking around nude, some of the others may not appreciate that during the day. You quickly pull them on and stumble out of the room and into the hallway.

Within moments you are standing at the entrance to Yukari's bedroom. You have a good idea of what is coming once you enter and can already feel your arousal building. Tapping gently on the sliding door, you patiently await a reply. “Come in,” calls out the voice of your master. You push the door open and step inside, quickly closing it behind you.

“Good morning,” you greet her, smiling slightly. Yukari sits on the edge of her large canopy bed, yawning quietly. Her clothing is wrinkled and her hair disheveled. You get the feeling she crashed in her clothes and just woke up a bit ago. A bulge, more noticeable than that from the prior night, can be seen pushing up from beneath her tabard.

“I'm quite pleased to see you following through on your words from last night,” she says, grinning from ear to ear. She slides over a bit, patting the bed beside her. Her eyes flick downward as you approach, glancing at your own erection. “I'm also pleased by how eager you are,” she adds while you settle in on the bed.

Her body presses to your own, one gloved hand snaking its way inside of your trousers and wrapping around your erection. You gasp as the foreskin is peeled back, exposing your sensitive cock head to the soft fabric covering it. “Yukari,” you groan in response to her sudden affections. She does not say a word in return, instead pressing her mouth to your chest and nipping at the flesh playfully.

“Mmm,” she vocalizes, removing her lips a few seconds later. She reaches over and grabs your right hand, pushing it up beneath her dress and placing it on her stocking-covered thigh. “Touch me,” Yukari orders you, her hand letting go of yours. You slide it towards her crotch, not surprised when you encounter the erect shaft between her legs. Without wasting a moment, you grab your master's hard cock. You run your hand along the length, rolling her foreskin back when you reach the tip. “Ooh, yes,” she moans.

She releases your penis for a moment, pushing down the front of your pants and offering you freedom. Her free hand grabs the bottom of her dress and hikes it up to reveal her own cock. It is about as thick and long as your own. The bright red tip glistens with drops of pre-cum. Your investigation is cut short though, her lips now pressing to yours. Yukari grips your manhood once again, now vigorously stroking it. “Master,” you groan in a submissive tone, returning the kiss. The both of you lean in toward one another, continuing to stroke each other lustfully.

You're the first one to cum, grunting audibly as your cock twitches and splatters her dress with cum. Yukari follows suit shortly after, her hot and sticky semen coating your stomach and crotch. She breaks the kiss, her body shuddering as she groans. A blissful expression comes across her face. Her other hand smears her fluids into your skin. “That was wonderful,” she says, giggling quietly. Your body is released as she stands from the bed, reaching down to grab at your pants and pull them off. “Move up the bed while I strip.” You comply, sliding carefully up the bed while doing your best to watch her.

Your master slips the tabard off and pulls the dress over her head, dropping both garments to the floor. All that remains are her stockings and garter belt. Her nearly nude body sparkles with a light coat of sweat and, in spite of the recent orgasm, her cock stands ready once more. She looks in your direction, licking her lips lustfully and crawling on to the soft bed. Your mouth and lips are dry, you can't do much but stare in wonder and anticipation. There is no greater desire in your mind right now than to give yourself over to this beautiful woman. You relax back on to the fluffy pile of pillows, propped up at an angle so you can easily see her.

One hand works at her penis eagerly, using the leftover juice to lubricate it. Yukari slowly inches up the bed on her knees, her gaze never breaking away from yours. Her strong arms spread your legs and lift your rear slightly. You gasp sharply as the engorged tip of her hard length presses against your virginal anus. “Just relax, I imagine you're worried given last night's experiences, but I'm much smaller, and,” she pauses, grins and moves atop your body. Her lips come down and briefly press to your own. Her affectionate eyes stare into your own. “I'm doing this for both of us, my dear,” she finishes in a reassuring tone. Returning to her prior position, the cum-slicked cock head gently pushes against your anus. “Are you ready?”


To be continued.

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Now I can say that... MC will really be butthurt.
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>thread 13
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>“Are you ready?”

My body is ready.
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Fuck yes, I was hoping this would happen. I'm glad the Orinrape was averted.