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File 130455222340.jpg - (157.61KB, 600x600, 040020002920-1p.jpg) [iqdb]

Video porn game. Features Sanae, mute futa Kanako, a brown horse, and a brown man that might actually be the horse.

Dosen't seem to work for me, though the video that comes with the game shows promise.
It's KiriKiri, so make sure you're running in Japanese locale.
Thanks, animation is good, but it's pretty weird, still very fappable though.
this country music really crack me up, good flash
Horse and extra only?
I can't tell for sure through the censor mosaic, but I'm pretty sure the cum in this game is actually the white gel from Portal 2.


Main game:
Sanae gains weight after taste-testing the chocolate she handed out on Valentine's Day, and decides to exercise by riding Kanako's 'rodeo machine' (while not wearing anything below the waist, naturally). She doesn't lose any weight, but Kanako shows up and points out that it all went to her boobs to make her happy again. Then Kanako steps on the scale, and we cut to same pelvic thrusting, different character.

The Mk. 2 rodeo machine shows up, and after riding it, Sanae discovers that it's a horse costume with Kanako inside. Futa Kanako tells Sanae to pay her back for bouncing her up and down on the horse by bouncing up and down on her dick. After they finish, Kanako reveals that the back legs of the horse was the guy Sanae gave chocolate to, and double penetration ensues.
Thanks. The videos make a bit more sense now.
File 130472219823.jpg - (141.86KB, 640x480, 1_OP01_mp4_000034800.jpg) [iqdb]
This isn't a game but a touhou H movie, animated. its kind of old but some may not have seen it yet. the original files were about 800mb. i converted them to a smaller file size. got em down to 140mb.

flash itself contains Reisen and Eirin getting it on.
reisen is a futa and eirin wants to get it on. no idea what they are saying
also, you may need to manually select a program to play these. they are mp4s.
You know, a thread where we post Touhou H games or animations would be great.

The game seems like it's half complete,though still good.

Also i can't figure out how to unlock marrisa's 1st 3rd and 6th pictures in the gallery.
File 130473411853.jpg - (286.52KB, 560x420, RJ065288_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]

>half complete
I'm pretty sure it's the sequel to this one.
By the same circle as the OP. Tenshi punishment, bondage, futanari and hetero sex.
The game crashes at a lot of points with an unreadable error.

I had the same problem, just press NO when the Caution! sign pops up. There are barely any CGs though, so if you can't get it working you really aren't missing much.

>>13421 is a lot better.
File 130488219964.png - (569.23KB, 1280x800, derping error.png) [iqdb]
This error, actually, I'm out of ideas of fixing it.
Looks like an NScripter error. It doesn't look like they ever released a patch that could fix it, and I've never gotten it before. If you get that error every time at that exact scene I'd try reinstalling. Running in Japanese locale might fix it; it's a longshot but at least you'd get a non-mojibake error message that way.

In any event, here's the CG if that's all you care about
Hm, I thought of that too. But still nothing works. Anyways thanks for the CGs.
Is op upload patched?
Probably not.
File 130510162019.jpg - (291.20KB, 560x420, mokkori.jpg) [iqdb]
May someone provides "how to download" from the link ?
File 13051150904.jpg - (209.15KB, 560x420, goji.jpg) [iqdb]

I cannot find the words to describe this.
Anyone know if they could edit these into a smaller file size, like mp4 or something? over 500mb is a bit much when the videos aren't very long.

H visual novel game with Hina,Nitori and suwako
Pet Tenshi, not too sure if this counts.

File 130818475573.jpg - (198.11KB, 1440x960, 1308138249215.jpg) [iqdb]

Same circle as >>13423. Same voices and animation quality as well. Sakuya licking Remilia, first footjob then cunnilingus.
Can't get this to work. Not really a problem, since you can watch scenes from the video folder.
File 131142954063.jpg - (102.43KB, 380x587, 48102-main.jpg) [iqdb]
XP01 (例大祭SP):

XP02 (例大祭8):

XP03 (幺樂団カァニバル2):

Same circle as Kamikoi. Seems to be a large collection of trials, presumably with porn in there somewhere. At least there was an incredibly short preview of Kamikoi Plus.
i cant get this to work

They are mpeg video files. What is the difficulty here? Run them in Media Player Classic, DivX, Windows Media Player, etc.
File 131414043893.jpg - (139.55KB, 600x600, 040010264349-1p.jpg) [iqdb]

eroge primarily focusing on Aya and Momiji. Also has Reimu tits in one scene.

HCG: http://www.mediafire.com/?dh389c3wk5f6ch9
God damn, I don't even know where to begin with this.
File 131508096585.png - (681.27KB, 800x600, title.png) [iqdb]
This is glorious.
Look like your usual VN as far as I know. Can't say much from the pictures, of course.

I enjoyed this... is there a translation (even google translate) available anywhere?
Use AGTH and ATLAS. There is no real translation and there almost certainly never will be one.

Animated Suwako H, you need to play mini games where you skirt flip or spank Sanae before you can get to it.
Had a syntax error message. You probably have to use Applocale or turn your computer into Japanese to play.
It's a KiriKiri game, so yes. That's exactly what you need to do.
You should also avoid pressing the s(ave) and l(oad) keys as those features seem to be disabled in a really crude way, making the game crash. z/x/c/v for when you actually get to "play" with suwako in the end work fine though.
File 132208339032.jpg - (76.21KB, 399x599, 399px-3050_Atlas.jpg) [iqdb]

File 132551655441.jpg - (288.05KB, 560x420, 1325480916332.jpg) [iqdb]

Primarily Kasen, with Komachi and Futo also appearing with one scene each
File 132560407797.png - (618.74KB, 800x600, KA11A.png) [iqdb]
File 132564177947.jpg - (157.36KB, 560x420, 1325630203083.jpg) [iqdb]
File 132624433596.jpg - (229.51KB, 560x420, irfhpegm2tzv.jpg) [iqdb]

Some flash game about rubbing Kaguya's butt. I can't figure out how to get points consistently.
File 13269323582.jpg - (63.12KB, 480x360, 1326820702266.jpg) [iqdb]
File 132693239883.jpg - (255.13KB, 500x706, 1326824473716.jpg) [iqdb]

Satorin rape. HCG included as part of the install.

MegaUpload died forever, can anyone re upload those somewhere?
A reup of this on mediafire would also be appreciated
Getting errors in WinRAR for this. It seems to be corrupted.
File 13274432387.jpg - (259.77KB, 800x900, マニュアル.jpg) [iqdb]

Pet Tenko, reuploaded. Tested and confirmed this isn't corrupt (the last one became corrupt, but wasn't initially). Click on various parts to interact with her.
Re-upload please. I found an mf version but the first video became corrupted.
File 132789338748.jpg - (132.95KB, 560x420, RJ083555_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]

Some rape game/VN. I think you're a tentacle monster that gets stronger by admiring scenery and raping touhous.

I think this is a demo since it appears to be missing some options.

I have no idea. If you can find it on dlsite or something, drop a link here. They'd have a demo we can compare it to, most likely. If it turns out that it IS a demo, I might be willing to buy it for /at/ if it's something cheap like 500 yen or so.
Another H game, I think this one is Marisa rape. Judging by the cover, I didn't check the actual content. The guy who made it has a thing about taking his work offline, so I'm not posting a picture either. The password is the initials for our board.


This is an ISO, you need to extract while in Japanese locale or you'll have fucked up file names.
File 132822262322.jpg - (121.92KB, 645x534, RJ088451_img_smp3.jpg) [iqdb]

A CHIRIAKUTA doujin turned into a "vn". At least it has some sound.
Dear god.
Kindly take your opinions to the discussion thread as it exists for this very reason.
File 132846194988.jpg - (344.63KB, 560x420, RJ072531_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]

There's no castration as far as I can tell, or any other porn. Presumably all of the four routes are violent in some form; Yuuka's is at least.
File 133088641811.jpg - (429.26KB, 560x420, RJ089969_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]

Some kind of Flash-based conquest game. I'm assuming it's something like Sengoku Rance.
File 133177325049.jpg - (153.67KB, 560x420, RJ091269_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
File 133177466719.jpg - (219.56KB, 560x420, RJ083996_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
This actually makes me want to learn mahjong. Still looking forward to CGs
Just found out that they're actually videos. And they're awesome.
Okay not videos, but flash animations.
File 133183446021.jpg - (53.26KB, 984x559, 1329732943696.jpg) [iqdb]
There's a video version of the H scenes from >>23540 floating around if anyone wants it.


It's pretty nice overall, except the Youmu. Why did they make her so damn meaty?
Lies! Youmu is amazing in this!
Also, thanks.

Thanks, it's nice. I heard there are other videos from this "series" but I don't see them on this board.
File 133497700890.jpg - (288.05KB, 560x420, RJ079398_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
File 133717018938.jpg - (50.96KB, 320x240, SINKI.jpg) [iqdb]

Some kind of breakout game or something.
Mind putting that on medieafire or exhentai or something?
Can you post another one?
Lots of invalid and deleted files here.
what the heck is going on, am i just stupid or what, what is the freaking pass, i thoughti had it but apperantly not, someone help!
im an idiot and cannot seem to get the password, i thought i had it but apperantly not, an someone tell me please!
what the password, i can not get it apperantly
Welcome to THP. You seem to be new here.

Please consult http://touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/6052.html before repeatedly asking for help, as a demonstration of conformity to the rules will better your chances for receiving help.
sorry my computer was acting up and nothing was happening when i tried to post, feel free to kill the obvious reposts
Try asking in proper english for starters, along with punctuation and capitalisation. Then you might recieve an answer.
I'm only 4 months late with this, but here's the dlsite page for it.

File 133894544974.jpg - (205.71KB, 700x500, TOP02.jpg) [iqdb]

Color me surprised. A VN made from Tag Dream?

a full version or hcg of this will be appreciated
for some reason the trial version on that site keeps giving an incomplete download.
The CG gallery of this game is up on exhentai.

reup on MF or DF will be nice, i think
File 134130246949.jpg - (305.40KB, 560x420, RJ094140_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Idk if this is the right thread to request just a HCG, but does anyone have the HCGs for these? http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG15251
The dude's been on my watchlist for a while, only 従順になるまで霊夢を輪姦して突っ込みたい! has been made available on the 'net as far as I know.
I'd be more inclined to buy that guy's stuff if I wasn't so sure that it was all just stuff from his pixiv with slight changes here and there.
This is one argument I've never understood, at least the first CG set was pretty disjoint from what he has on his pixiv. Is it because he has dlsite links on all his pixiv posts? Because if so, you might actually want to, you know, check the links, they're actually just crossposts to his blog on dlsite....
File 134172985140.jpg - (304.55KB, 560x420, RJ098527_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like he made a new CG set on Nitori: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ098527.html

Still waiting for the download links (torrent or MF) on the other 5 though.
File 134173490061.jpg - (329.56KB, 560x420, RJ089809_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
What's not to understand?
For example, look at this cover. Every picture except the one on the right, I think, is on his pixiv. Maybe with a different expression or something, but that's it.
It doesn't inspire confidence.
Yes, god forbid he posts sample pictures on his pixiv in addition to using them for the ad picture for the set. Nobody does that, that means it's got to be the entire set there.
Does maniax have any strange jap-only requirements or a weird sign up process? Those aren't on eng.
Mind telling me what you mean by that? If it's the "notification" thing, that's the age check verification.

If you mean the registration itself, It's actually just the registration option, only in japanese language (obviously).
All right, fine, if you're SO SURE that there's a lot more than stuff from pixiv in the set, buy it and prove me wrong.
The Japanese have a tendency to lock out foreigners, ranging from melonbooks/toranoana not shipping internationally to completely blocking out access to the website (I have no idea if anyone is still doing that, though)

I'm perfectly willing to buy at least one of those sets, since for the most part I like the artist. I just really don't like mungling through pages I can't read, especially when money is involved.
You could use a proxy service.
That's for melonbooks. And I'm already using a double proxy service for that.

All I'd need for dlsite is someone I trust with an account that I could pay back, but I asked and no one has one. Or someone to step me through the process to make sure I don't do anything exceedingly stupid.
>That's for melonbooks.
What? No, you can have a proxy service DL stuff for you. They probably won't mind.
I meant as in "unnecessary" since there's no shipping involved. Especially since any proxy service is going to want an additional fee.
True enough, but I don't think you're going to have any luck otherwise. I'm pretty sure DLsite is region-locked too.
I'm looking for a touhou eroge. It was focused on Remilia and Flandre and a young boy. I believe flandre found the boy in the basement, and it turns out that he has the power to seal her powers (or something; I was using ATLAS). Naturally, he rapes her. And Remilia when she shows up.

Does anyone have this eroge or know the name/circle? In return, I offer a spreadsheet containing some brief info on every other eroge I found off share.


Please let me know if you have the eroge I described, or anything else that's not in this spreadsheet.

No, it's not anything on that spreadsheet. It was a pure VN, I think with no choices. Used Kirikiri. I probably posted it on /t-h/ 2-3 years ago.
The closest one I have on my touhou game folder is [けだもの監獄島] 東方陵辱・紅, does it seem familiar?
Nah, it wasn't a gangbang or anything. However that's definitely not on my list.

Do you have the actual game? All I'm seeing on Share is the HCG
Sure, do you know of any remaining fileshare sites that don't require making accounts or any stupid shit like that?
bump for answers.
File 134675715018.png - (451.36KB, 805x656, shot.png) [iqdb]
are you talking about this game?
i still have it, and i'll upload it if needed
The art does look familiar, and it's definitely not on the list, so that might be it!

Can't find it on Share, so yes, please upload.
just 30mb, i thought it was bigger
File 13467863426.png - (445.27KB, 800x600, huran_ev2.png) [iqdb]
Yep, that's it! Thank you!

Do you have anything else that you aren't seeing on the spreadsheet, for the sake of completion?
File 134683505238.png - (457.42KB, 1350x641, sss.png) [iqdb]
here are the few, but they are probably not worth downloading
i have the "cirno sex" flash, and i don't know it's real name, through i think i saw it somethere on dlsite with "anime" tag.
Thanks. Pulled a few good ones from there.
Found the Marisa flash.
Reload, please help.
File 134889962228.jpg - (92.21KB, 560x420, RJ103076_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Bumping this one cause N made a new CG set. This time it's Mystia.

Unless if there's no way to buy the CG sets, I'm still waiting for the DL links for the other 7.
A new one by N is really not news, actually having someone share one of those missing ones is.
File 134895084215.jpg - (253.14KB, 560x420, RJ102988_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
For the big boobs !
Does that mean that the images themselves have some kind of an identifier for leaker traceback? Or what's this about. Also would be the first time I've heard of that something from DLsite wouldn't get uploaded because of DRM. Don't they add this stuff to everything then? What's the deal here?
DRM of some sort. Maybe a copy-protected PDF or some other container. Presumably of the sort where anyone who didn't buy it wouldn't be able to view it at all, not to identify the user that did share it.

Everything I've gotten from eng is without drm, and if anything with drm was uploaded by the Japanese, they had the sense to strip it out first.

I've never used it, but there are pages on dlsite about it, fortunately in English.

Why doesn't everything use DRM? Maybe there's an additional cost for it. Maybe circles don't like to DRM their stuff. Maybe most users despite DRM and would never buy anything with DRM attached to it.

I have no idea how tough the DRM is to crack. Presumably there's tools out there somewhere to do it, since there always are. But if nothing else, it's another barrier to prevent people that can't read Japanese from pirating it.
Bah. Secure PDFs are piss easy to crack.
The page for the latest N CGSet says it's JPEG, not PDF. And according to the English DRM guide, JPEGs are distributed in a .exe file.
Can someone repost RJ074807?
The torrent is dead and uploaded.to is an asshole.

Oh man i really want this.
File 134973204586.jpg - (509.25KB, 1500x1200, pa01.jpg) [iqdb]
Flandre + Ginormous boobs CG set. Enjoy.

Can you post this somewhere that doesn't require login to download?
Mediafire mirror
File 134993582597.jpg - (113.17KB, 524x738, alice_chanchi_jacket.jpg) [iqdb]
i want someone to repost http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ103304.html
and other games by v112rc
File 135171893460.jpg - (160.24KB, 285x420, IT0000154872p.jpg) [iqdb]

Medicine voiced eroge. Two scenes with a faceless male, one with Alice.

I also have one of N's DRM CGSets, which I'll post when I manage to get around the DRM.
Make that "if" I manage to get around it.

Which isn't looking likely.
[KGB] ★東方モテラブH★ ~14キャラモテラブえっちADVバトルRPG~

I have been looking everywhere for this, can someone help me find a download link for it?
mediafile or depositfiles i ask
I really wish I could find this..

Did someone has this? I googled for download links, but all of them returned dead.
It's on share, wasn't that great though.
File 135776889410.jpg - (158.24KB, 600x600, 040030098764-1p.jpg) [iqdb]
File 135783793130.jpg - (37.05KB, 269x384, zhoi30035.jpg) [iqdb]
File 13596763544.jpg - (336.76KB, 560x420, IT0000160216p.jpg) [iqdb]

Essentially a glorified CGSet, but nice content. Reimu and Yukari get trapped in a cave and get tentacle raped, slime raped, impregnated, and like it.

Omake file, which is all of the images without the text:
Mmm, now that was a delicious read. Great art and nice chracterisation, too bad it was so short.
Chrome has it's own upload service now? Gross.
Omake was good at least, though the ending is shit by the looks of it. Tentacles are always welcome, though, especially with Yukari and Reimu. Thanks.
Chrome? Wut?
Has anybody actually managed to use Mega? Downloading, yes, but uploading. With smaller files the upload just restarts after it finishes with no links or anything and with bigger files the applet for uploading just crashes someways through.
Well, it won't download a thing for me. Keeps saying I need to update my old, outdated, pathetic browser to Chrome. Yes, it phrases it something like that.
So yeah.

Can you sum it up? What's the ending sequence? How the fuck can they not get out of some dinky hole? What was with Marisa/Suika in that one part?

>While other browser vendors are still struggling to implement the full spectrum of HTML5's functionality, Google Chrome has it all - today. To enjoy MEGA's full power (such as automated batch up- and downloading), we strongly suggest abandoning your current, outdated browser and upgrading to Chrome as soon as possible.
That really, REALLY sounds like a Chrome advertisement to me.
Haha wow. That's honestly kinda pathetic how much an advertizement plug that is
File 136079762463.jpg - (67.46KB, 560x420, RJ071291_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Holy Christ this is amazing. We need more yuri/futa touhou VNs. Too bad fan artists wont give the random men shit a rest already so we'll never see anymore.
Can someone upload the CG to a host which doesn't require me to put in a shifty looking addon to my browser?
And even more of a plug...
>Conclusion: If you are planning on using MEGA frequently, there is currently no alternative to using the most advanced browser currently in existence - Google Chrome.

So how much money is Google paying them for the product placement?
I'm going to upload it to Share soon, if that works better for you.
Do I need anything special to access Share?
Yes. Share. It isn't a webhost.
So how do I get that I guess
File 136291085033.jpg - (385.00KB, 560x420, RJ109101_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
It's been a long while since N released this, and yet the other 7 are not scanned yet. Is there really no way to release them?
From what I've heard several people have bought all the sets, but unfortunately haven't been able to crack the DRM.
I've spoken with a guy who says he bought all of them and is planning to release them. He's definitely able to crack the DRM, and has done so for other items.

Why he hasn't posted them yet is beyond me. He might just be waiting for the new one, but I don't see why that'd stop him from posting the old ones.

> Regarding 第N本舗 - I'm going to post those in the coming weeks on e-hentai when I have time. The worst-timed scenario is after they release one more work this year, could be out in 2-3 months.
That was mid february.
Probably because he's busy or something?
No, I was talking to him about cracking DRM on misc stuff. He did those prompty. He hasn't done the N sets, and I don't know why he's waiting.
Probably it's because the N sets have a lot of CGs inside each CG set, so I guess it may be time consuming for him.

I may be wrong though, if he has done CG sets before.
How the hell do you crack DLsite anyway? They've got their own program that's the only thing you can view their products on and stuff.
I assume he's ripping the images from memory.
File 136387982581.jpg - (133.77KB, 560x420, RJ065288_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
File 136388117516.jpg - (122.44KB, 560x420, RJ074811_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
File 136388119212.jpg - (176.32KB, 560x420, RJ098059_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Reload, please.
File 137150369818.jpg - (65.05KB, 560x420, RJ057401_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]

VN. Reimu, Sanae, Meiling, and Reisen have scenes, but I can't figure out how to get to anyone but Reimu and Sanae. I'm guessing it requires multiple playthroughs or something.
File 137152796757.jpg - (272.04KB, 560x420, RJ116398_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
there's someone had this? http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ116398.html they had "yume no touhou tag H tournament 2" starring yukari and yuyuko
remade that satori game in javascript, partly, don't sure why
please post other games by him, if you'll find any
How nice. Guess you could read the game through google translate now.
Lack of control over advancement and backtracking is bad, though.
Can someone reupload these??? please
>Scarlet Alchemy
Anybody know why it doesn't show text? This fixes only by full change of locale, even applocale doesn't help. Can somebody with nscripter knowledge fix this?
It does need to be in Japanese locale, yes. I don't know why AppLocale isn't enough, though.
Dose anyone have this?
can It be uploaded?


Have fun.
remilia love flandre
Has anyone found this yet?
I cant seem to find the Dai-chan one. I dont wanna torrent because those can be risky. Practically every mediafire link here says the file is gone. If somebody has it can they email it to me or email a link to it? thx in advance
Dai-chan to Issho?

Found this floating around in the nets for the new @OZ Remilia 3D movie, can someone confirm that it contains what it claims?

Or at least what it actually is?
>Sorry! User who was uploaded this file requires premium to download.

It's shit.
YoungMike has it up on his site, if you want to deal with downloading it in 5 parts with his shitty downloading service.

I'd just wait for someone to make a torrent or put it up on another file sharing site.
>>33294 here. Found a valid one. http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=348326

Now to find how to rip the videos off the data files.
Dammit I was almost done downloading it off that terrible site.

Anyway, Thanks!
>Now to find how to rip the videos off the data files.
I'm pretty sure he made this game with nscripter, use nsadec from nscripter tools from http://unclemion.com/onscripter/releases/
There's no nscript.dat. Definitely not NS, and it doesn't look like KiriKiri either.
File 138580541531.jpg - (294.09KB, 560x420, RJ124314_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]

For the big boobs!
Anybody found the same source in video format yet?
All dead, premium only, or max dl limit.
I'd buy it but I heard he uses a drm package instead of just plain images and I refuse to use anything with drm.
Ooh, what's this, koaxdaiyousei?
Excellent, will you upload the raw scans?
File 138731273666.jpg - (428.78KB, 560x420, RJ125510_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
So now that we apparently have a way to deal with the DRM, is anyone planning on picking up this N set?
I might grab that. Dunno how to crack it, though, so we'll see.
Talk to genl on the e-hentai forums. He can crack it, and is the one that did all of the previous sets.

I personally recommend not buying it and just paypaling him the money. The alternative is handing over your account details to him temporarily.
File 138886041990.jpg - (268.09KB, 560x420, IT0000168790p.jpg) [iqdb]
File 138988059069.png - (516.72KB, 640x480, title.png) [iqdb]
File 139017518826.gif - (252.21KB, 599x814, img082.gif) [iqdb]

Does not include the patch.xp3 on their site, since that brought it over 200 meg.

The "パッケージ版用パッチ" link.
could someone reupload Mokotan ni mokkori?
Anyone got 東方陵辱・紅?

Okay, got the file, got the patch, says it has a syntax error every time I try to actually open the blasted thing, and I don't know how to apply the patch. What do?
The patch is applied by just being in the same folder as the exe
For the syntax error, you probably need to switch to Japanese locale. KiriKiri games are very picky about that.

Ugh, I was afraid of that. My laptop (Windows 8) is already switched over to a Jap locale, but it still won't work right. My XP PC wouldn't have this issue, but eh. I'll pick up Applocale and see if that helps.
File 139895009173.png - (0.99MB, 807x650, wuh.png) [iqdb]
I seem to be having an issue progressing with this popping up. Is this DRM or something?
File 139895636899.png - (462.30KB, 800x600, 00_ns2_000004.png) [iqdb]
It's asking you for the password to unlock the pictures on Aya's camera. it also only accepts full-width input, so you might need to turn on an IME or something.

The password is AYA. Again, full-width.
hi Aya's boob
Amazing Chest ahead.
Try tongue but hole
File 14008834482.png - (151.94KB, 320x240, Без имени-2.png) [iqdb]
Need help! I was surfing on xhamster when I've found two videos called "MMD Reimu". Files were deleted, so these previews is all I have. Would be extremely thankful for any clues or related videos. Also, there were few similar ones, deleted too.
MMD is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel as most of the models have a skin best called 'plastic'. I don't know if SFM porn is worse or on par with that.
File 140089132717.jpg - (21.31KB, 300x336, b98059425d3556d2024d80d92522550f-d5xynt9.jpg) [iqdb]
SFM would be awesome (materials, lighting, physics, smooth animation), but as I know, only available models are from TF2 and they are really scary. Dunno if it's a big deal to convert something worthy, but most lovely models are privatized by authors. Any experts around here?
That one is still there. It's also a short dance thing set to Fukkireta, it was honestly funnier than sexy.
I've seen a bit more out of it but got no clue how they rig up the non TF2 models.
File 140093098095.png - (1.39MB, 1400x1400, Без имени-1.png) [iqdb]
There are models from ME, BS:I, MG:S, TR and few other non-valve games already. I guess, all you need is to get particular model in ".mdl" and fix some bones/polygons. After all, replacing head on some prepared model could work too.
File name is 【MMD】五月セックスダンス
anyone know where to download this one???

I know a good place you can download it from. It's called http://dl.getchu.com. Might cost you some yen though.
I've been looking for a download to yume no touhou tag h tournament 2. The only site that had it seems to not be updating its links. Any kind person that can provide me with a link?
File 141658209274.jpg - (359.88KB, 560x420, RJ120931_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
I love you. Thank you.
File 141901923667.jpg - (60.90KB, 300x300, 687474703a2f2f7075752e73682f6346436c342f3633316561.jpg) [iqdb]
I have been trying to find a download for 東方触手麻雀. I've found a few out there but they don't work anymore. If anyone out there has a link please post it. http://erocojp.blog.fc2.com/?no=982
Does anyone have the download for this フランちゃんを俺色に染め上げる!! ? http://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_039193/
No luck finding it which is strange, it's 3 years old. Usually have no problem finding stuff that is this dated.
Anyone know where i can find this game.. i know there is the dlsite.english.ecchi site but im looking for download or torrent

Links dead due to takedown notice sent to mega.
File 14328610501.jpg - (296.43KB, 560x420, RJ125250_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
So yeah, I've been trying to find something on this one for a while. Nothing so far. Maybe someone here could help?

Personally I'm annoyed that it's not even on the english DLsite. I'd buy and upload if it was
File 143994206413.jpg - (279.37KB, 560x420, RJ096919_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Anyone have a DL of 妖夢が触手退治で返り討ちにされ徹底的に凌辱されちゃう! (RJ154335)? It isn't hosted on sadpanda, and I could't find it in the deepest darkest depths of google.
Bumping this. Is there anything new, guys? It's been a while.
I've honestly stopped looking.

Also the thread is on autosage; it can't be bumped anymore.
File 15147339591.jpg - (186.30KB, 560x420, 136387982581.jpg) [iqdb]

I deleted some older posts so I could bump this. This is the first kenchinroku game, with the English patch already applied. This is v2 of the patch (from Feb 2016).
File 151473400987.jpg - (161.75KB, 560x420, 136388117516.jpg) [iqdb]

This is the second kenchinroku game, with the English patch already applied.
File 151474119363.jpg - (214.96KB, 560x420, 001_title.jpg) [iqdb]

This was translated on exh. It's just a bunch of comic images and sound effects, but I might as well post it.
I know no one posts here anymore but if anyone has a copy of RJ127317 and can upload it somewhere I'd be really grateful
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