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With our much beloved discussion thread well past it's prime, we come to the time for a new one.

Remember, only trust a licensed physician with your breast exam.

No. 13234
Good idea. I'll introduce a pervert Shou in my story.
No. 13239
Every Shou is a perverted Shou, they just don't know it yet.
No. 13250
more like Byakuren's charms invoke pervertedness in others.
No. 13273
You know, I'm sad that I can't think of any heavy toy-using mindbreak doujins with female touhous doing the breaking.

Or at least if there are, tch, it turns out consensual again, in Koa's words. All I can think of is that MarisaXAlice one with Alice getting suspended for ages.
No. 13283
And I'm sad that what was looking to be my sex toy filled holy grail turned out to be yet another shitty mind break series.
No. 13288
See, with girl on girl rapey stuff there's more hope for use of toys, because girls don't start with all the necessary equipment anyway.

Futa probably will come into such doujins at some point, though, sadly enough.
No. 13289
Boy, four whole posts without someone complaining.
That has to be a new record.
No. 13295
I can sympathize with that, at least.
No. 13315
You mean three, right?
No. 13320
File 130433351496.jpg - (214.96KB , 648x906 , 4d8fb75ff0b3bfe4ee98fe5329c40af1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Depth Bomb, why don't you make a normal hentai doujin? Bondage and stuff like that are fine sometimes, but...
No. 13321
Something to look forward to:


I know I am.
No. 13369
My bet? It's an new artist.
Hatate always wear the same expression, the guy banging her is almost always out of the frame, and it's less than 10 pages.
No. 13372
It's was also the first Hatate H-doujin ever made.
No. 13382
Tomotsuka Haruomi/Rapid Rabbit doing a Yuugi-centric doujin? Oh hell yes.
No. 13466
Oh Japan, never change.


God, I love this group. Kyouko gives a guy a rimjob, paizuri, has sex with him and pegs him.
No. 13471
For some reason, I'm not interested at all. I'm rather scared.
No. 13472

This is relevant to my interests.
No. 13516
More Itou Life Wriggle so soon? Sweet.

Has mostly sleep fucking, doesn't come off as rapey as after she wakes up and they finish she seems much more annoyed than hurt/traumatized as she pokes the guy in his eyes
No. 13557
a shame the guy was reduced to generic no face hentai guy. actually liked the character design of the guy in their doujins.
No. 13575
Seems to be the sequel to his first Komachi doujin. Has more of the same basically (i.e. a great thing if you like Paizuri, breast play, etc); consensual and rather affectionate.

Yuugi centered, can't tell what the plot is without translation, but Alice's dolls are involved.

Appears to be consensual sex between a guy and Akyuu, who's bloomed pretty well.

Gangbang rape with some yuri undertones at the beginning and end. And those guys do not go unpunished... they got gaphell'd

On Itou Life, I think he's moving towards a bustier Wriggle. One of the pages in Lina Wriggle 2 had her with a particularly sizable pair (enoguh to get the large breasts tag on danbooru)
No. 13587
Oooh. That Alice/Yuuka doujin from [DOUMO] got translated. I was actually considering translating that one myself.
No. 13593
Im actually somewhat dissapointed by this one. The art and premise I greatly like, as well as the couple of Alice and Yuka, but
I don't like the Futa part in this one. Felt like it should of been straight up yuri with Yuuka busting out an oversized dildo and getting off from Alice's reaction of pleasure.
No. 13596
Unlike his previous work where Yuuka was raped (the perps did not survive their next meeting with her... on her terms), this is consensual. Due to some Yukari antics, Yuuka ends up basically making some outsider's day.

I think this has his usual stuff (not sure).

Patchy basically enages in kinky milky yuri-sex with Alice.

Futa Byakuren fucks a good chunk of Gensokyo, nuff said

Reimu and Renko end up with tentacles with Yukari and Maribel as the girls on the recieving end. The 2nd part shows far more creative use of them than the first)
No. 13597
Futa is how Doumu rolls. Haven't you seen the 2-3 doujins where Futa Reisen screws Eirin senseless?
No. 13599
im aware of the persons work and i greatly love their stuff, just felt in this case, the situation and set up lent itself better to a yuri sex scene then futa but end of the day, its still quality porn.
No. 13606
File 130530533751.jpg - (618.06KB , 600x840 , 4b72c85c5b3b65395e54ccc3f57736ae.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyone know where this pic is from? I'm trying to find the doujin its from, if any. Also sorry for the possible off-topic post.
No. 13616
I don't think it's a doujin cover, just a picture. Saucenao only brings up the pixiv link, not any Doujindb links.

On a side note, Anyone found scans of Rainy Sky (Circle name)/Sora no amagumo's PCB non-H doujin? I saw a sample on danbooru and really want to know how it ends.
No. 13618

Except there is a release date in the author comments on Pixiv, as far as I can tell. May 4th. Haven't seen it on any of the store websites, but that doesn't mean it isn't a doujin.
No. 13619
sorry if wrong place to ask this but does anyone happen to have any download links of Sekitan Bukuro work? they may also be known as Fey Tas. I have butt k-road
No. 13623
Thanks. Now to wait...
No. 13636
Artist (or perhaps circle): ryuno
Title: ゆからん玉付き事後たまゆら (Yuka-Ran Tamatsuki Jigo Tamayura)
(translates to something along the lines of "Yukari x Ran in the aftermath of having testicles", although the tamayura part could be a pun of "balls swinging freely". Tamatsuki is just the byword for futa with balls, as opposed to without.)
Release date: Pixiv page says it was sold at this year's Reitaisai, so we might see it soon.
No. 13712
He found a new home. Nothing to see here.

No. 13718
Aaaaw crap.
No. 13727
File 130564791825.png - (379.03KB , 800x780 , They're good pals.png ) [iqdb]
I don't get Kieyza.
He seems to be fond of car, so why is he still drawing hentai? I do appreciate them, but I'm more interested by his non-H doujin.

Especially because it's difficult for me to fap on an anorexic tengu with sharps teeth.
No. 13728
Is that from that guy who's doing the "200 yojanas in a flash" doujin on Pixiv? And what about contents?
No. 13731

Well, at least it's consensual. And given the state of most other Touhou doujinshi, I'll take what I can get.
No. 13758
Dunno, most likely because he feels like it. Similar to Tsuki Wani, whose non-H is better than H (Though the circle has been improving on its H)
No. 13767
Maybe he's fond of porn too. Suits me, I love it. Partly because he does lots of happy sex, but also the exaggerated rough art style. It works for me, somehow. I also like the generally silly nature of his works.

I'm not as much of a fan of his non-H. It's alright I suppose. Unfortunately very little of it is available, let alone translated.

Tsuki Wani I like for the same reasons, except replace "happy sex" with "dirty thoughts". Come to think of it, those two are pretty comparable.

I didn't know Tsuki Wani did non-H actually. Any examples?
No. 13775
heres their stuff on danbooru
and heres their non h comics

The humor from their H mangas is still fully intact even in their non-h style. some of the monochrome ones are done by a guest artist. overall a great read and a lot of sexual misunderstand jokes.
No. 13781
Yeah Kiezya's style has a rough charm and is rather underrated. Also he does some PC-98 h-pics, a rarity.

Tsuki Wani's H-doujins has always been good for humor, it's just rather recently that it's become rather fappable.

There's a few other things, such as that heartwarming Cirno and Yuuka story.
No. 13789
if your refering to http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/1122
then that is the one that is guest drawn. really good art too. im guessing they worked on the story togther or something
No. 13892
Always nice to see dominent Wriggle Action. Too bad it felt like Yuuka had to become a supper pussy just for it to happen.

You guys know of any other Good Dominent Wriggle doujins, translated or not?
I know of
but thats about it.
No. 13895
Anything Itou Life for starters.
No. 13897
File 13058789088.jpg - (283.40KB , 1135x1600 , 011.jpg ) [iqdb]
Only the one he already mentioned has dominant Wriggle. In the other five she's a wimp. Mostly...

Oh I thought you meant like actual books, I've seen the things on his Pixiv...

...but somehow missed that. How sweet, thank you.

He should draw more Yuki and Mai and grumpy Alice. Those three work pretty well.
No. 13898
File 130588491918.png - (1.42MB , 2831x2748 , I for once welcome our new artist overlord.png ) [iqdb]
No. 13928
I think that guy made some good non-H doujin back then.
While I hate the doujin with a powerful hate, I must admit that the art is pretty good.
If I'm right, artist is Aya Sachou.
No. 13929
I'm pretty sure he still releases non porn and cutesy yuri doujins.
No. 13930
File 130603424374.jpg - (541.58KB , 1127x1601 , yu-ji.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyone remember Yuugen Jikkou? Not many translations and the older stuff is pretty crudely drawn, but s/he did make Blooming Over, my favorite YukarixReimu doujin, which was incredibly sweet despite/because of its complete lack of dialogue.
No. 13931

Well, there's nothing that can make up for this. This guy is lumped in the same category as Chiriakuta with this work.
No. 13932
that's the name on danbooru, but yeah he does lean towards rape in his H-doujins and not the kind where the perps pay at the end (unlike that one doujin release recently by I think Tsuriji or something similar) I personally suspect it's solely to raise the appeal of his doujins as rape doesn't pop up in his non-doujin art much if at all. His art does have a slightly slutty bent to it.

There's a few nice artists that are chronically overlooked... except by CGRascal.
No. 13938
Yes yes you don't like rape. Thanks, we get it.
No. 13941
I love this doujin.
No. 13942
How does it feel to be a hipster?
No. 13943
Hey now. One or two doujins don't ruin an artist.
Also, as bad as Chiriakuta? Are you nuts?
No. 13949
File 130615817852.jpg - (1.86MB , 1036x1450 , 6e48711647d6e646faf3779420cd7e1a[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Indeed. I have fapped to Chiriakuta and Aya Shachou and there's an enormous gap between someone falling into hell and being dragged in.

Although it looks like it's headed that way anyway

On the OTHER other hand... or tentacle, there's this little thing of beauty over here >>12988 with REIMU tentacle-sexing YUKARI. Which is enough to make me love that artist forever, let alone the Danbooru pictures.
No. 13954
I do like some of Yuugen Jikkou's work but I do find the older ones hard to look at. too black and white and too much bright effects.
Though i do think their yukarixreimu doujin is one of the most beautiful i've read. A LOT of emotion between 2 characters that never speak. That is hard to pull off and they did that perfectly.
did like their suikaxreimuxyukari one too.(>>7167)
No. 13955

Better a hipster than a monster.
No. 13959
Yeah, how does my choice of porn make me a monster?

Oh wait, it doesn't. It's porn.
No. 13960
>>13959 is right.
I think that fapping to rape doujin is kinda "strange", but the fact that it's FICTION (remember, FICTION) must be present in your head.
It's like watching horror movies and laughing when Jason beat the girl to death with a golf club. You laugh because it's a movie, but you wouldn't do the same thing IRL.

As long as you're not fapping to real rape, you're not a monster.
No. 13962
You mean when Jason let that black guy just punch him out. Now that was funny.

Anyways yeah. No matter what kind of porn you fap to, You arent weird in the slightest sense. People have their fetishs, and its wrong to think this are "bad things".
No. 13975
File 130622872796.jpg - (270.57KB , 850x1128 , Stupid Sexy Cirno 9.jpg ) [iqdb]
I fap to spanking doujins, am I weird?
Of course I'm weird. I'm as weird as a black guy. But you have to deal with it.
Calling peoples "monsters" because they fap to some doujins is like calling africans "demons".
It's stupid, showing that you're intolerant, and also won't change them.

Just because you call that guy "monster", he won't stop fapping to rape doujins. It's like blaming a guy for having brown hairs. He can't help it.
No. 13976
the question isn't so much "do you fap to rape doujins" but "Do you feel guilty/bad afterwards".
No. 13980
No, that's equally irrelevant.
Just read what you like, talk about what you like and let other people do the same.
No. 13984
Anybody know if this one is to be found somewhere on the internet?
No. 14018
Shut the hell up, namefag.
Usually I'm polite, but attention-whoring faggots like you, I can't stand them. You don't give a fuck about the fact that this thread isn't about discussion, and when Anon nicely points your mistake, you go into attention-whoring mode by leading to another thread.

Nobody care about who you are. There's only Anonymous.
No. 14032
File 130633513847.jpg - (1.33MB , 1265x1802 , 01.jpg ) [iqdb]
You should care who's Azure Xuchilbara, friend:

* Started commissioning in 2008 in Junior High School

* Second person to start commissioning Touhou doujins

* Specializes in Yuri/Futa Crack-Pairings

* Responsible for 86 Touhou futa doujins getting translated in the internet

* Gets off at Touhou fans getting off to Touhou crack-pairings
No. 14033
Ok. Now you're attention whoring.

I'm going to be blunt, even though it won't help:

Shut the fuck up.

Stop trying to make a name for yourself here. Stop using "*actions*". If you want to commission doujinshi or post scat, go ahead. But you're in the wrong fucking place to try to "inform others as to who you are".

Don't even ask why. Do it, or get the fuck out.
No. 14040

Yeah, get out of here, Terry Goodkind.

On topic: is there a Reisen/Kaguya doujin that doesn't involve futa or scat?
No. 14043
That's the best thing to do. Restart everything, and clean the bad blood.

Also, Kieyza made some YorihimexFaceless doujins, do you kow where I can find them? His pixiv just show samples.
No. 14044

You mean this..?


I think it's still being made...
No. 14046
rich mahogany is serious shit. spr srs
I'm pretty sure its still in the works, I dont think he's focusing on it. Pretty sure he's focusing on other doujin, but I'm not too sure.
No. 14047
What part of that blog post are you referring to?
No. 14048

The doujin displayed on the top of the page is the one you were referring to, right..?
No. 14049
Why do you keep doing that?
No. 14050

That's just the way I talk...

Been talking like that since 2007...
No. 14051
Oh I'm someone else.

Anyway, you mean yw NORMAL? That's a non-H work. I doubt that's what he's referring to.

For that matter, what samples?
No. 14055
Ellipsis are the best thing in the world...
everyone should talk like this...
its just so cool man...
No. 14062
I've been getting interested in yuki hime haruka (danbooru name)/Azarashi Waltz (circle name). Sure the style isn't the most refined, but the works aren't lacking in sizable boobs and stuff being done to them. Other stuff of his/her has some cute moments.
No. 14067
File 130641256767.jpg - (226.22KB , 714x1000 , 19159314.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love how he draws the faces and the fact that they always look cute...Reminds me of the anime Hidamari Sketch...

His latest ones show Suika as a busty MILF~
No. 14072
I like how Ito Life's "hard-working virgin" turns into a complete pervert.
Besides, Wriggle is really cute in this one.
Too bad it's translated by CGRascal, even if he did it pretty good.
No. 14132
File 130694935453.png - (511.28KB , 700x870 , c6545c84162c8ba906cb4f2d81aa9782.png ) [iqdb]
There's something I realized that's been bugging for a while, but never fully occured to me until I reread MtG and tried >>13421 .
I'm so, so sick of virgin toohoos stuff. I know Japan is obsessed with "purity", and the more horrid breed of otaku's "secondhand" bullshit, but it sorta ruins MY IMMERSION when a bunch of touhous have apparently never gotten it on before. I'm more able to accept it for the human characters (although in the case of Marisa, it'd be almost impossible for her to still have an unbroken hymen. Hell, I busted mine just taking gymnastics classes, let alone doing high-G aerial maneuvers with a hard object between between my legs) and fairies, and possibly Tenshi... But ultimately, the issue is that you aren't going to be a virgin if you've lived for centuries in a setting where, at least according to plenty of H-doujin (and MtG), casual sex is pretty commonplace. And being a little girl doesn't really change much. I started getting interested in that stuff when I was 11; and given 500 years, ℳℴℯ up to my ears, and enough power to physically force myself on someone if it came to that, well... Pic related.
Anyway, I'm rambling and there's a high likelyhood no one cares.
No. 14133
Agree with this Anon.
No. 14134

It doesn't really matter unless we're talking someone like Suwako.
No. 14135
authors are free to make whatever rules they want for their works. granted that doesn't mean its not gonna be stupid but meh, hentai is full of fetishes, even when characters established to be non-virgins seemingly have their virginity for no reason. sometimes you gotta roll with it or just not follow that artist's work.

Now there are certain characters i can by being virgins however. Those who have drunk the elixer have unchanging bodies so if they were virgins when they drank it, i imagine their hymen's would simply grow back after a while (or after ressurction, its back to normal) so for them, they would be technicle virgins.
as well as flandre, seeing as she was locked up for that long and Celestials seems like the kind of place where people marry more for connections and power then actual love but meh, who knows about that.
Fairies, it depends on if there are male fairies who breed with them.
No. 14136
File 130695433443.jpg - (484.47KB , 700x1000 , 925b298d2b48b730704844405cc68bb0.jpg ) [iqdb]
It matters because it makes me stop and go "wait, what?" in the middle of an h-scene, and that's a bad thing.
If you were going for a more staid, chaste Gensokyo, then it'd make sense for there to be more virgins. But in Frequent Sexy Times Gensokyo, having 800+ year-old virgins doesn't make sense.
It violates internal logic, which hurts suspension of disbelief, and then I have to shut up the anal-retentive nerd in me before I can go back to shlicking, and that kinda ruins the mood.
All that aside, it's probably because I tend to identify with the touhous, and crying and bleeding tend to put me off. Plus, aggressive experienced lolis are incredibly hot.
No. 14137

Then don't read those scenes. I don't care, because I know not everyone will be appeased by everything. You want your experienced loli? Wait until Suwako, the milf-in-a-little-girl's-body.

Most of the readers aren't going to sperg over every little detail. They just want to see a hot scene and fap. Really, it boils down to the fact that I just wanted to put in a variety of content. Some people like deflowering and breaking hymens, some people don't. Some people want to see Yukari put a dick inside of a guy, others don't. Aside from a few instances, like Yukari jerking him off while explaining sending him to various places, the scenes are detached enough from the story to skip them without missing important details.

With that said, virgin Suwako deeply offends me on a nerdy level.
No. 14138
ppppffff... With the way MtG writer explains it, virgin Touhous are rather plausable for various reasons, particularly most humans don't like non-humans, no matter how hot they are and most of the 'causal' sex was most likely girl/girl.
No. 14139
>Then don't read those scenes. I don't care, because I know not everyone will be appeased by everything.
I don't think he's specifically addressing it at you.
No. 14141
What? Youkai aren't monogendered. Or maybe they are in MtG. I hope not.

I sorta-somewhat am, regards to the 800+ year-old virgin Nazrin thing. Also

Don't take it as a personal attack, dude. I was using a scene I found wonky as an example of what I was talking about. I still like your story.
... Unless you seriously went the whole Monstergirls Encyclopedia route. That'd make me very sad.
No. 14144

The problem with being passive-aggressive is that when I'm not trying to act that way it still comes off as if I am. I'm not offended, I'm just laying it out since I'm used to 'well i don't like X scene/fetish!' and saying I'm not bothered.


Was a result of wanting a loli virgin counterpart to go with Chen.

>Unless you seriously went the whole Monstergirls Encyclopedia route.

I don't get what you mean?

Also: Moving a bit out of scope of this thread since the conversation has changed to MtG. Maybe better to move it to my thread or on to IRC so we don't muck this one up.
No. 14147

You know, I always imagined Suwako as having created her descendents from a non-sexual manual.

...That, or jerking off..
No. 14150

Sorry for being in the discussion, but I do want to share a theory...

I always figured some maidens of Gensokyo can regenerate their virginities at will...Kaguya and Mokou are an example of this, as well as some of the goddesses and youkais...

Also, I do wonder if the same thing applies to fairies after they regenerate from being turned into power-ups and bonus points...

Who knows..? Maybe it could be one of Eirin's shady drugs that can give them back their purity..?

Hey, if there are drugs and mushrooms that can make you sprout a penis in Gensokyo, there may as well be ones where you can regain your hymen...
No. 14151
She most likely had help from someone else. Sanae is too much human so it was most likely a human.
There are enough willing humans to have sex with a Suwako.
No. 14152
At the time I'm sure it might have been a great honor to be choosen to fuck the goddess of the area (then again one might assume Suwako looked more mature at the time)
No. 14153
ya, if you go with the belief that for gods, the more faith they have, the older/mature their outward apperance is and the less faith they have, the younger/less mature they appear, it would explain a lot about the gods living in gensokyo and suwako being a loli cause of her lack of faith.

also, i remember reading that Yokai are able to heal from wounds much greater then that of a human (even regrowing their entire body after getting decapitated)
if you go with this, it may not be a stretch to assume that their bodies will heal any wound, even that of their hymen.
No. 14155
File 130697083351.jpg - (1.27MB , 2049x1746 , 238e8f603d9cc2fe8fffd0de1148c2da.jpg ) [iqdb]
Equally likely: Youkai are beings of concept and belief, a youkai that doesn't believe itself to be a virgin wouldn't regenerate such a thing.

Anyway, these are all just attempts to justify the product of the old and ass-backwards conceit that women must be "pure"... Even people-eating monster women who care little about human morals and taboos and are old enough to have fucked your great^20 grandpa when he was a lad.
Touhous should be shy or easily emberassed or reluctant or whatever based on their personality, not because she can't be YOUR WAIFU if she's SECONDHAND.
Er, sorry for the derail.
No. 14157
File 130697138297.jpg - (255.78KB , 1280x960 , 10cb7b51b6ad6bd280a328b4bda6b5d3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Frankly, if touhou was actually based more off canon, this would probably be a more typical situation, NOT counting guro.

also i do like your take on it,
"Equally likely: Youkai are beings of concept and belief, a youkai that doesn't believe itself to be a virgin wouldn't regenerate such a thing."
goes with the setting of gensokyo well
No. 14169
This picture is a boner killer.
No. 14170
speak for yourself.
No. 14174
File 130698136491.jpg - (679.03KB , 1200x1694 , 蓬莱妊娠_Page_27.jpg ) [iqdb]

"if you go with this, it may not be a stretch to assume that their bodies will heal any wound, even that of their hymen."


If they can regenerate from wounds of any kind or even get entire limbs blown off, regenerating a hymen is a cinch...

Also, if Kaguya f*cked Mokou and killed her, she would have her hymen when she regenerates/comes back to life...
No. 14193
Stop liking things I don't like.
No. 14194
You can type fuck on this site. Also stop using so many damn ellipses.
No. 14206
In an alternative universe with regenerating hymens, it wouldn't be a virginity test, but a painful barrier to vaginal sex. So would they be enjoying different methods, or simply not doing it at all? It's not a device I've seen used in an actual porn work anyway.

I don't recall *that* many works that feature virginity, but most of them involve rape, where it reinforces that something is getting defiled. Rarely, it's a sappy love story. Neither's really my cup of tea.

And there's that. Who's to say that Remilia isn't really 20 years old in this case?
No. 14208
File 130700640290.jpg - (1.25MB , 1250x1250 , 494b134f5d9cb0301f769f12a2fa1eff[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
>In an alternative universe with regenerating hymens, it wouldn't be a virginity test, but a painful barrier to vaginal sex. So would they be enjoying different methods, or simply not doing it at all

Well, they, y'know, could prevent their hymen from regenerating by keeping something lodged up between their legs, something long and solid filling them up that they can feel shifting around inside with every step, a slight rounded outline showing on the outside of their panties where anyone in the right position might see it and guess what was there and turn away, thinking about how much of a filthy slut that girl was with their judging, forbidding eyes...

The wait until her lover would return to her and pull it free in one long stroke, only to replace it almost immediately with a real, hot cock sinking into her wet depths - making her weak at her knees, straining - straining-! to keep her hands from straying to the foreign object within her, a drip of translucent liquid trailing down one leg...

Pardon me, I'll be in my bunk.
No. 14217
File 130702637463.png - (86.30KB , 600x600 , IMG_001514.png ) [iqdb]

"The wait until her lover would return to her and pull it free in one long stroke, only to replace it almost immediately with a real, hot cock sinking into her wet depth"

In Yuyuko's case, she would always have something shoved in both of her mouths to satiate her ravenous appetite for both food and flesh...
No. 14218
Thank you for that picture. It has forced me out of my bunk and now requiring me to use cleanser on my mind.
No. 14219
guessing you meant to say rumia?
and wow. Never thought about it but that would actually make for a really good mokou story, showing what she has to do to feel like a normal person again, even if it is for just a little while. nice psychological aspect, specially if its to feel more connected to her partner.
No. 14220
Can you...like, stop posting images in here?
You're two for two on the creepy shit I'd really rather not have seen scale.
No. 14224


I apologize, but I can't stop since I've been doing this a very long time (kinda like alcohol, or smoking)...


Sorry, I'll tone down on the creepy images...But at least now we all know Yuyuko does not need a hymen so she can gobble up all kinds of meat quickly...
Sometimes I do wonder if ghosts, aside from the youkai and goddesses, have hymens given their current state of being...
If a goddess or a youkai can will her hymen back (be it regeneration or just will), a ghost must have something similar, like how they can have a physical body that function like when they are alive (i.e. in Yuyuko's case)...
No. 14225
This conversation is fucking miserable and made worse by Azure Xuchilbara's presence.

On another note, fuck yes it's nice to see Rebis' work get translated. This guy and the proportions he draws are spectacular.
No. 14227
>I can't stop since
Yes you can.
No. 14228
No I can't...But I will minimize it~

Not this again, !lggAzV5pXw...I made it creepy, not worse and I'm going to stop with the creepy Touhou images, okay..?

And yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the awesomeness of Rebis~
The guy also has a massive armpit fetish given his past works and clothing design~
This is the most hottest Yukari artist interpretation that I have ever feasted my eyes upon~

I'm looking forward to his upcoming Touhou works like he said on the foreword...
No. 14235
Yes you can, you lazy fuck. It's not hard.
No. 14237
I really liked how the artist drew Parsee and Yuugi. and now i realze parsee had her hand on yuugi's nipple the entire time.
has the artist done any YuugixParsee works? just curious, YuugixParsee is one of my favorite parings in touhou.
No. 14238
File 130705992722.jpg - (380.36KB , 900x965 , 93ecda81f3aaa392e4e5f5941469d25a.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's his first touhou doujin. The afterword even states that he only recently got into touhou, so don't expect much for standalone images either. But there is this, which at least has both characters.
No. 14239
well, here's hoping they one day do a YuugixParsee doujin.
No. 14241
He has some pictures on pixiv

Odds are that'll be among the next 1-2 Rebis does.
No. 14243

You are comparing addictions that affect the physical and mental state of a person to your constant use of ellipses.
No. 14244
File 130706580712.jpg - (189.54KB , 700x974 , 19184759.jpg ) [iqdb]
I gotta hand it to his clothing alterations that show Yuugi's armpits (as well as Yukari's with those 'mini-gap' designs)~

Plump, juicy and squishy is what Rebis's artwork is all about (although he does a TON of muscled girls in his earlier TGWOA Series as well as his "Prina the Dungeoneering Princess" Series~

Tell that to people who smoke and drink, my friend...

(If only... you weren't such a moron... you wouldn't... be banned...)
No. 14245
There you fucking go again with the MOTHERFUCKING ellipses. Quitting excessive use of ellipses is easy as hell compared to quitting smoking and drinking. I know folks have struggled with both, none that struggled with a STUPID FUCKING typing habit.

I wouldn't have minded the namefagging... but posting pictures in poor taste and having that hartman-grade gigaton faggot attitude is crossing the line. No one is your friend here and you're wearing their already limited tolerance down with each excessive ellipse or shitty pic you post.

No one in this thread needed to see a picture of Mokou getting impaled on a grossly oversized cock or babbling on about "Regenerating Hymen", a piece of fandumb so terrible that not even Shrinemaiden touches it.
No. 14246
File 130706657156.png - (36.78KB , 1132x251 , azure xuchilbara.png ) [iqdb]
>Tell that to people who smoke and drink, my friend...
As defined by the DSM-IV ( http://www.addictionsandrecovery.org/definition-of-addiction.htm ), your predilection towards using ellipses is NOT an addiction, nor can it be even remotely compared to an alcohol/tobacco addiction. To even imply it's even vaguely on the same level is a horrible insult to people with alcoholism or a tobacco addiction.

Fuck you. I have to watch my dad kill himself from cigarettes because of the Vietnam War, and you calling your ellipses fetish comparable to his addiction to cigarettes makes me want to beat you with a two by four.
No. 14249
>(If only... you weren't such a moron... you wouldn't... be banned...)
Finally we can all go back to talking about our porn without ellipses EVERY OTHER SENTENCE. I love you mods.

So, How about we get this thread back on track without so much faggotry eh?

I just read some Tsuki Wani (hope i'm spelling his name right) doujins, And they were actually pretty decent. The concepts are good and all, But the drawings arent exactly cream of the crop, But not crap either. Thoughts?
No. 14250

Sort of agree. I like his style, just not for hentai. I think it's better suited toward humorous works rather than porn.
No. 14251
Tsuki Wani? Well, he's (she's?) doing good stories, laughable and stuff. But not really fap material, in my opinion.
No. 14252
His art is slowly getting more fappable, though his doujins' strong point is humor. The area he needs most work on is breasts as most clothed parts seem as if the bra's too high.
No. 14254
Yeah, I thought so too. But I'm one of those people who dont pay much attention to the fine-details of a story. Though it's hard to find a good hentai with stuff that would actually make you giggle, while still being semi-fappable.
No. 14257
Well that was pretty funny at the end, as I expected, though I didn't notice how she hit him before the whole eye poke thing.
No. 14258
Can we have a shitstorm about peoples discussing in the non-discussion thread?
No? Well, on another hand: NEW ITO LIFE? YAHOO!
No. 14260
I said it before, i'll say it again, it's a shame the lead was reduced to flaceless mook this time. I'm hoping his face returns next time cause it really adds some personality to doujin.

Always felt his/her work was more meant to parody Hentai then to actually be hentai.
with how the characters (virgins?) fantasize, it feels like a joke on some of the writers of doujins, who don't actually know much about sex themselves and they base what they know off of what they've seen from doujins, hentai, and porn, just like what yuyuko and yukari did in their stories, basing many fantasies off of the dirty mag.

Meh, probably reading FAR to much into it.
No. 14279
File 130713759658.jpg - (25.65KB , 360x382 , rebistwitter.jpg ) [iqdb]

Regarding Rebis doing Yuugi x Parsee, have some Word of God on the subject.
No. 14283
This is nice surprise, this and Lina Wriggle 2 translated in the same week? Pretty nice, even if it's by a certain half-ass translator.
No. 14286
That's an I.
No. 14288
I don't like Tsuki Wani that much. Funnily enough, it's not because of the "lol virgins" thing, but more because he's basically done the exact same story (dirty magazine/book leads to fantasizing, silly faces), with diffent Touhous... What, three? Four times? I honestly can't remember, they've all sort of blended together. You can't tell the same joke over and over and expect it to stay funny. Which just leaves his porn, which between the quirked eyebrows, googly eyes, and wiggly mouths gives the unfortunate impression that I should be hearing "uguu" and cartoon sound effects.
So, I guess I'm saying he should get better at porn, or find a new joke.

Also, holy shit sorry for that horrible discussion I spawned. Although I suppose it had a net positive outcome.

>Rebis Touhou porn
oh fuck yes
No. 14316
Does anyone know of some good Remilia romance which isn't badly drawn?

Or has more than a "I love you Remilia!" "I love you anon/Sakuya/other!" plot?
No. 14328
Damn, usotsukiya made pretty comics, but it's kind of counter-balanced by the fact that he's (she's) only doing footjob (even if he did some anal in the Sanae book), and by his strange speech bubbles.
No. 14339
File 130733674097.jpg - (27.56KB , 600x601 , yaay.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hooray, new Chiriakuta!
No. 14341
If the guy wanted to, I think he could make some pretty cute doujins, but instead he does what he does.
No. 14342
I have been waiting so long for a tentacle doujin to end like that. It's not quite right, and it's very small, but I love it so much.
Damn, I want that doujin translated just for that.
No. 14343
File 130734666474.png - (411.42KB , 1121x1600 , 006.png ) [iqdb]
The technical blandness of this doujin was made entirely better JUST because of this one page reaction panel:

No. 14347
Yep, and it's awesome.
No. 14348
See, all I can think when I see that is "welp, someone's gettin' Kyuu'd".
Which would really be the outcome of most Flandre rape doujin. Seeing as she has problems with bouts of violence even when she's not getting sexually assaulted. Hell, she's got monstrous physical strength, and innate flight would negate issues of leverage due to her size, so you'd have to be strong as an oni to even hold her down.
I don't have a moral issue with mindbreak and rape stuff, it's just fiction after all, but most of the time they're obviously just molesting some random loli cosplaying as a touhou.
No. 14350
New doujin from fey tas/sekitan bokuro up: http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/sp_212001041590_sekitan_pcce.php

Speaking of which, I haven't seen any of their work scanned and uploaded in a long time. Probably missing four or five of their releases since the last one was put up.
No. 14357
Well it's a first seeing that Parsee artist do a doujin (it's the recent Satori/Parsee one); he seems to prefer a particular curvy Parsee.

But it raises a question: WHat would a busty Parsee be envious of?
No. 14358
Flat chested girls and their lack of back pain.
No. 14376
koyama shigeru did a new work, Futa YoumuxReisen.
currently getting translated. anyone know someone who could type set this or would be willing to do that?

anyway, very much like YoumuxReisen, Hentai or clean. just a cute couple.
No. 14404
Woah wait what the fuck? Isnt this the dude that made Mamange, my favorite SFW manga?

I am so down with this I dont even know which way is up.
No. 14405
He's made a few other Reisen/Youmu things but with a higher level of detail than he does with Mamange. That and that "Sanae being annoying cute" series.
No. 14409
well they did do this before
so im not too surprised to see more hentai from them. the new one, >>14376 defenently more hardcore then the last and not bad art wise.
Though I really like how the artist does keep all their works seperate. Mamange is in its own universe (and still having papa youmu), reverse Mamange, where youmu and shou have a thing for reisen, that annoyingly cute sanae one, and then the H universe, though im not sure if Annoyingly cute sanae and the hentai stuff they do is in the same universe or not. I can see it being either one really.
No. 14495
My body is ready.
No. 14498
Oh boy Murasa and Youmu. Can't wait for a translation.
No. 14512
New doujin from the guy who made >>8018
It's called "Sado Masochistic book featuring plenty of Master".
Make you wonder who's dominant in the ReisenxEirin pairing.
No. 14522
always like stories of masochist turned dominent. always funny to see how it happens.
also, the artist draws a nice eirin.
No. 14523
Those are a funny change from how things usually are.
No. 14524
indeed he does.
No. 14526
He also did a nice story with Alice.
No. 14532
>>14485 is from LWB. CGRascal also translated it. Comparing the two side by side shows how terrible of a job he did; does anyone have any idea how >>14500 turned out?
No. 14552

It came across to me as "okay, not great", though you'll likely want a second opinion.
No. 14566
It's funny reading their early work compared to their Touhou Enchantresses' Dance series. Guy got a lot better though in a way, I do wish he could of kept with the rinnosuke lead but then again, it would be wierd seeing rinnosuke dominent one in any relationship outside of the human characters.
No. 14567
there's a time where the circle made doujins that didn't revolve around womb-damaging hard sex?
No. 14568
appearantly. I do greatly enjoy when 2 people can have happy, enjoyable, peaceful sex with one another. too bad they don't do that too often.
No. 14569
I think that tendency might be why the circle's H doujins fell out of favor with scanners; dunno about their non-H (did enjoy the non-H doujin with little cat-eared Mokou and Kaguya and a few things at Keine's expense, such as using her breasts as tramlines or a sort of waterbed.)
No. 14571
File 130812847499.jpg - (286.59KB , 842x1200 , wham.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't really know what you're talking about. We've got the complete Extend Party, and Touhou Enchantress Dance series. And a couple of others. Is there really a lot that we're missing?

Oh that non-H work was really cute too, yes.

So do I, but, well, that was consensual I suppose, if rough.
No. 14572
I'm not seeing any touhou H works on doujindb that aren't scanned.
No. 14573
Kinda my point. How has he fallen out of favor when we have lots of his works scanned, including recently TED10? Or about half of the ones on Doujin DB, some of which aren't even Touhou.
No. 14579
Well if not scanners then translators.

Though something I find odd is how Midori-ya (Midori Shiki is the artist name) only has one doujin scanned. The art is nice if not exactly perfect.
No. 14580
File 130815929611.png - (1.40MB , 1000x1000 , fb67d3fe7f6c43b147b53a2f97b6c6a4.png ) [iqdb]
I've got the same thoughts about a lot of doujins, especially monikano's work.
No. 14583
That reminds me... why isn't anyone translating Toybox's works as there's been a bunch released.
No. 14601
Probably a bit more true. I was expecting someone to jump on TED10 when it came out but it hasn't happened yet.

On the other hand, we did get both Extend Party translations not that long ago, and very very professionally too.

People tend to translate things they want. If you really want something translated, the best option is to get it done yourself.
No. 14606
Extended party is more traditional gang rape into mind break while the last few Enchantress dances were Womb-damaging sex often with the line "I can't have babies anymore" right afterwards.
No. 14617
File 130821089248.jpg - (472.42KB , 1051x1500 , it_is_daze.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, but things usually get better in TED, and they tend to be more light-hearted. One of my favourite moments, picture related. Extend Party, hasn't had that, at least not yet. Maybe in the third one.

Long story short, he's one of the better H artists in my book.
No. 14619
I wasn't saying EP was better, just more accepted by the translating masses.
No. 14659
File 130833488812.jpg - (562.81KB , 850x1200 , 13716027_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've noticed that with fey tas/sekitan's work as well. Though im not sure how well Pegging goes over with some people.
I'm actually surprised I haven't found this one by them (one in the image) going by the pixiv preview, it actually looks rather nice. Looks like one of those works that someone would ATLEAST scan
No. 14660

Fey Tas is one of those artists whose work I buy every time a new release comes out. Unfortunately, I don't scan my own collection, because I don't want to destroy it.

With that said, I was thinking of starting a scanning service near the end of this year. There are a shit load of things that people want scanned, but they often don't try to do it themselves for various reasons:

a. They don't have a scanner.
b. They don't want to own the item.
c. They don't have the means to acquire it.

I fit all three criteria, but I don't have the money to go willy nilly and buy random things to scan. So, would people be interested in a donation run scan service? i.e. You make the request, I'll put a chip-in up on a blog somewhere, and pick the doujin up when possible. Non-profit oriented, just enough to get each item. Any leftover can be used on another request. Soon as I get it, I'd scan and upload the raws here. I'm more than willing to scan, just not things I bought for my own personal collection.

There are, of course, a few concerns.

What if someone orders it and then the scan comes out before I have the chance to do so?

How long will it take for me to get it? I buy a lot, but I try to ship in bulk to save on money. It'd be piggybacking on my own orders.

What if the donation goes through and the stock runs out before the order is placed?

Yes, I know I should post without my trip, but I figure in this case identifying myself may lend some credence to the idea. If the idea is terrible and everyone hates it I'll just delete the post.
No. 14661
I love the idea. For many of us, we don't have the knowledge of where to buy it, or know how to have it shipped to us after the purchase.

I do remember seeing some blogs doing something similar to this. seemed to work out for them.

and as far as when things are shipped and money and stuff, Some sites ive gone to had a very clear "no refund" policy, but did have it where, as long as the book wasn't ordered, the money could go to something else that the person wanted scanned or it could be "donated" to help with future funding.
No. 14662
>What if the donation goes through and the stock runs out before the order is placed?
Refund them. It's not really your problem either.

>S&H overhead avoidance
Not much you can do about that unless you move to Japan.

>What if someone orders it and then the scan comes out before I have the chance to do so?
Not your problem.

And also scanning is boring. You sure you want to be doing it as a service?
No. 14663
>the money could go to something else that the person wanted scanned or it could be "donated" to help with future funding.

This is a great idea and I didn't think of that!


That's one idea, but it'd depend on a few factors. Did one person contribute entirely to the cost? If so, no problem. If multiple users contributed via chipin (which is fairly anonymous iirc), they may be difficult to get the money back to, or may not want their personal details shown since that's what paypal does.


I have a scanner next to my main machine, I can run pages while I write or do something else. I've scanned doujinshi in the past, I know it can be boring.
No. 14665
>I've scanned doujinshi in the past
Got any examples? I'm pretty sure you scanned a Yukari&Reimu doujin once, but that was without taking it apart. Have you taken one apart and done a non-rough scan?
No. 14666

Nah. I also scanned a Yuugi doujin and something with Sakuya. All of these were ages ago, I think my desktop might have the raws. I did them all with bending though, rather than taking them apart at the binding.
No. 14667
Ah, thought it was something else. Anything chance of seeing a sample from a doujin you are willing to take apart, e.g. something you bought that turned out to not be worth keeping? Or a reasonably cheap extra you could add onto your next order?
No. 14668

I was actually thinking of doing this, although all of the doujinshi I didn't want I was able to sell off. I'll have a friend pick me something up cheap to unbind and scan. Why don't you guys make a recommendation so I don't do something already scanned?

I can't use my main deputy to do this, since I owe him too much, but having a friend pick it up means I'll get it in a week or two (if he's placing an order soon) and scan it.


Uncheck 一般 at the top to hide non-adult doujinshi, then just either skim the main pages with everything or search 東方 and post something you want scanned. I'll see what I can do.
No. 14671
Could you please upload an example picture of your not-taken-apart scanning? Because I'm curious how well (or not) it turns out.
No. 14672
File 130834766619.jpg - (179.82KB , 1024x632 , hdoujinshi4.jpg ) [iqdb]

Here's the Yuugi x Reimu doujin I scanned: http://www.mediafire.com/?56w251h74qkrua4

Sometime after I did this, better scans came out.

I also scanned a Futa Yukari x Reimu doujin, and a futa doujin involving Sakuya and a couple other random characters. Although I can't find the scans for these two right now, I can point out the covers. Someone else my have my shitty scans. Keep in mind that I did all three by bending the bindings, not removing the pages. If I was buying for the sake of scanning I'd remove them from the binding.

Top row, middle with Sakuya.

Bottom row, second from right with Reimu and Yukari.
No. 14673
Sometimes their work doesn't get scanned and its a shame. plus this one has ran and mayo. wierd combo.
Quality isn't horrible but it could be MUCH better. though the doujin itself may not have been very dark to begin so it was hard to make out some things
No. 14683

The doujin wasn't as dark as some are, no. As a result it wasn't the best scan material, I believe.

For the record, I have no qualms about content or series for scanning. Don't care if it's touhou or not. Anyway, go ahead and toss out a few more suggestions if you folks want and I'll pester our beloved doujin uploader to confirm if they're on share or not.
No. 14687
File 130835910420.jpg - (89.79KB , 315x458 , 212001039692.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14688
What if someone wanted non-H doujins scanned such as Kindodou's Male!Yuuka/Marisa or Male!Yuuka/Meiling doujins?
No. 14690

That's fine. Like I said, content doesn't matter to me. You want it and are willing to cover the price? Sure, I'm game. I'm doing this because I know how much it sucks to have something awesome be out there and not scanned.

Looking through my current collection, yeah, there's nothing I am willing to destroy. Too much emotional investment. Toss a few more suggestions with links to buy them and I'll have my friend tack one on, or alternatively if you all want to wait a month or two I should have at least 50-75 doujinshi coming in. There are bound to be some in there I don't care for, even though I tried to make informed decisions via preview pictures.
No. 14696
Do you ever have a problem with colour bleeding through pages? Because that's something that's driving me nuts.
No. 14699
File 130839276730.jpg - (97.08KB , 800x574 , 1245539208402.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm not really a fan of rape, but the latest Fukutsuu Okosu doujin is one of the hottest i've ever seen.

I arrived in a rather forceful manner, suffice to say.
No. 14703

I'm sorry, not sure what you mean? Do you mean from the light produced by the scanning process? If so, I haven't encountered that issue when scanning them while bound. Perhaps it would be an issue when scanning them as separate pages, but if it is I have a few ideas on combating that.

Or were you asking about something else?
No. 14705
I think he means the illustration on the opposite page being somewhat visible. I've seen it in some scans but I don't have an example.
No. 14706

Right, I've got an idea to deal with that if it crops up. Hopefully it doesn't. I imagine it depends on the weight of the paper used for printing.
No. 14707
I meant what >>14705 said. Also I probably wasn't clear on this but I'm not questioning your ability. I'm actually asking because this is the problem I'm getting, and was hoping you'd know a workaround since the example you uploaded doesn't have that problem.
No. 14709
This might be the first doujin of his to be scanned, let alone translaed. He's a hyper busty artist in the vein of Kloah. The style is a bit unrefined but overall pleasant.

It's also one of 3-4 "Invincible Marisa" doujins I've seen. I'm surprised no one tried to do a short with her.
No. 14710

Oh, I wasn't thinking you were 'questioning my ability' or anything. That'd be silly to worry over.

Here's what my first though on this situation:

Paper weight, or thickness, is probably the primary culprit here. I'd have to dig the doujinshi out, but I do not recall having bleed issues on any of the scans I did.

Which leads to my second thought:

The way I was scanning them, they'd have a whole stack of paper backing each page. I was going to try taking extra sheets of blank, white printer paper and layering 2 or 3 on top of the page to be scanned. Assuming I had that problem, of course.
No. 14711

Your comments belong in this thread, not that one. Also, how does it look like a mushroom on page 21? Neither objects resemble mushrooms and it clearly says marshmallow. Nor is she straddling something, she's just bent down.
No. 14712
I'd be hesitant to call sleep sex rape. It's technically rape, but it has very little in common with traditional rape doujin.
No. 14715

I agree. While it is still rape, it isn't the kind of screaming, fearful, 'oh god help i do not like this' situation that most who dislike rape find offensive. So, it's not as hard to stomach, in other words.
No. 14718
All this time, and you've never scanned it? That is the holy grail of doujin works.
Bottom right is nice, too.
No. 14722
from the pee thread
wriggle's expression scares me there. she is WAY too into the pee, unless, as a bug, she really loves the smell/taste of pee?
No. 14731
Maybe she wants the sodium and nitrogen in their urine? We know butterflies can be attracted to mammal urine for that, though whether fireflies are the same is something I don't know.
No. 14735

I struggled to understand what was happening past the tour guide bit and why Sanae ended up having sex with Myouren. Either I'm an idiot or just problems with the translation/how the work was presented. The hentai was pretty decent though.

Back on the subject of scans, I will have some extra money set aside to have my friend pick up something for me to do a trial run on.
No. 14736
>Either I'm an idiot or just problems with the translation/how the work was presented.
No. 14746
God damn it. I was really, really hoping this guy would stay away from Touhous I actually like.
No. 14747
Sanae's brother-finding miracle misfired and found/resurrected Myouren instead. They had sex because Sanae's supreme sexiness gave Myouren a boner.
The sex felt really shoed-in. Would have been better without it.
No. 14750
I was under the impression it worked TOO well (Found the little girl's brother and resurrected Myouren)

THe sex happens because I figured Sanae was washing him and the close contact sets both of them off. I don't think it's in the same continuity as Paranoia Cat's Myouren/Byakuren doujin. But there is a sequel that's scanned but not released where Myouren ends up A) getting lost and ends up having sex with Murasa and B) Romances and has sex with Youmu during a trip to Hakugyokuro. However the last page has Byakuren being shocked over what Yuyuko tells her.
No. 14751
Untranslated Sequel: >>14482
No. 14753
I never understood how they found Myouren? Isn't he supposed to be dead for several centuries at this point? Wasn't Byakuren sealed for quite some time?
No. 14756
Has this one been translated before? I feel like i've read it in english once but I may be confusing it with another work.
anything by the artst gotten translated before?

wow. 2 of my favorite artists doing a joint book. im happy. hope it gets translated.
No. 14764
Dunno but here's their douijin mugi page:


As as far as I can tell, only the Aya H-doujin and a non-H doujin have been scanned but as you can see on their link they've done various other non-h doujins
No. 14779
I'm under the impression that Myouren was resurrected by Sanae's Miracle by accident, though the sequel drops 1-2 minor hints as to what's going on.
No. 14781
Other than Byakuren having a bad feeling and Myouren having a sense of deja-vu at Hakugyokurou are there any other hints?

Also what makes CG Rascal so lousy with translating? This one isn't the worst he (or she) has done, but there are some weird tenses and, maybe, overly literal translations.
No. 14783
File 130866880666.jpg - (402.60KB , 1122x1600 , 008_6e1ra.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's obvious that he's not a native speaker of English, and worse still he refuses to use any kind of proofreading, since any native or fluent English speaker would know how the meaning has just gone completely out the window with these literal translations of prose. Another thing might be that he approaches each speech bubble independently. There's no flow or context considered from one to another which screws up a lot of the tense and flow.
No. 14784
File 130866900027.jpg - (400.37KB , 1122x1600 , 008.jpg ) [iqdb]
For comparison here's the same page from a different translator.

The narration on the sides are all considered part of the same text, and flow from one to another sensibly. And perhaps most importantly we don't have
>Which border where such a incomplete border exists
No. 14818
He's not a native speaker of English, nor of Japanese. You can't really expect good translation quality from someone who doesn't truly understand either the language he's translating to nor the one he's translating from.

Seriously, even translators who are excessively literal in their work don't make that many boneheaded translation flubs. The fact that he refuses to QC, and refuses to accept help from a proofreader, just makes it worse.
No. 14819
As much as I hate CGRascal, At least he gets the job done in quantity. The only real problem I have with him is that he's taken down a lot of other translaters. I'm serious, I know at least 3 people who tried to translate work and CGRascal went out of his way to try and one-up them.

But I dont want to sling mud. At this point, It's quantity > quality, though I really prefer quality > quantity. Besides, most people like me only want english subs just because moonrunes unnerve them.
No. 14820
>I know at least 3 people who tried to translate work and CGRascal went out of his way to try and one-up them
And what's stopping them from releasing anyways? LWB has re-translated at least two of the touhou doujinshi CGRascal has put out, and people from /at/ have done another two.

>At this point, It's quantity > quality
And what makes you say that? Quality is better than quantity. Maybe 3 years ago when there were ~20 translated touhou H doujins you could make an argument for quantity, but not now.

>At least he gets the job done in quantity.
I imagine that's primarily because he can push out a doujin in 4 hours.
No. 14821
Indeed, it's easy to one up him in quality as a well-translated doujin gets more readers/downloads/respect than a CGRascal CGRush job. Look what happened with that Yamame doujin when Glasnost and Co. retranslated: The latter got major props for doing it.
No. 14825
Oh, hey, he can't edit worth shit either. I never noticed.
No. 14891
Do people actually pay CGRascal for his abominations, or is this of his own accord to 'benefit' the community?
No. 14897
The latter.
No. 14899
Figured as much a while ago, causing me to facepalm whenever someone speaks about "who pays him to do it".

He does it just to drive his own ego.
No. 14952
File 130921311511.png - (25.71KB , 191x265 , comic168.png ) [iqdb]
>enigamtic ship
No. 14955
Ugh...it showed such promise at the start, too...
No. 14963
Damn is Rape/Mindbreak so popular that artists that don't go into rape in fanart do so? Japan's such a fucked up place, but at least one with a low REAL rape rate.
No. 14965

Thank the elder gods for hentai and anime fan-service.
No. 14971
Heeey boys and girls, it's Anonymous's rape facts kids corner!

Do you know who the #1 Nation in Rape per capita is?
That's right! South Africa! Where they have next to no rape doujins whatsoever! (Specifically they maintain a 1.19538 per 1,000 people per capita ratio of raping the fuck out of somebody or something.)
Australia, with some of the strictest examples of anti-sex and violence within their media, is #3. (0.777999 per 1,000 people)

Japan, with their rape doujin, games and anime extravaganza is #55. At 0.017737 per 1,000 people.
So remember kids, rape doujins are bad. Actual rape is the way to go.
No. 14974
File 130926063463.jpg - (47.90KB , 422x527 , this is too easy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Doujin was worth it for this panel.
No. 14977
I liked it

The translation for the last few pages was off though, made little sense
No. 14979
Source for those facts? Because if you just pull thosr numbers out of nowhere, I'm going to slap you in the face.
No. 14982
First result when searching for "rapes per capita" http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_rap_percap-crime-rapes-per-capita
No. 15000
Like how this ended. Makes you wonder if he's done this before or not?
No. 15016
Are there any other doujins that involve Youmu taking advantage of her Ghost abilities like this? Its a rather interesting concept, getting a blow job while inside a women's vagina.
No. 15023
Did she use her ghost half to do that, or is Youmu able to make all of herself incorporeal?
No. 15032
I assumed her ghost half, though near the end, I think she was doing the stuff herself.
No. 15053
Nothing special, but I approve very much of the ladylike Nue. Same could be said for certain other Touhous such as Alice.
No. 15057
File 130962517080.jpg - (287.53KB , 430x607 , c7d62dc48d13885acb291ef9c14e8771.jpg ) [iqdb]
anyone know if this was put up?
artist's site http://candume.sakura.ne.jp/index2.htm
No. 15109
I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask for help but my computer has been infected with a virus that lets me not unzip from any mediafire files and the like. Only by choosing "Explore" can I look at the files but I can only explore files that are under the "WinZip File" Type.

Files Like:

Are classified as the "Unknown File" Type and thus can't be explored. I am wondering if there is any way that I can change there file types or anything?
No. 15110
Not the best place to ask, no. But the answer is simple, so I will.
- Backup
- Format
- Reinstall

I'd never recommend trying to salvage a compromised OS as you don't know what's been done to it.

More PC-98 H works make me a very happy person. On the other hand, it's always Shinki. Gorgeous as she is, there's many other nice Touhous from that era. Why not someone else once in a while?
No. 15117
It's Fuantei, he has a raging hardon for many things Makai, UFO crew included, but especially Shinki.
No. 15124
Do wish pc 98 characters where more well known. love to see some konngara work once in a while. really under appreciated character.
speaking of which, are there any good konngara doujins?
No. 15133
I would pay to read a Sariel doujin.

Speaking about Konngara, is it male or female?
No. 15139
I loved this one.
Full yuri, no futa crap, and Eirin is just plain evil.
No. 15145
I always assumed Konngara was male. Almost every fanart pic has him/her depicted as male.
No. 15147
Flat chested does not equal male. Most of the fanart of Konngara is ambiguous, and the official art... not very helpful.
No. 15148
Of course flat-chested doesn't equal male. However, most of the fanart that I have seen depicts him/her with a rather gaunt face, broad shoulders, and a rather muscular chest.

Then again, Yuugi is sometimes portrayed that as well, so who knows.
No. 15187
File 131012884641.jpg - (370.63KB , 1067x1500 , 008.jpg ) [iqdb]
It turns out that the translated version of PARANOIA CAT's Touhou Ukiyuekan Patchouli Knowledge (>>1618) is missing a few pages. Two are missing showing Marisa first getting corrupted by the demon right after it grabs her ass, and then one small page at the very end with Flandre saying something. Would anyone be interested in translating and editing these pages to fix the archive?

RAW archive: http://www.mediafire.com/?20z3dh2zvtt
No. 15188
File 131012887082.jpg - (460.46KB , 1067x1500 , 009.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 15189
File 131012888769.jpg - (373.50KB , 1067x1500 , 029.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 15190
File 131013409076.jpg - (408.51KB , 400x1131 , 5731265741c2d8486df03d4b9c0825dc[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
>male or female?

No. 15193
feels like that series is getting a lot of attention. glad they got translated. thought they wouldn't.
For those curious, http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/3734
No. 15194
Watched this comic recently, became my favorite. The fact that Kasen and Konngara are inside plays a lot. Hey, a new character, and a PC-98 character. It's the fucking dream team!
No. 15195
I greatly like how they interact with one another. it feels like they're friends. they do stupid shit with each other and may rag on each other, but are there when it matters. also, i love how wierd suika is. you don't know what to expect from her.
No. 15202
Most misleading cover on a touhou doujin this year, by the way. Expected some bondage or rape or something.
No. 15210
it is pretty misleading, considering its 100% consentual sex throughout...which seems odd how sometimes it feels like consentual sex is a rarity among doujins, as in consentual from start to finish, not, put up a fight but eventually gets into it too.
No. 15211
You've convinced me to check it out. I'd probably have ignored it otherwise.
No. 15215
maybe its just me but i've found you should never skip over a doujin thats translated. there are some real gems out there that have some lack luster to just plain shitty covers.
No. 15224
Covers rarely tell the whole story.
No. 15240
found a whole bunch of INST doujins. couldn't find ROUND AND ROUND or SHADOWPLAY though.

both of those i kept finding mp3 files or something.
No. 15242
I love the tentacle play with Patchy in this one. INST needs to use tentacles more often.
No. 15245
didn't realize how....Rapey(?) inst's work was. very missleading if you were introduced to their work from >>12080 like i was.
still, i enjoyed
>>15231 Feed Me With Your Kiss
>>13403 Maid Hell
>>10106 Milk the most. very consentual in feeling though they could end up being really fucked up if ever translated.

Also, i think its time for a new discussion thread. seems its no longer bumping.
No. 15246
Exactly what happened to me. Until today though I didn't know INST was so prolific, and assumed they did Corruption after that nice one, and, ugh. Guess I was wrong, and have some new things to check out, thank you.

They're usually not completely inappropriate though as in this. Or are the opposite: A good first impression, then run-of-the-mill contents.
No. 15247
>Also, i think its time for a new discussion thread. seems its no longer bumping.
Wait until it falls off the front page, or is at least closer to the bottom. No sense creating a new thread when this one is still plenty visible.
No. 15307
File 131047711755.jpg - (124.03KB , 707x1000 , 4b02d60f30b6987cc9d2d3d96e9ea2b5.jpg ) [iqdb]
new tsukiwani preview. byakuren has joined the pervy old ladies
No. 15317
Did the Daiyousei one ever get scanned/translated?
No. 15319
you mean this? >>9681

lol, didn't realize how long fey tas has been around. they have some interesting things out.
No. 15322
Bad news: CGRascal translation
Good news: Nice shapely art and there wasn't much of a plot to begin with.

I'm hoping this gets translated as it seems very nice. The artist has stuff on Danbooru by the name of K2isu and he mainly does (a very nice) Marisa.
No. 16647
File 131381041687.jpg - (400.18KB , 494x694 , sanae wedding2.jpg ) [iqdb]
It will be the greatest tragedy in the history of Touhou H-doujins if this is not scanned.