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So was monikano actually working on a Reisen rape game, or did he just create the pixel art as standalone images?

People on /jp/ said he was actually working on a game, but that was at least 2 years ago by now.

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Some of the pixel art.
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And his blog.

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I think i pasted those pictures a little white ago.
Especially one the enemies of moon bunnies >>13192
The tentacles.

Anyway, more pictures like the op would be nice.
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There are a decent number of other such images on his pixiv account. Or just do a danbooru search.

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There's also an unscanned Reisen doujinshi I'd like to see.
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Monikano is easily among my favorite artists. His art style, creativity, and attention to detail is amazing.
I don't think there was ever plans for a game, but I definitely want to see >>13203.
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I can't read Japanese so I can't be certain, but some of the stuff on his blog does sound like he's making a game. I'm seeing stuff that sounds like basic game mechanics and explanations of the animations. I think he's referring to it as "rynRPG" on his blog; googling it automatically redirects to RyonaRPG, which is a real ero RPG. It's certainly possible he's only pretending to work on an actual game, and the name is just a parody of the real ero RPG.

Judging by the complete lack of information on google outside of his blog, even if it isn't fake it's probably never going to be finished.
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Found the animated versions of the lamia rape
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