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“So, were you born here, or were you brought in by the village people?” Aya asks. She brought herself over here after a coincidental encounter in the forest. Needless to say, she took a quick interest in your character. She scribbles a few sentences into her notepad. “Also, your heredity is very enigmatic. Informants say that you had always lived alone throughout your life.”

You begin to question her informants and her 'interviews.' Despite Aya reaching closer to examine you, you try to answer as calmly as you can. “Of course I was born here. I just can't verify my information because I had lost my parents early on. I'm not going to divulge that information by the way. But yes, I have always lived by myself for most of my entire life.”

Busy writing, Aya mutters quickly to herself, while moving her pen across the notepad. But she scoots herself closer and reaches for your penis, now protruding out of your pants.. Funny, were your pants always unzipped...?

She moves her hand slowly up and down, you getting more and more uncomfortable with each stroke. “Then that must mean you can have some witnesses to call up, don't you? You said you lived by yourself for most of your life, but most isn't all, is it~?” She gently says those last words, continuing to stroke your manhood.

You struggle to think up a response to that. “Y-yeeessh, thaaat's true. But, hah, I can't provide...hah... witnesses... The thre-ee of us lived very...hah...reclusive.”

“Hmm...” She draws out her pen, and writes on the notepad very slowly, stroking you with each time she wrote a word. She clicks the tip of her pen, and smiles sweetly. “One second. I need to take care of some important business.” Once she releases your cock, you almost slide of of your chair. But you steel yourself as you resolve yourself to ask Aya to stop.

...It didn't particularly feel bad though. D-damn it, she's tempting you real hard now.

You feel a quick swoop as you fall out of your chair, pushed by the oncoming force. Your eyes blur, the fast movement unregistered in your sight. As they focus more clearly, you notice Aya's sitting on top of you. Quite naked too.


You were about to say something, but you were cut off by the immense pleasure entering your lower regions. As you look at Aya, she inserts your erect penis inside of her. Her face grows a little red, but maintains that confident smile. “So....” she maintains her sway of words, even at a time like this. “You're basically telling me that your information isn't credible? Is that it?”

The way she's just sitting on top of you on the tip of your manhood is making you grow anxious.

“That's not what I meant...”

She adjusts her position, making you groan as a result. You couldn't take this anymore! And she's still writing on her little booklet, too!

So you thrust inside her, feeling her walls sliding around your cock as you move up and down. She breathes sharply, letting out a small moan.

But she still insists on writing on that little notepad of hers. Even while going at it. But she starts panting heavily, pushing in with your thrusts.

“Ah! A-ah...You're r-really insistent aren't youuu!”

“Hahh....you staaarted it, really!”

“Oh, is t-thaaat a challenge!”


You push her down from on top of you, readjusting the position between you and her. As she lays her back on the floor, you push your penis in, wet with her juices.

But all she does laugh. “I take it as 'chaaallenge a-accepted?'”

It becomes a contest of who can keep at it longer, loser being the one climaxing first. Initially, you thought you were going to win, but with each passing moment you thrust into her hips, you felt yourself tensing up gradually.

...You couldn't hold it in anymore. But as you fill her up with your seed, Aya lets out a final moan. Then you lay still, on top of the tengu, you felt yourself fall asleep.

As you woke up, you found yourself laying down on your bed fully clothed. A dream...?

But a kettle steams from your kitchen, and there she was. Aya was brewing some tea, already having poured herself some. You just stared at her with a dumb expression. “You want some too...?”

She hands you a cup full of hot tea. The way she can just look at you with such a straight face. You were utterly confused. But she laughs. “It was a tie, by the way. I have to go now, so make do with this. See you later.”

“...Okay.” you say stupidly. She leaves, a gust of wind pushing you back. She seemed to have disappeared in thin air. Wait....'see you later'?

You rub your forehead. It seems she had left some of her possessions too. On top of the desk was her notepad.

I don't know why, but this man just seems so interesting!
Hopefully, I find something worth my troubles in interviewing him.
I can feel it though! This is gonna be a good one~!

He seems to be the active type. Maybe I can get something out of him that way?
Nah, he probably won't open to me prying.
Maybe I can do something else?

Hmm....he lives alone? Maybe I can have some fun.
Is he staring at me? Hehe, maybe I should take the initiati-

These are the interview notes? What is this!?

But before you can look through some of the more recent notes, a familiar 'fwoosh' comes from the door, almost unhinging it.

Aya stares at you red-faced with an expression you couldn't really read into.

“Forgot my notes.” She snatches them all up, and flies out again.

Really, you don't understand her....

No. 12683
Dunno what came over me, but something inspired me to write this. I feel like a total faggot, but oh well.
No. 12685
It's not that bad, though it could have used a bit more detail as it seems rather hasty.
No. 12686

You see, it's the elegant art of "on a whim/20 minute draft/crap"
No. 12696
True, but I was trying to say "You have decent potential" and has me looking forward to the Love scene in your Aya story.
No. 12701
Hm. Less ellipsis, less breaking up of paragraphs, couple other minor quibbles but that may boil down to style and personal preference so I won't mention them.

Keep at it, and maybe find someone to proofread your work.

I can't believe I'm giving someone advice. And being positive/nice to them.
No. 12702
You're also welcome in #touhouporn if you need input.
No. 12711
I take it you're not accustomed to writing these scenes? It has that type of tone to it. Not saying it's bad, because it isn't, but a little bit more emotion could be shown.

I don't know why, but I found the picture of Aya brewing tea in someone else's house really funny. Just me?
No. 12763

I think it's appropriate, it sort of reinforces the idea of this portrayal of Aya lacking the boundaries and constraints that most people follow.

Or I'm reading too deep.
No. 12765
It'd be something Aya would do for a friend... and for a lover? She'd do it in only a apron.
No. 12773
Basically what other's have said: Less breaking, and maybe more detail. But also, thank you for writing it because this type of Aya happens to be my favourite. Will you be continuing it?
No. 13222
File 130397760512.jpg - (158.70KB , 849x1201 , yes I know she's not supposed to have clothe.jpg ) [iqdb]
Rising from your bed in hot sweat, you wipe the brim of your forehead. These summer days are really starting to heat up. The sink provides you with a temporary oasis. Splashing some water on your face, you feel the cool droplets of water etching away at the heat. Still, the humidity in the house gets on your nerves. You decide to go out for a bit to get some fresh air. The village seems bustling with activity, the children running around to play. Even the workers seem livelier than usual, chatting leisurely outside while supervising their kids. Some of the children even wave to you. Before you set foot towards the mountain, you wave back, grinning.

In the mountain path, the sun shrines directly through, no trees for you to hide in. Working up a sweat, you quickly move about the direction into the forest. Once in the shade under the trees, you lean down to rest on a tree for a bit. You glance at the scenery around you. Dark green leaves sprouting on the branches of the tall oak trees. Dusting yourself off, you pull up your sleeves and trek the rest of the way towards your destination. Leisurely walking, you spend the hike slowly to take in the cool air up in the forest. Looking between two trees, you spot it. A small creek trickles into a clear, sparkling pond.. The pond itself isn't that big, but it connects to an even larger pool, making it like a small resort for yourself to enjoy. Jumping in headfirst, you nearly slam your head into the rocks. Oh, right. You always forgot it's too shallow to dive in. But the cool water feels cold and refreshing against the hot weather. Relaxing inside the waters, you sink yourself in deeper. But before you can totally immerse yourself, a quick rustling stirs you back into reality. A familiar crow tengu slips by, taking a pictures of the place with her camera.

“Hello!” She looks around, examining the scenery. “Wow, this place looks wonderful! If you don't mind, I'm going to take a few pictures, okay?” She snaps a few photos, moving around to get different angles of her shots.

“Sure, go ahead,” you say as she already takes some pictures of the pond. “But might I ask something?”

She nods, still fixed on taking photos. “Mmmhm, sure.” You weren't sure if she really paid attention or not, but whatever. Aya finishes the last of her photos, looking satisfied of her work.

“How in the world did you get here?”

“Hmmm...” She thinks about it, recalling her memories. “Oh, yeah! I just saw you when I was flying around! Thought I'd go check out what you were up to.” You sink back into the pond, somewhat disturbed.

“So you followed me around the whole time?” You ask, incredulously. “To think I never noticed you...”

She flashes you a confident smile. “Don't worry, nobody else does either. It's the true art of a professional journalist!” Aya lays her camera down next to a particularly short tree. “Since I asked a question of yours, can you answer one of mine?” She stifles a giggle while saying that.

Nodding, you let her. “Okay. Go for it.”

“Why are you taking a swim,” she pauses for a second. “in your clothes?” Oh. You never noticed that. Looking down at yourself, you blatantly see that your clothes are still on you. There was no reason why you didn't take them off – you simply forgot.

“I couldn't really stand the summer heat.” You didn't tell Aya that you forgot though. Just a feeling, but you felt that she was going to laugh in your face again if you told her that. “So I just jumped in.” You motion for her to jump in too. “Why don't you join me? The water feels really good!”

“I was just about to.” She points to her camera. “But I can't have that broken, can I?”

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” You sit down, stretching your legs on the shallow floor of the pond. Aya suddenly starts stripping herself down. “H-hey wait! You can't just do that when I'm around!”

She stares at you, confused. “I can't? But what will I do if my clothes get all wet? I don't want to catch a cold. Besides, it's really inconvenient to fly when you're soaked in water.”

“Yeah, but one of us is going to get distracted if you do that.” You eye her, trying your best to focus on her face. Now only in her undergarments, she sighs.

“You're going to have to suck it up. It's hot, and I don't want to waste time arguing about something insignificant as clothes.” Pouting, she takes off the rest of her undergarments, leaving all of her bare flesh exposed. She dips herself in the water slowly, delicately placing herself a few feet next to you. “Ah, this feels great!” Reclining back, Aya places her feet on your lap.

“Okay, now you're just tempting me.” you tell Aya. She smirks, splashing some water on your face. You retaliate by splashing back. The fight escalates as the two of you sends a barrage of water at each other. Calling out a truce, you stop Aya. Both you and Aya look into each others faces, then burst out laughing. She steps out of the water, turning around to give you a hand. Keeping your eyes on her face, you resist the urge to look elsewhere. Now out of the water, you shake yourself to dry your clothes. To no avail, your clothes are still sopping wet.

A pair of hands grasp your wet shirt clinging tightly to your skin. “Here, let me help you with that.” She reaches into the inside of the shirt, and pulls it up from you. Turning around, surprised, you find yourself face to face with a still-naked Aya.

“I-I don't need help changing, thank you. I just need to dry my clothes.” You frown, but do nothing as she takes off the rest of your shirt for you. “And I beg you, can you put some clothes on?”

“No can do, I'm still all wet from the pond. Besides,” she chides. “you're can't properly dry them if they're stuck onto you like that.”

“True enough. Still, being undressed like this feels really awkward.” Aya inches closer towards you. She grasps your hands, with a devilish smile.

“You know what would be really awkward?” She pulls you down to the ground. You press close onto her body. “This. Now, hurry up and take your pants off!” You give her a doubtful look, but all she returns is an innocent stare.

Sighing, you unbuckle your belt, attempting to take off your pants. But the water forces the pants to cling on. “Oh, for crying out–“

“Here, let me help you.” Aya helps you take off your pants and underwear with an amused expression. She slides your penis out, stroking it gently. The gesture feels pleasurable, and you exhale from the sudden ecstasy. She licks all around your shaft, sending out intoxicating jolts through your body. Moving ever so closer, Aya tenderly guides her mouth around your dick, causing you to shudder. Taking her mouth off of your penis, she presses herself onto you. “Quick, hurry up and do it!”

“Huh?” It takes some time to register what she is saying.

Impatiently, she reiterates. “I want you to fuck me, please. Now please continue. I'm getting all excited just waiting.” Hesitating, you prod it inside. Aya lets out a girlish yelp and starts moving her thighs around, arousing your manhood. She squeaks some more as you slide your penis more into her. This time, Aya was being on the submissive side. You rock your hips faster, pushing into her tight walls. Each time you thrust inside, she moans in great pleasure, evident in her tone.

“Good, good...” she breathes as you rhythmically move in sync with Aya's hips. She hangs her long legs over your shoulders, forcing you to penetrate her even harder. As you move faster in beat, she cries sharply, the inner walls of her pussy convulsing tightly. But she's not done yet. She sways her hips in motion, pushing inside even more, almost making your knees buckle in sheer pleasure. Her juices let your penis thrust faster and harder, making Aya cry out in passion. Still under you, she bites her hand, as if she can't take it anymore. You stop, scared that you hurt Aya.

“Keep going! It feels really good!” Her eyes are a little hazy, but otherwise okay. Still unsure, you slowly go at it, thrusting slow at first. She gives you a little pout, and pushes herself in and out, like she was riding you. Quickly going for it, you move faster, resulting in her moaning more. Caressing her body, you wrap your arms around her waist. As you thrust faster and faster, a powerful force causes you to lose focus in pure delight. She cries out with emotion, mixed in with pleasure and desire.

Hot and sweaty, you lay down next to Aya. You felt all stuffy again because of the hot weather.

“Mannn!” Aya moans, this time in complaint. “Now I'll have to take another wash to feel refreshed again! We're all sticky and humid.” Grinning secretly, she grasps your shoulders seductively...and then pulls the two of you back into the pond.

“H-hey! We got out because we wanted to dry ourselves!” You voice your mock-irritation. Inwardly, you felt refreshed, in a whole new way.

“Well, change of plans!” She grins, sticking her tongue out.

You shake your head in disbelief. But really, you didn't mind another wash. You didn't mind her at all. Feeling sneaky, you reach over to Aya, hugging her. She's initially surprised, but warms up to your touch. Nope, you thought this was alright after all.
No. 13228
I wonder if Momiji would want in on it all?
No. 13233
It's alright but a bit too straight to the point. It's a shame for her nice rack to go without attention.
No. 13242
Sex but no romance. I'm actually okay with this.
No. 13243
It's nice, but I kind of wish there was more foreplay. Still don't take that as a sign of disapproval, because I still enjoyed it.
No. 13249
yeah I agree. I think Moral's scenes will shine once you add more foreplay and romance. But he's definitely off to a decent start.
No. 13497
I actually think the lack of foreplay fits with Aya's character, to an extent. She always struck me as someone who wants to get straight to the point and not waste time mucking about needlessly, as she'd view it.

Also, obligatory stuff about tengu being more brash and up-front than humans, etc. etc.
No. 13502
Moral's Aya has something of a soft sensitive side. And I'd think she'd feel insulted if the guy only paid attention to her pussy.
No. 13532
Didn't realize this was connected with another story. I'll have to go check it out, then.
No. 13534
it's not exactly connected but the writer could tell us more about how connected things are.
No. 13550
Wait what's the other story that this story is sort of connected to?
No. 13551
No. 13564
I'm pretty sure it isn't connected, seeing how the author never mentions his usual job or name. However, I could be wrong. But for the most part, his Aya seems to be the same.
No. 13565
Don't bump this thread if you're nor voting, nor writing, WOULD YOU KINDLY?
No. 13674
File 130553057030.jpg - (509.75KB , 1014x1572 , w-what.jpg ) [iqdb]
You had brought your hatchet up in the mountain to get some fresh wood supply for the village, but the summer heat only made you tired and thirsty. Sparing no more effort, you fan yourself under the shade of a few trees. You should really get up and cut some trees now. After attempting to get up for what seems to be an eternity, you slump back down on the ground, feeling a bit tired. Maybe you should just sleep here for a while...

But before you do, a small speck of white catches your eye. Protruding on the edge of a few trees, you walk over to it. As you peer over the greenery, a girl with white hair and white clothes lay there unmoving. Upon closer look, her clothes seem to have been a bit tattered and speckled with blood. Trying not to startle her, you gently call out. “Hey there, are you awake?” No response from her. You check her pulse. She seems to be fine in terms of heartbeat, but you should really give her some medical attention. The cuts seemed to have been deep. Cleaning away some of the blood with some water from the creek nearby, you make sure to leave any open areas closed. Cutting off most of your shirt, you tie them around various wounds around her body. The white haired woman, probably a tengu, judging by her clothes and ears, stirs but remains unconscious.

You make it to your house in little time since you were running. A bit winded, but you're okay. The couch padding sinks softly as you lay her down onto it. After doing so, you go to the cabinet to get some disinfectant and some real bandages. While walking back to the room, she moves around and sits up. Noticing that she is conscious, you go ahead and open up some conversation.

“Oh, so you're awake now. How are you feeling?” She blinks before looking at you. Looking over her body, she notices your makeshift bandages.

“I'm alright now. But really, it shouldn't have been that bad.” She unties the knot from herself. The cuts from before seemed to have diminished. “Yes, it's all better now. See?”

You put the supplies down on a nearby table. You sigh. “So I wasted a good shirt for nothing? You really surprised me there – you looked really hurt, so I took you over here, um, your name?”

“It's Momiji. Momiji Inubashiri. I come from the tengu clan in the mountains.” Aha, just as you suspected. She nods, as if to reaffirm herself.

“I see. So you must come from the same one as Aya then?” You realized that, once she admitted that she can from the mountains.

“Y-yes...” Momiji says it reluctantly. The way she averts her eyes tells you something, but you dismiss the thought. Saying nothing, you pat her head. Immediately, she perks her ears and tail up but blushes furiously after a few seconds. As you stop, she almost looks disappointed.

“So anyways, what are you going to do now?”

“I'm not so sure...” She ponders. “But may I say something?” Not so used to a formal declaration to speak, you nod slowly.

“C-can I repay you?” She raises her arms up defensively while saying that. Still holding a tinge of red on her cheeks, Momiji comes closer.

“I guess so?” You weren't really sure on this.

She loosens your pants as she claims your penis. Gingerly, she sucks on it, moving her head slowly. You shiver in pleasure as she licks the tip before moving in more. Wrapping her tongue around your shaft, Momiji moves her mouth around your dick, sliding in smoothly with her wet saliva. As she sucks you in and out, you gently touch her head. You felt the first orgasm build up in you. But before you could ejaculate, a door opens from the front room. A familiar set of eyes gaze upon you, then Momiji. Aya steps back for a second, looking quite thoroughly bewildered. An awkward silence falls upon the room. Then, she goes out running out from the door, almost as if she forgot she could fly.

[ ] Go after Aya.
[ ] Stay with Momiji
[ ] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.
No. 13675
[x] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.
No. 13678
[X] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.

Bringing Momiji along might be a risky move, but I have a feeling she genuinely didn't know Aya had already claimed you. Better for all parties involved if they're all in one place to hear you out.
No. 13689
Awkward sex is the only good sex.
[X] apologize to your bitch and get another bitch to fuck. TWO BITCHES. YES
No. 13697
[x] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.

>apologize to your bitch and get another bitch to fuck. TWO BITCHES. YES
Do you have a newsletter I could subscribe to?
No. 13700
[x] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.
No. 13701
[x] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.
No. 13713
File 130561561514.jpg - (469.33KB , 622x879 , concernedmomiji.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Bring Momiji to find Aya so you could apologize to the both of them.

Before you could call out to her, Aya's already sprinting off one direction. It takes you a few seconds to register that you can still catch her while she's running. Putting your pants back on, you take Momiji's arm and pull her in Aya's direction. The wolf tengu squeaks, surprised by your sudden movement, but offers no resistance as you pull her along. Although quick in the air, Aya seems to be slower on land. The geta she wears doesn't help either. Taking notice of your chase, Aya attempts to run faster, but slows down as she trips on herself. Using the opportunity, you let go of Momiji and reach out to grab Aya's arm. She uses your leverage to re-balance herself. But the moment she stares at you, Aya looks away, flustered.

“Aya.” You call out.

She looks nervous and emotional, quite different from her normal, collected behavior. Her reporter attitude is all but gone. “Y-yes?”

“Calm down. I just want to talk. To the both of you.” You throw a glance at Momiji, who looks a bit embarrassed. You motion over back to your house. “Now, let's go sit down and have a civil discussion.”

Walking over and entering the living room, you motion for Aya and Momiji to sit down. Taking a seat yourself, you address the problem. “So, um, Aya...” You try to make it sound as least awkward as possible. “When you walked in, why did you start running?”

She starts to sweat. “N-no reason. I just thought I had some errands to do.”

“...In the direction of particularly nowhere?” You had to retain a cool attitude to save yourself from the embarrassment.

“Okay, that was a total lie. In truth, I just wanted both you and Momiji to have some privacy.” She looks down at her feet. “I didn't know the two of you were like that. Sorry I practically threw myself on you.”

“You see, it was a misunderstanding of sorts.” You rub your forehead. “I guess you could call it a 'thank you' from Momiji after I helped her out?”

The wolf tengu bows her head to Aya. “Sorry...you claimed him first as yours, right Aya?” She had a hurt expression – it seemed like Momiji was genuinely concerned about her welfare.

“Err, not really.” Aya shakes her head. “To be honest, I have no idea what we are. Consensual partners, maybe...?”

Momiji tilts her head. “O-oh. Okay.” Looking over the house, she spots your clock. Glancing upon it, she jumps up in her chair. “I need to hurry up with my guard post tonight! S-sorry, I shouldn't miss my appointed time!” She clumsily runs out of the house. The way Momiji acted seemed awfully fake. So now you're left alone with Aya.

“Aya...I have a question.” You wanted to bring something up, now that Momiji was gone.

“Yeah, what's up?” She seemed to have regained her calm atmosphere.

“When I saw you run out the door, I want to ask why you didn't simply fly away?”

“Because.” She murmurs. “Because I wanted you to come catch me...” You barely hear the last few words as her voice gets quieter.

“Ahaha...” Your cheeks feel a bit warm right now.

“Since you asked a question, it's only fair for me to ask one too.” She looks around for some reason. “You aren't going to continue to meet up with Momiji, are you?”

[ ] Yes I will.
[ ] Not at all.
No. 13714
[x] Yes I will.
-[x] As long as you don't mind.
No. 13724
[x] As long as you don't mind.

Sorry, But saying "Yes I will" then saying "only if you mind" seems prickish.

And pricks dont get pussy.
No. 13757
[x] As long as you don't mind.
No. 13760
[x] That depends on what you mean by 'meet up with'. We just met today.

Dude just met her. It's not as if they've been going at it whenever Aya's not around.
No. 13772
[x] As long as you don't mind.
This. The problem with "Yes, I will" is that it seems rather blunt and authoritative about the subject. It doesn't take any regard with Aya's feelings.
No. 13783
This short assumes that he know Momiji for a time... it's only recently that he and her did sexual things. Aya might have assumed things have gone on earlier than that.
No. 13786
>This short assumes that he know Momiji for a time
Then why did he act like he didn't know her & asked who she was?
No. 13787

It's all a ruse! Momiji is actually our long lost youkai friend!
No. 13884
[x] Not at all.
No. 14202
File 130699530379.jpg - (176.31KB , 499x700 , yeah right.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] As long as you don't mind.

Aya looks at you with pleading eyes. You didn't really make up your mind on that. On one hand, you enjoyed what Momiji did for you. On the other hand, you do have Aya. You didn't really want to stop one for the other. Either way, you were getting confused about how you felt.

“If you don't mind...” You trail off. Feeling flustered, you don't continue what you were going to say next. Sadly, Aya understands quickly.

“E-eh!? You don't mean that...” she covers her mouth with her hand. Uneasiness creeps up her face as you nod slowly. She closes her eyes. Then, with new determination, she breathes in deeply. “I don't mind....that much.” Aya mutters. “I don't particularly like it when I see other women fooling around with you.”

Almost speechless, you stare at her, devoid of all words. Aya returns to her journal, seeming to have found an interesting note across the pages. “Oh. So, you're claiming me for yourself?” That felt weirdly phrased.

“...No.” She coughs. “But I don't want to feel lonely. You're not going to leave me because people think poor of me, right?”

“And just why would I do that? You're Aya, and that's all there is to it.” You flash her a grin. But instead of grinning back, she starts sniffling. Her shoulders start to tremble, and she drops her journal, choking back a few sobs. Pulling her close, you bring her into an embrace. A long time passes before she calms down fully. All is silent but the occasional hiccup from Aya.

But before either Aya or you can do anything further, you go back to reclining on your chair. She looks a little disappointed, but smiles softly. Today, you would have to wait. With the way Momiji was acting, she will most likely come back for whatever reason. And you absolutely do not want her to walk in the two of you like some sort of sick deja vu. Before you can do that, you will need to speak to her also and ask for her consent.

Soon enough, Momiji comes bursting through the doorway, panting. She holds a paper, with neat handwriting standing out prominently from the title. “S-Shameimaru, Aya!” Momiji addresses her formally. “The aforementioned tengu will proceed in returning back to the village for confidential matters.”

Aya sighs. “Tenma's always on my case.” She says no more and departs immediately, leaving Momiji out of breath. She spots you and blushes. Shakily, she extends her hand to you.

“W-would you like to visit?”

[ ] Go ahead and see the village.
[ ] Stay here with Momiji.
No. 14203
And once again, I notice a good story exactly one vote/update to late. Son of a bitch.

[x] Go ahead and see the village.
No. 14204
[X] Stay here with Momiji.

We did get Aya's consent, but we also need Momiji's consent.
No. 14212
[X] Go ahead and see the village. <= If it's possible to talk to Momiji before leaving, otherwise...

[X] Stay here with Momiji.
No. 14214
[x] Go ahead and see the village.

She extended her arm to us, which implies we're leaving
alongside her. We'll probably talk to her either way.

>"You're not going to leave me because people think poor of me, right?"
Dammit, guys, she's talking about us.
No. 14230
[x] Go ahead and see the village.

Aya looks like she could use the company.

While the aya haters here may be vocal as hell, she has a nice fanbase.
No. 14253
[X] Go ahead and see the village.
[X] Ask Momiji about talking later.
No. 14261
I think if anyone needs extra attention, it'd be Aya. And I think Momiji would understand the choice made.
No. 14285
[X] Go ahead and see the village.
[X] Ask Momiji about talking later.
No. 14314

You know what, the more I think about it, the more I agree with you.

Hence, deleting my first vote. Instead:

[X] Go ahead and see the village.
[X] Ask Momiji about talking later.
No. 14337
[X] Go ahead and see the village.
[X] Ask Momiji about talking later.
No. 14360
File 130743150837.jpg - (170.07KB , 800x566 , not again.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go ahead and see the village.

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” You decide that going there is a good idea. A tengu village might be interesting to see, plus you'll be able to go meet up with Aya, if she has the chance. So you take Momiji's hand. She starts fidgeting around, but doesn't let go. Silence fills the air for a while before you break it. “Um...so how are we going to get there?”

“...Ah!” Her ears perk up. “Oh, that's why you were holding my hand. We can't fly like this.”

“I assumed we could because you put your hand in front of me. Sorry.” Once again, you embarrass yourself and the people around you. It's becoming like some sort of habit.

“...It's no big deal.” She seemed to have calmed down. “But you will have to hold on to my shoulders. The position will feel more comfortable once we're in the air.” Complying, you hoist yourself onto Momiji's shoulders and latch on tight. She gradually takes to the air before maintaining a steady pace. It's nowhere near as fast as Aya's speed, but it's definitely faster than walking.

A warm wind blows on the two of you, and there isn't much sound other than the idle rustling of the trees below. To break the silence, you start talking. “I never asked, but what's your relationship with Aya?”

“She's my boss!” Momiji says with sudden vigor. “And I'm glad to work with her. Aya's strong, fast, brave, and really outgoing!” From the back, you could see her ears perk up.

You chuckle. “It's like you have a crush on her.” The moment you say that, Momiji sharply drops from the sky, dragging you down. Luckily, she regains her flight soon after.

“N-n-n-no! It's not like that at all!” Getting flustered, Momiji starts rambling.

You reach out to pat her head. She quiets down as you rub her hair. “Don't worry, I was joking.” Realizing you have this time to talk to Momiji right now, you remember you had something to talk about. “Oh, and speaking of Aya, I need to talk to you.”

“Yes? What is it?” Momiji asks.

“Aya and I recently talked about what we're going to do.” You pause so Momiji has time to assess what you mean.

“Oh, 'we' as in you and Aya, right?” She sounds a little confused, not registering what you mean.

“I mean 'we' as in we. Aya gave her approval so the two of you can 'share' me. You'll be taking part of this group effort. That is, if you give your consent.”

“I– ah, um...” Momiji starts stammering. She blushes profusely, moving from side to side in the air.

You lean in closer to her ear. “...Please?” Moving even closer, you press your face to her hair.

Immediately, you felt yourself falling. The world around you blurs, and you see nothing but movement around you. Moving your body downwards, you see a mesh of green. Trees, most likely. Landing on one will probably prove to be fatal. But you're pulled back like a bungee as something grabs onto you. You feel a hand grasp onto you, trying to fight back gravity. Momiji tries to pull you back, but the force is too strong, sending the both of you spiraling into the trees. Bracing for impact, you shield yourself and the wolf tengu.

But all you feel is the familiar splash of water on yourself. Blinking a few times, you register what happened. The change in direction that Momiji caused allowed enough movement to turn both of you into a pond. The very same one that you and Aya were at. Momiji is lying down, in a daze. She looks around carefully, then at herself. Her white clothes cling onto her, showing her assets Yelping, she covers herself for a moment, only to realize that you're the only one here. She blushes, but stands up and shakes some of the water off. Not saying a word, you take your shirt off and dress Momiji over her see-through clothes. It's big enough to cover most of her body.

“There. We should be okay for the rest of the trip. It should only be a short distance now, right? We would only have to go to wherever you or Aya lives.”

She only nods, blushing once more. Pulling down your shirt to cover her thighs, she attempts to fly again. Once in the air, it only takes a couple of minutes to get down to the village. You see that the place is bustling with activity. Before you could see more, Momiji drags you into a house. Closing the door, she sighs and moves over to another room. When she arrives, she brings one set of clothing. It seems to be what a male tengu would wear. “Here. You could wear this during your stay here. I'll be taking a long shower in the meantime. Feel free to look around the village as you please.” She stares at your face for a long time before grabbing a towel in a cabinet. “...And yes.”


“I give my consent.” She runs to the bathroom and locks the door. Before long, a faint drizzle of water is heard within. You continue to gaze at the door before stripping yourself of your wet clothes. The loose form of the tengu garb feels nice against your skin. You feel awkward for exposing your bare skin in some parts of the clothing, but otherwise it's as good as what you would usually wear. Now, about where to go. Momiji said you were free to look around.

[ ] Stay here. Wait for Momiji to come out.
[ ] Go to the outskirts of the village. You were sure you saw something as you flew by with Momiji.
[ ] Go look around in the village..
-[ ] Head in the east side of the village. It looks more modern.
-[ ] Head towards the west side of the village. Seems more traditional.
No. 14361
[x] Go look around in the village..
-[x] Head in the east side of the village. It looks more modern.
No. 14362
Seeing as there's no "Join Momiji in the shower" option...

[X] Go look around in the village..
-[X] Head in the east side of the village. It looks more modern.
No. 14363
>Seeing as there's no "Join Momiji in the shower" option...
Well she did lock the door.

[X] Go look around in the village.
-[X] Head in the east side of the village. It looks more modern.
No. 14364
[x] Bust the door down and take her.
No. 14365
[X] Go to the outskirts of the village. You were sure you saw something as you flew by with Momiji.
No. 14366
[x] Bust the door down and take her.
As much as I want this to happen...I can't vote for it.

[x] Go look around in the village.
-[x] Head in the east side of the village. It looks more modern.
No. 14394
File 130768887345.png - (440.75KB , 1002x1416 , something like that.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go look around in the village.
-[x] Head in the east side of the village. It looks more modern.

Ruffling your partially wet hair, you do your best to dry the damp parts of your body before you move around the village. There seems to be two districts separate from each other, as well as an intersection between the two. The border is akin to a town square, people moving through the crowds. You do your best to weave your way around the tengu. A split road comes up, crossing the two sides of the village. The east side seems to look newer than the west. With newer buildings and well-paved road, you were interested in what it had.

As you were passing by, the people who were walking the same road were giving you strange looks. Crap, you didn't want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. So you do your best to lay low, and avoid making eye contact with those who are staring at you. That, of course, forced you to stare down at the ground while walking around. But you're brought to a stop as you bump into someone. Papers shuffle around the ground, causing a small mess. A tengu with a purple tokin hat, as well as a purple and black checkered skirt lays flat on the ground. Quickly collecting all of the paper into one pile, you grab ahold of the stack and apologize to her. “S-sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going! Please forgive me.”

She rubs the back of her head. “No, I'm fine.” Her twin-tails bob as she raises her head up. Once she does, she stares at you for a while. She tilts her head and stays that way for a while.

Feeling a little embarrassed, you lend her your hand. “I think you should get up. We can't be just staring at other people, right?”

She blushes and averts her eyes. Grabbing ahold of your hand, the tengu gets up with your assistance. But she pulls at you too hard, and she almost falls on your chest. “Sorry,” she mumbles as she dusts herself off.

“It's no big deal. Here, let me help you with this. It's the least I can do to make up for my troubles.” You glance at the stack of papers.

“Alright.” she seems a little shy. “If you will, come this way.” She leads you towards a small building with the words Kakashi Spirit News on top. Entering the building, it has an assortment of items. A fresh sheet of newspaper print lays down idly on one of the tables. “Could you put that stack of paper in that?” She points to a printer.

“Sure, it'll be no problem.” You adjust the edges of the paper stack and put it into the machine. It hums softly in the room. “Hm, do you mind if I look around?”

“No, feel free to do so.” She seems a little distant. “And by the way,” she asks while you examine a past article. “Are you from another group of tengu? Those clothes are particularly different from ours.”

“...Ahaha, you could say that. I'm not really from here. I'm here for personal matters, really.”

“Oh, I won't ask more. But could you do me another favor?” She moves her body from side to side on her chair.

“Sure. What is it?”

She nervously clasps her hands. “I have a good reason for this, but I was, um...wondering if you could...make love to me?” She asks, sounding uncertain.

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
No. 14395
Hard choice here... as we just managed to get Aya okay with stuff with Momiji...
No. 14397
[x] No.
Tengu are awfully territorial, you know.

I'd rather not spoil the yet-to-come three-way with Momiji, as well as not trample all over Aya's feelings.
No. 14399
[x] No.

Not to mention this came out of nowhere.
No. 14402
File 130771876258.jpg - (13.09KB , 300x339 , no-no-no[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
>I have a good reason for this
It really does beg the question of why other-tengu-who-is-most-likely-Hatate wants to jump someone's boner so suddenly, though. If she's not willing to disclose the reason though-
No. 14403
>girl wants sex
>asks random dude for sex

I'm all for whore-Hatate.
No. 14414
Hoping that her "good reason" is just that she feels horny. Slutate is fine, too.

[X] Yes.
No. 14418
File 130773331962.png - (25.66KB , 513x628 , hatate.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Yes.

I'm somewhat intrigued by her "good reason" as well.
No. 14419
> No.
No. 14420
[x] Yes.
No. 14431
[x] No.
No. 14443
No. 14444
it might be more than that as she doesn't come off as a 'wanton cock addict' but someone in need of affection... making this a hard choice as there's the matter of Aya and the matter of this.
No. 14445
>making this a hard choice
I don't see how it is.

There are two options presented:
A) Indulge her & have sex with her.
Look at the facts. This is a total stranger that, after not even knowing this guy for an hour, is just out-and-out asking to be slept with. That is suspicious enough to warrant caution even without adding in the fact that Aya has made her feelings clear about the MC being with other women.

B) Refuse her. This is pretty much common sense. You just don't fuck someone you've just met, especially a complete stranger whose name you don't know, that asks without even giving something less vague than 'I have a reason'.

I have to admit I wish I'd thrown in some sort of 'Well maybe if you tell me why' vote but it's a bit too late for that.
No. 14446

Come on guys. If you just want to know what her "good reason" is, you should just ask. If it is truly vital to her, we'll go ahead and do the deed, but not before. We already have two lovely tengu to service; adding another behind their back is just asking for trouble.
No. 14447
And at this point, I don't think asking Aya if we can add a younger crow tengu to the mix is going to fly.
No. 14448
Hence why we should make certain we are doing this for a worthy cause. If it is, we can convince Aya and Momiji of its importance after we bone her. Better that than just boinking her and keeping it a secret. Honesty is a virtue, ya know.
No. 14450

Honestly I want to know her reason. Just saying no is too quick right now.
No. 14451
No. 14452
No. 14456
[X] Why?

Jumping in blindly is more than likely a bad idea.
No. 14457
[X] Why?
No. 14458
[X] Why?
No. 14459
[§] Que?
No. 14473
I'm going with this. Grey is always an option.

I was going to change this a bit, but fuck it.
No. 14475
Anon, You disappoint me. Asking as to why a random hot girl wants to bone you.
No. 14478
If there wasn't as much of an emotional attachment to Aya I'd be all for it. But...

[X] NO
No. 14479
A mere yes and no isn't exactly suiting seeing how we just got Aya (the MC's girlfriend) to okay adding Momiji and now Hatate goes about asking and I get the feeling there's more to it than Hatate being really horny.
No. 14480
With an attitude like that you're bound to wake up in a hotel tub full of ice and short one kidney.
No. 14484
Some people have integrity and standards. You should try it sometimes.
No. 14493
Actually I woke up in this morning in a bath full of kidneys and was missing one ice.
No. 14496
[x] No.
No. 14497
Clear for votespam.

Personally I feel like voting '[x]yes' but I haven't read this so feel free to write that off as a general like of tengu on my part.
No. 14509
>Asking as to why a random hot girl wants to bone you
>asking why a random hot girl wants to find out whether you are willing to bone her
>asking why a girl might want to potentially test your loyalty or to check whether you really are a dumb horny bastard who thinks with his dick when he thinks at all and in your case would be completely justified in telling Aya to not bother with you as well as laughing in your face at your abominable lack of control

Seriously. Sure, that might be a bad-case scenario (as opposed to worst case where the girl eats your soul with her mystic camera and leaves you vegetative) but the last thing you do when you've managed to leave a friendzone is immediately cheat on it.
No. 14513
Unless you're PANZERS. That friend Nitori has sure gets around.
No. 14515
I don't think that's Hatate's reason, her tone would have sharper than it is. I sense an undercurrent of loneliness.
No. 14525
Or maybe everyone is just thinking too much about the contents of a porn story on a porn board when they should just be enjoying consequence-free sluttiness that doesn't exist in real life.
No. 14527
This story is shaping up to be a moderately serious deal. Voting should be made with respect to that.
No. 14528
Seconding >>14527. Erotic fiction doesn't have to be mindless boning just because so much of it is.
No. 14533
Well yeah, It doesnt have to be, But the chances of a good erotic fanfiction that doesnt involve random sex is very, very low. It's natural for Anon to be wary of this, and assume that this story will be just another smut.

However, sadly, I know nothing about writefag and I dont know how good his or her writing prowess is. That said, I cant really judge properly if this is going to be just another fap story or something good.
No. 14535
Called, going with both [x]No and [x]Why.
No. 14537
File 130803300983.jpg - (363.48KB , 1000x1407 , you sure.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] No
-[x] Why?

You felt like you were blessed from the gods. Or horribly cursed. Either way, you can't go through with this – it just doesn't feel right. Although you appreciate the offer, you think you'll have to decline on this one. Bringing Momiji into this mess has already gotten you in enough stress. You don't think you'll want to have another episode like that again. But why do you feel like you're frozen?

A mental ice pick is what you need. You thaw yourself out by your own will and respond. “Sorry, but I'm afraid I'll have to pass on that. I can't really oblige myself to do, um, you.” She faintly nods, all the while blushing, before crossing her arms over her chest.

“T-that's fine! I guess you have another one here.” She assures herself so. Not understanding what she means, you want to ask more. But she turns her back and walks to another room. You patiently wait by the machine, still humming softly throughout the room. The tengu girl returns with a platter, two cups of tea on top. You get right back to what you wanted to say.

“By 'another one,' what do you exactly mean by that?” You hold the cup with two hands, using one to hold the bottom in place.

“H-huh? I thought that's why you were here.” She still doesn't explain her intentions.

“And what reason would that be?”

“Forgive me for jumping to conclusions, but I assumed that, uh..” she pauses, unsure of what to say. She clears her throat. “I assumed that you came to this village so you could find a partner.” She coughs. Utterly confused, you shake your head vigorously.

“No, that's not it at all. I didn't mean it that way when I mentioned 'personal matters.'” Doing your best to stay vague, you try not to reveal anything further. You weren't sure if being human was a big deal in this village, so maintaining your identity is necessary.

“Hmm, I see.” She tilts her head. “Then what did you mean by it?” A few thoughts run through your head. You should be really careful around this girl, she's a news-reporter like Aya. Revealing more information than you should is a bad idea, so you assume.

“I was sent to see Aya Shameimaru.” You tell a half-lie. Hopefully, a smart woman like Aya can straighten things through if this girl meets her, or at least figure out what you're trying to do.

“Hm? For what reason?” Her interest is piqued. “Was it for business purposes?”

“Yes, I had some trouble clarifying something for an interview she did.” Ah, now it's not even the truth at all. You pray that this girl doesn't actually go to Aya. She shrugs and says nothing more.

A small blip sharply vocalizes itself. The machine is all done, and the template is christened and ready to go. The familiar humming stops, and is replaced by an even familiar silence.

“Also, mind I ask what had caused you to assume that I was looking around for a potential partner?” You raise your eyebrow at her.

“To be honest, a lot of things. First, you suddenly show up around our village, going around nowhere in particular. Then comes your clothes, which seem all foreign and elegant. They are somewhat similar to our pre-wedding attire, which signifies the need for a partner. And also, you look charmi– never mind.” She closes her reasons mid-sentence. You pretend to not hear that last part either.

“Oh, I see now. I'm sorry for the mistake then.” Finishing the rest of your tea, you place it neatly back on the nearby table. You stand up and head for the door. A delicate hand holds onto your wrist. The tengu girl's shirt is half-undone, her ample breasts sticking out.

“But...if you don't want a reason, I would still be okay with it.” She says, looking down at her feet. You turn around slowly. But before she can take off her shirt fully, you button it back up. You ruffle her hair a little.

“Sorry.” You repeat one more time. “I don't think bad of you, but the man that will do this for you won't – no, can't – be me.” You open the door, waving once to her. “Good bye––“



[ ] Back to Momiji.
[ ] Go search for Aya.
[ ] Pass the time around the outskirts.
No. 14538
[x] Pass the time around the outskirts.

Dodged a goddamn bullet. If we had screwed her, there would have been drama by the gallons when Aya and Momiji found out we had tied ourselves to her in some strange mating ritual.

Voting for this option because I want absolutely no chance of hurting Hatate's feelings. If we return to Aya and/or Momiji, it's almost assured that we will eventually end up screwing. If Hatate found out, she might be hurt that we would lie, and ditch her to go bang her rivals.

>your clothes, which seem all foreign and elegant. They are somewhat similar to our pre-wedding attire, which signifies the need for a partner

Oh hoh. Why would Momiji do that, I wonder.
No. 14539
[x] Go search for Aya.

Poor Hatatatate. No love for her, uh?
Fine, let's go for the tengu woman.
No. 14540
>implying a hatate route is bad
Seriously not a single ounce of Hatate love on this board. It's all about Aya, god damn. I would love to say [x] "Hatate I love you babbies pl0x" but nooooooo

[x] Go search for Aya.
No. 14541
>babbies pl0x

Why don't you just keep quiet from now on. That might be for the best.
No. 14542
[x] Go search for Aya.

We need to Talk to Momiji sometime about her choice of outfits.

Honestly if it wasn't for the tense situation, well I'd have voted to take her up on the offer. Hopefully in the future we can fix it.

No. 14549
[X] Go search for Aya.

>Honestly if it wasn't for the tense situation, well I'd have voted to take her up on the offer. Hopefully in the future we can fix it.
Couldn't agree more.
No. 14551
[x] Search for Aya.

Main goal, focus anon.
No. 14553
[x] Go search for Aya.
No. 14554
[X] Go search for Aya.

I hope we can find a way to make it up to Hatate.
No. 14557
[X] Go search for Aya.

If we have an Awesome Best Friend, maybe we can recommend Hatate to him.
No. 14565
Hi Thar, Shirou. Way to totally NOT read the mood.
No. 14570
Right. I keep forgetting that this whole "humor" thing is hard to do online.
No. 14612
File 13082062166.png - (521.97KB , 700x1010 , hurry hurry.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go search for Aya.

Sighing once you leave the vicinity of the younger tengu, you go out and search for Aya in the meantime. It doesn't take you that long before you're utterly lost. The village itself isn't that bad, but with all the tengu moving around constantly, it's hard to get a grip on which direction you were going. Many brush past you nonchalantly, easily moving past the others. You do the best you could to get out of this crowd. Stopping near one of the taller buildings, you catch your breath. But before you can move on, you hear the muffled sound of Aya's name. Curious, you press your ear onto one of the doors to hear better.

“...it is an honor to bestow the duty. Any other objections before we yield.” One voice says.

“Yes,” another one adds in. “I would like to deny Shameimaru the duty. Or rather, prolong the former.”

“Denied. The council is going to rule it dilatory. Any further statem–“

“Damn it! It isn't going to work!” The second voice bursts out. The people inside make no further noise. An eerie quiet fills the room. You push yourself to the door closer. “Excuse me, I must dismiss myself.”

“If I may,” the voice of Aya interjects. The room is still. “I agree also. We're just not ready for this. We can't hope to accomplish what we did unde–“

“Accepted. We will delay our meetings for an indefinite amount of time until we are called up once more.” With a shuffling of materials, and the scraping of moving furniture, the voice yells, “Meeting adjourned!” You move out of the door's way, waiting patiently for Aya's face. Upon seeing you, she brightens up and hugs you.

“Long day?” You ask. Aya had a weary expression on her face before she saw you.

“You don't even know.” She holds onto your shoulders, letting go only after she is satisfied. “Some crazy stuff happened. But I'll tell you later. The last thing I want to do is to reiterate everything that just occurred. I thought I was going to get in trouble. But frankly, it would've been better if I did.”

“I won't ask any more. But if you feel bad, you can always come talk to me.” You do your best to console her.

She walks forward, moving to your side. Aya grabs ahold of your hand, clasping it tightly. “Thanks.” She leans over to your side, resting her head on your arm. Once returning back to the house, Aya walks forward and lies down on the bed, facing you. On her face is a sly smirk. “Can we make this quick?”

You lay down beside her. “If you want it to be.” Already, the two of you hastily undress. She massages your penis, stroking it in broad up-and-down motions. But her eyes are facing the clock.

Between teasing you, and looking at the time now and then, you voice your concern. “Do you have to go somewhere Aya?” Her movement grows more rapid, and you feel a throbbing in your cock.

“...Yes.” She says, looking annoyed. “I have another meeting to attend to. But I don't want to miss out on our time together.” Aya mumbles, blushing furiously.

So you push her down on the bed, leaning over her. “Then I guess we'll have to be fast today.” Hard from Aya's earlier strokes, you lick the opening of her insides. But wasting no time, you eagerly thrust yourself through her walls.

“Aaahnn!” She moans from the sudden entrance. You can tell that she's feeling pleasure from each motion you make with your body. “Y-yes! Keep going faster, please! And also, five minutes!” She yells the last line. Constantly reminding you of the time, you slam your hips onto Aya's, her juices from the inside lubricating every movement.

“A-and, I think I'm– I'm–“ She doesn't get to finish her sentence as she brings her arms up, convulsing from her orgasm. “I think I'm out of time...” She says, feeling relieved. You, however, weren't done finishing up. But her meeting's more important now. You have all the time in the world for Aya. Although, you're left feeling denied and insatiable. “Sorry.” She apologizes, hurried in putting on her clothing. Doing the same, you drape the tengu clothes over you. Aya smiles widely. “Those clothes fit you.” She runs happily out the door.

[ ] Go to Momiji
[ ] Return to that 'courthouse' of sorts.
[ ] You're still thinking about that tengu girl – Hatate. Maybe you should explain.
No. 14615
File 130821017290.jpg - (187.09KB , 440x827 , ayacurled.jpg ) [iqdb]
>going to the meeting room without even cleaning yourself off, smelling of sex and cum dripping out of her

This is going to help her reputation!

[x] Return to that 'courthouse' of sorts.

You just know something is going to be terribly terribly sinister.
No. 14616
[x] Go to Momiji

We're not done.
No. 14618
[x] You're still thinking about that tengu girl – Hatate. Maybe you should explain.

Now might be a good time before it somehow comes up in a negative way.
No. 14620
When she's in a hurry? Bad time, maybe later.

[x] Go to Momiji
No. 14624
It's /at/. What do you expect, no whimsical sex?

[x] Go to Momiji.
That said, let's go see our white wolf tengu. Hopefully she'll explain about our attire.
No. 14628
[X] Go to Momiji.
"So I hear I look like someone looking for a 'partner'."
No. 14629
[X] Go to Momiji.
No. 14630
Then why did the option come up?
No. 14648
[x] Return to that 'courthouse' of sorts.

Because I'm genuinely curious to see what's going on, and why it's so important that Aya be there.
No. 14725
File 130847510786.png - (645.83KB , 800x1000 , that one moment of bliss.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Momiji

You wander around the house aimlessly, doing nothing in particular. As you pass the bathroom, you take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Ah, right. The 'unique' set of clothes that Momiji has given you. The loose garments still look airy as ever. But you need to have a talk with that wolf tengu. Looking around the rooms, you scan the place for Momiji, but she's nowhere in sight. Resigning yourself to the kitchen, you go ahead and make yourself some tea. You recline on a comfortable chair as the kettle stirs. But before the tea fully steams, the door from the front swings slowly, squeaking in the process. As you turn around, you see Momiji laying her sword and shield on top of one of the mats.

“The tea's all done, let me pour you some too.” Looking around the cabinet, you take two cups along with the teapot. Momiji averts your eyes as you pour her some tea.

“Thank you.” She says half-mumbled. It seems like she's in her own world right now. The two of you sip your tea in silence, only the occasional sound of tea being poured from the pot breaking it. You stare at her expectantly. In a half-realization, you remembered that you needed to talk to her.


“––Yes!?” She almost yells out, half-spilling her tea. Another word, and you would've been hit by the cup itself. She acts flustered, fidgeting around nervously.

“Why are you being so nervous? I'm not going to bite.” Attempting to calm her down, you try to soothe her anxiety.

“O-oh, right...” She makes a thoughtful face, like she was considering the idea. “I just feel a bit nervous and ashamed around you.” Momiji covers her face, pressing her delicate hands onto her cheeks.

“Don't worry, there's nothing to feel nervous about. If you're still worried about what happened in the past, don't worry. It was my fault anyways – I shouldn't have given in that time.” You reach over to pat her head. Her white hair feels soft against your hand. She tenses up initially, but relaxes as you gently ruffle her hair.

The white wolf tengu grasps your hand softly before retracting her arms back to her sides. She does seemed to have loosened up however. You remove your hand from her head, satisfied. But you're getting side-tracked. You want to address the main reason why you needed to talk to Momiji in the first place.

“On another note, there's been some complications due to the clothing you gave me.” As you say that, she scans your loose tengu outfit. She suddenly leaps up in horror, tensing up again.

“...I made a mistake. I should've looked closer at the other clothes we had.” Momiji becomes unnaturally distant. “It's a constant reminder to me.” She remains ambiguous, but she smiles weakly.

“It's a reminder?”

“Yes.” She pauses, uncertain of herself. Her resolve is shaken. “It was my fiance's.”

[x] Ask more about what happened.
[x] Leave her alone about it.
No. 14726
[x] Ask more about what happened.

>my fiance's.

This faggot had better have died before anything could have happened. Momiji is beautiful and pure. It would be a fucking travesty if some disgusting brute of a wolf tengu had touched her.
No. 14728
We did. We tapped that shit so fucking hard.

also writefag, this update is surprisingly short. Like really short. For all the wait, It's too short. Fix that.
[x] Ask more about what happened.
No. 14730

waaaah mai waifu is not pure!

Get over yourself.
No. 14737
[x] Ask more about what happened.
It sounds like a sad tale.
No. 14744
[X] Ask more about what happened.
No. 14749
[x] Ask more about what happened.

It looks like she needs a shoulder to cry on.
No. 14767
[x] Ask more about what happened.

Mimiji's past relationships? Okay!
No. 14769
Hi, >>14728 here to say I'm changing my vote to something better.
[x] Leave her alone about it.
No. 14786
File 130868650499.jpg - (297.38KB , 900x900 , no really where is the sex.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask more about what happened.

“Your fiance's? So, I guess that must mean that you're technically not single.” Awkwardly mumbling, you look at Momiji from the side of your vision. “Ahaha...” You felt like you have just stepped into some bad territory. But ignoring that dark feeling in the pit of your stomach, you urge yourself to keep going. Looking around, you notice nothing on the ring finger of her left hand. “So, um, what happened?”

She looks up at you with pleading eyes. Her lip quivers for a moment, voicing out nothing. Taking a deep breath, she whispers out, “Can I trust you?” Momiji's gaze wavers, her eyes flitting from one side of the room to the other.

“I really hope you can do so, Momiji.” you reply. “But I trust you. You have gone through various incidents for my sake.”

Almost immediately, she brings both of her hands and clasps them on one of yours. “Then I'll trust you too. If Aya can trust you, then I should be able to trust you as well...” Moving aside, Momiji brings her small hands over to the sleeves of your clothes. “But do you really want to know?”

Did you really? You ask yourself this. The wolf tengu before you seems so fragile and tender. “Yes, I do want to know. Could you tell me more?”

“It was not too long ago, actually. A few years back, I was arranged a marriage between a man of a different clan. Lord Tenma saw this as a friendly establishment for both our clans. In the beginning, I wasn't exactly thrilled to be chosen, but it became something nonetheless. I discovered he was caring, intelligent, but was easily swayed.” Sighing, Momiji reclines on the nearby chair. Her ears droop noticeably. “Though, our relationship didn't last at all. The clan of my fiance's collapsed only a few months after, forcing all the tengu out. The leader panicked, and quickly set up a scapegoat in order to preserve what little order was left.” She clutches at the edge of her seat. “So they decided to execute my fiance.”

No words are spoken as you pull her into an embrace. She wraps her arms around your back, pressing herself onto you.

An eternity passes before you let Momiji go. She continues holding onto the shoulder of your garment, before slowly releasing herself.

“You still miss him, don't you?”

“No.” You can tell it hurts her greatly. She almost winced physically when she had said that.

“You can be honest with me.” Although you feel sad she feels the way she does, you could say that she is devoted.

“I'm not lying. I have to move on, and I do recognize that I did miss him before. But now, I'll stay by your side.” Every syllable she makes, it feels like she's talking with a thorn by her side. However, you really hope she isn't lying.

“Then I guess you'll have to make do with me.” You smile cheerfully.

“Y-yeah.” She stammers. Taking a deep breath, she exhales and takes a good look at you. The urge to turn away grows, but you keep your eyes locked onto Momiji's. Her ears flit up as she sits up straight. The red tint on her cheeks flare up. She laughs, embarrassed. “I think the outfit looks good on you. You should keep it, as long as you keep on visiting.”

You think about it for a minute. It does feel nice, but there's the whole issue with the marriage thing. “That would be kind of you to do so, though the problem lies wherein the outfit itself. I don't think I can shame myself any more by roaming around the village, finding some unwanted marriage candidates.”

She looks shocked. “T-that happened? Oh, I'm so sorry for the trouble I've caused you!” She lowers her head, apologizing to you many times.

“It was not a pleasant time, I can assure you.” You try your best not to remember the incident. “But what could you do? It was an honest mistake. But I'd rather not have it happen to me again.” You place your hand on your forehead, feeling weary from the recollection.

Momiji nods thoughtfully, but comes closer. She unties the robe of your garments, and pulls the string tying the robe from the pants. Surprised, you can't even utter a word as she readjusts your clothing. Momiji continues on with a concentrated look. As she finishes, you notice your clothes are now tied differently, the left side of the robe overlapping with the right. The string keeps the outfit on loosely around your waist, but it still fits you well.

“What did you do?” You manage to blurt out.

“You see, there's a different way of tying the ceremonial outfit. As long as you tie it this way, you'll be fine!”

You glance at her, skeptical. “...And what does it mean when I'm dressed like this?”

“You already have a marriage planned.” She says it as sweetly as she could. But before you could interject, she interrupts you instead. “––Wait just a minute please! I know this isn't the best idea, but since people already spotted you wearing that, you'll have to just play along. Just keep a low profile, and nobody'll bother you.”

“...Alright.” You finally give in. But you strike when she brings her guard down. “Your hair was soft, and it smelled nice.” You express it in a detached tone.

Momiji doesn't respond, but puts her hands over her cheeks. A red hue is splashed over her face. She whines, “That's unfair...”

You can only laugh. “I'm sorry, but I just wanted to see your reaction.” You stand up from the chair.

“Hm? Where are you going?” Momiji inquires.

“Not sure. I just want a bit of fresh air again.”

[x] Go outside for a bit
[x] Take your time and explore the tengu village thoroughly.
[x] On second thought, you'll stay here.
No. 14787
I can't fap to this.

[x] On second thought, you'll stay here.
Maybe I'll change my vote, but right now, I think that leaving Momiji alone is a big mistake.
But looking for Aya may be worse.
No. 14788
The choices seem to range from, Possible encounter with some, definite encounter with someone, or time with Momiji. I'll think on it though I do admit I'm a bit worried about Aya and her meeting.
No. 14789
[X] Take Momiji for a walk.
Wait a minute...

[X] Ask Momiji if she'd like to go for a walk, maybe show you around.
+[X] Staying here with her is fine too.

I'll take Door #4: the shitty write-in.
No. 14790
[X] Ask Momiji if she'd like to go for a walk, maybe show you around.
-[X] Staying here with her is fine too.
Why the fuck not?
No. 14791
[x] Go outside for a bit
No. 14792
[X] Take Momiji for a walk.

Your first attempt was much better. It's more manly, and commanding. "We're going for a walk," as compared to "Would you like to go for a walk?" She's a wolf tengu. I'm certain she'll instinctively like the first better.
No. 14793
I like "[x]Take her for a walk" because she's not just a wolf tengu but also a soldier.
But, there's no [x] (write in) so I'll pass on it.
No. 14794
I really don't think Moral's a hardliner about something like that.
No. 14798

By all means, go for write-ins. Unless stated otherwise, I'll usually take it.
No. 14800
In that case, sure,
[X] Take Momiji for a walk.
No. 14801
[x] On second thought, you'll stay here.

No. 14833
File 130886390896.jpg - (100.98KB , 850x786 , it'll happen eventually.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take Momiji for a walk.

Glancing over at Momiji for a moment, you stop where you are. She looks back at you quizzically, her hands placed idle on her lap. Moving closer to her, you take her hand with hers and pull her up from the chair.


“Let's go for a walk, Momiji.” You ask patiently, waiting for her response. She holds your hand for a moment, gripping it tighter. Then she lets go.

She concedes herself to you. “Alright then.” You open the door for the two of you, letting Momiji go first. The breeze from the mountain flows through the air. You felt a little cold, but she didn't seem to mind at all. The loose garments you're wearing doesn't help either. The two of you walk around the rural area of the village for a while, not saying more than a word. The serenity of the outside is a good change of pace, too. The more modern area of the village seems energetic as ever, the commotion of the tengu moving through the streets all a blur from afar. You walk a brisk pace with Momiji, easily moving through the moving crowd. It's easier the second time, you admit.

You pass by the Kakashi News facilities, where you had your dilemma. Not wanting to look at it anymore, you hurry your pace over towards the next few streets.

“W-wait up! Why are you suddenly walking so fast?” Momiji speeds up to keep at your pace. She hurries to catch up with you.

“No reason.” You offer her a reply. “I'm just not comfortable with this place. You could say I had some trouble here.”

She innocently inquires. “For what? You haven't been here long, right?”

“It was the same problem as when I have a little 'misunderstanding' with my clothes.”

“Oh....alright.” Momiji tries to end the conversation. She looks a little hurt.

You loosen up. “Hey, don't be so gloomy. It wasn't your fault, really. It was just a small obstacle I had to overcome.”

“A-alri–“ She drops talking mid-word as she looks up. “I hear Aya...” She walks over to the direction she heard the sound. You, of course, heard nothing and merely follow her along. Moving up to the door, she places her ear on the wall. You look over to the sign. Kakashi Spirit News. Again. Nevertheless, you place your own ear on the door.

“...And just why is that? What justification do you have!?” Another voice spews out. You faintly recall the voice's owner as Hatate.

“It's at my own discretion. Whether you accept it or not, I have to make this decision, otherwise I wouldn't have done it in the first place.” Aya states calmly.

“So you think it's okay just to quit? I thought it was something you wanted!” Hatate spits this out, the anger in her voice clearly heard.

They both go quiet for a moment. Aya begins to speak again. “Does it look like I have a choice in this matter? There's no other decision when you're appointed, is there? You should know this.” You felt like she spoke through clenched teeth.

“You're an idiot. It doesn't matter if you're my senior, but stop acting so fucking helpless!” The boards from the room creak as someone takes a few steps forward. A definite 'smack' is heard.

“...I'll take that one. But no matter what, it'll be disbanded anyways.”

A clatter emanates throughout the room. “Shut up! 'Follow through with what you want to do' indeed! Why you...?”

Why indeed, you thought. You took a good look at Momiji, who seemed to be frozen in place.

[x] Interrupt.
[x] Stay right where you are.
[x] Take your leave.
No. 14834
[x] Interrupt.

Good chance to find out what's going on, though a bit of defusing will be needed.
No. 14835
[x] Interrupt.

Stop! Exposition time.
No. 14836
There's something at the court house that involved Aya but she never revealed what. This might be the topic of discussion with Hatate. Whatever it is, it's affecting Aya pretty badly to the point the younger tengu babe's chewing her out about it.

On a less serious note, this might be a chance to fix things with Hatate, though Aya comes first by far.
No. 14852
[x] Interrupt.
No. 14853
[x] Take your leave.

I suspect that whatever went down in that courtroom will prevent Aya from being a news reporter for the Bunbunmaru. The context of this conversation seem to support this. Obviously enough, this is a mega goddamn deal for her. and I imagine she'll be rather broken up about it for a while.

Whether or not I'm right or wrong, this still isn't the time to intrude upon the scene. Aya will already come to us when she needs comfort, so we needn't push the issue. With as much stress as she appears to be under, that will only force the issue, and that's almost never a good a thing.

>“...And what does it mean when I'm dressed like this?”
>“You already have a marriage planned ... Just keep a low profile, and nobody'll bother you."

And then we took a nice stroll through the bustling village with Momiji right at our side. Yes, this pleases me.
No. 14856
[x] Take your leave.
As much as I love to make these dramatic entrances, we don't know the situation at hand enough. It's none of our business yet.
No. 14857
[x] Take your leave.
As much as I love to make these dramatic entrances, we don't know the situation at hand enough. It's none of our business yet.
No. 14858
Then I wonder why she hasn't come to the MC for comfort yet?
No. 14859
Uhh, you might have to give it some more time. I know Aya is the fastest and all, but it's barely been 30 minutes since the courtroom decision. Matters of the heart take some time to sort out.
No. 14878
[x] Interrupt.
No. 14879
But distraught people are prone to doing stupid shit if left alone.
No. 14884
Aya is a big girl now. If she does something stupid, she can handle it.
No. 14887
...do you know how stupid you sound? I mean that attitude is the sort that lets one's friends commit suicide as "they're a big boy/girl, they can handle it."
No. 14890
Calm down, you overreacting faggot. There's a massive difference between feeling a little down over a specific instance, and being so downtrodden you are suicidal. Aya is clearly the former. "Aya is a big girl. If she does something stupid, she can handle it"

Besides, this is a fucking story in /at/, do you really think she's going to kill herself?
No. 14900
Not exactly, just something else stupid. Though it's quite pointless to carry on this arguing as no one's swaying on their opinions.
No. 14936
File 130916152282.jpg - (172.87KB , 532x756 , unrelated hatata.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Interrupt.

You hold your breath, when a loud slam vibrates throughout the room. You exhale.

“It's a little bit complicated, you see...” Aya voices her reason, trying to calm back down desperately. You hear Hatate grind her teeth loudly in anger. Taking the initiative, you open the door. Three stunned tengu all turn over to look at you, Aya and Hatate in the front, Momiji behind you.

“I might have no business interfering, but this fight is going nowhere. It's probably in all of our best interests if we can stop.” You hold in the urge to back away. “So could we all just sit down for now?” You step in between the two of them, Momiji quickly following your side. She tries her best to keep to herself as she pulls out a few chairs near the table. She sits on the chair furthest away from the table. However, you wait until both Aya and Hatate drop their glares at each other. Urging the two of them to have a seat, you sit next to Aya, as Hatate and Momiji face the two of you.

“So, um...” Momiji mutters. “W-what was the yelling all about?” She shrinks back to her seat, bowing her head.

Hatate only frowns. “Frankly, it's none of the guy's business.” She squints at you, apparently examining you closely. The smaller crow tengu only gasps. “A-a-ah....it's you.” The girl doesn't look you in the eye. “So...with those clothes, does that mean––?”

“Err,” You pause to think about it. “it's a long story. Ahaha...”

Aya looks directly at Momiji. “It involves you, too.” She throws a gaze towards Hatate indifferently, showing no signs of hatred. “And I don't mind if he knows either. I can trust him.” A pause. “But what's going to happen is that I'm quitting the Bunbunmaru Newspaper. A resignation, if you will.”

Momiji bites her lip. “B-but what's going to happen to it? I can't run it by myself, you know that right!?” She grows more exasperated with each word. “How can you just go ahead and quit?”

Aya gives her a hurt look. She stands up from her chair and holds Momiji's head to her chest. “It's not something I want to do. You know that deep down, right Momiji? But don't think we won't be able to see each other often. In fact, I'll still technically be working with you.”

The wolf tengu raises her head, eyes teary. “R-really? We'll still be able to work together?”

“...Sort of.” Aya sits back down. “But the Bunbunmaru News will be closing down. Indefinitely.”

You speak up. “Why then?” Memories flash through your mind. Recollections of the first interview, the pool incident, and subsequent events come flooding. “Wasn't reporting everything you wanted to do?”

“I don't really have a choice.” Aya remarks icily.

Hatate puts her fist on top of the table. “Everybody has a choice! You just need to try!”

Aya pulls the chair back, wearing a scowl. “Don't you realize yet? I don't have a choice! I can't even say what I can or can't do until it's too late.” She walks over to the door, spreading her wings outside. “I'm leaving.” With a large gust of wind, the door slams shut, banging on the wall.

Momiji clumsily stumbles out, running. She opens the door and takes to the air. “W-wait for me, Aya!”

You would go after them, but you really can't catch two tengu at flying speed. Hatate just sits on top of the table, resting her hand on her chin. She stares out the window, not looking at anything in particular. Sighing, you take your seat back on a chair. Hatate turns her head around to your direction. “Ah, you're still here...?”

“So I am. Though, I would've gone after Aya if I could, to be honest.” You reply truthfully.

“I see...” She crosses her legs in contemplation. “So, I guess that you're going to be wed to either Momiji or Aya, huh?” She bites the tip of her thumb.

“Actually, not really. I'm not going to be wed to anybody for a while.” You felt like this was a gamble, considering she was a news-reporter, but you also thought that you should tell her too. “I'm actually a human, and I can't even fly either. I'm just using this attire so I could stay in the village, in the case if tengu don't like humans in their villages.” Plus, you didn't know what happened to your clothes after you dried yourself off at Aya's place.

“R-really?” Hatate exclaims. “Good thing none of the traditional tengu caught you.” She blushes. “Y-you know! I could help you if you need anything!”

“Thanks for the troubles, then. But I want to ask. Are you business rivals with Aya?” You question.

“Yes, but I'd rather not be.” She pauses, giving a disappointed smile. “or should I say I would rather not have been.”

“So that fight you had with Aya just now––“

“All for the wrong reasons you're assuming. I joined the news division because of Aya. You see, I had no talents at all when I was younger. But I saw Aya working hard for the news, no matter what stupid things she did. I knew when I first saw her that she had talent. I guess I was first envious, but I wanted to feel the same as she did. Before I knew it, I picked myself up a camera and started reporting as an amateur.” She laughs emptily. “I never got the role I wanted. Momiji was assigned as Aya's lead assistant. And I came to be as director of Kakashi Spirit News. I felt a bit crushed, yes, but I discovered how much I loved reporting. So it wasn't all that bad, really. I guess that's why I got so emotional over Aya quitting the news team.” She looks up. “Ah, I'm rambling again.”

You shake your head. “No, it's fine.”

She scoots closer to you. “So you have no real relations between Momiji or Aya?”

“I guess I do, if you word it that way.”

“Oh, I see.” Hatate inches a little closer, placing herself to the chair directly next to you. She pulls up her knees to her face.“But I guess I still have a chance, then.”

“...Why are you so persistent? I'm convinced you only care about physical looks.”

“That's not true! I think you are considerate of others! Nobody ever helps me when I drop my papers, let alone say sorry.”

“...That isn't much to really think about.”

[x] Stay here for a while.
[x] Leave right now – you should go find Aya.

Optional write in.
[x] Say what's on your mind, or anything.
No. 14937
I should say that I'm not coming back for another 5 days or so. Since this is my most active story at the moment, I wanted to let you guys know. I'll be back onto writing (hopefully) all my stories by Saturday night.
No. 14938
As much as I'd like to go out and find Aya, the lack of flight, and fast flight at that makes that pretty hard and I don't know if the MC knows of any special hiding spots.

As for discussion topics with Hatate? I'm tempted to ask what's going on with Aya, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. Other than that, I'd like to get to know her better.
No. 14945
[x] Stay here for a while.
-[x] Ask what's going on in Aya's meetings.

If only we could fly fast...
No. 14949
[x] Stay here for a while.
[x] Say what's on your mind, or anything.
No. 14951
[x] Stay here for a while.
[x] Ask her if she would like an assistant.

Hatate is really damn lonely, enough so that she would ask a complete stranger to share her bed for something as simple as showing a small act of kindness. She's second rate compared to Aya, and she knows it. At this point, she is desperately seeking companionship from just about anything that moves. She doesn't need a hot boy toy to fuck in a one night stand. She needs a friend.

By subtly inquiring after this position, we can fulfill that role while granting us an obvious and ready excuse to hang around the Tengu Village at all times.
No. 14956
[x] Stay here for a while.
-[x] Ask what's going on in Aya's meetings.

I would just love to know what you're thinking. Is this really the time for this right now? I have no trouble staying since I doubt we could find Aya, but there are more important matters to take care of first.
No. 14957
What I'm thinking? I honestly just want him to be Hatate's friend. She seems so lonely; it's just too sad. I agree that the moment isn't appropriate, but I couldn't find any smoother way to bridge that desire with a question. I don't really mind anything else winning though.
No. 14958
>>14945 here,

changing my vote to >>14951
Why? Well, I've grown fond of this Hatate.
No. 14960
[x] Stay here for a while.
-[x] Ask what's going on in Aya's meetings.
--[x] Take off after Aya afterwards.

Befriending Hatate is good, but you can't win em all. Keep your eyes on the prize.
No. 14961
I have nothing against being a friend (or more, depending on how it goes) to Hatate. But think about this a bit: How do you think Aya feels right now and what do you think she'll think if we join Hatate's newspaper right now?

Reminder : Aya doesn't like feeling lonely. We also don't know what she has been assigned to do and how it will affect our relationship with her. Learning more about what the hell is going on really should come first.
No. 14962
[x] Stay here for a while.
-[x] Ask what's going on in Aya's meetings, at least as much as she's comfortable telling.
-[x] Just talk as to get to know her better.
-[x] Think of a way to help.

Honestly this isn't that great, but it'll hopefully cover some angles. And as much as I'd like to chase after Aya, it's hard for the MC to do that due to A) lack of speed and B)lack of flight. All we can do is hope Momiji says the right thing.
No. 14964
Of course I considered Aya into this. However, I also realize that we are the guiding force behind MC's actions. If Aya feels spurned, or otherwise hurt that we chose to help Hatate, than we can fix it if it comes to that. Besides, choosing to spurn one woman over fear of doing the same to another is just cowardly. How do you think Hatate will feel if we just keep ignoring her for Aya?

Reminder: She is always in Aya's shadow. Choosing to doggedly persist on that topic will only serve to drive the point home. Helping Aya is noble endeavor, but not at the expense of others.
No. 14969
[x] Stay here for a while.
-[x] Ask what's going on in Aya's meetings.
-[X] Ask about herself.
No. 14972
She admires Aya enough as be concerned about her attitude, and Hatate herself said that she'd rather not be Aya's rival.
No. 14998
You're missing an important point here: Aya isn't Hatate's enemy, she's quite the opposite.

Aya's Hatate's role model. What must it feel like, seeing the figure you aspire to be like give up unwillingly and throw in the towel? It can be pretty damn heart-crushing.

We help Aya now, who needs it, and get her stable, and Hatate gets a morale boost already.

THEN we can go make friends with Hatate and get her out of her shell a bit more.

As such:
[x] Stay here for a while.
-[x] Ask what's going on in Aya's meetings, at least as much as she's comfortable telling.
-[x] Just talk as to get to know her better.
-[x] Think of a way to help.
No. 15007
I like this.
No. 15015

If we want to help Hatate, then I don't see any reason to not help out Hatate as her assistant. With the disbandment of the Bunbunmaru, she'll be the sole distributor of tengu news. We can persuade Aya its a platonic friendship (which it is) and help her. I'm sure Momiji can also trust us and testify with us too.
No. 15017
I think you're missing the point. That being finding a way to help Aya with her problem.
No. 15019
You're missing the point; Hatate can be helped at any time; while a slight possibility, Hatate is unlikely to suddenly collapse into deathly depression because one guy who helped her pick up her books didn't fuck her out of the blue because he's focused on Aya.

Aya on the other hand, if she dumps the Bunbunmaru, it'd be really hard to pull it back - business/hobbies like newspapers are not small things you can just junk and then get back again.

Dropping her newspaper which is a large part of her life would quite possibly head her into a downwards spiral of depression and stuff, which is long and painful to claw your way back from.

...I'm not trying to say "No, don't be an assistant", I'm saying "Asking about being an assistant RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT is not the best course of action in my opinion" because Aya needs looking after NOW rather than later.

And in particular, check to see if the disbandment of Bunbunmaru is really, really necessary. Hatate doesn't want it down, Momiji doesn't want it down. Aya doesn't either as far as I can see, it's an outside action, which we may or may not be able to help with. We shouldn't just let someone else it should be thrown it away against Aya's wishes.
No. 15020
You might be overreacting to Aya's plight again. She wasn't exactly reaching for a razor last we saw. She's a little down, and probably a whole lotta angry, but mostly she is feeling helpless. She can't really do anything about the closure of the Bunbunmaru, nor can a single human.

At absolute best, we can only be there for her. However, constantly being around is stifling. Let her come to us on her own terms.
No. 15024
>She can't really do anything about the closure of the Bunbunmaru, nor can a single human.
We don't know that. We don't even know WHY the bun is going down. And we won't unless we ask, now.

And not to be too pretentious and assume WE'RE the reason that- wait, we quite possibly ARE the reason. Possibly. For example "tengu laws stating nontengu cannot aid in the manufacture of news for tengu consumption" or some thing like that in this kind of isolationist society.

And that means we'd have a lot more leverage in acting.

Or maybe it's something wholly unrelated and all we can do is console Aya. -and being Hatate's assistant JUST when Aya's just had to abandon her own post will make her feel... what, exactly, do you suppose?
No. 15025
Aya's shutting it down because she was assigned somewhere else, who to say Hatate and Momiji can't take up some of the slack until she gets back. I'm sure Hatate would like the chance to keep it going.
No. 15026
But that's assuming that the tengu are aware that we're human, which only Hatate, Momiji, and Aya are the only ones that do. We're not in a mask or disguise, just simply wearing a tengu outfit. But I can understand your point. The only issue I see is our excuse for staying in the tengu village. I would suppose the 'fiance' clothing will get old quick.
No. 15090
File 13097760233.jpg - (123.62KB , 850x1338 , hatatatatate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Breathing out a sigh, you adjust your seat to get yourself more comfortable. Once you feel a bit more relaxed, you direct your attention to Hatate. “I'm going to ask just what is going on in the meetings with Aya?”

Hatate doesn't even flinch. “I have no right to say, really. You would go have to ask Aya if you truly want to know.” She crosses her legs, then uncrosses them afterwords.

“But the problem is that I won't be able to catch Aya.” You shake your head in a disappointed fashion. “I can't even fly, so there's no possible way for me to talk to her until later. Besides,” you add. “I'd like to get to know you better.”

The younger tengu girl bites her lip, obviously tentative of her decision. But she resigns herself and gives in. “Okay then.” She pauses to look over her small journal, in which she flips a few pages back and forth. Scanning over some notes, Hatate clears her throat. “Officially, there has been some talks discussing Lord Tenma's future resignation, due to a prolonged rule. He stated that he wanted to let the newer generation rule for the tengu so that the village can prosper. So the council voted for Aya Shameimaru, seeing as she is a senior crow tengu that managed to lead White Wolf Tengu Division.” She stops talking to turn the page of the journal. “Let me quote Lord Tenma on this. 'I have chosen Miss Shameimaru for our future appointed leader due to many reasons. The first being that she is a natural leader, already training our White Wolf Section and managing the lead newspaper at the same time. The second is that she exerts authority and force, but is always willing to cooperate and shows consideration for others...' and, um...” Hatate squints at the paper, leaning closer to her papers. “...'And lastly, Miss Shameimaru has demonstrated initiative. Not only has she been the only one to disobey orders so quickly, but she managed to display the best outcome by doing so.'”

“So...” You stop to let all the information sink in. “You're telling me that Aya is going to be the next leader of the whole tengu clan?”

Hatate bows her head. “...Yes. And the only person who can stop this from happening is Aya herself. The only way out is for her to directly refuse the position. But she won't...” The look Hatate gives you is filled with agony.

You reach over to give her a quick hug. “I'm not sure what Aya will do, but I'll try my best to convince her also. I'm going to do my best to help, okay?” You release her, and sit back down on your chair.

“...Okay.” Her shoulders droop in relief.”I'm counting on you to help her too.” She remains in her seat for a while, but stands up once she finishes her sentence. “Now, I need you to stand up.” Maintaining a serious tone, Hatate urges you up. Once you stand straight up, she moves up and slides her lips on your cheek. As she finishes, her soft brown curls of hair brushes against your face. A little red faced, she smirks and shoos you out of the house. “Find Aya – and be safe.”

Once she closes the door, you reach out and touch your cheek. “I got caught off guard...” You mutter to nobody.

[ ] Go to Aya and have a talk with her.
[ ] Go to Momiji and ask about Aya first.
[ ] Make your way to Aya's house.
[ ] Console Aya once you find her.
No. 15092
Yet another complicated choice that requires thinking. Though the consoling option seems to have a tone of resignation to it while the first three are different paths to the same goal.
No. 15093
[x] Thou Art Thee Stick your penis into Hatate doit doit doit

[x] Console Aya once you find her.

This is the only option that guarentees we find her.
No. 15095
File 130978727136.jpg - (749.88KB , 913x1200 , d494f252c242d223d6b0c7c739e6757b[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to Aya and have a talk with her.
While Aya's resisting this, is this really something that she'd be deeply unhappy with, serving her people? If she IS the best choice...

On the downside it's very unlikely they'd be tolerating a fucktoy around, and any deeper relationship would be preeety much out of the question.

Aya is very free-willed, but tengu are of very social minds [1], and turning something like this down would very much be like an affront due to turning down a chance to give back to the clan.

If she wants to find a way out, there's about three or four ways:
1: Prove someone else is worthy (difficult especially thanks to the Tenma's words, has only a half-decent chance)
2: Prove Aya is unworthy (probably not TOO hard, having a human "friend" might work, though then again Tengu used to be a lot like oni in terms of spiriting people away. Also, this will definitely make people look down on her)
3: Voluntarily taking up the place to give it up soon after, probably with a tournament or something so ambitious people can go for it: "the one who can best me in speed can take my place" or something.

4: Yukari option: She's got a job offer going[2] that'd supersede even a Tenma position, as well as give her so much more abilities to be voyeuristic and everythi-

Dammit, now I can't the image of Yukari and Ran having their way with poor Aya to induct her as a shikigami. Oh well.

[1]http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Encyclopedia:_Tengu, fifth paragraph

[2]http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Bohemian_Archive_in_Japanese_Red/Yukari Right at the end.

[3]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengu#Modern_fiction Tengu milk. Yum.
No. 15098
[x] Go to Aya and have a talk with her.

We might as well have Aya talk about it, though I would have assumed that Tenma would have had a kid by now to take his spot.
No. 15108
I come on /at/ to fap, and what do I find?
Drama, feelings, and backstory.

That story isn't for /at/! It's too smart! Move it to /youkai/! [half-scarcasm]

[x] Make your way to Aya's house.
No. 15111
You say that as if Lord Tenma wasn't a randy son of a bitch and fathered half the clan personally and Aya isn't a legitimate successor from one of his many wives.

Also explains why Aya, while is incredibly powerful stays out of the military and focuses on a different branch of life, yet is driven to excel in all things from flying to journalism, as well as hating her father for being a distant person.
No. 15120
[x] Go to Aya and have a talk with her.

We've heard it from her so called rival, now all we need to do is talk to Aya herself.
No. 15130
[x] Go to Momiji and ask about Aya first.

>A little red faced, she smirks and shoos you out of the house.

Absolutely worth it. This is tons better than some one-night stand bullshit.
No. 15205
File 131020294829.jpg - (103.98KB , 850x700 , looking cool there momiji.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Aya and have a talk with her.

Aya should still be around here somewhere. Hopefully, you'll get to have a talk to her before it's too late. However, it shouldn't be a big problem. You have ample time to meet Aya. No time should be wasted though, so you take Hatate's advice and find Aya.

...But where should you start looking for her? You weren't entirely sure. Looking around the streets, you wander aimlessly, searching for Aya. To no avail, you don't find even a lead as to where she might be. Going through the main streets, you briskly walk past the crowd and distractions, trying not to be swept away by the force of the moving tengu. Once you reach the older and more traditional area, it becomes less crowded. Only a few tengu move across, but nowhere as frenzied and bustling as the more modern streets. Much to your relief, it is surprisingly easy to navigate through the buildings.

One building stands before you – the courthouse. Moving closer to the steps, you make your way towards it. Putting your ear onto the door, you listen for any voices inside, but you made one mistake. You didn't check if it was closed! That thought occurs once you lean over the door. It creaks as you lose your footing and crash to the floor. Looking up, you see nothing but a typical courtroom, with papers loose on all the desks. However, nobody is in sight. Using this opportunity to search around, you take a few papers of interest. One paper stands out particularly. It reads, “Formal Compliance Document” which lists the necessary protocols and standard procedure. Nothing else strikes your attention, so you leave.

“Excuse me, do you have permission to enter these studies?” A voice strikes out. A tengu with dark hair and a fierce grimace approaches you from the side. “Are you a foreigner? Could you be entering to collect information?” He stresses the last two words, glaring at you menacingly. He reaches over to your papers.

“That'll be enough.” A strong-willed voice commands. Immediately, the dark-haired tengu flinches, and withdraws his hand. Momiji comes from the front area, walking slowly. “I merely ordered him to bring back a piece of information that Aya had left.” She bows to you respectfully. “Thank you for following directions.” You can only manage to nod.

“Very well then.” The male only manages to bite his upper lip. “I'll depart.” Concisely ending his statement, he leaves quickly and quietly. It is only then that Momiji staggers and takes a deep breath. She sighs afterwards.

“A-ahaha...I'm no good at lying. I felt so nervous while I was talking! I was shaking the whole time!” She regains her balance, standing up straight again.

“Don't worry, you helped me out a lot back there. I thought you were amazing when you were able to order him around like that!”

“Y-you really think so?” She starts smiling, her face brightening to a full on beam.

“....Yeah.” You turn your eyes away. Momiji was unexpectedly excited. And you just remembered – Momiji followed Aya when she left. “Also, where did Aya go off to?”

“...Do you really want to know?” She asks hesitantly.

“Yes.” You reply.

“She is at Lord Tenma's ruling house. Let me ask though, are you going to go there right now?”

[x] Yes
[x] No
No. 15206
[x] Yes

Of course yes. I want my Aya back, dammit.
No. 15209
[x] Yes
No. 15213
[X] Yes, why? Is there any issue with a humam going there? Or is there any special behaviour I need to be on?
No. 15217
[x] Yes
It should be an obvious choice - I just want to see more Aya and right now.
No. 15225

Is that like an STD?

No. 15353
File 131064004917.png - (408.17KB , 1000x913 , traditional aya.png ) [iqdb]
“Yes, of course I am!” You exclaim. “I want to have a talk to her, so going there will be the quickest way possible.”

“I...see.” Momiji shakes her head wistfully. She points to the direction of Lord Tenma's courthouse. “I don't think Aya will back down from this. She seems so set on her task, no matter how much she has to give up. I can tell she really loves the Bunbunmaru, but honestly, I don't think that'll stop her from becoming the next lord. Even so, are you going to see her? You could wait for Aya with me at the house.” Momiji looks at you expectantly.

“I'm sorry, but I want to have a talk to her right now. I might be being rash by going there immediately, but this is something I want to do personally.” You halfheartedly grin at her, but she looks down solemnly.

“Understood.” She bows to you. “But formalities aside...” She walks over to you, pulling you close with her arms. Momiji clings to your chest, closing her eyes. An hour seems to pass before she breaks loose. “I really hope you can convince her.”

“I'll do my best.” You reply.

“And I'll still be waiting.” She responds with total seriousness.

“What do you mean by that, Momiji...?”

“You'll know if you can't convince her.” She says with a bittersweet smile. “I should get going. I need to go train a few recruits the basics of maintaining a guard post.” The wolf tengu dips her head in acknowledgment.

“So I'll see you later, then.” You bid her farewell, as she leaves. The walk to the courthouse doesn't take that long, although the steps leading up to the building itself is lengthy. Along the way, people give you various stares, but pass by with no interruptions. Two large doors adorn the front entrance, so you pull open one as silently as you can. From the interior, you can see Aya talking with a clearly older tengu with broad shoulders, presumably Lord Tenma. You can't heart her exact words, but she seems calm and collected during the discussion. You try to hear the conversation, but Lord Tenma stands up slowly.

“Meeting, adjourned!” He booms in an echoing voice. It seems to be over. You move off to the side, and wait by the top of the stairs for Aya. Many of the other tengu leave first, not taking the time to stick around. One by one, they file down the stairs, taking light steps downwards. Lastly, Aya makes her way through the double doors. Seeing you, she nearly collapses on your shoulders. Bearing her weight down on you, you support her as she leans over your side.

“...I'm glad you're here. You have no idea how tired I am right now.” She rests her head on your right shoulder, wrapping her arms around you.

“I can tell...you've been going to those meetings one after another. Are you sure you're going to be okay?”

“No.” She frowns. “Carry me.”

“Excuse me?” You weren't sure you heard that right.

“Carry me, please.” She says weakly.

“...As you wish.” You hoist her up so that she leans on your back. She tightens her grip around your shoulders enough so that she stays put. You start going down the steps, taking your time so that you don't trip and fall.



“Take me to the outskirts.”

“As you wish.”
No. 15354
Oh.. oh no, I have a terrible feeling about this...

Is this goodbye?
No. 15358
Hope not, As this story's only had like what, 3 h-scenes out of the 10ish updates. Not exact, But you get the idea.

If anything, They're going to fuck.
No. 15367
Then it'll probably be a goodbye sexing.
No. 15368
Hello gents, Moral wishes to inform you all that the update will be here by saturday night or later! He is currently unable access THP from his preferred choice of orgy location hangout, which means he has asked me to inform you instead!
No. 15421
File 131089532937.png - (89.46KB , 500x400 , once more.png ) [iqdb]
Aya pulls you closer to her, wrapping her arms around your neck. You could feel her soft breath on the back of your neck, as well as her hair brushing against your face. Neither Aya nor you say a word as you walk through the empty streets of the tengu village. Only a few lanterns hang around, ready for the incoming darkness of night. Wandering around, you keep silent as Aya puts her head to yours. The horizon greets you both as you take Aya to the outskirts, giving a mountain view over the land. Red flows through the horizon, the sun hanging low over the landscape. Aya releases her hold on you and sits down on the ground, looking over the horizon.

“Aya.” You call out her name. She pulls her legs close to her chest, hiding her face.

“...What is it?” She sounds timid, different from her usual resoluteness.

“Why did you want me to bring you out here?”

“I wanted to have some time alone with you.” She pauses. “And I'm just scared of a lot of things that I don't know how to deal with. So I was hoping that you would comfort me.”

You take some time to think about this. “...Aya. Do you really want me to comfort you? Or do you want me to tell you what I feel about this matter, and what I want you to do?”

She seems reluctant to answer. “Then tell me, please...”

“I'm not going to lie, Aya. I personally don't like the thought of you being the next tengu lord. It's not that you're going to be a bad leader – I truly believe that you are going to be a great leader. But I'm terribly selfish, and I want you to myself. I don't think I can share you with a whole community. Is it bad that I want you for myself only?”

“No, not at all. I'm glad that you said that to me...” She lingers on. “But I don't think I can let everybody down. Since I've been appointed to be next in line, I don't have the heart to disappoint those who support me in taking leadership. People trust me to do what's best for our village – it's my duty to do this.”

“Then what about what's best for you? If you were so sure that it was your duty, then why are you hestitating? I know that you don't really want to do this. As long as you say that you have to, then aren't you just setting yourself up to sacrifice your hopes and dreams?” Momiji and Hatate flash through your mind. “And then what about the Bunbunmaru? Will it just fade away like it never existed? I thought it was your aspiration to continue the newspaper!”

“I know that perfectly well.” She remarks, sounding dejected. “But expectations are high for me. I can't just disappoint everyone!”

“If you don't want to do what you think is best for yourself, then you'll just end up disappointing me.” You say firmly. She winces, like you hurt her physically.

“I've caught myself in a bad predicament, haven't I...?” She laughs it off, trying her best not to look nervous.

“You really have. Now tell me, is this what you really want to do?”

She looks away, staring somewhere else. “Yes.”

“Aya, can you say that while looking into my eyes?”

She takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes. Once she opens her eyes again, she displays a newfound confidence. Aya looks straight into your eyes. “Yes, I can. I really want to do this because I want to help my people.”

“Alright. Then I won't stop you.” In the end, you couldn't do it. You couldn't convince her. “Are we still going to have time together afterwards?”

“...Probably not.” She stares off into the horizon, the sun seemingly touching the far-off ground. The two of you don't say a word, basking in the evening scenery.

You didn't know what to say. You felt so helpless, yet Aya was there right in front of you. You wanted to know what to say, how to convince her. Nothing felt right. But you still wanted to do something. So you place a kiss on her cheek. It was a quick one, and you felt outright embarrassed for doing it. She placed her hand on her cheek, presumably stunned by what happened.

“...Kiss me again.” She simply stated. Obeying, you kiss her on the lips this time. She wraps her arms around you, pressing her lips against yours. You pull her down and nuzzle her neck. Aya cries out softly in both surprise and pleasure. You stop to look at her. The way the clothes loosely came off of her shoulders was beautiful. Her shoulder-length hair was beautiful too. You liked the way she blushed, but showed longing and lust.

“Aya. You're beautiful.” You blurt out, unable to control yourself.

“And impatient. So please, I'm ready when you are.”

“...Okay. I'm ready, Aya.”
No. 15424
The only answer here is to give Aya a child to take up that role in the future, obviously!
No. 15426
Looks like we might have to find some other way to keep Aya's newspaper thing going... Hopefully it's not going to be the end of the MC and Aya.
No. 15430
Well...this isn't going well...
No. 15432
We finally get to the sex portion of the story! But why am I not happy about this? Aya... ;_;
No. 15447
It's.. it's bittersweet.

Why can I taste tears ;_;
No. 15448
I was hoping to update today, but I found that I didn't have the time to write, due to certain circumstances, so hopefully, it'll be up by tomorrow.
No. 15449
...And of course, it didn't let me sage in the first post, because of a stupid typo.
No. 15480
File 131116203594.png - (407.24KB , 700x1050 , at aya.png ) [iqdb]
You get closer to Aya, burying yourself in Aya's chest. You kiss her nipples softly, making her shiver in pleasure. She holds you close with her arms, hugging you for a while. As she lets go, you undo the rest of her clothing. The traditional fabric slides away easily, as you loosen up the ties from the front.

“You're easier to undress in this clothing,” you joke. “Plus the cloth is nice and soft against your skin.”

“But it's way too hard to travel around...I prefer my regular clothes better than these,” she pouts. But still, she unwraps the bottom cloth tied around her waist, exposing her fully-naked body to you. It's hard for you to not gawk in awe as Aya stands before you. Hurrying to take off your clothing, you fumble around the cloth-bound strap.

“...Aya. Can you help me with this...?” You point to your clothing. She snickers at your attempts to remove your outfit but gently takes them off. “Thanks, Aya...”

“Any time,” she mutters. Then she says it again. “...Any time.” Her face is that of melancholy, but she does her best to hide her grimace. Taking the initiative, you slowly push her down to the floor where you then go down and kiss her on the lips. She breathes out lustfully, looking at you with seductive eyes.

“Did I tell you that you look really sexy right now?” you say what's on your mind.

“No, you haven't.”

“Well, you do.” Taking your fully erect penis, you push it inside her. She moans in sheer ecstasy, breathing harder than before. A pang of desire washes over you, making you want to go faster. So you increase the tempo of your thrusts, moving inside Aya's inner walls. She starts to move alongside with you, making you feel pure bliss. Moving faster, you get ready for the intense buildup in your penis. “A-Aya...” You manage to stammer, before a wave of blinding pleasure envelops your body. She yelps in surprise, but quickly regains her composure.

Letting out a smirk, she sighs in satisfaction. “That feels great, but don't stop. I'm not done just yet.” She moves her lips to the tip of your penis, licking around the shaft. You can't stop yourself from tensing up as she starts moving her mouth around the rest of your again erect cock. Once it's in its full length, she moves gently on top of you, pushing herself on your penis. She winces from the start, but immediately lets out a small groan. She wiggles her waist up and down, causing you to exhale sharply from the pleasure. You allow her to fully straddle herself onto you, letting her control you. Aya goes deeper and faster, bouncing on your crotch. You feel pressure inside your penis, building up tension the more she slides herself on and off of you. Eventually, you can't stand it as you let it all release. This time, Aya gasps quickly and lets out a final moan. She relaxes her body and lays close to you.

“We should do that more often, don't you think?” You sheepishly request.

“U-um...I wish we could.” She stammers.

“Wait, what do you mean by that?” But you think you already know, based on today's affairs.

“Once I become the tengu lord, I know I won't be able to come and just meet you.” She holds back tears. “As much as I want to.”

You stroke her hair. “Aya––“

“What? I'm n-not crying, you know!?” She says as she starts to choke back a sob. “I'll be fine!”

“...I know you will,” you lie. “but remember, you always need to take sacrifices for the things you really want to do.”

“What I'm trying to say is...” You bite your lip in hesitation. Looking at Aya, you really didn't want to say this. “To truly do your job as the leader, you'll have to give me up.”

“But we just––“

“Or you can give up being the lord, and stay with me. But I'm not trying to pressure you here, Aya.” You look straight into her eyes.

“I understand that!” She shouts in exasperation. “I have to do this, though...”

You hold her close to you. “Even if I told you I want you by my side?”


“Then after today, I guess it'll be impossible for us to be like this again.”


You readjust your clothes. Aya tied them for you, but now it's a little bit too loose after going around in the village. She had already left, needing to go change her clothes. So you wander around for a bit, weaving through the residential area. One house strikes you as familiar, so you open the door. It was unlocked, so you enter inside. A surprised Momiji greets you. “O-oh, you're back?”

You reach for her shoulder before slumping down. Now used to your presence, she keeps you upright as she moves you onto a nearby couch. “I failed, Momiji.”

“You can't say that.” She remarks.

“I really did. She's not coming back as a news-reporter any more.”

“I....see.” Momiji looks down in grief. “Then....what are you going to do now?”

[x] Work with Hatate as an assistant for her job.
[x] Stay with Momiji.
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news.
No. 15481
[x] Work with Hatate as an assistant for her job.

I was going to say: "restart the bunbunmaru", but I think it's too much for a single human to handle. Gathering materials, writing articles, printing and distributing... Too much. Or you make a weekly Bunbunmaru.
No. 15484
My heart is broken.

Also, that was a pathetic attempt to convince her to not do this. It's like the MC didn't even try.
No. 15489
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news.

How do you know without even trying?
No. 15493
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news
-[x] Think of a way to get Hatate to help out.

I wonder if we even had a chance of this or not...
No. 15499
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news
-[x] Think of a way to get Hatate to help out.

No mourning or anything, We just go straight onto restarting the newspaper? I would vote for the [x] sit and cry option, but fuck.
No. 15504
File 13111847396.jpg - (65.02KB , 500x500 , ayabrainfreeze.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Also, that was a pathetic attempt to convince her to not do this. It's like the MC didn't even try.
Sometimes it's not the right thing to try.
[x]Restart the Bunbunmaru.
I don't think Aya will get out of the top job within a human lifetime, but we can at least ensure there's a place for her to go to after she steps down.
No. 15505
I'm pretty sure the MC knew what he was getting into, as hinted when we talked with Momiji and Hatate.He could've put more effort into stopping her, but he didn't so that Aya could choose for herself.
No. 15508
You're freaking right.
>>15481 here, changing my vote to:
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news.
I'm supposed to erase my old vote, but that wouldn't make sense, so no.
No. 15513
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news

So be it
No. 15518
No adding the Hatate bit? As I'm sure if asked, she'd be willing to continue the legacy of her idol. Unlike most things, Hatate idolizes her far more than she considers her a rival.
No. 15519
The author hadn't indicate whether little add-ons like that were allowed.

Seems silly to even matter here but hey worth asking if it is. Otherwise I'd add it.
No. 15521
[x] Work with Hatate as an assistant for her job.

I just can't vote for the other option. The goal is to win Aya back to our side, right? I feel that if we restart the Bunbunmaru, we're just moving on, and giving up. I won't accept that.
No. 15523
Yet at the same time working under Hatate might give Aya the impression he's moving on from her.
No. 15526
Go ahead and add it, If the author doesnt like it he can say so in a post or in an update. There's no harm in choosing it.
No. 15536
Giving the all clear for the add-on. If there are any vote changes because of this, please do so.
No. 15537
+1 addon for [x] work with Hatate for >>15504
No. 15561
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news
-[x] Think of a way to get Hatate to help out.

At the very least, we can show how much we really care by trying to keep her newspaper alive in her honor. Even if MC can't be with her, I'm sure she'd love that he's keeping her dream alive for her.
No. 15674
I apologize for the delay - I went on a road trip for two and a half days. Update should be up within 24 hours.
No. 15683
No. 15690
File 131193703552.jpg - (144.85KB , 850x868 , more momiji.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Restart the Bunbunmaru news.

There was nothing you can do. Aya has already made up her mind, and you didn't have the conviction to outright stop her from what she thought was necessary for her to do. You examine your surroundings. Creased halfway around the title page, the Bunbunmaru newspaper lies leisurely on the table. Just then, something clicked on in your mind. “I think I know what I'll be doing.” You grab onto the newspaper and unfold it to its full length. “How about I take over as management for the Bunbunmaru?”

Momiji nearly staggers, catching herself before she falls. When she moves her gaze over to you, she looks absolutely incredulous. “W-what?” She asks, incredibly dumbfounded. “...What, really?” She says one more time to make sure.

“Yeah. I'll help Aya in my own way by keeping her newspaper alive and well. Are you going to be a part of the reformed Bunbunmaru staff too?”

She hesitates, chewing on her lip. “Let me have some time to decide...I'm still a guard for the wolf tengu corps first and foremost. With Aya gone, I might not have the time to be an assistant. She actually did most of the work herself...”

“I'll let you figure out what you want to do yourself. I don't want to force you into it.”

Momiji half-smirks. “Aya'd just drag me around anyways.” She comments with a forlorn tone. “But I guess that won't happen anymore. I miss it, just a little bit.”

You pause to pet her hair slowly. “You just need to be strong, Momiji. I know you're willful, so we just have to bear with the change.”

“...I can't just rely on somebody?”

“The only person you can really rely on is yourself.” You say in all seriousness. Nothing but silence comes out from Momiji, only a quick nod convinces you that she wasn't spacing out. “I think I'll go visit someone.” Someone that you knew you could depend on – for this dilemma at least. Hatate.

“Take care.” Momiji murmurs as you leave the house. You make short work of going past the busy streets that you are all too familiar with now, only taking a few minutes to cross over to the Kakashi News building. Entering without knocking, you open the door to find the very person you were looking for.

“Hello. Do you have any business here?” She grins. “Probably not though. Do you have good news for me?”

“Not really.” She eyes you curiously, so you continue. “I wasn't able to convince her after all, even though I said I would. But what I am doing is restarting the Bunbunmaru, and I was thinking you would want to join too.”

“Oh, really? Sure – I'd be more than happy to! I'd have to give up my role as assistant manager here, but the Bunbunmaru is way understaffed, unlike the Kakashi News.” She frowns. “Honestly, I don't think you can handle it without a veteran like me.”

“Which was why I am here to ask you right now.”

“You just came here for business?” Hatate pretends to pout. “That doesn't make a girl like me happy. I don't get any benefits either.”

“Don't say that. You're keeping the Bunbunmaru alive by doing this. It's like a favor for Aya.”

She giggles. “I know, I was just kidding~”

“You're going to give me a headache.”

“But there's one problem of your plan.” She comments. Hatate holds up her index finger, wagging it at you. “To be able to hold a public distribution of anything, you must hold a residential permit. Which means that–“

“I have to live here. Great.” You only knew two tengu excluding Aya. The choices are basically narrowed down to them only...

[x] Ask to stay at Hatate's home.
[x] Stay at Momiji's home.
No. 15691
[x] Ask to stay at Hatate's home.
No. 15693
[x]Lounge around the Palace
[x] Stay at Momiji's home.
While admittedly this still isn't Hatate route that some people want, I don't want Momiji to just be a dog of the military~
No. 15695
[x] Stay at Momiji's home.
No. 15697
[x]Move into Aya's old flat.

I imagine as the new Lord, she'll be getting much better accommodations. Surely we can take over her older, much smaller place that nobody cares about.
No. 15698
[x] Stay at Momiji's home.

This way we'd spend some time with Momiji as well as Hatate.
No. 15700
[x] Stay at Momiji's home.
No. 15701
[x] Ask to stay at Hatate's home.
No. 15703
[X] Stay at Momiji's home

Sorry, but I prefer this option.
No. 15704
[x] Stay at Momiji's home
No. 15712
[x] Ask to stay at Hatate's home.
No. 15719
[X] Stay at Momiji's home.
No. 15725
New to this site and board and thread, and I have to say, you do real good work, Moral. Real good.

Long-term: Am I the only one who thought of the obvious compromise position here? Aya becomes Tengu Lord and has us as well anyway. That way she can serve her people and follow her heart and whatnot. Maybe we can work at the village and get to know people to build up a bit of goodwill so it isn't a total shitstorm, and even if it is, it's worth trying.

"Okay, and I should also mention this human who I'm in love with. Objections? Objection noted, now sit down and shut up."

[x]Stay at Momizi's home.

Eventually we might be able to bring Hatate into the fold but now is most certainly not the time to try. Again, it'll need some groundwork and time to prepare.
No. 15732
Hi, You must be new here.

I'd recommend stop lurking around /th/ like you so obviously have been so.
No. 15735
There's no reason for you to have posted that, at all. The poster in question had no major surface errors in his post and there's nothing wrong with the thoughts he presented. The only other thing he did was compliment the writer and explain he was entirely new to the site. Not just to this board or thread.

Unless you're suggesting that every post should just be a vote and nothing more, I can't understand what your problem is.
No. 15736
Sorry bout that. All work and no sleep makes Anon a cranky boy.
No. 15743
[x] Ask to stay at Hatate's home.

Works for me~!
No. 15745

First off, welcome to the board. Make sure you read the "How to survive" thread on /gensokyo/, and in general don't do anything stupid. Otherwise, you'll be torn into like a deer amid a pack of hungry piranhas.

To address your post, There's two main issues to bear in mind:

1. Tengu in general tend to be rather conservative and wary of outsiders, and I haven't seen anything that might contradict that. Of the possible exceptions (Aya, Momiji, and Hatate), all three seem to interact with outsiders on a regular basis, and the first two have built an ongoing relationship with MC.

2. I'm getting a definite vibe that, while a Tengu Lord commands a lot of respect and authority, their will is not absolute. Aya herself may be a bit left-of-center for a tengu and there might be a large and noisy progressive element in tengu society, but trying to force changes to the status quo too quickly would undoubtedly polarize the issue and risk both splitting the tengu as a whole and discrediting Aya as a leader.

I'm not saying that it's an impossible goal, just that MC will have to work hard and tread carefully if he wants to achieve it. The first step is to prove his worth to tengu society as a whole, and the best starting point for that is keeping the Bunbunmaru up and running.

As for my vote:
[X] Stay at Momiji's home.

We know Momiji better and know that we can depend on her if worse comes to worst. While I've got no problems with trying to romance Hatate, there are some places where we have to think pragmatically.
No. 15753
Called with staying at Momiji's house. An obvious win, with only four votes opposing the majority of nine.

Expect the update to be completed within 48 hours at the very maximum.
No. 15768
Thread two here.