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11918 No. 11918
IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn

Stream: www.livestream.com/tsurupettan (this will be starting at 'exactly' 8 PM EST)

Some people contacted me with concerns about how bad ends and other ends work, so I'd like to clarify. There are no bad ends unless you do something fucking stupid. There are also no 'story ending bad ends'. All of them are 'Go back X' situations. There are a number of Normal ends, feel free (and encouraged) to look for them because they are also 'Go back X' situations. There are only two ends that end the story, and we're a very, very long way off from them.

I'm also working on some sort of boilerplate to head every new thread with that covers common questions and other information.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

[X] Suggest that you punish her together.


Orin may be a troublemaker, but is it good to let Ran run the risk of killing her? You slowly stand up from your position on the hard wooden floor. “Ran, stop,” you call out in a pleading tone. “You may be angry, but don't kill her.”

The furious youkai woman turns to you. But her demeanor has changed now. “Kill her?” she asks with a laugh. “Oh, no, I couldn't kill her if I wanted to, I was going give her to Yukari to play with.” She grins viciously, entertained by the notion. Orin's eyes go wide in both surprise and fear. “Unless you have a better idea?” she inquires, raising an eyebrow.

Well, you've been meaning to spend the night with Ran, and she seems to be enjoying the process of making the cat girl squirm. “Why don't we punish her ourselves, together?” you suggest with a smile.

Ran gasps, pleasantly surprised. “That's a wonderful idea, and I know just the thing!” A few moments later, the two of you are walking down the hall. Three, technically, but Orin is being carried in the strong grasp of your date. “Yukari has a little something special that we could use,” she pipes up. You stop at your master's bedroom and she disappears inside.

“I can't help but wonder what that 'something special is',” you say to yourself.

A sudden weight slumps on to your shoulders. “Oh, just something I was saving if I had to punish you instead,” Yukari tells you with a tired chuckle.

Your companion returns with Orin in one hand, the other carrying rope and a set of metal rings. “I hope you don't mind, Yukari,” she says with a grin.

“Not at all,” your master waves dismissively. “I'll be in the other room, perhaps watching.” She lets out a loud yawn, ambling down the corridor.

Ran leads the group to her room. You politely open the door, ushering her inside. The first thing she does is plop a dazed Orin into a nearby chair, tying her up in a fashion that is similar to how the cat girl treated Chen. She firmly grabs the flaccid shaft and gives it a squeeze. As the cock stirs and grows, she slips the set of rings on before it reaches full size. It is a rather simple device, three rings spaced apart and held together by a strap on each side. “What are you doing?” Orin cries out, groaning in both pain and pleasure. The rings are a bit small for her, since they were originally intended for you. They squeeze tightly on her length as it becomes fully erect. Before she can say another word, a gag is forced between her lips.

“Punishment,” Ran states flatly, undressing as she speaks. “The rings will keep you hard, but they're tight enough to stop you from getting off,” she adds with a smirk. Turning to you, she opens her arms. You waste no time, moving forward to enter her welcoming embrace. “While I was hoping for a bit more privacy, our first night should still be special, even with an audience.”

You offer her a warm smile. “I'm fine with it if you are,” you respond, pressing your lips to her own. She closes her eyes and returns your affections, closing her arms around you. You release the kiss and laugh softly. “Well, if we're going to punish her, we should put on a good show.”

Without saying anything, she forces her lips back to your own. Her body presses tightly to yours and takes the lead. You can feel a few of her thick, fluffy tails stroking your legs. The two of you move in step toward the futon, almost as if locked in to some strange dance. Your erection slips between her legs and rubs against her crotch, the soft patch of hair tickling you. The moisture from her already damp pussy can be felt on your cock. No need for foreplay here, she's ready for you.

Slowly, you lower to the futon, Ran on top of you. Her erect nipples tease the flesh of your chest, breasts squished tightly against you. The tip of your cock now rests at her entrance. An attempt to groan in pleasure is cut off by her mouth on yours, tongue pushing inside passionately. She breaks the kiss, a thin strand of saliva hanging down. Her eyes meet your own and stare into them. “I love you,” she states simply, yet affectionately.

You aren't sure what to say. Should you tell her that you love her in return? What about Shinki? You had told her before that you could love her. There's also Yukari, and a number of other women who have shown interest in you beyond sex.

[ ] Tell Ran you love her.
[ ] Kiss her, don't answer directly.
[ ] Write-in.

No. 11920
[x] Tell Ran you love her.

Not the best romantic time, but still...

Also, Orin met with a terrible fate, didn't she?
No. 11923
[x] Kiss her, don't answer directly.

Man, I suppose I should feel sorta stupid for thinking we would actually punish Orin, instead of this sexual frustration junk.
No. 11924

>orgasm denial
>not punishment
No. 11925
[x] Kiss her, don't answer directly.
No. 11926
[x] Tell Ran you love her.
I think you'd be insane not to do this. <3
I'd say this is a pretty good punishment~
No. 11927
[+] Tell Ran you love her.

There are different kinds of love.
No. 11929
[X] Tell Ran you love her.
And for this very moment, it's wholly true.

I personally believe that polyamoury can work fine, just that it'll be very difficult and needs a lot of work, but even if anyone here doesn't, it's still true for the moment.
No. 11930
[X] Tell Ran you love her.
No. 11931
Agree wholeheartedly.

[X] Tell Ran you love her.
No. 11932
[X] Tell Ran you love her.
No. 11933
[X] Tell Ran you love her.

>It is a rather simple device, three rings spaced apart and held together by a strap on each side

My dick hurts now.
No. 11934
[X] Tell Ran you love her.

Given the nature of his role here, the girls will just have to understand that Rick can't belong to just one of them. He's a nice, compassionate guy, so it should come as no surprise to them that he's going to develop some feelings for many of the girls. Even if he loves some of the others, it doesn't mean that he cares any less about Ran/Shinki/whoever he's with at the time.
No. 11935
I think I'll just close votes and then get to work on the next (longer!) update early tomorrow.

So, [X] Tell Ran you love her. won.

>Rick can't belong to just one of them

That's why I've said it is a reverse harem! Rather than one man owning a group of women, a group of women own one man.
No. 11937
Okay, maybe I'm joking a bit, Yukari owns Rick through and through, she just happens to loan him to the others!
No. 11938
[x] Tell Ran you love her.

Rick lies an awful lot.
No. 11943
For a rampant sex nut, no orgasm is the worse punishment of all.
No. 11944
>“Oh, just something I was saving if I had to punish you instead,”

Maybe we should get punished too.
No. 11945
Stream in about 25 minutes for those who care.
No. 11946
I just finished reading the update before this, I can't believe you guys wussed out of the pegging.

Oh well, at least we saved our anal virginity for Yukari.
No. 11947
She's had dibs on that since the first meeting.

Tissues on standby, eagerly awaiting the continuation.
No. 11949

I know what you mean. It was a fucking stupid write-in, too. Glad it was ignored.
No. 11950
Thanks for watching, will update tomorrow.
No. 11954
File 130093928766.jpg - (1.75MB , 1400x2000 , 17576374.jpg ) [iqdb]
Posting Yukari in a Yukari thread.
No. 11955
>“Oh, no, I couldn't kill her if I wanted to, I was going give her to Yukari to play with.” She grins viciously, entertained by the notion. Orin's eyes go wide in both surprise and fear.

She comes to Mayohiga, kidnaps (and releases!) Chen, and grudge fucks Yukari's boy toy, and the idea of Yukari getting involved surprises her? I thought Okuu was supposed to be the dense one.
No. 11956
She's thinking with the wrong head.
No. 11960

It means she's so damn full of herself (given the selfishness and hypocrisy earlier) that she thought she would be able to get away with it.
No. 11961
[x] Kiss her, don't answer directly.
No. 11962
Voting's been over for a while, bro
No. 11963

But it wouldn't be MtG without people voting mindlessly after the fact.
No. 11964
[x] Tell Ran you love her.
Since there has already been one late vote, why not add another.
No. 11966
It isn't funny any more and it just wastes posts in the thread. Stop it.
No. 11973
It was never funny. It seems some retards are under the impression that it's a "tradition."
No. 11974
I didn't write today, I slept pretty badly last night and felt like crap the entire day. Tomorrow I'll give it another go.
No. 11985
take as long as you want, great writefag
No. 11986

[ ] Tell Ran you love her

But also

[ ] Tell her later it wouldn't be fair to the others if you were her sole possession.

harem end
No. 11989

...I can't tell if you're joking or not. Either way, I still hate you.
No. 11990
[X]Realize that the voting is over, but submit a vote anyways.

No. 11992
[x] Realize that the voting is over, but submit a vote anyways.
Pissing against the tide.
No. 11994
In an effort to curb this faggotry, every vote made after voting is closed should delay the update by a day.
No. 11995

I'm inclined to agree. Or some other punishment.

For now I'll simply bug a moderator to delete a bunch of posts from the thread.
No. 11996
Something that a troll can't use against you perhaps?
No. 11999
I'm sorry, I can't write today. Some personal issues cropped up over the course of last night/today that make it very hard to get in the mindset for writing a lovey/emotional sex scene. I'm not going to blog about it, but I will end by saying I'll do my best to update once this problem passes.
No. 12000
>open pixiv
>search touhou r-18 tags
>new bad touhou porn by ragathol aka spidu

I imagine if I checked the english sites that he uploads to, they would be full of praise from the mindless dregs of the internet.
No. 12005
No. 12006

>Google 'ragathol'
>Find out who he's talking about in 2 seconds

Wow, it's like magic!
No. 12007
so I'm an idiot if I like his artwork

No. 12009

How to sum up his work:

ugly slut faces
No. 12011
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything turns out alright on your end.
No. 12035
Writing will resume monday, I think.

Gosh, you know, Friday is the next month. I wonder what will be in store for the first of April?
No. 12036
I tend to view him the same way I view Kieyza: he has a sort of "Western cartoon" bent to his artwork (with the overexaggerated facial features and weird poses) which produces something genuinely unique and enjoyable about one-third of the time and something hideous the other two-thirds; personally, I dig the one-third enough to put up with the remainder.
No. 12037
I don't suppose there is any way to convince you to do a one off on if we let her take Chen, is there?

Rin x Chen just sounds so fantastic and your writing will give it that extra awesome touch.
No. 12040

Kieyza's work is a unique sort of 'rough' with some undefinable element that makes it attractive. I don't think Ragathol has that element, and I can't believe someone would even compare the two.
No. 12071

I'd agree with that. Kieyza's art has a certain something that I'm rather fond of. I can't put my finger on it, I just know that I find it plenty fappable. Ragathol just rubs me the wrong way, for whatever reason. His faces ARE rather off-putting, now that you mention it.
No. 12078
Sorry for not updating in the past two days, or even mentioning it. I'm still feeling a bit down, heavily self-medicating by spending time on EQ2. Will try to update again tomorrow.
No. 12100
Don't worry about it, Just chill and take it easy for a while, we're not going anywhere.
No. 12101
I have been using the down time to work on another project (related to the Momizi story) that I'll unveil at a later date once enough progress is made on it.
No. 12103
Bitchin', I expect a link once said project is done.....please and thank you.
No. 12143
Situation update:

I wrote about a page today, didn't finish. Sort of feeling it, maybe get it done tomorrow and post it. I'm trying to get a full time job, and if that ends up during the day, I'll have to shift writing to weekends or evenings (which conflicts with my other project).

p.s. if anyone has job opportunities near tampa, FL, i'm all ears.
No. 12153
Oh, look. It's April Fools Day. Well, I'd best get writing then, shouldn't I?

I look forward to this update.
No. 12154

This strikes terror to my very core.

No. 12159
File 130168228168.jpg - (113.41KB , 800x800 , 3f5650b06e018d9ada8a33f075690270.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Tell Ran you love her.


You've spent a lot of time with Ran, and you really do appreciate her. “I love you, Ran,” you say honestly. It isn't a lie, you do love her, at the very least in this moment in time. That sounds rather cruel, but it's true; you can't be sure of anything in the long term anymore. But right now, you're in the arms of a kind, beautiful woman who you want to make happy.

“I love you,” she whispers back, closing her eyes. Her lips curl up into a content smile. “I'm ready,” she tells you, relaxing on top of your body. You embrace her tightly and push your hips gently upward. The both of you groan as the tip of your penis parts her lips and slides inside. She's tight, her pussy having not seen much use in the past. Ran shudders and buries her face against your neck, her tails writhing back and forth behind her.

As the tails shift, you're given an opportunity to see the captive woman on the other side of the room. There seems to be something moving about beneath her seat. She jumps and whines as it wraps around her leg, giving you a pleading look. You ignore it, returning your focus on the beautiful woman in your arms. You run one hand down her back and rub at the base of the tails. She responds with a muffled, surprised moan. “Sensitive, Ran?” you ask her.

She nods slightly, soft blonde hair brushing against your neck and chin. “Please don't tease me,” she cries out plaintively. Your partner is so adorable right now. You reach down a bit farther and lightly squeeze her butt. Ran responds by swaying her hips a bit, which only serves to drive your cock deeper inside. You let out a loud moan as the tight walls envelop you. Bringing the hand back up, you start to gently massage the area around her tails. She squirms about in your arms, gasping in response to the teasing.

“I'm sorry, Ran,” you apologize. “No more teasing, I'll take care of your needs,” you tell her, grinning and kissing the top of her head. You slide both hands down her body, gripping and supporting her ass. She's tight, but easy to slide into. Her body is ready for this, her cunt slicked with her own juices. A low, pleasurable moan escapes Ran's lips as you sink inside.

Being with her like this is wonderful, this moment is the kind that you never want to end. You shut your eyes and just lie there for a bit, content to hold her body and be inside of it. Her lips can be felt against your neck, pressing light kisses to your skin in between her moans. You shift your hips slightly, moving about inside of her pussy. Ran gasps and grabs at your arms, digging the tips of her fingers into them.

The affectionate noises coming from your date aren't the only ones in the room. Muffled cries and squeals, a mixture of pleasure and fear, can be heard from Orin. You take another moment to peek over to her and are surprised at what you spot. A mass of tentacles has worked its way up her body, obviously the work of Yukari. They're wrapped around her thick shaft, others rubbing her breasts or prodding at the holes between her legs. You feel a pang of guilt, but she did bring it on herself. It can't feel all that bad either, can it?

You squeeze and massage her ass, pushing down on it at the same time. A long, drawn out sigh escapes Ran as the rest of your cock fills her. “It's wonderful,” she says dreamily, her grip relaxing. You let out a loud moan as her tight, damp walls squeeze around your shaft. You're exhausted from the day, but she deserves your best. You draw yourself out slowly. She responds by whining softly, upset at the thought of losing you. You drive back inside of her with a wet slap as your crotch strikes her own, her heavy breasts swaying slightly. “Oh, yes,” she groans.

You gently roll her over onto her back. Ran opens her eyes, smiling radiantly and looking up at you. You release your embrace, propping yourself up above her and pulling out in the process. She responds by eagerly extending her arms and opening her legs, offering herself to you. Leaning down slightly, you press a gentle kiss to her lips.

She giggles softly, grinning stupidly. “You make me happy,” she whispers, brushing her lips against yours. You rise from her face a bit, pinning her arms to the futon. In one smooth motion, you push your cock back inside of her. You can feel your testicles smack loudly against her ass. Ran responds in turn by gasping and arching her back, breasts jiggling. “More, more,” she cries lustfully, spreading her legs as far as she can. You begin to rhythmically move inside of her, pulling out and pushing back in. Her moans and cries of pleasure fill the air, loud enough to drown out those made by Orin. With each thrust her entire body shakes and shudders, from her hefty bust to her meaty thighs.

“Ran,” you groan out, huffing and moaning as you thrust inside of her soaked, tight cunt. You can feel your skin coated with sweat, palms slipping easily off of her arms and on to the futon. She takes the opportunity to reach up and hook her arms around your neck. You can feel her own damp skin sliding across yours as she sits up and forces her mouth to you. Her cunt can be felt constricting around you, body tensing up in preparation.

Ran screams out and you can immediately feel the sensation of liquid flowing out past your engorged cock. Your crotch and the bedding below is splattered with her nectar. You can already feel your own orgasm coming on. Her arms go limp and she slumps down to the bed, breathing heavily. “Inside of me,” she gasps out quietly. You groan and make one final push inside of the tight pussy of your lover. Your seed floods her body, mixing with her own juices. You pull out, your semi-erect penis swinging down between your legs and trailing semen out after it. “That was wonderful,” she says in a happy tone, catching her breath.

Your arms slowly give way, dropping you lightly down onto her body. You find yourself face first in her breasts. The feeling is akin to placing your head on a soft pillow, and the urge to close your eyes is tempting. Resisting it, you look up to Ran. She seems to have recovered quickly, a grin covering her face. Her hands push gently at your shoulders, rolling you off of her soft form and onto the futon. “What're you doing?” you ask her tiredly.

“Assisting Yukari with the punishment,” she states simply, reaching down to cover her crotch with one hand. Using her other hand to push herself up, she clambers to her feet. It seems she's holding the mixture of fluids inside her body. Ran slowly moves towards Orin, who is now watching your companion. The writhing tentacles that assail the cat girl seem to part and allow easy access.

The tendril stuffed inside of Orin's mouth departs for a moment. She coughs and gags, mouth hanging agape. “Whaddreyoudoin?” she asks in one long, slurred together sentence. Strands of drool glisten in the dim light. Ran doesn't answer. She grabs that large piece of meat and strokes it a few times, pained groans coming in response. Her hand moves to the chair and spins it around, pulling it over and dropping the cat-girl on to her back. “H-help,” Orin cries out, her words distorted by the thin tentacles hooking inside of her mouth and pulling it wide open.

“Just a taste for you, Orin,” Ran says with a laugh. She squats down, removing the hand from her cunt and spreading the lips. A thick, gooey mixture of your semen and her fluids empties out directly into the waiting mouth. You watch the exchange, Orin initially coughing and gagging. It doesn't take very long for her to simply accept her fate, however. She eagerly drinks down the remaining liquid. Ran stands up and looks in your direction. “I've calmed down a bit, but she still deserves punishment,” she says.

You smile slightly and shake your head. “I hope I never cross you, Ran,” you respond with a chuckle. She grins and raises an eyebrow. “Or Yukari for that matter.”

Ran moves back to your side, the tentacles filling in her place and continuing their pleasurable assault. “I think you'd enjoy being punished,” she says with a wink. “It's not like we're really hurting her, we're giving her exactly what she wants, just without release.” She turns away for a moment, looking over at the scene. “I think we could make some use of her, I've got just the idea.” Briefly, she looks back to you, assessing your status. “But, if you're tired, we could just let Yukari handle this one.”

[ ] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
[ ] Enjoy some alone time with Ran. Yukari can take care of Orin.
[ ] Ask for her to give Orin release and set her free.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 12160
[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.

I don't see any reason not to let Ran try on her special night.
No. 12162
[X] Yukari decides to have some tentacle fun with you and Ran
No. 12163

No. 12164
[X] Enjoy some alone time with Ran. Yukari can take care of Orin.
No. 12165
[ ] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
No. 12166
[X] Enjoy some alone time with Ran. Yukari can take care of Orin.

As much as I love the futa, Ran deserves to fully enjoy her time with Rick.
No. 12167
By denying Ran her request?
No. 12168
[X] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
No. 12169
[ ] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
No. 12170
[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
No. 12171
I'm inclined to agree, it's her night, let her do as she pleases. Besides, can still have some alone time after punishment is done.

[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
No. 12172
[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.

>>12167 pretty much said exactly what I was thinking.
No. 12174
I am putting this story on hold for a few months. When you're trying to write a story about love and sex, and you're feeling down about love, it isn't something you want to even bother with. I'm not going to go into personal details about my life, but until I've taken care of things (or feel better) I'm not writing this. I will continue to be in irc, and work on my other projects, but not actively write this story.
No. 12175
I thought it would make Ran feel special if, on the day that was supposed to be all about her, for once we said "I'm more than happy to be shared amongst all your friends, I'd much rather just be with you."
I'm certainly not terribly disappointed I'm losing, but I wanted to give voice to that sentiment. Last time I will say anything about this.
No. 12177

Also, this is not the April Fools joke. The joke was that there was no joke and I was going to post something completely normal.
No. 12178
I see your hiatus announcement and raise you a tide-pissing vote.

[x] Ask for her to give Orin release and set her free.
No. 12181
[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.
No. 12182
[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.

I wonder how Satori will react when she finds out what Orin did?
No. 12189
[X] Agree to let Ran try her idea.

As the lady desires.
No. 12191
[x] Agree to let Ran try her idea.

Additional Punishment Rape.
No. 12192
Unfortunate, yet understandable, hang in there, writefriend!
No. 12194
[x] Enjoy some alone time with Ran. Yukari can take care of Orin.
No. 12220
Putting this on hold has been rather freeing. Now I have more time to sit around, scratch my balls, read SA, maybe do some poopsocking on MMOs, etc.
No. 12385
I've been missing writing. I've also been sperging out on Uncharted Waters Online. Those are related, though, because I can idle-play UWO enough to write. So, sort of tempted to start again sooner than expected. I'm still feeling sore, but not writing leaves me unsatisfied.

p.s. I am an autistic loli pirate.
No. 12387
You could always start a different story. Without sex, or love.
No. 12388

I already did. Well, sort of. The love and sex wouldn't come until farther in the story. I should also work on that while I sail around Europe.
No. 12399
p.s. I was joking about Koakuma fapfic, just trolling that guy. We'll get to Koakuma in this story eventually.
No. 12528
>I was joking about Koakuma fapfic
You're a horrible person.
>We'll get to Koakuma in this story eventually
And all is forgiven.
No. 12530
Even after the hiatus, we've got an ungodly amount of activities planned before we get to her.

SDM should kidnap him. That'd be unpredictable.
No. 12548
I have good, positive plans for SDM in mind. Mostly positive. I will try to update again on Monday.

SDM may be available sooner than you think, by the way. Who knows? (Other than me.)
No. 12553
>I will try to update again on Monday.

>Who knows? (Other than me.)
The Shadow?
No. 12555
>Who knows? (Other than me.)
The cat in your ceiling that watches you type...

...and do other things.
No. 12620
>The Shadow?
The Shadow!
No. 12662
Posting without proof reading since I'm impatient. Also, I was originally going to do one giant wall, but I figured I could at least offer some choice of position.

[X] Agree to let Ran try her idea.


This is Ran's night, after all. You can push through the physical exhaustion if it will bring a smile to her face. You sit up and give her a short nod. “Of course, my dear,” you answer with a grin. She extends a hand downward, which you eagerly take a hold of.

“Yukari,” Ran says aloud, gently leading you toward Orin. The various appendages surrounding her take a moment to lift and reposition the sexually abused girl. Then, the tentacles withdraw and disappear into the murky depths of the gaps. “Thank you,” she adds as the portal fades from view. The cat-girl's head flops forward. Thick, gooey fluids flow from her mouth and coat her chest. “She's beautiful, in a twisted way, isn't she?”

You look over Orin's body, taking in the view. Her skin is covered in a sheen of sweat and other juices. That big, thick piece of meat throbs needfully, held back by the tight grip of the rings. She looks up for a moment, tongue hanging out as she pants. You feel a bit guilty, given her predicament, but it is hard to deny that she looks rather sexy like this. “So, what do you have in mind?” you ask her.

She pauses for a moment, thinking to herself. “We're going to enjoy Orin, give her what she desires, and then let Yukari do with her as she pleases.” You immediately form some rather interesting images in your mind about her fate. Ran kneels down in front of the bound girl and grabs her cock, squeezing down. “You enjoyed it earlier, didn't you?” she inquires.

You swallow nervously. The salty taste of her semen is still slightly apparent in your mouth. You did enjoy it, didn't you? You join your date on the floor, placing your hand beneath hers on the shaft. “I did,” you admit, blushing slightly.

Orin groans in both pleasure and pain. “Please,” she slurs, begging weakly. You look to Ran expectantly. She doesn't speak, just grinning slightly before pressing her lips to the restrained length. She shuts her eyes, moaning slightly as her tongue slips out and runs along the sticky meat. It doesn't take very long for your own body to react to the scene, cock hardening between your legs.

You push your mouth to her crotch, starting just above the dripping lips of her cunt. A weak moan leaves the cat-girl's lips as you taste the nectar dripping from her pussy. The scent of her body fills your nose once again and you can feel yourself drowning in desire. You reach up, groping and squeezing her cock affectionately, kissing and licking along the lower portion of the shaft. She reacts strongly when you reach the lowest of the three rings. It seems she's the most sensitive around where her body is held in check.

Ran giggles quietly. “You should clean better, Orin,” she remarks teasingly. You glance up to her and find that she's already working on the fat, engorged head. Her tongue presses against the piss slit, the tip pushing inside. Her victim squeals and shifts uncomfortably, eyes darting between the two of you. You gently nip the flesh just beneath the ring, following it up with a gentle kiss. Orin's body suddenly tenses up, jerking violently in orgasm. “You need to cum, don't you?”

“Please, please, I'm sorry,” begs Orin.

Your companion laughs and looks down toward you. “Why don't you join me up here,” she suggests. You run your tongue along her length as you move to join Ran. “Do you think we should give her as she desires?” she inquires. You respond with a short nod before returning to playing with the large shaft before you. Your tongue slips into the small crevices beneath the crown of the head, cleaning up fluids left by the tentacles, as well as leftover cum from your prior engagement. Ran attacks the other side, one hand reaching down to release the rings.

“Uhn,” Orin groans as the first ring is unlocked. Her back arches slightly, although she can't get very far as her arms are still bound. With a soft click, the second ring is freed. Your hands run down the length. You can feel the pressure building up, and you know what is coming.

“Cum,” Ran says firmly, as if commanding Orin to do so. The both of you quickly move into a more favorable position, mouths open in anticipation. The last restraint falls away and within seconds you can feel the hot, sticky sensation of cum on your face. That delicious, salty taste coats your lips and tongue. Thick and gooey strands of semen are splattered across Ran's face as well. “Oh my,” she says, not in response to the orgasm. No, she is surprised by your sudden actions. You now have your tongue pressed to her cheek, cleaning the stained flesh.

“Th-thank you,” Orin weakly stammers, closing her eyes.

Ran shakes her head. “You aren't done,” she states with a slight smile. Briefly, she steps around behind the chair and unties the ropes. Orin's arms go limp, but she slowly begins to recover. “So,” she starts, turning to you. “Do you want her?”

You look at her in surprise, and then back to Orin. That lingering scent clouds your senses. You stare at her big, thick piece of meat and lick the cum from your lips. It's all just too much. You can't hold back now.

[ ] Climb on to Orin's lap, facing her.
[ ] Climb on to Orin's lap, facing away.
[ ] Return to the futon, get on your hands and knees.
[ ] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.
[ ] Maybe Ran still has something in mind.
[ ] Write-in? (p.s. There is only one way out of this, and it was mentioned earlier in the thread)
No. 12663
Damnit, if we could know Ran's idea ahead of time, I'd have an easier time deciding this. But IMO this is about showing Orin that sex with love and affection is much better than just sex to cum, so...

[X] Climb on to Orin's lap, facing her. (For plenty of kissing action!)
No. 12664
Now I'm a little uncomfortable.

[x] Maybe Ran still has something in mind.
No. 12665
[x] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.

Damnit. We're forced to suck just one penis, and now MC is totally okay with licking dick like a champ.
No. 12666
>(p.s. There is only one way out of this, and it was mentioned earlier in the thread)

Is nobody trying?


Hey, who knows, maybe it's just the heat of the moment getting to Rick. Don't knock it til you've tried it, Anonymous.

Or maybe he does enjoy dick. Well, that'll make things easier in the future.
No. 12672
[x] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.

I'm not letting this chance slip by again! Whether it's Ran's tail or Orin's cock, something is going inside Rick tonight!
No. 12674
[x] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.


Yes. This must happen.
No. 12676
Gotta wonder if asking Ran might lead to some gender bending.

>Don't knock it til you've tried it, Anonymous.
...Are you trying to tell us something?

It's okay. We're here for you.
No. 12677
Someone in IRC was curious how many of my voters were from THP, and now I am too. Especially if my work has been linked to/crossposted on other boards. I know my Nazrin one-shot or something was posted on /jp/ a long time ago, but not other than that.

In other words: I'm nosy, did you find my story through sites outside of THP?
No. 12678
[x] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.

No. 12679
>>12672 here.

I just found the story on THP, though I don't remember how I found the site...
No. 12680
[X] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.
This is my fetish.

Archives, was searching for a new story to read, got horny, found a certain one on /at/ and the rest is history.
No. 12684
She might have something like that in mind already... not sure.
No. 12687

That's not it. It was mentioned by a poster, not in an update.
No. 12689
Only thing I'm seeing is
>Oh well, at least we saved our anal virginity for Yukari.

[x] I'm saving my anus for Yukari
No. 12690
I don't think that'd work for getting out of getting Orin fucked.
No. 12692
[x] Force her to masturbate.

This is my fetish.
No. 12694

Good job, Anonymous.

See? It wasn't that hard.
No. 12695
[x] I'm saving my anus for Yukari

I'd rather have Master Yukari break Rick in as she'd do a better job.
No. 12697
I'm glad I was wrong, this is by far the superior option

[X] I'm saving my anus for Yukari
No. 12699
[X] I'm saving my anus for Yukari
No. 12705
[X] I'm saving my anus for Yukari

She's our master, she gets first pickings.
No. 12706
[x] I'm saving my anus for Yukari

I'm imagining Rick saying this with a completely straight face and I can't stop laughing.
No. 12707
The vote is more for the sentiment. He isn't going to say that, word for word.
No. 12708
[x] I'm saving my anus for Yukari

So ultimately we do end up getting turned into a woman...
No. 12709
A story about Yukari and her pet human, that began with him being dominated by a woman and enjoying it. I'm not sure why people are surprised at this sort of turn of events.
No. 12710
Maybe everybody didn't start at the beginning?

[x] I'm saving my anus for Yukari.
No. 12712
I stumbled on thread five or six taking a quick look through /at/. Had already read one or two stories on THP so I'm from here I guess.
No. 12715
[X] I'm saving my anus for Yukari
Pretty much the same here. I read mostly /th/ stuff, and have a couple of stories around, and thus after discovering the translated doujin sticky decided to have a look round some of the other threads. So it goes.
No. 12718
[X] Return to the futon, lay on your back and spread your legs.
No. 12719
Well, that's one way to save your ass.

Votes closed: [X] I'm saving my anus for Yukari.


Except the first thread is still on /at/ and if it wasn't it'd be in the archive.
No. 12720
Just because something is available doesn't mean everybody uses it. A scenario where someone got interested in a thread of your story in the middle because the first post looked interesting, but didn't bother to go back to read the previous threads is entirely plausible.
No. 12721

I guess I just expect too much of people.
No. 12724
How dare you expect someone to actually take effort in reading the story you have painstakingly wrought. Isn't it enough for you that I read two (2) full threads!
No. 12726
I started reading at the beginning, since I can't stand dropping into the middle of something and not knowing what's going on.

Also, damn it, people! How much longer are you going to keep voting against the fun options?
No. 12730
I've been with THP for quite some time now, just picking up stories that grab my attention whenever I have the time. I just wandered in here one day, found your story, and have been voting since thread 1.

Interesting to know we have some outsiters reading as well.
No. 12736
>voting against the fun options
>voting for Yukari options

I'm not following you here
No. 12740
Well, I did read most of the first thread I stumbled upon (didn't vote though) before I went back and read it all from the beginning.
Would be nice if everyone did that before voting at least, in any story.

As for the vote, I could definitely imagine Yukari finding the sentiment amusing which could be fun down the line.
No. 12741
I wrote a little today, but I got sidetracked by other things. Playing with my loli pirate, insulting Twitty on IRC, trolling /blue/ and taking a shit on Ragathol (again).

Important stuff, right? I'll update tomorrow.
No. 12744
>Loli Pirate

Tell us more.
No. 12747
File 130282601631.jpg - (108.89KB , 1283x963 , terror of the high seas.jpg ) [iqdb]

Tremble, mortals, and despair. Loli pirate will dock with you(r ship) and take your goodies by force.
No. 12759
Since the main character is sucking dicks, can we call him a faggot?
No. 12764
I was going to write today. I did start writing, actually, but my stress and 'pissed off' level just shot through the fucking roof and I can't focus on this. I will write this weekend, despite normally not doing so. Sorry folks.
No. 12769
Ten Desires demo came out today. If ZUN does something silly with the existing characters I might just ignore it for this story. I'll read up on the shit, although I won't be playing it until the full release.
No. 12770
Oh, anon. Ever the original one. Never change.
No. 12782
Well, so far Kyouko appears to be an easy addition to the story. She lives with Byakuren.Poor Kyouko. Don't know what I'll do with Yoshika.
No. 12783
Nevermind, I know exactly what to do with Yoshika. Fortunately, Rick has plenty of 'life essence' to feed her.
No. 12786
Wouldn't that make Rick a necrophiliac? As she seems more corpse than ghost.
No. 12788
Dead girls don't say no.
No. 12815
Cute janitor youkai will likely show up on a return visit to Byakuren's place. Not sure where to incorporate Yoshika yet.
No. 12818

Well, the wiki says she's in the Myouren Temple graveyard, so it would be easy to work her in if you can find a reason for Rick to go there. Maybe he could catch a glimpse of her while passing by, or something. I'm sure you'll find a way.
No. 12820

That's what I meant, I suppose I should've said I don't know 'how' to incorporate her. I know 'where' she is, but I'm trying to dig up a reason to visit the grave yard. I'll figure something out, though. Be a while before the revisit to Byakuren's place, which is why I went ahead and wrote some delicious janitor youkai.
No. 12827
Kogasa hangs out at that graveyard sometimes. She could want to take him there.
No. 12828
Or Nazrin might want you to chase after one of her pet mice.
No. 12829

Not sure about the motivation on that other than 'lol i like the graveyard' from Kogasa. Also, Kogasa won't have met the new inhabitants yet in this story since she is away from home.
No. 12830
She might be able to do that once Rick's on his trip... that is if she's not coming with.
No. 12839
Possibly to visit the grave of Myouren?
No. 12840
I don't think his grave is exactly in Gensokyo
No. 12842

Ah, I see. I misunderstood you.

My one suggestion still stands, though. He doesn't have to go to the graveyard intentionally, simply end up in the general vicinity of it. From there, he could either check it out due to curiosity or because he sees someone/something moving around in it.
No. 12845
No? Hmm, I'll just have to check and see then.
No. 12851
What's wrong with 'lol I like the graveyard'? Ran and Komachi get to take Rick places they like, but not Kogasa?
No. 12854
Writefag ordered some art books today. Maybe one day I'll draw porn to go with my story. Or cute Kyouko 4koma, or dakimakura. Whatever.

In any case, I will try to update MTG or that short story in SCD tonight.
No. 13025
I've spent the week being a lazy motherfucker overall, haven't done much other than play City of Heroes and clean up the house. I'll get back to work on this soon-ish. Going to update this first, then another post for that side story, then the Koakuma H-scene.
No. 13081
[X] I'm saving my anus for Yukari.


You're about to turn and head for the futon when something tugs on your mind. Yukari. What about your master? Withdrawing your hands from Orin's cock, you shake your head. You want it, but not like this. You belong to Yukari first and foremost, and while you have been teased and toyed with, she has yet to truly claim you. “No,” you state flatly.

Ran looks at you in surprise and blinks a few times. “What?” she asks, genuinely confused.

“Master Yukari comes first, Ran,” you answer firmly. The haze clouding your senses seems to slowly loosen its grip.

“Yukari, go ahead and send Orin home,” your date calls out, waving dismissively at the exhausted girl. No response comes, just the sudden departure of Orin through a gap in the floor. “I'm sure she's happy to be rid of her, Yukari prefers not to deal with Satori.” She seems to not be bothered at all by the decision.

You take Ran's hand. “Sorry if I've disappointed you,” you tell her apologetically.

She shakes her head. “No, it's quite fine, I understand and I respect that choice,” she replies, offering you a gentle smile. She lets out a loud yawn, covering her mouth politely. “Perhaps it's for the best, we should get to sleep after all.”

Ran is right. Now that the rush is fading, you feel exhausted. You're covered in sweat and cum, but you are far too tired to care. You can always bathe tomorrow. She doesn't seem put off by it either as she leads you toward the futon. “Maybe some other time, but not before Yukari,” you add.

“Of course, of course, it isn't like that will be the only opportunity,” she says with a grin. The two of you slowly lay down together on the futon, facing one another. Her arms slip beneath your own and wrap around your back in a loving embrace. You can feel her soft breasts and sticky flesh against your own. She pushes her head up beneath your neck, resting it on your chest. “Good night, my dear,” she whispers, closing her eyes.

You yawn softly and give Ran a light, affectionate squeeze. “Good night,” you reply. You slowly close your eyes, exhaustion overtaking you.


You're standing in front of a large mirror, surrounded by inky blackness. There appears to be no source of light, yet everything can be seen clearly, as if you were outside on a sunny day. You stare into the reflective surface and find yourself looking at nothing in return. You begin wonder whether or not it actually is a mirror when a form begins to slowly come into view beside you. Only the upper half of her body seems to appear before you. A hair full of messy, pink hair topped with a pair of chinese-style buns. Her chin rests on a bandaged hand, red eyes staring inquisitively at you.

“How odd,” she states rather simply, looking between you and the mirror, which continues to show only her reflection.

You've got no idea who she is. You're not sure if you've ever seen her before. There is a strange air of familiarity, but you can't place it. “Who are you?”

The woman blinks a few times. “Now it has moved from simply odd to being interesting as well,” she says cryptically. “You do not recognize me?”

You turn from the mirror to look at the visitor. Your eyes meet with hers. “No, I don't think I do, have we met?”

She seems suddenly taken aback, opening her mouth to speak. She stops short, shaking her head. “I suppose we have not,” she begins. “My name is Kasen.” The peculiar woman extends her other hand, the one which is not bandaged. You gently take it in your own. Despite being in what seems to be a dream, she feels quite real.

“Pleased to meet you,” you reply. “Now, can I ask what you're doing here?”

Kasen shrugs slightly. “I was drawn here,” comes her answer. “That is all I know at the moment.” She wrinkles her nose slightly, in apparent distaste. “Ugh, you stink of them.”


“Nothing,” she says dismissively. “So, what have we here?” she asks, looking to the mirror.

You shake your head unknowingly. “It's a mirror, but it seems to only reflect you.” You aren't entirely sure what it means.

Kasen steps toward the mirror and runs her hand along the surface. “Perhaps there is something missing,” she comments idly, glancing back to you with a grin on her face. “I think I can fill in a few of the blank spaces.” She moves toward you, bringing her bandaged arm up to your face. Your body convulses the moment her finger tip touches your cheek. Images and memories flow into your mind. You've met her before. You've been in her house, and you've even...

“What, what is this?” you ask in shock.

She smiles widely. “Amazing how one form imitates the other,” she says in a cryptic manner. “I would recommend asking Yukari, she has probably figured it out by now.” As quickly as she appeared, Kasen begins to depart.

You're left with more questions than answers. “Wait, that's it?” you call out to her.

The mysterious woman pauses and turns her head for a moment. “Yukari is vastly more intelligent than she may seem at first glance,” she replies. She pauses for a second, seemingly thinking to herself. “Oh, and I would also recommend keeping our more intimate details private.” Before you can respond, she disappears. You turn back to the massive mirror. It seems to be evaporating into the murky darkness.


You slowly begin to open your eyes. The room is nearly pitch black, indicating that it's still late at night. Ran has rolled away from you and is soundly asleep. You can smell the stink of sweat and sex through the room. Taking care not to wake her, you slowly rise to your feet. The memory of the dream is fresh and stuck in your mind, along with the images from Kasen. It felt spectacularly real, and you now have an idea of who she is. Some of the other details are particularly interesting, and a desire to meet with her washes over you.

You shake your head, walking towards the door quietly. You feel an urge to leave the room, as if something is drawing you to another part of the house. You had a number of questions for your master before, and there are even more to ask now. Sliding the door to the bedroom open, you step out into the hallway. It takes a bit of uneventful wandering around the house before you spot a faint light coming from another doorway. You're not sure where in the house you are now, but someone is awake in there.

You knock gently on the door. “Hello?” you call out softly.

“Come in,” responds the familiar voice of your master. You open the door and step inside, closing it behind you. Yukari is seated behind a desk, a tired expression on her face. Books are spread about the messy office room. You can't recall having been in this place before, it must be her study. “I couldn't sleep, so I came back here to do a little research,” she speaks up.

You cock your head curiously. “Research about me?” you inquire.

She nods slightly, closing the book in her hand and setting it down. “Yes, actually,” she answers with a faint smile. Yukari rolls her chair back and pats her lap invitingly. “Sit with me, let's talk for a bit.” Slowly, you approach and settle in on her lap. Her arms immediately wrap around you in a loving embrace. “You're a wonderful pet and companion.”

“Yukari?” you question her. You've never seen her act this affectionate.

“Nothing, I'm just rather pleased with you, that's all,” she responds with a grin. “So, I think I've figured out your predicament, my dear.”

You take a moment to cuddle up against your master. Seems that Kasen was right, you would find answers. “What is it, master?” you ask.

She sighs and stares at you for a few seconds. “Well, I'm mostly sure, but I don't want to scare you,” she says. “I'd rather get absolute confirmation before I spout off answers.”

“Does that mean you're not going to tell me?” you inquire dejectedly.

Yukari gives you a brief nod. “Yes, but there is good news, you'll be passing by someone who can give you the answer on your way up the mountain.” She pauses before continuing, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of your head. “There's a woman, Nitori, who can check you out.”


“Yes, she's a friend of mine, and I'll talk to her once you're underway and let her know you're coming,” she answers. “I really am sorry, but it's better to make sure of this first, as it could be complicated.” You're not satisfied, but you'll have to accept the answer for the time being. Yukari smiles widely, laughing to herself. “Oh, this will be interesting, my dear.”

You glance upward, a confused look on your face. “What's going on?”

She shakes her head and continues to chuckle. “I was just thinking about your future experience with Nitori.” Yukari sighs and pats your head. “It will be a very deep and fulfilling experience for you.” You aren't entirely sure what she's going on about. She has this nasty habit, like many of the others you have encountered, of being needlessly cryptic. Usually for their own entertainment. “So, now that we've gone over your situation, is there anything else you'd like to discuss?”

Your master has given you an opening to talk to her for a bit. You've got many questions, lots of which she could likely answer. There's also the prospect of just spending some quality alone time with the woman who brought you here. Alternatively, you could just end the conversation here or go back to bed, or maybe do something else in the house. You're still a bit tired, but you have more energy than earlier.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 13082
I'd also like to state a prediction right now. Since Touhou 13 is all about spirits, I think that:

Kasen is the stage five boss, who is there because she is hunting...

The stage 6 boss, an evil spirit that goes by the name of...


You heard it here first.
No. 13089
Some things for reference:
No. 13090
Don't forget this either:

>The thought brings up a question that has been lingering in the back of your mind for some time. “Hey, Ran, can I ask you a rather sensitive question?” you inquire. She cocks her head in curiosity and then follows it up with a nod. “You know I've, uh, enjoyed the company of a number of youkai, but neither Yukari nor yourself seem concerned.” You clear your throat and pause, considering how to word your thoughts. “Can humans even have children with youkai?” you ask her bluntly.

>The hairs on Ran's tails seem to bristle and stand up when you finish speaking. A look of surprise comes across her face. “Uh, y-yes and no,” she stutters. “You should ask Yukari to explain it to you,” she chuckles nervously. “D-do you want to...”
No. 13094
[x] Check on someone you haven't see for a while, like, you know, maybe Kogasa.

Either her, either Yumeko.
No. 13095
[X] See how Kogasa's doing.
No. 13096
[x] Spend time with Yukari
No. 13097
[x] Spend time with Yukari.

We rarely get a chance like this.
No. 13103

>Are we getting any free time after our date but before we start up the mountain?

>Yes, I plan on the possibility for Yukari-talk-time.

Wouldn't you think this is that 'Yukari-talk-time'? There are a number of questions that have popped up that we don't have the answer to. Maybe this would be a great time to ask.
No. 13104
[c] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[c] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
No. 13106
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.

Might as well get some answers while we're here. Oh, and "deep and fulfilling"? I see what you did there.

I'm disappointed that the last vote brought the H-scene to a full stop. We could've had fun now and later with Yukari, but now we only get one scene later. Isn't that the opposite of what we normally try to do?
No. 13107
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[x] If time remains afterwards, check up on Chen, seeing as she likely was majourly traumatised and all.
No. 13108
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[x] Check on someone you haven't see for a while, like, you know, maybe Kogasa.
And this. Maybe Shinki too?
No. 13109
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[x] If time remains afterwards, check up on Chen to see how she's doing.
[x] If possible, return to Ran in time for her to wake up.

No woman, after a night of sex wants to wake up alone.
No. 13113
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[x] If time remains afterwards, check up on Chen to see how she's doing.
[x] If possible, return to Ran in time for her to wake up.
No. 13114
[+] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[+] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[+] If time remains afterward, check up on Chen to see how she's doing.
[+] If possible, return to Ran in time for her to wake up.
No. 13115
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
-[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
-[x] If time remains afterwards, check up on Chen to see how she's doing.
-[x] Return to Ran in time for her to wake up.

Works for me~!
No. 13129
Votes closed

Winning vote is:

[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[x] If time remains afterwards, check up on Chen to see how she's doing.
[x] If possible, return to Ran in time for her to wake up.
No. 13193
I'll try to get everything updated soon-ish, I haven't been feeling it and I've been dumping a lot of time into COH and UWO.
No. 13603
I'm writing today. For real. I've even got the document open and I'm putting words in it. How exciting. It only took me, what, three weeks? I don't really have a reason for not writing, I've known how I was going to answer these questions in the story for probably 6-9 months now. Just haven't felt like writing, but there's no real risk of me abandoning the story any time soon.
No. 13605
You write when you have the urge to write. We dont want you forcing yourself to write; then the stories not as good.
Take your time.

by take your time I mean POST AN UPDATE NOW KTHX
No. 13607
[x] Ask about what Ran said earlier about Remilia.
[x] Ask about the prospect of human/youkai reproduction.
[x] If time remains afterwards, check up on Chen to see how she's doing.
[x] If possible, return to Ran in time for her to wake up.


This is the perfect opportunity to clear up some of the things that Ran mentioned in the park earlier. “Actually, I do have a few things I'd like to ask you, Master,” you speak up.

Yukari leans back in her chair and raises an eyebrow expectantly. “By all means, my dear,” she replies with a slight smile.

“I was in the park with Ran, and she mentioned the last person who stayed here,” you start. Your master seems surprised by the line of conversation you've started. “She mentioned that he passed on, but now things would be different with Remilia around.”

You haven't exactly posed a question, but she nods in understanding. “I see,” she says simply, pausing to collect her thoughts. “Ran misunderstood the situation at the time, it was his decision to live a natural life.” A long, drawn out sigh escapes her lips. “While I wanted to keep him around, I couldn't deny his request.”

“So, if I wanted to stay around a while, you could do that?” you inquire, tilting your head in curiosity.

Yukari grins. “Yes and no, although I appreciate the sentiment.” She leans forward, resting her arm on the desk. “Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not entirely decided on you yet.” That doesn't really upset you, seeing as you've known her a little over a week. “Believe me, I'm on the cusp, and your little display tonight pushed me a bit closer,” she adds, lips twisting into a sly smile. “But, I digress, yes, I can extend your life, but I'm not allowed.”

She's not allowed? What sort of power can bind someone as strong as your master appears to be? “What do you mean?”

Her smile wavers briefly, a bit of upset showing on her face. “Those who take care of the souls of the dead aren't particularly happy when I play around with the natural order of things.”

You aren't entirely sure you understand, but you nod regardless. “So, how is it that Remilia can help, then?”

Yukari's mood suddenly shifts and is replaced by a more cheerful one. “That's the beauty of it, my dear,” she says with a giggle. “While I would simply turn you into a youkai directly, she would make it your fate to become one.” You blink a few times, trying to process the information. “Well, there's no real way to track whether or not Remilia played with someone's fate.”

“I don't get it,” you state simply, shrugging your shoulders.

“I can't say I blame you, but just trust me when I say that she's your best bet if you truly desire a longer life span,” she replies. “That or Higan, but I think her methods are vastly better.” Yukari gives you a short nod, seeming to be satisfied with her answer. “Anything else?”

One more thing comes to mind. Ran said you should ask Yukari about having children with youkai, didn't she? You blush slightly. “Y-yes, actually, I was wondering,” you stutter, pausing to collect your thoughts. She looks on curiously, likely interested in what topic would make you so nervous. “I've, uh, slept with a variety of women, as you know,” you continue. “That probably sounded really terrible, didn't it?” you ask with a sheepish grin.

Yukari shakes her head and laughs. “No, it's fine,” she says reassuringly. “Please, continue.”

“Right, well, nobody seems concerned about the fact I've done so,” you explain. “I was just wondering if I could have children with you, that's all,” you blurt out. The both of you go silent for a moment as you realize what you said.

She grins widely, leaning forward across the desk. Before you can correct yourself, she speaks up. “Oh my, I've never had a man tell me that before,” she says, giggling afterward. “Or perhaps it was simply a slip of the tongue,” Yukari adds with a wink. “Although, such a slip usually indicates a subconscious desire, doesn't it?” You blush profusely as your master does her best to embarrass you.

“I, I was just wondering if humans and youkai could do something like that, it came out the wrong way,” you say, laughing nervously.

She returns to her seat, leaning back and waving dismissively. “Oh, I know, but you left yourself open,” comes her response. “The answer is yes, but it is a bit complicated,” she begins, straightening her back up a bit. “The human-youkai connection is rather unique and special when it comes to that sort of thing, and it is something that few understand.” She pauses for a bit, glancing off to one side in thought. “Basically, if you and I have casual sex, nothing will come of it,” she explains. “If you did the same with a human, such as Akyu, you run the usual risk.”

You nod in understanding. “Okay, I get it so far, but then what needs to happen if, hypothetically, we wanted children?”

Yukari stares at you, grinning. “Well, hypothetically, if you wanted to mate with me, there's two main conditions,” she continues. “Keep in mind I said 'mate' and not simply 'have sex', as the difference is very important.” You cock your head slightly, waiting expectantly. “We're not sure why, and by we I refer to the community of this world as a whole, but we've found that there is only one way for humans and youkai to conceive children together.” She seems to be taking her sweet time in explaining it, but perhaps it is a sensitive subject for her. “The first requirement is that there is genuine love there, not simply lust.”

“So, does that mean that Ran and myself,” you start, but are abruptly cut off by your master.

She shakes her head. “No, despite what you said last night, what you're experiencing with Ran and Shinki are lust,” she tells you flatly. You lower your gaze in shame. “I understand why you said it, and I probably would have done the same were I in your position.” Glancing back up to Yukari, you feel a bit relieved by her words. “So, the first requirement is mutual love,” she repeats. “The second is a desire from both involved to have children.”

You nod, understanding her explanation. “I'm guessing that results in a half-youkai, or what?” you ask curiously.

“Actually, it tends to depend on whether the mother is human or youkai, although we do have one half-breed running around,” she answers.

You're pretty satisfied, although there is one thing left that you're curious about. Especially given that Yumeko has brought up the subject of mating Yukari. “Can I ask you a sort of sensitive question?” you request. She blinks a few times and then nods slowly. “Do you want children, Master?”

She seems mildly surprised at the question. A short sigh passes her lips. “Well, I am a woman,” she says simply. “Yes, I'd like to find a mate,” Yukari adds, grinning slightly. “You're quite forward, aren't you?” she asks rhetorically. “Does that mean you fancy yourself to be said mate, my pet?”

You give a bit of a shrug. “I don't really know, I've been here less than two weeks, but I,” you answer, being interrupted once more.

“I like you, dear,” she says in a kind tone. “Quite a lot, actually, and I'm happy with your presence and actions.” You look at her expectantly. That sounds like the sort of line that is going to continue with a 'but'. “But, my interests in you are not love,” she states bluntly, albeit in a gentle and apologetic tone. It stings quite a bit to hear that, although you aren't entirely sure why. “Don't take that the wrong way, what I mean to say is that if you continue as you are now, we could potentially be more than master and servant.” You could be mistaken, but it sounds as if there is almost a hopeful tone to her voice. She may want you, but seeks to prove to herself that you're the right choice. Then again, maybe the only one being hopeful here is yourself.

You open your mouth to speak, but she raises a hand to stop you. “You've had two questions, now it's my turn.” She lifts one leg, crossing it over the other. “Earlier, you stopped that little encounter with Orin by saying you were saving yourself for me, correct?” You nod, remaining silent. “Do you truly stand by what you claim?” she inquires, her facial expression rather serious.

“Yes, Master,” you reply. “You said I could sleep with anyone I please, but ultimately I belong to you.” She seems quite happy with your answer. “I wouldn't be fulfilling that if I had someone else first,” you add, trying to explain your reasoning.

“Words are nice, but they only go so far,” she fires back with a wink. “Prove it to me through your actions, my dear.” Yukari finally stands from her chair. You're not sure, but it seems as if there is a bulge beneath her clothing. “It's late, and you need to return to Ran, but in the morning I'd like you to come to my room,” she requests, smiling radiantly. “By the way, it's strangely entertaining to see that you've become comfortable enough here to wander the house without clothing.” The familiar sight of her gap begins to form before her. “Good night,” she says, looking back over her shoulder as she steps into the opening. You blush slightly. It hadn't even crossed your mind to get dressed after leaving Ran's side.

You're now left alone in the study. It'd be nice to check in on Chen before you go back to Ran and see if she's alright. You spot a dusty clock on one shelf. Seems it's about four in the morning, assuming the device is accurate. Your conversation with Yukari took longer than expected, but it was necessary. Unfortunately, it seems that you'd be best to get back to Ran. You leave the study and quickly find your way back to her bedroom.

Ran appears to be still asleep. She's on her back now, lying atop her soft mass of tails. Her arms and legs are stretched out in a spread eagle fashion. Her smooth flesh glistens with sweat and semen in the dim light. There's an irresistible urge to simply lie down atop her body, although there is not much choice given that she has taken over the entire futon. You carefully position yourself above her and lie down, her breasts pressing to your chest. Ran stirs slightly, her arms coming up to embrace you. You close your eyes and relax on her. The last sensations you feel before drifting off to sleep are her soft tails wrapping around your form affectionately.


To be continued.
No. 13608
So we dont love Shinki or Ran yet?
Hmmm. This is quite the conundrum...
No. 13611
Maybe its because we have doubts about our love.
No. 13612
This is the writefag's way to say: "Make your mind. Ran or Shinki?"

I vote for Shinki.
No. 13613

This is my way of saying 'you can't really love someone having known them for such a short time'. It's also my way of saying 'hey, your body gets love/lust mixed up when you're having sex'.
No. 13614
True and it's what I think as well. Not to say that Rick isn't very fond of Shinki and Ran.
No. 13615
Is it also your way of saying it'd take longer than the couple days of interaction time we've had with either of them to feel an emotion as powerful as love?
No. 13627
So, Yukari's finally decided to "break him in," so to speak. I was hoping you might take care of that before our next outing, just in case the possibility arises during our time on the mountain.

Looking forward to more~
No. 13629
Isn't that exactly what he just said?
No. 13637
After looking at it again, yes, yes he did. It was late at night, cut me a break.
No. 13638
Wait, let me get this straight.
So having sex with girls doesnt mean we love them? Especially if we're boning half a nation?

I'm calling bullshit.
No. 13639
Well, sex can become loveless if it's too often.
For example, payed bitch. They do that everyday. They're not doing that for love or nothing.
I'm not saying that Nick is some kind of chippendale (even if I bet it'll be funny, OOOOOOHHHHH YYYYEEAAAHHH), but I'm afraid that sex may become meaningless for him.
No. 13641
I doubt Rick would have sex with a girl easily if he wasn't fond of them on some level. Some he's more fond of than others.
No. 13642
For the love of God, someone must have a .txt with this story so far, I stopped reading since the 9th thread... please, help ;_;
No. 13643


Also, your sarcasm meter needs recalibration.
No. 13644
No. 13648
File 130543369179.jpg - (187.95KB , 700x960 , 1230389111565.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ctrl+f] Mind the Gap

No. 13654
I think he was going more along the lines of a book-like collection of the story bits. It would be quite nice to be able to read this story without getting sidetracked by montains of discussion

Didn't someone upload the story to Mediafire some time ago or something?
No. 13656
After I finish this update (monday or tuesday, probably) I will post the log in .doc format on mediafire again.
No. 13660
exactly this.
No. 13669
Thank you, anonymous tripcode writer, that does give me much more appreciation for the story and the characters therein.
No. 13690
I get the sensation that the bulge in Yukari's clothing is a penis. Just saying.
No. 13691

That's just crazy talk, man!
No. 13705
Futa YukarixMC?
i am okay with this
No. 13722
Who wouldn't?
No. 13723

So, An update soon or no? Cuz Rick needs to get some pussy stat
No. 13771
Would this really be jinxing? Honestly futa-on-male is rather rare compared to futa-on-female, especially for Touhou. I've read lots of h-doujins for Touhou, and if Touhou h-doujins were weapons, than futa-on-female is the AK-47 of the doujin market, having absolutely flooded the market to the point of saturation. In comparison futa-on-male is more like those extremely rare guns.
No. 13784
That's because liking Futa-on-male is something uncommon in a series like Touhou. (Now something like Gundam Wing...)
No. 13795
Isn't Gundam Wing mostly yaoi?
No. 13798
I'll update soon-ish. I've been far too busy job hunting and being butthurt that I can't afford to order more stuff.

Also, for those bothered by futa-on-male, wait'll we get to Rinnosuke. I'd say 'wait til we get to the shota scene', but that seems to be A-OKAY AS LONG AS THEY ARE A FEMININE BOY. Double standards, ho!
No. 13807
The fanbase is mostly yaoi, thus they wouldn't mind any cock going up a guy's ass. (Insert joke here about how manfaced GW ladies are here)
No. 13814

That sounds like two updates I'll be skipping.
No. 13817
File 130575227534.gif - (488.69KB , 306x254 , RICK.gif ) [iqdb]
I just noticed...

No. 13820
I think I'll pass on this, no offense.
No. 13822
Agreed. I might not mind futa on male, but I prefer to avoid yaoi by and large.
No. 13823

I don't really see the point of having it when the vast majority doesn't want it.
No. 13824
Maybe the author wants it? Ever consider that?
No. 13829

Pretty much. When I started this I sat down and said to myself that I was going to try and write 'almost every character' that I have any interest in/ideas for.

Really, I'm not offended if you skip scenes. I don't care. I expect the two yaoi scenes, scat scene and the watersports scene to be skipped. Possibly one of the Yuuka scenes as well.
No. 13830
I'm guessing that Yuuka scene will have guro.
Either way, Yeah, This is one of these rare fictions that aims to please all and does it effectively. The authors doing what he wants, and a damn fucking fine job of it. Keep it up author.
No. 13831

I get that, it just seems to defeat the purpose of letting people vote if things they likely aren't interested in are going to be unavoidable. I kind of got the impression that the one-shot thread was intended for "whatever the author feels like" sort of stuff.

I wouldn't tell him not to do it or anything. It's his story, after all. I just thought that some scenes might work better as supplemental or "what if" one-shots, since those are unrelated to voting. That's all I'm saying.
No. 13832

Possibly, though I doubt it. I think he once hinted at a Yuuka scene with sounding, or at least that was the impression I got.
No. 13833
Yaoi, I'll pass.
Scat, I'll pass.
Watersports, I don't really understand why I should pass. It's about swimsuits, right? Or is it some kind of slang I don't know yet?

Also, votes are only for plot, not really for fetishes, since we'll do them all anyway (unless plot>sex)

TL;DR: I'll close my eyes if I don't like it, but you're doing a good job, writefag.
No. 13834
No. 13835

I hope you're correct, Anon.
No. 13836

No guro, no NTR, no asphyxiation, no vore. Rest are fair game, unless I can recollect something else I won't do.


One shot thread is for stuff that is unrelated to the main story or won't ever possibly happen in it.
No. 13837
>No guro, no NTR, no asphyxiation, no vore. Rest are fair game
Inflation, sneezing, and cake-sitting are in? Sweet.
No. 13838

Would you ever consider using the one shot thread for missed opportunities? For example, if there was a scene you really wanted to do that we missed because of a vote, would you possibly write it anyway and put it there? Of course, this is assuming that there wouldn't be any chances later on for the same scene to happen, such as scenes that are highly situational.
No. 13845

Sneezing and cake sitting? What?


No. 13846
Pretty sure he's joking.

Or maybe he is seriously interested in women sneezing during sex. Or having sex on top of a cake.
No. 13849
Well, some people are turned on by farting so sneezing doesn't sound too far out there.

One of the things I like most about this story is that the author is writing/intends to include pretty much every character/fetish he has any bit of interest in. I might not be interested in every single one of either and I might skip a post or two but the premise is too awesome for me to even suggest he shouldn't include even my biggest turnoffs.
No. 13850
Sneezing is the second biggest orgasm you can have, you know.
No. 13851
I doubt that's what cake sitting means, but I don't really feel like checking in case it's something gross.
No. 13853
File 130581786347.png - (155.71KB , 576x432 , vlcsnap-2010-12-02-12h32m24s24.png ) [iqdb]
Watersports = pissing?

Ugh, something else I'm gonna avoid then... Thanks for warning, writefag.
No. 13854
File 130582353667.png - (9.07KB , 601x489 , yumeko_undressed.png ) [iqdb]
You find yourself relaxing on a short sofa in some sort of sitting room. The setting is strangely familiar. Glancing around the room, you realize it is quite similar to Shinki's home, yet missing a number of the features that were present during your visit. It isn't Alice's residence either, as you've seen that during your dreams.

Yumeko casually strides into the room and takes a seat beside you, a small platter of tea and cakes in hand. She's dressed in her usual white-and-red maid outfit. “This is Shinki's home, but formed from my memories of when I was alive,” she speaks up, answering the question on your mind. “Time passes and things change.”

You blink a few times, still not used to her reading and responding to your thoughts. “Why am I here?” you ask, attempting to keep a step ahead of her.

“Relax, it isn't a race,” she says, waving her hand dismissively. “I'll stop if it makes you feel more comfortable.” You nod slightly, realizing after the fact that such an action wasn't necessary. “As for your question, I simply wanted to talk to you.”

“Talk to me about what?” you inquire, cocking your head curiously and watching her closely. You've seen and spoken with her before, but this would be the first true one-on-one encounter with no interruptions. You had remarked on her appearance in the past, but being up close and personal is different. She's beautiful, with nearly flawless skin that is marred by a lone scar. Her long, blonde hair is well-kept and managed, not a single strand out of place. Despite the modest clothing she wears, you can still make out a moderate bust line.

Yumeko shrugs, her face now covered in a light blush. “A few different things, such as Yukari and your training.” She pauses for a moment, clearing her throat. “As I've said before, I'm here to assist you, not satiate your sexual desires.”

“Sorry, Yumeko,” you say in an apologetic tone. Her words lead your thoughts down a different path, however, and you're now curious as to what she'd look like without the maid outfit. On cue, her maid dress fades away to reveal her lacy panties and bra, long stockings covering her legs and hooking on to a garter belt.

The blush only deepens, a distraught look upon her face. “Really, now, this may be your dream, but have some restraint, please,” she says in frustration. You do your best to turn your thoughts elsewhere, allowing her clothing to return. “I suppose that I could help relieve you in the future, but...” Yumeko shakes her head, cutting off the thought before it gives you any further ideas. “Never mind that, let's discuss Yukari to begin with.”

“Well, I already spoke to her tonight, so what's there to talk about?”

Her lips curl into a slight smile. “She didn't exactly cover all the details that you should know about, such as exceptions to the rule,” Yumeko explains.

“What exceptions are you talking about?” you ask her, now quite concerned. “I didn't run the risk of getting anyone pregnant, did I?”

She lets out a soft sigh, relaxing back into the sofa. “Well, what Yukari said was mostly correct, for youkai, which Shinki is not,” she says in a cautious tone. “Shinki is a god, and there's nothing stopping you from having children with her.”

Your eyes widen in surprise. “So, I might have...”

“It is entirely possible, and there are other cases where you have the same possibility.”

Now you're really worried. “W-what are these other cases?” you ask, stammering slightly.

“Celestials, humans, gods and youkai in heat are all susceptible,” she says, calmly addressing your concerns. “Tsuchigumo in particular can become pregnant at any time, and very easily, although they pose a rather strange situation. It's hard for me to explain.” Yumeko takes a deep breath and releases a long, drawn-out sigh. “I probably should have brought up the training first, rather than something so worrisome.”

You shake your head. “It's alright, thank you for letting me know. I'll just have to prepare myself for a possible surprise the next time I see Shinki.”

“Right then, your training,” she begins, attempting to shift the conversation. “I would like to express my concerns that you aren't doing enough of it, simply put. I understand you've been busy, but I can't simply take control of your body every time you are in a dangerous situation.” You turn your eyes downward in both shame and apology. Her gaze softens a bit. “I'm just concerned for your well being, that's all. Try to train further in the future.”

The two of you sit in silence for a few moments. “Well, if I've got some time, I can see about doing that,” you say, looking up with a grin on your face. “Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?”

She shakes her head. “Nothing in particular, although if you had questions for me, now would be the time.”

[ ] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[ ] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[ ] Inquire further about the chance to have her 'relieve' you.
[ ] You're satisfied, dismiss Yumeko.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 13856
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] "Can you tell me more about yourself?"

Leave asking to get inside her pants much later. Do remember, This woman is inside of us, we dont want her getting ticked off. However asking her a question about herself may help quite a lot.
No. 13859
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.

Down boy, no 'relieving' on the first conversation.
No. 13860
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] "Can you tell me more about yourself?"
No. 13861
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] Ask about a training schedule she'd be fine with since she's worried about it.
No. 13862
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] "Can you tell me more about yourself?"
[x] Ask about a training schedule she'd be fine with since she's worried about it.

Not like Rick can only think with his dick.
No. 13863
A training schedule does not work because Rick does not have a set schedule to begin with. He can't simply go up to Yukari and ask for her to devise a day plan for him based around the voices in his head.
No. 13864
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
-[x] Inquire further about the chance to have her 'relieve' you.

I don't think she'll agree, but I wanna have more information about that... proposal.
And I'm really interested in her relation with Shinki.
Canonically, she's a maid. And in fanon? A confident? A friend? A lover? I wanna know!
No. 13865
Am I the only one thinking that doing her would basically equal a very realistic wet dream?

[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] "Can you tell me more about yourself?"
-[x] Inquire further about the chance to have her 'relieve' you.
No. 13866

I don't know, that depends if she wants you to/will let you do her. She seems awful reluctant.
No. 13875
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.

Don't want to spend too much time here, Yukari will be waiting when we wake up.
No. 13876

You're going to sleep the same amount, regardless of how much time is spent in dreamland.
No. 13877
I think now isn't the best time to asking about relieving herself. Maybe after getting to know her better that she may be more open to the possibility.
No. 13878
[ ] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[ ] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[ ] Ask if we're (Rick and Shinki) strangers to love.
[ ] Ask if she (Shinki) know the rules.
[ ] Ask if a full commitment's what she's (Shinki) thinking of.
[ ] Ask if she(Shinki) wouldn't get this from any other guy.
[ ] Ask if I just wanna tell her (Shinki) how I'm feeling.
[ ] Ask if I(Rick) gotta make her(Shinki) understand.
No. 13879
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] "Can you tell me more about yourself?"

Also, I see that Yamame is extra fertile. Lets hope he remembers he has a magic rubber.
No. 13881

I hate you.
No. 13882
[X] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
-[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[X] "Can you tell me more about yourself?"
-[x] Ask about a training schedule she'd be fine with since she's worried about it.

Works for me~!
No. 13883
As I said earlier, training schedule does not work. You don't need to revote if you don't feel like it, but keep in mind I will be taking those votes as if they were posted without the inclusion of asking about a schedule.

Please read further in the future.
No. 13885
[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] Ask her to tell you more about herself
No. 13886
File 130586846098.jpg - (616.44KB , 723x1023 , c604a93267f1584ddd2a961c11f81135.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[X] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[X] Ask her to tell you more about herself

>No Yumeko image
For shame.
No. 13890
[X] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[X] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[X] Ask her to tell you more about herself
No. 13902
Votes closed, winning vote is:

[x] Pry about her relationship with Shinki. She didn't have time to answer earlier.
[x] Ask Yumeko why she is so concerned with the relationship between Yukari and yourself.
[x] Ask her to tell you more about herself
No. 13907
Probably won't update til Monday and the thread is on autosage anyway, so I'm up for doing a little Q&A. The usual applies, ask your questions but I won't answer anything that leads to spoilers.


But it was a Yumeko image! Didn't you see the file name?
No. 13908
.doc/.txt with the story so far when ;_;
No. 13909

With the beginning of the next thread.
No. 13910
Ah, but of course. How silly of me to overlook such a thing. My apologies.
No. 13911
>there are other cases where you have the same possibility
>Celestials, humans, gods and youkai in heat are all susceptible

Good lord, is this where the mysterious 'scent' certain Touhous have been commenting about has been coming from? Wow, outside of Kogasa, I think we've fucked every single one of them.

[X] Write in: "Can you tell me anything about Alice?"
No. 13912
>so I'm up for doing a little Q&A

Are there any characters out of the question? Three mischievous fairies, the Watatsukis, any PC-98 characters, etc.? Already saw a Kyouko scene, so more than a little curious.
Conflict has been a fairly minimal concern so far, but the option to enhance our abilities has been a consistent option. Will continual neglect of this have any serious/noticeable ramifications?
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being barely capable and 10 being beyond omniscient, where does your Yukari fall?
Any surprising votes/decisions so far?
What's the best part about writing? Vice versa, the part you hate?
Future aspirations?
Favorite day of the week?

Feel free to ignore as ya deem fit.
No. 13917

No, and votes were closed already.


Not sure what to do with watatsuki sisters, other than I'd like to fit them in. Expect the three fairies. Pretty much everyone post-PC98 is game. The only PC98 characters I have/had ideas for at the moment are Shinki, Yumeko and Luize (whom I didn't do justice and deserves a revisit).

Training will affect more than just your combat ability. It benefits Yumeko in various, positive ways.

8-9, because despite her massive power, Higan is still above her. There is always someone stronger.

Most of the votes that I vetoed were surprises. Not the good kind, either.

Coming up with ideas that I like and then fleshing them out. The worst part is being a slackass and feeling bad about it.

Advice? What kind of advice? Don't eat the yellow snow.

Are you asking this on a personal level or a 'writing shit on the boards' level?

Thursday because it's when I currently get paid. Only 278,000 yen to go!

I think that covers everything.
No. 13933
File 130604053033.jpg - (103.93KB , 563x791 , 3618477.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Advice? What kind of advice?
As a writer and stuff

>Are you asking this on a personal level or a 'writing shit on the boards' level?
In general; anything from next story to personal aspirations. Since you've been keen on being appealing to non-Touhou folk and NaNoWriMo, was wondering about side projects/future of this story/being an author in general.

>Only 278,000 yen to go!
The fuck?

No. 13934


Get a proof reader.


Keep working on this story. Get my ass in gear on Momizi story + related side project. Maybe sell a book via amazon's self publish some day.

>The fuck?

Buying things and paying them off. That's all.
No. 13958
New thread: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/13956.html
No. 13981
As promised in the new thread, I deleted it so I could repost both together this evening without all of the chaff in between.

And to fix the subject.
No. 14008
Wrong link, brah.

No. 14045

It was the right link, until I deleted the prior thread and reposted it!