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IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn

Multi-parter since people have difficulty differentiating dreams.

[X] Sure, it could be fun to explore, spend time with her and meet her boss.


“I say yes,” you answer eagerly, smiling up at Komachi. “But, I do need to tell you, I've got a lot going on, so it may be some time.”

She shakes her head. “Naw, that's fine, I'm just happy you want to be with me,” she replies. The way she worded it sounds as if she is getting a bit ahead of herself. No need to destroy her hope, though. She glances about the room for a moment before turning back to you. Leaning in, she speaks in hushed tones. “I was kinda hopin' for that, y'see, I wanted to do a bit more but I don't really want them watching.”

You blink at her a few times, taken aback. She didn't come across as the shy type in the bar earlier, but people act differently after they've opened up. “Whatever you're comfortable with,” you say respectfully.

Komachi nods once, a smile across her face. “Well, then maybe I should finish takin' care of you?” she asks with a wink. She gently slides you from her lap, releasing your body and resting it on the bed. Crawling from the mattress and kneeling down on the floor, she grabs your feet and slowly pulls you down the bed. Your legs are spread wide and dangling freely from the edge of the bed. “I got a little special something I haven't had a chance to use in a long time.” Her hand gently grabs your shaft, pulling towards her. She leans in and places one soft kiss upon the tip.

You sit up, looking down towards her. She returns the gaze, eyes brimming with affection. “You're quite the woman, Komachi.”

“I know,” is all she says in response. Sliding her hand up and forming a fist around the head, she pushes your cock back. Her warm, damp tongue runs across your testicles. You shudder slightly in response as it slowly runs along the length of your penis, from root to tip. Satisfied, Komachi sighs contently. She releases you, instead hefting up her sizable bust with both hands. “You've been wanting these since you first saw 'em, huh?”

Swallowing nervously, you can't do much but nod dumbly in response. “I've been wanting you since I first saw you,” comes your correction. “You're beautiful, and sweet, and...”

“Shh,” she interrupts. “You don't have to say another word, the moment is already perfect,” she adds with a wink. You groan in pleasure as the soft, supple flesh of her large breasts envelops your penis. It fits snugly between them, the head poking slightly out. Knowing exactly what to do, she takes advantage of it, wrapping her lips around the tip and sucking gently. Her breasts begin to shift around you, squeezing and twisting about.

“Komachi,” you moan out. She picks up the pace in response to your cry. Your legs slowly envelop her back, drawing her closer to your crotch.

Her mouth leaves you, the engorged tip of your cock popping free from her sweet lips. “Just relax and enjoy my womanly charms,” she says, smiling radiantly. She bounces her breasts on your lap, the sensitive tip of your penis rubbing against her smooth skin. You groan and gasp, head flopping back. Your back arches slightly, pressing your crotch against her bust. “Gettin' a bit excited, are we?” she giggles, pausing to lick her lips afterward. She brings one hand up, gripping the head tightly. Her other arm moves to rest on your lap, hooking around her breasts and squishing them against your penis. “Been a while since I've tasted a man, too.” Her fist tugs on and rolls around your cock head. You grit your teeth, gasping loudly at her touch and pressing your back into the bed. She gently begins to bounce her breasts rhythmically, not letting up on your meat.

You moan loudly, thrusting yourself up against her. Komachi's caress has been slowly wearing you down the entire time, and you can feel the orgasm welling up within you. Sitting up suddenly, you reach forward and place a hand on her head. Not to grab her hair, but to stroke it lovingly. “Komachi, Komachi,” you cry, calling out her name lustfully.

“Why don'tcha give us what we both want?” she says, voice dripping with hunger. She shifts her position, lowering herself and aiming your cock downward. Her mouth comes up from below and takes the throbbing length inside of it. You can't resist any longer, warm cum pouring into her eager mouth. Komachi coughs slightly after the first shot and pulls free. The next load stains her beautiful face, the gooey liquid dripping from her cheek and on to the floor.

You look at her with a smile on your face. She's looks so cute like that. The thought is quickly displaced by a heavy dizziness. “Komachi?” you groan.

She does her best to swallow the sticky liquid in her mouth, looking at you curiously. “You okay?” she asks with concern. You're not okay, though. You slump forward, collapsing on to her. The darkness begins to overtake you once more.

No. 11322
File 129962672841.jpg - (331.60KB , 600x840 , 69694becb8762be746ad663041463143.jpg ) [iqdb]

You're standing in an office. A rather well furnished one at that. Everything seems to be hand carved by a master of his trade. Expensive looking decorations and books line the various shelves on the walls. Behind the desk sits a woman, focused on her work. She has short, green hair, topped with an ornate blue-and-white hat that sports an emblem on the front. A large ribbon of both red and white sticks out from the back. You try to speak, but nothing comes out. That's when she notices you.

“What?” she says, stunned by your presence. “Who are you? What are you doing in my office?” she asks with an upset tone in her voice, her blue eyes staring at you angrily. The woman drops her pen and grabs some sort of stick from nearby, standing up and waving it at you. It doesn't seem threatening, though. She's almost too pretty to be taken seriously. She has an attractive, somewhat curvy form that is dressed in a modest fashion. Her eyes are on an even level with your own, standing roughly your height. Despite how little her clothes reveal, you can still appreciate her moderate bust. “What is this, a perverted spirit showing up in my office uninvited?” she says, gritting her teeth, realizing that you are inspecting her. Regardless of her apparent anger, there is a hint of something else beneath it.

You shrug, attempting to speak again. Your clueless gestures seem to do nothing but cause further upset. “Where is Komachi?” she says to herself, grabbing at a ledger on the desk. Komachi? That name sounds vaguely familiar. “Lazy shinigami, another day off?” The green-haired woman looks back up, steadying and composing herself. “All right, then, I'll deal with you myself,” she says. Gingerly, she reaches down to pick up a small mirror. It appears to have a reflective surface on both sides, and one side is now pointed at you. The both of you stand there in silence, waiting. Her annoyed expression is replaced by one of concern, and then curiosity. “How odd,” she muses. “I've never seen this before, one that the mirror does not respond to?”

Something tugs at you. The image before you begins to twist and contort, losing shape. “Wait, where are you going?” calls out the woman. “I'm not done with you, get back here.” For a moment, you can feel the faint sensation of a hand grabbing your own.
No. 11323
File 129962679370.png - (292.82KB , 647x906 , 575e0f8b33343507c2400a2245c3be32.png ) [iqdb]
Last part.


You slowly stir. You're laying on the soft bed in the room. The presence of warm skin against your own can be felt. Groaning softly, you begin to open your eyes. Dim light floods your vision, gentle on your weary eyes. “Hey, are you alright?” asks the familiar, soft voice of Tenshi. She rolls on to her side, looking at you with worry in her eyes.

“I collapsed,” you state.

“Yes, you did, how are you feeling?”

Shaking your head, you blink a few times, trying to clear your senses. “Weird, I had a strange dream,” you answer simply. “What're you doing here, Tenshi? Where are the others.”

“After you blacked out, they came to get me, wanted me to watch you for a bit,” she responds. “Left the room, don't know what they're doing.” Tenshi smiles happily at you for a moment before resting her head on your chest. “I don't mind, it means I get to spend some time alone with you.” She turns and nuzzles you slightly, kissing your body and letting out a satisfied 'mm'.

You sit up and she moves out of the way. “Thank you.” Turning towards her, you weakly embrace the smaller girl. She's warm. The feeling of her body on your own is nice. After a moment of hesitation, most likely from surprise at the sudden move, her own arms embrace you in return. The both of you relax in each others arms for a few moments.

“You seem a bit exhausted,” she says, stating the obvious. “But, we're alone, so if you wanted to do anything, now would be the time.” Tenshi pulls out of the hug, revealing her small bust. Her small, pink nipples are already erect. “Only if you want to, though.”

[ ] Push through the weariness, offer to have sex with Tenshi.
[ ] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
--[ ] Talk for a bit (include a topic).
[ ] Words need not be spoken. Suck on her nipples, followed by other pleasures for her body.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 11326
[X] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.

He just blacked out, best to not even try pushing himself further.
No. 11329
[ ] Push through the weariness, offer to have sex with Tenshi.

3 with Akyu and then passing out.
2 with Iku and 1 with Komachi before passing out.
We might have a magic number here, if I'm not miscounting.

3 times at once with Shou, but not counting Kogasa before.
3 times with Byakuren and Kogasa in the bath...
No. 11331

Perhaps there is another reason yet to be discovered! Or maybe you're right. Who knows?

Well, other than me.
No. 11332
[x] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
--[x] Talk for a bit about asshole friends.

Seriously guys? He collapses and you just tralala off to another room to have sex? Not fucking cool.
No. 11333

You're still in the same room. Minor details.
No. 11334
>“Left the room, don't know what they're doing.”

So Ran and the others are all in the same room? That's not a minor detail. man.
No. 11336

You are in the same room. Everyone else left, but they sent Tenshi up to watch you. I also figured referring to it as 'the room' rather than 'a room' would indicate it is the same room you were in before.
No. 11338
[x] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
--[x] Talk for a bit about asshole friends.

I'm completely down with this conversation topic.
No. 11339
I am aware we are still in the same room. My point is that everyone ditched us when we collapsed. That they would do so and leave us with someone they ignore and don't seem to like is completely rude. Doubly so since they are probably going to go continue sexing each other up. Assholes, the lot of them.
No. 11340

Okay, miscommunication. I thought you misread what I wrote as thinking we moved rooms to have sex (which totally made no sense). I read it as lecturing the other readers on voting for sex.

Silly me!
No. 11341
>continue sexing each other up
Not seeing the problem.
No. 11342
My fault. The vote was worded in such a manner as to be easily misconstrued. Alas, you respond so goddamn quickly I had no time to revise it a bit. My apologies.
No. 11343
[x] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.

Come on, read the mood. We can simply enjoy the company and you want to talk about something that may just bring down Tenshi's mood?
No. 11344
The problem is that they're not sexing Tenshi up. Assholes.
No. 11345
Give a Tenshi some company and she'll be happy for the moment; teach a Tenshi to stand up for herself when her friends treat her like shit and she'll be happy for life.
No. 11346
And who will she thank for giving her the courage to stand up for herself? Why, the person who encouraged her. It's the perfect plan.
No. 11348
[x] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
No. 11349
[x] Words need not be spoken. Suck on her nipples, followed by other pleasures for her body.

We don't need to fuck her.
No. 11350
[X] Words need not be spoken. Suck on her nipples, followed by other pleasures for her body.
No. 11355
[x] Words need not be spoken. Suck on her nipples, or by other pleasures for her body.

We should at least try to pleasure her some before passing out. She can return the favor some other time. Though I fear the date might have been derailed.
No. 11358
[┼] Words need not be spoken. Suck on her nipples, followed by other pleasures for her body.
[┼] Sleep together afterward.

There's someone thinking at least. Servicing her & then cuddling should be a decent middle road.
No. 11360
[X] Words need not be spoken. Suck on her nipples, followed by other pleasures for her body.

Iku shoejob and Komachi titfuck followed by lovingly caressing Tenshi? This is well on its way to being the best night ever for our friend Rick. Although the whole dying-but-not-really-dying thing is a little ominous...
No. 11361
[X] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
No. 11362
[x] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
No. 11363
[X] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.
--[X] Talk for a bit about asshole friends.

Because srsly.
No. 11364
Going to close votes early, was waiting for a tie breaker and got it. Not going to include the asshole friends bit since it wasn't a majority sub-option.

For those curious, I counted votes with suboptions separate from those without. Can't remember if that is how I handled it before or not. Thus making it 5 sleep vs 4 playing.
No. 11365
Looks like Tenshi's going to have to wait her turn for pleasure.

Let's see the delayed enjoyment list is at:
Ran at the rate things are going
Nue in a normal form.
No. 11366

Damn, I knew I should've voted "[ ] Words need not be spoken..." earlier. It seems almost blatant that she's asking for some sexual activity with Rick, but I guess votes win.
No. 11367
But cuddling might be just as good... since it's naked cuddling. Kinda sucks though she'll have to wait her turn. Still better than trying to have sex and failing due to stamina issues.

That's not even going into the list of girls who need a more through time. (Iku, Akyu, Komachi)
No. 11378
Hey, no worries. We still have time before the end of the world. Oh, no, wait, they moved it up again. Well, doesn't that just beat all?
No. 11395
File 129970510610.jpg - (120.44KB , 848x1200 , d019174f5461c3b45b3aa72038b866a9.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Suggest simply sleeping together and enjoying the company.


Wearily, you lean in and push your lips to her own. Tenshi's eyes go wide in surprise for a moment, not expecting your actions. After the initial shock wears off, she shuts them and returns the kiss, pressing her lighter frame up against your own. You break the kiss and embrace her, letting her head slip beneath your chin to rest against your chest. One hand comes up from behind, stroking her soft blue hair. “I do want to, Tenshi,” you whisper.

“But?” she questions you, rubbing her head against you.

“I'm so tired, I feel exhausted,” you answer, relaxing your grip. “I don't want to waste our time together.” You kiss the top of her head.

She shifts slightly beneath you, moving to become more comfortable in your arms. “I don't think we're wasting anything,” she responds reassuringly. You can feel her small lips grazing over the skin of your neck.

You grin and let out a slow, content sigh. She really is sweet, despite her initial hostilities. “How about we just relax, sleep, and enjoy being together?” you suggest.

Her hair tickles your chin as she nods. “I think that sounds wonderful,” she says, almost dreamily. The both of you slowly lay down, maintaining the embrace. You shift beneath the covers in an attempt to get comfortable. Tenshi presses her body tighter, conforming her shape to yours. The two of you lay there, eyes closed, content to simply hold one another.

“Mm, Tenshi,” you whisper, rubbing your chin lovingly against her head.

She moves in your arms slightly. “Yes?”

You gently shake your head. “Oh, nothing,” you answer dismissively. “I just wanted to say your name.” Tenshi doesn't say a word, instead opting to plant another kiss on you. This sort of affection is rather refreshing. While you do enjoy the more lustful approach of certain women, this feeling is indescribably wonderful. Shinki, Kogasa, Tenshi, the list goes on. The thought of a relationship enters your mind. You did make a commitment to Shinki, but what would it be like to get involved with the others? There's still Yukari to consider, as well. She did bring you here.

You notice after a couple more minutes that her breathing has slowed down a bit. Seems she fell asleep. The only thing that remains are your thoughts. They drift to your master, Yukari. She fits into the lustful category, but she has shown you both care and concern. You can't help but wonder if there is far more beneath the surface.

“Have you considered mating her?” asks a voice from behind. It isn't that of Nue, or one of the other girls. Nor that of your master. It sounds like the one you heard in the bar earlier. You gently release Tenshi and roll away, looking towards the source. A well-dressed, and well-mannered, woman sits in a nearby chair. “Don't speak, you'll wake her, just respond with your thoughts.” She stands, bowing slightly. “The Nue would also become suspicious.” She is fairly tall with long, blonde hair cascading down her back. A red-and-white maid outfit covers her body.

Who are you?

The mysterious woman smiles slightly. “My name is Yumeko,” she answers, saying nothing else.

You quickly fill in the blanks, though. Shinki mentioned you, you were her servant.

“Servant, protector, consort, friend,” she begins. “I am, or rather, was, many things to her.”

She said you were gone, so why are you here now?

Yumeko nods. She is quite polite, hands folded neatly in front of her. “I am indeed gone, at least physically,” comes her answer. “My spirit still resides in the blade, and that is a manifestation of what you're seeing now.”

You pause, trying to process everything. Why not appear before?

“I had no need, you weren't in danger, nor your companions, until recently,” she informs you with a smile. “I've been watching, ever since the first moment you focused on the sword.” The woman returns to her seat. “Think of it as your energy waking me up, if you will.”

I'm still a bit confused, but thank you for the explanation.

“Oh, of course, you're quite welcome.”

Now would you explain what you meant by 'mating her'?

“Yukari,” she states matter-of-factly. “Have you considered mating her?” she asks once more. “Despite your conflicted thoughts, I can tell there is something more lying beneath.” You fume in annoyance, clearly upset by her invasion of your privacy. She simply dismisses the upset. “Well?”

I've had sex with her, if that's what you're asking, but Shinki...

Yumeko interrupts you, mid-thought. “I didn't ask about Shinki, I asked about your master.” She stands again, taking a few steps towards the bed. “And when I say mate, I mean mate, not simply have sex.” Despite her rather forward line of questioning, she still comes off as overbearingly polite.

Not really, but...

Despite your efforts, she stops you once more. “But, you need to talk to Yukari about it first, I recall the conversation with Ran earlier.”

Have you been listening in on all of my conversations and thoughts?

“I can't help it, I'm in your head,” she answers with a grin. “While I am a separate, spiritual entity, when you put your focus and energy into my being, a connection was formed,” follows the explanation. “We are loosely, yet inextricably, linked together.”

Well, she's fairly attractive, a bit nosy, but nice enough to answer your questions. Maybe I can live with that.

“Those thoughts are rather unbecoming,” Yumeko says with a slight blush. “I am here to assist you, not be lusted after.”

So, why are you asking about my position on Yukari? Realizing how that thought sounded, you blush. You know what I mean, given everything with Shinki and all, I'd think you would push for her.

She blinks a few times, thinking to herself. “I apologize if I came off as pushing, but that was not my intent.” Breaking her composure for a moment, she sighs and runs a hand through her long hair. “I need to explain a few things, it seems,” she starts. “While I certainly care for Shinki, my primary concern now is the well-being of yourself, as well as those around you, as I demonstrated earlier.”

You recall the incident, replaying it in your mind. Well, as best as one can replay pitch black and the sounds of battle. Yes, that was rather odd, especially with my sight being lost.

“My apologies once more, I took partial control of your body.” She bows politely, as if asking for forgiveness. You nod and she straightens up. “I have access to most of your thoughts, but not quite everything, it isn't easy to explain.”

That thought is a bit scary.

Yumeko raises her hands in a disarming manner. “No need to worry, again, I was merely considering your welfare,” she responds.

Do you know Yukari, or are you just acting on my thoughts?

She nods briefly. “Yes, I do, I spent much time with both her and Ran while I was alive,” she says. “Your surface and some of the underlying thoughts seem to indicate an affection for her, beyond that of a master-servant role, and I thou--.”

It is your turn to interrupt. Tell me, Yumeko, do you have experience with, as you put it, 'affection beyond that of a master-servant role'?

Yumeko pauses for a moment before beginning to open her mouth. A quiet knock at the door can be heard. The maid disappears into thin air before you. Tenshi can be heard stirring slightly, and you roll back over to embrace her. Wouldn't seem right to have abandoned her. “Wake up,” you whisper.

She groans quietly, shaking her messy blue hair. “Whassit?” she asks sleepily.

“Someone's at the door, Tenshi.”

A slight shrug comes next. “Let 'em come, I don't mind being seen with you.”

Another soft knock can be heard, followed by a familiar voice calling out. “Are you awake? Tenshi? Everything okay?” Sounds like Komachi.

“Come in, we were just sleeping,” you respond. The door opens slowly. Komachi and an unfamiliar face are standing in the entrance.

The red-haired woman seems a bit surprised that you're in bed, naked, with Tenshi, but quickly rushes to your side regardless. “Hey, you okay?”

You nod and smile, pleased to see her. Tenshi rolls on to her back, her naked upper body exposed to the cool air. “I'm alright, but where are the others, and who is your friend?” you ask, glancing to the doorway. A finely dressed woman, head topped with a pair of rabbit ears, stands in the door. She has a pair of dark glasses on and clutches what appears to be a medical bag.

“That's Reisen, she's here to check you out, I went right off to Eientei after you passed out,” Komachi answers, voice filled with worry. “As for the others, well, I had 'em go to another room, you can't pull a horny kitsune off someone once they get going.”

Reisen bows. “Please excuse me, I need to inspect you, I was informed that you had experienced multiple black-outs in a short period of time,” she says in a polite manner.

You look at her with a quizzical expression on your face. “What's with the glasses?” you inquire, rolling on to your side for a better look.

She shakes her head. “I'm sorry, it is preferable for me to wear these in such a situation,” she answers, not really offering an explanation. Reisen pulls a variety of familiar medical implements from her bag, going through a routine examination of your body. “Please lie on your back now,” she prompts you, waiting patiently. A blush comes over her face when she notices your rather apparent erection. Doing her best to ignore it, she finishes up the exam. “Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but my master would be better off giving you a proper work up,” she says, turning to Komachi. “We don't normally deal with humans, but have him come to Eientei when he is free,” Reisen instructs. She packs up her bag and turns to leave, just as quickly as she came.

“Well, I guess that's some sorta relief, huh?” Komachi asks.

You nod to her. “I appreciate the concern, but it wasn't necessary, I've just been overworking myself since the moment I got here,” you explain. “Hey, how long was I out?”

She shrugs. “I dunno, how long you been awake?”

Tenshi chimes in now. “I think like two hours or so, meaning he was out for maybe an hour?”

Nodding firmly, Komachi sits on the side of the bed. “Ran should be done about now, maybe you should head home and get some rest.” She says it rather insistently, rather than as a suggestion. She is right, though, and you need to finish the date back where it started. Today has been rather crazy. But, you don't want to abandon Tenshi either.

[ ] Go get Ran, head home.
[ ] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.
[ ] Suggest bringing Tenshi home with you.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 11398
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.

If I was in such a situation and brought Tenshi home, my mind would be stuck on the desire for activities which Rick is in no shape to perform at the moment.

This is Gensoukyou, she's a friend of several friends. Surely we'll meet again.
No. 11399
You forget that we owe Ran some 'quality time' tonight.

[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.
-[x] Then go and get Ran.
No. 11400
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.

As much as I like Tenshi, we can't bring every stray Touhou we like home. Well. We could try. I doubt Yukari would approve.
No. 11401
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.

I doubt Tenshi and Yukari would be fine with taking Tenshi home.

Besides, we already have a beautiful umbrella to sleep with.
No. 11405
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.
No. 11406
Oh I'd like to bring her home, but we have to end the date with Ran properly and tomorrow marks the start of yet another trip. And even if that wasn't the case the night would be Kogasa's instead.
No. 11407
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.
-[x] Then go and get Ran.
No. 11410
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.
No. 11414
[x] Chase down and rape the rabbit.
No. 11415

This is assumed. Don't need to include the sub-choice.
No. 11416
Also I think having Komachi spend time with Tenshi might help mend the frayed bridge between her and Komachi and/or Iku.
No. 11418

No. 11419

Not that guy, but my heart sort of leapt when I saw you included Reisen.
No. 11420
He's from the future, when you're writing the Eientei arc.
No. 11421
[w] Suggest Bringing Tenshi home with you, but your communication with Yumeko raises questions and perhaps you'd like to find out more about your guardian.
No. 11422
Votes closed. Komachi x Tenshi scene is confirmed. No update likely tomorrow as I am going to be spending most of the day at the air force base.
No. 11423
ID renewal?
No. 11424
[x] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.
-[x] Have loving Ransex when you get home.
No. 11425
All that's needed now is Ran/Tenshi and Iku/Tenshi and they'll all be close friends again.
No. 11426

Votes are closed dude.
No. 11429
Yeah, but it's traditional.
No. 11431

No, picking up meds. My ID is long expired since I'm not a student. Not that the reason 'why' I'm going matters, but yeah.
No. 11434
Sorry, just saw that you were spending most of the day there, and if there's anywhere I can think of that'd eat up most of a civilian's time for one simple task, it's identification.

Anyways, have fun, and don't show up to the gate with a giant radio antennae. They don't like that.
No. 11443
I didn't drive today, so I whipped out my laptop and wrote. In fact, I'm in the car on it right now thanks to my 3g Tethering. Waiting on proofread.

Also, we spend 30-45 min trying to get a parking spot at the commissary, which extends the trip by a good chunk since the store itself takes 2 hours. Fuckers have Centcom parking in the same lot but they didn't add more space, so it's a nightmare.
No. 11445
File 129978924864.jpg - (77.32KB , 737x1049 , 0292e275abab2a72f04dcf20e22d3ae1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Agree to head home if Komachi will stay with Tenshi.


You've got an idea that should satisfy everyone and mend some bridges. “Komachi, you're right, I should go home,” you start. Tenshi seems a bit downtrodden at the initial remark, not wanting you to leave. “But, I'll only do so on one condition.”

Her red hair sways as she cocks her head. “What're you on about?” she asks curiously.

“I want you to stay here with Tenshi,” you request, sliding from the bed. “Take my spot, just spend some time together.”

Tenshi's eyes go wide. “Wait, what?”

You smile, looking between the both of them. “I think you two could use some quality time, that's all,” you explain. In actuality, you're just hoping they can become a bit closer. They might actually be a good fit for one another, given their sweet personalities.

The bustier of the two women stands there for a moment, pondering the situation. “Yeah, yeah I can go with that, I don't spend much time with Tenshi to begin with,” she speaks up, grinning. Komachi takes a moment to strip herself and crawls into bed. Her newfound companion shoots you a thankful look, realizing what you're attempting to do.

Pleased with a job well done, you gather your clothes and dress. “You two take care, I'll see you both again,” you tell them, opening the door and stepping out. You turn, start to head down the hall and collide straight on with someone. The two of you, surprised and dazed, stagger and stumble. The sound of various objects clattering on the floor follows immediately after.

Reisen is on her knees, bag of supplies spilled on the floor. A pair of sunglasses lies a few feet away from her. “Oh dear,” she says in a worried tone, hurriedly gathering her things.

“I'm sorry, I didn't see you there,” you apologize, kneeling down to help pick up her things.

She shakes her long, lavender hair. “No, no, it's fine, I shouldn't have been standing there,” she replies. “Ah, my glasses!” she exclaims. You gingerly pick up the dark glasses and hand them to her. She reacts rather oddly when you do so, raising an arm to cover her eyes as she takes them from you. “Th-thank you.”

You tilt your head, looking at her with curiosity. “Is there something wrong with your eyes?” you inquire.

Reisen nods hesitantly. “You, uh, you just don't want to look at them, that's all, I'm sorry,” she answers nervously. “Thank you for helping me with my things, I need to finish writing this report and return to Eientei.”

“That report about me?” you wonder, rather nosily.

She looks up, eyes now covered once more. “Yes, Master Eirin insists that I complete one for every case.”

“So, is she a doctor, then?”

Her head shakes for a moment. “Sort of, not exactly, she deals more with pharmaceuticals and such,” she replies with a smile.

Pharmacist? Well, perhaps you'll see her sooner than expected. “Well, she sounds like a capable woman,” you start. “What's a cute bunny girl like you doing acting as a gofer?”

Reisen blinks a few times, blushing. “W-w-what?” she stutters. “Cute bunny girl?” Her hand moves up, brushing her hair back nervously. “Anyway, uh, I need to finish this report, so, yeah,” she states, turning around. “Have a nice day,” she calls out as she leaves. You can spot a bit of a tail poking out from her backside.

“Well, that was interesting,” you say to yourself, smiling.

A soft chuckle can be heard. “So far you've proven to be consistently entertaining,” Nue speaks. “What a crazy date, huh?”

You nod, sighing softly. “Yeah, it has been, but Ran seems happy,” you answer. “And you seem happy as well, aren't you?”

“Full and satisfied!”

Heading towards the stairs, you can't help but have a wide grin on your face. Today has been exhausting, but it really has been great as well. “We'll be heading home now, might want to quiet down for a little bit,” you suggest. She doesn't respond.

You now stand at the bottom of the staircase. Looking around the bar, you can see that the lights have been dimmed. Ran relaxes at a nearby table, waving to you. Reisen can be spotted on the far side of the room. She notices you and quickly turns away, scribbling on a notepad. “How are you feeling?” asks your date with concern.

“Better, but still tired, Komachi had me checked out a bit ago,” you tell her.

Blushing, Ran coughs slightly. “I apologize for abandoning you, Iku and I were sort of...”

“Don't worry about it, I'm not upset, I'm just happy you've enjoyed the night,” you interject. She perks up immediately, smiling radiantly. “Are you ready to go home?”

She stands up and extends a hand, which you eagerly take. The two of you lock arms and head towards the door. Once outside, you look up towards the sky. There are almost no clouds out tonight and the soft glow of the moon illuminates your surroundings. “Beautiful, isn't it?”

You grin and take her hand, squeezing it lightly. “Not as beautiful as you are tonight, Ran,” you say sweetly. Your companion gently kisses your cheek. “Yukari, we're ready to come home,” you call out next. After a moment or two, the familiar sight of her gap comes into view a short distance away. Her hand, covered with a white glove, extends and beckons.

Ran rests her head on your shoulder and walks in step with you into the opening. You're now standing beside her in the sitting room of Mayohiga. Yukari relaxes on the sofa, dressed in a purple nightgown, with a pleased smile on her face. “Welcome home, had a good evening?”

A sly grin spreads across the face of your companion. “Do I need to answer that?” she asks.

Master covers her face in mock horror. “Are you implying I would spy on the affairs of my servant and her date?” she asks incredulously. They stare at one another for a few seconds before breaking into a fit of giggles. “No, no, you don't need to answer that, I am nosy,” she says with a happy sigh. “I saw most of it up until he passed out, something about seeing a sleeping person just makes me tired.” Yukari yawns loudly, covering her mouth.

Breaking off from you, Ran slumps into a nearby chair. “You aren't the only one who is tired,” she adds, sounding rather exhausted.

“Speaking of passing out, how are you feeling?” comes an inquiry from your master.

“Better, still tired, not too bad though,” you answer, moving to sit on the arm of the now occupied chair. “That's twice in one day, but I've been kept busy since I got here, so I might just be a bit exhausted.”

Yukari looks concerned. “Twice? I must've been asleep during the second time,” she muses, looking off to the side in thought.

Rolling your shoulders and sighing, you look down to Ran with a smile. “I'm fine, really, Komachi had me checked out by a girl from, uh,” you pause, dredging up the name from your recent memory. “Eientei, I think it was?” The woman sitting beside you gives a nod of affirmation.

Across the room, your master looks up. “Oh, you met with her friends?”

“Yes, quite the interesting bunch,” you respond with a chuckle.

Now she seems quite interested, beckoning you over to sit beside her. You slowly stand and join Yukari, plopping down on the sofa. “Did you know that, similar to humans, youkai have their own distinct scents?” You shake your head. In retrospect, it seems a painfully obvious fact. She grabs your arms and presses her face against your chest, inhaling deeply.

Ran snickers to herself. “Yukari was being quite literal when she said she was nosy,” she says, a wide grin spreading over her face.

“Don't get smart, Ran,” comes a muffled response. “Interesting, very interesting, you'll have to tell me more about the evening later,” she insists as her face pulls away.

The three of you relax tiredly in your seats, resting in silence. After a few minutes, Ran stands up from her chair and stretches. “I'll be going to my room and changing, see you there in a bit.” She heads off promptly afterward, leaving you alone with Yukari. You've got a bit of time to kill while she prepares for bed.

[ ] Ask Yukari how her day was.
[ ] Tell her good night and follow Ran.
[ ] Check in on the other girls.
[ ] Find an empty room, attempt to draw out:
--[ ] Yumeko
--[ ] Nue
[ ] Kitchen, get food.
[ ] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 11448
[x] Ask Yukari how her day was.
And after, if possible.
[x] Find an empty room, attempt to draw out:
--[x] Nue

First, be a good pet. After that, let's call the shapeshifter.
No. 11449
[x] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.

A pretty chill option to balance out a hectic day. The only way we could get more chill is if we had a cigarette or something.
No. 11450
[x] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.

What could this option be?
No. 11455
[x] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.

Emphasis on the 'look at the moon' part.
No. 11458
[x] Check in on the other girls.

Am I the only one who wants to check in on Chen and Kogasa? It may be a while before we see them again.
No. 11459
[ ] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.

This choice is too interesting to let slide.
No. 11460
[x] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.
No. 11463
I think we've got a pretty good shot at running into one of them outside.
No. 11464
[x] Ask Yukari how her day was.
[x] Kitchen, get food.
[x] Find an empty room, attempt to draw out:
--[x] Nue

Asking Yukari how her day was like a good pet, getting something to eat, because he's probably hungry after everything that happened, then talking to Nue. Ran's just gonna have to wait a bit more, as even she seems to tired to do anything.
No. 11465
[x] Ask Yukari how her day was.
[x] Kitchen, get food.
[x] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.
No. 11466
[x] Check in on the other girls.
No. 11469
[X] Ask Yukari how her day was.
[X] Tell her good night and follow Ran.
No. 11470
This late? I kinda doubt it.
No. 11473
[x] Ask Yukari how her day was.
[x] Find an empty room, attempt to draw out:
--[x] Nue
No. 11478
[x] Tell her good night and follow Ran.
No. 11479
[x] Ask Yukari how her day was.

There hasn't been enough Yukarin lately. I'm not expecting anything since she's tired, but it would be nice to at least talk to her.
No. 11480
Looks like this won:

[x] Go outside, bark at the moon.

Votes closed, of course. But don't let that stop you.
No. 11481
[X]This is a vote.

I considered action1 with girl3 but action3 was just more interesting.

Hey tripcode, are you enjoying your recent purchase? I hope you are enjoying it!
No. 11482
I don't know why, but this made me smile.
No. 11488
By the way, I may not write today, trying to finish up a shit ton of house work.
No. 11519
I'm tempted to write tomorrow. I really want to get this update posted, it'll be potentially interesting. But damn, if I'm having a hard time peeling away from SC2 and Global Agenda.

p.s. This choice had nothing to do with Reisen. I hope you guys weren't thinking that.
No. 11520

>p.s. This choice had nothing to do with Reisen. I hope you guys weren't thinking that.

Obviously. Nothing ever has anything to do with Reisen. I fully expect Reisen to be out selling medicine/gathering for Eirin while Rick is at Eientei.
No. 11521

Oh, poor Reisen... She'll get an H scene, yet she'll still be deprived of one. I'll leave it up to my readers to sort that one out.
No. 11523
File 129997750770.jpg - (122.82KB , 500x341 , 910578.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fifty years of sex.
No. 11524
She's going to be tied up, given aphrodisiac, and then ignored for the rest of Rick's time there?
No. 11525
...because the next girl on the list shows up at the hospital in bad shape at an awkward moment and everyone else forgets her?
No. 11526
File 129997984089.jpg - (157.49KB , 754x1231 , reisen sad6.jpg ) [iqdb]
You jerk. Give her a break already.
No. 11528
No, because she's a useless bunny not even good for sex appeal.
No. 11530
File 129998091910.jpg - (452.05KB , 768x1024 , 4882842.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 11531

Sex related hallucinations caused by her powers?
No. 11532
No, I agree with you. I'd just prefer to see her crying face~
No. 11534
Some wacky, crazy assumptions going on around here.
No. 11536
Aw, come on. We should totally get to see Reisen prove the "fuck like rabbits" stereotype. And you hate Tewi, so...
No. 11537

Tewi has an H-scene. My disdain for Tewi is not the same type of disdain I had for Hatate in the past. I think Tewi's an annoying, tricky bitch.
No. 11538
This is one of my kinks.
No. 11539
>We should totally get to see Reisen prove the "fuck like rabbits" stereotype.
I'd like to see it subverted actually.
No. 11550
File 130003052285.jpg - (1.10MB , 1133x1600 , a21bece9c7d1929e97d8330fd427223d.jpg ) [iqdb]
My guess for Reisen's "H scene" is that she's one of the futa girls, and her only action is to help us double penetrate Eirin.

>There's [an end] for almost every character
No. 11553
Now that I've slept on it, my new guess is that Reisen hypnotizes anon, he hallucinates he's having sex with her, and then he wakes up with Tewi.
No. 11554
Good end.
No. 11576
I'll try to update today. I'm pretty tired and have a little house work to do.

Also trying to dig into my mind and figure out why I hate the western touhou community/other touhou fans so much. Writefag needs a therapist some day.
No. 11581
I'm western and I take offense to that. What's so bad about us?
No. 11583

When I say 'western', I refer to the western hemisphere as a whole. The Touhou community is overall pretty shitty, something I'm not exempt from, and I can't stand it. I love the series, I hate (most of, not all) the people. Japan is just as bad as the western community except for two things: They produce decent content with regularity, either physical or digital, and I can't read their shitty comments.

Going to danbooru, or forums, or image boards, whatever, reading most of the moronic comments from people who haven't even picked up and tried the game, shit makes me angry.

Most of my readers come across as reasonable people I enjoy interacting with, although there is the occasional drooling retard.
No. 11584
Welcome to the fandom of every popular series ever. They are all like this. Just accept it.
No. 11585
It's what happens when people are unable to be a fan and accept the opinions of others or show any semblance of sense.

You get used to it.
No. 11587

No shit. But my personality doesn't let me accept it, so I choose to hate people instead.

p.s. I totally saged this, don't know why it went back up, guessing someone posted+deleted in the mean time.

Updates tomorrow, promise. Look, I even used the P-word.
No. 11588
>I can't read their shitty comments.
That's my absolute favorite part.
No. 11591
Your personality sucks. Get a new one.
No. 11607
It's his thread he can say what he wants. Just ignore everything but the updates if it bothers you that much
No. 11609
[X] Go outside, get some fresh air and look at the moon.


You sigh loudly and stand up, pushing from the arm of the chair. You need a moment to yourself, some time to clear your head and get fresh air. “I'm going to go outside for a bit, master,” you tell her.

Yukari nods and yawns loudly. “Whatever, I'm going to take a nap here, don't stay out too late,” she responds with a faint smile on her face.

Heading towards the door, you slip outside and shut it behind you. The air outside is cool, and the soft light of the moon illuminates your surroundings. You stretch slightly before moving along the outer walkway of the structure. “Seems like a good spot,” you say to yourself. You're away from some of the entrances, allowing a bit of privacy. Plopping down on the edge, you breathe another sigh of relief.

The ring on your finger shifts and slithers from your hand, dropping down on to the wood. It reshapes and expands into the familiar form of Nue. “Good evening,” she greets you, a cheerful smile on her face. It's a bit odd, given that you're not used to her acting that way. She's usually a bit more subtle and seductive.

“You okay?” you ask her curiously.

She nods and stretches. “Quite fine, more than fine, actually,” she answers. “Happy to end the day and get a chance to relax.” Relax? You're the one who has done most of the work. But it might be a bit stressful on her to maintain a different form all day, though you aren't entirely sure. “You're quite the interesting man, aren't you?”

You tiredly shrug your shoulders and give an indeterminate head shake, not really answering. “I guess, why do you say that?”

“Simply because it has been an interesting ride,” she answers. “From the moment I caught you with your face in my underwear, up until now.” You chuckle and grin to yourself. “I want to talk to you in a more private place when you've got time,” she adds, her voice a bit hesitant.

Glancing at her, you give her a questioning look. “What's up?” you ask. “We're in a somewhat private place here, and Yukari is asleep.”

Nue shakes her head. “I don't think outside is really private.”

“I meant because nobody is around, of course, but you're right,” you say in return, admitting defeat.

She yawns, covering her mouth. “I'm going to find a place to sleep, I'll see you tomorrow.” Her form twists and shifts once more, replaced with that of a long, black snake. “Just call for me when you want me,” she adds before slithering off.

“Good night,” you call after the snake. It pauses for a moment, turning back to look at you with acknowledgment. You look back to the rundown village that surrounds Mayohiga. It's a lonely place, but you have your new family here. Looking up to the sky, you take a deep breath and exhale it slowly through your nose. The area is dead silent, the sky still clear. It's relaxing and you can feel the stress melting away.

The soft footfalls of an animal permeate the silence. You look towards the ground and spot a black cat pacing about. “Chen?” you say aloud. The cat looks over to you, staring. After a few seconds pass it begins to approach. “What are you doing out here?” you ask the animal. It stops and turns away, bolting off in the direction of a nearby house.

You could chase the cat and see what's going on, or maybe just go back inside to Ran. There's also the option of doing something else before bed. You've got a bit more time, either way.

[ ] Follow the cat into the house.
[ ] Go back inside to Ran.
[ ] Check in on the other girls.
[ ] Find an empty room, attempt to draw out Yumeko
[ ] Kitchen, get food.
No. 11610
[x] Go back inside to Ran.

This was supposed to be her night, so I feel this is best in light of all the things have popped up during the date.
No. 11611
[x] Follow the cat into the house.

I can't resist the sirens call.
No. 11612
[X] Kitchen, get food.
[X] Go back inside to Ran.
A bite to eat should whet our appetite nicely.
No. 11614
[x] Check in on the other girls.

Where is Kogasa?
No. 11615
[x] Go back inside to Ran.

No. 11616
[X] Kitchen, get food.
[X] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11617
[X] Check in on the other girls.

Give them their goodnight hugs. And watch the confusion about Chen in two separate places.
No. 11618
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11619
[x] Follow the cat into the house.

I can't believe people are voting for other options... whatever, it's all good.
No. 11620
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11621
[x] Follow the cat into the house.

She might have saw us with Nue.
No. 11622
[X] Find an empty room, attempt to draw out Yumeko

As much as I'd like to chase down Rin, I'm kinda curious about where this might lead, and I am more than a little curious about the whole "mate" thing. Need to find the conversation with Ran she's referencing. Anyway, if she concerned for our wellbeing, maybe ask her for a CON or STA bonus?
No. 11623
[x] Follow the cat into the house.
No. 11624
I think if anyone could give that to Rick, it'd be Yukari or Eirin.
No. 11625
[x] Follow the cat into the house.
No. 11629
[x] Follow the cat into the house.

If it's Rin, then maybe her reason for being here has something to do with Utsuho. Maybe looking for her, if she hasn't seen Utsuho since we were with her. If she has, then maybe she just wants to meet or check up on the guy who took her best friend/fuck-buddy's virginity.

Either way, though, this feels like such a blatantly simple choice, like the writer is really trying to pique our interest. Why some people aren't voting for it is beyond me.
No. 11630

>Why some people aren't voting for it is beyond me.

Severe lack of umbrellas.
No. 11631
I'd say that this could be our only chance to chase after that cat, but considering how much Orin runs away... we've got a good shot at another chance.
No. 11632
[ ] Follow the cat into the house.

Seriously, why do the people on this board insist on throwing away their votes on mundane stuff?
No. 11633
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11634
Pattern recognition? When Rick meets a girl, she'll want sex 90% of the time. Add in the fact that he's passed out twice during sex today, and well, where would you rather have him pass out: with some girl he just met, or in bed with Ran?
No. 11635
With Orin. No contest.
No. 11636
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11637
You sir are a faggot for wanting to deprive Ran out of the moment she's been waiting for all day.
No. 11638
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11639
I was asked which I'd rather have. I'm fine with either.
No. 11640
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11643
[x] Go back inside to Ran.
No. 11647
[x] Follow the cat into the house.
No. 11648
[x] Follow the cat into the house.

[mandatory pussy joke]
No. 11649
[x] Follow the cat into the house.
No. 11650
[x] Follow the cat into the house.

because a cat is always fine too
No. 11651
Really? REALLY? Four votes?
No. 11652
Okay, I've had it confirmed that nothing is spam in this set of voting. I'm under the impression that people just woke up (and one of them is a friend who just told me he voted).

Votes closed, [x] Follow the cat into the house. wins.
No. 11667
Writefag, I do have to say that your readers are incredibly distractable. Here, here, look at this cute kitten! And they all instantly forget Ran.
No. 11668
Anyone remember Shinki? I sure as hell don't.
No. 11669
too old
No. 11670

I think you're forgetting what kind of story this is. And what kind of board this is. And it's not like the writefag would stick something into the story for the sole purpose of being ignored.
No. 11672
I do hope we can still get some Ranlove, I've been waiting for it for a long, long time...
No. 11674
No. 11675
No. 11676
File 130046428295.jpg - (74.56KB , 750x1000 , 8214210.jpg ) [iqdb]
Futa Orin pictures are pretty rare. Couldn't find one that was both dominant/menacing and with the appropriate penis/breast size!

[X] Follow the cat into the house.


What on earth is Chen doing out so late? She is fairly old, all things considered, but she should still be in bed by now. If you're going to hunt for her, you don't want to be encumbered. The first thing you do is hop up from your seat and head towards the sitting room, peeking inside just for a moment. Yukari is sound asleep on the sofa. You set your sword inside against the wall and shut the door. Turning back towards the village, you set off in the direction of the dilapidated house you saw her running towards earlier.

All of the houses sort of blend in together, but you have no difficulty recognizing the one you want. There seems to be a faint light coming from inside of it. Standing in the doorway, you peek inside. The room is dimly lit, but from this angle you can't see anything. The sound of a soft whimpering comes from deeper inside the building, from what seems to be a second room in the back. Despite your best efforts to remain silent, the floor boards squeak loudly when you step upon them. There is a muffled squeal in response to your noisiness.

The first thing that enters your mind is that Chen could have hurt herself while playing. These structures are old, something may have trapped her. You rush toward the following room. As you near, your senses are assailed by a very strong musk. The scent is strangely enticing. Stepping inside of the room, you're shocked at the scene before you. Chen is nude and bound to a chair, her mouth gagged. Her eyes are puffy and red from crying.

Standing beside the younger girl is another woman. The first detail that catches your eye is the thick, flaccid penis hanging between her legs. She looks at you with a grin on her face. A pair of cat tails flick about behind her in anticipation. “So, you must be the man who deflowered my beautiful Okuu,” she says angrily. The cat ears atop her head twitch in annoyance. Oddly, it seems she also has a pair of more human ears hidden beneath that fiery head of hair. She sighs and shakes her head, long braids swaying back and forth. “Okuu came home to me and began telling a wonderful story about a surface man who taught her things.”

This must be Orin, the friend that Utsuho mentioned earlier. Your head is swimming due to the scent filling the room. It smells like an animal in heat. You aren't entirely sure what to say. Should you apologize? When you begin to open your mouth, she cuts you off.

“Don't say a word right now, there's nothing you could say,” she says sharply. “I was going to be Okuu's first, when she was ready.” Orin's hand moves down to her crotch, drawing your attention to her cock as she slowly rubs it. Even limp, that piece of meat it almost as large as yours is when erect. “I decided to immediately head to Mayohiga and attempt to catch you off guard,” she continues. “Seems it didn't take me as long as I thought, you're pretty easy to bait.”

You swallow nervously, trying your best to resist your own arousal. “And what would you have done to Chen if I didn't take the bait?” you ask.

Orin cocks her head curiously. “Putting the cat before yourself, how interesting,” she responds in amusement. “I would've let her go, I'm not entirely cruel.” Her penis stiffens beneath her touch, growing in size as it comes to life. The shaft is long and thick, putting your own to shame. She easily has a few inches on you when it comes to length. “So, I offer you a choice, human,” she starts, pausing to play with the thick layer of foreskin covering her head. She slips a finger in the skin on either side, wincing as she slowly peels it back to reveal the engorged, red tip of her cock. “You can offer me your own body and I will forgive you in return, or I will simply take poor Chen here,” she finishes, stroking the hair of the restrained girl. Chen looks up at you with pleading eyes.

The scent given off by her arousal is almost unbearable. You're now fully erect yourself. The prospect of taking such a large thing inside of you is scary, but oddly intriguing. Of course, you don't have to. You can allow her to use Chen, or perhaps one of the other girls.

[ ] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
[ ] Don't say a word. Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.
[ ] That thing inside of you? No way, let her have Chen.
[ ] Suggest that she take one of the other women.
--[ ] Yukari
--[ ] Ran
--[ ] Nue
--[ ] Kogasa
--[ ] … Yumeko? How would that even work.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 11677
File 130046537999.gif - (480.51KB , 141x141 , a thumbs up is in.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Acquiesce, but demand her to free Chen first.
-[x] When that's done, strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.
--[x] Remember to use far more teeth than necessary. Just so she won't enjoy it as much.
No. 11678
how the fuck did we get into dickgirls?


[ ] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
No. 11679

>surprised at futanari when it has been mentioned many times before, in addition to having a lead character who is somewhat submissive and already had his ass violated by tails, fingers, tongues, the heel of a shoe and other various things.
No. 11680
[X] 'Suggest' that she take one of the other women.
--[X] Yukari
Normally calling for Yukari would be pretty humiliating for her to come to our 'rescue', but firstly, Chen is at stake here, and if we get worn out here there's no knowing what this Orin would do afterwards, depraved beast as she seems to be.

Of course, metareasoning is because Yukari treats Orin as even a more quaint pet than Chen, in SA ending A for example she captures Orin and passes her off to Reimu in a collar, and since this Orin likes bondage so much it seems, taking is as good as giving~

Of course, the punishment for calling on Yukari in a situation like this would be having to provide a very rewarding service in return, but I can live with that.
No. 11681
>Orin likes bondage so much it seems,

Chen is not tied up sexually. She is tied up as a hostage. This shouldn't be taken as 'Orin likes bondage', it should be taken as 'Orin is practical with hostages'.
No. 11682

But you don't find those things attached to the groin of a man and possessing the ability to spray sperm.
No. 11683

Point is that it is stupid to get upset over it when I've said in the past that this will happen and there are multiple characters with dicks that are going to put them inside Rick.
No. 11684
[X] Acquiesce, but demand that she free Chen first.
- [X] When that's done, strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.
-- [X] During the act, make every effort to disengage yourself from it as much as possible. Lie back and think of England Mayohiga, as it were.

>>11677 is on the right track, but I don't think there's much net gain in intentionally antagonizing her like that. Fuck with her by not fucking with her, that's my plan.
No. 11685
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

A hostage situation? And what a surprise, we just happened to become separated from our sword. If it wasn't totally implausible, I would write-in to go get it, and commence ass-kicking.

I must be some sort of idiot. I am honestly surprised at this turn of events. I guess I forgot Orin had a penis.
No. 11686
File 130046775039.gif - (14.83KB , 275x300 , ani079.gif ) [iqdb]

I was not actually mad.. I was... I was..

No. 11687
Honestly, I should've put in the prior update or so that Rick set it down somewhere inside, rather than him doing it now.

But in fairness, Mayohiga is a relatively safe place and he thought he was going after Chen. Why tote around a deadly weapon when searching your home for a friend?
No. 11688
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
No. 11689
[ ] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
No. 11690
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

Why do I have the feeling that I've been a massive dick to the writefriend?
No. 11691

No. 11692
[x] Don't say a word. Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.

...what? I can't resist these things.
No. 11693
Also, I might update tomorrow. I have discovered while playing Wurm that I can easily write AND play due to the crafting times! \o/
No. 11694
Fuck being submissive, this is a bluff and I'm calling her out on it.

[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."
No. 11695
Eh, no discussion in my posts. Plus I voted for chasing kitties. Plus paranoia.
No. 11696

Nothing wrong with chasing kitties. I wasn't upset at that option by any stretch. I was just surprised at the sudden four votes near the end.

Truth be told, I was hoping for either returning to Ran or following the cat.
No. 11697
[+] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[+] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."
No. 11698
I like the cut of your jib

[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."

Not that futa sex isn't awesome mind you, but I like the point about Okuu making that decision. Went back and checked; she made a point about it being different with Rick compared to Orin.
No. 11699
>This shouldn't be taken as 'Orin likes bondage'

It should. It absolutely should.

Ah well, looks like we'll miss out on Yukari's masterful subversion/corruption techniques. A shame, it'd have been nice for her to make Orin squeal like a kitten...
No. 11700
[X] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
[X] Don't say a word. Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.

Kind of interested to see this.
No. 11701
As much as I like Rick playing the submissive guy, this is a different situation from the loving sex he normally gets into. Orin needs the knowledge that people aren't her toys placed in her brain.

[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."
No. 11703
[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."

Be a man, man.
No. 11704
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

Why do we think it's a bluff? We've never met her before.
No. 11708
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
No. 11709
Incidentally, would a certain green-eyed monster happen to be nearby?
No. 11710

No. 11711
[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."
No. 11712
>Why do we think it's a bluff? We've never met her before.
We don't need to talk to Orin to establish the friendship between her and Chen:
>Two black cats, both twin-tailed, lay at the base of fencing.
>“Oh, Orin and Chen usually chase me around, that's pretty fun,”

Now, if your best friend came up to you and told about this guy she likes who has taken her virginity, do you think kidnapping another friend (who also likes this guy) and raping her is a reasonable response? Would any good come from that?
No. 11714
So how much insertion into futas will there be?
No. 11716
[x] Suggest that she take one of the other women.
--[x] Ran

There's still a Ran scene to be had!
No. 11717

No. 11718
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

I don't think Ran'd approve of Orin popping in on what is supposed to be her special night, and I'd rather not risk invoking the wrath of author.
No. 11719
>[ ] Suggest that she take one of the other women.
I can't fathom why anyone would think Rin would allow this. Nue, Ran, and Yukari could easily beat Rin down without needing to be raped, and in going to get Kogasa we could just alert one of them instead of actually getting Kogasa.

Since I personally am not interested in being on the receiving end,
[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."
No. 11720
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
No. 11721
[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."

I like this write in, Rick may be submissive but sometimes a man needs to...well be a man.
No. 11724
<@Tsurupettan> So, when this fucking awful write-in wins and I bad end them, how much upset do you think there will be?
No. 11725
Oh shit... there is actual author wrath!
No. 11728
Or would be if it actually was the author speaking. The rather obvious mistake seems to point out it isn't the case.
No. 11729
[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."

With Rick's luck he's still get it in the end, but Orin needs to learn that Okuu can make her own decisions. It's not like there are too many people who can do things to that crow against her will, honestly.
No. 11730
I don't think Orin would allow it. I do think she'd mock Rick for trying to get out of it, which is my fetish, so yeah.

As for Ran's special night, surely double penetration is enough to make it special?
No. 11731
C'mon guys. Just bend over and take it like a man.
No. 11732

So you decided to paste, word for word, a quote of me from IRC in my thread? Not cool. I guess I can't even talk about my story in my own channel any more.
No. 11734

While I'm pretty ticked, I'm also curious as to what the supposed 'rather obvious mistake' is?
No. 11735
While what he did was a bit of a dick move since this is, apparently, unavoidable you might as well have just told us 'Hey, you're not gonna avoid Rin-dick.' It would save some time at least.

I, personally, couldn't give much of a shit less. I'm sure I'll find something enjoyable about this or most of the other things you may write. Aside from the likely scat that is.
No. 11736
Sure is drama in here.

Also, [x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

You were all told futa was coming, deal with it.
No. 11737
...okay, I honestly didn't think it was you since I didn't know your IRC nick.

>you think there will be?

Meant they instead of there?
No. 11739

>how much upset do you think there will be?

That is correct. You may have read it as:

>how upset do you think they will be?

I am using upset as a noun, not an adjective.
No. 11741
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

Honestly, what's wrong with you people? She's clearly not in a talking mood, so she'll do it even if Rick makes a good point. Better to let her get it out of her system and then try to explain things once her head's cleared.

Also, it seems I hit the nail on the head when I talked about Rin's possible reasons for being here in my last vote.
No. 11745
[X] "No. I don't think you'll carry out your threat. From what I've seen, Chen is your friend. Do you really think raping your friend won't have consequences?"
-[X] "You told Utsuho that she would know when the time was right. She made that decision, not me."

I want to see how this Bad End pans out.
No. 11746
File 13005023402.jpg - (112.23KB , 750x1000 , 7633014.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm actually quite curious about seeing the Bad End now. I have my suspicions, but I'm wondering what exactly it is about this particular decision that would end Rick.

It also means we get futa Orin action after the despair, which is too good to be true. This is one of those situations where, for the sake of efficiency, the author vetoing retarded voting would be justified (but maybe if we got an earful of why denying Orin was pants-on-head retarded).

That said, sniping quotes from IRC is a dick move. Not cool, man.
No. 11747
Telling Orin that Okuu is capable of making her own decisions, probably. She's incredibly childlike and... well, obviously not capable of doing so. You sick fucks.
No. 11748
So, "How dare you have sex with my best friend who isn't capable of making her own decisions! I'm the only one who gets to have sex with her!"?
No. 11749
That's exactly the kind of reasoning we need to see earlier in the voting. We could have enjoyed someone pointing out something to the effect of Orin wanting to gauge the value of the man that deflowered her lifelong friend and companion (perhaps in reference to satisfying their sexual needs; "he can give it but he can't take it if that's what it means" perhaps). Or maybe something along the lines that if she's willing to go that far on one of her friends, it's obviously that important to her to do this? Why no talk about all the restraint and willpower it must have taken Orin to preserve Okuu's chastity for when she felt it was right after all those years, only to have it take by someone she's known for less than an hour? Why no sincere contemplations of acquiescing to her ministrations on Rick's backside now in exchange for (at least contemplating) lending her 'services' when we encounter an especially insatiable Touhou that needs some extra effort?

These are some serious issues that need to be addressed before such situations come to a head. Just because this is /at/ doesn't mean you only vote with one head.

But instead of that, we had fairly reasonable justifications from the "I'm not going to let you do this and here is why" folk. Ultimately misguided, perhaps, but their reasoning is not out of the realm of possibility.

I'm now beginning to wonder how profound offering Kogasa may have been. What would Orin do in the face of exchanging virginity like that? In fact, that's probably the best way to approach the current situation from Orin's point of view.
No. 11750
Dude... Calm your beard.

This story is not super serious business. I think you are over analyzing this entire situation.
No. 11751
I like the idea of asking for Orin's help for later, but now really isn't the time. After Rick wins her over (if he does), maybe.
No. 11752
Better (Not really) question: how long will Rick keep Kogasa waiting, seeing how anon has him easily distracted by things and all. Ran'll be lucky to get her special night tonight.
No. 11753
I think you all are taking this way too seriously.
No. 11754
But over-analyzing is my shtick! I also voted for the 'bad' write-in and have no intention of changing my vote because I voted on another computer and didn't save the password, but I think every side of the debate deserves to be heard and evaluated.

Full disclosure: male and futa going all out on the same girl is my #1 fetish
No. 11756
Gurk. I won't like what follows, but this logic pretty much sound right. If Ran or Yukari ask, pretty much all we can say is "I made a mistake and paid for it." Deleting my previous vote for
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.

Honestly, this whole day feels like a huge letdown and one to be forgotten for me. Despite this being her day, we still haven't done it with Ran. Hell, we almost had death by sex and it was all with others. Komachi is currently having a misunderstanding that will certainly bite us if we don't take care of it and we're ending the day paying for a mistake.
No. 11757
I've caused despair.

I've graduated to the status of a real writer.
No. 11759
Does this Kogasa hate Sanae? If not, we should bring her along to Youkai Mountain.
No. 11760
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
No. 11761
I don't think I'd call it hate, per say, but she did mention Sanae being mean to her and, I believe, Rick promised to give her a talking-to or something similar.
No. 11762
what misunderstanding with Komachi?
No. 11763
Agreeing to spend a day with her and saying we liked her?

That's all true, as far as I know.
No. 11764
Given the distinct lack of specifics, it's either supposed to be obvious to the average person (it's not) or relies on listening to the author on IRC to know what went wrong.

Probably being misunderstood because Komachi uses certain words differently than we do.
No. 11765
I think you're reading too much into things. Also with Shinki we never went too heavily into commitment, just that we could grow to love her and to help her out some.

No. 11767
[x] Reluctantly allow her to use your body.
-[x] Don't say a word. Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.
Guys stop being pussies and take it like a man. Take responsibility for your crap
No. 11769
[X] Don't say a word. Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.

At first I was a bit reluctant but now is not the time for words and I don't think our hero would mind the act as such too much.
Let her get it out of her system (as it were), then we can talk.
No. 11777
Part of me wants to just ignore the votes entirely and put something good together. This update has been a nightmare. Not the update itself, but the voting afterward.
No. 11779

You do have license to do that if you feel it would work out better for the story. Don't hold back if you decide that's what you want.

[X] Don't say a word. Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.

Anyway, I like being submissive.
No. 11780
Then do it. They'll get over it.
No. 11781
Feel free, you're the author after all, this is YOUR story. And I figure one unsaid condition with write-ins is that you can and will veto them if you find them too stupid. That said, I'm one of the ones that voted for the write-in. I figured it would result in a "Oh gods, what am I doing?!" moment for Rin, Chen would end up forgiving her, and then Rick and Rin could have LOVING futa sex instead of the forced kind that would likely result from the submissive options here.

But as stated, this is your story, and if you feel the write-in is just too much of a pain and/or to stupid to spend time writing it up, then feel free to pick a second place winner or something else entirely. I for one will just be happy for the story to continue, since that's what really matters in my opinion. And who knows, Rin might be surprised that Rick's willing to offer up himself to protect Chen, and might result in loving futa sex as well!
No. 11782
Yeah, I'm going to cobble together a few things. I think I'll just shut it down and write:

[X] Acquiesce, but request for her to free Chen first.
[X] Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.

I've been looking at the options for a bit and I feel that, given the situation, this would be the most positive outcome. In fact, it would result in something that should even please those who are upset over not going back to Ran.
No. 11783
There goes Orin's practical with hostages cred.
No. 11784

That was basically my way of saying, 'Stop it, Orin isn't a bondage queen'. We have other characters for that.
No. 11789
Yeah, we can't just bend over for anyone that asks.

Well... I guess we could...
No. 11797
Maybe Ran will comfort us, after we've essentially been raped, in a fun twist of circumstance. We're so butch.
No. 11818
Can't really rape the willing, as I'd gladly help her get off. That's just me, though.
No. 11824
it'd be different if the circumstances were different. You know not having a hot fox babe waiting for her first time and the Futa-cat girl not being such a self-centered bitch.
No. 11825
I think you are underestimating just how submissive Rick is.
No. 11827
[X] Write-in
Sorry, I don't actually have one, I just wanted to keep up the tradition...
No. 11832
Damn 2 days off and i missed a good write in chance.
[x] "you want me, why don't you try to catch me" in a playful voice and RUN!!!
-[x] If she follows run back to the house, (if) you make it scream for Ran.
--[x] If she cuts off near the house find ran anyway
-[x] Once you have Rans' attention inform her of Chen's predicament.

if we get caught we lose nothing if Ran finds out what's happening to Chen...

Real shame i missed this one.
No. 11833
>lose nothing
>miss out on sex in a porn story
You're not making sense.
No. 11835

>Real shame

Not at all. I'm glad you missed it, because that's pretty fucking awful. Don't even try in the future.
No. 11836
Go to bed, Random Anon.
No. 11837
[X] Acquiesce, but request for her to free Chen first.
[X] Strip, get on your knees and open your mouth.


You're not sure if it's the scent, but you find Orin irresistible. But, you still need to protect Chen. “Alright, I'll do whatever you want, just let her go first,” you request.

She seems a bit surprised. “You really care about her that much, hmm?” Orin asks, glancing down to the scared cat girl. “Fine, but your body is mine for the night, human.” She calmly undoes the bindings that hold Chen, allowing her to go free. The younger girl gives you an apologetic look and flees the room, leaving you alone with an aroused and angry youkai. She stares at you expectantly, waiting.

“Thank you,” you tell her gratefully, starting so strip yourself. A pleased grin crosses her face as she gazes upon your now nude body. You're a bit scared, but the smell of her arousal has gotten to you. You find yourself unable to look away from the exposed, dripping head of her cock. You slowly lower to your knees, opening your mouth with both obedience and a lustful hunger.

Orin seems rather happy with your submission. “Good boy,” she states with a soft chuckle, walking closer. “You know, this is actually my first time having sex with a human, I've gotten accustomed to Okuu and Koishi.” You aren't entirely sure who Koishi is, but you don't care at the moment. You let your jaw hang slack, tongue extended. It's big, but it should fit with no issue. The musk from her crotch overwhelms you. Your cock is rock hard, your hand reaching down to stroke it subconsciously. “You know, I'm going to treat you real good,” she says with a smile. “I'm still mad at you, but with how you treated Chen, I've gained a bit of respect for you.” She brings the tip of her penis in line with your mouth, pausing for a moment.

You aren't sure what she's waiting for. All you know at this point is you need it. “Please, Orin,” you beg. She hovers the head above your mouth, squeezing and pulling on the thick shaft. A few drops of sticky pre-cum roll down from the head and land on your tongue. The taste is a bit salty, but not bad.

“Want it that bad, do you?” she asks, lowering the head to rest on your tongue. It doesn't taste like anything in particular, but the salty flavor of her cum spreads through your mouth. “This actually came at just the right time,” Orin speaks up. You're not entirely sure what she means, but you aren't in a position to ask either. Her hips push forward, gently sliding her length between your lips. You close them around the head, slipping your tongue up to lap at the slit on the end. You've never done this before, but you have picked up a few ideas from the women who have done it to you.

You sigh contently around her, letting out a soft 'mm'. Orin responds with an excited moan, presumably in response to the vibration. “A, anyway,” she stutters, trying to maintain her composure. “I've been feeling it for a few weeks, and as much as I love those two, something fresh was needed.” She has 'been feeling it'? You wonder if that means she really is in heat? You wouldn't be surprised, given her animal nature. You close your eyes and reach up with your free hand, wrapping it around the shaft. Your tongue returns to the underside of her cock, seeking that sensitive spot. “Oh, ah,” she moans out, jerking forward as your warm tongue runs across the frenulum.

You release your own cock and firmly grip her length with both hands. A hand is placed gently on the back of your head, pressing the thick penis deeper. You eagerly bob up and down, tongue sliding across every inch of the penis that it can reach. Her fingers can be felt digging in and grabbing at your hair. You can feel her tensing up, the shaft throbbing between your lips. No other warning is given, though, as warm cum floods your mouth. It's quite a different experience being on the receiving end. You do your best to swallow every drop of the sticky fluid.

“Good,” she groans, petting your head. Her partially cock slides out from your lips and flops down between her legs. Cum dribbles from the end, staining the floor. You cough loudly, taking in a deep breath. She was fairly gentle, all things considered. You look down towards the floor, strands of semen hanging from your lips. A content sigh leaves her lips. “I'm not finished, though, I've yet to claim my prize,” she says with a laugh, stroking herself slowly.

You tilt your head back up. She's fully erect again, her the flesh of her penis glistening with a mixture of saliva and cum. You close your eyes and move onto your hands and knees. You aren't sure if you're going to enjoy it this way, not on the hard wooden floor of an abandoned house. “Alright, Orin,” you submit. The arousing scent is starting to fade and wear off a bit, you aren't entirely sure why.

She cocks her head. “You were so excited at first, something wrong?” she inquires, moving to your side. You don't answer, simply shaking your head instead. “We'll enjoy this regardless.” You look down toward the ground, closing your eyes and preparing yourself. Orin goes silent, save for the quiet sound of her feet moving about. In an instant, the sound is obscured by the cracking and splintering of wood. “What the hell?” she asks in surprise.

You look up just in time to see Orin being swept off her feet by a familiar looking blur. The 'blur' smashes into the cat girl and crashes into the back of the structure, shattering part of the wall. “You threaten my little girl and then try to rape my consort?” asks Ran angrily. That's the second time you've heard that word used tonight, but you're surprised that she's referring to you. It gives you an indicator of how she feels, but that might just be a result of her current state.

Orin slumps from the wall and collapses on the floor in a heap. “Wait, wait,” she begs, gasping for breath, the blow having knocked the wind out of her. “I didn't rape him!”

“Shut up, Orin,” Ran growls, reaching down to grab her by the throat. She hoists the smaller youkai into the air. You never knew she was this strong, or protective, for that matter. “You can beg all you want, but you'll get no sympathy from me.”

Gasps and gagging noises can be heard. “W-what about,” Orin coughs out. “What about the rules?” she asks.

Another crack of the wood fills the air as Ran slams her against the wall. “They went out the window when you did this,” she answers, voice filled with fury. “All I can do now is punish you.” You aren't sure what to do. What would Ran do to her? Can youkai die? Part of you wants to intervene, another part feels that she deserves it.

[ ] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.
[ ] Suggest that you punish her together.
[ ] Stay silent, watch the exchange.
No. 11838
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.
No. 11839
[x] Stay silent, watch the exchange.

Part of me wants to let her go just so the night can get back to normal, but I'm not exactly eager to get in Ran's way. She has plenty of reason to be pissed. And if Orin brings up the Okuu matter, Ran'll side with Rick; after all she came to terms with Rick having sex with Chen and was loving.
No. 11840
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.

This whole update made me feel so gay.

>I've gotten accustomed to Okuu and Koishi.
>to Okuu and Koishi
>and Koishi

Even after all she did to Chen, and us, I was never really mad at Orin before that sentence. Her inclusion of Koishi in her futa shenanigan has flipped an apoplectic switch in me, though. I mad. I am fucking furious.
No. 11841

>I feel so gay.

Just as planned.
No. 11842
[X] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.

Everything worked out in the end, no harm, no foul. No reason to stir things up and get everyone angry at each other again.

Though, frankly, to settle the matter with Orin, I would love to suggest just showing her exactly what we did with Okuu. Perhaps with Ran taking care of the extra appendage. Negotiate everything out, and achieve understanding. With gentle sex.

But, write-ins never seem to fly in this story.
No. 11843
[x] Ask for Ran to calm down and go easy on Orin.
And then.
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.

I'm tempted to say that we need to keep Ran from murdering the poor catgirl, but she DOES have a point.
No. 11844
There have been a few successful write-ins, if I recall. Or at least combination votes. Also, no write-ins for this update. As I've said in the past, only if it says '[ ] Write-in.'
No. 11845
[x] Ask for Ran to calm down and go easy on Orin.
And then.
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.

This for the best. Orin, from what has been said, wasn't going to really harm Chen and thus killing her or causing permanent damage is too much, but she does need to be punished since she did kidnap Chen.
No. 11846
[x] Stay silent, watch the exchange.
No. 11847
>getting mad because Orin did Koishi
>getting mad someone had sex with someone else
My goodness that's horrible, we'd best kidnap Satori and threaten her until Orin sucks us off!!

Also, just because you're not entirely wrong,
>“I've been feeling it for a few weeks, and as much as I love those two, something fresh was needed.”
By chrome, hypocritical much, Orin? "Wah, wah, my girlfriend cheated on me, only I'm allowed to fuck her, by the way you're better at pleasuring me oh yeahh"

[X]"Please don't kill her, or do anything too permanent. It might cause problems with the underworld." Even if Orin's being a huge bitch and effectively a rapist, no need to take her apart. Nothing permanent's been done on her side, after all.
No. 11848
Thing is Rick's supposed to be Ran's first, have you forgotten that? That's why I didn't vote for punishing together as it'd kinda ruin the whole special night thing.

He said no write ins for this update

See above, but good point otherwise. I'm hoping she gets called out on her crap somehow.

A good punishment would be tying up Orin and making her watch Rick and Ran make love, leaving her high and dry, with Rick remarking "That's what happened between me and Okuu"
No. 11850
[x] Stay silent, watch the exchange.

Not real inclined to feel sorry for her at the moment...


...and I like the idea of this.
No. 11851
[x] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.
No. 11852
[x] Stay silent, watch the exchange.
No. 11853
>Her partially cock slides out from your lips
>Her partially cock


Also, [x] Suggest that you punish her together.
No. 11855

And that's why I usually wait for proper proof reading. I didn't in this case. I'll fix it in the log but not repost it here.

It's supposed to read:

>Her partially erect cock
No. 11856
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.
No. 11857
I'd also like to add, if this scene made you feel gay...

You'll love the Rinnosuke scene, or the Wriggle shota scene.
No. 11858
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.
No. 11859
[x] Ask for Ran to calm down and go easy on Orin.
And then.
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.
No. 11860
ITT people don't read that I said no write-ins.
No. 11861
[x] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.
Really? No mercy? At all?
No. 11862
[X] Suggest that you punish her together.

I could not wait for that update, and it exceeded every one of my expectations. Bravo!
No. 11864
[♦] Suggest that you punish her together.

>This whole update made me feel so gay.
Don't see why as there's not even a chance of balls touching.

Personally I just feel extremely indifferent.
No. 11865
[X] Suggest that you punish her together.

It's a shame she didn't get to fuck Rick first, but oh well.

Of course, be it Orin or Ran, the odds of something going inside him before the night is through is pretty good. As much as Ran enjoyed using her tails on him last time, I expect her to incorporate them into most, if not all, of her scenes. Having a signature kink for most of the characters keeps things fresh, after all.
No. 11866
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.

I'd be nice but a "punishment" is indeed in order, take it as you see fit.
No. 11869
That and people seem more hellbent on threesome than making Ran's first time with a man/dick special.
No. 11870
Mercy seems to be a rarity nowadays.
[x] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.
No. 11871
I just realized Ran kind of intends on killing her and that'd be bad, m'kay? That'll show me for not reading it thoroughly before voting.

[♦] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.

Ran would probably regret it afterward anyway though I now wonder what Yukari's reaction would be.
No. 11872
If I started listening to the writer, I'd not be able to make votes after closing time, though.
No. 11876
[x] Stay silent, watch the exchange.
No. 11877
[X] Suggest that you punish her together.

Preferably by tying her up and having her watch Ran and Rick go at it.
No. 11878
[x] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.

Chen's alive, We're alive, let her live.
No. 11879
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.
No. 11880
[x] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.

>futa cocksucking
>being pet and told you're a good boy
>Ran being really strong

This is like, my dream. Thank you.
No. 11881
[X] Suggest that you punish her together.

Rick can't have consensual sex with Okuu, but kidnapping people to blackmail you into letting her rape him is totally cool? And then then she goes on about how she needed a change from Okuu? What does she think Rick is on? Magical Crack?
No. 11882
Do any of my readers use danbooru and know if there's a way to clean entire tags from my favorites? Trying to clear out the ridiculous amount of garbage I have bookmarked on this site.
No. 11883
"fav:username tag", set mode to "remove from favorites". With that you can click on them to remove, but I don't know if there's an automatic way to do it just as you search.
No. 11884

No, I know how to do that. I have 2,100 pages of favorites, though.
No. 11885
File 130075318313.jpg - (27.28KB , 640x352 , mother-of-god-super-troopers.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 11886
Not sure about Rinnosuke, but shotaWriggle is always acceptable.
No. 11887
Wriggle was strikethrough'd for a reason.
No. 11888
wow that is like 1800 more pages than I have
No. 11889

Shota!anything is good then.
No. 11890
[X] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.

As weird as I feel after that little scene, I really would rather have it so that Ran DOESN'T kill Orin in a bloody fury.
Might ruin the mood a bit.
No. 11891
[X] Suggest that you punish her together.

You know, I didn't think I'd like this update, seeing as I have no interest in futa whatsoever, but I have to admit, that was pretty hot.

Also, am I gay for really looking forward to the Rinnosuke scene?
No. 11892
No, you're not. Sexuality isn't just "pick one: hetero, homo, bi, pan, a."
No. 11893
>Rinnosuke scene
You fucker.
No. 11894
[X] Ask for Ran to let Orin go.
No. 11895
Have you forgotten Koishi's hax? It's impossible to fuck her if she doesn't want to be fucked.
No. 11897
There's no way for anyone of less than Janitor level on Danbooru to perform a fully automated scripting task like you suggested.

What >>11883 suggests is pretty much the only way to do it by yourself.

I believe Danbooru's pagination software has issues going beyond 1,000 pages of anything, though, so my suggestion would be to send a private message to one of the mods asking for help. You'd be surprised how willing most of them are to lend a hand.

Anyway, vote:

[x] Ask for Ran to at least refrain from causing any permanent damage.

Sorry for the write-in; it's basically supposed to be "Ask for Ran to let Orin go" but with a certain flavor.

I'm getting a background vibe that this was mostly a little game that just went too far. Teaching her a lesson sounds right, but Chen considers Rin a friend, so... I dunno. Doesn't seem right to have Ran off her.
No. 11898
Friends don't* rape or seriously threaten to rape friends.

*Unless intoxicated, in an altered mind-state, or have a seriously screwed up relationship. Being really, REALLY horny probably doesn't count.
No. 11899
[x] Suggest that you punish her together.
Hopefully in more of an ero way than not.
No. 11900
Votes are closed. Punishing her together won with a total of 13 votes.


I asked mods last night and they said I have to do it by hand. Which I am, cleared about 350 pages out in short order last night.
No. 11901
I still hope we'll have some alone time with Ran...
No. 11902
I don't know if I'll update today, I feel like shit. And tomorrow I'll be out for 5 hours or so. When I do update, new thread.
No. 11903
One could only hope or that Pettan takes the suggestion that was mentioned, otherwise Ran's special night might be derailed because a bunch of dickheads wanted a threesome.
No. 11904
That's unfortunate, just the thought of shota-Wriggle getting molested makes my drill pierce the heavens.
No. 11905
I already had plans for this scene, didn't take the suggestion into mind.

Also: SPAIN SUCKS, LOOK AT ALL MY COOL CAVALRY OH WAIT horses can't take walls
No. 11906
Total War Medieval 2?
No. 11907

No. 11908
The best part of autosage is that I can shit up my thread with offtopic stuff and it doesn't matter since I'll be making a new one.
No. 11913
I'd disagree.

It's showing everyone online that you did.
No. 11915
Even though I'm going to be busy as fuck tomorrow, I am still going to TRY and fit an update in. Even if it means writing after I get home in the evening, something I very rarely do.

I'm also going to be running a stream of Darksiders from 8 PM EST to 11 PM EST tomorrow night, if anyone is interested. I've been streaming it for a few friends the past couple days and figure there might be more interested in watching me fail at video games. I'll post the link in my new thread.
No. 11919
New thread: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/11918.html
No. 11957
I finished Darksiders. You suck.