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...Yeah, sucky title, I'm not good at those things. Sorrybouthat.

Anyway. This is my first post here and my first CYOA on this board. I've written CYOA before, but none are 18+ (although I've written such stories before), so, if anyone has any hints, throw them at me... Oh, and while I've searched, I couldn't find if there's anything specifically against the rules to write about. Just 'no illegal content', which I assume means that all is well. If I'm missing something, though, do me a favour and point it out.

We'll be starting this CYOA as Reimu... Although, later on, I might let you change the PoV characters if you so desire. Just starting as Reimu as she's the most connected to the events of everything and is the easiest to randomly start writing as.

Well, um, first though, I'd like you guys to vote on the 'level' of sexual content you would want.

[]: Normal. Only yuri (futa can be voted on in yuri scenes, rape is rare), straight sex (rape is rare, have to almost ask for it), tentacles (same as rape) and no other things.

[]: Slightly harder. Yuri, futa can happen depending on the situation. Rape and tentacle rape are mostly open game, although you can escape from them. More fetishesque stuff must be specifically voted for to happen.

[]: Hardcore. Everything can happen with one exception: Guro. Mainly because it leads to character death. I'm also not too big of a fan of scat so it'll be rare and only if you guys really want it. I'll put the more 'extreme' stuff in spoiler tags so you only have to read them if you really want to read them.


You weakly wake up... Standing up from your futon and stretching a bit, letting out a yawn... Since the UFO incident... Life has been rather boring. Of course, that's somewhat of a good thing. Less incidents mean less work, which means more time to be lazy. Sure, solving the incidents is fun, but after a while, it gets a bit hard on you. Eating up your rest... It becomes harder and harder to focus on everything with all those incidents going around.

Can't keep the shrine in top condition, solve incidents every day, and get proper rest now, can you? You quickly clean up your futon and move outside of your shrine. The air is fresh as always, and it's rather hot as well... You can almost feel yourself sweat from the heat... Well, rather this, than extreme cold, right?

Quickly, you walk to your donations box... As always, there's not much inside... You sigh at the side and reach down to grab whatever little money was inside it, pocketing it before turning back around to face the shrine... The day was still young. What shall you do today?

[]: Go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, might be able to freeload over at Remilia's place.
[]: Go to the Youkai Mountain... Visit Sanae.
[]: Go to the Human Village, check what's around.
[]: Go to Marisa's place.
[]: Stay here and take care of the shrine. Something interesting might happen


My first post is a bit unsatisfactory, I know, but I get better when there's actual stuff to write about.

No. 11162
[x]: Hardcore. Everything can happen with one exception: Guro. Mainly because it leads to character death. I'm also not too big of a fan of scat so it'll be rare and only if you guys really want it. I'll put the more 'extreme' stuff in spoiler tags so you only have to read them if you really want to read them.

No. 11164
>>11162 here, didn't notice that the post had more stuff beyond voting for difficulty.

[x]: Go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, might be able to freeload over at Remilia's place.
No. 11165

Not sure if you are new or not. But, To tell you before the wrath of a thousands decends upon you.
No. 11166
> <_>
Well there's your first problem.
No. 11167
Whoops, sorry. I'll stop that immediately. It's a typing habit that I use outside of formal situations.

Thanks for warning me.
No. 11168
[X]: Hardcore. Everything can happen with one exception: Guro. Mainly because it leads to character death. I'm also not too big of a fan of scat so it'll be rare and only if you guys really want it. I'll put the more 'extreme' stuff in spoiler tags so you only have to read them if you really want to read them.


[X]: Go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, might be able to freeload over at Remilia's place.

Having a Remilia kink right now. Maybe we meet Rumia as well?
No. 11184
[X]: Hardcore. Everything can happen with one exception: Guro. Mainly because it leads to character death. I'm also not too big of a fan of scat so it'll be rare and only if you guys really want it. I'll put the more 'extreme' stuff in spoiler tags so you only have to read them if you really want to read them.

What's that? Hypnotism, bondage, pregnancy, aphrodisiacs, possession, corruption, and more? Well, if you insist...

[X]: Go to Marisa's place.

Spare protagonist get. Plus, all the other forest residents.
No. 11185
[X] Hardcore

[X]: Go to Marisa's place.
No. 11187
[x] Hardcore.
[x] Go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, might be able to freeload over at Remilia's place.
No. 11188
[x] Hardcore.
[x] Go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, might be able to freeload over at Remilia's place.
No. 11190
[x] Hardcore.
[x]: Go to the Youkai Mountain... Visit Sanae.
No. 11191
Well, this day is turning out to be slightly busier than I had intended it to be.

I'll throw an update up in about... An hour or two at most.
No. 11192
[x]Human Village
No. 11206
File 129953527284.jpg - (189.94KB , 495x595 , 0f0ef6d3a38db821502d0f39e89f3a1b6fe31be8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Scarlet Devil Mansion and hardcore emerge victorious.

You take flight and start to move in the direction of the Scarlet Devil Mansion... Remilia has a huge mansion, and a lot of food, right? That alone is enough reason to drop by her place... Marisa might steal the money you have in your pocket if don't pay as much attention as you should for just one second... And with how you want to enjoy your rest, the chaotic Youkai Mountain and restless Human Village don't sound like good options either.

A short flight brings you towards the lake that bordered on the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You descent down to the ground and look around yourself... None of the heat that you felt was around here, and it was all replaced by a cold chill. You grab onto yourself to keep your body warm and you start shivering softly...

It's nothing colder than what you're used to, but the sudden temperature change got you a bit by surprise... That ice fairy again... You turn your face to the source of the cold to see, indeed, the ice fairy... Throwing small bits of ice at an awkwardly moving sphere of darkness. You turn your face back at the lake.

Luckily, as it was still early in the day, it wasn't hard to see through. The light illuminated what was almost uncrossably dark at night.

As the two faries take distance from you, the beautifully hot summer day returns, it was only a slight chilled from the cold winds coming from the idiot ice fairy.

[]:Go over to the two faeries and beat them up for ruining a pleasant, warm day.
[]:Fly over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[]:It's a beautiful day, might as well swim through the lake to reach her mansion.
[]:You changed your mind, instead, you go to (insert location here)
No. 11208
[x]:Fly over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

>Two fairies.
>Sphere of darkness

Okay, sure.
No. 11209
Oh, yeah, just saying:

If you drop an idea in here, I'll be sure to take it into consideration if it's something en route to whatever we're doing at the moment. If it isn't, I'll just keep it noted for whenever it IS en route.
No. 11210
[x] Fly over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
No. 11215
[X]: It's a beautiful day, might as well swim skinny dip through the lake to reach her mansion.

Reimu's naked body glistening with pure, crystalline Gensokyo water under the hot summer sun.

>two faeries

Also, Rumia is not a fairy.
No. 11216
...Why did I think she was? I blame stage 1 bossness.

Oops. Stupid goof there.
No. 11224
[X]: It's a beautiful day, might as well swim skinny dip through the lake to reach her mansion.
No. 11226
[x] Fly over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
No. 11227
You have written 31 declarative sentences (as defined by capitalization). 17 of them end with ellipses. That is more than half. What in the flying fuck do you believe those three little dots are meant to convey, precisely?

[X] It's a beautiful day, might as well swim skinny dip through the lake to reach her mansion.
No. 11228
[X]:It's a beautiful day, might as well swim through the lake to reach her mansion.

Everyone knows that flying rape monsters are rare!
No. 11230
My apologies and thank you for pointing it out. That is, again, a writing habit. I have no idea why I really use them as much as I do.

Noted, though. It's something I don't really notice myself. I write CYOA and the like to improve my general writing as well, so I actually want as much critism on my writing style as possible. More trival grammatical errors are usually made by me typing too fast and not proof reading enough (which I should start to do more often and more in depth) but, if it's a more major grammatical error or just an obscurity in my writing style, please point it out.

A post shall be up in around 4 hours or so, bar a tie.
No. 11232
[X]:It's a beautiful day, might as well swim through the lake to reach her mansion.
No. 11240
File 12995693272.png - (912.08KB , 498x896 , reimu bathing.png ) [iqdb]
This post reminds me of why I need a new laptop. This one starts lagging dramatically after a certain number of typed words.

Skinny dipping through the lake wins.
Because of the heat, your choice is pretty much obvious. With how hot it was today, you felt like taking up into the air once more would exhaust you far quicker than it should.

But, you had to get over to Remilia somehow, right?

The most appealing way to you was to take the wet route. You walk to the edge of that water, slowly pulling off your disconnected sleeves first, before your dress follows... Leaving you just in your underwear.

You don't really feel any embarrassment as you strip naked, partially because there was no one to see you, and partially because you stupidly think ahead enough to realise that you would need clothing when you reach the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Your hands move up to your sarashi, which you quickly unwrap, removing the pressure they apply to your chest. This made it obvious that they were bigger than they appeared to be through your dress, although they were undeniably averagely sized at most. Your nipples are soft and an almost pink colour, placed neutrally on the middle of your breasts.

After that, you pull your bloomers down your legs, as well as the white panties that you held under it, revealing your (mostly) cleanly shaved pussy. Your virgin lips were tightly pressed together, only showing a small, pink slit in the middle.

Softly, you push your left foot into the water. As a lake, you expected it to be rather cold, however, from the heat wave that you were experiencing now, even it has warmed up.

Softly, your lower your body into it, adjusting to the temperature of the lake for a few moments, before you start your swim towards the direction of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You leave everything behind with your clothes, bar the Yin-Yang orbs.

After but a few moments of swimming, you quickly encounter a first aquatic animal, which seemed like a cross between a flying fish and a manta ray, with a number of longer feelers stretching from both its fin and it's mouth. As it was just natural aquatic lifeform, you saw no need to take special heed.

But after you make a few more splashes forward, you feel one of the feelers suddenly wrap around your left arm. With a quick splash, it turns to put your arm in a lock, on your back, before trying to jump on top of you.

[]: Turn around, break free, and try to blast it away with your Yin-Yang orbs. Quickly, continue swimming.
[]: Turn around, break free, and try to blast it away with your Yin-Yang orbs. Quickly fly back to shore.
[]: Turn around, break free, and try to blast it away with your Yin-Yang orbs. Quickly fly to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[]: Break free and dive deeper down into the water.
[]: Offer no resistance.
[]: Don't like the above choices, instead, we:
No. 11242
[x] Offer no resistance.

Am I the only one getting deja vu from this? I feel like I accidentally clicked on Innocent Maiden's Nightmare.
No. 11247
[x] Turn around, break free, and try to blast it away with your Yin-Yang orbs. Quickly fly back to shore.
No. 11249
I don't actually read that much of the other CYOA here aside from just a post or if they're on the front page (I dislike jumping into a story without knowing the start), but if the similarity is too big and you guys feel that it needs to be changed, I'll take a proper read over the other CYOA and will try to differ myself a bit from them.

I rather dislike the idea of copying other people, whether accidentally or not, unless it's just mainly surficial similarities, like a general mood or just the style of writing.
No. 11252
Nah, it's cool. We're way too early in this too be drawing real comparisons to other work. You shouldn't have to force yourself to read other stories to try and differentiate yourself from them. Instead, read them because they have worth and merit. Some of them, at least.
No. 11253
[X] Rape it!
No. 11257
By the way, please never do vore, its disgusting, wrong, and only stupid people/psychopaths enjoy it.
No. 11259
>As it was just natural aquatic lifeform, you saw no need to take special heed.

Lies, everyone's a little girl in gensokyo.

[x] Counter Rape.
No. 11262
[x]Put it in a headlock (does it even have a head?) until it begs for submission.

>I feel like I accidentally clicked on Innocent Maiden's Nightmare.
Only because you keep voting to throw yourself at every tentacle that looks sideways at you!
No. 11264
[x]: Break free and dive deeper down into the water.
This sounds pretty suicidal. Whatever let's go.
No. 11275
[X] Offer no resistance unless it tries something dangerous.
-[X] Be as accommodating as possible to anything else it tries. You took a dip to relax, so you may as well relax.

I want to resist, but the allure of Reimu lazily and passively letting herself be molested, and possibly deflowered, is too good.
No. 11276

Vore falls in the same category as guro here, even if I were to like it, it leads to character death so I can't do it.


Except, of course, the rape and molesting animal monster... things.

Reimu should've thought this one through better.
No. 11278
[x]: Offer no resistance.
No. 11280
[X] Rape it!
No. 11281
Okay, I was planning to post now, but because of a tie, I'll be posting when the tie is broken.
No. 11283
[x] Rape it!
Tie broken
No. 11284
Tie broken indeed.

Gimme a bit to finish some work and I'll post. Voting locked down.
No. 11290
File 129960621316.png - (1.07MB , 1045x1026 , Reimu blowjob.png ) [iqdb]
To my surprise, I couldn't find an image fo Reimu raping a manta ray thing. So here's a random pic of Reimu giving a blowjob.


The manta ray-flying fish combination lands on your back with little effort. Immediately, the feelers attempt to wrap around your body, one of them moving to your butt, while another one touches onto your left breast, all the while the creature immediately starts humping your body... you feel something hot, big and fleshy push up against your virgin cunt.

Immediately, while this creature is still dazed by how it managed to capture you, you push your left shoulder back and ram it against where it's airways should just about be. It immediately lets you go in reaction and tries to escape, but before it can, you grab onto one of it's feelers and pull it back.

Unlike most of the animals in Gensokyo, this one had a normal level of strength, so it wasn't too hard to overpower.

This toss knocks it straight on it's back, and you press your left hand on it's stomach. Looking at it, you notice that it's body has two slits in it, a larger one and a smaller one. As you push down on the area near the big one, a large, meaty cock pushes out of it's body, it was red, throbbing, and looking far unlike any human cock. At the end, instead of a tip, was an opening. You softly push your finger into the opening, and the creature starts shaking hard, probably from pleasure.

You grab onto it's sides and force it down to a half submerged state, holding only it's head above as it seems to need oxygen to breathe, before you hover your cunt above it... Starting to slowly push down on it. You gasp as it pushes in even a slight bit. The skin of the creature's tip was soft, and thus didn't break through your hymen, however, when you pass the tip, you run into a hard part that easily pierces your hymen.

For a moment, you stop as blood oozes out of your pussy, needing just a short moment to adjust to the pain. The ray tries to abuse this to start thrusting into you, but as it thrusts into you once and his animalistic penis pierces deep inside of you, you force your hand down on it's throat once more. "My pace." you softly mutter as you slowly start moving up and down it's large penis. You feel some juices already pour into you as you move down it's shaft the first movement you make, and this increases as your speed increases.

With your left hand, you hold onto it to keep afloat, but with your right hand, you move to one of it's feelers and grab onto it. Bringing it to your mouth and immediately wrapping your lips around it before moving back on forth on it. Your tongue gliding up against it, it immediately shoots a hot dose of liquid into your mouth, which had a bitter taste, at first. You feel disgusted by it. But as it slides down your throat, you feel some strange pleasure wrap over you, coupled with a strange tightening sensation in your cunt.

You start to ride the creature faster, and, because of whatever it sprayed into your mouth and was still spraying into you, you decide to let it move itself as well. After a few moments of this, you can start to feel something big push out of his cock, before pushing against your womb... Before finally pushing itself in. What would normally be a painful experience was mostly pleasurable because of whatever it flowed into your mind. This process repeats as it's cock itself also pushes against your womb, seemingly wrapping around the opening... And dropping another shot of the eggs it was pushing inside of you.

After a third egg, however, it immediately retracts and moves up against you, poking something against your slit which feels far more... Humanoid. You aren't pleased yourself yet, so you could potentially let it lead this once...

[]: Hit it again and dominate it, pushing the new 'thing' inside of you.
[]: Let it go wild.
[]: Hit it and break free, you've had enough of some animal playing with you. After that, you head for:
[]: Something else, namely:
No. 11291
[X]: Hit it again and dominate it, pushing the new 'thing' inside of you.
No. 11293
[x]: Hit it again and dominate it, pushing the new 'thing' inside of you.
No. 11294
[X]: Hit it and break free, you've had enough of some animal playing with you. After that, you head for: The Scarlet Devil Mansion

We were headed there anyways and I am actually curious about the reaction of our next (possibly human) encounter about the eggs inside of us.
No. 11295
[X] Stop writing.

i was waiting for the first H scene to pass judgment, but the other writer is right.
No. 11296

Could you spare the time to tell me what the reasons are, exactly?
No. 11303
[X]: Hit it and break free, you've had enough of some animal playing with you. After that, you head for: The Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Alright, it's had its fun. Time to get moving. I'm sure better things await us at the mansion.

Also, I feel I should note, this scene was a bit tame to be using spoiler tags. You really did not need them here. You could probably do with more description of the physical sensations Reimu is experiencing, as well.
No. 11309
I mainly used spoiler tags because of the fact that it was an animal that was fucking Reimu, and I don't know the general consenus here on stuff like that.

But yes, noted. I'll be more descriptive on Reimu's side.
No. 11314
[x] Hit it again and dominate it, pushing the new 'thing' inside of you.
Ok, as the saying goes, show, don't tell. There's far too much description of events and far too little description of feeling, what is being seen, heard etc. Also try to vary your language a bit more, try some synonyms, perhaps an occassional idiom or something like that. Also, read more, that allows you to expand your writing in a pleasant way. Use something like http://dictionary.reference.com/ for reference and learning.

See also: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/IKEAErotica

However, make sure you don't go off the deep end with http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PurpleProse , which can be just as bad as the other one.
No. 11316
[X]Hit it again and dominate it, pushing the new 'thing' inside of you.

Don't worry about your writing style to much, just take some contructive critisim and you'll get better faster then you think you would.

Alot of the writers here started off with short simple paragraphs before they evolved into wall writing machines of despair and trolling anyways.
No. 11347
Got it. Post'll be up in about five or six hours.
No. 11354
>Use something like fuck://dictionary.reference.cocks/
FUCK THAT SITE. It's gone to shit since InterActiveCorp bought it, and they install 234 tracking cookies.

This is much better, especially the thesaurus: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/
No. 11370
Ah, hadn't noticed anything like that thanks to noscript and adblock, but thanks
No. 11371
Hah, just woke up. No picture because my internet is being rather... Weird today.

I hope this post is better than my previous one, regardless of the fact that I'm doing it on just awoken energy.
Your arm quickly moves to to its throat as it pushes its new thing up against your wet slit. Unlike it's previous penis, this one felt far more humanoid... But also far slimier. In fear of being hit again the instant you even touch it's throat, the manta ray eases up its body on lets you take control.

Softly, your left hand moves down to its shaft and you stroke down it once. The slime on it made it extremely easy to rub against, seeming removing all friction. This seems like great news to your ears, so you lower your body down on it. It penetrates you without any sort of problem at all.

Your pussy's walls instantly spread out for it, welcoming your wonderful toy inside, resulting in a shock of pleasure jumping through your system. It even felt far more pleasurable than it's other cock, none of the pain or awkward feeling was there when this thing slid into you, just an increasing pleasure.

Again, you take your time to milk its cock, slowly bouncing your pussy up and down the full length of it. Holding the manta ray like fish still with one hand, you use the other hand to hold onto its cock. The continued stimulation from moving up and down its member was enough to send numerous shocks throughout your system. You feel your body shake from pleasure, you can't hold back your moans. Your voice forces out through your lips and you let out several high pitched cries of pleasure.

You notice your eyesight fade and twitch a bit... You felt all of your senses weaken bit by bit as just the pleasure took over. You feel your orgasm approach closer every second and your body weaken as a result. Your pussy tightens around the slimy thing inside of you, and your grip on the creature loosened for just one moment-

You suddenly feel something poke up against your ass.

Letting out a surprised wince of pleasure, you suddenly feel a juice pour into you down there... Again, you feel your sensitivity increase as when you drank its juices previously, but this time, it doesn't just increase your pleasure, it doesn't just tighten up your slit around the thing in it even more.

You couldn't feel anything but pleasure as it shot inside of you. You try to move your body to ride up and down the beast again, however, you can't even achive that. The strong feeling of paralysation starts to take over your body, making it impossible for you to do as much as even move a finger.

Quickly, the ray uses this to it's advantage, pushing you around to be the one on bottom instead. Two of its feelers immediately shot up at your breasts, clamping around your nipples and softly biting on them. You feel a stinging pain shoot through your nipples, before your breasts start to slowly grow in size.

A... strange form of pleasure follows the expansion, while the sting through your nipples did, indeed, hurt, your nipples themselves were being sucked on by the feelers to reduce this problem. However, the main pleasure comes from your breasts, which slowly felt like they were filling up. This expansion made it felt like your breasts were continously rolled around, grabbed, squeezed, and vigorously played with. This increased pleasure brings you closer and closer, you try to moan, you want to moan from everything that moves throughout your body, but you can't even move yourself this much.

Now, the main event had also taken a far rougher turn. The ray starts thrusting into you at speeds that made every single imperfect thrust hurt like hell, where instead of going deep into your cunt as it's supposed to, it just hits your walls instead... But the regular thrusts felt far better than your own mounting made you feel, bar for the fact that you had lost the dominance you loved to show over these creatures.

For what felt like it went on for many minutes, maybe even hours... it all ended far too fast. Finally, your climax arrives and sends numerous shocks throughout your system. Your mind and eyes go blank for a single moment, allowing all of the pleasure to fully overwhelm you. Your now tightly constricted pussy, however, was still used as the creature's fucktoy. While being thrusted into while your orgasm was going on did indeed leave behind an amazing feeling, extending the duration of it, with how rough it was on you, the pleasure became so much it hurt.

Enough energy returns to your face to let you finally let out a moan in combination of massive pain and boundless pleasure. Seemingly in reaction to this, the creature pounds its full length into you, feeling as if the tip of the cock were kissing your womb... before a large blast of it's delicious, white cockmilk shoots into your womb. Covering the eggs in its cream, and not moving for a few moments while shooting numerous streams of cum into you. You can feel your womb actually warm up from all of this pleasure.

After a few moments, the creature pulls the feelers out of your nipples and ass, and you slowly feel feeling return. Its own cock retracts back into its skin before your ability to move fully returns, after it had finished it's orgasm, it felt like it was immediately retracted. Leaving you here in a state of pleasure, the fish swims away.

[]: You haven't had enough, follow it.
[]: You can't hold the eggs inside you for longer, and push them out right now.
[]: Explore another section of the lake.
[]: Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.
[]: You don't feel like heading for Remilia anymore. Go pick up your clothes, and afterwards, go to:
No. 11372
[x] Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.

Act like nothing happened. Play cool.

Guy, there are other words you can use to describe what she is feeling.
No. 11373
I was actually planning on rewriting parts of it because I noticed that. But I have to go in about... 3 minutes so I decided that I probably wouldn't have enough time to.

I think I shouldn't be rushing these things anymore or writing them when I just woke up.
No. 11376
[x] Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.
No. 11379
[x] Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.
No. 11380
[X]: Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.

It should be interesting to see what Remilia has to say about Reimu's fate now that it will probably involve giving birth to this thing's spawn. I wonder how long that will take. Genji will have some company in the pond out behind the shrine, I guess.

Almost feels like a waste carrying this thing's eggs when we haven't seen the rest of what could potentially inseminate Reimu, though.
No. 11381
[X]: Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.
No. 11382
[x] Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.

Not getting rid of the eggs at all. We just don't give a fuck.
No. 11383
We will have omelette for sure.
No. 11384
Not sure you want to eat refined eggs though.
No. 11385
[x]: You can't hold the eggs inside you for longer, and push them out right now.
No. 11386
The way I see it, we break and egg and discover we get to eat omelets, or we break an egg and discover we have to wait a bit before eating balut.

It's a win/win situation.
No. 11389
Parents have decided to randomly drop by, post is delayed. Apologies.
No. 11397
[X]: Okay. Back to business. Finally head on over to the Scarlet Devil mansion.

Much MUCH better then last time, I told you that you would get better faster then you think you would.

Of course there is still room for improvement, use more vocabulary and you will be on your way to H writer in no time.
No. 11430
We can ask Flandre for an impromptu abortion, if worst comes to worst, even if she demands a price. Sakyua can timehax X mths pregnancy acceleration if required. Patchy has all sorts of gestation magic I'm sure and Remi can fate something or other.

There's also [x]Help me, Yukari!

Which I hope the author can fit in anywhere, as a continue/death(rape?)bomb or a nonstandard gameover.

I feel so very sorry for the manta ray if she finds out, though.

Unless she's been doing something, like, I dunno, sexing Reimu up then gaphaxing her hymen back together. It sounds more plausible than a hypersexed Reimu deciding to lose her virginity to a random fishy she comes across.

Yeah, plot holes turn me off.
No. 11433
>>Yeah, plot holes turn me off.
I swear the people here will fuck any hole they can.
No. 11435
Okay, this was fun... For a short while, however, it's time to get back to business and proceed to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and possibly getting rid of the eggs it planted inside of you there as well. Slowly, you use your powers to ascend out of the water, figuring that you'd probably get jumped by something else if you were to stay inside the lake.

At first, you try to fly full speed, but this causes a weird feeling in your womb, you can feel the eggs actually move around in your womb in an extremely awkward way, you hold your left arm over your belly and slow down your flight just a tad to stop them from clutching around inside of you.

Rather take a few more mintues than have that nausea-inducing feeling stuck on you all day.

It doesn't take long for you to reach the small, island-like elevation of land that the Scarlet Devil Mansion rests in. You cover your chest with one of your arms at this point. Unlike in the middle of the Misty Lake, there was actually civilization that you (somewhat) care about. You also cross your legs to hide the rest of the sensitive areas on your body.

You reach visible distance of the gate in not too long. You descend down to the ground and look around... spotting the Gate Guardian practice something, looking like chinese fighting poses or something of the sort.

You bring yourself a few steps closer, however, this causes you to step on, and break, a twig. This snapping sound seems to swing Meiling into a cautious state, looking in your direction for a few moments, although not being able to spot you as quickly as she should. Before, quickly, diving into the wall, closing her eyes, and...

...Was she pretending to be sleeping?

[]: Approach her, ask her to let you in.
[]: Try to sneak in by flying over.
[]: Try to sneak in by the gate.
[]: Other:
No. 11437
[X] Rape Her!
No. 11438
[X]Ask to be let in.
-[x]Ask why she's pretending to sleep
Eh. It's ok if they're small plot holes, you can sometimes have quite a bit of fun with them. But if they're giant gaping holes you can drive a sigma tank through no-one's going to get any fun out of it and we'd all end up unsatisfied.
No. 11440
[x] Approach her, ask her to let you in.
No. 11446
[X] Approach her, ask her to let you in.
- [X] If she keeps feigning sleep, threaten to give her a good morning kiss.
No. 11447
[x]Other: What the hell is wrong with you. Go get your goddamn clothes on.

Seriously. You can't go frolicking around without your miko getup.
No. 11451
Huh. I assumed we had our clothing, did we not get it?

We should if we didn't.
No. 11457
It never explicitly stated anything about getting dressed, and the line
>You cover your chest with one of your arms at this point. Unlike in the middle of the Misty Lake, there was actually civilization that you (somewhat) care about.
makes it sounds more like she's naked than clothed.

Honestly, I think she just left them back where she first disrobed, but even if that's the case she damn well can fly back and get them again.

[x]Other What the hell is wrong with you. Go get your goddamn clothes on.
[x] Approach her, ask her to let you in.
No. 11461
[x]Other: What the hell is wrong with you. Go get your goddamn clothes on.
[x] Approach her, ask her to let you in.
No. 11492
[x]Other: What the hell is wrong with you. Go get your goddamn clothes on.
[x] Approach her, ask her to let you in.

Even in a story like this, it's nice to at least make an attempt at modesty when interacting with someone for the first time.
No. 11494
No access to my laptop today. I'll have a post up tomorrow.
No. 11533
Or today. Dammit. It broke down completely.

Hmm. I can borrow my mother's laptop tomorrow and I'll have a post up then, otherwise, there'll be extremely horrible phone posts coming up.
No. 11542
File 13000243881.png - (366.46KB , 1100x847 , want.png ) [iqdb]
Its all right to simply give updates as they come, we won't die of Unstroked Groin or anything over such a short period. Take your time, and give status updates at the end of your story posts if you feel the need to justify the time taken. We're fairly easygoing, after all.
No. 11556
>Unstroked Groin
That's not funny my brother died that way.
No. 11563
[x]Other: What the hell is wrong with you. Go get your goddamn clothes on.
-[x] Check to see how much your boobs have grown before getting dressed.
[x] Approach her, ask her to let you in.
-[x] Ask why she keeps her training a secret.

They have grown some after all.
No. 11578
A combination of bad real life stuff, and a dead laptop, have withheld me from posting for a bit. Sorry guys.

You turn around... On second thought, it wouldn't be to wise to go there without clothes. You probably could drum up some sob story about how you were raped or whatever, but you doubt they would listen, or actually believe it seeing as it wouldn't make any sense for you to not get some clothes first.

Quickly, you fly back over the lake. Luckily, your clothes were still their. You hurry to put them on, while wrapping your sarashi, you notice that your breasts are still slightly grown, and wrapping your sarashi around your chest was almost painful, so you let it hang a slight bit loose.

Quickly, you turn around and fly back over the misty lake, landing right where you were a few minutes ago, and staring at Meiling, who seemingly was still faking being asleep.

You softly approach her and speak up "What are you doing?" you ask her, she immediately snaps awake and jumps into a combat pose. "...Oh. You're not that witch. I was trying to catch her off guard." she quickly explain and you sigh. Marisa's an awful lot of trouble to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, isn't she?

"Well, can you let me in?" you ask her, Meiling quickly nods and opens up the gate "Don't cause any trouble, though!" she demands from you and you shrug for a second, not really caring too much, before moving inside and to the Scarlet Devil Mansion... You knock on the giant door, and a generic maid opened the door before immediately running off...

What to do?

[]: Go visit Remilia.
[]: Go visit Patchouli
[]: Go visit Sakuya.
[]: Try to sneak into the basement for Flandre.
[]: Other
No. 11579
[x] Go visit Remilia.
>Luckily, your clothes were still their
Also, you have a tendency towards run-on sentences. If you find yourself doing complex compound sentences, try splitting them up. They'd be fine if you were writing a stream-of-conciousness type of a story, but as you're not, they're a bad idea.

Also, don't take this personally. It's an encouragement towards improvement.
No. 11580
[x]: Try to sneak into the basement for Flandre.
No. 11582
[X]: Go visit Remilia.
-[X]: Ask her to look into your fate. Pat your belly. Smile.

Interested in seeing how she reacts. Though it is mighty tempting to pay a visit to Koakuma instead. Then again, saving the best for last and all that...
No. 11589
[x] Go visit Remilia.
No. 11592
[x] Go visit Remilia.

It's her home, after all. It would be rude to wander around the place without at least taking a moment to say hi.

I do hope to spend some quality time with Koakuma while we're here, though...
No. 11596
[X]: Go visit Remilia.
-[X]: Ask her to look into your fate. Pat your belly. Smile.
No. 11597
[x] Go visit Remilia.
Of course.
No. 11598
[X]Basement. Flandre. Make it happen.
No. 11599
[X]Basement. Flandre. Make it happen.
No. 11600
Oh you people and your basement desires.
No. 11601
[x]: Go visit Patchouli

It's daytime. Remilia and the little sister are probably asleep right now.
No. 11602
>Remilia and the little sister are probably asleep right now.
Why do you tempt us so?!
No. 11608
[x]: Try to sneak into the basement for Flandre.
No. 11722
[x]: Try to sneak into the basement for Flandre.
No. 11810
My posts will start improving soon. And I'll start posting faster soon as well. Lots of stuff up still.

You look around yourself for a moment, looking for a fairy maid to help you find the way. While they were incompetent with all of their work, they should at least be able to do that, right? And indeed, you don't need too much time to notice a fairy that was, just as expected, up to nothing.

You quickly step over to her and she instantly tries to fly off, however, you raise your voice and call out "You!" and she instantly freezes... Turning around. It seemed like she felt like she was caught slacking off, looking at you "Yes?" it asks, you take not a single moment to order it around-

"Take me to Remilia." okay. You've been here more often... But you have no idea where she was at the moment. She was either in the living room, or in her own room the times you went here, and your knowledge of the building aside from the library as well stops there. The fairy nods and flies off and you follow it.

But the incompetent creature turns around midway "Mistress is sleeping, though!" she says, you just glare at her sternly and the fairy gets the hint. You continue to fly over to Remilia's location. Well, it made sense, it was still pretty early in the day, and Remilia was usually sleeping early in the day.

It takes a few minutes to reach with how ridiculously big the mansion is, however, you reach Remilia's room in just a bit of time. The incompetent fairy immediately turns around as you arrive and starts leaving, probably going to slack off again. You just step towards her room and open the door, stepping inside.

It was pretty cute. Remilia was laying under a blanket, seemingly curled up on her side...


[]:Rape her. Normal yuri.
[]:Rape her. Futa.
[]:Wake her up and talk to her.
[]:Wake her up and try to get her to have normal sex instead.
[]:Wake her up, pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.
No. 11811
>[]:Rape her. Futa.
No. 11812
I dunno. I shouldn't post when I'm tipsy.

I'll figure out a way for it.
No. 11813
[X]: Wake her with a kiss. A deep kiss.
-[X]: Once she's up, pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.

This choice. It calls to me.
No. 11814
>pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.
Someone please explain to me why this option is so popular.
No. 11815
[X]: Wake her with a kiss. A deep kiss.
-[X]: Once she's up, pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.
-[x]: Then try for some sex.
No. 11816
[X]: Wake her with a kiss. A deep kiss.
-[x]: Then try for some futa sex.
No. 11817
[X]: Wake her with a kiss. A deep kiss.
-[x]: Then try for some futa sex
No. 11819
[]Tie her up and rape her. Futa
No. 11821
[x] Wake her up and talk to her.
-[x] Have some tea. Bum some food as well.

What can I say, I'm a boring person. Just because this story takes place in /at/, it shouldn't mean we need to rape everything in sight with every update.
No. 11822
[x]: Lay eggs on her.
No. 11826
[x] Wake her with a kiss. A deep kiss.
-[x] Then try for some futa sex.
No. 11828
[x] Wake her up and talk to her.
-[x] Have some tea. Bum some food as well
--[x] Keep asking for more and more exotic food
---[x] Like a little+big sister dish
No. 11829
[x] Wake her up and talk to her.
-[x] Have some tea. Bum some food as well.
No. 11830
[X]: Wake her with a kiss. A deep kiss.
-[X]: Once she's up, pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.
No. 11914
[x] Wake her up and talk to her.
-[x] Have some tea. Bum some food as well
--[x] Keep asking for more and more exotic food
---[x] Like a little+big sister dish
No. 11922
[x] Wake her up and talk to her.
-[x] Have some tea. Bum some food as well.
No. 12057
[X]:Wake her up, pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.
No. 12066
Whelp. Internet went down the crapper and it's not fun posting long stuff on my phone.

I'll have it fixed by wednesday,though.
No. 12067
No. 12135
You know what happens when the repairman says they come on Wednesday?

They call you and say you're delayed to friday, of course!

...Next post will be in a new thread, tomorrow. After a hefty amount of shouting at the repairman.
No. 12136
>Next post will be in a new thread, tomorrow
>119 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

Fuck no it won't. Auto-sage is at 250.
No. 12196

Well, then it won't. It's just that my phone's having trouble loading this page so I can prematurely count votes.

Birthday preperations for my father are also taking longer than expected. So there'll be a post tonight. And I will be completely shitfaced while writing it.
No. 12197
Try using Last 50 Posts.
No. 12204
Now why didn't I think of that earlier...

Yeah, sorry. Post couldn't come yesterday as I think I blacked out. I probably had fun, though. Don't remember much. I basically need this hangover to heal and I'll be able to post.

It's been a hateful month on my posting muse, so yeah, my apologies for taking this damn long.
No. 12219
-[X]: Once she's up, pat your belly, smile, and ask her to look into your fate.
-[x]: Then try for some futa sex

No. 12221

They don't really contradict each other at all. You might as well use both.
No. 12222
How the hell are you counting these? By my count, waking her up and talking with tea is winning. It's only tied with futa if you are strictly counting all mentions of it, to say nothing of the fate vote, which isn't even in the running.
No. 12223

oops. My mistake. I'm counting these on my phone and it's pretty annoying to count them all on it so yeah. Sorry.

I'll be posting in an hour-hour and a half, when I'm finally home from a weekend and a bit of being drunk.
No. 12224
Understandable, in that case. You seem to be posting from a phone as of often. You do have an actually computer of some sort, right? I only ask because I don't want you to unnecessarily stress yourself trying to make some sort of perceived deadline.
No. 12225
Yeah. Sorry it took so long.
You softly lean over to Remilia and shake her, softly, trying to wake her up. However, she doesn't give any reaction. You shake her a bit harder in response to her continued slumber, but again, she stays wide asleep. Softly, you start to whisper into her ear "Hey. Remilia." you gently whisper into her ear... however, there's still no response. It's starting to annoy you that she chooses to continue sleeping even though you went all the way over here to see her, so you raise your voice before speaking loudly into her ear "Wake up!"

At that greeting, Remilia jumps up awake and seems almost shocked from your almost-shout... And she quickly looks around herself before seeing you. Remilia looks a mixture of flustered and angry at seeing you before speaking up "W-What the hell are you doing in my room!?" she blurts out, quickly wrapping the blanket around herself, before slowly starting to regain her charisma. "Why did those maids even let you in." she complained and you shrug softly

"Now that you're here anyway, how about some tea?" she says in a slightly aggitated tone, you nod, and she yells at some fairies to get some tea
"Can they get something to eat, too?" you ask, Remilia looks over to you with a slightly annoyed glare "Sure." she responds and shouts at the fairies to get some rice, too.

After about 10 minutes, the food and tea arrives. You start eating and drinking. Remilia seems to have mostly recovered from her morning mood and almost looks cheerful, although still slightly embarrassed... Maybe because of the fact that she was still in her nightgown? It was white, and almost clear. You would probably be embarrassed too if you were waken up with visitors seeing you in that thing.

[]: Just continue talking for a bit.
[]: Ask for more exotic foods.
[]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
[]: Had enough here. Next.
[]: Other.
No. 12226

I do and am on it now. I just have limited access to it now because of... situations in the family, and have mainly been running around trying to fix everything. I just post from my phone when giving updates.
No. 12227
[x] Had enough here. Next.

We have found sustenance, preventing our slow starvation for even just one more day. Mission accomplished, time to move on.

Take your time and get established before worrying about updating a silly little story on the internet.
No. 12228
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
No. 12229
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
No. 12230
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.

It would be rather pointless to take all the time to go over there without something "interesting" happening, right? In this kind of story, at least.

And yeah, take your time. I'm sure everyone here understands that this is just a hobby of sorts, so it's not like you have to do anything.
No. 12231
[x] Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
No. 12232
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.

/at/ is for /at/
No. 12233
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
-[x] Before that ask about looking into your fate.
No. 12234
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
-[x] Before that ask about looking into your fate.
No. 12235
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
-[x] Before that ask about looking into your fate.
No. 12251
Guessing voting is still open.
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
-[x] Before that ask about looking into your fate.
No. 12531
Phew. Less hectic week but still fairly annoying.

Posting tomorrow and now, for real, I'll get to an actual regular schedual.
No. 12728
Try to post, get 502 error, lose post, be unable to connect for the next few days. God my internet is trash. Fire the repairmans, they should.

I'm probably back for real now. Found a way to upload posts to my phone as well so if I get this crap again I'll be posting in that way.

Okay, exotic foods itself won... and the suboption is done by almost half of the exotic foods votes. Hmm.

Well, I'll be doing it without the suboption unless someone votes for the suboption once more. Now, for real, no excuses or shenanigans, I'm posting tonight and will be keeping to a regular schedual.

I love writing, but my internet loves screwing me over whenever it can.

Sorry if I made you guys lose interest, but I'll try to buy it back soon. And by soon I mean... this weekend at the latest. With quite a few posts.
No. 12732
>get 502 error, lose post
And that's why you write the post in another application and copy/paste it in.
No. 12734
[X]: Ask for more... Ahem, 'exotic' foods.
-[x] Before that ask about looking into your fate.
No. 12737
Seriously, one of the first things to make sure you do is use some other program to write with, just for the fact that you can save what you've done in case you don't have time to finish off one scene. It really does save so much time when your post fails 1/8 times.
No. 12862

You'd think that after the hundreds of times it has happened before, I would've learned that lesson already. It's a terrible musekill and time waster. As expected, I actually backspaced out of this message once, but god bless Chrome saving my stuff this time.

Also, never let your girlfriend chucklefuck through your favourites. Even if they have a sense of humour.

Sorry for any errors in this post/the delay on it, not feeling too well, plus, it's kind of late at night over here. I'll probably be updating a lot next week instead. I got hit by random flu out of nowhere and was out the last two days. Plus, no work next week (yay! Or rather not really as I could use the extra funds.)

I'll be writing competently this week, I hope. I'm getting annoyed by how much this is being set off with how much fun I have writing.

You set down your left elbow on the table and softly lean forward at Remilia smiling at her "Can you do me a favour?" you ask. Tiredly, she looks up into your eyes and nods "Whaa?" she replies, her voice rather tired still, as well as slightly embarrassed.

"Read my fate." you ask her and lean back into your chair. Her expression changes to neutral for a moment as she just nods. "Well, sure." she says.

Her voice sounded a slightoff, was it disappointment?

You don't have enough time to dwadle on it before Remilia closes her eyes and does her thing with fate. It only takes a few moments for her to open her eyes with a slight amount of shock in them "...What the..." she says, confused and obviously feeling rather awkward "How did you get eggs inside of you...?" she said.

It seems like she didn't read deep enough to get that, probably knocked off guard and stopped reading once she reached that "There's... five eggs inside of you." she says, spftly gulping and remaining silent after.

"And?" you ask

"Well... you're going to naturally 'lay' them in... a few weeks." she answered, sounding distraught by what exactly she saw. However, her aggitation isn't enough to withold you from the next step-

"Hmm. I'm still hungry. I'd like to have some more... exotic foods." you say and grin. Her face filled with a combination of annoyance and possibly... Grief? Remilia nods and turns away, opening her mouth to yell for the fairies to come, however, all that she manages to make is a soft moan.

During the time it took for her to turn away and open her mouth, you had already moved behind her and used your agile, small hands to lift up her nightgown and push against her panties, before, ironically, softly biting her neck.

"I meant you." you say as your fingers glide over her panties and soft pants emerge from her mouth. Remilia tries to resist, however, almost comically... she couldn't conjure enough strength to push you away. Was she actually trying to resist or was she just trying to act unwilling?

"Reimu, what are you...!?"

[]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.

[]: Become a bit more forceful on her.

[]: Make her serve you instead.

[]: Futa: Go Futa on Remilia.
--[]: Specify a position/style.

[]: Force Remilia into Futaness.
--[]: Specify a position/style

No. 12863
[X]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.
No. 12864
[X]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.
-[x]: Remove your top as to show your 'improved' breasts.
No. 12865
Changing my vote from 12863
to this:
[X]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.
-[x]: Remove your top as to show your 'improved' breasts.
No. 12868
[x] Futa: Go Futa on Remilia.
-[x] Doggy
[x] Remove your top as to show your 'improved' breasts.
No. 12870
[]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.

>Tiredly, she looks up into your eyes and nods "Whaa?" she replies, her voice rather tired still,

Please pay attention to repetition.
No. 12871
[x]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.

My penis is ready. Make sure you properly use the thesaurus on this one; I don't want to repeatedly read about Reimu's pleasure like last time.
No. 12872
I don't think giving her a half-eyeful of Reimu's breasts will hurt anything.
No. 12873
I think he was just pointing out that "tired" was mentioned twice, not criticising the extra option.
No. 12875
[X]: Continue gently playing with her until she surrenders to it.
-[x]: Remove your top as to show your 'improved' breasts.
No. 12915
Update? Two in a week? Madness. Getting over this fever so I thought I ought to write another one.

Hope this is better than the last one. Give pointers as usual, please.

You gently suckle down on Remilia's neck again, who lets out a soft pant of pleasure from it... However, her weak resistance didn't end. Her hands moved to your stomach and tried to weakly push her off you, but it wasn't enough.

Your mouth travels up her neck, grazing your tongue up her cheek and finally reaching her ear. You brush against her earlobe for a few moments before softly blowing into her ear. Her weak attempts to push you off her slowly starts to disappear as her voice builds up, and her hands fall down, giving you free access to her body.

...were it not that her legs were still tightly held together "Stop it already!" she says, her voice sounding rather forced. "Nope." you reply as you kiss her cheek softly. Her hands shoot up to your face and attempt to push you away, however, with how little strength she was putting in it, it felt more like she was just trying to stroke your cheek gently.

Your left hand, that was previously holding up her skirt, quickly traced against Remilia's nightgown-covered skin. Stopping at her flat chest. Your hand quickly starts to massage her there. You feel her balance weaken as you rub her her small breasts, causing her to lean over against you. So sensitive, even though her chest was so small? Interesting...

Your hand increases in both speed and aggression just a tad, kneading her breasts in a slow, yet pleasurable way. You feel her resistance diminish more and more, as finally, her legs open up slightly. Your free hand takes advantage of this and finally starts moving up and down against her panties, causing her soft panting to intensify and turn into moans. You move your other hand away from her breasts, and slowly start to undo the silky gown, pulling the sides down enough for her small breasts and her bright, pink nipples to become visible.

Her struggles quickly return. While your hand shoots to her chest again, she immediately pulls it away, latching onto your hand and pushing it away from her chest "S-stop it!" she says, giving one more weak act of opposition. However, it didn't last long as you slide your hand down into her panties and weakly rub on her clit.

Her hands release yours and quickly shoot down to the ones you were rubbing her most important spot with. Trying to push it away... and being successful until your hands shoot to her chest.

Immediately, her strength disappears again. One of her hands shoots to the one you're groping her chest with, while the other hand keeps trying to remove the one rubbing her little sweet spot. Feeling like you've finally won her over, your hand slides down her pussy and your poke her hole softly-

Remilia quickly regains her strength and slams her body backwards as you almost push into her... she wasn't quite ready for that, it seems. Luckily, you land on her bed and not against a wall or something painful. "It's not funny anymore, stop it!" Remilia angrily demands while covering herself up... but not really making any attempts to run away or anything.

You wink at her, seductively, taking off the top of your miko robes and undoing your sarashi. Remilia immediately falls startled, staring at your chest for a good few seconds... before you rush over to her before she regains her composture and instantly press your lips onto her mouth.

The kiss, she doesn't resist at all, so slowly, you push your tongue against her lips, forcing her mouth open... and extending her own tongue as well. Your eyes close as you play with her tongue for a few moments... until Remilia pulled back and just stared you in the eyes.

It seemed that either this kiss or the sight of your breasts has won Remilia over, maybe a combination of both? "Y-You win this time..." she says, blushing, and looking downwards in embarrassment. You take advantage of this and quickly slide your hand over to her slit again, spreading her lips aside and poking a single finger against her depths... she certainly was wet enough for it.

[]: Continue playing with her for now.

[]: Keep the yuri, but switch position
-[]: Which?

[]: Have Remilia go futa on you, now that she's excited enough.
-[]: Position?

[]: Go Futa on Remilia.
-[]: Position?

[]: Anything else? Go wild with that imagination. I dunno, make up something and I'll try to make it make sense.
No. 12916
[X]: Keep teasing her, and guide her hands to tease you, too. Get yourself nice, wet and ready, then...
[X]: Have Remilia go futa on you, now that she's excited enough.
-[X]: Whatever position she wants. Be nice and let her satisfy herself since you worked her up.
-[X]: Make sure she cums inside. Your little eggs are going to need lots of nourishment.

Gotta make sure our babies are health.
No. 12917
[X]: Keep teasing her, and guide her hands to tease you, too. Get yourself nice, wet and ready, then...
[X]: Have Remilia go futa on you, now that she's excited enough.
-[X]: Whatever position she wants. Be nice and let her satisfy herself since you worked her up.
-[X]: Make sure she cums inside. Your little eggs are going to need lots of nourishment.

Involves futa = good enough for me!
No. 12919
[X]: Keep teasing her, and guide her hands to tease you, too. Get yourself nice, wet and ready, then...
[X]: Have Remilia go futa on you, now that she's excited enough.
-[X]: Whatever position she wants. Be nice and let her satisfy herself since you worked her up.
-[X]: Make sure she cums inside. Your little eggs are going to need lots of nourishment.
No. 12925
[x]: Keep teasing her, and guide her hands to tease you, too. Get yourself nice, wet and ready, then...
[x]: Have Remilia go futa on you, now that she's excited enough.
-[x]: Whatever position she wants. Be nice and let her satisfy herself since you worked her up.
-[x]: Make sure she cums inside. Your little eggs are going to need lots of nourishment.

You really should have someone proofread this.
>she regains her composture
I think the word you're looking for is "composure", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compost is a slightly different kind of a deal.

Plus there were a bunch of awkward constructions that really could have used an editor.
No. 12926
[X]: Go Futa on Remilia.
-[]: remi on her fours like the subservient dog she is.
No. 12928
[x]: Keep teasing her, and guide her hands to tease you, too. Get yourself nice, wet and ready, then...
[x]: Have Remilia go futa on you, now that she's excited enough.
-[x]: Whatever position she wants. Be nice and let her satisfy herself since you worked her up.
-[x]: Make sure she cums inside. Your little eggs are going to need lots of nourishment.
No. 12931

>I think the word you're looking for is "composure"

Oh gently caress-

...I'm going to cry in my corner now. I could've sworn that it was spelled with an extra T for some reason, even though the infinitive is 'to compose'

I should've really thought that out more.

On the editor note-

I'm actually looking for one, but out of the people I know, most that actually would help me have worse English than I (curses, not having it as a first language) or live in an awkward timezone to actually have as a proofreader-

I'm mostly at fault for not proofreading this in-depth (which I'm going to do from now on) as well.

I'll be posting when I return, in four or five hours (hopefully). I'll be giving it one final shot before I go bugger friends of mine to help me edit this.
No. 12936
You can always ask for proofreading on the IRC channel.
No. 12953
>before I go bugger friends of mine to help
I sure hope that was an intentional turn of phrase, because I'm going to feel guilty for laughing if it wasn't.
No. 12972
[x] You don't know what came over you. You really took this little joke too far. Apologize profusely.
-[x] Leave

No. 13040

>-[x] Leave
I am also supporting the vote that this anon should leave.
No. 13044
Watching Madoka's finale has left me a bit depressed. Dammit.

I'll be posting later todayish if I can regain the lost muse.
No. 13047
What are you talking about, Madoka's ending was cheery and happy. At least in comparison with the rest of the series.
No. 13048
Not the ending itself, the final two episodes in general.

I'm just a sucker for sad stuff, I guess.
No. 13049

Yeah, bittersweet is a real step up from any of the grimdark bad ends I was expecting. I honestly didn't think anyone would make it out alive.

I can already feel the post-finale depression starting, though. It'll be a bit difficult to go back to the new shows from this season.
No. 13050
File 130349169188.jpg - (41.86KB , 490x629 , Use if Anon is a dick.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I honestly didn't think anyone would make it out alive.

Thanks for spoiling this, bro. Now I have to kill you.
No. 13053
Madoka is shit, and you're shit for watching it.
No. 13054

Preferences in anime aside, we DO have a board you can go to if you want to shit all over each other for liking things. It's called /a/. Go have your tantrums there.
No. 13056
we have an anime board?
No. 13057
He means /blue/
Either that, either he's confusing thp for 4chan.
No. 13061

I was telling him to, you know, go there. Away from here.

I didn't think this was too hard to grasp, but apparently I overestimated /at/.
No. 13063
We figured you were too dumb to realize that THP doesn't have an /a/ board simply because we didn't think you'd be dumb enough to actually think /a/ has anything to do with anime anymore.

In any event, having finished Madoka, that wasn't a spoiler. At all.
No. 13076
>apparently I overestimated /at/.
This is the result of your inability to properly convey your thoughts, not anyone else's lack of comprehension.
No. 13290
Got surprisingly busy.

I'll be posting soon, however. Probably tomorrowish... I hope.
No. 16548
You slide your finger into her depths, causing her to let out a moan. You place your other hand behind her head, giving her hair a quick stroke, and then push her face into your breasts. She lets out a small, unintelligible objection to your action, muffled by your enlarged breasts, and starts weakly struggling against your hand again.

“Oh? You looked like you were enjoying the sight of my breasts.” She doesn't try to answer, but stops struggling. “Why not have a taste of them, Remilia?”

She opens her mouth and gives your nipple an exploratory lick. The sudden stimulation causes you to moan and release her head – it seems your breasts are still very sensitive from your earlier experience. With her head no longer restrained Remilia is now free to fully assault your breasts. She takes the nipple she was licking into her mouth and moves a hand to cup your other breast to pay you back for kneading her own flat chest. You moan as her tongue flicks against your nipple and you double the attack on her pussy by sliding in a second finger and wriggle both around inside of her tight cunt.

You suddenly feel a burst of pleasure coming from your nipple and Remilia pulls back from your breast with a surprised expression on her face. She backs away from you, and you're forced to remove your fingers from her pussy.

“W-What? Are you lactating?” Looking down at your breast, you see a thick white fluid coming from your nipple. It doesn't quite look like milk though...

“I must be. I am pregnant after all.” You smirk and give your belly a light caress. “Is it good? Does my milk taste good?” She doesn't answer immediately, only giving a slow nod after a pause. “Then drink up. Until my babies are born you can have all the milk you want!” She winces slightly when you mention the eggs inside of you but resumes sucking on your breast and drinking all of the “milk” it puts out.

“But that's not the only part of my body for you to play with.” You grab her hand and guide it to your pussy. “Feel it,” you command, and she traces your slit up and down with her fingers. “Touch my clit,” you command, and she switches to rubbing your clit with her index finger. “Enter me,” and she slides two of her fingers into your wet cunt. Her long fingers rub against the folds of your pussy and she separates them, wriggling each around inside of you, exploring your insides. “Good girl,”, you sing. “Now pound my pussy with your fingers.” She complies and slides both fingers out together, then slams both in again with enough force to cause you to shudder.

You take the two fingers that were inside of Remilia and bring them to your mouth. You lick, slurp, and kiss the fingers that are coated with her juices, deliberately making enough noise so that Remilia can hear what you're doing, even if she can't see it. With all of her juices cleaned off, you bring your hand back to her dripping pussy and insert three fingers in. You thrust her pussy much harder this time, causing her to moan out and briefly stop her from pleasuring you. You continue pounding her, but she manages to recover and goes back to sucking your breast and fingering your pussy, now much faster trying to match your own rate. She's unable to endure the assault and quickly orgasms, spraying her juices onto your hand as she moans and falls over onto the bed.

You move on top of her and she looks at you slowly with a vacant look in her eyes. Her mouth is agape and some of your milk is dribbling out onto her chin. She recovers slightly, closing her mouth and swallowing as she focuses on your face directly in front of own. You pull closer and kiss her on the lips as you put your hand on her cheek, covering it in her pussy juice. You slide your tongue into her mouth and taste the milk that she's been sucking from your tit, then lick the outside of her mouth to get what she spilled. It doesn't taste like milk either, but like the semen from the creature. You give her tongue another lick before departing and moving down to her pussy. As you spread her lips, Remilia speaks up.

“Why? I already came. Please let me make you cum too!”

“You'll make me cum soon enough. Just wait,” you say and return your attention to her lower lips.

You slide your tongue against her clit causing her to let out a moan and fall back against the bed. You move on to the inside of her pussy, penetrating her with your tongue as you pick up her juices. Switching to kissing the folds of her vagina you rub her clit with your index finger. Looking up at her, she's panting heavily and is ready to cum again. Perfect.

You abruptly move away from her pussy and slide over to your clothes. It takes a second for Remilia to catch up and realize that you've stopped, but she doesn't say anything; she just stares at you while panting. You reach into your possessions and grab a single charm, hiding it in your hand so Remilia can't see it and return to her pussy.

“Now it's time for you to make me cum,” you say as you place the charm directly above her clit. The charm quickly goes erect, extends, and thickens to form a magnificent cock that looks out of place on the petite vampire girl. Remilia can only stare as she sees the unfamiliar organ attached to her body. You break her trance by wrapping your hand around her new cock and giving it a single pump. Her moan makes it clear that the charm is working perfectly. You give her cock a few more pumps and slide your tongue around the tip, ensuring that she is ready. You lie back down on the bed, ready for her.

“Fuck me, Remilia. Fuck my wet pussy with your huge cock!” She obeys the sudden command and jumps on top of you, quickly spreading your legs and aligning her cock with your slit despite her inexperience. She thrusts the entire length into you, forcing you to moan from the sudden pleasure. Grabbing onto your waist for support she thrusts into you forcefully, creating a satisfying sound of slapping flesh each time your pussy swallows her shaft. With time she learns to use her new dick and settles into a more regular rhythm of thrusts and changes the angle she enters you with to better explore your inner walls. You match her rhythm and thrust your hips to meet her.

“This is amazing! Having a dick feels so good! Does it feel good for you, Reimu? Are you going to come from my dick?” Remilia asks you, near delirious with the pleasure. You don't answer her with words, content to simply continue moaning each time she pounds your cunt. You can feel your orgasm building within you, and Remilia is surely close to cumming as well. You wrap your legs around her, forcing her cock to stay buried within you as you cum, screaming in pleasure. You squeeze Remilia's dick, bringing her over the edge and she screams your name as she ejaculates into your hungry cunt. Both of you still moaning heavily, you release your legs, allowing Remilia to pull out and lie back on the bed. She closes her eyes and seems intent on sleeping, despite still having an erection.

[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
[x] Go to sleep with her.
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16549
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16554
[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya

I have a thing for maids, so sue me.
No. 16556
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16561
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.

So, is this a thread hijack, or did you just forget to use your trip? Either way, I'm not complaining.
No. 16562
[X] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[X] Koakuma
-[X] Oh, and leave Sakuya a note telling her to "clean up."
No. 16565
[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya
A thread hijack? I'm ok with this.
No. 16566
[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya
No. 16574
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16575
OP here, thanks for hijacking. I lost my ability to write for a while, and then I forgot all about this.

I could continue in another thread if someone would like that, but this guy writes better than me.

I'm sticking to about one short story once in a blue moon from now on, less to dedicate to.
No. 16579
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16590
[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya


Congrats, new OP! Grab a trip and hang it by your porn as your reward!
No. 16595
>grab a trip
Why bother? Someone else stealing the story would be hilarious.

Remilia wakes up with a boner and no Reimu in sight. Rage.

[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya
No. 16597

I dunno, I'd kind of like him to grab a trip and take over the story entirely. Truth be told, I've avoided it up until this point. I absolutely adore the concept, but I felt U Metal's presentation and execution faltered a bit. He improved to a point, but he stopped writing. I feel the new writer, while having a few quibbles of his own, would do well in executing the story.
No. 16598
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16599
[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya
No. 16611
Thanks. I'll take that as approval of the sudden hijack. Like others said, I always thought that this story had a nice concept but poor execution. You should try writing some shorts on here and get back into writing.

Should be interesting to see how the direction I plan on taking this story compares to your original plans.

I do plan on continuing, although I'm not one for adopting a trip code.

Will be closing the votes later tonight. Currently tied between Remilia and Sakuya.
No. 16612
[x] Let her sleep; go amuse yourself with another resident of the mansion (specify)
-[x] Sakuya
No. 16613
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16614
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16652
[x] You're still not full. Ride her and force her to cum inside you again.
No. 16711
File 131388730176.png - (684.96KB , 880x904 , c6465f87fcdca513a04cab613f12a9f6.png ) [iqdb]
Remilia may be tired, but you're not. And it would be such a waste of a fine erect cock to not mount her. You move on top of Remilia and crouch, lining her cock up with your slit. You slowly lower yourself, savoring the feeling of swallowing her cock. Remilia opens her eyes as your hips meet.

“What are you doing?” She's groggy but noticeably upset. Not that her being upset will stop you.

“I'm helping myself.” You raise yourself and lower back down to her waist. “Isn't it obvious?” You repeat the motion. “So just sit back and enjoy my pussy.”

“You've had your fun, Reimu.” You raise yourself. “But I need to rest no—ahhh!” You lower yourself as she talks, cutting off her complaint with a moan.

“See? It feels good, so just sit back and enjoy me. Stop trying to act tough.” You increase your speed to cut off any future protests. She was enthralled with you a minute ago so she won't take long to crack.

“Reimu, I me—ahhh! I mean it! Get off of me.” She continues her protest, but her moans are becoming more frequent. “Let me – nngghh – let me rest! We can have sex after I –” she gasps “after I sleep.”

“I was planning on that too.” She gets noticeably more upset after your comment, but you've had enough of her. You change position, pressing your body against hers, and silence her once and for all by plunging your tongue into her mouth. She finally gives up after a short bout of resistance and returns the kiss. With her resistance broken you return to an upright position. You pound your pussy against her hips with full speed causing her to finally moan freely. With her surrender you're finally free to enjoy the taste of her cock as it scrapes against your walls. She quickly cums again, filling your pussy with the remainder of her hot seed.

You slide off of Remilia's dick and crawl next to her in bed, facing her. She has a content smile on her face, but quickly changes to a scowl after you lay next to her.

“There, that was fun, wasn't it Remilia?” you ask, despite it being clear from her moaning and earlier facial expression that she did enjoy it.

“No. You've had your fun, now let me rest,” she replies, doing her best to sound sour. She pulls a blanket over her body and you slip in with her.

“Of course. You can even use my breasts as a pillow if you want.” You pat your breasts with your hands, giving the invitation to Remilia's head. She simply turns her back to you.

“Don't wanna.” She's so cute when she's acting spoiled. Without saying anything you wrap your arms around her body, pressing your breasts against her back. This time she doesn't fight you, and you give her a simple kiss on the back of her neck and whisper “sleep tight”. She falls asleep and you join her shortly after.


A sharp pain in your neck wakes you. You open your eyes and are greeted by the back of Remilia's head. She is on top of you, holding down your body with one hand while the other touches your neck. Her head is against your neck; she is lapping up your blood. You cry out in pain as she punctures your skin a second time, filling your body with a sharp pain. She leaves her fangs inside of your neck and the pain quickly transforms from sharp pain to a dull ache. The feeling of having part of her inside of you, albeit in a very different manner, excites you, the pain reminding you of losing your virginity. A wave of pleasure washes over you as Remilia removes her fangs from your neck and begins drinking your blood. You moan each time her tongue slides against your neck. The blood loss makes you slightly dizzy, but this only serves to enhance the feeling.

Remilia stops licking your neck and sits up between your spread legs. Her mouth is covered in your blood, some of it dripping down her chin and onto her naked chest. A few drops landed on top of you and on the sheets when she sat up as well. You can see that your pussy is visibly soaked from her “kiss” as well. She licks her lips, clearing off some of the blood but she is still a beautiful, bloody mess. She looks at you, finally noticing that you're awake.

“You're finally awake,” Remilia says, the anger clear in her tone. “Now. How do I get rid of this damn thing?” Remilia gestures towards her erect cock. It takes you a moment to recover enough to respond. You're still panting from her sucking your blood, and neither the blood you lost nor staring at her magnificent cock are helping you recover.

“Why would you want to get rid of my gift like that?”

“Gift?! What about this is a gift? You put it on my body so you could amuse yourself!” You were moaning heavily as well, Remilia. “And now you're panting from having your blood sucked, you damn pervert!” And your cock is erect. Calling her out on her hypocrisy will just cause an argument, which you are in no shape for.

“The only way to get rid of it is to use it,” you lie. “Once you've cum enough it will go limp and vanish in your sleep.” She seems to accept the lie. You move to hand to your dripping pussy and lightly massage your clit to draw her attention. “And I'd love to help you get rid of it. Pervert or not, that kiss felt amazing.” She simply scoffs and stands up, moving to the side of the bed. She grabs both of your legs and pulls, forcibly moving you to the side of the bed and placing your waist at the edge of the bed.

Holding onto your spread legs for support, Remilia slams her cock all the way into you without a word. She pounds your pussy with significantly more force than before you slept, but she keeps hitting the same parts of your insides over and over. She isn't even trying to pleasure you; she's fucking you only for her pleasure, or only so she can ejaculate inside of you. Right now you're not a partner, you're simply a fucktoy that she's using. You're still too dizzy from having your blood sucked to properly move to hips to force her to explore your cunt, so you're forced to simply allow her to thoughtlessly pound your pussy. Even with her apathy towards your pleasure, her cock is large enough to feel amazing. Remilia ejaculates and fills your pussy with her cum, bringing out your orgasm.

Remilia wordlessly removes her cock from your pussy, still fully erect and stained with a mixture of your juices and her semen, then slams in back into your pussy. The sudden stimulation so soon after cumming paired with the new feeling from your walls being coated with Remilia's cum is enough to almost bring you over the edge again. Remilia continues to slam her cock into you without any special consideration for you, but you feel a little stronger now and start moving your hips with each of her thrusts. Each penetration scrapes against a different part of your pussy, the changing stimulation quickly makes you cum. Remilia shoots inside of your pussy as you moan, then pulls out her cock but doesn't put it back in. She sits down on the bed, taking some time to catch her breath.

“Reimu. It's not going away.” Her cock maintains its impressive erection.

“Of course it's not. You haven't used it enough.” She's noticeably irritated by your response. She really seems to want to get rid of her dick for some reason. Unfortunately for her, you are the only one who could remove it and you have no intention of wasting such a big cock nor the charm you used to give it to her.

“Well how long is it going to take?!”

“Hmm. Maybe about 300 more times. That should be enough.” That should be enough for her to finally accept how good it feels and give up on trying to remove her cock.

“Ahhhhhhh!” She screams and falls back onto the bed. “That will take months!”

“Also, it'll go faster if you're with multiple women. I'd love to taste your cock every day for several months, but I can't absorb more of your semen once I'm already full.” You add on to the lie. Hopefully she won't get suspicious that the conditions keep changing. Her dick is amazing, but you don't plan on moving into the SDM with only one cock to fuck you. You're just not that kind of girl. “You live in a mansion filled with pussies. There's plenty of girls for you to have sex with, like –”

[ ] Sakuya
[ ] Meiling
[ ] Koakuma
[ ] The fairy maids
No. 16712
[x] Sakuya
No. 16713
[X] the Fairy maids.

Emotionless fury-sex is the best sex.
No. 16714
[x] Koakuma.
No. 16715
[ ] Sakuya
No. 16716
[x] Meiling
No. 16717
[X] the Fairy maids.
No. 16730
[x] Sakuya
No. 16733
[x] The fairy maids
No. 16743
[X] the Fairy maids.

A different sweet young thing for every occasion!
No. 16745
[x] The fairy maids

geez where'd reimu get these insanely high quality dick charms this shit is Unreal.
No. 16749
File 131390069832.jpg - (130.39KB , 704x600 , remipatchu.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Patchouli
Why so absent?

I'm not sure which I want more, Remilia swallowing the lie completely or finding out and punishing Reimu. If it's even possible to punish this Reimu, she gives no shits about monster impregnation.
No. 16750
[x] Flandre.

You know this is what you want.
No. 16751
Reimu needs abortion badly!
No. 16765
[x] Meiling

China needs some lovin'.
No. 16767
File 131393029992.jpg - (57.09KB , 260x780 , 8c7468b29f056beafdf707b95da8b40a.jpg ) [iqdb]

Won't somebody please think of the children?!
No. 16770
[x] The fairy maids
No. 16774
[x] Sakuya
No. 16950
File 131414204942.jpg - (86.69KB , 440x550 , 0beafd7507c99199e352181116e02c0b.jpg ) [iqdb]
“like all of the maids. You'll have a ton of different girls to fuck. You need that if you want to make your dick go away. They have to follow your orders too, so you'll always have nice, fresh pussy to shove your cock into. And they're small, so I bet they're nice and tight as well.” That might not be a good thing, however. A lot of the maids are too small to take Remilia's dick; any attempt will probably just result in a lot of pain, screaming, and blood. You don't think Remilia likes fairy blood either. “They're simply perfect for you.”

“I see. Yes, the maids should be perfect for this. Reimu, go and bring me one of the maids. I'll need to see how suitable they actually are.” It's presumptuous of her to give you an order and expect you to follow it, but this is something that greatly excites you. You can't wait to see what the maids will be like after they develop a taste for cock. You head towards the door, ready to find her prey.

“Reimu.” She stops you before you reach the door. “Clothes.” Looking down, you are indeed still naked. Walking around the mansion like this would probably just cause problems. You walk to your clothes, but Remilia stops you again before you can start getting dressed and places her hand on the side of your head, tilting it. “You're still bleeding.” You hadn't noticed; the pain subsided shortly after the bite and you've felt your strength returning since. “Go see Sakuya first and have her take care of you.” You shudder as she slides her tongue along your neck. “Delicious. Now go get it taken care of.” You put on your clothes and leave the room.

You wander around the mansion for a bit, not finding Sakuya. The fairy maids seem to be shying away from you, possibly because you still have blood all over your neck and shoulder. You corner one of the maids and ask her where Sakuya is.

“She's cleaning the upstairs dining room.” There's an upstairs dining room? No wonder you couldn't find her. You thank the maid and head upstairs. You easily find the dining room this time, as you can hear Sakuya barking orders to several noisy maids. Sakuya's back is to you as you enter the room.

“Sakuya,” you shout to get her attention. She turns around, an irritation look on her face. “Help!” She turns back to the maids, ignoring you. “Mistress's orders.” With that she turns around again, sighing. Her eyes fixate on your neck.

“So, she finally bit you?” You can hear some of the maids chatter as she says this; Sakuya simply glances towards them and they silence themselves, resuming work.

“Yep. So now you need to patch me up.” Sakuya sighs again.

“Fine. Come with me.” She grabs a chair from the dining room and carries it out. You follow her out of the room, down the hallway into a smaller room with no furniture. She sets the chair down in the middle. “Wait here.” She leaves again. You sit in the chair for a while before she returns carrying a white kit, closing the door behind her. Sakuya takes a towel out of the kit and wets it using a flask of water.

“Take off your shirt.” You do so, and she takes the wet towel and wipes off the blood. “Honestly, I can't believe you let her bite you. What were you two doing in the afternoon? Making such a racket at such a time.”

[ ] Show her
[ ] Tell her
--[ ] Mention Remilia's penis
[ ] Just say it was danmaku
No. 16951
[X] Show her
No. 16952
[X] Show her
No. 16953
[x] Tell her

Tell her exactly what happened. Except the penis. There should be some surprise left.
No. 16954
[x] Tell her

Let's try to entice her.
No. 16956
[X] Show her
No. 16958
[ ] Show her
No. 16960
[X] Show her
No. 16968
[x] Show her.

Because it seems like the kind of thing this story's doesn't-give-a-fuck Reimu would do.
No. 16977
[x] Tell her.
--[x] Mention Remilia's penis.
No. 16981
[x] Show her.
No. 17084
File 131423923270.jpg - (0.99MB , 1626x1150 , b9a848fba1d552657d63caf934f44220.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Oh you know, just girl stuff.” She finished washing off the blood and is now applying the bandages to your neck. “Just regular activities girls do on top of the bed. It's natural for it to get noisy.”

“Girl stuff, huh?” She clearly doesn't get the exact meaning and is probably imagining something completely innocent. She's obviously a virgin if she wasn't able to figure out what you were doing just from the noises you two were making. “I assumed she had grown out of stuff like that. I do hope she didn't damage anything.” And she arrives at some strange conclusion as she puts the last bandage on you. “There. You're all set. Try to not let her get away with everything, even if you lost whatever game you were playing.” That's your cue to show her what two girls might be doing on top of a bed.

“Sakuya, I think you have the wrong idea about what we were doing earlier.” You stand up and walk up to Sakuya, moving your face directly in front of hers. She's surprised by your sudden movement and pulls back, but you just follow her movements. “Let me show you.” You press your lips against hers and give her a light kiss. She's too startled to react so you give her a second kiss, then slide your tongue between her lips for a third. You explore her mouth as she stands there, immobilized. You pull away from her lips.

“Would you like to continue,” you ask her, “would you like to learn what Remilia and I were doing?” Your question snaps her back to her senses, but all she manages to say is a quiet affirmation. “Good. But first you'll need to take off your clothes.” You lead by example, quickly removing your skirt and panties, leaving nothing but your sarashi. Sakuya follows, slowly removing her apron and dress, revealing a lacy white bra covering her modest breasts, matching lacy panties, and a garter belt connected to her stockings. She moves to take off her garter belt, but you stop her. “No, no, leave those on.” You lightly rub her slit through her panties, causing her to let out a surprised yelp. “Take these off though. They'll just get in the way.” You remove your hand and Sakuya takes off her panties, a thin line of fluid connecting her panties to her delicate slit. You trace your finger around her bare pussy.

“Mmm. Your pussy is so nice. I bet you don't even play with it. Do you play with your pussy, Sakuya?” Her breathing gets heavier as you continue the light stimulation.

“N-No,” she pauses, weakly denying it. “I've never – I would never do something –“ You cut her off with another kiss. She's horribly embarrassed but it's clear she isn't lying. That's just one more thing to teach her, then.

“You should, Sakuya.” You kiss her again, using a bit of tongue. “You're so beautiful. You'd be even more lovely if you masturbated. Don't worry about it, I'll show you what to do.” You switch to rubbing her clit, causing her to let out a suppressed moan. “Now lie down on the floor.” She lies down on the floor, her glistening pussy facing you. She stares at you as you move to her pussy, eagerly awaiting what you'll do next.

You bury your face between her thighs and lick the outside of her pussy. She throws her head back and screams at the sudden stimulation. You spread her pussy lips and glide your tongue around her edges, occasionally flicking it deeper into her delicious cunt. She lets out a tiny scream with every movement of your tongue, excited by the unknown pleasure. However, she can't cum yet. You suddenly stop and pull away from her and lie down on your back. It takes her a moment to realize that you've stopped, and she simply sits up, dumbfounded.

“Now you need to do me. You need to learn what we did by tasting it yourself.” You spread your lips and show her your insides. “Come. Put your tongue into me and taste what she did to my pussy.” Sakuya mimics your earlier movements, sliding her tongue around the edges of your walls. “Deeper, Sakuya!” Her tongue slides further into your cunt, but she's still not far enough. “Deeper!” You moan as her tongue slides around your pussy. You can feel the leftover cum inside of you being collected by her winding tongue. Her greedy tongue continues to slide into your pussy even after all of the cum is gone. She massages your clit with one of her fingers, amplifying your pleasure. Her tonguework is amazing; as expected of the perfect and elegant maid. Her skill easily brings you to orgasm, and you scream out as the wave of pleasure washes over you. Sakuya stops and simply stares at you as you lie on the floor contentedly, breathing heavily.

“Did you taste it? Not my pussy, but what Remilia put inside my pussy.” She nods. “Then it's time to teach you what it feels like. Lie down again, and spread your pussy.” She returns to her earlier position and spreads her lips, giving you a clear look at her soaked pussy. You slide two of your fingers into her cunt. “When you masturbate, do this. Slide your fingers into your pussy.” You separate the two fingers and wiggle them about inside of her. “And do this. Play with yourself. Explore your insides. Find what feels best.” You remove the two fingers from her and place them in front of her mouth. She instinctively reaches up and swallows them, her tongue licking every drop of her juices from your fingers. “And always remember to clean up afterward.” You pull your fingers out of her mouth and move your hand back to her pussy. Without warning you take three of your fingers and slam them into her cunt, pumping in and out as fast as you can. She immediately starts tensing up from the sudden stimulation. Her cunt squeezes tightly on your fingers, and you can feel her orgasm approaching. You slow down a bit to drag it out. “And keep doing it until you feel like this.” You resume the pace and she cums immediately, her back arching as she screams out. You lick her juices off your hand. Her first orgasm complete, Sakuya simply lies flat on the floor, immobilized.

“And that's what it felt like to have Remilia fuck my cunt with her thick cock. Once you've masturbated enough you should go to her and let her fuck you.” You grab your clothes and get dressed. “If you need help masturbating, don't hesitate to ask me for help.” You lean down and give Sakuya a kiss on the lips. “Thanks for cleaning my bite wounds as well.” You walk out of the room. Before you close the door, Sakuya finally manages to say something.

“That... was amazing.”

Now to find a fairy maid with wide enough hips for Remilia. You return to the dining room ahead of Sakuya. You quickly size up the maids in the room; no good, they're all too short and their hips are too narrow. You leave the room and return downstairs. If you're looking for the largest fairies, the best place to look would be the ones helping Meiling guard the entrance.

Sure enough, you find a suitable girl outside the mansion. She's still a little small, and it'll certainly be a tight fit, but she'll manage. Besides, that's what makes this so much fun! You walk up to the lucky girl on guard duty.

“You. Remilia needs you.”

“Huh? The mistress needs me?” She's confused by your sudden appearance and strange declaration.

“Yes. Remilia is collecting volunteers.” She continues looking confused. “And you just volunteered.” You grab her arm and lead her back into the mansion.

Remilia only asked you for one maid, which you've found. But should you really stop there? The only thing stopping you from bringing in more is the scarcity of maids. You'd certainly prefer to watch Remilia fuck more maids at once.

[ ] One is enough; she only has one dick anyways
[ ] Find a second suitable maid
[ ] Find two more maids
No. 17085
[X] One is enough; she only has one dick anyways

Only one. If there's two, one might escape, and warn the others, allowing them to hide.
No. 17089
[X] Find two more maids

The more the merrier. Maybe the other two can watch in horror as their friends get filled to bursting with Remilia futa dick.
No. 17091
[x] Find a second suitable maid

One for Remilia and one for Reimu to tease. They can switch off.
No. 17092
[x] Find a second suitable maid

I like >>17091 's thinking, that and if we get too many the average quality level may drop.
No. 17094
Yeah. It only takes one maid screaming in pain for Remilia to decide this is a terrible idea.
No. 17096
[x] Find a second suitable maid
No. 17102
[x] Find a second suitable maid.

I, too, approve of letting Reimu have a fairy of her own to "prepare" for Remi.
No. 17110
[x] Find two more maids.
No. 17111
[x] Find two more maids.
No. 17116
[x] Find a second suitable maid
No. 17126

[x] Find a second suitable maid
No. 17140
[x] Find two more maids.
No. 17194
Calling it for:
[x] Find a second suitable maid
No. 17370
File 131446928426.jpg - (288.53KB , 1070x824 , 20.jpg ) [iqdb]
“We need to find another volunteer. Can you think of any other maids that are about your size? Or bigger?”

“Huh? My size?” Your question perplexes the maid even further.

“Yeah. Remilia needs you for some 'physical' work. So we need a big, strong fairy to help her out. About as tall as you are, preferably with nice wide hips.”

“Oh! I get it now! I think I know of the perfect girl. She should be off duty right now. Follow me!” She excitedly flies off down the hallway, and you hurry after her. She still doesn't know what you actually meant by 'physical', but the shred of understanding removes her worries and returns her to the carefree nature of most fairies. Your victim leads you to a small set of double doors, less decorated than the majority of the mansion. She brings you inside where you see a large room with many beds, tables, and fairies. Most of the fairies are lying on the beds, while others are eating at the tables or simply talking amongst themselves. This must be the servants' quarters.

The maid you followed flies over to one of the occupied beds and jumps on top of a sleeping girl. The poor girl gets out from under her and pulls the blankets over her assailant, trapping her. You walk over to the bed as the trapped girl flails about, laughing. You point at the new victim.

“You. You're volunteering to help Remilia. Get dressed and come with me.” She starts to object but you cut her off. “Mistress's orders. Hurry up. And release her,” you point to the laughing fool, “she's helping too.” The new maid gives in and quickly puts her maid uniform on top of her nightgown.

You lead the two girls back to Remilia's bedchamber. They obediently follow you, only occasionally nervously whispering to each other. You open the door to her room, inviting them in first, then close and lock the door after you. Remilia is sitting on her bed in a light silk nightgown. Her hair is a bit wet; she must have taken a bath while you were gone.

“Remilia. I've brought you two sacrifices.” The two maids immediately panic at your words.

“Reimu, don't give them idiotic ideas!” She turns to the two “sacrifices” to reassure them. “You're not sacrifices. You just need to help me with something. But first, line up and stand at attention. I need to examine you two.”

The maids calm down and line up, side by side, standing perfectly straight. Their posture is surprisingly good considering that they're still fairies. Remilia walks circles around the two, occasionally peering closer to a part of their bodies. She moves in front of the first maid and puts her hands all around the girl's body, feeling her figure through her maid uniform. The girl lets out a surprised yelp but otherwise stays still. She repeats this for the second girl, then moves behind both girls and puts one hand on each girl's ass, squeezing it. Both girls squeak in unison and shift their bodies forward to try to escape their mistress's groping.

“Good. Very good. You have excellent taste, Reimu.” Remilia nods approvingly at the two girls you brought her. “Now strip, both of you, so I can finish the examination.” They object, but Remilia simply stares them down. “Oh? Are you refusing an order from your mistress?” They recoil in terror from Remilia's terrifying gaze and quickly throw off their clothes. You disrobe as well, quietly removing everything behind the maids. Remilia continues her examination of the girls now that they are stripped bare.

The first maid you brought in is a little shorter than Remilia with short blue hair. Her hips are wide for her height, so she shouldn't have any serious problems taking Remilia's dick. She has a nice, plump ass but her chest is almost completely flat; she has tiny tits but very cute nipples. The other girl is larger, about half a head taller with decent hips. Her light blonde hair goes down to her mid back. Her ass isn't anything special, but her breasts are large for a fairy. They look to be a good handful but appear much larger due to her narrow frame. The small nipples on her large breasts look simply delicious.

Remilia seems to be satisfied with her second inspection. She steps away from the maids and takes off her nightgown, revealing her limp cock. The two maids simply stare at the unexpected organ as it twitches and grows. You walk behind the first maid and throw one hand around her onto her left breast and use the other to stroke her thigh from behind. She cries out in surprise as you caress her.

“Remilia, just a second. I need to prepare the maids first before you can put your dick into them.” You spell out the fate of the two as you caress the first victim. You move over to her front and switch to rubbing her pussy. You lean over and slide your tongue over her nipple, tasting her sweet breasts. She lets out a moan as you switch to her other nipple. Pulling away from her chest, you press your breast to her face and guide your nipple to her mouth. “Drink,” you command, and she takes your nipple into her mouth and sucks on it. You shudder as your milk leaves your body and floods her eager mouth. You continue to rub her pussy as she drinks your warm milk, clearly enjoying the taste. Her pussy has gotten moist; she shouldn't have any problem taking in a cock now. You pull away from her hungry mouth. She leans forward, trying to get another taste of your tit, but quickly composes herself and returns to standing straight. You guide her over to Remilia, whose cock is now rock hard from watching your little show, and instruct the maid to bend over slightly while facing her companion.

Remilia slowly slides her cock into the maid's wet cunt. Even with your preparations she is simply too tight to take Remilia's entire length. The maid lets out a cry of pain from the unfamiliar object entering her. Remilia stops pushing in with her dick only halfway into the maid and pulls out with the same slow pace. She cries out again as Remilia repeats the insertion, again stopping halfway. Unlike the maid, Remilia has a look of immense pleasure on her face as she violates the small girl. She repeats the insertions over and over, slowly increasing her speed. It doesn't take long for the cries to change from pain to pleasure, the maid getting used to the object inside of her.

The maid abruptly screams in agony as Remilia puts her entire length inside of her. As she removes her dick, you see a coating of blood on Remilia's dick and more dripping down the maid's legs. Her hymen broken, the cries return to pain as Remilia continues to slowly insert the entirety of her cock into the maid's pussy, then back to pleasure as the depths of her cunt accept Remilia's dick. With Remilia's slow pace you have plenty of time to prepare the other maid before she cums inside of her current partner. You turn to the other maid, who is staring in amazement at her friend moaning in pleasure from something that was causing so much pain.

“Does it look like fun,” you ask her. “It should. It feels amazing to have that thing inside of you.” You rub your hand against her slit; she's already a little wet from watching her friend lose her virginity. “And you're next. Soon that thick cock will be inside of you.” You lower your mouth to her well formed breasts and take one of her delectable nipples into your mouth. She lets out a small moan as you suck and kiss on her breast; her attention changes from her friend to you. You cup her other breast with your free hand, enjoying the softness of the breast that fits so well in your hand. You give her nipple a final kiss and offer her your own breast. Like the previous maid she greedily drinks your milk, licking and sucking on your nipple to her heart's content. You pull your tit away from her when you feel she's had enough and turn to watch Remilia fuck her maid. She's finally used to Remilia's cock; she moans in pleasure each time Remilia fucks her cunt, Remilia no longer thrusting slowly but now digging into the maid's wet pussy at full speed. Remilia slams her cock into the maid one final time before cumming. Both girls let out screams of pleasure as the maid's cunt fills with Remilia's seed.

You walk over to the spent maid, her replacement following you without being asked. As you approach Remilia she lets go of the maid, causing her to fall into your arms. She's very light, so it's no trouble at all to carry her. Remilia grabs a towel to wipe off her dick and orders the new maid to assume the same position. The maid lets out a moan of pleasure as Remilia inserts her dick; this girl is taller and has a wider build so it seems she'll have less pain in her first time. You carry the girl in your arms to the side of the room and prop her up against the wall. She's not unconscious, just unable to move her body after the intense orgasm. You hear a cry of pain behind you; Remilia must have broken the new girl's hymen already.

“So? How was it? Did you enjoy losing your virginity?” The maid simply stares at you for a good minute, breathing heavily with a smile plastered onto her face. A small amount of cum is dripping out of her pussy down her thighs and onto the floor. She finally speaks up.

“It was incredible.” She gasps for air. “I've never felt anything like that before.” She pauses again. “I want to do it again sometime. Soon.” You smile at the new slut sitting before you.

“Don't worry, I'm sure Remilia will love to fuck you again later.” You give her a kiss, slipping your tongue into her mouth to taste her. “Or you could find me before I leave.” You rub her clit and kiss her again. “I don't have a cock, but we can still have fun. I still need to play with some of the other residents, though.” You sit down beside her, continuing to rub her clit as you enjoy the show Remilia is putting on for you.

The new girl is already broken in. They changed positions while you were attending to the first girl; the maid is now on all fours with Remilia bent on top of her, grabbing onto one of her breasts as Remilia enters her. She cries out in pleasure with each of Remilia's thrusts, her breast bouncing from the impact. Remilia takes her free hand and slides her middle finger deep into the maid's ass, causing her to scream again in pleasure from the double stimulation. Remilia climaxes again, filling the girl's pussy to the brim with her cum. The maid collapses from her own orgasm as Remilia pulls her finger and cock out of her. You walk over to the second maid as Remilia wipes her dick off again. She's in much better condition than her friend was and is able to stand up with a little help. You both walk over to the first maid and help her stand up. You help the two girls put their uniform back on and walk them to the door, giving each a kiss on the lips before they leave.

“So how were they, Remilia? Were they as delicious as they looked?”

“They were both fantastic. Their tight cunts felt amazing wrapped around my dick.”

“Mmm, they certainly sound delicious. Were they better than me?” You kiss Remilia and slide your tongue into her mouth. She returns the kiss, wrapping her tongue against yours.

“Not a chance. They may be tight but they can't compare with your wonderful pussy.” You wrap your hand around Remilia's still erect cock and slowly pump it as you kiss her again and again. She's certainly in a better mood now than when she woke up.

You break away from the kiss and get on your knees. You glide your tongue around the top of her cock as you continue to stroke her shaft with your hand. She moans as your tongue rubs against the underside of her cock. You take it into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down as you suck on her delicious dick. Her cock twitches in response; she's obviously about to cum. You remove your hand and swallow the entirety of her shaft, kissing her tip with the back of your throat. You pull back and swallow her cock again, forcing her to fuck your mouth. You pull back again as she orgasms, filling your mouth and coating your tongue with her semen. You release her cock as she finishes cumming, moving your head back to her mouth. You slide your tongue back into her mouth, giving her a load of her own cum. She eagerly accepts it, repeatedly hitting your tongue with her own to get the semen from your mouth. She lies back on her bed, a satisfied expression on her face.

Now, where to?

[ ] Spend some more time with Remilia
[ ] Play with Meiling
[ ] Go find Patchouli
[ ] Go find Koakuma
No. 17371
[X] Go find Koakuma

Remilia's had enough play. And we want her to get more addicted to fairy maids, instead of keep her thinking about Reimu all the time.

Time to track down the sex demon.
No. 17372
[x] Go find Patchouli.
No. 17374
[x] Play with Meiling

China needs some lovin' too.
No. 17376
[X] Go find Koakuma
No. 17377
[X] Go find Koakuma
I don't think Koa will take kindly into stepping into her territory. In a normal situation that wouldn't be a problem at all and she'd get danmaku'd but in a, ah, more... horizontal battle, who knows who'd have the advantage?
No. 17378
File 131447196718.jpg - (191.31KB , 1137x708 , 32.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Play with Meiling

Every time the vote is called, pretend I posted Hooray! Okay? I'm thinking it, but I don't want to waste a post saying it.
No. 17381
[x] Go find Koakuma

Koa needs some loving, too. I'm sure she doesn't get nearly as much as she'd like, being stuck in the library all the time.
No. 17383
[X] Go find Koakuma
No. 17385
[x] Go find Patchouli.

What can I say, she's my favourite SDM resident.
No. 17396
[x] Play with Meiling
No. 17475
[x] Play with Meiling
No. 17477
[X] Play with Meiling
No. 17479
[x] Fuck Meiling

You have to man. You just have to.
No. 17480
[x] Go find Koakuma.
No. 17499
Tie between Koakuma and Meiling options. Next vote for either of those wins.
No. 17501
[x] Go find Koakuma
No. 17502
And called.
No. 17626
New thread