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Recently me and DamageDesu came up with an idea to make donor projects for those that would like to contribute to a scanlation project, but don't want to pay the full amount for the translation and editing. Don't get me wrong I'm not here to advertise or to mooch money off you people. In accordance with the spirit of the Doujin Nomination threads of the past I would like to know, which doujin you guys want to see scanlated. After two or three weeks I will pick a winner from this thread and put it up as a new donor project on the U MAD web page.

No. 10891
Sauce for OP pic?
No. 10892
Hi, im not sure as to what all the rules are for this (haven't been here for long) so i have a few questions.
Can 1 person nominate as many doujins as they desire or is it a 1 doujin per person basis?

Is there a limit on the page length of the doujin itself? Like, can we ask for 60 or possibly more paged doujins to be translated or should we try to nominate 10-30 paged works?

lastly, I know this is a hentai board so im guessing H series were in mind but can we nominate None H doujins to be translated as well or is this mainly for H series?

and to kind of go off on the last one, will the selection be random or will it come down to personal choice on your part? either one is fine since you are the one hosting this.
No. 10893
Going along with the spirit of the previous nomination thread the rules are as follows:
1. One person can only nominate one book per contest.
2. The length of the book does not matter.
3. It has to be H.
4. To choice will be done by me after taking into account all of the nomination.

I will also announce when the contest is over so you can stop nominating further works.
No. 10894
File 129864466671.jpg - (204.42KB , 1293x893 , [しもやけ堂 (逢魔刻壱}] 秋風乙女small.jpg ) [iqdb]
thanks for clearing that up. guess i'll start.
I assume we include download links as well to make it easier on you, not having to find them yourself.
(C79)[しもやけ堂] 秋風乙女
No. 10895
Or you could describe a tiny snippet from a random page and he could still manage to know exactly what it was from. Bastard.
No. 10896
While it's particularly revolting to agree with some random namefag, Shimoyakedou's latest has to be my nomination as well.
No. 10899
Are all the old choices included or is this a fresh start?
No. 10900
File 129865453481.jpg - (529.05KB , 711x1000 , 63c3e7c9f075034c4ad552a93365ddee.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm a little annoyed about that. I wanted to nominate this doujin, but I don't even know if it's out.
Artist is "yoshi tama". I don't have any other informations about that.
No. 10902
File 129865571527.jpg - (192.52KB , 648x906 , Uwriggle.jpg ) [iqdb]
Circle name is CUNICULUS

http://www.mediafire.com/?grjunznwmnm (Hopefully it's still working)

Title: Uwriggle (according to the actual pages of the doujin)

In the event of a fresh start I'll try to link the last two threads of the original nominations
No. 10903
Start fresh please.
No. 10904
This one's ITO LIFE's work. The link is broken, but you don't need to post another one as I have it.
No. 10908
Some stuff from the original:

>>8784 (These two posts have the earlier parts of the kinoko no sasoi series)
No. 10910
How about the new Marisa doujin from that Nounai guy? I can't bring up links to what I'm getting at and don't know if it's scanned yet. I'd check, but my 3G is running so god damn slow today.

Seems like a logical choice since the rest are translated. And I'd hate for CGRascal to get to it first.
No. 10912
that one is part of the donor project on umad.

current $12 away from getting fully comissioned.
No. 10913
The shoutbox on the blog is saying that doujin is going to be considered a donor project already since the original commisioner disappeared.

He may have ragequit from the site, but has anyone tried to tell Gandalph that the Shimoyakedou doujin is out? He might still be willing to do it himself.
>So if someone can find raws for Shimoyakedou's C79 release, I will get that one translated in addition to whichever one I pick as the winner of this contest

Pretty sure it's not out.

Question for Hong:
Normally, a donor project is started by a single person who is interested in a work but can't/won't pay for the full thing, and the project makes it easier for other people to throw in their own small bits of money. How is this going to work with the nomination? Will the nominated doujin still need to be paid in full by contributors, or will it be covered entirely/partially by you guys?
No. 10916

Thank you both for the answer. I'd contribute but, well, money is tight and I've got bad spending habits. Maybe some time in the future if I've got extra cash sitting around.

Although, as much as I respect the work these guys do, man I can't imagine paying $47 for a translation. For that much cash I can get 4-6 physical doujins.
No. 10917
The price does seem rather high (just look at Voile, we'd do non-H doujins for free, albeit at a slow pace), but if there's a market for it, then there's no reason not to charge that high, I guess.

I would love to see Albatross' latest doujin, Eromisu+3, translated.

No. 10925
The book that will win the nomination contest will be put as a donor project, but at a 1/2 price of our normal translation+editing rate.
In order to remain competitive we need to keep the prices at such a level. There are quite a few scanlators that have higher prices around. I'd say we are the middle ground, but enough about that. We fully understand that the price for commissioning any book alone is a lot for one person. That is why we decided to go for donor projects more in the future. Me and DamageDesu are quite aware what kind of books people would like to see translated, not to mention we get many requests outside the usual commissions.
No. 10926
I would like to nominate [Inst] Heart beats >>10118

However, the link appear to have been killed. Should I upload it or do you have it?

Also, should we give any reason to explain our nomination if we want?
No. 10927
No worries I have it. If you want to give a reason for your nomination you are free to do so.
No. 10928

As for reasons... Well, I can't even remember if I saw another doujin with Sakuya as main focus without rape, mind break, futa or yuri. Which makes it a rarity I certainly don't dislike.
No. 10931
True, and it's quality translating unlike what often comes about from a CGRascal translation.

My reasons for my nominations?
Itou Life- More is always nice and it's the last untranslated one.
Shigunyan- Touhou needs more happy sex, and he does it well.

The others are more my pick of the old thread.

I might make some suggestions based on the two untranslated doujin threads.
No. 10933
I second this nomination. I've wanted this translated for a long time.
No. 10935
I'd like to nominate >>10192 because there's never enough footplay/femdom when it comes to Patchy and Satori.
No. 10968
are the two raw threads being looked at or should we bring some examples out of them?

>>2817 and >>8508 are the threads I'm referring to.
No. 10970
Define "being looked at"
No. 10971
I mean being considered as suggestions already.
No. 10973
Nothing except for what is posted in here will be considered.
No. 10978
off topic but does anyone have a download link to this one? love ito life's work and humor.
No. 10981
File 129882489010.jpg - (1.74MB , 2841x2000 , 0001.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've been wanting to see this translated since it came out. I don't have a download link offhand, but I'll upload it if anyone requests it.
No. 10982
File 129882966950.jpg - (304.36KB , 1200x1696 , 001.jpg ) [iqdb]
LeimKissA's two Remilia and Reimu doujins. I'd rather see the second one, but it's a direct continuation so start with the first.

I really like this Reimu.
No. 10983
Please do upload it. That would be magnificent.
No. 10984
Is the first one out? I only have the second (紅白天誅). If you have 紅染艶戯 please post it somewhere.
No. 10985
the link in that post IS The download link to the nomination.
No. 10987
the link is dead though, im asking if anyone else has a mirrior of if or something.
No. 10988
It's on exhentai. Since you probably don't want to go through the trouble of downloading it from there, here you go.

No. 10989
Awesome, thanks. And it's on Share too apparently, along with the C79 (non-H, but somewhat /e/) doujin.
No. 10993
These are my picks out of >>8508 there is a chance that a few are already translated and I forgot about it but most are untouched for sure.


>>10247 I didn't know Nagana Sayui did doujins; definitely looking that up; seems happy sex (as expected)


>>10479 A doujin by Uro (danbooru name); noting it as he's quite good with Alice as well as a few other characters.


>>10838 (If I could find more raws of this guy's I would post them as well)

No. 10995
>1. One person can only nominate one book per contest.

And at least the following are translated:
>>8512 at >>8516
>>9691 at >>9710
>>8509 at >>8756
>>8508 at >>8582
No. 10999
Ah missed that....
No. 11001
Touhou Enchantress' Dance 3
No. 11002

Kind of hard to translated something that hasn't been released.
No. 11004
You're joking, right?

No. 11005

Oh whoops I thought you meant the other thing he did, anyways I'll second that for you.
No. 11008
How many of these have been translated?
No. 11013
Enchantress' dance?
1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9
No. 11014
Nominating this.
No. 11039
File 129896711495.jpg - (721.92KB , 1134x1600 , hatate2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love this artist so damn much.
Doubt this'll win a translation, be eh, it's worth a shot.

No. 11041
I'd actually like to see that translated as well. Failing that the Ito Life work.
No. 11044
Thank you for all the nominations so far. Keep them coming. I think I'll make a final decision on Sunday.
No. 11046
File 129902065022.jpg - (495.69KB , 1134x1600 , Sch_01.jpg ) [iqdb]

Lots of transparencies, so cleaning this might be some trouble.
No. 11053
Here you go. Sorry it took me so long to upload it.

No. 11059
Thank you.
No. 11928
It's been quite some time since I came over. I have chosen the winner and that is:

I've picked this particular one since it's rare to see a sweet consensual Sakuya hetero doujin. I'll be adding it to the donor projects soon.
No. 12014
The project is up and running.
No. 12015
Any chance you could get the ChipIn link to go to US paypal by default?
No. 12016
It keeps redirecting no matter what I do, sorry. Anyway the fund raising is complete.
No. 12018

How about this one?
No. 12079
And here it is:
No. 12090
Might as well start round 2 right away. I'll be taking into consideration all previous nominations from this thread as well as all new ones you'll post.
No. 12098

Latest Ito Life Doujin
No. 12099
Reverse noise with delicious Sakuya, Meiling and threesome with the two of them, all happy sex. I cannot not nominate this.
No. 12102
What this man speaks is the truth.
No. 12108
I wish to scratch my pervious nomination here >>11005

To instead second this nomination >>12098

I'd delete it but I must of messed up the password, sorry about that.
No. 12113
I'm tempted to second that as well. Failing that, anything by Reverse Noise is fine with me.
No. 12190
I'm this one, and I retract my last vot for Re:play, unless its alredy being translated.
No. 12425
File 130229134254.jpg - (185.66KB , 1200x838 , 001_026.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't think Hong cares about seconding.

This was nice.

Or anything by DOUMOU that isn't already translated.
No. 12430

Got a link? Even though I probably have, I don't recall reading this one...
No. 12433

Tewi and futa Reisen
No. 12437
Beat ya to it.
No. 12439
Seriously? This is some Tewi-grade luck right here.
No. 12452

Komachi doujin (and the artist's known for his FF doujins, mainly with Adult!Rydia)
No. 12512
His art seems to have lost a bit of its charm, though. I think I detect a subtle shift in style, and I don't think I like it.
Too bad.
No. 12515
It might be due to leaving his comfort zone and possibly trying to measure up to folks like SAZ and other big (pardon the pun) names in Komachi doujins.
No. 12519
>trying to measure up to other big names
Seriously? He probably just doesn't like Touhou very much and just wants some cash.
No. 13589
File 130525144135.jpg - (752.70KB , 1415x2000 , 519222287_001_123_1165lo.jpg ) [iqdb]
UMAD put up a new donor project.
No. 13653
File 130544688826.jpg - (265.94KB , 1127x1600 , âAâèâXé¦é¡é¦é+é+é_éóé½é+üIüH_0.jpg ) [iqdb]
How about this one?
No. 13683
I haven't updated in a while, but I will pick the next contest winner this friday.
No. 13686
No. 13922
File 130599758950.jpg - (837.01KB , 2125x3015 , 058934762_00_123_26lo.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another new project is up.