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I've decided to upload my spreadsheet to Google Docs. I'm a little slow in updating the file, so this way at least you guys will be able to have access to it while I'm working on it. You can save it as normal and whatever. A tad messy since it's a constant work-in-progress, but shouldn't detract too much.

Also, if there's certain older doujins without a working link on there that you want, go ahead and request it, and I'll upload it in this thread too. Just don't go requesting the entire thing at a time.

No. 10161
Oh hey, I remember this. It's really helpful when trying to find doujins of specific characters. Thanks!
No. 10334
Quick update to the file. Filled out the information on the Recent Additions sheet, and going through the main sheet to locate invalid links... And there's a lot.
No. 10336
Rojiura Jack's Attractive Song is inactive. Contains Byakuren. If you have the time, could you please upload it?
No. 10342
Whoops, I found out that it's mislabeled with the wrong circle, it's actually supposed to be Romance no Neko Ookami Musume. No wonder I couldn't find it in my archives for a while. Anyways, here you go, and thanks for indirectly pointing out an error.

No. 11506
A minor setback, my hard drive crashed, so I lost my progress on the spreadsheet and whatever new doujins I downloaded that has been released. I'll pick up the pieces momentarily.
No. 11613
>>10336 here. Sorry that I haven't posted in a while to say thank you. But anyway, thanks; I've been looking for that doujin for a while.
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>Been a while, here's a release of the Excel spreadsheet update 7. Most of the C78 stuff is put in, among other things. Pretty behind, as there's plenty of Reitaisai 7-8 and C79-80 stuff, but that'll be added over time.

>As usual, if you want something with a dead link, ask me and I'll upload it, as I have everything in this list.
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Who's the artist of OP's pic?
iqdb >HTTP request failed: Couldn't resolve host name.
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Strange. For some reason IQDB doesn't work for images on THP. Works fine for other sites, or from "choose file"

Just to save time, this is the guy. He's got a thing for anal, and also Suwako.

While I'm here, I'd like to thank you for your categorization. It's been invaluable to me a couple of times.
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And his twitter, for people who are into that sort of thing.
No. 14384

Thanks for the responses.

Also, LOL @
>Nakajyo is Anal Fucker for Suwako
>I Fuck'n Jap and Hentai Artist
No. 14385
Hahahahaha. His Pixiv used to have that, but he was "HUSBAND FOR SUWAKO" back then.
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Happy Rumia day!


Updated, now at version 8. Number of doujins, CGs, and stuff: 1782.
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Not a change, but I'm dumb and didn't realize the previous link just doesn't work.

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Every time this thread is bumped, I get a faceful of Rumia ass. And it is good.
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I can't thank you enough for posting this!
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Bump of Justice!

New doujins are coming out now or then, and I have been looking for this file, just to see it was last updated 9 months ago. Whoever maintains this thing, is that person still among us?
No. 27095
Oh balls. Mysterio, if you're still around and updating, Futanatte! YukaReimu by Arsenothelus went down. My thanks if you can re-upload.
No. 27097
Actually, I've recently began adding new entries to the spreadsheet. However, I have a backlog of over 500 H doujins to add, so it'll take a while. Furthermore, all of the mediafire links are dead thanks to the recent crackdown on online sharing. I'm going to assume all the links are dead on the spreadsheet, although you can test them and get lucky. For the time being, I'm using links to E-Hentai. It's a lousy alternative, and they don't allow any loli doujins, but it's better than nothing. As usual, I'll comply with any requests for reuploading.

I'll try to getting around to an update after taking out a chunk of my backlog.

Actually, your request is in the old translated threads. Still works, surprisingly.
No. 27099
exhentai has the missing doujins
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File 135172595884.png - (1.12MB , 1340x1320 , ff8766c76e623c65a726b0706b4a1e73.png ) [iqdb]
Update 9:

It's been a while... A few notes worth mentioning. Assume that all mediafire links are not working. All the links in the "Recent" tab are confirmed to work at this time, 4shared is currently the most accommodating uploader at this time. I REALLY hope they don't pull all these doujins anytime soon, but it'll probably happen sooner or later... For the time being, I'm using E-hentai as an alternative source. Be sure to log in to either source in order to view/download the files. I haven't gotten around to adding English links yet, because the search function in 4shared doesn't work, which makes finding an English file a fair task, but I'll do so in a future short update.
No. 27258
Update 9.1:


Same file as above, just with added English links in the "Recent" tab.