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File 140126816837.jpg - (961.98KB, 1409x2000, _001.jpg) [iqdb]
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After going through my folders storing Touhou H-doujinshi and deleting around 500 duplicates and doujins I don't like, I still find myself having 749 more of these.

Can anyone beat this (I imagine it's not that hard if you download more / delete less)?
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>> No. 35330
oh I wish for a torrent...
>> No. 35331

Stop being lazy and go download everything yourself.
>> No. 35403
Talking about H collection, which one in your collection you've considered as the best? For my reference.

File 140104518492.jpg - (1.47MB, 2268x3153, namu_000.jpg) [iqdb]
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Can somebody tell me where I can find the Japanese version of this Doujinshi?
>> No. 35197
>> No. 35198
...not be so lazy
>> No. 35203
please delete this thread.

File 139891925153.jpg - (147.05KB, 600x600, Rumia_full_1469266.jpg) [iqdb]
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Hello /at/. I request a faceless male(s)X Rumia doujin (TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH). Please, no scat or futa. It's just not my thing, ok?
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>> No. 35078
>> No. 35088
File 13995481561.jpg - (193.67KB, 780x870, 1.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 35090
Exhentai and put Rumia in the search bar. Touhou H doujins don't even have any other genre other than faceless man. Not sure why you even needed to ask since no one makes yuri/futanari touhou doujins anymore.

File 138074414092.jpg - (1.34MB, 1419x2000, img_0000.jpg) [iqdb]
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Hey, everyone. Allow me to share a proposition.

I’d like to improve my efficiency, and Otogi’s Paizuri 48 Techniques series was fascinating. I think we might be able to help each other out here. If you all can vote on one of the 48 techniques from the doujins and the character(s) to go with it, then I’ll try and write out a paizuri scene for you all in a single day. Like most side-threads, I don’t expect this to last long, but I feel like it’s worth a shot.

If you only want to vote for a technique or for the character(s), that’s fine too. Pretty much any female character is fair game.

Here’s the links to the doujins.
Part 1: http://exhentai.org/g/618270/44a3defc7c/
Part 2: http://exhentai.org/g/631807/f1f3d18da0/
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>> No. 36800
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
>> No. 36801
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
>> No. 36803
Sorry I made a mess with the posts above, and I forgot the goddamn password to delete them... Sorry

File 139752417134.jpg - (179.19KB, 600x428, 4866229a0eb8de4eb42653c09f3fc5e2.jpg) [iqdb]
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I'm just going to officially make Robin into his own little "spin-off" here, instead of needing to use the Rule 63 Thread.

With that being true, I also figured instead of just doing shorts or what strikes my whim, why not open it up a bit? So far I've been just taking Reina situations and modifying them (quite heavily, naturally), but why not turn it into almost a "mini-CYOA" instead?

This isn't going to be a full-fledged CYOA by any means, so expect any non-lewd updates to be only as long as they are needed. This isn't replacing Restorer in Gensokyo, this is just a side project.

For now, I will assume Robin's Alice, Sakuya, and Meiling experiences all happened in this setting. So with that, whom would you all like to see next? I'll list a few ideas, but you can write-in your own choice. I only ask it is someone who was actually in Restorer in Gensokyo, and I reserve the right to refuse, or at least argue against, some choices.

So without further ado!

- - -

Who shall Robin be seduced by next?
[ ] Remilia Scarlet
[ ] Aya Shameimaru
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>> No. 34959
She's in SLDT's Komachi /at story I believe as well.
>> No. 34960
BSD, not SLDT.
>> No. 34967
My mistake.

File 139392330134.jpg - (926.91KB, 730x1061, Upside-Down.jpg) [iqdb]
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You are one of the girls of Gensokyo. Today is going to be a day just like any other; one that will be filled with multicolored bullets and a few healthy doses of tea.

Or so you think, but you can't help but feel that it's all been very strange ever since you woke up. It's as if you're doing things that you're not supposed to do at places you're not supposed to be. And so is everybody around you.

You look radically different too. Probably. You can't really tell...

Maybe if you calm down and think for a bit, you can figure this out. You just need to take baby steps, you thought. At least you know for sure that you are...

[] Flandre Scarlet (The Great Outdoors)
[] Chen (Master and Sage)
[] Tewi Inaba (Visitor from the Outer Space)
[] Medicine Melancholy (The Art of Control)
[] Suwako Moriya (The Virtue of Humanity)
[] Satori Komeiji (Domestication)
[] Nazrin (Avatar)
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>> No. 34870
[x] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
>> No. 34872
[x] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
>> No. 34873
[x] Don't say anything yet. You'll wait and see what she's going to do once you're back on land.

File 139704893912.jpg - (924.84KB, 2039x2894, 4a0ab600e905b528428d84f5d3354f07.jpg) [iqdb]
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“Mrr.” You're awakened by the feeling of another person slipping into your futon. It's a cold winter night, and they're probably doing it to gain your warmth. Which would be totally okay. If it didn't always result in them taking all of the blankets.

So you kick them out. Literally. With your foot.

“Muuuuu~,” whines a voice. “But it's cold!”

And you don't care. Not one bit. It's warm in here, and damned if you're going to let anyone steal your blankets. Or let all the warmth out.

A minute or two passes. Then they try to get into your futon again. You force them out with your foot again. Your foot hitting their cold skin is unpleasant. What would be more unpleasant would be them trying to cuddle up to you with as cold as they feel like they are.

“Why do you have to be so mean to me?” she says.

“Mrr,” you respond, only willing to grunt. Go away, girl, it's cold, you're cold, don't go stealin' my warmth.

“Tewi stole my blankets and everything. It's cold out here.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 34822
It was goin' good there for a while. Events 1 and 2 were pretty good.
>> No. 34868
[x] She looks cold...
-Have her prevent any bunnies from sleeping on our head.
>> No. 35103
[X] She looks cold...


File 139468154870.jpg - (228.00KB, 800x565, 279509bfcbae0ffc65f48cd9c2d7f90d.jpg) [iqdb]
34555 No. 34555 hide watch expand quickreply
Strength! Beauty! Power! Passion! Spirit against spirit, body against body! By virtue of might and courage, they are forged in the twin fires of ravenous lust and fearsome combat! Mikos, Taoists, Buddhists, night stalkers, dwellers of towns and wilderness: this is the Bodacious Touhou Wrestling League!

Here, your body and your competitor's will be intimately joined, twisting and bending one another, pleasuring and feasting with wild abandon, in battles of both martial skill and sexual prowess. If your mouth will not admit defeat, then your body will oblige!

This is a celebration, an enshrining of the body and its majesty as wrestlers from all walks of life engage in the age-old struggle of the hunter and prey, the dominant and dominated. The ring holds no promises beyond a spectacle for the ages!


"... Really, now." Youmu Konpaku shook his head and let out a long, slow breath. This recruiting brochure was quite silly, but he couldn't deny that his half-ghost heart was beating just a tiny bit faster than normal. The thought of two elegant women casting aside all semblance of restraint to settle things in a more direct manner appealed to his warrior spirit in a way that danmaku and spellcards could not.

The pamphlet offered more than just words. The text he'd read had been spread over a number of spiked word balloons, which where arranged around a single colored photograph. The full-body shot depicted two of the League's very finest locked in a fierce struggle, half-naked in extravagant and revealing costumes. They pressed themselves firmly into each other while their hands interlocked in a white-knuckle grip, arms pumping and pushing on each other as unstoppable force and immovable object. Two heads' worth of long hair billowed dramatically around them as bright spotlights and flashbulbs glared in the distance.

On the left was the famed Yukari Yakumo, a woman he'd seen in person many times, though never in a state quite like this. Locked in a martial stance, the normally refined woman looked positively amazonian. Her tall, flawless body was packed with raw power, her
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 34776
Who can you say won't be participating in the matches?

For example is Kasen going to be participating?
>> No. 34777

Unfortunately not, sorry man.
>> No. 35365
Well this lasted.

File 136711075940.jpg - (460.98KB, 706x1000, 490917a909e33cb40c9a92d36c3ddfb4.jpg) [iqdb]
30444 No. 30444 hide watch expand quickreply
There's a strange envelope in your mail today. It's a large, cream-colored affair, smelling faintly of perfume and sealed with a familiar-looking flower symbol.

Inside, you find several sheets of paper. The first is a letter, hand-written in dark, elegant characters on a crisp piece of parchment.

Honored guest,

Late-spring’s greetings!

As a special service to all Bronze Coin holders, the Lotus Pavilion is extending a limited-time offer. Respond to this letter within the next week to receive one (1) free house call. Please see the attached photographs and order form for details.

The Lotus Pavilion greatly appreciates your patronage.

All the best,

The same flower design serves as a signature. The next four pages are a series of glossy, full-color photographs, and the final one is the order form.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 35782
I've been thinking...
Is it possible that the Lotus Pavilion stories take place several years after the (implied future) events of Medicine's Dollhouse?
>> No. 35783
God I hope not
>> No. 35806
What gave you that thought?

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