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File 142961065177.jpg - (194.96KB, 800x1000, 8802186816a8bd1eae5e3e45a099a989.jpg) [iqdb]
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If, by some miracle, someone actually writes porn for this contest, it goes here. Rules are at >>/gensokyo/13629
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>> No. 37140
>Kyouko shrugs.

>> No. 37148
>> No. 37149
Wriggle perhaps?

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File 142880849078.jpg - (1.41MB, 1300x1316, 28404577.jpg) [iqdb]
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♫It's Spring♫
Nature awakens from its slumber. Snows of winter clear away. Touhou girls look for a bit of income. Street pickups take place, brothels fill up with customers, shrine maidens receive their donations, lovers play games and sweat trickles down the thighs of high class ladies of the night. Nights fill with sounds of ecstasy and lust.
Welcome, THP, to the First Annual Touhou Spring Sales Festival! Here we share stories of Touhou girls selling their bodies for money. Post as many stories as you want, make them as long as you want and use whatever characters you want. It's all up to you. As long as you stick to the basic theme of prostitution, anything goes.
This is more of a community event than a contest, although feel free to leave feedback for entries. It's just a thing that will hopefully become a board tradition and maybe generate some more lewd writing.
The 'deadline' for the Festival is June 1st. For obvious reasons.
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>> No. 37003
File 142933063133.jpg - (245.37KB, 592x829, KomachiIsLove.jpg) [iqdb]
Note: Not related to my other stories, but there may be a small reference or two.

Thanks to Rule and BSD for editing

Repost due to a certain line.


"Joe, are you really going to do that? It's not something people regularly do, especially since that place is so expensive." Sheesh, that Nanashi. He thinks it's a bit crazy that I'm planning on doing this. "Let me treat you to lunch. It wouldn't do to pass out tonight. I know you've been subsisting on rice, cheap milk, and water. And I know you've been working yourself ragged saving up for this. I just hope you're not disappointed with it."

"I doubt it, a place like that wouldn't get away with the prices it has otherwise."

Today's a rare day off; my boss forced it. Once we reach the place he's chosen, we order some food and go to a distant table so we can talk more without too much getting out.

"So what sort of girl are you gonna ask for? I did some looking in and it seems they have a wide mix, from real young looking sorts to curvy bombshells that even our teacher would be envious of."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37004
File 142933074818.jpg - (491.76KB, 1134x1600, Komachichi.jpg) [iqdb]
That was a rather dreamless sleep, but I'm not sure how dreams would compare to last night. I hear birds tweeting, seeing the sun rise with the light entering the window. I feel Koamchi stir. "Good morning Joe, just let me get us some breakfast," she says to me as we sit up and finish waking up.

She gets up and puts something in a tube on the wall as I look around for our clothes to only to find they're missing. "I see the cleaning crew picked up our clothes while we were sleeping. Don't worry, they're very good at their jobs," She says. I'm relieved as I'm not sure how I'd explain whatever stains were on the clothes to my parents.

"Good thing, as those were my nice occasion clothes. This is a pretty fancy place," I respond. I see Komachi stretch normally, but her breasts move in a tantilizing way. Last night must have been something as while my spirit is willing, my flesh is still sort of worn out.

"I'm not one for posturing like that, since here everyone ends up naked, sweaty and in need of a nice shower. What job do you do anyways? Your build isn't that bad," she responds, looking me over.

I answer, "Mix of a few manual labor jobs, some carpentry, some moving. The group is a general oddjobs sort of thing. And hearing you say that is pretty flattering." Before anything else is said, my stomach growls.

The door opens as the same fairy as last night comes in. "I managed to make this before Lady Yuyuko's order got started," she announces as she leaves a new tray-cart of food with her departure. I guess the cleaning crew removed the other one.

I get up to prepare the food, it appears to be a thing of biscuits and gravy with sausage bits in it. I was expecting something more typical. I notice there's not anything to drink; I hope that Komachi isn't out of milk as nothing else goes better.

I sit down next to Komachi as I ask, "Do you have any milk left? The fairy didn't leave any." I'm not sure if i should be specific or not.
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>> No. 37122
File 143258055595.jpg - (268.93KB, 1403x821, 紅白天誅_043.jpg) [iqdb]
Sakuya walked up the innumerable steps to the Hakurei shrine, alone. It was one of her rare days off, and she decided to spend some time with the “diligent” shrine maiden. There was no rush, so she slowly climbed the stairs, one at a time, and admired the scenery. A few feral youkai had attacked her when she went through the untamed path before the stairs, which gave her some light exercise as well.

Reimu came into view once Sakuya reached the top. She was seated on the veranda, with a cup of tea in both hands and a contented smile on her face. Off to the side was a broom lying unceremoniously on the grass. A small part of the yard was clean, but the majority still covered with dirt and fallen leaves. It looked like she started sweeping, but quit after a few minutes to take a tea break.

“Oh, Sakuya? It's rare to see you without your vampire.” Reimu said simply as soon as she noticed Sakuya's presence. She didn't move from her spot, nor did she invite Sakuya to join her.

“Good morning, Reimu,” Sakuya replied politely. She then reached into a pocket and pulled out a folded bill. Reimu's eyes locked on to the unexpected bit of paper immediately, and even from the distance she could tell it was a 1,000 yen bill. It was surprisingly crisp, considering how worn all of Gensokyo currency is. Once she confirmed Reimu's attention, Sakuya continued, “I've come to donate as a patron of the Hakurei shrine.”

Reimu instantly stood up and knocked her tea cup onto the ground. Only a little bit of liquid spilled out and soaked into the ground, suggesting she was almost finished anyway. “Wha- really?! I mean, yes, of course. I'll show you to the donation box now!” Reimu blurted out excitedly, unable to contain herself. Despite her overbearing opulence, the most Remilia had ever donated to her was a mere fifty yen coin, and that was after getting drunk during a New Year's party. Sakuya had never once expressed any interest in doing anything on her own, so a sudden donation of 1,000 yen was a complete shock to her. A welcome shock, but a shock nonetheless.

“There's no need for that,” Sakuya said, sto
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File 135655139037.jpg - (847.41KB, 799x1132, komachiafterdark.jpg) [iqdb]
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Previous thread was >>26277.

[x] Go in now.

No time like the present. You lift your head out of Meiling’s lap and give her a peck on the cheek.

“I’m gonna head inside now, Meiling. Take it easy out here.”

After a moment of hesitation, Meiling nods and smiles. “Okay. Be careful, Komachi!” She gives you a big breast-squishing hug, then takes you to the mansion’s front door. It’s several times your height, but it swings open easily.

After one last smile and wave, you turn around and head through the doors…

… into a place that's gloomier than Eiki’s courthouse.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37079
[x] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
Drain her boobs!
>> No. 37080
[X] This wretched beast should be punished like a beast. Fetch the riding crop from the stables. Make her learn just what manner of beast she is before you let loose the masses on her.

Fetching horse saddle/milker and cow bell/dog collar, optional.
>> No. 37097
Closing votes, milking wins. Heading overseas now, so don't hold your breath.

Interesting diversity of choices we got.

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File 138626149568.png - (920.58KB, 738x650, d637cb691b3b13ad4502d1048ad376d8.png) [iqdb]
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Looking for some good variety to fill my PS3 background.
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>> No. 33397
File 138632319123.png - (863.57KB, 1200x849, Hina Kagiyama.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 33398
File 138632351539.jpg - (516.05KB, 1000x678, Tenshi Hinanai 1 EX ADORABLY CUTE.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 36990
playstachen, whoever missed that one really messed up

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File 141560062610.png - (1.20MB, 1120x840, Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10_23_19 PM.png) [iqdb]
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Not sure where I should put it, but since the general request is slightly NSFW, I'd thought i'd ask here. Does anybody have the full version of the model found at: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ104858
I'm talking about the non-trial version.
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>> No. 36314
Honestly I'm not sure. From my understanding of how japanese sites tend to work, I'd assume that non-japanese credit cards just won't be accepted. Does the model happen to be on the english dlsite? Because if so, I assume that would be a substantially easier place to get things at.
>> No. 36841
I'm kind of curious if he managed to get that model. Or managed to buy it.
>> No. 36949
The answer is no, i did not. I could never find it. This saddens me greatly

Thread 36427 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 141779656174.jpg - (909.24KB, 1200x1436, 3c9f3b8c17d19aab89a7bddbcdfe458c.jpg) [iqdb]
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Once upon a time, there was a woman.

No. Not a woman, not a girl, not a lass.

Once upon a time, there was a monster. A monster that looked like a woman.

A monster, indeed, a monster. Did she have horns, or did she have fangs? Did she have a sharpened tongue, for people to call her a monster that steal bad children from their beds at night?

No, no, no. She did not have fangs nor horns. She did not have a sharpened tongue nor poisoned bite. She did not eat children. No, not even the bad ones that stole your lunch and push you down into a puddle.

So why did people call her a monster? Did she have a clawed hands or magic eyes that turn you into stone?

Or maybe she just had monstrously smelly feet?

Well, no. in fact, she probably had a pair of the nicest and cleanest legs in the entire world! Well, at least the entire world as far as she was concerned.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 36787
[X] Get another small bed for the eventual child.

I am compelled.
>> No. 36788
[X] Get another small bed for the eventual child.

I am compelled.
>> No. 36789
[x] Get a bigger bed.

Thread 7010 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127871619820.jpg - (420.34KB, 800x835, 45031a1ae9da2ea79f95bb40ab73fabb.jpg) [iqdb]
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One-shot time.


“This is wrong!” Nazrin shouts to you. She writhes and squirms, restrained by a metal bar on the wooden table before you. She's angry. Very, very angry. Yet despite her rage, a damp spot can be seen forming on her exposed panties. It wasn't very difficult to get her in this position. A combination of trust and her eagerness to, as she put it, 'explore new territory', led to this.

You laugh and shrug in response to the girl as you wheel a small cart over. A cursory glance at the low ceiling reveals a series of hooks dangling down. “What's so wrong about it?” you inquire. She stares at you in anger, her eyes burning holes in you. “You're a mouse youkai, and,” you pause momentarily, picking up a long, thin device from the cart, “mice tend to get caught in traps, don't they?” She shakes her head and struggles. Perhaps it is a bit twisted to place her in what is essentially a large mousetrap.

No matter the effort she makes, Nazrin can't seem to free herself. The heavy bar has her pinned perfectly across her waist, although her arms and legs are free. She finally gives up on the struggle and looks down towards you. “What are you doing with that?” your captive asks. You glance at her and then over to the nearby cart. The top is covered with a variety of implements; vibrators of different length and design, a multitude of clips and clamps, as well as a long spreader bar. This particular one you've chosen, however...

“Telling you would ruin the fun, Nazrin,” you reply with a wink. Briefly, you set the device down and retrieve the spreader bar. She gasps in surprise when you attach it to her legs, leaving the small girl spread wide and exposed. That damp spot seems to have grown in size since you've begun. For all of her protests, Nazrin's body seems to agree with what you're doing. A soft whine escapes her mouth as you reach for her panties and rip the thin fabric from her. You smile, gazing upon the soft, damp lips of her now exposed pussy. She's a sweet girl, but if she's to truly broaden her experiences she must be broken down. With one
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 36737
File 142213694888.jpg - (905.30KB, 768x1185, Dazzling Witch.jpg) [iqdb]
And just like that, the pleasure, the pressure - it all stopped. When I opened my eyes again, Marisa's frown had just a hint of disappointment. I tried to speak, but she silenced me with a single French-manicured finger. Like the rest of her, her rosy-pink and pure-white nail gleamed in the night, and I almost wanted to start sucking on it.

I didn't get the chance. Marisa's frown slowly turned to a smile, as she began to tap my lips with her finger. It was slow and languid, but each press made a whimper leave my throat. "None of that, now," Marisa began, and then she leaned upwards to whisper into my twitching ears. Each small breath brushed against my earfluff, forcing me to shiver in my seat. "There's no need to be embarrased, I promise. You'll feel great - I'll make you feel great."

She began to rock against me then, making the wooden chair creak from our combined weight. I could feel the soft, pillowy thighs begin to rub around the sides of my throbbing length, my juices and hers keeping the friction warm and slick. "Just relax," she whispered again, even as she grabbed me by my shoulders to push herself up. My nose was buried into her cute, dainty cleavage, and the frills of her bra tickled just a bit. "Enjoy yourself. I certainly will."

For a moment, I thought she was going to mount me right there, simply claiming me with that warm, slick pussy. Perhaps she thought the same; I felt her palm gently press into my shaft as she nuzzled me against her chest, and she seemed to be carefully aligning her body. But then, she relented, and stayed pressed against me as she slid down to her knees. My upper body was still clothed, but the sensations that assaulted my cock had me panting the whole while.

After one last kiss from her soaked panties, she massaged my length with her smooth, warm stomach, tightening her muscles just a bit to ramp up the pressure. Then, I felt her silky bra, the precious softness of her breasts, and the flirtatious tickle of her hair before she finally settled down. Her lovely stocking-clad legs folded out to either side of her, and my penis cast a shad
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36742
Okay that was really arousing! Normally I'm not the biggest fan of futanari, but this and that Patchouli x Kokoro story are making me reconsider my earlier stance on it.

I noticed Reisen was sorta frustrated/irritated at Eientei, like her mention of how Eirin and the others would react to her arousal, along with attempting to keep her visit to the Lotus Pavilion a secret. Are Eirin and the others that assholish to her about her dick and is Eirin like a control freak or something? Would she reallh have a problem with Reisen going to the Lotus Pavilion for some satisfaction?
>> No. 36746
Not the ReiMari I was expecting, but incredibly hot nonetheless.

The only gripe I can find is that there was no breast play involved. Right, Marisa isn't exactly well-endowed in that department, but Reisen is. Other than that, bretty gud bro.

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File 141792716672.jpg - (61.40KB, 500x500, 0e67461a32ffd18c757ed4d99f415180.jpg) [iqdb]
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Since Christmas is upon us, here is a little treat for you. Komachi story that features a lot of breast play. Was actually a commission from anonymous.

"Hello there? Can you hear me?" comes a sweet, angelic sounding voice.

You look around the gloomy, dead looking trees that now surround you but your eyes cannot penetrate the thick fog that blots out the sun much like the hazy cloud that surrounds your mind. You scratch your head and try to seek out the owner of the voice but shiver at the sheer sense of oppressive loneliness boiling within your heart.

This desolate place looks devoid of all life, almost as if the mere concept doesn't even exist here. The earth beneath your feet looks cracked and barren and the air flowing into your lungs tastes stale like old bread. You are standing on a rugged looking patch of sickly, withered looking grass and your only company in sight are the endless rows upon rows of black, decrepit trees. A deep, foreboding sense of dread fills the pit of your stomach like deadly poison and almost drives you to your knees, such is the intensity.

"Hey, I'm talking to you," came that lovely, feminine tone again, this time tinged with a little air of impatience. "Can you not hear me?"

You flinch and almost cry out in terror as something taps lightly against your back. You spin around in a blind panic while raising your arms in a pathetic gesture of defense but instead of some monstrous horror ready to tear you limb from limb, you find yourself staring into the curious deep red eyes of a beautiful woman. She smiles at your obvious sense of discomfort.
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>> No. 36524
>> No. 36525
Do you have a set price for commissions?
>> No. 36526

Don't sell yourself short broski, That was worth more than 35 dollars. Maybe like...50 or somethin.

Thread 32496 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 138033489586.jpg - (291.19KB, 900x1300, spicy hot dragongasms.jpg) [iqdb]
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>[x] ... But I can't sleep.

We bid each other good night as my eyes adjust to the dark. Even despite the long workout and the ... emotional exhaustion that today's brought, I find myself struggling to keep my eyes shut.

Meiling seems to have no such problems, drifting off quickly. Her soft chest rises and falls in a slow, calming rhythm, and I rise and fall with it. Her breathing doesn't seem to be affected in the least by my weight. The warm flesh of her breasts yields underneath me at the slightest movement while I try not to fidget too much.



No good. Every fidget presses my head into my 'pillow,' and serves simply reminds me that I am sleeping atop a beautiful, naked woman, a fiery red dragon with long hair, taut muscles beneath warm, inviting flesh, and a soft, lovely scent, and...

...oh, damn it, look what I've done. The fabric of my overalls tents as my penis strains uncomfortably against it. I sigh and try to will it down, but I can't master myself (or 'master' myself) enough to get it back down. Resigned, I try to squirm around and give my pants a little more slack so it will at least stop making it worse. All I manage to do is work Meiling's arms off of myself, falling to her side.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 36518
"How to raise and harvest apples" by Kazuki A. Dragonfly.
>> No. 36523
Why are there male fairies now?

I'm gonna say he's still a dragonfly
>> No. 36534
It's ok, Rinnosuke is still the only male character.

Thread 35220 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 140123532459.png - (378.05KB, 567x800, 43519584.png) [iqdb]
35220 No. 35220 hide watch expand quickreply
55 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36485
[X] Try to ruse her back to the trap. (Write in how.)
-[X] Oh? You speak of unfairness? The same Marisa Kirisame, who some might say to be the equal of Gods and greater Youkai alike brings her might to bear on a single fairy, and even still has the gall to speak of unfairness?
-[X] The wheel of Karma comes full circle for you Marisa. Either accept your due punishment or beg this sweet fairy for an ounce of compassion you wouldn't deign to show her.
>> No. 36496
[x] Refocus, retain control, light discipline.
>> No. 36499
[x] Refocus, retain control, light discipline.
it is. Writing, updates soon.
In before 6 month wait.

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