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File 132699330424.jpg - (286.64KB , 1500x1000 , IMGP5417.jpg ) [iqdb]
22441 No. 22441
Because the old one has been autosaging for a while now, and I'm hoping we can get more stuff out of the C81 releases.
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>> No. 25702
copy /b MRK04.zip.zip + MRK04.zip.002 + MRK04.zip.003 + MRK04.zip.004 + MRK04.zip.005 + MRK04.zip.006 + MRK04.zip.007 + MRK04.zip.008 MRKFull.zip

If the archive is only 4kb, you missed the /b. Make sure you also got all the parts, the last segment got trimmed from the end when I clicked on the url, so I had to copy/paste.
>> No. 25703
Looks like the files have been pulled out.
>> No. 25704
Well that was fast. Anybody managed to get a copy?
>> No. 25705
I did, but I'd rather not try to upload it here again if they're just monitoring this thread.

I could post it on /t-h/, which probably isn't being monitored.
>> No. 25707
Hard to monitor something that no longer exists
>> No. 25708
/t-h/ still exists. It just has a grand total of 2 threads right now.

The new address is even the top result for a google search of the title.

I'm not going to link it because that'd defeat the point of it not being monitored.
>> No. 25714
i guess we could try it by email again.
>> No. 25719
It's on /t-h/ now. Let's see if that lasts.

Please do not link directly to /t-h/. That will help keep the links alive longer.
>> No. 25721
I could only download parts 1 to 7 in the mediafire folder, was there 8? Also not sure what you mean by copying /b (not very good at this stuff)... What I do is join the seven parts with hjsplit, and when I'm done I get the 'Unexpected end of archive' error. Help please?
>> No. 25722
There was an eighth, yes. If you look at the url, there's 3 characters on the next line. That's part of segment 8. Since it wasn't a full download link, it didn't get included in your download

Don't worry about copy /b. That's just if you don't have any programs to join the zip files.

I'll post part 8 separately on /t-h/.
>> No. 25723
Ah, that explains the problem then. Thanks. Had no idea you could just join them manually without any auxiliary software.

Can't seem to find any hints how to get to /t-h/ though, doesn't seem like you're referring to the General board.
>> No. 25724
He refers to the old, almost dead board linked to for example in wakachan.
>> No. 25735
i cant see any archives
>> No. 25736
The link you're pointing at is dead, mate.
>> No. 25738
Sorry, but I don't have any idea what this "t-h" is. Could you give me another hint?
This is why people should use magnet torrents like I did in the previous thread.
>> No. 25764
>> No. 25768
fake files site
>> No. 25772
read: >>25724
It contains a keyword, use that on google. If you still can't find it, too bad.
>> No. 25776
File 134338878188.jpg - (180.51KB , 600x600 , 00015532_s1.jpg ) [iqdb]

Password: tsuntsunonioni
>> No. 25798
File 134342384725.jpg - (1.81MB , 2000x1332 , ぎゃるぱちゅ046.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks, I got it. But seriously, the 2nd part is just... ugh...

But look at what delicious thing I just got from PD:
>> No. 25800
Neither of the clips i have show actual sex like the second screen, is there a part 4?
>> No. 25801
I know this cosplayer also has an Aya set among others. Did you find anything else from her on PD? It's not related to the board but I wanna see her Black Gold Saw set too
>> No. 25803
I was looking for quite a while for stuff from here, but didn't come across anything else unfortunately. Really a shame, she has lots of other hot sets.
>> No. 25810
Stopped at 79.9%. Did anyone got to finish the whole thing?
>> No. 25811
File 134346731448.jpg - (1.72MB , 1332x2000 , ぎゃるぱちゅ128.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't panic, I just went to bed. Continuing now.
>> No. 25812


This is what you are thinking of.
>> No. 25824
Ah, alright, I saw your message two days after you posted it, so I hope you're still resuming.
>> No. 25825
Don't know what all your conversation involved but that set is up on ehentai since I suppose...
early this morning?
>> No. 25826
e-hentai lacks the two extra videos, in I which I have no idea were in the pack.
>> No. 25828
File 13436218879.jpg - (491.75KB , 1200x1080 , sample.jpg ) [iqdb]
alrighty then
and has there been any work on this yet? just inquiring once more for good measure
>> No. 25830
File 134362681565.jpg - (209.63KB , 560x420 , 18447GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 25833
Not on share or perfect dark at least, nor exhentai. Then again,
also seem to be missing from the circle, so not a big surprise. The scared library lacks information, this is a disaster.
>> No. 25840
Oh dear...well hopefully it comes and around soon.
>> No. 25906
who has webdl044 and 045?
>> No. 25912
File 134382467582.jpg - (271.91KB , 560x420 , 00016880.jpg ) [iqdb]

Password (without the spaces): tsun tsun oni oni
>> No. 25915
Nobody, unfortunately.
>> No. 25918
I have.
But it's impossible because the author has been seen here.
>> No. 25932
Okay, something screwy is going on for me. Being that I apparently can't view em
>> No. 25934
I've found two solutions to stuff being removed:

1: the email method or IRC

2: I've increasingly found stuff on what I think are chinese upload sites, the issue being if you can download those files before your connection cuts off randomly.
>> No. 25947
Just use a torrent or post the link in a non-obvious way.
>> No. 26035
I may scrape up the resources to get this in the next week or so. She's one of my favorites. Hoping we'll see something good out of C82 from her.

Much thanks for this.
>> No. 26040
?! Ah thanks man! :D
>> No. 26055
File 134415305322.jpg - (231.49KB , 800x538 , 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26056
File 134415307846.jpg - (64.57KB , 468x415 , 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 26057
new thread plox
>> No. 26649
some hot and sexy
>> No. 27337
File 135220681496.jpg - (41.00KB , 400x600 , wcan_1045574-000-000_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Do not you know where to find this is someone I really want?

>> No. 28287

There is a problem in chapter one and three.
Japanese name "孕ませ中出し例大祭" or English name "Haramase Nakadashi Festival"
chapter one:
and chapter three:
It's true that the download link is still available. I can paste it here for share.


and then chapter three:

But there is a problem that I can't decompress it due to the "rar" file is broken. I wonder whether you met this problem or not. Can it be fixed or use some other software to do it?
>> No. 28288
Well, chapter two can be easily found, but chapter one and three can't be found anywhere else, please help!
>> No. 28524
They are quite fake.
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