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File 140380376465.jpg - (512.21KB , 573x809 , 42172804.jpg ) [iqdb]
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File 14108092644.png - (35.33KB , 400x500 , IMG_005750.png ) [iqdb]
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File 141080928289.png - (1.02MB , 1600x900 , 45445399.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 36005
File 141080929418.jpg - (418.52KB , 661x919 , 45971677.jpg ) [iqdb]

File 133675738225.png - (100.81KB , 794x544 , Era.png ) [iqdb]
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Or EraToho.

So guys, anyone know about this thing? I heard from my friend about this game; apparently it's a text based rpg similar to Slave Maker or something like that.
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>> No. 35785
Well depends if it's how much elemental lead we had on them or how much we're leading them.
>> No. 36001
So, this is of uncertain relevance to most people, but you Linux anons may benefit.

I managed to get eratohoYM3.701 (via eraT0003498.zip release) running via Emuera running through wine. Here's how.

- Unzip the file in a way that doesn't mangle the filenames:
$ unzip -O cp932 eraT0000xxxx.zip

- Install .NET with winetricks. I'm not sure which .NET exactly you'll need, since I already had them all installed, but just try installing the ones between 3.0 and 4.5. Google for instructions.

- You need the ja_JP.sjis locale. You'll probably need to manually generate it since it's not available by default in many distros.
$ localedef -i ja_JP -c -f SHIFT_JIS /usr/lib/locale/ja_JP.sjis

If you run a distro that keeps locales elsewhere (are there even any?) I'll assume that you know what you're doing.

- Trying to run at this point will cause Emuera to crash with an error about "Encoding name 'SHIFT-JIS' not supported". You need to binary edit the Emuera executable (Emuera1807+v3.1.exe or similar) to change "SHIFT-JIS" to "SHIFT_JIS". Use your favorite binary editor. If you don't have one, vim will open binaries.
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>> No. 36002
By the way, you can't properly hook the game with AGTH, so open a copy of the text buffer with Ctrl-C and copy from there.

File 140808172960.jpg - (206.23KB , 600x960 , 4e41792a2858671375dbc09d2e63a400.jpg ) [iqdb]
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CONTEST RULES THREAD: >>/gensokyo/13365
>> No. 36000
File 141079635163.jpg - (0.99MB , 1427x1500 , eb7381dfdcbea5012f0eaba0d76cda82.jpg ) [iqdb]
“And then they fucked.” Akyuu raises one eyebrow, and stares directly at the fidgeting, blushing Kosuzu.

The silence is long and awkward, with Kosuzu fidgeting under her steely gaze.

Finally, Akyuu breaks the silence. “Is this what you'd call good writing?”

Kosuzu's voice is a stuttery squeak. “I... I thought you could... you know, help me proofread it?”

Akyuu looks back down at the manuscript, and clears her throat. “I put my pen0r, and yes, that's pen0r written with a zero, into her vagoo.” She pauses, gives Kosuzu a meaningful look, and then continues. “It felt really good, putting my meat sword into her meat scabbard.” Akyuu shakes her head. “This is crap.”

“B-but I... It would feel good, right? To have a... a...” Kosuzu trails off, embarrassed.

“Penis, Kosuzu. You can say it. Repeat after me. Penis.”

Kosuzu whispers inaudibly.
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File 140718401946.jpg - (142.01KB , 695x827 , 08ffd4d347e576b8ddaca0018299d578.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>31646
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>> No. 35996
Is that a Paranoia Cat doujin? He hasn't done Touhou in a long time.
>> No. 35997
It's a compilation of older stuff.

>> No. 35998
Actually he did a Reimu doujin for r11

But yeah, that's just a compilation. I like his older stuff better, and some of it had bad scans. I thought it also had a new doujin/short, but maybe that was just the other huge compilation.

File 138995967359.jpg - (14.12KB , 200x300 , 7111ede1690c81cc1951d970b275f1be319d696f-1637110-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>32167
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>> No. 35992
Hiyo's Yukari cos.
>> No. 35993
wow thanks! I really love her cosplay and I hope see anytime her pussy without censor ;_;
>> No. 35995
She's doing cockteasing this time? Well, if it's cocktease, that is.

File 140401983347.png - (107.25KB , 300x169 , _mmd__yakumo_ran_nude_model_by_sotasystems-d76r78i.png ) [iqdb]
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I was wondering if you guys could provide some NSFW MMD's? The ones that have nude models or have sex scenes.Similar to this one


As for that video, I am looking for any download links of it.I am tired of viewing videos from FC2.
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>> No. 35805
>not fapping furiously to dat vaginal prolapse
>> No. 35970
>> No. 35971
http://video.fc2.com/en/a/content/201312062QcqbDZe&suggest (nude patchy)

File 140351471292.jpg - (437.92KB , 600x800 , 112974535952936bd478c4f9_59192739.jpg ) [iqdb]
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I'm looking for a translated version the of doujin pictured (Gensokyo Paradise Transformation Plan volume 11)
If anybody can provide a download link, torrent, or gallery, that would be wonderful.
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>> No. 35962
From what I remember, essentially the main character is helping Keine with teaching.
These two end up having sex because MC is horny and Keine is interested in it.
Team 9 sees them and want to do it.
Keine goes away on business and leaves MC to teach by himself.
Cirno says they want to learn about sex.
They say they saw him having sex with Keine so he says he'll have sex with them individually.
Each reacts differently, but their reactions are all kind of obvious based on their expressions.
End up having a harem section at the end and MC says not to tell Keine.
Keine returns at the end and asks what did everyone learn while she was gone.
Cirno says sex.

I have yet to find an English version of it, but that's pretty much it.
>> No. 35963
>I have yet to find an English version of it
If there is it's not on exhentai.
>> No. 35964
Clutter. Please delete this when you're done, OP.

No. If there isn't a translation on exhentai, there probably isn't one anywhere.

File 137018883952.png - (1.83MB , 812x1163 , image-000.png ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>24189

(例大祭10) [しもやけ堂] 黒白Trick Girls [IT0000164055]

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>> No. 35947
File 14086700171.jpg - (1.68MB , 2110x3000 , IMG_0000.jpg ) [iqdb]

Edited by Shaolan-kun
>> No. 35948
File 140867005170.jpg - (0.97MB , 1405x2000 , IMG_0000.jpg ) [iqdb]

Edited by Sprinkler.
>> No. 35958
File 140879852736.jpg - (823.64KB , 1405x2000 , IMG_0000.jpg ) [iqdb]

File 135693010924.jpg - (145.59KB , 560x420 , 130473411853.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Touhou Kenchinroku is a series of eroge by circle eden. There are currently three games in the series:

1: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE065288.html (Mayohiga)
2: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ074811.html (Hakurei Shrine)
3: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ098059.html (SDM)

A PCB sequel is expected sometime around June-July.

The first game of the series is currently being translated. I can handle the text insertion myself, but I have no skills as an image editor.

So I'm asking for help. This archive contains all of the images with Japanese text and a txt file containing the translations. The majority of the images are dirt-simple to clean, and just need proper type setting. A few also have cleaned versions, meaning nothing needs to be cleaned at all. However, there are a few images that might be difficult to deal with.


Is anyone willing to volunteer to edit these images? The translation is expected to take about 7 weeks to complete, so there's no real rush, but I'd rather see this done sooner than later.
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>> No. 35955
File 14087331549.png - (844.36KB , 1917x917 , syntaxerror2.png ) [iqdb]
Here you go, I also added the System.lua as well if needed.
>> No. 35956
Okay, yeah, that's the wrong file. There should be one in the patch archive. Overwrite the existing one.
>> No. 35957
I uninstalled, reinstalled, input patch then repatched which solved the promblem.

When I went to add the patch patch last time
7zip must not have added it for some reason.

File 140554533913.jpg - (136.90KB , 850x638 , sample-b3520f4bc1e2f8b9f765d82d13c4347d.jpg ) [iqdb]
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You know, you're a nice guy... well, maybe that's a stretch. But you're not an asshole. You have a decent job, right out of college; you had dating prospects; hell, you actually paid off your car and were busy gearing yourself up for the crippling pain of student debt when you woke up this morning. But that all changed in the blink of an infinite amount of eyes when you were whisked away from your quiet life in Seattle and dumped unceremoniously on your ass right in front of the Moriya Shrine.

Your curses and confusion could rival the Bible. As you stand up and brush yourself off, you look around, taking in the scenery. "What the fuck is going on here?" You ask to the trees. Of course, being trees, they give no answer. "Like, seriously, what the fuck?"

"My, what a mouth you've got there," a voice behind you says. You turn around to a surprising sight: Yukari Yakumo, half out of a gap and giving you the most smug look you've ever seen in the history of ever. "Is that how you always talk, or only when you're annoyed?"

"Well, considering I'm pretty annoyed right now, who are you to ask?" you say to the youkai. "I was enjoying a perfectly normal life when suddenly I'm standing here in the middle of goddamn nowhere!"

"Well, I need you," Yukari says simply.
"You don't even exist!" you shout. "You're a character in a video game!"
Yukari's smug look only gets more smug. "I'm here now, aren't I? I feel pretty real. I look pretty real, too. So I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that I'm real, and you're not dreaming. I really did whisk you away from your humdrum life in the Outside World so I could bring you to Gensokyo."

"Bullshit," you reply. "I'm dreaming. Gotta be. There's no other explanation."
Yukari sighs and waves her hand absently. You're suddenly assaulted with the fact that no, this isn't a dream, and you are in fact, in Gensokyo. Any doubts or hysteria you might have had about this being a dream ar
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 35967
>Plus she can totally braid MC's hair while he sleeps and take pictures.
That's great & I hope it happens.
>> No. 35976
Update: I didn't forget about this story and I'm still working on the update. For as short as I planned it to be I'm failing miserably at it.
>> No. 35977
How is the update coming along you'd say?

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