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File 141935030557.jpg - (11.02KB , 200x300 , cd784d03fb9ad577857766452b00c9b6e5b92b61-784070-10.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>33941

Cosplay threads are not hot, that's what we don't want to see.
So this time, let's start with Musou Kaihou.

Well, no lunaticmode.
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>> No. 37659
Yuyuko in Cosblend again. No Kagamine Len.
>> No. 37671
tfw a 2hu cosplay set for my obscure fetish comes out and I'm broke

Especially when it's niche enough that I know I will have to buy it myself because no one else will.
>> No. 37676
Nevermind, it appears that dl.getchu doesn't accept my dirty gaijin Mastercard debit card. Welp. Even with the money I'm not getting this set.

File 140718401946.jpg - (142.01KB , 695x827 , 08ffd4d347e576b8ddaca0018299d578.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>31646

File 144803721745.jpg - (420.46KB , 850x1158 , 3877e410027c48e98b65243a61e2cae1.jpg ) [iqdb]
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This thread belongs to everyone. Feel free to post any short or multi-part voteless things you write here. If you're a new writer, sticking to shorts is a good way to get experience.
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>> No. 37672
I didn't really understand why she was disgusted. A few possible explanations spring to mind, but the text didn't actually support them so it was indeed hard to get into the mind of the Flanchan. That didn't stop my enjoyment of the Remi/Sakuya scene, though. Just wish she'd been a little clearer.
>> No. 37673

Maybe it was the inter-species thing? I mean...I don't want to trigger anyone's fetish or anything, but it would probably be pretty weird to see your sister getting fucked by a monkey or something. Depending on the way Flandre was raised in isolation, we can begin to somewhat understand Flandre's obviously biased perception of the event.
>> No. 37674
No. Youkai are far too similar to humans. They're created by humans. Most of them look like humans.

I think it's more that it was Sukuya in control rather than Remilia that disgusted her.

File 140401983347.png - (107.25KB , 300x169 , _mmd__yakumo_ran_nude_model_by_sotasystems-d76r78i.png ) [iqdb]
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I was wondering if you guys could provide some NSFW MMD's? The ones that have nude models or have sex scenes.Similar to this one


As for that video, I am looking for any download links of it.I am tired of viewing videos from FC2.
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>> No. 37465
you could please provide me with models for mmd?
>> No. 37467
The MMD models scene is a fucking mess, but the easist way to start hunting for models is probably to go to:
It has a compilation that links to most of the available models. But you'll have to figure out how to download them. Plenty are locked behind passwords, some are told outright, some you have to figure out, and it's all a pain in the ass. One of the primary reasons why I stopped paying attention to that shit.
>> No. 37667
Not to try to necro anything seeing as this hasn't been touched in almost 4 months, but I thought I might bring this thing to attention.


File 145101096391.jpg - (1.07MB , 1199x848 , RJ166834_img_smp1.jpg ) [iqdb]
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links to these?
most have been out for months now except for the patchouli doujinshi from november2015.

searching the japanese name or anything else does not bring up any useful results about seeing these.

the art in these sets is refined , when compared to the first few cg sets from this group DaiNhonpo.
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>> No. 37620
File 145160316941.png - (4.07KB , 476x64 , Untitled.png ) [iqdb]
If you see this on the page, it has DRM.
>> No. 37658
Ah. Duh.

Anyway, use this for DLsite DRM.

It's got some problems, and might not work on newer versions of DLsite viewer, but it still gets the pictures of that crap and into some workable form.

Got a couple of these, the Patchouli and Byakuren ones, in my last digital batch. Will upload them soonish; getting these to upload with everything in order is a bitch and a half.
>> No. 37660
Thank you very much

File 141666276015.jpg - (545.58KB , 648x906 , fcf493f5565c8c7d10523ea1bf64649c.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Feeling like I should post stuff I did while I write the new updates for Infiltrator. Anything happens here are not canon to the main thread, and every lewd story continuation are self-contained in here.

Posting the story in a bit.
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>> No. 37572
File 144973371158.png - (424.44KB , 619x900 , 45573c8f135b911d9f68664151fb6118.png ) [iqdb]
This happens a few weeks before whole kidnapping fiasco involving Akyuu, Shinobu and Hitomi.


It's a rather clear afternoon today, and as per the usual in the Youkai Mountain, the wolf tengus patrol the area around their territory. Despite being a wolf tengu however, you can't be arsed to actually join them. Instead of simply slacking around your favorite sleeping spot, you are hanging out at Nitori's place. For today, you are receiving wiring lessons from the blue-haired kappa before moving on to help her fix a generator she found.
After that repairing session, you and Nitori sit outside for a rest. You sit on the riverbank with your legs kicking the water while Nitori runs back to her place. When she returns, she carries along a couple of canned drinks, passing one to you.

"Thanks. It's cold."

"I have a refrigerator for that. It's an outside world soda, by the way."

"Yeah, I'm aware."

As you're examining the can and popping the tab open, Nitori suddenly sits on your lap, much to your surprise. Despite the thoughts that start to surge to the top of your head, you act cool about it and drink the soda to calm your nerves.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37650
File 145333933525.jpg - (91.93KB , 600x829 , c5c324b9f1ea8307e3d6718384a542d9.jpg ) [iqdb]
And so the womanizing fox gets another one to his harem count in the background.


A few days ago, you had brought Hikari to Eientei for her fever. Eirin had given her medications and a few days later, she had asked you to come over to Eientei. It was a little late, but Eirin did say that she preferred that you came to her office at night. You went there regardless, and met up with Eirin at her office, with the rest of the Eientei residents nowhere to be seen.

"So, how is your sister? Is she getting any better?"

"She's doing fine. I had her rested up and gave her your medicine."

"Ah, that's good to hear."

Eirin later asks how your own health is and other matters - so far you didn’t really have many problems about yourself.

While both of you are conversing, you notice that the windows are open. Eirin begins acting a little differently when she notices your gaze, as you can see her blushing when she starts unbuttoning her top a little. "Sorry for that, it's a little hot in here." She even grabs a hand fan to cool herself down for emphasis.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37656
I didn't remember reading any Eirin-centric /at/ scene here, so this is a very pleasant surprise. Shame there isn't any lewd braid teasing, but oh well.

File 143482834767.jpg - (403.98KB , 2300x2400 , c1f1f52c3f72a991a6201150689118ce.jpg ) [iqdb]
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this won't be everyone's cup of tea oh god don't kill me please


I never met a bitch who had it coming more than the mouse.

She was the most arrogant, puffed-up bitch I've ever seen, and around here that's saying something. She went down in less than four minutes, too, which really pissed me off; despite all that shit-talking she really couldn't duel worth a damn. What pushed me over the edge was how she kept fucking sassing despite being knocked on her ass and out of magic. I kicked her onto her back and ripped her dress open from collar to waist without really thinking about it. We stared at each other for a second, catching up to events - her eyes went wider than dinner plates when she felt the breeze on her belly. I was in no mood for bullshit at that point so before she'd finished her first scream I slapped it right out of her. If you put some pepper into it a good slap will knock them senseless for a few seconds without doing any real harm. Three or four good smacks later and she was too stunned to struggle. Ripped the rest of her dress open and did a double take: tiny little thing, weighed maybe ninety pounds soaking wet and stood barely five feet tall, but she had an ass. Wide hips, firm, round little rear end, firm, shapely thighs, even slender, curvy calves. I cupped her pussy in my hand without touching her thighs, it was that good. I put her ankles on my shoulders and slid her panties (blue-white stripes, no less) to her calves and slipped 'em over one foot. She came around when I laid my cock against her groin - that's usually when they start begging for better terms, but she just stared at me with her cherry-red eyes, whispering “no, no, no” in this baffled tone, like she was completely confused at how this was happening at all.

I took my stance; knees spread wide for low, stable access and pressed my tip in. Then I just leaned forward, my thighs pressing hers against her body and rammed it in all at once. She made this strangled sound like s
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37654
Loved the tickling scene. But, uh...

>consolation prize
Does that mean you're done with this thread?
>> No. 37655

God no, I've just been busy and/or lazy as fuck (and using my lewd writing time for other pursuits for a while.) I'll be getting back to this shortly.
>> No. 37662
Okay, good, good! I'll look forward to it.

File 144482634259.jpg - (223.87KB , 516x728 , 47635106_p1_master1200.jpg ) [iqdb]
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This features futa x futa. Fueled by urges and a need to write. I don't quite know about rate per gallon, though.


I could see her in the distance, at the top of the cliff’s peak. I could smell her. A subtle, fresh wind that brushes the inside of your nose. It isn’t long before Aya reaches me, and I couldn’t stand it. And it isn’t because I thought she was deplorable as a tengu. That was true to some extent, but that wasn’t the main issue.

The main issue is that I—at least, my body and penis—wanted Aya.

I don’t understand the connection myself. But whatever was happening to me, it was a problem that needed action soon. I resisted the lurching urge up until now, but the urge has only gotten stronger and stronger—

“Hm. Standing around again, are we?”

Yes. I’m a white wolf tengu on guard duty. We’re on the mountain, aren’t we? Of course, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for Aya to suddenly write an article about “a certain tengu on duty”, or even put the name “Momiji” in the title. Nonetheless, it’d have a picture of me on it.

I resist the urge to acknowledge her by closing my eyes. That probably makes it worse for me, because then she’ll-
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37642
[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)

[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.
>> No. 37644
[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)

[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.

It's always a great surprise finding a story back online! I was fearing an indefinite hiatus.
>> No. 37646
[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)

[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.
aya's behavior seems strange.

File 145190437638.jpg - (166.64KB , 1469x1080 , anime (118).jpg ) [iqdb]
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>> No. 37624
นอกจากนี้ยังยินดีที่จะ THP!
>> No. 37625
>> No. 37626
post anime (119).jpg

File 140380376465.jpg - (512.21KB , 573x809 , 42172804.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Old Threads:




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>> No. 37594
File 145099838375.jpg - (725.36KB , 1256x1403 , IMG_001477.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 37595
File 14509983982.jpg - (422.54KB , 760x1125 , 47665867_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 37596
File 145099845291.png - (1.56MB , 1200x1000 , 32338249.png ) [iqdb]

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