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File 141935030557.jpg - (11.02KB , 200x300 , cd784d03fb9ad577857766452b00c9b6e5b92b61-784070-10.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>33941

Cosplay threads are not hot, that's what we don't want to see.
So this time, let's start with Musou Kaihou.

Well, no lunaticmode.
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>> No. 37120
This Suwako was post in e-hentai, but there were no torrents there. Here is a link, but sorry, no videos inside.
>> No. 37133
Probably, there is no torrent in e-hentai. Here is the download.
>> No. 37147
Sakuya Race Queen by Love Saotome

File 140380376465.jpg - (512.21KB , 573x809 , 42172804.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Old Threads:




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File 143292793348.jpg - (515.52KB , 1100x1562 , 50024400_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
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File 143292794375.jpg - (241.62KB , 1200x1600 , 48235062_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
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File 143292795270.jpg - (1.37MB , 1000x1500 , 48779479_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]

File 143285759555.jpg - (121.80KB , 626x1000 , 47431e82ce4e4be93ac149692819d23d[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
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I found an old .doc on my hard drive called "Mind the Gap" by someone called Tsurupettan? It seems to have had a home here at some point, but all the /rs/ links seem to be dead, so I was wondering if someone had the most recent version of the story. I assume it either concluded or died by now.
>> No. 37141

This is why we have an archive. It's labeled 'Story List' and it's at the top of the page.
>> No. 37143
Well fuck me. I did scan the page for something like this, but somehow I missed it anyway. Found it, sorry for being a dumb nub.

File 130455222340.jpg - (157.61KB , 600x600 , 040020002920-1p.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Video porn game. Features Sanae, mute futa Kanako, a brown horse, and a brown man that might actually be the horse.

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>> No. 36815
Anyone know where i can find this game.. i know there is the dlsite.english.ecchi site but im looking for download or torrent
>> No. 36901

Links dead due to takedown notice sent to mega.
>> No. 37142
File 14328610501.jpg - (296.43KB , 560x420 , RJ125250_img_main.jpg ) [iqdb]
So yeah, I've been trying to find something on this one for a while. Nothing so far. Maybe someone here could help?


File 142961065177.jpg - (194.96KB , 800x1000 , 8802186816a8bd1eae5e3e45a099a989.jpg ) [iqdb]
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If, by some miracle, someone actually writes porn for this contest, it goes here. Rules are at >>/gensokyo/13629
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>> No. 37140
>Kyouko shrugs.

>> No. 37148
>> No. 37149
Wriggle perhaps?

File 140718401946.jpg - (142.01KB , 695x827 , 08ffd4d347e576b8ddaca0018299d578.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>31646
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>> No. 37130
I'll try, but it's probably to late. Said he was going to place the order right away.
>> No. 37131
Yeah, no such luck. Sorry.
>> No. 37132
Drat. Oh well.

File 142880849078.jpg - (1.41MB , 1300x1316 , 28404577.jpg ) [iqdb]
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♫It's Spring♫
Nature awakens from its slumber. Snows of winter clear away. Touhou girls look for a bit of income. Street pickups take place, brothels fill up with customers, shrine maidens receive their donations, lovers play games and sweat trickles down the thighs of high class ladies of the night. Nights fill with sounds of ecstasy and lust.
Welcome, THP, to the First Annual Touhou Spring Sales Festival! Here we share stories of Touhou girls selling their bodies for money. Post as many stories as you want, make them as long as you want and use whatever characters you want. It's all up to you. As long as you stick to the basic theme of prostitution, anything goes.
This is more of a community event than a contest, although feel free to leave feedback for entries. It's just a thing that will hopefully become a board tradition and maybe generate some more lewd writing.
The 'deadline' for the Festival is June 1st. For obvious reasons.
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>> No. 37003
File 142933063133.jpg - (245.37KB , 592x829 , KomachiIsLove.jpg ) [iqdb]
Note: Not related to my other stories, but there may be a small reference or two.

Thanks to Rule and BSD for editing

Repost due to a certain line.


"Joe, are you really going to do that? It's not something people regularly do, especially since that place is so expensive." Sheesh, that Nanashi. He thinks it's a bit crazy that I'm planning on doing this. "Let me treat you to lunch. It wouldn't do to pass out tonight. I know you've been subsisting on rice, cheap milk, and water. And I know you've been working yourself ragged saving up for this. I just hope you're not disappointed with it."

"I doubt it, a place like that wouldn't get away with the prices it has otherwise."

Today's a rare day off; my boss forced it. Once we reach the place he's chosen, we order some food and go to a distant table so we can talk more without too much getting out.

"So what sort of girl are you gonna ask for? I did some looking in and it seems they have a wide mix, from real young looking sorts to curvy bombshells that even our teacher would be envious of."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37004
File 142933074818.jpg - (491.76KB , 1134x1600 , Komachichi.jpg ) [iqdb]
That was a rather dreamless sleep, but I'm not sure how dreams would compare to last night. I hear birds tweeting, seeing the sun rise with the light entering the window. I feel Koamchi stir. "Good morning Joe, just let me get us some breakfast," she says to me as we sit up and finish waking up.

She gets up and puts something in a tube on the wall as I look around for our clothes to only to find they're missing. "I see the cleaning crew picked up our clothes while we were sleeping. Don't worry, they're very good at their jobs," She says. I'm relieved as I'm not sure how I'd explain whatever stains were on the clothes to my parents.

"Good thing, as those were my nice occasion clothes. This is a pretty fancy place," I respond. I see Komachi stretch normally, but her breasts move in a tantilizing way. Last night must have been something as while my spirit is willing, my flesh is still sort of worn out.

"I'm not one for posturing like that, since here everyone ends up naked, sweaty and in need of a nice shower. What job do you do anyways? Your build isn't that bad," she responds, looking me over.

I answer, "Mix of a few manual labor jobs, some carpentry, some moving. The group is a general oddjobs sort of thing. And hearing you say that is pretty flattering." Before anything else is said, my stomach growls.

The door opens as the same fairy as last night comes in. "I managed to make this before Lady Yuyuko's order got started," she announces as she leaves a new tray-cart of food with her departure. I guess the cleaning crew removed the other one.

I get up to prepare the food, it appears to be a thing of biscuits and gravy with sausage bits in it. I was expecting something more typical. I notice there's not anything to drink; I hope that Komachi isn't out of milk as nothing else goes better.

I sit down next to Komachi as I ask, "Do you have any milk left? The fairy didn't leave any." I'm not sure if i should be specific or not.
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>> No. 37122
File 143258055595.jpg - (268.93KB , 1403x821 , 紅白天誅_043.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sakuya walked up the innumerable steps to the Hakurei shrine, alone. It was one of her rare days off, and she decided to spend some time with the “diligent” shrine maiden. There was no rush, so she slowly climbed the stairs, one at a time, and admired the scenery. A few feral youkai had attacked her when she went through the untamed path before the stairs, which gave her some light exercise as well.

Reimu came into view once Sakuya reached the top. She was seated on the veranda, with a cup of tea in both hands and a contented smile on her face. Off to the side was a broom lying unceremoniously on the grass. A small part of the yard was clean, but the majority still covered with dirt and fallen leaves. It looked like she started sweeping, but quit after a few minutes to take a tea break.

“Oh, Sakuya? It's rare to see you without your vampire.” Reimu said simply as soon as she noticed Sakuya's presence. She didn't move from her spot, nor did she invite Sakuya to join her.

“Good morning, Reimu,” Sakuya replied politely. She then reached into a pocket and pulled out a folded bill. Reimu's eyes locked on to the unexpected bit of paper immediately, and even from the distance she could tell it was a 1,000 yen bill. It was surprisingly crisp, considering how worn all of Gensokyo currency is. Once she confirmed Reimu's attention, Sakuya continued, “I've come to donate as a patron of the Hakurei shrine.”

Reimu instantly stood up and knocked her tea cup onto the ground. Only a little bit of liquid spilled out and soaked into the ground, suggesting she was almost finished anyway. “Wha- really?! I mean, yes, of course. I'll show you to the donation box now!” Reimu blurted out excitedly, unable to contain herself. Despite her overbearing opulence, the most Remilia had ever donated to her was a mere fifty yen coin, and that was after getting drunk during a New Year's party. Sakuya had never once expressed any interest in doing anything on her own, so a sudden donation of 1,000 yen was a complete shock to her. A welcome shock, but a shock nonetheless.

“There's no need for that,” Sakuya said, sto
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 142989962931.png - (242.05KB , 700x787 , d2587a7c492d868d33e58c7b93ccc875.png ) [iqdb]
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"Ugh... Owww, my head..."

From somewhere in remote distances, muffled beyond sight or sound, your consciousness crawls back painfully, through the subterranean corridors of sleep, up into your body again. Toward the last it moved to a cacophony of hammers and lights. Boggled by your worst hangover ever, your brain forwent a gentle awakening in favor of a summary, forcible ejection. The lovely effects of sake were quite gone and only the nasty ones are left; the taste in the mouth, the splitting ache in the brow and the impotence of not being able to clarify your own thoughts.

"Oh, you awake? About time. I was about to start, with or without you."

A hoarse voice, dripping distilled temptation, beckons you to snap your eyes open, but your head refuses to work. Ignoring the headache, you lever up an eyelid by pure force of will before a merciless beam of light squirts straight in, making your brain bleed. Yet that split second was enough to burn the image in your retina: a girl undoing your robes' ties with her slim fingers, straddling your hips while panting heavily. Everything about her was red; her short hair framing her hungry eyes, her flushed cheeks intoxicated by alcohol and arousal, her soft skin covered only by a simple white shirt and black panties...

You have a nagging suspicion that you ought to know who is this person, but again, your mind lets you know its unwillingness to cooperate, and that it'd rather not spend any effort in putting names to faces, no matter how sexy and arousing this situation is. Opening the first eye was bad enough. The light did you harm, but not as much as looking at things and thinking about stuff will. You resolve, having done it once, never to move your eyeballs again.

"Hey, that's rude! Don't you dare fall asleep on me again!"

The redhead isn't going to let you drift off, and makes her intentions clear when she slips a hand under your robes and pinches your nipple.

"Aieeek!" A rather unbecoming shriek escapes your mouth, ruining your plans to sleep the hangover away.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37048
[X] Before Anything Else, You Need To Remember...
--[X] What Do You Know Sekibanki From?
[X] Girl
>> No. 37049
Alrighty, I'm calling it now for:

[X] Before Anything Else, You Need To Remember...
--[X] What Do You Know Sekibanki From?
[X] Girl

>> No. 37058
[X]But, you know, losing yourself with her doesn't sound so bad after all.

Posting to show support for delicious new writing, even though votes are closed~

File 137913051384.jpg - (183.91KB , 742x799 , thread6pic.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Tadashi steps into the gate and lures the big gray-brown cow, apparently named Rafael, away from his dinner of grass. He sets up the yoke over the cow's mouth without a word and hands you the reins. He looks at you for a second, neither of you knowing how to start the conversation back up.

"Here you are, then," he finally says.

You nod. "Thanks."

Tadashi moves to walk away but suddenly stops. "Can I ask you something, by the way?"

"Uh, go ahead." You'd been wondering when he'd finally ask you the question for a while now.

"When I got back, people were saying that you'd up and vanished a few days ago." He looks you straight in the eye. "Is everything alright?"

"Bit of a funny story, actually. I guess you could say I got a new friend with me."

Tadashi's already thin eyes narrow to impossibly small lines. "What kind of trouble did you get into this time?"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37096

>> No. 37100
Tentacles are not dicks.
>> No. 37101
Tell that to Tenta.

File 135655139037.jpg - (847.41KB , 799x1132 , komachiafterdark.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread was >>26277.

[x] Go in now.

No time like the present. You lift your head out of Meiling’s lap and give her a peck on the cheek.

“I’m gonna head inside now, Meiling. Take it easy out here.”

After a moment of hesitation, Meiling nods and smiles. “Okay. Be careful, Komachi!” She gives you a big breast-squishing hug, then takes you to the mansion’s front door. It’s several times your height, but it swings open easily.

After one last smile and wave, you turn around and head through the doors…

… into a place that's gloomier than Eiki’s courthouse.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37079
[x] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
Drain her boobs!
>> No. 37080
[X] This wretched beast should be punished like a beast. Fetch the riding crop from the stables. Make her learn just what manner of beast she is before you let loose the masses on her.

Fetching horse saddle/milker and cow bell/dog collar, optional.
>> No. 37097
Closing votes, milking wins. Heading overseas now, so don't hold your breath.

Interesting diversity of choices we got.

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