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File 140718401946.jpg - (142.01KB , 695x827 , 08ffd4d347e576b8ddaca0018299d578.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>31646
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>> No. 36374
Ok, nevermind about the Toranoana books in this, he forgot to include them in the order. For fuck's sake...
>> No. 36394
Sent things to him but got a message he was gonna be out of the loop a bit and waiting for him to get back to me. Got any alternatives if he's got too huge a backlog as I just need translator as I have an editor already
>> No. 36395
Not really. I tried biribiri, but he took forever. That was because he relies of AfroThunda for proofreading, but that still raises other issues. I get the feeling his English is pretty bad.

File 138045525843.jpg - (194.89KB , 777x1087 , closeenough.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Note: This is indeed canon to "In the Forest, a Dancing Light", the night of >>/forest/24382 and referenced in >>/forest/24455, with a mild retcon of their exact activities.


Walking back home, I notice Merlin and Hatate getting along really well. Maybe I won’t have to choose. I’m not as good at thinking and planning as my friends are. I’ll worry about it when I have someone to talk to; all I can do now is go with my gut and hope for the best.

They’re talking about their interests... I won’t interrupt since that’s rude. We get to the door, and Hatate asks, “Kazi, mind if I go back home tonight? I need to put my stuff away and check with the local officer to see if I served enough time. I’ll stop by in a couple of days.”

“Sure, but I hope you won’t get stuck up there.” I really do hope that as I do enjoy her company, even if there aren't any inadvertent nude sightings. Better dwell on that another time, though.

I open the door to let them in and follow afterwards.


I see Hatate already gathering her stuff quickly, which makes me wonder: are all crow tengu faster than humans at anything? There she goes... I feel something cool on my cheek. Wait... did she just kiss me?
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>> No. 32632
File 138121112817.jpg - (178.53KB , 700x990 , hotpicanddecentreferenec.jpg ) [iqdb]
Note: Takes place a week after the general time of >>/forest/26201


Finally home after a short day. Tch... this is getting to be too much. I need to think of a way to actually bring up to them what I saw as I can't get it out of my mind. It's not every fucking day that a person walks in and finds the girls he has feelings for reenacting something out of Kamui's smut. I mean, I enjoyed what little I saw, but what does it mean for what we have going on? For now, it’s probably a good idea to take a bath and relax; last thing I need is people finding out about this.


A nice warm bath is always great. I wonder what the girls are up to and whether they're sneaking off to- FUCK! I shouldn't be thinking about that. At least I'm making progress on that heater; should have the first model done before winter comes.

“Ginji, are you in there? We need to talk.” Rikako’s soft tone contrasts with her words; usually she only takes that tone when dealing with matters she's not familiar with.

“Yeah I'm in here, I'll be out shortly.” Might as well since the mood's ruined. Not that I'm upset at her. She hardly makes any requests, so it’s no trouble obliging her now. Besides, I may be a tactless jerk, but never to the point where I'd be outright mean to them.

I get out and towel off when I hear a gasp. I put on my glasses from beside my clothes and look up to see Rikak- wow, and I thought she looked great when her clothes were still on! I think she's stunned as wel- damn it body, why do you have to betray me? She might not be as exotic as certain youkai girls, but only a goddamn idiot would say she isn't very attractive. Okay, turn away; now I can think straight.
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>> No. 35422
File 140306731098.jpg - (135.19KB , 700x988 , GodsBlessNakedSweaters.jpg ) [iqdb]
Takes place a couple of days after the first one (>>32632).

Special thanks to Amatarou (yes the hentai artist) for having the right doujins for the writing mood. Thanks also goes to Akou Roshi for the wonderful pic and inspiration.

That day was an eye opener in many ways as I find myself feeling like a weight's been taken off my back. Hell, I'm in good enough of a mood to be nice to Kamui; the fact that really fucks with him is a nice bonus. Even though autumn’s on its way, there's a trend of sweaters picking up in the village. The effect is pretty nice if the yellow one Rikako got has anything to go by, though I do wonder what Rika's sweater would be like. I'm willing to bet money she'd make it look real nice, both her and Rikako. If there's ever a sweater god, I would imagine people would be leaving all sorts of donations at his or her feet. I should really get back to work... and manage to do so until Rikako interrupts.

"Ginji, I think we've been keeping Rika waiting long enough." I thought she'd tell me when that was… Welp, I should apologize when I get the chance. She continues, "She allowed me to go first out of niceness and I want to repay it. It's also why I slowed things down, though I hope you weren't offended." That's right, she didn't show much interest after 'garter belt day' as that was the only thing she kept on the whole day, though that led me to start making plans for a clothes cleaning machine that can wash such things without damaging them.

I respond, "Don't worry about it, I know you have good reasons," and hug her.

"You should let go before I end up distracting you," she interrupts. Good point, with my mind in that sort of area I should save my thoughts for Rika. I leave after saying good bye to her; I would have kissed her but that runs the risk of 'distraction'.


I hear some cute humming when I walk in the door. I track it down to her room a
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>> No. 36391
File 141679574947.jpg - (349.66KB , 536x600 , Dancing Goddess of leaves.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's something I made to celebrate fall.

Alt Title: The Goddess that Loves Humans (One in Particular)

Time: Mid-late Autumn

Special thanks to BSD for helping me with the dance as well as proofing.

I wonder what Shizuha wants. From the invitation she sent, it sounds like something special is going to happen. I'm glad she's getting more confident about herself, as constantly placing herself in her sister's shadow is never a good thing. There it is, their cabin; it shouldn't be much longer until I get inside.


Ah, nice and cozy... there's a letter on the table. "Sorry Kazuo. I had to practice some more things, but I should be back shortly." I can still smell the leafy scent that she has. Well, I might as well try to finish coloring this picture of the first time I saw her dancing last autumn. It could count as love at first sight, and it was what sparked my artistic streak as if she were one of the famed muses from the west. Until news of that Scholar and the bug girl made its way around, I merely talked with her about stuff, as well as showing some of my earlier work. She may be associated with a chilly season, but it didn't show on her personality. I remember how she was talking about them at the flower shop. It was then I figured I'd try my chance, how ever slight it was.

To my great surprise, she actually liked me as well. She said she enjoyed our dates and how we often talked about nature and its beauty. I found out that I was the main one interested in her, with most being far more interested in her sister. She may have the curves most guys want, but to me, there's no outdoing Shizuha. This picture is something I feel embodies her perfectly, her grace, warmth and the beauty she brings to fall. No idea what I would do with this, but I feel it has to be finished. Even when she's absent, she drives my creativity. I look around and notice some flowers... the same that I got her when I sold my first piece to Mr. Miyamoto.
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File 138995967359.jpg - (14.12KB , 200x300 , 7111ede1690c81cc1951d970b275f1be319d696f-1637110-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>32167
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>> No. 36388
That makes no sense given that anyone who fit that description got mosaic-face treatment and the ones who didn't were already pornstars, so...

This is old argument anyway, that tweet points more to 'i sold out my stock at akihabara'.
>> No. 36396
Speaking of pornstars, pw lists:
Minato Riku (64-72, 74, 83, 89)
Abeno Miku (78, 80-81, 88)
Narumiya Ruri (73, 76-77, 79, 82)

As far as I can tell pw doesn't list model names for older sets, though I know Takashiro Yui was in 19-22.
>> No. 36397

File 141666276015.jpg - (545.58KB , 648x906 , fcf493f5565c8c7d10523ea1bf64649c.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Feeling like I should post stuff I did while I write the new updates for Infiltrator. Anything happens here are not canon to the main thread, and every lewd story continuation are self-contained in here.

Posting the story in a bit.
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>> No. 36389
well this could be canon as we don't know what he fully does, especially since Seo's laid up.
>> No. 36390
True, but isn't Roach currently still in the Underground?

And it's good to see this posted finally.
>> No. 36392
File 141689638984.png - (313.89KB , 800x572 , a33e6ba40b3708dcf50ced0c9940140c.png ) [iqdb]
Lewd drummer is lewd. And I'd bang her so hard.

File 140380376465.jpg - (512.21KB , 573x809 , 42172804.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Old Threads:




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>> No. 36382
File 141666267613.png - (1.50MB , 1600x1200 , 41282564.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 36383
File 141666268980.jpg - (476.08KB , 900x636 , 42584213.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 36384
File 141666270169.jpg - (1.37MB , 1834x2805 , 39135280.jpg ) [iqdb]

File 141663366257.jpg - (159.49KB , 513x862 , 0dc463b478028f13f21a9effbdb63ba1.jpg ) [iqdb]
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File 130455222340.jpg - (157.61KB , 600x600 , 040020002920-1p.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Video porn game. Features Sanae, mute futa Kanako, a brown horse, and a brown man that might actually be the horse.

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>> No. 36375
I've been looking for a download to yume no touhou tag h tournament 2. The only site that had it seems to not be updating its links. Any kind person that can provide me with a link?
>> No. 36378
File 141658209274.jpg - (359.88KB , 560x420 , RJ120931_img_main.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 36379
I love you. Thank you.

File 138610848471.jpg - (712.97KB , 1139x1500 , 1357744102579.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Overture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdBym7kv2IM

Roll Film:

You want to die.

How easy to lie down and drift away a lone soul, your body and pains and fears and everything left behind, forgotten forever beyond the river Lethe. To drift peacefully through the endless halls of Hakugyokurou, awaiting judgement nor resurrection. Free.

Free from hell.

A hero you've been called – and many the hero who's trekked the path perilous. But how many have suffered it twice? To return, retrace ones steps to the upper air where you can breathe- only to be plunged back into the choking Styx? Ask of the great ones anything, anything but this:

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>> No. 34372
[] Doubt
>> No. 36372


On the off chance this actually does get fucking written, [x] Doubt
>> No. 36373
You forgot your sage, friend.

File 141351208067.jpg - (925.24KB , 992x1402 , 1b34dee3e47e581418f30a7d91b319c6.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>34054

Hmm, maybe a trip to Old Hell. You haven't been down there in a while, so it might be good to greet Satori, or something. Might be a good chance of weather as well: it's stupidly hot down there, but at least it's a lot less humid.

Going down there might be dangerous, though. Your reputation is more or less non-existent below the surface, so youkai might not have the basic sense to run away from you. That, and there's a bunch of oni down there. It's probably a good thing you don't have a reputation as a strong fighter for them: they'd probably take it as an invitation to line up and fight you non-stop.

Well, you're in no hurry, so proper preparations won't hurt anything. You walk to your room, grab a stack of papers, and start writing. It's not difficult to turn them into ofuda like this, but there's a huge number of them, so the process eats up a few hours. Once that's taken care of, you grab about a hundred needles from the jar and place them into your pouch.

It's still morning, but you might as well wait until after lunch before leaving. The shrine always needs to be cleaned, so now would be a good time to take care of that. You grab a broom and step outside, wanting to get the sweeping done while it's still cool out. The fairies kept the grounds pretty clean, so there isn't too much to do.

You stop by the lake and peer in. Your babies aren't in it; they must have taken Yukari's gap to go to the Misty Lake. Which is perfectly understandable, but it occurs to you that you don't really have any way to call for them. Short of just jumping into the water and swimming to the lake yourself, but you don't really want to do that.

Time passes quickly as you clean the floors in the shrine. You fly towards youkai mountain after eating a big lunch. You'll probably need the sustenance for your hike, even if it's down instead of up. The flight is uneventful, and you set down in front of the chasm le
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>> No. 36369
We corrupt everything we touch, apparently.

[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
>> No. 36371
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
>> No. 36393
Calling it for
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.

File 134589589095.png - (153.91KB , 600x500 , 4a722970cb6c121f635079d3fba927a7.png ) [iqdb]
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A wild SATA has appeared! Sorry for the extremely long delay, too~


“These three days surely have passed without anyone noticing, right?” Yumeko asks as she helps you packing your stuffs.

“You don’t say,” you reply. “And don’t get me started on last night. Damn… I thought I wouldn’t make it to the morning.” The memory of you, Shinki and Alice spending the previous night engaging in a carnal dance remains vivid, and you still feel sore from the ‘special session’.

“You did make Miss Shinki and Miss Alice very happy,” Yumeko points out. “If they’re happy, you shouldn’t be worried too much.”

“Sometimes there are lines people shouldn’t cross. I wonder if they’re even aware of it,” you add.

“What’s the fun of life if we don’t cross the line once in a while?” she replies, in which you respond with a wry laugh. “Still, you’re fine with me following you to your place? I know you don’t usually accept help from other people, so…”

“I thought I should be asking the question,” you say. “I don’t mind you staying with me, and I thought I could have you help me with the vineyard, too.” You scratch the back of your head. “I must question Shinki’s reason of letting you leave Makai, though. Plus, it’s going to be a full house if everybody starts showing up at my place.”
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>> No. 36078
Who the heck are you?
>> No. 36088
SATA! We Need More Porn!!!
>> No. 36206

Pretty sure you're still around but would it be possible to archive the whole story somewhere? If not, then currently considering going through the three threads and basically compiling the story into one big document.

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